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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'KA' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. There is one exception, we do have permission to add the UUID reference numbers from The Circuit to OSM. This website is not intended for use in an emergency. If you require urgent medical assistance, call 999 now.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. Then we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be false-positive matches.

Circuit AEDs recorded as duplicates

AEDs are sometimes erroneously registered twice in The Circuit. The duplicate record would appear unmatched in this tool, so there is a mecahnism for manually marking such duplciates. See the Duplicate AEDs page for details. The duplicate AEDs (which are not considered for matching) are listed below.

No items in this category.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

The AEDs listed here are not close enough to an unmatched AED in OSM to be matched. Matches between The Circuit and an OSM object further away can be forced by adding a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the corresponding Circuit UUID. It is not possible to force a match to the NDDB). In case of a single AED being recorded twice in The Circuit, the duplicate can be noted by this tool. See Duplicate AEDs. The entries in fainter type are those that are not public 24/7 units. These are less likely to be able to be mapped in OSM.

Found 513 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
1DE11182-0C7C-433A-BCE9-ABA062338E65 KA1 1DD Opera House ***See Below For Location***, 8 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock Variable Public 8m
70D5BE6C-F18F-4325-8BC2-507E0BEC4463 KA1 1DZ Procurator Fiscal- At Reception Area, St Marnock Street, Kilmarnock Variable Public 8m
B778A74B-7DC5-4E9E-886F-730CA9F0675C KA1 1ED Scts, Kilmarnock Sheriff Court, St Marnock Street Variable Public 8m
64E522FD-7C40-4237-9B33-AEC600A2A44A KA1 1HA Kilmarnock: New Laigh Kirk, Side Door, Bank Street 24/7 Public 8m
5D6F75A1-7F47-42EE-89D1-D841D6009691 KA1 1HU Behind Reception Desk, 15 Strand Street, Kilmarnock Variable Public 8m
694DC11E-9EDD-4A88-8048-AF6900B389CE KA1 1HW 3a John Dickie Street, Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 8m
37114D8D-09AC-41D3-AC0F-AF9501148710 KA1 1NP O2 Store (0320) Kilmarnock, 50 King Street, Scotland Variable Restricted 6m
EEEDE2D3-7460-4AA6-A69C-58854E61FC67 KA1 1QY Galleon Leisure Centre- At Reception, 99 Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock Variable Public 8m
89869C35-A19B-47D9-BEC4-B0B36789F66F KA1 1TJ On Ground Floor In Charge Bar Area, 10 St Marnock Street, Kilmarnock Variable Restricted 8m
565DFF15-3E19-405A-990A-B11C0095C725 KA1 1UR The Park Hotel Ayrshire Ltd, The Park Hotel, Rugby Park 24/7 Public 5w
88FB111E-1253-4371-9652-B0C300EFE18A KA1 2BD Cvo East Ayrshire- Open Doors, 11-15 Old Irvine Road, Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 4m
571F7C19-56FD-4EFE-8770-AF4E00F9CFBF KA1 2BT 5 Portland Road, Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 8m
EE347CB4-73B4-475A-9248-AF2501189024 KA1 2DP Kilmarnock Football Club Ltd Rugby Park, Rugby Road, Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 8m
E30D269C-00A2-40A5-94EB-B00B00D12431 KA1 2EW Grange Campus, Grange Academy Grange Campus, Beech Avenue 24/7 Public 8m
86D0C1C1-FF90-4330-A3C6-3283653D3A3B KA1 2NG Bonnyton Community Centre, 51 Garrier Place, Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 8m
CC3CABCC-8C9E-4E80-B629-AAED00A052CB KA1 2NN Barr Waste, Southhook Road, Kilmarnock Variable Public 8m
5882F86B-853A-4665-91BD-B05F00B7178F KA1 2NP Yodel, 15, Munro Place Variable Restricted 6m
FC0D1907-6276-4B60-A6EF-AAC000EA986D KA1 2PU 2 Troon Walk, Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 8m
FF809722-80F1-4158-8E48-AF9C00F455BF KA1 2RT East Ayrshire Council, Annanhill Municipal Golf Course, Irvine Road 24/7 Public 8m
6453526D-EF81-4DCC-99A9-AE3600D007E8 KA1 3EQ East Ayrshire Council Vibrant Communities, Garven Court Day Centre, Garven Court Sheltered Housing Unit 24/7 Public 8m
3B97D503-CB1F-4EDD-A6FF-AAED00AB11E2 KA1 3HY Morrison Construction, Building Site, Hill Street ( Off Balmoral Road ), Kilmarnock Variable Public 8m
DB6F3397-8033-4797-9688-AABC00D0E39A KA1 3HY Ayrshire College, Kilmarnock Campus, 18-20 Hill Street Variable Public 8m
F6E5B4B9-6824-480F-A703-B11C0147B6BA KA1 3JB 21st Ayrshire Scout Hq, 21st Ayrshire Scout Group, 46 New Mill Road 24/7 Public 5w
61E1FA6E-657A-44B5-A2A8-B011012F57B2 KA1 3JG 5 New Mill Road, Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 8m
AB6AA3A3-2CDF-45F4-B431-AD9C00CA58DE KA1 3RB 61 Whatriggs Road, Bellfield, Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 8m
C6D5CC07-73B8-4E09-B7F5-AB6D00F943A2 KA1 3XB B & Q Plc, Queens Drive Retail Park, Queens Drive Variable Public 8m
07BABB3B-1E15-4ED1-9D8D-AE6B00F69FB4 KA1 3XF Kilmarnock Rugby Club, Queen's Drive, Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 8m
3EB29AAD-6CE9-4060-AC40-B075011C9D5E KA1 3XG Gardeners Cottage Bellfield Estate, Bellfield Sports Area Entrance From Whatriggs Road End Only, Bellfield 24/7 Public 6m
0C6526D2-F8A3-4F38-B169-AE3600D03E08 KA1 4BS Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco, West Shaw Street Variable Public 8m
BD06B9E5-3E52-4795-9A36-B10A00BD7045 KA1 4BS Tesco, West Shaw Street, Kilmarnock Variable Restricted 5w
343DEF15-6B6A-4FA6-825D-AB4200FB338B KA1 4BU Aldi, 7 West Netherton Street, Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 8m
275A4EB7-6DD3-4302-AC7F-AEE800B7E512 KA1 4BY Block 14 Unit 5 Smiddy Court, 5 Bellsland Drive, Glencairn Variable Restricted 8m
22340588-A227-4A1B-AB85-AFD300B22AE6 KA1 4DA Sunbelt Rentals, Holmquarry Road, Kilmarnock Variable Public 8m
DBAF70A3-D847-4A32-8B3F-AE7F00F6CC4C KA1 4DA Tesco Stores Ltd, Holmquarry Road, Kilmarnock Variable Public 8m
AEFFB824-16F9-45B8-9533-AFE8006D53C9 KA1 4DD Screwfix, Business Centre, Lower Glencairn Street Variable Public 6m
B8DEEFBD-F372-422A-A4D6-B0D101542D80 KA1 4ED Riccarton Bowling Club, Craigie Avenue, Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 3m
7164AECD-D5BE-417A-8FF6-B0F800CB916F KA1 4EL Bridgend Motor Group Kilmarnock, Bridgend Motor Group, Ayr Road Variable Restricted 2m
B624BB2C-1DFA-4198-8825-B04301160C96 KA1 4HE Gaeltec Mo, First Floor, 1 Willock Street Variable Public 6m
0BE31592-995A-4EE3-AC29-B07D00A6CC3E KA1 4HL Scottish Fire And Rescue Service, Kilmarnock Fire Station, 33 Campbell Street 24/7 Public 6m
AA37ED19-A1B8-40BE-9D49-B06C00F35044 KA1 4JZ Party Palz, 38 New Street, Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 6m
C17C423A-1A4C-48A8-B180-AAFC014B6970 KA1 5DD Hurlford Community Centre, Cessnock Road, Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 8m
8317C873-449E-42FE-A813-AFB400EC5983 KA1 5JS Carnell Family Trust Carnell House Kitchen, Carnell House, Carnell Estates, Hurlford, Carnell Estates 24/7 Restricted 8m
1B1CB7ED-DEBB-4BFF-9450-AC6900A308C4 KA1 5LY Craigie Village Hall, Craigie Village Hall, 2a Main Street, Craigie 24/7 Public 8m
C6A44A30-9004-449A-A25E-FBB6069B3489 KA1 5PU Under Archway Between Murdoch House And Baird Centre, General Area Of, Symington Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 8m
67E33020-0509-4E17-8E7E-AF9D00E86D3F KA1 5QE Community Hall, 31 Main Street, Symington 24/7 Public 8m
FBCDB7C1-4270-4D32-8A50-AF0800148CD1 KA1 5QU Community, Scout Hut, Brewlands Road 24/7 Public 8m
750B99BF-4D5B-4339-A6E5-B05E00F35665 KA10 6AB 33 West Portland Street, Troon Variable Restricted 6m
7042299D-5E52-4775-9CB5-AFE900E5B8CB KA10 6AG Troon Portland Bowling Club, Shore Road, Troon 24/7 Public 8m
24105A17-C92F-450C-8A17-AD8300A48736 KA10 6DJ Troon Yacht Haven, Harbour Road, Troon 24/7 Restricted 8m
C8DD3B27-0ACD-40F0-93FA-AFA800B3A381 KA10 6DN Glennon Bros, Glennon Bros Portland House, Harbour Road 24/7 Public 8m
8CB29583-6B40-4A2A-81E2-AEFC00C81202 KA10 6DR South Ayrshire Council, 62a Bradan Road, Troon 24/7 Public 8m
537560A3-D892-411B-9590-AAD2009514E5 KA10 6DX Sv Sir John Murray, Troon Harbour, Troon Variable Restricted 8m
9A26CCDF-DFED-4BE2-8FD3-ACB800814231 KA10 6EF South Ayrshire Council, South Ayrshire Council Municipal Buildings, South Beach Variable Public 8m
BC862870-3855-4982-8509-F3D0E9C0A524 KA10 6EF Troon Branch Library- At Main Desk, South Beach, Troon Variable Public 8m
576B7D20-3DF3-4804-936E-A43DC9B6986F KA10 6EP Royal Troon Golf Club, 2 Craigend Road, Troon Variable Restricted 8m
67A18581-66AD-4F94-9747-A92392E5B44E KA10 6EP Royal Troon Golf Club- Behind Front Desk Counter, General Area Of, Troon Variable Public 8m
7BE16CBD-C239-46CE-9DFF-AB21009BE0C8 KA10 6HE Marine Hotel, 8 Crosbie Road, Troon 24/7 Public 8m
FF5DA070-4422-48D6-89C3-AE19010C0C3E KA10 6HE Royal Troon Golf Club, Royal Troon Driving Range, Crosbie Road 24/7 Public 8m
DFF06699-2237-4979-8F63-AFE700B73905 KA10 6HT St Meddans Church, Church Street, Troon Variable Restricted 8m
