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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'SY' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. There is one exception, we do have permission to add the UUID reference numbers from The Circuit to OSM. This website is not intended for use in an emergency. If you require urgent medical assistance, call 999 now.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the source data that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). Clicking on a circle will show more information about the unmatched object.

Each green line/circle represents a match between an AED in the source data and an OSM object. The OSM object is at the end of the line with a small green circle; the location in the source data is at the other end of the line. Different greens are used as follows: dark green for a match with the Circuit via the UUID, mid green for a match with the Circuit just based on proximity, and pale green for a match with the NDDB based on proximity. For more information about the matching see below. Clicking on a line will show more information about the matched objects.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. Then we check each unmatched location in the source data for the nearest unmatched OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all still unmatched source locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 30m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 100m and (for the NDDB only) 250m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be false-positive matches.

Circuit AEDs recorded as duplicates

AEDs are sometimes erroneously registered twice in The Circuit. The duplicate record would appear unmatched in this tool, so there is a mecahnism for manually marking such duplciates. See the Duplicate AEDs page for details. The duplicate AEDs (which are not considered for matching) are listed below.

Found 3 duplicate AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
1C2BD97D-4824-4AAF-AFFE-2E2D99DA708D SY10 8HJ Knockin Village Hall, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
4336330B-ABE0-4B56-BA6C-D72F12672976 SY6 7JZ Cardington Village Hall, Church Stretton 24/7 Public 11m
73F403EC-84A3-49F8-AAAF-9AE1B3AC0D1B SY9 5EE Crown Inn, Bishops Castle 24/7 Public 11m

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

The AEDs listed here are not close enough to an unmatched AED in OSM to be matched. Matches between The Circuit and an OSM object further away can be forced by adding a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the corresponding Circuit UUID. It is not possible to force a match to the NDDB). In case of a single AED being recorded twice in The Circuit, the duplicate can be noted by this tool. See Duplicate AEDs. The entries in fainter type are those that are not public 24/7 units. These are less likely to be able to be mapped in OSM.

