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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'RM' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. This website is not intended for use in an emergency. If you require urgent medical assistance, call 999 now.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 254 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
9BDAF39F-B862-4531-9CB3-ADD500C85E7E RM1 1AU Nuffield Health Romford Fitness And Wellbeing Centre, 4 The Brewery, Romford Variable Restricted
AAF9C094-BD51-4E90-A0A4-ADD400D8D92E RM1 1AU Nuffield Health Romford Fitness And Wellbeing Centre, 4 The Brewery, Romford Variable Public
DE461C79-74CE-4A6B-BD27-AF69014D9397 RM1 1AU Toby Carvery - Romford, The Brewery, Romford Variable Public
FD2DA3AF-0F2F-4865-BA88-AE7000B9EE7E RM1 1AU Puregym, Unit 10, The Brewery 24/7 Restricted
5718 RM1 1BH Outside 28 North Street, Greater London 24/7 Public
96460362-D163-4462-9AF7-AF86013FE6CF RM1 1BH Havering Advertising Kiosk, Outside 28 North Street, Romford 24/7 Public
76B9820A-2256-4780-9309-B07300C152D1 RM1 1DS Romford Bus Garage, Stagecoach Romford Bus Garage, North Street 24/7 Public
5717 RM1 1RB Outside 48-50 South Street, Greater London 24/7 Public
A86A27E6-B742-4F3B-AC94-AF86013FED31 RM1 1RB Havering Advertising Kiosk, Outside 48-50 South Street, Romford 24/7 Public
5739 RM1 1RH Outside 32-38 Barclays Bank, South Street, Greater London 24/7 Public
71DD9A40-FE62-412C-B4EB-AF86013FE015 RM1 1RH Havering Advertising Kiosk, Outside Barclays Bank, 32-38 South Street, Romford 24/7 Public
ABD3A751-37CA-410F-8BF2-B00200ACCCB0 RM1 1RX Tesco South Street Romford Express, 76 South St, Romford Variable Public
CBF8C956-1370-423D-8525-B09600B35E2F RM1 2RU Hylands Primary School, Granger Way, Romford Variable Restricted
E985BB42-9256-459D-BF22-AD4400BD22EE RM1 2RU Hylands Primary School, Granger Way, Romford Variable Restricted
E4DD7E19-3659-4648-807E-AED6010A1566 RM1 3BB London Borough Of Havering, Town Hall, Main Road Variable Public
8E6FA068-DB0E-4A21-8677-AE3201103947 RM1 3BL Romford Baptist Church, Main Road, Romford Variable Restricted
5F51622E-5289-4607-9DFF-B0B300F4172D RM1 3BT Tesco Express, 21 Main Rd, Romford Variable Public
A8C1CC23-E58F-470C-98C3-AF9C011EEA27 RM1 3EE Stages Performers Academy Ltd., Stages Performers Academy, Level 3 The Mercury Mall Variable Restricted
54207C7C-2C9C-476B-AC5D-AE1500B85C78 RM1 3JT Sapphire Ice And Leisure Centre, 24 Western Rd, Romford Variable Restricted
0A6C4F42-74AC-4D89-88A6-AFFF00E1B11D RM1 3RH O2 Store (0178) Romford, Gl4 Lockwood Walk Liberty Centre, Essex Variable Restricted
E29770EC-8DE7-47CF-833B-AEAD0130A5D0 RM1 4SA 13a Campbell Close, Romford 24/7 Public
07868F39-27FB-491F-8D7D-AE2200595230 RM10 7FH B And D, Becontree Heath Leisure Centre, Althorne Way Variable Restricted
0B10F8B0-1E7D-4777-8546-AE2F00AC5DF3 RM10 7FH Becontree Heath Leisure Centre, Althorne Way, Dagenham Variable Restricted
1677BD12-8E7D-4523-925B-B0000108AEA5 RM10 7YA Tesco Express, Beacon Ph, 201 Oxlow Lane Variable Public
771960E1-EE29-4BB4-ACD0-AFE700A12E32 RM10 8AB Jewsons, Junction Of Shafter Road And, Rainham Road South Variable Public
842B859C-6441-4C11-A6BB-AE2300B6775E RM10 8AJ Tesco Express, Railway Hotel, Shafter Road Variable Public
32EACFCD-03B4-4534-B0B9-B0CA00B85EF9 RM10 8PS Associated Installations Limited, Unit 13, Midas House, Midas Business Centre,, Wantz Road Variable Public
CB7058F1-2071-413B-A781-AE39011E5CD6 RM10 8QS Tesco Express, 228 Heathway, 0 Variable Public
D7FF3BCE-1E57-46DB-9436-AEEF00C7FD89 RM10 8QS 218-222 Heathway, Dagenham Variable Public
8D528BC3-1098-4797-985D-AFE800F426AC RM10 8TX Screwfix, Unit 2 Sterling Industrial Estate, Rainham Road South Variable Restricted
4AD269C2-35FD-4802-BBCD-B07B00B08B0E RM10 8UR John Perry Primary School, Charles Road, Dagenham Variable Restricted
