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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'EC' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 241 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
11EAC51C-AFC1-47C6-A837-AFC400F8E7C2 EC1A 1BB Royal Mail Mount Pleasant Mc, Farringdon Road, London Variable Restricted
B166A335-DDE9-4088-918D-AFCE00FD7D71 EC1A 1BB Royal Mail Mount Pleasant Mc, Farringdon Road, London 24/7 Restricted
D0334552-74D4-4EFA-B995-AFCE00FD53B8 EC1A 1BB Royal Mail Mount Pleasant Mc, Farringdon Road, London 24/7 Restricted
E317515C-3CD7-4BCF-A3FD-AFCE00FD93CC EC1A 1BB Royal Mail Mount Pleasant Mc, Farringdon Road, London Variable Restricted
99C6EA91-9894-40DF-92A8-AE3C010BC95D EC1A 2AT Tesco Express, 21 Holborn Viaduct, 0 Variable Public
6BE0F04C-C95F-4F73-8A43-AFB000EB4931 EC1A 4HD B N P Paribas Property Managment, 200 Aldersgate Street, London 24/7 Public
BED61513-F96E-40A2-B7E6-B03B00ADD07A EC1A 4HD Virgin Active Aldersgate, 200 Aldersgate Street, London Variable Restricted
1BAE8520-C6A6-43AF-974D-AE6700B1D75E EC1A 4JP Nuffield Health Barbican, 97 Aldersgate Street, London Variable Public
7705568A-0DA0-4152-9E88-AE6700A79E7E EC1A 4JP Nuffield Health Barbican, 97 Aldersgate Street, London Variable Public
4DCD20F7-F81D-4FEA-84CE-B0A500DAC11E EC1A 4JQ 120 Aldersgate, Reception - Disabled Toilet Lobby, 120 Aldersgate Street, London Variable Restricted
9E67FC63-99BF-4571-A526-B0A500DBB8AF EC1A 4JQ 120 Aldersgate Street, London Variable Restricted
F07661FB-BBB3-46A3-AFEB-AE3C009E60A2 EC1A 4JQ Tesco Express, 131 Aldersgate Street, London 24/7 Restricted
08AF7651-1F46-415C-A61B-AE6E00EFF556 EC1A 7DH Puregym, 20 Little Britain, London 24/7 Restricted
34C630F1-CD15-43FC-957F-AE19010DA194 EC1A 9LR Tesco Express, 10 Smithfield Street, London 24/7 Public
E6BEBBB9-C565-4B76-8792-ADD700B86712 EC1A 9LY Vacant, 25 Charter House Street, C/O Paye Site Office Variable Restricted
E529FCD6-E84E-48EC-B713-ADCE00B323CA EC1M 3HE Depop, 20 Farringdon Road, London 24/7 Public
42A4B02C-B4C3-4D8F-A891-AED90061BC7F EC1M 4AR Save The Children Uk, 1 St John's Lane, Islington 24/7 Restricted
529D1579-A2A8-4F31-B3A9-ADC601075696 EC1M 4BH Smithfield Business Centre, 5 St John's Lane, Islington Variable Public
D502D465-C529-4158-AAA8-AFF9009F243D EC1M 4EH Nuffield Foundation 100sjs, Nuffield Foundation, 100 St John Street Variable Restricted
A2BCD398-3E90-47B9-A4F3-AF2D0092C7C7 EC1M 5AD 42 Britton Street, London Variable Restricted
BD12C5F4-FD51-4365-83B0-AD2B00DEE524 EC1M 6HA Mace, 33 Charterhouse Street, London 24/7 Restricted
2080D2B9-EE8E-4F46-A84D-B08F00AF18B5 EC1M 6HR Integral - Boundary House, Boundary House, 91-93 Charterhouse Street, Variable Restricted
B8A307C3-8B4A-4E2E-92BE-ADD501166A4A EC1N 2HA Thavies Inn House - 5th Floor, Thavies Inn House, 3-4 Holborn Circus Variable Restricted
D595FFAE-A15A-4F29-B274-AEE000E7E7CB EC1N 2HH Barnard's Inn Hall, Holborn, London Variable Public
33473DA4-C7B6-4362-9F55-AECA009EAA60 EC1N 2ST Offices And Premises At Ground Floor Front 1 Waterhouse Square, 138 Holborn, London Variable Restricted
763C5393-04A5-437E-A69C-AF1C00847740 EC1N 7AD Cbre, 138-142 Holborn, London 24/7 Restricted
9D31A4D3-1A60-44F2-BD7C-AF1C00BF1C86 EC1N 7AD Cbre, 138-142 Holborn, London 24/7 Restricted
354941CA-6255-4310-9C9F-AF0800B1D0BF EC1N 7SU Remark!, 18 Leather Lane, London Variable Restricted
97EDE308-559B-45C1-B3E8-AED20074A416 EC1N 8JD Ibb, Kovacs House, 57d Hatton Garden Variable Restricted
