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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'ST' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the AED location data from the Ambulance Services in Open Street Map. (Even if there was, many are located only by postcode, so the locations are not always precise.) So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list (orange for AEDs that may not be available 24/7, yellow for AEDs not generally available for public use, and red for everything else). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects . For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each Ambulence Service location for an OSM amenity=defibrillator object with a matching postcode, with 2km of the postcode centroid. If any are found the nearest such object is matched. Then we go through all unmatched Ambulence Service locations, and look for any unmatched amenity=defibrillator OSM objects within 150m. If any are found, the hearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated, but with an increased distance limit of 500m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs, or an EAD is a long way from its postcode centriod, they may not be matched correctly.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Postcode Location Locality Ref
ST17 0RY Acton Trussell Village Hall - Acton Trussell Mens 3167
ST7 2PA Alsager CPAD1474
ST7 2AE Alsager CPAD657
ST7 2AF Alsager CPAD1547
ST7 2QL Alsager CPAD1597
ST7 2PP Alsager CPAD1598
ST10 4AP Alton Village Hall 4186
ST3 7PB Andy & Son Butchers - Fulford Parish Council 3357
ST16 3BZ Aspire (Stafford) Ltd - Stepping Stone Café 4690
ST7 8DL Audley Cricket Club 4450
ST7 8DA Audley Dental Practice 2662
ST9 9JP Bagnall Village Hall 3784
ST13 7TD Bagshaw & Son's Butcher O/S wall 1611
ST12 9DA Barlaston St John's Church 2861
ST18 0AD Beacon Sports and Fitness 4595
ST17 0LH Berkswich Methodist Church 2401
ST8 7TA Biddulph Country Park 3314
ST8 7AR Biddulph High School 1896
ST8 6RW Biddulph Life Line Washington Close 1536
ST8 7HZ Biddulph Moor Telephone Box 2257
ST8 6NN Biddulph Outside Penticostal Church 1660
ST8 6LL Biddulph Resource & Information Centre 1535
ST8 6EX Biddulph U3A 1537
ST8 7BU Biddulph Youth Community Zone 3307
ST7 8PS Bignal End Barbers Shop 3277
ST7 8LA Bignal End Cricket Club 4253
ST1 6LL Birches Head Hotel Pub 4551
ST21 6ET Bishops Offley Garage - Adbaston Parish Council 2519
ST9 0AJ Black Lion Public House 2169
ST13 7EQ Boat Inn 2598
ST18 9DS Bradley Community 1799
ST18 9DY Bradley Village Hall 1523
ST14 5DE Bramshall Village Hall 4044
ST19 9BS Brewood Co-op 4392
ST17 0TW Brocton Village Hall 3249
ST9 9HQ Brookvale Ltd 2575
ST13 5RE Brough Park Leisure Centre 3206
ST21 6NW Broughton Parish Rooms 1819
ST6 7JT Burslem Golf Club 2304
ST19 5AS Bus Stop Penkridge CFR group 1801
ST13 5EE Cave Gym 4334
ST3 6PJ Caverswall Cricket Club 3268
ST11 9ED Caverswall Local Community 2918
ST17 0EA Central England Coop 3290
ST10 1LX Cheadle Cricket Club 3911
ST10 1BG Cheadle Guild Hall 2599
ST10 1TR Cheadle Town Council 2837
ST15 0BF Chebsey Parish Council 3954
ST2 6JU Chebsey Village Phone Kiosk - Chebsey Parish Counc 3761
