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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'ML' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. There is one exception, we do have permission to add the UUID reference numbers from The Circuit to OSM. This website is not intended for use in an emergency. If you require urgent medical assistance, call 999 now.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the source data that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). Clicking on a circle will show more information about the unmatched object.

Each green line/circle represents a match between an AED in the source data and an OSM object. The OSM object is at the end of the line with a small green circle; the location in the source data is at the other end of the line. Different greens are used as follows: dark green for a match with the Circuit via the UUID, mid green for a match with the Circuit just based on proximity, and pale green for a match with the NDDB based on proximity. For more information about the matching see below. Clicking on a line will show more information about the matched objects.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. Then we check each unmatched location in the source data for the nearest unmatched OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all still unmatched source locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 30m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 100m and (for the NDDB only) 250m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be false-positive matches.

Circuit AEDs recorded as duplicates

AEDs are sometimes erroneously registered twice in The Circuit. The duplicate record would appear unmatched in this tool, so there is a mecahnism for manually marking such duplciates. See the Duplicate AEDs page for details. The duplicate AEDs (which are not considered for matching) are listed below.

Found 2 duplicate AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
C92FDC25-DC77-476C-8264-AE1600A19D04 ML7 5QD The Royal Bar, 28 West Main Street, Harthill 24/7 Public 11m
CFFD6195-DA02-4387-A6DC-AD8000EC5C21 ML7 5RN M & J Sports Injury Clinic, 19 Herbison Crescent, Shotts 24/7 Public 11m

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

The AEDs listed here are not close enough to an unmatched AED in OSM to be matched. Matches between The Circuit and an OSM object further away can be forced by adding a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the corresponding Circuit UUID. It is not possible to force a match to the NDDB). In case of a single AED being recorded twice in The Circuit, the duplicate can be noted by this tool. See Duplicate AEDs. The entries in fainter type are those that are not public 24/7 units. These are less likely to be able to be mapped in OSM.

