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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'GU' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. This website is not intended for use in an emergency. If you require urgent medical assistance, call 999 now.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 870 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
6FE8F72A-B9D7-49E5-BEE7-AF2700D954DC GU1 1AA Royal Mail Guildford Do, 28-31 Woodbridge Meadows, Guildford, Guildford Variable Restricted
32F152CC-0392-453D-89CA-AF2B01331D5A GU1 1AG Savills - Ladymead Retail Park, 1 Ladymead, Guildford 24/7 Public
13EE65B9-441B-4D6C-B736-B02F00D6CF66 GU1 1AJ B & Q, Europa Park Road, Guildford Variable Public
EC26DD4E-E174-43E9-A361-AF4E00A46869 GU1 1DL Guildford Fire Station, By-Pass, Ladymead,, Guildford 24/7 Public
3C9954DF-1930-44C3-9355-B00A00FAAB43 GU1 1DT Jlr, 1, Ladymead Variable Public
077B5E24-C8AB-4925-9E78-AF9E00910FDE GU1 1EZ Guildford College, Stoke Road, Guildford 24/7 Restricted
73FFFFBA-7991-49BB-9746-AF9E0090190D GU1 1EZ Guildford College, Stoke Road, Guildford 24/7 Restricted
787362F0-5D8A-4287-950E-AF9E0090C3C6 GU1 1EZ Guildford College, Stoke Road, Guildford Variable Restricted
D5B2B086-953F-4F05-A425-AF9E00901004 GU1 1EZ Guildford College, Stoke Road, Guildford Variable Restricted
FB5F3147-3303-4907-81DD-AF9E008FEF49 GU1 1EZ Guildford College, Stoke Road, Guildford 24/7 Restricted
49DC174B-0249-457C-A3C1-AE9100ABA9ED GU1 1LH The Jarvis Centre, 60 Stoughton Road, Guildford Variable Restricted
444C3528-5A01-4A52-AAF6-AF2300E61E2B GU1 1LL Stoughton Road Surgery, Surgery, 2 Stoughton Road Variable Public
90E9DADE-B2BD-42AC-89E0-B00400799547 GU1 1RU Guildford Community Recycling Centre & Waste Transfer Station, Moorefield Road, Slyfield Green Variable Public
93B76BC8-DF6D-4F89-A363-AFE8006DF15F GU1 1RU Screwfix, Unit C3 Moorfield Point, Slyfield Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
187377CB-712D-4801-8FB5-B00A00FAA847 GU1 1SF Lexus, Moorfield Road, Slyfield Industrial Estate Variable Public
FDD114E6-952D-433F-B894-AEBA007BB7D2 GU1 1SJ Guildford High School, Guildford High School For Girls, London Road 24/7 Public
CC01D655-147E-444C-A1C1-AF0F00D7032B GU1 1TB Think One Limited, Slyfield Industrial Estate, 54 Moorfield Road Variable Public
6DD84C8E-B5F1-4A83-889C-AEFA005F88BD GU1 1TU Old Guildfordians Pavilion, London Road, Guildford Variable Restricted
897DA8DF-A886-4760-A7FA-AEA000F64989 GU1 1UF Guildford Ambulance Station, 142 London Rd, Guildford 24/7 Public
9F308DD7-55D9-494F-8195-B07700AB19FF GU1 1UP Spectrum Leisure Centre, Parkway, Guildford Variable Public
65236A93-688A-42B3-B3E3-B02A00762C04 GU1 1XX George Abbot School Hall, Hall George Abbot School, Woodruff Avenue 24/7 Restricted
E0C7E42A-B026-47DA-A6CF-AE38010A8B9C GU1 2AF Dental Surgery, Ground Floor, 44 London Road Variable Public
31775813-6F29-4CE1-A7CF-AEA0008B724F GU1 2AP Guildford Orthodontics, 8 Waterden Road, Guildford Variable Public
518909F8-5F45-4AAC-BA27-AF870107F3B4 GU1 2HL Guildford Golf Club, Grove Road, Guildford Variable Restricted
9170C41C-2E39-4383-A7FC-AEA601379D9C GU1 2PF Peacocks Deli, 127 Collingwood Crescent, Guildford 24/7 Public
6521 GU1 2TD Boxgrove Primary School, Surrey 24/7 Public
3B5C2C39-ECF9-4C88-BE1B-AE3600D069E8 GU1 2TN St Peters Roman Catholic Comprehensive School Hall, Hall St Peters Roman Catholic Comprehensive School, Horseshoe Lane East Variable Restricted
BA1E875E-AFF5-4125-8FD4-AE8B009FC2DC GU1 3BB Royal Grammar School, High Street, Guildford Variable Public
D6565F90-4559-4E9D-A59C-AEF400A80019 GU1 3DE Larian Studios Uk, Second Floor Eastgate Court, High Street Variable Public
EED96953-C5DF-4765-B64E-AF96009CC312 GU1 3DY O2 Store (0420) Guildford, 59 High Street, Surrey Variable Restricted
A3CE13DD-1B1E-4437-883A-AF4E00C56E2C GU1 3JF Savills Uk Limited, 244-246 High Street, Guildford Variable Restricted
520AC16C-3201-4785-ABD2-AEAD00ACE9F0 GU1 3JH St Lukes Surgery, Warren Road, Guildford Variable Restricted
6170E4F0-3CEB-4BED-A668-B04800D1A7C7 GU1 3QT Shaw House, 2-3 Tunsgate, Guildford, Guildford 24/7 Public
1B46AA39-4491-41FB-85F9-AEC100D705DB GU1 3RX Guildford Adult And Community Learning Centre - Surrey County Council, Guildford Adult And Community Learning Centre, Sydenham Road 24/7 Public
7B7DA440-488A-433B-8E39-AFC700F16275 GU1 3RX Guildford Adult Learning Centre - Surrey County Council, Guildford Adult Learning Centre, Sydenham Road, Guildford Variable Restricted
D6810110-4432-430D-84EA-AEC100DA849A GU1 3SE Guildford Adult And Community Learning Centre - Surrey County Council, Guildford Adult And Community Learning Centre, Harvey Gallery, Harvey Road 24/7 Public
CDF7E028-9D2F-4D09-8C02-B0C000C26114 GU1 3SQ Castle Garden School, Pewley Hill, Guildford Variable Restricted
7592186F-EE8D-4CB1-ABAC-B07E00CFDA14 GU1 3SR Moore Barlow Llp, The Oriel, Sydenham Road Variable Restricted
ADFD8453-99EA-410A-ABFD-AD7900AB70D1 GU1 3UX Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Millbrook, Guildford Variable Public
DF116FF4-B279-484B-8318-AFFE011C9AFF GU1 3XT Yew Tree House, 51a Chantry View Road, Guildford 24/7 Public
2F834127-946E-4BD3-9ED7-AF5D012BD5EA GU1 3XU Clovers, 61 Chantry View Road, Guildford 24/7 Restricted
E7F5687B-22E3-4F96-9616-B08400F2F5A4 GU1 4DQ London Guildford Road, Station Approach, Guildford 24/7 Public
36279085-D561-41D4-AEB5-AD65009DDE7D GU1 4LH Guildford Institute, Ward Street, Guildford Variable Public
016DCA30-89A2-442E-8E1E-AE8200F32420 GU10 1DE Admiral Park Manor Farm The Street Tongham, Tongham, Surrey Variable Restricted
C3E3C29A-98C4-417D-AC02-AEA700D767A3 GU10 1EP Surrey Ambulance Service Nhs Trust, 1dg, 1 The St, Tongham,, Farnham 24/7 Public
6CF67F4D-6FAF-4570-8065-AEF500AEB2EB GU10 1LL The Royal British Legion, 1 The Green, The Sands 24/7 Public
B5DAFB44-498B-471F-AD1F-B06200EDC505 GU10 1PB Runfold Landfill, Guildford Road, Farnham Variable Public
07BE7015-A0FC-4A10-8B93-B0C300C366B5 GU10 1PG Chambers Runfold Plc, Homefield Sandpit, Guildford Road Variable Public
DD4F3A7E-FF2F-4F04-B3D9-AEB000BD4ED4 GU10 1PX Sandy Farm Business Centre, Sands Road, The Sands Variable Restricted
8163 GU10 2BE On Post, Surrey 24/7 Public
0AD96BD4-6F32-460F-B146-B04A009709EA GU10 2DA Surrey County Council, All Saints C Of E First School, Tilford Road Variable Restricted
2F3A31BE-B8B9-40D7-8F23-B07D00AA02B3 GU10 2DQ Harvest Wood Products Ltd, The Timber Yard, Grange Road Variable Public
4C37EEA6-5C40-4815-A7B3-AE9B00E48C53 GU10 2JA Churt Village Hall, Crossways Churt, Churt, Farnham 24/7 Public
ECA53C3A-2654-4493-B92A-AF6200BA93F2 GU10 3AH Edgeborough School, Frensham Road, Farnham 24/7 Public
F67A643B-DE4C-4B72-86D5-AFA201224568 GU10 3EP Bibury, West End Lane, Farnham Variable Restricted
1423 GU10 3LL Lower Bourne Sports and Social Club, Surrey 24/7 Public
889 GU10 3PN St Martins Church, Surrey 24/7 Public
53C1F357-4713-4717-9470-AEAD011EB009 GU10 3PU Bourne Green Pavilion, Old Frensham Road, Bourne Green Variable Restricted
71FBEB91-F26F-40E5-A571-AED600A54355 GU10 3RB London Residential Health Care Ltd, Woodlarks Workshop Trust, Lodge Hill Road 24/7 Public
7A9541B5-B41A-4C88-A830-ADEC010B9814 GU10 3RB The Woodlarks Centre, Lodge Hill Road, Lower Bourne, Farnham 24/7 Public
D5348338-BD20-44A9-B7A2-B0600109501B GU10 3RN Woodlarks Camp Site Trust, Woodlarks Campsite, Tilford Road 24/7 Restricted
84587C61-D004-4DF5-936D-AF4E00E41ECF GU10 4BW Rowledge C Of E First School, School Road, Farnham Variable Restricted
6EC20290-47B1-48B3-BBA4-B05400E29CBF GU10 4LD Haskin Forest Lodge Garden Centre, Forest Lodge Garden Centre, Farnham Road Variable Public
A2228B6F-AF6E-42F9-A9BD-AE8100F60475 GU10 4PJ Wrecclesham Tennis Club, The Recreation Ground, Riverdale 24/7 Public
7CBBC532-D858-4E27-89F1-AFE800DF6D7F GU10 4PL Screwfix, Unit 2 Grovebell Retail Park, Wrecclesham Road Variable Restricted
6896FF76-E695-4023-8897-AD9B01011B72 GU10 4QP Badshot Lea Football Club, The Club House, Westfield Lane Variable Public
A6CA7076-621B-47B2-94E7-AE8700315767 GU10 5BT Avondale Tennis Club Via Fleet Cfrs, Avondale Tennis Club, Ewshot Lane 24/7 Public
7856E5A8-34E4-4870-AFBC-B06100AD2E6E GU10 5JZ Bentley, Station Road, Bentley 24/7 Public
69BB8D5B-6F5D-456B-89C1-AD4E0140F576 GU10 5NT Plume Of Feathers Ph, The Borough, Crondall 24/7 Public
57787452-7C39-48A0-930E-ADD5016C0B74 GU10 5QF Crondall Village Hall, Croft Lane, Crondall 24/7 Public
147D4F6C-0778-4CBE-8145-B089009C1421 GU10 5QG Crondall Cp School, Croft Lane, Crondall Variable Restricted
887919E4-D710-49D5-A8D6-AF9600CB11BE GU11 1AA Royal Mail Aldershot Do, 48 Station Road, Aldershot, Aldershot Variable Restricted
5D68ABE0-A432-474D-A3E4-B07B00A79448 GU11 1EJ Enterprise - Floor 5 Victoria House, Pdf Enterprise Rent A Car, Floor 5 Victoria House, Victoria Road 24/7 Public
29D12C6F-96BB-492D-9C1A-ADB000EBDE73 GU11 1NX Princes Hall, Wellington Avenue, Aldershot Variable Restricted
1B32D2CC-1117-4E8F-80E0-AFF900E3F5AC GU11 1PL Maurice Toye House, 27 Middle Hill, Aldershot Variable Restricted
F14F7FC0-A755-41EB-98A0-B03500E0DAC2 GU11 1RG Talavera Infant School, Gun Hill, Aldershot Variable Restricted
00CFD3CD-3E64-4B56-89E1-AE3F00D7BB64 GU11 1SQ Tesco Superstore, 5 Wellington Ave, 0 Variable Public
95887F7E-0286-4BE3-8EFF-B0C300FCFCC2 GU11 1TG Aldershot Town Football Club, The Ebb Stadium, High Street 24/7 Public
3DD8B509-10E1-4A1A-9F7A-AFAF00EF716E GU11 2DH Taylor Wimpey West London, Stanhope Gardens Phase 2, Hope Grants Road Variable Public
9F407BA2-C69A-4614-908D-AFAF00EBBDFC GU11 2DH Taylor Wimpey West London, Stanhope Gardens Phase 1, Hope Grants Road Variable Public
0D04EE26-BE5C-4408-B90B-AEEC008FA7C4 GU11 2HP Rail Accident Investigation Branch, Cullen House, Berkshire Copse Road Variable Restricted
98CE1ACE-8832-491B-A16B-AE8500E99640 GU11 2JL Army Athletics Association Via Fleet & Church Crookham Community First Responder Scheme, Army Athletics Association Club House, Aldershot Military Stadium Variable Public
9BC2092E-E6A3-45F9-A3C8-AEF500B9F919 GU11 2NX Aldershot Garrison Community Hub, Aldershot Garrison Community Hub (North Camp), 1-3 Alanbrooke Road 24/7 Public
5CF9AB1A-142C-472B-A565-AE050154C8D9 GU11 3BT The Garden Gate Public House, Church Lane East, Aldershot 24/7 Public
7A0F62C9-4F7A-4944-A254-AE9300908BAA GU11 3DD St Josephs Rc School, St Josephs Roman Catholic Primary School, Bridge Road Variable Restricted
C414C163-BEA5-4698-9A06-AD2D00A563B7 GU11 3DG Maple House Nursing Home, 23-25 Manor Road, Eggars Hill 24/7 Public
5C6BEA83-EB99-476E-B935-B08101356F27 GU11 3JD Hampshire Cultural Trust, West End Centre, Queens Road Variable Public
463A0B47-37C4-478B-BDD4-B0C000F1F6EE GU11 3JG Hampshire County Council, Rowhill School, York Road Variable Restricted
B17FFBDF-DEB0-45EE-BF03-AD420149EC78 GU11 3NE Aldershot Traction Co Athletic Club, Athletic Club, Weybourne Road 24/7 Public
F1D7D692-1762-464C-BA3E-B05000B7F872 GU11 3NG Aldershot Underwood Bowling Club, Underwood Bowling Club, Eggars Hill 24/7 Public
9A85E180-4475-40C0-94EB-B09D014E7090 GU11 3QZ Church Road Allotments, Church Road, Aldershot 24/7 Restricted
8D24EF5D-8581-4F30-BBA4-B09300C10DA3 GU11 4AA Eeea Academy Trust, The Cambridge Primary School, Queens Avenue Variable Restricted
B1753540-6FC2-4D81-BC46-AE5100F42E71 GU12 4AS Hampshire County Council, Alderwood Senior School, Tongham Road Variable Public
35A94D92-B965-4EBB-83B9-AE7500F14394 GU12 4BP Places For People Leisure, Guildford Road, Aldershot Variable Restricted
CB3CC1F6-E243-4CC0-BC3D-AE97011C4F53 GU12 4BP Aldershot Cricket Club, Guildford Road, Aldershot 24/7 Public
702D218A-1B83-4E31-AE43-AFE8007639CC GU12 4DJ Screwfix, Unit 2 Blackwater Trading Estate, Aldershot Variable Restricted
0938B1FF-BD89-48F3-9FAE-AF9001662A18 GU12 4ES Sainsbury's Local Aldershot, Managed By The Artery Project, 150 Ash Road, Aldershot 24/7 Public
506E0AD5-9FDD-485C-B24F-B02E011BDDB2 GU12 4LU Manor Park Aldershot, Public Conveniences Manor Park, Church Hill 24/7 Public
A013F51B-3B7E-4BAC-9EA4-AE3D0106F24D GU12 4PQ Covers, Blackwater Park, Aldershot Variable Public
BA90C8B2-D541-48A2-AA19-AE5201013B6A GU12 4QP Fath Components Ltd, Unit 6 Pegasus Court, North Lane 24/7 Public
86E0922B-FC06-4940-A0B4-AF9D01030183 GU12 4QR Royal Mail Aldershot Ld, 160 North Lane, Aldershot, Aldershot Variable Restricted
5976326F-7B44-4EF5-B879-AF9E01583BBC GU12 4UH Savills - Aldershot Springlakes Estate, Aldershot, Springlake Estates, Aldershot 24/7 Public
54737443-0BC0-4B06-9092-AF90016401D7 GU12 5AS Vale Furnishers, Managed By The Artery Project, Vale Furnishers (Balmoral Road), Wharf Road 24/7 Public
BD3EB96A-57A5-428E-8562-B06100AD351D GU12 5LP Ash Vale, Station Approach, Ash Vale 24/7 Public
C4B5CBED-560C-4A37-950E-B04D00933131 GU12 5LT 13 Station Road East, Ash Vale Variable Restricted
5BED23E5-F13C-43B6-9BB0-B02600960BD7 GU12 5PX Holly Lodge Primary School, Stratford Road, Ash Vale Variable Restricted
720A7A90-5840-4DAB-B21F-B00000B844CE GU12 5QD Suez Recycling And Recovery Uk - Ash Vale (Aldershot) Ts/I&C, Station Road West, Ash Vale Variable Public
8D039999-2F12-42E1-99C1-B05E00D2B1AC GU12 5QL Tesco Ashvale Lysons Avenue Express, Lysons Ave, Ash Vale Variable Public
898D9128-18E7-4096-9385-AE6300EFCE59 GU12 6BT The Lion Brewery, 104 Guildford Road, Ash 24/7 Public
29D0F3A8-B4C4-4AAE-A702-B06100AD4660 GU12 6JW Ash, Lime Crescent, Ash 24/7 Public
721B278A-52E9-4C18-AB99-AFBD00BB8BED GU12 6LF Ash Library - Surrey County Council, Ash Library, Ash Street, Aldershot Variable Restricted
3880F1AF-F2F8-45D9-B205-AEBE00FA4722 GU12 6LT Walsh Memorial Church Of England Junior School, Walsh Church Of England Junior School, Ash Street 24/7 Public
7FE9A4F3-63F6-49EE-899D-AD5300B89BBC GU12 6QH Morgan Sindall, Morgan Sindall Site Office, By Friends Day Nursery Ash Manor School, Manor Road Variable Restricted
1A09DD1C-A43E-4100-8C6E-AE3800BFFCEA GU14 0EU Tesco Stores Ltd, 80 Cove Road, Farnborough Variable Public
5BFD21B5-519A-417E-9144-AF900164B87A GU14 0HT Bridges Estate Agents, Managed By The Artery Project, Bridges Estate Agents Ltd, 1 Bridge Road 24/7 Public
AABCD627-07CC-4185-9DB1-ADF9008FB9D5 GU14 0JP Whitbread Plc, Premier Inn, Ively Road 24/7 Restricted
99B3B698-5DFC-431E-8F7E-AE7501806E0B GU14 0LE Rushmoor Community Football Club, Grasmere Road, Southwood 24/7 Public
179230C8-9C89-46D1-B9D8-ADD400A07D98 GU14 0LX Cignpost Diagnostics, Building X92, Cody Technology Park, Old Iverley Rd Variable Restricted
62ED364C-D6F6-4674-ADFC-AD9500E1094D GU14 0LX Datum Data Centres A54, Cody Technology Park, Farnborough 24/7 Restricted
5CA69797-02EF-4A9D-B0DA-ADD4015D63AD GU14 0NU Nuffield Health, 20 Links Way, Farnborough Variable Restricted
178687A4-729B-4709-B672-AE6900FADDAC GU14 0NW Yodel Properties Limited, 1 Summit Avenue, Farnborough Variable Restricted
AA21A05B-6E4E-40F7-8193-AFCB010D8B5B GU14 0NY Loma Systems, Summit Avenue, Southwood 24/7 Restricted
C056B878-BFB0-4620-9BBE-AE6800E45840 GU14 6AZ Holiday Inn, Lynchford Road, Farnborough 24/7 Public
57610BF9-094C-4C4C-9358-AF900166F012 GU14 6BF Rushmoor Fire Station, Managed By The Artery Project, Hampshire Fire And Rescue Service, 8 Lynchford Road 24/7 Public
B495C09E-F9ED-40E9-9C40-AE990140BB09 GU14 6BF Hampshire Fire And Rescue Authority, Rushmoor Fire Station, 8 Lynchford Road 24/7 Public
6A83C95A-55A0-482D-AABF-AF2700D0EC39 GU14 6DG Royal Mail Farnborough Do, 108 Alexandra Road, Farnborough, Farnborough Variable Restricted
5CD7710D-6D36-4A2E-901F-AD5100B44297 GU14 6EN Interior Inspirations, 45 Camp Road, Farnborough 24/7 Public
231004BC-633F-4DC1-817E-AF2600FDF598 GU14 6JD Kebur Garden Materials, Lynchford Lane, Farnborough Variable Public
BD1EFD0E-AA6C-44B9-A68D-B07C00ABBDE6 GU14 6JU Hampshire County Council, South Farnborough Infant School, Queens Road Variable Restricted
BC8F0709-D0B4-44FF-862D-AF9001625957 GU14 6QB Royal British Legion, Managed By The Artery Project, 51 Cambridge Road East, Farnborough 24/7 Public
F56F66EF-E110-41D7-8956-ADBA008DFA86 GU14 6UU First Floor, 27 Hercules Way, Farnborough 24/7 Public
C0516F3E-FC94-4A91-B27F-AEA200E54ABD GU14 6YA Princes Mead Shopping Centre, Princes Mead, Farnborough Variable Restricted