ST10 4NB Checkley Community Centre (Village Hall) 2818
ST15 8EP Christchurch First School 2373
ST20 0AG Church Eaton Village Institute - Church Eaton Pari 4348
ST7 3DA Church Lawton CPAD1366
ST7 3RA Church Lawton, Stoke on Trent CPAD1315
ST7 3DL Church lawton CPAD1316
ST14 8AZ Cinebowl Iskate 3524
ST1 3AY City Central Mosque 4535
ST16 3AQ Civic Centre Stafford 8
ST17 0AP Co-operative Food Baswich Lane 3988
ST16 1QE Co-operative Food First Avenue 3661
ST17 4JD Co-operative Food Silkmore Lane 3989
ST16 1LA Co-operative Food Stone Road 3986
ST17 4RA Co-operative Food Wildwood Shopping Centre 3709
ST17 4NX Co-operative Funeralcare Stafford 3688
ST15 8BQ Coppice Estate Stone 4304
ST16 1JG Cornwell's Chemist Ltd 3961
ST21 6RS Cotes Heath Village Hall - Standon Parish Council 3240
ST10 3EX Cross Inn - Cotton Parish Council 3431
ST21 6PF Croxton Service 3103
ST8 7QL Davlyn House Care Home - Brindley Ford Community R 4149
ST14 5HR Denstone Village Hall - Denstone Parish Council 3020
ST18 9NA Derrington Millennium Green 4006
ST14 8HA Dove Funeral Services 3437
ST16 1VV Doxey House Care Home 3044
ST16 1UR Doxey Hub 2854
ST16 1EB Doxey Universal Sports & Social Club 2853
ST11 9AF Draycott Sports Centre 3141
ST18 9AG Dunston Village Hall 2190
ST21 6JB Eccleshall Community Centre - Eccleshall CFR's 2481
ST21 6BY Eccleshall O/S Parish Rooms 2167
ST21 6LG Eccleshall Rugby Club 3883
ST9 9EW Endon with Stanley Parish Council - Co-operative S 3057
ST16 3TH Evans Park 3850
ST6 6QR Fegg Hayes Methodist Church 4506
ST4 4LL Fenton Private Bowling & Tennis Club - see comment 3817
ST14 7BY Fire Station Uttoxeter 152
ST15 0RA Fitzherbert Arms Public House, Swynnerton Village 1827
ST8 7ET Flavours Convenience Store 3762
ST3 4EB Florence Tennis & Bowling Club 3343
ST11 9JS Fords of Blythe Bridge - Fulford Parish Council 3368
ST10 2HN Foxt Village Hall 4131
ST11 9QT Fulford Village Hall 1940
ST4 4BJ Gardeners Retreat 4865
ST5 0QP Giggles and Wiggles - Newcastle Under Lyme 4159
ST15 8LL Giggles and Wiggles - Stone 4152
ST20 0RW Gnosall Phoenix Club - Grosvenor Centre 2539
ST18 9PR Great Bridgeford Village Hall 2663
ST18 0SU Great Haywood Sports & Social Club 3514
ST10 4JY Great Wood Hall 4195
ST13 7TP Grindon Village Hall 4107
ST15 8JS Gust Swim School 4555
ST19 5DT Haling Dean Centre - Penkridge Parish Council 2626
ST14 7DP Heath Community Centre - Uttoxeter 2647
ST15 8SF Hilderstone Village Hall 2632
ST15 0PY Hill & Swift Ford Garage 4703
ST18 0PF Hixon Parish Council - Central Fasteners 2922
ST10 4DR Hollington Village Hall (checkley parish council) 1736
ST13 8PU Horton Village Hall 4305
ST16 3AX House of Bread 4892
ST18 9BG Hyde Lea & Coppenhall Village Hall 2093
ST18 0RE Ingestre Park Golf Club 17
ST18 0RE Ingestre Stables 3083
ST10 2LD Ipstones Memorial Hall 3574
ST1 3NT J & G Meakin Cricket Club 2045
ST13 7BP John Pointon (Pointon Park) & Sons Sports and Recr 4548
ST20 0PN Junction Inn Norbury - Norbury Parish Council 3733
ST16 3SB Katharine House Hospice 3501
ST8 6HS Keens Dental Practice 1380
ST7 1DG Kidsgrove Fire Station 1748
ST10 2AF Kingsley Village Hall 2357
ST14 8QN Kingstone Village Hall 1694
ST20 0QJ Knighton Family Social Club - Adbaston Parish Coun 3198
