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OSM Post Office Progress in the 'OX' Postal Area

Comparison of POL data from 2023‑09‑27 and OSM data from 2024‑04‑17 09:00:00 Z. The blue circles on the map are Post Office branches from the official list that haven't been matched to an OSM amenity=post_office object. The red circles are OSM amenity=post_office objects that haven't been matched to a branch on the official list. Pale blue circles are 'home service' branches (for which it's not clear if they should be mapped) and banches that were marked as 'temporarily closed' at the date of the official data. Pale red circles indicate an OSM object that has been identified as non-Post-Office-Ltd business that may still be correctly tagged as amenity=post_office. The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM amenity=post_office objects (dark green for a match via a ref:pol_id tag, light green for a proximity match). For more information on how to use this map/data to improve OSM, see the Mapping Notes. For more data on the matched/unmatrched objects, see the tables below.

Post Offices on the POL list not matched to an OSM Object

These branches are listed in the official data but do not appear to have a correstponding amenity=post_office object in OpenStreetMap. The data may be sufficient to be able to add the branch directly, but a survey would normally be preferable to ensure the branch and its relation to its surroundings are mapped accurately.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
110197 OX11 9EQ Aston Tirrold Aston Tirrold Village Hall, Thorpe Street, Aston Upthorpe, Didcot
132033 OX17 3AP Aynho Aynho Village Hall Opp Cartwright Hotel, Croughton Road, Ayhno, Banbury
140258 OX16 5UE Banbury 23-24 Castle Quay Centre, Banbury
10305 OX12 7EB Barnards Way 12 Barnards Way, Wantage
145946 OX10 6AA Benson Raf Mobile Service Raf Station, Benson, Wallingford
398 OX10 7ND Berinsfield 29 Fane Drive, Berinsfield, Wallingford
122497 OX26 6TB Bicester 20 Sheep Street, Bicester
179598 OX7 6XQ Bledington The Kings Head, The Green, Bledington, Chipping Norton
131348 OX18 3AN Brize Norton Sports Pavilion - Station Road, Humble Bumble Cafe, Brize Norton, Carterton
176996 OX27 7LZ Bucknell Bucknell Village Hall, Middleton Road, Bucknell, Bicester
714 OX18 3HQ Carterton 3 Black Bourton Road, Carterton
136485 OX7 3NL Chadlington Mobile Service Village Hall Car Park, Chadlington, Chipping Norton
134917 OX5 2UT Charlton on Otmoor Community Hall Church View, Fencott Road, Charlton on Otmoor, Kidlington
12686 OX16 9YJ Chatsworth Drive 75-77 Chatsworth Drive, Banbury
129438 OX7 6NA Churchill Churchill Village Hall, Churchill, Chipping Norton
145949 OX10 7HN Dorchester on Thames Mobile Service Layby outside 43 High Street, Dorchester on Thames, Wallingford
8803 OX12 8JY East Hendred High Street, East Hendred, Wantage
129440 OX7 6HH Fifield Fifield Village Hall, Fifield, Chipping Norton
1878 OX20 1AL Glympton Glympton, Woodstock
97310 OX7 5SW Great Rollright Mobile Service Village Hall Car Park, Hill Rise, Great Rollright, Chipping Norton
97311 OX7 4DB Great Tew Mobile Service In the vicinity of the Old Post Office, The Green, Great Tew, Chipping Norton
8969 OX12 0PT Grove 1 Savile Way, Grove, Wantage
86287 OX29 9NT Leafield Fairspear Road, Leafield, Witney
2748 OX44 7PZ Little Milton Little Milton Village Hall, Thame Road, Little Milton, Oxford
2797 OX29 8BD Long Hanborough 23 Main Road, Long Hanborough, Witney
179414 OX27 0AY Marsh Gibbon 1 Berry Close, Marsh Gibbon, Bicester
3114 OX3 0JR Marston Road 9 Old Marston Road, Oxford
176997 OX25 4AL Middleton Stoney Village Hall, Heyford Road, Middleton Stoney, Bicester
145945 OX14 3GN Radley Mobile Service Outside Radley Village Shop, Church Road, Radley, Abingdon
12656 OX16 1PH Ruscote Arcade 1 Ruscote Arcade, Banbury
16738 OX17 1HU Shotteswell SAS Back Hill, Shotteswell, Banbury
176994 OX25 6LN Somerton Village Hall, Heyford Road, Somerton, Bicester
176998 OX27 7JP Souldern Village Hall, Souldern, Bicester
151269 OX4 1AH St Clements Street 74-75 St Clements Street, Oxford
145947 OX44 7UR Stadhampton Mobile Service Crazy Bear, Newells Lane, Stadhampton, Oxford
127932 OX29 8QN Stonesfield Pendle Court, Pond Hill, Stonesfield, Witney
127623 OX5 3AH Tackley Medcroft Road, Tackley, Kidlington
145948 OX9 7AB Tetsworth Mobile Service Tetsworth Memorial Hall, High Street, Tetsworth, Thame
174762 OX9 2LY Tiddington stop Albury View, Tiddington, Oxon
176999 OX25 5LQ Upper Heyford Village Hall, Church Walk, Upper Heyford, Bicester
148764 OX26 2BB Villiers Road 58 Villiers Road, Bicester
136330 OX10 7DD Warborough 135 Thame Road, Warborough, Wallingford
136430 OX15 4JX Wigginton Mobile Service Village Hall Car Park, School Lane, Wigginton, Banbury

