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OSM Post Office Progress in the 'TA' Postal Area

Comparison of POL data from 2023‑09‑27 and OSM data from 2024‑04‑17 09:00:00 Z. The blue circles on the map are Post Office branches from the official list that haven't been matched to an OSM amenity=post_office object. The red circles are OSM amenity=post_office objects that haven't been matched to a branch on the official list. Pale blue circles are 'home service' branches (for which it's not clear if they should be mapped) and banches that were marked as 'temporarily closed' at the date of the official data. Pale red circles indicate an OSM object that has been identified as non-Post-Office-Ltd business that may still be correctly tagged as amenity=post_office. The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM amenity=post_office objects (dark green for a match via a ref:pol_id tag, light green for a proximity match). For more information on how to use this map/data to improve OSM, see the Mapping Notes. For more data on the matched/unmatrched objects, see the tables below.

Post Offices on the POL list not matched to an OSM Object

These branches are listed in the official data but do not appear to have a correstponding amenity=post_office object in OpenStreetMap. The data may be sufficient to be able to add the branch directly, but a survey would normally be preferable to ensure the branch and its relation to its surroundings are mapped accurately.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
11742 TA5 2QW Combwich Brookside Road, Combwich, Bridgwater
174575 TA3 6PJ Fivehead The Stable Cafe, Butchers Hill, Fivehead
178023 TA10 9NT Long Sutton Village Shop Village Hall, Martock Road, Long Sutton, Langport
148538 TA19 0LN Shepton Beauchamp (temporarily closed) Church Street, Shepton Beauchamp, Ilminster
10005 TA23 0AD Watchet (temporarily closed) 26-27 Swain Street, Watchet

OSM Objects not matched to a Post Office on the POL list

These are entries are OSM objected tagged with amenity=post_office, which have not been matched to a branch on the official list. Entries here could be due to: Former branches that have now closed, more than one object being tagged for a single post office, the official entry for a real Post Office being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, other non-Post-Office outlets bing tagged with amenity=post_office. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits. See the mapping notes.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM PO Ref Operator Brand Note Fixme Last Edit
n1123026155 Brompton Regis Post Office 96368 Post Office Ltd Post Office 7m
n6633320797 Carhampton Post Office 113662 Post Office Ltd Post Office 5m
n1128156523 Charlton Adam Post Office 3948 Post Office Ltd Post Office 5m
n6657445346 Curry Mallet Post Office 4762 Post Office Ltd Post Office 5m
n746512483 Glenville Road Post Office 13914 Post Office 5m
n3530814473 Halberton Post Office 97205 Post Office 4w
n983372719 North Molton Post Office 7y
n697061044 Rackenford Post Office 97204 Post Office 4w
n1123026191 Uplowman Cross Post Office 11822 Post Office 4w
w330164492 Wembdon Post Office 12710 Post Office Ltd Post Office 2y
n431997222 Winsford Post Office 97539 Post Office Ltd Post Office 7m

Note: The entries above are based on a larger rectangular bounding box, so may also include some unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Post Offices on the POL list matched to an OSM object by location

OSM objects tagged with amenity=post_office that have been matched to a branch on the official list by their location. If you can confirm the match, please add the appropriate ref:pol_id=* tag. But please do not rely on the location alone — some of the locations in the POL data are significantly displaced, or have not been updated following branch moves. See the mapping notes.

Official ID Postcode Official Name Official Address OSM Object OSM Name Tags B W MPC MOH Offset
179872 TA13 5BW South Petherton 26 St James Street, South Petherton n10844169360 South Petherton Post Office a    13 m

Post Offices on the POL list matched to an OSM object by ID

OSM objects tagged with amenity=post_office that have been matched to a branch on the official list by the ref:pol_id=* tag.

