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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'G' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 894 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
FA4B0709-510C-4ED9-9213-AFEE0108D1BD G1 1NL Tesco Express, 6-7 Merchant Building, High Street Variable Public
37E8C26F-1135-4228-8DD0-B05F00F673B4 G1 1RE 10 Montrose Street, Glasgow Variable Public
B4EF489F-9A1B-4FCF-A06F-AD72D58BF336 G1 1UH The Trades Hall- See Aed Retrieval Instructions Below***, Glassford Street, City Centre Glasgow Variable Public
3DF33F27-DA9F-4372-AA50-AAEA00E97280 G1 1UR A X M, 90 Glassford Street, Glasgow 24/7 Public
DAD2182F-C68D-43F0-9D6F-B00B010CB452 G1 1XW Synaptec Ltd, 204 George Street, Mezzaine Floor 2 Variable Public
6B445D34-48AE-4483-AF34-AC00012C2EDC G1 2AF Queen Street Station, 38 George Square, Glasgow Variable Restricted
EF2CF02E-A746-4412-887B-AB1800EDCA6A G1 2AQ Balfour Beatty Site Office, North Hanover Street, Glasgow Queen Street Car Park 24/7 Public
DD3623CC-4C53-45F7-A557-80B8E468D5E7 G1 2DT Curtins, Queens House- On 5th Floor, 29 St Vincents Place Variable Public
FC0CFD4C-4AC9-4871-BC34-B06200FA77FD G1 2DT Queens House, Suit 2/2, 19 St Vincent Place, Glasgow Variable Restricted
11610666-7C8E-4339-8E3B-AF9600AFA219 G1 2GF O2 Store (0444) Glasgow - Buchanan, Unit 28 Level 3, Buchanan Galleries Variable Restricted
45F34B5A-3626-4DA6-9F59-AABD00AC3439 G1 2JZ Strathclyde Partnership For Transport, Buchanan Street Subway Station, 174 Buchanan St Variable Public
522C1DC3-FA22-43C4-8F43-AD8000CCB700 G1 2RL The Holiday Inn, 161 West Nile Street, Glasgow 24/7 Public
C3FE7E11-CBC3-456A-BBB9-AB4500B3E806 G1 3AH Gallery Of Modern Art, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow Variable Public
49559FC2-9456-4D02-AA56-AEDF00B0E0D0 G1 3AN 15 Exchange Place, Glasgow Variable Restricted
01E36DD3-2789-4F94-9722-B03100EF2DB7 G1 3DN Tesco Glasgow Queen Street Express, 94 Queen St, Glasgow Variable Public
E4633C46-85AE-441F-BB08-AF9600A8EDE8 G1 3HF O2 Store (0005) Glasgow - Buchanan Street, 87/89 Buchanan Street, Scotland Variable Restricted
93A85C56-ED9A-4611-84E1-B0970109E343 G1 3JE Laing The Jeweller (Rolex), Rowan House, 70 Buchanan Street Variable Public
37CB0106-E43B-48CB-B956-B02F0121E9D1 G1 3QQ Tesco Glasgow Union St Express, 122-136 Union St, Glasgow Variable Public
715BABF5-459C-46A8-958A-AF3200D4DC3C G1 3QX Glasgow Street Aid, 56 Union Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
A934351C-DF02-47CD-BC44-AB6B01066E6A G1 4AL Mcaleer & Rushe Site Cabins, 5, Dixon Street 24/7 Public
824C2A77-99C7-4B68-87D0-7860EE3F9D0B G1 4DB In Ticket Office At St Enoch Subway Station, St Enoch Subway Station, 10 St Enoch Square Variable Public
AD79A90E-E89F-4DEF-AA8E-AC1B00E873AC G1 4EX La Belle Forme, 154 Clyde Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
EE949795-1A0C-48AD-82D5-ADDF00A0777D G1 4RZ Tesco Store, 175 Trongate, Glasgow Variable Public
88060483-9C44-4438-9E49-9336243AA919 G1 4SP The Clutha Bar- Behind Bar, Ask Staff, Glasgow: 167 Stockwell Street, City Centre Glasgow Variable Public
47EFC40D-D6C8-41AD-A667-AB54000179B6 G1 5HF Tesco Stores Ltd, 175 Trongate, Glasgow Variable Public
AF4982D6-906E-41E0-881B-AF2C00868E64 G1 5HF Mcdonald's - Trongate, 65-167 Trongate, Glasgow 24/7 Public
926EA1BB-5F95-48CD-A000-AB3C009631BF G1 5JT Scts, Glasgow High Court Of Justiciary, 1 Mart Street Variable Public
E44DA5ED-7A34-49D3-8D8C-AE5B00C7002C G11 5BY Partickhill Bowling And Community Club, Partickhill Avenue, Glasgow 24/7 Public
0469D67F-3BEA-49B4-A7E6-AFCE00D3B0E0 G11 5NS 30 Fortrose Street, Glasgow 24/7 Public
A465F8EE-A66E-4098-AD25-5A3D67C575C9 G11 5RA In Ticket Office At Kelvinhall Subway Station, Kelvinhall Subway Station, Dalcross Pass Variable Public
DF9815C9-9789-417F-BBA4-AE3B00E867F9 G11 6AA Tesco, 229 Dumbarton Road, Partick Variable Public
B10AFC62-E0C1-4248-95DB-B14A0B5ED0C5 G11 6AB Partick South Church- On O/S Wall Facing Street, 259 Dumbarton Road, Partick Glasgow 24/7 Public
70145510-433C-445E-96A5-AC4500E4CF38 G11 6BL Vinci Construction Site, Glasgow Harbour Terrace, Partick Variable Restricted
1B22FA8B-798F-455E-B4B7-AABD00EC854C G11 6DB Strathclyde Passenger Transport, Patrick Station, 42 Merkland Street Variable Public
A83A3D74-32A1-411E-891E-AD9800783304 G11 6EB Castlebank Street/South Street, Glasgow Harbour, Glasgow Variable Restricted
5648A3F0-C7F7-4659-B66A-02CAC4B3D39F G11 7DN 501 Crow Road, Broomhill Glasgow 24/7 Public
54FD5A49-841F-469D-8915-AEEE00D6C516 G11 7LG Private Home, 28 Randolph Road, Glasgow Variable Restricted
8DC9ABAC-1B44-4E1C-BCC4-AADA00EDC2BA G11 7LG Broomhill Hyndland Parish Church, Rear Lane, 64-66 Randolph Road 24/7 Public
46817A2B-9C5D-4742-A776-ACDB00F61469 G12 0JW Cleveden Secondary School, 42 Cleveden Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
55D53803-121D-4EB5-BCC7-AAB900A2440E G12 0SW Kelvinside Academy, 33 Kirklee Road, Glasgow Variable Public
66A77198-E315-476B-87A2-AAB90098F312 G12 0SW Kelvinside Academy, 33 Kirklee Road, Glasgow Variable Public
BA7401C5-95EC-4E95-954F-AB1F01023835 G12 0UE Public Toilet Botanic Gardens, 730 Great Western Road, Glasgow Variable Public
DC354526-4A5F-4CC1-B931-AB210117D7D9 G12 0YE Glasgow Clyde College, 19 Hatfield Drive, Anniesland Variable Restricted
6D0D6CF6-D50D-4DCD-8E23-AE430085A3C9 G12 8AW Tesco, 304 Byres Road, Glasgow Variable Public
669A026E-F790-40C6-98A6-AC23013331E4 G12 8BD 0/1, 1 Hamilton Gardens, Car Park 24/7 Public
F6F7131A-397D-4A4D-B01C-AF4200E693FB G12 8RT Adam Smith Building, 40 Bute Gardens, Glasgow Variable Public
F6966B78-D2BC-4EDE-A522-698AFC20EE9D G12 8SH In Ticket Office At Hillhead Subway Station, Hillead Subway Station, 248 Byres Rd Variable Public
B9CE1996-96B3-4787-B903-2E37301FDAE5 G12 8TA University Of Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre, 126 University Place, Kelvingrove Glasgow Variable Restricted
302491F6-ECA7-44A8-B891-B03E00E72AB0 G12 9BG Tesco Byres Road Express, 300-304 Byres Rd, Glasgow Variable Public
A1F92247-6520-44F0-978E-B05300E6BEA0 G12 9HW Hyndland Concierge Station, 72 Crown Road North, Glasgow 24/7 Public
F0BF3F1D-E860-452A-B518-AC4500F3B180 G12 9PU Sainsbury's, 6 Novar Drive, Glasgow 24/7 Public
70B6D976-A0D5-4EDB-B56F-B07000E5094B G13 1AX The Hut (Scio), 358 Netherton Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
49CEC7C8-7318-43A7-9859-AFE800EAF5B2 G13 1BJ Screwfix, Unit 3 Anniesland Busines Park, Glasgow Variable Restricted
F9F8CF2B-4ABE-47F5-91D0-AEAD00E807A9 G13 1BJ David Lloyd Leisure, David Lloyd Leisure David Lloyd Club, 238 Netherton Road Variable Restricted
66252A43-7B5A-49F6-8415-AE9A00FC4EB3 G13 1QE Woodend Bowling And Lawn Tennis Club, 30 Chamberlain Road, Glasgow Variable Public
FD32662C-751F-4EBA-A5A6-AC3D00E37A98 G13 1QT Jordanhill Parish Church, 28 Woodend Drive, Glasgow 24/7 Public
093EFDC1-442E-43A3-84EF-37A0D13C5742 G13 1XT On Front Of Fire Station, 373 Anniesland Road, Anniesland To Scotstoun Glasgo 24/7 Public
EAC33049-FE86-425B-A243-AEC500AFB16E G13 3DD Knightswood Community Centre, 201 Alderman Road, Glasgow Variable Restricted
04104606-B837-4BA7-8B86-AFFE0102ECEE G14 0AP 1070 South Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
3D350063-7BB2-4A09-8CEA-AF5400B5E52E G14 0UG Whiteinch Community Centre, 1 Northinch Court, Glasgow 24/7 Public
CD5813E9-235A-4715-A946-CB4E51476F8B G14 0UG The Whiteinch Centre- In Wall In Main Entrance, Northinch Court, Whiteinch Glasgow 24/7 Public
FB39E440-DD4C-41C5-AE63-AE4000F8FDDA G14 0YU Tesco Superstore, 728 Anniesland Rd, 0 Variable Public
FBF6BD12-A1B0-439A-9768-AFDA00F899E6 G14 9UY Westburn, 1329 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow Variable Public
A502B1D2-2E01-4937-9840-B0A5010A8967 G15 6QQ Drumchapel Lawn Tennis Club, 90 Garscadden Road, Old Drumchapel 24/7 Public
C2626563-34BC-46FB-9C0F-AEF00095BF3D G15 6RU Goodyear Club, 307 Duntreath Avenue, Glasgow 24/7 Public
FB648B49-F640-4597-84D7-AECC00A44EC2 G15 8LH 30 Dunkenny Road, Glasgow Variable Public
49E28D5D-8E56-44B3-8530-AFC70085E3ED G15 8SZ Drumchapel Concrete, Hanson Concrete, 107 Dalsetter Avenue, Glasgow, Drumchapel Concrete Variable Restricted
EFD5F6DC-79EE-4718-9E21-ABD800878A65 G15 8TB B & Q, Great Western Road Retail Park, 307 Duntreath Avenue Variable Public
5F842397-75AE-48BF-ACBE-5AFD06AD8677 G2 1BT The Athenaeum Building- On Wall Next To Kitchen, 8 Nelson Mandela Place, City Centre Glasgow Variable Restricted
3DD4CA4F-32CC-49A0-B397-AEBB009DF63D G2 1DY Ey Glasgow G1, 5 George Square, Glasgow Variable Restricted
F53F87CC-2525-431D-91DA-ADEA00E14E13 G2 1DY Stantec, 5th Floor, 9 George Square Variable Restricted
E842D94E-EAD2-4148-8969-AE2900B72201 G2 1PB 93 West George Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
72A6C272-284B-49F9-8046-AF3400CA7FB5 G2 1RW Gamma Telecom, 9th Floor, 2 West Regent Street Variable Restricted
8F9ECFDC-510C-4488-AC92-AAD400D9CD80 G2 1RW Azets, The Reel House, 7 West Regent Street 24/7 Public
3A35D627-94FD-4158-A532-AE7700EC7150 G2 2BA 107 West Regent Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
299A3C01-351E-4003-9D0A-AF3800940CAC G2 2HG 1st Floor, 144 West George Street, Glasgow Variable Public
3E81AE0B-78F7-46A5-81BE-DF3A1C352A3A G2 2HG James Sellars House - Weightmans Llp - See Location Below, 144 West George Street, City Centre Glasgow Variable Public
881B634B-A257-448C-A40B-AFC400FBEEFE G2 2LD Hilton Worldwide Ltd, 191 West George Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
F278CA73-D80A-4F56-AAD8-878EE4749F7C G2 2ND Johnston Carmichael (Scotland) Ltd, First Floor, 227 West George Street Variable Restricted
47FA2CE0-2BD5-441F-8BC0-AB7300D40A4E G2 2PQ 226 West George Street, Glasgow Variable Public
ED17825C-0BB3-4A1D-A21C-AFFD00FA9905 G2 2RQ Redpath Bruce Property Management, Crown House, 152 Variable Public
0CE1D880-4199-47F1-8A58-AEF400AAFB7A G2 3BZ Do-Architecture, Studio 10.08, Savoy Tower Variable Restricted
553E7EBD-F73A-4463-B047-AE6100D48601 G2 3BZ We Are Snook Ltd, Suite 7.02, Savoy Tower, Clockwise Glasgow Variable Restricted
680182E5-D993-463B-981B-AFEF00BE9196 G2 3DH The Savoy Centre, Savoy Shopping Centre, 140 Sauchiehall Street Variable Public
9678194C-99CB-4BC1-B23A-AE3A00F54028 G2 3EQ Tesco, 236 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow Variable Public
527612D3-6EA5-4AE9-B6B4-AE7000AAB0B8 G2 3ER Puregym, 140 Bath Street (Sauchiehall Centre), Glasgow 24/7 Restricted
56397F62-394C-436B-9C6C-AE9F00CA49FB G2 3EW Evh Ltd, 5th Floor, 137 Sauchiehall Street Variable Public
AFD07F10-F2C1-45FE-93BC-AE3E00FF7BD5 G2 3HQ Tesco Express, 236 Sauchiehall St, 0 Variable Public
0475D1F4-7C51-4AA1-A86F-AE3900DF10D1 G2 3JU Tesco, Tesco Garnet St Express, 460 Sauchiehall Street Variable Public
092E20FB-2627-489E-82C5-B03600D1D0E8 G2 3LW Tesco Glasgow Garnet St Exp, 460 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow Variable Public
645CA74E-AC1B-4F17-8F50-AABD00A78F0B G2 3NW Strathclyde Partnership For Transport, Buchanan Bus Station, 10 Killermont Street 24/7 Public
6A55034D-1639-4A19-B6AD-AB450094D280 G2 3NX Buchanan Galleries, Bath Street, Glasgow Variable Public
7DFC2F8D-D4A8-4FCC-ACF2-AB4500971ECC G2 3NY Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 2 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow Variable Public
4DD01C59-FF63-4CFE-85AB-AD3601012765 G2 4DQ Ibis Hotel, 220 West Regent Street, Glasgow 24/7 Public
06BCA6F9-CE3D-4107-869F-AD3600FF96E9 G2 4DT Novotel, 181 Pitt Street, Glasgow 24/7 Public
C335E1D9-0CF0-4AA5-8B56-ADF00095182C G2 4HG Just Financial Group, 2nd Floor, 200 Bath Street Variable Public
25786DF4-1F98-4169-936F-AB3600FEC6B0 G2 4HW Turning Point, 218 Bath Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
A02220B6-AE54-48D7-9D6A-AE67008E2FF0 G2 4JR Fairhurst, 300 Bath Street, Glasgow Variable Public
81E92FAF-BEB9-4FAA-BF78-AFB900A39702 G2 4LF Flat 2/2, 307 West George Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
C639AF9F-1059-4A3B-BC67-AC0001218C07 G2 4PR Scotrail Railways Ltd, Charing Cross Station, Elmbank Crescent Variable Restricted
6F46D2D2-3984-4A0A-821D-AE3601064495 G2 5AH Tesco Express, 15 Renfield Street, Glasgow Variable Public
CC8DFAA2-8388-4FBF-ABDD-D6B4A9867A4D G2 5JF Strathclyde Passenger Transport, 131 St Vincent Street, Glasgow Variable Public
97B2450E-9C80-43C8-B7BA-AEBE009B875D G2 5QD 183 St Vincent Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
3A8274A1-0F21-4BA9-B689-AE2F00BDCD37 G2 5RG 310 Saint Vincent Street, Glasgow Variable Public
FE524718-7B6A-4ED1-AFA3-AB5D00E3BAB0 G2 5RJ Royal College Of Physicians & Surgeons, 232-242 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
AB11F917-E632-4CE8-9192-AB4300C17427 G2 5SG Turner & Townsend, 180 St Vincent Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
EE9A9C06-2ABA-45FE-8703-AED700E214B0 G2 5SG Frp Advisory Trading Ltd, Second Floor, 176 St Vincent Street Variable Restricted
74B62527-439E-4A86-9DFA-AE61007CD132 G2 6AE Puregym, 67 Hope Street, Glasgow 24/7 Restricted
201CBE1C-0030-403D-9126-B06000C98CD7 G2 6LL Tesco Express, 111 Hope Street, Glasgow Variable Public
323BB150-0E6E-417B-99B2-AED300A0ABD9 G2 6QN Dlg Glasgow, 14 - 18 Cadogan Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
A68DCB32-4507-40D2-97B1-AF9300BF6165 G2 6UA Pacific House, 70 Wellington Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
2AE4D5C2-9CA3-40EF-AC12-B07E00BF8236 G2 7DA 8th Floor, 58 Waterloo Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
798D8E72-6F89-4DDF-B271-B05300AC3F1E G2 7DA 58 Waterloo Street, Highlander House, 58 Waterloo Street 24/7 Public
0C1495C4-9B8E-4DC8-8931-AE7100EB4684 G2 7EZ Storey Ground Eagle Building, 215 Bothwell Street, Glasgow Variable Public
A9AFA09C-E5C5-4B9B-B9C4-AC00012E7776 G2 8AH Scotrail Railways Ltd., Argyle Street Station, 35a Argyle Street Variable Restricted
