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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'DA' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 340 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
2AA0CB0A-3252-4217-BBC8-AF2700D31A6D DA1 1AA Royal Mail Dartford Do, 50 West Hill, Dartford, Dartford Variable Restricted
072C2BCB-29C8-4740-B0B9-AF0700C3F6DF DA1 1BP Dartford Station, Station Approach, Dartford 24/7 Public
1292EE24-454F-4F13-B031-AF0700C1B98E DA1 1BP Dartford Station, Station Approach, Dartford Variable Restricted
95C60E43-C67D-429D-9372-AECF00BD5E6A DA1 1BP Southeastern, Dartford Railway Station, Station Approach Variable Restricted
DA86640F-9B40-42D3-B672-AECF00BCDF3F DA1 1BP Southeastern, Dartford Railway Station, Station Approach 24/7 Public
F178EC51-2222-4726-8384-AF1E007D7F3A DA1 1BP Southeastern, Dartford Railway Station, Station Approach Variable Public
639293C6-41D9-48F8-A906-AE6100D0384D DA1 1DR Dartford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Home Gardens 24/7 Public
A99DA6E9-8037-4A5B-930C-AE6100D5B89F DA1 1DR Dartford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Home Gardens Variable Restricted
7B87007B-1539-49AD-9A75-AE9A00BE12A3 DA1 1HP Lowfield Medical Centre, 65-67 Lowfield Street, Dartford Variable Public
6619 DA1 1JB Dartford Park Cafe, Kent 24/7 Public
D2A7AE95-6AA5-4F68-BAD9-B0620117C5CC DA1 1JB Dartford Park Café, Central Park, Lowfield Street, Dartford 24/7 Public
D31A70E1-F685-4093-8810-ADEB0089ADCE DA1 1JB Places For People Leisure, Fairfield Pool, Lowfield Street Variable Restricted
416B46F6-7C9B-4C37-9D87-B07300A28BD8 DA1 1JG Alliance South East, Unit 7, Butterly Avenue Variable Public
CA3F5DEF-4FFB-4071-AA3D-AEDE00DAC3FE DA1 1JN Ream Surgical Ltd, 68d Pearson Way, Dartford Variable Public
E9CD4976-724A-43A4-A94D-AE7D00F40D9A DA1 1JQ Safetell, 46 Fawkes Avenue, Wilmington Variable Restricted
B4AE90B7-ADFD-4AF4-9278-AE5900B07BF6 DA1 1NJ David Lloyd - Dartford, Darenth Road, Dartford Variable Restricted
F0872554-67A8-4746-8334-AE3B0132F003 DA1 1RZ Tesco Express, 72-80 E Hill, Dartford Variable Public
7A088333-7682-4C0B-B96A-AF3200FF99C1 DA1 2DR Dartford Methodist Church, Dartford Methodist Church Adjacent 43, Spital Street 24/7 Public
A66FA610-FB49-45D3-A169-AE8300844EA6 DA1 2DS Dunelm Dartford, Unit 1a & 1b Dartford Heath Retail Park, Blackmans Close, Dartford Variable Restricted
5490E7CF-CFC1-4B9A-A1E6-B03C011CE264 DA1 2HJ The Rose And Crown, 43 West Hill, Dartford Variable Public
D4630A98-24D5-4187-BCB1-AEAC0091065D DA1 2HW Dartford Grammar School (For Boys), Dartford Grammar School For Boys, West Hill Variable Public
25D9B4E0-9B00-47A3-BC78-B02E00F7A5AF DA1 2LP Westgate Primary School, Summerhill Road, Dartford Variable Restricted
2DD76925-B5E8-4437-8F15-AFD6007DE685 DA1 2LY Dartford Science Technology College, Heath Lane, Dartford Variable Public
0177D3F9-BBE0-486C-AE5F-AE97009B8564 DA1 2SW Oakfield Lane Primary Academy, Oakfield Lane, Dartford Variable Restricted
3D76842B-8549-495B-8AE3-AE9700993C09 DA1 2SW Oakfield Primary Academy, Oakfield Lane Primary Academy, Oakfield Lane Variable Restricted
3B8BC48A-6498-4EEE-8028-AECA00BD57AB DA1 2TD Wilmington Parish Council, Council Offices And Pavillion, The Spires 24/7 Public
F172D929-5FA6-4BDE-9680-AE710102684A DA1 3AF 35 Hallford Way, Dartford 24/7 Public
12C0AFF2-CBD2-4394-B25A-AE9400C07DBC DA1 3DZ West Hill Primary Academy, Dartford Road, Dartford Variable Public
6DD47E35-43C3-49B4-9181-AE9400F57616 DA1 3DZ West Hill Primary Academy, Dartford Road, Dartford Variable Public
913FE821-1DE7-4D10-96DD-AE9400BD0808 DA1 3DZ West Hill Primary Academy, Dartford Road, Dartford Variable Public
A1A0FE6A-3654-49EF-A551-AFF800B02BA0 DA1 3EN Tesco Dartford, 115 Dartford Rd, Dartford Variable Public
8A4EA2EA-3FAD-4991-BCC2-AF0E0083E596 DA1 3PY Crayford Railway Station, Lower Station Road, Dartford Variable Restricted
D6356538-4DFA-4432-9C83-AFEC00C14F9A DA1 4AL Screwfix, Acorn Industrial Estate, Crayford Variable Restricted
6A9F51C7-B386-4748-8499-AE4B00C463F7 DA1 4ET St Paulinus Church, Church Hall, Manor Road 24/7 Public
20FCC561-FBD7-4913-82AA-AFAF00A8E9E1 DA1 4GL 1 Dawson Close, Dartford 24/7 Public
41A68804-6219-4F0F-BD21-B06A009D7E61 DA1 4JJ 3 Waterside, Crayford, Dartford Variable Public
8BFA46DA-EB96-4302-9546-AEF200E8B3F8 DA1 4LB Gase Engineering, 7 Tower Park Road, Crayford Variable Public
F49CA9AE-99F6-461C-8413-AF3B01025138 DA1 4LB Royal Mail Dartford Rtw, 8 Tower Park Road, Dartford, Dartford Variable Restricted
35A127D6-9C43-47E5-9239-AF660120D3C2 DA1 4LD Mcdonald's - Tower Retail Park, 1 Tower Retail Park, Crayford Road Variable Public
820CCAD1-7AFA-4A52-B810-AE6100F71AAC DA1 4LD Puregym, Tower Retail Park, Crayford Road 24/7 Restricted
C23A4A6F-280D-4758-ABD7-AEBC00D95F04 DA1 4QG Crayford Materials Recycling Facility, Century Wharf, Crayford Creek Road 24/7 Public
E0C8B04C-EDF2-4012-876E-AFE800867A54 DA1 4RF Screwfix, Unit 1 Crayside Industrial Estate, Thames Rd Variable Restricted
8A2B2D1A-B374-4459-ABD4-AFD901230985 DA1 4RL Crayford Arrows Sports Club, Bakers Field Sports Ground, 96 Perry Street 24/7 Restricted
