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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'KW' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 146 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
780E3D65-94B6-461A-BAB4-FD59A4DE689A KW1 4AJ Scts, Wick Sheriff Court, Bridge Street Variable Public
4839 KW1 4QR Subsea 7 Security Office, Caithness 24/7 Public
5098 KW1 4QS Imenco UK Ltd, Caithness 24/7 Public
0D5B8F0C-7782-4E6A-9F98-AEC9008B5E6C KW1 4QS Nucleus - The Nuclear And Caithness Archive, Wick Airport Industrial Estate, Wick Variable Public
3A431968-1E80-4ECC-985A-B10F04789A6C KW1 4QS Tesco, Tesco Wick Superstore, North Road Variable Public
619C3894-2B32-47F2-9748-568627B625C8 KW1 4QS Imenco Uk Ltd - In Assembly/Test Area Of Factory, Airport Industrial Estate, Wick Airport Wick Variable Public
C59D98CB-554F-4374-A477-B03900CD4B18 KW1 4QS Tesco Wick Petrol Filling Station, North Road, Wick Variable Public
CAD8079F-D18C-43B7-8472-AFA400D8BC54 KW1 4QY Staxigoe And Papigoe Community Group, Staxigoe Hall, Elzy Road 24/7 Public
0FA17C5F-5332-4313-AB2D-AEEF00BC22BC KW1 4RG Sinclair's Bay Community Council, Ackergill Hall, Ackergill - Ackergillshore Road 24/7 Public
2E5E9B75-D986-423C-8CAA-AEEF00B9E308 KW1 4RS Sinclair's Bay Community Council, Reiss Hall, Reiss - Sibster Road 24/7 Public
2A9DA88C-1A27-451E-9886-5B76F545DD7E KW1 4RX Subsea 7 Security Office- On External Front Wall Of Offic, B876, Wick 24/7 Public
4840 KW1 4TP Subsea 7 Security Office, Caithness 24/7 Public
F83242BB-6B6F-4222-98EF-0759F9ED2AE3 KW1 4UR Subsea 7- On External Front Wall Of Security Office, General Area Of, Wick 24/7 Public
5478 KW1 4YR Tourist Information & Bookshop, Caithness 24/7 Public
56A27D75-42BB-441B-9441-ACB700EA8575 KW1 4YR Tourist Information Centre, A99 A836 Junction - John O Groats, John O'groats 24/7 Public
4823 KW1 4YS Village Hall, Caithness 24/7 Public
06327577-B6E6-4561-8931-AED1262CBB7E KW1 4YS Village Hall- On External Wall, Unnamed Road, John O Groats Wick 24/7 Public
5078 KW1 5BA The Pulteney Centre, Caithness 24/7 Public
FFB3A8DC-AFFC-4035-8E98-ACB8009563CD KW1 5BA Pulteneytown Peoples Project, Pulteneytown Centre, Huddart Street 24/7 Public
79E850D7-1DDF-4923-BF52-8121AD302ED0 KW1 5HA On Front Wall Of Lifeboat Station, Fishmart, Wick 24/7 Public
0FC2F003-AD32-4472-B588-ACA0C27057B4 KW1 5LT East Caithness Community Facility- Behind Reception Desk, Newton Road, Wick Variable Public
29CCF648-3247-4418-A28B-B080008C523C KW1 5NU Wick, Unit 5, Wick Retail Park Variable Restricted
516ECF55-83A5-4B80-8188-AFF000A6D4DE KW1 5QP St Fergus Bowling Club, Northcote Street, Wick 24/7 Public
C0DC9B40-55D6-460E-A600-AEC500DF0E96 KW1 5XR Spittal Village Hall, Spittal, Halkirk 24/7 Public
6031 KW1 5YN The Brown Trout Hotel, Caithness 24/7 Public
D52322FB-37F3-4FE2-A03E-AC7600D22ABD KW1 5YN Brown Trout Hotel, Station Road, Watten 24/7 Public
828AC406-A345-4717-9AA2-AE8E014909BA KW10 6RH Golspie Bowling Club, Clubhouse, Main Street 24/7 Public
E20B3659-D742-4560-9234-EB12207B9AD2 KW10 6RW Sutherland Swimming Pool, Kw10 6rw, Golspie Variable Restricted
