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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'IP' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the AED location data from the Ambulance Services in Open Street Map. (Even if there was, many are located only by postcode, so the locations are not always precise.) So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list (orange for AEDs that may not be available 24/7, yellow for AEDs not generally available for public use, and red for everything else). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects . For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Postcode Location Ref
IP20 0BZ The Village Hall
IP22 2AT The Village Hall
IP21 4JY The Village Hall
IP20 0BD The Village Hall
IP22 5XB The Community Building
IP20 9BN East of England Co-op Foodstore
IP20 9DD Archbishop Sancroft High School
IP20 0JG The Village Hall
IP20 0LA The Village Hall
IP26 4QP The Old Telephone Box
IP20 9LG The Red Lion Public House
IP21 4QT Pennoyers Centre
IP22 1RY The Stagers
IP22 5RB The Village Hall
IP21 4QD The Half Moon Public House
IP22 2DL The Old Telephone Box
IP25 7LA The Post Office Store
IP20 0PN The Village Hall
IP25 6QD Waggon & Horses Public House
IP24 7SZ Thompson Primary School
IP25 6NG Genpart (UK) Ltd
IP22 2ED The Fighting Cocks Inn
IP20 0HH The Wortwell Bell Public House
IP15 5BU The Brudenell Hotel
IP15 5DY The Church Hall
IP16 4PY The Parrot & Punch Bowl Public House
IP14 4NA The Old Telephone Box
IP14 4LG The Old Telephone Box
IP13 8JT The Village Hall
IP31 3DP Rumbles Fish and Chip Shop
IP31 1AA The Tithe Barn
IP6 0DH East of England Co-op Foodstore
IP6 8HP The Old Telephone Box
IP29 5AN The Village Hall
IP14 2HD The Old Telephone Box
IP14 2LZ Telephone Kiosk O/S Silverstones
IP12 3AJ The Village Hall
IP6 8JR The Village Hall
IP28 8AP The Rose & Crown Community Hub
IP13 7EJ Jewsons Gates
IP13 7JD Bedfield Sports Hut
IP23 7LQ The Old Telephone Box
IP23 7QG The Village Hall
IP17 1HE Benhall Football Club
IP9 2DW Bentley Stores
IP30 9AD The Old Telephone Box
IP7 7EX The Health Centre
IP12 2DY The Ship Inn
IP19 9LQ The Village Shop
IP19 9LT Mill Farm
IP25 7QN The Village Hall
IP8 4AH Bramford Primary School
IP8 4DU Co-Op Foodstore
IP13 6AX The Village Hall
IP29 4AR The Village Hall
IP12 2QB James Foskett Farms
IP13 8BE The Old Telephone Box
IP10 0DZ The Village Hall
IP8 3DP The Old Telephone Box
IP29 5LU Nowton Park
IP32 6NL R.C.Treatt & Co. Ltd
IP32 7EG Sebert Wood Community Primary School
IP32 7YY Royal Mail Delivery Office
IP33 1NW College Square
IP33 1UZ The Old Telephone Box
IP28 6EY West Stow Social Club
IP32 7BL Moreton Hall Health Club
IP31 2QY East Barton Barns
IP32 7BB British Sugar PLC
IP14 3DS The Village Hall
IP13 7RG The Village Hall
IP8 3PY The Old Telephone Box
IP9 1DX The Village Hall
IP7 7HU The Village Hall
IP6 0EG Claydon & Barham Local Community Trust
IP13 6QN The Old Telephone Box
IP30 0LA The Village Hall
IP6 9SR Hasel House
IP14 2EN Tannery House
