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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'HX' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. This website is not intended for use in an emergency. If you require urgent medical assistance, call 999 now.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be false-positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 217 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
78E20658-CEBA-4034-AE36-AD4100EE357E HX1 1DJ Westgate Arcade, 9 Westgate, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
C6A70479-2070-4028-A281-B03100B5FD30 HX1 1DL Tesco Halifax Southgate Express, 28-30 Southgate, Halifax Variable Public 7m
A7423C6C-9FEE-460E-A77F-AD4F009A2D2D HX1 1DS The Old Cock, Old Cock Hotel, Old Cock Yard 24/7 Public 7m
7309649E-EA69-4D55-A86C-AD51008FC8AD HX1 1JB Crossleys Cars, 49 Crown Street, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
03B40585-7A8E-47CD-AF1F-AEB0008DE402 HX1 1NA Pib Group, Gordon House, 17 Charles Street, Variable Restricted 7m
C7FBFD00-D388-4719-AC73-AD4100D9932B HX1 1PB The Jubilee, 18 Market Street, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
C567FA62-423F-4527-8987-AEBE00EAA9E7 HX1 1QE Halifax Railway Station, Horton Street, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
F8C1A71B-F93A-453F-8B54-AD4100D7A27C HX1 1QG Calderdale Industrial Museum, Square Road, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
328411E0-E063-45BA-AB86-ADCE0080BC2C HX1 1QR Halifax Minster, Halifax Minster Office, Unit 3, Causey Hall, Dispensary Walk, Halifax Variable Restricted 7m
C9499B1B-4CBE-461B-BF4F-B03500F8834B HX1 1RE The Piece Hall, Piece Hall, Halifax Variable Public 5m
0866A1A3-F758-4CEE-86ED-AF9500F394DC HX1 1RU O2 Store (0386) Halifax, 23 Woolshops, Yorkshire Variable Restricted 5m
DCEB970A-C753-4433-B51C-AD4100D85C3D HX1 1RU Marks & Spencer, 29 Woolshops, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
6E1B04BF-54BC-4972-82BF-AD4100D74F8C HX1 1SP Empire House, 11 Mulcture Hall Road, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
43D4C950-E112-4F5B-82A6-AFC800A623A7 HX1 1TA Unmasked Mental Health, 20-26 Commercial Street, Halifax Variable Restricted 7m
C03E5A24-C5DB-4EAE-A09D-AFF800B21ED9 HX1 1UN Trinity Sixth Form Academy, Halifax Trinity Sixth Form Academy, Northgate Variable Restricted 7m
28E88F50-B5E9-4348-B789-AD4100D66ADB HX1 1UZ Bus Station, Located In The Terminal, Winding Road Variable Restricted 7m
34D8A3DA-FABC-4049-8E86-AD4100D5F47B HX1 1XX Broad Street Plaza, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
CEA74E05-7CC6-4315-B430-AE630085BA3A HX1 1YH Puregym, Broad Street Plaza, Halifax 24/7 Restricted 7m
8631C74A-92E3-49A6-8A23-AF3C00DC21E9 HX1 2AL The Basement Recovery Project, 10 Carlton Street, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
BAB0D058-2CB9-49F6-B618-B11400FE97F6 HX1 2AL 10 Carlton Street, Halifax 24/7 Public 21h
25169000-AE45-44FC-A98C-AD41008C664B HX1 2AZ Waterhouse Almshouses, 25 Harrison Road, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
C4785D24-EA08-4316-8B47-AD6A00B34512 HX1 2BG Halifax Christadelphian Hall, Balmoral Place, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
72DE862D-999D-4FE5-91AC-AD52008C35F0 HX1 2ER St Mary's Catholic Primary School (Halifax), St Marys Catholic Primary School, Swires Road 24/7 Public 7m
10C6A008-DAF6-4BAA-93A2-AE1400BAB607 HX1 2ES Holy Trinity C Of E (Va) Primary School, Former Halifax Holy Trinity Ce Va Primary School Savile Hall, Savile Park Road Variable Public 7m
6E6C7278-8181-4145-A551-AD4100D92C1F HX1 2JF Coleridge Street, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
837593A1-705A-4CE8-8410-ADC700B5943B HX1 2JZ Caravan Guard Ltd, 64 New Road, Halifax Variable Public 7m
0DBED4B4-55E0-4E4C-89A4-AF1900A2A6A9 HX1 2LH Pjproperties, 4 New Road, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
0AD7998D-0899-44CD-A4E1-B1180085A133 HX1 2XQ Queens Sports Club, Moorlands View, Halifax 24/7 Public 21h
222B89A8-3E05-4327-B10D-B11400D89F28 HX1 2XQ Queens Sports Club, Moorlands View, Halifax Variable Public 21h
CDF959FD-5271-41C0-9923-B11801134144 HX1 2YF Heath Pharmacy Ltd, Pharmacy And Chemist, 96 Free School Lane 24/7 Public 21h