6ACEF62D-ED72-46E9-B88D-AAED00E6DB8B EC1N 8JS Grey Global Group (Uk) Ltd, Johnson Building, 77 Hatton Garden Variable Public
D483437F-DF83-4E88-9D59-AAE80093BA2C EC1R 0HU Peel Institute, 3 Corners Centre, Northampton Road Variable Public
190491B6-AF28-49DF-99AA-AF550098307B EC1R 1UW School Of Health & Psychological Sciences Building, Myddleton Street, City, University Of London, 1 Myddleton Street Variable Restricted
3B36575D-846D-4A94-870B-AF7100BD54DF EC1R 3AB Ambit Moat, River House, 143-145 Farringdon Road Variable Restricted
9D21D6FC-DDD4-43DC-9E49-B01B010DC757 EC1R 3AJ Cloister Court, 22-26 Farringdon Lane, London Variable Restricted
E704C835-8434-4D40-98EB-B09F00E4774A EC1R 3AW Hodgkin Huxley House, 30 Farringdon Lane, London Variable Restricted
FC335619-E3C1-4E78-8AF3-B08400C31F51 EC1R 4SR 1a Childrens Centre, 1a Rosebery Avenue, London Variable Public
DE51AF7D-751B-46D6-B5FE-AEF20090160E EC1R 4TN Sadlers Wells Theatre, Rosebery Avenue, London 24/7 Public
DC1222DB-92EF-4764-89A8-AD4F00FB28EA EC1R 5DB Ypml, 127 Clerkenwell Road, London Variable Restricted
2A2A348D-41B4-4929-98DE-AE70009E618F EC1R 5DL Puregym, 122 Clerkenwell Road, London Variable Restricted
A3D2C3D3-2791-4D37-8413-AF2400A3CA1E EC1R 5EN Moonpig, 10 Back Hill, London 24/7 Public
565C2172-C000-48F6-B051-AF94011F4C68 EC1R 5ET Fordham University, Century House, 2 Eyre Street Hill Variable Restricted
3E671592-81F8-4ECF-B756-B019007C331A EC1R 5HL 5 Coldbath Square, London 24/7 Restricted
9F07C071-77E2-4FE4-A59A-B01800D31DF6 EC1R 5HL Third Floor, 10 Coldbath Square, London Variable Restricted
8A8D1938-06E7-4E4E-AA04-AF1F00A1FFD6 EC1V 0DY Henry Riley Llp, 21-22 Great Sutton Street London, London Variable Public
87F6C231-4CE9-4EA1-900D-B04600AE231F EC1V 0ER Brunswick Close Tenant Management Organisation, Ground Floor, Brunswick Court,, Tompion Street 24/7 Public
A1FB3532-5F0A-4F14-8FF2-B04300AB31A4 EC1V 0EU St Peters And St Pauls Rc Primary School, Compton Street, London 24/7 Restricted
A6D03473-3127-4839-9AE6-AF5500981EBA EC1V 0HB Drysdale Building, Northampton Square, City, University Of London, 10 Northampton Square Variable Restricted
B8BE0716-E06F-4595-80F7-AF55009823F4 EC1V 0HB Rhind Building, St John Street, City, University Of London, St John Street Variable Public
ED490CDF-BA0B-4317-8ABF-AF5401119B60 EC1V 0HB University Building, Northampton Square, City, University Of London, 10 Northampton Square 24/7 Public
67CD6BF2-3A86-4281-B899-ADCD010DDA14 EC1V 0LN Fora Space Limited, 9 Dallington Street, London 24/7 Restricted
8EF791DC-D4F2-40DD-8B89-AFF100E893D2 EC1V 1JX The, 263-269 City Road, Islington Variable Public
1E27D625-1EA7-47FC-A157-B05A008ECDF0 EC1V 1NY Angel Square, Islington, London Variable Restricted
56F61780-B710-427B-89FC-AED3006F696B EC1V 3PA Newpark Montessori Nursery School, 22 Seward Street, London Variable Restricted
D2CAE4A6-2B77-4644-9E4F-AE2400FEE9F0 EC1V 3QD Kode Media, 41 Mitchell Street, Islington 24/7 Public
1172417A-06BA-4FBB-B836-AF1100C9224B EC1V 3SJ Medical Room, St Luke's Primary School, Radnor Street Variable Restricted
C8B0C7F2-3B76-48EB-A976-B01A00E10B5E EC1V 3SJ School Office, St Luke's Primary School, 9 Radnor Street Variable Public
2F4CBEEA-239D-4BC7-BFB3-AE4200FBD98D EC1V 4JD Tesco Express, 1 Brewnhouse Yard, St John St Variable Restricted
BFF1DF3B-A770-48D1-83D6-AED700EC3F20 EC1V 4LJ Bdp, 16 Brewhouse Yard, London Variable Restricted
19426F97-642D-40BB-A21B-ADDE00E4CF16 EC1V 4LS 195 St John Street, London 24/7 Public
4CF2819E-FFB1-49DB-932E-AFC500E0B3C6 EC1V 7DB Red Dot Cameras, Basement And Front Ground Floor, 86 Goswell Road Variable Restricted
