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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'IP' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 757 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
22445D4A-A0BA-4865-96C5-AFE900ED9BCF IP1 1AA Royal Mail Ipswich Do/Rtw, Royal Mail Sorting Office, Commercial Road Variable Restricted
3D53F4E1-4C63-4C09-9E8C-AF2700C67F89 IP1 1AA Royal Mail Ipswich Do/Rtw, Commercial Road, Ipswich, Ipswich Variable Restricted
62016D5E-8204-4AEB-8DA6-AE67015F1D61 IP1 1DT Empire Cinema Ipswich, 1 Buttermarket Shopping Centre, Ipswich Variable Restricted
DAB0B197-3112-42BB-A7D5-ADEA0118A94A IP1 1DT Superbowl Uk Ipswich, The Buttermarket Shopping Centre, St Stephens Lane Variable Public
FD36B586-FB22-4D8E-880A-AF2C010C7F4C IP1 1HE Fraser House, 23 Museum Street, Ipswich Variable Restricted
1BB3586B-02FC-4B35-A5AF-AD370097006C IP1 1QJ Ipswich Police Station, Princes Street, Ipswich Variable Restricted
6788CB63-C95A-49E2-82C4-AD6D00B046E7 IP1 1QJ Office F2 First Floor Fison House, 159 Princes Street, Ipswich Variable Restricted
CE319357-25AD-4FC1-B54B-ADCD00A5EDBF IP1 1QJ 141-145 Princes Street, Ipswich Variable Restricted
D3A653C6-5D70-4826-A214-AE4B00F5DC4B IP1 1RJ Hybrid Access Technologies Ltd, 40 Princes Street, Ipswich Variable Restricted
C0886886-9C65-4876-B5B5-AD3D00BF8A52 IP1 1RS Archant, Portman House, 120 Princes Street 24/7 Public
727539E2-4A8E-4E00-BE25-AE7000F2A3D2 IP1 1SL Puregym, Butter Market Shopping Centre, Ipswich 24/7 Restricted
FB851746-78DC-4C39-9983-ADC50111970D IP1 1SL 16a Falcon Street, Ipswich 24/7 Public
83533D79-AA05-491F-984B-AE2200EF951B IP1 1UQ Prettys Solicitors Llp, 6th Floor, St Vincent House, 1 Cutler Street Variable Public
ABB6D44C-3633-4D52-B437-AE9F0103682D IP1 1UQ St Vincent House, 1 Cutler Street, Ipswich Variable Restricted
B6366B1C-C819-49A7-82BD-B01F00C35F9F IP1 1UQ Freightliner Training Academy, 7th Floor, St Vincent House, 1 Cutler Street Variable Restricted
3836581A-43C6-4D02-96FA-AD810076B361 IP1 1XG Cromwell Court, 16 St Peters Street, Ipswich Variable Restricted
A43BF111-8F58-430B-84F4-AF8E010617D4 IP1 2AR Nw2, (New Wolsey Theatre), 15 Civic Drive, Ipswich Variable Restricted
9C0907B0-24F7-4EC5-A7F1-AE2100FCB367 IP1 2AS New Wolsey Theatre, Civic Drive, Ipswich Variable Public
EB36661B-594F-4496-A46F-AF9600F82219 IP1 2BX Suffolk County Council, 8 Russell Road, Ipswich Variable Public
8CE66899-F61E-414C-A0B7-ADD100C84B7C IP1 2EF , Footpath Between Chapman Lane And Civic Drive, Ipswich 24/7 Public
EB2860D3-817F-42BA-AD17-B0290111C2E9 IP1 2EF Ipswich Housing Action Group, The Chapman Centre, 1 Black Horse Lane 24/7 Public
27F0F9C0-3BA2-47EF-8A5D-AF0800E91DF7 IP1 2LQ Handford Hall Primary School, 57 Gatacre Road, Ipswich Variable Restricted
5D25A46C-CFEA-48D2-A6EF-AF95010EE874 IP1 3AG O2 Store (0052) Ipswich, 35 Tavern Street, Suffolk Variable Restricted
D1B10F30-EA0B-4725-A070-AE2100F5775F IP1 3AJ Tesco, 52-56 Tavern Street, Ipswich Variable Public
6683002F-662D-468A-B459-AD8000A73746 IP1 3BX 5a Northgate Street, Ipswich 24/7 Public
FDF2CBB8-D7C6-45D9-A909-AD80007BE0E1 IP1 3BX Ipswich And Suffolk Club Archdeacon House, Northgate Street, Ipswich Variable Restricted
630B2970-83FE-4B79-8744-AD59008AC4E5 IP1 3DE Ipswich County Library, Northgate Street, Ipswich Variable Restricted
6BEFEF00-F9C6-4C0A-A543-AD3E009F8CF1 IP1 3EF Marks & Spencer, 16-26 Westgate Street, Ipswich Variable Public
4187D591-92E3-49B5-915C-AFF600CD1A81 IP1 3EW St Matthews Street Tesco Express, 47-57 St Matthews Street, Ipswich Variable Public
5E9E5038-38BE-4AFA-8478-AE3E00E49219 IP1 3EW Tesco Express, 47-51 St Matthews St, 0 24/7 Public
CF3D66D0-E7FE-4451-88C5-AD6C00D7FC29 IP1 3HT Club 3000 Bingo, Lloyds Avenue, Ipswich Variable Public
774B833D-77CF-47ED-BD22-AF0800B372ED IP1 3PT Ipswich Prep School, Ipswich Lower Prep School, 4 Anglesea Road Variable Restricted
ED8DDF0E-6C3F-4D74-8C90-AF7000A2D395 IP1 3TF Ipswich Brough Council, Public Conveniences Upper Arboretum, Christchurch Park Variable Public
F9961F60-4F33-4643-8AE2-AD8000A8CA7D IP1 4AY 256 Bramford Road, Bramford Road Methodist Church, Ipswich 24/7 Public
DCA6C05B-5423-461E-B3EE-B03D007311AF IP1 4BP Tesco Bank, 293 Norwich Road, Ipswich Variable Public
2808138E-C332-4C0D-9417-AD360090435D IP1 4JJ Firetrace Ltd, 24 Knightsdale Road, Ipswich 24/7 Public
B55A7982-ECCF-462C-9359-AD4700A52D57 IP1 4PP Springfield Infant School And Nursery, Springfield Infant School, 11 Wesley Way Variable Restricted
2E2C69A3-7155-434C-A581-AD8100E9FA72 IP1 5AF Morrisons, Boss Hall Road, Ipswich Variable Public
1C88778C-395A-4261-AE66-AD8600D92B23 IP1 5AP Unit 12 East Area, Farthing Road, Sproughton Variable Restricted
4F9EB63A-FA0E-4969-8E13-AFD50145C769 IP1 5AP Universal Converting Equipment, B8, Farthing Road Ind Estate, Ipswich Variable Restricted
CEB5852C-634A-4CB8-BED4-AFCD00EB5787 IP1 5BN Sunbelt Rentals, Unit 5 Boss Hall Business Park Sproughton Road, Ipswich Variable Public
43CA226C-4867-44E2-A1C1-B01B00A80839 IP1 5FF Gatehouse, Maritime Transport Ltd., Ldh Sproughton, Sproughton Road 24/7 Restricted
3EAE6522-96E0-4929-B15C-AD8900DB0600 IP1 5LT Jackson Civil Engineering, 30 White House Road, Ipswich 24/7 Public
716215BC-3144-44B4-8E07-ADD700BADB79 IP1 5LU Pdc, Units 6 To 8, 36 White House Road Variable Restricted
0BE07350-2D1B-4C9E-A8CD-AFE800D3DDAB IP1 5NP Screwfix, Units H & I Goddard Road, Whitehouse Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
8F8A08DD-072E-4AFA-8491-AE30009D32F8 IP1 5NP Red Dot Europe, 1 Goddard Road, Whitehouse Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
D9B1D8F0-9D3A-4C6C-8511-AFFF012F9E32 IP1 5NW Whitehouse Baptist Church, Waterford Road, Ipswich 24/7 Public
28F8B3FD-D307-4ED0-8897-AED300903183 IP1 5NY John Grose Garage, 1 Goddard Road East, Ipswich Variable Restricted
4BE60A4F-0A73-47E8-BA0A-AE8300849824 IP1 5QP Dunelm Ipswich Anglia Parkway, Unit 4 & 5 Anglia Retail Park, Anglia Parkway, Bury Road, Ipswich Variable Restricted
AC9D95B4-469C-4DBD-8449-AD3600A70D6C IP1 5SF Lombard Shipping Plc, Lombard Shipping - Whitehouse Business Centre, Lovetofts Drive Variable Public
4E552B70-4ED3-4254-B7C4-ADB2007FBE7E IP1 6DG Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road, Ipswich Variable Public
0AA5AA36-835E-412F-B977-B00A00FAA190 IP1 6JZ Bmw Mini, 667 Norwich Road, Ipswich Variable Public
74E878B2-E5FA-4102-BB41-AEC8011C6699 IP1 6LE Caravan Navarac King George V Playing Field, Old Norwich Road, Ipswich 24/7 Public
7377 IP1 6PT East of England Co-op, Suffolk 24/7 Public
409C24B4-39C2-4D22-A78C-AEA000EAE4AB IP1 6PT Ipswich, East Of England Co-Op, East Of England Co-Op, 147 Fircroft Road 24/7 Public
2A08C9C2-9997-4E0D-86D8-AD9100AEA33F IP1 6QF Castle Hill United Reformed Church, Dryden Road, Ipswich 24/7 Public
1B5876D6-6AF7-4CA2-9364-B03C00E3B593 IP1 6SG Ormiston Endeavour Academy, Defoe Road, Ipswich Variable Restricted
3738DEF6-61B4-421D-936D-AFFE008D4D5F IP1 6SG Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy - Pool Area, Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy, Defoe Road Variable Restricted
C9B23A5A-AA1E-4DEC-987F-AFF600B27FE0 IP1 6SG Ormiston Endeavour Academy - Main Reception, Ormiston Endeavour Academy, Defoe Road Variable Restricted
D598F32C-2012-44EC-B22A-AFF600BC4D16 IP1 6SG Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy - Main Reception, Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy, Defoe Road Variable Public
72C56772-3169-40AE-9587-AD8E00BC2D97 IP1 6SY 22 Goodwood Close, Ipswich 24/7 Restricted
A4EF2764-AE7D-47D8-9418-B04B00E55A4B IP1 6TQ Fairview (At Bower Farm), Thurleston Lane, Akenham Variable Restricted
6D29512C-3BA2-4276-AF60-B08500D9E988 IP10 0BJ Brightwell Lakes, Martlesham, Ipswich Variable Restricted
0803C1F2-8406-41A8-A3A3-AD390074C891 IP10 0DZ 12 Levington Lane, Bucklesham 24/7 Public
35C745BD-3CB2-4E20-BFB1-AD6B00B1141C IP10 0EU Home Farm, The Street, Nacton 24/7 Public
DBA8412B-2C7D-473F-A961-AD7F00D9E11C IP10 0EU The Street, Nacton 24/7 Public
7988 IP10 0HG Nacton Cricket Club, Suffolk 24/7 Public
86E371E2-2070-49D4-BE58-AFB500FB8EBD IP10 0HG Nacton Cricket Club, The Sports Fields, Workshop Lane 24/7 Public
EDA0EE5B-183F-4EAA-A21D-B05100AD2447 IP10 0JT Toilet Block, Priory Park Ltd, Nacton Road 24/7 Public
0AB630CC-9B7D-4904-89B0-AD3A00B49ADF IP10 0JU Priory Court Residents' Association, Priory Court, Priory Park, Nacton 24/7 Public
EFF44257-C172-4ABB-9778-ADDE0104F49C IP10 0LN Suffolk Yacht Harbour Ltd, The Harbour Office, Suffolk Yacht Harbour 24/7 Public
9DB7E42A-AEC5-4DCE-9FDA-AEB0008CB0A2 IP10 0NA Levington Village Hall, Bridge Road, Levington 24/7 Public
65AE5C14-F857-4B6F-ADF8-B0A700B62019 IP10 0NE Evergreen Garden Care Uk Ltd Levington Research Station, Bridge Road, Levington Variable Public
C217A403-6B15-4D05-BF52-AE2300EA2748 IP10 0NX White Horse Inn, 15 Bucklesham Road, Kirton 24/7 Public
2553 IP10 0PN Sports Pavilion, Suffolk 24/7 Public
8504C74D-CFD0-4D99-9A38-AE240110191D IP10 0PR Kirton Recreation Ground, Back Road, Kirton 24/7 Public
A226B679-6B26-4742-8386-AD4700EFB611 IP11 0RJ Memorial Hall, High Road, Trimley St Martin 24/7 Public
223455D8-60D5-4DBF-A7BE-B03800D32AF2 IP11 0ST Trimley St Mary County Primary School, High Road, Trimley St Mary Variable Restricted
C69810D1-436E-4A2D-93F0-AD3700E0392C IP11 0TN Trimley St Mary Parish Council, Welcome Hall, High Road 24/7 Public
08A1A648-C037-4F92-9BEA-B04B00E23CF3 IP11 0TZ Trimley Red Devils Football Club, Stennett Memorial Playing Field, Stennetts Close 24/7 Public
366C164E-554A-471F-AE6D-AE9400F221E9 IP11 2HA Felixstowe Beach Holiday Park, Walton Avenue, Felixstowe 24/7 Public
C351B090-A696-488A-8FAC-AFF8009034D6 IP11 2LY St Philips Church, Wadgate Road, Felixstowe 24/7 Public
F0474087-D37B-4CF0-9452-AE5A010ED22E IP11 2XD Christ Church Felixstowe, Grange Farm Avenue, Felixstowe 24/7 Public
97C04FA3-A27C-4E98-B106-B00E00EFEA00 IP11 3AG Drivers Reception, Maritime Transport Ltd., Unit 1, Walton Avenue 24/7 Restricted
84F3A902-3DD5-4A84-9CE9-AF2700BAC3E9 IP11 3HE Good Logistics, Block C&D, Walton Avenue Variable Public
E8956BCA-650C-46D0-9C21-B01A009CC5FF IP11 3HG Dooley Road, Felixstowe 24/7 Public
545A28BC-5DC0-4D83-95C6-AD7200D862A6 IP11 3SS 31-33 Schnider Close Hm Coastguard Station, Hm Coastguard Station, Felixstowe 24/7 Restricted
735089CF-5E20-44A7-BF8D-B05900C2EA2D IP11 3SS Kedan Logistics Ltd, 1 Schneider Close, Felixstowe 24/7 Public
CBEBF6FB-F213-4F05-9FD8-AF3200CBBBC7 IP11 4AW Anglia Container Services, 2 Nicholas Road, Trimley St Mary Variable Public
D22556A8-0BF7-40B7-A879-B00E006C82F7 IP11 4AW Main Gatehouse, Maritime Transport Ltd., Blofield Road 24/7 Restricted
454047C5-85A5-4A40-AA3D-AEC900741192 IP11 4HF 5 Parker Avenue, Felixstowe 24/7 Public
E3F4DC23-3262-42AA-ACE0-AE3600F60120 IP11 7AD Tesco Stores Ltd, 88 Hamilton Road, Felixstowe Variable Public
86A7C054-3581-4760-8899-AD4100F6C99E IP11 7DD Felixstowe Town Council, Broadway House, Orwell Road 24/7 Public
AED02E97-87D7-454C-A418-AD550097E6AC IP11 7EL The Salvation Army, Cobbold Road, Felixstowe 24/7 Public
622222AB-86E3-4B38-B78B-AD8000BFD444 IP11 7LU Beach Hut 214 Beach Huts Opposite St Marys Nursing Home, Undercliff Road East, Felixstowe 24/7 Public
15732246-31BF-4DD0-A3DC-AE9700B7363F IP11 9DZ East Of England Co-Op, 279-281 King Street, High Street 24/7 Public
06740BE4-BC6F-4113-9B05-B02300E7E919 IP11 9ED Set Felix Primary, Maidstone Road, Felixstowe Variable Restricted
374FCB52-A69F-420F-BE2E-AF0400B490D3 IP11 9HH Colneis Junior School, Colneis Road, Felixstowe Variable Public
1445F2DC-D691-4DEC-B82A-AF03010ACAFC IP11 9JB Fairfield Infant School, High Road West, Felixstowe Variable Restricted
61CE3A9B-4C3E-492F-AB36-AD3D012756F2 IP11 9JB Felixstowe Conservative Club, 28 High Road West, Felixstowe Variable Restricted
9134967F-5C13-4081-8694-AD7000A30743 IP11 9NB Old Felixstowe Community Centre, Ferry Road, Felixstowe 24/7 Public
4DDC637C-39ED-473F-A2CC-AE3600A1BB30 IP12 1DS Woodbridge School Prep, The Abbey School, Church Street Variable Restricted
027D8C47-C0AB-40DC-A22B-AD4301031C92 IP12 1DT Suffolk Libraries, Woodbridge Library, New Street 24/7 Public
58B28CBB-D8EC-4445-A76F-AD55011BA3ED IP12 1DX The Masonic Hall, 68 New Street, Woodbridge 24/7 Public
6802775B-2953-434F-BD47-ADB0009EB654 IP12 1ED Woodbridge Methodist Church, St Johns Street, Woodbridge 24/7 Public
040AFBD1-6595-48C9-B8F4-AD3600D32893 IP12 1FP The Woodbridge Riverside Trust, The Longshed, Tide Mill Way 24/7 Public
ADE19921-E378-4E49-9CDF-AD3600B2E9E0 IP12 1JX 40 Warwick Avenue, Woodbridge 24/7 Restricted
3A63D386-04A3-427B-9ECE-ADDD00F54ABA IP12 1LX St Audrys Sports And Social Club, Lodge Farm Lane, Melton 24/7 Public
B0984C77-FBAE-45FE-9A25-AFD4008CE755 IP12 1PE Seckford Wines Ltd, Seckford Group, Dock Lane Variable Restricted
5906D726-7C77-4396-9637-B02200C1A155 IP12 1PF The Melton Pavilion, Melton Recreation Ground, Melton Road 24/7 Public
B0157BE9-BFFC-4718-AA96-B08B00A16F3E IP12 1SS Woodbridge Primary School, Wilkinson Way, Melton Variable Restricted
6AB01190-3FE0-4206-81A3-B0A800EBEC41 IP12 1TJ Hopkins Homes Ltd, Melton Park House, 4 Scott Lane 24/7 Public
FFF11C24-0F28-48EA-A5F4-AEC800C371D5 IP12 1TJ Hopkins Homes Ltd, Melton Park House, 4 Scott Lane Variable Restricted
A6EC7DBA-257A-408A-B23E-AD5100CFA7DE IP12 2GT Rendlesham Parish Council, Jubilee Park, Sports Pavilion Recreation Ground, Mayhew Road 24/7 Public
2F958BF3-78F9-449D-8D12-AD3C01050EB3 IP12 2HZ 1 The Fields, Tunstall, Woodbridge 24/7 Public
97DAE8F6-3DBC-4BD5-B382-B03500ABA291 IP12 2LU Orford Primary School, School Lane, Orford Variable Public
6A02D36B-9643-4A52-9BB0-AE5400FE7954 IP12 2PF Woodbridge Golf Club, Orford Road, Bromeswell Variable Public
90D886F1-1552-4B1C-8084-B0270144D734 IP12 2PX Bromeswell Village Hall, School Lane, Bromeswell 24/7 Public
4137 IP12 2QB Low Farm, Suffolk 24/7 Public
3C80CE04-F9C9-49F5-8033-AE2900A4D286 IP12 2QB James Foskett Farms Ltd, Low Farm, Bridge Road,, Bromeswell 24/7 Public
30B79C96-6526-4FAD-B891-AF5400CFC40D IP12 2SL Nelson Potter Ltd, Tank 242m From The Sawmill, Hatchley Barn 119m From Unnamed Road, Hatchley Barn 24/7 Public
A621B351-9640-46BB-B6DF-AFAF013E7A05 IP12 3HD Shottisham Parish Council, Sorrel Horse Inn, Hollesley Road 24/7 Public
225063E3-FB6E-49D4-A656-AD43011B1265 IP12 3JQ Sutton Recreation Ground And Memorial Hall Trust, Sutton Memorial Hall, Old Post Office Lane 24/7 Public
894D8B15-15BA-4C50-B181-AF0700DFF80E IP12 3JR The Suffolk Punch Trust, Sink Farm, St Davids Lane 24/7 Restricted
5942 IP12 3LW Telephone Box, Suffolk 24/7 Public
92F22E8B-4D58-4681-8011-B02100E414E8 IP12 3NR Butley Priory, Abbey Road, Butley 24/7 Public
EF5C7CBC-A5F6-4F3C-95B3-AD8700605FDE IP12 3PA Butley Village Hall, Mill Lane, Butley 24/7 Public
43B8A498-A712-43BB-B57A-AE2D01056691 IP12 3TD Alan Crompton Community Hall, Easton Road, Sutton Heath 24/7 Public
56FAA65D-C4D1-446D-BBBD-AD4200E5D4E8 IP12 4BA Woodbridge Tennis Club, Pavilion Cafe, Kingston Field, The Avenue, Also Known As Jetty Lane 24/7 Public
8EC87FD5-A319-4CFE-940D-AD3600B37B20 IP12 4EX Woodbridge Quality Fish & Chips, 12 Old Barrack Road, Woodbridge 24/7 Restricted
383A96D3-7A6F-4B20-BC2B-AD8200CFC9D0 IP12 4FD Pharmacy Framfield Medical Centre, Ipswich Road, Woodbridge 24/7 Public
33919514-30B3-4CAB-8459-AD6B0093B73C IP12 4HX Kyson Primary School, Peterhouse Crescent, Woodbridge 24/7 Public
3386A8CC-43C2-40E9-8374-AD4700A1FD37 IP12 4JH Woodbridge School, Burkitt Road, Woodbridge 24/7 Public
FDF4742B-7D11-4B7A-813B-AE5900EE1E00 IP12 4JJ Woodbridge School, School House Woodbridge School, Burkitt Road 24/7 Public
406 IP12 4JT East of England Co-op, Suffolk 24/7 Public
88743F78-EDCD-4588-81DA-AE9700AACA3D IP12 4JT East Of England Co-Op, 1 Hasketon Road, Woodbridge 24/7 Public
F35A884E-51F5-4DCC-B67F-AE7700B2D357 IP12 4PP Moon And Sixpence, Rendezvous The Moon And Sixpence, Newbourne Road 24/7 Public
F8E951F7-EDA5-4D4C-B6C6-B04300C640A0 IP12 4QL Waldringfield Primary School, Waldringfield County Primary School, Cliff Road Variable Restricted
5946 IP12 4QP Village Hall, Suffolk 24/7 Public
2FAB5679-4104-4800-923A-ADEA00BDFE88 IP12 4RN Red Lion Public House, Bealings Road, Martlesham 24/7 Public
92F7DE23-4AE0-4F85-AABD-AD4200D474E3 IP12 4SP Black Tiles Public House, Blacktiles Lane, Martlesham 24/7 Public
B64F302D-90B6-45A1-B51E-B076011AC88B IP13 0DW Hacheston Village Hall, The Street, Hacheston 24/7 Public
395 IP13 0HE East of England Co-op, Suffolk 24/7 Public
6409F40F-0ECB-40B9-8E63-AE9700AB6B7A IP13 0HE East Of England Co-Op, 14 - 18 High Street, Wickham Market 24/7 Public
7ECF9A2B-81FA-4D0B-83BA-B034010D1508 IP13 0HS Parish Room St Peter And St Pauls Church, Walnuts Lane, Pettistree 24/7 Public
C2F572E1-EFB7-42E3-B1C6-AD860157A9FB IP13 0NE Simons Cross Playing Field Pavilion, Gelham Hall Road, Wickham Market Variable Restricted
70543463-C485-4718-96CB-AD7200D9F039 IP13 0PS Clarke And Simpson Auctions, Campsea Ashe Variable Public
0F44CB62-32AC-4AC7-99EA-AD6D00A33957 IP13 0PT Victory Hall, Station Road, Campsea Ashe 24/7 Public
BAAC17AA-14DD-4C62-8CA0-B05A00AC2117 IP13 6AR Campsite Oak Cottage, Ufford Road, Ufford 24/7 Public
32F85D9F-C99A-452D-BD87-AF40010BF86F IP13 6AX Parish Council, The Street, Bredfield 24/7 Public
A65401D1-5A1E-43C8-8530-ADA900C604B2 IP13 6BF The Pavilion, The Avenue, Ufford 24/7 Public
CEC19324-37D5-4A61-B1BE-B0A70095B59F IP13 6HX Dobbies Garden Centre Woodbridge, Grundisburgh Road, Haskton Variable Public
BA892F44-8770-4D2E-BF56-AD8E014B6E1B IP13 6JD Victory Hall, Blacksmiths Road, Hasketon 24/7 Public
DD5224CD-F239-4162-B383-AEB600943904 IP13 6LW Bealings School, Sandy Lane, Woodbridge 24/7 Public