Found 359 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
9F93D6BD-A2CE-442F-BD52-AF5000F8C2D7 ML1 1BH 3 Muir Street, Motherwell 24/7 Public 11m
D8232475-62E2-4945-8FA8-AC0000F3AA06 ML1 1BH Motherwell Station, Muir Street, Motherwell Variable Restricted 11m
F684D91A-A6E5-435A-A7B0-AF8800BCA401 ML1 1DX Clydeview School, Cassels Street, Motherwell 24/7 Public 11m
53C9598B-FF5A-45BC-9AA9-A375F8792E6D ML1 1PN Clyde Valley Housing Association- At Reception, 50 Scott Street, Motherwell Variable Public 11m
2C648B9B-D70A-40C0-91C4-AE78009AD914 ML1 1QH Dgc Training Services Ltd, 303 Orbiston Street, Motherwell Variable Public 11m
338B75C2-1617-4AFC-A440-ADDB00C9DD0C ML1 1QW Devine Quality Foods Ltd, 357 Orbiston Street, Motherwell Variable Public 11m
2B45D589-2230-4117-8097-AE9F00E4ED07 ML1 1RB Brandon Parade South, 3-5 Merry Street, Motherwell Variable Public 11m
2CA036A7-2027-41B9-A08B-AE9F00BCC340 ML1 1RB Brandon Parade South, 3-5 Merry Street, Motherwell Variable Public 11m
339CD76A-F3D8-4023-8CA6-B00E00E2F362 ML1 1RB Brandon Parade South, 54-62 Merry Street, Motherwell 24/7 Public 11m
51106067-B82F-4FB1-A292-AFCE00CB476D ML1 1RB Luxury Leisure Talarius, Brandon Parade South, 3-5 Merry Street Variable Public 11m
B9B09E95-656D-4A1D-AF0C-B19500CEEEE3 ML1 1RT Motherwell Baptist Church, 43-47 Windmillhill Street, Motherwell 24/7 Public 3w
75467ADD-3854-4E01-B917-A510485554BA ML1 1TT John Thomson House- In Main Reception, Glencairn Street, Motherwell Variable Public 11m
BFC11F6F-1677-42D1-90FA-AE7000ABABC8 ML1 1YE Puregym, 54-62 Brandon Parade South, Brandon Shopping Centre 24/7 Restricted 11m
53F9F86F-3E0E-428D-AB1A-B19200EC6619 ML1 2EU Kerr Grieve Court, Motherwell 24/7 Public 3w
C7EFBC9D-E34E-4C55-AEE0-2D9643168634 ML1 2NT Flemington Industrial Park - Unit 4- O/S Main Door, Craigneuk Street, Motherwell Variable Public 11m
F4FC9BCB-DF45-4796-A8F8-B18D00C1528D ML1 2QW Rspb Baron's Haugh, Rspb Baron's Haugh Car Park, Manse Road 24/7 Public 3w
04DFFC50-EAE7-4E23-9AEF-F6F11ECF3D32 ML1 2RJ Vamw House, 150 Gavin Street, Motherwell 24/7 Public 11m
3EBF972C-2E44-4AF8-B523-AFE800912CB8 ML1 2TQ Screwfix, Unit 3, 122- 126 Airbles Rd Variable Restricted 9m
A37F440E-E10F-4AF5-B89A-AE3500DB1B73 ML1 2UA Tesco Express, 341 Windmillhill St, 0 Variable Public 11m
5FE803FE-48A8-43D8-A8D8-B117008C2DCC ML1 3AG Dalziel High School - School Office, Dalziel High School, Crawford Street Variable Public 4m
93940C0D-7627-43DE-B535-AD140163EACF ML1 3DG Moorings Hotel, 114 Hamilton Road, Motherwell 24/7 Public 11m
6ACCDF69-9616-446C-A778-AFF1012F8255 ML1 3LN Revamp By Thomas, 197 The Loaning, Motherwell 24/7 Public 11m
4EA1FD0D-04A9-4723-A68F-ADCD007F0E8B ML1 3NP Mb Aerospace Ltd, Logans Road, Motherwell 24/7 Public 11m
EC9792AA-5D9B-49E1-94FD-AFF0012FB5C3 ML1 3NU My Home, 59 Birrens Road, Motherwell 24/7 Restricted 11m
EC405340-2B34-4ABF-A1F3-B12400B2804E ML1 3RE St Bernadette's Primary School, Vickers Street, Motherwell, Ml1 3re, Vickers Street Variable Public 4m
60D9B84A-6BFF-426A-900B-AFF001413879 ML1 3RZ 159 Watling Street, Motherwell 24/7 Public 11m
B6033874-AFC2-43BC-96BE-B04D00F7A2CD ML1 3ST Moorhead & Mcgavin Ltd, 21 Newhut Road, Braidhurst Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
CA92E985-085B-448A-8454-AC2100D7338A ML1 3TT Forgewood Community Centre, 49 Dinmont Crescent, Motherwell 24/7 Public 11m
81810921-9250-4D98-B888-AF5600BED6A7 ML1 3WB Toby Carvery Strathclyde Country Park, Hamilton Road, Motherwell 24/7 Restricted 11m
F561D0AB-1F60-4BB5-9FCC-B02F00AA4877 ML1 4GN Tesco Carfin, 22-26 Bell Quadrant, Carfin Variable Public 11m
1053C7A3-01DF-4807-86F8-B0CB00C413D6 ML1 4JL Scotmid New Stevenson, 2 Carfin Street, New Stevenston 24/7 Public 6m
64C461C4-B4B8-4F9B-B781-AE8500E9488B ML1 4TH Rear Of, 33 Main Street, Holytown Variable Restricted 4m
E950EB8B-1604-43CA-ACB3-AF2C00E929F3 ML1 4TH Drs Rao/Raman, 43-45 Main Street, Holytown 24/7 Public 11m
E17A7BC4-E67F-4BAD-88FE-B17100F81FF2 ML1 4TY 1 Grantholm Avenue, Holytown 24/7 Public 7w
5253DC55-A169-4AD9-9BF0-B0B600EC6DE9 ML1 4UG Colville Park Golf Club, Merry Street, Motherwell 24/7 Public 7m
316D984B-BC70-4CBD-AA41-B00E008045B4 ML1 4UR Gatehouse, Maritime Transport Ltd., Mcneil Drive, Eurocentral 24/7 Restricted 11m
11B3BA61-BC23-4652-A901-AB3D00FA90CC ML1 4WQ Scottish Environment Protection Agency, 6 Parklands Avenue, Motherwell 24/7 Restricted 11m
23EE0E75-959B-402F-A7B1-AFEC00AE3720 ML1 4WQ Tclarke, First Floor, Maxim 2, 2 Parklands Ave Variable Restricted 11m
5C789322-B48C-4CED-950C-B06000F10DC0 ML1 4WQ Balfour Beatty, Maxim 7, 2 Parklands Avenue Variable Restricted 9m
DB73D2BC-D6E6-4BDF-A55B-B06600946532 ML1 4WQ Balfour Beatty, 2 Parklands Avenue, Holytown Variable Restricted 9m
F95AE9BA-25CF-4F77-893B-AACC00CE58F7 ML1 4WQ Scottish Environment Protection Agency, 6 Parklands Avenue, Motherwell Variable Restricted 11m
C8472115-BA31-4E75-B0EA-B15E00A1799D ML1 4WR Sse Maxim Park, Sse / Trutinor - 2nd Floor, Maxim 1 - 2 Parklands Way Variable Restricted 2m
2B2CE90C-8CDA-4D4B-9071-AE6000E5290B ML1 4XJ Wincanton Ltd, 1 Brittain Way, Motherwell Variable Public 11m
5115E9EA-BD6C-4C81-AA98-B04800C72906 ML1 4XJ Brittain Way, Holytown 24/7 Public 9m
0D7D89E2-8173-4582-B401-AB1F00EDD3BB ML1 4YF Headlam, 6 Coddington Crescent, Motherwell Variable Restricted 11m
D4E81C4C-1FF8-4432-8002-70BAA15070A3 ML1 4YF Comac Precision Engineering Ltd, 2 Coddington Crescent, Holytown Variable Public 11m
1A0C64AA-491D-4B3A-A224-AFF200A1C5CF ML1 4YQ Eurocentral - Maccoll House, 10 Maccoll House, Woodrow, Eurocentral 24/7 Public 11m
7A4BBA75-9782-42D7-BE40-AFF200A1B888 ML1 4YQ Eurocentral - Maccoll House, 10 Maccoll House, Woodrow, Eurocentral 24/7 Public 11m
83056384-ABBC-473E-87C4-AFF200A1A693 ML1 4YQ Eurocentral - Maccoll House, 10 Maccoll House, Woodrow, Eurocentral 24/7 Public 11m
6C26F027-D98A-46D7-8236-B17301372CE8 ML1 5BE Wall At Front Door Of Chapel House, St Teresas, 17 Benford Avenue 24/7 Public 7w
BB01C217-D2F6-45A4-A224-B16A014801D6 ML1 5BQ Benford Knowe, Newarthill, Motherwell 24/7 Public 7w
4B23637F-6BBF-4E5E-BD9A-ABD400B79883 ML1 5GH The Co-Operative Food, 401 Edinburgh Road, Newhouse 24/7 Public 11m
EB913B3C-1612-479C-BE08-AB1800A080AB ML1 5GH The Co-Operative Food, 401 Edinburgh Road, Motherwell 24/7 Restricted 11m
53E074CB-25BD-4576-99D4-B09700D1A0DD ML1 5GJ Swagelok Scotland, 19 Glasgow And Edinburgh Road, Newhouse Variable Restricted 8m
A2F7D182-B63D-4847-A9BD-AF9A0132E54A ML1 5NX The New Bellside Inn, Bellside Inn, 1-3 Carlisle Road 24/7 Public 11m
A46E6F69-B4B0-40CE-B8AF-AFB700DDF5C8 ML1 5PB Xyz Rail, 1 Biggar Road, Foundry Yard 24/7 Public 11m
5D6CDC2F-2114-4C23-9747-AC5A009F98C4 ML1 5QW Cleland Community Centre, Main Street, Cleland 24/7 Public 11m
2BD6E742-37D5-45C8-AF66-DDAEFB578EA9 ML1 5RU Holytown Crematorium And Memorial Gardens Memorial Way, 1 A723 Carfin - Holytown Link Road, Motherwell Variable Public 11m