96A76344-7325-4B2F-9BF4-19B28D04A727 KW10 6ST Golspie Golf Club- At Front Door Of Building, Ferry Road, Golspie 24/7 Public
D6E20773-FF5A-480E-B803-AAFD011D6187 KW10 6TH Golspie Health Centre Fountain Road, Golspie 24/7 Public
C266D13B-462B-412B-A1A2-1D60117C5ABD KW10 6UB Scottish Natural Heritage, The Links, Golspie Business Park Variable Public
DC432B52-82F4-4F11-8A2C-BE2AC5C868CC KW12 6UN J G C Welding Co Ltd Harpsdale- On Wall At Workshop Entry, General Area Of, Halkirk Variable Public
FE857AF5-96A2-4DAD-8331-6B23FECD588D KW12 6XJ Scotscalder Hall- On Front Wall Of Hall, B870, Scotscalder Halkirk 24/7 Public
5135 KW12 6XQ Scotscalder Hall, Caithness 24/7 Public
57F7D10B-72F8-444C-906A-AEFF00E21ABA KW12 6XT Stephens Plastics Ltd Old School, Sinclair Street, Halkirk 24/7 Public
257CCC69-EEFC-480A-B39E-AE5800C8F3AC KW12 6XY The Ross Institute, Bridge Street, Halkirk 24/7 Public
60F57E5C-29B3-4956-A107-AAF400F6611E KW12 6YJ Recreation Park, Bridge Street, Halkirk Variable Public
681478AA-BBA2-4F1D-B463-AED101434C3A KW12 6YN Caithness Riding For The Disabled, Indoor Riding School Recreation Ground, Bridge Street 24/7 Public
FADFDC28-0DE7-45B4-8C7A-ADDA00F45872 KW14 7DH Thurso St Peters & St Andrews Church, Princes Street, Thurso 24/7 Public
40AF742E-1005-434E-9FD7-390B33A0599F KW14 7DS Thurso High School- In Reception Area, Ormlie Road, Thurso Variable Restricted
1A3670F6-2449-477D-A74C-AB4B00ECC6E0 KW14 7EJ Thor House, Provost Cormack Drive, Thurso 24/7 Public
CDD70674-CC7F-40BE-B746-AACC00AD6346 KW14 7JS Scottish Office, Agriculture Environment & Fisheries Department Strathbeg House, Clarence Street Variable Public
C37F30A8-6BF0-48D7-90CC-AB4B00EF151C KW14 7NB D & M Fraser, Castlegreen Road, Thurso 24/7 Public
A274B93B-9A08-41E4-B748-91C7244F2E5A KW14 7QU Nuvia Ltd Morven House - Unit 3- In Front Porch, Ormlie Industrial Estate, Thurso Variable Public
4F4DB327-9B12-4E44-BF27-AC3800B6C9E4 KW14 7RE Reay Golf Club, The Clubhouse, Reay 24/7 Public
2F659A96-84D4-48F5-9A4E-AB4400BB4725 KW14 7RJ Victoria Hall, A836 A897 Junction - Sutherland Boundary, Reay 24/7 Public
7CDFAC82-A03D-43B3-9771-AEC200C0D22F KW14 7RY Strathy Village Hall, Strathy Point, Strathy 24/7 Public
F9A174D1-73CB-4A3D-8B7C-B01C00B57D8D KW14 7SA Armadale Village Hall, Thurso, Highlands 24/7 Public
9D43878D-9B50-44BF-80A2-18B782628846 KW14 7SS North Coast Leisure Centre- Behind Reception, General Area Of, Bettyhill Thurso Variable Public
493B831E-5DDC-4BB6-91D0-21D6185CCF4D KW14 7TH Tongue And Skerray Aed, Village Hall- On External Wall Unnamed Road, Skerray Thurso 24/7 Public
5227 KW14 7UJ Jacobs UK Ltd, Business Centre, Caithness 24/7 Public
574673E1-299F-43D2-830B-1161A85A21D2 KW14 7UJ Scrabster Business Park- Jacobs Uk Ltd, Suite A, General Area Of, Scrabster Thurso Variable Public
5370 KW14 7UT Ferry Terminal, Caithness 24/7 Public
5003 KW14 7XF Thurso Golf Club, Caithness 24/7 Public
B5C45F19-53AA-45CB-8A86-F42E208FC86C KW14 7XF J G C House- At Stop Of Stairs At Reception, Unnamed Road, Janetstown Thurso Variable Public
F3C5949E-009F-4764-842C-BA7B92CCAAB5 KW14 7YL Community Centre- In Hallway, Unnamed Road, Melvich Thurso 24/7 Public