045D1620-805F-47EF-949C-B04F00C55A96 GU14 7AP O/S The Parish Centre, St. Peters Church, St Peters Parish Centre, 60 Church Avenue 24/7 Public
48A39FDA-CC6B-45CE-A168-AE7500BB8D46 GU14 7AW Alexander House Surgery, 2 Salisbury Road, Farnborough 24/7 Public
B978139D-9977-4649-9F7B-ADCE00823986 GU14 7BF Fluor Limited, 140 Pinehurst Road, Farnborough 24/7 Restricted
BFF845FC-0FEC-4277-806C-B00000AFA872 GU14 7GN Kingsmead Shopping Centre Unit 2, 8 Queensmead, Farnborough 24/7 Restricted
B60F7B54-BFE9-4043-9DA0-AEAC008E103F GU14 7JU Rushmoor Borough Council, Council Offices, Farnborough Road Variable Restricted
44F48B55-D39D-4F4A-98D1-B08400F2FFB3 GU14 7NL Farnborough (Main), Station Approach, Farnborough 24/7 Public
B1720058-4278-4C44-92FD-AFE700D14AE8 GU14 7QU Screwfix, 42 Invincible Road, Farnborough Variable Restricted
C8BF153B-BC4C-4287-8ABB-AFAA00AF4446 GU14 7QU Record Uk, 17 Invincible Road, Farnborough Variable Public
F703D977-E65C-4A19-8C53-AD790091075D GU14 7QU Shieling House, 30 Invincible Road, Farnborough Variable Restricted
0ED7AC84-8C41-4117-BE0B-AEC5010E83DF GU14 7QW Think One Limited T/A Think Ford, 6 Elles Road, Farnborough Variable Public
BDA177CD-9F51-4F86-9C7C-AF9600C4D22D GU14 7RT O2 Store (0267) Farnborough, 5 The Mead, Farnborough Variable Restricted
72A20D52-726A-4F40-A4EB-B00000AFACB3 GU14 7SJ Kingsmead Shopping Centre - Unit 1, Kingsmead, Farnborough 24/7 Restricted
F59CA8B3-AB8C-4E92-A491-AECA00AD9BC5 GU14 7TE Aon U K Limited, Third Floor Briarcliff House, Kingsmead Variable Restricted
D69C56AF-5E06-496B-8689-AD9000B81BD5 GU14 8AQ Farnborough North Station, Farnborough Street, Farnborough 24/7 Public
27996591-0434-4FD7-8A1D-AF66011BD830 GU14 8BL Mcdonald's - Farnborough Gate Retail Park, Farnborough Gate Retail Park, Farnborough Road, Farnborough 24/7 Public
92478E76-542C-498C-9FBD-AFE800593123 GU14 8EH Screwfix, Unit 2a, Hawley Lane Trade Centre Variable Restricted
17293F15-9153-49BD-9248-AF6701437E5F GU14 8ER 3rd Farnborough Scout Group, 3rd Farnborough Scouts Hq, Rowallan Way Variable Restricted
129FCB10-3537-43DC-9B27-AD2C0100430D GU14 8FF 1 Chancerygate Way, Farnborough 24/7 Public
6425AC36-C5AB-4FF4-B0D0-AE7C01041BDD GU14 8JL South East Coast Ambulance Service Nhs Trust, Farnborough Ambulance Station, Marston Drive 24/7 Public
C024CF31-7F62-4C13-AB39-AFD200B3620B GU14 8JX The Sixth Form College, Prospect Avenue, Farnborough Variable Restricted
CF8B4CA6-2599-469F-80A8-B05300E5AA2B GU14 8LS Portsmouth Rc Diocesan Trustees, St Bernadettes Roman Catholic Primary School, Tile Barn Close Variable Restricted
FE1F6567-679B-4859-B357-ADE800E4B5E2 GU14 8LS Farnborough Lawn Tennis Club, Tile Barn Close, Farnborough Variable Restricted
9DB03198-BEFB-499D-A65B-B07000F4DBDB GU14 8NU The Thatched Cottage, 122 Prospect Road, Farnborough 24/7 Public
FE5F18E9-A8E5-4738-A7AA-AD2900AF6863 GU14 8PF Cove Football Club, Muga Pitch, 7 Squirrel Lane Variable Restricted
1F484DD6-0937-4E50-BF8F-AF3D0129B198 GU14 8QP Cove Brook Greenway Group, 102 Blunden Road, Farnborough 24/7 Public
07C1BC24-958E-4309-9AF1-AE7400E528DC GU14 8RW Bowling Green, 53 Horn Road, Cove Variable Restricted
9E0C71AF-C82A-4CED-967D-B09200A83FB3 GU14 8TQ 181 Caswell Close, Farnborough 24/7 Public
05A0BDFE-7F8C-41F9-932C-B03800730387 GU14 9BL Tesco Farnborough Express, 96 Chapel Lane, Farnborough Variable Public
A4686C7C-211F-4466-AE1B-AEB80160AC34 GU14 9BL All Saints Church, Chapel Lane, Farnborough 24/7 Public
96D4E141-6266-4C99-98E5-B02700E39B89 GU14 9BY Fernhill School And Language College, Neville Duke Road, Farnborough Variable Restricted
9DF9A3D4-42AC-450B-94BC-B02700E596CA GU14 9BY Fernhill School And Language School, Fernhill School And Language College, Neville Duke Road Variable Restricted
336AAA09-853B-4DA1-8CAC-B04B00F6FAF6 GU14 9DP Hampshire County Council, Cove Infant School, Fernhill Road Variable Restricted
68D3FFAF-38BB-4146-A198-B03E00D8E540 GU14 9DX Manor Infant School, Manor Infants School, Fernhill Road Variable Restricted
F6FA44E3-55B1-464B-8D80-AF900165530A GU14 9DX The Snow Goose Farnborough, Managed By The Artery Project, The Snow Goose, 135 Fernhill Road 24/7 Public
21AB061F-D73F-4F3D-B861-AF2B00AB0D20 GU14 9ES Guillemont Junior School Defib, Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Guillemont Junior School, Sandy Lane Variable Public
E99EE6AD-6E95-4258-A139-AD540114251C GU14 9JA 61 Pennine Way, Farnborough 24/7 Public
7FD3F2A6-F307-48C8-8FFF-AF6D0022C5F4 GU14 9LE Pinewood Infant School Defib, Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Pinewood Infant School, Pinewood Park Variable Public
DCD158C6-48AB-4A9C-8D64-AE9E00AE03C1 GU14 9RG Plough And Horses Ltd, The Plough And Horses, 90 Fleet Road 24/7 Public
0AA34B61-A00D-43AE-B8D3-AEB0012CB4B2 GU14 9RH St Johns Church Hall, St Johns Road, Farnborough Variable Public
5223A8BB-3C17-47C5-AE50-B09D00AE5769 GU14 9SX Parity For Disability, 92-94 Whetstone Road, Farnborough 24/7 Public
B167EF6E-5CCF-49AF-82CE-B0340090E766 GU14 9TT Hampshire County Council, Parsonage Farm Nursery And Infant School, Cherry Tree Close Variable Restricted
C8D08283-58D4-4838-B6B0-B06A00FAB0F7 GU15 1HF Webb-Accounting, 1 Beverley Close, Camberley 24/7 Restricted
2E1AD796-644E-43FF-B0D6-AF6900C1DF31 GU15 1HS Toby Carvery - Frimley, 114 Portsmouth Road, Camberley Variable Public
25B551A6-BCB8-4973-BD88-AE7700D00E10 GU15 2AD St Pauls Church, Crawley Ridge, Camberley 24/7 Public
A7388C24-6491-4B88-B551-AE3300A80710 GU15 2DA Frimley & Camberley Cadet Corps & Maple Leaf Club, Caird Hall, 1 Crawley Hill 24/7 Public
B1B2A8EF-7999-40E3-B7ED-B01800D405DF GU15 2PQ Watchetts Drive, Camberley Variable Restricted
589EB3D3-5A84-40D4-81B0-B0070087C3F6 GU15 2QW Camberley Community Recycling Centre, Wilton Road, Camberley Variable Public
13E5EB04-A978-4260-9B6C-AF3600E6A1E8 GU15 2SR Camberley Rugby Football Club Watchetts Recreation Ground, Park Road, Camberley 24/7 Public
88BEC3BB-C84C-455D-BB60-ADDD00C272BF GU15 2SR Frimley Lawn Tennis Club, Tennis Club Watchetts Recreation Ground, Park Road Variable Restricted
7FC0E407-1F4C-4D70-AA1C-AFE900F13FB6 GU15 3DL Screwfix, Unit 2 Lawrence Way, Stanhope Way Variable Restricted
8DCC0EA4-DBD0-4D88-B465-AEA000F64ED0 GU15 3DT Jump In (Was Gravity Force), Jump In (Gravity Force), 6-7 Admiralty Way, 24/7 Public
3109F3C4-EFDB-461F-97E2-AEA700D744B7 GU15 3GP The Atrium, Park St,, Camberley 24/7 Public
538893E5-5788-488D-B6E4-AE860099457F GU15 3HL Basepoint Centres Limited, Basepoint Business Centre, 377-399 London Road 24/7 Public
95E79120-6BAD-4BFE-A415-AF66011BE215 GU15 3JE Mcdonald's - London Road Camberly, 489/497 London Road, Camberley 24/7 Public
821E05F6-FA7D-4657-B212-ADE400EED50E GU15 3NE The Trustees Of Lyndhurst School, Lyndhurst School, 36 The Avenue Variable Restricted
A0D7DAC7-0080-4CBB-A224-ADE300C4F4D4 GU15 3NY Atrium Dental, Unit 10a The Atrium, 76 Park Street Variable Restricted
15EC774D-A86D-4F8B-A981-AE6E006E81C6 GU15 3PE Puregym, Unit 11a Park Street, Camberley 24/7 Restricted
FB876587-B872-4615-B02E-AE8A0094A181 GU15 3PQ Bimble Inns Limited, The Bear, 23 Park Street 24/7 Public
F3BFC29B-581E-4997-B792-AED300B0E642 GU15 3PU New Apostolic Church, 19 Southwell Park Road, Camberley 24/7 Public
592DC1A8-50D2-449B-9189-AED000F43C2A GU15 3QB Camberley Adult Learning Centre - Surrey County Council, Camberley Adult Learning Centre, France Hill House Variable Restricted
B639CEFF-9D75-47AA-8FA6-AFC100DE4A0B GU15 3QB Camberley Adult Learning Centre - Surrey County Council, Camberley Adult Learning Centre, 10 France Hill Road, Camberley Variable Restricted
1700E9F0-F814-4647-9F0B-AD8E012DB93C GU15 3QH Arena Leisure Centre, Grand Avenue, Camberley 24/7 Public
8F50B36D-D285-4A52-BC74-AE7100E8C3B1 GU15 3RB Carers With Care, 27a High Street, Camberley 24/7 Public
D6EF1F70-0F95-4AFB-B70B-B08400F348B7 GU15 3RR Camberley, Station Approach, Camberley 24/7 Public
160F0DDD-8AB4-4BFB-B117-B0900090355F GU15 3SL Talk Talk Mobile Phones Limited, 1 The Square, Camberley Variable Restricted
C2078CA8-B4FE-4FBD-96CE-B090008B9662 GU15 3SL O2 Store (0495) Camberley, 1 The Square, The Mall Main Square Variable Restricted
6CCA1569-607E-49C6-92AF-ADE200DEF5DC GU15 3SW The Square Shopping Centre, Cambridge Walk, Camberley Variable Public
2B550F73-DABA-422D-8AD3-AEC300DEDDEB GU15 3SY Camberley Theatre, Knoll Road, Camberley Variable Restricted
5FA716E1-DEBB-4D83-A993-ADA600D0416C GU15 3SY High Cross Church, Knoll Road, Camberley Variable Restricted
AB4C605E-9E8E-4358-9BF4-AFBF00F72D28 GU15 3SY Camberley Library - Surrey County Council, Camberley Library, Knoll Road, Camberley Variable Restricted
EFDB239E-3184-4CC8-9A6F-ADA600C961A4 GU15 3SY High Cross Church, Knoll Road, Camberley 24/7 Public
5F8FB5B9-C55B-4CE4-B090-AF4D00B7F96E GU15 3UH Camberley Fire Station, London Road,, Camberley, 24/7 Public
2BEF3E7D-01D1-4E84-9E73-AF41010ABE37 GU15 3YY Fairways Engineering H&V Ltd, 7 Minster Court, Tuscam Way, Yorktown Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
143D0680-1EA1-4390-8411-AED700D80513 GU15 4AE Collingwood College, Kingston Road, Camberley Variable Restricted
9FBFCB9E-5000-47A4-A2AC-AED700DD585C GU15 4AE Collingwood College, Mitcham Road, Camberley Variable Restricted
B6FC0625-4F1E-4D06-98E9-AED700DA3165 GU15 4AE Collingwood College, Mitcham Road, Camberley Variable Restricted
C402C14F-F39D-44FB-A0C2-AED700DB9BC9 GU15 4AE Collingwood College, Kingston Road, Camberley Variable Restricted
C82B029D-5EB5-43B3-B01D-B0AB00AD30DE GU15 4AE Collingwood College, Kingston Road, Camberley Variable Restricted
041DB4CA-41B0-4F08-BACC-AFC000D1A233 GU15 4AJ Collingwood Gymnastics Centre, Mitcham Road, Camberley Variable Restricted
15DBDB83-E5F9-4346-B9AD-AEC300DC7047 GU15 9ZY Surrey Heath Borough Council, Ground Floor Noth Surrey Heath House, Knoll Road Variable Public
7A70BED3-ECD9-4BFD-889C-B04400AEA7E9 GU16 6ES Welcome Mytchett (Co-Op), 103 Mytchett Road, Mytchett 24/7 Public
F42D074E-B8D2-4030-8E67-AF2600DF1B20 GU16 6HX Frimley Green Working Mens Club, 18-20 Sturt Road, Frimley Green 24/7 Public
2D2DEAF7-8997-414E-B7E3-AE2100B11D21 GU16 6HY Pistachios In The Park, Cafe Frimley Lodge Park, Sturt Road 24/7 Public
A9ACEC65-AD72-4688-9816-AE6A00F502B3 GU16 6LD Truglaze Limited, 249a Frimley Green Road, Camberley 24/7 Public
95CC5777-8549-453C-8BA3-B0BD00E52110 GU16 6LG Mindenhurst Primary School, Mindenhurst Road, Deepcut Variable Restricted
B0F77E48-1477-4041-8706-AFC700B176F8 GU16 6LQ Frimley Green Library - Surrey County Council, Frimley Green Library, Beech Road, Frimley Green Variable Restricted
5ADA50B8-3C5C-43AC-9FD4-AE9F00E0455C GU16 7ER Kyocera Avx Components Ltd, Prospect House,, 6 Archipelago, Variable Public
94100CDA-1900-4FC3-A453-B08A00FFB7CE GU16 7QH Frimley, Station Approach, Frimley 24/7 Public
8AA11BDA-603F-4912-927E-B0B500FDA2BC GU16 8PY The Governors Of St Augustines R. C. School, St Augustine Roman Catholic Primary School, Tomlinscote Way Variable Public
1F176DF3-1F1F-4822-8A67-AFF000E7A55F GU16 8UR Tesco, 1-3 Beaumaris Parade, Frimley Variable Public
D3AD331D-AA78-462A-BC80-B01900DFA8BC GU16 9AR Frimley Baptist Church, Balmoral Drive, Camberley 24/7 Public
EA91B6FF-74BB-4CAF-85F5-AF5D00B0ED37 GU16 9YF Sandringham County Infant School, Sandringham Way, Camberley Variable Restricted
0A690DE4-7099-4309-AFAB-AE37012C5376 GU17 0AE Tesco, Tesco Express, 82 London Road Variable Public
C1E93C9C-25CB-4AE5-9224-AF2D00971846 GU17 0ED Yateley Town Council, Darby Green Centre, Darby Green Lane 24/7 Public
3F0913CB-BD0F-4AFA-85E4-AE3800A272B0 GU17 0LL Tesco, Tesco Express Kingfisher Parade, 4 Rosemary Lane 24/7 Public
E0F05864-4145-47DF-A89F-B0B80091CDE4 GU17 0LL Tesco Express, Kingfisher Parade, 4 Rosemary Lane Variable Public
872CAB5C-FA21-497E-BBF4-AF8000ADF2CC GU17 9BN Holy Trinity Hall, Fernhill Road, Blackwater 24/7 Public
2485AAC3-0517-47BB-B036-AE94006F8BE1 GU17 9BW Blackwater And Hawley Leisure Centre, Hawley Green, Camberley 24/7 Public
9BB50A65-4534-4CA2-BC3E-AE7500D15DBA GU17 9BW Bowling Club Blackwater And Hawley Leisure Centre, Hawley Green, Camberley Variable Restricted
60D6652C-AEA2-4A50-9953-AF9B0177574E GU17 9JY 17 Hawley Grove, Blackwater, Camberley Variable Restricted
3AEDF939-0D07-4F94-AF5F-B09E00D0B67E GU17 9LP Hawley Lake Sail Training Centre, Gibraltar Barracks, Blackwater Variable Restricted
C8A79142-CF69-406A-9CFE-AE8600A8B260 GU17 9LQ Aerobility Blackbushe Airport, London Road, Camberley Variable Public
FD9706B8-7917-4CCC-9A01-AEA2006459B1 GU18 5RG Lightwater Playing Fields Association, Lightwater Leisure Centre Lightwater Country Park, The Avenue Variable Public
1ADD6A28-CC5C-43B0-8EE0-AFCE00BAA67E GU18 5SB Lightwater Library - Surrey County Council, Lightwater Library, 83a Guildford Road, Lightwater Variable Restricted
63CA815A-1B79-40BE-A0A4-AE86008CAB0A GU18 5TP The Solution Providers Ltd, 11 Mount Pleasant Close, Lightwater 24/7 Public
E6DC7785-B70E-4673-9393-AFBF00E594A5 GU19 5AH Bagshot Library - Surrey County Council, Bagshot Library, High Street, Bagshot Variable Restricted
F67C317A-5F51-4D9F-82CB-B08400F14499 GU19 5AS Bagshot, Station Road, Bagshot 24/7 Public
6A709665-F4BF-4651-BA79-B0CA011B44BE GU19 5AZ Kings Arms, 42 High Street, Bagshot 24/7 Public
62CD20E9-52DA-4899-A34B-B0B601203EF8 GU19 5DG Waitrose & Partners - Bagshot, London Road, Bagshot Variable Public
900746D3-DD58-4FF6-A861-AE75007975E5 GU19 5ET Bagshot Playing Fields Association, The Pavilion, College Ride 24/7 Public
5E62806E-A4BE-4B81-8DF9-AECF00B08FA7 GU19 5HP Wooldridge Group, Units 15-17, Hall Grove Farm Industrial Estate Variable Public
0D3DF447-38B0-422A-8E4B-AE8600D3FFE3 GU19 5HY Windlesham Golf Management Limited, Windlesham Golf Club, Grove End Variable Public
E0480A03-611D-40C1-95AB-B007008A9A42 GU19 5NJ Bagshot Community Recycling Centre, Swift Lane, Bagshot Variable Public
62EC8E1C-BD00-43BB-81CB-AECB00877E37 GU2 4BE Guildford Baptist Church Millmead Centre, Guildford Baptist Church, Millmead Centre Variable Public
21471F4F-F5ED-4B0F-B86D-AFBD00A8029F GU2 4DZ Guildford District Register Office (Artington House) - Surrey County Council, Guildford District Register Office, Artington House, Portsmouth Road Variable Restricted
80611EB9-F4EE-4C52-854F-AFBD00B60B64 GU2 4DZ Guildford District Register Office (Artington House) - Surrey County Council, Guildford District Register Office, Artington House, Portsmouth Road Variable Restricted
FEFACC40-8873-4E8B-A0EF-AE170099A535 GU2 7AE Gold-I Ltd, Gold-I Ltd Acer House, 10 Medawar Road Variable Restricted
C305FE41-2ABE-4E0F-A34E-B07300F6DBA0 GU2 7AF Eseye, 20 Nugent Road, Surrey Research Park 24/7 Public
1FD58ECC-65C2-453A-B3B7-AF9400F4DBB4 GU2 7RE Cordell Health Ltd, 4 Huxley Road, Surrey Research Park Variable Restricted
F57821C9-D414-42F3-8A2A-B04400945AD2 GU2 7SD Queen Eleanors Church Of England Junior School, Queen Eleanors Road, Guildford Variable Restricted
401BAA3C-0CC4-4647-ABB6-AE740117BDF8 GU2 7UP Guildford Cathedral Enterprises Limited The Cathedral Church Of The Holy Spirit Stag Hill, The Chase, Guildford Variable Restricted
8C90522A-B461-4FD7-A410-AFE900BAC760 GU2 7YB Screwfix, Unit 3a, Cathedral Hill Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
C0E7C960-4AA8-42EE-AC3A-AF2C0086859F GU2 7YB Savills - Cathedral Hill, Cathedral Hill Ind Estate, Guildford 24/7 Public
EC0BE8E8-717D-460A-82EC-AE9901218366 GU2 8BP Rydes Hill Preparatory, Aldershot Road, Guildford Variable Public
567AA44C-20A6-4467-8A28-ADD901398678 GU2 8JA 1 Rye Close, Guildford Variable Restricted
860683F2-7B2C-4970-A7B2-AED800BA2F11 GU2 8XG Guildford Business Park, 3 Guildford Business Park Road, Guildford 24/7 Public
AF852A13-3EF7-493C-99FB-AED800BCEE6E GU2 8XG Guildford Business Park, Guildford Business Park Road, Guildford 24/7 Public
D3D94CC7-CDEC-49F0-8029-AED800BD847D GU2 8XG Care Fm, Ground Floor 2 Guildford Business Park, Guildford Business Park Road 24/7 Public
FFB90030-0A3F-41AC-958E-B05900A629CA GU2 8XG Barnett-Waddingham, First Floor Building 2, Guildford Business Park Variable Public
F8AC6FAA-97CD-49FF-BD1B-AECC00F3F7CE GU2 8YH St Josephs Catholic Primary School, 155 Aldershot Road, Guildford Variable Restricted
