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OSM Post Office Progress in the 'PL' Postal Area

Comparison of POL data from 2023‑09‑27 and OSM data from 2024‑04‑17 09:00:00 Z. The blue circles on the map are Post Office branches from the official list that haven't been matched to an OSM amenity=post_office object. The red circles are OSM amenity=post_office objects that haven't been matched to a branch on the official list. Pale blue circles are 'home service' branches (for which it's not clear if they should be mapped) and banches that were marked as 'temporarily closed' at the date of the official data. Pale red circles indicate an OSM object that has been identified as non-Post-Office-Ltd business that may still be correctly tagged as amenity=post_office. The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM amenity=post_office objects (dark green for a match via a ref:pol_id tag, light green for a proximity match). For more information on how to use this map/data to improve OSM, see the Mapping Notes. For more data on the matched/unmatrched objects, see the tables below.

Post Offices on the POL list not matched to an OSM Object

These branches are listed in the official data but do not appear to have a correstponding amenity=post_office object in OpenStreetMap. The data may be sufficient to be able to add the branch directly, but a survey would normally be preferable to ensure the branch and its relation to its surroundings are mapped accurately.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
179498 PL20 7LZ Buckland Monachorum Buckland Chapel Trust, The Village, Buckland Monachorum, Yelverton
167741 PL33 9AJ Delabole stop Car Park on High Street, Delabole
168185 PL6 7DG Hessary Drive 20 Hessary Drive, Roborough, Plymouth
179529 PL9 9NZ Hooe 8 Woodside Avenue, Hooe, Plymouth
176408 PL10 1NB Kingsand Maker with Rame Community Hall, Fore Street, Kingsand, Torpoint
135434 PL21 9EF Lee Mill Bridge Lee Mill Bridge Chuch Hall, Lee Mill Bridge, Ivybridge
179635 PL6 8QE Leigham 26 Thurlestone Walk, Plymouth
179239 PL22 0HA Lostwithiel Lostwithiel Community Centre, Pleyber Christ Way, Lostwithiel
179586 PL24 2AH Par 28 Eastcliffe Road, Par
114729 PL14 5NF Pensilva Millennium House, Central Square Princess Road, Pensilva, Liskeard
184972 PL26 6BU Pentewan The Mill Garage, Pentewan, St Austell
184256 PL6 8DH Plymouth Derriford Hospital Main Building, Derriford Road, Plymouth
9477 PL27 6SP Polzeath Polzeath, Wadebridge
145883 PL29 3SB Port Isaac stop Trewetha Lane Car Park, Port Isaac
147355 PL14 3SQ Quenthiock The Pavilions, Quenthiock, Liskeard
110570 PL17 7NT Rilla Mill Rilla Mill Village Hall, Rilla Mill, Callington
145880 PL27 6JU Rock stop Rock Methodist Church, 1 Rock Road, Rock, Wadebridge
150360 PL25 4HB Slades Road 105 Slades Road, St Austell
167751 PL15 7LE South Petherwin Methodist Church Hall, South Petherwin, Launceston
185171 PL30 4PP St Breward Stop Car Park of The Old Inn and Restaurant, Churchtown, St Breward, Bodmin
9768 PL27 7TU St Eval RAF Station The Child Development Centre, 750 Orion Drive, St Eval, Wadebridge
145932 PL27 7RN St Issey stop on Road Adjacent To Village Hall, Gardeners Way, St Issey, Wadebridge
147218 PL14 3LZ St Ive St Ive Village Hall, St Ive, Liskeard
145879 PL28 8NG St Merryn stop Fryer Tucks Car Park, St Merryn, Padstow
110129 PL14 6NA St Neot St Neot Pavillion Playing Field, Lampen Road, St. Neot, Liskeard
111222 PL12 5HW Tideford The Royal British Legion, Church Road, Tideford, Saltash
145881 PL34 0AJ Tintagel stop Tintagel Visitor Centre, Bossiney Road, Tintagel
110242 PL15 7HT Tregadillett Tregadillett Community Hall, Prouts Way, Tregadillett, Launceston
110572 PL14 4ST Trewidland Trewidland Village Hall, Trewidland, Liskeard
118105 PL21 0NG Ugborough St Peters Church, Ugborough, Ivybridge
4113 PL5 2QT West Park 444 Crownhill Road, West Park, Plymouth
119844 PL7 5HP Wotter Moorland Hotel, Wotter, Plymouth