77C5CCD4-4543-401A-90F9-AE2000E9057E KW14 8AG 16 High Street, Thurso 24/7 Public
1FBF8A6E-5AF3-4123-AEA5-89875EF192F2 KW14 8AZ Tollemache House- At Reception, High Street, Thurso Variable Public
9269AE30-198C-4819-A74B-AE5600BD800F KW14 8BU The Royal British Legion, Riverside Road, Thurso 24/7 Public
3BC94E98-5B5B-486E-BACB-AB4B01005D3D KW14 8HR Mccoll's, 2 Mount Pleasant Road, Thurso 24/7 Public
5B325038-8EDE-413F-97F8-0AA793E2098B KW14 8PS Tesco- Outside Customer Toilets, Millbank Road, Thurso Variable Public
63B5A936-B2D5-480B-9A0A-4FC3FA4BA6A8 KW14 8PS Thurso Leisure Centre- Behind Reception Desk, Millbank Road, Thurso Variable Public
5780 KW14 8TP Free Church, Caithness 24/7 Public
3C4FF892-B3E0-4894-A0A6-ACB700D76CED KW14 8TP Free Church, Main Street, Castletown 24/7 Public
5778 KW14 8TS Olrig Place, Caithness 24/7 Public
5779 KW14 8UA Castletown Primary School, Caithness 24/7 Public
6DD3EF06-A9C9-4B30-BEE0-ACB700EBD379 KW14 8UL Castletown Primary School, School Car Park, Castletown 24/7 Public
C8DF934D-FA59-4236-A9AC-AECB00E6B6D8 KW14 8XD Dunnet Bay Car Park, A836 Thurdistoft Road Junction - B855 Junction, Dunnet Variable Public
C40459F5-4AB6-446D-A1E8-AD13015A647B KW14 8YE Windhaven, B855 St Johns Road Junction - Dunnet Head, Brough 24/7 Public
9E113540-658B-4239-9895-AEF400F69E59 KW15 1AG Northvet Veterinary Group Ltd, 33 Junction Road, Kirkwall Variable Public
B08BBE10-BD7B-4E37-AF52-AED000B2DFB6 KW15 1AN Ssen (Not Power Station), Scottish Hydro Electric Depot, Great Western Road Variable Restricted
2C4B27EB-929B-4613-A640-AB7900CC70E3 KW15 1AQ Rural Payment & Inspection Directerate, Government Buildings, Tankerness Lane Variable Public
913011FF-95F8-4E26-BB5B-B03500ED7AB7 KW15 1DN Age Scotland Orkney, 46 Victoria Street, Kirkwall Variable Restricted
368775D0-2B33-477A-B95D-ADA900807A00 KW15 1GE Oic Depot, Sparrowhawk Road, St Ola 24/7 Public
88A397DC-1EC5-490E-9F62-5E37C8E5D01C KW15 1GE Scottish Sea Farms- On External Wall, Sparrowhawk Road, Hatston Industrial Estate Kirk 24/7 Public
702EB95D-C985-4EF5-82AF-AACB00FC6C52 KW15 1GR Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Norlantic House, Scott's Road Variable Public
BD1249A6-F22E-4FEC-BF45-AABE00D11807 KW15 1JE Highlands & Islands Enterprise- Main Office, 12-14 Queen Street, Kirkwall Variable Public
97539A76-3A83-4414-8EC0-B2EB8DA3D82D KW15 1LX Scottish Natural Heritage - In Main Office, Eastbank, East Road Variable Restricted
507B429A-F118-4676-B229-AB5601309B19 KW15 1NA Daisybank Clinic, Berstane Road, Kirkwall Variable Restricted
C852B212-1A7B-4470-8810-AB7D00C4083D KW15 1NY Orkney Islands Council, Council Offices, School Place Variable Public
30484E34-4549-408F-8B74-AB3B007B7A5D KW15 1PD Sheriff Court, Kirkwall Sheriff Court, Watergate Variable Public
CD543C13-6C94-4210-AA7A-E148DA3C4B99 KW15 1RD Golf Club- Inside Players Foyer On Wall, Grainbank, St Ola Kirkwall 24/7 Public
BB34A75C-E494-4045-A887-A4858C32A92E KW15 1RG Cooke Aquaculture Scotland Ltd- See Location Below***, Crowness Road, Hatston Kirkwall 24/7 Public
A70793A4-961B-4C7C-8AEA-AD78008DBD07 KW15 1SA Shapinsay Fire Station, Shapinsay,, Balfour 24/7 Public