FC9F6CB4-6AB7-4DFE-B5AA-B09900B37C61 G2 8BG Laing The Jeweller (Rolex), 46 Argyll Arcade, Glasgow Variable Public
FEBDE6BF-18E5-467B-BEBE-AB3C007D519C G2 8GT Glasgow Tribunals Centre, 20 York Street, Glasgow Variable Public
DAA56D62-DA15-4E79-B444-AABF0086EC5B G2 8JQ Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, Alexander Bain House, 15 York Street Variable Public
E1A69657-D6EC-4951-B1F0-AB2C00C02A0B G2 8LL Premier Inn, 377 Argyle Street, Glasgow 24/7 Public
0DBF1518-9848-455E-8C93-AE45010E5B91 G2 8LR Siemens Mobility Ltd, 389 Argyle Street, Anderston House Variable Restricted
636A3DD7-A9AC-4C1A-8128-AEF400C6CDEB G2 8LR Simon Community Scotland, 389 Argyle Street, Glasgow Variable Public
9F59FDA0-B5EC-4CAE-80BD-AE4600BE00F1 G2 8LR Siemens Mobility, 389 Argyle St, Anderston House Variable Restricted
FB699B23-16A3-4150-8968-AE4600C58597 G2 8LR Siemens Mobility, 389 Argyle St, Anderston House Variable Restricted
A1ADAC3B-1718-4506-A62D-AE3900DAE952 G2 8LX Tesco, 346 Argyle Street, Glasgow Variable Public
3DBA225E-D3D4-4176-9F89-AADF00FD5515 G2 8NH S A S, Cuprum Building, 480 Argyle Street Variable Restricted
75DE9108-1E76-4BC9-934C-AEDE00BE0559 G2 8PW Glasgow City Mission, 20 Crimea Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
049FC3A0-8ECD-4907-A21B-AE010119139B G20 0SP Garscube Sports Complex, Maryhill Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
37E9C8F2-DE06-4277-BB04-AAAE00DC02AE G20 0SP West Of Scotland Science Park, Block 9, Kelvin Campus Variable Public
C0226D0D-0B6E-4736-9939-AE5400BD43AC G20 0SP Garscube Sports Complex, Maryhill Road., Maryhill Road, Glasgow Variable Restricted
A25D97A4-4156-48C8-8E96-AF9400E2398B G20 0TD 46 Dalsholm Road, Glasgow Variable Restricted
53DA02F5-D7C2-4534-9453-ADD201066D93 G20 0XA Electricity Sub Station 9m From S C M G, Building 1, Todd Campus Acre Road. In West Of Sco, Acre Road, Glasgow Variable Restricted
633DC724-53A3-4F4A-ABAE-B04500BC7D4C G20 0XA Intelligent Clinical Ltd, Ground Floor, Fleming Pavilion, Todd Campus, West Of Scotland Science Park Variable Restricted
CBB75007-0208-489A-8DD5-AAD40097BB04 G20 0XA S E P A, Block 10, 45 Acre Road Variable Public
E837D9CE-299B-471A-9085-AF9A009CA7FA G20 0XA Alba Ultrasound, Block 3, Unit 1 Todd Campus,, West Of Scotland Science Park Variable Restricted
5044E8D6-EC24-4A8B-8B39-AABD00A9A20D G20 7BE Queens Cross Housing Association, 45 Firhill Road, Glasgow Variable Public
8F5FE22D-2513-4ACE-BBF3-ADDF00A1CC37 G20 7YE Tesco Store, 300 Maryhill Road, Glasgow Variable Public
8E2E649A-9333-43F5-A82F-62F9C04EABCF G20 8LJ Glasgow Kelvin College, Gkc West End (2), 75 Hotspur Street Variable Public
B9F4C5FA-BCFA-4D76-9A4D-AFC0008CB05E G20 8LJ Glasgow Kelvin College, Gkc West End (1), 75 Hotspur Street Variable Public
DFEA0D8D-B419-493C-BF16-AE2000BEA7DB G20 8NX Tesco, 170 Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow Variable Public
235E8046-ACBC-450C-9C61-B08F00C11C65 G20 9BT Glasgow North Trading Estate, Security Gate House, 24 Craigmont Street 24/7 Public
78A563DF-4219-419F-BFF8-AFAC00B9D375 G20 9SH Tesco, Tesco Store Unit 9, 1201 Maryhill Road Variable Public
B9004C24-F12A-457F-9F18-AE3800DD72E1 G20 9SH Tesco Store Unit 9, 1201 Maryhill Road, Glasgow Variable Restricted
0D1744A1-B3DF-4502-9AF8-AB130082679C G20 9TL Step By Step Private Nursery Ltd, 25 Sandfield Street, Glasgow 24/7 Restricted
332822C7-A383-4539-879D-AF9D00EDEDCE G21 1AA Royal Mail Glasgow Mc, 20 Turner Road, Glasgow, Glasgow 24/7 Restricted
8DC83725-28E5-4779-A43C-AF3B00FF7B81 G21 1AZ Royal Mail Glasgow Rtw, 20 Turner Road, Glasgow, Glasgow Variable Restricted
1AAE55C2-C26E-4C94-83D3-AB2800E01BC7 G21 1JY Springburn Sports Centre, 10 Kay Street, Glasgow Variable Public
4BC318E0-0DD2-40D9-9AB5-ADF60130DBD9 G21 1RR Sighthill Pharmacy, 9 Fountainwell Drive, Sighthill 24/7 Public
83F1C9F0-CD4E-435C-A64D-AE173FA7B908 G21 1TS Springburn Way, Springburn Glasgow Variable Public
D770D0E3-D4F3-4BBF-9D9C-B08700D0C7EA G21 1TU 180 Springburn Way, Glasgow 24/7 Public
7A1A6641-531D-4F3C-861F-AE3A00DE9F8F G21 1YL Tesco, Cobden Road, St Rollox Business Park 24/7 Public
E19463F3-0599-45EF-814E-AFBA0133131C G21 1YL Tesco, St Rollox Business Park, Cobden Road 24/7 Public
B453B42A-1AFD-4E03-9044-AF8600DF3BC6 G21 2DU Failte Foodservice Ltd, East Warehouse, 130 Blochairn Road Variable Public
613CF478-8156-4B00-A0F9-ABC800EB3497 G21 2LG 174 Roystonhill, Glasgow 24/7 Public
B0754E97-34EC-48BA-8173-ADED010B1DBF G21 3AY 100 Belmont Road, Glasgow Variable Restricted
85678B19-0C7A-4A61-A428-D21C3E61C4FC G21 3PR Shaw The Butcher- On Wall Outside Butchers, 229 Wallacewell Road, Balornock Glasgow 24/7 Public
AE442B6C-8D1B-4B09-98AB-B065009E12C9 G21 3RU Neilson's Butchers, 52 Broomton Road. 13m From Broomton Road, Nairnside Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
ECD802F6-04A1-4C64-827A-AAC4009B74F1 G21 4AA Carntyne Transport Co Ltd, 440 Petershill Road, Glasgow 24/7 Restricted
241CFCE7-F5A1-4841-A0F8-ACFA00EF65C2 G21 4BY United Wholesale Grocers Ltd, 246 Flemington Street, Glasgow Variable Public
90384277-758A-439A-A688-ACFA00D701AA G21 4BY United Wholesale Grocers Ltd, 246 Flemington Street, Glasgow Variable Public
2715FB72-7910-4782-94D7-AAFF010773F7 G21 4TA 43 Atlas Road, Glasgow Variable Public
6DD2C520-426B-40E4-B5A0-AAE100E3C14C G21 4TD Glasgow Kelvin College, Gkc Springburn (2), 123 Flemington Street Variable Public
8C378A68-3BE6-44C5-9702-C8665A5DD191 G21 4TD Glasgow Kelvin College, Gkc Springburn (1), 123 Flemington Street Variable Public
D00F28C2-461A-4D2B-89FD-AEE7010260E1 G22 5AP Possilpark Parish Church, 124 Saracen Street, Possilpark 24/7 Public
C3C9C0FB-9374-4934-BD80-AF3400F78F03 G22 5DB Hawthorn Housing Cooperative, 23a Finlas Street, Glasgow 24/7 Public
171F6F9D-AF2D-4B7B-A325-AFE8006BCB56 G22 5HT Screwfix, Unit 7 The Point, 29 Saracen Street Variable Restricted
CFB27815-0B38-4E23-8063-AFC700C9DDF7 G22 5HT Howdens At Port Dundas, Unit 6, The Point, Saracen Street,, Hamilton Hill Variable Restricted
38FA01EB-1C57-4AFB-8C5A-B06F00B742EC G22 5NU Auckland Street, Glasgow Variable Public
B04163E3-F14D-44E7-ABA6-65BBEE2731A1 G22 5PG Courtyard Cafe / Pantry Queens Cross Housing Westercommon, 2 Westercommon Drive, Hamiltonhill Glasgow Variable Public
6C7BE5BC-F94A-4FA3-BFDC-AD8600BA2085 G22 6RD 11 Canal Bank North, Glasgow 24/7 Public
CBD9D729-ABA5-4AF6-AFF1-AE5100C40406 G22 6RD 11 Canal Bank North, Glasgow Variable Restricted
170850A4-A796-4825-8D93-AADB008E7C76 G23 5AE Cadder Housing Association, 20 Fara Street, Cadder 24/7 Public
1794C865-11EE-4E0C-983E-AB73009E37B0 G23 5HD 1497 Balmore Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
A01667D9-8962-48F3-8C0A-AD6000B1CBEE G23 5PL Robertson Partnership Homes (Construction Site), Rothes Drive, Glasgow Variable Restricted
5F2AD398-ACB4-4B9C-AE0B-B06600A776B1 G3 6JA Iwc Media 3rd Floor Reception, St George's Studio, 93 - 97 St George's Road Variable Restricted
FA02ABF7-0BC5-4614-BE00-AE6100BC7322 G3 6JA Puregym, 113 St George's Road, Glasgow 24/7 Restricted
B8503DF8-DBBE-4729-BDCF-AB0500F494AD G3 6RB Glasgow Film Theatre, 12 Rose Street, Glasgow Variable Public
8049F4B9-439B-464D-B602-AEC500D6402A G3 6RF Glasgow School Of Art Reid Building, 164 Renfrew Street, Glasgow 24/7 Restricted
1145ADA4-9378-49C4-9B40-ADCC00B5ECFA G3 6RJ St Aloysius College, 45 Hill Street, Glasgow Variable Public
AA9F94B8-89EE-4795-9684-ADCC00B6EB8D G3 6RJ St Aloysius College, 45 Hill Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
DE675BC2-24DC-4FF1-B095-AC6300E913C8 G3 6RJ St Aloysius College, 45 Hill Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
40C88492-25DF-4ADB-BCCA-B0340086F096 G3 7DA Tesco Glasgow North Street, 165 North St, Glasgow Variable Public
FD4F7F75-7830-47A1-991B-B03800DA7D1E G3 7PY 16 Newton Place, Glasgow 24/7 Public
08422849-008E-4612-BF06-AEFF00C3D2F3 G3 7RZ Unalome By Graeme Cheevers, 36 Kelvingrove Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
2D70FAEA-44CA-4DF3-9E9E-ADCD00ED69BB G3 7UL Denholm Energy Services Ltd, Denholm Energy, 19 Woodside Crescent Variable Restricted
29BD2243-5413-4DB1-9740-B023006A7875 G3 8AU Nuffield Health, 11 Minerva Way, Finnieston Variable Public
5C89D94F-B595-4B33-BE55-B03F00B6B6E8 G3 8AZ Glasgow, 36 Washington Street, Pentagon Centre Variable Public
157EB0B5-0E03-470F-BA11-AD8900DE3792 G3 8BH Warroch Street (Graham Construction Site), Warroch Street, Glasgow 24/7 Restricted
39DF4350-BC1A-4A3F-AE61-AF4300965955 G3 8BL Graham Construction, Warroch Street, Glasgow Variable Public
F48B3609-72C1-469B-8891-AAD100705975 G3 8BW Greenham Safety & Workplace Supplies, 88 Hydepark Street, Glasgow Variable Public
31D853B4-ACF6-4CE2-8A0F-A31ADBBBFC19 G3 8DS The Pyramid At Anderston, 759 Argyle Street, City Centre Glasgow 24/7 Public
25A57C56-3EA2-4005-85F3-AAE000923363 G3 8EP V Ships, 5/1 The Skypark - North Wing, 8 Elliot Place Variable Public
3612E02A-062B-43F0-9CC6-ADCD00D5F8D3 G3 8EP Fleet Alliance Ltd, Skypark 1 8elliott Place, 9th Floor Variable Public
6368FE04-2FD1-4F4F-8797-AD9D01048696 G3 8EP V.ships, 5/1 Skypark - South Wing, 8 Elliot Place Variable Restricted
D3DCAD5F-20CE-45D1-9240-AADF010BA972 G3 8EP V Ships - Reception, 5/1 The Skypark - Reception, 8 Elliot Place Variable Restricted
789BB9DC-9CE8-4885-94E8-ADD400C15D54 G3 8HB 141 Finnieston Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
82432870-3C7F-4EA5-925E-B02000D6BA0A G3 8HB 141, Finnieston Street, Glasgow Variable Public
3E8FD0E9-EC17-4DC8-ACE8-AAE300CDD514 G3 8HQ Robertson, Stob Cross Road, Glasgow Variable Public
8B49DA7A-902A-48E8-88CF-AC0000DB2439 G3 8LD Scotrail Railways Ltd, Exhibition Centre Station, Minerva Street Variable Public
5EF9F428-057E-4E4B-9831-AE4300AE49F5 G3 8ND Tesco, 1071 Argyle Street, Glasgow Variable Public
61C6D928-56FF-4882-84CF-AE3900ABF69C G3 8RB Tesco Uk, Tesco Express Old Dumbarton Road, 132 Argyle Street Variable Public
2A050580-8FDF-4ACC-B173-B08400E81E5C G3 8RX Overnewton Street Retirement Complex, 46 Overnewton Street, Glasgow 24/7 Public
6C08E3A6-3799-4381-8BC9-ADDF00F7AD2A G3 8TL Tesco, 1325 Argyle Street, Glasgow Variable Public
BFA2164D-C6DA-429C-9716-AE9100B25F36 G31 3DJ 228 Meadowpark Street, Glasgow 24/7 Public
9CDE4136-3B7F-462D-9E53-AFC0008B4C91 G31 3SR Glasgow Kelvin College, Gkc East End (2), 2 Haghill Road Variable Public
D24BD6C9-0BB0-4FFE-99D9-17F6D0A95649 G31 3SR Glasgows Kelvin College, Gkc East End (1), 2 Haghill Road Variable Public
CC8F8022-C628-437D-AC46-AAE70098984B G31 3SZ Bluevale Hall, 30 Abernethy Street, Glasgow Variable Public
416DC640-2C7C-41AA-9AD5-AE3B00FB8CDB G31 4BG Tesco Extra, 33 Beardmore Way, Gallowgate Variable Public
E7270E57-A582-43B6-9438-AAF100D865BB G31 4BH Forge Retail Park Security & Information Office, 1 Biggar Street, Parkhead Variable Restricted
9C563A30-39B5-4E89-A0A3-AF3A00B486D5 G31 4RB Helensea Community Hall, 48 Methven Street, Lilybank 24/7 Public
D37C85F8-2E0A-45C9-B349-B08F0140493D G31 4UZ The Tavern, 198 Tollcross Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
2B8C3792-151C-4A39-86B9-AC65008E79F3 G31 5NZ Unit D4 The Forge Market, 1201 Duke Street, Glasgow Variable Public
48D59A4C-95AB-4225-BE75-AFD200C3EBCB G31 5NZ Mecca Bingo Hall, 1221 Duke Street, Glasgow Variable Public
46E4F23B-F104-428F-8CE2-AF4E013256E0 G32 0JR 7 Barlanark Avenue, Glasgow Variable Restricted
CC20B7C3-83D1-4229-8B43-AB1F0114C595 G32 0TF 99 Baillieston Road, Glasgow Variable Public
AE6C9573-1116-4ECE-8CCA-AFDB0125DB48 G32 6LW Carntyne & Cranhill Parish Church, 358 Carntynehall Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
7E3C16EE-6C8E-4B31-9282-AB3C008FC269 G32 6XL Thorntree Primary School, 55 Cobinshaw Street, Glasgow Variable Public
BD1F696C-F04A-4147-B715-AF5200E25180 G32 7AR Shettleston Community Growing Project, 68 Eckford Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
4B39847E-BAC2-4B5A-A78F-AFFF01079775 G32 7BW 29 Edrom Path, Glasgow 24/7 Restricted
7BB743FA-E3B6-4BCC-A1C0-B00600E5103E G32 7JE Tesco Glasgow Shettleston, Annick St, Glasgow Variable Public
FC6DB58E-0C9E-4D13-BCF5-B00600EDF9F6 G32 7JE Tesco, Annick Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
0AA73497-0DD6-4E9F-844A-AEC900D0A365 G32 7PE Police Scotland, Shettleston Police Office, 1051 Shettleston Road 24/7 Public
5C8EF7AF-8CD5-41A9-B1A4-B0260079D748 G32 8FA Righton Blackburns Ltd, 64 Fullarton Drive, Glasgow Variable Public
7F28C623-AA1A-4712-BF0C-AF9D00EDF1DE G32 8FA Royal Mail Glasgow South East Do, 14 Fullarton Drive, Glasgow, Glasgow Variable Restricted
CDEB4700-ECEC-4F52-A950-ADD600D88A6A G32 8FG 125 Fullarton Drive, Glasgow Variable Public
0EA3B5DC-6D59-4601-B531-AB5200C945B8 G32 8NJ Cardinal Winning Secondary, 30 Fullarton Avenue, Glasgow Variable Public
0AE471C1-86B0-4F82-9985-AEBC00AD98BB G32 8RH Network Rail, Colliery Gate, Glasgow Variable Restricted
B1E5ED2F-E9F4-4966-A2F8-AED2015084C6 G32 8RH Network Rail - Glasgow Regional Distribution Centre, Unit 606/607, Colliery Street, Clyde Gateway East Variable Restricted
2056AA4B-5118-42EC-9746-ACDA00D97639 G32 9LE Mount Vernon Community Hall, Kenmuir Avenue, Glasgow 24/7 Public
CED11DDA-B974-4284-8012-AE70010AAEC5 G33 1AD Puregym, 8 Robroyston Retail Park, Monument Drive 24/7 Restricted
4241BDFA-C3AF-4702-B242-AF71009C305C G33 1AN Drax, Glasgow Office, 1441 Cumbernauld Road Variable Restricted
62AAA5C5-14A1-4DB6-9A44-AF2E00B4F13A G33 1AP 3 Robroyston Oval, Glasgow Variable Restricted
CFB27574-EAE2-4142-8FCD-AFE100A2E52F G33 1AP 1 Robroyston Oval, Glasgow Variable Public
14DA1AC5-A7FF-45E9-B3CF-BF143C46F34F G33 1EY Glenmill Medical Centre- In Treatment Room, Resus Trolley, 1191 Royston Road, Royston Glasgow Variable Restricted
ED6552F1-46FA-4D40-B12F-AEC2008EA504 G33 1LW Letter Box 14m From 212 Glenbuck Avenue. 4m From Saughs Drive, Saughs Drive, Glasgow 24/7 Public
