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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'LA' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the AED location data from the Ambulance Services in Open Street Map. (Even if there was, many are located only by postcode, so the locations are not always precise.) So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list (orange for AEDs that may not be available 24/7, yellow for AEDs not generally available for public use, and red for everything else). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects . For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Postcode Location Ref
LA6 3LD Village Hall NCPAD205
LA6 3HS Stackstead Leisure Centre NCPAD277
LA6 3DG 2, New Village NCPAD278
LA2 7JP Bentham Medical Centre NCPAD385
LA2 7LH Bentham Town Hall NCPAD386
LA6 3NZ Village Hall, Smithy Lane NCPAD1105
LA6 3AN Richmond House NCPAD252
LA6 3DY Ingleton Primary School NCPAD253
LA6 3AB Inglesport NCPAD301
LA2 8BD Austwick Parish Hall NCPAD313
LA6 3BT Icentre NCPAD329
LA2 8HZ Summerlands Farm NCPAD330
LA6 3NU H&M Craftsmen NCPAD331
LA6 3AR The Old Hill Inn NCPAD433
LA2 7AB Victoria Institute NCPAD512
LA6 3NZ Village Hall NCPAD866
LA6 3NN Lodge Farm NCPAD867
LA6 3PB PPP O/S Marton Arms WCPAD378
LA2 8AQ Eldroth Parish Hall WCPAD666
LA12 9RT Aldingham CPAD5
LA12 0PF Aldingham, Scales, Ulverston CPAD275
LA11 7QJ Allithwaite CPAD526
LA22 9AY Ambleside CPAD460
LA6 1AS Arkholme CPAD829
LA5 0DT Arnside CPAD18
LA5 0HA Arnside CPAD19
LA5 0HD Arnside CPAD1035
LA16 7BD Askam in Furness CPAD22
LA16 7DA Askam in Furness CPAD437
LA6 7AH Askam in Furness CPAD24
LA16 7AW Askam in Furness CPAD25
LA12 8PW Backbarrow, Ulverston CPAD1889
LA12 9QT Bardsea CPAD30
LA14 1BX Barrow in Furness CPAD52
LA14 2QN Barrow in Furness CPAD49
LA13 9LE Barrow in Furness CPAD38
LA14 1EJ Barrow in Furness CPAD37
LA14 4QB Barrow in Furness CPAD36
LA13 9LR Barrow in Furness CPAD707
LA13 0PU Barrow in Furness CPAD40
LA13 9QH Barrow in Furness CPAD41
LA14 2PJ Barrow in Furness CPAD43
LA14 1BG Barrow in Furness CPAD44
LA14 5NZ Barrow in Furness CPAD53
LA14 2QF Barrow in Furness CPAD47
LA13 9EQ Barrow in Furness CPAD48
LA14 4BP Barrow in Furness CPAD51
LA14 5BL Barrow in Furness CPAD544
LA14 1PX Barrow in Furness CPAD39
LA13 0ES Barrow in Furness CPAD54
LA13 9LE Barrow in Furness CPAD1676
LA14 4JS Barrow-in-Furness CPAD396
LA14 5PR Barrow-in-Furness CPAD914
LA2 9AQ Bay Horse Lancaster CPAD1189
LA13 9LH Beaconhill, Barrow in Furness CPAD1875
LA5 8DW Bolton le Sands CPAD66
LA5 8JR Bolton Le Sands, Carnforth CPAD2083
LA19 5UL Bootle CPAD929
LA19 5TG Bootle Village CPAD67
LA19 5TH Bootle Village CPAD750
LA23 3JQ Bowness on Windermere CPAD59
