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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'RG' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the AED location data from the Ambulance Services in Open Street Map. (Even if there was, many are located only by postcode, so the locations are not always precise.) So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list (orange for AEDs that may not be available 24/7, yellow for AEDs not generally available for public use, and red for everything else). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects . For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each Ambulence Service location for an OSM amenity=defibrillator object with a matching postcode, with 2km of the postcode centroid. If any are found the nearest such object is matched. Then we go through all unmatched Ambulence Service locations, and look for any unmatched amenity=defibrillator OSM objects within 150m. If any are found, the hearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated, but with an increased distance limit of 500m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs, or an EAD is a long way from its postcode centriod, they may not be matched correctly.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Postcode Location Locality Ref
RG7 5ES 1 St Mark's Close
RG28 7SB Hurstbourne Priors Village Hall
RG17 9PY Inkpen Sports Pavilion
RG7 4HY Padworth Village Hall
RG8 7LR Woodborough House Dental Practice
RG14 6LH 21 Kingsland Grange
RG12 7YZ 49 Octavia
RG9 2HX 79 Swiss Farm
RG40 3AW A Beauty Revolution
RG7 4PR AWE Recreational Society
RG5 3EU Addington School
RG7 4LW Aldermarston Parish Hall
RG6 7HR Aldryngton Primary School
RG6 7HR Aldryngton Primary School
RG22 6HA Aldworth School
RG6 1JR Alfred Sutton Primary School
RG14 1LA Analog Devices
RG21 7QR Anvil Concert Hall
RG27 8RE Appleton Hall
RG26 5BZ Applewood Care Home
RG2 9PQ Arborfield Village Hall
RG21 8YU Ashcombe House Care Home
RG19 8BB Ashford Hill Primary School
RG6 3UJ Austen House Care Home
RG28 7BP BM Injection Ltd
RG7 3AH BMW Group Academy
RG40 4PL Barkham Village Hall
RG41 4SY Barkham Village Store & Post Office
RG23 7JZ Barley Mow Pub
RG26 3PX Barlows Park Football Complex
RG8 8NU Basildon Village Hall & Recreation Ground
RG22 6PG Basingstoke Aquadrome
RG23 7LL Basingstoke Golf Club
RG21 4AH Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council
RG40 3RB Bathroom Concepts
RG20 7QW Baxter Healthcare Ltd
RG2 6AD Bayer PLC
RG7 2BE Beech Hill Memorial Hall
RG4 6XF Beech Lodge
RG42 4EW Binfield Church of England Primary School
RG42 4JZ Binfield Library
RG12 7WW Birch Hill Community Centre
RG12 7WW Birch Hill Primary School
RG26 4AT Bishopswood Golf Course
RG9 6BU Bix & Assendon Village Hall
RG20 4SW Bluebird Care
RG2 9GB Bohunt School
RG28 7NR Bombay Sapphire Distillery
RG40 5PR Box Bell Fit
RG12 7AA Bracknell Fire Station
RG12 2UG Bracknell Rugby Football Club
RG7 6AU Bradfield College Main Building
RG6 1AZ Brakes Distribution Centre
RG26 5BP Bramley Village Hall
RG20 7BN Brightwalton Village Hall
RG7 4TD Brimpton Village Hall
RG14 5SJ British Red Cross
RG1 7QE Broad Street Mall Shopping Centre
RG1 7QE Broad Street Mall Shopping Centre
RG6 7HG Brookside Surgery
RG19 4YF Burdwood Surgery