54682CDF-5AB0-4CB5-95F1-B03301014182 EC1V 7DG Virgin Active Islington Angel, 333 Goswell Road, London Variable Public
55D11E0C-5FDD-4ECC-812A-AF5500982A83 EC1V 7DP City Sport Centre, Goswell Road, City, University Of London, 124 Goswell Road Variable Public
8044 EC1V 7EB Opposite 260-266, Greater London 24/7 Public
B373D97E-21F0-4DA8-A6C0-B03700EAF7F8 EC1V 7EB Islington Advertising Kiosk, Opposite 260-266 Goswell Road, Islington 24/7 Public
CB508CD9-29D1-4CAB-9EB4-B04A00FDE546 EC1V 7RQ Dogs Trust Clarissa Baldwin House, 17 Wakley Street, Islington Variable Restricted
8067 EC1V 9BS Outside 160 Old Street, Greater London 24/7 Public
C653B816-E78B-495A-8B81-AFBC00EFAD99 EC1V 9BS Islington Advertising Kiosk, Outside 160 Old Street, Islington 24/7 Public
011A5C1C-9D0C-48B2-870C-AED3009AEF55 EC1V 9BW 160 Old Street, London 24/7 Public
A27BF238-EAE2-4CE1-A7FA-ADE900E5ABFD EC1V 9DD Golden Bee, 262-264 Old Street, London12 Variable Restricted
8045 EC1V 9JJ Outside 87-91 Old Street, Greater London 24/7 Public
6F28B4EF-06D7-42A7-A00A-AFBC00EFB6FB EC1V 9JJ Islington Advertising Kiosk, Outside 87-91 Old Street, Islington 24/7 Public
D959D68D-8454-4EFD-9918-AED800AC70D5 EC1V 9LH Plan International Uk, 5-7 Cranwood Street, London 24/7 Public
ADF368C5-D78A-4CAE-9BA5-AEEF00A2F5C3 EC1Y 1BE Morgan Sindall, Morgan Sindall Site Welfare Compound,, Old Street Roundabout, Old Street West Variable Restricted
2B72A0C7-E1B3-4FAE-A5D9-B00C00ED1181 EC1Y 4TY Tesco, Ground Floor Right, 21-24 Chiswell Street Variable Public
740C541A-5FDA-47B5-8524-B01C008C227D EC1Y 8AE Knight Harwood Project Office, 36 Featherstone Street, London Variable Restricted
5A766A1C-F530-43DA-A885-B0350106F195 EC1Y 8JA Prior Weston Primary School Golden Lane Campus, 101 Whitecross Street, London Variable Restricted
5CFF2A54-344E-4F18-99F7-B03B00A9FDDD EC1Y 8LP Virgin Active, 33 Bunhill Row, Islington Variable Public
A6AEE0F3-7E7B-4A6F-B085-AEDD00C02574 EC1Y 8LP 103-105 Bunhill Row, London 24/7 Restricted
6CFDAAA9-3C76-4CBA-BE56-AF5500983663 EC1Y 8TZ Bayes Business School, Bunhill Road, City, University Of London, 106 Bunhill Road Variable Public
2C0FD56E-AEEC-4056-A97B-AEC101063983 EC1Y 8YZ Trowers & Hamlins, Ground To Sixth Floor, 3 Bunhill Row 24/7 Public
E6B206A1-28A7-4860-B8E8-AF0800A332B7 EC2A 1AF 10 Finsbury Square, Islington, London 24/7 Public
F71FFA7E-290B-4EF8-9C78-ADEC00B5841C EC2A 2AG Broadwalk House, 5 Appold Street, London Variable Restricted
ABE2EAED-66FC-45D5-A2D8-AF1F00DE1367 EC2A 2BR 10 Exchange Square, London 24/7 Public
F55E8B49-A738-4C75-BA73-AFB8009C1150 EC2A 2DQ Broadgate West Ltd, 1 Snowden Street, London 24/7 Restricted
F028D302-ECAA-4F35-99BD-B029009ADA2C EC2A 2EW The Broadgate Tower, 20 Primrose Street, London 24/7 Public
8C8C5D6B-BBA6-46A4-A18E-ADD400D55BA9 EC2A 3EJ Fora Space - Arnold House, 21-33 Great Eastern Street, Greater London 24/7 Public
C7573FFA-5045-4044-B0E8-ADD300E43DBE EC2A 3HH Nuffield Health Shoreditch Unit 3, 1-6 Batemans Row, London Variable Public
D910128E-A6AE-439A-8F83-B02300EFFA20 EC2A 3HH 1 - 6 Batemans Row, London Variable Public
E41BE521-7C3E-4E6D-B630-AEED008E6104 EC2A 3JE British Plastics Federation, 5-6 Bath Place, Rivington Street Variable Restricted
2CA00297-7B7A-4FDD-A494-ADCF00A7825E EC2A 3JL 72 Great Eastern Street, London Variable Restricted
9243B38B-089F-4B04-AAFA-AF8C00D897AC EC2A 4BX Cast Interiors, Level 4. 6-8 Bonhill Street, London Variable Restricted
CB5CB073-DBAE-4C07-AD55-B00A00BCB977 EC2M 1RX Costello Medical, 55 Old Broad Street, London 24/7 Restricted
