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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'SW' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 500 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
85580121-C8AE-4EEA-98E0-AEFB00A62086 SW10 0LR The Good Practice, 409 Kings Road, London Variable Public
399927E5-04E9-4E36-9274-B00000A4F27F SW10 0RN Suez Recycling And Recovery Uk - Kensington & Chelsea - Chelsea Creek Depot, Lots Road, Kensington & Chelsea Variable Public
28094B6A-59A1-462F-A0F6-AF5100C2412B SW10 9PN 196-200 Fulham Road, London Variable Public
38DB7E4F-4016-4CB2-BAF7-ADCE010B16D2 SW10 9QH Skinfluencer, 307 Fulham Road, Chelsea 24/7 Public
17598429-E1FD-4362-8A0C-AE3A00A6BC30 SW11 1HG Tesco, 29 Battersea Rise, London 24/7 Public
8A10B82E-6151-440E-8635-ADE900B76E03 SW11 1JL Share Community Ltd, 64 Altenburg Gardens, London Variable Restricted
28A2FAB3-FD41-4915-AB35-B0270093D283 SW11 1TN Quicksilver, Ground Floor, 1-1a St Johns Hill 24/7 Public
18652256-F7EA-40B5-BF54-AE390104E1F7 SW11 2PJ Tesco Express, 23-27 Falcon Road, Battersea Variable Public
49CCDD55-1C11-4043-BC4C-B09600E8ACEB SW11 2TD Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School, Este Road, London Variable Restricted
34D13986-8350-4BCC-A61D-AED9009C081E SW11 2UG Flo - Tideway, Electricity Sub Station West Of Falconbrook Pumping Station, Lavender Road Variable Restricted
450E9022-DA46-42CF-84F5-AF3501051389 SW11 3BE The London Heliport, Bridges Wharf, Battersea Variable Restricted
9E2B72AA-73BD-41A2-9D7E-AD5600B4DD55 SW11 3RX Big Yellow Self Storage Company Ltd, 55 Lombard Road, London 24/7 Public
5B45240E-86FE-4098-A02A-AFE8006A0BEC SW11 3SD Screwfix, Commercial Unit, 202 York Road Variable Restricted
AFFADDAA-D749-4D09-9BAF-B00B00A5F6AE SW11 3TG Hill Group - Randall Close, Battersea Variable Restricted
3B505F7D-7D0F-4BF2-B8A1-AEF400A0C01F SW11 3UJ Chatfield Health Care, Chatfield Medical Centre, 50 Chatfield Road Variable Restricted
F52830E8-C138-479E-A6D2-AEF200EB4CCF SW11 3UJ Chatfield Healthcare, Chatfield Medical Centre, 50 Chatfield Road Variable Restricted
FFFA4E9E-A512-4F12-8354-ADFA00C83783 SW11 3YJ Montevetro, Montevetro Building, 100 Battersea Church Road 24/7 Restricted
0268BF4E-D8B5-4199-8ADD-AE40010C7D67 SW11 4AN Foster & Partners Ltd, Riverside One, 22 Hester Road Variable Public
194A817B-C1A4-4BA1-B197-ADCB0083827F SW11 4AN Stars Gym, Unit 5, 8 Hester Road Variable Public
27B686EB-A52B-4665-8063-AF4900A4ED33 SW11 4AN Albion Wharf Riverside Project Office, Hester Road, London Variable Restricted
3BA69BCB-8A0F-452C-B663-B014009D2726 SW11 4FA Tesco Prince Of Wales, 3a Palmers Drive, Nine Elms Variable Public
A41E04A6-B96C-4F0F-866C-AE3800F148EF SW11 4LU Tesco Express, 275-277 Battersea Park Rd, Battersea Variable Public
5865396E-D253-4C01-BEF3-AF0400772385 SW11 4NJ Wandsworth Parks & Events Police, Staff Depot And Herb Garden Battersea Park, Albert Bridge Road Variable Restricted
D652CE11-BD8F-4BBE-A8A7-AF040073430B SW11 4NJ Wandsworth Parks & Events Police, Staff Depot And Herb Garden Battersea Park, Albert Bridge Road Variable Restricted
FF2164EF-EEC4-42F5-A4E4-AF040075F6C7 SW11 4NJ Wandsworth Parks & Events Police, Staff Depot And Herb Garden Battersea Park, Albert Bridge Road Variable Restricted
22B17B79-9786-42A1-BCD1-AEE8009E0291 SW11 4NP Unit 6 To 10 Ransomes Dock, 35-37 Parkgate Road, London Variable Restricted
7D8FE9D1-F9D5-4091-9B87-AE4000FD6858 SW11 4NQ Foster & Partners Ltd, Sterling House, Great Eastern Wharf Variable Public
8A01021C-C7FB-4852-8BFF-ADC9013E506B SW11 5BW Nuffield Health, Sheepcote Lane, (Off Latchmere Road) Variable Restricted
50526C18-DCEF-44B5-9BDA-AE2000DCEEC4 SW11 5BX 35 Rowditch Lane, London 24/7 Restricted
52657BC6-0C24-4337-9565-AEEB010FE36C SW11 5JP Battersea Fields Practice, 3 Austin Road, London Variable Restricted
850DF64B-62F0-4D4C-85AA-B02800CFF42C SW11 5QR John Burns Primary School, Wycliffe Road, Battersea 24/7 Public
CF6B14E8-8D41-403D-AB84-B02700C7C7E0 SW11 5UW Shaftesbury Park Primary School, Ashbury Road, Battersea Variable Restricted
757FB28C-C90C-4A61-9E85-AE6100CE8F18 SW11 6EL Northcote Lodge Preparatory School, 26 Bolingbroke Grove, London Variable Restricted
EA661D44-8121-43FD-AD79-AF3C0113282F SW11 6PL 99 Northcote Road, London Variable Public
459C71D5-CDF0-4938-9B6D-B08B01259BC5 SW12 0LF Grafton Tennis & Squash Club, 70a Thornton Road, London 24/7 Public
EA2002A5-7A57-4F10-A577-ADCC00DF528D SW12 0LF Tennis 62m From 12 Thornton Gardens 70m From Thornton Gardens, Thornton Gardens, London 24/7 Public
70C40B6F-5B3C-41D3-A4DE-AF1000FFF371 SW12 8BG 12 Blandfield Road, London Variable Public
9A918FE7-4FA0-4B5D-9D90-AFF80092C555 SW12 8EN St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College, Malwood Road, London Variable Restricted
9883E4AF-6575-48B4-85E1-AF8200CC5251 SW12 8NA Oak Lodge School, 101 Nightingale Lane, London Variable Restricted
026BC1DA-B92D-4784-B5DC-AF0B0109CEC7 SW12 8NB Nightingale Hammerson, Nightingale House, 105 Nightingale Lane 24/7 Restricted
137F19BB-B532-4701-9E56-AF48010D77B6 SW12 8ST Savills, 57-59 Nightingale Lane, London Variable Public
8339 SW12 9AA Balham and Tooting Sports Club, Greater London 24/7 Public
6AD9DC59-D4A6-4A6B-BA20-AF660125B40B SW12 9AU Mcdonald's - Balham High Street, 159 Balham High Street, London Variable Public
1F2D2CFB-65EB-4E40-AC83-AEEF00BE43DC SW12 9HS Balham Health Centre, 120-124 Bedford Hill, London Variable Restricted
30D010A9-8A40-4613-870A-B08400F3CF7F SW13 0HT Barnes, Station Road, Barnes 24/7 Public
6797 SW13 0PY White Hart Clinic, Greater London 24/7 Public
401407EF-DC1E-457B-BBBE-AED500CA212F SW13 0PY White Hart Clinic, 10 White Hart Lane, London 24/7 Public
D4316A5F-F2F4-4590-B037-B08500AE4621 SW13 0QQ Barnes Primary School, Cross Street, Barnes Variable Restricted
0FBAB3E1-B05E-4961-8F08-B04400AA9F64 SW13 9AE Lowther County Primary School, Stillingfleet Road, London Variable Restricted
8493 SW13 9AQ Castelnau Community Centre, Greater London 24/7 Public
AD99C6E3-3BA6-4231-98C0-B09300F3281A SW13 9AQ Castelnau Community Centre, Community Centre, 7 Stillingfleet Road, Castelnau 24/7 Public
0033BAF0-13E2-49D7-9CA8-AE3A009EFDE4 SW13 9EW Tesco Express, 159-167 Castelnau, Barnes 24/7 Public
37B5A6D8-67EC-407C-AD19-AFF700B4D960 SW13 9HS Tesco Barnes Church Road Express, 149 Church Road, London Variable Public
5E70B0F6-C357-496E-8695-AF0B009A9C89 SW13 9SA Barn Elms Boat House, Queen Elizabeth Walk, London Variable Public
7AA24824-24BE-44BD-812C-AEDE0081E234 SW13 9SA Barn Elms Sports Trust, Barn Elms Sports Trust Barn Elms Playing Field, Queen Elizabeth Walk Variable Restricted
90B6E3FA-1A7E-4A32-8D38-B00E00981552 SW14 7AW Christ Church East Sheen, Christ Church, West Temple Sheen 24/7 Public
AB2B1E0A-9B8B-4493-82BA-AEDD00E9DB93 SW14 7JG Mess, 292 Upper Richmond Road West, East Sheen 24/7 Public
EBC20A89-D137-4D22-97E5-AF4900D85462 SW14 7JG 298a Upper Richmond Road West, London Variable Public
B91320E0-9A2E-487E-9F09-AED6009AA7D5 SW14 7LY Richmond Events Ltd, 21a St Leonards Road, London Variable Restricted
BD99FB16-EA4D-4910-990A-B00400A0CBB9 SW14 7NX Tesco, 385 To 387, Upper Richmond Road West 24/7 Public
2C27C7B9-B80E-4552-8716-AFBE00E969F6 SW14 8AR 9 East Sheen Avenue, London Variable Restricted
7AC3C2DF-D26A-48C2-8E73-AE7600AF93F1 SW14 8AW Puregym, 172-176 Upper Richmond Road West, London Variable Restricted