Official ID Postcode Official Name Official Address OSM Object OSM Name Tags B W MPC MOH Offset
9476 TA24 8HN Allerford Allerford, Minehead n4354921538 Allerford Post Office      2 m
115991 TA12 6NS Ash Pavilion Hall, Main Street, Ash, Martock n6680380422 Ash Post Office a    117 m
10382 TA24 5AZ Avenue 22 The Avenue, Minehead n6633320795 Avenue Post Office a    56 m
11247 TA8 2JQ Berrow 235 Berrow Road, Berrow, Burnham-on-Sea w708290750 Berrow Post Office a    66 m
122746 TA1 5EP Bishops Hull Bishops Hull Road, Bishops Hull, Taunton w259705962 Bishops Hull Post Office  s   12 m
140023 TA3 7SA Blagdon Hill The Pavilion, Blagdon Hill Playing Field, Sellicks Green, Taunton n6596304216 Blagdon Hill Post Office a    2 m
17274 TA8 2RE Brean Camp South Road, Brean, Burnham-on-Sea n6655491656 Brean Camp Post Office      30 m
124546 TA6 5AW Bridgwater 27 Eastover, Bridgwater w123724653 Bridgwater Post Office a n  21 m
148291 TA20 3SJ Buckland St Mary St Marys Church, Buckland St Mary, Chard n6679912879 Buckland St Mary Post Office a    75 m
4117 TA8 1AL Burnham-on-Sea 6 Victoria Street, Burnham-on-Sea n693736159 Burnham-on-Sea Post Office a    7 m
133932 TA5 2HE Cannington 10-12 High Street, Cannington, Bridgewater n1123025837 Cannington Post Office a    26 m
126134 TA20 1PH Chard 12 Fore Street, Chard n9922314294 Chard Post Office a    16 m
132277 TA3 7DJ Churchinford 1 Barn Close, Churchinford, Taunton n1399999367 Churchinford Post Office a    23 m
123094 TA20 3LR Combe St Nicholas Vicarage Hill, Combe St Nicholas, Chard n1038826613 Combe St Nicholas Post Office a    8 m
6743 TA11 6PQ Compton Dundon The Meadway Hall, Ham Lane, Compton Dundon, Somerton n1123026466 Compton Dundon Post Office a    15 m
24701 TA3 5DP Creech St Michael Creech St Michael, Taunton n6612095646 Creech St Michael Post Office      34 m
136595 TA18 7JP Crewkerne 11 Market Street, Crewkerne n6680380395 Crewkerne Post Office a    15 m
4519 TA4 4AE Crowcombe The Rapps Barn, Crowcombe, Taunton n6653548232 Crowcombe Post Office      2 m
134756 TA10 0EP Curry Rivel Honeylands, Curry Rivel, Langport n1123026487 Curry Rivel Post Office      22 m
11649 TA22 9EX Dulverton 27 Fore Street, Dulverton w607923591 Dulverton Post Office      9 m
118563 TA6 7LW Dunkery Road The Store, Dunkery Road, Bridgwater n3480182861 Dunkery Road Post Office      5 m
9628 TA24 6SF Dunster 15 High Street, Dunster, Minehead n760280904 Dunster Post Office a    4 m
125113 TA7 9JN Edington Broadway, Edington, Bridgwater n6655491657 Edington Post Office      17 m
177146 TA1 1NE Fore Street 47-50 Fore Street, Taunton n10102088220 Fore Street Post Office a    13 m
6956 TA1 5NP Galmington 91 Galmington Road, Taunton n6657346931 Galmington Post Office a    8 m
12865 TA6 6YA Hamp 2 Allen Road, Bridgwater n6655296179 Hamp Post Office      47 m
5638 TA3 5DH Henlade Henlade, Taunton w371744848 Henlade Post Office  s   3 m
13256 TA17 8SE Hinton St George 47 High Street, Hinton St George n1123026227 Hinton St George Post Office a    10 m
145377 TA21 0PJ Holcombe Rogus Pound Hill, Holcombe Rogus, Wellington n296976639 Holcombe Rogus Post Office      11 m
5965 TA19 9QQ Horton Goose Lane, Horton, Ilminster w128393578 Horton Post Office      6 m
9272 TA19 0AJ Ilminster East Street, Ilminster w791008575 Ilminster Post Office      16 m
96433 TA5 1EA Kilve Lagger Hill, Bridgwater n1123026396 Kilve Post Office  s   12 m
147705 TA12 6BG Kingsbury Thorney Road, Kingsbury Episcopi, Martock n6680380410 Kingsbury Post Office      32 m
13649 TA18 8JN Kithill 66-68 Park View, Crewkerne n192013431 Kithill Post Office a    3 m
141509 TA10 9PQ Langport Bow Street, Langport w846929581 Langport Post Office      15 m
12135 TA9 4NF Mark Church Street, Mark, Highbridge n693732681 Mark Post Office      3 m
13311 TA12 6JQ Martock East Street, Martock n1123026414 Martock Post Office      0 m
92869 TA16 5QH Merriott Broadway, Merriott w710535290 Merriott Post Office      3 m
12211 TA7 0NZ Middlezoy Methodist Church, Church Road, Middlezoy, Bridgwater n3918538781 Middlezoy Post Office as   23 m
124783 TA4 1JU Milverton Fore Street, Milverton, Taunton w541912573 Milverton Post Office      18 m
13393 TA15 6XH Montacute Stax, Townsend, Montacute n6680380437 Montacute Post Office      32 m
6817 TA1 3BL Mountfields 3 Mountfields Road, Taunton w285958307 Mountfields Post Office a    6 m