866EC418-BF93-4A0E-AA6B-AE3800F4555D ML1 5RX Howden Avenue, Newhouse Industrial Estate, Newhouse Variable Restricted 11m
D885CCB9-5ACD-4270-9F89-22554AFCF433 ML1 5RZ In Sales Office Behind Reception Desk At Main Entrance, 100 Hagen Drive, Cleland Variable Public 11m
2C2E1AEE-4B85-4C9F-83F0-B03100ED4983 ML1 5SY Peggy Whites Garage, Edinburgh Road, Newhouse 24/7 Public 11m
B083EE26-5FB6-481F-A78F-AE0600D496EB ML1 5US Taylor Wimpey, Torrance Place, Carmuirs Drive Variable Restricted 11m
1C7F3B94-5119-420F-B800-AC6F010312AF ML10 6AN 01/01/2024, 3 Bridge Street, Strathaven 24/7 Public 11m
3CBA1D8F-1EA7-438A-8A36-ABF300CB15EB ML10 6AW The Powmillon Burn Takeaway, 40 Waterside Street, Strathaven Variable Public 11m
5EF34CD0-958F-4F69-B80F-AAB9009E7D8C ML10 6DR Strathaven Leisure Centre, Bowling Green Road, Strathaven Variable Restricted 11m
16CE3ADC-3812-4696-8318-63DF457487B7 ML10 6LT Ann Davidson Butchers- Outside Shop, 11 Green Street, Strathaven 24/7 Public 11m
84C9D387-E57D-430C-A9A5-AF6A00FEA3EF ML10 6NB Element Strathaven, Crawford Scientific, Holm Street Variable Public 11m
8740C3E9-85C5-4DE7-9C58-B0270088E34D ML10 6NL Strathaven Golf Club, Overton Avenue, Strathaven 24/7 Public 11m
2FE147C1-781D-4D5F-B533-AAC000BE1960 ML10 6PD Sandford Village Hall, Stonehouse Road, Sandford 24/7 Public 9m
C054E8C7-CBCC-47BC-92FB-AF710149F56D ML10 6QE Bridgelea, Darvel Road, Strathaven 24/7 Public 11m
4976753B-6A50-464D-B0B7-AAE100BA02AB ML10 6SD Chapelton Church Hall, 14 Church Street, Chapelton 24/7 Public 11m
C296E2A7-E143-46F7-A517-B03800BC0074 ML10 6SZ Strathaven Hotel, Hamilton Road, Strathaven 24/7 Public 9m
22D7C5BE-6069-4365-BCBD-AAEA00DE6077 ML10 6TG Glassford Community Hall, Alston Street, Strathaven 24/7 Public 11m
673D982A-BBC3-435C-B6F3-AFB200B45DB9 ML10 6UB Hwrc Scotland, Strathaven Waste And Recycling Centre, Hamilton Road Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
E4D3BFDF-881E-41FB-B39A-AAF700FD95FB ML11 0DB Glebe Medical Centre, Abbeygreen, Lesmahagow 24/7 Public 11m
20584859-46FE-4F19-B942-B01B00D8A599 ML11 0EW Office, 4 New Trows Road, Lesmahagow 24/7 Public 11m
B31CA186-7053-4600-B836-B157008C5A26 ML11 0GS Auchlochan Garden Village, New Trows Road, Lesmahagow 24/7 Public 2m
2DFB87A2-379A-4AB1-A153-B0610107ACF2 ML11 0HY Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco, Teiglum Road Variable Public 9m
D4550277-EB0D-4BC5-8BB3-B0610109649F ML11 0HY Tesco Petrol Station, Filling Station Tesco, Teiglum Road Variable Public 9m
F91AD5DE-FC9D-4B9A-BF74-ABC800DDF76F ML11 0LH One Stop Shop, 42 Coalburn Road, Coalburn 24/7 Public 11m
222FC7E5-5297-4602-AB58-AB4F00D8E752 ML11 0NJ Harbro Ltd, Birkhill Mill, Lanark 24/7 Public 11m
B53ECB20-742E-480B-A96A-AACB00AD0560 ML11 0PT St. Brides Community Centre, Braehead, Douglas Variable Public 11m
D22C1BCC-0DB3-4659-9A38-AAB800B73A34 ML11 0QA Crossburn Filling Station, Ayr Road, Douglas 24/7 Public 11m
783E3C48-9753-4415-B53E-AFD400C411C6 ML11 0SF Tank 152m From Moreland Ayr Road. 99m From Unnamed Road, Whiteside Gardens, Monkton Variable Public 11m
8D4D8C15-B0B9-4AD3-AAE3-AFCB00BB14ED ML11 0SF Sunbelt Rentals, Ayr Rd, Glespin, Lanark, Lanark Variable Public 9m
E790C5CE-CE11-4CAA-92C7-AAC000AD5255 ML11 7AB South Lanarkshire Leisure & Culture Ltd, Lanark Memorial Hall, 17-21 St. Leonard Street Variable Restricted 11m
5A5E4D06-F8AE-4816-8D4B-B00801359F36 ML11 7LB St Vincent Place, Lanark Variable Public 11m
3B02F53F-91E2-4C82-8965-AEFC00F689FD ML11 7NE The Crown Tavern, 17-21 Hope Street, Lanark 24/7 Public 11m
FC18AA7B-BA4E-4A62-8A5C-61DE25476F6D ML11 7NE Sheriff Court, Lanark Sheriff Court, 24-26 Hope Street Variable Public 11m
07388B3A-C9B8-45F5-A9ED-AEF90123B6A0 ML11 7QL Lanark Tennis Club, Chapland Road, Lanark 24/7 Public 11m
EAAC5545-E0E7-48D3-9B91-AFAE00E8B4CF ML11 7RD 8 Green Towers Road, Cartland, Lanark 24/7 Public 11m
3E6A7D65-268E-4DC9-92BC-AB2000EE1AEB ML11 8AA A & C Ross, Central Garage, 64 Main Street 24/7 Public 11m
9F1D0036-9BAF-4EF9-B47F-ABAE010A88B0 ML11 8AA 97 Main Street, Forth 24/7 Public 11m
185795F0-135C-46C7-96AE-95F17B3D8ADA ML11 8AE At Reception Of The Willie Waddell Sports And Community Centre, Main Street, Forth Variable Public 11m
BE51BEB5-46A1-410F-BC13-AC6F0102F58E ML11 8EA Forth & District Development Trust, The Manse, 22 Lea Rig 24/7 Public 11m
D95BE8DE-C1C0-4F59-86E1-AC6E009D8916 ML11 8EA The Manse, 22 Lea Rig, Lanark 24/7 Public 11m
1970952C-2A16-48FC-92A7-B0FA00E48BBA ML11 8EW 283 Climpy Road, Climpy, Forth 24/7 Public 5m
8B6DB3C2-A9D6-4DCE-99F2-AD5900ADCC6E ML11 8HP Defibrillator Is Located On Right Hand Outside D Colemans Chemist, 121 Main Street, Main Street 24/7 Public 11m
6385 ML11 8LJ Fraser Dunlop Ltd, South Lanarkshire 24/7 Public
762120E2-6D87-44E8-A567-ACBB00F22854 ML11 8LJ Fraser Dunlop Ltd, Dippolview, Carnwath 24/7 Public 11m
96D3A6C4-A388-4789-9C3B-ACDF00B776F7 ML11 8LJ Thomas Dunlop & Son, Westsidewood Home Farm, Westsidewood Road 24/7 Public 11m
3555 ML11 8LN Auchengray Primary School, Lanarkshire 24/7 Public
E8FD9635-57EA-49BE-9B22-177A5E6E2936 ML11 8LN Auchengray Primary School- On Front External Wall, Auchengray Road, Carnwath Variable Public 11m
569F480B-F72C-44DF-8A1A-D5AE6D713F5F ML11 8QQ On Garage Wall Facing Road At Ian Brown Funeral Directors, 83 Lanark Road, Carstairs 24/7 Public 11m
E6B2D935-8769-4DC8-AFA2-AD4F00F1E937 ML11 9DB New Lanark Mill Hotel, New Lanark Road, Lanark 24/7 Restricted 11m
2BF40951-C452-4C92-ADE1-AE2200D753BF ML11 9DZ St Nicholas Parish Church Hall, Castlegate, Lanark Variable Public 11m
CA7591A3-B006-4CE3-89BD-E72C9BA0690F ML11 9EG Castlebank Horticultural Centre- On Lhs Of Main Building, St Patricks Road, Lanark 24/7 Public 11m
2E159A78-F537-40D4-8722-AACB00CFA67C ML11 9GA Kirkfield United, 240 Hyndford Road, Lanark 24/7 Public 11m
34B201F1-64B4-437F-9399-AE2600D50D14 ML11 9HE 30 Westport, Lanark 24/7 Public 11m
52F995D5-C6B9-4D92-833C-8279E72EAA44 ML11 9PY Hawksland Farm- On East Facing Wall Visible From Road, Unnamed Road, Lesmahagow 24/7 Public 11m
0545D906-D185-4EFA-A801-B174009ADC80 ML11 9RB 4 Lanark Road, Kirkmuirhill, Lanark 24/7 Public 7w
80EA5CB5-5D5C-4FDC-A97A-B01B01289690 ML11 9RN Masonic Hall - Lodge Nethan St John No 1289, 29 Strathaven Road, Kirkmuirhill 24/7 Public 11m
719845ED-0111-4497-9692-4EE71E8F4930 ML11 9RT Blackwood Medical Practice, 125 Carlisle Road, Blackwood 24/7 Public 11m
37A908F0-FC03-4D63-88DD-AE55012058F6 ML11 9TA Lanark Rugby Club, Lanark Racecourse, Hyndford Road 24/7 Public 11m
5C0F1D90-D052-4363-A8A8-AF4300BC52F1 ML11 9TB Bonnington Power Station, Lanark Variable Restricted 11m
4DF84A56-EA60-491A-9065-AF81010DE32E ML11 9TG Gp Plantscape, The Pleasance, Byretown Road Variable Restricted 11m
2E1C7559-6CAE-4B95-8BA4-AF4300BC64FB ML11 9UP Stonebyres Power Station, Kirkfieldbank, Lanark Variable Restricted 11m
B56876C5-C677-4142-99ED-AB4A010D0B9A ML12 6AX Biggar Bowling Club, 20 Edinburgh Road, Biggar 24/7 Public 11m
