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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'EH' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. This website is not intended for use in an emergency. If you require urgent medical assistance, call 999 now.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 856 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
B24D1222-BF6F-4370-B071-AF4C01016E81 EH1 1BQ Mcdonald's - Edinburgh 1, Unit 3/12 Princes Mall, Waverley Bridge Variable Public
2B6D923F-0D68-4AAB-A4C0-B068010A786E EH1 1DF Market Street, Balfour Beatty Site Office, Market Street Variable Restricted
EC8F9B27-A892-46FB-B3D4-707C8D82E717 EH1 1LB Sheriff Court, Edinburgh Sheriff Court, 27 Chambers Street Variable Public
9F91AC57-372E-4009-AA3E-AD800105E343 EH1 1NA Express Holiday Inn, 300 Cowgate, Edinburgh 24/7 Restricted
D57A8665-5390-4D40-9DD9-B08800EE7FE3 EH1 1PT 12-26 St Giles Street, Old Town, Edinburgh 24/7 Restricted
1216CA1C-A93D-4B2B-A4B3-88DA76B22CD1 EH1 1QS Edinburgh Festival Fringe Shop- See Location Below***, High Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
69C62EE7-143C-4ED7-BBB1-AF4F0109D308 EH1 1RN Consulate General Of France / Institut Français D'ecosse, 59-63 George Iv Bridge, Old Town Variable Public
283DBB8E-83F9-4F88-AE4B-AB3B00795C99 EH1 1RQ Supreme Courts, Parliament House, 11 Parliament Square Variable Public
E17B3305-D05B-44FB-B5CD-AF4B00B7A01D EH1 2AB Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh The Caledonian, Princes Street, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
ECFC57E4-4FA3-4337-AE05-B037010B7FF4 EH1 2AB St Johns Church, 1a Lothian Road, West End 24/7 Public
CE7FE5F3-C5B8-49B4-B826-ABAE00EB2187 EH1 2DP Scotia Uk Plc, 4 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
EE8F2B98-DF39-47CF-8BE2-1B4F797D17B1 EH1 2EA Usher Hall- Box Office Entrance, Lothian Road, Edinburgh Variable Public
FB7FB351-30F5-4CDA-AC14-8402BDDAFD16 EH1 2ES Saltire Court- At Reception, Castle Terrace, Edinburgh Variable Public
26BDF65D-EE7D-4AE1-AFBC-11170DE72485 EH1 2NG Edinburgh Castle, Castle Hill, Lawnmarket Edinburgh 24/7 Public
382319E3-8BE2-4394-9D5B-C827DF61EF48 EH1 2NG Edinburgh Castle- At Security Office, Castle Hill, Lawnmarket Edinburgh 24/7 Public
AC89FD16-9700-4A23-B432-6AA96AE71941 EH1 2NG Edinburgh Castle- Inside Garrisons Mess, Castle Hill, Lawnmarket Edinburgh 24/7 Public
AFFDAA62-84D4-4D4F-880A-AEE000CFE751 EH1 2PW St Columba's Church Hall, St Columba's By The Castle Episcopal Church, 14 Johnston Terrace 24/7 Public
338065E4-2920-4518-9310-B0AE00EDDA1C EH1 3AA Hilton - Glass House, The Glasshouse, 2 Greenside Place, Edinburgh, 24/7 Public
22E66E4E-299D-4BCF-B286-AF96007ACB85 EH1 3AD O2 Store (0464) Edinburgh - St James, 129 St James Crescent, St James Quarter Variable Restricted
0FC2F97E-B856-4289-82F2-ADD400D932D2 EH1 3AU Omni Centre, Greenside Row, Edinburgh Variable Public
6C02A144-203D-4925-8F27-AB1F00C3BF52 EH1 3AU Nuffield Health, Omni Centre, 61/10 Leith Street Variable Restricted
0764D275-2072-4DBA-8E87-AAD2008D16BC EH1 3BQ Howies Restaurant, 29 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh Variable Public
58CEB856-C2CE-469F-B13D-AF3200BAA3BD EH1 3JD Hotel Indigo, 51-59 York Place, New Town 24/7 Public
6A4D1234-A657-4A20-9F11-AFE9008346DD EH1 3JT Tesco Express, 8 Picardy Place, New Town Variable Public
BD55A87A-805B-4DB7-8FF6-ABC300AF111E EH1 3LH 16 Forth Street, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
AE2A4F76-64BF-4396-80E7-0F169CB01FEE EH1 3NW At Reception Desk Of Gayfield Square Police Station, Gayfield Square, Broughton Edinburgh 24/7 Public
36D29EA7-3236-4583-A351-AD9E008B36B8 EH1 3RR 33 Broughton Place, Edinburgh Variable Public
2D841679-DDEB-4217-B914-AECF00C53D5F EH1 3SP John Lewis, 60 Leith Street, New Town Variable Public
1AB6A263-446E-495F-A929-59588A9086EB EH10 4DP Eric Liddell Centre Ltd, 15 Morningside Road, Edinburgh Variable Public
F8659522-E484-4CE7-AE63-AEC500D58706 EH10 5DB George Watsons College, Myreside Pavilion, Myreside Road Variable Public
80610A09-D394-47EE-98EC-B026016425CA EH10 5DN Tesco Edinburgh Bruntsfield Express, Colinton Rd, Edinburgh Variable Public
AE3DB8E5-6EF6-40EC-97C1-AB6100D5B06C EH10 6JZ Edinburgh Leisure, Braid Hills Golf Course, 29 Braid Hills Approach 24/7 Public
77B2CAE7-067F-411F-94DD-AB9C00B4FB80 EH10 6PB Mortonhall Golf Club, 231 Braid Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
FD1EB580-F4DD-403B-8465-4C48EB336FAD EH10 6PB Mortonhall Golf Club- On Eastern Ext Wall Of Clubhouse, 231 Braid Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
7A807B23-0352-4294-94D7-AEA000A3D5A2 EH10 6PZ The Home Hub, 14 Buckstone Terrace, Buckstone 24/7 Public
3DAF7641-4149-4314-8B87-AFC500DEB90C EH10 6XH Scottish Water, Fairmilehead, 55 Buckstone Terrace, Fairmilehead Variable Restricted
33ED04D2-1B97-4504-B42C-563412537598 EH10 7AA Fairmilehead Parish Church, 1a Frogston Road West, Fairmilehead Edinburgh 24/7 Public
70CC263C-BD2A-42F2-AE73-B00E00ADA5F7 EH10 7DU Snow Sports Centre, Midlothian Snow Sports Centre, Ski Centre Road From A702 To Ski Centre Variable Public
2DF3F92C-7C6C-4504-B046-AEFB00A893ED EH11 1AF Fountain Park, 130 Dundee St, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
3925AC87-D2FF-455E-8449-AFE800FC1066 EH11 1AF Unit 4 Fountain Park, 130 Dundee Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
89DC739C-50D9-46AA-A324-AEFC00A6E7B2 EH11 1BY 179 Dundee Street, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
6D3A8A5A-112C-48F2-91A3-AEA000974EFD EH11 1LU Polwarth Parish Church, Polwarth Parish Church Hall, 36 Polwarth Terrace 24/7 Public
7666A11C-25D2-4CB9-8C05-AD14012F5117 EH11 1NA Merchiston Tennis & Bowling Club, Polwarth Terrace, Edinburgh Variable Public
BDB18155-6985-4E14-9D53-AD1200ADB099 EH11 2AL 25-29 Caledonian Crescent, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
6766A9D5-3746-421C-B729-6CFA4F48A0DE EH11 2PL 236 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh Variable Public
D02BB85A-C844-4A16-84DF-AD4A00DA6BD5 EH11 2QH Grant Westfield, 3, Westfield Avenue Variable Restricted
F17CF5A9-8ADA-4568-B3E1-AD4A00DCFCD6 EH11 2QH Grant Westfield, 3, Westfield Avenue Variable Restricted
21579772-8C57-4C52-BB8A-AFC800F9E13E EH11 2QQ Howdens At Gorgie, Unit 17, Westfield Street,, Gorgie Variable Restricted
1534935D-2258-4F2B-AA8A-B0B90116AF28 EH11 3BQ Balgreen Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
FCAE3F6C-A288-464A-A6E0-AF1601053B87 EH11 3BQ Edinburgh Leisure, Saughton Sports Complex, 82 Stevenson Drive Variable Restricted
1A87A0BA-7C12-4386-9B96-AE3E00CDAE22 EH11 3DQ Tesco, 74 Stenhouse Place East, Edinburgh Variable Public
E1CA895C-6AAC-4B67-BCD8-AD2B011CC84F EH11 3HB Saughton Sports Centre, Stevenson Road, Edinburgh Variable Public
30E10AB1-0254-4996-A543-CFB128D7B95C EH11 3XD Saughton House- To Lhs Of Main Gates On Grass Area, Broomhouse Drive, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
37846BB0-9176-4488-9AF9-AE6100D0391C EH11 3XP Puregym, 600 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Restricted
07E8FF55-BE02-40B2-84DA-AFC200752D33 EH11 4BP Screwfix, Unit 14 Bank Hill Industrial Estate, Sighthill Variable Restricted
0B0A7431-AEB0-4314-9EA0-AB5E00BA3260 EH11 4DE Stevenson College, Bankhead Avenue, Edinburgh Variable Public
6F1F1B5C-D8F1-44C8-B6BE-AE3E0107277D EH11 4DG Tesco Superstore, Cultins Rd, 0 24/7 Public
BA070CF4-4F37-4D11-86F0-B0370083EC51 EH11 4DG B&Q, Hermiston Gait Retail Park, South Gyle 24/7 Restricted
3A6E1A9B-087F-40B8-9341-ADAA00E2D72A EH11 4EP 41 Bankhead Crossway South, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
CD40BFCA-F384-4F11-8C64-AF0100D9FE25 EH11 4EP Historic Environment Scotland, 41 Bankhead Crossway South, Unit 3, Seven Hills Business Park Variable Restricted
243BC83C-2CA6-455C-9204-ABC600C7EDDA EH11 4HD City Of Edinburgh Council, 14 Bankhead Avenue, Sighthill 24/7 Public
1779F3F4-841B-454E-96B3-AE5F00E767A8 EH11 4HJ 597 Calder Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
8C3773E2-9697-4F0D-A33A-AFA800EBA682 EH11 4LQ City Of Edinburgh Council, 117 Calder Gardens, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
6F8B199E-4CCF-4928-8BA1-ACAE00A4E6B5 EH11 4NT St Nicolas Sighthill Parish Church, 124 Sighthill Loan, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
CCC091BB-28D9-42DF-8057-AE7B01369ED8 EH11 4PY St John Ogilvie, 159 Sighthill Drive, Sighthill 24/7 Public
F2B81F70-6430-4D36-B2A1-AE9E00F4B362 EH11 4RH Mackinnon Pharmacy, 291 Calder Road, Edinburgh Variable Public
37F5F121-E4F5-4327-821B-AFCE00FC19A6 EH11 4XX Royal Mail Edinburgh Ld, 100 Bankhead Crossway North, South Gyle Variable Restricted
1C8DAC67-A7F3-4AF5-9CCE-AFCE00FCF9A5 EH11 4YY Royal Mail Edinburgh Mc, 11 Cultins Road, South Gyle 24/7 Restricted
55B6168A-9427-48FB-9190-B00E00947D87 EH12 0AX Maybury Primary School Construction Site, 21 Turnhouse Road, Cammo Variable Restricted
813A5BE6-CAE6-4BFA-A4AC-AE4000941AE5 EH12 5AW St Mary's Cathedral, 23 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
5AF84248-4854-467A-A0AD-F4E05BF68D86 EH12 5EY Haymarket Station, 3 Haymarket, Edinburgh Variable Public
E776C501-B1F4-4102-A743-B08300D71512 EH12 5EY Haymarket Rail Station, Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh Variable Public
4070E812-622A-4992-95A7-AAB8009E9BBE EH12 5EZ Purelifi, 9 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
01FB516F-D264-4D16-9285-B0C000824C06 EH12 5HD Environmental Standards Scotland, Thistle House, 5th Floor, 91 Haymarket Terrace Variable Restricted
10BB5626-69D0-4C11-8035-474CD7BD6CC3 EH12 5HE Thistle House- On Ground Floor At Entrance, Haymarket Terrace, 91 Haymarket Terrace Variable Restricted
40F9FBD8-4671-4EB7-98F3-AFE8006B7CAA EH12 5PF Screwfix, 13 Roseburn Street, Murrayfield Variable Restricted
5342FA50-3F21-4A8C-ADA2-AD93009C707C EH12 5PT Murrayfield Wanderers, 13c Riversdale Crescent, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
E292AA58-F605-4ACF-9A7B-AB6100D4490B EH12 5UZ Edinburgh Leisure, Carrick Knowe Golf Course, 27 Glendevon Park 24/7 Public
94F029CE-B834-4B9F-A82D-AB760117AB57 EH12 5XN 13 Riversdale Crescent, Edinburgh Variable Public
F471DF41-2324-4FB4-AE57-ACAE00A8BBA1 EH12 6DY Murrayfield Parish Church Halls, 2b Ormidale Terrace, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
2942378E-16EE-4883-BE96-AC8000BBFC28 EH12 6JR 1 Kaimes Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
060009AE-EC10-4EAC-BA2A-A578535DB1B9 EH12 6TS Edinburgh Zoo, 134 Corstorphine Road, Penguin Kiosk Variable Public
D9C8A9A5-467F-4BE0-A1AA-B07A00D840AA EH12 6TS Royal Zoological Society Of Scotland, Royal Zoological Society Of Scotland Edinburgh Zoo, 134 Corstorphine Road Variable Public
0FA8A362-BAB9-44C4-B2B1-AADC008F8B14 EH12 7AT Scottish Environment Protection Agency, 231 Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
B822D2E9-49C1-4629-A401-AC1E00A94A75 EH12 7DR Carrick Knowe Parish Church, 118-132 Saughton Road North, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
20899115-7D30-4B02-903C-ADA200B8038C EH12 7HD Corstorphine Astoria Centre, 18 Kirk Loan, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
7759D32E-3EB6-4A5B-BB31-050AE810B612 EH12 7JB 87 Saughton Road North, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
EF4541C5-A53F-46D8-9BB7-AD9C00F29E2E EH12 7SX Dower House, 1a Orchardfield Avenue, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
848B5FA5-8AF9-44E7-AE86-AE3E00DB1DA1 EH12 7UQ Tesco, 30 Meadow Place Road, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
AE597F73-3BD5-4791-8E11-B0A700ED9E5C EH12 7UQ Tesco Petrol Filling Station, Tesco Petrol Filling Station, 30 Meadow Place Road, Broomhall Variable Public
092B3850-4BD7-4701-B948-AF2600E9F370 EH12 8AX Toby Carvery - Edinburgh, 114-116 St John's Road, Corstorphine 24/7 Restricted
0EBC4E37-26A9-43F7-B7C0-AC8000B60010 EH12 8AY St Ninian's Church, 144 St John's Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
CBDB53A6-52AA-4545-9221-AF8600F1448F EH12 8HW 1-17 Glasgow Road, Gogar, Edinburgh 24/7 Restricted
3D8B813C-0313-49F6-83B8-B04700C9BAD3 EH12 8LJ St. Thomas Church, 75-79 Glasgow Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
24C2A83A-9720-4B69-A245-C8B56EAA09A3 EH12 9BH At Reception Of Rbs Business School, Glasgow Road, Edinburgh Variable Public
2721D2F5-6DF9-4768-A81C-AAE200E4CADE EH12 9BH 175 Glasgow Road, Edinburgh Variable Public
2E3FEF6F-EC97-47BC-A537-AAE200E306B5 EH12 9BH 175 Glasgow Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
2F0CC1EB-D9E3-4E1D-BD84-AAE200E6BB84 EH12 9BH 175 Glasgow Road, Edinburgh Variable Public
AAF98C1F-99FC-4874-913B-AAE200E82BB8 EH12 9BH 175 Glasgow Road, Edinburgh Variable Public
631F69CA-9D60-4450-9F8A-B02700A8CE39 EH12 9DN Hampton By Hilton Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh Airport, 5 Almond Avenue 24/7 Public
8087DD05-A3AE-4ACA-A1DA-B0AE0093126B EH12 9DT Hsbc, 1-2 Lochside Way, Edinburgh Park 24/7 Restricted
95C44DB6-437B-4FFA-9FE7-B0B300BD7AAF EH12 9DT Hsbc, 1-2 Lochside Way, Edinburgh Park Variable Restricted
B16F86D8-7F97-4AE9-86AC-B0B300BD1926 EH12 9DT Hsbc, 1-2 Lochside Way, Edinburgh Park 24/7 Restricted
D29C0505-F713-4823-9175-B0B300BD5874 EH12 9DT Hsbc, 1-2 Lochside Way, Edinburgh Park Variable Restricted
9B2C69D6-2CD1-4282-81A5-27AC2F390647 EH12 9EB Network Rail, Network Rail Edinburgh Mdu, 12 South Gyle Crescent 24/7 Public
A5425EF2-0F9A-4048-B137-AB670122AA8F EH12 9FJ 1 Roddinglaw Road, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
8AD0B286-7625-4938-93E0-7C0E677DB76E EH12 9FL Lothian Valuation Joint Board, 17a South Gyle Crescent, South Gyle Variable Restricted
26B9E879-8F62-4E4E-98C5-AF9500FB4BA9 EH12 9JT O2 Store (0142) Edinburgh - The Gyle, Unit 39, The Gyle Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
1D59DC22-4529-4219-BEBA-B01500DCC204 EH12 9LD Broadstone, 50 South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
FC7191B2-EECB-4425-A45F-B0150105A318 EH12 9LD Broadstone, 50 South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
61AACCAC-E9C5-4859-932F-B02600B98F3F EH12 9SB Tesco Rbs Edinburgh, 175 Glasgow Rd, Edinburgh Variable Public
5C8698E4-60BA-4FF2-92E8-B001009CAF21 EH13 0AB Colinton Bowling Club, 49a Redford Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
270AF82D-1176-40A5-95DD-C03E5E80B8AB EH13 0BD Colinton Lawn Tennis Club- On Wall Nxt To Female Changing, 26 Westgarth Avenue, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
5A31A6A4-CC06-46B4-ADAE-AFED00CF8337 EH13 0HT Campbell Park Colinton, Campbell Park, Woodhall Road 24/7 Public
62AFCAA9-79C6-4565-9A6C-AD6400B68EE1 EH13 0NT St Cuthberts Hall, 321 Colinton Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
F6B86B5F-3724-48CF-9553-AAD200878E5F EH13 0PP 265 Colinton Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
C26F1418-1DE4-48DE-B9FE-AC0800B773CE EH13 0PQ Tiphereth Ltd, 55 Torphin Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
E495645A-A648-4748-9812-AF3800D88A86 EH13 9LS Pentland Community Centre, Oxgangs Brae, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
DF395F6D-7307-4DB8-9070-AAD300D1268F EH14 1AJ George Watson's College, 1 Craiglockhart Terrace, Craiglockhart Pavillion Building Variable Restricted
CD20ACB4-8012-40CD-87A0-AE3A00824DE1 EH14 1AT Tesco, 62b Colinton Road, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
CAE712E5-E565-4A22-8269-AD2400A53FA0 EH14 1BZ Craiglockhart Tennis & Sports Centre, 177 Colinton Road, Edinburgh Variable Public
7CC2F5DE-EC12-48B6-B02C-F93650F6E808 EH14 1EB At Rhs Wall Of Main Door To Waverley Care Milestone, Waverley Care Milestone, 113 Oxgangs Road North 24/7 Public
73889B54-DE05-47C1-B343-E9F0F38692D0 EH14 1ED Braidburn School- In Drivers Room, 107 Oxgangs Road North, Edinburgh Variable Public
CECE4DE1-295B-4A59-B842-AEA400C471F2 EH14 1HS Craiglockhart Parish Church, 1 Craiglockhart Drive North, Wester Craiglockhart 24/7 Public
370736C0-B926-493D-9659-ADD8015E77A9 EH14 1LA Dhammapadipa Temple, 199 Slateford Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
4D2355E3-897F-4F31-B7BF-B02200BE8C53 EH14 1RL Nuffield Health, 15 New Mart Road, Edinburgh Variable Public
EF00E45D-9B55-4C36-8A5D-AB1F010841BF EH14 1RL Dunedin Canmore Housing Association Ltd, 8 New Mart Road, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