CC0B864E-B93E-40FA-A460-B0DE00B3747D KA10 6JU Portland Church Of Scotland, St Meddans Street, Troon 24/7 Public 3m
7F7536CF-8C29-4F6D-9A1C-A5D605EAE074 KA10 6JX Troon Scout Centre, 30 St Meddans Street, Troon 24/7 Public 8m
FFA64CA8-52B7-45AC-A547-1AD553A0FE44 KA10 6LU Troon Swimming Pool- In 1st Aid Room, Barassie Street, Troon Variable Restricted 12d
0086C168-E426-423A-8981-18C8C4EF831E KA10 6LZ Ccl House- On Wall Between Ag Peters & Mackay Bros Garage, Burnside Place, Troon 24/7 Public 8m
BE2C9D0F-4D3B-47EB-8B1F-ADB800E3FA96 KA10 6NF Golf Club House, Harling Drive, Troon Variable Public 8m
1A7238C7-89FE-41C8-883A-E744230B3FD5 KA10 6QR Dukes Road Deopt- In Main Canteen Next To 1st Aid Box, Dukes Road, Troon Variable Public 8m
035A93DE-6859-4A42-9CFD-B06800876031 KA10 6RP 10 Millrock Court, Troon 24/7 Public 6m
44CA9FA0-9772-4B1E-BC41-A743CF83E7E2 KA10 6SY (Barassie) Golf Club- Green Keepers Shed, 3-4th Fairway, Hillhouse Road, Troon 24/7 Public 8m
C432FFEC-C52F-4E5A-9BE1-AB2100A98410 KA10 6SY Kilmarnock (Barassie) Golf Club, Hillhouse Road, Troon Variable Public 8m
739D4232-BD24-49D0-A927-B10E00F749EA KA10 7AB Marr College External, Marr College, Dundonald Road 24/7 Public 5w
E5C90D2B-4355-4A12-871B-AB5100F57D78 KA10 7AB Marr College, Dundonald Road, Troon Variable Restricted 5w
C45E67D8-9DF9-4DAC-9D7A-AFAE00DAE89D KA10 7AD South Ayrshire Council, 109 Dundonald Road, Troon 24/7 Public 8m
20E6C79E-5939-4648-AE68-DB50314D6520 KA10 7AZ South Ayrshire Council, Muirhead Activity Centre, 59 Central Avenue Variable Public 8m
37883B35-AF37-4807-B3DF-AE0000F40D45 KA10 7EX Taylor Wimpey, Princess Gate, Main Street Loans Variable Restricted 8m
A7DF8A96-5495-4ABE-B022-B0D200C766F6 KA11 1PZ St John Ogilvie Primary School, 13 Towerlands Farm Road, Bourtreehill South Variable Restricted 3m
055B6DD7-4C69-40A4-94C4-B04C00F1901F KA11 3AW Quinns Wee Shop, 34 Main Road, Irvine 24/7 Public 6m
B0BE7171-B695-42E1-B6C9-B0D600C3EBAF KA11 3AZ Springside Primary Shool, Station Road, Springside Variable Restricted 3m
1A911820-763C-4CEE-AC33-B04600A4BE4C KA11 4AH Crown Pub, 38-40 Main Street, Dreghorn 24/7 Public 6m
96F01E93-77AB-4C12-816C-B0D800B43CB3 KA11 4AQ Dreghorn Library, 21 Main Street Dreghorn, Dreghorn Variable Restricted 3m
4A33A7EF-EA55-4F37-85FD-AAC000978A7E KA11 4EF Holmsford Bridge Crematorium, Irvine 24/7 Public 8m
A3FB4528-6F21-4923-9C6A-B06200E1632A KA11 4EZ West End Dairy, 100 Townfoot, Irvine 24/7 Public 6m
B000EC9A-140E-4D35-B6DF-B101010B9F91 KA11 4JT North Ayrshire Council, Streetscene Depot., Nac Streetscene Depot., 28-32 Mackintosh Place Variable Restricted 2m
C5E7534E-FC46-4EDE-99DC-AFE800EC38B8 KA11 4JT Screwfix, Unit 3, 27-31 Mackintosh Place Variable Restricted 8m
F054C87E-54CD-442E-9B4B-B0310103FF11 KA11 4LF Unit 2, Annickbank Campus, Irvine Variable Restricted 8m
88425621-6C23-463A-8827-107709126AEB KA11 5AE Western Gailes Golf Club, Gailes, Irvine 24/7 Public 8m
043A7900-7027-4655-B9FD-B0D9017A14F8 KA11 5AX Back Fence, 3 Dundonald Crescent, Auchengate 24/7 Public 3m
D4BD3BDB-C363-43A8-A514-AB2000E4EFC2 KA11 5DD Kennedysmith (Press) Limited, 2 Brewster Place, Irvine Variable Public 8m
D90AD4F9-A9DC-4357-A89F-B10F011A6FCE KA11 5DD A.vogel Ltd, 2 Brewster Place, Riverside Business Park Variable Restricted 5w
C3D9A201-9895-452C-B6F2-B10700D3F316 KA11 5DJ 5 Riverside Way, Riverside Business Park, Irvine Variable Restricted 2m
2DA471DA-DB8F-4C42-8D29-B04F00CA09C4 KA12 0DG Old Parish Hall, 43 Kirkgate, Irvine 24/7 Public 6m
1B60CF0E-1B8F-43F2-940C-B0040115ED3A KA12 8AY Tesco, 15 Riverway, Irvine Variable Public 8m
9BE37C94-73F5-4081-928C-B0D200FDE8F2 KA12 8DF Loudon Montgomery Primary School, Ayr Road, Irvine Variable Restricted 3m
C61667E2-38A5-43EA-A9C1-B13801153671 KA12 8DF Medicine Room, Loudoun Montgomery Primary School, Ayr Road Variable Restricted 12d
9632631C-6E8F-47CC-B5E6-8031E3128A56 KA12 8EE Cunninghame House- At Main Reception, General Area Of, Irvine Variable Restricted 8m
17966486-C958-45E2-9640-B0BD016419EE KA12 8FA Coastwatch Beach Pavilion, Beach Drive, Irvine Variable Restricted 4m
5287 KA12 8JB The Chuck Wagon, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
86ACF4D0-C1EF-48CC-8BE6-AC575524DD20 KA12 8JB The Chuck Wagon- On Side Of Building Facing Farm Foods, Lamont Place, Irvine 24/7 Public 8m
86187934-2F33-4F31-A1B3-AF7F0150A14B KA12 8LR 11 Ailsa Road, Unit 1, Irvine Variable Restricted 8m
0F4366F5-6B09-4704-90AA-63F7E560F71F KA12 8NB Sigma Aldrich Co- In Canteen Corridor, General Area Of, Heatherhouse Industrial Estate Variable Public 8m
B80DB186-AA28-4E61-860E-AB4300F1CFB1 KA12 8PE Irvine Community Sports Club, 98 Waterside, Irvine 24/7 Restricted 8m
6944E445-4026-4959-B6C4-AC7A0118EDDB KA12 8PZ Irvine Water Sports Club, (Located At Rear Right Hand Side Of Building), 66 Harbour Street 24/7 Public 8m
87282B7A-E4C7-47B1-B81C-B0D800EB88E1 KA12 8PZ Irvine Library, 168 High Street, Irvine Variable Restricted 3m
17869014-1F25-4A9C-98F2-7820886A24D5 KA12 8TA Eglinton Park- Nxt To Play Area On Wall Of White Building, Eglinton, Irvine 24/7 Public 8m
26732B4A-E631-4B13-B915-624E8136EA77 KA12 8TA Eglinton Country Park- In Ranger Office Near Cafe, Eglinton, Irvine Variable Public 8m
BCCDFB5A-9D3E-4B8F-87C1-B0D801154DF3 KA12 9LQ Castlepark Community Centre, Castlepark, Irvine Variable Restricted 3m
AF4C6027-EB46-4FF3-AEE2-AE3600F9DED2 KA13 6AN Tesco Express, 72-80 Main St, 0 Variable Public 6m
E427E6D0-523F-4E10-AFB1-AE7300E73B82 KA13 6BZ Blacklands Community Hall, Abbots Avenue, Kilwinning 24/7 Public 8m
C336DC5F-47D2-4C13-A9CE-AABC00D24152 KA13 6DE Ayrshire College, Kilwinning Campus, Lauchlan Way Variable Public 8m
FDE64C90-7A5F-43F9-B936-877C969D6BFD KA13 6EE Outside Shop On Wal Alex Bicket Ltd, 158 Main Street, Kilwinning 24/7 Public 8m
1241741A-E2CB-4CD6-AD5F-B0D200BCE46C KA13 6EP Kilwinning Library, St Winnings Lane, Kilwinning Variable Restricted 3m
95F31166-40D9-4279-87C5-CC2BA706D1AF KA13 6NT Scotrail Railways Ltd, Kilwinning Station, Townhead 24/7 Public 8m
2138 KA13 6SA Accountant in Bankruptcy, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
2210 KA13 6SA Accountant in Bankruptcy, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
A18E505B-40BF-4F22-94E2-AD6B0089C55D KA13 6SA 1 Pennyburn Road, Kilwinning 24/7 Public 8m
58D1E21C-8E67-494B-A3BB-B0F400ECCC59 KA13 6SE Pennyburn Primary School, Sundrum Place, Kilwinning Variable Restricted 2m
38D51636-6888-4331-B8BC-B0D201115E04 KA13 7HG Abbey Primary School, Claremont Crescent, Kilwinning Variable Restricted 3m
1351E20E-5874-4A36-96A7-B0F800C8706A KA13 7JB Bridgend Motor Group Kilwinning, Riverside Autoplex, Old Glasgow Road Variable Restricted 2m
AEE30BCA-8713-48BD-AB6E-AE1A00E338CC KA13 7PU Willow Gardens, Wood Farm, Dalry Road, Kilwinning Variable Restricted 8m
40344FC3-C0B1-44AC-9985-B13700FFF7FE KA13 7QJ Bridgend Accident And Repair Centre Kilwinning, Old Glasgow Road, Kilwinning Variable Restricted 12d
B39D9FB6-C369-4340-B01C-AC1C00BDA8E8 KA13 7RD Viewfield Manor Leisure Park, Torranyard, Kilwinning 24/7 Public 8m
BFFE3829-536F-43C9-834E-AEAC011A2148 KA14 3AB 10 Garnockside Glengarnock Ka1431b, 10 Garnockside Glengarnock Ka143ab, Beith 24/7 Public 8m
988C2A29-D9A2-43CE-A205-AEDA00C6B88E KA15 1AQ M And D Green Pharmacy, 2 Eglinton Street Beith, Beith Variable Public 8m
BCC9141D-249F-49E6-BCC3-AABC00F889B3 KA15 1EQ Beith Parish Church, Kirk Road, Beith 24/7 Public 8m
A11B1870-9600-46CA-975F-B0D800B27FF5 KA15 1EZ Beith Primary School, Glebe Road, Beith Variable Restricted 3m
A7105E42-2377-47BD-9673-ABD71081B1FC KA15 1HW Barrmill & District Community Association, 1 Beith Road, Barrmill 24/7 Public 8m
6E12016C-5F93-47ED-AA46-31AE27FB6467 KA15 2BQ Garnock Valley First Responders, 2 Kings Road, Beith 24/7 Public 8m
454BA0B4-A868-47E0-B056-AD3600D9E713 KA16 9AA 8 Brown Street, Newmilns 24/7 Public 8m
CC631420-1CCF-4879-84FA-B01B00D0934D KA16 9BH 27 Darvel Road, Newmilns 24/7 Public 8m
D4BB76E0-035F-4748-953F-AF25008C11D7 KA16 9EB Newmilns Snow And Sports Complex, 35 High Street, Newmilns 24/7 Public 8m
01680607-D816-43E4-8FAB-AD8A00915A0B KA16 9LP Newmilns Fire Station, 124 Loudoun Road, Newmilns 24/7 Public 8m
354E2E1C-08AD-4BC0-9B4E-B11100C777D5 KA17 0HS Darvel Juniors Football Club, Irvinebank Road, Darvel 24/7 Public 5w
B9C86D55-FD11-43B0-8ECF-813196A241B5 KA18 1FQ Barony Campus - Cumnock, The Barony Campus, Auchinleck Road 24/7 Public 5m
18C48D91-A3E9-408C-AFC7-B07D00905623 KA18 1JX Scottish Fire And Rescue Service, Cumnock Fire Station And Office, 187 Glaisnock Street 24/7 Public 6m
77DAB5AC-F98D-4E8F-9549-AED100FA264F KA18 1LZ Cumnock Juniors Fc Social Club, 152 Townhead Street, Cumnock 24/7 Public 8m
8538538A-AA43-47D2-99C1-AED200B7095B KA18 1PG Yipworld, 19 Barrhill Road, Cumnock 24/7 Public 8m
92932D15-BC69-454F-95AF-B05F00C86296 KA18 1SH Emergency One Uk Ltd, Block 3a Caponacre Ind Estate, Cumnock 24/7 Public 6m
545495FF-AE0A-4548-91BE-AE5800DBCCDC KA18 2AA Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, 34-84 Main Street Variable Public 8m