F39197DA-2907-4048-8865-AFDA00EC6137 KW15 1TW Orkney Riding Centre, Old Finstown Road, St Ola 24/7 Public
1AC863D3-96D4-4072-BA31-AD4000B663EE KW15 1XA Papdale Shop, 8 Hermaness, Kirkwall 24/7 Public
481B5EC7-765B-4340-A883-AE8600D4A3B0 KW15 1ZL Orbital Marine Power, Innovation Centre, Hatston Pier Road, Hatston Pier Road Variable Restricted
C23A7198-9EFD-446B-975F-AF2C009FFBD1 KW16 3AN Orkney Research And Innovation Campus Llp, The Robert Rendall Building (Old Primary School), Orkney Research And Innovation Campus 24/7 Public
879FE598-FB3D-4251-B258-BD91CEB3EBBE KW16 3DW Stromness Golf Club- At Main Ent Inside Front Door To Lhs, Ness Road, Stromness Variable Public
2B716A74-1AE0-4976-89C8-B02800B062F7 KW16 3EE Xodus Group Ltd, 8 Garson Place, Stromness Variable Public
2149524E-F860-41BB-A7D1-45D4F312FB58 KW16 3LR Skarra Brae Visitor Centre- Lhs Wall At Entrance, General Area Of, Sandwick Stromness Variable Public
7803 KW16 3NG Graemsay Community Hall, On Post, Orkney 24/7 Public
2ADD48CF-4115-4141-AF34-AF7E00E813F1 KW16 3NG Graemsay Community Hall, On Post, Graemsay Community Hall, Graemsay 24/7 Public
CFAE7B20-3748-48A5-B6E1-17BC2A95FCD1 KW16 3NP Outside Wall Rhs Of Main Door, Flotta Community Centre, General Area Of, Flotta Stromness 24/7 Public
EED16866-388E-47D1-BFBD-AF0A00A92B51 KW16 3NT Cooke Aquaculture Scotland Ltd, Hoy Shorebase, Lyness 24/7 Public
00265D2C-9EF9-4C87-996D-7BA04F2C8E98 KW16 3NX North Walls Community School- Next To Entrance Door, B9047, Lyness Stromness 24/7 Public
6033 KW17 2AA Eday Airport Building, Orkney 24/7 Public
6FA8BBBE-4579-495A-A496-ADFA01278306 KW17 2AA Old Pier Store Eday, Eday 24/7 Public
90DE6072-D6F5-492D-8D59-87D2DAE7EEC4 KW17 2AA Outside Eday Primary School, B9063, Eday Orkney 24/7 Public
D9245D50-D153-49A7-B619-AE2100CAA594 KW17 2AA Scottish Sea Farms Eday Shorebase, Eday Pier, Eday 24/7 Public
03BC7AD7-53FF-4DFE-8153-19B55724CD9E KW17 2AB Eday Youth Hostel- Adjacent To Scottish Fire & Rescue, B9063, Eday Orkney 24/7 Public
274EF778-F21F-4195-BC27-AFEF008E9F9E KW17 2AE Orkney Islands Council, Stronsay Jh School, Stronsay School 24/7 Public
D5C5B113-74AF-41F6-ADDC-391AEE36EE0A KW17 2AE Stronsay Junior High School- On Wall Facing Main Road, General Area Of, Stronsay Orkney 24/7 Public
7950 KW17 2AF Telephone Box, Orkney 24/7 Public
F9A12FDF-4040-4310-929D-AFD400EDB82B KW17 2AF South School Telephone Box, Telephone Box, South School, Stronsay 24/7 Public
7949 KW17 2AN Telephone Box, Orkney 24/7 Public
6B745589-98C4-4B97-8EA3-AF5400EEE28B KW17 2AN Rothiesholm Telephone Box, Rothiesholm School, Stronsay 24/7 Public
7948 KW17 2AR Stronsay Hotel, Orkney 24/7 Public
9CEC8FFE-7912-473D-AD7A-AF6101199893 KW17 2AR Stronsay Hotel, Whitehall Village, Stronsay 24/7 Public
6036 KW17 2AT Stronsay Airport, Orkney 24/7 Public
095054FE-42B7-4FD8-A65A-AAAA00A48381 KW17 2BE Community Center Craft Room, Community Center, North Ronaldsay 24/7 Public
145644FF-239A-4A0A-855B-D38488C16853 KW17 2BE Community Association, Pier Waiting Room, The Pier 24/7 Public
25540978-52E1-4D1B-A8A2-AE1500BEEA09 KW17 2BE The Pier Waiting Room, North Ronaldsay 24/7 Public