8A51EA06-F550-43F6-B97C-AB2800DEC143 EH14 1RU Bainfield Bowling & Social Club, 34 Hutchison Crossway, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
1D9C8FCC-96B4-4E03-9082-AED001788F81 EH14 1TB Ymca Scotland, 1 Chesser Avenue, Slateford 24/7 Public
32A9E481-267E-4168-B51D-AF1100EFAB96 EH14 1XN Changing Rooms, 4 Meggetland Wynd, Slateford Variable Public
404A56CD-B820-4991-A5C5-335BB129FF71 EH14 1XN Energy Gym- At The End Of The Bar, 2 Meggetland Wynd, Edinburgh Variable Public
8C8BC3B3-904C-418D-B9E7-B03F00BA2F47 EH14 1XN St Andrew Boat Club, St Andrew Boat Club, Meggetland Wynd, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
C8AEBBDA-34EC-4884-B0C2-AE7B0082D5B3 EH14 1XP 8 Meggetland Square, Slateford, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
7BE69873-BD51-44BC-ABC8-AFB300D1D18D EH14 2BA Longstone Hearts Club, 58 Longstone Road, Kingsknowe 24/7 Public
490FEDCB-84B1-43E4-B577-55F4D561124A EH14 2QR Wester Hailes Police Station- Front Counter Area, Dumbryden Drive, Wester Hailes Edinburgh 24/7 Public
E327EA74-543B-4FD9-B429-ADC600A41297 EH14 2SU Wester Hailes Education Centre, 5 Murrayburn Drive, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
1FC195AE-59E8-46B8-AF9E-AD9C00E116B3 EH14 2TH 6 Westburn Avenue, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
88050944-23AF-4923-9235-AFDC0089D2A9 EH14 4AL Scottish Water, Juniper, Research Avenue North, Herriot Watt Campus, Currie, Variable Restricted
52A6EC04-12C6-4AC4-97D6-B028007B224A EH14 4AP Jba Consulting, Unit 2.1 Quantum Court, Research Avenue South Park, Riccarton Variable Public
9ACA66E1-FE8E-4A9D-9FE6-ADE4008FD965 EH14 4AP Unit 33, 26 Research Avenue North, Riccarton,, Currie Variable Restricted
F15B2449-E0DE-4AEA-B794-AB7500891833 EH14 4AP 41 Research Avenue North, Hermiston Variable Restricted
F8B80837-24BD-4F71-90E7-AB0300EA110C EH14 4AP Dukosi Ltd, Quantum Court, Heriot-Watt Research Park Variable Restricted
02462D05-C546-4F15-8501-B08900A716EA EH14 5BF Electricity Substation, Somerville Road, Kingfisher Park Estate 24/7 Public
A19E267B-E933-49CC-9565-AE2B01443E6F EH14 5NP 4-5 Pentland View Court, Currie 24/7 Public
BDFE3DAC-094D-4261-9C12-D3C29B7903F2 EH14 5NY Lanark Road West, Currie 24/7 Public
175396F4-36F6-402F-BDB8-ADCD00C13E3D EH14 5PX 1 Riccarton Mains Road, Currie Variable Restricted
4DE8FBBA-BD2E-4B7F-BB5F-AB5900FA8916 EH14 5RD Woodlands Special School, 36 Dolphin Avenue, Currie Variable Restricted
78BF354A-91E9-4939-99C8-AB5900FBC835 EH14 7AQ Balerno High School, 5 Bridge Road, Balerno Variable Public
7F754E4C-03BE-4481-8AAB-AE0000E4686E EH14 7AQ Balerno Community High School, 5 Bridge Road, Balerno Variable Public
3B10151E-9D6F-4642-8E4A-260DD77CA5F6 EH14 7AS Harelaw House Visitor Centre- On Lhs Wall, Unnamed Road, Balerno 24/7 Public
6C8C8CF6-D523-46A7-9C62-F207514809F6 EH14 7ET 31 Marchbank Gardens, Balerno 24/7 Public
F512139D-5D7C-4F89-85B1-AD2100AAFD8C EH15 1DR Edinburgh Leisure, 20 Westbank Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
32E423DD-3F04-45A7-9EE7-42F07E403656 EH15 1EY 6 Bath Street, Portobello Edinburgh Variable Public
F366062B-753F-4DEC-B066-AB6100D6DC16 EH15 1JJ Edinburgh Leisure, Portobello Golf Course, 20 Stanley Street 24/7 Public
1BDB9BD8-6267-49BC-AEAE-AB060130CD0D EH15 1LP St John’s Rc Church( Left Exterior Wall), 3-4 Sandford Gardens Aed In Lane Left Side Of Church, Corner Of Brighton Place 24/7 Public
1D75D636-6199-4CD6-9134-AFE8008FEE43 EH15 1TB Screwfix, Unit 4a Seafield Trade Park, Seafield Road Variable Restricted
A70D70F3-7B5B-4CE9-A65D-AACC0083090A EH15 1TB Bchs Building, 4c Seafield Way, Edinburgh Variable Public
D66D5B04-94BC-4E6B-8352-AD3400F5C7E3 EH15 2BS Edinburgh Leisure, 57 Promenade, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
304D4AE1-24C9-478A-8AB9-ADD300EDD255 EH15 2DL Brunstane Road North, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
070BB333-9979-4198-A908-AAC0010DABB1 EH15 2HX Joppa Community Tennis Club, 10 Joppa Grove, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
BA2F87DE-03B2-4994-B839-B05A0085F60C EH15 2LJ 3 Coillesdene Loan, Joppa, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
289C6719-C0D0-4C4B-BFC3-ADF200BD5CFF EH15 2NP 100 Milton Road East, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
8F811D7F-4928-49C5-AE2D-AB5E00BE98BD EH15 2PP Jewel & Esk College, 24 Milton Road East, Edinburgh Variable Public
6EA1C9C6-CC0F-4C59-B89A-AEE600FD0B10 EH15 2QN 34 Brunstane Road, Joppa, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
286A9790-2AB0-470B-BADE-AC2000A42C81 EH15 3DB 4 Magdalene Drive, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
959D6B62-F4A1-4921-B146-B09900C74A82 EH15 3EJ Scotmid Duddingston, Scotmid, 191-193 Duddingston Park South Variable Public
DA7CA496-E53D-4E62-AE73-B06A0101094B EH15 3HR Sterling Home, 4 Whitehill Road, Newcraighall Variable Public
16B3D911-F1D6-4717-8547-AB6B01097888 EH15 3HS B & Q Plc, 80b Newcraighall Road, Edinburgh Variable Public
3C4C7785-B9D4-4D10-BB9E-AFE800BBFEF4 EH15 3HS Screwfix, Newcraighall Road, Fort Kinnaird Trade Park Variable Restricted
B83B4637-DE48-44C0-967A-23A80FAE8ED3 EH15 3HY St Magdalenes Church Hall- On Wall Facing Small Shop, Bingham Avenue, Bingham Edinburgh 24/7 Public
E52BB79B-8CAA-485E-9150-1978693EC895 EH15 3LJ Current Club House, Jewel Miners Welfare Club, 56 Duddingston Park South Variable Public
89C69D84-3CFF-4AF7-91E7-AD3D00DEF3EB EH15 3PX 5a Old Church Lane, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
6CB01BE3-9532-4383-B365-AE61008A611A EH15 3RD 4 Kinnaird Park, Newcraighall, Edinburgh 24/7 Restricted
AC5E0635-6231-424B-9524-AF6601508891 EH15 3RD Mcdonald's - Edinburgh 4, Kinnaird Retail Park, Fort Kinnaird Shopping, Newcraighall Rd 24/7 Public
F52647FF-708B-4725-8F40-A3958B0E433C EH15 3RD On Wall At Tgi's/Cafe Nero, Fort Kinnaird, Niddrie Edinburgh 24/7 Public
FB8C264B-AF0E-42DD-A104-AF9A00D16296 EH15 3RD O2 Store (0394) Fort Kinnaird, Unit 7c The Fort, Kinnaird Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
7DC9A974-65E7-4B52-A64B-B0A001059C38 EH16 4BX Withyou East Lothian, 1 Craigmillar Castle Road, Craigmillar 24/7 Restricted
0A72B181-3CB2-4640-BDE9-AE3900DF8E3A EH16 4DT Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd., Niddrie Mains Road Variable Public
5A6C22D6-AF51-46E4-B9DF-52039A40E2FF EH16 4EA The Thistle Foundation- Behind Reception Desk, 13 Queen's Walk, Edinburgh Variable Public
691F90B4-EFC3-4A11-A714-AF11010B84F5 EH16 4ND Edinburgh Leisure, Jack Kane Sports Centre, 280a Niddrie Mains Road Variable Restricted
1995D6AA-FA06-4C01-A664-AD49009610C4 EH16 4NT Places For People Scotland, 11 Harewood Road, Edinburgh Variable Public
7EED982C-149C-47E9-B3B5-AABF009FCE50 EH16 4NT Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association, Space, 11 Harewood Road Variable Public
8AF80FBD-3A30-4D7C-9C23-AF6500EE8C0F EH16 4NT Castle Rock Edinvar, 11 Harewood Road, Niddrie 24/7 Public
49628E9C-62E1-4018-A304-AC8000C7F895 EH16 4PA Richmonds Hope, 227 Niddrie Mains Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
E24E5F44-8AD0-4C46-B23B-F823DDF79402 EH16 4RW Castle Rock Housing Association- Reception Area, Hay Avenue, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
6B7977CC-4E74-4D31-8207-AE4300E64DCF EH16 4UX Mclaughlin & Harvey Ltd, Site Office, 9 Little France Road Variable Restricted
FE607B22-82B1-4DA9-8E46-ADE100D2CB02 EH16 4UX Scottish Enterprise, 9 Little France Road, Gate 3 24/7 Public
21786493-E65E-45F2-A9EB-05FA6FC0134B EH16 4UY Police Station- Front Counter Area, Duddingston Road West, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
191EA9EF-3248-413F-B55E-AD180060D819 EH16 5BB Royal Commonwealth Pool, 21 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
A6E14C08-FD97-4588-A53F-ADB5005BD1D2 EH16 5BB 21 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
E2588A29-428A-46A3-A49A-AD0B00BB0AAF EH16 5BB Royal Commonwealth Pool, 21 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
97A8D78F-C740-42EB-A0C4-AFD600C1D213 EH16 5HS 6 Priestfield Road North, Prestonfield, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
F43569F6-66E5-4F16-944F-AF9700BF693F EH16 5PB O2 Store (0348) Edinburgh - Cameron Toll, 25 Cameron Toll Shopping Centre, 6 Lady Road Variable Restricted
1159B399-24CE-44B0-A483-B07500BD0D26 EH16 5UD Inch Park Community Sports Club, Inch Park, 227 Gilmerton Road 24/7 Public
A59E05FE-251C-44C0-9920-AF1D0095B671 EH16 5UJ Liberton Golf Club, Kingston Grange,, 297 Gilmerton Road Variable Public
06268B89-BFE8-415C-8A11-ADD80100A63F EH16 5UR Liberton Northfield Parish Church, 280a Gilmerton Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
DF15BCBF-CDA0-481B-867B-B02000AD8843 EH16 5UY 42 King's Haugh, Craigmillar, Edinburgh 24/7 Restricted
D7B542BD-5BD7-4016-8B84-AECF00B89C9B EH16 6JT 65 Liberton Gardens, Edinburgh Variable Public
E7CF38F5-3CA3-44CC-96FE-AF6300F9E98F EH16 6PG Toby Carvery - Liberton, 41 Howden Hall Road, Gracemount Variable Public
1481A15D-852D-4E76-887A-AF090096CDF1 EH16 6RN 22 Gracemount Drive, Gracemount, Edinburgh Variable Public
CB40ABDC-E01D-46E1-B009-B03100FE6450 EH16 6RS Tesco Edinburgh Gracemt, 2 Gracemount Dr, Edinburgh Variable Public
7ECB5AD7-70B7-4FD9-B945-ADD000870249 EH16 6RT Kaimes School, 140 Lasswade Road, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
4920E7FA-8488-4732-B810-AADA00AD91C7 EH16 6TJ Klondyke Garden Centre, 7 Mortonhall Gate, Edinburgh Variable Public
1066A4E2-6568-40A9-9493-AD1D00792FBE EH16 6TX Cec Bereavement Services, Mortonhall Crematorium, 30b Howden Hall Road Variable Restricted
564C46B5-F855-4F8E-A61F-AECF00FADFB4 EH17 7JD 536 Gilmerton Road, Gilmerton, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
87AB78E6-74EE-4B52-B58E-B0B501063A68 EH17 8EU 37 Southhouse Road, Burdiehouse, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
FBCE5D98-C89A-46FF-8B65-AFA800E596A7 EH17 8QU City Of Edinburgh Council, 30 Ravenscroft Place, Hyvots Bank 24/7 Public
A681D335-BA61-4AB0-A456-AF2700B4F5D9 EH18 1AR Melville Inn, Gilmerton Road, Dalkeith 24/7 Restricted
9D565B30-0EA7-4294-94D3-B01400E72233 EH18 1AZ Dobbies Garden Centre Edinburgh, Melville Nursery, Lasswade Variable Public
EAE309E3-6969-4C29-832B-22CDB6A7F5C2 EH18 1JT Polton Bowling Club- At Main Entrance, General Area Of, Lasswade 24/7 Public
44E87585-9D00-4628-935A-AE440142FBD1 EH18 1NA Laird And Dog Hotel, 5 High Street, Lasswade Variable Public
58667B2F-B46C-472D-B18D-AAE70131C763 EH19 2AD Bonnyrigg Bowling Club, King George V Park, Bonnyrigg 24/7 Public
8354E07C-1C03-4DE2-A8F5-AECB009A7C5A EH19 2AU Police Scotland, Bonnyrigg Police Station, 121 Dobbie's Road 24/7 Public
24C80270-FE53-4F8F-A557-AD47012D988A EH19 2DB Bonnyrigg Parish Church, Pitcairn Centre, 61 High Street 24/7 Public
0711A8F6-D9B2-467A-9337-AAEE00FDAD32 EH19 2DU Lasswade Primary School, 7a Pendreich Drive, Bonnyrigg 24/7 Public
AE51E1F5-B5DC-4234-ABBF-ACD1010EC21F EH19 2HG 14 Eldindean Terrace, Bonnyrigg 24/7 Restricted
1E7A4EAF-6F98-4286-B4CF-B00700AD03D4 EH19 2LA The Lasswade Centre, Lasswade Centre, Eskdale Drive Variable Restricted
B3AB08C4-C24B-4A21-A259-AB6400BEF3DB EH19 2NU 13 Rosewell Road, Bonnyrigg 24/7 Public
7B2C60A3-21CA-4009-ADE9-AB120118FC20 EH19 3HA Bonnyrigg Trust - Community Charity Shop, 6 Polton Street, Bonnyrigg 24/7 Public
304DB0E9-9AA0-47D2-A266-EB26CAFA928A EH19 3HR Bonnyrigg Primary School, 1 Cockpen Road, Bonnyrigg 24/7 Public
D8D33BC9-4B70-4FD9-9DDD-AE98008C1C15 EH19 3LW Dlg Auto Services Edinburgh Bonnyrigg, Unit 1 Sherwood Industrial Estate, Cockpen Road,, Bonnyrigg Variable Restricted
271CC5A2-D3D6-4FE7-B771-B049005E9E63 EH19 3PA Tesco Express Rosewell Road, Tesco Express Bonnyrigg, Bonnyrigg Variable Public
99BAC4A8-EEA3-48DF-8556-B0C700D5FE42 EH19 3PR Lasswade Rugby Club, Rosewell Road, Bonnyrigg 24/7 Public
CF9B72F0-353A-4F45-A96B-ADF300CF3C64 EH2 1BB 23 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
E3A12B84-31E9-4EEF-9B9C-AB2000C0D2EB EH2 1EL Hobart House, 2f, 80 Hanover Street Variable Public
76DDC205-37BE-40D2-ACA3-AAB800ED79FB EH2 2AD Essential Edinburgh, St Andrew Square Gardens, Edinburgh Variable Public
AED8C0AA-3231-42DB-A1F9-AADF00FC75DE EH2 2AH Standard Life, 6 St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh Variable Public
148DBB49-172D-4E1F-8985-AF4C0100E5FD EH2 2AU Mcdonald's - Edinburgh 2, 3/9 South St Andrew Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
84BB70C2-CC7D-44ED-9DB0-AB4101868707 EH2 2EQ Balmoral Hotel Spa, Balmoral Hotel, 1 Princes Street Variable Restricted
C0A0702C-1AE2-4914-984E-AEF200B9D82D EH2 2EQ Balmoral Hotel, 1 Princes Street, New Town 24/7 Restricted
05D7D375-0A39-4E74-9649-AE69009A0E04 EH2 2HT Fairhurst, 43 George Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
424F822F-98D5-41DF-BBC2-F9322B653952 EH2 2PA Inside Church At Bottom Of Stairs Next To Lift, 13-17 George Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
885A1B17-4580-46BA-9A49-B55C8E3474DB EH2 2PF The Dome- Inside Entrance, To Rhs Within Telephone Box, 14 George Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
C721E7B4-286B-43F1-B448-B0A500D096F2 EH2 3AA 108 Princes Street, Floor 4, New Town Variable Restricted
8DB99A0C-D70F-494B-9A07-B01200E09EE7 EH2 3AH Sse Office, 1st Floor 7 Castle Street, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
00BAF0A6-4650-41F5-8E60-B09900B44E67 EH2 3BX 72 George Street, New Town, Edinburgh Variable Public
858CE9DA-9C33-4915-AADE-AD9C00E1D8CC EH2 3DA Northern Lighthouse Board, 84 George Street, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
44DD2C96-22B5-41F1-BA63-AF4C01063A52 EH2 4BL Mcdonald's - Edinburgh 4, 137/138 Princes Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
5FC54A88-42BD-42C4-BA72-8DF757FC0DA4 EH2 4DB Davidson Chalmers L L P, 12-16 Hope Street, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
B11A67AE-B535-41F6-A81C-AF9A00D1437B EH2 4ET 32 Charlotte Square, New Town, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
75E4A24C-AC88-46DC-91F0-AAC400DDF577 EH2 4HQ The Kimpton Hotel- (George Street Entrance), Between 128 And 130 George Street, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
38226D15-23AA-4CCE-8AAA-AFF60177C70E EH2 4JN 127 George Street, New Town, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
7930361D-C4AE-476B-BA90-ACDB0142F9E4 EH2 4JN Eden Locke, 127 George Street, Edinburgh 24/7 Restricted
766BD598-6789-46C6-8F26-ADF100E5EE96 EH2 4PY Drvictoria Clinic, 32 Alva Street, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
081B7536-1D77-4DD1-B338-ADE100DBF0A7 EH2 4QZ Stantec, Randolph House, 3rd Floor, Randolph House, 4 Charlotte Lane Variable Public
3EA4A9F6-4AF5-4D79-B423-AE24009B977F EH2 4RT Charlotte Baptist Chapel, St Andrew's And George's West Church, 58 Shandwick Place 24/7 Public
AC4B7CE3-4B6C-42DB-991D-E962E5C98393 EH2 4RT Charlotte Baptist Chapel, 58 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh Variable Public
8A17AD73-0454-4250-ACF8-2EEBC14F7E5C EH20 9AJ Loanhead Parish Church, 120 The Loan, Loanhead 24/7 Public
41556474-DD5D-41C9-90DC-B07500C4E432 EH20 9AR Kilbreck House, 42 Lawrie Terrace, Loanhead 24/7 Restricted
4A3F4E15-6B2E-4F17-A5E0-AFC400C9F226 EH20 9AU Loanhead Concrete, Hanson Concrete, Nivensknowe Road, Loanhead, Edinburgh Concrete Variable Restricted
AC4471F6-019F-4B68-B6AD-B00600E12350 EH20 9LA Loanhead Lc, Loanhead Centre, George Avenue Variable Restricted
082C4B8F-ED80-4C1F-8883-AFFC00C745A7 EH20 9LZ Crummock Surfacing Ltd, Unit 2/B, Eh20 Business Centre Variable Public
5D6F7E8A-BFD8-4EDE-A0BD-AFEA00ADC79B EH20 9LZ Survey Solutions Ltd, Pyramid Building, 14 Dryden Road Variable Restricted
85C9F3F5-E9BD-4AF8-8773-AB2100E63553 EH20 9LZ Zeith S A S Ltd, 38 Dryden Road, Loanhead Variable Restricted
9B471B84-0478-41F8-A944-AFE900E3B1E8 EH20 9LZ Jgm, 30 Dryden Rd, Edinburgh Variable Public
E4509425-C429-4864-8536-AF3300B42941 EH20 9LZ Mechanical & Electrical Fixings Ltd, 10 Dryden Road, Bilston Glen Ind Est Variable Public
F817F6FB-7CA2-49B2-AA80-D84AF50C304D EH20 9NA Unit 9- In Office Kitchen Next To Fire Door, Dryden Glen, Loanhead Variable Public
922236CE-0C22-4B00-9829-AF48014D75BE EH20 9NX 9 Burnbank Grove, Straiton, Loanhead 24/7 Restricted
0ACB6E6F-F4CA-4377-AC77-AF4C010B49DC EH20 9PW Mcdonald's - Edinburgh 3, Pentland Retail Park, Straiton Mains 24/7 Public
3EF49C51-C101-413D-BFDE-AF4901111DD7 EH20 9PW Mapp Property Management, Mcdonalds Restaurant, Straiton Mains 24/7 Public
