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OSM Post Office Progress in the 'SP' Postal Area

Comparison of POL data from 2023‑09‑27 and OSM data from 2024‑04‑08 09:11:00 Z. The blue circles on the map are Post Office branches from the official list that haven't been matched to an OSM amenity=post_office object. The red circles are OSM amenity=post_office objects that haven't been matched to a branch on the official list. Pale blue circles are 'home service' branches (for which it's not clear if they should be mapped) and banches that were marked as 'temporarily closed' at the date of the official data. Pale red circles indicate an OSM object that has been identified as non-Post-Office-Ltd business that may still be correctly tagged as amenity=post_office. The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM amenity=post_office objects (dark green for a match via a ref:pol_id tag, light green for a proximity match). For more information on how to use this map/data to improve OSM, see the Mapping Notes. For more data on the matched/unmatrched objects, see the tables below.

Post Offices on the POL list not matched to an OSM Object

These branches are listed in the official data but do not appear to have a correstponding amenity=post_office object in OpenStreetMap. The data may be sufficient to be able to add the branch directly, but a survey would normally be preferable to ensure the branch and its relation to its surroundings are mapped accurately.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
149862 SP10 1LJ Andover 31 High Street, Andover
110885 SP5 5EH Broad Chalke The Chapel, High Road, Broad Chalke, Salisbury
13031 SP10 4AJ Charlton Tesco Express Store, 26 Charlton, Andover
167731 SP5 3HL Downton Crossroads Mobile Service Car Park The Bull Hotel, The Headlands, Downton, Salisbury
167730 SP5 3JS Downton Mobile Service Layby Outside Number 56 Moot Lane, Downton, Salisbury
144548 SP4 8EU Durrington 65 Bulford Road, Durrington, Salisbury
114755 SP8 5JY East Stour East Stour Village Hall, Back Street, East Stour, Gillingham
136679 SP4 8JT Figheldean Mobile Service High Street, Figheldean, Salisbury
136680 SP11 8JT Grateley Mobile Service High Street, Grateley, Andover
177010 SP9 7TW Shipton Bellinger stop Shipton Bellinger, 43 Parkhouse Road, Shipton Bellinger, Tidworth
24617 SP3 4BU Shrewton High Street, Shrewton, Salisbury
136684 SP11 8ED Thruxton Mobile Service Hilliers Garden Centre , Amesbury Road, Weyhill, Andover
96270 SP5 1NF West Tytherley West Tytherley Village Stores, West Tytherley, Salisbury
178058 SP10 3NP Weyhill Road 80 Weyhill Road, Andover
167732 SP4 6EW Winterbourne Gunner Mobile Service Amenity Car Park, Adjacent Winterbourne Arms, Winterbourne Dauntsey, Salisbury
24677 SP5 1QS Winterslow Middleton, Winterslow, Salisbury

OSM Objects not matched to a Post Office on the POL list

These are entries are OSM objected tagged with amenity=post_office, which have not been matched to a branch on the official list. Entries here could be due to: Former branches that have now closed, more than one object being tagged for a single post office, the official entry for a real Post Office being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, other non-Post-Office outlets bing tagged with amenity=post_office. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits. See the mapping notes.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM PO Ref Operator Brand Note Fixme Last Edit
n836873216 13y
n792595526 4y
n1128156041 13y
n775230373 20m
n1128156219 23m
n1825886456 Bodenham Post Office 11y
n6795260266 High Street Post Office 148975 Post Office 20m
n1128156362 Larkhill Post Office 6278 Post Office 20m
n1128156949 Market Lavington Post Office 14253 Post Office 20m
n6139305753 Millbrook Post Office 5y
n7659362780 St Marys Post Office 9425 9m
n1116395065 Weyhill Road Post Office 12972 Coop Post Office 23m

Note: The entries above are based on a larger rectangular bounding box, so may also include some unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Post Offices on the POL list matched to an OSM object by location

OSM objects tagged with amenity=post_office that have been matched to a branch on the official list by their location. If you can confirm the match, please add the appropriate ref:pol_id=* tag. But please do not rely on the location alone — some of the locations in the POL data are significantly displaced, or have not been updated following branch moves. See the mapping notes.

Official ID Postcode Official Name Official Address OSM Object OSM Name Tags B W MPC MOH Offset
12173 SP11 7AZ Abbotts Ann Duck Street, Abbotts Ann, Andover w537254788 Abbots Ann Village Shop and Post Office      19 m
88902 SP3 6AE East Knoyle Wrens Shop, Church Road, East Knoyle, Salisbury w186809660 Wren's Shop  s   6 m
117528 SP3 5JL Fovant High Street, Fovant, Salisbury n603131287 Fovant Stores  s   48 m
6665 SP2 8NA Netherhampton Road 69 Netherhampton Road, Salisbury n1128156347   n  298 m
12646 SP10 3PR Salisbury Road Salisbury Road, Andover n1868630963 Post Office (Hexagon Stores)      24 m

Post Offices on the POL list matched to an OSM object by ID

OSM objects tagged with amenity=post_office that have been matched to a branch on the official list by the ref:pol_id=* tag.