363F1691-3195-457E-A31F-6559CA047549 KW17 2BE In Cabinet Within Airfield Waiting Room, General Area Of, North Ronaldsay Orkney Variable Public
E573F829-E78C-4C4B-B40A-AE1500BD43AB KW17 2BE Community Centre Craft Room, North Ronaldsay, Orkney 24/7 Restricted
5482 KW17 2DB Westray Parish Kirk, Orkney 24/7 Public
634F8F19-03B2-41DE-AEF6-ACB700A2D053 KW17 2DB Westray Parish Church, Kirk Brae, Westray 24/7 Public
5484 KW17 2DD Peter Miller's Shop, Orkney 24/7 Public
5485 KW17 2DD Peter Miller's Shop, Orkney 24/7 Public
654E54C5-BC22-446A-BDB8-ACB700D53D7B KW17 2DD Peter Miller's Shop, Surrigarth, Westray 24/7 Public
7F3D93FD-F25C-4087-85E2-BF29177E5D8F KW17 2DH Westray Junior High School- O/S Healthy Living Centre, General Area Of, Westray Orkney 24/7 Public
5481 KW17 2DL Gill Pier Waiting Rooms, Orkney 24/7 Public
B0B1FC47-B7DA-402F-952E-ACB700BEE9B0 KW17 2DL Waiting Room And Toilet Gill Pier, B9066 From Ness Road To Gill Pier, Westray 24/7 Public
5480 KW17 2DN Westray Airfield, Orkney 24/7 Public
DABA6EA0-360C-4171-89CC-ACB700C080A5 KW17 2DN Westray Airfield And Building, Aikerness Road, Westray 24/7 Public
BE8CDEDD-8A00-44ED-AEE4-AD7800B76CA7 KW17 2DY Balfour Boathouse, Shapinsay 24/7 Public
4F519825-3DB9-46F1-9B6E-B08100D75BCD KW17 2JA Dounby Community School, Dounby Primary School, A986 From Dounby 30mph To Back Road 24/7 Public
3B75C8DE-B99F-4560-815D-AEA200DA2130 KW17 2JH Deep Dale Hire, A967 From B9056 To Bryameadow Road, Ddh Shotblasting, East Quoys 24/7 Restricted
347B70E3-2B93-4925-AB82-4DCB131DAB90 KW17 2LY Birsay Outdoor Centre& Campsite- O/S Wall Of Drying Room, General Area Of, Birsay Orkney 24/7 Public
DDA64A3D-8E18-4C38-A027-0717F991AB15 KW17 2PE Evie Primary School- On Gable Wall Opposite Car Park, A966, Evie Orkney 24/7 Public
93F5CB72-FD49-4C83-8022-1CDC591A6881 KW17 2QG St Andrews Primary School- On Wall O/S Main Entrance, Toab, Deerness 24/7 Public
26368E13-8B77-4291-B1F0-AC840082B7BE KW17 2QH Deerness Community Centre Car Park, B9050 From A960 To Sandside Road, Deerness 24/7 Public
8A7F9390-6447-403B-94CB-AD8E013E3333 KW3 6BA Community Hall, Station Road, Lybster 24/7 Public
7F001D0E-8968-42C5-AF4E-DF253F02B44F KW3 6BQ The Medical Centre- In Practice Treatment Room, Althorpe Street, Lybster Variable Restricted
23821C38-D187-4140-BCD2-AADF0153C269 KW5 6DW Mason's Hall, Latheronwheel 24/7 Public
5099 KW7 6HE Welbeck Estates Co Ltd, Portland Estate Office, Caithness 24/7 Public
C21B89C8-587D-4789-A397-E2A98ADBD3B1 KW7 6HE Portland Estate Office-In Front Porch Of Estate Office, General Area Of, Berriedale 24/7 Public
A12F9557-E8FE-432E-BB15-B08500C28C50 KW8 6HH Bunillidh Sports Club Coupar Park, Gartymore - West Helmsdale Road, Helmsdale 24/7 Public
209B5002-C26E-4ABB-B1AD-AAE000FB1F1A KW8 6LF Brora & Helmsdale Medical Practice, Rockview Place, Helmsdale 24/7 Public
771CF3CA-8739-4265-920E-AADA0081700E KW8 6LF Brora & Helmsdale Medical Practice, Rockview Place, Helmsdale 24/7 Public
930BCFCF-3246-41E3-98ED-AD6600DE5202 KW9 6NJ Doll Hall, The East Doll Road, Brora 24/7 Public
073A1BE2-7846-47E1-BB81-AABB00ECB54A KW9 6PD Scout & Guide Hall, Gower Street, Brora 24/7 Public