RG30 3TX Burghfield St Mary's C of E Primary School
RG7 3EN Burghfield Village Hall
RG40 1PH Burma Hills Surgery
RG10 9JN Burratas @ The Royal Oak
RG41 2FD CEMAS. Imperial House
RG17 7TJ CPI Ltd
RG17 0QP CPI Ltd
RG12 1RT Cadence Design Systems
RG40 3RL Californian Ratepayers Hall
RG42 7PA Carnation Hall
RG20 9JY Carpenters Arms
RG10 9XA Castle Royle Golf & Country Club
RG4 7UT Caversham Heath Golf Club
RG4 7BG Caversham Heights Methodist Church - Church Hall
RG4 7JA Caversham Lawn Tennis Club
RG4 8EB Caversham Methodist Church
RG4 5NA Caversham Nursery School
RG4 7RA Caversham Primary School
RG1 8AA Caversham Road Fire Station
RG6 5HZ Chalfont Surgery, Brookside Group Practice
RG2 7BW Chancellor House Surgery
RG8 0SR Checkendon Village Hall
RG20 8TE Chieveley Village Hall
RG4 9LN Chiltern Edge School
RG17 0TE Chilton Foliat The Village Hall WC0031
RG24 8YE Chineham Village Hall
RG24 8LT Christ Church Reading Room
RG24 9HX Chute Pavillion & Recreation Ground
RG12 2GH Clement House Sheltered Accommodation
RG20 6NL Compton Stores
RG19 6HN Copart UK Ltd
RG12 8TF Coppid Beech Hotel
RG40 1UE Cornerstone Community Centre
RG10 8LY Crazies Hill Village Hall
RG27 9PJ Crossways Nursing Home
RG1 8DB Crowne Plaza Reading Hotel
RG12 0PE Crownwood School
RG45 6ND Crowthorne Church of England Primary School
RG45 7AH Crowthorne Fire Station
RG6 3HD Curves Gym
RG7 3AE De Vere Wokerfield Park
RG28 7HW Dental Concepts
RG7 5TQ Douai Park
RG31 6FE Downsways Primary School
RG17 7EX East Garston Village Hall
RG23 7JJ East Oakley Village Hall
RG45 7HZ Edgbarrow School
RG20 0NG Electricity Distribution Building
RG5 3QW Emmanuel Church
RG41 1JR Emmbrook Infant School
RG41 1JR Emmbrook Junior School
RG41 1JN Emmbrook Village Hall
RG4 8RA Emmer Green Surgery
RG21 3ET Envisage Dental
RG27 0LX Eversley Village Hall
RG26 5DL Expertise Consultancy Group
RG14 6TW Falkland Cricket Club
RG7 1UB Farley Hill Primary School
RG42 1FW Farley Wood Community Centre
RG5 4SQ Fast Food Systems LTD
RG40 4ES Finchampstead Baptists Church (FBC) Centre
RG40 4JU Finchampstead Memorial Hall
RG12 0XQ Forest Park Community Centre
RG9 6PR Frieth Village Hall
RG22 4RA Galliford Try
RG17 7SY Gardner's Tea Room
RG42 2AD Garth Hill College Changing Room Corridoor
RG42 2AD Garth Hill College Inner Link Walk
RG42 2AD Garth Hill College Sixth Form Reception
RG26 5PX Gibson House
RG9 1PS Gillotts School
RG9 1PS Gillotts Secondary School
RG6 7HF Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care
RG41 2GY Global Knowledge Network Training Limited
RG8 8DR Goosecroft Recreation Ground
RG8 0DG Goring Fire Station
RG8 9QA Goring Golf Club
RG8 7NY Goring Heath Village Hall
RG8 0EP Goring and Streatley Railway Station
RG14 2TF Grange Farm Residents & Crown Coffee
RG17 7DR Great Shefford Village Hall
RG27 8DQ Greenfields Junior School
RG45 6DS Griff's Cycle Lab
RG20 0PW H C Marsh (Newbury) Ltd
RG18 0TR Hampstead Norreys Village Hall
RG12 7WX Hanworth Community Centre
RG9 4HH Harpsden Village Hall
RG27 8QA Hartley Wintney Fire Station
RG27 8DX Hartley Wintney Football Club
RG45 6LP Hatch Ride Primary School
RG22 4XF Hatch Warren Community Centre
RG21 7NW Haymarket Theatre
RG9 2ED Henley Fire Station
RG9 2DH Henley Library
RG2 9JY Henry Street Garden Centre
RG4 8LR Highdown School