3370A42D-34C9-4583-B66B-AF1E00CEA377 SW14 8ED East Sheen County Primary School Education Committee, East Sheen Primary School, Upper Richmond Road West Variable Restricted
BB169037-97B5-49AF-BD21-B06100AC77F1 SW14 8LN Mortlake, Sheen Lane, Mortlake 24/7 Public
BCB270EE-2AF8-4ACF-9BA9-AEB7008B38D7 SW14 8LW Evolution Fitness, 40 Sheen Lane, London 24/7 Public
6F4E3F00-F962-4A13-85DE-AD8100DDEB1E SW14 8SN The Gatehouse, Tideway Yard, 125 Mortlake High Street 24/7 Public
4ECD16C2-AAFA-415A-8D8A-AFB100B3024C SW15 1AW Our Lady Of Victories Primary School, 1 Clarendon Drive, Putney Variable Restricted
32E47F40-3894-447E-875D-AECF00E2EAE1 SW15 1HL All Saints Church Of England School, Putney Common, London Variable Public
351097DB-B1FE-4AB6-80BD-AED700CE458B SW15 1LY Oasis Academy Putney, 184 Lower Richmond Road, London Variable Public
862BF4E1-296B-4B03-A68B-AFE101647528 SW15 1PZ 66 Charlwood Road, London Variable Restricted
B9DF2833-D1E5-43BB-809A-AFAB00DBD44D SW15 1SN St Mary's Church, St. Marys Church, Putney High Street 24/7 Public
441E05BE-2AB5-4BB4-BBD2-AE3900DEA75A SW15 1SU Tesco, 139-141 Putney High Street, London Variable Restricted
685EBA96-B781-4FD1-8AD9-AEEB00F2108C SW15 1TW Workman Llp, Putney Exchange Shopping Centre, Putney High Street Variable Public
DA305AC0-CE95-439F-B24F-AE25009E3F5C SW15 2JX 105 Putney Wharf, 25 Brewhouse Lane, London 24/7 Restricted
1C85A853-5E4B-44C7-974F-AED20156FE32 SW15 2NP Hurlingham Yacht Club, 43a Deodar Road, London 24/7 Restricted
4C78400C-7D9F-42E1-86EE-ADFA0129A719 SW15 2RZ 13 Galveston Road, London Variable Restricted
D48E1EF3-E9A8-4C1F-9934-AF2400DE692B SW15 2SH Savills, 198 Upper Richmond Road, Putney Variable Public
AFD28C7B-CA41-4272-AE07-AE7000B8ADE0 SW15 2SW Puregym, 154-160 Upper Richmond Road, London Variable Restricted
62F29BF6-93B7-42D3-85D7-AFA80119DCCC SW15 2TG Nando's, Erico House, 93-99 Upper Richmond Road 24/7 Restricted
6BE3B15C-6B50-4597-9A32-AF990124A546 SW15 3DT Mcdonald's - 1566 Roehampton - Asda, 31 Roehampton Vale , Roehampton , London, London 24/7 Public
519E2FF4-E239-43FC-8161-B0A500F37F3F SW15 3NE Manor Fields Estate Office, Manor Fields, London 24/7 Public
E24CC58A-298A-44FE-BE8F-B06200C23ABC SW15 3NU 1-32 Lavington Court, 77 Putney Hill, London 24/7 Public
5D5B38F6-A54E-4FAB-B689-AEEB00DAEEFA SW15 4AA Mayfield Surgery, 246 Roehampton Lane, London Variable Restricted
C67B5B25-DAA1-476B-A5AB-B0260092C8F0 SW15 4PD The Alton School, Danebury Avenue, London Variable Restricted
D08786C0-AE0E-40A9-A07C-AE3900D4EF02 SW15 5QJ Tesco, 357-361 Upper Richmond Road, London Variable Restricted
AFE7AAB9-B7AA-4E68-9E8C-B07600EF86A6 SW15 6BH Putney High School, 35 Putney Hill, London Variable Restricted
BE20F912-19D9-4ECD-826A-AF4E00990D4F SW15 6BH Putney High School, 35-37 Putney Hill, London Variable Restricted
86EE7EEE-0AE6-44C1-ACD8-AFB800D2C2F2 SW15 6PY Falcons School, 11 Woodborough Road, London Variable Restricted
E8C278AB-6A0F-445E-97D3-AEF300CB3662 SW15 6XA Granard Primary School, Cortis Road, London Variable Restricted
5087FE7B-F8E5-4893-8F39-AE3A00E08A4F SW16 1DA Tesco Express, 42-50 Streatham High Road, London Variable Public
C16859AF-4AA3-4D9A-8892-B04200E64025 SW16 1UB Virgin Active Streatham, 20 Ockley Rd, London Variable Restricted
5B5FFEC5-59DA-4EED-925A-B0A600AFABE5 SW16 2QY Streatham Garden Village, 11 Springwell Close, Streatham 24/7 Restricted
C707B5EE-7F37-4D1B-A125-B06500DE89F7 SW16 2UW Sunnyhill Primary School, Sunnyhill Road, Streatham, Sunnyhill Road Variable Public
0D80F546-C9C8-45EA-A418-AE3A009BD99F SW16 3JG Tesco, 4 Crown Lane, London 24/7 Restricted
7670A28E-BCA0-416B-861E-AFEC00B12312 SW16 4DG Screwfix, Unit 2&3 Norbury Trading Estate, Norbury Variable Restricted
91CEE15D-040B-4A7B-956F-ADCE00B2A20D SW16 4DN Nuffield Health, 1212 London Road, Norbury Variable Restricted
CCAC7BC4-F21D-48B7-AE03-B02900EEE5AB SW16 4RW Norbury Trading Estate, 1 Craignish Avenue, Norbury Variable Restricted
C71EE463-8383-4F06-98DE-ADC000930CA9 SW16 4RZ Norbury Park Lawn Tennis Club, Rear Of 55 Ederline Ave, London 24/7 Public
EC6331B6-5D11-4593-A44A-B099009FE08A SW16 5HB Stanford Primary School, Chilmark Road, London Variable Restricted
0D703366-4FA3-4A43-B1B3-B0370108F362 SW16 5QR Norbury Manor Primary School, Abingdon Road, London Variable Restricted
434639C1-D13E-4D63-9FDB-B00500F255EC SW16 6HP Tesco Streatham Extra, Tesco Extra 384, Streatham High Road 24/7 Public
BD053EA6-DAFB-48DD-B8EF-AEC7009D0750 SW16 6NT Mitcham Lane Baptist Church, Mitcham Lane Baptist Church, 230 Mitcham Lane, 230 Mitcham Lane Variable Restricted
1914 SW17 0AW Ironsides Rugby Club, Greater London 24/7 Public
BC75AB14-45C4-46E7-8C78-ADC900D1ECBF SW17 0BQ 73 Summerstown, London Variable Restricted
C59299F0-1B81-4BBB-AB5C-B05A00BE634E SW17 0BW Trustford - Wimbledon - Plough Lane, Trustford, 67 Plough Lane Variable Restricted
50C3459C-8BBB-4F2F-BAED-B034008B95F0 SW17 0BY Crematorium Lambeth Cemetery, Blackshaw Road, London Variable Public
08B46181-771B-46E9-92DE-B07C0099046D SW17 0HB Abel & Cole Ltd, 16 Waterside Way, Tooting Variable Public
1913 SW17 0JG Ironsides Rugby Club Changing Rooms, Greater London 24/7 Public
29E38733-7120-4966-8C4E-AE3900F06797 SW17 0NT Tesco Express, Ground Floor, 646 Garratt Lane Variable Public
2E94A84C-1ECD-4812-AA4D-AFEB012384F8 SW17 0PZ Tesco, Moore House, 1 St Georges Grove Variable Public
2FCB2017-46EE-4867-AFD5-AFE80085E871 SW17 0SZ Screwfix, Unit 4, 181-207 Tooting High Street Variable Restricted
5207133A-B58E-4B71-99A8-B00A00FD58AC SW17 0TW Smallwood Primary School, Smallwood Road, London 24/7 Public
3891C4EE-33DE-473B-9451-AFD4007B70B0 SW17 7BA Tesco Tooting Bec Express, 279-291 Balham High Road, London Variable Restricted
FAC11D3E-8409-482C-8945-AE460161D186 SW17 7BQ Esso And Tesco Express, 219-221 Balham High Road, London 24/7 Public
A7BA212A-EA94-44BA-8295-AE360121778F SW17 7EN Tesco, 130, Upper Tooting Road 24/7 Public
42207D4F-3767-457A-865D-AD4800CC28C8 SW17 7HP Trinity Fields Trust, 209 Trinity Road, London 24/7 Restricted
48D246B7-A0EC-4161-A049-B08200C118CC SW17 8HE Francis Barber Pupil Referral Unit, Franciscan Road, London Variable Restricted
FDF1CF45-B078-47D2-908A-AE3901653791 SW17 9HP Tesco Express, 50-56 London Road, Tooting Variable Public
B423CD3C-87CC-4178-97CA-AF99012490C3 SW17 9NA Mcdonald's - 82 Tooting, 42/44 Mitcham Road, Tooting, London,, London 24/7 Public
0D1E845E-A1A5-4E96-B73C-B08F00EA7588 SW17 9PE Tesco, Tooting Broadway, 129-133 Mitcham Rd Variable Public
CA1F059B-A66C-4145-BE82-AED600B07A58 SW17 9PW One Trust, Church Lane Day Centre, 21 Church Lane Variable Restricted
004C3C88-0743-48B0-ABF4-AEDA00D82FB0 SW18 1DE Leap Frog, Unit 4 And 5 Dolphin House, Smugglers Way Variable Restricted
0AEDE7B4-CC57-4675-80F2-B03C0089C747 SW18 1DG Virgin Active Wandsworth, Riverside Business Centre West, Smugglers Way Variable Restricted
69B3D270-63B2-434E-8BA6-AEF200F97F38 SW18 1GJ Jasmine House, 11 Juniper Drive, London 24/7 Restricted
0CEE6627-D66E-4265-A983-AE3700A52189 SW18 1GX Trek Store Battersea, Unit B&C, Quarter House, Juniper Drive Variable Restricted
8D87FA3B-F711-4AE6-AEBD-B05A00931493 SW18 1JX 506 Coptain House, Eastfields Avenue, Wandsworth 24/7 Restricted
10D2B87C-6F68-4DCD-93FB-AE96009AFEEF SW18 1PQ Southfields Lawn Tennis Club, Gressenhall Road, London 24/7 Restricted
2D83721E-27BD-4D74-84B9-B082010F3125 SW18 1PR Courtyard, Prospect Quay, 98 Point Pleasant 24/7 Restricted
7582F33A-EEF9-41FF-8810-AFE500BE29E0 SW18 1QW 37 Southfields Road, London 24/7 Public