9079FCA6-DD0E-4810-88ED-E59878F5498F KW9 6QJ The Health Centre, Station Square, Brora 24/7 Public
9DA9BCF0-4D0C-4721-A6AE-AD3A00D6F74A KW9 6QJ Brora And Helmsdale Medical Practice, Station Square, Brora 24/7 Public
4C001AD6-A897-402B-9FD0-B09F00E5A8FC KW9 6QS Brora Golf Club, Golf Road, 43 Golf Road Variable Restricted
4C427591-E8AC-4F8A-BFFF-AF1C00F2098B KW9 6QS Brora Bowling & Tennis Club, 11 Golf Road, Brora 24/7 Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 11 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n471823141 inside phone box in Bettyhill
MZ n10799688237 Stromness Ferry Terminal. Left hand side of external wall, at front entrance.
MZ n10799688242 Hope Community School. South facing external wall, beneath '[arrow to] Main Entrance' sign.
MZ n10804820023 Inside Balfour Hospital. Main entrance, at wheelchairs area.
MZ n10807176414 Deyanov Dental. Behind reception desk.
MZ n10964301537 Inside Egilsay Community Centre.
MZ n11002920825 At information desk, Kirkwall Airport
MZ n11029845430 Scrabster Ferry Terminal. On wall facing entrance/exit.
MZ n11036834983 Sanday ferry terminal waiting room. Inside front porch.
MZ n11074619939 St Andrews Community Centre. Left hand side of entrance to main hall.
MZ n11118532582 North Ronaldsay Ferry Terminal waiting room.

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 37 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
8CEE9C1A-80EC-4226-885F-D04491CDA829 KW1 4UY Sinclair Bay Hotel- In Telephone Box Beside Hotel, Main Street, Keiss Wick n4441245508 inside phone box Main Street, Keiss 19 m
5384 KW1 4UY Telephone Box, Caithness n4441245508 inside phone box Main Street, Keiss 6 m
1E56A594-C3EF-410B-9098-66E655BBF192 KW14 7UJ Thurso Lifeboat Station, Lifeboat Pier, Scrabster n10782383795 Right hand side of west end of Thurso Lifeboat Station 5 m
4822 KW14 7UJ Thurso Lifeboat Station, Ferry Pier, Caithness n10782383795 Right hand side of west end of Thurso Lifeboat Station 8 m
ADB9626C-AB3E-4E10-B2D1-AE2A00FFEF53 KW15 1SD Scottish Sea Farms Orkney Regional Office, B9053 From Old Scapa Road To New Scapa Road, St Ola n9709187766 outside Scottish Sea Farms building 60 m
77CDF145-DF7D-47E2-9114-AFD60090C7D6 KW15 1PT Bignold Park Pavilion, Bignold Park Road, Kirkwall n10811767077 Bignold Park Pavilion. External wall. Right hand side of entrance. 83 m
B92102CF-1E87-4202-9A43-AFF500A6DCE4 KW15 1RP Tesco, 18 Pickaquoy Road, Kirkwall n10799688239 On wooden pillar, by external windows. Turn left when through entrance. 26 m
9E9DE6A9-5BC3-4932-89C8-061ABE815B1F KW15 1PJ Papdale Primary School, Willow Road, Papdale Kirkwall n10811830240 Papdale Primary School. External wall. Left of main entrance. 18 m
A5FE6AD1-5E43-41D0-BBC8-AE9F0090C9AB KW15 1RP Glaitness Primary School, Pickaquoy Road, Kirkwall n10804820024 Glaitness Primary School. External wall, to right hand side of entrance. 28 m
BF1A54E0-DD43-4BA8-9250-CCF70B6B193A KW15 1AH At Main Entrance To Police Station, Burgh Road, Kirkwall n10799688243 Kirkwall Police Station. External wall, left hand side of main entrance. 49 m
43FD8D09-213D-42E9-B4E9-AFA900EB31A2 KW15 1HU Shed On Main Pier, Kirkwall Pier, Kirkwall n11031781237 Kirkwall Pier 73 m