OSM Objects not matched to a Post Office on the POL list

These are entries are OSM objected tagged with amenity=post_office, which have not been matched to a branch on the official list. Entries here could be due to: Former branches that have now closed, more than one object being tagged for a single post office, the official entry for a real Post Office being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, other non-Post-Office outlets bing tagged with amenity=post_office. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits. See the mapping notes.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM PO Ref Operator Brand Note Fixme Last Edit
n727645151 8y
n772772259 13y
n9911039144 Post Office Is this within Burgrey Stores or in a separate shop? 13m
w894729269 2y
n8042933616 Adlestrop Post Office 15886 Post Office 5m
w1241601208 Buckingham Post Office 2m
n4866524776 Charlton Village PO & Shop 10799 18m
n18667940 Finstock Post Office Post Office Ltd Post Office 5m
n11238140917 Highworth Post Office 131365 Your Coop Food Post Office 6m
n247915734 Marsh Gibbon Post Office 176478 Post Office 20m
n746814170 Martin's Martin's 14m
w71445205 Moreton-In-Marsh Post Office 5y
w683338564 Steeple Claydon Post Office 1102 3y

Note: The entries above are based on a larger rectangular bounding box, so may also include some unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Post Offices on the POL list matched to an OSM object by location

OSM objects tagged with amenity=post_office that have been matched to a branch on the official list by their location. If you can confirm the match, please add the appropriate ref:pol_id=* tag. But please do not rely on the location alone — some of the locations in the POL data are significantly displaced, or have not been updated following branch moves. See the mapping notes.