9BBA0DD8-F798-4C10-BB6D-AF0A00D675E1 RM10 9ED Beam Primary School School Site, Oval Road North, Dagenham Variable Restricted
C7115250-3EB9-42EB-89A8-AF66011C01DD RM10 9LU Mcdonald's - Ballards Road, Ballards Road, Dagenham 24/7 Public
6E8E9466-85AB-44E5-888E-AFF200BF68F2 RM10 9QH M12, Dagenham Park Church Of England School School Site, School Road 24/7 Public
86AAAB20-0C4E-4031-92A4-AFF200C124A6 RM10 9QH W Block Middle Floor, Dagenham Park Church Of England School School Site, School Road 24/7 Public
6ED0784F-DB4E-4E36-849A-AFC500FC16D3 RM11 1HA Hornchurch Athletic Sports Club, Hylands Park, Osborne Road Variable Public
5FF13BDC-7B19-44C2-A92E-AF4E00F3465A RM11 1JS 98 Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch Variable Public
5AFCC5EC-B3FD-43E1-98DE-AE2F00F0FEE3 RM11 1JU Everyone Active, Harrow Lodge Leisure Centre, Hornchurch Road Variable Public
B3A88A8C-2113-4F7A-A241-B03B00F092F6 RM11 1JU Havering Indoor Bowls Club, Havering Indoor Bowls Club Harrow Lodge Park, Hornchurch Road Variable Restricted
A3413ACB-D43B-4B24-9839-AFB10113C54D RM11 1QT Queens Theatre, Billet Lane, Hornchurch 24/7 Public
3F41E233-6FE3-4915-9F24-AE0301799738 RM11 2DY David Lloyd - Gidea Park, Squirrels Heath Lane, Gidea Park Variable Restricted
3AAAABD0-39DC-4646-B4ED-AE3C00B68F52 RM11 2LD Tesco Express, 77-79 Butts Green Rd, 0 Variable Public
43C4C67E-37E2-4828-969C-B01300C7C324 RM11 2LG Tesco Express, 92-94 Ardleigh Green Road, Hornchurch 24/7 Public
CB8BEF4C-8893-4DB8-A177-AFE8007EB1B8 RM11 2SJ Screwfix, Unit 8 Stafford Industrial Est, Hornchurch Variable Restricted
033C33C1-1E24-4C1D-8690-B07400B789EA RM11 2SP Ardleighgreen, Ardleigh Green Infant School, Ardleigh Green Road Variable Public
103F2713-5038-492A-AEED-AE5800A82DB3 RM11 3AD Emerson Park School, Wych Elm Road, Hornchurch 24/7 Public
221DB689-A453-4FB8-8006-B013007A911D RM11 3AD Emerson Park School, Wych Elm Road, Hornchurch 24/7 Public
87795FFF-7006-4DFC-A2D9-AE5800AC1411 RM11 3AD Emerson Park School, Wych Elm Road, Hornchurch Variable Public
BEDC498E-E4BD-48B3-903C-B00400BAD6FB RM11 3AD Site Team Office, Emerson Park School, Wych Elm Road Variable Restricted
F4AFBA18-74AE-476A-9995-AE5800A92789 RM11 3AD Emerson Park Academey, Emerson Park School, Wych Elm Road Variable Public
73FC0F46-0648-4098-8AA0-B04B00ABD676 RM11 3BX Nelmes Primary School, Wingletye Lane, Hornchurch Variable Public
F02B6F6C-6089-4514-9C98-B04300E957D1 RM11 3SD Langtons Junior Academy, Westland Avenue, Hornchurch Variable Restricted
41095613-3F09-46A2-828E-AEE800E5916E RM11 3XT 205 High Street, Hornchurch Variable Public
579210C9-E581-457B-AB38-AEE900B24848 RM12 4PY St Nicholas Parish Church, Woodcote Avenue, Hornchurch Variable Public
6BF76506-6320-452D-91C5-B00100E99239 RM12 4SB Tesco Elm Park Romford, 19-20 Elm Park Ave, Elm Park Variable Public
9748E29B-B969-4C80-ABED-ADE200F535A9 RM12 4YA Hornchurch Housing Trust, 33 Skeales Court, Sunrise Avenue 24/7 Restricted
B748D6F1-BD8D-4DBC-8BA2-AE21006DAB38 RM12 4YB Abbs Cross Leisure Centre, Abbs Cross Ln, Hornchurch Variable Restricted
F82477E3-4D4E-480C-9C29-AE3501231908 RM12 5AF Tesco Superstore, Airfield Way, 0 Variable Public
F2C29B9B-146F-4808-A366-ADEB00D9C44E RM12 5AS Royal British Legion Club 35a Maylands Ave, Elm Park, Hornchurch Variable Restricted
7984 RM12 5NH Hornchurch District Scout Council, Essex 24/7 Public
25C399F0-FF70-4D4D-8C17-B03D008FD298 RM12 6RP Suttons Junior And Mixed Infants School, Suttons Lane, Hornchurch Variable Restricted
80DF7F0C-0A52-4720-AA91-AFCE00DC1683 RM12 6RT Sanders Draper School, Sanders School, Suttons Lane Variable Restricted
3061750E-3B10-4C74-A23A-AE9900DE0A7E RM13 7BB Brittons School, Ford Lane, Rainham Variable Restricted
39D6582C-B0A6-4CBC-A33B-AE9900D852AB RM13 7BB Brittons School, Ford Lane, Rainham Variable Restricted
CC59A4CE-43A4-43F0-9C02-AECB00EE8CAF RM13 7DH Avelon Road Centre, 100 Avelon Road, Rainham Variable Restricted
