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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'BT' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. This website is not intended for use in an emergency. If you require urgent medical assistance, call 999 now.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 2873 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
3D6CE3BE-C31A-4525-92A4-AFF9008A0886 BT1 1AA Royal Mail Belfast Do, 20 Donegall Quay, Belfast 24/7 Restricted
0671824F-70D8-4CB3-B503-C6E7D66354F2 BT1 1DD Urban Innovation Company, Pulse Smart Hub - Outside Jack Jones, 1b Royal Avenue 24/7 Public
23B6E707-3BD4-4549-82D4-AFD20096280A BT1 1DD O2 Store (0207) Belfast - Castlecourt, Unit 28 Castlecourt Court, Royal Avenue Variable Restricted
18141629-011D-464F-A0D6-C0DB930D0D71 BT1 1EA Belfast Central Library, Royal Avenue, Belfast Variable Public
758C3E3F-9B5A-4557-A2F3-AE3C00D4E7F3 BT1 1FE Tesco Express, 91-93 Royal Ave, 0 Variable Public
0D66A623-A6C4-4F6A-A921-AC0000E0B2B6 BT1 1GA Urban Innovation Company, Pulse Smart Hub - Outside Tk Maxx, 5-7 Castle Place 24/7 Public
463A55D3-0154-4565-8D41-AC2A007F9F7A BT1 1HR Department For Communities, Dfc Castle Court, Castle Court Variable Restricted
8B815F68-A905-4CBA-8DDC-5933816AF377 BT1 1HS Belfast Metropolitan College The Gerald Moag Campus, 125-153 Millfield, Belfast Variable Public
A03DF3E3-1585-4F1A-A06F-51593BDEEC66 BT1 1HU West Belfast Taxis, 35a King Street, Belfast Variable Public
68097AD8-867A-4768-9C3C-AC7F011B216E BT1 1LD Probation Board For N I, 80-90 North Street, Belfast Variable Public
AC115002-E21C-4A68-83C9-AC8600EA85AC BT1 1LD Probation Board For N I, 80-90 North Street, Belfast Variable Public
441DC08B-A2D8-45D6-98EC-7007ECE2CD3E BT1 1QD Hair Traffic Salons Group Ltd, 10 Rosemary Street, Belfast Variable Public
F9C5E187-C722-4F4A-AB2D-AC2A0081B665 BT1 1SN Department For Communities, Dfc Castle Court, Castle Court Variable Restricted
AFB6FC2F-F684-4C70-A50F-567212882A01 BT1 2BA Urban Innovation Company, Pulse Smart Hub - Outside Office, 2 High Street 24/7 Public
6B943956-E80E-4B8C-9D17-58E15D04D397 BT1 2BE Office 4.08 River House, 48 High Street, Belfast Variable Restricted
DE985816-E8D1-4A75-B5B1-79F8AA385DA1 BT1 2BE Urban Innovation Company, Pulse Smart Hub - Outside River House, 48 High Street 24/7 Public
15417136-2867-4E12-B59B-AEF400D747E1 BT1 2DY Youth Justice Agency, Ground Floor, 41-43 Waring Street Variable Public
7779E0FA-277B-4AC6-9CDB-AEF400D87F55 BT1 2DY 2nd Floor, 41-43 Waring Street, Belfast Variable Public
D71D589B-D9BC-4C48-949C-ADA300CADE68 BT1 2LD 21 Talbot Street, Belfast Variable Public
85A9EACF-BCF7-4ED2-AD09-217AED9C0038 BT1 2LG Belfast Community Circus School, 23 Gordon Street, Belfast Variable Restricted
E20002EE-EBD2-494C-9F30-AE9B00F26A76 BT1 2LR Puregym, 3 Edward St, St Annes Square 24/7 Restricted
50EC7C57-75ED-4AB1-BA2C-AE9E00E25DB2 BT1 2NB Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, Fcbstudios, 3-5 Commercial Court Variable Restricted
9DEFD7B4-0E99-40DB-B8DE-ADD300D1BF75 BT1 2QS Provincial Grand Lodge Of Antrim, Hampton House, 47-53 High Street Variable Restricted
E88B2B6D-58F5-43C1-B1AA-EFDD1D170BA9 BT1 3AH Dockers Social Club, 57 Pilot Street, Belfast Variable Public
C1CB0FBF-3F03-4264-BDBD-AEF600CE9DC1 BT1 3AL Niccea, William Ritchie Building, 2 Clarendon Road Variable Restricted
3B34A59F-ADF8-4C86-886A-ACF700A225AE BT1 3BG North Tower, 31 Clarendon Road, Belfast Variable Restricted
DE34BCD0-1A56-46D3-A6E8-AEF20107F7E8 BT1 3BG Northern Ireland Council For The Curriculum, Clarendon Dock, 29 Clarendon Road Variable Restricted
FE12A53A-510D-4837-8494-AEE3013398F2 BT1 3DH Driver Vehicle Agency, 148-158 Corporation Street, Belfast Variable Public
1D940F1D-137D-49E3-A2CC-E894C41CC08A BT1 3EA Lagan Weir, 1 Donegall Quay, Belfast 24/7 Public
C3EAA562-E4F9-48F0-94ED-AEA5009A6779 BT1 3FE Aflac Ni, City Quays 3, 90 Donegall Quay Variable Restricted
0958442C-D377-46DB-AD77-AF240081820A BT1 3FF Metro Control, 2, 8 Marlbourough Street, Belfast 24/7 Public
FBBF53C5-0751-454D-B732-AC0000E6D273 BT1 3HH Urban Innovation Company, Pulse Smart Hub - Outside First Trust Bank, 92 Ann Street 24/7 Public
1A032D11-1F76-4E24-A6D7-AFEA00FA9C62 BT1 3LP Bazaarvoice, 8 Lanyon Place, Floor 8 & 9 East Tower Variable Restricted
2221350F-D78E-4D1F-A04D-05F77735096D BT1 3LP Land & Property Services, 7 Lanyon Place, Belfast Variable Public
41CFE022-5C2C-4359-8D2F-AF3200993BA5 BT1 3NR Lanyon, East Bridge Street, Belfast 24/7 Public
84F822AF-4AA9-433B-B983-AC0000E1F3D6 BT1 4EB Urban Innovation Company, Pulse Smart Hub - Outside Superdrug, 36-40 Ann Street 24/7 Public
F050BFBA-024E-439B-A6F1-718707BB8022 BT1 4ED Urban Innovation Company, Pulse Smart Hub - Outside Urban, 43-55 Ann Street 24/7 Public
522975CD-A9A6-418E-A914-AEE500A259A0 BT1 4EG Optilase Eye Clinic, 36-40 Ann Street, Belfast Variable Public
8BC12688-87E7-40C0-8154-AC0000EB0F5A BT1 4FD Urban Innovation Company, Pulse Smart Hub - Outside Carphone Warehouse, 5 Arthur Street 24/7 Public
44F57943-FDE9-4CD9-AC49-B04D010F15C5 BT1 4JB The Garrick, 29 Chichester Street, Belfast 24/7 Public
46119182-DDC8-42EA-837F-AFB900BAE7F6 BT1 4JB Rapid7, 19 Chichester Street, Belfast 24/7 Restricted
55A9DE66-F60C-486C-9B3D-AB6C00B903D0 BT1 4NN Department Of Finance - Enterprise Shared Services, Goodwood House, 44-58 May Street Variable Public
64DB27D3-03C1-42FF-AADA-6F1BF94D29D6 BT1 4PS Urban Innovation Company, Pulse Smart Hub - Outside House Of Fraser, 41 Chichester Street 24/7 Public
602C5A10-AC24-4E41-ABE5-AEA500B6CCD8 BT1 5AA Tesco Express, 11-13 Donegall Place, Belfast Variable Public
BBE3F60E-588F-46E0-8249-AFC800D26AE3 BT1 5DA O2 Store (0208) Belfast - Castle Lane, 16 Castle Lane, Belfast Variable Restricted
D006EAF1-C87E-4F84-ACCC-833FE658DE0C BT1 5FE 13-21 Queens Arcade, Belfast Variable Restricted
1C1CE9EA-C01F-4C32-B955-AF24008176CB BT1 5GB Wellington Place Ticket Sales, Wellington Place Belfast, Belfast 24/7 Public
D6602B49-077E-4CF9-B00C-AC0000E38528 BT1 5HD Urban Innovation Company, Pulse Smart Hub - Outside Margot, 16 Donegall Square East 24/7 Public
C32E2269-BFE6-4113-842E-AC0100FA6B8F BT1 6BH Urban Innovation Company, Pulse Smart Hub - Outside Moneda House, 36 Wellington Place 24/7 Public
78627EBD-CF5B-42DB-AB8B-B02D00EFF8F1 BT1 6DR Department For Regional Development, 34 College Street, Belfast Variable Public
2A0F8D0C-A291-4294-AEE2-AFF2009955AA BT1 6DS Bt1 Student Accommodation, 8 College St, Belfast 24/7 Public
F6B44ED2-F0E6-4E9D-A049-AEE100E3E00F BT1 6DS Queens University Belfast, 8 College Avenue, Belfast 24/7 Restricted
80688680-06C8-48CC-B768-AB6F00E01DA1 BT1 6FB Northern Ireland Water, Capital House, 4th Floor, 3 Upper Queen Street 24/7 Restricted
CB8F3AF5-7906-4CD2-A06B-AF2400817BE2 BT1 6FB Metro Central, Upper Queen Street Belfast, Belfast 24/7 Public
7CE3C99D-FB79-4D3C-AA74-AF47008FAFA7 BT1 6FD Department For Justice, Queens Court, 56-66 Upper Queen Street Variable Public
A1FB3B6A-CCF2-4D79-ABBD-099C74C7A560 BT1 6GE Urban Innovation Company, Pulse Smart Hub - Outside Urban Fresh, 28-30 Wellington Place 24/7 Public
DC92DC86-82D7-4C8F-A9CD-AFCD00D796D2 BT1 6GE 20 Wellington Place, Belfast 24/7 Restricted
E65C9327-B172-4349-B71E-DE6AAB2FA6B3 BT1 6HH Progressive Building Society Progressive House, 33-37 Wellington Place, Belfast Variable Public
7A2ECBCA-4384-460C-95BC-AC0000E62BEB BT1 6NB Urban Innovation Company, Pulse Smart Hub - Outside Danske Bank, 16 Howard Street 24/7 Public
B35D0B17-7A24-4D16-8883-68657FBC9BDD BT1 6PJ Stellify Media Merrion Business Centre, Howard Street, Belfast Variable Restricted
6387F261-17A0-4DDE-A6F2-1FD508510E5E BT10 0BT Orpen Drive, Ballyfinaghy Belfast 24/7 Public
45F9BA9F-942F-497B-B587-B61F04B32D0A BT10 0DR Finaghy Library, 38b Finaghy Road South, Finaghy Belfast Variable Public
038ECED9-FD06-4BF0-95F9-7EE3EE203B91 BT10 0GY Creightons Of Finaghy, 87-89 Upper Lisburn Road, Finaghy Belfast 24/7 Public
5585836B-03C4-4AAF-AFBB-B0EACDCA9141 BT10 0JA Woodlands Play Fields, 151 Finaghy Road North, Belfast Variable Restricted
C5CC6D32-548B-46A5-8F0C-AB7A00D44F20 BT10 0LF Rathmore Grammar School, Kingsway, Finaghy Variable Restricted
FE9D45DB-7DE0-4676-879C-43017336DD4A BT10 0LL Lowe Memorial Presbyterian Church, Upper Lisburn Road, Finaghy Belfast Variable Restricted
CDA316D6-092C-45F4-9D15-66A4595626DD BT10 0LN Blacks Road Service Station, 243 Upper Lisburn Road, Finaghy Belfast 24/7 Public
F1326061-8861-41E4-B86C-AE5300C58D82 BT10 0NA Finaghy Baptist Church, 1 The Hawthorns, Finaghy Variable Restricted
674F844F-EDDB-437B-A29C-78BE55B0F57F BT10 0ND The Balmoral Hotel, 161 Blacks Road, Dunmurry Belfast 24/7 Public
E62C9C61-DF36-4E6E-BDB8-AD280098B30F BT10 0NP Choice Housing, Benmore Court, Belfast 24/7 Public
5407FF89-3F4C-4797-9C62-0F381D65C2E5 BT11 8BL St Teresas Primary School, Glen Road, Andersonstown Belfast Variable Public
E1B91DA5-BE6E-488B-BAF0-AD2800B70840 BT11 8BP Choice Housing, Ballydown Court, 143 Glen Road 24/7 Public
9052D1FC-3300-44A5-9984-71EFAB3632A3 BT11 8GX Andersonstown Social Club Andersonstown Social Club, 38-40 South Link, Ballydownfine Belfast Variable Public
564E0400-5198-48D1-8D08-AD26010E0C28 BT11 8HR Choice Housing, Bearnagh Glen, Belfast 24/7 Public
7502B526-CBA0-451D-AC75-AC4D00F22EEF BT11 8NR St Marys Christian Brothers Grammar School, 147a Glen Road, Andersonstown Variable Restricted
3C4171D9-962C-4CA1-B429-AF6500F0332A BT11 9AA Kolormaster, 535e Falls Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
9467814A-3EA1-4467-B5F6-AEB4012124A6 BT11 9AP No Limits Fitness, 11 Kennedy Way, Belfast 24/7 Public
1F19436D-91D7-4702-8928-88548E1A729D BT11 9EB Probation Board For N I Glenshane House, 202 Andersonstown Road, Andersonstown Belfast Variable Public
424AE5AF-975B-46E8-B107-E4E8EF966326 BT11 9EB Cooleys Garage/ Post Office, 200 Andersonstown Road, Andersonstown 24/7 Public
E581B8ED-5555-4743-BCDF-B01A014E2337 BT11 9GE 25a Stewartstown Avenue, Belfast 24/7 Public
102B60D3-196C-4084-8C7B-C924C0400ABD BT11 9HF Spar Stores, 178 Lenadoon Avenue, Ballymoney Belfast 24/7 Public
3A2A791F-D3FE-49A5-8D0A-331FB2B80406 BT11 9JQ Stewartstown Road Regeneration Project Ltd., 124 Stewartstown Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
2265D070-2BDC-49F7-9D6E-BD2BA4553FB7 BT11 9LX Suffolk Community Centre, Carnanmore Park, Dunmurry Belfast 24/7 Public
BE1FED99-0AE4-4B3E-BC74-01DD858A71E3 BT11 9PG Spar Arshad Rasool Unit 7, 18 Woodbourne Crescent, Belfast Variable Restricted
1AF34882-D363-40DD-BC80-AD28009B4B86 BT11 9QZ Choice Housing, Blacks Court, Belfast 24/7 Public
B3D6FA14-3DDF-4F8D-B9CB-E54D3EF87F16 BT11 9RZ Tullymore Swifts, Suffolk Inn Bar/Restaurant, 12 Suffolk Road Variable Restricted
77F8E1B4-87AD-4B96-902B-AC3100C9A05A BT12 4GN Value Cabs Ltd, 33/35 Grosvenor Road, Belfast 24/7 Restricted
E123C6F8-EC90-4888-B321-AEE7010F8746 BT12 4GT Great Victoria Street (Ub Eng), Grovenor Road, Belfast Variable Public
F5048FF2-C3C2-4990-8538-AFCC00F0E940 BT12 4GT Grovenor Road, New Bus Parking/Sheds, 92 Grosvenor Road, Belfast,, Belfast 24/7 Public
30B8C870-5E15-4BD0-9EEA-AD42009DEE90 BT12 4LL Spar Shop, 261b Grosvenor Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
75295B8F-19C7-4D37-840B-CF50678DCC6E BT12 4PE Davitts G A A Club, 75-79 Falls Road, Edenderry Belfast Variable Restricted
A24B8913-322F-4A47-978B-AFE50122F0BE BT12 4PE A J Hairdressers, 101d Falls Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
67BC0639-02BA-4DEF-92DF-AF6300C96E0D BT12 5AH Ulsterbus Ltd, Europa Bus Centre, 12-22 Glengall Street Variable Public
F43D654E-7B8C-43F9-AEF5-AF3200993130 BT12 5AH Great Victoria Street, 10 Glenngall Street, Belfast 24/7 Public
A6A32593-CBBD-46C8-B992-AF94009E3854 BT12 5EE Translink, Great Northern Car Park, Hope Street North 24/7 Restricted
79BC8C4B-7633-45B1-8F7B-AF0200C7235A BT12 5EY Gordons Chemist, 174 Sandy Row, Belfast 24/7 Public
AC2168A5-55BC-4EE6-80BA-701482767C92 BT12 5NE Spar Shop, 250-252 Donegall Road, Malone Belfast 24/7 Public
2CD105FC-4DE5-4213-8FFA-B09200BF2D03 BT12 6BA Rvh Main Carpark Lower, Royal Victoria Hospital, Grosvenor Rd 24/7 Public
6DE545F7-4363-4F61-8C0D-B09200BF61CC BT12 6BA Royal Belfast Hospital For Sick Children Covered Carpark, Royal Belfast Hospital For Sick Children, Grosvenor Rd 24/7 Public
95F83E2F-3B19-427C-BEF6-B09200C129DB BT12 6BA Rvh Boiler House, Royal Victoria Hospital, Grosvenor Rd 24/7 Public
9B1B4B27-2ECC-47D3-9C16-B09200BFA010 BT12 6BA Monica Building, Royal Victoria Hospital, Grosvenor Rd 24/7 Public
C64E29C9-DDEC-4A0E-8837-B09200BF93A5 BT12 6BA Rvh Main Carpark Upper, Royal Victoria Hospital, Grosvenor Rd 24/7 Public
E57613DA-21DA-48A3-A6E8-AFF20097D3D8 BT12 6BA Clinical Sciences Block A, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast Variable Public
EA2D4B7F-BC2C-4B0E-B6F3-B09200BF8526 BT12 6BA Elliot Dynes Building, Royal Victoria Hospital, Grosvenor Rd 24/7 Public
FCBF9414-FA47-4DDC-9BB7-AFE5012460EA BT12 6DH 394a Falls Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
59E5B3DE-FE1D-4580-ABE3-AFF200980139 BT12 6DP Queens University, 7 Mulhouse Road, Belfast Variable Public
EC7D55FB-DA14-4263-BFC6-AD28009D7346 BT12 6EP Choice Housing, Mill Court, 500-502 Falls Road 24/7 Public
1EAD67A6-3319-43A6-9C06-AF2400F78296 BT12 6EQ Falls Road Top Security, 515 Falls Road,Belfast, Belfast Variable Public
515FDFD5-5E0D-4D72-8F26-AF2400F7BABB BT12 6EQ Falls Road Operations, 515 Falls Road, Belfast, Belfast Variable Public
5BFF3255-9EE2-4499-BFFF-AF2400F7B5FD BT12 6EQ Falls Road Front Security, 515 Falls Road, Belfast, Belfast Variable Public
79A9088F-8695-4318-B056-AF2400AA345F BT12 6EQ Falls Road Running Repair, 515 Falls Road, Belfast Variable Public
E5C49452-B22A-49B7-99C1-AEF40094E881 BT12 6EQ Falls Road Engineering, 513 Falls Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
E922961E-B30C-4559-A4CA-AEF40094EE28 BT12 6EQ Falls Road Workshop Running Repairs, 513 Falls Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
FA21766B-3130-4CBD-B346-071B7CFF1F15 BT12 6EQ Falls Park Bowling Pavilion, Falls Road, Ballymurphy Belfast Variable Restricted
6A5E7CC9-7E2A-400D-927C-AFF100B6DC61 BT12 6HN O2 Store (0346) Belfast - Park Centre, Unit 9 Park Centre, Donegal Road Variable Restricted
2075C976-E98D-4C70-A07F-C0FD96F4A260 BT12 6HR Boucher Road Playing Fields, 97-103 Boucher Road, Ballydownfine Belfast 24/7 Public
D17E0871-6281-44F1-9EB4-B083010FBB3E BT12 6HR Dunelm Belfast, Unit 8, Shane Retail Park, Boucher Road, Belfast Variable Restricted
DA810DB7-F563-41AE-8A2F-B69E1DF7BA7D BT12 6HR Tates Avenue, Belfast Variable Public
2CDF2470-6977-4082-9E87-AFE800B43A66 BT12 6HU Screwfix, 45-56 Boucher Crescent, Belfast Variable Restricted
662421F6-543F-4496-B5FA-AD7C00E01753 BT12 6HU Sliderobes Group Ltd, 61 Boucher Crescent, Boucher Road Variable Public
E193D075-C397-42A7-AC32-45CA60FD907A BT12 6HU Central Services Agency, 77 Boucher Crescent, Ballymurphy Belfast Variable Public
7EB91814-411B-412A-A90C-F05F509E2F37 BT12 6LY Coachfinish (N I) Ltd, 180-190 Donegall Avenue, Malone Belfast Variable Public
616AD699-1806-4775-B79D-74821886722B BT12 6NB Maxol, 252 Tates Avenue, Malone Belfast 24/7 Public
C17AF402-1DE6-4398-8735-ADDB009C39B9 BT12 6QA Sig, Unit 2, 6 Balmoral Road Variable Public
D6E94A98-4217-4CF1-B775-AF2B00D02E91 BT12 6QA Macblair Belfast Boucher, 4 Balmoral Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
71CC3260-F546-442F-8ADF-AEE6009A3DB6 BT12 6QL Driver & Vehicle Testing Agency, 12 Balmoral Road, Belfast Variable Public
3913C945-D5DB-48ED-9E58-AEF900F39B77 BT12 6RD Adelaide Shunters (Building A), Falcon Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
4096D382-CA9C-4222-9D62-AEF900F5A591 BT12 6RD Adelaide Maintenance Facility, 7-9 Falcon Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
7D94102D-BBA1-4FAE-A838-AF2700909C49 BT12 6RD Macnaughton Blair, 10 Falcon Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
C75BABCA-67AF-4155-AA43-AEF900F5C754 BT12 6RD Adelaide Security Hut, Falcon Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
49D0095A-C96D-4A3E-8B64-6D58D9503F0D BT12 6RZ Rps Consulting Engineers Elmwood House, 74 Boucher Road, Malone Belfast Variable Restricted
D4D4ED67-5D40-4FE2-98AC-AE8600E3AA98 BT12 6SQ D F Ross & Sons, 10 Falcon Way, Adelaide Industrial Estate Variable Public
8D5DFB78-1A6F-403F-8A0B-B0A800F987E8 BT12 7AX Springfield Fire Station, 628/630 Springfield Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
0399645F-B274-49E6-B0A2-47C89BE74492 BT12 7DU Springvale Campus Belfast Metropolitan College, 398 Springfield Road, Ballymagarry Belfast Variable Public
53323AA3-1A8E-4139-A9CD-AF9D00AF0763 BT12 7DU Belfast Metropolitan College, 398 Springfield Road, Belfast Variable Public
C2F390D2-B8C0-438E-B2BC-CE4497BFB7F8 BT12 7EH James P Corry & Co Ltd, 648 Springfield Road, Ballymurphy Belfast Variable Public
2993160D-5AB6-4DDC-A611-B04D011FC585 BT12 7FW Spar Stores, 191-193 Whiterock Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
EB327543-0A7C-4677-A9E6-AF6D01309623 BT12 7LG Michael Davitt Gac, 49 St Marys Gardens, Belfast Variable Restricted
675E577F-E461-475F-ADBB-0F2CFA622457 BT12 7PG St Johns Gaa Club, 97 Whiterock Road, Ballymurphy Belfast Variable Public
7BD38D85-E0C4-41E6-B847-B0790090EC9A BT12 7PS 12 Whiterock Gardens, Ballymurphy, Belfast Variable Restricted
224711DB-ABB3-4003-B1C1-AD2800B79188 BT12 7RF Choice Housing, Daisy Hill Court, 8 Westrock Gardens 24/7 Public
5C588865-8356-4C26-AEBA-AD28009BB0A1 BT12 7RH Choice Housing, Bleach Green Court, 12 Whiterock Grove 24/7 Public
48A7976C-4967-41B2-B55E-ADD0009C6C8F BT12 7SE Springhill Community House Ltd, 6-7 Springhill Close, Belfast 24/7 Public
246E211C-A8FC-4ED9-B161-ADF49C126482 BT13 1BA Inspire - Peters Hill, 28 Lime Court, Belfast 24/7 Restricted
3F03982B-BE7C-4F4F-BEE8-AD280091E452 BT13 1BA Choice Housing, Lime Court, Belfast 24/7 Public
DCF417C9-F048-43BB-BF3C-380DF6F3BACA BT13 1FH Ulster Bank Ltd, 185/189 Shankill Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
38E81892-DDC3-4600-902D-678F47375898 BT13 1GG Immanuel Presbyterian Church, 35 Agnes Street, Belfast Variable Restricted
71FB93A3-B5AA-460B-AE5F-B08A00CBFAD9 BT13 1LT Linfield Supporters Club, Jumna Street Linfield Supporters Club, Crimea Street 24/7 Public
BAFFA439-F74F-4A9E-B21A-F50457E0BBC5 BT13 1RU Albertville Surgery, 16 Mccandless Street, Belfast Variable Public
59D0AAB6-29B4-4DE4-B59F-ADF800D4C5F9 BT13 2HW Andrews Flour, 71-75 Percy Street, Belfast Variable Restricted
856A6FD6-0E32-4344-843B-AF2700CC32AC BT13 2JF Doorways, 143 Northumberland Street, Doorways 24/7 Public
999599B1-E706-4C1D-B08C-AD8E0093ADE6 BT13 2JF Ortus, Filor Building, Twin Spires Centre, 155 Northumberland Street Variable Restricted
268D4687-7E47-45ED-A1F5-AD2800A52003 BT13 2RH Choice Housing, Clonard House, 24 Clonard Gardens 24/7 Public
BFEB4A6C-6564-4CA5-83EE-D9FA73332065 BT13 3AA Woodvale Cricket Club. Spectrum Centre, 331-333 Shankill Road, Belfast Variable Public
5CE1409C-B21A-4BD5-9338-AF2D00F00F02 BT13 3BH 18 Lanark Way, Belfast 24/7 Public
88750D05-4B05-4966-893C-ADDD00D78FA4 BT13 3BT Belfast Co-Operative Chemists Ltd, 58 Woodvale Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
AA4A0A45-2CD1-4B86-9F28-52445BBB0B06 BT13 3BU Woodvale Park, Woodvale Avenue, Edenderry Belfast Variable Restricted
FCFFD2EB-6085-4E3B-9F88-AFFE0096DA7A BT13 3EP Mayo Street Belfast City Mission Hall, 102a Ainsworth Avenue, Belfast Bt13 3ep, Belfast 24/7 Public
8D147324-E552-41A4-96DE-ADE901127837 BT13 3LD Tesco Stores Ltd, 2 Ballygomartin Road, Belfast Variable Public
F8DB34E5-21CC-49B2-B319-AB6D01102631 BT13 3NH Springhill Primary School, 247 Ballygomartin Road, Belfast Variable Public
7FDCB68C-7A48-41D8-ADC1-B09800DDA482 BT14 6AB Main Carpark Mater Hospital, 64 Crumlin Road, Town Parks 24/7 Public
A94F6F76-765D-4E80-AE9C-B0C700EB6A82 BT14 6AB Public Carpark Mater Hospital, Mater Hospital, 45-51 Crumlin Road 24/7 Public
E1241865-D5DC-4A22-B28F-AE2E008FA13D BT14 6AD 135 Crumlin Road, Crumlin, Belfast 24/7 Public
22CAF573-7BF0-4A18-8F38-B07E0145D4F7 BT14 6AG Fairview, Mater Hospital, 64 Crumlin Road 24/7 Public
C9A896C8-CAA1-45ED-BBC1-AF55010FDBC0 BT14 6BP The Salvation Army, Thorndale House, Duncairn Avenue 24/7 Restricted
5CCC2F5F-5E4E-47A6-B188-AFBA00CA4154 BT14 6EG Girdwood Community Hub, 10 Girdwood Avenue, Belfast Variable Public
7F772A18-91A0-434D-8598-AE2200EA1A53 BT14 6LA Down And Connor Diocesan Trust, 120 Cliftonville Road, Belfast Variable Restricted
A36CA8F2-F829-4D79-8ED8-AFE300D701E1 BT14 6QP Cooper Chemists, 157 Oldpark Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
E85E6C1A-F56D-42BD-80C6-B0A701239C26 BT14 6TB Westland Fire Station, Cavehill Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
38916072-E530-4174-955C-ADCE0078FF8B BT14 7EE Aa Veterans Support, Unit C3 (A), 326 Crumlin Road Variable Public
B2F40A1E-5E17-48CA-8524-168C8F0B0AF6 BT14 7GB Everton Complex, 585 Crumlin Road, Belfast Variable Restricted
50689E43-8E00-4E9B-8BAC-ACE601125848 BT14 7HX Spar Ardoyne, 31 Ardoyne Road, Belfast Variable Restricted
6CC545B7-E4EE-467C-BF64-AED801065187 BT14 7JE 85 Alliance Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
4645F93A-3C50-4420-A82D-AEA20079E987 BT14 7QP Ballysillan Road, Ballysillan Leisure Centre, Belfast Variable Public
E490FAB1-CD25-4E0E-A819-B01701011760 BT14 8DT Ligoniel Working Mens Club, 186a Ligoniel Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
3F6407A7-55F0-4151-99C2-ADAC00CB6111 BT15 1AB Liv Student Belfast, Liv Student, 81-107 York Street 24/7 Restricted
724A3538-A729-4995-9323-B00500A5503D BT15 1AS Liv Student Accommodation, 81-107 York Street, Belfast 24/7 Restricted
121E45D0-1002-4A9D-9E60-AF2400C8450E BT15 1FX York Road, Yorkgate Train Station, Belfast 24/7 Public
69265626-A337-48E7-93AE-B0A7011E7BD9 BT15 1JP Whitla Fire Station, 63/67 Whitla Street, Belfast 24/7 Public
1641E26C-95F3-43D0-BC51-AED001197291 BT15 1WA Tesco Superstore, 100-150 York St, 0 Variable Public
BA143EB8-7B23-406F-BB4E-492CA7E676EE BT15 2EL Bosco Cafe, 6 New Lodge Road, Belfast Variable Public
D6A88066-F465-49AA-9B2E-ADCC00A4B61D BT15 2FS Star Neighbourhood Centre, 79-83 Hillman Street, Belfast Variable Restricted
42ACF116-6EEA-43EA-8090-AED30097EF62 BT15 2GE Probation Board For Northern Ireland, 171-179 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast Variable Restricted
EFBBAE7C-72DF-48C4-99B6-4BAE2E517A97 BT15 2GE Duncairn Medical Practice, 165 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast Variable Public
0AA656EA-21DC-4396-8B3D-B09F00C87BBB BT15 3AB Currie Primary School, 111-113 Limestone Road, Belfast Variable Restricted
11088016-60B9-4487-B1C2-12EE90D0382F BT15 3AP Holy Family Youth Centre, 226-228 Limestone Road, Belfast Variable Restricted
0BA5C82C-83D0-4C2C-B7C6-AEB700DD61EA BT15 3BG Tesco, 405-407 Antrim Road, Belfast Variable Public
F09E85F1-4393-4E01-9479-AD2800B8045F BT15 3DG Choice Housing, The Milewater, 212 North Queen Street 24/7 Public
9A149585-06B1-4203-94CA-44B1F5450071 BT15 3GA Belfast City Council Grove Pavilion, Jellicoe Avenue, Skegoneill Belfast Variable Public
065BCA2D-74EF-4B21-8D05-AF1200BE248E BT15 3GU York Road Deisel Shed, 3-9 York Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
23ADF7B6-8912-4AE0-A962-AEF400DE4D1C BT15 3GU York Road Security Hut, 3-9 York Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
2EB84DCE-D4A7-4A51-9765-AF8900AF5425 BT15 3GU York Road Head Office, 3-9 York Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
3ACFFBAE-F35B-4221-8FC2-AEF900AD5BE1 BT15 3GU York Road Security Hut, 3-9 York Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
9B31062C-B0D9-4732-9389-AEF900AD6C8A BT15 3GU York Road Workshop, 3-9 York Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
A4E94D8A-7FAA-484E-978F-AEF900B19CB3 BT15 3GU York Road Shunters, 3-9 York Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
A68DA4BB-95B5-4075-BF30-AEF900B1DF11 BT15 3GU York Road Run Shed, 3-9 York Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
3FBF0328-A626-48F2-B78C-AF4800940402 BT15 3GY Macblair Paint, 93 York Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
B1CE8FEC-06BE-4497-873C-8FBBBC2C3EE6 BT15 3HF Greenwich Leisure Limited, 120 York Road, Skegoneill Belfast Variable Restricted
CAF5E3AA-B301-4A45-9ECC-ADA200F1D31A BT15 3HF Grove Library, Grove Wellbeing Centre, 120 York Road Variable Public
048921D7-E1A6-4F7E-8586-F01DB7E74CB1 BT15 3HN Franklins, Unit 4 North Derby Street, Jennymount Industrial Estate B Variable Public
7ED554FA-D256-4B43-A9DD-AF1800FCD5DB BT15 3JW David Browne, 202-204 Skegoneill Avenue, Belfast 24/7 Public
0BBA9A4B-6915-4461-98AF-4F8761AD7DED BT15 3NB Seaview Primary School, Seaview Drive, Skegoneill Belfast Variable Public
B974C7A1-8F0F-407D-8296-79501EB1160B BT15 3QG Crusaders Football & Athletic Club, 16 St Vincent Street, Skegoneill Belfast Variable Public
093D0196-984A-4EAD-B676-AEF300F70329 BT15 3RE Fortwilliam Shunters, 24 Oakmount Drive, Belfast 24/7 Public
BBD28E8F-F6AE-47D1-B5E3-AEEC00A21F89 BT15 3RE Fortwilliam Train Care Facility, 24 Oakmount Drive, Belfast 24/7 Public
A640429F-A7B2-41A5-81B5-AE2200E7765E BT15 4DE Bishop Of Down & Connor, Lisbreen, 73 Somerton Road Variable Public
B8F2C8AC-95DF-4D52-831B-AD2800E03CC4 BT15 4EL Madigans Court, Unit 1, 739 Antrim Road 24/7 Public
7FEA4E77-9F58-456C-9865-8AD62EDDB317 BT15 4HP Loughside Recreation Centre, Shore Road, Low-Wood Belfast 24/7 Public
AB3708AD-11DA-46F0-BEE4-AD26010C1DB1 BT15 5AZ Choice Housing, James Court, Kansas Avenue 24/7 Public
BEE58513-4049-4B9F-A970-E195C40EB2E3 BT15 5BG Waterworks Park, 7 Cavehill Road, Skegoneill Belfast Variable Public
95EF60D9-DA96-4769-A7D7-B1703FF443BF BT15 5EB Chichester Library, 109 Salisbury Avenue, Skegoneill Belfast Variable Public
B4A3140A-8476-4CC6-BA01-AD8100E410B0 BT15 5EY Spar, 325 Cavehill Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
D28695D6-1DFA-4F9D-A76F-508000ABEBCD BT15 5GR Belfast Castle, Antrim Road, Low-Wood Belfast Variable Public
6A09C4F0-B5D7-4166-85FD-B05201592319 BT16 1DF 200 Old Dundonald Road, Tullycarnet, Dundonald 24/7 Public
EB67C426-EF9C-46B2-8CFF-A98E6581F01C BT16 1LA Spar Stores Unit 5 - 4, 756 Upper Newtownards Road, Ballyregan Dundonald 24/7 Public
84D1471A-12B7-4139-B236-5A2911D31C81 BT16 1TS 28 Carrowreagh Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
9C2D14EB-3088-4F4D-8ED9-3A32C134F05B BT16 1TT Craigantlet House Stables, 58 Dunlady Road, Craigogantlet Dundonald 24/7 Public
5C405F90-238E-4E0B-B132-96687118AF46 BT16 1XB Billy Neill Soccer Centre Of Excellence, 340 Comber Road, Ballylisbredan Dundonald 24/7 Public
06F8FCA6-883C-43AF-845F-B06D00DFD184 BT16 1XT Dundonald International Ice Bowl, 111 Old Dundonald Road, Ballyhanwood Variable Public
8AD1BA61-44AC-4DC8-AF40-B06D00E09E2E BT16 1XT Dundonald International Ice Bowl, 111 Old Dundonald Road, Ballyhanwood Variable Public
1CCC6ED8-F37D-451B-843E-455D81BF8176 BT16 2AA Moat Park, Comber Road, Church Quarter Dundonald 24/7 Public
2DA69C98-A119-4DEB-99A8-F9CA811147D9 BT16 2AA Dundonald Physio & Sports Injury Clinic, 45 Comber Road, Church Quarter Dundonald Variable Restricted
EA77AB3F-39C9-42F3-8B1C-337788A1A112 BT16 2AE Spar Stores, 73 Comber Road, Church Quarter Dundonald 24/7 Public
C9666520-8555-497B-92EC-AD280092F57C BT16 2AF Choice Housing, Galway Court, Galway Drive 24/7 Public
1E206B84-5794-4E37-883A-AF3A00C0B320 BT16 2DA Longstone Special School, Millar's Lane, Dundonald Variable Public
76022BF1-4AFE-4F07-AD8B-AD8D00B8BFC4 BT16 2DA 2 Millars Lane, Dundonald Variable Restricted
886D50CE-FDD5-4E39-9084-B04A009DD41D BT16 2EW Ferndene, 19 Ferndene Road, Dundonald 24/7 Public
99C2B757-990D-4B88-A05B-AB7201109DCE BT16 2LP Dundonald Primary School, 10 Church Green, Belfast Variable Restricted
10D1BA09-AF0F-4519-BA4E-AFDC00C42369 BT16 2QP Enler Community Centre, Unit 9 The Enler Complex, Craigleith Drive 24/7 Public
8A7DF6E0-8D21-4C88-937C-28FFD1668CA6 BT17 0AA 15-17 Upper Dunmurry Lane, Dunmurry Variable Public
85C9F769-3551-4E24-AB4C-AD2800BC6C2F BT17 0AF Ashley Lodge, Dunmurry 24/7 Public
64002A8C-6C31-412B-BA4A-AD8A00F02604 BT17 0AW Dairy Farm Shopping Centre, 205 Stewartstown Road, Dunmurry 24/7 Public
E5F852BD-FAE6-44CB-8ADB-1103705409EA BT17 0GY Spar, 61 Mount Eagles Square, Lagmore Dunmurry Variable Public
A57EF955-C4C5-4C33-BA21-A9D83AF13E26 BT17 0LH 32 Glenside Road, Slievenagravery Dunmurry Variable Restricted
7E5811E4-5E63-4A1C-ACFD-AD2800914B2B BT17 0PH Pembroke Lodge, 1 Pembroke Loop Road, Dunmurry 24/7 Public
06A6683A-FD89-40DC-A237-E2FE1B0873D6 BT17 0PN Mccleery Hall, First Dunmurry Ns Presbyterian Church, Mccleery Hall, 21 Glebe Road 24/7 Public
16C7FC97-B8B3-42EF-B265-AE5C00FC54D5 BT17 0TG Lagmore Community Forum, 12a Lagmore Drive, Dunmurry 24/7 Public
450D2D8A-68B7-436B-99E2-AFCD012FF87A BT17 0UJ Sally Gardens Community Centre, Sally Garden Community Centre, Sally Garden Lane Variable Public
C9456360-9167-4499-A4A8-A492C1394A52 BT17 9BB Fullerton Park Pavilion, Glenburn Road, Dunmurry 24/7 Public
4DD3535F-CCE4-4FDD-8631-AFFF00D55748 BT17 9GX Harry Corry Ltd, 11-14 City Business Park, Dunmurry Variable Public
98A56EE8-D684-43F6-AD0C-AD4F00F98B36 BT17 9GX Mcdonalds, 265 Stewartstown Road, Derryaghy Variable Restricted
E9A858A4-2125-4B13-BA70-AE45015474BD BT17 9HG Derriaghy Cricket Club, 40 Queensway, Dunmurry 24/7 Public
7DD94CD7-9DDB-4A6A-BA45-AF5F00E7EFE4 BT17 9HN Household Recycling Centre, The Cutts, Dunmurry Variable Restricted
DBDE5EA4-FB92-481D-A601-AE2300F05A22 BT17 9LE St Patricks Parish Church Hall Chruch Of Ireland Drumbeg Church, Drumbeg Parish Church Hall, 70 Drumbeg Road 24/7 Public
EA8A6023-7F47-4ECF-9C34-97B1587C6903 BT17 9NP Tesco Store, 140-144 Kingsway, Dunmurry Variable Public
75768AC5-BE05-4074-8B2E-F1B7380EE6D9 BT17 9NS 105-107 Kingsway, Dunmurry, Belfast Variable Public
43AE17F1-65F2-4BC7-9FBD-D77DE78DE87A BT17 9QA Kilmakee Activity Centre, 52a Rowan Drive, Kilmakee Dunmurry Variable Restricted
867F8566-3FEC-4AB1-8109-81C41032627B BT17 9QA Kilmakee Activity Centre, 52a Rowan Drive, Dunmurry 24/7 Public
281EA3D9-4DA5-4823-817D-ADDC01018358 BT18 0BP The Royal Belfast Golf Club, Station Road, Craigavad Variable Public
31888827-10D2-4956-9BDC-F35DDCD3B354 BT18 0DA Glencraig Parish Hall, Seahill Road, Ballyrobert Holywood 24/7 Public
5E85678A-D390-40E9-A7CE-ADC9008EE585 BT18 0DJ 32 Seahill Road, Holywood Variable Public
AB8993D2-3E1A-483B-9475-AD0400673FAE BT18 0NE Torgrange Filling Station, 41 Bangor Road, Holywood 24/7 Public
3C247AD0-A8D5-45F3-965D-AF1700B47998 BT18 0PR Holywood Steiner School, 34 Croft Road, Holywood Variable Restricted
CEB455D9-F8B7-4885-9EFB-B059007E8DC1 BT18 9AD Tesco Stores Ltd, 36-38 High Street, Holywood Variable Restricted
E2D56E2A-552E-421C-94EC-F684358F36FD BT18 9AE 86-88 High Street, Holywood Variable Public
5579B80E-CD9C-46E2-928D-C84460B44E59 BT18 9AQ Hunt & Co, 77 High Street, Holywood Variable Public
7AA80410-84F1-4299-AFE4-D3B2FBD3A31F BT18 9ES Henderson Group, 69 Belfast Road, Holywood 24/7 Public
C49B002B-E189-4B61-9BBD-AE4B00CA98BB BT18 9HW Antrim Construction Company, 130-134a High Street, Holywood 24/7 Public
3C3C70C6-7A5D-4680-8937-5CD0AB676924 BT18 9HX North Down Physio, 34 Shore Road, Holywood Variable Public
D31D161A-EE87-41AE-A7B2-0136F00ED11D BT18 9HX 21-23 Shore Road, Holywood 24/7 Public
31599AAA-4671-4D49-96AD-B07E00E6321F BT18 9JE Active Health Solutions Ltd, 10-12 Hibernia Street, Holywood Variable Public
562DB830-60DC-46D2-8A21-B0A7010874C8 BT18 9JF Holywood Fire Station, Sullivan Place, Holywood 24/7 Public
B65BE4F6-C34E-4E75-8802-D68C28B9CFE2 BT18 9LE Holywood Golf Club, 1 Nuns Walk, Holywood Variable Restricted
3648DB98-716D-4BD1-A4F6-529228871895 BT18 9QH South Eastern Regional College (Serc), 370 Old Holywood Road, Knocknagoney Holywood Variable Public
3A1E0669-39D9-41AB-B660-3096DD087BBB BT19 1DF West Church (Presbyterian) Hall, Rathmore Road, Carnalea Bangor Variable Public
152BD4CE-4F2F-4F6F-9B25-AFC6010F9E6B BT19 1EZ Carnalea Golf Club, Station Road, Bangor Variable Restricted
9BCD801B-0091-4EE5-821A-AFC6010D34C3 BT19 1EZ Carnalea Golf Club, Station Road, Bangor 24/7 Public
C8E70E06-0465-4BFE-90CF-AE70013A3CE5 BT19 1FH Puregym, Unit 1 Toscana Retail Park, Bangor 24/7 Restricted
BAA7A886-137C-4FD5-ABD5-B026008C3539 BT19 1FP Kilcooley Presbyterian Church, Drumhirk Place, Bangor 24/7 Public
33F38F5F-73ED-4D0C-957C-6FF0CB5B18F4 BT19 1JS Crawfordsburn Service Station, 90 Ballyrobert Road, Ballymullan Crawfordsburn 24/7 Public
4DA75B19-10CA-4AF9-8004-DEF5B781E01A BT19 1LA Helens Bay St Johns Church Hall, 13b Fort Road, Helens Bay 24/7 Public
11C84F4B-16EE-4E49-AE2A-AE340117D4EE BT19 1ND Tesco, Unit 1, Springhill Retail Park Variable Public
51D00F05-8976-477E-9A84-1AEE90192DA3 BT19 1RS Eurospar Rathgael, 102 Rathgael Road, Ballyvarnet Bangor 24/7 Public
B736B792-AF93-4B77-9914-B0A600B41377 BT19 1SZ Bangor Fire Station, 92 Newtownards Road, Bangor 24/7 Public
ACD50D10-F082-4743-A0F6-D8799E973204 BT19 1UR Clandeboye Lodge Hotel Clandeboye Lodge, 10 Estate Road, Ballyleidy Bangor 24/7 Restricted
C990A15B-FF04-40A1-952D-2F9779FC2CBD BT19 6JR Spar Stores, 41 Main Street, Groomsport 24/7 Public
B5EC238E-F2B4-45B2-8CA5-AFBA01677D43 BT19 6PH 27b Seahaven Road, Groomsport, Bangor 24/7 Public
C0493D44-2ACD-4308-B53A-DAD634F42110 BT19 6PH Seahaven Resident's Association, Seahaven Road, Groomsport 24/7 Public
D895BD07-0BCE-47DB-B31D-AFBA01656192 BT19 6PR Seahaven Resident's Association, 13 Seahaven Crescent, Groomsport 24/7 Public
9AD7F8A3-E459-4BEF-85D8-8FC220CBE14C BT19 6TH Spar Stores - Unit 5, 15 Ashbury Avenue, Ashbury Shopping Centre Bangor Variable Public
67E53E12-D09D-4040-86D4-AE1B00AFEA00 BT19 7HB Tesco Superstore, 1 Bloomfield Shopping Centre, South Circular Rd Variable Public
B80E34F8-6471-44B2-A308-AF9501081CC2 BT19 7HB O2 Store (0205) Bangor - Bloomfield - Ni, Unit 11, Bloomfield Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
1097A640-BDCD-4078-8D3A-91F4618D72AA BT19 7HJ Sainsburys, 10 Balloo Link, Bangor Variable Public
DA1DC26B-6D44-4686-A95F-80C01C22570E BT19 7PD Signal Centre Ards And North Down Borough Council, 2 Innotec Drive, Balloo Bangor Variable Public
DBBEC385-AFE5-4B1B-AAC2-AF270084E48B BT19 7PG Macblair Bangor, 70 Balloo Road, Bangor 24/7 Public
AB9702AB-DC0F-47B9-8A6C-030B738DD626 BT19 7QY Bangor Jujitsu Club(Upstairs Unit 61), 4 Balloo Drive, Balloo Bangor Variable Public
B3D046A5-EEB4-44A7-96C5-AD97009C33DA BT19 7QY Hhi Bangor, Unit 19 Dunlop Industrial Units, 8 Balloo Drive Variable Public
BC533483-D7FF-472B-8338-0DC00E7DF94E BT19 7QY Valpar Micro Matic, 13 Balloo Drive, Balloo Bangor 24/7 Restricted
D119ECC4-F0C1-450C-BB80-AEDA00D11A84 BT19 7QY Balloo Hire Centre Ltd, 21 Balloo Drive, Bangor Variable Restricted
CF1DAD1B-F620-4251-9CBB-AC8000AD0F6D BT19 7SL 18 Meadowlands, Bangor 24/7 Restricted
B3B17F7B-49BE-49C4-8787-9301FAB416DB BT19 7TA Whale, Munster Simms Engineering Ltd, 2 Enterprise Road, Conlig Bangor Variable Public
FD73C223-C71B-49A7-8420-48239208CA73 BT19 7TA Munster Simms Engineering Ltd (Whale Technology & Polymer, 1 Enterprise Road, Conlig Bangor Variable Public
8DA54EE9-6435-4AEC-BDB4-AFAF013C36BC BT19 7TU Inspire Wellbeing, 10 Enterprise Court, Conlig 24/7 Public
30D77556-5A59-474C-BDA7-AB0800E37375 BT19 7WP Bangor Elim Church, Elim Pentecostal Church, 13 Balloo Crescent Variable Restricted
694F2D8A-DB5B-487E-B0FE-5C6C9A11E6AA BT2 7AD Child Support Agency Great Northern Tower, 17 Great Victoria Street, Belfast Variable Restricted
BE4BA77A-607D-431E-BF46-AFB2010B1EAC BT2 7AF 4th Floor Albany House, 73-75 Great Victoria Street, Belfast Variable Public
389DC412-BB91-4398-9ACF-AE7600938199 BT2 7AQ Cme Group, Fifth Floor Millennium House, 25 Great Victoria Street Variable Restricted
431D1F08-FFC6-4D3A-AC7B-AE760095409B BT2 7AQ Office 4th Floor Millennium House, 25 Great Victoria Street, Belfast Variable Restricted
86FC37DC-A183-4348-BDDA-B00700EFD3B0 BT2 7AQ Airtricity - Belfast, 25 Great Victoria Street, Belfast 24/7 Public
9AFB5F88-83B7-4711-8B02-FF9FB5282571 BT2 7AQ Cme Group Millenium House - Floor 6, 23 Great Victoria Street, Malone Belfast Variable Restricted
C90E4979-7322-453C-A235-B00700EFA4AE BT2 7AQ Airtricity - Belfast, 25 Great Victoria Street, Belfast 24/7 Public
3C30F790-B91C-4C21-9E35-AC0000E75FF4 BT2 7BA Urban Innovation Company, Pulse Smart Hub - Outside Subway, 6-8 Great Victoria Street 24/7 Public
71FB72F6-2C0B-4D14-A629-AE5800B42D8D BT2 7BA Tesco Express, 20 Great Victoria St, 0 Variable Public
21EA6236-0A44-4BAC-A04E-AEC300DA2A3C BT2 7BB Fratellis, Restaurant B (Gd &1f) Andras House, 60 Great Victoria Street Variable Restricted
A6DA474C-7A1B-4CAC-8E86-AC0000E8ECE1 BT2 7DB Urban Innovation Company, Pulse Smart Hub - Outside Players, 15-21 Shaftsbury Square 24/7 Public
E67BEEC6-76A6-4098-BA5E-743C4AF447B2 BT2 7DP Equality House, 7-9 Shaftesbury Square, Belfast Variable Restricted
4F823DC2-7E29-4115-871A-AF3300B0E28C BT2 7DT Ernst & Young, Part 4th & 5th Floor Bedford House, 16-22 Bedford Street Variable Restricted
6E5C660F-E43D-453E-8DDB-ED9A2F96CC7D BT2 7EG Causeway Exchange, 1-7 Bedford Street, Belfast Variable Restricted
75301DCA-D01D-4AB8-AEB6-AFF20097DA3C BT2 7ES Mcclintock Street, Belfast 24/7 Public
D6D7069F-8092-4875-97F7-AFA900CD2B89 BT2 7FW Cleaver Fulton Rankin Solicitors, 50 Bedford Street, Belfast Variable Public
61339F26-E029-447F-B946-AEE100D86C53 BT2 7GL Queen's University Belfast, 1 Mcclintock Street, Belfast 24/7 Restricted
2FB48C84-AC39-4D38-B7E9-39AD5DF9746E BT2 7HB Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke Association, 21 Dublin Road, Malone Belfast Variable Restricted
