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Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way for Stanton Parish (West Suffolk, Suffolk)

Information provided by Suffolk County Council, under the Open Government Licence (v3). Current Statement information from 2021‑04‑13. Entries with grey text are old entries, and do not appear in the current Statement. show/hide old entries.

No. Type Description
1 RB The Barningham Road — The Sapiston Road
Approx. 70 yds. S. of Barningham Parish Boundary in a N.W. direction to the Sapiston Road approx. 250 yds. N.E. of Slate Hall.
2 RB Barningham Road — Stanton Chair
From the N. side of the Smithy in a N.W. direction along Chair Lane to the main road at Stanton Chair.
3 FP Bardwell Road — Stanton Chair
Commencing on the Stanton to Bardwell Road, in a northerly direction along the eastern boundary of the property known as "Lowlands", Bardwell Road for approximately 86 yards to the north-eastern corner of the property, continuing in a N direction to the road at Stanton Chair.
4 RB George Lane — Hepworth Parish Boundary
Approx. half way along George Lane, in an E. direction for about 330 yds. then N. to the corner of a wood then N.E. to New Hall and to the Hepworth Parish Boundary (Field Lane).
Limitations: Subject to being ploughed.
5 FP Mill Road — Barningham Road
From opposite the Rectory along Mill Road.
6 RB Main Bury Road — Bury Lane
Approx. 250 yds. S. of the "Rose and Crown" P.H., in an E. direction to Bury Lane, 50 yds S. of Doctors Hall.
7 RB Upthorpe Road — The Grundle
Approx. 300 yds. E. of the Methodist Chapel in a S.E. direction along Potters Lane, turning S.W. at Hill House to The Grundle.
8 FP From OS grid reference TL96797295. in a S.E. direction beside the Grundle, via. Park Farm and along Pack-close Lane, which turns S.W. to Posters Lane, about 450 yds. E. of Rushgreen Grove.
Limitations: This path is badly overgrown in parts.
9 RB Wash Lane — Posters Lane
Approx. 150 yds. E. of Hall Headlands, in a S.E. direction along Kings Lane to Posters Lane on the Parish Boundary approx. 170 yds. N.E. of Potash Farm entrance.
Limitations: The path is badly overgrown in parts.
10 RB Wash Lane — Packclose Lane
From Hall Headlands at the W. end of Wash Lane, in a S.W. direction to the N. end of Packclose Lane.
Limitations: Path is badly overgrown
11 FP Upthorpe Road — Wash Lane
Approx. 250 yds. W. of Wash Lane junct. in a S. direction to Wash Lane, 100 yds. E. of Hall Headlands.
12 RB Readings Lane (N.end) — Posters Lane (E.end)
From N. end of Readings Lane - in a S.W. direction to follow the Parish Boundary finally turning S. to Posters Lane.
13 RB Path No. 12 — Dovehouse Wood-Wyken Wood Rd
From the junction of Path No. 12 and the Parish Boundary, this path follows the Bardwell Parish Boundary, W. via Rushgreen Grove to Ordnance Survey grid reference TL97107149 and proceeding in a southerly direction along a field edge to the Bardwell Parish Boundary. Recommencing at the Bardwell Parish Boundary to Ordnance Survey grid reference TL96607170; then to Wyken Hall and Dovehouse Wood.
Width: 4 metres from TL97107149 to Bardwell Parish Boundary; and from Bardwell Parish Boundary to TL96607170.
14 FP Commencing on George Lane road No. U6444 approximately 500 metres to the east of the junction of George Lane with George Hill and running in a southerly direction for approximately 372 metres at a minimum uncultivated width of 1.2 metres across field O.S. TL 9673/74 parcel number 0005 and then turning and running in a westerly direction for approximately 158 metres along the northern side of the drainage channel at a minimum width of 1.2 metres clear of its rim to emerge onto Duke Street road No. U6445 near its junction with the A143.