Found 916 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
3523E07B-BBD6-496C-963D-AE2B01027E45 SY1 1DP Tesco Express, 24 Pride Hill, Shrewsbury Variable Public 11m
80B4DDC9-7684-42CF-9F28-AF7B010A7601 SY1 1LH Shropshire Council, The Old Market Hall, The Square Variable Public 11m
D66CCE82-6589-4C7D-B4D1-B14C00EB932D SY1 1PL Midlands Air Ambulance Charity Shop Shrewsbury, Unit Lru5, Darwin Shopping Centre Variable Restricted 2m
6F1C2287-1D24-4F16-B232-B015007D90A9 SY1 1QG Claremont Social Tap, 7 Claremont Street, Shrewsbury Variable Public 11m
BE2E7116-DE91-4333-9575-E732A0DC861D SY1 1QQ Age Uk Stw, 4 Bellstone, Shrewsbury Variable Public 11m
6F7B3B25-1E8E-43B4-A03C-A79B466673DB SY1 1RL Claremont Bank Surgery, Claremont Bank, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
0EC56F0C-E6F3-476A-9BDE-B0820089EB1E SY1 1RU The Quarry Swimming And Fitness Centre, Priory Road, Shrewsbury Variable Public 9m
5EE2A9EF-E97B-43EB-B47A-AE0400FD53FB SY1 1RU The Quarry Swimming And Fitness Centre, Priory Road, Shrewsbury Variable Public 11m
35117668-9567-4253-8538-ABDC012921C9 SY1 1TR Town Walls Tennis Club, Crescent Lane, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
F8D2BBB8-31B6-42BD-8D8A-B03500F034A3 SY1 1UL St Alkmund's Church, 6, St Alkmonds Place 24/7 Public 11m
CF22195C-82F5-4EB5-9B30-3F047509C956 SY1 1UW Pride Hill Dental Surgery Butcher Row Chambers, Butcher Row, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
5DC4AE6A-F96C-473D-9A76-B0FF00C9942A SY1 1XD Tanners Wines Ltd, 26 Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 5m
C13A6A84-B752-4B15-B447-AE3700C91352 SY1 1XJ Trek Bicycle Store, Trek Store Shrewsbury, 53-54 Wyle Cop Variable Restricted 11m
11A1C0D5-AB2A-43E3-A022-AE8D00E71E68 SY1 1XR Old Shrewsbury Bowling Club, St Julians Friars, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
8F379B06-6104-43FA-90DA-AFCF010F1AB5 SY1 2AN The Wrekin Housing Group, Withywood Extra Care, Penson Way 24/7 Restricted 11m
E4A04E25-832E-45E1-A0AD-E18A12AF5ADC SY1 2BD Marks & Spencer Plc, Castle Street, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 9m
FD67F615-9C69-4660-89C0-AF2C00DDC21A SY1 2DQ Shrewsbury Railway Station, Castle Foregate, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
3DA82960-C5D8-4E6E-8215-AEF500FFF3C2 SY1 2HA Historic England, Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings, Marshalls Court Variable Public 11m
174ECFB8-3B1F-41B6-A041-A13A570CD300 SY1 2LD Castlefields Community Centre, Community Hall, New Park Street 24/7 Public 11m
38CDE30E-01B5-4707-AF8B-FE243A4F138B SY1 2PF Shropshire & West Midland Agricultural Showground, Berwick Road, Shrewsbury 24/7 Restricted 8m
9196EBB4-8DB4-4ACA-AD6D-AF9B00E5E0EF SY1 2SP Shrewsbury Cathedral Catholic Primary School, New Park Road, Shrewbury Variable Restricted 11m
11A5B982-C060-481B-A034-01721D44B497 SY1 3AB Pathway Intermediates Ltd Countrywide House, Knights Way, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
62311092-E387-4827-A905-AFEB007BFFE7 SY1 3AB Screwfix, Unit 1 Knights Park, Battlefield Enterprise Park Variable Restricted 9m
6A0E8913-D616-41CA-8E02-AF4E0109027D SY1 3AB Enterprise Shrewsburyy (Fer) - Sy1 3ab, Flex-E-Rent House, Knights Way, Battlefield Enterprise Park, 24/7 Public 11m
BCA87533-70A0-4780-95F8-AA8600F04D8E SY1 3FG Pathway Intermediates Ltd, Unit 1, Harlescott Business Park Variable Restricted 11m
47FA203D-85DC-4D77-A5EB-AAD9008FEAB4 SY1 3QG Greenacres Primary School, Rutland, Shrewsbury Variable Public 11m
687B5BEC-A8B8-4811-A9EE-AB5100A9EC76 SY1 3SW Grange Community Centre, Mount Pleasant Road, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
09568B9F-DF48-4FD4-9FF0-5D8880CA4A31 SY1 3TG Veolia Environmental Services, Vanguard Way, Harlescott Variable Restricted 11m
FE75D967-4CD1-42CF-9E78-AE1600CA4715 SY1 3TL Hartshorne (Shrewsbury) Ltd, Ainsdale Drive, Harlescott 24/7 Public 9m
AB8F7DFE-9BE8-43DC-81E4-B0B900B9CAE2 SY1 4AQ Mcdonalds - Battlefield Road, Battlefield Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire 24/7 Public 7m
951A9F97-E704-4B9C-B018-AE4000C67B60 SY1 4BD Tesco Express, Ditherington Rd, 0 Variable Public 9m
EB42AC52-BB53-4721-A39A-AAB201040D44 SY1 4DQ Mulberry Bush Day Nursey, Ditherington Road, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
56288C44-48D2-415C-A900-AE5900973FC0 SY1 4HA Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Whitchurch Road Variable Public 9m
DAC418BA-EC33-4193-AB44-B15D070C7724 SY1 4HA Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Whitchurch Road Variable Public 9m
4460 SY1 4JD Sentinel Cricket Club, Shropshire 24/7 Public
C76A6BB3-297D-4E29-BCC0-AFC10127EA88 SY1 4NE 1 Moston Green, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
07A51F41-9FF2-405C-B5A3-B02E00C501BE SY1 4PP B&Q, B And Q, Featherbed Lane Variable Public 11m
3D3B2B24-DB8F-4DBE-9192-B10100E27976 SY1 4QN Harlescott Junior School, Featherbed Lane, Harlescott Variable Restricted 5m
4B864257-B4EB-437F-9154-B02E00C890F3 SY1 4RQ Shrewsbury Leisure Shrewsbury Sports Village, Sundorne Road, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
CAB86E59-487E-4E04-ABAF-74D17792ADB1 SY1 4RQ Shrewsbury Sports Village, Sundorne Road, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 9m
AA6604F9-C569-4993-AFB8-B190010BD688 SY10 0DE Log Cabins At Maengwynedd, C2218 From Junction With U5130 To Junction With Crossroads U5128 And U5129, Maengwynedd 24/7 Public 3w
203A806B-E845-4BB7-B5F7-ADEC00E3903A SY10 0EP Henstent Caravan Park, Llangynog, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
2C6206FE-BBCE-4BC5-B9A4-AE8600D1439A SY10 0ET Memorial Hall, C2090 From Junction With C2089 By St Cynogs Church To Fork In The Road Past Minffordd, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
8452B947-A8FD-4D36-B90A-AB25010A3ED6 SY10 0HP Hirnant St Illog Community Centre, Hirnant, Nr Penybontfawr 24/7 Public 11m
DB12B18C-5D09-441C-BC0D-AB1700D4F0C1 SY10 0JG Former Post Office, Market Square, Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant 24/7 Public 11m
9B635AEE-6F25-4C97-B157-AB1E0113894B SY10 0LG Ysgol Gynradd Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant Primary School, Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant Primary School, Oswestry Variable Public 11m
DD7191C2-86DC-4AE9-B884-0E50AB53FA5A SY10 0LL Pavillion, Maes Yr Esgob, Llanrhaeadr-Ym-Mochnant Oswest 24/7 Public 11m
ED4A408D-F7BA-43DD-9FB1-B00C00A114F0 SY10 0LS Community Centre, Abertridwr, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
6D5ECE70-F50F-451E-A5CE-0B26EE6B66FA SY10 0LT Dafarn Newydd Stores, General Area Of, Llanwddyn 24/7 Public 11m
103F159F-8606-4764-98FC-AE7400B44C39 SY10 0NA Hafren Dyfrdwy, Lake Vyrnwy Estate, B4393 From Ffridd Wydd-Afon On Lake Vyrnwy To South Side Of Dam At Llanwddyn 24/7 Public 11m
7725 SY10 0NL Reception Office, Powys 24/7 Public
4CA7BA26-250E-43F9-A94D-AF300114E5D7 SY10 0NL Lake Vyrnwy Holiday Home Park, Reception Office, Lake Vyrnwy Holiday Home Park 24/7 Public 11m
3343F210-ED9C-4E7D-8C35-AFCE00A0AB89 SY10 0NU Railway Inn (Opposite), B4391 From Junction With B4396 By Croeswylan To Junction With B4396 At Aber Hirnant Bridge (02255), Pen-Y-Bont-Fawr 24/7 Public 11m
220452D5-003C-48AF-ACAE-BE8F22661DDE SY10 0PD Canolfan Pennant Community Centre, Dolafon Estate, Pen Y Bont Fawr 24/7 Public 11m
85A29944-A50B-4069-9437-B08300956628 SY10 7DH Selattyn Ce Primary School, Glyn Road, Selattyn Variable Public 9m
2A6839AC-1672-467A-9DA3-E2C0C98E66E6 SY10 7EU Last Inn, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
A62B29D8-A32A-4352-BF78-41B05BCFF783 SY10 7GA Selattyn & Gobowen Parish Council, Pavilion, St Martins Road 24/7 Public 11m
7DDFDDD1-CE2D-424F-89B9-B1460159D807 SY10 7LH The Butchers Arms, Wern, Weston Rhyn 24/7 Public 2m
0C0F876C-C26D-403E-9F78-E80A3181DF64 SY10 7LR Quinta Christian Centre, The Quinta, Oswestry 24/7 Restricted 11m
E79956F3-AA43-4FE7-B653-2E0E7854EDE6 SY10 7ND Yew Tree Cottage, Bronygarth, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
744EF6A8-E1F5-48A3-81F5-36D7A24406EC SY10 7PS Rhydycroesau Village Hall, Cefn Y Maes Rd, Rhydycroesau 24/7 Public 11m
3513DD00-5D64-48D1-80DA-ACE500932C44 SY10 7QB Ysgol Bro Cynllaith, B4580 From Junction With U5210 To Crossroads Junction With C2220 And C2203, Oswestry Variable Public 11m
4F573321-23A3-4BDF-A746-699FBD23717D SY10 7QB Llansilin Community Council, Llansilin Memorial Hall, Llansilin Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
2E57DEBC-2C94-409C-8179-B02E01637092 SY10 7RQ Weston Rhyn Institute, Club And Premises At Weston Rhyn Village Institute, Bronygarth Road 24/7 Public 11m
AA98EE76-03BB-4FCD-85F9-AC9300F49459 SY10 8AE Metalworld, Grove Works, A483(T) From Llynclys Crossroads To Llynclys Hall Junction 24/7 Public 11m
9A293C47-A742-403F-B8B3-ACE000EAFA3E SY10 8AJ Morton Playing Field Committee, Opposite School Masters Cottage, Church Lane Junction With Redwith Lane Morton 24/7 Public 11m
4932AD21-0DC1-4052-94A4-C7DEB7102AD4 SY10 8DB Kinnerley Parish Hall, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
8BB44F4C-1D67-4096-8655-AEE700D811D6 SY10 8ES Royal Hill Inn, Melverley Road, Edgerley 24/7 Public 11m
053AD0D3-774C-4FC7-A16F-AC7900F55A07 SY10 8GA P And B Tyres, Unit 4a, Mile Oak Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 11m
5A098D12-CB5C-40A4-84E1-AEC500D73A06 SY10 8GA Veolia Environmental Services, Civic Amenity Site, Mile Oak Industrial Estate Variable Public 11m
9DEB783A-BABB-4A08-9AD0-AB1E00AB2300 SY10 8GA I S Fusion Limited, Unit 8, Mile Oak Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 11m
5CF1F813-11B1-44DD-A2F5-AD980134DB52 SY10 8HD Unicorn Nursery, Maesbury Road, Maesbury 24/7 Public 11m
636AD9E7-E9B9-4341-8B89-AA9400E3881F SY10 8HJ Assembly Rooms, Knockins Village Hall, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
C35C7224-9862-4042-B96D-5C92BDD04B9D SY10 8HN Knockin And Kinnerley Cricket Club, B4398 From Pen Y Parc To Knockin, Knockin 24/7 Public 11m
3173 SY10 8JB The Navigation Inn, Shropshire 24/7 Public
71544E5D-95D8-4FDD-BFC0-AB5000E275BC SY10 8JB Navigation Inn, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
13F13CA1-5226-43D1-BB1E-B01200D6A26A SY10 8LB Llaanymynech Golf Club, Llanymynech Golf Club, U2053 Access To Llanymynech Hill From County Boundary 24/7 Public 11m
C9D2923A-692B-401C-B808-B16E00F70355 SY10 8LS Porthywaen Silver Band Hall, A495 From Bridge Over Former Railway Line To Whitehaven Junction, Porth-Y-Waen 24/7 Public 7w
6693CFAA-0148-4421-A4F7-AE9F00FED919 SY10 8NH Gwynedd Forklifts, Glovers Meadow, Maesbury Road Industrial Estate Variable Public 11m
0A41CDE4-C81E-4285-AEF0-AEC500DDB418 SY10 8NL Arla Foods Ltd, Maesbury Road, Maes-Y-Clawdd 24/7 Public 11m
9A6B7DB0-EC45-4F6C-9ABE-AF5E009277BE SY10 8NL Arla Foods Ltd, Arla Oswestry - Cheese Packing, Maes-Y-Clawdd 24/7 Public 11m
C4C25992-760A-4610-BCBD-AEC500DD4130 SY10 8NL Arla Foods Ltd, Maes-Y-Clawdd, Maesbury Road 24/7 Public 11m
B33082B6-69A9-428A-AFF0-AC4C010235DB SY10 8NN Oswestry Electrical & Plumbing, Unit Me7, Mile End Business Park 24/7 Public 11m
BD85416D-2422-4B11-895D-AFE800A13FB8 SY10 8NN Screwfix, Unit 5 Oswestry Trade Park, Rod Meadows Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
BBDD3ECB-A452-41F6-8FAE-AD0700A26637 SY10 8PH Melverley Village Hall, Melverley 24/7 Public 11m
E2F895F6-984B-4241-9448-AE0000FF5A23 SY10 9BJ Rest On The Hill, Fairview/Rest On The Hill, Glascoed Clwyd County Boundary To Croesau Bach 24/7 Public 11m
761E179B-D269-4FAF-9996-AE5D00AEF582 SY10 9DQ Trefonen Stores, The Stores, Bellan Lane 24/7 Public 11m
A717F90E-D4F1-4C78-8D42-AB5800ACBF0C SY10 9EQ The Chapel, The Bryn, Cefn Lane 24/7 Public 11m
B466DAA8-399D-43BC-BA9C-AC8C00B1EC48 SY10 9LD Llangedwyn Primary School, Llangedwyn Controlled School, B4396 From Junction With C2213 To Junction With C2002 Llangedwyn 24/7 Public 11m
39B80BA4-5A05-42F8-AD4A-FEEDECB712BF SY10 9NR Morda C Of E Voluntary Controlled School, Oswestry Variable Restricted 7w
46470C18-467A-4682-A09F-B11F009ADF8D SY10 9NS Village Hall, Weston Road, Morda 24/7 Public 4m
D52A3D32-6D64-41FE-AFD3-C32E9A68955B SY10 9QF Mccolls Shop, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
D5FCFB21-1B38-404C-BA10-CE4C87C772CA SY10 9QF Mccolls Shop, General Area Of, Pant Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
602A3209-80C4-4570-B297-83B43D351E9D SY10 9QR Cross Guns Inn, Rockwell Lane, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
B1620647-4BE3-436B-AB76-182FFD01DEA7 SY10 9QR Cross Guns Inn, Rockwell Lane, Pant Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
F6BD3CD6-0AF8-434C-9264-1946767A0421 SY11 1AD Dental Surgery 64, Willow Street, Oswestry Variable Restricted 11m
18367524-C341-4E17-842E-B01700B4C2A2 SY11 1AP Cae Glas Park, Welsh Walls, Sy11 1ap Variable Public 11m
43BC9683-E068-4D9F-B8F6-AEC4009D530F SY11 1DR Cae Glas Cricket Club, Gatacre Pavilion, Gatacre Playing Fields 24/7 Public 11m
4BAD61EA-C3CE-44B2-B29B-9E4E1BA5FAAC SY11 1HG Llwynfields Community Centre, Llwyn Fields, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
DDC74206-2B05-4340-9C17-AC8300AD23BA SY11 1JE Furrows Of Oswestry Ltd, Whittington Road, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
27843F20-AAC9-4DD3-8305-7E325FAF452F SY11 1JR Shropshire Council Castle View, Arthur Street, Oswestry Variable Restricted 11m
45A69871-895A-4075-B43A-7610ACEFE733 SY11 1PD Yorkfields Community Room, Liverpoool Road West, Oswesty 24/7 Public 11m
75241EE1-160F-40E9-985A-AFCF010F1595 SY11 1PL The Wrekin Housing Group, Ashwood Extra Care, Upper Ash Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
95D3DD4A-9D58-401F-86CE-AE7500939D65 SY11 1PZ Oswestry Outdoor Market, Bailey Head, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
7F483075-7359-46C4-AD48-4D400F6FD885 SY11 1RE Dental Surgery Oswyn House 20, Oswald Road, Oswestry Variable Restricted 11m
E94FD8CE-FA97-4345-8487-AF8E00A79912 SY11 1TB Land At, High Fawr Avenue, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
7A65BBA4-94F8-4062-AB26-AA8100E40385 SY11 2AR The Marches School, Morda Road, Oswestry Variable Public 11m
D22335A1-375B-4B21-9017-2280F4F42D10 SY11 2AR The Marches School, Morda Road, Oswestry Variable Restricted 11m
29D89044-85FD-4A3C-8ECA-C2E9FCBA4461 SY11 2AY Oswestry Cricket Club, Morda Road, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
51CDA770-E879-4F81-BA54-AFD301053D89 SY11 2DR The Wrekin Housing Group, Chaucer Road Supported Housing, 8 Chaucer Road 24/7 Public 11m
81C2B130-5382-4B6E-BBD2-B739A1580B38 SY11 2EG Oswestry Memorial Hall, Memorial Hall, Smithfield Street 24/7 Public 11m
456BF3FB-805C-46BF-B905-AC0700C334A7 SY11 2HJ Arthurs Of Oswestry, Lower Brook Street, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
703C972F-35A5-4EFF-B948-B10300F5C00A SY11 2LJ Llysfield Nursing Home, Middleton Road, Oswestry 24/7 Restricted 5m
8E5FB86A-BD32-4F80-BDCA-25F8B183A7D9 SY11 2RB Plas Ffynnon Medical Centre, Middleton Road, Oswestry Variable Restricted 11m
4BBD9C8F-D9FD-46E6-BB1B-CE4253C7F4E3 SY11 2RT New Fairholme Nursing Home, Shrewsbury Road, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
39392F39-BAC6-4EC1-829B-AB3A011C6C9B SY11 2ST Church Bowling Club, Church Street, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
820304C7-0C99-4FAC-A1E0-54EF2B0EBF99 SY11 2ST Bellan House, 38 Church Street, Oswestry Variable Restricted 9m
F091A553-9231-4DDF-B363-AACC00E92E91 SY11 2TG Our Lady & St. Oswalds Catholic Primary School, Upper Brook, Upper Brook Street 24/7 Public 11m
4E0AA4F2-2662-4300-A65D-AB4A00F5FDB5 SY11 2TL Oswestry School, Upper Brook Street, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
57822E91-C9FD-4544-BC71-AF4000D509E3 SY11 2TL Oswestry School, Upper Brook Street, Oswestry Variable Restricted 11m
8F424A82-7627-4C20-A545-B02900F9EAB2 SY11 2TL Maesyllan Cottage, Upper Brook Street, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
B05F7924-9102-4B23-A037-22D54A3584C1 SY11 2XF Monkmoor Community Room, Monkmoor Road, Oswesty 24/7 Public 11m
2F394DBA-4159-4E1B-85CC-ADCC012A3507 SY11 3AY Stans Superstore, Overton Road St Martins, Overton Road Variable Restricted 11m
ADEB5E7D-F88E-4A4C-9171-C3D435ECF6EA SY11 3AY St Martins Centre, St. Martins Centre, Overton Road 24/7 Public 11m
E291D197-1EE1-4471-8BAB-B18E009F71E2 SY11 3DA Perrys Of Gobowen Limited, Ifton Industrial Estate, St Martins 24/7 Public 3w
94DF4D63-4AF5-4ABA-8AF9-ADB700B4A5CE SY11 3HD The Greyhound Inn, B5069 From Oswestry District Boundary Street Dinas To Clwydd County Boundary Bartons Bridge, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
301ECA33-A8D3-41A4-8E24-EDF63DA4830A SY11 3JA Derwen College, Whittington Road, Gobowen 24/7 Public 11m
A3FC615D-DEFF-46BE-B583-AF1000CF128E SY11 3JA Derwen College, Whittington Road, Gobowen 24/7 Public 11m
EB04FCF2-5815-42EC-815D-AF2C00DDB1F0 SY11 3JS Gobowen Railway Station, Station Road, Gobowen 24/7 Public 11m
4C8DEB48-B8D6-4B77-8ED6-F657558ECDEA SY11 3PF Fairfield Community Room, Fairfield Close, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
63B6FFED-9C58-45E6-B2F5-ACF30080EA74 SY11 3PZ Ridgway Rentals Ltd, Earthmover House Ridgway Business Park, Colliery Cottage Junction To Junction South Of Rock Farm Variable Restricted 11m
7D9DB3F8-D3E3-4841-AFA7-7C1262305051 SY11 3QF Cedar Close Community Rooms, Cedar Close, Oswesty 24/7 Public 11m
4DF9C004-4841-47B0-AD72-B02100E5EC1C SY11 4AB Oswestry Showground, A5 From Whittington Road Roundabout To Five Crosses Roundabout, Park Hall Variable Public 11m
7C8389C5-F587-42A0-BC62-AC4C0103719A SY11 4AD Artillery Business Park, Garrison Avenue, Oswestry 24/7 Public 11m
7E324553-517A-4861-A5C2-ADBF00BA3688 SY11 4AH Park Hall Highways Depot, Park Hall, Whittington 24/7 Public 11m
7ACC4F10-AC93-4988-9609-AD9E010986B9 SY11 4AS The Venue, Burma Road, Park Hall 24/7 Public 11m
26F38918-B767-4D66-BDFB-4349FED2218D SY11 4BS Whittington Senior Citizens Club, Station Road, Whittington 24/7 Public 11m
3646D7CF-AC9C-48BE-8D00-22C008133CAE SY11 4EH West Felton Village Hall, West Felton, West Felton Village Hall, Holyhead Road 24/7 Public 11m
290543FC-AFD4-4D84-826C-B0C800CAC3DA SY11 4HG The Laurels Barn, Grimpo Junction To Junction To Tedsmore, Grimpo 24/7 Public 7m
0FD5B827-F1B3-432E-B478-AEB600908F2D SY11 4JJ Oswestry Golf Club, Aston Park, Queens Head 24/7 Public 11m
3BBE903A-0F1F-4E06-87B2-E1518D883DA6 SY11 4JR West Felton C Of E Controlled Primary School, Oswestry Variable Restricted 9m
00A8E5BD-31DC-4563-8F91-AB7600CEC0E3 SY11 4NX Ellesmere Rural Parish Council, Welsh Frankton Village Hall, Welsh Frankton 24/7 Public 11m
8CB0AD0E-86AB-44CD-A76A-B0B900B7A358 SY11 4QA Mcdonalds - Shrewsbury Road, Shrewsbury Road, Oswestry, Shropshire 24/7 Public 7m
17F6CBA1-AC24-4E67-9DE4-B02D00C25CD7 SY11 4QB Oswestry Leisure Centre, Shrewsbury Road, Oswestry Variable Restricted 11m
633DFD79-5E13-4FA4-B1E6-4E3282F123FF SY11 4QB Walford & North Shropshire College, Shrewsbury Road, Oswestry Variable Public 11m
63D42C11-EA37-423F-A907-ADB900923063 SY12 0AL Ellesmere Town Hall, Willow Street, Ellesmere 24/7 Restricted 11m
152E3004-B476-416E-AAFE-ADB800B5C2D4 SY12 0AR Public Conveniences, Cross Street Car Park, Ellesmere 24/7 Public 11m
93595885-4354-4432-8F6C-2644A4362D0D SY12 0BZ Ellesmere Rangers Football Club Youth Club, Beech Grove, Ellesmere 24/7 Public 11m
253B12F4-7C77-4DF9-BC0D-4A6BFE51AD48 SY12 0DB Ellesmere Medical Practice, Trimpley Street, Ellesmere Variable Restricted 11m
5C3EB48A-3B5A-4A8E-82A6-AFAC0099FD79 SY12 0EA Ellesmere Site, Shropshire Homes Site, Scotland Street 24/7 Public 11m
F7183014-76E4-4383-823D-6036DB73BA06 SY12 0EA The Lakelands School, Oswestry Road, Ellesmere Variable Public 11m
843080BB-72FE-47E5-9389-AE2100F776FA SY12 0EJ Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Canal Way Variable Public 11m
5157 SY12 0EW Lakeside Coaches Ltd, The Coach Centre, Shropshire 24/7 Public
AAF0A8FA-94AA-48C1-9F09-AC0000FFE683 SY12 0EW A495, Ellesmere Variable Public 11m
D8B3628A-5E4C-4953-9E22-AE0100D65D2F SY12 0HB Ellesmere Bowling Club, Bowling Club And Premises, Church Hill 24/7 Public 11m
A4D624FF-40D7-49F7-9890-BDF24A1DEC9B SY12 0JE Cockshutt C Of E (Controlled) Primary School, Shrewsbury Road, Ellesmere 24/7 Public 11m
B435F2CE-B5F4-4079-A061-ADB800BA6B00 SY12 0PA Mereside Cottage, Mereside, Ellesmere 24/7 Public 11m
5599 SY12 0PG Welshampton C of E Primary School, Shropshire 24/7 Public
5598 SY12 0PY Parish Hall, Shropshire 24/7 Public
803485D5-D775-4ED6-8316-B08C00CE924F SY12 0PY Welshampton Parish Hall, Parish Hall, Station Road 24/7 Public 9m
1E298109-17CF-4AAF-B2FC-AB7600CFDDF6 SY12 9AS Ellesmere Rural Parish Council, Notice Board, Hordley Road 24/7 Public 11m
8D1FF4DA-094E-4FC2-B8C9-AFBA00F71115 SY12 9BQ Hordley Parish Council, Lower Hordley, Nr Ellesmere 24/7 Public 11m
9880114C-A1BD-4E10-8199-B05900E9E628 SY12 9BW Oaklands, Bagley, Ellesmere 24/7 Public 9m
2223E2AA-6202-4749-8779-ABAE00B15B61 SY12 9EF Ellesmere Rural Parish Council, St Mary's Church, Dudleston 24/7 Public 11m
D6C4E134-0C61-419C-BF75-64CAF4C827AA SY12 9EU Ellesmere Primary School, Elson Road, Ellesmere 24/7 Public 9m
230642FF-F8CD-46DB-B77F-AD9000FEE066 SY12 9JW Units A And B And D Cargotec Industrial Park, Junction With B5068 Opposite Elson Villas To Oak View And Braemar, Ellesmere Variable Public 11m
44FE7BAF-B830-413F-A8E2-AB2000B52C18 SY12 9JW Etc Sawmills L T D, Elson Road, Ellesmere Variable Restricted 11m
7EAB9163-C5B8-4D90-ABC1-07F2E758F1A2 SY12 9LE Criftins Parish Hall, B5068, Dudleston Heath 24/7 Public 11m
2EE03949-B4EA-4643-8D28-AB7600CD64F1 SY12 9LT Ellesmere Rural Parish Council, Criftins C Of E Primary School, Criftins 24/7 Public 11m
6A05B0B9-15F5-4542-81CA-B04400D20769 SY12 9LT Criftins C.e. School, Criftins, Ellesmere Variable Restricted 9m
1E1F40ED-5281-45AB-A897-B0AC00CA2DCD SY13 1AD Hatchers Solicitors, 45 Green End, Whitchurch Variable Public 8m
5C0D37FB-7A47-4A33-A5B4-B0B6D9C528D7 SY13 1AX Whitchurch Town Council, Civic Centre, High Street Variable Restricted 9m
195B262A-07A1-4C72-8135-B0B3012BCE8E SY13 1EU Whitchurch Rugby Football Club Club, 21 Edgeley Road, Whitchurch 24/7 Public 7m
961E8411-B909-4C0F-8AC3-AA8B00C11950 SY13 1HD Whitchurch Alport Juniors Football Club, 47 Roman Way, Whitchurch 24/7 Public 11m
BB253ED9-A5CD-4A41-8392-ADCF00EF4E83 SY13 1JD Belton Farm, Belton Road, Whitchurch Variable Restricted 11m
448F6335-E16B-4B21-A78F-B10200FC288B SY13 1RJ Station Road, Whitchurch Variable Restricted 5m
201B5E9D-B991-4E56-A08C-AFAC0099C897 SY13 1RU Shropshire Homes Construction Site, B5398, Whitchurch 24/7 Public 7m
E2EA767D-95C0-4CCE-97ED-5C03F9BF46B9 SY13 1SG Greenfields Nursing Home, Liverpool Road, Whitchurch 24/7 Restricted 11m
CE98B6B3-3446-4717-B455-AED800EDBEBA SY13 2AA Kennels Oakfields, Heath Road, Whitchurch 24/7 Public 11m
0ADC78AD-42E7-45D9-AF2F-D732B0FD331A SY13 2AS Fauls Church Pcc, Fauls Church Hall, Fauls Green 24/7 Public 11m
E58AD16F-1971-45E7-9B48-AE4500C8E7EB SY13 2BL Prees Green Chapel, B5065 From A 49 To Cruckmoor Junction, Prees Green 24/7 Public 11m
251C7472-755B-4641-A9C8-B03500DED061 SY13 2BT Lower Heath C.e. School, B5065 From Cruckmoor Lane Junction To A442 Prees Lower Heath, Lower Heath Variable Restricted 9m
E1511C7B-6E1B-4D52-995B-B15D007D28FE SY13 2BT Meadow View Stone, Lower Heath, Prees Variable Restricted 2m
2B19F27D-F819-4A2E-AEB4-B3D8E2562C81 SY13 2DQ Prees Village Hall, Church Street, Whitchurch 24/7 Public 11m