0BE7AC7F-3C3C-4B8C-B2F2-AED600745EE4 KA18 2AR Auchinleck Talbot F.c., 5 Beechwood Avenue, Beechwood Park 24/7 Public 8m
D9EE7D2C-41C2-4604-91D5-AF930152B741 KA18 2BH Auchinleck Outdoor Bowling Green, 7 Market Place, Auchinleck 24/7 Public 8m
E8BC41C5-5364-4D30-A53F-AF4F0123B6F2 KA18 2BJ Merlin Park Filling Station, 47 Mauchline Road, Auchinleck 24/7 Public 8m
53684568-6433-45DE-9959-AF6A011902EB KA18 2JZ Morrisons Daily, Well Road, Auchinleck 24/7 Public 8m
8ADAABB7-393F-4801-937D-AEFB0085C0D1 KA18 2NJ Tamar Manoukian Outdoor Centre Dumfries House Estate, Dumfries House Estate, Cumnock 24/7 Public 8m
8A7ABFBB-A5DD-420B-ADF2-AF0F013EA1AD KA18 2NX Ochiltree Bowling Club, The Lade Off Mill Street Towards The Mill, Ochiltree 24/7 Public 8m
D081F393-B15C-40E2-A5C4-AAED00979CAE KA18 2RB Garlaff Recycling Centre, Skares Road, Cumnock Variable Public 8m
A0538C98-12FD-4AF6-978B-E88B5F638784 KA18 2RL Barr Environmental- In Reception Area, Unnamed Road, Ochiltree Cumnock Variable Public 8m
E9FA3719-51AB-4232-9986-AED10094F272 KA18 2RU Belston Cottage Yard Office, Belston Cottage, B7046 From Sinclairston To U728 Glenconner 24/7 Public 8m
C9FA1F34-EC36-4DDD-8E96-CB159CF5DF5F KA18 3AR Netherthird Community Centre- To Rhs Of Front Door, Ryderston Drive, Cumnock 24/7 Public 8m
90E4D6CF-7301-4451-ABA5-AFE700DAE4B4 KA18 3DB Shire Housing, Netherthird House, 15 Glaisnock Road 24/7 Public 8m
D01DB3D7-2680-44AB-913A-B03C00AD34B3 KA18 3HB Post Box 7m From Post Office, Unit 3 Logan Avenue. 3m From Logan Avenue, Logan Avenue, Logan 24/7 Public 6m
0C61A207-7485-45F8-9EF2-B0C401323AEE KA18 3LD Lugar Bowling Club, Park Terrace, 16a Muirkirk Road 24/7 Public 4m
AE45E000-3B3D-496C-8ED3-AF2B01467F60 KA18 3LJ Lugar Boswell Thistle Fc, Rosebank Park, Muirkirk Road 24/7 Public 8m
E785E0F9-369A-449A-AB12-AF040105A2FE KA18 3PA Muirkirk Community Council, 23d Pagan Walk, Smallburn 24/7 Public 8m
949B7386-982E-4850-869E-AE68009D5FD9 KA18 3QR 41 Main Street, Muirkirk 24/7 Public 8m
EACCCC3C-CBDA-41D1-B57C-AF8A00EF223A KA18 3RE Muirkirk Golf Club, Land Adjacent To The Kames, Furnace Road 24/7 Public 8m
F932960A-DFCE-450E-88C0-AFAF008FC2FB KA18 3RE Muirkirk Enterprise Group, 15 Furnace Road, Kames 24/7 Public 8m
5077BA16-D1EF-4293-9774-DB444F73A44F KA18 4BA 57 Afton Bridgend, New Cumnock Cumnock Variable Public 8m
8464866B-CFF7-419F-9A29-AF3F00BE65BE KA18 4HG Greenhead Park Football Pavilion, Mason Avenue, New Cumnock 24/7 Public 8m
DDEB0FFB-46E5-4E2C-B375-AE3700B0C183 KA18 4JF East Ayrshire Council Vibrant Communities, Afton Court Sheltered Housing Unit, Wardens Office 24/7 Public 8m
CF4F4BA6-A8C5-448C-9D92-B0CE00CAC58C KA18 4QF Knockshinnoch Disposal Point, Knockshinnoch Road, Connel Park 24/7 Public 3m
201579D0-3E4C-4F73-881D-AB5800DE54A6 KA19 7AB South Ayrshire Council, Maybole Town Hall, 77 High Street Variable Public 8m
7E5568E3-C275-4228-8A8B-AAE000FA7F6C KA19 7AQ Spar Store, 96 High Street, Maybole 24/7 Public 8m
EED85D8C-5B16-4F39-82CF-B95A85EC6F98 KA19 7DE Maybole Parish Church Culzean Road, Maybole Variable Public 8m
B21AF7A7-626D-4C85-983C-B0A50099EDC5 KA19 7DS 37 Whitehall, Maybole Variable Public 5m
987A8290-C703-489C-9C5D-9805054F865D KA19 7DX Memorial Park - Maybole Swimming Pool- In Office, Kirkoswald Road, Memorial Place Variable Public 8m
32501AE2-C10B-4918-967E-AF2800D2F3D8 KA19 7HZ Sommerville Pavilion Glebe Park, Glebe Crescent, Maybole 24/7 Public 8m
D45F8BE3-B0B1-43B1-9493-A7B22F199BC8 KA19 7NF Straiton Community Centre, 33 Main Street, Straiton 24/7 Public 6m
90A872C3-5B94-4D93-9CD4-06BDAEBFF000 KA19 7PJ 17 Patna Road, Kirkmichael 24/7 Public 8m
B2EB8173-486E-4B84-8C23-B01200F3C667 KA19 7QQ Border Cottage, U12 From U27 Junctiion Near Culloch Knowes South West To Blair Farm, Maybole 24/7 Public 8m
25EEA6B7-69EF-4A5C-83E6-1D2880EC92F6 KA19 7RN Adjacent To War Memorial, 67 Dalhowan Street, Crosshill Maybole 24/7 Public 8m
60307525-EC09-4D1C-8AEC-EFB91979556A KA19 8BP Carrick Academy, 72-76 Kirkoswald Road, Maybole Variable Public 8m
463DE0D0-D808-4F72-AE7A-B0BC00F413B9 KA19 8HP Merkland Farm, U38 From A77t Junction East Of Kirkoswald South To Hallowshean Lodge, Kirkoswald Variable Public 4m
32271A6F-A6F9-4161-8FD7-AFE200F95360 KA19 8JS Culzean Bay Caravan Park Knowside, U24 From A719 Junction At Knowside To Seashore, Maybole 24/7 Public 8m
BC25C477-4F58-4184-B081-AFE200FAC24F KA19 8JS Croy Burnfoot Holiday Park, U24 From A719 Junction At Knowside To Seashore, Maybole 24/7 Public 8m
DB32F1E5-32BF-4B9C-9445-AD6E01161C41 KA19 8JX Culzean Camping And Caravanning Club Site, A719 From B7023 Junction At Pennyglen To Kirkoswald Road Maidens, Maidens 24/7 Public 8m
F8F064F8-1915-4B45-842E-AF9D006C093B KA2 0AU Gatehead Community Council, Gatehead Community Centre, 2a Fairlie View 24/7 Public 8m
3321FD81-209A-4326-8067-B0CB00C41CF0 KA2 0BA Billy Bowie Special Projects Ltd, Moorfield Industrial Estate Off A759, Moorfield 24/7 Public 3m
DA36BF7F-619C-4019-9E3B-AF8C014E0C54 KA2 0DB Knockentiber Together, Sports Pavilion, Kilmaurs Road 24/7 Public 8m
083611E7-1F16-4C7F-8E53-AF070116E7EB KA2 0EZ Crosshouse Action Now Community Co Ltd, Crosshouse Church Hall, Kilmarnock Road 24/7 Public 8m
53040587-BCB6-4041-9641-ADF100B2E8B5 KA2 0FE Braehead Foods Ltd, Unit 7 Moorfield North Industrial Park, Neephill View 24/7 Public 8m
AC8E825C-EAFE-4DFC-848C-AD4E00928FE6 KA2 0FE Mkm Building Supplies, Unit 2 Moorfield North Industrial Park, Neephill View Variable Restricted 8m
EBB9666C-8663-45D2-A065-AEF000C475CD KA2 0HT 1 Busbie View, Crosshouse 24/7 Public 8m
E86519ED-C105-4F0C-9C51-B0A6009DB121 KA2 0JJ 4 Playingfield Road, Crosshouse 24/7 Public 5m
2ECC3C4D-254B-4F07-B8A6-AFD200E06C37 KA2 9AF Tower Tools & Equipment Ltd, Monsanto House, Drybridge Road, Dundonald Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 8m
CEA2B27E-9E8A-4936-9707-B093008BA499 KA2 9BE Unit B2 First Floor, Olympic Business Park, B730 From A759 Junction At Dundonald To Council Boundary South Of Railway Bridge Variable Restricted 5m
A0B7F4C4-847D-48E6-B936-A06F10A3DA71 KA2 9EP Dundonald Activity Centre- In 1st Aid Room, Castle Drive, Dundonald Kilmarnock Variable Public 8m
7DD857B1-AF1B-48D9-B6D2-AAF2015C4541 KA2 9HA Bowling Green Winehouse Yett, Dundonald 24/7 Public 8m
A6AF5705-9B1F-4AAA-8EA5-AB6800EAB04D KA20 3AB Stevenston Library, 1 Main Street, Stevenston 24/7 Public 8m
83424D90-DFBA-4354-BDA0-AB7C00AD0BCF KA20 3DE B & Q Plc, Kilwinning Road, Stevenston 24/7 Public 8m
9DE7324B-4C07-4476-A556-AFAC00A7F67E KA20 3LY Doon The Beach, Shore Road, Stevenston 24/7 Public 8m
49AD6C94-3071-453B-BF37-B0D800AE922B KA20 3NN Building Services, Portland Industrial Estate, Stevenston Variable Restricted 3m
B7BF1035-4ACD-4C42-827A-AB55013E228E KA20 4DE St. Johns Church, Hayocks Road, Stevenston Variable Restricted 8m
F28B60DC-2E21-496C-A9E5-B0F400B12899 KA21 5AF Caledonia Primary School, Campbell Avenue, Saltcoats Variable Restricted 2m
048B6139-98CA-4D2A-9D78-AFC700FB8A95 KA21 5DT Gallaghers Pharmacy, 41 Hamilton Street, Saltcoats 24/7 Public 8m
628487FF-C505-4AB9-9359-4DB3C46741F0 KA21 5ED Afa89 Outside Shop On Wall Alex Bicket Ltd, 51 Dockhead Street, Saltcoats 24/7 Public 8m
F9D3E81A-E5FA-4C8E-B63C-B11700E7852C KA21 5EG The Albion Bar, 16 Dockhead Street, Saltcoats 24/7 Public 5w
5905E5BA-1B78-4B38-A924-AE9601020A7E KA21 5ES North Ayrshire & Arran Constituency Labour Party, Hill Street, Saltcoats 24/7 Public 8m
E2828092-CDC1-4DEE-AB4E-AF6D00804086 KA21 5RP Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, High Road Variable Public 8m
4CBC50C4-6F6C-46A9-BA58-AFE700D16EFF KA22 7AA Screwfix, 69, Sorbie Road Variable Restricted 8m
37896ED3-24BE-42E3-AE74-AF72014C0313 KA22 7JX Ardrossan Park Parish Church, Dalry Road, Ardrossan 24/7 Public 8m
8194C22B-BC02-4896-B1CF-B0AB00E40946 KA22 7NP Sorbie Wind Farm, Sorbie Road, Ardrossan 24/7 Restricted 5m
546D09D4-3659-408E-BE50-B0D700A03E63 KA22 8AR Ardrossan Academy, Sorbie Road,, Ardrossan Variable Restricted 3m
EC6B6727-52A4-488D-9D63-B0D8009E6D4D KA22 8AR Ardrossan Academy, Sorbie Road,, Ardrossan Variable Restricted 3m
61B2D28A-24CA-4DA2-B042-F1F01430A2C3 KA22 8AU Scotrail Railways Ltd, Ardrossan South Beach Station, South Beach Road 24/7 Public 8m
14305697-3907-413A-86DB-AFBA012CFA97 KA22 8BS 1 Harbour Street, Ardrossan 24/7 Public 8m
391EED97-113E-4059-8091-AC3200B15008 KA23 9AW West Kilbride Parish Church, Main Street, West Kilbride 24/7 Public 8m
36EB6DE7-1C0F-4D15-81C9-9D1C46CCE4CB KA23 9HT The West Kilbride Golf Club, 33-35 Fullerton Drive, Seamill Variable Restricted 8m
7CA262C4-C823-41EE-94C7-AEDF00C1255E KA23 9JX West Kilbride Bowling Club, 23 Weston Terrace, West Kilbride 24/7 Public 8m
7400966A-B5C7-45D7-BD1E-AC6701090CF3 KA23 9PZ Whinhurst Cottages Access Road, West Kilbride 24/7 Public 8m
26FF0793-6048-40F9-A0F8-AF8801458A00 KA24 4LR Scotrail Trains, Dalry Station, 1 Bridgend Lane 24/7 Public 8m
F2A9FAA0-13A6-437A-AF79-AFD300F52627 KA24 5AH 21 New Street, Dalry Variable Public 2m
5FCBD465-7F67-4676-91EA-06C59BDF50C3 KA24 5AL At End Of Building Beside Begreen Shop Nr Seats, 5 The Cross, Dalry 24/7 Public 8m
