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OSM Post Office Progress in the 'LS' Postal Area

Comparison of POL data from 2023‑09‑27 and OSM data from 2024‑04‑17 09:00:00 Z. The blue circles on the map are Post Office branches from the official list that haven't been matched to an OSM amenity=post_office object. The red circles are OSM amenity=post_office objects that haven't been matched to a branch on the official list. Pale blue circles are 'home service' branches (for which it's not clear if they should be mapped) and banches that were marked as 'temporarily closed' at the date of the official data. Pale red circles indicate an OSM object that has been identified as non-Post-Office-Ltd business that may still be correctly tagged as amenity=post_office. The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM amenity=post_office objects (dark green for a match via a ref:pol_id tag, light green for a proximity match). For more information on how to use this map/data to improve OSM, see the Mapping Notes. For more data on the matched/unmatrched objects, see the tables below.

Post Offices on the POL list not matched to an OSM Object

These branches are listed in the official data but do not appear to have a correstponding amenity=post_office object in OpenStreetMap. The data may be sufficient to be able to add the branch directly, but a survey would normally be preferable to ensure the branch and its relation to its surroundings are mapped accurately.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
130119 LS18 5DU Broadgate Lane 77-79 Broadgate Lane, Horsforth, Leeds
141401 LS27 7ET Gildersome 13-15 Harthill Parade, Gildersome Morley, Leeds
131385 LS5 3PH Hawksworth Estate 60A Lea Farm Road, Leeds
9454 LS24 8DB Healaugh Main Street, Healaugh, Tadcaster
167796 LS17 7HF Lingfield Drive 77 Lingfield Drive, Leeds
124755 LS12 6LB Lower Wortley 389 Whitehall Road, Leeds
179859 LS17 6DJ Moortown 391 Harrogate Road, Moortown, Leeds
179417 LS10 2AP Penny Hill 9 Penny Hill Centre, Church Street, Hunslet, Leeds
134469 LS19 6PU Rawdon 14 Town Street, Rawdon, Leeds
178122 LS15 4AH Scholes The Pavillion, Belle Vue Avenue, Scholes, Leeds
150366 LS22 4BD Sicklinghall Main Street, Sicklinghall, Wetherby
146714 LS14 3DX Thorner Thorner Over 60S Association Building, 31A Main Street, Thorner, Leeds
177630 LS16 9BS Tredgold Avenue 3 Tredgold Avenue, Bramhope, Leeds
146958 LS13 2NZ Whitecote 10 Ganners Hill, Bramley, Leeds
13771 LS24 9HJ Woodlands 58 Stutton Road, Tadcaster

OSM Objects not matched to a Post Office on the POL list

These are entries are OSM objected tagged with amenity=post_office, which have not been matched to a branch on the official list. Entries here could be due to: Former branches that have now closed, more than one object being tagged for a single post office, the official entry for a real Post Office being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, other non-Post-Office outlets bing tagged with amenity=post_office. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits. See the mapping notes.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM PO Ref Operator Brand Note Fixme Last Edit
n773007586 13y
n876202216 13y
n1634912121 12y
n1651495242 12y
n6133589742 5y
w1240739953 2m
n5649822457 Brudenell Road Post Office 140332 5y
n6074718094 East Keswick Post Office 130386 4y
n3617871933 Easterly Road Post Office 4y
n870720214 Gilstead Post Office 6484 6y
n330656596 Moortown Post Office 11275 Post Office 5m
n278770859 Parklands Post Office 5y
n1423100513 Street Lane 95699 Post Office services are covered by McColl's staff when main counter is closed. 9m
n27456695 The Village Shop 8y
n2212678972 WHSmith WHSmith 5m
w563675433 Waterloo Road Post Office 140905 Post Office 3y

Note: The entries above are based on a larger rectangular bounding box, so may also include some unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Post Offices on the POL list matched to an OSM object by location

OSM objects tagged with amenity=post_office that have been matched to a branch on the official list by their location. If you can confirm the match, please add the appropriate ref:pol_id=* tag. But please do not rely on the location alone — some of the locations in the POL data are significantly displaced, or have not been updated following branch moves. See the mapping notes.