B105B725-8ABA-4FE9-BD32-AE3000DD9A16 G33 2RQ The Princess, 126 Smithycroft Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
EEF90CD7-56D2-429D-8295-AFE300DACD0B G33 3HE Cranhill Development Trust, 109 Bellrock Street, Glasgow 24/7 Public
61BF2B0E-E5AE-4E29-89A9-B07B00A1ECB5 G33 4AG 2 Penston Road, Glasgow Variable Public
03503331-9A7A-4DFF-A665-AE9100E729D6 G33 4DB 1 Queenslie Court, 115 Summerlee Street, Glasgow 24/7 Restricted
6C9C56DD-1484-4E01-9F72-AC8D00BBFC56 G33 4EL Gem Workspaces Ltd, Wright Business Centre, 1 Lonmay Road Variable Public
33FC19DB-6FEC-42BE-B5FD-ADDA00FF1415 G33 4JJ James Ramsay (Glasgow) Ltd, 35 Weardale Lane, Glasgow Variable Public
9766C00F-BFCC-4052-9DF0-ADEF007BAC65 G33 4JJ James Ramsay (Glasgow) Limited, 35 Weardale Lane, Queenslie Industrial Estate Variable Public
2B6BE9B2-AC3E-4F7A-B684-AF0B00E26A60 G33 4TE Sandaig Nursery School, 6 Usmore Place, Glasgow Variable Public
69743B05-5DA7-4501-B1DA-AFCB010BE374 G33 5AL O2 Store (0445) Glasgow - Fort, Unit B4 Inner Terrace, Glasgow Fort Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
6F0FE381-0F08-4996-8D68-B05401037420 G33 5EG 1 Redcastle Square, Glasgow Variable Public
00B5B673-1417-4E2A-A65A-AFEB00BF88F4 G33 5NZ Craigend Shops, 1 Mossvale Crescent, Glasgow 24/7 Public
37D9188D-024C-4237-94DC-B07100C0B11A G33 6AA St Joseph's Parish Hall (Old School Centre), 73 Cardowan Road, Cardowan 24/7 Public
56CA0E63-B24C-4E00-BC3A-B070012D69B7 G33 6BL Stepps Parish Church, Whitehill Avenue, Stepps 24/7 Public
72C2AE27-69D0-4AC0-BB1A-AFC50085E4C5 G33 6FB Scottish Water, The Bridge, 6 Buchanan Gate Variable Restricted
45846589-1A8C-452A-9592-AEEC00C2BA17 G34 9DL Glasgow Fort Shopping Centre, Management Suite, 256 Provan Walk 24/7 Restricted
549DC733-D56A-418A-90D1-AE24008A6D47 G34 9DT The Lochs Shopping Centre, Management Office, The Lochs Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
37A278EA-C6EE-46F4-B5F1-0CF9607A3B28 G34 9HZ Glasgow Kelvin College, Gkc Easterhouse (1), 1200 Westerhouse Road Variable Public
B79129BD-07EB-4B89-A7CD-AFC00087A2AA G34 9HZ Glasgow Kelvin College, Gkc Easterhouse (2), 1200 Westerhouse Road Variable Public
9C648F40-D8F2-4B8E-8E51-AB7E01061C2E G34 9JJ Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc, 20 Auchinlea Way, Glasgow Variable Public
ED1BF8E5-8479-411E-A459-D89AC1F91FE3 G34 9JL Blairtummock Housing Association- To Rhs Of Entrance, Boyndie Street, Easterhouse Glasgow 24/7 Public
25C55FEE-AC76-4729-9FD3-AF2700C54811 G4 0AA Royal Mail Glasgow G1 - G5 Do, Baird Street, Glasgow, Glasgow Variable Restricted
AED9797B-0E6E-4375-A6B5-AED000A3DC99 G4 0BZ Lister Street, 93 Lister Street, Glasgow Variable Public
C1ED7AFC-C6AA-4BFD-8EC8-B07500F5D25B G4 0HR St Andrew's First Aid, St Andrews House, 48 Milton Street Variable Restricted
2DBE4745-0B68-4423-9FC2-AB1F00D85B2A G4 0HW National Piping Centre, 30-32 Mcphater Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
1E173C2B-45A0-49F3-AEAA-AD8700A28191 G4 0LA Prime Secure, 65 Townsend Street, Glasgow 24/7 Restricted
2E49DCF1-D5AD-4864-B778-AB8300F9D353 G4 0LA Prime Secure, 65-81 Townsend Street, Glasgow 24/7 Restricted
E8DB246A-6119-4268-9F7C-B02D00BD9ADC G4 0PY Tesco Hanover Street Express, 194 North Hanover St, Glasgow Variable Public
BF073FFF-40BB-42A5-8CA8-ADC20095973E G4 0QR 245 High Street, Glasgow Variable Public
EA99F050-D253-4344-A5F4-3D3FE83DFCA7 G4 0QZ Glasgow Cathedral- In Staff Room, Cathedral Square, Glasgow Variable Public
515B5103-4A5C-418C-B992-6FE0033970A0 G4 0RF City Of Glasgow College City Campus- 1st Aid Room, 190 Cathedral Street, Glasgow Variable Public
9232C58B-5601-4BC8-9754-7A1C598182E1 G4 0RF City Of Glasgow College- Rhs Of Reception, 2nd Floor, 190 Cathedral Street, Glasgow Variable Public
AA9640F6-3982-4836-B333-ACB3B6529DF9 G4 0RF City Of Glasgow College City Campus- 6th Floor Store Room, 190 Cathedral Street, Glasgow Variable Public
A54D35C2-BAF2-44E8-ABF4-B42DB0C701B9 G4 0SN In Ticket Office At Cowcadden Subway Station, Cowcaddens Subway Station, Dundasvale Court Variable Public
EBE5ACA0-EDD3-4937-A33E-9F2D8FE7A18E G4 9AH In Ticket Office At St Georges Cross Subway Station, St Georges Cross Subway Station, 51 Great Western Rd Variable Public
99A4D4FB-5CE0-4B45-AB52-AEFD00CA8BD5 G4 9AJ Masjid Al Furqan, Mosque, 19 Carrington Street 24/7 Public
4CFBBD99-85E3-4B50-96B3-AABD00B3E933 G4 9HG Strathclyde Partnership For Transport, Kelvinbridge Subway Station, 99south Woodside Rd Variable Public
B33D8EC7-0DBA-46EF-8A3E-AE3A00948147 G4 9HS Tesco Express, 341 Great Western Rd, 0 Variable Public
34DEA827-0E56-4C37-AECF-B09D00FA11C1 G4 9JB St Marys Cathedral, 300 Great Western Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
5FDAB9DC-2E3A-4879-8945-AE9B016C6D8B G4 9TB Speirs Wharf Proprietors Association, 18 Speirs Wharf, Glasgow 24/7 Public
6F70FAC3-B09D-4C41-9A4F-AFB200CD74D1 G4 9TB Johnson, Poole And Bloomer, 50 Speirs Wharf, Glasgow Variable Public
6B7ED388-7D62-4704-97EE-AF3A01273051 G4 9UD Dc Thomson & Co Ltd, 50 High Craighall Road, Glasgow Variable Restricted
24AA3432-95D8-4F2C-9085-AF6B01004731 G4 9XA Just Employment Law Ltd, 6 Eagle Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
A4BF8433-797A-451D-96E5-AF4E0092BD6D G4 9XA Hcs Water Treatment, 18 Eagle Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
E8B2CBF9-EC9E-44A2-A16B-FBBC249F88BB G4 9XA Mnd Scotland- At Reception Desk, 6 Eagle Street, Glasgow Variable Public
39D36380-4D51-4782-8200-AF3400F6123A G4 9XP Pinkston Watersports, 75 North Canal Bank Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
247DC4BD-8359-49A1-A8FC-ADF800DC954F G40 1BA Glasgow Humane Society, 1d Glasgow Green, Glasgow Variable Restricted
FDB50A98-04D6-4CE1-A976-AF1F009AC736 G40 1QA 29 Main Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow 24/7 Public
F7D0B834-CACA-4EF8-AB6A-B0980065EA78 G40 2AA The Wellbeing Hub, 14 Rogart Street, Glasgow Variable Public
8993941C-3020-4852-8587-AB1F00C79349 G40 2QR Clyde Bergemann Ltd, 47 Broad Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
A55BB6D4-B74C-43D0-9861-AFE700F72046 G40 2UB Screwfix, Unit 3 Alma Street, Forge Trade Park Variable Restricted
D031B81D-5D27-4F1E-B4D7-B028010E5450 G40 3EU Baltic Street Adventure Playground, 421 Baltic Street, Glasgow Variable Public
618C8DBF-2F12-4ABC-B397-B08F010AD8C6 G40 3JU Reactive Training, Unit 5 Block 2, Nuneaton Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
A8366D84-0A20-4657-9CAA-AABD00DD084B G40 3QH West Of Scotland Housing Association, 40 Barrowfield Drive, Glasgow Variable Restricted
D03C7C7B-5DDE-4F07-B751-AABD009060B2 G40 4EH Police Scotland, 02 French Street, Glasgow 24/7 Restricted
AC60BDFE-7A78-4634-B10A-AABE008C08F2 G41 1AQ Stratchclyde Partnership For Transport, Kinning Park Subway Station, 30 Cornwall St Variable Public
00CCA574-B76E-4924-946B-AF4E00B8DABB G41 1BB Black Stag Community Fitness, 73 Milnpark Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
3FB7944D-0562-4A9F-8ACE-AF0F00F200D6 G41 1DX Rsk Group Ltd, 65 Sussex Street, Glasgow Variable Public
45D26B29-3A4D-4033-ADCE-AE2400C6DAEA G41 1LU 91 Vermont Street, Glasgow Variable Public
80EBAF21-1BAE-45F4-BECC-AEC501425080 G41 2AN Titwood Bar, 52/58, Nithsdale Road 24/7 Public
38C7DA9C-D8E7-4DE8-8CF9-AEC500D2C9A6 G41 2BD 39 Queen Square, Strathbungo, Glasgow 24/7 Public
80C72401-E372-4CEC-AD31-AE6100FBAAEF G41 3NN Puregym, Unit R, Shawlands Arcade 24/7 Restricted
5FA51F9A-2CDA-46CA-824E-AFA200F6DAF4 G41 4AE 121 Shawmoss Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
C610E300-C2FB-406F-A109-AD66008BAA7C G41 4LN Titwood Tennis Club, Glencairn Gardens, Pollokshields Variable Public
175DD452-153A-4E55-AB41-AFAC00F201EB G41 5AD 240 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
A5FA8DE3-B322-4EA6-A9D1-ADE2010A68CC G41 5BW Prince & Princess Of Wales Hospice, 20 Dumbreck Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
9B127F02-7E2A-4F64-8C97-AFD20093B2D9 G42 0PG Glasgow Central, Hanson Concrete, 60 To 70 Jessie Street, Polmadie, Glasgow Central Variable Restricted
486ADF3F-490F-43AA-8506-ADF600CAFB21 G42 0PH 350 Polmadie Road, Glasgow Variable Public
CB225162-02FE-4F9A-9CA4-B02E00E8A19A G42 8BY 64 Crosshill Avenue, 66 Crosshill Avenue, Glasgow 24/7 Public
88064790-705E-4246-8CEF-AE9B00E3BED7 G42 8RW Al Khair Foundation, 441a Victoria Road, Glasgow Variable Restricted
A62D24E8-0C4E-4B60-A2BA-B05400AA58B9 G42 8YG Penny Farthing, 568 Cathcart Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
F185034F-A791-42A2-8298-AEE000C371AA G42 8YS Victoria Bar, 400 Victoria Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
61F60671-581B-4E10-BD76-B03E0108C6D5 G42 8YU Tesco Glasgow Victoria Express, 438 Victoria Rd, Glasgow Variable Public
95658CCF-A69A-4A73-9127-ABFF0125BAAB G42 9DN Scotrail Railways Ltd, Mount Florida Station, Cathcart Road 24/7 Public
4BBFD41C-B4CE-41F3-B8F2-AE39011D67FD G42 9EA Tesco Express, Cathcart Rd, 0 Variable Public
CAEC8E02-74C9-48A7-9134-AE3E00F5AB11 G42 9JD Florida Park, 318 Battlefield Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
C043F7E7-86F8-42F2-AE22-AB2101194958 G42 9LB Glasgow Clyde College, 50 Prospecthill Road, Glasgow Variable Restricted
E04E7669-6D2E-411C-A8A3-AC7300A98C6A G42 9SL Christadelphian Hall, 115 Dundrennan Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
4AF5D0A9-7AB8-414C-9C0A-AE4000FD43AC G42 9UA Tesco Express, 17 Millbrae Rd, Stanwell Variable Restricted
10A464C2-19F2-4A71-B34E-AEE900A3AA30 G43 1LH 74 Shawholm Crescent, Glasgow 24/7 Public
BC629339-DBFD-404B-B92D-AF6501143F9F G43 1UF 77 Coustonholm Road, Shawlands, Glasgow Variable Restricted
53915E5B-4A1B-442E-8AA3-AFD900DFCA0A G43 2XS 315 Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow Variable Public
B5F7790A-63DC-43FD-9F67-AE390132E7AC G43 2XS Tesco Express, 315 Kilmarnock Rd, 0 Variable Public
E7F6B930-AE83-4608-9EAD-AFE800ED6DB2 G43 2YS Screwfix, 181 Nether Auldhouse Road, Glasgow Variable Restricted
6E05C88E-988A-47DD-8F6B-B0AA01072272 G44 3DA 90 Clarkston Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
02E900BC-2431-4B4E-85B3-AF84010F53D5 G44 3EF Cultivating Mindfulness, The Wellbeing Centre, 31 Gavinton Street Variable Restricted
622653F1-525A-4531-B777-AABE00E4BA02 G44 3HQ Muirend Pavilion, Hazelden Gardens, Giffnock 24/7 Public
DA47CE36-99E4-4345-BA0B-AABE00CBD831 G44 3PL Netherlee Pavilion, 19 Linnpark Avenue, Netherlee 24/7 Public
CB2DF3D0-438E-4F9E-A1CA-AC0000EAA2F8 G44 5UT Scotrail Railways Ltd, Kings Park Station, Menock Road 24/7 Public
BEAF768D-9BB2-45D4-B8C5-AE3D00E9F88F G45 0AL Jeely Piece Club, 55 Machrie Drive, Castlemilk Variable Restricted
7246E97E-CC30-4AEA-B42D-40E3E0DF4685 G45 0AZ Jeely Playzone- In Multi Room In Tower Playzone, 55 Machrie Road, Castlemilk Glasgow Variable Public
309DD74D-1F3C-4560-AD79-B41C2AC2025B G45 9AA 31 Castlemilk Arcade, Castlemilk Glasgow Variable Public
7AE042EB-A82F-4129-9E17-AADA00AB42CD G45 9AH The Senior Centre, 61 Dougrie Drive, Castlemilk Variable Public
78C29871-29E2-4920-882E-AF2A00979EF2 G45 9NS Craigdale Housing Association Ltd, 83 / 85 Dougrie Road, Castlemilk 24/7 Public
6BF9B3CB-FF3B-437B-9634-AE3500FC3E9C G46 6ED Nuffield Health, 82 Braidholm Road, Giffnock Variable Public
A4EC0D28-E220-42A0-8673-B02000A29CC9 G46 6ED Nuffield Health, 82 Braidholm Road, Giffnock Variable Public
308F709B-6C5E-4291-B239-AFC000B2879C G46 6HU 1 Braidbar Farm Road, Giffnock Variable Public
BE7F8660-B560-462D-B3E3-66152154D779 G46 6JF Giffnock Library, 7 Station Road, Giffnock 24/7 Public
58A3A370-81A6-498E-9B6E-ADC9011C3548 G46 6JR Orchardhill Parish Church, Hall Opposite Orchardhill Parish Church, Church Road 24/7 Public
F7837513-47DE-4180-AA66-AABE00C91A99 G46 6LP Huntly Pavilion, Huntly Park, Huntly Avenue, Giffnock 24/7 Public
72575B22-A04D-426F-A22B-ABE300F53D45 G46 6UG Giffnock Soccer Centre, Eastwood Park, Rouken Glen Road 24/7 Public
EFC03743-A59E-47DA-A076-A79F08DB677C G46 6UG East Renfrewshire Council, Municipal Buildings Eastwood Park, 1 Rouken Glen Road 24/7 Public
0E7DA74E-9C8A-4249-ADFD-B22B7D29C4DA G46 7HG Woodfarm Sports Pavilion, 54 Robslee Road, Giffnock 24/7 Public
C435FFDB-7B1C-4911-AF81-92A528F8ECE6 G46 7JS Eastwood House, Eastwood Park, Rouken Glen Road, Giffnock 24/7 Public
29207621-6A37-42C8-A947-AABD008068B0 G46 7LA The Boathouse Rouken Glen Park, Davieland Road, Giffnock 24/7 Public
AD597C90-2AF0-42FE-A187-AF0E0117422A G46 7RQ Giffnock Soccer Centre, 180 Thornliebank Road, Thornliebank Variable Public
D8C5F8EE-4DEB-4B3D-B7BE-E0DF6BD38C93 G46 7SF Thorntree Hall, 41 Main Street, Thornliebank 24/7 Public
60F56A18-3C89-427F-880D-C311EC7D28E8 G46 7UG Rouken Glen Park Picnic Pavilion, 4 Rouken Glen Road, Giffnock 24/7 Public
95A4B230-6317-4201-9CC6-AEAD0129653E G46 7UY David Lloyd Leisure Health Club, 3 Stewarton Road, Thornliebank 24/7 Restricted
6C739D0C-21F2-43A2-818C-6F947CA9FD4B G46 8BW Glen Oaks Housing Association- Behind Reception Desk, Kilmuir Drive, Thornliebank Glasgow Variable Public
C60BAEBB-5B3B-41C5-8C69-4E32C229F528 G46 8HR East Renfrewshire Council, Thornliebank Depot, 190 Carnwadric Road 24/7 Public
34F0DC42-0602-4ABC-8EF8-AEA700B3237C G46 8JE Archd. Mccorquodale & Son Ltd, 1-3 Evanton Plac, Thornliebank 24/7 Restricted
C6511A6E-42E2-42B3-8D7A-AE2E008383D8 G46 8JH Union Technical Services, Unit 14 Block 8, Spiersbridge Terrace, Spiersbridge Terrace 24/7 Public
757CE0CF-CD72-4AFA-9C80-E82A1A88DB4E G46 8NG East Renfrewshire Council, 2 Spiersbridge Way, Thornliebank 24/7 Public
B827930E-9E78-48B0-B5BB-F4804CEAD352 G5 0US Caledonia House, 2 Lawmoor Street, Glasgow 24/7 Restricted
FF91126E-8536-4B21-A842-362C8C0EC2C0 G5 0US City Facilities Management Uk Ltd- On 1st Floor O/S Cbes, 2 Lawmoor Street, Gorbals Glasgow 24/7 Restricted
