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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'RG' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 1014 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
43C92EDE-920E-45C3-8DB7-AE00011A95E4 RG1 1AR Mott Macdonald Ltd, 20 Valpy Street, Reading Variable Restricted
B8511B61-82C1-448B-9390-AE4B00B8035D RG1 1AX Global Media & Entertainment, 6b, Forbury Road Variable Restricted
ECDAAC31-0653-4843-BC31-AEB500CD3789 RG1 1AX Apex, Forbury Road, Reading 24/7 Public
CB81EDD2-B9F1-4664-8A98-AEB400F76E43 RG1 1AZ 2 Blagrave Street, Reading Variable Restricted
2A7268B1-DE77-4A81-88CE-B02D00B2A206 RG1 1DP Launchpad Reading, 28 Friar Street, Reading 24/7 Public
A2EE9B89-3446-4283-93B1-AD4A0099B138 RG1 1EP Mcdonalds Restaurants Ltd, 129 Friar Street, Reading Variable Restricted
1D03E013-5395-40AF-B44C-ADDD01173112 RG1 1HE Haslams Estate Agents Ltd, 159 Friar Street, Reading Variable Restricted
C0D9526B-1589-437F-9C3F-AD2800EFF57C RG1 1JX Malmaison Reading, 18-20 Station Road, Reading 24/7 Restricted
09335AD5-5240-4D6F-A89A-ADCD00EB4C1B RG1 1LX Thames Tower, Station Road, Reading Variable Restricted
69C1636F-A311-46BC-AA99-AF1D0074140B RG1 1NN Sir Robert Mcalpine, 1 Station Hill, Greyfriars Road Variable Restricted
03AAFF12-C721-48DF-B09D-AFF700FDE09C RG1 1PE Xafinity House, 42-62 Garrard Street, Reading Variable Restricted
486E986C-DA3A-4064-9F53-B00E00EBD70B RG1 1PE Securecloudplus Ltd, Securecloudplus Ltd 5th Floor Greyfriars House, 30 Greyfriars Road Variable Restricted
15985984-CCB6-4539-AE45-AD5100BDEBFC RG1 2AG Riverside Car Park The Oracle, Bridge Street, Reading 24/7 Public
3DFC951F-2BF4-4620-AAC3-AD5100B5A150 RG1 2AH The Oracle Shopping Centre, The Oracle, Bridge Street Variable Public
866C7485-B0EC-42E9-A4E9-AD5100BCBF92 RG1 2AQ The Oracle Shopping Centre, The Oracle, Bridge Street Variable Public
2DF729CE-78EA-4E22-95F0-B02D00CCF362 RG1 2BB John Lewis & Partners Reading, Broad Street, Reading 24/7 Public
B826F897-FAD5-4AFE-ACE5-AFF200E8501A RG1 2BB John Lewis Reading, 108-113 Broad Street, Reading 24/7 Public
0AFC1707-6997-4330-B9D0-AFF500ABACB2 RG1 2BH O2 Store (0012) Reading, 20 Broad Street, Reading Variable Restricted
476DAA10-22DD-4DDB-AF0F-B01800AB85CF RG1 2DQ Forbury, No1 Forbury Place, Reading 24/7 Public
5A83BB29-42C7-436C-A493-B01800AAEE3A RG1 2DQ Forbury, No1 Forbury Place, Reading 24/7 Public
A6C860CF-E434-4648-80E8-AD1F00AD00DF RG1 2HX John Lewis Partnership, Chain Street, Reading Variable Public
6FAE211D-25F6-4114-8496-AD4E0101F765 RG1 2LG Berkshire Inns And Taverns, Artizan Cafe, 61 St Marys Butts Variable Restricted
7BFD5BF0-BC9C-4C6B-8791-AF0F00A2B0B8 RG1 2LU Reading Borough Council, Civic Offices, Bridge Street Variable Restricted
8D4E9C1F-17F4-4DC3-95EA-AD2000CC06E6 RG1 2NL Katesgrove Primary School, Dorothy Street, Reading Variable Public
6EAB067E-732E-4074-B4AD-AE38013DAAFC RG1 2SE Tesco, Crown Street, Reading Variable Public
3F55BE52-4A1E-4DB7-AE7D-AEDD00A5C740 RG1 3BA Abbey Gardens, Abbey Street, Reading Variable Restricted
60AAA325-7E65-4060-ACDE-AF4E01089CCB RG1 3DD 99 Kings Road, Reading 24/7 Public
A9B64B3A-4C11-4F1A-BFDD-AD48010CB4A7 RG1 3EJ The Forbury Hotel, 26 The Forbury, Reading 24/7 Restricted
5E966565-1CC3-4DFD-BA09-B01300CE39D2 RG1 3ES Reading, 121 Kings Road, Reading Variable Restricted
F50027E1-7C93-407C-B0C4-B01300D058A4 RG1 3ES M&G Plc Reading, 121 Kings Road, Reading Variable Restricted
2CD078CE-3A6A-469E-AB43-AD1E00DEC3FE RG1 3JH Cbre, 3 Forbury Road, 23 Forbury Road 24/7 Restricted
630E2BA4-751A-49DC-947B-AD2800B8608E RG1 3JH 2 Forbury Place, 33 Forbury Road, Reading 24/7 Restricted
84A52A9D-00E7-4E26-9AF9-AFEB00CD1EF3 RG1 3JH Bpp Reading, 1st Floor 3 Forbury Place, 23 Forbury Road Variable Public
17F2DDD2-852D-4322-9E09-ADE30111113E RG1 4AR Orh, 3 Queens Road, Floor 2, Reading Variable Restricted
462BC5DE-0B78-4883-AD31-AF9E00A55F14 RG1 4HJ Reading College, King's Road, Reading Variable Restricted
52C62361-DB13-4E89-B8B1-AF9E009F5A62 RG1 4HJ Reading College, King's Road, Reading Variable Restricted
59DB544D-46D5-42F7-990F-AF9E00A543ED RG1 4HJ Reading College, King's Road, Reading Variable Restricted
E52885F2-4BEE-48D5-BBE1-AE75010014A5 RG1 4JG Quadriga Health And Safety Ltd, 318 Kings Road, Reading Variable Restricted
15B82510-40A9-4D10-8A99-AECB00E11D84 RG1 4LS Wycliffe Baptist Church, 233 Kings Road, Reading 24/7 Public
B66EB1DA-78AA-4402-A4E2-AD2400F6E6D3 RG1 4PS 35-39 London Street, Reading 24/7 Public
1893BC5E-8560-4111-A947-AE3E010C283F RG1 5BA Tesco Express, Crown Colonnade, 1-4 London Road Variable Public
FBA4FD44-9C4F-4FF2-A3CB-B043017280CE RG1 5BD St Andrew's United Reformed, London Road, St Andrews United Reformed Church, London Road 24/7 Public
A64AC963-5695-4A05-AD7C-B03D008F2377 RG1 5BS Melrose Surgery, Melrose House East, 73 London Road Variable Restricted
632C1424-F694-4E50-8733-B03F0091EDD1 RG1 5PG Dr O'cruz & Partners, Pembroke Surgery, 31 Alexandra Road Variable Restricted
44B40F12-59F1-46A7-A2C4-B0290089F871 RG1 6DU St Mary And All Saints Ce Primary School, Wensley Road, Reading Variable Public
32800BB6-2FE3-4CFB-AEA6-AE3A00D6463C RG1 7LA Tesco Express, 28 Oxford Road, Reading Variable Public
B9827BF5-BCC2-44FD-8C43-AE3900B0951B RG1 7PX Tesco, 217 Oxford Road, Reading Variable Public
0E2973FF-1E66-4981-9F09-AE3901028FFF RG1 7TN Tesco Express, 12 Tilehurst Rd, 0 Variable Public
BF978952-09C5-435E-A6BA-AD4400F1579C RG1 8AA Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service, Caversham Road, Reading 24/7 Public
3E6CC0CC-1239-4563-B3D2-AE7100E910CF RG1 8AD Puregym, 69 Caversham Road, Reading 24/7 Restricted
69E97BB1-E8C0-47FB-91A6-AF0C00DE3A1D RG1 8BB Flat The Moderation Ph, 213 Caversham Road, Reading 24/7 Public
9284D424-DEDC-4179-959C-ADF30116A5E8 RG1 8BD Reading Rowing Club, The Boathouse, 1 Thames Side Promenade Variable Restricted
17946271-A7BA-4C05-8ED2-ADF900953185 RG1 8DN Stantec, Caversham Bridge House, Caversham Bridge House, Waterman Place Variable Public
0364D58F-3A41-45AD-AE6B-AF9E01582F01 RG1 8DQ Savills - Thames Quarter, Thames Quarter, 2 Napier Rd, Reading 24/7 Public
7B477A2E-0910-43BD-BE8F-AF6B0107238D RG1 8EQ Toby Carvery - Caversham Bridge, Richfield Avenue, Reading Variable Public
47957374-74C1-4E2C-9059-AD79009E4091 RG1 8HH Unit 3-5, Tessa Road, Reading Variable Restricted
3D5B3019-3350-4734-812E-B00C00AF2E1C RG1 8LG Unit 77, Milford Road, Reading Variable Public
6FC90323-E944-4113-A26C-AE5100F6AD76 RG1 8LL Goodmans Steel Services Ltd, 98 Cardiff Road, Reading Variable Public
15387F26-6458-45F3-9536-B08201147997 RG10 0AX Colleton School, Colleton Drive, Twyford 24/7 Public
AEA4CA8D-1E85-4E64-B17F-B0820114488E RG10 0BL Stanlake Pavilion, Stanlake Lane, Twyford 24/7 Public
67F205D0-7E16-4F5D-B26C-AF8D011F5695 RG10 0DR Small Hall Hurst Village Hall, School Road, Hurst 24/7 Public
96EDF18D-6D08-40A4-B064-AD2600945FEE RG10 0DR St Nicholas' C Of E Primary School, School Road, Hurst Variable Restricted
67AFA7D0-0060-4B79-8B57-AD1E00E1F078 RG10 0RQ Dawcul Ltd, Unit 8 Beech Court, Wokingham Road 24/7 Restricted
4990DB5E-A5C6-419A-9A9A-AD6700BE3C0E RG10 8BG Wargrave Parish Council Office, The Old Pavilion, Recreation Road 24/7 Public
11067AAF-72ED-4801-AE46-AD2600AE240E RG10 8BP Wargrave Practice, The Surgery, Victoria Road 24/7 Public
55417CEE-119C-49E3-A142-AD5100A21CED RG10 8DL Sheeplands Farm, Wargrave Road, Wargrave 24/7 Public
0DF228C6-84D9-4C2A-A359-B01A00D1FD40 RG10 8DS The Piggott C Of E School, Wargrave Road, Wargrave Variable Public
68110CED-846E-4C99-89DC-B06E00DF1B99 RG10 8DY Robert Piggott C Of E Junior School, School Hill, Wargrave Variable Restricted
ADFF7B21-3D13-4C6C-9898-AD2E00AF5D15 RG10 8DY Majesticare The Mount Limited, The Mount Nursing Home, School Hill 24/7 Restricted
86E58221-2680-4731-80C9-B04400F176E5 RG10 8ED Robert Piggott C Of E Infant School, Beverley Gardens, Wargrave Variable Restricted
9F82289E-40F7-495C-B029-AD4F00EB0F83 RG10 8EU Wargrave Boating Club, Station Road, Wargrave 24/7 Public
5397E4E4-C08B-4513-A6D7-AEFA010277FE RG10 8HB J Bushnell Ltd, Thameside Marina, Watermans Way Variable Public
4C1236B2-7C5C-41FF-8910-AD3000A13B3D RG10 8ND Village Hall, Crazies Hill, Wargrave 24/7 Public
FEC4F65C-BF77-468C-81AA-B03C00F1B14D RG10 8QS Velolife, The Old House, Warren Row Road 24/7 Public
3E63AA6E-02E9-4F29-82A5-B08201142FCD RG10 9AN Longfield Road, Unit 4, Longfield Road, Twyford 24/7 Public
53D47A3E-9608-459D-B1F8-AFEB0073C1EA RG10 9AX Polehampton Junior School, Kibblewhite Crescent, Twyford Variable Public
F2705B0A-6DF2-4841-8228-B04500FDA64F RG10 9DN Twyford Dental And Implant Centre, 3 Church Street, Twyford Variable Restricted
5A2E6B1B-A0DF-418E-977F-AE3A00F5E99C RG10 9EH Tesco, 25 London Road, Twyford 24/7 Public
9B607091-6E4B-43B4-98B8-AF0F013E5068 RG10 9EH Waitrose Twyford, London Road, Twyford 24/7 Public
292AC4E4-E577-4F4F-A780-AFEB0072CE02 RG10 9HS Polehampton C Of E Infant School, Hermitage Drive, Twyford Variable Public
9573C8F5-03CC-4465-B966-B082011472FD RG10 9JA Loddon Hall, Loddon Hall Road, Twyford 24/7 Public
0C02CC5F-2BAC-4912-A43C-AD6B00CE38C2 RG10 9JN Royal Oak Inn, Ruscombe Lane, Ruscombe 24/7 Public
6AF9CA17-B72F-44E0-BC6C-B082011461CC RG10 9NA Twyford Station, Station Road, Twyford 24/7 Public
08260D9B-4E75-4F64-B755-B082011451FD RG10 9NY Bell Corner, 1 Bell Court, Wargrave Road 24/7 Public
8D29EB42-75DD-49D9-B5BE-ADD400A11D3C RG10 9QX Post Box 23m From 34 Park View Drive South On Park View Drive South, Park View Drive South, Charvil 24/7 Public
983EC00F-CD70-4A36-98F0-AD2D009FE63B RG10 9RP Twyford Age Concern, Car Park At Polehampton Close West, Polehampton Close 24/7 Public
370308BC-CAFD-4455-B83F-B01B00E289C4 RG10 9SW Dobbies Garden Centre Hare Hatch, Floral Mile, Hare Hatch Variable Public
EC51F8AC-E837-421C-B288-AF5C00F0AD5A RG10 9TR House Newstead, Newstead, Park Lane Variable Restricted
C75A3FF1-CF4C-4AD3-BA37-ADD400A47BAD RG10 9TT Charvil Village Hall, The Hawthorns, Charvil 24/7 Public
7136E1D2-F86B-4095-969A-AD2600F8EF15 RG10 9TY The Pavilion, East Park Farm Playing Fields, Park Lane, Charvil 24/7 Public
A2AEE8DE-E8D8-4426-B74B-AD6B00CD56DE RG10 9UD St James' Church, Church Lane, Ruscombe 24/7 Public
E723F7AD-E70A-4B5C-976C-B08201148372 RG10 9UE Jubilee Corner, London Road, Twyford 24/7 Public
8597016E-6399-4925-AD72-AE4C00B86964 RG10 9XQ Unit 8, Castle End, Hare Hatch Variable Restricted
46B4A737-0CF7-4FC0-ADF7-AD34009A6490 RG12 0PE Crown Wood Primary School, Opladen Way, Bracknell Variable Restricted
B4F792A3-58C5-4B1E-910B-AD2D00863976 RG12 0XQ Forest Park Community Centre, 12 Horndean Road, Bracknell 24/7 Public
D87E9BC4-743D-48F0-88C1-B03000D9B9AD RG12 0XQ Tesco Forest Park Express, 7-9 Horndean Rd, Forest Park Variable Public
06A11908-2D65-4384-972D-AF9600EB35EA RG12 1BE O2 Store (0431) Bracknell, 28 Braccan Walk, Bracknell Variable Restricted
75B8CDE7-714E-42D5-96FA-AF9E009F478F RG12 1DJ Bracknell And Wokingham College, Church Road,, Bracknell Variable Restricted
A1A8E17C-37DB-4342-B7B6-AF9E00A5753A RG12 1DJ Bracknell And Wokingham College, Church Road,, Bracknell 24/7 Restricted
DB436BAA-C74D-45A7-8B5C-B04501054892 RG12 1HL Arco, Brook House, Cain Road, Bracknell Variable Restricted
F4D5596A-19EC-4479-8407-AF4801574836 RG12 1HL Arco, Brook House, Cain Road Variable Restricted
2FF51422-B903-4856-909E-B06100AD31B4 RG12 1HX Bracknell, Market Street, Bracknell 24/7 Public
04324B47-EB7C-4A9A-AFC7-AE6600D370B5 RG12 1LS Puregym, Princess Square Shopping Centre, Bracknell 24/7 Restricted
6C0D43E8-277F-4B83-A258-AD9C00BA58ED RG12 1NS Wickes Building Supplies Limited, Easthampstead Road, Bracknell 24/7 Public
1CAD44BF-408F-4E92-A871-B00D00D47C82 RG12 1NY Trek Store Bracknell, Unit D, Bond Way Variable Restricted
81D8A6AF-2DF6-4BA9-8546-AF8D0105C5EB RG12 1QS Nep Uk, Gemini House, Downmill Road 24/7 Restricted
FB3A478A-4A59-46F3-8E88-ADC700E6AC90 RG12 1QS Ringway Depot, Downmill Road, Bracknell Variable Restricted
FFB925F0-F0E8-4547-9643-AD1500A32E48 RG12 1RL Acorn House, 43 Longshot Lane, Bracknell 24/7 Public
39A9D431-D265-4FA4-876D-AEE500C7CAC4 RG12 1RT Overbury Plc, Overbury Plc Maxis 1, Western Road Variable Restricted
5EC52AD3-1B79-470F-A660-AD240091F0B4 RG12 1RT Cadence Design Systems Ltd, Cadence Design Systems Ltd Maxis 1 Floor 3, Western Road 24/7 Restricted
D66C6745-81A3-4FD8-BA6E-B0AC00E3D34A RG12 1RT Riverbed Technology Ltd, Riverbed Technology Ltd Maxis 1, Western Road 24/7 Restricted
00E40B54-5EA2-4EB6-8868-AD2700C6CB4D RG12 1RW Greggs, Western Road, Bracknell 24/7 Public
BC211FB9-AD9F-4D85-9B56-AED000B76197 RG12 1RW 3line Electrical, Unit 9 The Western Trade Centre, Western Road 24/7 Public
E1CC2065-6A02-4326-B483-AFED00C349B4 RG12 1RW Screwfix, Unit 10 The Western, Western Road Variable Restricted
37FBB8AD-F100-475D-944B-AF1700B3DD2C RG12 1WA Ivanti, 3 Arlington Square, Bracknell Variable Restricted
56E5D7F6-939F-4D8A-9CFD-AF0E00BAECCE RG12 1WA Ihasco Ltd, 3 Arlington Square, Bracknell Variable Restricted
DE6E4DE4-5E6E-4F65-B39D-AE5401057D00 RG12 1WA Nec Software Solutions, 2 Arlington Square, Bracknell Variable Restricted
52532503-5438-481E-AE4B-B06000BD76DE RG12 1YQ Toolstation Limited, Unit 7, Trade City, Easthampstead Road 24/7 Public
805E39A2-9EAA-42E1-A4D4-AEF20102BF31 RG12 2BH Bracknell Town Council, Jocks Lane Park, Binfield Road 24/7 Public
402251AC-82F8-4D1D-BFA9-B04C00D5581E RG12 2JG Sandy Lane Primary School, Sandy Lane, Bracknell 24/7 Restricted
2FE9FD62-EA61-4E4E-AD4D-AE6900A7B675 RG12 2UG Bracknell Rugby Football Club, Lily Hill Drive, Bracknell Variable Public
73D99D84-99DD-4E7F-A844-AEF900B2FC15 RG12 2UP The Rise - Garth Hill College, The Rise, Eastern Road Variable Restricted
8CB96D1F-0529-42EF-9FCD-AD6C00C260FD RG12 6NL Locks Ride Recreation Ground, Forest Road, Winkfield Row Variable Public
1E6D1924-6D8C-4695-82E4-AD4400F25E81 RG12 7AA Royal Berkshire Fire And Rescue Service, Fire Station, Downshire Way 24/7 Public
7255AEB5-D76B-4596-A7B9-AEC20090D95F RG12 7AQ Birch Hill Recreation Ground, Ringmead, Birch Hill Variable Restricted
B74A9768-DA4D-42ED-A72A-AEF501082702 RG12 7AQ Birch Hill Recreation Ground, Ringmead, Birch Hill 24/7 Public
0BADF9D5-6E2F-4A62-A127-AFC4009A4404 RG12 7BA The Brakenhale School, Rectory Lane, Bracknell Variable Public
9DF2B6B6-1C62-4127-83B8-AF6900A4036E RG12 7BA Greenshaw Learning Trust, The Brakenhale School, Rectory Lane Variable Public
99E2F7CF-26B3-4DF3-9338-AE4300EA1CD1 RG12 7DL The Green Man, Crowthorne Road, Bracknell 24/7 Public
CE3F9485-4C0E-4DCA-873F-AD330111562C RG12 7ER St Michael & St Mary Magdalene Church, The Parish Centre, Crowthorne Road 24/7 Public
AC79F772-5E58-4997-B432-AE2200B55CDF RG12 7JQ Coral Reef Waterworld, Nine Mile Ride, Bracknell Variable Restricted
F135EDB8-CC69-4A57-96F2-AD3200CF6602 RG12 7NS Easthampstead Baptist Church, South Hill Road, Bracknell Variable Public
79F065E3-DD74-4171-8992-ADFD012CD259 RG12 7PB David Lloyd - Royal Berkshire, Nine Mile Ride, Bracknell Variable Restricted
EB5B5066-15EA-47E2-9594-ADFD012F382B RG12 7PB David Lloyd - Royal Berkshire, Nine Mile Ride, Bracknell Variable Restricted
C1B3308B-564E-4396-AADD-AFE7011CB2D9 RG12 7PG Forest End Medical Centre, Ringmead, Birch Hill Variable Restricted
727D97C3-510D-4C88-91A9-B00000B4D5AF RG12 7QT Suez Recycling And Recovery Uk - Bracknel Forest Workshop, Commercial Centre, Old Bracknell Lane West Variable Public
9E87B714-3B48-4613-A2F6-AD320100E3FD RG12 7QW The Look Out Discovery Centre, The Look Out Discovery Centre The Look Out, Nine Mile Ride Variable Public
EFCC5383-01AA-43E6-AC6D-B02E00EB3220 RG12 7QW The Look Out Discovery Centre, The Look Out Discovery Centre The Look Out, Nine Mile Ride 24/7 Public
E91BE949-2926-467C-A2DB-AFEF00C0BF90 RG12 7RD St Margaret Clitherow School, Pembroke, Bracknell Variable Restricted
68F2BA94-D10E-4F76-94C2-AFE100B2D132 RG12 7WT Bracknell Town Council, Mill Park Recreation Ground, The Keep 24/7 Public
D354F525-1D3F-414B-BCE1-AF99011E6D69 RG12 7WT Mcdonald's - 917 Bracknell - The Keep, The Keep, Wildridings Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, Bracknell 24/7 Public
39ADE7DA-F209-48F9-9F59-AD3200BAEC0F RG12 7WW Birch Hill Primary School, Leppington, Bracknell Variable Restricted
A5212805-1409-410D-96AA-AE4300C763FC RG12 7WX Hanworth Community Association, Hanworth Community Centre, Hanworth Road 24/7 Public
C49524CF-A4FB-4D46-A695-AD4E00DB4201 RG12 7YZ 49 Octavia, Bracknell 24/7 Public
1874 RG12 8EB Jennett's Park Community Centre, Berkshire 24/7 Public
71B1408C-0990-474D-A019-AD5600B3BC9F RG12 8HH Big Yellow Self Storage Company Ltd, Ellesfield Avenue, Bracknell 24/7 Public
12D4B83A-2ECA-4953-917C-AE8201059CE8 RG12 8TF Coppid Beech Hotel, John Nike Way, Bracknell 24/7 Restricted