7665C1F0-40E4-49A5-B83F-AE83008411FE EH20 9PW Dunelm Edinburgh, Pentland Retail Park, Straiton, Loan Head, Loanhead Variable Restricted
1F94537A-A753-42FF-8D19-AF2D00CEA740 EH20 9QH Thistle Design Solutions, Borthwick View, Loanhead Variable Public
95CCB47C-E7AA-423F-84D5-AE1C00ABDBA1 EH20 9QH Bss, Unit 3a Pentland Ind. Est., Loanhead Variable Restricted
CCB467C8-31B9-4523-A02E-AFE700DDB3A5 EH20 9QH Screwfix, Unit 2, 5b Pentland Trade Park Variable Restricted
0E0DB880-5FC4-477D-BEDF-AFCA00E79802 EH20 9RE St Leonard Masonic Lodge, Masonic Lodge, 47 Clerk Street 24/7 Public
F3B95ECD-4092-480F-9BC7-AFC400B43D1C EH20 9SL Mactaggart Scott Ltd, 15 Hunter Avenue, Loanhead 24/7 Public
237E3A4B-9F51-4892-8C01-AC8C00F1D035 EH21 6AF East Lothian Council, Brunton Hall, Ladywell Way Variable Public
D9913840-98B9-4A28-B44C-B03B016594B1 EH21 6AT The Fisherrow Trust, The Fisherrow Centre, South Street 24/7 Public
7C225401-CE10-48CC-92BC-AF9600CADF85 EH21 6JD East Lothian Council, Brunton Court Sheltered Housing, North High Street 24/7 Public
46F3E24C-F6CF-411E-B30E-B035015E2A82 EH21 6JQ 68 New Street, Musselburgh 24/7 Public
2625904E-1481-44D2-8AC4-AACB00EE8936 EH21 6QA Eastern Photocolour Ltd, 108 Market Street, Musselburgh Variable Restricted
19E6541A-82B9-4C77-9B9A-AE5600F30AED EH21 6RN Musselburgh Rugby Football Club, 3a Stoneyhill Farm Road, Musselburgh 24/7 Public
A2FED9B7-265E-433C-89F0-AE9100D08A71 EH21 6RY The National Trust For Scotland, Newhailes Mansion House, Newhailes Road 24/7 Public
C7B86707-399D-46C7-B7ED-1739D2EDE89A EH21 6SY Staircase To Rhs Of Reception George Sharkey & Sons, Unit7 Newhailes Industrial Est, Musselburgh Variable Public
6009F0F4-33FC-4984-B767-AEEA00F3CDB3 EH21 6UU Queen Margaret University, Queen Margaret University Drive, Musselburgh 24/7 Public
9DB9D7F9-DF24-4E8E-B9B6-AEEA00DBF9CB EH21 6UU Queen Margaret University, Queen Margaret University Drive, Musselburgh Variable Public
828F0777-7C34-4BD0-B4C7-AB1F00F0D62A EH21 7AS Musselburgh Sports Centre, 101 Newbigging, Musselburgh Variable Restricted
893DB8CD-F219-4B18-A985-AAE800FC01A7 EH21 7AS Musselburgh Sports Centre, 101 Newbigging, Musselburgh Variable Public
230E2F7F-B366-49BA-8E0A-AF9600ECC6B2 EH21 7AU Mansfield Court Sheltered Housing, Inveresk Road, Musselburgh 24/7 Public
7A755C4A-3D2B-4079-891E-AE4001427FF0 EH21 7BL Tesco Extra, Olive Bank Rd, 0 Variable Public
8B744732-89D6-4FED-80AD-B0A0008EEB80 EH21 7BL Tesco Stores, Olive Bank Road, Musselburgh Variable Public
184D0C48-C67D-43B6-9165-AC3500FFA21E EH21 7PE Eskmill Bowling Club, Station Road, Musselburgh 24/7 Public
EF469182-31AB-47D1-936C-B0350155D6A6 EH21 7QY Pinkie Farm Convenience Store, Unit 1a, Moray Way 24/7 Public
3B849074-EEAB-428A-A3CD-AAEA00FF27A8 EH21 7SR East Lothian Council, Outdoor Education Unit 3 Musselburgh Racecourse Complex, Balcarres Road Variable Public
514E0EDB-7BD1-4A34-9EE2-AFF2010B410C EH21 7TE Inveresk Lodge, 24a Inveresk Village Road, Inveresk 24/7 Public
FEE57B3E-2FDF-450F-8C2E-B035016AC67B EH21 8BQ Day Today, 136 Salters Road, Wallyford 24/7 Public
357DCDB7-3418-47EF-B116-AEA200AA2C30 EH21 8JS Drummohr Camping & Glamping, Drummohr Holiday Park, U104 (01) From Prestongrange Mining Museum (B1348) To Junction With B1361 24/7 Public
0A964D64-9F60-4ABE-9217-AE2000E86F0B EH21 8JU Taylor Wimpey, Taylor Wimpey Ravensheugh, St Clements Well Variable Public
BAAA6058-5DE2-4A1E-8913-B0190116FF9A EH21 8NT Deantown Bowling Club Cabin, 72 Whitecraig Avenue, Whitecraig 24/7 Public
BA994452-E743-49CF-8A9D-AECB00BA8205 EH21 8QJ Logan Energy, 7 Wallyford Industrial Estate, Wallyford Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
0D0D2214-0C10-418D-AD1C-745E605D5243 EH21 8RZ Millerhill Depot- On O/S Of Two Storey Building On Site, General Area Of, Musselburgh 24/7 Public
92E1EB8C-BE47-41D2-9650-AD6E00D74C27 EH22 1AE Dalkeith Library And Arts Centre, 2 White Hart Street, Dalkeith 24/7 Public
4E766349-706F-4B65-AB5C-AD6E00DA4E23 EH22 1AL Dalkeith Social Work Centre, 11 St Andrew Street, Dalkeith 24/7 Public
E11485E0-6DB0-45F6-A42E-B07500C82DE9 EH22 1AR 29 St Andrew Street, Dalkeith 24/7 Restricted
3F14C2AC-87BC-4B69-B41A-AABE0093A509 EH22 1AZ Melville Housing Association, The Corn Exchange, 200 High Street 24/7 Public
5760548E-BCF0-4BD2-BFC8-ADE3011DE445 EH22 1AZ Motorrad Central, 226 High Street, Dalkeith 24/7 Public
3EF346FF-7361-4312-AA6D-ADDA00F49996 EH22 1FD Scottish Qualifications Authority, 24 Wester Shawfair, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
DCD9731D-E00F-4E2A-8283-AD9800B6DD05 EH22 1HJ Richmonds Hope - Saint Johns And Kings Park Church, 31 Eskbank Road, Dalkeith 24/7 Public
4D527315-4245-4740-984F-B07500BB3A8E EH22 1HU Jarnac Court, 29 Jarnac Court, Dalkeith 24/7 Restricted
AF340D22-2934-4BCB-9B20-F8BDC7CC8258 EH22 1JZ Market Cross Vets- Ground Floor, Opposite Lift, 18 Edinburgh Road, Dalkeith Variable Public
D6461276-3533-48D3-8DED-ADD8015CC9B3 EH22 1QG Newton Parish Chuch, 3 Edmonstone Road, Danderhall 24/7 Public
CF176088-22C1-4197-B030-B01200BFD2F3 EH22 1QL Danderhall Community Hub, 59 Edmonstone Road, Danderhall Variable Restricted
33D34CF8-563D-4066-858B-AD6E00DFF8C5 EH22 2AT Marc Building, 10 Woodburn Road, Dalkeith 24/7 Public
B244D1C1-03F0-4D83-A018-AAE300ADF265 EH22 2AT Dalkeith Miners Welfare, 8 Woodburn Road, Dalkeith Variable Public
0C6B2763-9099-4151-A518-AB2600EB311C EH22 2NE Charles Letts & Co Ltd, Thornybank Industrial Estate, Dalkeith Variable Public
923FB75B-2C9D-403A-9ABB-B08000C14ADE EH22 2NT Cousland Village Hall, 1 U90 - Cousland Kilns Road, Cousland 24/7 Public
DCB7028D-A39E-4ADA-9648-AECB00992F11 EH22 3AX Lighting Tower 47m From Lothian & Borders Police, Police Station Newbattle Road. 31m From, Dalkeith Police Station, Dalkeith 24/7 Public
32395628-DBD8-437E-A737-AF0100E69AE3 EH22 3EU 2 Station Road, Eskbank, Dalkeith 24/7 Public
3ECD1FF9-0D7C-4605-85E7-AAC700DE75F8 EH22 3FB Campbell Dallas, Dundas House, Westfield Park Variable Restricted
97B236F2-B80C-4954-A4E5-AB5E00BDC1F1 EH22 3FR Jewel & Esk College, 46 Dalhousie Road, Dalkeith Variable Public
2A6C21B9-B1FA-4159-B91B-AF4C0107BFAA EH22 3FU Mcdonald's - Dalkeith, Hardengreen, Bonnyrigg Road 24/7 Public
3991E6F9-8E21-4FAE-A621-AE8C00813D30 EH22 3JD Tesco, Tesco Filling Station, Access From Hardengreen Service Road To Tescos Filling Station Variable Public
7EFEE094-6A01-4F96-8441-AF500118FA4C EH22 3LJ Newbattle Beekeepers Association, 1e Access From Newbattle Road To Newbattle Abbey College Annexe, Eskbank 24/7 Public
F8E1C473-6836-4A31-9364-B03400E6884D EH22 3LU 197 Newbattle Abbey Crescent, Eskbank, Dalkeith 24/7 Public
253D2DEF-0C05-42E1-9EB4-AF01007614C8 EH22 3NX 30/01/2023, Hardengreen Industrial Estate, Dalkeith Variable Restricted
6149088C-ED2E-4FF1-88D9-AACA00C62FAB EH22 3NX Land Warrior Sports Ltd, Unit 44/1, Hardengreen Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
2EFA2D50-A48F-4784-B199-AE4300F4B4F9 EH22 3PP Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Bonnyrigg Road Variable Public
5BA72E64-42F6-4B25-98DF-AC4C00E85F3A EH22 4JT 20 Seventh Street, Newtongrange Variable Restricted
4531C55D-D52D-49A6-BAEA-B00600E374F8 EH22 4PG Newtongrange Leisure Centre, Main Street, Newtongrange Variable Restricted
B135FD3E-E297-4AD1-BAC1-B007009391EB EH22 4SX Newbattle Community Campus, Newbattle Way, Dalkeith Variable Restricted
EC39E089-7AC4-4E63-BE7F-AF1C01215C02 EH22 4TR The Sun Inn, A7 From Sheriffhall Roundabout To Murderdean Road, Dalkeith Variable Public
4FF8434C-3879-4041-89D8-2E64E29BB1E0 EH22 5JG 6 Mayfield Place, Mayfield Dalkeith Variable Public
239F1DD6-516F-46E9-B3F5-AB2D011BAAC9 EH22 5PE Mayfield Community Club, 1a Stone Place, Mayfield Variable Restricted
64F010A2-FD49-486A-83E2-AE2B010E10D1 EH22 5TA Garvald Edinburgh, Mayfield House Mcsence Business Park, 32 Sycamore Road Variable Restricted
7C19BD45-BA21-4FD1-8C20-AB3B00B525B3 EH22 5TA Mcsense Business Enterprise Park, 32 Sycamore Road, Mayfield Variable Public
A3682585-3165-4629-9330-AB86010B7143 EH23 4BB 63 B704, Gorebridge 24/7 Public
91BAC78E-BB8A-4221-BAC3-AE2A00EC4455 EH23 4TT Gorebridge Beacon, Hunterfield Road, Gorebridge 24/7 Public
71D2F8EA-09C8-4BF4-9A05-B00600E47BCB EH23 4TX Midlothian Council, Gorebridge Leisure Centre, Hunterfield Road Variable Restricted
892A752F-BFED-4496-8C6C-E6886F513885 EH23 4TX 114 Hunterfield Road, Gorebridge 24/7 Public
4A03DB10-CC5B-4C11-B5DD-AF5C00A539E7 EH24 9AA The Steading, Carnethie Street, Rosewell 24/7 Public
0C4CA1D1-A228-479C-B4DF-68AD219F0693 EH25 9LE The Original Rosslyn Inn - At Reception Desk, Main Street, Roslin Variable Public
67133B12-06F5-4328-8BBF-AB2C00BACAB0 EH25 9LE Roslin Dental Practice, 6 Main Street, Roslin Variable Restricted
13D25C98-7B6B-4E9A-AB55-AEA400AEB801 EH25 9LL Royal British Legion, The Royal British Legion, Wallace Crescent Variable Restricted
A9DC619B-7B6E-4A04-900F-AFB200D5E9FA EH25 9LT Rosslyn Bowling Club, Main Street, Roslin 24/7 Public
15D68A18-C636-4B77-BB18-AD4A002FDFAA EH25 9ND Roslin & Bilston Community First Responders, Roslin Primary School, 8 Pentland View Place Variable Restricted
3214AFAA-7690-4158-8E08-ACFA00F3E020 EH25 9RG University Of Edinburgh, Larif, Easter Bush 24/7 Public
98C2AD96-3623-4010-B882-AE2000E8CBB4 EH25 9RH Taylor Wimpey, Pentland Green, Off Seafield Road Variable Public
04D47862-5AD0-4AD2-9BCF-AFDA00D4CAD5 EH25 9RW Bilston Miners Welfare Club, Seafield Road, Bilston 24/7 Public
492F2437-1EFE-481C-97BA-312396E19A9B EH26 0AH Cuiken Primary School- External Wall, Lhs Main Entrance, 150 Cuiken Terrace, Penicuik 24/7 Public
64D32B80-AFE8-4902-843C-AC560105B007 EH26 0JJ Ymca\ Ywca, Ymca, Queensway 24/7 Public
A74974C5-81A2-496C-BDB6-AE2000E8E37F EH26 0JP Taylor Wimpey, Greenlaw Mill Ph3, Off Mauricewood Road Variable Public
674E06B5-6899-4DFF-9CB2-AFEA00A61FF3 EH26 0NJ Scottish Water, Glencorse Wtw, Mauricewood Road Variable Restricted
65BEB3E9-4609-4D22-A82D-AEE800736CBA EH26 0PE Easter Howgate Farm, Easter Howgate, Bush Estate 24/7 Public
DE359F82-B8AD-4C3D-BCC1-B04300E284EB EH26 0PH Allermuir Avian Innovation And Skills Centre, Bush Estate Road From Bush Loan Road To Vet Centre, Roslin 24/7 Public
E5A07137-5BBA-4659-9D0F-008C017D1A38 EH26 0PP Flotterstone Inn- In Car Park On Lhs Wall, Unnamed Road, Penicuik 24/7 Public
5AA0E6DC-81C9-4CD5-8456-B07500C5F729 EH26 0QQ Parkhead Lodge, 9 Edinburgh Road, Penicuik 24/7 Restricted
A285B56C-7C24-4ED1-8283-ACE2009C867F EH26 0QZ The Glencorse Centre, 4 Firth Road, Penicuik 24/7 Public
DF39109B-7095-48B0-9B22-499F65BD8219 EH26 0RD Glencorse Golf Club, Edinburgh Road, Milton Bridge Penicuik 24/7 Public
E1CCDF26-C9AD-4532-BB07-83F34DFE004B EH26 8AB On Side Wall Of Citizens Advice Bureau, 14a John Street, Penicuik 24/7 Public
26E3CCB4-6AAB-4B20-BB27-B07500DA3740 EH26 8AY 1a Eastfield Drive, Kirkhill, Penicuik 24/7 Restricted
64CF3F3D-28ED-47B2-BC58-ADFD00BB0E0D EH26 8BA Beatson's Building Supplies Ltd, Eastfield Drive, Penicuik Variable Public
46965F1B-5B62-494B-8766-AFE900CF1889 EH26 8HA Screwfix, Eastfield Industrial Estate, Penicuik Variable Restricted
BB76773F-63B8-4B08-AB2D-AFC0009E8DD6 EH26 8HJ Total Refreshment Solutions, 98/7, Eastfield Drive Variable Restricted
BECA53B4-4C92-480A-B12E-AECA00B33BA9 EH26 8HS Penicuik Town Hall, 33 High Street, Penicuik Variable Restricted
3F62744B-3DE7-4317-8254-AF5C0134E00F EH26 8JF 60-62 Kirkhill Road, Kirkhill, Penicuik 24/7 Public
8A1AA00A-89EF-4B69-80AC-AE3700ECD6FB EH26 8NP Tesco Stores Ltd, 9-11 Edinburgh Road, Penicuik Variable Public
9B654383-72DD-4E0F-9C66-AE7D00B1BC67 EH26 8NP Tesco Stores Ltd - Petrol Filling Station, 9-11 Edinburgh Road, Penicuik Variable Public
9D9B12BE-96A1-48E8-A10C-B07500D400E1 EH26 8NW Pentland House, Pentland House Residential Home, 14 Edinburgh Road 24/7 Restricted
B45817D5-63B9-40F1-BF7D-AE13017C2536 EH26 8PL Pammy Stevenson Equestrian Ltd, Ravensneuk Farm, A701 From Peebles Road To Leadburn 24/7 Public
4D70DCA1-7C7E-4624-8F11-F7DB965A8A5C EH26 9BJ Penicuik Rugby Club- On Wall At Main Entrance, Public Park, Penicuik 24/7 Public
A9D1B02F-D127-4EB7-A943-AF540097A8D9 EH26 9BU 42-44 Bog Road South, Penicuik 24/7 Public
25D36FE3-BD7A-4C8A-A58A-B00E00AF1132 EH26 9EP 39a Carlops Road, Penicuik Variable Restricted
00CC9E2C-9529-46A0-A10E-AFCE00F35AF7 EH27 8AA 51 Main Street, Kirknewton Variable Restricted
F10D6C1C-BCD5-4A6A-91B9-ACE801024554 EH28 8AA The Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, 1 South Platt Hill, Newbridge Variable Public
3FC5D028-7E48-45A2-88E9-DFEEE8B4B5A9 EH28 8LQ Outside Wall Of Brown Building At Clifton Hall School, General Area Of, Newbridge 24/7 Public
E0957740-8EF3-40C1-B071-AF6A00952F2F EH28 8LQ Clifton Hall School, Cliftonhall School, 1a Clifton Road 24/7 Public
F8655CE0-6F5A-4871-A9D9-ADE100EBD67A EH28 8LS Stantec, Eastfield House, Eastfield House, Eastfield Road Variable Public
0E42D540-5FAC-429C-927E-AF2E008CEEC2 EH28 8PJ Unit 2, Edinburgh Distribution Park, Newbridge Variable Restricted
5354805E-B396-49D7-8E9A-B06A00D9FB65 EH28 8PJ Newbridge Industrial Estate, 20 Cliftonhall Industrial Estate, Newbridge Variable Public
5FD7A2AD-2EA0-4521-BB65-AE51011C4D5C EH28 8PJ M8 Eastbound From Junction 3 To Boundary, Broxburn Variable Restricted
E74B047A-2868-457F-BB58-AAB800B16C26 EH28 8PJ Unit 7-8, Newbridge Industrial Estate, W3w - Commoners.respected.movement 24/7 Public
FF8B6ABA-FC11-4548-9F95-E7FB7FF1BCF0 EH28 8PJ Newbridge Industrial Estate, Warehouse 2 Office, Newbridge Industrial Estate, Newbridge Variable Public
2920DDFD-4282-4CD1-B36F-AEE800B1634A EH28 8PP Emtec Building Services Ltd, 88 Glasgow Road, Ingliston Variable Restricted
8CFB41E4-74D3-409E-A55F-47AD3509235F EH28 8QJ 2 Harvest Drive, Newbridge Variable Public
0A099449-F727-4FEA-AC3C-B03C00F55307 EH28 8RB Ratho Bowling Club, 42 Main Street, Ratho Village 24/7 Public
C0F6B73A-DC8F-42F9-B138-ACAE00A282A2 EH28 8SS Royal Bank Of Scotland, 30 Old Liston Road, Newbridge 24/7 Public
05239147-6EDB-4F9C-98A5-B0C200DEC769 EH29 9AQ The City Of Edinburgh Council, The City Of Edinburgh Council Kirkliston Community Centre And Nursery, 16-18 Queensferry Road 24/7 Public
A967AA10-D4DB-43C0-B076-ADD8015B3F75 EH29 9AY Kirkliston Parish Church, High Street, Kirkliston 24/7 Public
C5D7065B-E9CE-42E2-86C6-FDDC78AB1A9B EH29 9BE Station Road, Kirkliston Variable Public
158F90D7-DB38-4C64-BFC1-AED600E04337 EH29 9EN Thompsons Tippers Scotland, 7 Royal Elizabeth Yard, Dalmeny Variable Public
B2B51363-FC0D-4B5F-9055-AF4300B8C15A EH29 9ER Conifox Ltd, Conifox Ltd Foxhall, Foxhall Variable Restricted
334D921A-0122-49BA-B57D-B03E008490DE EH29 9ET Kirklands Park Gardens, Newmains, Kirkliston 24/7 Public
7CC39316-D6E3-453A-87C3-AD21009C1C79 EH29 9ET 1 Kirklands Park Gardens, Kirkliston Variable Restricted
640D05D3-0FFB-4C59-A6AF-AF0C00997FAB EH29 9EY Kirkliston Leisure Centre, 1 Kirklands Park Street, Eilston Variable Public
59B84C44-F097-451C-9184-AE200135FBA8 EH29 9GF 1 Stillhouse Loan, Kirkliston 24/7 Public
0A7D5507-0665-4632-9EC3-ACAE00A40CC1 EH3 5BN Stockbridge Parish Church, 7b Saxe-Coburg Street, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
EB9177BC-144F-4943-94D6-AACB00A9357F EH3 5BN 7b Saxe Coburg Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
43EC25CD-4EBF-458F-A4E1-AAB800E91438 EH3 5LR Royal Botanic Garden, Botanic Cottage, 20a Inverleith Row Variable Public
82C59E3A-BC7E-476B-B634-A8089C1C7919 EH3 5LR Royal Botanic Garden- Main Reception Behind Desk, Main Reception, 20a Inverleith Row Variable Restricted
8D55B9DD-85A9-4B5B-8F09-ADAA009EC275 EH3 5NU Braeburn Home, 35 Inverleith Terrace, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
7FDBC0B6-F1BD-4D47-8503-AF0900EBC334 EH3 6JA Dundas Global Investors, 41 Northumberland Street, New Town Variable Restricted
F24801B0-9176-471A-8590-AB4100CC5B20 EH3 6JD Genius Foods Ltd, 22 Northumberland Street, South West Lane Variable Restricted
883BBCDA-3C3C-4279-93A5-AE1D0119C31D EH3 6JN Tesco Express, 30 Dundas St, Edinburgh Variable Public
B4296401-5746-43D6-94B6-BE5F8F7F22C8 EH3 6QE The Royal Scots Club, 29-31 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
492108B1-B240-4ECF-94CE-ADEA00C05110 EH3 6SW 5 St Vincent Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
2427F8F8-8580-45F3-8DA1-AB6F00E384C8 EH3 7AF Grant Property, 13-14 Coates Crescent, Edinburgh Variable Public
B3EFB5CD-4100-41CA-94A0-AFC800C88106 EH3 7EG Sav Systems Ltd, 49 Manor Place, New Town Variable Public