BE418286-3016-4E2A-8835-AEEC00B2E143 IP13 6NT Seckford Golf Club, Seckford Hall Road, Great Bealings 24/7 Public
4B7105F4-FCAC-4C0E-8DA7-AE8B00BD4D82 IP13 6PB Howard Construction Anglia Ltd, Builders Yard, Boot Street Variable Restricted
DEB6C226-4EFD-47EF-8779-AFF400F39C0A IP13 7AN East Suffolk Gun Club, Low Street, Brandeston Variable Restricted
7D2E7288-E7B6-4C38-B120-B08D00AB2FD9 IP13 7BJ Cretingham Bell Pub, The Cretingham Bell, The Street 24/7 Public
2171 IP13 7DY Jewsons Gates, Suffolk 24/7 Public
7163 IP13 7EF Worlingworth Cricket Club, Suffolk 24/7 Public
0B081248-1FB2-4BDA-8C10-AEF6010995A7 IP13 7EF Worlingworth Cricket Club, Greenlands, Earl Soham Road 24/7 Public
4201 IP13 7HW Suffolk Over 60s 2nd XI Cricket Club, Suffolk 24/7 Public
2170 IP13 7JD Bedfield Community Hub, Suffolk 24/7 Public
6544 IP13 7JZ Village Hall, Suffolk 24/7 Public
14A280BB-A853-4512-AA9F-AD36011F4AD0 IP13 8AB Bus Shelter- 30 Metres East Of A1120 Carriageway, The Square, Dennington 24/7 Restricted
B217C80E-E67F-42BF-B301-AFCD00976CF3 IP13 8DY Laxfield Village Hall, The Link, Laxfield 24/7 Public
A635E3CA-9C5A-4CAC-8D81-AF0A00C9E1CC IP13 8JS Badingham Village Hall, Low Street, Badingham 24/7 Public
7838 IP13 9AN East of England Co-op, Suffolk 24/7 Public
4784E45A-49C6-4DAF-AFE5-AE9700AB46F1 IP13 9AN East Of England Co-Op, Market Hill, Framlingham 24/7 Public
D7030460-22AF-4BB9-A560-AFD801272C30 IP13 9BP Car Park Framlingham Castle, Castle Street, Framlingham 24/7 Public
965A0C38-A881-4680-98F4-AD7200D7A61B IP13 9DU Clarke And Simpson, Well Close Square, Framlingham, Framlingham Variable Public
4048 IP13 9EE Avocet House, Suffolk 24/7 Public
B00FA41B-FE2A-441A-AA3F-AD3D00B92962 IP13 9EH 15 New Road, Framlingham 24/7 Public
F1E0D1EB-5A9E-401D-9972-AD3600CF0BD8 IP13 9EH Fidelity Lodge, Masonic Hall, New Road 24/7 Public
A75B0413-3601-4013-9857-B03D00ED5D34 IP13 9EP Sir Robert Hitchams Primary School, College Road, Framlingham Variable Restricted
C6D5A032-64E7-4849-8F49-AFFE008C7BCF IP13 9HE Sports Centre Thomas Mills High School, Thomas Mills High School, Saxtead Road Variable Restricted
46ECD77A-62E2-4634-A71D-AF9A00E36B8B IP13 9HS Framlingham Sports Club, Badingham Road, Framlingham Variable Restricted
680BDC91-0D2D-440F-B971-AED801150B8F IP13 9LE St John Ambulance, The Westbury Centre, Fairfield Road 24/7 Public
E7952D30-CED4-45C2-89C4-AD3600917D2F IP13 9RD Saxtead Business Centre, Marlborough Road, Saxtead 24/7 Public
ACDFBA94-7D98-4F8C-B200-AEDA00A803D2 IP14 1BE Mid Suffolk Voluntary Organisations Forum, Red Gables, Ipswich Road 24/7 Public
F65EA064-A1E2-4ECE-B9DD-B07100E60B18 IP14 1BQ 18 Lockington Road, Stowmarket 24/7 Public
B6A51B34-EFA3-465C-815C-AEF2008B881E IP14 1ET St Peters And St Marys, Church Walk, Stowmarket Variable Public
FF285D8D-2775-4754-B890-AD4100E0E7AC IP14 1EX Library, Church Walk, Stowmarket Variable Public
FE75FA1B-35F7-4B42-8AD5-AECA00AA0D94 IP14 1EY Bosch Lawn & Garden, Bosch Lawn And Garden Ltd, Gipping Way 24/7 Restricted
12DB9FDA-D941-43E5-B6EE-AD78012F7242 IP14 1JQ Stowmarket Community Sports And Social Club, Bury Road, Stowmarket Variable Public
B61553D2-A8BC-453B-AE31-AE2000E563F6 IP14 1LH Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre, Gainsborough Road, Stowmarket Variable Public
D840C984-972F-4FE3-A6B2-B05000A903D6 IP14 1NE Salvation Army Citadel, Violet Hill Road, Stowmarket Variable Restricted
77A6D839-3440-41B0-88F4-AD41008C11CE IP14 1QF Abbots Hall Cp School, Danescourt Avenue, Stowmarket Variable Restricted
2FE77166-C60B-4E33-AB96-AE610126DBA0 IP14 1RA Puregym, Gipping Way, Stowmarket 24/7 Restricted
264B2079-EF75-49E5-A1B6-B01101169274 IP14 1SH 24 Winchester Close, Stowmarket 24/7 Public
DD962DFB-886C-47C3-AD98-AF2F00DEE074 IP14 1SX Stowmarket Lawn Tennis Club, Stowmarket Lawn Tennis Club 47m From 1 Lakeside, Finborough Road 50m From Lake Side, Lakeside Variable Public
503E77C3-2F94-40E1-8995-AE3601789EDE IP14 1SZ Chilton Fields Sports Club, Chilton Way, Stowmarket 24/7 Public
6F6CB722-72D9-4FF7-81C5-AF55018A0ABB IP14 2AJ Stowmarket Mens Shed, Meadlands Mens Shed, Old Needham Road 24/7 Public
1951 IP14 2EN Tannery House, Suffolk 24/7 Public
2333 IP14 2EY Battisford Cricket Pavilion, Suffolk 24/7 Public
1950 IP14 2JZ Fenn's Farmhouse, Suffolk 24/7 Public
2E2E2FCB-420B-4A57-A450-AE53009C6C56 IP14 2PN Combs Ford Primary School, Glemsford Road, Stowmarket Variable Restricted
F77DD921-9F27-40C8-914A-AD6D00D7DFF7 IP14 2QU Stowmarket Police Station, Stowmarket Community Fire And Police Station, Needham Road 24/7 Restricted
9A049125-4CB3-4176-A658-AECD00B9B9E3 IP14 3DA Stowmarket Golf Club, Lower Road, Onehouse Variable Public
E64E55AC-50FE-49E6-BF10-AD8300A620A0 IP14 3DA Stowmarket Golf Centre, Lower Road, Onehouse 24/7 Public
F3F3DB71-8AFE-47DA-821B-AECD00E88823 IP14 3DA Stowmarket Golf Club, Lower Road, Onehouse 24/7 Public
25F91667-1B53-4A61-A341-AD80008CC586 IP14 3GQ Mere View, Thompson Close, Haughley 24/7 Public
23BA9E80-D5E7-412F-82FA-AD8001274FC3 IP14 3HJ Onehouse Harleston And Shelland Community Centre, Forest Road, Onehouse 24/7 Public
C0C0E67B-4CA1-4DD3-8018-AE5500F532CC IP14 3QZ Bloor Homes, Bloor Homes Sales Office, Haughley 24/7 Public
E49B0D4E-2361-4DC7-B530-AE1E0118EB36 IP14 3RA Haughley United Football/Social Club, Haughley United Football Club Ron Crascall Pavilion, Green Road 24/7 Public
BDDFB2E2-68BF-412D-9906-B04300B89B32 IP14 4BJ Co-Op Petrol - Church Road, Thorney Green, Co-Op Petrol - Church Road, Church Road 24/7 Public
399E1336-5DEB-49A0-A1E2-ADDC010B9062 IP14 4BQ Freeman Cp School, Church Road, Stowupland Variable Restricted
7609ADE8-2FEE-4E67-A336-B05200A52093 IP14 4BY Linden Homes Sales Office, Oak Farm Meadow, Thorney Green Road Variable Restricted
D8A72D27-5A4C-419F-97C2-ADCD0130DA85 IP14 4ED Old Newton Sports And Social Club, Church Road, Old Newton Variable Public
F8D5DEDB-63D6-4BF5-BCBD-AEF700C2BFE2 IP14 4ED Old Newton Bowls Club, Church Road, Old Newton Variable Restricted
48E3AE46-01BB-4498-B1D2-AEBB00E94EAF IP14 4LQ Wyverstone Road, Bacton, Stowmarket Variable Restricted
C28CB350-9DAA-4E75-9A14-ADAB00C2F847 IP14 4PH Old Newton With Dagworth & Gipping Parish Council, Lynwood, Grove Road 24/7 Public
22B03AA6-A80D-4F94-9F81-AFD600EFD26A IP14 4QN Cotton Village Hall, Blacksmith Road, Cotton 24/7 Public
38483D17-4763-427B-9801-AD41009904A0 IP14 5AY Parkside Warehousing & Transport, Parkside House Tomo Industrial Estate, Tomo Road Variable Restricted
67E91ACA-68F2-4D25-AEE1-AE3F0125B760 IP14 5BE Tesco, Tesco Petrol Station, Gun Cotton Way Variable Restricted
BB1C7715-CDE2-4FC3-BD66-AEF900C8DE15 IP14 5BE Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Superstore, Gun Cotton Way Variable Public
467A6946-1AAD-40F1-BDD7-AD4700CB8601 IP14 5GZ Suffolk County Football Association, Bill Steward House, The Buntings 24/7 Public
4099 IP14 5HJ Village Hall, Suffolk 24/7 Public
72E10D7C-2819-4955-9C3D-B08200BB18D6 IP14 5HJ Earl Stonham Village Hall, Forward Green, Earl Stonham 24/7 Public
DCEABEC6-B78B-4BC5-8FEA-AECE00A63BE4 IP14 5JT Stonham Baptist Community Church, Norich Road, Stonham Parva 24/7 Public
4DB07163-3218-440B-B613-AD9600B8060E IP14 5LR Mickfield Parish Council, Mickfield Village Centre, Stonham Road 24/7 Public
2595 IP14 5PJ Village Hall, Suffolk 24/7 Public
6A373102-63CF-41EB-88D4-AE4E00A31762 IP14 5PJ Wetheringsett Village Hall, Church Street, Wetheringsett Cum Brockford 24/7 Public
8202 IP14 5QE Greenacres Entry Gate Wall, Suffolk 24/7 Public
5FD3853C-01EA-4AA2-9CAB-AFE100DD6EDF IP14 5QE Broad Green Greenacres, Greenacres Entry Gate Wall, Greenacres Park, Broad Green 24/7 Public
7A6B491B-E739-4C66-A291-AFE800BD6D12 IP14 5XE Screwfix, Unit D Atex Park, Gun Cotton Way Variable Restricted
3E98D433-DAC4-4925-9754-B02D00DA6471 IP14 6AT Stonham Barns, Pettaugh Road, Stowmarket 24/7 Public
3A2C2630-4C36-48A9-BC01-ADD60114C873 IP14 6BL Debenham Leisure Centre, Gracechurch Street, Debenham 24/7 Public
912A0070-C5D5-4675-87CE-ADC100CAB406 IP14 6BL Debenham Leisure Centre, Gracechurch Street, Debenham 24/7 Public
A83541C3-69AC-4DB5-905C-AFD300895A5A IP14 6JP The Old Crown, Eye Road, Kenton 24/7 Public
41D293D9-62DB-4604-919A-AEFA00C4B1D8 IP14 6LX Village Hall, The Street, Ashfield Cum Thorpe 24/7 Public
A2EFAE2E-BCD3-4508-AE2E-B09A00ADDD7C IP14 6PL Sir Robert Hitcham Cevap Primary School, School Corner, Debenham 24/7 Public
0BEA47C0-E75D-4EE1-BB3A-B09300F4957B IP15 5AR 125 High Street, Aldeburgh 24/7 Public
AA625961-61AF-4939-A420-AD6B00AE8A9B IP15 5EG Aldeburgh Library, Victoria Road, Aldeburgh Variable Public
C1583A92-F3AE-492D-9293-AE9700AB5AF4 IP15 5JD East Of England Co-Op, Saxmundham Road, Aldeburgh 24/7 Public
7844 IP16 4AE East of England Co-op, Suffolk 24/7 Public
ED30197A-F97A-4418-A5E9-AE9700ABA2A3 IP16 4AE East Of England Co-Op, Sizewell Road, Leiston 24/7 Public
7E517FF7-B7BB-4782-819B-AE76007CBC89 IP16 4BY Charles Miller Court, Cross Street, Leiston 24/7 Restricted
A571B4C5-4747-497A-86AB-AE8201048AE1 IP16 4DU 1 Haylings Grove, Leiston 24/7 Public
C098E58B-3BE4-4A90-8390-AD4A00CE7206 IP16 4ER Leiston Library, Old Post Office Square, Main Street Variable Public
DB8ABEE4-8FF6-4E7A-AFA4-AE3C00AFDD95 IP16 4ES The Long Shop Steam Museum, The Long Shop Museum, Main Street Variable Restricted
EDCB6E19-EEBC-4D7E-B12C-ADF700FE44F8 IP16 4FD Ogilvie Pavilion, Sports Ground, Thorpe Road 24/7 Public
F2D8B787-EFB9-4B84-B015-AD3B01501B8A IP16 4HF Leiston Community Defibrillator, Leiston Family Hub, Waterloo Avenue 24/7 Public
2D1F6364-E720-4A1B-9C30-AEE700BD28BD IP16 4JX Sizewell Sports And Social Club, King Georges Avenue, Leiston 24/7 Public
71039D41-D6B6-4A2A-8961-AF5700A7AD17 IP16 4LQ 35 Red House Lane, Leiston 24/7 Restricted
C11D1CEC-C4D1-43F7-A9B0-B03900B19E04 IP16 4PY Parrot And Punchbowl Inn, Aldringham Lane, Aldringham Cum Thorpe 24/7 Public
2685FAD5-3AEF-48B9-975B-ADF1008AC0C3 IP16 4RD Leiston St Margarets Fc, Abbey Road, Leiston 24/7 Public
F154E598-555B-42D4-A6B9-B08400C514C1 IP16 4TU Beach View Holiday Park, Sizewell Common, Leiston 24/7 Public
E7BC3220-48F3-498F-83A9-AF2000F03DBF IP17 1AT Saxmundham Sports And Recreation Club, The Sports Ground Carlton Park, North Entrance 24/7 Public
56C316CB-3643-4E81-861B-AD4900D34154 IP17 1EP Waitrose Supermarket, Church Street, Saxmundham 24/7 Public
637B25C1-DDA2-4982-B3E6-AFB30097F306 IP17 1EP Tesco, Unit 1 Church Place Retail Park, Church Street Variable Public
F80C151A-8480-4D99-8580-AED300ED9EBD IP17 1EP Waitrose Saxmundham, Church Hill, Suffolk 24/7 Public
EEF88789-060F-46D0-BA9F-AD3700EB0465 IP17 1JY Mollett's Partnership, Molletts Farm, Main Road (A12) 24/7 Public
B628AD0B-7AC7-4822-AF78-AD8000BD4671 IP17 1LJ The Riverside Centre, Great Glemham Road, Stratford St Andrew 24/7 Public
D908C739-DAEF-45D2-9549-AE4C009F7F59 IP17 2NP Kelsale Cevc Primary School, Carlton Road, Kelsale Cum Carlton 24/7 Public
D3071AA8-780D-436C-B321-AE950007ED9F IP17 2QP Park Holidays Uk Ltd, Carlton Club Carlton Meres Country Park, Carlton Lane 24/7 Public
F0D4AAAC-CB69-4CE0-A02A-AD6C00C2BE34 IP17 3BY Visitors Centre Minsmere Nature Reserve, Sheepwash Lane, Westleton Variable Restricted
5C092B6F-EFF5-4A96-BCB9-AD4600F8E534 IP17 3DG Dunwich Cliffs Estate Caravan Park, Minsmere Road, Dunwich 24/7 Restricted
791B6E00-DCA7-40FB-A4E3-B09E0117E2AB IP17 3NG Middleton Village Hall, Mill Street, Middleton 24/7 Restricted
C715E5EA-1535-4223-BF1B-AE3800B09CC6 IP17 3NN Bell Inn, The Street, Middleton 24/7 Public
A6A68F5E-DCFB-40A2-A2FC-B030008DAB71 IP17 3NW Middleton Primary School, Rectory Road, Middleton Variable Restricted
DAA3C35C-CAB7-46AA-936B-B0380093FAFD IP17 3PW Smith And Wesby (Saxmundham) Ltd, Shop Station Garage, Main Road 24/7 Public
5C1A6933-2FC5-4491-A5E0-AD5500CBAA8A IP18 6BE 1st Southwold Scout Group, First Southwold Group Scout Head Quarters, Mights Road 24/7 Public
22D3608A-E40D-49BE-B7E2-AE3900AD537C IP18 6EQ Tesco Express, 2 Queen Street, Southwold Variable Public
98797820-CE00-441C-81CF-AE9B009FA3AE IP18 6LD Co-Op Funeral - Field Stile Road, Fishers Southwold Funeral Directors, Field Stile Road 24/7 Public
37425366-64AF-4EA1-B653-B02A00AE0886 IP18 6QB Suffolk County Council, Reydon County Primary School, Jermyns Road 24/7 Public
5D282906-8469-4C9C-A381-AF170101F936 IP18 6RF Reydon Parish Council, Reydon Village Hall, Lowestoft Road 24/7 Public
E00A0F02-45E9-4549-B323-AD73007E1DD8 IP18 6RW Land North Of 7 To 10 Heathlands, St Georges Lane, Reydon 24/7 Public
3817CFA2-ED98-4EC6-9739-AE24009F7872 IP18 6SZ Micropress Printers Ltd, Micropress Ltd, Fountain Way Variable Public
0090F6E4-0873-4FE8-97C8-AD77008370C8 IP18 6TA The Harbours Masters Office, Blackshore, Southwold 24/7 Public
9C0C82C4-7DD0-4E65-9E31-AEA1016B9E23 IP18 6TA Coastal Voyager, Blackshore, Southwold 24/7 Public
FDCAF907-0C98-47CF-BA21-AEBD00CEA7D7 IP18 6TB Southwold Golf Club, The Common, Southwold 24/7 Public
9E1C61B4-D1E1-40E7-BC78-AEEC00AF9368 IP18 6TZ Village Hall, The Street, Walberswick 24/7 Public
3EB42CEC-558F-4132-AB72-ADDD00C2168A IP19 0AA Chediston & Linsteasd Group Parish Council, Linstead Farm & Garden Machinery, Halesworth Road 24/7 Public
7BE9B181-F22D-4F48-9E7F-AE8A00F0111F IP19 0HB The Croft Campsite, Campsite At The Croft, Ubbeston Green 24/7 Public
E3A9576C-D932-41B4-BD65-AFD5012075F6 IP19 0HS St James Lane, South Elmham St James 24/7 Public
21813B61-F9E5-4496-BCD4-AD4700917AA9 IP19 0JE The Plough Public House, The Plough, 8 The Street 24/7 Public
1376 IP19 0PU Huntingfield Arms, Suffolk 24/7 Public
0BCD21B1-6700-43E5-8693-AD3D00AE1A61 IP19 0RN Huntsman And Hounds, Stone Street, Spexhall 24/7 Public
9D9EED66-8B95-40C2-9177-AFB8010A6BC8 IP19 0RR Hall And Premises, Church Lane, Spexhall 24/7 Public
3978819E-3365-4716-95AC-AE59008814F7 IP19 8AH Halesworth Town Council, Car Park, Thoroughfare 24/7 Public
013CFD91-BD43-443C-8747-AD7F010ADDE8 IP19 8BU A W And D Hammond Ltd, Norwich Road, Halesworth 24/7 Public
40BBD9D8-493A-4330-9E5B-AD3C00D003B8 IP19 8BX Halesworth Men's Shed, 27 Norwich Road, Halesworth Variable Restricted
71B602B2-7622-4897-A6D3-B0AC00A20382 IP19 8EN Claas Manns Ltd, J Mann And Son Ltd, Blyth Road Variable Public
18BE457E-0201-42F2-B87A-AD6B01021F82 IP19 8ET Lovewell Blake Llp, The Wherry, Quay Street 24/7 Public
11C27C06-2891-4406-A45C-AE60012501B2 IP19 8JS Dairy Hill Pavilion, Fred Read Pavilion, Dairy Hill 24/7 Public
48C6E3C0-6096-40D4-99D1-AE2400AF089C IP19 8LU Co-Op - Saxons Way, Central England Co-Opertiave Food - Halesworth, Saxons Way 24/7 Public
D0D9C928-CCA4-4644-8648-AE6000EC690F IP19 8NH Holton Hall Park, Sparrowhawk Road, Upper Holton Variable Restricted
12E15B85-7944-4952-86FB-AD6A00DBA7D6 IP19 8QJ Units 20 And 20a Halesworth Business Centre, Norwich Road, Halesworth 24/7 Public
663E749C-2533-4008-A815-AE2E014DA918 IP19 8QN Rosemount, Bungay Road, Holton 24/7 Public
BAB7C33B-366F-42A5-BC36-AD6B00AA7FD6 IP19 8RZ Holton & Blyford Village Hall, Lodge Road, Holton 24/7 Public
61B0B140-FBEE-4069-BADE-B03A0117F6DC IP19 9DE New Chapel Farm, Holton Road, Wenhaston With Mells Hamlet 24/7 Public
1E0745DE-D16C-48EC-AC35-AE7D00E9D242 IP19 9EP Wenhaston Playing Field, Hall Road, Wenhaston Halesworth 24/7 Public
4401 IP19 9LT Mill Farm, Suffolk 24/7 Public
0D7CC0C8-8AE3-43EE-A6E5-AD3700F0D512 IP19 9XA Halesworth Golf Ltd, Bramfield Road, Halesworth Variable Restricted
763F53F2-C0F7-4C41-9B8D-B03B00CD8FB8 IP2 0AN Ranelagh Primary School, Pauls Road, Ipswich Variable Restricted
ECD8AD99-E99A-4D1F-A1E5-AD4000F9A4B5 IP2 0AQ Buzz Bingo, 240 Ranelagh Road, Ipswich Variable Restricted
6D3F03C5-5C91-4DB1-A2AF-B03C008B13D6 IP2 0DG Hazeldell Residential Home, Elton Park, Sproughton 24/7 Restricted
0DB9C45A-E865-4839-B1B4-AF72015655CE IP2 0EE Dhl (Uk) Ltd, London House, Hadleigh Road Variable Restricted
3559 IP2 0ET Ranelagh Road Management Company Ltd, Suffolk 24/7 Public
B42CC46F-32AD-4B02-A679-AE23008E67A4 IP2 0HN Tubeway Sales Ltd, Tubeway Sales Ltd Elton Park Business Centre, Hadleigh Road 24/7 Public
CBEE1CD0-5684-4906-8CFF-B08B00CA1A7C IP2 0NR The Oaks Community Primary School, 78 Aster Road, Ipswich Variable Restricted
2EB03836-B774-4BD6-B962-AFDE00981765 IP2 0QQ St Marks Roman Catholic Church, Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich Variable Restricted
A6708B80-2248-4D47-AA73-AD810095FCA3 IP2 0QQ St Francis Church, 192 Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich 24/7 Public
1960106B-7178-4C01-A55B-AD4000F469D0 IP2 0QY Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich Variable Public
26EA8C6C-D7C4-4951-A0DD-AFD200CD7405 IP2 0SD Ashtead Plant Hire Co Ltd, 7 Scrivener Drive, Ipswich Variable Public
3F2F60FF-42A7-4177-9308-AE5F00DAD30E IP2 0UF Yodel, Baird Close, Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
5BA6AE44-0A47-4063-A4F6-AD5D00F9F630 IP2 0UH 6 Whittle Road, Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate, Ipswich Variable Restricted
815A4318-B11A-4005-AD6C-AD8000829347 IP2 8DA St Mary At Stoke Church Hall, Stoke Street, Ipswich 24/7 Public
6D40338B-1CB6-4760-AD4D-AF4701096DFD IP2 8JX Azpects Ltd, Unit 13 Riverside Industrial Park, Rapier Street Variable Restricted
477CCE41-326F-481A-9D4A-B00E00669EAB IP2 8NB Gatehouse Cabin, Maritime Transport Ltd., West Bank Terminal 24/7 Public
19C6719E-F8EC-4BF5-BD8B-ADAA00F6525A IP2 8NJ First Floor The Outlook Foxs Marina, The Strand, Wherstead Variable Public
DBD7A11C-DD72-473D-B72C-AD890132589D IP2 8RE Bourne Vale Club, Halifax Road, Ipswich 24/7 Restricted
82E7F835-E2FF-40BF-9C79-AD9E0167BF7A IP2 8RS Athena Care Homes - Avocet Court, Avocet Court Care Home, Monmouth Close Variable Restricted
BB7B9E9B-D5F1-47D6-B189-AD8700AFBEDA IP2 8RS Lombardy Park, 5 Monmouth Close, Ipswich 24/7 Public