D40D4EBE-CD3C-4548-BA60-AF33009AD236 RG12 8UR 66 Vandyke, Bracknell 24/7 Restricted
4B2FAF5F-DD2E-4D79-AEF9-AEE5006299BD RG12 8YA Waitrose Ltd, Doncastle Way, Bracknell 24/7 Restricted
4D3CE124-88B8-4801-975F-AEED0091717F RG12 8YA Waitrose Ltd, Doncastle Way, Bracknell 24/7 Restricted
5EB72499-BF42-4D40-83B0-AEFC00CABA33 RG12 8YA Partnership Services Waite House, Doncastle Road, Bracknell Variable Public
CD73BB5D-DC16-4414-A01C-AEE50060ABBA RG12 8YA Chilled Warehouse Waitrose Ltd, Doncastle Road, Bracknell 24/7 Public
FB4ED300-0B74-405E-9BB3-AEE500636875 RG12 8YA Waitrose Ltd, Doncastle Road, Bracknell 24/7 Restricted
82EAAA60-CB3B-4C31-9703-AD6500C91C7A RG12 8YT Bilton Industrial Estate, 13 Lovelace Road, Baileys Garage 24/7 Public
D39A01CA-5669-4213-BECE-AF1F009ABD34 RG12 9ET The Wayz Youth Club, Rg12 9et, The Wayz 24/7 Public
B03CC6F9-7D13-4056-85E6-AFE200755363 RG12 9PG Boundary House Surgery, Mount Lane, Bracknell Variable Restricted
8CC1C317-C1AA-403B-B20C-AE2B00F38340 RG12 9SE Bracknell Leisure Centre, Bagshot Rd, Bracknell Variable Restricted
42E8AA76-15E4-4B88-97A2-AFD600BBAA6F RG12 9TZ Winkfield Parish Council, Martins Heron & The Warren Community Centre, Whitton Road Variable Restricted
A2239E77-5F1F-4EBE-A78C-B06100AC683E RG12 9TZ Martins Heron, Whitton Road, Bracknell 24/7 Public
A8592698-8AC8-4C96-AC82-AE5800BBE085 RG12 9TZ Tesco Superstore, Whitton Rd, 0 Variable Restricted
6C174765-FE06-4EBB-A82C-AF49010F4D89 RG14 1AS Savills (L & P) Ltd, 1-3 The Broadway, Newbury Variable Public
4BF80636-B2CA-4449-A902-AEED00C80D96 RG14 1AY Parkway Shopping Centre, Management Suite, 1 24/7 Public
5469EAD7-BF46-4F5F-8237-AE6600AB3023 RG14 1BA Greenham Trust Ltd, 4-8 The Broadway, Newbury 24/7 Public
01C22B5B-D1AA-4D93-87D6-ADC900C4BD2C RG14 1EE Bst Newbury, B S T Fitness, Park Way Variable Restricted
AD53246D-7EF6-442E-B7CE-AAD300EFDF76 RG14 1JX Azets Holdings Limited, 24-32 London Road, Newbury Variable Restricted
0F0BA319-3015-45C9-8350-AD5200AFA6A0 RG14 1LN The Winchcombe School, Maple Crescent, Newbury Variable Public
90D18C13-5896-4F87-832E-AF9D00E5490C RG14 1LU Shaw Social Club, Almond Avenue, Newbury 24/7 Public
0AF56352-11C4-40D2-95BC-AE8300D76E70 RG14 1QN Micro Focus, The Lawn, 22-30 Old Bath Road 24/7 Public
3B260F4C-185F-4D10-9D75-B00B00BAF2F1 RG14 1QN Micro Focus, The Lawn, 22-30 Old Bath Road 24/7 Restricted
C47B455E-BFB9-432B-A608-AD2600BA86ED RG14 1TS Robert Sandilands Primary School And Nursery, Robert Sandilands Primary School, Digby Road 24/7 Public
78904894-614E-46D1-A193-AF6200FDAF67 RG14 2AJ Toby Carvery - Newbury, 110 London Road, Newbury Variable Public
4E24D0FE-37D5-4ACB-A97B-AD75008A1CE4 RG14 2FG Riverside Community Centre, Rosemoor Gardens, Newbury 24/7 Public
28166D6A-1A3B-4BB4-A413-AE0100B20FCD RG14 2FN Taylor Wimpey, Shaw Valley, Newbury Variable Restricted
A25CEFDF-A91C-4022-B076-AD3300F6EC33 RG14 2FN Vodafone Group Plc, Vodafone House, The Connection Variable Restricted
D3D181A8-4070-4DDE-B455-B061009A4203 RG14 2HE One Stop Shop, 1 Kiln Road, Shaw 24/7 Public
70C825DF-2465-45F8-864B-AF8D00FE2CB6 RG14 2JE Donnington Priory, Oxford Road, Donnington 24/7 Public
D80DB9BB-21A1-4669-A26E-AFA300D969A9 RG14 2JG Castle Gate Respite, The Castle School, Love Lane 24/7 Restricted
FB4CBCDD-366E-48C1-AB4F-AE55011C45AB RG14 2JG Shaw Cium Donnington Parish Council, Donnington Village Hall, Love Lane 24/7 Public
B38C1EF6-D1E3-4E35-AD82-AE500100AB03 RG14 2LD The Cottage, Castle Lane, Newbury 24/7 Public
CA681A86-15C6-4324-8540-AAB800CB5208 RG14 2PZ Cirrus Logic, 3 The Sector, Newbury Business Park Variable Restricted
4680 RG14 2TF The Bothy, Grange Farm, Berkshire 24/7 Public
644C3460-149D-41D8-BC3B-AD2D00F097F1 RG14 3AG Donnington Valley Hotel & Spa, Old Oxford Road, Newbury 24/7 Public
EE58AE23-3447-4728-B56B-AE8600DC1CA0 RG14 3BE Bupa, Donnington Nursing Home, Wantage Road 24/7 Public
94AE36C7-7B38-405C-8E46-B01900B743C1 RG14 3BG Donnington Valley Golf Club, Donnington Valley Golf Club / Snelsmore House, Old Oxford Road Variable Public
212C6438-DF59-461E-A3CB-ADCF00EEC1B1 RG14 3BQ Mary Hare Grammar School, Arlington Manor, Road Known As Wantage Road Variable Public
A395BD72-3108-4CE0-BBA6-AD2E00D42589 RG14 3BQ Arlington Arts, Mary Hare School, Arlington Manor 24/7 Public
E67A9A33-6095-432C-91AE-AF2700DE1245 RG14 5BS Royal Mail Newbury Do, 39 Cheap Street, Newbury, Newbury Variable Restricted
70197E28-DA1E-4647-95C4-AF8D00D12255 RG14 5BX Newbury Smile Studio Dental, Smile Studio 46 Cheap Street, 46 Cheap Street Variable Public
AE677DD7-2970-411D-92C6-AEEC00D93803 RG14 5EY Progressive Advanced Materials Ltd, Units B, Abex Road Variable Restricted
950DE292-7AE9-4E24-BA3D-AE3E00F5FE09 RG14 5RU Travis Perkins, Unit 14 To 16, Arnhem Road Variable Public
872F4E88-0275-499F-911D-AFC300F1B754 RG14 5SH Screwfix, Unit 5c Bone Lane Newbury Berkshire, Newbury Variable Restricted
BE7252EF-5F7B-4F1C-8B02-AE9900F12CD3 RG14 5SH Greenham Trading Ltd, Bone Lane, Newbury Variable Public
76FD56DD-F8CB-4F9B-891E-AF5700A5EB4B RG14 5TU The Swift Group Of Companies, Swift House, Hambridge Lane 24/7 Public
2F1244AD-13C2-4E8B-A800-B05800D0345C RG14 5UR Teledyne Reynolds, Navigation House Horizon West, Canal View Road Variable Public
613CDA55-FC03-4BD8-9C47-AD8900E834A5 RG14 5UT Crucible Snooker Club, Western Block Furlong House, Hambridge Road 24/7 Public
8AAC2D8A-C43A-4E01-89A4-AE8D00914B6B RG14 6AE Bupa, Argyles Nursing Home, Pound Street 24/7 Restricted
54CD9C3D-0A3C-4EB8-B0F2-AF8B011410A7 RG14 6BA 1st Newbury Scout Group, Remembrance Road, Newbury 24/7 Public
FE2226BA-2282-4A87-97D6-AD31015EC796 RG14 6LH 21 Kingsland Grange, Newbury 24/7 Public
6B412D44-A733-4502-BEBD-AD1E00C406EA RG14 6NQ Park House School, Andover Road, Newbury Variable Restricted
C98E1F9B-3E63-49FE-BF97-AE6800BDF56B RG14 6NU Falkland Primary School, Andover Road, Newbury Variable Restricted
5F652E81-A674-41F8-B092-AD8A01039701 RG14 6QU Changing Rooms Wash Common Recreation Ground, Battle Road, Newbury 24/7 Public
717B8067-43DA-473F-BCFD-AE9100AAB747 RG14 7BH Fair Close, Newtown Road, Newbury Variable Public
6B14C4EE-1071-467F-995A-AD8900E682F1 RG14 7FY Newbury Racecourse, Shelter 98m From 1 Hackwood House, Kingman Way 7m From Unnamed Road, Racecourse Road 24/7 Public
F16264E1-3EEB-46B0-AFB2-AE3900EA85A4 RG14 7HB Tesco Extra, Pinchington Ln, 0 24/7 Public
1D72FFCF-D143-4F98-85C2-AECA00FBD545 RG14 7HT Think Ford, Unit A, The Triangle Variable Restricted
6263792F-2A0C-4B69-810E-AD8900E564A4 RG14 7JF The Plough On The Green, The Folly, Newbury 24/7 Public
B4B617F0-470E-4782-9C70-AD2600A2FC20 RG14 7LW Eastfield House Surgery, 6 St Johns Road, Newbury Variable Restricted
C6EAC253-F9CE-4A88-A633-B02600FD1CF3 RG14 7PN Nuffield Health, The Racecourse, Newbury Variable Public
CBA9EECE-0AAC-4B7B-A10A-ADF100BED35C RG14 7PN Nuffield Health, Nuffield Health Fitness And Wellbeing Centre, Racecourse Road Variable Public
FBDFB1FE-54DF-47E3-9E78-ADFD01170E08 RG14 7RW David Lloyd Leisure, Sports Centre, Monks Lane Variable Restricted
930A9FC6-39E3-4D2F-A350-ADF200E8D827 RG14 7TD Newbury College, Construction Skills Centre And Sports Hall Newbury College, Monks Lane Variable Restricted
AC88753D-49E1-44C9-8DEB-ADE400D3E53F RG14 7TD Newbury College, Monks Lane, Newbury Variable Public
F0F32203-3424-45ED-B6E3-AD2C013FD8D3 RG14 7TD Busy Bees Newbury Nursery, Newbury College, Monks Lane Variable Restricted
1037 RG17 0AN John O Gaunt School, Berkshire 24/7 Public
491720B0-DC7A-4D24-887A-B00400F50E8A RG17 0AN John O'gaunt Community Technology College, Hungerford Leisure Centre, Priory Road Variable Restricted
A58A1BCA-5B55-4A1E-A7B6-AE630099FCE2 RG17 0DL Newbury Bldg Soc, Newbury Bldg Soc Wessex House, 127 High Street Variable Public
49BA5C55-A7BE-4AA8-A78B-AECA00DC1E67 RG17 0DY Tomorrows Guide Ltd, Unit 1 Station Yard, Station Road Variable Restricted
7DD62155-2091-4163-BA24-B01400B60786 RG17 0HE Dobbies Garden Centre Hungerford, 4a Bath Road, Town Centre Variable Public
4203 RG17 0HR Hungerford Rugby Club, Berkshire 24/7 Public
7CE70BFF-1DFA-4DCA-A9B4-AEEF00B5E731 RG17 0HY The Surgery, The Croft, Hungerford Variable Restricted
B67EB7D0-7CD0-4F86-90CC-AE2100A4AC21 RG17 0HY Hungerford Club, 3 The Croft, Hungerford 24/7 Public
BD2CD73B-6409-4ABD-A9D9-AEED0109064A RG17 0NF The Town And Manor Of Hungerford Charity, Town & Manor, Town Hall, High Street 24/7 Public
57ECCF99-8501-4A28-8D00-ADD500AAF256 RG17 0PZ Chilton Estate, The Mills Building, Road Known As New Hayward Road 24/7 Public
34 RG17 0QP Compressor Products International Ltd, Berkshire 24/7 Public
C7BBE8C5-BAB6-496C-8C63-AF8600AC3ECC RG17 0SU Bourne Leisure, Littlecote House Hotel, Hungerford 24/7 Restricted
6510422A-ECBC-4F6E-8624-ADD400E49EE5 RG17 0TA Leverton Buildings, Road Known As Leverton Lane, Leverton 24/7 Public
FD3378D5-52B4-477A-8BD8-ADD500AA1DC2 RG17 0TA The Pump House, Road Known As Leverton Lane, Hungerford 24/7 Public
177 RG17 0TE Village Hall, Wiltshire 24/7 Public
9CEF4313-75F0-4B82-8DB5-B08F00ED3F3E RG17 0TF Chilton Foliat Church Of England School, B4001 Stag Hill North To East Soley, Chilton Foliat Variable Restricted
EA7304D0-9F6A-47DE-9A94-AF8F00BD887E RG17 0UT Wessex Woodland Management Ltd, Foxley Wood, Hungerford Park 24/7 Public
3596 RG17 0YU Herongate Leisure Centre, Berkshire 24/7 Public
40DF3873-9338-497C-8B72-AD2D00E0BD85 RG17 7AQ Farncombe Down Stables, Baydon Road, Lambourn 24/7 Public
3356 RG17 7BX On Stand Alone Post, Berkshire 24/7 Public
3293DD83-00E8-4EA9-AC1B-B07A00FC978C RG17 7BX Great Shefford, Blakeney Fields, Rg17 7bx 24/7 Public
7A0A7707-8BC0-4D6D-9CB1-B07A00F9017A RG17 7DR Great Shefford Village Hall, Station Road, Great Shefford 24/7 Public
798 RG17 7EX Village Hall, Berkshire 24/7 Public
E19D0D0C-36C3-419F-BFEB-AFC00158C3EA RG17 7EX East Garston Village Hall,, Back Street, East Garston 24/7 Public
29090C92-A050-45AE-AFB7-B03C010004E4 RG17 7HD Penfold Building, Unnamed Road From Newbury Road, East Garston 24/7 Public
4469 RG17 7SB Rooksnest House, Berkshire 24/7 Public
6769567C-240A-4276-938C-AD1F00E0FDAB RG17 7SB Rooksnest House, Ermin Street, Hungerford 24/7 Restricted
1075 RG17 7SH Strouds Bothy and Farm Tea Room, Berkshire 24/7 Public
AC45E8B3-FBA5-41E2-9CB5-AD1F00DDA1CA RG17 7SH Strouds Farm, Ermin Street, Hungerford 24/7 Restricted
651CA560-1EB6-4904-A5D9-AFA801301CC1 RG17 7SL Woodland St Mary Village Hall, Ermin Street, Hungerford 24/7 Public
4470 RG17 7SY Gardeners Tea Room, Berkshire 24/7 Public
D3F1AA64-FE8C-4C5A-BE8A-AD1F00EB2BF4 RG17 7SY Inholmes House, Inholmes, Hungerford Variable Restricted
3551 RG17 7TJ Aerial Farm, Berkshire 24/7 Public
0B088410-6F4D-4004-8AB4-AF2600BC94D4 RG17 7TJ Membury Airfield, Road Known As Ramsbury Road, Hungerford Variable Restricted
3A4E15F9-B791-4F3E-9B05-ADEA0110AD07 RG17 7TJ Walker Logistics, Membury Logistics Centre, Ramsbury Road Variable Restricted
484E8FBD-2229-4822-9FA9-AEC900C0508C RG17 7TY Welcome Break Group Plc, Motorway Service Area, Membury Services Westbound 24/7 Public
07B2E097-F30D-4C68-8970-AEC9009E6E6F RG17 7TZ Welcome Break, Motorway Service Area, Membury Services Eastbound 24/7 Public
60B31618-F8A6-4D01-921E-AF18008C0E8E RG17 8PS Lambourn Surgery, Lambourn Surgery (Fao: Lynn Martin), Bockhampton Road Variable Public
9AFAC62C-ABC6-4ED7-8899-ADE300CA2202 RG17 8PS The Lambourn Surgery, Bockhampton Road, Hungerford Variable Public
A12C6E21-B45E-4C07-B2E9-AEBA008E22EC RG17 8PS Lambourn Sports Club, 10 Bockhampton Road, Lambourn 24/7 Public
0AA9BFF6-1E61-4299-AD96-AFCD00C62712 RG17 8YR Lambourn Fire Station, 44 Newbury Street, Lambourn 24/7 Public
43A7D8B9-C61D-476D-9C38-AD4400D9B576 RG17 8YT Royal Berkshire Fire And Rescue Service, Lambourn Fire Station, 47 Newbury Street 24/7 Public
8BDBEDC6-58B5-47D5-BF7E-AEB90156FA19 RG17 9EJ Combe Manor, Road Known As Church Lane, Combe 24/7 Public
DB20C6AD-A643-4B83-B6F6-AD2901197EBB RG17 9PY Inkpen Parish Council, Junction Of Pottery Lane /Post Office Rd, Post Office Road 24/7 Public
951C6363-09FB-499F-B687-B036008BA9D9 RG17 9QE Inkpen Primary School, Weavers Lane, Hungerford Variable Restricted
C97D70D8-C519-49FB-A4D8-AD3200A877EF RG17 9TU Jubilee Centre, Inkpen Road, Kintbury 24/7 Public
5E4D7F8B-5EE2-4201-B051-B02800F120CD RG17 9XN Kintbury St Mary's C.e. Primary School, Kintbury St Marys Church Of England Primary School, Gainsborough Avenue Variable Restricted
38E371BB-5003-44E7-968C-AD8200E28BB6 RG18 0TB The Well House, Church Street, Hampstead Norreys 24/7 Public
B3FADE5D-C5F5-4670-8551-ADCC00DCF590 RG18 0TF Cold Ash Fc, Wyld Farm Cottages, 2 Unnamed Road From Forge Hill To Yattendon Known As Yattendon Road Variable Public
85AE81DC-671D-4071-A636-AE6000BA0FFE RG18 0TP Yattendon Estates Ltd., Haw Farm, Road Known As Haw Lane Variable Restricted
4016 RG18 0TR Village Hall, Berkshire 24/7 Public
5061BCE7-B04A-472A-9D1D-AE6000B3F97C RG18 0UT Yattendon Estates Ltd, Forestry Yard, Yattendon 24/7 Public
1722B392-2D0A-4980-90D2-AE6000B6DF1F RG18 0XT Frilsham Home Farm Business Units, Unnamed Road From Yattendon To Bucklebury, Thatcham 24/7 Public
6EB2C365-EF5D-4F34-9310-AECB00CAFDA4 RG18 3AG Thatcham Memorial Foundation, Thatcham Memorial Hall, Brownsfield, Bath Road 24/7 Public
30EE5BC1-B115-496F-82A8-B0450067CA4F RG18 3EU Tesco Thatcham Newbury Express, Northfield Rd, Thatcham 24/7 Public
8B4B8C1E-FABE-41B3-8C56-AF4E00EF1E5C RG18 3EU Tesco Stores Ltd, Northfield Road, Thatcham Variable Public
6ED90AF9-B550-4A3C-8074-AFA500B410C1 RG18 4AE Alice Bye Court, Bluecoats, Thatcham 24/7 Public
9BB305D7-AB5E-4701-8DCE-AD2800B5FC60 RG18 4QL Bupa, Thatcham Court Nursing Home, Chapel Street 24/7 Restricted
60961A35-BBCE-4218-98F4-AD250111D207 RG18 9DS The Bunk Inn, Unnamed Road From Curridge Road To Kiln Drive, Thatcham 24/7 Public
35052844-848E-408A-8171-ADEA01191C77 RG18 9DX Qlp Holdings, Qlp Holdings - Meadowview, Chapel Lane 24/7 Restricted
34940241-8DA4-4D2C-91C8-AEC7011AE210 RG18 9HD Ballyristeen, Stoney Lane, Thatcham 24/7 Public
9256F56B-EF0A-4E1F-ADDF-AFEB00911036 RG18 9QL Rexmar Engineering, Unit 1 And Unit 1a Red Shute Hill Industrial Estate, Red Shute Hill 24/7 Public
A389D043-C1D7-4C36-8668-AFAB014BBD62 RG19 3HN Lloydspharmacy, 7 Kingsland Centre, Thatcham 24/7 Public
3FC04921-917B-42D1-9F85-B09300E3E387 RG19 3SR Parsons Down Junior School, Herons Way, Thatcham Variable Restricted
C6C87559-2C6E-4EEF-B159-B09300E12CDF RG19 3SR Parsons Down Junior School, Herons Way, Thatcham Variable Restricted
E66F9FD1-61A1-423A-8270-AD3D00C81FB7 RG19 4AE Phabrix Ltd, Omega House, Enterprise Way Variable Restricted
EC8DFD5C-9DDE-4F31-8C09-AE1600D9B4EC RG19 4EP 500 Logistics Ltd, Unit 9, Rivermead, Rivermead Variable Public
CBFE9E69-680B-4FE6-983E-B0660097D3FE RG19 4PP Thatcham Railway Station, Rg19 4pp, Thatcham 24/7 Public
AC86B8AE-500C-4D8F-8DF6-AFC8010AA30E RG19 4PR Sunbelt Rentals, 20 Station Road, Thatcham Variable Public
EC49F2C7-0F06-41F2-827E-B02700BDF04D RG19 4ZA Savills - Thatcham Park, Thatcham Park Thatcham, Gables Way, Berkshire 24/7 Public
5AE3C178-B67A-4F12-8125-AF5F00D959C2 RG19 6AD The Greenham Hub, 6 Lindenmuth Way, Greenham Business Park 24/7 Restricted
A9A59D22-F9EC-403C-A568-B07D00FD7D76 RG19 6AD Roc Technologies, 1 Lindenmuth Way, Greenham Business Park 24/7 Restricted
4AAEC120-A174-4AB9-BE52-AFDB0089651F RG19 6HN Groomers Ltd, Unit 137, Greenham Business Park 24/7 Public
5E0CEE8B-5D56-401C-8444-AF5C0105CD81 RG19 6HW Security Lodge, Albury Way, Greenham Business Park 24/7 Public
D183377C-C82B-452C-9F2D-AF5C00F7675F RG19 6HW Norma Group, 33 Greenham Business Park, Greenham 24/7 Restricted
F691DD25-1DC1-404A-8747-AD2600B6906B RG19 8AD Post Office And Shop, The Old Baptist Church, Thornford Road 24/7 Public
F27130D0-0268-4E69-8F65-AF9600E1EA1F RG19 8BB Ashford Hill Primary School, 5 Ashford Hill Road, Ashford Hill 24/7 Public
62045D0D-B955-42BB-9EC3-AE2100AA1347 RG19 8BZ Newbury & Crookham Golf Club, 33-34 Burys Bank Road, Thatcham 24/7 Restricted
A54E1671-D8D0-4BF2-8C61-AD8900E309C3 RG19 8RZ St Marys Church Hall, New Road, Thatcham 24/7 Public
9C6008D3-2EFD-4CE7-8E6F-AEAF00B4A58C RG19 8XA Diamond Playing Field Building, Pigeons Farm Road, Newbury 24/7 Public
BC4CBEEA-814A-465D-B7B4-B03800BFFE9D RG2 0AY New Christ Church Primary School, New Christ Church Ce Primary School, Milman Road 24/7 Public
E8B93368-5D6F-4F37-93BF-AD79009CD53A RG2 0BT 268 Elgar Road South, Reading Variable Restricted
38034D1A-E1B2-4534-8CC5-AEB4009E0DE4 RG2 0EE Unit G Reading Approach, Cradock Road, Reading Variable Restricted
B5574C6C-6361-4B35-96BB-AE3600B8145B RG2 0EG Tesco Express, 55-59 Whitley St, 0 Variable Public
7920CE5F-E0C3-4BE9-A884-B09E00B77388 RG2 0FL Reading Football Club, Junction 11, M4 Reading, Reading 24/7 Public