A0DA6504-874E-4C92-8C31-AA8500D2C670 SY13 2DX Prees Cricket & Recreation Club, Brades Road, Whitchurch 24/7 Restricted 11m
07F1EE57-CA2D-4C8F-986D-B11B00CFF531 SY13 2ER Prees Ce Primary School And Nursery, Prees C.e.(Controlled) Primary School, Cross End 24/7 Public 4m
8FB12116-CCB2-45B1-88EC-AA86009AD5E8 SY13 2JE Higher Heath Village Hall, Twemlows Avenue, Higher Heath 24/7 Public 11m
943419EB-C36F-4E5E-BBB4-B00D00924D8B SY13 2LD Bettisfield Village Hall, Northwood Road, Bettisfield 24/7 Public 11m
BBBA9761-716C-4794-B070-ADDD0131A498 SY13 2LW Cadney Lane, Whitchurch 24/7 Public 11m
DE783CE8-C99F-4695-9F46-B01E010620F4 SY13 2QB Rose Farm, Four Lane Ends Farm Junction To Chapel Lane, Ossage Lane 24/7 Public 11m
5F2E7308-E7B9-4A5B-ACB6-B11500CB26A9 SY13 2QS Whixall Marina, Alders Lane, Whixall 24/7 Public 4m
5933 SY13 2RA The Bull and Dog, Shropshire 24/7 Public
D4F49630-0194-47E8-B346-AD5200E7B66A SY13 3AU Iscoyd Wellness Clinic, Studio At Maes Y Groes Farm, Lane From Mannings Green To Maes Y Groes Farm 24/7 Public 11m
5EF01C84-D990-419F-8425-AF4C010892F0 SY13 3DE Hanmer And District Bowling Club, Bowling Green, Road From Home Farm Through Hanmer Village 24/7 Public 11m
AA6FF970-C2F1-4CDC-85E9-56F6A6F8A6C0 SY13 3DG St Chads V A School, General Area Of, Hanmer Whitchurch 24/7 Public 11m
4A53B2F0-0598-4DAA-B3DC-61F05EE0347E SY13 3EA Horsemans Green Community Group, Horsemans Green Community Centre, Road From Horsemans Green To Spring Bank 24/7 Public 11m
CD3A16AF-F116-4624-B931-BBA20E015F6F SY13 3HN Bronington Primary School, School Lane, Bronington Whitchurch 24/7 Public 11m
9F7D4A55-6677-4323-AD00-B00D0097A08E SY13 3JL Tilstock Bowling And Tennis Club, Tilstock Lane, Tilstock 24/7 Public 11m
B5482040-5D3A-4054-AF2C-AEC300C3474C SY13 3JQ Alderford, Alderford Lake, Tilstock Road Variable Public 11m
5096EE24-EE48-49D1-A5D3-AF260105BF76 SY13 3LR Acorn Wood, B5476 From Junction For Whixall To Steel Road, Coton 24/7 Public 11m
1C40364A-DA26-430D-BC40-B00B009BC185 SY13 3NR The Horseshoe Inn, B5476 From Steel Road End To Tilstock Road, Wem Road 24/7 Public 11m
6CA1E37F-3B89-4743-BAF3-B294A2ABDF87 SY13 3PL Tilstock Bradbury Village Hall, Crabmill Meadow, Tilstock 24/7 Public 6m
82F63FBD-2448-4AD2-A8EF-B15500F5E6B8 SY13 4AL Park View Business Centre, Combermere, Whitchurch Variable Restricted 2m
C0AD20C7-A54C-4276-BD14-9670CF1F8782 SY13 4AQ Llm Farm Vets, Lambert Leonard & May Llp, Old Woodhouses, Broughall 24/7 Public 11m
51A5D410-1DE9-4B9F-A03A-ADF300FC8151 SY13 4AT Combermere Arms, Whitchurch Road, Burleydam 24/7 Public 11m
66EB2C5A-DEFB-4483-A028-AEF10137CF4B SY13 4AT 3 Lower Farm Barns, Burleydam, Whitchurch 24/7 Public 11m
724A1D68-26E5-4C77-9829-AEBA00BBE0AA SY13 4AT Combermere Arms, Whitchurch Road, Burleydam 24/7 Public 11m
B0B2AB8D-3D01-4E22-AC00-B04E01036EAA SY13 4BX Brown Moss Installs.ended.played, Land At Brown Moss Countryside Heritage Site, Brown Moss Lane 24/7 Public 9m
263701B2-917A-41EE-B216-83AA21A9431E SY13 4DR Ash Village Hall, Junction West Of War Memorial To Ash House Farm Junction, Whitchurch 24/7 Public 11m
31055098-5DB2-4DC3-A212-B12A00A471BE SY13 4DT Ash Parva Pond Area, Centre Of Pond 29m From 30 14m From Unnamed Road, Ashwood Lane 24/7 Public 3m
2C8B88E2-F90C-4554-B419-ADFF01866E36 SY13 4LY Marbury Camp And Lodge Mount Pleasant, Hollyhurst Road, Marbury 24/7 Public 11m
69D509F4-EBB7-4B46-BE99-AE540104F848 SY14 7AL Smithy Filling Station, Wrexham Road, Malpas 24/7 Public 11m
6FE2B709-2D13-43C7-B982-B19600E81D3F SY14 7AL Smithy Filling Station, Wrexham Road, Cuddington 24/7 Public 3w
173033D4-AC6A-4795-ACFE-B11800A7B124 SY14 7BN Shocklach Oviatt Church Of England Primary School, Green Lane, Shocklach Oviatt Variable Restricted 4m
DC907B19-E28D-4361-BAB9-AE1F012F2620 SY14 7BN Main Gate To Shocklach Oviatt C Of E Primary School, Green Lane, Malpas 24/7 Public 9m
E5E2FCAE-1263-42EC-9F5A-B18F00ABDF18 SY14 7HH Tilston Village Hall, Tilston War Memorial Hall, Malpas Road 24/7 Public 3w
61B2438C-7BFE-43E5-963A-B12900E1E1B6 SY14 8AQ Radii Partitioning, Unit 3 Castle Farm, Bickerton Road Variable Restricted 3m
6FE76C06-EB65-4853-B64B-B19B00E2C952 SY14 8JD Bishop Heber High School, Chester Road, Malpas Variable Restricted 3w
C9FAAC4C-77CC-4E7B-974F-B19B00E37617 SY14 8JD Bishop Heber High School, Chester Road, Malpas 24/7 Public 3w
93F6ECEA-1742-40F1-A1F4-AC8400ED3C49 SY15 6AA Churchstoke C P School, Cae Camlad, Montgomery Variable Restricted 11m
08A47C5C-534C-4946-905E-AC5081C56594 SY15 6AF St Nicholas House Ltd, Church Stoke, Montgomery 24/7 Public 11m
EDC5E117-B6BF-4243-92DF-AF1E00E95EA1 SY15 6AT Hyssington Village Hall, C2056 From Junction With C2009 South Of Hyssington Near Ty Groes To Junction By West Croft, Hyssington 24/7 Public 11m
2B89E9FA-C0C5-4CDD-AF38-4BBF11A198EF SY15 6BH The Village Hall, Montgomery 24/7 Public 11m
86893EF8-7D30-4E90-B761-AB5800A8D76A SY15 6LQ Telephone Box, Post Office At Upper House Inn, C2057 From Fork By The Smithy Llandyssil To Crossroads By Disused Chapel Llandys 24/7 Public 9m
8D05940D-49C0-4A4D-9F56-7935CF0F3F45 SY15 6ND Smithy Park, Private Street From Junction With B4386 Opposite Telephone Exchange To Smithy Park, Abermule 24/7 Public 11m
EC02CFE3-EE1D-49DA-A9B7-AF5700C37000 SY15 6NH Gareth Pugh Steel Framed Buildings, Gareth Pugh Steel Framed Buildings Agrimont Depot, Station Yard, Abermule 24/7 Public 11m
159E9BA3-63ED-4BE0-B67E-1B9A43FC94AB SY15 6NW Goetre Retreat Caravan Park, General Area Of, Abermule Montgomery 24/7 Public 11m
A49B978F-0A0B-4708-A74D-C1F2A3CA9526 SY15 6PT Lions Bank, Montgomery 24/7 Public 11m
A4368943-0ADC-4872-BE7A-ACDF00DFFD9D SY15 6QA Montgomery Church In Wales School, School Bank, Montgomery Variable Public 11m
81BBF000-E7ED-4A8C-B0A5-B085009E4AF5 SY15 6QP Montgomery Fire Station, Chirbury Road, Montgomery 24/7 Public 7m
6525 SY15 6RA Montgomery Institute, Powys 24/7 Public
8F6C5C2D-2363-4E3A-BAEE-AB38001E473D SY15 6RS Nags Head Inn, Montgomery 24/7 Public 11m
808F5BDB-4C6B-4BF1-A29D-B10B00BB9BC2 SY15 6RU Argae Hall Caravan Park, Argae Hall,, Garthmyl 24/7 Public 4m
8A188291-7DF2-4AA9-999E-58944F48802C SY15 6RU Lakeside Golf Course, General Area Of, Garthmyl 24/7 Public 11m
D79F9A93-A9D7-497F-BE27-2871C64CE8A6 SY15 6TW Castlewright Farm, U2698 From Junction With C2150 T, Church Stoke, Montgomery 24/7 Public 11m
BA233D8F-F827-4993-B903-AEBF0096C464 SY15 6UL Montgomery Cricket Club, Montgomery Cricket Pavilion, Chirbury Road 24/7 Public 11m
C817BE40-AC36-4ED6-B524-B0DE00971EE5 SY16 1AL Mid Wales Housing Association, Ty Canol House, Ffordd Croesawdy Variable Public 6m
FD32EDFD-FDD2-4FD0-A3E8-AD2500B2C2BD SY16 1BF Community Centre, Heol Treowen, Newtown 24/7 Public 11m
F0C18A59-C752-432C-A9C5-AF2A00CCA557 SY16 1BP Newtown (Powys) Railway Station, Old Kerry Road, Newtown 24/7 Public 11m
7B7AF6B4-6225-4987-8002-6EE0AA41FE21 SY16 1DL Grooms Buildings - Unit 4 Grooms Garage Lts, Pool Road, Newtown Variable Public 3w
0A97FBCB-AD6A-4EA8-8731-AE3A00D12BF4 SY16 1DW Tesco, Newtown Cattle Market, Pool Road Variable Public 9m
337B7120-41AC-4236-9488-AFE800B5F4BA SY16 1DW Screwfix, Pool Road, Newtown Variable Restricted 11m
5BCD16EC-BF2B-4BB2-B872-AB7D00FBA2D2 SY16 1DW Smithfield Garage, Pool Road, Newtown 24/7 Public 11m
F890697B-2B05-4F3F-A0A4-6ACAB732F19E SY16 1DZ Polyco, Vastre Industrial Estate, Newtown Variable Public 3w
D71A4F23-935F-4BBD-9028-AB1000CE28D2 SY16 1EG Hafren Junior School, Park Street, Newtown Variable Public 11m
E2FB8C97-65CB-4259-9CA3-AC4FFD0DD0E2 SY16 1EN Heddlu Dyfed-Powys Police, Newtown Police Custody, Park Lane 24/7 Restricted 11m
E40D45F0-723E-4724-BD9C-AE6300DF868E SY16 1EN Newtown Football Club Latham Park, Park Lane, Newtown Variable Restricted 11m
61020479-4143-43BC-AD8F-B09800B9C830 SY16 1HF Mid & West Wales Fire Brigade, Fire Station, Llanidloes Road 24/7 Public 8m
65F1FF92-DEC4-412A-991F-B07E00D965CF SY16 1HF Newtown Fire Station, Llanidloes Road, Newtown 24/7 Public 9m
2335 SY16 1HL Newtown Evangelical Church, Powys 24/7 Public
8EDF678A-A95B-4090-8E70-0EC2A00DE3BE SY16 1JA Bethshan Housing & Nursing Home Project, Heol Treowen, Newtown 24/7 Restricted 11m
866FA7DC-263D-4C83-A570-656CA2463D35 SY16 1JB Ladywell House, Park Street, Newtown Variable Public 3w
B268C0D0-0CAD-4AA4-BEB1-AD4800BA6B6D SY16 1JD Hope Church, Hope Church Dolfor Road, Dolfor Road 24/7 Public 11m
180963F2-80ED-4019-B030-AE2900D9FEFD SY16 1JE Ysgol Dafydd Llwyd, Dolfor Road, Newtown Variable Restricted 11m
3D02BA87-E8CB-4A2C-A5ED-AB0D00F2CEF0 SY16 1JE Ysgol Dafydd Llwyd, Powys County Council, Plantation Lane Variable Restricted 11m
D23182BA-3598-444D-84AC-AF6A009B43CB SY16 2AG The Kaleidoscope Project, Offices At Severn House, 11 Severn Square 24/7 Public 11m
0D2CC5E7-8553-4388-BC34-AB58011E8181 SY16 2DF Penygloddfa Cp School, School Lane, Newtown Variable Restricted 11m
5AC075CC-3A90-40D6-90EA-AC7600B82035 SY16 2EH St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Milford Road, Newtown Variable Restricted 11m
D0AD5472-B517-4F82-8528-AFA800E0C924 SY16 2FA Llys Glan Yr Afon, Canal Road, Newtown 24/7 Public 11m
5BD1C898-3716-408D-BA9A-B061007F9C7E SY16 2PQ Ladywell Car Park Ladywell Shopping Centre, New Church Street, Newtown 24/7 Public 9m
094F694C-2C3C-49D9-BB78-0A37C11103D4 SY16 3AH Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc, Pool Road, Newtown Variable Public 11m
DCF91ABE-F22D-48A3-A614-AE7900C29EE8 SY16 3AJ Newtown Sports Club, Recreation Ground, Pool Road 24/7 Public 11m
15808CC5-7C5A-4C26-8AD7-ACD9009519CC SY16 3BT St Gwddelans Church, C2015 From Junction With B4389 Near New Mills Bridge To Junction West Of Llanwyd, Newtown 24/7 Public 11m
17E2E2F9-86EF-4037-B5EF-ACC80112DB6C SY16 3DB Village Hall, C2015 From Junction West Of Llanwyddelan To Crossroads Near Adfa, Newtown 24/7 Public 11m
95982417-6479-40C2-AC41-ACD700932CFF SY16 3DS Bettws Cedewain, Bull And Heifer, B4389 From Junction With C2006 At Bettws Bridge To Mill Street Bettws Cedewain 24/7 Public 4m
CD6FCF12-6B87-4B56-81BE-ACCD00ECBC01 SY16 3EH Community Centre Ysgol Rhiw Bechan, B4389 From Junction With Tan-Yr-Eglwys Tregynon To Main Junction With C2064 At T, Newtown 24/7 Public 11m
31523F26-3617-45D3-A2F8-A2FD9D1485CD SY16 3HT Aberhafesp Community Centre, C1258 From Fork Near Glanrhyd, Newtown 24/7 Public 11m
6559 SY16 3JF Sunny View Caravan Park, Powys 24/7 Public
71D58E1C-C5E5-47E5-BC77-55A622F49F57 SY16 3JR Hillcrest, Aberhafesp, Newtown 24/7 Public 11m
AF00846D-E431-4ABA-99D5-AC91015B24EC SY16 3NQ New Mills Village Hall, New Mills, Manafon 24/7 Public 11m
AEE9C756-6127-496A-ACBA-AF4E0113DC0A SY16 4AH The Honeypot Childrens Charity, Penybryn Chapel, C2155 From Junction Near Garth-Heilyn And Chapel To Junction Near Old Neuadd And Variable Restricted 11m
03012D3D-1F69-4EFD-B55A-E6E9442DE2C9 SY16 4BN Community Hall, U2842 From Junction With A483t, Dolfor 24/7 Public 11m
82ECC8CA-552E-4BFB-9CD5-AB0900F3249A SY16 4DE Kerry Football Field, Dolforgan Park, Kerry 24/7 Public 11m
5A145E0E-1C7C-47FB-8159-AE6E0091B0AB SY16 4EJ One School Global, Newtown Campus, Sarn School, Sarn Variable Restricted 11m
EE590DFD-03D1-44A6-B10A-ACAD00AC8D31 SY16 4HU Nptc Group Of Colleges, Llandiloes Road, Newtown Variable Public 11m
64C085CE-14D0-4E6A-AA1C-ADCD00EE1893 SY16 4HZ Glandulas Caravan Park, Llanidloes Road, Newtown 24/7 Public 11m
F87F7EFC-836E-4CA2-8BEF-ACAD00A81173 SY16 4JA Nptc Group, Fronlas Farm, Mochdre Lane Variable Public 11m
2E469019-A716-4942-B1D4-B02700E41D6E SY16 4LE Welsh Ambulance Services Nhs Trust, Ambulance Station And Premises Mochdre Industrial Estate, Heol Mochdre 24/7 Public 11m
FEA2E79F-E4A5-4180-A31A-B0FB00D5AA70 SY16 4LE Electric Classic Cars Limited, Unit 37 Mochdre Industrial Estate, Newtown, Powys Variable Restricted 5m
0623F9C2-6C51-4EAB-B8E1-ACC500E90254 SY16 4NU Kerry Defib Group, Kerry Village Hall, Kerry 24/7 Public 11m
A0133B30-435A-4388-A5A3-AC7000D30D6E SY16 4NU Common Road, Newtown Variable Restricted 11m
AB22E1A2-89F4-45AC-9513-ADCE01121474 SY17 5BT 11 Aelybryn, Llandinam 24/7 Public 11m
36854434-3EDE-4218-9D50-AE700088E9B6 SY17 5BY Llandinam Primary School, U4531 Unadopted From C2157 To Primary School Adopted From Primary School To Junction, Llandinam Variable Restricted 11m
968E5A3E-4EDF-421F-848D-AECA012ED9C6 SY17 5EL Caersws Coummunity Council, Caersws Village Hall, Main Street 24/7 Public 11m
9EAC8204-5F1E-4C97-A3AD-AECA012A1DB3 SY17 5EQ Premier Stores, Station Road, Caersws 24/7 Public 11m
311DAC8A-E0F7-444A-A201-B14A017492A5 SY17 5EU Caersws Football Club, Tennis 121m From Bridge End Cottage 24m From Unnamed Road, A470t From Junction With A489t By Caersws To Bridge Street Caersws 24/7 Public 2m
2A9A1BF7-14C0-49DF-B8E1-AE2900A9F91C SY17 5HG 17 Maesawelon, Caersws Variable Restricted 11m
571E5B3F-A750-46D1-A905-AE6A00950576 SY17 5HH Caersws Station, Station Road, Caersws, Powys 24/7 Public 11m
88D00D13-34BA-4859-A0E8-85D13B70A27B SY17 5LH Community Centre, General Area Of, Carno Caersws 24/7 Public 11m
E7AA210F-532D-42FC-923F-AECA013421E3 SY17 5NL Caersws Community Council, Old School, Clatter 24/7 Public 11m
55849391-3E46-4C1E-A1F8-AB11010AD451 SY17 5PH Ysgol Dyffryn Trannon, Caersws Variable Restricted 11m
1DDAA679-46E7-4D64-94AF-AD5D00AED4A5 SY17 5RP U2932 From B4518 Between Access To Faidre-Fawr And C2072 To Llyn Clywedog, Llanidloes Variable Public 11m
7722 SY17 5SB Mid Wales Golf Centre, Powys 24/7 Public
E1764042-6A7A-4020-A8C0-AF3F014DDB32 SY17 5SB Love2stay Mid Wales, Love2stay Mid Wales, Mid Wales Golf Centre, Moat Lane 24/7 Public 11m
7724 SY18 5DH Leylands Caravan Park, Powys 24/7 Public
6864 SY18 6AS Hafren Furnishers, Powys 24/7 Public
73010A25-54DD-4EEB-84B3-B09A00A60D89 SY18 6BN Llanidloes Town Council, Llanidloes Town Council, Town Hall Great Oak Street, Llanidloes 24/7 Public 8m
79A6E291-6FDD-401B-A4FF-AE3600D868CB SY18 6BZ St Idloes Masonic Lodge., Masonic Lodge, Mount Lane 24/7 Public 11m
17B5F16A-A731-4FB0-8A33-B01A00EF7C3D SY18 6EB Mid & West Wales Fire Brigade, Fire Station, U4107 From Station Workshops To Junction With Cambrian Place 24/7 Public 11m
B204169F-130B-4AD3-9E08-AEFC00A22308 SY18 6ES Llanidloes Hafren Furnishers, Hafren Furnishers, Llangurig Road 24/7 Public 11m
E41DA8AD-76C0-46BA-9EFD-AF010128139A SY18 6ES Llanidloes Bowling Club, Llangriug Road, Llanidloes 24/7 Public 11m
66D379FC-2D62-4A02-9B91-AB7500DEEA56 SY18 6EX Llanidloes High School, Llangurig Road, Llanidloes 24/7 Public 11m
7246159D-AF4A-411F-AA1D-AFC6014471F5 SY18 6EX Llanidloes Cricket Club, Cricket Ground, Llangurig Road 24/7 Public 11m
94634003-5820-4A8B-925E-AE2900E06DA8 SY18 6EX Llanidloes High School, B4518 From Llangurig Road To Junction With A470t South Of Maenol, Llanidloes 24/7 Public 11m
F01A0AB6-8ED3-4C57-BB63-AE63011A5160 SY18 6EX Llanidloes Cp School, Llanidloes Primary School, Llangurig Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
5093 SY18 6JT Community Centre, Powys 24/7 Public
7AA3EAC1-C7A4-4821-8AB8-AF1F00B7DE8A SY18 6JT Llidiartywaen And District Community Centre, Llidiartywaen Community Centre, C2024 From Crossroads At Crud Yr Awel To Junction Near Community Centre 24/7 Public 11m
91684BF9-974B-47B5-B636-AE8900B465F3 SY18 6LG St Idloes Golf Club, B4569 From Croesllwyn To Junction With C2195 By Rose Cottage, Llanidloes 24/7 Public 11m
7F2EBF81-27C0-4A38-9A19-AF4C00F6DFBE SY18 6LQ Leylands Holiday Home Park, Dolwen, Llanidloes 24/7 Public 11m
11C46D4B-554E-4EF6-9DCA-D01414644BC7 SY18 6NE Clywedog Riverside Holiday Home Park, General Area Of, Van 24/7 Public 11m
A30B5303-EFDF-4D98-91D0-AE6600A13AF9 SY18 6NX Clywedog Sailing Club, C2073 From Junction With Access Road For Deildre Fawr To Fork By Clywedog Sailin, Llanidloes 24/7 Public 11m
B8EA8DA0-2802-4AE1-9780-3BCEEB5455DF SY18 6RG Cwmbelan Chapel, Cwnmbelan, Cwmbelan 24/7 Public 11m
B73A46CC-2FFE-4DD5-BFDB-B0D400EEB505 SY19 7AF D Olerw, A470t From Junction With U2321 By Pont Pant-Glas To Junction With B4518 At Llanbrynmair, Llanbrynmair 24/7 Public 6m
B7FD915F-83ED-4771-8316-C85E521AB37D SY19 7AJ Hafan, Talerddig, Llanbrynmair 24/7 Public 11m
9D13D487-C087-46F5-BBE1-73212DC37219 SY19 7BB Can Yr Afon, General Area Of, Bont Dolgadfan Llanbrynmair 24/7 Public 11m
CF9472F2-34F7-4517-ABDE-16E6920C95B3 SY19 7BJ Ty Mawr, General Area Of, Pennant Llanbrynmair 24/7 Public 11m
8FE2C27D-D7BD-4574-880B-B1276A3B864E SY19 7BL Glantrannon, General Area Of, Pennant 24/7 Public 11m
E96F5403-1933-4F56-B358-AB8300BA9E9F SY19 7BU Clywedog Community Association, Staylittle Community Hall, Staylittle 24/7 Public 11m
E31DFF9E-CC7C-4389-A407-AB8300BE8D09 SY19 7BW Clywedog Community Association, The Star Inn, Dylife 24/7 Public 11m
33FB30F3-B50C-4D6F-8C94-AB660151253E SY19 7DH Comunity Center, Llanbrynmair 24/7 Public 11m
28661325-3874-470C-BECF-B0A9012E077E SY19 7DT Hafod Tafolwern, Hafod, Tafolwern 24/7 Public 8m
B468120B-297F-46CA-AB1A-ACF900DA48A4 SY19 7DW Llysteg, B4518 From Crossroads With C2018 At Bontdolgadfan To Old Bridge Bont-Y-Green, Llanbrynmair 24/7 Public 11m
BF83D516-EACE-4E26-B19D-B432B10C82C3 SY19 7DY Bodhyfryd Pandu, Bodhyfryd, Pandu 24/7 Public 11m
3A7D71A8-3113-4B7D-86EF-AB5600B259B3 SY2 5BN Monkmoor Recreation Ground, 122 Monkmoor Road, Shrewsbury Variable Public 11m
3A934F78-575B-488A-B537-ADCD00AEBD37 SY2 5DE Piteau Associates Uk Limited, Suite 1 Canon Court West, Abbey Lawn Variable Restricted 11m
6D8CB1B8-616B-4E0C-866A-B192006FCA5C SY2 5JJ Shrewsbury Baptist Church, Crowmere Road, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 3w
AEEDD25C-CB71-40FA-BA7D-B08300B9A90D SY2 5NJ St Giles Church Of England School, Portland Crescent, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 9m
D1E2F5D0-E20F-4D58-96E2-AEAE00E257CB SY2 5NJ St Giles Church Of England School, Portland Crescent, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
E99376C3-5878-48A1-8337-AE2900DC5665 SY2 5PP Taylor Wimpey, Lily Hay Phase 2 - Site Office, Off London Road Variable Restricted 9m
35466AFF-8717-49F1-B49B-B0F10082004D SY2 5RJ New School Belvidere School, Belvidere Lane, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 5m
C281468F-48A5-4A9F-B941-AFCE00B94E9A SY2 5RR Shropshire Youth Association, Monkmoor Youth Club, Upton Lane 24/7 Public 11m
07B0EC54-E720-467A-B9C0-AF2600B3109A SY2 5SH Wilfred Owen County Primary School Monkmoor Campus, Woodcote Way, Shrewsbury Variable Public 11m
67867283-3923-4042-BE9A-AF9B00DA07AD SY2 5ST Hartley Hub, Unit 8 Hartley Business Centre, 272-284 Monkmoor Road 24/7 Public 11m
A3E4805F-F4E1-4748-BFB5-B19200723FB2 SY2 5UA Ron’s Barber Shop, Conway Drive, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 3w
C247F109-C8E9-4524-BFD9-AE240109B7B0 SY2 5WP Taylor Wimpey, Lily Hay Site Office, Picton Drive Variable Restricted 9m
447FCEF3-2A33-4895-BA13-B09600A17201 SY2 5YB Belvidere County Primary School, Tenbury Drive, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 8m
7B83C361-8F41-439B-B805-AF6500BD6AE3 SY2 6AB The Old Meadow Community, 65 The Old Meadow, Shrewsbury 24/7 Restricted 11m
89A8262C-EC51-46EC-A1FA-50C0F0BA4147 SY2 6AH Abbey Foregate Toilets, Public Conveniencies, Old Potts Way 24/7 Public 11m
3D7D2862-2E36-41AF-9A12-ADE9009FB054 SY2 6AL Stantec, First Floor, New Zealand House, 160-162 Abbey Foregate Variable Public 11m
CB891B54-1D4D-4AD8-A936-AEF300B016BE SY2 6BS The Abbey Church, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury Variable Public 11m
860BD96A-33D7-498E-ADF8-AF2D00C8A05D SY2 6BT The Crown Inn, 28 Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
524FF7F2-85D1-4CBD-BAA4-2F3942E310FD SY2 6DL Marden Medical Practice 25, Sutton Road, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
506CA58F-DB33-4018-9F57-B0D000A7F958 SY2 6FG Newmedica Shrewsbury Eye Health Clinic And Surgical Centre, Anchorage Avenue, Shrewsbury Business Park Variable Restricted 6m
A78B1449-873B-40AC-B644-32878E2B6541 SY2 6FG Car Park Entrance To Mount Mckinley House, Anchorage Avenue, Shrewsbury Business Park 24/7 Public 6m
B8A21EDE-5E23-4B54-8FF2-AFF400F6B0B6 SY2 6GF Jaguar Land Rover, Thieves Lane, Shrewsbury Variable Public 11m
22F1EF00-BCCF-47D0-A7E8-B0D000AA85C6 SY2 6LG Newmedica Shrewsbury - Alaska Building, The Alaska Building, Sitka Drive Variable Restricted 6m
848EB798-3521-4501-B650-8EF840EEF768 SY2 6LG Busy Bees Sitka Drive, Shrewsbury Business Park, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
038C3C86-A47D-49B9-BC87-B0140093C746 SY2 6LH Mereside Community Centre, Mereside, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
934383A4-3DE6-410E-87AF-AE7F00FD4B88 SY2 6LN St Giles Church Pcc, Springfield Memorial Hall, Sutton Way 24/7 Public 11m
92C9943A-D48C-45D1-B5AD-AAC600A0C9FE SY2 6NN Azets, Column House, 7 London Road Variable Public 11m
A1C8F0DF-0499-48B6-A1F5-AFE400DEFE8C SY2 6PR London Road Sports Centre Shrewsbury College Of Arts And Technology, London Road, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
C274A28B-1AEA-48D9-AC04-A23A87873B41 SY2 6QQ Shropshire Council, Meole Brace Golf Course, Oteley Road Variable Restricted 11m
29ED457E-4479-429F-91C1-AE2F01046BB8 SY2 6ST Montgomery Waters Meadow, Football Ground, Oteley Road Variable Public 11m
0B98DEC1-AAC9-47F1-B60F-B01C0148633B SY20 8AD Ambulance Station Bro Ddyfi Community Hospital, Maengwyn Street, Machynlleth 24/7 Public 11m
68862C49-F5CB-49A4-AC8E-ADB70093A523 SY20 8AD Bro Ddyfi Community Hospital, Maengwyn Street, Machynlleth Variable Restricted 11m
D8A3F6E1-DA0F-489F-84AF-C06A4B91206B SY20 8AJ Machynlleth Tabernacle Trust Y Tabernacle, Penrallt Street, Machynlleth 24/7 Public 11m
461AB17C-72E8-4417-91F6-A06F6429F8CD SY20 8AU Machynlleth Bowling Club, Lon Llynlloedd, Machynlleth 24/7 Public 11m
98FC3788-0B38-4ECC-A4E1-ADD40097F8E6 SY20 8AX Dulas Ltd, Unit 2, Dyfi Eco Park 24/7 Public 11m
B163B70A-AC06-4FE1-A1A4-AE6A0094ABAA SY20 8BL Machynlleth Station, Heol Y Doll, Machynlleth, Powys 24/7 Public 11m
B0854914-B9E5-41EC-80BA-ACB500AD80D5 SY20 8EF Hennighan's Top Shop, 121-123 Maengwyn Street, Machynlleth 24/7 Public 11m
15789D50-6CCE-4A1E-AC24-5F6FE52416CF SY20 8EL Machynlleth Rugby Club, Bank Lane, Main Town Car Park Off Maengwyn Street 24/7 Public 11m
3B4EB28E-524C-467D-B328-FBF1B74A5AC9 SY20 8ER Bro Dyfi Leisure Centre, Plas Machynlleth, Machynlleth Variable Restricted 11m
FDEDAC76-B322-4DC9-AA77-9026672E1841 SY20 8ER Bwyty Y Plas, Cafe Y Plas, Heol Pentrerhedyn 24/7 Public 11m
2340A2AA-03C4-455B-8963-7E29E4AEB107 SY20 8HE Ysgol Bro Hyddgen - Primary Campus, Craigfryn / Newtown Road, Machynlleth 24/7 Public 11m
6206C11F-1541-4E4F-A2DF-B07E00D98342 SY20 8HE Machynlleth Fire Station, Newtown Road, Machynlleth 24/7 Public 9m
23D41C9F-C928-439E-949F-4A1D0110F7B4 SY20 8HQ Garth Holiday Park - 24/7 Aed, Garth Road, Garth Farm 24/7 Public 11m
E575AC03-D8C9-41B1-91D8-AE70017331DE SY20 8HQ Garth Holiday Park - 24/7 Aed, Entrance Hall - Garth Cottage, Garth Holiday Park 24/7 Public 11m
585C4BCC-3114-45C5-B535-CDCBC3479DD9 SY20 8JH Rehoboth Cm Chapel Vestry Grounds, A487t Taliesin Village, Chapel Street, 24/7 Public 11m
06808FB5-EBBA-45EB-8B85-F780483A38FA SY20 8JZ Dovey Valley Hotel, General Area Of, Cemmaes Road 24/7 Public 11m
CFE4A43F-7BE4-455C-8578-ACF400E63ACB SY20 8LX Ysgol Glantwymyn C P, Glantwymyn, Machynlleth Variable Public 11m
DCFC539E-1FAB-40CD-8955-53AE540950D6 SY20 8LX Glantwymyn Community Centre, Glantwymyn, Machynlleth 24/7 Public 5m
90DD672D-6926-4188-BE83-AD97016270F5 SY20 8NF Glancrewi, U2273 From Junction With C2086 To Junction With C2086 Via Glancrewi, Machynlleth 24/7 Public 11m