63F5ADDC-1A70-408C-B0A1-ADD100E95CC3 IP2 9BA Play Area Adjacent To 32 To 42, Salmet Close, Ipswich 24/7 Public
55B0280F-3116-4683-91E0-AFF100EB0CDE IP2 9DR St Joseph's College, St Josephs College, Belstead Road 24/7 Public
4717A080-0BE9-4F44-A555-AF0800AC143B IP2 9ER The Willows Primary School (Ipswich), The Willows Primary School, Downing Close Variable Public
2628 IP20 0BZ Alburgh Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
C6EEED3C-7FCB-4471-B6E3-AD6E010599CA IP20 0BZ Alburgh Village Hall, Low Road, Alburgh 24/7 Public
1386 IP20 0HH Bell Public House, Norfolk 24/7 Public
886213C1-8D2D-4880-8816-AD6E01212A9D IP20 0HH Wortwell Bell Public House, 52 High Road, Wortwell, Harleston 24/7 Public
2C017078-BB91-4384-83E3-B0AC00C5E4C6 IP20 0HS Community Centre, The Packway, Wortwell 24/7 Restricted
DF60A7E7-BBAF-4AC4-BB50-AFBF00D9EAD9 IP20 0HS Wortwell Core, Community Centre, The Packway Variable Restricted
E6FC7E73-EE26-4837-980F-AD4200BAD91F IP20 0JE Mendham & Withersdale Village Hall, Mendham And Withersdale Village Hall, Withersdale Street 24/7 Public
95AE1FE1-0BEA-4BFA-BCD6-AD4600861C71 IP20 0LH Village Hall, Metfield Village Hall, Skinners Lane 24/7 Public
37C0FDA8-CE4C-4226-8F52-B03600A527FC IP20 0NJ Mendham Primary School, Withersdale Road, Mendham Variable Restricted
803C875A-8BD5-4A06-8673-AF5D011A692A IP20 9AB Market Place, Harleston 24/7 Public
317 IP20 9DD Archbishop Sancroft High School, Norfolk 24/7 Public
3DA77AF5-CB8C-466D-A3CC-AF120103AC81 IP20 9DD Harleston Leisure Centre, Memorial Leisure Centre, Wilderness Lane Variable Public
7D85B789-EE1A-4F2D-A664-AF5B00B3B732 IP20 9JA Trees Nursing Home, 12 Candlers Lane, Harleston 24/7 Public
7649D536-0B49-4F27-9EDC-AF8D00D38A7F IP20 9JP Elizabeth Walk, Harleston 24/7 Public
3D883794-FF2E-41E2-9A34-AD9100DAE99D IP20 9LT 18a Carver Way, Harleston Variable Restricted
8272 IP21 4AB Telephone Box, Suffolk 24/7 Public
24526AC7-A216-4861-865A-B04800D1BAEB IP21 4AB Stuston Telephone Box, Telephone Box, The Common, Old Bury Road, Stuston 24/7 Public
BABA65DF-0EB3-492D-8EC1-B095014CC82C IP21 4AB Stuston Telephone Box, The Common, Old Bury Road 24/7 Public
D358ECF1-76BB-4D43-89E9-AFFF00A8D356 IP21 4DR Scole Post Office & Stores, Village Shop, The Street 24/7 Public
EB0411B6-6DD9-425F-9DF2-AF8D00C7F9C0 IP21 4QH Smurfit Kappa, Airfield Works, Pulham Road 24/7 Restricted
6675 IP21 4UH Hawthornes, Norfolk 24/7 Public
9D132C0E-2542-4CAF-BF54-B03C00AAD2E8 IP21 5AD St Edmunds Primary School, Heckfield Green, Hoxne Variable Public
DA12BBF0-A88F-4841-92E5-AFDC00A89581 IP21 5AD Hoxne Recreation Ground Trust, Hoxne Playingfield Pavilion, Hoxne Road 24/7 Public
225218E0-95D8-499D-B2D6-ADC801300617 IP21 5AP St Edmunds Hall, Goldbrook, Hoxne 24/7 Public
E62E8BBB-6A4E-48F2-AF51-AE6D00C80C1B IP21 5DB Town Farm, Denham Road, Hoxne Variable Restricted
E9F79033-D857-4D7C-9DD7-AD9100E8BA42 IP21 5DY Horham And Athelington Social Club, The Street, Horham 24/7 Public
8ED8E6AC-AA7C-4FD9-925D-ADCD00AABBA6 IP21 5EJ Athelington Hall Log Cabin Holidays Athelington Hall, Horham Road, Athelington 24/7 Public
0C688DC6-2E53-45A5-841E-AE520109A596 IP21 5JJ Bqp, Stradbroke Business Centre, 1a-1b New Street 24/7 Public
0BC7FF4A-DBB3-4947-82FD-B08800A69D7D IP21 5NB Hill House Farm - Feed Mill Entrance, Hill House Farm, Diss Road 24/7 Public
D1753614-22AB-44CD-BEFB-AE85008871DA IP21 5NH C E Davidson Ltd, Fennings Farm Office Fennings Farm, Pixey Green 24/7 Public
AE8E8C8A-6B85-46F2-A56B-AFE300EE1CB9 IP21 5TR Weybread Village Hall, Church Road, Weybread 24/7 Public
92325D21-B1D4-41C7-8219-AFE901515C77 IP22 1AP Palgrave Community Centre, Wind Turbine Palgrave Community Centre, Upper Rose Lane Variable Public
D387876D-182C-4EF5-B8CB-AAFC00B8FA84 IP22 1DH Botesdale Dental Practice, The Drift, Diss Variable Restricted
8160 IP22 1LD Village Hall, Suffolk 24/7 Public
F8312E69-F248-4078-8A51-B01F0085E05D IP22 1LD Thelnetham Village Hall, School Lane, Thelnetham, Stowlangtoft 24/7 Public
84E8457D-A0C0-4FFB-90CF-B03B00DAEDBC IP22 1PX Howard Nurseries Ltd, Bury Road, Wortham Variable Restricted
F5840568-F1D9-4D65-8666-ADC200EB7DC1 IP22 1RY Village, The Stagers, The Street 24/7 Public
88F93AEA-17CC-4105-BD45-AFB600B84FD9 IP22 2AA Bressingham Steam Museum, Low Road, Bressingham Variable Public
4BAD8E07-334A-4E83-B1D0-B09E00B8012C IP22 2AR Norfolk County Council, Bressingham County Primary School, School Road Variable Restricted
E538C41D-17E3-4EF3-9963-AD6600BB1464 IP22 2DZ All Saints Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, Diss Road, Winfarthing Variable Restricted
7505 IP22 2RP Hopton Bowls Club, Suffolk 24/7 Public
F2173065-5B3E-4CD8-BA02-ADFE010E14F2 IP22 2SE Village Hall, Church Road, Garboldisham 24/7 Public
9BF2FA22-31BA-443A-AF51-AAAF0108B934 IP22 4DB Heywood Sports And Fitness, 30 Walcot Road, Diss 24/7 Public
C0E0C857-C087-4BAB-A9F4-AD5200B03F07 IP22 4DD Dentabrite, 4 Church Street, Diss Variable Public
661C92B7-CF45-49B4-ADC4-AFBE00F9A62B IP22 4DH Diss High School, Diss County High School, Walcot Road 24/7 Public
D29438DB-42C1-4BBF-A7BF-AFCD00B4FDE7 IP22 4DH Norfolk County Council, Diss County High School, Walcot Road Variable Restricted
AD933437-40D9-42A6-A39C-AFB8009C5335 IP22 4ER Cvs House, Owen Road, Diss, Norfolk Variable Restricted
410BEB7A-4610-47E5-84A7-AE8300A06C55 IP22 4GT Reads Property Development, Car Space 4, Hopper Way 24/7 Public
2DB80AFD-DB8C-4EE5-B437-AFE800E8F159 IP22 4HQ Screwfix, Plot 1, Vince's Road Variable Restricted
93383921-8F19-49E5-B692-AD4200B3A32D IP22 4HY Frontier Agiculture, Frontier Agriculture Ltd, Sandy Lane Variable Public
24D54ED3-11D5-4E7E-8868-B03B00C54EBC IP22 4JG Diss Leisure Centre, Victoria Road, Diss Variable Restricted
0370290B-19C4-40D9-92EF-ADED00B82B8B IP22 4LB The Corn Hall, 10 St Nicholas Street, Diss 24/7 Public
4EC70970-FB8F-4D34-8A54-AD57014D5E0A IP22 4QP Diss Town Fc, Diss Town Football Club, Brewers Green Lane Variable Restricted
B4508D6F-6B6F-4A81-A206-AD4E00A05B43 IP22 5RG Diss Rugby Club, Diss Rugby Football Club, Bellrope Lane 24/7 Public
DD8D8E78-694B-4546-8A7C-AD6000A2096F IP22 5UJ Old School, Lower Street, Gissing 24/7 Public
8A98B583-A29A-4F55-AEFA-AD36009575B6 IP23 7BL Hartismere School, Castleton Way, Eye Variable Restricted
8311 IP23 7BY On Post, Suffolk 24/7 Public
3E53A6AA-F33E-422C-81E2-B0A001101483 IP23 7BY Eye On Post, On Post, Oak Crescent Playing Field, Oak Crescent 24/7 Public
542374BF-F7AF-49C5-A188-AEDF0121B64A IP23 7EE Romany House, Wickham Road, Thwaite 24/7 Public
61C1A0B9-D082-4985-A58E-ADD4008CF87A IP23 7JJ Bowling Green, Thwaite Road, Thorndon Variable Restricted
D505BA52-79A6-4F39-BF19-AE0A00DB6C1D IP23 7JR Thorndon Community Shop, The Street, Thorndon 24/7 Public
55B0C311-93F0-419C-AAC4-AEB20152254A IP23 7LX Thorndon Village Hall, High Street, Thorndon 24/7 Public
B5427385-ADA4-4DC6-9EFF-AD9D00872B90 IP23 7PL Jubilee Field, Mill Road, Occold 24/7 Public
44FAEF33-8323-413D-A1CD-B01F011EA508 IP23 7QP Be Well Barn, Wash Farm, Redlingfield Variable Public
6866 IP23 7QR Telephone Box, Suffolk 24/7 Public
2549488A-9BE3-41CD-9640-AED70126C8F4 IP23 7QR Redlingfield Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Junction Of Mill Road And Low Road 24/7 Public
1DF7E3B3-AC57-4654-8AC3-AD3F00E92CEF IP23 8AL Four Oaks Park, Eye Road, Brome And Oakley Variable Public
A5AF08AD-A109-4CAC-B39D-AD4E00FDDDCC IP23 8AW Tmo Highways Ltd, Building 1, Roy Humphrey Group, A140 Norwich Road Variable Restricted
2DB74FAE-4582-465E-98C0-AE6E00E7555A IP23 8BW Cranswick Country Foods Plc, Cranswick House Oaksmere Business Park, Eye Airfield Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
331E1A52-DF20-4C33-B028-AD7B01030CB4 IP23 8BW Epr Eye Ltd - Eye Power Station, Oaksmere Business Park, Off Castleton Way 24/7 Restricted
386CE7E7-ECDE-421A-AE51-AE8500F69665 IP23 8BW Cranswick Country Foods Plc, Cranswick House Oaksmere Business Park, Eye Airfield Industrial Estate 24/7 Restricted
BF690451-AC9E-42A2-9ABF-AEC80094ADAD IP23 8DB Burns & Mcdonnell Construction Site, Leys Lane, Yaxley 24/7 Restricted
03A9A0F5-B4B7-4FC2-B41F-AD80008CB238 IP23 8DY The Limes Retirement Home, Earlsford Road, Mellis 24/7 Restricted
FBA5E849-4C09-4BBE-BDA9-AD4D00C89191 IP23 8HB Street Forge Workshops, The Street Forge, The Street 24/7 Public
5902 IP23 8HH Thornham Walks Visitor Centre, Suffolk 24/7 Public
36A82F96-A116-4298-8641-B04300C4C7C8 IP23 8HX Gislingham C E Primary School, Broadfields Road, Gislingham Variable Restricted
7C946E5C-0CFE-404D-932D-ADD3015AA955 IP23 8LX Wickham Skeith Parish Council, Wickham Skeith Village Hall, The Green 24/7 Public
7FC175BE-0700-4FDA-AE66-ADE401093C7A IP24 1HP 12-14 Brunel Way, Thetford Variable Restricted
7FCE2AA4-DAD2-4533-B147-B0990089E491 IP24 1HP Currys Campus Thetford, Currys, 26-32 Brunel Way Variable Public
B9B9D4D6-9EEB-44B1-818D-B0990074535D IP24 1HP 26-32 Brunel Way, Thetford 24/7 Restricted
DB9815A7-A1A1-433A-8420-AD9100DDF2F0 IP24 1HU 3 Telford Way, Thetford Variable Restricted
1277BFFC-A387-4B92-9BD8-AEC500D76F9E IP24 1HZ Boniface Engineering, 46 Howlett Way, Thetford Variable Restricted
6CC16691-1348-49BA-8F5F-AEC500D97540 IP24 1HZ Boniface Engineering, 62 Howlett Way, Thetford Variable Restricted
994D1631-84EC-4B7C-AE2F-AEC500C68DEB IP24 1HZ Boniface Engineering, 42 Howlett Way, Thetford Variable Restricted
841F5FE8-3FB9-466A-B145-AEC800953FC4 IP24 1NB Thetford Town Cricket Club, Mundford Road, Thetford Variable Restricted
8CD419B9-1CB3-4783-9DB3-AFA400D0A1CC IP24 2EN Lovewell Blake Llp, Lovewell Blake Llp The Gables, 21 Old Market Street Variable Restricted
36F34E0F-3681-4438-9D82-B09100AE4D7C IP24 2HT Norwich Road, Thetford Variable Restricted
3887A479-B604-4CF3-BE57-AEF900FC2925 IP24 2PN Thetford International Ltd, Thetford International, Bury Road Variable Restricted
A30DDAFE-88DE-4615-816B-ADF201034994 IP24 2PU British Trust For Ornithology, The Nunnery, Nunnery Place Variable Public
8333161D-79AD-4FDD-95ED-AEC50096B613 IP24 2RG Britannia Grange Site (Taylor Wimpey East Anglia), Norwich Road, Thetford Variable Restricted
19901831-0484-46ED-B087-AE6000AE208B IP24 2RX Forest Holidays, Thorpe Forest, Shadwell 24/7 Public
8D228952-5AC5-467E-A01F-AE9100CF25C4 IP24 2RX Forest Holidays Thorpe Forest, Shadwell, Thetford, Norfolk 24/7 Public
D13991B6-DD82-4660-AB1D-AFDA00AE44DB IP24 3HS Norse Care- Laburnum Grove, Laburnum Grove Housing With Care Scheme, 48 Laburnum Grove 24/7 Restricted
95FF54E7-2164-462A-B554-AD7B00EAE059 IP24 3NE Thetford Golf Club, Brandon Road, Thetford 24/7 Public
B5A30E7E-FD05-4505-AE79-AF4600FACA34 IP24 3NE Thetford Golf Club, Brandon Road, Thetford 24/7 Public
612ADB34-5553-4E11-BA6A-ADDE002DF9FD IP24 3RE Thetford Storage, Stephenson Way, Thetford Variable Public
D925AFCE-5210-49DB-890A-AFE900C42E25 IP24 3RW Screwfix, Unit 5b Burrell Way, Thetford Variable Restricted
4D8BCFF7-44E0-4C99-A4D8-B0AB008ADF1D IP24 3RY Team C Express Logistics Ltd, Caxton Way, Thetford Variable Restricted
D3B13EF4-B391-4430-BD66-B00F008F7361 IP24 3TR First Aid Centre, First Aid Centre Elveden Forest Holiday Village, Brandon Road 24/7 Public
90F0596C-763F-4749-91C2-B03D00BB76CB IP25 6AU Watton First School, West Road, Watton Variable Restricted
6CFDC8CB-B9E4-479C-92AF-AF8901192CED IP25 6BQ Tesco, Thetford Road, Watton Variable Public
6B948635-4511-4BF0-99D0-AF8E009038B9 IP25 6LW Cranswick Country Foods Abattoir, Brandon Road, Watton 24/7 Restricted
3674 IP25 6NG Genpart (UK) Ltd, Unit 1, Norfolk 24/7 Public
2ACC55CE-7BFA-45E5-B23B-AECD01552E70 IP25 6NT The Old School, Fairstead Lane, Little Cressingham 24/7 Public
86F3B17F-B4DE-4AB7-9075-B08300971D4F IP25 6SW St Peter And St Paul Vc School, Church Street, Carbrooke Variable Public
D7B5A348-35DB-4AD4-812A-ADD500C403A7 IP25 6WL Buckingham Lodge Care Home, Buckingham Close, Carbrooke Variable Restricted
76D95B17-A3C6-4C0A-BC71-ADA500CF188D IP25 7AA Su Bridge Pet Supplies, Cressingham Road, Saham Toney Variable Restricted
1AFEA7ED-1273-4323-90A8-AFE701072494 IP25 7AX Ashill Community Centre, Community Centre, Hale Road 24/7 Public
E9367B34-18AF-4F6D-B29A-AF7101397C0E IP25 7BT Norfolk County Council, Ashill Recycling Centre, Swaffham Road 24/7 Public
08D42F3C-DF94-4CB5-A6FF-AD42014089C0 IP25 7LF Shipdham Bowls Club, Pound Green Lane, Shipdham 24/7 Public
D4A751BD-8E10-45D2-BEE7-AEF20088DC7F IP25 7LU Bullock Park, Recreation Ground, Mill Road 24/7 Public
7570 IP25 7RA Bradenham Football Club, Norfolk 24/7 Public
E8CF028A-13CB-4F41-8D64-AF1900D250CB IP25 7RA Bradenham Football Club, Hale Road, Bradenham 24/7 Public
43E21ACD-830E-4AD0-A7EC-AD5500BDFDBF IP26 4AY Feltwell Golf Club, Wilton Road, Feltwell Variable Public
1B8DB7BE-26AB-4D43-B1C8-AFDA00FCDE0C IP26 4BA Feltwell Parish Council, Feltwell Social Club, Paynes Lane 24/7 Public
8631FBF6-7420-49C0-93E9-B02801168258 IP26 4DH Feltwell Parish Council, R H Lindsay, Crown Yard 24/7 Public
ECAC9F76-4216-4379-ABD8-B03800F95EE7 IP26 4PP Methwold Primary School, Hythe Road, Methwold Variable Restricted
7141 IP26 4PW Darby Nursery Stock Ltd, Norfolk 24/7 Public
7142 IP26 4QU Darby Nursery Stock Ltd, Norfolk 24/7 Public
0AEFB006-AC9F-4A10-9E6F-AF1A00FEF2A7 IP26 4QU Darby Nursery Stock Ltd, Broad Fen Farm, Severalls Road 24/7 Public
8244 IP26 4RB On Post, Norfolk 24/7 Public
1C2096C9-C9B8-4DDD-81F1-AFF000EE9BC9 IP26 4RB Brookville On Post, Main Road, Brookville 24/7 Public
D20532A6-0154-4EC1-AC27-AD7F0078796E IP26 5AB Community Centre, Vicarage Road, Foulden 24/7 Public
1CCB08DB-FDEA-4C03-BBD0-AFF8010817E5 IP26 5BN Village Hall, Westgate Street, Hilborough 24/7 Public
745A646C-7EB3-413A-9D77-AEBF01539B86 IP26 5DW Mundford Football Club, Village Hall, St Leonards Street 24/7 Public
D486143C-55E8-4D96-AAFB-AECF00B92382 IP26 5LQ Aspris, Sheridan School, Thetford Road Variable Restricted
CE04B236-087A-4721-B010-AE53012F7A85 IP26 5NA Northwold Sports And Social Club, 29 Hovells Lane, Northwold 24/7 Public
2F4FCE68-E844-4466-8544-AE1C00D1F72D IP27 0ER Tesco Plc, London Road, Brandon Variable Public
8C8E9DF4-0FBD-4EBA-B51F-AE0100F65A56 IP27 0JB Brandon Sports And Social Club, Church Road, Brandon 24/7 Public
FF7E42C9-D836-4D3D-852C-AD41007DFD22 IP27 0JB Abbeycroft Leisure, Brandon Sports Centre, Church Road Variable Public
35A341CD-9A72-4180-87BD-B07700E80544 IP27 0ND Guardtech Cleanrooms, Unit 2 Highbury Road, Out The Back In Richmond Road. Variable Restricted
64FA57AF-0557-4548-AA80-AD6600F10B8C IP27 0PE Ies Breckland, Crown Street, Brandon Variable Public
43C64035-9033-433A-B966-B06E00CB2370 IP27 0PL Oranmore Precast Ltd, Mundford Road, Weeting Variable Restricted
D9C63800-D5BE-4350-A601-B052007C9CA3 IP27 0QQ Weeting Primary School, Lynn Road, Weeting Variable Public
59253842-4117-4305-B4F6-AD520097C90F IP27 9FB Eriswell Lodge Ltd, Eriswell Lodge Ltd, Eriswell Lodge, Brandon Road, Eriswell Variable Restricted
0B3D76D4-CA07-4ABE-AF29-AD7F00EA9F54 IP27 9LG Sedge Fen Caravan Park, The Paddock (Caravan Park), Sedge Fen 24/7 Public
A4DBA041-6582-493A-AE01-AEC200AAEEA9 IP28 6BS Ay19 Highways England Package, Bay Farm, Worlington Road, Red Lodge, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, Barton Mills 24/7 Public
51398E7F-31C0-499C-A7E1-AE9B00F49CCE IP28 6DP Culford Club, Culford Club Room, The Street 24/7 Public
49C2DC08-713B-4ABD-817D-AD3600CAD782 IP28 6HX Suffolk Wildlife Trust, Visitors Centre Lackford Lakes, Bury Road 24/7 Public
A610FF8A-6D3A-47F7-BFAE-B0AC011FA7A7 IP28 6QZ Academy Reception, Claas Uk Academy, Saxham Business Park Variable Public
FD45808F-FD2C-4C75-8CBA-ADF0009BE622 IP28 6QZ Claas Uk Ltd, Saxham Business Park, Little Saxham Variable Public
21C16B36-7BB7-4FD6-B359-AE9E01255DF6 IP28 6RD Cresta Construction Ltd, Unit H 22 Risby Business Park, Thorpe End 24/7 Public
66090502-9508-4B0E-9497-AFF000B29881 IP28 6RE Geo Gittus And Sons Ltd, Geo Gittus And Sons Symonds Farm, Newmarket Road Variable Restricted
BD9E2643-8BED-4E32-BDA9-AF2700C5A2EB IP28 6RR West Suffolk Crematorium, School Road, Risby Variable Restricted
3B170C19-77A6-4B0C-85EE-B0A400974E95 IP28 6RX Micheldever Tyre Service, Saxham Business Park, Little Saxham Variable Restricted
8951EFB0-EA62-4367-A725-ADBB00D4130C IP28 6UD Brickfields Farm, Ingham Road, Culford Variable Restricted
A2C46D7A-A34F-47FA-B611-AE9B00F6BE0A IP28 6UW Hall Farm Camping And Caravan, Brandon Road, Wordwell 24/7 Public
034C0419-EC95-431F-A39F-B07D009E8DC8 IP28 7AS Barmans - Drinkstuff, Hampstead Ave, Mildenhall Variable Restricted
ABD9F788-E38A-401C-B94A-AFE9012147AF IP28 7AS Screwfix, Unit 19 Hampstead Avenue, Mildenhall Variable Restricted
7673 IP28 7JU Mildenhall Cricket Club, Suffolk 24/7 Public
2992F812-D4EA-41E7-B1F5-AEC40080D296 IP28 7JU Mildenhall Cricket Club, Wamil Way, Mildenhall 24/7 Public
C752C77E-73DE-455A-80C9-AF100073EF9D IP28 7JU Mildenhall Cricket Club, Wamil Way, Mildenhall Variable Restricted
273A7E7C-2EFF-4E7D-9F19-AFF100AE0477 IP28 7JX Mildenhall Academy, Sheldrick Way, Mildenhall Variable Restricted
4E163A51-9B51-4558-B0B4-AFF100AB86D2 IP28 7JX Mildenhall Academy, Sheldrick Way, Mildenhall Variable Restricted
495A1FF9-FF45-4079-99A3-ADC000BBD1C8 IP28 7RD Amada Weld Tech, Amada Weldtech Uk Ltd, 69 Fred Dannatt Road Variable Restricted
7EB2BA04-8136-42AA-B850-B03F00AC7791 IP28 8AE Beck Row Primary School, The Street, Beck Row Variable Restricted
3E124423-DABF-4BA6-959B-AEB3011A9C87 IP28 8DH Balmforths Estate Agents, 88a The Street, Beck Row 24/7 Public
E0302C75-DE0F-4A37-BCA9-AEB30111305E IP28 8DT New Testament Baptist Church, Mildenhall Drove, Kenny Hill 24/7 Public
132EDEA4-ADCF-48AF-96AC-AD8000952C75 IP28 8LS Village Hall, The Street, Holywell Row 24/7 Public
5287C6EB-3EF0-47E3-8D75-B029009E9A53 IP28 8RX Worlington Hall Country House Hotel, Worlington Hall Hotel, Mildenhall Road 24/7 Public