91F9C625-A8E6-4EEB-AEF7-AF5F009E8E96 BT2 7HE Etap Budget Hotels, 53 Dublin Road, Belfast 24/7 Restricted
9E283C3A-4B8A-4D79-8007-AE3600F20CE4 BT2 7HE Tesco Express, 60-66 Dublin Rd, 0 Variable Public
564DF714-EAE8-43A2-8B07-92A5D5D92028 BT2 7HN Urban Innovation Company, Pulse Smart Hub - Outside Cinema, 14 Dublin Road 24/7 Public
DDB2137A-D681-47DD-B0CA-AE8600D20583 BT2 7HR Grand Opera House, Great Victoria Street, Belfast Variable Restricted
0B9F93AF-3E88-4CF5-AAF7-AFAF00B57A3C BT2 7LX Translink, 22 Great Victoria Street, Hope Street North Variable Public
CD0F0A90-C75B-4B16-9041-AFAF00B949DD BT2 7LX 22 Great Victoria Street, Belfast Variable Restricted
DB555DB3-E9B4-4F9F-8F9D-AFAF00B83BD8 BT2 7LX Translink, 22 Great Victoria Street, Belfast Variable Restricted
C60687AF-6347-400D-8007-AC0000E50CB8 BT2 7SL Urban Innovation Company, Pulse Smart Hub - Outside Anytime Fitness, 45/48 Great Victoria Street 24/7 Public
24836229-72BB-4FF7-A3E9-AD51008EA586 BT2 8BS Health & Social Care Board, Champion House, 12-22 Linenhall Street Variable Restricted
9283C8E8-C793-4AA2-9D42-D77EC1EB40FB BT2 8DQ Bso, 2 Franklin Street, Entrance Reception Ground Floor Variable Public
23B688FA-E14D-45BE-AB58-6C5CBDFB7A7B BT2 8ED The Metropolitan Building, 29-31 Alfred Street, Malone Belfast Variable Public
155B01EB-6DC6-4113-8AD7-AFFE00F54D6E BT2 8FD 3rd Floor Tea-Point - Dfe, Adelaide House, 39-49 Adelaide Street Variable Restricted
82FF3D5F-64DB-48F8-8887-842191F8C71D BT2 8FD 6th Floor - Dfe, Adelaide House, 39-49 Adelaide Street Variable Public
9870083D-2CEF-4D77-8BE9-FC6C7FBA0DCC BT2 8FD Dept For Economy - Reception, Adelaide House 39-49 Adelaide Street, Belfast Variable Restricted
1E3DF4D4-FDC5-4223-BC5D-AB6B00CD8AC0 BT2 8GB Department For Infrastructure, Clarence Court, 10-18 Adelaide Street Variable Restricted
3A5B9F47-674A-4414-901F-AF1800E7B080 BT2 8GB Department For Infrastructure, Clarence Court, 10-18 Adelaide Street Variable Restricted
0D73F76D-C1AB-4BCA-8970-AE9B00F13E06 BT2 8GD Puregym, 22 Adelaide Street, Belfast 24/7 Restricted
1FC2B235-B5E7-463F-91FC-AF5000C0E5B5 BT2 8GD Ey Belfast Ae, 24 - 26 Adelaide Exchange, Adelaide Street, Belfast 24/7 Public
D0DDE936-1753-4957-BCD9-AF3300AADC79 BT2 8GD Ernst & Young, First Floor Adelaide Exchange, 24 - 26 Adelaide Street 24/7 Public
616BEF25-6515-4ABE-935E-B09300971B31 BT2 8HS Close Brothers, Belfast, Close Brothers Commercial Finance, 2nd Floor, Centrepoint, 24 Ormeau Avenue, Belfast, Belfast Variable Public
E11FEF0B-E822-4C3B-B684-B04300C90397 BT2 8JL Hench, 12 Cromac Street, Belfast Variable Restricted
6EFC31A9-C333-4D7F-8F96-DD1C22B954C2 BT2 8NJ Fermanagh House, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast Variable Restricted
B6D84CCB-99D9-471D-8EA1-F90FADB4EA49 BT20 3AW St John Ambulance, 47 Central Avenue, Bangor 24/7 Public
9FC72714-5EAC-43E0-AB77-AFC001015A89 BT20 3BB Bangor Engineers & Trades Social Club, 3-5 Gray's Hill, Bangor Variable Restricted
F36886BB-5685-4EA4-940A-AF2400C86572 BT20 3BU Bangor, Bangor Train Station, Bangor 24/7 Public
B94F90D0-1FA4-4FC6-971C-B009016ECF7D BT20 3DS St Comgall’s Church, St Comgalls R.c. Church, Brunswick Road Variable Restricted
FB596B0C-E622-4B38-BA26-2E909E93F74A BT20 3DS St Comgalls Primary School, Brunswick Road, Bangor Variable Public
FEAD65DA-FEBD-40AE-A8A3-AFC100F02D56 BT20 3JS Screwfix, Faulkner Road, Bangor Variable Restricted
BEE36CC0-6281-4158-8FEB-7CB1DF5A0E53 BT20 3PP Spar, 139 Belfast Road, Bangor 24/7 Public
EBF0EB6D-8DC0-4489-8002-ACDF00CE13CF BT20 3RD Harmoni, 39 Downshire Road, Bangor 24/7 Public
30B33273-1EC6-4547-A40F-B00000A7F1BE BT20 3SJ 40 Ranfurly Avenue, Bangor 24/7 Restricted
B91705CD-D605-4EE8-B1DA-05E83FA6775A BT20 4BT North Down Borough Council Town Hall, Castle Park Avenue, Bangor Variable Restricted
E1FCA01E-402E-4BE2-9438-ADCC00C9D46C BT20 4DR S Clarke & Son Funeral Directors, 64 Newtownards Road, Bangor Variable Public
FA8E22F9-6EB0-4EE5-A374-AD6B00E48830 BT20 4DW 71-79 Newtownards Road, Bangor 24/7 Public
2FBF0FAB-D04A-4CA5-B879-AF8500E4CF6C BT20 4JA Bangor (Ub Eng), 7 Abbey Street, Bangor 24/7 Public
44796ED5-40FE-44EA-9365-B2E3B5950E2C BT20 4LH Bangor Carnegie Library, 80 Hamilton Road, Bangor Variable Public
320A4951-A41A-496A-A2BB-AC9A0106ABDD BT20 4LN Hamilton Rd Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Church Hall, Hamilton Road 24/7 Public
00A7274D-6A9B-4A61-B97D-AF8E010AAFD4 BT20 4RH Bangor Golf Club, Club House, 7a Broadway Variable Public
75F19F7F-AAA8-460A-A258-AD26010AE488 BT20 4SJ Choice Housing, 23a Tughan Court, Bangor 24/7 Public
6406D305-2AA7-44C8-9495-CDF4C21EBAF2 BT20 4ST Progressive Building Society, 6 Castle Street, Bangor Variable Public
0129246B-A698-4245-B0D3-AEAC00DA0582 BT20 4SU Serc Bangor Main Campus, Castle Park, Bangor 24/7 Public
4A60D985-FA48-4D7D-B9D3-AEAC00D931B3 BT20 4SU Serc Bangor Main Campus, Castle Park, Bangor 24/7 Public
F040BFC5-A946-44A3-AD08-AEAC00DA1BED BT20 4SU Serc Bangor Main Campus, Castle Park, Bangor 24/7 Public
3177F965-2BB6-44A7-A796-AEAC00D92930 BT20 4TD Serc Space Campus, Castle Park Road, Bangor Variable Public
33634BE4-0989-4347-8E77-AF3800D01A6A BT20 4TH Bangor Aquatic & Leisure Complex, 3 Valentine Road, Bangor Variable Restricted
516CD50D-E98F-47B3-AA31-B0B2015C46DB BT20 4TH Bangor Aurora Hockey Pitch, Bangor Aurora, Hockey Pitch Variable Public
B7CC4163-12D0-4B0F-AEB5-AF8E010F5D1B BT20 4TU The Sheds, Westover, 17 Fairfield Road Variable Public
07D0E235-1A67-4906-92FB-ACEB9863E758 BT20 5AG The Red Berry Coffee Co, 2-4 Main Street, Bangor 24/7 Public
DF074C9E-69C2-45E2-8474-E4E1458B7161 BT20 5ED North Down Borough Council Tower House, 34 Quay Street, Bangor Variable Public
FE7EA4F9-0CA7-492C-99E4-777BC714206B BT20 5JJ Ballyholme Service Station, 2 Ballyholme Road, Bangor 24/7 Public
4300C44B-AE6C-498E-A416-AF3B00F1A58C BT20 5PU St Columbanus College, Ballymaconnell Road, Bangor Variable Restricted
626956F6-3AE6-4F35-92F9-AB6C010F4407 BT20 5RG Ballyholme Primary School, 23 Glenburn Park, Bangor Variable Public
198A9D33-67F3-4F26-8D43-59A7F8DD6731 BT21 0AU Killard School, Cannyreagh Road, Donaghadee Variable Public
A98C0C8B-BE7B-48D4-AE44-B0A7010A9743 BT21 0DE Donaghadee Fire Station, Union Street, Donaghadee 24/7 Public
76AE4DA0-E772-4C09-8439-B082008C6387 BT21 0DS Shore Street Presbyterian Church, 1 Warren Road, Town Parks Of Donaghadee (Main Portion) 24/7 Public
15A74393-BDB6-4DE2-926A-5E3F73E16BB2 BT21 0DU Spar, 26 New Road, Donaghadee 24/7 Public
3C8C99E6-E48B-45D9-BA91-3A34B8677161 BT21 0ED Spar Moat Filling Station, 101 Moat Street, Donaghadee 24/7 Public
44D20FE7-A88C-4F9B-B22E-B04D00E2CCF2 BT21 0GL High Trees, High Trees Drive, Donaghadee 24/7 Public
28B22B64-F09E-4C13-AC6A-ADC700CDF77B BT21 0HE Meadowbank Social Club, 37-38 Parade, Donaghadee Variable Public
D666DE03-8154-409D-821F-AFB9012D89E3 BT21 0HZ The Commons, Millisle Road, Donaghdee, 34 Millisle Road, Donaghadee Variable Public
58F04849-5FAE-453A-BCF6-273E63C5C470 BT21 0NF Ballyvester Primary School, 244 Killaughey Road, Ballyvester Donaghadee Variable Public
E1599597-A9DF-4646-8351-AB7600CCCA67 BT22 1AE Ardkeen Parish Church, 90 Ballygelagh Road, Ardkeen 24/7 Public
141B62A7-91EE-41B8-8B4E-AD8000B607B5 BT22 1BJ Lifestyle Caravan Park, 96 Shore Road, Ballyhalbert 24/7 Public
FCC01061-74A6-4085-A85D-C18F7F6212FF BT22 1BL Spar Ballyhalbert, 24-28 High Street, Ballyhalbert 24/7 Public
520D14D1-C3C8-4F99-B603-AF6D00A57BFB BT22 1EA Coastguard Cottages, 3 Harbour Road, Portavogie 24/7 Public
E938F070-2F06-41F8-B397-522C5DEF8078 BT22 1EA Harbour Service Station, 59-61 Harbour Road, Portavogie 24/7 Public
10E46EA1-C794-47D2-A308-AF4700599C32 BT22 1EQ 30 Bog Road, Portavogie 24/7 Public
4164FBC8-FD2A-482F-B1EE-CAAAF0AE4905 BT22 1GP T/S Ballycran G A A Club Club House - Gaelic Sports Groun, 11 Mckenna Road, Rowreagh Kircubbin 24/7 Public
1CA41D17-1C2C-4313-BAF0-6CF4E5DECA3E BT22 1JA Cloughey Bowling Club, 17a Main Road, Kirkistown Cloghy Variable Public
065EA3E2-69AD-4F35-AD9A-1E54662CD453 BT22 1JZ Portaferry Sailing Club, 38 Shore Road, Tullyboard Portaferry Variable Restricted
89F10C9B-1B25-48EF-8C66-B04D01198D46 BT22 1LL 25 Ringbuoy Cove, Cloughey 24/7 Public
ED6B5D54-7495-40C4-9388-B0A7012332ED BT22 1LN Portaferry Fire Station, Church Street, Portaferry 24/7 Public
A007497A-0C09-4FE4-941D-04C0628FE01F BT22 1ND Portaferry Sports Centre, 3 Cloughey Road, Ballyphilip Portaferry Variable Public
06816C56-448F-482A-8407-AFF2009798AB BT22 1PF Marine Biology Station, 12-13 The Strand, Portaferry, Portaferry Variable Public
72B8D6EE-6B8A-4757-9193-ADB800A3BC0D BT22 1QJ Whitehouse Inn, 15c Ardminnan Road, Portaferry 24/7 Public
EFE758F7-389F-4FF6-9C99-ADD70076E01F BT22 1QT Henderson Group Eurospar, 2 High Street, Portaferry 24/7 Public
7F73ED6E-3F01-49B3-A770-AF6C00F0C202 BT22 1QU Portaferry (Ub), 89 High Street Portaferry, Portaferry 24/7 Public
7C935BB1-3111-48F7-A645-AF1C00AA5876 BT22 1QX 1 Demesne View, Portaferry Variable Restricted
2E13F337-632D-46AF-A2A2-D354ADD785F2 BT22 2DH 227a Abbey Road, Millisle Variable Public
E174933D-C9CB-4A96-B7C6-ADF1010C4847 BT22 2DR Eurospar Millisle, 26 Moss Road, Ballycopeland 24/7 Public
BFC26A75-4237-481A-8C7F-F7F5F32A24F5 BT22 2DS 26 Moss Road, Millisle 24/7 Public
94E8F33B-27D4-4CFF-ABBE-AB74009AEC44 BT22 2GB Strangford Integrated College, Abbey Road, Carrowdore Variable Public
B9331434-BC37-44EB-BBD1-9483EB41283F BT22 2HN Eurospar Carrowdore, 42 Main Street, Carrowdore 24/7 Public
C3263671-20B5-4325-B8AB-39EDD050FDE1 BT22 2JZ Rosebank Caravan Park, 199 Whitechurch Road, Ballyferis Ballywalter 24/7 Public
B969AF49-E7ED-4FA7-AF05-AE5D00EAF660 BT22 2LY Ballywhiskin Caravan Park, 216 Ballywalter Road, Millisle 24/7 Public
A1E311BE-6189-4D3E-901D-AF3B010CDF39 BT22 2NF Vivo Essentials/Post Office, 45-47, Main Street 24/7 Public
D658D124-D984-4D85-8B17-B0A600B35D8A BT22 2NT Ballywalter Fire Station, 1 Stump Road, Ballywalter 24/7 Public
E0B93AD5-F12E-4251-B936-D89638CAB878 BT22 2PA Dunleath Estate, 14a Ballyatwood Road, Springvale Ballywalter 24/7 Public
A1358566-CC87-427A-9A6E-B02100DC3B21 BT22 2PQ Spence's Spar Ballywalter, 37-39 Main Street, Ballywalter 24/7 Public
FAA70957-3103-4F0F-83CF-842442E06236 BT22 2QE Magellan Aerospace (Greyabbey) Ltd, 11 Tullykevin Road, Tullykevin Newtownards 24/7 Restricted
52A36CCC-98E1-42AB-A263-AE3800EE4C6B BT22 2SG Texaco Filling Station, 39a Cooks Brae, Kircubbin 24/7 Public
6971CA70-0F87-4A2C-B53F-B0A70122EC67 BT23 3NN Newtownards Fire Station, Portaferry Road, Newtownards 24/7 Public
7423FD0D-B947-4704-9DA1-C3A1D9D780DD BT23 4AB Newtownards Library, Regent Street, Newtownards Variable Public
50A06DCB-5D9F-4BA2-A35E-AF6C00F0CFFF BT23 4AD Newtownards (Ub), 33 Regent Street, Newtownards, Newtownards 24/7 Public
3E64816C-9F10-45C0-B88C-1E48DEE61D29 BT23 4AP Ards Borough Council, 2 Church Street, Newtownards Variable Public
95C0DF8C-9C51-4D5A-B4B7-AD5501250721 BT23 4DA Specsavers Newtownards, 9 Conway Square, Newtownards Variable Restricted
62D4ED4E-EF69-4A70-A5C8-B86A95512BDA BT23 4DB Ards Blair Mayne Wellbeing And Leisure Complex, 1 Dairy Hall Lane, Newtownards Variable Public
9546215B-E007-42A3-B2D9-EEF589E20E97 BT23 4DB Ards Blair Mayne Wellbeing And Leisure Complex, 1 Dairy Hall Lane, Newtownards Variable Public
FF312727-89BC-4B0F-97A7-A177C06CA447 BT23 4DD Progressive Bldg Soc, 4 Conway Square, Newtownards Variable Public
2B849746-D58C-4EDF-B872-6582DEEF792E BT23 4EA Asylum Weightlifting Club, 23d Crawfordsburn Road, Newtownards 24/7 Restricted
4488259E-5041-4A6A-B73C-AFEB00DA8F3C BT23 4EU Ards Shopping Centre, Circular Road, Newtownards Variable Public
4F74F72F-87FE-438B-9366-AFCD0130D8D0 BT23 4EU O2 Store (0231) Newtownards, Unit B6, Ards Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
AF4D09F7-F21A-4F46-9F8D-BC1B4E30B10F BT23 4FF V G Superstore Maxol Garage, 3 Hardford Link, Newtownards 24/7 Public
20AE6297-2211-475B-942E-AE300125B5A2 BT23 4JD St Patrick's Parish Centre, Victoria Avenue, Newtownards Variable Public
5B6FB692-AD0A-46D3-AFA6-8EDAF88F2EAF BT23 4JU Ards Bowling Club, 70 South Street, Newtownards Variable Public
1034F4FA-937F-446A-8A03-8A2903374BA6 BT23 4LR Regency Medical Centre, 2a Frederick Street, Newtownards Variable Restricted
E728E964-7CF5-4D27-9DA3-AC9965A8A9FA BT23 4NP Ards Art Centre, Conway Square, Newtownards Variable Public
BEFC5122-1CD8-420D-BFF4-AD59009D3BD8 BT23 4RQ West Winds Primary School, Sunderland Park, 17 Sunderland Park Variable Public
A220AB56-1DFD-49A2-BDAC-ADEC00B2B2B1 BT23 4US 3 Lakeview Manor, Newtownards 24/7 Public
EF78AA35-5E61-4B1F-8EDA-AE3D00AA6135 BT23 4XE Tesco, 1 Castlebawn Drive, Newtownards Variable Public
2F933439-E362-422E-8B65-AEFD00F8DEE8 BT23 4XP Driver & Vehicle Testing Agency, 26 Jubilee Road, Newtownards Variable Public
6157862A-5541-4E2D-97E6-C8D5914DE1B6 BT23 5AR Comber Recreational F C, 3 Park Way, Comber Variable Restricted
2A7F3F12-2129-494C-8CA2-769F78465D67 BT23 5DT Comber Pharmacy, 4 The Square, Comber 24/7 Public
3B2CB748-18AB-453C-AF43-AFF500D859C6 BT23 5DU Tesco Express The Square Comber, 30 The Square, Comber Variable Public
BB798977-67EC-4E86-B764-EE663CA0AEFC BT23 5DY Neurodiversity Uk, 57-59 Castle Street, Comber Variable Public
C4C57D8E-0012-469A-990D-ADE901047EBA BT23 5DY Comber Leisure Centre, 15 Castle Street, Comber Variable Public
73CA45B5-7404-4F1A-BE10-EDDC4E4CD036 BT23 5NE Spar, 175 Killinchy Road, Lisbarnet Comber 24/7 Public
79AD8E2B-BCD6-4857-A8E7-AF4A00C1B114 BT23 5RF 41a Gransha Road, Comber 24/7 Public
22969549-59CA-44C3-A13E-AFBF00CCD794 BT23 5SW Spar, 2 Killinchy Road, Comber 24/7 Public
26AB7357-6BD7-479F-9EDD-ADF700CF6486 BT23 5UA Glen Link, Comber 24/7 Public
37270CC7-3A00-47E1-913D-B0AC015786BE BT23 5UA Comber Fire Station, Glen Link, Comber 24/7 Public
66A55AD5-B0DB-4DD9-B21C-C3548A56284E BT23 6BE Post Office, 1 Hillmount Drive, Moneyreagh 24/7 Public
096E72A0-10EC-4D62-B301-AD4800DE630F BT23 6BH Urban Quarry Outlet, 163 Moneyreagh Road, Castlereagh Variable Public
FEAAFA2F-6BD5-4FA1-AD1D-AEC900D49DFA BT23 6EA Castle Espie Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, 78 Ballydrain Road, Comber Variable Restricted
F18B82D7-B107-491E-9C1B-AFCC00F0B0D2 BT23 6HZ Ballygowan Bus Depot, Ballygowan, Newtownards 24/7 Public
2A396841-B8A1-4955-80C6-2DA17E75AC63 BT23 6JJ Carrickmannon Primary School, 77 Carrickmannon Road, Carrickmannan Ballygowan 24/7 Public
6C12ED39-DCB7-4485-BC3F-AFC8B939D7C5 BT23 6PA Balloo House Restaurant, 1 Comber Road, Balloo 24/7 Public
40ADDF03-4143-49DC-8ABE-AE54015387A1 BT23 6PN 5 Main Street, Killinchy 24/7 Public
1FD48370-324E-4252-A046-6924EFA36C9C BT23 6QB Clubship Petrel, 52 Ballydorn Road, Ballydorn Killinchy 24/7 Restricted
306497EB-5266-4DC9-BE3C-B08200A739EE BT23 6QH Daft Eddies, 1 Sketrick Island, Ballydorn 24/7 Public
FB241B48-6F88-4731-8BD4-AFBC0104F154 BT23 6UD Horseshoe Cottage, 52a Ballymorran Road, Ballymorran 24/7 Public
FBDDD978-6E42-4772-8BFB-31014498BB11 BT23 7AD St Finian's Primary School, 37-39 Ann Street, Corporation North Variable Restricted
1108A79F-E4CE-4B4B-BE20-AD2800B88D4D BT23 7AG Choice Housing, Orchard Court, Orchard Avenue 24/7 Public
F21A909E-F16C-4555-9F3C-C417A84E8708 BT23 7BZ 37-55 Bangor Road, Newtownards 24/7 Public
9A821128-CBC0-4A65-8B32-AEAC00D9256D BT23 7ED Serc Newtownards Campus, Victoria Avenue, Newtownards 24/7 Public
F230B4ED-CDC4-4748-9A73-AEAC00DA36D2 BT23 7ED Serc Newtownards Campus, Victoria Avenue, Newtownards 24/7 Public
7C586786-FEEC-4C4D-B5D6-1730EE41B96F BT23 7EH South Eastern Regional College Newtownards Campus, Victoria Avenue, Newtownards Variable Public
6C1FEF07-7982-422C-A8E5-AFB700C613DB BT23 7HA Movilla High School, Donaghadee Road, Newtownards Variable Restricted
D500886C-8317-4505-B1A8-AFA000F3EFEB BT23 7HB 136 Donaghadee Road, Newtownards 24/7 Public
563A05D8-A946-4D0B-87D5-47BAE5A15D1C BT23 7HS Knotts, 49 High Street, Newtownards Variable Public
79ED5ADB-1890-4C07-9950-E252F1CB888C BT23 7HS Warden Bros (Newtownards) Ltd, 45-47 High Street, Newtownards Variable Public
2DAD8E82-EE38-47DD-93D5-AEC100D05EF1 BT23 7JQ Sjo Accountants Ltd, 37 Movilla Street, Newtownards Variable Public
A77A617A-8287-4BE4-A50E-ADCC00C52B74 BT23 7NY S Clarke & Son Funeral Directors, 12 Court Square, Newtownards Variable Public
80573715-363C-44B2-A1C7-AED600B1098E BT23 7PA Probation Board For N I, 15 Castle Street, Newtownards Variable Restricted
D5CE8B62-4736-49A5-97A3-4F3AAF8729BB BT23 7PT Conlig Orange Hall, Main Street, Conlig Newtownards 24/7 Public
9D10F103-4A8C-41A1-BD22-B09001191EA4 BT23 7QL 9 Stonebridge Avenue, Balloo, Newtownards 24/7 Restricted
1482B2B1-FD2B-426A-A034-B990ACBF3357 BT23 7TW Free Presbyterian Church, 22 Beverley Road, Whitespots Newtownards Variable Restricted
55DE9F36-A61E-4ABB-98EA-AFBF013E30BC BT23 8LF Eastend Residents Association, 23a Queens Square, Newtownards 24/7 Public
0B8A1ED4-172E-46EA-ACD2-1C10A4535303 BT23 8NN Tesco, 1 Castlebawn Drive, Newtownards Variable Public
F7E32BD7-E903-40B5-A4F4-AF9400ED928D BT23 8NN Downeys Cars (Ni) Ltd, 39 Portaferry Road, Newtownards Variable Public
9909B2D8-2522-4B3F-8340-AF8500E4B974 BT23 8NP Newtownards (Ub Eng), Portaferry Road, Newtownards 24/7 Public
0175BD68-A152-487B-AE41-00ACE66546D8 BT23 8RN Northern Ireland Cross Community Angling, 10 Loughries Road, Loughries 24/7 Restricted
05258099-1DB9-4F4D-A68A-43B88C4E07EC BT23 8SG Londonderry Park Bowling Pavillion, Portaferry Road, Commons Newtownards Variable Public
0874F75D-E36D-4D47-890A-1F7494DFD3F3 BT23 8ZE Spar Stores Stonegate Shopping Centre - Unit 2, Stratheden Heights, Movilla Newtownards 24/7 Public
615B015C-A682-465C-B630-B03B011F3C35 BT24 7AB Main Street Saintfield, 41a Main Street, Saintfield 24/7 Public
2CC1A940-EC67-4A4C-995C-80DBAF6A14CC BT24 7AE Morrisons - Vivo Extra Store, 1 Ballynahinch Road, Saintfield Parks Saintfield 24/7 Restricted
63FB5902-A00A-4E29-A069-866FC4AF06D2 BT24 7AS Saintfield Service Station, 11 Crossgar Road, Saintfield Parks Saintfield 24/7 Public
B231A182-4553-4620-B000-AD4800DA0AD4 BT24 7JH C E S Quarry Products Ltd, 2 School Road, Saintfield Variable Public
461FCB06-A37D-4842-BEAC-AD4800DB9BD3 BT24 7JQ Ces Quarry Products Ltd, 124 Crossgar Road,, Saintfield Variable Public
005BDA5E-1847-4A53-83A7-2FDFE7E6E31D BT24 7JU Copart Saintfield, 39 Junction Road, Leggygowan Saintfield Variable Restricted
D857DFE8-FC43-4BB2-817A-AFBA00AAEA57 BT24 7PQ 7 Miskelly Court, Saintfield 24/7 Public
E23E4CFE-04E8-46A2-A29A-AE1501449291 BT24 8AF Magheradroll Church Of Ireland, Church Street, Ballynahinch 24/7 Public
78CD2F23-8ED0-483B-9437-B0A10107D524 BT24 8AG Ballynahinch Fire Station, 14 Dromore Street, Ballynahinch 24/7 Public
8145DFD4-8000-4EEE-88DC-AF6B00C71FBB BT24 8AR Ballynahinch (Ub), 41 Main Street, Ballynahinch 24/7 Public
3AB2297B-1F83-4FF2-8B49-B565F84F288D BT24 8BD Ballynahinch Methodist Church, 50 Lisburn Street, Ballynahinch 24/7 Public
3F3D3A7A-AF19-4505-8B49-AD1301439042 BT24 8DB Langley Road Playing Fields, Willow Crescent, Ballynahinch 24/7 Public
53D132EB-F768-4C64-8D11-874B2DABF19C BT24 8EB Vivoxtra, 69-77 Belfast Road, Ballynahinch 24/7 Public
E0C0ED8C-1B8C-4F98-A8B8-AD4800DFB479 BT24 8ED Ces Quarry Products Ltd, 104 Old Belfast Road, Ballynahinch Variable Public
99260B12-F87C-4533-9378-AFAC19068F73 BT24 8JR Ballynahinch Rugby Football Club, 6 Mountview Road, Ballymacarn Ballynahinch 24/7 Public
02958DA8-D35B-4AE7-BE21-AEAC00D91DE5 BT24 8LP 3 Church Road, Ballynahinch 24/7 Public
60F63893-38F0-4DC8-96C6-E296338F04BC BT24 8NS Drumnakelly Landfill, 81 Demesne Road, Ardtanagh Ballynahinch Variable Restricted
571B06E3-55D3-454E-9A0D-B01200F1D821 BT24 8PN Spa Golf Club, 20 Grove Road, Ballynahinch 24/7 Public
F4697141-0CF9-4875-B15E-70FA7BDBC8B4 BT24 8PT Montalto Estate Low Wood Play Area, Spa Road, Ni Variable Public
268D0D79-29EA-42A8-B599-7D77DA5E7A2E BT24 8QB Spa Young Farmers Hall, 61 Ballymaglave Road, Ballymaglave Ballynahinch 24/7 Public
E5E30822-01B7-4195-BB0C-B0180117A509 BT24 8QE Magherahamlet Parish Church (Church Of Ireland), Ballymacarn Road, Ballynahinch 24/7 Public
889B7413-80AE-41F7-8C1F-AFE7010E9569 BT24 8RH 43a Crabtree Road, Ballynahinch 24/7 Public
F6F1B73A-37C9-4566-A8ED-B083012FD63E BT24 8SE Drumaness Gaelic Football Club, 91 Old Park Road, Drumaness 24/7 Public
95572EFD-D600-40BE-843B-B0A601081E84 BT24 8TT Jb Brown Ltd, 47 Lisburn Road, Ballynahinch, Ballynahinch 24/7 Public
A9C6B4C6-95C5-43FA-BC08-AF8E00FFC4DE BT24 8TT Ballynahinch Structural Engineers Limited, 51 Lisburn Road, Ballynahinch Variable Restricted
40455407-FA22-4B0E-89C2-7E1681A226F0 BT25 1AF Castle Bar Boyles Bar, 8-10 Castle Street, Drumbroneth Dromore 24/7 Public
21E84059-E795-4045-9B0F-AF8700F5CE93 BT25 1AZ Dromore (Ub), Hillsborough Road, Dromore 24/7 Public
96CB6EC5-C8D3-4BE5-97CB-AEE8009B29F6 BT25 1AZ Dromore (Ub Eng), Hillsborough Road, Dromore 24/7 Public
B437DE8F-B718-426B-9574-B02E016EA671 BT25 1AZ Dromore Orange Hall, Hillsborough Road, Dromore 24/7 Public
7EA6212E-D03C-4CE6-95AE-AD2800B55D0B BT25 1DB Choice Housing, The Beeches, Beech Grove 24/7 Public
C5C2C5C6-A614-4467-9ADB-AFD200BE3C38 BT25 1DE Mound View Service Station, 2 Hillsborough Road, Dromore 24/7 Public
4EE41B81-C056-41F2-BDD3-B0A701090AEB BT25 1DG Dromore (Down) Fire Station, Mossvale Road, Dromore. County Down 24/7 Public
77A78D98-5F14-41C2-90AB-AEF900A49E7A BT25 1EL Edentrillick Quarries Ltd, 17 Lagangreen Road, Dromore Variable Restricted
9E821371-56AB-457D-9106-38231D4B86CB BT25 1HL Dromore Community Centre, Holm Park, Dromore Variable Restricted
8C79568C-A4CD-47AB-A835-31EDB5B49003 BT25 1NE Ferris Park, 34 Banbridge Road, Balleny Dromore Variable Restricted
B23095DF-9624-46C1-9630-AF3200C2F992 BT25 1NF A One Tyres, 139 Banbridge Road, Dromore 24/7 Public
9A7213E4-E71B-45FF-A036-AFAF00DC0406 BT25 1PQ First Dromore Presbyterian Church, 3 Diamond Road, Dromore Variable Restricted
CAD6A2B4-983E-4461-B9E4-02689DB64885 BT25 1RS 36 Magherabeg Road, Magherabeg Dromore 24/7 Public
4F6D56E3-9E21-4BBF-BBBC-AF8700F5AE03 BT25 2BH Dromara (Ub), Rathfriland Road Dromara, Dromara 24/7 Public
37A1EDB9-EC72-4346-8E57-E57CB51C965F BT25 2BL Lagan Park Pavilion, 38 Hillsborough Road, Dromara Dromore 24/7 Public
31C729FA-C183-4E16-AF4D-AB670143997C BT25 2BN Second Dromara Presbyterian Church Hall, 3 Begny Hill Road, Dromara 24/7 Public
5F2F42C5-2E01-451C-B5D8-283F30C12859 BT25 2EN Gransha Orange Hall, 3 Slievenaboley Road, Gransha Dromara 24/7 Public
C256BE0B-84E3-456B-94D1-AFD9016A62DC BT25 2EX 86 Corbally Road, Dromara 24/7 Public
330C66AB-23E5-4CE9-B2C1-D72E03922A48 BT25 2JG Spar, 36 Rathfriland Road, Dromara Dromore 24/7 Public
0549CE8A-71D5-4E35-86F6-B0B40168960F BT25 2JN Dromara Gac, 88 Castlewellan Rd, Dromara 24/7 Public
EA1DD00E-5FAD-4136-8BA1-B08200736C6E BT25 2NF 166 Banbridge Road, Ardtanagh, Dromara 24/7 Public
B08140DF-15CC-406E-924E-AFAF016C3EA9 BT25 2NL Revival Movement Association, 10 Kinallen Road, Dromara Variable Public
378B9337-0401-49A1-971C-AF2E008A1C41 BT25 2NS 18 Church Road, Dromara 24/7 Public
C223C4A9-76AF-49C2-B914-ADEF015C2B69 BT25 2NS Amcda / Orange Hall, Aughnaskeagh Orange Hall, 60 Church Road 24/7 Public
D1F6510F-DC78-4925-B20B-AFCA0138FF8B BT25 2PY Skeogh Orange Hall, 114 Daimond Road, Dromore 24/7 Public
199D73AE-F69A-4BB2-8C68-E795D5ED3C46 BT26 6AB Hillsborough Presbyterian Church, 49, Lisburn Street 24/7 Public
1D2F63AC-A3EA-4262-B9C3-B09E008B5534 BT26 6AB Martina Collins Dental And Skin Clinic, 18 Lisburn Street, Hillsborough Variable Restricted
C0D5B0CD-C1A7-4C96-A820-5CC8B3572748 BT26 6AG Hillsborough Castle, The Square, Hillsborough Variable Restricted
0C742241-FFFC-429B-8449-AFF00183F1B4 BT26 6AR Outside Hall, 1 Ballynahinch Road, Hillsborough Orange Hall 24/7 Public
D0BC371E-3258-4A9D-B187-8349885E44B5 BT26 6AR Hillsborough Village Centre, 7 Ballynahinch Road, Hillsborough Variable Public
634D0596-ACEA-49F4-9B5B-417D23396BEC BT26 6AW Spar, 7 Ballynahinch Street, Hillsborough 24/7 Public
C8A719AE-15CC-49B8-B043-2E4B88347D0F BT26 6BP Annahilt & Magheraconluce Community Association, Anahilt Primary School, 248 Ballynahinch Road 24/7 Public
E869F53B-9692-4F66-AE20-AB740107D155 BT26 6GT Hillsborough Castle And Gardens, 349 Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough Variable Public
0EA2B3FF-396B-4B09-9D00-AF9700CBE6A5 BT26 6HW 33 Lisburn Road, Hillsborough 24/7 Public
0A5AA891-001B-486F-9744-AE2700E9EE69 BT26 6JT St James's Church, Church Hall St James (C Of I) Church Hall, 1 St. James Road 24/7 Public
88D57E2E-263D-4D5A-A128-A1552DDAF61C BT26 6LN Free Presbyterian Church, 13-17 Comber Road, Carnreagh Hillsborough Variable Restricted
E6FCC6EF-42C3-4EB8-857C-AFEB014A23B9 BT26 6LN Lisnagarvey Hockey Club, 2 Comber Road, Hillsborough 24/7 Restricted
A3385D2B-0F4D-4671-B846-AF6200DF4104 BT26 6QA Dromara Road, Hillsborough Variable Restricted
915BFBB1-F6E2-4722-998D-AB7C00F2DDDD BT27 4AA Bronwlee Primary School, 1 Wallace Avenue, Lisburn Variable Restricted
27AE8CA1-CEE7-4733-BFD1-B03F8B5F2DBC BT27 4AE Ni Probation Board, 4 Wallace Studios, Lisnagarvy Lisburn Variable Public
7B0746EC-30B8-457C-B8C4-AC6300A2A79D BT27 4BJ Lisburn Castlereagh City Council, Ivan Davis Pavilion, Wallace Park 24/7 Public
A9018AF8-2C57-40F2-A108-AF41011B02F3 BT27 4DP St. Columbas Church Of Ireland, St Columba's Church Of Ireland, 211 Belsize Road 24/7 Public
8D5F328B-5ACF-4020-A6A2-AEE400A43D94 BT27 4DT Cutting Industries, 206 Belsize Road, Lisburn Variable Public
C6085C19-FDA7-4C3B-9322-B07B008F1041 BT27 4HP Froth Coffee Shop, Harmony Shopping Centre, 7 Skyline Drive Variable Public
D6879CB7-F5EC-45F5-8E2D-AD7B00D10456 BT27 4LB 25 Clontara Park, Lisburn 24/7 Restricted
F1555AAD-A13D-444E-BB29-47D3C62560C0 BT27 4QH Aberdelghy Golf Course, 2 Bells Lane, Lambeg Lisburn 24/7 Public
3004E912-197C-4D14-87C9-AC6300A718F9 BT27 4QN Lisburn Castlereagh City Council, Queensway Allotments, Queensway Variable Public
40883A26-AF8C-4FDB-89F8-7EFAF65515FE BT27 4QS Spar Lambeg Stores, 163 Queensway, Lambeg Dunmurry 24/7 Public
B8039516-83A7-486D-B0E5-3F5A3B1D5E8A BT27 4QS St Colmans Primary School, 109 Queensway, Lambeg Dunmurry 24/7 Public
12E4BA66-15DE-4AE1-8D73-ADCC00BD26ED BT27 4RL Lisburn City Council, Island Civic Centre, 1 The Island 24/7 Public
2B02139F-997A-4F40-89CD-88109D652F6A BT27 4RL Lisburn City Council Island Civic Centre, 1 The Island, Largymore Lisburn Variable Public
68E33906-D60E-41F6-92C7-ADCC00B73A9F BT27 4RL Lisburn City Council, Island Civic Centre, 1 The Island 24/7 Public
88C23DE7-02BE-4192-995A-1B094A839640 BT27 4RL Lisburn City Council Island Civic Centre, 1 The Island, Largymore Lisburn Variable Public
A80437E8-39E9-4D81-A0E2-ADCC00B7F61F BT27 4RL Lisburn City Council, Island Civic Centre, 1 The Island 24/7 Public
EFCB358A-CF71-4A5A-9556-1BAC775E95F2 BT27 4RL Lisburn City Council Island Civic Centre, 1 The Island, Largymore Lisburn Variable Public
5E79B5F2-1FDE-44D7-B816-AD2C0097D414 BT27 4RT Glenmore Activity Centre, 43 Glenmore Park, Lisburn Variable Public
1231B8B3-3EDD-4A1E-AF3C-AEAC00D961B6 BT27 4SU Serc Lisburn Campus, Castle Street, Lisburn 24/7 Public
18E57716-830A-4326-A9EC-AEAC00D94589 BT27 4SU Serc Lisburn Campus Old College, Castle Street, Lisburn 24/7 Public
2C80CB51-D638-42D0-A555-AEAC00D95951 BT27 4SU Serc Lisburn Campus, Castle Street, Lisburn 24/7 Public
8C3D9CFE-ADEE-41E4-A6CB-AEAC00D93508 BT27 4SU Serc Lisburn Campus, Castle Street, Lisburn 24/7 Public
EA2D620B-F2F8-4D7B-9A88-AEAC00D93BB5 BT27 4SU Serc Lisburn Campus, Castle Street, Lisburn 24/7 Public
077C09F5-ADF4-406C-ADAE-FC4EA3FC07C2 BT27 4TL Fort Hill College, Belfast Road, Lisnagarvy Lisburn Variable Public
2F13B466-FA60-4E1B-BC2C-99A0E2D34488 BT27 4TL Fort Hill College, Belfast Road, Lisnagarvy Lisburn Variable Public
267473F0-4774-4C19-8F41-AE6D00916019 BT27 4TQ Pure Gym, Unit 1,2 Laganbank Retail Park, Laganbank Road 24/7 Restricted
C719EA53-4795-49C7-B5A2-BDAA7D7E7949 BT27 4UD Spar, 23 Grand Street, Lisnagarvy Lisburn 24/7 Public
044755D1-99AF-4652-933F-43451CB6877F BT27 5AJ Spar Foodmarket, 1 Mercer Street, Largymore Lisburn 24/7 Public
2A391437-4758-48C0-8A30-AE9700EC9715 BT27 5BE Dobbies Garden Centre, 56 Saintfield Road, Lisburn Variable Public
CDDFBF64-01E7-490F-BE70-D48DD2866C21 BT27 5BX Hillhall Community Resource Centre, 14 Hillhall Road, Largymore Lisburn 24/7 Public
D8CC574A-5E81-4FDA-BD43-AFE8009B33A6 BT27 5EA Screwfix, Dreams Unit Riverside Centre, Young Street Variable Restricted
12989020-FB29-40F9-A0A8-AF2A00960D12 BT27 5EB Macblair Lisburn, 38 Young Street, Lisburn 24/7 Public
1F99E24A-AE5C-4A5D-AA5F-ADC800C3A030 BT27 5EY Centra, 2 Ballynahinch Road, Lisburn 24/7 Public
06344E7B-552D-4E37-BEF8-AE6D00955E9F BT27 5FH 5 Laganbank Road, Laganbank Retail Park, Lisburn 24/7 Public
1ED287AA-D5AC-47E9-B585-542D3B94269F BT27 5LX Riverdale Primary School, 288 Ballynahinch Road, Legacurry Lisburn Variable Public
5CCFA8D2-614D-4814-B446-B0A700970523 BT27 5PG Dobbies Garden Centre Lisburn, Strawberry Hill, Saintfield Road 24/7 Public
2D3C2F5D-A779-4888-B028-0CB3CC78134B BT27 5QB Lisburn City Council Central Services Depot, 2 Altona Road, Blaris Industrial Estate Lisbu Variable Restricted
97F6504B-90CD-4D61-827B-B01500C1B09E BT27 5QB Mcculla Ireland Ltd, Unit 5, Altona Road Variable Public
1729E8F3-AE20-4129-8AF8-AEA000FA54F4 BT27 5QE 139a Hillsborough Old Road, Lisburn Variable Restricted
E56DD5FB-398C-4302-8665-ADCA01386E2D BT27 5RQ All Saints' Parish Church, All Saints Church (C Of I), Eglantine Road Variable Restricted
EC78DC31-9FC8-4FDA-BBDC-AEF400A6E42F BT27 5RQ Moira, 7a Station Road, Moira 24/7 Public
C11141A0-F119-4AB1-BCE8-AC5100F85913 BT27 5RW Gowdys Of Down Royal, 60 Gravelhill Road, Lisburn 24/7 Public
B58B392D-F091-4861-88B1-036093899C3B BT27 5SR Cirdan Imaging, Riverbank, The Green, Lambeg Lisburn Variable Public
83231514-7E2B-4E84-859B-88A5848DE11C BT27 5TX Drumbo Presbyterian Church Hall, 122 Drumbo Road, Drumbo 24/7 Public
7038710C-03D1-4939-A47D-AC8E00CDE338 BT27 5UN Sprucefield Shopping Centre, Hillsborough Road, Lisburn 24/7 Public
03F886F8-897B-420E-B581-ABD80077769A BT27 5UQ B & Q Plc, 1 Sprucefield Park, Lisburn Variable Public
8ECF7B2E-0872-4CDA-8A57-B3D7A0463071 BT27 5WP Lisburn Wastewater Treatment Works, 4 Hilden Road, Tullynacross Lisburn Variable Public
F3433469-58D7-4655-979B-94921C59B10A BT27 6TA Carr Baptist Church, 321 Comber Road, Carr Lisburn 24/7 Public
43846D2C-24D8-459E-9DDF-ADD3011F4CD5 BT27 6TZ 19 Carryduff Road, Lisburn 24/7 Restricted
A91F25EA-65FC-4675-B79A-AD28010D045C BT27 6UP Temple Golf & Country Club, 60 Church Road, Boardmills Variable Public
D84268C7-52A6-4CBF-8704-B0370108A682 BT27 6UP The Drumlins Restaurant, Temple Golf Club, 60 Church Road Variable Public
C4EE9BBC-2329-45CE-B624-ADF300ACC748 BT27 6XG Legacurry Presbyterian Church, 307 Upper Ballynahinch Road, Lisburn 24/7 Restricted
4DF8DF1F-7DE1-416C-B528-B018007C2DB1 BT27 6YA Mar Train Heavy Haulage Ltd, 5 Ballycarngannon Road, Lisburn 24/7 Public
07788D79-697B-4967-856E-B07000E2AB0F BT28 1AA Royal Mail Lisburn Do, 2 Linenhall Street, Lisburn Variable Restricted
C350B37F-F71F-4156-AFC7-AA436988968B BT28 1AG Market Square, Lisnagarvy Lisburn 24/7 Public
FD93D466-216E-4640-970F-7FF00AF1C702 BT28 1AN Progressive Building Society, Wallace Buildings, 3 Market Place, Old Warren Lisburn Variable Public
72F0192D-C904-4EEB-AC5B-B05900AB9FE7 BT28 1AR Trustford - Lisburn - 20 Market Place, Trustford, 20 Market Place 24/7 Public
99CCFEE4-39DF-49F8-85ED-AE1C011EED2C BT28 1AW Bow Street Mall Shopping Centre, Bow Street, Lisburn Variable Public
7A91E1CF-B8C2-4950-83E9-AF9600938F43 BT28 1BJ O 2, 65 Bow Street, Lisburn 24/7 Public
DE0266CF-DA4B-42F2-BB21-AFCC00A5074F BT28 1BJ O2 Store (0226) Lisburn, Unit C1/C2, 65b Bow Street Variable Restricted
7AE52164-4E0F-4F77-825E-B03400A5331D BT28 1BN Tesco Lisburn Bow Street Express, 35-37 Bow St, Lisburn Variable Public
ED1B6580-DCD6-4C2A-82D7-AF4000DB2D47 BT28 1EP St. Patricks Hall, 33 Chapel Hill, Lisburn 24/7 Public
CAA959EA-DCAB-4074-AF72-ACFB006FCD04 BT28 1ES 113 Longstone Street, Lisburn 24/7 Public
0BF4DA28-F2A6-4633-8656-537A008B0A63 BT28 1FJ Libraries Ni, Lisburn City Library, 23 Linenhall Street Variable Public
548EE056-AF00-4AA9-ABA9-B05000C961EE BT28 1JE 1 Beechfield Park, Moira Road, Lisburn 24/7 Restricted
7E23933A-7D17-437B-A1F0-AF8500E4C861 BT28 1JJ Lisburn (Ub Eng), 52-56 Hillsborough Road, Lisburn 24/7 Public
ABD752B8-B3E3-493B-B42C-AB6D00EBAF62 BT28 1JL Christ Church, Church Lane, Hillsborough Road 24/7 Public
49D86BAA-ED82-4729-8818-DF25204823A9 BT28 1JN 77 Hillsborough Road, Old Warren Lisburn 24/7 Public
2C21A06D-5050-42CA-A6AF-AEC300A680F8 BT28 1JP Dr Ruddell & Partners, Lisburn Pccc, Level 1, 39 Hillsborough Road Variable Restricted
44333292-F290-4C14-9CA9-B003008F62E0 BT28 1JP Dr Ryan & Partners, Level 1, Lpccc, Lisburn Primary & Community Care Centre, 39 Hillsborough Road Variable Restricted
2CE7BAFC-37F4-46A9-87B9-DCD8FB71E76F BT28 1LP Laganvalley Leisure Complex, 18 Lisburn Leisure Park, Old Warren Lisburn Variable Public
36D3711A-84DC-4BE7-BC0C-CE5B55174834 BT28 1LP Laganvalley Leisure Complex, 18 Lisburn Leisure Park, Old Warren Lisburn Variable Public
87A9BFD5-543A-4CD5-8866-865432D40FF3 BT28 1LP Laganvalley Leisure Complex, 18 Lisburn Leisure Park, Old Warren Lisburn Variable Restricted
D5F11C13-3EC9-48C9-967B-B03C007FD446 BT28 1LP Lisburn Leisure Park, Lisburn Variable Public
781AEA58-647A-4CD4-B39E-3417335C9322 BT28 1QJ Laganview Enterprise Centre - Unit 1, 69 Drumbeg Drive, Dunmurry Lisburn 24/7 Public
AB4E1250-3884-4BC7-9397-15981DEC210C BT28 1QJ Laganview Enterprise Centre, 69 Drumbeg Drive, Dunmurry Lisburn Variable Restricted
C6D5A15C-E2AE-4013-9432-AD2800BB8F59 BT28 1QX Choice Housing, Old Manor House, Manor Drive 24/7 Public
0FBBE3F7-0EE8-4BC9-A7EA-ADBB00CDEE57 BT28 1ST 15 Ballinderry Park, Lisburn Variable Restricted
702B49C8-E3B8-4AE1-A33D-ADAC0082349E BT28 1TH 13 Smithfield, Lisburn 24/7 Public
800997D3-90F8-4E73-964C-AF8700F5C8AE BT28 1TL Lisburn (Ub), Smithfield Square, Lisburn, Lisburn 24/7 Public
111DF2F4-704C-408C-8FE9-AF3200992377 BT28 1XJ Lisburn, Lisburn Train Station, Lisburn 24/7 Public
EAD9D060-A75D-4316-895F-B09100A15738 BT28 1XN Bachelors Walk Dental, 39 Bachelors Walk, Lisburn Variable Restricted
F541ADC3-1453-470A-BEB7-3ACCFC7A36DB BT28 1XP Bridge Community Centre, 50 Railway Street, Lisnagarvy Lisburn Variable Restricted
4C80AE7D-29EF-4FD4-8DE7-B03000D1979E BT28 1YG Lisburn Orthodontics, 6a Market Lane, Lisburn Variable Public
7B17B70D-B4B4-4A15-813B-AB7500C95BC9 BT28 2BF Ballinderry Primary School, 8d Crumlin Road, Ballinderry Lower Variable Public
2BB54340-CCA3-4E1E-A9B4-AEE901244F1F BT28 2BP Dvla, Driver & Vehicle Testing Agency, 1 Enterprise Crescent Variable Public
9168F980-FE3C-4D85-A375-B0580099B0DF BT28 2EJ Trustford - Lisburn - Knockmore, Trustford, Unit C Knockmore Ind Est Variable Public
840295B3-85D0-4A96-A876-B0B900D8C2C8 BT28 2EU 2 Glenavy Road, Ballinderry Upper Variable Public
31A83550-5078-4A35-9ED9-ADCC009AAEE2 BT28 2EX Andrew Ingredients Ltd, 27 Ferguson Drive, Lisburn Variable Restricted
A47594F1-31CE-4588-B4DB-AFB9010BC39E BT28 2GB Tesco Superstore, Bentrim Rd, 0 Variable Public
59077A7F-4D11-4F1C-822E-AD2B0106C435 BT28 2GN Crescent Business Park, Lisburn 24/7 Public
930F6CCA-2BFD-4780-8631-ACF400BB8966 BT28 2GU Trinity Methodist Church & Community Venue, Church Square, Ballymacoss Avenue Variable Public
B7A8FAEC-28F2-4019-A04A-AE5C00ACDD4E BT28 2NX Ballycarrick Maddy Primary School, 1a Killultagh Road, Lisburn Variable Restricted
547171A3-B312-4997-BD65-AF5F00956495 BT28 2RE Ni Precision Ltd, Lissue Industrial Estate, Moira Road Variable Restricted
C03C1D0F-AEEA-4B75-8AAB-1C3AB641F015 BT28 2RF Bso, Rathdown Walk, Lissue Industrial Estate Lisbu Variable Public
723A56F4-041B-436C-8A45-AEDA00C877BB BT28 2SA Enterprise Crescent, Lisburn Variable Restricted
D71592E6-6950-42B9-89FE-250114D85DCF BT28 2SA John Mcquillan (Contracts) Ltd, 11 Ballinderry Road, Knockmore Lisburn Variable Restricted
9443F831-B258-4B1A-B155-B05900B06745 BT28 2SU Datum Tool Design, Unit 1, Factory 1, Mcgraths Building, Lissue Industrial Estate, Lisburn Variable Public
D4D0F456-9A89-4AFD-BB2C-AC8D01077D70 BT28 2UB Ballymacash Regeneration Network, 29 Rathvarna Drive, Lisburn Variable Restricted
75811739-8A99-418E-86A3-AB7A00C2D8F5 BT28 2UH 33 Laurel Hill Road, Lisburn Variable Public
66FEDEDF-2832-40C7-A2FC-AF5D00C6BCB1 BT28 2XF Mercury Security Management, 7 Portman Business Park, Lissue Industrial Estate West 24/7 Public
702CDE49-6782-453E-836C-AD2800A4A901 BT28 2YE Choice Housing, Lillie Court, Knockmore Road 24/7 Public
E4FA3ABD-98F3-4E89-9C22-B0A7011EFA22 BT28 3AN Lisburn Fire Station, 1 Prince William Road, Lisburn 24/7 Public
746EA45E-62F5-485A-812F-AE9E009CED27 BT28 3BH Friends School, 6 Magheralave Road, Lisburn Variable Public
945FE24F-0FB6-4432-8758-80CEA0A357D2 BT28 3BH Friends School, 6 Magheralave Road, Lisnagarvy Lisburn Variable Restricted
7E9151F6-23E7-4293-8490-CDBA95F45000 BT28 3DH Lisburn Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Injury Clinic, 10 Antrim Road, Lisnagarvy Lisburn Variable Public
8E71A4EA-C6CE-4875-9CE1-A2EE4601A57F BT28 3SR St Johns Parish Church, 47 Stoneyford Road, Island Kelly Lisburn Variable Public
31A36A80-82B6-40F0-800D-AD0300D8AF7F BT28 3WT Eurospar, 28 Lady Wallace Lane, Lisburn 24/7 Public
F8BFCE0D-90FC-422A-A528-900629BA2E46 BT29 4DD Parish Of Glenavy & Killead, Ballynadrentagh Road, Aldergrove Variable Public
BFB2617A-D38B-41A0-A150-AFD2009A6D68 BT29 4DW Mccausland Airport Car Park, 171 Airport Road, Belfast International Airport 24/7 Public