CB9B7DA0-9AAA-4CC3-8ABA-AE3901296EF4 RM13 7QX Tesco Express, 119 Rainham Rd, 0 24/7 Restricted
5786AC61-D21B-4B3F-8D1B-B04200CFD2BB RM13 8DE Suttons Business Park, Units A1 To A2 Suttons Business Park, New Road Variable Public
9CF2ABEB-9DE0-44C8-8D94-AED3007E31A9 RM13 8QR Newtons Primary School, Lowen Road, Rainham Variable Restricted
90B954B9-4CB7-4AAA-A004-AED600DE0668 RM13 8UH London Riverside Bid Ltd, Security Gatehouse, Fairview Industrial Park 24/7 Public
9B299F4C-4BEF-49F7-91B2-AFFF007AACFA RM13 9AA 119a Upminster Road South, Rainham Variable Restricted
B6EF95CA-8078-45BC-8AD4-AF3100A8FE5B RM13 9BP 8a Management Ltd, Easter Industrial Park, 13 Ferry Lane Variable Public
BF51780E-8352-4BCA-B3F5-B07300BBF667 RM13 9BU Rainham Bus Garage, Stagecoach Rainham Bus Garage, Unit 2, Albright Industrial Estatae 24/7 Public
D8AE3A9E-96F8-4ABE-8C85-B037008B50C7 RM13 9UL Adler & Allan Ltd, 24 Salamons Way, Ferry Lane South Variable Restricted
D7EB6B08-81EA-4B16-8CDB-AF9C00B8A23C RM13 9YH Goldschmidt, 87 Ferry Lane, Rainham Variable Restricted
34E50314-E369-400D-96BB-AEAE0070CA3B RM13 9YY Lanesgroup Plc, 16 Lamson Road, Rainham 24/7 Restricted
8B5F70A2-4EBA-41A7-B6E4-AF6600EF5093 RM14 1BJ Cranham Village Surgery, 143 Ingrebourne Gardens, Cranham 24/7 Public
2F25D1EB-EB94-4D8C-A3A1-AE3800BA36DC RM14 1BT Upminster Hall Playing Fields, Hall Lane, Upminster 24/7 Public
9F54FDE3-7515-4BE2-906C-AFBD00F3F595 RM14 1DL Grosvenor Tennis Club, Grosvenor Gardens, Upminster 24/7 Public
2D4D28E3-80A7-4E13-89EB-ADB800BA0E96 RM14 1LD 201 Front Lane, Upminster 24/7 Public
34EF3A7A-A354-4F5E-B932-AD4700D95AEA RM14 1SF Hall Mead School, Marlborough Gardens, Upminster Variable Restricted
67DCE66F-B942-4C7B-87B6-ADB800B73169 RM14 1SW Cranham Baptist Church, Severn Drive, Upminster 24/7 Public
F50FCB44-CF1E-49F7-975C-AF1E008CD4E4 RM14 1SW Cranham Baptist Church, Severn Drive, Upminster 24/7 Public
3B4323B2-B843-41DF-AEB9-AE2300E39E01 RM14 1TH Romford Halal Meats Limited, Beredens Lane, Upminster Variable Restricted
8A191D1C-9018-4BCE-A878-B001012FC909 RM14 1XL Tesco Express, 77-81 Front Lane, Upminster 24/7 Restricted
EF8D6077-471F-4E3E-88ED-AD9E00CB14D2 RM14 2DF 321 Corbets Tey Road, Upminster 24/7 Public
3015 RM14 2PH 8th Hornchurch Scouts Headquarters, Essex 24/7 Public
4134F2D3-BE4E-4A24-BDE2-AD480085625F RM14 2QR Sacred Heart Of Mary R C School, St Marys Lane, Upminster Variable Restricted
EA4CA0E6-EAEE-4C6C-9603-B00A00D133D9 RM14 2RB Arcus Fm - Upminster, 168-170 Upminster Road, Upminster Variable Restricted
5087DA9D-722D-43C6-8C79-ADB800B896AE RM14 2UB Roomes, 22-24 Station Road, Upminster 24/7 Public
A5302FD9-10ED-49C2-A532-AFCE00BEF5E3 RM14 2UB Roomes Furniture & Interiors, 22-24, Station Rd 24/7 Public
17D93A22-CD34-4AB7-BEC7-AF1000C595D6 RM14 3BT Waitrose Upminster, 218 St. Marys Lane, Upminster 24/7 Public
A4BA992B-D436-4E7F-B250-AEDE00BBAF98 RM14 3BT Waitrose, 218 St Marys Lane, Upminster 24/7 Public
9EACDD95-3610-4C88-83A0-B05400976A85 RM14 3EB St Lukes Hospice, Farriers Way, Bulphan 24/7 Public
08D1631E-4114-46E6-9803-AED70076AB3E RM14 3EH Upminster Baptist Church, Upminster Baptist Church Hall, Springfield Gardens 24/7 Public
30A0B314-B194-430D-81D3-ADB800B97780 RM14 3HL The Royal British Legion, 314 St Marys Lane, Upminster 24/7 Public
8AC64B0F-58C5-430E-A59E-AD48013C99C9 RM14 3RU Bulphan Village Hall, Church Road, Bulphan 24/7 Public
227DE0A6-92E6-4AB2-BE63-AE2F00D6FF67 RM14 3XR Tennis 83m From 16 Coniston Avenue 102m From Coniston Avenue, Cranston Park Avenue, Upminster 24/7 Public
3FF425E0-23BF-40AB-B830-AFC10137DFA3 RM15 4BX 108 Aveley High Street, Aveley 24/7 Public
6E81703A-EA05-45E6-8CA3-B07700A092A3 RM15 4XD Lakeside Deliveries, Lakeside Hire Bretts Farm, Romford Road Variable Restricted
67C1EAAF-21CD-4AE8-90B4-AE4C0130A134 RM15 4YA William White Meats Ltd, 32-36 Thurrock Commercial Centre, Purfleet Variable Restricted