Width: 1.2 metres
15 FP Bury-Scole Road — Upthorpe
From approx 200 yds E of George Lane in a S direction for approx 300 yds along W boundary of High Wood, then E through wood to N of Stanton Hall, thence S to grid reference 9781/7333 on a farm track; thence the path then crosses Parcel Number 8428 in a South direction on uncultivated generally level ground then turning East for approximately 9 metres to a gap in the hedge; thence running South for approximately 90 metres on reasonably level ground clear of hedgerow vegetation to Grove Lane on the West side of a hedge grid reference 9784/7315; then in a westerly direction for approximately 132 metres along the unploughed headland of the northern boundary of OS parcel No. TL 9773/7800, then due south for approximately 52 metres to an Eastern Electricity pole, passing around this pole on the field side, continuing in a southerly direction for a further approximately 125 metres, then due east for approximately 10 metres to a metal gate, continuing S, passing W of Low Wood to Upthorpe.
Width: Start - 97817333: Undefined 97817333 - metal gate: minimum1.2 metres Metal gate - end: Undefined
16 FP OS Field No. 458 — U6456
From the south-eastern corner of OS Field No. 458 in a generally westerly direction for approximately 450 metres to the unclassified road U6456 approximately opposite the northern corner of OS Field No. 454.
17 BR Commencing on the eastern side of the U6453 road at the junction of The Street and Wyken Road at a point at OS grid reference TL96727315 and proceeding in a south-south-easterly direction up an incline along a sandy and shingle track passing between properties known as Grundle House and Grindle Cottage for 65 metres to a point at OS grid reference TL96747309; continuing over grassland in a sunken lane along the western side of the properties known as Croft Bungalow and Grundle Bungalow for 55 metres leading into the base of "The Grundle" at a point at OS grid reference TL96767304; then continuing along the sunken lane ("The Grundle") for 102 metres to a point opposite the property known as Woodlands and at the junction with Footpath 8 at a point at OS grid reference TL96797295.
Continuing in a south-easterly direction in the base of the sunken lane ("The Grundle") and running parallel to Park Farm Drive and Footpath 8, up a gradual incline, passing through the archway of a brick bridge and the northern side of Park Farm for 895 metres to level ground and the junction with RUPP 10 and Footpath 8 at a point at OS grid reference TL97437233.
Continuing to OS grid reference TL97407235 and proceeding in a west-south-westerly direction for 10 metres up the bank of The Grundle to a stone track at OS grid reference TL97397234; continuing along the track for 70 metres to a point at OS grid reference TL97337231; then changing to a south-easterly direction running parallel to a ditch within OS plot no. 4000 for 294 metres; then changing to an easterly direction for 22 metres to the north-western end of Packlose Lane at a point at OS grid reference TL97537207. Continuing along the sunken lane between two drains, up an incline for 140 metres to a point at OS grid reference TL97607195; then changing to a southerly direction within OS plot no. 7169 for 182 metres to a point at OS grid reference TL97647177; then changing to a south-easterly direction for 170 metres, then a southerly direction for 45 metres to a point at OS grid reference TL97757161; then changing to a south-westerly direction on level ground and continuing as a sunken lane between two drains for 268 metres to a grass track known as Posters Lane (RUPP 13) at a point at OS grid reference TL97577141.
Width: Start - TL97407235: Undefined TL97407235 - TL97537207: 3 metres TL97537207 - end: Undefined
Limitations: TL97407235 - TL97537207: Private vehicular rights
18 BR Commencing at a point at OS grid reference TL97397234 and proceeding along a stone track in an east-south-easterly direction for 50 metres to the junction with RUPP 10 at a point at OS grid reference TL97437233.
Width: 3 metres
Limitations: Private vehicular rights
20 FP Commencing on the Wyken Road, opposite Honeymeade Close at Ordnance Survey Grid Reference (OSGR) 59668,27301, between the properties Haseena and The Lodge; proceeding in a generally south-easterly direction along Park Farm Drive for 441 metres, mainly adjacent to the Grundle on its south-western side, terminating at a junction with Stanton FP 8 and Stanton RB7 at the bridge over The Grundle/BR17 at OSGR 59698,27270.
Width: 4 metres between OSGR 59668,27301 and OSGR 59678,27294. Varying between a minimum of 2.5 metres and a maximum of 3 metres between OSGR 59678,27294 and OSGR 59698,27270.