LA23 3EW Bowness on Windermere CPAD1858
LA8 8AN Brigsteer, Kendal CPAD1170
LA20 6HS Broughton-in-Furness CPAD727
LA20 6DX Broughton-in-Furness CPAD606
LA8 9HN Burnside Kendal CPAD1133
LA9 6QX Burnside Kendal CPAD1827
LA6 1NA Burton Carnforth CPAD666
LA5 9JU Carnforth CPAD1605
LA6 1JU Carnforth CPAD938
LA5 9LS Carnforth CPAD911
LA6 1DL Carnforth CPAD826
LA6 1JP Carnforth CPAD937
LA5 9QJ Carnforth CPAD605
LA5 9LQ Carnforth CPAD866
LA5 9SH Carnforth CPAD993
LA11 6PR Cartmel CPAD604
LA11 7SA Cartmel CPAD90
LA11 6QB Cartmel CPAD516
LA2 9NH Caton CPAD387
LA2 9QN Caton Nr Lancaster CPAD1962
LA2 0EF Cockerham CPAD103
LA2 0ES Cockerham, Lancaster CPAD2075
LA2 9AN Dolphonholme, Lancaster CPAD2012
LA8 0HH Endmoor CPAD124
LA8 0ET Endmoor, Kendal CPAD1867
LA8 0EJ Endmoor, Kendal CPAD1920
LA2 0NB Galgate nr Lancaster CPAD1361
LA2 0JS Galgate, lancasster CPAD1997
LA2 0BZ Glasson Dock, Lancaster CPAD1434
LA12 0QA Gleaston Village CPAD142
LA11 6PQ Grange-over-sands CPAD582
LA11 7JX Grange-over-sands CPAD638
LA11 7LE Grange-over-sands CPAD646
LA11 7DJ Grange-over-sands CPAD453
LA11 7AA Grange-over-sands CPAD694
LA11 7PP Grange-over-sands CPAD1834
LA22 9SW Grasmere, Ambleside CPAD1335
LA22 9JD Great langdale, Ambleside CPAD1552
LA2 8LP Gressingham, Lancaster CPAD2027
LA2 6NB Halton CPAD158
LA18 4ES Haverigg CPAD165
LA12 8PJ Haverthwaite, Ulverston CPAD1393
LA22 0NZ Hawkshead Ambleside CPAD1357
LA3 2RW Heysham, Morecambe CPAD1806
LA3 2QE Heyshaw CPAD1652
LA7 7ND Hincaster, Milnthorpe CPAD1332
LA7 7FR Hincaster, Milnthorpe CPAD1640
LA6 1QA Holme CPAD615
LA6 1PY Holme CPAD178
LA8 9PY Ings CPAD180
LA8 0DB Kendal CPAD1848
LA9 7BN Kendal CPAD183
LA9 6NW Kendal CPAD182
LA9 7BL Kendal CPAD1237
LA9 5BA Kendal CPAD1253
LA9 6JG Kendal CPAD1497
LA8 9NG Kendal CPAD1803
LA9 6NY Kendal CPAD1900
LA8 9JJ Kentmere, Kendal CPAD1326
LA17 7XZ Kirkby in Furness CPAD2035
LA6 2DS Kirkby Lonsdale CPAD185
LA6 2AD Kirkby Lonsdale CPAD454
LA2 6JL Lancaster CPAD324
LA1 1UX Lancaster CPAD1656
LA1 3ES Lancaster CPAD1992
LA7 7ET Leasgill, Milnthorpe CPAD1839
LA6 2JD Leck CPAD997
LA12 0QS Leece CPAD189
LA8 8NL Levens CPAD621
LA11 6LJ Lindale, Grange-Over-Sands CPAD1758
LA12 0LX Lindal-in-Furness CPAD192
LA2 8RA Lowgill Lancaster CPAD1221
LA3 3LH Middleton, Morecambe CPAD1446
LA3 3LL Middleton, Morecambe CPAD1819
LA3 3LG Middleton, Morecambe CPAD1961
LA18 4EY Millom CPAD879
LA18 4PG Millom CPAD918
LA18 5HJ Millom CPAD1878
LA7 7QJ Milnthorpe CPAD811
LA7 7DA Milnthorpe CPAD1686
LA3 3PP Morecambe CPAD1788
LA4 5DL Morecambe CPAD1177
LA4 6LT Morecambe CPAD2006
LA3 3PD Morecambe CPAD427
LA3 3DF Morecambe CPAD1956
LA4 5BX Morecambe CPAD1995
LA4 4DW Morecambe CPAD1993
LA9 7QQ Natland, Kendal CPAD1632
LA6 1EY Nether Kellet, Nr. Carnforth CPAD1102
