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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'SN' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the AED location data from the Ambulance Services in Open Street Map. (Even if there was, many are located only by postcode, so the locations are not always precise.) So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list (orange for AEDs that may not be available 24/7, yellow for AEDs not generally available for public use, and red for everything else). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects . For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each Ambulence Service location for an OSM amenity=defibrillator object with a matching postcode, with 2km of the postcode centroid. If any are found the nearest such object is matched. Then we go through all unmatched Ambulence Service locations, and look for any unmatched amenity=defibrillator OSM objects within 150m. If any are found, the hearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated, but with an increased distance limit of 500m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs, or an EAD is a long way from its postcode centriod, they may not be matched correctly.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Postcode Location Locality Ref
SN8 2DS Aldbourne 1 Jubilee changing rooms WC0016
SN8 2DU Aldbourne 2 The Crown PH WC0015
SN8 2BU Aldbourne 3 Whitley Road Flats WC0011
SN8 4LB Alton Barnes Coronation Hall WC0263
SN6 8LN Ashbury with Compton Beauchamp Primary School WC0343
SN6 6NT Ashton Keynes Village Hall WC0017
SN16 0FB Athelstan House WC0237
SN12 8JY Atworth WC0107
SN11 0PS Autoguide Equipment Ltd WC0195
SN8 1RF Avebury Parish Council - Social Centre WC0303
SN8 2JP Baydon - Red Lion WC0118
SN12 7PT Beanacre -St Barnabus Church WC0256
SN4 9NH Berwick Bassett & Winterbourne Monkton Parish Coun WC0443
SN4 9NW Berwick Bassett & Winterbourne Monkton Parish Coun WC0445
SN4 9NL Berwick Bassett & Winterbourne Monkton Parish Coun WC0444
SN6 8PW Bishopstone Village Hall WC0142
SN25 2DA Blunsdon Train Station
SN26 7AR Blunsdon Village Hall WC0467
SN6 8JA Bourton Village Hall
SN6 8JA Bourton Village Hall WC0301
SN12 6TA Bowerhill - The Pilot Pub WC0254
SN12 6FL Bowerhill -Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Spor WC0261
SN4 7DB Bowman House Busines Centre WC0358
SN15 4ER Bradenstoke Parish Council WC0074
SN11 9LD Bremhill Village Hall WC0057
SN15 5AF Brinkworth Parish Council WC0359
SN4 9RH Broad Hinton Village Hall WC0226
SN4 7RL Broadtown Parish Council WC0361
SN15 2JR Bromham 3 Angell House WC0013
SN15 2DZ Bromham 4 V & P Collins Farm Shop WC0019
SN15 2JB Bromham Social Centre WC0020
SN12 7NG Brookside Care Home WC0243
SN12 8NX Broughton Gifford (The Bell on the Common) WC0378
SN12 8PN Broughton Gifford (The Fox and Hounds) WC0193
SN8 3AE Burbage 2 The Three Horseshoes Public House WC0030
SN8 3AJ Burbage 3 The Village Hall WC0022
SN8 3AR Burbage 4 The Petrol Station WC0058
SN8 3AZ Burbage 5 Dursley Telephone Box WC0199
SN4 7PX Bushton Village Hall WC0286
SN2 7AP CS & Nalgo Sports Association WC0434