IP14 2JZ Fenn Meadow
IP14 2DA East of England Co-op Supermarket
IP8 3JN The Village Hall
IP19 0DJ The Village Hall
IP6 8QT The Green Creeting
IP6 8NF Diamond Jubilee Village Hall
IP6 9SY The Village Hall
IP28 6DP The Social Club
IP28 6TX Culford School
IP13 0JY The Old Phone Box
IP17 3QA The Village Hall
IP14 6BL The Leisure Centre Debenham
IP14 6PL Sir Robert Hitcham CEVAP School
IP14 6QU The Veterinary Practice
IP13 8AB The Coronation Bus Shelter
IP13 8BX The Old Telephone Box
IP30 9SZ The Village Hall
IP14 5EE Ichiban UK
IP14 5HJ The Village Hall
IP16 4SN The Eels Foot Inn
IP7 6PA The Village Hall
IP12 2QG The Old Telephone Box
IP11 2AE Felixstowe Leisure Centre
IP11 2AE Sea Road-Beach Road Toilet Block
IP11 3HZ Man Truck and Bus
IP11 3TW View Point Café
IP11 7DD Broadway House
IP11 9HT Felixstowe & Walton Utd Community Social Club
IP11 9NB The Community Centre
IP11 7LU The Hut
IP11 9PT The Spar Store
IP11 9SA Cliif Road Toilet block
IP11 7DD Broadway House Felixstowe
IP11 7DT Co-op Store Hamilton Road Felixstowe
IP11 9RZ Felixstowe Ferry Harbour Master’s Office
IP30 0PJ The Village Hall
IP14 3AF The Old Telephone Box
IP14 4TL Opposite White Horse Public House
IP13 9AN East of England Foodstore
IP13 9EE Fram Farmers Ltd
IP14 6HG The Old Telephone Box
IP21 5PB The Old Telephone Box
IP17 1NP The Old Telephone Box
IP13 6NT Seckford Golf Club
IP6 0NJ The Village Hall
IP7 7BZ Marshmoor Park Residential Park Homes
IP7 7DJ The Village Hall
IP7 7DR Base Garage
IP17 2DH The Village Hall
IP30 0TX The Community Centre
IP13 6TA The Parish Rooms
IP13 0DW The Village Hall Hacheston
IP7 5NE The Sea Scouts Hut
IP7 5NF Hadleigh United FC
IP7 5NF The Millfield
IP19 8AH The Disabled Toilet Block
IP19 8LU Co-operative Petrol Station
IP19 8BU AW & D Hammond Ltd
IP19 8ET Lovewell Blake Accountants
IP29 5HY The Village Hall
IP9 1BL The Old Telephone Box
IP29 4DJ The Surgery
IP13 6JD Victory Hall
IP6 9RT The Old Phone Box
IP6 0RP Henley Community Centre
IP22 2PS Stimson’s Yard
IP19 0EP The Old Telephone Box
IP17 3QT High Lodge Shooting School
IP7 7NF The Village Hall
IP12 3QU The Shepherd and Dog Public House
IP31 1LY RAF Honington
IP21 5DY The Community Centre
IP21 5AP St Edmund’s Hall
IP19 0PU The Huntingfield Arms
IP12 2EX Iken Hall Farms
IP1 1XF Seven Assets
IP1 3DH Ipswich Bus Station
IP1 3LG Scrutton Bland
IP1 4JJ Firetrace Limited
IP1 5LT Jackson Civil Engineering
IP2 0ET Ranelagh Road Management Company Ltd
IP3 9QJ McDonald’s (Hening Avenue)
IP3 9WZ The Ipswich Building Society
IP4 4EL Rushmere Pharmacy
IP12 0PQ Pauls Sports Club
IP4 4PH The Salvation Army Hall
IP3 0AQ Aqua Pharmacy
IP3 9NA Nacton Road Fish Shop
IP1 1XH The Old Telephone Box
IP3 9QX Inspire Suffolk
IP17 2PB The Old Telephone Box
IP7 6DP Kersey Mill Telephone Box
IP7 6DY The Bell Inn Public House
IP5 2QP St. Michael Church
IP5 7EE The Social Club
IP5 1BN All Saints Church Hall
IP7 7QA The Village Hall
IP13 7JZ The Village Hall
IP10 0NX The White Horse Public House
IP10 0PW Kirton Sports Pavilion