1A6E5A26-84AD-47B2-A7A3-3B9BB830D7A0 BT29 4JE Budore Material Recover Facility (Mrf) - Canteen/Welfare, 15 Sycamore Road, Dundrod Crumlin Variable Restricted
92C62D6D-A0FE-438D-90A1-83E0EFD7CCE1 BT29 4JE Budore Quarry Compound/Canteen, 15 Sycamore Road, Dundrod Crumlin Variable Restricted
8A81D874-1602-4858-8DD5-59018A54155A BT29 4LA Mater Dei Church, Glenavy Road, Ballytromery Crumlin Variable Public
E90C96A6-7499-4016-9AB4-AEDA00CD392A BT29 4LA 63 Glenavy Road, Crumlin Variable Restricted
C9057FB5-D7CB-4CF2-8121-BE5D8963E43B BT29 4LN Glenavy Family Practice, 47 Main Street, Glenavy Crumlin Variable Restricted
FD874416-0DE2-4FE9-A719-9DE53E3F9B1B BT29 4LP Moira Road Filling Station, 71 Main Street, Glenavy Crumlin 24/7 Public
F17A174E-3324-43EF-8922-3F6208160947 BT29 4LY St Josephs Church, 60 Chapel Road, Ballymacricket Aghalee Variable Public
CBA66F40-E4C3-4F33-A0B1-AEF600EFE446 BT29 4RS 68a Largy Road, Crumlin 24/7 Public
795EB869-F8B7-4C1D-951A-AEAC00D93F18 BT29 4SR Citbni/Psc, 17 Dundrod Road, Nutts Corner Dundrod 24/7 Public
144E55F9-89E9-43D0-861E-AF5D011100F0 BT29 4TL Mckinstry Skip Hire, 81-83 Belfast Road, Nutts Corner 24/7 Public
40A12258-07B5-4595-A54B-46FE04E94CB5 BT29 4TQ Fed Ex (Previously T N T Express Uk Ltd), 14 Belfast Road, Nutts Corner Crumlin 24/7 Restricted
311DAE20-3FCA-4F07-A1BA-562320E2852A BT29 4UP Crumlin Leisure Centre - Top Pitch, 2a Main Street, Ballytromery Crumlin Variable Public
8044BA81-5E78-4A34-A09D-523C6DE179C3 BT29 4UP Crumlin Leisure Centre - Reception, 2a Main Street, Ballytromery Crumlin Variable Public
D5B89D51-8C19-455A-885A-AF25009183F0 BT29 4UP Crumlin (Ub), 1 Main Street Crumlin, Crumlin 24/7 Public
F788FC12-4BF1-4E0F-91F0-AE5800F753A8 BT29 4UP Tesco Crumlin, 2-4 Main Street, Crumlin Variable Public
FB1522F4-7AE4-439E-9A7F-407C66B5F6AB BT29 4UP Crumlin Leisure Centre -Pitch One, 2a Main Street, Ballytromery Crumlin Variable Public
97E22F76-1D77-4C3D-997F-B0AC01576752 BT29 4XL Crumlin Fire Station, 32 Mill Road, Crumlin 24/7 Public
FE60DBDF-66DE-4B60-A129-ADDA00D89D4C BT29 4XL Henderson Retail Ltd, 3 Mill Road, Crumlin 24/7 Public
549817EA-BA54-421D-A104-46A5F9BD8CAB BT29 4YL Killead Church Hall, Killead Road, Aldergrove Crumlin 24/7 Public
BFA249D7-2AA1-436F-8B8C-AFFC00F4685D BT29 4YW Loanends Presbyterian Church, 50 Loanends Road, Nutts Corner 24/7 Public
BE02E891-F93F-4EE3-BA9A-AED700BF43A3 BT3 9AH G Heyn Sons Ltd, Heyn Group, 1 Corry Place Variable Restricted
3D8DB1B0-F82D-42EF-8CEF-AED80094D37E BT3 9AQ Heyn Engineering Ni Ltd, Unit 3, 2 Duncrue Street Variable Restricted
11128324-C7F9-4B33-B566-AD3F95972CCE BT3 9AR Cp Hire Ltd, Duncrue Street, Belfast Variable Public
361E56D7-8B9C-4903-BE38-AEE8009B14E9 BT3 9AR Msc Security Hut, 27 Duncrue Street, Belfast 24/7 Public
55E43A17-CD0D-44B7-AE19-AEE8009B03F7 BT3 9AR Msc Bus Wash And Cleaners Building/Vehicle Fuelling, 27 Duncrue Street, Belfast 24/7 Public
A6874899-2535-4823-9219-AD1300A39AE9 BT3 9AR Devenish, 96 Duncrue Street, Belfast 24/7 Restricted
DDB4895C-B0A1-4B18-9F33-AEE8009B1D50 BT3 9AR Msc Engineering, 27 Duncrue Street, Belfast 24/7 Public
E07CE184-4BBE-4660-B6C7-AEE8009B253B BT3 9AR Milewater Service Centre (Msc), 27 Duncrue Street, Belfast 24/7 Public
9D3D4DED-72D7-47B2-AB35-AD1300A7E29D BT3 9BP Devenish, 2-10 Duncrue Road, Belfast Variable Restricted
54F3C272-89E8-4A18-ABAE-AB73009E333D BT3 9BU 7 Duncrue Place, Belfast Variable Restricted
67D4ED7A-257E-4507-9253-AF2700B9C03B BT3 9BW Macblair Belfast Duncrue, 42/44 Duncrue Crescent, Belfast 24/7 Public
B6891291-AD00-4C20-BA3B-AFEE006F8513 BT3 9BW Screwfix, Units 9 & 10, Duncrue Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
80CF9F98-9AA1-4864-9AF9-AD9700D58102 BT3 9DH 31 Sydenham Road, Belfast Variable Restricted
7CDC7200-7392-4CB0-9397-AFFC009CFF25 BT3 9DT Catagen Ltd, Unit 5 Elmbank, Queens Rd, Channel Commercial Park Variable Restricted
7EB0A47D-0441-4E2E-AFDF-AE2100AA1AF2 BT3 9DT Catalyst, The Innovation Centre, 20 Queens Road Variable Restricted
AFB12288-F6A4-43F4-92F5-8FB1DA2B88A4 BT3 9DT Titantic Quarter Campus Belfast Metropolitan College, Queens Road, Ballymacarret Belfast Variable Public
1A37AF15-9919-43BE-9E1D-8FA4EA307E64 BT3 9ED Department Of Finance, Clare House, 303 Airport Rd West Variable Restricted
E612F014-C055-49CE-A527-C0094859AD54 BT3 9ED Stryker, 207 Airport Road West, Belfast 24/7 Public
20102803-B597-49F4-A090-C956B83F5DA1 BT3 9EJ B & Q Plc, 300 Airport Road West, Belfast Variable Public
49EC3C50-AC81-4F01-B98A-AFF200C4EE45 BT3 9EJ Ikea, 306 Airport Road West, Belfast Variable Restricted
D8FD6C6A-3998-4251-B3C4-AF4100B3CFED BT3 9HQ Public Records Office Of Northern Ireland, 2 Titanic Boulevard, Belfast Variable Public
3BF00CA0-0117-41DE-9D3E-AF9E00E9951B BT3 9HY Belfast City Council, 5 Corry Place, Belfast 24/7 Restricted
3BF31513-BBD1-40A8-A079-AD0800B0F1D8 BT3 9JH Main Concourse Belfast City Airport, Main Terminal, Sydenham Bypass Variable Restricted
60558791-3FFE-4B89-9D4B-ACB7012AF9B3 BT3 9JH Arrivals Hall Belfast City Airport, Main Terminal, Sydenham Bypass Variable Public
68DE8357-FFD6-4573-82D8-AD0800AE18D9 BT3 9JH Departures Lounge Belfast City Airport, Main Terminal, Sydenham Bypass Variable Restricted
6D4F80BA-98CC-4215-A2B9-AD1D009ADBB8 BT3 9JH Walkway Airside At Stand No5 Belfast City Airport, Main Terminal, Sydenham Bypass Variable Restricted
7E76A604-1951-41D7-B186-82B7657C08F9 BT3 9JH Central Search Belfast City Airport, Main Terminal, Sydenham Bypass Variable Restricted
995E2198-2743-4113-B098-AF80011707E5 BT3 9JH Departures Lounge Between Whs Shop And Autobank Belfast City Airport, Main Terminal, Sydenham Bypass Variable Public
BD4F6568-348B-4236-A41B-AD6800D5A60E BT3 9JH Fire Station / Air Traffic Control, Main Terminal, Sydenham Bypass Variable Restricted
BEA5AA9C-DEAC-41C1-8FA1-ACA8013138A0 BT3 9JH Admin Building Belfast City Airport, Admin Building, Sydenham Bypass Variable Restricted
14F4FFD0-6A1B-47F8-BC3A-AE77010EA985 BT3 9JQ Suite G, Ground Floor, Formation Works, 11-12 Edgewater Office Park, Edgewater Road Variable Restricted
17EC73DF-CA0A-4420-8C0C-AD1300C72FD1 BT3 9JQ Devenish, Unit 1, 5 Edgewater Road Variable Restricted
DF1916E9-2450-428E-B6F6-EB900F4EB26D BT3 9JU Waste Transfer Station, 1 Gullivers Road, Belfast Variable Restricted
129DD240-B6AA-45F5-9B89-AFE800A8E519 BT3 9LE Unit D, 22 Heron Road, Sydenham Business Park, Belfast Variable Restricted
463CB784-0657-42B3-A64A-FA9D85C15B08 BT3 9LE Intelesens Limited, D W S House, 17 Heron Road Variable Restricted
465C31E2-8CA9-49D4-AB17-ADE500BC0D36 BT3 9LE Bl Group, Unit B2 17 Heron Road, Sydenham Business Park Variable Restricted
5C8A725C-023A-4EC8-B660-B059009573CD BT3 9LE Ionic Technologies International Limited, 6 Heron Wharf, Heron Road Variable Public
8588EECF-14D2-48B2-AB25-B02300A70576 BT3 9LE Heron Road, Belfast Variable Restricted
F16CEF2E-7A91-4304-B1FC-AE9F00B0739A BT3 9RP R W Pierce & Co (Printers) Ltd, 17-19 Dargan Crescent, Belfast Variable Restricted
EBDCC79C-3D56-47B1-9455-33316DD06C37 BT30 6AB Down Cathedral, 50-52a English Street, Down Acre Downpatrick Variable Public
6770D4F8-958D-4B1A-87C5-AE9F00B2D654 BT30 6AW Presbyterian Church, 27 Fountain Street, Downpatrick 24/7 Public
8A905152-2A12-41C6-9F5C-AF3300A69097 BT30 6DU Driver & Vehicle Testing Agency, 2 Cloonagh Road, Ballymote Upper Variable Public
35F2091C-9B31-4BFA-AF83-007F7036DC22 BT30 6DW Tel's Confectionary, St Patricks Avenue, Down Acre Downpatrick 24/7 Public
A95CB42D-6908-4E1F-9B78-B0A7010B097D BT30 6EH Downpatrick Fire Station, 19 Church Street, Downpatrick 24/7 Public
B1BEEA76-1E0A-4D5C-91E3-AD9E00D3AD8A BT30 6GQ Council Offices Downshire Civic Centre, Ardglass Road, Downshire Estate Variable Public
36C856FF-B38D-4A88-9658-D20BBE5D28E7 BT30 6HD Ascendance School Of Gymnastics, 104b Bridge Street, Downpatrick Variable Restricted
2F18C06F-EB7F-406F-A26D-2284B76E3686 BT30 6LR (49-51) Outside Santander, Market Street, Downpatrick 24/7 Public
5086E56E-EACD-455C-87B2-AF8500EB0FA8 BT30 6LZ Downpatrick (Ub Eng), 107 Market Street, Downpatrick 24/7 Public
75AEDF47-67BB-4F5C-9217-AD8E00EF7BB9 BT30 6LZ Down Leisure Centre, 114 Market Street, Downpatrick Variable Public
9E5AE05A-EDB9-4B5C-BA94-CD2F9C89B71D BT30 6LZ Downpatrick Library, 79 Market Street, Down Acre Downpatrick Variable Public
A3234941-AA10-4A70-B418-AD8E00F05A17 BT30 6LZ 114 Market Street, Downpatrick Variable Public
0ACFB999-085E-4BAF-B45D-AEAC00D92DAB BT30 6ND Serc Downpatrick Campus, Market Street, Downpatrick 24/7 Public
2F7426B7-C72F-4209-99F7-AEAC00D9D530 BT30 6ND Serc Downpatrick Campus, Market Street, Downpatrick 24/7 Public
92BC348D-6708-4D3D-98A2-AEAC00D9EF39 BT30 6ND Serc Downpatrick Campus, Market Street, Downpatrick 24/7 Public
87E2768E-5484-4270-95DB-ADCE0159D152 BT30 6PU Knockevin Special School, 33 Racecourse Hill, Downpatrick Variable Restricted
EA44087D-2935-4C1C-8DD2-AD8E00F2765B BT30 6PX Ballymote Sports & Wellbeing Centre, 96 Glebetown Drive, Downpatrick Variable Public
DD2F9AB3-A27D-473E-B205-AFBE00C596C7 BT30 6SL 39 Strangford Road, Downpatrick Variable Public
9394CE15-495B-4E7E-A27A-086560B96117 BT30 6SU Spar Units 8-9, Saul Road, Saul Business Park Downpatrick 24/7 Public
3857358E-CF3B-4E4E-AD08-AEFC00E8A056 BT30 6TE Downpatrick Racecourse, 24 Ballydugan Road, Downpatrick 24/7 Public
3333ED7C-292C-4684-9911-AF6B00C726B2 BT30 6UU Downpatrick (Ub), 84 Market Street Downpatrick, Downpatrick 24/7 Public
F9363C4B-749F-4E18-83DD-801F8E9BEDAE BT30 7DQ Ballyhornan Family Centre, 15 Rourkes Link, Ballyhornan Downpatrick Variable Public
AA1343B8-A352-4EA2-B4AB-EC26AB22B1DB BT30 7LS Strangford Sailing Club, 4 Audleystown Road, Castleward Estate Downpatrick 24/7 Public
BDDA2FEC-F9D8-43A1-ABC0-B3457740BABD BT30 7LZ Strangford Pharmacy, 5-7 Downpatrick Road, Strangford 24/7 Public
40D956BC-43B9-4A85-A4AC-AD7A009FCF82 BT30 7NB 20b The Links, Strangford 24/7 Public
ADDE79F6-CA79-46EC-9AAB-B0850135B77F BT30 7NW St. Malachy's Park, 96 Shore Road, Kilclief 24/7 Restricted
B4D48F87-801B-4EA8-B939-ADA8012D30DC BT30 7PJ 1 Rocks Road, Downpatrick Variable Public
939E34D2-DDEB-4AA5-B43C-A76599EE1FEA BT30 7RF 8 Ballycotton Close, Kilclief Downpatrick 24/7 Public
8FF5B33A-6934-4971-B09C-3FD621AC517B BT30 7SA Charles Mulhall Shop, 1 Quay Street, Ardglass 24/7 Public
8F933A35-D1C6-4D0C-BD0C-8AA92C3C0459 BT30 7SF Spar, 5 Downpatrick Road, Ardglass 24/7 Public
F62A507F-6018-41B8-90FC-29A9C4680A67 BT30 7SS St Marys Primary School Dunsford, 82 Strangford Road, Ardglass 24/7 Public
0B4A47D2-E7E6-424F-A5D2-AFF700FAFAC7 BT30 7TP Ardglass Golf Club, 4 Castle Place, Ardglass Variable Public
EE28AEA0-9CBC-46EF-BE1C-AFF700F42669 BT30 7TP Ardglass Golf Club, 4 Castle Place, Ardglass Variable Public
8624DBF6-2AFB-4BC4-8BCB-88F8FD417D64 BT30 8DG Ballykinlar Gac, Commons Road, Ballykinler Downpatrick 24/7 Public
A6EE32C8-E60F-41F6-A725-852DA44B9CB6 BT30 8HY The Lakeside Inn, 25 Lake Road, Ballydugan Downpatrick 24/7 Public
357128FC-7656-4BDD-949A-AFEA013E024A BT30 8LR Edgewater Holiday Park Ltd, 50 Minerstown Road, Downpatrick Variable Restricted
E2728565-86A3-4766-8F4E-D0FA867D04AA BT30 8NU Seaforde Young Farmers Club, 205 Newcastle Road, Seaforde Downpatrick 24/7 Public
476011B4-83F4-4014-868A-70F7F0EB8B4E BT30 8PA Eurospar Clough, 2-4 Main Street, Seaforde 24/7 Public
CF755358-8B3F-48C9-B905-161D4619E55D BT30 8PL Spar Seaforde, 149 Newcastle Road, Seaforde Downpatrick 24/7 Public
CC0C4E80-1A07-4F38-BB61-AD4800E0DA77 BT30 8PR Ces Quarry Products Ltd, 131a Newcastle Road, Seaforde Variable Public
4922EDE8-70B1-4ACC-85FE-0A1913F3EC10 BT30 9HJ Cedar Integrated Primary School, 29 Kilmore Road, Crossgar Variable Public
C5E0C573-E800-4541-B57D-4CE05A9EAA82 BT30 9HY Spar Stores, 7 Saintfield Road, Lissara 24/7 Public
F32769D0-F297-4182-B67A-AED600B0F54A BT30 9LS 171a Clay Road, Ballygoskin, Killyleagh 24/7 Restricted
9C34DE2F-8125-4E3F-A2CE-ADF200AEB739 BT30 9PQ 22 Kirkland Road, Toye, Downpatrick 24/7 Restricted
1761F139-991D-4D51-862A-B03000B8C0B0 BT30 9RG Eurospar Killyleagh, 4 Downpatrick Road, Killyleagh 24/7 Public
BA03FD3C-F6CD-4A9D-88E4-A22179528CCA BT30 9RG Spar Killyleagh, 4 Downpatrick Road, Killyleagh 24/7 Public
79B3837C-9DBA-4B12-8D9E-52B856135BEA BT30 9TZ Newry, Mourne And Down District Council, Downpatrick Road, Mullagh Killyleagh 24/7 Public
44B5C022-CF44-4B39-9947-AB7500F03873 BT30 9UP Down Business Centre, Main Reception Down Business Centre, 46 Belfast Rd Variable Public
2AFAB7B0-6820-44FE-9F4D-AE7000D7DE0A BT31 9AG Culture & Business Centre, Hall And Offices Ground Floor The Lodge, 1 Dublin Road Variable Public
EB8D5D19-5B8B-43DB-B55B-022F6200753C BT31 9AQ Eurospar - Fresh Food Centre, 7 Dublin Road, Castlewellan 24/7 Public
0BA99038-C0E7-4D36-A190-AF8D00F65D8F BT31 9BU Newry Mourne And Down District Council, Castlewellan Forest Park, Castlewellan 24/7 Public
97BF22FB-14C7-49BD-B061-AD47010164E3 BT31 9ED Community Centre, 32 Circular Road, Castlewellan 24/7 Public
28D59E33-1DFA-44CE-8B82-A68016AAB633 BT31 9HE Maghera Inn, 86a Ballyloughlin Road, Ballyginny Castlewellan 24/7 Public
ECA8ECEB-33F5-469A-A99F-AD3BE2E2AF99 BT31 9JX Henry Mcveighs Shop, 33 Clonvaraghan Road, Ballyward Castlewellan 24/7 Public
6C035A11-F6E9-4F2D-ACA8-AFD30120264F BT31 9NR Gaelic Sports Ground, Ballywillwill Road, Castlewellan 24/7 Public
A4ED8A75-05E7-4EF6-A1CB-AFD30121222F BT31 9NR Gaelic Sports Ground, Ballywillwill Road, Castlewellan 24/7 Public
2BC94FE1-0489-47BE-9411-AB7600A19EA4 BT31 9NW Oasis, 151 Ballylough Road, Castlewellan 24/7 Public
199EA465-A5DB-4E95-A79B-481C9C90B752 BT31 9PP Ballyward Surgery, 32 Station Road, Ballyward Variable Public
7DE41DA3-0AE5-435F-A575-AF3A00F831A7 BT31 9PP Drumgooland Parish Church (C Of I), Ballyward Road, Ballyward 24/7 Restricted
67E0917E-8324-49DC-9BC1-70101E329706 BT31 9PQ St John The Baptist Roman Catholic Church, 16 Chapel Lane, Drumaroad Castlewellan 24/7 Public
2A09CE59-468D-4E76-B887-B02B00BEF3D6 BT31 9PT Moneyslane Football Club, 6 Moneyslane Road, Ballyward 24/7 Public
D30BAFB9-C30D-4BF8-AC6B-AB7C00DD8E9E BT31 9QE Dechomet Primary School, 6 Closkelt Road, Ballyward Variable Restricted
A4AECA8B-3F0A-4293-ADB4-6440B8854C00 BT31 9QS Kilkinamurry Presbyterian Church, 125 Kilkinamurry Road, Ballyward 24/7 Public
9334FCC7-84D0-4F84-84C1-AD3C013647AD BT31 9SL Liatroim Fontenoys G A C, 11 Backaderry Road, Ballyward 24/7 Public
3AFD850F-A7FF-445F-B9EE-1036F8510C7B BT32 3AD Eurospar, 94 Scarva Street, Ballyvally Banbridge 24/7 Public
55F888E3-7D55-4CE2-8A82-8AB6B62DFD63 BT32 3AD Banbridge Library, 23 Scarva Street, Ballyvally Banbridge Variable Public
D7DFCF14-220C-4A51-A7EA-9189A1B44C8A BT32 3AF Seapatrick Parish Centre, Edenderry Road, Edenderry Banbridge 24/7 Public
2C857831-9789-4716-A165-AF6B00ED0AA8 BT32 3BD Banbridge Station, Kenlis Street, Banbridge 24/7 Public
481F5EA6-2A2B-4C83-B05E-AF6B00ED14A3 BT32 3BT Banbridge Depot, 1 Huntley Road, Banbridge 24/7 Public
CCFB736E-3071-4BE0-BC7A-F2DD18202990 BT32 3DA Banbridge Tourist Information Centre, 1 Scarva Street, Ballyvally Banbridge Variable Restricted
7BE288C5-E02A-46DA-8E64-B0A10107B2BD BT32 3DH Banbridge Fire Station, Victoria Street, Banbridge 24/7 Public
80F9C34A-0825-4F99-A79E-B07900936F15 BT32 3HA Windsor Bakery, 36-38, Newry Street 24/7 Public
CD1ACEC5-7CC3-47AF-8E90-ADDA00CAF414 BT32 3HN Vivoxtra, 12, Newry Road 24/7 Public
4238B8C7-1BFC-407D-B45C-AEC2009042C5 BT32 3JY Banbridge District Council, Civic Building, 6 Downshire Road Variable Restricted
E7A2D544-E335-47FA-983B-0BD95A76DEA7 BT32 3JY Banbridge Leisure Centre, 15 Downshire Road, Ballyvally Banbridge Variable Restricted
E319B884-A76B-4F8F-A85F-ADD000FFE6CF BT32 3LA Apollo Fitness Banbridge 2017, 71 Rathfriland Street, Banbridge 24/7 Public
DBEFD02B-E15D-4D6F-889F-7CC8CBB2E764 BT32 3NB F.e Mcwilliam Gallery & Studio Tourist Information Centre Gateway Centre & Amenity Area, 200 Newry Road, Drumnahare Banbridge Variable Restricted
072149EE-F610-4E76-9F0C-AF8B017BE356 BT32 3NE Fegans Farm Shop, 232 Newry Road, Banbridge 24/7 Public
92B49211-4CBE-4700-BA39-B77D7F796BDC BT32 3NH Scarva Street Surgery, 60 Scarva Street, Bovennett Loughbrickland Variable Restricted
DD643589-EF61-490C-89BF-1D8A752598D8 BT32 3NQ Spar, 5-9 Main Street, Drumnahare Loughbrickland 24/7 Public
10080ACF-0E2A-492D-BE20-269906301B6A BT32 3QD Banbridge Enterprise Centre, 4 Scarva Road Industrial Estate, Banbridge Variable Public
63BA3E7E-A82C-4987-A705-9E0744BFB5AB BT32 3QD Alternative Heating Limited/ Kane Group Building Services, Unit 18-19 Scarva Road Industr, Edenderry Banbridge Variable Public
BD42D782-7C01-4A85-AC07-B0C100F2C110 BT32 3QD Council Depot Banbridge, Council Depot, 60 Scarva Road Variable Restricted
72574A40-20B0-4560-8BC5-AFAC00DB286A BT32 3QT Ballyvally Archers Clubhouse, Coolnacran Road, Banbridge 24/7 Public
6BEAC237-EA64-4088-AB5A-AFD000772C92 BT32 3RF Banbridge Rugby Football Club, Rifle Park, Arderys Lane Variable Restricted
3A7F5C22-9367-423E-91F7-B07A00B5A5DA BT32 3UA G&L Consultancy Ltd, 54a Huntly Road, Edenderry Variable Public
888F4578-43EE-4B15-9365-B03400B42FA9 BT32 3UE Banbridge Golf Range, 24 Ballykeel Road, Banbridge Variable Restricted
F647FB00-BA4F-4179-BAD1-B00C00C946CF BT32 3UE Green Keeper's Ballykeel Road, Ballykeel Road, Banbridge 24/7 Public
123D8E01-5123-4330-9690-AFF000D780D3 BT32 3UR Banbridge Golf Club, 116 Huntly Road, Banbridge Variable Public
ADF76C1B-5EC9-4285-B1C2-B00C00CC7154 BT32 3UR Banbridge Golf Club, 116 Huntly Road, Banbridge 24/7 Public
5EC102C5-E402-4A4A-AAD8-0EBB2F7F3C51 BT32 4AF Edenderry Primary School, 1a Lurgan Road, Banbridge Variable Public
F28D034F-D496-436F-BB3C-B01200C11490 BT32 4AX Tesco, 25 Castlewellan Road, Banbridge Variable Public
B4910EC9-551A-4838-8B94-AF8800EAF56F BT32 4AY Src Banbridge, Castlewellan Road, Banbridge 24/7 Public
9E471D41-5270-410F-A9CD-ACA900C376D6 BT32 4DJ Armagh City, Banridge & Craigavon Borough Council Cheney Park, Burnview Terrace, Banbridge Variable Restricted
C46C8374-C411-4A75-93F2-3A197DB9B45A BT32 4DW St Patricks R C Meeting House, 100 Dromore Street, Ballyvally Banbridge 24/7 Public
D44A1587-81FE-48C4-A5FC-3F3144A06C3F BT32 4EB Spar, 23 Dromore Road, Banbridge 24/7 Public
CA2651B9-2D6F-4811-99F5-B00000F015BB BT32 4EP Magherally Parish Church Hall, 44 Kilmacrew Road, Banbridge 24/7 Public
55A71B4E-A52F-4FB7-9D42-CB03233A12BC BT32 4EZ Cp Hire Ltd, 79 Halfway Road, Edenordinary Banbridge Variable Public
A6F318ED-E8B6-4587-89A7-6B7712576DE3 BT32 4JD Kids Academy, 83 Castlewellan Road, Tullyear Banbridge Variable Public
510BCCBC-7B21-4273-93ED-AFB90100F4AC BT32 4LF Tesco Banbridge Extra, The Boulevard, Banbridge Variable Public
415ABFC8-A7D7-45AC-B583-ACA900BF9CD5 BT32 4LU Havelock Park, Lurgan Road, Banbridge Variable Restricted
46B11461-F16F-43D1-894A-AD28009CC11E BT32 4LU Choice Housing, Millmount House, Millmount Court 24/7 Public
A4848BAD-A6A5-4A7A-BAB1-AFDE011A6615 BT32 5DS The Frazer Group C/O Drumnavaddy Inv Hps, 30 Cavehill Road, Annaclone 24/7 Public
6C92C70A-7FB4-459D-886B-AEBC00DAC89E BT32 5LD 38 Circular Road, Corbet 24/7 Public
6EAC4870-7C05-4ABF-A8FF-9CA339CADF09 BT32 5LS St Colman's Primary School, School, 24 Monteith Road 24/7 Public
3F39AB44-1611-4EE2-BC06-AD0901426729 BT32 5PZ Spar Bemack Ltd, 4 Katesbridge Road, Katesbridge 24/7 Public
AAA34D90-446E-4AA5-BA1C-AFDA009E3BC7 BT32 5QG Banbridge Angling Club Ltd, Aughnacloy Road, Katesbridge 24/7 Public
B3E08A04-01D3-4996-9BD1-AD7F00ABB472 BT33 0AA Newry Mourne Down District Council, Newcastle Centre, 10-14 Central Promenade Variable Restricted
45557EAD-B649-4342-9F28-ABAB00B54121 BT33 0AB Bon Bon, 6 Central Promenade, Newcastle 24/7 Public
1C392902-0EC0-4ABC-88A3-FA2629E50C54 BT33 0AD Regatta Great Outdoors, 34-36 Main Street, Ballaghbeg Newcastle 24/7 Public
4DBFA1F3-77C7-4881-95D4-51C17F36FC30 BT33 0AE Newcastle Library, 145 Main Street, Newcastle Variable Public
7DCFDEAB-5C4A-4A56-A2DF-AE2B00FD3A93 BT33 0AG 32 Downs Road, Newcastle Variable Public
A26EA1D1-80A9-4714-A7B9-AE2B0123E2FA BT33 0AG 30 Downs Road, Newcastle Variable Restricted
B6B5CFAC-A055-43B1-9904-AF6B00C705EE BT33 0AJ Newcastle (Ub), 5-7 Railway Street Newcastle, Newcastle 24/7 Public
753EA843-2E0E-411E-8A6E-AF8500E4F48C BT33 0AL Newcastle (Ub Eng), Railway Street, Newcastle 24/7 Public
0364DBC9-138E-4E68-BEE9-AEE501259E8B BT33 0AN Mourne Golf Club, Golf Links Road, Newcastle 24/7 Restricted
91BE02EC-74E3-42E4-ABA7-B08200ABECC8 BT33 0BG 19 Dundrum Road, Murlough Upper, Newcastle 24/7 Public
85E951DD-6CD1-4480-9F70-AF4A00F940D2 BT33 0DB Eurospar Newcastle, 14-16 Castlewellan Road, Newcastle 24/7 Public
B5E9320A-1C20-419A-BAC7-B0A70125A182 BT33 0EH Newcastle Fire Station, 25 Valentia Place, Newcastle 24/7 Public
16D5E579-09C7-4D8E-BB78-CB3B9D1069ED BT33 0EY Irelands Appliances, 67-69 South Promenade, Ballaghbeg Newcastle 24/7 Public
536C5C40-9028-4923-A872-AD0801444BF4 BT33 0GW Tesco Stores Ltd, 21 Castlewellan Road, Newcastle Variable Public
C6D7318E-DC57-43C5-8C4E-1172D2E50F91 BT33 0GW Tesco Stores Ltd, 21 Castlewellan Road, Murlough Newcastle 24/7 Public
4E6879C6-0325-4686-9188-DE0DE507D0F8 BT33 0HD Shimna Integrated College, 5a King Street, Ballaghbeg Newcastle Variable Restricted
51CBF1E5-8910-4A05-A4C6-1F6903838BD4 BT33 0HD Shimna Integrated College, 5a King Street, Ballaghbeg Newcastle Variable Restricted
BCC9726E-9845-4357-BDCD-ADD400A317E3 BT33 0HD The Walled Garden, 3 King Street, Newcastle Variable Restricted
22075DB4-2C2B-4A73-8BF1-E0627A4813A8 BT33 0HH Base Coffee Company, 71 Central Promenade, Ballaghbeg Newcastle 24/7 Public
2D77E2F7-7F8B-4E0A-969E-C6930A2D5141 BT33 0JY Sunnyholme Caravan Park, 33a Castlewellan Road, Tollymore Newcastle 24/7 Public
EF2BF7F6-FC21-4888-8937-B0AD00B72461 BT33 0JZ Ark Community Gardens, 2a Carrigs Road, Carnacavill Variable Public
10743AE2-9495-481A-8F57-1FAB9FAD46E1 BT33 0LN Murlough Cottage Caravan Park, 182 Dundrum Road, Murlough Newcastle Variable Public
96F4999C-28C0-4B55-AC01-387CC2DA8FB1 BT33 0LN Windsor Caravan Park, 138 Dundrum Road, Murlough Newcastle 24/7 Public
C2B230E6-8123-415F-8BD2-633414A60013 BT33 0LN Barbican Service Station, 82 Dundrum Road, Murlough Newcastle 24/7 Public
BBBB0C3A-25FB-4C70-9114-AEB500E5F171 BT33 0LU 12 Main Street, Dundrum 24/7 Public
D74F5CC5-1CD1-4BD6-AD01-B084016F09CF BT33 0LU Dundrum Gac, 33 Main Street, Dundrum 24/7 Public
68247752-3794-4E0B-A8AE-ADCE015BEF92 BT33 0LY Knockevin Early Year’s School, 46 Main Street, Dundrum Variable Restricted
8E3E3C3C-9D30-41AB-973D-ABAB00BA78C1 BT33 0PD Bonny's Carvavan Park, Newcastle Trailer Park, 82 Tullybrannigan Road 24/7 Public
1323AECF-BAF3-447D-A3E1-ACDE00F8C05E BT33 0PX 2 Hilltown Road, Bryansford, Newcastle 24/7 Public
D1B89B15-75DC-4AAF-BD27-AE7E00DC3235 BT33 0PZ Tollymore Mountain Centre, 32 Hilltown Road, Newcastle Variable Public
486CB584-DEFD-4DF8-ACEE-CEF863099D6A BT33 0QB Meelmore Lodge, 52 Trassey Road, Clonachullion Newcastle 24/7 Public
8BB0D690-347D-4062-9A5F-DDF1A6789C59 BT33 0TA 2 Alan Close, Bryansford Meadow, Newcastle 24/7 Restricted
1478EA0B-33B3-4490-8DD6-AD2800A44376 BT33 0TZ Choice Housing, Craignagore, 26 King Street 24/7 Public
0283EAB9-D934-4807-809B-AF2600C446FD BT34 1BX Translink, 10 The Mall, Newry Variable Public
AB9A0878-14FA-45EB-A550-F16719E30B73 BT34 1BY O'reillys Wholesale, 1 Ashtree Enterprise Park, Rathfriland Rd Variable Public
C3CBB777-CFEF-4418-8AB5-B0C40130318E BT34 1DD The Bridge Bar, 53-55 Lower North Street, Ballynacraig Variable Public
209C9B3F-9CC2-4FDA-9D2F-245D1C7ED58F BT34 1DG Newry City Library, 75-79 Hill Street, Newry Variable Public
56216110-76B7-4E6D-9A94-B02A00CE2487 BT34 1EE Tesco Newry Extra, 24 Downshire Rd, Carneyhough Variable Public
D4AA3FB3-F8C6-46AA-8474-AD8600C7EF39 BT34 1EE Altnaveigh House, 51 Downshire Road, Newry Variable Restricted
59F1243D-2A29-4F49-ADCC-AEE100F41565 BT34 1LD Driver & Vehicle Testing Agency, 51 Rathfriland Road, Newry Variable Public
6C61439A-3E91-48EF-89DF-AF9000CF32DD BT34 1LD Murdock Hardwood Industries Ltd, 51 Rathfriland Road, Ashtree Enterprise Park Variable Restricted
4250D146-E0B3-4C3E-9031-9E54DF189BC2 BT34 1NE Donaghmore Pres Church, 41 Corcreechy Road, Lisserboy Newry 24/7 Public
11AEA3F5-1E5C-425C-A3A0-AB7400B26A81 BT34 1QN Abbey Grammar School, 77a Ashgrove Road, Newry Variable Restricted
C4722F40-F7A4-4D9E-93EC-AB7400B00A2E BT34 1QN Abbey Grammar School, 77a Ashgrove Road, Newry 24/7 Public
88FAF0CA-DDA9-4926-8FFE-B05F0108D59C BT34 1SY Glenn John Martin Gfc, 37 Barr Hill, Newry 24/7 Public
09CD5C09-5B2A-4063-BA22-AFEE01294CFA BT34 2DL Newry Scout Hall (1st Dromore), 2 Home Avenue, Newry 24/7 Public
BC9E8BBA-A5DC-48F5-82B0-AD8100E0C50E BT34 2EG Abbey Yard Museum, 36 Abbey Yard, Newry Variable Public
BA461971-774B-4C5D-AEA0-B654A45EA6D0 BT34 2EX St Patricks Primary School, 9 Chapel Hill, Mayo Mayobridge Variable Public
1D75495A-CEFF-4DE4-B34C-8B1D2E9E033A BT34 2HE St Patricks Youth Club, 4 Old Road, Bavan Mayobridge Variable Restricted
242B2FCF-5E91-4FAE-BD0C-3DC53D52427F BT34 2HE Mayobridge G A A Club, 4b Old Road, Bavan Mayobridge 24/7 Public
304C8313-42DF-4D88-A06B-AF8800ECAC9E BT34 2QU Src Greenbank / Reception, Rampart Road, Newry Variable Public
3DA45863-85DA-4967-9ECE-AE5200D1BECC BT34 2QX Austin Trumanns Ireland Ltd, 36 Ballinacraig Way, Greenbank Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
5A4F7F73-6A11-447F-BAE8-ADF301045B2F BT34 2QX Abp Newry, Unit 1, Ballinacraig Way 24/7 Public
47E4832B-7D54-437A-8B0C-AD2800984612 BT34 3DY Choice Housing, St. Bronaghs Court, Church Street 24/7 Public
26D186AF-A749-45A9-B974-AED800C716D0 BT34 3FN Dream World Bedding Ltd, Unit 3 Milltown Industrial Estate, Greenan Road 24/7 Public
94584E54-53C6-410F-AB2A-AD2800B647C3 BT34 3HJ Choice Housing, The Rowans, Warrenpoint 24/7 Public
539870B2-1F15-4E2E-8CED-ADE500C429F1 BT34 3HN Warrenpoint Town Hall, 27a Church Street, Warrenpoint Variable Restricted
02FCFD81-E8DE-4032-90F1-B0A701236A89 BT34 3LF Warrenpoint Fire Station, 1 Meeting Street, Warrenpoint 24/7 Public
346B5EA0-23C7-4562-9DF2-E816E46AA929 BT34 3NH The Whistledown Inn & Finns Bar, 6 Seaview, Ringmackilroy Warrenpoint Variable Public
96FEB933-439C-45A8-9A24-AFBE0081E824 BT34 3PN St Mark's High School, 35 Upper Dromore Road, Warrenpoint Variable Public
75AEBE42-49C3-4B9D-8C99-AFC4015D2C43 BT34 4AA 4 The Square, Kilkeel Variable Public
1F058D36-D331-4C6A-AF6E-AE3F00BACA72 BT34 4AX Unit 8 Nautilus Centre, The Harbour, Kilkeel Variable Public
424E52F6-5F06-4FAA-ACC4-F8B050CA20BD BT34 4AX R N L I, 75 The Harbour, Kilkeel Variable Public
D51BEC8F-72A5-44D6-B353-CC3BEFF5DA81 BT34 4AX Kilkeel R B L Club Ltd, 20 The Harbour, Kilkeel 24/7 Public
2DCFE966-97A1-41D4-9C53-AE3800C013B5 BT34 4BH Kwm Wines & Spirits, 38 Greencastle Street, Kilkeel Variable Restricted
38AA7A3F-4B33-431F-9BC3-B0AC0157A1A6 BT34 4BH Kilkeel Fire Station, 53 Greencastle Street, Kilkeel 24/7 Public
F77C4D7B-3328-42FE-B4E1-AF6B00C7195A BT34 4BH Kilkeel (Ub), Greencastle Street Kilkeel, Kilkeel 24/7 Public
FBE8543E-2D57-4D0B-AA2B-AD0300E8159B BT34 4BH Spar Stores, 55 Greencastle Street, Kilkeel 24/7 Public
E39848A1-AD3B-4A31-860C-AEE600E9ACB2 BT34 4BP Kilkeel High School, Knockchree Avenue, Kilkeel Variable Public
F6EF6945-D096-44CE-8B87-AD7F00BA0998 BT34 4DB Kilkeel Leisure Centre, Mourne Esplanade, Kilkeel Variable Restricted
0DE47902-EFE4-46AD-81CE-AFD6008DD979 BT34 4DN 24 Newry Street, Kilkeel, Newry Variable Public
E9E8D1DD-AB1A-4634-AE73-E1D2D23A024E BT34 4EU St Louis Grammar School, 151 Newry Road, Dunnaman Kilkeel Variable Public
FA419F38-918E-41C9-B7FD-AC260100160B BT34 4HT 2 Attical Bog Road, Attical 24/7 Public
C86E68D3-099E-4CF7-AC8F-AE3700F643E0 BT34 4JA The Bracken Centre, 46 Ballinran Road, Kilkeel Variable Restricted
ECEF6D7E-054D-4D2C-A57F-AFAD0108348C BT34 4JA Orangefield Cultural Society, Ballinran Orange Hall, 71 Ballinran Road 24/7 Public
8BDA2472-6250-438A-92E2-B00700B24BB4 BT34 4JF Newry Street Unite Community Centre, 57 Hillside Drive, Kilkeel 24/7 Public
9DAFF3D0-5EFA-411D-A7B7-AB76012759E3 BT34 4JT Kingdom G A A Club, 10 Dunnaval Road, Kilkeel Variable Public
F076AF8A-3B42-48B9-808B-9F4E3950BB9B BT34 4JT An Riocht Gfc, 10 Dunnaval Road, Dunnaval Kilkeel Variable Public
C919EB85-F00F-41D8-880E-AE6A00EA28C1 BT34 4LB Kilkeel Golf Course (Club House), 210 Newry Road, Mourne Park 24/7 Public
4A1008BC-F758-45F6-86E1-1364E0628351 BT34 4LJ Shanlieve Holiday Park, 69a Cranfield Road, Cranfield Kilkeel 24/7 Public
FD8EE339-8F57-4813-B5B3-B0A800ED114B BT34 4LQ Chestnutt Holiday Parks, Sandilands Holiday Park, 30 Cranfield Road 24/7 Public
230EAA67-E2A4-48CD-81B7-02FC0C67A424 BT34 4LW The Beachcomber, Grange Road, Cranfield Newry 24/7 Public
DF0E4114-36DF-4BAE-A509-5D0052E004DF BT34 4NJ Spar, 74 Newcastle Road, Kilkeel 24/7 Public
907F0F0D-BB52-4C87-80ED-AD1E00EB1CE3 BT34 4PA 22 Ballymartin Village, Ballymartin 24/7 Public
A9FEC7A6-3E8A-4080-AF3F-AFC9012B7CAC BT34 4PL Ballykeel Gospel Hall, Ballykeel Road, Ballymartin 24/7 Public
ADD12855-5DE2-41D3-BBEE-AE40010A1285 BT34 4QA S Mccommell & Sons, 184 Carrigenagh Road, Kilkeel 24/7 Public
70BE3D36-F6A7-44C0-AB48-ADE200F14982 BT34 4QB Brackenagh West Primary School, 22 Church Road, Kilkeel Variable Public
804D4342-8E7A-445D-8722-AD28009AE457 BT34 4QF Choice Housing, Aughrim Court, 20-24 Mountain Road 24/7 Public
8FB26C1A-5E78-4E5D-B399-9BAA355DE5C2 BT34 4QN St Marys Rc Church, Glassdrumman Road, Annalong 24/7 Public
0B7FBC34-9BEF-4B3E-92B2-AE9901561E71 BT34 4SS Atticall Gac, 4 Sandy Brae Road, Atticall 24/7 Restricted
046CC418-C3FC-4F22-8F5E-B3E4D7EE5333 BT34 4TJ Barbican, 35 Kilkeel Road, Moneydorragh More Annalong 24/7 Public
0BE02D63-2FDC-4B2C-85D7-AD3600DDAFDC BT34 4TJ Annalong Caravan Park, Kilkeel Road, Annalong 24/7 Public
7F3C9821-A7BB-42FC-814F-ADF1013F01CF BT34 4TY 21a Moneydarragh Road Annalong, Moneydarragh Road, Annalong Variable Restricted
F5170868-E7BD-4744-B940-AE9001624EB8 BT34 4UR Ballyvea Rural Development Association, 42 Sabbath Hill Road, Ballyveamore 24/7 Public
7FA3177E-675F-494F-82D9-AEA3012EB141 BT34 4UY Longstone Community Centre, 65 Longstone Road, Annalong Variable Restricted
6AAB3D91-C77C-4D5A-A113-AE8B0173FB1F BT34 4UZ 101 Longstone Road, Annalong, Newry Variable Restricted
3CE97C4F-143A-4E51-8EB9-AEA200E6AE4A BT34 5AL 11 Newry Road, Rathfriland Variable Public
D5F5A183-E64B-47A8-9D42-AFFE0139EE93 BT34 5BQ Ryan's Presbyterian Church Hall, 57 Old Newry Road, Rathfriland 24/7 Public
553247E9-BFF5-408A-8E56-3E8EE4997D1B BT34 5DE Rathfriland Motor Club, 69 Lissize Avenue, Rathfriland 24/7 Public
7A82C3A0-70E9-40D4-8521-AFCC010DEE62 BT34 5DP St Patrick's Rc Church, Drumlough Road, Rathfriland 24/7 Public
93BD967A-D288-4E35-BC0A-AFC400D56E99 BT34 5DQ Rathfriland (Ub), 55 Downpatrick Street Newry, Newry 24/7 Public
34B8024B-14B3-4999-B003-AF60009F4EDD BT34 5DT Drumlough & Ballygorian Rural Development Association, Drumlough Orange Hall, 29 Bog Road 24/7 Public
A1F9687D-04AE-49FA-BA8D-AD3A017EABD8 BT34 5HT Dublin Road Service Station, 112 Dublin Road, Kilcoo 24/7 Public
17CBEFF0-993F-4BFF-AB14-AED600924C62 BT34 5LP Graham, 19 Fofanny Road, Kilcoo Variable Restricted
778A820D-4035-4E19-A8B9-AF4700ECBE5C BT34 5LP Fofanny Cwt, 19 Fofanny Road, Newry Variable Restricted
C395540F-A29B-4634-9A16-AE6700D0934D BT34 5LP 19 Fofanny Road, Kilcoo, Newry Variable Public
0989EFCE-26CF-481C-9561-AFD6006C1EEE BT34 5PR 15 Island Bog Road, Rathfriland 24/7 Public
2DB75C98-E0C3-4360-A464-B01D00F83275 BT34 5PS Stand To, 22 Main Street, Rathfriland 24/7 Public
197AABA7-2715-47EF-BFDD-E33F5F438115 BT34 5PZ Rathfriland 3g Pitch, 76 Newry Street, Rathfriland Variable Restricted
66D77D54-6A94-4DB6-B865-1538DB4EBDD1 BT34 5PZ Milestone Supermarket, 66 Newry Street, Kiltarriff Rathfriland 24/7 Public
76575915-DFD7-4B4C-A036-AFEB00D8E63A BT34 5PZ 2nd And 3rd Rathfriland Presbyterian Church., 3rd Rathfriland Presbyterian Church, Newry Street 24/7 Public
8462517D-D226-49D0-84DF-94E204900386 BT34 5QH Rathfriland Community Centre, 21 John Street, Kiltarriff Rathfriland Variable Restricted
F64061A2-36DC-4105-95C1-AD0B00AE693D BT34 5QH O'hares Eurospar Rathfriland, 34 John Street, Rathfriland 24/7 Public
C70EA1EF-E862-4DDB-8A57-B0A800F8E709 BT34 5QR Rathfriland Fire Station, 18 Castle Street, Ratfriland 24/7 Public
3CD56999-B654-466B-9173-FA0FE072448B BT34 5RA Cabragh Community Centre Cabra Community Centre, 130 Castlewellan Road, Kilcoo Rathfriland 24/7 Public
A9AC9D5E-5812-4D14-95CE-21076D960E27 BT34 5RH St Pauls Primary School, 35 Ballykeel Road, Ballykeel Cabra 24/7 Public
997A6A8F-87E7-4372-AD7F-AD870113416B BT34 5XS Mackins Accident Repair Centre Ltd, Mackins Accident Repair Centre Ltd 69a, Leitrim Road Hilltown, Leitrim Road Hilltown, Leitrim Road Hilltown 24/7 Public
E1FDDB02-487A-4531-B557-AC3D015D72E1 BT35 0AA Newtownhamilton Community Association, 15 The Square, Newtownhamilton 24/7 Public
A477072C-0E13-4EAC-93B2-B0A7011F841C BT35 0AB Newtownhamilton Fire Station, 35 Newry Street, Newtownhamilton 24/7 Public
EE5538C9-F4A1-4E33-9B79-AF10FB786D1A BT35 0EE Cortamlet Primary School, 19 Cortamlat Road, Altnamachin Newry 24/7 Public
37F0B38B-90ED-4BB8-92A6-B073014E6DC2 BT35 0EU A29 Service Station, 3 Armagh Road, Newtownhamilton 24/7 Public
A91BE7DC-D531-4392-990C-ADD500E0F1B9 BT35 0JG Crossmaglen & District Community First Responders, Newsagents Murray's, Skerriff Road 24/7 Public
8305FAB9-CBF8-4636-B0A1-0BB7D7636324 BT35 0LQ Crossmaglen And District First Responders, 59 Kiltybane Road, Annaghmare Cullyhanna 24/7 Public
7B0D8FFE-D1A3-417B-96E5-ADD500E0BAC9 BT35 0NA Crossmaglen & District Community First Responders, 44 Cregganduff Road, Cullyhanna 24/7 Public
4D972761-CEB2-4CD6-96D5-93482C52B177 BT35 0PB Dundalk Street Surgery, 53 Dundalk Street, Tullyvallan Newtownhamilton Variable Public
DDC3A3B9-B33C-4D75-93AE-F03490A35315 BT35 0PB Newtown Rural Community Hall, Dundalk Street, Tullyvallan Newtownhamilton 24/7 Public
0DC76CDF-3EE7-4362-9A0E-B0A70107E6CA BT35 0PF Crossmaglen Fire Station, 11 Blayney Road, Crossmaglen 24/7 Public
11332659-C262-49B8-A945-44DE49CFF973 BT35 0PZ St Patricks Primary School, 11 Tullynavall Road, Tullynavall Cullyhanna Variable Public
35FF312E-EE94-4D88-89AB-AFEE016680D8 BT35 0PZ 24 Tullynavall Road, Cullyhanna 24/7 Public
485B2734-2C3A-4A55-B135-ADD500E1413E BT35 0QJ Crossmaglen & District Community First Responders, Roxborough Road, Dorsey 24/7 Public
DA72CF18-F069-4268-BB10-AEA000D8AF02 BT35 0QJ Dorsey Emmetts G A C, 39 Roxborough Road, Dorsey (Mullaghaglass) 24/7 Public
6354DA63-1F12-4C75-BBFD-382E83105DB0 BT35 6AN St Josephs Convent Primary School, Edward Street, Lisdrumgullion Newry Variable Public
3AA2CCC5-69F6-47D6-92B8-AE2100DBF216 BT35 6AU Newry Leisure Centre, 60 Cecil Street, Newry Variable Restricted
8943744A-AC91-4787-AA1D-ACF300C38140 BT35 6AX Clanrye Electrical Supplies Ltd, 11 Upper Edward Street, Newry Variable Public
A819BDB5-6C45-4FA8-AF5A-AE4D00D1A083 BT35 6AX 10a Upper Edward Street, Newry Variable Public
DFE25253-F67A-4CE1-9A79-AFC400CFE0A0 BT35 6AX Newry Operations, 9 Upper Edward Street Newry, Newry Variable Public
279D6330-E226-4EBC-BE87-AF2700DBDAE7 BT35 6AZ Royal Mail Newry Do, 1 Clanrye Avenue, Newry, Newry Variable Restricted
759ED13C-4FFF-4234-BF6E-C6042B7ACC79 BT35 6BP First Derivatives, 3 Canal Quay, Newry Variable Public
26A3C536-DCAB-44E6-A2E8-A250FFDD277D BT35 6BW Meadowlands Surgery, Newry Health Village, Ballinlare Newry Variable Restricted
3526BB2C-40F1-4497-9B69-B5B7D5AC1358 BT35 6BW Cornmarket Surgery, Newry Health Village, Ballinlare Newry Variable Public
A1360FE9-38F3-4CF7-9782-AF8800EB0A13 BT35 6DY Src Model, Catherine Street, Newry Variable Public
29BE4A89-A65A-4142-8150-AE4400F18FF3 BT35 6EX Ballinlare Gardens, Newry Variable Public
BC92228F-4B7B-4FE1-8187-E15BCAB7AA58 BT35 6EX St Patricks Primary School, 20 Ballinlare Gardens, Lisdrumgullion Newry Variable Public
EE4392C2-E68F-4A3C-884D-ADE500C2376A BT35 6HP Newry Mourne And Down District Council, Sean Hollywood Arts Centre, 1a Bank Parade Variable Restricted
A43260FC-6FC9-4907-A087-AF3200991BAF BT35 6JW Newry, Newry Train Station, Newry 24/7 Public
2DD5B004-2667-4BA9-B65D-FFBDE62CBA99 BT35 6LN Jerrettspass Village Hall, Tandragee Road, Kilmonaghan Newry 24/7 Public
16D35E08-E980-4617-BAC8-AEBB00B3EFE0 BT35 6NF Lissummon Gfc, 13 Lesh Road, Newry 24/7 Public
94272964-C1E9-4496-89BD-AD7F00F55126 BT35 6PP St. Colman's Complex, 46 Armagh Road, Newry Variable Restricted
1207BB23-C476-430A-B54D-AFEC00BAF9D1 BT35 6PQ Screwfix, Carnbane East Industrial Estate, Newry Variable Restricted
DCCD4AB5-2250-4E6A-BE79-AE3000A90E75 BT35 6PU Shelbourne Motors Newry, 135 Armagh Road, Newry Variable Restricted
0920B4E8-0A44-4741-BE2E-AEB3006F7D00 BT35 6QQ Haldane Fisher, 7 Shepherds Way, Carnbane Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
95E00849-A9A9-40FF-894F-2A9DBDC49528 BT35 6SL 1 Tandragee Road, Brannock Poyntzpass Variable Restricted
EAA48FA6-CE4E-4165-ACF8-2704DC547EB5 BT35 6SY Spar, 20 Chapel Street, Brannock Poyntzpass 24/7 Public
BFF1558F-263D-4D39-BADC-AE220110EDCF BT35 7EE Units 2-5 Loughbrook Industrial Estate, 111 Camlough Road, Newry 24/7 Public
653987B2-B2CE-4B59-9CAD-DA95D132F4DC BT35 7JG Hughes Foodhall, Main Street, Camlough Variable Public
A4CA270C-2834-41D1-8997-EA0016EFD73C BT35 7JP The Brain Injury Foundation, 23 Newry Road, Carrickbracken Camlough 24/7 Public
4D8CDB30-C567-49F1-B4A5-9C57527F266D BT35 7QL St Brigids Primary School, 17 Carrowbane Road, Drumilly Belleek 24/7 Public
AE36C12E-26D6-4D78-9D0F-AB6D00EDC77E BT35 8AJ Benefits Agency, Social Security Office, Phoenix House Variable Public
44DE4127-5C2F-4A01-80A5-AF8800EC2B85 BT35 8DN Src Newry East 4th Floor Foyer, Patrick Street, Newry Variable Public