705A94D6-74C6-4966-A199-A19189BAD8B4 ML12 6BJ The Gillespie Centre, Gillespie Centre, 74 High Street 24/7 Public 11m
8825BA4F-F283-49A1-8279-AF9201507D83 ML12 6EQ Scottish Ambulance Service, Ambulance Station, 1 Lindsaylands Road 24/7 Public 11m
73FA7916-BA1A-49CF-9483-AFF8009E81BD ML12 6FJ 19 Candymill Road, Candymill, Biggar 24/7 Public 9m
4B94C2C1-38BD-4DBD-A3F5-B14F00BB7FB8 ML12 6FT Tinto Garage, 61 Biggar Road, Symington Variable Public 2m
FF532CF3-70E7-4A38-AF65-AB3E00F5612D ML12 6HA Biggar Caravan Park Golf Club, Broughton Road, Biggar 24/7 Public 11m
87B911B8-F099-46C7-9DF0-AF8A0141BADD ML12 6HD Skirling Village Hall, A72 A72 At Western Boundary Of Skirling To A72 At Northern Boundary Of Skirling, Skirling 24/7 Public 11m
D8A05DEC-E07A-4ACD-98FF-AFA50118568E ML12 6HH Rachan Mill Hall, Rachan, B712 Meets A701 24/7 Public 11m
EABB7145-6D6B-486D-BAB8-AC540124BEFC ML12 6HT Wiston Village Hall, Wiston Hall, Millrig Road 24/7 Public 11m
DE853A0A-873F-4614-AA4A-B0010126F37D ML12 6JD Drumelzier Village Hall, Drumelzier, B712 At Drumelzier Meets Road To Old Manse 24/7 Public 11m
E1DE7BE2-48CE-4707-998B-B0A8013060B0 ML12 6LJ Spar Symington Ltd, Spar Shop And Post Office, 14 Main Street 24/7 Public 8m
EB4B16CB-B43C-4BF7-9A2D-883AEAA1D6E4 ML12 6LL Symington Village Hall, 65 Main Street, Symington 24/7 Public 8m
C3672AEE-DA27-460D-8FEA-AECE014051A1 ML12 6ND Eastertown, Shieldhill Road, Biggar 24/7 Public 11m
5F3E2CE7-3F15-45A6-A168-AEB3013D7C9B ML12 6NY 53 Mill Road, Thankerton, Biggar 24/7 Public 11m
53AD42CB-AB4D-4714-A18D-AEB3013BE43F ML12 6PA Thankerton Bowling Club, Sherifflats Road, Biggar 24/7 Public 11m
93295170-2340-4372-BC47-AED700651B7F ML12 6PG Carmichael Hall, School Road, Biggar 24/7 Public 11m
7896 ML12 6PZ Coulter Primary School, Lanarkshire 24/7 Public
6706B8B8-9DB5-47C3-9928-AF9301006DC0 ML12 6PZ Coulter Primary School, Birthwood Road, Coulter, Biggar 24/7 Public 11m
AEDDAFD4-AAF1-46F4-BE5E-64E4514D31EC ML12 6QP Dykehead, Kirk Road, Tweedsmuir 24/7 Public 11m
8326 ML12 6RA Biggar and District Men's Shed, Old Walston Primary School, South Lanarkshire 24/7 Public
3AAA6A74-0512-44E3-8B2E-AFDA00BD3411 ML12 6RG Shell, Petrol Station Abington Motorway Services Area, Access From A702 To Abington Service Area 24/7 Public 11m
5989 ML12 6RS Braehead, South Lanarkshire 24/7 Public
5990 ML12 6RS Village Hall, South Lanarkshire 24/7 Public
DFBE3B70-4129-45A6-9A16-AC7E00C1C754 ML12 6RS Braehead, Howgate Road, Biggar 24/7 Public 11m
8741 ML12 6SR Crawfordjohn Hall, South Lanarkshire 24/7 Public
12880A28-0180-413E-AEE4-6EEE444B0EF0 ML12 6SR Crawfordjohn Hall- Ext Wall To Rhs Of Path At Front Door, Manse Road, Crawfordjohn Biggar 24/7 Public 11m
71F9C413-0695-4FCC-BAAB-B0060082B5F2 ML12 6UD Scottish Water, Camps Wtw, Crawford Variable Restricted 11m
45F7A4C1-754D-4EA9-BC0D-B02D00D92EC9 ML12 6XP Leadhills Village Store Leadhills, 37 Main Street Leadhills, Leadhills 24/7 Public 4m
42028278-6500-40DA-A54D-B03001218630 ML12 6YA Leadhills Doctors Surgery Leadhills, Leadhills Surgery, Ramsay Road 24/7 Public 5m
8A5F77E7-D97E-4CA8-A51A-B13A0110DD0D ML2 0BP 259 Netherton Road, Netherton, Wishaw 24/7 Public 3m
885C0AAD-2469-4C9C-9668-B135015A08B9 ML2 0DD Castlehill Methodist Church, 65 Netherton Road, Netherton 24/7 Public 3m
932FB9F6-E732-4FCD-8FA0-B0AB00D490BD ML2 0EG Screwfix, 54 Canyon Road, Netherton Industrial Estate Variable Public 8m
26D2783A-D4B5-460B-BB39-B01B007899CC ML2 0EY Daiwa Sports Ltd, 2 Netherdale Road, Wishaw Variable Restricted 11m
1962547D-5AC6-42B4-82C1-AC0A00B687B8 ML2 0QP 146 Main Street, Overtown 24/7 Public 11m
28D32EB4-6201-42BC-8B02-AF9D00EDC41E ML2 0XX Royal Mail Scottish Rdc/Rtw, Canyon Road, Excelsior Park, Wishaw, Wishaw 24/7 Restricted 11m
4A6AB20E-EB26-4FF4-85F5-B180009FA918 ML2 7BL 54 Kirk Road, Wishaw 24/7 Public 7w
BBE9A55D-D110-4DD7-8A33-22DB866A218A ML2 7BL Wishaw & District Housing Association- O/S Main Entrance, 55 Kirk Road, Wishaw 24/7 Public 11m
CF41CCDE-1E21-4016-AF2D-AE35010B10FE ML2 7HP Tesco Express, 400 Coltness Rd, 0 Variable Public 9m
FF396C74-6B52-426F-B507-AEF3009967EF ML2 7NG Clyde Vets, 301 Main Street, Wishaw 24/7 Public 11m
12557717-3F10-41EB-AECB-AE3D013EB0BF ML2 7NZ Tesco Extra, Belhaven Rd, 0 Variable Public 11m
EB47484B-780D-4ACB-83B4-AF4C0102D4BA ML2 7QJ Mcdonald's - North Lanarkshire 2, 113 Glasgow Road, Wishaw 24/7 Public 11m
F6CD4C8E-1A0F-469B-97EE-B12801053F24 ML2 7TJ 59 Shieldmuir Street, Craigneuk, Wishaw 24/7 Public 4m
9C50F00B-05CE-4E65-8783-AE8D00E4E65C ML2 7TQ Lanarkshire Welding Company, Lanarkshire Welding Company, 82 John Street Wishaw, 82 John Street Wishaw Variable Restricted 11m
D4B80639-EC62-42FA-AAE6-B0F500D545CE ML2 8AG Wishaw Police Station, Police Station, 100 Stewarton Street 24/7 Public 5m
A523D022-86AA-4420-BFC6-AACC0082BF38 ML2 8AR Hugh Black & Sons Butchers, 52 Caledonian Road, Wishaw 24/7 Public 11m
31CBBF87-BF11-4C3E-B429-B10D00F4E247 ML2 8LY Coltness High School (North Lanarkshire Council), Coltness High School, Mossland Drive Variable Public 4m
D4B89977-0399-45C3-BDE8-B0C2011E1919 ML2 8NT Made4u In Ml2, Greenfield Drive, Cambusnethan 24/7 Public 7m
30A0907E-8D16-489B-A00D-B07C00CD3077 ML2 8PY 25 Woodhall Road, Cambusnethan, Wishaw 24/7 Public 9m
25551DA3-F4DC-4B15-AAE4-AEE400B2B9DC ML2 9DA St Brigid's Church, 5 Westwood Road, Newmains 24/7 Public 11m
01841824-5FD3-4606-B0B3-B69A3F54D7D8 ML3 0AL Hamilton Sheriff Court Civil Building, Birnie House, Caird Street Variable Public 11m
B211B732-C8B4-4B50-AC53-AF9600B87854 ML3 0AY Bentley Glasgow, Bothwell Road, Hamilton Variable Public 11m
EA9C9208-5DBB-47A6-BA71-B1290116CDDE ML3 0AY Hamilton College, Bothwell Road, Hamilton Variable Public 3m
5FB9AC74-D183-4A09-A047-AB0C014C77F1 ML3 0BN Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc, 5 New Park Street, Hamilton Variable Public 11m
1A93AA3A-52B6-4C23-A7BB-75F86A40BF92 ML3 0BT Sheriff Court, Hamilton Sheriff Court, Beckford Street Variable Public 11m
07FDD1EE-355A-4EE7-8077-B18700E71FD0 ML3 0DA Green Apple Nursery, 18 Clydesdale Street, Hamilton 24/7 Public 3w
75CAFCC4-1726-49D2-B9BE-B0E900A775B4 ML3 0DF Sainsburys, Sainsburys Hamilton Retail Park, 5 Douglas Park Lane 24/7 Restricted 6m
3B911C0E-6746-48FB-8A41-AB5F00F22B8B ML3 0ED Unit 26 Whistleberry Park, Hamilton Variable Restricted 11m
B5738D91-FAB5-40B0-9FD8-ADC001014AFF ML3 0FD Main Entrance Foyer, Procladd (Scotland) Ltd, 8 Candymill Lane Variable Restricted 11m
F48DE9DB-AF9B-44F2-9AAC-3CDCA9FC3D83 ML3 0HG Procurator Fiscal- Behind Public Counter, 1st Floor, Almada Street, Hamilton Variable Public 11m
5ED09DBD-F8D9-4A8E-907D-AD4A014CF1E8 ML3 0LT 11 Kenmar Terrace, Hamilton 24/7 Restricted 11m
0BA47A19-1668-48E7-B98D-B12B00BBA38A ML3 6AD Savills - Hamilton Palace Towers, Hamilton Palace Towers, Hamilton, Hamilton Palace Towers, 1 Palace Grounds, Hamilton 24/7 Public 3m