1C20B58B-055D-4426-9B13-AFCE00F718DB GU2 8YT Legal And General, Guildford Industrial Estate, Deacon Field 24/7 Public
7CB09BF8-AF9D-46EB-A401-AEE800F46F22 GU2 8YT Atos It Services, 10 Deacon Field, Guildford 24/7 Restricted
A84B20EF-ABA1-40A0-9482-AE380081658B GU2 9JX Tesco Guildford Railtn Road Express, Food Store, Railton Road Variable Public
DABC96E0-E3DE-49B6-8EF8-ADCA00C905FB GU2 9LX Nuffield Health Guildford, Railton Road, Guildford Variable Public
05FF8B42-4B07-400A-90D5-AF8C01025E84 GU2 9RS Surrey County Council, Hope Day Service, Worplesdon Road Variable Public
BD83D63E-4BF0-4E3B-B679-AFF600BCC971 GU2 9RS Hope Service, Between 57 & 59 Worplesdon Road,, Guildford Variable Restricted
928D6C55-5484-497D-8B80-B05700EAB884 GU2 9SJ Emmanuel Church, 1 Shepherds Lane, Guildford 24/7 Public
69D2CA2F-EA76-4F57-9AB4-B02E00D88657 GU2 9ZT Stoughton Infant School, Stoughton Road, Guildford Variable Restricted
5D4C793B-141F-4EF0-9CCB-AE26016D85DA GU20 6AA Windlesham Bowls Club, Rear Of Windlesham Club, Kennel Lane 24/7 Public
17B75E9F-248B-4D61-9D65-B07A00D99210 GU20 6BL St John The Baptist Church, Church Road, Windlesham 24/7 Public
540A728F-A2AB-4A38-AC76-AECF00C1D431 GU20 6LL The Wooldridge Partnership, Lavershot Barns, London Road Variable Public
63CBB3B5-EC2E-493C-BF36-B02E01197E76 GU21 2AS St Johns Primary School, Victoria Road, Woking Variable Restricted
1D3A1FB5-FF3A-4438-B8C9-AE12013C1BA3 GU21 2DR Knaphill Methodist Church, Broadway, Woking 24/7 Public
6EE088AA-0E8E-4069-B4B0-AFD300F62ED6 GU21 2PD Knaphill Library - Surrey County Council, Knaphill Library, Anchor Crescent Variable Restricted
5FE88780-A339-4E51-AC5E-AE4000D388E3 GU21 2PJ Tesco Express, 15 High St, Knaphill Variable Public
F10D374F-F6FB-4EBB-A2E0-ADAB00CE125A GU21 2SP The Vyne, 45 Broadway, Woking Variable Restricted
564A6879-B8BC-40B8-912D-AF58012E27D6 GU21 2SX Holy Trinity Church, Church Hall Holy Trinity Church, Chobham Road 24/7 Public
B62B9899-DABD-4F32-A40B-B02D00B51B5B GU21 3AX Sythwood Primary School, Sythwood, Woking Variable Restricted
0BECB04C-73AF-42C7-8A2E-AD1700C6BEBE GU21 3BA Consignia Royal Mail, Unit 23, Kestrel Way 24/7 Restricted
5C69E5E9-BA3D-41A9-A65D-AFE700E8F8BD GU21 3BA Screwfix, Unit 15 Goldsworth Park Trading Estate, Kestrel Way Variable Restricted
A5D8C01D-AB2B-467A-B7A3-AF2A00EC3A68 GU21 3BA Royal Mail Goldsworth Park Do/St, Goldsworth Park Trading Estate, Woking, Woking Variable Restricted
5F0F5DAF-7BE3-4F4D-BE38-AFE700B8AAA5 GU21 3EB The Salvation Army, Sythwood, Woking 24/7 Public
2A898B2F-1D04-4139-956C-B0B6011FA907 GU21 3LG Waitrose & Partners - Goldsworth Park, 1 Goldsworth Park Centre, Denton Way Variable Public
B13CAB4A-670A-4435-A29F-AE7F00E1E554 GU21 3NE Brockhill, Clifton Way, Goldsworth Park 24/7 Public
0AB78258-920D-453B-95FF-B03800917D98 GU21 3RG Beaufort Primary School, Kirkland Avenue, Woking Variable Restricted
69A6A5EE-D941-4CE2-9FB2-AF960104AC6F GU21 3RT Woking Hockey Club, Woking Variable Public
DA64C26B-7D6E-4B28-89EF-AE9700BB8BBC GU21 3RT Dianthus Trading, Dianthus Building, Wishbone Way 24/7 Public
BF9FB03C-9917-4461-85E3-AFFF0122440B GU21 4AL The Wheatsheaf, Chobham Road, Woking Variable Restricted
25357CDF-34D3-4105-990A-AE86006CFF15 GU21 4BY Nuffield Hospital, Grange Road, Woking 24/7 Public
7592 GU21 4NA Woking and Horsell Cricket Club, Surrey 24/7 Public
61E67D0F-53E5-47CB-AAFC-AE6001175C16 GU21 4NR Puregym, Arthur's Bridge Wharf, Horsell Moor 24/7 Restricted
0EEC7652-9C85-4C08-A237-B03B00F94C98 GU21 4QQ Outside Dining Room, Horsell County First School, Church Hill Variable Restricted
A54CC301-4D65-4034-BFDD-AF5500AF8633 GU21 4QQ Horsell County First School, Church Hill, Woking 24/7 Public
7DB43F8E-2FA5-4F1B-A5B6-AFF000B6C5CD GU21 4TJ Woking High School, Morton Road, Horsell Variable Restricted
BAB90CEE-0630-4338-90F8-ADDF00EE6E8A GU21 4UU 27 Russell Road, Woking Variable Restricted
B8C88E3E-3342-4905-B545-AFBD0111A0B9 GU21 4XY Prime Acrobatics Heather Farm, Horsell Common, Woking Variable Public
325F5442-274B-4A80-8041-AEC8007B4C85 GU21 5BH Reach Contact, Reach Contact,, Grd Floor, Block A, Dukes Court, Dukes Street Variable Restricted
B4D72094-5D55-4C18-9712-B07300B1733B GU21 5BH Petrofac, Dukes Court, Duke Street, Woking 24/7 Restricted
EAF11222-C55B-459F-9DAD-B07300B05232 GU21 5BH Petrofac, Dukes Court, Duke Street, Woking 24/7 Restricted
915F40D5-00CB-4248-95C2-AFC800D383B0 GU21 5BX Sav Systems, Scandia House, Boundary Road Variable Public
7BEAE566-7179-4847-989F-AEB700C33AC0 GU21 5DW British Red Cross, 78 Walton Road, Woking 24/7 Public
221E2FF2-A771-43F1-897B-AFC800CD01CC GU21 5EN Sav Systems, Monument House, Monument Way West Variable Public
5273573C-1033-4D7B-885C-AFAB0150CDF7 GU21 5JY Mclaren Special Operations, Mclaren Special Operations- Unit1, Woking Business Park Variable Restricted
74F64323-8A20-46C5-A193-AF020095D4F7 GU21 5JY Commercial Property Ltd, Unit 22, Woking Business Park Variable Public
9030E57C-45F9-437D-BAC7-AFA100C61CD1 GU21 5JY Mclaren Special Operations, Mclaren Special Operations- Unit13, Woking Business Park Variable Restricted
5860925B-B672-4F2E-B9B2-AF50011CC970 GU21 5LZ Gibbs And Dandy, Monument Way East, Woking Variable Public
3FCD4E12-279A-4773-BB6A-B00401128DCD GU21 5NJ Woking Community Recycling Centre, Martyrs Lane, Woking Variable Public
BECC37E5-EF22-4178-B635-ADA601034273 GU21 5NZ Parkview, Blackmore Crescent, Woking Variable Public
52245E90-2056-4959-9D89-B02200ECEC9F GU21 5QE Broadmere Community Primary School, 125 Devonshire Avenue, Sheerwater Variable Restricted
99FD5641-ED4D-42D5-B32E-AE9B00E50D2B GU21 5RF Bishop David Brown Secondary School, Bishop David Brown Secondary School,, Albert Dr, Variable Restricted
BE1B5E39-6637-4C88-9137-ADBB008F46A1 GU21 5RW Metamark Uk Limited, Unit 4, Genesis Business Park Variable Restricted
A30FCF03-9673-4C51-9596-AFCF00B7676E GU21 5SU Scotswood Park, Forsyth Road, Sheerwater 24/7 Restricted
67021EB0-C526-49B9-8A11-B0AD00D0EB41 GU21 6DB Goldsworth Place, 1 Forge End, Woking 24/7 Public
5FC01E96-FD3A-42E5-BB20-AFE400AB8499 GU21 6EP Woking Library - Surrey County Council, Woking Library, Gloucester Walk Variable Restricted
783C0F40-271B-4163-AD14-AFE400B3551A GU21 6EP Woking Library - Surrey County Council, Woking Library, Gloucester Walk Variable Restricted
665E1327-D040-470F-816E-B00D009AF1D7 GU21 6GD O2 Store (0200) Woking, 33 The Peacocks Centre, Surrey Variable Restricted
D46ED70B-7446-47C3-A99B-AEA700D3869C GU21 6GH Peacock Shopping Centre, Victoria Way,, Woking Variable Restricted
FD6AFC07-6CDA-45C7-9B2F-AEA200E568FC GU21 6GH Peacock Shopping Centre, Victoria Way,, Woking Variable Restricted
27838B67-C998-4041-81B3-AF4E00A84FF4 GU21 6LE Woking Fire Station, 40 Goldsworth Road,, Woking, 24/7 Public
51AE7553-1397-43DA-A65A-AEAE00914DEC GU21 6LN Goldsworth Road Dental Centre, 96 Goldsworth Road, Woking Variable Restricted
8C637110-441A-4595-9D59-AFD5009A2FD1 GU21 6ND Surrey History Centre - Surrey County Council, Surrey History Centre, 130 Goldsworth Road Variable Restricted
CA7EF500-4580-4084-88DE-AED000E23108 GU21 6ND Surrey History Centre - Surrey County Council, Surrey History Centre, 130 Goldsworth Road 24/7 Public
DF944AEF-0205-4553-88A5-AFE200C2E376 GU21 6ND Surrey History Centre - Surrey County Council, Surrey History Centre, 130 Goldsworth Road Variable Restricted
F33E5497-1209-4029-9827-AFD500EA80FD GU21 6ND Surrey History Centre - Surrey County Council, Surrey History Centre, 130 Goldsworth Road Variable Restricted
2D8DE24D-C9D2-471D-ACA7-B0AC00FB8DAE GU21 6QX Sir Robert Mcalpine Ltd, 9th Floor, 5 Henry Plaza, Export House. Victoria Way. Woking Gu21 6qx, Woking 24/7 Restricted
87AE905B-01F2-4E8B-A208-ADEA00FD65CB GU21 6XR Wolsey Place, 29 Commercial Way, Woking 24/7 Public
D7323CCA-0838-44AA-B786-B03000BE4086 GU21 6XR Tesco Woking Commercial Way Express, 31-33 Commercial Way, Woking Variable Public
4241BF45-96EA-4C72-A3E6-AEA700D78A48 GU21 6XU Sainsburys Supermarkets Ltd, 13 Wolsey Walk, Woking Variable Restricted
498D4548-4B66-4CE0-9360-ADA600F0EE61 GU21 6YL Civic Offices, Gloucester Square, Woking Variable Restricted
CB95043E-F163-4362-B36D-AE8A00C4BDE9 GU21 7RT Greenoak Housing Association, Apollo Place,, Church Road 24/7 Public
A1E37B9B-DD6B-4258-9E1B-AD8000E56520 GU21 8TL Winston Churchill School, Hermitage Road, Woking Variable Public
B5BAD45F-5B87-40D1-B7D3-AEC900E17667 GU21 8TL Winston Churchill School, Hermitage Road, Woking Variable Restricted
4643B878-77EB-4F58-A85B-AECB00B80667 GU22 0AN Freemantles School, Smarts Heath Road, Woking Variable Restricted
FE9A397D-DC75-4949-96A0-AFFF00EA399D GU22 0NH Hoe Valley School, Egley Road, Woking Variable Restricted
5D51B3AB-3F65-43BF-9D07-AD9E00C477BC GU22 0NL Mayford Barbers, Mayford Green, Woking 24/7 Public
EC340729-E311-4B09-AB0C-AE70012DFC7D GU22 0NN Mayford Village Hall, Saunders Lane, Mayford 24/7 Public
BE7110A0-FFD6-4617-BB67-AEA700D6FCBE GU22 0RA Worplesdon Golf Club, Heath House Rd, Brookwood, Woking Variable Restricted
5C58D7D2-C051-4123-B382-B06100AB4A8A GU22 0RN Worplesdon, Prey Heath Road, Worplesdon 24/7 Public
A03F3ED7-CFBC-4884-8A99-B06100AB5AC5 GU22 7AE Woking, Station Approach, Woking 24/7 Public
1AB15BA0-64A2-46E2-94E8-AFE300FB368A GU22 7AP Woking Coroners Court - Surrey County Council, Woking Coroners Court, Station Approach Variable Restricted
1CBA6A50-4B52-4109-88C5-AFE40088FC02 GU22 7AP Woking Coroners Court - Surrey County Council, Woking Coroners Court, Station Approach Variable Restricted
BD75942F-7634-43BC-9B17-AFE40090209E GU22 7AP Woking Coroners Court - Surrey County Council, Woking Coroners Court, Station Approach Variable Restricted
E151C698-BD49-4498-A860-AFE4008AE2D0 GU22 7AP Woking Coroners Court - Surrey County Council, Woking Coroners Court, Station Approach Variable Restricted
2DF1193C-652F-4B3F-891B-AE84008FBB3A GU22 7DT St Dunstans Church, Shaftesbury Road, Woking 24/7 Public
C8F14C7B-B1E7-4EBC-96CC-AD67010A0916 GU22 7DT St Dunstans Church, Shaftesbury Road, Woking 24/7 Public
7F4BEA47-E5F5-4E6F-B4DF-ADCF00F99F1A GU22 7HA Woking United Reformed Church, White Rose Lane, Woking 24/7 Public
0B6A89F9-1B01-4C5C-B371-B027007C9CED GU22 7PX Tesco Woking Guildford Road Express, Guildford Rd, Woking Variable Public
23695879-0E44-4908-BD02-AEC100DF2D93 GU22 7QQ Quadrant Court - Surrey County Council, Quadrant Court, 35 Guildford Road, Woking 24/7 Public
37A6642C-6611-491D-ABE1-AEBD00BCE5E2 GU22 7QQ Quadrant Court - Surrey County Council, Quadrant Court, 35 Guildford Road, Woking Variable Restricted
9CCFFDCF-D405-43B6-AAC3-AEBD00C17AE0 GU22 7QQ Quadrant Court - Surrey County Council, Quadrant Court, 35 Guildford Road, Woking Variable Restricted
A72CFA1C-417D-4961-8411-AEBD00C18249 GU22 7QQ Quadrant Court - Surrey County Council, Quadrant Court, 35 Guildford Road, Woking Variable Restricted
D697BC20-5BC1-4488-86A5-AEBD00C17212 GU22 7QQ Quadrant Court - Surrey County Council, Quadrant Court, 35 Guildford Road, Woking Variable Restricted
1E1F37D0-3430-4757-9D4F-ADC600FF55D9 GU22 7XS 173 York Road, Woking Variable Restricted
CCCF1283-D898-41CC-963C-AF3C00872413 GU22 7ZZ Royal Mail Woking Do, White Rose Lane, Woking, Woking Variable Restricted
081802F5-480A-437D-A9E2-B08200B5EA63 GU22 8HA New Monument School, Alpha Road, Maybury Variable Public
6EACBDBD-99D2-458A-9459-AD8B00F08D4D GU22 8LD 1 Pyrian Close, Woking 24/7 Restricted
6F4C6F41-EB3C-4CFD-AADB-AF7700EBD72B GU22 8SP Parish Of Wisley With Pyrford, Church Of The Good Shepherd, Coldharbour Road 24/7 Public
734EA7CB-7B19-4E72-9AFC-AEC800A4A246 GU22 8SP Church Of The Good Shepherd, Coldharbour Road, Woking 24/7 Public
584092DB-9F27-416B-8565-AFFE00BC2A2F GU22 8SU North West Surrey Short Stay School, Pyrford Centre, Engliff Lane Variable Restricted
BE1F6334-9D06-4CB2-BB5D-ADD4010B3569 GU22 8UQ Nuffield Health And Wellbeing Centre, Pyrford Road, West Byfleet Variable Public
0044F75E-FCE7-486C-A1C1-AF790122717E GU22 8XH Old School House, St. Nicholas' Pyrford, Church Hill, Woking 24/7 Public
11D87811-AF90-44AC-9A92-AEC800A5D488 GU22 8XH Parish Of Wisley With Pyrford, Old School House, Church Hill 24/7 Public
7E0A3C7B-0993-4FDD-BEC7-ADB200D04C61 GU22 8XL Pyrford Marina, Lock Lane, Woking Variable Public
FE29E24C-1334-4194-9C1A-B00700A13C54 GU22 9AL St John The Baptist School, Elmbridge Lane, Woking Variable Public
BC40E59C-0F01-4153-91BF-AE4D00B6DEE9 GU22 9BQ Meadow Sports Club, Sports Ground, Loop Road, Woking Variable Restricted
C8A0FDE9-C03F-4EAD-B5CF-AE060109E337 GU22 9BX New Life Church, High Street, Woking 24/7 Public
FBE3B74A-D629-47F5-B0EA-ADD301210960 GU22 9LN Hale End Court, 63 – 65 High Street, Woking Variable Restricted
5B447BE7-B6F3-4BE5-BC1A-ADAD0113995F GU22 9LY Moorcroft Centre For The Community, Old School Place, Westfield Variable Restricted
4F61537A-D40D-47DA-B513-AE1C00DD24C0 GU22 9PF David Lloyd Leisure, Westfield Avenue, Woking Variable Public
44826983-F0BC-4B6F-A77F-AFE300F522C7 GU22 9PR Woking Adult Learning Centre - Surrey County Council, Woking Adult Learning Centre, Hoebrook Close Variable Restricted
D567C4E5-1DBB-45E7-B812-AFE300E6716A GU22 9PR Woking Adult Learning Centre - Surrey County Council, Woking Adult Learning Centre, Hoebrook Close Variable Restricted
32432C74-C98D-4B9C-8060-AEE200BF813B GU23 6AF Ripley Parish Council, Ripley Parish Council, Victory House, High Street 24/7 Public
1ACD1F4A-F8D8-449D-9E75-AF6F00F10C95 GU23 6AR Ripley Green Cricket Club, Ripley Cricket Club, The Green 24/7 Public
B4BAF9ED-CA05-45B1-90CF-AE7B00898120 GU23 6JQ Saddlers Arms, Send Marsh Road, Ripley 24/7 Public
054821D6-4012-4FAE-AE95-AE61012E7506 GU23 6LJ 8 Chestnut Close, Ripley Variable Restricted
F9B51D47-A426-4542-9748-AF680099CD51 GU23 6NE Ripley Bowling Club, Bowling Club, Rose Lane 24/7 Public
C744EE0B-82AF-40D0-AF63-AF3E00929FFE GU23 6NP Ockham Cricket Club, Recreation Ground Pavilion, Ockham Lane 24/7 Public
309DFAF0-E3FC-41CD-916C-AFE800E5AD28 GU23 6QB Rhs Wisley, Wisley Lane, Woking Variable Public
8F1FEFFF-1171-402F-A3D2-AFE700DE4E48 GU23 6QB Rhs Wisley, Wisley Lane, Woking Variable Restricted
9855F1AC-0E3A-4D01-968E-AFE800E5D022 GU23 6QB Rhs Wisley, Wisley Lane, Woking Variable Public
CFE84500-1516-42AC-A855-AFE800E5BDDE GU23 6QB Rhs Wisley, Wisley Lane, Woking Variable Restricted
D949676F-A5ED-439C-B916-AFE800E5733B GU23 6QB Rhs Wisley, Wisley Lane, Woking Variable Public
F6D30C6D-ABD4-4358-A3D3-AFE800E598E6 GU23 6QB Rhs Wisley, Wisley Lane, Woking Variable Public
B5E2E8BB-B290-42CB-ABD8-AF79011E5195 GU23 6QL Parish Of Wisley With Pyrford, Wisley Church, Wisley Lane 24/7 Public
CCDBA246-E40E-487D-8754-AE8C00FD1771 GU23 6QL Wisley Golf Club Maintenance, Offices Wisley Golf Club Maintenance Church Farm, Wisley Lane Variable Restricted
F54F210C-29E2-4636-8FBD-ADD000AD3C91 GU23 6QS Woking District Scouts, Birchmere Scout Camp Site, Wisley Common 24/7 Public
C2086A7E-48EC-4676-971E-AE8C00FC4904 GU23 6QU Wisley Golf Club, Mill Lane, Ripley 24/7 Restricted
409DF1B3-256E-411B-9F51-AECC00E01FE3 GU23 7EF Wey Estates Ltd, 3 Tannery House, Tannery Lane, Send 24/7 Public
08D4A0B0-7DE9-4C0B-B214-AEC800C54BA4 GU23 7EZ Send Parish Council, Pavilion, Send Road 24/7 Public
2FDB5356-BA91-41A6-9854-B06100AD1E63 GU24 0ER Brookwood, Connaught Road, Brookwood 24/7 Public
00BD16B6-57F9-4D8C-8172-B0430098FED4 GU24 0HF Brookwood County First And Middle School, Connaught Road, Woking Variable Restricted
C01D66FE-163C-444D-9990-B01600E55BAE GU24 0JB Pirbright Cricket Pavilion, The Green, Pirbright 24/7 Public
7EEF62B6-A786-449D-940F-ADF200D0A3BF GU24 0JT Peter Austin, Wayback, The Green 24/7 Public
5DB8F486-DB0E-4ED3-BD56-AFCD00A54570 GU24 0NY The National Rifle Association, National Rifle Association Pavilion, Queens Way 24/7 Public
62F26BC4-14EC-4DC6-ACA5-AFD600DB73E7 GU24 0NY 46 Elcho Road, Brookwood 24/7 Public
7158 GU24 8AA Chobham Cricket Club, Surrey 24/7 Public
8ADD7219-E30C-4185-A0D8-AEB300F069CD GU24 8AJ Chobham Parish Pavilion Recreation Ground, Station Road, Chobham 24/7 Public
F80801D4-B9A1-40FC-B0A4-AE19014E148C GU24 8AQ Tesco, Station Road, Woking Variable Public
521ADE80-4163-4620-A039-AF4D00B88F23 GU24 8BZ Chobham Fire Station, Bagshot Road, Chobham 24/7 Public