80A26749-6773-4C5E-A293-AF8800ECC6A2 BT35 8DN Src Newry West 3rd Floor Foyer, Patrick Street, Newry Variable Public
F61E8528-39C3-4914-899A-AF8800EAC7A5 BT35 8DN Src Newry West Reception, Patrick Street, Newry Variable Public
D2C24C8E-6929-41ED-9E3F-AF950135068E BT35 8HJ O2 Store (0230) Newry, Unit 6, Buttercrane Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
5D09ADDA-8B95-4588-BDF7-AF4200DD2E44 BT35 8JT 5b Drumintee Road, Killeavy, Newry Variable Restricted
4773FD29-4E0D-47F2-9F51-AB6C00E90C81 BT35 8LA St. Josephs Meigh Primary School, 1 Seafin Road, Killeavy 24/7 Restricted
A1F5123E-D2EE-4303-9F65-041979B4925B BT35 8QP Cloghogue Pitch And Putt Club, 113 Dublin Road, Newry 24/7 Public
6AFF9EA4-021F-4840-AA4C-AEF600B80C84 BT35 8QS Centre Management - Customer Service Desk, 5a The Quays, Newry 24/7 Public
C5FCB309-778C-452C-B0DF-AE7500C8A61B BT35 8QS Pure Gym, Unit 4a, The Quays Shopping Centre 24/7 Restricted
DB33ACD2-76CD-4D8F-BAF9-AFDB009F7F12 BT35 8QS Unit 11 Drumalane Mill, The Quays, Newry Variable Restricted
7592940E-BA1C-4214-A06F-A1551BD02A03 BT35 8QX St. Moninna Youth Club Killeavy Gac, 49 Forkhill Road, Cloghoge 24/7 Public
B7F881D7-BA7B-4239-B42B-AD4A00DB1DAE BT35 8RX Killean Primary School, 29 Killeen School Road, Newry Variable Restricted
51FFC6E7-30D6-4FED-BCC9-ADD500E07A04 BT35 9AA Crossmaglen & District Community First Responders, 1 Cardinal O'fiaich Square, Crossmaglen 24/7 Public
EF4E6599-86E3-4CC7-8916-AE51010D7860 BT35 9AQ 54 Cullaville Road, Crossmaglen Variable Restricted
C94A91B5-2CDE-455E-871B-AEC900A27B5B BT35 9BH 59 Kiltybane Rd, Crossmaglen, Cullyhanna 24/7 Public
10C1C847-38E6-400D-AAF9-ADD500E0D359 BT35 9DX Crossmaglen & District Community First Responders, Glassdrumman Road, Crossmaglen 24/7 Public
206B8C9F-A492-4BD9-85A7-7095E138D85F BT35 9HH Caseys Eurospar, 8 Newry Road, Monog Crossmaglen 24/7 Public
57EB816D-6E5A-4B94-B51A-AFF80088E396 BT35 9HH Caseys Eurospar Crossmaglen, Unit 1, 8 Newry Road 24/7 Public
FE440E3C-6600-4B9E-8FD4-AD7C011E16AF BT35 9HH Parish Of Upper Creggan, St Patrick's Church, Newry Road Variable Public
C8729590-05FD-414D-8E18-AD7400FD2D68 BT35 9HL 7 Dundalk Rd, Crossmaglen 24/7 Public
38EFE093-905E-4538-8939-ADD500E12829 BT35 9JF Crossmaglen & District Community First Responders, Culloville Community Centre, Corrasmoo Road 24/7 Public
4BB9F4C9-5CE5-49B2-9FA2-AEAD009EDCE1 BT35 9JJ Crossmaglen Community First Responders, Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service, 11 Blaney Road 24/7 Public
1311C2F0-0570-4AAC-90DF-B0C000D2B325 BT35 9NB Silverbridge Gfc Resource Centre, Silverbridge Harps Gfc, 35 New Road 24/7 Public
735436C2-2488-4692-8B32-B0C000D39043 BT35 9NB Silverbridge Gfc Top Field, Silverbridge Harps Gfc, 35 New Road 24/7 Public
1B5AA6A7-9EAA-4199-A6A3-ADB300BEDF66 BT35 9RL 100, Carrickasticken, Forkhill 24/7 Public
0E44385B-700B-4BC1-B364-AEA0014CCA62 BT35 9SH Mace Stores, 76 Main Street, Forkhill 24/7 Public
8E358AAF-6872-4103-9DDB-AEA0014B6D1D BT35 9SZ Forkhill Gac, Peadar Odoirin Park, 4 Bog Road 24/7 Public
E0EA1034-5069-4B54-8B36-AD790084F1E3 BT35 9TR 40 Maphoner Road, Mullaghbawn 24/7 Public
9873023D-237C-467D-AFBE-ABAA0139BF00 BT35 9UG Lislea Community Centre, 7 Mountain Road, Lislea 24/7 Public
A553A948-4CFA-4F27-871C-AFF9008A0415 BT36 4DL Royal Mail Northren Ireland Mc, Vehicle Services Workshop, Enterprise Way Variable Restricted
C2DA4424-4325-4927-8271-AE38009E9A41 BT36 4EW A T C Systems Ltd, 3 Enterprise Way, Newtownabbey Variable Restricted
66BAF864-63D7-402C-ADCD-AB6D00C66734 BT36 4FS Building 4 Mallusk Road, Newtownabbey Variable Restricted
C8F9ACB0-1A6D-4731-8D27-AE6A00D1027D BT36 4GN Mallusk Enterprise Park, 2 Mallusk Drive, Newtownabbey Variable Restricted
22941860-F7A1-47E4-86DB-AF3B00F97166 BT36 4HQ Royal Mail Northern Ireland Mc/Do, Enterprise Way, Newtownabbey, Newtownabbey 24/7 Restricted
F391E5A3-C94B-4ABE-80CF-AEBE00B552E0 BT36 4HQ Royal Mail, Northern Ireland Mail Centre, Enterprise Way 24/7 Public
A0B9B02E-5E8D-42D1-8656-AEF60103A36C BT36 4LA C C E A, 09/10/2023, Grange Park Variable Restricted
8B8AF162-8B02-4638-B203-B01800FB89A4 BT36 4PE Mcculla Ireland Mallusk, 1b Mckinney Road, Newtownabbey Variable Public
17DBD34D-698F-4DBA-A6C7-8A17D395D478 BT36 4PP Maxol Filling Station, 45c Mallusk Road, Grange Of Mallusk Newtownabbey 24/7 Public
D18E2072-C1F3-43F2-B417-B05800B296CE BT36 4PP Trustford - Newtownabbey - Mallusk Road, Trustford, 31 Mallusk Road Variable Restricted
188EB328-963A-428E-BD02-AD0100B2F29E BT36 4PY Hydepark Presbyterian Church, 2 Hydepark Road, Mallusk Variable Public
173B477F-B93A-4E17-9413-AE9400FD19BB BT36 4QE Mallusk Controlled Integrated Primary School, Mallusk Road, Newtownabbey Variable Restricted
D906D837-78B3-4232-B389-AB8400BFD643 BT36 4QE Mallusk Harriers, Mallusk Road, C/O Academy Sports Club Variable Restricted
EEC62F8C-6424-487A-8044-AB8400BD59BC BT36 4QE Mallusk Harriers, Mallusk Road, Academy Sports Club Variable Restricted
10790DF6-EE6F-40CF-A950-58F1CE627045 BT36 4QN City Of Belfast Playing Fields, Mallusk Road, Grange Of Mallusk Newtownabbey Variable Restricted
6A3ED863-028A-4B49-8E49-ADEC00869EEC BT36 4RG M2, Newtownabbey 24/7 Restricted
B1216E7D-40B8-43D6-88CE-AEEC01089790 BT36 4TP Gray & Adams, Houstons Corner, Newtownabbey 24/7 Restricted
D5915DCC-F18C-4D53-9303-B0BB00F1157A BT36 4TZ Breedon, 5 Blackwater Road, Mallusk Variable Restricted
DEA838CF-1491-4D15-9E19-AF6E010B41DA BT36 4WW W.hall Ltd, 1 Cloughmore Road, Hydepark Industrial Estate Variable Public
9363DD6F-47FB-414B-9D82-AEE400C84374 BT36 4YY Driver & Vehicle Agency, 2 Commercial Way, Newtownabbey Variable Public
21A5D9C9-5928-4A63-8F01-B06800CE449C BT36 5BU Antrim And Newtownabbey Crematorium, 582 Doagh Road, Newtownabbey Variable Public
037429A9-D3F0-4A2B-B40A-3672795872C9 BT36 5DB Maxol Glenabbey, 492 Antrim Road, Ballybought Newtownabbey 24/7 Public
052207FB-0111-4E7D-BBDA-756E18DCA01A BT36 5DY Progressive Building Society, 323 Antrim Road, Glengormly Newtownabbey Variable Public
92B43EBF-DEE9-464F-9665-BF10676F669A BT36 5DY Northern Ireland International Childrens Charity Appeal, 331 Antrim Road, Newtownabbey Variable Public
3C43C400-F1A8-4088-BBC5-B01200E944D1 BT36 5HH Tesco Northcott Extra, Jubilee Way, Newtownabbey Variable Public
0AC6B369-956E-4DB3-927E-AE9E00DC3375 BT36 5HP Glengormley High School, 134 Ballyclare Road, Newtownabbey Variable Public
57D273C4-DA87-44FD-A9DF-AE440095FB8E BT36 5HP Tesco Stores Ltd, Northcott Shopping Centre, Glengormley Variable Public
596FCE8C-FF41-412A-A75F-B00000CD0576 BT36 5NL Mossley Pavilion, 8 Carnmoney Road North, Newtownabbey Variable Restricted
189FCC5D-EB4C-4453-B2B2-B00C00C54CD8 BT36 5RZ Leisure Centre Reception, Ballyearl Leisure Centre, 585 Doagh Road Variable Public
CFE3E5B6-7DC0-4874-86A7-C5454F0ECB10 BT36 5US Earlview Primary School, 2 Manse Drive, Ballyhenry Newtownabbey Variable Public
3CB8F92B-908E-43A6-BB7C-B00300EFC1EC BT36 6BE The Sovereign Complex (Rathfern Social Activity Centre), 41knockenagh Ave, Newtownabbey Variable Restricted
F439B2C5-EE1B-47AF-8DCF-ADD50163759A BT36 6FA 21 Ravensdale, Newtownabbey 24/7 Restricted
F0A00109-2FDF-412B-BB27-B0A7011EBDEF BT36 6HH Glengormley Fire Station, 167 Church Road, Glengormley 24/7 Public
7FF8706B-1E94-4B8F-9426-4E5F736561A5 BT36 6HJ Glengormley Integrated Primary School, 166 Church Road, Glengormly Newtownabbey Variable Restricted
D1F44880-3798-4E84-9236-C3118E555E19 BT36 6HP Glengormley Library, 40 Carnmoney Road, Carnmoney Newtownabbey Variable Public
F1B24412-71E8-4662-81FC-B02200F11FA9 BT36 6JS Spar Carnmoney Hill, 291 Carnmoney Road, Ballyduff 24/7 Public
7A086AA9-5B53-4FE5-A730-31AEE8D8E098 BT36 6QN Spar, 76 Fairview Road, Ballyduff Newtownabbey 24/7 Public
645FDA48-A513-4426-9105-B00000D1658E BT36 6QS Forthill Drive, Ballyduff, Newtownabbey Variable Restricted
3349D82B-597C-45F7-A6BC-AB6A00EE18DE BT36 7AU 104 Hightown Road, Newtownabbey Variable Public
C6B40454-09E7-48AE-8BDB-CE657207F800 BT36 7AU 108 Hightown Road, Ballybought Newtownabbey Variable Public
E9FC502A-ACF3-48B7-99B9-AE75009A0CB0 BT36 7BS Puregym, Unit 1, Shore Road Retail Park 24/7 Restricted
5ED5342F-28F8-4E7E-B6F1-6D523C197B6F BT36 7DH Shore Road Playing Fields, Shore Road, Green Castle Belfast 24/7 Public
0D0A08F7-0083-4D2D-82A4-EF29DA28F421 BT36 7EU Spar, 95 Whitewell Road, Green Castle Newtownabbey 24/7 Public
7AE7E308-C4DB-4972-8249-B0C800D3DEB9 BT36 7GU B & Q Plc, Unit 4, Church Road Variable Public
8D236F91-9CCC-486D-B07A-B03000C4F1F7 BT36 7GU Tesco Stores Ltd, Unit 1, Church Road Variable Public
EA7BBC85-18C4-4BA4-872B-0D588A0C73FE BT36 7LJ Valley Leisure Centre, 40 Church Road, Newtownabbey 24/7 Public
0F2D91D5-E945-4AF1-A270-376E8AD1881E BT36 7LS Golift Weightlifting Club, Unit A26 Church Road, Dunanney Newtownabbey Variable Restricted
F266A7B6-31AB-46A1-A63A-EA0D49AAE084 BT36 7PN City Of Belfast Zoological Gardens, Antrim Road, Drumnadrough Belfast Variable Restricted
F3F986E6-C1E8-4E28-B4E0-ACAB00FF1486 BT36 7QT Eurospar Glenwell, Unit 1, 290 Antrim Road 24/7 Public
B699481E-AE8F-4888-BDC5-AE1A00EFA8DA BT36 7RF Glengormley Sports Bowl, Unit 5, Glenwell Road Variable Restricted
0042E9A2-836B-4C1B-B65C-AF9B00C169B3 BT36 7UA 22 Hightown Road, Glengormley, Newtownabbey Variable Public
FADC033C-3687-4601-A6B9-AE8D00D61634 BT36 7WU Tesco Express, Mayfield High Street, Newtownabbey Variable Public
CF8F5B38-A9B7-49D9-9ADC-933E72AFCD23 BT36 7XX Tramways Medical Centre Tramways Centre, 9 Farmley Road, Collinward Newtownabbey Variable Public
46AFB2CA-ADEA-4A9A-A85F-AE9200CF2E72 BT36 8QE Mallusk & District Community Support, Hydepark War Memorial Orange Hall, 106 Mallusk Rd 24/7 Public
93E89558-9C7E-4387-923F-B04600F9127A BT36 8SX Sentry Hill Community Gardens, 40 Ballycraigy Road, Newtownabbey 24/7 Restricted
4A1FF1E9-279F-4E65-96D7-8C4A0F648FFF BT37 0DH Spar Stores, 13 Kings Crescent, Croghfern Newtownabbey 24/7 Public
70F1ADC7-DB3A-4660-8B48-DF6A23A5AD1E BT37 0EY Monkstown Boxing Club, 1a Cashel Drive, Monkstown Newtownabbey Variable Public
A9C4C633-8B9D-4F43-8FD5-B00300D9D39C BT37 0EY Monkstown Jubilee Centre, 53 Cashel Drive, Newtownabbey 24/7 Public
FFF56F79-CDD8-498B-B91B-AE3601003FB3 BT37 0HS Tesco Express, 4-7 Monkstown Village Centre, Cashel Drive Variable Restricted
A988F763-C20B-41AB-92DD-AE78009AFACD BT37 0PB Jordanstown University Station, Newtownabbey 24/7 Public
1BD579F4-14C2-4EC7-B49A-AC2AB79A72AE BT37 0PY Barista Loughshore Park, Cafe, 695a Shore Road 24/7 Public
C4A31F29-39BA-4FF6-B4DB-ACF300FA5EED BT37 0QB Ulster University Sports Centre, Shore Road, Newtownabbey Variable Public
F43D3156-8C52-4602-9CC1-ACF300F6CDA4 BT37 0QB Ulster University Sports Centre, Shore Road, Newtownabbey Variable Public
DD18648D-0309-47A7-8193-AD3400E1EE49 BT37 0RU Whiteabbey Primary School, 20-30 Old Manse Road, Newtownabbey Variable Restricted
CE8F0BA2-E9A5-46AF-8502-109D30D1C79E BT37 0SL Whiteabbey Methodist Church, 566-568 Shore Road, Jordanstown Newtownabbey 24/7 Public
46B29920-2364-41E0-9445-5FE787E23F8A BT37 0ST John Henderson - Spar, 607 Shore Road, Jordanstown Newtownabbey 24/7 Public
18B64917-325B-47E0-AEE1-AEF40094E029 BT37 0TZ Newtownabbey Engineering, 71 Glenville Road, Newtownabbey 24/7 Public
B62FFE88-64FE-4670-8EFD-AF5F009FF9F3 BT37 0TZ Newtownabbey Operations, Glenville Road Newtownabbey, Newtownabbey 24/7 Public
6071FC74-63EB-4B65-A1AF-AE4500DCE2D2 BT37 0UB Nortel Athletic & Social Club, 2a Cloughfern Avenue, Croghfern Variable Public
CC8158D8-8C92-4841-A67B-ACFE00A19B31 BT37 9AF Eurospar Rathcoole, 62-70 The Diamond, Rathmullan Drive 24/7 Public
8CDC66D3-F2E1-4C13-9FC5-B788D2F55FA1 BT37 9BJ Newtownabbey Arts & Cultural Network, 24a The Diamond, White House Newtownabbey Variable Restricted
57C3B524-4539-4057-B4C5-B00000CF18E2 BT37 9DQ The Dunanney Centre, 60 Rathmullan Drive, Newtownabbey Variable Restricted
DCC5E20B-E074-4D2D-A5C0-ACE600DF71CD BT37 9NY Rathcoole Filling Station, 42 Doagh Road, Newtownabbey 24/7 Public
90DC69A5-2CED-4247-B677-AB73009B7C59 BT37 9NZ Whitehouse Primary School, 2 Doagh Road, Newtownabbey Variable Public
AD72234C-360E-4424-880F-AD3300C68983 BT37 9QN Abbots Cross Presbyterian Church, 91 Doagh Road, Newtownabbey Variable Public
0FAB90C2-3F68-4FCF-B3F6-B03100AA321F BT37 9QS Tesco Doagh Road Express, 142 Doagh Rd, Newtownabbey Variable Public
44A5916D-DDD0-45DE-9123-AFB200841A14 BT37 9QT Henderson Group - Spar, 1-5 Abbots Cross, Newtownabbey 24/7 Public
8D6718F2-6ADE-46C9-9448-AFEB00F35D09 BT37 9UL Screwfix, Unit 4 Longwood Road, Newtownabbey Variable Public
1698DF00-861D-441B-B5DD-B00D009B67D3 BT38 7AE War Memorial Hall, First Presbyterian Church, 42 North Street 24/7 Public
B11A076F-543B-4507-B362-B0AC01566820 BT38 7AE Carrickfergus Fire Station, 40 North Street, Carrickfergus 24/7 Public
5C4D4C30-85B6-4D13-B224-574A13AE39A8 BT38 7BG Mid & East Antrim Borough Council, Carrickfergus Castle, Marine Highway Variable Restricted
A61E0848-6F41-4A05-ACC2-06385142E416 BT38 7DQ Carrickfergus Library, Carrickfergus Variable Public
D9E1C7BB-38CB-4E90-9888-AF8F00C6E624 BT38 7DT Royal Oak, 14 Green Street, Carrickfergus 24/7 Public
7726712C-FB3C-4DD1-ADF8-B04500F7535C BT38 7HT Health Centre, Carrickfergus Health Centre, 1 Taylors Avenue 24/7 Public
CD516D52-48A4-41B4-AA43-E82BFC968EBA BT38 7JE Eurospar, 17 Victoria Road, Carrickfergus 24/7 Public
2A7C33BF-080E-470E-8428-75C918572F2D BT38 7JL Acorn Integrated Primary School, 110 Victoria Road, Carrickfergus Variable Public
09C51EBE-5F58-4F80-87D7-5A2C3AC53D6F BT38 7JP 133 Victoria Road, Carrickfergus 24/7 Public
F78DAE5A-3A41-440E-8535-B0530097FB11 BT38 7NA St Colman's Church (C Of I), 82a Larne Road, Carrickfergus 24/7 Public
90E94EDE-74ED-46D5-BE74-ADE300D4B611 BT38 7NN 157 Larne Road, Carrickfergus 24/7 Public
829800AB-A336-46CA-85B9-3340BC1B4DE5 BT38 7NU N K Fencing Ltd, 40 Trailcock Road, Carrickfergus Variable Public
50F9437E-AE7E-4F9A-A94D-B07400C20C8E BT38 7PR Kilroot Business Park, Unit 1, Kilroot Business Park 24/7 Public
FBC99E57-C5EB-4EB1-821B-AF4300E7D06D BT38 7PR Ppg, 16d-16f Kilroot Business Park, Larne Road Variable Restricted
3AD33031-E79E-4D35-865C-B0960133673B BT38 7PS 214-218 Larne Road, Carrickfergus 24/7 Public
7470B14B-3740-4D88-8574-AFFC00B24ACD BT38 7UY 2 Kilcreggan, Carrickfergus Variable Public
5DA700D4-C36B-4D64-BB4A-5E79E05C0DA7 BT38 8AT Ymca, 30-34 Irish Quarter West, Carrickfergus 24/7 Public
0215B155-1BCE-428D-BFBE-AE3600E63A99 BT38 8AU Tesco Extra, Minorca Place, 0 Variable Public
95CF7A68-5C0B-46AD-806D-68DBD2D1E71F BT38 8BE West Gate Bridge Marina Access Gate, Rodgers Quay, Carrickfergus 24/7 Public
D7F6881D-C811-4E5A-A95F-AE1D00EB0C53 BT38 8BE Premier Inn Carrickfergus, Alexandra Pier, Rodgers Quay 24/7 Restricted
E7C2F81D-011C-4901-9932-D23E7517FAD6 BT38 8BE (T S Warrior) Carrickfergus Sea Cadets, Quayside, Carrickfergus 24/7 Public
64F36597-EB6E-4D12-963E-B000E163113C BT38 8BJ Quayside, Carrickfergus Variable Public
1C9F553C-1018-431E-9B50-7E8CD65F91A0 BT38 8BX Henderson Group Store, 75 Belfast Road, Carrickfergus 24/7 Public
99881356-7534-4D5A-858A-AD2800AD2498 BT38 8FY Choice Housing, Castlerocklands Office, Carrickfergus 24/7 Public
C738C2FB-21FE-4D2B-9F54-148CBF18AB0E BT38 8HQ Carrickfergus Rugby Club, Woodburn Road, Carrickfergus Variable Restricted
FFA8E41B-03D1-4ACE-8B1D-AF2400C84B3B BT38 8JA Carrickfergus, Carrickfergus Train Station, Carrickfergus 24/7 Public
B5F84A1B-2544-42E6-9480-AF0800A2EBF7 BT38 8JG Bridewell Drive, Carrickfergus Variable Restricted
362664A6-C927-448F-8BA0-AE4E00CCCEAD BT38 8LL Glasgow Rangers Supporters Club, 4 Shaftesbury Drive, Carrickfergus Variable Public
A533D053-C1EF-4CB2-B177-AE6000CD39C4 BT38 8PH Carrickfergus Industrial Centre, Belfast Road, Carrickfergus Variable Public
32B77084-D6C9-4A1A-A99E-AED300BCE165 BT38 8RH Greenisland Service Station, 15 Upper Road, Greenisland 24/7 Public
A097B61B-4F7B-420F-A9CE-B0460145C824 BT38 8RH Greenisland War Memorial Sports Club, 63 Upper Road, Greenisland 24/7 Public
C9D3B6E4-FA67-4C91-80D7-EB81C1B26F48 BT38 8RH Greenisland War Memorial Sports Club, 63 Upper Road, Greenisland Carrickfergus Variable Restricted
0247ED10-E5AE-4F84-8403-AEDF00D872A5 BT38 8RP Knockagh Lodge, 236 Upper Road, Greenisland 24/7 Public
7ABF93E6-1AD8-405B-B5D2-ACDE009FE46D BT38 8TE Mid And East Antrim Borough Council, Greenisland Community Centre, 15a Glassillan Grove 24/7 Public
D608EC5E-028B-43F4-AD02-AD280097C323 BT38 8TN Choice Housing, Knockagh Court, Greenisland 24/7 Public
CFC3E4C4-4FAC-42C3-9E3A-AD9100C0FE54 BT38 8UN Vivo Essential's Greenisland, 133a Station Road, Greenisland 24/7 Public
B5CF43D5-AE79-415E-B18B-AEF70157B7F1 BT38 9DJ 54 Liberty Road, Carrickfergus Variable Restricted
5EA6D677-4217-4513-9F85-958587859269 BT38 9DN Carrick Milestone Service Station, 26-28 Middle Road, Carrickfergus 24/7 Public
8A5BF81D-9EEE-4151-AD0E-C73A9BF89542 BT38 9HE Ballycarry Presbyterian Church, 60 Hillhead Road, Ballycarry 24/7 Public
ACF5CE00-23DF-4838-A8FC-AD8E00C2AD67 BT38 9HH 46 Main Street, Ballycarry 24/7 Public
0CD53634-F46B-4A81-9A2F-AECA00F5E41B BT38 9NA Railway Preservation Society Of Ireland, Whitehead Railway Museum, Castleview Road, Castleview Road, Castleview Road 24/7 Public
63D9302D-2DD6-49B7-9644-873A8EA1E3FB BT38 9NA 1a Castleview Road, Whitehead 24/7 Public
E5DD2630-C1D3-4874-ABE7-AD28009984B1 BT38 9PS Choice Housing, Victoria Court, 9 Victoria Avenue 24/7 Public
97099708-6D47-4592-BA3A-AE2800EE7323 BT38 9PT Whitehead Community Association Ltd, 19 King's Road, Whitehead 24/7 Public
8708D367-E698-4F12-AB0B-D4B32D9A94EF BT38 9QN Glasgow Rangers Supporters Club, 40 Marine Parade, Castletown Whitehead 24/7 Public
FBA2FD29-0D23-45ED-A1A9-8A122E102A08 BT38 9QQ Whitehead Congregational Church, 33 Chester Avenue, Castletown Whitehead 24/7 Public
432784E7-AB74-4EAA-AE31-AF2400C85382 BT38 9QR Whitehead, Whitehead, Carrickfergus, Carrickfergus 24/7 Public
5A4FA4EF-C7B0-4939-92C8-B0A7011E9753 BT38 9QW Whithead Fire Station, Marine Avenue, Whitehead 24/7 Public
EB765935-7872-471D-90C7-9E47CB90981B BT39 0AQ Templepatrick Primary School, 5 Lylehill Road, Templepatrick Variable Public
9F75B2BA-A777-412E-8733-3DA23C640A91 BT39 0AT 954 Antrim Road, Templepatrick 24/7 Public
972085CD-71FB-40D1-A732-C07DDF2B79A3 BT39 0BX Laurelview Equestrian Centre, 18 Knowehead Road, Templepatrick Variable Public
78B15439-E409-46EB-AC6D-194D5C59B501 BT39 0DD Hilton Hotel Hilton Templepatrick, 10 Paradise Walk, Templepatrick 24/7 Public
96B9D8A7-53E6-414B-B774-AF3900CAFF23 BT39 0DG First Donegore Presbyterian Church, 30 Main Street, Parkgate Variable Restricted
C4F789EB-E337-4D30-A48D-03790E1ACF14 BT39 0DG Spar, 5 Main Street, Parkgate 24/7 Public
5D6344CF-DBF6-4B5E-9D47-AFD800E63E96 BT39 0PP Parkview Hockey Club, Rectory Road, Doagh Variable Public
9422BE41-5682-47B0-980B-FD12A07190FC BT39 0SH Burnside Tavern, 16 Burnside Road, Kilbride Ballyclare 24/7 Public
66F5FAFF-37E4-4931-A60F-B02700A74432 BT39 0SQ Kilbride Central Primary School, 56 Moyra Road, Doagh 24/7 Public
10982E32-671F-41B5-A597-B0AC015649C6 BT39 9AG Ballyclare Fire Station, Ballynure Road, Ballyclare 24/7 Public
CC334EC5-87D2-4B4C-BB47-ADDC00D8BC0F BT39 9AG Clare Veterinary Group, 75 Ballynure Road, Ballyclare 24/7 Restricted
1E1DC44A-82C3-42E5-B537-3A69B41DBBD3 BT39 9BE School Street, Ballyclare Variable Public
3049FECE-2997-4528-9D94-BF4D8639B135 BT39 9BG Ballyclare Presbyterian Church, Doagh Road, Ballyclare Variable Restricted
BB4D02FC-61F3-495E-A584-B0C800F1EB44 BT39 9BG Ballyclare Secondary School, 19 Doagh Road, Ballyclare Variable Public
E7711766-7BD5-48C8-A7FB-AE4000F441FD BT39 9BQ Antrim And Newtownabbey Borough Council, Ballyclare Playing Fields, Foundry Lane Variable Public
6277BB6C-64C3-43EA-A8C1-85FD987737E3 BT39 9DF Hamilton Private Nursing Home, 168 Ballycorr Road, Ballycor Ballyclare 24/7 Restricted
51CE2378-3782-4FAD-9A1C-AF71008CB828 BT39 9DY Ballyclare (Ub), 10a Mill Road, Ballyclare Variable Public
A416330F-C0B7-49E3-84FB-AF0A00DF566E BT39 9EA Sixmilewater River Park, Six Mile Park, Ballyclare 24/7 Public
15251ED8-EBB4-41F0-A16B-AE68010656F2 BT39 9EB Unit 32 Dennison Industrial Estate, Avondale Drive, Ballyclare Variable Public
43BBB315-BF4A-4F7D-865F-B09E008FD460 BT39 9EB Unit 13 Dennison Industrial Estate, Avondale Drive, Ballyclare Variable Restricted
7FFFFA15-6AB0-412A-A7BE-AF34017946B0 BT39 9JW Ballyclare Golf Club, 25 Springvale Road, Ballyclare 24/7 Public
F5FEF019-17F1-4F40-88F9-AE5300BFB88E BT39 9NE Straid Orange Hall, 24 Main Street, Straid 24/7 Public
0264AB05-14D2-481B-8DF4-AEDA00CEF342 BT39 9RQ 85 Templepatrick Road, Doagh Variable Restricted
7506EB62-136E-46EB-ACC0-023D897DF594 BT39 9RQ Spar Stores, 91 Templepatrick Road, Doagh Ballyclare 24/7 Public
B49254C1-11BA-47BF-9193-65187AE77603 BT39 9RT Greenacres Golf Centre, 155 Ballyrobert Road, Lisnalinchy Ballyclare Variable Public
75BEDCB2-B949-49E4-B8E0-ACFE00C6F485 BT39 9RX Vivo Ballyrobert, Ballyrobert Cash Stores, 47 Mossley Road 24/7 Public
1E9523E0-5F67-43FC-853D-01574BAA57A9 BT39 9SH Finlay Poultry, 7 Ballyeaston Village, Ballyeaston Ballyclare 24/7 Public
5186C8F9-9070-4B71-AD7D-AEBA0154BCD3 BT39 9SR 101 Braepark Road, Ballyclare 24/7 Public
5F42303A-58A0-4008-9D0B-0BCC6417763C BT39 9TU Jackson’s Butchers And Coffee Shop, Main Street, Ballynure 24/7 Public
64EB4676-A07B-431C-8C1F-050AE5443510 BT39 9UA The Mace Garage, 3 Larne Road, Ballynure Ballyclare Variable Public
26E789BA-D916-4427-A07C-146FC44B1BEF BT39 9YU Sixmile Leisure Centre Newtownabbey Borough Council, Ballynure Road, Ballyclare Variable Restricted
4C626CA9-2AE6-4E22-85C8-CE260A599072 BT39 9YU Sixmile Leisure Centre Newtownabbey Borough Council, Ballynure Road, Ballyclare Variable Public
D9710947-521B-4CE5-A98E-AE70006C0186 BT4 1AF Skainos Centre, 239 - 241 Newtownards Road, Belfast Variable Public
FF6F0140-A7D3-46AA-AC9F-B02F00B6040C BT4 1AF 239g Newtownards Road, Belfast Variable Public
031325B3-0721-47B4-A2ED-AC6300C97EFD BT4 1AG Probation Board For N I, 297 Newtownards Road, Belfast Variable Public
8BDEC96E-355A-41C2-AB95-4D603CA132F9 BT4 1BP 1a Fraser Pass, Ballymacarret Belfast 24/7 Public
88B8DF47-F274-4AC1-9CE8-AD37010C2794 BT4 1EX The Larder, St Christophers, Mersey St 24/7 Public
23A98F5C-560F-4517-A04A-AD2700CCB04F BT4 1GP Choice Housing, Medway Court, Medway Street 24/7 Public
6D68B523-8226-4488-9203-B09800DFD93B BT4 1HH East Side Visitors Centre, 402 Newtownards Road, Ballymacarret 24/7 Public
B3A3AA7F-3FB0-4F90-AB5B-A264A3006000 BT4 1LL Victoria Park Bowling Pavilion, Park Avenue, Victoria Park Belfast 24/7 Public
18205A81-3726-4FFF-B722-B09200BB6094 BT4 1NS Arches Wellbeing And Treatment Centre, 1 Westminster Ave N, Belfast 24/7 Public
3A7E8BDE-462F-4788-8E41-44F81423499F BT4 1NS The Arches Centre - Lewis Square Practice, 1 Westminster Avenue North, Ballyhackamore Belfast Variable Public
24800FE1-3514-4ED6-834B-6A5A07740088 BT4 1NT Holywood Arches Library, 4-12 Holywood Road, Ballyhackamore Belfast Variable Public
9998A289-49E8-4CA6-800F-34A273A9FD3A BT4 1PD Spar Shop, 220-230 Holywood Road, Strandtown Belfast 24/7 Public
AF4E1E60-EA52-4917-96DD-AB6B00C2B4E2 BT4 1QQ The Arches Centre, 1 Westminster Avenue North, Belfast Variable Restricted
3F5BC988-5F1A-45E9-857E-AF8200BAE88E BT4 1SJ Aircraft Park, Short Brothers Recreation Club, 366a Holywood Road 24/7 Public
C8685762-43AB-4E60-931B-455C8574CF46 BT4 1SJ Belfast City Council, Blanchflower Football Grounds, 358 Holywood Road Variable Public
D98D8A76-B617-4BDC-A46B-AD26010CD3B2 BT4 1SP Choice Housing, Strand Court, Holywood Road 24/7 Public
3C927C02-654B-4DC2-AFE6-AD2700CDEC7C BT4 1SR Choice Housing, Tamar Court, 12-22 Tamar Court 24/7 Public
A5FD6539-C60E-4C8D-81F6-AE36012536C2 BT4 2AA Tesco Express Belmont Road, 1-5 Belmont Road, Belfast Variable Public
59FF16B3-399C-4C90-A454-AF2300F443D4 BT4 2AU Strathearn School, 188 Belmont Road, Belfast Variable Restricted
0A7EB621-C3AA-445B-8B90-AEEF00E1DBD9 BT4 2DT Alastair Coey Architects Ltd, Belmont Gate Lodge, 96 Sydenham Avenue Variable Restricted
1665874D-08BC-4A1D-BF18-AECA007897A1 BT4 2GD C I Y M S Sports & Leisure, 91 Circular Road, Belfast Variable Restricted
3BAB862B-3F74-4897-9A6D-B09900C4BCDB BT4 2GD C I Y M S Sports & Leisure, 91 Circular Road, Ballymisert Variable Restricted
C594EBBC-20CD-4C8C-A72C-AC7100BDA7D6 BT4 2JT Massey Gate Lodge, 35 Massey Avenue, Belfast 24/7 Public
4C8BFF3B-FFB7-40D4-B9D5-039C656FEB43 BT4 2LY Ashfield Girls High School, 397 Holywood Road, Ballymisert Belfast Variable Public
5B866F64-E231-48E7-B06D-AB7D00C44312 BT4 2LY Ashfield Boys High School, Holywood Road, Belfast Variable Public
DDE2C90D-0485-4402-AFFA-AB7C00C3D30B BT4 2LY Ashfield Boys High School, Holywood Road, Belfast Variable Restricted
55296ED0-A82B-4272-BF30-B0C400BC6A35 BT4 2ND Campbell College Junior School, Belmont Road, Belfast Variable Public
CA8BF832-625C-48C6-9BB1-AFDB010049BF BT4 2PW Tesco, Tesco 24hr Store, Knocknagoney Road 24/7 Public
D0214D04-B70D-4110-8E36-CDB5418D7EB5 BT4 3DX Ballyhackamore Library, 1-3 Eastleigh Drive, Strandtown Belfast Variable Public
803BAA3E-15B9-449F-950F-B0A7011FA379 BT4 3ET Knock Fire Station, Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
6C57F7EE-95BD-4E35-A8E6-AFF0010D2460 BT4 3EU Tesco, 288-292 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast Variable Public
B5F32658-75E3-4C01-AB33-606EAA213463 BT4 3EU Ballyhackamore Service Station, 276 Upper Newtownards Road, Ballyhackamore Belfast 24/7 Public
C061C749-E20F-4FF4-BD5F-AE0700C767E7 BT4 3HH Stormont Presbyterian Church, 618 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
95A54981-0DB3-4A9E-B4BE-AF9300C0A844 BT4 3HN Radius Housing, 1 Dean Crooks Fold, 165 Upper N'ards Road 24/7 Public
9AA9F319-F516-43BF-ABB8-AC7100E984E0 BT4 3HT Stoney Road Security Post, Stoney Road, Stormont Estate Variable Public
9C41084A-FD3D-4E90-BF99-AD2800992BC6 BT4 3LD Choice Housing, Cabin Hill Court, Upper Newtownards Road 24/7 Public
6F27E251-357F-4AD4-A34A-ACF400AA6264 BT4 3SH Massey House, Stormont Estate, Belfast Variable Restricted
36671082-C354-4AB0-BB0C-ACF400CA27AF BT4 3SJ Department Of Justice, Block B, Castle Buildings Variable Restricted
E6741B68-AD7E-4725-BE07-D27F9B1FC01A BT4 3SJ Northern Ireland Office Knockview Buildings, Stormont Estate, Ballymiscaw Belfast Variable Restricted
50F36020-3F70-4A7D-8FC4-AB7400B78BAD BT4 3SQ Department For Infrastructure, Castle Buildings, Stormont Variable Public
3DA5293C-F82A-4275-B28B-AD3400FB2135 BT4 3SR Department Of Health N.i. Civil Service, Castle Buildings, Upper Newtownards Road 24/7 Restricted
1C9F193B-4E19-4DFD-AD12-AC7F00FF6BF1 BT4 3ST Stormont Estate Management Unit, Prince Of Wales Security, Stormont Estate 24/7 Public
3BBC63B8-C44D-40A6-93CD-AC7F01021A4F BT4 3ST Stormont Estate Playpark, Stormont Estate, Upper Newtownards Road Variable Public
5064F6F2-65A4-4A7C-AA2A-AC7F00FD6BBD BT4 3ST Pow Public Toilets, Stormont Estate, Upper Newtownards Road 24/7 Public
CD7F4AC8-9B39-4C7E-BF6E-AC7F00FB0154 BT4 3ST Stormont Estate Management Unit, Reception, Stormont Estate Variable Restricted
3D2EF63C-B1B8-49EE-9224-AB43AB21F0FA BT4 3SX Dept Of Finance And Personnel Craigantlet Buildings, Stoney Road, Ballymiscaw Belfast 24/7 Restricted
A0278175-7202-48FE-BB5E-AB76010B6D26 BT4 3SX Department Of Finance, Craigantlet Buildings, Stoney Road 24/7 Restricted
24FC3D9D-24B9-4087-BED1-B07401613ED5 BT40 1AB Larne Promenade (Close To The Prom Cafe Steps), Larne Leisure Centre, 28-30 Tower Road 24/7 Public
8BD0FF65-D457-42B6-9CF8-AF8A01064D24 BT40 1AS Larne Rnli, 13 Olderfleet Road, Larne 24/7 Public
6399FD49-47C3-4F78-887B-EB323F073CF8 BT40 1AU East Antrim Boat Club, 88 Coastguard Road, Curran Larne Variable Public
C5310A1B-E757-4623-A1C2-AFAD01527C9A BT40 1AU East Antrim Boat Club, 88 Coastguard Road, Larne Variable Restricted
41FFCBDE-8071-4B29-B710-AB6D01037F4B BT40 1AW Larne Harbour, 42 Larne Harbour, Larne 24/7 Public
400BA14E-F324-44D3-A477-B0BB00D3842F BT40 1BS Harbour Bears Pre School, Curran Bowling Pavillion, Curran Road Variable Public
D3939995-D6F4-4290-919D-AD2800BABE97 BT40 1DW Choice Housing, Mcneill Court, 1 Main Street 24/7 Public
8D0CAF54-AB11-403E-9FC0-5CB90856D973 BT40 1DZ Larne Tennis & Bowling Club, 112-120 Glenarm Road, Curran Larne Variable Restricted
E9D65661-4AAB-4210-93B5-ABE0009A8E56 BT40 1DZ 100 Glenarm Road, Larne 24/7 Public
47214608-9540-48D9-B171-B07B00F47197 BT40 1FF Terumo Bct - Harbour Larne, Terumo Bct Ltd, 3 Redlands Crescent Variable Restricted
97737F3B-C7C0-4B9C-9BD2-B04300C61719 BT40 1HU The Royal British Legion, 26a Point Street, Larne 24/7 Public
7141A8C2-86DC-4864-B319-AF1000BB7842 BT40 1HW Larne (Ub Eng), 58 Circular Road, Larne 24/7 Public
937B1382-4608-4685-A02E-AF71008CC002 BT40 1HW Larne (Ub), 58 Circular Road, Larne, Larne 24/7 Public
22675B6C-5928-4166-8473-AF8200F0C9F4 BT40 1NS Moyle Primary School, 18 Sallagh Park, Larne 24/7 Public
DB3A4762-7DCE-4409-BE22-94C8FDA3765D BT40 1NT Larne High School, 20 Sallagh Park, Larne Variable Restricted
A97F73C9-B74B-4C0F-AA58-34A7CE18855D BT40 1PU Roddensvale Special School, 68 The Roddens, Larne Variable Public
BCD3D286-5E35-431D-8ED0-ADE201059736 BT40 1QS Dixon Park, 59 Bryan Street, Larne Variable Public
7E75166B-2647-4E76-BA28-2637C85BE63D BT40 1RF St Macnissis School, 23 Agnew Street, Larne Variable Restricted
9B522D84-399C-4458-995C-B0AC0157FC53 BT40 1RF Larne Fire Station, 4 Agnew Street, Larne 24/7 Public
2C316E5F-9DA7-4D4B-BF7F-3665A162D021 BT40 1RG Just Active Gym, 120-122 Main Street, Larne Variable Public
414A3E02-0F14-4817-A983-AEA200E211B9 BT40 1SB Jobs & Benefits Office, Crown Buildings, 59 Pound Street 24/7 Public
4D6D1BC9-BA6F-4841-A557-AD2800BB20A3 BT40 1SJ Choice Housing, Pound Green Court, Larne 24/7 Public
159339F5-A753-4E63-A127-AE3C00BB06A8 BT40 1SP Tesco Express, 32 Main St, 0 Variable Public
29C7B46C-B2A3-4286-A74A-42F1BC9FD51B BT40 1SQ Larne Library, 36 Pound Street, Larne Variable Public
B0106F41-AC29-458C-A3E7-AB74016C7C0C BT40 1SQ 34a Pound Street, Larne Variable Restricted
3278E4F4-E706-41C3-9023-0E5C373C5AA4 BT40 1TS Spar - Unit 1, 174 Old Glenarm Road, Blackcave Larne 24/7 Public
95B9FFA8-23B6-44D5-A6FB-AF2400C85FCF BT40 1UR Larne, Glynnview Avenue, Larne 24/7 Public
9C1FA853-EE41-4ACD-BFE2-AFB700C408F1 BT40 2AL Spar Craigyhill, 198 Linn Road, Larne 24/7 Public
10B6CAE8-468C-4C75-A4C8-ACF7016C66D9 BT40 2AS Parish Of Kilwaughter And Cairncastle With All Saints, All Saints Church Of Ireland, 130 Linn Road Variable Restricted
D15426EC-87F1-4706-8FFB-AECF008FD6A5 BT40 2BT Spar Linn Road, 16 Linn Road, Larne 24/7 Public
DB537527-5438-4041-8520-C148FEC23035 BT40 2DT Larne Tech Old Boys Club House, 8 Upper Cairncastle Road, Larne Variable Public
52EBBA25-B24C-4053-BB10-7F71EC779992 BT40 2HT Linn Primary School, 70-74 Killyglen Road, Larne Variable Public
6B8738D5-3238-4CF2-B952-46DD7B50FC42 BT40 2NG 98 Ballymullock Road, Cairncastle, Larne Variable Restricted
BE9D43F1-BB64-4F07-89FA-2B6AF6DB4073 BT40 2PF Millbrook Community Centre, 59a Drumahoe Road, Millbrook Larne 24/7 Public
535CA9B5-93DF-4BAB-A8EF-A20B799271A1 BT40 2PH Spar / Kilwaughter Filling Station, 44 Belfast Road, Lealies Larne 24/7 Public
88536E56-010C-4EAD-84D1-AF3B00BD4DAC BT40 2QG Cairndhu Golf Club Ltd, 192 Coast Road, Ballygalley Variable Public
DD2EF5F1-5962-4ECB-831F-F8D09431124C BT40 2QG Carnfunnock Country Park, 182a Coast Road, Ballygalley 24/7 Public
13CCC414-C7FB-4ED0-9878-E8641FD1BB2B BT40 2QX Bcda Hall, 262 Coast Road, Ballygalley 24/7 Public
672CD45B-CC82-43E3-974D-AEAD00AA2C19 BT40 2QZ Mid And East Antrim Borough Council, 182a Coast Road Ballygalley, Ballygalley 24/7 Public
FFF6CDD7-48BA-4B87-A030-AF3C00A8B87F BT40 2SF Unit A6, 2 Willowbank Road, Willowbank Business Park Variable Restricted
67F418C5-B589-467D-BC83-B07B008E721F BT40 2SH Terumo Bct - Milbrook, Terumo Bct Ltd,, Old Belfast Road Variable Public
DC17671A-0D4A-4E7C-B59C-B07A00B7C185 BT40 2SH Terumo Bct - Milbrook, Terumo Bct Ltd, Old Belfast Road Variable Restricted
CC421E2B-F7ED-4426-B5E6-AEE100D49041 BT40 2SY Driver & Vehicle Testing Agency, Unit 1 Driving Test And Psv Centre, 2 Ballyboley Road Variable Public
E6C10CAC-8508-4FAF-A749-AC1D00F13B76 BT40 3AB Road Trucks Ltd, 1 Circular Road, Larne Variable Public
FF218B0D-965B-4027-9C5A-AF2700C0A1B4 BT40 3AB Macblair Larne, 52 Circular Road, Larne 24/7 Public
B65BD20E-C3EB-4BB6-B40B-F3019CF2E736 BT40 3BW Larne Football Club, Inver Road, Inver Larne Variable Restricted
5418CF81-E843-490B-B5E5-AD5800C575FE BT40 3DX Billy Andys, 66 Browndod Road, Larne 24/7 Public
EDBD1C33-AD33-4D20-B681-ADA600B15A1F BT40 3HW Magheramorne House, 59 Shore Road, Magheramorne 24/7 Public
B89443E7-433E-49A4-B03D-AF57011F1954 BT40 3HZ Magheramorne Presbyterian Church, 29 Ballylig Road, Magheramorne 24/7 Public
B8468FD8-5E35-4F02-B305-AB9900CB2800 BT40 3LE Dairyside Stores Ltd, 1 Waterfall Road, Larne 24/7 Public
1CB8FB5D-9E86-4C12-8EFC-C197728011C0 BT40 3RJ Aed Millbay Road, Millbay Road, Islandmagee Larne 24/7 Public
3B922F25-4578-4188-AC6D-66D67B07EB48 BT40 3RX 14 Browns Bay Road, Islandmagee, Larne 24/7 Public
82864647-F53B-4202-A757-1CFA95531D73 BT40 3SH Spar, 2-8 Ballystrudder Road, Islandmagee Larne 24/7 Public
A355D1FA-186D-454F-880F-7CFECF0F8C53 BT40 3SL Rinkha, 55 Middle Road, Islandmagee Larne 24/7 Public
936C2C68-B21B-4228-A4FB-3CAD2105488A BT40 3SX Gobbins Visitor Centre, 70 Middle Road, Islandmagee Larne Variable Public
6EC91208-BCD2-475E-B91B-AD17010495E5 BT40 3TT 32 Mullaghboy Road, Islandmagee, Larne 24/7 Public
1656CBB6-31B8-4FF0-8C6B-AE6300DC6646 BT40 3TW Portmuck Harbour Carpark, Portmuck Road, Larne 24/7 Public
2F68DF08-4FEA-416F-9CF1-AEDC1A5DE5C7 BT40 3TY Gobbins Cliff Access Path (Bottom), Gobbins Road, Islandmagee Larne Variable Public
52B727E4-7EE2-4827-BBD0-A9B26379AA92 BT40 3TY Gobbins Cliff Access Path (Top), Gobbins Road, Islandmagee Larne 24/7 Public
A3D3042A-4AD0-44C7-B0AB-ADEB009E89E5 BT41 1AB Interfrigo Ltd, Unit 12, Steeple Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
0C61D8C6-C447-44CA-A0D8-D216F7BBACAD BT41 1AF Education Authority (N.e Region), Antrim Grammar School, 10 Steeple Road Variable Restricted
5CD1ABF5-217F-40AB-AC1F-D4F37C77031B BT41 1AF Education Authority (N.e Region), Antrim Grammar School, 10 Steeple Road Variable Restricted
67C5E391-4624-492F-A3B0-ADCC00E9DA5F BT41 1AF Training Solutions Ni Limited, 4a Steeple Road, Antrim Variable Public
9E7154AC-9707-4026-A23D-C024E7644CCB BT41 1AF Education Authority (N.e Region), Antrim Grammar School, 10 Steeple Road Variable Restricted
F4C14D65-3A9B-46CF-8862-AE5501024B39 BT41 1AF Parkhall Integrated College, 12 Steeple Road, Antrim 24/7 Public
FB426E95-3D68-4E33-99F1-AB6D00FFABCD BT41 1AF Education Authority (N.e Region), Antrim Grammar School, 10 Steeple Road Variable Restricted
D66F736A-634C-43A5-A4C1-AF2400C86FAE BT41 1AH Antrim, Antrim Railway Station, Antrim 24/7 Public
7D4EAE68-7EC3-472C-85FD-84DD42FF911D BT41 1JW Spar Stores Greystone Shopping Mall - Unit 7, Greystone Road, Ballycraigy Antrim 24/7 Public
C44AAF4A-ECF6-421D-BD05-53DE9D41B496 BT41 1JZ St Josephs Primary School, 54 Greystone Road, Ballycraigy Antrim Variable Public
5B489C5A-1DCE-4A3A-A563-AD2800B99567 BT41 1LW Choice Housing, 205a Rathkyle, Antrim 24/7 Public
F3B2DE8C-9A81-4633-8E9D-B059010B6C23 BT41 1QS The Technology Park, Antrim 24/7 Public
AE9F3AB2-B776-41FC-B6CA-2B5E4BD834A5 BT41 2AE St Macnissis Parish Centre, Station Road, Ballygrooby 24/7 Public
50CE4D76-6F28-426A-BDC5-CA7EFFE59112 BT41 2BA Centra Islandbawn, 128 Belfast Road, Muckamore Antrim 24/7 Public
E99CA1AE-C8AC-4328-A8DA-A5FBEE7F43B0 BT41 2DR Vivo, 18-19 Caulside Park, New Park Antrim 24/7 Public
0E7DF92C-73F5-49A5-A174-9E5EF59A83A1 BT41 2DU Mcquillan Enviro-Care Ltd Ctf Building, 6 Caulside Drive, Caulside Antrim Variable Restricted
C473B8E3-EEA8-4A4C-81E8-AE69013BC84E BT41 2EJ Randalstown Tir Na Nog Gaelic Club, 57 Barnish Road, Randalstown 24/7 Public
29DC87BB-6098-4CC8-9978-AED600DECCBE BT41 2JH Dunsilly Hotel, 20 Dunsilly Road, Antrim 24/7 Public
785806A3-8EDA-4F80-AEF0-06E8BEA15F27 BT41 2PT The Essence Vault Ltd, Craigstown Road, Unit 13, Craigstown Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
8C06D79C-5A6A-49B3-B00E-B00000CFF1CB BT41 2RN Rathenraw Community Centre, 25 Ballygore Road, Antrim Variable Restricted
9277160C-C6D2-4E8E-8EEE-30B003DD2FAC BT41 2RU Natural World Products Ltd, 6 Orchard Way, New Park Antrim Variable Restricted
3F3052C6-7A9A-49D9-9A53-AEB00076F134 BT41 2SJ S & E Caretrade, Elmfield House, 10 Rathenraw Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
6E2E7092-B2E1-44AC-AB43-AA0D97ED512B BT41 2UB Antrim Borough Council Antrim Civic Centre, 50 Stiles Way, Steeple Antrim Variable Public
15A4FF81-6486-43D5-B001-B00000CB5262 BT41 3AE Neillsbrook Community Centre, 7 Neillsbrook Road, Randalstown Variable Restricted
A20776D6-14CA-49AC-9A3B-0A86C061CD78 BT41 3AF Vivo Foodstore, 40 New Street, Randalstown 24/7 Public
C96677A6-ED1A-4B6F-A931-AB7C00F6B63A BT41 3AJ Randasltown Central Priamry School, 4 Church Road, Randalstown Variable Public
32ADBBA7-FE7E-47FA-8BB6-798C85592BDC BT41 3BE Randalstown Memorial Orange Hall, 10-14 Portglenone Road, Randalstown 24/7 Public
7208A065-70DC-4E2E-8D8E-ABD800B65405 BT41 3BQ 74 Neillsbrook Park, Randalstown 24/7 Public
43D630DD-1FAF-4009-81C4-AF1C00AA2EEC BT41 3EU Groggan Primary School, 179 Portglenone Road, Randalstown Variable Public
B3D693C3-B3A0-4B13-A771-AD47011738E1 BT41 3GD Ampersand Fitness, 6 Tidal Industrial Park, Toomebridge Variable Public
B288BDEF-764B-4657-B6E1-ADE3014A8798 BT41 3JS Kickhams Gac Creggan, 134 Staffordstown Road, Randalstown 24/7 Public
29CD5E34-54E8-46E7-98A0-ACF3013BAFBA BT41 3LH Kickhams Gac, 132 Staffordstown Road, Randalstown 24/7 Public