BC597FFE-7BE3-4881-B2A3-B06100AB8ABA SW18 1SU Wandsworth Town, Old York Road, Wandsworth 24/7 Public
362FC6FC-B93A-4DFF-B883-AFC10094CAF3 SW18 1TB Tootbus The Original London Sightseeing Tour, The Original Tour Wandsworth Garage, Jews Row Variable Public
233606CE-BF47-4477-9530-ADE1012C197C SW18 1TW Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Express, Juniper Drive Variable Public
97E543A6-FB64-407F-B8B2-AF4800F01E85 SW18 2EN Savills Limited, 12 Huguenot Place, London Variable Restricted
E51E7FE5-0A18-4C44-8671-AF9D0088BCA8 SW18 3BS Garages North Of 35, Oakshaw Road, London Variable Restricted
448BD3AC-D875-4E12-A809-AEEF00DCE4CC SW18 3HF The Spencer Lawn Tennis Club, Fieldview, London Variable Public
8959861F-8D9C-4942-8F23-AFB1014D659E SW18 3LG 1st Wandsworth Scout Group, 22a, Lyford Road Variable Restricted
D16754E7-B91D-4159-AF15-AE3900E5F947 SW18 4ED Tesco, 190-194 Tesco Express, Garratt Lane, Wandsworth Variable Public
005EBD3B-16C8-44DD-A55D-AD9100B1F09B SW18 4GT George View House, 36 Knaresborough Drive, London Variable Restricted
57697953-EE57-49FD-BDD8-AE3A00C6C2B0 SW18 4HY Tesco Express, 111-113 Wandsworth High Street, London Variable Public
2F3D6F0A-56E3-4B61-8B65-AE6600F41F9B SW18 4LD Puregym, 52 Wandsworth High Street, London 24/7 Restricted
C2B65A9F-2F7C-4980-A143-B00A009B66B7 SW18 4QG Anglo Portuguese School Of London, 25 Courthouse Way, London Variable Public
8A711107-C74C-40B7-A23D-ADD3010FCC1A SW18 4SQ Nuffield Health, King Georges Park, Burr Road Variable Restricted
B50E7BE2-1427-48FA-A048-B06100ACEDB9 SW18 4SR Earlsfield, Garratt Lane, Earlsfield 24/7 Public
74AF3523-5704-4160-9E56-AE44010632E2 SW18 4SW Tesco, 493 Garratt Lane, London Variable Public
215BF530-EE02-4AB2-BB36-B02100A7200F SW18 4TQ Nuffield Health, Southside Shopping Centre, Buckhold Road Variable Public
893C4ADE-5933-4E43-BB48-AF3300E745AD SW18 5EB Joe Macari Performance Cars, 249-251 Merton Road, London Variable Restricted
BDC91156-CAF0-4659-8AF8-B02900D78FC7 SW18 5JP Riversdale School Office, Riversdale Primary School, 302a Merton Road Variable Restricted
77F4BE4A-6EE4-4D73-B8BF-AFC300FBF2BC SW18 5JS Screwfix, Unit 307, Merton Road Variable Restricted
5D04F7F0-C009-4D97-829A-ADA300BF6886 SW18 5JU Southfield Academy, 333-337 Merton Road, London Variable Public
69D5C089-2604-4F51-A62E-AE3900E2E3ED SW18 5LS Tesco, 22a Replingham Road, London Variable Public
B89C0323-29D8-484A-B0BA-AE9C00F62ED0 SW18 5QP 63 Sutherland Grove, London 24/7 Public
C9A939CA-F85C-4CED-B2B2-AF0F009B6A16 SW18 5RJ The Gym Group Southfields, 231 Wimbledon Park Rd, London Variable Restricted
A030BFDD-27C9-4838-8164-AF12009CEA24 SW18 5SQ St Michaels Ce Primary School, Granville Road, London Variable Restricted
CA639667-377C-44B7-A070-B09100BDEDF0 SW18 5TT St Michael And All Angels Church, 71 Wimbledon Park Road, London Variable Public
5FE5F9EA-52F4-4B3A-9554-AF1D008E8D9E SW19 1BT Hop Back Brewery, The Sultan, 78 Norman Road 24/7 Public
BB4B4CAC-D3B6-482C-9E7E-AF8F008ECB0B SW19 1BT All Saints Church, All Saints Church Hall, Norman Road Variable Restricted
F5E7024A-033C-465C-A1D0-AFF000F42DA0 SW19 1EQ Tesco Wimbledon Express, 194 Merton Rd, London 24/7 Public
E981E58E-55D4-42C1-88C8-B03700B957DF SW19 1QB Nuffield Health Wimbledon, 37 The Broadway, London Variable Public
DD4B13B2-C276-49C1-8524-AF7A0106BC6E SW19 1QL Mint Wellbeing, 54 Russell Road, Wimbledon Variable Restricted
092E9640-1632-4DB8-9A95-B05700BD7D63 SW19 2BY Colliers Wood Surgery, 58, High Street Variable Restricted
1D52CACA-95C9-43AF-877E-AEE700AB64E4 SW19 2QA Blackout, 280 Western Road, London Variable Restricted
034C5E3F-FC49-4240-AA7F-ADD40128C4DE SW19 2RF Nuffield Health, 29 Chapter Way, London Variable Public
9864DA8B-ECBE-4988-BCCF-AED7008CC2EB SW19 2RL Interserve, 21 Lyon Road, London Variable Restricted
B96FB3FA-42FF-4272-9388-AE3B0115262B SW19 3BH Tesco Express, 2 Morden Road, South Wimbledon Variable Public
24094050-02ED-4D0F-AD77-AEF900B6AA3A SW19 3HJ St Mary's Church Hall, 13, Church Path 24/7 Public
3F69261E-4A30-4B0F-B8D6-B09600909A16 SW19 3HX Unit 1 To 4 Merton Park Industrial Estate, 4 Lee Road, South Wimbledon Variable Public
495F26D0-A390-4753-9A20-B0A300930017 SW19 3JS Old Rutlishians' Association, Old Rutlishians Association, Poplar Road 24/7 Public
D4D6CA4D-2BC6-419B-9B8F-AEFB00BCEFFF SW19 3JS Old Rutlishians Association, Poplar Road, London Variable Public
B4B0A719-1C30-4CC6-9EE7-AF1900CE3A4C SW19 3LJ 14 Mostyn Road, London 24/7 Restricted
F7EB28A6-7053-40C3-AE25-AE2100F41D5C SW19 3QB Main Building Wimbledon Chase Primary School, Merton Hall Road, London Variable Restricted
776D1B59-A1AB-404F-A217-AFA9012B5237 SW19 3QH Wimbledon Congregational Church, Dundonald Road, London Variable Restricted
3EF43EF5-CC70-4C80-A488-ADDE008641C2 SW19 3QJ Volkerhighways, British Railways Goods Yard, 8-10 Dundonald Road Variable Restricted
BE9FDF8E-A850-4468-865A-B07D00802DAD SW19 3WL Security Hut, Merton Industrial Park, Jubilee Way 24/7 Public
9BA5DDA3-E496-44D0-8CAB-AFE8006830FF SW19 3XD Screwfix, Unit 3 Jubilee Way, Morden Road Variable Restricted
BA38FAFF-CF31-4031-BA8F-AECC00955F54 SW19 4AA Trinity United Reformed Church, Mansel Road Centre C/O Trinity United Reformed Church, Mansel Road Variable Restricted
22206582-DDD8-44DC-AEA4-AE86011CDE75 SW19 4DR Mapp, Ground Floor Front St George's House, 5 St George's Road Variable Restricted
7785F2F9-E9C5-487D-8BBD-AED700DAE2BA SW19 4DR St George's House, 5 St George's Road, Wimbledon Variable Restricted
EE4AF846-A2AB-4FC9-96C1-AED700D87463 SW19 4DR Offshore Design Engineering Ltd, St George's House, 5 St George's Road Variable Restricted
95E3239C-85E4-4F3C-9346-AECF00B7A868 SW19 4EF Wimbledon Guild, Guild House, 30-32 Worple Road Variable Restricted
40E2CBBA-685B-4397-B86F-AF090088E158 SW19 4EQ Peldon Rose, Stirling House, 42 Worple Road Variable Restricted
A60E786B-E034-4924-9185-B06E00E4A438 SW19 4LU Sacred Heart Church, Church Hall Church Of The Sacred Heart, Edge Hill 24/7 Public
27E58D5F-7557-45C0-8618-B0000083E87A SW19 4NS Wimbledon College, Wimbledon College, Edgehill Variable Public
ADA79357-FBB1-4341-BD57-B000008679B6 SW19 4NS Wimbledon College, 84 Edge Hill, London Variable Public
F5984611-0D55-44E1-BC5D-AF0900BC1F9B SW19 4NZ St John The Baptist Church, Spencer Hill, Wimbledon Variable Public
5B798EAF-117E-43D7-B867-AED900C69817 SW19 4QN Wimbledon Village Hall Trust, 22 Ridgway, Wimbledon Variable Public
F4D2307C-C673-4712-984E-AEF6010F817D SW19 4RF Westside Lawn Tennis Club, 20 Woodhayes Road, West Wimbledon Variable Public
728707FA-5234-47D2-8744-AFB20092657C SW19 4TT Kings College School, Southside Common, London Variable Restricted
82130E77-D0C4-47DA-8F42-AFB200C9558D SW19 4TT Kings College School, Southside Common, London Variable Restricted
C6F40053-C972-41BD-A7C1-AFB200C88CAE SW19 4TT Kings College School, Southside Common, London 24/7 Restricted
BA839B04-6B2A-491C-97E6-AEE500CF81DE SW19 4UW Wimbledon Common Golf Club, Camp Road, Wimbledon Variable Public
74FAE7D3-5A8C-4EFF-A601-ADE4010C209C SW19 5AG The Wimbledon Club (Opposite Gate 5 Of Aeltc), Church Road, London Variable Public
E407305C-998C-43A2-8113-AF5B01214ABE SW19 5DQ 39 Church Road, Wimbledon, London Variable Restricted
04E53824-C412-4C95-9E35-B05800DB2226 SW19 6JB Linden Lodge School, 61 Princes Way, London 24/7 Restricted
9CF6895A-01AD-48B6-A3E5-B05800DC3A98 SW19 6JB Linden Lodge School, 61 Princes Way, London 24/7 Restricted