A95BDC72-79EB-4944-BBD1-AF04011CBF22 GU24 8LD Chobham Rugby Football Club, Fowlers Wells, Chobham 24/7 Public
6103 GU24 8SN Valley End Cricket Club, Surrey 24/7 Public
09A81399-E6DB-484D-8778-B081010606E2 GU24 9DF Bisley C Of E Primary School & Foxcubs Nursery, Bisley Church Of England Primary School, Hawthorn Way Variable Restricted
17B51411-B97E-47F0-BB4E-AE8D00CBC9B6 GU24 9DR Miltenyi Biotec Limited, Suite 1 Almac House, Church Lane Variable Restricted
0FDFF0D8-01B4-43F5-80D3-AF5100BEBAD0 GU24 9EP Bisley Parish Council, Bisley Green, Pavilion Lane 24/7 Public
B9B1ACFF-F90D-4532-9909-AE750081D249 GU24 9JP West End Parish Council, Sports Pavilion, Benner Lane 24/7 Public
423040C7-4EA4-4E7F-B831-B05E008B781C GU24 9JQ Surrey County Council, Holy Trinity Church Of England Primary School, Benner Lane Variable Restricted
12190E34-E472-4DF4-8E69-AEFA01289A98 GU24 9PF Bowling Green, Rosewood Way, Woking 24/7 Public
77E797AB-D13C-4168-99B2-AEA000C48A18 GU24 9PT Gordon's School, Gordons School, Bagshot Road 24/7 Restricted
CDDE4EF7-9155-49CF-B200-AEA000C34433 GU24 9PX Gordon's School, Sport's Hub At Gordon's School, Bagshot Road 24/7 Public
37C281B6-004E-46CE-ADB5-B06100AB8DFA GU25 4AA Virginia Water, Station Parade, Virginia Water 24/7 Public
B6E79D53-F4F4-46B7-A2CF-AFE200DE3670 GU25 4AB Virginia Water Library - Surrey County Council, Virginia Water Library, 5-7 Station Parade Variable Restricted
F8BFBFB5-3280-420C-AA05-AEE7012A5DE3 GU25 4AD The British Legion, 5 Station Parade, Virginia Water 24/7 Public
C71E7498-FA7A-46EF-913A-AF7300F4A715 GU25 4DL Barton Wyatt, 2 Station Approach, Virginia Water Variable Public
6007E50C-3526-4D8B-BBE7-AFC500B18516 GU25 4LR Merlewood Care Home, Merlewood, Hollow Lane 24/7 Public
6325A1FA-4A75-4663-B624-B0A400883443 GU25 4LR Merlewood, Hollow Lane, Virginia Water 24/7 Public
71722571-52AA-4FCD-849E-AFC500AD2E47 GU25 4LR Merlewood Care Home, Merlewood, Hollow Lane 24/7 Public
0BFA412A-883F-4582-8E45-ADD30083297E GU25 4LS Wentworth Club, Wentworth Drive, Virginia Water 24/7 Public
2CD1729B-01B9-4D70-801B-AF8E0112A577 GU25 4LX European Tour, European Tour Building, Wentworth Drive Variable Restricted
38A88073-6E8C-4E35-9393-AEE800BC77B7 GU25 4PT Christ Church, Christchurch Road, Virginia Water Variable Public
63CC413A-2AC4-487E-ADCF-AECA009AECB5 GU25 4PX Christ Church C E Infant School, Christchurch Road, Virginia Water Variable Public
4AFE2A41-706B-46C9-B8E7-B0C900FCEADB GU26 6AB Devil's Punch Bowl Café, London Road, Hindhead 24/7 Public
7507 GU26 6DZ Farriers, Hampshire 24/7 Public
16FE8B6B-9C19-47A0-A131-AEB000FB1006 GU26 6DZ Grayshott Farriers, Farriers, 3 Sadlers Scarp, Grayshott 24/7 Public
3B7785EA-02F2-4648-AEFF-AEC801059D7E GU26 6FZ Barons Bmw & Mini Dealership, Portsmouth Road, Bramshott Chase 24/7 Public
8A716C1A-8A85-4CFD-996F-AD2000BE24F6 GU26 6HL Grayshott Social Club, Hill Road, Hindhead Variable Restricted
90E35B3F-001C-47E7-A096-B0620117C27C GU26 6LQ Warren Powell-Richards Estate Agents, 9 The Precinct, Grayshott 24/7 Public
2CCE8653-9CDF-4B9E-BE6A-AD1F00A6263F GU26 6QB Royal British Legion, The Royal British Legion, Beacon Hill Road 24/7 Public
07EC455A-0F2B-4426-B2E0-AE7500C445AA GU26 6SJ Hindhead Campus, Tilford Road,, Hindhead, Variable Restricted
471C8231-0D61-4CC7-B99F-AEB000EAC500 GU26 6TD The Cookie Bar (External), 1 Royal Parade, Tilford Road, Hindhead 24/7 Public
53582A87-81CD-490B-BA11-AE86009B435C GU26 6TY Grayshott Surgery, Boundary Road, Grayshott Variable Restricted
2C9647C1-9829-4A36-993E-AF3F00C75473 GU27 1EL High Lane Community Centre, 19 Weycombe Road, Haslemere 24/7 Public
150B5E20-6772-4D08-BFA0-AFCD00FC6E8A GU27 1HP Haslemere Library - Surrey County Council, Haslemere Library, 91 Wey Hill, Haslemere Variable Restricted
04A5FD2E-12F4-4800-9053-AE1C00F83B40 GU27 1LD Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Store, Lion Green 24/7 Public
B59D6E6B-8D7A-4308-B56F-B0A7011AEAEA GU27 1QA Woolmer Hill Sports Association, Sports Pavilion Woolmer Hill Recreation Ground, Woolmer Hill Road 24/7 Public
843F0902-173F-49D1-823D-AEB300E1C3AB GU27 1QB The Edge Leisure Centre - Surrey County Council, The Edge Leisure Centre, Woolmer Hill Road, Haslemere Variable Restricted
64E01DEF-C14D-42F0-AACC-AD7100CC5C62 GU27 2AA Haslemere Delivery Office Kings Road Industrial Estate, Kings Road, Haslemere Variable Restricted
958D8257-0FAB-45B4-AB80-AF2B00C9E759 GU27 2AA Royal Mail Haslemere Do, Kings Road Industrial Estate, Haslemere, Haslemere Variable Restricted
FDADE2D4-6589-477E-AD17-AFEA00C491EF GU27 2HJ Screwfix, 30 High Street, Haslemere Variable Restricted
494F5034-1D9A-4E4D-89F7-B06100ACAA91 GU27 2PE Haslemere, Lower Street, Haslemere 24/7 Public
4F5C52E7-9D06-49D8-8240-AE2E00B11C95 GU27 3HY Recreation Ground, The Green, Fernhurst 24/7 Public
569BA0AB-D78B-4B2E-94EE-AFE000C0628F GU27 3LW Post Box 39m From Friday House, Square Drive On Square Drive, Square Drive, Fernhurst 24/7 Public
BB90003C-6F1A-43D3-B10D-AF0700D40801 GU27 3NH Contract Candles Limited, Lower Lodge, Vann Road 24/7 Public
D2C39773-D49F-4A57-932B-AF2A00CDA04C GU28 0AA Royal Mail Petworth Do, East Street, Petworth, Petworth Variable Restricted
B6CD401C-C069-499F-AEEA-AE860071B601 GU28 0JS Barlavington Manor, Burton Park Road, Barlavington 24/7 Restricted
3A659C49-2233-40F2-B85A-B07C00E20B14 GU28 0LA Duncton Junior School, Willet Close, Duncton Variable Restricted
DFCADFC9-A5EF-43FC-99B6-AEE4015676C6 GU28 0LX Littleton Farm, A285 Selhurst Park Road To Droke Lane, Upwaltham 24/7 Public
760DF8E4-F272-4541-B5FF-AFFE00B8BF9A GU28 0PJ W L West & Sons Ltd, W L West And Sons Limited, Selham Road Variable Restricted
DC40E73C-835C-4B86-BC70-B043015F173F GU28 0QW Cathanger Farm, Cathangar Lane, East Lavington 24/7 Public
EE6A3675-F320-4DBA-B256-AEA200E582BE GU28 9HT Northchapel Village Green, Pipers Ln, Northchapel, 24/7 Public
CCF5A3B3-B2BA-41F8-8DF7-ADF30161F88D GU28 9JP Ebernoe Parish Council, Stag Inn, Balls Cross Road 24/7 Public
BDB00CEB-B03A-4BB2-A83D-ADF30165BEDE GU28 9LD Ebernoe Parish Council, Ebernoe Cricket Club Pavillion, Streels Lane 24/7 Public
E4A80E46-0A0D-40D9-BCAD-AF1F00EBB3A5 GU29 0DJ Heyshott Cobden Hall Charity, Heyshott Cobden Hall, Leggs Lane 24/7 Public
4462 GU29 0EX Sanatorium Building, West Sussex 24/7 Public
EC863056-0E39-4528-973E-AE7500AD2DFD GU29 0EY King Edward Vii Apartments, 105 Kings Drive, Easebourne Variable Restricted
4093 GU29 0FD On Freestanding Post, West Sussex 24/7 Public
7AB39B4A-42B6-4485-8B74-AF2400A9AA9B GU29 0HS English Woodlands Timber Ltd, Cocking Sawmills, Hillbarn Lane Variable Public
9D137FEA-0E82-427C-8676-B02100AA42E4 GU29 0HU The Blue Bell Car Park, The Blue Bell, A286 Church Lane To Bell Lane 24/7 Public
3203D29F-D209-4C52-9E8E-AD2500FA4F38 GU29 0JT Zok International Group Ltd, Airworthy House, Station Yard 24/7 Public
2431C940-A9A6-4DB3-8130-AF8500E5D115 GU29 0QF Woolbeding With Redford Parish Council, Redford Village Hall, Linch Road 24/7 Public
81A4058B-C5B5-4DBA-B314-B04C00B2412D GU29 9AG Easebourne Cofe Primary School, Wheelbarrow Castle, Easebourne Variable Restricted
35910D51-7669-466C-BE6B-AE53009C6F7F GU29 9DJ Tesco Express Midhurst, 10 North Street, Midhurst 24/7 Public
B54DA2B5-972D-421B-8583-B030008CB7A2 GU29 9DJ Tesco Midhurst North St Ex, 10 North St, Midhurst Variable Public
B3949C23-1CAD-4484-BC4F-AFA500A9D1AD GU29 9DT Midhurst Rother College, North Street, Midhurst Variable Restricted
F1C97911-7A1C-4EB1-AF8F-B00C0091A084 GU29 9DY Ognells Flats, 8 North Street, Midhurst 24/7 Public
E754284A-AC86-4A80-9E08-AFBD012F8CC9 GU29 9EL June Lane, What 3 Words Mothering-Predict-Wacky, Midhurst Variable Restricted
3E51B994-D54F-427A-BF17-AE4B00A7E58C GU29 9HD The Grange Leisure Centre, Bepton Road, Midhurst Variable Public
773EF496-6117-4C64-A0F0-AF2700DACD04 GU29 9LR Royal Mail Midhurst Do/Res, Grange Road, Midhurst, Midhurst Variable Restricted
BEB7E565-722F-42E5-817A-ADEA00BCF369 GU29 9QH Pitsham Brickworks, Pitsham Lane, Cocking Causeway 24/7 Public
6C0AC2F2-7E4B-4A1F-8AC5-AE93007D5203 GU29 9QX Biffa, West Sussex County Council Council Depot, Bepton Road Variable Restricted
8664D4F1-20B4-436E-8ECC-AEA700D79BA8 GU3 1AL Puttenham Golf Club, Heath Road, Puttenham,, Guildford Variable Restricted
3C86EF28-F53C-4BDF-BB5B-ADC701100BDD GU3 1AS Puttenham Parish Council, Behind School Lane,, Puttenham 24/7 Public
ED4C9E69-4AD8-4256-A0F5-B00D008325BA GU3 1HS Estate Office, 3 Loseley Park, Guildford 24/7 Public
8BAA49AF-9391-4706-89B8-AFC40116E9BE GU3 1LP Crossfit Guildford, Unit 8, Pew Corner, Artington Variable Restricted
A062BDC1-F7DA-4DE7-A9A7-AE9800B35097 GU3 1LR Galliford Try, Second Floor Wonersh House, The Guildway Variable Restricted
3B903633-F3FB-414A-932A-AD68007E6E70 GU3 1NG Church Of St Michael, Unstead Wood, Peasmarsh 24/7 Public
335EBCB2-7ECC-43E1-98E1-AFB100E11324 GU3 2AH Normandy Cricket Club, Normandy Cricket Club Pavilion, Hunts Hill Road 24/7 Public
D69E3B43-FE0D-4355-86DA-B000009C2A93 GU3 2AU Suez Recycling And Recovery Uk - Normandy Workshop, Guildford Road, Normandy Variable Public
A7E5321E-4B63-494C-9EDB-B07000E1816F GU3 2AW The Royal British Legion Hall, Guildford Road, Normandy 24/7 Public
40BC6691-498C-427C-8863-B09200CC3208 GU3 2DT Normandy Village Shop And Cafe, Manor Fruit Farm, Glaziers Lane, Normandy Variable Restricted
E66EEAC0-82CD-4B6E-BBB5-AE8400F29831 GU3 2DT Normandy Village Hall, Manor Fruit Farm, Glaziers Lane 24/7 Public
C1861CCF-3E24-401B-B873-B06100AB87CB GU3 2ED Wanborough, Glaziers Lane, Normandy 24/7 Public
4BCCBBD5-63E3-4A24-AC40-AF6500939149 GU3 2HS Wyke Primary School, School Lane, Normandy Variable Restricted
7D450D35-42EA-485D-822D-B0AB00D17C1B GU3 2JR Wanborough Village Hall, Off Wanborough Hill, Wanborough 24/7 Public
376AF427-E9B7-416D-83A9-AFD400E2ED4E GU3 3BH Surrey Arts - Surrey County Council, Surrey Arts, 14 The Pines, Broad Street Variable Restricted
0F6609C8-095D-4E14-8D21-B03C00D3CBCF GU3 3DA Wood Street Infant School, Oak Hill, Wood Street Village Variable Restricted
7471 GU3 3EZ Wood Street Cricket Club, Surrey 24/7 Public
4D5089F4-A0FC-4957-9727-ADFA00F39714 GU3 3HS Taylor Wimpey, Montague Place, Keens Lane Variable Public
183F06AB-3F86-419B-BA40-AF9E0091E453 GU3 3PE Merrist Wood College, Holly Lane, Worplesdon 24/7 Restricted
2BA6CC57-19A5-499E-BACB-AF9E008FC296 GU3 3PE Merrist Wood College, Holly Lane, Worplesdon 24/7 Restricted
ADBAF569-6C6D-4EFD-A467-AF9E0092206F GU3 3PE Merrist Wood College, Holly Lane, Worplesdon 24/7 Restricted
BFFD9D3C-4075-4D84-9410-AF9E009242F7 GU3 3PE Merrist Wood College, Holly Lane, Worplesdon 24/7 Restricted
C734F266-5204-4C37-8019-AF9E009143F5 GU3 3PE Merrist Wood College, Holly Lane, Worplesdon 24/7 Restricted
F3C65315-640E-4C5F-8E90-B07600BA901A GU3 3PE Merrist Wood, Holly Lane, Worplesdon Variable Restricted
F9628E0B-9349-4F89-B2DE-AF9E0091CB47 GU3 3PE Merrist Wood College, Holly Lane, Worplesdon 24/7 Restricted
201717A1-0A2E-4621-A124-AE25011BEAAE GU30 7AN Liphook Bowling Club, London Road, Liphook Variable Restricted
69D6F2E4-28A2-4D0B-8451-AF0200B177E5 GU30 7AN Memorial Recreation Ground, London Road, Liphook 24/7 Restricted
C73843DD-F648-4155-B9A3-AF2A00BD16F2 GU30 7DH Royal Mail Liphook Do, 8 Portsmouth Road, Liphook, Liphook Variable Restricted
7FE0E90F-B1FC-49C9-A10C-B06100AC7DA1 GU30 7DR Liphook, Station Road, Liphook 24/7 Public
6F5515D9-68B3-4069-8347-AD1E00ECC87C GU30 7HT Churcher's College Junior School & Nursery, Churchers College Junior School, Midhurst Road Variable Restricted
117B7F3E-CA73-49C9-851A-AD2100B26574 GU30 7JH Harlequin House, Portsmouth Road, Milland 24/7 Public
CD1AD52B-2CE8-4270-A8D7-AF9A0077B6BE GU30 7JU Griffin Nurseries New Barn Farm, Rake Road, Milland Variable Restricted
5457 GU30 7LD Millennium Centre, Hampshire 24/7 Public
88052AA2-C335-4DA5-89C6-AD3300D60B42 GU30 7LD Liphook Millennium Hall (Area 'C'), 2-10 Ontario Way, Liphook 24/7 Public
03AEF353-F113-4652-B83C-AFB900F3BA43 GU30 7PE Old Thorns Golf & Country Club, Longmoor Road, Weavers Down 24/7 Restricted
60162EB1-B8AE-4FE2-A954-AF3100F57CA3 GU30 7QW Conford Village Hall, Conford, Liphook 24/7 Public
7E50E78B-2091-4DC5-8491-AD2D00B3C789 GU30 7TN Peak Day Centre, Midhurst Road, Liphook 24/7 Public
928538DC-B3C4-48D5-B16F-AE9300A56D6D GU30 7TN Peak Day Centre, Midhurst Road, Liphook 24/7 Public
EF16450B-51F7-4016-B2F5-AF8C00CD9C78 GU30 7WN Redrow Homes - Maple Walk Sales Office, Lowsley Farm Drive, Liphook Variable Restricted
E5F62646-6443-4DFD-A37A-AD2500FF2E67 GU31 4AS Churchers College, Ramshill, Petersfield Variable Restricted
B7FD5248-F7B5-4BCE-BB44-AE6600FD107C GU31 4BE The Outbuilding, Old Sheet House, London Road,, Petersfield Variable Restricted
9B4A2081-2EC2-4C10-8927-AE9200B8DA2E GU31 4BP Herne Junior School, Love Lane, Petersfield 24/7 Public
C57F772C-1DE0-4898-AAE0-AFFF008A0C73 GU31 4BW Petersfield Community Centre, Love Lane, Petersfield 24/7 Public
6DD8B8FF-96EB-407A-97E5-AEF600AD6B29 GU31 4EP Petersfield Rugby Football Club, Penns Place, Petersfield 24/7 Public
6C05CC3E-D81E-4845-A0EC-AE2A00B7CC25 GU31 4EX Taro Leisure Centre, Penns Place, Petersfield Variable Restricted
47833C13-7588-4D3E-99CA-AE45010AA88C GU31 4JR Tesco, The Causeway Car Park, The Causeway Variable Public
66C9906C-A6ED-4161-A418-AD4E00E0984C GU31 4JR The Grange, The Causeway, Petersfield Variable Restricted
EA3DD510-0B07-43D7-A173-AF8200EC5666 GU31 4LA Public Toilets, The Heath, Petersfield 24/7 Public
6CF97F4B-E7A2-4F3C-B96B-AECC00FCC3A7 GU31 4LB South Petersfield Gc, Sussex Road, Petersfield 24/7 Public
6B1E07E0-07CB-4D76-97D6-AF95009D6EF6 GU31 4PJ The Herne Farm Leisure Centre, Crundles, Petersfield 24/7 Public
4ACF03FF-DB37-4FA9-8930-B06D00A7E353 GU31 5LS South Harting Wtw, Gtb Construction Site Offices, South Harting Wtw Variable Restricted
5A1C0DFC-EFC1-497A-BA7D-AFD2009EC505 GU31 5QR National Trust, Uppark House Uppark, B2146 Compton Down To Harting Hill Variable Public
F512F80A-C9C6-45CA-A4D2-B04600913A90 GU31 5QT Harting Ce Primary School, Tipper Lane, South Harting Variable Restricted
2BD94549-AD83-4CE5-A875-AFBD00F10EAE GU31 5SW The Nest Hotel, Petersfield Road, Buriton 24/7 Public
349BB764-74F5-45B2-AB4F-B08F00D3103F GU32 1EG Froxfield Church Of England Primary And Pre-School, Froxfield Primary, High Cross Lane Variable Restricted
BE8CF0B2-710D-4AED-AA00-B01F011537A2 GU32 1EH Post Office, Living Accommodation At Froxfield General Stores, 13 Dellfield 24/7 Public
DE82A95E-C65B-4013-89AF-AD2A01659934 GU32 1EH Froxfield And Privett Parish Council, Living Accommodation At Froxfield General Stores, 13 Dellfield 24/7 Public
23B52EBD-7FFE-4C3B-B274-AD2A0168A642 GU32 1EQ King George Memorial Hall, High Cross Lane, Petersfield 24/7 Public
8E3DAB23-988D-4816-8789-B01F01174464 GU32 1EQ King George Memorial Hall, High Cross Lane, Petersfield 24/7 Public
68B5E24E-0C46-4EAE-9652-AF5400B9A306 GU32 1JX Loomies Moto Cafe, Loomies, Alton Road 24/7 Public
B767323C-BF3B-460D-8CE0-B03B00A4AC20 GU32 1LF West Meon Primary School, Church Lane, West Meon Variable Public
DAB315E8-B328-47B5-B87D-AEC300B1DEA1 GU32 1LH West Meon Village Hall, Headon View, West Meon 24/7 Public
12354A8B-AB6D-4377-9C68-AE6E0104ED55 GU32 1QD The Forge, By Cricket Field, East Meon, The Forge, High Street 24/7 Public
7DAD8023-FBD4-493F-9CA3-AD1E009CA1C8 GU32 1RJ Concorde House, East Meon Road, Langrish 24/7 Public
184EF58E-62DD-4912-AA04-AE9400D8C2EC GU32 1RL Concorde House, East Meon Road, Petersfield 24/7 Public
70735F7B-36B4-488A-BB89-B05300C8268E GU32 2AS Sheet Primary School, Sheet Primary School, School Lane, School Lane Variable Restricted
5856 GU32 2DB Steep Cricket Club, Hampshire 24/7 Public
32972763-BF04-474F-BC95-AF9700BFBD4C GU32 2DG Bedales School, Church Road, Petersfield 24/7 Public
B0813304-9352-469E-959E-AFFD00FBCA22 GU32 3BS Premier Inn Hotel, Winchester Road, Petersfield 24/7 Public
E109E381-4E6E-48AA-9C31-B08A00FFA320 GU32 3EE Petersfield, Station Road, Petersfield 24/7 Public
D0A059DB-541D-4D49-AC50-AE380098CCF1 GU32 3EJ Tesco, Atm Tesco Express, 11 Charles Street Variable Public
29A877D6-4A5D-44EC-990F-B07300BECF6F GU32 3FQ The Engine House, 77 Station Road, Petersfield Variable Public