F1A98A93-5A11-4D9E-ADC2-B00A00FA412E RG2 0GH Bmw Mini, Drake Way, Reading Variable Public
4C0C74D0-5694-4BCD-A135-AFF801150091 RG2 0HG Hyperion Way, Reading Variable Public
3E666DFD-8151-4B76-92CF-AFBD0100B505 RG2 0JD Royal Mail Reading Ld, 10-12 Rose Kiln Lane, Reading, Reading Variable Restricted
FAFCC7DF-B54C-4466-B7A3-AE2400E7D065 RG2 0JD Parcelforce Worldwide, Parcelforce, 10-12 Rose Kiln Lane Variable Restricted
7CD474C7-8F8D-450C-AEC1-AF2300B6D1F1 RG2 0NA Gainsborough House, Manor Park, Manor Farm Road Variable Restricted
B2A97247-24FE-4BC7-A46A-AE7100E13D3F RG2 0NT Puregym, 350 Basingstoke Road, Reading 24/7 Restricted
16D9373A-60E1-4113-8CAE-B0310119A965 RG2 0PN Tesco, Reading Depot, Imperial Way 24/7 Public
5B6F9054-ECE0-4392-A969-AE3E00E36A0B RG2 0QX Transcentral Pick Up, Bennet Road, Reading Variable Restricted
6BD8EBA7-484D-4ACD-BE19-AE3E00DEAD4A RG2 0QX 4 Seasons Outdoor Uk Ltd, Transcentral, Bennet Road Variable Restricted
8B78A318-16D2-402D-AE8F-AE3E00E1399B RG2 0QX Transcentral Transit Van, Bennet Road, Reading Variable Restricted
C7D2B9B2-8890-49AB-95AD-AF0F00A5B899 RG2 0QX Reading Borough Council, 19 Bennet Road, Reading Variable Restricted
C6C76881-74A4-4ACB-88FE-B07C00D6ADB5 RG2 0SX Business Moves Group, Business Moves Ltd, 4 Acre Road Variable Restricted
6AD41C22-3243-4B99-B06C-B02600ACA662 RG2 6AB Tesco Reading Green Park Express, 51b Flagstaff Road, Reading Variable Public
9188F66A-D3B2-4D08-84C0-ADF600CD42C2 RG2 6AD 400 South Oak Way, 400, Ground Floor 24/7 Restricted
65DC3B4D-6228-4774-84E4-AEC1009B9461 RG2 6AR Huntley Place, 1 Flagstaff Road, Reading 24/7 Public
0DCADDF1-E4F8-4BB3-ADC0-B0660097C697 RG2 6AU Reading Green Park Railway Station, Rg2 6au, Reading 24/7 Public
506701F3-5CB5-4301-BB07-AE6900AAF271 RG2 6DA Busy Bees, Busy Bees At Reading International, Basingstoke Road Behind The Verizon Building Variable Restricted
24CB95C3-1B51-4732-845E-AE2300B33BD7 RG2 6GP Green Park, Reading, 250 Longwater Avenue, Reading 24/7 Public
D1636D21-12F1-4D8C-AAF1-ADF600FE358B RG2 6GP 200 Longwater Avenue, 200, Ground Floor 24/7 Restricted
E8195989-6221-4914-A139-ADF600C54C7C RG2 6GP 100 Longwater Avenue, Reading 24/7 Restricted
DDF0E742-7428-4702-9BAE-AEC900AD3AFD RG2 6UB Pib Group, 200 Brook Drive, Green Park Variable Restricted
26F1E1C7-863A-4569-AD68-ADF700B7F181 RG2 6UG 250 South Oak Way, 250, Ground Floor 24/7 Restricted
ABCFE67B-1281-41EC-B215-AF690106E470 RG2 6UG Reading Office, Isg Plc 2nd Floor 250 South Oak Way, Green Park, Reading Variable Restricted
37222068-A08B-4C65-B26A-ADF700B5474A RG2 6UJ 100 Brook Drive, 100, Ground Floor 24/7 Restricted
7E1C8EE3-519D-47C1-839D-ADD400FE6D57 RG2 6UL Nuffield Health, 240 South Oak Way, Lime Square Variable Public
10A20B16-303A-4CFF-9DB8-AE5F00B1D847 RG2 6UU Virgin Media O2, 500 Brook Drive, Green Park 24/7 Restricted
AF88A016-8540-48E6-9C1C-AE2E00E54FD3 RG2 7ED Leighton Park School, Shinfield Road, Reading Variable Restricted
9BA2F6CE-5946-4EFC-9D1D-AD2F009EB07B RG2 7QA South Reading Youth & Community Centre, 252-260 Northumberland Avenue, Reading 24/7 Public
69205B39-23CF-4298-9E05-AD2C01062169 RG2 7RB Whitley Park Primary & Nursery School, Brixham Road, Reading Variable Public
C47344E7-2EF6-469D-9874-AE8B00B469CA RG2 8DF Gll - Greenwich Leisure Limited, South Reading Leisure Centre, Northumberland Avenue Variable Restricted
F078599F-9BAB-4D54-83C2-AF88008FE7E9 RG2 8EP Whiteknights Primary School, Fairlawn Green, Shinfield Rise Variable Restricted
93BBADE3-3C0D-4DB6-8C13-AD4400E34F82 RG2 8FS Royal Berkshire Fire And Rescue Station, Whitley Wood Road, Reading 24/7 Public
03AC3772-9A5F-4B9B-B5D3-AE3801300F14 RG2 8HA Tesco, Shinfield Road, Reading Variable Public
77F4DA76-8E4E-489F-B7CC-AE7C00D51BA7 RG2 8NR Christ The King Catholic Parish, 408 Northumberland Avenue, Reading 24/7 Public
5C817528-E387-4213-A282-B043011308CF RG2 9AU Parsons Grange, Shinfield Care Home Parsons Grange, Westall Street 24/7 Public
2B4EF2B3-DAFE-485E-861C-AD2700B2FBCF RG2 9EH Shinfield Infant And Nursery School, School Green, Shinfield Variable Restricted
4A9DFFC7-3E72-4CBC-9DD4-AD7A0096036D RG2 9EH School Green Centre, School Green, Shinfield 24/7 Public
94235E22-EF1A-43E9-8243-B09F0094BF07 RG2 9EJ Shinfield St. Marys C Of E Junior School, Chestnut Crescent, Shinfield Variable Restricted
BB083DF1-EA7B-46D1-A7F1-B09F009267AF RG2 9EJ Shinfield St Mary's C Of E Junior School, Chestnut Crescent, Shinfield Variable Restricted
19434F2E-CC47-470C-9A5E-AF8F00C823CF RG2 9EN Shinfield Parish Council, Millworth Lane Pavilion, Millworth Lane Recreation Ground 24/7 Public
15AE7F54-16B9-4600-9CB2-ADB100E4CBF2 RG2 9GB Bohunt School Wokingham, Sheerlands Road, Arborfield Variable Restricted
E4D4AF7F-81AE-425E-BE87-AF5600C2F7F4 RG2 9GB Arborfield Green Leisure Centre, Sheerlands Road, Arborfield Variable Restricted
B1ADED4B-B553-441F-9630-AD7A00674DF2 RG2 9JY Henry Street Garden Centre, Swallowfield Road, Arborfield Variable Restricted
D0DE19BF-45A0-4A29-8476-AF1800C17A4C RG2 9NX The Coombes Ce Primary School, The Coombes Church Of England Primary School, School Road Variable Restricted
E16A3D3E-BF29-4E35-8CA8-AD780131D60F RG2 9PQ Arborfield And Newland Parish Council Office Village Hall, Eversley Road, Arborfield 24/7 Public
50D3FC81-D3D4-4271-9AF4-B00B00F15569 RG2 9TR Taylor Wimpey West London, The Rowcrofts, Off Of Princess Marina Drive Variable Public
A2D1630F-F624-4AF2-8954-AF9E01583500 RG2 9YR Savills - The Cavalry, Flat 5 Sadle House, Millard Place, Arborfield Green, Reading 24/7 Public
BDA4ABEF-AEA7-48F7-A46C-AE930095C79E RG2 9YW Farley Hill Primary School, Baston Road, Arborfield Green Variable Restricted
021C8574-172A-43C8-8F76-AE27010638B1 RG2 9ZW Arborfield Green Pavilion, Baston Road, Arborfield Green Variable Public
121BDC0A-7EB0-427E-AB83-AF89010EA64D RG20 0AF Governing Body Of East Woodhay C Of E School, St Martins Primary School, Stargrove Lane 24/7 Public
48306C54-D512-4E4C-A176-AEDD00F8C66A RG20 0AG East Woodhay Cricket Club, Abbey Wells Road, East End Variable Public
F2F1C054-04EB-4C8F-AB27-B04A00FE0A0D RG20 0HR Dogs Trust Rehoning Centre Newbury, Plumbs Farm, Hamstead Marshall Variable Restricted
B5115E55-3C7C-426A-A0BE-AE8A00BC7B57 RG20 0NG Hartwood Oak Buildings, Adj Unit 6 Lane End Farm, Ball Hill Road 24/7 Public
DB425908-72BE-4AE7-BF80-AD5000A40444 RG20 0PW H C Marsh (Newbury) Ltd, Marsh Fuels, Gore End Road 24/7 Restricted
F2FA4B5B-6A56-4AF4-A801-AD2E00C57C82 RG20 4SW P And M Homecare Limited, Ground Floor Plantagenet House, 17 Kingsclere Park 24/7 Public
11621593-DD83-4C97-ABFE-B03E00C98DC6 RG20 4UA Ecchinwell & Sydmonton Ce Primary School, Ecchinswell Road, Ecchinswell Variable Restricted
96255905-04FB-4C75-8E96-AD2100904117 RG20 5NQ Hampshire County Council, Kingsclere Fire Station, George Street 24/7 Public
D53738B1-5E91-4993-8E75-AFF700C6DE2D RG20 5SQ Fieldgate Centre, Fieldgate Drive, Kingsclere 24/7 Public
1877DF3B-94FA-4EBC-8C4E-AE8200C18403 RG20 6NL Compton Stores, High Street, Newbury 24/7 Public
2C2D8F81-74F5-4344-AA9A-AEB600BBAE30 RG20 6QU Compton C.e. Primary School, Compton Church Of England Primary School, School Road 24/7 Public
E7A58B35-B7F3-467B-93EA-AD32008E0162 RG20 7BN Brightwalton Village Hall, Road Known As Common Lane, Newbury 24/7 Public
C9941DE3-2143-400F-B7EC-AD4401179673 RG20 7DU West Berkshire Golf Club, Hangmans Stone Lane, Chaddleworth Variable Public
CA1E129F-B2DB-4953-B9AE-B00C00A4A762 RG20 7LP The Ilsleys Primary School, Church Hill, Newbury Variable Restricted
7D4DF731-5D61-4C1B-AF97-ADAC00D8F1E2 RG20 7PR Msd Animal Health, Shire House, Churn Road, Compton Variable Restricted
68E2DB32-5E5E-461B-9C40-AE7500ADE7E3 RG20 8AE Watermill Theatre, Unnamed Road To The Watermill Theatre, Newbury 24/7 Public
45D31115-16B9-40C2-999C-AFC900F0BC05 RG20 8DD Boxford Village Hall Council Of Management, Recreation Ground, Road Known As Roodhill 24/7 Public
57DF9C7B-6165-47F3-9AFC-B00D00CC31C1 RG20 8DD Boxford Village Hall Council Of Management, Recreation Ground, Road Known As Roodhill 24/7 Public
0556AE28-724D-4AC8-B961-AD32008EC83D RG20 8DP The Churchyard St Andrews Church, Winterbourne Road, Boxford 24/7 Public
C9484805-5994-4EE8-BCED-AFE4008FF808 RG20 8HS Welford Estate Partnership, The Old Kennels, Welford 24/7 Public
D79F66B4-082B-46E1-B6EE-ADFE00ED9383 RG20 8JA Welford Parish Council, Kahootz Ltd, Weston Farm Barn 24/7 Public
D1B8C0A8-483A-4FEA-8358-AD2D00FC3C1D RG20 8JP Deanwood Golf Club, Unnamed Road From B4000 To Deanwood Golf Club, Newbury Variable Public
6035E93D-1C3A-4B00-A0BE-B00F00E441CE RG20 8JU The Vineyard Hotel & Spa, Stockcross, Newbury 24/7 Public
28313B16-3760-4B36-ADFF-B09800BE116A RG20 8LD Stockcross C.e. School, Stockcross Church Of England School, Chapel Road Variable Public
0C85E19B-FD7B-450E-BF84-AD4300AC9AB2 RG20 8LN Sutton Hall, Stockcross Village Hall, Church Road 24/7 Public
A1255B52-7043-4544-AFAC-AD4400B8C366 RG20 8QY Church Of St James, Shop Lane, Newbury 24/7 Public
657D0942-F7B7-4A17-B1DD-AF0100CDD140 RG20 8RP General Estates, Orchard Park, Old Oxford Road 24/7 Public
86EF23E9-08D0-47D9-8AD1-AD2B00A9B71D RG20 8RY Q Associates Ltd, 8 Langley Business Court, Beedon Variable Restricted
E095E459-80FC-410F-8C35-AE2E00BFB163 RG20 8SH Beedon Parish Council, Beedon Village Hall, Newbury 24/7 Public
7716 RG20 8TE Recreation Centre, Berkshire 24/7 Public
6C3331CE-9833-4899-9ECA-AF1000C0BB3B RG20 8TE Chieveley Recreational Hall, High Street, Newbury 24/7 Public
169B25C3-0F4D-428D-91F3-B07B00D77347 RG20 8TY Chieveley Primary School, School Road, Chieveley Variable Restricted
53AC5A86-B0A1-4AE4-B713-AD49015C473D RG20 9AP Newtown Village Hall, Newtown Common 24/7 Public
063CBAF9-3369-470A-86E2-AFEF009F7B6E RG20 9BD St Gabriels School, St Gabriels School Sandleford Priory, Newtown Road Variable Restricted
B96A220B-AD4E-4905-AE97-B0A00083AA89 RG20 9HT Hampshire County Council, Burghclere Primary School, Church Lane Variable Public
38 RG20 9HX Portal Hall, Hampshire 24/7 Public
C9A609E4-FA5C-4B39-80CA-AD270119D58F RG20 9HX Burghclere Parish Council, Portal Hall, Church Lane 24/7 Public
B0C4B0B1-EAFC-4C6C-9479-AE76008C1694 RG20 9JD Burghclere Sports Club Pavilion, Burghclere Sports Club & Miniature Railway, Harts Lane 24/7 Public
3FDD334C-B21D-4853-91C4-AE3200C3116C RG20 9QS Westridge Trust, Westridge Studio, Andover Road 24/7 Public
A150A2EF-711C-41D4-8550-B03600AAD51C RG20 9SS Lower Manor Farm, Church Lane, Ashmansworth 24/7 Public
F5E9B4DD-CD26-4E04-9D21-AF850107AB5B RG20 9TP Rampant Cat (Newbury) Ltd, The Rampant Cat, Broadlayings 24/7 Public
239C3C7E-1F3D-4B15-9BAE-AFA2011981DE RG20 9TX Woolton Hill Sports Club, Woolton Hill, Newbury 24/7 Restricted
F6416ECD-29CD-4115-8570-B08400E7CF14 RG20 9XF Hampshire County Council, St Thomas C Of E Infants School, Church Road Variable Restricted
6905BF34-14DF-4A0B-B2BD-ADED00A7D967 RG21 3DH Basingstoke Irish Centre, Youth Leisure Centre, Council Road 24/7 Public
8960A735-4737-4A7E-A57B-AEEF00A91ECD RG21 3DH Basingstoke Hindu Society, Basingstoke Hindu Society The Carnival Hall, Council Road 24/7 Public
152E163F-FEEB-428B-96AF-B00901217747 RG21 3DR Basingstoke Town Bowling Club, Fairfields Road, Basingstoke 24/7 Restricted
1606EED5-40AE-4DCF-90ED-AFDA00A9154C RG21 3ER Queen Mary's College, Cliddesden Road, Basingstoke Variable Restricted
AF09C899-72DB-4660-9DA8-AD2600BB89EB RG21 3ET Envisage Dental Practice, 32 Cliddesden Road, Basingstoke Variable Public
EDA2AD0C-F647-47F4-802A-B09F00B604C3 RG21 3EX Holbein Close Basingstoke, Rucstall Primary School, Holbein Close Variable Restricted
4E43FE6C-458A-439E-AEE1-AFDA00A9D8BB RG21 3HF Queen Marys College, Cliddesden Road, Basingstoke Variable Restricted
CB845EEC-92F8-4107-A2C7-AD1E00E37F9E RG21 3JU St Johns C Of E School, St Johns C Of E Primary School, Kingsmill Road Variable Restricted
6824DFEA-AAB6-4B8F-B318-AD2600B8E2D1 RG21 3NP Hampshire County Council, Cranbourne Secondary School, Wessex Close 24/7 Public
A056A28E-60CC-4575-AAB1-AD7300933D70 RG21 3QN Rucstall Community Centre, Holbein Close, Black Dam 24/7 Public
FA93C828-C738-472E-84B4-B03500EF3972 RG21 4AF Basingstoke Voluntary Action, The Orchard, White Hart Lane 24/7 Public
50EB3330-C03B-46A9-84A4-AEE000D42913 RG21 4AH Basingstoke And Deane Borough Council, London Road, Basingstoke Variable Public
4DDB7A35-232E-4E51-B299-B08900D4466B RG21 4AL The Costello School, Crossborough Hill, Basingstoke Variable Restricted
981738DA-8373-412E-B793-AF9C00997048 RG21 4AL The Costello School, Crossborough Hill, Basingstoke Variable Restricted
880F9640-B067-4C99-A8F8-AF5F01249A0E RG21 4FA Sovereign House, Basing View, Basingstoke Variable Restricted
3E3D9BCD-8576-40B2-B98E-AE85010F29A4 RG21 4HG Castle Trust Bank, Belvedere House, Basing View Variable Public
F1D4298D-8D74-41DF-9C81-B01B00905BF7 RG21 5LL South View Infant And Nursery School, South View Infant School, Shooters Way Variable Restricted
26507048-201D-4F58-9C55-B06100AD499C RG21 5NB Basingstoke, Station Hill, Basingstoke 24/7 Public
58879850-CC91-4A6C-A620-B0A500DA3A5E RG21 5NE Gateline, Basingstoke Railway Station, Station Approach Variable Public
339BBF21-10F3-40E6-81A6-AD2D00EF03BB RG21 5PB Hampshire County Council, The Vyne Comprehensive School, Vyne Road Variable Public
18E8443C-C12A-4154-95D7-AE3701442B08 RG21 5SG Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Express, Oakridge Road Variable Public
DF0E700E-69CB-48A4-8DA7-B08400AB75E3 RG21 5SG 101 Oakridge Road, Basingstoke Variable Public
94683A5B-7083-44DC-94D8-AEA700F2936E RG21 5TB The Rising Sun, Chapel Hill, Basingstoke 24/7 Public
8B288131-6277-4693-8812-AFE700EA6D14 RG21 6XE J Sainsbury Plc, Plot D, Knights Park Road 24/7 Public
12ED2377-804B-4975-A3E6-AEE500A998E3 RG21 6XJ Linde Material Handling (Uk) Ltd, Kingsclere Road, Basingstoke 24/7 Public
14169C30-7C73-4039-BB38-AEE500A92153 RG21 6XJ Linde Material Handling (Uk) Ltd, Kingsclere Road, Basingstoke 24/7 Public
A4493C72-C847-4032-AA72-AEE500A8680D RG21 6XJ Linde Material Handling (Uk) Ltd, Kingsclere Road, Basingstoke 24/7 Public
60DF8A9B-6843-4383-95E3-AEC1008A2FA4 RG21 6XQ Network Rail Basingstoke Rdc, Unit A Logistics City, Brunel Road Variable Restricted
962AEC84-A398-41E7-A067-AD5E00F39D20 RG21 6XR Amcogiffen Ltd., Crossways, Stephenson Road, Houndmills Variable Restricted
882A7A62-C579-4C92-A92D-AEC50081CF5A RG21 6XT Network Rail - Basingstoke Regional Distribution Centre, Unit A, Logistics City, Brunel Road Variable Restricted
434D5EF9-CA51-4D75-8E48-AE5301058B03 RG21 6YH Dalmec Ltd, 2 Ringway Centre, Edison Road Variable Restricted
7C8B1A19-D87E-485A-9DD0-B00A00FC0824 RG21 6YH Toyota, 1-4 Edison Road, Houndmills Industrial Estate Variable Public
EF5EB7EB-2E64-4CD2-BA59-AECA00B63163 RG21 6YL Group1 Ford, The Autoplaza, Aldermaston Road South Variable Restricted
16308F90-FC1E-4B36-9E27-AD4E0167B171 RG21 7BE Five Guys, Unit R8 Lower Ground, Festival Place Variable Public
FB9BF3EE-C3DF-48B8-A9D6-AF95010CB7DE RG21 7BE O2 Store (0206) Basingstoke, Unit 31 Main Mall, Festival Place Variable Restricted
E45F432D-F3BF-43D8-86DC-AE3600BBABDE RG21 7LG Tesco, Hampstead House, 1-7 Festival Place 24/7 Public
0FCC1D6A-DFC7-4F10-9FE6-AE1B00F6EFBA RG21 7NW Haymarket Theatre, Wote Street, Basingstoke 24/7 Restricted
7F28D3BA-6306-44E4-8343-AFA100E340C5 RG21 7PG United Reformed Church, London Street, Basingstoke 24/7 Public
3A56B2D5-F2B8-4762-B205-AE1B00F655B4 RG21 7QR Anvil Arts, Churchill Way, Basingstoke 24/7 Restricted
DD16CDF3-C2A3-447E-846D-AD48012E0C32 RG21 7QW Basingstoke Parochial Church Council, St Michaels Church Carpark, Church Square 24/7 Public
AF4A6455-4810-4051-9B83-AFC300A6369E RG21 8BJ Screwfix, 140 Thorney Croft Industrial Estate, Worting Road Variable Restricted
61D94865-C383-494D-8665-B0880158C8E9 RG21 8SS Catermax Ltd, The New Inn, Sarum Hill 24/7 Public
8D8DBA15-DDB3-4C0B-B59B-AF5800B76DB4 RG21 8SU Essex House Surgery, Essex House, Worting Road Variable Public
3B1AEF81-C3DA-4214-B7B7-ADD300C42118 RG21 8TN Basingstoke College Of Technology, Basingstoke College Of Technology South Site, Worting Road Variable Restricted
9813FBD5-B374-4379-87AC-AD3200B072BD RG21 8YJ Hampshire County Council, Kings Furlong County Infant School, Upper Chestnut Drive Variable Restricted
D2FB4018-E5CC-4DC8-91C2-ADEB00E254C5 RG21 8YJ Hampshire County Council, Kings Furlong County Junior School, Upper Chestnut Drive Variable Restricted
14A08A66-5B68-4647-9718-ADBB008DF8FC RG22 4AQ Beggarwood Community Centre, Broadmere Road, Basingstoke 24/7 Public
E09DDE07-BED6-4814-B8C8-AD2D008F2ACE RG22 4BJ Viables Community Association, Viables Community Association Viables Craft Centre, The Harrow Way 24/7 Public