IP17 1UQ Crisps Paramount Garage
IP27 9AH Lakenheath Pavilion
IP27 9DS Lakenheath Peace Memorial Hall
IP27 9DU The Community Primary School
IP27 9LD Quayside Court Lakenheath
IP7 5JZ The Old Telephone Box
IP16 4AU East of England Co-Op Foodstore
IP16 4HF The Children's Centre
IP16 4DQ The Leiston Town Athletic Association
IP10 0LN The Harbour Centre
IP13 6LH The Village Hall
IP13 0BA The Lion Public House
IP7 5LZ The Old Telephone Box
IP5 3LP St Michaels and all Angels Church
IP23 8DU The Old Telephone Box
IP12 1PW Burness Parish Rooms
IP14 5RT The Community Centre
IP14 5RQ The Old Telephone Box
IP17 3NN The Bell Inn Public House
IP7 7AJ Telephone Box
IP28 7LR St Mary’s Primary Academy
IP14 2EY The Cricket Pavilion
IP7 7AU The Community Shop
IP7 7JH The Village Hall Monks Eleigh
IP10 0EU Orwell Park Estate
IP6 8BB The Community Centre
IP6 8ET East of England Co-op Foodstore
IP6 8NU Needham Lake Toilet Block
IP23 7PN The Village Hall
IP8 4RA Offton & Willisham Village Hall
IP14 4ED The Village Hall
IP6 9NT The Village Hall
IP17 2JH The Post Office
IP9 1JP Pin Mill Sailing Club
IP29 5NU The Old Telephone Box Pinford End
IP6 9DX The Village Hall
IP30 0RA The Five Bells Public House
IP30 0RJ The Village Hall
IP7 5LT King George Playing Field Pavilion
IP28 8TT Red Lodge Millennium Centre
IP29 4BE The Village Hall
IP17 2AZ The Village Hall
IP12 2GG Rendlesham Community Centre
IP18 6RW The West Car Park
IP22 1DX Co-operative Food
IP22 1HD The Village Hall
IP14 2JA The Village Hall
IP28 6RG The Old Telephone Box
IP30 9JN The Sports Hall
IP30 9ND Geosense Ltd
IP19 0NT The Rumburgh Buck
IP5 1DF The Baptist Church
IP17 1AT The Sports & Recreational Club
IP17 1DF Co-Op Foodstore
IP13 9RD Saxtead Business Centre
IP27 9LG The Baptist Church
IP7 6RA Dairy Farm
IP29 4HU The Bush Public House
IP25 7LA The Post Office Stores
IP9 1NL The Village Hall
IP17 1SZ The Village Hall
IP8 4PH The Old Telephone Box
IP18 6LD Harvey Fisher Funeral Care Home
IP18 6TB The Rugby Club
IP8 3AA The Tithe Barn
IP19 0HP St James Village Hall
IP31 2DX George Hill Veterinary Clinic
IP14 1AY Stowmarket Regal Theatre
IP14 1SZ Stowmarket Rugby Club
IP14 5FP Cedars Park Community Centre
IP14 1HP The Royal William Public House
IP14 5GZ Suffolk Football Association
IP14 4BJ Co-Operative Petrol Filling Station
IP14 4BQ Stowupland Village Hall
IP17 1LJ The Riverside Centre
IP9 2TA The Community Hall
IP12 3JQ The Memorial Hall
IP12 3TD Alan Crompton Hall
IP16 4RU The Lion Inn Public House
IP23 7JR The Community Shop
IP30 9NY The Old Telephone Box
IP11 0RJ The Memorial Hall
IP11 0TN The Welcome Hall
IP31 1EW The Village Hall
IP6 9BH The Village Hall
IP12 2JE The Green Man Public House
IP13 6DU The Pavilion, Ufford Recreation Ground
IP7 5JX The Old Telephone Box
IP7 5LZ The Marquis Public House
IP7 5LX Brett Green
IP19 9AS The Old Telephone Box
IP11 9DZ East of England Co-Op Foodstore
IP8 3HR The Brook Inn Public House
IP7 7JX The Old Telephone Box
IP27 0QN The Old Telephone Box
IP19 9EP The Village Hall