ED3A5551-1594-4DE4-AE97-AE9F00958F71 IP28 8WG Hamelin Paperbrands Ltd, Unit 1 Kings Warren Business Park, Manor Wood Variable Public
74D2D37E-A8BF-4520-B712-B03C00710AB1 IP28 8XQ St Christophers Primary School, Bellflower Crescent, Red Lodge Variable Restricted
6CC2B173-38C2-4CA4-8B8D-B02100EDC966 IP29 4BU Depden Care Farm, Rookery Farm, Bury Road 24/7 Public
7C62B788-74A7-47BF-8434-B09100DF386C IP29 4DL Hartest Ce Primary School, The Row, Hartest Variable Restricted
F7FF3E82-6B61-4E9A-BACD-B0A400C196DA IP29 4ND Somerton Village, Ashbrooke, Upper Somerton 24/7 Public
5F1F9293-69EF-4420-A7EC-B04300B8CC2A IP29 4QA Primary School, The Street, Lawshall Variable Restricted
DD152990-B950-49DF-818D-AD3A00C43AB7 IP29 4TA Whepstead Parish Council, Community Centre, Bury Road 24/7 Public
4155F186-0B14-489D-B16E-AE59009E0E35 IP29 4UL The Erskine Centre, Community Centre, Chevington Road 24/7 Public
41F3B7C5-9048-4497-87BE-AFC401059CFA IP29 5QE National Trust Ickworth Estate, National Trust, Ickworth Park 24/7 Public
850F1D3E-C477-4281-9BD2-AD4100959A05 IP29 5SB Ickworth Park Primary School, Meadow Drive, Horringer 24/7 Public
69E6AE4D-C61B-407B-8C94-B026009E6267 IP3 0BF Tesco Ipswich Duke Street Express, 283 Duke St, Ipswich Variable Public
8605C43E-C189-4FCF-AC9B-AE1A015B1DFB IP3 0BF Tesco Express, 283 Duke Street, Ipswich Variable Public
D5B4F60F-863A-45BF-9E00-AE2F010FF54B IP3 0DD Dpl Electrical, 2-4 Greenwich Business Park, Greenwich Close Variable Restricted
4A0AB9B1-CDDE-4B98-88C0-B09700BCBC50 IP3 0EW Alderwood Academy, Raeburn Road, Ipswich Variable Restricted
A68BDE76-3FFC-468D-98BB-B0AC00D53C40 IP3 0EW First Base Ipswich Academy, Raeburn Road, Ipswich Variable Restricted
E7F687ED-33E4-45EB-A9A4-B06200DCD314 IP3 0EW Piper's Vale Primary Academy, Raeburn Road, Ipswich Variable Restricted
D395DE0D-FB1B-41B5-A428-ADCC010A0D50 IP3 0PQ Margaret Cathpole, The Bowling Club, Cliff Lane 24/7 Public
4DC83129-5DE4-4D31-BBFE-AD4100C2B84E IP3 0RL Gainsborough Library, 261 Clapgate Lane, Ipswich Variable Restricted
443860E6-70FB-482E-8930-AFDC00D086D3 IP3 0SP Ipswich Academy (Sports Block), 9 Braziers Wood Road, Ipswich Variable Restricted
6BFC0847-8353-44CF-ACA0-AFDC00CA485B IP3 0SP Ipswich Academy (Main Building), 9 Braziers Wood Road, Ipswich Variable Restricted
9B562A13-97DB-4F98-99E6-AFEB00DFEA4C IP3 8AX Screwfix, Units 2-3, 5 Cavendish St Variable Restricted
DAF96443-2919-49DA-9261-AF0900BE68E9 IP3 8BX Patrick Boxing Club, 12 York Road, Ipswich Variable Restricted
33FC6EC9-FB2E-4A79-A0EF-AEF200B38B36 IP3 8HQ Conservative Club, Newton Road, Ipswich 24/7 Public
EF42FADF-A071-476D-B2EF-AD3D00C231B0 IP3 8LB Land Adjacent To 191 To 199, Foxhall Road, Ipswich 24/7 Public
BB57969D-B904-4802-8FEA-AE3D011CB3EC IP3 8LH Tesco Express, 389 Foxhall Rd, 0 Variable Public
C4858614-84AF-499B-95B4-AD4400C27023 IP3 9FH The Ferns, Delta Terrace, 10 West Road Variable Restricted
64A84EE5-B74E-49CD-B13C-AF6900FCDA39 IP3 9GX Toby Carvery - Ipswich, 3 Edith Cook Way, Ipswich Variable Public
2814F362-C879-45BE-8877-B00E00EAD882 IP3 9JL Murrayfield Primary School, Nacton Road, Ipswich Variable Restricted
5DE21EB1-6147-4767-9547-AF90009D154C IP3 9JL Murrayside Youth And Community Centre, Nacton Road, Ipswich 24/7 Public
61E19065-D20A-4729-8995-B09D00B28654 IP3 9LX Gainsborough Labour And Social Club, 394 Landseer Road, Ipswich 24/7 Public
A94267D1-2ACC-48AC-B93A-B02B00DDF16D IP3 9NA Tesco Ipswich Nacton Road Express, 312-316 Nacton Rd, Ipswich Variable Public
AF97606D-BE19-4609-A99C-ADCC00F7D21C IP3 9NA 342a Nacton Road, Ipswich 24/7 Public
E244B04B-33B4-4FE8-9F55-AE4400A61632 IP3 9QJ Mcdonalds, 2 Hening Avenue, Ipswich 24/7 Public
01E145A8-B3CF-405E-9539-AFD3013CF345 IP3 9QX Inspire Suffolk, Inspire Suffolk Lindbergh Centre, Lindbergh Road Variable Public
47CFBBBE-F8BF-47E8-AAF6-B04C00A3726F IP3 9RR Megasteel Ltd, Unit 12 Bluestem Road, Ransomes Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
CE7A6FD9-B24A-4667-8834-AEE700A68138 IP3 9RR Medequip Assistive Technology, Medequip Assistive Technology, 29-33 Bluestem Road, Ipswich 24/7 Public
EE7B7768-2186-4CDD-9B0D-AF5E00CF0BEA IP3 9RR Sulzer Electro Mechanical Services (Uk) Ltd, 10 Bluestem Road, Ransomes Industrial Estate Variable Public
01D3BC65-7D9D-480F-A7BC-AED900F62B63 IP3 9RT 3line Electrical Wholesaler, 18-20 Foxtail Road, Ipswich 24/7 Public
96607015-CC64-48AC-A1DC-AFE8009BA64F IP3 9RT Screwfix, Unit F3, 7 Foxtail Road, Ransomes Europark Variable Restricted
332DB940-9170-4F6C-B427-ADCC010675E5 IP3 9SJ Electricity Sub Station 63m From Ipswich Bldg Soc, 6-8, The Havens 14m From Unnamed Road, Ransomes Europark, Ipswich 24/7 Public
5EB2000C-1561-407A-8C95-AF4F00EA04D8 IP3 9SJ Drax, 32 The Havens, Ipswich Variable Restricted
8A75934D-DA92-4D3F-81E6-AFCD00C33D3F IP3 9SJ Salon, 11 The Havens, Ipswich Variable Restricted
390F2503-A556-45AE-990D-AFD5008B0AE1 IP3 9SL Royal Mail Ipswich Ld, 30 Central Avenue, Ipswich Variable Restricted
A1731E9F-7465-42D2-84C0-B04200F49B4B IP3 9UA Opposite Inside Reception Entrance., Ravenswood Primary School, Ravenswood Avenue Variable Restricted
13CF7EF2-C46A-43AF-9036-AE7D00A847E7 IP30 0BA Bradfield And Rougham Baptist Church, Kingshall Green, Bradfield St George Variable Restricted
A6651C12-65A8-4DF3-9E21-AEF100BE364A IP30 0HJ Cockfield Parish Council, Sports Pavilion, Great Green 24/7 Public
5B6C880D-238F-413B-A75E-AD3600FD1E99 IP30 0PJ Felsham Village Hall, Church Road, Felsham 24/7 Public
D897C4B8-24B9-4BDE-A337-AEEE00D97AE6 IP30 0RA The Five Bells Public House, The Five Bells, High Street 24/7 Public
3347 IP30 0RJ Village Hall, Suffolk 24/7 Public
8963F037-3E36-488D-BBFE-ADE200F3CE30 IP30 0SX Rattlesden Gliding Club, High Town Green, Rattlesden Variable Restricted
EC12BFDF-8DB7-4C05-9F34-B04200C90E56 IP30 0UA Suffolk County Council, Great Whelnetham Primary School, Stanningfield Road Variable Public
C4D7255A-596B-44B0-8B3F-AD8000976791 IP30 9BX Elmswell Memorial Library, Cooks Road, Elmswell Variable Public
88F15ACA-CA59-4791-83DE-AF480130DF58 IP30 9DZ Church Of St John The Divine, Church Road, Elmswell 24/7 Public
BEFA3914-A501-4CDF-A2FA-ADDC00B6E839 IP30 9HN Safetykleen Uk Ltd, Safety Kleen Uk Ltd, Grove Lane Variable Public
34142FB9-3252-4533-A8CF-B073009DA157 IP30 9JJ Rougham Cevc Primary School, Church Road, Rougham Variable Public
2D994E25-ED85-4843-8E90-AD730075D55E IP30 9JN Rougham Sports Hall, Almshouse Road, Rougham 24/7 Public
6481E99E-B4F6-42F3-A453-AEC800FAFA93 IP30 9ND Lundy Court, Rougham Industrial Estate, Rougham 24/7 Public
49FBFDC5-8060-4B4C-BDD1-AD980096B3D6 IP30 9QP Tennis Court Pavillion, Rectory Lane, Woolpit Variable Restricted
9EE48EAF-3065-4F32-AC45-AD3600FF55D8 IP30 9QP Woolpit Cricket Club, Woolpit Playing Field Committee, Rectory Lane 24/7 Public
F459727B-8ACC-42C9-A72C-ADAA0111064D IP30 9RZ Bacton Transport Venture Road, Lawn Farm Business Park, Woolpit Variable Restricted
10ED050E-B4CF-46E0-94E4-AFE701430893 IP30 9SQ Woolpit Room Christian Fellowship, Woolpit, Bury St. Edmunds 24/7 Public
62F764FC-D75F-4418-A106-AD5400BFC440 IP30 9SZ Village Hall, Gedding Road, Drinkstone 24/7 Public
27511ACB-CC36-4604-AA11-B07B00D97AB3 IP31 1AD Bardwell Church Of England Primary School, School Lane, Bardwell Variable Restricted
5947 IP31 1JL Village Hall, Suffolk 24/7 Public
AF4E3C96-7D59-477B-A5BE-B04A00DD1848 IP31 1NR Quattro Depot, Thetford Road, Ingham Variable Public
FD07E806-CF59-4888-8A6F-AD7300C118D4 IP31 2AD Ashmore Nursing Home, George Hill, Stanton 24/7 Public
4C0C65BC-7BCF-4115-9E41-B076017B05FA IP31 2AY 35 Shepherds Grove Park, Stanton 24/7 Public
4DDB24C3-2B01-4B5E-A5A7-AD6A00E9A944 IP31 2BG Dhl Supply Chain, Shepherds Grove Industrial Estate, Stanton 24/7 Restricted
F890644C-9D50-4EC5-9085-B07B009F7EBE IP31 2BT Central England Co-Operative, 1 Tripp Batt Yard, Hepworth Road 24/7 Public
2AEA511D-6AAC-41A1-95D1-B09000E06F00 IP31 2EL Ixworth Ce Primary School, Crown Lane, Ixworth Variable Restricted
5A880EA6-61DE-4276-B245-AD36009FBDA9 IP31 2HD Housing 21, Blackbourne View, Peddars Close 24/7 Public
C64C19BD-20A7-4DD3-9A40-AD98006EF522 IP31 2HJ The Beeches Residential Home, 39-43 High Street, Ixworth 24/7 Public
116A8803-44F5-4D08-82DE-AF8900C524D9 IP31 2JB Messrs Mulleys Motorways (Ixworth) Ltd, Mulleys Coach Depot, Stow Road 24/7 Public
B85F7428-1E2F-48DE-A4BD-AD7A00B141D6 IP31 2JU Pakenham Sub-Post Office, The Street, Pakenham 24/7 Public
A96F34D0-D829-4F24-BE34-AE5C00BA8A42 IP31 2LE The Buggy Club The Playing Fields, Paccas Close, Pakenham 24/7 Public
77639298-056A-4633-889B-AD90008DBED2 IP31 2QY East Barton Barns, 5-6 East Barton Road, Great Barton 24/7 Public
8279 IP31 2RU Freedom Church, Suffolk 24/7 Public
1BA32CF3-A0F1-46BB-9BA6-B04700D34C75 IP31 2RU Great Barton Free Church Hall, Mill Road, Great Barton 24/7 Public
03651C2A-BB5A-4371-8AA5-B03F00DBCC2D IP31 3BD Little Willows Pre School, Wattisfield Road, Walsham Le Willows Variable Restricted
8E2662CA-95CB-43D2-AAC7-AEA200955819 IP31 3BD Walsham Le Willows Cevc Primary School, Walsham Primary School, Wattisfield Road Variable Restricted
02472F67-81D7-49C2-BC3E-B01300AD64AB IP31 3EL The Cottage, The Street, Hunston 24/7 Public
5EF85910-A0C0-470E-8431-AF8700C29D68 IP31 3JA Long Thurlow Road, Long Thurlow, Badwell Ash 24/7 Public
8AF9EE93-A30B-44FB-9C47-AE8D008D4852 IP31 3JY Primrose Cottages, 1 Kiln Lane, Stowlangtoft 24/7 Restricted
97763F40-B948-4126-9D1C-AD4100A37970 IP31 3LZ Norton Vc School, School Close, Norton 24/7 Public
D1AC9B5E-AF9E-463E-8533-AFE800F0E7B5 IP31 3RN Smart Offices Ltd, Thurston Park, Church Road 24/7 Public
2393D892-F07A-48FE-9FD4-AD9C00C5383F IP31 3SH O Seaman And Son Ltd Elm Farm Park, Norton Road, Thurston Variable Public
66B2505A-1C12-49C6-90BB-ADE300930710 IP32 6HZ Post Office, South Parade, 4-5 Lake Avenue 24/7 Public
44F15543-7222-4C7F-BC7E-AEC900EFEC32 IP32 6NL Robinsons Mercedes Benz, Mercedes-Benz, Northern Way Variable Restricted
72B7971F-91BE-4B6E-A6F9-AD4100F14708 IP32 6NL R C Treatt Ltd, Building 1, Northern Way 24/7 Public
8668113D-8F1C-4AB1-B9E8-AEC800C66D5E IP32 6NT Premier Paper Group, Unit B3, Chase Road Variable Public
CFF9FCEC-4154-4D7B-8C14-AF5C00D35B8B IP32 6NU Wardell Armstrong, Armstrong House, 9 Lamdin Road Variable Public
218B9949-6A48-458B-BBD4-B0460098C570 IP32 6SA Caretakers House Howard Community Primary School, Beard Road, Bury St Edmunds Variable Restricted
30A001DA-E742-4FA9-A9E4-AEAC00BA6912 IP32 6TD 1 Charles Place, Bury St Edmunds 24/7 Public
491ED4F3-4F16-4FC2-82EE-AD8600CAB5CF IP32 6TN Bloor Homes Sales Office, 9 Dunnell Way, Bury St Edmunds 24/7 Public
36E3475C-7157-4260-8A6D-AF3300CA0FCD IP32 7BB British Sugar - Visitors Entrance, Hollow Road, Bury St Edmunds 24/7 Public
5574 IP32 7BL Moreton Hall Health Club, Suffolk 24/7 Public
6A5251FB-5F56-4EF7-B9F5-ADCE0108C453 IP32 7BS Srs Aromatics, Beodric House, 5 Boldero Road Variable Public
D9DBC0F9-270B-4EEA-A7A7-B00300BB84D2 IP32 7BX Screwfix, Unit 16 Bunting Road, Bury St Edmunds Variable Restricted
9105E89A-8CF2-4373-91D2-B08300DDDDFE IP32 7BY Dunelm Bury St Edmunds, St Edmundsbury Retail Parkeaslea Roadmoreton Hall, Bury St Edmunds Variable Restricted
5401B6B8-8029-4B7C-B4A2-AD4000D504C4 IP32 7EG School, Sebert Wood School, Sebert Road Variable Public
1B49D247-F0E8-4080-AA93-AE3900F64D15 IP32 7EW Tesco, 2 Lawson Place, Bury St Edmunds 24/7 Public
9577A668-16CB-4480-B721-B02A00FA1F37 IP32 7FQ Jaynic, Suffolk Park, Fortress Way 24/7 Public
76FF28EB-F74B-42F5-A680-AFBE00EBDAEA IP32 7FR Rc Treatt Plc, Skyliner Way, Bury St Edmunds 24/7 Public
8353 IP32 7HT Bryan J Nunn Haulage Ltd, Suffolk 24/7 Public
8CC21E2F-4B99-44E9-A636-B070010567E3 IP32 7HT Bryan J Nunn Haulage Ltd, Transport Depot, Chapel Pond Hill, Bury St Edmunds 24/7 Public
51B88AED-8246-48BC-AA6D-B09700A7397D IP32 7HX Mabey Hire Ltd, Mercers Road, Bury St Edmunds Variable Public
EA700DD4-82C7-465A-9283-ADFD00F89E84 IP32 7HX Saxon Fire Ltd, Unit 11, Mercers Road 24/7 Public
A5A4B9EA-6269-4495-82ED-AD3800EFF4F8 IP32 7JS Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, St Saviours Interchange Junction 43 Variable Public
DAA84AA0-9D87-41CA-AD93-B01B00872642 IP32 7JS Tesco, Pfs Tesco Stores Ltd, St Saviours Interchange Junction 43 Variable Restricted
ED5E7360-B59F-4498-BE51-B01B0084B4FC IP32 7JS Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, St Saviours Interchange Junction 43 Variable Restricted
951C3CB2-6FED-439C-9E37-B06501319C13 IP32 7LN Bury St Edmunds Day Nursery And Preschool, Cobb Close, Bury St Edmunds 24/7 Public
6201A415-14FB-42A8-B088-AD41009A900F IP32 7QB Abbeycroft Leisure, Skyliner Sports Centre, Skyliner Sports Centre Sybil Andrews Academy, Rougham Tower Avenue Variable Public
E94410CF-D34C-47F2-A2FE-AEE6007F7FF8 IP32 7YY Royal Mail, Royal Mail Delivery Office, Skyliner Way Variable Restricted
3CC0DD61-F077-41BC-B54C-B00E008C295D IP33 1DB O2 Store (0253) Bury St Edmunds, 6 The Buttermarket, Suffolk Variable Restricted
672261A6-8BF8-4186-8221-AD80009A66A5 IP33 1DT Marks And Spencer, 23 Buttermarket, Bury St Edmunds Variable Public
7095BEA5-E650-40FC-A36D-AFBA00FCF488 IP33 1HP Regent House, 110 Northgate Street, Bury St Edmunds Variable Public
A1DDB6F9-BB18-489B-87A8-AD41006A74A1 IP33 1NW Guildhall Feoffment Trust, Communal Area And Office College Square, 17 College Lane 24/7 Public
FE278D46-DB40-42E7-B15D-B02800C53F53 IP33 1RE Guildhall Feoffment C P School, Guildhall Feoffment Community Primary School, Bridewell Lane Variable Restricted
9973E60A-6466-4B11-86E5-AEEC00962039 IP33 1SJ St John's Centre, St Johns House, St Johns Street 24/7 Public
2599E223-11A2-43D6-B395-B04A00AF23ED IP33 1YQ Bury Bowl, Bury Bowl Autopark, Eastgate Street Variable Restricted
F48BFFF1-C479-49BC-BEC9-AFEB009809EE IP33 2AP Police Station, Suffolk Constabulary, Raingate Street 24/7 Restricted
822577AE-0A31-4E95-ACB2-AD6D00DA5F09 IP33 2AR Bury St Edmunds, Raingate Street, Bury St Edmunds 24/7 Restricted
662FB8B0-53FE-4D19-841C-B09800D9935A IP33 2BL Bury St Edmunds Rufc, The Haberden, Southgate Green 24/7 Public
1DC82E3E-40CE-4E47-8F0A-ADFD00FF756E IP33 2DF Tesco Express, Tesco, 1-2 Stamford Court Variable Public
2EC4A2A3-B05A-45D9-8BB1-B03700F52749 IP33 2PW Hardwick Primary School, Steward Road, Bury St Edmunds Variable Restricted
0DB5DC03-DEFC-4B05-BC1F-B01400BD01D9 IP33 2RN Dobbies Garden Centre Bury St Edmunds, Rougham Road, Bury St Edmunds Variable Public
3FA07ADE-FFBA-4BDE-94C8-AE1600CA9C79 IP33 2RR Newbury House, Rushbrooke Lane, Bury St Edmunds Variable Restricted
3FD3B191-FB58-4FB7-8139-AED700BD61C9 IP33 3DH Waitrose Bury St Edmunds, Robert Boby Way, Bury St Edmunds 24/7 Public
561F3B0F-AB3F-4E21-BF6D-AFC500C6D39B IP33 3JB Bury St Edmunds Academy Trust, Westley Middle School, Oliver Road Variable Restricted
D946FD2C-01AE-4824-A928-AFDD01310BF3 IP33 3JG Weatbury Social Club, The Westbury Social Club Community Centre, Oliver Road 24/7 Public
9F3EFBE9-BFA4-40CE-962F-B04B00EF277A IP33 3JX Suffolk County Council, Westgate Community Primary School, Brooklands Close Variable Public
DFC6EEDD-C1A5-4457-A1D1-AD4100E17A67 IP33 3TT Bury Leisure Centre, Abbeycroft Leisure Centre, Beetons Way 24/7 Restricted
9BDAC372-1C91-4EC5-9689-AD3C0100AA17 IP33 3TU Glasswells Ltd, Dettingen Way, Bury St Edmunds Variable Restricted
1B08913C-CCF6-4C24-9D4C-AFE900C4BFA4 IP33 3TZ Screwfix, Sharon Road, Dettingen Way Variable Restricted
79F2EDFF-E812-4757-A3EA-AD4500EB0B15 IP33 3UB West End Home Guard Club, 53 Abbot Road, Bury St Edmunds 24/7 Public
B4B72AAF-1987-4D7D-90B5-AEFC00C86BC9 IP33 3WD Denbury Homes Ltd, Westley Bottom, Westley Variable Restricted
898643B3-6B3E-42D5-922E-AE0000D45970 IP4 1HH Swallow Financial, 25 St Helens Street, Ipswich 24/7 Public
E5A6551A-BD1E-49F6-AFE0-AD3600D5E604 IP4 1LB Survivors In Transition, 84 Fore Street, Ipswich 24/7 Public
83AE5205-7482-45A1-8BAD-AD7400942419 IP4 1QJ 19-21 Neptune Quay, Ipswich 24/7 Restricted
A0BCFEA5-9E20-4C34-8865-AD3D009F8791 IP4 2AS Hawk Express, 4-6 Old Foundry Road, Ipswich 24/7 Public
1CDAFD9B-1C25-4C8D-9739-AE66009809D6 IP4 2BX Reg Driver Visitors Center, Christchurch Park, Bolton Lane Entrance Variable Public
B8F63153-6F52-4687-897E-B0A500F48CB6 IP4 2EB Woodbrigde Road Academy, 50 Russet Road, Ipswich Variable Restricted
2ABD9BF2-1BD3-49F1-B3B2-AE3E00BB8DA7 IP4 2TQ Ipswich Crematorium, Cemetery Lane, Ipswich Variable Public
23C3657B-15AA-4572-B3D3-AD8200A3989A IP4 3BA Armstrong House, 1 Chelsworth Avenue, Ipswich 24/7 Public
115EF3C8-E94C-4E5D-9137-AFC601032AE7 IP4 3BZ Colchester Road Baptist Church, 14 Sidegate Lane West, Ipswich 24/7 Public
93DF7B93-8A9D-425C-A84B-AFEA00C7688C IP4 3DL Northgate High School, Sidegate Lane West, Ipswich Variable Restricted
C3D4927A-9683-4957-85E4-AFEA00C846FC IP4 3DL Northgate High School, Sidegate Lane West, Ipswich Variable Restricted
C40498CA-2878-4BB5-8004-B09D00C0FAC6 IP4 3HG St Christopher's Academy, 103a Renfrew Road, Ipswich Variable Restricted
C5F68CEE-30A6-43D6-8AFF-AD9B0105C17E IP4 3PD Village Hall Humber Doucy Lane, Rushmere St Andrew Village Hall, Humber Doucy Lane 24/7 Public
7398 IP4 3PZ Ipswich Rugby Club, Suffolk 24/7 Public
E5FDDB23-0267-4096-8499-AE3F01008931 IP4 3QH Ipswich Brough Council, Cemetery Office And Public Conveniences Millennium Cemetery, Tuddenham Road Variable Public
156FD2A8-189D-4F0E-A25B-ADCC00FDEF29 IP4 4EL 428a Woodbridge Road, Ipswich 24/7 Public
919E6837-46D6-4A1A-B5BA-B03600E0A804 IP4 4EU St Marys Roman Catholic School, 3 St Marys Road, Ipswich Variable Restricted
58B3E145-758E-4FFB-A504-AD3600D8C0CB IP4 4JD Sidegate Primary School, Delivery Car Park Sidegate Primary School, Sidegate Lane 24/7 Public