9B4244E1-B18B-40CB-A341-B97FBA1F3407 SY20 8NN Warren Parc Leisure Ltd Warren Parc, General Area Of, Penegoes Machynlleth 24/7 Public 11m
76BED98A-F0E2-4402-A83B-8C80B2CCC1FF SY20 8NY Penybont, C2085 From Junction By Post Of, Talywern 24/7 Public 11m
44D5A2B1-F20D-4661-98B7-ACE400937767 SY20 8PN Llangynfelyn Defibrillator Group, Wildfowler Hotel (On Rear Wall), C1166 From The South Entrance To The A487t To The North Entrance Of The A487t 24/7 Public 11m
69FC669C-DB18-486E-9D21-D582378B31F5 SY20 8PU St Cynfelyn Church, B4353 From Holiday Park To Entrance Of St. Cynfelin's Church, Llancynfelin Church Gate. 24/7 Public 11m
FF31480B-DB9E-4CA5-8573-B11100D376C2 SY20 8QH Village Green - Phone Kiosk, Ty Isaf, Village Green - Phone Kiosk 24/7 Public 4m
6690186D-6D04-4222-A885-32433F74AC51 SY20 8QJ Dovey Valley Caravan Park, General Area Of, Llanwrin 24/7 Public 11m
59B8FA05-0D2D-4DA9-A36B-95FDE7848DB7 SY20 8RA Aberhosan School Village Hall, General Area Of, Aberhosan 24/7 Public 2m
346EECC6-6FD2-41AA-A703-B16200E54598 SY20 8RN No 4 Bontfaen, 4 C2170 From Junction Near Is-Y-Bryn And Pant-Glas To Junction By Pont Faen At For, Forge 24/7 Public 2m
68970488-55B2-409D-99BD-9533E31EA1DA SY20 8SH Public Telephone 5m From Rhiwlas 4m From Unnamed Road, C2085 From Junction By Capel M, Melin-Byrhedyn Machynlleth 24/7 Public 6m
396C8B09-725F-4BCC-BE6A-EB2E6479CC20 SY20 8SR Morben Caravan Park, A487t From County Boundary By Derwenlas To Heol Pentrerhedyn Machynlleth, Machynlleth 24/7 Restricted 11m
B4B90029-D581-4350-826C-861B66CF7DF6 SY20 8SU Post Box 22m From 1 Park Terrace On Unnamed Road, A487t Glandyfi Village, Glandyfi 24/7 Public 11m
66673D8A-97FE-4E7F-87C3-B16201240853 SY20 8TN Black Lion, Derwenlas, Machynlleth 24/7 Public 2m
5CDBA89F-971A-4168-A4A8-B10E00F2E616 SY20 8UH Machynlleth Golf Club, Newtown Road, Machynlleth 24/7 Public 4m
B5F04BF2-DD3C-4A0A-B3B1-B10E00F35EAE SY20 8UH Machynlleth Golf Club, Newtown Road, Machynlleth Variable Public 4m
B3371D2D-F3A9-417D-96C5-2FF87642CD0C SY20 8UJ Defi At Dolguog Side Of The River, Defi At Dolguog Side Of The River., U2270 From Junction With A489t Near Felingerrig Bridge To Access For Plas Dolguog Hotel 24/7 Public 11m
E02231EC-2C82-4698-B254-ADC900923164 SY20 9AZ Centre For Alternative Technology Plc, Centre For Alternative Technology, U2269 From Spur Of Road To Glan-Dulas-Mawr To Junction With Road To Llwyn-Y-Gog 24/7 Restricted 11m
AC58155B-8BAC-43CB-ACF5-AFA20093C342 SY20 9BE Corris Community Council, Public Conveniences, A487(T) From Bethania Terrace Corris Uchaf To Link Road 24/7 Public 11m
C79AFB43-4E3E-49E9-AC7C-77481C728964 SY20 9DS Canolfan Pennal, Canolfan Pennal - Toilet Block, Marian Terrace 24/7 Public 5m
9AB7CBAB-107D-425B-9B20-2FDD8B62A0AC SY20 9HJ Brigands Inn, Road From A470 Junction Trewen, Mallwyd 24/7 Public 11m
BE59F58D-C7F6-47B4-B8E3-5E3B77358BAD SY20 9JA Hen Siop, General Area Of, Dinas Mawddwy Machynlleth 24/7 Public 11m
7671D97E-B81C-4853-9D30-AB1200DC7424 SY20 9JY Macdonald Plas Talgarth Resort, Pennal Variable Restricted 11m
D6D20C3A-D577-4FE9-905D-428B8AA69205 SY20 9LD Penmaen Bach Caravan Park, Cwrt Pennal 24/7 Public 5m
29765423-2039-4A31-93CF-AF3A011CBC1E SY20 9NU Neuadd Bentref Cwmllinau, Village Hall, U2291 From Crossroads With U4675 And Road To Tycapel To Junction With Road To Oc 24/7 Public 11m
378BE5C9-DF81-4D50-963D-DBED53752D81 SY20 9PR Penrhos Arms Hotel, General Area Of, Cemmaes 24/7 Public 11m
0AB94DAA-684C-4DE6-A4B6-AF2D00B30F0A SY20 9QG Pwyllgor Neuadd Aberangell, Village Hall, Aberangell 24/7 Public 11m
27B02FF5-4343-43CF-A8C5-AE9E01500625 SY21 0AG Ty'r Melinydd, C2014 From Junction By Stone Cottage Llanllugan To Junction Near Vicarage Cefn C, Cefn Coch 24/7 Public 11m
8C4A7D24-AB7A-4F47-809B-263598579DC4 SY21 0AJ Carmel Caravan Park Tynewydd, General Area Of, Cefn Coch Variable Restricted 11m
E88CB889-2C22-4617-A9FC-AB1B01398B5C SY21 0DB Oakwood Valley Lodges Y Graig, C2041 From Crossroads With B4385 Near Rhos-Fawr To Crossroads With B4389 Gibbet, Llanfair Caereinion 24/7 Public 11m
D507429A-6198-49AD-AEA5-B17800EF58CD SY21 0DR Rhiwhiriaeth Community Centre, C2130 From Junction Near Tyn Y Wern To Junction By Footbridge And Ford Near Dol-Y-Far, Llanfair Caereinion 24/7 Public 7w
0D5BD20E-DCCD-4DA6-9B23-ABDD6FDE15BA SY21 0HW Caerenion Leisure Centre, General Area Of, Llanfair Caereinion 24/7 Public 11m
8037A812-F496-4090-BD25-98FE6C82949A SY21 0HX Neuadd Bridge Caravan Park, A458t From Junction With A495, Llanfair Caereinion 24/7 Public 11m
E25F9792-D147-47C6-80D4-AB1000ACC0FA SY21 0HZ Ysgol Gynradd Llanerfyl, Llanerfyl County School, Welshpool Variable Restricted 11m
80B24B78-E212-494B-B791-AB8800FC1C38 SY21 0NW Llangadfan School, Llangadfan, Welshpool 24/7 Public 11m
32AFFED4-50CC-4288-8BE2-B08400E115E7 SY21 0RG Llanfair Caereinion Fire Station, Watergate Street, Llanfair Caereinion 24/7 Public 9m
2B7BE5CD-C965-47A6-ACC3-ADF100EC91F4 SY21 0RR The Black Lion, Parsons Bank, Welshpool 24/7 Public 11m
74AF8F9C-6F58-4C51-88D9-AE60010D38E5 SY21 0RX Llanfair United F.c., Mount Field, Mount Road 24/7 Public 11m
7C18A4EE-DFB7-496E-87AC-AEB700DAD461 SY21 0RY Llanfair Caereinion Town Council, Library The Institute, Bridge Street 24/7 Public 11m
EA5A8CF2-F060-4D37-A946-AF8E00AF37FD SY21 0RY The Institute, Bridge Street, Welshpool 24/7 Public 11m
C561B395-0730-4E99-A296-ACDF00DF6B1B SY21 0SF Llanfair Primary School, Pool Road, Welshpool Variable Restricted 11m
EEDF73B7-9CC9-4EFE-9440-4E0EC9AD832A SY21 7AH Welshpool Town Bowling Club, Canal Side, Welshpool 24/7 Public 11m
789D4D66-F776-4E33-B6C4-AE232436F54B SY21 7AQ Health Focus, 3 Canal Yard, Welshpool 24/7 Public 11m
9ACFDE09-8A40-41AC-9056-B01B0063963B SY21 7AR Welshpool Ambulance Station, Ambulance Station And Premises, Severn Road 24/7 Public 11m
9B28C2CE-FCBB-47C7-820D-AE6A0094522A SY21 7AZ Welshpool Station, Adjacent To Welshpool Relief Road, Welshpool, Powys 24/7 Public 11m
D41AFA47-EE4E-4BC8-A891-D795DE13DF6F SY21 7BE Technocover Ltd Unit C, Henfaes Lane, Welshpool Variable Restricted 11m
AF2BEAA0-5C35-4890-A7D3-B0F801082F4E SY21 7BL Tesco Stores Ltd, Petrol Filling Station Superstore And Premises, Mill Lane Variable Public 2m
D0697AD8-3905-4945-B145-DB9E619FDA5F SY21 7BL Tesco Stores Ltd, Mill Lane, Welshpool Variable Public 9m
3584D8A7-323E-4740-84B4-AF5D00E1BE20 SY21 7DF Welshpool, Natural Resources Wales, Welshpool Depot, Unit 15b, Severn Farm Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 9m
7E17AD71-A36A-4497-BF0F-DBDB3280709C SY21 7DG Royal Oak Hotel, The Cross, Welshpool 24/7 Restricted 11m
B01D886B-D6DA-46AA-A426-1D7B3EF036D6 SY21 7DH Powys County Council, Flash Leisure Centre, Salop Road Variable Restricted 11m
E8FAF4B9-8C87-4107-9344-BD79642770C3 SY21 7DJ Rhallt Nursing Home, Salop Road, Welshpool 24/7 Public 11m
3E66A85A-10F4-4E93-BA01-AC3A0133CA3D SY21 7EA Welshpool Town Council, Ann Holloway Day Care Centre, Salop Road 24/7 Public 11m
AE6F9A66-FF7A-42FE-84AD-82C912611AA8 SY21 7EH The Hermitage, Salop Road, Welshpool 24/7 Public 11m
05E012A9-CCC9-4E5B-8EC9-AF8800BD2CA0 SY21 7ET Petrogas, Apple Green Petrol Station, Salop Road 24/7 Public 11m
BB962CE8-0DB9-42E1-8155-4114843D99CA SY21 7JP Welshpool Methodist Church, High Street, Welshpool 24/7 Public 11m
BF036DB1-0652-46EB-AFCE-AC3A0131773A SY21 7JQ Welshpool Town Hall, Welshpool 24/7 Public 11m
36C77A69-8CFD-4D8C-AB89-AF5D00EB5272 SY21 7JY Coed Y Gororau, Natural Resources Wales, Coed Y Gororau, Powell's Place, Powell's Lane 24/7 Public 9m
BAC7493C-82D9-4172-BA9D-17EC4A6A8240 SY21 7LR St Winifreds Catholic Church, 2 Raven Street, Welshpool 24/7 Public 11m
4846A967-DB2C-4A3C-B095-ACBC00E6C00C SY21 7NU Welshpool Church In Wales Primary School - Powys County Council, Salop Road - Powys County Council, Postcode Is Sy21 7fa Variable Public 11m
01AB0019-C497-4536-9E2D-AF1E00A92A09 SY21 7PH Powys County Council, Ty Maldwyn, Brook Street 24/7 Public 11m
8F39F4B1-3E42-4E59-8544-AE2A00A361E8 SY21 7PW Ysgol Gymraeg Y Trallwng, Red Bank, Welshpool Variable Restricted 11m
9A7900E9-3B17-49DE-946F-ACD3014FED4D SY21 7SQ Wm Morrisons Supermarkets Plc, Morrisons Supermarket, Berriew Road Variable Public 11m
1CC7CC05-4AC6-40AA-9C17-AC44008D0AAE SY21 7SU Welshpool Town Council, Maes Y Dre Play Area Welshpool Cricket And Rugby Union Football Club, Howell Road 24/7 Public 11m
CE6E7C95-5628-4517-8B54-AEDE00F279F0 SY21 7SZ North Montgomeryshire Volunteer Bureau, Oldford Estate Office, Oldford Rise 24/7 Public 11m
2DA12121-B038-47BD-8E59-D6F23E9C15A1 SY21 7TE 1st Clive's Own Welshpool Scout Hq & Community Centre, Oldford Lane, Welshpool 24/7 Public 11m
2443D211-ADEA-4824-AD92-AE17CC5C6AB0 SY21 7UX County Court Mansion House Welsh Pool Law Courts, 24 Severn Street, Welshpool Variable Restricted 11m
D363BDDD-0987-4593-B7E9-ADEB0175DFF2 SY21 7UZ 5 Powis Court, Welshpool 24/7 Public 11m
91A04A21-6324-46AC-A171-A6F0BA76F8F9 SY21 8AL Berriew Recreation Association, Berriew Recreation Field, Berriew 24/7 Public 11m
5F75C77B-1D0E-40F0-B530-AC870111AE54 SY21 8BA Berriew Community & Youth Centre, Next To Berriew Primary School, Berriew 24/7 Public 11m
EC639F17-5AF0-4404-82AC-AF9200AC10E8 SY21 8BL Public Telephone 38m From 2/1, Church Cottages 7m From B4390, B4390 From Junction With U2402 To Junction With Glanrhiw Manafon, Welshpool 24/7 Public 11m
3C18232C-4D43-45AB-894F-ACB500A8C49D SY21 8EL Trewern Defibrillator Group, Middletown Village Hall, Middletown 24/7 Public 11m
DFEC1A89-1BA9-4A93-BE65-AFF200739B1F SY21 8HJ 8a Leighton Centre, Unit 8a Leighton Centre, U2476 From Junction At Pentre Lodge House To Junction By Leighton Farm Buildings 24/7 Public 11m
FE4B2AA1-08DF-429C-BD61-AFE400A6939F SY21 8HJ Leighton Centre, Unit 8a Leighton Centre, U2476 From Junction At Pentre Lodge House To Junction By Leighton Farm Buildings 24/7 Public 11m
18F192D3-11D9-429A-BC1C-AFF20085BDBF SY21 8HX The Shooting Lodge, Trelystan Crossroads, Trelystan 24/7 Public 11m
92FCD63C-30ED-4CA7-9639-AFE400B6327F SY21 8HX Plas Coed, Trelystan Cross Roads, Trelystan 24/7 Public 9m
5699 SY21 8JX Lowfield Timber Frames Ltd, Powys 24/7 Public
7723 SY21 8JX Marton Pool Holiday Home Park, Shropshire 24/7 Public
2DA3A6D1-71A0-4F1C-AE32-AF0E00F61C77 SY21 8JX Marton Pool Holiday Home, Marton 24/7 Public 11m
353BDC79-A5FB-4FC1-BBD8-48DA13341A90 SY21 8LX Congregational Chapel, Forden Congregational Church, A490 From Junction With B4388 By The Beeches Kingswood To Junction With U2466 By 24/7 Public 9m
F68AF782-02D2-4339-BFB0-5C192480CFE3 SY21 8NE Forden Community Centre, C2114 From Junction By Brynhyfryd Hospital To Junction With B4388 By Oaklands, Forden 24/7 Public 11m
83E0735B-AD6D-421C-990A-AE7900D84620 SY21 8PJ Comrades Hut, B4385 From Junction With C2006 By The Talbot Berriew To Crossroads By Berriew Br, Berriew 24/7 Public 11m
B093FF5B-8BF2-4039-92A2-B0990096A8FB SY21 8PQ Lion Hotel - Public Toilets, The Lion Hotel Car Park, The Lion Hotel - Public Toilets 24/7 Public 8m
05122301-C99A-4B88-A615-AD3F0082661E SY21 8QP Brooks Presbyterian Chapel, Brooks Chapel, Brooks 24/7 Public 11m
8A150B90-0390-4A99-B8E9-F17479DD053D SY21 8RF National Trust, General Area Of, Powis Castle 24/7 Restricted 9m
B4ADBDA9-302D-484C-811D-0BB62B340CCA SY21 8RP Charlies Stores, A458t From Junction With A483t, Coed Y Dinas Variable Restricted 11m
1375 SY21 8SR Welshpool Livestock Market, Powys 24/7 Public
2B7F9EDD-9B08-4EAE-9DE4-3E7C43C37299 SY21 8SR Welspool Livestock Sales, Welshpool Livestock Market, A483t Buttington Roundabout Variable Public 11m
47E03023-470E-45C2-9D52-6FEBF72D0A9C SY21 8TB Buttington Trewern Community Centre Buttington Trewern C P School, A458t From Junction With Criggion Lane Trewern To Buttington Cross, Welshpool 24/7 Public 9m
8373FC1B-B0BE-4935-860F-DFB072F8BEBE SY21 8TB Buttington Trewern Community Centre, Cefn, Buttington Welshpool Variable Public 11m
6FC28EF5-59FC-4978-B6B9-ACE001028C4D SY21 9AL Castle Caereinion Ciw School, Castle Caereinion C In W School, B4385 From Junction With U2438 By The Red Lion To Junction With Henrhyd Lane Cas Variable Public 11m
1842 SY21 9AP The Red Lion Inn, Powys 24/7 Public
0108CE9F-74B9-4C55-B287-120FB415DF90 SY21 9DL Valley View Caravan Park Games Room, Llanfyllin Road, Pentrer-Beirdd 24/7 Public 11m
14FC14CE-73C8-4491-A7F4-AB7C011E9EE4 SY21 9EL Llangyniew Community Council, St Gynyw Church, Llangyniew 24/7 Public 11m
137EFB91-3534-4307-AF7A-ACCC00BDE7EC SY21 9NF Guilsfield Communirty Council, Guilsfield Community Centre, B4392 24/7 Public 11m
E529AA7A-5253-4172-B9A5-1308DF14A9A8 SY21 9NQ Village Hall Old Church School, School Road, Guilsfield Welshpool 24/7 Public 11m
7ED638EC-00CA-44CC-B438-ACCC00BCAEC0 SY21 9NW Guilsfield Communirty Council, Guilsfield Sports Facilities, Belan Fields 24/7 Public 11m
2EFDA0D0-9DFA-4D64-AF41-AB19016B03DD SY21 9PN The Spar/ Post Office, Arddleen Road, Guilsfield 24/7 Public 11m
B950B238-E6B3-491F-B6E7-AE5300FC170A SY22 5BJ Llanfyllin Leisure Centre, Llandyllin, Powys 24/7 Restricted 11m
AC98C461-F6F8-46E3-B2D0-B02700C1B9A0 SY22 5BP Ambulance Station, Coed Llan Lane, Llanfyllin 24/7 Public 11m
FA4C69F8-9EB5-4189-88DC-B08400E1129E SY22 5BQ Llanfyllin Fire Station, Station Road, Llanfyllin 24/7 Public 7m
27EB6784-7DA6-4B33-84F4-B08F0125705B SY22 5DE 10 Llwyn Y Rhedyn, Llanfyllin 24/7 Public 8m
5E802FC1-57B1-4AAA-A766-DA2B87D919FC SY22 6AP Community Centre, Treflan, Llansantffraid-Ym-Mechain 24/7 Public 11m
E5A45E64-E5BB-4EA8-B588-4BA30D11039D SY22 6AR Petrol Station And Cost Cutters, A495 From The Lion Hotel Llansantffraid-Ym-Mechain To County Boundary At Pen-Y-G, Llansantffraid-Ym-Mechain 24/7 Public 11m
674B1812-089E-45C2-BFB4-B3DED44CF0B1 SY22 6AU Vyrnwy Nursing Home, A495 From The Lion Hotel Llans, Llansanffraid Ym Mechain 24/7 Public 11m
EA5C03CD-9044-42C7-BE3B-AE78011A75CF SY22 6AY Bryn Vyrnwy Holiday Park, A495 From The Lion Hotel Llansantffraid-Ym-Mechain To County Boundary At Pen-Y-G, Llansantffraid-Ym-Mechain 24/7 Public 11m
0D5E888B-8A88-4C80-8F05-AF4E00FCCC6F SY22 6DA Caereinion Old Boys Rugby Association Ltd, Cobra Club House Cae Cobra, C2004 From Crossroads At Bryndial Cottage To Junction With High Street Meifod Vi 24/7 Public 11m
16BADCBB-B675-4F6B-9D03-4C64732AA6DE SY22 6DF Meifod Village Hall Community Centre, C2030 From Junction With A495, Meifod 24/7 Public 11m
3C8DFF66-65E0-4DDA-9D3A-DA4065040AB1 SY22 6EE The Village Hall, Station Road, Llanymynech 24/7 Public 11m
72E8A701-D2B0-4DF3-A834-5D87A388B136 SY22 6EE The Village Hall, Station Road, Llanymynech 24/7 Public 11m
0A7BF42A-923F-4806-A491-FF3A0967F0FC SY22 6JN Pont Robert Community Hall, C2031 From Junction By Sewage Pumping Station Pontrobert To Junction With U2143, Pont Robert 24/7 Public 7w
5054 SY22 6NG Four Crosses Clubhouse, Powys 24/7 Public
AC5B46F9-680E-4C6F-83C4-ABBA0102C78F SY22 6NN Sports Centre, Foxen Manor Road, Four Crosses 24/7 Public 11m
571218CB-4F1B-41CB-AF8C-AB1000BAB693 SY22 6PA Powys County Council, Carregoffa Cp School, Llanymynech Variable Public 11m
C0F63177-9D5A-486F-B27C-523328DB7C0D SY22 6QE Village Hall Penrhos Old Community School, C2035 From Jct With A483t Near, Penrhos 24/7 Public 11m
5053 SY22 6RB Village Centre, Powys 24/7 Public
462F2804-95EA-4D18-8B73-E8F51037780F SY22 6RB Four Crosses Village Centre, U4908 From Jct Of The A483t To, Llandysilio 24/7 Public 11m
203FC686-A78B-479F-91EF-AE5D00B9BDAD SY22 6RE Morrison's Local, Four Crosses, Llanymynech 24/7 Public 11m
5052 SY22 6SB Garage and Shop, Powys 24/7 Public
C71BF843-BBBD-4AB3-A8AD-0D7C539F9897 SY22 6SB Llandrino Shop & Garage - Premier Stores, B4393 From Junction With C2038, Llandrinio Llanymynech 24/7 Public 11m
2EB81593-D5FA-47A9-BFB4-AE21009C65A8 SY22 6ST Northern Industrial Battery Services Ltd, Unit 6, Four Crosses Business Park Variable Restricted 11m
675164A5-7805-4432-980A-AE21009B3517 SY22 6ST Northern Industrial Battery Services Ltd, Unit 1, Four Crosses Business Park Variable Restricted 11m
B01624E5-8278-4A3C-8599-AB4F00DBD52D SY22 6TE Llansantffraid & Deytheur Community Council, Archways, Deytheur Rd 24/7 Public 11m
4EFCD1D7-B99F-4860-821C-ACE800C3DE2E SY22 6UQ Llanfechain School, Maes Mechain School, Llanfechain Variable Restricted 11m
68D2E195-3CED-4398-85E2-DF27E29D0A95 SY22 6UQ Village Hall, 100 Metres From Junction With B4393, Llanfechain 24/7 Public 11m
2BA4482C-190A-4C8E-8BF8-B04B00E4588D SY23 1AS Aberystwyth Marina, Y Lanfa, Aberystwyth 24/7 Public 9m
7A249669-A232-488F-AB8A-D3F57CCBC0AC SY23 1AS Aberystwyth Justice Centre, Y Lanfa, Trefechan Aberystwyth Variable Public 11m
2466247A-F582-4E3B-898C-B15500D92ABE SY23 1DW Castle News Reliance House, 61 Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth Variable Public 2m
435E1D56-A320-4E2F-93D9-B154012C1A45 SY23 1HL Aberystwyth Rugby Club, Plascrug Avenue, Llanbadarn Fawr 24/7 Public 2m
C8A428D7-5D68-4FC0-935F-19D40892EB20 SY23 1HL Aberystwyth Rfc, Plascrug Avenue, Aberystwyth 24/7 Public 11m
E7948C18-7455-43EF-9FE5-E9FB5F2E8D4C SY23 1HL Plascrug Leisure Centre, Plascrug, Aberystwyth Variable Restricted 2m
3DAABE98-1873-4A97-819D-B0D900BC78D9 SY23 1JN Rheidol Place Sheltered Housing, Rheidol Place, South Road 24/7 Public 6m
8BE35B74-1663-4646-B1C4-D8498D9AC637 SY23 1JY Aberystwyth Lifeboat Station, South Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth 24/7 Public 11m
755C9AB4-8D28-4E05-B714-AF2A00CC739C SY23 1LH Aberystwyth Railway Station, Alexandra Road, Aberystwyth 24/7 Public 11m
B2508ED5-D65E-4051-B95F-B00300FFF837 SY23 1PB Tesco Stores Ltd, Park Ave, Aberystwyth Variable Public 9m
6B89C968-7935-4491-888F-AEA600CBA35B SY23 1PD Boulevard St. Brieuc, Aberystwyth 24/7 Public 11m
33DD5E74-5777-4907-A9C6-AF1701455053 SY23 1PG Aberystwyth Town Football Club, Aberystwyth Football Ground Park Avenue Stadium, Park Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
9752451B-997A-435D-8007-E53B4551DCEC SY23 1PH Heddlu Dyfed-Powys Police, Aberystwyth Police Custody, Boulevard St Brieuc 24/7 Restricted 11m
F9F40249-2DBE-445D-B587-AEF600DBF5F2 SY23 1RG Sports Hall, Min-Y-Ddol, Aberystwyth 24/7 Public 11m
159731D1-455A-4DB1-9B6D-AC640118F498 SY23 1RR Penparcau Community Forum, Premier Store, Penparcau Road 24/7 Public 11m
158AAC8D-9177-47E4-858B-1337904E693B SY23 1RU Penparcau Community Forum, The Hub, Penparcau Park 24/7 Public 11m
F4BD2CB9-A163-407D-B726-F7DF6757D1F6 SY23 1RZ Penparcau Community Forum, Neuadd Goffa, Penparcau Road 24/7 Public 11m
C7266DEB-606C-4E01-A0A5-B15500D6F7D0 SY23 2AE Terrace Road, Spar Stores, Terrace Road 24/7 Public 2m
D2EEEBBE-6A9E-4BD1-8F27-B13200FAD552 SY23 2AU Aberystwyth Old College, Former Cambria Building (Asl Site Offices), New Promenade Variable Restricted 3m
A07A1B10-06EB-4DDF-9B3C-B18B009446BF SY23 2AZ Royal Pier, Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth 24/7 Public 3w
3C542B25-1763-4042-9FA9-831079C77963 SY23 2BJ Probert & Williams Eye Care, 15 Baker Street, Aberystwyth Variable Public 11m
A2AB7FB2-1FD4-43C8-A33C-DF59FA984C6A SY23 2DH Glengower Hotel, Victoria Terrace, Aberystwyth 24/7 Public 5m
84857C92-6767-458F-B35A-AF5600EF3A59 SY23 2HY Clwb Golff Aberystwyth Golf Club, Aberystwyth Golf Club, Bryn-Y-Mor Road 24/7 Public 11m
54C9E56D-44AE-46E6-AC8D-6ADCA1509BC2 SY23 2JB Cyngor Llyfrau Cymru /Books Council Of Wales, Castell Brychan, Aberystwyth 24/7 Public 11m
A175738E-69FA-41E9-82E3-AE1A00ED4474 SY23 2JN Tesco Express, 19-21 North Parade, Aberystwyth Variable Public 11m
C180D678-DFA9-4720-BC46-AFCD00B158DE SY23 3AB Natural Resources Wales, Natural Resources Wales, Bwlch Nant Yr Arian, Ponterwyd 24/7 Public 11m
96B5E6B3-2973-480C-8550-AF0B00F41E9F SY23 3AH Rsk Adas Ltd, Unit 10d, Science Park (Private) Variable Public 11m
D89EFE76-9BE1-48F5-8A3A-DD3F4288F35B SY23 3AH Aber Instruments Ltd Unit 5, Cefn Llan Science Park, Aberystwyth Variable Restricted 11m
00595DD8-BEAD-4AE1-A8F8-2C4A576EFEEC SY23 3AL Lluest Equine Centre, Welsh Institute Of Rural Studies, Llanbadarn Campus (Private) 24/7 Public 4m
33317D22-899F-4FFA-B229-065052B03197 SY23 3AR Aberystwyth University The Sports Centre, General Area Of, Sports Centre Variable Public 11m
A227BF0A-0711-41F2-910E-4A1720F0645D SY23 3AW Penglais Comprehensive School, Reception, Penglais School 24/7 Public 11m
9B30EBC7-DD9D-4B8A-BF96-AD4A00ACB35F SY23 3BU Royal Commission, Ffordd Penglais, Aberystwyth Variable Public 11m
AF7CC078-421F-47A6-95C8-B0220083CEF2 SY23 3BY P5 Building, Aberystwyth University Campus, Penglais Variable Public 11m
5C0A1D33-96AC-4976-8BD3-AE32011BCBA5 SY23 3DE Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth University Campus Variable Public 11m
16558735-1139-4ACB-97C7-B16500A3FD32 SY23 3DG Bryncarnedd Holiday Cottages, Bryncarnedd Caravan Park, Clarach Road 24/7 Public 7w
657629D3-C6B9-4144-8F88-4FF84971DEE5 SY23 3DG Amlosgfa Aberystwyth Crematorium, Clarach Road, Aberystwyth Variable Restricted 11m
7E67D975-EB21-4575-BA27-DF86D91D7383 SY23 3DT Clarach Bay Caravan Park, Clarach Bay Holiday Village (P, Clarach 24/7 Public 11m
4A54E7DB-B1B8-44B8-950B-B02300A87309 SY23 3DU Aberystwyth University Healthcare Education Centre, Health Education Centre, Penglais Road Variable Public 11m
265CD1E2-7FD9-47B9-BF8B-AEA100E866B2 SY23 3DX Aberystwyth Guild Of Students, Students Union, Aberystwyth University Campus 24/7 Public 11m
95E3C302-1C85-43F1-B53F-AE3500D94BAD SY23 3EE Aberystwyth University - William Davies Building, William Davies Building, Ibers Gogerddan Variable Restricted 11m
320CF188-4D24-4610-9AD8-8367FB16E6BD SY23 3EH Tymawr Filling Station (Bp), Penrhyncoch, Aberystwyth 24/7 Public 11m
46EA510D-1BB6-4C75-9DE8-54C9605EEE12 SY23 3EP Neuadd Y Penrhyn, Neuadd Penrhyncoch Hall, Penrhyncoch 24/7 Public 11m
3446B6E7-23CF-4716-A233-CF1A884C2213 SY23 3FD Carwyn James Building, Aberystwyth University Campus, Carwyn James Building Variable Public 11m
24FC5CCF-8707-41DE-A323-74DE2180BA2F SY23 3FH Y Sgubor, Fferm Penglais, Y Sgubor 24/7 Public 11m
427115D4-4727-4F65-9EBD-88138058901F SY23 3FL Aberystwyth University Reception / Porters Lodge, General Area Of, Campus Reception 24/7 Public 11m
7A6BD6A4-B8A1-4ADC-AF06-B0C100DF066E SY23 3FN Room 2 Flat F Block 11, Fferm Penglais, Aberystwyth 24/7 Public 7m
21DCFD8C-7B7A-4DC4-B3FF-AFBB00F4A9E5 SY23 3JQ Glanyrafon Industrial Estate, Aberystwyth 24/7 Public 11m
8F4B479A-94AA-40B0-9059-AFBB00ECA622 SY23 3JQ Unit 5a, Glanyrafon Industrial Estate, Aberystwyth 24/7 Public 11m
9EED1756-007E-4927-9BD5-59DF05B01791 SY23 3JQ Aberystwyth Cricket Club, Glanyrafon Industrial Estate, Aberystwyth 24/7 Public 11m
C6635A26-968D-425E-935E-AFE800E28A14 SY23 3JQ Screwfix, Unit 2a, 2b & 5a Glanyrafon Industrial Estate, Llanbadarn Fawr Variable Restricted 11m
1ACC8B2E-7021-4EDD-8535-ACEB37E664D2 SY23 3JX Syr John Rhys Cp School, General Area Of, Ponterwyd Aberystwyth 24/7 Public 11m
57C9BFF5-C50A-4999-81E6-AFDA00922AB5 SY23 3LP Penllwyn Primary School, Penllwyn Estate, Capel Bangor 24/7 Public 11m
FB01C764-3E0E-4395-9127-288B57ACC643 SY23 3LS Cefn Melindwr, Capel Bangor, Cefn Melindwr, Capel Bangor 24/7 Public 9m
4B6F8C92-4A53-4818-B1C8-B0D900BBABCB SY23 3QU Glyn Padarn, Ffordd Sulien, Llanbadarn Fawr 24/7 Public 6m
9B538C3D-EBEA-45E6-A4D7-8CB0ECE66D86 SY23 3RP Penparcau Community Forum, Heol Tynyfron (Bus Stop/Garages), Opposite 26 Heol Tynyfron 24/7 Public 11m
5F1317CD-E8FC-4CF1-B0BF-7DFF8BE5BA2F SY23 3TL Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc, Parc Y Llyn Retail Park, Llanbadarn Fawr Variable Public 7w
34C13898-0683-43AC-984C-12DCCFAB19DB SY23 3UR Welsh Government Government Office Aberystwyth, Rhodfa Padarn, Aberystwyth Variable Public 7m