5D95246A-213D-48DC-92A4-AF4D014C5D88 GU32 3FS Stroud Village Hall, Stroudfields, Stroud 24/7 Public
1ADDC7FE-4A2A-40FE-A6F1-AF2A00C4DBDA GU32 3HG Royal Mail Petersfield Do/Fpo, 29 The Square, Petersfield, Petersfield Variable Restricted
80263CBA-C6F0-4185-9909-AF0F00A12773 GU32 3JA Waitrose Petersfield, 8 Rams Walk, Petersfield 24/7 Public
887595E4-3B83-45E8-8745-AD4900903610 GU32 3JR Contour Orthodontists, 25 High Street, Petersfield Variable Public
0D32013A-F2CD-45AD-A377-ADFF00FD09FA GU32 3LU The Petersfield School, Cranford Road, Petersfield Variable Public
D007BA65-5012-4D92-A139-AFE800E3B845 GU32 3QN Screwfix, Parkers Trading Estate, Bedford Road Variable Restricted
BA0B3635-ADC6-4A6B-82F2-ADAC010E067A GU33 6BS Selborne Parish Council, Blackmoor Village Hall, Honey Lane 24/7 Public
2FCD1F4B-57C5-4281-A8B5-AD6A00FC47A6 GU33 6EY Greatham Village Hall, Petersfield Road, Greatham 24/7 Public
59EF1327-4441-4AA6-A2CD-B0360095AB86 GU33 6HA Greatham Primary School, Petersfield Road, Liss Variable Restricted
D8B547C0-A11C-4A2A-A558-B04B00C62004 GU33 6JG Brows Farm, Brows Farm Cottage, Farnham Road 24/7 Public
DB308EF6-17E3-4906-9E44-AECC00FD8E42 GU33 6JG Blenheim Court Care Home, Liss 24/7 Public
2DA0AA3C-FD6D-42D7-81BF-AD2D008B1432 GU33 6NA Hawkley Parish Hall, Upper Green, 10 The Hollow 24/7 Public
DA649323-286A-49A0-B84D-AD2D008BDF72 GU33 6NW Lower Green Farm, Noar Hill Common Road, Liss 24/7 Public
6B32CA3A-8585-453F-A20F-B06100AC7AD5 GU33 7AA Liss, Station Road, Liss 24/7 Public
051048F1-3745-48FD-9AD6-AECC00FD45B4 GU33 7AJ Liss Pavillion, Station Road, Liss 24/7 Public
44E4B2AC-3C02-46C1-B4C3-AD1E00AB01FE GU33 7AQ St Mary's Church, Station Road, Liss Variable Public
CDB1E1A6-3233-4F7B-9A73-AECF00B2C863 GU33 7BP Temple Inn, 83 Forest Road, Liss 24/7 Public
0CA85321-41D6-48B6-B601-AD2700D5A5A2 GU33 7DR Liphook & Liss Surgery, Station Road, Liphook Variable Restricted
4F2BF93E-A3CD-448A-91B0-AE350125E903 GU33 7DS Tesco Express Liss, Tesco Express, 5-6 Lower Mead Variable Public
C5311A3B-DD6A-47F4-971D-AECC00FCA652 GU33 7DX Triangle Centre, Mill Road, Liss Variable Restricted
890403BC-CC4A-40E7-A538-AECC00FCE7B6 GU33 7EF Royal British Legion, Rake Road, Liss 24/7 Public
41571443-ADDB-440E-ABC2-AECC00FD16F8 GU33 7JA Rake Tennis Club, Brewells Lane, Rake Variable Restricted
04F6EB81-56D3-45C1-A1C9-AECC00FD5997 GU33 7JB Flying Bull, London Road, Liss Variable Restricted
08729BCB-767B-492E-8636-AD26008FD253 GU33 7LQ Liss Infant And Junior School, Hill Brow Road, Liss Variable Restricted
8DF51844-90FD-4BE0-8A0A-AD1E00FB2848 GU33 7LQ Liss Infant And Junior School, Hill Brow Road, Liss Variable Public
D870DA7D-0A8C-4DA3-96C8-AE2400D0C98A GU33 7NX William Medcalf Limited, London Road, Hillbrow 24/7 Public
F1BE123A-C1C3-4E51-AA3D-AECC00FCD515 GU33 7QY Petersfield G C, Tankerdale Lane, Petersfield Variable Restricted
5975228E-CA44-4A6C-A07C-AECC00FD00FD GU33 7RL Nemman Collard, Hillbrow Road, Liss Variable Restricted
BB47B9D7-EAFB-4E7F-A3ED-AF2700C8BA18 GU34 1AA Royal Mail Alton Do/Ret, 73 High Street, Alton, Alton Variable Restricted
368B2C87-DA73-4724-B35F-B03B00D2C3ED GU34 1DH Alton County Infant School, 74-78 Normandy Street, Alton Variable Restricted
9B6591CB-E5DA-4234-A40C-AD2D00D43F69 GU34 1DT Alton Maltings Ground Floor Office Corridor, Alton Maltings, Maltings Close Variable Public
082A333C-7F30-416A-80C5-ADEB00EB7534 GU34 1HD Alton Town Council, Town Hall, Market Square 24/7 Public
F4AC241B-46A3-4542-B7BF-AD2F00F36F88 GU34 1HN Alton Community Association Cio, Alton Community Centre, Amery Street 24/7 Public
F8AFC375-2565-4598-BAAB-AD3D00DCF535 GU34 1JL Alton Town Council, Public Gardens, High Street Variable Restricted
3760A66C-B135-4F56-8416-AD2B00A43458 GU34 1LG Alton Methodist Church, Draymans Way, Alton 24/7 Public
D14045C4-04F3-43DC-A18F-AE620109443C GU34 1PF Newbury Building Society, Newbury Bldg Soc, 47 High Street Variable Restricted
5304AE72-98DE-4890-8A2B-AD9F00B6D50A GU34 1RF Alton Town Council, Jubilee Playing Fields, Chawton Park Road 24/7 Public
15A99708-40F6-45C4-92CA-AD330101984D GU34 1SB Chawton Parish Council, Village Hall, Winchester Road 24/7 Public
6360A846-6AC3-4A33-915B-B0AB00D8F97B GU34 1SG Chawton Primary School, Gosport Road, Chawton Variable Restricted
C309445C-259E-44F3-B8B2-B04B00B597FF GU34 1SJ Stable Block At Chawton House, Chawton House, Gosport Road 24/7 Public
E5145382-4132-46A8-8E09-AFF8013F2DA3 GU34 1SS Sainsbury's, Draymans Way, Alton Variable Public
2000D9B2-6882-4AF3-9150-AFF100AA15E0 GU34 1ST Alton Sports Centre, Chawton Park Road, Alton Variable Restricted
B97B89DE-4F1C-4B3C-ACC3-B0BA0088D516 GU34 2BY St Lawrence C E Primary School, St Lawrence Primary School, Amery Hill Variable Public
78277327-2B77-442E-8C52-B03C00C77DB2 GU34 2DR Anstey Junior School, Eastbrooke Road, Alton Variable Restricted
7C217553-E9C9-4665-813B-B08C00CC9BE5 GU34 2JA Wootey Junior School, Wooteys Way, Alton Variable Restricted
6CC78868-867E-40EC-89CF-AF4600D9EB07 GU34 2LF Marlfield, Gilbert White Way, Alton 24/7 Public
A3957DD4-18E9-45F9-8835-AEAC010B037F GU34 2NB Cadet Forces Building, Anstey Lane, Alton Variable Restricted
A9184B20-2068-40C5-B3BE-AD2100653526 GU34 2NB Alton Football Club, Anstey Park Enclosure, Anstey Lane 24/7 Public
F1A4ED38-646E-45F0-A91A-B02F00EB507A GU34 2NB Anstey Park Enclosure, Anstey Lane, Alton Variable Restricted
287C54C6-DA90-4A26-B5A4-AE3800B1CE03 GU34 2NF Tesco Express, 45-47 Anstey Ln, 0 Variable Public
6413E0F7-D6AD-43C4-A806-AD3B00FFF063 GU34 2PS Lower Turk Street, Alton Variable Restricted
6B7DA024-990B-4084-A7D6-B06100AD4303 GU34 2PZ Alton, Station Road, Alton 24/7 Public
CE028817-FF65-4947-BC5F-AEF300E6A356 GU34 2QX Alton Health Centre, Anstey Road, Alton Variable Restricted
4F87B120-5F33-4553-A2EE-B0B601204D08 GU34 2WT Waitrose & Partners - Alton, Station Road, Alton Variable Public
332F070E-B7DE-4FEE-BF1B-AF93010D5C51 GU34 2YT Sheen Stickland, 2 Oriel Court, Omega Park Variable Public
4398 GU34 3AX Village Hall, Hampshire 24/7 Public
1D8EF678-5213-4A37-B444-AD2C00BBC0AF GU34 3AX East Worldham Village Hall, Worldham Hill, East Worldham 24/7 Public
696FC127-9417-44C3-BFBF-AD2500F8330A GU34 3BF Worldham Golf Club, Worldham Park Golf Club, Cakers Lane 24/7 Restricted
DC25A625-5101-49C6-AFD6-B04A00D1CFC0 GU34 3HD Unit 20 The Gas Xchange, The Gas Xchange, Unit 18-20 24/7 Public
FDC34AAF-91B8-4447-BF57-AD3B00B7F977 GU34 3JH Gilbert Whites House & Gardens The Wakes, High Street, Alton 24/7 Public
2490482B-C07F-438F-AE15-AEBD009F0BE1 GU34 3NU Village Hall, Fawley Lane, Privett 24/7 Public
69A19E11-3450-4EAC-8195-B00A009FB697 GU34 3RQ Newton Valence Village Hall, Village Hall, Newton Lane 24/7 Public
F49F2545-CE6A-495C-9CE8-AD1E00B241C6 GU34 4AD Beech Village Hall, Wellhouse Road, Beech 24/7 Public
147A1304-65F3-47F7-9954-AF4800EA1C49 GU34 4BU Alton Golf Club, Old Odiham Road, Shalden 24/7 Public
5669 GU34 4DX Village Hall, Hampshire 24/7 Public
4EF5802E-ED3F-4AB3-8113-AF35009BD737 GU34 4EL Holybourne Theatre, London Road, Holybourne Variable Restricted
27D20CEF-B73F-489E-BAE7-AD1E00DAC70A GU34 4EQ Eggars Secondary School, London Road, Alton 24/7 Public
8C6EFA46-1053-4663-B2C6-AD1E00E5F8EF GU34 4EQ Eggars Secondary School, London Road, Alton Variable Restricted
19DFD940-5491-4A5F-99E6-AD2700CBCE7F GU34 4EY Outside The White Hart In Enclosure, Living Accommodation The White Hart, 139 London Road 24/7 Public
8302 GU34 4JR Hydrosphere UK Ltd, Hampshire 24/7 Public
66409ED9-435F-451B-8866-B07001057A53 GU34 4JR Hydrosphere Uk Ltd, The Old Grain Store, Upper Froyle, Alton 24/7 Public
D284F47A-2AFC-43FC-ABCB-AE3C01137309 GU34 4LG Froyle Village, Froyle Village Hall, Ryebridge Lane 24/7 Restricted
7B334A59-00B0-4509-80B4-AD68011D97A9 GU34 4NU Mint Condition, Steyne Farm, Binsted Road, Binsted Variable Restricted
2672 GU34 4PB The Pavilion, Hampshire 24/7 Public
21C773D3-EC8C-4F97-88EC-AEAF00C3C802 GU34 4PB The Pavilion, The Street, Binsted 24/7 Public
D13D6CEA-B905-475E-B462-AF4200C20EBF GU34 4PX Blacknest Industrial Park, Blacknest Road, Binsted 24/7 Public
59AD3198-B125-4486-BEEA-AD8F00EF9B7D GU34 4QL Blacknest Golf Centre, Blacknest Road, Binsted 24/7 Public
1F38B0B9-ACAF-40B0-AD08-AD3900DF7A41 GU34 5AA Village Hall, Lymington Bottom, Four Marks 24/7 Public
1629FAF5-C59B-412A-A483-AEED00BF345D GU34 5AF Four Marks Parish Council, Four Marks Sports Pavilion, Uplands Lane 24/7 Public
FD3136BD-E864-44C9-ABC9-AD3900DEA2CF GU34 5AF Four Marks Parish Council, Benians Pavilion, Uplands Lane 24/7 Public
C7F1803E-D23B-4C17-9445-B0B9011D752F GU34 5AS Four Marks Primary School, Kitwood Road, Four Marks Variable Restricted
25EAA7E9-1C94-4D20-9700-AD3900E2F775 GU34 5EW Lymington Bottom Industrial Estate, Lymington Bottom Road, Medstead 24/7 Public
1833EF4C-74F5-43A1-B773-AE3900DADCBC GU34 5HG Tesco Express, 55 Winchester Rd, Four Marks Variable Public
90B0AE3A-4049-4E1F-B272-AD3900E0CDB7 GU34 5HQ Oak Green Parade, 7 Winchester Road, Four Marks 24/7 Public
607D0E31-87CB-4CEA-88B7-B07C00FEFDB5 GU34 5LG Medstead Primary School, Roe Downs Road, Medstead Variable Restricted
9252F177-FAE2-456E-BB69-B00600BEC8C4 GU34 5LG Medstead Village Hall, Roe Downs Road, Medstead 24/7 Public
59E87BC6-7F54-4734-9D08-AD260133B4AA GU34 5RE St Mary's School, Church Street, Bentworth 24/7 Public
09EBECF7-55D1-4565-8ECB-AD4E0099E29E GU34 5SJ Royal Oak, Manor Farm Lane, Lasham 24/7 Public
6E892635-57EE-4CB2-87DF-B01800A7292F GU34 9JU Oakhanger Village Hall, The Green, Oakhanger Road, Oakhanger 24/7 Public
2603B646-5735-4E6E-851C-ADE9011D11C2 GU35 0AX Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, High Street Variable Public
841971C4-D58A-48F6-A058-B0A800FB466B GU35 0DJ The Shed, Management Suite The Shed, Sergeants Yard 24/7 Public
272E05BB-18E6-4419-9165-AE4500C5C91D GU35 0FJ Portacabin Site Accommodation, Portakabin (Site Accommdation) Ltd, Whitehill & Bordon Enterprise Park Budds Lane Variable Restricted
AF9071FF-DF52-4FB2-AC6F-AD5000EA64D4 GU35 0FJ Wbrc, Security Hut (Bld 50), Whitehill And Bordon Enterprise Park, Budds Lane 24/7 Public
F598FC2D-F2C5-4D67-AA17-AF2700CDEF44 GU35 0HH Royal Mail Bordon Do, Camp Road, Bordon, Bordon Variable Restricted
779BE189-C89B-4548-880C-AEFA00C7FFB0 GU35 0JB Oakmoor School, Budds Lane, Bordon Variable Public
F0E7992F-9529-4F47-B216-AFF1008B4FD3 GU35 0JE Whitehill & Bordon Leisure Centre, Budds Lane, Bordon Variable Restricted
23217FCC-A825-4144-B495-AF0B00FC7A60 GU35 0PN Lindford & District Working Mens Club, 56 Liphook Road, Bordon 24/7 Public
55FCE0E3-F423-42E7-8053-AD1F00A57726 GU35 0QA Spar Stores, Elmfield Court, 6 Liphook Road 24/7 Public
5271 GU35 8AS One Stop Stores, Hampshire 24/7 Public
0EA43BF6-70D0-4FE7-947E-AD1E00B944DD GU35 8AS Headley Parish Council, One Stop Comminity Stores Ltd, 1-3 Larch Road 24/7 Public
E78F65F5-39A8-4751-8989-B04E01275836 GU35 8DH O/S 5 Fairview Terrace, Fairview Terrace, 5 Arford Common 24/7 Public
11AB523A-BCC6-4DD6-B32C-AFEB00DE5FDA GU35 8LA Greenacres Heatherley Wood, Heatherley Wood Natural Burial Site, Headley Road Variable Public
1934 GU35 8PP Telephone Box, Hampshire 24/7 Public
DCB8CA99-F2FA-4608-9CE7-AD1E00BA2F2B GU35 8PP Headley Parish Council, Telephone Box, High Street 24/7 Public
5983 GU35 9DA 51 Liphook Road, Hampshire 24/7 Public
AA0C74C5-74B5-4FC6-9C84-B03500B4486D GU35 9DS Whitehill Park, Liphook Road, Bordon 24/7 Public
AE8F0B5D-289A-4A5F-AE97-ADF1008A1B22 GU35 9EH Blackmoor Golf Club, Firgrove Road, Whitehill 24/7 Public
845CF430-CE89-4141-A323-AF1200DDB284 GU35 9GA 16 Laburnum Drive Oakwood Court, Hogmoor Road, Whitehill 24/7 Public
5A69AAEB-369D-4DD4-AB03-AFC70115BA9E GU35 9HG Bordon & Oakahanger Sports Club (Bosc), Bordon & Oakhanger Social Club, Bolley Avenue 24/7 Public
C33B66F0-48EB-4DB2-816B-B08100E67249 GU35 9HH Bordon Trading Estate, Old Station Way, Bordon Variable Restricted
B94BF570-8BF5-40C7-8148-AD8C0101AACF GU35 9JL Oakhanger Village Hall, Oakhanger Road, Oakhanger 24/7 Public
EFC8516D-1AD9-4239-A251-AD6E00B2767D GU35 9ND Kingsley Centre, Forge Road, Bordon 24/7 Public
87B99B1B-DAE3-4ADB-AF13-AFE80099F2B3 GU35 9QF Screwfix, Unit 60, Woolmer Trading Estate Variable Restricted
7552 GU4 7JU Sutherland Memorial Hall, Surrey 24/7 Public
04EBE35C-A821-46F6-A4B5-AF6101199C6B GU4 7JU Sutherland Memorial Hall, Clay Lane, Guildford 24/7 Public
9B26586D-1B20-44A6-98D3-AE400114B18E GU4 7QF Sutton Green Village Hall, New Lane, Sutton Green 24/7 Public
7D18A6B0-2F85-4F2A-8D50-AFD9014BEC69 GU4 7RY East Clandon Village Hall, The Street, East Clandon 24/7 Public
6E314F1D-570A-457E-B82E-AE8A00CFF137 GU4 7ST Clandon Church Of England Aided Infant School, The Street, West Clandon 24/7 Public
91C8D18D-6531-4D1D-A1D2-B06100ACFF3F GU4 7TE Clandon, The Street, West Clandon 24/7 Public
AA5ABB59-B708-4D13-B8A6-AE7600A25CAA GU4 8BQ Shalford Village Hall, Kings Road, Shalford 24/7 Public
3647E97F-FE0A-4E98-A05A-B07700C440FD GU4 8LZ Chilworth Village Hall, New Road, Chilworth 24/7 Public
9EDF701B-2F57-4A6E-AD87-AF5700A1BAB4 GU4 8NB Tillingbourne Junior School, New Road, Chilworth Variable Restricted
5D4E1B85-5795-4828-955D-B07B00DB9EC2 GU46 6AG Potley Hill Primary School, Potley Hill County Primary School, Potley Hill Road 24/7 Public
79149E05-272F-4E46-AF1F-B01A00FB8A09 GU46 6AG Frogmore Leisure Centre, Potley Hill Road, Yateley Variable Public
AA22494A-78D1-4D7A-9585-ADE900998F77 GU46 6AG Frogmore Day Care Centre Frogmore Community Campus, Potley Hill Road, Yateley 24/7 Public
9889279B-D532-45C7-B853-ADDB011B46D1 GU46 6EU Blackbushe Mobile Home Park, 6w Dungells Lane, Yateley 24/7 Public
6B5FC304-5447-42B0-80DC-AF0F013E5CB9 GU46 6FR Waitrose Yateley, Tresham Cres, Yateley 24/7 Public
E9E0C826-D76A-461E-B03F-B05400E40A23 GU46 6GA Megan Mechanical Services Ltd, Unit 4 Blackbushe Business Park, Yateley Variable Restricted
D330DB7B-A5E7-4C94-9D1E-AE8600B0355C GU46 6LB Cranford Park Primary School, Cranford Park Ce Primary School, Cranford Park Drive Variable Restricted
1397C0C2-BE7B-4EA1-B740-B08A00DD907B GU46 6NN Westfield County Junior School, School Lane, Yateley Variable Restricted
FEB1DF32-4716-4BEF-9D6B-B08A00DA32FD GU46 6NN Westfields Junior School, Westfields Junior School, School Lane, School Lane Variable Restricted
75FB303A-F23A-4B77-BB39-ADC900C8AC4E GU46 6NW Yateley Comprehensive School, School Lane, Yateley Variable Public
1454 GU46 7LR Dog and Partridge, Hampshire 24/7 Public
DE11977F-1200-4363-937E-AF8500F6B96D GU46 7SZ Yateley United Football Club Sean Devereux Park, Chandlers Lane, Yateley 24/7 Public
569E7A2A-BE12-4C20-A019-AE7700CDD22B GU46 7TN 30 Mill Lane, Yateley 24/7 Restricted
57BB4A59-C52C-401C-BF11-AE7700CEE78E GU46 7TN 30 Mill Lane, Yateley 24/7 Restricted
77F3A222-2602-4204-96EE-AE3800C0A463 GU46 7UH Tesco Express, Reading Rd, 0 Variable Public
8E674413-3A45-47CA-9D17-AE4400FF65F3 GU47 0FD Tesco, Access To The Meadows, Sandhurst 24/7 Public
110BA180-D1A4-4489-A331-ADC600D1246A GU47 0PT Greenford Park Homes, Cavendish Park, Yorktown Road 24/7 Public
44EEF7DB-084E-403D-95AF-B085009887C5 GU47 0QF Branksome Hill Road, Sandhurst Variable Public
B941E1A8-4298-415A-93E5-AE9B00EE7A42 GU47 0SS St George's Church, 109 Owlsmoor Road, Owlsmoor 24/7 Public
82251649-D99A-4F55-A6AC-B00A00FA3CE8 GU47 8HA Toyota, 144 High Street, Sandhurst Variable Public
173 GU47 8LQ Bird in Hand Pub, Berkshire 24/7 Public
026061FF-E8FD-4DE8-8007-AE4F011096DC GU47 8LQ The Bird In Hand, High Street, Little Sandhurst 24/7 Public
B38A05F9-3316-4A3C-B1AC-AD1F00B48C99 GU47 9BN The Wellington Arms, 203 Yorktown Road, Sandhurst 24/7 Public
50F30B4A-BA91-4A07-905C-B09A00A99780 GU47 9BP Uplands Primary School, Albion Road, Sandhurst Variable Restricted
EFA5FE23-BAE5-4924-A32B-AFF500C08063 GU47 9DX Tesco, 33 Yorktown Road, Sandhurst Variable Public
0A1E213A-6A04-425C-8ED5-AE8A00B28009 GU5 0AH Gosden House School, Horsham Road, Shalford 24/7 Public
61557A58-D6C3-434F-897E-AE9B00BFBF56 GU5 0DF St Catherine's School, St Catherines School, Station Road Variable Restricted
DAAC5ED2-2FD8-4C8F-A8A2-AE9B00C37F45 GU5 0DF St Catherines School, Station Road, Bramley Variable Restricted
199E05A6-EEF0-4D17-8E6D-B03900AA8B97 GU5 0HB Jolly Farmer, High Street, Bramley 24/7 Public