07007E3D-02A6-47F9-BB95-AFF900ADC12B HX1 2YT Director Of Safer & Stronger Communities, The Shay, Shaw Hill 24/7 Public 7m
26CB505D-FED0-495F-AD22-AF7200B09299 HX1 3RD Metaldyne International [Uk] Ltd, 131 Parkinson Lane, Halifax Variable Restricted 7m
BF96A0F4-144C-4109-80E7-AE8D0121A494 HX1 3SU King Cross W Mc, Warley Road, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
49B93C65-74EE-4851-9F09-AF8700FF4237 HX1 3TG Warley Road Academy, Warley Road Primary School, Warley Road Variable Restricted 7m
8615A4B2-BCB7-40D7-93F3-B00D00E47C5A HX1 3TG Warley Road Academy, Warley Road Primary School, Warley Road Variable Restricted 7m
7061BDDE-0EC6-49C7-BC5A-AE3A0142190D HX1 3TU Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Stores Limited, Haugh Shaw Road Variable Public 7m
B84843DA-7DB9-45D5-8F61-B0C900A9F0FD HX1 3TU Tesco, Tesco Stores Limited, Haugh Shaw Road Variable Public 3m
2E79FD3B-05A2-44E8-9219-ADB900953143 HX1 3UZ Calderdale College, Francis Street, Halifax Variable Public 7m
FA5151DF-11F2-4B4B-B4CC-ADB900945950 HX1 3UZ Calderdale College, Francis Street, Halifax Variable Public 7m
B22E7C0E-8856-49DE-93E7-B02900BE84BA HX1 3XL Parkinson Lane Community Primary School, Parkinson Lane, Halifax Variable Restricted 7m
ACF48D0A-8B9E-449A-BB45-AFD900A0DD4B HX1 4ET The Aspire Trust, Jamia Mosque Haddih, 97 Hopwood Lane 24/7 Public 7m
7D0D7B3C-B704-43A2-BCF2-AEB00139121F HX1 4JQ Halifax Star Boxing Club, Unit 13 To 14 Calder Workshops, Gibbet Street 24/7 Public 7m
8CC76A56-7831-4DAF-B08B-AF3100B95933 HX1 4PL Suez Recycling & Recovery (Calderdale Council, Vehicle Service Reception), Battinson Road, Pellon Variable Restricted 5m
1BA223C6-26D6-450E-BF3D-AF2500DB6F1A HX1 4TW The Halfax Academy Primary, The Halifax Academy Primary School, Spring Hall Lane Variable Restricted 7m
1A385C18-E7E6-4FA0-85BE-B0C400FB472B HX1 4UA Pellon Baptist Church, Spring Hall Lane, Halifax 24/7 Public 3m
CA7F9D2A-4790-44E4-964C-AFE8006C6871 HX1 5DW Screwfix, 1 Hope Street, Halifax Variable Restricted 5m
E6E82AC0-A3C8-4C82-805B-AD7300D94DD2 HX1 5ER Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre, Hopwood Lane, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
A9FCE530-A5F7-40CA-B35E-AFDE0130EEF0 HX1 5LE Central Jamia Mosque Madni And Education Centre, 131 Gibbet Street, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
09E676F0-88A0-47C9-9BCA-AE3C00DDADD5 HX1 5PG Unit 13 Hanson Lane Enterprise Centre, Hanson Lane, Halifax Variable Restricted 7m
A64D373A-A27B-4E45-8B71-B00D00D25D1E HX1 5PG St Augustine's Ce (Va) Junior & Infant School, St Augustines Ce Junior And Infants School, Hanson Lane Variable Restricted 7m
2435B0D7-6F8E-4D1E-A3AF-AFC700C7B2C6 HX1 5QN Howdens At Halifax, Unit 4, Pellon Lane,, Halifax Variable Restricted 7m
21876DB4-4649-476C-9793-B03700E13023 HX1 5TW West Yorks Police Authority, Police Headquarters, Richmond Close 24/7 Public 7m
346FC484-A4EA-4C44-86C7-AF1600CAC04E HX2 0BA The Halfax Academy, The Halifax Academy, Gibbet Street Variable Restricted 7m
9A6DBA4D-7271-4302-9589-AF1600ACFBE3 HX2 0BA The Halifax Academy, Cornwallis Building, Spring Hall Lane 24/7 Public 7m
D03F1171-EAB3-49FD-9685-AFDB00C4567B HX2 0BA The Halfax Academy, Wellesley Park, Gibbet Street Variable Restricted 7m
88A3B834-249B-483D-9D52-AEAC00B0D0B3 HX2 0EQ 3 Mount Pellon Road, Halifax 24/7 Restricted 7m
24F1B7C5-EB60-4A3B-A43E-AD4100D9BDB7 HX2 0HF Pellon Social Wm Club & Institute, Pellon Social Club, Moor End Road 24/7 Public 7m
B7EFCF8F-CC7F-4D36-8E82-AFE800A9E90A HX2 0NT Halifax West End Golf Club, Paddock Lane, Halifax Variable Restricted 7m
D3F8B9EC-6081-4E40-B272-AE7E00A57F5C HX2 0NT Halifax West End Golf Club, West End Golf Club, Paddock Lane Variable Restricted 7m
351AB38A-0DF6-4399-8B0A-B07E00C7B32C HX2 0QQ Christ Church Ce Primary School, Sandbeds Road, Pellon Variable Restricted 5m
36C7C95E-9CF3-4ED8-BC97-AD4200FD6E55 HX2 6JB Microsearch Laboratories Ltd, Brearley Works, Brearley Lane 24/7 Public 7m
55CBE6FC-DA36-4C48-ABFA-B08C00E9EC17 HX2 6PB Luddenden Ce School, Dene View, Luddendenfoot, Luddendenfoot 24/7 Public 5m
6900FCB0-0616-48F2-A4B5-B09A00CD591E HX2 6TX Midgley Junior & Infants School, Midgley School, Jim Allen Lane Variable Restricted 4m