37DBBE9C-AA8F-46E6-96DD-AAD900B4362F G5 8BJ Mclaughlin & Harvey Construction Limited, 55 Kingston Street, Construction Site Porta Cabins - First Aid Room 24/7 Restricted
CCB37785-2C82-4BED-ACDF-AF0E009D1E21 G5 8BJ Improve Glasgow, 97 Kingston Street, Tradeston Variable Public
00B6F20C-BFF9-4C13-9C3E-B07C00D947CB G5 8DP Barclays Tradescroft First Aid Room L4, 1 Clyde Place Lane, Glasgow 24/7 Public
1CCC0F1E-4190-4AC4-B0B8-B04300F1159D G5 8DP Barclays Wellcroft First Aid Room L2, 4 Clyde Place Lane, Glasgow Variable Restricted
51F5AB2D-668D-4869-B66D-B04300ED0EE6 G5 8DP Barclays Tradescroft Drying Green L6, 1 Clyde Place Lane, Glasgow Variable Restricted
75CE3FA5-0EE5-45AE-BE93-B04300B14646 G5 8DP Barclays Tradescroft First Aid Room L4, 1 Clyde Place Lane, Glasgow Variable Restricted
B0501B4B-0079-4325-8AC3-B07C00D943DA G5 8DP Barclays Windmillcroft First Aid Room L2, 2 Clyde Place Lane, Glasgow 24/7 Public
B65248B6-499D-4478-9A08-B04300EE50DE G5 8DP Barclays Windmillcroft Reception, 2 Clyde Place Lane, Glasgow Variable Public
B9F98803-CE03-4A85-9A7B-B04300EF7F64 G5 8DP Barclays Windmillcroft First Aid Room L2, 2 Clyde Place Lane, Glasgow Variable Restricted
CF7CF7A0-ABC3-4DF6-A877-B07C00D94BA6 G5 8DP Barclays Windmillcroft Reception, 2 Clyde Place Lane, Glasgow 24/7 Public
E23FD6EC-B338-4168-8DAF-B03800E75796 G5 8DP Barclays Tradescroft Reception, 1 Clyde Place Lane, Glasgow Variable Public
EB720E4D-769D-492C-BA6A-B07C00D95000 G5 8DP Barclays Wellcroft First Aid Room L2, 4 Clyde Place Lane, Glasgow 24/7 Public
163031E5-A834-4461-A4A3-AABE0091CE45 G5 8NB Strathclyde Partnership For Transport, West St Subway Station, 261 West St Variable Public
B201861B-151D-4871-A9D8-FC280C2901DA G5 8QF In Ticket Office At Shields Road Underground, Shields Rd Subway Station, 352 Scotland St Variable Public
0C5F676A-D538-43FB-B359-B02B011141DA G5 8RJ Tesco Glasgow Pais Road, 455 Paisley Rd, Glasgow Variable Public
BF5987F4-22BB-450D-8802-AFEA009F3773 G5 8SG Screwfix, Unit 10-12 Houston Place, Kinning Park Variable Restricted
CFB5085E-46EA-4632-8AB1-FDB16ADCCA29 G5 9DA Sheriff Court, Glasgow Sheriff Court, 1 Carlton Place Variable Public
BE7EE174-2291-4046-ABC0-38E85CB43016 G5 9NR In Ticket Office At Bridge Street Subway Station, Bridge St Subway Station, 67 Eglinton Street Variable Public
5A44F741-6C78-42BA-A9F8-AAFB00D886BC G5 9PS Procurator Fiscal, 10 Ballater Street, Glasgow Variable Public
E78E0273-5554-4A11-9B8B-F473DBF5DE02 G51 1AS In Ticket Office At Cessnock Subway Station, Cessnock Subway Station, 1 Cessnock Street Variable Public
51B2D658-4D42-4CAB-9454-AB2000F1DBDA G51 1AT The Crescent Medical Practice, 12 Walmer Crescent, Glasgow Variable Restricted
0A5F7BAB-764C-490A-A58C-ADD000A5DF03 G51 1AY Malin Group, South Rotunda, 100 Govan Road Variable Public
2172EA63-AD8E-468D-A5AD-AB5800EACDBF G51 1PQ Res Limited, 3rd Floor, Stv, Pacific Quay 24/7 Public
2D34F280-A1E3-4279-B7B6-73D55A7769E5 G51 1PR Pdms Ltd -, Unit 5000, Academy Park Variable Restricted
0AEAD0AC-468B-4C74-ABF6-AE7400EE201E G51 2HF Moorpark Industrial Estate, Unit 3 Orton Place, Ibrox Variable Restricted
AF6B4E04-7F77-4548-910F-AFD300B6FC7A G51 2JQ Sunbelt Rentals, 338 Broomloan Road Govan, Glasgow Variable Public
97082D35-E3E0-4317-B221-ACD800FAD791 G51 2SE Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association, Pavilion 5 (Ground Floor), 345 Govan Road Variable Restricted
843387BF-4464-45D2-A238-AABE008881B1 G51 2UB Strathclyde Partnership For Transport, Ibroxsubway Station, 124 Copland Rd Variable Public
0AF9F59C-698D-4F42-9385-AABE007E35FF G51 2YJ Strathclyde Passenger Transport, Govan Underground Station, Govan Road Variable Public
F8E103A6-871E-486D-83FC-ACF500DF88AF G51 3JG 250 Helen Street, Glasgow Variable Restricted
036DB26B-0BC1-4178-8888-B00B00E57A0C G51 3UU Pearce Institute, The Pearce Institute, 860 Govan Road Variable Restricted
4B6CD5F9-BDD9-4D42-B728-AF9800D14E1F G51 4BP O2 Store (0209) Braehead, 142 Braehead Shopping Centre, Kings Inch Road Variable Restricted
13F09604-EC4A-42F7-9A8D-AE21012F79EB G51 4BQ Drumoyne Bowling Club, 184 Drumoyne Road, Glasgow Variable Restricted
DAA855DD-2B94-47DD-BA5B-B01600895895 G51 4FB Dobbies Garden Centre Braehead, 75 King’s Inch Drive, Renfrew Variable Public
8806AB0C-8713-48D9-A360-AF96009D93B3 G51 4FE 338 Bogmoor Road, Glasgow 24/7 Restricted
0B4162A2-091D-4BAA-8C31-9AE2CC63B0C0 G51 4GA Volvo Truck & Bus- At Service/Parts Reception, Fifty Pitches Place, Glasgow Variable Public
E6D192FE-A043-4772-8A11-AEF400EAA4B6 G51 4SD King George V Docks, Hanson Cement, King George V Docks Variable Restricted
ABEDC0AA-25F0-4076-9A2B-AEF400C60B83 G51 4SP Hanson Cement, King George V Docks, Glasgow Variable Restricted
8D02CE0F-FE46-4FD6-A592-AFEA007874DE G51 4SU Scottish Water, Sheildhall Office & Depot, Renfrew Road Variable Restricted
9BF4857F-98ED-4D48-947F-AEF900DF57C4 G51 4SU Shieldhall Treatment Works, Wwtw, 38 Renfrew Road 24/7 Restricted
3A11889C-7D41-412E-8745-AF08009CE70B G51 4TR Men's Shed Govan, 31 Arngask Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
E96B94D4-B9FF-428A-9DBC-AFAA00A4D714 G52 1SE 20 Corkerhill Gardens, Glasgow Variable Restricted
EA11F0F3-B31E-4979-8689-AB2000FA2E9E G52 2AA 14 Hillington Road South, Glasgow Variable Restricted
94F33B4D-ED72-4661-9CF0-F2E7A1DB520A G52 2DB Craigton Crematorium- On Wall, Far Right Of Building, Berryknowes Road, Cardonald Glasgow 24/7 Public
EF023701-84E3-41CA-98E1-AB2101160E74 G52 3AY Glasgow Clyde College, 690 Mosspark Drive, Cardonald Variable Restricted
1A426051-60CD-456C-9358-AE8600A0D327 G52 3JF 50 Forfar Avenue, Cardonald, Glasgow Variable Public
17479A96-DC57-4F7A-99D6-AE3A00D2E05E G52 3QA Tesco, Flat 2/1, 2263 Paisley Road West Variable Restricted
62D13A19-387B-4786-BD1C-B07E00D7D25F G52 4HG Commando X Fit, 8 Lorne Road, Hillington Park Variable Public
0D906418-243D-44D1-A581-AFCB00A9A69C G52 4JU Sunbelt Rentals, Earl Haig Road, Hillington Park Variable Restricted
9FF4A50C-68C1-4DEF-BA62-ADE300AD3B25 G52 4JU Elite Contract Furniture, Hillington Park, Glasgow Variable Restricted
40CE06B9-2E97-4FAF-A67C-AE6700983414 G52 4RU Bollore Logistics, 1 Ainslie Road, The Innovation Centre Variable Public
E2467E97-8BA3-4809-B1C9-AF9A00B64660 G52 4XX J.g.b Steelcraft (Uk) Ltd, 10 Carlyle Avenue, Hillington Park Variable Public
159544D7-4952-4A2A-B577-AF0B00C86658 G52 4XZ Aviemore Trustee Ltd, Evolution 204, 15b Mossland Road Variable Restricted
23125096-49E5-4FBC-93D2-B01300A94A60 G52 4XZ Arcus Glasgow Office (Hillington), 1st Floor, Merlin House, Mossland Road Variable Restricted
61F6C73B-C05C-48A9-AD17-AF5C011AEAD9 G52 4XZ Douglas Laing & Co Ltd, Ground Floor Carlson House, 19 Mossland Road Variable Public
082C1CD8-7572-4B7F-87C3-AE3700965C8A G53 5HW St Pauls High School, 36 Damshot Road, Glasgow Variable Restricted
379111A5-1CC4-43BB-B3CE-AE1C00C9018E G53 6AG Tesco, 751 Barrhead Road, Glasgow Variable Public
6925CED7-B295-46E5-AAC8-AE8600ED2EF5 G53 6AG Tesco, 751 Barrhead Road, Glasgow Variable Public
95E08998-DFA5-4380-A5C4-AF9500EDB2F0 G53 6AG O2 Store (0399) Glasgow - Silverburn, Unit 19 Silverburn, 763 Barrhead Road Variable Restricted
EC14D9FC-798D-4D88-A6BB-AE7000D8882F G53 6AG Puregym, Silverburn Shopping Centre, Barrhead Road 24/7 Restricted
295A2016-836B-47C0-8BDF-AF4700F4625D G53 6PG Priesthill Office, 7 Freeland Drive, Priesthill 24/7 Restricted
66F7970D-4955-454D-8B29-B0870097FD62 G53 6PR Hillwood Park, Priesthill, 2c Priesthill Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
94A16B38-9375-4AE6-87C9-AF93011856D3 G53 7AB Kibble Education And Care, 71 Levern Bridge Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
5BFD362D-1737-467F-817E-AF720105696F G53 7RH Sainsbury's, Sainsburys, 10 Darnley Mains Road Variable Public
E033F555-1FFB-40A3-AB00-ABD8007324CC G53 7RJ B & Q Plc, 21 Leggatston Road, Glasgow Variable Public
272C7E90-72B9-4F3B-A66A-B00500A29E51 G53 7RQ 26 Woodneuk Road, Glasgow Variable Restricted
65B009CF-DFAF-46F7-A5E5-AFC500F4266D G53 7SS 590 Nitshill Road, Glasgow Variable Public
4DDFA544-21D9-4954-885E-AECF00B77365 G53 7TD Nitshill & Hurlet Bowling Club, 127 Nitshill Road (Unit 11), Nitshill 24/7 Public
29D3BE1B-7FF7-43EA-B836-AF0100ACD672 G53 7TH Hurlet Crematorium, Glasgow Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
60651D54-01A8-4A97-8E04-AE390107A80E G53 7TZ Tesco Express, 588 Crookston Road, Crookston Variable Public
5063AB56-4778-4594-A5FC-AE6A0082D8C7 G60 5BH Oil Depot, Dumbarton Road, Old Kilpatrick 24/7 Restricted
6406F71B-2D4C-4DF3-AE8B-AAC200DAABF0 G60 5LX Old Kilpatrick Bowling Club, Station Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
07AFA344-141A-48D7-B0E2-AACB0078B577 G60 5NE Gavinburn Primary School, Dumbarton Road, Old Kilpatrick Variable Public
28FD9DDB-D50B-477C-946B-AE01012DAF84 G61 1AF Security Main Gatehouse, Switchback Road, Bearsden 24/7 Public
BE442EA7-3D26-49AA-B204-50EE36EF1F87 G61 1HX On Main Door To Rhs Of Westerton Parish Church, Crarae Avenue, Bearsden Glasgow 24/7 Public
6392DF8F-60C7-4BA6-A8CC-AEF900E20EAF G61 1NZ Westerton Tennis Club, Maxwell Avenue, Bearsden 24/7 Public
780F0D52-D68D-494E-BC48-ADD3017003DF G61 2LD Killermont Parish Church, Rannoch Drive, Bearsden Variable Restricted
859274DE-95E7-4793-AF01-AB2700B41B06 G61 2NY Killermont Bowling Club, 55 Woodvale Avenue, Bearsden Variable Restricted
C188EDA1-BE44-4CAB-8492-AD21007FF903 G61 2PL Mclaughlin & Harvey, Boclair Academy, Inveroran Drive Variable Restricted
912A5E62-A947-493E-A2DC-AEC700C33298 G61 2SN St Andrew’s Rc Church, Bearsden, 29 Roman Road, Bearsden 24/7 Public
44B5C11F-3CBB-492B-BB2B-ADBA00F25107 G61 2TJ Douglas Park Golf Club, 106 Milngavie Road, Hillfoot 24/7 Public
26811665-BE99-4910-9394-B08F00C7CF89 G61 3DF Allander Leisure Centre, Milngavie Road, Bearsden 24/7 Public
3C68C4CF-5315-4C5E-84B4-AD7800FDB432 G61 3DF Mcglaughlan And Harvey Site Office At Allander Sports Complex, Milngavie Road, Bearsden Variable Restricted
60D8A978-3B5E-4CDE-A013-ADFF01050454 G61 3DF Allander Leisure Centre, Allander Sports Complex, Milngavie Road Variable Public
69B49416-10AA-47EA-8A84-B08F00C7CD04 G61 3NN Kilmardinny House, Kilmardinny Ave, Bearsden 24/7 Public
82698F50-B14C-4287-8291-B0A800E8265E G61 3QT Bearsden Library And Community Hub, 69 Drymen Road, Bearsden 24/7 Public
46B1E6EB-1713-4865-A219-AAF40109C2DC G61 3RE All Saints Episcopal Church, 140 Drymen Road, Bearsden 24/7 Public
003D74C5-58CE-47F1-90C1-60D0050CF6FC G61 3RS Bearsden Ski Club The Mound- Front Wall Of Clubhouse, Stockiemuir Road, Bearsden Glasgow 24/7 Public
987033FD-34CC-46B9-8D2C-AB4C00B7B6CC G61 3RS Bearsden Ski Club, The Mound, Stockiemuir Road 24/7 Public
29DF4FB2-3154-48C7-A123-AD1F00CFC100 G61 4BP Bearsden Golf Club, Thorn Road, Bearsden Variable Restricted
7D39CCED-05C4-4659-B8A5-ADC900ED978D G61 4QQ Windyhill Golf Club, Windyhill Golf Clubhouse, Baljaffray Road Variable Public
D7D425BB-254C-470A-8DD7-B01400B01F75 G62 6EP Dobbies Garden Centre Milngavie, Boclair Road, Milngavie Variable Public
2CA2607A-C682-4894-85B2-AE3A00A73E71 G62 6NB Tesco Milngavie, 7 Gavins Mill Road, Milngavie Variable Public
E79B193F-23B2-41E2-AFB1-9AA2D8A26463 G62 7HP Clober Golf Club- On O/S Wall At Main Entrance, Craigton Road, Milngavie Glasgow 24/7 Public
ECE8DCFA-8C66-40AF-9050-B0A800E82C88 G62 8BZ Milngavie Town Hall/Lillie Art Gallery, Station Road, Milngavie 24/7 Public
15ECFFB9-F716-4363-99B0-ADD5010E2590 G62 8HJ Nuffield Health, Strathblane Road, Milngavie Variable Restricted
8571E2C8-EE1E-49BB-896E-AF7300BF4DCA G62 8NE Milngavie Reservoirs, Mugdock Road, Milngavie 24/7 Public
4E7A41D0-537F-435A-9A67-B0A800E8235E G62 8PN Milngavie Community Library & Education Centre, Allander Rd, Milngavie 24/7 Public
B7D50A0C-907A-4572-A4F2-ABD200D711F6 G63 0BQ Drymen Paris Church, Drymen - Parish Church, 74 Main Street 24/7 Public
70BCE9D4-A571-4E8B-91DF-AB3700EB9DEC G63 0JH Post Box 14m From 1 Buchanan Smithy. 5m From Unnamed Road, Coldarach Road, Buchanan Smithy 24/7 Public
22B5FF20-3B11-4E49-BD0B-AB71011AB587 G63 0LN Courtyard Café, Fintry - Courtyard Cafe, Knockraich Farm, Kippen Road 24/7 Public
4A15A277-3BC0-48F9-91C7-AB71011B97A9 G63 0LP Campsie Glen Holiday Park, Fintry - Campsie Glen Holiday Park, Kippen Road 24/7 Public
7ADF1A4D-D78A-454B-AFF4-D34C9E31DF27 G63 0PW Balfron High School, Balfron - High School, Roman Road 24/7 Public
691ED3A5-BA3E-417B-BE57-ABD200EBB4CE G63 0QZ Ben View Garden Centre, Gartmore - Ben View Garden Centre, Ward Toll 24/7 Public
04B59F8E-7AF8-4691-A90F-3DEBA0154062 G63 0XE Menzies Hall, Fintry - Menzies Hall, Main Street 24/7 Public
C44D97CC-C2B9-4A0A-BD2F-AB710119AEEB G63 0XG Fintry Kirk, Fintry - Kirk, Crow Road 24/7 Public
6E32A689-C248-443E-953D-8CB7FDF7A8EB G63 0YA Fintry Sports & Recreation Club, Fintry - Kippen Road, Fintry 24/7 Public
AD71CF61-A158-4E55-B865-AB7100B0DD29 G63 9AX Edenmill Farm Shop, Blanefield - Edenmill Farm Shop & Play Area, Stockiemuir Road 24/7 Public
89126B13-19E6-41CC-A457-5D8394950419 G63 9BA Auchengillan Outdoor Centre, Blanefield - Auchengillan Outdoor Centre, A811 Glasgow - Drymen Road (Stockiemuir) 24/7 Public
6404FF54-5B6C-487B-B048-AB710120D229 G63 9EJ Greens Of Strathblane, Strathblane - Greens, 13 Old Mugdock Road Variable Public
6C7569D4-C599-4146-AE06-3CB6BC6B6090 G63 9LB Glengoyne Distillery, Dumgoyne: Glengoyne Distillery, A81 24/7 Public
A2026C8F-59A5-4D72-A4F0-B03100B45333 G64 1HZ Bishopbriggs Academy, Wester Cleddens Road, Bishopbriggs Variable Restricted
54FCF2DA-ABA0-4511-9EE9-B0A800E80922 G64 1NE Auchinairn Community & Early Years Centre, Beech Rd, Auchinairn 24/7 Public
0C694536-9E12-4A22-8DB5-AF2000DF3C19 G64 1NG Auchinairn Pharmacy, 167 Auchinairn Road, Bishopbriggs Variable Public
12BE6D2E-E009-406E-9D82-AFE000D3CA4E G64 1PD Cafe Torino Bishopbriggs, 2 Springfield Road, Bishopbriggs 24/7 Public