SN4 0LS Calley Memorial Hall WC0394
SN11 0HA Calne Town Council WC0132
SN4 0NQ Cameo Hair Salon WC0395
SN5 0AA Caring Hands (Wiltshire) WC0366
SN3 4SE Carriers Arms WC0220
SN14 7HU Castle Combe Village Hall WC0478
SN6 6JZ Castle Eaton Parish Council WC0170
SN14 6BY Chapel House WC0436
SN16 9DL Charlton Village Hall WC0459
SN11 8XX Cherhill C of E Primary School WC0364
SN11 8YG Cherhill Parish Council WC0360
SN11 8XP Cherhill Village Hall WC0006
SN14 6HJ Chippenham - Sheldon School WC0228
SN15 5LH Chippenham Pitstop WC0314
SN15 1NH Chippenham Sports Club WC0476
SN14 0RF Chippenham Without Parish Council WC0285
SN10 3LA Coate Telephone Box WC0474
SN3 6AA Coate Water Park WC0161
SN8 3UH Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall WC0431
SN6 8TY Comec Voice & Data
SN6 8TY Comec Voice and Data WC0179
SN8 2AP Coombe End Court WC0240
SN3 5BD Covingham Park Primary School WC0400
SN6 6NF Cricklade Community Project WC0274
SN6 6EN Cricklade Culverhay Stores WC0275
SN6 6AA Cricklade Dental Practice WC0024
SN6 6JW Cricklade Leisure Centre WC0381
SN16 9ER Crudwell Parish Council WC0159
SN11 9NR Derry Hill 2 Telephone Box WC0025
SN11 9LX Derry Hill United Football Club (Bowood Sports Gro WC0144
SN11 9LW Derry Hill and Studley Heartbeat WC0369
SN8 3DB East Grafton The Coronation Hall WC0008
SN10 4NY Easterton Village WC0116
SN9 5LY Easton Royal Village Hall WC0204
SN9 6DD Enford Hill House WC0103
SN10 3JH Etchillhampton Village Hall WC0077
SN7 7LB Faringdon Community College
SN7 7BN Faringdon Fire Station
SN7 7AZ Farringdon Public Toilets
SN16 9JN Filands Gate, Malmesbury WC0318
SN7 7RP Fox & Hounds Public House
SN7 1JW Foxes Piece School
SN8 3LD Froxfield Memorial Hall WC0325
SN8 3PF Great Bedwyn WC0078
SN8 3RB Ham Indigo Palace (Crown an Anchor) WC0028
SN5 4JL Hayes Knoll Train Station
SN10 2FR Hayward Care Centre WC0246
SN6 7NU Highworth Community Centre WC0135
SN6 7FB Highworth Council Offices WC0145
SN6 7HF Highworth The Plough Inn WC0146
SN6 7BZ Highworth Warneford School WC0372
SN6 7DN Highworth Westrop Police Station WC0104
SN9 6LE Hilcott Village Hall WC0120
SN11 8SQ Hilmarton The Community Room WC0029
SN7 8RN Hinton Waldrist Village Hall
SN10 3NB Horton -Bishops Cannings Parish Council WC0200
SN4 7FU Housing & Care 21 - Dairy View WC0187
SN25 3AF Housing & Care 21 - Maple Court WC0188
SN15 1NZ John Coles Park WC0465
SN15 5NJ Kington Langley Parish Council 1 WC0189
SN15 5PS Kington Langley Parish Council 2 WC0190
SN15 5NP Kington Langley Parish Council 3 WC0217
SN15 2LQ Lacock The Red Lion Inn WC0100
SN6 6DP Latton Parish Council WC0202
SN10 4PS Lavington School WC0181
SN16 9PG Lea Village Hall WC0137
SN6 6RE Leigh Telephone Box WC0351
SN3 6EX Liden Primary and Nursery School WC0415
SN10 4JU Little Cheverell Telephone Box WC0296
SN15 5JP Little Somerford Arms WC0163
SN10 4ES Littleton Panel WC0125
SN7 7SY Longcot and Fernham Primary School
SN10 3PP Lydeway GC0563
SN10 3PU Lydeway 2 Planks Farm Shop WC0062
SN5 3PA Lydiard Park Visitor Centre WC0162
SN15 4PP Lyneham & Bradenstoke Parish Council WC0174
SN15 4PD Lyneham & Bradenstoke Parish Council WC0173
SN16 9BZ Malmesbury 1 Town Hall WC0071