E0E878E7-773E-4F2C-84C4-AF3F00B33CF8 EC2M 2AT 100 Liverpool Street, London 24/7 Restricted
F8584232-F94C-478E-A555-AF3F00B1D53A EC2M 2AT 100 Liverpool Street, London 24/7 Public
26081439-6452-4C4C-B5A0-AFA30105C05E EC2M 2EF Arbuthnot Latham & Co Limited, 10 Dominion Street, Islington Variable Restricted
A95B430B-33AF-4CA8-8084-AECB005EA416 EC2M 2EF 10 Dominion Street, Islington, London Variable Restricted
D4E00051-6621-4292-998B-AD8900A4ADAA EC2M 2PA 2 Finsbury Avenue, 4th Floor, London Variable Public
EAD013B1-68C7-4897-931B-AFA201078A5E EC2M 2SN Arbuthnot Latham & Co, Arbuthnot House, 7 Wilson Street 24/7 Public
7101D361-E129-4AB4-A24B-AFC60098B974 EC2M 2TE Sir Robert Mcalpine, 6-9 Eldon Street, London 24/7 Restricted
7BDB7972-46D4-4465-97C0-AFC600967A25 EC2M 2TE Sir Robert Mcalpine, 6-9 Eldon Street, London 24/7 Restricted
A25027FB-8FDC-483F-BFDC-AE540110D568 EC2M 3AL Lexisnexis Risk Solutions Group, 99 Bishopsgate, 3rd Floor 24/7 Restricted
0D1D6576-2CBE-4A68-AC87-AAF500FFA89C EC2M 4BA Overbury, 2.5 Devonshire Square, London Variable Restricted
8E8EE8D4-D623-4DF4-95BC-AEDF0091D2DF EC2M 4QH Bishopsgate Institute, 230 Bishopsgate, London Variable Restricted
1467745E-C22C-4C53-B07D-AF3300C93137 EC2M 4RB Until, 280 Bishopsgate, London Variable Public
E7084C00-1CEA-48D9-94F0-AED600860EED EC2M 4YA Devonshire Square Estate, 3 Devonshire Square, London 24/7 Public
634CF705-D444-4817-A7C5-AE9C0109FEEC EC2M 5QB Puregym, 48 London Wall, London Variable Restricted
A1F003CB-58FC-497A-959C-AF5800AF9BAB EC2M 7AD Scc, 85 London Wall, London Variable Public
53411A55-4725-4BC4-95E9-AE4400B3EFB2 EC2N 1AR Tesco Express, Retail Unit, 120 Old Broad Street Variable Restricted
BB820B52-AA7E-4886-97EC-B02F005DC521 EC2N 1DW Virgin Active Bank, 5 Old Broad Street, London Variable Restricted
1ADF3626-2BC5-4FCD-AA01-ADE900ACFE75 EC2N 1HQ Tower 42, Level 34, 25 Old Broad Street 24/7 Public
1700E5AD-213E-4712-ADF2-B00600F714CD EC2N 1HZ Vacant, Retail Unit, 33 Old Broad Street Variable Restricted
C6B81F65-7D99-4FBA-8E97-ADE200D2D677 EC2N 2HE 15 Austin Friars, London Variable Restricted
12B72B64-23D8-4A7C-827A-AF1F00A24718 EC2N 4BQ 22 Bishopsgate, Level 26, London 24/7 Public
6D44F799-6523-4BEB-86D4-AEE7008F7C07 EC2R 6EA Institute Of Chartered Accountants Hall, One Moorgate Place, Chartered Accountants Hall 24/7 Public
C8264C8C-E418-4527-93B9-B00E00F0FDB1 EC2R 6EA Chartered Accountants Hall, Moorgate Place, London 24/7 Public
EE509A02-9654-4708-AD5B-B00E00F4967D EC2R 6EA Icaew, One Moorgate Place, Moorgate, London, Moorgate Place 24/7 Restricted
7C69BC39-B8BF-4B76-AD52-ADD00087D7F2 EC2R 7AF Saul Trustee Company, 1 Kings Arm's Yard, London Variable Restricted
CB8A343B-39EE-4ECD-B1C4-AED900F054CC EC2R 7BH Mileway, 3 Copthall Avenue, London Variable Restricted
321E91A6-1EFF-49F2-8C73-AF2500FD0C65 EC2R 7HG Executive Offices, 41 Lothbury, London 24/7 Public
454C1455-8BEE-4063-B2E3-ADD300CD22E8 EC2R 7HJ Guidehouse Europe Ltd, 1 Angel Court, London Variable Restricted
7B3744AC-5B71-473D-B969-AEFB0097D50F EC2V 5AE Guildhall Yard East, London Variable Restricted
33D42EB2-1699-4A9C-91E1-AF4701152885 EC2V 5DD Girdlers` Hall, Girdlers Hall, Basinghall Avenue Variable Restricted
96C86BCF-9000-4CA1-9FB5-B00000E25F70 EC2V 6BJ Tesco St Pauls, 14-16 St Martin's-Le-Grand, London Variable Public
71CBC433-000A-4A0D-93B5-AE21008EFF0D EC2V 6BR The Worshipful Company Of Saddlers, Saddlers House Reception, 40-44 Gutter Lane Variable Restricted
1F5C0DBE-1D00-438C-A944-AE3900D9E92E EC2V 6EE Tesco Express, 80b Cheapside, 0 Variable Public