9501A338-FE1B-4F74-8276-AE9000A0EC5D BT41 3ND Cranfield Marina, Cranfield Road, Randalstown 24/7 Public
9CFC623B-75C0-450E-9BCF-E534A5C24A40 BT41 3PU St Ergnats Gaelic Football Club, 4 Taylorstown Road, Killyfast Toomebridge 24/7 Public
E6DBFCD7-45BE-4900-AC48-B045009FABA5 BT41 3PY Millquarter School, 139 Crosskeys Road, Toomebridge 24/7 Public
9EEBE1C3-8D00-4A3E-9849-ABA000BE1321 BT41 3RB Duneane Bowling Club (Duneane Presbyterian Church), Gloverstown Road, Antrim 24/7 Public
59591DA2-AD6A-47CB-974A-9EB727CE56CA BT41 3RW 71 Taylorstown Road, Toomebridge Toome 24/7 Public
8F18D904-024D-46AD-9911-AE890133F427 BT41 3SL Newbridge Stores, 36 Blackpark Road, The Creagh (Etre And Otre) 24/7 Public
2EA258A8-2A9D-4C19-8E03-A5375AF5E59A BT41 3TE 10 Railway Road, Toomebridge, Antrim 24/7 Public
E5A44C37-8874-4726-8259-AFD4009C9C7C BT41 3TJ Boyds, 71b Roguery Road, Gortgill 24/7 Public
B85CBA03-03AB-4192-899C-AF2500917CE6 BT41 4AB Antrim Bus Station, 38 Station Road, Antrim 24/7 Public
412F0F8A-49D0-4A86-9D76-5F2F64641D19 BT41 4AE Antrim Library, 10 Railway Street, Antrim Variable Public
12D8D70B-97B0-429D-9684-B68053170691 BT41 4AW Court House, Market Square, Antrim Variable Public
CACB0F73-7F84-4723-809D-03799F23F8CB BT41 4BA First Antrim Presbyterian Church, 82 Church Street, Antrim 24/7 Public
BFD3025C-C776-4A2F-A635-AE3A00ED0A49 BT41 4BU Tesco Extra, 28 Castle Way, 0 Variable Public
2F0E298E-ACFB-4D60-84B0-B03C00AC0EED BT41 4DA Ulster Scots Cultural Development Trust, Masserene House, 6 Bridge Street 24/7 Public
F0943A33-46B8-4ABA-8789-AFC700901AD1 BT41 4DH N E E L B, Antrim Board Centre, 17 Lough Road Variable Public
8C08E538-8C85-4C11-ABE2-AE1400E0EF3C BT41 4DN Castle Mall Shopping Centre, Centre Manager's Office Castle Centre, Market Square 24/7 Public
2CC9D432-D2AB-4710-8E5F-AF49CDEEACF0 BT41 4DQ Antrim Forum Leisure Centre, 20-30 Lough Road, Balloo Variable Public
456E9990-EE8B-4641-98DB-9BB6A6DC366E BT41 4DQ Antrim Forum Leisure Centre, 20-30 Lough Road, Balloo Variable Public
52EFB9E2-AE41-455B-A4B8-6604CC1AF589 BT41 4DQ Antrim Forum Leisure Centre, 20-30 Lough Road, Balloo Variable Public
5B1A739E-BB72-45F3-8535-C399E106F084 BT41 4DQ Antrim Forum Leisure Centre, 20-30 Lough Road, Balloo Antrim Variable Public
7457F1CC-9F82-412F-AE5B-3A92383652A3 BT41 4DQ Antrim Forum Leisure Centre, 20-30 Lough Road, Balloo Variable Public
C5B750DB-958A-49CD-ACF4-AE9100A08A81 BT41 4DQ The Gateway, 72 Lough Road, Antrim 24/7 Public
D56D009D-3A1C-42B8-B7D6-AE3500BB17D5 BT41 4DQ 1st Floor The Gateway, 72 Lough Road, Balloo 24/7 Public
E1D6F148-DA73-4D2A-9A20-AFA400975C04 BT41 4DQ Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council, Ground Floor The Gateway, 72 Lough Road 24/7 Public
F8A5CAF5-0193-4A41-8D7B-AEB700D2F822 BT41 4DQ Antrim Loughshore Caravan Park, 72 Lough Road, Antrim 24/7 Public
07ADD36D-FAFE-4991-992F-AFBD0129BC32 BT41 4EB 47 Dublin Road, Antrim 24/7 Public
62E2C737-E8EE-4A4F-A40C-AFBF00BBE18F BT41 4JE Jobs & Benefits Office, Crown Buildings, 20 Castle Street Variable Restricted
DDB2BF06-4869-4682-BE98-AF1000BB7226 BT41 4JP Antrim (Ub Eng), 36 Station Road, Antrim 24/7 Public
18AFA22C-1ED0-4214-BBEA-9B97C0E029D3 BT41 4LH Clotworthy Arts Centre Antrim Castle Gardens, Randalstown Road, Antrim Variable Public
6BAAF0BC-FD60-4614-8B6B-AFA800B2B346 BT41 4LH Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council, Antrim Castle Gardens And Clotworthy House, 20a Randalstown Road 24/7 Public
A7AED1B9-7C0B-42A9-A5B3-AE7600D6CA64 BT41 4LL The Junction Retail & Leisure Park, Visitor Information Centre, The Junction Retail & Leisure Park 24/7 Public
D7C5D7B6-914D-47F3-A19C-ADCF00A95C86 BT41 4LL The Junction Retail & Leisure Park, Visitor Information Centre, 111 Ballymena Road Variable Restricted
E3EB7D0F-C46B-4CFA-8147-AE7600DF9EA6 BT41 4LL The Junction Retail & Leisure Park, Mcdonald's Restaurant, The Junction Retail & Leisure Park 24/7 Public
E63F46EA-6324-4901-893A-AF3F00A832B0 BT41 4LY Marcon Fit-Out Ltd Workshop, 8 Plasketts Close, Kilbegs Business Park Variable Restricted
E7BF6083-7709-4434-BB91-B06700EC5B7C BT41 4LY Lynco Ltd, E1, Plasketts Close Variable Public
1E73125F-F1C3-43EF-ADA6-AF3F009EE4B7 BT41 4LZ Marcon Fit-Out Ltd, A2, Fergusons Way Variable Restricted
9E44DA44-D9BF-4DAA-B2EF-78109B25C687 BT41 4NA Allen Park, 45 Castle Road, Kilbegs Antrim Variable Public
C531DE44-58EA-4987-AE6B-92B6A0F01F05 BT41 4NA Allen Park, 45a Castle Road, Kilbegs Antrim Variable Public
D7B58412-5694-4DB7-B020-12BA2D0AD802 BT41 4NA Allen Park, Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council, 45a Castle Road, Kilbegs Antrim Variable Public
D352528A-2049-4F6D-9687-B06100DD1F1E BT41 4NT Hyde Park Environmental, 21 Springfarm Industrial Estate, Ballymena Road Variable Restricted
D90B240E-B9FB-4511-A477-AF4200F0D18E BT41 4NT Macblair Antrim, Springfarm Industrial Estate, Antrim 24/7 Public
40C4330B-A562-42F3-9E80-AE7C0077EF7C BT41 4NY Antrim Gaa Centre Of Participation, 109 Ballymena Road, Dunsilly 24/7 Restricted
59A2395B-4DE7-4777-80AB-ACF300A21324 BT41 4PS Greenmount Campus - Grc, 45 Tirgracy Road, Muckamore Variable Restricted
66E25130-1C30-41F1-8716-ACF300A0767B BT41 4PS Greenmount Campus Hort Centre, 45 Tirgracy Road, Muckamore Variable Restricted
77C30BCA-B706-4BF9-9BED-F314841D321E BT41 4PS Greenmount Campus (Boyd Hall), 45 Tirgracy Road, Muckamore Antrim Variable Public
B04B19A5-E035-4E97-ABBD-ACF3009E846E BT41 4PS Greenmount Campus (Walled Garden), 45 Tirgracy Road, Muckamore Variable Restricted
DC4349C1-DF42-4EFB-9AA2-ACF300A3FF00 BT41 4PS Greenmount Campus (Farm Office), 45 Tirgracy Road, Muckamore Variable Restricted
0B701630-1DD7-4116-933F-F2FB4A8D7405 BT41 4PY Greenmount Agricultural Abbey Farm, Oldstone Road, Muckamore Antrim Variable Restricted
88259643-07C3-48AB-A0F0-B0BA010239A0 BT41 4SH Muckamore Abbey Hospital, 1 Abbey Road, Muckamore 24/7 Public
D14CA0AF-7A21-44ED-9A7C-AF25009189BD BT42 1AD Ballymena (Ub), Galgorm Road, Ballymena 24/7 Public
85F6F72A-CEFC-4F3D-8914-F785DEAA3223 BT42 1AJ Ballymena Academy, 89 Galgorm Road, Brocklamont Ballymena 24/7 Public
1C7AEA8E-D25B-4E7E-A2F9-AEA2008F46C5 BT42 1AQ John Pye Auctions, Galgorm Industrial Estate, Fenaghy Road Variable Public
72907652-B726-4115-A00E-B00400AE8FBB BT42 1BE Ballymena Walking For Health Group, 4 Brackley Heights, Cullybackey 24/7 Restricted
A45A9F25-2228-417F-AB04-9A13D6CD5F8B BT42 1BN Cullybackey Reformed Presbyterian Church, 2 Main Street, Cullybackey 24/7 Public
15FFAB47-1215-4FAB-A02B-325C5FE7173F BT42 1BW Spar Stores, 100 Main Street, Cullybackey 24/7 Public
1C54E899-F7F7-4156-8ACB-AFF200B05A23 BT42 1EA Stevenson & Co, 146 Fenaghy Road, Cullybackey 24/7 Restricted
5E794F62-D579-4339-B670-AEC300D690D5 BT42 1EA Galgorm Manor Hotel, 136 Fenaghy Road, Cullybackey 24/7 Public
C630A647-373A-4999-A73C-AEC300D724FB BT42 1EA Galgorm Manor Hotel, 136 Fenaghy Road, Cullybackey 24/7 Public
C986C64E-0110-4B90-80A9-AEC300D5BEC6 BT42 1EA Galgorm Manor Hotel, 136 Fenaghy Road, Cullybackey 24/7 Public
F31D6013-275C-422E-9369-B04F0102BF59 BT42 1EB Henderson Spar, 4 Dreen Road, Cullybackey 24/7 Public
1AD461D4-A17C-402C-95DC-ACF500E01524 BT42 1GP Maine Dental, Maine Dental Practice, 14b Old Mill Park Variable Restricted
810954B8-1133-449F-A90B-AE3100C8099F BT42 1HJ Tullyglass House Hotel, 178 Galgorm Road, Gracehill 24/7 Restricted
98AF93EB-959F-4139-B789-AC1400B6EB20 BT42 1HW Culbertson's Spar Galgorm, 3 Fenaghy Road, Galgorm 24/7 Public
1557A551-E094-4138-B3C1-94C40BAAAA27 BT42 1JE Moyasset Orange Hall, Cardonaghy Road, Moyasset Ahoghill 24/7 Public
5EC1E0EF-6AC2-411D-9918-AFD400D695A6 BT42 1JU 284 Galgorm Road, Ahoghill 24/7 Public
F40EE88C-230F-4D12-A014-B04800FB3B7F BT42 1JU Vivo Store, 301 Galgorm Road, Ahoghill 24/7 Public
CA31DF61-5D21-4D8A-8A1A-B068014FF00F BT42 1LB Ahoghill Gospel Hall, 44 Glenhugh Road, Ahoghill Variable Public
DB17F2E0-E419-4112-8C69-D2487F532D21 BT42 1NW Cullbackey Health Centre, 152 Tobar Park, Cullybackey Variable Restricted
1395B9FF-76E2-47CC-9D34-A6F884A58BCB BT42 1QB Northern Health & Social Services Board County Hall, 182 Galgorm Road, Gracehill Ballymena Variable Public
A86CDA8D-F05F-463B-B4BD-AFFF00A61886 BT42 2BE Lcc Oil Ballymena, 101 Queen Street, Ballymena Variable Public
A1896400-6673-4539-B483-AD66015E0089 BT42 2BJ Centra - The Phoenix, 12-14 Antrim Road, Ballymena 24/7 Public
5F61A5BE-02D8-4DF1-BC61-90367ED8E29D BT42 2DG Camphill Primary School, 65 Carolhill Park, Ballee Ballymena 24/7 Public
5CA43694-07F3-4F2B-9B43-AF9E00F3A9C7 BT42 2HY Spar The Rosses, Unit 1, Tullygarley Road 24/7 Public
87A41675-2DC8-47D0-9BA1-B06900A1F930 BT42 2HY 19a Tullygarley Road, Tullaghgarley, Ballymena 24/7 Public
B8DC8A1F-0B87-4E00-8FB5-ADCD00EF159B BT42 2JR Blair International Office & Store, 50 Cromkill Road, Ballymena Variable Restricted
3E8D0E8B-FD49-4461-AEC1-AE2801406DD5 BT42 2LW Kellswater Flute Band, Kellswater Orange Lodge, Maine Road Variable Restricted
B9771486-7F60-4EDD-B821-AD82013EF6E7 BT42 2NL 19 Church Road, Gracehill, Ballymena 24/7 Public
992D7FCE-D571-46FC-A3E1-AB9C010D7D9F BT42 2PB Maine Medical Practice, The Old Meeting House, 2 Straid Road Variable Restricted
96D3DF16-8EF6-4C80-99C0-AF3C013B963B BT42 2RA Hardy Brothers Wholesale, 6a Clooney Road, Ahoghill 24/7 Public
020BCBD2-1B96-4A5C-BA9B-359F67EAD0E7 BT42 2RH Campbells Largy Road Service Station, 187 Largy Road, Gillistown Ahoghill 24/7 Public
06382B99-5D95-49D0-982F-AFC100D2457B BT42 3BL 47 Brooke Park, Ballymena 24/7 Public
97996E84-6B53-41FF-8D07-D1058C00D1F6 BT42 3EF Moorfields Primary School, 180 Moorfields Road, Moorfields Ballymena Variable Public
9826C08C-1CC7-4D67-AE57-ACF3011F420A BT42 3EH Glenwherry Presbyterian Church, Church Road, Moorfields 24/7 Public
6E91CEBE-F14F-48B7-A500-AEE400F43000 BT42 3ER Dva, Driver & Vehicle Testing Agency, Pennybridge Industrial Estate Variable Public
B34296F5-5D39-4DC6-80D7-AE7500BA6791 BT42 3EX Ballee Community Association, Ballee Community Centre, Ballee Drive Variable Public
18D4ACF1-0198-4D86-B065-23000CDF6929 BT42 3HA 188 Larne Road, Ballymena Variable Restricted
A9231C33-9BBD-4A11-BB56-B083010FCEEE BT42 3HA Dunelm Ballymena, Bridge Park Retail Park, Larne Road, Ballymena Variable Restricted
1DE86D7D-A7AC-4C5E-BB9C-AE3E00E8989D BT42 3HB Tesco, Tesco Superstore Ballymena, Larne Road Link Variable Restricted
336133A4-4DC7-4039-9D10-AFEA00D57DE0 BT42 3HB Screwfix, Unit 3 Pennybridge, Ballymena Variable Restricted
BB724AAE-A469-4347-906E-AEA500E8C862 BT42 3HB Howdens, 6a Pennybridge Industrial Estate, Ballymena Variable Public
E3E16CF5-1698-4322-8DA5-AFFD008203FB BT42 3HB Grants Electrical Services Ni Ltd, Pennybridge Industrial Estate, Ballymena Variable Public
0B474D8F-7BD0-4565-9C2E-B04500853734 BT42 3HW Kennedy Orthodontics, 43 Ballylesson Road, Ballymena Variable Restricted
0C3DF341-5C64-4FAE-8ABD-AFC001047E57 BT42 3JE Mid & East Antrim Borough Council, Station Road, Kells 24/7 Public
06FC340A-4D75-452F-9E14-838DA8D6FADA BT42 3JP Spar Stores, 10 Fernisky Road, Kells 24/7 Public
0C69D6B3-FABE-4174-9587-B0A6009FF88A BT42 4HY M Clarke Offsite Facility, 132a Raceview Road, Broughshane 24/7 Public
ADDFA783-1157-4019-9483-AE1500A8B20D BT42 4HY Ballymena Golf Club, 128 Raceview Road, Broughshane Variable Restricted
C9D218C0-C83F-4391-9B45-E5FED0F50B17 BT42 4JL Spar Stores, 11 Raceview Road, Broughshane 24/7 Public
AA30F711-2155-4F78-BCE8-417C68D7806A BT42 4JP Vivoxtra, 71-73 Main Street, Broughshane 24/7 Public
216EA66C-6B7B-4A50-9F16-840DC809B68B BT42 4JW Vivo, 3 Main Street, Broughshane 24/7 Public
5F7C85DD-6C64-40E7-9518-62EEF5C48552 BT42 4LX Wilson Mccurdy Haulage, 230 Carnlough Road, Tamybuck Broughshane 24/7 Public
4B534439-9740-421F-912F-B01A00F39B63 BT42 4QJ S V M Group, 25e Woodside Road Industrial Estate, Woodside Industrial Estate Variable Public
6683FBBC-8C1C-46BF-B5BB-76CA354B61AB BT42 4QJ Cp Hire Ltd, 19 Woodside Road Industrial Estate, Ballymena Variable Public
4AAC9B7F-2A90-474C-B5AE-3EC212545B65 BT42 4RF Greenmount Agricultural College Hill Far, Glenhead Road, Glenwherry Ballymena Variable Restricted
ADA0783B-8418-4EE9-A2B3-3B94BCEBFA0F BT43 5AX Ballymena Central Library, 5 Pats Brae, Ballymena Variable Public
4CE8B6F2-49E6-4D76-8116-B0A600B34745 BT43 5BA Ballymena Fire Station, 22/26 Waveney Road, Ballymena 24/7 Public
6769D618-3778-417A-9A09-AEC8013A9DF4 BT43 5BY Methodist Church Hall, 40 Ballymoney Road, Ballymena 24/7 Public
C6DF3FB7-88D4-4243-931D-AE3A008473F8 BT43 5BZ Tesco Express, 144 Ballymoney Rd, 0 Variable Public
8000368D-8769-49B2-94FA-B7B899ED9575 BT43 5DA Braid River Service Station, 10 North Road, Brocklamont Ballymena 24/7 Public
AA28BE82-BA5C-4567-8773-3E81B03918AE BT43 5DW St Louis Grammar School, Cullybackey Road, Ballymena Variable Public
EFFB48BE-F4C6-48F7-B82C-AF1000BB6BC8 BT43 5HA Ballymena (Ub Eng), 47-55 Galgorm Road, Ballymena 24/7 Public
961D0E10-E3EA-4F9C-8A8A-ADF100FF6163 BT43 5JH Robinson's Supermarket, 207 Cullybackey Road, Ballymena Variable Restricted
F20296F7-0532-4BD5-BDF9-5E7B93AB61FB BT43 5JR Carniny Primary School, 61 Old Cullybackey Road, Carniny Ballymena Variable Restricted
22DDCD24-144C-4A19-B920-B04A00FE4886 BT43 5PN Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre Ballymena, Fairview, 60 Teeshan Road Variable Restricted
59E9032F-2137-4BCE-A5F8-503F9499E13E BT43 6AD Progressive Building Society, 79-81 Wellington Street, Ballymena Variable Public
2E848D2B-CC32-4C95-AEE8-AFCD00A75E0A BT43 6AH O2 Store (0203) Ballymena, Unit 44/45, Tower Centre Variable Restricted
05A94449-0C86-4E1A-915B-AE2900A37403 BT43 6AL Front Page Bar, 9 Ballymoney Street, Ballymena Variable Public
43FB051F-BF8A-4A3D-8131-B04C00EC37AB BT43 6AW Ballymena Credit Union Ltd, 17-19 William Street, Ballymena 24/7 Public
AA76C26A-FDD9-4661-AD0C-AE29009F83EA BT43 6DF Wallaces Of Ballymena, 56-60 Church Street, Ballymena Variable Public
DF8286FD-799B-437A-850A-AF31009898E1 BT43 6DG Bank Of Ireland, 155 Church Street, Ballymena 24/7 Public
CA0A1D02-414F-43FE-BF70-AE2900A8A884 BT43 6EB Camerons, 23-29 Broughshane Street, Ballymena Variable Public
14940A56-7DBD-4F30-B4EB-AE1A00A5C1F7 BT43 6EE James Henry Funeral Services, 100-102 Broughshane Street, Ballymena Variable Public
732F0EDE-86B9-4E38-89DF-AB6E00FF4216 BT43 6HB 86 Cushendall Road, Ballymena Variable Restricted
6F5C0ECB-E85C-4F54-B089-ADE300B44D83 BT43 6JA Doury Road, Ballymena 24/7 Public
A8A734E6-BD56-496E-8114-6811856EF7B2 BT43 6JA Spar, 40 Doury Road, Dunclug Ballymena 24/7 Public
92C78A08-FA19-4981-AF2E-F1BEF00926A1 BT43 6LX Ballymena Bowling Club, Old Ballymoney Road, Ballymena Variable Public
B8FDD122-A896-4875-88D3-B0BB00D49D70 BT43 6QL Mary Queen Of Peace Chapel, 119a Glenravel Road, Carrowcowan Variable Public
5E33746B-58FF-43CC-A333-C7C2E5C68C40 BT43 6QQ Spar Stores, 77 Glenravel Road, Martinstown 24/7 Public
570AF6EE-C025-412A-9945-AFB0016E1D63 BT43 6QR Cloughwater Presbyterian Church, 125 Cloughwater Road, Clough 24/7 Public
C9F1889C-0C34-46FA-888B-03E37066D6CF BT43 6RA Glenravel Sports And Community Complex, 143 Glenravel Road, Craigdunloof Cargan 24/7 Public
F3826D47-F794-402F-8C98-AEEB010B7547 BT43 6RA Gaa Sports Ground, 143 Glenravel Road, Cargan Variable Public
005B18C3-E254-4D8A-A2F4-AE4301005748 BT43 6SA Spar, Unit 5 Dunclug Shopping Centre, Ballymena 24/7 Public
A7031AD0-8C9E-444E-A3B3-AC330169868F BT43 6UB Countrymans Inn, 120 Grove Road, Ballymena 24/7 Public
6C3ECE12-918D-41B0-9F3A-AE2B00C09A7F BT43 6UF Fairhill Shopping Centre, Fairhill Lane, Ballymena Variable Restricted
E72D4B3B-7659-490E-9ECB-0F14F0DFD8F9 BT43 7BG Ballymena Regional Admin Centre, 31 Demesne Avenue, Ballymena Variable Public
77EE833C-67EA-4F30-BAA0-AE9300EF82CE BT43 7BL Ballymena Services Club, 52a Trostan Avenue, Ballymena Variable Restricted
B15F744C-0F37-47DC-A316-AD0B010C60F1 BT43 7DR Mid & East Antrim Borough Council, Showgrounds, Warden Street Variable Public
544A4577-61EB-4302-A58C-EA0E69F2868C BT43 7EP Spar Stores, 82 Frys Road, Bottom Ballymena 24/7 Public
9DAFC5B6-793E-4535-9B97-ACF700D717D3 BT43 7EQ The Dojo, 13 Deramore Gardens, Ballymena Variable Restricted
F0F50C03-729A-4EB8-A216-ACF700D40BC5 BT43 7EQ The Dojo, 13 Deramore Gardens, Ballymena Variable Restricted
7902532A-8902-4F16-B005-663EB33F28ED BT44 0AA Glenarm Marina, New Road, Glenarm Variable Public
D0F4ED61-E941-451E-AE73-B0370132B246 BT44 0AB Tourist Information Office, The Cloney, Glenarm 24/7 Public
414454D0-31BB-4C03-B366-AE9900B89D7E BT44 0BG Omya Uk Ltd, Demesne Quarry, 17 Munie Road 24/7 Public
B08D1646-A87F-4BFB-9922-AE5A0113790C BT44 0DL Cairnalbana Presbyterian Church, Glenview Road, Glenarm 24/7 Public
6E7101FA-E5CF-4118-9517-79A8D0C95F3B BT44 0EU Carnlough Controlled Integrated Primary School Carnlough, 9 Harbour Road, Carnlough Variable Restricted
D34CC888-98BB-45EC-99F9-AFFD00EBE514 BT44 0EU Magill Meats, 60 Harbour Road, Carnlough 24/7 Public
9FEE0764-D8B9-4E65-A66A-B0A600B56EFD BT44 0EZ Carnlough Fire Station, 14 Largy Road, Carnlough 24/7 Public
0588DF62-D130-4A07-9264-AFB00108765E BT44 0HG Whitehill Caravan Park, Whitehill Road, Carnlough 24/7 Public
4B8087CB-FF87-40C1-BA16-EC2C06A3AA8F BT44 0HJ St Johns Primary School, 49 Bay Road, Harphall Carnlough Variable Restricted
9DA0662D-77D8-4678-B613-63C00DD89275 BT44 0HP Glencloy Filling Station, 107 Bay Road, Carnlough 24/7 Public
ED432D10-C88E-4418-933B-B01F010577EA BT44 0HT Stonyhill Pitch, Stony Hill, Ballymena Road 24/7 Public
2B5A432B-2F62-46B1-B703-AFDC00C6A51B BT44 0NG Cushendall Golf Club, 21 Shore Road, Cushendall 24/7 Public
78255590-0A01-4A13-BABD-AFAA00FA9DFE BT44 0PE Bay Apartments Management Company, 17 The Bay Apartments, Cushendun 24/7 Public
55D00A1A-218B-4777-9635-AF2500F1EA01 BT44 0PH 3 Main Street, Cushendun 24/7 Public
9A054E86-DC8D-467D-B084-ACE600F4F81F BT44 0QU Forest Service, Glenariff Forest Visitor Centre, 96 Glenariffe Road 24/7 Public
E4EEBEAF-A274-416A-8D7D-D7F72CED1648 BT44 0QW Royal National Lifeboat Institution Red Bay Lifeboat Stat, 66 Coast Road, Bellisk Ballymena 24/7 Public
68EFC732-2151-48C3-BB3B-AD0100C4D4F7 BT44 0RA Gaa Community Centre, Garron Road, Glenariff Variable Restricted
23682A1C-B30E-4F4C-9776-AFC1014B99E3 BT44 0RS St. Mary's Parish Centre, 20 Chapel Road, Cushendall 24/7 Public
F20BD782-6BB7-4904-89FB-379380548047 BT44 0RU Spar Stores, 2 Coast Road, Kilnadore Ballymena 24/7 Public
CBBEF1A8-E749-4088-8D24-0E8BFDAAF645 BT44 0RW Glenariffe Oisin Clg, 208 Garron Rd, Glenariffe 24/7 Public
23C9A72F-252E-47BD-9E40-B0A600B4DA7A BT44 0RX Cushendall Fire Station, 41 Coast Road, Cushendall 24/7 Public
9378DC35-F329-4C5F-AA34-7DDCE10B6FA4 BT44 0SH Glens Of Antrim Potatoes, 118 Middlepark Road, Cushendall 24/7 Public
ABBA14AF-B32C-4E6A-ACCA-B04A00EB20F5 BT44 0SH Glens Of Antrim Potatoes, 118 Middlepark Road, Cushendall 24/7 Public
5819B6F3-2C6F-40E3-B1DC-ADC3A420C82D BT44 0TE Glens Of Antrim Medical Centre, 2 Gortaclee Road, Bellisk Cushendall Variable Public
851C5DB0-5524-4EAE-AB2F-ACE1015FB23E BT44 0TH Ruairi Og Hurling Club, 1 Middlepark Avenue, Cushendall 24/7 Public
97EFE4D2-1169-4CA3-836F-AF3800B32A79 BT44 8AF Portglenone Primary School, 10 Cullybackey Road, Garvaghy Variable Restricted
5FF7DFC0-565F-4638-9599-AE78015683EF BT44 8AN 49 Gortgole Road, Bracknamuckley, Portglenone 24/7 Restricted
F3DE46E8-7B0C-45E9-BB9B-B03000D47677 BT44 8EF Main Shop Counter, 28 Garvaghy Road, Portglenone Variable Public
2A8F3060-3639-44C7-AF89-A8AA61D5839E BT44 8EL 22 Tullynahinnion Road, Tullynahinnion Portglenone 24/7 Public
817DF551-1973-4CD5-9338-5C0B8F6BDC2F BT44 8HP Portglenone Enterprise Group, 61a Main Street, Garvaghy Portglenone 24/7 Public
044A6F61-FD25-492D-8EEB-CFF4E51E5EF1 BT44 8HT Ballymena Borough Council Portglenone Community Centre, Gortgole Road, Garvaghy Portglenone 24/7 Public
575B13C4-015B-471E-8CA4-AB6E0084DB82 BT44 8NE 9 Clady Manor, Clady, Portglenone 24/7 Public
993197BF-3034-4CFA-8177-BA91729AF2DD BT44 8NN St Oliver Plunkett Hall, 232 Mayogall Road, Glenone Clady 24/7 Public
8BAEE7F5-0075-4AB4-840B-963E6F525371 BT44 8NZ St John Bosco Community Hall, 3 Culbane Road, Ballynease-Macpeake Portglenon 24/7 Public
915C0868-9B82-491D-A90B-AE1500F22AE3 BT44 8PU Eurospar, 33 Main Street, Rasharkin Variable Public
7CCF726B-1C2C-4A7D-912C-FC8ADA870321 BT44 8PX Kennedys Chemist, 56 Main Street, Rasharkin Ballymena 24/7 Public
1AACE808-6FD5-44E1-A119-49F1CEB7E7C5 BT44 8SR Rasharkin Community Centre, Duneany Road, Rasharkin Ballymena 24/7 Public
9E268051-62E1-47FA-9F3C-AB820106D8FA BT44 9AF Dunloy Cycling Club Hub, 162 Tullaghans Road, Dunloy 24/7 Public
C26F9C4E-8756-4CC9-B9AB-B08501073C61 BT44 9EG Dunloy Quarry, 93 Bridge Road, Ballymacaldrack Variable Public
2A4C7289-45CB-467B-849F-AEF40154E162 BT44 9JN Loughgiel Shamrocks Gac, 17 Lough Road, Loughguile Variable Restricted
5A693C41-3CF4-4108-8D38-AEF501389DC9 BT44 9JN Loughgiel Shamrocks Gac, 36 Lough Road, Loughguile 24/7 Restricted
7E31FBE9-805F-4725-B99F-B00A00E00997 BT44 9LJ Millside Restaurant, 4 Drumadoon Road, Cloughmillls 24/7 Public
C3D9F257-A67A-46E5-BE0D-AFC001126A10 BT44 9QJ Mid & East Antrim Borough Council, 169 Cloughwater Road, Clough 24/7 Public
E9A6C050-2832-4EC3-A69F-B05E00A691AB BT44 9RY Clough Masonic Hall, Masonic Hall, 1 Drumagrove Road 24/7 Public
20F82CFE-B036-4343-A0A3-AD5700E872C9 BT45 5AH Unit B7 The Business Centre, 80-82 Rainey Street, Magherafelt 24/7 Public
56F6F428-2871-4C22-BAA7-AFB700D24A7A BT45 5DA Magherafelt (Ub), 1 Union Road, Magherafelt, Magherafelt Variable Public
9A36915B-C5EC-4666-B9DE-B02E0108DBDA BT45 5DJ Jobs And Benefits Office, 31 Station Road, Magherafelt Variable Public
02CA0434-7AA1-4E36-9DA8-B046015D62F2 BT45 5DU Booth Lawnmowers, 5a Lower Town Road, Magherafelt 24/7 Public
D0DF9230-A4B2-4DFF-9D6E-8CE8CE834FF4 BT45 5EY Cp Hire Ltd Unit 9 - Unit 9, 35 Station Road, Station Road Industrial Estate Variable Public
9BC0CDFB-8201-4D12-93B5-AE3D00BF6B10 BT45 5PN The Mckinney Hall, Main Street, Tobermore 24/7 Public
3FCF8E7E-3D6D-4D50-9F54-AF1000BB7D4D BT45 5RZ Magherafelt (Ub Eng), Station Road, Magherafelt 24/7 Public
4FE8F127-A25B-4B90-A96C-5E566FDA8F7D BT45 6AN Magherafelt Library, 6 Church Street, Magherafelt Variable Public
19A9D040-E191-4172-ACA9-AC2B00CB9A22 BT45 6AX Stmarys Grammar School, 2 Castledawson Road, Magherafelt Variable Restricted
D84A722B-8801-4AF7-B6E3-AF4D00FD98F9 BT45 6BB Genesis Bakery, 31 Aughrim Road, Magherafelt Variable Restricted
6C34DE53-C17F-452A-B59F-AC8400CED4F6 BT45 6BP Tesco, Ballyronan Road, Magherafelt 24/7 Public
1AF97955-E820-4F43-8725-D919C337293C BT45 6BT Probation Board Ni, 9 Kirk Avenue, Magherafelt Variable Public
B2841D56-144B-4EC5-B009-41E90C27A3E9 BT45 6EN Magherafelt Recycling Centre, 50 Ballyronan Road, Magherafelt Variable Public
65575074-714A-4C10-AEAB-0D312802FC81 BT45 6HH Spires Integrated Primary School, 84 Moneymore Road, Coolshinny Magherafelt Variable Public
755F68EE-88F4-4454-B4EC-B0B900C8A9D0 BT45 6HT Woodschapel Parish Church Hall, 62 Carraloan Road, Lisnamorrow 24/7 Public
FED46CC9-721B-4267-9B6F-AE78010F85CF BT45 6JE Johnny Foxs Bar, 3 - 5 Ballyneill Road, Ballyronan 24/7 Public
05F30CA0-7971-49BE-A1CA-B786C1FEE5A3 BT45 6LH St Treas Gaelic Football Club, 243 Shore Road, Ballyronan Magherafelt 24/7 Public
EFF67FAA-8483-4B7F-B10B-9CE63ADC1946 BT45 6PA Magherafelt Primary School, 32 Castledawson Road, Magherafelt Variable Restricted
3CEE6BA7-AB36-4E4B-AC18-AEC800AC8B0F BT45 6PR Meadowlane Shopping Centre, Central Management Meadowlane Shopping Centre, 1 Moneymore Road Variable Public
5B687D9E-A6D7-41D5-86B8-B09A0094C6B7 BT45 7AA 34 High Street, Draperstown Variable Public
CAE3348D-2A6C-41F0-B240-AE3C00DB2D15 BT45 7AF Mid Ulster Council, Draperstown Recycling Centre, Sperrin Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
0B295B43-7D7B-4121-BE33-AD0500B1282B BT45 7AJ Ballinascreen Credit Union Ltd, 17-19 St. Patricks Street, Draperstown 24/7 Public
1050666B-201F-45A4-9D96-F757431F3C88 BT45 7AJ Eurospar/Postoffice, 61 St Patricks Street, Cahore Draperstown 24/7 Public
58ED1285-2F57-42AB-B8E8-AF8C00B5C94C BT45 7AL Heron Bros Ltd, 4b St. Patricks Street, Draperstown 24/7 Public
1AEB16AE-4E11-4F71-A420-AE6A00B15954 BT45 7AP Sperrin Metal Products, 20 Cahore Road, Draperstown Variable Restricted
3DB99084-9A8D-423B-A1C6-0781749B6A65 BT45 7BB Straw Service Station, 76 Sixtowns Road, Straw Draperstown 24/7 Public
8E233619-BFBC-4C8E-8A65-AD3B00B8F36F BT45 7BD Ballinascreen G A C, 6 Corrick Road, Draperstown 24/7 Public
36B5A8CA-695D-4739-85E3-F52256971327 BT45 7BH Sixtowns Cross Community Hall, 183 Sixtowns Road, Tullybrick Draperstown Variable Public
09DD2F23-7881-48AA-BB3B-B6DE67D461E6 BT45 7DZ 34 Moneyneany Road, Moneyneany Draperstown 24/7 Public
E0E3B613-B593-4553-934D-AC1D00F9E318 BT45 7EB H&A Mechanical Services Ltd, 28 Five Mile Straight, Draperstown 24/7 Public
2B863D8F-321B-49F8-950F-63AE8A696F7E BT45 7EN An Rath Dubh Community Assoc, 53 Moneyneany Road, Moneyneany Draperstown Variable Public
5DC4C3F5-EAB4-4E15-B843-AF1800A36232 BT45 7JT Sperrin Galvanisers Ltd, Unit 5, Industrial Estate, Magherafelt Road Variable Public
2C271552-620C-4E40-B562-AF4700D11F00 BT45 7JX 1a Gortnaskey Road, Draperstown 24/7 Public
666A268F-2083-4ADF-A653-AE9400C5E8BD BT45 7JX 1a Gortnaskey Road, Draperstown 24/7 Public
83E40FC0-210A-4B98-A39C-AE3C00D34978 BT45 7LY Magherafelt District Council- Cahore, Cahore Pavilion & Playing Fields, 26b Cahore Road 24/7 Public
70E7C7AB-804C-48AE-AB2F-AE3300E7246A BT45 7NF Marty Breen Fitness, Orchard View, Parochial Hall 24/7 Public
C2711983-0509-43F9-9D84-B01200DEA456 BT45 7RX Tirgan Hall, 36 Tirgan Road, Moneymore 24/7 Public
33065A07-BA31-4933-ACA5-B4476B5B3FE2 BT45 7SU Orange Hall, 14 Dunronan Road, Ballynenagh Moneymore 24/7 Public
F7EE1A1B-662E-4A6D-9B3D-AEFC00CD2F59 BT45 8DQ 72 Glenshane Road, Castledawson 24/7 Public
344BD607-1D4B-4D7B-BF0F-AF44014B054C BT45 8ER St Malachys Gac, 53-55 Brough Road, Castledawson 24/7 Public
4E31A4B5-6018-421F-B6BF-456BD8EB60C5 BT45 8HB St Treas Church, 140 Aughrim Road, Derrygarve Castledawson 24/7 Public
26311986-1EFF-4E61-946E-77BBB69EFA9D BT45 8HS Hh Graham And Son (Spar), 17-19 Main Street, Bellaghy 24/7 Public
F8EDEEAD-3DB7-4AEC-88AF-AE3C00CFE0C6 BT45 8JP Mudc Ballymacombs Waste Disposal Site, Ballymacombs Road, Bellaghy Variable Public
7E47C597-3BE2-48BE-80EB-B06700FC2ED1 BT45 8QE Patrick Keenan, 35 Rocktown Road, Magherafelt 24/7 Public
31EE9834-5DA2-4649-BD40-AFB600D7F984 BT45 8QZ Orange Hall, 6 Toberhead Road, Curran 24/7 Public
E17C3EFB-EBC7-4DFA-9176-AD0B010258FC BT46 5AB Kellys Eurospar, 107-111 Main Street, Maghera 24/7 Public
4E51F90A-F7CD-42EE-973B-B0A7011F0CCD BT46 5AX Maghera Fire Station, 7 Fair Hill, Maghera 24/7 Public
43923AA6-9BC4-4D96-BA57-26EA863EBA9A BT46 5AZ Bsg Civil Engineering Ltd, 6 Bank Square, Maghera 24/7 Public
404C5064-930A-462C-AB42-AE3C00D546AE BT46 5BS Maghera Business Park, 16 Station Road, Maghera Variable Restricted
5B5B1876-8A67-41CB-BBB7-AD980096EB69 BT46 5BX Oakvale Place, Culnady, Upperlands 24/7 Public
B5160CD3-02AC-46C9-BA52-60E7D771E7FB BT46 5JN 189 Glen Road, Maghera 24/7 Public
59CB1EA5-BEC5-4F7A-8CDE-44BD09D8F219 BT46 5NH An Carn Community Centre, 132a Tirkane Road, An Carn Maghera 24/7 Public
4AD361CE-C490-4E6F-87EA-5EB8A5397AA1 BT46 5NZ Slaughtneil Gac, Halfgayne Road, Halfgayne Maghera 24/7 Public
280FF284-D90C-42BB-9101-B1A4E0594E5E BT46 5QB Granaghan Resource Centre, 15c Main Street, Swatragh 24/7 Public
40D0AD4A-0D6A-4ADF-811F-EED59D58AB68 BT46 5QE Michael Davitts G A A Club, 37 Garvagh Road, Swatragh 24/7 Public
94A6A014-D090-4CF5-9305-B02800E8D47F BT46 5QE Northern Counties Co-Operative Enterprises Ltd, 29 Garvagh Road, Swatragh Variable Public
56B52960-A045-4E94-89FA-ABAC01050B03 BT46 5QF Friels Bar And Restaurant, 2-4 Kilrea Road, Swatragh 24/7 Public
4CEF7948-2C82-470B-9203-AFB100DBCDDA BT46 5RU Community Centre, 67 Kilrea Road, Linenhall Business And Community Ce 24/7 Public
20A15B3B-C8BD-49C3-88E3-B0AF00D09F6D BT46 5XF Churchtown Presbyterian Church, 64 Tamlaght Road, Tamlaght O’crilly 24/7 Public
11AABF00-AF2B-4EDD-8FD5-ACA7012633AB BT47 2DT Spar, 14 Trench Road, Londonderry 24/7 Public
BCB441F8-6A55-451E-A883-AF0700EF305C BT47 2ED Driver Vehicle Agency, Unit 4, Glenaden Complex, Altnagelvin Industrial Estate Variable Public
EC989A2B-CDA9-4970-A3E4-AF4600FBA24F BT47 2ED Macblair Altnagelvin, Altnagelvin Industrial Estate, Trench Road 24/7 Public
5BCB7081-C29E-47EB-AB03-ADD301030989 BT47 2HN Irish Street Youth & Community Association, Irish Street Community Centre, 19a Bann Drive Variable Public
1F9E49E5-9ADD-49FB-A037-96E3607D7107 BT47 2LD Doe Water Department, Gelvin Grange, Altnagelvin Londonderry 24/7 Public
8BDF1858-1C21-4F90-8DF2-AD26010D6C9D BT47 2NE Choice Housing, Lisnavar Court, Londonderry 24/7 Public
D3D365E8-CC4D-4C3E-91EE-AD2601106267 BT47 2NF Choice Housing, Lisnamon Court, Londonderry 24/7 Public
83B23398-BFF9-49D4-AAFA-6D25CA62A86F BT47 2QS Post Office Lloyds Pharmacy, 13 Duncastle Road, Ballyore New Buildings 24/7 Public
DF365983-CD2E-4DBD-979E-B08C00A57B14 BT47 2QS New Buildings Community Association, 4 Duncastle Road, Newbuildings 24/7 Public
CD313BC9-5258-4D50-8405-360C2D2EF3DE BT47 2RR Magheramason Service Station, 138 Victoria Road, Magheramason 24/7 Public
223AE7DE-3401-4A7B-8AD2-AEED0116FD1E BT47 2SX Driver And Vehicle Testing Agency, Victoria Road, New Buildings Industrial Estate Variable Public
22C5EC13-9B7B-4333-8BD9-AC9500DC38A9 BT47 3AA Eglinton Cricket Club, 2 Woodvale Road, Eglinton 24/7 Public
B02DC0F2-F7D1-4DF9-8BF2-EE3E93A8E5ED BT47 3AU St Marys Rc Church, 96 Ervey Road, Cross Londonderry 24/7 Public
F9F3A3F5-5C91-4E6E-B1B9-AF8F0160CD71 BT47 3AU St. Mary's Slaughtmanus Gaelic Football Club Slaghtmanus, St. Marys G.a.a. Club, 90 Ervey Road 24/7 Public
59E321E9-BF3C-4F03-AC1C-9A6187E4037E BT47 3DN Cp Hire Ltd, 2 Courtauld Way, Campsie Industrial Estate Egli Variable Public
554576E2-EB22-49A0-AC72-AF4600801262 BT47 3DW Macblair Eglinton, 15 Killylane Road, Eglinton 24/7 Public
FDCB1E5B-0809-44B1-847C-AFAA00ED0BC5 BT47 3DY Post Office, 172 Clooney Road, Greysteel 24/7 Public
59ECC149-6F23-4A8A-B9AE-AE7F00F9AAE8 BT47 3DZ St Mary's Faughanvale Gac, 190a Clooney Road, Greysteel 24/7 Public
04320D7B-C07A-4ABB-8AF0-AFB60100914C BT47 3GE Clooney Road, Vale Business Park, Greysteel 24/7 Public
8201DBDB-2544-44DB-9242-AE6300ABFCB4 BT47 3GY City Of Derry Airport, Airport Road, Eglinton Variable Public
799F6BB6-7F04-4B5C-B911-AF3100D29668 BT47 3NB Cross Concrete Flooring Limited, 15 Fawney Road, Cross Variable Public
F8BCA1F6-4582-42F5-AB20-0EB744E78730 BT47 3PG Spar/ Maxol Service Station, 5 Coolafinny Road, Coolafinny Eglinton 24/7 Public
33A0AC15-15E0-409E-9CB3-DCA9540EC358 BT47 3PQ Longs Supermarkets Ltd, 8 Main Street, Muff Eglinton 24/7 Public
38F9C546-7923-49DE-BB12-51CE4B7AFE6B BT47 3QG Spar Church Brae, 60 Church Brae, Drumahoe 24/7 Public
776F4D19-3E09-4267-9ECD-AE1500F7525B BT47 3RR Quinnspares, 67 Bigwood Road, Londonderry 24/7 Public
23EB6F74-C021-45B9-8544-D1FD644B21C5 BT47 3SD Drumahoe Primary School, 33 Drumahoe Road, Drumahoe Londonderry Variable Public
6913AFD3-B65C-4029-812A-AE2400D91EBC BT47 3SF Londonderry Ymca Ltd, 51 Glenshane Road, Londonderry Variable Restricted
C598415B-EB1D-416C-A9E5-AFE200C484FE BT47 3SF Faughan Valley Service Station - Spar Drumahoe, 66 Glenshane Road, Drumahoe 24/7 Public
B4B15781-FEDE-401F-AAFD-AFA8014CB24D BT47 3TJ Kildoag Orange Hall, 189 Kildoag Road, Killaloo 24/7 Public
5D351E9E-7AB7-48DA-842A-AFC400C19D88 BT47 3XX Regional Supplies Service, 9d Mclean Road, Campsie Real Estate Variable Public
D5F5D1B7-A9A8-4128-9C34-AFCB00E45CBA BT47 3XX Global Equipment Spares Ltd, Unit 3 Campsie Industrial Estate, Londonderry, Bt47 3xx, Campsie Real Estate Variable Restricted
915C7C0E-7CA1-4702-9D2C-FF2DC291846C BT47 4AQ John Mitchels Gac Claudy, 14 Learmount Road, Park Claudy 24/7 Public
4CF586EA-4890-4545-BC17-C54744059CE9 BT47 4AS Craigbane Hall, 67 Slieveboy Road, Claudy 24/7 Public
45D838E4-B055-449E-B960-1D23A9ACD631 BT47 4BA Learmount Resource Centre, 201 Learmount Road, Park Londonderry 24/7 Public
EE9F1130-BFE1-44AE-B8E9-35C77521AE51 BT47 4EA 630 Baranailt Road, Claudy 24/7 Public
DC162296-565C-4E4E-84F5-8F5E24D60499 BT47 4EF Gortilea Social Farm, 491 Baranailt Road, Gortilea Claudy 24/7 Public
5E5E0E05-52D1-4109-AE00-6A4594E88273 BT47 4HR Okane Meats, 69 Main Street, Claudy 24/7 Public
4E6E6A7C-46D3-463D-9BBF-AEF20134928C BT47 4JA John Mitchel’s Gac Claudy, 59 Cumber Road, Claudy 24/7 Public
278A223B-FE61-4DF4-AFE2-AE581C6CA408 BT47 4LD The Station, 58 Main Street, Dungiven 24/7 Public
F7442CE8-1DEF-4246-90FD-AF8B0141DCB1 BT47 4LD N20, Main Street, Dungiven 24/7 Public
4288DB02-2D27-470A-ADF5-AFA800DC01BA BT47 4LN Dungiven (Ub), 16 Station Road Dungiven, Dungiven 24/7 Public
704F1010-B8CD-417C-AFB5-B0AC0157BBCF BT47 4LN Dungiven Fire Station, Station Road, Dungiven 24/7 Public
7CC5335E-2BB2-4292-8B5A-A67F1ED44C65 BT47 4LN Eurospar, 39 Station Road, Dungiven 24/7 Public
9949C86B-14AD-4969-B127-B7C33683C1E9 BT47 4LT St Canice G A C, 13 Garvagh Road, Dungiven 24/7 Public
B1D4FDD5-5020-49D8-8D7F-C6AF4FBE2964 BT47 4LU Naiscoil Neachtain, 55 Garvagh Road, Dungiven 24/7 Public
51D6BD56-4F27-4BBE-B15A-AD0F009F60A2 BT47 4PE Lynchs Spar, Shop, 2a Glenroe Park 24/7 Public
BCA5C2AC-8147-4286-8F08-AF9500AC68F2 BT47 4PJ 321 Foreglen Road, Dungiven, Killaloo 24/7 Public
15CAB284-D8CC-470A-B74C-86C9474250F9 BT47 4PZ Gortnaghey Community Association, 81 Gortnahey Road, Gortnahey Beg Dungiven 24/7 Public
BE61AD48-4464-453D-9079-802EBEEC113B BT47 4PZ Church Of The Immaculate Conception (Rc), 30 Gortnahey Road, Gortnahey More Dungiven 24/7 Public
DA7AED93-51E6-4F4C-811A-73D19DE1888B BT47 4RT St Patricks R C Church, 21 Chapel Road, Dungiven 24/7 Public
F8A8155E-A9DB-4B9C-836F-B0C1010AB0C0 BT47 4SD Ponderosa, Ponderosa Bar, 974 Glenshane Road 24/7 Public
51D8B671-7C62-4736-833A-F386BBB8939E BT47 4SE St Patricks College, 9 Curragh Road, Dungiven 24/7 Public
74D09A1C-EAC6-46D3-AA15-E0CBDD01D6E5 BT47 4SG Benedy Community Association, 72 Corick Road, Corick Dungiven 24/7 Public
D7BF6939-6B4B-4449-8F46-B0B600CF0A92 BT47 4TD Spar Stores, 57 Main Street, Feeny 24/7 Public
1AD983A2-EF4F-4B8B-A8E6-B0A701077CFA BT47 5FR Crescent Link Fire Station, 10 Crescent Link, Londonderry 24/7 Public
828DEDBF-64D2-42BF-AE5F-AFF500B436C9 BT47 5FX Tesco Crescent Link Express, Crescent Link Retail Park, Londonderry Variable Public
0EFC9192-15C5-4CE2-BD0B-67969C585590 BT47 5NR Eurospar Gees Supermarket, 1c Rossdowney Park, Clooney Londonderry 24/7 Public
DDE04DEE-FE64-4E98-9C27-ADD300EE0225 BT47 5QZ Lisnagelvin Primary School, 46 Richill Park, Londonderry Variable Public
DDCEB5CA-B458-4C0E-A4C3-AF2400C858E2 BT47 6AH Derry/Londonderry, Waterside Link, Londonderry 24/7 Public
793A5E31-1E46-4E1D-87FF-B23F057843BA BT47 6AR Clooney Hall Methodist Church, 36 Clooney Terrace, Clooney Londonderry 24/7 Public
F3BE520C-546D-4DD7-BC5B-AF07010A3CC9 BT47 6AT Foyle Search & Rescue, Dorman Court, Londonderry 24/7 Public
5B3651E4-A37F-4F1B-A62E-28CB5F155237 BT47 6BG Waterside Library, 23 Glendermott Road, Waterside Londonderry Variable Public
01E04AAF-00D5-4293-A178-AE9E00A5DEA3 BT47 6BW Good Shepherd Primary School And Nursery School, 42 Dungiven Road, Londonderry Variable Restricted
C4A40303-B4CD-446E-9106-AF1E010A62BB BT47 6BW The Glen Bar, 26-28 Dungiven Road, Derry Variable Public
76F86E0A-A72F-4A1F-9288-AE1D0137CB0B BT47 6DA Tesco Stores Ltd, 21 Lisnagelvin Road, Waterside Variable Public
F3FE3A73-5AF9-4491-B893-05638773E4B2 BT47 6DE Spar Church Meadows, 16 Church Meadows, Kilfennan 24/7 Public
5B9C0C12-A6AC-4B2B-8A6F-AF26010016A8 BT47 6ET Glendermott Cricket Club, The Rectory, Cliftonville Avenue, Londonderry 24/7 Public
9FD2ADDC-7CFC-463F-BE17-ADB300D8EC1F BT47 6FB Choice Housing Ireland Ltd, The Rosses, Kinsale Park 24/7 Public
5BF0F1F8-8EE4-4576-BC1D-AD5000AF5103 BT47 6FN Strategic Planning And Performance Group, Gransha Park House, 15 Gransha Park Variable Restricted
A1D07814-D606-40F5-8C28-AEBC01078F7E BT47 6HD Ebrington Guardhouse, Clooney, Londonderry 24/7 Public
D4E828E7-B70A-495B-B19E-ADD600D0B854 BT47 6JY Oakgrove Integrated Primary School, 19 Limavady Road, Londonderry Variable Restricted
211E80F2-7232-4F3C-97BF-AFB600F6342F BT47 6LP Brigade Cricket Club, 41d Limavady Road, Londonderry Variable Public
7C9EC0CE-B3D4-4499-9A16-AB7A01095113 BT47 6LR Ebrington Primary School, 65d Limavady Road, Londonderry Variable Restricted
F363D30F-8DDC-49B6-978A-ADF300A4690F BT47 6SU Spar Strathfoyle, 74a The Old Fort, Londonderry 24/7 Public
4FE21A01-6F2D-4B9A-A86B-B0830094C7E2 BT47 6SZ Mim-Ni Ltd, 6 Carrakeel Industrial Park, Maydown Variable Public
A4FF37BD-9D53-484F-85EC-2CF11C2A52C9 BT47 6TG U3a Foyle, Gransha Park, Gransha Londonderry 24/7 Public
7CD8F246-FB90-4167-B345-140222E0FB99 BT47 6TJ Strathfoyle Village Centre - Spar Stores Unit 1, Temple Road, Coolkeeragh Strathfoyle 24/7 Public
7369 BT47 6UG Telephone Box, Londonderry 24/7 Public
996D92FF-AF36-4F08-A959-AEEA01205915 BT47 6UG Maydown Telephone Box, Enagh Crescent, Londonderry 24/7 Public
E6163EFA-26DC-4336-967E-ACD800E7E6F3 BT47 6XA 6 Parkmore Drive, Strathfoyle 24/7 Public
B085B5E2-3382-440C-8CBC-AF2800F2B70C BT47 6YB Heart Of Foyle Cfr, 14 Otterbank Road, Strathfoyle 24/7 Restricted
0FE850A6-CEF6-44EB-85B1-AB7A00C7358B BT48 0AN St. Marys College, 35 Northland Road, Londonderry Variable Public
15DE9E54-F7A0-40D7-B1A0-AEC900AAF5E8 BT48 0AN St Mary's College, 35 Northland Road, Londonderry Variable Restricted
5A69586E-51AA-4F41-BBB1-AB7A00C8AC2C BT48 0AN St. Marys College, 35 Northland Road, Londonderry Variable Restricted