OSM Objects not matched to a Post Office on the POL list

These are entries are OSM objected tagged with amenity=post_office, which have not been matched to a branch on the official list. Entries here could be due to: Former branches that have now closed, more than one object being tagged for a single post office, the official entry for a real Post Office being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, other non-Post-Office outlets bing tagged with amenity=post_office. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits. See the mapping notes.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM PO Ref Operator Brand Note Fixme Last Edit
n1123026302 Royal Mail 5m
n11540037013 Post Office Inside Spar shop 2m
n276811686 13y
n1123026189 6y
n1123026322 2y
n1123026536 13y
w232163608 10y
w229693291 Cawsand Post Office 4758 Post Office 9d
n1123026152 Chapel Amble Post Office 10876 Post Office 20m
w530397591 Crafthole Village Post Office and Store 6y
n1037814949 Crapstone Post Office 5394 Post Office 23m
w657340399 Hope Cove Post Office and Stores 10875 22m
n10249377559 Pentewan Post Office 177886 Post Office 16m
w142077918 St Breward Post Office 17m
w918860317 Tavistock Delivery Office 3y
n8270383817 University Post Room University of Plymouth 3y

Note: The entries above are based on a larger rectangular bounding box, so may also include some unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Post Offices on the POL list matched to an OSM object by location

OSM objects tagged with amenity=post_office that have been matched to a branch on the official list by their location. If you can confirm the match, please add the appropriate ref:pol_id=* tag. But please do not rely on the location alone — some of the locations in the POL data are significantly displaced, or have not been updated following branch moves. See the mapping notes.

Official ID Postcode Official Name Official Address OSM Object OSM Name Tags B W MPC MOH Offset
147706 PL13 1JN Barbican 1 Bay View Road, Looe n1123026223      268 m
8952 PL30 4JE Blisland The Glebe, Community Centre, Blisland, Bodmin w55253630 Blisland Village Shop and Post Office      24 m
130380 PL25 3FW Charlestown The Pattern Hall Foundry Parc, Charlestown Road, St Austell n11816735691 Charlestown Post Office (mobile)      81 m
145664 PL12 4EF Gordon Court Gordon Court, Saltash n11737063519      14 m
91467 PL13 2NU Lanreath St Marnarchs Road, Lanreath, Looe w533689957 Lanreath Shop and Post Office  s   13 m
12133 PL16 0AA Lifton Fore Street, Lifton n1123026365 Lifton Stores and Post Office  s   7 m
13281 PL19 9PA Mary Tavy Mary Tavy, Tavistock n1623544303 Mary Tavy Post Office & Stores a    4 m
145884 PL10 1AA Millbrook The Rame Centre, 3 West Street, Millbrook, Torpoint n320743020 Millbrook Post Office      36 m
9216 PL21 0PU Modbury 14 Broad Street, Modbury, Ivybridge w180218209 Modbury News & Post Office as   6 m
167161 PL1 5LZ Molesworth Road 16 Molesworth Road, Plymouth n11676455879      19 m
165354 PL12 4JY Mote Park 47 Mote Park, Saltash n11737676448      14 m
149574 PL26 7YH Nanpean St Georges Road, Nanpean, St Austell n1123025934      342 m
15065 PL23 1EB Park Road Park Road, Fowey n1079442350 Park Road Stores      3 m
179940 PL23 1PA Polruan The Quay, Polruan, Fowey w182927740 The Winkle Picker      24 m
176767 PL26 8JF Roche Victory Hall, 15 Victoria Road, Roche, St Austell n11214224022 Post Office   n  271 m
10290 PL12 6JL Saltash 36-38 Fore Street, Saltash n2435888686 Saltash Post Office  s   24 m
10007 PL27 6QH St Minver Churchtown, St Minver, Wadebridge n1123025889      138 m
148818 PL28 8QJ Trevone stop Trevone Road, Trevone, Padstow n1746022201 Trevone Mobile Post Office   n  72 m
184679 PL14 5AZ Upton Cross The Caradon Inn, Upton Cross, Liskeard n1123025828      269 m
134741 PL9 0EA Wembury 11-13 Knighton Road, Plymouth n76471722      319 m
149550 PL1 3BN West Hoe 24 Walker Terrace, West Hoe, Plymouth n11676455880      21 m
11782 PL5 4DE Whitleigh 71 Whitleigh Green, Plymouth n1123026399 Whitleigh Stores      16 m
24460 PL2 3BY Wolseley Road Unit 29 Wolseley Business Park, Wolseley Close, Plymouth n11676455881      98 m
167487 PL6 7TH Woolwell Unit 4 Woolwell Shopping Centre, School Drive, Bickleigh, Plymouth n1088105628 One Stop  s   17 m

Post Offices on the POL list matched to an OSM object by ID

OSM objects tagged with amenity=post_office that have been matched to a branch on the official list by the ref:pol_id=* tag.