D967AAC4-5715-4E96-BCDA-092A14195F05 ML3 6BY South Lanarkshire Leisure & Culture, Hamilton Palace Sports Ground, Motehill Variable Public 11m
6E0A5F81-8B45-4C44-8B84-E8C0A8F8B47E ML3 6HH In Admin Office At Cadzow Street Reception, 102 Cadzow Street, Hamilton Variable Restricted 11m
7D4E8208-562A-4A05-B058-ADFD00BE4C68 ML3 6JT St. Marys Episcopal Church, St. Marys Episcopal Church St Marys Episcopal Church, 4a Auchingramont Road 24/7 Public 11m
13CEFA3F-4506-4DC0-B7A3-AED700A42302 ML3 6JW M74 Hamilton Service Area - Northbound, Hamilton Service Area, Hamilton 24/7 Public 9m
D95D690B-87B6-4284-9BE2-B15400CC4B19 ML3 6PB Scotrail Railways Ltd, Hamilton Central Station, Orchard Street 24/7 Public 2m
1EA35409-CD42-4D8F-8F6B-ADB0011B984E ML3 7BN Hamilton Lawn Tennis Club, 3 Blackswell Lane, Hamilton Variable Restricted 11m
A931D18F-37F0-478F-8676-B0A700A0BA7D ML3 7DZ O2 Store (0504) Hamilton, 30 Regent Way, Hamilton Variable Restricted 8m
C9A10FAB-D8D9-4FB8-9026-B006012BD6F9 ML3 7FA Hamilton Caledonian Bowling Club, Blackswell Lane, Hamilton 24/7 Public 11m
5CE7837D-AE95-40F7-B9C5-AB2100DBFC96 ML3 7QN Bravehearts Boxing Gym, 233a Low Waters Road, Hamilton 24/7 Public 11m
091A57F6-6069-4480-8F77-AFF900A80B52 ML3 7QU Unit A Block 1a, Cadzow Industrial Estate, Hamilton Variable Restricted 11m
3A86A8F7-5507-4674-B4C1-D6C9F86FC549 ML3 7UE Hamilton Golf Club- Inside Main Entrance Doors To Lhs, Unnamed Road, Hamilton Variable Restricted 11m
4F97A2E3-BC1B-4F6B-A88B-AE2400F2CC96 ML3 7XA Limekilnburn Road, Quarter, Hamilton 24/7 Public 11m
FD552350-D6AC-4B1E-A983-AEDD00FC8922 ML3 7YN 31limekilnburn Road, Quarter, Hamilton 24/7 Public 11m
30450ED7-CA84-47E8-82AB-B14300DA2CD8 ML3 8AG Eddlewood Bowling Club, Meikle Earnock Road, Hamilton 24/7 Public 3m
DA291CE2-3957-4DBE-8A09-AE0000F2CC99 ML3 8RN Oakwood Grove ,Taylor Wimpey, Meikle Earnock Road, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire,, Hamilton Variable Restricted 11m
3FC307B2-F799-426B-A7C0-B00100E94F7D ML3 8SR 2 Cypress Lane, Hamilton 24/7 Public 11m
BEB44616-BAE6-43F4-A288-B01500D63F08 ML3 9BQ Ptsl, 1 Argyle Crescent, Hamilton Variable Restricted 11m
494243F1-693C-46AA-A7C9-AE4301143164 ML3 9TE Tesco Express, Hillhouse Rd, 0 Variable Public 9m
58CEC48C-6C4B-484E-BFBB-B0CF00B626E5 ML4 1AB Ymca Bellshill, Bellshill Ymca, 294 Main Street 24/7 Public 6m
759C35B1-21AB-4A32-B503-AED0009CE705 ML4 1AT The Salvation Army, Gladstone Street, Bellshill Variable Public 11m
7BD31A5A-21C4-4B4F-A17B-AE700136785D ML4 1AU Rda House, 13 Bowling Green Street, Bellshill 24/7 Public 11m
8BA75E0E-6464-4A65-981A-AE3D00B38E2A ML4 1EN Tesco Extra, 12 North Rd, 0 Variable Public 11m
91A5D28C-C2D1-4652-A2A6-B06100DC00A9 ML4 1LQ Bellshill Bowling Club, Hattonrigg Road, Bellshill 24/7 Public 9m
B3FF82CE-FE95-4E8F-8B0B-B0F500D5F464 ML4 1PB Police Station, Thorn Road, Bellshill 24/7 Public 5m
855ACFDA-1CB3-44F6-B901-AFCB00A9C45C ML4 1RR Sunbelt Rentals, Reema Road Industrial Estate, Reema Road Variable Public 9m
C65608CB-D4F9-48D6-8EB1-AFC800FF0730 ML4 1RR Sunbelt Rentals, Reema Road Industrial Estate, Reema Road Variable Public 9m
871733EB-396F-4594-9914-B0C700D32F5A ML4 1RT Sunbelt Rentals, Reema Road Industrial Estate Reema Road, Bellshill Variable Restricted 7m
FE47FC70-D1D2-4526-A567-B19300F33FED ML4 2AE North Lanarkshire Council, Integrated Care Worker, Social Work 24/7 Public 3w
2B92EB02-0FE3-4B5B-A2F4-B14800EB3550 ML4 2BF Morgan Sindall Site Offices, Footfield Road, Ml4 2be, Footfield Road, Orbiston Variable Public 7w
1B4A21E3-7631-4614-AFE3-B16B00C6EC3B ML4 2BW Orbiston Neighbourhood Centre, Busby Road, Orbiston 24/7 Public 7w
3B2EB044-3542-43A7-A95F-AE0800BC5D09 ML4 3BF Bellshill, Unit 4/5 Mallard Way, Bellshill Variable Public 9m
56AC5C49-788D-4B21-91B9-AAD5009D76AA ML4 3DP Sir Matt Busby Sports Complex, Main Street, Bellshill 24/7 Public 11m
D16ED94E-B552-44DA-BBDB-B19A00DE7D7B ML4 3DZ 95 Main Street, Bellshill 24/7 Public 3w
CAEB4D79-05ED-472F-A69A-AF4100C2B20E ML4 3HD 10 John Brannan Way, Bellshill Variable Restricted 11m
1F3D7395-6DCF-4C71-9C39-B0F3010D5239 ML4 3LP 4 Murray Place, Righead Industrial Estate, Bellshill Variable Public 5m
2BE0C4A8-2F15-4A9F-9D07-AFC1007F1B14 ML4 3LR Screwfix, Unit 2, 8 Melford Road, Righead Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
DAF12351-36AA-46B1-84B3-AF0200D6F305 ML4 3LS Nationwide Platforms, Unit B East Point 13 Melford Road, Righead Ind Estate Variable Restricted 11m
021B5249-BB6D-452C-85CA-B12B00B4BE00 ML4 3NJ Kirbygroup Engineering, Phoenix House, Phoenix Crescent 24/7 Public 3m
03FAC6AE-0B79-4B8E-BC37-B08300D8D7B6 ML4 3NJ Avondale House, Phoenix Crescent, Strathclyde Business Park Variable Public 9m
0A04733F-6C25-46E3-B677-B18E00A2F939 ML4 3NJ B C F Technology Ltd, Imv Imaging Ltd, Imaging House, Phoenix Crescent Variable Public 3w
67131D80-8735-49AD-BBE7-21358AA6A1E2 ML4 3NJ Avondale House- To Lhs Of Reception At Foyer, Phoenix Crescent, Strathclyde Business Park Variable Public 11m
B18B4239-7151-46B3-BEE2-B0C000F3E7A5 ML4 3NJ Solais House, Phoenix Crescent, Strathclyde Business Park Variable Public 7m
FB49054B-A428-4EF2-AEBB-6FC4F41F59B5 ML4 3NJ Phoenix House- At Ground Floor Reception, Phoenix Crescent, Strathclyde Business Park Bell Variable Public 11m
FB949BB0-F535-4853-AF61-AE8300A83A16 ML4 3NR Yodel, 4, Rosehall Road Variable Restricted 11m
9C9C67E4-F659-40DB-AFCB-AD4900F4818F ML4 3NX Man Truck & Bus Bellshill, Clark Way, Motherwell Food Park Variable Public 11m
CA5F6549-3E9B-4F46-A3C5-05ADD374478C ML4 3PB Willow House- Lhs Of Reception In Alcove, Kestrel View, Strathclyde Business Park Bell Variable Public 11m
408AD5D0-7B21-4522-A75E-164A7C11C868 ML4 3PR Duart House- To Lhs Of Reception, Finch Way, Strathclyde Business Park Bell Variable Public 11m
1625DCE5-0264-46D6-84D0-AE43009C13D8 ML5 1ET Tesco Express, Bank St, 0 Variable Public 9m
EB6F5E12-5CD7-411A-8512-AEF501351E03 ML5 1JE Elim Family Church, 21 King Street, Blairhill 24/7 Public 11m
8439B156-2CD0-404E-B404-ADB400FA75B5 ML5 1RX Drumpellier Golf Club, Drumpellier Avenue, Coatbridge 24/7 Public 11m
EB8FB35D-1CAB-4AE8-A28F-2BB94F06AA46 ML5 1RX Drumpellier Golf Club, General Area Of, Coatbridge Variable Restricted 11m
7F45C807-0FE9-4A38-89E4-AE4000DC3B84 ML5 2AB 1 Coltswood Road, Coatbridge 24/7 Public 11m
3FF1F110-52EA-405B-9AA1-ADE900F82B2F ML5 2BE Mml Marine, Mml Marine Ltd, 60 Waverley Street Variable Public 11m
09CDC32D-5626-4763-8BD0-AD4800E2E551 ML5 2DX Cpi Mortars Ltd, Hornock Road, Coatbridge Variable Public 11m
189A0D79-AFAF-4324-BBBB-ADCD008960E8 ML5 2EU Gartsherrie Engineering Ltd, Gartsherrie Road, Coatbridge Variable Restricted 11m
336F9A3F-2FF7-4A0B-BC09-AE3600DC1B6E ML5 2EW 81 Blair Road, Coatbridge 24/7 Public 11m
FC3779C9-FAEF-4EDE-B1A0-B0DF00AE5F7B ML5 2HY Palmaris Services, 1 Northburn Road, Greenhill 24/7 Public 6m
095217C4-4CDD-4D59-AFEA-AE07009CC217 ML5 2LT 70 Leven Road, Coatbridge 24/7 Public 11m