29ECDC90-CEFA-45AC-A9CA-AFC6011C7774 SY23 4EA Llanfarian Community Council, Primrose Villa, A4120 From Pencwarel Farm To Capel Seion 24/7 Public 11m
841EB042-B62F-47F0-A2E6-0472F01EAA99 SY23 4ED A4120 Capel Seion Village, Capel Seion, Aberystwyth 24/7 Public 11m
00517993-2D55-42DE-BBB4-B041013A0DCF SY23 4JH Bontnewydd, Bontnewydd Post Office, C1002 From The Junction Of The B4576 To The Junction Of The C1110 24/7 Public 9m
76428E2C-A88E-4739-A41D-BE4603A36840 SY23 4LU Nanteos Mansion, U1152 From The Junction Of The, Capel Seion 24/7 Public 11m
5317C064-7CE0-4686-BC4D-7B2177B1A06F SY23 4PA Llanilar Community Centre, C1154 From The Junction Of The B4575 To The End Of Properties Near Te-Anau, Llanilar 24/7 Public 11m
58E5CE10-3F42-402E-A247-14010910FD75 SY23 4PP Estate Wall Near 33 Maes Crugiau, Rhydyfelin 24/7 Public 11m
AF5277CB-5175-4664-AF8D-AE620156CFBB SY23 4PY Cae Pant, C1070 From The Junction Of The C1067 To The Junction Of The A487t, Rhydyfelin 24/7 Public 11m
362336E2-4619-433C-A6EB-AEA201076CA9 SY23 4QD Awelon Paith, U1164 From The Junction With The A487t To The Junction With The U1165, Rhydyfelin 24/7 Public 11m
6DFA35E9-4FF6-4CB6-9931-AEB0009EB0E1 SY23 4QD Llygad Y Fro, B1164 From The Junction With The A487t To The Junction With The U1165, Rhydyfelin 24/7 Public 11m
4D1429DB-7FD8-418A-8D47-AE6301172299 SY23 4QP Electricity Sub Station 33m From Tanws 24m From A487, A487t Rhydyfelin Village, Rhydyfelin 24/7 Public 11m
9B3F88FE-B512-48E2-9F91-12FE80302CA0 SY23 4QQ Morfa Bychan Caravan Park, Llanfarian 24/7 Public 11m
BD6524D7-B754-47AE-B236-AE04013492AF SY23 4QZ Cyngor Bro Pontarfynach, Mynach Cm Chapel, B4343 From The Junction Of The A4120 To Devil's Bridge Boundary 24/7 Public 11m
33E27C51-7FE9-4813-ABE7-AEB401155BDF SY23 4TG Bronant, Flat 1 Bont Inn Public House, A485 Bronant 24/7 Public 9m
B07E1879-4CB9-4131-998F-AEB400F0DAB1 SY23 4TR Blaenpennal, Pennal View Nursing Home, C1002 From Entrance To Rhos-Goch To Junction Of The A485 24/7 Public 11m
60B6B9DD-F0A5-4C13-B743-AFBB00F6E723 SY23 4UL Entrance To Clos Elan, Llanfarian 24/7 Public 11m
9C3CB71F-F060-4B3F-B3D5-B0EC00E0017A SY23 5BD Mabws Hall, From The Junction Of The C1140 To Mabws Hall (Private), Llanrhystud 24/7 Restricted 5m
A0C6A640-C929-4F66-983E-AFC4012D8659 SY23 5BD Mabws Hall, From The Junction Of The C1140 To Mabws Hall (Private), Cwm Mabws 24/7 Restricted 11m
025E2953-9EEF-4218-85E0-ECF676432344 SY23 5DJ Pengarreg Caravan Park, From The U1401 To The Coast (P, Pencarreg 24/7 Public 2m
8E328DF2-F2F9-4CDC-81D9-AC7200EE8C3E SY23 5DT Old School Llanddeiniol, Llanddeiniol 24/7 Public 11m
C066B6DF-7616-40FF-AF23-D5FC87C4F6D1 SY23 5HL Barcud Sheltered Housing, Hafan Yr Efail, Llanon 24/7 Restricted 11m
92EFD77D-0C53-436B-9218-DDCA36579AD1 SY23 5HW St Bridget Church, Llansantffraed Church, Stryd Yr Eglwys 24/7 Public 7w
C0EDC12E-AB29-4DA0-8CCE-0E94410971DC SY23 5HY White Swan (Cylch Peris), White Swan Inn, Stryd-Yr-Ysgol Variable Public 11m
20D24C75-5D7F-4437-90FC-DF24554F131A SY23 5LF Nebo Chapel, B4337 Nebo, Nebo 24/7 Public 11m
22BA550E-A628-4C56-8CAC-677191DB0B3C SY23 5NB Glanarthen Stores, C1077 From Cross Inn Tojunctio, Cross Inn (N) 24/7 Public 11m
70395A37-D26E-43FD-9344-D46B321E6413 SY23 5NN Shelter 18m From Golygfar Coedwig 4m From B4576, B4576 Bethania, Bethania 24/7 Public 11m
85E9BA78-5945-4E40-8C36-AEAF00E464B6 SY23 5PA Cymuned Pennant Community, Community Centre, C1014 From Pont Rhydgoy Bridge To The Junction Of The C1077 24/7 Public 11m
C5B12269-E0CA-4154-B8ED-AED90118454D SY23 5PB Evans Garage, Workshop Cartrefle Garage, B4577a From The Junction With U1419 To The Junction With The C1014 24/7 Public 11m
A7E41978-966C-4588-A914-8190998C74DA SY24 5AP Memorial Hall, A487t Talybont Village, Talybont 24/7 Public 11m
8856873C-F206-4C29-9231-AFB900B64575 SY24 5AT Transport For Wales, A4159, Bow Street 24/7 Public 11m
89FA004E-4DAD-41EB-AA07-AEE0011208E6 SY24 5AW Bow Street Football Club, Cae Piod/Rhydypennau Fields, Rhydypennau 24/7 Public 11m
CA65DEAD-46B3-4DED-923D-AF4F01669D77 SY24 5BJ Noddfa Chapel, U1020 From The Junction Of Bryncastell Then Looping Around The Chapel, Bow Street 24/7 Public 11m
C9527663-B7CA-4E11-9B9A-AE8400E2A3AF SY24 5BW Ceredigion County Council, Cartref Tregerddan, Tregerddan 24/7 Restricted 11m
D7AFE737-8F39-481D-99B6-ADCD00C5A402 SY24 5DA Tradiddan, U1018 Road Leading From The Junction Of The B4353 And The U1017, Llandre 24/7 Public 11m
EA4FD0FD-6EC4-4DD6-9968-9C16AF3A927A SY24 5DP Bwthyn Rhosyn Gwyllt, C1019 From The Prow To Mynydd Gorddu To The Entrance Of The Property Known As Plas Cefn Gwyn, Bontgoch 24/7 Public 11m
F0BCC285-1C24-4E87-B93F-AEB000982B42 SY24 5DP Zu1055, Talybont 24/7 Public 11m
18C955BB-6641-4613-8A92-5852624CADA3 SY24 5ER White Lion Hotel, Adam Street, Talybont 24/7 Public 11m
C455DF02-F9BD-4DC8-A192-AEB00094485D SY24 5HF Ty Twt, A487t Talybont Village, Talybont 24/7 Public 11m
DA8C6DA5-9A29-49C1-8E80-ADA30117F99E SY24 5HP Borth Community Council, Public Conveniences, Princess Street 24/7 Public 11m
037D5B51-635E-4144-B8BD-AF2A00CC90C3 SY24 5HT Borth Railway Station, Cambrian Terrace, Borth 24/7 Public 11m
818A04E5-9490-4D6E-BAB7-248DD9160FA7 SY24 5JS Borth And Ynys Las Golf Club, B4353 Borth., Borth 24/7 Public 11m
DD6B12CC-8A63-4EB4-8BCB-AE7401298813 SY24 5JU Cambrian Coast Holiday Park, B4353 From Private Track To Ynyslas Beach Road, Ynyslas 24/7 Public 11m
E9F0BF7A-F27C-4139-B574-AFCD00B15C7A SY24 5JZ Natural Resources Wales, Natural Resources Wales, Ynyslas Visitors Centre, Borth 24/7 Public 11m
7246CFE4-EC31-4671-885C-AEE800A05105 SY24 5LB Ty Mawr Caravan Park, Ynyslas, Borth 24/7 Public 11m
39F27888-EEDC-45CF-9786-D575247290CE SY24 5LH Borth Community Council, Footpath From B4353 To Communi, Borth 24/7 Public 11m
3294240F-8C6C-4CDA-8A5C-B0440137517E SY24 5LJ Rnli Lifeboat House Facing Road., Rnli Lifeboat House, Clarach Road 24/7 Public 9m
B4E67D77-74C5-458E-82E6-AF9300B48806 SY24 5LN Post Box 24m From 2 Clarach Road On B4572, Clarach Road, Borth 24/7 Public 11m
2D9A5772-987B-48AF-AB0B-ADCD00C75041 SY24 5LX Tanrallt, C1031 From The Junction Of The B4353 At Dolybont To The First Junction With The C1091, Dol-Y-Bont 24/7 Public 11m
1F93CE83-7682-49DB-AD34-AB8100C0F1BD SY25 6AA Canolfan Edward Richard Centre, Ystrad Meurig, Ystrad-Meurig 24/7 Public 11m
EB7215D9-0ECB-4DBC-A248-AE5901395D55 SY25 6BB In Cabinet Side Of, Pantyfedwen Village Hall, B4340 From The Junction Of The C1112 To Pontrhydfendigaid 24/7 Public 11m
F3993BA1-8C37-4CE1-B70F-B05F00C12013 SY25 6BP The Teifi Inn, B4343 From The Junction Of The U1355 To Ffair Rhos, Ffair Rhos 24/7 Public 9m
465EC8E7-130F-404D-A7C8-B053014622AD SY25 6DP Ty Cariad, U1352 From The Junction Of The U1377 To The Junction Of The U1375, Pontrhydygroes 24/7 Public 9m
B83A2379-05B0-4C70-8C0C-AE8B00CE6EAF SY25 6DQ Hafod Garage, B4343 Pontrhydygroes, Pontrhydygroes 24/7 Public 11m
BCED6D21-F625-49EF-9FC4-B0530143D3E8 SY25 6DT New Row, Pontrhydygroes 24/7 Public 9m
B76F3F91-EBF6-47B5-BD36-AE59013ABA71 SY25 6EE Siop Y Bont, 2 Bridge Street, Pontrhydfendigaid 24/7 Public 11m
305A7F2D-7B25-4258-88A6-B06000EF4C03 SY25 6ES Strata Florida Trust, Mynachlog Fawr, Abbey Road 24/7 Public 9m
570B7BE3-2B41-40F8-ABF4-876AD243236C SY25 6HX Tregaron Leisure Centre, Old Station Yard (Private), Tregaron 24/7 Public 11m
4BED0A83-883C-4742-ADE7-AD4F0136E910 SY25 6HZ Canolfan Hamdden Caron, Minygors, 1 Station Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
242A3452-25DB-4BC6-9581-AE8500A67635 SY25 6JE Bryntirion Home, B4343 Tregaron, Tregaron 24/7 Public 11m
850E7F95-9113-4103-8E3B-AE8500AA54BE SY25 6JE Bryntirion Home, B4343 Tregaron, Tregaron 24/7 Public 11m
4FD44209-85F8-4C3A-BB6C-AF9401242FC1 SY25 6NR Elenydd Wilderness Hostels, Dolgoch, C1240 From Tregaron To Pont Nanstalwen Variable Restricted 11m
98152353-754A-4CEB-B8EC-AFA3012B963D SY25 6PH Elenydd Wilderness Hotel Trust, Tyncornel, U1516 From Llanddewi To Bronhelm Bridge Part Of Which Is Green 24/7 Public 11m
0B2DF672-4FD0-4634-BD06-B0EB016960CB SY25 6QU B4342a Stag's Head Garage, Stag's Head, Llangeitho 24/7 Public 5m
3C430563-2485-4997-B06F-C5E8FD14C5C1 SY25 6RL Foelallt Arms, U1515 From The Methodist Chape, Llanddewi Brefi 24/7 Public 11m
4F229C78-9784-4D45-A90E-AE600155733A SY25 6TT Jubilee Hall, Llangeitho 24/7 Public 11m
ED908A1A-A92C-4A42-AD4C-AEF500A292C9 SY3 0AA Bayston Hill Parish Council, Lythwood Road, Bayston Hill Variable Public 11m
6348D4A3-ED30-4F92-B058-AB2800FBDB69 SY3 0AE Bayston Hill Parish Council, Lythwood Sports Pavilion, Lythwood Road Variable Public 11m
796201F5-058B-407F-BE4F-ADF300B2F33A SY3 0BS The Rope Walk, Lyth Hill, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
F19DA7E5-E8C0-4A0A-A7B0-B0A500AA0B06 SY3 0BS Lyth Hill, Rope Walk Cottage, Lyth Hill 24/7 Public 8m
086C7101-B488-46C2-9468-05BCBEB6834F SY3 0DA Dobbies Garden Centre, Hereford Road, Shrewsbury Variable Public 9m
470253C8-0059-4F71-8D06-B0A70095D910 SY3 0DA Dobbies Garden Centre Shrewsbury, Bayston Hill Nurseries, Shrewsbury Variable Public 8m
6E0B6F85-461E-4226-98F9-AF6B00EE0869 SY3 0DD Corner Cottage, Hereford Road, Bayston Hill Variable Restricted 11m
C68DE56A-C327-4E15-ACDC-AFA100ED059C SY3 0DR Memorial Hall, Lyth Hill Road, Bayston Hill 24/7 Public 11m
FCDFC2E7-0F53-422A-A426-B14D00ADD97E SY3 0NU Oakmeadow Ce Primary And Nursery School, Long Meadow, Bayston Hill 24/7 Public 2m
2A047F9D-7056-4617-8EF5-45943CF23BD2 SY3 0PF Bayston Hill Parish Council, 2, Beeches Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
471FD9CC-6397-4216-BE1E-AA870094325F SY3 0PF Beeches Medical Practice, 1 Beeches Road, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
43E15391-2A22-41FA-8566-B1770090B0B1 SY3 5AL The Dental Spa, 8 Darwin Court, Oxon Business Park, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 7w
881E6724-2799-4FB5-8118-AEDE0109A69A SY3 5FB Oxon Hall Touring Park, Welshpool Road, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
8A925B5B-455A-42E8-B296-7A65423053F0 SY3 5HJ Aaron And Partners Llp Lakeside House, Holsworth Park Oxon Business Par, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
3857E69B-5535-4F9A-80B3-A1D74A23B209 SY3 5LZ Mytton Oak Medical Practice, Racecourse Lane, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
B8C2C606-50BD-44D7-B84C-ADB100D37126 SY3 6AW 61 Torrin Drive, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
7242 SY3 6DU Midcounties Co-op, Shropshire 24/7 Public
5BA2253C-C62C-47AF-A815-AF5400C30D85 SY3 6DU Paragon Clinic, Paragon Clinic, Unit 5-6 Radbrook Green Profession, Bank Farm Road Variable Restricted 11m
D3B36A6A-757A-4DB1-93FD-9E59A60B3D55 SY3 6DU Radbrook Green Surgery, Bank Farm Road, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
9E598A49-5B4F-41E4-AF45-B04400D9142B SY3 6DZ Radbrook Primary School, Calverton Way, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
39B232F5-EEA7-49AE-B2E3-B08A00F9CA11 SY3 7AU Shrewsbury School, Sports Hall / Pool, Shrewsbury School, Ashton Road 24/7 Public 9m
FB5218E2-7EC2-4C87-AD73-B08A010044FA SY3 7BB Shrewsbury School Kingsland Hall, The Schools, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 9m
1C19E26F-39A8-4396-8663-AFB300BB5721 SY3 7BD Pengwern Boat Club, Porthill Road, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
7D43669C-2DA2-4D2D-B2E0-AF8E009487CC SY3 7DE Cross Foxes, Cross Foxes Pub, 27 Longden Coleham 24/7 Public 11m
B7242B6D-78F2-430E-BC02-AF8E0093F7C6 SY3 7HS The Red Barn Pub, 108 Longden Road, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
DEBE9940-56A4-49EB-A5B3-B882ADB51C17 SY3 7JS South Hermitage Surgery 16, South Hermitage, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
88AE5EE3-B52E-4A7E-9BE1-AF8E011311BC SY3 7NZ The Prince Of Wales Pub, 30 Bynner Street, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
43FA9D08-5AFF-4F7C-963F-ED005814E320 SY3 7QR Marysville Medical Practice, Brook Street, Shrewsbury Variable Public 11m
1C659CA7-EE66-4F01-956D-AF8E0113935F SY3 7QT Lunts Pharmacies, 1 Hereford Road, Belle Vue 24/7 Public 11m
305447B2-1570-40A5-99D8-AFF200AF559F SY3 8BQ Rosenallis, 4 Beaufort Ridge, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
4F70A86A-94BC-477F-9D4E-AFCF010EE683 SY3 8DT The Wrekin Housing Group, The Coppice Extra Care, 1 Holyhead Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
FD46D07E-3D35-4213-A76E-85B00FF6F032 SY3 8EH Bicton C E Primary School, Bicton Lane, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
DDA608C9-44BE-43CE-A616-FC32782FB6F7 SY3 8EL Village Hall, Church Lane, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
0BB3DB4D-D4CD-47A6-AF39-AA7E010A2E81 SY3 8FT Theatre Severn, Frankwell, Shrewsbury Variable Public 11m
EBBAA8CD-1ED9-41E3-A98E-84EFBBF36B68 SY3 8HS Severn Hospice Ltd, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
92A4036C-0813-4AC7-B63C-B05A00CBC075 SY3 8JW Millingtons Hospital, Copthorne Road, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 9m
67DAD1EC-131E-4138-B8FB-B0AB00DAC102 SY3 8JY Hatchers Solicitors, Welsh Bridge 1 Frankwell, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 8m
E121152E-3671-46F4-BEF4-AFD30104A045 SY3 8NU The Wrekin Housing Group, Lindale Court Scheme Office, Copthorne Road 24/7 Public 11m
C38B2233-D04E-4840-A5AF-B08A00FC1A47 SY3 8SG Shrewsbury School Cricket Centre, Porthill Road, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 9m
DE77A291-7F87-47A6-8C7C-B17E00AD53AF SY3 8XQ Shropshire Education And Conference Centre Royal Shrewsbury Hospital North, Mytton Oak Road, Shrewsbury Variable Public 7w
3C3BD115-180E-40E0-AAA3-AFF2008BDBAD SY3 9DW Meole Brace School, Longden Road, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
41A58383-85D1-46FE-A57D-03C46CF2DA63 SY3 9DW Roman Road Sports Centre, Longden Road, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
63C289DA-D3A3-451F-A465-AFF2008D8669 SY3 9DW Meole Brace School, Longden Road, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
70C84509-AC0D-4A93-979A-AE7100DB8035 SY3 9EA West Midlands Ambulance Service University Nhs Foundation Trust, Hub Shrewsbury, Mercian Close 24/7 Public 11m
1F9333DE-DEA7-4753-8300-215C618B9C49 SY3 9HG Meole Brace Primary School, Church Road, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
A0569179-5B7A-477D-ADA1-B088009D2D87 SY3 9HG Meole Brace Ce Primary School, Church Road, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 9m
5F5D81A0-4317-4902-8A4D-B0F800993CAB SY3 9HS Meole Village Stores, 46a Alexandra Avenue, Meole Brace 24/7 Public 5m
5DA23CA0-E3AA-4999-A838-B0B900BA8CF6 SY3 9NB Mcdonalds - Meole Brace Retail Park, Meole Brace Retail Park, Hereford Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire 24/7 Public 7m
72DC3C44-C31A-40A8-8B56-ADF700A6FF5E SY3 9NS 43 Mary Webb Road, Meole Brace, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
CEBABEFF-DD98-4DC5-81B8-ADCD01011F71 SY3 9PS 101 Longden Road, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
E3EB23BF-BAE9-4AA6-9C56-AFE80067E85E SY3 9PU Screwfix, Unit 1 St Kenelm Business Park, Longen Road Variable Restricted 11m
F8B160C0-0EF5-493E-B79A-AE9101578D6A SY4 1AX Nesscliffe Village Hall, The Old A5 Through Nesscliffe, Hollyhead Road, Nesscliffe 24/7 Public 11m
825067C0-75CA-481B-AF31-AEF900DE5A6D SY4 1AZ Tectoniks Ltd, Unit 1, Kinton Business Park, Kinton, Nesscliffe Variable Public 11m
40E63429-8792-4077-BADF-AEDF00F7B596 SY4 1BJ 3 Pool Hill Junction Via Wilcott House To Training Camp Junction, Wilcott, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
17DEFA37-0028-4DD4-8663-03289C467B8C SY4 1DB Great Ness & Little Ness Parish Council, Nesscliffe Service Station (Essar), Holyhead Road 24/7 Public 11m
DF604C8C-5944-4E29-8325-B10900EC3398 SY4 1DB St Andrews Primary, Hopton Lane, Police House Junction To St Chads Farm Junction Variable Restricted 4m
C4331E60-1E96-439E-8F6D-B03500A1859E SY4 1EE Old Phone Box, Post Box 23m From The Old Village Shop, Holyhead Road 9m From B4380, Holyhead Road 24/7 Public 9m
3D660B0E-8AA3-4AD0-B5AD-5BC9DE54EF6A SY4 1LA St John The Baptist C Of E Primary School, Church Street, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
502BF9A4-7EEA-48D3-9BB3-AF2400EAB836 SY4 2AW Weston Lullingfields Village Hall, Wycherley Hall Junction To Weston Lullingfields Junction, Weston Lullingfields 24/7 Public 11m
6738BE12-97E4-4896-8E48-4D54480B2A33 SY4 2AX The Corbet School, Eyton Lane, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 5m
1BE9E1F0-74B2-4797-9059-AAB10084347B SY4 2HL Walford & North Shropshire College, The Harris Center Main Reception, Baschurch Variable Public 11m
4C7082AE-407E-4040-A5E6-D4B5DF29BA0E SY4 2HL Walford College, Walford & North Shropshire College, Walford Heath Variable Restricted 11m
56A0ED26-0E56-4618-A615-AAB100A39140 SY4 2HL Walford & North Shropshire College, Walford Reflectory And Social Club, Walford Variable Public 11m
C3F0D419-43AD-493B-A979-AAB100A8031D SY4 2HL Walford & North Shropshire College, Farm Dairy Meeting Room, Walford Variable Public 11m
7F18524B-0146-4CBA-903F-AC8600DA305A SY4 2JN Baschurch Football Club, Village Hall, Eyton Lane 24/7 Public 11m
9A55A714-DC10-404B-9B36-AEA701212417 SY4 3AS Memorial Village Hall Fitz, Forton Farm Junction To B5067 Junction Leaton, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
526D24EA-3920-4108-94D2-B05000FE60A8 SY4 3DR Bowmen Way, Battlefield, Shrewsbury Variable Public 9m
11E456B9-13CE-452D-BB16-ABF300B33E4D SY4 3HE Shropshire Aero Club, Sleap Airfield, Harmer Hill, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
3C5E8476-F53F-4364-9BFD-F255A364B02C SY4 3HJ Alms Houses Berwick Park, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
D97E1918-DD45-498C-96FF-B07A0093FBB1 SY4 3LF Clive C Of E School, Sherwood Bank Junction To Grinshill Hill, The Hill Variable Restricted 9m
FCCF3B41-C4B3-4E0F-9BE7-AD44008F5EE4 SY4 3LF Clive C Of E School, Sherwood Bank Junction To Grinshill Hill, Grinshill 24/7 Public 11m
6B09545D-C21B-4D6A-9B01-B04200B3A2C7 SY4 3NX Bomere Heath Village Hall, Shrewsbury Road, Bomere Heath 24/7 Public 9m
DCB2FB43-2D33-4CE8-836D-AA8500F25C00 SY4 4BP Astley Village Hall, Astley, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
DCDB5FEF-EDFF-4C58-8D62-AF8C00D90AD1 SY4 4DY Stanton Village Hall, Booley Lane, Stanton Upon Hine Heath 24/7 Public 11m
DA211447-49B7-4DC7-A7B5-736B56DE3E7C SY4 4EA Shawbury Industrial Estate, Shawbury Heath, Shrewsbury Variable Public 11m
06C89AF3-8079-4B84-9892-ABB300AA0D96 SY4 4ED Railing At Interior Ceilings Ltd. Near Sundorne House, Bings Heath, Astley 24/7 Public 11m
53DA77C1-0FE2-452F-9A19-3530B6D0F7F6 SY4 4EL River Meadows Nursing Home, Shrewsbury 24/7 Restricted 9m
4A47FD5F-0C46-493E-B377-2E48556CEBFA SY4 4EZ 46-47, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
12A8058A-1A78-4FE9-AF2C-AD8300E5E263 SY4 4GB Camping And Caravanning Club, Ebury Hill Caravan And Camping Site, Ebreywood To Junction With B5062 South Of Haughton 24/7 Public 3m
C57120BF-076B-4CB7-85FA-506E806DF21A SY4 4NH Woods Butchers Church St., 122 Church Street, Shawbury, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
CF770123-300C-4581-9025-AF2400D98C2D SY4 4NR Smithers, Smithers Mse Ltd, A53 Shrewsbury Road End To Shawbury Park Junction Variable Restricted 11m
31C7C21C-E49B-49E9-B458-6757B1204783 SY4 4PY Hare & Hounds, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
4119 SY4 4QP Telephone Box, Shropshire 24/7 Public
7DA7EE42-B1D8-4879-BA5A-B07500917613 SY4 4QS The Management Committee Of Rodington Village Hall, Village Stores And Post Office, Rodington Heath To Rodenhurst Lane 24/7 Public 9m
3561 SY4 4RR Shrewsbury Rugby Club, Shropshire 24/7 Public
8CC95AEC-203F-497A-8FA1-B032009BF59D SY4 4SQ Wharf Cottage, Church Road, Uffington 24/7 Restricted 11m
CC5CAF48-A090-4063-B443-B01400C2A93E SY4 4TP The National Trust, Attingham Park, Attingham 24/7 Restricted 11m
2C9BCE36-C482-4642-8EDD-B09D00DD748F SY4 4TT Babyvision, Unit G Lunesdale Upton Magna Business Park, Upton Magna Business Park To Pelham Road Junction 24/7 Public 8m
7A493E37-6BF2-4AE2-9CAE-AB0D00B3F5DE SY4 4TZ Upton Magna Village Cafe, Village Store The Haughmond, Pelham Road 24/7 Public 4m
713D63C1-0EC1-459B-B1C3-B01400C38E74 SY4 4UF The National Trust, The Woodshed - Attingham Park, Norton Drive 24/7 Restricted 11m
FCEF6FC8-2FCB-4851-BE36-AF3C009569E8 SY4 4UP Royal Mail Shrewsbury Ld, Units 50-51 Atcham Business Park, Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
8C35DF49-2FA6-433A-86F6-AF6A00B65E9F SY4 5DS Adams House, Thomas Adams School, Adams House, Thomas Adams School Variable Restricted 11m
45F3B99C-F769-4891-A703-FEB85FACB0DB SY4 5ER Dental Surgery 16, Chapel Street, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
AC793E9A-CAC3-414D-BC08-B04D008EC22A SY4 5GE North Lodge, Marchamley, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 9m
6585C99F-6B17-42DE-BAA3-AC2300B4071E SY4 5HR Wem Cricket Club, The Brian Perry Pavilion, The Kynaston Ground 24/7 Public 11m
87D43F92-04B1-491B-985A-AE85011BBB94 SY4 5HR Wem Cricket Club, Kynaston Cricket Ground, Soulton Road 24/7 Public 11m
589EA4C1-ADF0-4EAC-A44B-AB2300FA032C SY4 5LE Bus Shelter, Hawkstone Hall Entrance, Marchamley 24/7 Public 11m
55A8AD5B-6DC4-41E8-A5E1-2F9EF7AAF58E SY4 5PS Clive Surgery, High Street, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
BDA30894-A312-4359-8F31-B11100A8D133 SY4 5QH Hunters Crag, From A49 Junction Lee Brockhurst To Aston Bridge, Lee Brockhurst 24/7 Public 4m
5934 SY4 5RF Village Hall, Shropshire 24/7 Public
601190D7-2887-4069-A56C-AF3C00EEB2E4 SY4 5RF Oaklands Farm Eggs Ltd, The Oaklands, Abbey Green Junction To B5476 Edstaston Variable Restricted 11m
A935437F-40F9-4440-B9E8-497BFA2C1F48 SY4 5RP Lower Lacon Caravan Park, Soulton Road, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
30DD5AED-B58D-4A0D-96C0-AEB700BFDC75 SY4 5RX Nick Johns Nutrition Ltd., Meadow Cottage, 5 Moston Pool 24/7 Public 11m
1BA5E3CA-EDFC-4C19-A3AC-AEF600FF356E SY4 5SD Border Hardwood Ltd, Unit E17 Wem Industrial Estate, Soulton Road Variable Public 11m
29A918AA-D604-4739-9C98-B0FF0112B930 SY4 5SD Crf (Uk) Limited, Units A5 To A7 Wem Industrial Estate, Soulton Road 24/7 Public 5m
2740 SY4 5TB The Burlton Inn, Shropshire 24/7 Public
2BBF1EC4-2396-40A7-AFE5-B02400D0083F SY4 5TQ Petton Church, Church Farm To Pickhill, Petton 24/7 Public 11m
6A3690F3-A3F5-435D-B7F1-B0DD00DFA3F4 SY4 5UB Pe Department Thomas Adams School, Thomas Adams Sports Centre, Lowe Hill Road Variable Restricted 6m
F71FDCA5-F296-46F3-90E2-7AA80600E04F SY4 5UB Thomas Adams School, Lowe Hill, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
5FE4031A-5AA6-48DC-9AE9-1A512068315A SY4 5UY Hawkstone Park Hotel, Weston, Shrewsbury 24/7 Restricted 11m
55134E61-F76B-4D4D-9C01-AD54016B9869 SY4 5XD Weston Village Hall, Guinea Lane, Weston Under Redcastle 24/7 Public 11m
B9F494E7-4BD1-46C4-A7FE-AA77011A411F SY5 0AP Asterley Cottage, Asterley, Minsterley 24/7 Public 11m
A81D60A4-5E13-4E57-BFF3-AE7E00A93644 SY5 0BD Rea Valley Speciality Foods Ltd, Rea Valley Speciality Foods, Station Road Variable Restricted 11m
A226D95E-495A-4D9B-9BAF-3D21846DECDE SY5 0DL Hillcrest Manor Nursing Home, Shrewsbury 24/7 Restricted 11m
A87EB06C-F56E-4BDB-A6D8-ADC700C24727 SY5 0EQ Swains Of Stretton, Unit 17 Malehurst Industrial Estate, Horsebridge Junction With B4387 To Malehurst Junction With A488 Variable Restricted 11m
057EAA1F-036D-4379-83C2-AF780146E6B7 SY5 0EZ Stone Cottage Stone House Farm, Lordstone Farm Junction Lordstone Lane To Luckley Gate Junction, Pentirvin 24/7 Public 11m