B35F2A09-FC8E-4326-A4B4-B04400FA5973 SW19 6RY Tesco Beaumont Rd Exp, 129-139 Beaumont Road, Wimbledon Variable Public
9BFE38BD-F8F7-42AE-9906-B00D00E1F27B SW19 7HB School Building Ricards Lodge High School, Lake Road, London Variable Restricted
A73655EA-B3CD-4087-A385-AEEC00BBFB5E SW19 7JZ Alexandra Surgery, 39 Alexandra Road, London Variable Restricted
FAE0A3EE-EB1B-49FD-B35D-B06100AB6808 SW19 7NL Wimbledon, The Broadway, Wimbledon 24/7 Public
6830501B-61FC-4549-8928-AE3900DAF881 SW19 7QU Tesco Express, Unit 2, 120 Wimbledon Hill Road Variable Public
9C76B835-4393-4BDB-BB32-B08100FEBF5F SW19 8AQ Arthur's, Community Hall, 170 Arthur Road 24/7 Public
CCB16487-5F8E-44A2-B982-AEDE00EAF648 SW19 8AQ Wimbledon Park Community Trust, 170 Arthur Road, Wimbledon Park 24/7 Public
65A67BC4-05EF-4123-946E-AED300C293F7 SW19 8PN Friends Of South Park Gardens, South Park Gardens, Dudley Road Variable Public
DFD800B3-3C89-4E3D-8B51-ADEC00972C7F SW19 8QN 24 Kings Road, London Variable Restricted
007C75F2-A493-4CFA-9EBF-AFF700D27379 SW19 8UG Reston Waste Yard 1, 6 Weir Road, London Variable Public
2E50A3CC-CE6D-48D9-85B5-AFF700D02A2F SW19 8UG Reston Waste, 77 Weir Road, Wimbledon Variable Public
710DEAAF-8A4B-4406-A196-B023007FA488 SW19 8UG Wimbledon Substation, Copper Mill Lane, London 24/7 Restricted
839B6B38-73E5-4AAD-B409-AFF2007AEF97 SW19 8UG Reston Waste Management, 30 Weir Road, Wimbledon Variable Public
26AB4983-FB73-47D0-8DFD-AF2000711536 SW19 8UH Beco, Unit E, 2 Endeavour Way, London Variable Restricted
0FE848FF-ECD6-420C-A338-AFEB011D345D SW19 8YA Tesco Wimbledon Centre Court Express, Old Town Hall, The Broadway, Wimbledon Variable Public
2CB485B0-B510-49C0-A940-ADD00086CE7F SW1A 1EG Berry Bros And Rudd, 3 St James Street, London Variable Restricted
63304696-9E66-4CF4-86CF-AF3A010F7206 SW1A 1HJ The Cranemere Group, Smithson Plaza, St James's Street Variable Restricted
E1E23666-B276-4E52-87B2-AF490124885E SW1A 1LY Ksl Capital Partners - Level 3, 63 St James's Street, St James's Variable Public
7A8D4437-B8CF-4AF2-937E-B07C00AB9CF1 SW1A 1RL Arlington House Apartment, 17-20 Arlington Street, 24 Arlington House 24/7 Public
23E65EE5-33FA-4F82-AE36-B0A800A8179E SW1A 2BN 10 Spring Gardens, London Variable Restricted
7C4A83CE-C95F-4734-B620-AE3900E7EDCF SW1A 2DR Tesco, 1-4 Charing Cross, London 24/7 Public
536D4953-A45F-4666-8ACE-AEE800972E04 SW1A 2HB Main Building, Horse Guards Avenue, London Variable Restricted
76190A37-A190-4E6C-94D0-AEE8009545E9 SW1A 2HB Main Building, Horse Guards Avenue, London Variable Restricted
4A0AA34C-8974-4FF3-93FC-B0A500E0A16E SW1A 2JR Westminster Tesco Express, 1 Bridge Street, London 24/7 Public
DD3B2F13-2F4F-4F91-9F49-AE3900E4D7ED SW1A 2JR Tesco, 1 Bridge Street, London 24/7 Public
CF757C23-BC05-4554-A651-AFE900E6529A SW1E 5JA The Other Palace Theatre, The Other Palace, 12 Palace Street Variable Restricted
23A28315-A1DA-428B-B396-AEDE00C00EB8 SW1E 5LB 160 Victoria Street, London 24/7 Restricted
079396D0-CBCC-4F06-BBD9-B06200AE9A73 SW1E 5NA Mcdonalds - 8 Victoria Street, 155 Victoria Street, London,, London 24/7 Public
B317E708-4138-42F5-A7A4-AED900F958EB SW1E 5NN 171 Victoria Street, London 24/7 Public
BB9F759D-FA93-4575-B912-AED900F56630 SW1E 5NN 171 Victoria Street, London Variable Public
B147595F-6C85-441D-8A10-AECA00BE1F7E SW1E 6AJ Landsec, 62 Buckingham Gate, London 24/7 Public
B1D57773-ACF4-4053-A46D-AF8F01048AF5 SW1E 6AJ John Swire & Sons Ltd, Swire House, 59 Buckingham Gate Variable Public
570AB168-7722-4BCB-B959-AECB010ACD03 SW1E 6NF 25 Buckingham Gate, London Variable Restricted
12D64FBC-55B4-4E12-8F74-ADEC00F9241F SW1E 6NN Caledonia Investments, Cayzer House, 30 Buckingham Gate Variable Public
CDEDD34C-B853-470E-A9F8-AE7000BCE046 SW1E 6NN Caledonia Investments, 30 Buckingham Gate, London Variable Restricted
388752F1-98C6-4AC5-B01D-AF02007A5B48 SW1E 6QL Payphone Site At Junction Of Howick Place And, Wilcox Place, London 24/7 Public
C617BC5B-682B-4A9F-B9B7-AECA00AC375E SW1E 6RA 123 Victoria Street, London 24/7 Restricted
E58ACE03-6985-493B-9EDD-B03500F7199C SW1E 6RA O2 Store (0325) London - Victoria St, 113 Victoria Street, Greater London Variable Restricted
89408B6A-8FE0-4949-8655-AECA00C8AAEF SW1E 6SQ The Zig Zag Building [Office/Retail Mixed Use], The Zig Zag Building, 70 Victoria Street 24/7 Restricted
63B4E716-F60F-4D7D-A74E-AF4900932446 SW1H 0BG 8-10 Broadway, London 24/7 Public
C4FE84FF-DF18-4F3A-A2E5-AF2C00DD4A63 SW1H 9AP Sancroft, 46 Queen Anne's Gate, London Variable Restricted
8207B038-3ADB-474B-84AA-AEEF00F2CCD1 SW1H 9LH Harris Westminster Sixth Form Steel House, 11 Tothill Street, London Variable Restricted
8369BA48-0CBE-4833-BFE5-AF2D010BB63E SW1H 9NP Fourth Floor, 4 Matthew Parker Street, London 24/7 Restricted
6F70394C-2542-4F92-BA3F-AF2700BD0793 SW1P 1HH Urbanest Victoria, 84-99 Thirleby Road, London 24/7 Public
B83A8392-3351-4DFA-8F11-AEA500E3DFD6 SW1P 1WG Informa Uk Ltd, Second Floor, 5 Howick Place 24/7 Restricted
53EB1C5E-C845-4366-8805-AFBD00C611E7 SW1P 2AW Burberry (Corporate Office), Burberry, Horseferry House, Horseferry Road 24/7 Restricted
83A34C23-7C5B-4F04-B8D3-B01301039DCC SW1P 2BW Tesco Monck Street Victoria, 2 Monck St, Victoria Variable Public
9DA3AE41-8646-446E-8377-AED700A403CA SW1P 2DB 32-34 Great Peter Street, London Variable Restricted
40264C10-847E-4998-B0CF-B09700FAA896 SW1P 2DE Westminster Libraries Archives Centre, Westminster City Archives Library, 10 St Ann's Street Variable Restricted
31026A7A-D0B9-4754-89DA-AF120115B4C4 SW1P 2HY Tesco, 41-45, Strutton Ground Variable Public
1AB06181-201A-49AD-AD5D-AEC500C2948B SW1P 2PE The Royal Horticultural Society, The Royal Horticultural Society Old Horticultural Hall, 80 Vincent Square Variable Public
CB12EB4A-687A-43C6-B464-AEF200ACE2CC SW1P 3AA Institution Of Civil Engineers, 1 Great George Street, London 24/7 Public
CFC76055-67D5-43E1-B447-B0930084A67B SW1P 3BD Supreme Court Of The United Kingdom, Parliament Square, London Variable Restricted
7DC8D1E7-9319-43C9-AC0D-AF0B00B5B5E4 SW1P 3EE Queen Elizabeth Ii Centre, Broad Sanctuary, London Variable Restricted
D3E83116-8A44-418B-B82C-AEF20102BB72 SW1P 3HB 3 Dean Trench Street, London Variable Public
14E1E405-7F57-4C4C-ABA0-AF4D00F314E8 SW1P 3JH 4 Dean Stanley Street, London Variable Restricted
7E4516D1-5F87-4C28-B16A-AF7100CFFF87 SW1P 3JS Wogen Resources Ltd, 4 The Sanctuary, London Variable Public
6C1BC6CF-0848-4FAA-9FDC-AF0300872001 SW1P 4AU London Diocesan Fund, 36 Causton Street, London Variable Restricted
B37FF62B-2805-4604-B591-AE25011CF919 SW1P 4DF Tesco, Unit 2, Tesco 24/7 Public
0C894C4A-6DAB-4F39-9172-AD4F00FBAC87 SW1P 4NP Ypml, 22 Chapter Street, London 24/7 Public
B695BEC5-38FE-4688-BE7C-AFB8008D06D1 SW1P 4PQ Burberry (Corporate Office), 1a Page Street, London 24/7 Restricted
4A167118-F685-47EB-83BA-AF3C00ACF5C5 SW1P 4QP Faceit Ltd, 21-24 Millbank, 25th Floor 24/7 Public
AF9A11BF-94A5-43D4-83A4-AFCF00D00E28 SW1P 4QP Twenty Seventh Floor North Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, London Variable Restricted
B6B2F8A6-8986-4E35-BB92-ADE400C59C93 SW1P 4QP Rt-Tv, Millbank Tower - 16th & 18th Floor, 21-24 Millbank Variable Public
F950BC26-58B3-46AC-BFCF-AFA500B2F511 SW1P 4QP Xln Telecom Ltd, 1st Floor Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank 24/7 Restricted
1CBCA6FD-7FBE-426F-B7B3-AFEA0127E355 SW1V 1AA Screwfix, 320b Vauxhall Bridge Road, London Variable Restricted