DA0B2768-9AC0-4D92-B516-AD49008439C4 ML5 2QA Mobile Mini (Uk) Ltd, 3 Hornock Road, Coatbridge Variable Restricted 11m
F8F772E5-DCD6-402D-962E-AE01014D329E ML5 2QT Lodge Coltswood Glenboig No. 1067, Main Street, Glenboig Variable Public 11m
98FDFF54-4B5C-4E57-B568-AE0000F17ACA ML5 2RD Taylor Wimpey, Meadowside Taylor Wimpey, Main Street Variable Restricted 11m
717F4426-E703-4A21-9223-AE01014E8B16 ML5 2RY Glenboig Community Group, 2 Centre Street, Glenboig Variable Public 11m
DF120B62-1723-48DE-9776-AF94010637DE ML5 2RY Glenboig Community Group, 2 Centre Street, Glenboig 24/7 Public 11m
525BB983-8A18-4CEE-98E3-B989385FF7B0 ML5 3AG Coatbank Business Centre Ltd, Coatbank Business Centre, Coatbank Way Variable Public 11m
F9422724-9631-4613-90F6-63F8A88EBC44 ML5 3BU Asda Stores- At Customer Service Desk, Main Street, Coatbridge Variable Public 11m
B244E6FC-4E2D-4246-9A8B-F40AA6626BC4 ML5 3EH Hugh Black & Sons Ltd- Outside Shop On Wall, 79 Main Street, Coatbridge 24/7 Public 11m
CBF05A31-8A28-42EE-B03F-B09D00EF078A ML5 3RT Go Outdoors, 51 Locks Street, Coatdyke Variable Restricted 8m
1A393F6B-5DFE-4F33-B07C-AAC9010D6D34 ML5 3SQ Marks & Spencer Plc, Unit 4, Faraday Retail Park Variable Public 11m
21780073-9023-4A46-9C93-AAB400FFAD36 ML5 3SQ Tesco Extra, Faraday Retail Park, Coatbridge Variable Public 11m
4C70A149-2A2C-4317-A1F5-AE3C00C6DB5D ML5 3SQ Tesco, Faraday Retail Park Road, Coatbridge Variable Public 11m
75DD397F-9BFB-4C48-95A9-B0CA00B7466A ML5 3SQ Pets At Home, Unit 9, Faraday Retail Park Road 24/7 Public 7m
41FBFF94-CBA5-4A2D-B878-AEA600D2363F ML5 4AA Phoenix House, 1 Souterhouse Road, Coatbridge 24/7 Public 11m
EC3B899B-2DEC-4851-8F06-ABD8008C6BFA ML5 4AN B & Q Plc, Tennent Street, Coatbridge Variable Public 11m
3EA35D20-2C91-4989-921C-AFEC00B2B231 ML5 4AQ Tclarke Enginnering, T Clarke Ltd, Unit J Variable Restricted 11m
E23757CB-2A09-4083-9E3B-AE3901076090 ML5 4AU 251 Dundyvan Road, Coatbridge 24/7 Public 11m
D88B0FCA-A1DC-4716-9E65-AFEC00CAC8EB ML5 4EF Screwfix, Unit C1 North Caldean Road, Coatbridge Variable Restricted 11m
6B542301-B56D-4E5B-8B4B-ADF300B30378 ML5 4EG 10 South Caldeen Road, Coatbridge Variable Restricted 11m
9ADF3437-4114-4DBB-AB12-B0A800E604AE ML5 4EJ 68 Whifflet Street, Whifflet, Coatbridge 24/7 Public 8m
D180FDF3-65B1-411D-B4F0-B0AA00EF72CE ML5 4EW H Mcnulty Ltd., 5 Easton Place, Whifflett 24/7 Public 8m
149E57A2-A9B7-4D07-B9F8-B10600E456CF ML5 4EY Icb Group, 85 Calder Street, Whifflet Variable Public 5m
4BCAB8CF-027E-499C-A2FF-B0A800E21BA7 ML5 4JS Calder House, Calder Avenue, Shawhead 24/7 Public 8m
8DD4C7C0-3154-4182-90DF-AE43011FF211 ML5 4NH 15 Berwick Street, Coatbridge 24/7 Public 11m
81B3BC63-753D-4898-92EB-AEE800B77FE5 ML5 4NS 3b Hagmill Crescent, Coatbridge Variable Restricted 11m
00809E45-F9A3-4DCA-A789-B05900E6AB99 ML5 4PG Tesco Stores Ltd, 6 Paddock St, Coatbridge Variable Public 9m
3AD8E9CF-EDE3-485D-8BD0-AE3400AD1DD7 ML5 4QN Calder Stores Greenend, 159 Calder Street, Greenend 24/7 Public 11m
5F142446-F178-4100-AC6D-AEFC00879C7B ML5 4RY 5 Palacecraig Street, Coatbridge Variable Public 11m
9C8DC4C0-EB8A-4F4C-8C78-ADDD00D555F1 ML5 4UJ Carnbroe Shop, 171 Earlston Crescent, Carnbroe 24/7 Public 11m
20F98D71-8A00-4D60-8061-ADD600D0D2AE ML5 4XD Chemco International Ltd., 15 Hagmill Road, East Shawhead Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
E44697F8-DA1A-423A-9819-AE43011F4AC0 ML5 5DL Fairways Supermarket, 48 Dunure Street, Coatbridge 24/7 Public 11m
FF01F4A7-170F-48BA-8E34-AAB301743C25 ML5 5NP Tesco, 61 Woodside Street, Coatbridge Variable Public 11m
12891DDC-60B9-4C5C-A6E5-AB9600B7CA3A ML6 0BA West End Bar, 24-26 Alexander Street, Airdrie 24/7 Public 11m
299CAC78-9D3A-4602-8348-AFD900F97163 ML6 0DX Tesco Stores Ltd, 28 High Street, Airdrie Variable Public 9m
1A442886-E69C-46B6-94C0-AE5C0149B089 ML6 0NJ 110 Coatbridge Road, Glenmavis 24/7 Public 11m
4ABEED9A-71CB-40B8-8592-B15B009BF628 ML6 0PQ Airdrie Golf Club, Glenmavis Road, Airdrie 24/7 Public 2m
E6B577E1-2D32-4885-8431-BA4B846E58FF ML6 6AH Hugh Black & Sons Ltd- Outside Shop On Wall, 7 Hallcraig Street, Airdrie 24/7 Public 11m
71B290E1-0FD4-49F2-B675-B617D3902670 ML6 6BN Scotrail Railways Ltd, Airdie Station, Broomknoll Street Variable Public 11m
303706B8-189E-4AA9-BB51-4B84C6592F5B ML6 6DE Procurator Fiscal- On Ground Floor At Reception Area, 87a Graham Street, Airdrie Variable Public 11m
C06E3A4E-FFD5-4013-A938-9AC88F4712F0 ML6 6EE Scottish Courts And Tribunals Service, Airdrie Sheriff Court, Graham Street Variable Public 11m
47FBF2CC-802E-4400-87B5-B07300E13D2D ML6 6JJ 8 Upper Mill Street, Town Centre, Airdrie Variable Public 9m
46C6A54B-4905-4CC3-BB01-AFE700D85071 ML6 6LZ Screwfix, Unit 3 Osprey Trade Park, Airdrie Variable Restricted 11m
D0F65ED8-2592-41D1-A15E-B10D00E1C29A ML6 6NX Airdrie Academy, South Commonhead Avenue, Airdrie Variable Restricted 4m
B0C9A047-32DE-4FAF-AF32-AFCE00B7976E ML6 7AE 95c Forrest Street, Airdrie 24/7 Public 11m
21012329-A962-45AE-B868-AF3601008425 ML6 7AG The Skillzone, 98 Forrest Street, Airdrie Variable Restricted 11m
E7C4A33C-9A4C-49A7-8142-AE4300BE77C1 ML6 7AY Tesco Express, Connor St, 0 Variable Public 9m
B0652991-7E5B-401B-AFA9-AABE00F45464 ML6 7JG Main Street, Plains 24/7 Public 11m
510B4391-E38F-410A-B152-ADE400EF2125 ML6 7PE Caldercruix Community, Mcnish Pharmacy, 5-7 Dunbreck Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
EC7F1E5B-344C-494D-83E9-AC8A00F06252 ML6 7PE Mcnish Pharmacy, 5-7 Dunbreck Avenue, Caldercruix 24/7 Restricted 11m
DF63FAAE-33C3-46A7-9A90-AE3A00D8F44D ML6 7TQ 378 Greengairs Road, Greengairs 24/7 Public 11m
6CD36BE9-8698-43D7-A219-7C6230C8004D ML6 7UD Zeus Engineering- In Office On Wall Next To Printer, Stirling Road Industrial Estat, Airdrie Variable Public 11m
B0E3DC48-A52E-4994-9619-B19400DE3C28 ML6 8AN Craigneuk, Airdrie 24/7 Public 3w
D538F35B-BB99-464C-B06B-AF8101819A46 ML6 8BH Hilltop Primary And Nursery School, Petersburn Road, Petersburn 24/7 Public 11m
EC3FE3F7-8743-4C25-B855-B1800103D5B8 ML6 8NY Hillend Fisheries, Airdrie Road, Caldercruix 24/7 Public 7w
9C3C65A9-DF29-478B-BD38-ADE200FB2F91 ML6 8NZ Caldercruix Community, Wardens House, Forrestfield Gardens 24/7 Public 11m
051B4753-174F-4B2E-8330-AE8A00991410 ML6 8PU 9 Blackcroft Avenue, Gartness 24/7 Restricted 11m
75F55E17-F77F-4D93-AFA9-FD957DB78D90 ML6 8QH Argon Engineering Block 8 - Unit 3- See Location Below***, Chapelhall Industrial Estate, Chapelhall Variable Public 11m
C244949F-F829-48BA-842B-ADDE0098E1F2 ML6 8QH Dmi Fire & Security Limited, Century House, Chapelhall Industrial Variable Restricted 11m
D09E65DD-ED3B-4AA9-86FD-BBD0437855B4 ML6 8QH Gillrick Metalwork, Unit 1-2 Block 8, Roseberry Road Variable Public 11m
01EF1F39-2E16-4F44-A22F-ADD300602671 ML6 8RA T O M Ltd, Adler And Allan Ltd, Carlisle Road 24/7 Public 11m
33803A8E-605C-4145-8293-AFE7009026AA ML6 8RG Airdrie Concrete, Hanson Concrete, Petersburn Road, Airdrie, Airdrie Concrete Variable Restricted 11m