9EDFA270-ED6D-46C5-9E81-AE7300CA35D0 IP4 4SW St Marys Roman Catholic Church, St Marys Road, Ipswich 24/7 Public
4A9F7DC7-4E68-44C9-9EA5-AF0E00F70651 IP4 5HD Copleston High School, Sports Centre, Via Foxhall Road Entrance (Ip3 8lr) Variable Public
A57B5074-AFD1-4E55-B837-B09F00E6B748 IP4 5QQ Rushmere Golf Club, Camberley Road, Ipswich 24/7 Public
F2A42FE0-2B1D-431D-8CC7-B09D00B92BFB IP5 1DE Ipswich School Sports Centre, The Street, Rushmere St Andrew Variable Public
77A85CB8-9B4E-4AAE-B602-ADD100CD1BC3 IP5 1EE Kesgrave Social Club, Edmonton Road, Kesgrave 24/7 Public
262BC82F-4568-4F30-A9CD-AFA500F58309 IP5 1EW Kesgrave Baptist Church, Cambridge Road, Kesgrave 24/7 Public
18FAF77D-F30B-4D46-BC53-AF9D00EF65C7 IP5 1JF Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre, Twelve Acre Approach, Kesgrave Variable Public
9A3D5131-E212-4D8C-AC63-AF7400C5441F IP5 1JF Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre, Twelve Acre Approach, Kesgrave Variable Public
94F4C881-AD86-413F-87B0-AFB900E93DF6 IP5 2ES Cedarwood Primary School, Wilkinson Drive, Kesgrave Variable Restricted
839FC7BD-CF39-4A37-B0DC-AE3E00D5716A IP5 2FU Tesco, Tesco Supermarket, Ropes Drive Variable Public
AE3A7045-5F1B-42E6-B0E8-B00000D18834 IP5 3QP 1 Deben Avenue, Martlesham 24/7 Public
11872548-5729-4297-AD04-AD3600AC1033 IP5 3QR Martlesham Heath Aviation Society, The Old Control Tower, Deben Avenue 24/7 Public
33A743DB-FE1D-4202-8154-B03D00A1A7E6 IP5 3QS Suffolk Police Headquarters A Block, Suffolk Constabulary Force Headquarters, Portal Avenue 24/7 Public
4827D478-1705-4A02-939F-AE8500CFF845 IP5 3QS Suffolk Constabulary Force Headquarters, Portal Avenue, Martlesham 24/7 Public
B68D4A52-BCA6-4AD7-857A-B03D009F1C77 IP5 3QS Suffolk Police Headquarters, Suffolk Constabulary Force Headquarters, Portal Avenue 24/7 Public
9E6A9D6F-F9ED-4011-898B-AFEA00C74ED1 IP5 3RD Screwfix, 27 Gloster Road, Martlesham Health Variable Restricted
8478B651-99F6-48CD-820F-B09A00B08FBE IP5 3RE Huawei Building 55 , Phoenix House, Bt Whole Complex, Adastral Park 24/7 Public
3F516B72-66DD-4710-9F53-B034008F8DEE IP5 3RP Falcon Park, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich 24/7 Public
7776D548-C3EF-4A88-BE19-B043009BFAD4 IP5 3RU Tesco Martlesham Petrol Filling Station (Not Main Store), Petrol Station, 126 Anson Road Variable Public
88407B63-AB9A-4A22-A653-AD36010612BD IP5 3RU Tesco Petrol Station, Anson Road, Martlesham Variable Public
B23A313C-2D33-416B-ADB5-AF3400B1BB64 IP5 3SY Martlesham Heath Householders Ltd, 74 Manor Road, Martlesham 24/7 Public
98B909C0-A269-4BC0-8855-B06000F3E4C7 IP6 0JE Suffolk Energy From Waste, Lodge Lane, Ipswich 24/7 Public
D8AA296B-F4F2-41EF-A5A9-B06000F33C04 IP6 0JE Suffolk Energy From Waste, Lodge Lane, Ipswich 24/7 Public
28893513-D687-4084-AADC-AEC500E64546 IP6 0JT Messrs Elliston, Steady And Hawes Ltd, Elliston Steady And Hawes Ltd, Chapel Lane Variable Restricted
4C8CBBE8-BD68-4725-A2A9-AE7F00F73870 IP6 0JY E Rand & Sons (Engineers) Ltd, E Rand And Sons Ltd, Chapel Lane 24/7 Public
290C0D6E-6789-4CB9-8A1F-B0550084CE0D IP6 0LW Omega Ingredients Ltd, Units 1-2 Hydra, Orion Court Variable Restricted
3389 IP6 0NL Tex Group Limited, Unit 35, Claydon Business Park, Suffolk 24/7 Public
3390 IP6 0NL Tex Group Limited, Suffolk 24/7 Public
3391 IP6 0NL G&M Eurotex, Unit 99, Suffolk 24/7 Public
3392 IP6 0NL G&M TEX Ltd, Unit 69, Suffolk 24/7 Public
8B69AB93-E693-4BFB-BFB0-AD3C00F6D29D IP6 0NL Larking Gowen, 1 Claydon Business Park, Great Blakenham 24/7 Public
48A01985-5FC0-4472-BDAA-AD8200BE36D1 IP6 0PF Highway Assurance Hq Lower Crescent, Barham, Ipswich 24/7 Restricted
304E8FD9-E4E2-40F5-B111-AD7F01242CCE IP6 0QX Play Area, Church Meadows, Henley 24/7 Public
8189 IP6 0RP Henley Community Centre, Suffolk 24/7 Public
5F1EF1FF-F232-4640-95BE-B01F0085D465 IP6 0RP Henley Community Centre, Church Meadows, Henley, Henley 24/7 Public
306E9386-1D7A-4589-A486-AFA300F59B47 IP6 8AS Abellio East Anglia Ltd, Needham Market Old Station, Station Yard 24/7 Public
91CB2541-EC2A-451A-A119-AFDD0143652E IP6 8AX Uvedale Hall, 20 Coddenham Road, Needham Market 24/7 Public
281D8C30-E29C-4B7C-A6C1-ADFD011A97DE IP6 8BB Needham Market Community Centre, School Street, Needham Market 24/7 Public
B825A75F-B638-4E92-A3D3-AE8D00EFC142 IP6 8BZ Needham Market Town Council, New Toilet Block, In Barretts Lane Just Off High Street 24/7 Public
2735 IP6 8JR Village Hall, Suffolk 24/7 Public
FDC8377F-701A-4F98-8FF0-B0AB01122BBC IP6 8NA Jacks Green Road, Creeting St Mary, 12 Jacks Green Road, Creeting St Mary 24/7 Public
5FCA38D8-9645-4C56-B9E1-AF1800E70C4E IP6 8NF Creeting St Mary Village Council, 49 All Saints Road, Creeting St Mary 24/7 Public
AD8C63DA-8DA2-4E73-BE95-B03F00E04468 IP6 8NF Creeting St Mary Cevap School, All Saints Road, Creeting St. Mary Variable Restricted
5852B41F-7112-4C77-A6AB-AEC500D82E53 IP6 8RW Gipping Oh, 10 - 11 Norfolk House, Williamsport Way Variable Restricted
1089E0F6-2C68-428F-B9A5-AD3700BB734A IP6 9BH Tuddenham St Martin Village Hall, Westerfield Lane, Tuddenham St Martin 24/7 Public
B827543D-8F6E-4BD2-BB74-AD7F00F48120 IP6 9DX Playford Village Hall, Butts Road, Playford 24/7 Public
E5814A10-E732-4865-9633-AE6F00993078 IP6 9JD Witnesham Village Hall, Church Lane, Witnesham 24/7 Public
D4643E71-C619-4405-B70C-AFE800A424F3 IP6 9LA Building At The Crossroads, Ashbocking Road B1078, Witnesham 24/7 Public
57072F05-6238-4432-98D2-B09300FC0951 IP6 9NT Otley Primary School, Chapel Road, Otley Variable Restricted
0CBF8653-4004-475D-AFD3-AF2F00917081 IP6 9PR Coddenham Community Shop Ltd, Coddenham Community Shop, School Road 24/7 Public
CF7075C6-7A73-48D9-9963-AEEF00B6C002 IP6 9RZ Gosbeck Village Community Hall, Helmingham Road, Gosbeck 24/7 Public
54B7FD48-5375-4094-BBCE-AD7F00F66674 IP6 9SR Haysel House, Mary Day Close, Coddenham 24/7 Public
EBFB68B2-0C20-44F4-B168-ADBF00F1C8D8 IP7 5AG Hadleigh Library, 29 High Street, Hadleigh Variable Public
53EF1C2E-1050-401D-B0B5-AF6B0102A037 IP7 5DN Health Centre, Market Place, Hadleigh 24/7 Public
682E8B90-D531-4AA5-9F32-AE76009AF4D8 IP7 5DN Guildhall Complex, Market Place, Hadleigh Variable Restricted
167349F4-696B-4814-BD11-AFC20105485D IP7 5EW Hadleigh Fire And Rescue Service, Photovoltaic Installation Suffolk Fire And Rescue Service, Calais Street 24/7 Public
AED369DF-0E79-4293-B646-AD8001077636 IP7 5JZ Marquis Of Cornwallis, Upper Street, Layham 24/7 Public
BDB2E226-FE35-447B-81E7-AD6B00D86CEC IP7 5LT Raydon Parish Council, Pavilion King Georges Field, The Street 24/7 Public
9339FBE1-7897-4B27-9609-AD800104B96D IP7 5LX Brett Green, Layham 24/7 Public
49DFE1ED-8667-4233-A51C-AD83011AEBA2 IP7 5NE Osbourne Hall (Scout Hall), Layham Road, Hadleigh 24/7 Public
0C056630-A86C-4F25-A218-AD4C00C277F3 IP7 5NF Hadleigh United Football Club, The Millfield, Tinkers Lane 24/7 Public
926D6A3B-8A34-47E3-A807-AD830122201B IP7 6AD 1 Tower Lodge, Tower Mill Lane, Hadleigh Variable Restricted
69867ABB-2B90-4819-8A6A-AEB000CC0948 IP7 6AF Lady Lane Garage, Lady Lane, Hadleigh Variable Public
7593 IP7 6DF Hadleigh Cricket Club, Suffolk 24/7 Public
9B946FCF-3589-436A-A2D0-AEC40080CAD7 IP7 6DF Hadleigh Cricket Club, Friars Road, Hadleigh 24/7 Public
70EEF424-2C98-48CA-9166-B03500CCA659 IP7 6EG Kersey Cevcp School, Cherry Hill, Kersey Variable Restricted
46C47A90-AD86-49C2-89E2-AD3C00DE91F8 IP7 6HX Hollow Trees Farm Ltd, Hadleigh Road, Semer Variable Public
16510344-D67D-4AA9-A3C6-AD7F00FEEED8 IP7 6PA Elmsett And Aldham Village Hall, The Street, Elmsett 24/7 Public
52FDD282-16F6-4145-BDD5-B08400B574FE IP7 6PA Elmsett C Of E Primary School, The Street, Elmsett Variable Restricted
ADD4F51B-4580-4709-81C3-AD40008D3E94 IP7 6RA Dairy Farm Yard, Dairy Road, Ipswich 24/7 Public
E31E150A-1A6C-431B-9000-AFE8007884B4 IP7 6RL Screwfix, Unit 5 Seager Court, Hadleigh Variable Public
45E35B8B-D9AE-4091-908F-AF1C0117C898 IP7 7BW Nedging With Naughton Parish Council, Nedging With Naughton Village Hall, Ipswich Road 24/7 Public
3317 IP7 7DR Base Garage, Suffolk 24/7 Public
CA83AFD5-234C-43C1-8059-AD3B00A8D0E0 IP7 7DW Tingdene Parks Ltd Outside Park Office, Wixfield Park, 1 The Street 24/7 Public
FCAE325A-172D-4B5E-A4A4-B034008F8908 IP7 7DW Wixfield Park, Pound Hill, Ipswich 24/7 Public
A660E7A5-4CCE-45DF-941A-AD7300A9CE82 IP7 7EX Bildeston Health Centre, High Street, Bildeston 24/7 Public
29C2A4BA-E455-4572-98BB-AD3600C2CB90 IP7 7EZ Bildeson Village Hall, Chamberlin Hall, Chamberlin Close 24/7 Public
237F992A-EB1B-47DA-B42E-ADFD011F9B18 IP7 7LW Hitcham Parish Council, The Ranch Mobile Home Park, Hitcham 24/7 Public
8876B47E-5F8E-405F-B171-AED6010738BB IP7 7NE Hitcham Villge Hall, The Causeway, Hitcham 24/7 Public
8BBF0990-5600-48BF-BEFA-B03B00F086F8 IP7 7PH Old Buckenham Hall School, Brettenham Park, Brettenham Variable Restricted
7112 IP7 7QA Village Hall, Suffolk 24/7 Public
9C9AEA72-B4C2-4E92-826E-AD9801159C64 IP7 7QA Kettlebaston Village Hall, The Street, Kettlebaston 24/7 Public
448FB3E7-FD10-47DC-A37C-B038009D241E IP8 3HY Copdock Primary School, School Hill, Copdock Variable Restricted
3881 IP8 3JN Village Hall, Suffolk 24/7 Public
F00C9088-CDFF-42ED-9A84-AE5A00BF4FF5 IP8 3JQ Nec Software Solutions Uk Ltd, Unit 3 Apple Tree Barn, Folly Lane Variable Restricted
5143 IP8 3ND The Bridge School, Suffolk 24/7 Public
007A730F-136C-40B7-A612-B09000937AC9 IP8 3NH Hintlesham And Chattisham C Of E Primary School, George Street, Hintlesham Variable Restricted
B1C693F3-CAEF-460B-B01D-AF9700B5AA74 IP8 3NJ Chattisham And Hintlesham Parish Council, Hyntle Barn, Hintlesham 24/7 Public
F0C3B2C4-904C-4D4E-9C2E-AD570098BB41 IP8 3PS Chattisham And Hintlesham Parish Council, Community Centre, Timperleys 24/7 Public
5809E7F3-F848-4217-96CF-ADC001102CDC IP8 3SL Community Hall, Laburnum Close, Pinewood 24/7 Public
03FA2C1D-4412-44ED-9F6D-B0440095F55E IP8 3SU Suffolk One, Scrivener Drive, Pinewood Variable Public
47068887-BC89-4473-9EA9-B0440097D2A1 IP8 3SU Suffolk One, Scrivener Drive, Pinewood Variable Restricted
6A635004-DA90-46D3-9E96-AD4200C34221 IP8 3SU Suffolk One, Scrivener Drive, Pinewood Variable Public
9484206B-DBF5-44C3-956A-AFD200AEEF11 IP8 3SW Public Telephone 57m From 7 Scrivener Drive 6m From Unnamed Road, Scrivener Drive, Ipswich Variable Public
4B8CA710-3CB3-4E97-ACF2-AE3A00C23B2C IP8 3TS Tesco Extra Copdock, Copdock Interchange, Pinewood Variable Public
24AFF2E8-FADA-4277-9D97-AE9700B80A70 IP8 4DU East Of England Co-Op, 19 The Street, Bramford 24/7 Public
86D61CD3-F197-4ACE-8714-AED700C620EA IP8 4JS Bramford Golf Club, Loraine Way, Bramford Variable Public
07FF1891-24AA-4F63-BBD1-B01400A4FA9D IP8 4NN Sycamore Farm, Somersham Road, Bramford 24/7 Public
22183B52-9A2B-4694-972F-AD46015C8D1C IP8 4RA Lower Coney Grove, Offton 24/7 Public
8492 IP9 1AB The Boot Public House, Suffolk 24/7 Public
9936B185-4F97-4EB1-9C07-B09300F3357F IP9 1AB The Boot Public House, Freston Hill, Freston 24/7 Public
B6CC8006-9CEB-4AEE-89FC-B09A00A6C6C3 IP9 1AH Freston Village Hall, Freston 24/7 Public
9A440EEE-3256-4A21-832A-AD3700AE314E IP9 1AS Marina Developments Ltd, Woolverstone Marina, Cat House Lane 24/7 Public
C5BD48F1-82E7-4837-8368-AE5800DBA57C IP9 1AS Woolverstone Untied Football Team, Hazelwoods Woolverstone Untied, Marina Road 24/7 Public
1B8AAB3B-20E9-4D3D-8D3E-AE7700DCCB48 IP9 1AT Royal Harwich Yacht Club, Cat House Lane, Woolverstone 24/7 Restricted
EAF9BCE0-F90B-447D-8A56-AD8000FE8444 IP9 1AX Spring Lodge Care Home, Main Road, Woolverstone 24/7 Restricted
980E9A0C-B828-49D5-9971-AD81011F447C IP9 1AZ Ipswich High School, Main Road, Woolverstone 24/7 Restricted
86D92A65-24B4-46BD-A382-AEF800B41083 IP9 1DX Chelmondiston Parish Council, Village Hall, Main Road 24/7 Public
56A649EF-F114-4CE0-BD8C-AD570141A9C2 IP9 1JP Pin Mill Sailing Club, Pin Mill, Ipswich 24/7 Public
86FF7631-50A3-4E22-A979-AF9D00AF00D9 IP9 1RQ Parkers Garage Ltd, Parkers Garage, Lower Harlings 24/7 Public
40097779-60C6-49C7-A061-ADB400A0EFD7 IP9 2AB Suffolk Food Hall, Peppers Lane, Wherstead 24/7 Public
C552256F-8392-49F4-BA0C-AE9700A9DDB9 IP9 2BJ Wherstead Park Main Entrance, Wherstead Park, The Street 24/7 Public
78C818EA-10DA-4010-AE95-B03F00DD7945 IP9 2BT Bentley Primary School, Church Road, Bentley Variable Restricted
8EE024BD-370B-4DEF-AD91-AF5800A9952D IP9 2DQ Bergholt Road, Bentley 24/7 Public
081876CA-E896-45B7-A742-AD7901019C8E IP9 2DW Bentley Stores, Capel Road, Bentley 24/7 Public
0D4FC338-8100-40D4-9138-B01F00BAB296 IP9 2DW Bentley Village Hall, Capel Road, Bentley 24/7 Public
ACA6ACD2-2248-4669-B3EB-AF73016C06C3 IP9 2JB Farthings, Pound Lane, Capel St Mary 24/7 Public
FFA6E1CF-FC60-4D7E-A3E7-AD5F00825A70 IP9 2JX Unit 3 Great Gilberts Farm, Bluegate Lane, Capel St Mary Variable Public
56DBBBE1-0A4C-4AC8-A22A-B07600FFCD9B IP9 2PZ Holbrook Primary, The Street, Holbrook Variable Restricted
00D228ED-C930-401F-8F5A-B00E00D734D0 IP9 2QX Holbrook Academy, Ipswich Road, Holbrook Variable Restricted
E4A63218-A780-4128-A65B-AF2C00D11CCA IP9 2RY Stutton Cofe Primary School, Stutton Primary School, Holbrook Road Variable Restricted
4A3D1860-6706-4050-B651-AECE0004D832 IP9 2SG 32 Stutton Close,, Stutton, Ipswich 24/7 Restricted
1307 IP9 2TA Community Hall, Suffolk 24/7 Public
2C8B3298-5A6A-4679-9592-ADAC00DBF320 IP9 2TA Stutton Community Association, Stutton Community Hall, Manningtree Road 24/7 Public
D8B067A2-5E58-4937-B35B-AF860078867A IP9 2XS Capel Community Trust, Capel St Mary Playing Field And Pavilion, Friars 24/7 Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 78 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n343135636 inside old red phone box in the middle of Toppesfield
MZ n1985840345 inside red phone box on north side of Stoke Bridge, Ipswich Teapot Project
MZ n3390015337 inside red phone box, The Street, Mendham - opposite the car park
MZ n3509002559 On exterior wall of village hall, facing car park
MZ n3547254827 On exterior wall of Wells-Cole Community Centre, facing Bell Lane
MZ n4195977789 On exterior wall of East Harling Fire Station, facing the B1111 Church Road.
MZ n4223829601 Inside on the lefthand wall as you come into Asda
MZ n4418628947 On exterior wall of Adcocks Electrical, by the clock tower on Watton High Street. East of England Ambulance Service
MZ n4449520317 On exterior wall of Fire Station, just to right of main entrance.
MZ n4477773430 AH17 On wall by main entrance, seen from road.
MZ n4676937235 inside red telephone box, by entrance to West Row Village Hall, Chapel Road, West Row
MZ n4790485103 AAE44 On outside wall of Sudbourne Village Hall
MZ n5459380569 On external wall of Fire Station, facing Lambseth Street.
MZ n5558741317 Inside old red phone box, visible from road.
MZ n5632833225 outside Fire Station, Stadbroke
MZ n5693102538
MZ n5812770610 Attached to railings in front of the Assembly rooms, to the right when looking from the market place
MZ n5816163751
MZ n5873153910 On a pillar in front of the main entrance to the former Debenham's shop.
MZ n5873177180 DFS-1K-0220 On exterior wall of Stables Cafe building on the left-hand side when looking from the park
MZ n6053577557 inside red phone box in Upend
MZ n6067540162 On exterior wall of Birdwell Centre building, facing the railway line.
MZ n6176425812 On exterior wall of Copper Beech Tea Room, to the right of teh main entrance, facing the adjacent ca
MZ n6179353950 CHT-9855 Inside old red telephone box outside Fornham All Saints Village Hall.
MZ n6311398773
MZ n6312531814 On wall in coridoor inside Watton Sports Association & Social Club, near to the bar.
MZ n6327340511 CHT-9091 On exterior wall of Lingwood Village Hall and Social Club, to the right and just around the corner f
MZ n6329606156 Ask at the Brandon Centre reception desk.
MZ n6426865159 On exterior wall of Bawburgh Village Hall, just to the left of the main entrance.
MZ n6489488883 Inside Rockwood Dental Practice
MZ n6554753924 On exterior wall of medical centre, off Saint Mary's Close.
MZ n6554769509 On exterior wall of Ipswich Road Community Hub, facing the A140 Ipswich Road.
MZ n6634997230 On wall next to For Farmers office building
MZ n6712016475 Close to the ladies' toilet at the west end of platform 2 AEDArmor
MZ n7118216428 Inside County Hall, attached to a pillar by main reception desk on the ground floor.
MZ n8595698002 Inside Jobcentre Plus Jobcentre Plus
MZ n8639401237 On the right hand side of the front wall of the Green Man, adjacent to Ashe Road.
MZ n8687663305 Inside Jobcentre Plus
MZ n8769725544 In the old red telephone kiosk.
MZ n8776498749 On the left-hand side wall of the Bristol Arms, near the front.
MZ n8787629005 inside red phone box, The Street, Kirtling
MZ n9074577542 CHT-10274 Inside the disused telephone kiosk
MZ n9117795039 On external wall
MZ n9311581575 inside red phone box, at junction of Stephen Marshall Avenue and Bardfield Road, Finchingfield
MZ n9448543916 inside old red phone box in River View Road, Harkstead
MZ n9459224988 inside old red phone box at NW end of village green, Westleton
MZ n9516343544 Inside the Lasdun Teaching Wall on level 0 (walkway level), just past ENV reception. University of East Anglia
MZ n9634234544 AJ02 On exterior wall of Cornard United pavilion, under the roof, facing the public playing fields.
MZ n9739957460 On the ground floor of the eastern side of the Lawrence Stenhouse Building, just inside the door fro
MZ n9869127866 On exterior wall
MZ n9887071182
MZ n9919984932 not marked On the southern wall of the wooden building immediately north of the Ship Inn. Eiremed
MZ n9930290289
MZ n9938015246 Adjacent to the main door of the Barley Mow pub.
MZ n9963703150 Attached to SE exterior wall of pavilion
MZ n9975057783
MZ n10047661883 On interior wall behind information desk in the bus station building.