17CE8E99-AB11-4EB4-9310-AE9F00846298 SW1V 1BB Deconstruct Uk Ltd, 268-270 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London Variable Restricted
0F310B89-8DD6-4CB3-B6AA-B03D0098F324 SW1V 1RX Tesco Victoria Express, 18-28 Warwick Way, London Variable Public
8B3959EE-D654-4652-8CAA-AF0A00AD328D SW1V 2HP St Saviours Hall, St George's Square, London Variable Restricted
23EF9F72-0998-4526-9E25-AF2B00C5C3E7 SW1V 2LP 32 Churton Street, Pimlico, London Variable Restricted
29FE0195-EE84-4C27-B76B-B00500F8AD7E SW1V 3AG St Gabriels Primary School, Churchill Gardens Road, Pimlico Variable Restricted
9AD6A1D4-7F0F-49BC-9A09-AFC1009C5906 SW1V 3EN Tesco Express, Atm Site, 89-95 Lupus Street Variable Public
16BBF625-977A-40B2-B83B-AF1600B7DA01 SW1V 4LD Ada, National College For Digital Skills, 1 Sutherland Street, London Variable Restricted
1694032E-0021-492D-9116-AED80104D0AD SW1W 8EL John Lewis, Peter Jones, Sloane Square 24/7 Public
AE869BAF-631F-4C1B-94FD-AF0F00C0AAA5 SW1W 8QF Ardmore Group, 48-56 Ebury Bridge Road, London 24/7 Restricted
2797B8B1-88A6-42AA-B811-AE310085FEA3 SW1W 8RT Bouygues Uk, Ebury Bridge Road, London Variable Restricted
E0632465-7992-445B-B454-AF4A00AC314A SW1W 9BA Eaton House School (Belgravia), Eaton House School, 3-5 Eaton Gate 24/7 Public
0592E21E-AAE0-4879-A374-ADB300960E03 SW1W 9NF Javelin Global Commodities Ltd, 27b Eccleston Place, Eccleston Yards Variable Restricted
BE1F61B4-BC7F-4CAD-A007-B0A6017B1FE1 SW1W 9TP Victoria Coach Station, 164-200 Buckingham Palace Road, London 24/7 Public
C556D017-7C46-4AF7-B2F3-AF9D0114B3FA SW1W 9TQ Belgrave House, 76 Buckingham Palace Road, London 24/7 Restricted
0BF8AA90-704D-4832-87CA-AECB00B25B96 SW1X 0LZ 38 Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge, London Variable Restricted
9532F800-7C17-4410-BAF9-B01F00D88337 SW1X 7DH 28 Headfort Place, London Variable Restricted
AB2760BD-64EF-4043-9DAA-AF6D00C1F1D6 SW1X 7HJ The Peninsula London, 1-5 Grosvenor Place, London 24/7 Public
4047F894-D43E-47A6-B236-AFA800C5248A SW1X 7HN Emso Asset Management, Emso Asset Management Limited, 21 Grosvenor Place Variable Restricted
8CAB9D60-6F4F-47D8-94DB-B02900CE7DE9 SW1X 7LJ One Hyde Park, 100 Knightsbridge, London 24/7 Public
CC6C37FA-D522-40ED-BEAB-B02700BE4D02 SW1X 7LX Savills - No 1 Knightsbridge,, No 1 Knightsbridge, London, London 24/7 Public
659E8913-9EBE-467E-81F2-AED80117DBF5 SW1X 7RJ 109-125 Knightsbridge, London 24/7 Restricted
3AD5DA87-1653-4F14-8CF2-AE3500FB8AE4 SW1X 8JL 11c West Halkin Street, London Variable Restricted
DF25EFEF-66F4-42E3-BBF5-AEF400A05076 SW1X 8QS Ipa - Institute Of Practitioners In Advertising, 44 Belgrave Square, London Variable Public
30BEC5DB-4BDB-4720-B59D-B07800B6D7FE SW1X 8SH St Paul's Knightsbridge, St Pauls Church, 32a Wilton Place Variable Restricted
359DE762-7C78-4190-B12C-B04400A11E4C SW1X 9DE Holy Trinity Ce Primary School, Holy Trinity Ce School, Sedding St, Sloane Square Variable Public
26DF4402-8EE0-4CFD-BCF7-AF1900B4D4ED SW1Y 4AD Rio Tinto, 6 St James'square, London 24/7 Restricted
46AF6C7F-84DB-47F7-A5D0-AF1900B4B555 SW1Y 4AD Rio Tinto, 6 St James'square, London 24/7 Restricted
6A254A14-7D02-4724-BC10-AF1900B3D38F SW1Y 4AD Rio Tinto, 6 St James'square, London 24/7 Restricted
709E6E95-0A4D-491C-AE41-AEDB00A78C10 SW1Y 4AD Rio Tinto, 6 St James'square, London 24/7 Restricted
76865CBF-738B-4F8F-A60C-AF1900B4C409 SW1Y 4AD Rio Tinto, 6 St James'square, London 24/7 Restricted
92980FFA-E3B9-4C61-B9B4-B09A00D1E13B SW1Y 4AH 1 St James's Market, Level 3, London Variable Restricted
56FA8AC6-58C6-420C-9C09-AEFB00A54543 SW1Y 4JU Third Floor Onex Corporation, 8 St James Square, London Variable Restricted
A012BC21-580B-4C30-BC8E-ADCD008E2842 SW1Y 4JU Point 72, 8 St James's Square, London Variable Restricted
F567C119-3D46-4FA7-A1EB-B030014C2554 SW1Y 4JU Astorg, Sixth Floor Front, 3 St James's Square Variable Restricted
8B53BD68-3937-4774-B204-B06600B3E29B SW1Y 4LH East India Club, East India Devonshire Sports & Public Schools Club 16, St. James's Square 24/7 Public
69AF8573-3F70-4941-8A37-B05900C9EFA6 SW1Y 4LR Curtis Brown Group Ltd, Cunard House, 15 Regent Street Variable Restricted
AB257BC7-2D09-49CF-9946-AE3800D2FB80 SW1Y 4LR Tesco Express, 17-25 Regent St, 0 Variable Public
310C8387-4BE7-4B1F-8B84-AE61010928C3 SW1Y 4PE Puregym, Rex House, 4-12 Regent Street 24/7 Restricted
69A40607-0189-4EBD-B741-AED900FAF7C6 SW1Y 4QL Lw Theatres Ltd, Her Majestys Theatre Stage Door, Charles Ii Street Variable Restricted
3D1C416E-2805-4720-9D80-ADB900ED9313 SW1Y 4QU 11 Charles Ii Street, London Variable Restricted
DC7CCCC3-5346-488B-B7A6-ADCD00A70DDC SW1Y 4UR Point 72, 130 Jermyn Street, London Variable Restricted
EF3F997B-6476-4F6B-B586-AEDE0104DB33 SW1Y 4XA 2 Jermyn Street, London Variable Public
7BA5688A-E599-4A6E-9998-AFD500CA3E9F SW1Y 5AA 4 Carlton Gardens, London 24/7 Public
7CA4F5E7-6B0B-41DD-B7F8-AF2B00EC8047 SW1Y 5AA 2 Carlton Gardens, London Variable Restricted
066E6D94-BE0A-4560-A343-AED700E8FC93 SW1Y 5AH Nash House, 12 Carlton House Terrace, London Variable Restricted
80FF294A-C77E-417F-8E75-ADCE00C45518 SW1Y 5AH 10 Carlton House Terrace, London Variable Restricted
8B402902-711D-42D6-9831-ADE50112DFD7 SW1Y 5JG Cristea Roberts Gallery, 43 Pall Mall, London Variable Restricted
1E56CFFA-5D20-4087-B8D5-AEDE010AAE47 SW1Y 5JN Army And Navy Club, 36-39 Pall Mall, London 24/7 Restricted
4DC05CF0-07B9-4F7B-BEEC-B00A00FA3679 SW1Y 5LP Group Ho, 22a St James's Square, St. James's Variable Public
6E8614ED-F453-4A55-8237-AEF500A7A123 SW1Y 6BU 14 Mason's Yard, London Variable Restricted
5BBA0490-92B8-4943-9D5B-B00B00E62DDF SW1Y 6EE Hill Dickinson Llp - Jermyn Street, Hill Dickinson Llp, 105 Jermyn Street Variable Restricted
1F18DE53-A65F-4B96-B214-AF3300DAC16A SW1Y 6HH Petrofac Limited, 117 Jermyn Street, 2nd Floor Variable Restricted
C01BFB67-342A-4B64-B604-AF9400F1E027 SW1Y 6JD Handelsbanken Plc London West End Branch, Third Floor, 86 Jermyn Street Variable Restricted
301848FE-49FC-4110-A3C4-ADE200859BD0 SW1Y 6QP 2-4 King Street, Ground Floor, London Variable Restricted
DFE200E4-413F-464D-9A1A-AFBA00C5B0F0 SW2 1QS 54-56 Brixton Hill, London Variable Public
40B6C703-6B97-4B29-9486-B01A00D8AD66 SW2 1SD Mcs, Bloom Brixton, 146-156 Brixton Hill, London 24/7 Public
AE608CE5-BB7A-427D-830E-B05000907671 SW2 1SD Tesco Brixton Hill Road Express, 144 Brixton Hill, London Variable Public
7D6DC134-00B8-487C-BE58-B02D009E1264 SW2 2QB Tesco Tulsehill, 109 Tulse Hill, Brixton Variable Public
947429A1-6C0E-4C1E-A3A7-B03000B1AA54 SW2 2RL Holy Trinity Coe Primary School, Holy Trinity Church Of England Primary School, Upper Tulse Hill 24/7 Public
201EBBF5-64F0-4960-AF37-B03C00B77E14 SW2 3NE Orchard Primary School, Cotherstone Road, London Variable Public
1D6C72C9-C759-4D18-8F60-B00E00DF2344 SW2 4QY Tesco Streatham Place, 30 Streatham Place, Streatham Variable Public
2A97664A-7381-41F0-9E44-AEE100F999EB SW2 4TP Infinity Dental Care, 41a-41c Streatham Hill, London Variable Public
6E2B0852-8CF8-4A4B-8491-AFC100826D58 SW2 5DZ Screwfix, Unit 11 Ellerslie Ind Est, Lyham Road Variable Restricted
8A35CB79-700F-4191-AAD2-AFE400FF210E SW2 5DZ Howdens At Brixton, Unit 10, Ellerslie Square Ind Est,, Lyham Road Variable Restricted
C353BF21-B8AD-4F4D-B512-B02100F6AAB5 SW2 5ED 24 Prague Place, London Variable Public
3129E48D-8BF8-4B42-8757-AE1D0155F2EF SW2 5RS Tesco, 13 Acre Lane, London Variable Public