RG40 4QZ Hogwood Garage Ltd
RG40 1AB Hollister Ltd
RG4 9EN Hollybank, Tokers Green
RG40 3AW Holme Grange Craft Village
RG40 3AL Holme Grange School
RG7 3RD Horse & Groom Public House
RG41 1AA Housing & Care 21
RG17 0JG Hungerford Fire Station
RG17 0JG Hungerford Library
RG9 5SE Huntercombe Hall Care Home
RG9 5SB Huntercombe Young Offenders
RG26 5NL Hurst Leisure Centre
RG1 7NL Inspire Dental
RG10 9JU Interserve Plc
RG12 8EB Jennett's Park Community Centre
RG1 2BB John Lewis Store
RG12 8TN John Nike Leisure Centre
RG17 0AN John O'Gaunt School
RG1 2NL Katesgrove Primary School
RG22 5LL Kempshott Infant School
RG22 5HN Kempshott Post Office & Stores
RG42 2EX Kennel Lane School
RG4 9AU Kidmore End Primary School
RG22 6PH Kier Construction
RG21 8YJ King Furlong Infant School & Nursery
RG29 1NJ King Street Dental Practice
RG26 3LG Kings DIY
RG20 5NU Kingsclere Fire Station
RG17 9UX Kintbury & Woolton Hill Surgery
RG20 8JE Kynetec
RG17 8YT Lambourn Fire Station
RG17 8PS Lambourn Sports Club
RG17 8PS Lambourn Surgery
RG10 9UA Lamp Post OPPOSITE 3 Church Lane
RG8 0RA Langtree Secondary School
RG6 3DZ Laurel Park Pavilion
RG9 2LP Leander Rowing Club
RG42 7NJ Locks Ride Pavilion
RG6 4GD Lodden Valley Leisure
RG10 9JA Loddon Hall
RG6 7LR Loddon Primary School
RG31 6YG Long Lane Primary School
RG24 8TF Lychpit Community Hall
RG2 0FL Madejski Stadium
RG2 0FL Madejski Stadium, Academy/Indoor Dome Training Com
RG25 2LS Mapledurwell & Up Nately Village Hall
RG30 4UN Moorlands Primary School
RG41 3SW Morrisons
RG12 1EN Morrisons
RG21 8BJ Morrisons
RG2 0HB Morrisons
RG7 3TE Mortimer Fire Station
RG7 3SQ Mortimer Surgery
RG7 2HZ Mortimer West End Parish Council Hall
RG18 0TB Near the Phone Box on Church Street
RG9 5DA Nettlebed Primary School
RG9 5DD Nettlebed Village Club
RG19 8BZ Newbury & Cookham Golf Club
RG14 7TD Newbury College
RG20 9AP Newtown Village Hall
RG41 5DJ Nirvana Spa
RG12 9EX No.25 Toll Gardens
RG24 9NA North Hampshire Hospital
RG17 0YU Nuffield Leisure Centre
RG7 1ER Oakbank School
RG23 7JZ Oakley Infant School
RG27 8DY Oakwood School
RG29 1NE Odiham Tennis Clubhouse
RG29 1NE Odiham and North Warnborough Bowling Club
RG24 7DA Old Basing & Lychpit Parish Council Offices
RG22 5UY Old Down Hall
RG30 4EL Olympia Tools (UK) Ltd
RG17 0BN One Stop Shop
RG26 5AQ One Stop Shop
RG19 4AE PHABRIX Limited
RG26 3TQ Pamber Health Memorial Hall
RG26 3TQ Pamber Health Memorial Hall
RG8 7JH Pangbourne Fire Station
RG8 7DP Pangbourne Medical Practice
RG8 7AN Pangbourne Village Hall
RG14 6NQ Park House School
RG31 5AS Park Lane Primary School
RG31 5BD Park Lane Primary School
RG9 5JA Peppard War Memorial Hall
RG23 7LJ Peter Houseman Recreation Ground
RG27 9PJ Phone Box
RG7 1JY Phone Box
RG10 0DP Phone Box
RG20 7ER Phone Box
RG26 5HS Phone Box @ Salters Heath Road
RG29 1BY Phone Box @ The Fox & Goose
RG17 7AD Phone Box on Baydon Road
RG4 8XH Phone Box on Courtenay Drive
RG18 0TB Phone Box on Hatchers Lane
RG8 0ST Phone Box on Parkside
RG20 7LP Phone Box on The Square
RG10 0JJ Phone Box on The Street
RG9 5JU Phone Box outside Peppard Primary School
RG40 3AQ Pinewood Centre
RG20 9HX Portal Hall
RG25 2DN Preston Candover Village Hall
RG4 7SF Priory Avenue Surgery
RG41 5DJ Pulse 8 Health & Fitness Club
RG8 8DP Purley Memorial Hall