18FAC9E2-B87E-4723-9B57-AB3400A85DCA KW15 1GG Streamline Shipping Group, Grainshore Drive, Hatston Industrial Estate n10811693095 Streamline Shipping Group. Customer entrance. External wall. Right hand side of entrance. 8 m
6767 KW15 1SA Shapinsay Fire Station, Orkney n11116053353 Shapinsay Community Fire Station. External wall facing road. 46 m
767983C0-7078-4C35-9D30-AE1D00E9037F KW16 3DH Stromness Museum, 52 Alfred Street, Stromness n10860837220 inside old red phone box outside Stromness Museum 34 m
73E952F5-C485-42E0-AF0A-78345C6B93F3 KW16 3JS Stromness Academy- Outside Main School Entrance, Cairston Road, Stromness n10934049317 Stromness Academy. Right hand side of entrance. 77 m
F87C7BA9-CE79-4CED-9ED1-3014F2968A6E KW16 3LB Stenness Primary School- Outside Building, General Area Of, Stenness Stromness n10799688244 Stenness Community School. External wall, right hand side of main entrance. 16 m
15C1357A-E61C-4867-A15C-ADD700E56718 KW16 3LR Skara Brae Visitors Centre, B9056 From A967 To Howe Road, Sandwick n10934011903 Skara Brae visitor centre. Inside porch. 14 m
ACAC4195-D576-4168-8F2D-B01F00A1872C KW17 2RB Post Box 4m From Acla House 12m From A964, A964 From Orphir Village 30 Pmh To Kirk Park, Orphir Community School n10859988641 Orphir Community School. Left hand side of external wall facing carpark. 24 m
6764 KW17 2DY Boathouse, Orkney n11116134951 Shapinsay Development Trust. Left hand side of external wall facing road. 7 m
C8376FF6-3C5C-4565-AC9D-1DF8E4C6B1E0 KW17 2DY Shapinsay Primary School- Front Of Building Nr Tennis Crt, B9059, Balfour Orkney n11115927230 Shapinsay Community School. Left hand side of external wall facing road. 42 m
19F5C75B-2881-4163-BE9B-82E5147DD546 KW17 2LB Harray Community Centre- On Wall Next To Front Entrance, A986, Harray Orkney n10855867229 Harray Community Centre. External wall. Right hand side of entrance. 17 m
6765 KW17 2DZ New Field Cottage, Orkney n11117494432 Newfield Cottage shed. External wall, facing road. 7 m
EBEDD19B-BD4A-42D3-B10F-AD78008FD7DA KW17 2EB North Schoolhouse, Brecks Road, Shapinsay n11116285793 Shed at North Schoolhouse. Left hand side of wall, facing away from road. 27 m
6766 KW17 2EB North School House, Orkney n11116285793 Shed at North Schoolhouse. Left hand side of wall, facing away from road. 4 m
0C6FA561-522B-47A2-B89D-022E13112F9F KW17 2PR Rousay Primary School- O/S Main Entrance, General Area Of, Rousay Orkney n10814988473 Rousay Community School. External wall. Right hand side of entrance. 13 m
1500081A-20EB-418B-91FF-AD4700D32F3A KW17 2BJ Sanday Community Council, Public Telephone 16m From Belsair 15m From B9068, B9068 From Pier To Howe Road n4431892101 Kettletoft Pier, inside old red telephone box 2 m
D220F4BB-8AD5-4B68-B9DA-AC7500FC1E58 KW17 2BL Sanday Airfield Terminal Building And Fire Garage, Airfield Road, Sanday n11041886358 Sanday Airport terminal. External wall facing road. 26 m
6035 KW17 2BL Sanday Airport, Orkney n11041886358 Sanday Airport terminal. External wall facing road. 22 m