480162E0-EF9E-4554-A3FB-B00D00F17BAA DA1 5AJ Classic Lifts Ltd, 49a Victoria Industrial Park,, Victoria Road Variable Restricted
1AEC96B2-F728-4BBE-9D2E-AECF00E37F71 DA1 5BY Jacob White Packaging Ltd, Unit F Riverside Industrial Estate, Riverside Way Variable Restricted
66A35B01-3CA8-419D-9679-AEBB00B0274D DA1 5FD Network Rail - Dartford Regional Distribution Centre, The Quadron, Rennie Road Variable Restricted
A8B82B80-8906-4C40-8D0F-AEBB00AE840D DA1 5FD Network Rail - Dartford Regional Distribution Centre, The Quadron, Rennie Road Variable Restricted
4522D818-F76E-4515-A079-AE3C008AF78F DA1 5LD Tesco Express, Henderson Dr, Temple Belle Variable Public
260680D5-47F9-46FD-8FCB-AF80009D1880 DA1 5LR Diasorin, Central Road, Dartford Variable Public
156E31AF-9F60-46DD-9E62-AE8B00D6B49D DA1 5ND Temple Hill Group, Temple Hill Surgery St. Edmunds Church Living Well, St Edmunds Road Variable Public
A981179A-255D-4864-B5A1-AE7400EF8579 DA1 5PF The Bridge Estate Management Company Limited, Management Centre Foyer, Marsh Street North 24/7 Public
2E663B1A-1413-49D4-AD1C-AED30063FD4C DA1 5PZ Select Plant Hire Ltd, Unit 1 Albion Road, Rennie Drive Variable Public
34906832-099A-4D75-ACFF-AE7F00D5C3AA DA1 5TF The Leigh Utc, Brunel Way, Dartford Variable Restricted
114F0E5E-2300-4FBC-9E1A-AF4700D6B250 DA10 0AD Kent Fire And Rescue Service, Swanscombe Fire Station, 33 The Grove 24/7 Public
66C01707-237A-43E3-BDFD-AD5D00ECB3BD DA10 0AD The Pavilion Community Sports & Social Club, The Grove, Swanscombe Variable Public
0492FC9A-686B-4AFE-8262-AF0700D21E41 DA10 0AG Swanscombe Station, High Street, Swanscombe 24/7 Public
56F4BBF7-2EA5-4F9F-8C01-AFFD00EB0970 DA10 0BZ Ebbsfleet Academy, Southfleet Road, Swanscombe Variable Restricted
180C48C8-4B37-4285-9DC3-AE8D00963B34 DA10 0DF Waterside B, Castle Hill, Ebbsfleet Variable Restricted
9D5B1610-CC66-40D2-963B-AE9F00E6689B DA10 0LP Heritage Community Hall, Craylands Lane, Swanscombe 24/7 Public
EFD2151F-A6AB-4DF9-807A-AE7F00EB7390 DA10 1AD Cherry Orchard Primary Academy, Cherry Orchard, Castle Hill Variable Restricted
77826547-8ABE-4509-B5CF-B04500CB3FE8 DA10 1AL Ebbsfleet Green Primary School, Ackers Drive, Weldon Variable Restricted
768D6272-8AB3-4400-AFBB-AFB300C86BF5 DA10 1AZ Redrow, Redrow House, 6-12 Talbot Lane Variable Public
D5CA4ACA-38A3-456C-ABC2-AFB300C96F64 DA10 1AZ Redrow House, 6-12 Talbot Lane, Ebbsfleet Valley Variable Public
54A1B4E8-7AFD-4F6F-A143-AE060080C22B DA10 1BW Taylor Wimpey, Waterside Phase C, Ebbsfleet, Waterside, Castle Hill Variable Restricted
BF992896-F2D6-44E3-8F78-AF5400E8A300 DA10 1FP Redrow Homes, Plaza Central Sales Office, 8 Rixson Road Variable Restricted
882CE661-8D55-468D-BBF6-AE6200C7A753 DA11 0AA Puregym, 5-10 New Rd, Gravesend 24/7 Restricted
50DAF9FE-3BAF-43D0-9B95-B02B00E48707 DA11 0AF Tesco Gravesend Express, 72 New Rd, Gravesend Variable Public
B83C4ECA-BD3C-4FF8-84A8-AF8C00EC29A1 DA11 0AU Estama, Thamesgate Shopping Centre, Gravesend Variable Restricted
14052F91-D56A-4AEF-B06F-AFE80087C227 DA11 0DL Screwfix, Unit D2, Imperial Business Park Variable Restricted
B8FBF8A9-C31C-463A-921E-AEEC009D0563 DA11 0DL Sprint Lubricant Engineering Services Ltd, Unit G3, West Mill Variable Public
49D2BCBE-DB1F-4229-BB24-AEA600D80314 DA11 0HN Pelham Medical Practice, Doctors Surgery The Grange, 17 Pelham Road Variable Restricted
78691C3F-E23C-4605-BF09-AF0700C4525F DA11 0HP Gravesend Station, Rathmore Road, Gravesend 24/7 Public
788F2A3E-3E26-476F-8EAA-AE8C00C4A0F4 DA11 0HP Se Trains Ltd, Gravesend Railway Station, Rathmore Road Variable Public
5167EAB3-3F5B-4D71-B89A-AE9900EA664C DA11 0LL Old Road West Surgery, Old Road West Surgery, 30 Old Road West, Gravesend Variable Restricted
EC24269C-F0D2-415D-8574-B02F00CCF335 DA11 0RB Copperfield Academy, Dover Road East, Gravesend Variable Restricted
1FD7F743-3BC4-4E00-B09B-AFFF00EBF5A9 DA11 7JB White Avenue, Gravesend Variable Restricted
4B93E41B-8B34-4023-A23D-AE7D0088E8FD DA11 7JF Shears Green Infant School, Packham Road, Northfleet Variable Restricted
D1B0C983-FDA0-4E5D-9817-B01A00E60122 DA11 7JF Shears Green Infant School, Packham Road, Northfleet Variable Public
F529B533-87E8-4A5E-8F1B-AE9B00EFCA51 DA11 7NP Cyclopark, The Tollgate, Watling St,, Istead Rise, Variable Restricted
136719AB-5ECE-4FF3-B638-AFEA00CD41CE DA11 8AB Screwfix, Trade City, Gravesend Variable Restricted
89767209-0029-4BB1-8C5A-AF6A00DC1D76 DA11 8AB Toby Carvery - Gravesend, Coldharbour Road, Northfleet Variable Public
1F273C1A-6BA3-40CF-9F59-AEA3009BCE66 DA11 8AE Alzheimers And Dementia Support, Safeharbour, Coldharbour Road Variable Restricted
A45C49BD-4FEF-44E4-8997-AD47006A2FCA DA11 8AQ Kier Construction, Northfleet School For Girls, Hall Road Variable Restricted
FF3C0FCE-79C8-445E-A65C-AFE8008BC3DC DA11 8AY Sports Pavilion, Northfleet Technology College, Colyer Road Variable Restricted
1D53E986-3E22-450E-A580-B02100F57519 DA11 8BY Springhead Park Primary School, Springhead Parkway, Northfleet Variable Restricted
4518 DA11 8HH Prepworld, Unit K, Kent 24/7 Public
6323 DA11 8HH Unit K, Springhead Enterprise Park, Springhead Road, Kent 24/7 Public
F1450F1B-7559-479F-87BA-AEA100A44DA5 DA11 8HH Prepworld, Unit K, Springhead Industrial Estate, Gravesend 24/7 Public