2659831A-FEA3-40D5-AD1D-B07700AF0508 KA24 5EX Dalry Public Park Sports Pavilion, Near To Dalry Bowling Club, Sports Pavilion 24/7 Public 6m
8D792BB5-02C0-4F31-B8B7-AEED00A57D69 KA24 5LE Respect Crematoria Ltd, Blairpark Farm, Access From A760 To Blairpark Farm 24/7 Public 8m
148E9A4D-E216-4E2B-9D6F-B10300A87FEA KA25 6BL Kilbirnie Library, Avils Place, Kilbirnie Variable Restricted 2m
B2546CEE-C72E-482E-9606-AAE800AE2FB2 KA25 6BL Garnock Valley Men’s Shed, Ladysmith Road, Kilbirnie 24/7 Public 5w
476BEDCF-26C4-4010-8AEB-AC150109483D KA25 6DN Dunnings, Mossend Avenue, Kilbirnie 24/7 Public 8m
8240 KA25 6EY Garnock Valley Allotment, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
FB499C5E-315A-4C0E-AF5B-B01200F814A8 KA25 6EY Garnock Valley Allotment Fence, Garnock Valley Allotment, 34 Sersley Drive, Kilbirnie 24/7 Public 8m
1795701B-1FE6-4679-81D4-AFF700D5B62C KA25 6HN Kilbirnie Masonic Social Club, Kilbirnie Masonic Social Club Ashlar Masonic Social Club, 20-28 Newton Street Variable Restricted 8m
855A4B1E-C488-4F3E-8B48-ABB1012997A5 KA25 6HU Ladeside Pavilion, 30 Kirkland Road, Kilbirnie 24/7 Public 8m
D3499D66-7791-4292-9715-AFD400D449FE KA25 6JB Filling Station, 12 Dalry Road, Kilbirnie 24/7 Public 8m
F18096FC-84FB-48AB-9CDC-AFF100AC2851 KA25 7AA 63 Main Street, Kilbirnie 24/7 Public 8m
64DA0581-EF47-488A-B3FC-B00C015663E1 KA25 7DJ Tesco Kilbirnie Petrol Station, Bridgend, Kilbirnie Variable Public 8m
202BDF5E-F416-4C04-AD63-5783A471A4EF KA25 7DZ At Front Door Of 6 Mill Road, 6 Mill Road, Kilbirnie 24/7 Public 8m
28C611A8-8988-4478-BA11-AB7300F72CB4 KA25 7DZ W & J Knox Ltd, Stoneyholm Mill, Mill Road 24/7 Restricted 8m
FD43411C-5E23-4AE7-8BA8-B0D200DDD380 KA25 7EP Moorpark Primary School, Milton Road, Kilbirnie Variable Restricted 3m
8FB11FB1-D0B8-4AA0-A43C-AAC8011DE685 KA25 7HW Milton Licensed Grocers, 13-15 High Street, Kilbirnie 24/7 Public 8m
D5BF7ECD-BA45-4EEA-AFC0-AFDA011A1341 KA26 0AA Premier - Your Store, 79/85 Glendoune Street, Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
ED9EBCEC-B287-431C-AC91-AFDE013E028C KA26 0AE Biosphere Bikes, 121a Henrietta Street, Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
676304A3-B0B2-4651-8AC8-AE3D00CFBD00 KA26 0BF Victory Park Sports Pavilion, South Park Avenue, Girvan 24/7 Public 6m
331873FF-AA55-44CB-9113-AB3700F6FE13 KA26 0DS Girvan Fire Station, 56 Piedmont Road, Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
08730CF5-10ED-440C-B18F-AF3A00A92DFF KA26 0HP Ardmillan Caravan Park, A77t From Shalloch Park Roundabout To Lendalfoot, South Of Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
796EC726-BFD7-4204-B57A-AD3900D97BF2 KA26 0HT 1 Byne Hill Caravan Park, U64 From A77t Junction At Shalloch Mill East To A714 Junction Near Daltippan, Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
77A6E39C-8E29-4C29-B197-AFD50107CBA5 KA26 0HW Ainslie Car Park Toilets, Girvan Promonade, Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
53C0B966-2E88-4E92-B2D2-AECB00AB1984 KA26 0LL Ballantrae Holiday Park, C45 From Craigneil Road Colmonell South West To A77t South Of Ballantrae Bridge, Ballantrae 24/7 Public 8m
13885B01-F44D-47CF-88CA-AB6C00EEF2DC KA26 0NB 38 Main Street, Ballantrae 24/7 Public 8m
32EFA908-420B-4462-B5C7-FEF7BD989A18 KA26 0NB 38 Main Street, Ballantrae Girvan Variable Public 8m
0DCBB373-61AE-48E4-B1A6-B05A00A75980 KA26 0PZ Queensland Caravan Park, A714 From Barrhill Road Pinwherry South To Main Street Barrhill, Barrhill 24/7 Public 6m
034174F3-9B91-4C02-96F8-AB73011E9609 KA26 0QP 44 Main Street, Barrhill 24/7 Public 8m
05BDC0D3-E2DD-4B81-9150-0EA7CFF10F7F KA26 0RY Outside Village Hall, 37 Main Street, Colmonell Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
4831 KA26 0TR Telephone Box, South Ayrshire 24/7 Public
7449C564-94A4-4E1B-93E2-C27341AEC65D KA26 9AG On Wall Outside Office Of Girvan Harbour, Knockcushan Street, Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
F77033B6-5AE6-4766-8860-5CCF35F29F5B KA26 9AG Council Customer Service Centre- In Entry Hall, Main Door, Knockcushan Street, Girvan 24/7 Public 6m
515AFAA4-4677-4923-9C47-AFE700F23D50 KA26 9AH Westcliffe Hotel, 15-16 Louisa Drive, Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
213DAB85-C005-4F4E-8135-B00000AD8733 KA26 9AL Carrick Opportunities Centre, 20a Henrietta Street, Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
46307CF0-C040-4C15-8640-AC24010CF133 KA26 9AL South Carrick Club Diamonds, 32 Henrietta Street, Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
FF031171-9DD1-4F42-B1A0-B034011002CC KA26 9BT Morrisons Daily, 106 Dalrymple Street, Girvan 24/7 Public 6m
D4E21A62-0FA4-403C-8E8B-AABE00F48229 KA26 9DW Girvan Academy, 62 The Avenue, Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
C152C928-CD83-4072-A590-AFD401385408 KA26 9ED Boyle Court - Warden Office, Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
8CEC786E-AB53-440A-AFA4-AFD4013A77EC KA26 9EW Nursery Court, Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
9B079DD9-8C4A-4E1A-85B8-D45F8054D01E KA26 9EW Day Services- Inside Staff Office, Nursery Court, Girvan Variable Public 8m
F88F1553-C3AD-4CE7-BFE5-A755922402E3 KA26 9HF Lodge Girvan St Johns No237, Masonic Temple, Lagganwhilly Lane (Beside Asda Loading Bay) 24/7 Public 8m
1A69D15B-76BB-4DA1-9DED-B00C010DDE2C KA26 9HH Milestone Church, 35a Bridge Street, Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
E3450FC5-A5A2-4428-A9D8-AAB80092E103 KA26 9HH South Ayrshire Council, Bridge Street Depot, Bridge Street Variable Restricted 8m
3B783E4E-E52E-4D35-A193-AFD501067CFF KA26 9HR Hillcrest Care Home, 29 Mcconnell Square, Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
A0F40928-1CC0-4AF3-ABB7-35194BA0E9F6 KA26 9HR Hillcrest Linked Res Unit- In Duty Room, Mcconnell Square, Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
B68B6292-4152-46F2-95CF-5880C83E05C4 KA26 9HW Girvan Golf- Clubhouse (Outside Wall), Golf Course Road, Girvan 24/7 Public 6m
8233A761-5A6C-4B72-B4CD-BA3EA5FFE676 KA26 9NR The Boathouse- To Lhs Of Entrance, Harbour Road, Maidens Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
C2E7A87C-1E8A-462A-9B68-B06E015668D6 KA26 9PF Adventure Carrick, Unit 4, 12 Ladywell Avenue 24/7 Public 6m
6F09ACA6-7821-4A07-9FAE-2D6266A8E86B KA26 9SF Mccolls- On Wall Outside Entrance Door, Bridge Street, Dailly Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
A0F858F1-500A-4B94-8E6F-45B5A5BBE2E4 KA26 9TW Village Hall- Rear Of Wall, Kitchen Wall, Stinchar Road, Barr Girvan 24/7 Public 8m
5389 KA27 8AJ Arran Active, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
9BECFDAF-281F-476B-8A79-00B57A04DEB1 KA27 8AJ Arran Active- Lhs On O/S Wall Next To Taste Of Arran, A841, Brodick Isle Of Arran 24/7 Public 6m
5AB21077-1033-4C6E-A6CE-B07600F28201 KA27 8AR Burtons Foods Ltd (Arran Fine Foods), The Old Mill, Lamlash Variable Public 6m
F6F121FB-6EFE-493E-BD4D-B02E00A677FC KA27 8AU Hyrdo Electric Store, Market Road, Brodick 24/7 Public 8m
546 KA27 8BZ Auchrannie House Hotel & Spa, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
37A805EF-E640-4C86-B163-63BC4ACCEEDE KA27 8BZ Auchrannie Hotel- On Wall At Spa, Auchrannie Road, Brodick Isle Of Arran Variable Public 8m
548 KA27 8DA Ormidale Pavilion, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
7FF12637-9005-4BCB-B6A1-1A92283EEA8C KA27 8DA Ormidale Pavillion- To Rhs Of Main Door, Unnamed Road, Brodick Isle Of Arran 24/7 Public 6m
541 KA27 8DE Castle Visitor Centre, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
44838671-8484-4B50-8361-AF8F01425881 KA27 8DE Arran Mountain Rescue Base, Claddach, Brodick 24/7 Public 8m
C266975D-9DAD-4461-88BC-AB5537D0EDB3 KA27 8DE Brodick Castle Visitor Centre- At Entrance To Toilets, General Area Of, Brodick Isle Of Arran 24/7 Public 6m
BE3B6CF0-BCB8-4AA1-90A0-B06A00CE8F5E KA27 8DN Arran Dental Care, Glenard Cottage,Manse Road, Brodick, Isle Of Arran, Manse Road 24/7 Public 6m
7378 KA27 8DP Arran Heritage Museum, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
330FDDA4-FC7E-4E71-ADEE-AE5B00E5413A KA27 8DP Community Heartbeat Trust, Arran Heritage Museum, Main Street, Rosaburn 24/7 Public 8m
151 KA27 8DZ Village Hall and Golf Club, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
4B443A69-E8E4-45E6-B600-B0B127791EF4 KA27 8DZ Village Hall & Golf Club- On Rear Wall Next To Fire Exit, Unnamed Road, Machrie Isle Of Arran 24/7 Public 6m
544 KA27 8ET Kinloch Hotel, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
B3A80E33-D418-471C-8B51-A69E223D5D65 KA27 8ET Kinloch Hotel, Blackwaterfoot, Isle Of Arran 24/7 Public 8m
1093 KA27 8EW Doctors Surgery, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
F4BC0A12-3487-413B-AFF0-AC8E0A953CBF KA27 8EW Shiskine Surgery- On Wall To Lhs Of Main Door, General Area Of, Shiskine Isle Of Arran 24/7 Public 6m
543 KA27 8HE Village Hall, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
29F98A6F-1CBE-4543-8F37-75E86CF6D282 KA27 8HE Village Hall- On Wall To Rhs Of Door Facing Car Park, General Area Of, Shiskine Isle Of Arran 24/7 Public 6m