42F82EA6-BA5A-48A6-9457-AD4A00927438 EH3 7NS Hub South East Scotland, 8 Melville Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
9B35F519-72B9-4779-85E4-ADCD00C1BEC4 EH3 7NS Aberforth Partners Llp, 14 Melville Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
B4E005C2-C1EF-42A2-AFD5-0CC11C30A14A EH3 7NS At Ground Floor Reception Area On Window Sill, 8 Melville Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
B25699DF-D8A3-46E9-8B95-B10599993BD7 EH3 7PE Johnston Carmichael (Scotland) Ltd- At Reception, 7-11 Melville Street, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
8785F2F0-A9F2-421E-804B-AF8C00CFF03F EH3 7RN 34-36 Drumsheugh Gardens, New Town, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
938EFFDB-D42D-4098-AAF3-AABF00CE81CD EH3 7TH Acumen Financial Planning, 8 Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
6DA0539B-14A1-40F7-968D-1426D4EF589C EH3 7TT In Ground Floor Kitchen, 16 Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
33ACDF63-CBEF-43E7-B8FD-AF5500F3DF91 EH3 8AN 7 Exchange Crescent, Conference Square, West End Variable Restricted
3DA88E69-D429-4881-9708-AAD400A8300B EH3 8BL Azets, 3 Semple Street, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
DCA53393-3258-41D7-BAE0-B0C90093105F EH3 8BP 58 Morrison Street, West End, Edinburgh 24/7 Restricted
3E0B4D63-531A-4CF0-AAAA-AB1F00DC1B56 EH3 8EG Faithful And Gould, 10 Canning Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
12B973DF-6A87-44F0-B031-AF2600E78FB1 EH3 8EX Ey Edinburgh, Atria One, 144 Morrison Street, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
E85BB50C-DE71-4FFE-9798-AF4A01051E72 EH3 8EX Burges Salmon Llp, Atria One, 144 Morrison Street Variable Restricted
FEA54633-9121-411E-AB97-AF2500C5623D EH3 8EX Ey Edinburgh, Atria One, 144 Morrison Street, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
AC50DB52-ACE3-4758-B34A-AF94015BE74F EH3 8HX Samaritans Of Edinburgh And The Lothians Scio, 25 Torphichen Street, West End 24/7 Public
E86FE569-3426-41F2-A932-AF0200C4F1C5 EH3 8JB 4f2, 40 Torphichen Street, West End Variable Restricted
EA4C5E83-9880-452F-AEB5-AB31008A22CC EH3 8JB 24-28 Torphichen Street, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
A5239BAD-528E-41F8-87E1-AE61008B493D EH3 8UL Puregym, Basement, 1 Exchange Crescent 24/7 Restricted
E96EB95F-578C-48FE-B22B-AEDE00D1010B EH3 9AF 34 Bread Street, Old Town, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
6454668F-13D4-482D-9283-AE35017A5BED EH3 9BN Tesco, 32 Earl Grey Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
057E9973-1D02-4ED3-A5D5-7AE61FF298C6 EH3 9DN Audit Scotland- Ask Staff At Front Desk, 102 West Port, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
E1A1A959-7C94-4DD7-907E-97BF386C74D6 EH3 9DN 102 West Port- 4th Floor, West Port, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
C54566ED-6F69-4274-991C-503E8595B23B EH3 9EG Cirrus Logic, 7b Nightingale Way, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
C566DDA7-E908-4032-B4E7-AE6100A63E46 EH3 9EN Puregym, Quartermile One, 15 Lauriston Place 24/7 Restricted
9828C346-8AFB-45A5-923F-AAD500E512EF EH3 9GL Quartermile Estates Ltd, 2 Lister Square, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
D2EB5C1F-848C-4E48-8968-AED000BAD065 EH3 9HW Meadows Medical Practice, 9 Brougham Place, Tollcross Variable Restricted
C051F147-AAB7-480A-BF52-4E0E1B95A5CD EH3 9LQ Kings Theatre- Stage Door. Access Via Lane 2 Rhs Building, 2 Leven Street, Tollcross Edinburgh Variable Public
F051080A-D4DF-4098-8250-AFAB00C20701 EH3 9QA Akp Scotland Limited, 92-98 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh Variable Public
222CBEA9-ACA5-4E9E-981A-AB7B00A679AD EH3 9QG Freeagent, One Edinburgh Quay, 133 Fountainbridge Variable Public
AD456AA1-C3AE-4FC8-8C66-AF0400DF1F3C EH3 9QG Adarma Ltd, 3rd Floor, Quay 1 Variable Restricted
C7792FBD-E011-418D-B8D7-AE1B0078A833 EH3 9QG Tesco Express, 137 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh Variable Public
6AD4960E-6352-42A4-BC70-6C3AE3D0FE64 EH3 9WJ Burness Paull Llp ***See Below For Location***, 50 Lothian Road, Edinburgh Variable Public
6DF719A5-47F9-483E-8762-AD6100CC0368 EH30 9HN Neilsons Estate Agents, 37 High Street, South Queensferry 24/7 Public
C49272B9-75CE-4D87-8039-AD5700CCE29F EH30 9HN The Little Pad, 44 High Street, South Queensferry Variable Public
DF18C309-8977-4225-B3E3-DD7D345DF245 EH30 9HZ Queensferry Bowling Club- On Wall To Rhs Of Ladies Toilet, South Queensferry Bowling Club, Stoneycroft Lane Variable Public
301736CE-BFEA-4AC8-BAA1-8B769D4BCDD1 EH30 9JN Queensferry Recreation Centre- Front Of Main Building, 30 Ashburnham Road, South Queensferry 24/7 Public
DDC1CBC1-E14E-4021-A4BC-9DBB9409BE60 EH30 9JN Queensferry Recreation Centre, 30 Ashburnham Road, South Queensferry Variable Restricted
EFDFB902-240A-4D51-8235-8FCDECEDF7CA EH30 9JX 80 Station Road, Queensferry, South Queensferry Variable Public
DFF3275D-9D33-48A9-AAA0-AC2000A39605 EH30 9NS Queensferry Parish Church, The Loan, South Queensferry 24/7 Public
463AF17B-3C1D-481D-AD2E-AC23009AAFD9 EH30 9QZ Risktec Solutions Ltd, Westcott House, Ferrymuir Business Park Variable Restricted
654EEF59-D33F-470C-BAF2-B03700D97F38 EH30 9QZ Tesco South Queensferry, Ferry Muir, South Queensferry Variable Public
D78C5001-9898-4A91-AC3C-AE2000E89DFE EH30 9SE Taylor Wimpey, Hawthorn Gardens, Scotsoun Variable Public
D9121D33-0BC3-4B92-AF48-B0AF009FF64C EH30 9SQ South Queensferry Scout Hall, South Queensferry Scout Group, Nelson Hall 24/7 Public
C2E9E6B4-36DA-4F24-BE7F-AF2600FE956A EH30 9TA Hawes Inn, 7 Newhalls Road, South Queensferry 24/7 Restricted
E0B3E8F3-ADC3-42BC-8587-AAB800EB3BAA EH30 9TT Dalmeny Kirk, 20 Main Street Dalmeny, Dalmeny Village 24/7 Public
974CEBDE-D285-481E-B25E-ADAB00998C9D EH31 2HL Gullane Sports Development Trust, Muirfield Play Area, Muirfield Terrace 24/7 Public
4E590227-4947-4F58-84C8-ADD200A906D1 EH32 0BQ 100 South Seton Park, Port Seton Variable Restricted
E7E3D82E-53B3-4B27-9A16-DE24E139CEF0 EH32 0BQ Port Seton Centre, South Seton Park, Port Seton Prestonpans 24/7 Public
2DA5D634-F7A8-4B8B-94BA-73361817AF71 EH32 0BY Cockenzie Primary School, 21 Osborne Terrace, Cockenzie Prestonpans 24/7 Public
AF26031F-755D-4162-9AF5-3FDE07C3A961 EH32 0DG Thorntree Inn, 100 High Street, Cockenzie Variable Public
1B89B290-4F73-48E2-BAEA-AC6500FC27D2 EH32 0JD Kidd's - Private Residence, 5 East Lorimer Place, Cockenzie Variable Restricted
B8EA6004-0BCA-4042-B4C5-AFE900D2A736 EH32 0JS 18 Osborne Court, Cockenzie Variable Public
CBD0E0E7-ECB3-4C8F-B8FF-AF9600EE8872 EH32 0JS Osborne Court Sheltered Housing, Cockenzie 24/7 Public
8D7167BD-768F-4DE2-A723-10E3C5207634 EH32 0JU The Harbours Medical Practice- O/S Main Door, Avenue Road, Cockenzie Prestonpans 24/7 Public
D24A28A6-4C54-44E5-970E-AF7001020FD2 EH32 0NF 12 Main Street, Longniddry Variable Public
19618686-62F0-41A2-BAD7-642DD7122546 EH32 0NL Longniddry Golf Club, Links Road, Longniddry Variable Public
5A91D88B-CC5A-4BA9-8589-AFD300D98901 EH32 0QD Kilspindie Golf Club, The Clubhouse, Kilspindie Golf Club 24/7 Public
446211F1-7D3F-4CEB-9B72-AFB000CAF10E EH32 0QF Seton Sands Holiday Village, Seton Sands Holiday Village And Residential Caravan Site, B1348 Section 37 Long Craigs To Dean Road 24/7 Restricted
64839865-5F5B-4941-BC18-AABA0162A30F EH32 0RE Kilspindie House (Ducks), High Street, Longniddry 24/7 Public
0E0E2792-23D2-4C83-81B6-B043009681FD EH32 0SD Aberlady Community Hall, Sea Wynd, Aberlady 24/7 Public
21805467-20CF-41EF-840A-AC8100E32275 EH32 0UE 4 Tranter Road, Aberlady 24/7 Public
91970E6E-BF91-4C0B-8012-ACB9011A5B33 EH32 0UE 4 Tranter Road, Aberlady 24/7 Public
D162A261-21E2-4231-B86B-B0A900B25455 EH32 0UN Alder Road, Port Seton, 3 Alder Road, Port Seton 24/7 Public
ED217F79-852F-4C6B-A906-AECB0092772B EH32 9JN Police Station, New Street, Prestonpans 24/7 Public
3F8F110D-FC02-46DC-8DBC-AECA00C23A26 EH33 1AH Bridge Dental Surgery, 33 Bridge Street, Tranent Variable Restricted
95C74AFC-EB9A-469D-A675-AAE80105EA04 EH33 1LZ Meadowmill Sports Centre, Tranent Variable Public
D0326077-C603-4833-971F-AD0301277ED9 EH33 1NJ Tranent Bowling Club, Polson Park Pavilion, Edinburgh Road 24/7 Public
4EF5F49B-3B8C-428F-A69F-AE29017EF25F EH33 1PA Day Today, Main Road, Macmerry 24/7 Public
D5FF8943-E96F-4A8F-B4F6-AF4400B392A5 EH33 1PA Day Today, Main Road, Macmerry 24/7 Public
ACE4D0DB-C4A5-4E75-87BD-AF2B015D522E EH33 1PL Macmerry And Gladsmuir Community Council, Macmerry Village Hall, Westbank Road 24/7 Public
EAEF6C73-F97C-49B6-9203-AE2000E8B37B EH33 1QJ Taylor Wimpey, Mount Fairfield, Off Chesterhall Avenue Variable Public
5EF604BB-F652-4434-BFC2-AFBE00F24678 EH33 2BG Cooperative Bowling Green And Social Club, Blawearie Road, Tranent 24/7 Public
F9AD204F-E825-4AA4-8C6C-70842022DD79 EH33 2BG East Lothian Co-Operative Bowling Club- In Cloakroom, Blawearie Road, Tranent Variable Public
3C28F193-16F7-4157-B766-AAE800EFF97B EH33 2JX Tranent Loch Community Centre (Swimming Pool), Loch Road, Tranent Variable Public
3A848E30-0F70-4DC3-B256-AF9600EDAE2D EH33 2JY Well-Wynd Sheltered Housing, Loch Square, Tranent 24/7 Public
DBCB9242-3DBE-4BDB-BE41-AD3E015D293D EH33 2LT East Lothian Roots And Fruits, 3a Main Street, Elphinstone 24/7 Public
540C8E46-F027-444C-9341-AE2300CC1038 EH34 5DB Pencaitland Community Council, West End Service Station, A6093 24/7 Public
56430EA3-6BB9-4B16-841A-AE2200A5BD9A EH34 5DN Pencaitland And Winton Bowling Club, A6093 (08) From Lempockwells Road (C80) To Pencaitland Crossroads (B6355), Pencaitland 24/7 Public
3FC630DD-6DB0-4FF4-8BD7-ADE200B5E0C4 EH35 5JB Ormiston Community Centre, George Street, Ormiston 24/7 Public
EF578609-5F9D-4295-9BA7-B06700EAC0E4 EH35 5LQ Ormiston Library, 5a Meadowbank, Ormiston 24/7 Public
9027BF96-E753-4F95-B2FC-0A482DB287B9 EH36 5PJ Humbie General Store Humbie Post Office- See Loc Below***, B6368, Humbie 24/7 Public
CA90DCD1-648A-4893-82F5-AE5400BF6857 EH37 5PZ Pathhead Bowling Club, Main Street, Pathhead 24/7 Public
80AE6FD0-BE98-4C2A-A070-44E249F31FE1 EH39 4BB Beach Road, North Berwick Variable Public
2F76C07B-A74E-4CC2-B1CD-AAD800974CB5 EH39 4DA Fire Station, 19 Station Court, North Berwick 24/7 Public
1889D2BF-157A-4737-85B6-C69109EEC7C4 EH39 4DG Recreation Park- On Wall Of Changing Rooms Next To Ent, Dunbar Road, North Berwick 24/7 Public
357C0F6B-85E8-4C2C-8B01-864A7ACEB3A0 EH39 4HF Smiths Pharmacy- At Front Of Dispensary Space, 66 High Street, North Berwick Variable Public
15DCD2AA-35D6-4070-91B2-AB8000E5DE72 EH39 4JL North Berwick Harbour, 29 Victoria Road, North Berwick 24/7 Public
D396E925-CDCC-472C-9B08-B09000E9FD7A EH39 4LF North Berwick Tennis Clubhouse, Quadrant / East Road, North Berwick 24/7 Public
19E6BCCD-038B-4FB4-AE89-AAF200A7541F EH39 4LZ Macdonald Marine Hotel, 18 Cromwell Road, North Berwick 24/7 Public
DFBC67B2-8830-495C-A678-518ACF854AD3 EH39 4NU North Berwick Day Centre ***See Below For Location***, 6 St Andrew Street, North Berwick Variable Public
4842072C-3199-4836-A620-A0599305B2C5 EH39 4PN At Reception Desk Of Community Centre, 8 Law Road, North Berwick Variable Public
3FC41704-5ADC-49F5-8E37-AAE800F9670B EH39 4QS North Berwick Sports Centre, Grange Road, North Berwick Variable Public
AD7684B8-C2D5-4F0B-84B8-4F2A5D6A7FD4 EH39 4QZ Law Primary School- In Medical Room, Haddington Road, North Berwick Variable Public
489E09AD-F8E7-43B0-8144-AF4200C703E8 EH39 5AL Muirfield Riding Therapy, Indoor Arena, West Fenton 24/7 Public
62BBBB04-073B-44D6-844A-AFE7014155AE EH39 5BA The Byre Camptoun Holding, 2a Zc106 (05) From Byres Hill Road B1343 To Camptoun House Access, Drem Variable Public
1BD5DC7A-8544-4F01-9F8F-AEA90079873B EH39 5BE Glebe Crescent, Athelstaneford 24/7 Public
2A10811C-12BC-40AE-9328-C8F9780A98E1 EH39 5BU Under Arch On Lhs Of The Barn Building, 17 The Chesters, Drem North Berwick 24/7 Public
AA09273E-7EF0-4CBD-9291-6A64687C7A28 EH39 5DP Bakersfield- Behind Small Wall On West Side Of Garden, 11 Harpenside Crescent, Dirleton North Berwick 24/7 Public
39E8AC26-FC7C-4944-916A-AECE00D5A6B2 EH39 5DS Camc Club Site, Yellow Craig Caravan Park, Dirleton Variable Public
E3AACEA0-C8B5-4B8C-88D6-AACA012001BE EH39 5EP Castle Inn, Dirleton, North Berwick 24/7 Public
60318CC6-CE73-4F0B-92C9-04487F570218 EH39 5ER Historic Environment Scotland, Dirleton Castle- In Ticket Office, Dirleton Variable Public
F45EF67B-3A74-41A1-B1C8-AED200C6617B EH39 5EX Electricity Sub Station 347m From Marine Villa 9m From Unnamed Road, Kings Cairn, Dirleton 24/7 Public
87B830A3-EFDB-48F2-905F-B07B011FB7BB EH39 5FL Pilmar Smith Pavilion, Wotherspoon Green, North Berwick 24/7 Public
C63B41BF-0524-439D-9D27-AE5C00FB574C EH39 5HJ The North Berwick Golf Club, Shelter 202m From The Lodge Westerdunes Park. In Golf Course, 189m From Abbotsford Road, Abbotsford Road 24/7 Public
AE0E9109-8BF0-4670-AA55-ADA400F6DCCC EH39 5HQ Archerfield Walled Garden, Archerfield Estate, Dirleton 24/7 Public
7D155769-D4B9-47E0-B056-B04900DAAE8E EH39 5JA Gilsland Park, U154 (02) From Gilsland Caravan Park To Newhouse Farm, Newhouse Road 24/7 Public
DBB6708C-630B-4101-98E9-AFBA00CB954B EH39 5LE Holding, B1347 (06) From Museum Of Flight To 'Sunday Market' Roundabout, Athelstaneford 24/7 Public
30EB8DFF-667A-4568-B4CF-B02C0136E8EC EH39 5NF Tesco North Berwick, Tantallon Rd, North Berwick Variable Public
2A058B24-0B58-4698-A11E-ADD600BC541E EH39 5PN Tantallon Castle, A198 (45) From Rhodes Smallholdings (U172) To Halfland Barns Road (C139), North Berwick Variable Public
A9134FAF-6C9F-43F6-80D3-E8E8DFDEFD6D EH39 5PN Historic Scotland Tantallon Castle- In Ticket Office, General Area Of, North Berwick Variable Public
CBF92187-7948-45F6-B41D-AB7800B5499A EH39 5PR Whitekirk Golf & Country Club, North Berwick Variable Public
2CAD78F8-8166-4FB2-B5D4-B0B6011FE1FC EH4 1AW Waitrose & Partners - Comely Bank, 38 Comely Bank Road, Edinburgh Variable Public
C023A2CD-0111-4F50-921E-B00C011CC151 EH4 1HG Little Dobbies Stockbridge, Unit 9, 116 Raeburn Place Variable Public
359AF8C9-4B1F-44DC-A93E-AADC009E1D9C EH4 1JB Lifecare (Edinburgh) Ltd, 2 Cheyne Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
BABEE779-FF05-4C5D-ABBA-AECB00ACEB39 EH4 1RB Police Scotland, Lothian And Borders Police Headquarters, 5 Fettes Avenue 24/7 Public
09518376-ABA7-43FE-8855-ADD8015F3EE9 EH4 2AJ Blackhall Mosque, 1 House O'hill Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
22964D21-0A09-4423-B04E-AABE0098069C EH4 2BN Scottish Grocers Federation, Federation House, 222-224 Queensferry Road Variable Public
DA04B210-017D-4BB9-BD70-AE70011AAAB7 EH4 2LN Puregym, Units 12 & 14 Craigleith Retail Park, 48 South Groathill Avenue 24/7 Restricted
1B42CF33-DD06-4C8E-82D6-AF5600E43D15 EH4 2NF Mcdonald's - Edinburgh 5, 74 Telford Road Edinburgh, Edinburgh Variable Public
6510A0CD-E0D4-4BF1-A85F-374E5247DD24 EH4 2TY Drylaw Police Station- Front Counter Area, Ferry Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
23FDE199-F0CA-4C03-8C8E-AEEE00F41071 EH4 3BL Curtins, 1a Belford Road, New Town Variable Restricted
2479CD57-495D-41B7-A96D-B0B600B3FBD8 EH4 3DJ Bristo Baptist Church, 1 Queensferry Road, Ravelston 24/7 Public
11B2A644-EC2A-453D-84FA-CA5D33F32E7C EH4 3QW 6-7 Muirdale Terrace, Blackhall, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
1DCB2E92-2591-4DDF-A4CD-B08900BBF08D EH4 3QW 6-7 Muirdale Terrace, Blackhall, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
1214CC8E-7333-4117-B2A8-AE5400FC183C EH4 4BH Pilton Youth & Children's Project, The Greenhouse, 33 West Pilton Brae Variable Restricted
D39E9FB4-679B-41F6-887C-B08300EB2401 EH4 4GA The Prentice Centre, Prentice Centre, 1 Granton Mains Avenue Variable Public
15CD4C81-3437-4D74-8DA1-B09100BA3815 EH4 4RW 11 Muirhouse Medway, Muirhouse, Edinburgh Variable Public
EF482EFF-08A2-47AF-B11F-AECD00E371D9 EH4 5EN 37 Marine Drive, Muirhouse, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
EA65141B-3E72-4C9B-A49A-AB6100D350BF EH4 5ET Edinburgh Leisure, Silverknowes Golf Course, Silverknowes Parkway 24/7 Public
924A8535-EB15-4B90-9344-AF6600D0C66D EH4 5EX Toby Carvery Lauriston Farm, 69 Lauriston Farm Road, Silverknowes Variable Public
3825A2C2-E25E-4A6D-9289-B0C000FA7A65 EH4 5LF Connoisseur Travel Services Ltd, 38 Silverknowes Road, Silverknowes 24/7 Public
AB137E43-504F-4EF1-857C-ADB8009CD60F EH4 5QE Lauriston Castle, 2a Cramond Road South, Davidson's Mains 24/7 Public