EB356482-41F3-4F95-A973-AD280084D2CD RG22 4EH Gillies Health Centre, Sullivan Road, Basingstoke Variable Public
C494FB46-4B90-4C49-A4A7-AECA00B9AC1C RG22 4ES Crocodile Leisure Ltd, The Beechdown Health And Fitness Club, Winchester Road Variable Public
6CBB1053-0867-4F15-A54F-AD2D0090A8C3 RG22 4HS Hampshire County Council, Brighton Hill Community School, Brighton Way Variable Restricted
F2B321DF-5F04-4F79-B3E3-AF8600CE0B0B RG22 4LA B&Q, B And Q, Lister Road Variable Public
F710F152-FD9B-4FF3-8C4F-AFEE00F7DE1B RG22 4LT Trane Uk, The Laurels, Jays Close Variable Restricted
14731E49-46AD-4F1A-9A05-AFF9014BD58D RG22 4TW Sainsbury's, Wallop Drive, Basingstoke 24/7 Public
75AAE298-A4B3-4799-937D-ADB100F540A6 RG22 4XF Hatch Warren Community Centre, Long Cross Lane, Hatch Warren 24/7 Public
DD76C90F-CE4D-466E-A557-ADD400E271D9 RG22 5HN 147a Pack Lane, Basingstoke 24/7 Public
7381E0A0-2911-4710-B8B9-B0450091D7E2 RG22 5LL Kempshott Infant School, Old Down Close, Homestead Road Variable Restricted
78F98BAB-265E-4E40-AE04-AD3200D261D0 RG22 5LL Hampshire County Council, Kempshott County Infants School, Old Down Close Variable Restricted
08DF803F-B6F1-49E7-9881-B03E00ED4849 RG22 5NZ Tesco Kempshott Express, 3-4 Buckingham Parade, Kempshott Variable Public
BF6200ED-F527-4DA5-B02C-ADD400E0D3D9 RG22 5UY South Kempshott Community Association, Old Down Hall, 364 Kempshott Lane 24/7 Public
7F843924-E1F4-4F42-8231-AF5800B8C5A1 RG22 6ER Acorn Medical Partnership, Acorn Medical Partnership St Andrews Centre, Western Way Variable Public
0A1B6D99-FDCD-4BB8-8B6E-AF25009F124C RG22 6HA Hampshire County Council, Richard Aldworth School, Western Way Variable Public
6D5DFC46-2B5B-4261-BB7B-B09E00C16233 RG22 6NE Warburtons Ltd, Units C3 To C5, Morse Road 24/7 Public
07F88D36-73E9-4DBE-A93C-B02800B8241D RG22 6PA Fiske Close, Basingstoke, Rg22 6pa 24/7 Public
0E663712-B215-4870-9804-AF42010A9F64 RG22 6PG Planet Ice - Basingstoke Arena, Leisure Park Road, Basingstoke Variable Restricted
AC087902-F660-4961-B3FE-AE2100D926EA RG22 6PG Hampshire Cultural Trust, Milestones Museum, Basingstoke Leisure Park Variable Restricted
E574CBA1-AF7A-4992-A1E8-AE0001039726 RG22 6PG Basingstoke Leisure Park, Worting Road, Basingstoke Variable Restricted
4BBF4223-1B74-4FFE-BB20-AE3800A39246 RG22 6PS Limington House School, St Andrews Road, Basingstoke Variable Restricted
44D79DC1-6E66-4ED3-B624-AD6E00B293FE RG22 6QB Westside Community Association, Westside Community Centre, Paddock Road 24/7 Public
8F550F57-9455-404F-95E4-B06200823F9B RG22 6RU 203 Pinkerton Road, Basingstoke Variable Public
4B085BFE-4E08-4E18-9AD5-ADEA01160BEF RG23 7EL Oakley Hall Hotel, Rectory Road, Oakley 24/7 Public
67D69E35-F633-4F72-92EB-AF26010B8AF0 RG23 7EP The Beach Arms, Beach Arms Hotel, Andover Road 24/7 Restricted
29BCB9E7-A652-498D-8C6B-AECA01148497 RG23 7GF The Holly Blue Pub & Restaurant, Bradley Way, Beggarwood 24/7 Public
922310E1-6FD4-46BC-86A5-AE5400A3FFCD RG23 7JJ East Oakley Village Hall Committee, East Oakley Village Hall, 74 Hill Road 24/7 Public
34DE028D-D060-40CD-9402-AE5400AAFF53 RG23 7JZ Hampshire County Council, Oakley Infant School, Oakley Lane Variable Restricted
91410346-3968-4525-9789-B07600C8EDAB RG23 7JZ Hampshire County Council, East Oakley C Of E School, Oakley Lane Variable Public
900CF8BC-F0FC-46D0-BAC3-AE5400A2704E RG23 7LJ Peter Houseman Recreation Ground, Rectory Road, Oakley 24/7 Public
20708F15-DA2F-4BA5-A58B-AFF600B437BB RG23 8AA The Ashwood Academy, Ashwood Way, Basingstoke Variable Restricted
42F087DA-77CD-4E58-A19C-B03000A9A903 RG23 8BN Hampshire County Council, Castle Hill County Infant School, Winklebury Way Variable Restricted
1AA58FB8-115F-4BBA-BD9A-AEB300DA992C RG23 8PH Tangier House, Tangier Park, Wootton St Lawrence 24/7 Public
EFBC3331-6E26-42E8-A9D6-AEE4007E004D RG23 8PU Scrapps Hill Farmhouse, 550 Worting Road, Basingstoke 24/7 Public
94779CAE-1517-4BCE-9DB6-AFEB00B13D9D RG24 7AL Cromwell Court Sales Office, Basing Road, Old Basing Variable Restricted
76032029-858F-49D9-8F34-AE45012D7BAD RG24 7BB The Iron Bull Roadhouse, London Road, Water End 24/7 Public
6D5068E3-FCE3-4EF3-A834-B08B00B3BE46 RG24 7DA Old Basing Village Hall, The Street, Old Basing 24/7 Public
D5282152-4B0E-4F7A-913D-AD7900810246 RG24 7DA Old Basing&Lychpit Parish Council, The Pavilion, Basing Recreation Ground 24/7 Public
B689D92C-965B-4D18-8487-B04200EAEAA5 RG24 7DE St Marys C Of E Junior School, Milkingpen Lane, Old Basing Variable Restricted
ED817B0E-CFCD-4403-9935-AE7100EE26BC RG24 7DH Old Basing Tennis Club, The Tennis Club, Riley Lane 24/7 Public
FA368583-A8D1-4FAF-883D-AEAC00F04F4F RG24 7DJ St Marys Church, Church Lane, Old Basing 24/7 Public
5E5A248A-AA02-4FEC-9F91-AF5700A0232D RG24 7HR Co Op, Old Basing 24/7 Public
2711A43F-439C-4E5B-927C-B02E00E24F5C RG24 8BE Tesco Basingstoke, District Shopping Centre, Chineham Variable Public
36975BF4-A2F4-4917-829E-AFBA00C116C4 RG24 8LJ Tsl Lighting, Unit 11 Bilton Road, Kingsland Business Park Variable Restricted
DEF9C277-762B-40BF-B1A1-AEF500C704C3 RG24 8LT Christ Church Chineham, Reading Road, Chineham 24/7 Public
3FB78ADF-8E32-4A83-9804-AEE700AD72B5 RG24 8NA Vyaire Medical Products Ltd, Chineham Gate, Crockford Lane Variable Public
F6D5D9E0-1F7B-4806-9C32-AF5601199716 RG24 8NA Basingstoke Mot And Servicing Centre Ltd, Unit 1 Marlborough Trading Mews, Crockford Lane Variable Restricted
2D97D16F-E1EE-4651-A0D5-B08A00ABEDAE RG24 8PD Basingstoke Main Office, Currys Unit A The Faraday Centre, Rutherford Road 24/7 Restricted
2BAFCB6B-D3B7-47AB-B2DB-AD8300FD7FE2 RG24 8PE Avocet House, 13 Aviary Court, Basingstoke 24/7 Public
95279E74-9B79-44F0-AD9C-AE9900A05F84 RG24 8PE Tpt Fire Projects Ltd, Avocet House, Aviary Court 24/7 Public
810A8B1D-8232-4350-866C-AFA700D2F7E2 RG24 8PJ 1st Chineham Scout Group, Scout Hall, Hanmore Road 24/7 Public
3D00DC5F-46C5-4C69-9F38-AAAB00CD8880 RG24 8PT Busy Bees Nurseries, Hanmore Road, Basingstoke Variable Public
41185A67-4FD4-4E36-B770-AFDD00C3C11E RG24 8PY Jewson Ltd, Bell Road, Basingstoke Variable Restricted
B0977BCA-9D06-4BBF-B748-AF8C00CA5FEE RG24 8QB Redrow Homes Ltd, Redrow House Unit 1 Faraday Office Park, Rankine Road Variable Restricted
BAA436C4-574F-4810-8D48-AFB300C20C6A RG24 8QB Redrow Homes Ltd, Redrow House Unit 1 Faraday Office Park, Rankine Road Variable Restricted
E2B039E7-2202-445B-AC41-ADC800FE1B72 RG24 8QY Arjowiggins Scotland Limited, Ground Floor Lindenwood, 4 Crockford Lane Variable Restricted
EA67947D-5862-45F8-A17E-AD790083ED71 RG24 8TF Community Centre, Great Binfields Road, Lychpit 24/7 Public
EE69117F-42DA-40CD-8CD4-AE5800D28D58 RG24 8TF Tesco Express, Lychpit Local Centre, Chineham Variable Public
14829A17-DCF7-4C33-B507-AF2A00D4D05A RG24 8WG Neles Uk Ltd, 3 Elmwood (Ground Floor), Chineham Park, Crockford Lane Variable Restricted
B98B169E-F622-4811-A3A9-AEC5008BC52C RG24 8WZ Glory, Hazelwood, Lime Tree Way Variable Public
2C89D1E0-CE26-4C50-9F32-AE21008CE90C RG24 8YD Home Address, 11 Ivar Gardens, Lychpit Variable Restricted
07E7A5BC-FA15-40DA-ACC4-AD2C00A5CF69 RG24 8YE Chineham Village Hall, Thornhill Way, Chineham 24/7 Public
810EFB6E-D933-43B3-BAE5-B02800C3D237 RG24 9DR Tesco Popley Basingstoke Express, Carpenters Down, Popley Variable Restricted
19F35EC5-E024-478E-84FA-AF5600CEF06D RG24 9HL National Trust, The Vyne, Vyne Road Variable Restricted
6EC2D5C7-9617-4B79-8234-B0A100E0498D RG24 9HP Sherborne St John Village Hall, Elm Road, Sherborne St John 24/7 Public
785A2A51-A37B-48BB-A0B2-B0A100E245E0 RG24 9HX Chute Pavilion & Recreation Ground, Off Vyne Road, Sherborne St John 24/7 Public
8D72EFA5-74EC-4146-9BAE-AE2100B9F7F7 RG24 9NT Weybrook Park Golf Club, Rooksdown Lane, Basingstoke Variable Public
BADF3CF5-988E-4AC1-B170-AD25008B8026 RG24 9XA Rooksdown Parish Council, Rooksdown Community Centre, Park Prewett Road 24/7 Public
C8038F6B-76B8-4C85-A1A4-ADEB0074197F RG25 2AR Serious Cricket Ltd, Indoor Cricket Centre Dummer Down Farm, Duxford Lane Variable Restricted
FB8FE799-2BC6-4E03-94E7-AF2B0131522A RG25 2BL Rathbone Pavilion, Church Road, North Waltham 24/7 Public
3437 RG25 2DN Village Hall, Hampshire 24/7 Public
CE2423D8-AA61-4600-84A1-AD3D00BF0AD7 RG25 2LU The Gamekeepers, Tunworth Road, Mapledurwell 24/7 Public
BF56D970-31A3-4F4B-9E37-AD2301534289 RG25 2PG Royal British Legion, British Legion Hall, King Johns Lane 24/7 Public
86AB10F6-6EE1-477B-9DEB-AD1F00C821B9 RG25 2QR Ellisfield Village Hall Committee, Ellisfield Village Hall, Church Lane 24/7 Public
94144C09-6810-495B-9F46-AFCE008A7B86 RG25 2QR Ellisfield Village Hall Committee, Ellisfield Village Hall, Church Lane 24/7 Public
9062E7CE-22CC-4E7E-A83B-AF3800922572 RG25 3AW Wildflower Turf Ltd, North Lodge, Ashe Warren 24/7 Public
825E494D-0FCC-46EE-BB3C-AD2400B0A53C RG25 3BD Steventon Village Hall, Ashe Park Lane, Steventon 24/7 Public
181035F0-3B59-4446-BDD7-B08F009077F9 RG25 3EJ Cannon Heath Farm, Cannon Heath, Overton 24/7 Public
52F159BF-DF96-42E9-B452-B08900CBF17A RG25 3ES Overton Ce Primary School, Overton C Of E Primary School, Court Drove Variable Restricted
F5381B59-A60A-49BE-8117-AD4F00FDF636 RG25 3HR The Co-Operative, 15-17 Winchester Street, Overton Variable Public
CBA65B09-6FAB-43FE-8701-B06100AC6504 RG25 3JG Overton, Station Hill, Overton 24/7 Public
CE96D8A7-55B3-4951-BDF1-AD2000D0A04C RG26 3BQ Barlows Park Management Association, The Stacey Pavilion, Silchester Road 24/7 Public
FEE41639-A747-417A-B53F-AEC300D20CE8 RG26 3EA The Pelican, 8 Silchester Road, Pamber Heath 24/7 Public
A776FA9F-27E0-4F2C-8BC7-AF4200BC8FE9 RG26 3LG Kings Diy Tadley Ltd, The Parade, 2 Mulfords Hill 24/7 Public
8F0F5616-054B-4709-81C7-AE6A00C027E1 RG26 3PX Elliotts Tadley, Brick Kiln Industrial Estate,, Elliotts Builders Merchants Unit 22-23, Variable Public
27E34DEA-DF6C-4AB7-A84F-ADCF00EA0C9B RG26 3TQ Pamber Memorial Hall Management Committee, Pamber Heath Memorial Hall, Pamber Heath Road 24/7 Public
84F853D6-11CE-4F81-9981-AFBD0090B9FE RG26 4AT Bishopswood Golf Course, Bishopswood Lane, Baughurst 24/7 Public
A07C21CE-6274-439D-8194-B03400E28FE5 RG26 4ER Tadley Medical Partnership, Holmwood Health Centre, Franklin Avenue Variable Restricted
5A5E7BF7-D48C-40F4-AED7-AECC00900043 RG26 4HN Hampshire County Council, Burnham Copse Primary School, Newchurch Road Variable Restricted
CC4291BD-6107-4697-865C-AD2D009FD672 RG26 4HN Car Park The Link, Newchurch Road, Tadley 24/7 Public
5925B5B6-24EA-4BE5-A31E-B03800A2A608 RG26 5AH Bramley C Of E Primary School, Bramley Lane, Bramley Variable Restricted
BFF37A19-706D-4BE8-88CA-AF6300B75298 RG26 5BH The Clift Surgery, Minchens Lane, Bramley Variable Restricted
63913DDE-4CEC-4D91-8FE5-AD1F009305CF RG26 5BP Village Hall Committee, Bramley Village Hall, The Street 24/7 Public
D4D1D557-E982-4CB2-962D-AD1E00D62BE6 RG26 5EX St Stephens Hall Management Committee, St Stephens Hall, Silchester Road 24/7 Public
52202A7C-DE1D-43DD-B543-AE28011876A0 RG26 5LU Heath End Village Hall, Heath End Road, Baughurst 24/7 Public
D254E8E1-31CC-4391-8142-AE3C00E0097C RG26 5LZ Tesco, 32 Heath End Road, Baughurst 24/7 Restricted
5B2B1F46-810B-4C3F-B7EB-AD470097F98F RG26 5NL Hampshire County Council, Hurst Leisure Centre The Hurst Community College, Brimpton Road 24/7 Public
914D1AC3-B5EE-44A9-ADB7-AF0800FC9F89 RG26 5NL Hampshire County Council, The Hurst Community College, Brimpton Road Variable Public
3648 RG26 5PX Gibson House, Hampshire 24/7 Public
0F64F9F4-556F-442D-8AF7-AF0900CE094C RG26 5SH Wootton St Lawrence With Ramsdell Parish Council, Baughurst Road, Ramsdell 24/7 Public
25A56EC4-CB81-4120-A049-AF38011F2C68 RG26 5SX Baughurst Parish Council, Wolverton Village Hall, Ramsdell Road 24/7 Public
884A5B01-27C7-4EA2-9B75-AD53007BD0A4 RG26 5TX The Village Hall, Cabinet No.1699, Hannington 24/7 Public
EACE826D-524F-4451-B359-AE260129DE2B RG27 0AX Stratfield Turgis Parish Meeting, The Jekyll And Hyde, Basingstoke Road 24/7 Public
73627152-4CCC-40BB-9E11-AF8000FE40D4 RG27 0EZ Sherfield On Loddon Village Hall Committee, Sherfield On Loddon Village Hall, Reading Road 24/7 Public
42AA0862-956E-4681-B9E5-AD6500E30C54 RG27 0FP Sherfield Park Community Centre, Sunwood Drive, Sherfield-On-Loddon 24/7 Public
2EC51EC3-ACEB-4D57-BA5F-AFA3008F99EC RG27 0LG Highfield Park, Church Lane, Hook 24/7 Restricted
406832C6-79DB-4EC6-98F4-AF39009691C6 RG27 0LX Eversley Parish Council, Village Hall, Glaston Hill Road 24/7 Public
18E6B153-E045-43DB-86D0-AE31012DD368 RG27 0NQ Eversley Indoor Cricket Centre, Fox Lane, Hook 24/7 Public
B317CE4D-3FD4-45F0-9769-AE30011D1193 RG27 0NS Eversley & California Fc - Adult Section, Eversley & California Football Club, Bob Schofield Way Off Hall's Way Variable Restricted
53C48B33-CC9C-44CF-9520-AD4100BEE148 RG27 0PY Eversley Storage, Eversley Storage Services, Brickhouse Hill Variable Public
C6923CB6-B592-4359-A754-B06100AB6E1E RG27 8BX Winchfield, Station Road, Winchfield 24/7 Public
8B5F666D-6BB4-4E02-90BE-AD1E00C749E5 RG27 8BY Winchfield Village Hall, Station Road, Hook 24/7 Public
60915D79-AAE2-47B7-B793-AD7C00A7F691 RG27 8DL Hartley Wintney Football Club, Green Lane, Hook 24/7 Public
1B3C9720-ED80-4ECC-9D87-AE3100FFA353 RG27 8DQ Hartley Wintney Junior Football Club, Greenfields Junior School, Green Lane Variable Restricted
14767149-F2AC-4A3C-9A40-AE3100FD0ABB RG27 8EB Hartley Wintney Parish Council, Lucy Pygott Centre, Vaughan Close 24/7 Public
B7AC365C-70E7-4F7F-B2AC-AD2700E10724 RG27 8ED St Johns Church, Fleet Road, Hook Variable Restricted
6A8401CA-7112-4F22-828A-AE2700A66A9C RG27 8NS Quaintways Cottage Dental Surgery, High Street, Hook 24/7 Public
307B3EB0-9052-4D2C-9090-AE2300AFE727 RG27 8NZ Hartley Wintney Parish Council, Public Telephone 5m From Willan & Willan Chartered Accountants, The Old Sorting Office, Hi, High Street 24/7 Public
A1EAF5AC-F9E4-4A58-B8BD-B06200EBAE82 RG27 8NZ Tesco Hartley Wintney Express, High Street, Hartley Witney Variable Public
CBACE72D-9BDB-4304-979D-AF9800F94589 RG27 8PG Hartley Wintney Cricket Club, Cricket Pavilion, Cricket Green Lane 24/7 Public
0EB842DB-2633-4A37-99C3-AD2401628B43 RG27 8QA Hartley Wintney Fire Station, Brew House Lane, Hartley Wintney 24/7 Public
8EBD7C13-819D-46E0-A420-B04B009B8658 RG27 8QJ Hartley Wintney Surgery, 1 Chapter Terrace, Hartley Wintney Variable Restricted
037014D3-481E-4EF8-A82B-AD8E00B996FE RG27 8RQ Victoria Hall, West Green Road, Hook 24/7 Public
8857A934-2E70-485B-B521-B01A00BE65F4 RG27 8RT The Phoenix Inn, Phoenix Inn, London Road 24/7 Public
388DB0A2-8D66-4939-9490-AD1E00C663EB RG27 8XU Quadratek Infrastructure Ltd, Unit 6 Taplins Court, Church Lane Variable Restricted
BC5825DE-0113-476C-A366-AF2700A79CFE RG27 9DZ White Hart Hotel, London Road, Hook 24/7 Restricted
FAE18CD0-3407-4443-BEBD-B04A008A1D0E RG27 9ED Whitewater Health Surgery Hook, Hook Surgery, Reading Road 24/7 Restricted
C6F3124A-82EC-49A3-8B72-B08A00EECAAC RG27 9GR Kistler Instruments Ltd, Unit 13, Murrell Green Business Park Variable Restricted
0173E736-0174-402E-9880-AD2800CF6EC8 RG27 9HH Hvhca, Raven Road, Hook 24/7 Public
1B58E8CD-09B3-404B-9F82-B06100AC9363 RG27 9HS Hook, Station Road, Hook 24/7 Public
25427890-34E0-4868-9603-B03F011268A5 RG27 9JE Tesco Hook, Station Rd, Hook Variable Public
EE6A5E7B-525E-4AA3-B5F9-AE7E00ACCD14 RG27 9LA Oaklea House, London Road, Hook 24/7 Public
50977ECC-1890-4D9F-B7DF-AD2F00C2D10B RG27 9NN Hook Parish Council, Ravenscroft, Hook 24/7 Public
C5033CC4-EA55-4197-98A5-ADE6010000B8 RG27 9PT Up Nately Village, Greywell Road Phone Box, Up Nately 24/7 Public
710FA7BE-7AFC-43B4-AA32-AFE800DD4878 RG27 9UT Screwfix, Unit 4 Rose Estate, Osborn Way Variable Restricted
3309DBC7-F97B-4093-80F0-AFAF00F5FFED RG27 9XA Taylor Wimpey West London, Form One Bartley Wood Business Park, 17 Bartley Way Variable Public
5216BB90-CEF7-47B6-A639-AE3800B7EDCA RG28 7AH Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco, 25 Winchester Street Variable Public
20AEF567-9681-4718-AF31-AD570088168C RG28 7BB Albright International Ltd, Unit E Evingar Industrial Estate, Ardglen Road Variable Restricted
794000AC-3379-401B-B651-ADC200D971D3 RG28 7BB R A Jenton International Ltd, Unit 9/10 Ardglen Industrial Estate, Ardglen Road 24/7 Public
4C78C341-ECCE-490C-8952-AD6A00E54BEF RG28 7BP Gill Nethercott Community Group, Unit A6 Pegasus Court, Ardglen Road 24/7 Public
B2B1DCDE-B002-4F83-942E-AD6A00E407D4 RG28 7BP Gill Nethercott Community Group, Units A4 A5 A7 A10 Pegasus Court, Ardglen Road 24/7 Public
1D9B0767-8DA8-4D53-A08D-AD6A00E1947F RG28 7DX Gill Nethercott Community Group, Bere Hill House, Wessex Lodge 24/7 Public
00CFF04C-9FE6-4010-8B64-B06100AB7BCA RG28 7ER Whitchurch, Station Road, Whitchurch 24/7 Public
86D83C8E-8562-45B3-BABA-B01400E22D93 RG28 7FH 7 Powell Gardens, Whitchurch 24/7 Public