A9ADAACD-404D-471E-9D9D-AF5E010A0071 DA11 8NT Thames-Side Fire Station, Coldharbour Road, Northfleet, Thames-Side 24/7 Public
2D515A62-8358-4102-BF14-AE3E00D0E696 DA11 8QU Tesco, Post Box 18m From Tesco Express, 4-12, Perry Street 6m From Perry Street, Perry Street Variable Public
D9CC255B-F53A-4322-96F0-AD4800E82B77 DA11 9AX Cpi Mortars Ltd Northfleet, Robins Wharf, Grove Road Variable Restricted
E27CD1BD-5A83-4E35-BAC3-AE9300A8A9FF DA11 9AX We Roberts Limited, Thames Works, Grove Road Variable Public
E0AB35AF-F969-466D-AF14-B02600B9E7F8 DA11 9BA Sian Formwork, Stonebridge Road, Adjacent To Ebbsfleet Football Stadium Variable Public
9AB9028D-B670-4786-AA8A-AE9300B3E552 DA11 9BL W E Roberts (Corrugated) Ltd, Unit J3, Lower Road Variable Public
C3DECB46-B701-45F4-A31C-AEB3006F133C DA11 9DY Se Trains Ltd, Northfleet Railway Station, Station Road 24/7 Public
78A9D463-F1FD-4A81-946D-AF0200A63D46 DA11 9DZ Cable Repair Services, Unit F Oakwood Industrial Estate, Stonebridge Road Variable Restricted
C5ED9DCA-4A4E-4ED4-9D83-B08F00E41F9D DA11 9QZ St Josephs Roman Catholic School, Springhead Road, Northfleet Variable Public
C7016850-7A37-450A-A06F-AFF7010D9570 DA12 1NW Christ Church, Old Road East, Gravesend 24/7 Public
FE79B7CC-DB13-4B6B-8C68-AFCE0106AFD3 DA12 2AA Royal Mail Gravesend Do, Gravesend Delivery Office, 144 Milton Road Variable Restricted
5CF5B3FD-B73D-4F89-BEB0-AEDD00A6472E DA12 2BS Gravesend Rowing Club, Commercial Place, Gravesend 24/7 Public
3C1EF951-F2B6-44C4-9552-AFD500A9257E DA12 2DN Metro Mechanical Services Ltd, Lion Business Park, Dering Way Variable Public
1F2D1ABA-F485-48B1-97C7-AEB6009BDF60 DA12 2HA Wesley Methodist Hall, 4 Wilfred Street, Gravesend 24/7 Public
0DB067DD-5801-43DF-8101-AFCF00C20118 DA12 2JW St John's Catholic Comprehensive Secondary School, St Johns Roman Catholic Comprehensive School, Rochester Road Variable Restricted
3BE042CA-9FD3-4CF3-B687-AFCF00CDCEB7 DA12 2JW St Johns Roman Catholic Comprehensive School, Rochester Road, Gravesend Variable Restricted
7241 DA12 2ND Chalk Parish Hall, Kent 24/7 Public
52A2335F-FB78-4625-A30E-AFC100B34004 DA12 2ND Chalk Parish Hall, Pirrip Close, Chalk 24/7 Public
8B1EDE8B-0499-4EE4-B584-B0340102A32B DA12 2PG 128b Milton Road, Gravesend 24/7 Public
954521A9-DF66-4237-99FB-ADD700ADD50D DA12 2PS Paye Stonework And Restoration, Unit 4 Norfolk Road Industrial Estate, Norfolk Road Variable Restricted
AD700A4D-EA3F-4149-A6C3-ADD700AF3926 DA12 2PS Paye Stonework And Restoration, Unit 4 Norfolk Road Industrial Estate, Norfolk Road Variable Restricted
AA159F5B-6FAC-48CD-9286-B03400F30CFF DA12 2RS Dfds Logistics Services Ltd, Land Used For Storage And Premises, Canal Road Variable Restricted
DDFE782C-9281-4EBC-B550-AE2B009C8923 DA12 2RS Flat Above, 1 Canal Road, Gravesend Variable Public
088973AE-B645-474E-8D19-AD4800EBC450 DA12 2RU Mobile Mini Uk Ltd, Wharf Road, Gravesend Variable Restricted
8EB3D397-233D-4E87-A61D-AE8D0091BA40 DA12 2SY St Johns Roman Catholic Primary School, Rochester Road, Gravesend Variable Restricted
DB33F0B9-C172-449A-881D-AE8400F5F329 DA12 3AN Forestry England, Jeskyns Cafe Jeskyns Community Woodland And Greenspace, Henhurst Road 24/7 Public
A8C59DFC-5BDE-4C19-B671-B034013EA5D5 DA12 3AX St Mary's Church Room, St Marys Church Room, Sole Street 24/7 Public
0C757711-243E-4804-BB4D-B034013D58A2 DA12 3BN Cobham Bowls Club, The Landway, Off The Street 24/7 Public
32796D48-F670-4A5E-AA85-AEA200AB6905 DA12 3BS National Trust, The Barn, Lodge Lane 24/7 Public
48089D67-6C8B-4FA1-8B80-AEA200B6842E DA12 3BS National Trust, The Barn, Lodge Lane 24/7 Public
BE85D8B3-8428-4A20-B522-B0340137E7BC DA12 3BZ Meadow Rooms, The Street, Gravesend 24/7 Public
4A4D0D38-2C2E-40E4-A627-AEC8015121DA DA12 3EA Shorne Parish Council, Village Hall, The Street 24/7 Public
6ACE0475-8E60-4A8B-BFA8-B05700919DA8 DA12 3JT Long Acre, Pear Tree Lane, Shorne Variable Restricted
75217117-BE34-4433-9153-AEA600DA2235 DA12 4JW Surgery, 116 St Gregorys Crescent, Gravesend Variable Restricted
A7DF73BA-8736-4839-8505-AFFD00E91F8A DA12 4LF Legend Sports Ltd, Tennis Centre Cascades Leisure Centre, Thong Lane 24/7 Public
CD4814C1-3377-4E47-AA94-AE7300C0CD92 DA12 4LG Gravesend Golf Centre, Thong Lane, Gravesend Variable Public
6798 DA12 4NQ Gravesend Boat, Kent 24/7 Public
6170AFCD-5215-47CC-88C5-AFC0009D432B DA12 4NQ Gravesend Boat, Leander Drive, Gravesend 24/7 Public
299E4B38-2CC4-43A6-B1A5-B03C01008CDE DA12 4SD Riverview Infant School, Cimba Wood, Gravesend Variable Restricted
127D8A22-62A8-4351-8FCD-AE3900CDF92D DA12 4SF Tesco, Unit 2 Latona Parade, Whinfell Way Variable Public
038256F4-F3C0-4FB6-9C31-B02B00B01411 DA12 5LS Tesco Whitehill Lane Gravesend Express, Whitehill Ln, Gravesend Variable Public
9B0C07B2-6C3D-499B-930B-AB0200FD9B51 DA12 5ND Punjab United Fc, The Manak Stadium, Elite Venue Variable Restricted
7A20858A-6210-4CA7-958C-B01001081E73 DA12 5QJ 11 The Curlews, Gravesend 24/7 Restricted
EAE5F395-5806-4AEB-BE04-AE400072405D DA12 5RT Tesco Express, 12 The Parade, Valley Dr 24/7 Public
BC45868B-5C47-472B-B78F-AE8A00D7D598 DA13 0EW National Autistic Society, Helen Allison School, Longfield Road Variable Restricted