C8B7A25C-BCDF-4EE1-A9D1-AFBE00E018CC GU5 0HG Bramley Library - Surrey County Council, Bramley Library, High Street, Bramley Variable Restricted
FA8125F7-FF76-4360-8B8B-AE1900D547C8 GU5 0LH Grafham Grange School, Grafham Grange, Bramley 24/7 Restricted
7875 GU5 0LL Whipley Manor Farm, Surrey 24/7 Public
4CF30A18-8541-4257-ABCF-AF7E00E81007 GU5 0LL Whipley Manor Farm, Palmers Cross, Bramley Variable Public
C2F6F8F2-096C-4EBA-B062-ADCA015D49E3 GU5 0UW Waverley Borough Council, Community Centre, Garden Close 24/7 Public
AF1C3465-3CE1-4C05-93BB-AEA200E57E7B GU5 9AL 41 Church Lane, Albury 24/7 Public
6B9FCB71-1959-46C4-9EFC-AECB0123CC64 GU5 9BW Silent Pool, Shere Road, Albury Variable Restricted
96721F39-7E95-4020-83D8-B00700EF2D8D GU5 9BW Suez Recycling And Recovery Uk Albury Landfillalbury Landfill, Shere Road, Guildford Variable Public
0543D9D3-B8A0-4F3F-85D5-AF9B00F8F1FF GU5 9DG Studio William Iv, Little London, Albury 24/7 Public
F11393C6-AD22-4779-B612-AE4C00ED53B0 GU5 9DG William Iv, Little London, Albury 24/7 Public
B87D9875-B8AB-4828-AB42-AF9B00F86984 GU5 9DN Albury Parish Council, St Peter & St Paul's Church, Albury Park 24/7 Public
8BEF688D-8F81-42A4-8F60-AEAD0083D826 GU5 9DR Shere Surgery And Dispensary, Gomshall Lane, Shere Variable Restricted
B0995902-CE2C-41E5-B8D5-B07700B3FEB0 GU5 9JA Pavilion, Shere Recreation Ground, The Pavilion, Shere Recreation Ground, Upper Street 24/7 Public
9C41DACC-ADED-444F-AD29-AF4E009B71DD GU5 9LJ Gomshall Fire Station, Goose Green,, Gomshall 24/7 Public
C16C2FE5-A5BC-4A93-A03E-AF0700A6FC69 GU5 9RR The Hurtwood Inn, Walking Bottom, Peaslake 24/7 Public
0A129016-D240-423F-8AC4-AE76015998F8 GU51 1HA Elvetham Heath Community Centre, Defib Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Elvetham Heath Community Centre (The Key Centre), The Key 24/7 Public
D4C5C624-4162-45EC-B271-AE4A00D115A3 GU51 1RF North Hants Golf Club Ltd, Minley Road, Hedge End Variable Restricted
A9CD4E69-1764-468A-8960-B02D00BB2341 GU51 2XF Tesco Ancells Farm Express, 18 Falkner Close, Ancells Farm Variable Public
7D04F610-E258-4083-ADD0-AE8E01739025 GU51 3AF Fleet United Reformed Church, Managed By Fleet Cfrs, United Reformed Church, Kings Road 24/7 Public
99C85797-94A5-44D5-9885-AE8F0164F5BD GU51 3AR St Philip & St James Church, Defib Managed By Fleet Cfrs, St Philip & St James Church, 93 Kings Road 24/7 Public
94C34226-9183-4F3E-AFF9-AD26010757F4 GU51 3BN 233 Fleet Road, Fleet Variable Restricted
404E5B74-084D-4F54-8EAC-AF2B00D462AA GU51 3BQ Royal Mail Fleet Do, 17 Waterfront Business Park, Fleet, Fleet Variable Restricted
2B0668ED-0BA1-42E0-B4D6-AEF300968A59 GU51 3LA Hart Shopping Centre Management, Management Suite The Hart Centre, Fleet Road 24/7 Restricted
8E4D6C21-3546-4B76-9465-AE870021E1F7 GU51 3LA The Hart Shopping Centre, Fleet Road, Fleet 24/7 Restricted
69409C2F-CAC9-4422-AF62-AE8E017EA429 GU51 3LP Fleet Fire Station, Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Fleet Fire Station, 89 Connaught Road 24/7 Public
6AD037F5-2E4C-4A64-835E-AD770107E0DA GU51 3LZ 13 Brinksway, Fleet 24/7 Public
B19E941F-4CB8-4824-B6C1-AE8E014C9600 GU51 3PR Oakley Park Pavilion, Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Oakley Park Pavilion, Albany Road 24/7 Public
FE930640-DC63-4275-8149-B06100ACCBEA GU51 3QY Fleet, Station Approach, Fleet 24/7 Public
42559CFD-9203-42D2-839B-AE8E017B28C1 GU51 3RA Catholic Church Of Our Lady, Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Church Of Our Lady, Connaught Road 24/7 Public
89B77B21-C724-4C64-8541-B00100A20503 GU51 3RL Physique Architect Gyms, 47 Albert Street, Fleet 24/7 Public
E2C2DA33-BCEE-4F03-95D2-B00A01708701 GU51 3RZ 6 Clarence Road, Fleet 24/7 Public
8F6CE5FC-62C1-49BB-83A3-B036006BF1D9 GU51 3SB Fleet, Logic House, Waterfront Bus. Park, Fleet Road Variable Restricted
211912C6-B3FC-4121-BC1B-AFE800CF9314 GU51 3SN Screwfix, 127 Albert Street, Fleet Variable Restricted
944BBB73-CB1A-4F04-B345-AD210097A2DC GU51 4AE Hart District Council, Harlington Way, Fleet 24/7 Public
63BECD86-CADB-4245-A2B6-ADE101145DDD GU51 4EB Tavistock County Infant School, Broadacres, Fleet Variable Restricted
BD264621-5968-4C3C-805A-AE8F016242D8 GU51 4NB All Saints Church, Defib Managed By Fleets Cfrs, All Saints Church, Church Road 24/7 Public
BAF60D0F-19F2-4605-8A9F-AE7E00B15C29 GU51 4PA Kzar Childcare Ltd, Heath House Day Nursery, 52 Fleet Road 24/7 Public
C68FED59-37B9-41EB-A41C-AE86008F7011 GU51 4QL Elvetham Dental Care, 3 Elvetham Road, Fleet 24/7 Public
ADAFA46F-402E-4666-BB8C-AE8B008E1BDE GU51 5AJ All Saints C Of E Junior School, Leawood Road, Fleet Variable Public
D779CCF4-4910-4E48-AA7D-AE78016846B5 GU51 5AJ All Saints School, Leawood Road, Fleet Variable Restricted
FA510154-0E30-419F-8234-AE75017378B4 GU51 5DR Fleet Cricket Club, Defib Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Fleet Cricket Club, Calthorpe Park 24/7 Public
B31A083C-7B16-4356-A973-ADE900939884 GU51 5EE Everyone Active, Hart Leisure Centre, Emerald Avenue Variable Restricted
54F1CBDF-A43D-4BA4-85C0-AD4700E93363 GU51 5FA Fleet Football Club, Crookham Road, Fleet 24/7 Public
0100FB8A-616A-4CDB-9868-AD4700EB6C59 GU51 5JA Calthorpe Park School, Hitches Lane, Fleet Variable Public
AD17185D-9C6F-401E-BA86-AE960157C9CA GU51 5SJ Crookham Street Social Club, Defib Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Crookham Street Social Club, The Street 24/7 Public
89D23B7F-ED29-4E88-B716-AE760161DBA3 GU51 5SU The Exchequer Public House, Managed By Fleet Cfrs, The Exchequer Public House, Crondall Road Variable Restricted
85352D9C-C7C0-478C-B5B9-AE8C00E92595 GU52 0AB Redfields Garden Centre Ltd, Redfields Lane, Fleet Variable Public
B61AC331-8F9E-47D0-B903-AE760165C7C7 GU52 0AB Redfields Garden Centre Ltd, Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Redfields Garden Centre, Redfields Lane Variable Restricted
39E1B799-AB41-456C-B92A-AE870024A9AC GU52 0AE Keeble Court Via Fleet & Church Crookham Community First Responder Scheme, Keeble Court, Redfields Lane 24/7 Restricted
582C8A44-0CE2-4610-953F-AE8F016AF2F3 GU52 0YE Spar Shop, Defib Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Spar Shop, 25 Frenchmans Creek Variable Public
4225BABD-2CCC-4ECE-86EB-AE3800B01017 GU52 6AB Tesco Express, 235 Reading Road South, Fleet Variable Public
9FAF2AC2-D884-47D1-ABA3-AE7501737EC0 GU52 6AX Lorna's Lot, Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Lorna's Lot, 22 Barbara Close 24/7 Public
0F396A62-A394-47C7-B5A6-AF6B01731CC0 GU52 6ED Outside Malone Hair, Northfield Parade Defib, Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Outside Malone Hair, Northfield Parade, 14 Northfield Road 24/7 Public
C006245E-6332-4422-8573-AE78017196C9 GU52 6LH Christ Church Crookham, 14 Gally Hill Road, Church Crookham 24/7 Public
2149 GU52 6NY Verne Dental Centre, Hampshire 24/7 Public
FD7F1D10-6316-4102-929C-AE7801684D34 GU52 6NY Outside The Verne Dental Centre, 4 Ridgeway Parade, Church Crookham 24/7 Public
3426 GU52 6QR Grange Estate Club House, Hampshire 24/7 Public
E163E38A-0FCD-4ABA-B446-AE7801684FF5 GU52 6QR The Grange Estate Clubhouse Via Chbt, Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Grange Estate Club House, Grange Estate 24/7 Public
C3733350-868D-45D8-8630-AE8E015120D6 GU52 6TQ Basingbourne Park Pavilion, Defib Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Sports Pavilion Recreation Ground, Basingbourne Road 24/7 Public
717F96A5-BA33-46B7-BC44-B04B00C74C37 GU52 7LQ Fleet Infant School, Velmead Road, Fleet Variable Restricted
C93B69D1-7B9A-4026-B0C9-AE7601649A18 GU52 7LQ Fleet Infant School, Velmead Road, Church Crookham 24/7 Public
88C3EC12-5A3B-470E-8244-AE76015BB1F3 GU52 7RY Court Moor Secondary School, Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Court Moor Secondary School, Spring Woods Variable Restricted
BA1BF795-257A-4213-AC27-AD1F00FC0CEC GU52 7TH Heatherside Infant School, Reading Road South, Fleet Variable Public
C99EF2CD-A07D-49DF-B1CF-AF74004A7D58 GU52 7UL Linkway Barbers, Linkway Parade, 1a Linkway 24/7 Public
635C1D2D-47AB-4F49-A1D5-AE76015C4A3D GU52 8DW Tweseldown Infant School Via Fleet & Church Crookham Community Responder Scheme, Tweseldown Infant School, Jubilee Drive 24/7 Public
9EC3C183-767B-4D22-A747-AD5500D53C35 GU52 8DY Peter Driver Sports Ground, Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Peter Driver Sports Ground, Bourley Road 24/7 Public
E9D7F593-B8C7-4B6F-9E5D-AE8700233353 GU52 8JU Catholic Church Of Holy Trinity, Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Catholic Church Of Holy Trinity, Bowenhurst Road 24/7 Public
A965464C-FB54-4EC6-8695-AEF500BB8EBE GU52 8TL Aldershot Garrison Community Hub Church Crookham, The Community Centre, Quetta Park 24/7 Public
505F9A8A-6B08-4E9C-9DC6-AF5600A8C8D2 GU6 7AD Cranleigh Fire Station, Dewlands Lane,, Cranleigh 24/7 Public
156B7682-870E-4C4E-94AA-B08F00E16370 GU6 7AN Surrey County Council, Cranleigh C Of E Primary Upper School, Parsonage Road Variable Restricted
42AF6B08-80D4-443E-8608-AF1F00D5BAC1 GU6 7AN Cranleigh Village Sports And Social Club, Parsonage Road, Cranleigh Variable Public
004D2C19-8757-43AA-B96A-AD1A008D9815 GU6 8AA Royal Mail, Sorting Office Cranleigh Post Office, 41 High Street Variable Restricted
5B869AAB-A9C4-4FCB-AD69-AF3400DB0070 GU6 8AA Royal Mail Cranleigh Do, 41 High Street, Cranleigh, Cranleigh Variable Restricted
631B0C7E-E754-46A1-82B1-AFBF00D8E303 GU6 8AE Cranleigh Library - Surrey County Council, Cranleigh Library, High Street, Cranleigh Variable Restricted
1ACC3850-0E51-4A9B-97B2-AEC900B2EB4D GU6 8AF Places Leisure, Cranleigh Leisure Centre, Village Way Variable Restricted
C28B59E0-D39D-4E42-B118-AECA00A9D7DB GU6 8AU One Hundred And Twenty One, The Richard Onslow, 113-117 High Street Variable Restricted
11240D78-1D50-457F-82E9-B05800C323CF GU6 8EU Public Telephone 24m From Rosemary Croft, Rosemary Lane On Rosemary Lane, Rosemary Lane, Cranleigh 24/7 Public
8501E883-E98B-4789-9C3A-AE85009CCD05 GU6 8JB Alfold Recreation Ground, Dunsfold Road, Cranleigh 24/7 Public
B7645D8E-E503-48B7-85B4-AED60087AF74 GU6 8JL Snoxhall Fields, Snoxhall Fields Recreation Ground, Knowle Lane 24/7 Public
F6511C67-90B0-43AA-83D5-B00E016B76D7 GU6 8JL Knowle Park, Knowle Lane, Cranleigh 24/7 Public
94CF93AE-A693-4C3B-8FA0-B0070079AFF8 GU6 8JX Cranleigh Community Recycling Centre, Elmbridge Road, Cranleigh Variable Public
105E9220-7560-4F55-9400-AF3400EF9CE8 GU6 8NQ One Stop, Alfold Road, Cranleigh 24/7 Public
63F4991A-CC2F-4027-B32C-AED600877AB3 GU6 8NS Pc - The Common, High Street, Cranleigh 24/7 Public
EF57F779-1547-4211-8183-AFC900F0FD00 GU6 8PL Cranleigh Riding For The Disabled, Casis Farm, Rowly Drive Variable Public
EA6E274A-B873-463F-B290-AFA301102DFA GU6 8PP Lorraine, Guildford Road, Cranleigh 24/7 Restricted
B32D4665-855F-4128-ADA1-AFEC00A3D7CE GU6 8PT Screwfix, Unit 11, Manfield Park Variable Restricted
F07543B7-814F-45D2-BB7A-AE3700F74D68 GU6 8QQ Cranleigh School, Horseshoe Lane, Cranleigh 24/7 Public
C2B0A0AB-C4EE-4DFD-A375-AECA01066F30 GU6 8TR Retirement Villages, Essex Drive, Elmbridge Road 24/7 Public
21FBE8C4-3747-4D3E-A000-AF2B00C4B457 GU7 1AA Royal Mail Godalming Do, Woolsack Way, Godalming, Godalming Variable Restricted
5ECA753B-E66F-4149-9141-B05A00AF4AE0 GU7 1DY Wilfrid Noyce Community Centre, Crown Court Car Park, Godalming 24/7 Public
54FA4C0C-6020-4F0B-86D6-B06100ACBBBE GU7 1EU Godalming, Station Approach, Godalming 24/7 Public
2A1DD1D5-5E0A-4E33-90AC-AFAC01061A46 GU7 1EY Scitech Eng Ltd, Scitech House, Mill Lane Variable Restricted
114FB261-FD18-4DD9-A23D-AFC700F11EA3 GU7 1HT Godalming Library - Surrey County Council, Godalming Library, Bridge Street, Godalming Variable Restricted
B5DC6260-53CF-427E-847E-AFC700DE344C GU7 1HT Godalming Library - Surrey County Council, Godalming Library, Bridge Street, Godalming Variable Restricted
7117B2B4-AE99-4FB6-947C-B0B6011FB0CB GU7 1HY Waitrose & Partners - Godalming, 11-14 Bridge Street, Godalming Variable Public
243E6DA7-9987-40C0-95AB-B07E00795D1A GU7 1PF Surrey County Council, St Edmunds Catholic Primary School, The Drive Variable Restricted
A9700B74-3461-409A-B803-AF6300B7A98C GU7 1RH Inn On The Lake, Ockford Road, Godalming 24/7 Restricted
E910B503-6FB5-4E79-8F0F-B0B3009A174E GU7 1RS Godalming Sixth Form College, Godalming College, Tuesley Lane 24/7 Public
7030 GU7 1TD On Lamppost, Surrey 24/7 Public
462CB146-F2F2-49A7-B81A-AE8A0113A059 GU7 1TD Bay Close, Godalming 24/7 Public
A563C2B2-E07D-49E9-AC60-AE1400947AE5 GU7 1XW Shipleys Llp, Godalming Business Centre, 5 Woolsack Way Variable Restricted
F1D0EEE6-D942-475E-85CC-AEBC00D9AA19 GU7 2LD St. Mark's Community Centre/Church, Car Park St Marks Church, Franklyn Road 24/7 Public
6FDB7474-8E0B-4B24-879B-ADD5008AB3E9 GU7 2RN Hurtmore Golf Club, Hurtmore Road, Hurtmore 24/7 Public
51E0C216-BC12-48DB-B69B-AE93009A82BF GU7 3BH Broadwater Park, Summers Road, Farncombe Variable Public
8934DBC0-5E1B-4571-80A6-B05A00AF33E7 GU7 3EJ Farncombe Day Centre, St. John's Street, Farncombe 24/7 Public
60EBA0F3-C9E4-4686-9296-AFE900891B30 GU7 3HH Jewson Ltd, 2 Chalk Road, Godalming Variable Public
6FF29601-E274-4FBA-9AB2-AE7D00F75102 GU7 3HS Downs Solicitor, 75 Meadrow, Godalming Variable Public
288A1269-D2DC-4E3E-A7E9-AEA600D1E53D GU7 3JE Godalming Town Football Club, Godalming Town Football Clubhouse, Wey Court 24/7 Public
3A595194-DF06-4CCF-8CE1-B06100ACD8CA GU7 3NF Farncombe, Station Road, Farncombe 24/7 Public
3500A3D1-F378-43FB-B220-AEAD00A732CA GU7 3PR Binscombe Medical Centre, 106 Binscombe, Godalming Variable Restricted
64BA7813-EEAA-49B5-B39C-AE9900D476AA GU7 9TH Waverley Borough Council, Council Offices, The Burys Variable Public
7893 GU8 4AD Winkworth Arboretum, Surrey 24/7 Public
254FFD28-1FA0-4A11-958E-B00700CC2947 GU8 4AD Winkworth Arboretum, Fox Cottage, Hascombe Road, Busbridge, Godalming 24/7 Public
0A6FCAB9-EC0D-4A37-99E4-AE9000B22E8E GU8 4DL Hambledon Fc, Badger Park, Hambledon Road 24/7 Restricted
E43158B6-8F5D-46F6-BB39-AF1D00DD6651 GU8 4DR Hambledon Road, Hambledon, Godalming 24/7 Public
D454806E-0D73-40EB-AF44-AE2200D47538 GU8 4DS St Peter’s Church Bhc, St Peters Church, Church Lane 24/7 Public
0C949940-6D80-4226-9CEE-AE750113180C GU8 4HF Hambledon (Surrey) Parish Council, Cricket Green Stores, The Cricket Green 24/7 Public
365 GU8 4LE Post Office and Stores, Surrey 24/7 Public
10F622FD-798A-4928-8EF8-AF4D00BF0D65 GU8 4LF Dunsfold Fire Station, Binhams Meadow,, Dunsfold 24/7 Public
3FBE35E0-DEC4-4031-82EA-ADEC00BD336E GU8 4TU The Chiddingfold Archive, The Banking House, The Green 24/7 Public
5880 GU8 4UG Chiddingfold Cricket Club, Surrey 24/7 Public
D4D6F951-9749-4C48-A96E-AEFC010D330D GU8 4XT Stonehurst Farm, Skinners Lane, Chiddingfold 24/7 Public
08D7F98C-4C37-4335-8E9F-B06100AC74B8 GU8 5AD Milford, Station Lane, Milford 24/7 Public
066EF949-0D07-41B9-AC44-AE9200D17FB8 GU8 5BX Milford Heath Road, Petworth Road, Milford 24/7 Public
A2DE668C-5E3A-4DC6-92D6-B08F00C91534 GU8 5DS Milford Village Hall, Portsmouth Road, Godalming 24/7 Public
F97EB6A7-123D-461D-B0E9-B0AC00B29223 GU8 5DS Milford Village Hall, Portsmouth Road, Milford 24/7 Public
4ABDCD41-BFC8-478E-880B-AE38007C8F1F GU8 5HJ Tesco Express, Portsmouth Rd, Milford Variable Public
D1FDFA7B-51DE-451C-BB9B-AEA5009A8295 GU8 5JA Milford Club, 1 Church Road, Milford 24/7 Public
1346C5D4-1E5F-48AC-B8E9-AED900AE114F GU8 5JD Crossroads Doctors Surgery, Church Road, Milford Variable Restricted
76586A1C-3A8B-43B9-89A8-B0780078AEB5 GU8 5PB Surrey County Council, The Chandler Church Of England Junior School, Middlemarch Variable Restricted
2011A06C-159E-4BC1-AF6F-AED900A420F4 GU8 5QR Dr Wilks & Partners, Witley Surgery, Wheeler Lane Variable Restricted
A2E64073-1540-4CD6-8D9E-B007008F55EE GU8 5QW Witley Community Recycling Centre, Petworth Road, Witley Variable Public
FA6EEC79-99BB-411B-9759-B06100AB61C1 GU8 5TB Witley, Station Approach, Wormley 24/7 Public
2665 GU8 6AE Village Hall, Surrey 24/7 Public
CA65613A-6424-40FA-81CD-B03E0099B9B7 GU8 6AE St Marys Church Of England Voluntary Infant School, Shackleford Road, Shackleford 24/7 Public