Official ID Postcode Official Name Official Address OSM Object OSM Name Tags B W MPC MOH Offset
2892 SP5 3EB Alderbury Whaddon, Salisbury n1128157045 Alderbury Post Office      4 m
2981 SP6 3DF Alderholt 1 Ringwood Road, Alderholt, Fordingbridge n760850134 Alderholt Post Office a    2 m
3073 SP4 7HD Amesbury 16 Salisbury Street, Amesbury, Salisbury n3114642451 Amesbury Post Office      15 m
3510 SP2 9DJ Bemerton Heath Pembroke Road, Salisbury n1128156104 Bemerton Heath Post Office      2 m
8612 SP1 3JD Bishopdown 35 Barrington Road, Bishopdown, Salisbury n1128156247 Bishopdown Post Office      7 m
9217 SP8 5BD Bourton Bourton, Gillingham w142730940 Bourton Post Office      2 m
136678 SP4 9AE Bulford Mobile Service Horne Road, Bulford Camp, Salisbury n1128157051 Bulford Mobile Service Post Office      13 m
23391 SP2 7TS Churchill Way West Churchill Way West, Salisbury n761127392 Churchill Way West Post Office a    75 m
128957 SP5 4LR Coombe Bissett Homington Road, Coombe Bissett, Salisbury n2043631139 Coombe Bissett Post Office      12 m
12342 SP11 6HH Enham Alamein 17 Newbury Road, Enham Alamein, Andover n33426062 Enham Alamein Post Office      11 m
8669 SP3 5SF Fonthill Bishop Fonthill Bishop, Salisbury n1128156632 Fonthill Bishop Post Office      1 m
9473 SP7 0NY Fontmell Magna Church Street, Fontmell Magna, Shaftesbury n1128156991 Fontmell Magna Post Office      9 m
5635 SP6 1AB Fordingbridge Unit 1 Upton House, 51 Salisbury Street, Fordingbridge w1016276534 Fordingbridge Post Office a    4 m
12380 SP11 7RE Goodworth Clatford Clatford Village Store, Goodworth Clatford, Andover n1037917143 Goodworth Clatford Post Office      10 m
6814 SP8 4AA High Street Cheapside House, High Street, Gillingham n10281104356 High Street Post Office      24 m
6038 SP1 2PF High Street 56 High Street, Salisbury w293540238 High Street Post Office      7 m
6121 SP3 6DJ Hindon High Street, Hindon, Salisbury n1782767349 Hindon Post Office      13 m
13143 SP10 4BB King Arthurs Way 4 Atholl Court, Andover n1037917145 King Arthurs Way Post Office      56 m
125752 SP5 2AJ Landford Lyndhurst Road, Landford, Salisbury n1128155995 Landford Post Office      8 m
12575 SP11 6QX Longparish Longparish, Andover n4677017405 Longparish Post Office      4 m
24635 SP11 9PZ Ludgershall 14 High Street, Ludgershall, Andover n33258268 Ludgershall Post Office      8 m
9525 SP7 9ND Ludwell Ludwell, Shaftesbury n1128156168 Ludwell Post Office      7 m
9573 SP7 9PF Motcombe The Street, Motcombe, Shaftesbury n1128156954 Motcombe Post Office      9 m
6586 SP4 9PJ Netheravon High Street, Netheravon, Salisbury n1128157064 Netheravon Post Office      5 m
167733 SP4 0HA Newton Tony Mobile Service Newton Tony Memorial Hall Car Park, Newton Tony, Salisbury n5065180969 Newton Tony Mobile Service Post Office      20 m
12677 SP9 7LD North Tidworth Pennings Road, North Tidworth, Tidworth n1128156271 North Tidworth Post Office      3 m
13062 SP11 6LU Picket Piece Patio Centre, Picket Piece, Andover n1037917146 Picket Piece Post Office a    14 m
6885 SP5 1DQ Pitton High Street, Pitton, Salisbury n1128156833 Pitton Post Office      9 m
6953 SP4 0LF Porton 34 Winterslow Road, Porton, Salisbury n1044235896 Porton Post Office      14 m
3157 SP7 8PE Shaftesbury Coppice Street, Shaftesbury w207720375 Shaftesbury Post Office      11 m
129392 SP11 6BE St Mary Bourne Bourne Meadow, St Mary Bourne, Andover n4927552002 St Mary Bourne Post Office  s   6 m
7640 SP3 6LD Tisbury High Street, Tisbury, Salisbury n1128156602 Tisbury Post Office      8 m
132244 SP2 7JJ West End Westacre Services, 108 Wilton Road, West End, Salisbury n34687427 West End Post Office      26 m
8036 SP5 2SG Whiteparish The Street, Whiteparish, Salisbury w158698428 Whiteparish Post Office  s   2 m
8103 SP2 0HE Wilton 21 North Street, Wilton, Salisbury n2420959271 Wilton Post Office      2 m
8483 SP5 2LN Woodfalls The Ridge, Woodfalls, Salisbury n1128157054 Woodfalls Post Office      6 m
8545 SP6 2AJ Woodgreen Hale Road, Woodgreen, Fordingbridge n761831753 Woodgreen Post Office      21 m
118993 SP8 4PJ Wyke Broad Robin, Wyke, Gillingham n1079472959 Wyke Post Office      18 m

In the tables above the different letters in the 'Tags' column denote the presence of the following tags on the OSM object: a addr:housename=* or addr:housenumber=*; s shop=*; n note=*; f fixme=*. The purpose of these flags is to suggest when there might be sufficient information to make a positive match with the POL data, and to highlight any objects that may need checking.

For full details of data sources and import dates, see

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API. Post Office Branch List from Post Office Ltd. Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0. The information may not be entirely up-to-date. The latest network information can be found in the official Post Office Branch Finder.