19E6BB01-1C60-4E85-9D46-AEAE0119A4F9 SY5 0JB Hope Village Hall, From A488 Junction Hope To Lordstone Lane, Hope 24/7 Public 11m
DCCFD40E-D548-4ECF-A6F5-9A9452AEE482 SY5 0NG Bog Visitor Centre, The Bog Visitors Centre, Pennerley 24/7 Public 9m
1888C614-E88C-4BA6-AC8D-AD61007CC75D SY5 0NS Lordshill, Snailbeach, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
CA3387C4-63EE-4F66-924C-AEC500A01D41 SY5 0NX Snailbeach Village Hall, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
13D144AB-008E-477A-B072-AA9C00D4D964 SY5 0PS Public Toilets, Main Road, Pontesbury 24/7 Public 11m
88745FDE-141F-45AF-B16D-AFAC009918AD SY5 0QJ Minsterley Road Sales, Minsterley Road, Pontesbury 24/7 Public 11m
E039BDAA-BA61-46BB-9C4F-B17900A09719 SY5 0QJ Pontesbury Dental, Minsterley Road, Pontesbury 24/7 Public 7w
91FEC764-D0E4-4DEB-8608-AB8F011DC11C SY5 0RF Pontesbury Parish Council, The Pavilion, Hall Bank Road, Pontesbury 24/7 Public 11m
E9F8E9E9-DD56-44C1-8256-AFD300DDCB10 SY5 0RF Pontesbury Medical Practice, Hall Bank, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
AB90A3E6-7177-4D67-8709-B14D00D66BE9 SY5 0TF Pontesbury Church Of England Primary School, Bogey Lane, Pontesbury Variable Restricted 2m
6B42E9C3-E4AA-4496-9FA2-B08400DA9703 SY5 0TG Personalised Learning Centre, Mary Webb School And Science College, Bogey Lane Variable Restricted 9m
A68BB7AF-2421-42B7-B7A0-AB6100FFD24C SY5 0TG Mary Webb School & Science College, The Mary Webb School, Bogey Lane Variable Restricted 11m
CC4B1EC5-E474-44AC-AC59-B08400CD3B44 SY5 0TG Pe Department, Mary Webb School And Science College, Bogey Lane Variable Restricted 9m
045BFECE-F620-425C-B2ED-541C27E17968 SY5 0TP Habberley Village Hall, Main Street, Habberley 24/7 Public 11m
81678F21-5CC4-41E2-81FB-9BBE2BB40051 SY5 0XP Arscott Golf Club, Pound Lane, Pontesbury Variable Restricted 11m
FEE0C951-71D9-4718-A92B-AA8400C5AC72 SY5 6BA C/O Cound Parish Council, Cound Moor Village Hall, Cound Moor 24/7 Public 11m
7709 SY5 6BN The Lodge, Shropshire 24/7 Public
3609D82A-EB57-49EE-9165-AF370120484C SY5 6BN The Lodge, Cound Park Drive, Cound 24/7 Public 11m
C875422B-9E22-4892-9665-AE0D003FD4DB SY5 6BY Cressage Parish Council, Cressage Village Hall, Sheinton Road 24/7 Public 11m
D991D707-A7B7-4C0F-966E-B0FA00EDA2F4 SY5 6DH Christ Church Church Of England School, Sheinton Road, Cressage Variable Restricted 5m
1942742D-9D18-470D-9288-58B1EA22A929 SY5 6EW Cound Parish Council, Cound Guildhall ( Village Hall ), Harnage Road 24/7 Public 11m
73048F1C-6F05-4196-B49F-B1760114C53C SY5 6EW Cound Cricket Club, War Memorial Junction To Moreton Roundabout, Cound Variable Public 7w
46F900AD-2F47-4324-886C-AB5100AAE6F5 SY5 6HT Stc Weeping Cross Centre, Weeping Cross, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
C52D9CDF-0390-4F0F-87C8-AFAC00991F94 SY5 6JH Shropshire Homes Hq, The Old Workhouse, Chestnuts 24/7 Public 11m
DEF1393D-EE8C-4FA4-B26B-ADCC00B8ACCA SY5 6JJ Cross Houses Filling Station, A458 From Weeping Cross Roundabout To Atcham Junction Cross Houses, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
6109 SY5 6LP Village Hall, Shropshire 24/7 Public
D1902FA4-1C48-4FBF-BE3E-ADD70093484A SY5 6LP Harley Village Hall, From A458 Junction Harley Nursery To A458 Junction The Old Mill, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
89EBB2B1-C3D8-48C1-955C-B05000DD9D71 SY5 6NH Kenley School Room, Kenley Junction To Wood Lane Junction, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 9m
23626F2B-7C9B-489F-BC20-AF1600FDDEAB SY5 6NT Mill Farm Holiday Park, Caravan Park Mill Farm, Hughley Junction To B4371 Junction Presthope Former Bridgnorth District Boundary 24/7 Restricted 11m
A7EA90A7-6D8D-4913-B414-AE7100CE949E SY5 6NT Mill Farm Holiday Park, Caravan Park Mill Farm, Hughley Junction To B4371 Junction Presthope Former Bridgnorth District Boundary 24/7 Restricted 11m
5E5A784B-9681-4D28-A876-AFA500F91DD3 SY5 6QE Atcham Parish Council, The Old Malthouse Memorial Hall, Malthouse Lane 24/7 Public 11m
D325391E-DE55-4515-83DD-AD4E01076A33 SY5 6RF Eaton Constantine Village Hall, Eaton Constantine Junction With B5480 To End Of 30mph North Of Rural Cottages, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
106DE2E9-9D17-44EF-A642-AD4200E5D23B SY5 6RN Leighton Village Hall, School Lane, Leighton 24/7 Public 9m
CE59D247-00A9-4FCE-9F0B-B045008D6B11 SY5 7AA Condover Ce Primary School, Station Road, Condover Variable Restricted 9m
2D6C2501-2464-4052-9472-AA8C010411E3 SY5 7BN Condover Parish Council, Brook Close Community Rooms, Brook Close 24/7 Public 11m
A626B5F1-762F-47C4-9ED5-AEED015B5670 SY5 7DR Pitchford Village Hall, Pitchford Road End To Rural Cottages, Pitchford 24/7 Public 11m
999A6E60-FD89-4724-AD88-AAE7010755BC SY5 7DU 16 Condover Park, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
EAA5BFEE-A2C5-44F8-ACE6-AE6C008A5945 SY5 7EF Stapleton Village Hall, Stapleton, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
32A2A631-7549-44E6-932F-ABFB00C35758 SY5 7HR Ruckley Home Farm, Ruckley, Near Acton Burnell 24/7 Public 11m
AF9A62F6-C2AD-41DF-885F-B07E00A2CC21 SY5 7JL St Edwards C Of E Primary School, Church Road, Dorrington Variable Public 9m
85E71485-D051-4F54-9A76-E161C3DF6AF8 SY5 7LD Dorrington Village Hall, The Maitlands, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
71CA9970-65B5-479F-8EAB-AE8B00B04856 SY5 7NB Ryton Village Hall, The Grey House Junction To Wheathall Junction, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
90F28C26-ECB3-4761-B8A2-AE9201329B89 SY5 7NB Condover Pc, Ryton Village Hall, The Grey House Junction To Wheathall Junction 24/7 Public 11m
4ACBC9E3-DE7C-4ED7-B454-AB6900CFED65 SY5 7PA Post Office And General Stores, Acton Burnell Crossroads, Acton Burnell 24/7 Public 11m
7911C22E-9C0A-4660-BEC9-B1100090C6E7 SY5 8BE O/S Hillside Nursery, Hook-A-Gate, Shrewsbury, The Old School, Redhill Drive To Shrewsbury Road End Of Annscroft 24/7 Public 4m
3C9BF4D1-402D-4BC4-A5B0-B18B0108A788 SY5 8BZ Church Pulverbatch Village Hall, Parish Hall, Pulverbatch Junction Bach Croft To New House Lane Junction 24/7 Public 3w
A55331A3-B4A6-4303-8AD6-33015E45EA21 SY5 8DS White Horse Inn, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
1C7EC719-748B-47F1-88B6-B0A500ADF0C3 SY5 8EX Longden Old Post Office, Post Office, Shrewsbury Road 24/7 Public 8m
6E272019-FF03-48CB-8E0F-D0E1297AF534 SY5 8EX Post Office, Shrewsbury Road, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 11m
13375DBC-B84D-4759-AEF7-AB8F011F9C15 SY5 8JN A488, Cruckton, Hanwood 24/7 Public 11m
16468EBC-B479-4C92-AAF0-B0BA00DCEA4A SY5 8LQ Hanwood Village Hall And Recreation Ground, Off A488 Main Road Hanwood Adjacent To School, Hanwood 24/7 Public 7m
432CBEC6-27CB-404A-8D60-ACC000B0664C SY5 8NP Shropshire Beekeeping Association, Shropshire Beekeepers At Conduit Head, Nobold Lane 24/7 Public 11m
763415F0-A0F6-48ED-BFD4-7A3CF4797B4A SY5 8RH Great Hanwood Parish Council, Community Centre, Vine Close 24/7 Public 11m
38E1149F-52A0-4E65-9DEA-AE7900A07061 SY5 9AN Alberbury Cricket Club, Cricket Ground Pecknall Farm, C2109 From Junction With B4393 To Pecknall Farm And Packnall Lane 24/7 Public 11m
5689A4D6-5F42-4B91-A174-AF3C00AC7639 SY5 9AN Alberbury Cricket Club, Cricket Ground Pecknall Farm, C2109 From Junction With B4393 To Pecknall Farm And Packnall Lane 24/7 Public 11m
8AAACC87-D4E1-4D8B-967F-AD0100B5C24F SY5 9AR Bausley With Criggion Community Council, Hand And Diamond Inn, B4393 Access To Bausley House, Coedway To Easternmost Access Of Red House Farm, Coedway 24/7 Public 11m
5730DA8E-E978-49A9-A97A-AEF600D637B2 SY5 9BA Centre Of Pond 127m From Hanson Aggregates, Criggion Quarry 26m From Unnamed Road, C2039 From Junction With Criggion Lane Trewern Near Upper Farm To Junction With Criggion, Shrewsbury Variable Public 11m
8319F6C9-6D4F-45A4-BDFA-AEF600D66F00 SY5 9BA Centre Of Pond 127m From Hanson Aggregates, Criggion Quarry 26m From Unnamed Road, C2039 From Junction With Criggion Lane Trewern Near Upper Farm To Junction With Criggion, Shrewsbury Variable Public 11m
9096E7CF-5E74-41E0-89A2-AEF600D65B38 SY5 9BA Hanson Quarry Products Europe Limited, Criggion Quarry, C2039 From Junction With Criggion Lane Trewern Near Upper Farm To Junction With Criggion Variable Public 11m
93229798-F64F-4D51-95EB-7C61FE55E079 SY5 9BJ Brynhafren Cp School, Bryn Hafren, Crew Green Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 9m
7EFB8EB2-BB20-45F4-8E3F-AAEE00BFA011 SY5 9DU Alberbury Parish Council, Fish Restaurant Halfway House, Opposite Heath Drive Variable Public 11m
493EF8C7-67C1-4919-9ECF-AAEE00C0747E SY5 9EL Alberbury Parish Council, Alberbury Village Hall, Alberbury 24/7 Public 11m
6C1F9B70-8779-4E70-AB80-8B232AC223DF SY5 9HT Worthen Medical Practice, B4386 From Brockton Meadow To Little Worthen Junction, Worthen Variable Restricted 9m
F521B345-572C-40A6-953E-AFE800A81050 SY5 9HT Long Mountain C Of E Primary School, B4386 From Brockton Meadow To Little Worthen Junction, Worthen 24/7 Public 11m
DABC5711-9D21-44AE-AEA0-2E500D7C72AC SY5 9HU Cock Inn, B4386 From Brockton B4499 Juncti, Brockton 24/7 Public 11m
C33D944C-14B1-4EB7-AEE5-9E850FA7A2B5 SY5 9HW Londis, The Main Road, Worthen 24/7 Public 11m
E6DBF80F-7183-4FA6-9326-70E690F18D41 SY5 9LU Ford Parish Council, Ford Village Hall, The Leasowes 24/7 Public 11m
6BA6E7C4-D753-4BF7-8D98-9232EFF18D51 SY5 9QX Westbury Medical Centre, Vennington Road, Shrewsbury Variable Restricted 11m
ADCB2250-AE74-4534-AF4A-AC7100ED2F3B SY6 6AX Agilent Technologies Uk Ltd, Unit 1, Essex Road Variable Restricted 11m
BE9BFCB7-B5A6-4E47-AB1D-96D6C37095A1 SY6 6BL Church Stretton Medical Centre, Easthope Road, Church Stretton Variable Restricted 11m
04B651A1-BF2F-4E79-B4E0-B02B0106A235 SY6 6BY United Reform Church, High Street, Church Stretton 24/7 Public 11m
05B60721-7BEA-4456-B4D9-AC6900F1F697 SY6 6EG Church Stretton Town Council, Russells Meadow, Lutwyche Road 24/7 Public 11m
3649 SY6 6EX Church Stretton School, Shropshire 24/7 Public
750B49FA-A53A-4EAA-8B3C-B18000B90B0B SY6 6JG Bodbury, Cardingmill Valley, Church Stretton 24/7 Public 7w
D03310E3-CB8B-40D2-8A72-B18000FACF54 SY6 6JH Church Stretton Golf Club, Golf Club, Links Road 24/7 Public 7w
DCEEC6F0-445B-42F4-9C79-8A146C55C04D SY6 6JH Church Stretton Golf Club Hunters Moon, Trevor Hill, Church Stretton 24/7 Public 11m
89EA7B58-60BC-4DF4-85DD-AB2400D6055E SY6 6ND 11 Fallowfield, Leebotwood 24/7 Public 11m
AF4BE3F0-199D-4BEC-BF3E-8190C79B1559 SY6 6NT Picklescott Village Hall, Church Road Start Of To Picklescott Junction The Gate House, Shrewsbury 24/7 Public 9m
27CC3B45-8CC4-425E-8B23-AE6900B7ABF1 SY6 6PG Church Stretton Station, Station Approach, Church Stretton 24/7 Public 11m
3BD39AEF-B96C-451D-8529-AE6900C38005 SY6 6PG Church Stretton Station, Station Approach, Church Stretton 24/7 Public 11m
36CE3F51-43EB-41C6-9D6C-AD8A00F13C20 SY6 6PH Unit 1 Laundry Bank, Watling Street South, Church Stretton Variable Restricted 11m
30CE7F2D-B581-4E9E-B2FD-B098010AD1B7 SY6 6TA Midland Gliding Club, The Port Way, Longmynd 24/7 Public 8m
219DC7A1-3ED7-4CE1-A3AE-AC41007D8F01 SY6 7DH Eaton Manor Country Estate Office, Eaton Manor, Harton Junction To Eaton Cottage Junction 24/7 Public 11m
CFC225F3-D7F9-4913-AA44-AF4700ED162C SY6 7EB Rushbury C Of E Primary School, Rushbury Road End Of To Topley, Rushbury 24/7 Public 11m
ABE0E412-57F9-48CE-AC8B-AE3C00AA8385 SY6 7LH Church Preen School Junction, Church Preen, Shropshire 24/7 Restricted 11m
714723F2-5EAB-4098-B5E6-B0D600F3880E SY7 0AA St Mary's Ce Primary School, Chapel Lawn Road, Bucknell Variable Restricted 6m
D4D05ADF-846F-46DC-9BC4-AB4200B39B75 SY7 0AA St Mary's Bucknell Primary School, St. Marys C Of E Primary School, Bucknell Variable Restricted 11m
4391 SY7 0BE Bedstone and Hopton Castle Village Hall, Shropshire 24/7 Public
E5824303-6B6D-4B36-B666-ADDB0116C8EF SY7 0DH Brampton Bryan Parish Hall Committee (Owners), The Bookery Manor Farm, C1007 Brampton Bryan To Newton Road 24/7 Public 11m
DC10DCFB-067B-493B-A1D1-364F73B1A9F4 SY7 0DY Lingen Village Hall, Bucknell 24/7 Public 11m
BCC0C2F1-C5DB-4779-AA28-B0FC0101AF09 SY7 0LL Leintwardine Endowed Primary School, Watling Street, Leintwardine 24/7 Public 5m
CFE347D9-1740-4364-91B9-AC5A014558FD SY7 8AU Lydbury North Parish Council, Lydbury North C Of E Primary School, B4385 From Red House Bridge Junction To Junction With A488 Bishops Castle 24/7 Public 11m
74BDAED3-8D47-4A89-A570-B03400BB1E6A SY7 8BA Ford Cottage, Brockton, Lydbury North 24/7 Public 9m
713AB95B-DC46-4447-BEBB-ADAB00E82DDF SY7 8DA Border Holdings Uk Ltd, Border Holdings Uk Ltd,, The Grove Variable Public 11m
86FC0F2D-A7B2-4E89-8467-ADAB00F8F655 SY7 8DA Border Holdings Uk Ltd, Border Holdings Uk Ltd,, The Grove Variable Public 11m
6667F6C9-9BBD-43BE-8DF8-B117016BE136 SY7 8DE Strefford Hall Farm Shop, Lower Dinchope Junction To Strefford Junction A49, Strefford 24/7 Public 4m
27B0037E-91BE-49F1-ABC3-ADB7009C1800 SY7 8DG Wistanstow Village Commuinty Shop, Wistanstow Village Community Shop, Roman Road 24/7 Public 11m
8CBFA1E2-4816-4D81-928B-B18500F815AC SY7 8DQ Village Hall Cottage, Bank Wood Junction With B4370 Horderley To Wistanstow Junction, Woolston 24/7 Public 3w
F34D88F5-BF42-4299-89C7-B0350166CEA8 SY7 8DR Sy7 8dr, Public Telephone, Cheney Longville 24/7 Public 9m
DA9BC0F9-ADBC-4C5F-855A-AFE201296291 SY7 8DW Sy7 8dw, Corner House, Bushmoor 24/7 Public 11m
ED38A530-EF08-47B3-8308-B04600DEFCC3 SY7 8JQ St Georges Primary School, School Road, Clun Variable Restricted 9m
B4153BDF-1762-478E-ABAB-3D32160AD540 SY7 8LG Hospital Direct Unit 5-6, The Green Industrial Estate, Craven Arms 24/7 Public 11m
89EC66B1-8CC5-470F-BAFB-AEF401017CE9 SY7 8NR Tough Furniture Ltd, 8 Stokewood Road, Craven Arms Variable Public 11m
A7215F32-E554-4040-8848-AD3C00E3BF51 SY7 8NR Agilent Technologies Lda Uk Ltd, Nightingale House, Stokewood Road Variable Restricted 3w
04EDBA07-2299-4DF6-B19C-B15B00B2E564 SY7 8NT Reo (Uk) Limited, Units 2 To 4, Callow Hill Road 24/7 Public 2m
54FF9C52-D56C-4DA2-B547-AF8E00A5A8D3 SY7 8PF Mot Clinic Ltd, Unit 1, Craven Court, 24/7 Public 11m
745843F3-603C-4A4E-B0D4-AFE300C0EB6E SY7 8PG Lower Barn, Cow Hall Junction To Dowke Hill Junction, Woolston 24/7 Public 11m
7F20124D-E0A7-443F-9A43-AF4700B4D1D1 SY7 9AW Onibury Cottage, Onibury House Junction A49 To Greenway Cross Junction B4368, Onibury 24/7 Public 11m
EA232E09-B0CD-420C-8221-AF9D00E3874B SY7 9BW Connexus Homes, Connexus Homes, The Gateway, The Auction Yard, Shrewsbury Road Variable Restricted 11m
D83F5DE8-BEB6-4208-97D0-AE920095BDBB SY7 9DJ Diddlebury Village Hall, Mill Lane, Mill Lane End Of To Peaton Junction 24/7 Public 11m
685BD3BA-E78E-44F6-9DC2-ACE500A44F9A SY7 9DP Public Telephone 11m From New House Cottage 9m From Unnamed Road, Bouldon House Junction To Bank Farm, Bouldon 24/7 Public 11m
35BAB801-5190-479F-AFA9-AEE100AB62DA SY7 9DZ Clee St Margaret Parish Council, Tana Leas Farm, The Parish Hall Junction Hoptongate To Lower Brook House Junction 24/7 Public 11m
66EFD067-8A25-4740-A013-AFD301028D89 SY7 9ET The Old School House, Munslow Square, Munslow 24/7 Public 11m
A7F04922-DC0B-444A-9335-7E13A6B771CB SY7 9HZ Abdon Village Hall, Boundary Gate Farm To Upper Hous, Abdon 24/7 Public 11m
C3B22625-D5AB-4141-AFB7-B0C001098547 SY7 9JL Garage Cottage, From B4368 Junction Seifton Batch To Westhope Cottage Junction, Westhope 24/7 Public 7m
94EBACC8-7D02-4A54-BDFC-B07C00F86D03 SY7 9PE Stokesay Primary School, Market Street, Craven Arms Variable Restricted 9m
46FBD4B0-508B-41C6-AAED-B11100F87E13 SY7 9PS Craven Arms Community Centre, Newington Way, Craven Arms 24/7 Public 4m
D65D9373-067C-40A6-A24E-AA7700B36108 SY7 9PX Harry Tuffin Ltd, Craven Centre, Shrewsbury Road 24/7 Public 11m
6B3DEBD5-34E7-405A-8C6D-AE6900B7A125 SY7 9PY Craven Arms Station, Station Crescent, Shrewsbury Road, Craven Arms 24/7 Public 11m
D59F8E98-5FEA-4668-B02D-AE6900B7A671 SY7 9PY Craven Arms Station, Station Crescent, Shrewsbury Road, Craven Arms 24/7 Public 11m
2842E400-EA0A-4D22-B5E4-A1FFEFBB6D60 SY8 1AW Church Inn, Butter Cross, King Street Variable Restricted 11m
223C0588-D47C-43F6-B8E3-ADAB008C30FF SY8 1BH Herefordshire, Ludlow & North Shropshire College, Ludlow College, Lower Mill Street Variable Restricted 11m
84CE048C-D915-45E0-9F6E-5164BD01BED8 SY8 1DW Four Rivers Nursing Home, Bromfield Road, Ludlow 24/7 Restricted 11m
FB02DF48-EE6B-48E5-95B1-AB4100A47928 SY8 1FD Ludlow Driving Test Centre Address, Unit 1, The Business Quarter, Ludlow Eco Park 24/7 Public 11m
04204270-7103-40AD-96C0-B0BF0083F440 SY8 1FJ 2 Murchison Place, Ludlow 24/7 Public 7m
4EE0D67D-7894-4C7F-B2A1-13544CEEBAE9 SY8 1GT Portcullis Surgery, Portcullis Lane, Ludlow Variable Restricted 11m
A174FE81-013C-431F-BDE6-B14F008D2B75 SY8 1LS The Squirrel Pub, Flat 1 The Squirrel, Foldgate Lane 24/7 Public 2m
C1939CA6-17C3-4CD1-86C4-AAEE00BB1A5E SY8 1NH Ludlow Methodist Church, Broad Street, Ludlow 24/7 Public 11m
F9CFDE95-4F4D-448E-914A-680463ACC171 SY8 1NH Ludlow Methodist Church, 52 Broad Street, Ludlow 24/7 Public 11m
8A32AA0D-D183-4F59-B5AB-AA770001DA7F SY8 1PE Ludlow Home Care, Temeside, Ludlow 24/7 Public 11m
7B327DC6-AC62-40AA-B0BC-D0C411AEF691 SY8 1QT Alexandra House, Poyner Road, Ludlow 24/7 Restricted 11m
50046003-A436-44BF-8C92-AA7700AE82CA SY8 1QZ St Peter's Parish Centre - Left Of Doorway, Henley Road, Ludlow 24/7 Public 11m
9C028E94-4772-4ADC-9222-D4707B40F5A3 SY8 1RZ Ludlow Mascall Centre, Lower Galdeford, Ludlow 24/7 Public 11m
4398F830-6608-443C-A0AE-F6F907E18396 SY8 1SX Rockspring Community Centre, Sandford Road, Ludlow 24/7 Public 11m
06A4C74D-3AD3-41F7-A64A-B08500F0D580 SY8 1TP St Laurence Primary School, Jockey Field, Ludlow Variable Restricted 9m
2B3662BB-9F8B-47F3-B222-3FC7E61B307B SY8 1TQ Vision Homes, 1b Toll Gate Road, Ludlow 24/7 Public 11m
38EBAE57-20AB-4AE4-B14F-B0FD0159F023 SY8 1XD Dms Plastics Ltd, D M S Plastics Ltd, Lingen Road 24/7 Public 5m
5B85C0FA-6F29-4439-8256-AF46011DD0CC SY8 1XD D M S Plastics Ltd, Ludlow Business Park, Lingen Road 24/7 Public 11m
88FA4E9E-36D9-4249-97F0-AFE7010085DD SY8 1XF Screwfix, Unit At Orleton Road, Ludlow Business Park Variable Restricted 11m
D1F7ADFB-48C0-478F-BDD2-2D0F575D8D30 SY8 2AB Station Drive Surgery, Station Drive, Ludlow Variable Restricted 11m
244B61CC-D782-4269-B93D-AFEE00C3F715 SY8 2BT Ludlow Race Club Ltd, Ludlow Racecourse, Bromfield 24/7 Public 11m
CBE6AA0F-0C69-47BB-B944-AFEE00C16FA1 SY8 2BT Ludlow Race Club Ltd, Ludlow Racecourse, Bromfield 24/7 Public 11m
08FDE2FC-B950-469A-A3A8-AA770098962B SY8 2DA Culmington Village Hall, Culmington, Ludlow 24/7 Public 11m
1D50AA8F-E881-4093-BC23-B0FC0121A11F SY8 2HU Downton Estates Pools Farm, C1016 Downton To Wetmore Road, Downton-On-The-Rock 24/7 Public 5m
B55A6538-0D7B-47D3-81EA-ADE201143415 SY8 2JE The Cliff Park, Halton Lane, Ludlow 24/7 Public 11m
1F100454-C8AA-40B2-BFF4-B0B3008B7D5C SY8 2LU Fishmore Road, Quarry Place, Fishmore Road 24/7 Public 7m
715BC291-98DE-408C-BD08-B00D013C03EB SY8 2PQ Ludlow Brewing Company Ltd, The Railway Shed, Station Drive Variable Restricted 11m
8FEEEB2C-711D-4EC8-B163-6CCDB89E4E9E SY8 2PQ Tesco Stores Ltd, Station Drive, Ludlow 24/7 Public 11m
9D7305B1-288B-45AA-80FC-AE770089B41E SY8 2PQ Ludlow Train Station, Station Drive, Ludlow, Shropshire 24/7 Public 11m
E7B7E5BC-09BC-4378-8EC3-AE6900B79CA5 SY8 2PQ Ludlow Train Station, Station Drive, Ludlow, Shropshire 24/7 Public 11m
F15CAD6C-1B61-441E-AFA0-AE5800BF10CC SY8 2PQ Tesco Superstore, Station Drive, Ludlow Variable Public 11m
029E6860-2B6D-4441-BB40-AD2C011ED1DC SY8 3AL Nash Village Hall, Clee Hill Rd, Nash 24/7 Public 2m
3D4AD518-BA94-4CEB-8D8F-B02800CAC5DC SY8 3BJ Caynham Hatchery, Caynham Court, Caynham 24/7 Public 11m
9B8228CD-9A9C-44C8-96BD-2E0E7726517E SY8 3LZ Clee Hill Stores, 22 High Street, Clee Hill 24/7 Public 11m
8181498E-3D65-44AF-838D-AE2000A30DCF SY8 3NF Clee Hill Rugby Club, Tenbury Road, Clee Hill 24/7 Public 9m
51C20026-3DAF-4C29-A0EF-AEED00E41779 SY8 4AD Ludlow Touring Park, Overton Road, Shropshire 24/7 Public 11m
7D366F49-B2FF-439F-AA8E-B0CF01327263 SY8 4BE St Marys Church - Ludlow, Church Lane, Middleton On The Hill 24/7 Public 6m
DBC7E464-C5B2-4FA8-807F-AFF000FE81A9 SY8 4BG Brimfield And Little Hereford Sports And Social Club, Haynall Lane, Little Hereford 24/7 Public 11m
9C5D2711-5A71-48AD-A0A1-B10D00EB8035 SY8 4BX Bishop Hooper Ce Primary School, Dumbleholes Lane End Of To The Weir Junction, Ashford Carbonell Variable Restricted 4m
EB4A68F2-B860-426D-80F3-E11032BCB3A0 SY8 4DB Ashford Carbonell Parish Room, Ashford Carbonell 24/7 Public 11m
CFF962C3-74CD-4F14-B788-AB4400F52A5C SY8 4DS Islabikes Ltd, Unit 10, Lower Barns Business Park Variable Restricted 11m
35240FCE-4633-48EF-9650-AE8C0093ADC3 SY8 4DZ Moor Park School, Dairy Cottage, Moor Park 24/7 Public 11m
E0AFC405-92BC-4BF6-AE5B-B12A00F89A51 SY8 4HN Boot Inn, Kitchen Hill Road, Orleton 24/7 Public 3m
AFE2C68E-2567-46E4-82C9-B10B00CF5D5B SY8 4HQ Orleton Church Of England Primary School, Kings Road, Orleton 24/7 Public 4m
0AEEE058-F6C3-4E2A-A0BC-C6DFA5A40FEE SY8 4HW Mortimer Medical Practice Millbrook Way, Orleton, Mortimer Medical Practice The Surgery, Millbrook Way 24/7 Public 3w
3E220FA8-9A8B-4E09-BDAB-AFBF00CF0ACE SY8 4JG Orleton Rise Park Ltd, Orleton Rise Caravan Park, Green Lane 24/7 Public 11m
AF14981A-7DF5-4B82-A907-B052011A9307 SY8 4LL Little Hereford Village Hall, 1 Church Walk, Little Hereford 24/7 Public 9m
F20F5D58-FD1D-4FCA-AC95-5D7FCEE20C58 SY8 4NE Brimfield Village Hall, Church Road, Brimfield 24/7 Public 11m
E6D1260E-D119-45EA-ACB1-A7C51B1CF358 SY9 5AE Pharmacy, Dudley Taylor Pharmacy, Church Street 24/7 Public 2m
183ECB21-CBDD-4372-9536-28B476E9C979 SY9 5AQ Ransford Sawmills, Station Street, Bishops Castle 24/7 Public 3m
8BB26AE9-0343-4970-80D9-AEA000C99C1C SY9 5AY Tennis 103m From The Community College 27m From Unnamed Road, A488 From Colstey Bank End Acton To Start Of Love Lane Bishops Castle, Colebatch 24/7 Public 11m
DEF2D831-8768-45EF-A998-9C1BD1705642 SY9 5AY Shropshire Council, Bishop Castle Leisure Centre, Brampton Road Variable Restricted 11m
FD6F3721-E241-4570-BF60-B0F1EF7E9E00 SY9 5BN Kneale Butler & Finnigan Dental Surgery 2, Market Square, Bishops Castle Variable Restricted 11m
510D119C-6CC1-418D-9927-AFEF011F045D SY9 5BX Bishops Castle And Onny Valley Rufc, Brampton Road, Bishops Castle 24/7 Public 11m
63269D63-5918-4396-817B-B11400EAB04C SY9 5DW Bishop's Castle Tennis Club, Love Lane, Bishops Castle 24/7 Public 4m
28FA5527-28E3-4F29-8596-AA7700D281C4 SY9 5DX Norbury Village Hall, Norbury, Bishops Castle 24/7 Public 11m
B295D16B-FC0F-4276-9FF6-AE31011D0A1B SY9 5EE The Crown Inn, Wentnor Junction To Upper Mill, Wentnor 24/7 Public 11m
21365E7C-4CE4-4F61-8E79-E8FEBB06562B SY9 5ER Bishops Castle Medical Practice, School House Lane, Bishops Castle Variable Restricted 11m
B9CE6AF2-B59D-4255-AFC7-AE1900BE8BC8 SY9 5HB Lydham And More Village Hall, Juntion A488 And A489, Lydham 24/7 Public 11m
C5C5AD79-0A54-45D1-A286-AED6008E488D SY9 5HY Bow House Country Park, Bishops Castle, Shropshire 24/7 Public 11m
FE0A339D-02FB-46AB-AD1A-78ADEF004508 SY9 5JY The Pines Residential Home, Bishops Castle 24/7 Restricted 11m
2C93A116-457D-49A7-9CD3-AE74009A3CFD SY9 5LA Meadowend, Colstey Bank End Of To Acton, Acton 24/7 Public 11m
2215DAA7-2149-4A64-ABFF-3F0407C6ED6B SY9 5LQ Mainstone Village Hall, Mainstone, Bishops Castle 24/7 Public 11m
E1227B1B-1512-41A5-88FC-ADD000C9AE95 SY9 5PA Abbeyfield House, Oak Meadow, Bishops Castle 24/7 Public 11m