Official ID Postcode Official Name Official Address OSM Object OSM Name Tags B W MPC MOH Offset
123424 LS26 8RE Church Street 6 Beechwood Shopping Centre, Woodlesford, Leeds n370074834 Londis  s   20 m
132506 LS17 5JD Cranmer Bank 51-51A Cranmer Bank, Moortown, Leeds n3620307917 Ali News  s   5 m
10904 LS26 9JE Mickletown 14 Main Street, Methley, Leeds w200503628 Mickletown Post Office & General Store a    1 m
11137 LS25 5EG Monk Fryston Selby Road, Monk Fryston, Leeds n565241425 Village Stores  s   9 m
133410 LS9 6JF Nowell Avenue Harehills Lane, Leeds n1001222041      125 m
167292 LS25 5AZ South Milford Grove House Community Centre, Grove Crescent, South Milford, Leeds n6124189199 South Milford Post Office a    214 m
13110 LS27 9NU Victoria Road Victoria Road, Morley, Leeds n2059660984 Victoria Road Post Office      362 m

Post Offices on the POL list matched to an OSM object by ID

OSM objects tagged with amenity=post_office that have been matched to a branch on the official list by the ref:pol_id=* tag.

Official ID Postcode Official Name Official Address OSM Object OSM Name Tags B W MPC MOH Offset
130474 LS29 0NS Addingham 100 Main Street, Addingham, Ilkley w219991074 Addingham Post Office a    88 m
2954 LS16 6AJ Adel 425 Otley Road, Leeds n1648724590 Adel Post Office a    7 m
94475 LS12 1UG Armley 9-11 Town Street, Armley, Leeds n330089358 Armley Post Office a    4 m
3485 LS7 2LR Barthorpes 223 Stainbeck Road, Leeds n3620196182 Barthorpes Post Office a    5 m
3574 LS15 4JQ Barwick-in-Elmet Main Street, Barwick-in-Elmet, Leeds w807300365 Barwick Stores and Post Office as   1 m
3836 LS11 6AZ Beeston Hill 2 Lodge Lane, Leeds n400962831 Beeston Hill Post Office a    3 m
4006 LS10 3AH Belle Isle 5 Belle Isle Parade, Belle Isle, Leeds w629231042 Belle Isle Post Office a    30 m
4326 LS23 6AA Boston Spa 181 High Street, Boston Spa, Wetherby n3557372490 Boston Spa Post Office a    4 m
4570 LS23 6RD Bramham 12 Front Street, Bramham, Wetherby n2485382996 Bramham Post Office      24 m
4732 LS13 2ET Bramley 17 Bramley Centre, Leeds n50918572 Bramley Post Office      15 m
4818 LS13 1AJ Bramstan 51 Summerfield Drive, Leeds n349343425 Bramstan Post Office a    4 m
5209 LS10 3JP Broom Estate 23 Broom Place, Leeds n842224607 Broom Estate Post Office      8 m
134780 LS29 7NE Burley-In-Wharfedale 36 Station Road, Burley-In-Wharfedale, Ilkley n3627169424 Burley in Wharfedale Post Office      10 m
6180 LS16 5DA Butcher Hill 179 Butcher Hill, Leeds n263757027 Butcher Hill Post Office a    17 m
5857 LS28 5RH Calverley 38 Carr Road, Calverley, Pudsey n452643790 Calverley Post Office a    13 m
149917 LS7 1HA Carlton Parade 4 Carlton Parade, Leeds n9320163953 Carlton Parade Post Office a    5 m
146557 LS24 9RA Church Fenton Community Village Shop, Station Road, Church Fenton, Tadcaster n5594672957 Church Fenton Post Office      5 m
6562 LS22 5AS Collingham Main Street, Collingham, Wetherby n907823135 Collingham Post Office  s   8 m
6642 LS9 6DG Compton Road 50 Compton Road, Leeds n1001222339 Compton Road Post Office a    11 m
131140 LS16 7LQ Cookridge Village 17-19 Cookridge Lane, Cookridge, Leeds n5624891584 Cookridge Village Post Office a  f 15 m
136405 LS11 0JY Cottingley Hall 3 Cottingley Vale, Cottingley, Leeds n8533210269 Cottingley Hall Post Office      18 m