2EC4E649-38F1-4CB7-83C5-AEC400E5C8EE RM15 4YE Simply Insurance, 34 Kerry Avenue, Purfleet Variable Restricted
9F14C96F-7EEF-4288-A94B-AF5D015583C6 RM15 5EF Thurrock Council, 23-25 Derwent Parade, South Ockendon 24/7 Public
9E78C4E5-08D7-49E1-A84D-AE3C00C478BA RM15 5GN Tesco Express, Derry Court, 1 Derry Avenue Variable Public
71F3FE35-9467-4F15-9B39-B08500DFF436 RM15 5LL Harris Academy Ockendon, Erriff Drive, South Ockendon Variable Restricted
087F6276-BA82-4F7D-9C54-B0C200FCF982 RM15 6PL Street Farm Dental Studio Street Farm, 1-2 West Road, South Ockendon Variable Restricted
DE3D2B0C-8EDC-4BD8-AF5A-B03001097848 RM15 6QA Tesco South Ockendon Express, North Rd, South Ockendon Variable Public
B1C388A2-06C1-44F0-8C40-AEE0006EE7C4 RM15 6SB Brandon Groves Community Hall, Brandon Groves Avenue, South Ockendon 24/7 Public
74EF7D26-28B2-4F2A-8DA8-B0150147865F RM16 2AP St. Cedd's Church, St Cedd's Church, Crammavill Street 24/7 Public
9D71039A-B956-423B-A860-AE3900D05DE9 RM16 2BD Tesco, 6-8 Crammavill Street, Grays Variable Public
E5CC0191-45CB-471D-A58E-AD9D0108EBFD RM16 2QT Blackshots Stadium, Springfield Road, Grays Variable Restricted
8B48F3A4-6654-402F-B11C-AD5200BC536A RM16 2RP 8 Victoria Avenue, Grays 24/7 Public
28F940FB-3F51-4FA2-A38D-B09E00EE40C0 RM16 2ST Stifford Clays Primary School, Whitmore Avenue, Stifford Clays 24/7 Public
BBD925B7-68A5-4EB3-8471-B01401449734 RM16 3DF Defib 1 Post Box, 3 Welling Road, Orsett 24/7 Public
7CC31F91-55CD-430F-B01D-B0470108B67F RM16 3DR Orsett Scout Group Whitmore Hall Community Centre, Bristowe Drive, Orsett 24/7 Public
5696 RM16 3ER Church Centre, Essex 24/7 Public
106961A1-3A15-4250-BE42-AE2300FA50AD RM16 3HU Gh Klein Ltd, Ongar Hall Farm, Brentwood Road 24/7 Public
96C5A33A-7B18-4F64-897F-AD8E0162D602 RM16 3JP Orsett Village Hall, Mill Lane, Orsett 24/7 Restricted
0D3E946A-1072-404D-9A4B-AE2400DACEF2 RM16 4JD Tesco Express, Chadwell Service Station, Brentwood Road Variable Public
76A192F4-9806-4966-85F6-AFC5009B9ABC RM16 4LU The Gateway Academy, Marshfoot Road, Chadwell St Mary Variable Restricted
99BF294E-DB6D-45BC-8AA0-AFCB00AD4CC0 RM16 4LU The Gateway Academy, Marshfoot Road, Chadwell St Mary Variable Restricted
D63374CF-CDE0-4CF6-B5B3-B01B00AC03BA RM16 4LU The Gateway Primary Free School, Marshfoot Road, Chadwell St Mary Variable Restricted
F52C8330-5ABD-4487-9145-AF5700E210EB RM16 6PS Tesco Express, 13 Drake Road, Grays Variable Public
A9633A8D-C004-4E22-8C04-B0C700C683B6 RM16 6SA Harris Primary Academy Mayflower School, Mayflower Road, Chafford Hundred Variable Restricted
42C309AB-835D-427B-9829-B02D00D8BAF4 RM16 6YA Tesco Chafford Hundred Express, 1 Lakeside Business Village, Fleming Rd 24/7 Public
A035F5E6-B142-4834-B468-AEC801214FA3 RM17 5GH Care Management Group Ltd, Meesons Lodge, Henry De Grey Close 24/7 Restricted
858F2664-DF82-4546-95DF-AE7000C6706E RM17 5HH Beau Chic, 75 Orsett Road, Grays 24/7 Public
A89F13D7-FD58-4B9A-9246-AE4D010C78DE RM17 5JZ Quarry Hill, Quarry Hill Academy, Dell Road Variable Restricted
4083B176-29ED-4913-BBAE-AE3800D3A10D RM17 5NJ Tesco Express, 30-34 Southend Road, Grays Variable Public
19E2D510-52CB-42AF-8124-AE9100E9E56C RM17 5NL Royal Air Force Association, 61 Southend Road, Grays 24/7 Public
F0FDF78E-0B50-49D8-8325-B03500EF2AE9 RM17 5QB Royal Mail Grays Do, Royal Mail Delivery Office, Hogg Lane Variable Restricted
9BCE819D-ABFC-4A2C-AD12-AE4D010AACB0 RM17 5UT Quarry Hill Academy, Bradleigh Avenue, Grays Variable Restricted
F6B6E9B1-25B6-454B-8A67-AFD300B466E4 RM17 5UX Grays Convent High School And Language College, College Avenue, Grays 24/7 Restricted
08F95F5D-E55A-46B5-A142-AFE800CCA7B9 RM17 5YB Screwfix, 99-101 London Road, Grays Variable Restricted
6C2B70F6-F746-470F-80A1-B05300C671AF RM17 6DB 160 Bridge Road, Grays 24/7 Public