ST8 7AQ Knypersley Sports Club 3764
ST13 6LQ Leek Fire Station 1750
ST13 8LD Leek Hockey Club 4235
ST10 4PU Leigh Parish Council - Farmers Arms 4683
ST10 4SJ Leigh Parish Council - Railway Crossing 4685
ST10 4PT Leigh Parish Council - The Star Inn 4686
ST4 5AA London Road Ale House 3812
ST9 9QF Longsdon Memorial Hall - Longsdon Parish Council 2493
ST5 1QL Lymestone Vaults 2616
ST16 3RU Lymphedema Clinic 3502
ST5 5EF Maer Village Hall 4429
ST20 0AS Manor Farm - Church Eaton Parish Council 4224
ST14 8LF Marchington Village Hall 2617
ST14 8PD Marchington Woodlands Village Hall 3158
ST9 9DR McMullens Chemist 2577
ST15 0PX Meaford Day Nursery - see comments 2578
ST13 8SL Meerbrook Village Hall 2293
ST3 7BH Meir Heath & Rough Close Village Hall 3485
ST2 7DU Millrace Pub 4306
ST2 7BW Millrise Medical Centre 3511
ST1 3JE Millys Food Bar 4633
ST18 0EG Milwich Village Hall 3746
ST19 5QP Monkton Recreation Centre 1442
ST4 7NY North Staffordshire Medical Institute 4246
ST6 8HZ Norton Social Club 4242
ST8 6AR O/S Biddulph Town Hall 1688
ST17 0RJ O/S The Croft 3197
ST8 7EA O/S The Roaring Meg BUSINESS 1687
ST10 3AG Oakamoor Cricket Club 2574
ST10 3DQ Oakamoor Village Hall 2101
ST17 0PR Oakridge Primary School 3275
ST7 1LX One Sure 3742
ST13 7RU Onecote Village Hall 4032
ST15 8UJ Oulton Village Hall, Stone Rural Parish Council 2820
ST4 2EB Park Church Shelton 4391
ST8 7SW Park Head Farm 1897
ST8 6DD Parkwood Community Leisure Pavilion - Biddulph Lad 3555
ST19 5NU Penkridge Fire Station 2104
ST16 3UB Perkins Social Club 4240
ST15 0AA Pirehill First School 4151
ST5 0HU Porthill Park Cricket Club 2645
ST3 7TW Potters Bar 4931
ST21 6JL Raleigh Hall Properties Ltd 2520
ST18 9JU Ranton Village Hall 3966
ST17 0TE Red Phone Box - Brocton 4408
ST15 8YZ Residential - 4 Rangley View 4887
ST15 0EH Residential Property 4211
ST18 9JH Richard East Butchers - Haughton Parish Council 2197
ST17 9LT Rising Brook Baptist Church 2620
ST17 9NF Rising Brook Fire Station 1755
ST2 0SP Riverside Community Office - Moss Green Village Fo 3465
ST14 5JU Rocester Village Hall 4486
ST7 3RT Rode Heath CPAD1061
ST19 9AE Royal Oak Public House 1764
ST20 0AJ Royal Oak Public House - Church Eaton Parish Counc 4223
ST8 7PX Rudyard Lake Activity Centre - (League of Friends) 1733
ST13 8RN Rudyard Methodist Church 4926
ST18 0BW Salt Village Hall 1394
ST10 4DY Shades of Tean Ltd 3795
ST17 9TX Signpost Centre 4565
ST5 6NA Silverdale Methodist Church 3104
ST5 5ED Slaters Shopping and Craft Village (Slaters Ltd on 2585
ST15 8QU Smartys Day Nursery 4562
ST16 2BQ Sports Direct 2144
ST19 9BA St Dominic's Grammar School 4267
ST16 3RP St John's Church 4239
ST9 0BN St John's Primary School 2628
ST8 7RG St Lawrence Church 1784
ST15 0NT St Lukes Church - Chebsey Parish Council 2451
ST3 5DY St Mary & St Chad Church Hall 4101
ST20 0QE St Michael's & All Angels Church - Adbaston Parish 3266
ST5 5JT Stableford Caravan Park - Fieldhouse Caravan Park 3562
ST17 4SG Stafford Boat Club (CPAD) 43
ST17 9WX Stafford Borough Council - Rowley Park 3347
ST15 8JH Stafford Borough Council - Stonefield Park 3349
ST16 2QP Stafford Borough Council - Victoria Park 3348