216 KA27 8HJ The Distillery, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
63F9DB0F-4C9D-4098-84B1-31130330466A KA27 8HJ Distillery- On Wall To Rhs Of Visitor Centre Main Door, General Area Of, Lochranza Isle Of Arran 24/7 Public 6m
5403 KA27 8HL Ferry Terminal, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
5800EE3E-138B-42EE-8BAC-844269A17CD8 KA27 8HL Lochranza Ferry Terminal- External Wall Of Waiting Room, A841, Lochranza Isle Of Arran 24/7 Public 6m
218 KA27 8HP Telephone Box, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
547 KA27 8JB Village Hall (Corrie and Sannox), North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
639 KA27 8JB Corrie Golf Club, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
AC5EBD3C-C5A2-4A0F-B339-6C54E0179B13 KA27 8JB Corrie Hall- On Front Of Building, General Area Of, Corrie Isle Of Arran 24/7 Public 6m
247A901E-EFEA-40B0-BA30-B108009AC7F6 KA27 8JP Corrie Primary School, Main Street, Corrie Variable Restricted 2m
5404 KA27 8LS Community of Arran Seabed Trust Pavilion, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
F9FC8FA0-4096-43B2-85E3-D7D3C5224215 KA27 8LS Community Of Arran Seabed Trust, Old Pavilion, Lamlash 24/7 Public 6m
540 KA27 8PQ Kilmory Hall, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
EA74BD12-98A4-4808-828B-C967AA806454 KA27 8PQ Kilmory Hall- On Wall To Rhs Of Original Front Door, General Area Of, Kilmory Isle Of Arran 24/7 Public 6m
538 KA27 8PZ Public Toilets, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
207BE7D0-50F2-474D-B25E-ACB600FEB89D KA27 8PZ Whiting Bay, Public Toilets, Sandbraes, Brodick 24/7 Public 8m
217 KA27 8SE Village Hall, North Ayrshire 24/7 Public
99BC9108-5569-445F-BFBD-5E3BFE504393 KA27 8SE Village Hall- On Wall To Lhs Of Main Door, Unnamed Road, Kildonan Isle Of Arran 24/7 Public 6m
2D0FAB4F-06FB-46D7-B3AF-ABDD00ED02F5 KA28 0AG 2 Church Hill Street, Millport 24/7 Public 8m
955BBB38-1F9E-42A2-A283-ABDD00E9DA8A KA28 0AP Old Harbour Quayhead, Millport 24/7 Public 8m
916333F5-4C14-4DD3-AEC7-ABDD00EE261A KA28 0AU 5a Howard Street, Millport 24/7 Public 8m
43E51EEA-89D8-407A-BA01-ABDD00EB50AA KA28 0DE 1 Glasgow Street, Millport 24/7 Public 8m
9D0B368E-875A-4543-A07E-9F51E127447E KA29 0AD Fairlie Parish Church, 89 Main Road, Fairlie Largs 24/7 Public 8m
6D17CA22-1726-4167-A293-B02200D0120F KA29 0BG Bowencraig Playing Fields, ., Largs 24/7 Public 8m
58EBD36E-7671-4272-A114-B13301190840 KA3 1BB Townholm Bowling Club, 11 Townholm, Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 12d
E2E6CF97-6D7C-4B17-843C-AFCA01626FB3 KA3 1HB St Joseph's Church, Kilmarnock, St Joseph's Church, 15a Hill Street 24/7 Public 8m
995D8212-D266-4ECC-9221-B11B00A2A87F KA3 1NJ Speedy Kilmarnock Lsc (142), 208 Western Road, Kilmarnock Variable Public 5w
AB7685B0-EF03-400A-ADC1-AE3D01126865 KA3 1UT Tesco Superstore, 112 Glasgow Rd, 0 Variable Public 8m
37B6D93B-BE74-4E1B-8D7C-AAB7016A2ECC KA3 1XB Dean Castle, Dean Castle Country Park, Kilmarnock Variable Public 8m
77528ADD-32D2-44A6-93BC-AEB400ABC560 KA3 2DF Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Church, 14, Kirkton Road 24/7 Public 8m
F7D795EE-3C74-41A2-B177-AF2D00BA362C KA3 2EE East Ayrshire Council, North West Kilmarnock Bowling Club, 2 Wardneuk Drive 24/7 Public 8m
610A3132-670E-47B6-A8BB-AABA011F5863 KA3 2GF 1 Trondra Gardens, (Off Portree Avenue & Opposite Swing Park), Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 8m
754974CC-6123-4AE9-8CAC-B0F100CA3AC9 KA3 2NL East Ayrshire Council, Morton Park Football Pavilion, Mill Avenue 24/7 Public 2m
BB43278F-756D-4E6C-95B7-AC6E00EC5672 KA3 2RQ The Weston, 27 Main Street, Kilmaurs 24/7 Public 8m
DA258E35-FCF0-49AB-BE94-AB4A00C82C02 KA3 2RY Kilmaurs Primary School, 15 Sunnyside, Kilmarnock Variable Public 8m
818F1152-21EA-4B2E-9B2B-B12A014C1373 KA3 3AP Road Facing Rear Garden Wall 28 Montgomerie Drive - Road To Scottish Water Waste Treatment Works, 28 Montgomerie Drive, Stewarton 24/7 Public 12d
F6F64139-66C9-4AF0-B570-AE2400D25C9D KA3 3DX Blackwood Plant Hire Ltd, Blackwood Plant Hire, Cocklebie Farm, Dunlop Road, Stewarton 24/7 Public 8m
14D8717E-0A6D-48AA-BF9E-AF0B00A1493C KA3 4BA Dunlop Bowling Club, 10 Newmill Road, Dunlop 24/7 Public 6m
E02F2E10-4BB3-4D26-B9D5-AF2700C33537 KA3 5AS 1 Dunlop Street, Stewarton 24/7 Public 8m
A963EA59-2F88-4D80-BEB5-ADE600B36484 KA3 5BG Stewarton Youth And Community Centre, 7 Standalane, Stewarton 24/7 Public 8m
BB308636-D049-4C33-A121-B0DD00A75512 KA3 5BU Church Hall, Lainshaw Street, Stewarton 24/7 Public 3m
CFA38CBD-1D2C-4AF6-A9B7-AFA900AEBA54 KA3 5DD 10 Springwell Place, Stewarton 24/7 Public 8m
A70535D4-3E74-45B4-85E8-B03300E6998C KA3 5EN 35 Bowes Rigg Stewarton, 35 Bowes Rigg, Stewarton 24/7 Public 6m
25C6C340-E487-439E-B5E0-ADCD009D1524 KA3 5HT Robert Mackie Of Scotland Bridgend Mills, Bridgend, Stewarton Variable Restricted 8m
230EA03D-C711-41E0-976D-B0A000D72BE2 KA3 5LE Stewarton Community Hub, 1a Rigg Street, Stewarton 24/7 Public 5m
9C067856-3F67-4213-89D5-AEBA0086A43A KA3 5QF Easy Ayrshire Council, Stewarton Academy, Cairnduff Place 24/7 Public 8m
83ABE290-1500-4C3D-96C0-5E8E9B5E863A KA3 6DY Fulton Hall- On Outside Wall To Rhs Of Building, 91 Main Road, Fenwick Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 2m
C3692FDE-DAD8-46FE-98CD-AD9500F5E12E KA3 6FH Webhelp (Previously Herotsc), Rowallan Business Park, Southcraig Avenue 24/7 Public 8m
95ABD275-ECBF-4B63-858A-AF7100D11DC0 KA3 6JB Waterside Community Association, Hareshaw Community Education Centre, 21 Main Road 24/7 Public 8m
03787B9E-C854-44E7-AB98-B0ED01046EDF KA3 6JT Mcs Motorcycles, 49 Main Road, Crookedholm 24/7 Public 2m
0BD571A8-52F2-49B9-A735-B0AE008A25A6 KA3 7AA Kilmarnock Tennis Club, London Road, Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 4m
8CE8DC34-80C4-411A-BF35-AD6C01562003 KA3 7AH 57 London Road, Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 8m
AAC0DA00-7FCB-43D6-A437-57724EA1C263 KA3 7BU East Ayrshire Council Hq ***See Below For Location***, London Road, Kilmarnock Variable Public 8m
F0896500-4EEE-48B6-B7FD-B0370089E495 KA3 7DF East Ayrshire Council, William Mcilvanney Campus, Sutherland Drive 24/7 Public 6m
CCDBC1F8-E3A8-4DEF-8E9A-AD0C0096B257 KA3 7ET Deans Pharmacy, 53 Macphail Drive, Kilmarnock 24/7 Public 8m
94AA78C5-1F71-4663-9720-AFE101155EDB KA3 7LJ Premier Store, 18 Lindsay Drive, New Farm Loch 24/7 Public 8m
C46D7FF6-AD08-4F6F-81E2-AFE10162BC63 KA3 7PH Take A Bow, Take A Bow Opportunity Centre, 2a Fraser Walk 24/7 Public 8m
E0534A71-77B8-4702-8486-AFE800F178B0 KA3 7QQ Birrings Shop, 17 Russell Court, New Farm Loch 24/7 Public 8m
A8AD80AA-B4CB-4A7D-9929-AF5B0160889F KA3 7RT East Ayrshire Council, Kaypark Bowling Club, Strawberrybank Road 24/7 Public 8m
9B6BC1AC-D2AD-4FC2-A1FE-AEB6012C9359 KA3 7SH St Matthews Roman Catholic, 11 Grassyards Road, New Farm Loch 24/7 Public 8m
21043B7B-4FC8-4DDD-B7C2-52F281CB0479 KA3 7SL St Josephs Leisure Centre- Next To Leisure Office, Grassyards Road, Kilmarnock Variable Public 8m
E8925AEA-87BE-4944-80B6-82BA66964529 KA30 8AN Scotrail Railways Ltd, Largs Station, Main Street 24/7 Public 8m
20918CE7-BA00-4047-A2F9-B02F005DCF6E KA30 8AU Tesco Largs, 6 Aiken St, Largs Variable Public 8m
634E193E-9F5B-4683-B7D0-E9F8D8F43278 KA30 8AU Tesco Extra, 6b Aitken Street, Largs 24/7 Public 8m
C2310853-9F36-47D1-BF33-AC95017D1558 KA30 8DS 29 - 49 Castlebay Court, Largs 24/7 Public 8m
56F3E1E0-02B0-43A3-8833-AF63007E21BC KA30 8EJ Trigoni Court, Largs 24/7 Public 8m
7B07252F-C443-4D14-AFA7-AF13015368D7 KA30 8FD Elderslie Gardens, Largs 24/7 Public 8m
9182C0FC-57A0-4664-97E1-AE2B0175B3ED KA30 8HT Douglas Park Bowling Club, 61 Irvine Road, Largs 24/7 Public 8m
4A66227D-4601-4F57-BC09-B0350177F4BE KA30 8NP Barrfields Stadium, 69 - 70 Brisbane Road, Largs 24/7 Public 8m
383594FC-D19D-46A6-90EF-BE7F9F2779B1 KA30 8NQ Largs Fire Station, Brisbane Road, Largs 24/7 Public 8m
823F8AC1-1838-4F57-9666-83F125E66333 KA30 8PQ Rnli Lifeboat Station - Largs, Greenock Road, Largs 24/7 Public 8m
A096715D-19DE-4343-938B-AAC801608EFE KA30 8PT Largs Bowling Club, Douglas Street, Largs 24/7 Public 8m
1891F42D-9147-461F-87DC-ADE101072660 KA30 8RW Sportscotland National Centre Inverclyde, Burnside Road, Largs Variable Restricted 8m
3A2D5A90-FF74-414C-B3FC-ADE1010153E8 KA30 8RW Sport Scotland National Centre Inverclyde, Burnside Road, Largs 24/7 Public 8m
83A1D559-1BEB-4CFB-BEFE-B0EF00FE9E06 KA30 8RW Sport Scotland National Centre Inverclyde, Burnside Road, Largs Variable Public 2m
B32B8955-288E-40B5-8955-ADF1014ACFAB KA30 8RW Sportscotland, National Sports Training Centre, Burnside Road 24/7 Public 8m
51AC35D6-88D5-498D-98F8-379260B52827 KA30 9EL Spar Stores- Outside Shop, 25 Holehouse Road, Largs 24/7 Public 8m
0080C952-3320-4C5C-9C37-AAD3008171DE KA4 8AP Strathclyde Police, Police Station, 32-34 Titchfield Street 24/7 Restricted 8m
E882C8B6-CDFE-4773-90C1-AAD30092598F KA4 8AP Strathclyde Police, Police Station, 32-34 Titchfield Street 24/7 Restricted 8m