SN16 0DF Malmesbury 2 Corn Gastons WC0080
SN16 9BS Malmesbury Bowls and Social Club WC0260
SN16 0AJ Malmesbury The Co-Op supermarket WC0079
SN9 6JQ Manningford Bruce - Village Hall WC0124
SN8 4HH Manton Preshute Primary School WC0034
SN11 0EE Marden Court (OSJCT) WC0244
SN10 3RQ Marden Village Hall WC0081
SN10 4DG Market Lavington Community Hall WC0101
SN10 4AQ Market Lavington Surgery WC0122
SN10 4AG Market Lavington Village WC0109
SN8 1BG Marlborough 3 Mace Convenience Stores WC0060
SN8 4BA Marlborough 4 Costcutter Supermarket WC0035
SN8 2AJ Marlborough 5 Drove Veterinary Practice WC0036
SN8 4BY Marlborough 6 Kennet Pharmacy WC0037
SN8 4AX Marlborough 7 St John’s Marlborough WC0044
SN8 2BG Marlborough Football Club WC0171
SN8 2BG Marlborough Town Football Club
SN14 8NQ Marshfield Doctor's Surgery GC0084
SN4 9ED Mead Family Funerals WC0479
SN6 6DD Meadow Park School WC0482
SN2 7JX Meadowcroft Community Rooms WC0451
SN12 7NB Melksham Queensway Chapell WC0191
SN12 6DT Melksham The New Inn Pub WC0253
SN12 7SG Melksham The Water Meadow Pub WC0257
SN1 3EG Mid Counties Co-Op WC0129
SN8 2LR Mildenhall Village Hall WC0042
SN8 3SJ Mill Farm WC0038
SN16 9QR Minety Sports Club WC0089
SN14 6UZ Morrisons Chippenham WC0389
SN3 3BF Morrisons Swindon - Dorian House WC0391
SN1 1FA Morrisons Swindon - Regent Circus WC0392
SN4 8BT Noremarsh Junior School WS0080
SN16 9TG Oaksey Primary School WC0043
SN25 2DU Park Home Life Ltd WC0288
SN10 3RD Patney - Home Farm WC0406
SN9 5NL Pewsey - The Angela Yeates Memorial Ground WC0169
SN9 5PS Pewsey - The Barge Inn WC0168
SN9 5AQ Pewsey Parish Council WC0297
SN9 5EQ Pewsey The Scout Hall WC0064
SN9 5NU Pewsey The Waterfront (Pewsey Wharf) WC0068
SN7 7LW Phone Box by the Eagle Tavern
SN7 8QS Phone Box on The Square
SN7 7RB Phone Box opposite St Mary's Church
SN7 7QE Phone Box outside St Nicholas Church
SN10 5ND Potterne Village Hall WC0438
SN10 1RW Poulshot - The Raven Public House WC0141
SN10 1SD Poulshot Parish Council - Townsend Farm WC0448
SN10 1RT Poulshot Parish Council - Village Hall WC0447
SN10 3LA Public Toilet Green WC0278
SN5 4BZ Purton - The Royal George Public House WC0198
SN5 4AJ Purton Village Hall WC0166
SN8 2PB Ramsbury 1 Memorial Hall WC0046
SN8 2QH Ramsbury 4 Primary School WC0048
SN25 2GY Redhouse Community Centre WC0483
SN14 0JE Redland Primary School Chippenham WC0350
SN4 7AN Ridgeway House WC0239
SN10 5SE Rose and Crown WC0111
SN10 2PN Rowde Parish WC0185
SN4 8DS Royal Wooton Bassett Rugby Football Club WC0003
SN4 7AX Royal Wootton Borough Fields WC0127
SN3 4EW Sainsburys Superstore
SN1 3LZ Savernake Social Hall (Eastcott Community Organisa WC0309
SN15 3PE Seymour House OSJCT WC0236
SN8 3QH Shalbourne 1 Primary School Kingston Road WC0049
SN8 3PX Shalbourne 2 The Lynch WC0087
SN12 8EP Shaw Village Hall WC0255
SN3 4SH South Marston Village Hall WC0221
SN7 7DX Southampton Street Car Park
SN11 9PX St Edmund Masonic Lodge WC0458
SN7 8HX Stanford in the Vale Football Club
SN7 8LX Stanford in the Vale Village Hall
SN15 3RR Stanley Park Sports Ground WC0466
SN8 4LP Stanton St Bernard Telephone Kiosk WC0410
SN14 6DQ Stanton St Quintin Primary School WC0437