MZ n10135870046 outside Nacton Village Hall
MZ n10212021120 Green box mounted to the right beside the main door on the wall facing the road. Heart2Heart
MZ n10253704448 On interior wall inside The Forum, at the back right corner of the ground floor concourse area.
MZ n10574932249 On exterior wall of National Trust building, at the shop end on the back facing the picnic area.
MZ n10690927590 On exterior of "The Hut" facing the Promenade and the sea.
MZ n10693843152 inside old red phone box in Glemsford
MZ n10693915024 outside Horham & Athelington Community Centre
MZ n10731179120 outside gatehouse to RAF Honington
MZ n10731272017 outside Kentford and Kennett Village Hall
MZ n10811568510 DFS1K3909 On the northern wall of the old marina office, side nearest the Last Anchor. Aero Healthcare
MZ n10816449003 outside Whatfield Village Hall
MZ n10858362624 On the exterior wall of King Edward VII Memorial Hall, facing the High Street.
MZ n10859960442 inside old red phone box, Bells Road, Belchamp Walter
MZ n10893865183 Just inside the main entrance of B&Q, on the right-hand side as you enter the store
MZ n10936894996
MZ n10967626601 Not marked Inside the disused red telephone kiosk in front of the war memorial and adjacent to the old village
MZ n11195011557 In a white box on the wall behind and to the right of Norfolk Tower reception.
MZ n11255236161 Not marked Just to the left of the staff entrance at Tower Ramparts bus station, towards the Tower Street End. Not marked
MZ n11361819893 At reception desk of Together Dental Together Dental
MZ n11384535869 39 Fen Street. On roadside wall of red-brick outhouse.
MZ n11384543180 Old Buckenham Village Hall - left of main entrance

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 317 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
6DB7EEA8-827D-42B0-9EE2-AD7400B7F08F IP1 3LG Fitzroy House, Crown Street, Ipswich n9070293926 Facing the lay-by on the side of the building immediately to the west of the lay-by. 5 m
0E0BEF37-DD79-463E-B5C5-ADD100F1F78C IP1 2NH Coes, 22-28 Norwich Road, Ipswich n10298281580 On the left hand wall of the shop adjacent to the crossing. 27 m
F93AAF7E-38A5-4993-AE23-B01400D306EC IP1 5LL Fred Olsen, Fred Olsen House, 42 White House Road n11079649159 attached to righthand gatepost of Fred Olsen House, White House Road, Ipswich 45 m
1024 IP10 0NX White Horse Inn, Suffolk n9060303508 On the right-hand (north) side of the White Horse. 11 m
21F41E24-0883-4FC3-A0FF-AF2D011775F0 IP10 0NX Kirton And Falkenham Parish Council, White Horse Inn, 15 Bucklesham Road n9060303508 On the right-hand (north) side of the White Horse. 7 m
5228785C-7061-457C-8EAE-AD420117BFF0 IP11 3TW Yeogroup, Landguard Visitor Centre And Viewpoint Cafe, View Point Road n11297929483 On exterior wall of Landguard cafe, facing the car park. 6 m
26DAD595-9E9F-4981-AC65-AD4100C4EDD8 IP11 2EP Sea Road Toilets, Felixstowe n5713261321 44 m
AA3BE0A5-767E-40DC-88F4-AEAC00D80849 IP11 2DH Fantasia Amusments, Fantasia Amusements, 22 Sea Road n11297929482 on outside wall of Fantasia amusements building, to the left of the entrance to the 147 Club. 30 m
FCEFF560-A35E-45ED-8713-AD4100C35373 IP11 2AE Felixstowe Town Council, Felixstowe Leisure Centre, Undercliff Road West n9383771556 On exterior wall of leisure centre building, facing the pedestrian area in front of the pier. 45 m
41BFB201-EFBA-47CF-9FF9-AE8C00BA0964 IP11 2DX Spa Pavilion Theatre, Undercliff Road West, Felixstowe n11297929480 On outside wall of Spar Pavilion Theatre, on the upper level facing west towards the road access fro 28 m
5ACF7B8B-0BB0-4D1C-A805-AD4100C59C30 IP11 7BY Felixstowe Town Council, Felixstowe Library, Crescent Road n6859083271 On exterior wall of Felixstowe Library, to the main entrance on Crescent Road. 9 m
56F77F1F-464C-41B6-A62C-AD4100C67205 IP11 7DT Felixstowe Town Council, East Of England Co-Operative Society Ltd, 183-185 Hamilton Road n6854778188 49 m
FA0F1933-16E8-428B-A5A5-ADC501154569 IP11 9PT The Spar Shop, 103 High Road East, Felixstowe n10690927584 On exterior wall of Spar shop facing High Road East 32 m
F4BD8704-7F40-4B87-BE8B-B04B00809584 IP12 3AJ Village Hall, The Street, Bawdsey n9308758176 On the front wall of the village hall. 84 m
D013F3DD-ADB1-4E79-BA4E-AD48014E904B IP12 3BL The Swan Inn, Swan Inn, The Street n9724713434 On the left-hand side wall of the Swan Inn. 12 m
D4088FC2-3858-4521-A6D4-AF6C00B748A5 IP12 4NY The Fox Inn, The Street, Newbourne n9308182531 Inside the disused telephone kiosk adjacent to the Fox Inn. 13 m
9DAD979A-6EC3-41CD-8E18-ADA7006AE1E9 IP12 3QU Shepherd And Dog Inn, The Street, Hollesley n8701866576 On the front wall of the Shepherd and Dog, towards the right-hand side. 7 m
698 IP12 4QL Maybush Inn, Suffolk n4961251440 On exterior wall of Maybush pub, facing access road to car park. 25 m
CE1F9D59-D519-4AF2-8870-AD7F0106B14B IP12 4BB Woodbridge Cruising Club, River Wall, Woodbridge n4642623208 wall outside Woodbridge Cruising Club 5 m
E1CD5B43-A151-4E31-8111-ADC5011371D3 IP12 1BN 1 Quay Side, Woodbridge n6835323459 50 m
7840 IP12 1DE East of England Co-op, Suffolk n4869293532 outside Woodbridge Co-op, next to post box 5 m
46904265-EF19-4E20-8B0C-AE9700ACC104 IP12 1DE East Of England Co-Op, 3 Hamblin Walk, Woodbridge n4869293532 outside Woodbridge Co-op, next to post box 49 m
43F5689A-370C-47CB-A505-AD3600B1EA72 IP12 4NE Police Offices At Fire Station, Theatre Street, Woodbridge n7235934263 On exterior wall of Woodbridge Community Fire and Police Station 5 m
E3D6E8F1-0633-4A28-9EF5-ADBF00B078E8 IP12 2LS 1 Town Farm Estate, Orford n7086594678 On exterior wall of Orford Fire Station, facing Ipswich Road 43 m
AAD7880F-71CD-406E-9BFC-AD3A00E50D4A IP12 1PW Burness Parish Rooms, The Street, Melton n9831452599 On the front wall of the Parish Hall, The Street 9 m
4217 IP12 2QG Telephone Box, Suffolk n1723168363 In the disused red telephone kiosk. - opposite All Saints Church 3 m
9EF5D5CF-37A4-4FEB-A5AF-AD410170D851 IP12 3PU Chillesford Parish, Froize Inn, The Street n9124331908 On the left-hand side of the front wall of the Froize Inn. 15 m
6D02ED75-FF97-43FC-981C-AD5100BFD6FD IP12 2GG Rendlesham Community Centre, Walnut Tree Avenue, Rendlesham n10280963815 12 m
F6BE9C12-0658-4798-BA2A-AD370107CFFD IP13 6LH Village Hall, The Street, Little Bealings n8955283801 On outside wall of Bealings Village Hall 22 m
4F65F646-1B8E-4384-B1EE-AD6A0119CA48 IP13 6TA Parish Rooms, The Green, Grundisburgh n11033120308 On the front wall of the old parish rooms, roughly opposite the Dog pub. 14 m
5126 IP13 6QN Telephone Box, Suffolk n9448523343 inside old red phone box, Clopton 4 m
1436 IP13 0JY Telephone Box, Suffolk n9448539952 In the disused telephone kiosk, adjacent to the village hall. 6 m
2556 IP13 7QB Village Hall, Suffolk n9609500248 On the village hall 24 m
1390 IP13 7RA Telephone Box, Suffolk n7251520129 Inside the disused red telephone kiosk. 24 m
BDA546F1-789B-4103-859F-AD7F0117C9CE IP13 0BA Lion Inn, Main Road, Little Glemham n9995826103 On the building immediately to the left of the Lion (partially obscured by a conifer in a pot). Acce 22 m
20E67B59-40D5-46DD-8062-AEC5007BA7E2 IP13 0EF Easton Harriers Hunt, The Kennels, The Street n8868602430 The Street, on the front of the building at the right hand side of the hunt kennels, adjacent to the 54 m
219F15C1-2357-492D-A984-AD3600930C1A IP13 9HE Youth Centre Shalom Centre Thomas Mills High School, Saxtead Road, Framlingham n6595824670 On exterior wall of school buiding, by entrance from courtyard 56 m
99146997-058A-4C12-9CE6-AD36011B2FD9 IP13 8BX Near Post Box In Red Bt Redundant Telephone Kiosk-19m From 1 Bell Cottages 5m From B1116, Bell Corner, Dennington n8931123233 Inside the disused red telephone kiosk, adjacent to the post box and former Bell pub. 1 m
67188FF4-F99E-4F1B-8D20-AECC00FE6429 IP13 8BE Crown Corner, Brundish n9448541939 In the disused telephone kiosk, opposite the former Crown Inn, Crown Corner 15 m
1347 IP13 8BE Telephone Box, Suffolk n9448541939 In the disused telephone kiosk, opposite the former Crown Inn, Crown Corner 44 m
1807 IP14 2JB Village Hall, Suffolk n10608472682 outside Ringshall Village Hall 10 m
2332 IP14 2HD Telephone Box, Suffolk n10726847008 inside old phone box at western end of Straight Road between Battisford and Battisford Tye 6 m
2124 IP14 2LZ Telephone Box, Suffolk n10726832260 inside old phone box in Battisford Tye 61 m
420 IP14 2DA East of England Co-op, Suffolk n8946888738 On exterior wall of Coop Supermarket, just to the left of the main entrance. 15 m
8804FB96-A486-4B67-A0E4-AE9700AB3200 IP14 2DA East Of England Co-Op, Combs Lane, Stowmarket n8946888738 On exterior wall of Coop Supermarket, just to the left of the main entrance. 23 m
3496 IP14 3AF Telephone Box, Suffolk n10726865544 inside old phone box, Middlefield Drive, Great Finborough 5 m
4B92B1EF-3F81-47C9-85FB-AD3D00AE2679 IP14 3DS Buxhall Village Hall, Mill Road, Buxhall n10203021247 outside Village Hall, Buxhall 46 m
7843 IP14 1AY Stowmarket Regal Theatre, Suffolk n8949309351 On exterior wall of The Regal, facing the car park, round the corner to the right of the main entran 6 m
D89A4F09-0201-4D2A-B941-AE2E01355D87 IP14 1AY The Regal, Ipswich Street, Stowmarket n8949309351 On exterior wall of The Regal, facing the car park, round the corner to the right of the main entran 14 m
748C7BB5-991A-4863-AC18-ADC90073B6B4 IP14 1HP The Royal William, 53 Union Street East, Stowmarket n8685554306 Right-hand side of the front wall of the Royal William 6 m
12BEC2A6-0C2A-43E5-BA75-B000009D37A7 IP14 5AG The Little Wellington, 12 Stowupland Road, Stowmarket n11016181199 To the left of the entrance to the Little Wellington. 28 m
3498 IP14 6HG Telephone Box, Suffolk n8883557685 In the disused red telephone kiosk, diagonally opposite the old pub. 2 m
7870 IP14 6AF Telephone Box, Suffolk n11162830506 inside old phone box, Stonham Aspal 3 m
1D0DAD0E-8B37-4139-ABF3-AF1900D25453 IP14 6AF Stonham Aspal Telephone Box, Telephone Box, The Street n11162830506 inside old phone box, Stonham Aspal 73 m
33305A36-9909-4DD0-B404-ADF200B00535 IP14 6LX Ashfield Community Centre, The Street, Ashfield Cum Thorpe n9890647648 On the front wall of the village hall. 5 m
AB25CC91-BA19-47E4-9938-ADD6011303A1 IP14 6QT Debenham First Responders, 1 Cherry Tree Lane, Debenham n10016198018 On the wall of the Veterinary surgery facing Winston Road, adjacent to the staff entrance. 23 m
28B5B465-35B4-4A38-B538-AE9700AB1BD0 IP14 6RN East Of England Co-Op, 1 Chancery Lane, Debenham n3102861788 40 m
7819 IP14 6RN East of England Co-op, Suffolk n3102861788 20 m
4402 IP14 5RQ Telephone Box, Suffolk n9448611011 Inside the disused telephone kiosk. 4 m
F8CD8331-3EA8-49B6-9E4D-B023007D642C IP14 4LG Shop Green, Wyverstone Road, And Juctioning With The Street n7862721060 Inside disused telephone box, Bacton 74 m
67997606-394E-4F6D-9155-B0230081B27D IP14 4NA Broad Road, Public Telephone 28m From St Helier, Broad Road 9m From B1113, Broad Road n7862658796 Inside disused telephone box by Cotton Methodist Church 11 m
D3F027CC-B970-46A2-9A90-AD6C007958B3 IP14 4SH Outside Wyverstone Village Hall, Wyverstone Village Hall, Rectory Road n9981577640 Adjacent to the village hall entrance. 13 m
3423 IP14 4TL On Green Box, Suffolk n7840905095 Attached to green telephone exchange box 12 m
B9B43D5A-9E1E-4DC4-B3DB-AF17010E746D IP14 4HT Finningham Parish Council, Westhorpe Road, Finningham n7840905095 Attached to green telephone exchange box 7 m
9BC434B0-44AE-4B04-A773-AD8300F015C5 IP15 5BU The Brudenell Hotel, Brudenell Street, Aldeburgh n9969983243 On exterior wall of The Brudenell Hotel, to the right of the terrace entrance on the sea-ward side. 6 m
405 IP15 5JD East of England Co-op, Suffolk n4796403309 outside Co-op 15 m
311EFEC1-5E1C-4AEE-A000-AFEA00C798BD IP15 5JA Tesco, 5 Saxmundham Road, Aldeburgh n4796403309 outside Co-op 40 m
DBB74727-7CAF-480F-8C7E-AEF9012AE009 IP16 4NW Aldringham Cum Thorpe Parish Council, Remembrance Road, Thorpeness n1364311213 On exterior wall of lakeside building below clock tower facing shore 4 m
7826 IP16 4NW East of England Co-op, Suffolk n1364311213 On exterior wall of lakeside building below clock tower facing shore 5 m
0A266A0E-EEB5-45C8-987D-ADF9013D5BC5 IP16 4PY Parrot And Punchbowl Inn, Aldringham Lane, Aldringham Cum Thorpe n8773296000 outside The Parrot And Punchbowl pub facing Aldringham Lane 7 m
B1BAD165-E8A8-4E12-96E4-AD3700C687A5 IP16 4UH Sizewell Parkrun, Public Conveniences, Sizewell Gap n7256100703 4 m
4992 IP16 4RU The Lion Inn, Suffolk n8849025434 On the left-hand side wall of the Lion, near the front. 9 m
4993 IP16 4SN The Eels Foot Inn, Suffolk n8600150538 On the pub wall, close to the door. 6 m
F2EF9F30-B67E-48E0-BF56-AEC90104AD1E IP17 1SP Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Snape Bridge, Tunstall n9524021868 In Telephone Box to RH side of Entrance Door. 36 m
4925 IP17 1SZ Village Hall, Suffolk n9689321962 On the front wall of the village hall, at the right-hand side. 54 m
4529 IP17 1NP Telephone Box, Suffolk n1551179556 In the disused telephone kiosk, opposite the Old Chequers on Mill Road. 9 m
0F42B7AF-6205-40B1-9729-AD6700B5BF1F IP17 1UQ The Garage, Leiston Road, Knodishall n8939619241 On the front wall of the garage, to left of the service bay. 13 m
8ED73A82-6F9A-426F-9E9E-AECF00F5D13C IP17 2DH Great Glemham Parish Council, Village Hall, Low Road n8702771546 outside Great Glemham Village Hall - to right of entrance 12 m
72FE8879-B38D-4B3E-9ECC-AD7200FC29B8 IP17 2AZ Rendham Village Hall, Bridge Street, Rendham n8648124750 On the left-hand side of the front (south side) of the village hall. 20 m
1240 IP17 2PB Telephone Box, Suffolk n8731411552 Inside the old telephone kiosk. 4 m
BE41A476-9761-4F30-A4B3-AFB30133DA8D IP17 3NN Bell Inn, The Street, Middleton n9197786595 On the front wall of the Bell Inn. 8 m
81C8918A-1B72-4AEF-A643-AF0D007E3465 IP17 3ER Horners, Horners Stores, High Street n6791638347 21 m
5A5B4556-E78E-4CBD-9782-AE4B011E0CE8 IP17 2HJ Public Telephone 15m From Post Office, The Street On A1120, The Street, Peasenhall n6805888030 In the disused red telephone kiosk, opposite the general store, Peasenhall. 5 m
15955C57-DF86-4DD9-AFFB-AF5500BAB5C8 IP17 3FA Darsham Village Hall, Cheyney Green, Darsham n10731795725 outside Darsham Village Hall, adjacent to the entrance on the east side. 12 m
5B1C7728-BCE8-430C-9DC5-AED800C797BB IP17 3DT Chestnut Group, The Ship Inn, St James Street n10820184122 On the side (eastern) wall of the Ship Inn. 12 m
7841 IP18 6UH East of England Co-op, Suffolk n7439822397 On wall of shop 10 m
88CDAC0B-6B08-4746-8C4A-AD70008486CE IP18 6ND Southwold Camping And Caravan Site, Ferry Road, Southwold n7439799431 Next to the postbox at entrance to Southwold Caravan Park 5 m
7422 IP18 6HZ Telephone Box, Suffolk n2503168099 Inside disused red phone box, Victoria Street, Southwold 4 m
1B69976A-E895-411C-A95D-AD8D00E04D84 IP18 6BN Adjacent To Putting Green Cafe, North Parade, Southwold n547464312 inside old phone box on Pier Avenue, Southwold 11 m
BCC514EF-78F7-433B-9210-ADDD00FEE8FE IP19 0EP Parish Council, Public Telephone 12m From The Haven, The Street On The Street, The Street n9448592767 inside old red phone box in Heveningham 4 m
3493 IP19 0EP Telephone Box, Suffolk n9448592767 inside old red phone box in Heveningham 4 m
2669 IP19 9HT Telephone Box, Suffolk n5051963787 inside old red phone box by Queens Head pub, The Street, Bramfield 12 m
5200 IP19 9AS Telephone Box, Suffolk n2580268089 inside old red phone box adjacent to the village sign. 5 m
5D69BBF4-4945-4DBC-8385-AD6B00A15233 IP19 9LQ White Hart Inn, Station Road, Blythburgh n10982483404 16 m
C0F3869B-3297-4F25-A1A3-AD3A0105B2EB IP19 0DJ Cratfield Parish Council, Village Hall, Manse Lane n8858544540 On the side of the village hall, Manse Lane 6 m
57549D98-A445-4E9A-95FD-ADDD00C47726 IP19 0AX Public Telephone 22m From Trinity Cottage 7m From Unnamed Road, Chediston Green, Chediston n11162830940 inside old red phone box Chediston 3 m
84AE6F69-E861-45CA-AC05-AD7200BAF427 IP19 0NT Rumburgh Buck, Mill Road, Rumburgh n10966302809 On the right-hand wall of the Buck pub. Note that it's slightly hidden towards the read. 5 m
728DA786-2119-43FE-8C64-AD49008DBA78 IP19 8RQ Westhall Parish Council, Village Hall, Mill Common n10967819585 Close to the village hall entrance, facing the Racehorse pub. 74 m
680 IP20 9LG The Red Lion, Norfolk n9104746526 On exterior wall of Red Lion pub 11 m
422 IP20 9AT East of England Co-op, Norfolk n9722450958 On exterior wall of Co-op store, near the main entrance facing towards the town centre. 1 m
5323 IP20 0PZ Telephone Box, Suffolk n10967531376 On the back of the old telephone kiosk. Note that it's barely visible from the road. 2 m
3951 IP20 0BD Village Hall, Norfolk n10428309860 outside Denton Village Hall 10 m
2546 IP21 5LR Telephone Box, Suffolk n9459222813 inside former phone box next to Wilby Primary School. 32 m
2824 IP21 5HT Telephone Box, Suffolk n283121172 Inside the disused red phone box, in front of the church., Stadbroke 2 m
756322DF-F6C3-4794-A1DF-B09600AE1622 IP21 5HT The White Hart, Church Street, Stradbroke n283121172 Inside the disused red phone box, in front of the church., Stadbroke 20 m
38CF1A10-8CAA-43EA-A315-AD3800D29397 IP21 5RA Wingfield Barns C.i.c., Wingfield Barns, Church Road n10298834418 12 m
0B774592-1918-4519-B674-AD7100E8BEA8 IP21 4BX Thrandeston Parish Council, Thrandeston Village Hall, Little Green n8988246907 On exterior wall of Thrandeston Village Hall 3 m
E9CDA522-0BDC-41C9-8F2B-AD6E011B390A IP21 5PB Public Telephone 36m From Fox & Goose, Harleston Road 6m From B1116, Fressingfield n8931175432 Inside the disused red telephone kiosk adjacent to the Fox & Goose. 1 m
2202 IP21 4LT Village Hall, Suffolk n7638320008 On exterior wall of Syleham and Wingfield Village Hall 122 m
F18B024D-1DAF-430A-8E29-AFE701547D03 IP21 4EA Scole Playing Field, Playing Field, Ransome Avenue n6637133133 In an old telephone box outside Scole United FC building 14 m
0601C47C-111F-44CC-8545-AD6E00E031C2 IP21 4JY Brockdish Village Hall, Brockdish Parish Hall, Scole Road n7731518847 On exterior wall of Brockdish Village Hall 12 m
375 IP21 5UF Harleston Magpies Hockey Club, Suffolk n9722439627 On exterior wall of Harleston Magpies Hockey Club pavilion, facing the car park. 53 m
560 IP21 4NL Village Centre, Norfolk n6555207457 On exterior wall of Dickleborough Village Centre, facing the car park. 8 m
1F52AA6D-6722-40C7-8421-B08500E035AC IP21 4NL Dickleburgh Church Of England Primary, Dickleburgh Church Of England Primary Academy, Harvey Lane n6555207457 On exterior wall of Dickleborough Village Centre, facing the car park. 78 m
4843 IP21 4QD The Half Moon Inn, Norfolk n8640226532 On exterior wall of building next to Half Moon pub 12 m
681B1FD0-F479-4323-813D-AD6000D886D0 IP21 4SU Memorial Hall, The Green, Pulham Market n4483381643 On wall at corner of Village Hall, seen from road and car park. 16 m
B99DF603-2DDC-4582-9A30-ADA300A929BD IP22 1NR Wattisfield Community Centre, The Street, Wattisfield n7597533707 On exterior wall of Wattisfield Community Centre, under the canopy,to the left of the main entrance. 25 m
5E440B0A-8AD3-4DE9-A9E4-AD71007EA929 IP22 2PS Stimson Engineering, The Street, Hepworth n9032741267 Next to gate to Stimsons Yard 63 m
2008 IP22 1HD Village Hall, Suffolk n8205697138 On exterior wall of village hall 3 m
D4706CEF-7726-45A3-9BC4-AEFC010515D8 IP22 1DY Co-Op - The Street, Central England Co-Operative Food - Rickinghall, The Street n7826581201 On exterior wall of Cooperative Food 15 m
859 IP22 1QE Church Hall, Suffolk n4095926183 7 m
1FB8454E-9C3D-486F-AFC3-B01100F34215 IP22 1BN Public Telephone 9m From Farthings, The Street 10m From The Street, The Street, Botesdale n192329836 inside old red phone box in Rickinghall 7 m
6477 IP22 1DX Telephone Box Outside Farthings, Suffolk n192329836 inside old red phone box in Rickinghall 0 m
7DECCE0C-18AE-48C2-9B5D-B00500D8AC20 IP22 1HX Hinderclay Village Hall, Bells Lane, Hinderclay n7597794374 On exterior wall of Hinderclay Village Hall, facing the car park, just to the left of the main entra 10 m
5138 IP22 2NX Village Hall, Norfolk n7121792587 outside Market Weston Village Hall 16 m
A050FCC5-DDB7-4006-8AA6-B01800D49A4E IP22 1AG Priory Road Side Of The School Building, Palgrave Primary School, The Green n7430908597 On exterior wall of Palgrave Primary School 14 m