A0F67739-BB66-4E7C-812E-AF4C00A5546D DA13 0JE Meopham Colts Youth Football Club, Judsons Recreational Ground, Wrotham Road 24/7 Public
5DD6EA8C-CA1D-4568-9A59-AFF501022CE4 DA13 0JL Tesco, Atm Site The Parade, 12-13 Wrotham Road Variable Public
64B3F23B-3127-4E87-9654-AF320054D494 DA13 0LT Meopham Station, Station Approach, Off Wrotham Road 24/7 Public
A7F2E4AB-1AAE-411A-B926-AE940068DE13 DA13 0RF Culverstone Green Primary School, Wrotham Road, Gravesend 24/7 Public
029306E7-4B43-497D-A736-AE3700B7D839 DA13 0SW 106 Timber Bank, Vigo, Gravesend 24/7 Public
C4A9111C-C424-4AC0-B2DE-AE3800AEBCC5 DA13 0TD The Villager Public House, The Bay, Vigo Variable Public
58F24585-8B70-44EB-872C-AE38009C2CF3 DA13 0TE 1 The Paddock, Vigo, Gravesend 24/7 Public
495B8FBE-67DC-41A8-B97B-AE3800AC5417 DA13 0TG 77 Highview, Vigo, Gravesend 24/7 Public
4FC58901-3081-48DF-A4DC-AE7E00B8F6A2 DA13 0UJ Culverstone Community Centre, Mountfield Close, Meopham Variable Restricted
BBC74E9D-D1E2-4B04-8F41-ADEF01490F5D DA13 0XE Village Hall, Luddesdown Road, Gravesend 24/7 Public
1FE4DA0A-03E6-4AC4-B622-AF0700B0B1F2 DA13 0XY Sole Street Railway Station, Sole Street, Gravesend 24/7 Public
E56562BE-91E6-460C-8ED9-B03500F98185 DA13 9BA Round Street, Corner Cottage, Round Street 24/7 Public
1B148B5E-1301-4364-94B3-AF390082C2B0 DA13 9JQ Memorial Hall, Lewis Road, Gravesend 24/7 Public
48DEC10A-55A4-4DBB-9F9B-AF0700C88FDC DA13 9JQ Memorial Hall, Lewis Road, Gravesend 24/7 Public
ADFEB96A-9E91-43D5-BF45-AEBE00903F51 DA13 9LB Istead United Colts, Istead Rise Recreation Ground, Worcester Close 24/7 Public
958694D0-F70C-4B10-99D9-B099008BD00A DA13 9LJ Evridge Ltd, Unit 10-11 Storefast Estate, Park Corner Road Variable Restricted
F0B23C04-7DBE-4ABF-9598-ADE400A5BEB4 DA13 9PA Fcc Environment - Southfleet, Recycling Centre Southfleet, Station Road Variable Restricted
C4A9328F-E407-438B-B2E5-B0890103124F DA14 4AA Emmanuel Church Sidcup, Emmanuel Church, Granville Road 24/7 Public
90276933-9732-4C65-AA9D-B04200F1E11F DA14 4JN Cleeve Meadow School, Bexley Lane, Sidcup Variable Restricted
E6DD0A6B-94BF-4722-A632-AD790083E26C DA14 4NB Allied Technical Services (Ats), 5 Lewis Road, Sidcup Variable Restricted
EE43D5BB-807B-4B1E-9B04-AF4C0152C5FE DA14 4NB Private Household, 59 Lewis Road, Sidcup Variable Restricted
FF2B6519-F2E8-4A2D-935E-AF9B00E3775B DA14 4PT J Browne Construction, C/O Thames Water Bexley Pumping Station, Riverside Road Variable Restricted
C3727DD9-492F-4E12-839D-AF1D01046AD6 DA14 4PX Royal Park Primary School, Riverside Road, Sidcup Variable Restricted
90942F4D-578C-4460-A3C4-B06500A03550 DA14 4QU Merton Court School, 38 Knoll Road, Sidcup Variable Restricted
07D65DE1-7DBB-4418-BD84-AFF000D0AA36 DA14 5AA Kemnal Technology College, Sevenoaks Way, Orpington Variable Public
84CEB997-86EF-4B81-803E-AFF000DD850D DA14 5AA Kemnal Technology College, Sevenoaks Way, Orpington Variable Public
FB7583F9-7EE7-4850-AD8B-AFFE00C2CA95 DA14 5AF Footprint Scenery Ltd, Unit 9 Chancerygate Industrial Park, Edgington Way Variable Restricted
5B9BB0BD-ADBB-4C3C-BEA3-AF7900DBAB23 DA14 5AS Stonehill Woods Park, The Office, Stonehill Woods Park 24/7 Public
8EC6FDB4-2EA9-4FF9-AF16-AF0E00C3309A DA14 5AS The Office, Stonehill Woods Park, Old London Road 24/7 Public
7E4E1A37-5CD1-4052-9173-AFE100A0030D DA14 5BL Screwfix, Screwfix, Unit 9 Ruxley Corner Industrial Estate, Edgington Way Variable Public
9B6F8D63-2052-4A05-AC1E-AFB200EDFE3E DA14 5BN Tesco Sidcup, Tesco Stores Ltd, Edgington Way Variable Public
C810EA23-229A-4919-9ED9-AEC50087CAAB DA14 5BP 1st Foots Cray Scout Group, Rectory Lane, Sidcup Variable Restricted
3C9E0248-72DB-4ADD-9C37-AED30083981C DA14 5BU Hope Communtiy School, 167 Rectory Lane, Sidcup Variable Restricted
08C3D98A-B542-48C2-A108-AF100110C329 DA14 5DD St John Ambulance Hall, Suffolk Road, Sidcup 24/7 Public
C7E54BDF-8B25-4397-98FC-AFFF0074F2F9 DA14 5ED St Peter Chanel, St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School, Baugh Road Variable Public
21F422C5-D52B-4491-98BE-AF2B00E3A72F DA14 5EF Itw Envopak (J C A House), Itw Envopak (Block A), 29 Edgington Way Variable Public
2F798569-45D9-4566-93AC-AFF30079EDBF DA14 5ER St James’s Church, Church Centre The Bothy, St James Way 24/7 Public
AC3DF267-C21F-429A-BFD8-AF0E00A867E5 DA14 5EZ North Cray Residents Association, 37 Parsonage Lane, Sidcup 24/7 Public
679991B5-67A1-4D97-8650-AE37010BA9F3 DA14 6AH Carlton Centre, Carlton Road, Sidcup Variable Public
A9E4152B-B4D7-486B-8BA6-AEE60094CBDA DA14 6ED Mizen, 33 Sidcup High Street, Sidcup 24/7 Public
BA63B6EF-00BD-49FA-92D9-AF6600D7C9C0 DA14 6NE 108 Main Road, Sidcup 24/7 Public
DEEF0832-EF35-400F-8FCC-AF0700BA6CB7 DA15 7AW Sidcup Station, Station Road, Sidcup Variable Public
17E79956-277B-4199-8C27-AE4300BD7343 DA15 7DB Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, 4-6 Station Road Variable Public
A45F8B8D-FA3C-44EE-A778-AEED00DE12FE DA15 7DS Station Road Surgery, 69 Station Road, Sidcup Variable Restricted
E98DF497-9D0D-47F9-B236-B08200F99064 DA15 7JG Longlands Primary School, Woodside Road, Sidcup Variable Public
5BD4DE1C-823F-4A4C-98E8-AF89011AE58D DA15 8DG 150 Halfway Street, Sidcup Variable Restricted