31958ACF-6B53-46EB-B400-AC0001273C53 G64 1PD Scotrail Railways Ltd, Bishopbriggs Station, Arnold Road Variable Restricted
092553C8-C3A8-4F75-A2DB-AB0800EC96D6 G64 1PN 49 Springfield Road, Bishopbriggs 24/7 Public
1B25268A-A679-405B-A176-AF9700B986AA G64 1RP Unit 6 Huntershill Business Centre, Crowhill Road, Bishopbriggs 24/7 Public
7E997E77-FB01-4DF9-BC1B-B032009EB7B8 G64 2AB Tesco Bishpbrig Kirkatl, 94 Kirkintilloch Rd, Bishopbriggs Variable Public
ED5F0BE5-0160-4DEF-B2CE-AFEB0147DD4D G64 2AF Kenmure Church, 15 Viewfield Road, Bishopbriggs Variable Public
19912F9C-E73E-413C-AACF-B00C00A9149B G64 2DX Bishopbriggs Golf Club House, Brackenbrae Road, Bishopbriggs Variable Public
18E87D66-01B4-42EC-852C-AF8800E04214 G64 2EH St Mary's, St Mary's Road, Bishopbriggs 24/7 Restricted
2BC86343-6C8F-4D56-B83A-AF8800E21068 G64 2EH St Marys Road, Bishopbriggs 24/7 Restricted
B8666DD6-C398-4A8E-8DFC-AB5900E8807A G64 2EH St. Mary's Kenmure, St. Marys Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
2B10B09B-86A3-4DD3-8F4C-AF4100BC68F3 G64 2LR Khsuh Dental (Nhs Practice), 129 Kirkintilloch Road, Bishopbriggs Variable Restricted
2EEA3729-B63D-4706-A728-B0A800E8205D G64 2LX Bishopbriggs Library And Community Hub, 170 Kirkintilloch Rd, Bishopbriggs 24/7 Public
4706DE1E-59BB-427C-9EC8-AF4E00C4539B G64 2NH Woodhill Evangelical Church, 30 Wester Cleddens Road, Bishopbriggs Variable Public
6A2C2148-78F6-452E-A00A-AFCD011089AF G64 2PN The Oregano, 2 Hilton Road, Bishopbriggs 24/7 Public
64D6F296-BD0D-4826-A254-B01800A492F7 G64 2QH Westerhill Road, E R S Ltd, Westerhill Road 24/7 Public
570F2DB9-68DF-4921-ABD2-AF7000C0EF2E G64 2QR Ccl Design Idt, 111 Westerhill Road, Bishopbriggs Variable Restricted
2A29EE03-0DF4-4889-810F-AF8600D31EC9 G64 2TS Unit 13 B And Q Strathkelvin Retail Park, Crosshill Road, Bishopbriggs Variable Public
322D96B5-F74F-4F71-B5B4-AF49010AB9E8 G64 2TS Mapp Property Management, Unit 3a Tim Hortons Strathkelvin Retail Park, Crosshill Road 24/7 Public
88E45563-27C8-4A64-93B9-ABD80089F566 G64 2TS B & Q Plc, Strathkelvin Retail Park, Bishopbriggs Variable Public
7F6545C0-5C1D-4F1D-BDFB-B0A800E80EA1 G64 3BX Bishopbriggs War Memorial Hall, Balmuildy Rd, Bishopbriggs 24/7 Public
3DBC27F5-BC45-49DE-9C21-B0A800E7FB57 G64 3HD The Leisuredrome, 147 Balmuildy Rd, Bishopbriggs 24/7 Public
4DE4082D-3E0A-4711-A95B-B01B015970B2 G64 3QA Land At Cadder Golf Club Access Road, Cadder Road, Bishopbriggs 24/7 Public
F853EA44-1C1D-4E37-AC5A-AEC2006C8429 G64 3QH Highland Distilleries Co Plc, Balmuildy Road, Bishopbriggs 24/7 Restricted
CEE71359-AC52-4C04-B298-86895F291D26 G64 4BZ Torrance Church- Next To Entrance To Church Hall, School Road, Torrance Glasgow 24/7 Public
170FD918-D99F-4E9A-B6E3-B0A800E811A4 G64 4DB Torrance Community Centre, School Rd, Torrance 24/7 Public
767EA8A9-13D3-4DEF-A271-7FBCDCE0FF54 G64 4EX 25-27 Main Street, Torrance Glasgow Variable Public
CBF695E4-FA81-460B-838E-AB1100EEFE76 G65 0SP Coachman Hotel, 4 Parkfoot Street, Glasgow 24/7 Public
63DDEF24-FCFF-47A2-AEFA-7B30F052C9D1 G65 9BS On Wall Of Main Production Area, 2 Gavell Road, Kilsyth Glasgow Variable Public
AFA756B0-6765-492B-8B40-B01201451E23 G65 9DG Kilsyth Church Of God, Parkburn Road, Kilsyth 24/7 Public
5A6186AC-A607-481E-A7B0-AD450164F959 G65 9EF Queenzieburn Community Centre, Community Hall, Mill Road 24/7 Public
D3DDD8F7-B1AE-47E2-A3CC-ADD301327435 G65 9HA Antonine Community Sport Hub, 121 Constarry Road, Croy 24/7 Public
D04829B4-933E-4CF9-BC68-AFC1009B8543 G65 9HN Croy Community Hub, 4 Mcsparran Road, Croy 24/7 Public
A10A8B44-CFF6-48F2-8CD5-AC0000CEE22A G65 9HT Scotrail Railways Ltd, Croy Station, Constarry Road 24/7 Public
A8E74196-34ED-4654-882A-B0340133E6C7 G65 9QQ Twechar Miners Welfare, 20 Main Street, Twechar 24/7 Public
B31FC47A-8C2A-46C1-8A60-B0A800E82F20 G65 9TA Twechar Healthy Living & Enterprise Centre, St John's Way, Twechar 24/7 Public
CF3E6736-0DEC-4FF3-8C72-B0A800E814CA G66 1AD Kirkintilloch Community Hub/Wpl, W High Street, Kirkintilloch 24/7 Public
D70E4463-D713-471C-89C4-B0A800E81C71 G66 1DH Kirkintilloch Town Hall, Union Street, Kirkintilloch 24/7 Public
41EBFDBC-67AE-4DD5-8050-ADB100C9AB3B G66 1HE 21 Alexandra Street, St David’s Church, Kirkintilloch 24/7 Public
E787AB84-BBB9-484C-A1D7-AF790128B56F G66 1JH Tesco, 1 The Regent Centre, Cowgate Variable Public
9A76C693-01FA-4071-890E-D86CBE88039B G66 1LF On Wall Along Back Corridor, The Park Centre, 45 Kerr Street Variable Public
4D22EAB0-4631-4678-958A-AE1C0109AA7A G66 1NL The Greenhouse Cafe ( Kirkinitlloch Baptist Church), Townhead, Kirkintilloch 24/7 Public
F1B2B99A-7620-4EE8-8FC9-AB4900C972D5 G66 1RN Kirkintilloch Golf Club, Todhill, Campsie Road, Kirkintilloch Variable Public
EB376214-EE6D-4FA9-BEAA-B0A800E8297E G66 1XS Southbank Marina Hq, Strathkelvin Place, Kirkintilloch 24/7 Public
35065E94-F1C1-4EA1-AA34-B0A800E819BB G66 2JT Hillhead Community Centre, 169 Meiklehill Rd, Kirkintilloch 24/7 Public
1D6C1600-8C51-40A5-84F9-D5EBA307D231 G66 2LA Hillhead Housing Association- Inside Main Office, 2 Meiklehill Road, Kirkintilloch Glasgow Variable Public
5FCFDA1C-A4FF-4D72-BE67-B0A800E7FE22 G66 3DD Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre, Woodhead Park, Kirkintilloch 24/7 Public
C62172D4-3C95-4A26-8DBA-ABAD00C80D34 G66 3LG Archies Newsagent, 1 Old Duntiblae Road, Kirkintilloch 24/7 Public
176AFB28-21AA-48EC-A41D-AEE400D1AE26 G66 3SL 1 Merkland Court, Kirkintilloch 24/7 Public
B1A9F33E-06BB-4B6C-A216-B162F61D69A7 G66 4LJ Lenzie Old Parish Church, Garngaber Avenue, Lenzie Glasgow Variable Public
6B2AE0B6-2150-4DE3-8540-AB6E0137FC9A G66 5DL Auchinloch Community Council, Auchinloch Community Centre, 151 Langmuirhead Road 24/7 Public
1AB9B09A-03BC-47E2-9487-AC88011D10DC G66 5DU Auchinloch Community Council, Auchinloch Bowling Club, Fourth Avenue 24/7 Public
045C310D-B1CD-40D2-8934-AB4501506C80 G66 5JD Scout Hall Millersneuk Road, Kirkintilloch 24/7 Public
C47F2530-4517-4632-ABCA-AF3F00BFBD12 G66 7DE Lennoxtown Project Group, St Machan's Chapel Hall, Chapel Street 24/7 Public
51623A4E-EED4-4DD6-A5A1-AFBD0103E585 G66 7GX Campsie Golf Club, Crow Road, Lennoxtown 24/7 Public
DE8F2879-D056-4D9D-867F-AFD700F98628 G66 7HD Campsie Bowling Club, Lennox Place, Lennoxtown 24/7 Public
AAC2050D-4B7B-44E4-8163-B0A800E80BF0 G66 7JJ Lennoxtown Community Hub, Main Street, Lennoxtown 24/7 Public
2E4042C8-F1EE-4C91-BC59-B0A800E80148 G66 8DL Craighead Library, Craighead Rd, Craighead 24/7 Public
2DD9C7C0-A1FD-444E-B066-AFEA00D9B3AB G66 8ET Stirling Hall, Lochiel Drive, Milton Of Campsie 24/7 Public
5AF52447-9E4D-4F9A-926B-AAAF00B70E5E G67 1BJ Central Health Centre, North Carbrain Road, Glasgow Variable Public
C14EFDC5-C295-41B6-9B5C-AAAF00B5C764 G67 1BJ Central Health Centre, North Carbrain Road, Glasgow Variable Public
DB15130A-282C-48C1-928E-AAAE01635EE0 G67 1BT Jd Gyms, 5 Forth Walk, Glasgow Variable Public
A8ED9BB9-8CAA-4101-BF8F-676D9FA2E4C4 G67 1BU Security Office- On Rhs Wall In Control Room, 1a Tay Walk, Cumbernauld Glasgow 24/7 Public
7096D13A-32C3-4E39-914B-AD6400D62677 G67 1BZ 1 Esk Walk, Cumbernauld Variable Public
ED9F26D8-52BE-4E83-9D07-AAAB012C3E69 G67 1EW Tryst Sports Centre, Town Centre, Glasgow Variable Restricted
72AB1AD2-035A-4C34-B457-AE1A00E9DA7B G67 1JW M&D Green Pharmacy, Antonine Centre, Tryst Road Variable Public
7C64276B-4D7E-4759-BA27-AAAA0126DF86 G67 1JW Asda Stores Ltd, 1 Tryst Road, Glasgow Variable Public
A76016F1-5574-4D86-A381-B04300BBF8F3 G67 1JW Tesco Cumbernauld, Tesco, Tryst Road Variable Public
AD338BC3-1B70-4C78-8179-AAAB01275884 G67 1JW Antonine Shopping Center, Antonine Shopping Centre, Tryst Road Variable Restricted
AD6A1E6B-FEA0-450E-B054-2BF14AC34478 G67 1JW Tesco Stores, 1 Tryst Road, Cumbernauld Glasgow Variable Public
1C8384B9-E388-445E-96C7-AF4C01036D73 G67 1NF Mcdonald's - North Lanarkshire 1, Central Way, Cumbernauld 24/7 Public
F8E54686-C095-4E8C-9D68-B08400B4F88F G67 2DN Ymca, Afton Road, Kildrum 24/7 Public
913C4B51-819E-44C9-A9CB-ADFD00B6347A G67 2UQ Beatsons Building Supplies, Glencryan Road, Cumbernauld Variable Public
FDECCC48-39C7-469A-904B-AD900101DACC G67 3EN Hiab Scotland, 14 Dunnswood Road, Cumbernauld Variable Public
0F5F6B15-E8E3-4380-9701-C47DAA261BCC G67 4BT Spar Stores- On Front Of Building, 3 Main Road, Cumbernauld Glasgow 24/7 Public
09B1F918-8110-427F-AD3D-AAAF00FDED67 G67 4DN Condorrat Health Centre, Airdrie Road, Glasgow Variable Public
43AF7F69-4788-4F3E-9238-AE5400F8EF19 G67 4ES Condorrat Football Club, 91 Rannoch Drive, Cumbernauld 24/7 Restricted
AE4D80D8-0782-43E3-81F0-B05F01489DE2 G67 4GY 7 Craigcrest Place, Cumbernauld 24/7 Restricted
8C9E08E2-6497-42EB-B6E6-B06600A8DD28 G68 0AW Craigard Nursery, Craigard, Victoria Road 24/7 Public
2AD9D80D-2197-40DA-9E98-072016CD5D38 G68 0BH Boolean House, Napier Park, Cumbernauld Glasgow Variable Public
508CFE9E-DC45-4865-B864-AE6800E99D7B G68 0EF Zepf Uk, 45/47 Napier Road, Wardpark North, Cumbernauld, Wardpark 24/7 Public
5DBAE215-13D4-4E54-AC18-AE390103D410 G68 0EZ Tesco, 15 Auchinbee Way, Cumbernauld 24/7 Public
C27731BF-0987-4F16-9AE1-AAB1011FDB9E G68 0EZ Tesco Stores Ltd, 15 Auchinbee Way, Glasgow Variable Public
A94BEC67-1B58-4D99-9C70-ABD80071921B G68 0FR B & Q Plc, 41 Castlecary Way, Cumbernauld Variable Public
70AF9A72-2C5E-411B-830B-AAF000DCBA7B G68 0JJ Step By Step Nursery, 5 Gailes Road, Glasgow Variable Public
D96F7523-D9B6-41A1-B2F0-ACBB010F2002 G68 0LS Craighalbert Centre, 1 Craighalbert Way, Cumbernauld Variable Public
BEEF0FBA-FFCC-4C22-9E40-AFEB008FE20D G68 0LW Screwfix, Unit 5, Tollpark Road Variable Restricted
3DF79DA8-7B15-4A5A-B61B-AAAA013B129C G68 9AA Croy Railway Station, Constarry Road, Croy 24/7 Public
CA8C6879-65BF-4F2A-AEA0-AACB00930FA5 G68 9AG St. Maurices High School, Westfield, Glasgow Variable Public
C446752D-02D0-419D-9FDD-36DF5F1D06EB G68 9HP Samtec- On First Pillar In Main Office, 11 Mollins Court, Cumbernauld Glasgow Variable Restricted
195A918D-846F-4661-B7F6-AB4A00F9197A G68 9HQ Davies Turner & Co Ltd, 7 Grayshill Road, Glasgow Variable Restricted
39119FC1-0582-499B-8C6E-AFD2010264BF G68 9HQ Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd, 62 Grayshill Road, Grayshill Road, Cumbernauld Variable Restricted
348D7D37-901D-46E0-A586-B09A00D06A08 G68 9LB Glasgow Csc, 3 Orchardton Road, Westfield 24/7 Public
5E124168-F7D5-4355-9523-B09A00D57419 G68 9LB Glasgow Csc, 3 Orchardton Road, Westfield 24/7 Public
1752E4C7-0CCA-4720-AAF1-AFC500AC272E G68 9NB Scottish Water, Deerdykes Wwtw, 2 Old Quarry Road Variable Restricted
24ACB99D-15A2-41B7-A5E7-AE2E00AD95D9 G68 9NE Ardgoil Drive, Cumbernauld 24/7 Public
5F422DF6-4AD2-4476-BC40-AAAA0113EBEA G68 9NE Ardgoil Drive, Cumbernauld Variable Restricted
C40B88EA-293A-4FF4-9C7F-AAAA010E9F0F G68 9NE Broadwood Stadium Main Reception, Leisure Centre Broadwood Stadium, 1 Ardgoil Drive Variable Public
BB885E27-47D0-4BEF-99A7-AD7800CFD8FC G69 0BE Glenmanor Avenue, Moodiesburn 24/7 Public
839E8295-4038-4919-B896-AE1A00E3DFF1 G69 0PB Taylor Wimpey, Stoneyetts View -Off Gartferry Road, Moodiesburn Variable Restricted
0E704C73-38BE-424C-97AB-AB5300CD318C G69 6GA Flanagan Flooring Distributors, 15 Springhill Parkway, Glasgow Business Park Variable Restricted
753EC83B-83D9-49C1-9543-AE3C0101706B G69 6JT Tesco Express, 9 Glasgow Rd, 0 Variable Public
1C5D7398-D56F-4FC1-BCE2-AE2301337407 G69 7SG 71-73 Rosebank Terrace, Bargeddie 24/7 Public
B86C6056-4E9B-4026-B785-AE31008B2982 G69 7TQ 1 Appleby Grove, Bargeddie 24/7 Public
EF9801A2-04F6-4A70-BEF6-AFD50086888C G69 7TR Vibroplant Plc, 505 Coatbridge Road, Bargeddie Variable Public
FD1B9074-041D-4596-9DF6-AF5F00F7D749 G69 8EU Reach Pharmacy, 2 Old Gartloch Road, Gartcosh 24/7 Public
F15ED4FD-4BD7-42AB-95B6-ADE8011FE5F1 G69 9DR 7 Lindsaybeg Road, Chryston 24/7 Public
EF6FA801-69BD-4D6F-BFCA-AE0000B7488F G69 9DX M&D Green, 144 Cumbernauld Road, Muirhead 24/7 Public
A9A7016B-C078-4010-AE92-ADEB0183DC3E G69 9DY 134 Cumbernauld Road, Muirhead 24/7 Public
3B247DCB-853E-4D05-93B5-AC6200F63784 G69 9JF Crow Wood Golf Club, Garnkirk Lodge, Glasgow 24/7 Public
1F5D2CC6-C543-4BDF-AF72-AEA1015C6226 G69 9LA Chryston And Muirhead Gala Commitee, Chryston Church, Main Street 24/7 Public
43C36D20-0DF9-4690-8655-AB1A0116C3A4 G69 9NB Young Dental Practice, 212 Cumbernauld Road, Glasgow Variable Public
75780BD0-36F9-4542-9804-B006010D1873 G71 5AL W Y Graham Ltd, Market Place, 8 Burnhead Street Variable Public
E449354B-8A58-49BC-9798-AD6800D7EF6D G71 5AL Within Chemist Market Place, 8 Burnhead Street, Viewpark Variable Public
3658B32A-9CDA-4E45-821C-AE9D00D5B8A7 G71 5DB 90 Laburnum Road, Uddingston 24/7 Public
F02D91BE-A07B-4530-9739-AB1F00F11572 G71 5PD M C D Scotland, Cairnie House, Tannochside Drive Variable Restricted
5CA82585-3D8C-4A6C-99BD-AE3800D99178 G71 5PE Belgrade Insulations, 5 Bedlay View, Uddingston Variable Public
F01FEF42-460E-4CD4-95AA-AD4F0100A1B3 G71 5PE Belgrade (Uddingston), 5 Bedlay View, Uddingston Variable Restricted
39287439-00A9-4962-A979-B03700E35773 G71 5PR Currys Birkenshaw, Currys, Rannoch Road 24/7 Public
DA09B51B-8161-4D05-AF01-B07C01544E95 G71 5PR Dunelm Uddingston, Birkenshaw Trading Estate, Rannoch Road, Uddingston, Uddingston Variable Restricted
4D2BB636-1F8E-4926-9B91-AF3C00CDF644 G71 5PW Orona Glasgow, Suite 6 Ellismuir House, Ellismuir Way Variable Restricted
59DD8939-B220-4F33-99F7-AAEF00D7F845 G71 5PW Emtec, Ellismuir Way, Tannochside Park Variable Restricted
31AC7801-9FA7-4847-92C7-7BA636CFBB8B G71 6BP Old Edinburgh Road, Uddingston Variable Public
C0160238-4CEE-4B20-A0EA-AD6800D956A5 G71 6BS Livingston Garage Petrol Station, 34 New Edinburgh Road, Uddingston 24/7 Public
6D36F1EA-9059-4AF7-973B-ACF3014309D8 G71 6HG Viewpark Community Gardens, Bairds Avenue, Off Old Edinburgh Road 24/7 Public
8C0C6F70-EEF0-484F-ABF6-AEC401420359 G71 6HL Viewpark Allotments, Viewpark Gardens Allotments, Bairds Avenue 24/7 Restricted
