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Rights of Way in Hadlow Down Parish (Wealden, East Sussex)

This page shows a map and table of the Public Rights of Way (Public Footpaths, Bridleways, Restricted Byways, and Byways Open to All Traffic) in the parish/area of Hadlow Down, in the district of Wealden, in the county of East Sussex. Data from the Surveying Authority (East Sussex ) is compared with the data in OpenStreetMap. (more information)

OSM Map | PRoW GIS Data (GeoJSON)

3 FP   787 0     MZ OT
4 FP   755 759 +0.5% 8m   MZ OT
6 FP   1001 1011 +1.0% 2y   MZ OT
7 FP   778 784 +0.8% 2y   MZ OT
8 FP   157 128 −18.5% 2y   MZ OT
9 FP   520 539 +3.7% 2y   MZ OT
10 FP   405 409 +1.0% 2y 2 MZ OT
11 FP   1029 657 −36.2% 3m   MZ OT
12 FP   418 0     MZ OT
13 FP   350 362 +3.4% 2y   MZ OT
14 FP   1920 0     MZ OT
15 FP   514 522 +1.6% 3m   MZ OT
17 FP   584 562 −3.8% 5m   MZ OT
19 FP   438 0     MZ OT
20 FP   1343 0     MZ OT
21 FP   732 0     MZ OT
22 BY   280 300 +7.1% 2y 2 MZ OT
23 FP   135 142 +5.2% 8m   MZ OT
24 BY   733 748 +2.0% 2y 2 MZ OT
25 BR   766 0     MZ OT
26 FP   784 0     MZ OT
27 FP   549 0     MZ OT
28 FP   179 189 +5.6% 2y   MZ OT
29 FP   319 0     MZ OT
32 FP   1032 0     MZ OT
33 FP   1727 1735 +0.5% 2y   MZ OT
35 FP   811 0     MZ OT
36 BR   2503 0     MZ OT
37 FP   424 441 +4.0% 4m   MZ OT
38 FP   1697 1674 −1.4% 8m   MZ OT
39 FP   1406 0     MZ OT
Totals   25076 10962 43.7%              

Table Details: To be counted in the table above, OSM ways need to be tagged with an appropriate designation=* tag (one of public_footpath, public_bridleway, restricted_byway, byway_open_to_all_traffic) and the relevant prow_ref=* tag (in the form 'Hadlow Down XX 12a', where XX is one of FP, BR, RB, BY; and 12 is the route number, and a is an optional suffix letter). The Definitive Statement data and OSM Mapping Statuses have not been imported yet for this parish. This needs to be done manually, and there is no public interface for it yet.

Map Details: On the map, the Yellow (FP), Blue (BR), Magenta (RB) and Red (BY) lines are Rights of Way from official Council data from 2021‑03‑24, licensed under the Open Government Licence (v3) (full copyright details). Routes whose length lines between −5m + 95% and 15m + 105% of the official length are shown with thin lines; the rest are shown with thick lines. The Green lines are different Highways from OSM: Dark Green for unclassified Highways, Blue-Green for Public Cycleways, and Yellow-Green for Adopted Footways. Click on any of these lines for more information. The black lines are approximate modern parish boundaries, constructed by simplifying the polygons in OS Boundary Line. The underlying mapping is OSM Carto (key). Click inside another parish for a link to switch to that parish.

Use of data in OSM: The Rights of Way GIS data shown on the map above is suitably licenced to be used in OpenStreetMap. If doing so, please use the source tag east_sussex_county_council_prow_gis_data. But please do not map Rights of Way just from this data; it is important that OSM reflects what is on the ground as well. Official Rights of Way are not always usable on the ground, and the paths on the ground do not always follow the Definitive Line. The PRoW GIS data (and Definitive Statements, where available and suitably licenced) should be used primarily to add appropriate PRoW tags to ways that have already been mapped from other sources such as aerial imagery (where paths and tracks can clearly been seen) or ground surveys.

Errors and omissions in PRoW tags

OSM ways found in or near the parish with incomplete or contradictory designation=* or prow_ref=* tags. Further details.

Way ID Issue prow_ref designation LOSM OSM Note Tag OSM Fixme Tag JRC
653430111 Missing prow_ref public_footpath 386 m J+
722300136 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣BR␣25a public_bridleway 355 m J+
694475700 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣BR␣25b public_bridleway 116 m J+
715174936 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣BR␣25b public_bridleway 304 m J+
654285970 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣BR␣36a public_bridleway 262 m J+
653438854 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣BR␣36b public_bridleway 53 m J+
654292463 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣BR␣36b public_bridleway 114 m J+
654292465 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣BR␣36b public_bridleway 1497 m J+
653438855 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣BR␣36c public_bridleway 577 m J+
715710112 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣12a public_footpath 35 m J+
715710113 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣12b public_footpath 393 m J+
701939100 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣14a public_footpath 567 m J+
125223668 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣14b public_footpath 127 m J+
715705558 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣14c public_footpath 159 m J+
715708978 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣14c public_footpath 55 m J+
653448215 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣14d public_footpath 980 m J+
715174933 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣20a public_footpath 1191 m J+
688299320 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣20b public_footpath 228 m J+
653445423 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣26a public_footpath 375 m J+
653445422 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣26b public_footpath 178 m J+
653445424 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣26c public_footpath 263 m J+
701621946 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣27a public_footpath 122 m J+
29143020 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣27b public_footpath 250 m J+
450086786 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣27c public_footpath 172 m J+
701653320 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣29a public_footpath 170 m J+
701378343 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣29b public_footpath 150 m J+
653438850 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣35a public_footpath 148 m J+
653438851 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣35b public_footpath 361 m J+
878335062 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣35b public_footpath 2 m J+
878335063 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣35b public_footpath 39 m J+
878335067 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣35b public_footpath 268 m J+
878335068 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣35b public_footpath 10 m J+
654285969 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣39a public_footpath 608 m J+
702061429 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣39b public_footpath 483 m J+
653438853 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣39c public_footpath 239 m J+
720246735 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣39c public_footpath 23 m J+
878255446 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣39c public_footpath 18 m J+
878255447 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣39c public_footpath 9 m J+
701939106 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣3a public_footpath 257 m J+
397535681 Unknown RoW Number Hadlow␣Down␣FP␣3b public_footpath 523 m J+

Errors and omissions in access tags

OSM ways with missing or inconsistent modal access tags are listed below. The classes of Public Rights of Way and Highways included on the map are checked, but Rights of Way with other tagging issues already listed above are excluded. Further details.

Way ID Number TRO? Notes Fixme JRC
715174938 FP 10   J+
715773098 FP 10   J+
715710112 FP 12a   J+
715710113 FP 12b   J+
715708978 FP 14c   J+
715174933 FP 20a   J+
654285972 BY 22   J+
701528801 BY 22   J+
667034279 BY 24   J+
700355090 BY 24   J+
722300136 BR 25a   J+
694475700 BR 25b   J+
715174936 BR 25b   J+

Parish ID: 2397. OSM data last refreshed: 2021-11-09 12:53:13 Z.