Official ID Postcode Official Name Official Address OSM Object OSM Name Tags B W MPC MOH Offset
17308 PL21 9TF Abbots Court Abbots Court, Abbots Road, Ivybridge n918453146 Abbots Court Post Office      62 m
127677 PL15 7RL Altarnun Altarnun Village Hall, Altarnun, Launceston n1364311478 Altarnun Post Office      11 m
17220 PL1 2LD Barbican 49-50 Southside Street, Barbican, Plymouth n1128156931 Barbican Post Office      3 m
3772 PL20 7AA Bere Alston 25 Fore Street, Bere Alston, Yelverton n549232448 Bere Alston Post Office      4 m
122155 PL20 7JS Bere Ferrers St Andrews Church Hall, Station Road, Bere Ferrers, Yelverton n1037814939 Bere Ferrers Post Office a    77 m
113874 PL24 2DX Biscovey 1 Trenovissick Road, St Blazey gate, Par n9598209352 Biscovey Post Office a    22 m
24424 PL31 2HL Bodmin 40 Fore Street, Bodmin n9572811969 Bodmin Post Office a    33 m
134742 PL35 0HF Boscastle Penally Hill, Boscastle n401875916 Boscastle Post Office      14 m
146731 PL8 2BS Brixton Mary Green Hall, Old Road, Brixton, Plymouth n267886468 Brixton Post Office      16 m
14861 PL25 3DW Brockstone Road 3 Brockstone Road, Bethel, St Austell n952369047 Brockstone Road Post Office      9 m
177665 PL26 8QF Bugle 78 Fore Street, Bugle, St Austell n1123026516 Bugle Post Office      23 m
131000 PL17 7AD Callington 21 Fore Street, Callington n9572811970 Callington Post Office a    6 m
116270 PL18 9QA Calstock Calstock Village Hall, The Quay, Calstock n9572811971 Calstock Post Office      69 m
144488 PL32 9PB Camelford 12 Market Place, Camelford n1040498465 Camelford Post Office      42 m
123273 PL2 2EA Camels Head 334 Wolseley Road, Plymouth n1123026144 Camels Head Post Office      11 m
21598 PL7 2XS Chaddlewood Unit 1 Chaddlewood District Centre, Glen Road, Plympton, Plymouth n9598209353 Chaddlewood Post Office a    669 m
132594 PL5 3HG Chaucer 5 Congreve Gardens, Plymouth n1123026407 Chaucer Post Office      9 m
125114 PL21 9PZ Cornwood Cornwood Village Hall, Cornwood, Ivybridge n8890948237 Cornwood Post Office a    144 m
5556 PL6 5AH Crownhill 32 Morshead Road, Crownhill, Plymouth n1123025982 Crownhill Post Office a    12 m
110571 PL14 5JH Darite Darite Village Hall, Darite, Liskeard n9714293080 Darite Post Office a    6 m
2980 PL1 4AE Devonport 17-19 Marlbrough Street, Devonport, Plymouth n8164083424 Devonport Post Office      3 m
12542 PL14 6LJ Dobwalls Duloe Road, Dobwalls, Liskeard n1123026110 Dobwalls Post Office      20 m
174906 PL20 6JX Dousland Walkhampton Memorial Hall, Walkhampton, Yelverton n8890948238 Dousland Post Office a    10 m
135435 PL9 0AN Down Thomas Silver Jubilee Hall, Renney Road, Down Thomas, Plymouth n9331004252 Down Thomas Post Office      21 m
147583 PL11 3JZ Downderry Downderry Stores, Downderry, Torpoint n1740469221 Downderry Post Office      21 m
119932 PL14 4PA Duloe Jubilee Hall, Jubilee Close, Duloe, Liskeard n9574969432 Duloe Post Office a    53 m
178083 PL14 4TA East Taphouse East Taphouse Community Hall, Salts Meadows, East Taphouse, Liskeard n2619811279 East Taphouse Post Office      30 m
6352 PL3 6NH Efford Road 4 Efford Crescent, Plymouth w913915435 Efford Road Post Office      6 m
6509 PL9 8EN Elburton 34 Springfield Road, Elburton, Plymouth n1123026468 Elburton Post Office a    4 m
8230 PL4 9HY Embankment Road Embankment Road, Plymouth n267863036 Embankment Road Post Office      4 m
133407 PL5 2TG Ernesettle 18 Hornchurch Road, Ernesettle, Plymouth n1123026539 Ernesettle Post Office      12 m
6120 PL6 8UD Estover 2 Leypark Drive, Plymouth n9572865325 Estover Post Office      6 m
123255 PL23 1AH Fowey 39 Fore Street, Fowey n9573682188 Fowey Post Office a    66 m