8EEA2E32-BA17-4150-A5A5-AF1D00B9016A G71 6NG Calderbraes Golf Club, 57 Roundknowe Road, Uddingston 24/7 Public
D76A851D-6407-44D9-A9CA-AD4700F7F8B7 G71 6PJ Special Days Cakes (Outside), 432 Old Edinburgh Road, Uddingston 24/7 Public
68ACFB5C-D14E-4623-BA36-B07500F6E897 G71 7BT Uddingston Grammar School, Old Glasgow Road, Uddingston Variable Public
0BAF6A33-A0A1-4DF5-9FE8-ADDA00C02107 G71 7BX Masonic Lodge, 4 Gardenside Street, Glasgow 24/7 Public
F29E7123-4033-445C-BF20-AE3600E5AC66 G71 7ET Tesco, Bothwell Road, Glasgow Variable Public
C956BFCA-8564-40D0-BDF1-AFB100EF4979 G71 7HF Uddingston Old Parish Church, Uddingston Old Parish Church Hall, Uddingston Old Parish Church 24/7 Public
DD0AF4C7-AF7E-40A2-9BC0-ADA000B0F334 G71 7HJ Uddingston Cricket And Sports Club, Castle Avenue, Uddingston Variable Restricted
F7113B0C-0DCB-4F87-99AB-D9F5D51E0934 G71 7HJ Uddingston Cricket And Sports Club, Castle Avenue, Uddingston Variable Restricted
90E8224B-DEDA-4D41-98B1-AD0600E71AB4 G71 7HQ Uddingston Bowling & Tennis Club Main Wall, Uddingston Bowling And Tennis Club, 29 Old Glasgow Road 24/7 Public
25FC252D-82F3-4D2B-8DD1-AFE900754ECE G71 7RX Scottish Water, Daldowie Office, Broomhouse, Uddingston Variable Restricted
9D81B970-A142-414D-8178-AEF900DF4899 G71 7RX Daldowie Fuel Plant, Smw Ltd, Daldowie Fuel Plant 24/7 Restricted
2DDA85CE-D538-4BC5-B95B-B04A00FE57C0 G71 7SL Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre Glasgow, 315 Hamilton Road, Uddingston Variable Restricted
6D4F61F5-BD45-41EE-8602-AE0000F20569 G71 7UZ Taylor Wimpey, Broomhouse 6, Off Muirhead Road Variable Restricted
39D432D8-2087-4DAC-B5E1-AED700A5FCFD G71 8BG Bothwell Service Area, Bothwell, Glasgow Variable Public
D947BDDF-27E3-4691-9FE4-AB2000B25470 G71 8BS Bullet Express, 5 Ashley Drive, Bullet House Variable Public
0FDDC9A5-A77E-4B8F-9510-AD410170E3EB G71 8EX Bothwell Parish Church Centre Car Park, Main Street, Glasgow 24/7 Public
FF4742A9-C078-4CD8-8BC4-ADEE00F2E2F3 G71 8QT 4 Glebe Wynd, Bothwell, Glasgow 24/7 Restricted
B37B5576-6EF3-41A2-BC6B-AD04012E68D3 G71 8SE Cut Steak Beer Garden Wall On Left Of Main Doors Up Side Of Bulding, 2 Silverwells Crescent, Glasgow 24/7 Public
59558C70-058E-43A7-96C1-98373605EFB5 G72 0BN International House- To Rhs Of Reception Above Dry Rinser, Stanley Boulevard, Blantyre Glasgow Variable Public
4DE85975-FFBC-4464-A012-AE90008D189D G72 0BP South Lanarkshire Council, 4 Livingstone Boulevard, Glasgow Variable Public
2F8C1CEB-1899-498C-ABBE-AE1C00CC26F2 G72 0DE Scotmid / West Craig’s At Heart Group, Atm, 3 Dunnet Court 24/7 Public
D985D299-2F4A-4AD5-AB08-AC8C010870DC G72 0ET Family Shopper, 190 Main Street, Glasgow 24/7 Public
1159E291-691A-4C64-AE9B-B0900082F94C G72 0FT Probe Test Solutions Ltd, Kintail House, 3 Lister Way, Hamilton International Technology Park Variable Restricted
CF35D1B8-DFA9-441F-B0EA-AF4700AC4D8C G72 0GA West Craigs At Heart Group, 1 Berriedale Crescent, Westerpark Avenue 24/7 Public
FC583307-9F45-462C-AE18-AF4700B1FAE6 G72 0GS 49 Alford Avenue, Blantyre, Glasgow 24/7 Public
B3D4CA50-7B47-4932-B418-AF4700B415D5 G72 0GW West Craigs At Heart Group, Westerpark Avenue, At Lane To Hillhouse 24/7 Public
ABB8D3E9-DB7D-4ECD-BE54-AF4700B73F54 G72 0JQ West Craigs At Heart Group, Westerpark Avenue, Near To Sandhead Terrace 24/7 Public
54F54932-BB57-4F73-ADC8-0DAABF37500C G72 0JS Leisure Centre- In Corridor Between Foyer & Poolside, Glasgow Road, Blantyre Glasgow Variable Public
649AC6E4-B50A-4ABD-BC97-ADD3009250DF G72 0ND Unit 14 - 18 Block 2, First Road, Blantyre Industrial Estate Variable Public
84605CCC-82EC-4C5A-BD41-AF4700B53626 G72 0TG Glamis Crescent, 1 Glamis Gate, Blantyre 24/7 Public
E61F67AA-16FD-46F6-8275-AE3F00A72628 G72 0UP Aquaid Franchising Ltd, Unit 3e Block 3, Third Road Variable Restricted
E7E5B744-C61C-4DD2-9769-AEE300A127D7 G72 0UP Block 9 Gym, Unit 13/14 Block 6 Trading Estate, Third Road Variable Restricted
8BE06E78-1FA8-4C38-B5BC-8BAE29D2B489 G72 0UZ Weatherproofing Advisors Service Ltd- At Main Reception, West Avenue, Blantyre Glasgow Variable Public
BE4EDB0C-0E02-4438-A14B-AFB000A11710 G72 0XB Pmk Civil Engineering Ltd, Block 9, South Avenue Variable Restricted
60B5A164-3740-4FBF-B317-AE0000F319E5 G72 6AT Taylor Wimpey, Newton Farm 2i, Cambuslang Variable Restricted
A5486A3F-263F-48FB-AAF8-AFB200B4608C G72 7DB Hwrc Scotland, Rutherglen Waste And Recycling Centre, Cambuslang Road Variable Restricted
4A853745-A62E-45A2-9332-AAFB00D84276 G72 7EL Hugh Black & Sons Butchers, 126 Main Street, Glasgow 24/7 Public
624EDE42-EA69-41B4-896B-B04A00FAE0CA G72 7NA Ab2k Depot, 95 Westburn Drive, Cambuslang Variable Public
78DEE700-FE18-4CFF-BC3A-AABF00A2BE53 G72 7PF The Tudor Inn, 242 Hamilton Road, Cambuslang 24/7 Public
5399403C-B5A9-4639-9DF4-8B06D391C08A G72 7TD Scotrail Railways Ltd, Newton Station, Westburn Road 24/7 Public
65E9A7AD-B1A4-41B4-A83A-DB979FEACD0A G72 7UW Newton Arms- On Front Wall, 22 Newton Brae, Cambuslang Glasgow 24/7 Public
6D6A6A83-B56C-4920-9AD7-AE3501032CE2 G72 7XR Tesco Cambuslang, 1 Hallside Court, Glasgow 24/7 Public
1B7C27F8-C5E9-46E8-A3BD-AEBE00E881C1 G72 8AY Cambuslang Lawn Tennis Club, Post Box 20m From 32 Central Avenue. 3m From Unnamed Road, Central Avenue 24/7 Public
FFAF799B-0BDC-4FA6-A3D7-AE7000EB2683 G72 8DG Kirkhill Bowling Club, 52 Stewarton Drive, Glasgow 24/7 Public
F6DB1FE1-8AD8-4EE9-8441-ADED011B662E G72 9BW Village Bar, 144 Station Road, Blantyre 24/7 Public
4C8F5CB2-508F-48C2-8C76-ACCE012A1684 G72 9DA St Josephs House, Mayberry Place, Glasgow 24/7 Public
C66B5F6E-CE48-486F-A104-ADED011906A2 G72 9LE Coatshill 1, 64 Coatshill Avenue, Blantyre 24/7 Public
560CD69A-594C-480E-9E46-AE31011DB704 G72 9UA Blantyre Old Parish Church, Craigmuir Road, Blantyre 24/7 Public
2B88806D-B24C-49D0-9D1A-AE9700F89788 G72 9UD Greenhall Farm Shop, Hamilton Road, Blantyre 24/7 Public
A2F87B9E-32D2-4525-A6D7-ACCE012ACD58 G72 9XD St John Ogilvie Rc Church, Broompark Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
283947BA-B797-472D-9F06-AB340096376E G73 1AP Babcock Rail / S B Rail, Railway Workshops, 215 Cambuslang Road Variable Restricted
7D4D18F1-29DE-4104-8CB6-B05801084EA6 G73 1BQ Trustford (Trustfirstparts) - Glasgow - Cambuslang Road, Trustfirstparts, Unit 1b, Rutherglen Links Business Park Variable Public
A6D981D9-6F85-46C2-8A31-AFE800C22D9E G73 1DH Screwfix, Unit 2 Rutherglen Links, Cambuslang Road Variable Restricted
6B949435-FA45-4A9F-8936-ACAB010198B1 G73 1DS Scotrail Railways Ltd, Rutherglen Railway Station, 28 Victoria Street Variable Restricted
9912095C-9A23-43BA-A588-FA237460CEB0 G73 1JQ West Parish Church- At Entrance To Church Halls, Western Avenue, Rutherglen Glasgow Variable Public
23622C5B-DEAD-42F7-9042-AE3D00E97513 G73 1NY Tesco Extra, Dalmarnock Rd, Rutherglen 24/7 Public
BBF0A563-D173-4761-B425-AFB000B8EE3D G73 1PW Clyde Gateway Developments, Downiebrae Road, Glasgow Variable Public
9B3D2E13-9889-4653-87E4-AF0800ED4B0B G73 1SA Red Tree Magenta, 270 Glasgow Road, Rutherglen Variable Public
37040E57-421E-4374-A1B0-B03600F9193E G73 1UZ Bre, Second Floor Red Tree Magenta, 270 Glasgow Road Variable Restricted
9AF80598-730F-4FBC-B072-AF1E00EBC6BF G73 2DE Davic Cox Butchers, 6 Kingsheath Avenue, Rutherglen 24/7 Public
858E9595-5E9E-4635-AD93-AAC000FF6360 G73 2JJ Rutherglen Town Hall, 139 Main Street, Glasgow Variable Public
FDB65492-3881-4764-898D-AED200D239C1 G73 2QA 69 Johnstone Drive, Rutherglen, Glasgow 24/7 Public
6E15C34A-20C5-43AA-A073-308EEE2992E7 G73 2SA Rutherglen Community Carers, 4 Wallace Street, Rutherglen Variable Public
9D6B3B46-AE59-4912-BE36-ABBC0071A1FD G73 3LW South Lanarkshire Lifestyle, 101 Glenside Drive, Rutherglen 24/7 Public
C871F6EA-7FDB-4594-84F0-E946A0F14F53 G73 3LW In Main Office Opp Reception At Lifestyle Eastfield, 101 Glenside Drive, Rutherglen Glasgow Variable Public
0737B442-503C-4DFD-AA18-AD4D00D078C2 G73 3QY Ace Place Nursery, Carpark, 65 Rodger Drive 24/7 Public
D8D78AF4-98FA-443B-97F8-AE2800D94335 G73 3RJ Tesco, 241 Stonelaw Road, Glasgow Variable Public
F6A60CBE-F029-468B-A933-AAFE0007AB01 G73 3SB Burnside Pharmacy, 272 Stonelaw Road, Rutherglen 24/7 Public
5E582212-5E06-425E-AFC3-AABF00F65A42 G73 4EQ Fernhill Community Centre, 12 Auchenlarie Drive, Glasgow Variable Restricted
C62E9591-AF86-4990-AC60-AE5301526374 G73 4LD 113th Glasgow Burnside Scout Group, Scout Hall, 19 Crawfurd Road Variable Public
E192AB10-DE60-48ED-A2D4-AB4A0109F94A G73 4SG Fernhill Primary School, Fernbrae Avenue, Glasgow Variable Restricted
2A32482A-0B93-4CA6-87E0-AE38009DAD47 G74 1LL Zucca Bistro, 103 Centre West, Glasgow Variable Public
22A5CD2F-128C-4BCE-A2D2-AF950106A41C G74 1LW O2 Store (0219) East Kilbride, 43 The Plaza, Scotland Variable Restricted
B363E1DE-45B6-47A7-85D9-AFDB00891884 G74 1LW Ramada East Kilbride, Ramada By Wyndham East Kilbride, The Plaza Tower 24/7 Restricted
7205EAD0-0F60-49F1-8C57-AE6101191F73 G74 1PG Puregym, Unit 35, 16 Olympia Mall 24/7 Restricted
B4C03F0A-8FA6-4DC8-A03C-AE38009EE66D G74 1PG 33 The Olympia, East Kilbride, Glasgow Variable Public
D28C9166-C50E-4B29-A23A-AE2E00C97398 G74 2AP 13 Glen More, East Kilbride, Glasgow 24/7 Public
7CC33F16-5A40-4720-8D36-AFF200BF0C2B G74 2AU Tesco, St. Leonards Road, Glasgow Variable Public
FCE85ED2-D499-4E8E-83ED-AE3D00E68547 G74 2AU Tesco Superstore, St Leonards Rd, 0 Variable Public
850EAE96-AEF0-42D7-9257-AB3C00868F09 G74 3XB Premier Inn, 5 Lees Burn Court, Glasgow 24/7 Public
72F2971B-DD75-4402-B929-AF3600B67185 G74 3YA St Leonards R C Church, Brancumhall Road, East Kilbride Variable Restricted
0A46B9D3-0045-4FE5-986E-72A17A0DDD35 G74 4HG Village Theatre- Behind Box Office/Reception Desk, Maxwell Drive, Eastmains East Kilbride Variable Public
E83EFBB3-8E8A-48D6-B580-AEAC00C10061 G74 4HG The Village Centre, East Mains Baptist Church, 12 Maxwell Drive 24/7 Public
558A3A26-931E-45B0-922E-AFDD00A468D5 G74 4JW Right There, Lindsay House, 37 Kittoch Street 24/7 Restricted
D139300B-171A-43C5-8BA1-AD9B00D16283 G74 4NE 5 Stuart Street, East Kilbride, Glasgow 24/7 Public
94F6BEFA-B409-48F9-A2AA-ADF00103CF21 G74 4NQ Mcqueens Dairies, 4 Cairn Place, East Kilbride 24/7 Public
7A610ED9-193D-430F-B88A-AECA00E70585 G74 4QL C T M Fabrications Ltd, 11 Law Place, Nerston Industrial Estate, East Kilbride, East Kilbride Variable Restricted
D14384C4-B18C-42A0-8E9A-ABE300C07B5D G74 4QX B & Q Plc, Mavor Avenue, East Kilbride Variable Public
25D396F1-A652-471C-AA04-AE7800C7DCD8 G74 4UN Sainsburys, Sainsburys Kingsgate Retail Park, 3 Glasgow Road 24/7 Restricted
4B4D85D3-546F-4558-A746-AF1100F393E3 G74 4US The Kittoch, 1 Stewartfield Crescent, Glasgow 24/7 Public
7F9724CF-F16D-416F-8A73-AB1300AD5E89 G74 5BA Baymed Healthcare Ltd, Unit J, 1 Glenburn Road, College Milton North Variable Public
2AD52B46-AD8E-4379-9DE4-AFB200B457E2 G74 5BU Hwrc Scotland, East Kilbride Waste And Recycling Centre, Peel Park Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
C6C90A7C-491D-47D7-9671-AF6900B5DF57 G74 5DH Linde Mh Uk Ltd, 3 Milton Road, College Milton Industrial Estate Variable Public
23F2FC1B-7653-49D5-8AA3-AF2700DC8AE4 G74 5HB Breedon Trading Ltd, 2 Hawbank Road, College Milton Industrial Estate Variable Public
62094D5E-EEAD-4552-901A-AD9000BDC637 G74 5PA Orbital House, 3 Redwood Crescent, Glasgow 24/7 Restricted
B682AC1F-8FC2-4963-84FA-AEA900D4320A G74 5PA C C L Design, 4 & 6 Redwood Crescent, East Kilbride 24/7 Restricted
D86A4D19-2B1B-4889-9BEE-AE240116AE75 G74 5PA 8 Redwood Crescent, Glasgow Variable Restricted
B50D219F-4206-4A36-BEC6-AE7500CD79D5 G74 5PG Itt Pro Services - Building 2, 2nd Floor, Gso Business Park, Grado Avenue Variable Restricted
7DE1E7B0-E9EA-427A-8620-AEA600F67745 G74 5PH 4 Orbital Court, Glasgow Variable Restricted
CF48BEDD-0601-4EF9-A841-B06D00A7110D G74 5PH 2c Orbital Court, East Kilbride, Glasgow Variable Public
D53633B3-524A-4C8F-8FE9-AFE800C1F080 G75 0GZ Screwfix, Units 22 & 23 Colvilles Park, East Kilbride Variable Restricted
30BEA775-585F-4E35-99BA-5534F750AB3F G75 0NE At 3rd Floor Atrium At South Lanarkshire College, College Way, East Kilbride Glasgow Variable Public
32134627-F931-4AE0-B866-AD5E00D0EAB3 G75 0NE South Lanarkshire College, College Way, Glasgow Variable Restricted
27373689-54A6-4F97-BFC3-AFFE00A606B0 G75 0PZ Celsius Cooling Ltd, 2c Colvilles Place, Kelvin Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
88F32BD6-284D-4B11-B5B0-AE2E00B4DEE5 G75 0QD Schneider Electric, Arx House Technology Centre, James Watt Avenue Variable Restricted
3A79217A-5C9A-49B7-ABCC-ADF3007EE963 G75 0RA 12 Glenfield Road, Kelvin Industrial Estate, Glasgow Variable Public
2B55FDCB-305D-4B09-9ECC-B70DE7AF3551 G75 0RD Heliex Power Ltd- At Reception, Bramah Avenue, East Kilbride Glasgow Variable Public
6A5EAF5E-EF4B-4C03-9D16-AF0F00ABDFC1 G75 0RH Unit 1b Langlands Commercial Park, Kelvin Park South, East Kilbride Variable Restricted
2CE673D3-D34F-4A19-9BC6-AF0400A8F478 G75 0SN Ethigen, 10-16 Colvilles Place, Kelvin Industrial Estate 24/7 Restricted
F7A552BE-061C-447F-8816-ADD700A87B93 G75 0TD C G L Ltd, 2 Young Place, Kelvin Industrial Estate Variable Public
19169721-E7D9-4D6C-BC6E-B01200DCDECB G75 0YA Ek Business Centre, Room 25 Ek Business Centre, 14 Stroud Road Variable Public
907ADE8D-20F7-4BC5-8AAD-AFAF00BF043E G75 0YF Socotec Uk, 2-8 Langlands Place, Kelvin Business Park Variable Restricted
ADA4C8F8-73A0-4183-AFB3-AF5B00AC06A1 G75 0YG Skytec Aviation Ltd, 23 Langlands Avenue, Kelvin South Business Park 24/7 Public
450F4F48-C282-43D1-B419-ADF000C4A880 G75 0YL A K P (Scotland) Ltd, 31 Carron Place, Kelvin Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
2ACBE2DE-A097-4416-9398-B020008A3667 G75 0YW Nuffield Health, 4 The Boardwalk, Stroud Road Variable Public