RG8 8HU Purley Park Trust
RG20 8RY Q Associates Ltd
RG27 8NS Quaintways Cottage Dental Surgery
RG6 5UZ Radstock Social Club
RG26 5SH Ramsdell Cricket Club
RG1 2LU Reading Borough Council, Civic Centre
RG1 4PS Reading International Solidarity Centre
RG1 2BH Reading Smiles Dentist
RG1 1LZ Reading Train Station North Exit, Bridge
RG1 1LZ Reading Train Station North Exit, Caversham Foyer
RG1 1LZ Reading Train Station Platform 10B & 11B
RG1 1LZ Reading Train Station Platform 12B& 13B
RG1 1LZ Reading Train Station Platform 14B & 15B
RG1 1LZ Reading Train Station Platform 8B & 9B
RG1 1LZ Reading Train Station South Entrance
RG28 7RF Red Phone Box adjacent to Church Cottage
RG9 3DD Remenham Parish Hall
RG7 1SD Riseley Tea Rooms
RG30 6TP Riverview Care Home
RG10 8DY Robert Piggott C Of E Junior School
RG10 8ED Robert Piggott C of E Infant School
RG14 1TS Robert Sandilands School
RG17 7SB Rooksnest House
RG25 2DL Royal Winchester Golf Club
RG5 4SW SFL Group
RG21 6XW Sainsburys Distribution Centre
RG21 6XW Sainsburys Distribution Centre
RG12 7SS Sainsburys Superstore
RG22 4TW Sainsburys Superstore
RG40 3RQ Sand Martins Club House
RG26 5RT Sandford Springs Golf Club
RG7 3TQ Sansome & George Estate Agents
RG14 2JG Shaw-cum-Donnington Village Hall
RG24 9HS Sherborne St John Village Hall
RG27 0FP Sherfield Park Community Centre
RG10 9NY Shine Dental Clinic
RG2 9EH Shinfield Infant & Nursery School
RG2 9EH Shinfield Parish Hall
RG9 4BW Shiplake College
RG9 4DN Shiplake Memorial Hall
RG7 2ND Silchester Village Hall
RG41 5EA Sindlesham Court Dining & Conference Centre
RG41 5EA Sindlesham Court Dining & Conference Centre
RG9 6TG Skirmett Village Hall
RG4 9SW Sonning Common Health Centre
RG4 9RJ Sonning Common Primary School
RG4 6GJ Sonning Golf Club
RG2 7QA South Reading Community Hub
RG8 0JS South Stoke Perch & Pike Pub
RG1 2AA Specsavers Opticians
RG7 1AP Spencers Wood Village Hall
RG20 8DP St Andrew's Church
RG22 6ER St Andrew's Medical Centre
RG40 1SS St Crispin's School
RG5 3BH St Dominic Savio Catholic Primary School
RG5 3LH St James Church Centre
RG20 8QQ St James' Church
RG40 4LU St James’ Church Centre
RG5 4QN St John's Ambulance Training Venue
RG24 9HT St John's Church of England Primary School
RG2 9EJ St Mary's Junior School
RG10 0DR St Nicholas Church of England Primary School
RG41 2YJ St Paul's C of E Junior School
RG6 1EY St Peter's Primary School
RG40 3AT St Sebastian’s Parish Centre
RG26 5EX St Stephen's Village Hall
RG17 7BX Stand Alone Pole at Blakeney Fields
RG10 0AB Stanlake Meadow Pavillion
RG25 3BD Steventon Parish Hall
RG20 8LN Stockcross Village Hall
RG9 5PS Stoke Row Sports Pavilion
RG9 5QL Stoke Row Village Hall
RG10 9AN Stylistix Hairdresser’s
RG26 4HN Tadley Community Centre
RG26 3LA Tadley Leisure Centre, Swimming Pool
RG7 4PA Tadley Rugby Club
RG14 5UR Teledyne Reynolds
RG2 0PN Tesco Distribution Centre
RG45 6QX Tesco Express
RG27 9JE Tesco Hook
RG27 9JE Tesco Superstore
RG40 2NS Tesco Superstore
RG28 7JF Testbourne Community School
RG7 4DU Thames Valley Police Training Centre
RG5 4JJ The Ambleside Centre
RG9 2DR The Bell Surgery
RG6 1FR The Birches
RG9 1AG The Christ Church Centre Christ Church Unit Refor
RG20 9HP The Clere School
RG10 0AX The Colleton Primary School
RG8 9QL The Coombe House