E385F36D-2CD1-4036-902B-ADD40117D744 GU8 6BH Sugar Baker House, Lombard Street, Shackleford 24/7 Restricted
59C66BB9-CEF5-4240-9C4B-AE7500B222BB GU8 6EG Springfield Surgery, Springfield, Elstead Variable Restricted
EE56FF61-2031-4088-BE08-AE860089FE4C GU8 6FG Elstead Tennis Club Pavilion Burford Lodge Recreation Ground, 1 Gala Lane, Elstead 24/7 Public
A7CF5920-5625-4727-9CC8-AE7500DC2367 GU8 6NE Thursley Parish Council, Warren Park Site Office, Portsmouth Road 24/7 Public
E3570F1F-06DA-4D23-B071-AFE300FE4353 GU8 6NR Corner Of Byway 503 And High Button (Adjacent Thistle Rough), Thistle Rough, High Button 24/7 Public
7B715BD6-352D-44C7-84AB-AE7500DDCD60 GU8 6NW Thursley Parish Council, Bowlhead Green Farm, Bowlhead Green 24/7 Public
448C3430-7E66-4080-ABFC-AE7500DD0763 GU8 6QW Thursley Parish Council, Pitchfield Cottage, Pitch Place 24/7 Public
0916A1A7-9676-439B-A2CF-AEC900E1C55B GU9 0AE South Lodge Farnham Castle, Castle Hill, Farnham Variable Restricted
B1620877-A03F-4669-B865-B03800ACD456 GU9 0DB Surrey County Council, Folly Hill Infant School, Coniston Drive Variable Restricted
DA31B43D-0F82-4E8E-8803-ADCB00E0B51C GU9 0DB Folly Hill Infant School, Coniston Drive, Farnham 24/7 Public
C568C142-911F-4268-A941-AFC100FC4AD1 GU9 7DR Farnham Library - Surrey County Council, Farnham Library, 28 Vernon House, West Street Variable Restricted
BEBFE492-93FC-465A-BDC8-AE850073FB61 GU9 7EE Waverley Borough Council, Farnham Memorial Hall, Babbs Mead Variable Public
3DBBE177-7F69-45FB-AED6-AE850082ED13 GU9 7JA Castleton Dental Practice, 11 Castle Street, Farnham Variable Public
D91B28FC-A38E-4351-A1AB-AEBA00B90E01 GU9 7PA Downing Street Group Practice, 4 Downing Street, Farnham Variable Restricted
285FA533-2267-45EF-A5D1-AF51012012D9 GU9 7PH 39 Downing Street, Farnham Variable Public
DE163F23-D461-449D-8800-ADCC00C48C28 GU9 7PQ Farnham Conservative Club, Ivy House, Ivy Lane 24/7 Public
368D36FA-02CF-441D-AE14-B0BB00F14DE5 GU9 7PW Office, St Andrews Church Of England Infant School, Upper Church Lane Variable Restricted
1BCB5AE8-4C14-491B-B186-AF9400E81281 GU9 7QQ Card Connection, Park House Hickleys Court, South Street Variable Restricted
01FE9A69-0A53-442E-AC21-AEC500813116 GU9 7SX Bioventix Ltd, Units 6 And 7 Romans Business Park, East Street Variable Restricted
0A2055F5-B538-41DD-902F-B06100ACC941 GU9 8AD Farnham, Station Hill, Farnham 24/7 Public
4CEA3B15-36A8-46EF-ADB7-ADD300A0D6C0 GU9 8BB Hone Landscapes Ltd, Suite 1 The Granary, Waverley Lane Variable Restricted
1313692F-8F0A-4601-880F-AE8400A6F020 GU9 8JR 10 Little Austins Road, Farnham 24/7 Public
DA6F7035-5822-4F25-9FB8-AF9E008FE8AB GU9 8LU Farnham College, Morley Road, Farnham 24/7 Restricted
4B8E587F-ED0E-4BA0-B7B0-ADD200F336C9 GU9 8RU Barncroft, Farnham 24/7 Public
85A89FE2-5F01-4BB0-B07E-ADCC00C5239B GU9 8TF Surrey County Council, St Peters Church Of England Primary School, Little Green Lane 24/7 Public
2AEBDF59-F63D-4738-B23E-AD0F00B9F1C9 GU9 8UG Weydon School, Weydon Lane, Farnham 24/7 Public
8C79D387-B7A3-48F5-9B66-ADD300FFB708 GU9 9EL Nuffield Health Ltd, Nuffield Health Fitness And Wellbeing Centre, Weybourne Road Variable Restricted
C4A49231-DB16-4116-BEF1-ADCC00B921EC GU9 9EL Nuffield Health Ltd, Nuffield Health Fitness And Wellbeing Centre, Weybourne Road Variable Restricted
4CC877DA-0E63-4744-8752-AF4700DBDDC7 GU9 9ER Surrey County Council, William Cobbett Primary School, Weybourne Road 24/7 Restricted
E30F8076-D291-48D5-BC1D-AD4E00BD3BFB GU9 9ER Surrey County Council, William Cobbett Primary School, Weybourne Road Variable Restricted
F533BD44-DC28-4F5C-A6F2-AF480091982C GU9 9ER Surrey County Council, William Cobbett Primary School, Weybourne Road 24/7 Restricted
909D9564-2745-4F3B-AFD3-B02100BE3799 GU9 9ES Weybourne Community Association, Weybourne Village Hall, Weybourne Road Variable Public
951B4CF0-55B6-43F7-9598-AFAC00998E8C GU9 9HJ Weybourne Pavilion Recreation Ground, Weybourne Road, Farnham 24/7 Public
BECF70BD-8483-4E0F-BE0C-ADCC00C315BC GU9 9HY Nrt Carpentry Contractors, Kiln House Studios, Badshot Farm Lane 24/7 Public
1B349418-517F-4BD2-BEC8-AEF200902C28 GU9 9JE Rock Choir Ltd, Unit 7 Hurlands Business Centre, Hurlands Close Variable Public
9241AA39-7992-420C-B270-AF5F01221D5A GU9 9JT Public House, Pine View Close, Badshot Lea 24/7 Public
B2C83CE9-84A9-4B35-A7AC-AFAC00935A2C GU9 9LB 11 The Green, Farnham 24/7 Public
1B297185-7BCE-43B4-95BD-AEB3009DA056 GU9 9NN Honda, 9a Farnham Trading Estate, Farnham Variable Restricted
E74D1CC0-FD02-45CE-BD04-B05000671B54 GU9 9NN Screwfix, 9b Farnham Trading Estate, Farnham Variable Public
F000D659-A3B6-4C77-A5CC-B0AB00B60F39 GU9 9NN Farnham Water Lane, 9b Farnham Trading Estate, Farnham Variable Public
A820B7F4-7888-43CE-A811-B007008DB61D GU9 9PS Farnham Community Recycling Centre, Bourne Mill, Farnham Variable Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 42 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n476706804 inside old red phone box, Loxwood Road, Tismans Common
MZ n1987384969 The defibrillator is in an old (Modern style) telephone box on the corner of Linchmere Road and Hamm
MZ n2954185973 inside old red phone box (now used as book swap) in Windlesham
MZ n4489344571 outside Hampers Green Community Centre
MZ n5140071796 outside Victoria Inn, West Marden
MZ n5330874954
MZ n5438429992
MZ n6471277485 The defibrillator is to the right of the front of the building in a green/clear perspex box.
MZ n6794723157
MZ n7197003306 Outside wall of pub
MZ n7273895991 percy arms
MZ n7552799192 AHA050 on outside wall in box to left of main entrance.
MZ n7656443900 in yellow/green box on the wall to the right of hospital entrance
MZ n7671776133
MZ n7879553363 in box on outside of wall of cricket club
MZ n8091816686
MZ n8174470035 Elsted Village Hall
MZ n8795086971 Inside Chemists' shop
MZ n8937394856 In weatherproof box on the wall on south side of visitor centre, sheltered by the roof. Forestry England
MZ n8949307643 mounted to the right of the serving counter, only available when Cafe Open.
MZ n9024975263 In Forest Community Centre reception.
MZ n9083648634 In Yellow and Green box on front outside of scout building facing the road
MZ n9184153317 CHT-10230 On the exterior wall of the church, facing the road Community Heartbeat
MZ n9407042723
MZ n9450437063 green/yellow box on outside wall, by steps
MZ n9492130913 To the left hand side of main entrance.
MZ n9518815047 In wall mounted Greenbox by north east corner of nursery building by car park entrance.
MZ n9557551369 inside old red phone box by Up Nately Crossroads
MZ n9690350751 On shed wall
MZ n9817527190
MZ n9959927698 On the east-facing wall (facing the A286) at the northern end of The Dog & Pheasant pub.
MZ n10040767264 Outdoors, outside on the wall.
MZ n10162371315 Within Squires garden centre. Outside the toilets which are near the Cafe Bar.
MZ n10240857241 outside Chichester Hall - facing road
MZ n10577720380 exterior wall
MZ n10711391893 outside Petworth Town Hall (Leconfield Hall), next to red phone box
MZ n10822154089 Facing carpark
MZ n10946065085
MZ n10951210361
MZ n11001247521 behind sport centre reception desk
MZ n11285959207 Mounted in Yellow box on outside of Compton Village Hall facing the road
MZ n11399225814 Built into advertising column.

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 144 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
7666 GU1 3QT Shaw House, Surrey n6794730490 125 m
D2F04EE2-6622-4150-860A-AE8B009B1DD1 GU1 3HJ The County Club, 158 High Street, Guildford n6354394129 32 m
5A728A8C-EFD5-4621-BF2D-AFC700F41A45 GU1 4AL Guildford Library - Surrey County Council, Guildford Library, 77 North Street, Guildford n6794730490 76 m
88B5A47F-D71B-4F7F-A017-AFCD00F311A3 GU1 4AL Guildford Library - Surrey County Council, Guildford Library, 77 North Street, Guildford n6794731499 22 m
9B373B66-06BD-4872-9FC8-AE9700CBF25D GU1 4UT Guildford Railway Station, Station View, Guildford n11382771014 Built into advertising board. Can be released by pressing the button to call the emergency services 81 m
D6273D37-B411-4E9B-8CE8-B02B00B94CB3 GU1 4RY Tesco Express, 7-9 Bridge Street, Guildford n6794728675 30 m
EB39E7EA-68B8-40BD-92EB-AF0700AAF040 GU1 4SS Savills - Guildford - Tempus Court, Onslow Street, Guildford n8682799791 Outside by entrance door 15 m
8761D5A2-19CC-4B5D-A0D2-B0B6011F9AF2 GU1 4AT Waitrose & Partners - Guildford, York Road, Guildford n11384747669 Attached to wall facing Haydon Place, very close to corner with main store entrance. 43 m
1D141E77-353A-4220-8719-AED00094804E GU1 4QG Waitrose Guildford, York Road, Guildford n8979638457 On wall outside 74 m
6943 GU1 2QY Merrow Village Hall, Surrey n10096512879 Merrow Village Hall 25 m
6311 GU1 2RE Garden Cottage, Surrey n10820165606 On wall in front of shop 10 m
BF30EB00-5B9E-4561-9DF0-AF7E00E80AC8 GU1 2RE Merrow Garden Cottage, 265 Epsom Road, Merrow n10820142007 On wall in front of shop 30 m
7508 GU1 2UG Bushy Hill Community Centre, Surrey n10820133906 On wall of community centre, by main door 16 m
7237 GU1 1YT Aldi, Surrey n9955658717 On exterior wall on corner of store, on side facing London Road 22 m
245DF9C9-DC08-4771-ABAB-AF110103284C GU10 2ES Public Telephone 174m From Heathland, Tilford Road 9m From Tilford Road, Sandy Lane, Farnham n258976040 inside old red phone box at junction of Sandy Lane and Tilford Street in Rushmoor 4 m
80751970-A418-4ACA-B5DA-ADF00107DF62 GU10 2QB Wavrley Borough Council, Frensham Country Park Rangers Office, Bacon Lane n9610862127 Wall mounted green box on north east side of the Fresham Pond Cafe. 9 m
EE9F01F9-502F-4CCC-BF4B-AE4C0108E1A4 GU10 3EA Church Of St Mary The Virgin, The Street, Farnham n11220485814 Just inside the porch 9 m
A489A8D8-44ED-4A5D-9F72-AE35010CFDAD GU10 3DS St Mary’s School, St Marys Church Of England Infant School, Frensham Road n11049793838 Outside wall facing the Green 14 m
5109 GU10 4LT Service Station, Surrey n8607619052 2 m
2FF6900F-0D35-44BF-B66E-AF6A00D068B3 GU10 4LT Bucks Horn Oak Service Station, Main Road, A325 n8607619052 6 m
F228069D-3C52-497B-BC86-AE4C0105D2E7 GU10 3BJ Frensham Parish Council, The Community Building Willets Heath, Shortfield Common Road n11220485409 On side of Cricket Pavilion 73 m
3060AB32-C674-4747-B158-AE4C0107F134 GU10 3BJ Frensham Parish Council, The Community Building Willets Heath, Shortfield Common Road n11250900121 on wall facing playground 10 m
154E3F61-E214-46FD-BCB3-ADED00D7209A GU10 4AA Rowledge Stores, 4 The Square, Farnham n7885195633 In box on outside wall of Co-Op facing Recreationg Road 8 m
CC6679A8-442C-43B1-A0EB-AD4F0132771B GU10 2BU The Barley Mow, The Barley Mow Public House, Tilford Street n10625158848 Located in Yellow/Green box on South West wall of Couch house next to The Barley Mow, facing the gr 18 m
C6E708FE-2353-41A9-BE57-ADED00D84608 GU10 4AP Aston Defibrillators, Rowledge Methodist Church, Chapel Road n5124680688 on outside wall of Rowledge methodist church 14 m
2673 GU10 5LP Telephone Box next to Memorial Hall, Hampshire n7616087533 in sheltered box inside old red K6 phone booth outside carpark of Bentley Memorial hall 4 m
1C474990-E471-4B7A-B6D4-AE4C010A69C7 GU10 4TQ Post Box 30m From 4 Boundstone Road 5m From Boundstone Road, Boundstone Road, Farnham n296603662 In Yellow and Green box in renovated K6 phone booth 12 m
B898E756-1643-4B8B-8981-AEA100BF466A GU10 4PU Copper Beeches, 1 School Hill, Farnham n9812952116 Mounted in yellow/green box on front wall of building. 10 m
DD2164EF-BEA8-4855-9172-ADE900E7FCD1 GU10 1NE Seale & Sands Parish Council, Smugglers Way, The Sands n3978669216 inside red K6 telephone box behind Barley Mow pub on Smuggler's Way, The Sands 1 m
E6C677A2-0531-474A-B658-AEC500D1C4A8 GU10 1HT Seale & Sands Parish Council, Wood Lane, Seale n5411389467 In code locked box in red phone box in Seale 31 m
F8B53CF7-CCFD-48BD-BE20-AEF300921AE2 GU10 1DD Tongham Parish Council, Public Telephone Box, The Street n10607463848 inside old red phone box opposite White Hart pub in Tongham 2 m
BEC8A662-7344-4CBF-8555-AE7B009827A2 GU10 1DU Tongham Community Centre, Poyle Road, Tongham n8648728690 In box on wall of Tongham Community Centre, on sheltered terrace next to changing rooms. 4 m
3D5CFA3B-68C5-414F-93B2-AD1F013CB1BC GU10 5BJ Public Telephone 16m From The Windmill, Church Lane On Unnamed Road, Bridleway 44 Ewshot, Farnham n5162891572 inside old red phone box, opposite Windmill pub in Ewshot 0 m
2674 GU10 5BJ Telephone Box, Hampshire n5162891572 inside old red phone box, opposite Windmill pub in Ewshot 2 m
BAC0BA39-9B29-4F3B-AA8A-B06100AD3FC8 GU11 1HN Aldershot, Station Road, Aldershot n11172632802 yellow coded box to left of main entry doors. 7 m
881F701F-6A26-4A22-ACE4-AE70011F310C GU11 1WG Puregym, Westgate Retail & Leisure Park, Aldershot n3442479216 45 m
C26850EB-610D-4D8F-8A0C-AEEB007F385A GU14 0LP Cody Sports & Social Club Via Crookham Rovers Fc, Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Cody Sports & Social Club, The Fairway n10608002726 Yellow purple box on wall right of entrance on north west facing side 19 m
1B0E7904-6FA3-4F5D-A331-AF0F013E66FD GU16 7JD Waitrose Frimley, Frimley High St, Camberley n9821077794 Outside Waitrose store by the trolleys. 55 m
A25F060E-89E8-410B-A969-AD1E00F00549 GU17 0NP Darby Green And Frogmore Social Hall, Frogmore Road, Camberley n7946195891 18 m
0C40F70F-43AF-4C03-8606-AF3C0118BE61 GU2 7QP Onslow Village Lawn Tennis Club, Wilderness Road, Guildford n11006956786 outside wall 14 m
5632740E-D1AC-4C57-9C42-ADF00112AC42 GU2 7QR Onslow Village Hall, Wilderness Road, Guildford n5403425619 16 m
10F42A86-F30F-4F48-A2E8-AE7500FAD0FB GU2 4AW St Nicolas' Pcc, St Nicholas Church, Bury Street n8913563508 On the wall immediately outside the entrance to St Nicolas' community centre 6 m
6B50ED10-1554-4FE0-9801-AE41009CE3EB GU2 7UN Tesco, Atm Tesco Superstore, Egerton Road n6463590492 63 m
E36C7636-3E86-44C6-9AF3-AE4301167AB4 GU21 7SQ St Johns Village Memorial Hall Association, St Johns Village Memorial Hall, St Johns Lye n10681538508 On wall of the Memorial Hall 13 m
7FC7547D-01C7-4914-BC53-AEB300E0A623 GU22 7AP Hm Coroner's Court Woking, Hm Coroner's Court, Station Approach, Woking n10959660959 Yellow box on wall of Court building 33 m
17E4AAC3-3261-4CC3-96C8-AE7B008A4FDA GU23 7EN New Inn, The New Inn, Send Road n9984091606 On the outside of The New Inn pub on the southern wall, by the entrance. 7 m
3C703FA6-F513-4603-9435-AE7400F65200 GU25 4EH The Parade, Trumps Green Road, Virginia Water n11162779782 inside old red phone box, Beechmont Avenue, Trumpsgreen 8 m
5522 GU25 4EY Telephone Box, Surrey n11162779782 inside old red phone box, Beechmont Avenue, Trumpsgreen 1 m
B59144F2-D530-4BE8-AE24-B0620117E2EB GU26 6NL Beacon Hill Garage, Beacon Hill Road, Hindhead n10969678658 9 m
4092 GU27 3HQ Telephone Box, West Sussex n830982203 In a red K6 telephone booth. 4 m
07B8C51D-21DF-4EAA-A1CF-AE9900B82C44 GU27 1LD Haslemere And District Community Centre, Haslewey, Lion Green n6471275116 The defibrillator is in a green metal box to the left of the entrance. 11 m
049D9FB3-2136-40C2-A0F8-AE670106BB8F GU27 2HG Haslemere & District Comrades Club, Comrades Club, 17 High Street n9802564821 outside Swan Inn, Haslemere 11 m
CC30B8D3-A2E7-4FE6-A375-AFDD00CE76C6 GU27 1DB Jewson Ltd, Jewson Stonemans Yard, Weydown Road Industrial Estate n11161736902 On the left hand side of the station entrance 61 m
C3A84B07-E44E-40BF-B1F2-AF5600A93FD0 GU27 2AP Haslemere Fire Station, West Street, Haselemere n6471290507 The defibrillator is to the right of the pedestrian access door. This defibrillator requires a code 12 m
F153BCF6-E82A-4608-AC3F-AEA700D710EF GU27 2AB Waitrose Haslemere, 11-15 West St,, Haslemere n4227226284 The defibrillator is in a green metal box on the wall to the left of the entrance to Waitrose. 63 m
6201 GU28 0LB Bus Stop, West Sussex n9977756203 In the bus shelter. 8 m
81DADD4E-8038-44B9-9764-AED200BD8D41 GU28 0LB Bus Stop - Duncton Common Side Adjacent To Willett Close, Duncton n9977756203 In the bus shelter. 2 m
03582416-4544-45A1-BA15-AE77016FE17A GU28 0QB Empire Hall, The Street, Graffham n7388608252 17 m