EC07EA68-A652-41BB-A165-AEA200AC2E1D DA15 8DG 150 Halfway Street, Sidcup Variable Restricted
AAFAF12F-880A-4C6B-B961-AEF300CB010C DA15 8LW Our Lady Of The Rosary Social Club, 330a Burnt Oak Lane, Sidcup 24/7 Public
820C5E24-7BB4-4B05-987F-B08E00E1BBB7 DA15 8WA The Hollies, 66, Maple Leaf Drive, 25 Metres From Pavement, 66 Maple Leaf Drive, The Hollies, 24/7 Public
1F9EE177-F275-4287-B135-AFF9014566DC DA15 9AE 1a Hurst Road, Sidcup 24/7 Public
5B9342D3-FDA7-46A2-BBD9-B06200A0DBB6 DA15 9AG Chislehurst And Sidcup Grammar School, Hurst Road, Sidcup Variable Public
638BC3CB-A773-4962-8144-B06200A72477 DA15 9AG Chislehurst And Sidcup Grammar School, Hurst Road, Sidcup Variable Public
657E0BC2-8396-4705-88F5-AEEE006A5978 DA15 9AG Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School, Chislehurst And Sidcup Grammar School, Hurst Road Variable Public
8CC26805-1909-4E16-ACDC-AEEE0072D510 DA15 9AG Chislehurst And Sidcup Grammar School, Hurst Road, Sidcup Variable Public
977ACED8-96ED-470E-B9B9-AEEE006F7390 DA15 9AG Chislehurst And Sidcup Grammar School, Hurst Road, Sidcup Variable Public
272CC1B0-894C-4C97-B4F0-B07400C36D1F DA15 9AW Medical Room, Hurstmere Secondary School, Hurst Road Variable Restricted
94FC0155-5658-4B7A-8041-AFBD00E1C556 DA15 9AW Hurstmere Secondary School, Hurst Road, Sidcup 24/7 Restricted
CB6AB77D-1866-486F-B34D-ADCF00DAB444 DA15 9AW Medical Room, Hurstmere Secondary School, Hurst Road Variable Restricted
E5A5CB76-993B-4B95-94BC-AFCD008D3A09 DA15 9AW External, Sports Block, Hurstmere Secondary School, Hurst Road Variable Restricted
E9013E0E-434F-4F44-8F23-B007009AA683 DA15 9AW Prep Room 2, Science Department, Hurstmere Secondary School, Hurst Road Variable Restricted
44EF1DA2-009D-4387-A396-B01B00E4F4C7 DA15 9DB Holy Trinity Church Of England School, Burnt Oak Lane, Sidcup Variable Restricted
65CBB5F4-6ADC-4698-AE05-AE2200A595BB DA15 9NU Blackfen School For Girls, Blackfen Road, Sidcup 24/7 Public
D198CB9F-2858-490D-AE25-AEC6014E0E3E DA15 9PT The Broken Drum, 308 Westwood Lane, Sidcup Variable Public
C28F2264-4E3C-4DF9-9194-B04200C2538A DA16 1DR Hillsgrove Primary School, Sidmouth Road, Welling Variable Restricted
A4EC2D75-1FE3-4827-B852-B03B01068DE7 DA16 1HB St. Michaels East Wickham C Of E School, St Michaels Church Of England Aided Primary, Saltash Road Variable Public
35B57A5E-4CEC-408A-ABF6-AEC800F8C2F3 DA16 1LS St Michael's East Wickham Ce Primary School, Wrotham Road, Welling Variable Restricted
121AF1B1-06EC-43F9-B6CF-AF1E00CF1EAC DA16 1PN Fosters Primary School, Westbrooke Road, Welling Variable Restricted
39352177-2882-4602-BB4B-B06F0125CC5F DA16 1SP Scout Hall, 52 Warwick Road, Welling 24/7 Public
331E06E7-7EF2-4472-84C7-B0A5014E7752 DA16 1SY Welling United Football Club, Park View Road, Welling 24/7 Restricted
FEFD369B-89D5-4E14-A1DA-B00100BAFB2D DA16 1SY Bexleyheath Sports Club, Park View Road, Welling 24/7 Public
535295FF-BBE8-4AA6-BF91-B02700991F6F DA16 1TH Tesco Welling, Embassy Court, Welling High Street Variable Public
CF799E76-1762-43E0-A623-AFE400ACCFDF DA16 1TR The Rose And Crown Public House, 15 Welling High Street, Welling 24/7 Public
859AB519-53CB-4098-A7B3-B03400DCC54F DA16 2AA Hook Lane Primary School, Churchfield Road, Welling Variable Restricted
C8579066-D782-4A27-9183-AFE800C63683 DA16 2BL Bexley Grammar School, Bexley Grammar Mixed School, Danson Lane Variable Public
4527BF69-292A-423E-A207-AE5900CBF2E4 DA16 2ET Hook Lane Primary School Breakfast/After School Club, Hook Lane Primary School, Faraday Road Variable Restricted
6AC71373-5247-41C1-BCE0-AEAC00A8E1F1 DA16 3AU Southeastern Trains, 1 Station Approach South, Welling Train Station Variable Public
31E9575B-A7E2-4DC5-81DC-AF26008EC0DA DA16 3DN Welling Station, Station Approach, Welling 24/7 Public
BC6CFA7C-437B-4FF0-8686-AE3B014F6725 DA16 3DX Tesco, 172 Upper Wickham Lane, Welling Variable Public
36CA4DE1-DB09-42BE-891F-AFEA00DB10C0 DA16 3PA Screwfix, 21-25 Bellegrove Road, Welling Variable Restricted
0C58A01A-97B8-4FFF-A939-AFC600FD505A DA16 3QG Ruskin Avenue, Welling Variable Restricted
D30A6CAF-6B74-4624-8A86-AED3007DEA38 DA16 3QG St Stephen's Catholic Primary, Ruskin Avenue, Welling Variable Restricted
6352A220-FF05-44E5-BB56-AFD600BDF056 DA16 3QR Tesco Express, 124 Bellegrove Road, Welling 24/7 Public
6317B2CB-E889-4A13-A198-ADD3013ED5AE DA16 3QU St. Mary's Church, St Marys Church Hall, Sandringham Drive 24/7 Public
B2CEE917-D267-42D7-8AC5-AD6800B68245 DA17 5AA 2-6 Paroma Road, Belvedere Variable Public
DFBA067F-3F62-402C-8BED-ADDA009DB527 DA17 5EE Prince Of Wales, Prince Of Wales Public House, 13a Woolwich Road 24/7 Public
37E39135-55CB-4DBB-85EE-B0AC00E096E4 DA17 6AX Unit B4 Oyo Business Units Belvedere, Crabtree Manorway North, Belvedere Variable Restricted
4902E2F4-8AF8-48EB-8410-AF8600D0183E DA17 6DF B And Q Warehouse, 303 Lower Road, Belvedere Variable Public
84363B40-23A7-46AB-ABFE-AEEB00D7B3F0 DA17 6DF Asda, Asda Stores Ltd, 301 Lower Road Variable Public
EDC7BB23-31E1-4675-9D1B-AF5D00BCD2BA DA17 6DW Woodside School, Halt Robin Road, Belvedere Variable Public
9ED3431E-9BFF-45F3-BBB8-AFE800BA10D5 DA17 6FD Screwfix, 6 Clydesdale Way, Belvedere Variable Restricted