ST16 1BP Stafford Castle Golf Club 2709
ST18 0WP Stafford and Rural Homes 4249
ST16 1TQ Staffordshire Bull 4247
ST18 0YB Staffordshire University Centre of Excellence in H 4015
ST4 4TN Stoke City Football Club (Stoke City Property Ltd) 3979
ST15 8TL Stoke Rugby Union Football Club 4022
ST6 2HE Stoke on Trent Practical Driving Test Centre 4534
ST15 0NB Stone Golf Club 2348
ST15 8QW Stone Oatcakes and Milkshakes 3131
ST15 8LD Stone Tennis Club 1970
ST14 5DL Stramshall Village Hall 4045
ST6 2AA Swan Bank Church - see comments 3584
ST3 6AB Swifty's Micro Bar 4890
ST7 1PX Talke Pits Village Hall 4695
ST14 5HU Telephone Box - Denstone Parish Council 3803
ST11 7PP Telephone Kiosk - Fulford Parish Council 3865
ST20 0EZ Texaco, Gnosall Service Station 1787
ST18 9EX The Bell - Haughton Parish Council 2260
ST15 8TG The Boar Inn 3622
ST20 0DA The Boat Inn 1948
ST15 8LL The Borehole 2695
ST14 7QA The Bradley House Club 2418
ST4 7QE The Commercial Inn 4108
ST21 6AA The Eagle Inn 2561
ST2 7EH The Foxley 4017
ST20 0AU The Gables 4543
ST17 0RQ The Grange - Acton Trussell Mens Society 3168
ST5 1JT The Greyhound 2608
ST11 9QX The Greyhound - Fulford Parish Council 2614
ST11 9JG The Hair Room - Fulford Parish Council 3358
ST18 9PQ The Hollybush 2610
ST16 2QB The Lamb Inn 3505
ST10 1LP The Lodge - Cheadle Town Council 3603
ST17 0RJ The Moat House Hotel 2229
ST10 2NU The Red Lion Inn (Dilhorne Parish Council) 85
ST10 3HZ The Red Lion Inn (Waterfall) Ltd 3814
ST13 5AB The Roebuck 3196
ST10 2PE The Royal Oak Public House (Dilhorne Parish Counci 3280
ST11 9QS The Shoulder of Mutton Pub - Fulford Parish Counci 3369
ST18 9HB The Shropshire Inn - Haughton Parish Council 2265
ST8 6RG The Staffordshire Knot 3763
ST4 4EG The Stoke City Football Club, The Britannia Stadiu 1443
ST17 4JX The Sun Inn 2611
ST10 1PF The Swan 3736
ST16 2JA The Swan Hotel 1742
ST7 8QD The Swan Inn 4336
ST9 0DT The Windmill 3607
ST7 4JL Thursfield Primary School 4954
ST9 9LX Travellors Rest Public House 2576
ST6 8PA Trentside Manor Care Home 4544
ST16 2BZ Trinity Church Stafford 4553
ST4 2HG United Carpets 4100
ST14 8YQ Uttoxeter & District U3A 4818
ST14 8BD Uttoxeter Racecourse - see comments 4816
ST5 1AR Veteran's House 4888
ST18 0YJ WMAS Courier Transport Service 2212
ST18 0DG Wacker Neuson Ltd 3922
ST14 8FA Waitrose Uttoxeter 3632
ST15 0EQ Walton Community Centre 3636
ST17 0LD Walton Village Hall 2305
ST9 9EX Well Dressing Ticket Office 2740
ST9 0JS Werrington Library and Well Being Centre 3379
ST16 3EA Westgate Group 3927
ST18 0JQ Weston Village Hall 3302
ST13 8DL Westwood First School 3840
ST9 0BN Wetley Rocks Village Hall 3316
ST19 9NB Wheaton Aston Surgery 1508
ST15 8LQ White Bridge Estates LLP (CPAD) 1855
ST7 4DS White Hill Methodist Community Church 4813
ST7 8BJ William Riley & Sons Ltd 3628
ST5 0HE Wolstanton High Street Club 3943
ST7 8PH Wood Lane Community Centre 3629
ST20 0NP Woodseaves Post Office 1816
ST15 0NN Woolcool 4383
ST15 0NJ Yarnfield Village Hall 1395

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

OSM Object Ref Location
n264993784 CPAD2356
n294941388 in telephone box, Woodcock Lane
n969167284 inside red phone box, Chebsey
n1248433718 In old telephone box.