4EEC4120-79C1-43D7-8AA9-B0700098BE79 RG28 7FS The Barry Jackman Sports Pavilion And Pitches, Shuttle Street, Whitchurch 24/7 Public
7819BEF8-4973-49DD-939B-AD6A00DC7C1B RG28 7HP Gill Nethercott Community Group, Gill Nethercott Centre, 34 Winchester Road Variable Restricted
2619CEC4-9129-4BC9-A91E-AD6A00DFC47C RG28 7HW 67 Winchester Road, Whitchurch 24/7 Public
1176EAEA-A98C-4742-9659-B01400E3D44C RG28 7JF Testbourne Community School, Micheldever Road, Whitchurch Variable Restricted
70E07A1E-A699-4940-A1AE-AE2400A9BCCA RG28 7JF Testbourne Community School, Micheldever Road, Whitchurch 24/7 Public
0ED7F935-0A06-474F-8B9E-B09000DFF662 RG28 7LS Hampshire County Council, Whitchurch C Of E Primary School, Daniel Road Variable Restricted
20EDCA77-A26D-4DCC-A3CC-AD4100C9FB78 RG28 7NR Bombay Saphire Ltd, Mill House, London Road 24/7 Restricted
6FC74D01-CFC7-4ADD-90B7-AE3E00C0F3D9 RG28 7NY Laverstoke And Freefolk Parish Council, Pavilion, Laverstoke Lane 24/7 Public
5D440576-FD1E-482C-A261-AFCD0111BB19 RG28 7PR School House, Litchfield Road, Litchfield 24/7 Public
AEFBFCD1-991C-4B98-8CC5-AFCD0115B0B8 RG28 7PT Litchfield Social Club, Post Office Shop, Road To Litchfield Down House 24/7 Restricted
55882D33-18EB-4C66-86A7-AD4B01740E43 RG28 7RB Whitchurch United Fc, 109 Winchester Road, Longmeadow Sports Social Club Variable Public
0CB99AC5-F99B-44D7-A632-ADA600A1D7C6 RG28 7RF Church Cottages, 1 Manor Farm Lane, Tufton 24/7 Public
6408DFFF-D4A1-4C88-9213-B06000D7E5FA RG28 7RH Clock Barn, Tufton Warren Farm, Tufton Warren Variable Restricted
A3E1BC47-552B-466B-B9C0-ADA600A0D773 RG28 7SB Hurstbourne Priors Village Hall, 41 Stoke Lane, Hurstbourne Priors 24/7 Public
4E5C958C-1740-4D44-96ED-AED600C14A38 RG29 1EU Esso Petrol Station, Mfg Esso Petrol Station, Hook Road 24/7 Public
717FCB99-D8B9-4716-9889-AD4000C042F9 RG29 1LN Co-Operative Retail Services Ltd, 56 High Street, Odiham 24/7 Public
D4F25D3E-099B-4A04-BD90-B07C00BA88DC RG29 1NB Mayhill Junior School, Mayhill County Junior School, The Bury, The Bury, The Bury Variable Public
4374 RG29 1NE Odiham and North Warnborough Bowling Club, Hampshire 24/7 Public
4756 RG29 1NE Tennis Club, Hampshire 24/7 Public
98E15C3B-609E-4FD6-8803-B02800D91585 RG29 1NE Odiham Cottage Hospital, Buryfields, Odiham 24/7 Public
AC887436-D83C-4644-839E-AD28011315EA RG29 1NE Odiham & N. Warnborough Bowls Club, Buryfields, Odiham Variable Public
6469 RG29 1NF Odiham and Greywell Cricket Club, Hampshire 24/7 Public
3A27CE83-D394-43E5-90AD-AE2100A311C7 RG29 1NF Cricket Ground, King Street, Hook 24/7 Public
6093B77D-1224-491B-9CA9-AD5000A8BAD1 RG29 1NJ King Street Dental Practice, Charlotte Terrace, 2 King Street Variable Restricted
714CBB78-9F10-4B13-BD54-B02800D673D1 RG29 1NU Leapfrogs, Recreation Road, Odiham 24/7 Public
E6403C9D-24C1-4A89-8242-AD3F00B0917E RG29 1NU Leapfrogs, Recreation Road, Hook 24/7 Public
32E26FD7-0C15-4F23-B01A-B04B00955C00 RG29 1QD Swimming Pool, Raf Odiham, Hook 24/7 Public
3E0ABAF9-DB61-4206-9C9E-B04B009322E6 RG29 1QD Church Of St. Michael & St. George, Raf Odiham, Churchill Avenue 24/7 Public
F45D7DF9-F29F-42B3-80C6-AE930146B879 RG29 1RS Post Box 9m From Post Office, Alton Road 8m From B3349, Alton Road, Hook 24/7 Public
88D0C363-546D-4967-9062-AF3A011C4210 RG29 1SJ Bumpers Farm, Sutton Common, Hook 24/7 Public
39862F85-9D6B-46BE-B878-B07500DCACCE RG29 1ST Long Sutton (Church Of England) Primary School, Hyde Road, Long Sutton Variable Restricted
68DB6808-D833-49AE-AEE8-AE1B00E2530F RG30 1AW Tesco, Tesco Extra Reading West, Portman Road Variable Public
1A1D16E9-8C14-4A87-A998-ADF800DD97D7 RG30 1FF Steris Ims, Nightingale Way, Reading Variable Public
7B6097A9-3A0E-4C8F-A007-AECC0082891B RG30 1HG Grovelands Surgery, 701 Oxford Road, Reading Variable Public
19B3410D-5F84-40CF-A12E-AFD300C0B891 RG30 1JT 8 Bridgewater Close, Reading Variable Restricted
A8769A2E-BC3F-4A21-A4E0-AD5C00C42EC2 RG30 2BB The Wren School, 61-63 Bath Road, Reading 24/7 Public
1C8E041D-8A19-40BD-A14D-B07C00E6E10F RG30 2JH St Edwards School, 64 Tilehurst Road, Reading Variable Restricted
D947D2E6-0D25-471D-943F-AED800EA5C5E RG30 2JP Berkshire Ms Therapy Centre, Bradbury House, 23a August End Variable Public
18BBD1BD-1D6F-49DB-9B6B-AEF300D67D40 RG30 2ND Prospect Pavilion Prospect Park, Liebenrood Road, Reading Variable Restricted
0F99235A-1223-4B44-8EB6-AD4A013959CC RG30 2RB 147 Beecham Road, Reading 24/7 Restricted
8D0C94C1-CBFF-4243-B8DB-B03B00E66ED4 RG30 2TD Battle Primary School, Cranbury Road, Reading 24/7 Public
70BEAF09-4E1E-4C08-9A68-AFCE00DB3DD9 RG30 3QP Reading Borough Council, Southcote Youth & Community Centre, Coronation Square 24/7 Public
475E55F6-C9F1-4570-B196-ADDB0129789B RG30 3RS Civil Service Club, James Lane, Reading 24/7 Public
C0572BBA-42FE-4A93-973A-AD4100AEA563 RG30 3TH Hatch Gate Inn, The Hatch, Burghfield 24/7 Public
2ACC0B21-A54B-427E-A69F-AD4F0095F1F0 RG30 3TX Burghfield St Marys C.e. Primary School, Burghfield St Marys Church Of England Primary School, Theale Road Variable Restricted
BFBA4956-0658-473A-A2E3-AF5001009EBB RG30 3UE Amners Farm Lane, Reading 24/7 Public
4F16407A-141E-4F07-BAF9-AFF800CEB6B3 RG30 4BZ Meadway Sports Centre, Conwy Close, Reading Variable Public
BB566961-5E50-4544-A89F-AF1E00D61DEF RG30 4EL Olympia Tools Uk Ltd, Honey End Lane, Reading Variable Restricted
99398FAD-C801-4AEF-974A-AD1D011FFFB3 RG30 4JX St Michaels Church, New Lane Hill, Tilehurst 24/7 Restricted
24FC3495-14B9-4FCC-89EB-AF2E009ACBD8 RG30 4NP Stepping Stones Pre School, 1 Dunsfold Road, Reading 24/7 Public
0DB00064-B375-4895-8A56-AD3200A0792B RG30 4UN Moorlands Primary School, Church End Lane, Reading Variable Public
348ECC45-F21F-4675-809E-AEE700F9730F RG30 6AD Elms Dental Surgery, 256 Norcot Road, Tilehurst Variable Public
A9677146-F34F-49FD-9A15-B0A400FAB213 RG30 6AY Reading City Football Club, Scours Lane, Tilehurst Variable Restricted
BB4EFB6E-C1D0-49BD-B9D7-AE6900A85E9B RG30 6AY Reading Marine Services, Scours Lane, Reading 24/7 Public
4D061026-4281-4097-BB55-AFCF00CDBB7F RG30 6BW Tilehurst Surgery Partnership, Tylers Place, Tilehurst Variable Restricted
4F90611D-12B6-48D1-8760-AFC200DB0B10 RG30 6BX Screwfix, Unit 8a Stadium Way Ind. Est., Stadium Way Variable Restricted
85FE37CF-9D1C-4698-9741-AF0F013E84FE RG30 6WR Waitrose Reading, 980 Oxford Road, Reading 24/7 Public
93D1AA65-1994-4E6D-804E-AD4800E97DC4 RG31 5AN Tilehurst Methodist Church, School Road, Reading 24/7 Public
4D120C47-0A90-46FC-971C-AF8C00A14288 RG31 5AS Park Lane Primary School, Park Lane Primary School Infants Department, 55 School Road Variable Public
E14ACBAC-9E4C-4295-A2A8-B09A0086CAE9 RG31 5AS Park Lane Primary School Infants Department, 55 School Road, Tilehurst Variable Public
7E21F3A6-00F4-45A3-B2CE-AD2B00E4960F RG31 5AT The Triangle Dental Practice, 79 School Road, Reading Variable Restricted
CF48D290-A2DB-45D4-9B6F-B037009B6B5C RG31 5BD Park Lane Primary School Junior Department, 130 School Road, Reading Variable Public
DB652C37-7D32-431D-B445-AD1E00E02489 RG31 5BD Park Lane Primary School, Park Lane Primary School Junior Department, 130 School Road Variable Restricted
AFBC66DA-9251-402B-9C0D-AD2E00B4E21C RG31 5LN St. Catherine's Church Centre, Church Of St Catherine, Wittenham Avenue 24/7 Public
5DCAD322-9CAE-42A1-BAA8-AE3800927BE8 RG31 6FA Tesco Stores Ltd, 3 The Parade, Knowsley Road Variable Public
B7B67C20-9F84-42AD-B029-AD1E0092099C RG31 6FE Downsway Primary School, Warbreck Drive, Tilehurst Variable Public
2A6324EA-1F68-47F9-8C58-B03F009A978E RG31 6RY Westwood Farm Infant School, Fullbrook Crescent, Reading Variable Restricted
5ECFC04B-A514-417D-AD83-B03F009D2EEC RG31 6RY Westwood Farm Junior School, Fullbrook Crescent, Reading Variable Public
754D4B4E-DDD6-439F-ACD6-B05100BA31D1 RG31 6SL Cotswold Sports Centre, Downs Way, Reading Variable Restricted
4E2012ED-6806-4BCE-B711-B0660097CFF5 RG31 6TH Tilehurst Railway Station, Rg31 6th, Reading 24/7 Public
1FA0FF85-1960-4911-A00B-AE8C008130AA RG31 6XY Denefield School, Long Lane, Reading Variable Restricted
66A75ED9-9326-4BC1-9FA1-AE8C007F1571 RG31 6XY Denefield School, Long Lane, Reading Variable Restricted
B79C8456-574A-450D-B676-AD2F00EBEF53 RG31 6YG Long Lane Primary School, Long Lane, Tilehurst Variable Restricted
CCE17EBD-C4AF-46EA-A45A-B0AB00FA47D1 RG31 6YG Long Lane Primary School, Long Lane, Tilehurst Variable Restricted
58477590-DBF8-46B2-A8BC-AF2000C7B04C RG31 7RN Calcot Park Golf Club, Bath Road, Calcot 24/7 Public
A366FC26-2D50-4551-9805-AE6200DB092A RG31 7SA Puregym, Sainsbury's, Bath Road 24/7 Restricted
FC6C36D8-D067-4017-BD90-AEB000B15629 RG31 7YT Kennet Valley Primary School, Carters Rise, Reading Variable Restricted
83BCC770-971E-4E8F-B211-ADC500AA26C9 RG4 6LQ Thames & Kennet Marina Ltd, Henley Road, Reading 24/7 Public
B0300FC6-84A2-4560-935F-AD2A009F27DA RG4 6PF Caversham Park Village Social Club, The Milestone Centre, Northbrook Road,, Caversham 24/7 Public
1915AC71-1747-4C4B-9370-B09200BB392B RG4 6ST Sonning Lawn Tennis Club, Sonning Lawn Tennis Club Near To Berks County Sports Club, Sonning Lane 24/7 Public
9EC09C0C-C932-4416-8E1C-B04300FAD078 RG4 6ST Reading Cricket And Hockey Club, Sonning Lane, Sonning 24/7 Public
EA5907F5-C811-44EC-A2B9-B051013385BF RG4 6SX Dairy Cottage, Holme Park Farm Lane, Woodley 24/7 Public
07998107-5902-4542-9724-AF1C00E98A09 RG4 6UR Lock House Sonning Lock, Thames Street, Sonning 24/7 Public
2F7F4495-EFB4-4063-A98C-B04B00C5A205 RG4 6UR St Andrew's Church, Thames Street, Sonning 24/7 Public
760 RG4 6XF Beech Lodge, Berkshire 24/7 Public
3D8CCD39-CC04-4BE7-B89E-AFC600B80908 RG4 6XF Scout And Guide Hut, Pound Lane, Sonning 24/7 Public
30DB331C-147A-495D-9022-AD7B00DD5606 RG4 7AQ 9 Woodrow Court, Church Street, Caversham 24/7 Restricted
C950C6BD-639B-440D-8F70-ADB80105D8F6 RG4 7ER 8 Hewett Close, Reading Variable Restricted
80FA7531-2DC8-4DF6-8155-AF460107E014 RG4 7EZ Reading Borough Council, Mapledurham Pavilion, Woodcote Road 24/7 Public
6AC24FF0-7CC8-4E0F-B474-B08F00884212 RG4 7LB The Heights Primary School, 129 Upper Woodcote Road, Caversham Variable Restricted
588D35AE-F1A4-4B2C-BD32-AD4A00A0C871 RG4 7PR Tennis 54m From 102 Albert Road 27m From Albert Road, Albert Road, Reading 24/7 Public
B55B3A53-643C-47F9-A381-AD2B00B25D06 RG4 7RA Caversham Primary School, Hemdean Road, Reading Variable Public
7F1F86D5-C2C7-4B2F-8721-AE6700D08156 RG4 7SS Doctors Surgery, 59a Hemdean Road, Reading Variable Public
EE40495F-69F6-4838-B98D-AE6800C6E5C9 RG4 7TP Mapledurham Parish Council, The Lodge, Main Street Through Mapledurham Village 24/7 Public
3F2C5C62-976F-4D80-BB74-AED700B75F21 RG4 8AA Riverside Dental Centre, 20 Bridge Street, Caversham 24/7 Public
B3CD0B34-2F68-4C3C-A845-ADDC007F82FD RG4 8AU Tesco Esso Caversham Bridge Service Station, 18-20 Church Street, Reading Variable Public
30FDB847-FC93-4012-82FC-AFB900C94709 RG4 8BA House Of Cards, 29 Church Street, Caversham 24/7 Public
8ACFD885-634F-4158-A3C2-AD1E00B30A1F RG4 8LR Highdown School, Surley Row, Reading Variable Public
04AE43BC-96C9-4D98-B869-AE3800BC3531 RG4 8RZ Tesco, Buckingham Drive Service Station, Buckingham Drive 24/7 Public
0DE5E5B8-33D4-4C96-913D-AD1F00E269E4 RG4 8TU The Hill Primary School, Peppard Road, Reading Variable Public
8200C8B6-F320-46A5-9222-AE1C0168E381 RG4 8US 89th Reading Scout Group, Scout Association, Kiln Road 24/7 Public
333FBBDF-B045-4F0C-A50B-ADEB0148DB12 RG4 9AS Hilbre, Chalkhouse Green Road, Reading Variable Restricted
BDAADA57-E320-459C-ADB2-AD2C00CB9BE3 RG4 9AU Kidmore End Primary School, Chalkhouse Green Road, Reading 24/7 Public
E9B3010C-D989-4BC9-8177-AD75009DF984 RG4 9AU Kidmore End Primary School, Chalkhouse Green Road, Reading 24/7 Public
FE8AC606-8AD2-4C02-957C-AD2600A15B93 RG4 9BT Bishopswood Sports Club, Horsepond Road, Reading 24/7 Public
7617 RG4 9BU Kidmore End Cricket Club Pavilion, Oxfordshire 24/7 Public
9E66D29E-4ECB-4711-95FE-AEAB0106C80A RG4 9BU Kidmore End Cricket Club, The Hamlet, Gallowstree Common 24/7 Public
761570F3-6D6E-4361-AE40-AD5401611EDF RG4 9EN Hollybank, Rokeby Drive, Reading 24/7 Public
41BB0242-1D78-4B14-8FE6-AECF00E74749 RG4 9HE Ian Kendrick Ltd, Vines Farm Estate Office And Workshops, Reading Road, Cane End 24/7 Restricted
7C5C3275-D233-43DF-93B1-B08900B4A9AE RG4 9LN Chiltern Edge Secondary School, Reades Lane, Sonning Common 24/7 Public
F8A239E1-FBE4-40F2-901A-AD8E01030648 RG4 9RJ Sonning Common Primary School, Grove Road, Reading 24/7 Public
CB3BA7CC-A466-406B-A9CF-AD81011C9AA5 RG4 9SL Village Hall, Wood Lane, Sonning Common 24/7 Public
C8F658FF-0EBF-42EB-9FE1-AF3300D1B233 RG4 9SW Sonning Comon Health Centre, Wood Lane, Reading Variable Restricted
4DE1FB11-0C91-43EE-B79B-AF0F013E7132 RG40 1BB Waitrose Wokingham, Rectory Rd, Wokingham 24/7 Public
AEEFB12E-9456-4FE2-BA59-AE4600ECF9F8 RG40 1BG Floreat Montague Park Primary School, William Heelas Way, Wokingham Variable Restricted
13B07B3F-8E60-44C0-B124-AE4401038415 RG40 1BN Wokingham Borough Council, Shute End, Wokingham Variable Restricted
35B7DAEB-B874-4EA8-A962-AF900099D4FE RG40 1SS St Crispins School, London Road, Wokingham Variable Public
B4B34F02-B471-4BD1-A4E2-AE01010C4291 RG40 1ST Doubletree By Hilton St. Anne's Manor, St Annes Manor Hotel, London Road 24/7 Public
E5814ED5-3642-468C-A075-AD1F00CDD54B RG40 1UE The Cornerstone, Norreys Avenue, Wokingham 24/7 Public
44481EFC-BE55-4C02-9493-AE930139838A RG40 1XS Wokingham Methodist Church, Rose Street, Wokingham Variable Restricted
85D34AAA-60AB-475F-8F72-AD24008DA0EC RG40 1YA The Office, Westende, London Road, Wokingham 24/7 Public
43645E53-C79C-41F3-BA69-AF3400E4F101 RG40 2AF Wokingham Leisure Centre, Wellington Road, Wokingham 24/7 Public
057B847A-6527-4F23-8565-B06100AB57DA RG40 2AP Wokingham, Station Approach, Wokingham 24/7 Public
55078486-F2FF-4923-A45E-AF3500DE2D7F RG40 2EE Wokingham Dental Clinic, 56 Easthampstead Road, Wokingham Variable Public
346D381C-CBC3-46C2-B435-AD4400F71751 RG40 2EH Royal Berkshire Fire And Rescue, Wokingham Community Fire Station, Easthampstead Road 24/7 Public
4F90E648-9672-4156-824B-ADD60095DA47 RG40 2LD Nuffield Health, Nuffield Health The Plaza, Denmark Street Variable Public
AD0B50CC-9576-4673-9EAE-B03000B4A09A RG40 2LD Nuffield Health, 1 The Plaza, Denmark Street Variable Public
EC672F04-952A-409B-911D-AFBA00B860C1 RG40 2LD Outside Nuffield Health, Unit 1, The Plaza, Denmark Street 24/7 Public
E71427BB-5D57-4D8E-8C27-B03E006DD41F RG40 2NS Tesco Wokingham, 78 Finchampstead Rd, Wokingham Variable Public
C836838C-6997-445B-9A57-AD1E008CE34F RG40 3AL Holme Grange School, Heathlands Road, Wokingham Variable Public
1168 RG40 3AQ Pinewood Centre, Berkshire 24/7 Public
67794D06-D21F-431A-AF20-AE9600F5AA2C RG40 3AQ Pinewood Football Club, Old Wokingham Road, Crowthorne 24/7 Public
7AF98FE4-C1D0-4302-827D-AD2600E1DE8C RG40 3AQ Pinewood Bar & Cafe, Unit 8 Pinewood Leisure Centre, Old Wokingham Road 24/7 Public
B902BAE3-D2AF-40F8-8AF6-ADA900A8C9B6 RG40 3AT St Sebastians Church Hall, St Sebastian's Church Hall, Nine Mile Ride 24/7 Public
FA3128A7-B693-4963-9A55-AECA00A10BB6 RG40 3AT St Sebastian's C Of E Primary School, Nine Mile Ride, Wokingham Variable Restricted
3633 RG40 3AW Unit 14, Holme Grange Craft Village, Berkshire 24/7 Public
2CA598E7-97E7-4728-8A1A-AD2600E5772D RG40 3AW Arissa Beauty, Unit 14 Holme Grange Craft Centre, Heathlands Road 24/7 Public
5383 RG40 3BA St Sebastian's Memorial Hall, Berkshire 24/7 Public
30155B41-CA61-4C60-9A39-AFDA00F2AC8E RG40 3BA St Sebastian's Memorial Hall, Nine Mile Ride, Wokingham 24/7 Public
2B66DF28-640E-4598-B921-AE2400ACAF46 RG40 3DH Downshire Golf Complex, Easthampstead Park, Wokingham Variable Restricted
C18907F1-96C8-4F14-B99F-AFAF01103B21 RG40 3DN Taylor Wimpey West London, The Evergreens, South Road Variable Public
677C5C90-0309-4CF9-8B4B-B03700B30620 RG40 3GG Badgerwood, West Road, Wokingham 24/7 Public
2F3408B3-1286-453C-BC7F-AD230089F0E1 RG40 3RB Bathroom Concepts, 422 Finchampstead Road, Finchampstead 24/7 Public
DE603526-B39C-4FC6-B4CC-AD2300885E9D RG40 3RL California Rate Payers Hall, Finchampstead Road, Wokingham 24/7 Public
6C1503F0-C613-4803-8911-AD2F0106DB9A RG40 3XA Crown Wood Cricket Club St Sebastian's Playing Field Trust Sports Club, St Sebastians Close, Wokingham 24/7 Public
0F70531F-447D-48E7-A777-AD21008BA594 RG40 4ES Finchampstead Baptist Church Centre, Gorse Ride North, Finchampstead Variable Public
05D9B03D-5E90-4DD6-B02A-AF8000AE50E0 RG40 4JG Electricity Sub Station 13m From 1 Dart Close 11m From Dart Close, Dart Close, Finchampstead Variable Restricted
FD69FACE-0CA4-4C99-97DB-AD4A00FB887F RG40 4JJ Gorse Ride Junior School, Gorse Ride South, Finchampstead Variable Restricted