C9566D13-E444-4673-B9E2-AFEF01034B73 KA4 8DF East Ayrshire Council Vibrant Communities, Ross Court Wardens Office, Titchfield Street 24/7 Public 8m
6EA0E3B4-8762-48DC-B281-ADFA00D7BC08 KA4 8EU Galston Community Development Trust, Bb Mission Hall, Park Road 24/7 Public 8m
E3897ECA-9F69-444D-A3F0-AE1D010FB161 KA4 8HG Tesco, Polwarth Street, Galston Variable Public 8m
04924871-6982-4139-9F9C-B03E0102EA43 KA4 8HP 12 Wallace Street, Galston Variable Restricted 6m
7D59EB7A-0759-4A50-8B6E-AF0F0137A469 KA4 8HU Lodge St. Peter No.331, Barr Castle, Barr Street 24/7 Public 8m
8BB14812-DB00-4C82-BEF5-B02201070AC7 KA4 8JB Galston Bowling Club, 14 Station Road, Galston 24/7 Public 8m
45FC9F4B-7D92-470A-9698-AFEB010D21D6 KA4 8PA Screwfix, Newmilns Road, Galston Variable Restricted 8m
6FA707A9-E5B4-4B42-B782-7C6F2A77C387 KA4 8PD Loudoun Academy- Across From Door At Leisure Centre, Glasgow Road, Galston 24/7 Public 5w
151400D7-72EC-4658-BAE6-AE9D00FCE513 KA4 8PN Moscow Village Residents Group, Ex-Bt Telephone Box, Fir Park 24/7 Public 8m
72FE12F5-16B1-4C05-AEB9-AAB900B95A9B KA5 5DA Mauchline Community Association Scio, Centre Stane, 2 The Cross 24/7 Public 8m
D5F1C207-FF6A-45B6-8DD3-B0FB00F23565 KA5 5DE Scottish Fire And Rescue Service, Mauchline Fire Station, 24 Kilmarnock Road 24/7 Public 2m
F64E533E-82C5-46C1-A9C9-AAFB00E5730F KA5 5HT Stair Community Association, Stair Community Centre, Trabboch 24/7 Public 8m
EF66CEEB-23C1-4F6A-83E8-AE6300F8BA3A KA5 5LY Pond 130m From Kalithea 25m From Unnamed Road, B730 From Croft Street Tarbolton To A719 At Fail Mains, Tarbolton Variable Public 8m
D9D7CB0F-B232-4D70-A1CF-AB31010838D2 KA5 5PY Tarbolton Bowling Club, 27 Montgomery Street, Tarbolton 24/7 Public 8m
52BFE2DE-2008-487D-9115-AACB009D82D5 KA5 5QA Tarbolton Primary School, Montgomerie Street, Tarbolton 24/7 Public 8m
716D3330-231D-4DE8-8E53-AE0600EFC028 KA5 5QA Tarbolton Community Campus, Montgomerie Street, Tarbolton 24/7 Public 8m
449D13B6-1E0B-4EF6-BA54-B0F7010C56CD KA5 5QD Lodge Tarbolton (Kilwinning) St. James No.135, 67 Montgomerie Street, Tarbolton 24/7 Public 2m
F5C166C0-42F3-4990-8830-AE4F013F54E2 KA5 6DJ Mauchline Community Council, Keystore Express, Hughfield Road 24/7 Public 8m
DB4C22D0-8BBA-4BB7-B578-AE3600DF7787 KA5 6EB East Ayrshire Council Vibrant Communities, Ellisland Court Sheltered Housing Unit, Ellisland Court 24/7 Public 8m
B4B81703-30F7-49FD-AA75-AF2A00AF59F6 KA5 6LT Catrine Games Hall Trust, 65 Sorn Street, Catrine 24/7 Public 8m
8CE6B7B7-5BE7-49AC-A08E-AB5800C7199A KA5 6NA Daldorch House School, Sorn Road, Catrine/Mauchline 24/7 Public 8m
B361D5D6-0FF9-4683-BFF8-AF2300F68680 KA5 6NA National Autistic Society, Catrine Bank, Stables Administration Building, Sorn Road 24/7 Restricted 8m
CA5665FD-5AFD-46C9-8D7E-B034009F2BC0 KA5 6RQ 32-34 St Germain Street, Catrine Variable Public 6m
68888E4A-BD2F-48E8-847B-AF2A00B8C200 KA5 6SJ Catrine Games Hall Trust, Catrine Sports Pavilion, Riverside Crescent 24/7 Public 8m
27148989-8177-4A87-909C-AF2A00B2282D KA5 6ST Catrine Games Hall Trust, Catrine Games Hall, 1 Old Station Road 24/7 Public 8m
FA462E44-0AA4-44FC-8262-AF2A00AD7D3F KA5 6SW Catrine Games Hall Trust, Catrine Bowling Club, St Cuthbert Street 24/7 Public 8m
A521FEA5-D95B-4117-BCF8-88E37E40D0A8 KA6 5BH Mossblown Activity Centre- In Office, Annbank Road, Mossblown Ayr Variable Restricted 8m
CE963E7C-C07C-4BE1-AF86-B0EF00DE4FEB KA6 5ED Annbank Bowling Club, 1 Brocklehill Avenue, Annbank 24/7 Public 2m
75485588-DB20-417D-AE82-AF39014BA216 KA6 5EF Annbank Community Association, Annbank Community Centre, Weston Avenue 24/7 Public 8m
EC8CFE5A-FE56-4F8C-A8FB-8043B65D50ED KA6 5HQ Volvo Truck & Bus- At Front Reception Area, General Area Of, St Quivox Ayr Variable Public 8m
C7D9F134-9FC8-45DF-878C-AF0900B05F71 KA6 5HW J F Niven Building (Front Of Building), Auchincruive, Ayr 24/7 Public 8m
DBB57897-30F0-4193-892B-B11100A0D3F2 KA6 5JH Sundrum Castle Holiday Park, Castle Drive, Coylton 24/7 Public 5w
6DC82BBE-E905-4997-940C-B0A700959A24 KA6 5JJ Dobbies Garden Centre Ayr, Old Toll, Holmston Variable Public 5m
8028C8FD-86D2-4922-8CE4-AF207A66E6E4 KA6 6EN Masonhill Crematorium- In Chapel Foyer, General Area Of, Ayr Variable Public 8m
144C5BD2-BD5E-456E-8CAE-AE2100C5BC0D KA6 6EP Roodlea, C105 From C74 Junction South Of Knocksoul To A70 Junction East Of Bellsbank, Ayr Variable Public 8m
A78045F0-B291-4875-9CC0-AEA600E866CF KA6 6JL South Ayrshire Council, Hole Road, Coylton Variable Public 8m
DEF56BA9-10FA-49B4-9D90-31FCA5D5DA28 KA6 6JL Coylton Activity Centre- In 1st Aid Room, Hole Road, Coylton Ayr Variable Public 8m
3ABE42A7-71F9-4C64-9C11-AF0A01419F0D KA6 6JP Coylton Primary School, Joppa, Coylton 24/7 Public 8m
AD7ECA70-E751-4921-8EC8-AF3E017195FD KA6 6JT Coylton Community Association, Claude Hamilton Memorial Hall, 25 Hillhead 24/7 Public 8m
DAC27E77-1DAF-408A-B736-AE3600C8CF59 KA6 7AL East Ayrshire Council Vibrant Communities, Rowntree Court, Glencraig Street 24/7 Public 8m
2889C5FA-7D60-4763-9B19-AC8500E0FE60 KA6 7EF Barbieston Paddocks, U115 From C21 Junction Near Cloquhairnan North East To Council Boundary At Barbieston Bridge, Drongan 24/7 Public 8m
7EC73826-1CF4-4BE9-B0D0-AE2F00E008CF KA6 7HB Rankinston Community Association, Community Centre, Rankinston 24/7 Public 8m
DEA2B021-AE6D-4319-A445-B126012FB751 KA6 7LN 31 - 33 Main Street, Patna, Ayr 24/7 Public 5w
86C6948E-54E7-45F0-94DD-AF6400C6D7EE KA6 7LX Boots Uk Ltd, Riverside Medical Practice, 1 Doonside Avenue 24/7 Public 8m
1ED76BA4-E9A5-4B55-A729-B02701109B76 KA6 7QE Loch Doon Caravan And Camping Park, U759 Loch Doon From A713 At Mossdale To Doon Castle, Dalmellington 24/7 Public 8m
7B65CBC9-89D4-4C21-8DD4-AD7B00E80D51 KA6 7QE Loch Doon, 2a U759 Loch Doon From A713 At Mossdale To Doon Castle, Dalmellington 24/7 Public 8m
996812A5-E9A2-49BD-808F-AD640148049C KA6 7QL Dalmellington Health Centre Dalmellington Area Centre, Main Street, Unit 3/4 24/7 Public 8m
B3751ED4-DE73-430D-88CF-ACB500A95B8C KA6 7RU Medicforce1 Ltd, Dalnean, 45 Gateside Road 24/7 Public 8m
163594A4-C98F-47C6-891E-B03700DE3B05 KA6 7SJ East Ayrshire Council, Doon Academy, Ayr Road 24/7 Public 6m
CD8E1225-0695-4614-87D4-ACE7010AC300 KA6 7SJ Dalmellington Community Association (Dca), Dalmellington Community Centre, 38 Ayr Road 24/7 Public 8m
605A58A0-F586-4E3F-8B30-AF4D01758091 KA6 7TJ 66a Merrick Drive, Bellsbank 24/7 Public 8m
A2BC3BA5-F174-422B-988C-ADC90103C4CB KA6 7TX 83 Dalfarson Avenue, Bellsbank 24/7 Restricted 8m
24CAB7A6-C126-4653-A414-7D39D248D1F9 KA7 1DD Bus Station- Bottom Of Stairs At Emergency Door, Sandgate, Ayr Variable Restricted 8m
8432C3C2-EA14-4C2B-AF0A-AFD200AB8BBD KA7 1DH Ayr Baptist Church, First Floor, 49 Fort Street 24/7 Public 8m
58CD78E9-5389-4FC2-96D2-B0BC00EFCB57 KA7 1DR South Ayrshire Council, County Buildings, Wellington Square Variable Public 4m
5FFA1245-EDEF-46B6-A9CB-B0BC00ED5ABD KA7 1DR South Ayrshire Council, County Buildings, Wellington Square Variable Public 4m
605760CE-089B-47E7-8968-83A7FADEC801 KA7 1DR County Buildings- Room G24 Ent Fire Doors Cenre Of Court, Wellington Square, Ayr Variable Public 8m
CAEF1064-7F1C-47A3-B131-E33AA5AEAB36 KA7 1EE Scts, Ayr Sheriff Court House, Wellington Square Variable Public 8m
79A59C25-36C6-4B0B-9608-AACB00FAB45B KA7 1EN Azets Holdings Limited, 3 Wellington Square, Ayr Variable Restricted 8m
273C687C-6F55-47C9-9FFA-ADE200A3D99B KA7 1JA South Ayrshire Council, Ayrshire Archives Hq, South Harbour Street Variable Restricted 8m
B5074EB6-949A-4F6F-8D44-668F63B9D513 KA7 1JB Citadel Leisure Centre- Control Room, South Harbour Street, Ayr Variable Restricted 8m
5F927EB6-47FA-4990-AB6C-AD4E00BAA1B6 KA7 1LU High Street, Ayr Variable Restricted 8m
00A241E1-E476-4F93-BF84-E7E4C91426A9 KA7 1NS Procurator Fiscal- At Reception Area, 37 Carrick Street, Ayr Variable Public 8m
9BEC7ED6-99E9-4B49-B0A1-AE3A00E180E0 KA7 1PR Tesco Stores Limited, 138 High Street, Ayr Variable Public 8m
F73EA86E-08DC-432C-99EC-B44328D2E4EE KA7 1PZ Wallace Tower- At Welcome Desk, High Street, Ayr Variable Public 8m
94E19B83-1801-47A7-91E2-AF9700FC435D KA7 1QT O2 Store (0032) Ayr, Unit 2, 187 High Street Variable Restricted 8m
C2EDF0F4-97FD-4E2A-A1A5-251DAFEE7355 KA7 1RZ South Ayrshire Council- Behind Reception, 80-88 Kyle Street, Ayr Variable Public 8m
41EE7233-19FE-4ABA-998A-AB4B00E45F01 KA7 1UT South Ayrshire Council, Burns House, 16 Burns Statue Square Variable Public 8m
5EF97D84-576D-42B0-81BE-35099B29C607 KA7 2AX Scottish Natural Heritage- Upstairs In Lhs Office, 31 Miller Road, Ayr Variable Public 8m
5F3E8885-B819-4C30-B81D-AF1E0109883C KA7 2LW 47 Meadowpark, Ayr 24/7 Public 8m
93E6CE59-9B17-4286-81FE-B12200F09F64 KA7 2ND Southcraig School, 38 Belmont Avenue, Ayr 24/7 Public 5w
B3B8EA28-81F6-4C26-842F-017860401708 KA7 2TF South Lodge Resisdential Unit- In Duty Room Office, 29 Racecourse Road, Ayr 24/7 Restricted 8m
CD057DBC-0653-4400-AF4E-AB7C00D36CF7 KA7 2XH Wellington School, Carleton Turrets, 1 Craigweil Road Variable Restricted 8m
2E7D9F22-C88B-41F4-9BB2-AB7C00E81B27 KA7 2XJ Wellington School, Craigweil House, 3 Craigweil Road Variable Restricted 8m