E1E7F95B-F0B3-4DD5-9930-AE4600D7FA48 RM17 6ES Little Thurrock Post Office And General Stores, 41 Dock Road, Grays 24/7 Public
B6B3D827-E974-4012-88F7-AEC500FBCA75 RM17 6EY Tyrrellshall Workingmens Club, Tyrells Hall Club, 67 Dock Road, Little Thurrock, 67 Dock Road 24/7 Public
7ECB3EF2-5C68-4725-A5BE-AD4F00ADB71D RM17 6ST Kirwin And Simpson Ltd, Unit 13 Globe Industrial Estate, Towers Road Variable Restricted
467F62E0-2170-4318-B4C9-B00D0131CCEB RM18 7AN Gatehouse, Maritime Transport Ltd., London Distribution Park, Windrush Road, 24/7 Restricted
C6A62EEE-0AD5-42EA-B186-AF9000D40CFF RM18 7BJ Tilbury Town Railway St., Tilbury Town C2c Station, Dock Road Entrance Variable Public
7993 RM18 7EH London Tilbury Seafarers' Centre, Greater London 24/7 Public
F29CC357-3492-4908-A2FC-AEDD00AB2E31 RM18 7EH Grs Roadstone, Berth 21 (Upstairs Office), Tilbury Variable Restricted
57BFE50A-5193-48EE-88F5-AF0E00FF9BFF RM18 7HW Sdv Ltd, Union Star Line, Thurrock Park Way Variable Restricted
D6E0C26F-6F91-49AC-89E3-AE5500FC8C8A RM18 7HW Sdv Ltd, Bollore Logistics Uk Ltd, Thurrock Park Way Variable Restricted
31DFFD25-2DDD-433F-8F33-B01B00AF7FD1 RM18 7HX Gatehouse Office Downstairs, Maritime Transport Ltd., Tilbury Railport 24/7 Public
0E1DBB0C-9949-4744-8A42-B08100A4D75E RM18 7JT Esso, London Road, Purfleet 24/7 Public
2EEF9504-5F4B-49A9-8B70-ADE80148CC0C RM18 7ND Bikbbi Limited, Riverside Business Centre, Fort Road Variable Restricted
221B6ED0-A5A8-4951-A531-AE1C00B96453 RM18 7QW Tesco, Tesco Express, Calcutta Road Variable Restricted
92B95BA1-637A-4E76-B11F-AD710084B2E7 RM18 8AA Tilbury Community And Leisure Centre, Civic Square, Tilbury 24/7 Public
DEFFF195-0513-4AE9-B683-B03E00C270DF RM18 8AA Tilbury Community And Leisure Centre, Civic Square, Tilbury Variable Public
D6FAECD8-305A-4EEF-8C9A-AEB1016F78A0 RM18 8AD Tilbury Library Tilbury Community Hub, Civic Square, Tilbury 24/7 Public
5FF2C307-FBC2-495B-87FA-AFFE0106EFE2 RM18 8LJ Tilbury Education And Cultural Association, 159 St Chads Road, Tilbury 24/7 Public
183A2A3C-AC52-4CD3-A28D-AD43012B3D92 RM18 8PB Welcom Forum .C.o. Dave Bowling, Office Coalhouse Fort, Princess Margaret Road 24/7 Public
30F6F4C8-2582-4655-957E-AD43013B7E01 RM18 8PB Dave Bowling/ Gordon Stephens/ Paul Simpkins, The Ship Public House, Princess Margaret Road 24/7 Public
1B786B52-BFB9-4914-B17F-AD4301399782 RM18 8SB Welcom Forum C.o.dave Bowling, East Tilbury Railway Station, Princess Margaret Road 24/7 Public
7BA2DC67-6CA3-4D1F-A7FB-AD430134F8B5 RM18 8SW East Tilbury Medical Centre, 85 Coronation Avenue, East Tilbury 24/7 Public
EE2BB3A5-40AB-47F7-98BF-AE21008D506C RM19 1EA Lakeside Karting, Arterial Road, Grays Variable Restricted
7DB93C69-3BD9-4D36-8AA3-AFCB008450BE RM19 1NZ Gibbs And Dandy, Unit A Neptune Business Park, Dolphin Way Variable Restricted
BEFDABA3-D3D3-44CD-8D22-AFFE00B131BD RM19 1QY Reception, Harris Academy Riverside, London Road Variable Restricted
8F555699-0298-4144-B190-B042007FE842 RM2 5TJ Tesco Romford Brentwood Road, 405 Brentwood Rd, Romford Variable Restricted
74583607-19E7-4DD2-A69A-B0B900C5EA59 RM2 6HJ Royal Liberty School, Upper Brentwood Road, Romford Variable Restricted
CEAB977C-4D7B-451E-AFD3-B0B900FB1E2F RM20 1TX Tesco Store, Tesco, West Thurrock Variable Public
1BFEA51D-A331-4794-97B0-AD6C009E4101 RM20 2ZJ Car Park 4 Clock Tower Lakeside Shopping Centre, West Thurrock Way, West Thurrock 24/7 Public
24F761D4-1399-433E-9BF3-AF6200A2C22C RM20 2ZP Lakeside Shopping Centre, Brompton Walk Lakeside Shopping Centre, West Thurrock Way 24/7 Public
522C5E12-387E-4B3F-973E-AF230061086B RM20 2ZP Lakeside Shopping Centre, Toilet Coridoor New M&S Store End Lakeside Shopping Centre, West Thurrock Way Variable Public
824DBBA0-7141-4250-9935-AF5900935D7E RM20 2ZP Level Two By Victoria Secrets Lakeside Shopping Centre, West Thurrock Way, West Thurrock Variable Public