Official ID Postcode Official Name Official Address OSM Object OSM Name Tags B W MPC MOH Offset
131347 OX18 2DL Aston Aston Stores, The Square, Aston, Bampton n30296356      328 m
250 OX18 2JH Bampton The Town Hall, Market Square, Bampton n2546757462 a    205 m
174915 OX15 0RH Barford St Michael Village Hall, Lower Street, Barford St Michael, BANBURY n1902168712 Barford St Michael Post Office and shop      185 m
115889 OX10 6LZ Benson Benson Parish Hall, Sunnyside, Benson, Wallingford w294917926 Benson Post Office      132 m
10618 OX15 4LT Bloxham High Street, Bloxham, Oxon, Banbury n1005717901 Bloxham Newsagent      6 m
1915 OX28 5LP Burwell Farm 129 Burwell Drive, Witney n4456973678 Burwell Gift Shop      6 m
146520 OX7 3PQ Charlbury Enstone Road, Charlbury, Chipping Norton w98576081 Co-op  s   8 m
8447 OX14 3EE Clifton Hampden High Street, Clifton Hampden, Abingdon w498287832 Clifton Hampden post office and stores  s   2 m
146924 OX4 4AG Donnington 297 Iffley Road, Oxford n370144533 Donnington Post Office as   18 m
8742 OX12 0JL East Hanney Brookside, East Hanney, Wantage n6964500972 Hanney Community Shop & Post Office  s   18 m
1705 OX27 7PX Fritwell East Street, Fritwell, Bicester n31416240 G B Wrighton & Son  s   14 m
128936 OX33 1RP Horspath The Old Chapel, The Green, Horspath, Oxford n278588133 Horspath Stores  s   77 m
2366 OX10 6AG Ipsden The Street, Ipsden, Wallingford n441685648 Ipsden Stores  s   5 m
127312 OX5 2DH Kidlington 26 High Street, Kidlington n25618508      192 m
2487 OX7 6YA Kingham Church Street, Kingham, Chipping Norton w486968277 Kingham Village Stores & Post Office  s   4 m
148703 OX13 5AN Kingston Bagpuize Witney Road, Kingston Bagpuize, Abingdon n1988259687      377 m
144629 OX26 5DQ Launton 36 Bicester Road, Launton, Bicester n52709329 Launton Post Office Stores      197 m
11626 OX17 2PB Middleton Cheney 4 High Street, Middleton Cheney, Banbury w290397297 The Co-operative Food as   20 m
3986 OX29 6SA North Leigh Memorial Hall, Park Lane, North Leigh, Witney n280331214 Northleigh Post Office      237 m
5596 OX29 7RH Standlake High Street, Standlake, Witney n3237039529 Standlake Village Shop a    8 m
114065 OX29 5SB Stanton Harcourt Stanton Harcourt Village Hall, Blackditch, Stanton Harcourt, Witney n6820815825 Stanton Harcourt      340 m
5839 OX25 4SQ Steeple Aston South Side, Steeple Aston, Bicester n26854829 Steeple Aston Post Office  s   31 m
7273 OX25 3QP Weston On The Green Weston On The Green, Bicester n34034193 Village Store  s   62 m

Post Offices on the POL list matched to an OSM object by ID

OSM objects tagged with amenity=post_office that have been matched to a branch on the official list by the ref:pol_id=* tag.