RG12 7BN The Cooperative
RG29 1LF The Cooperative
RG31 5WJ The Cornwell Centre
RG20 8UY The Downland Practice
RG30 6AD The Elms Dental Practice
RG9 3JD The Eyot Centre
RG17 7SH The Farmyard at Strouds Farm
RG23 7HH The Fox Pub
RG7 3BL The Fruit Shop
RG42 3JP The Gainsborough Practice
RG25 2LU The Gamekeepers
RG9 6AH The Golden Ball Inn
RG30 3TH The Hatch Gate Inn
RG4 8TU The Hill Primary School
RG7 2EH The Iron Duke
RG9 4QD The Maltsters Public House
RG10 8DY The Mount Nursing Home
RG1 2AG The Oracle Shopping Centre Riverside Car Park
RG1 2AG The Oracle Shopping Centre, Broad Street Entrance
RG1 2AG The Oracle Shopping Centre. Main Entrance, Rivers
RG10 8DS The Piggott School
RG25 2AD The Queen Inn
RG12 2UP The Rise @ Garth Hill College
RG10 0PS The Shurlock Inn
RG7 1TR The Victory Hall
RG7 1TR The Victory Hall
RG21 5PB The Vyne School
RG12 9LH The Waterfield Practice
RG18 9JD Thirtover Place
RG30 4BW Tilehurst Fire Station
RG31 5AT Triangle Dental
RG31 5AT Triangle Dental
RG31 5TX Turnhams Farm Hall
RG10 9EH Twyford Barbers
RG10 9RP Twyford Centre
RG10 9NA Twyford Train Station
RG27 9AZ Tylney Hall
RG31 7SD UK Biobank
RG27 8XU Unit 6 Quadratek
RG4 6TW Upper Thames Motor Yacht Club (UTMYC)
RG9 3DB Upper Thames Rowing Club
RG14 2FN Vodafone Group PLC
RG14 2FN Vodafone Group PLC
RG14 2FN Vodafone Group PLC
RG14 2FN Vodafone Group PLC
RG14 2FN Vodafone Group PLC
RG14 2FN Vodafone Group PLC
RG14 2FN Vodafone Group PLC
RG40 1PA Volume Limited
RG10 8DL WR Bennett Ltd
RG10 8BY Wargrave Dental Clinic
RG10 8BP Wargrave Fire Station
RG10 8BG Wargrave Parish Council Offices
RG10 8BP Wargrave Surgery
RG20 7DU West Berks Golf Club
RG20 7AJ West Ilsley Village Hall
RG20 8JA Weston Farm Barn
RG22 6QB Westside Community Centre
RG6 5PT Whiteknights Indoor Bowls Club Ltd
RG2 8EP Whiteknights Primary School
RG27 9ED Whitewater Health
RG2 7RB Whitley Park Primary & Nursery School
RG2 8FS Whitley Wood Fire Station
RG20 8HL Wickham Village Hall
RG45 7HD Wildmoor Heath School
RG7 3XP Willink Leisure Centre
RG5 4RW Willow Bank Infant School
RG41 5LH Winnersh Primary School
RG40 1BN Wokingham Council Offices
RG40 2EE Wokingham Dental Clinic
RG40 2EH Wokingham Fire Station
RG40 2EH Wokingham Fire Station
RG41 1EG Wokingham Masonic Centre
RG6 1PQ Wokingham Waterside Centre
RG8 0QY Woodcotte Village Hall
RG17 7SL Woodlands St Mary Village Hall
RG5 4UX Woodley Church of England Primary School
RG5 4JA Woodley Surgery
RG5 3JJ Woodley Town Centre
RG20 9XE Woolton Hill Junior School
RG20 9UL Woolton Hill Surgery
RG41 3DR Woosehill Medical Centre
RG9 1EQ YMCA Y Centre
RG18 0UF Yattendon Village Hall

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

OSM Object Ref Location
n5773594509 indoor, by travel money
n7034632727 AGA1389 in box next to information panel on the corner of the Lodge
n7576382918 AHA015 in box attached to the wall on the right of entrance
n7599927392 in box on the wall on corner of building faceing the ridgeway road below Reception sign
n7616087533 in sheltered box inside old red K6 phone booth outside carpark of Bentley Memorial hall
n7946195891 AHA420
n8473102547 in red phone box near Queens Head Pub, Pilcot/Dogmersfield
n8937394856 In weatherproof box on the wall on south side of visitor centre, sheltered by the roof.