IP6 9BE The Village Hall
IP19 8RQ The Village Hall
IP14 4SY The Village Hall
IP17 3AH The Telephone Box
IP14 5PJ The Village Hall
IP21 5UF Harleston Magpies Hockey Club
IP7 6QU The Village Hall
IP29 4TA The Community Centre
IP9 2BJ East of England Co-op HQ
IP13 0HE East of England Co-op Supermarket
IP21 5LR The Old Telephone Box
IP8 4SN The Old Telephone Box
IP20 0JG The Village Hall
IP12 1JX The Evangelical Church
IP12 4JH Woodbridge School
IP12 4JT East of England Co-op Foodstore (Hasketon Road)
IP12 4LP St Marys Church Centre
IP12 1ED The Methodist Church
IP30 9QP The Cricket Club
IP9 1AS Woolverstone Marina
IP13 7HG The Community Centre
IP14 4SH The Village Hall

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

OSM Object Ref Location
n2711173616 CHT-13-691 On wall of village hall facing onto car park. Can just be seen from road.
n4215897218 Inside tesco store, on wall to the left just inside the main entrance.
n4223829601 Inside on the lefthand wall as you come into Asda
n4284080216 Inside High Lodge information building, adjacent to geological column. Ask staff for access.
n4542107960 On exterior wall of UEA Registry Building, facing the main entrance Congrgation Hall Building
n4581668427 In staff office inside RSPB Lakenheath Fen Visitor CEntre
n4856103885 AB84 Fixed to outside wall at front of village hall.
n4888371646 On exterior wall of Benjamin Foundation Meet-Up Cafe (Redcastle Furze Community Centre) next to main
n4888385889 On exterior wall of Mr Pats Takeaway, at the corner of Howlett Way and Brickfields Way.
n4888388765 On western exterior wall of the Church of the Nazarene, facing Anna Gurney Close
n5023278179 287D Tesco
n5075722537 Located on the exterior wall of the fish bar, on the corner of St Leonards Street and Crown Road.
n5126936694 CHT-9057 On external wall of village hall facing the road.
n5223463921 On extrerior wall of The Nowton Park Centre, facing the car park, to the right of the main entrance.
n5361132800 On wall to right of main entrance to Cloverfield Church, facing Yarrow Close
n5633636224 Exterior wall of Great Ellingham Methodist Church, facing Church Street.
n5819200776 On exterior wall of Abbey Neighbourhood Centre, just to the right of the main entrance, facing the s
n6176425812 On exterior wall of Copper Beech Tea Room, to the right of teh main entrance, facing the adjacent ca
n6312531814 On wall in coridoor inside Watton Sports Association & Social Club, near to the bar.
n6426912915 On exterior wall of Barford & Wramplingham Village Hall, to the right of the main entrance.
n6708786179 On outside fence of the Household Waste Recycling Centre, just to the right of the main entrance on
n7118216428 Inside County Hall, attached to apillar by main reception desk on the ground floor.
n7278059785 On wall inside Tesco Express store, to the left of the main entrance as you enter the store.

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM object within 300m of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn.