Official ID Postcode Official Name Official Address OSM Object OSM Name Tags B W MPC MOH Offset
97540 OX14 5BL Abingdon 5-13 West St Helen Street, Abingdon n5690934919 Abingdon Post Office a    7 m
132032 OX17 3LS Adderbury Beehive Vetinary Surgery, High Street, Adderbury, Banbury w284205361 Adderbury Post Office      82 m
126 OX25 2LX Ambrosden Merton Road, Ambrosden, Bicester n282282812 Ambrosden Post Office      8 m
7995 OX13 5JH Appleton Eaton Road, Appleton, Abingdon n1039619639 Appleton Post Office      4 m
129441 OX7 6AQ Ascott-under-Wychwood The Tiddy Hall, Shipton Road, Ascott-under-Wychwood, Chipping Norton n8243148160 Ascott-under-Wychwood Post Office a    465 m
1001 OX4 6AG Balfour Road 69 Balfour Road, Blackbird Leys, Oxford n11139780158 Balfour Road Post Office      1 m
4472 OX26 4TZ Bassett Avenue 9 Bassett Avenue, Bicester n26885199 Bassett Avenue Post Office a    4 m
8189 OX11 9QQ Blewbury Blewbury Village Hall, Heather Way, Blewbury, Didcot n269192292 Blewbury Post Office      99 m
24583 OX15 4AX Bodicote 43 Molyneux Drive, Bodicote, Banbury w961003925 Bodicote Post Office      7 m
168770 OX2 9TJ Botley 3 West Way Square, Oxford n274404482 Botley Post Office      30 m
11170 OX16 0LS Bradley Arcade Unit 5 Bradley Arcade, Bretch Hill, Banbury n1042093009 Bradley Arcade Post Office      14 m
97604 OX15 5HN Brailes The George Inn, 1 High Street, Lower Brailes, Banbury n1695326448 Brailes Post Office      17 m
135634 OX10 0RY Brightwell Cum Sotwell Stewart Hall (Village shop), West End, Brightwell cum Sotwell, Wallingford n10630929242 Brightwell Post Office      47 m
176232 OX18 4RN Burford 29 Lower High Street, Burford n11447385163 Burford Post Office a    16 m
783 OX44 7SS Chalgrove 105 High Street, Chalgrove, Oxford w1094332944 Chalgrove Post Office      5 m
881 OX39 4PF Chinnor Keens Lane, Chinnor w105145233 Chinnor Post Office      6 m
131359 OX7 5AB Chipping Norton 4-5 High Street, Chipping Norton n354667336 Chipping Norton Post Office a    24 m
8382 OX10 9ND Cholsey 19-20 The Forty, Cholsey, Wallingford n2017683977 Cholsey Post Office      22 m
932 OX18 2SH Clanfield Royston House, Main Street, Clanfield, Bampton w504557953 Clanfield Post Office      15 m
89553 OX4 3XQ Cowley Centre 21 Templars Square, Cowley, Oxford n534656105 Cowley Centre Post Office a    35 m
123360 OX17 1NQ Cropredy Church Rooms, Church Lane adjacent to Stone Cottage, Cropredy, Banbury n707616984 Cropredy Post Office      27 m
1111 OX2 9PE Cumnor The Old School House, High Street, Cumnor, Oxford n1985920554 Cumnor Post Office a    4 m
1154 OX15 0SA Deddington Market Place, Deddington, Banbury n1042093008 Deddington Post Office      43 m
22648 OX11 8RN Didcot 188 The Broadway, Didcot w356170177 Didcot Post Office a n  5 m
8572 OX14 4JA Drayton 9 The Green, Drayton, Abingdon n1039619683 Drayton Post Office      7 m
11123 OX16 9HW Easington 25 Horton View, Easington, Banbury n348234932 Easington Post Office      13 m
8691 OX11 9LD East Hagbourne 114 New Road, East Hagbourne, Didcot n243355228 East Hagbourne Post Office      4 m
97646 OX7 4NX Enstone The Green, Enstone, Chipping Norton n354679345 Enstone Post Office      66 m
1415 OX29 4JX Eynsham 39 Mill Street, Eynsham, Witney n771469088 Eynsham Post Office a    58 m
8912 OX11 0BT Georgetown 52-60 Wantage Road, Didcot n259069558 Georgetown Post Office      15 m
1975 OX44 7NF Great Milton Lower End, Great Milton, Oxford w1093755649 Great Milton Post Office  s   19 m
11347 OX17 2EA Greatworth The Green, Greatworth, Banbury w1195583757 Barretts Stores  s   70 m
134159 OX3 9ED Headington 152 London Road, Oxford n6820801245 Headington Post Office a    3 m
134138 OX15 5NQ Hook Norton High Street, Hook Norton, Banbury n11267284801 Hook Norton Post Office      30 m
126073 OX11 0QQ Icknield Way Curie Avenue, Icknield Way, Didcot n3600925740 Icknield Way Post Office      30 m