05CE927D-8DA2-40C7-90D3-AD9E00C8F286 HX2 7LZ Peacock Inn, 46,Cote Hill Fold, Burnley Road, Warley 24/7 Public 7m
F22789B0-0AB8-4304-B082-AF2000CB6AAF HX2 7LZ Peacock Inn Cote Hill, 46 Burnley Road, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
421FA915-F7B5-4860-827A-AF8800EA9EE5 HX2 7NP Crow Wood Park, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
4286 HX2 7QN Birkby Rose Cricket Club, West Yorkshire 24/7 Public
1C50D8B5-5C7C-4E54-B0E3-AE9201273BB0 HX2 8AD Osca Foundation Limited, Forest Cottage Community Centre, Cousin Lane 24/7 Public 7m
22DBA01E-D14F-44AA-A720-ADC900A861F1 HX2 8AR Holly Park Way, Halifax Variable Restricted 7m
0A637F2A-5AE4-46EE-8E9E-AE44008E157B HX2 8BA Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Express, Keighley Road Variable Public 5m
E8540514-B695-4FAD-8C78-ADDC0116DE21 HX2 8BA Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Express, Keighley Road Variable Public 7m
D5820F52-95EB-4B57-87B8-B09000CB3802 HX2 9SU North Halifax Grammar School, The North Halifax Grammar School, Moor Bottom Road Variable Restricted 4m
1CE225C6-F31B-40F6-AFFF-ADF800DB8948 HX2 9TN Gower Furniture Ltd, Gower Furniture Limited, Holmfield Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 7m
B434D5A9-3E5D-4208-98D2-B0440077D128 HX3 0AA Tesco Halifax Free School, Free School Ln, Halifax Variable Public 7m
D73E0D1E-5A72-4CFD-A5B6-B05B00D3F0C0 HX3 0AQ Spring Hall Sports Ground, Huddersfield Road, Halifax Variable Restricted 5m
9CF082D8-CDF8-40FC-8EB4-AE5900F68551 HX3 0AU Salterhebble J & I School, Salterhebble Junior And Infants School, Stafford Square 24/7 Public 7m
50196BC6-51C1-4C67-8EAE-AD4700BBA59E HX3 0BH Stafford Bowling Club, Stafford Avenue, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
97AF645B-788D-42E8-8E03-AD41008D8B9F HX3 0HQ John Mackintosh Memorial Homes, Mackintosh Homes, Skircoat Moor Road 24/7 Public 7m
9885E246-3258-4DCE-8B34-B11101120F00 HX3 0JB The Gleddings School Ltd, The Gleddings School, Birdcage Lane Variable Public 21h
2BC6D383-87DA-44D1-8C6A-AF4E00EF6BD7 HX3 0JE Old Crossleyans Club, Standeven House, Broomfield Avenue 24/7 Restricted 7m
6B0F0D69-F4C0-4739-AD40-ADFD013426D9 HX3 0JE Old Crossleyans Squash Club, Standeven House, Broomfield Avenue 24/7 Restricted 7m
05D3DDEA-E165-4DBE-BA19-AE28016876F9 HX3 0JQ Southwood, Birdcage Lane, Halifax Variable Restricted 7m
8117F187-A25D-4DE6-9BDA-B0C100FD116F HX3 0ND Greenroyd Bowling Club, St Albans Road, Halifax 24/7 Public 3m
041F29A5-9BD4-41DD-A966-AD91007AD944 HX3 0RX Murgatroyd Arms, 9 Skircoat Green, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
C16DF609-8C9D-46B4-AA69-B07D010C68BD HX3 0TP Copley Primary School, Wakefield Road, Copley Variable Restricted 5m
D00BDC44-0491-4F1E-9A66-AD4900F52BBB HX3 0TP Copley J & I School, Copley Primary School, Wakefield Road 24/7 Public 7m
6181 HX3 0UG Copley Cricket Club, West Yorkshire 24/7 Public
1B5C4EB8-D04B-485E-A2B8-AD43012C6371 HX3 0UG Old Rishworthians R.u.f.c, Old Rishworthians Rufc, Copley Lane 24/7 Public 7m
99319449-7B68-4EC2-BE4C-AD43012F6614 HX3 0UG Old Rishworthians R.u.f.c, Old Rishworthians Rufc, Copley Lane Variable Restricted 7m
009520AC-B573-4D7E-BD86-B0C300EF1549 HX3 5AX Bowling Mill, Dean Clough Mills, Dean Clough Mills, Halifax 24/7 Public 3m
32F91590-0B02-44D4-AF4E-B0C300F0ACEE HX3 5AX G Mill, Dean Clough Mills, Dean Clough Mills, Halifax 24/7 Public 3m
81A33B0D-2E10-437A-907E-B0C300F2D1AE HX3 5AX F Mill, Dean Clough Mills, Dean Clough Mills, Halifax 24/7 Public 3m
A583F44A-B428-43F6-98E2-B0C300F21100 HX3 5AX D Mill, Dean Clough Mills, Dean Clough Mills, Halifax 24/7 Public 3m
E27ACD18-EC4D-409A-A7C8-B02E00BB6873 HX3 5HZ B&Q, 7 Shroggs Road, Halifax Variable Public 7m
51443690-49CE-4223-B973-AF3200EDD7FB HX3 5PN Suez Halifax Transfer Station, Lee Bank, Ovenden Road Variable Restricted 5m
456F6C53-0879-44AC-BEE5-B0BB00D86F87 HX3 5TJ Noah's Ark Community Cafe, 322-326 Ovenden Road, Halifax 24/7 Public 3m
F0FFE978-EE20-4BE2-8537-AE5400CCC7CC HX3 5WD Crossley's Private Hire, Unit Gy1, Dean Clough Industrial Park, Halifax 24/7 Restricted 7m
FFD6D42C-C56B-4738-94AE-AF9000ECC296 HX3 6LR Boothtown & Southowram Methodist Church, Beverley Place, Ackroyden 24/7 Public 5m