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

The OSM objects here are not close enough to an unmatched AED in one of the data sources to be matched. Matches to an AED in the Circuit that is further away can be forced by adding a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the corresponding Circuit UUID. It is not possible to force a match to the NDDB.

Found 34 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n472734740 Cabinet inside old phone box.
MZ n6130917717 wall cabinet above park bench outside TSB Bank
MZ n6602820885
MZ n6614859981
MZ n6622528685
MZ n7021465640
MZ n7220882979
MZ n8231918934 On front wall of house
MZ n8636608900
MZ n8664370318 inside old red phone box at junction near Downton Hall Stanton Lacy Parish Council
MZ n8769944876 outside Rushbury Village Hall - to right of entrance
MZ n8792984117
MZ n8974887147
MZ n9016878021
MZ n9060385402 outside Spar in Tregaron
MZ n9177654275
MZ n9456784259 inside old red phone box, Cholmondeley Lane, Bulkeley
MZ n9536038093 outside Tallarn Green Village Hall
MZ n9550795856 inside phone box on high Street, nearjunction with Ffordd y Cain in Llanfyllin
MZ n9740412820
MZ n9882932917 at Train Station Platform Transport for Wales
MZ n9921268523 outside Owain Glyndŵr Memorial Hall
MZ n9966485014 outside Llanafan Fawr and District Community Centre - facing car park
MZ n10285412464 outside Bomere Heath Village Hall
MZ n10285471475 outside Clungunford Parish Hall
MZ n10678323154
MZ n11537300369 Sage chartered accountants
MZ n11635281399 outside Moreton Say Village Hall
MZ n11737235448
MZ n11737235449
MZ n11746868602
MZ n12029154944 Located inside Job Centre Job Centre Plus
MZ n12049678380 1A9545E4-2793-4 On platform building, eastern end.
MZ n12053001519 Cabinet on outside of small building in Cholmondeley Arms car park.

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Circuit AEDs matched to an OSM object by location

To confirm a match as correct, add a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the UUID from The Circuit. To remove an incorrect match, either add the correct UUID (if the AED is listed in The Circuit) or add a not:ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag with a semi-colon separated list of UUIDs not to match.