n9063255459 outside red phone box, Marlow Bottom

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object

Ref Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location MR Offset
RG25 2JQ Cliddesden Phone Box n114408126 inside red phone box (that is now a book exchange) next to the pond at junction of Church Lane and F 64 m
RG4 6UH Phone Box @ Pearson Road n428004752 inside red phone box outside Pearson Hall, Pearson Road, Sonning 133 m
RG9 6QX Red Phone Box near St Mary's Church n767392231 inside red telephone box in centre of Turville 40 m
RG14 5DD Newbury Baptist Church n3052580227 38 m
RG40 1AA Phone Box n3676384275 inside red phone box outside old post office building on Broad Street 19 m
RG9 2BN Rupert House School n3695775427 72 m
RG27 9HF Hook Town Centre n4019835761 28 m
RG17 8XL Lambourn Library n4387941760 32 m
RG19 4RE Moorside Community Centre n4417706213 216 m
RG19 3XX Spurcroft Primary School n4417706735 114 m
RG19 3FU Thatcham Nature Discovery n4596262039 13 m
RG17 9TX Kintbury Coronation Village Hall n4598949587 80 m
RG19 4YF Burdwood Surgery n4681820898 272 m
RG19 4LL Kennet Secondary School n4681833081 32 m
RG19 4PR Tigers Too Day Nursery n4681833082 334 m
RG18 4QH Frank Hutchings Community Hall n4681833084 43 m
RG7 6QU Peach's Stores n4681833085 5 m
RG7 6PD The Bladebone Inn n4681833086 46 m
RG7 6PR The Victory Room n4681833087 61 m
RG18 3HB Thatcham Memorial Hall n4681838090 50 m
RG19 3HP Broadway Lifesmiles n4681838092 3 m
RG18 3BN Henwick Worthy Sports Ground n4681838093 188 m
RG18 3QY Tigers Nursery n4681838094 21 m
RG14 1AY Parkway Shopping Centre n4681838096 61 m
RG14 5EN The Kennet Centre n4681838097 40 m
RG14 7LU St Nicholas Church of England Junior School n4681838098 64 m
RG14 7FX Utility Shed n4681838099 64 m
RG14 6JP St Bartholomew's School n4681842745 69 m
RG19 6HW Greenham Business Park Security Portakabin n4681842746 207 m
RG14 5AB Sainsburys Superstore n4681842747 16 m
RG14 5TU Swift Courier Services n4681877819 149 m
RG31 7AW Holybrook Parish Council Office n4681892957 139 m
RG31 7QN Berst Western Calcot Hotel n4681909214 112 m
RG31 7SD IKEA n4681909215 127 m
RG18 9JH Cold Ash Parish Council Offices n4681920174 96 m
RG7 4TL Brimpton Church of England Primary School n4681920175 111 m
RG14 7LP Newbury Railway Station n4681936931 74 m
RG14 7SJ The Willow Primary School n4681936933 392 m
RG22 6PG Loddon Vale Indoor Bowling Club n4681936934 326 m
RG7 5AS Theale Pavilion n4681936935 215 m
RG7 5AN Theale Post Office n4681936936 96 m
RG7 5AW Mercy in Action n4681936937 11 m
RG7 5AS Theale Medical Centre n4681936938 185 m
RG7 5BZ Theale Church of England Primary School n4681936939 42 m
RG20 9XF Woolton Hill Church Hall n4681971294 147 m
RG8 9SE The Bell Inn n4681971295 8 m
RG14 2AW St Joseph's Catholic Primary School n4690191749 74 m
RG19 3HN CB Richard Ellis Site Services n4697949056 22 m
RG14 6NQ Park House School n4802406981 12 m
RG14 6NU St George the Martyr Church Centre n4802407016 52 m
RG31 4UR Calcot Surgery n4974705531 143 m