0A288A55-7836-490F-BCB9-AEDE00E5C6CB EC2V 7BX Semperian Capital Management, St Martins House, 4th Floor, 1 Gresham Street Variable Restricted
A6E9F580-6253-47A2-A863-AEE7007B15A3 EC2V 7HR Brewers' Hall, Aldermanbury Square, London Variable Public
9AC1AAB7-825A-4D1E-A3C2-AF1700B080C8 EC2V 7JE 20 Gresham Street Propco Sarl C/O Jll, 20 Gresham Street, London 24/7 Restricted
5B680DE1-C8F1-47B2-9A12-ADB700DCD958 EC2V 7QA Gresham St Paul's, 45 Gresham Street, London 24/7 Public
BDF5CB70-59ED-4EA5-8886-AFB600D08DC2 EC2V 7QJ Cbre, Alder Castle, 10 Noble Street 24/7 Restricted
27527710-9617-4404-9186-ADD500AF2B7C EC2Y 5AS Elsevier Ltd, 125 London Wall, London Variable Restricted
87C8F654-E128-448D-91F4-AEE600C202A0 EC2Y 5AU Barnett Waddingham Llp, 2 London Wall Place, London Variable Restricted
BBC95213-9993-4FED-B966-AF4B00B7C4FC EC2Y 5AU Savills - 2 London Wall Place, 2 London Wall Place, London 24/7 Public
C8C3BADF-44E0-4432-8560-AEEF00E88903 EC2Y 5AU 1 London Wall Place, London 24/7 Restricted
4353D209-6FFB-4408-9711-AEE700941B75 EC2Y 8BY City Of London, Barbican Estate, Lauderdale Tower, Barbican 24/7 Restricted
298857DF-2D39-41CA-AA68-B0000088F0B5 EC2Y 8DD Cromwell Tower Lobby, Barbican Estate, Cromwell Tower, Cromwell Place 24/7 Restricted
D61D6555-5CED-4880-984B-ADD4011302F6 EC2Y 9AW Nuffield Health, 1 Ropemaker Street, London Variable Restricted
EF7FB5DE-D00F-449B-9543-AF4E00F8EE23 EC2Y 9AW United Trust Bank, United Trust Bank City Point, 1 Ropemaker Street Variable Restricted
E391B2A1-C487-4E98-90E2-AEE50104B60C EC2Y 9LY 20 Ropemaker Street, Islington, London Variable Restricted
033E6DC1-BBC7-4F1F-9A94-ADBF00E7104E EC3A 2BJ 56 Leadenhall St, City Of London, London Variable Public
56264D91-19E2-41F1-B2F1-B091008948BC EC3A 2EB Kentro Capital Limited, 52-56 Leadenhall Street, London Ec3a 2eb, London Variable Restricted
17D9320D-8A0B-4313-AC55-ADCD008C1108 EC3A 7BA Dale Syndicate Services, Dale Underwriting Partners, 6th Floor, 6 Bevis Marks 24/7 Restricted
A4CDD1B7-F452-47C2-B0BB-B00A00DFA999 EC3A 7BA Maven, 6 Bevis Marks, London 24/7 Public
3DB7B1AC-1D1C-47AE-8864-AE9100966448 EC3A 7BX C M C Markets Uk Plc, 133 Houndsditch, London 24/7 Public
25157FC0-754E-4E32-9C6F-AE6A00C29132 EC3A 7DH Puregym, St Boltoph Building, 141 Houndsditch Variable Restricted
282A7281-5F34-45F8-BC4F-AE3501089858 EC3A 7DH Tesco Express, 142 Houndsditch, London Variable Public
33C28EAD-18BF-49F7-88A3-AFFE00F0994F EC3A 7JB Bevis Marks House, 24 Bevis Marks, London 24/7 Restricted
75098972-1EA4-41A3-AE3F-AED1008CE28F EC3A 8AA Bidvest Noonan, Exchequer Court, 33 St Mary Axe 24/7 Public
E44FAD30-6972-4684-9ABB-B06900C3EBE2 EC3A 8AA St Mary Axe, 3rd Floor,, 63 St Mary Axe Variable Restricted
48454FBF-A518-4E76-B1DF-AD6400FBD8D9 EC3A 8BF Fitzwilliam House, 10 St. Mary Axe, London 24/7 Restricted
7A1AA9CD-2B11-49D2-849B-AFC600ABCD64 EC3A 8BF 2 St Mary Axe, London Variable Public
D9436927-9189-4957-A552-AE3900E0DC33 EC3M 1AE Tesco Metro, 6 Eastcheap, London 24/7 Public
41DC6013-974D-4C7B-8854-AEE700DB76B3 EC3M 3BD Overbury, Plantation Place, 30 Fenchurch Street Variable Public
4DD47987-448A-45FD-B6AF-B015010D3876 EC3M 5AG Fenchurch Avenue, London 24/7 Restricted
541905C3-51E5-4F61-B62E-B015010DBCE6 EC3M 5AG Fenchurch Avenue, London 24/7 Restricted
6F72AECA-AF1F-44F8-897C-B01501080823 EC3M 5AG 10fa M&G Plc, 10 Fenchurch Aveune, London 24/7 Restricted
76DD42E4-1898-4712-AB5D-B015010DDF23 EC3M 5AG Fenchurch Avenue, London 24/7 Restricted
8E72524E-80F2-4224-BBCC-B015010D5799 EC3M 5AG Fenchurch Avenue, London 24/7 Restricted