1955 IP22 4GQ Jewson Ltd, Norfolk n5638347621 On exterior wall of Jewson building facing Victoria Road. 21 m
EEE81F19-0A17-45D7-8E3F-AE0100F1E2C0 IP22 4GQ Jewson, 77 Victoria Road, Diss n5638347621 On exterior wall of Jewson building facing Victoria Road. 18 m
1C4202EC-B20A-4C21-A434-AE3E00D743FA IP22 4JN Tesco, Tesco Superstore, Victoria Road n4282314602 Inside Tesco store on the wall in the north-east corner. Turn left after going in the main entrance. 47 m
846AEB50-BBA6-431A-B80F-AF5C00C357B3 IP22 4DA John Doe Carpets, Howard House, 46-50 Sawmills Road n10542790170 32 m
7435 IP22 4BG Telephone Box, Norfolk n2399669128 inside old red phone box on Fair Green, Diss - opposite the Cock Inn 1 m
947 IP22 2QX Costcutter Shop, Norfolk n4147700626 On the Bury Road wall of the village shop. 8 m
1499 IP22 4EY Methodist Church Storage Building, Norfolk n8880289368 On exterior wall of garage next to Diss Methodish Church 58 m
DACE4379-45B7-4ACE-877D-ADF701115724 IP22 4EY Rotary Club Of Diss And District, Diss Methodist Church, Victoria Road n8880289368 On exterior wall of garage next to Diss Methodish Church 7 m
6289886A-0865-4F12-AB5C-ADDD00D203D8 IP22 4WR Larking Gowan Chartered Accountants, Faiers House, Gilray Road n7099681516 On external wall of MHA Larking Gowen accountants 15 m
E8044CC3-1723-4D9F-8294-AE30018061D7 IP22 4JZ Adkins Opticians, 2 Market Hill, Diss n7105425502 On exterior wall of Adkins opticians 5 m
1498 IP22 4JZ Adkins Opticians, Norfolk n7105425502 On exterior wall of Adkins opticians 14 m
4706 IP22 5RB Village Hall, Norfolk n8018865667 On exterior wall of Roydon Village Hall, facing the main road. 4 m
B39DF26C-8344-4516-8CE5-AD47008ADCCF IP22 4DB Diss Squash Club, 30 Walcot Road, Diss n7099670015 On external wall of Heywood Sports and Fitness 57 m
5D9CCB56-4B31-437D-8401-AD7F00ECD14C IP22 2JB The Beehive, Blo Norton House Farm, The Street, Blo Norton n7556864236 Attached to fence just to the left of the nusery entrance from the car park. 26 m
344EB9A6-80B9-4366-9E90-B00400A2CFC1 IP22 2AT Bressingham Village Hall, High Road, Bressingham n7899717346 On exterior wall of Bressingham Village Hall 72 m
5FBA556C-28D8-47C9-BB3C-ADF601608ADF IP22 2SE Village Hall, Church Road, Garboldisham n4147700633 On outside wall of Garboldisham Village Hall, facing the car park on Church Road. 11 m
4D263181-B9E7-4754-A5FE-AD3C00DF5C15 IP22 5TZ Burston Community Primary School, Crown Green, Burston n10693325317 outside Burston Community Primary School building 12 m
1294 IP22 2LU Telephone Box, Norfolk n2426500160 Inside red K6 telephone box, diagonally opposite Post Office. 12 m
3764 IP22 2DL Telephone Box, Norfolk n3741485674 inside former telephone box in Shelfanger 3 m
8F79F00E-C42D-46C2-8BE1-B06800AEB31B IP22 5UJ Gissing Children's Centre, Old School, Lower Street n7887994469 Next to entrance of The Gissing Community Building 17 m
3415 IP22 2ED Fighting Cocks Inn, Norfolk n7728953306 Mounted on external wall of The Fighting Cocks pub 13 m
D76058BC-4C6F-4F80-80C0-AD80013BD133 IP22 2ED Fighting Cocks Public House, The Street, Winfarthing n7728953306 Mounted on external wall of The Fighting Cocks pub 14 m
37E640F6-BFE2-4A8C-89EF-AE110113CE61 IP23 7LQ Public Telephone 8m From Yew Tree Cottage, The Street 5m From Unnamed Road, The Street, Bedingfield n8931181787 In the disused red telephone kiosk just south-east of the pump. 8 m
3998 IP23 7LQ Telephone Box, Suffolk n8931181787 In the disused red telephone kiosk just south-east of the pump. 9 m
8C758B5D-02D5-49C6-B7C0-AE1101101EB6 IP23 7QG Hall Road, Bedingfield n10951398381 On the right-hand side of the village hall 20 m
3997 IP23 7QG Bedingfield Village Hall, Suffolk n10951398381 On the right-hand side of the village hall 10 m
5E0F4E19-D112-4FA5-954C-AF2500FD9E5B IP23 8JX Gislingham Village Hall, Mill Street, Gislingham n11134034857 Inside old red phone box outside Gislingham Village Hall 13 m
D52CA3A5-6C8D-415C-B97B-AD6000CA772E IP23 7DD Flat Hartismere Hospital, Castleton Way, Eye n7040539612 47 m
C0D1A1A7-0ACD-4EAF-94EE-AD7100E71359 IP23 8BH Yaxley Parish Council, Cherry Tree Inn, Old Norwich Road n7040539611 On the front wall of the Cherry Tree pub 11 m
091F30EC-D67B-44B7-A71A-AD3C009DF6F9 IP23 8DU Telephone Box Outside Railway Tavern, Mellis n801155002 Inside old telephone box, Mellis 23 m
6707 IP23 8AE Brome and Oakley Village Hall, Suffolk n10951319627 Close to the entrance to the village hall. 14 m
59A6CD7D-59D1-411E-BA13-ADF201090CFE IP23 8AE Brome And Oakley Parish Council, Brome And Oakley Village Hall, The Street n10951319627 Close to the entrance to the village hall. 29 m
C965A4A9-F776-4077-91A2-ADD60146E3AE IP24 2NG Barnham Parish Council, Barnham Village Hall, Mill Lane n9376861982 On exterior wall of Barnham Village Hall, facing Mill Lane. 13 m
A56BE6A7-5B6D-4020-AE9A-AD1900D93AD7 IP24 3TP Elveden Estates Ltd, Elveden Inn, Brandon Road n9521665715 In Elvden Inn main car park, on the opposite side to the pub. 27 m
AA89B01A-A181-49BD-B369-AD9100B42E99 IP24 2RP Brettenham Manor, Brettenham Road, Brettenham n10914400048 On exterior wall of a barn at Wrights of Brettenham, by the entrance gate from the service road loop 41 m
1921CEFE-1D06-46CD-BEDE-AE3E00BE7AC9 IP24 2HT Tesco Express, Tesco Prism House, 9 Norwich Road n7278059785 On wall inside Tesco Express store, to the left of the main entrance as you enter the store. 5 m
7F742A72-8E3A-48B1-97B4-AFA400AF87EA IP24 1AH Greater Anglia, Thetford Station, Station Road n9992627436 At Thetford railway station near the Taxi Ranks, at the exit from the sourthern platform 2 to the ca 22 m
2090 IP24 1LN Village Hall, Norfolk n4758457024 On outside wall of Croxton Village Hall, facing the road and car park. 134 m
6489 IP24 1RL Village Hall, Norfolk n11361625922 On outside wall of Wretham Village Hall, facing Church Road. 7 m
430A47E9-DA7D-42E3-BC20-AD6E00A68DB6 IP24 1NH Gt Hockham Pc, 2 Kingshill, Gt Hockham n369548485 In the old red phone box on Watton Road at the north-west corner of The Green. 58 m
4066 IP24 1NH Telephone Box, Norfolk n369548485 In the old red phone box on Watton Road at the north-west corner of The Green. 2 m
15B9E43A-E50D-415B-8A8A-AD4600B05A25 IP24 1PY Thompson Parish Council, Thompson County Primary School, School Road n8495180834 On exterior wall of Thompson Primary School, facing School Road, adjacent to the Staff and Deliverie 20 m
1813DA0C-E3AF-4E8F-B27F-ADFC00D33765 IP25 6QD Waggon And Horses, Caston Road, Griston n9084478561 On exterior wall of Wagon and Horses pub, on the left-hand end of the building when looking from Car 21 m
2151 IP25 6JB Aerolite Garage, Norfolk n6442322739 At Merco petrol station, just to the right of the entrance to the shop. 27 m
2C6546E9-E745-4D9C-8258-AD4800C6184C IP25 6NQ Great Cressingham Village Hall, Community Centre, Watton Road n10731503841 outside Great Cressingham Village Hall 11 m
5058 IP25 6SW Telephone Box, Norfolk n2929216200 inside old red phone box by church in Carbrooke 1 m
582 IP25 6RX Telephone Box, Norfolk n4418215821 Inside old red telephone box, The Street, Ovington 5 m
E94E89DD-5644-4B0A-BF16-AD5800B48B16 IP25 7AT Ashill Parish Council, Call In Centre, The Green n4418209839 On outside wall of the AVA Call in Centre south of the pond, facing the road called "The Green". 7 m
3B6E9071-FBC7-4F68-B0DB-AD3C00B39D2E IP25 7LA Post Office, Chapel Street, Shipdham n8274948158 On exterior wall of Shipdham Post Office Stores, facing The Green. 12 m
43D25BE5-7750-4156-9168-B038011D9A55 IP25 7QN 39 Mill Street, Bradenham n9688945499 outside Bradenham Village Hall 81 m
1788 IP25 7QN Village Hall, Norfolk n9688945499 outside Bradenham Village Hall 198 m
8428 IP26 4LN Cricket Club, Norfolk n4581630159 On exterior wall of Hockwold Village Hall, next to the main entrance facing Main Street. 116 m
D082333F-0B59-415D-9C9E-AD5501370D7A IP26 4LW Hockwold Village Hall, Main Street Hockwold, Hockwold Cum Wilton n4581630159 On exterior wall of Hockwold Village Hall, next to the main entrance facing Main Street. 37 m
3090 IP26 4AF Londis, Norfolk n6315656615 5 m
5C9CE012-4CC1-49FA-9F02-AFDA01003FC6 IP26 4AF Feltwell Parish Council, Londis, 2 High Street n6315656615 16 m
5AE3D439-E465-483F-9EF4-AD4C00B5552E IP26 5HQ Mundford Fish Bar, Crown Road, Mundford n5075722537 Located on the exterior wall of the fish bar, on the corner of St Leonards Street and Crown Road. 7 m
3985 IP26 4NT Fire Station, Norfolk n2881517163 outside Methwold Fire Station 10 m
3414 IP26 4QP Telephone Box, Norfolk n2881430629 inside old red phone box in Methwold Hythe 2 m
82E1FE96-6B6A-4F78-A671-AFA401097D93 IP26 4QR Public Telephone At 4 Old Severalls Road 6m From Old Severalls Road, Old Severalls Road, Methwold Hythe n2881430629 inside old red phone box in Methwold Hythe 23 m
E9CD0AC5-8C8A-4D56-B90B-AF82008F8C62 IP26 5NB Northwold Village Hall, School Lane, Northwold n4166414194 On exterior wall of Village Hall porch, to the left of the entrance. 56 m
7391BB51-6B64-4377-BB99-AD7F00E8FD66 IP27 9DU Lakenheath Community Primary School, Mill Road, Lakenheath n9082393636 On exterior wall of main school building, facing the junction between Cemetery Road and Mill Road. 8 m
5930922B-AB05-4B36-BD91-AD7F00E986F6 IP27 9LD Quayside Court, Lakenheath n9082393659 On exterior wall of Quayside Court Building, on a gable end facing the main road. 45 m
3382 IP27 0TW Telephone Box, Suffolk n1445778485 in Red telephone box, outside the Village Hall 1 m
609 IP27 0QP Telephone Box, Norfolk n1690709700 Inside old red telephone box in Weeting 5 m
8E4A63C7-E2E9-4619-8DC0-AD7F0132587B IP28 6NY Public Telephone 328m From Old Parsonage House 6m From Unnamed Road, Middle Green, Higham n10676796507 inside old red phone box in Higham, Middle Green 2 m
5AA4F492-B9E3-4F5C-94E3-AFBD0116C373 IP28 6RT Telephone Box, Aylmer Close, Risby n3630782960 Inside the disused telephone kiosk, in front of the village hall, School Road. 13 m
3160 IP28 6RG Telephone Box, Suffolk n3630782960 Inside the disused telephone kiosk, in front of the village hall, School Road. 7 m
7510 IP28 6ST Davies Memorial Hall, Suffolk n11196221639 On outside wall of Davies Memorial Hall, Herringswell. In the covered porch area, next to the main e 16 m
D1E93F6A-D280-4622-8C13-AEB70109D25F IP28 6ST The Village Hall, The Street, Herringswell n11196221639 On outside wall of Davies Memorial Hall, Herringswell. In the covered porch area, next to the main e 6 m
18B6781F-DBA8-47B8-A36F-AD8100994E59 IP28 8GJ Red Lodge Sports Pavilion, Red Lodge Parish Council, Red Lodge Sports Pavilion, Hundred Acre Way n5940513796 On exterior pillar of Red Lodge Sports Pavilion, on the left-hand-side, when looking from the field. 85 m
26D3D0DA-09DB-4AD2-8369-AD4700D8A545 IP28 8TT Millennium Centre, Lavender Close, Red Lodge n11196214671 On outside wall of Red Lodge Millenium Centre, under the covered porch, to the left of the main entr 20 m
4009 IP28 6SD Bus Shelter, Suffolk n5940624118 On outside of brick bus shelter on High Street at Tuddenham Green. Right-hand side when looking from 2 m
1084 IP28 8HZ Bus Shelter, Suffolk n4006496832 On back wall inside bus shelter - opposite red phone box in Freckenham 6 m
F3881071-4528-454E-BD8A-B04A00872A95 IP28 6PS 12 The Street, Icklingham n10676903957 inside old red phone box in Icklingham 30 m
3452 IP28 8RU Village Hall, Suffolk n5940406189 On exterior wall of Village Hall, on end nearest The Street. 12 m
3600 IP28 6AJ Telephone Box, Suffolk n263894368 In the old red telephone kiosk, at the front of the Bell pub. 5 m
20B0F441-04E0-465F-B6EA-AF1000760207 IP28 7JU Mildenhall Cricket Club, The Pavilion, Wamil Way n11196046953 On outside wall of Mildenhall Cricket Club pavilion, facing the car park. 10 m
6263 IP28 7JU Mildenhall Cricket Club, Suffolk n11196046953 On outside wall of Mildenhall Cricket Club pavilion, facing the car park. 21 m
8FF56E12-A745-4170-8C84-AF7000B5BE0C IP28 7HG Mildenhall High Town Council, Jubilee Centre, Recreation Way n11196032032 On outside wall of Jubilee Centre, on the eastern wall, facing towards the Cildrens' Center and Pavi 15 m
F1354E1E-F909-494B-A8FC-AEED00C8EB73 IP28 7ES Old Bussens And Parkin Building, 5 King Street, Mildenhall n8570106813 On exterior wall of Bussens, to the right of the main entrance, facing King Street. 15 m
D26DA06A-70E2-462A-860B-AF3300E84447 IP28 7JQ G A Autos, Unit 3 And 4 Turners Yard, Brandon Road n11196221565 On outside wall of large building for car business off the A1065. 9 m
248059CB-8D2A-4EDA-8AA2-ADFE010DAE51 IP28 7RD Kalsec Europe Ltd, Merlin Park, Unit 15 Fred Dannatt Road n11196192341 On outside wall of units occupied by Kalsec on Fred Dannatt Road. 15 m
B9CD9005-8005-4D90-B15C-AEEC00980CD2 IP28 7AY Angels Cafe, 8 Chiswick Avenue, Mildenhall n11196192342 On outside wall of Angels Cafe, near the north end of Chiswick Avenue 11 m
CBD0D212-0040-4257-8B7F-AEB30112F60B IP28 8AE Kings Head Inn, 40 The Street, Beck Row n11135756439 Left hand side of the front wall of the King's Head, The Street. 12 m
634C13E6-1A7E-46C6-9BEF-AD800096A6C2 IP28 8AP The Rose And Crown, 82 Holmsey Green, Beck Row n9120531331 On the front wall of the former Rose & Crown. 21 m
1222 IP29 4DJ Boxted and Hartest Institute, Suffolk n8962997157 On the rear wall of the Boxted and Hartest Institute, just off Somerton Road. 22 m
CB0125BD-BEC0-4FF3-9ABD-AD4200DC02C7 IP29 4HU Save, Bush House, The Street n9291130213 On Exterior wall of The Bush Inn facing the main road. At the right-hend end of the building, when v 20 m
A86F9A1F-DBDD-4E0F-BC5E-ADE00094D91E IP29 4NN Village Hall, The Green, Hawkedon n8962936260 On the wall of the Hawkedon village hall facing the pub. 5 m
5298 IP29 4AR Village Hall, Suffolk n11203431911 outside Brockley Village Hall 7 m
4FE4E439-13AA-4160-AA79-ADC90094C423 IP29 4BE Rede Village Hall Management Committee, Rede Village Hall, The Green n11107544138 In the porch of the village hall, on the green. 3 m
908 IP29 5NP Village Hall, Suffolk n3627162998 Under covered veranda on north wall of Hawstead Village Hall. 10 m
A6A66850-6715-4DDE-8053-AE2100C043AF IP29 4SS The White Horse, Rede Road, Whepstead n9855441625 Inside the old red telephone kiosk, immediately south of the White Horse pub, Rede Road. Whepstead 22 m
7665 IP29 5QS Village Hall, Suffolk n10978868167 Adjacent to the entrance of the village hall. 12 m
5561 IP29 5NU Telephone Box, Suffolk n9459053696 In the redundant telephone kiosk. Bull Lane, 200 yards south west of junction with Church Road. 1 m
4846 IP29 5HP Hargrave Village Hall, Suffolk n9689020129 outside Hargrave Village Hall 1 m
8F79C154-7CDD-407C-A229-AD4D00F00684 IP29 5HP Hargrave Parish Council, The Village Hall, Bury Road n9689020129 outside Hargrave Village Hall 5 m
D1A85CF9-7C14-4362-8C9F-AD3B00E26C38 IP29 5LU Nowton Park, Bury St Edmunds n5223463921 On extrerior wall of The Nowton Park Centre, facing the car park, to the right of the main entrance. 49 m
4DEEA924-EDC4-4D35-BA54-ADA400C7522F IP29 5RU Horringer Community Centre, The Street, Horringer n6168928727 On exterior wall of Horringer Community Centre, just to the left of the main entrance. 13 m
B078E16A-0906-426C-892A-AEC600ACE12F IP29 5AN Barrow Village Hall, 10 The Street, Barrow n9688999194 outside Barrow Village Hall - to right of entrance 53 m
6BF725DD-36C7-4F49-BAA7-AD9B010208A5 IP3 8QB Jaipur Indian Restaurant, 103 Penshurst Road, Ipswich n5964684309 On exterior wall of Penshurst Road / Bridport Avenue Shops, between Jaipur and Fresh Fry. 14 m
4B17586E-ABCC-4B13-8CC2-ADCC00F9F235 IP3 0AQ Aqua Pharmacy, 52 Duke Street, Ipswich n9240620919 On the front wall of Aqua Pharmacy, to the left of the door. 17 m
96D75E69-6146-45A6-B868-AD3B011CC6AE IP30 0NR Thorpe Morieux Village Hall, Bury Road, Thorpe Morieux n10815293138 On the left side wall of Thorpe Morieux Village Hall 10 m
804756BB-0625-4B46-8136-B03400CB40E6 IP30 0LA Church Lane, Cockfield n9893828348 On the Northern wall of the village hall, adjacent to the car park. 80 m
4972 IP30 0LA Village Hall, Suffolk n9893828348 On the Northern wall of the village hall, adjacent to the car park. 15 m
939AEBB5-E7B7-4584-98D5-AD3600C384E2 IP30 0LW Manger Inn Pub, The Street, Bradfield Combust n9389584342 On exterior wall of The Manger pub, near the entrance from the car park. 13 m
6412 IP30 0AS Village Hall, Suffolk n9775927011 Next to the door of the village hall, Felsham Road. 9 m
F17C985A-EFFD-44EA-8D40-AD7F00B961C4 IP30 0TX Community Centre, Stanningfield Road, Great Whelnetham n10712917096 outside Whelnetham Community Centre - to right of entrance 18 m
6069 IP30 9LE Post Office & Stores, Suffolk n9775906853 To the right of the main entrance of the Post Office, Kingshall Street. 3 m
0D5A9BF1-DF44-4218-8EED-ADC100E9F07C IP30 9AX Hessett & Beyton Village Hall, The Street, Hessett n10712740870 outside Hessett & Beyton Village Hall, The Street, Hessett, 4 m
7839 IP30 9QU Woolpit Health Centre, Suffolk n7170589017 12 m
BC17E2B5-F03E-4E7C-98D3-AF1600DCDAE5 IP30 9QU Woolpit Health Centre, Woolpit Health Centre, Heath Road n7170589017 16 m
1962 IP30 9AD Telephone Box, Suffolk n9448537421 inside old red phone box on Beyton Green 5 m
397 IP30 9HG East of England Co-op, Suffolk n5706169224 On exterior Wall of Co-Op facing New Road just to the right of the main entrance. 17 m
DF7F15C6-42B4-4397-BD97-ADD7011991A9 IP31 3RU Cavendish Hall, Church Road, Thurston n6349080752 On exterior wall of Cavendish Hall, to the right of hte main door from the car park. 6 m
9A6D2F60-D88C-4122-ABB7-B03000D17B4A IP31 3QT Fox And Hounds, Barton Road, Thurston n6349122492 On the front wall of the Fox & Hounds, to the left hand side. 11 m
EBC3F8B4-8A4E-4CDE-A312-B03000FCE373 IP31 3TG Thurston Parish Council, New Green Community Centre, New Green Avenue n11079628191 outside New Green Centre - to left of entrance 23 m
6651 IP31 3TG New Green Centre, Suffolk n11079628191 outside New Green Centre - to left of entrance 14 m
E5AECA0B-A774-44C5-8BAC-AF20008AC4D2 IP31 3PB Suffolk Libraries Ips Ltd, Thurston Community Library, Norton Road n6350539165 On exterior wall of Thurston Library, just to the left of the main entrance. 6 m
7842 IP31 3PB Thurston Community Library, Suffolk n6350539165 On exterior wall of Thurston Library, just to the left of the main entrance. 14 m
DB801AC2-253E-4C3B-AC56-ADF9010287E8 IP31 3LE Norton Village Hall, Ixworth Road, Norton n5706645499 On exterior wall of Norton Village Hall, near right-hand corner when looking from the car park. 14 m
CDB0BC2C-C18D-4BAF-B56F-ADEF010567A4 IP31 3HN Lord Thurlow Village Hall, School Road, Great Ashfield n9934475917 On the front of the village hall. 10 m
949 IP31 2NR Village Hall, Suffolk n6344759811 On exterior wall of Great Barton Village Hall, facing the car park. 13 m
3451 IP31 1SW Telephone Box, Suffolk n6126907234 Inside former telephone box outside the village hall on The Street, Fornham St Martin. 7 m
5832 IP31 3DH Telephone Box, Suffolk n7864096484 Inside disused red telephone box in Badwell Ash 8 m
82058B48-B435-4DCD-BAAD-AE5C00BC6B5A IP31 2NB Suffolk Building Preservation Trust, Pakenham Water Mill, Mill Road n8944611886 On exterior wall of a barn next to Pakenham Water Mill, facing Mill Road. 38 m
6040 IP31 2HH Village Hall, Suffolk n3377531848 24 m
606C4E1E-A48E-45B2-B79D-AD8200A89F34 IP31 3AA The Old Telephone Kiosk, Memorial Hall, The Street n5308838784 In Walsham Village Hall carpark, inside a red telephone box, just to the right of the main entrance 84 m
50F9EA55-5C52-460D-8C0B-AEEC00978090 IP31 1NG Telephone Box, Public Telephone 20m From The Cottage Next To Post Office, The Street 4m From A134, The Street n1406807014 In old BT red phone box on The Street, a few metres north of the Post Office. 8 m
5333 IP31 1EW Village Hall, Suffolk n8944652934 On exterior wall of Troston Village Hall, accessed along a track from The Street. 12 m
3070 IP31 1QH Telephone Box, Suffolk n1250842891 Inside old red telephone box in layby off A1088 at Ixworth Thorpe. 5 m
011D2416-062A-479A-9365-AD7300BF25F7 IP31 2AF Shelter 27m From 8 The Knowle 9m From Upthorpe Road, Hepworth Road, Stanton n7600490195 On outside wall of bus shelter with clocktower, facing towards Upthorpe Road. 2 m
EFE143B6-5DD5-4E78-A7AD-AD7300C03222 IP31 2XA Doctors Surgery, 10 The Chase, Stanton n7597575385 On exterior wall of Stanton Surgery, to the left of the main entrance, facing the drive to the car-p 12 m