28A6937B-C834-4A54-9008-AEF201098A99 SW2 5SG Desmond And Dempsey, 30a Acre Lane, Brixton Variable Restricted
6F0A5D6D-3879-441A-B56A-B06100AC43C0 SW20 0JY Raynes Park, Station Approach, Raynes Park 24/7 Public
7CE9DAFA-4732-4A15-B42B-AED801178B68 SW20 0LQ 93 Amity Grove, London Variable Restricted
98BA6003-9E6E-4299-9BB9-AFEF00F7B46F SW20 0SZ 19th Wimbledon Scout Group Hq, 106 Cottenham Park Road, West Wimbledon 24/7 Public
7AA1D588-5427-4959-A957-AE3B01163838 SW20 8JX Tesco, Tesco Express, 363 Kingston Road Variable Public
3FC63E71-C8AC-4B6F-A368-B06C00C6278A SW20 8QQ Southey Bowling Club, 72 Lower Downs Road, Raynes Park Variable Restricted
EA966176-662F-4E59-9F8B-AE23010BDB7C SW20 8TE David Lloyd - Raynes Park, Bushey Road, Raynes Park Variable Restricted
0715C545-1B66-45BF-8152-AE7D00E89896 SW20 9AN Raynes Park Residents Lawn Tennis Club, Meadowview Road, London Variable Restricted
2BAB8B3F-6C9D-4DFE-BEF9-AE9E00C7DFB7 SW20 9BE Paddock Horticultural Society Club House, 51 Heath Drive, London Variable Restricted
733F2910-3276-4E09-B3A3-AE1D00CC5E37 SW20 9DB St John Fisher Church, St. John Fisher R C Church, 207 Cannon Hill Lane 24/7 Public
E639BF99-85C2-43DE-AB15-AF5000B94EFA SW20 9DL St Saviours Church, Church Walk, Raynes Park 24/7 Public
5CAB5922-F3EB-4AD0-A6BB-B02000D1D6E1 SW3 1RT Hanover / Dorrington, 14 Hans Road, London Variable Public
2CDBBD73-097A-4E54-B16B-AFF900A257A3 SW3 2QS St Thomas More Roman Catholic Secondary School, Cadogan Street, London 24/7 Restricted
D5BCC9D0-99CC-463E-A24A-AFF900AC55CC SW3 2QS St Thomas More Roman Catholic Secondary School, Cadogan Street, London 24/7 Public
ED309E96-D2EE-47BC-8C51-AF5100FA68A4 SW3 2QS St Thomas More Roman Catholic Secondary School, Cadogan Street, London 24/7 Public
E771CB84-8DB1-4E22-A4B0-AF5000C7E80B SW3 3PR Sutton Dwellings, London Variable Restricted
0381AFAA-2455-4B05-9E5B-ADF70113707F SW3 3QH Aurum Research Ltd, First Floor, Ixworth House, 37 Ixworth Place Variable Restricted
1B619F8E-F874-4EAF-A0A9-AECB00E6B31A SW3 3TY Anchor House, 15-19 Britten Street, Chelsea Variable Restricted
E13BAD7F-E9A1-4C2D-A1EC-AF6E00FFE1AE SW3 4AH 8 Caversham Street, London 24/7 Restricted
370CFAFC-F085-44C4-8F45-B01300F87919 SW3 4HN Tesco Royal Hospital Road, 80-81 Royal Hospital Rd, Chelsea Variable Public
E4A7CB6B-6506-45C8-B076-AF2C00EC840F SW3 4HS Chelsea Physic Garden, 66 Royal Hospital Road, London Variable Public
F37AE5E4-9E1B-42B5-8D76-AE5A010F41D4 SW3 4HT National Army Museum, Royal Hospital Road, London Variable Restricted
7356975E-52C2-4508-A1FE-AF9901248A3E SW3 4ND Mcdonald's - 388 Chelsea Kings Road, 49 Kings Road, Chelsea, London, London 24/7 Public
261B5AF3-0BC4-4975-8843-B03D009D39C6 SW3 4UU London Kings Road, 146 King's Road, London 24/7 Restricted
1C29E78A-8364-4344-A9FB-B0580112A5AF SW3 4UY O2 Store (0292) London - King's Road, 4 Markham Square, London Variable Restricted
7AC374A9-FD74-4F33-905D-AE8C00D89BC1 SW3 5RR Health Partners At Violet Melchett Clinic, 30 Flood Walk, London Variable Restricted
B272539D-E3E0-4B91-9BFB-AEFB009ADC22 SW3 6EB Chelsea Arts Club, 143-145 Old Church Street, London 24/7 Public
D97A2C2D-0B3E-4058-A313-AEF6011E9419 SW3 6HS Peter Harrington, 100 Fulham Road, London Variable Restricted
0D30249E-F0A3-4EA3-9E97-AFF0012AC82E SW3 6JZ 121 Dovehouse Street, 1st Floor Flat, London Variable Restricted
6006F982-5057-4060-AEFC-AFF700AD95E7 SW3 6PY Bicycle Docking Station 12/611256 By St Lukes Gardens, Sydney Street, London 24/7 Public
F2A7E528-7673-48C0-A8C6-AFF700B2A3AB SW3 6PY Bicycle Docking Station 12/611256 By St Lukes Gardens, Sydney Street, London 24/7 Public
E3B613BD-B07D-4D43-8D71-AD7900A7031F SW3 6RS Rose Square, 4 Fulham Road, London 24/7 Restricted
04F8D604-0F5B-4CBE-A30B-B04A008C9129 SW4 0HG Virgin Active Clapham, 4-20 North Street, Clapham Variable Restricted
94C3E940-4DA3-4856-A478-B06D00AD404A SW4 0JW Maritime House Sw4, Maritime House, Old Town Variable Restricted
69ABE091-6E67-468D-89B0-ADEB010F6E59 SW4 6RP Allen Edwards Primary School, Studley Road, London Variable Restricted
D88B0334-CF4D-4DF8-9515-B09800ED2DB9 SW4 7HJ 50 Bedford Road, London Variable Restricted
9A4C0821-8595-4BD9-A928-AE6800D8CB42 SW4 7TB Puregym, 95-97 Clapham High Street, London Variable Restricted
476BB93A-93E2-428C-BD8F-AE5F0096FF95 SW4 9BL South Bank Colleges, Lambeth College, 45 Clapham Common South Side Variable Public
3E7EA61A-50EF-4ED5-9434-AE4300EA6492 SW4 9DF Tesco Superstore, 128 Clapham Common South Side, Clapham Variable Public
E1A68FFD-DBC5-4DF5-8443-AF4A00B22C90 SW4 9RU Eaton House The Manor School, 58 Clapham Common North Side, London Variable Restricted
6317BF4B-CC8F-438C-9D41-AF5600E0BA21 SW5 9AH Savills, 237 Earl's Court Road, London Variable Restricted
B786D745-AB82-44E7-BACB-AED800909BC7 SW5 9BQ 320-322 Earl's Court Road, London 24/7 Public
B95C7A14-503D-473E-B553-AFC100A331D2 SW5 9JF Tesco, Tesco Express, 294 Old Brompton Road Variable Public
2366B9C7-39CD-4FF4-AB53-B06200AD4057 SW5 9QB Mcdonalds - 15 Earls Court, 208 Earls Court Road, London,, London 24/7 Public
7747 SW5 9QJ Outside 2 West Cromwell Road, Greater London 24/7 Public
07A7F41D-7AB0-4CBC-8EB2-AF70015AB942 SW5 9QJ Outside 2 West Cromwell Road, Kensington And Chelsea 24/7 Public
8041 SW5 9QS Outside 66, Greater London 24/7 Public
6868AA6C-4A08-49CD-8688-B03700EAFC34 SW5 9QS Kensington Advertising Kiosk, Outside 66 West Cromwell Road, Kensington 24/7 Public
557F1FAD-ABFD-4CDA-A57D-B034009C63D3 SW5 9RQ 153 Earl's Court Road, London Variable Public
590516A7-FEE8-4F69-9439-AE6100FB7AAA SW6 1BE Puregym, 25 Jerdan Place, Fulham Place Variable Restricted
3CF07B52-1FA3-44A9-B3AD-ADFE014A5B73 SW6 1BH David Lloyd - Fulham, Unit 24 Fulham Broadway Retail Centre, Fulham Broadway Variable Restricted
36FC28DC-2C3B-4D74-951B-AFA500C08BB9 SW6 1BW O2 Store (0377) Fulham - Broadway, Unit 9, Fulham Broadway Retail Centre Variable Restricted
1B61CE2C-F073-40E5-8363-B03500BF5B6B SW6 1EN Barclay House, Effie Road, London Variable Restricted
1CFC9916-526A-4181-913E-AE3900B903DF SW6 1HS Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge Variable Restricted
4E116CF8-F0F4-4012-AC7E-AE45010694B6 SW6 1HS Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge Variable Restricted
85905CED-7C19-45E1-A0AA-AE450106BBBE SW6 1HS Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge Variable Restricted
8D1D3658-CA29-4802-BFB1-AE4600A94780 SW6 1HS Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge Variable Restricted
965D107C-7B2C-4EBA-9C85-AE450106C96A SW6 1HS Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge Variable Restricted
A6D3CBAC-5502-48E2-B802-AE4600A9399C SW6 1HS Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge 24/7 Public
B0DA2EB4-09CD-4E3D-8781-AE4501066E25 SW6 1HS Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge Variable Restricted
BE020C2F-C15B-4823-887E-AE450106A0B6 SW6 1HS Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge Variable Restricted
CECCF3AD-9D72-4398-BEF3-AE450106AE82 SW6 1HS Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge Variable Restricted
D35B4825-9072-47FC-9A70-AE4501068254 SW6 1HS Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge Variable Restricted
E5696705-C573-4EFE-9EBF-AE4600A959D9 SW6 1HS Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge Variable Restricted
ECC56DD0-907A-4E8C-B1D0-AE4600A96CC5 SW6 1HS Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge Variable Restricted
F3015D31-71F4-4800-B3D4-AE4600A97BF8 SW6 1HS Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge Variable Restricted