ABD86633-106E-40BD-A877-AECF00F9EF17 ML6 8RX Chapelhall Tenants And Residents Association, 1 Laurel Gardens, Chapelhall 24/7 Public 11m
765A7E81-D9AB-411D-90BC-143E0E04A773 ML6 8SG Lloyds Pharmacy- On Side Wall Of Chemist, 30a Russell Street, Chapelhall Airdrie 24/7 Public 11m
922C5514-63DC-4331-8580-525C2979092D ML6 9AF Trattoria Guidi- Behind Reception Desk, 122-126 Deedes Street, Airdrie Variable Public 11m
6447271A-04C8-4B52-9DE8-AFB700C17525 ML6 9BG Terra Tek Ltd, 62 Rochsolloch Road, Airdrie Variable Restricted 11m
28B44954-55B9-4796-81B3-AF4C0104FA81 ML6 9JB Mcdonald's - North Lanarkshire 3, Airdrie Retail Park, Gartlea Road 24/7 Public 11m
E4921B37-32B9-4C5B-A2E0-AE3A00A308D6 ML6 9JB Tesco, Airdrie Retail Park, Gartlea Road Variable Public 9m
41C83FEB-006F-434C-AD69-AF5300DB71F4 ML6 9SG 35 Main Street, Calderbank 24/7 Public 11m
A78C2CB9-DF83-42E4-A869-AB8200CCA1F1 ML6 9SH 108 Main Street, Calderbank 24/7 Public 11m
E6A93A27-AC01-49B2-ADE2-B11501106FF8 ML7 4AQ 232 Station Road, Shotts 24/7 Public 4m
B95155A3-35BA-4339-ABD5-B0F500D2065C ML7 4DH Calderhead High School, Dyfrig Street, Dykehead Variable Restricted 5m
8BF2E0F5-9078-44B3-983E-B0F10104438C ML7 4DU Police Station, 1 Caledonia Road, Dykehead 24/7 Public 5m
6890681A-4641-4286-84E9-B0F4014D5FA8 ML7 4EY Shotts Bon Accord Social Club, 1 Baton Road, Dykehead 24/7 Public 5m
0F883774-5B7F-4A6D-9650-AE26007EF1B2 ML7 4LH Salsburgh Community Council, Salsburgh Community Centre, Main Street 24/7 Public 11m
97F303AD-C8E4-4D5D-85A0-AE260079F68E ML7 4NZ Duntilland Quarry, Duntilland Road, Salsburgh 24/7 Restricted 11m
DBE3F1F4-4133-4ED7-B046-AE5F00F09F7F ML7 5AQ Damside Inn, 260-262 Allanton Road, Allanton Variable Restricted 11m
8E0112B4-6B1F-430A-B95E-B0F800DC2DEA ML7 5DS Burnbrae Medical Practice Shotts Health Centre, 36 Station Road, Shotts Variable Restricted 5m
82BB5AB2-D7AB-48BC-99E2-B0F10112ED62 ML7 5ES Bca Insulation, 1 Gilburn Place, Shotts Variable Restricted 5m
A159D0D3-EA76-4C91-AF0E-B115016A2D9C ML7 5ET Shotts Ironworks Bowling Club, Kirk Road, Shotts Variable Public 4m
95DE7E5A-8A90-48E2-9360-AF7200CB879D ML7 5EZ Davidson Animal Feeds, Davidson Animal Grain Merchants, Gray Street Variable Restricted 11m
75A9B8F8-5CDB-49BE-A876-B15B00B7FC70 ML7 5HD Marble Social Club, Lansdowne Crescent, Stane 24/7 Public 2m
8B4C3DA2-EF57-47F4-B023-B126016ED26C ML7 5HD 1 Lansdowne Crescent, Stane, Shotts 24/7 Public 4m
321C300B-9D6B-4992-AAEC-AE1600A5A12F ML7 5PT Knowhead Garage, Edinburgh Road,, Harthill 24/7 Public 11m
6E9530E2-4964-48AF-9E09-AE1600A4540C ML7 5QD Cafe Royal Bar, The Royal Bar, 28 West Main Street 24/7 Public 11m
AB08B8C6-D4DA-41F3-BBCC-ACB80107AE74 ML7 5RN M & J Sports Injury Clinic, 19 Herbison Crescent, Shotts 24/7 Public 11m
5DEE4FAE-4DF5-4A70-82EA-AC4F00A3C309 ML7 5TJ Ponies Help Children, Blairmains Farm, Junction 5 Of M8 24/7 Public 11m
4563 ML8 4AD My Dentist, Lanarkshire 24/7 Public
6875E640-BCFC-405F-AD56-4B1752EC01E6 ML8 4AJ Community Heartbeat Trust, 28 High Street, Carluke 24/7 Public 11m
2B08299D-E469-48DB-B6DF-AAC500E7237B ML8 4DF Carluke Integrated Community Facility, Carnwath Road, Carluke Variable Public 11m
48FD070B-E003-4234-A64D-137A9C0D5C5B ML8 4DP Sllct, Carluke Leisure Centre, Carnwath Road Variable Public 11m
1B24EE19-05C8-4564-86F3-AEB5014BAC0A ML8 4PB 1 Kilmory Road, Carluke 24/7 Public 9m
33EC20ED-9E86-4837-851D-2F7B432075E7 ML8 4QE P L P C Block B- Inside Stores Vehicle Ent On Wall At Lhs, General Area Of, Carluke Variable Public 11m
63E04B13-0380-4B05-AE96-AE8D0087C781 ML8 4QE P L P C Ltd, Roadmeetings, Yieldshields Road Variable Restricted 11m
6044 ML8 5AA Kirkton Church, Lanarkshire 24/7 Public
F874AF3B-03A2-41B5-BD8F-AC7E00C3666E ML8 5AA Kirkton Parish Church, Station Road, Carluke 24/7 Public 11m
3E726E2A-027C-40A1-B9FF-AE3C00C5F00E ML8 5AL Tesco Superstore, Lanark Rd, 0 Variable Public 11m
5FB22C66-C6C8-4B95-BDF5-ADFA011318BA ML8 5BZ 47 Burn Road, Carluke 24/7 Public 11m
4B3E35A0-A9AE-4D02-8913-B027012569FE ML8 5EB St Andrews Parish Church, 29 Mount Stewart Street, Carluke 24/7 Public 11m
8371 ML8 5HG Carluke Golf Club, The Club House, South Lanarkshire 24/7 Public
8372 ML8 5HG Carluke Golf Club, South Lanarkshire 24/7 Public
2CE60A28-CB57-4722-A0E9-B06000AD7BCE ML8 5HG Carluke Golf Club, Hallcraig, 23 Mauldslie Road 24/7 Public 9m
8CDF562D-F39E-4CED-905A-B06000AF041A ML8 5HG Hallcraig, 23 Mauldslie Road, Carluke 24/7 Public 9m
A056DFBA-BC6B-42BD-B478-AEC900F7A5C8 ML8 5JB Law Bowling Club, Lawmuir Bowling Club, Lawmuir Road Variable Restricted 11m
BB46A5DF-8A9B-4EF0-9BA7-B13A00FD51CE ML8 5LN 53/55 Station Road, Law, Carluke 24/7 Public 3m
49037E19-A945-435F-973F-AF54011C8F24 ML8 5PG Braidwood Community, Nellfield Filling Station, 90 Lanark Road 24/7 Public 11m
89BAD5AA-E96A-4566-A267-B0A70095C2AC ML8 5QF Dobbies Garden Centre Sandyholm, Sandyholm, Crossford Variable Public 8m
4169 ML8 5RE Post Office and Stores, South Lanarkshire 24/7 Public
81EC05EC-EAF7-4A4F-BACE-C04D5E02E3C4 ML8 5RE Post Office- On Front External Wall, 60 Lanark Road, Crossford Carluke 24/7 Public 11m
AFA09BD1-2112-449D-BC36-B09300CCC959 ML8 5UF Screwfix Carluke, Units 1&2, Block 2 Variable Public 8m
DBB430EB-20BA-4AD2-AC93-AB7700DB6647 ML9 1DP Lighthhouse, 2 King Street, Larkhall 24/7 Public 11m
9E7E46E1-FCAE-4DD5-9934-B0BE0116A230 ML9 1HX Larkhall Baptist Church, 27 Machan Road, Larkhall 24/7 Public 7m
2244EDC3-B5D0-4E36-A57E-0F613F047343 ML9 1QP Larkhall Leisure Centre Broomhill- At Reception Desk, General Area Of, Larkhall Variable Public 11m
F1FA0E23-CD7D-4B55-84A5-AEF900A394AE ML9 2AA 18 Montgomery Street, Larkhall Variable Restricted 11m
C8083510-3125-41CA-A78B-AAF200B82800 ML9 2AG St Thomas Masonic 306, 27 Wellgate Street, Larkhall 24/7 Public 11m
3214B700-C621-4F1C-81BA-AFB200B45B02 ML9 2TL Larkhall Waste And Recycling Centre, Strutherhill Industrial Estate, Carlisle Road Variable Restricted 11m
E47468A6-A4A2-4B83-8976-AFC20170B2AF ML9 3DE Bent View Nursery, Draffan Road, Netherburn 24/7 Restricted 11m
2656D280-0AF6-4C93-AF10-B023008639F5 ML9 3EB St Ninian's Church, St Ninians Church, 10 Vicars Road 24/7 Public 11m
3DC2F5D0-C55F-4D4A-A173-ABC30097F3C1 ML9 3EB 16a Vicars Road, Stonehouse 24/7 Public 11m
B9F40B01-8658-4F63-BE8B-AE2300F0BA52 ML9 3EQ Stonehouse Mens Shed, 23 King Street, Stonehouse 24/7 Public 11m
1FCF96AE-0FD0-4804-AD2D-AACB00C9C3FD ML9 3JL Stonehouse Integrated Community Facility, 2 Udstonmill Road, Stonehouse Variable Public 11m
380FD096-A5AC-448E-AAD0-B0EF00D2969F ML9 3LF Sllct, Tileworks Pavilion Tileworks Sports Ground, Union Street Variable Restricted 5m
79225356-35E8-462E-8102-AF1C007C44F1 ML9 3LN Clydesdale R.u.f.c., Alexander Hamilton Memorial Park, Lawrie Street 24/7 Public 11m
863DBD54-E566-4A8B-87BB-AF8F013ED881 ML9 3LW Masonic Hall, Green Street, Larkhall 24/7 Public 11m