94383 LS15 8QS Crossgates 9 Austhorpe Road, Crossgates, Leeds w80506943 Crossgates Post Office a    9 m
7551 LS12 4AD Dixon Lane 108 Dixon Lane, Leeds n430952916 Dixon Lane Post Office a    8 m
126406 LS9 9LH East Park Temple View Grove, Leeds n7101902298 East Park Post Office      8 m
8012 LS8 5LE Elford Grove 58 Harehills Road, Leeds n1001223237 Elford Grove Post Office a    2 m
8208 LS13 3EE Fairfield Estate 1-3 Fairfield Mount, Leeds n298051682 Fairfield Estate Post Office a    4 m
8461 LS28 5HX Farsley 49 Town Street, Farsley, Pudsey n382692547 Farsley Post Office & Premier Store a    2 m
8649 LS25 1EY Garforth 14 Main Street, Garforth, Leeds n3634830667 Garforth Post Office      7 m
8866 LS8 1LW Gledhow Avenue 2-4 Chandos Gardens, Leeds n3600594425 Gledhow Avenue Post Office      6 m
8925 LS8 3AY Grange Park Parade 134 Dib Lane, Leeds n3616415176 Grange Park Parade Post Office      7 m
9089 LS13 4JB Greenthorpe Estate 174 Pudsey Road, Leeds n304616722 Greenthorpe Estate Sub Post Office a    16 m
6859 LS20 8AB Guiseley 46 Oxford Road, Guiseley, Leeds n29048416 Guiseley Post Office a    7 m
9197 LS15 7SR Halton 3 Cross Green Lane, Leeds n3615121536 Halton Post Office a    4 m
9253 LS8 4HS Harehills 275 Roundhay Road, Leeds n3618061607 Harehills Post Office a    4 m
147990 LS6 3HG Headingley North Lane, Headingley, Leeds n332328864 Headingley Post Office   n  19 m
12729 LS17 8RE High Ash 90-96 High Ash Drive, Leeds n1307685544 High Ash Drive PO      9 m
124410 LS11 9NS Holbeck 95-97 Domestic Street, Holbeck, Leeds n3226547774 Holbeck Post Office a    9 m
9702 LS18 4RJ Horsforth 12 Town Street, Horsforth, Leeds n278843744 Horsforth Post Office a    14 m
3129 LS29 8HF Ilkley Unit 9 Station Plaza, Station Road, Ilkley n28168221 Ilkley Post Office      13 m
9895 LS16 6LQ Ireland Wood 72 Otley Old Road, Leeds n3626724735 Ireland Wood Post Office      2 m
10031 LS14 6ER Kentmere Avenue 141 South Parkway, Leeds w638269802 Kentmere Avenue Post Office a    2 m
10079 LS25 7AF Kippax 41 High Street, Kippax, Leeds n3637912589 Kippax Post Office a    7 m
10717 LS6 4JP Meanwood 12 Green Road, Meanwood, Leeds n352867732 Meanwood Post Office      6 m
128232 LS29 6JA Menston 52 Cleasby Road, Menston, Ilkley n5566942444 Menston Post Office a    7 m
133398 LS10 4LS Middleton Park 97 Middleton Park Road, Leeds w643080936 Middleton Park Post Office a    7 m
11090 LS4 2HQ Milford Place 386 Kirkstall Road, Leeds n301022537 Milford Place Post Office a    3 m
11183 LS7 4LA Montreal Avenue 64A Harrogate Road, Leeds n325227268 Montreal Avenue Post Office      7 m
17597 LS27 8TB Morley 129A Queens Street, Morley, Leeds n360448857 Morley Post Office      7 m
11403 LS12 5EA New Farnley Low Moorside, New Farnley, Leeds n11259713900 New Farnley Post Office      8 m
11599 LS11 7AB Old Lane 89 Old Lane, Leeds n1639561307 Old Lane Post Office      8 m
11677 LS9 0HB Osmondthorpe 137-139 Halton Moor Avenue, Leeds n1001223094 Osmondthorpe Post Office a    10 m
17739 LS21 1ST Otley Nelson Street, Otley w71194085 Otley General Post Office      12 m
11932 LS21 1LH Pool-In-Wharfedale Main Street, Pool-In-Wharfedale, Otley n27348242 Pool-In-Wharfedale Post Office      0 m
147361 LS28 7LB Pudsey 37 Church Lane, Pudsey n297118476 Pudsey Post Office      34 m