FB1C3024-F366-4B64-95BE-AD4700D23E26 KW17 2BW Sanday Community Council, Public Telephone 14m From Viggie 9m From B9069, B9069 From Otterswick Road To Marston Road n4431892100 inside old red phone box, Lady Village, Sanday 1 m
8D223610-478A-4FE8-A317-AD4700D4068D KW17 2AZ Sanday Community Council, Public Telephone 35m From Smiths Cottage 6m From B9068, B9068 From Rue Road To Oyce Road n4431892089 inside old red phone box 2 m
8BDAE0A4-1FD1-460E-8D5B-AC7500FE7580 KW17 2DP Public Telephone 22m From Fealy-Ha 5m From B9067, B9067 From B9066 To Smittaldy Road, Westray n4536676356 in red phone box in Midbea 2 m
5483 KW17 2DP Telephone Box Opposite Midbea Schoolhouse, Orkney n4536676356 in red phone box in Midbea 0 m
32FB9458-FD43-439C-9CCF-ACDA0104E23B KW17 2BU Papa Westray Airfield And Building, Central Road, Papa Westray n11159743851 Papa Westray Airport terminal. External wall facing road. 6 m
6034 KW17 2BU Papa Westray Airport, Orkney n11159743851 Papa Westray Airport terminal. External wall facing road. 23 m
C203AF51-A25D-4E0C-AFF4-AE7D013AAB9A KW17 2BE Airfield, North Ronaldsay Airfield Terminal And Fire Garage, Trebb Road n11118532583 North Ronaldsay Airport Terminal. 36 m
CE27BEA1-6597-4C70-AD1F-AB4300CB077D KW6 6EZ Dunbeath Health Centre, Achorn Road, Dunbeath n9008806645 outside Dunbeath Health Centre 8 m
3DFBB700-CE08-4D19-A49F-B07B0119A5BF KW8 6JA Helmsdale Community Centre, Dunrobin Street, Helmsdale n9523034416 outside by entrance to Helmsdale Community Centre & Public Libary on Dunrobin Street 56 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 8 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
EA6811A6-8561-468F-B441-CBD47330F096 KW15 1QN Kirkwall Grammar School- On Wall O/S Ent To Pe Corridor, Unnamed Road, Kirkwall n10811806067 Kirkwall Grammar School. External wall. Right around corner from main entrance. 117 m
0536EFDD-9872-48D5-9D52-C2055E6C435D KW15 1NY Council Offices- At Customer Services Front Desk, School Place, Kirkwall n10799688238 Behind reception desk, Council Offices, Kirkwall. 69 m
A6748BFC-A005-428D-810B-AFE400BB607E KW15 1FL Orkney Auction Mart, Grainshore Road, Hatston Industrial Estate n10811693096 Orkney Auction Mart Ltd. External south facing wall. Left of door. 241 m
1E981E6E-BB79-444F-85D9-AC9200B5290E KW16 3AG Stromness Community Council, Stromness Swimming Pool, Northend Road n10799688240 Stromness Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre. Right hand side of external wall facing road. 443 m
9C06283F-A3CD-4FEB-9AB8-3ADA75DAEE70 KW17 2SW Outside Harbour Masters Office, Pier Office, General Area Of, St Margarets Hope Orkney n11131208649 On wall to left of St Margaret's Hope Pier Trustees building. 318 m
81B25917-94C2-4712-AAAA-ED5EB5699DA5 KW17 2SS Burray Primary School- On Wall O/S Front Entrance, General Area Of, Burray Orkney n10799688241 Burray Primary School. External wall, right hand side of front entrance. 182 m
CDD66309-8CAF-44B5-B222-AB8E00E9F352 KW17 2EQ Community Centre, Finstown n9709231960 outside Firth Community Centre 104 m
622C541F-2A44-4BDA-85B2-AD7800B58019 KW17 2DZ Newfield Cottage, Hill Road, Shapinsay n11117494432 Newfield Cottage shed. External wall, facing road. 44 m

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