LA8 0AS New Hutton CPAD335
LA13 0NB Newton-in-Furness CPAD349
LA8 0NR Old Hutton CPAD882
LA8 0NQ Old Hutton CPAD337
LA3 3HB Overton, Morecambe CPAD1551
LA3 3HZ Overton, Morecambe CPAD1959
LA12 8HG Oxen CPAD230
LA9 7RF Oxenholme CPAD633
LA9 7HA Oxenholme, Kendal CPAD1416
LA12 7RJ Penny Bridge, Ulverston CPAD1990
LA7 7NY Preston Patrick CPAD420
LA2 9EE Quernmore CPAD867
LA2 9EL Quernmore, Lancaster CPAD1441
LA13 0PY Rampside, Barrow in Furness CPAD2059
LA7 7HW Sandside, Milnthorpe CPAD1057
LA12 8LN Satterthwaite CPAD89
LA12 0PB Scales CPAD1272
LA20 6ED Seathwaite CPAD348
LA20 6EQ Seathwaite, Broughton-In-Furness CPAD1395
LA10 5DQ Sedburgh CPAD630
LA8 0JU Sedgwick CPAD771
LA18 4NX Silecroft CPAD441
LA18 4NX Silecroft CPAD920
LA5 0RA Silverdale CPAD398
LA5 0SH Silverdale CPAD394
LA9 6NU Skelsmergh CPAD1236
LA22 0HX Skelwith Fold Ambleside CPAD1310
LA22 9NJ Skelwith Bridge Ambleside CPAD1114
LA13 9HD South Newbarns, Barrow in Furness CPAD805
LA5 0SP Silverdale CPAD252
LA8 9LR Staveley CPAD266
LA8 9LN Staveley CPAD265
LA7 7JQ Storth CPAD803
LA7 7JA Storth CPAD438
LA12 0HJ Swarthmoor CPAD939
LA2 6JB Sylne wit Hest CPAD362
LA4 6SF Torrisholme, Morecambe CPAD1759
LA12 9JN Ulverston CPAD511
LA12 0AB Ulverston CPAD729
LA12 8JB Ulverston CPAD1118
LA12 8DT Ulverston CPAD554
LA12 0XB Ulverston CPAD1399
LA12 0HY Ulverston CPAD272
LA12 9HT Ulverston CPAD409
LA12 8EF Ulverston CPAD276
LA12 0DP Ulverston CPAD274
LA8 8HF Underbarrow, Kendal CPAD749
LA19 5YJ Waberthwaite CPAD1628
LA14 3YG Walney CPAD532
LA14 3HN Walney CPAD529
LA14 3YF Walney CPAD530
LA14 3YG Walney CPAD531
LA14 3HY Walney CPAD537
LA14 3AR Walney CPAD534
LA14 3LN Walney CPAD555
LA14 3NT Walney CPAD535
LA14 3XZ Walney CPAD538
LA14 3RP Walney CPAD539
LA14 3QQ Walney CPAD540
LA14 3XX Walney CPAD1004
LA14 3AD Walney, Barrow In Furness CPAD1409
LA14 3JT Walney, Barrow In Furness CPAD1410
LA14 3TE Walney, Barrow In Furness CPAD1431
LA14 3PE Walney, Barrow In Furness CPAD1432
LA14 3QY Walney, Barrow In Furness CPAD1440
LA1 5NX Westfield Village, Lancaster CPAD1641
LA6 2NY Whittington, Carnforth CPAD1798
LA23 1LW Windermere CPAD1631
LA2 8QB Wray, Lancaster CPAD1369
LA5 9TB Yealand Redmayne Nr Carnforth CPAD1318
LA5 9SU Yealand Conyers Carnforth CPAD1012

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

OSM Object Ref Location
n4273968736 Lake Road/Quarry Rigg - car park public toilets - next to pay and display machine
n6058865300 inside near Manager's Office
n6535353268 Inside Morrisons supermarket, on wall between toilets and tobacco counter
n7892972318 On outside wall of building

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM object within 300m of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn.