8309CF38-0093-432D-9D66-AB7C00E600AB KA7 2XN Wellington Junior School, Drumley House, 2 Westfield Road Variable Restricted 8m
1B1D4B1A-C210-4CE1-91C1-B08C010FE9EA KA7 2XW Seafield Stores, Seafield Post Office, 45 Blackburn Drive 24/7 Public 6m
19BC64D3-30F3-4A94-A606-918616F40F95 KA7 3AU Scotrail Railways Ltd, Ayr Station, Smith Street Variable Restricted 8m
A44528CC-14F9-414C-B2C4-AE75010524B1 KA7 3AW Kyle Court, 53 Smith Street, Ayr Variable Restricted 8m
28B398D3-D690-4D03-96CB-C25BD94CE2F1 KA7 3EN On External Wall Of Library Next To Notice Board, 31 Mount Oliphant Crescent, Ayr 24/7 Public 8m
12985A93-869C-4D9F-8621-9E61D5A631AA KA7 3LB Spar Stores- On External Wall Facing Hillfoot Road, 136-138 Hillfoot Road, Ayr 24/7 Public 8m
9F1FC9A6-E8E8-459C-88AE-AE5200E0EE85 KA7 3LR Kyle Academy, Overmills Road, Ayr Variable Public 8m
FEEF34B3-8E44-4078-9245-AC2C009184E9 KA7 3LR Kyle Academy, Overmills Road, Ayr Variable Public 8m
3CBA5576-23CA-45F1-B1D7-AB4C00879309 KA7 3SN Belmont Academy, 8 Nursery Road, Ayr Variable Restricted 8m
5EDA9799-7F29-471A-A056-B13300A89CB0 KA7 3SN Belmont Academy, 8 Nursery Road, Ayr 24/7 Public 12d
E62E85FA-C159-4D1B-9CF4-AEA700AC605B KA7 3TL Queen Margaret Academy, Dalmellington Road, Ayr Variable Public 8m
6C9D20C4-4D74-4FF1-9F49-AF2E00C49BCC KA7 3XB 18 Bracken Park, Ayr 24/7 Public 8m
28466DDD-DBB9-49B7-AF19-B0BF00E1818C KA7 4DU Belleisle Park, Doonfoot Road, Ayr 24/7 Public 4m
54C2D74A-45FB-4A5F-8C5E-637F5A8C43E4 KA7 4DU Belleisle Golf Club- In Starters Office, Belleisle, Ayr Variable Public 12d
6D2D9551-9A27-4894-875E-ADF200BE9C70 KA7 4DW Nhs Ayrshire & Arran, Arrol Park Resource Centre, Doonfoot Road 24/7 Public 8m
E9ACE181-B98A-44F9-A628-AFFE010D1FBD KA7 4EE Nether Auchendrane Girlguiding Activity Centre,, Nether Auchendrane - Nether Auchendrane, B7024 From High Maybole Road Ayr To Alloway Road Maybole 24/7 Public 8m
98DBAB3A-C180-4378-B240-AFB3013AA870 KA7 4HR 22a Dunure Road, Ayr 24/7 Restricted 8m
A2CEDAA2-F108-45AE-8A43-AF8D00D019E8 KA7 4LB Bourne Leisure, Craig Tara Holiday Park, Dunure Road 24/7 Restricted 8m
3776E1F8-9F22-4E3B-8F3C-B0A400E2DB0F KA7 4LD Heads Of Ayr Caravan Park, A719 From Dunure Road Ayr To Ayr Road Fisherton, Ayr 24/7 Public 5m
C2C8D5FA-DD1F-45D2-864B-B07B008BC400 KA7 4LN Dunure Harbour, Dunure 24/7 Public 6m
F2617063-9FE8-4982-A868-AF3100DAB040 KA7 4LQ Fisherton Primary School, Ayr Road, Dunure 24/7 Public 8m
73DD6A47-896A-4F6C-AEAF-B12B00C6AE01 KA7 4NQ Ground Floor Corridor Next To Tea Room, Rozelle House, Monument Road Variable Public 12d
9F962365-868B-4910-A795-B05700EA91F3 KA7 4PJ Ayr Rugby Club, Millbrae, Ayr 24/7 Public 6m
9B09EECA-1999-4D9A-BA22-AD5C012F79DD KA7 4PY 21 Alloway, Ayr 24/7 Public 8m
7DD1497B-CEEC-48C9-8DF5-ADB400BF78D4 KA7 4RT Alloway Parish Church Hall, Auld Nicks View, Ayr 24/7 Public 8m
F408AC87-A156-43B8-8450-AE3C00DBD257 KA7 4SF Tesco, 49 Maybole Road, Ayr Variable Public 8m
48DF6C50-D4A4-45E4-8BE2-207253069265 KA8 0AU Riverside House, 21 River Terrace, Ayr Variable Public 8m
8A8C4066-4EF3-42AE-B6E2-B09200894D3F KA8 0BJ South Ayrshire Council, Consumers And Trading Standards, 5-7 River Terrace Variable Public 5m
0713EBEB-80A4-4586-BD2A-B08300BB6D9B KA8 0BS Riverside Evangelical Church, 24 John Street, Ayr 24/7 Public 6m
F1D32642-6EF7-4A3A-9828-AB4F007B372C KA8 0ET South Ayrshire Council, Dam Park Stadium, Content Avenue Variable Restricted 8m
EF0696E3-52C7-47E0-B1DA-AABC00CEA95B KA8 0EU Ayrshire College, Ayr Campus, Content Avenue Variable Public 8m
250A3F3A-F7C9-4C27-ADBE-ADE200F77719 KA8 0LS 3 High Thornyflat Wynd, Ayr Variable Public 8m
B6AC8347-7CBC-44CD-84C7-8BF169AE00C5 KA8 0PD Dalmilling Primary School- Inside Main Entrance To Lhs, Harthall, Ayr Variable Public 8m
A53755E5-3479-4B17-B01F-AE3500FC3444 KA8 0QA Tesco Extra, Whitletts Rd, 0 Variable Public 6m
068056BE-17F1-4018-8D1D-D1797AB89037 KA8 0QR Dalmilling Golf Club- In Starters Office, Westwood Avenue, Mainholm Ayr Variable Public 12d
127FAA10-ECCD-4C55-A0D4-45AE43E3AE6D KA8 0QZ Overmills Day Centre - Main Entrance Reception Area, Westwood Avenue, Mainholm Ayr Variable Public 8m
0E7E13B4-72E2-42EC-9B7F-AF3400B0AFD8 KA8 0SS Craigie Gardens Caravan Club Site Craigie Estate, Craigie Road, Ayr Variable Public 8m
22B42B57-5523-4890-B894-AFC4010A56B8 KA8 0SX Mangata Edge Ltd, Mangata Edge Ltd University Of The West Of Scotland, University Avenue Variable Restricted 8m
92517C37-5F15-4D79-B728-B11D00D3AC0E KA8 0SX University Of The West Of Scotland Residences, University Of The West Of Scotland, University Avenue 24/7 Public 5w
B260766E-8ADB-40EB-870A-B11D00D43914 KA8 0SX University Of The West Of Scotland, University Avenue, Ayr Variable Public 5w
C88DB71F-DD28-4F9F-BD77-AAB800C00E6E KA8 0SX Ayr Academy, University Avenue, Ayr 24/7 Public 8m
DBEEEE6D-FBBF-4C06-9ABC-AFC40109760F KA8 0SX Mangata Edge Ltd, Mangata Edge Ltd University Of The West Of Scotland, University Avenue Variable Restricted 8m
E7DFD709-30B3-4896-ADF4-B11D00D33E24 KA8 0SX University Of The West Of Scotland Ayr, University Of The West Of Scotland, University Avenue Variable Public 5w
609EA4B6-E05F-4EFA-B487-B0A50091784C KA8 8BX Ayrshire Housing, 119 Main Street, Ayr 24/7 Public 5m
8ED31D6F-E2B1-4DD1-BB12-B0F50087B7C9 KA8 8DT Rexel Uk Ltd, Unit 4, Back Peebles Street, Ayr Variable Public 2m
3C1478CA-EE86-4B66-A316-9704166D82DE KA8 8EB Carnegie Library- At Enquiry Desk, Main Street, Ayr Variable Public 8m
39F2FB8A-1520-44D7-B527-AF2E008B79D0 KA8 8HD Vets4pets Ayr, Unit 3 Allison Street, Retail Park Ayr, Ayr 24/7 Public 8m
0569CACE-F945-41F7-BBFF-AB600101780C KA8 8HH South Ayrshire Council, 80 Viewfield Road, Ayr 24/7 Public 8m
AEC26569-8AA6-44AC-8831-AEB300D97DCF KA8 8JL School, Newton Primary School, Russell Drive 24/7 Public 8m
CC4912AF-ABCE-4F04-A89A-AE1901047625 KA8 8JT Tesco, 86 Prestwick Road, Ayr Variable Public 8m
3145428D-986E-4B4C-8FA5-215C87B57201 KA8 9AE Business Centre- At Reception Area, 12 Mccalls Avenue, Ayr Variable Public 8m
26C04709-462F-4E80-AD08-AE3800CBBA47 KA8 9AL National Bowling Centre, 45 Northfield Avenue, Ayr Variable Public 8m
94B25FEA-6A66-4F70-8F89-7DF5B1AE966D KA8 9AL Northfield Bowling Club, 43 Northfield Avenue, Ayr Variable Restricted 8m
E376DC74-9A36-45F3-87C7-AE2E00C1650C KA8 9BF Marks And Spencer Heathfield ,Ayr, Liberator Drive, Ayr Variable Restricted 8m
11E7485F-3456-4799-B022-B13700FDD34F KA8 9BN Bridgend Motor Group Ayr, Heathfield Road, Ayr Variable Restricted 12d
AE7E93DE-2820-465F-82C6-AE5400DE275F KA8 9DJ 360 Safety & Training, 52 Boundary Road, Heathfield Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 8m
F2B6E157-1C54-4FC0-A702-AFE700DF19DB KA8 9DJ Screwfix, 6 Boundary Road, Ayr Variable Restricted 8m
B01D6E19-8EB0-4896-98D0-AF0F00F94950 KA8 9FG 4 Forbes Drive, Ayr 24/7 Public 8m
EFBA227A-69B0-40E0-A427-1F5A597BFD9F KA8 9LE South Ayrshire Council Depot- 1st Floor Next To Lift, Walker Road, Ayr Variable Public 8m
BB300615-022D-4562-949B-B096011B51D3 KA8 9PJ Braehead Primary School, Gould Street, Ayr 24/7 Public 5m
DCA9CAC0-C9E8-46F4-A9DD-4147A0537C1C KA8 9RW Whitletts Activity Centre- In 1st Aid Room, Glenmuir Place, Ayr Variable Public 8m
DFD19F19-606B-4E5D-8F71-B06E00AC6692 KA8 9ST 13 Old Farm Road, Ayr Variable Public 6m
01324157-913B-4D23-AC31-AAED00AA33BB KA8 9TB Barr Waste, Old Farm Road, Ayr Variable Public 8m
A506F124-51FF-4A61-9C40-ABD8006E188E KA8 9TB B & Q Plc, Sanquhar Farm Road, Ayr Variable Public 8m
54792174-2E54-4E45-B8EE-B13D00E67FBA KA9 1AR 10, Monkton, Road 24/7 Public 12d
EEC2C0E3-8050-46DE-A560-E394C29483F9 KA9 1JN On Lhs Of Main Entrance To Club 65, Club 65, 65 Main Street, Prestwick 24/7 Public 8m
5B696524-43ED-4C8B-99E2-AB550099C029 KA9 1LH St Nicholas Church, 209 Main Street, Prestwick 24/7 Public 8m
DB991186-1723-4F79-93C2-E5028F2D55C9 KA9 1NW Prestwick Pool, Bellevue Road, Prestwick Variable Restricted 8m
F44A969A-8564-4645-B2CD-B02900CEBE01 KA9 1PA Tesco Main St Prestwick, 99 Main St, Prestwick Variable Public 8m
DE48EF1F-BFB3-4CA5-B433-AC5300E28FEE KA9 1QG Public Toilets Next To Cafe Mancini, 21h Links Road, Prestwick 24/7 Public 8m
92ABB372-2232-4BEE-99E1-AD5F010315EF KA9 1TW Aldi Store, 135-147 Ayr Road, Prestwick 24/7 Public 8m
26208CAA-4D69-47E2-9BEF-9DB8E47725D6 KA9 2LB Prestwick Academy- In Janitors Office, New Dykes Road, Prestwick Variable Public 8m
6AEEE744-73F8-4452-AA86-AC8000AD7A1A KA9 2LB Prestwick Academy, 15 Newdykes Road, Prestwick Variable Public 8m
CBD5CCD9-F3BA-4C8E-9C03-B129011331E3 KA9 2LB Prestwick Academy, 15 New Dykes Road, Prestwick 24/7 Public 12d
37C8D6C8-0561-4D42-B525-AF0600F8BAB2 KA9 2LP Haus Of Dentistry, Shaw Road, Prestwick Variable Restricted 8m
F79363A5-ECA7-4049-9D89-AF1600DBF359 KA9 2QA Fuel And Cargo Depot Glasgow/Prestwick International Airport, Younger Drive, Prestwick 24/7 Restricted 8m
22D2F30C-5E14-4990-992D-AAF700FC4B25 KA9 2RQ 19 Monument Crescent, Prestwick Variable Public 8m
7198694B-491B-4E4D-8A73-AE14010F969C KA9 2TU 4 Dow Road, Monkton Variable Restricted 8m
FE17678A-7B52-4F2B-9EB9-AF8D00C73F55 KA9 2TU 1 Dow Road, Monkton Variable Restricted 8m