814C4213-E002-45ED-99AD-682A67D32E45 BT48 0AZ Springtown Boxing Club, 3 Aileach Road, Ballymagrorty Londonderry Variable Public
A509E6F0-B1D5-4C36-A62D-B39B8A7DDA58 BT48 0AZ Holy Family Primary School, Aileach Road, Ballymagrorty Londonderry Variable Restricted
6B9646BE-B4AE-4762-AD10-AF1000BB89CC BT48 0LU Pennyburn (Ub Eng), Pennyburn Industrial Estate, Derry/Londonderry 24/7 Public
A60E7995-EDA3-41F4-AED1-AFA800DC0BE3 BT48 0LU Pennyburn Operations, 16 Pennyburn Industrial Estate, Londonderry, Londonderry 24/7 Public
DF0F1B60-9960-4BA5-8AC0-AD3C00C2C0A6 BT48 0LX 130 Northland Road, Londonderry 24/7 Public
5FC6B650-1620-4570-978B-DEDE6BF43626 BT48 0LY Apex Food Club & Foyle Food Bank, 15a Springtown Avenue, Springtown Industrial Estate L Variable Public
92712AE6-878B-4F37-B84E-AFE700D822DF BT48 0LY Screwfix, 42 Springtown Road, Londonderry Variable Restricted
9746619B-5AD4-4B09-9F08-AFC5012B1D35 BT48 0LY Craft Training, Springtown Road, Unit 2-4, 44 Springtown Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
1EBB74AA-BA67-4B0D-B4D5-AEED0087869C BT48 0NA Tuned In Project, 18 Balliniska Road, Springtown 24/7 Public
37CF542C-A582-4B1C-9CB4-AF2A00E3F7D7 BT48 0NA Cable & Accessories (Ni) Ltd, Unit 6, Balliniska Business Park, Balliniska Road, Springtown Ind Est Variable Public
09292917-FBC1-474C-8E77-8B173E0CD4E7 BT48 0RX Eurospar, 155 Creggan Road, Rosemount 24/7 Public
C8921506-06DE-4D2C-AEAF-B09600C33E34 BT48 0SF 1 Ardgrange, Londonderry 24/7 Public
920BA8A4-7FB4-4A9B-80C5-7C795719FFC1 BT48 6AL Derry Central Library, 35 Foyle Street, Londonderry Variable Public
56EDA16D-503C-48C7-A6E0-AF8501157D05 BT48 6AP Bus Depot Foyle Street Bus Centre, 14-20 Foyle Street, Londonderry Variable Public
DE80C7CC-74A8-417C-8386-394C590F5641 BT48 6AT Orchard House, 40 Foyle Street, Londonderry Variable Public
2333B87C-4025-4B6D-9A50-B0BA00E3D231 BT48 6BS Visit Derry, 1-3 Waterloo Place, Derry 24/7 Public
339212AE-FA7D-4562-8A09-AB6D01285A3B BT48 6DH Guildhall Guildhall Street, Londonderry Variable Public
CD1A942B-1686-48CD-9042-AEDD00ED6240 BT48 6DL Pbni, 25 Shipquay Street, Londonderry Variable Public
000B92E0-289B-4D82-AA4D-FED70A75BEB9 BT48 6EB Progressive Building Society, 3 Millenium Forum, Newmarket Street Variable Public
BBFAD942-474C-4C3A-83F1-B08F009DCA3E BT48 6HD Peadar O'donnels Bar, Peadar O'donnells Bar, 63 Waterloo Street 24/7 Public
F319A925-3695-4C17-9B66-55BB1ABDB718 BT48 6PB Long Tower Youth Club Long Tower, Anne Street, Ballymagowan Londonderry Variable Public
03B5F729-19DD-4D4D-8E16-AE9800C07D89 BT48 6PJ Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall, Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall, Ground & 2nd Floor, 13 Society Street Variable Restricted
F7895390-222C-47AC-8C05-FC42D692DCD6 BT48 6PW Reach Across, 10-14 Bishop Street Within, Londonderry Variable Public
1923C1D6-8F2A-40F1-BB7E-AEDE00F89F2B BT48 6QP Pbni, Richmond Chambers, The Diamond Variable Public
77FEC515-6ADE-499B-A550-AD2800A0FE5B BT48 6RE Choice Housing, 37 Jack Allen Court, Hawkin Street 24/7 Public
0FF7C17F-A5C6-42E7-825F-AD2800B4E655 BT48 6RJ Choice Housing, The Metropole 55 Bridge Street, Londonderry 24/7 Public
DC813CBD-2879-49EB-8E55-AB7200D7AACB BT48 6XQ Bishop Street Community Centre, 195 Bishop Street, Derry 24/7 Public
0DA8C106-F03E-49CC-BC35-AE5900A3C2B2 BT48 6XY Foyleside Shopping Centre, Orchard Street, Londonderry Variable Public
7E3E9432-38EA-4B32-A409-AF9700EAC316 BT48 6XY O2 Store (0229) Londonderry - Foyleside, Unit M16, Foyleside Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
BABC19A6-4A1F-41B1-9773-AD8700DC7203 BT48 7AS 18 Queens Quay, Londonderry 24/7 Public
13127514-D97C-477F-9157-ADD4010982CF BT48 7DX Foyle Jobs & Benefits Office, 14 Asylum Road, Crown Buildings Variable Public
856752CA-5547-4727-9593-AFC000F41933 BT48 7DZ Foyle Jbo, Asylum Road, Londonderry Variable Public
BD2A7A8C-B78A-4864-B8E8-AFB900ABCB23 BT48 7EL Learning Pool Ltd, City Shirt Factory, 100 Patrick Street Variable Restricted
62BF2FB0-3AE2-4A32-9CE6-AE6300CBC08E BT48 7ET Hurt, 14 Clarendon Street, Londonderry Variable Public
1197FF97-BBC7-4334-ACE6-B0A800FA42A7 BT48 7HU Northland Fire Station, 6 Northland Road, Londonderry 24/7 Public
44D5A19C-4F27-4344-B2FE-B02700C5BB06 BT48 7NN Derry City & Strabane District Council, 98 Strand Road, Londonderry 24/7 Public
C01C9806-F150-42BC-A337-ED70DEAD7009 BT48 7NY Aberfoyle Medical Practice, 120 Strand Road, Edenballymore Londonderry Variable Public
2403AABA-ACA1-4A08-8DD7-D7CDD12978AF BT48 7PU Jp Corry, 177 Strand Road, Pennyburn Londonderry 24/7 Public
AA0BA3B2-4ABD-4318-B61A-B0030102CE97 BT48 7PX Tesco Strand Road, Quayside Centre, Londonderry Variable Public
2741ADA6-DDC7-49E6-AD8B-04B2F11EBDD0 BT48 8AB Collon Filling Station -Spar, 20 Buncrana Road, Shantallow Londonderry 24/7 Public
AE9354E8-24B1-4ECA-AACF-ADD500F5D43E BT48 8BA Western Education & Library Board, Greenhaw Primary School, 28 Racecourse Road Variable Public
4BADA37E-7A64-4238-8115-18B6365F143E BT48 8DA Shantallow Library, 92 Racecourse Road, Shantallow Londonderry Variable Public
DD966032-5F9D-4EB1-BA36-AC1C01212B9B BT48 8DA Shantallow Car Wash, 88 Racecourse Road, Londonderry 24/7 Public
BD409FF8-2004-41A4-9019-AF9C00E1BBB1 BT48 8DS Dalys Bar & Bistro, 64a Racecourse Road, Shantallow 24/7 Public
F023E9E5-560C-4628-8D92-EB9C6F57E46B BT48 8JF Thornhill College, 142 Culmore Road, Ballynagard Londonderry Variable Public
FFD2FE71-93DC-4B4D-BCC6-8996C5E29332 BT48 8JF Thornhill College, 142 Culmore Road, Ballynagard Londonderry Variable Public
CADB168B-3B9C-4248-BC60-4D5B802054DE BT48 8JH Culmore Primary School, 181 Culmore Road, Ballynashallog Londonderry Variable Public
11BE3725-D70F-41B5-9FF2-AFAB010ABED4 BT48 8JR Spar Culmore, 2 Ballynagard Road, Londonderry 24/7 Public
49666482-5DA9-48FA-B393-2695503F3400 BT48 8NL Shantallow Health Centre, Racecourse Road, Shantallow Londonderry Variable Restricted
956269B4-BA69-4A44-BFDC-C69C5543A5C0 BT48 8NL Shantallow Health Centre, Racecourse Road, Shantallow Londonderry Variable Restricted
ED94BAA4-0940-4B06-888E-1D82AA63C458 BT48 8NU Spar (Galfield Ltd), 1-3 Fairview Road, Shantallow Londonderry 24/7 Public
E9994215-83B9-435C-9A52-D31CE78459E1 BT48 8PR 17 Portlock Place, Shantallow Londonderry 24/7 Public
76944495-F90D-4685-99C5-AE83008835F0 BT48 8QN Dunelm Londonderry, Faustina Retail Park, Buncrana Road, Londonderry Variable Restricted
D20511B6-2B8C-40A8-9F54-AD28009E750C BT48 8SG Choice Housing, Donal Casey Court, 62 Templemore Mews 24/7 Public
8AF2FADF-7CDF-4A4C-8E72-AD0C011B26F7 BT48 8SZ Lynch's Eurospar (Skeoge), 1 Glenabbey Crescent, Londonderry 24/7 Public
133E619B-DAA9-456A-9230-AECB958AA47F BT48 9NU Creggan Country Park Trust Creggan Country Park, Westway, Edenballymore Londonderry Variable Restricted
328883F6-ED36-4DE9-836B-ADD400B9F319 BT48 9PJ Trustees Of St.cecilias College, St.cecilia's College, 6a Blighs Lane Variable Public
66DA0842-5CBB-4A15-A397-B07000AE908E BT48 9PJ St Cecilia's College, Bligh's Lane, Derry Variable Public
E8C26929-2331-46E2-A977-AE55010DF659 BT48 9PJ Western Education & Library Board, St John's Primary School, 6b Blighs Lane Variable Public
F1C53958-F4EF-4947-A69B-ADD400B3C754 BT48 9PN Trustees Of St.cecilias College, St.cecilia's College, 6a Blighs Lane Variable Public
686DF556-2960-4D43-8C67-B07000B17ED1 BT48 9QE St Cecilia's College, St Cecilia's College Sports Pavillion, Fanad Drive Variable Public
4AFE5E59-C655-48EE-B47F-AD4700E465F1 BT48 9TF Creggan Community Collective, 33e Cromore Gardens, Londonderry Variable Restricted
D713C1B5-52DF-4887-A0DF-5DF717A2AFBE BT49 0AB Supervalu, 1-3 Market Street, Limavady 24/7 Public
388C8AE1-74D8-492E-9E3A-46C998185C23 BT49 0AU Roe Valley Residents Assocation, 13-14 Keady Way, Limavady 24/7 Public
24B28FCC-C7CA-466A-8AC1-D21528AF6426 BT49 0BN Ballycastle Food Stores Ltd, 6 Ballyclose Street, Killane Limavady 24/7 Public
F2471C19-B1C7-49E8-B2B6-897006B3104A BT49 0EA Limavady Library, 5 Connell Street, Limavady Variable Public
A83A1512-6616-44BA-BEF7-AE3E00DC22CE BT49 0ET Tesco Stores Ltd, 113-115 Main Street, Limavady Variable Public
4270EDD7-7582-4E03-B972-B0210099E5AF BT49 0HA Limavady Office, 7 Connell Street, Limavady Variable Public
AAF02BA4-4415-4848-936E-0E6ECEE55620 BT49 0LD George Canning & Sons Bellarena Post Office, 436 Seacoast Road, Lenamore Limavady 24/7 Public
0D75015D-ABF2-466D-86AF-AD5F013FC928 BT49 0LQ 5 Benone Avenue, Limavady 24/7 Public
A0B41E42-8D10-4C5D-842A-AE5800BD5F11 BT49 0PB Coastal Core Ltd, 145 Greystone Road, Limavady 24/7 Public
362B17F8-AE93-424C-B289-7FC8227C7638 BT49 0PX St Matthews Roman Catholic Church, Drumsurn Road, Drumsurn Limavady 24/7 Public
615E6C99-3C1D-4C82-B1FB-ADCE00AB4ED2 BT49 0PX St. Matthews G A C Club, 297 Drumsurn Road, Limavady 24/7 Public
3D71CC48-DF51-46CC-8A29-AE3F013AE347 BT49 0QH Tesco Express, 21 Broad Rd, 0 Variable Public
29FD661C-46EA-497A-9B63-C13F175FB577 BT49 0RR Glens Community Association, 4/5 Glenlea Park, Limavady 24/7 Public
7B922687-8669-4FC9-98AB-AFB800B30659 BT49 0TF Spar Stores, 1-2 Anderson Avenue, Limavady 24/7 Public
0F436DBF-3C6B-422C-AB8C-ADCE009A06D8 BT49 4SH Causeway Coast And Glens Borough Council, 7 Connell Street, Limavady Variable Restricted
920A4DCE-57D5-4D2E-9209-AFB700D02CB1 BT49 9BH Termoncanice Primary School, 1 Rathbrady Road, Limavady Variable Public
8E891832-EC9B-4F78-AD1C-B0A70122B995 BT49 9DB Limavady Fire Station, 22 Catherine Street, Limavady 24/7 Public
060DB936-1C67-4642-ABC2-AF5F016FD701 BT49 9DS Limavady Memorials, 96 Ballykelly Road, Ballykelly Variable Restricted
01B907B9-7F05-4FB8-8F01-ADB800A04493 BT49 9DW 16 Seacoast Road, Limavady Variable Public
6F5AEBD9-F263-4BE2-A824-AB7C00FDFB74 BT49 9ET Rossmar School, 2 Ballyquin Road, Limavady Variable Restricted
74027155-A5F9-4683-9972-AB7C01007D79 BT49 9ET Rossmar School, 2 Ballyquin Road, Limavady Variable Restricted
91113AED-F9D0-4B79-A916-6926F97898B7 BT49 9ET Limavady Grammar School, 3 Ballyquin Road, Coolessan Limavady Variable Restricted
5A38ABF0-8F0F-4932-B6E1-AE6000A4DF1A BT49 9FB Roe Park Resort, 10 Lisnakilly Road, Limavady 24/7 Public
95F83E32-4284-47AE-9BF1-B00600EE5505 BT49 9HS Morans Supervalu Ballykelly, 68 Main Street, Ballykelly 24/7 Public
41B6E8E7-ABDE-4163-B0D1-ADC9008888CC BT49 9JG Seating Matters Ltd, 131 Carnamuff Road, Ballykelly Variable Public
9B1A8A14-80DF-4571-A06E-ABCE0109E419 BT49 9LQ Largy Community Association, Largy Community Hall, 125 Drumrane Road 24/7 Public
4AF05FD9-4236-4662-AC95-AECC006FA46E BT49 9LR Glenhead Road, Limavady 24/7 Public
182E6525-1444-4A6C-ADE0-AFBA00C75559 BT5 4AF Connswater Link, Better Gym Connswater, Belfast Variable Public
40774BFB-F53A-4664-ABF9-AEF400A23F36 BT5 4BH Short Strand Security Hut, Mount Pottinger Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
E8D8DC1F-DABB-4B1B-9B27-AEF400949D25 BT5 4BH Short Strand (Ub Eng), Mount Pottinger Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
3B54BD4E-8CA5-424D-9CBB-AF2B0116D37D BT5 4FG Templemore Avenue School Trust, East Belfast Network Centre, 55 Templemore Avenue Variable Public
4E9F7BDD-5293-4DEE-91D4-B02A00F080DE BT5 4FW Templemore Baths, 96 Templemore Avenue, Belfast Variable Public
C4352414-4AFE-4075-BF32-B02A00EFAB44 BT5 4FW Templemore Baths, 96 Templemore Avenue, Belfast Variable Public
EDC81C25-0237-4CB4-AA5A-AFBD00B779E8 BT5 4SF Avoniel Leisure Centre, Avoniel Road, Belfast Variable Public
AA8DF988-36BC-4451-B331-CF0EB4BA3CC6 BT5 4SW Ledley Hall Boys And Girls Trust Ledley Hall, 1 Ledley Hall Close, Ballymacarret Belfast Variable Restricted
755A3263-8D12-479C-B943-AFF70112B0FC BT5 5DH Walkway Community Association, 1-9 Finvoy Street, Ballyhackamore 24/7 Public
8C2400CB-BE12-437F-B24A-AFCC009A0145 BT5 5DL O2 Store (0400) Belfast - Connswater, Unit 23b, Connswater Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
A83A3125-4175-4053-A17F-AF3500B86171 BT5 5DS Beersbridge Filling Station, Gd Floor, 323-329 Beersbridge Road 24/7 Public
FFAA2BBC-CE65-40CD-808E-AD2800BBF182 BT5 5EG Choice Housing, Elmgrove Manor, Beersbridge Road 24/7 Public
F5DCEE77-2292-446F-B1F0-78FBB2CA351B BT5 5FP Willowfield Health Centre, 50-52 Castlereagh Road, Ballymacarret Belfast Variable Public
E5AE4A4D-8EA2-44F1-910D-AFAD00CA16C1 BT5 5FT Tesco, 170 Castlereagh Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
62EAAA44-668B-444A-AA93-CFC72E5E7981 BT5 5HU Calvert Office Equipment Ltd, 20 Orby Link, Ballyrushboy Belfast Variable Public
C4961AD2-19E1-4DD1-AFC4-0A1BC3912C47 BT5 6AT Belfast City Council Orangefield Park Bowling Pavillion, Houston Park, Multyhogy Belfast 24/7 Public
DE24EB9F-E331-424D-97E0-3CC09AF9D81B BT5 6BH Orangefield Presbyterian Church, 464 Castlereagh Road, Multyhogy Belfast Variable Public
384FB405-5368-4EC2-9DB0-ACFD00ABED16 BT5 6JG St Columba's Parish Church, St Columba's Church (C Of I), 27 Kings Road 24/7 Public
E1B887D9-00C0-4629-AA87-639721A0761F BT5 6NF Marie Curie Cancer Care Marie Curie Centre, 1a Kensington Road, Knock Belfast 24/7 Public
B814445C-3CDF-4DFE-8A22-AF5D0130FC19 BT5 6NT 1 Kilhorne Gardens, Belfast 24/7 Public
9753C1A0-597A-43BB-9A0C-3D5C24D6CB69 BT5 6QE Knock Filling Station, 211 Knock Road, Carnamuck Belfast 24/7 Public
683B6E85-B62F-48DF-852E-AF3F00C3B39F BT5 6QR Laser Prototypes Europe Ltd, 4 Prince Regent Road, Belfast Variable Public
E5F7C1C9-F06C-40EF-8EAC-60D5D8941714 BT5 6QR Alan Lewis Displays Ltd Unit 1, 16 Prince Regent Road, Carnamuck Belfast Variable Restricted
52143B6B-1577-4DE4-ACB1-AD2800A2FBED BT5 7BR Choice Housing, Hazelbank Court, Belfast 24/7 Public
D6BBB651-0E52-461F-B4B4-C72DB2E0E805 BT5 7DG Cherry Valley Service Station - Spar, 46 Gilnahirk Road, Tullycarnet Belfast 24/7 Public
118370AC-7CCF-40F3-A3B4-B06500A06755 BT5 7DL Our Lady & St. Patricks College Knock, Our Lady And St Patrick's College, 120 Gilnahirk Road Variable Public
A3F69BB4-5659-4860-BAA2-B065009EDA68 BT5 7DL Our Lady & St. Patricks College, Knock, Our Lady And St Patrick's College, 120 Gilnahirk Road Variable Public
F6B44FDF-3D94-46DC-8A3E-97B2D2E66B18 BT5 7DL Our Lady And St Patricks College, 120 Gilnahirk Road, Gortgrib Belfast Variable Public
E36586BE-6711-4275-8E8A-B09200BB5AB4 BT5 7EA South & East Belfast H.s.s. Trust, 17 Kings Square, Tullycarnet 24/7 Public
5EB3366C-A696-42D4-9DBA-B3C1FD10D462 BT5 7FB Tullycarnet Bowling Pavilion, Kingsland Park, Gortgrib Belfast 24/7 Public
151D7745-A121-4EC4-BD8C-AF5200D4D801 BT5 7LH Henderson Spar Ballygowan Road, 1d Ballygowan Road, Castlereagh 24/7 Public
AD6CC390-1BDE-43AC-B7C8-B02000F87014 BT5 7PY The Braniel Church Methodist And Presbyterian P, Woodview Drive, Belfast 24/7 Public
899A7D1D-7791-4931-B88D-9920E42E9A1F BT5 7TX Castlereagh Hills Golf Club, 73 Upper Braniel Road, Belfast Variable Restricted
C2A7C3A5-9BB6-42E0-8BA7-9755EDA5C107 BT5 7TX Castlereagh Hills Golf Club, 73 Upper Braniel Road, Belfast Variable Public
F415C8F6-B61F-4188-AAFC-1BEB3EDFB6CD BT5 7TX Hillmount Nursery Centre, 56 Upper Braniel Road, Braniel Belfast Variable Public
6FD96C0A-E631-4838-9A6F-AB7200AFC66F BT5 7TZ 129 Ballygowan Road, Belfast Variable Public
D62AD2EB-81B6-43BC-A80E-AFB300936D4F BT51 3AS Spar Stores, 32-34 Kyles Brae, Coleraine 24/7 Public
AA75216D-6A82-49A9-A138-ACFC007788B1 BT51 3GZ 1a Old Court Market, Coleraine 24/7 Public
10FBB8EF-97B5-4424-B8FA-AA5E673EEBA0 BT51 3HP Killowen Medical Centre, 5a Castlerock Road, Waterside Coleraine Variable Public
EFF2F5C6-468E-4407-994B-AE2B00A4C6AA BT51 3HS Roads Service Northern Division, County Hall, Castlerock Road Variable Public
2405C63C-1707-4D1A-AD76-AEA501012071 BT51 3HX Ballycairn Road, Coleraine 24/7 Public
081B482E-3BD1-4FD4-B7B0-AB7600D9EDDF BT51 3JZ Loreto College, Castlerock Road, Coleraine Variable Restricted
C882A26A-C05B-4732-B348-AFEE01105346 BT51 3LA Coleraine Academical Institution, Coleraine Grammar School, 23-33 Castlerock Road 24/7 Public
2249C996-9585-4800-9AE5-C57ADB822CB7 BT51 3LL Autozone, 2 Somerset Road, Somerset Coleraine Variable Restricted
78255A27-3BA9-4D3F-B825-C4F9DFA122AE BT51 3QB Vivo, 5 Greenmount Avenue, Lismurphy Coleraine 24/7 Public
47245BE9-AF54-440A-886C-AFAB010360A1 BT51 3QJ Ivan Wilson Complex, 277a Dunhill Road, Coleraine Variable Public
3C62F41A-2F99-4CE9-9F3D-AE8300853291 BT51 3QQ Dunelm Coleraine, Unit 14/15riverside Centrecastleroe Road, Coleraine Variable Restricted
828AC5B2-2B37-4F07-836A-CE2149666187 BT51 3QQ B & Q Plc, 20 Riverside Regional Centre, Somerset Coleraine Variable Restricted
E7DE0B8F-B929-47C8-9E3A-AB6E01103F2E BT51 3QQ B & Q Plc, 20 Riverside Regional Centre, Coleraine Variable Public
C1B042B8-4717-4E42-809E-ACE6010409F5 BT51 3RP Nicobrand, Unit 1, 189 Castleroe Road Variable Public
F66F6EF1-02E0-4939-94A0-AFC400DCB49D BT51 3SF Macosquin Presbyterian Church, Mascoquin Prebyterian Church, 116 Coolyvenny Road 24/7 Public
72548656-B805-43B8-B3BA-ACF40093843D BT51 4DW Aghadowey Presbyterian Church Hall, 70 Ardreagh Road, Aghadowey 24/7 Public
CCB5AB61-4C52-47B4-AFBB-4D4983E81C13 BT51 4DW St. Guaire's Church Hall, 81 Ardreagh Road, Aghadowey 24/7 Public
D7DCD5F2-8D35-4EB1-86B0-AF4800E788BB BT51 4HR Ed Autos, 81 Craigmore Road, Ringsend 24/7 Public
90885A95-9DCD-40CA-A5D5-93AACF1D78AB BT51 4JN 2nd Dunboe Presbyterian Church, 236 Windyhill Road, Ballinrees 24/7 Public
C3649A5D-3B3D-473B-9014-E85EF160DC22 BT51 4NE St Marys Church (Church Of Ireland), 31 Dunderg Road, Macosquin Coleraine 24/7 Public
AFDC7C65-977E-47CF-BFB1-F59D6DFFEE80 BT51 4RA Christ Church (C Of I) Hall, Main Street, Freehall Dunlop Castlerock 24/7 Public
4DC72949-8543-4084-9696-AFB90102EEA8 BT51 4TJ Castlerock Golf Club, 65 Circular Road, Castlerock Variable Public
54882900-CCCE-4F3C-84A1-B891FF8AFB67 BT51 4TN Castlerock Holiday Park, 24 Sea Road, Bogtown Castlerock 24/7 Public
C85A7CE2-8FE3-4EEE-A7AE-3C963F37EFDD BT51 4TR Peter Thompson Hall, 2 Freehall Road, Freehall Watson Castlerock 24/7 Public
DAEF2294-65B4-4811-BC90-51D8612C66B3 BT51 4TX Exorna Filling Station, 170 Mussenden Road, Articlave 24/7 Public
E94235D0-6C96-42BD-BF2C-49550440CD4A BT51 4UR Community Defibrillator, 1 Sconce Road, Articlave 24/7 Public
0E9ED35A-2D92-4707-A69F-E36D1C668971 BT51 4XA Castlerock Golf Club, 65 Circular Road, Castlerock 24/7 Public
72A0CD6D-D81D-4F74-9852-A668DCCE46D9 BT51 5AA Eurospar, 1 Main Street, Garvagh 24/7 Public
685180E5-EE42-4E96-A99C-15ABFA67B0A2 BT51 5AB Spar Garvagh K S S Ltd, 69a Main Street, Garvagh 24/7 Public
BE366579-5397-4CAF-BAAD-6E76F762C522 BT51 5DS Glenullin Community Centre -John Mitchells Gac 9, 9a Curraghmore Road, Brockaghboy Garvagh 24/7 Public
9F21BC4D-1176-43AC-94F3-ADAF00F0AF18 BT51 5EQ 77 Boleran Road, Garvagh 24/7 Public
29F5427B-85F8-42CA-A6A3-AF38014837DF BT51 5EW 14 Coolnasillagh Road, Garvagh 24/7 Public
15A0EEAF-EF66-4AC5-9966-AEC30084E894 BT51 5HF Riverridge, 56 Craigmore Road, Garvagh 24/7 Public
DD31D867-0CDF-43C4-9617-AE19010D1A55 BT51 5JW Moneydig Orange Hall, 68 Moneydig Road, Garvagh 24/7 Public
D59C56F2-B33C-447F-AD7B-B05900F6086C BT51 5NJ 10 - 12 Carhill Road, Garvagh Variable Public
C87DC04A-54B2-436E-98FC-AFD200BD9009 BT51 5PB Currie Fabtech Limited, 45a Dullaghy Road, Garvagh Variable Restricted
47215C13-1D17-4990-A422-B0A701088F2D BT51 5QU Kilrea Fire Station, 24/26 Church Street, Kilrea 24/7 Public
23168082-B030-497E-B5A9-AF24008207CE BT51 5TA Kilrea (Ub), 4 Drumagarner Road Coleraine, Coleraine 24/7 Public
D2986612-4F85-4015-AEB0-3163507C285D BT51 5TN Pearse Park Gaa, 130 Drumagarner Road, Gortmacrane Kilrea 24/7 Public
43B0625B-F038-45C9-A37C-ADA600B0E81D BT51 5XU Boveedy Community Association, 22 Boveedy Road, Kilrea 24/7 Public
0DCDFA62-5D68-4D00-907E-AD8D00C8FC14 BT52 1AD 29e New Row, Coleraine Variable Restricted
D9F07370-63BA-4D76-B126-AEA500B3FAB7 BT52 1AF Coleraine Congregational Church, 46 New Row, Coleraine Variable Public
E6838395-7365-449D-98FE-DAA603D187C3 BT52 1AN Moores Of Coleraine, 11 Church Street, Coleraine Variable Public
6FA5046F-D029-418E-A41D-AFF100FE16F1 BT52 1AR O2 Store (0213) Coleraine, 18 Church Street, Northern Ireland Variable Restricted
7595EABE-8B86-48EC-BF2D-2B9CFA4CCC4C BT52 1BE Coleraine Library, Queen Street, Coleraine Variable Public
82899567-5B08-4CB4-A7EE-F5A11483217C BT52 1DE Progressive Building Society, 9 - 11 The Diamond, Coleraine Variable Public
38487B67-FBF3-4E93-B51B-AF7300B38A44 BT52 1DN Pbni, 19/20 The Diamond, Coleraine Variable Restricted
676486AC-6D7E-4BF8-B549-B053009100BC BT52 1DU Causeway Credit Union Ltd, 32 Abbey Street, Coleraine 24/7 Public
A6D0BD3D-7CDC-43DD-A285-AD2600F20D32 BT52 1EQ Choice Housing, Rothesay Court, Abbey Street 24/7 Public
E407AE83-E6DA-4050-8C10-FE7DE3B42317 BT52 1EX Coleraine First Presbyterian Church, Abbey Street, Coleraine 24/7 Public
0DA590C6-23B2-48F3-84D8-B02100A017AB BT52 1EY Cloonavin, 66 Portstewart Road, Coleraine Variable Public
C844E799-2CDC-4F05-9EF3-ADCE00970417 BT52 1EY Causeway Coast And Glens Borough Council, Cloonavin, 66 Portstewart Road Variable Restricted
AEAA5C03-C904-4ED0-9896-AE3E00FEB089 BT52 1HU Tesco Superstore, 2 Banfield Rd, Coleraine Variable Public
643B5724-47B3-4374-892F-B0AC0157142B BT52 1LU Coleraine Fire Station, 23/27 Lodge Road, Coleraine 24/7 Public
7C5B1F85-EF73-418E-B4D6-79BF082EE650 BT52 1LU The Townhouse Dental Practice, 3 Lodge Road, Coleraine Variable Public
7867B842-AE54-4FFB-B549-7BFC49F3E3D8 BT52 1NF The Lodge Hotel, 102a Lodge Road, Lodge Coleraine Variable Restricted
D844ADF6-D253-4D64-BAA9-B0AF01586491 BT52 1PF H Johnston, Railway Arms, 53 Railway Road 24/7 Public
C271DC01-B030-44B5-82D0-AE78009AFE2A BT52 1PN Coleraine University Station, Coleraine 24/7 Public
5C1E94FB-C804-44B5-AED9-FB329B44E5F8 BT52 1QS J K C Specialist Cars, 1-9 Millburn Road, Coleraine 24/7 Public
F5C5EC41-903D-46EB-A790-693864EAF63A BT52 1QX Anderson Park Tennis Pavillion, 2a Millburn Road, Coleraine 24/7 Public
32EA2A94-762B-4D41-A101-D0F8BB6FFC6E BT52 1QY Spar, 121 Millburn Road, Millburn Coleraine 24/7 Public
262366C3-5DC7-4E0D-9ABA-AD7D0146050B BT52 1SU Triangle Judo Club, 24b Beresford Court, Beresford Road Variable Restricted
A6EBF66E-8679-4A75-9D7A-41914D082B7B BT52 1UD Hanna Boats, 233 Loughan Road, Colebreene Coleraine 24/7 Public
91FFF6B3-C986-4876-84A5-8D5EC07F72A7 BT52 1UF Damhead Primary School, 34 Damhead Road, Damhead Coleraine 24/7 Public
B96D5FE8-0BBD-46BA-9833-ACF7010D632E BT52 2AA Universal Credit, Crown Buildings, 8 Artillery Road 24/7 Public
A83FA4F3-3D4F-41AB-B16E-ADE900BE362A BT52 2BS Bush Filling Station, 169-173 Bushmills Road, Coleraine Variable Public
781563AC-6E5E-4C10-B92E-5C26F4DFBDD5 BT52 2BT C P Hire Ltd, 102 Bushmills Road, Spittle Hill Coleraine Variable Public
B1AED351-61D4-4A75-BF13-AD6500D4D211 BT52 2DA Hillmans Way, Coleraine 24/7 Public
01E9A50A-E210-4C48-86CA-AFE8006CBA91 BT52 2DH Screwfix, Unit A7/A8, Sperrin Business Park Variable Restricted
A4B68420-91E6-41D6-BA63-AEDE00F617D5 BT52 2DN Pbni, 19-20 The Diamond, Coleraine Variable Public
91FB9542-2CEB-4ABB-8CF1-AF1000BB8338 BT52 2DY Coleraine Workshop, 1b Ballycastle Road, Coleraine 24/7 Public
5848E236-2650-4194-96FC-AD8800CB83C4 BT52 2ED 10 Hillmans Way, Coleraine Variable Public
DFA33577-AC46-4BDA-8DBA-AE8600C01FC0 BT52 2JB A Diamond And Son Ltd, 35 Newmills Road, Coleraine Variable Public
ADD9B629-5F2A-45E4-B880-ABCE01358C95 BT52 2NE 49 Creamery Road, Coleraine 24/7 Public
D0DDC1ED-EDC3-4E14-BF37-AEE100E59E77 BT52 2NJ Driver & Vehicle Testing Agency, Loughanhill Industrial Estate, 2 Gateside Road Variable Public
8CE81954-7C1A-4DDB-934D-AE5A00B161E8 BT52 2NR Causeway Coast And Glens Council - Coleraine Depot, 2a Loughanhill Industrial Estate, Gateside Road 24/7 Public
9428ADA3-FBC7-447D-A759-AF00007CF463 BT52 2NR Causeway Coast And Glens Council, Unit 28 Causeway Enterprise Agency, Gateside Road 24/7 Public
A7675473-1960-4338-BDB7-AF4E00E5E909 BT52 2NS Macblair Coleraine, 5 Loguestown Industrial Estate, Coleraine 24/7 Public
E7F09D16-7D32-496D-B3F6-AC7100EAC340 BT52 2QR Focus On Family, Glenburn House, 11-19 Glenburn Crescent 24/7 Public
8D5BB4F8-C40A-471E-B9D6-B02100A71A8A BT53 6BE Ballymoney Town Hall, 1 Townhall Street, Ballymoney Variable Public
94580312-F019-45CD-8AC2-C4EC710B0654 BT53 6BE The Royal British Legion, 11 Townhead Street, Ballymoney Variable Public
2A6093F0-FD0C-41CD-B697-ADCE00AA9936 BT53 6BG Causeway Coast And Glens Borough Council, Ballymoney Town Hall, 24 High Street Variable Public
1354D47B-EE99-4BEC-8138-027DA8A013BE BT53 6DS Glebeside Spar Stores, 22 John Street, Ballymoney 24/7 Public
E382A748-1380-42FF-B5E0-B0210099E93C BT53 6DZ Riada House, 14 Charles Street, Ballymoney Variable Public
7B8A74F0-FFB3-4F50-AE17-B0A101030436 BT53 6EA Ballymoney Fire Station, 31 Market Street, Ballymoney 24/7 Public
F6567BF6-4682-434E-AF48-F80FDD935C28 BT53 6JB Ballymoney Library, Queen Street, Ballymoney Variable Public
F08AB1E2-ADC8-4B9B-9EBF-47418C941B4C BT53 6JN Ballymoney First Presbyterian Church Hall, Meeting House Street, Ballymoney 24/7 Public
2C773035-B611-4D34-B843-AF2400820E9C BT53 6JR Ballymoney (Ub), 20 Seymour Street, Ballymoney 24/7 Public
806A9B9C-FED8-41A7-B000-AF2400C86A48 BT53 6JR Ballymoney, Ballymoney Train Station, Ballymoney 24/7 Public
1464AA8D-A366-45F8-91E5-AD2800A370D6 BT53 6JT Choice Housing, Shiels Court, 41 Castle Street 24/7 Public
C6B5DC86-B547-45AD-A54C-F35C4D9D4E4F BT53 6LE Milltown Service Station, 4 Milltown Road, Ballymoney 24/7 Public
851E3EE1-FA59-45A1-B4EA-AF27007BB5DE BT53 6LQ Macblair Ballymoney, 24 Ballybrakes Road, Ballymoney 24/7 Public
F25897B6-7904-4E7C-BE1A-B57DC6438636 BT53 6LW Efs Ni Ltd, Ballybrakes Road, Ballybrakes Business Park Ball 24/7 Public
6EE53D68-EBEC-48D9-91DA-B04501658DB4 BT53 6QD 6-8 Ballybogey Road, Ballymoney 24/7 Public
A7325DC7-95A2-4432-8073-AD7800D5F99E BT53 6TD Castlecroft, Main Street, Ballymoney 24/7 Public
E1CBF468-E5B6-4E0A-BEBC-B0B30133CD05 BT53 6TX 3 Beckett Avenue, Ballycormick, Ballymoney 24/7 Public
0559D6FF-10D0-4F82-A198-5928A7842975 BT53 7DB Joey Dunlop Leisure Centre, 33 Garryduff Road, Dunloy Ballymoney Variable Public
0A7D5BDE-E9E8-4E41-94A0-9EDA202B1848 BT53 7DH Garryduff Presbyterian Church, 122a Garryduff Road, Dunloy Ballymoney 24/7 Public
51DA5895-70AA-4020-A834-AEF9007CE59C BT53 7ET Mcauley Engineering, 21 Ballymena Road, Ballymoney Variable Public
7F0A9017-F9EC-4F56-AA21-EA52F8026B5A BT53 7HJ Dunaghy Independent Orange Hall (Glendinning Hall), 105 Kilraughts Road, Dunaghy Ballymoney 24/7 Public
4107E6BF-8B7E-46C7-AE03-B00F00B21F51 BT53 7HL Ballymoney Rugby Football Club, 63 Kilraughts Road, Ballymoney 24/7 Public
2F823468-76A1-4F79-BEEE-AF8E00E44688 BT53 7JT Tesco, Castle Street, Ballymoney Variable Public
62293DF3-C3E4-42C0-964B-AD74013CC844 BT53 7LU Bendooragh Orange Hall, Bann Road, Bendooragh 24/7 Public
9E2E3740-1C71-43EF-9DAB-AEF900856936 BT53 7PB 35 Vow Road, Ballymoney Variable Public
F6566BE9-5188-4281-9C5E-ADCC00F4F2F1 BT53 7PT Balnamore Primary School, 80 Balnamore Road, Ballymoney 24/7 Public
441AF799-A70A-4472-8568-AFDA00F9E660 BT53 7QL Glover Site Investigations Ltd, 8 Drumahiskey Road, Bendooragh Variable Public
5D35F37A-0202-4E65-9BC2-AFF700FFB69C BT53 7QN 36 Glenstall Road, Ballymoney 24/7 Public
73EE91A6-FA7E-4A4B-9CF4-B04900BE8972 BT53 8AT Mcconaghy Refrigerated Distribution, 218 Castlecat Road, Dervock 24/7 Public
4A1063BA-5969-4DDA-A719-B02300C2E835 BT53 8BD Dervock & District Community Association, Market House, Knock Road 24/7 Public
5982BAE5-2E88-44BB-AE5D-AFE900A63E54 BT53 8EE 85 Carnbore Road, Liscolman, Ballymoney 24/7 Public
788BB822-5E37-41C1-99E8-76B22D7D84BB BT53 8PJ Main Street, Stranocum Ballymoney 24/7 Public
1B90CA3C-7796-4E5B-812C-AB6F01323671 BT53 8QJ Mosside Band And Lodge Club, 5 Knockmore Road, Mosside 24/7 Public
A1E695C9-4D41-47DD-B2D4-AEA700A623E2 BT53 8RL Mcauley Car Dismantlers., 169 Glenshesk Road, Armoy 24/7 Public
D42A26B1-A1DC-4B0D-816F-3D5901E2A25E BT53 8RL Glen Rovers Gac, 154 Glenshesk Road, Armoy Ballymoney 24/7 Public
17677001-C2B1-479B-9A53-AE1D016EA2C7 BT53 8TA Park Orange Hall, 43 Carrowreagh Road, Armoy 24/7 Public
40DC08E4-CA5F-45F6-80B1-B04200F5C063 BT53 8XJ Limepark Arts & Cottages, 37 Drones Road, Armoy 24/7 Public
AE229A6A-EBA2-40F3-BB54-AF170107AA83 BT53 8XJ Playing Fields, 28 Drones Road, Armoy 24/7 Public
76EC70EF-3987-4558-B4DC-ADCD00CFE632 BT53 9SQ Causeway Coast And Glens Borough Council, Riada House, 14 Charles Street Variable Restricted
75D0E91D-86BA-4C7F-BEAF-AD02011C6BA1 BT54 6AR Henderson Retail, 36 Castle St, Ballycastle 24/7 Public
6AA7F618-159C-47CD-9FAD-05F1B42DDA9F BT54 6BJ Ballycastle Integrated Primary School, 43 Quay Road, Ballycastle Variable Restricted
70C29E80-13A7-4979-A4A5-AF9600A680E6 BT54 6BJ Causeway Coast And Glens Borough Council, Quay Road Playing Fields, Quay Road 24/7 Public
FAD539EF-5B76-45A9-9768-AA36FB66A1EE BT54 6DB Causeway Coast Holiday Park, 21 Clare Road, Ballycastle 24/7 Public
20380A68-C783-4C2D-8642-B0A1010338A1 BT54 6DR Ballycastle Fire Station, Market Street, Ballycastle 24/7 Public
A5A05BB1-8271-4D6F-AFC1-AD4A009D1ACA BT54 6LA Cross & Passion College, 10 Moyle Road, Ballycastle Variable Public
0B5C3A54-BA61-434A-8BA2-AF24008216A1 BT54 6LD Ballycastle Bus, Station Road, Ballycastle 24/7 Public
CBD4D550-0568-4026-9894-29749AA62FCE BT54 6LG Spar, 60 Moyle Road, Ballycastle 24/7 Public
E7E88194-2F2C-4372-ACC5-AFE300D82A71 BT54 6LH 62 Clare Road, Ballycastle 24/7 Restricted
3E4FA108-819F-4D27-82EC-618B0BEEC5D0 BT54 6LS Nt Larrybane Aed, 119a Whitepark Road, Ballintoy Ballycastle 24/7 Public
0856F546-7B38-41E1-BF98-B066009A25CE BT54 6NA Public Toilets Ballintoy Harbour, Ballintoy Harbour, Ballycastle 24/7 Public
E5C168DA-48D2-4CF1-BBBF-AD3A00C9C6CE BT54 6ND Ballintoy Church Hall, 137 Whitepark Road, Ballintoy 24/7 Public
C9682FDE-A4D3-408B-B786-AF56010BCA77 BT54 6PA Duncanplant, 15 Glenshesk Road, Ballycastle 24/7 Public
29B39711-C63C-4DAE-ACE8-ADCE00FC86DD BT54 6QH Causeway Coast And Glens Borough Council, Sheskburn House, 7 Mary Street Variable Restricted
F7C3D606-4900-4187-B70C-B021009A9C6E BT54 6QH Sheksburn House, 7 Mary Street, Ballycastle Variable Public
9E14EBD8-52C8-4CED-95A5-6189BD66B7A5 BT54 6QP Ballycastle Golf Club, 2 Cushendall Road, Bonamargy Ballycastle 24/7 Public
BE388176-0CF1-4C92-A251-77069EC7A295 BT54 6QU Corrymeela Community, 5 Drumaroan Road, Ballycastle 24/7 Public
C89C3ACC-D4C1-49DA-AA12-ACD5008D1658 BT54 6QY Ballyvoy Service Station, 95 Cushendall Road, Ballyvoy 24/7 Public
89B3FB6F-2844-4AFF-9741-B073014F789C BT54 6RJ Torr Community Defib., 8 Farranmacallan Road, Ballycastle 24/7 Public
288A08CE-BFC1-4315-A9D5-B0AC0158E7F1 BT54 6RT Rathlin Fire Station, 16 Church Quarter, Rathlin Island 24/7 Public
2E0A55CA-4F0E-48EF-9173-B05E00E2C73F BT54 6RT Rathlin Island, The Public Toilets, Churchquarter 24/7 Public
A3D9638D-3140-4845-86B3-1683FF183D26 BT55 7AD Portstewart Traders Association, 25, The Promenade Variable Restricted
E78F8CA8-97AF-41CA-94C4-AFDC009BC974 BT55 7AH Agherton Parish Church, The Promenade, Portstewart 24/7 Public
AE236208-DF15-4811-9B76-ADB7010AAE41 BT55 7BE Old Course Hut, 27 Portmore Road, Portstewart 24/7 Public
9A77DB63-4AAF-416D-A40E-B0A800F9732C BT55 7BW Portstewart Fire Station, 14 Convention Avenue, Portstewart 24/7 Public
9AB553C6-0E45-43E1-A5C7-AF5001030827 BT55 7DA 36 Station Road, Portstewart 24/7 Public
F75EA695-76D8-4B2D-85A8-AFCF00A9B8D7 BT55 7JJ 11 Newlands Crescent, Portstewart 24/7 Public
11F0A233-60FF-4C91-8D8A-ADB00110C64F BT55 7PG 117 Strand Road, East Crossreagh, Portstewart Variable Restricted
6C4ED3E4-1A29-48B4-9094-ADB701093DB4 BT55 7PG 117 Strand Road, East Crossreagh, Portstewart 24/7 Public
8174C26C-3BCC-4CA9-8F3A-ADB701075A2F BT55 7PG 117 Strand Road, East Crossreagh, Portstewart 24/7 Public
A8F5B57C-6B64-458E-934B-AE77008DAB06 BT55 7PG National Trust Portstewart Strand, 118 Strand Road, East Crossreagh 24/7 Public
DE115695-6194-4B72-B5DE-ADDD00AC6851 BT55 7PL Tesco Store, 160 Coleraine Road, Portstewart Variable Public
BFBCB4DA-AF93-4BB2-9EE9-2B701AE1F4FE BT55 7PU Supervalu, 160 Station Road, Galvally Portstewart 24/7 Public
E635A0A0-1D3F-4D53-80C2-AF500105CEB1 BT56 8AB 16 Causeway Street, Portrush 24/7 Public
F48EE414-3467-4E63-A6A7-EDDE81CEBB1D BT56 8AB Strand Head, 1 Causeway Street, Portrush 24/7 Public
9299AC8A-AB39-49DC-B3A8-ADFF00C9B404 BT56 8AY Maritime & Coastguard Agency, 25 Lansdowne Crescent, Portrush 24/7 Public
0684CC77-4D01-4A7B-9AB9-AB6C00B5FF1F BT56 8BL Portrush Presbyterian Church, 3:16 House, 3 Main Street 24/7 Public
6AC64580-45AD-4E1C-A770-AF4A00093E63 BT56 8BN Portrush Atlantic Hotel, 73 Main Street, Portrush 24/7 Public
B8D9D09D-82C6-4CED-9084-AEB800EA2320 BT56 8BN The Whitehouse, 45 Main Street, Portrush Variable Public
7D4DC10E-31BA-4307-8761-1A4BC003DA28 BT56 8DF Portrush Yacht Club, 8 Harbour Road, Portrush 24/7 Public
D83DC156-E38B-4224-ADC3-AD4000FA639D BT56 8DF Harbour Office, Harbour Road, Portrush Variable Restricted
EAC6AC3E-388D-4EE5-9EC8-AE7801419A46 BT56 8DJ Portrush Train Station External, Portrush 24/7 Public
019928E7-4280-4835-93A4-B04E0091B46B BT56 8ED 12 Brooklyn Place, Portrush 24/7 Public
BE70A088-2A99-4607-9D93-2D777A0EF6D1 BT56 8EW Millstrand Integrated Primary School, 33 Dhu Varren, Portrush 24/7 Public
ABB78B96-08B1-48BA-9069-BE9AC275DB04 BT56 8HN Eurospar Hillcrest, 121 Coleraine Road, Portrush 24/7 Public
8B328C08-7D1A-4ED2-B3E5-759806B3F14C BT56 8JG Rathmore Golf Club, 5a Bushmills Road, Portrush Variable Public
14A6BB99-0C28-457F-B362-B05800A37FB8 BT56 8JQ Royal Portrush Golf Club, Royal Portrush Golf Club House, Dunluce Road Variable Public
621AA34C-DC7A-4B90-8CFA-B058009FC7F8 BT56 8JQ Royal Portrush Golf Club, Royal Portrush Golf Club House, Dunluce Road Variable Public
D437BC5E-0343-46E2-B3F9-B05800A1F79A BT56 8JQ Royal Portrush Golf Club, Royal Portrush Golf Club House, Dunluce Road Variable Public
E6085F15-6D9F-4357-AA14-B058009D34A5 BT56 8JQ Royal Portrush Golf Club, Royal Portrush Golf Club House, Dunluce Road Variable Public
65BCD268-11E6-41C8-8EE4-AF2B00E3877F BT56 8JW Portrush Primary School, 75 Crocknamack Road, Portrush Variable Public
814D40BD-9D14-4BF1-9CDF-3402AFB20DFE BT56 8NB Skerries Holiday Park, 126 Dunluce Road, Portrush 24/7 Public
A4A46C05-009C-41F6-AA36-AEAD00FB6FBC BT56 8SL 1 Rathmore Court, Portrush 24/7 Public
E597FE06-C4FE-465A-A408-279A195FECC8 BT57 8QA Tourist Information Centre, 44 Main Street, Bushmills 24/7 Public
131F19B2-61CD-4B02-ABEE-AE0600FB4B66 BT57 8QP Dunluce Parish Hall, 13 Priestland Road, Bushmills 24/7 Public
6946BD4B-843B-43BC-A798-488F42FE8060 BT57 8QP Bushmills Medical Centre, 6 Priestland Road, Ballaghmore Variable Restricted
9BF2691A-EA96-4C8B-9F4E-AB170846A1DA BT57 8QT Spar Stores, 9-10 Elmwood Park, Ballyness 24/7 Public
18D8F937-EE57-42C1-A98C-ADE50096B498 BT57 8RR Bushfoot Golf Club, 50 Bushfoot Road, Portballintrae Variable Public
DA2ED961-53FA-405D-ACB9-D576FF697015 BT57 8RT Portballintrae Boat Club, 36 Beach Road, Bushfoot Portballintrae Variable Public
F2E6B0F0-20C6-4F66-A56B-A4876DC3389F BT57 8RT Portballintrae Village Hall, 80 Beach Road, Portballintrae 24/7 Public
A6AD84E9-66A5-4B00-AEAE-AE1A00F791F1 BT57 8RZ 2 Bayhead Road, Portballintrae 24/7 Public
D31A7CFB-C85A-42A4-904A-9864F2D45871 BT57 8SR Dunseverick Primary School, 215 Whitepark Road, Dunseverick Variable Public
E8DA9920-6FD1-4697-A186-AE58011741A3 BT57 8SR Dunseverick Orange Hall, 217 Whitepark Road, Dunseverick 24/7 Public
CA19F4D4-DD5D-4B57-B66E-AEF500E157DD BT57 8SU Tourist Information Centre, Giants Causeway Visitors Centre, 44 Causeway Road 24/7 Public
ED840A36-4B59-47F2-A0B2-A685764B76F7 BT57 8UY Dunluce Castle, 87 Dunluce Road, Dunluce Variable Public
219F6FB5-240B-4E8C-90E3-C2E67DF8DB90 BT6 0BS Cherryvale Pavilion, Ravenhill Road, Ballynafoy Belfast Variable Public
4D16DA64-45BC-4E66-82A9-3114FE8960F3 BT6 0BT Bredagh Gaa Club Rooms, 341 Ravenhill Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
B7346CDC-91E7-4398-B6B9-ACE700E3BA04 BT6 0BW Nazareth House Care Village, 516 Ravenhill Road, Belfast Variable Public
1CB45FD0-DA82-45B9-95F4-AE5800A7852F BT6 0DT Hamilton News, 15-17 Greenway, Cregagh Road 24/7 Public
739B913A-151E-44CB-A005-AE6001186BEC BT6 0FS Mount Merrion Church, Church Of The Pentecost Church Of Ireland, Mount Merrion Avenue Variable Restricted
65FB24C7-4995-4CF1-88D9-AF9000FA156D BT6 0JA Bumbles Day Nursery, 22 Knockbreda Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
F83CABEC-24AB-4956-98ED-AF270096EB19 BT6 0JB Macblair Rosetta, 72 Knockbreda Road, Rosetta 24/7 Public
0904CDD9-7F88-4A22-8D7A-AB7C00EA6438 BT6 0JJ Knockbreda Primary School, Wynchurch Road, Belfast Variable Restricted
FA4FB560-BFD0-4AB7-946B-AE3900D26D3B BT6 0LR Tesco Express, Rosetta Rd, 0 Variable Public
4AAF5105-6775-4AA4-8E3A-AFE800E16F11 BT6 0LU 68 Rosetta Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
84E6BDBD-97D1-466A-BBC7-AFEA00821ED3 BT6 8AW Screwfix, Unit 5 Ravenhill Business Park, Belfast Variable Restricted
75F1764C-1B51-41E1-80E0-AD2800927088 BT6 8DL Choice Housing, Belle Bashford Court, 1 Swift Street 24/7 Public
0B170122-39F4-4EBF-8657-AF46010262DB BT6 8DP Woodfloor Warehouse, 27 Ravenhill, Belfast 24/7 Public
29C2013C-BE02-441E-8CE6-62891F21D209 BT6 8DR Ravenhill Spar, 117-123 Ravenhill Road, Ballymacarret Belfast Variable Restricted
7B9A00A3-6AA5-40F3-A1CE-B06700FC9F5D BT6 8EF Ravenhill Presbyterian Church, 244 Ravenhill Road, Ballynafoy 24/7 Public
A5FECA33-BF20-4D4A-8B0C-AB4F58D3A045 BT6 8GJ Elite Dental, 246-248 Ravenhill Road, Ballynafoy Belfast Variable Restricted
83987C68-029C-4F2A-B4F2-AF3600C08566 BT6 8GL Spar, 318 Ravenhill Road, Belfast 24/7 Public
32886D3E-B032-4225-9129-AF0800AF01C6 BT6 8LT Belfast Indoor Tennis Arena & Ozone Complex, Ozone Complex, Ormeau Embankment Variable Public