7418A873-C2D7-4C0F-A304-B03D00AC4644 HX3 6PU 1 Rawson Street North, Halifax Variable Public 5m
5A4DCE88-985F-408A-AAFB-B12600B8DFFA HX3 6UF Leo Sawrij Ltd, Swales Moor Farm, Swales Moor Road 24/7 Public 21h
D5A095D7-2A8F-4DD9-90DC-AD41008CCB06 HX3 7AY Salterlee J & I School, Salterlee Primary School, Kell Lane 24/7 Public 7m
1829E7AC-8785-415C-82C0-B04300F07BF2 HX3 7EF Northowram J & I School, Northowram Primary School, Baxter Lane Variable Public 5m
987135C3-B7F7-482C-81E8-AF930107D363 HX3 7EF Northowram J & I School, Northowram Primary School, Baxter Lane Variable Restricted 7m
D8B5B774-1871-4586-A2BE-AD8800A62EC3 HX3 7EJ Northowram Library, Lydgate, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
98901559-14C6-4C21-9EAA-AD8800A7E723 HX3 7EN Northowram Cricket Club, Westercroft Lane, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
4241FDDF-500E-459E-A117-B07B0087ED7F HX3 7QU St. Michael & All Angels Ce (Foundation) Primary School, St Michael And All Angels Ce Primary School, Meadow Close Variable Restricted 5m
3A026B90-05FC-4A38-8BE2-ADF70106B12C HX3 8EB Taylor Wimpey, Brighouse Road, Hipperholme Variable Restricted 7m
41F873EE-589B-4843-9E6C-B0CB0102FEBD HX3 8EF Southedge Works, Brighouse Road, Hipperholme 24/7 Public 2m
F47816C4-E75D-492E-80F8-AF9B01742358 HX3 8FA Harley Head Avenue, Brighouse 24/7 Public 7m
F7A662D8-224C-4DB0-9C4E-AFEF00C99D26 HX3 8HQ Tesco Hipperholme, Tesco Express, Leeds Road Variable Public 5m
4579C3EC-3B6F-45F2-B166-AE8400794F53 HX3 8HX Old Brodleians Rugby Union Football Club, Denholme Gate Road, Halifax 24/7 Public 7m
48C68920-C7E1-4E1D-9472-AD4300738F40 HX3 8HX Greenglade Day Nursery And Forest School, Greenglades, Denholme Gate Road 24/7 Public 7m
C425BAA0-E44C-444E-B86E-AF160091297B HX3 8JJ Sweet Peas Day Nursery, 181 Bramley Lane, Brighouse 24/7 Public 7m
DD77D134-93A6-46FA-B5DE-AF2B01306788 HX3 8LL The Warrior Factory, Warrior Factory Martial Arts Academy Halifax, Denholme Gate Road 24/7 Public 7m
C471FDD7-5FC3-42E8-897C-AD9800C132BE HX3 8ND Hipperholme News, 1 Leeds Road, Hipperholme 24/7 Public 7m
6C22EE9D-C9E8-435C-BC19-B05500B50AF7 HX3 8SW Lightcliffe Golf Club Ltd, Lightcliffe Golf Club, Knowle Top Road 24/7 Public 5m
523C464F-CDC5-4D0B-BF98-AE6E0074D3D3 HX3 8TH Lightcliffe Cricket Club, Near 153 Wakefield Road, Lightcliffe 24/7 Public 7m
1F97A845-AD2C-4E3B-9295-B04300A13D90 HX3 8TW Cliffe Hill J & I School, Cliffe Hill Community Primary School, Stoney Lane Variable Restricted 5m
BC569A5A-2040-4E87-B6DE-B07301553CAD HX3 9BJ The Siddal Place Hotel, 49 Oxford Lane, Siddal 24/7 Public 5m
3CE9DC77-1E6A-498E-993C-AFD900F72C39 HX3 9ET Halifax Indoor Football Centre, The Clock Tower, Shaw Lodge Mills 24/7 Public 7m
C10BE207-F2A8-42E2-BD81-AFD301437A4B HX3 9JS Siddal Ex-Servicemen's Club & Institute, Siddal Ex Servicemens Club, Siddal Lane Variable Restricted 7m
14B6302D-C431-4A62-B4B7-B10100C28305 HX3 9NR Peter Gradon Meat & Poultry Marketing Ltd, Marsh Dene Farm, Marsh Lane Variable Restricted 4w
0B797658-E580-46D1-8731-B0A300BD9026 HX3 9NU Changing Rooms , Long Lane, Changing Rooms, Long Lane 24/7 Public 4m
0A266002-2AFC-4671-8341-AD41012DE6FB HX3 9PA Cock And Bottle Inn, 1 Common Lane, Southowram 24/7 Public 7m
52938CD9-25FD-4475-8153-B10400BCF8E0 HX3 9PA On Outside Wall Of "Cock And Bottle" Public House,, Cock And Bottle Inn, 1 Common Lane 24/7 Public 4w
80B21BE7-72E8-4B71-9C84-AD4300E5CB12 HX3 9QZ Heartbeat The Brighouse Heart Support Group, Southowram Social Club, 1a Towngate 24/7 Public 7m
CAB079B9-DD6E-4549-9C1F-AE2E010F4B20 HX3 9TR Southowram Cricket Club, Binns Top Lane, Brighouse 24/7 Public 7m
79D0A129-5DF4-4AB3-8EC7-AD4500747E8D HX4 0AN Barkisland Cricket Club, Scammonden Road, Sowerby Bridge 24/7 Public 7m
52BA2EEE-B3BA-4D82-98DA-AEFD00E4E2E3 HX4 0HQ Barkisland Mill Residents' Management Company, Colne Barkisland Mill, Beestonley Lane 24/7 Restricted 7m
3B314DE6-85D3-458B-A39B-AFC700B3A73C HX4 8AD Tesco Express, Stainland Road, Elland 24/7 Public 7m
C56E566A-01DF-4623-B1C9-AE360094F0D2 HX4 8AD Tesco, Tesco Express Victoria Mills, Stainland Road Variable Public 5m
326C4272-E12B-4F41-BB4F-AE9200DF617C HX4 8AQ S Sheard & Sons Ltd, Solar Works, Calder Street 24/7 Restricted 7m
2DB2AD26-6EAC-4AF3-BBB7-AD5700D6DB26 HX4 8HH Star Inn, 1 Lindwell, Greetland 24/7 Public 4m