Ref Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location MR Offset
IP28 6AJ The Old Telephone Box n263894368 97 m
IP24 1PB The Old Telephone Box n369548485 In the old red phone box on Watton Road at the north-west corner of The Green. 176 m
IP31 1QH The Old Telephone Box n1250842891 Inside old red telephone box in layby off A1088 at Ixworth Thorpe. 149 m
IP16 4NW Thorpeness Meare n1364311213 On exterior wall of lakeside building below clock tower facing shore 69 m
IP31 1NG The Old Telephone Box n1406807014 In old BT red phone box on The Street, a few metres north of the Post Office. 19 m
IP27 0TW The Old Telephone Box n1445778485 Red telephone box, outside the Village Hall 67 m
IP27 0QP The Village Hall n1690709700 Inside red telephone box. 119 m
IP22 2LU The Old Telephone Box n2426500160 Inside red K6 telephone box, diagonally opposite Post Office. 45 m
IP18 6HZ The Red Phone Box n2503168099 Inside phone box 51 m
IP26 4NT Methwold Fire Station n2881517163 On exterior wall of Methwold Fire Station, facing High Street. 102 m
IP14 6RN East of England Co-Op Foodstore n3102861788 55 m
IP31 2HH Ixworth Village Hall n3377531848 33 m
IP20 0NH The Old Telephone Box n3390015337 21 m
IP22 1PS The Village Hall n3509002559 On exterior wall of village hall, facing car park 98 m
IP25 7HD Wells Cole Community Centre n3547254827 On exterior wall of Wells-Cole Community Centre, facing Bell Lane 56 m
IP29 5NP The Village Hall n3627162998 under covered veranda on N wall of Hawstead village hall 132 m
IP33 3FD The Arc Shopping Centre n3867673594 Charter Square in Arc Shopping Centre, on an exterior wall to the right of the main entrace to the A 41 m
IP28 8HZ The Bus Shelter n4006496832 On back wall inside bus shelter 23 m
IP22 1QE The Church Hall n4095926183 156 m
IP24 3QL McDonalds Restaurant n4134227754 On exterior NE wall of McDonald's, facing Pets at Home store. 12 m
IP22 2QX Costcutter Village Shop n4147700626 On outside wall of Post Office / Shop, facing B1111 Bury Road. 264 m
IP22 2SE The Village Hall n4147700633 On outside wall of Garboldisham Village Hall, facing the car park on Church Road. 112 m
IP26 5LL The Village Hall n4166414194 On exterior wall of Village Hall porch, to the left of the entrance. 181 m
IP23 8HB Street Forge n4214329908 Wall behind Red Phone Box Library 148 m
IP22 4EY The Methodist Church n4282314602 Inside Tesco store on the wall in the north-east corner. Turn left after going in the main entrance. 150 m
IP31 1HG The Village Hall n4346315703 On exterior wall of village hall, facing The Street. 115 m
IP24 2EA The Library n4386906014 On external wall of Thetford Library in the covered area at the main entrance. 71 m
IP25 7AT The Call In n4418209839 On outside wall of the AVA Call in Centre south of the pond, facing the road called "The Green". 183 m
IP25 6RX The Old phone Box n4418215821 Inside old red telephone box. 19 m
IP25 6AE Adcocks Electrical n4418628947 On exterior wall of Adcocks Electrical, by the clock tower on Watton High Street. 10 m
IP33 3BA Bury St. Edmunds Fire Station n4449520317 On exterior wall of Fire Station, just to right of main entrance. 278 m
IP21 4JA The Village Hall n4477773430 On wall by main entrance, seen from road. 70 m
IP21 4SU The Memorial Hall n4483381643 On wall at corner of Village Hall, seen from road and car park. 18 m
IP26 4LW The Village Hall n4581630159 On exterior wall of Hockwold Village Hall, next to the main entrance facing Main Street. 39 m
IP12 4BB Woodbridge Cruising Club n4642623208 wall outside Woodbridge Cruising Club 114 m
IP28 8NY The Old Telephone Box n4676937235 inside red telephone box, by entrance to West Row Village Hall, Chapel Road, West Row 159 m
IP24 1LN The Village Hall n4758457024 On exterior wall of Croxton Village Hall, at the right-hand end facing The Street. 149 m