BF01EF5D-6A29-4C2D-BBC1-BED9C537FA96 G75 0YY On Wall Main H/Way Between Doors On Right Hand Side, 6 Langlands Square, East Kilbride Glasgow Variable Restricted
377AE5FA-0730-48C1-878F-AC8400D4C780 G75 0ZZ Xpo Logistics, Hurlawcrook Drive, East Kilbride 24/7 Restricted
53A01208-8B66-40B2-AFD0-ADFF00BFC9AB G75 8GJ Kilbryde Hospice, Mcguinness Way, East Kilbride Variable Public
AF40F895-4263-4397-8067-AB3C0082E247 G75 8LW Premier Inn, Eaglesham Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
D7048E2D-1F45-44E3-B549-BF064B03251B G75 8RW Jackton & Thorntonhall Comunity Council, 333 Eaglesham Road, East Kilbride Glasgow 24/7 Public
D4B882D5-A31E-4020-AF8A-AE3C00FC8AD8 G75 8YQ Tesco Express, Redcliffe Dr, 0 Variable Public
F12479B8-9CEE-4550-A790-974BBBC88A3C G75 9LW On Wall Behind Reception At Alistair Mccoist Complex, Quarry Road, East Kilbride Glasgow Variable Public
260332B3-1E0B-4BBD-A1DF-AE0000F0CA22 G75 9PX Taylor Wimpey, Benthall Farm 3, Off Auldhouse Road Variable Restricted
56151AF8-2CEE-4FF7-90A8-AD7C01189207 G76 0BA 11 Moor Road, Eaglesham 24/7 Restricted
A3E2AB0D-5F04-47F7-9311-AB0900C0C504 G76 0JQ G R Brown Butchers, 12 Glasgow Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
3B67EB7F-21F6-4791-94D1-AAB80082729E G76 0LF Eaglesham Primary School, 35 Strathaven Road, Glasgow Variable Restricted
CC23969A-2900-4585-A7F0-143C6C0E687E G76 0LH Montgomerie Hall, Gilmour Street, Eaglesham 24/7 Public
D324C0EB-9FBA-4FFA-B8FF-AEE800A9530B G76 0QA Kirktonmoor Road, Eaglesham, Glasgow 24/7 Public
4570A0E3-9BA0-4D00-858B-AE6401306DA0 G76 7AT Tesco Express, 54 Busby Road, Clarkston Variable Public
8FEE25F1-27AA-4269-B3DB-AB44009C06EC G76 7HD Clarkston Bowling Club, 127 Eastwoodmains Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
1D3FBBF9-2643-4CCE-B960-AE7700912602 G76 7TX Carolside Nursery, Ashfield Road, Clarkston 24/7 Public
ACF50084-B8BB-4502-85F6-AAB8009BBFE7 G76 8DX Busby Library, Duff Memorial Hall, Main Street, Busby 24/7 Public
3E17386D-96DC-44E0-9C4C-AABE00CE67A0 G76 8NE Clarkston Hall, 851 Clarkston Road, Clarkston 24/7 Public
8C8B07B2-9981-452A-A0E7-AE7700958B9A G76 8NL Overlee Family Centre Overlee Park, Moray Drive, Clarkston 24/7 Public
DC7D3FD7-4824-4E84-BBF5-ACC0010E1DE1 G76 9BP Post Box 2m From Lauras Coffee Shop, Busby Road. 5m From Busby Road, Kirk Road, Glasgow 24/7 Public
423EFAB5-B865-46D3-81AC-B05800D7BCF6 G76 9HR National Museum Of Rural Life, National Museum Of Rural Life Scotland, Philipshill Road Variable Restricted
E671DC98-AE4C-43E0-B444-AFB701096BCF G76 9HR National Museum Of Rural Life, Philipshill Road,, Clarkston Variable Restricted
D7702B4D-7D47-454C-9EC2-AFE80102AC25 G77 5AA Newton Mearns Islamic Centre (East Ren Centre), 8 Langrig Road, Newton Mearns 24/7 Public
F90B6285-D9ED-4A65-9F05-ABD6008560C7 G77 5GU Mearns Castle High School, Waterfoot Road, Newton Mearns Variable Public
2D7B0550-F505-43BF-BF2C-AE0000F244FC G77 5GW Taylor Wimpey, Westfield Gate, Off Ayr Road Variable Restricted
5F8DD098-8599-414B-8355-B092009CC83C G77 5GW East Renfrewshire Council, Maidenhill Primary School, 2 Maidenhill Grove 24/7 Public
261B4C27-C235-41A0-ADBB-AB2800ACF89D G77 5PL Newton Mearns Hebrew Congregation Synagogue, 14 Larchfield Court, Glasgow Variable Public
719D2AA6-63D2-41F9-9058-B09700CE964E G77 5RJ Kirkhill Primary School, Kirkhill Road, Newton Mearns 24/7 Public
84443AD3-B17E-4605-A6F0-B5FBAC960BF8 G77 6BD Fairweather Hall, 30 Barrhead Road, Newton Mearns 24/7 Public
1C93F3CC-ECD3-422E-8F20-B00B010D1074 G77 6EP 78 Ayr Road, Newton Mearns 24/7 Public
48B6A480-C50A-4BB1-9AB3-85FDDF22497B G77 6EZ Mearns Community Library, 35 Mackinley Place, Newton Mearns 24/7 Public
C9367E59-7D25-4181-BF52-B05A00B274ED G77 6FA Newton Mearns Baptist Church, Church, 2 Greenfarm Road Variable Restricted
044035B1-C8A2-4A72-82FC-B07100D12755 G77 6HA 24 Fruin Avenue, Newton Mearns 24/7 Public
7CE1CE36-A00F-4852-9184-AE3E00D3AA75 G77 6NP Tesco Express, 1 Greenlaw Village, 0 Variable Public
BE6892C7-5EEE-4295-93F1-AF6400D59112 G77 6NQ Eastwood High School Sports Centre, Capelrig Road, Newton Mearns Variable Public
6D0945F4-93B3-4869-9B7B-AE1A00E2932A G77 6RT Taylor Wimpey, Newton Farm 2k, Off Greylag Place Variable Restricted
A5D3E10F-1A74-4106-8ED5-B05F00924DD5 G77 6RT Balfour Beatty, M77 Operations Centre, Ayr Road Variable Restricted
81AFC90D-B07C-4A48-BBA7-AF0B00945E67 G78 1DR Leggat Plant Ltd, Blackbyres Road, Crossmill Variable Public
9622977F-3D44-49D7-AFFF-AF0B009318B1 G78 1DT Bridgend Training, 169 Glasgow Road, Barrhead Variable Public
462DB6B4-7BDE-4BF7-9374-AABC00AC6B9D G78 1EB East Renfrewshire Council, St Andrews House, 1ee, 113 Cross Arthurlie Street 24/7 Public
FCF15291-AA97-460B-B278-AEEB014AD488 G78 1GG Levern Valley Defibrillator Community Partnership, Victoria Road, Shanks Bowling Club 24/7 Public
C6A8C594-7D5E-4FFB-9A8C-297225B75920 G78 1HG Co-Op Funeral Service- On Wall Adjacent To Main Door, Paisley Road, Barrhead Glasgow 24/7 Public
0A52610A-67AD-48D9-A43C-AB26010DF879 G78 1HJ Fereneze Golf Club, Fereneze Avenue, Barrhead 24/7 Public
E77AF09E-2DC3-4276-9466-ACB1010054E9 G78 1JF East Renfrewshire Council, Cross Arthurlie Primary School, 7 Fern Drive 24/7 Public
04ECB0EE-C52E-4DF4-8F7B-B026008374E6 G78 1LS Tesco Barrhead, Kelburn St, Barrhead Variable Public
0AF1F26A-FDBF-4A02-85F2-AAC601708A41 G78 1LS Levern Valley Defibrillator Community Partnership, Kelburn Street, Tesco 24/7 Public
0D738593-02F5-417C-98C8-B24D69377797 G78 1NN United Services Club- Front Wall Beside Main Entrance, 64 Paisley Road, Barrhead Glasgow 24/7 Public
C2153703-0D03-468F-953C-AEEB01287565 G78 1NR Levern Valley Defibrillator Community Partnership, Carlibar Road, Arthurlie Juniors Football Ground 24/7 Public
A77F577A-18FC-45F7-BFDF-AAC60174DD77 G78 1NS Cross Stobs Inn, 6 Grahamston Road, Barrhead 24/7 Public
60486677-BD3A-4B2A-841C-A91CF135C755 G78 1QU D Moodie & Co- On O/S Wall Of Building, 39 Cross Arthurlie Street, Barrhead Glasgow 24/7 Public
3210DBD4-858E-4201-A7FB-AAC601785FC0 G78 1RF Masonic Temple, 30 Cochrane Street, Barrhead 24/7 Public
2079E419-4259-4368-A196-B24EB5FD1230 G78 1SB Barrhead Housing Association Ltd- On O/S Of Building, 70 Main Street, Barrhead Glasgow 24/7 Public
55FD83F6-27DF-466B-BAE1-EA6A2063D003 G78 1SG Barrhead Community Museum, 124 Main Street, Barrhead 24/7 Public
E9AEB1A3-54D6-47F9-8813-AFC50153777C G78 1SS Levern Valley Defibrillator Community Partnership, The Hub, Cowan Park, Darnley Road 24/7 Public
39F8E821-CB22-44CA-8321-AF6400B54618 G78 1SW Barrhead Foundry, 205 Main Street, Barrhead Variable Restricted
90C526C3-4595-47DB-9D1E-64ED4121DFEC G78 1SW Barrhead Health & Social Care Centre- On Side Of Building, 213 Main Street, Barrhead Glasgow 24/7 Public
CBBFC486-8F21-42AB-90D6-4AE32BC5739B G78 1SY East Renfrewshire Council, Council Offices, 211 Main Street 24/7 Public
8FF3EC37-0EF0-43C7-B3EE-AFC60105E2DA G78 1TN Select Services, Workshop 1, 99 Blackbyres Road 24/7 Public
C4A9B0E4-AE3C-43E3-8DA8-630F16A4EB0F G78 2LW Auchenback Resource Centre- On Wall Beside Entrance, Aurs Drive, Barrhead Glasgow 24/7 Public
79F6F2FC-59BF-4411-BF6F-AEC500F77FAF G78 2RR 2 Ralston Road, Barrhead 24/7 Public
7CCCFC13-1B3B-4AF4-B521-AB29011E3E8B G78 2RW St. Johns Rc Church, Aurs Road, Barrhead 24/7 Public
93359E67-AE29-4E8E-81DE-AFFD01568247 G78 2SE Arthurlie Bowling Club, Spring Hill Road, Barrhead 24/7 Public
2AD5C0CE-5687-4510-9EF3-AE1A00E4A09E G78 2SG Duncarnock, Duncarnock ,Off Springfield Road, Barrhead Variable Restricted
4FCA7C20-E67D-4E81-8A71-C94A71B061B9 G78 2SJ Johnny Kelly Pavilion, Aurs Road, Barrhead 24/7 Public
4934E02E-F3A5-4FC6-88C0-AE0401075835 G78 3EA Neilston Development Trust, 84 Main St, Neilston 24/7 Public
99FACC20-3AB2-4278-8A95-AE010111776E G78 3HJ Neilston Medical Centre, 1 High St, Neilston 24/7 Public
4E8828BC-8D43-4DBD-97AE-AE0401098C96 G78 3HZ Neilston Bowling Club, Kingston Rd, Neilston 24/7 Public
4C819788-0DE1-4EED-9F1C-AE040109E407 G78 3JR West Coast Flooring, 30 Kingston Road, Neilston 24/7 Public
22E309A4-4578-4A4D-A26E-AE0401089517 G78 3LA Brig O'lea Stadium, Uplawmoor Road, Neilston 24/7 Public
0A5D7EEA-3F85-43BF-AD06-AE7500A7FCCA G78 3NF Public- On Street, 1 Kirktonfield Place, Neilston 24/7 Public
96764C8F-40A7-4605-94A8-E9D9F300C629 G78 3NL Glen Community Hall, Main Street, Neilston 24/7 Public
97C293B0-CBB6-4348-97A5-AF63010E0D1F G78 3NN East Renfrewshire Culture And Leisure Trust, Neilston Leisure Centre, 3 Main Street Variable Restricted
1BF14114-CC7C-4BA9-B986-AE7500A5AEC3 G78 3QN Public- On Street, 2 Glen Creran Crescent, Neilston 24/7 Public
6A750BC1-A8B1-42AF-AD77-AAB800BFFF90 G78 4AD Uplawmoor Library, Mure Hall, 13 Tannoch Road, Uplawmoor 24/7 Public
5CBFE3F8-BA7B-4A5A-B6CD-AC0001152228 G81 1AD Scotrail Railways Ltd, Yoker Station, Off Mill Road 24/7 Public
0766A306-ABAD-428F-A0C6-AABE00A96CD8 G81 1BF West College Scotland, 2 Queens Quay, Clydebank Variable Public
36889996-C2D1-410C-8B86-AABE00AB0FBF G81 1BF West College Scotland, 2 Queens Quay, Clydebank Variable Public
5E888261-F0D0-45C1-B8B4-AABE00ABC319 G81 1BF West College Scotland, 2 Queens Quay, Clydebank Variable Public
8368B809-0D05-4B02-A6C4-AABE00AA2F9C G81 1BF West College Scotland, 2 Queens Quay, Clydebank Variable Public
90E74AAD-748D-4ACD-88C4-57C0C6CCBCD9 G81 1BF Clydebank Leisure Centre 5 Aurora Avenue- Ask Staff, Queens Quay, Queens Quay Clydebank Variable Public
B0FFEE86-79C4-4053-9498-FFB65072D4EE G81 1BF Clydebank Leisure Centre 5 Aurora Avenue- 1st Aid Room, Queens Quay, Queens Quay Clydebank Variable Public
A044FC1D-F064-405C-A380-ADF8018B0E60 G81 1DN 89 Braes Avenue, Clydebank 24/7 Restricted
64EC813D-CDC5-4837-BDBB-B4E6F3BB7031 G81 1EA Co-Operative Retail Services Ltd- O/S Of Shop, 2 Sylvania Way South, Clydebank Shopping Centre Clyd 24/7 Public
E994C68F-3947-40D2-A392-AEFC00B073CB G81 1LX John Graham Construction Ltd, 13 Dock Street, Clydebank 24/7 Public
B9516C4F-E715-40E2-9E67-AFE800D74EEB G81 1QF Screwfix, Whitecrook Business Centre, Whitecrook Street Variable Restricted
13BCFDC9-0942-4800-BE2C-B06800E2513B G81 1QX Craigellachie Children's Home, 16 Cochno Street, Clydebank 24/7 Restricted
E7CFF53B-DB6B-44AA-9FA2-AAEB00A7779B G81 1RH 60 Dean Street, Whitecrook, Clydebank Variable Public
28510EA9-375F-423F-9C12-AE8400D71379 G81 2RZ Empire Cinema Clydebank, 23 Britannia Way, Clydebank Variable Restricted
AC142BC8-B88F-40A8-BE84-AECB0128E450 G81 2TE Drumry Train Station, Bevin Avenue, Drumry Train Station 24/7 Public
7F970481-3FC8-4D4D-9D93-AE6100A21D6B G81 2UA Puregym, Unit 11/12 Clydebank Shopping Centre, Off Seaforth Rd 24/7 Restricted
32E723EF-0585-4C5B-B0D4-B05300FC12E1 G81 3BE Singer Bowling Club, Boquhanran Road, Clydebank Variable Restricted
2AA73D8E-A9C4-4E7C-BEA8-AFC601240B86 G81 4AU Golden Friendships, 18 Nairn Place, Clydebank 24/7 Public
1E1862BB-CF6F-4F3B-8642-AEAC00B5B692 G81 4RQ Mens Shed, Hall 2, 12 Duntocher Road 24/7 Public
2CA389A8-20D9-497C-9C42-AFEF00F1E6EA G81 5NZ Tesco, 10 Rockbank Place, Clydebank Variable Public
A1B9AE5A-DAF4-4889-B2C5-AAE3009C5FD0 G81 6BT The Antonine Sports Centre, Roman Road, Clydebank 24/7 Public
6076343B-79F2-4996-A8B7-B07A00CAC08B G81 6DN The Duntiglennan, Public House, 68 Dumbarton Road 24/7 Public
DC11FF7B-0155-4A9C-9837-AB4F0107F218 G81 6DN Duntiglennan Bar, 68 Dumbarton Road, Clydebank 24/7 Public
00FE43F4-D748-4A0A-8A7A-AB7600C9B5C7 G82 1BA Ben View Resource Centre, Strathleven Place, Dumbarton 24/7 Public
31DB3589-B29F-4FF7-A05C-30B712265D70 G82 1HY Dumbarton Centre- In Reception Area, 3 Bruce Street, Dumbarton Variable Restricted
380CB275-8A50-483B-AEBB-AAD4008145DA G82 1HY West Dunbartonshire Council, 3 Bruce Street, Dumbarton 24/7 Public
C63F7E9C-C735-4239-9C97-BCEBB98B503D G82 1JJ Historic Scotland, Governor's House Dumbarton Castle, Castle Road Variable Restricted
45A0BB23-A075-4594-A016-2E9498B67ECD G82 1NL Procurator Fiscal- At Reception Area, St Marys Way, Dumbarton Variable Public
F4084CF3-2BDE-4DF3-99F3-88A01F01FF11 G82 1QR Scottish Courts And Tribunals Service, Dumbarton Sheriff And Justice Of The Peace Court, Church Street Variable Public
8DB6675F-2563-443C-A37B-AF62009DD28A G82 1QU Knoxland Primary School, Leven Street, Dumbarton Variable Public
416428A4-6CA3-4CB5-8869-07FCE318C233 G82 2AA Meadow Sports Centre- In 1st Aid Room, Ask Staff, Meadow Road, Dumbarton Variable Public
A324F054-EFC7-4F14-9822-AEDD00A8D531 G82 2AJ Dumbarton Academy, Crosslet Road, Dumbarton Variable Restricted
876D863E-3C0E-4F50-9FCF-AFE8008ABFD3 G82 2RE Screwfix, Unit 7 Birch Road, Broadmeadow Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
8BD77325-FB00-4D6B-A005-AF0300A781E5 G82 2UD Milton Village Hall, King George's Field, Milton Brae 24/7 Public
6D19A31D-DC41-413B-BE49-AF5E00ADF640 G82 3NS West Dunbartonshire Council, Crosslet House, Argyll Avenue 24/7 Public
D979EAEF-DF97-4A04-AF1F-AEEC00CB9D9A G82 3PD Gym One, Unit 2, Block 2, Levenside Road, Dumbarton 24/7 Public
AEDC380A-8D2A-40B3-9309-AAED00BC7540 G82 3PW Dunit Community Sports Hub, Block 7, Vale Of Leven Industrial Estate 24/7 Restricted
F5A8AD05-4F09-4DB4-8686-AACB00992725 G82 4AE West Dunbartonshire Counci, Levengrove Park, The Park Pavilion 24/7 Public
907D52B4-E6A1-4500-A9F4-AB260163D4BD G82 4BG Levengrove Dental Care, 27 Woodyard Road, Dumbarton Variable Restricted
BB53E030-F0F6-40ED-BB0E-ADB201019467 G82 4JE St Michaels Hall, 7 Cardross Road, Dumbarton 24/7 Public
AD428D9C-DF65-40C3-A6C8-AB2700EB6DBB G82 4PF Cornerstone, 175 Main Street, Renton 24/7 Public
18B23154-5173-4EF8-BA01-AF960175D7A9 G83 0LW The Vale Of Leven Trust, 9 Mitchell Way, Alexandria 24/7 Public
FCAC46C7-F759-4695-B43D-B09F0133AFE7 G83 0NU North Main Street, Alexandria Variable Public
119E76C0-CA39-499D-A612-ADCC00B95B8F G83 0SE Argyle Bowling Club, Argyle Street, Alexandria Variable Restricted