3451D600-4983-40A3-BC85-B07E00D88B64 HX4 8JB Greetland Academy Ks2, School Street, Halifax Variable Restricted 5m
15D3FD9D-C41A-478F-A12A-AD4300AA0956 HX4 8JE Cross Hills Methodist Church, Rochdale Road, Elland 24/7 Public 7m
0E12EFE1-D007-4C43-AE5E-AFC601472A98 HX4 8JG Golds, The Hub, Goldfields, Rochdale Road 24/7 Public 5m
2052BF2A-0891-46A6-A8D9-AFB1008AEAC0 HX4 8JG Greetland Community & Sporting Association, Greetland Community & Sporting Association Rochdale Road, Rochdale Road 24/7 Public 7m
693C848C-7F76-4497-B1AD-AF0800B0663B HX4 8LR John Sisk & Son Ltd, A629 Corridor 1b Project, Stainland Road Variable Restricted 7m
6522 HX4 8LS Heath RUFC, West Yorkshire 24/7 Public
082A635E-DDC4-4084-A71A-ADDD0087E362 HX4 8LZ Saddleworth Road, Greetland, Halifax Variable Public 7m
7D81D4F8-A69B-4DF0-B674-B0DF00F9EDEC HX4 8LZ The Greetland Academy Ks1, Greetland Academy, Saddleworth Road Variable Restricted 2m
FEFA11D2-E32D-482E-9E68-AF0300A558C1 HX4 8NF Brian Royd Mills, Saddleworth Road, Elland 24/7 Public 7m
E8CBAD2B-FB30-4BF6-9700-AFE400AFFB22 HX4 8PU Gva Depot, Far Turbury Farm, Clegg Lane 24/7 Public 7m
52CBDBAE-01C8-43E0-B625-B0C900901C49 HX4 9AE Holywell Green Primary School, Stainland Road, Elland 24/7 Public 3m
4F9D11B4-6DB4-4D4A-AAA6-AF9000E23CB9 HX4 9BH Yes Energy Solutions Ltd, Unit 1 Brookwoods Industrial Estate, Burrwood Way Variable Restricted 7m
6132C210-CC8D-427F-97F5-B08A00ABC1D8 HX4 9BH Addev Materials Aerospace Ltd, Brookwoods Industrial Estate, Burrwood Way Variable Restricted 5m
A0BF5EC0-7519-4190-AD65-AD5700F5C77A HX4 9HF Sowood Wi, Recreation Ground, Stainland Road 24/7 Public 7m
B4DF25F0-AC51-4B3C-B478-AFE900B5F70F HX5 0EE Screwfix, Rosemount House Rosemount Estate, Huddersfield Road Variable Restricted 7m
153EFAA4-3717-4AD3-A7BC-AD8800FCD4A6 HX5 0HQ Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Cayley House, 10 South Lane Variable Restricted 7m
E6AC68E2-F225-4D69-926B-B11600B02142 HX5 0HQ Elland Fire Station, South Lane, Elland Variable Public 21h
03157591-664C-4BF0-A9F8-AF2D00A78168 HX5 0HT Elland Working Mens Club, Rosebery Street, Elland 24/7 Public 7m
01374AA7-11CA-4079-863B-B09E00C027D3 HX5 0QG Brooksbank School Sports College, The Brooksbank School Sports College, Victoria Road Variable Public 4m
12F1253B-2923-4E8E-8465-B09E00BAFFC9 HX5 0QG Brooksbank School Sports College, The Brooksbank School Sports College, Victoria Road Variable Restricted 4m
443DCC16-404D-4DC9-85E5-B09E00BC5619 HX5 0QG Brooksbank School Sports College, The Brooksbank School Sports College, Victoria Road Variable Public 4m
9959A3CB-E0B3-4F52-B28C-AF4000BA361A HX5 0QG Brooksbank School Sports College, The Brooksbank School Sports College, Victoria Road Variable Restricted 7m
C75E3765-304D-40D8-8E39-B023013DE9F8 HX5 0QP Hammerstones, 21 Hammerstones Road, Elland Variable Restricted 7m
74C1F155-D990-4408-B406-ADDB00D604FD HX5 0QY Elland Cricket Athletic & Bowling Club, Baines Hall, Hullen Edge Road 24/7 Public 7m
CE9A401F-421E-4652-A7BF-B04400F585B9 HX5 0QY St Patrick's Catholic Primary School, St Patricks Catholic Primary School, Hullen Edge Road Variable Public 5m
C9C01F6F-3ED2-4676-B270-AEF500D0C1F3 HX5 0SH Techbelt Ltd, Woodside Mills, Halifax Road Variable Public 7m
D1904372-51A3-4D4C-9826-AEED01443685 HX5 0TA Elland Golf Club, Hammerstones Leach Lane, Elland Variable Restricted 7m
484A0198-83CA-45CD-95DE-AE5300BEA040 HX5 9AU Ths Industrial Textiles, Land Adjacent To, Heathfield Street Variable Public 7m
1F82FFDB-E667-4EEB-8C87-AECC007E95BF HX5 9DA Terberg Dts [Uk] Ltd, Terberg Dts Uk Limited, Lowfields Way Variable Restricted 7m
59DE48B8-3B44-4635-85CE-B01500DA6F8E HX5 9DX Former Rail Land East Of Unit B4 Lowfields Business Park, Lowfields Close, Lowfields Variable Public 7m
2EFB0972-8BB6-45CC-A726-AF190084F499 HX5 9DY Nu-Swift International Limited, Premier House, 2 Jubilee Way Variable Public 7m
54E7BB07-973A-470C-9C7F-B0B300FFB76F HX5 9HB Mitutoyo [Uk] Ltd, Unit G4 Lowfields Business Park, Navigation Close Variable Restricted 3m
FE0CBEE8-0C46-4E7F-8152-AF7000FD0928 HX5 9HT Marshalls Mono Ltd, Landscape House Lowfields Business Park, Premier Way Variable Restricted 7m