30C8DA86-BD81-402A-91B1-AE9C00C39243 RG40 4JU Finchampstead Fc, Finchampstead Sports Club, The Village 24/7 Restricted
9325F30B-3151-4E8B-AA23-AD21008F566C RG40 4JU Memorial Hall, The Village, Finchampstead 24/7 Public
F5014EF2-A887-458E-8909-AD23008BD0D1 RG40 4LU St James' Church Centre The Manor House, Church Lane, Finchampstead 24/7 Public
93CC6CE2-649D-483E-B615-AE6500DE5D77 RG40 4PL Barkham Village Hall Management Committee, Barkham Village Hall, Church Lane 24/7 Public
A42EF934-A3EA-47D7-AC0F-AAFF00EF16A7 RG40 4PZ Insta Group, Insta House, 10 Ivanhoe Road Variable Public
83A9D03E-229B-4C2F-B640-AD5E0170313B RG40 4QZ Hogwood Garage, Unit F, Weller Drive, Finchampstead 24/7 Public
C8634F51-0D71-4ACF-A0E6-AD7A0068665B RG40 4QZ Heartstartswallowfield, Hogwood Garage - Unit F, Weller Drive 24/7 Public
96F84457-8183-4F93-87FF-AE6600F52601 RG40 5PR Box Bell Fit, Unit 2 Stokes Farm, Binfield Road 24/7 Public
D871F580-8EEF-494B-9EE5-ADBE00E0C4EF RG40 5QG Cantley Park Pavilion, Twyford Road, Wokingham 24/7 Public
F691595C-F757-416A-8390-AEC300F70516 RG40 5SA Kingsclere, Forest Road, Binfield 24/7 Public
0C521A70-CEB7-4A9B-A9AC-AF9B00BD26A0 RG41 1AA Beeches Manor, Reading Road, Wokingham 24/7 Public
3B5A2975-A859-44B2-A6A0-AD91009A2883 RG41 1EE The Holt School, Holt Lane, Wokingham 24/7 Restricted
68976751-8BD3-4966-8408-AD91009BBF8F RG41 1EE The Holt School, Holt Lane, Wokingham 24/7 Restricted
6F81E6F6-7EC4-4E00-805D-ADE300A67019 RG41 1EE The Holt School, Holt Lane, Wokingham 24/7 Public
6EF158F6-93B0-4C48-96A4-AEE7012622F2 RG41 1EG 7/9 Reading Road, Wokingham Variable Restricted
1F82F0F1-D4DD-4DEB-8F06-AEBB010C3B3D RG41 1EH St Pauls Parish Rooms, St Paul's Parish Rooms, Reading Road 24/7 Public
66BCA265-CDF8-463F-9845-ADCC00BF0D00 RG41 1EH Wade, 40 Reading Road, Wokingham Variable Restricted
22A1875C-814A-4866-90CF-AD2501120C29 RG41 1JP The Emmbrook School, Emmbrook Road, Wokingham Variable Public
1F7A587F-F3E6-4786-B252-ADF800FAA65D RG41 1JR Emmbrook Infant School, Emmbrook Road, Wokingham Variable Restricted
6493BC4A-8520-4E10-A715-AD4E00A2B19A RG41 1JR Emmbrook Junior School, Emmbrook Road, Wokingham Variable Public
8CE54C76-85C2-4E56-ABF1-AD2100F4A35B RG41 1PH 17 Summerfield Close, Wokingham Variable Restricted
3E36344E-E387-4165-A904-B09700D1FDE4 RG41 2FD Ohes Environmental, Unit 3 Forest Court, Oaklands Park Variable Restricted
4ECF8348-051A-4B27-A8C4-AD1E00D24D2F RG41 2FD Cem Analytical Services Ltd. (Cemas), Imperial House,, 8 Oaklands Business Park Variable Restricted
0E247CD1-FA58-4114-A9BB-AED00070B2B1 RG41 2QJ Surestore Wokingham, Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham 24/7 Public
43453E30-6CF0-40D5-AADA-B09300DA3A2E RG41 2QX Millars Fillers, Unit 2 The Old Print Works, Fishponds Road 24/7 Public
E69B447C-91B1-4A21-A016-AFE900E4AF9A RG41 2RX Screwfix, Molly Millars Close, Wokingham Variable Restricted
69EEE6FB-1B8A-4A19-AEEE-AD2700861A0F RG41 2YJ St Paul's Cofe Junior School, St Paul's C Of E Junior School, Oxford Road Variable Public
A27F9B52-C136-41C3-A073-AD2C010B4CED RG41 3DR Woosehill Medical Centre, Fernlea Drive, Wokingham 24/7 Public
3FDA2AC4-61A6-43F2-ABFD-AE4300BE0C69 RG41 3RS Woosehill Community Church, Chestnut Avenue, Wokingham 24/7 Public
37791230-8AED-4128-8ED9-AF5000A2CD5D RG41 4SY Barkham Village Store And Post Office, 48 Bearwood Road, Barkham 24/7 Public
9E28AB19-19CD-467D-871E-AE4F0110735B RG41 5AW Wokingham Tennis Club, Tennis 60m From Wokingham Cricket Club, Sadlers End 136m From Sadlers End, Sadlers End 24/7 Public
A9B6C458-6EB6-46CB-B498-B0AC01082C25 RG41 5BB Bearwood Primary School, Bearwood Road, Sindlesham Variable Restricted
29EC85EA-36BC-46D0-AFB5-AF9000AE029F RG41 5DJ Nirvana Fitness, Nirvana Spa, Mole Road Variable Restricted
5822C425-237A-412D-AFA7-AF550155FD44 RG41 5DJ Nirvana Spa & Leisure Ltd, Nirvana Spa, Mole Road Variable Restricted
D7E9E9EB-78B5-44E2-8963-AF5501590BC2 RG41 5DJ Nirvana Spa & Leisure Ltd, Nirvana Spa, Mole Road Variable Restricted
4AD4B138-D8F8-4187-B82B-ADC100BD54DD RG41 5DU Winnersh Parish Council, Winnersh Community Centre, New Road, Sindlesham 24/7 Public
72EF3B81-E034-42C3-A667-AD330099B92C RG41 5EA Sindlesham Court Ltd, Mole Road, Wokingham Variable Public
BDDF9806-C651-4E8D-8F19-AD330097FB1A RG41 5EA Sindlesham Court Ltd, Mole Road, Wokingham Variable Restricted
1ADF5611-F333-4229-81F9-AFCC00ECE9F8 RG41 5EN Brookside Group Practice, Winnersh Surgery, 10 Melbourne Avenue Variable Restricted
910 RG41 5LH Primary School, Berkshire 24/7 Public
5D77791D-15DC-4029-8CE2-B06600E45A6D RG41 5LP Winnersh Rbl, The Royal British Legion, Woodward Close 24/7 Public
A25EE560-1F06-455D-A3A8-B06100AB5EA2 RG41 5LU Winnersh, Robin Hood Lane, Winnersh 24/7 Public
A47CA92A-22DE-455D-91D5-AD4300D8534B RG41 5RA A. Menarini Diagnostics Ltd., Unit 405, Wharfedale Road Variable Public
3A1E5740-7415-4F65-A5AE-AF3A00CF25A5 RG41 5TP Tepeo Ltd, 630 Wharfedale Road, Winnersh Triangle Variable Restricted
B1E234D9-A69B-4B33-827E-AF2400C9DD5C RG41 5TP Advantage Smollan, Unit 650, Wharfedale Road Variable Restricted
FD5C883B-05C8-40BB-93B4-AF3500EFC64A RG41 5TP Mapp Property Management, 210 Wharfedale Road, Foh Reception Variable Restricted
054A19FC-9B94-4429-B960-AF3500A42D72 RG41 5TS Hollister Ltd, 1010 Eskdale Road, Winnersh Variable Restricted
219F2323-587E-4A90-9994-AF3500E2A1D9 RG41 5TS Mapp Property Management, Security Patrol Vehicle, 1000 Eskdale Road 24/7 Restricted
531D1D48-7209-4CBB-AE76-AEA500EF8002 RG41 5TS Stage 2 1100, Eskdale Road, Winnersh 24/7 Restricted
8D35625D-187F-437E-8A09-AF3500E775FC RG41 5TS Mapp Property Management, 1020 Eskdale Road, Foh Reception Variable Restricted
E5E6FFB5-7509-4F65-97E3-B06100AB6513 RG41 5TS Winnersh Triangle, Wharfedale Road, Winnersh 24/7 Public
5023F178-8F4B-4796-8620-AF3500D872B6 RG41 5TU Mapp Property Management, 1180 Eskdale Road, Winnersh Variable Restricted
90B258C5-21D7-45B0-98DD-AEDF00B21829 RG41 5TU Mapp Property Managament, The Cabin, Eskdale Road 24/7 Public
C53DE57D-BC63-41AC-973B-B07700F16AAD RG41 5TU Winnersh Film Studios Security Desk, Building E2, Eskdale Road 24/7 Restricted
35EA28DC-8794-4A9A-9A9A-ADD000D13B0F RG42 1FW Farley Wood Community Centre, Turnpike Road, Bracknell Variable Restricted
A6AEC5B8-BE18-4646-B2EE-AE8D00A50597 RG42 1TU Bracknell Forest Council, The Willows And Maples Childrens Centre Priestwood Community Centre, Priestwood Court Road Variable Restricted
171968CA-2D78-4317-B17C-AEF900B068C0 RG42 2AD Pe Department - Garth Hill College, Garth Hill College, Bull Lane Variable Restricted
84B7401A-5B95-40D9-8F18-AEF9009756DA RG42 2AD Pupil Reception - Garth Hill College, Garth Hill College, Bull Lane Variable Restricted
94306869-1D53-4DBF-AFD5-AEF900B27FCE RG42 2AD Garth Hill College Sixth Form, Garth Hill College, Bull Lane Variable Public
207E266B-25F1-434D-8C9B-AEF2010074A1 RG42 2HG The Pavilion Braybrooke Recreation Ground, Makepiece Road, Bracknell 24/7 Public
99D60271-3BCA-4487-A32C-AFEE00B11B8D RG42 3JP The Warfield Green Medical Centre, 1 County Lane, Bracknell Variable Restricted
D86D4088-3280-4A2B-9D03-B03C00BD4D9A RG42 3JP Tesco Bracknell North, County Ln, Warfield Variable Public
4E63D29D-0A45-4C2B-8766-B0AB00C9F0AB RG42 3QS Whitegrove Primary School, Westmorland Drive, Warfield Variable Restricted
03F15CF1-704F-4035-AD26-B00E00B93FC5 RG42 3RG Warfield Park Homes, Maclaren House, Maclaren Drive Variable Restricted
F6E63646-0B66-4382-88A4-B037008520F9 RG42 4AN Salisbury Hall, Newbold College, St Marks Road 24/7 Public
03DBEFB5-288A-4221-8F39-AFAF0116A87D RG42 4BS Taylor Wimpey West London, Coppid View, London Road Variable Public
4902F4E4-FD5A-49D7-8C45-AE6000F273C0 RG42 4EX Binfield Surgery, Binfield Health And Community Centre, Wood Lane Variable Public
625B9733-AEF5-4B48-8B51-AD9F00D41B51 RG42 4JZ Binfield Library, Benetfeld Road, Bracknell 24/7 Public
0C05B578-2234-4722-BAED-AF2200923A8A RG42 4UH 21 Blount Crescent, Bracknell 24/7 Restricted
C19AF531-36A8-401D-B9ED-AF3C00C65C77 RG42 5NR Hill Farm, Hill Farm Lane, Binfield 24/7 Public
4B8AEBBD-782A-4B0C-879F-ADA600C227C2 RG42 7PA Carnation Hall, Chavey Down Road, Bracknell 24/7 Public
21BCB25A-8B77-410B-AD4F-ADFC00F19373 RG45 6AL Private Residence, 41 Wellesley Drive, Crowthorne 24/7 Public
1092 RG45 6DS The Colour Palette, Berkshire 24/7 Public
CC5AA11C-EDD1-474F-BBD4-AD2600807B33 RG45 6DS The Colour Palette, 196b Dukes Ride, Crowthorne 24/7 Public
44569F09-5506-4E23-A176-AD4E009C4409 RG45 6LP Hatch Ride Primary School, Hatch Ride, Crowthorne Variable Restricted
B8D457F1-E4F6-4D24-9840-AFB2009C2777 RG45 6LP Hatch Ride Primary School, Hatch Ride, Crowthorne Variable Restricted
649F8AA8-69FA-44E7-9A8D-AD2601100BA2 RG45 6ND Crowthorne Cofe School, Crowthorne Church Of England Primary School, Dukes Ride Variable Restricted
CEA32457-CFAD-4E9D-8FBE-AE9300AD80BC RG45 6PB Our Ladys Preparatory School, 19 The Avenue, Crowthorne 24/7 Public
18B4507A-CD82-4523-8453-B0260129FB63 RG45 6QX Tesco Crowthorne Greenwood Express, 21-23 Greenwood Rd, Crowthorne Variable Public
C0E01FF5-A1E6-475C-A7DF-AFF100AB20D3 RG45 6QZ Oaklands Infant School, Butler Road, Crowthorne Variable Restricted
C84FC5EE-05AC-4C32-BE91-AD4400E23C5A RG45 7AH Fire Station, 275 High Street, Crowthorne 24/7 Public
955156FE-4839-46EE-B8F9-AD26010BC4A5 RG45 7HD Wildmoor Heath School, Lower Broadmoor Road, Crowthorne Variable Restricted
1151 RG45 7HZ Edgbarrow School, Berkshire 24/7 Public
A2D77B55-6218-4BC7-946D-B08500D53CB7 RG45 7HZ Edgbarrow School Sports Centre, Edgbarrow School, Grant Road Variable Public
BD3F2FDA-DCE7-4A10-B74C-AD260081E042 RG45 7HZ Edgbarrow School, Grant Road, Crowthorne 24/7 Public
5F31AE4D-D6B8-41C8-AF36-AF6200B7CF45 RG45 7JD Box Bear Digital Ltd, Technology House, 10 Pinehill Road Variable Restricted
EB4B5255-75E5-4894-B4D1-B0580102A61E RG45 7JD Box Bear Digital Ltd, Technology House, 10 Pinehill Road, Crowthorne 24/7 Public
7A1377B7-35E7-4121-B64E-AD2D00A4246A RG45 7LA Lower Broadmoor Road, Crowthorne 24/7 Public
F8D93124-A2D2-491C-9398-AFF700E8B793 RG5 3AN Unit 1 Woodley Park Estate, 59-69 Reading Road, Woodley Variable Restricted
286FB142-B173-4B53-A449-AD26008F5BCE RG5 3BH St Dominic Savio Catholic Primary School, Western Avenue, Woodley 24/7 Public
942EEFEC-23D4-4702-B0F8-AD4F008D224C RG5 3EJ Bulmershe Gymnastics Club The Bulmershe School, Chequers Way, Woodley Variable Restricted
5A4AB604-5E4A-4251-A04D-AE2100E13B71 RG5 3EL The Bulmershe School, Chequers Way, Woodley Variable Restricted
E23900D0-0352-4E80-927D-AD26007EB321 RG5 3EU Addington School, Woodlands Avenue, Woodley Variable Public
29A8DB6A-DC8D-42B1-A170-AFCB00F30A24 RG5 3LA Christ Church Woodley, Christ Church, Crockhamwell Road 24/7 Public
13E46CFE-A57A-40FF-8F83-AD2000BBA2E1 RG5 3LH St James Church Centre, Kingfisher Drive, Woodley 24/7 Public
8EB4BD5E-2FEB-47A0-B183-AE3700B32DF5 RG5 3NA Southlake Primary School, Campbell Road, Woodley Variable Restricted
206173EC-8EB9-46C0-8F62-AE8B00AB121F RG5 3QW Emmanuel Church Centre, South Lake Crescent, Woodley 24/7 Public
2FEDC9A3-1D54-4FC2-B3D2-AE210104F5DC RG5 4BN Cedar Place, 231 Loddon Bridge Road, Woodley 24/7 Public
68B429EC-A5CD-4856-92D8-AF4E010F4318 RG5 4BN The Poor's Land Charity, Cedar Place, 231 Loddon Bridge Road 24/7 Public
47E605C9-06C9-405F-AAAD-AE1600B53B83 RG5 4DA Childrens Home, 109 Colemans Moor Road, Woodley Variable Restricted
054454B5-1AFB-4D06-BF37-AE9E00D477B8 RG5 4JB Hicks Joinery Ltd, Hicks Joinery Ltd,, Parkside Business Park, Variable Public
96421DD9-73AB-4BB9-ADE8-AD2400A2A2D6 RG5 4JJ The Ambleside Centre, Ambleside Close, Woodley Variable Public
CBDAD32C-4736-4BF4-8928-AD5000FBA48C RG5 4JJ Beechwood Primary School, Ambleside Close, Woodley Variable Restricted
98DAC398-3600-4BCC-8D4E-AF5E00AE7932 RG5 4JZ Woodley Town Council Office The Oakwood Centre, Headley Road, Woodley 24/7 Public
1CFD2C70-0EEA-4981-9E7E-AF5B00F66476 RG5 4LY Woodford Park Leisure Centre / Woodley Town Council, Woodford Park Leisure Centre, Haddon Drive 24/7 Public
DFDEF184-9153-42D6-B898-AE930098D13E RG5 4SA Fast Food Systems Ltd, Unit 1, Headley Road East, Headley Park 9 Variable Restricted
88A128C3-E6AE-47A2-A185-AFCE00A5DB9B RG5 4SG Unit 1 Headley Park 9, Headley Road East, Woodley 24/7 Public
026E563C-F373-4C6B-946D-AFEB008A69DB RG5 4SW Screwfix, Unit 23 Headley Park, 10 Headley Road East Variable Restricted
C449027D-57B6-4B03-9EA1-AD2100B2604F RG5 4SW Unit 5 Headley Park Area Ten, Headley Road East, Woodley 24/7 Public
F10CFDE1-5F1B-443F-A73C-B04E00E816A5 RG5 4UL Tesco Woodley Express, 7 Loddon Vale Centre, Hurricane Way, Woodley Variable Public
3F54B797-041B-4941-AE48-AD2D008CC3B5 RG5 4UZ Loddon Vale Centre, Woodley Variable Restricted
063D6D9B-0762-4CBF-802F-AD4300DB04C9 RG6 1AZ Unit 1 Suttons Business Park, Suttons Park Avenue, Earley Variable Public
228D46B4-1FE7-4CD1-A7C5-AD1E0082FA07 RG6 1AZ Brakes Group, Unit 24 Suttons Business Park, Suttons Park Avenue 24/7 Public
B051510C-8916-4105-A417-ADE500D58525 RG6 1AZ Access-Is, Unit 20 Suttons Business Park, Suttons Park Avenue Variable Public
B1D2ADAF-D7F0-4909-B6E3-B06100CF1F90 RG6 1AZ Reading Depot, Hitachi Construction Machinery, 59 Suttons Park Avenue, Reading Variable Public
ACB95DC6-AF24-47EC-A56C-B04B00AF3FD1 RG6 1EY Earley St Peter's Ce Primary School, Church Road, Earley Variable Restricted
F27889CE-C985-4AEC-99A9-AD3600E3F766 RG6 1EY Church Road, Earley, Reading Variable Restricted
4C65B9E1-15E3-48C6-B47C-AD3200C0F9A1 RG6 1FR Optalis, The Birches, 1 Englefield Place Variable Restricted
3A5524CB-7FCB-43CF-AC6C-B04300B36CA5 RG6 1JR Alfred Sutton Primary School, Wokingham Road, Reading Variable Restricted
50E34A8F-AE76-4505-AAFA-AEEE00AE0C0C RG6 1JS Parkside Family Practice, 224 Wokingham Road, Reading Rg6 1js, Reading Variable Restricted
B3FC7B1F-8B40-4813-AEA7-AD4400C4EC27 RG6 1JU Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service, Fire Station, Wokingham Road 24/7 Public
4A59B098-851A-4D9A-AA87-AE2300FBC1A6 RG6 1PT David Lloyd - Reading, 1 Thames Valley Park Drive, Thames Valley Business Park Variable Restricted
372D8CAF-526C-4F69-9AED-AD4F00B7EEB8 RG6 3AP Hawkedon Primary School, Access Road From Hawkedon Way To Hawkedon Primary School, Earley Variable Restricted
3E380AC4-C5F9-46C6-866D-AED3014DA6B1 RG6 3DA 1 Chilcombe Way, Earley 24/7 Restricted
9F3D9161-407A-43ED-8DB1-AEB701066EEE RG6 3DZ Car Park Laurel Park Recreation Ground, Marefield, Earley 24/7 Public
EEFE3385-7A3D-4C1B-A784-AD24011311D5 RG6 4GD Loddon Valley Leisure Centre, Chalfont Close, Earley Variable Public
35E9FE15-AC67-485E-B45C-AF6A00D7AA46 RG6 5HJ Toby Carvery - Lower Earley, Chalfont Way, Earley Variable Public
3EBD3489-F4B5-4790-9D70-AFCC00EA33D5 RG6 5HZ Brookside Group Practice, Chalfont Surgery, Chalfont Close Variable Restricted
8415 RG6 5UZ Radstock Community Centre, Berkshire 24/7 Public
8AE57125-789C-4404-83DD-B084008A5B86 RG6 5UZ Radstock Community Centre, Radstock Lane, Earley 24/7 Public
19717DF0-4EA3-4FBF-AFE4-AD2000E4D627 RG6 7DA 338 Wokingham Road, Earley 24/7 Public
E10AC50C-3EAF-459A-B6AC-B06100ACE295 RG6 7DY Earley, Station Road, Earley 24/7 Public
D3815B51-A409-4641-91D1-AFCC00E8C262 RG6 7HG Brookside Group Practice, Brookside Close, Earley Variable Restricted
87D1ED85-5962-4967-BCED-B04600C10629 RG6 7HR Aldryngton Primary School, Silverdale Road, Earley Variable Public
92481A48-164F-476D-AE20-AD2800D79BEB RG6 7LR Loddon Primary School, Silverdale Road, Earley Variable Restricted
570BDABD-C893-46CB-9BB1-AE3800D4A53A RG6 7NG Tesco Express, Silverdale Rd, Lower Earley Variable Public
8A0EEEAD-73DD-4075-A841-AFC700F89EEB RG6 7RU Brookside Group Practice, 1 Wilderness Road, Earley Variable Restricted
9A3A2FE0-E2B5-4191-B2B5-AD790134C36A RG7 1AA Day Lewis Pharmacy, Walford House, Basingstoke Road 24/7 Public
EDFAF632-461C-44BF-BCEA-AD7A0099C7EE RG7 1AP Spencer’s Wood Village Hall, Basingstoke Road, Spencers Wood 24/7 Public
0D62905C-CC5F-452F-8285-ADE300E59A03 RG7 1ER Oakbank Secondary Free School, Hyde End Lane, Spencers Wood Variable Restricted
11165650-55DE-45EF-964E-AF5600EB87C7 RG7 1ER Places Leisure - Ryeish Green Sports Hub, Hyde End Ln, Ryeish Green Variable Public
FD9D88DF-BBB5-443E-BF42-AF48010211E5 RG7 1JF Unit 1 Lambwood Industrial Estate, Lambwood Hill, Grazeley 24/7 Public
D6485F5E-143F-419E-8342-ADDB00BC8F49 RG7 1PQ Unit E1 & Q1 Lambs Farm Business Park, Basingstoke Road, Swallowfield Variable Public
EB6785DE-DDD4-42E7-A4B8-AD7A006A30F8 RG7 1SD Riseley Memorial Hall, Odiham Road, Riseley 24/7 Public
B18B7819-2DE1-4A96-AF34-AD790135962C RG7 1TR Victory Hall, Church Road, Farley Hill 24/7 Public
031D3E8C-C1E5-4AFB-B6F3-AD790132A81F RG7 2AS Beech Hill Village Hall, Wood Lane, Reading 24/7 Public