12276 TA5 1LN Nether Stowey 1 Castle Street, Nether Stowey, Bridgwater n631131246 Nether Stowey Post Office a    9 m
7030 TA3 6LD North Curry 4 Queen Square, North Curry, Taunton w383416116 North Curry Post Office as   9 m
12344 TA6 6SB North Petherton 125 Fore Street, North Petherton, Bridgwater n1123025986 North Petherton Post Office a    13 m
148672 TA2 6DG Norton Fitzwarren Unit 1 Norton Mills, Morse Road, Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton n6452473693 Norton Fitzwarren Post Office a    16 m
13437 TA14 6SG Norton-sub-Hamdon Great Street, Norton-sub-Hamdon, Stoke-sub-Hamdon n6680380432 Norton-sub-Hamdon Post Office      25 m
7177 TA4 1JA Oake Oake, Taunton n7884193427 Oake Post Office a    252 m
12947 TA6 4RA Parkway 2-5 Mountbatten House, Bridgwater n6655296186 Parkway Post Office a    23 m
9766 TA24 8PY Porlock High Street, Porlock, Minehead n3482508697 Porlock Post Office      6 m
8890 TA2 7JW Priorswood 15 Priorswood Place, Taunton w422180535 Priorswood Post Office a    5 m
12479 TA7 8AU Puriton Middle Street, Puriton, Bridgwater w708271320 Puriton Post Office      4 m
9815 TA23 0QY Roadwater Village Community Shop, Roadwater, Watchet n6633320798 Roadwater Post Office      6 m
7310 TA21 9BT Rockwell Green 26 Rockwell Green, Wellington w399202468 Rockwell Green Post Office a    6 m
167810 TA19 0LN Shepton Beauchamp Angies, The Shambles, Shepton Beauchamp, Ilminster n6718722501 Shepton Beauchamp Post Office      9 m
7841 TA20 2PY South Chard Dyke Hill, South Chard, Chard n6679942098 South Chard Post Office      24 m
134348 TA5 1BS Spaxton High Street, Spaxton, Bridgwater n6655296166 Spaxton Post Office      44 m
7906 TA2 6AN Staplegrove Manor Road, Staplegrove, Taunton n6612095645 Staplegrove Post Office      13 m
129990 TA1 1NS Station Road 46 Station Road, Taunton n6596304186 Station Road Post Office a    11 m
135805 TA21 0HH Stawley Appley Close, Stawley, Wellington n6655296115 Stawley Post Office   n  55 m
8170 TA4 3TA Stogumber High Street, Stogumber, Taunton n6653548231 Stogumber Post Office a    19 m
12613 TA5 1TA Stogursey 16 High Street, Stogursey, Bridgwater w708271300 Stogursey Post Office a    12 m
174556 TA3 6EU Stoke St Gregory The Village Hall, Stoke St Gregory n8297046754 Stoke St. Gregory Post Office a    10 m
115990 TA14 6PP Stoke-sub-Hamdon Shop at the Cross, 6 High Street, Stoke-sub-Hamdon n6680380423 Stoke-sub-Hamdon Post Office a    59 m
147962 TA6 6BD Taunton Road 135 Taunton Road, Bridgwater n6655296185 Taunton Road Post Office a    23 m
130686 TA20 4NF Thorncombe Chard Street, Thorncombe, Chard n6679942103 Thorncombe Post Office      31 m
9917 TA24 7TU Timberscombe Timberscombe, Minehead n1123026501 Timberscombe Post Office      5 m
132092 TA3 7EP Trull 3 Honiton Road, Trull, Taunton w293500239 Trull Post Office a    14 m
9963 TA23 0PJ Washford 1 Station Hill, Washford, Watchet n1123026380 Washford Post Office      3 m
97460 TA24 7DR Wheddon Cross The Garage, Wheddon Cross, Minehead n6633320796 Wheddon Cross Post Office      7 m
8615 TA4 4PX Williton Fore Street, Williton, Taunton n1123026540 Williton Post Office a    13 m
8670 TA20 4JA Winsham Church Street, Winsham, Chard n1038826621 Winsham Post Office      5 m
10191 TA24 7QP Withypool Old Bridge Road, Withypool, Minehead n1123026185 Withypool Post Office  s   5 m
8721 TA4 2JP Wiveliscombe West Street, Wiveliscombe, Taunton w702424589 Wiveliscombe Post Office a    7 m
143863 TA7 8HQ Woolavington 42 Woolavington Hill, Woolavington, Bridgwater n6655296191 Woolavington Post Office a    19 m
10241 TA24 8RH Wootton Courtenay Wootton Courtenay, Minehead n2765636038 Wootton Courtenay Post Office      16 m

In the tables above the different letters in the 'Tags' column denote the presence of the following tags on the OSM object: a addr:housename=* or addr:housenumber=*; s shop=*; n note=*; f fixme=*. The purpose of these flags is to suggest when there might be sufficient information to make a positive match with the POL data, and to highlight any objects that may need checking.

For full details of data sources and import dates, see

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API. Post Office Branch List from Post Office Ltd. Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0. The information may not be entirely up-to-date. The latest network information can be found in the official Post Office Branch Finder.