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

The OSM objects here are not close enough to an unmatched AED in one of the data sources to be matched. Matches to an AED in the Circuit that is further away can be forced by adding a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the corresponding Circuit UUID. It is not possible to force a match to the NDDB.

Found 17 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n4501033408 Inside Abington Services building, on wall facing entrance.
MZ n4501238633 inside visitor centre
MZ n6711030013 Woodstock Medical Practice
MZ n6711719940
MZ n6711730666 South Lanarkshire Council
MZ n6711789887 Curtis Bros Fitness
MZ n6712127816 Lawrie and Symington
MZ n6712140886 Police Scotland
MZ n6712163641 Lanark Golf Club
MZ n6712169031 Morrisons
MZ n6747124994 inside front door of supermarket
MZ n8508377502 outside wall of the Green Room
MZ n8980133737 Harburn Village Hall - by entrance
MZ n9405232431 insde phone box at east end of West Main Street, Whitburn
MZ n10086965979 outside Mavor & Co (in square next to Scotmid), Main Street, West Calder
MZ n10228505109 outside garage (petrol station), Broughton
MZ n10232923428

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Circuit AEDs matched to an OSM object by location

To confirm a match as correct, add a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the UUID from The Circuit. To remove an incorrect match, either add the correct UUID (if the AED is listed in The Circuit) or add a not:ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag with a semi-colon separated list of UUIDs not to match.

Found 10 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
3593C9E1-1BBC-49E5-9435-AF2400D8AF44 ML1 2QN Motherwell Football Club, Fir Park Street, Motherwell n11971772707 4 m
2AF6040C-52E1-4978-A3D8-8B7892714134 ML10 6AD Strathaven Trinity Parish Church, 15 Lethame Road, Strathaven n10599087905 Trinity Church 29 m
73158F91-C808-4E43-AB4C-AC6F0101A293 ML10 6NB Strathaven Park Play Area Strathaven Park, Threestanes Road, Strathaven n10596690511 Public Access site across from Children's Play Park. Inside a heated, locked DS2 Cabinet. 17 m
1F6F96E1-E570-45A0-97F1-67C6EF6FDFF6 ML11 7AG Tesco Stores Ltd, Gallowhill Road, Lanark n6711704475 20 m
83C1598B-6744-45B2-91E9-62646AF33A29 ML11 0JA Inside Red Telephone Box-, Lesmahagow Road, Boghead Lesmahagow n556419345 inside red phone box on Lesmahagow Road, Boghead 3 m
AD36CE74-2A49-47A0-8AF3-41C28F3C4335 ML11 7ES Hugh Black & Sons Butchers, 74 High Street, Lanark n6711724191 23 m
63DA42DF-0D04-4374-BBE4-AE6D00D5ADD9 ML12 6UT Wanlockhead Museum, U469n From B797 At Tollhouse To U470n Near Smithy, Wanlockhead n10947959654 On outside wall of Visitor Centre, underneath canopy 15 m
90F4DCBB-65A7-4FF1-80EE-ADB001122DF5 ML12 6PD Tinto Hill Tea Room, A73 From Symington A72 To Hyndford Bridge, Biggar n11892012165 outside wall of Tinto Hill Tearoom 5 m
B99150B9-37C2-456A-BF82-3DA32586DCEB ML12 6QN Village Hall, A701 1 Mile South Of Crook Inn, Tweedsmuir n11397048243 outside Tweedsmuir Village Hall 33 m
2C0D8676-89AF-4A1A-ADF0-AEF201049248 ML7 5DU Hartwood Community Development Group, 2 Newmill Gardens, Hartwood Train Station n11163930178 by entrance to Hartwood railway station car park 17 m

Circuit AEDs matched to an OSM object by reference

The matches here are when an AED in OSM has a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag that matched a UUID from The Circuit.

Found 6 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
65CA24CA-7142-4463-A417-FFCD2C3D30E2 ML11 7DG At Reception Desk, Lanark Lifestyles Lanark Swimming Pool, Thomas Taylor Avenue, Lanark n6712151059 81 m
CC9BBE3D-760A-46C0-91DB-AD9F0078B852 ML11 8JU 69/71 Main Street, Carnwath, Lanark n9907439721 outsde Carnwath Post Office and Shop 119 m
ED43F69F-A151-405F-A9B1-765304D6ABCB ML11 9SZ Clyde Veterinary Group New Lanark Market- At Entrance, Hyndford Road, Lanark n6712151845 25 m
98FB283D-2536-4AC2-966E-AFEB00AB6EDB ML12 6HQ Broughton Village Hall, Main Street, Where B7016 Meets A701 At Broughton n10935398306 7 m
E15E0E07-9901-483A-AC06-AFEB00C1EF9A ML12 6HQ Broughton Primary School, Broughton Schoolhouse, Broughton n11112345543 21 m
C2A85659-98F7-424C-9F05-AC0500DCF96E ML5 3QB The Kieran Mcdade Foundation, Lavelle Drive, Coatbridge n5857271366 Located on exterior of building beside entrance doorway. 103 m

NDDB AEDs matched to an OSM object by location

Found 1 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
4985 ML11 0JA Telephone Box, South Lanarkshire n556419345 inside red phone box on Lesmahagow Road, Boghead 7 m

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API. Includes data from The Circuit / Defib Finder. Includes data from the National Defibrillator Database.