1BA55D17-82EE-4840-A625-AE7501224DBD G83 0TJ Vale Of Leven &District Angling Club, Angling Club Boathouse, Heather Avenue 24/7 Public
B049EB99-46D0-4580-ACD5-ABFF0122749C G83 0UL Scotrail Railways Ltd, Alexandria Station, 200 Bank Street 24/7 Public
3AB6D28D-E72D-48BD-B96E-AEB100DE773D G83 7AB Community, The Three Villages Community Hall, A814 Through Arrochar From Admiralty Cottages To A83t Junction 24/7 Public
20A70464-80BF-48B8-B34F-AEB100E2A871 G83 7AR Argyll Cabins, Ardgartan, Arrochar 24/7 Public
7B225AE4-8B32-4ABE-B416-AEB100E06F4E G83 7AR Ardgartan Hotel, A, Glen Croe 24/7 Public
E3819AF6-CDF4-4CB8-B594-B04B00B79AF8 G83 7AR Forest Holidays Argyll, Arrochar, Ardgarten 24/7 Public
934CFFE3-D18A-41A2-B924-AEB100E13554 G83 7DE Tarbet Hotel, A82t Through Tarbet From A83t Junction To Clattochbeg, Tarbet 24/7 Public
043A4962-C785-4C8E-8DBB-52691D499B9B G83 7DT Scotrail Railways Ltd, Ardlui Station, A82 24/7 Public
AAE19B10-40D6-421F-8988-AEB700EFCD82 G83 7DW Loch Lomond Holiday Park, A82t At Inveruglas From Pier South Of Inveruglas To Ardvorlich, Arrochar 24/7 Public
9109AA49-2C3C-4FC5-B106-D869C5FB7EE5 G83 7DX Drovers Inn- At Reception Desk, The Drover's Inn, Inverarnan 24/7 Public
1069B202-A907-4B52-9DE7-B06C00A50361 G83 8AY 13 Davidson Road, Alexandria 24/7 Restricted
A07ED907-A183-4BA8-A968-AACB00F4F717 G83 8EG Scottish Environment Protection Agency, 20 Carrochan Road, Alexandria Variable Restricted
DFA5262E-8E76-4DEB-BE90-AAC600F09116 G83 8EG Loch Lomond And The Trossachs National Park, 20 Carrochan Road, Balloch 24/7 Public
EBF62837-330B-4EF5-BB4C-AF2600C23152 G83 8LQ Balloch House Hotel, Balloch Road, Balloch 24/7 Restricted
2DCFC217-CA0A-43AB-A920-C00E9D2F106F G83 8NF Kilmaronock Millennium Hall, Gartocharn: Church Road, Gartocharn 24/7 Public
C31658C5-5675-42D0-9AB4-AEFE0070299C G83 8PN Fenton's Bar, Public House, 174 Main Street 24/7 Public
6A196EC8-C7C5-49C4-B7E3-D8C88744EC3D G83 8QX Pier Road, Balloch Alexandria Variable Restricted
13675843-83EA-4791-A741-AAC700EF86CA G83 8QZ Cameron House Hotel, Cameron House Hotel - Celtic Warrior, Alexandria Variable Restricted
1FFC01E9-E137-46DE-A8C9-AE2200FA7033 G83 8QZ Cameron House Hotel, Cameron House Hotel - Main Reception, Loch Lomond 24/7 Restricted
77CA9FD3-5099-4FDA-87A5-AE7700F68245 G83 8QZ Cameron Lodges, Lodge Services Building, Loch Lomond Variable Public
120BAEC6-3803-4984-BA97-AF1D011E4D5F G83 8RD Burnfoot Hutters Community Company, Burnfoot Of Ross Farm, A82t North Of Arden From Arden Roundabout To A817 Junction 24/7 Public
3B39EC7A-5185-4C04-860B-AAC700AEE2AC G83 8RE Cameron House, Cameron Club And Spa, A82t North Of Arden From Arden Roundabout To A817 Junction Variable Restricted
1D88F8BD-3C66-438C-A9B4-AE000129CFDE G83 8RJ 1 Lomond Road, Balloch 24/7 Public
08040D73-8D4B-418A-B9C3-AAFC0170681E G83 8SS Cucina, 3 Balloch Galleries, Balloch Road 24/7 Public
23B9A47A-18A0-49CE-B10C-AC7700FB70AF G83 9DZ Unit 6, Ladyton, Alexandria 24/7 Public
32C3EDEB-669C-40A8-A4F5-AAED00A84F57 G83 9EY Barr Waste, Auchincarroch Road, Alexandria Variable Public
68412479-58E5-4389-8DA0-B07D01431F56 G83 9HR Bonhill Church Of Scotland, Bonhill Old Parish Church, Main Street 24/7 Public
85D4113A-EA79-4A06-93D0-AC4500982E0C G83 9QG Beechwood & Wheatcroft Residents Assocation, 97 Murroch Crescent, Alexandria 24/7 Public
F1C2354A-F38E-4292-A415-AAB1007650E5 G84 0AQ Gaarelochhead & Rosneath Peninsula Community First Responders, Eureka Shop, Euston Place 24/7 Public
52344C18-7ED0-47A3-9D22-AAB0007D2F94 G84 0AT Garelochhead & Rosneath Peninsula Community First Responders, Gibson Hall, Old School Road 24/7 Public
19A12466-9765-49EE-812E-AE1200C68E8D G84 0DG Garelochhead & Rosneath Community First Responders, Garelochhead Primary School, Feorlin Way 24/7 Public
7EEC9F3C-ECBB-40CE-A072-AB0200A8920B G84 0DG Garelochhead Bowling Club, Feorlin Way, Garelochhead 24/7 Public
BC4B9E17-5F59-46C0-930C-AFB000EBF78E G84 0EL The Waterfront, Shore Road, Garelochhead 24/7 Public
5BDF067E-8F8A-4ADE-90F8-AE3C011CCB87 G84 0EU Portincaple Residents' Association, Rivendell, Feuins Road 24/7 Public
531D5440-BB66-4407-AB6C-ADE000657C69 G84 0HT Garelochhead & Rosneath Peninsula Community First Responders, Kilcreggan Primary School, School Road 24/7 Public
DB1C78F3-DF0F-4632-80BB-AAB6007BB8C6 G84 0JJ Garelochhead & Rosneath Peninsula Community First Responders, 1/1 Princes Terrace, Shore Road 24/7 Public
37CEBB9D-6712-4AC5-97A4-AAB0007B0FC7 G84 0JQ Garelochhead & Rosneath Peninsula Community First Responders, Ensign Motifs, Fort Road 24/7 Public
BCCA1561-21FA-409C-B20E-61EB15AC8F31 G84 0LT Cove Sailing Club- On O/S Wall Alongside Slipway, Shore Road, Cove Helensburgh 24/7 Public
108FE254-CB09-4E04-BFC6-B90854092C92 G84 0LY Garelochhead & Rosneath Peninsula Community First Respondersh Hall, Cove Burgh Hall, Shore Road 24/7 Public
F36AA9E8-B3CF-43E9-BDF1-059073D89EAD G84 0NX On A Shed From Northern Gate Ent, Knockderry House Hotel, Shore Road, Cove Helensburgh 24/7 Public
6B5BB45E-D798-4D29-8652-848EA88FEEB6 G84 0PE Garelochhead & Rosneath Peninsula Community First Responders, Cove Park, Peaton Road 24/7 Public
0578D8A9-496B-4A82-9B49-AAB600FEDDDD G84 0PP Garelochhead & Rosneath Community First Responders, Barremann Bowling Club, Pier Road 24/7 Public
0AC80844-35C7-4D2D-BA6A-EAD4140DDBC7 G84 0QS Garelochhead & Rosneath Peninsula Community First Responders, Rosneath Castle Caravan Park, Rosneath 24/7 Public
B36A6875-3D13-4DF1-AC90-AE1C00917FB6 G84 0RJ Garelochhead & Rosneath Peninsula Community First Responders, Rosneath Primary School, Clachan Road 24/7 Public
9577F6D8-A329-47A3-8CB5-D374FF881316 G84 0RR Unit 1- On Side Wall Alongside Main Road, Ferry Road, Rosneath 24/7 Public
5460EA6C-214E-4CB7-873D-AE1B00D4ABE9 G84 7AA Tesco, 135-136 East Clyde Street, Helensburgh Variable Public
1DD7A268-ED56-4EAC-997D-772727012567 G84 7AP To Lhs Of Main Door Atcraighelen Tennis & Squash Club 215, East Clyde Street, Helensburgh 24/7 Public
0954A918-07C1-4D86-9FE1-AF0800DC69F8 G84 7EZ Parklands School, 27 Charlotte Street, Helensburgh 24/7 Public
0B45AE04-6900-4D9A-9267-36AE3C59697E G84 7JD Colgrain Bowling Club- Rhs Of Main Door, Monaebrook Place, Camis Eskan Helensburgh 24/7 Public
EF3AF31D-1B71-4DB2-9CE6-AB4C00D46E75 G84 7LA Helensburgh & Local District Cpr/Defib Ass, Hermitage Academy, Helensburgh Variable Public
F5B4F358-820B-4055-8935-AF2600FCCCD1 G84 7LZ Uhi Argyll, Kirkmichael Centre, 80 Buchanan Road 24/7 Public
F384992C-09C8-4A57-92CB-8307F38CACB3 G84 7NL Housing Association Ltd Lamont House 9-1 ***See Loc Below, Stuckleckie Road, Camis Eskan Helensburgh 24/7 Public
103B05CB-CD54-4E13-86BA-D16BC5BCBAA2 G84 7PG Civic Centre- On Wall Beside Disabled Parking Opp Entranc, 38 East Clyde Street, Helensburgh 24/7 Public
58637520-1FDF-49D8-97EE-7822AC07594E G84 7QF Scotrail Railways Ltd, Helensburgh Central Station, East Princes Street 24/7 Public
F319ADFD-DDA6-49A4-9305-BEC1FF2741EB G84 7QL To Rhs Of Main Door, Top Of Steps Of Medical Centre, 12 East King Street, Helensburgh 24/7 Public
044EACE4-30DB-473C-9759-F173706F6614 G84 8AQ North Side Wall Of The Sugar Boat, 30 Colquhoun Square, Helensburgh 24/7 Public
5EBD0C99-5E02-47BE-8751-FDF86B7E313D G84 8EB Beside Main Door At Helensburgh Library, 59 West King Street, Helensburgh 24/7 Public
F82DEE8E-5440-44F3-83E2-AAC700B7EBDC G84 8EH Helensburgh & Local Districtcpr Defibrillator Association, Helensburgh Tennis Club, 8 Suffolk Street 24/7 Public
C337D4E6-9E0B-4129-84FD-B08000AAE8B2 G84 8LA Ardencaple Hotel, Gareloch Road, Rhu 24/7 Public
90D5A69D-5343-41D2-B572-F4A828499A6A G84 8LH North Wall Of Rhu Marina Rnli Station, Pier Road, Rhu Helensburgh Variable Public
03DC3A84-53E3-43FA-AB5A-2F7DBD7FF4FC G84 8NF At Reception Of Rosslea Hall Hotel, Unnamed Road, Rhu Helensburgh 24/7 Public
4D644A39-2588-4C05-B9DA-0A67DEF13919 G84 8NN Outdoor Education Centre- On Wall Facing Car Park, General Area Of, Shandon Helensburgh 24/7 Public
98DDF150-48BF-40E4-82C4-B0680104F10A G84 8NN Blairvadach Children’s House, The Bungalows, A814 Through Shandon From Blairvadach To South Access To Rnad Faslane 24/7 Restricted
B2A9064C-E146-4EBB-8A04-AD9B014929A2 G84 8SA 1st Rhu Scouts Hall, Cumberland Road, Rhu 24/7 Public
44BB230D-FE96-4AE5-B9D9-AE3800918323 G84 8SR Tesco Express, 23-25 Sinclair St, 0 Variable Public
EBFAE25A-46E5-4399-9C98-94920E5AB663 G84 8UP Parish Church Hall- Inside Ent Beside Reception Window, Colquhoun Street, Helensburgh Variable Public
E257F8D2-A668-48B5-A5F2-AB4C00CEFAF0 G84 8XL Helensburgh & Local District Cpr/Defib Ass, Scouts Hut Outside Wall, John Street 24/7 Public
158DB6AA-1213-4B21-8F87-AE540117B764 G84 8YJ Lomond School Games Hall, Rhu Road Higher, Helensburgh Variable Restricted
56D38BE4-B103-4666-98C2-AD8800CB1BB4 G84 8YJ Recreation Ground, Rhu Road Higher, Helensburgh 24/7 Public
282CCD8E-C73B-4EFE-A664-ADF800E6FE13 G84 9AJ National Trust For Scotland, Hill House Cottage, The Hill House 24/7 Public
AC243BE7-8E27-4EE6-9628-0FAB217635D6 G84 9HL North Wall Of Welfare Office***, Churchill Square, Helensburgh 24/7 Public
507E1C46-0B91-45A7-8810-669289C58549 G84 9HZ Helensburgh Golf Club- Rear Of Clubhouse At Pro Shop, East Abercromby Street, Helensburgh 24/7 Public
FB9F5ACA-9700-405E-B848-2C7C4EA74BD6 G84 9QE To Rhs Of Main Door Of Bowling Club, 112 Sinclair Street, Helensburgh 24/7 Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 17 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n4501238633 inside visitor centre
MZ n4504580831 Morrisons supermarket, Largs
MZ n4514546841 West Kilbride Community Centre
MZ n4514546845 West Kilbride Library
MZ n4874373823
MZ n5202612888 inside foyer Beith Primary School
MZ n5218440752 inside staff room St Palladius Primary School
MZ n5220560687 outside West Kilbride Village Hall, on wall to left of entrance
MZ n5221910874 attached to outside wall in a coded locked box
MZ n5824988119
MZ n6747124994 inside front door of supermarket
MZ n9113578497 Albert Bridge entrance to Glasgow Green
MZ n9392993888
MZ n10012314799 outside Glen Cafe
MZ n10232923428
MZ n10621580031
MZ n11248467024

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 21 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
1148E8AE-4F93-4FCD-8755-B0460079F7CC G1 4BW Tesco Glasgow St Enochs Express, 205 St Enoch Square, Glasgow n11212256114 46 m
5713 G2 3AD Outside Boots and Cafe Nero, Lanarkshire n10288667969 3 m
FB5B8FA0-8A1C-4963-A935-ACB700A5D16F G2 3GF Glasgow Advertising Kiosk, Outside Boots & Cafe Nero, Sauchiehall Street n10288667969 69 m
5712 G2 3NX Outside John Lewis, Lanarkshire n10141850735 8 m
5DB52647-DDF4-409D-B532-AEBA00864859 G3 8YW L Twr 96m From The S E C C Armadillo Centre, Tunnel Street. 8m From Congress Road, Stobcross Road, Glasgow n11038254469 36 m
F74FF445-F5DD-4F75-90C2-AEDD00D0DD51 G31 1QA The Duke, 631 Duke Street, Glasgow n11246014895 9 m
73DB68FE-3D2F-4895-BF28-AD0C007F9591 G40 3HW Turnstiles, 1245 London Road, Glasgow n11206298619 47 m
4B1D0DB4-34BC-48B5-9456-AEDF014CC584 G43 2XX K6 Telephone Kiosk On, Lochlea Road, Glasgow n6534300472 inside old red phone box at junction of Lochlea Road and Auldhouse Road, Pollokshaws 7 m
CC6E4A75-2A4F-42ED-A136-D6CD3802F142 G61 1NZ Inside Phonebox O/S Westerton Hall/Library, Public Telephone 5m From 84 Maxwell Avenue. 8m From Maxwell Avenue, Stirling Avenue n314840264 Within former phone box in front of library building 9 m
E578E7DE-EDB3-4902-9198-AD3300B0989C G61 2NE Milngavie And Bearsden Men’s Shed, The Pagoda Building King George V Park, Borland Road n10582076290 9 m
F1947B42-6772-4DE1-8655-AB7300B66BBD G61 2SU Bearsden Cross Church, 59 Drymen Road, Bearsden n5151597625 21 m
EB742489-7A42-4A8F-AB79-D0FB2FC7BB47 G61 3RT New Kilpatrick Parish Church- O/S Front Doors, Kirk Place, Bearsden Glasgow n10223617633 55 m
864A62CD-E4FB-4E83-A690-AE4B014F0D4D G62 6BH Milngavie First Responders, Marks And Spencers, 1 Main Street n10883988894 13 m
E172BB39-DE5B-41FB-8225-AB71011FB77B G63 9JD Edmonstone Hall, Blanefield - Edmonstone Hall, Glasgow Road n10221341126 outside Edmondstone Hall - to left of entrance 17 m
8432868A-C5E2-41D4-AE57-9C1B6AAA2BB4 G63 0EU The But And Ben, Croftamie - The But And Ben, A809 n11095447981 outside But and Ben cafe, Croftamie 12 m
1B25AAE2-74BE-4258-B5AC-FB933928265E G63 0BQ The Village Shop, Drymen: The Village Shop, The Square n10152493034 10 m
D918B695-57A8-4176-A197-78FA02738BB7 G63 0TE The Coach House Inn/Saffron Indian Restaurant, Balfron: The Coach House Inn/ Saffron Indian, Buchanan Street n10562707451 22 m
7227B054-E73D-40A3-8FD3-E119FA6B89D9 G63 0SB Balfron Station, (Within Former Phone Box), Indians Road n9386194573 inside red phone box on Indians Road, Balfron Station 18 m
4555448E-399E-4BE3-B04F-AAB900D73C9A G63 0JA Bt Phone Box, Creityhall Road, Milton Of Buchanan n9481360396 inside phone box next to bus stop at end of Creityhall Road, Milton of Buchanan 33 m
08F7B4DF-D712-4E49-A8E1-CD79F8D53B17 G63 0JQ Oak Tree Inn, Balmaha Drymen Road, Balmaha n11118735101 18 m
F0B44950-6630-4DA3-97D2-ACD800BD92F0 G66 8DB 4 Antermony Road, Milton Of Campsie n10221360280 outside Scotmid, Antermony Road, Milton of Campsie 7 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 4 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
C34AF227-8259-4935-AF69-ACB700A7685F G2 3NX Killermont Street, Outside The Royal Concert Hall (Kiosk), Glasgow n10141850735 5 m
6145074A-9D08-4D0A-BA34-AB7101233CA3 G63 9NL Killearn Village Hall, Killearn - New Village Hall, 5 Balfron Road n10814728047 121 m
C1CEE388-F3BC-4D16-AE9D-E3C904EF6673 G82 5PX On External Wall Beside Door Of Beyond Brows, Main Road, Cardross Dumbarton n11341589702 213 m
0914217E-29C5-424C-B3FC-AEEB014D7335 G78 1NR Fire Station, 142 Paisley Road, Barrhead n11350767449 On outside wall of Barrhead Fire Station. 318 m

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API.