2339 OX2 8NE Kendall Crescent 3 Kendall Crescent, Oxford n21509246 Oxford Convenience Store as   13 m
2425 OX1 5PE Kennington 156 Kennington Road, Kennington, Oxford n17068342 Kennington Post Office a    1 m
11551 OX17 3RA Kings Sutton 1 Bulls Lane, Kings Sutton, Banbury w473951159 Kings Sutton Post Office a    12 m
2599 OX5 3HA Kirtlington Troy Lane, Kidlington n5964793680 Kirtlington Post Office      11 m
2772 OX4 4LD Littlemore 40 Cowley Road, Littlemore, Oxford n94993962 Littlemore Post Office      7 m
9342 OX13 6NG Marcham 16 North Street, Marcham, Abingdon n425255937 Marcham Community Shop Post Office      6 m
3289 OX7 7EE Middle Barton 25 Worton Road, Middle Barton, Chipping Norton n130156555 Middle Barton Post Office      40 m
9391 OX14 4RS Milton 11H Milton Park, Milton, Abingdon w323145810 Milton Post Office      3 m
129439 OX7 6JL Milton-under-Wychwood The Paddocks, Milton-under-Wychwood, Chipping Norton n1705151447 Milton Under Wychwood Post Office      17 m
3645 OX29 0SG Minster Lovell 68 Brize Norton Road, Minster Lovell, Witney n10674438091 Minster Lovell Post Office a    12 m
9490 OX14 1PJ Northcourt 39 Northcourt Road, Abingdon n1802272058 Northcourt Post Office      10 m
17920 OX1 1ZZ Oxford 102-104 St Aldates, Oxford n14705575 Oxford Post Office a    35 m
4631 OX3 8HR Risinghurst 46 Downside Road, Risinghurst, Headington, Oxford w834805053 Risinghurst Post Office as   4 m
5273 OX7 6BD Shipton-under-Wychwood Milton road, Shipton-under-Wychwood, Chipping Norton n1038863941 Shipton Under Wychwood Post Office      10 m
11875 OX15 5RG Sibford Ferris Main Street, Sibford Ferris, Banbury n530716900 Sibford Ferris Post Office      1 m
4878 OX2 6HA St Giles 17 Woodstock Road, Oxford w113720922 St Giles Post Office a    3 m
9688 OX13 6RS Steventon 8 High Street, Steventon, Abingdon n472624221 Steventon Post Office      5 m
11999 OX17 2RT Sulgrave The Reading Room, Magpie Road, Sulgrave, Banbury n4865726433 Sulgrave Community Shop a    8 m
6311 OX9 2BU Thame 3 High Street, Thame n1394735913 Thame Post Office      17 m
6544 OX5 1DB The Broadway 16 The Parade, Kidlington w175643475 The Broadway News as   5 m
144921 OX10 0AJ Wallingford 52 St Martins Street, Wallingford n3399819693 Wallingford Post Office      5 m
668 OX12 8AX Wantage 18 Wallingford Street, Wantage w478154636 Rowes Newsmarket as   8 m
141240 OX49 5PU Watlington 50 Couching Street, Watlington n771105959 Watlington      5 m
140993 OX33 1XP Wheatley 93 High Street, Wheatley, Oxford n11283954986 Wheatley Post Office      8 m
126129 OX28 6AP Witney Unit 20 Woolgate Shopping Centre, Market Square, Witney w719989829 Witney Post Office      29 m
7795 OX3 8RA Woodfarm 11 Atkyns Road, Headington, Oxford n771823467 Woodfarm Post Office      6 m
7462 OX20 1SP Woodstock 2 Park Street, Woodstock n34043314 Woodstock Post Office      9 m
9590 OX13 6DN Wootton 1-3 Besselsleigh Road, Wootton, Abingdon n269255240 Wootton Post Office a    15 m
7602 OX5 1PT Yarnton 93 Woodstock Road, Yarnton, Kidlington n1161898364 Yarnton Post Office      14 m

In the tables above the different letters in the 'Tags' column denote the presence of the following tags on the OSM object: a addr:housename=* or addr:housenumber=*; s shop=*; n note=*; f fixme=*. The purpose of these flags is to suggest when there might be sufficient information to make a positive match with the POL data, and to highlight any objects that may need checking.

For full details of data sources and import dates, see

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API. Post Office Branch List from Post Office Ltd. Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0. The information may not be entirely up-to-date. The latest network information can be found in the official Post Office Branch Finder.