IP12 2AX The Village Hall n4790485103 On outside wall of Sudbourne Village Hall 200 m
IP15 5JD The East of England Co-op Foodstore n4796403309 10 m
IP12 1DE East of England Co-op Store (Hamblin Walk) n4869293532 outside Woodbridge Co-op, next to post box 13 m
IP12 4QL The Maybush Inn n4961251440 On exterior wall of Maybush pub, facing access road to car park. 284 m
IP31 1RU The Village Hall n4969339500 On exterior wall of Sapiston Village Hall, on the right-hand side when looking from Bardwell Road. 244 m
IP19 9HT The Old Telephone Box n5051963787 85 m
IP31 3AA The Old Telephone Box n5308838784 In Walsham Village Hall carpark, inside a red telephone box, just to the right of the main entrance 84 m
IP23 7AQ Eye Fire Station n5459380569 On external wall of Fire Station, facing Lambseth Street. 46 m
IP21 5HT The Old Telephone Box n5632833225 257 m
IP22 4GQ Jewson Ltd n5638347621 On exterior wall of Jewson building facing Victoria Road. 18 m
IP30 9GY Blackbourne Hall n5706163924 On exterior wall of Blackbourne Community Centre, facing the car park. 127 m
IP14 3NX East of England Co-Op Foodstore n5706169221 56 m
IP30 9BS East of England Co-op & Post Office n5706169224 On exterior Wall of Co-Op facing New Road just to the right of the main entrance. 79 m
IP14 3JS The Village Hall n5706452512 On exterior wall of Whetherden Village Hall, just to the right of the main entrance. 56 m
IP31 3LP The Village Hall n5706645499 On exterior wall of Norton Village Hall, near right-hand corner when looking from the car park. 146 m
IP9 2EP East of England Co-Op Foodstore n5715443918 On exterior wall of Coop, facing the car park on The Street, just to the right of the Main entrance. 25 m
IP1 3EH Debenhams Store n5873153910 On external pillar outside Debenhams store, facing towards the Cornhill square. 15 m
IP4 1BZ The Old Custom House n5873153912 On exterior wall of Old Customs House, in street-level covered passageway to the right when looking 67 m
IP3 0PQ The Margaret Catchpole Bowls Club n5873177180 On exterior wall of Stables Cafe building on the left-hand side when looking from the park 169 m
IP9 2PZ East of England Co-op Foodstore n5918854985 32 m
IP28 8RU The Village Hall n5940406189 On exterior wall of Village Hall, on end nearest The Street. 183 m
IP28 8FQ The Sports Pavilion n5940513796 On exterior pillar of Red Lodge Sports Pavilion, on the left-hand-side, when looking from the field. 197 m
IP28 6SD The Bus Shelter n5940624118 On outside of brick bus shelter on High Street at Tuddenham Green. Right-hand side when looking from 123 m
IP3 8QB The Jaipur Restaurant n5964684309 On exterior wall of Penshurst Road / Bridport Avenue Shops, between Jaipur and Fresh Fry. 15 m
IP24 1LX Bidwell Scout & Guide Centre n6067540162 On exterior wall of Birdwell Centre building, facing the railway line. 130 m
IP33 3YU West Suffolk House n6126321943 On exterior wall of West Suffolk House, to the left of the main entrance, facing Western Way (East). 34 m
IP31 1SW The Old Telephone Box n6126907234 Inside former telephone box outside the village hall on The Street. 124 m
IP29 5RU The Community Centre n6168928727 On exterior wall of Horringer Community Centre, just to the left of the main entrance. 41 m
IP28 6JZ The Old Telephone Box n6179353950 Inside old red telephone box outside Fornham All Saints Village Hall. 241 m
IP10 0JU Priory Court, Priory Park n6311398773 216 m
IP26 4AF Londis n6315656615 151 m
IP27 0BQ The Library n6329606156 Ask at the Brandon Centre reception desk. 14 m
IP31 2NR The Village Hall n6344759811 On exterior wall of Great Barton Village Hall, facing the car park. 42 m
IP31 2JU The Village Hall n6345026428 On exterior wall of Pakenham Village Hall, just othe right of the main entrance. 89 m