99285078-1A1C-4FE3-8DE5-AF4900C2A7DE RM20 2ZP Lakeside Shopping Centre, Toilet Corridoor House Of Fraiser Lakeside Shopping Centre, West Thurrock Way Variable Public
CB74CD50-6F0F-4489-AAC4-AD8200CD7ABB RM20 2ZP Food Court Lakeside Shopping Centre, West Thurrock Way, West Thurrock Variable Public
1D4CE553-0349-452A-A00C-AF9A00D0B333 RM20 2ZQ O2 Store (0055) Thurrock, Unit 251, Lakeside Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
4A322DB5-B174-4F68-BF32-AECA00DC653D RM20 2ZQ Lakeside Shopping Centre, The Quay Lakeside Shopping Centre, West Thurrock Way 24/7 Public
691ADB35-A9BE-4560-8C0C-AE1A00BA083C RM20 2ZQ Ensignbus Company Ltd, Bus Station Intu Lakeside, West Thurrock Way 24/7 Public
575DB618-CE97-4E04-BCC1-AD6B00F1D997 RM20 3ED Oliver Road, West Thurrock Variable Restricted
DC029064-0E80-4815-BBF2-AF3B01008271 RM20 3ED Royal Mail London East Rtw, Oliver Road, Grays, West Thurrock Variable Restricted
FE8F4562-68EF-4A67-A7A4-AF85011CB36F RM20 3LG Seabrook Warehousing Ltd, 853 London Road, West Thurrock 24/7 Restricted
553748AD-0CBC-4CDE-949D-B083010F495A RM20 3LP Dunelm Thurrock, Thurrock Shopping Park, West Thurrock Way, West Thurrock Variable Restricted
7E7F299E-6691-4CFD-932B-AE9B00EDAD1E RM20 3LP Puregym, Thurrocks Shopping Centre, West Thurrock 24/7 Restricted
F491F88E-9C0A-443B-86AD-B02A00AB18DE RM20 3LW Hermes, Unit 5, Eastern Avenue 24/7 Public
2AC0FF6A-38FD-4B64-89E0-AF880107B9C6 RM20 3NL Intertek Caleb Brett, 734 London Road, West Thurrock 24/7 Restricted
721896FA-416E-4B1F-840D-AD6D00F54B9D RM20 3WJ B And Q Warehouse, Heron Way, West Thurrock Variable Public
06EF79EA-06DF-4FFD-AF56-ADB200E893C7 RM20 3XD Daygard Logistics Group Ltd, Unit B1 / B2 Motherwell Way, J31 Park Variable Restricted
E716C08D-694B-4A2B-A1AD-AFC2010F1EDC RM20 3XD Screwfix, Unit 7 - 9, J31 Business Centre Variable Restricted
20E32C69-0F90-4C01-B977-ADE20113A6CB RM20 4XB Purfleet Truck Wash, Fiddlers Reach, Hedley Avenue 24/7 Public
124351AE-E492-4282-86C4-B0B6014879C2 RM3 0BP Kingsland Hall, Station Road, Harold Wood 24/7 Public
35E991C3-9EE3-486B-9450-AEF5008C9241 RM3 0JH 14 Bates Road, Romford Variable Public
05118E65-B44D-47BF-87A4-AE59008C31B9 RM3 0LL Tesco Extra, Bryant Avenue, Romford Variable Public
545B2DCD-2D70-4848-AF4A-B02A00A6FECF RM3 0SH Harold Court Primary School, Romford Variable Restricted
664510E1-4CAF-4BA2-94C2-AEEE00BC1716 RM3 0YD Harold Wood Audi Centre Ltd, Colchester Road, Romford Variable Restricted
ABF840C2-4F2C-42C4-9C39-AEFA009DFDD5 RM3 7FL Harold Hill Bowls Club, The Bowls Pavilion, Noak Hill Road Variable Restricted
06E0BD8B-A861-4347-948B-AFDB00C63C60 RM3 8SB Jump Evolution, Spilsby Road, Romford 24/7 Public
CB16F293-8F57-486A-918B-ADCE00E2E778 RM3 8SB Chisholm & Winch, Unit 7 Conqueror Court, Spilsby Road Variable Restricted
43DF9383-2BC2-4C01-8F8D-AFF00094D0B2 RM3 8TS Sytner Bmw, 2 Tonbridge Road, Romford 24/7 Public
8FD3D69D-6852-45CE-B260-AFC100ED9F44 RM3 8UJ Screwfix, Unit 11 Trade City, Ashton Road Variable Restricted
071BA976-7DE1-49FA-9C2E-B02700E46801 RM3 9DJ Drapers Brookside Junior School, Brookside Junior And Infant School, Dagnam Park Drive Variable Restricted
12D1737C-7746-4E43-940B-B02700E30ED4 RM3 9DJ Drapers Brookside Infant School, Brookside Junior And Infant School, Dagnam Park Drive Variable Restricted
7FA2B07E-9B03-407D-B54D-AE2F00B95E92 RM3 9LB Central Park Leisure Centre, Gooshays Drive,, Romford Variable Restricted
C8536C91-58FA-4A7B-BA58-AF0300DB977B RM3 9NE Harold Hill Fc, Hendersons Sports And Social Club, Kenilworth Avenue, Romford Variable Public
B4BE9EAD-699A-49DE-A7C2-B02E00ABEC2B RM3 9XR Drapers Maylands Primary School, Settle Road, Romford Variable Restricted
C71D8360-4843-4DCE-A8F8-AFD500BBEA51 RM4 1AL Lambourne Parish Council, Lambourne End Parish Room, New Road 24/7 Public
68B6B52E-0B5C-4F2D-89A6-AFD500BDBD86 RM4 1AU Lambourne County Primary School, 36 Hoe Lane, Lambourne 24/7 Public