524AD315-1181-413A-B95D-AECF00BC5C6F DA17 6JJ Southeastern, Belvedere Railway Station, Station Road 24/7 Public
5AEFFC85-31B7-4925-B323-AF0700C3C044 DA17 6JJ Belvedere Station, Station Road, Belvedere 24/7 Public
810391D6-D4BE-4182-B717-B06F00CF470B DA2 6BH City Arms House, 125-127 London Road, Dartford Variable Public
DB73FDC5-32F9-48DE-9280-B00C00C89D1A DA2 6BJ 137 London Road, Stone Variable Public
46E8E66F-7D0B-41C9-B214-AF5E010A4DDF DA2 6EG Dartford Fire Station, Watling Street, Dartford 24/7 Public
9E1FD76B-1D32-441E-87D2-AEAC00EBCC2F DA2 6JX Fleetdown Primary Academy, Fleetdown School, Lunedale Road Variable Restricted
C4568561-66A9-404A-98BA-AECF00C1C696 DA2 6QA John Lewis Partnership, Unit 60, Claire Causeway Variable Public
B3AEB76C-5591-40F6-8E3E-AE4300E7F7E4 DA2 6QE Mariner House, Galleon Boulevard, Dartford Variable Public
44D9BAA0-9FD5-48E4-B97B-AFCD00F0E1CA DA2 6QG Unit 8 Masthead, Capstan Court, Crossways Business Park Variable Restricted
21C26E75-B274-499C-A67D-AE6900E48098 DA2 6QP Yodel, Unit 30, Bridge Close,, Edison Business Park, Dartford Variable Restricted
2D4E2BAB-9E3A-4077-9594-AFCD00F2ED0C DA2 7DA Wilmington Grammar School For Boys, Common Lane, Wilmington Variable Restricted
1FA17F6C-A939-45A9-AE99-ADD40098B436 DA2 7GA Bexley Park Sports & Social Club, Burger Bar 5 Calvert Drive, Dartford 24/7 Public
E598C66F-E1F5-4312-8B9D-ADD40096B89D DA2 7GA Bexley Park Sports & Social Club, Tennis Courts 5 Calvert Drive, Dartford 24/7 Public
FE76D786-6A66-44AD-98A1-ADD4009BCFC9 DA2 7GA Bexley Park Sports & Social Club, Sqaush Courts 5 Calvert Drive, Dartford 24/7 Restricted
C5F91E73-F318-487A-B904-AEC8011C4BD4 DA2 7HJ Birchwood Park Golf Course, Birchwood Park Golf Centre, Birchwood Road Variable Restricted
CD7A0564-6AE5-43FD-AE1B-AFA500CF08B6 DA2 7HJ Birchwood Park Golf Course, Birchwood Park Golf Centre, Birchwood Road Variable Restricted
B41DE99D-9861-4961-A45F-AF2400CA669B DA2 7LR Darenth Parish Council, Jubilee Hall Waller Park Pavilion, Off Wood Lane 24/7 Public
498D8217-C5DC-4E50-B2C6-B02E00DAD27A DA2 8AW Bean Primary School, Bean Primary School, School Lane, School Lane Variable Restricted
4364B72E-BE9A-4DD5-A187-AF8C013D6982 DA3 7AN 1st New Barn Scouts, Community Hall, Nurstead Lane 24/7 Public
D1889825-05F3-4FA7-A503-AE8A00DD4865 DA3 7GA National Autistic Society, Helen Allison School, Brickfield Farm 24/7 Public
C8686C32-268B-47DC-A3A4-AE2A00A7CC53 DA3 7PW Langafel Church Of England Primary, Langafel Church Of England Primary School, Main Road 24/7 Restricted
A1CDCD48-1257-440B-AFFB-AED300EC058E DA3 7QA Waitrose Longfield, 63 Station Rd, Longfield 24/7 Public
FEF2D0C0-D33E-403D-8A28-AF0700ADE006 DA3 7QA Se Trains Ltd, Longfield Railway Station, Station Road 24/7 Public
6F716CBE-8390-430E-8805-AEE501092454 DA3 7QP Longfield And New Barn Parish Council, 24 Fawkham Road, Longfield 24/7 Public
6E360E08-319F-47F9-9389-AF1800B2633B DA3 8EL Hartley Village Hall, Ash Road, Hartley 24/7 Public
34C4E8CB-3CF5-4629-AF73-ADCD008FA438 DA3 8HH New Ash Green Village Association, Centre Road, New Ash Green 24/7 Public
21335B01-4615-4414-BF07-ADC90101F2DE DA3 8HR The Pavilion, New Ash Green Sports Pavilion, Punch Croft 24/7 Public
BCC96D2A-34E7-41A1-9D26-B07400B447F4 DA3 8JT New Ash Green Primary School, Church Road, New Ash Green Variable Restricted
FA88CC4B-5D2C-445D-A18B-AF0400BA147A DA3 8LY Corinthian Sports Club, Corinthian Sports Club, Gay Dawn Farm, Valley Road 24/7 Public
4406CC47-2329-4AC8-BD8D-AF890178DFC8 DA3 8NA Fawkham Parish Council, Fawkham Village Hall, Valley Road 24/7 Public
724BD7E2-11B6-4F88-B3F6-AE9B010D487F DA3 8NJ Speedgate Saddlery, Speedgate Farm, Mussenden Lane 24/7 Public
32ADB445-C2F5-46D0-9E26-AF03011932CC DA3 8NL The Rising Sun, Valley Road, Fawkham 24/7 Public
16F9433B-A6B2-48D2-9C0B-AEAD00C3DC2B DA4 0AA The Anthony Roper School, High Street, Eynsford Variable Restricted
A3AA8367-F009-4DEE-994D-AE7801364257 DA4 0DQ Farningham Cricket Club, Horton Way, Farningham Variable Restricted
85D07AF5-B5BA-424A-9221-AF1F0090391A DA4 0HP Eynsford Railway Station, Station Road, Eynsford 24/7 Public
97C95278-A4DC-466B-94B2-ADE900BE6A63 DA4 9AN The Jolly Miller, 1 East Hill, South Darenth 24/7 Public
0C8F9A8A-3FF6-4538-983F-AF0700B2C647 DA4 9JB Farningham Road Railway Station, Station Road, Sutton At Hone 24/7 Public
198C1FD0-482D-421C-A6F6-AF320054D965 DA4 9LB Farningham Road Station, Station Road, South Darenth 24/7 Public
B99679D4-5945-4A09-8190-AE53010F32FD DA4 9LD Barrett Steel, Farningham Road Station, Station Road Variable Restricted
D05663D2-5E44-415E-BFD3-AE0100F2FD44 DA4 9LG Southdowns Retirement Village Management, Gorringe Avenue, South Darenth Variable Restricted
5198 DA5 1AA Freemantle Hall, Kent 24/7 Public
1FFED52E-B052-4269-ADEC-B04C0106A3CF DA5 1AB Old Bexley Ex Servicemens Club, 59 High Street, Bexley Variable Public
910FFD7C-397C-4BF6-80BF-AECF00BBD644 DA5 1AQ Bexley Railway Station, Station Approach, Bexley 24/7 Public
A2F4F2CE-BC1E-4EA7-9C1F-AEED00997F25 DA5 1AQ Bexley Station, Station Approach, Bexley 24/7 Public
0B1FC118-63E7-45AC-A353-AEF300C6D8BD DA5 1HU Plas Meddyg Surgery, 40 Parkhill Road, Bexley 24/7 Public
0398777A-DEBD-4AB7-80C7-AFB900AADA4B DA5 1LW Old Dartfordians Association, Bourne Road, Bexley 24/7 Public