C01579B2-453B-4E9A-BB93-ADDB00A81E1D HX5 9JP W J Roadmarkings Ltd, Unit 2 Ainleys Industrial Estate, Ainley Bottom Variable Public 7m
53073A5E-D58C-4D6A-8F00-AF3200E7F6F2 HX5 9JR Suez Ainsleys Elland Ca Site, Huddersfield Road, Elland Variable Restricted 5m
E713C91F-6C93-4D0C-874C-AD4200ABAB60 HX5 9PL Old Earth J & I School, Old Earth Primary School, Lower Edge Road Variable Restricted 7m
20A6FD33-1EB7-4AEA-8B26-AF0900C10488 HX6 1AN Abram Pulman And Sons Limited, Abram Pulman And Sons Limited Walton House, Walton Street Variable Public 7m
5C868C48-F301-4A01-8F92-AE220117947F HX6 1AN Sowerby Bridge Cricket Club, Walton Street, Sowerby Bridge 24/7 Public 7m
89B86D99-EDCD-4BEB-B19D-B02600A13E0D HX6 1AN Abram Pulman & Sons Ltd, Walton Street, Sowerby Bridge Variable Restricted 7m
565561B4-3CEB-4467-BD9D-B10200E97BB0 HX6 1BL Sacred Heart Junior & Infant School, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, St Peters Avenue Variable Restricted 4w
64C7AE60-702C-485D-9709-AF3300BFEC25 HX6 1DE 9b Flower Bank, Soerby, Sowerby Bridge 24/7 Public 7m
F8BA7CE8-E3CA-45E8-A471-AF6900BA3C17 HX6 1DF Sowerby St. Peter's Cc, St Peters Cricket Club, St Peters Avenue 24/7 Public 7m
D4E298A6-D5BD-44CE-811A-B085008B11F3 HX6 1DY Grass Roots Nursery, New Road Primary School, Sowerby New Road, Sowerby Bridge Variable Restricted 5m
FF0C2B10-8554-4440-ABC3-B085008EF470 HX6 1DY New Road J & I School, New Road Primary School, Sowerby New Road Variable Restricted 5m
AD13C4D7-EE06-497E-B8EF-B07600E71E2E HX6 1HB Trinity Academy St Peters, St Peters Avenue, Sowerby Variable Restricted 5m
68E4491A-CF12-4722-9860-AD4400CD95B6 HX6 1HS 35 Towngate, Sowerby Bridge 24/7 Public 7m
B679646A-53E9-47D1-BB54-AD45010E4D31 HX6 2AG Warehouse Offices, Number 2 Warehouse, The Moorings 24/7 Public 7m
6463FF37-E420-4B3E-9C33-AD45010C8E3A HX6 2AS Caderdale Council, Carlton Mill, Wharf Street 24/7 Public 7m
310516FE-E2E7-4656-B741-AEDD00F55C94 HX6 2EQ St Paul's Methodist Church, St Pauls Methodist Church, Tower Hill 24/7 Public 7m
C5FB07CD-97F9-4D2C-A087-AE0D014CEA29 HX6 2EX Hill Crest Bowling Club, Langton Street, Sowerby Bridge 24/7 Public 7m
6A1E84EC-FB2E-4FC3-A0A8-AEC100CD305D HX6 2ND Tuel Lane Infant School, Clay Street, Sowerby Bridge 24/7 Public 7m
65254D97-F482-4377-9E42-AD450108C094 HX6 2QG The Works Public House, 10a Hollins Mill Lane, Sowerby Bridge 24/7 Public 7m
5B5CE5CF-8A61-4BC4-92DA-AE3900D15980 HX6 3BN Tesco Superstore, Sowerby St, 0 Variable Public 5m
9C3592CB-1D06-41EE-AF86-AD4701474F59 HX6 3EJ Car Park At Front Of St Marys Ce Junior And Infant School, Mill Bank Road, Sowerby Bridge 24/7 Public 7m
5D093415-8FAD-48BA-94B2-AF34009A7A5B HX6 3LF Suez Sowerby Bridge Ca Site, Mearclough Road, Sowerby Bridge Variable Restricted 5m
FB23A33A-E366-4CF0-8005-AD9C00F2D113 HX6 3NA Triangle Cricket Club, Stansfield Mill Lane, Sowerby Bridge 24/7 Public 7m
A509F7B2-77EA-41C5-B316-AD88007D2C64 HX6 3QL The New Hobbit, Hob Lane, Sowerby Bridge 24/7 Public 7m
657A0157-4C11-4C23-826E-B0B000BE90E7 HX6 3QP Ryburn Golf Club, Hollin Lane, Norland 24/7 Public 3m
B6959BCB-E0E4-4B71-9B9B-AF2C00C81D43 HX6 3RF Norland Working Men's Club, Ivy Cottage, Stormer Hill Lane 24/7 Public 7m
9D9F85B1-005F-461A-BAE2-AFC801160C20 HX6 4AG 98 Halifax Road, Ripponden, Sowerby Bridge 24/7 Public 7m
BF59BFB3-3159-4F77-BE7A-AD45010F4AD1 HX6 4BG Indii Brew Co., 240 Halifax Road, Ripponden 24/7 Public 7m
816A98B8-D82B-4670-8BE2-AD62014A9DD3 HX6 4DF The Old Bridge Inn, Priest Lane, Ripponden 24/7 Public 7m
93D454A5-A3CB-4051-A569-B02600C1B09D HX6 4FF Elcons Employment Law Consultants Ltd, Unit 4 Ripponden Business Park, Oldham Road 24/7 Public 7m
7D1E4828-FFE6-4395-9FCF-AD47010AFA74 HX6 4LA Stones Methodist Church, Rochdale Road, Ripponden 24/7 Public 7m
DB4DB7E2-9DFD-4BE0-90B7-AD8A00EA9FB1 HX7 5AF Mytholmroyd Community Association, Mytholmroyd Community And Leisure Centre, Caldene Avenue 24/7 Public 5m
7511 HX7 5DU Mytholmroyd Bowling Club, West Yorkshire 24/7 Public
23B6FD65-2941-4D3A-A0FB-B07B00811916 HX7 5HZ Jvl Products, Unit 6, Orchard Business Park,, Scout Road Variable Restricted 5m
CA7DEED0-1F75-49E5-855E-B08900D85242 HX7 5JR Scout Road Academy, Scout Road, Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd Variable Public 5m