FFCB7E56-FC27-42EA-9302-AF940073D76B EH4 6DE 8 Barnton Avenue West, Cramond, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
C3C68E90-DC17-464E-AD87-AF6200CDC37A EH4 6JH Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society, 32 Barnton Avenue, Davidson's Mains Variable Public
53B5D16F-D677-4C73-B51D-AE8B00BB6096 EH4 6NQ Cramond Residence, 49 Cramond Road North, Cramond 24/7 Public
FCEEC46C-E34D-433E-A749-AAD6012F6CC2 EH4 6NS Cramond Kirk, 16 Cramond Glebe Road, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
3322DB4F-82AE-4532-9076-8F3C983ADFE3 EH4 6NY Cramond Boat Club- On Lhs Of Main Door, Riverside, Cramond Edinburgh 24/7 Public
94B7472C-4EAA-44B2-8985-AF9D015AE46D EH4 6NY Cramond Boat Club, 10 Riverside, Cramond 24/7 Public
24D79BB5-7825-4220-AF5B-AFD600DF229B EH4 7QD Tesco Express, 503 Queensferry Road, Ravelston Variable Public
D3D82A31-664C-4F3C-8050-AF0E007A5691 EH4 7SE Edinburgh Leisure, 20 Drum Brae Terrace, Barnton Variable Public
C899854E-97C1-42CB-AA5E-AF5B00C26D16 EH40 3AJ School Road, East Linton Variable Public
FF83ACB8-2809-4D35-88A3-AAE700AF55A7 EH40 3DU 17 Newbyth Steading, East Linton 24/7 Public
D282B1C1-A217-46A3-9E19-AECB00931EEA EH41 3AE Haddington Police Station, 39-41 Court Street, Haddington 24/7 Public
2AC90E49-90F9-4CA3-992A-ADB700B34643 EH41 3AJ Hopetourn Drive, Haddington, East Lothian Variable Public
9ACE15A0-FB7C-4815-83CD-AAEA013E1FCB EH41 3DL Haddington Bowling Club, Wemyss Place, Haddington 24/7 Public
8610D3F2-F06D-447F-8EE7-DA88E47A56D6 EH41 3HA John Muir House- At Reception By Lift, Court Street, Haddington Variable Public
FE68B137-357D-483E-A9A8-AE3F009EF00E EH41 3LZ Tesco Superstore, Newton Port, 0 Variable Public
E9244CC9-B3E1-478D-A6CD-AEE500B0973D EH41 3NF The Orchard Medical Practice, Newton Port Surgery, Newton Port Variable Restricted
04A95C63-BC80-4316-AD64-B08400B7C254 EH41 3NS The Royal Bank Of Scotland, 32 Court Street, Haddington 24/7 Public
2A5A700A-A13C-463A-88A1-AF47011F58C5 EH41 3RD The Compass School, 11 West Road, Haddington 24/7 Public
6D72406E-D5B3-46FD-9ACD-AE2000E853E0 EH41 3SS Taylor Wimpey, Letham Mains, Off West Road Variable Public
C4FBF845-727E-4B87-A8EE-AFE700D3D9CC EH41 4AQ Screwfix, Unit 1, Whittingehame Drive Variable Restricted
B765EC5A-E25E-49CD-BBC1-AECC00D21FEC EH41 4BT Dental Surgery, 7 Sidegate, Haddington Variable Public
A912CADA-5EA9-4765-9D6D-AAE800ED93D5 EH41 4DB Aubigny Sports Centre, Mill Wynd, Haddington Variable Public
E3DF8B61-6464-43BB-A80D-AF3A00F9194C EH41 4DB Haddington Rugby Club, Haddington Rugby Club Pavilion, Mill Wynd 24/7 Public
14CC6ED6-1C51-4E5B-857E-D4325C1DED1B EH41 4DS On Side Of Building. Easily Seen From Street, 32 Meadowpark, Haddington 24/7 Public
76C20045-FCD0-4DBF-A795-AAE200CDB628 EH41 4DT Knox Academy, Pencaitland Road, Haddington Variable Restricted
5C3A5EC5-901D-49EC-B4A0-ACC400B76BAE EH41 4FG Haddington Care Home, Mill Wynd, Haddington 24/7 Public
CE8EE568-3DF2-4568-8E66-ADCF01115E32 EH41 4JA Admissions Secretary, The Chippendale School Of Furniture, Myreside Grange Variable Restricted
DCE32AF4-1C58-434D-B7B3-AE4800E274AB EH41 4QH Gifford Garage, Main Street, Gifford 24/7 Public
49990C06-1C5D-42A3-8CD4-AEE300B55CE7 EH42 1AB Lauderdale Bowling Green, Bayswell Road, Dunbar Variable Public
D24772E5-274D-436E-B542-414B74534437 EH42 1AR The Rocks Hotel- At Front Reception, Marine Road, Dunbar Variable Public
168FD634-FDA1-4D94-8626-AC04011583AA EH42 1AU Winterfield Golf Club, North Road, Dunbar Variable Public
C6C9700C-2247-4B63-B369-ACA000C09D61 EH42 1BF Mcdonald's Restaurant, Spott Road, Dunbar Variable Public
CD0691DA-0117-44C6-812C-AF4C010ADA24 EH42 1BF Mcdonald's - East Lothian, Spott Road, Dunbar 24/7 Public
A39062D7-1635-4797-94BB-CC3E42E0F237 EH42 1BU Central Cafe- Behind Counter At Restaurant Side, 6-8 West Port, Dunbar Variable Public
2B64B765-C26B-41C4-AB66-AECB009875E0 EH42 1DA Police Station, Belhaven Road, Dunbar 24/7 Public
69CA233F-78DA-4F34-8D06-AEC30079AC53 EH42 1DG Dunbar Primary School, John Muir Campus Dunbar Primary School, Lammermuir Crescent Variable Restricted
0EAC1934-BC2F-4CC8-8BAA-AFE800805956 EH42 1DX Dunbar Library, Dunbar Library The Bleachingfield Centre, Countess Crescent Variable Public
0FA674F7-7DE2-4D42-AD4C-CFA03E9FC101 EH42 1ES Royal British Legion- Behind Bar, 147 High Street, Dunbar Variable Public
7ECCCCCB-B8BA-4BC2-B102-AAE800E50A0E EH42 1EU Dunbar Leisure Pool, Castle Park, Dunbar Variable Public
0EB831B7-BA73-4D85-A2EF-AE0400C135AF EH42 1EW Begreen, Begreen Dunbar, 55 High Street Variable Public
665AB667-1B7E-45A1-A029-74AD7645E194 EH42 1EW Aitken Chemist- Behind Counter, High Street, Dunbar Variable Public
73DDC8C5-F3CC-4B94-A8E5-4F861677A21B EH42 1JY Royal Mackintosh Hotel, Station Road, Dunbar 24/7 Public
2D06114C-3A84-4BB1-A70D-187BB14A178D EH42 1LG Dunmuir Hotel- In Outdoor Box, 11 Newhouse Terrace, Dunbar 24/7 Public
3BD4D970-3283-4976-8EBF-AE7800BF381F EH42 1LL Dunbar Golf Club, East Links Road, Dunbar 24/7 Public
4A7DFEC5-EFD8-4339-B0BB-06CF743EC57B EH42 1LL Dunbar Golf Club- On The Wall Facing The Golf Course, East Links, Dunbar 24/7 Public
3745D161-C3FE-4C89-87D2-AFE8007F8528 EH42 1NJ Dunbar Grammar School, 62 Summerfield Road, Dunbar Variable Public
3C2A9A38-7F81-437B-937B-AB7800B3CB81 EH42 1NX 36 Coast To Coast Surf School, Back Road, Belhaven 24/7 Public
3D6AC93D-C734-4312-9FA8-AE3D01111076 EH42 1QS Thorntonloch Caravan Site, Thorntonloch Caravan Park, Innerwick 24/7 Public
C0D1BF39-90B7-4E99-BEE8-AFF200C664AA EH42 1QS Thorntonloch Caravan Park, Thorntonloch Caravan Site, Zu217 (01) From Thorntonloch X-Roads (A1(T)) To Thorntonloch Caravan Site 24/7 Public
E1D8E526-0957-4DF8-9B93-AE2100E615F1 EH42 1QS Torness Power Station, Dunbar 24/7 Public
C30BBC32-E595-4661-A7A6-ADDE010D1679 EH42 1QT Blackberry Farm, Blackberry Farm Thorntonloch Holdings, 6 U214 (01) From Crowhill Road (C124) To Thornton Bridge (C121) 24/7 Restricted
4BFCB457-3E62-46E8-B1BA-6945582AEEDF EH42 1RQ Unnamed Road, Dunbar 24/7 Public
23E170FF-5C57-46FB-9EFB-AFE200A2E2A2 EH42 1RS Unit 3 Spott Road Industrial Estate, Spott Road, Dunbar Variable Public
8F4CA6B2-C78A-4182-89A1-01E457F2ECDB EH42 1SA Thurston Manor Leisure Park, Dunbar 24/7 Public
43084E96-9A48-4593-8915-AADF00BF7164 EH42 1SD Innerwick Outdoor Centre, Main Street, Innerwick 24/7 Public
CA1C99AF-458B-4B5B-B487-AF4700E49B40 EH42 1SD Innerwick Primary School, Innerwick Variable Restricted
63EBCE94-48F5-419E-9D6C-AE3A00E32EF9 EH42 1SE Innerwick, Outdoor Education Centre, Main Street 24/7 Public
8360BCD5-2605-44E5-A6FF-AAEB00D0DDBD EH42 1SU Harbour Wall, Cromwell Quay, Shore Street 24/7 Public
426C4242-AF3B-416E-9C25-AAC400E81A44 EH42 1SW Viridor, Dunbar Landfill, Oxwellmains Variable Restricted
49272930-85F2-4853-8EE7-AE2E00B19B09 EH42 1TE Village Hall, Village Green Road, Stenton 24/7 Public
96A1D696-AADD-45B9-AD71-AFCB00CF5BFB EH42 1TE Stenton Primary School, Stenton, Dunbar Variable Public
A319A4D2-6BC1-4C55-99A6-AF1B00FBCDD8 EH42 1TU Belhaven Bay Caravan Site, West Barns 24/7 Public
CB3DE72C-3A30-4720-98B1-AF0200D91CD2 EH42 1TZ West Barns Primary School, Forth View, West Barns Variable Restricted
11F96CAD-1698-4C78-9898-461DA382D9EB EH42 1UA West Barns Shop- On Wall Near Shop, 50 School Brae, West Barns Dunbar 24/7 Public
4275136B-B747-4FA3-8495-AF8900EFDDF8 EH42 1UH 21 Edinburgh Road, West Barns 24/7 Public
329B0C6C-2AEE-487B-905E-AFB6013F5D42 EH42 1UP West Barns Community Hall, Edinburgh Road, West Barns 24/7 Public
37F93552-F4A3-4A1D-B594-AD6A01314EB2 EH42 1WG Dunbar Camping And Caravanning Club Site, A1087 (53) From Broxburn (U222) To Apcm Roundabout, Dunbar 24/7 Public
390743EB-C758-4740-97C8-AEC200B74EAB EH42 1XB Dunbar Primary School, Lochend Campus Dunbar Primary School, Kellie Road Variable Restricted
1B291730-5E41-4A75-9C02-870931465064 EH42 1XF East Links Family Park- At Front Reception, General Area Of, Dunbar Variable Public
8957BEFA-C7FB-427B-A76F-2FFA6348AADD EH42 1XF Foxlake Adventures C I C Foxlake- In Office, General Area Of, Dunbar Variable Public
B4DDAF73-38F4-44F2-9DB1-54100BA335D1 EH42 1XL Village Hall- On Rear O/S Wall, Near Rear Access Door, Main Street, Tyninghame Dunbar 24/7 Public
3E12DAFA-5E53-4D95-9BFB-AAD4006818EF EH43 6AF Village Hall, Galashiels Road, Walkerburn 24/7 Public
6E35D97D-AD92-44D3-9A6A-AAD4006D34C6 EH44 6HZ Golf Club, Leithen Road, Innerleithen 24/7 Public
9A521921-D261-46A6-8A46-C1FACCED2D88 EH44 6JS Tweedside Caravan Park -The Tow Bar- Rhs Of Main Entrance, Montgomery Street, Innerleithen 24/7 Public
CF77BB2D-F309-4E41-8247-9416BE067EA3 EH44 6PB Lhs Of Main Ent Near Car Park Of St Ronans School, Pirn Road, Innerleithen 24/7 Public
5A855FCC-ABB0-42BB-85C7-ADF701009C60 EH44 6QT Pipe Band Hall, Hall Street, Innerleithen 24/7 Public
B105C7AF-D167-47D3-A49E-AAD4006B88CC EH44 6QX Innerleithen Union Club Co Ltd, Peebles Road, Innerleithen 24/7 Public
BC020F06-765B-41A5-B46A-B0CA00F95949 EH45 8AD Eastgate Theatre And Art Centre, Eastgate, Peebles 24/7 Public
38DFE8F6-D1AF-4DB9-AD4D-AF8800AF1587 EH45 8AU Peebles Community Centre (Drill Hall), Drill Hall, Walkershaugh Variable Public
D620AD3A-7952-47F5-B78F-AFBF00EB748F EH45 8AU Peebles Bowling Club, Walkershaugh, Peebles 24/7 Public
4E117A8A-F6B9-4841-8C91-AEAF00BA8BA9 EH45 8AW Swimming Pool Reception, Peebles Swimming Pool, Port Brae Variable Public
40C15047-94FF-4AFF-A176-1D664C1E28F1 EH45 8DD Holland And Sherry Ltd, Venlaw Road, Peebles 24/7 Public
995DD6BB-DDDE-42D9-8A85-AE3C00804A45 EH45 8EQ Tesco Superstore, Dovecot Rd, 0 Variable Public
6729C1AC-4143-47D6-92B3-AF8800A2BA4F EH45 8EU Golf Club (Club House), Peebles Golf Club, Kirkland Street 24/7 Public
F58CD763-F1E2-4F18-9D89-AF8800A4B0B7 EH45 8EU Golf Club (Green Keepers Lodge), Peebles Golf Club, Kirkland Street 24/7 Public
B5A4BE81-768E-4B4B-9A41-3FA73532D4A9 EH45 8GL Peebles Rugby Football Club, Gytes Leisure Centre, Walkershaugh Variable Public
E734B081-59F2-4FC9-A31A-AECB009DD04B EH45 8HH Lothian And Borders Police, Policce Station, Rosetta Road 24/7 Public
1CF5C32B-077A-44BD-90C7-AF8800ADCF62 EH45 8LL Halyrude Court, Wardens Office Halyrude Court, Cross Road 24/7 Public
0C6D0B7C-689C-46F7-B358-AF9D00C43729 EH45 8NB Glentress Peel Cafe', Eshiels Mill, Peebles 24/7 Public
752B2AF7-3EAF-414F-A893-AF8800A8568B EH45 8SW Peebles Parish Church, High Street, Peebles 24/7 Public
E6861DE0-830E-4D38-B254-AF8800AA590C EH45 9BE Priorsford Primary School, Marmion Road, Peebles 24/7 Public
62D61F6A-F224-4FF3-9CB2-957D0AAA1E6D EH45 9BU Cavalry Park (Rowan Court), Cavalry Park, Peebles 24/7 Public
351FBE49-8352-4CB1-ABAA-AF8800ABC3E3 EH45 9HB Peebles High School, Springwood Road, Peebles 24/7 Public
F0050DE1-1BF6-4ADF-A6F8-4E42EF7811DD EH45 9JU Dawyck Botanic Garden, General Area Of, Peebles 24/7 Public
0BA1B745-1C40-457B-96CA-AF8800ACF7F2 EH45 9LD Cardrona Village Hall, 23, Cardrona Way, Cardrona 24/7 Public
3A79B292-4D3D-42A7-B1AE-ADFB00C2F4AA EH46 7AJ Coppice Corner, A72 South Of Blyth Bridge, Blyth Bridge 24/7 Public
5F4FC3C7-636A-4553-8AC2-B01200951622 EH46 7AJ Kirkdean Cross Roads, A72 A721 At Kirkdean To A701 At Blyth Bridge, Blyth Bridge 24/7 Public
0B71ED89-1FC7-49F5-8457-C8E86FBC634E EH46 7BD Lamancha Hub- On O/S Wall Near Cafe Door, General Area Of, West Linton 24/7 Public
7296DC0B-5063-4A34-A7E7-AEBE00B7BB45 EH46 7BU Scottish Outdoor Education Centres, Broomlee Centre, Station Road 24/7 Public
786F088B-D14B-4BF6-B870-AAB800B0D1A8 EH46 7BZ Newlands Community Development Trust, Newlands Activity Centre, A701 24/7 Public
A68DBB02-BA20-43F6-A7D4-B0120097381A EH46 7BZ Newlands Centre, The Newlands Community Centre, A701 A701 At Northern Boundary Romanno Bridge To A701 At Southern Boundary Romanno Bridge 24/7 Public
D12B758D-3208-448A-AD96-AFBD0122F8C5 EH46 7HQ Karecole Farm Stables, U14-1 U117-1 At Loanend In Dolphinton To Council Boundary West Of Haughhead, Garvald Road 24/7 Public
D64AB3F3-B74B-40F4-BFBD-B42D76D9BDB8 EH47 0AD West Lothian Council, Polkemmet Country Park, B7066 24/7 Public
2D0D5560-2613-4A7D-BE76-B05E00FF7E4E EH47 0LE Ab2t Depot, Plot 1, Heartlands Court Variable Public
D9671A79-AA50-4FBC-B2C4-B0B6012E17CA EH47 0SE Scotmid Heartlands, 114 Rigghouse View, Heartlands Variable Public
82849370-A5EC-4D56-9CEB-AE1300A97D29 EH47 0SN Taylor Wimpey, Cults Road, Whitburn Variable Public
758802B1-6997-4E12-A123-AAF400DD9F8E EH47 7AR Seafield Arms Hotel, Redhouse Road, Seafield 24/7 Public
0EC16926-8019-4F1D-9038-ACDB00B98828 EH47 7LL Blackburn Community Education Association, Ashgrove Goup Practice Blackburn Partnership Centre, Ash Grove 24/7 Public
54FAE4BA-D08A-47B9-9C54-ADDD00C69D08 EH47 7LX St Kentigern's Academy, 60 West Main Street, Blackburn Variable Restricted
9F6405B7-7332-401F-BAD1-B09900ED0BFA EH47 7QR 41 East Main Street, Blackburn 24/7 Public
D2BE4849-3BD3-41F3-9480-CAC6D6AAAA96 EH47 8AG Community Centre- Cabinet Faces Entrance, School Road, Longridge Bathgate 24/7 Public
D6EAF76D-152A-48FE-BADA-AF4E00A7D32A EH47 8AU Stoneyburn Bowling Club, 39 Main Street, Stoneyburn 24/7 Public
F5D545EC-34D8-44B1-8261-DADEF0124BE6 EH47 8BA Stoneyburn Workshops- On Front Of Building, 4 Main Street, Stoneyburn Bathgate 24/7 Public
6F0C9A80-B0DD-44E1-B7B3-AE3E00B16415 EH47 8EL 93 Main Street, Stoneyburn 24/7 Public
5F40C788-77AE-4632-95B2-AF3400AC2345 EH47 8HQ St Josephs Parish Centre, 49 Raeburn Crescent, Whitburn 24/7 Public
1DF02E9F-195F-4276-9F7B-AFD00169731F EH47 9EF A & S Convenience Store, 72 Sheephousehill, Fauldhouse 24/7 Public
E367BE4F-4F06-42CB-980D-AEDC013F67A5 EH48 1AP Bathgate Bowling Club, 19 Balbardie Road, Bathgate 24/7 Public
32B16B2F-8D69-41BD-910D-AFB300836623 EH48 1AX 28-30 King Street, Bathgate 24/7 Public
0C55368A-60CD-4E53-979D-ADF000A7CDC2 EH48 1JB Boghall Parish Church, Elizabeth Drive, Boghall 24/7 Public
FA825A4B-3352-48AE-B884-AF63011E5FFB EH48 1LL Toby Carvery - Bathgate Farm, A7066 - Boghall Roundabout To Inch Wood Roundabout, Bathgate Variable Public
422B0C94-7838-47FE-827A-B07300F71A8E EH48 1LR Norvell Lodge, Flat 1 Norvell Lodge, 24 Philip Avenue 24/7 Public
975F86F3-7592-4DEE-A620-72F58B2B4435 EH48 1PH Hugh Black & Sons Ltd- Outside Shop On Wall, 3 George Street, Bathgate 24/7 Public
7AFF5DBB-0B15-49AF-8E16-B01F00ACD33D EH48 1QF The Nurture Nursery, 94 Mid Street, Bathgate 24/7 Public
513B37B2-E717-4F01-96EC-6FEBE9718CE1 EH48 1TR 19 South Bridge Street, Bathgate 24/7 Public
358544EA-89CF-4257-8C8A-AEA701005357 EH48 2AA Meadow Park Sports Pavillion, Meadow Park, Bathgate 24/7 Public
C6A82242-2639-4D65-8BC4-AD7900C37984 EH48 2EP 36d Inchmuir Road Whitehill Industrial Estate, Whitehill Industrial Estate, Bathgate Variable Restricted
840C4EEB-B41B-43DF-BC46-B0C700EC6241 EH48 2ES Tesco Filling Station, Blackburn Road, Bathgate Variable Public
A65F5640-2A78-4B9F-BCCF-AFC600AF7C1E EH48 2ES Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, 4 Blackburn Road Variable Restricted
4B6874FE-FCB0-4138-BA73-AFD300C78F94 EH48 2FH Manager, Sunbelt Rentals, Ester Inch Rd ,Easter Inch Ind Est , Bathgate Eh48 2fh Variable Public
FAE2D8F6-E6AB-4447-A987-B073008AD1BA EH48 2FH Parts Stores, Unit 8 Easter Inch Industrial Estate, 12 Easter Inch Road Variable Restricted
EE9125FB-1533-4E86-A2B7-AFEC00B88522 EH48 2FY Screwfix, Inchwood Park, Bathgate Variable Restricted
97A15B9D-2853-4BC0-AA33-AD4A00B9C444 EH48 2GZ 15 Forrest Place, Armadale 24/7 Restricted
62E0C582-ACCD-4561-BAAF-B0C700D0C0B2 EH48 2ND Sunbelt Rentals, Unit 2, Armadale Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
73EC5D10-E531-4A8F-8C2F-AED900F3641D EH48 2ND The Dale Hub, Unit 26 Bathville Business Centre, Bathville Business Centre Road 24/7 Public
ED113092-E68C-4115-8308-AF4600CC6875 EH48 2PE Drummond Disrtibution, 1 Bathgate Road, Armadale Variable Public
096F2381-9A28-465A-8351-AFD300C2333D EH48 2RX Unit 4 Whiteside Industrial Estate, 6 Factory Road, Bathgate Variable Public
37B53ABA-BA1C-4975-B6FE-46588BC088A1 EH48 2TH Simpson Primary School- Under Canopy At Nursery Entrance, Leyland Road, Bathgate 24/7 Public
BA496A1B-9721-43F6-BC3A-AEE700EBE9CE EH48 3AA Wee Gems Nursery Armadale, 2 Southdale Avenue, Armadale 24/7 Public
57EEBF0D-D4B9-4904-9E7C-AEBC015B879D EH48 3ET 39 South Street, Armadale 24/7 Public
D5AB45EE-A896-4F75-A205-AB4A009A6C2C EH48 3HS Eastertoun Primary School, 13 Manse Avenue, Bathgate Variable Public
C309E9EA-E1D5-49F5-8D94-B07400ADEF7D EH48 3LY Armadale Academy, West Main Street, Armadale Variable Public