58E77F75-33F0-46CB-AE8D-AD7A00693712 RG7 2EH The Iron Duke, Fair Oak Lane, Stratfield Saye 24/7 Public
F91C8853-9D0B-4864-A3DB-AE2B0102349B RG7 2HZ Village Hall Committee, Mortimer West End Village Hall, Church Road 24/7 Public
EC7CB75C-656C-4B95-B69F-AE2A00BC0F19 RG7 2NE Silchester Parish Council, The Village Hall, Whistlers Lane 24/7 Public
D07641F9-CEE4-4B9C-B0DD-AF0800D6FF39 RG7 2NJ Silchester C Of E Primary School, School Lane, Silchester Variable Public
DD81103F-55E3-48C1-A9C1-AEA000D2C409 RG7 2PQ Operational Solutions Limited, Unit 3, The Green, Easter Park Variable Restricted
7B767858-6C1E-40AC-BCA2-ADB200F54905 RG7 3AE De Vere Wokefield Estate, Goodboys Lane, Mortimer 24/7 Restricted
DA6EBFD4-AA73-4513-83F9-AF5100BFA73A RG7 3AE De Vere Hotel, Wokefield Park, Mortimer 24/7 Public
3F8F4DE2-6557-4A2B-9D1D-AD4100AD8FBF RG7 3BL The Fruit Shop, Reading Road, Reading 24/7 Public
96B8C0E9-856A-4228-9B65-AE390100BE4D RG7 3JB Tesco Express, Reading Rd, 0 Variable Public
021BB3D8-EADB-4780-BEA8-B04C0085771A RG7 3LP Mrs Bland's Infant School, Mrs Blands Infant School, Jordans Lane Variable Restricted
A130A064-547F-40D9-979D-B03C00DAB816 RG7 3PB Mortimer St Mary's C.e. Junior School, The Street, Mortimer Variable Restricted
DC394197-FF95-432E-85D2-AD3201099979 RG7 3RD Stratfield Mortimer Parish Council, Horse And Groom Public House, The Street 24/7 Public
D235BAC4-E0E4-44C6-A6D1-AD32010D5E72 RG7 3SQ Stratfield Mortimer Parish Council, Mortimer Surgery, 72 Victoria Road 24/7 Public
E97E08A1-0FD3-49D8-BD79-B03000AACD9A RG7 3SY Mortimer St. John's Infant School, West End Road, Mortimer Variable Restricted
0F730807-8FCA-45F0-A9CC-AD4400F7A7E8 RG7 3TE Royal Berkshire Fire And Rescue Service, Fire Station, 25 West End Road 24/7 Public
FAEA19EE-AD78-4A85-89BD-AD32010BA13B RG7 3TQ Stratfield Mortimer Parish Council, Sansome & George Estate Agents, 45 West End Road 24/7 Public
EB6FFA3D-C142-4D34-80D6-AD26010DE946 RG7 3XP Legacy Leisure, Willink Leisure Centre, School Lane 24/7 Restricted
ACEEF753-F27F-4198-9347-AE06016CDC1F RG7 4AH John Lewis, Arrowhead Road, Reading Variable Restricted
91131029-5A15-4B09-BA6A-B04500AFF458 RG7 4AS Sportfish, Sportfish Haywards Farm, Station Road 24/7 Public
DE07552C-C810-4E85-B16D-AD2E01053A78 RG7 4BE The Fox And Hounds, Unnamed Road From Hangar Road To Hose Hill, Sulhamstead 24/7 Public
05ECA351-3646-4888-9785-AE2A0172F7DB RG7 4DD Sulhamstead Parish Council, Sulhamstead Village Hall, Sulhamstead Hill 24/7 Public
0C07305E-C34B-4171-8B24-B00E00B57680 RG7 4HH The Spire, Junction Of Sulhamstead Hill And Church Lane, Church Lane 24/7 Public
297929BE-FA57-480B-A5A1-B03500BAC1E9 RG7 4HH Sulhamstead And Ufton Nervet School, Sulhamstead And Ufton Nervet Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, Church Lane Variable Restricted
693BDC2B-1707-40B8-8156-B021009BDBD0 RG7 4LA The Butt Inn, Butt Inn, Station Road 24/7 Public
A2E5F419-C733-43FA-9156-AEF600D0D2CF RG7 4NT Atomic Fitness Ltd (Crossfit Aldmermaston), Court Farm Business Park, 4 Rag Hill Variable Public
50D86B69-BD8A-412D-B3F9-AD2100940E98 RG7 4PA Tadley Rugby Club, Frank Jose Park, Red Lane 24/7 Public
659BFB91-227F-4823-8550-AEAD009AE5CC RG7 4PN Ct2 Ltd Tower Cold Chain, Unit A, Total Park, Station Road Variable Public
B83C01B3-92AD-4B38-BCAD-AD2500CB8868 RG7 4PR Aldermaston Recreational Society, Building F101.1 (Club House), Awe Aldermaston Variable Public
875EF6FB-8D3B-41C1-B55F-AFE700DE0893 RG7 4PW Screwfix, Unit B2 Youngs Industrial Estate, Paices Hill Variable Restricted
5AF27575-0CE8-4A47-8CC2-AE9700EC648C RG7 4QN Operational Solutions Ltd, The Office Sunnyside Farm, Reading Road 24/7 Public
DC48DBC8-02DB-469A-ADDB-ADD300AE4CCE RG7 4ST Brimpton Parish Council, 71 Pelican Road, Pamber Heath 24/7 Public
C90CB813-27A5-4F20-99C4-AF880103BB58 RG7 4SW Qorvo, Qorvo, 3 Waterside Drive, Arlington Business Park, Theale Variable Restricted
6E31854B-9506-4214-BA08-AFE8011F4CD8 RG7 4UU 11 Heron Way, Reading Variable Public
CD625316-E7E0-4017-A00E-AD34011398FF RG7 5AS Theale Medical Centre, Englefield Road, Reading Variable Restricted
2544 RG7 5ES 1 St Marks Close, Berkshire 24/7 Public
7774 RG7 5ES Englefield House, Berkshire 24/7 Public
C1A9C6DD-EF18-4C3E-BD58-AEF20103FCD8 RG7 5EX Theale Golf Centre, North Street, Reading Variable Public
3D8D49E1-7269-4C82-8123-AF1600904D59 RG7 5HH Theale, Hanson Aggregates, Theale Siding Variable Restricted
EB951F16-3009-406D-A50C-ADC200AA841C RG7 5HH Royal Berkshire Fire And Rescue Service, Wigmore Lane, Reading 24/7 Public
3B352C8E-E8A7-4C5D-9356-AFE700A5B812 RG7 5LT Gb Total Equestrian, Field Barn Farm, Beenham Hill 24/7 Public
4C627973-9BDC-46B0-A1C3-B0AC00E69E87 RG7 5NN Beenham Primary School, Beenham, Reading Variable Restricted
7FAFB761-8AFC-4F1D-B62B-AD1E0112CAD6 RG7 5SJ 6 Angel Mead, Woolhampton, Reading 24/7 Public
45B2E1D8-F657-47E3-89E7-AF9400D9C3CB RG7 5TB Woolhampton C.e. Primary School, Woolhampton Church Of England Primary School, Woolhampton Hill Variable Restricted
C822DF54-5B79-42C7-9A59-AF6500F474A1 RG7 6AR Bradfield College, Bradfield College - Main Reception, Bradfield 4-Way Crossroads 24/7 Restricted
4DC0B7AF-18F8-4B6C-A438-AFDC00889927 RG7 6HH Bradfield Cricket Club, The Pavillion, Bradfield Cricket Ground,, Heath Road 24/7 Public
97E4EBFA-7A6A-4FA0-B80C-AE6800D17A82 RG7 6JU Bradfield Parish Council, Valley Vets, Corner House, Road Known As Rotten Row Hill 24/7 Public
33360E88-BB65-40A8-AA0A-AF5700E7FCDF RG7 6QH Bucklebury Parish Council, Bucklebury Memorial Hall, Broad Lane 24/7 Public
2E5BB831-EDB5-40A5-AD67-B03400F3AEBE RG7 6TE Ferndale, The Slade (Bucklebury Parish Council), Ferndale, The Slade 24/7 Public
27702A9D-10BC-440C-B92B-AD5E00EE1D08 RG8 0EN Goring Robins Fc Sheepcot Recreation Ground, Gatehampton Road, Reading 24/7 Public
9048254C-3DD2-4FBC-97B4-AE3900FE8752 RG8 0ER Tesco, Gatehampton Road, Reading 24/7 Public
AE4BFAC0-A074-4B7E-9431-AD6400CD242D RG8 0JS The Perch And Pike, The Street, Reading 24/7 Public
8C77CDF4-CC2F-46C8-9B55-AD2000E0E5F7 RG8 0QY Woodcote Village Hall, Reading Road, Reading 24/7 Public
739487A2-54C0-4320-978E-ADE900B87051 RG8 0RA The Langtree School Academy Trust Company, Langtree Secondary School, Reading Road 24/7 Public
4BBCA218-9135-4041-8B90-AEDE00ACF1E3 RG8 0SR Checkendon Village Hall, Road Running Ne From The Rectory To Whitehall Lane, Reading 24/7 Public
590EEDD0-9FFA-4A84-96DB-AE8400BE9135 RG8 0SR Checkendon Ce Primary School, Main Street, Checkendon 24/7 Public
F9574DFB-6B63-4469-8B0D-AE2F013052B9 RG8 7AN Pangbourne Village Hall, Station Road, Pangbourne 24/7 Public
24620ECC-9CB8-4A42-8A54-AE6700D302E6 RG8 7BS Pangbourne Working Mens Club, Whitchurch Road, Pangbourne 24/7 Public
EA8E46BD-ACF5-4E84-B736-AE3000D71723 RG8 7BY Recreation Ground Toilets, Thames Avenue, Pangbourne 24/7 Public
311AECFC-CD32-4928-87FC-AFA500AB87E8 RG8 7DA Adventure Dolphin, Dolphin House, Whitchurch Road 24/7 Public
636154C1-0AB8-463F-8EFE-AD2800994713 RG8 7DX Pangbourne College Boat Club, Pangbourne College Boathouse, Shooters Hill 24/7 Public
A8D2DCDA-DB90-49CD-8460-B0660097CBC4 RG8 7DY Pangbourne Railway Station, Rg8 7dy, Reading 24/7 Public
7674 RG8 7EJ Cricket Pavilion, Oxfordshire 24/7 Public
A17A0D4D-FE2B-4334-A559-B04300901C4F RG8 7EJ Whitchurch Primary School, Eastfield Lane, Whitchurch On Thames Variable Restricted
F2DA6DED-F27B-467D-BC42-AE9600C58415 RG8 7EJ Whitchurch Parish Council, Whitchurch Cricket Club Hall, Eastfield Lane 24/7 Public
8BE9D917-8F19-4202-8024-AE900115034C RG8 7JH St Bernadettes Catholic Church, Horseshoe Road, Pangbourne 24/7 Public
539916CB-AE7D-4623-9476-AE3F00B6BEEB RG8 7LY Pangbourne Library, Reading Road, Pangbourne 24/7 Public
9ADC7F7B-2B51-4E8C-BD52-AEE600BA49BF RG8 7NY Goring Heath Parish Hall, Section Of B471 From Whitchurch Hill To Whitchurch On Thames, Reading 24/7 Public
B29EC974-23BF-4F9C-AFEF-B06100F3DAA5 RG8 7PU The Sun Inn, Hill Bottom, Reading 24/7 Public
E95A44BA-EA07-4FC2-93D3-B08400C7925A RG8 7RB The Real Tennis Court, Hardwick House, Whitchurch On Thames 24/7 Public
2F629E93-2994-4322-9A8C-AD2500FBC144 RG8 8BW Purley On Thames Parish Council, The Parish Office, Goosecroft Lane 24/7 Public
0C42E9CF-2E31-498B-9EFA-AD3000C2B9F0 RG8 8DP Purley Memorial Hall, Glebe Road, Purley On Thames 24/7 Public
436EB67C-C852-4B9F-99E7-AD2600F6D877 RG8 8EJ Trentham Bowling Club, Bowling Green Lane, Purley On Thames 24/7 Public
70DFEDE5-DF29-4A57-8BEC-AD280084B762 RG8 8HU Purley Park Trust, 12 Huckleberry Close, Purley On Thames 24/7 Public
8AF3FDE0-6FFB-4D19-B82A-AD5100B70329 RG8 8LA Pangbourne College, Pangbourne Hill, Reading 24/7 Restricted
AAFCB52A-6179-42EB-A491-AD5100B8A1B2 RG8 8LA Pangbourne College, Pangbourne Hill, Reading 24/7 Public
D62D5F59-31F1-4982-8102-AD5100B7D782 RG8 8LA Pangbourne College, Pangbourne Hill, Reading 24/7 Public
DDD19E4B-75C6-4DFD-B463-AECC0159B7DE RG8 8LS Pcc Of Basildon St Stephen, Church Of St Stephen, Pangbourne Road 24/7 Public
9D3D1248-5A90-4A7F-B32A-AD2B00B35EBA RG8 8NU Basildon Village Hall, Bethesda Street, Reading 24/7 Public
86C074B7-D4DF-4364-AF58-AD5F01018F39 RG8 8QT The Old Grain Store Childs Court Farm, Sucks Lane, Ashampstead Common 24/7 Public
CDD507DC-900F-4FEE-BF9A-AE6000BAC611 RG8 8SJ Vicars Game Ltd, Casey Fields Dairy Casey Fields Farm, Road Known As Dog Lane 24/7 Public
CD663DB8-B33C-4665-A8A8-ADA400AB49B1 RG8 9BD Pavilion, Gardiner Recreation Ground, Upper Red Cross Road, Goring 24/7 Public
23D20091-9626-446D-8D50-AD83009F213C RG8 9QA Goring And Streatley Golf Club, Rectory Road, Reading 24/7 Public
EBC4EBED-D975-4B54-A7BE-AD83008490C4 RG8 9QA Goring And Streatley Golf Club, Rectory Road, Reading Variable Restricted
B026857F-7767-45EF-BD0F-B03F00D274B7 RG8 9QL Streatley C.e. Voluntary Controlled School, Streatley Church Of England Voluntary Controlled School, The Coombe Variable Restricted
DE9EC353-D99E-4625-89AB-AD2000EECB04 RG8 9QL Coombe House, The Coombe, Reading 24/7 Public
3B2B3605-1E96-4640-ADD1-AFC000F62008 RG8 9RU Aldworth Parish Council, Aldworth Village Hall, Road Known As Bell Lane 24/7 Public
B586F6DF-1C32-4FB0-96B0-AFEA01208BB8 RG9 1AD Higgs Printers, Caxton House, 1 Station Road 24/7 Public
57C1E87B-33FB-4867-8DD3-AE3D0113A726 RG9 1AG The Christchurch Centre, 46 Reading Road, Henley-On-Thames Variable Public
89665FF9-BEFF-4E50-8348-AF5001111D55 RG9 1AS Gibbs And Dandy, Gibbs & Dandy Plc, Reading Road Variable Public
9FFA16E3-D69E-4889-A7D0-AFEC00C2EFFB RG9 1AY The Hub, 14 Station Road, Henley-On-Thames 24/7 Public
693FE85E-ADB8-48F8-BCD7-AD6700B159E1 RG9 1BF Mill Meadows, The Pavilion, Mill Meadows 24/7 Public
9C26F01D-A82F-4DD8-9EEC-B0A800ECFBDB RG9 1HT The Presbytery, 31 Vicarage Road, Henley-On-Thames 24/7 Public
EB761F3A-CAF0-4A40-8900-AFEA00F5F5A1 RG9 1HT Sacred Heart Parish Hall, Sacred Heart Church Hall, Vicarage Road 24/7 Public
61D35A85-4AA7-46FB-97C1-AD1E00E389AF RG9 1NZ Henley Ymca, Templeton House, 2 Lawson Road 24/7 Public
1D4F9DFA-5539-4502-8C39-AD2600B13BCF RG9 1PS Gillotts School, Gillotts Lane, Henley-On-Thames Variable Public
2DCDA7CD-8E16-47B1-8054-B09100B1F67E RG9 1SL Sacred Heart Rc School, Greys Hill, Henley-On-Thames Variable Public
3713843D-CD93-42D0-BBD7-B01900EFAB01 RG9 1SL Sacred Heart Rc School, Greys Hill, Henley-On-Thames Variable Restricted
EB7D25C8-89CD-40A2-BEA9-AD2A00FA1B57 RG9 1US Henley Tennis Club, Tilebarn Close, Henley-On-Thames 24/7 Restricted
9682B3A0-935A-46F6-BF39-AE3900EB8684 RG9 2AD Stuart Turner Ltd, 47 Market Place, Henley-On-Thames Variable Restricted
DE46FC69-034C-46DF-B4C6-B068012D948F RG9 2AN Outside Hsbc Bank Building, Hsbc Bank Building, Market Place 24/7 Public
187A80ED-8769-46AC-8987-AFE900A90F0B RG9 2AQ Henley-On-Thames Town Hall, Market Place, Henley-On-Thames Variable Restricted
C881CC96-DBAB-43C1-BC3B-AD5000BB7F01 RG9 2AU Courtiers Investment Services, 18 Hart Street, Henley-On-Thames Variable Restricted
F1732612-8A37-46AF-97C1-AD2600F02549 RG9 2DR The Bell Surgery, York Road, Henley-On-Thames Variable Restricted
1C89BF72-E36A-4A89-81AA-AE5100DDE491 RG9 2HX Swiss Farm, Henley-On-Thames 24/7 Public
6CC3FB96-E5B8-4CCD-980A-AE5C0099592C RG9 2HX Millie’s Dream, Swiss Farm Park Homes, 1 Marlow Road 24/7 Public
109D7739-A697-4735-9912-AECC009360B8 RG9 2HY Caravan & Motorhome Club, Henley Four Oaks Caravan Site, Marlow Road 24/7 Public
A515C99C-580A-4CCA-AA85-AD5800CBC560 RG9 2JA Henley Rfc, Dry Leas, Marlow Road 24/7 Public
0AEE2C1A-6BD2-463F-85A5-AE5300D6D9D1 RG9 2LP The Leander Club, Henley Bridge, Henley On Thames Variable Restricted
888F86F8-E086-4887-9FBF-AE2A01116BF5 RG9 3AG Toad Hall Garden Centre, Marlow Road, Fawley Variable Restricted
2FC33C11-3902-4DD5-BC9B-AE9600F51DA9 RG9 3DB Upper Thames Rowing Club, Remenham Lane, Remenham 24/7 Public
057FCADE-5A38-4169-A7EE-AE5300D4D537 RG9 3DD Parish Hall, Remenham Lane, Remenham 24/7 Public
0FC08FDE-B4F3-41A7-B01E-B09300D08E85 RG9 3DG Flower Pot Hotel, Aston Ferry Lane, Aston 24/7 Public
C4B32F8D-45FA-4A6E-AC03-AFC100A18E2A RG9 3JD Eyot Centre, Eyot Boat Centre, Wargrave Road 24/7 Public
7E647ADF-27C4-4866-B14C-AFEC00C1CA1D RG9 3NY Baskerville Arms Ph, Baskerville Arms, Station Road 24/7 Public
C446D5CB-033E-46BE-A5C7-AEC5009A50EF RG9 4AY Harpsden House, Gillotts Lane, Henley-On-Thames 24/7 Restricted
34233037-5A24-4553-8016-AD5100CB3164 RG9 4BS Shiplake College, The Boathouse Shiplake College, Church Lane 24/7 Public
CE7CF190-712E-4969-9973-AF3500B33092 RG9 4DW Shiplake Memorial Hall, Memorial Avenue, Henley On Thames 24/7 Public
5BC9C665-345C-4C47-A708-AE2100D2DD00 RG9 4HA Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, 359 Reading Road Variable Public
95222053-E5C5-487A-9D0E-AFE200C7580A RG9 4HA Afc Henley, 353 Reading Road, Henley-On-Thames 24/7 Public
9066AA44-A554-4B02-AA19-AD1F00B9A161 RG9 4HG Henley Golf Club, Road Running Through Harpsden, Henley-On-Thames 24/7 Public
848E5726-DF98-46E2-BAAE-B04C00B7E4CB RG9 4QD The Maltsters Arms, Road From Henley To Greys Green, Henley-On-Thames 24/7 Public
ECE57CFC-BFE2-432B-A082-AD9000CD14C3 RG9 4QG Unit 22 Greys Green Farm, Greys Green, Henley-On-Thames 24/7 Public
B53CB75E-D0C0-4197-8375-AEA700E124A0 RG9 5DA Millie's Dream, Nettlebed School, High Street 24/7 Public
1F2E53D0-FB68-4578-A294-AD1E0099CE38 RG9 5DD Nettlebed Parish Council, 32 High Street, Nettlebed 24/7 Public
AF1298E4-7463-419B-97F4-AFAB010BA1F5 RG9 5NH Wyfold Court, 3 Hazel Grove, Kingwood 24/7 Public
A2E36F17-DAE1-429A-8E97-AD2C015C4DA9 RG9 5PS Stoke Row Parish Council, Stoke Row Pavilion, Newlands Lane 24/7 Public
4BCF92B2-2592-45B6-A35D-AF270125EA37 RG9 5PU Stoke Row Parish Council, Main Street, Stoke Row 24/7 Public
A370779E-A6EC-4B5B-9C36-B06E00CD5C92 RG9 5QL Stoke Row Store, Main Street, Stoke Row 24/7 Public
30DE66F0-F5A0-4075-9688-AE4E00BBE447 RG9 5QS Stoke Row Ce Primary School, Stoke Row Primary School, Road Running Through Stoke Row Variable Restricted
BF58839D-7B8E-46AA-889A-AEA2007BC7D1 RG9 5SL Huntercombe Golf Club, Nuffield Hill, Nuffield 24/7 Public
6AED65CC-2F06-4C91-840B-B01C00E6AC87 RG9 6DR Wanwood, Park Corner, Henley-On-Thames 24/7 Public
146BFCE2-91FC-47FE-BEA9-B053013EDECB RG9 6EE Swyncombe Cricket Club (Millie's Dream), Cookley Green Sports Pavilion, Road Between Cookley Green And Swyncombe House 24/7 Public
D385F045-4D79-4C6F-8FE3-ADEB00E9194C RG9 6ES Russells Water Village Hall, Road Running Through Russells Water, Henley-On-Thames 24/7 Public
FFB6BE1E-0E05-43BD-9AE4-AF0200B13C9C RG9 6HF Stonor Park, The Theater, Stonor Park 24/7 Public
52F3BDF5-7AA6-484B-A97C-AD3200AD2A20 RG9 6PR Hambleden Parish Council, Frieth Village Hall, Frieth Hill 24/7 Public
9CC06A9D-ECC5-4484-9849-B06E00C5063F RG9 6PR Frieth Church Of England Combined School, Frieth Hill, Frieth Variable Restricted
DB9DF954-74F9-44E9-A880-AD3200AEF341 RG9 6QD The Chequers, Fingest Lane, Fingest 24/7 Public
21EC42AA-F672-4CED-89B3-AD3200AF661E RG9 6RP Hambleden Sports Club, Hambleden Sports Ground, Rectory Hill 24/7 Public
61263291-CBEA-42C6-BD3B-AD3200AE56F7 RG9 6TG Hambleden Parish Council, Skirmett Village Hall, Skirmett Road 24/7 Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 44 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n767392231 inside red telephone box in centre of Turville
MZ n4417706735 Spurcroft School
MZ n4681833082
MZ n4681833083
MZ n4681838089
MZ n4681838095
MZ n4681838099
MZ n4681842747
MZ n4681909214
MZ n4681936933
MZ n4681936934
MZ n4681936936
MZ n4681936939
MZ n4690191749
MZ n4974705531
MZ n5105626134
MZ n5189473052 in old red phone box in Northend
MZ n5532754123
MZ n5532754128
MZ n5532754136
MZ n5745933350 In code locked box mounted on the outside wall of club house
MZ n6289604922
MZ n6857885050
MZ n6985711444
MZ n7295279426
MZ n7552799192 AHA050 on outside wall in box to left of main entrance.