985D7FCC-572B-450E-9D7C-B02800E1AACA SW6 1JU Fulham Primary School, Halford Road, London Variable Public
7F0EF89A-B316-4E2A-A765-B06200AD38F6 SW6 1NG Mcdonalds - 25 Fulham, 312,314 North End Road, London, London 24/7 Public
95550E5A-ABA6-40A1-B285-AEEB00DAA0FF SW6 1TN 82 Lillie Road, Fulham, London Variable Public
912B954A-C74C-40A3-8103-AFC901135648 SW6 1TT Savills - The Project Rooms, 16-18 Empress Place, London Variable Public
DDEE9520-54AC-4438-A563-AFE900AD59C5 SW6 1TW Savills - Conversation Corner, 1 Empress Approach,, London Variable Public
6D092EA7-1B3D-4F37-8D6B-B07E00F0A0F6 SW6 2AN 17 Imperial Road, London Variable Restricted
A514DE0C-00CB-451F-8666-ADF1010B7F56 SW6 2AN 17 Imperial Road, London Variable Restricted
A3319636-7898-4D36-BF6A-AF4800E475C4 SW6 2FE Bridge House Centre For Health, 1 Broughton Road Approach, London Variable Restricted
4E0B2A4E-F983-421B-8256-B0230138F366 SW6 2RW Harbour Club, Watermeadow Lane, London Variable Restricted
8E384AB9-F365-4A62-B42D-B0230139F21C SW6 2RW Harbour Club, Watermeadow Lane, London Variable Restricted
94487A34-CCB1-4841-BE2E-AFE400CE18A4 SW6 2TP Howdens At Fulham, 117-121 Wandsworth Bridge Road,, Fulham Variable Restricted
BAA31A41-02D6-44C3-AE63-AE3900EAA90A SW6 2TW Tesco Express, Imperial Wharf, Townmead Rd Variable Public
DD4353CF-10F8-40D7-AB43-AF6301238999 SW6 2TW The Fountain Centre, Lensbury Avenue, London 24/7 Public
25AEA150-E54F-4EA1-AC2D-AF17009E31A2 SW6 2TX St Matthew's Church, Wandsworth Bridge Road, London 24/7 Public
C5EBC9A0-AD96-4BDE-8E2D-AF5F00BE1A43 SW6 2UB St George West London, St George House, 16 The Boulevard Variable Restricted
3E37A5D3-4F4C-495B-AA37-AF5800C2B70E SW6 2XH St George West London, Fairview House, 2 Lockgate Road Variable Public
6725297A-95D1-4009-8A49-AF5800C52EE3 SW6 2XH St George West London, Fairview House, 2 Lockgate Road Variable Public
BF5FA1CD-167F-45E9-8A6E-AF5800C0B669 SW6 2XH St George West London, Fairview House, 2 Lockgate Road 24/7 Public
1867AA87-0C65-4C14-88AE-AD8100DA357E SW6 3AQ Mills Yard, London 24/7 Public
94C3B0DE-BC5C-43DC-9CA2-AF63009663F1 SW6 3JS Reserve Forces And Cadets Association For Greater London, T A Centre, 87 Fulham High Street Variable Public
9522AF77-C65E-4B5B-BDA4-ADE200F66965 SW6 3NS 2-3 Melbray Mews, London Variable Public
37228C07-2C74-4A27-9D0F-B04D00893B8C SW6 4BL Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Basuto Road, London Variable Restricted
0A587DDB-92FB-4BBA-A1D0-AFCC00CAE0D4 SW6 4HS Ashville Surgery, Swan House, Parsons Green Lane Variable Restricted
B9E74A4C-183E-4742-86EF-ADCF00988692 SW6 4TU Michael Sparks Associates, 11 Plato Place, 72-74 St Dionis Road Variable Public
56EB7C30-C5E7-443F-ACBC-AF4F010DB36A SW6 5BD 532 Fulham Road, London Variable Restricted
F31CD105-5E66-4D8B-B91E-AFEB0067A5C4 SW6 5HU Screwfix, 907 - 909 Fulham Road, London Variable Restricted
85086E54-DE1B-408E-8CAB-AE3900ED464A SW6 5SA Tesco, 700 Fulham Road, London Variable Restricted
8593231C-9867-4032-85B7-AD1200D30361 SW6 6AA Veloce Esports, 58a Bronsart Road, London Variable Restricted
A73AD5AE-7DB8-499A-A345-AE3A010F055B SW6 6BW Tesco Express, 280-284 Munster Road, London 24/7 Public
1F9B2B2B-CA0C-4A3A-A2B6-AEEE00FAF38D SW6 6EA Fulham Palace Trust, Stable Block Fulham Palace, Bishop's Avenue Variable Public
91BDC87F-19F0-44A7-B449-AFD900F4DF1F SW6 6HB A P Bridge, Finley Street, Fulham Variable Restricted
55D71689-4364-47DB-948C-AF54010049F8 SW6 6HH Fulham Football Club, Stevenage Road, London 24/7 Restricted
EB5B5757-00D1-4CC1-957F-AFC00103AA70 SW6 6JD 510 Fulham Palace Road, London Variable Public
129070CC-C98B-4CCD-9E8D-B023008798A7 SW6 6PF Nuffield Health, Stevenage Road, Bishops Park Variable Public
D2344CD7-4673-4E42-B42E-B00E00BE19C8 SW6 6TD Tesco, 335 Fulham Palace Road, London 24/7 Public
90CD537E-9A33-4C79-99EC-AFDC006A882D SW6 7HX Tesco, Tesco Express, 21 Sherbrooke Road Variable Public
3180E81E-4278-40C6-948A-AAAE00DA1624 SW6 7JF Busy Bees Nurseries, 57 Filmer Road, London Variable Public
D54BFEC2-FF9B-43F8-9B62-B02E00B1950B SW6 7ST Virgin Active Fulham, Normand Park, Lille Road Variable Restricted
E6393508-E798-47A0-8FFB-B02E0166C31D SW6 7ST Virgin Active Fulham, Normand Park, Lille Road Variable Restricted
FCE9689D-0481-43F0-A5F2-AE3900B7A38A SW7 1BX Kent House, Rutland Gardens, London Variable Restricted
3A25F54E-67F7-4696-9FF8-AD5500FB8E07 SW7 1ND Princes Gardens Preparatory School, 10 Princes Gardens, London Variable Restricted
477DB991-127C-4B18-97F0-AF0300D5F42A SW7 2AP Royal Albert Hall - Circle, Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore 24/7 Public
770079B3-9A86-43F5-B54A-AF0300D3CBF6 SW7 2AP Royal Albert Hall - Medical Room, Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore 24/7 Restricted
A42E701D-DFFE-4B1B-A343-AF0300D1FF7F SW7 2AP Royal Albert Hall - Stage Door, Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore 24/7 Restricted
089DA012-8A2F-4037-A3DD-AFF700B549B2 SW7 2AZ Rsm Reception (Bessemer, Aston Webb, Goldsmiths, Faculty Building), London Variable Restricted
0D7470CB-268C-4888-9506-AFF800853A01 SW7 2AZ Electrical And Electronic Engineering - Level 6, London Variable Restricted
10632A93-DDE1-4549-9E6B-AFF8008432EA SW7 2AZ Business School, London Variable Restricted
173E7470-E9CD-49C8-81B3-AFF700B3A072 SW7 2AZ Sherfield Security* (Library, Sir Ernst Chain Building, Flowers, Ace), London 24/7 Restricted
770E02EC-142C-49C5-9B2C-AFF80087AE9A SW7 2AZ Weeks Hall Security* ( East Side Residences), Weeks Hall Security* (East Side Residences), London 24/7 Restricted
8BBC013E-11BB-4E78-B360-AFF700B40166 SW7 2AZ Beit Security Lodge* (Imperial College Union, Blackett, Bone, Roderic Hill), London Variable Restricted
90FA4B6A-DA1F-49EA-8EB8-AFF8008651A6 SW7 2AZ Blackett (Physics) - Level 0, London Variable Restricted
9ADE7EFB-22E5-4A68-84E5-AFF8008C2584 SW7 2AZ Evelyn Gardens (Hor), London 24/7 Restricted
9C7EA13B-B558-4D2C-B3DD-AFF700B33005 SW7 2AZ Saf—Foyer (Chemistry, Rcs1, Skempton), London Variable Restricted
C121AD51-3BAE-4697-9180-AFF800874C99 SW7 2AZ Flowers Building, London Variable Restricted
C96C4F74-4CEF-4513-B9BC-AFF80085C694 SW7 2AZ 170 Queen Gate (170, Huxley, Wolfson), London Variable Restricted
7242DAFF-382D-46A2-AFD1-AF0300D9ABBA SW7 2BB Royal Albert Hall - Loading Bay, Royal Albert Hall Steps, London 24/7 Restricted
2DAE5E17-4DE5-4B2C-AF19-B08200FCF9CD SW7 2DD Science Museum Ground Floor East Hall, Science Museum, Exhibition Road Variable Public
A92922B4-E6A4-400B-AB7E-B08201017993 SW7 2DD Science Museum Ground Floor West Hall, Science Museum, Exhibition Road Variable Public
B61DFE76-219C-4B3C-A78F-B0A200E57144 SW7 2DD Science Museum, Exhibition Road, London Variable Public
52AE19F9-945D-49A9-A93B-AF0A00BD7018 SW7 2RL Victoria And Albert Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, Cromwell Road Variable Public
A88214AC-C783-4B93-8FB9-AFDA01646A1C SW7 3DY Tesco Old Brompton Express, 50-52 Old Brompton Road, London Variable Public
5718A847-CF19-452C-AB0C-AED200F9412D SW7 3ES Cheval Harrington Court, 13 Harrington Road, London 24/7 Restricted
7578 SW7 3RP H.R. Owen Plc, Greater London 24/7 Public
0AE5A5BB-ACD8-4CE5-B520-AF5400DB9569 SW7 3RP H.r. Owen Ferrari London, 125-133 Old Brompton Road, London Variable Restricted
7583 SW7 3TD H R Owen plc, Greater London 24/7 Public
8EEC40A0-6F7A-470E-960E-AF1C00C69368 SW7 4ES 114a Cromwell Road, London Variable Public