93D15C98-B836-4F86-B4F2-B015010DCD67 EC3M 5AG Fenchurch Avenue, London 24/7 Restricted
B290E7E9-EA4F-4CD7-992B-B015010D80E1 EC3M 5AG M&G Plc, 10 Fenchurch Avenue, London 24/7 Restricted
C5A044FF-B695-451F-85BE-B015010D6F81 EC3M 5AG 10fa, 10 Fenchurch Aveune, London 24/7 Restricted
A7B59983-B543-4B68-9636-B015010C5890 EC3M 5BN 10 Fenchurch Avenue, London 24/7 Restricted
56EFA9AF-ED7A-41FB-91F5-AF1100E8F938 EC3M 5BS Everest Advisors (Uk) Ltd, 40 Lime Street, London 24/7 Public
B1C3267A-5646-458A-8316-AED600E9D6F6 EC3M 5JG Weightmans Llp, 105 Fenchurch Street, The Hallmark Building Variable Restricted
17358280-D09D-43E3-96E4-AEDE00CDBCCE EC3M 5NB Newline Underwriting Ltd, 1 Fen Court, London 24/7 Public
F2871091-0D61-43BA-953E-AF2700BD13D9 EC3N 1JA Urbanest Tower Bridge, 52 Minories, London 24/7 Public
017112EE-7A2B-4753-B2E3-AE6100D82F55 EC3N 2LB Puregym, One America Square, Tower Hill Variable Restricted
23E0A2C9-12EF-4554-A835-AFCC00F9DA18 EC3N 2LB One America Square, 1 America Square, 17 Cross Wall 24/7 Public
86F9A7A6-10C9-4A46-BC7E-AF2C00D2FCB5 EC3N 2PX Urbanest City, 35 Vine Street, London 24/7 Public
98B7B874-6629-40CE-9241-AFBF011CA640 EC3N 3AA Anemoi Marine Technologies Limited, 6th Marlow House, 1a Lloyd's Avenue Variable Restricted
849A5CED-FD6A-4813-8E04-AEC100F94E50 EC3N 3AX Aquinex Insurance, First Floor, 6 Lloyd’s Avenue Variable Restricted
DD5642CB-4FE4-4872-BAEB-B0050092EB8F EC3N 4AH Ebix Europe Ltd, Walsingham House, 35 Seething Lane 24/7 Public
37403E31-7307-4C45-9FEE-AAFD00B0590D EC3R 5AZ Keoghs Llp, 60 Great Tower Street, London 24/7 Restricted
CF517685-7958-4613-BA2F-AED300DC0A16 EC3R 5BJ All Hallows By The Tower Church, All Hallows By The Tower, Byward Street Variable Public
94A9B1CB-43B9-4F68-AD2A-AEDD00FEF628 EC3R 6AG Cheval Residences, Three Quays Apartments, 40 Lower Thames Street 24/7 Restricted
DCB75933-5E84-4DE0-8EF7-B05800E3A36C EC3R 6AL Sugar Quay, 1 Water Lane, London 24/7 Restricted
D31D8B4B-E89F-4EF9-86EB-AEAE00B46FDC EC3R 7AA Pib Group, 11th Floor, 1 Minster Court, Mincing Lane Variable Restricted
3DCBD6D4-ADA1-48E4-BBEB-AFB900B9BE2C EC3R 7AG The Minster Building, 21 Mincing Lane, London 24/7 Restricted
B4EF74E8-43D7-42BC-8AB6-AFBE01071445 EC3R 7AG The Minster Building, 21 Mincing Lane, London 24/7 Restricted
0E7E5735-BAE0-43FF-9F41-AD6A0008AFFF EC3V 0AT 3-6 Gracechurch Street, London Variable Public
2693EDDE-AE22-475E-909C-AEE000D50BA5 EC3V 3LN Royal Exchange Propeties Ltd., The Royal Exchange, 3 Royal Court 24/7 Restricted
DE1EC74F-3B71-40A1-BA62-B0A000E621AB EC3V 3NF Wavestone, 29-30 Cornhill, London Variable Restricted
608F45CE-CFB0-479A-A557-AF2700BD76E0 EC3V 3QX Guest Krieger, 4th Floor & Part Basement, 68 Cornhill Variable Restricted
0B199897-9E92-4A65-AB31-B04B009839C6 EC3V 4AB 122 Leadenhall Street, London 24/7 Public
8176F200-CA50-4D7F-A6D2-B0A10085036D EC3V 4AB Rshp Llp, R S H P Llp The Leadenhall Building, 122 Leadenhall Street Variable Restricted
BB22944C-D53A-4F49-9DF3-AE6101038983 EC3V 9AH Puregym, 21 Lombard Street, Bank Variable Restricted
44EE0A03-B356-49FE-BE6B-AE2800D89589 EC3V 9DF The International Securities Lending Association, 6th Floor, 1 George Yard,, London Variable Restricted
6E9A9D2B-2394-4264-86CE-AEE70090923D EC3V 9LJ Cushman & Wakefield, 67 Lombard Street, London 24/7 Restricted
56FED683-C64F-4C23-AEDB-AE2E0119D455 EC4A 1BR 10 Fetter Lane, London Variable Restricted
4933DB7C-8EC1-4CD3-8BA8-AF03007EDBBD EC4A 1BW Marks & Clark Llp, 15 Fetter Lane, London 24/7 Public
F572984E-91A2-439E-A338-AF4600BBB366 EC4A 1BW J I S C, 15 Fetter Lane, 3rd Floor 24/7 Public