Found 94 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
00F45802-5D9B-4A0C-A017-AEDD00DA203B SY17 5DW Village Hall, Llandinam n11535872078 outside Llwynderw Village Hall 25 m
0754DF8F-3647-44A9-BC77-7AD60D7B215C SY18 6SG The Post Office, A44t From Llangurig Roundabout To Tyn-Y-Cwm, Llangurig n9880728217 5 m
0BF1CAA5-185F-4372-A6AB-1570F5DB0C27 SY10 7DH Public Telephone, Glyn Road, Selattyn, Oswestry n8699604181 inside red telephone box (that is now a community library) near Cross Keys pub in Selattyn 11 m
0F2B4189-2572-49F0-A4AF-AE60010B6F39 SY21 0QY Llanfair Caereinion Town Council, Crown House, High Street n9759711122 inside old red phone box (that is now being used as a book exchange) by south west church gate in Llanfair Caereinion 16 m
0FEBD978-08E9-4485-ACC5-AEE100AFFB7B SY7 9DT Clee St Margaret Parish Council, Public Telephone Steppes Cottage, Clee St Margaret n8731853883 next to red phone box in centre of Clee St Margaret 7 m
1131EF1D-AD63-4F17-B4ED-844DC47FB606 SY4 2AR Great Ness & Little Ness Parish Council, Public Telephone 7m From 1 St Martins Meadow, St Martins Meadow n9212898171 inside red phone box, Little Ness 5 m
116B23F6-B275-4B7F-AA02-AC05009E612F SY5 9AY Criggion Village Hall, Criggion Lane, Shrewsbury n9231655431 outside Criggion Village Hall 19 m
1390B350-D17B-49EC-A50B-A70CFDDBDFF7 SY15 6AR Harry Tuffins, A489 From Junction With C2193, Churchstoke n12002785655 16 m
14F3C019-9A41-419C-B7CA-ACAF01298189 SY8 3PP Red Telephone Kiosk, Outside Titterstone Cottages, Unnamed Road, Clee Hill n8641871975 inside old red telephone box in Titterstone 2 m
15A65FBD-1211-4E40-89B6-A9E482B62E66 SY4 5DB North Shropshire District Council Edinburgh House, New Street, Shrewsbury n4079990514 16 m
16971C88-B4D2-4252-B511-AB4F00F705FA SY5 7HA Telephone Kiosk, Frodesley Lane, Frodesley n11132260122 inside old phone box at crossroads at edge of Frodesley 1 m
19EEDED1-83A7-402B-ACDA-BAF79C5ED0F1 SY23 3AD Rheidol Filling Station & Convenience Store, Ponterwyd, Ponterwyd Aberystwyth n9197060249 10 m
1B395019-A4A9-44A7-AC16-883556002D0E SY8 1AZ Ludlow Assembly Rooms, 1 Mill Street, Ludlow n6867265952 9 m
1BDB6CC1-BD26-492F-952C-2F8DC3D810A9 SY16 4EJ Sarn Village Hall, A489, Sarn n11378827326 outside Sarn Village Hall 13 m
1F268862-2AB5-43BC-9470-ACCE00CB8832 SY22 6PT Arddleen & District Community Association, Arddleen, Llanymynech n9893294258 outside Arddleen Village Hall 54 m
22C30881-3366-4F44-84F0-BE0120C2DFD9 SY23 3JL Managers Accommodation Hafod Arms Hotel, A4120 Devils Bridge Village, Devils Bridge n9197291342 46 m
234EDB70-BA58-41F0-8E24-A8BEADABF734 SY21 0EG Llanerfyl Village Hall, A458t From Junction With A495, Llangadfan Welshpool n11378666198 outside Neuadd Bentref Llanerfyl Village Hall 13 m
258AD44A-70E6-4BEE-9FD6-AEAE013E13B5 SY23 4DH Public Telephone 11m From The Park 6m From Unnamed Road, A487t Blaenplwyf Village, Blaenplwyf n2652442588 inside old phone box outside Siop y Parc in Blaenplwyf 5 m
2A9732F8-6E93-475B-8A8F-B18F00EFCEE4 SY4 5NN Horse And Jockey Pub, Ellesmere Road, Northwood n11165425707 4 m
2F0DAC68-D078-434E-8A92-5958E5D79BD7 SY23 4LQ Public Telephone 9m From Llwyn Helyg 4m From Unnamed Road, General Area Of, Cnwc Coch Aberystywth n9403157658 inside phone box by bus shelter in Cnwch Coch 1 m
2F88553F-ADB0-43D3-A9C3-91B4EA7649C8 SY6 6RB Ragleth Inn, Ludlow Road, Church Stretton n10285467320 outside Ragleth Inn, Little Stretton - facing car park next to phone box 8 m
3073A341-CC84-4385-A5F2-AF8400B6BED8 SY6 7JZ Cardington Parish Hall, The Royal Oak Junction To Junction Southwest Corner Of Churchyard, Cardington n3769694502 10 m
378120ED-A5E8-4D98-989B-EC14E0691184 SY23 2DA Marine Hotel, Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth n6602351386 31 m
3833A943-BE57-4674-AEFE-B139011633D2 SY4 5SR The Dickin Arms, B4397 From Burlton A528 To B5063 Horton, Loppington n2677637474 On outside wall of Shop/Post Office, Loppington 50 m
39713631-1954-408B-B3FC-ADBF00BE0B80 SY11 4PG Telephone Kiosk 21m From 29 Fitzalan Close 11m From B5009, B5009 From Aston Junction To A495 Whittington, Babbinswood n11132222806 inside old phone box, by Fitzalan Close, Babbinswood 2 m
3E59A0EF-9479-4E89-AA3D-C78568E957A8 SY4 1AH Shrawardine Heart Start Scheme, Public Telephone, Shrawardine n8758528740 inside red phone box Shrawardine 32 m
4105119A-14AA-4211-90A3-AB6F00EDBC84 SY23 4AZ Llanafan Village Hall, 4 Maesyfelin, Llanafan n11378526821 outside Neuadd Lisburne, Llanafan 50 m
4343CA86-FEC6-403D-87B3-172498DF2EAC SY1 1RN Upper Quarry Toilets, Upper Quarry, St Chads Terrace n10106814641 Mounted on the wall of the quarry toilets 6 m
4A96331C-5C85-4B5C-8422-ACCF00CA2735 SY4 4AG Hadnall Village Hall, Shrewsbury Road, Hadnall n11923707340 outside Hadnall Village Hall 8 m
53E61A04-D255-4ECB-957E-AB8100E026AC SY10 0EX Public Toilets, Public Car Park, Berwyn Street n9708939610 On front wall of toilet block at the right-hand end 5 m
5BDD544B-E572-4526-B0A2-AE0A00EC3DD6 SY21 0SQ Llanfair Caereinion Town Council, Greymarp, 9 Bryn-Y-Coed n9759725091 inside an old red phone box in Llanfair Caereinion 35 m
5D399742-3323-4443-B7E0-ACAF0128A0E8 SY8 3DZ Red Telephone Kiosk Outside 4 Middleton, Jn B4364 & Unnamed Road, Middleton n8649073102 inside red telephone box (that is now a book exchange) in Middleton 2 m
64FA547A-A3BD-43E8-9615-AF9F00F3A752 SY22 6TE Archways, C2102 From Junction Near Schoolhouse Deuddwr To Junction By Bronafon, Llansantffraid-Ym-Mechain n9738519815 inside old red phone box in Deuddwr 11 m
66D78C72-72BC-4FA8-9422-AEBD011D6470 SY3 5HF Bicton Heath Hall Association, The Gains Park Community Centre, Pensfold n10285576434 8 m
694B44FD-3052-4025-AD77-AD3E0160E0F5 SY23 5LU Old Bakery - Heated Box, Bridge Street, Llanon n12000623080 In bus shelter 10 m
6A24FC24-9957-4D79-B48E-AC2F00A4AC60 SY4 3EE Harmer Hill Village Hall, Higher Road, Harmer Hill n11851716451 outside Harmer Hill Village Hall 17 m
6BD7BC3A-D5E2-4993-80B8-A88A99F113C2 SY23 4EW Gernant - Bus Shelter, General Area Of, Llangwyryfon n10062580529 8 m
6E9CC971-AA49-4D19-828F-DBA99C4D5088 SY4 3RP Village Hall, Shrewsbury n12027215154 outside Myddle Village Hall - facing car park 9 m
7921B236-7802-4292-BFE9-AECA013AA78B SY17 5JG Caersws Coummity Council, Public Telephone 6m From Vine Cottage On Unnamed Road, U2587 From Junction With B4568 To Junction With Road To C2066 n9884021680 inside old red phone box near church in Llanwnnog 1 m
7A708D81-D61D-4539-B794-AE4300B0D422 SY23 3SL Public Telephone At Nottingham House, Pwllhobi 7m From A44, A44t From Bridge Terrace To Pendre Farm, Aberystwyth n11132234848 inside old phone box between Texaco and roundabout in LLanbadarn Fawr 16 m
7D004871-FAE2-4F01-A7A2-DFC63C02A33D SY23 4TA Lledrod, Lledrod Post Office, A485 Lledrod n9710400081 inside ld red phone box in Lledrod 46 m
7E135BAE-902E-491D-AA25-C58DD64A9D16 SY8 3JL Village Hall, Knowbury Memorial Hall, Caynham Road n10927643264 outside Knowbury Memorial Hall 58 m
7F0914A9-5563-4F24-9339-AA8600A2590C SY4 4SW Telephone Kiosk, Jn Mill Lane / Church Road, Uffington n446291320 inside old phone box opposite Uffington Village Hall 5 m
8205FB1B-3940-47FD-BAF3-05B779DA6FF5 SY23 4HQ Public Telephone 24m From Ty Capel Moriah Moriah 5m From, B4576 From The Junction Of The, Trefenter n9403106828 inside old red phone box south of Trefenter 2 m
82591B3D-EA1E-41A8-9FD5-BDD602FFEA0A SY23 3NB Cwmrheidol,On The Junction Turning For Aberffwd, General Area Of Cwmrheidol, Cwmrheidol n9197080072 70 m
847F66C5-0864-44B5-8456-6A5B2B4A9AFF SY20 8AG Clock Tower, Penrallt Street, Machynlleth n7830587846 By Town Clock, Penrallt Street, in front of Alf's (24 hour access box) 14 m
853ECDC1-DA67-4FD8-A85C-F2F869A39469 SY8 2EJ Public Telephone, ., Stoke St Milborough n9004876721 inside phone box by corner of road leading to St Milburgha's Church, Stoke St Milborough 84 m
86BBFBAB-9173-45C2-B167-B4ADF7BA8ACA SY23 4EF Public Telephone 30m From Gweldir, Pant-Y-Crug 6m From A4120, A4120 From The Junction Of The C1082 To The Entrance Of Penuwch Fawr, Pantycrug n9709338275 next to post box in layby in Pant-y-Crug 7 m
8731C1CB-DF6F-41E7-9FDD-AD0501422110 SY21 8BH Public Telephone 24m From Bwthyn Y Llan On Unnamed Road, U2450 From Junction With Private Road Adjacent Pen-Y-Copa Wood To Junction With, Pantyffridd Berriew n8748809535 inside old red phone box in Pantyfridd 1 m
8C0B578D-9D40-48F9-AC9E-AE9800FA9A25 SY23 5AA Llanrhystud Post Office, B4337 From The Junction Of The A487 To The Edge Of Llanrhystud, Llanrhystud n12001236808 Outside on Post Office Wall 7 m
8E8AF42C-C138-49A0-8DFB-ADDE00D933F1 SY3 5FU Shelton Cricket Club, Shropshire Homes Pavillion, 27 The Furlongs n10677708448 13 m
8EF9D227-86B5-40D7-98FA-3D0E8AA62CAF SY20 9SH Polling Station Institute, Bridge Street, Corris n9678530484 in porch of Corris Institute 13 m
8F6344D3-0618-40CE-9B30-C3B1CC6FC8A6 SY21 0LQ Dolanog Village Hall, General Area Of, Dolanog n9738642358 Dolanog 16 m
8FEDEB88-AAF3-4600-B748-AE8F00F6D162 SY21 0AE Cefn Coch And Adfa Defib Group, Cefn Coch, In Telephone Kiosk n9759672141 inside old red phonebox in Cefn Coch 17 m
9013A989-765F-4E9F-BA35-ACAF01276AB5 SY8 3HJ Public Telephone 39m From Willow House 9m From Unnamed Road, Cleestanton Road Junction To Bitterley Lane End Of, Bitterley n8652937775 In Old Telephone Box, Bitterley 2 m
94C786B4-4C66-460E-87DB-9909B1663605 SY4 2DR Prescott Surgery, Prescott Road, Shrewsbury n7022273178 9 m
94CBE52A-8854-4EB7-82BC-B18F00F08E5B SY12 0QL Colemere Country Park Car Park, The Avenue, Colemere n6495974615 in Colemere car park, behind Welcome sign 12 m
97470707-340A-4697-BD71-707F795C30E9 SY5 0ES Phone Box, Bentlawnt, Minsterley n8664256819 inside red phone box, Bentlawnt 17 m
97FC6038-AD8E-4EF7-8590-E5EB9372257E SY20 8SX Public Telephone, Bryn Awel, Eglwysfach n2284417489 inside old red phone box, Eglwys Fach 1 m
987D098A-3B49-4B29-9059-ACBD00FBB1AC SY11 1AD The Willow Gallery, Unit 1, 56 Willow Street n11728825819 19 m
98A6E6BE-D969-4C7D-85C4-D03D3B76BB00 SY22 5LL Phone Kiosk, A490, Bwlch Y Cibau n9402988914 inside phone box bybus shelter, Bwlch-y-cibau 11 m
9DECAB40-5751-4B6B-A920-B9B581A5B916 SY1 1HQ The Market Hall, Claremont Street, Shrewsbury n10276137512 6 m
A076BF08-BF25-4EA6-ABCC-ACAF01266183 SY8 3HT In Red Bt Telephone Kiosk, Jn Of A4117 & Farden Lane, Bitterley n8649083818 inside red telephone box on Angel Bank on the edge of the villge of Farden 8 m
A29C9BDB-74E3-4DE1-B0A4-ABF000C3C456 SY4 3BW Grinshill Parish Council, High Street, Grinshill Sy4 3bw n8699660574 inside old red phone box (that is now used as book swap) on High Street, Grinshill 77 m
A39480BA-DEB4-4A4E-91B7-ACB500AEA702 SY20 8AF Machynlleth Town Council, Spar / Post Office, 51-53 Maengwyn Street n7830622904 Outside Spar 13 m
AA66F171-BE80-42E8-9133-AA9500B882F5 SY21 8JR 3 Callow View, Welshpool n7911041874 On outside wall of shop opposite The Sun pub 74 m
AD455DC3-50A9-4A2F-8413-ADEF00E7309F SY5 7AA Condover Parish Council, Condover Village Hall, Condover n12020598950 outside Condover Village Hall - facing car park 14 m
AD5C6F42-E845-426F-84AF-B08C00CEA3DC SY4 5NY Wem Midcounties Co-Op, Central Park Shopping Centre, Wem n2244961367 On outside wall of Co-op food, next to main entrance 6 m
AF536FFE-8C59-454C-B7C0-BC44054C93A1 SY1 1UD Stop 3, St Julians Crescent, Shrewsbury n10078333848 5 m
B1B67EE5-1D1C-4C21-924C-B5F8EF0ED681 SY21 8HH Leighton Village Hall, B4388 From Junction With A490, Leighton n9686926234 inside old red phone box next to Leighton Village Hall / Leighton Primary School 9 m
B600FF4C-A96E-484E-973B-AEAF014725B0 SY25 6DE Tangelli, B4343 Ysbyty Ystwyth, Ysbyty Ystwyth n11036048840 On wall 31 m
B905E61D-6AAF-43F6-8548-AED000A4DAE4 SY23 4UB Public Telephone 11m From 1 New Street On Unnamed Road, A487t Llanfarian Village, Llanfarian n206235843 inside old phone box in Llanfarian 1 m
B9C48538-8928-4569-93C4-AB42006FC0F6 SY7 8BH The Port Way, Wentnor n8664258356 inside red phone box in Asterton 38 m
BB5CD889-50BA-4BB2-A21B-F77F2F2887B9 SY20 9RT Public Telephone 22m From Brynffynnon Cottage 4m From Pen, General Area Of, Aberllefenni n9231335951 inside red phone box in Aberllefenni 1 m
C71424FB-9502-4996-BEA3-C83396CDDA72 SY16 3HX Public Telephone 21m From Cartref 11m From Unnamed Road, Cross Rds At Bwlch Y Ffridd, Bwlch Y Ffridd n271778911 inside old red phone box in Bwlch-y-Ffridd 2 m
C715D6A5-217B-4DA8-B326-B06C015C77DD SY24 5AX Spar, Bow Street Stores, Bow Street n4806698084 15 m
C83FD797-A063-4325-8185-AEE100AE00AF SY7 9DY Clee St Margaret Parish Council, Cockshutford Phone Box, Cockshutford n9275831026 inside red phone box, Cockshutford 14 m
CBEB0658-A208-4300-8B3D-AE9C00FEF5DA SY8 3AP Coreley Memorial Hall, Hints, Coreley n10789199684 outside Coreley Memorial Hall 15 m
CF53C57E-CC49-4FA4-A7A0-B06C015DC9AF SY24 5BQ Rhydypennau Hall, Bow Street, Aberystwyth n9278185605 21 m
CFD2A2E8-BC66-45B1-BE6B-DAD901176C52 SY23 3JL Two Hoots Tea Room, A4120 Devils Bridge Village, Devils Bridge n11179007752 5 m
D45034C5-20C8-423E-AC28-B09800AB2210 SY23 1BE Aberystwyth Fire Station, Trefechan, Aberystwyth n12000554907 On outside front wall 8 m
D63ABE47-3A99-4244-A2FC-8A38D464040D SY13 2NA Whixall Social Centre, Church Lane, Whixall Nr Whitchurch n9261261873 8 m
D69CD9F7-94E9-4166-B8DD-AD0300E83E3C SY13 4BW Public Telephone 19m From The Old Post Office, Burleydam Road 5m From Burleydam Road, Burleydam Road, Ightfield n8758523321 inside red phone box next to bus shelter and war memorial on Burlydam Road, Ightfield 8 m
D82EFC37-AD8C-47CB-AA13-AC7900F61648 SY11 2NU Morris Cook & Co, 6 Salop Road, Oswestry n11737235446 On outside wall of Morris Cook store at junction of Black Gate Street and Salop Road 10 m
D8741BD0-0A29-4B47-80F8-F70932D6AB38 SY23 3NT Lichfield, Goginan., C1130 From The Junction Of The U1095 To Goginan, Goginan. n9204220853 13 m
DBAE4E5A-48A3-4CF5-91DF-AEB100A78CA0 SY14 8DY The Wheatsheaf Inn, Wheatsheaf Inn, Chester Road n6223880864 in pub 5 m
DC964A2C-21F9-4526-8C33-AD1F008B3322 SY10 8HJ Knockin Assembly Rooms, B4396 From Knockin Junction B4398 To The Avenue Start, Knockin n11851732771 outside Knockin Village Halls 12 m
DD2A3DCE-822D-4093-B1BE-AB2100DD8922 SY1 2AZ Phone Box, Shrewsbury Library, 22-23 Castle Street, Shrewsbury n3634334793 inside red phone box, Castle Street, Shrewsbury - near Shrewsbury Library 5 m
E1A9A3E6-6632-455C-B09B-B18A01169023 SY8 2HP Leinthall Starkes Phonebox, Post Box 27m From Leinthall House 5m From Unnamed Road, C1019 Leinthall Starkes To Westfield Farm n9286918958 inside old red phone box in Leinthall Starkes 11 m
E230EB69-CCAD-4662-906F-0B30F5D6BD56 SY20 9JZ Public Telephone 13m From Minafon 5m From A493, Ffordd Glyndwr, Cwrt n2126817640 inside red phonebox at north east end of Cwrt 2 m
E69D18A5-E1D1-4A0C-9AA6-AC8300F762B8 SY20 9LD Dovey Junction Station, Glandyfi n11875101492 on platform at Cyffordd Dyfi / Dovey Junction - attached to fence near passenger shelter 48 m
EA24BF54-1CB1-4B5B-B237-AE04013A83F3 SY23 4RL Cyngor Bro Pontarfynach, Old Red Telephone Box Next To Ty Capel Trisant And Notice Board, Entrance To Field, C1043 From Lletysynod To Bwlchcrwys n9710411652 inside old red phone box east of cemetery in Trisant 25 m
EE3833E7-CE18-4DF7-ACA8-AB5200962EDC SY4 5BX St. Peters C Of E (Controlled) Primary School, Shrubbery Gardens, Shrewsbury n9866201742 53 m
F2DDBF74-B0E8-415B-A93C-AD2100AD575B SY4 3JN Clive Parish Council, Clive Village Hall, 2-3 Jubilee Street n8699606094 inside front porch of Clive Village Hall 20 m

Circuit AEDs matched to an OSM object by reference

The matches here are when an AED in OSM has a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag that matched a UUID from The Circuit.

Found 34 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
C3F2B400-7993-494D-9BEF-235B7DBFD5F9 SY5 0ST The Bridges Public House, Shrewsbury n3769696824 192 m
C8049CA4-0DBE-498A-9CED-AA7900A030D9 SY6 6JR All Stretton Village Society, Village Hall, Batch Valley n3769701691 outside All Stretton Village Hall 1817 m
E9A06427-15FF-456C-86AB-AF34009689EF SY14 8PY Cheshire Fire And Rescue Service, Chester Road, Malpas n6223880862 outside fire station 71 m
49FE221A-EADE-4B09-A889-BF3A97991204 SY10 8EA Public Telephone Box Knockin Heath, Oswestry n8649439301 inside red phone box (now a book exchange) in Knockin Heath 180 m
53192240-8DEB-436A-830F-AD5000DFEF5C SY6 6JG The National Trust, The Tea Rooms, Carding Mill Valley n8911780817 18 m
DC465D14-69EA-440C-85F4-AE2B013135E1 SY14 8LN 1st Sandstone Scout Group, The Scout Hut, Goldford Lane n8930659474 Outside on wall of Scout Hut 9 m
05B06411-D573-4C24-B361-AB7600D2A997 SY12 9AE Ellesmere Rural Parish Council, Bt K6 Phone Kiosk, Lee n8990262726 inside red phone box, Lee 144 m
65741085-0B0F-48D3-8783-AE6900CFAAF2 SY4 5AZ Wem Station, Aston Road, Wem, Shropshire n9999727382 186 m
BAE69AE3-1608-4536-AE2D-AEFE009CBB7D SY13 4RB Agden Parish Meeting, Hill Farm, Old Hall Street n10236382962 Side of Farm Building 86 m
B4102B50-988E-4C1B-8750-AF9B01823B1D SY14 8NN Victoria Jubilee Hall, High Street, Malpas n10817124442 In porch of Jubilee Hall. 11 m
9B00589A-DAC3-4EE9-BEDC-ADBF00BB8080 SY11 4NL The Old Red Telephone Kiosk, Hindford, Whittington n11132154847 inside old red phone box in Hindford 227 m
18100033-1C33-44FC-B22F-AEC500A085EF SY9 5DX The Old Phone Box, Norbury Village Loop Road Newton Road Junction To The Meadows Crossroads, Norbury n11132279506 inside old red phone box by the church in Norbury 47 m
E66E2CAF-83D7-4162-A564-AC6F00F3B330 SY4 4PW Forestry England, Forestry England - Haughmond Hill, Haughmond Hill Cafe n11247784030 1127 m
E46B02F1-5DF3-4F37-8D11-A57A3E9F7C87 SY10 9DY Trefonen Village Hall, School Lane, Oswestry n11390703911 outside Trefonen Village Hall 80 m
BE1A7750-938D-40F7-AC4C-6B7FA680B8FC SY10 8QW Maesbrook Village Hall, Oswestry n11392660564 outside Maesbrook Village Hall - facing car park 381 m
21271B6A-1193-4868-B949-1B41A01B74AB SY15 6DE Priest Weston Village Hall, Montgomery n11392724944 outside Priest Weston Village Hall 517 m
6A809753-C846-4637-BEF7-ADF6010D3B0B SY14 8AU Bickerton Village Hall, The Institute, Long Lane n11519916192 outside Bickerton Village Hall (in entrance foyer) 16 m
E271933D-536A-4C06-9646-AB0E01152DF2 SY5 0HS Minsterley Parish Council, Minsterley Parish Hall, Plox Green Rd n11523640174 outside Minsterley Parish Hall - facing parking entrance 766 m
8477FCBF-2FF4-4EEA-920F-AFED00BDF8BE SY13 1GR Screwfix, Unit 12 Mullbry Business Park, Shakespeare Way n11863133892 Inside screwfix 66 m
871C26EC-2CC5-4CAC-B16E-B0F200AE5938 SY13 3JT Toilet Block, Hgv Car Park, Prees Heath, Hgv Coach And Car Park, Prees Heath n11908147448 Cabinet on outside of Toilet Block. 30 m
17122B02-3543-49A6-99FA-AF3B011B6C42 SY13 1LF Brownlow Community Centre, Claypit Street, Whitchurch n11910108189 Cabinet on front of building. Right end of building. 30 m
F17BAC90-8FE7-4233-BC46-AF3100DE7FB1 SY13 1QT Whitchurch And District Club, St Johns Street, Whitchurch n11916054385 Cabinet on wall. Next to steps at ground level. 22 m
D70D8C8E-7671-437B-B5DD-AE6B01099378 SY13 1LB The Rectory, Church Street, Whitchurch n11942659751 Cabinet on front of Church Hall. 45 m
760A09A7-35A3-4C36-9E78-B17300B514DD SY13 4QJ Grindley Brook Garage, Chester Road, Grindley Brook n11957042957 Cabinet on wall outside shop. 11 m
911B9040-922E-4104-9833-B06500A8853E SY1 2EH The Shrewsbury Ark, 32 Castle Foregate, Shrewsbury n11983978924 Cabinet on wall outside shops. 8 m
907393CC-7985-45F5-A42E-ADFE010DB12F SY14 7HU The Cock O Barton Inn, Cock O Barton Inn, Barton Road n11984335890 Cabinet on outside wall. Facing car park near car park entrance. 19 m
18F1AD14-2836-438E-BA66-AE85013D41AA SY14 7HH Tilston War Memorial Hall, Malpas Road, Malpas n11984335891 Cabinet on wall next to entrance under porch. 1 m
E56E46D9-3E75-485F-AC7F-AE3601223E23 SY13 1BA Tesco Superstore, White Lion Meadow, Whitchurch n11999171047 Inside next to Customer Services / Toilets by main entrance. 28 m
266E8D83-78CE-4262-98F3-49DCB1106E54 SY5 9QU Westbury Village Hall, Hinwood Road, Shrewsbury n12010799997 outside Westbury Village Hall 144 m
7218F77E-066D-4C20-82D0-AF0E00F63467 SY13 4HD Bradeley Green Pet Store, Wirswall n12029072579 Cabinet on fence next to gate. 86 m
FE07709D-453D-44BB-954C-B03C00E3C67D SY13 4JG Cholmondeley Community Centre, Cholmondeley Coronation Hall, Old School Lane n12029072585 Cabinet in entrance foyer. 21 m
5F7770A4-74EE-4873-B289-AE6900CFA3F1 SY13 1RL Whitchurch Station, Station Road, Whitchurch n12029090165 Cabinet inside shelter on northbound platform. 56 m
EF7A870C-C28B-490F-BB7A-B10500EF425C SY13 1TJ Bridgewater Bowling Club, Anchor Close, Whitchurch n12029151866 Cabinet on outside of building facing car park. 7 m
A784944D-2D3C-4592-AC34-1A2B639A792B SY13 3AL Whitewell Parish Hall, Lane From Whitewell Cottages T, Whitchurch n12029490443 Cabinet on side wall next to side entrance door from car park. 12 m

NDDB AEDs matched to an OSM object by location

Found 23 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
1200 SY6 6BX Midcounties Co-op, Shropshire n3769691490 On exterior wall of Co-Op facing Lion Meadow, just left if tge main entrance. 15 m
1205 SY4 5NY Midcounties Co-op, Shropshire n2244961367 On outside wall of Co-op food, next to main entrance 6 m
1230 SY12 0QL Car Park, Shropshire n6495974615 in Colemere car park, behind Welcome sign 1 m
1234 SY4 5BX St Peter's C of E Primary School, Shropshire n9866201742 10 m
1332 SY15 6AR Midcounties Co-op (ex Tuffins), Powys n12002785655 40 m
2726 SY18 6EE Old Post Office, Powys n9881221418 3 m
3268 SY18 6NA Y Fan Village Hall, Powys n9883966571 outside Van Institute 27 m
3873 SY8 3BP Telephone Box, Shropshire n2470601273 inside old red phone box, Caynham Road 6 m
4106 SY14 8JQ Telephone Box, Cheshire n5875760098 Cabinet in former phonebox by entrance to Station Mills 9 m
4390 SY7 0QF Telephone Box, Shropshire n9162419137 inside red phone box, Hopton Castle 3 m
4444 SY13 4HP Telephone Box, Cheshire n9456799835 inside old red phone box, Gauntons Bank 2 m
4445 SY13 4LS Telephone Box, Cheshire n9191954577 inside red phone box, Wrenbury Road, Marbury 1 m
4488 SY23 4LQ Phone Kiosk, Ceredigion n9403157658 inside phone box by bus shelter in Cnwch Coch 5 m
5114 SY13 4EB Cholmondeley Coronation Hall, Cheshire n12029072585 Cabinet in entrance foyer. 4 m
5265 SY16 4EJ Village Hall, Powys n11378827326 outside Sarn Village Hall 7 m
5629 SY12 0PX Telephone Box, Shropshire n9212852364 inside red phone box, Balmer Heath 1 m
5630 SY12 0QQ Telephone Box, Shropshire n9004888470 inside phone box at the end of Lyneal Lane, Lyneal 1 m
5935 SY4 5NN Horse and Jockey Pub, Shropshire n11165425707 4 m
6360 SY4 5NU Telephone Box, Shropshire n9212958203 inside red phone box in front of Newtown CofE Primary School 3 m
6902 SY7 9BN Telephone Box, Shropshire n6865284047 inside old red phone box next to Apple Tree pub in Onibury 3 m
7480 SY3 5AD Midcounties Co-op, Shropshire n10287100158 5 m
7555 SY13 4HD Bradeley Green Pet Store, Cheshire n12029072579 Cabinet on fence next to gate. 2 m
8941 SY8 2HP Telephone Box, Herefordshire n9286918958 inside old red phone box in Leinthall Starkes 2 m

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API. Includes data from The Circuit / Defib Finder. Includes data from the National Defibrillator Database.