9C6E8954-CCBB-41F0-9AFB-AD28009A8065 BT6 8NP Choice Housing, Ellis Court, 31 Ranelagh Street 24/7 Public
82960837-F483-480F-897A-3CCCE9259599 BT6 9DP David Crymble And Sons Funeral Directors, 330 Woodstock Road, Ballymacarret Belfast 24/7 Public
FC5D7815-7FF4-49E5-BB62-AD2800B6A6DA BT6 9EG Choice Housing, The Silvergrove, Montgomery Road 24/7 Public
9CD3A719-0EFE-4DCD-93F8-AFFE011D92C3 BT6 9ES 112 Cregagh Road, Castlereagh, Belfast Variable Restricted
13215473-7A40-4083-9D68-0F9EA4F43CCF BT6 9EY Blundell Dental, 372 Cregagh Road, Cregagh Castlereagh Belfast Variable Public
D489A0E4-90D5-4C44-A1E2-ADC90100BEA4 BT6 9EY Grand Orange Lodge Of Ireland, Schomberg House, 368 Cregagh Road Variable Restricted
BAA026C9-5AAE-4423-A77C-ADD501420864 BT6 9FB Cregagh Congregational Church, 1 Graham Gardens, Belfast Variable Restricted
B9678156-70B0-4B5D-BC9A-AA05466F04F8 BT6 9FH Bp Filling Station /Spar, 101 Ladas Drive, Belfast 24/7 Public
AC3E1D76-59DF-4ACB-8AB3-C3C942FF0770 BT6 9GL Cregagh Sports Club, 3 Gibson Park Avenue, Ballymaconaghy Belfast Variable Public
A5D8033A-3CAF-4448-B074-9792C0792946 BT6 9HL Cregagh Surgery, 36 Montgomery Road, Cregagh Belfast Variable Public
4C4C2EAB-2E57-4948-88F0-AEEE00D19D77 BT6 9HT Driver & Vehicle Testing Agency, Driving Test Centre, Dill Road Variable Public
51E30D7B-AE63-45FC-8AC3-3613E3740DB7 BT6 9JD Belfast Met College Rugby Club, Montgomery Road, Ballymaconaghy Belfast Variable Public
7BC3FF51-039C-408E-9A88-CCB698485A61 BT6 9JD Castlereagh College Of Further Education, Montgomery Road, Ballymaconaghy Belfast Variable Public
C680EA63-3F85-42A0-BDE3-BACDC0D1879C BT6 9SA Henry Jones Playing Fields, 60 Church Road, Castlereagh Belfast Variable Public
EC6248BD-E5B9-43F2-863E-6D51CAA1B0CD BT6 9UP Tetra Tech, Units 1-3 Montgomery Road, Locksley Business Park Belfast Variable Public
2E4ADC46-68C3-4BF5-B447-6D489332DB2C BT60 1AT Orchard Leisure Centre, 37-39 Folly Lane, Armagh Variable Restricted
B5DF82E7-4D82-41D1-AAC8-ACB5010C34BB BT60 1AT Armagh District Council, Orchard Leisure Centre, 37-39 Folly Lane Variable Restricted
EC652360-F432-46E7-ABDE-8FC37CDB15E9 BT60 1ED Bdca, 10 Ballynahonemore Road, Ballynahone More Armagh 24/7 Public
F8DDA93B-7D26-440F-82E1-50DD15A3BBAB BT60 1ES 132 Newry Road, Armagh 24/7 Public
04170728-3DE6-4F1C-8D8C-ABE900EE40D6 BT60 1GD Administration Building (Gosford Forest Park), 7 Gosford Demesne, Newry Road Variable Restricted
16A8D780-9CBF-4ACA-8A8B-FE2E495B3FDE BT60 1HW Dean Swift Building, 50 Hamiltonsbawn Road, Armagh Business Park 24/7 Public
DF76F5D9-26B7-4356-86D5-AEE100D69440 BT60 1HW Driver & Vehicle Testing Agency, 47 Hamiltonsbawn Road, Armagh Variable Public
93930D7E-0B06-4187-AAC8-ACAE00C378E2 BT60 1JD Ardmore Recreation Centre, Ballynahonemore Road, Armagh Variable Restricted
295E8A3D-534F-4670-B250-5348E193BCF7 BT60 1LE Collone Farmers Hall, 95 Markethill Road, Collone 24/7 Public
9EADB388-A0CA-4D26-9FAE-CDD654EE298B BT60 1LN Druminnis Presbyterian Church, Hamiltonsbawn Road, Druminnis 24/7 Public
57EB51F3-5988-4603-8D5D-56C7FA6D6D14 BT60 1LP Hamiltonsbawn Orange Hall, 37 Main Street, Drumorgan 24/7 Public
F5FCA1B6-3BC6-407C-AB0F-ACD80168017D BT60 1PH Mid-Armagh Community Network, Millar Memorial Hall, 32 Main Street 24/7 Public
A3F1546C-3ECD-450F-9548-9B538997E90B BT60 1PL Reaney Dental Surgery, 82 Main Street, Coolmillish Variable Restricted
9CA3BAC7-17F1-40F9-9BFE-AFB400A66BD9 BT60 1PW First Presbyterian Church Hall, Fairgreen Road, Markethill 24/7 Public
1F6C0CA8-D31E-40F5-950D-1D5CAFECD4BC BT60 1RS Markethill Mart, 12 Cladymilltown Road, Cordrummond Variable Public
A816DB9D-3F2C-4EDA-8EDE-ADFE00BEA850 BT60 1TR 12 Dinnahorra Road, Markethill 24/7 Restricted
ABA7A7B0-D5DF-4B55-BBEE-96BC504F9FD1 BT60 2BL Redrock Orange Hall, 79 Redrock Road, Collone 24/7 Public
5C675610-2DE7-4605-BF1E-225FC1D81D74 BT60 2DE Loughgilly Parish Church, 126 Gosford Road, Loughgilly 24/7 Public
8AEBC864-E6B5-46F0-A6F7-AE7E00E14D0C BT60 2DP 13 Ballydogherty Road, Loughgilly, Armagh 24/7 Public
7916F362-1B1D-4153-B064-D52A6000BD84 BT60 2EP Clady Gaelic Football Club And Community Hall, 74 Cladymore Road, Mowhan 24/7 Public
F75386A9-7281-4EB8-98D9-AD6400BDD80C BT60 2EP St Michael's Primary School, 62 Cladymore Road, Mowhan Variable Public
B28D91BA-F29A-48FF-80C6-AE0C013EFA21 BT60 2HF 4 Rockstown Road, Mowhan, Armagh 24/7 Public
2C7AA878-A331-4445-B22D-ACCA01364011 BT60 2NJ St.mary's Granemore Gfc, 110 Granemore Road, Tassagh 24/7 Public
40ACF252-9E35-458A-BD27-B0C000E40E6A BT60 2NJ St. Marys Primary School, 123 Granemore Road, Tassagh 24/7 Public
42CBFCE6-567F-4D73-8EBA-ADC100ACAEF8 BT60 2PS Lisnadill Primary School, 7 Drumconwell Road, Ballymoran 24/7 Public
70B22116-7041-451C-BF31-B021012D70E8 BT60 2QS Ballymacnab Community Hall, 11 Ballymacnab Road, Armagh 24/7 Public
BF8CE63B-3186-4359-AAE2-AF3C008C0BD7 BT60 2QS Foley Primary School, Foley County Primary School, 60 Ballymacnab Road 24/7 Public
96E34F67-6831-4E45-8D7F-B082017E3C99 BT60 2QT 188 Newtownhamilton Road, Armagh 24/7 Public
94648A6B-9318-4F27-9799-45EA6D898CB3 BT60 2UF St Teresas Primary School, 60 Tullyherron Road, Tullyherron Variable Restricted
8454E9A6-210F-449B-B58A-AFA300A8E1ED BT60 3AY Crossfire Trust, Darkley House, 95 Darkley Road 24/7 Public
67F761B8-FF90-4BBD-ACA0-AFF900B924FC BT60 3BG Darkley Primary School, 71 Moss Row, Darkley 24/7 Public
9652CE44-E6D6-421C-A677-FB7075BF0070 BT60 3BG Darkley Primary School, 71 Moss Row, Darkley 24/7 Public
79B9D313-9DD7-4099-B15D-AE2500AD0839 BT60 3BT Mountain Lodge Pentecostal Church, 27 Mountain Lodge Road, Darkley 24/7 Public
2D950403-F9E9-451C-B87C-AE5500BFA4F5 BT60 3EF Derrynoose Gac, Fergort Road, Derrynoose Variable Restricted
4A4D3903-DDFA-43DE-90F6-AE5500C8B30D BT60 3EF Derrynoose Gac, Fergort Road, Derrynoose 24/7 Public
6A1EBDF4-1FC5-4D16-9990-BCED1070605D BT60 3EZ Our Ladys And St Mochuas Primary School, 91 Derrynoose Road, Drummeland Variable Public
A6A153AF-B2A3-4794-9915-AFE801586A6D BT60 3HT 127 Castleblayney Road Carnagh Keady, 127 Castleblayney Road, Carnagh 24/7 Public
DE5E5141-7F7E-4CA2-A7EC-AB7401610E52 BT60 3JH Lislea Community Centre, 111 Ballyards Road, Armagh 24/7 Public
DBE8A2C3-7E44-4464-A8D1-919AA9748743 BT60 3JU First Keady Presbyterian Church, Crosskeys Road, Drumhirk 24/7 Public
3DEFD211-F1C3-4754-9190-B3733F0965A2 BT60 3JZ Keady Recreation Centre, Maddan Road, Armagh Variable Restricted
B651A559-021E-4A69-9D32-AB9E01449556 BT60 3NH Madden Community Centre, Riverdale Park, Madden 24/7 Public
D32D7ACE-4A35-4891-B3BD-709BB652DAEA BT60 3NZ Homecare Ni, 49 Hill Street, Kennedies Milford 24/7 Public
51F587DA-903A-4027-BAFB-AD3300BFF7BA BT60 3PW Aghavilly Parish Hall, Aghavilly Parish Church Hall, Ballynagolan Road 24/7 Public
2A2955F8-B150-43CD-A3EF-F7B482F850EC BT60 3QB Drumhillery Primary School, 58 Drumhillery Road, Drumhillery Middletown 24/7 Public
9E3E9C45-9371-4237-A5EE-AE900147783A BT60 3QX Clea Primary School, 85 Clay Road, Keady 24/7 Public
5ADD2477-92B0-4D87-B284-BD2A021B35C9 BT60 3RA Natural World Products Ltd, 55 Cargaclogher Road, Cargaclogher Keady Variable Restricted
7B6898CE-809D-4B3A-B84E-6A98E3CEF190 BT60 3TD Keady Community Centre (Tmac Centre), 7 Cow Fair, Racarbry Keady Variable Restricted
FA31F029-42A0-48B8-9751-B4E35BB520A2 BT60 3TL Spar Latestop, 65-67 Kinelowen Street, Crossmore Keady 24/7 Public
443EC941-ADD4-4796-847C-B0A70109CD2C BT60 3TN Keady Fire Station, 1 Armagh Road, Keady 24/7 Public
1BB80EA6-82BA-4440-8263-B1A508685A4B BT60 3TQ St Patricks Youth Club, St Patricks Street, Crossmore Keady Variable Restricted
BAD6F8F7-E0B0-4A73-9E23-ADD40109D263 BT60 3TU Sfm Engineering, 1a Tassagh Road, Keady Variable Public
2D319752-C2EA-4E9B-9238-80538BE8F9F4 BT60 4AN Spar - Mullan's, 1 Killylea Road, Armagh 24/7 Public
DD891F7A-2AAF-4C3F-B0E2-847909784528 BT60 4DA 2 Monaghan Road, Middletown 24/7 Public
65C6B7FB-A6AC-4936-986D-B0C100F40D27 BT60 4EL Armagh Council Depot, The Council Depot, The Palace Demesne Variable Restricted
ACD4C725-D6F5-4724-97A8-06D1C0BB30F3 BT60 4EL Armagh City & District Council Council Offices, The Palace Demense, Parkmore Variable Restricted
85232D35-C106-46AE-8BEA-AF9B015E0BE0 BT60 4HW Reen Mushroom & Compost Manufacturers, 19 Mullanary Road, Middletown 24/7 Public
0E5AAF7D-F2A5-43CA-BF8F-992958F61B12 BT60 4LD Navan Centre & Fort, 81 Killylea Road, Ballyrea Armagh Variable Restricted
E41C63E3-EEE6-4656-8146-1FD72675354D BT60 4LW Grocery Store, 26 Main Street, Killylea Armagh 24/7 Public
11FEE94B-8AAF-45E8-B709-E863D034399F BT60 4QP Tynan Pharmacy, 28 Main Street, Tynan Armagh 24/7 Public
D918D0A2-036C-4777-A1DB-FAFF387A4F78 BT60 4QT Tynan Surgery, 15 Dartan Ree, Tynan Variable Restricted
3039260C-9FDD-4A55-9509-AE6A015FBFB3 BT60 4TA Middletown Gaa, 111 Coolkill Road, Tynan 24/7 Public
9B92D74A-149A-4B8D-9F80-AE9000F2243B BT60 4TA 111 Coolkill Road, Tynan 24/7 Public
FDE9AD86-4137-4A93-BF9D-ACFA0112ABA4 BT60 4TA Middletown Gaa, 111 Coolkill Road, Tynan Variable Restricted
C8280E20-35C1-440C-A5E8-ADAE00956196 BT61 7BU Armagh Branch Library, Market Street, Armagh Variable Public
07D8F438-E53E-4A5F-B683-ACA700C758DB BT61 7BW Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council, The Market Place Theatre And Arts Centre, Market Street Variable Restricted
688F7FB5-9B71-492A-9D96-ADF200B046DA BT61 7EG 11 Chapel Lane, Armagh Variable Public
1898B4F9-7985-4D2E-AA59-AE16010D36A2 BT61 7EP Mcanerney Bros Ltd, 147 Irish Street, Armagh Variable Public
6FD12440-9445-49CD-9992-AF0100E0432B BT61 7JL Crown Buildings, Alexander Road, Armagh Variable Restricted
770E50D7-1F7B-476D-B225-AEE7010F6F4A BT61 7JR Armagh (Ub Eng), 10 Boyds Row, Armagh Variable Public
2FDDF5AF-A979-40F3-985F-AF8800EAE6F8 BT61 7JX Src Armagh, 7 Lonsdale Road, Armagh Variable Public
9A257F59-1AEE-4C0C-839F-AF8800EC64FB BT61 7JX Src Armagh, 7 Lonsdale Road, Armagh Variable Public
DA18D94D-AC1C-4997-BE1E-AF6B00ED259F BT61 7JX Armagh (Ub), 14 Lonsdale Road, Armagh 24/7 Public
6A7A9483-7ABB-4AAD-8405-4AA4B3FD7182 BT61 7LY Okanes Superstore & Service Station Ltd, 1 Moy Road, Armagh 24/7 Public
8AFC5FC1-F0E3-4620-BB8F-B0A600B432C2 BT61 7NG Armagh Fire Station, 77 Loughgall Road, Armagh 24/7 Public
D6696C37-E53D-4965-95AF-A94D94F66745 BT61 7NN St Patrick's Primary School, Loughgall Road, Armagh Variable Restricted
4A59D1BA-3BCB-44D6-95EB-46D2D5B74819 BT61 7NP Elite Security Ni, 7 Station Road, Armagh Variable Public
51E73D4A-6284-47E9-9AA7-AEC500C9577B BT61 7NP Armatile Limited, Station Road Industrial Estate, Station Road Variable Restricted
EDD981AE-CAC4-43B5-8EC2-AE3B013E878A BT61 7PB Club House - Abbey Park, Drumbreda Walk, Armagh 24/7 Public
6131B483-503D-4641-B376-AE8B00B57692 BT61 7PR Business Services Organisation, Procurement & Logistics Service, Pinewood Villa, 1st Floor, Longstone Hospital, 73 Loughgall Road Variable Restricted
31E436DB-B796-4A2B-9417-6C812AD8D369 BT61 7QB Callan Premier Taxis, 26a Thomas Street, Armagh Variable Public
1E14AF90-DC55-458B-858E-173DCE540A46 BT61 7QG Armagh Health Centre - Abbey Court Surgery, Dobbin Street Lane, Armagh Variable Public
8820D706-F7A8-4731-BC32-ADE9008533C5 BT61 7QQ The Royal British Legion, 12-14 Dobbin Street, Armagh 24/7 Public
BEAB5F7D-662A-4754-BEF4-71535CA64BD6 BT61 7QQ Armagh Community Centre, 11a Dobbin Street, Armagh Variable Restricted
1D662872-AE0F-46D8-B7F9-45D36DAE783B BT61 7QX Cathedral Road Recreation Centre, 20, Cathedral Road, Armagh Variable Restricted
F6B058DC-0E9E-40A1-8466-46482F853E90 BT61 7RH Callan Street Community Association, 27a Callan Crescent, Armagh 24/7 Public
C51CA662-A337-4FC6-B95A-AE9E00E655FC BT61 8BL 15 Ballyscandal Road, Armagh Variable Restricted
D5E98756-467B-4E32-BB90-AFE70135C317 BT61 8DB Screwfix, Unit 8 Spires Retail Park, Moy Road Variable Restricted
FF7F39D6-CF35-4B80-9509-B09800B7C819 BT61 8DL 35 Moy Road, Drumsill, Armagh Variable Restricted
4D5BA37F-0872-44C6-8E3B-6BEBF7924FD2 BT61 8DR Tullygoonigan Ind Estate Entrance, Moy Road, Tullygoonigan Armagh 24/7 Public
D5D25517-ACFA-4D0A-B0D2-AF7300B99AF2 BT61 8DS St Colmcille's Gfc Grange, 33 Ballygassoon Road, Tullygoonigan 24/7 Public
3B75E260-D0AA-47C4-8E78-F09F9C4EF2B8 BT61 8HZ Loughgall Country Park, 11 Main Street, Loughgall Variable Restricted
3FB368DF-1936-4E38-801B-6C9DD85FE1CD BT61 8HZ Sloan's House Musuem, 86 Main Street, Loughgall 24/7 Public
1F922425-6B2F-46A7-8D91-B00D016206FD BT61 8PF External Canteen Wall, St Oliver Plunkett Primary School, Annahugh Park 24/7 Public
778E822B-B3CF-4ED9-8117-AFCC01439868 BT61 8PH The Diamond Community Development Association, 9 Derryloughan Road, Loughgall 24/7 Public
6878A5F4-D301-4147-9AE4-0A7C9CA1BDB4 BT61 9AA Armagh Credit Union, 3 Russell Street, Armagh Variable Public
702E5624-9EFF-4845-B6AB-AFF6012B8A6B BT61 9AH Armagh Old Boys Silver Band, The Music Centre, 9 Little Barrack Street 24/7 Public
A934D423-1116-466E-8430-AFE900A1CC15 BT61 9AH Vibe, Little Barrack Street, Armagh 24/7 Public
2F2769BC-FEAE-429D-9A7E-4063B3771384 BT61 9AL The Mall Presbyterian Church, The Mall West, Armagh 24/7 Public
A4C504BA-6BE7-474D-8175-52151368C3F4 BT61 9BH 7 St Marks Place, Armagh 24/7 Public
353D3E01-0CD3-4846-AF8D-084523D5FEDE BT61 9BT Probation Board For N I, 25 College Street, Armagh Variable Public
41F9092D-51C2-40C3-B1F6-097C0B6EF5B2 BT61 9DB Armagh Planetarium, College Hill, Armagh Variable Public
8B3597A5-DA6C-487A-B539-12826084BC53 BT61 9DB Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh Variable Public
8BE35B34-4C12-48C2-95EE-B40AFE6D4189 BT61 9DH Royal School, College Hill, Armagh Variable Restricted
4C9FEABF-61CA-4B9B-8549-AD1100BC0A56 BT61 9DW Health And Social Care Board, Tower Hill, Armagh Variable Restricted
B6FB8CE7-72B4-49B6-9D2F-084093483B3C BT61 9JR Richhill Presbyterian Church, 6 Corcreevy Road, Richhill 24/7 Public
36126C5D-0BF2-44BE-9DF3-3A21BE71F195 BT61 9LG Fruitfield Filling Station, 181 Portadown Road, Crewcat Armagh 24/7 Public
FFEE4445-B389-4E4A-BEF3-C29C38C56217 BT61 9PE Orange Hall, Maynooth Road, Richhill 24/7 Public
234E44B3-0933-4D3A-9F87-EF936EE64302 BT61 9PL Hardy Memorial Primary School, 22 Legacorry Park, Richhill Variable Restricted
48C0DBF1-EBD2-4C74-BA48-5B9F9D723912 BT61 9PY Richhill Methodist Church Hall, Tanderagee Street, Richhill 24/7 Public
B8DD213B-34EC-451E-88C8-0EA6B446084A BT61 9QR Richhill Recreational Centre, 5 The New Line, Richhill Variable Restricted
6D2523AA-CE36-48D0-B558-AE74009426DA BT61 9SA Hamiltonsbawn Primary School, 113 Annareagh Road, Hamiltonsbawn 24/7 Public
17B8D348-0C86-4B79-B3DF-7852EF559B54 BT62 1AU Annaghmore Tkd Club, 4 Glenwood Close, Moss Road 24/7 Public
CF18B3EA-6B1A-49FF-8337-AF3200991558 BT62 1BH Portadown, Portadown, Craigavon, Portadown 24/7 Public
5624CBD0-B51D-4CC4-8C40-B026014259F4 BT62 1BN The Tunnel Bar, 64, Obins Street 24/7 Public
396D0494-23FA-4A4D-8377-694F545B2E84 BT62 1DS People's Park, 51 Park Road, Corcrain Portadown Variable Restricted
12A81BE4-FB79-41BC-989F-D94C19F0F16B BT62 1EZ Ashgrove Community Centre, Garvaghy Road, Garvaghy Portadown Variable Restricted
D41751EF-E8BD-4FAE-B0C5-AFBA00C44C7D BT62 1HA Mayfair Business Centre Ltd, 193-205 Garvaghy Road, Portadown 24/7 Public
A7DBB1FD-7AA9-4DAE-9DA4-AFF70140BB2D BT62 1HX Irwin Glenbank Ltd, 35 High Street, High Street Mall Variable Public
42714EA2-6E8E-4434-A95A-AFAE014C496A BT62 1JR Tir Na Nog, 143a Ballyoran Park, Portadown 24/7 Public
0594488E-E756-4471-AB80-FCCAED0066F7 BT62 1JY Ballyoran Primary School, Ballyoran Park, Ballyoran Portadown 24/7 Public
36E96606-0544-482E-9BC7-F22857648E04 BT62 1LF Spar Foodmarket, 24 Dungannon Road, Selshion Portadown 24/7 Public
9AA0DF16-3FAE-4A3B-9096-AD2C00B10756 BT62 1LR 2a Clonmakate Road, Ballynarry, Portadown 24/7 Public
95FB9F92-5761-4461-BF66-CBC02E51F452 BT62 1LY Willis Annaghmore Cash Stores/Post Office, 2 Derrycoose Road, Derrycoose Portadown 24/7 Public
75A6DDC7-1055-4D52-B52F-ADF0012CB596 BT62 1NB Church Of Ireland, St Francis' Church Hall, Moss Road 24/7 Public
CCE2A48F-1B70-4BE3-953D-AC0600D8A11B BT62 1NL Eglish Primary School, 57 Eglish Road, Portadown 24/7 Public
D9D35F01-2BB2-4DB6-9829-AFB9012D0736 BT62 1PT Loyal Orange Hall, 62 Derrycarne Road, Derrykerran 24/7 Public
093A2A9E-4F74-472B-8F90-DCE2BB6B1841 BT62 1QP Rich Mount Primary School, 105 Moy Road, Timakeel Portadown Variable Public
90151749-C2E0-49BE-A881-1FE3FC8571A4 BT62 1QP Scotch Street Youth & Community Centre, 106 Moy Road, Scocth Street Portadown 24/7 Public
43C83763-888D-4801-B179-AF8700F76BA9 BT62 1QW Riverridge, 91 Moy Road, Portadown 24/7 Public
113D6CA9-3E4A-49FF-8FAC-AFCB015B329F BT62 1RF Tartaraghan Parish Hall, 28a Clontylew Road, Portadown 24/7 Public
A331EB20-4BF4-4E06-BDE8-AC0600D9ED60 BT62 1SJ Vallely's Bar, 129 Summerisland Road, Ardress 24/7 Public
91651F3C-DCF1-49E4-981B-A0953B8F0C07 BT62 1UH The Rink Sports Arena, The Rink Sports Arena 7 Derryneskan Road, Portadown Variable Public
0AC665E7-39D4-4F63-B1ED-AE2A00C0461C BT62 2AB Tayto (N I) Ltd, Castle Garden Factory, The Square Variable Restricted
AE8129CE-5963-4193-A9C1-FF6E85083648 BT62 2AY Tandragee Junior High School, Armagh Road, Ballymore Tandragee Variable Restricted
E7CC498D-B1A4-409A-BB68-B04A015411AE BT62 2BS 115-121 Market Street, Ballymore, Tandragee 24/7 Public
2721676C-C650-4F1B-A97D-AFD9009839A9 BT62 2BX Spar Tandragee, 20-24 Mill Street, Tandragee 24/7 Public
3EF6C8E3-19EC-4496-8D27-0704845DCF0C BT62 2DG Tandragee Recreation Centre, 24 Madden Road, Tandragee Variable Restricted
D2920655-788B-4E04-8B38-AFBD00A7C489 BT62 2DP Drumnaleg Community Association / Tullymacann Orange Hall, 44 Glebe Hill Road, Tandragee 24/7 Public
50E79A61-1ABD-49F6-86E6-B025013C9317 BT62 2HB Clare Primary School, 58 Cloghoge Road, Tandragee 24/7 Public
791DEE86-B51A-418B-BA68-AFAB00C9C19B BT62 2LN Post Office, 8 Main Street, Laurelvale 24/7 Public
D209DB1D-E810-4881-A084-AFA201474417 BT62 2LU Key Group, 8 Chapel Lane, Mullavilly Road 24/7 Public
344EF0A8-1A39-482E-AE69-B0A800F8FEFF BT62 3AH Portadown Fire Station, Thomas Street, Portadown 24/7 Public
246ACFD2-018F-4382-9761-AB6D01145CDD BT62 3BU Portadown Health Centre, Tavanagh Avenue, Portadown Variable Public
B502D9C8-F362-4765-8469-2E3F1A973120 BT62 3BU Portadown Health Centre - Bannview Medical Practice, Tavanagh Avenue, Tavanagh Portadown Variable Public
F6B449C1-552F-4FB9-A398-EFB257AB209E BT62 3BU Portadown Health Centre, Tavanagh Avenue, Tavanagh Portadown Variable Restricted
C5B31B0C-FC5A-4A47-81B8-AD1800D8EE8B BT62 3DN Shamrock Centre, 111 Armagh Road, Portadown 24/7 Public
18D892B5-40AF-44F4-9D7A-AF8D00F35E57 BT62 3EH The Deluxe Group, Mahon Industrial Estate, Portadown Variable Restricted
4BAF16F3-66BC-4EF8-AF46-B05301038E46 BT62 3EH 8020, 8020 Health, Fitness And Performance, Unit 25 Mahon Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
5B5BD78B-BFEE-47BD-8551-AFA400FC5349 BT62 3EH Mahon Industrial Estate, Turkington, Mahon Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
B0552B4A-D25E-43F8-848B-56D371D5D3EF BT62 3EP Carleton Dental Practice, 47 Carleton Street, Tavanagh Portadown Variable Public
1E895C0B-0270-45C7-8C6A-5DA6E14D00F3 BT62 3JL Skye Fitness Portadown, 7 Little West Street, Corcrain Portadown Variable Public
7DF1C9F6-CA46-4392-A72B-3D3EA0FB2B89 BT62 3JY Progressive Building Society, 12 Market Street, Tavanagh Portadown Variable Public
5B3A0229-7524-430B-8CBE-AFB900C69591 BT62 3LG St Marks Church Of Ireland, Church Street, Portadown 24/7 Public
8A774C0C-89F9-4924-9215-3959A9472AD5 BT62 3LQ Ni Probation Board, 12 Church Street, Tavanagh Portadown Variable Public
A0694226-87D1-4C29-AADC-A9DDB4D98946 BT62 3LQ Portadown Library, 24-26 Church Street, Portadown Variable Public
46CC9314-9B57-49DF-8C9C-AB9000C0DB76 BT62 3LX Armagh, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council, Portadown Town Hall, 15 Edward Street Variable Restricted
1A0E5F37-B4B1-4A8F-9720-AFE800BCB7AE BT62 3NJ Screwfix, Unit 3 72 Meadow Lane, Tavanagh Variable Restricted
F9E82432-F8F8-44F0-B00D-80B2230030D6 BT62 3QJ Brownstown Community Centre, Brownstown Park, Clownagh Portadown Variable Restricted
020BD120-72A7-437B-8DE5-B03500FB959C BT62 3RB Shelbourne Motors (Portadown) Ltd, 334 Tandragee Road, Craigavon Variable Public
71EB2F59-2C47-4A73-98A1-AE2F0107EBC6 BT62 3RB Shelbourne Motors, Nissan, 334d Tandragee Road Variable Restricted
5B571006-617D-4728-A780-AFF500A57DCF BT62 3TN O2 Store (0234) Portadown, Unit 40, The Meadow Centre Variable Restricted
7087CCDF-A80D-4D66-A131-B2FC4D8C76B3 BT62 3TN Tesco Stores Ltd The Meadows Shopping Centre, Meadow Lane, Tavanagh Portadown Variable Public
7851F774-BF2F-4642-AED9-AD2800B5DFB9 BT62 4BH Choice Housing, The Oaks, Corcrain Drive 24/7 Public
2F755FB4-665F-4523-9FA3-9A3FC38C0935 BT62 4BU Spar, 14 Loughgall Road, Baltylum Portadown 24/7 Public
6008A8A2-F157-4458-AB23-36607584124C BT62 4EB Eurospar P&G, 11 Brownstown Road, Portadown 24/7 Public
BF39BBD7-3EAB-40EB-9980-A76EE9C2A243 BT63 5AR Bridge Filling Station/Spar, 285 Bridge Street, Edenderry Portadown 24/7 Public
CA2CC930-DFCE-4FCE-8844-AFF2015CD384 BT63 5AR 287 Bridge Street, Portadown 24/7 Public
00D9B52A-566F-4312-8E32-AF8800EAE286 BT63 5BL Sr Portadown, 38 Lurgan Road, Portadown Variable Public
524C14FF-1802-46E8-A069-AF8800EBF0F7 BT63 5BL Sr Portadown, 36 Lurgan Road, Portadown 24/7 Public
D856F469-8040-4387-AEE5-AF8800EC0A90 BT63 5BL Sr Portadown, 37 Lurgan Road, Portadown Variable Public
12E694E2-E2FA-447F-89F7-B01B00CC4911 BT63 5BQ Edenvilla Multisports Pitch, 10 Bachelors Walk, Portadown Variable Public
C7770350-2EA7-4A2C-8BD2-AFDA01788C02 BT63 5DW Costcutters, 93 Granville Road, Portadown 24/7 Public
186BEDCE-6C14-4C81-9565-AFBE0116E1F2 BT63 5EQ Bethany Free Presbyterian Church, Levaghery Gardens, Portadown 24/7 Public
C8DB007C-BB82-4AF3-89BE-AFFE00A978F8 BT63 5GA Eqi Craigavon Ltd, 11 Charlestown Drive, Craigavon Variable Public
1F1D0361-1199-4107-9F40-BCC02D534700 BT63 5HE Killicomaine Community Centre, 32a Festival Road, Levaghery Portadown Variable Restricted
54504438-F726-49D2-9337-E6546D621758 BT63 5ND Bleary Service Station, 178 Bleary Road, Bleary Portadown 24/7 Public
0F076396-2D38-4E88-A2D7-AFC200C90BB7 BT63 5NF Knocknamuckley Boys' Brigade, St Matthias Church Hall, 76 Bleary Road 24/7 Public
DDF18C9A-1839-46CA-8917-290EC08E4896 BT63 5NU Bleary Farmers Hall, 26 Upper Ballyd0ugan Road, Portadown Variable Restricted
A0D96621-0524-4E2A-88B8-AF6B00F0D331 BT63 5PP Hyster-Yale, 88 Charlestown Road, Portadown 24/7 Public
C168238D-0ABF-4F44-97D4-B0040086714A BT63 5PP 90 Charlestown Road, Carn, Portadown 24/7 Public
FD471445-05BE-452F-B3C7-0E96BC14C85A BT63 5PP I2 Cido Innovation Centre, 73 Charlestown Road, Portadown Variable Public
284F343B-DF93-4951-B479-AE6200A39CCE BT63 5QD Prentice Bmw, 40 Seagoe Industrial Area, Portadown Variable Public
087488C7-2E83-4B1B-9EFB-43933E7BA494 BT63 5QQ Trust Hq Craigavon Area Hospital, 63 Lurgan Road, Portadown Variable Restricted
3945CDF2-D994-4A5E-8A73-F341E5A900F3 BT63 5QQ Craigavon Area Hospital - Basement, Lurgan Road, Portadown Variable Public
A4F97AFB-404C-4458-8B06-CE47C667CB78 BT63 5QQ Craigavon Area Hospital - Reception & Health Records Gd F, Lurgan Road, Portadown 24/7 Public
EE2024C1-84A9-4DC5-B977-AEF30109774C BT63 5RS Lavery Transport Ltd, 14 Derryvore Lane, Portadown 24/7 Public
1CCCA89D-ADE7-43D1-BEED-AEE100BA7C83 BT63 5RY Dva Testing, 3, Diviny Drive, Tarsan,, Carn Industrial Estate Variable Public
043D10C5-186D-4E85-8B10-AFD200D5D7D2 BT63 5SH Bluestone Girls Brigade, 8 Bluestone Road, Portadown 24/7 Public
38E4F1F8-CEF3-4600-8171-ADCB00C649E6 BT63 5WE W D Irwin & Sons Ltd, 5 Diviny Drive, Carn 24/7 Restricted
06D051F4-2A9A-46B9-AEAA-B0BA00FC15F8 BT63 5WG Central Services Depot, 19 Carn Road, Carn Industrial Estate, Portadown Variable Restricted
47553EEA-C8A1-41EF-9DA2-AFF100E76B46 BT63 5WG Tada Rural Support Network, Unit 10a Carn Business Park, 19 Carn Road Variable Public
A4966DC9-70FA-49D6-A266-AB7500F211C4 BT63 5WG Unit 1 Carn Road Business Park, Portadown Variable Public
6A11AC55-6FE1-490C-A96A-5C870A76904D BT63 5WH Cido Business Complex Cido Block 2, Carn Dr, Tarsan Portadown Variable Public
81CBC2AA-63A0-4FE9-B0F8-58D2FFE74D06 BT63 5WH Cido Business Complex (Centre 1), Carn Drive, Portadown Variable Public
BFC41257-7109-4941-BA64-AFAA0103CD95 BT63 5WJ Simplyfruit Ire Ltd, 1 Carn Drive, Portadown Variable Public
4E5967D8-BE34-4D44-8F50-AFB1011DE671 BT63 5YX Manfreight, 2a Carn Court Road, Portadown 24/7 Public
1A511227-B7A8-4CCF-A80E-D8BC828947B4 BT63 6AL Ballymacanallen Orange Hall, 30 Hunters Hill Road, Ballymacanallen Gilford 24/7 Public
C007C8C9-F493-49F5-A437-CDBEDE120C32 BT63 6DU St Colmans (Bann) Primary School, 10 Drumnascamph Road, Knocknagore Gilford 24/7 Public
92111EE9-1680-4518-B7B5-02BB997AE412 BT63 6HJ Dunbarton Bowling Club, 54a Dunbarton Street, Loughans Gilford 24/7 Public
C693FF57-4F50-4AA7-ADD8-C90A99F3545A BT63 6HL Gilford Community Centre, 5 Stramore Road, Loughans Gilford Variable Restricted
ACD54715-8137-40A6-B25E-98DF79488F68 BT63 6LS Scarva Visitor Centre, 1a Main Street, Glenloughan Scarva 24/7 Public
9E78EC12-BC8B-4F42-9A5A-AF9501214011 BT64 1AA O2 Store (0328) Craigavon, 9a Rushmere Shopping Centre, Central Way Variable Restricted
ECEB3763-D273-4FF0-BC40-AF6B00ED1BFF BT64 1AE Craigavon (Ub), 2 Highfield Road Craigavon, Craigavon 24/7 Public
91D5A9EE-9E78-4A72-8967-AE390109B698 BT64 1AG Tesco, Marlborough Retail Park, Craigavon 24/7 Public
11C5930B-0553-4336-82BF-ACAF00F3CD20 BT64 1AL South Lake Leisure Centre, 66, Lakeview Road, Craigavon Variable Restricted
2ADC48FE-5C1D-49D7-ABB5-ACB000A64462 BT64 1AL South Lake Leisure Centre, 66, Lakeview Road, Craigavon Variable Restricted
3D839F05-E123-47C5-A28B-AB9000B3A7DA BT64 1AL South Lake Leisure Centre, South Lake Watersports, Lakeview Road Variable Restricted
6460C7A2-F8EB-4E17-AB80-CEF4D3BC806D BT64 1AL Craigavon Civic & Conference Centre, Lakeview Road, Balteagh Craigavon Variable Restricted
71A4CD78-8D38-4A67-B262-ACAF00C71C40 BT64 1AL South Lake Leisure Centre, 66, Lakeview Road, Craigavon Variable Restricted
8D5B059C-09BF-44C3-A7EA-A4D8ECC80649 BT64 1AL Craigavon Civic & Conference Centre, Lakeview Road, Balteagh Craigavon Variable Restricted
DEC23BFC-F962-4334-834B-ACB000A8E96E BT64 1AL South Lake Leisure Centre, 66, Lakeview Road, Craigavon Variable Restricted
FA275F3D-947C-45BE-B120-ACAF00C4DD04 BT64 1AL South Lake Leisure Centre, 66, Lakeview Road, Craigavon Variable Restricted
EA132A42-FCE2-4494-9CFE-AEEB007D0B61 BT64 3AE Craigavon (Ub Eng), Highfield Road, Craigavon Variable Public
05CC8D11-7E3D-4A3D-9D1A-B0420099E3FA BT65 4AF Centra, 10 Lake Road, Drumgor 24/7 Public
402B68FC-D9E6-4011-8986-AB0B5C9F043B BT65 5BP Drumgor Primary School, Drumgor Road, Drumgor Craigavon Variable Public
E4DA7A59-DCCB-477F-84C6-FD39AD5A0EE0 BT65 5BS Brownlow Integrated College, Tullygally Road, Craigavon Variable Public
D79A534C-18B3-4521-A99E-B006010E1C2C BT65 5BU 26 Carrigart, Craigavon 24/7 Restricted
6A72D6F5-2F84-40AD-891A-AFE900A3919B BT65 5DE Chrysalis Women's Centre, 520-523, Burnside Variable Public
7FB6FFFF-1BE8-4B4E-8086-19A8F0DB426E BT65 5DL Brownlow Hub, 7 Brownlow Road, Legaghory Craigavon Variable Restricted
9434F2C1-E704-4ABD-A7C6-AFA200C4218E BT65 5HU Brownlow Limited, 1, Bluestone Business Park 1, Moyraverty West Road Variable Public
3F779F79-D721-4C14-8880-B002009A0C81 BT65 5JF Garrymore, 251 Garrymore, Craigavon 24/7 Public
9E5CA227-DCB8-4B8F-B3D2-AFAA00E1DAB4 BT66 6AS Daly Park & Co Ltd, 4 Carnegie Street, Lurgan Variable Restricted
CD46DBB0-5868-4099-BB52-AE360100A32C BT66 6AS Lurgan Library, 1 Carnegie Street, Lurgan Variable Public
997B35DD-16B9-45A7-875A-AF8800EACF06 BT66 6AZ Src Lurgan, Kitchen Hill, Lurgan Variable Public
0DA5CB0F-A310-4098-8056-B0A7011F516E BT66 6BB Lurgan Fire Station, Alexandra Crescent, Lurgan 24/7 Public
D7584638-CD2D-43B8-AEED-AD280099F73E BT66 6BQ Choice Housing, Hill Court, 1 Hill Street 24/7 Public
5C173B63-88CE-4ECE-8231-AF46E8302FB3 BT66 6DL St Pauls Church, 50 Francis Street, Shankill Lurgan Variable Public
77DB4703-F716-41E9-8EED-AE7300EE7F9B BT66 6DN Davitt Park, Francis Street, Lurgan 24/7 Public
BE435F17-660F-47E7-9665-AF240089C7DB BT66 6DQ St Ronans College, Waring Street, Lurgan Variable Restricted
0C736F45-6E82-4CCF-9284-ADF100ADF393 BT66 6EY Glasgow Celtic Supporters Club, Unit A, 2 Church Place Variable Public
3A0E77BB-1E4C-46F5-8827-0F83B84E6790 BT66 6HG Cido Business Complex, Charles Street, Lurgan Variable Public
5D33B83A-60C3-460E-99A3-26D7013FA4CF BT66 6JA Magee Dentalcare, 18-24 William Street, Lurgan Variable Restricted
056AB597-97F5-4794-B379-AE5300D9CA83 BT66 6LB 27 Silverwood Leaves, Lurgan 24/7 Public
1F7EBAF3-8D08-4ED6-8EE5-AB9000CC56BA BT66 6LE Tannaghmore Gardens Animal Farm, 100 Silverwood Road, Lurgan Variable Restricted
DDC4E944-82ED-4BB6-A101-AE0000E5BC13 BT66 6LG Derrymacash Post Office, Unit 1, 4 Derrymacash Road 24/7 Public
31C8BDB5-E026-4D30-9AB0-C5B037C7EC1E BT66 6LN Electronic Excellence Ltd, 7 Silverwood Road, Silverwood Lurgan Variable Public
76C80E8A-D07F-4A1F-9B54-AD5900EDC433 BT66 6LN Silverwood Industrial Area, 20 Silverwood Road, Lurgan 24/7 Public
0EC22DD4-1A36-4BC9-8CD9-D9710C2F15D2 BT66 6NA Goodyear Sports & Social Club, 71 Silverwood Road, Ballynamony Lurgan Variable Public
7337DD7E-C3E8-4072-A020-AFE800C25897 BT66 6NA Goodyear Sports & Social Club, 71 Silverwood Road, Lurgan 24/7 Public
BF243AC0-1495-4600-9516-DD49CE5975E7 BT66 6NG Craigavon Golf & Ski Centre, 16 Turmoyra Lane, Turmoyra Lurgan Variable Restricted
5618ED48-DDE0-422B-A847-AAD28F89459A BT66 6NJ Lough Neagh Discovery Centre, Annaloist Road, Annaloist Lurgan Variable Restricted
577AE806-05A6-432B-92E5-C594E2C5E3B6 BT66 6NJ Kinnego Marina, Annaloist Road, Annaloist Lurgan 24/7 Public
66C98F65-AEDF-4122-B2D7-581C97705485 BT66 6NJ Waterside House Craigavon Borough Council, 33 Annaloist Road, Annaloist Lurgan Variable Restricted
85206661-A0AA-46B8-A1D9-C5F35339A938 BT66 6NJ Kinnego Marina, Annaloist Road, Annaloist Lurgan Variable Restricted
A94C9936-2014-4C51-8D34-665ED77144A5 BT66 6NJ 25 Annaloist Road, Lurgan Variable Restricted
9C40AA5D-6F1F-4479-A7F2-1706915295AD BT66 6NQ 235 Lough Road, Drumnakelly Lurgan 24/7 Public
72A2BED4-B88E-4D1C-BDEE-FA42F23DE80C BT66 6QN Sarsfields Gaelic Football Club (Armagh), 11 Hall Rampart, Derrytrasna Craigavon 24/7 Public
358ED86F-0DCF-4F96-A2A5-AE2500B2A88D BT66 6QQ Club, 32 Byrnes Rampart, Derryadd 24/7 Public
C003B10E-31E4-4FEE-B9AA-AF66012D8583 BT66 6RP Cfrat, 1 Silverwood Court, Lurgan 24/7 Restricted
F2CC470B-B361-4B16-B98C-2D6E25F52912 BT66 7DG Avenue Road Community Centre, 5 Carrick Drive, Ballyblagh Lurgan Variable Restricted
EE46CA94-6279-4D76-BCEF-AF0000E2CE2D BT66 7DT Fitness Factory Lurgan, Unit 11, 8 Flush Place Variable Restricted
565C3B4E-DA8C-4ECF-97C6-AC0F012B4673 BT66 7EG Supervalu, 1a Banbridge Road, Lurgan Variable Public
49ED5003-1BE4-4A93-B9EF-ADE8009EE0B4 BT66 7HH Trucorp, 33 Waringstown Road, Lurgan Variable Restricted
32C9AB28-0C4F-4ED3-B471-3A6B81E4652E BT66 7JN Huhtamaki, 41 Inn Road, Craigavon Variable Public
7D8F1520-4EAE-4070-8281-AEBA00BCC0EC BT66 7JS 83c Belfast Road, Lurgan 24/7 Public
5B743358-2B5B-497B-A5D4-AE27013AFCCD BT66 7NU Fairview Farm, 47 Fairview Road, Craigavon 24/7 Public
7661279A-877B-4586-96CF-ADAA0092C982 BT66 7QL Holy Trinity Waringstown Parochial Hall, 23 Mill Hill, Waringstown 24/7 Public
A29C9474-F93B-47F6-AF3C-AD9D00AEE40D BT66 8BT Queen Street Flats, Lurgan 24/7 Public
9EDE7C01-557F-4B31-9BAD-B0B0010DE3DF BT66 8DH Tesco, 45 Millennium Way, Lurgan 24/7 Public
C24910AC-35D8-44D8-A72F-AFEA0066602E BT66 8DH Screwfix, Millennium Way, Lurgan Variable Restricted
D5E3A442-B141-4E9E-972D-AE360111FDC3 BT66 8DH Tesco, 53 Millennium Way, Lurgan 24/7 Public
52BA92D9-9029-4253-94BE-B04700902D42 BT66 8DY The Royal British Legion, 8 Union Street, Lurgan 24/7 Public
55EAAD73-17D6-4C30-85B8-45327AD7FA6D BT66 8DY Tourist Information Centre Lurgan Town Hall, 4-6 Union Street, Lurgan Variable Restricted
08F0CDA4-5B56-43D4-B803-AE4201069167 BT66 8ED Salvation Army, 76-82 Union Street, Lurgan Variable Restricted
C5ADB002-C7CE-467B-A610-50D1E1545C93 BT66 8JA Spar, 18-20 Mourne Road, Tannaghmore Lurgan 24/7 Public
0B641C89-E38B-479A-B708-ACF500F1D308 BT66 8LB 4 Margretta Park, Lurgan, Craigavon 24/7 Restricted
2668B0C8-DDD3-4BA0-BB16-AD78008E1607 BT66 8NB Mourneview Community Centre, Pollock Drive, Lurgan Variable Restricted
232FB686-E96D-4A1E-9F35-AFD30112CE93 BT66 8PH 76b Drumlin Drive, Lurgan 24/7 Public
B8C47DCA-6B3C-4EA3-9E4D-83767E317E06 BT66 8QR Tayto Vending, 3 Wenlock Road, Taghnevan Lurgan Variable Restricted
D14ADC2A-7371-4AFF-924C-AFFC00A01E47 BT66 8RH Stables Bar, 12 Old Portadown Road, Lurgan 24/7 Public
54A5E6AD-D587-4E8D-A85E-68AF93961C57 BT66 8RL Spar, 2a Gilpinstown Road, Taghnevan Lurgan 24/7 Public
EC9B4A8C-C022-414B-9F2A-ECB1810FA6DA BT66 8SU Harrison Nursery School, Toberhewny Lane Lower, Lurgan 24/7 Public
FB76A415-35D8-4DA1-A1E9-C2CA16F4194D BT66 8SU Lurgan Junior High, Toberhewny Lane Lower, Tannaghmore Lurgan Variable Restricted
F126851D-CD65-4ED7-9E88-0345233C36FC BT67 0AR Spar Aghagallon, 2 Aghalee Road, Derrynaseer Aghagallon 24/7 Public
C69C96A7-853C-49E0-9F2B-B5FA7663005C BT67 0BD Blue Haven Swimming Club, 3 Derryhirk Road, Derryhirk Aghagallon 24/7 Public
32B7B8E4-38CF-4721-9113-06067F795520 BT67 0DD Aghalee Village Hall, 6 Lurgan Road, Aghalee Craigavon Variable Public
6D57B295-9179-42F4-B089-D5E48EAB073C BT67 0DD Post Office, 10 Lurgan Road, Aghalee Craigavon Variable Public
D796513A-2157-4647-819C-F4E5F6C5A5A3 BT67 0DD Doctors Surgery, 8a Lurgan Road, Aghalee Craigavon Variable Public
190D9404-F796-4C1A-8716-AC6300B81C88 BT67 0DS Lisburn Castlereagh City Council, Moira Demesne Pavilion, Moira 24/7 Public
13E3C8E8-3E73-4033-AE50-AEEC00C93515 BT67 0HW 39 Halfpenny Gate Road, Moira 24/7 Public
76E75995-A0D1-4FF9-9FC2-AB71018476FE BT67 0HW Broomhedge Masonic Hall, 55a Halfpenny Gate Road, Broomhedge Variable Restricted
65CB765B-1471-42BB-9A9E-AB6B00BF313B BT67 0JG Maghaberry Community Association, Maghaberry Community Centre, 18 Maghaberry Road 24/7 Public
BBF633F1-9306-425E-8F22-AE6200EDAC6E BT67 0JG Barrett Steel, 34 Maghaberry Road, Maghaberry Variable Public
1960FA53-B898-47CD-B6D8-ADD60001A387 BT67 0LB First Aid For Churches Training Service, 8 Beechwood Gardens, Moira, Craigavon 24/7 Restricted
6B0D61E7-85BD-4E66-8F6F-AC0E00E3C214 BT67 0LE Logic Youth Club, Old School, School House, 34 Main Street 24/7 Public
436F58C3-BAD7-4A59-B935-9748185C5A0F BT67 0LJ Moira Primary School, 21 Backwood Road, Risk Moira Variable Restricted
94204B13-ABD8-4260-949A-AFFF009E3BA7 BT67 0LQ St John's Parish Centre, 51 Main Street, Moira 24/7 Public
F925D302-7A7F-4FD9-BF5F-ADDC00BC5AD4 BT67 0LQ Mccartneys Of Moira, 56-62 Main Street, Moira Variable Public
6BB3BEBF-137F-481C-BD1D-64F482DE8412 BT67 0LT Glenavy Road Service Station, 1 Glenavy Road, Moira Craigavon 24/7 Public
63F81069-49AC-4376-9F10-587D53C464F7 BT67 0NE Department Of The Environment, 7a Station Road, Moira Variable Public
0517A62F-3497-43B3-9573-A50ECC92D0B8 BT67 0NR Tribe Cross Fit, 4 Meeting Street, Carnalbanagh Moira 24/7 Public
2365BB21-8016-40F4-9EFE-ADF5016F5EA1 BT67 0NS Moira Baptist Church, Clarehill Road, Moira Variable Public
B5FEC948-CA9F-4D77-8CAE-AB8001017DF5 BT67 0QJ Centra Magheralin, 19 New Forge Road, Magheralin Variable Public
2D617982-6B04-44A6-8BE6-ADDB00CEB320 BT67 0QN Eurospar Maghaberry, 23 Maghaberry Road, Maghaberry 24/7 Public
496F4E19-4B95-4A06-9707-61740E50A8E8 BT67 0QS Bedeck Ltd, 189 Lurgan Road, Ballymacmaine Magheralin Variable Public
64C78D11-A4B4-4392-A606-AC6800A31E2D BT67 0QZ Leprino Foods Ltd, 35 Steps Road, Magheralin 24/7 Public
E8AEF5D8-797B-4EF9-9494-AF0A01024057 BT67 0RH Edenmore Golf And Country Club, 70 Drumnabreeze Road, Craigavon 24/7 Public
7679FDAE-A2B1-4933-BF60-AB6C00D670B9 BT67 9AT Lurgan Model Primary School, Brownlow Terrace, Lurgan Variable Public
9DC7015B-AAA9-4560-9FC2-AFD40154DEB3 BT67 9BG Freemasons Hall Lurgan, Masonic Hall, 5 Windsor Avenue 24/7 Public
2DF5A5A9-7F06-4560-9BD8-AE6701089D59 BT67 9BJ Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council, Lurgan Public Park, Windsor Avenue Variable Restricted
6B37FA3E-27DB-4DC5-BE24-BDFCC5EC555B BT67 9BJ Brownlow House, 48-74 Windsor Avenue, Demesne Lurgan Variable Public
7BC49B79-61F1-4692-B4E1-AEA0015548A4 BT67 9BW Smugglers, 64 Antrim Road, Lurgan 24/7 Public
EEE4D5C3-3175-49D2-8603-AF320099288A BT67 9DA Lurgan, Lurgan Train Station, Lurgan 24/7 Public
9F35676A-BFA0-44EE-8ECA-AD2800BD2FF2 BT67 9DR Choice Housing, Stevenson Park, Lurgan 24/7 Public
B092BE8F-A98E-41E9-BA86-AFB1010BDBB4 BT67 9DT Clann Eireann Social Club, Clann Éireann Social Club, 55 Lake Street 24/7 Public
D54878FB-3C06-49C8-B650-AB9000BD02AC BT67 9EU North Lurgan Community Centre, 60 Levin Road, Lurgan Variable Restricted
4E0FDA4C-1F3C-4C36-8AB4-AE8300D8735A BT67 9GN Solitude Demesne, Lurgan 24/7 Restricted
1CDAE5FF-D6CC-4172-8AC5-AED000AEFB63 BT67 9JD Amey L G, 37 Annesborough Road, Annesborough Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
AA3BFD40-4AA1-4B04-AF99-ABE20152CF0A BT67 9LA St Mary's Aghagallon Gac, 13 Colane Road, Aghagallon 24/7 Public
2D709F1E-87D1-4F63-860F-AE1900F61CE3 BT67 9LQ St Teresas Ps, 36 Tarrylane, Tarry Lane 24/7 Public
987CD729-CFF5-462D-9696-B0A4010DF69C BT67 9NW New Perspective Training, 26 Belvedere Manor, Lurgan 24/7 Public
1C3E191D-0E35-4D00-9128-5B39DEDED3E6 BT68 4TZ Caledon Courthouse, 42 Main Street, Caledon 24/7 Public
36209220-33A0-4A93-853B-05B2E6A2921B BT69 6BL Trustees Of Aughnacloy Golf Club - 99a, 99a Tullyvar Road, Aughnacloy Variable Public