C8FE7DC4-AE84-46C4-80E0-AF9B0118EEF0 EC4A 1DR Norwich Street, London 24/7 Public
EDAD4E5B-3079-469D-BB4D-ADCF00A49FE2 EC4A 1DR Althanco, 5 Norwich Street, 3rd Floor Variable Restricted
7B9D049D-68DA-484A-B25E-AD6D00A89BB8 EC4A 1EN Eigen Technologies Ltd, Barnards Inn, 86 Fetter Lane 24/7 Restricted
49B7CBC8-42AA-4B93-BC53-B04300ECA773 EC4A 1EP 98 Fetter Lane, London 24/7 Public
F01C2D97-5EC1-4280-8E0D-AFE800D95993 EC4A 1GP Greystoke Place, London Variable Public
13C387AA-9B20-4DCE-B309-B04300E2CC9A EC4A 1JQ 20 Furnival Street, London 24/7 Restricted
71F827A1-0B10-4B24-9594-B04300EBA3BF EC4A 1LT Macfarlanes Llp, 19 Cursitor Street, London 24/7 Public
30200C58-DA13-47AF-AD5D-B0A500CB736A EC4A 1NL Fcc Control Room, 110 Fetter Lane, London 24/7 Restricted
CD254D71-2CC9-418B-949D-B0980109DDAF EC4A 2AE Vesuvius Plc, 165, Fleet Street Variable Restricted
128E2C9D-9DE6-406F-B60E-ADDA010A10BB EC4A 3AF St. Andrew Holborn Church Foundation, St. Andrew Holborn, 5 St. Andrew Street Variable Public
1B912C5A-2EF8-46DD-802A-AFF000F2F5D1 EC4A 3EB Red Lion Chambers, 18 Red Lion Court, London Variable Restricted
716E07C5-3EB3-487B-B10C-B0050097D446 EC4M 5SB Watling House, 33 Cannon Street, London Variable Restricted
EAA79BFB-8FA8-4D11-A8CD-AF0F012BC4A4 EC4M 7DD The Worshipful Company Of Stationers And Newspaper Makers, Livery Hall Stationers Hall, Stationers Hall Court Variable Restricted
83EDDC03-1C1F-4170-B4F2-AE7D00B3DD00 EC4M 7JW Procession House, 55 Ludgate Hill, London 24/7 Restricted
B18CD249-FDC7-4996-839C-AEEF00D13799 EC4M 9AF 1 New Change, London 24/7 Public
216C388B-451B-46E8-993C-AEE100C57DC6 EC4M 9DT Cheval Residences, Calico House, 42 Bow Lane 24/7 Restricted
24C5DC09-5AD4-49BB-AB2A-AF8000AB3873 EC4M 9DT Cheval, Calico House, 42 Bow Lane 24/7 Public
F862C31C-4D61-45A9-BF4C-B03B00E27662 EC4N 5AE Walbrook, The Walbrook Building, 97 Cannon Street Variable Public
4D73DD12-7409-4BAE-9B23-AFEA008C4AEC EC4N 6EU Fundamental Media, 3rd Floor, 100 Cannon Street, 3rd Floor, Fundamental Media Variable Restricted
DC1550E5-AF53-414A-A0C1-AFDB00932FAE EC4N 6EU Mapp, 110 Cannon Street, London 24/7 Public
04A02542-3EA2-4829-BA77-AFA300E24203 EC4N 6HL Cannon Place, 78 Cannon Street, London 24/7 Restricted
07C5F4D1-44C8-4E1E-A57B-AED20128EBD1 EC4N 7HR Ultra Sports Clinic, Basement Clinic, 72 King William Street Variable Public
0362943B-BCF1-4184-B746-AED700DCBED0 EC4N 8BH Lord Mayors Residence The Mansion House, Mansion House Street, London 24/7 Restricted
98749ECC-2531-4EC4-B0C2-AEF900791A7B EC4N 8BJ British Arab Commercial Bank, 8-10 Mansion House Place, London 24/7 Restricted
E4D4C4A9-9F0C-4E83-BC33-AEF90076A245 EC4N 8BJ British Arab Commercial Bank, 8-10 Mansion House Place, London 24/7 Restricted
DC52311E-1B10-4000-A935-AE0500A98AC6 EC4R 1AG Haysmacintyre, Haysmacintyre Thames Exchange Building, 10 Queen Street Place Variable Restricted
73B6388B-3562-4296-9582-AEE600A7B6A1 EC4R 2SH The Worshipful Company Of Tallow Chandlers, Livery Hall Tallow Chandlers Hall, 4 Dowgate Hill Variable Restricted
A921CEB5-8CB0-4302-86DB-AF6A009D5888 EC4R 2YA Ig Index, Cannon Bridge House, 25 Dowgate Hill 24/7 Public
B2758961-862E-4A55-A762-AF8200C19ABE EC4R 2YA Ig Index, Cannon Bridge House, 25 Dowgate Hill 24/7 Public
0E63C1E6-AD3C-4DE2-952D-ADC900AD28E3 EC4R 3XJ Nuffield Health, 4 Cousin Lane, London Variable Public
E21E0525-2581-4B06-A724-ADC900B1CD3A EC4R 3XJ Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Centre, 4 Cousin Lane, London Variable Public