5917 RM4 1AX Abridge Cricket Club, Essex 24/7 Public
7C9A9CB8-925C-4971-AE1F-AD42016B1DBB RM4 1EJ Stapleford Abbotts Parish Council, Stapleford Abbotts Village Hall, Stapleford Road 24/7 Public
F57DE8F5-14F9-49D3-8EF3-B04B00ECFC09 RM4 1EJ Rosemary House, Stapleford Road, Stapleford Abbotts Variable Restricted
9E4ED945-35A4-49FB-A75B-B04E00F7C42C RM4 1QP Village Hall, Bower Hall, Wellingtonia Avenue 24/7 Public
0E8BAC56-F00B-441D-A896-AD8000E77901 RM4 1XL Ravens Budgens Abridge, 91 London Road, Abridge Variable Restricted
3467168A-B35B-4C22-B664-AF410116485E RM5 2BH New City Limits Ltd, The City Pavilion, Collier Row Road 24/7 Restricted
98C7BC9D-7DFC-4149-AC53-AE9A00DE5B6B RM5 3NL Tesco Metro, Automated Teller Machines (Atms), 316-318 Collier Row Lane 24/7 Public
584A8A44-9318-433E-BA5B-AFE900C0F4A9 RM6 4AT Screwfix, 1149 High Road, Chadwell Heath Variable Restricted
57ECE08C-8A85-4D71-B3C7-B03F00C9C74F RM6 4EU Chadwell Primary School, High Road, Chadwell Heath Variable Restricted
C72FFD23-A979-4082-8500-B058015DEFE9 RM6 4EU Chadwell Primary School, High Road, Chadwell Heath Variable Restricted
6FA86D02-54A8-474F-89BD-AE36013D9681 RM6 4HY Tesco Stores, Tesco Extra, 822 High Road Variable Public
7DC25B43-3775-4C41-8A60-B06E0067A049 RM6 4XX Atam Academy, Little Heath, Chadwell Heath Variable Restricted
E29B4FD3-12DB-433D-BB68-AFF200C82675 RM6 4XX Atam Academy, Little Heath, Chadwell Heath Variable Restricted
7B9EEF3C-57FB-40DB-BDD8-AF6C00BAFD33 RM6 5NJ Lb Barking And Dagenham, Marks Gate Community Centre, Rose Lane 24/7 Public
9B5E0AEC-A0D4-4774-A09E-AE9E00B8D6BA RM6 5SR Hargreaves Camping Site, Hainault Road, Romford Variable Restricted
D8FE7032-6092-489F-B206-AFEB0075EC44 RM6 5SS Screwfix, Units 1 & 2, Hainault Works Variable Restricted
4530134D-FB7E-4AE9-B805-B0A500FB3962 RM6 6PR Tesco Express, 38 High Road, Chadwell Heath Variable Public
85977BBF-2247-46A8-9A79-AE3901539811 RM6 6PR Tesco Express, 38 High Road, Chadwell Heath Variable Restricted
1F0149A2-C7A3-4B48-A41A-AF69015275D9 RM6 6QU Toby Carvery - Moby Dick, Whalebone Lane North, Romford Variable Public
5638 RM6 6YJ Eastern Avenue Baptist Church, Greater London 24/7 Public
0EBD2E92-8B4D-41B9-8280-B08C00CEBF1B RM6 6YJ Eastern Avenue Baptist Church, East Road, Chadwell Heath 24/7 Public
AC787DBB-FFC5-4B97-82F2-AF2A00C6D4CD RM7 0AB Royal Mail Romford Mc, Queen Elizabeth House, Romford, Romford 24/7 Restricted
7EF56E47-6463-4FDC-ABE3-B04500EF77EC RM7 0JB Abbey Antiques, Maldon Road, Romford Variable Restricted
4A8C95A1-1D22-4FBA-9269-AE8D00CBA54A RM7 0SS Eastbrookend Discovery Centre, Eastbrookend Country Park, The Chase Variable Public
F624AD59-36B1-4125-89F7-ADCA01113BAA RM7 0SS Eastminster School Of Riding, Hooks Hall Farm, The Chase Variable Public
C190A47E-9B7A-4AFC-BC1B-B01300EE9B75 RM7 7HH Tesco Express, Fairview Parade, 4-6 Mawney Road Variable Public
047A2C71-08D7-4E11-A23B-AB0600EE2C36 RM7 7HR The Mawney School, Mawney Road, Romford Variable Restricted
AC840F80-2AB9-4623-B617-B05F00DD37F0 RM7 7HR Mawney Primary School, Mawney Road, Romford Variable Restricted
CB4A2992-7D27-4C84-9026-AE830087637C RM7 7JN Dunelm Romford, Eastern Avenue West, Romford Variable Restricted
F9137749-A2C9-45F4-A500-AF2400A72A7D RM7 7PJ Dna Insurance Services Ltd, Adec House Unit H, Chesham Close Variable Restricted
01497C9B-B1D3-4A0E-992D-B0C900E9E042 RM7 7PS Bss Romford, British Steam Specialists Ltd, King George Close Variable Public
970A693C-64D9-44FA-A14E-B01400F12DEF RM7 8AB Tesco Express, 163 Mawney Road, Romford Variable Public
29D88756-3C53-4A96-A092-B03700DB9DB5 RM7 8JB Crownfield Infant School, White Hart Lane, White Hart Lane, Romford Variable Public
AC3D5378-FA1E-4349-BA47-AECB00A021AB RM7 9AA Yew Tree Resource Centre, 20 Yew Tree Gardens, Romford Variable Restricted
0AE4C8FD-4C10-4752-ACD2-AD4700A57EB6 RM7 9EJ Reception, Crowlands Primary School, London Road Variable Restricted