EDCC814A-38A8-48C9-8478-AEEE01003C0E DA5 1PQ London Borough Of Bexley, Hall Place Sports Pavilion, Bourne Road Variable Restricted
6EA11433-D9D6-4C93-8FD5-AFA100F2EB1D DA5 2EE Joydens Wood Library, Kent County Council Summerhouse Drive Library, 80 Summerhouse Drive 24/7 Public
F027672F-4D66-4BF6-ADF4-B04200D9FA56 DA5 2JD Joydens Wood County Primary Infants School, Park Way, Bexley Variable Restricted
06B87EC1-2299-415E-A573-AECF00BB4780 DA5 3HP Albany Park British Rail Station, Steynton Avenue, Bexley Variable Restricted
528992D5-787C-4FE9-9D99-AECF00AA7A73 DA5 3HP Southeastern, Albany Park Railway Station, Steynton Avenue 24/7 Public
F536D6E4-54F5-4DEB-8E6E-AEED00998BB6 DA5 3HP Albany Park Station, Steyton Avenue, Bexley 24/7 Public
708C5DCC-7845-4893-B59D-AE54008CEB9E DA6 7AT Nec, Civic Offices, 2 Watling Street Variable Restricted
A734CDD1-C2B1-404B-B467-AEDD00EC1E3D DA6 7BG T G Baynes Solicitors, Broadway House, 208 Broadway Variable Public
08CA6774-AA10-4C8D-BF1D-ADDD00F85FF6 DA6 7BH Apex Lift & Escalator Engineers Ltd, Apex Lifts, Art's House, Banks Lane Variable Public
07CC0A19-B640-40FD-8935-AEC400FE50C0 DA6 7DW The Renaissance Pub Company, Kings Arms Public House, 156 Broadway Variable Public
87BAC4CA-0D14-48AC-AAB3-AAAB00DC2C3B DA6 7EG Busy Bees Day Nursery, Graham Road, Bexleyheath Variable Public
52D5619B-CDEE-4988-9B3D-AFA300B802C3 DA6 7LP Albion Surgery, 6 Pincott Road, Bexleyheath Variable Public
24CD95D8-C203-41D7-8DBB-AFF600F0B246 DA6 7QB St Columbas R C School, Halcot Avenue, Bexleyheath Variable Restricted
4309D16C-E917-406C-8E07-AF100105AE88 DA6 7QB St Columbas R C School, Halcot Avenue, Bexleyheath Variable Restricted
F905AB8F-FED7-4501-9231-AFF600F8C78C DA6 7QB St Columbas R C School, Halcot Avenue, Bexleyheath Variable Restricted
8D1B9267-5529-4387-B9B0-AF6C00D14C23 DA6 8EQ Toby Carvery - Bexley Heath, Crook Log, Bexleyheath Variable Public
CDC65CCC-6B19-4FDA-B46C-B09300F470CB DA6 8NR The Salvation Army, Lion Road, Bexleyheath 24/7 Public
F003608C-FD39-4AB4-927C-AEAC00AAB476 DA7 4AA Bexleyheath Railway Station, Station Road, Bexleyheath Variable Public
273DE3AD-DF0F-425D-898D-B04C0092693F DA7 4DG Upland School, Church Road, Bexleyheath Variable Restricted
586C372F-1EAC-4DDC-A97D-ADD000B7F718 DA7 4EZ Adult Education Centre, 5 Brampton Road, Bexleyheath Variable Public
CF2F2937-7DE9-4041-9A0F-AE54004A1EB3 DA7 4JL Scout Centre, 85 Mayplace Road West, Bexleyheath 24/7 Public
2C25744F-A91F-4629-97F5-AE40009EFB4C DA7 4NR Covers Otbs, Upland Road, Bexleyheath Variable Public
DDA41C7F-DD92-4636-9783-AE82009FF12B DA7 4UN Barrington Primary School, Barrington Road, Bexleyheath Variable Restricted
21C57B6C-95ED-4EFC-89F0-AF91010C5377 DA7 5AE The Long Haul, 149 Long Lane, Bexleyheath 24/7 Public
3C25A2C7-3313-4DAA-B9E7-AF9A011C0351 DA7 6DE New Hope Church, Lyndhurst Chapel, Lyndhurst Rd 24/7 Public
C8F72904-9AAF-4604-AC80-AECA00A2ADBB DA7 6DX 14 Springfield Road, Bexleyheath 24/7 Public
AAF5713B-0712-492D-B37B-AF2600B171BC DA7 6HQ Barnehurst Railway Station, Station Approach, Bexleyheath 24/7 Public
07C2FCA9-D1F6-4296-8D8E-ADC800D5BFD1 DA8 1DL Marshall Fleet Vmu, Tesco, Church Manorway Variable Restricted
1EADBCCB-9D64-4A8A-9FD1-B03B00AF9DF8 DA8 1DL Tesco, Church Manorway, Erith 24/7 Restricted
B379CFD6-3795-4B8D-B090-B03B00AE8AF9 DA8 1DL Tesco, Church Manorway, Erith 24/7 Restricted
B5401490-13A4-4262-98F5-B03B00B0B915 DA8 1DL Tesco, Church Manorway, Erith 24/7 Restricted
344823E0-6925-41FB-8F05-AEE7008687F8 DA8 1EW Olleco, Unit 4, Viking Way Variable Public
F41F1F5E-174D-4A51-9985-AEE70085B708 DA8 1EW Olleco, Unit 4, Viking Way Variable Public
B168EBAB-3533-4001-AE09-AE6000D938E5 DA8 1HN 8 Mill Road, Erith Variable Restricted
0F69F82A-5928-4A8F-973C-AD1601498FC5 DA8 1TA Ultraworld Scanning Services Ltd, 31a Pier Road, Erith Variable Restricted
D82360CF-9475-434C-9741-AF0700C42BE2 DA8 1TY Erith Station, Stonewood Road, Erith 24/7 Public
FAAD5286-DADD-4E47-A4CD-AECF00C2736C DA8 1TY Southeastern, Erith Railway Station, Stonewood Road 24/7 Public
9039F590-70D9-4F5C-867C-AF3F00F93AF6 DA8 2HN Riglift Uk Ltd, Rig Lift Uk Ltd, Richmer Road Variable Restricted
C1D8684F-6447-4072-BE1A-ADDB00EA759E DA8 2LE Eurovia Infrastructure, Dayton Drive, Erith 24/7 Public
7428698C-AFF9-43A4-B52A-AF1100D6EF27 DA8 2LW St Augustines Church Hall, Slade Green Road, Erith Variable Public
92CCE5C2-EC9D-458D-A4ED-AEED009960D3 DA8 2NX Slade Green Station, Forest Road, Slade Green 24/7 Public
F175337E-DC25-4AFD-B544-AF8F0164BA21 DA8 3AT Erith Sports Centre, Avenue Road, Erith Variable Public
17D36999-EC90-4A28-8E8E-AE2400F019D8 DA8 3HD Tesco, 204-210 Bexley Road, Erith Variable Public
2BD13655-107B-4C18-B058-B03F00EC1F52 DA8 3NL School, Barnehurst Junior School, Barnehurst Close Variable Restricted
D9B61B13-4E7A-4E61-9D5A-AE3C00B8241A DA8 3PZ Tesco Express, Style And Winch, Northend Rd 24/7 Public
EE5719EF-514B-428D-B132-AF2400B29C01 DA9 9AR Stone Crossing Station, Stone Place Road, Greenhithe 24/7 Public
129002B2-CE6F-4E65-928B-AFE700E9299A DA9 9AY Screwfix, Unit 18 Charles Park, Greenhithe Variable Restricted