19DBFF24-C963-4907-951B-B02000EE6649 EC4R 9AF Equitable House, 47 King William Street, London 24/7 Restricted
4CB75791-6652-4392-8BF9-AE390100A6C3 EC4R 9AN Tindall Riley & Co Ltd, Tindall Riley & Co Ltd Regis House, 45 King William Street Variable Restricted
677C49CA-3AE2-422F-9371-B07400F003EE EC4R 9AN Azets Holdings Ltd, Azets Holdings Ltd Regis House, 45 King William Street Variable Restricted
F988831C-120D-4C6E-BDC7-ADF000FE04E1 EC4R 9AT 24 King William Street, London Variable Restricted
B6729197-5316-4F7A-BB42-B03400A168EF EC4V 2AR Mansion House Office, 26 Little Trinity Lane,, Mansion House Variable Restricted
4AE15D13-428F-4B1A-9E4E-AF0300B9E109 EC4V 3AD 60 Upper Thames Street, London 24/7 Restricted
B5CAB8B4-DEC3-4CB7-8882-AF0300B28BAC EC4V 3AD Westin London City Hotel, 60 Upper Thames Street, London 24/7 Restricted
FAE8C74E-3D41-499E-88D0-B0A80094BEA0 EC4V 4AB Security Office Behind Reception, Senator House, 85 Queen Victoria Street 24/7 Public
801B4E5D-35F2-4952-B4C3-ADF000E2CAEB EC4V 4AG Mansion House Capital, Mansion House Capital Millennium Bridge House, 2 Lambeth Hill Variable Public
EEEE6A34-BFCE-4731-A348-AEEF00F1C155 EC4V 4AY Cargill Plc, Cargill Plc - Pnb House, 77 Queen Victoria Street 24/7 Restricted
7B9B2A49-08E4-4BBF-9708-B09800F835A6 EC4V 4BJ Walker Crips Group Plc, Walker Crips Group Plc Old Change House, 128 Queen Victoria Street Variable Restricted
01BED606-2307-40E6-996D-ADC6010893FA EC4V 6AL Fleet House (Tote House), 8-12 New Bridge Street, London Variable Public
A72E7353-0A8F-4452-AC95-AEC6008477E7 EC4V 6BJ Level 1, New Bridge Street House, 30-34 New Bridge Street, London Variable Restricted
26B96496-64B1-4170-93DB-B0A5010A74BB EC4V 6ER Pascall & Watson Ltd, The Warehouses, 10 Black Friars Lane Variable Public
4883A80A-C7D2-4D7F-B704-ADBB00AA95EF EC4Y 0AY Magpie Alley, London 24/7 Public
1B5437EA-357F-4BA8-B9B1-AFA200BD6895 EC4Y 0DZ Carmelite House, 50 Victoria Embankment, London 24/7 Public
487A38B7-3B1D-43FC-832D-AED900D09B22 EC4Y 7DB 1 King's Bench Walk, London Variable Restricted
868C8390-E8AE-4F9C-A36F-AEC5008B7CE6 EC4Y 7HB Chambers Of Moore & Christopher, Chambers Of Moore Qc & Christopher Qc, 5 Paper Buildings Variable Restricted
417021CD-9F9F-42F4-9A71-AEF3008CA2B7 EC4Y 9AJ 4a Essex Court, London 24/7 Restricted

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 3 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n3334530213
MZ n11043578122 In entrance lobby of The Globe, to the right of the ticket desks, on the right-hand side as you go i
MZ n11043578125 Inside Liverpool Street Station, on the main platform level, at the back of the concourse, level wit

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 5 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
062675C5-ECCB-4560-9610-AFD40120CBDA EC2A 1AG Islington Advertising Kiosk, Outside 30 Finsbury Square, Islington n11043578123 Attached to public phone box on the eastern side of Finsbury Square. 31 m
8059 EC2A 1AG Outside 30 Finsbury Square, Greater London n11043578123 Attached to public phone box on the eastern side of Finsbury Square. 2 m
DA5936C3-1685-4EE1-8DB5-AED60087C42B EC2M 4YA 3 Devonshire Square, London n6877795811 44 m
EFA9AE95-E972-4065-B0F4-AEED00E04DE9 EC2Y 8DU Newpark Childcare Centre, 1 St Giles' Terrace, London n4183555180 75 m
75CE8566-C08D-4D12-946C-AE7D00B322AB EC4M 7JW Procession House, 55 Ludgate Hill, London n9657118097 by entrance to City Thameslink Station on Ludgate Hill 36 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

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