B85603AE-87F0-47E3-9A70-AECB00ABF73E EH48 3PZ Police Station, 71 West Main Street, Armadale 24/7 Public
20C8F5C2-7D51-4BAD-B334-4EE80A0EC309 EH48 3QA West Main Street, Armadale Bathgate Variable Public
C5D84162-BE3D-46F3-9C63-B3377A7DA85B EH48 3QA Hugh Black & Sons- Outside Shop On Wall, 38 West Main Street, Armadale 24/7 Public
7616F66C-B93A-4703-B1F4-AAE301536295 EH48 3RJ Post Office, Main Street, Blackridge 24/7 Public
4DB2ADC9-1711-4B8F-9DA7-AB2200E7055E EH48 3SS Health Centre, Fleming Place, Bathgate 24/7 Public
B36BC0C9-D3E9-4CC9-87C0-AFF5008B61C1 EH48 4HH Glenmavis Bowling Club, 9 Torphichen Street, Bathgate 24/7 Public
1E575406-5E07-4941-ABF8-ADE300D3DB69 EH48 4LA Park Of Peace Road, Bathgate Variable Restricted
CD0416AD-5C0F-40CB-8A77-AB5E00D0A183 EH49 6EH Linlithgow Academy, Braehead Road, Linlithgow Variable Public
FF712961-C48B-4BDB-8CFD-AB5E00D16CF0 EH49 6EH Linlithgow Academy, Braehead Road, Linlithgow Variable Public
65FF45E0-ADAC-437E-83AD-AE4000BD10BA EH49 6JJ The Whitecross Junction, Station Road, Whitecross 24/7 Public
4154B126-B3A6-43BF-90CA-ADE20178B5B3 EH49 6NW Bridgend & District Golf Club, Bridgend And District Golf Course, Willowdean 24/7 Public
3FE66C10-43EC-4057-9DD4-AAF7010CC178 EH49 6PL Lintilgow First Responders, Beecraig Visitors Centre, Beecraigs Country Park 24/7 Public
BAD6EC00-2084-4CFC-A7E4-B02F00CEA8DF EH49 6SQ Linlithgow Leisure Centre, Kettil'stoun Mains, Linlithgow Variable Restricted
656BA976-E71D-4195-ACE1-3FA48385B2AE EH49 7DH Scotrail Railways Ltd, Linlithgow Station, Station Road 24/7 Public
9CCBA829-AFB1-4752-B052-B07400E97770 EH49 7ES Linlithgow Fishing Lodge, 212a High Street, Linlithgow 24/7 Public
D4F6D9E1-23F9-4C8A-9E05-AD02009DE395 EH49 7LY Cafe, Mannerston Holdings, 1 From A904 Northward Serving Certain Mannerston Holdings 24/7 Public
330FC790-F83F-4D75-BA07-ECE985B4A802 EH49 7NH Blackness Castle- Inside Shop, Unnamed Road, Blackness Linlithgow Variable Public
FCEFE6D0-2EAE-4B5F-9B55-AB6B00CE6719 EH49 7RH West Lothian Golf Club, Airngarth Hill, Linlithgow 24/7 Public
17A04494-0661-4BFC-9D7C-AAD9010D65BB EH49 7SF Lintilgow First Responders, Play Bugs, 24 Mill Road 24/7 Public
0B4994DE-F681-4543-954D-AFE700DA58EE EH49 7TP Screwfix, Unit A Mill Road, Linlithgow Variable Restricted
4B2ED20D-04FE-4A5C-9B8D-AAD9010C3E24 EH49 7TP Lintilgow First Responders, Greensteam Unit 1, The Gateway 24/7 Public
29B1E2B0-ADFF-4FD7-BBB7-AFA800E88C8F EH5 1BL City Of Edinburgh Council, 26 Granton Cres, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
65FAD8A7-E01D-4413-A0B2-69DE4C047D86 EH5 1LW Crewe Road North, Granton Edinburgh Variable Public
DCFF253D-E921-4CD0-9026-AFCD00969A4D EH5 1PZ Sunbelt Rentals, 50 West Harbour Rd, Edinburgh Variable Public
589B1958-580B-40F0-B7D5-AB5E00BC32CF EH5 1QE 332 West Granton Road, Edinburgh Variable Public
8C09FD29-2F05-413E-872D-AF6500EEBB58 EH5 1QS Places For People Developments, 3 Saltire Street, Granton 24/7 Public
FB3DF577-E56D-43B7-9F21-5F7E2954E0C3 EH5 1QS 9 Saltire Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
F375F9BB-09CA-4C3C-886B-AFE400F5E77B EH5 1RY Edinburgh Marina, 21 Lochinvar Drive, Granton 24/7 Public
9EA3CF01-D58C-41F6-86FE-AE61008F9BDC EH5 1SA Puregym, West Granton House, West Granton Road 24/7 Restricted
4C6B0E74-B204-4B8F-A92C-AD0A00DFCFF5 EH5 2HF Edinburgh Leisure, Ainslie Park Leisure Centre, 92 Pilton Drive Variable Public
39E555CE-0900-4279-8AC0-B09F008DB6F7 EH5 3BR Starbank House - In The Park, 17 Laverockbank Road, Trinity 24/7 Public
B033A580-05C7-4C58-AB31-ACAE00A34C9C EH5 3LS Wardie Parish Church Halls, 110 Netherby Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
ECB59212-125F-4D5D-ACA9-AB5C01478F29 EH51 0AS Corbie Inn, 84 Corbiehall, Bo'ness 24/7 Public
267C4480-A138-48BE-957F-AF7300D170FC EH51 0DS Forth Valley First Responders, Bo'ness Chemical Workers Social Club, 69 Linlithgow Road 24/7 Public
3E331969-1673-498C-BEC2-ACCB01495943 EH51 0HG Mccolls, 175a Dean Road, Bo'ness 24/7 Public
1E195719-F2F7-4EAE-AD3C-B00E00C6C87B EH51 0NY Forth Valley First Resonders, Dean Court Retirement Housing, Kinneil Drive 24/7 Public
22BD949D-6E6A-4E6E-90FF-ABE900FABCDE EH51 0PU Falkirk Council, Kinneil Kerse Recycling Centre, Grangemouth Road 24/7 Public
46CCF30E-F16B-411B-8B11-AB5C01497136 EH51 0PU Belgica Uk Ltd, Grangemouth Road, Bo'ness 24/7 Public
BDB3F6BB-5723-455C-97C3-AF8100F8402B EH51 9AN Tesco Boness, Links Road, Boness Variable Public
E71FC6EB-43FA-452A-89F0-AB5C014AD275 EH51 9AN Tesco Superstore, Links Road, Bo'ness 24/7 Public
003ED4B9-79B1-432F-B0AE-AFE8009A319D EH51 9AS Bo'ness Academy, Gauze Road, Bo'ness Variable Restricted
DDE6F191-06EB-4B0F-8070-B08500CD745E EH51 9JH Forth Valley First Responders, Cowdenhill Community Hall, Cowdenhill Road 24/7 Public
C8573A24-8915-4A7B-A49A-AF400144D6DE EH51 9TH 65 Muirhead Crescent, Boness, Bo'ness 24/7 Public
4B99A0FA-D5A1-479B-823A-ADD600C67059 EH51 9UD Central Training Services Ltd, 5 Links Court, Bo'ness Variable Public
2ABB9343-61CE-4DC0-A30C-AE6800904318 EH52 5AF Buchan Park Bowling Club, Opposite Broxburn Albion Football Ground, Just Off Greendykes Road 24/7 Public
628F0771-FF45-4D4E-B8C2-AE6E00B70DA1 EH52 5AF Buchan Park Bowling Club, Greendykes Road, Broxburn 24/7 Public
65873E14-DF15-4170-828D-AEDA00F04906 EH52 5DN 29 West Main Street, Uphall Variable Public
90B943B9-B26E-49D6-88ED-334CA5047E95 EH52 5HY 9 East Main Street, Uphall Broxburn Variable Public
888F5FBB-83BF-4829-AF4C-B02A00F22EE6 EH52 5LL Tesco Broxburn Express, 144 West Main Street, Broxburn Variable Restricted
D22EDBDC-A989-499E-B5DE-AECB00A8A876 EH52 5LT Police Scotland, Police Station - 205a West Main Street, Broxburn 24/7 Public
5C98918C-EE2E-4AE0-8CDF-B06D007123C9 EH52 5LY Pdm Broxburn, 1 Youngs Road, East Mains Industrial Estate Variable Public
7C24427C-9561-4FBC-9339-AE2300948D75 EH52 5LY 11 Youngs Road, Broxburn Variable Public
1D5C2C46-C965-4834-A672-285FD2386498 EH52 5ND Volvo Truck & Bus- At Service Reception, Drovers Road, East Mains Industrial Estate B Variable Public
701D6D95-E1A6-44DF-A61C-AEFA00D310C9 EH52 5RH Buchan Arms Hotel, 2-4 West Main Street, Broxburn 24/7 Public
A0611FB3-4F7B-477C-83F5-AF6400C6B6FB EH52 6AL 20 Fairinsfell, Broxburn Variable Restricted
03394287-C459-475F-A03B-6BB7A7B7ABCD EH52 6LJ Community Education Centre- End Of Building Nr Road, 71 Main Street, Dechmont Broxburn 24/7 Public
4F970EDE-6C4D-4FE5-B40C-B03500B63234 EH52 6NH Sruc, Snec, Oatridge 24/7 Public
DC51890D-1CC3-4C06-8D97-AF2000BDEC6C EH52 6NH Sruc, Sruc Oatridge Campus, Ecclesmachan 24/7 Public
2B889F5D-9687-4195-8706-B01400C260A8 EH52 6PA Dobbies Garden Centre Livingston, Beughburn, Houston Mains Variable Public
521EAE05-0042-491B-83B0-AE6600DEAC4F EH53 0EJ Tesco, 242 Main Street, East Calder Variable Public
9B7FEC6F-062E-4453-97AC-AD000164FB1B EH53 0GH Community Hub Cafe Calderwood Square, 1 Calderwood Road, East Calder Variable Public
98A2D53F-583A-428D-AF2B-AE2000E80ACE EH53 0GJ Taylor Wimpey, Calderwood, East Calder Variable Public
D229C54B-1608-47DE-9D1E-AC0E0086BD30 EH53 0HT Morrison Construction Site Office, Nethersheil Road, East Calder 24/7 Public
715EEF87-3E69-4FD3-B1BE-E5CEEB7333A5 EH53 0LF Scotmid- On O/S Wall, 3 Drumshoreland Road, Pumpherston Livingston 24/7 Public
4EA4A3AC-49B9-4C26-B8DC-80511F510763 EH53 0TG Valneva Scotland Ltd- At Reception, Use Intercom At Gate, Oakbank Park Road, Mid Calder Livingston 24/7 Public
294228D9-EFF9-4540-93CA-B013009B5793 EH54 5AB Almond Housing, 44 Etive Walk, Craigshill 24/7 Public
DD5E59A9-B6CB-45CD-9FF8-AFEA00C2A1F7 EH54 5BZ Screwfix, Unit 4 Houstoun Road, Houstoun Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
B270487D-86D5-4A75-835C-AFA400B550AE EH54 5DJ 36 Firth Road, Livingston Variable Public
C2297CAC-3252-4625-886F-AFA300D5FA22 EH54 5DJ Maxi Construction Limited, Firth Road, Houstoun Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
7D376E0C-006C-4F77-8425-04F17D501819 EH54 5DL Elementis- Control Room Tel 01506446001 On Telephone, Nettlehill Road, Houstoun Industrial Estate Liv 24/7 Public
7E721958-7E84-4D9B-88C3-AC45008391D1 EH54 5DN Paterson Arran, Nettlehill Road, Livingston Variable Restricted
9EDAA51D-2A03-49D3-A908-AEFD0089C2AA EH54 5PQ Foundocean Ltd, Unit 3-4 Telford Square Busn Park, Houston Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
023FCB86-83DE-429C-8EEB-AFCC010F219E EH54 5PY Bowling Club, 12 Marrfield Terrace, Uphall Station 24/7 Public
7470D310-E830-4BC9-80BC-AF9300C77FE9 EH54 6DG Crofthead Community Centre, Templar Rise, Dedridge 24/7 Public
45F84259-EAFE-410D-AE8C-AE610085B949 EH54 6GA Puregym, Leithen House, Almondvale Business Park 24/7 Restricted
446ACFD9-3398-4C2A-8C84-ADE8008C02B4 EH54 6GQ Edge Equipment Hire Ltd, 3 Eliburn Industrial Park, Appleton Parkway Variable Restricted
79E43A13-0738-4E6C-BB6B-AFF100D0DE62 EH54 6GU Mmx Communications Services Ltd, Unit 6 Geddes House, Kirkton North Road Variable Restricted
5A36ECF8-9187-40FD-99EB-AF9700E7BD6C EH54 6HT O2 Store (0227) Livingston, Unit 120, Almonvale Centre Variable Restricted
B814A2F4-2288-4988-8D25-6CB1F2F38465 EH54 6HW Inveralmond Community High School- At Reception, Willowbank, Livingston Variable Restricted
3B396F28-EDD2-47AD-9EC4-79FA4FA0378F EH54 6TN Leving House- In Hallway At Main Entrance, Fairbairn Place, Livingston Variable Public
A45AE8E7-34EB-48B9-99FB-AEA000BC559A EH54 6TN Smile Counseling, 6 Fairbairn Place, Howden, Livingston Variable Restricted
9A04E622-3E55-4620-907B-AADB008C8E75 EH54 7AW Klondyke Garden Centre, Klondyke, Livingston Variable Restricted
B80ECC55-3C55-40E5-A1D8-AFB0009B47EF EH54 7BH W. L. Gore & Associates ( Uk) Ltd, W L Gore, Simpson Parkway Variable Restricted
BE08534B-ADCB-49C6-AC2B-B07C00F2CC63 EH54 7BN Component Sense, Fleming House, 5 Fleming Road, Kirkton Campus Variable Restricted
32F970E7-B296-4C04-9D0C-7636987F91CE EH54 7DP Skf Uk Ltd, 3 Michaelson Square, Kirkton Campus Variable Public
F6C05A11-7313-4724-95A8-AEA600BA21B3 EH54 7DR 2 Gregory Road, Unit 2, Livingston Variable Public
7BC0431A-DB6D-46C7-8105-AE6300D30127 EH54 7EJ Intel, Unit 1, Rosebank Technology Park Variable Restricted
A0C4C411-4AD1-4154-B5AD-AAB800CB8A3C EH54 7EQ Livingston Village Community Education Centre, Kirkton North Road, Livingston Variable Restricted
F2DE5992-46BD-451E-8929-AFD900CDCC46 EH54 7HG Utec Ncs Survey Ltd, Unit 2b Alba Business Pavilions, Alba Business Park 24/7 Public
CDC1D68C-BC64-4FDB-92D0-B08200AC4804 EH54 8AH Fyffes Group Ltd, 5a Royston Road, Deans Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
5F2DBCB3-14D0-46AD-B969-AFC5009B854B EH54 8AS 11 Caputhall Road, Livingston Variable Restricted
D992061A-8C15-4185-95A8-AFBA00637AF7 EH54 8AS Dhl, 12, Caputhall Road 24/7 Restricted
BFDA661D-F765-451C-B13A-AB0300AEE480 EH54 8AX Carmondean Community Centre, Nether Dechmont Farm, Fells Rigg 24/7 Public
B5BAB06D-FBAD-4550-B83D-4ED8459EBC48 EH54 8AY Semichem Distribution Warehouse, 1 Nairn Road, Livingston Variable Public
7CF7B7FA-6BFA-413E-A58A-B04D00C9C1F7 EH54 8BE Dean's Bowling Club, 2 Main Street, Livingston 24/7 Public
72D5374B-069B-43C0-8213-AFF70089210E EH54 8JF Mosswood Community Education Centre, Mosswood Community Centre, Ferguson Way Variable Restricted
70B8B7B5-FB3C-4F81-BE3D-AB7300B2E319 EH54 8QZ Buchanan Skip Hire, 3 Arrol Square, Deans Industrial Estate Variable Public
C7B7AB36-D8C0-4154-8399-B0C700C9EB00 EH54 8RG 8 Elphinstone Square, Deans Industrial Estate, Livingston Variable Restricted
2FC766E3-8A7A-47C6-8107-AAED0099EFE4 EH54 8SF Hyaltech Ltd, Starlaw Business Park, Livingston Variable Restricted
2C204EEB-25EE-454E-BEC0-AB80015013A8 EH54 9AA Bellsquarry Community Hall, 25 Calder Road, Bellsquarry 24/7 Public
D263953F-BBA3-483C-AA61-F77B92D6F74A EH54 9BX Valneva Scotland- In Reception Office, 1b Young Square, Brucefield Industrial Estate L Variable Public
732D3875-C347-4D45-A70A-AD8000DEF883 EH54 9DA Livingston South Station, Livingston South Station Access, Murieston 24/7 Public
5D682FED-D376-4F8A-BA0B-AD9C00ACB28E EH54 9DR 9 Cochrane Square, Livingston Variable Restricted
87311D40-43B3-4AD9-B938-6665C8BE0184 EH54 9DR On Wall In 1st Aid Room In John Heaney (Electrical) Ltd, 4 Cochrane Square, Brucefield Industrial Estate L Variable Restricted
50ACB1AE-BA2C-4B4C-9D69-AEB7012AB65C EH54 9HB 10 Murieston Valley, Livingston 24/7 Public
FDA13B40-2DD4-4705-A53F-B01F0124401A EH54 9LE Bankton Mains Pavilion, Bankton Walk, Murieston 24/7 Public
F7481DC8-79AB-42DB-B15D-AFD8015A88A7 EH55 8AH West Calder Bowling Club, 32 Harburn Road, West Calder 24/7 Public
4CA84D53-DD37-4338-8CA5-AECB00A9A28A EH55 8BH Police Station - Main Street, West Calder 24/7 Public
BBCA5403-2BFF-4EF7-8252-AE0300E1FB2E EH55 8HN Loganlea Miners Welfare Charitable Society, Loganlea Miners Welfare Club, U27 - Loganlea Road To C28 24/7 Public
D87F17A8-AFA0-4B3E-A7E5-B04A00FE357D EH55 8LE Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre West Calder, Bentyhead, West Calder Variable Restricted
3554 EH55 8LH Woolford Village Hall, Lanarkshire 24/7 Public
02F72074-96F9-4A30-816C-ACFD00BE8C36 EH55 8LH Wat If?, Woolfords Hall, C203 From Woolfords To A70 At Carnwath 24/7 Public
1527 EH55 8LQ Fishing Club, West Lothian 24/7 Public
7DEFFA28-7124-422B-9C98-ACFD00BD9CB8 EH55 8LQ Wat If?, Cobbinshaw Angling Association Cobbinshaw, U43 - Cobbinshaw Station To Boundary 24/7 Public
95F0088E-D25C-4CCE-A419-B06800F918E1 EH55 8PN Forestry And Land Scotland, Five Sisters House, Five Sisters Business Park 24/7 Restricted
6B5447D7-5288-4CC1-826C-AE4B00F51DB1 EH55 8RS Greenkeepers Shed, Golf Club House Harburn, B7008 - U40 To U29 24/7 Public
880C7213-FC5D-4810-A164-ADF800F0939E EH55 8RS Golf Club House Harburn, B7008 - U40 To U29, West Calder 24/7 Public
1721ED25-C6A7-4526-9017-ADEC00C7BFE7 EH55 8TJ Mulholland Contracts Ltd, Mullholand Contracts Ltd, Polbeth Industrial Estate Variable Public
A320FBEB-D364-45E8-8FDB-92733166C57F EH55 8XD Village Hall- At Entrance, Crosswood Terrace, Tarbrax West Calder Variable Public
1526 EH55 8XE Village Hall, West Lothian 24/7 Public
CDB11D22-36CD-4EB4-8A67-ADD800FF723E EH6 4AW Leith North Parish Church, 1a Madeira Place, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
B572E3E9-1BCC-4E54-A833-B02F014228D5 EH6 4ND Newhaven Church, 7 Craighall Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
1096DDE4-970D-42F0-BDBE-ADCD013B61FB EH6 5AZ 21a Pilrig Gardens, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
C6D8E80F-4A81-4A3D-BABA-AFEB007B7D77 EH6 5BQ Screwfix, Unit 5, Bonnington Trade Centre Variable Restricted
18367590-2328-4AC5-82DC-AF4F009B3E16 EH6 5HB Vocal, 60 Leith Walk, Albion Variable Restricted
1B3ED0EB-017D-40AB-B7E5-B09E008B27F9 EH6 5HB 60 Leith Walk, Albion, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
BD2F24C2-CF83-4DC8-9FE7-AD2C00CFCC6C EH6 5JA Edinburgh Leisure, Leith Victoria Swim Centre, 13 Junction Place Variable Public
B7E36BCB-8919-4158-B73F-AE4000A6A4FC EH6 5LJ Tesco Express, 110 Great Junction St, 0 Variable Public
6C27BA60-8442-43DD-9DD2-42F9B8E848E0 EH6 5NA Shortbread House Of Edinburgh- In Stairwell, Ask Staff, 25 Tennant Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
4650F056-5268-43BA-8D5D-ADDC00F85A74 EH6 5NX Scott Coppola Electrical Distributors Ltd, Scott Coppola Ltd, 27-29 West Bowling Green Street Variable Public
B6A16AB7-5684-460D-8CCC-ADBA0081929C EH6 5PB 44 West Bowling Green Street, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
9E7EF0C3-1804-434F-B8DC-AC2000A2D31F EH6 6BS South Leith Parish Church Halls, 6 Henderson Street, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
38F7C77E-524C-4124-BE2D-AE6200CCF712 EH6 6BZ 87 Giles St., Edinburgh Variable Restricted
4AF73E76-C611-4F9A-9AD1-AD66009B9348 EH6 6BZ Health By Science, 99f1 Giles Street, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
2B8CBD22-C070-4D83-AA9E-AF3400B4F522 EH6 6HJ Bruce Stevenson Innsurance Brokers, 76 Coburg Street, North Leith Variable Restricted
AD6673C0-4650-44B0-885A-AE70013B1904 EH6 6JJ Puregym, 2nd Floor, Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre 24/7 Restricted
F7C74B81-707D-402B-9FC3-AC7F00BFDE8A EH6 6JJ Royal Yacht Britannia, Ocean Drive, Edinburgh 24/7 Restricted
7722925E-0195-4C23-AEFF-B00B010268B0 EH6 6JL 35 Ocean Drive, Edinburgh Variable Public
79A58883-0469-40A3-B52A-B02F00A41C5F EH6 6LX Clockwise, 84 Commercial Street, Commercial Quay Variable Restricted