1A1FF04D-9FD6-4CB1-88BB-B035009CDEAC RM7 9EJ Crowlands Primary School, London Road, Romford Variable Restricted
8B5D2F5A-8BBF-4434-A238-AED3009E9800 RM7 9NP Glyn Hopkin Nissan, 279-289 London Road, Romford Variable Restricted
69095C8D-9B5E-4847-BFB7-AF2E013F7A10 RM7 9NU Ford Judo Club, Pavillion Westlands Playing Field, London Road Variable Public
0994A83D-6E08-4965-AE14-AFFF00D9D69E RM7 9NX St Edwards C Of E School, London Road, Romford Variable Public
155B1DAD-92E8-4556-A956-AF66011C189D RM8 1AT Mcdonald's - Whalebone Lane, Whalebone Lane South, Dagenham 24/7 Public
C45CDF87-0BD0-4406-B20E-AD7500FA2C57 RM8 1JX Crowlands Heath Golf Course, Wood Lane, Dagenham Variable Public
E0C8FC84-6599-40D1-B2CE-B00100C2D302 RM8 1XU Tesco Goodmayes Rowallen, 17 Rowallen Parade, Green Ln Variable Restricted
3CED4F10-5EB6-4D7D-80FE-B01F00EE0334 RM8 2JN St Vincent's Catholic Primary School, School Site, Burnside Road Variable Restricted
644EDB03-64F6-48FC-963E-AE77007E77FC RM8 2JR Gll Barking Sporthouse And Gym Mayesbrook Park, Lodge Avenue, Dagenham Variable Public
B651A3AF-6309-47B2-9A3F-B09E00878E63 RM8 2LL Dorothy Barley Infant School, Davington Road, Dagenham Variable Restricted
6D0040F2-C420-43A6-B466-B0350109BEFC RM8 2QR Becontree Primary School School Site, Stevens Road, Dagenham Variable Restricted
9AB973F1-9268-4AF8-BAB6-AF9B015B56A8 RM9 4UN Castle Green Centre, Castle Green Centre School Site, Gale Street Variable Restricted
81AEACCA-3BC9-42E2-B6DD-B07301088415 RM9 5PT London Riverside Church, Bethel Londons Riverside Church, Parsloes Avenue 24/7 Public
6614 RM9 6BF Paragon Customer Communications, Essex 24/7 Public
EB27C41E-90FF-45B5-9D42-AE4D00E60A6F RM9 6BF Paragon Customer Communications, Evolution House, 12 Choats Road 24/7 Restricted
3A9D119B-3AF1-48C0-8F41-AE4600DD9EB8 RM9 6QD White Mounatin (Roadstone) Limited, Former Headquarters Of Samuel Williams And Old Jetties No1 2 And 3, Chequers Lane 24/7 Public
F5E6EA60-4FC0-482F-B37C-ADF000E735DA RM9 6QD Eurovia, Dagenham Wharf, Chequers Lane Variable Public
05118ABB-6B46-444C-ADCF-B0A1007C3E15 RM9 6RJ Binary Park, Choats Road, Dagenham Variable Public
A88F369A-60E7-459C-837D-B09000B9D36C RM9 6SA Hill Partnership - Kent Avenue (Internal), Kent Avenue, Dagenham Variable Restricted
298790FB-325B-46F8-91FA-B0B900C09F35 RM9 6UQ Mcdonalds - Dagenham Leisure Park, Dagenham Leisure Park, Cook Road, Dagenham, Essex 24/7 Public
47B8104F-ABAF-458F-95F9-AF0100FCDCF6 RM9 6XW Goals Five A Side Football, Cook Road, Dagenham Variable Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 6 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n9440771740 Behind the tills, on the wall next to the opticians/next to valuables store
MZ n9442510272
MZ n9574020807 Behind customer service desk - left as you enter the store
MZ n9868191465 Inside main lobby area
MZ n10178907621 On outside wall, adjacent to entrance
MZ n10303060858 Inside lobby Chadwell

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 4 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
EB42000D-EA9C-42EC-B57C-AF5600D3E9B7 RM12 6SB Railway Hotel - Mitchells And Butler, Railway Hotel, Station Lane n7077380835 65 m
169871F1-9150-4F50-97C4-AF1600A541DE RM16 4JP Chadwell St Mary Community Forum, Chadwell Library Chadwell Information Centre, Brentwood Road n8091904758 Outside library, round the corner from the entrance 15 m
0895238E-3221-4C25-A822-ADD000DBC5BE RM18 8YP Unit 2-3 Stanford House, Princess Margaret Road, East Tilbury n10096483826 outside East Tilbury Post Office 12 m
E5487976-1008-44CC-BBDA-B00500A09929 RM20 1TX Tesco Lakeside Pfs, Cygnet View, Lakeside, West Thurrock n9579654933 Behind the customer service desk - turn left as you enter the store 88 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

No items in this category.

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