Ref Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location MR Offset
LA22 0NQ Outgate Ambleside n31632102 in red phone box in Outgate 90 m
LA6 2SA Casterton, Carnforth n496424541 153 m
LA18 4AY Millom n3228763864 423 m
LA14 1XL Barrow in Furness n3569883493 8 m
LA16 7EY Askam in Furness n3586403530 44 m
LA14 2NS Barrow in Furness n3663895114 360 m
LA15 8LF Dalton-in-Furness n4067584534 385 m
LA22 0JZ Sawrey, Ambleside n4241493932 53 m
LA23 1PF Windermere n4273968728 67 m
LA23 1HW Windermere n4273968729 36 m
LA23 1AH Windermere n4273968730 next to window by end checkout 31 m
LA23 2AW Windermere n4273968731 439 m
LA23 2AF Windermere n4273968732 441 m
LA23 3NB Bowness on Windermere n4273968734 96 m
LA23 1BX Windermere n4273968735 Broad Street - public toilets, to right of gents entrance 125 m
LA23 2AB Windermere n4273968737 Holly Road - Marchesi Centre 84 m
LA12 7RD Greenodd n4397429601 39 m
LA21 8DU Coniston n4399484690 55 m
LA6 2PG Hutton Roof, Carnforth n4911113258 429 m
LA9 5LL Kendal n4932230905 18 m
LA8 9JL Kentmere n4949841181 121 m
LA9 4BT Kendal n5081617765 At Blackhall Rd lvel in bus station, left of cafe. 16 m
LA9 4QG Kendal n5119555686 136 m
LA5 9PG Warton n5139979125 117 m
LA8 9LY Staveley n5155355522 53 m
LA23 1BZ Windermere n5180347834 On right hand side of driveway after the barrier 443 m
LA2 8HH Cave Rescue Organisation Depot n5260294436 outside Cave Rescue, Church Lane Clapham 115 m
LA12 7PG Broughton Beck, Ulverston n5264840400 inside red phone box 53 m
LA6 1JP Carnforth n5272462490 on wall next to post box, opposite telephone box in Priest Hutton 117 m
LA23 2EE Windermere n5286952329 100 m
LA23 3HE Bowness on Windermere n5324026304 123 m
LA6 3PB PPP Opp Marton Arms PH n5348876177 134 m
LA23 3HJ Bowness on Windermere n5433763621 26 m
LA5 9NW Warton n5438127146 56 m
LA14 3YQ Walney, Barrow In Furness n5478035207 21 m
LA14 3DD Walney n5508428693 Front of Tesco Express building 113 m
LA23 3EW Bowness on Windermere n5508428694 Inside Tesco Express, behind the till nearest to the windows 420 m
LA5 9HR Carnforth n5678513674 In old phone box 162 m
LA23 1LP Ambleside n5690532851 126 m
LA10 5AL Sedburgh n5815675159 109 m
LA10 5AD Sedbergh n5815675163 47 m
LA10 5QJ Dent, Sedbergh n5823731518 81 m
LA1 1NB Lancaster n5861321331 21 m
LA2 6FD Halton Lancaster n5863044619 88 m
LA22 9DH Ambleside n6058865299 on outside wall 102 m
LA2 9QW Caton n6060130193 9 m
LA1 1PX Lancaster n6422016536 24 m
LA22 0BZ Ambleside n6448285735 17 m
LA22 9JU Great langdale, Ambleside n6483562750 198 m
LA11 7DH Grange-over-sands n6486281125 357 m
LA2 8JY Hornby n6494453187 130 m
LA3 3HG Overton, Morecambe n6503557814 49 m
LA3 3HT Morecambe n6503633131 53 m
LA7 7QR Milnthorpe n6503854395 25 m
LA22 0LQ Far Sawrey, Ambleside n6718304877 In old telephone box 148 m
LA22 0QJ Grizedale n6738855108 In tunnel but on outside wall so available 24/7. 9 m
LA9 4HE Kendal n6744328954 437 m
LA6 2RQ Tunstall, Carnforth n7056669389 On outside wall of Tunstall Parish Hall 392 m
LA6 3HG Community Centre n7101674999 333 m
LA22 9TA Grasmere Ambleside n7201893754 61 m
LA1 4SE Scotforth n7366092915 385 m
LA23 1PA Troutbeck n7640536731 On outside wall of Limefitt reception building 7 m
LA12 7BJ Ulverston n7686201142 outside public toilets near car park Stanley Street, Ulverston - on south side of building 37 m
LA11 7JF Grange-over-sands n7699038300 south facing wall of Promenade Cafe 475 m
LA5 8JW Bolton Le Sands n7746355208 On right hand side (north east facing) external wall of Spar shop building 10 m
LA5 8DH Bolton Le Sands n7746355214 Front wall of health centre, left hand side of main entrance 28 m

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