6A1B02B6-363B-4E1A-B1A0-AE3A00EDEF7F SW7 4SS Tesco, 87-93 Gloucester Road, London Variable Public
F20CC12C-24AE-4AD1-B8E4-AF5600ABEAEA SW7 4XR David Lloyd Kensington, Point West Building, 116 Cromwell Road Variable Restricted
1BBF40BC-55B4-4B68-BA7B-AE9900D85A46 SW7 5AB 90-92 Queen's Gate, London Variable Restricted
3F8FB368-06A4-4538-AAD7-AE9800CF7BC3 SW7 5AB Mander Portman Woodward, 91-92 Queen's Gate, London Variable Restricted
CA38E6D4-8017-4DC3-8EE1-ADFE00ED0807 SW7 5DP Office, 38 Hyde Park Gate, London Variable Restricted
A68E589F-82F7-4620-8FA8-AECB00CC210B SW7 5EW Flat 1, 2-4 Hyde Park Gate, London 24/7 Public
1F64D59D-B2B3-4949-B5BF-B08201041B69 SW7 5HD Dana Centre, Dana Centre Wellcome Woolfson Building, 165 Queen's Gate Variable Public
AFF1163D-97E8-4AF2-B260-AF2700BD1086 SW8 1RZ Urbanest Vauxhall, 5 Miles Street, London 24/7 Public
199785FA-27E9-43FB-8712-AE70012EA8AC SW8 2JU Puregym, 212 Wandsworth Road, Borough Of Lambeth 24/7 Restricted
E01D9796-A2D9-4520-9CA3-AF11008FADD6 SW8 2JW Tesco Wandsworth Road, 16 And 22, Wandsworth Road Variable Public
3E113A85-F1AB-4036-9BF1-AFBA00C65464 SW8 2JY Lambeth College Vauxhall Centre, Belmore Street, London 24/7 Public
7F53A619-0111-413E-8CB4-B089009EC4F7 SW8 2JY Lsbtc 4th Floor, Belmore Street, London 24/7 Public
F0962FA5-4D9C-4E51-9F91-AFE800DC9A2E SW8 2LD 124-130 Wandsworth Road, London Variable Public
FFAEE6C8-7E79-47D2-B42F-B02D00FAD09A SW8 2TJ Wyvil Primary School, Wyvil Road, London Variable Restricted
5EDC9C8A-3832-4E08-BACC-AED700EAA063 SW8 2UD Mawbey Group Practice, 39 Wilcox Close, London Variable Public
F44985DD-75C3-4707-892E-B00100D7D2D9 SW8 3JL Tesco Clapham Wandsworth, 827-833 Wandsworth Rd, Clapham 24/7 Public
678A4372-0109-42FE-ABC4-ADA300D50491 SW8 4AA 4 Battersea Park Road, London 24/7 Restricted
7CA78C0E-7707-489B-A8EF-AED90102CF63 SW8 4AA Mace Ltd, Mace Site Office, Palmerston Way, Battersea 24/7 Restricted
BA293358-787D-4430-B103-AEEC00BFEAC0 SW8 4EJ 115 Thessaly Road, London Variable Restricted
7E186115-908E-40E8-8344-B08A00FFABA1 SW8 4LP Queenstown Road, Battersea, Greater London 24/7 Public
C17E7F74-08A3-4E9E-99BF-AF9600C71EC3 SW8 4TL Royal Mail London Pensbury Street Rtw/Par, Pensbury Industrial Estate, London, London Variable Restricted
A6D392EC-239E-4729-99F9-B00000AC7C6C SW8 4TR Suez Recycling And Recovery Uk - Wandsworth Ts, Pensbury Place, Wandsworth Variable Public
7CF82C82-1385-4BDF-A6E9-AF4900AAEDC1 SW8 4UG Unit 3 Battersea Business Park, 104 Stewarts Road, London Variable Restricted
50508687-6693-4BD8-AC69-AF0400A3CCDF SW8 5BB Nine Elms, 53 Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall Variable Restricted
26E5AA44-3039-448B-80BC-ADC500BCD02B SW8 5BH New Temporary Flower Market New Covent Garden Market, Nine Elms Lane, London 24/7 Public
2109B834-0250-4F0E-820A-ADC500BFDDCE SW8 5EL Food Exchange New Covent Garden Market, Nine Elms Lane, London 24/7 Public
7700A2E4-13B0-416C-818B-AFFD00879ACD SW8 5EN Rushton's The Chefs Greengrocer Ltd, Unit 111-116, Distribution Block A, New Covent Garden Market Variable Restricted
054D1298-6993-4EB9-B20D-ADC500BA741F SW8 5PA C G M A Security Lodge New Covent Garden Market, Nine Elms Lane, London 24/7 Restricted
3BF884C5-1313-4494-BDDF-AE440132984E SW9 0HP Tesco, 131 Clapham Road, London Variable Restricted
52485CA7-96DF-4FE9-8F78-B093008FA63A SW9 0HR Tesco Clapham Road Express, London 24/7 Public
EBA4BCE4-55AA-4E68-B878-B003008AB265 SW9 0TQ St Helen's Catholic Primary School, Knowle Close, Brixton 24/7 Public
7CDB9D5C-FBD8-4714-93FE-AE6600E0DDA2 SW9 6DE Puregym, Canterbury Court, Kennington Business Park 24/7 Restricted
F4C3D311-B775-467C-96B9-AF8F010B4B40 SW9 6FZ Myatts Field Community Centre, 24 Crawshay Road, London Variable Public
25763B37-47FB-47E7-AF46-AE1B00C81369 SW9 7AA Tesco Express, Tesco Esso Express, 330 Brixton Road Variable Public
9CD76254-5FD9-437C-8221-AED800F1D848 SW9 7AA Brixton Road Community Mental Health Centre, 332-334 Brixton Road, London 24/7 Restricted
A00FFCA6-1568-43A1-BCCF-AF0800CBDB7F SW9 8EN Mcdonald's - Brixton Rd, 518-522 Brixton Road, London 24/7 Public
BFB47B09-4619-4737-B617-AF0E00A6ECDD SW9 8JB Se Trains, Brixton Railway Station, Atlantic Road 24/7 Restricted
63486AB1-2B55-4AE5-9D20-AEF500E61B11 SW9 8QQ Brixton Rec, Brixton Recreation Centre, Brixton Station Road Variable Restricted
9837A7A3-2730-47FC-9DE5-AFF700FBDFE9 SW9 8SE Tesco Brixton Coldharbour Lane Express, 242-248 Coldharbour Ln, London Variable Public
3890BA4E-2F23-4D24-932C-B0A600A71EB7 SW9 9BT 371 Clapham Road, London Variable Restricted
F850F2C1-7338-4441-9197-B00B01044DF0 SW9 9DE St Andrews Church Of England Primary School, Kay Road, London Variable Public
C9B0B305-9994-49FE-B9D7-AEF50093649F SW9 9DL Beckett House Practice, Beckett House, Grantham Road Variable Restricted

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 13 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n2620317749
MZ n6366121319
MZ n6503403241
MZ n6564462800
MZ n6729211365 On Station Outside Wall Near Boots. Facing Victoria Bus Station
MZ n6863610536
MZ n7082860968
MZ n7198656097
MZ n9631751597 On outside wall.
MZ n9707469160 In Brixron station, near the assistance desk
MZ n9796726385 Inside London Rowing Club
MZ n9796726387 Inside King's College School Wimbledon Boat Club
MZ n10864926705

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 12 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
5063 SW13 9HL Telephone Box, Greater London n8568217703 inside red phone box, Church Road, Barnes - by Olympic Cinema/Studios 8 m
5955 SW15 2PD Outside 230-232, Greater London n9143463458 under telephone on back of elctronic advertising hoarding 5 m
6212 SW13 0LW Essex House Surgery, Greater London n5664557836 in gateway outside Essex House Surgery 19 m
018A48CA-FF0F-46C6-9D43-B06100ABF720 SW8 1SS Vauxhall, South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall n9180682190 Inside Vauxhall station, on a wall near the lift to platforms 3 and 4 17 m
0C48B4B0-9EA0-4F43-96BA-AEDE00C56922 SW1E 5LB 160 Victoria Street, London n7141480620 37 m
3F5E208A-E372-4E96-99F4-AFC6009E5023 SW1V 1AN Banking, 5 Wilton Road, London n7141476920 89 m
4D53D6C1-FB74-4A97-BBDF-AF9700B55CFD SW18 4BS Durkan - Penfold Centre Community Hall, Penfold Centre, 1 Neville Gill Close n11196484106 On wall outside Penfold Centre 32 m
57BCDC0A-ECDA-4077-A23C-AFB200CA4637 SW20 9NL Kings College School, Kings College School Sports Ground, Kingsway n10032077431 75 m
5806093B-8EE4-4B53-841C-AEF300CE2CB9 SW15 5JR Roehampton Gate Cafe, Richmond Park, Richmond n8815787713 Inside cafĂ© (opening hours only) 10 m
75CC40EC-DA72-478F-9A51-B06100AC4A95 SW15 1RT Putney, High Street, Putney n11102103692 On the wall outside Putney Station 22 m
8CFABBF8-E5BE-4F33-9062-AF86013FFFF6 SW15 2PD Wandsworth Advertising Kiosk, Outside 230-232 Putney Bridge Road, Wandsworth n9143463458 under telephone on back of elctronic advertising hoarding 13 m
CD2FC4DC-8D60-4CE5-BBA8-AEDD00AEB660 SW13 9WT London Wetland Centre, Queen Elizabeth Walk, London n10139288489 29 m

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UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
861D589A-D87C-4A57-8BC7-AFF8008876E2 SW7 2AZ Main Entrance (Business School, City & Guilds, Electrical Engineering, Faculty Building), London n9948781273 Inside Imperial College Main Entrance lobby 278 m

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