12008 LS6 3LG Queenswood 58-60 Queenswood Drive, Leeds n11277830493 Queenswood Post Office a    11 m
13639 LS14 1BT Ramshead 39 Ramshead Hill, Leeds n3612929553 Ramshead Hill Post Office a    11 m
12156 LS9 0HH Rookwood 532 York Road, Leeds n1001222864 Rookwood Post Office a    2 m
12195 LS26 0QA Rothwell 59 Commercial Street, Rothwell, Leeds n2160043513 Rothwell Post Office      6 m
12228 LS8 2HU Roundhay 486 Roundhay Road, Leeds n4677413765 Roundhay Post Office a    6 m
3920 LS14 6JD Seacroft Leeds City Council Offices Deacon House, 1 Seacroft Avenue, Seacroft, Leeds n5262528833 Seacroft Post Office a    9 m
12530 LS17 8HQ Shadwell 53 Main Street, Shadwell, Leeds n5682384167 Shadwell Village Store & Post Office as   7 m
12597 LS25 6BG Sherburn-in-Elmet 9 Low Street, Sherburn-in-Elmet, Leeds n980532272 Sherburn In Elmet Post Office a    9 m
12561 LS14 2EH Skelton Wood 40 Whitelaithe Approach, Leeds n3611762272 Skelton Wood Post Office      2 m
17884 LS2 8LP St Johns 116 Albion Street, Leeds n299171011 St Johns Post Office a    2 m
12854 LS26 8UE Swillington 1 Astley Lane, Swillington, Leeds n7112729684 Swillington Post Office as   5 m
134036 LS24 8AB Tadcaster 17 Commercial Street, Tadcaster n10203696546 Tadcaster Post Office a    7 m
17922 LS2 7DZ The Markets 6-16 New York Street, Leeds n333442547 The Markets Post Office a    17 m
12963 LS10 4JD Throstle Lane 99-101 Throstle Lane, Leeds n3649208520 Throstle Lane Post Office a    8 m
13021 LS12 1LZ Tong Road 56 Tong Road, Leeds n921362284 Tong Road Post Office      18 m
10763 LS24 9DU Ulleskelf Main Street, Ulleskelf, Tadcaster n3551046024 Ulleskelf Post Office      51 m
13134 LS11 5EG Victoria Terrace 163-165 Dewsbury Road, Leeds n9063321052 Victoria Terrace Post Office      36 m
13685 LS13 4RH Wellstone Rise 105-109 Swinnow Lane, Leeds n505360149 Wellstone Rise Post Office      11 m
22716 LS22 6LT Wetherby 28 High Street, Wetherby n3558723815 Wetherby Post Office a    9 m
135294 LS14 5PL Whinmoor 14-16 Stanks Parade, Leeds n6549293232 Whinmoor Post Office      39 m
13381 LS28 7TQ Woodhall Park 350 Bradford Road, Stanningley, Pudsey w443653566 Woodhall Park Post Office a    1 m
13454 LS6 2PY Woodhouse Street 129-133 Woodhouse Street, Leeds n274257499 Charing Cross Post Office a    12 m
13548 LS3 1DT Woodsley Road 20 Woodsley Road, Leeds n8666813708 Woodsley Road Post Office a    17 m
13594 LS12 2RQ Wyther Park 58-60 Cockshot Lane, Armley, Leeds n302737814 Wyther Park Post Office a    25 m
4168 LS19 7YU Yeadon 1 Cliffe Court, High Street, Yeadon, Leeds n1623940633 Yeadon Post Office a    6 m

In the tables above the different letters in the 'Tags' column denote the presence of the following tags on the OSM object: a addr:housename=* or addr:housenumber=*; s shop=*; n note=*; f fixme=*. The purpose of these flags is to suggest when there might be sufficient information to make a positive match with the POL data, and to highlight any objects that may need checking.

For full details of data sources and import dates, see

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API. Post Office Branch List from Post Office Ltd. Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0. The information may not be entirely up-to-date. The latest network information can be found in the official Post Office Branch Finder.