SN11 0NS Stockley Defibrillator Group WC0371
SN11 9NO Studley Methodist Chapel WC0121
SN3 4YF Supermarine Sports & Social Club WC0475
SN15 4RD Sutton Benger - The Wellesley Arms WC0148
SN15 4RP Sutton Benger Village Hall WC0139
SN25 4TA Swindon Catherine Wayte Primary School WC0073
SN2 2DS Swindon Indoor Bowls Club WC0341
SN10 3EA T. H. White WC0412
SN10 3EA T. H. White WC0411
SN8 2RN T. H. White WC0433
SN7 7BP Tesco Metro
SN11 9PU Tesco Superstore Calne WC0356
SN8 3SD The Barley Corn WC0398
SN5 4AF The Cedars OSJCT WC0248
SN7 7AQ The Cricket Club Pavilion
SN10 2JT The Crown Inn WC0416
SN10 5DX The Fairway Community Group WC0290
SN1 2NR The Hills Group WC0323
SN25 4FD The Jovial Monk Pub WC0472
SN14 6AP The Neeld Arms WC0397
SN13 9SN The Neston Country Inn WC0386
SN14 7HF The Old Smithy WC0481
SN13 9FN The Pavillion WS0124
SN8 3QF The Plough Public House WC0403
SN16 0AR The United Reform Church - Malmesbury WC0329
SN10 1SJ The Well Pub WC0470
SN16 9ET The Wheatsheaf Inn WC0342
SN7 7YU The White Horse Medical Practice
SN7 7NX The Woodman Inn
SN4 7PJ Tockenham Village Hall WC0175
SN14 8JA Tormarton Parish Council 2 GC0550
SN16 0FB Townsend Court (Kingsdale Group Limited) WC0238
SN10 5TZ Turners of Erlestoke WC0210
SN7 7SD Uffington Sports & Social Club
SN7 7RA Uffington Village Hall
SN9 6AG Upavon Parish - Kiosk WC0158
SN14 7HQ Upper Castle Combe WC0477
SN10 4QU Urchfont 1 Community Shop and Post office WC0070
SN10 4QH Urchfont Vehicles Ltd WC0300
SN10 4QE Urchfont Village Hall WC0052
SN4 0DF Wanborough Doctors Surgery WC0002
SN4 0AN Wanborough Hooper's Field WC0182
SN4 0AD Wanborough Village Hall WC0183
SN10 3QE Wedhampton Old Manor Farm WC0053
SN8 3BY West Grafton WC0054
SN10 4LF West Lavington Parish (Kiosk) WC0106
SN10 4HL West Lavington Parish (Village Hall) WC0126
SN5 7BT Westlea Primary School WC0401
SN8 3SQ Wexcombe WC0055
SN7 7QL White Horse Inn
SN12 8QR Whiteley Reading Rooms WC0258
SN9 4NN Wilcot Village Hall WC0090
SN8 4JU Wilcot and Huish with Oare Parish Council WC0307
SN9 5PL Woodborough Social Club WC0102
SN8 4NQ Wootton Rivers Village Hall WC0005
SN4 9LW Wroughton Ellendune Community Centre WC0172
SN1 1QN Wyvern Theatre WC0430

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

OSM Object Ref Location
n26784125 CHT-RT-1477 disused red phone booth
n392716313 GC0704 in phone box in Tresham
n4345060035 in red phone box, St Julian's Road, Shoscombe - NE of Shoscombe Church School
n5591266400 BA1 1AQ in yellow phone box at junction of Newark Street and New Marchants Passage
n5673692257 On platform 1, by the top of the stairs, just to left of the Tourist Information office.
n5762137718 On platform 2, just to the right of the 'Dashi' cafe.
n6970251338 Inside locked building. Accessible only to employees of Sougate
n7678267962 GC 0650 to right of church gate
n7837941011 outside Alderton Village Hall
n7894846119 CHT-10-592 on wall
n8038390912 inside red phone box at junction of Bath Hill and High Street, Wellow
n8355333814 On front of pub, facing road
n8355345874 In porch of Fleece Inn
n8556579035 Defibrillator on wall of church, to left of entrance.