140678EF-0706-4CEC-B264-AE7400F6A7CA GU28 0PN The Three Moles, Selham Road, Selham n4788958490 inside phone box opposite The Three Moles pub in Selham 27 m
2D6C494F-E976-41C6-A402-AFC000B0218B GU28 9AF Parish Council, Tillington Village Hall, Upperton Road n10270081582 outside village hall in Tillington 8 m
05B69524-6D8D-41B7-B28B-AEC90097DB51 GU28 9BZ Lodsworth Larder, The Street, Lodsworth n8381875973 outdoor 8 m
F561398C-1EAF-42CD-8985-B07D00942BCF GU28 9ET Lurgashall Village Green, Red Telephone Box, Near Village Shop n931833531 inside phone box, The Green, Lurgashall. This is an AED defibrillator. This defibrillator is mostly 26 m
02AFD6B7-EDFF-4B65-BCD0-AE82014DF6FF GU29 0DL The Unicorn Inn, Heyshott Street, Heyshott n7426794870 exterior wall 7 m
E14B5854-8BEC-4D02-BD2E-AE8500C7C2DD GU29 0JB Park House Hotel, Bepton Road, Bepton n7388661386 59 m
B042F4DD-6507-4392-AA8A-AE7500A06D03 GU29 9RB Public Telephone 23m From Robinswood On Bepton Road, Bepton Road, Bepton n1811193598 In a red phonebox. 6 m
5351 GU29 0LR Telephone Box, West Sussex n1811193598 In a red phonebox. 11 m
C27B0A2F-96E5-47B9-8CE9-AEA1010110D8 GU29 9HY Midhurst Fire And Rescue, 36 New Road,, Midhurst, n7050216869 on front of fire station building 7 m
A4929915-8694-462A-8088-ADE800A0BBEA GU29 9DH Tesco Express Midhurst, 7 North Street, Midhurst n6378546028 20 m
E1665DF2-B247-45B0-9AFA-AE8600A073E9 GU29 0NQ Stedham With Iping Parish Council, Sandy Lane, Off The Street n8541250434 outside Stedham Memorial Hall - to right of entrance 52 m
7B34AFA7-5C6D-4679-B735-AF9700BDA68B GU3 1DQ Watts Gallery, Down Lane, Compton n5894810259 in locked box, outside wall facing north downs way 81 m
58A787C2-941C-4B91-BC44-AF9A00F9BD5D GU3 1DJ Watts Gallery, Limnerslease, Down Lane n11006935801 32 m
AAD79DE7-A530-4343-8A99-AE2100C9CFC9 GU3 1AR Bus Shelter P91 Adjacent To The Good Intent, The Street, Puttenham n5999965485 In locked box on the inside wall of bus shelter 1 m
BD0B6493-EE2B-4BA8-8C1D-AE3F0121C2D9 GU30 7NA Rising Sun, Milland Road, Milland n8325717668 Inside old red telephone box. 29 m
96864FA7-29D0-422A-A961-AD3300DC7C69 GU30 7BS Bramshott And Liphook Parish Council, Manor Fields Telephone Kiosk ,Junction Of Manor Fields And Haslemere Road, Liphook n11162874325 inside old red phone box at junction of Manor Fields and Haslemere Road, Liphook 8 m
5339 GU30 7BS Telephone Box, Hampshire n11162874325 inside old red phone box at junction of Manor Fields and Haslemere Road, Liphook 1 m
5340 GU30 7AR Telephone Box, Hampshire n7804920810 inside old phone box by Co-op at junction of Tower Road with Headley Road, Liphook 3 m
FDF5B9A7-853E-4A8D-A023-AD3300DAB3DF GU30 7NP Bramshott And Liphook Parish Council, Tower Road, Liphook n7804920810 inside old phone box by Co-op at junction of Tower Road with Headley Road, Liphook 6 m
6237 GU30 7RH Telephone Box, Hampshire n11162870751 inside old red phone box, Passfield 1 m
41A115F6-D179-43CB-AA59-AE7500CB112B GU31 5LB Harting Community Hall, Pease Croft, South Harting n7993330587 wall 8 m
614A3418-8623-461A-B1AF-AE9E009FDFAD GU31 5BH Rogate Village Hall, North Street, Rogate n10270130447 outside Rogate Village Hall 12 m
8F3971A2-003E-4101-BC73-ADD401228DFE GU32 1QA Public Telephone Box, By Izaak Walton Pub, High Street., High Street, Petersfield n10616921295 inside old red phone box in East Meon 0 m
C2BEC0C2-6917-489F-81BD-AD4A00F27056 GU32 1PF Village Green, Workhouse Lane, Petersfield n8156174938 AC08 East Meon Hall - outside East Meon Village Hall, Workhoiuse Lane 55 m
B2547692-1407-4A2D-B617-AFB400F413D6 GU32 3HS Telephone Kiosk, The Square, Petersfield n381120279 inside old red phone box between The Square and St Peters church in Petersfield 7 m
15FA14A6-C8FB-4CEA-B04D-AEAF01127F38 GU32 1LN Red Phone Box On High Street, High Street, West Meon n4987143436 inside old red phone box ner Tomas Lod pub, High Street, West Meon 19 m
906AFE3B-9420-407F-87DD-AF3A00B699ED GU32 2AQ Sheet Village Hall, Village Street, Petersfield n5541129610 in doorway of Sheet Village Hall 9 m
7EBB114E-A3BD-47AB-91EB-ADC500CCF0AE GU32 1DJ Percussion Play, Percussion Play Ltd, Staple Ash Lane n10735743740 Outside of NE facing wall 41 m
22EE87EE-ED0E-41F1-A479-ADAC010F508D GU34 3JR Selborne Parish Council, Selborne Village Hall, Main Street, Selborne, Alton, Hampshire. Gu34 3jr, Alton n9392680768 outside Selborne Village Hall 59 m
3868 GU34 3DR Telephone Box, Hampshire n5718692867 Inside former red telephone kiosk. This telephone box also has a few books. 2 m
3869 GU34 3EQ Telephone Box, Hampshire n944555978 inside red phone box in Upper Farringdon 2 m
48123A05-EDD1-4D19-9C6F-AD3D00D8CAB3 GU34 1BA Alton Town Council, Alton Assembly Rooms, High Street n4881573553 Attached to wall, outside Alton Assembly Rooms 19 m
7860 GU35 8LJ Village Hall, Hampshire n11162865673 outside Headley Village Hall 9 m
ABC9204A-A7B3-4E24-A7A3-AD680076C478 GU4 8JU Snooty Fox, 6 Kings Road, Shalford n10203505739 On the outside brick wall, road-side, right corner. 10 m
7509 GU4 7BG On Post, Surrey n10820143705 Outside 7 Aspen Close 8 m
8165100E-478C-4645-ACC6-AED200FE5FA4 GU4 7BG Merrow On Post, 7 Aspen Close, Guildford n10820143705 Outside 7 Aspen Close 61 m
E2628F75-8E58-488F-9A63-AEA700DF0684 GU4 7TD West Clandon Parish Council, Recreation Ground, The Street n8990524496 outside coded box on village hall wall, next to entrance on south side. 29 m
72D3748C-683B-4D75-88C5-AD1E00EED493 GU46 7RP The Tythings, Reading Road, Yateley n8016407143 On external wall, to right of front door 10 m
81 GU47 9BJ Community Hall, Berkshire n5745933350 In code locked box mounted on the outside wall of club house 98 m
047BD9C4-BE17-4471-8670-ADCA015C5872 GU5 0UA Shamley Green Post Office, Guildford Road, Shamley Green n4069538062 outside Shamley Green Stores & Post Office 24 m
F44EB24C-7830-4C15-8A06-AE7600B11ED2 GU5 0HB Jolly Farmer, High Street, Bramley n10700838854 outside Jolly Farmer, High Street, Bramley 26 m
4EC75EF5-A806-4FE1-8A4C-AF9B00F95CC4 GU5 9DN Bus Shelter P54 Opposite The Green, Shophouse Lane, Albury n9922554647 inside bus shelter facing the green in Farley Green 2 m
1FE0AB09-4DCB-42E4-82E8-AF0700A54FE4 GU5 9LA The Compasses Inn, 50 Station Road, Gomshall n11198660316 Front wall 10 m
5611685C-E996-4BE0-9777-AF0700A4607A GU5 9HF Co-Op Welcome, Co-Op Shere, Middle Street n11383183134 On side wall of PO 5 m
90D60478-8411-436F-A40F-AF9B00F9FE16 GU5 9AD Albury Village Hall, The Street, Albury n6374323528 Mounted on the outside brick wall, towards the right of the building, facing the road. 17 m
9E527C46-B881-4F57-B365-AE8F0160B850 GU51 4BY W. C. Baker And Son Ltd, Defib Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Outside Shop Formelry W. C. Baker And Son Ltd, 234 Fleet Road n3333060071 Outside, left hand side wall of W C Baker & Sons hardware store 9 m
63337156-13B1-4FDF-8A40-ADE9008840D8 GU51 5EE Hart Leisure Centre, Emerald Avenue, Fleet n9689507261 In Yellow/Green box on wall mounted on south east side of Hart Leisure Centre 35 m
3F34D720-EAD3-4CF9-AD9B-AD38012A1FC8 GU51 4LY 66 Church Road, Fleet n7066194511 7 m
9EB8D7A0-7142-4DE7-8392-AE8E01582696 GU51 2XF Ancells Farm Community Centre, Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Ancells Farm Community Centre, Falkners Close n5783040146 In yellow/green box on the wall to the right of main entrance 9 m
48F8E9AB-A37C-4BC4-B34D-AF1D009662B0 GU52 8DT Church Crookham And Fleet Men's Shed, Gurkha Path, Naishes Lane n8194322016 On the outside fence of the allotments. 32 m
204B4A35-E592-4DB8-89ED-AF1D0098FE87 GU52 8AQ Church Crookham Parish Council, Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Church Crookham Community Centre, Boyce Road n8865701970 In a coded box to the right of main entrance on south west side of community centre 17 m
A1A632CA-0C5A-478C-8292-AE90001FFF08 GU52 0ZE Zebon Copse Centre, Defib Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Zebon Copse Centre, Danvers Drive n9020711020 on the wall outside 13 m
3B9AB6A0-25BB-440C-B79C-AE8500DB4413 GU52 8LD Crookham War Memorial Hall, Defib Managed By Fleet Cfrs, Crookham War Memorial Hall, Sandy Lane n8865338230 In coded wall mounted box to the left of the main entrance to the war memorial hall (north end). 16 m
A477B239-B8D0-4D09-B595-AE8600E4DA9B GU6 8GB St Nicolas Church, Church Lane, Cranleigh n10067582274 Outdoor. 94 m
E01A642C-69D1-47C6-8575-B05A00AF0718 GU7 1AQ The Pepperpot, High Street, Godalming n8836903887 In the covered part of the Pepperpot To the right if the bench 42 m
BCFC675E-6CAE-4EAB-A0E1-B05A00AF3AF9 GU7 2PQ Phone Box - Opposite Charterhouse Arms, Deanery Road, Godalming n11161690726 In an old red phone booth at the intersection of Deanery Road and Chaterhouse Road, Godalming 57 m
FBB3C8E1-86EC-4366-B9D3-AF89012F8C01 GU7 3HY 88 Meadrow, Godalming n10787281095 On the wall to the left of the main entrance 27 m
D76243B2-428F-4974-96A9-B05A00AF431F GU7 3RE Phone Box - Corner Of Spring Grove, Spring Grove, Farncombe n11161690724 In an old red phone booth on the corner or Loseley Road and Spring Grove 30 m
3D7EAFD3-2AFC-4EC4-B9F4-AF4D00CFF0DF GU8 6QJ Thursley Parish Council, Little Cowdray Farm, Highfield Lane n10656484298 In Yellow box mountedon frame facing the road to the south of letter box. 29 m
068D24A3-BA10-41D5-9021-AE7401348A82 GU8 4JA Flat The White Horse, The Street, Godalming n9231021702 West end of the southern exterior wall of the White Horse public house, next to the post box 15 m
E6F8C888-5A9E-417F-8633-AE7500DB5110 GU8 6QA Thursley Parish Council, Old Post Office, Dye House Road n6690486913 inside old red phone box near village green in Thursley 14 m
3D9E8EEA-27E1-4E83-81AF-AF2400E49061 GU8 4DE Busbridge Parish Council, Public Telephone 22m From Hydestile House,, Hambledon Road n899888807 inside old red phone box in Hydestile 8 m
5488 GU8 4DE Telephone Box, Surrey n899888807 inside old red phone box in Hydestile 5 m
2371794C-6D95-44C8-9887-AE86008CDD5D GU8 6DU Thursley Road Cricket Pavilion, Recreation Ground, Beacon View Road n9457804695 Outside on south east corner of pavilion in coded green and yellow box to the far left of main pavi 70 m
38BBBB41-625A-41F1-834A-AE86008B97AF GU8 6DG Rainbows, Rainbows Nursery School Village Hall, Thursley Road n8733574679 On the wall in coded box to the right of entrance of Elstead Village Hall 19 m
66AD73A8-6DDF-4C9E-8DA7-AECA00AB1E28 GU9 8TF Surrey County Council, St Peters Church Of England Primary School, Little Green Lane n7726333371 In box by school gate 41 m
DF8A2831-BA3B-4921-B459-AE390085EE65 GU9 8NN Tesco Stores Ltd, 29-31 Ridgway Road, Farnham n7599927392 in box on the wall on corner of building faceing the ridgeway road below Reception sign 44 m
D51CB22C-2586-4F79-9C44-AEEE0101EDED GU9 8QL Biocompatables Uk Ltd, Chapman House Farnham Business Park, Weydon Lane n6742291585 3 m
5E2679F5-0460-4A4A-AF9E-AF9A01035066 GU9 7DX Babbs Mead, Farnham n6578362643 on wall of garage show room facing roadway in locked box 34 m
107E6CC8-FCA9-448D-AF83-ADD300A4E60F GU9 8BB 1-3 Waverley Lane, Farnham n7567925636 In box on outside wall to the left of door. 12 m
AA0203E1-FEF8-43CC-9D5C-AFC100FF486C GU9 7DR Farnham Library - Surrey County Council, Farnham Library, 28 Vernon House, West Street n10217307447 27 m
6D94D3FA-F9C8-4D95-995A-B07F009039E2 GU9 7RN Farnham Town Council, South Street, Farnham n9811013879 in green/yellow box fixed to outside wall of council office. near south east corner. 11 m
458E9997-110E-4A08-81A0-B0B6011FC343 GU9 7HD Waitrose & Partners - Farnham, The Hart, Farnham n9423138066 Behind bench 38 m
9435938E-3CE6-4953-B410-ADD4017307DD GU9 7NG Santander, 17 The Borough, Farnham n7729315460 in a box to the right of the Santander main entrance on the wall, outside 10 m
3482F21A-472D-4639-8394-ADCC00BFF8E1 GU9 7LN Grade 2 Listed Telephone Kiosk, Castle Street, Farnham n297015029 inside old red phonebox, Castle Street, Farnham 20 m
785323BF-10C2-4F19-9F87-AF470106C27D GU9 7HA Farnham Baptist Church, The Hart, Farnham n10981782615 mounted on porters lodge in yellow/green box 79 m
9A2CE437-6840-4858-ACA0-AF4D00B86E1C GU9 9QB Farnham Fire Station, Guildford Road,, Farnham, n4244198393 9 m
AB5D6CA8-3A42-4AA4-95DE-ADCC00C25F86 GU9 0AU Park Lodge, Folly Hill, Farnham n7034632727 in box next to information panel on the corner of the Lodge 14 m
963FFB0D-C503-4B23-B16E-B04200D7F9D7 GU9 9ND Farnham Rugby Club, Wilkinson Way, Farnham n10873825278 Outside rugby, yellow/green wall mounted box just north of main entrance. 77 m
16577381-46A8-4809-84C6-AF4700C206D6 GU9 9ER Surrey County Council, William Cobbett Primary School, Weybourne Road n9828251315 yellow coded box on corner of building face pitch. 78 m
741F8226-6C24-40E4-A2A2-ADC900FEFE57 GU9 0NS Post Box 10m From Berkeley Sports, 50 Upper Hale Road 6m From A3016, Upper Hale Road, Farnham n6236296771 in locked box mounted on low wall next to postbox 15 m
F5121AAA-8171-45C6-AE3A-ADCA00DBD1CC GU9 0HN Hale Institute, Hale Village Hall, 1 Wings Road n6841211103 mounted in box on outside wall near corner of Hale Institute facing road. 12 m
B6D59C3D-25CD-49D3-BEFF-ADCA00E07471 GU9 0JA Alfreds Restaurant & Bar, The Alfred Free House, 9 Bishops Road n10570168758 On outside west facing walk in yellow/green box 14 m
48E35CB3-3C32-433B-8E0C-AE3900DCB095 GU9 0JH Tesco, 128 Upper Hale Road, Farnham n10316977851 7 m
5F3C80B0-D754-44E9-B093-AE2E00D7652B GU9 0JH Hale Community Centre, 130 Upper Hale Road, Farnham n7606185323 in box on the wall to the left of entrance 12 m
B570BDC2-DF34-4F3F-87B3-AF8000C401C8 GU9 9HE The Running Stream, 66 Weybourne Road, Farnham n11093674176 Corner of pub facing road, in yellow green box 5 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 15 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
5440E847-ECD4-4F74-B97B-AEA000F68900 GU29 9AR Easebourne Phonebox, Dodsley Grove, Easebourne, Midhurst n1375134491 in red phone box, Dodsley Lane, 246 m
4E8AAD0A-0028-4F6A-9F2D-AEA700D75E12 GU7 1LL Surrey Ambulance Nhs Trust Woodside Park, Woodside Park, Catteshall Ln, Godalming n4062430447 322 m
32BF7730-F2F8-4462-80AA-AF4E00A40058 GU7 3DU Godalming Fire Station, Bridge Road,, Godalming n6272071627 134 m
E1C747EE-3422-40CA-853D-AEA000F67173 GU27 3EH Fernhurst Village Hall, Glebe Rd, Fernhurst, Haslemere n6471293210 Left of the main entrance to Fernhurst Village Hall, in a green/white and clear plastic box. 148 m
C1D40743-CC8A-4BB4-8868-AED200BE9374 GU28 0JY Duncton Village Hall, A285 Duncton Church Road To Duncton Common, Duncton n6475431615 122 m
40C4668B-B812-4A9F-BE40-AFC700D578CA GU9 7DR Farnham Adult Learning Centre - Surrey County Council, Farnham Adult Learning Centre, West Street, Farnham n6880988701 91 m
DB0A7248-EB7F-457E-A0D3-AF4700BD9AD8 GU9 8RL Jubilee Church, Weydon Christian Centre, Upper Way n7576382918 in box attached to the wall on the right of entrance 98 m
C9D0317A-6302-4CE3-9D76-AE4C00E74E64 GU4 8SE Newlands Corner, Shere Road, West Clandon n8894826567 in Box on outside wall to left of Kiosks 173 m
36013153-C40A-47D8-824C-AE8400ECFC08 GU9 9BN Farnham Heath End School, Hale Reeds, Farnham n9070332603 In School reception, room just to the right as you enter the main doors 126 m
87935675-F509-43CA-9809-AEA100C9CE37 GU1 1YT Guildford Aldi, Aldi, 93 London Road n9955658717 On exterior wall on corner of store, on side facing London Road 155 m
2CEB11A4-E222-4C13-9073-AF25011B9D3B GU1 2QY Merrow Village Hall, 177 Epsom Road, Guildford n10096512879 Merrow Village Hall 200 m
6D885658-5453-4054-A20B-AED200FE62B7 GU1 2UG Bushy Hill Community Centre, 180 Bushy Hill Drive, Guildford n10820133906 On wall of community centre, by main door 208 m
FBE1A442-9AD4-47D3-BF9E-AE9B0108F330 GU10 4HU Dockenfield Village, Telephone Box, Dockenfield, Farnham n11044706756 inside old red phone box in Dockenfield 93 m
2EC91E32-34AA-455C-B15F-AFAC0113EED9 GU35 8LJ Headley Village Hall, Liphook Road, Headley n11162865673 outside Headley Village Hall 120 m
9AAF2151-E513-499B-BE33-AE780168619B GU52 7SY Prince Of Wales Public House, 77 Reading Road South, Fleet n11228613710 on outside corner wall to left of entrance in yellow box 151 m

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