B670D80F-AD3F-4692-B1AB-AD4000B02BDC IP31 1AA Bardwell Parish Council, The Tithe Barn (Bardwell Village Hall), Up Street n8003431417 On exterior wall of The Tithe Barn Village Hall, under the porch for the main entrance from the car 5 m
75687DED-9C19-40DD-AA8F-ADA40123D0F5 IP31 1AB Sports Pavilion, Spring Road, Bardwell n9706535514 To the left of the main entrance to the Grumpy Goat, Spring Road. 10 m
5513 IP31 1BT Village Stores, Suffolk n9062786897 On exterior of Spar 7 m
149A3A15-740C-49F9-A780-AD770071AD6B IP31 1HG Village Hall, The Street, Coney Weston n4346315703 On exterior wall of village hall, facing The Street. 17 m
E24E3384-2291-4380-8887-AF3B00F9F01E IP32 7YY Royal Mail Bury St Edmunds Do/Rtw, Skyliner Way, Bury St Edmunds, Bury St Edmunds n9212300457 23 m
6139B247-F951-4C3C-A52F-AF720101395C IP32 6AD Greater Anglia, The Railway Station, Station Hill n9887388332 On the front wall of the station building, to the east of the cash machine. 21 m
6A0FBEDD-21CA-40FE-A795-AF6900E3490E IP33 2PJ Southgate Community Partnership, Southgate Community Centre, Heron Road n6376583422 On exterior wall of Southgate Community Centre, facing the car park ar the rear of the shops. 21 m
858CF9EA-9DAC-4298-8514-AF4400F258B5 IP33 1NR United Reformed Church, Whiting Street, Bury St Edmunds n11112345547 On exterior wall of United Reformed Church on Whiting Street, to the right of the main entrance. 14 m
11B49A64-E739-460F-A399-AD4F00E20D2E IP33 3DH Waitrose, Robert Boby Way, Bury St Edmunds n9942090287 On exterior wall of Waitrose. 29 m
62D57FB0-EDDF-4763-A28F-AFC000ACAA3D IP33 1LA 1-2 Woolhall Street, Bury St Edmunds n10707641666 mounted on exterior wall outside verve 6 m
79057C20-D985-44C8-B482-ADED00D880B2 IP33 1UZ The Telephone Box, Outside Lark Restaurant 6a Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds n7908676901 Inside red telephone box, by Angel Hill car park, Bury St Edmunds 12 m
100F7247-5861-4CA9-9083-ADED00D51AC0 IP33 3FD The Apex, 1-2 Charter Square, Bury St Edmunds n3867673594 Charter Square in Arc Shopping Centre, on an exterior wall to the right of the main entrace to the A 27 m
457D554C-140A-4415-B61A-AD950120B633 IP33 1DX Mcdonalds, 42 Cornhill, Bury St Edmunds n6875487697 On exterior wall of MacDonalds, to the left of the main entrance 17 m
FAB8A1B9-1DC5-448E-B774-B03000B43967 IP33 1DY Tesco Bury St Ed Crnhil Express, 24-26 Cornhill, Bury St Edmunds n9817000671 Inside Tesco Express, on the right inside wall. 39 m
0D4F8736-2D89-4AAC-AF12-ADC000607AC3 IP33 3YU West Suffolk House, Western Way, Bury St Edmunds n6126321943 On exterior wall of West Suffolk House, to the left of the main entrance, facing Western Way (East). 33 m
0F84996E-B491-44F5-9D24-AE9F00CE6C1C IP33 3SP The Havebury Housing Partnership, Havebury House, Western Way n11112362349 On exterior wall of Havebury Housing flats, facing Western Way (East). 20 m
6E89FA0A-23FE-4587-B371-AD7C006D1800 IP4 2LE Samaritans Of Ipswich & East Suffolk, 140 St Helens Street, Ipswich n9726946417 On the Rope Walk wall of the Samaritans' office. 8 m
5437A7B6-A867-45BE-8ED6-AD8000B8BDA0 IP4 4PH 562 Woodbridge Road, Ipswich n10298278947 To the right of the entrance to the salvation army building. 85 m
1E25E3ED-C711-49C3-B0F5-AF4E00DE9AC9 IP5 2EN Kesgrave Town Council, Millennium Jubilee Hall Millennium Sports Ground, Millennium Way n6504510164 Just inside door to toilets in Kesgrave Millennium Jubilee Hall. 7 m
AE82AD15-9D5A-477B-9168-AD36010D59D0 IP5 3PL Martlesham Parochial Church Council, St Michael And All Angels Church, The Drift n9863763639 On the north-west wall of the church, adjacent to the bike park. 16 m
13FD069A-DC27-4B66-B702-AF4D00C08E57 IP5 1AA Kesgrave Town Council, All Saints Church Hall, Main Road n11171336351 On outside wall of All Saints Church Hall, next to the main entrance. 3 m
5D7982EC-F98A-4DBB-989E-AD360103DBA9 IP5 3RU Tesco Stores Ltd, Anson Road, Martlesham n5023278179 Tesco 73 m
99AE8436-217E-4DE0-8324-AD9B0102AC98 IP5 1DF Baptist Church, The Street, Rushmere St Andrew n10298252804 On the wall of the chapel, facing Playford Lane 4 m
46E4B557-4AD2-4EFA-94D5-AD8F00BF3817 IP6 9BE Westerfield Village Hall, Church Lane, Westerfield n9890642429 On the front wall of the village hall. 21 m
2EE5E514-7D7D-4928-934C-AF4800EEC365 IP6 0DF Claydon Village Hall, 8 Norwich Road, Claydon n9034372076 On the front wall of the village hall. 6 m
7848 IP6 0DH East of England Co-op, Suffolk n9695186441 Adjacent to the entrance to the Co-op, Norwich Road. 16 m
704AE732-3D17-4A4A-AF2D-AE9700A9F734 IP6 0DH East Of England Co-Op, 53 Norwich Road, Claydon n9695186441 Adjacent to the entrance to the Co-op, Norwich Road. 20 m
2425 IP6 8HP Telephone Box, Suffolk n9674432609 In the disused telephone kiosk, in front of the village hall (opposite the Fox pub). 2 m
648F1669-3580-4900-BC40-AE9700B7E5C9 IP6 8ET East Of England Co-Op, 16-30 Barking Road, Needham Market n9695152759 Adjacent to the entrance to the Co-op, Barking Road. 56 m
421 IP6 8ET East of England Co-op, Suffolk n9695152759 Adjacent to the entrance to the Co-op, Barking Road. 5 m
3553 IP6 9NT Village Hall, Suffolk n10872339414 outside Otley Village Hall 2 m
11BA0BA9-A450-4706-B017-AF0E00F0FFE3 IP6 8NA Creeting St Mary Village Council, 12 Jacks Green Road, Creeting St Mary n9695180207 Inside the disused red telephone kiosk, Jacks Green Road. 18 m
5672 IP6 8NA Telephone Box, Suffolk n9695180207 Inside the disused red telephone kiosk, Jacks Green Road. 1 m
8222 IP7 5RB Warwick Cottage, Suffolk n11218519459 On the wall roughly opposite Rands Road, 9 m
B670E9D7-EC17-41A3-B62F-B03C00D0B55E IP7 5RB Warwick Cottage, Stoke Rode, Layham, Layham n11218519459 On the wall roughly opposite Rands Road, 9 m
2C5992D3-1D53-44D6-8AC0-AD800105AC93 IP7 5LZ Public Telephone 9m From Queens Head Inn, The Street 5m From Unnamed Road, Layham Road, Layham n2081469863 In the disused red telephone kiosk, adjacent to the Queen's Head, Layham. 7 m
00AE29CF-48E0-4920-A5A8-AD8001087665 IP7 5JX Public Telephone 22m From 6 Upper Street 11m From B1070, The Street, Layham n9448596446 inside old red phone box 5 m
7846 IP7 5AD Magdalen Road, Suffolk n7061596482 55 m
02B066D2-76E1-4687-B7A7-ADD100A96595 IP7 5EL Ipswich Building Society, 94 High Street, Hadleigh n11218584403 On the side wall of the Ipswich Building Society (on Angel Street, opposite the King's Head). 4 m
1905 IP7 6DY The Bell Inn, Suffolk n8815074385 In open shelter near the back door of the Bell Inn. 17 m
3919 IP7 6DP Telephone Box, Suffolk n10726867329 inside red phone box at Kersey Mill 20 m
4505 IP7 7AJ Telephone Box, Suffolk n332625064 Inside the redundant telephone kiosk, adjacent to the bus shelter. 3 m
1300 IP7 7AU Community Shop, Suffolk n9759732184 outside Monks Eleigh Community Shop (behind the Swan Inn) 164 m
2705 IP7 7DL Telephone Box, Suffolk n10816997469 inside old red phone box near church in Great Bricett 6 m
6439 IP7 7QP Village Hall, Suffolk n8710472304 On the front wall of the village hall, towards the left-hand side. 10 m
3880 IP8 3HR The Brook Inn, Suffolk n9007805305 On the western end of the Brook Inn. 12 m
18DD39A5-BE57-45C6-8265-AD570099A978 IP8 3QP Chattisham And Hintlesham Parish Council, The Phone Box, Duke Street n8968488539 Inside the disused red telephone kiosk. 32 m
E4321A8A-F360-4E00-811D-AD36008B75DB IP8 3DR Burstall Village Hall Management Committee, Langston Cottages, 1 The Street n8702982932 inside red telephone box that is now beeing used as a book exchange on Church Hill in Burstall 15 m
40821E86-7623-407E-8159-AD3B00D212A9 IP8 3AA Tithe Barn Sproughton Hall Farm, Lower Street, Sproughton n9954517130 On the front wall of the old tithe barn, towards the right-hand side. 2 m
7638 IP8 4DU Bramford Co-op, Suffolk n8715239744 outside Co-op supermarket, The Street, Bramford 5 m
784 IP8 4PH Telephone Box, Suffolk n8919975105 Inside the old red telephone kiosk, Main Road, Somersham. 1 m
54837F83-6383-4C48-9268-AD4100A3625B IP8 4SN Offton & Willisham Pc, Bt Telephone Kiosk, Fiske Pightle n9459236135 inside phone box in Willisham 62 m
6949 IP8 4SN Telephone Box, Suffolk n9459236135 inside phone box in Willisham 4 m
945200BA-3634-4A4D-AD08-AD3D01057870 IP9 1NL Shotley Community Hall, The Street, Shotley n8792335244 Adjacent to the front door of the village hall, next to the Rose pub. 7 m
7AD482BE-71DE-454E-A29C-AD490152ADE2 IP9 2SJ Stutton Parish Council, Public Telephone 17m From Post Office Cottage, Church Road 5m From Church Road, Church Road n2487307088 inside red phone box by Stutton Primary School 7 m
415 IP9 2PZ East of England Co-op, Suffolk n5918854985 outside Co-op 6 m
AF4B4467-BFA8-4996-9E72-AE9700AA24F1 IP9 2PZ East Of England Co-Op, The Street, Holbrook n5918854985 outside Co-op 42 m
0C7F43C3-4B92-4E5B-84C4-AE9000B8EF0C IP9 2NJ Post Box 23m From 4 Chedworth Place 4m From Lemons Hill, Lemons Hill, Tattingstone n9811065745 On the front wall of the village hall 4 m
7625 IP9 2EB Capel St Mary Co-op, Suffolk n5715443918 On exterior wall of Coop, facing the car park on The Street, just to the right of the Main entrance. 11 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 61 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
A9B5D54D-7431-4930-A9D0-ADC5011010A0 IP1 1XF Seven Group, 35-37 St Peters Street, Ipswich n8615092793 On the south end of the main "Seven" building, in the gap between it and the roundhouse at the end. 51 m
5E7D037B-6216-430C-BEE9-AD7D00B2E861 IP12 2NU Quay Office, Orford Quay, Orford n10979925801 190 m
7E13DE75-6B10-46C4-8EB4-AE7100D072D5 IP13 9EH Fidelity 555 Masonic Lodge, Masonic Hall, New Road n10069569371 On the north side of the Masonic Hall 7 m
32E943C1-160F-405A-94EC-B09E00DED35B IP14 3AT Great Finborough, Middlefield Drive, Great Finborough n10726865544 inside old phone box, Middlefield Drive, Great Finborough 146 m
6CA6698E-268C-4FFD-AD08-AE9700ABB351 IP14 3NX East Of England Co-Op, 51 Old Street, Haughley n5706169221 192 m
159A9CCD-8EE4-40BC-9C1D-AD8700E4C81D IP14 3JS Wetherden Village Hall, Park Road, Wetherden n5706452512 On exterior wall of Whetherden Village Hall, just to the right of the main entrance. 100 m
E442076A-85FF-4C74-8BD3-B03C00AF60E2 IP14 4LE Stowmarket Scout Hut, Rectory Road, Bacton n9934354411 On the front wall of the scout hut. 295 m
92E8A329-0DCB-41D6-8C06-B02300835080 IP14 4LW Village Hall, Bacton Village Hall, Church Road n7862710228 On exterior wall of Bacton Village Hall 21 m
60ABC688-D95D-4A5A-8E92-AF1D009C0282 IP14 4SY Westhorpe Village Hall Limited, Westhorpe Village Hall, Church Road n7840936473 Adjacent to the entrance to the community centre. 109 m
C3DBE683-AE3F-4712-B12F-AD8300EF1CFB IP15 5DU Aldeburgh Church Hall, St Peters Ad St Pauls Church Hall, Victoria Road n9969878516 On exterior wall of church hall, just to the right of the main entrance from the car park. 236 m
8D78445E-29A4-419F-A4CA-AE9700AB9110 IP18 6UH East Of England Co-Op, The Street, Walberswick n7439822397 On wall of shop 176 m
EAEFC6F8-6A51-4717-B69E-AEE70090984E IP18 6HZ Opposite Adnams Cellar & Kitchen Store, Victoria Street, Southwold n2503168099 Inside disused red phone box, Victoria Street, Southwold 55 m
9C60C041-EB8C-4D81-9EFE-AD82016C4410 IP19 9EP Wenhaston Village Hall Management Committee, Wenhaston Village Hall, Hall Road n11203826416 outside Wenhaston Village Hall 98 m
C3A2D965-ED72-4C84-899D-AD4D010D1228 IP20 0PJ The Village Hall At St Margaret South Elmham, St Margaret South Elmham Village Hall, The Street n10967534334 Adjacent to the village hall entrance, to the right-hand side of the building. 190 m
B5EDA4DB-7442-4C51-BDB3-AE9700AC9BA3 IP20 9AT East Of England Co-Op, Bullock Fair Close, Harleston n9722450958 On exterior wall of Co-op store, near the main entrance facing towards the town centre. 91 m
128DDB89-FFD3-4E71-A3E3-AE2100908C4F IP21 5JN Stradbroke Pool And Fitness, Wilby Road, Stradbroke n4200226593 116 m
9BE64B6A-C20B-426A-9E9C-AEF70118C077 IP21 4AQ Oakley Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Low Road n10712878756 In the disused telephone kiosk adjacent to the former Green Man pub. 200 m
E57A12CB-7D60-42E5-A1E4-AFAB00C7228F IP21 4QT The Pennoyer Centre, Station Road, Pulham St Mary n8779280609 On external wall of the Pennoyer Centre 202 m
660976E6-B048-4EF0-8001-AEAB0106ECBB IP22 4BG Diss Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Denmark Street n2399669128 inside old red phone box on Fair Green, Diss - opposite the Cock Inn 198 m
8D170CC9-A756-40E7-9EC4-B02E00E09EA1 IP23 8HB Street Forge Workshops, The Street, Thornham Magna n4214329908 Wall behind Red Phone Box Library 48 m
9D41DAB6-7D62-4756-9B6E-AD47013A3735 IP24 3LH Charles Burrell Centre, Staniforth Road, Thetford n7036876130 On extrerior wall of Charles Burell Centre, just to the left of the main entrance facing Staniforth 11 m
B541AC78-4938-4B04-BC33-AD4300BF77B7 IP24 3QL Mcdonald's, Forest Retail Park, 6 London Road n4134227754 On exterior NE wall of McDonald's, facing Pets at Home store. 12 m
4DF7B4E4-5095-454D-BC61-AE97005F8330 IP24 3RG Advatech Ltd, 1 Faraday Place, Thetford n10969431857 On exterior wall of Advatech building, just to the left of the main entrance 14 m
0AF7D14A-B5F9-4FCE-9EC5-AFA800F388FA IP24 3BX Thetford And District Ex Service Mens Club, Bridges Walk, Thetford n10958500205 On exterior wall of Ex Service and Social Club, just to the right of the main entrance. 19 m
3D666219-A055-4D2D-A10F-AD47013D2761 IP24 3PU Redcastle Furze Community Centre, St Martins Way, Thetford n4888371646 On exterior wall of Benjamin Foundation Meet-Up Cafe (Redcastle Furze Community Centre) next to main 10 m
E7E6B055-56B8-43D9-A6A6-AEDF0105541B IP24 3AU 73 Newtown, Thetford n9957694063 On exterior wall of St Mary's Catholic Church, on the right-hand side of the building when looking f 27 m
F74CE67A-3F19-46EC-9CDF-AD4300E1F4F3 IP24 2EA Thetford Library, 2 Raymond Street, Thetford n4386906014 On external wall of Thetford Library in the covered area at the main entrance. 11 m
3377624D-D829-4A4C-8EF2-AD470141583C IP24 2TZ Cloverfields Community Church & Community Hall, Yarrow Close, Thetford n5361132800 On wall to left of main entrance to Cloverfield Church, facing Yarrow Close 7 m
41D57F49-8F8D-4930-928B-AD47013F8C6B IP24 1EE Abbey Community Centre, Exeter Way, Thetford n5819200776 On exterior wall of Abbey Neighbourhood Centre, just to the right of the main entrance, facing the s 17 m
B94D74D7-364B-499F-BDAE-AEF5014C2B0A IP24 2JW Churchill Road, Thetford n10043342600 On exterior wall of The Church On The Way, facing Churchhill Road on the side next to the service ro 12 m
6CEA1406-FDE2-431D-9E60-AE37011106D7 IP24 2RL Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Kilverstone Road n4215897218 Inside tesco store, on wall to the left just inside the main entrance. 51 m
793DDE97-C2DA-4A82-8E5D-AF7101399769 IP24 1HU Norfolk County Council, Thetford Recycling Centre, 15-17 Telford Way n6708786179 On outside fence of the Household Waste Recycling Centre, just to the right of the main entrance on 35 m
76E9DC49-7069-413D-91E3-AD4300ED46BD IP24 1TA Church Of The Nazarene, Anna Gurney Close, Thetford n4888388765 On western exterior wall of The Hub (formerly the Church of the Nazarene), facing Anna Gurney Close 10 m
3C6A30A3-9F62-4E50-9DED-ADA900BBFDBD IP24 1LH Thetford Academy, Croxton Road, Thetford n9267631429 On exterior wall of Thetford Academy Sports Centre, just to the left of the main entrance. Access fr 130 m
48AC8174-0C8E-47F2-A36E-AD4300EABA8C IP24 1HZ Mr Pats Diner, Howlett Way, Thetford n4888385889 On exterior wall of Mr Pats Takeaway, at the corner of Howlett Way and Brickfields Way. 636 m
2F027F9E-7311-4EBF-8D2C-AE540128408F IP24 1LZ 21/09/2020, Thetford Rugby Club, Mundford Road n11179203683 On outside wall of Thetford Rugby Club pavilion. 9 m
4667507F-678C-413B-850C-AF32009FCFF8 IP25 6EB Watton Youth And Community Centre, Harvey Street, Watton n11361625924 On outside wall of Watton Youth and Community Centre, facing the car park off Harvey Street. 22 m
8593BADF-47F6-48D2-A070-AD7F00E82EB2 IP27 9AH Lakenheath Pavillion, High Street, Eriswell Road n9082357965 On exterior wall of Mildenhall Pavillion, on the right-hand side when looking from the car-park. 353 m
17D2A5C1-2050-4760-9DB7-AD7F00EB4D20 IP27 9DS Lakenheath Village Hall, Lakenheath Peace Memoria Hall, 88 High Street n9082393647 On exterior wall of Lakenheath Peace Memorial Hall, facing the High Street. 255 m
556F850A-CDB1-42CA-8D79-AE2C01026A0A IP27 0AF Forestry England, High Lodge, Thetford Forest, Thetford Road n4284080216 On exterior wall of High Lodge Information Centre, to the left of the information desk. 79 m
3319E133-5093-4102-8DE1-AE3E00ACB39F IP27 0HY Church Institute, Victoria Avenue, London Road n10269970721 On exterior wall of Church Institute, just to the left of the main entrance from the car park. 46 m
E13404AF-7CE7-4BE1-A0DC-AEE600D5B5DD IP27 9AD Rspb, Lakenheath Fen Reserve, Station Road n4581668427 In staff office inside RSPB Lakenheath Fen Visitor CEntre 140 m
43790869-0253-4C8D-801E-AE9001072ED7 IP28 6EZ 2 Icklingham Road, West Stow n8068272616 On exterior wall of West Stow and Wordwell Club building, to the left of the main entrance. 136 m
FA8D8613-D0F3-4B00-B0BD-AF8100C0A8D0 IP28 7LR St. Mary's Church Of England Academy, Trinity Avenue, Mildenhall n11196192343 On outside of fence around St Mary's School, next to the main gate on Tinity Avenue 68 m
C16C6198-5314-446A-B6EB-AF2900C6BC39 IP29 5QS Chevington Village Hall, 33 Chedburgh Road, Chevington n10978868167 Adjacent to the entrance of the village hall. 236 m
EFE485B1-F576-4607-A2F9-AE9100F8140D IP30 9UH Blackbourne Road, Elmswell, Bury St.edmunds n5706163924 On exterior wall of Blackbourne Community Centre, facing the car park. 184 m
E3B697D1-6F0C-4833-9462-AE9700AB7C1B IP30 9HG East Of England Co-Op, Ashfield Road, Elmswell n5706169224 On exterior Wall of Co-Op facing New Road just to the right of the main entrance. 447 m
E1BF5387-0E93-46CA-8CAF-AD7B00F3B597 IP31 2JU Pakenham Village Hall, The Street, Pakenham n6345026428 On exterior wall of Pakenham Village Hall, just othe right of the main entrance. 75 m
1E4BE18F-406E-456C-9415-AD3700821C3D IP31 1RU Honington & Sapiston Village Hall, Honington & Sapiston Village Hall Bardwell Road, Bardwell Road n4969339500 On exterior wall of Sapiston Village Hall, on the right-hand side when looking from Bardwell Road. 242 m
A7A6B6E6-76BC-4038-B1F9-AD3400982E3C IP31 1BT Spar, 1 Church Road, Barningham n9062786897 On exterior of Spar 101 m
4B7D1FF6-0F97-4BB5-B066-AD8000BD3F3E IP4 1BZ 47 Key Street, The Old Custom House, The Waterfront n5873153912 On exterior wall of Old Customs House, in street-level covered passageway to the right when looking 54 m
17A7C884-1289-4F0E-BA9A-AD9B01051504 IP4 5SU Rushmere St Andrew Parish Council, Tower Hall, 5 Broadlands Way n7090509756 On exterior wall of Tower Hall, next to the main entrance. 101 m
24C8435E-C91D-486B-8693-AF9E00C21D1E IP6 8HT Barking Parish Council, Village Hall, The Tye n9674432609 In the disused telephone kiosk, in front of the village hall (opposite the Fox pub). 123 m
C2E82C59-F9C1-45DE-9A2B-AD8100A94D19 IP6 9RT Junction B1078 And Main Road, Hemingstone, Ipswich n9448587952 Inside the disused telephone kiosk, just south of the bridge. 126 m
28063AF2-3D69-47EA-A00C-AFEF00D3B6C4 IP6 8NU Needham Lake, Needham Lake Toilet Block, Next To Low Railway Bridge n8665712467 On exterior wall of Needham Lake toilet block, facing the lake. 193 m
F580D0AD-0EB3-4006-B8B2-AE1D00C7CE74 IP6 9NT Part Os 5750 Otley Village Hall, Chapel Road, Otley n10872339414 outside Otley Village Hall 115 m
593C1188-F552-4488-9B7B-AE9700B830D8 IP7 5AD East Of England Co-Op, Magdalen Road, Hadleigh n7061596482 331 m
93A268EA-477B-4E6E-86C5-AD6E00A5CABD IP7 7HU Village Hall, The Street, Chelsworth n10036638264 On the front wall of the Victory Hall. 309 m
D1C5356C-9351-47C5-A029-AD9F00ABCE9D IP7 7JY Bildeston Road, Wattisham n9233321731 Inside the disused red telephone kiosk, opposite the village sign. 213 m
49A47F06-EAAA-44B0-9915-AD57009A5EF0 IP8 3QE Chattisham And Hintlesham Parish Council, The Phone Box, The Street n8944180310 Inside the old red telephone kiosk which is also used as the village bookcase. The Street, Chattisha 208 m
0795E882-D0F7-4088-995F-AE9700B84FE3 IP9 2EB East Of England Co-Op, The Street, Capel St Mary n5715443918 On exterior wall of Coop, facing the car park on The Street, just to the right of the Main entrance. 285 m

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