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

The OSM objects here are not close enough to an unmatched AED in one of the data sources to be matched. Matches to an AED in the Circuit that is further away can be forced by adding a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the corresponding Circuit UUID. It is not possible to force a match to the NDDB.

Found 10 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n795814801 Ettrick Bay car park. In old red telephone box
MZ n4504580831 Morrisons supermarket, Largs
MZ n4514546841 West Kilbride Community Centre
MZ n5202612888 inside foyer Beith Primary School
MZ n5218440752 inside staff room St Palladius Primary School
MZ n6747124994 inside front door of supermarket
MZ n9113578497 Albert Bridge entrance to Glasgow Green
MZ n10892850154 Outside wall of reception block
MZ n11128559096 inside old phone box in Pinmore
MZ n11148952747 outside The Cabin, Sorn - facing playground

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Circuit AEDs matched to an OSM object by location

To confirm a match as correct, add a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the UUID from The Circuit. To remove an incorrect match, either add the correct UUID (if the AED is listed in The Circuit) or add a not:ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag with a semi-colon separated list of UUIDs not to match.

Found 19 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
53944BA8-CD9C-42B7-8D46-AE8900A381C3 KA10 7EX 34 Main Street, Loans n11415585502 outside Loans Village Hall 9 m
DDCC30DE-0C26-4AB0-A28C-AABC00F764E9 KA15 2LF Garnock Valley First Responders, Main Road, Gateside n5208935538 inside Gateside Primary School 49 m
5E115298-9D62-4CED-802D-ACFB00FB36BE KA17 0DR Darvel Area Regeneration Team ( Dart ), Public Telephone 9m From 1d Hastings Square. 3m From Hastings Square, Hasting's Square n11128555293 inside old phone box, Hastings Square, Darvel 6 m
29693F86-7A2E-4765-B133-AABF00BEB017 KA18 2PE Ochiltree Community Hub, 45 Main Street, Ochiltree n6823228983 26 m
DBB3267F-E0ED-4A41-995D-AEA000BD8022 KA18 4AH New Cumnock Primary School, Castle, New Cumnock n9920016480 New Cumnock Primary School: left of notice board on external wall (facing Castle street) 8 m
09AE2596-DD8E-43FF-88B1-7955E6E72500 KA19 8EU Minishant General Stores- On Shop Front To Rhs Of Window, 24 Main Road, Minishant Maybole n9815628418 outside Minishant General Store (behind red phone box) 5 m
E2AD842B-350C-4F9A-8139-B0D200BCC45C KA23 9EQ West Kilbride Library, Halfway Street, West Kilbride n4514546845 West Kilbride Library 71 m
E6B31835-9BB8-4CE9-80C4-B13200BA6C96 KA23 9EN Village Hall, 1 Arthur Street, West Kilbride n5220560687 outside West Kilbride Village Hall, on wall to left of entrance 5 m
5B013B25-1DD5-4D7A-B617-AB1E00E6A936 KA26 0PP Barrhill Development Trust, Barrhill Memorial Hall, Main Street n9814543288 outside Barrhill Memorial Hall to the right of the main entrance 54 m
E431F205-C96E-42B7-8973-F3DC3FB08A2B KA26 9NF Jameston Cottage Estate Office- On Wall, General Area Of, Maidens Girvan n9920016479 Maidens: Right hand side of east facing wall 31 m
EF832896-D842-4832-AB4C-AEC000ED85CB KA26 9NR Private Road From Harbour Road To Harbour, Maidens n9920016462 Maidens: Carrick Coastal Rowing Club, left hand side of north facing wall 17 m
39BED3A9-D22E-47E6-B80A-4438C97CEB9C KA27 8JD Corrie Golf Club, Main Street, Brodick n3469860146 12 m
85139792-F4F1-493A-8C40-F37F7F637958 KA27 8HA Shiskine Golf & Tennis Club- On Side Of Pro Shop, Unnamed Road, Blackwaterfoot Isle Of Arran n11725466500 outside wall of golf shop 58 m
3740F3A5-C72B-42E5-A26F-AB0C00DB57B9 KA3 5BZ 1st Stewarton Coy., John Knox Church, 10 High Street n10000467319 On railing outside John Knox Parish Church on High Street 61 m
919C561D-A8DE-4D84-AE12-E7E0614E6B3C KA3 4AG Village Hall, 48 Main Street, Dunlop Kilmarnock n10000467387 3 m
A77A0984-6794-44D8-A7ED-90C6A0026341 KA3 4DZ Community Heartbeat Trust, Telephone Box, Burnside Cottages n9464313056 inside old red phone box, Lugton 5 m
249AD605-0731-4EF3-83F8-D9B1052E8DCF KA30 8BG Co-Op Promenade, The Promenade, Largs n11099159555 On exterior wall of Co-op, to the right of the main entrance on Gallowgate Street. 28 m
34A4D440-55CF-45D2-A54B-AAC8015E044C KA30 8BL St. John's Church, Bath Street, Largs n11099127890 On exterior wall of St John's Church, at the base of the tower facing Bath Street. 82 m
370153B9-018A-4D78-8A6B-ADCE00C8B074 KA9 2QL 14 Main Street, Monkton n10251657350 2 m

Circuit AEDs matched to an OSM object by reference

The matches here are when an AED in OSM has a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag that matched a UUID from The Circuit.

Found 6 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
418C50F3-9EE7-4269-B949-AFFD00FCC52D KA26 0JW Lendalfoot Community Hall, A77, Lendalfoot n9894029728 outside Lendalfoot Community Hall - facing car park 127 m
3A394091-0F92-4FAD-B866-3C44F3FE0250 KA27 8PR Whiting Bay News- On Side Wall To Lhs Of Front Door, Unnamed Road, Whiting Bay Isle Of Arran n3470074466 110 m
BD4C805E-008B-4E1F-8304-1D58E04881B1 KA27 8HP Inside Phone Box To Rhs Of Village Store Door, Unnamed Road, Pirnmill Isle Of Arran n3754770198 inside old red phone box in front of Fernmill Village Store & Post Office 832 m
FE58A488-136F-45DF-AE04-3AC3B857BB8C KA27 8JN Lamlash Lifeboat Station, Unnamed Road, Lamlash Isle Of Arran n8845716827 272 m
0F8B7746-6106-4B30-AB42-AAC8016B4AD1 KA30 8AA The George, 17-19 Main Street, Largs n11099166688 On exterior wall of The George, to the left of the main entrance on Main Street. 30 m
368E51BA-7E0A-4F98-88AF-AD8D00D06ABD KA7 4LR Telephone Box, Kennedy Drive, Dunure n3984711828 inside old phone box Kennedy Drive, Dunure 177 m

NDDB AEDs matched to an OSM object by location

Found 6 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
4830 KA26 0RN Telephone Box, South Ayrshire n8664616137 inside red phone box in Pinwherry 6 m
539 KA27 8JN Lifeboat Station, North Ayrshire n8845716827 16 m
542 KA27 8HA Shiskine Golf Club, North Ayrshire n11725466500 outside wall of golf shop 128 m
640 KA27 8PR Bay News, North Ayrshire n3470074466 126 m
4774 KA3 4DY Telephone Box, East Ayrshire n9464313056 inside old red phone box, Lugton 6 m
6077 KA7 4LR Telephone Box, South Ayrshire n3984711828 inside old phone box Kennedy Drive, Dunure 1 m

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API. Includes data from The Circuit / Defib Finder. Includes data from the National Defibrillator Database.