D5FD1FA8-A984-48BA-966A-7A263B2266BF EH6 6TJ Gladstones Bar- At Bar On Lhs Wall, 1-2 Mill Lane, Edinburgh Variable Public
C57DF4F8-D039-4960-8453-AF3900B4FB1E EH6 7BZ Malmaison Hotel, 1 Tower Place, Leith 24/7 Public
6C5B6BDF-AA41-45C8-B5A9-AE2A00B3E1EA EH6 7DD Bookspeed, 16 Salamander Yards, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
8965E6A0-923A-4137-8DE6-AEAF00B1E809 EH6 7DP Bookspeed, 25 Albert Road, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
A5C2730C-77B2-48C6-BE8A-AF6A00DCBE67 EH6 7EY Leith Police Station, 29-35 Queen Charlotte Street, North Leith Variable Restricted
BF201D1F-B451-408C-9CC9-E92662C2DE85 EH6 7EZ Links House- 2nd Floor Suite 1, On Rhs Of Wall At Entranc, 15 Links Place, Leith Edinburgh Variable Restricted
739BB707-AA51-4EDD-A0D5-010FBB6D0E4D EH6 7LA George Nicolson Decorators- At Reception, 96-98 Salamander Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
4837CF30-B16F-4746-90E8-AFEA00D96321 EH6 7QR Seafield Bowling Club, 3 Leith Links, South Leith Variable Restricted
DA788C0C-AE62-47A4-AFBE-AE3600DEE69C EH6 8HL Tesco Superstore, 76 Duke St, 0 Variable Public
CFB0477E-03A9-433D-9BFC-AB5200BC9580 EH6 8JL Leith Academy, 20 Academy Park, Edinburgh Variable Public
AC3C95A7-2A8B-4255-B59E-ADCD00F6609D EH7 4GH Plumbing Pensions Uk Admin Ltd, Bellevue House, 22 Hopetoun Street Variable Restricted
579FA6A1-399D-4835-969D-ADDC00D01ED0 EH7 4HG Beaverbank Business Park, 5 Logie Mill, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
F00755A1-3A37-4E26-8631-ACD800F613FA EH7 4NS Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association, 95 Mcdonald Road, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
48474A41-B813-4DFB-A562-B03100DE6903 EH7 5AB 8 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
99D407D8-C8CE-41AB-B656-ADCD00BC4BE9 EH7 5EA 12 Hillside Crescent, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
6667DB57-C3A2-490C-AC0F-B04400DBE20F EH7 5HW Tesco Leith Walk Edinbrg Express, 4-6 Brunswick Place, Leith Walk Variable Public
A1853208-1341-4330-AD16-AF2500B1218E EH7 5QY North Park Scio, 57 Albion Road, Albion, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
4A6B9B8E-43DD-45FC-B7AA-5035E5C0D6EB EH7 5RH 112 Easter Road, Edinburgh Variable Public
D9961E15-4E18-4966-A5D9-ACAE00A96877 EH7 5TT Meadowbank Church, 83 London Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
1CA66976-B0B2-4EC4-8164-AEF900F8DF47 EH7 6BH Marionville Fire Station, 51 Marionville Drive, Meadowbank 24/7 Public
1766D883-2353-41BE-8085-AFA800F26EF9 EH7 6RX City Of Edinburgh Council, 13 Moira Park, Craigentinny 24/7 Public
A5DA78E1-7A07-43FA-98E8-AC2000A52445 EH8 7DB Willowbrae Parish Church, 1a Willowbrae Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
511A2CC3-E255-4391-8DB2-814C11DF50C6 EH8 7EA Postal Bowling Club- Opposite Bar In Main Hall, 31a Queens Park Avenue, Meadowbank Edinburgh Variable Public
34BF540E-B2D6-453F-B4BE-B03200D397FA EH8 7NG Tesco Edinburgh Express, 226 Willowbrae Rd, Edinburgh Variable Public
E0AC733E-BA7E-452D-A368-82AEA4D77BEA EH8 8AQ Patersons Land*** See Location Below, Holyrood Road, Canongate Edinburgh Variable Public
7620AC14-FA19-4A88-82B9-AD2500B7081A EH8 8AS Intersystems, 3f, 106 Holyrood Road Variable Restricted
34B4A123-FC37-4B66-913D-ADDD0118D35C EH8 8AU Tesco Express, 59 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh Variable Public
599B9D1F-617F-4FE5-9CE6-AF9B00EECA43 EH8 8BL Panmure House, 4 Lochend Close, Old Town Variable Restricted
3A6F598F-EADB-42D1-8ED0-AAC4012390ED EH8 8DG St. John Scotland, St John's House, 21 St. John Street 24/7 Public
026A3192-DC0E-4216-997D-AF0B00F99DB7 EH8 8DL Jtp, Venue Studios, 21 Calton Road Variable Public
C8A5073D-5745-403C-913D-7F3CE489B0CD EH8 9AJ Behind Reception Desk At Teviot Row House, Bristo Square, Newington Edinburgh 24/7 Restricted
7167E091-F61C-42E6-B054-31E87ED4305F EH8 9AL At Reception Desk, Ask Staff At 5/2 The Potterow, Bristo Square, Edinburgh 24/7 Restricted
FE421F0B-EA4D-4311-B2A5-AFF600F9678C EH8 9DS Surgeons Quarter, Ten Hill Place Hotel, 10 Hill Place 24/7 Restricted
BA7FDB8E-E7FE-4732-9208-ADE200E202B3 EH8 9EW Tesco, 96/1, Nicolson Street Variable Public
D3F4F799-ADDC-4CD5-ABB5-EC0354257A15 EH8 9FT Edinburgh Festival Theatre- See Below For Location***, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh Variable Public
F5E57AFD-8013-4134-8AEA-AEAB014836DB EH8 9RR Greyfriars Charteris Centre, 138-140 Pleasance, Newington 24/7 Public
20F1C80E-E824-4673-8AB7-AFF600F78FEC EH8 9SU Surgeons Quarter, 1 Roxburgh Place, Newington Variable Restricted
D059B069-F4AD-4058-A74D-AD7E012FB36E EH8 9TJ Edinburgh University Students' Association, Pleasance Courtyard, 60 Pleasance Variable Restricted
ED1186E9-D0CB-4C00-B7BA-B027011DF37F EH9 1AP Warrender Swim Centre, 55 Thirlestane Road, Marchmont Variable Public
636A0152-388C-4E69-B4D3-AB42008ED811 EH9 1AT Electrosonic, 107-109 Whitehouse Loan, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
A6298B71-5B2A-47F5-A2AA-B0C900BF4D0F EH9 1LF Royal Hospital For Sick Children, 9 Sciennes Road, Sciennes Variable Public
B11EAC98-DD66-4D31-8279-B06F00E4167B EH9 2AR 18a Hope Terrace, Morningside, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
121DF585-ACD0-4F1D-B371-AAF800BF4C25 EH9 2BX 39 Mayfield Gardens, Edinburgh Variable Restricted
5DF870DB-FFD1-44B5-BD11-B04200C6B650 EH9 3BF Murchison House, 10 Max Born Crescent, Blackford 24/7 Public
CB43F388-3A50-4E76-96A5-11AACD0F9944 EH9 3HG Outside Craigmillar Park Golf Club Pro Shop, Observatory Road, Edinburgh 24/7 Public
5D398BCC-6F09-49D4-BECC-AEDE00E1F26C EH9 3JG Peter Wilson Building, Front Door, Edinburgh Campus, King's Buildings 24/7 Public
BFCAA9AD-F2E2-4CA2-95DF-AEDE00E41E2E EH9 3JG Peter Wilson Building, Rear Door, Edinburgh Campus, King's Buildings 24/7 Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 65 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n1678261208 In a red phone box, Clintmains
MZ n3296820960 SJS 105 At entrance to Redford Barracks on Colinton Road nearest Colinton St John Scotland
MZ n3783592519 inside old red phone box by the bridge at Heriot Station
MZ n4279221050 Attached (at waist height) to security podium on the right as you come in from the car park
MZ n4345195569 in first aid room under stairs by entrance to IKEA
MZ n4410448521
MZ n4882347550
MZ n5193877790 in reception, next to the security turnstiles
MZ n6017810301
MZ n6052894404 inside between the top and bottom halls
MZ n6111315156 Inside Police Station, on left of entrance
MZ n6317042565 Outside southeast corner of The Botanic Cottage
MZ n6632476710 SJS 144 On wall outside Saunderson's Butchers, to left of door St John Scotland
MZ n6711030013 Woodstock Medical Practice
MZ n6711719940
MZ n6711730666 South Lanarkshire Council
MZ n6711789887 Curtis Bros Fitness
MZ n6712127816 Lawrie and Symington
MZ n6712140886 Police Scotland
MZ n6712163641 Lanark Golf Club
MZ n6712169031 Morrisons
MZ n7102648771 SJS 098 Outside Allander House St John Scotland
MZ n7177156247
MZ n7177156248 Opposite main door of Mary Brück building
MZ n7177156250 Beside lift at north end of Faraday building
MZ n7177156251 JCMB Meeting Room 2.2009A
MZ n7177156252 Inside FloWave by workshop
MZ n7273861566 Ground floor corridor of Fleeming Jenkin building outside Workshop 3
MZ n7295769288 outside Vale Club, Leithen Crescent, Innerleithen
MZ n7751963234 Inside Places Gym
MZ n8177356108 Inside Water of Leith Visitor Centre
MZ n8240123938 Inside Jobcentre Plus, 20 High Riggs
MZ n8240123939 Inside Edinburgh College of Art Library
MZ n8305567775 At City Chambers Reception
MZ n8305567778 Inside Vert Technologies office
MZ n8305567781 Inside Premier Inn
MZ n8508377502 outside wall of the Green Room
MZ n8585421146 SJS-137 On wall of Crombie's Butcher NW of main door, near entrance to Stafford Centre St John Scotland
MZ n8847952148 SJS 195 On fence outside Portobello Sailing and Kayaking Club (next to The Beach House cafe) St John Scotland
MZ n8980133737 Harburn Village Hall - by entrance
MZ n9123058916 On wall of sailing club building
MZ n9129351287 On bus stop shelter
MZ n9142649773
MZ n9341666520 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Oxton
MZ n9405232431 insde phone box at east end of West Main Street, Whitburn
MZ n9505137416 next to red phone box in Makerstoun
MZ n9505706496 Indoors
MZ n9669819350 Harlaw House Visitor Centre, outside wall facing the reservoir St John Scotland
MZ n9793116146 outside Broxburn Police Station, West Main Street, Broxburn
MZ n9905113814 outside Cranshaws Recreational Hall - near red phone box
MZ n9918889673 On south exterior wall of Terrace Cafe near entrance
MZ n10086965979 outside Mavor & Co (in square next to Scotmid), Main Street, West Calder
MZ n10224366853 next to steps in pedestrian area
MZ n10228505109
MZ n10233397480 In Edinburgh Airport next to Burger King
MZ n10233518951 Opposite gate 4
MZ n10314658761
MZ n10764555267
MZ n11121817839
MZ n11285447312 Inside a stationary tram waggon
MZ n11348193869
MZ n11348195769
MZ n11351486898
MZ n11364017569
MZ n11377631528 Outside wall

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 124 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
0F5D4D97-9ABA-4F72-A49A-B02D0097F940 EH1 1LS Tesco Edinburgh South, 59-62 South Bridge, Edinburgh n8305567780 Inside Ibis Edinburgh South Bridge 74 m
C10FC3C3-EFDC-40F3-8E89-B2DAFE467D34 EH1 1LA Crown Office- In Reception Area, 25 Chambers Street, Edinburgh n8176372623 Inside Augustine Unite Church 48 m
3856F1E4-62A7-443D-92D4-AC2800E42D1A EH1 1NA City Of Edinburgh Council, City Mortuary, 297 Cowgate n6563024934 50 m
5F98D222-0AC3-499B-B8CA-ADD801601E7F EH1 2LU New College, New College, School Of Divinity, 4 Mound Place n10863611852 On fence 13 m
3F06ABB6-161E-4E14-BD3E-AFA2011078C8 EH1 1TG Museum Of Childhood, 42 High Street, Edinburgh n8176372620 On wall outside Museum of Childhood to left of entrance 29 m
2977039A-2197-4F4D-A15F-AF160064D3B6 EH1 1BB Waverley Station, 4 Waverley Bridge, Old Town n11051814617 At platform level on the wall of the lift behind Platform 11 48 m
19B0BF3F-0D04-4AB7-80BF-AC8000B76567 EH10 6ES Greenbank Parish Church, 2b Braidburn Terrace, Edinburgh n8551394263 Wall of Greenbank Church next to Comiston Road crossroads 20 m
2E5F66E9-40F1-4002-B6F2-AF11009A4C94 EH10 4AX Waitrose Morningside, 145 Morningside Rd, Edinburgh n8806685455 On wall outside Waitrose Supermarket. To the left of the main door and just round the corner. On F 41 m
7B39BEC8-5744-48EA-A4C1-ADDD00AEC126 EH10 4DR Church Hill Theatre, 33 Morningside Road, Edinburgh n10232741039 To the right of the main entrance to Church Hill Theatre 18 m
6BE210E0-56BA-46D3-AE80-AE5800AA070C EH10 4DD 6a Morningside Road, Morningside, Edinburgh n6387507018 Outside wall of Church Office 9 m
676404A9-AE45-4D9B-9990-ACB50117E6AD EH10 4JU Bruntsfield Evangelical Hall, 70 Leamington Terrace, Edinburgh n9041386642 wall 17 m
BC62BFF0-7206-42CE-9989-AFBD0100D389 EH11 4XX Royal Mail Edinburgh Ld, 100 Bankhead Crossway North, Edinburgh, Edinburgh n6331786161 46 m
781ACD72-800F-428F-8EF3-AD640123618B EH11 3RH St Davids Church, 70 Broomhouse Crescent, Edinburgh n9415811467 13 m
393A0EF7-EF96-4EE0-A1D9-AF3500A26E5E EH11 1RY Margiotta's Convenience Store, 46-50 Ashley Terrace, Shandon n10224340080 On the wall to the left of number 2 Harrison Gardens. Bright Yellow 11 m
B398054E-8FA4-4304-9112-AC8000C15F90 EH11 1NX St Michaels Parish Church, 1 Slateford Road, Edinburgh n9929702024 On the wall on the edge of the public pavement. Just outside the main entrance to St Michael's Pari 32 m
C121B824-A2B3-4612-B26C-AEDA00A3655C EH11 1HR The Polwarth Tavern, Edinburgh n10315208193 Outside entrance to The Polwarth Tavern 36 m
CBC33086-4168-4BC8-826E-AAD2009B9D48 EH11 2LA Gorgie City Farm Association, Gorgie City Farm, 51 Gorgie Road n7547949912 Wall outside Gorgie City Farm 22 m
B83A5051-7ACA-4906-A098-51DADC8B69BC EH11 1DQ Victor Paris Bathroom Specialists- Lhs Of Main Entrance, 178 Dundee Street, Edinburgh n6148145975 Wall outside Victor Paris Showroom 8 m
6E45941C-2A23-4C16-9C46-ADE100F6A254 EH11 1AF Nuffield Health, Fountain Park, 130 Dundee Street n8306586085 Just inside the main entrance doors to Fountainpark. Located on the right hand side. 48 m
33B3DFE0-3A5F-498C-9F64-6DC869F28A73 EH11 2DZ St Brides Centre- On Main Wall By Entrance, 10 Orwell Terrace, Edinburgh n9026169630 wall 39 m
2527D443-B5A6-490B-973C-B0B100EC6CC0 EH12 7XD Mimi's Bakehouse, 277 St John's Road, Corstorphine n11322661492 11 m
54FE0C2F-9A4E-4F7C-BAD5-ADDB00E521EC EH12 5NG Tesco Express, Former, 3 Roseburn Terrace n7994653310 Opposite checkouts towards back of Tesco store 6 m
08F19871-3800-4725-9C7A-ADDB00C99AC9 EH12 5LQ Tesco Store, 78-82 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh n8688494140 Inside Tesco on right of main entrance door 23 m
24D02F0D-03A9-434E-AAB7-8EEAE3A44485 EH13 0PB Bonaly Scout Centre, Reception, 71 Bonaly Road, Colinton n9273150561 22 m
34144B67-E7E9-4AA0-94C6-AAD300BFAF43 EH13 0LQ Colinton Inn, 12-14 Bridge Road, Edinburgh n8569494906 On wall outside Colinton Inn, at Northeastern (uphill) end 18 m
D5BFDFF4-4C30-4D6E-BE93-AACB009B1FD6 EH13 9BQ 230 Oxgangs Road North, Edinburgh n7596308861 On wall outside Scotmid 7 m
BC022203-5057-4AFE-BD62-AE4000D0D9D6 EH13 9AH Tesco Superstore, Colinton Mains Dr, Colinton n9152777598 71 m
EDEDA2CF-AA21-426D-9A15-ADCD010487D5 EH14 5NX 198 Lanark Road West, Edinburgh n9590303448 Outside Riccaton Arms to right of front entrance 13 m
AD2EC5C2-32D5-4349-BF17-AC25010CB297 EH14 5DE 574 Lanark Road, Juniper Green n8664711078 outside Molly's Deli, Lanark Road, Juniper Green 35 m
3BF81F2B-59C8-42E6-A564-ADE201096D24 EH14 5BA 459 Lanark Road, Edinburgh n11243936948 6 m
3A7163D4-284B-4513-85DC-B03400ED82D9 EH15 2BP Bellfield, 16b Bellfield Street, Portobello East n11364021369 30 m
8583424A-AA2C-488F-A44E-3ED14BD2F942 EH16 6TF Police Station- Front Counter Area, Howden Hall Road, Alnwickhill Edinburgh n8377630859 Inside Howdenhall Police Station 29 m
2F0AE5EA-CDF5-4AD8-9FFB-AF4C01027407 EH16 5PB Mcdonald's - Midlothian, Cameron Toll Shopping Centre, 3 Sharpdale Loan Midlothian n10743384956 On walk to left on entrance to Sainsbury’s store 75 m
E7B439A6-A3B8-4DCE-9FFA-9AA906801E6B EH16 4EA Thistle Foundation, 13 Queen's Walk, Edinburgh n7101450327 Outside entrance to Thisle Foundation 43 m
1C99AE92-E61A-4352-9E63-AF1000AF27C2 EH16 5DD Priestfield Tennis & Sports Association, 2-4 Kirkhill Road, Edinburgh n11053893447 On exterior wall of Tennic Club pavilion, on the path from the entrance ot the courts from Kirkhill 4 m
EF447176-1F9A-4B8A-B004-ACAE00A694D1 EH16 5HW Priestfield Parish Church, 2 Marchhall Place, Edinburgh n9442423045 On railling in front of Priestfield Parish Church, Dalkieth Road 35 m
291A6CAE-33EC-4AEB-A087-AB2400B51452 EH17 7HJ Ferguson Home Bakery, 101 Moredun Park Road, Edinburgh n8063900712 On wall outside Ferguson's Home Bakery 34 m
BBA43811-FF89-483D-A53D-ADFC014ACE84 EH2 4BL Tesco, 141 Princes Street, Edinburgh n5803976182 On railing outside St John's Church, Princess Street 55 m
D6B7FDBB-11FB-44AB-9758-A0E8DBC69824 EH2 4HH Edinburgh Tribunal Centre, George House, 126 George Street n8305567779 Inside George House 20 m
69E954D3-41D1-4573-9676-AB2100D6018E EH2 2NN Hub By Premier Inn Edinburgh Rose Street, 56-58 Rose Street, Edinburgh n8176372619 Inside Hub by Premier Inn hotel 38 m
F5061764-50AB-4821-A8AF-AACD00C3F86C EH2 2LL Aberdeen Standard Investments, Investment House, 1 George Street n6090484476 by George Street entrance to St Andrew Square 19 m
0543FD6C-0E62-49B2-BA7D-B03B0163EF33 EH21 8PB Whitecraig Village Hub, 70 Whitecraig Avenue, Whitecraig n10569119751 outside Whitecraig Community Hub 9 m
512C93BD-2758-462C-AB91-B035016DB49E EH21 7DA Fruit Bakes Shop, 119 High Street, Musselburgh n6774421058 outside mcgills butcher shop 45 m
35F584A4-7AAF-48DE-A7AF-AE9E00B63623 EH21 7BX Sportsman Bar, 58 High Street, Musselburgh n9720159515 Outside wall of the Sportsman Bar, High Street, Musselburgh 10 m
6D14B704-F213-4514-A20A-B035015B7070 EH21 6DH Public Toilets, 125b New Street, Musselburgh n8846743928 Outside Fisherrow Harbour toilets 22 m
D83FEC99-BCAC-4ACA-8B6C-AC00011048BA EH22 4DD Scotrail Railways Ltd, Newtongrange Station, 23 Murderdean Road n6781311216 Newtongrange Station Carpark 31 m