RG7 6LS Red Phone Box outside The Bull Inn n4983394318 150 m
RG19 3HX Toilet Block n5029265874 69 m
RG7 5UL Birds Lane Wall n5029265875 200 m
RG19 3JL Thatcham United Reformed Church (British School) n5105626134 39 m
RG9 6LF Phone Box outside The Old Post Office n5189473052 in red phone box in Northend 71 m
RG19 3RG Advantage Fitness Club n5414250042 127 m
RG14 1EH Tennis Courts, Victoria Park n5414250043 154 m
RG31 7YT Kennet Valley Primary School n5480772478 260 m
RG14 1LD Newbury Fire Station n5481162792 62 m
RG7 5RE Woolhampton Village Hall n5532754128 77 m
RG31 7SA Sainsburys Superstore n5532754136 69 m
RG7 5TB Woolhampton Church of England Primary School n5596587423 213 m
RG18 9TB The White Horse n5596587424 48 m
RG18 9SA Hermitage Primary School n5596587425 98 m
RG7 5NT Beenham Victory Hall n5648943871 62 m
RG8 7EU Phone Box on Manor Road n6236872017 inside old red telephone box 250 m
RG14 1DJ Tesco Metro n6289604915 11 m
RG14 5JB Oaktree Newbury Dental Surgery n6289604922 351 m
RG14 7PY St John's Parish Church n6289604951 87 m
RG20 8BA Phone Box on The Meadow n6401288579 79 m
RG10 0TH Dinton Pastures Country Park. Dragon Fly Café n6432569905 326 m
RG17 7JN Phone Box on Main Road n6434194867 inside phone box on junction of Downs Close and Newbury Road 331 m
RG20 7JE Peasemore Village Hall n6434293102 113 m
RG2 9ER Dobbies Garden Centre n6498538061 adjacent to tills, on wall at right 15 m
RG30 4EL ASDA n6518587185 199 m
RG1 4AR ORH n6796627286 128 m
RG8 0EN Sheepcot Recreation Ground Clubhouse n6874908418 296 m
RG17 0EG Peter Stirland's Ford Garage n6985711444 8 m
RG9 2AN HSBC Bank n7081454464 in wall mounted code locked box to the left of social club entrance 105 m
RG1 1LZ Reading Train Station First Aid Room n7150988470 8 m
RG14 2FG Riverside Community Centre n7298568114 411 m
RG28 7LT Prince Regent Public House n7578914178 24 m
RG20 4UH Royal Oak Public House n7823526812 90 m
RG12 1LL Game Shop n8124640504 Wall mounted next to the GAME store 15 m
RG12 1AD Bracknell Police Station n8124640505 Exterior wall of Princess Square car park, opposite Royal British Legion. Call 999 for access code 311 m
RG8 9AG Goring Village Hall n8410241613 outside Goring Village Hall, High Street, Goring 15 m
RG8 8SH Ashampstead Village Hall n8440871097 Ashampstead Village Hall. Church Lane, Ashampstead - on outside wall, to right of main door 37 m
RG26 5BH Clift Surgery n8491503193 On the wall facing car park 135 m
RG26 3PL Allen's Garage n8778793707 253 m
RG17 9UN Public Conveniences Opposite The Dundas Arms n8899133765 65 m
RG7 1QX Swallowfield Parish Hall n8936371396 In coded box to the left of the door. 164 m
RG7 1BA BP Garage / Frasers Budgens Store n8993726199 82 m
RG9 6RT Hambleden Sports & Social Club n9018315262 outside Hambleden Sports and Social Club 85 m
RG31 4XD Calcot Centre n9043551952 Wall 50 m
RG27 9BG Rotherwick Village Hall n9081220046 on outside of Rotherwick Village Hall 220 m

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