n8754439148 inside red phonebox (that is now book exchange) near the Market Cross in Poole Keynes
n9019698107 On outside wall facing the road

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object

Ref Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location MR Offset
SN16 0HD The Telephone Box n253705280 In old red Telephone Box 25 m
SN15 2HU Bromham 2 Telephone Box n2362849282 90 m
SN25 1QX Morrisons Swindon - Thames Avenue n2633548803 345 m
SN8 3SS Wilton Telephone Box n3032154065 106 m
SN8 1LP Marlborough 1 Town Hall n4279939423 outside Marlborough Town Hall on Oxford Street, Marlborough 31 m
SN12 7NU Mellsham - SSE Martingy House n4362149962 61 m
SN11 0PH Heddington and Stockley n4363579931 73 m
SN10 5NA Potterne Village n4421774477 33 m
SN10 5NG Potterne Parish Council n4421774478 75 m
SN6 7QY Inglesham Telephone Kiosk n4499464982 27 m
SN11 9QY Derry Hill 1 Village Hall n4505189469 117 m
SN8 1HD Marlborough 2 Library / Tourist information Centre n4610759728 outside Marlborough Library between post box and phone box 41 m
SN9 5PF Manningford Abbott (Woodborough Garden Centre) n4692638060 31 m
SN9 5EL Pewsey Metals Ltd n4692638061 161 m
SN12 6DD Melksham 2 Fire Station n4842439752 84 m
SN12 6ES Melksham 1 Assembly Hall n4842439753 64 m
SN12 6LP Melksham Riverside Centre n4842439754 83 m
SN13 0HJ Corsham Town Council n4946813437 65 m
SN12 8AT Melksham 3 Jones Convenience Stores n5528320238 84 m
SN9 5HL Pewsey Aura Beauty Studio n5816555472 by junction of Salisbury Road and Swan Road in Pewsey 7 m
SN15 3ER Chippenham Town Hall n6109629082 On wall close to entrance to Borough Parade 57 m
SN8 3AA Burbage 1 By the White Hart n6294464617 in phone box next to White Hart on High Street, Burbage 23 m
SN6 8AN Shrivenham Parish Council n6434223807 99 m
SN8 2DL Aldbourne 4 Lottage Road n6436955784 393 m
SN10 3QS Chirton Cofe School n6470879212 104 m
SN10 3PA All Cannings, Village Hall n6470936837 outside on corner of All Cannings Village Hall 33 m
SN8 4JN Huish Village n6470978295 34 m
SN9 5LZ Easton Royal Holy Trinity Church n6471089894 139 m
SN12 6PX The Brewery Pub n6605195783 35 m
SN12 6NS Seend Community Centre n6605195784 32 m
SN15 2LJ Bromham 1 Telephone Box Netherstreet n6689749555 in phone box, Netherstreet, St Edith's Marsh 25 m
SN10 1ZZ Post Office Sorting Offices n6701124635 outside Royal Mail Delivery office on Maryport Street in Devizes 17 m
SN14 6JB Kington St Michael 2 The Jolly Huntsman n7368377886 22 m
SN14 6JE Kington St Michael 1 CE School n7368377985 152 m
SN8 2RD Ramsbury 3 n7703371437 on wall 20 m
SN14 8EU Dyrham & Hinton Parish Council n7710061350 In red telephone box, Lower Street, Dyrham 90 m
SN16 0HZ The Horseguards n7737495456 outside wall of former The Horse Guards PH 32 m
SN16 0LR Sherston Rattlebone Inn n7837918639 on wall 135 m
SN8 1QZ Avebury Trusloe n7972985662 inside red phone box in Avebury Trusloe 86 m
SN13 9EU Corsham Bowls Club n8179991944 150 m
SN13 9DR Hungerford House OSJCT n8179991945 26 m
SN14 7DP Biddestone Village n8188351475 46 m
SN8 2PT Ramsbury 2 Crown & Anchor PH n8230690301 on wall of pub 99 m
SN14 8HQ Dyrham & Hinton Parish Council n8287234935 In disused red phone box, Healey Drive, Hinton 36 m
SN14 7LU Burton Community Association n8307085936 On front of pub "The Old House at Home" 101 m
SN10 1DX Carpetright, Devizes n8378673522 61 m
SN11 8RG The White Horse Inn n8382152654 on corner of outbuilding next to White Horse, Compton Bassett 84 m
SN10 1EB WI House Devizes n8384444853 5 m
SN10 1NE Devizes Ambulance Station n8391242106 48 m
SN10 1AT Old Swan Yard n8402537476 6 m
SN10 1AJ Public Toilets, Shambles Car Park n8411834231 91 m
SN13 8NA Box Village n8413000936 On wall of Post Office 75 m
SN14 6LJ Chippenham Without Parish Council n8554084724 Defibrillator mounted on fence, to left of entrance gate. 221 m
SN9 6JZ North Newnton Telephone Kiosk n8574705972 12 m
SN9 5JJ Pewsey Milton Road  (Opposite St Johns Close) on t n8595100783 64 m
SN9 5LQ Milton Lilbourne Village Hall n8599942094 146 m
SN15 4NB West End Foxham Corner With Hare Street n8679342114 On post, opposite Hare St 196 m
SN15 4BQ Christian Malford Parish Council n8679369512 In red phone box at entrance to recreation ground 35 m
SN15 5EL Great Somerford n8783999272 inside red phone box next to Volunteer Inn, Great Somerford 124 m
SN9 6EA Upavon Parish n8929529336 12 m
SN12 6RN Seend Parish Council - Telephone Box n9077264674 Inside red telephone kiosk 38 m

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