148909 PL26 7TX Foxhole Foxhole, St. Austell n1123025819 Foxhole Post Office      21 m
118681 PL6 7LW Glenholt 1C-1D St Annes Road, Glenholt, Plymouth n1123026311 Glenholt Post Office      4 m
14960 PL26 6HN Gorran Gorran, St Austell n705550686 Gorran Post Office      7 m
14975 PL26 6JG Gorran Haven Canton Street, Gorran Haven, St Austell n9477185475 Gorran Haven Post Office   n  6 m
13226 PL18 9BN Gunnislake 16 Fore Street, Gunnislake w104846584 Gunnislake Post Office a    6 m
123276 PL2 2NH Ham Green 7-8 Ham Green, Ham Drive, Plymouth n6314489308 Ham Green Post Office      29 m
7175 PL17 8BA Harrowbarrow Harrowbarrow, Callington n1038432541 Harrowbarrow Post Office      8 m
179295 PL12 6PW Hatt Hatt Service Station, The Elms, Hatt, Saltash n1041780182 Hatt Post Office      18 m
14989 PL26 7HD Higher Sticker The Village, Sticker, St Austell n11283980221      9 m
7503 PL8 1NA Holbeton Fore Street, Plymouth n1123026040 Holbeton Post Office      7 m
15015 PL25 3HT Holmbush Daniels Lane, St Austell n952369042 Holmbush Post Office      12 m
7639 PL5 3TW Honicknowle Transit Way, Plymouth n1123026266 Honicknowle Post Office      42 m
123093 PL20 7QB Horrabridge Horrabridge Store, Commercial Road, Horrabridge, Yelverton n1037814932 Horrabridge Store  s   17 m
7837 PL21 9PS Ivybridge 2 Glanvilles Mill, Ivybridge n4044132311 Ivybridge Post Office      7 m
7968 PL17 8DU Kellybray 133 Launceston Road, Kellybray, Callington n1038432473 Kellybray Post Office      7 m
8293 PL12 5DP Landrake Tideford Road, Landrake, Saltash n1123026483 Landrake Post Office      3 m
126432 PL30 5HF Lanivet Clarence House, Truro Road, Lanivet, Bodmin n1123026433 Lanivet Post Office      19 m
13778 PL15 7AA Launceston 5 Westgate Street, Launceston n1123025925 Launceston Post Office      4 m
97701 PL22 0PT Lerryn Lerryn Stores, Fore Street, Lerryn, Lostwithiel n1749706003 Lerryn Post Office      24 m
12098 PL15 7QD Lewannick Lewannick, Launceston n2608124103 Lewannick Post Office      3 m
55 PL14 6AA Liskeard The Parade, Liskeard w140692401 Liskeard Post Office      8 m
144386 PL13 1DX Looe Buller Quay, The Quay, East Looe, Looe n1123026202 Looe Post Office      93 m
146788 PL22 0HA Lostwithiel Lostwithiel Community Centre, Pleyber Christ Way, Lostwithiel n9631365908 Lostwithiel Post Office a    96 m
9375 PL30 5EA Luxulyan Luxulyan, Bodmin n1123026538 Luxulyan Post Office      24 m
121885 PL7 4QF Marsh Mills 48 Plymbridge Road, Plympton, Plymouth n9581136843 Marsh Mills Post Office a    24 m
10692 PL32 9YN Marshgate Marshgate, Camelford n1123026287 Marshgate Post Office      3 m
12676 PL14 3QR Menheniot Menheniot, Liskeard n9623791687 Menheniot Post Office      6 m
145133 PL26 6UD Mevagissey 6 Market Square, Mevagissey, St Austell n9288181816 Mevagissey Post Office      19 m
119069 PL19 0PP Milton Abbot Milton Abbot Village Hall, Milton Abbot, Tavistock n1473425332 Milton Abbot Post Office      33 m
17287 PL14 5LE Minions Minions, Liskeard n1123026149 Minions Post Office      5 m
17530 PL4 6LL Mutley 38 Mutley Plain, Plymouth w915915743 Mutley Post Office      2 m
9424 PL8 1AA Newton Ferrers Newton Hill, Newton Ferrers, Plymouth w229666114 Newton Ferrers Post Office      8 m
144075 PL28 8AP Padstow 2 Middle Street, Padstow n434338480 Padstow Post Office      17 m
12739 PL13 2JZ Pelynt Jubilee Hill, Pelynt, Looe n1123026274 Pelynt Post Office      11 m
15089 PL26 8UQ Penwithick 17 Penwithick Road, Penwithick, St Austell n1123026128 Penwithick Post Office      2 m
4348 PL2 3PG Peverell Jubilee Buildings, Peverell Park Road, Plymouth n369044873 Peverell Post Office      5 m
9762 PL3 6HJ Pike Road 171 Pike Road, Plymouth n1128156007 Pike Road Post Office      2 m