n2194521254 Inside former red telephone box
n2562017399 Beresford Tea Rooms
n2635955944 in phone box, Lapley
n4406221161 Tesco Extra, Stoke
n7135945534 Outside wall of public house "Holly Bush".
n7545169440 inside Job Centre
n8623962923 inside red telephone box, Freehay
n8649443240 inside red telephone box on Newport Road, Tong
n8690613643 inside red telephone box (that is now used as a book exchange) in layby on Sandon Road, Cresswell
n9048380846 outside Mow Cop Community Hall
n9144454157 On wall of Methodist Centre

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object

Ref Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location MR Offset
ST7 3LJ Scholar Green n294919683 in telephone box, Birch Tree Lane, 178 m
ST7 3NQ Mow Cop n294941376 inside red phone box, Clare Street 355 m
ST7 3HF Scholar Green Stoke on Trent n297055762 50 m
ST10 2BQ Telephone Kiosk - Kingsley Holt n1250003251 In old telephone box. 154 m
ST21 6EW The Star Inn n1388908588 357 m
ST17 0SE Friends of Bednall n3459661891 159 m
ST20 0QB Offley Grove Farm n4022785435 On the side of a small garage building or barn 114 m
ST15 8AD Regent Travel n4300845664 Wall mounted yellow box 48 m
ST6 1EA Burslem Town Park Pavilion Café n5663174021 Mounted on back wall of Burslem Park Pavilion 385 m
ST1 6PA The Cat Inn n5862323814 183 m
ST1 2HA Intu Potteries Shopping Centre n5862323815 36 m
ST6 7NN Brook Medical Centre n6103445472 124 m
ST4 2SR Signal 1 Radio n6271589471 14 m
ST8 7NP Rock End Garage n6285405634 inside red phone box, Crowborough Road, Biddulph Moor 107 m
ST5 2SL Newcastle Fire Station n6342060122 281 m
ST18 9LR Derrington Village Hall n6365557447 343 m
ST11 9BG Foxfield Railway n6419263248 457 m
ST3 1BS Specsavers Longton n6444074590 230 m
ST6 5AA The Sneyd Arms Hotel and Restaurant n6574451267 53 m
ST1 3DW Potteries Museum n6610399399 30 m
ST5 6AU Phone Box, Scot Hay n6630962222 Repurposed red phonebox 35 m
ST21 6DN Toilet Block - Eccleshall CFRs n6721193063 474 m
ST1 1HL Citizens Advice Bureau n6743814987 18 m
ST6 5PH Lemaca Ltd - T/A McDonalds Restaurant Ltd n6805492944 On the outside wall of McDonald's 66 m
ST1 5BN Intu Potteries - The Hive n7021522684 270 m
ST2 9EG Werrington Scouts n7177300380 24 m
ST6 3AJ The Bulls Head n7318878022 17 m
ST12 9BQ Barlaston Parish Council n7425773906 125 m
ST12 9AR The Beeches n7462285823 27 m
ST12 9AA Barlaston Herons WI - Village Hall n7462285856 146 m
ST12 9EW Barlaston Old Road Garage n7462304616 287 m
ST12 9EJ Barlaston Herons WI - Kitson's Chemist n7462307563 163 m
ST12 9DP Barlaston Methodist Church n7462330791 186 m
ST12 9BD Portland Place/Flaxman Close n7492051774 81 m
ST10 4PJ Leigh Parish Council - Telephone Box n7774381386 in telephone box 138 m
ST14 5JG Croxden Abbey n7796336769 141 m
ST4 8HD Trentham Methodist Church n7917686454 221 m
ST12 9HW Tittensor Village Hall n7917692900 87 m
ST6 4RB Wayne Walker n8783106047 On wall of building 325 m
ST21 6LX Telephone Box n8917811246 inside red phone box, Slindon 76 m

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