D6B1D7F5-A36E-460E-9008-AD6E00D309C0 EH22 1HJ Bowling Pavilion Kings Park, Eskbank Road, Dalkeith n9611658575 10 m
023FC673-28FE-406D-BC63-0F564AFCB862 EH23 4SQ Village Hall- On Leg Of Notice Board At Front Of Hall, 30 Main Street, Temple n6410075208 outside Temple Village Hall 83 m
EC3CFAA6-6F89-4077-A946-297ECCD301D9 EH23 4LR Telephone Box On Main St At Triangular Junction, 29 Main Street, Carrington Gorebridge n696433939 inside old red phone box in front of church, Main St, Carrington 5 m
8030DAD8-0CCE-4E45-B95A-55EF0199CD10 EH23 4HX Stobsmill Inn- At Driveway Post Beside Pub Front, 25b Powdermill Brae, Gorebridge n6780742602 Outside Stobsmill Inn 18 m
055E1E98-4294-4B3F-8779-3A52D4B9CD8B EH24 9AN Rosewell Primary School- O/S At Main Entrance, 85 Carnethie Street, Rosewell n10569157984 outside Rosewell Primary School 0 m
614761A6-40BE-4316-B9F3-AFD800F27E81 EH25 9LB Roslin & Bilston Community First Responders, Public Telephone 14m From Tartan Window Cleaning, 40 Main Street. 10m From Main Street, Station Road n1123940058 inside old phone box at junction of Station Road and Main Street, Roslin 4 m
31A47720-B762-402D-BF97-AFDD010C002F EH25 9SB Public Telephone 17m From 56 Myrtle Crescent. 6m From Myrtle Crescent, Castlelaw Crescent, Bilston n441148173 inside old phone box, Myrtle Crescent, Bilston 2 m
0BD9CB04-CA09-4986-86D8-5876F1574A28 EH26 8QB Village Hall- On Front Of Hall On Main Road, Unnamed Road, Howgate Penicuik n10568780515 outside Howgate Village Hall 32 m
CCDDB079-3AD6-4A9F-9E0B-AB2B00F9D064 EH26 8AT Shottstown Miners Club, 165 John Street, Penicuik n5197893883 45 m
8D46EC93-C2FC-4B66-B40F-AE2400A376A5 EH27 8AA Kirknewton Sports Pavilion, Main Street, Kirknewton n9962388553 Northern outside wall of Toilet block, at NE of Kirknewton Park 7 m
B8850CE2-932D-4619-A2D6-AF6D00F2E4A6 EH3 6NL 61 Dublin Street, New Town, Edinburgh n7214733553 Inside 1 Broughton Market 30 m
116845F3-570B-4AD1-9228-AD0F010FE7CB EH3 5JB Edinburgh Leisure, Glenogle Swim Centre, Glenogle Road n7214733551 At reception desk of Glenogle Swim Centre 1 m
0FDD2381-3DF7-4B1A-BF79-0BD101DF2152 EH3 5LP Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, East Gate, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh n6317042578 On fence to South of Botanic Gardens East Gate 6 m
6EBA857D-B8B8-4DCC-B172-8BC2F0F9568D EH30 9TB Royal National Lifeboat Institution- O/S Front Of Station, Hawes Pier, South Queensferry n5468301490 18 m
11FC7525-BE0F-4C1E-A9CE-7C12A92C0C35 EH31 2AH Visitors Clubhouse, A198 (28) From Avenue Road (C108) To West Links Road, Gullane n9905809461 10 m
E6BD8F94-FBB6-46AE-A82B-AC7300C626F2 EH31 2HA Gullane Village Hall, 6a Hall Crescent, Gullane n9416239840 24 m
B41F5B64-AA33-4E31-82DB-FC585112DE8C EH32 9AZ High Street, Prestonpans n4259732241 Outside wall of coop on High Street 97 m
78FDDD8C-CF14-46C9-B3BB-FC37B770FFFA EH32 0DU Links Road Garage- To Rhs Of Front Door, 27 Links Road, Port Seton Prestonpans n10023114162 outside petrol station, Links Road, Port Seton 65 m
9CB243C6-642D-487B-B360-46B594BED360 EH32 0LD Longiddry Community Centre- O/S Main Doors, Seton Road, Longniddry n10569075756 outside Longniddry Library and Community Centre 21 m
C81B43F9-978E-4F53-9C9C-AD1001594D8B EH33 1HJ . Saint Martins Rc Church Hall ., 148 High Street, Tranent n9407747478 15 m
C442C6FF-E81F-45DF-9FDD-ACE80097A8E7 EH33 1HH East Coast Carpets, 82 High Street, Tranent n9407747475 8 m
CDE6F0D9-BBED-46BF-9BC6-ACC400CD5119 EH33 1LN Thomson’s Tranent ., 47 High Street, Tranent n9407747476 57 m
204D3353-A2C9-4108-B743-AE4A01281375 EH34 5EA Saltoun Community Association, 5 South Crescent, East Saltoun n520946135 inside old red phone box in East Saltoun 18 m
29DC27E0-9155-44FA-A2BE-AE4F0133B2CF EH37 5PZ Community Centre, 11 Main Street, Pathhead n10568503656 outside Pathhead Village Hall - down right hand side 8 m
40B89F4D-21CD-4911-B332-AF1B00FAAC32 EH39 5NJ Tantallon Caravan Park, Tantallon Road, North Berwick n11132140595 Affixed to the interior wall of the site laundry room 2 m
B9B7043F-E2CE-4DCE-A929-95BF4058904B EH39 4HD Why Not- On The Wall, 91 High Street, North Berwick n9344134711 High Street, North Berwick 30 m
19B735FF-6B9E-4823-B0CF-8F19FCEA2D87 EH4 3BL Curtins- In Main Office Next To Kitchen Door, 1a Belford Road, Edinburgh n7598373315 On the orange wall to the left of reception, Crown Estate Scotland 24 m
F86EE3F0-7777-4337-B0AE-AC8000BA9900 EH4 7BS St Andrew's Clermiston Church, 17-19 Clermiston View, Edinburgh n10004292866 at rear of church building 70 m
F6FC02C4-4DAC-40B9-A37A-AC7B00A36C0A EH4 1DW St Stephen's Comely Bank Church, 10 Comely Bank Road, Edinburgh n7951277357 24 m
F5891C72-5ABB-4473-A9EC-AD880094B8B2 EH4 5BB Davidsons Mains Parish Church, 1 Quality Street, Edinburgh n8095013054 54 m
4C1CC096-F5CB-43A8-9820-ADAB012FEF2B EH4 2RP Drylaw Parish Church, 2 Easter Drylaw Gardens, Edinburgh n9970605593 24 m
E5E3C914-B358-48E9-9B6D-AEDD00EF1E57 EH4 5BZ 15 Main Street, Davidson's Mains, Edinburgh n10170008897 17 m
A68EAA92-18D2-4DA4-8B5B-AAFF011F0828 EH4 6HZ Cramond Kirk, Church Hall,, 1 Kirk Cramond n9007657778 On wall to right of northern entrance to Cramond Kirk Hall 40 m
61D51F6D-0B6F-4245-87A7-ADD000AFC446 EH4 6NY Cramond Boat Club, 10 Riverside, Edinburgh n5614686564 on wall of Cramond Boat Club 6 m
3B7E897F-8145-4AD6-A23B-04E21873B928 EH4 5ES Boardwalk Beach Club- On Front Wall, 50 Marine Drive, Edinburgh n5842514543 3 m
BB439063-043C-4DA8-9135-AABE0159FA8F EH41 4LQ Morham Village Hall, Morham Village, Haddington n10568474442 outside Morham Village Hall 45 m
5C14002F-1B94-462F-8EBB-07A7179FA272 EH42 1RJ In Telephone Box, High Road, Spott Dunbar n1749533859 inside old phone box near Spott Village Hall 14 m
DC88968F-D2C3-4F88-939D-1A4EF8B48E56 EH43 6AT On External Wall At Henry Ballantyne Memorial Club, 27 Caberston Road, Walkerburn n10313328583 33 m
CB5239CE-CF10-4AC6-9D80-FA6B2FE0BA27 EH43 6AF Village Hall, Galashiels Road, Walkerburn n10568634161 outside Walkerburn Public Hall 6 m
68ADC27F-228D-4DD3-AAD3-1DAE7CA80D2E EH45 9LJ On Outside Wall At Front Of Cardrona Village Hall, Green Lane, Cardrona Peebles n10086843702 outside Cardrona Village Hall 9 m
05672EAF-C162-4DE8-9DDA-AB45011B4C13 EH46 7ED Gifford Stone Cottage Main Street, West Linton n8301497245 8 m
4405 EH47 9HX FCDT/The Hub, West Lothian n9063089179 outside The Hub in Fauldhouse 5 m
9B180115-3BEC-4714-B92D-C7C4DB956558 EH47 9HX The Hub, 10 Main Street, Fauldhouse Bathgate n9063089179 outside The Hub in Fauldhouse 14 m
22A4DF19-E204-4ECE-A9C1-AECB00AA59BB EH47 0QU Police Scotland, 66 West Main Street, Whitburn n11036292059 outside Whitburn Police Station 34 m
6BA3F15D-6EB5-42AF-A622-7C496F5B7825 EH47 0EU Hugh Black & Sons Butchers- Outside Shop On Wall, 13 Market Place, Whitburn n9429050583 outside butchers shop, Market Place, Whitburn 9 m
4C09BA63-29AF-41CA-839C-ACB600F52168 EH47 8EX Community Education Centre, Hens Nest Road, East Whitburn n11036262588 outside East Whitburn Community Education Centre 13 m
5430 EH47 8EX Community Education Centre, West Lothian n11036262588 outside East Whitburn Community Education Centre 5 m
4944 EH47 0JB Telephone Box, West Lothian n11006213801 inside old red phone box, Main Street, East Whitburn 1 m
20FB256C-C84A-44F2-ADFB-5C9B1989EFD8 EH48 1BA Scotrail Railways Ltd, Bathgate Station, Edinburgh Road n9162230328 35 m
C7206686-9EFE-492A-B595-580BD7C23DDF EH48 3DJ In Bt Phonebox O/S Play Park, Craigrigg Terrace, Westfield Bathgate n3725299964 in red phone box (now book exchange) by playground in Bridgehouse 57 m
3675 EH48 4LY Telephone Box, West Lothian n2677611787 inside red phone box in Torphichen 1 m
392D8CC6-C86A-4517-9CCF-8DEC1D4ACA7A EH48 4LY Inside Telephone Box, The Square, Torphichen Bathgate n2677611787 inside red phone box in Torphichen 33 m
778300E6-D380-4C9A-9F2E-AC20A7E12A55 EH49 7AB Linlithgow First Responders, 29-31 High Street, Linlithgow n192347146 inside old phone box on High Street, Linlithgow 10 m
0D06D4E3-FF1D-435E-BF4C-AE1E00D168D8 EH49 7HU Tesco, 4 Regent Centre, Blackness Road n4126837279 19 m
ED699B3B-3426-4A7F-91B4-AB66016FC3DE EH49 7NQ Blackness Boat Club, Nosirrom Terrace, Blackness n8286692064 outside wall of Blackness Boat Club building 63 m
0B30F067-2095-4446-9BF5-AD01014329F4 EH51 9AQ Bo'ness Station, Union Street, Bo'ness n9301680080 inside red phone box at Bo'ness railway station 23 m
7E106E50-337D-4F27-BAA6-ED8E1120A703 EH52 6RT 34 Main Street, Winchburgh Broxburn n9425908357 13 m
FAB11C4B-CCE3-4713-95D3-CB4FAF505B71 EH53 0HD Inside Red Telephone Box, 138 Main Street, East Calder Livingston n9415771180 inside red telephone box 67 m
3182 EH53 0HD Telephone Box, West Lothian n9415771180 inside red telephone box 69 m
ABA12F06-53B0-4A18-999E-483F7BA5D04C EH54 7AF Livingston Inn- On Wall To Lhs Of Main Door By Car Park, General Area Of, Livingston Village Livingston n9045649038 inside West door of pub, key in office 62 m
6DCE1568-1EB4-4E7F-974E-AEE50109112E EH54 6BF 1b Follyburn Place, Livingston n6925256925 6 m
80A83049-3FDB-4BB0-9B1C-AC8000BF9B2E EH6 5AH Pilrig St Paul's Church, 1a Pilrig Street, Edinburgh n8354162172 On wall outside Pilrig St Paul's Church at corner of Pilrig Street and Leith Walk 10 m
AF69FA9A-D94B-45A9-956B-2CDCCE646E8D EH6 8NX 207 Leith Walk, Edinburgh n8241400001 Inside Scotmid, 207 Leith Walk 11 m
A40BDB4B-6B41-47DF-A422-04FFD4F5DD4B EH6 8HT Leith St Andrews Church- On Wall, 410-412 Easter Road, Edinburgh n8176372624 On outside wall next to southeast entrance to Leith St Andrew's Church 3 m
96D352BE-23FE-4025-9399-AD8F00B5BD91 EH6 6QU 37 Shore, Waterview House, Edinburgh n9442015379 To left of door to Waterview House 9 m
C38607BF-8443-4E6E-8B17-FF7D153C36C2 EH6 6QQ Scottish Government Victoria Quay- O/S South Gate, General Area Of, Leith Docks Edinburgh n6150362823 83 m
5427BEE1-9D1F-40D3-BF4A-ADAC009EDCE1 EH7 4LU Library, 2 Mcdonald Road, Edinburgh n6127101377 Outside McDonald Road Library 12 m
A992FAC2-C92B-43B5-A688-AE3F00E1CB61 EH7 4EW Tesco Superstore, 7 Broughton Rd, 0 n9442015381 On wall to left inside entranace to Cannonmills Tesco 35 m
922C5181-2B6D-4A00-BC72-AAB900BDA772 EH8 9NN Edinburgh Leisure, East Meadows Pavilion, 1 North Meadow Walk n6812189187 On outside wall facing play area 71 m
4FD23F74-C269-4567-83A5-AE5C009B665C EH8 9EW Tesco, 94, Nicolson Street n6090484475 Inside Tesco beside kiosk at door 23 m
784CF04A-7B11-4FDC-BF82-ADD8015DD66E EH8 9BT Edinburgh Mosque And Islamic Centre, 50 Potterrow, Edinburgh n9348663522 wall 31 m
3148FA11-A85B-44E7-9BAA-433FBFA31D74 EH8 8FH St Leonard's Land, 98 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh n8176372618 Inside St Leonard's Land building 7 m
EFC4CDD2-14DF-493A-9306-96ADF0448F45 EH8 8JR Charteris Land - University Of Edinburgh, 21 St John Street, Edinburgh n8240123934 Inside University of Edinburgh Chateris Land building 9 m
4AC7E8D7-58B2-447F-A212-ADA400FBA363 EH9 3ER 60 Blackford Avenue, Edinburgh n9280422833 4 m
7E849FDA-48AF-4CA4-8373-ADD800FE9169 EH9 1TQ Mayfield Salisbury Parish Church, 18 West Mayfield, Edinburgh n8968494886 wall 43 m
53B53BDA-764F-457C-965F-B05E00AA0378 EH9 2DW 1a Kilgraston Road, Grange, Edinburgh n11188704701 Outside wall left of main door 31 m
3F8C7573-7709-4736-AA72-AE1B00E2719D EH9 1PR Tesco, 158 Causewayside, Edinburgh n6780745948 11 m
4721F837-9070-4474-AFB9-AAD2008A936F EH9 1PL Summerhall Art Centre, 1 Summerhall, Edinburgh n6812189188 Inside entrance to Summerhall, on left as you enter 39 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 29 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
597650B9-2CAC-4DF7-BE88-AABC00E1BD12 EH23 4QU Moorfoot Community Council, Bt Telephone Box, 54 Borthwick Castle Terrace n369856219 inside old red phone box at southerrn end of Borthwick Castle Road, North Middleton 145 m
66B048CE-4AD9-4F05-83EF-AFAA0147BF2A EH46 7DG Phone Box Next To Bus Stop, Blyth Farm Road, Blyth Bridge n2303424283 inside old red phone box, Blyth Bridge 152 m
847EA7C3-6B0D-47C3-AFD8-AAC500A9E457 EH1 1BB Network Rail Ltd, Waverley Railway Station, Platform 2 n4319259245 Platform 2, next to lift for Calton St exit 289 m
6EB618AE-C452-4D3C-A99F-AAC500AB0856 EH1 1BB Waverley Railway Station, Market Street Entrance, Edinburgh n4560886486 To east of stairs at Market Street entrance to Waverley Station 59 m
D55B5A3B-B9C8-4956-825B-E10C50FD4B62 EH1 3DG St Andrews House- O/S West Entrance To Building, Regent Road, Calton Edinburgh n4999592330 On post outside government building. 71 m
31489748-278A-480C-8FC8-AAC500A91F2B EH1 1BB Network Rail Ltd, Waverley Railway Station, Travel Centre n5211367221 Under departures information screens on west wall of main waiting room 168 m
C6CF8614-8CE9-41F7-A798-B25640A3F084 EH1 3AT Bhf Scotland, 43a Leith Street, Edinburgh n6111315158 Inside BHF Scotland, on left of entrance 66 m
826C8993-CFBD-4E35-8683-C1E5458B2987 EH3 5NZ John Hope Gateway- Tel 01315527171 Who Will Alert Staff, 10 Arboretum Place, Edinburgh n6317042564 At reception desk in John Hope Gateway building 143 m
3CBC4804-C8F9-449C-B387-3BE3022E18F9 EH3 5LR Royal Botanic Garden, Terrace Cafe, 20a Inverleith Row n6317042571 North end of toilet block by main Glasshouse 204 m
1B271EAE-393F-49C6-BB46-24D9C8687E7D EH2 2EJ Scott Monument- On Wall Of Ticket Office, Princes Street, Edinburgh n6476680728 On outside wall to right (east) of monument entrance kiosk 29 m
C1B4F57E-4775-40B4-B7CB-AB12009ED98A EH7 5AA Collective Gallery, Calton Hill, Coffee Shop n6919940304 South end of coffee kiosk inside old observatory 157 m
726B4589-AB52-4381-A4FC-AAD2008F1CC6 EH11 3HR Saughton Fort Play Area, Balgreen Road, Edinburgh n7098651864 148 m
283089C5-9C2A-46EF-B0EC-AAD20109758C EH49 6QY Lintilgow First Responders, The Park Bistro, Park Farm n7259203920 attached to fence near cycle parking 105 m
CE246596-E319-419E-AAF5-AB1801031DB3 EH2 3AA Ross Band Stand, 104 Princes Street, Edinburgh n7635789777 Wall of Ross Bandstand at western end 146 m
BD600964-1277-4FED-848E-AE621724C233 EH45 8NN Peebles Rfc, The Pavillion, Hay Lodge Park n7906920106 427 m
1FEAEB27-5F0D-4383-A322-9D8FD3BFF727 EH12 7HU Carrick Knowe Primary School- On Wall At Main Entrance, Lampacre Road, Edinburgh n8041979729 Main entrance to Carrick Knowe Primary School 120 m
02310225-F680-40B1-8DB9-AB2100D69E6E EH8 8FR Hub By Premier Inn Edinburgh Royal Mile, 37 East Market Street, Edinburgh n8176372621 Inside Premier Inn Hotel 24 m
24658E6E-6B0D-4555-BC60-AB3C00B2227D EH1 2PE Scts, Edinburgh High Court, Lawnmarket n8176372622 Inside High Court entrance hallway on left (west) side 120 m
1C4C655E-B511-4713-892D-AC2000A0AEF2 EH14 7EH 2 Main Street, Balerno, Edinburgh n9079483295 On front wall of St Joseph's Centre, Main St, Balerno 107 m
5A548A96-43B6-4731-8831-AE3F00BE8EBD EH4 6AA Tesco Superstore, 36 Cramond Rd South, Edinburgh n9354058014 183 m
642CDDE9-58A4-4E7F-827E-AAD4006713BD EH44 6PH Traquair Village Hall, Traquair, Village Hall n9484939445 outside Traquair Village Hall 253 m
D5C9285B-7EC4-4BA1-9E4A-AE5F00AB06D5 EH16 4TE Bridge End Farm House Cafe, 41 Old Dalkeith Rd, Edinburgh n9656003073 wall 117 m
C174F11B-9151-43FD-8E34-AED60100DD32 EH7 6AE Edinburgh Leisure, Meadowbank Stadium, 139 London Road n9948886678 Outside wall of Meadowbank Sports Centre to left/west of main entrance 96 m
88FE717B-778C-430E-BC8A-2070536F719E EH41 4LN On Wall Of Public Toilets, Opposite Play Park, General Area Of, Garvald Haddington n10086981811 outside public toilets opposite play area in Garvald 135 m
85FA2918-B9CB-4586-BC01-AACB0090E2FD EH45 9JH Manor Village Hall, Lyne & Manor Parish Church, Kirkton Manor n10568454191 outside Manor Village Hall, Kirkton 243 m
4D885BFB-F850-4ED6-96FD-AF950124BBD5 EH45 8QP Eddleston Village Hall, Eddleston n10568543542 outside Eddleston Village Hall - facing car park 120 m
C1BE02DC-FC9E-4786-8A6A-AADA00EFCD7A EH26 9NF Carlops Community Council, Community Centre, Carlops n10571782627 outside Carlops Village Hall 160 m
EFD65A06-3029-4D36-8246-ACB80091B57D EH47 0JB Telephone Box, Main Street, East Whitburn n11006213801 inside old red phone box, Main Street, East Whitburn 143 m
AB34FA80-473F-4957-87D7-AAC500AA789B EH1 1BB Network Rail Ltd, Waverley Railway Station, Platform 14 n11051814615 At platform level behind the ticket barriers past WHSmith at the end of Platform 14 119 m

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