136767 PL1 1RP Plymouth 73-85 New George Street, Plymouth n8146111657 Plymouth Post Office      22 m
70253 PL7 2AW Plympton The Ridgeway, Plympton, Plymouth n2125400001 Plympton Post Office      52 m
15102 PL26 7BP Polgooth Polgooth, St Austell n1123025861 Polgooth Post Office      9 m
12804 PL13 2QR Polperro Fore Street, Polperro, Looe w204915624 Polperro Post Office      8 m
10097 PL20 6QE Princetown Tavistock Road, Princetown, Yelverton n207682227 Princetown Post Office      6 m
140483 PL25 5PN St Austell 31 Fore Street, St Austell n11065935643 St Austell Post Office a    41 m
15138 PL24 2NJ St Blazey 12 Fore Street, St Blazey, Par n1123025989 St Blazey Post Office a    12 m
10421 PL5 1RQ St Budeaux 2 Victoria Road, St Budeaux, Plymouth n1123026060 St Budeaux Post Office      17 m
130475 PL26 8AB St Dennis 44 Fore Street, St Dennis, St Austell n1123026518 St Dennis Post Office      50 m
167742 PL12 6TD St Dominick St Dominick Community Shop, St Dominick, Saltash n1123025859 St Dominick Post Office      11 m
127631 PL12 5NR St Germans St Germans Community Shop, Fore Street, St Germans, Saltash n9598209354 St Germans Post Office      42 m
127071 PL15 9SA St Giles on The Heath The Portacabin, Coronation Hall Grounds, St Giles on The Heath, Launceston n1484388244 St Giles on The Heath Post Office      10 m
145931 PL30 3EB St Kew Highway stop Stop Adj St Kew Highway Community Hall, Lemellen Gardens, St Kew Highway, Bodmin n1123026533 St Kew Highway Mobile Service Post Office      5 m
151310 PL30 3BQ St Mabyn Wadebridge Road, St Mabyn, Bodmin n1123026044 St Mabyn Post Office  s   69 m
15158 PL26 7NN St Stephen 15 Fore Street, St Stephen, St Austell n269159986 St Stephen Post Office      24 m
10053 PL30 3JA St Teath Fore Street, St Teath, Bodmin n600067227 St Teath Post Office      7 m
121603 PL30 3ND St Tudy St Tudy Community Shop and PO, Wadebridge Road, St Tudy, Bodmin n1123025854 St Tudy Post Office      15 m
10874 PL17 8NY Stoke Climsland Stoke Climsland, Callington n1038432490 Stoke Climsland Post Office      2 m
4997 PL1 3HP Stonehouse 322-324 Union Street, Plymouth n9033396345 Stonehouse Post Office      26 m
11011 PL5 4NA Tamerton Foliot Fore Street, Tamerton Foliot, Plymouth n1123026485 Tamerton Foliot Post Office      41 m
68484 PL19 0AA Tavistock 4 Abbey Place, Tavistock n320047579 Tavistock Post Office a    2 m
11204 PL11 2AA Torpoint 72 Fore Street, Torpoint w192990897 Torpoint Post Office      17 m
5634 PL3 6JG Torridge Way 65 Torridge Way, Plymouth n1123026074 Torridge Way Post Office      2 m
15216 PL25 5SL Trewoon 10 Cooperage Road, Trewoon, St Austell w902696954 Trewoon Post Office      7 m
13391 PL19 9DQ Whitchurch 234 Whitchurch Road, Tavistock n948217673 Whitchurch Post Office & Stores as   6 m
11692 PL8 2EA Yealmpton Market Street, Yealmpton, Plymouth n960507284 Yealmpton Post Office      4 m
11739 PL20 6DT Yelverton 1 Moorland Villas, Yelverton w622137637 Yelverton Post Office      61 m

In the tables above the different letters in the 'Tags' column denote the presence of the following tags on the OSM object: a addr:housename=* or addr:housenumber=*; s shop=*; n note=*; f fixme=*. The purpose of these flags is to suggest when there might be sufficient information to make a positive match with the POL data, and to highlight any objects that may need checking.

For full details of data sources and import dates, see

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API. Post Office Branch List from Post Office Ltd. Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0. The information may not be entirely up-to-date. The latest network information can be found in the official Post Office Branch Finder.