MZ n7656443900 in yellow/green box on the wall to the right of hospital entrance
MZ n7671776133
MZ n7879553363 in box on outside of wall of cricket club
MZ n8937394856 In weatherproof box on the wall on south side of visitor centre, sheltered by the roof. Forestry England
MZ n8992689199
MZ n9018315262 outside Hambleden Sports and Social Club
MZ n9043551952 AAN31 Wall
MZ n9083648634 In Yellow and Green box on front outside of scout building facing the road
MZ n9377897567 CHT-9218 inside oldred phone box (that is now used as book swap) on East Challow village green
MZ n9423138066 Behind bench
MZ n9450437063 green/yellow box on outside wall, by steps
MZ n9457863937
MZ n9557551369 inside old red phone box by Up Nately Crossroads
MZ n9830851636 outside Rotherfield Greys Village Hall - by entrance
MZ n9906735977
MZ n10679126180 outside Boathouse pub - facing High Street
MZ n10686080921 Outside, on the wall of building
MZ n11001247521 behind sport centre reception desk

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 134 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
4FB4DD95-EB24-46FC-AE94-AE3A00BFD3FE RG1 2EG Tesco Express, 4 Market Place, Reading n6796627286 34 m
DA8D25F4-CC9E-469B-B787-AFF701017832 RG1 1NB Sir Robert Mcalpine, Station Hill, Reading n11098875128 Underneath 8B staircase 78 m
143FF4CB-7410-431E-8884-AE35010043A6 RG1 8DF Tesco Extra, Napier Rd, Reading n5773594509 indoor, by travel money 61 m
CFC9DC64-D84E-4DD9-A64B-AD2000E70D13 RG10 0TH Cafeteria Dinton Pastures Country Park, Davis Street, Hurst n6432569905 25 m
525ED806-A56E-45CF-883A-AD260087D3FA RG10 0DP St Nicholas Hurst Parish Council, 1 Tape Lane, Hurst n9557605913 inside old red phone box at junction of Tape Lane and Hurst Lane in Hurst 31 m
4400 RG10 0PS The Shurlock Inn, Berkshire n11040080953 On the wall 3 m
0203B0BB-87E4-4AE2-9038-AD2200B7784B RG10 0JJ Waltham St Lawrence, Public Telephone 40m From Orchard Cottage, The Street 6m From The Street, The Street n9586819021 inside old red phone boxin Waltham St Lawrence 2 m
1117 RG10 0JJ Telephone Box, Berkshire n9586819021 inside old red phone boxin Waltham St Lawrence 1 m
8036 RG10 0LF Telephone Box, Berkshire n11206404850 inside old red phone box, Milley Road, Milley Bridge 1 m
4171C2FF-6031-4EE3-8798-AFE100DD7745 RG10 0LF Milley Bridge Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Milley Road n11206404850 inside old red phone box, Milley Road, Milley Bridge 25 m
2A27FCEC-E12A-4FC3-9D68-ADD000E92671 RG12 1LS 1 Princess Square, Bracknell n8124640505 Exterior wall of Princess Square car park, opposite Royal British Legion. Call 999 for access code 19 m
686528E7-D71D-4F14-977D-AF990124BB23 RG12 1EA Mcdonald's - 1546 Bracknell - The Lexicon, Unit 43, The Lexicon Centre, Bracknell,, Bracknell n8124640504 Wall mounted next to the GAME store 46 m
5165 RG12 1LL On Column outside Game Shop, Berkshire n8124640504 Wall mounted next to the GAME store 4 m
3B03C3F9-725F-46E0-A41D-AD2400B8F1AE RG14 6NU St George The Martyr Church Centre, 206 Andover Road, Newbury n4802407016 52 m
CF836DA9-F36E-4FB2-97B1-AD1E00C5B763 RG14 6NQ Park House School, Andover Road, Newbury n4802406981 12 m
DA6B8898-65EA-44D8-9170-ADE40093F7DF RG14 7SJ The Willows Primary School, Pyle Hill, Newbury n4681920176 23 m
DDF222BB-57BE-4CE4-8246-ADF100FD6FB8 RG14 6JP St Bartholomew's School, Andover Road, Newbury n4681842745 49 m
B3AF9EB0-1E9A-41EF-84DB-AD8A01029551 RG14 6DB Changing Rooms City Recreation Ground, Andover Road, Newbury n9022433547 29 m
2C6B721D-C3A8-49A3-A451-AD2D00FE4467 RG14 7PY St John's Church Newbury, St Johns Parish Room, St Johns Road n6289604951 58 m
457E5753-65E6-471A-B235-AEC200D3E9EA RG14 7LP Great Western Railway, 1 Station Road, Newbury n4681838098 81 m
890AF094-EA49-426D-90B1-AD4300BF50E4 RG14 7LU St Nicholas C.e. Junior School, St Nicholas Church Of England Junior School, Link Road n4681936931 12 m
C0E09F7E-64A2-452D-BD3E-ADE801222258 RG14 5DD Newbury Conservative Club, 5 Cheap Street, Newbury n10223301778 6 m
0D2A5EBA-A8BE-4252-88FE-AD26011CB40B RG14 5DD Newbury Baptist Church, Cheap Street, Newbury n3052580227 4 m
F7EC3838-DE4D-49B7-9EC8-AD2700D6B98A RG14 5TU Swift, Huntley House, Hambridge Lane n4681877819 20 m
74D8FC6E-2A2C-4C8B-AB8A-B03100C3E3B7 RG14 5SS Old London Apprentice, 2 Hambridge Road, Newbury n11145660678 9 m
FB3DC28D-6227-478D-91C1-B026012CB0ED RG14 1RS Northcroft Leisure Center, Northcroft Recreation Centre, Northcroft Lane n5245325045 19 m
5CEE8588-2227-471A-BBBB-AD1F00954BDC RG14 2BP B&Q, London Road, Newbury n7298568114 25 m
77027F73-6FD7-4DDF-9E06-AE3A00AF4EF8 RG14 2BP Tesco Stores Ltd, London Road, Newbury n6289604914 16 m
27628F71-3919-4C34-BAEF-AD4400C792F0 RG14 1LD Royal Berkshire Fire And Rescue Service, The Fire Station, Hawthorn Road n5481162792 7 m
503E9A3B-B1BA-47B1-952B-AD3200A7B98C RG17 9TX Coronation Hall, Inkpen Road, Kintbury n4598949587 13 m
3574A7AD-C02E-406A-95FB-AD3200AE31A4 RG17 9XG Post Box 32m From 16 Craven Way 4m From Craven Way, Craven Way, Kintbury n9503659621 3 m
F394D64E-F22F-4FDE-B961-AD3200A9EC32 RG17 9TR 5 Church Street, Kintbury n10654294788 27 m
51C8D73D-06C6-4A7C-87A9-AD3200AEF31E RG17 9UT Public Conveniences, Station Road, Kintbury n8899133765 2 m
955 RG17 0BN One Stop Shop, Berkshire n9906735976 20 m
1112 RG17 0JU The Royal British Legion, Berkshire n9906735978 12 m
953 RG17 0JG Hungerford Library & Town Council Office, Berkshire n9906735979 55 m
08AA52E6-4272-4AD5-A6DB-AE1B00B5FED9 RG17 0DX Tesco Stores, Tesco Store, Everland Road n9906735975 15 m
BDC838F3-B866-4F7A-B51F-B07A00FA4FC9 RG17 7AD Shefford Woodlands, Baydon Road, Shefford Woodlands n9588368501 inside old red phone box in Shefford Woodlands 87 m
AC11EB0E-3B37-4AE8-BF91-AD1E00D91112 RG17 7JN Telephone Box, Downs Close, Hungerford n6434194867 inside phone box on junction of Downs Close and Newbury Road 5 m
7D0780BA-7D91-4279-AB3D-AD2400789889 RG17 8XL The Library, High Street, Hungerford n4387941760 6 m
06D62BEC-CC35-4F7E-9D1F-B0300107E0ED RG18 3HD Health Centre, Bath Road, Thatcham n5414250042 12 m
F32B0621-E7C3-4067-ACF7-AE1C00EEE8F5 RG18 4QH Thatcham Town Council, The Frank Hutchins Community Centre, Bradley-Moore Square n4681833084 0 m
C015A45F-78F5-437B-B6A6-AEE800B48454 RG18 3QY Henwick Court, Turnpike Road, Thatcham n4681838094 28 m
B7090185-2E38-4C15-A8D5-AE8200781BA6 RG18 9JH Cold Ash Parish Council, Parish Office, Hermitage Road n4681920174 6 m
B18CA16B-2E97-4D31-A622-AD2700B5C076 RG18 9TB The White Horse, White Horse, Newbury Road n5596587424 7 m
340 RG18 9XF Telephone Box, Berkshire n10177408110 inside old red phone box, Frilsham 2 m
5E1C5656-82B8-40F3-90C2-AFEA00CE13BC RG18 9XF Telephone Box At Top Of Beechfield, Public Telephone 14m From 15 Beechfield On Unnamed Road, Road Known As Hatchets Lane n10177408110 inside old red phone box, Frilsham 2 m
8533C099-C660-4C94-BDFA-AD880072BE78 RG18 9SA Hermitage Primary School, Hampstead Norreys Road, Thatcham n5596587425 17 m
D27676A0-F3F5-42DE-8ECD-AD2000DFF4F7 RG18 0UE Yattendon Village Hall, Road Known As Yattendon Lane, Yattendon n10177504791 outside Yattendon Village Hall 7 m
516F67BE-9106-43EF-AAD4-B03B00932357 RG19 6HX Venture West, Greenham Business Park, Thatcham n11257883404 86 m
9B2EED57-185F-472F-87D8-AD8900E729AE RG19 8BZ Greenham Common Control Tower, Burys Bank Road, Thatcham n7823526813 13 m
FCC8F659-51B4-4D6E-B61D-ADC800F2EB6C RG19 4RE West Berkshire Council, Moorside Community Centre, Urquhart Road n4417706213 To left of the main entrance 11 m
B54B00FA-1689-4044-A191-AD2800DD9A5F RG19 4YF Burdwood Surgery, Wheelers Green Way, Thatcham n4681820898 Public Access Defibrillator on external of the building and available 24/7 10 m
1B8D026F-0EA9-4F36-B050-AD1E00D40C41 RG19 3FU Bbowt, Thatcham Nature Discovery Centre, Muddy Lane n4596262039 46 m
CBE6B334-B58B-429A-B0B7-AE8B008712D3 RG19 3AZ The Sports Pavillion The Moors Playing Field, The Moors, Thatcham n9887493202 On East wall of the Pavillion. Available 24/7 9 m
979DBE92-C0BC-418A-BEA3-ADE300F5A68F RG19 4LL Kennet Secondary School, Kennet School, Stoney Lane n4681833081 32 m
B32AF6A2-F64B-4C36-9B3B-AD260104DC85 RG19 3HP Lifesmiles Dental Practice, Bateman House, The Broadway n4681838092 3 m
D86B7E12-9CB1-42EC-92EE-AE1C00ED73AE RG19 3HX Thatcham Town Council, The Market, The Broadway n5029265874 9 m
5DBD264E-6811-438E-8252-AD79013076D0 RG2 9PQ Arborfield And Newland Parish Council Office Village Hall, Eversley Road, Arborfield n10022803108 outside Arborfield Village Hall - down right hand side 1 m
20094A26-21ED-434F-A664-AD24009E69D5 RG20 4UH Hampshire Taverns Ltd, Royal Oak, Hydes Platt n7823526812 87 m
7FE5C1E3-8428-4C4C-BC4A-AF8501068381 RG20 9XF Woolton Hill Church Hall, Woolton Hill Road, Woolton Hill n4681971294 10 m
EDB18903-A098-4861-ABF8-AF5B00F44D66 RG20 0AP East Woodhay Village Hall, Heath End Road, Heath End n4681970888 outside East Woodhay Village Hall 12 m
D911E6D5-87EC-41E5-A59D-ADFE00EA0210 RG20 8HJ Welford Parish Council, Wickham Village Hall, Baydon Road n9725749123 outside Wickham Village Hall - to left of entrance 10 m
2916491A-502F-447C-86B6-AE2E00DF3FF2 RG20 8BA Winterbourne Parish, Public Telephone 11m From Meadow Bank Cottage On Unnamed Road, Road Known As Winterbourne Road n6401288579 inside red phone box in Winterbourne 27 m
4681 RG20 8BA Telephone Box, Berkshire n6401288579 inside red phone box in Winterbourne 36 m
9AD2566E-E963-4474-8F0D-AD1F00E234C4 RG20 7JE Peasemore Village Hall, Road Known As Field Road, Newbury n6434293102 10 m
60A6FDC7-C039-4297-84BE-AEEF009B576B RG20 7ER Red Telephone Box Opposite The The Ibex Inn, Located In The Red Telephone Box Opposite The Ibex Inn Pub, Main Street n9586828770 inside old red phone box in Chaddleworth 8 m
2708 RG20 7LP Telephone Box, Berkshire n373500114 inside old red phone box in East Ilsley 4 m
E29BF4C3-A597-431E-8DF4-AE5400A5206A RG23 7JZ Barley Mow Public House, Barley Mow, 19 Oakley Lane n11083906627 Attached to the side of a building in a metal box. 15 m
D8EE2B89-CC41-4AD2-91F1-AE5400A650E7 RG23 7HH Living Accommodation Fox Inn, Andover Road, Newfound n11052891189 Attached to the side of the building in a yellow box. 16 m
C67831A3-0E7D-436B-A09F-AD2F00E508C6 RG25 2PH Manor Farm Cottages, Scratchface Lane, Herriard n7535448669 13 m
0F32AE92-DDEA-4B5E-ABF1-AE4E01013BC0 RG25 2BQ Public Telephone 17m From Pond Corner 5m From Unnamed Road, The Green, North Waltham n10616549149 inside old red phone box in North Waltham 2 m
4AD68C49-AA6E-464F-ACB1-AD2400EFE129 RG25 2NB Tunworth Parish Meeting, Bus Shelter At Tunworth Cross Roads,Beechcroft, Hackwood Lane n6938029730 23 m
57E033C4-D846-483D-A7EF-AD2400CFE1D5 RG25 2JQ Public Telephone 22m From 1 Church Lane 5m From Church Lane, Church Lane, Cliddesden n114408126 inside red phone box (that is now a book exchange) next to the pond at junction of Church Lane and F 8 m
D39D33C9-0FA8-485E-ADFD-AD4F00BA355F RG25 3HT St Lukes Club Overton, St Lukes Hall, 49-55 Winchester Street n11052891190 In an alarmed box on the outside of the building. 18 m
3255 RG26 5HS Telephone Box, Hampshire n198288402 inside old red phone box, Ramsdell Road, 8 m
B1DEBF69-E2E8-4750-A33B-AFB500E759B7 RG26 5BH Clift Meadow Trust, Clift Meadow The Street, Bramley, Bramley n8491503193 On the wall facing car park 18 m
6117F24A-A2D0-4D30-81E4-AE3E013B0F5C RG26 3PL Allens Garage, Tadley Hill, Tadley n8778793707 8 m
6206 RG27 8SY Telephone Box, Hampshire n8473102547 in red phone box near Queens Head Pub, Pilcot/Dogmersfield 3 m
3C524FC2-592E-4C99-B448-AD1E00C94D65 RG27 8DE Barley Mow Ph, The Hurst, Winchfield n11067141235 On outside wall facing the road 6 m
4C843D18-BA0A-475D-ADD8-AD8F00D25AE1 RG27 9HF Car Park Grand Parade, Station Road, Hook n4019835761 49 m
8EF4459C-E284-4F41-AF52-AECB012DA2CB RG27 9BL Village Hall, The Street, Hook n9081220046 on outside of Rotherwick Village Hall 17 m
18E4227E-BDDE-4738-B7F1-AE5B00FAE9DA RG27 8NZ Public Telephone 5m From Willan & Willan Chartered Accountants, The Old Sorting Office, Hi, High Street, Hook n9675733515 inside right hand red telephone box on Hartley Wintney High Street 2 m
CFED941F-6D03-48AA-9897-B003009B66D7 RG27 8UL Hares Farm, Hares Lane, Hartley Wintney n9658089664 Front of building 39 m
05581BDE-59C3-4B7D-B802-AD6A00E2D817 RG28 7LT Gill Nethercott Community Group, Living Accommodation The Prince Regent, 104 London Road n7578914178 8 m
2972 RG29 1BY Telephone Box, Hampshire n9588337484 inside old red phone box in front of Fox and Goose pub in Greywell 3 m
9E9D319C-2146-4316-9C65-AE3800BFF4AC RG30 2EU Tesco Southcote Service Station, 108 Bath Road, Reading n6518587185 1 m
BA618E1A-FC5D-4442-BA7F-AD28008F699D RG31 7AW Holybrook Parish Council, Beansheaf Community Centre, Charrington Road n4681892957 9 m
B80993E4-BD49-409D-9ED8-B03400EAF2B8 RG31 7YT Kennet Valley Primary School, Carters Rise, Reading n5480772478 20 m
1E7A9679-C84D-4425-9FDA-AF4200EBCE49 RG31 7SD Ikea, Ikea Store, Pincents Kiln n4681909215 21 m
B9AED586-45D0-4E9D-98D4-AD6E009656DA RG31 7YT Kennet Valley Community Association, Holybrook Community Centre, Carters Rise n4681970887 7 m
CC1F84DE-B803-42F7-9E11-ADCF00D44C42 RG4 5NA Weller Centre, The Weller Centre, 110 Amersham Road n9200406938 right to Weller centre entrance on the outside wall 6 m
F329ECEC-91B9-458A-9D42-AD3300B9C611 RG4 7BG Caversham Heights Methodist Chapel, 74 Highmoor Road, Caversham n10018096624 13 m
250 RG4 6UH Telephone Box, Berkshire n428004752 inside red phone box outside Pearson Hall, Pearson Road, Sonning 3 m
7305 RG4 7NE Telephone Box, Berkshire n415986744 inside old red phone box at junction of Kidmore Road and Uplands Road, Caversham Heights 1 m
4692 RG4 8XH Telephone Box, Berkshire n324749567 inside old red phone box, Courtenay Drive, Emmer Green 7 m
9EDBE2CA-EFCE-49F9-80A9-AE7F00ACE665 RG40 1AA Phone Box Outside Royal Mail, 16 Broad Street, Wokingham n3676384275 inside red phone box outside old post office building on Broad Street 19 m
CF488D85-5A82-44D9-9AE3-ADA20101C8EC RG41 1JN Emmbrook Village Hall, Emmbrook Road, Emmbrook n10873705409 by entrance to Emmbrook Village Hall 12 m
22B0A8BF-68E8-4425-BF14-AF1E00B02F2F RG5 3JJ Clock Tower Woodley Town Centre, Advertising Pillar Outside 162, Crockhamwell Road n10873335048 at base of clock, pedestrian area Crockhamwell Road, Woodley 2 m
8126 RG6 5RA Telephone Box, Berkshire n10096601898 inside old red phone box, Wychwood Crescent, Earley 1 m
BAC39DD0-C7A5-4C19-B166-AFE100DD5ACF RG6 5RA Earley Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Wychwood Crescent, Earley n10096601898 inside old red phone box, Wychwood Crescent, Earley 81 m
6804 RG7 3SH Telephone Box, Berkshire n8327502129 inside old red phone box (now painted blue) at junction of King Street and Victoria Road in Mortimer 2 m
43D9125A-AA4D-4807-B9FF-AEF50108E7F1 RG7 3SH Telephone Box 1, Victoria Road, Mortimer Common n8327502129 inside old red phone box (now painted blue) at junction of King Street and Victoria Road in Mortimer 5 m
4C226471-A071-48E2-8679-AD4400CF2C57 RG7 4TL Brimpton C.e. Primary School, Brimpton Church Of England Primary School, Brimpton Lane n4681920175 9 m
9DBED949-3643-473D-BB17-AD7A009AECA1 RG7 1QX Swallowfield Parish Council Village Hall, Swallowfield Street, Swallowfield n8936371396 In coded box to the left of the door. 22 m
19918792-294F-4FCA-ADDE-AD2000D317FD RG7 4LW Aldermaston Parish Hall, The Street, Aldermaston n9579027739 outside Aldermaston Parish Hall - down right hand side 5 m
376BF7E4-40C1-42C1-A006-AD42009E86EF RG7 3EN Burghfield Village Hall, Recreation Road, Reading n10873567563 outside Burghfield Common Village Hall 10 m
8B7C6C24-28AA-4563-ACFD-AD1E014C5B68 RG7 1JY Phone Box Out Side Grazeley School, Grazeley Parochial C Of E Aided Primary School, Mereoak Lane n9586823806 inside phone box on track down side of the school, Grazely 48 m
D422BEE8-3E98-4EAF-A7BA-AD2C008821B1 RG7 5UL Midgham Parish Council, Goddard Drive, Reading n5029265875 40 m
049D73F3-CAE4-4E56-8FB1-B0210099F2B8 RG7 4HY Caretakers House Padworth Village Hall, Padworth Lane, Lower Padworth n4974705530 6 m
922E6D69-8D35-40CF-9A77-AD79013395FD RG7 1BA Bp Service Station - Fraser’s Budgens, Basingstoke Road, Three Mile Cross n8993726199 28 m
BA2C4640-C798-48CD-B137-AE8C00BFE597 RG7 5TG Douai Park Recreation Ground, Cods Hill, Upper Woolhampton n5596587423 42 m
F5FEBE37-3AC5-4ED9-819F-AD4100F14C53 RG7 6QU Peachs Stores, Long Grove, Upper Bucklebury n4681833085 3 m
66D1BC7B-F958-471A-977E-AD2C013490B7 RG7 5NT The Beenham Victory Hall, Picklepythe Lane, Beenham n5648943871 outside Beenham Victory Hall 13 m
ADA1BCDA-9237-41C9-AC22-AD4100F035E4 RG7 6PD The Bladebone, Road Known As Broad Lane, Reading n4681833086 31 m
9847D2B6-A0C8-4180-BD80-ADAF012C75EE RG7 6EY Bradfield Village Hall, Southend Road, Reading n4681833088 30 m
B848A6F8-3C09-4A0F-8E88-AF8600B6FE5C RG7 6PS The Victory Room (Bucklebury Parish Council), Bucklebury Village Hall, Unnamed Road From Broad Lane To New Barn Farm n4681833087 10 m
B91B399B-B467-419E-9B5C-AEEF00D5E509 RG7 5AH Theale Surgery Ltd, 25a High Street, Theale n4681936937 56 m
A79A6C8A-444F-4F72-950A-AD3B00CC617C RG7 5AS Theale Parish Council, The Pavilion, Englefield Road n4681936935 14 m
61309F65-C23E-4109-BC8F-ADEA00E1FA0F RG7 6LS Telephone Kiosk, Bull Inn, Cock Lane n4983394318 inside old red phone box next to The Bull pub in Stanford Dingley 21 m
5DA30C2E-BAA6-45AE-BF7F-AEC801595579 RG8 8SH Ashampstead Parish Council, Village Hall,, Pinfold Lane n8440871097 Ashampstead Village Hall. Church Lane, Ashampstead - on outside wall, to right of main door 37 m
4F38C8D4-A830-4CF8-94E7-AD2B00B878C2 RG8 7EX Phone Box, Lower Lodge, High Street n6236872017 inside old red telephone box that is now used as a book exchange 9 m
967 RG8 7EU Telephone Box, Oxfordshire n6236872017 inside old red telephone box that is now used as a book exchange 2 m
7DE91F85-68D7-4B8B-A660-AF7F01066983 RG8 9SE The Bell, Road Known As Bell Lane, Reading n4681971295 8 m
4CC71B2E-BF56-4866-AFE0-AD9800A08668 RG8 0EB Goring Railway Station, Goring And Streatley Railway Station, Gatehampton Road n6874908418 11 m
9EF23D40-795A-4CC0-A0E5-AD98009E8128 RG8 9AG Goring Village Hall, Village Hall, High Street n8410241613 outside Goring Village Hall, High Street, Goring 15 m
ED3931F1-7FAD-4364-86A2-ADD500CF5153 RG8 0ST Parkside, On Verge At Front Of Red Brick Houses, Near Bus Shelter, Checkendon n9416708890 inside old red phone box, Uxmore Road, Checkendon 28 m
1BAC3C44-F37C-43DB-8D8E-AF8300E20ABF RG9 4HH John Hodges Trust For Harpsden Hall, Harpsden Village Hall, Road Running Through Harpsden n9349045365 outside Harpsden Hall, down left hand side of hall 10 m
0F0E5430-E7C6-47D3-827C-AF2201109A38 RG9 5JU Peppard C Of E Primary School, Church Lane, Peppard Common n9416745951 inside old red phone box next to primary school, Rotherfield Peppard 27 m
B49B0761-D9A2-4325-BA96-B068012AB210 RG9 2AA Over 60'S Club, Off Greys Road Car Park, Market Place, Henley Day Centre Rear Of, 35 Market Place n7081454464 in wall mounted code locked box to the left of social club entrance 11 m
63CC1B18-C7FD-41D0-8AC7-AEDD00E8EEB3 RG9 2AN Hsbc Uk, 6-8 Market Place, Henley-On-Thames n9419477572 outside HSBC bank, Market Place, Henley on Thames 12 m
10E777B1-F541-4636-9AB0-AE5A01425AB8 RG9 2BN Rupert House School, 90-92 Bell Street, Henley-On-Thames n3695775427 73 m
94D18A3F-8B58-4F89-8C48-AD2C01488D12 RG9 5QL Stoke Row Parish Council, Stoke Row Village Hall, Road Running Through Stoke Row n9738602816 outside Stoke Row Village Hall 15 m
AA554939-981C-440D-A6B3-AD7A00AA5AFC RG9 5DX Millie’s Dream Charity, Highmoor Memorial Hall, Road South-West Through Highmoor Cross n10558631155 outside Highmoor Memorial Hall 5 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 16 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
F5D7EA1B-95BE-448D-A1E3-B0620117B14C RG10 0PS The Shurlock Inn, The Street, Shurlock Row, Reading n11040080953 On the wall 3 m
CC81AA16-5165-40BF-839B-AD2000D47AA5 RG14 5EN Kennet Shopping Centre, Centre Management Offices, Kennet Shopping Centre n4681838097 67 m
622F1FBE-F538-4C9A-9D09-AEBA01183AA6 RG14 5AG Newbury Town Council, Old Town Hall, Market Place n9967991510 11 m
5A79B1BA-CCBF-4F51-8099-AD2400BC55B7 RG14 5AS Newbury Town Council, 7-9 Wharf Street, Newbury n6982263844 56 m
67F3AF87-CB2B-4443-BE26-AE3800730441 RG14 1DJ Tesco Express, 17-19 Northbrook St, 0 n6289604915 106 m
8979F24B-CEC4-46D9-8002-AEED00F2A761 RG14 1AY Parkway Shopping Centre, 1 Parkway Shopping Centre, Newbury n4681838096 73 m
7BC5C135-EB52-42F7-9ADF-AD2400BDDB52 RG14 1EH Newbury Town Council, Tennis Courts, Victoria Park n5414250043 Located on the exterior side of the tennis court fence. 155 m
8B0E3AAF-C3FC-48C3-B1EF-AD4400E4B8DE RG17 0JG Royal Berkshire Fire And Rescue Service, Fire Station, Church Street n9906735979 13 m
22A745D1-5F15-4E39-9CD0-ADC800EB71E0 RG18 3BN Henwick Worthy Sports Ground, Henwick Lane, Thatcham n4681838093 Located on south side of the building to the left of the main doors. 114 m
D37AEE3D-B368-4B77-B2CC-B01B00DD4F7D RG2 9ER Dobbies Garden Centre Reading (Grovelands), 166 Hyde End Road, Shinfield n6498538061 adjacent to tills, on wall at right 92 m
15CBA7DA-4FD0-471B-A65E-AD1E00D10392 RG25 2LS Mapledurwell Village Hall, Greywell Road, Mapledurwell n10789182394 outside Mapledurwell & Up Nately Village Hall 290 m
5086B88D-0AE0-4CE1-89FC-AFC600B66A0C RG4 6UL Sonning Parish Council, Pearson Hall, Pearson Road n428004752 inside red phone box outside Pearson Hall, Pearson Road, Sonning 118 m
44FBD5F3-3F11-4368-AC76-AEC40080C0C4 RG4 7NE Caversham Telephone Box, Kidmore Road, Caversham n415986744 inside old red phone box at junction of Kidmore Road and Uplands Road, Caversham Heights 111 m
6F54D309-0140-43C7-9180-AD2000E91946 RG40 4HU Centre Of Pond 137m From California Dreaming, Nine Mile Ride 149m From Unnamed Road, Longmoor Lane, Barkham n10942385339 outside wall 110 m
D73BADC8-D5D5-4042-833E-AEF201020EA0 RG40 3EE Great Hollands Recreation Ground, South Road, Bracknell n10312646767 101 m
3F2A0C88-22D4-4F82-A70E-B03E00E2F45B RG7 5AS Theale C Of E Primary School, Englefield Road, Theale n4681936938 187 m

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