704B1178-E8BA-4D7C-AD6E-AED200FBB3AA HX7 5QF Urban Cottage Industries Ltd, Unit 2a Greenhill Industrial Estate, Moderna Way Variable Restricted 7m
8C9F598C-4691-4569-9EFE-AFEF0095062E HX7 5QN Calder High School, Brier Hey Lane, Mytholmroyd Variable Restricted 7m
CAED03C6-6F50-4189-AB50-ADE900F0B0FF HX7 5QN Calder Learning Trust, Calder Primary School, Brier Hey Lane 24/7 Public 7m
26A4C572-9E87-4B08-B6F3-AD4900F36087 HX7 5QQ Microsearch Laboratories Ltd, Unit 1b Moderna Business Park, Moderna Way 24/7 Public 7m
41E00233-0E1B-44C0-8DEE-ADFF00DB00FB HX7 5RU Friendly Soap Company Top Land Country Business Park, Cragg Road, Mytholmroyd Variable Public 7m
77575C27-D7C4-46E6-9C45-B02F00E04837 HX7 5RU The Caravan Club, Lower Clough Foot, Cragg Road Variable Public 7m
D8B696FC-BFFF-4C77-AEDA-B12600BE4CA5 HX7 5SQ Robin Hood Inn, Cragg Road, Mytholmroyd 24/7 Public 21h
9A473A36-8AA1-4C46-A74B-ADDB011BE8BA HX7 6JE Hebden Bridge Railway Station, Station Road, Hebden Bridge Variable Restricted 7m
EE25A1DB-73C4-4F85-A8AE-AEFA01040B48 HX7 6JE Hebden Bridge Railway Station, Station Road, Hebden Bridge 24/7 Public 7m
4071DAEB-2941-4E2D-9652-B02A00D5E5E9 HX7 7AL Midgehole, Hebden Bridge, Public Toilets, Midgehole Road, Hebden Bridge 24/7 Public 7m
C6A0DA01-BA83-4550-B13A-B07B00E31C82 HX7 7HW Colden J & I School, Colden Junior And Infants School, Smithy Lane Variable Restricted 5m
EA76CDE0-CB52-4F86-9ED2-AD4700CEEB70 HX7 7LT Heptonstall Social And Bowling Club, Acres Lane, Hebden Bridge 24/7 Public 7m
94DA0C75-7EB9-4F41-8F75-AD5500A8E1D9 HX7 8AD Hebden Bridge Picture House, Hebden Bridge Cinema, New Road Variable Public 7m
77D07CFA-0508-4F80-B106-B03C00DEEC86 HX7 8AH Albert Hotel, 3 Albert Street, Hebden Bridge 24/7 Public 5m
573EB049-62FB-4945-848C-B02000E13BF1 HX7 8PH Hebden Bridge Golf Club (2015) Ltd, Mount Skip Golf Club, Height Road 24/7 Public 7m
075ABD9A-4DF7-40F8-8E71-B10300C22019 HX7 8RY School Office, Old Town Primary School, Billy Lane Variable Restricted 4w

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 1 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n10876012287 outside Milnsbridge Village Hall

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 37 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
4F364B1C-F45E-4E2E-8291-AD4100D801D3 HX1 1LN Harveys, Powell Street, Halifax n8412511358 25 m
D5886763-C654-47E0-9AE7-AD4100D55D21 HX1 5BA 38 Gibbet Street, Halifax n11364180562 Gibbet Street, Halifax 18 m
3B64C597-0CAD-4C0C-8FE1-AD5201089434 HX2 7SQ The Winterburn, The Winterburn Pub, 1-2 Winterburn Hill n11365489671 outside the Winterburn pub 7 m
4329ECA6-32F1-49F4-A372-AD4200A99125 HX2 6AD Luddendenfoot Community Association, Luddendenfoot Community Centre, Station Road n11365272500 outside Luddenden Foot Community Centre 8 m
8C574645-6EAF-4CB3-8CA6-AD8800B6E815 HX2 6UE 4 Towngate, Midgley, Luddendenfoot n11364181018 outside The Old Co-op, Town Gate, Midgley 18 m
96253028-EE95-4081-8B3D-AD4200AB88B7 HX2 6PX Luddenden Mayor's Fund, Lord Nelson Inn, 15 High Street n11365273605 outside the Lord Nelson Inn, Luddenden 5 m
CB85936C-3AFE-4FCC-A2B4-AD3C00B76981 HX2 7RZ Warley Community Association, Maypole Inn Warley Town, 32 Stock Lane n11423068447 outside The Maypole Inn, near the old red phone box, Warley 5 m
DAA64307-4604-4A44-A8FA-AD480103FAC1 HX2 9BB Holmfield Store, 267 Shay Lane, Holmfield Store n11365295213 outside Go Local store, Shay Lane, Holmfield 5 m
E45EC34D-A88C-4E8E-810A-AD4D00DCDF1A HX2 0TQ Long Can Hall, Ovenden Wood Road, Halifax n8563308816 On the outside wall of Long Can Hall, facing the road 40 m
415A3E76-76EB-4FA5-9956-AD4200912B41 HX3 7LT Shelf Junior And Infants School, Shelf Hall Lane, Halifax n11367594768 outside Shelf Junior and Infant School 9 m
54D415ED-922B-43B5-9068-ADCE00E8CD50 HX3 7NT Bottomleys Arms, Wade House Road, Halifax n11367594760 outside Bottomleys Arms pub 6 m
5C767B75-48D0-4FFE-9921-AE84007D0498 HX3 8QG Norwood Green Cic, Old White Bear, Village Street n11365312004 outside The Old White Beare Inn, Norwood Green 3 m
14309C34-D733-470D-A167-AD5700F4407B HX4 9HY Sowood Community Association, Sowood Community Centre, Stainland Road n11367597204 outside Sowood Community Centre 9 m