3F02A7FE-874C-4F18-AAB6-AF3C009D780B DA9 9AY Gb Refinish Supplies Ltd, 15 Quadrant Court, Crossways Business Park Variable Restricted
C14F0EE7-94E4-4DD6-9E13-AFBD00FF4FFE DA9 9AY Tialis Essential It, Unit 2/3, Quadrant Court Variable Restricted
53650843-2C83-4FD4-AC44-AEF300E7844B DA9 9BT Hanson Aggregates, Johnsons Wharf, Crossways Boulevard Variable Public
E0A5F084-79E4-4342-B326-AF1D00C1C265 DA9 9BT Greenhithe Wharf, Hanson Aggregates, Greenhithe Wharf Variable Restricted
ADA455BC-FB3B-45A4-B4B8-AD5D00ED41BB DA9 9HE Knockhall Playing Field, Knockhall Road, Greenhithe Variable Public
5A157C22-C0DF-42E7-9E7F-B04A00BCC3D3 DA9 9HH Greenhithe Community Centre, Alexander Road, Greenhithe 24/7 Public
5C507467-1C6A-4D5E-8C1B-AF32008D609D DA9 9NF Ivy Bower Doctors Surgery, 7 Ivy Bower Close, Greenhithe Variable Public
4817538A-2094-427A-9492-AEF300CCBF74 DA9 9NQ Greenhithe Station, Station Road, Greenhithe Variable Public
3F8B89A2-465D-41B9-8863-AEB600BD46BF DA9 9NT Cambria Sea Scout Compound, Between Numbers 1 And 4 The Avenue, (50 Metres Uphill From The Pier Hotel) 24/7 Public
3F52C202-1299-4BBB-AE82-AECF00C9D8A6 DA9 9SA John Lewis, Anc3, Lower Rose Gallery Variable Public
66D1BDF2-0510-4FAE-9BEA-AFCC00D52045 DA9 9SR O2 Store (0107) Bluewater - Upper Thames, Unit 077, Upper Thames Walk Variable Restricted
359B2D0B-C325-4105-A328-AEC400B11CFF DA9 9ST Bluewater - Greenhithe, Bluewater, Greenhithe 24/7 Restricted
6C615240-987D-490C-8D4E-AECB009432D6 DA9 9ST Bluewater - Greenhithe, Bluewater, Greenhithe 24/7 Restricted
740FC26F-EA08-475A-B32C-AEC300E1E010 DA9 9ST Bluewater - Greenhithe, Bluewater, Greenhithe 24/7 Restricted
83D88E3C-3C1F-4A12-BB78-AEC400B112A7 DA9 9ST Bluewater - Greenhithe, Bluewater, Greenhithe 24/7 Restricted
85EC626C-78C1-4A58-A4E6-AECB00922D8F DA9 9ST Bluewater - Greenhithe, Bluewater, Greenhithe 24/7 Restricted
88685661-3A81-4A28-9809-AECB00AABF38 DA9 9ST Bluewater - Greenhithe, Bluewater, Greenhithe 24/7 Restricted
9FA08F9F-6E18-4052-A63B-AEC400B10672 DA9 9ST Bluewater - Greenhithe, Bluewater, Greenhithe 24/7 Restricted
B8754CAB-5140-4743-8891-AECA009732AD DA9 9ST Bluewater - Greenhithe, Bluewater, Greenhithe 24/7 Restricted
BAD26F62-83A2-46B4-834C-AECB00AB0356 DA9 9ST Bluewater - Greenhithe, Bluewater, Greenhithe 24/7 Restricted
C44850B5-B975-4F73-B56E-AECB0093A3D0 DA9 9ST Bluewater - Greenhithe, Bluewater, Greenhithe 24/7 Restricted
E02C26C6-FDAC-4D7F-90FD-AECB00934134 DA9 9ST Bluewater - Greenhithe, Bluewater, Greenhithe 24/7 Restricted
ED1EA2EE-5C73-4F4E-8E5E-AECB00AA2C94 DA9 9ST Bluewater - Greenhithe, Bluewater, Greenhithe 24/7 Restricted
FB1BBFAE-DDF0-4D1B-826B-AEC400B0F92B DA9 9ST Bluewater - Greenhithe, Bluewater, Greenhithe 24/7 Restricted

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 10 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n8187573629 outside front wall
MZ n8197749204 outside wall to right as you face the entrance from outside
MZ n8199316186 behind reception desk
MZ n8276440061 Outside side wall to the left when facing front of building
MZ n9386120545 within The Oaks Surgery
MZ n9440771740 Behind the tills, on the wall next to the opticians/next to valuables store
MZ n9442510272
MZ n9574020807 Behind customer service desk - left as you enter the store
MZ n9868191465 Inside main lobby area
MZ n10178907621 On outside wall, adjacent to entrance

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 11 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
09726817-1C5C-41C6-9A70-AE93011A93AD DA13 0AT Caretakers Cottage Village Hall, Wrotham Road, Gravesend n10652382429 outside Meopham Village Hall 14 m
6233 DA13 0LU Telephone Box, Kent n11113005877 inside old phone box by entrance to Meopham railway station car park 1 m
4FA2AD46-437F-4AF2-862C-AF0700B001B9 DA13 0LU Meopham Railway Station, Station Approach, Gravesend n11113005877 inside old phone box by entrance to Meopham railway station car park 58 m
E9C62217-79F6-461F-A131-AE9900C8B968 DA2 8BS G82122, Bean Village Surgery, Southfleet Road n10901384184 57 m
F7C52799-41C5-43EF-81B6-AE8401096A39 DA2 7EG St Michaels Church Hall, High Road, Wilmington n7728322049 Attached to wall (on the outside, facing the street) of church hall 13 m
581E1F21-848B-4913-A2FD-AE8D008B3E92 DA2 7AZ Leyton Cross Social Club, 14, Tredegar Road n8232736178 Post at gate entrance for vehicles 51 m
3AB077B0-3945-4962-919D-ADC200DCE19A DA4 0JA Unit 1 Lullingstone Park Farm Offices Estate, Lullingstone Lane, Eynsford n10040720018 outside wall of building 8 m
0A210B06-1B86-4704-BC5F-AE8D00B80424 DA4 0HP Southeastern, Eynsford Railway Station, Station Road n8846979638 Outside wall next to entrance door, 0.75 metre above ground 6 m
6143 DA4 0AH Eynsford Cricket Club, Kent n8273843595 Outside of building on front wall 142 m
C6DA7834-68E7-47FF-94F3-AE780133E307 DA4 0BD White Post Garage, Eynsford Road, Farningham n9313232361 External building wall 24 m
D6A10CF0-8B28-4311-9F35-AE76015E8BDC DA4 0DH Farningham Village Hall, High Street, Farningham n8273949812 Outside of Farningham Village Hall next to wheelchair ramp, right side of building when standing in 8 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

No items in this category.

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