IP31 3RU Cavendish Hall n6349080752 On exterior wall of Cavendish Hall, to the right of hte main door from the car park. 41 m
IP31 3QT The Fox And Hounds Public House n6349122492 On exterior wall of Fox & Hounds Pub, to the left of the main entrance. 34 m
IP31 3PB Thurston Community Library n6350539165 On exterior wall of Thurston Library, just to the left of the main entrance. 269 m
IP33 2PJ Southgate Community Centre n6376583422 On exterior wall of Southgate Community Centre, facing the car park ar the rear of the shops. 65 m
IP25 6JB Aerolite Garage n6442322739 At Merco petrol station, just to the right of the entrance to the shop. 99 m
IP5 2BY 2 Grange Business Centre n6504510164 Just inside door to toilets in Kesgrave Millennium Jubilee Hall 407 m
IP21 4NL The Village Centre n6555207457 On exterior wall of Dickleborough Village Centre, facing the car park. 52 m
IP13 9HE Thomas Mills High School Framlingham n6595824670 On exterior wall of school buiding, by entrance from courtyard 139 m
IP22 5TJ For Farmers Burston n6634997230 On wall next to For Farmers office building 71 m
IP21 4EA The Community Centre n6637133133 In an old telephone box outside Scole United FC building 171 m
IP17 3ER Horners Store n6791638347 16 m
IP12 1BH The Riverside Theatre n6835323459 81 m
IP11 7DT Co-op Store n6854778188 49 m
IP11 7BY The Library n6859083271 On exterior wall of Felixstowe Library, to the main entrance on Crescent Road. 16 m
IP33 1DX Mcdonald’s n6875487697 On exterior wall of MacDonalds, to the left of the main entrance 21 m
IP24 3LH The Charles Burrell Centre n7036876130 On extrerior wall of Charles Burell Centre, just to the left of the main entrance facing Staniforth 48 m
IP23 8BH The Cherry Tree Public House n7040539611 144 m
IP23 7BH Hartismere Hospital/Police Station n7040539612 77 m
IP7 5EF East of England Co-Op Foodstore n7061596482 54 m
IP12 2LT Orford Fire Station n7086594678 On exterior wall of Orford Fire Station, facing Ipswich Road 126 m
IP4 5SU The Tower Hall, Village Hall n7090509756 On exterior wall of Tower Hall, next to the main entrance. 103 m
IP22 4DB Heywood Sports & Fitness n7099670015 On external wall of Heywood Sports and Fitness 207 m
IP22 4WR Faiers House n7099681516 On external wall of MHA Larking Gowen accountants 15 m
IP22 4JZ Adkins Opticians n7105425502 On exterior wall of Adkins opticians 31 m
IP22 2NX The Village Hall n7121792587 393 m
IP30 9QU The Health Centre n7170589017 120 m
IP12 4NE The Police Station n7235934263 On exterior wall of Woodbridge Community Fire and Police Station 19 m
IP13 7RA The Old Telephone Box n7251520129 228 m
IP16 4UH The Toilet Block n7256100703 98 m
IP22 1AG The Primary School n7430908597 On exterior wall of Palgrave Primary School 77 m
IP18 6ND Southwold Caravan And Camping Site n7439799431 Next to the postbox 5 m
IP18 6UH East of England Co-Op Foodstore n7439822397 On wall of shop 75 m
IP22 2JB Beehive Coffee Shop @ Dutch Barn Nursery n7556864236 Attached to fence just to the left of the nusery entrance from the car park. 246 m
IP22 1NR The Community Centre & Recreation Ground n7597533707 On exterior wall of Wattisfield Community Centre, under the canopy,to the left of the main entrance. 134 m
IP31 2XA Stanton Surgery n7597575385 On exterior wall of Stanton Surgery, to the left of the main entrance, facing the drive to the car-p 53 m
IP22 1HX The Village Hall n7597794374 On exterior wall of Hinderclay Village Hall, facing the car park, just to the left of the main entra 292 m
IP31 2BU The Clocktower n7600490195 On outside wall of bus shelter with clocktower, facing towards Upthorpe Road. 28 m
IP21 4LT Syleham and Wingfield Village Hall n7638320008 On exterior wall of Syleham and Wingfield Village Hall 138 m

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