AFF36F00-9E7F-4525-B3EB-AD5700FAD264 HX4 9AJ Sowood Wi, Holywell Green Post Office (Jeets), 235 Stainland Road n11043112390 outside Holywell Green Post Office 8 m
B81648E9-9E8D-4CF3-94BE-AD5700F2FC16 HX4 9HF Sowood Wi, Stainland Library Westgate, Stainland Road n11362584583 outside Stainland Library 21 m
0DC906CF-694C-42E3-9983-AD4200AC70FE HX5 9ER Spring Gardens Store, Elland Lane, Elland n11367615304 outside Spring Gardens Convenience Store, Elland Lane 9 m
2412DBD2-4A09-4D04-B202-AD4300B23DF6 HX5 0EE Post Box 30m From Ainley Mount, Huddersfield Road 9m From Ainley Bottom, Ainley Bottom, Elland n11367573261 attached to railings outside Rosemount Estate, Ainley Bottom 15 m
332FB5D9-EC7C-4A3C-A092-AD5E00C1CF50 HX5 0TE Blackley Cricket Club, Lindley Road, Elland n11365489635 outside Blackley Cricket Club pavilion 83 m
3B43D867-F404-49F9-8448-AD5D00F88982 HX5 9DA Terberg Dts (Uk) Ltd, Lowfields Way, Lowfields Business Park, Elland, Halifax n11367618833 attached to railings outside Tetberg, Lowfields Way, Elland 23 m
58125777-AD39-45B9-A959-ADEF00E02B9C HX5 9HZ Water's Edge Children's Nursery, Waters Edge Day Nursery, Park Road n11367576279 outside Waters Edge Day Nursery, Park Road, Elland 13 m
5CE9BA14-92F1-46A8-AB5B-AE9200BB307B HX5 0LP Cross Lane Primary School, Cross Lane, Elland n11367593120 outside Cross Lane Primary School, Elland 50 m
D33CAB5A-7664-4AF5-A51C-AFCF00C167B9 HX5 0SG Colt Enterprise [Calderdale] Ltd, Unit 11 Bridgefield Mills, Elland Bridge n11367608260 outside Project Colt, Elland Bridge 73 m
DFB6D211-1E6C-4460-8E82-AD780105264A HX5 0EP 102 Southgate, Elland n5551424215 outside Post Office, Southgate, Elland (opposite Elland Town Hall) 57 m
F2C2B795-2F27-465A-840C-AF1700C3622F HX5 0AQ J C Health & Fitness Ltd, Burley Street Works, Burley Street n11367595291 outside Burley Business Centre, Burley Street, Elland 20 m
32918C24-3C57-4D10-A739-AD4300B4177F HX6 4QR St John's Out Of School Club, St Johns Ce Primary School, Godly Lane n11365403381 outside St John's C of E Primary School, Godly Lane, Rishworth 31 m
6C5C4505-DF63-4725-BED4-AD8900BFD98C HX6 4NB 9 Soyland Town Road, Soyland n11362585293 inside old red phone box in Soyland Town 5 m
782DECF8-3F9C-4FC1-9C04-AD8A0085FDB3 HX6 2AE 52a Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge n11034511925 7 m
A90552EA-5B48-4DE2-840F-AF2C00CBDF55 HX6 3RN Norland Scarecrows, St Luke's Church, Shaw Lane/Berry Moor Rd n9968197203 outside Norland Church, Berry Moor Road - to right of entrance 44 m
0E2908B5-9D4C-41C1-896E-AF3500B2A3E7 HX7 8QR Robin Hood Inn, 26 Keighley Road, Pecket Well n11364773832 outside Robin Hood Inn, Pecket Well 11 m
15099CB4-EF29-4ECC-934D-AD420094E8BA HX7 7NB 29 Towngate, Hebden Bridge n7398021130 outside post office Towngate, Heptonstall 9 m
15C1E4AA-DDC0-48CB-B899-AD4E00B7523A HX7 7BY Hebden Bridge Community Association, The Town Hall, St George's Street n11365224131 outside Hebden Bridge Town Hall - to right of main entrance on St George's Street 8 m
168381D4-5C1B-4D83-AC3E-AD620116AD38 HX7 8RY Wadsworth Community Centre, Billy Lane, Hebden Bridge n11364876512 outside Wadsworth Community Centre 30 m
3D43BCFC-015D-4776-93F3-AFF700956590 HX7 5JT Revoplas Recycling Solutions Ltd, Hoo Hole Mill, Cragg Road n11178764821 29 m
5F66C8EA-B798-43DF-B359-AF8800F033F8 HX7 5TT Unit 5c Craggs Country Business Park, New Road, Cragg Vale n11365214438 outside Craggies Farm Shop 13 m
9EB40F3A-7253-413F-9FF4-AF9601024BB2 HX7 7EZ North Light, Smithwell Lane, Heptonstall n11364817707 Slack Bottom 27 m
C20E6C88-9CA7-4829-8111-ADF800D3A045 HX7 7JY Blackshawhead Methodist Chapel, Badger Lane, Hebden Bridge n7398021129 13 m
DD5F7288-EF36-42E7-B65B-ADF800D538DA HX7 7HT New Delight Inn, New Shaw Lane, Hebden Bridge n11364852983 outside New Delight Inn, New Shaw Lane, Hebden Bridge 9 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 2 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
DB053045-86D0-48AF-ACB0-AF560145EF50 HX2 0UT The Springhead Farm Shop, 33 Heath Hill Road, Mount Tabor n11365278819 outside Springhead Cafe, Mount Tabor 119 m
3FC83BC3-3F94-4B38-A33A-AF8E011075BC HX5 9JU Calor Gas Ltd, Dewsbury Road, Elland n11367563697 attached to fence outside Calor Gas, Dewsbury Road, Elland 409 m

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