CCF9880C-A236-481B-955F-AE3C00CE2A17 BT69 6BN Mudc Tullyvar Recycling Centre, 130 Tullyvar Road, Aughnacloy Variable Restricted
0900B20A-1590-453E-AB82-B0A70107B16C BT7 1AQ Central Fire Station, 6 Bankmore Street, Belfast 24/7 Public
EEFF75C8-09C6-423D-B4F7-B08800EEF09D BT7 1DT R P P Architects, 155-157 Donegall Pass, Malone Lower Variable Public
6ED232AD-2B3B-4F67-B15D-AD2800908572 BT7 1DU Choice Housing, Elm Court, 1 Elm Street 24/7 Public
1F5F1C85-C2EB-4BF7-9D0B-AFF200989584 BT7 1HL Social Sciences, 69 University Street, Belfast Variable Public
E75592E9-CA0D-4D34-BB2A-7FB08B8F28F7 BT7 1JG Urban Innovation Company, Pulse Smart Hub - Outside Fonacab, 23 Botanic Avenue 24/7 Public
80DF9644-5B1E-4AE5-9B5A-AF320099434F BT7 1JR Botanic, 43 Botanic Avenue, Belfast 24/7 Public
064457D0-4C2E-4DE9-B24E-AFF20097E48D BT7 1JT Social Sciences, 20 College Green, Belfast Variable Public
F33F7ADE-5AFF-4F09-8A6D-AFF20099DD1B BT7 1LP Social Sciences, 6 College Park Avenue, Belfast Variable Public
8993FA94-10B2-426E-8C71-AF5801211CE9 BT7 1NH Crescent Arts, 2-4 University Road, Belfast Variable Public
F450784C-6636-4031-8139-AE3800FB1F97 BT7 1NH Tesco, 32-36 University Road, Belfast Variable Public
09306CA8-341E-472D-BC16-AFF200999F97 BT7 1NN Junction Coffee Shop, Queens Main Site Tower Block, Belfast Variable Public
341E280C-19F0-4F12-B7F5-AFF20097F7AB BT7 1NN Campus Food & Drink, Lanyon Building (South) Main Site, Belfast Variable Public
BE75CE65-491C-4CC2-BBB8-AEE100AF0FFA BT7 1NZ Muldoon & Co, 16 Mount Charles, Belfast Variable Restricted
248D9180-EFA0-4EEF-B873-AFF20097FAF7 BT7 1PS Estates, Admin Building, Main Site, Belfast Variable Public
E043A01D-FB3C-41B9-893A-AFF20097F104 BT7 1QY Botanic Court, Belfast Variable Public
F08F4C81-269A-4101-B4EA-136E77ED0863 BT7 1RS Laverys Ltd, 12-22 Bradbury Place, Shaftsbury Square Variable Public
2D948581-BBDB-46B3-928E-AD2800973714 BT7 1TL Choice Housing, Fitzroy Court, Fitzroy Avenue 24/7 Public
D69FEA52-80BE-46DE-AEE2-CCFACA36EEF2 BT7 2EB Spar, 152-154 Ormeau Road, Ormeau Belfast Variable Public
11760454-DC1E-41CE-BD72-A572C567A782 BT7 2GE Probation Board For N I, 330 Ormeau Road, Ormeau Belfast Variable Public
487D2E74-EDA6-4A01-B41A-3839F9F89251 BT7 2GE T J Mcgurran Ltd Errigle Inn, 312-320 Ormeau Road, Ormeau Belfast 24/7 Public
E2200C89-40D1-45FB-9826-7837C2D903DE BT7 2GG North Parade Medical Centre, 6 North Parade, Ballynafoy Belfast Variable Public
5E747A81-ED7C-43A4-8F22-1D5B16459962 BT7 2GS Ulidia Playing Fields, Somerset Street, Ballynafoy Belfast Variable Restricted
1AFCFD6E-854C-43E2-953B-ACFA00F8DACF BT7 2JA Regulation And Quality Improvement Authority, 1st Floor, James House, Gasworks Variable Restricted
292B1DB0-8778-4416-AC1E-ABEE572FC7AB BT7 2JA Ormeau Business Park, 8 Cromac Avenue, Malone Belfast Variable Restricted
09376880-6937-4F55-96CD-64A5349D94B8 BT7 2JB Radisson Hotel, 3 Cromac Place, Belfast 24/7 Public
452EBE9A-D418-4726-A429-AEDE00CEDDA7 BT7 2JB British Heart Foundation, 14 Cromac Place, Belfast Variable Restricted
62EA3F21-8CD0-45FC-9A4A-1536C7D9D816 BT7 2JB Apex Housing Association, 6 Cromac Place, Belfast Variable Restricted
35D83A36-0DF5-4109-96EB-B02000DCED1C BT7 2JD James House, Hscni Business Services Organization, 2 Variable Public
76B8BD1E-A5E3-437E-A065-DD2B726C1568 BT7 2JD Killymeal House, Office Of The Industrial Tribunals, 2 Cromac Quay, Belfast Variable Restricted
7A147956-6AC5-4451-92E2-B02000E6DEBB BT7 2JD 3 Cromac Quay, Belfast Variable Restricted
A729AB69-5106-4FBF-946A-AB6F00A7BC9A BT7 2JD Ni Co, Landmark House, 5 Cromac Quay Variable Public
3B013670-D0A7-4B8F-9FD5-B02000F0D006 BT7 2PG James House, Hscni Business Services Organization, 02/04/2023 Variable Restricted
AF9B48BE-92A7-4D5E-A52D-3D1B1434317B BT7 3AA Ormeau Road Library, 247 Ormeau Road, Ormeau Belfast Variable Public
277B40EC-1BB9-45B3-8C10-AC670107E07F BT7 3AH 30 Agra Street, Belfast Variable Restricted
AB6CC0C7-10D4-43AA-BF5D-AE8300A998AC BT7 3DB Sunnyside Crescent, Belfast Variable Restricted
16E83EF6-675C-4DD9-B8BB-AE3100AF49CC BT7 3EB Ballynafeigh Abfb Club, 1 - 5 Walmer Street, Belfast 24/7 Public
57CE2A0C-23C1-4472-8821-B04600A869E6 BT7 3EG 94-100sunnyside Street, Belfast 24/7 Public
E9B0F9E8-12E1-4FD6-B145-63039D7D04B0 BT7 3EN E H S S B The Beeches, 12 Hampton Manor Drive, Galwally Belfast Variable Public
7B11727D-FC37-4D37-83E3-E1621C33C908 BT7 3GG 257-259 Ormeau Road, Ormeau Variable Public
D20C79DA-4666-44C2-AB00-AEF900EC9E49 BT7 3GG Ballynafeigh Community Development Association, 283 Ormeau Road, Belfast Variable Public
212EB8B4-7C8D-4EA5-A687-B03800C72B0D BT7 3GL Tesco Ormeau Road Express, 307-317 Ormeau Rd, Belfast Variable Public
7854D0CA-9793-436A-BAF2-B0A40097ADF0 BT7 3GL Tesco Express, 307-317 Ormeau Road, Belfast Variable Public
938246E9-3AAF-4111-A54D-AE1C00B6AD87 BT7 3GR (1st Floor) Carroll House, 463 Ormeau Road, Ormeau Variable Restricted
46499911-7D6A-4B64-AAFA-AE6701489536 BT7 3HX Newtownbreda (St. Johns) Presbyterian Church, St John's Presbyterian Church, 374-378 Ormeau Road 24/7 Public
671DD02B-16FB-4E61-A8FD-AD2800BDB230 BT7 3JD Choice Housing, Sheltered Scheme, 609 Ormeau Road 24/7 Public
A35D682F-A204-429B-A2B5-E8917CC64C57 BT7 3JY Lowry Court, 27 Hampton Park, Galwally Belfast 24/7 Public
C71CA12A-E818-4477-8632-148546F9398C BT70 1BS Dungannon West Renewal Ltd, Gate 1, Annagh Centre, Ballysaggart Business Complex Variable Public
49A8F23E-CDAA-4277-9749-A8369AA58E64 BT70 1DT Dungannon Youth Resource Centre Club, 2 Savings Bank Street, Drumcoo Dungannon Variable Public
BBD4446B-A073-4165-B7A5-101BB337231D BT70 1HB Eoghan Ruadh Hurling Club Dungannon, 97a Donaghmore Road, Drumcoo Dungannon 24/7 Restricted
B88F208D-3FF2-499A-81EB-B0A701095AFD BT70 1HN Dungannon Fire Station, Thomas Street, Dungannon 24/7 Public
CBE766FC-8D69-4C11-8E91-CE6021F4A1C2 BT70 1HX Campbell Surgery, 10 Quarry Lane, Drumcoo Variable Restricted
902CC701-0739-408A-886E-AE540116F4C8 BT70 1LD Dalys Service Station, 156 Eglish Road, Dungannon 24/7 Public
D28A1BCD-C3CB-47C3-9FCC-AC4F00EF7392 BT70 1LJ Mid Ulster District Council, Brantry Lodge, 28 Brantry Road 24/7 Public
80AC3A5F-DA0B-4513-801F-724102756A46 BT70 1NJ Spar Unit 1 - Unit 1, 76 Granville Road, Derryveen 24/7 Public
A1993B14-BF8D-44BC-A71E-97729249B2C6 BT70 1NJ Dungannon Farmers Mart, 90 Granville Road, Granville Variable Public
7FA1569C-36F2-4323-9D2B-AEDA00BB5F86 BT70 1RB Balloo Hire Centres Ltd, 71 Mullaghmore Road, Dungannon Variable Restricted
6672C82F-1846-424D-AB6E-0953A2442CA1 BT70 1SD Moyle Engineering, 83 Cullenramer Road, Killymoyle 24/7 Public
ED8B9D90-D59B-4C15-9849-B03700F4F615 BT70 1SE Upper Clonaneese Hall, Upper Clonaneese Presbyterian Church, 4 Clontyclevin Road 24/7 Public
25A977E0-7807-49EF-8032-ACB40111899C BT70 1TF Cabragh Filling Station, 230 Ballygawley Road, Dungannon 24/7 Public
B882F52B-66C1-48DB-AEE5-AE3C00D429CD BT70 1TW Mid Ulster Council, Exhibition Centre U. S. Grant Ancestral Home, 45 Dergenagh Road 24/7 Public
C55B8043-73E4-4F43-A730-AC6E00D0E2B1 BT70 1TX Pbni, Unit 2, Feenys Lane Variable Restricted
5369BB68-78B2-4CA5-A486-4AAD245F810C BT70 1UG Dungannon Thomas Clarkes Gfc, Lisnahull Road, Lisnahull 24/7 Public
E4DC4BF8-AF6F-4A5D-9F5B-62297F751459 BT70 2DB St Malachys Primary School Glencull, 107 Omagh Road, Glenchuil 24/7 Public
2951B54F-C8BB-4C39-93BC-78D134B8B9EE BT70 2DX Kellys Filling Station, 232 Omagh Road, Garvaghy 24/7 Public
1576A7A1-F9EB-4074-9A2E-D4EA1E5161F4 BT70 2EH Tyrone Gaa Garvaghey Centre, 230 Radergan Road, Garvaghy Variable Public
C2F64747-718F-4196-83DE-C49AFB6480C3 BT70 2EH Tyrone Gaa Garvaghey Centre, 230 Radergan Road, Garvaghy Variable Public
45CE89A7-09D5-4A40-87D3-37E432BC6232 BT70 2HE Mcdades Centra Supermarket, 40-42 Main Street, Ballygawley 24/7 Public
49D51134-E061-431B-9B01-ADDE00FB8DF7 BT70 2HS Bradley Motorworks, 28 Cranlome Road, Galbally 24/7 Public
616C9930-4CC2-4F11-9974-ACB90103DDC3 BT70 2NR Tally's Bar, 64a Dernanaught Road, Dungannon 24/7 Public
D780DD6E-9116-4904-A9E1-ADB701335BD5 BT70 2NY Barrick Hill Garage, 112 Lurgylea Road, Galbally 24/7 Public
9BD1B85C-26B7-4B36-B2F4-ADB7012E6357 BT70 2PD 52 Cappagh Road, Galbally, Dungannon 24/7 Public
12BC62B4-78D4-431C-8E0F-AE2000C77367 BT70 2PN Mckane Engineering, 81 Aghnagar Road, Galbally 24/7 Public
76AE3CD2-53C8-4A2E-B8A0-AE1900BF8C80 BT70 2PP Nugent Engineering Ltd, 122 Aughnagar Road, Galbally 24/7 Public
3A55E753-C637-47FD-B2F3-9B67135F8626 BT70 2RD Church Of The Assumption, 7 Cavanakeeran Road, Cavanakeeran 24/7 Public
B3CF209C-E188-4906-B69B-E9F67CC5D8FA BT70 2RD Pomeroy Plunketts Gac, 36 Cavanakeeran Road, Pomeroy 24/7 Public
25840D65-52C8-434A-910D-4D59E5CB30AD BT70 2RG Slatequarry Development Association, 113 Edendoit Road, Edendoit 24/7 Public
7A613326-234C-47D9-8F00-B0AC01587E39 BT70 2RG Pomeroy Fire Station, Edendoitt Road, Pomeroy 24/7 Public
62473B6E-ADE5-4ED6-AB59-AEA700E589BC BT70 2SP Kildress Wolfe Tones Gaa, 46 Loughdoo Rd, Gortaclady 24/7 Public
B938EC6C-3A32-4D72-A617-ADE400FC6557 BT70 2UP 91 Sluggan Road, Pomeroy 24/7 Public
A9B8689C-8EBD-412A-9BEF-22B3E2314A72 BT70 3AA Speedwell Trust, 57a Parkanaur Road, Stakernagh Variable Public
55410CD7-7EB4-4A85-8B1F-B02600927C8D BT70 3AF 65 Tullyallen Road, Dungannon 24/7 Public
3D2B5AA1-8ECB-4FDF-B161-ACD10147EAC1 BT70 3AW Killesshil Community Centre, Gaa Club, Fasglashagh Road Variable Public
5B6CA7D2-CF99-453F-8C94-9DB9ED16436B BT70 3BJ Alskea Ltd, 16a Crosscavanagh Road, Derryalskea 24/7 Public
9CB4E8EF-BC7C-462B-A3E5-ACB90102B046 BT70 3BW 128 Gortlenaghan Road, Dungannon 24/7 Public
C5CE57DD-71A1-42E7-B761-6CA115ACED03 BT70 3DL The Torrent Complex - Leisure Centre, 9 Hillview Avenue, Donaghmore 24/7 Public
9CCE55EE-172D-44B4-A4E2-F04AAC516EC4 BT70 3EZ Torrent Credit Union Ltd, 51 Main Street, Donaghmore 24/7 Public
17127861-0F03-441C-865C-AC6B012960B1 BT70 3FD Rowantree Centre, 385 Pomeroy Road, Pomeroy 24/7 Public
07133823-DDC4-4331-8EC3-4F8C36AFD109 BT70 3JE Rock Gaelic Football Club, Tullyodonnell Road, Tullyodonnell 24/7 Public
9D0F27E7-BEA7-4EE5-91DC-AEE1008FDD49 BT70 3JN Manufacturing / Engineering, 31b Tullyreavy Road, Rock 24/7 Public
EE1F0444-D480-4139-B5CE-AEBD017CE1F3 BT70 3LH 16 Lisnagowan Road, Dungannon 24/7 Public
1D8D6609-C1F3-4E85-9730-AF84015C262B BT70 3NN Davisons Bar, 44 Main Street, Castlecaulfield 24/7 Public
339B493E-B693-4E67-B195-AC8400A0D64A BT70 3NY Castlecaulfield Recreation Centre, 1 Drumreany Road, Castlecaulfield 24/7 Public
C86340F8-3225-4420-AAF7-B0C200BA64B7 BT70 3NY Castlecaulfield Recreation Centre, 1 Drumreany Road, Castlecaulfield 24/7 Public
DCC08DF6-514C-4120-B8D6-AD81012F9678 BT71 4BJ Edendork Gac, 51 Rossmore Road, Dungannon 24/7 Public
06328418-A49C-4059-918C-AECA00AE2545 BT71 4DT Edge Innovate, 30 Farlough Road, Benburb 24/7 Public
EA68DAAC-CB61-4186-9B72-AD4200D6654E BT71 4DU Newmill Presbyterian Church, 69 Farlough Road, Newmills 24/7 Public
AD595D9A-4542-44B2-90B3-8C0A0F23AF01 BT71 4DZ Annaginny Country Sports Club, 22 Annaginny Road, Annaginny 24/7 Public
FF382860-2E26-44B5-9058-43F191FE0354 BT71 4EP Mace Newmills, 108 Roughan Road, Newmills 24/7 Public
1F723C1C-E39B-463F-878E-6EFAD5A659CF BT71 4HP C R A I C Theatre Group - Unit 64, 51 Dungannon Road, Coalisland Variable Public
738E46F0-75BB-4320-90FE-AE3C00D98EA2 BT71 4HZ Mid Ulster Council, Coalisland Recycling Centre, 28 Derry Road Variable Restricted
D41CCF1D-70FE-411C-B186-ACEF01103ABE BT71 4JZ The Church Of The Holy Family, 3 Platers Hill, Coalisland 24/7 Public
0F855B24-7F22-4B14-8405-AEE500E82958 BT71 4LP Newell Stores Ltd, 11 Lineside, Coalisland 24/7 Public
2873D680-094D-403C-AADE-83B7EB13D9B4 BT71 4LP Newell Stores, 11 Lineside, Gortgonis 24/7 Public
B602E696-57D5-4D8C-A560-B02D009CABF1 BT71 4LP Newell Stores, 11 Lineside, Coalisland 24/7 Public
B7D35A75-2D5E-42A1-9E91-A746E217EF04 BT71 4LS The Medical Centre, 15a Barrack Street, Brackaville 24/7 Public
0FD48F57-62D6-4E10-96B4-AFEB00C2DEA8 BT71 4NA Screwfix, Unit 4 Oaks Retail Park, Oaks Road Variable Restricted
E88F25C8-D42D-451D-BFB9-AB7400F78842 BT71 4NE Coalisland Na Fianna Football Club, Annagher Hill, Annagher Road 24/7 Public
90123B12-9E6E-435D-BE98-D368AAE443F0 BT71 4PU Clonoe Rural Development Agency Ltd, 93 Washingbay Road, Gortgonis 24/7 Public
E11DE9F3-D157-48B8-9882-AE02009166DD BT71 4QB Vivo, 52a Moor Road, Coalisland 24/7 Public
29507C0C-44B4-4F14-AD1F-77E2C2D748BB BT71 4QG Treanor Electrical Ltd, 53 Gortgonis Road, Gortgonis Variable Restricted
E022273A-AAB8-413D-AD0A-AE7C00E7A9CF BT71 4QN Kingsisland Chapel, 70 Reenaderry Road, Coalisland Variable Restricted
586873C1-E13C-41B5-A0C7-20A2166B1992 BT71 4QZ Trustees Of Derrytresk G F C, 100 Annaghmore Road, Derrytresk 24/7 Public
1FAEFE2D-98D0-4004-99B0-AD4800C72E67 BT71 5BJ Anaconda Equipment International Ltd, Ardboe Business Park, Kilmascally Road 24/7 Public
68F29852-5B02-40A6-A8B7-ACD0014CD0AE BT71 5BX St Patrick's Church Clonoe, Mountjoy Road, Coalisland Variable Restricted
1C91272F-1670-424D-9122-B0BD01058355 BT71 5DL Killeen Play Park, Lakeview Park, Killeen 24/7 Public
290A59F9-BE49-48F1-829D-AFE700CB0983 BT71 5DT Post Office, Aughamullen Post Office, 6 Reenaderry Road 24/7 Public
BBF75BEB-1F54-490A-AB11-FAAC5303A439 BT71 5DT Vivo / Aughamullen Post Office, 6 Reenaderry Road, Aughamullan 24/7 Public
2EEDD8E0-5B30-4944-AB11-E36268163627 BT71 5DY Vivo Brocagh Stores, 136 Mountjoy Road, Magheralamfield 24/7 Public
70F7340F-030D-4051-B741-8073438A86FD BT71 5DY St Brigids Primary School, 166 Mountjoy Road, Magheralamfield 24/7 Public
B4771AC4-C62A-4AEE-908F-67830C46AC73 BT71 5DY Castlebay Bar, 186 Mountjoy Road, Magheralamfield 24/7 Public
E7F1D1D1-7F53-48D1-9397-14AFAAD7EF8F BT71 5DY Pavillion (Brocagh Emmetts Gfc), Mountjoy Road, Magheralamfield 24/7 Public
0505BAC7-9C1E-47F0-815B-AE4D01146780 BT71 5EE Kieverco Ltd, 26 Gortnaglogh Road, Stewartstown 24/7 Public
817D4039-0240-41E5-9B72-085479D59A21 BT71 5HX Fp Kelly, 12 The Square, Parkers Farm 24/7 Public
E332E1D5-0227-42F0-B7AC-082586D226DE BT71 6AN Community First Responders Armagh And Tyrone, 1a Northland Place, Drumcoo 24/7 Public
96DEF9B2-1F68-4B8C-9EC6-AD6D0097B29B BT71 6AP Alexander Dental, 40 Northland Row, Dungannon Variable Restricted
8A4F90F0-04D7-4E7B-9CFE-AEEE00CD2C2B BT71 6BE St Patrick's Church, 2-4 Killyman Road, Dungannon Variable Restricted
A665E3E3-B871-4C0C-8376-EEB1A42E6BB1 BT71 6BQ East Tyrone College Of Further Education Dungannon Colleg, 19 Circular Road, Drumcoo Variable Public
A1D39F59-FD6B-44EE-8F52-AE3C00DCFFA1 BT71 6ED Dungannon Boxing Club, 22 Park Road, Dungannon 24/7 Public
42FF6569-7480-46A3-A017-B02700A6ADF4 BT71 6HD Viberoptix, 76 Ballynakilly Road, Creenagh 24/7 Public
FDD26500-F60E-489E-BC91-ADF200CEC745 BT71 6HE Euro Spring Ltd, Unit 1 127 Ballynakilly Road, Coalisland 24/7 Public
C933D17E-7DCB-4B80-B405-55F1C73307B7 BT71 6HJ A45 Filling Station, 210 Ballynakilly Road, Coalisland 24/7 Public
28910E1D-C0F7-4FC8-9498-AF3500C7D350 BT71 6HW Capper Trading, 124 Tamnamore Road, Tamnamore 24/7 Public
DE3A6613-0A4B-4FFA-B251-EE34EAEE73A8 BT71 6HW Cp Hire Ltd, Tamnamore Road, Tamlaghtmore Variable Public
D326F90E-C3C9-404D-B7FE-FAB6C837BF09 BT71 6HX Clonmore Community Hall, 157 Clonmore Road, Clonmore 24/7 Public
6127FAFE-0F9C-4CCF-B22B-B02F00FA09E7 BT71 6HY 97 Annaghbeg Road, Dungannon 24/7 Public
26EE907A-8880-4627-8843-609F890DB76C BT71 6HZ Killyman St Marys Gaelic Football Club, Drumaspil Road, Drumaspil 24/7 Public
044C8049-A8D2-4295-90C7-B0C200B97D98 BT71 6JT Drumcoo Bowling Pavilion, Oaks Road, Dungannon 24/7 Public
064C40E6-B563-41F3-8EE6-AC7000C2810F BT71 6JT Drumcoo Bowling Pavilion, Coalisland Road, Dungannon 24/7 Public
1A58C460-3C47-4C28-86AB-AD3400EC5632 BT71 6LP Dungannon Windows Co Ltd, 15a Viewfort, Dungannon Variable Public
C6184D9F-625E-46E3-8D09-AFB700C8BB42 BT71 6LS Spar Stores, Gortmerron Parade, 12 Gortmerron Link Road 24/7 Public
C7703C01-C290-4CA5-8D71-AB7400B2E249 BT71 6LS Dungannon Integrated College, 21 Gortmerron Link, Dungannon Variable Restricted
7206265C-5951-414E-B3A4-AD880104FE1F BT71 6NH 12 Derryhirk Road, Dungannon 24/7 Public
0D404D75-BBCF-4F3C-B6E6-AFF200E9AB14 BT71 6NW Peatlands Park - Public Toilets Unit, 33 Derryhubbert Road, Dungannon 24/7 Public
81230076-BEC3-4280-812E-B09B00A4D6DD BT71 6PA Maghery, Portadown 24/7 Public
4D221B6D-3673-4FBA-B626-B073014F61EA BT71 6PL Dungannon Rugby Football Club, Stevenson Park, 36 Moy Road 24/7 Public
ED61DBC1-40FA-474F-A798-B08C00F1B778 BT71 6PP Dungannon Free Presbyterian Church, 7 Far Circular Road, Dungannon 24/7 Public
13A9673E-DFBE-40A7-99CE-65436A878DEC BT71 6QG Mercedes Benz Truck And Van Ni, 104 Bush Road, Corrainy 24/7 Public
EC81B4E5-BF72-407E-B1C6-B07800B368BE BT71 6SN Collegelands Gac Clubhouse, Collegelands Road, Charlemont 24/7 Public
521DD7A5-545B-400B-ADFE-B0B200C391C4 BT71 7AS Dungannon Boxing Club, 2 Victoria Road, Dungannon 24/7 Public
41C198A6-7C93-482A-BBDC-ACF500EC2034 BT71 7AY Dungannon Tigers Fc, Lough View Sports Centre, Black Lane 24/7 Restricted
084FA6D0-F424-414F-A490-AEE7010F772B BT71 7BN Dungannon (Ub Eng), 52 Beechvalley Way, Dungannon Variable Public
3C23F133-F94F-4110-8E60-AF2400CDB74D BT71 7BN Dungannon (Ub), 4 Beechvalley, Dungannon, Dungannon Variable Public
F7F2CAF4-1BCD-4B33-954B-AE4100BCC5EE BT71 7BN Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Beechvalley Variable Public
D2D80D11-58F0-4AB6-8ECD-B00E0103C19C BT71 7BS Ace Coaches, 2 Windmill Hill Road, Dungannon 24/7 Public
18500F25-B756-4B98-8D3F-0C434A331D0F BT71 7DS Ranfurly Service Station, 20 Moy Road, Dungannon Variable Public
9F29ADCA-D6A2-4149-9216-DA1813C93F97 BT71 7HW O'neill's Gaelic Football Club, 15 Quaymont, Blackwatertown 24/7 Public
9A1D0815-7817-4C4A-9A02-B22E4B1CD69B BT71 7NJ Tullysaran Community Association, 12 Milltown Road, Artasooly 24/7 Public
6AA79EFD-7F53-4D88-9740-B03800DEEBE2 BT71 7PA 58b Old Eglish Road, Dungannon 24/7 Public
3FD1F1EF-95BC-462B-A98E-AE8400F5A92C BT71 7QU South & East Tyrone Welfare Support, 51 Main Road, Moygashel 24/7 Public
33C15446-5451-4E9D-8C06-8CBB29FA4473 BT71 7SG The Ryandale Inn, 16-19 The Square, Moy 24/7 Public
066CDD57-2F1F-4938-BD24-ADE70187755A BT71 7SQ Moy Tir Na Nog Gfc, 34 Benburb Road, Moy 24/7 Public
BFC1733D-1812-4BAB-A9EF-AE3C00F932AF BT71 7TR Mid Ulster Council, Benburb Playing Fields, Thornleigh Manor 24/7 Public
F515D1E4-1B2A-4082-82B6-B0C200BBDB05 BT71 7TR Benburb Playing Fields, 1 Thornleigh Manor, Benburb 24/7 Public
7497BB64-0C41-4146-A1DC-AEFC011F486A BT74 4AD Dva Test Centre, Dva Test Centre, 22 Coa Road, Chanterhill Variable Public
21AB41D7-B680-4ECF-B90A-AFEE00EE5193 BT74 4AF 3 Gola Road, Tamlaght, Enniskillen 24/7 Public
57412D1F-DEE3-4196-B2D8-AFC400CB55D1 BT74 4EJ Department Of Agriculture And Rural Development, Inishkeen House, 1 Lough Yoan Way Variable Public
C0FA6074-94DB-4ED4-9A09-E0E72EF423C0 BT74 4EJ Fermanagh College Skills Centre, 3 Lough Yoan Road, Killyhevlin Variable Public
A697E34C-02E9-45DC-B1DF-6B5666C36849 BT74 4GD Fermanagh & Omagh Distict Council, 152 Tempo Road, Enniskillen Variable Restricted
76396656-145E-441B-9184-AF560111CE7E BT74 4GF College Of Agriculture Food & Rural Enterprise, Cafre, 10 Mullaghmeen Road Variable Restricted
D53E7250-D70A-46D5-8B95-7557265D59DB BT74 4GF Enniskillen College, 2 Mullaghmeen Road, Enniskillen Variable Restricted
C5561D4B-787A-4821-A227-824666D8BE78 BT74 5BE Boho Community Hall, 184 Boho Road, Boho 24/7 Public
070F27FC-38F9-4475-AAEF-379120ADFC87 BT74 5JX 30 Drummee Road, Drummee, Enniskillen 24/7 Public
DF0DC4B0-8CB8-4E3E-B3E0-468F7C615C07 BT74 6DF Mcbride Spar Supermarket, Coa Road, Enniskillen 24/7 Public
030C8F2F-B874-4B33-A24D-AFA10102F3C8 BT74 6DG St Michaels College Sports Pavilion, Cherrymount Link Road, Enniskillen Variable Public
03D7A41D-095B-49BB-8C5C-AD7100803BB6 BT74 6DU South West College, Erne Campus, 1 Cornagrade Road, Cornagrade Variable Public
2A81774F-82D6-457E-9ABD-B02B0005B56B BT74 6DX 73a Cornagrade Road, Enniskillen 24/7 Public
F04B92A1-8A0C-48E6-8802-33AE4E91E645 BT74 6FZ Ardhowen Theatre, 97 Dublin Road, Derrychara 24/7 Public
2018DEDD-ABED-4917-B1FE-AFE9008E5FAE BT74 6GB Screwfix, 16 Derrychara Link, Enniskillen Variable Restricted
2113DB74-0987-4DC7-B06C-ACD300FCA5E9 BT74 6HP Fermanagh And Omagh District Council, Enniskillen Bowling Pavilion, Lower Celtic Park Variable Public
6E4CC9F7-27FE-4099-88BB-ACD301004CDB BT74 6HP Fermanagh District Council, Celtic Park Community Hall, Celtic Park Recreation Ground Variable Public
9E77C99F-71D6-47B7-9BA4-B0A7011EAA53 BT74 6HR Enniskillen Fire Station, 2/4 Tempo Road, Enniskillen 24/7 Public
E03FD0BC-16D8-4EE8-AB47-AF9B00A19D0E BT74 6HX Belmore Court Motel, Belmore Court Motel, 5 Tempo Road 24/7 Public
6D1CBEEC-A6B5-4751-845C-71160CE83966 BT74 6HZ Enniskillen Golf Club, 2 Castlecoole Road, Enniskillen 24/7 Public
34381ABB-9B3D-41EB-9334-B003008AC835 BT74 6JF Tesco Enniskillen, Derrychara Link, Enniskillen Variable Public
69E72BFD-60BC-49F5-9F4C-AD39006DC4DE BT74 6NN Enniskillen Gaels Gac, 5 Erne Road, Enniskillen 24/7 Public
5FD2AA0C-D3EC-412F-ADF2-32DA216CE93A BT74 6RW Killyhevlin Hotel, 209 Dublin Road, Killyhevlin 24/7 Public
76F57C51-3CC8-460B-852A-02E724D36994 BT74 7BA Town Hall, 2 Townhall Street, Enniskillen 24/7 Public
9CB069A1-244F-4812-9EAB-ACDE010E2D9A BT74 7BL Fermanagh & Omagh District Council, County Buildings, 15 East Bridge Street 24/7 Public
2B21C37E-58A1-453C-AE22-F251822EC649 BT74 7BT Enniskillen Presbyterian Church, 16 East Bridge Street, Enniskillen Variable Restricted
1D6A8D26-33F7-4797-8E29-AD5500E9384D BT74 7DP Aisling Centre Co Ltd, Aisling Centre, 37 Darling Street Variable Public
6DFE1A40-DDD7-4D12-9889-B971AC12CE1F BT74 7DR Enniskillen Library, 3 Halls Lane, Enniskillen Variable Public
1DAAC3ED-4344-4CD6-BF19-AE600129B323 BT74 7DW Charlies Public Bar, 1 Church Street, Enniskillen Variable Public
6E2A4CDA-1FEB-4B93-B03B-215849C9DD64 BT74 7EF Fermanagh Lakeland Forum - Inside, Fermanagh Lakeland Forum, 11 Shore Road Variable Restricted
8B8D152D-E545-4E53-A3D3-8911BAB76552 BT74 7EF Broad Meadow Centre, 7 Shore Road, Enniskillen 24/7 Public
31B96436-90D2-449A-BC66-F5B21B6BDA37 BT74 7EH Progressive Building Society, 24 High Street, Enniskillen Variable Public
F702E673-9E98-4307-95FE-AB6E0144D4E1 BT74 7EY Willowbridge School, 8 Lough Shore Road, Drumlyon Variable Restricted
DE7C9A09-24CD-4EFC-99E6-AD0A00DE7047 BT74 7GZ 1 Gnangara, Enniskillen 24/7 Restricted
C63595CD-D1C1-4DC3-B512-33B2DBDF1785 BT74 7HB Rossory Parochial Hall, 163 Rossorry Church Road, Enniskillen 24/7 Public
C53F9193-70A3-45F8-BA96-4F5482F1F63D BT74 7HD West End Commmunity Centre, 88 Rossorry Church Road, Coleshill 24/7 Public
CC832AEC-A48D-410E-A762-CA0CAF34373F BT74 7JY Waterways Ireland, 2 Sligo Road, Coles Hill Variable Restricted
F743D42A-844F-4A9A-9B29-82A72CF9BA4C BT74 7JY Maxol/Mace, 149 Sligo Road, Scaffog 24/7 Public
D223EA3D-44B2-4E7D-8F2B-AD860097A7A9 BT74 7LF Tracey Concrete Ltd, Old Rossorry Road, Sligo Road 24/7 Public
6A0CE539-02F7-4AD1-8F06-AF2400CDB0B1 BT74 7NP Enniskillen (Ub), Wellington Road, Enniskillen, Eniskillen 24/7 Public
772796F9-3F5B-4449-B2A2-AEE7010F8CF3 BT74 7NP Enniskillen (Ub Eng), Shore Road, Enniskillen Variable Public
B7B8F4FD-87F8-47AB-92A0-AD280094B5A4 BT74 7NX Choice Housing, Westbridge House, Enniskillen 24/7 Public
FE3EB215-F6DE-46F4-9729-2FFF805BDCF0 BT74 8BB Springfield Methodist Church, 11 Springfield Road, Springfield 24/7 Public
2AD956D5-FEBE-4C3B-8DE7-DFA8E9F47FAD BT74 8GG Reade Hall, 10 Castletown Road, Monea 24/7 Public
B57D1C3B-B81E-42A1-9803-53BF124205EE BT74 9FH Spar Letterbreen, 351 Sligo Road, Letterbreen 24/7 Public
97826065-AE4A-4654-AD68-AE3C00D76162 BT75 0LG Mid Ulster Council, Fivemiletown Recycling Centre, 103 Screeby Road Variable Restricted
E16D7352-C722-46A9-820F-AE9700676346 BT75 0PU Peak Performance, 20 Clabby Road, Fivemiletown 24/7 Public
07E927D9-3253-495B-96AC-AFCD0113C5DF BT75 0QP Fivemiletown Primary School, 166 Ballagh Road, Fivemiletown Variable Public
8B3F479A-3129-4DD0-A8A1-E5D12E5C94C6 BT75 0QP Scotts Bakery Ltd, 169 Ballagh Road, Ballyvaddan 24/7 Public
51E1A03D-50E2-4A29-BE77-AD3B01010FD3 BT75 0QS Mid Ulster District Council, Round Lake, Murley Road 24/7 Public
A6A191A3-8817-4B1D-8073-1734FFCE7469 BT75 0QZ Clabby Orange Hall, 21 Main Street, Clabby 24/7 Public
86013796-607D-433F-A23C-B0A6008F0BF2 BT76 0AA The Smile Suite, The Smile Street At Perfect Image, 19 Main Street Variable Restricted
3CEE60AC-75B8-45C0-9E14-B0AC01572ECC BT76 0AD Clougher Fire Station, Augher Road, Clougher 24/7 Public
52726428-0115-4FC4-97E5-B62CB863E2FB BT77 0DE Mid Ulster District Council, Knockmany Forest Visitor Centre, Knockmany Road 24/7 Public
8D16B4EF-5FF0-4E17-82C0-AF9600CCCC5C BT78 1BA O2 Store (0262) Omagh, Unit 4, Main Street Variable Restricted
40FD5B7F-8FC8-441D-9A1D-68DAEBB73337 BT78 1BL Fermanagh And Omagh District Council, Strule Arts Centre, 1 Townhall Square 24/7 Public
EE3B6C2C-CDB1-4753-8E19-CDC5D14D866B BT78 1BP Progressive Building Society, 40 High Street, Omagh Variable Public
6720DF88-5B13-44BC-994F-28988537044E BT78 1BQ Fermanagh & Omagh District Council - Pps, 16 High Street, Omagh 24/7 Public
5CF20CDE-AD65-41F4-9C75-B8134CFE625C BT78 1DG The Church Of The Sacred Heart, 1 Church Street, Omagh 24/7 Public
DF0D543B-0A3F-4377-8025-AB7A00ACD7A7 BT78 1DH Loreto Girls School, 10a James Street, Omagh Variable Restricted
B7C9454B-349D-4BEF-86BD-AC680110E0BA BT78 1EE Sperrin Centre, 1 Market Street, Omagh Variable Restricted
5C78B3DF-4A67-4D81-B7DF-AE6900E41C66 BT78 1EL Maps Of West Tyrone, 53 Market Street, Omagh Variable Public
81F96787-CE5B-472B-AB3E-4A39EF5593BC BT78 1HL Omagh Library, 1 Spillars Place, Dergmoney Variable Public
4279939C-1556-4D9C-8327-041F283130A8 BT78 1HY Spar - Mr Jg & Mrs Ug Mcgirr, 26 Anderson Gardens, Dergmoney 24/7 Public
E8F359AE-E1F6-47D3-ABEB-AD4A0166D73D BT78 1LA Sacred Heart Primary School, 6 Letfern Avenue, Omagh Variable Public
218435D6-4C83-49B7-9CB8-9DF516BCEC6D BT78 1PZ Half Way House, 57 Tattyreagh Road, Tattyreagh Variable Public
F5A1A635-9D1B-4BE7-B710-AFEC00B4028F BT78 1RB Screwfix, 56 Dromore Road, Omagh Variable Restricted
C952793B-4BB4-4C37-BB97-AD4A0102D299 BT78 1RU Tattyreagh Gaa, 16 Oldfort Road, Omagh 24/7 Public
BABCA837-15D2-47EF-8950-E70E321E3577 BT78 1SD Drumragh Sarsfields Gac, 81 Clanabogan Road, Omagh 24/7 Public
3801A8F2-9351-4EFE-9CAC-2C18D0B7E7A9 BT78 1SN Vivo Stores, 164 Clanabogan Road, Clanabogan 24/7 Public
6A5A4367-E413-4AB4-9F25-AF9C009839BF BT78 1UG Seskinore Rural Community Group, 12 Main Street, Seskinore 24/7 Public
28739244-FE25-4F92-8F8A-B0A701082592 BT78 2BP Fintona Fire Station, 24 Mill Street, Fintona 24/7 Public
DC8A2FF6-F214-4D30-97EC-D22AA6BD0486 BT78 2NS Fintona Recycling Centre, Lisdergan Road, Lisdergan 24/7 Public
AE5B078A-B4CD-434C-AE57-B06A00EA1C3C BT78 2QQ Other, Whispers 134 Moylagh Road, Seskinore 24/7 Restricted
E1FC88FE-D23F-4A75-B616-ADD5010BA861 BT78 2RJ Eskra Community Association, 167 Newtownsaville Road, Eskra 24/7 Public
B910D758-DEB9-42A0-9EA1-6ACFAF97747A BT78 3AL Dromore Sports Complex, St. Johns High School, 37 Omagh Road Variable Restricted
3D937E99-1116-44B5-B0EA-82DC56ADFE4E BT78 3AP Dromore Recycling Centre, Camderry Road, Dromore 24/7 Public
A39B515A-D05C-4A30-80B2-B0A70108580F BT78 3AX Dromore (Tyrone) Fire Station, 12 Dooish Road, Dromore. County Tyrone 24/7 Public
5B1215EB-F476-48DB-87B6-ACD10112147B BT78 3NX Trillick Enterprise Leisure Limited, 15 Gargadis Rd, Trillick Variable Restricted
616BE863-5A47-42D8-B89C-B01D00A44E2B BT78 3QJ Grannan Schoolhouse, 110 Greenan Road, Grannan 24/7 Public
7BE2D834-AB43-41D9-9519-ADC200CE5ED5 BT78 4AP Newtownstewart Centre 2000, 15 Moyle Road, Newtownstewart 24/7 Public
3D2166B1-414E-44B8-B81E-E6CB6F7DACE9 BT78 4AQ St Patricks Primary School, 59 Dublin Street, Newtownstewart Variable Public
31DFC7B3-39BE-46F0-BC74-3ACF94B66D52 BT78 4AZ Spar Stores, 15 Strabane Road, Newtownstewart 24/7 Public
E568E62F-CC59-40C0-A4BA-35EEB7CBF36F BT78 4DP M Bettie & Son Ltd Quality Feeds, 70 Plumbridge Road, Corickmore 24/7 Public
42940153-BBCD-4995-B92E-B0A7012319EF BT78 4EZ Newtownstewart Fire Station, Baronscourt Road, Newtownstewart 24/7 Public
EEDBA5D9-DD01-4953-8D13-B021014DF506 BT78 4HF L W Surphlis & Son, 31 Drumlegagh Church Road, Newtownstewart 24/7 Public
2BEA3094-BABA-4AD8-BE77-AD1F00BC04B8 BT78 4HP Dregish Community Group, St Eugene's Hall, Byturn Road 24/7 Public
CB3364E9-2BCF-4ACF-9849-AFE700E09583 BT78 4HU 38 Golf Course Road, Newtownstewart 24/7 Public
285F4511-655B-4A35-BD13-ADC400C5F6D8 BT78 4LL Ardstraw Presbyterian Church Hall, Ardstraw Presbyterian Church, 4a Deerpark Road 24/7 Public
F37CD3F2-80C5-4534-BF10-AF3100EC4258 BT78 4NE Derry & Raphoe Action Limited, Somme Memorial Hall, 3 Douglas Road 24/7 Public
690A4D16-762F-4E23-B7C8-AE8500AD7113 BT78 4PF Birchwood Fishery, 21 Sloughan Road, Drumquin 24/7 Public
2393359C-E2FF-4582-9CC0-AD2B010328FF BT78 4QY Drumquin Gaa Club, 31 Omagh Road, Drumquin 24/7 Public
5619A241-9E32-4D2C-8EF8-ADE300CCA7CB BT78 4QY St. Josephs Primary School, 32 Omagh Road, Drumquin Variable Restricted
78A70898-D3F7-4651-AA93-AD2400F6EC51 BT78 4QY Drumquin Gaa Club, 31 Omagh Road, Drumquin 24/7 Public
D92CA14F-3FA3-44E3-AE11-ACD200B27BC9 BT78 4QY Drumquin Changing Rooms, 21 Omagh Road, Drumnaforbe 24/7 Public
AB0ED7DC-B9B8-461C-A4DD-C940A0E923BB BT78 4RA Drumquin Cyclying Club, 248 Dooish Road, Dooish 24/7 Public
2D2A0222-0829-4BB4-BCBC-1048A7C28060 BT78 4SD Community Youth Centre, 1 Manse Road, Drumnaforbe Drumquin Variable Restricted
322E76E6-F1AF-4024-8858-AE9F00CA2EBD BT78 4TW Doire Éigis Dregish Community Group, 95 Drumlegagh Road South, Drumquin, 24/7 Public
68892950-556A-4523-B5D5-F2CE99B3B378 BT78 5AB Cks Community Centre, 29a O'kane Park, Coolnagard Lower 24/7 Public
E58CEC11-D8A8-4E2D-A2E0-AEE7010F7D38 BT78 5AW Omagh (Ub Eng), 10 Tamlaght Road, Omagh Variable Public
5FB52721-4880-4B31-A080-D83E46D9E5C2 BT78 5BB Spar, 86 Tamlaght Road, Omagh 24/7 Public
7DBF5E3D-66D4-4D73-AE25-AE8500E19053 BT78 5ED Jmg Systems, 68a Derry Road, Omagh 24/7 Public
6CA9396E-E0CA-4054-98D2-C58CC6978186 BT78 5EJ Gortrush Depot, Gortrush Industrial Estate, Gortrush 24/7 Public
7A02DC1A-770F-4EC4-AAC5-AF0900F668FC BT78 5EJ Mstrength & Fitness, Unit 6, 37 Gortrush Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
9EE3B4A1-7CDD-4D9B-8812-75B417963D42 BT78 5EJ Gortrush Recycling Centre And Transfer Station, 2 Gortrush Industrial Estate, Mullaghmenagh Variable Public
C7E9887A-F55D-4F2B-8510-AEDF00B7D661 BT78 5EJ Driver Vehicle Agency, Gortrush Industrial Estate, Omagh Variable Public
F575407C-BBB5-4141-B9EF-ACD200B399C1 BT78 5FA Strathroy Football Pitch, 1 Drumannon Rise, Omagh Variable Restricted
86E4838B-EC29-4DA7-AD40-ADEA00CFC64A BT78 5HY Broclan Retail Limited, 50-52 Brookmount Road, Omagh 24/7 Public
C5DC647F-905E-4011-A477-B9CDFE801A20 BT78 5NX Mountjoy Presbyterian Church Hall, Mountjoy Avenue, Omagh 24/7 Public
09F6E57E-1445-4019-B3DB-B04201273830 BT78 5PT 16c Corlea Road, Omagh Variable Restricted
9B74E49F-A22D-4089-8161-ADE100BF1B2E BT78 5QG Orange Hall, 20 Mullagharn Road, Omagh 24/7 Public
B190CAF4-9831-4F18-BF50-AD89008B1388 BT78 5QU Ulster American Folk Park, 2 Mellon Road, Castletown Variable Public
391847BC-CE08-4C30-8C79-A075CA15A518 BT79 0DJ Hospital Road Community Centre, 64 Queens Parade, Campsie 24/7 Public
32760942-D4F8-474A-98B8-ACFA012F89F8 BT79 0DX Mcbride Retail Camowen, 35 Hospital Road, Omagh 24/7 Public
963924C4-1B52-468E-AEF0-D03BCCB3D330 BT79 0EU Yodel, 25 Bankmore Road, Doogary Variable Public
132C390B-D169-4652-A7CC-AEDC010211FA BT79 0HF Balloo Hire Centres Ltd, 168 Doogary Road, Omagh Variable Restricted
5B0A2420-44E7-4415-9AB9-ADE80113A6F8 BT79 0HW Donnelly's Holm Changing Rooms, 19 Retreat Close, Mullaghmore 24/7 Public
0DF28234-6E00-4E11-A79C-2BD2A060CC00 BT79 0JP G A A Ground, 36 Drumnakilly Road, Ballynamullan 24/7 Public
9F567463-6304-48FC-A332-30F28A4027CF BT79 0JZ Drumnkilly Church Hall, 86 Racolpa Road, Drumnakilly 24/7 Public
AE0771D9-6476-48AC-88A4-2861060B4364 BT79 0NR Omagh Hospital & Primary Care Complex - Drumragh Family P, 7 Donaghanie Road, Cranny Variable Restricted
CEDC4393-6478-4F11-87EB-9F13C3DCEE1E BT79 0NS Rqia (Regulation & Quality Improvement Authority, Hill Top Office, Donaghanie Road Variable Public
925110C5-6121-4D3A-98D9-90D24319BC7E BT79 0TA Beragh Credit Union Ltd, 46 Main Street, Beragh 24/7 Public
0E13F7E0-F111-48C1-9013-AD81012C6390 BT79 0TF Red Knight Gfc, St. Marys Park, Cooley Road 24/7 Public
1F746DB3-9D83-4C20-A5E6-AFB700D25457 BT79 7AA Omagh (Ub), 3 Mountjoy Road Omagh, Omagh Variable Public
A1B240A3-9298-4DFA-84FD-B15D6CB12E45 BT79 7AH Omagh College Of Further Education, 2 Mountjoy Road, Lisnamallard Variable Public
E307C4CD-FCA1-4DA1-A383-AF2B008EBFC6 BT79 7AQ P Mcdermott & Sons, 11 Sedan Avenue, Omagh 24/7 Public
E0BFB19F-DF0D-4BA1-8EC0-B0A800F94818 BT79 7AY Omagh Fire Station, Mount Joy, Omagh 24/7 Public
7FD5A324-A4E3-48CE-BEDF-D5ABDE5B4B3F BT79 7BL Fermanagh & Omagh District Council, Mountjoy Road, Lisnamallard 24/7 Public
B00B1A17-074B-468D-88E9-2280F440462C BT79 7DH Spar Stores, 3 Gortin Road, Lisanelly 24/7 Public
18D931F4-5FB2-45A5-8D48-B06800DCAC96 BT79 7EG Omagh Leisure Complex, Old Mountfield Road,, Omagh 24/7 Public
46C87194-FE48-4B91-B31A-ACD300ABB953 BT79 7EG Omagh Leisure Centre, Old Mountfield Road, Omagh Variable Restricted
5173D8EF-D97B-4138-A6BA-AD3CCD9B3F81 BT79 7ET Spar, 86 Old Mountfield Road, Mullaghmore 24/7 Public
B3A0C2EA-B777-4729-BA41-AB7500DD33E3 BT79 7JY 81 Old Mountfield Road, Omagh 24/7 Public
F844DBC3-8A98-4A95-BAF5-B077009093FF BT79 7LT St Mary's Primary School Killyclogher, 122 Old Mountfield Road, Killyclogher Variable Restricted
8472E868-52F0-43AA-8E71-AF0E00F456C6 BT79 7PP Community Centre, 2 Main Street, Mountfield 24/7 Public
EBE4A7D4-BC7F-43B8-B4E5-16915429522D BT79 7PP Vivo, 16a Main Street, Aghalane 24/7 Public
07CE345E-B84C-4BFC-8537-AEA500F17124 BT79 7QN 140 Greencastle Road, Mountfield 24/7 Public
1E84EE5B-4311-41F0-A568-B94119CB11E7 BT79 7QP Our Lady Of Lourdes Primary School - School, 279 Crockanboy Road, Sheskinshule Variable Restricted
DBEB376E-7CC2-485A-A315-AEA500F3D9E3 BT79 7RU 164 Greencastle Road, Greencastle, Mountfield 24/7 Public
53A1972A-A9F7-4B30-B9BD-AEA500F0BA59 BT79 7RX Greencastle Gaa Club, Greencastle Community Centre, 47 Mullydoo Road 24/7 Public
E3732142-4343-49A4-9AAA-EF9493154FA8 BT79 7SN St Eugenes Primary School, 40 Dunbreen View Road, Tircur Omagh 24/7 Public
94D7E376-F110-4C14-926A-B00500D3C3BE BT79 7SU Gortin Glen Forest Park, 167 Glenpark Road, Gortin 24/7 Public
2402C4CC-8C66-4794-8D64-ADF101255054 BT79 7TA Knockmoyle Hall, 51 Knockmoyle Road, Omagh 24/7 Public
0E348BBD-CC8D-4FDA-B806-AB670181CAD7 BT79 7TD Cappagh Orange Hall, Dunmullan Road, Omagh 24/7 Public
D09ABEFA-9FEB-4659-B5C5-E9CF178CEAAE BT79 7XE Strathroy Community Centre, Drumlea Crescent, 2 Drumlea Cresent 24/7 Public
665E3E9C-005A-4865-842B-75274B7DE841 BT79 8AA Glenelly Development Trust Ltd, 11b Main Street, Glencoppogagh 24/7 Public
016D0DF3-F525-4446-977D-AEA500F5CBE7 BT79 8HW Our Lady Of Wayside Church, Broughderg Road, Mountfield 24/7 Public
1E5EED6B-2B26-4A04-A109-B01B00BDAF32 BT79 8JH Davagh Dark Sky Observatory / Davagh Forest Trail, Davagh Road, Cookstown 24/7 Public
F16F6006-BA49-4C76-A7B4-F24BA9718E83 BT79 8NH Owenkillew Development Co Ltd, 62 Main Street, Gortin 24/7 Public
496D1505-40C5-4BFA-BB5A-0445C2307C4B BT79 8NJ Gortin Masonic Lodge, 3 Culvacullion Road, Plumbridge Gortin 24/7 Public
A1DD12D7-9EBB-4862-82F1-170138CD1116 BT79 9AF Creggan Community Centre, 416 Crockanboy Road, Creggan 24/7 Public
EAAF37AC-EFD1-47F4-9D77-E5BBAB6609A8 BT79 9AY Patrician Hall, 19b Main Street, Carrickmore 24/7 Public
B8C57AD2-AC13-4D5C-A5BE-52228FA47F5E BT79 9BE St Colmcille's Primary School, 2 Rockstown Road, Creggandevesky Variable Public
D1B20814-F45D-4424-8DA8-D3AB213B199C BT79 9DH Cooley Primary School, 90 Cooley Road, Six Mile Cross Variable Public
92BE4012-E959-489B-AE19-AD9101208780 BT79 9EJ 112 Shane Road, Mc Girr Engineering Ltd, Sixmilecross 24/7 Public
E4F05C89-E91A-451A-A5D8-75EC3EBEA2F8 BT79 9EL Ballygawley G F C Errigal Ciaran Gac Clubrooms, 15 Park Road, Dunmoyle 24/7 Public
396EABFC-3941-4133-BAE0-B0C50144A88D BT79 9HG 44 Tursallagh Road, Tursallagh, Sixmilecross 24/7 Public
C89B0528-3F6A-4B48-B79C-0647BD1E6C09 BT79 9JA Altamuskin Community Centre, 173 Altamuskin Road, Sixmilecross 24/7 Public
1D4D57EE-875F-43BE-A3CB-4ED84A8009CA BT79 9JR Carrickmore Youth Centre, Termon Road, Carrickmore 24/7 Public
DD6B3964-8FC7-4E13-AE10-9A8BDC78A046 BT79 9JR Eire Og Carrickmore Hurling & Camogie Club, Termon Road, Aghagogan 24/7 Public
C849C0FA-230F-46DE-8073-EFEADA9E7B50 BT79 9JX Carrickmore Recycling Centre, Quarry Road, Carrickmore 24/7 Public
344F92CC-297C-4D06-A4CE-B06D016E2642 BT79 9LU 1a Ballybrack Road, Loughmacrory, Omagh 24/7 Public
346EFFC5-9A11-4C46-A2DF-AEA300B287FE BT79 9NH Paul Tallon Ltd, Main St, 17 24/7 Public
0F22D767-9365-4DCD-BDAE-C37C03316BE5 BT8 6AW Unit 5 Block 2, Forest Grove Business Park, Ballylenaghan Upper Belfast Variable Restricted
C68DF268-0582-4C28-98EC-B09700CC3C84 BT8 6FQ Mace Newton Park, 73-75 Newton Park, Breda 24/7 Public
53DA6B5C-948F-477F-8553-AF96009BA2B4 BT8 6FX O2 Store (0393) Belfast - Forestside, Unit 2, Forestside Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
05B4E765-4A54-458B-97B6-C053C0AC3F46 BT8 6GQ Saintfield Road Presbyterian Church Hall, 1 Myrtledene Road, Ballylenaghan Belfast Variable Restricted
D9E5C6A5-B06C-4F64-81AF-B09200BB6363 BT8 6GR Beechcroft Child And Adolescent Mental Health Unit, 110 Saintfield Rd, Belfast 24/7 Public