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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'LA' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 475 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
E173025E-1D24-41B1-8081-AE4600A2F76F LA1 1EZ Azets Accountants, Azets, Fleet House Variable Public
F16A945D-FC35-4929-AB51-AE1E00E7951A LA1 1HH Information Centre Bus Station, Damside Street, Lancaster Variable Public
257B497B-9868-4FB3-898A-B03600E4AAA7 LA1 1LD Dallas Road Community Primary School, High Street, Lancaster Variable Restricted
EA7DBAFE-9AB2-43A6-92CA-AF5600A9BD7F LA1 1LE Ian Jones Defibrillator, The Runners Centre Unit 10 Kings Arcade, King Street 24/7 Public
0CA62DDE-565E-4013-B13E-AFF700BDCB6B LA1 1NW Sugar House, Sugar House Alley, Lancaster 24/7 Public
B2DDA3B4-18E9-4780-810A-AE9200B5051C LA1 1PJ Lancaster City Council, Town Hall, Dalton Square Variable Restricted
567F3C8E-6B06-43D4-A2D2-AE44017BF694 LA1 1RE Tesco Express, 67 King Street, Lancaster Variable Public
3283FDB0-DD66-4319-ABE2-AE8A008BFF20 LA1 1SF Lancaster Girls Grammar School, Regent Street, Lancaster Variable Restricted
E7BA82CF-FBFA-48C3-8AF1-AE910092C5AC LA1 1TH Lancaster City Council, The Storey, Meeting House Lane Variable Public
08BFBD95-A615-4694-B76A-B00C010210C7 LA1 1UA O2 Store (0154) Lancaster, 5 Penny Street, Lancashire Variable Restricted
B292B49E-322F-43F8-94BC-B005008519CA LA1 2RJ Ryelands Primary And Nursery School, Torrisholme Road, Lancaster Variable Restricted
2B92F217-81C1-4303-9B6E-AFCD0091119E LA1 2RX Our Ladys Catholic College, Morecambe Road, Lancaster Variable Public
7528 LA1 2TT Westgate Cricket Club, Lancashire 24/7 Public
BF185F98-77E3-4C4E-BB81-AFAF00C43A2C LA1 2TT Vale Of Lune Rufc, Vale Of Lune R U F C, Powderhouse Lane 24/7 Public
09B9675E-2DC3-472F-AD9B-B02600E0ABBD LA1 3AA Caddick Construction Site, Lancaster Variable Restricted
B2C050F1-1534-44AF-9462-B07700CD7CD0 LA1 3BT The Cathedral Catholic Primary School, Balmoral Road, Lancaster Variable Public
5B41BF89-D985-450B-89DE-AF18009BD437 LA1 3JT Acorn Recovery Projects, Walter Lyon House, Quernmore Road Variable Public
91596FCD-788F-4604-88FC-AFE800FB7DF3 LA1 3NX Screwfix, Unit 32 & 33 Lake Enterprise Park, Lancaster Variable Restricted
CB23AD53-B1FF-460A-902A-AEDF007CD2EE LA1 3NX Nanosun Ltd, Unit 25 Lake Enterprise Park, Ladies Walk Variable Restricted
C8B58FA8-101D-4DF9-9AC5-ADEA00960683 LA1 3NY Alexandra Barracks, Caton Road, Lancaster Variable Public
0270CF6C-3902-4F5A-8534-AE5B01069E02 LA1 3PA Standfast & Barracks, Car Park And Premises Standfast And Barracks, Caton Road 24/7 Public
09797F99-71A7-43B1-BB21-AFB100EA789C LA1 3PE Lansil Sports And Social Club, Lansil Golf Club, Caton Road 24/7 Public
1C1A0CC8-C428-4862-A6C3-AFE800B0CFC8 LA1 3PE 3-1-5 Health Club, 3 1 5 Health Club, Mannin Way Variable Public
31F5F9AB-A656-4B78-AA77-AE0800B06A76 LA1 3PQ Northwood Tissue (Lancaster) Limited, Northwood Tissue Lancaster Limited, Lansil Way 24/7 Restricted
4FE2329F-7B72-4D8B-B136-AE2300A84CC7 LA1 3QY Carrs Billington, Goods Inward Carrs Billington, Lansil Way Variable Public
D72B1AAC-887E-4083-8CB1-AEC500CB4AF2 LA1 3SW Nanosun Ltd, 18 Mannin Way, Unit 6 & 7 Variable Restricted
56C76E50-D184-459C-9206-AE7C00EAEDED LA1 4BS Bowerham School, Bowerham Road, Lancaster Variable Public
2B9D57BA-5251-4677-ABFC-AF0500EE2023 LA1 4DW Storeys Afc, York Road, Lancaster 24/7 Public
C9741743-4D52-4EEC-9886-AE620102722E LA1 4HT St Bernadettes Catholic Primary School, Bowerham Road, Lancaster Variable Restricted
06AEF2EB-20E8-481B-AB19-B01C00A0EFFF LA1 4RS Ripley St Thomas Church Of England Academy, Ashton Road, Lancaster Variable Restricted
43E9B110-3352-40B1-BA71-B01C0095A727 LA1 4RS Ripley St Thomas Church Of England Academy, Ashton Road, Lancaster Variable Restricted
21916B83-7B55-4BEB-B557-B09900AC1CDE LA1 4SE Scotforth St Paul's C Of E Primary And Nursery School, Scotforth St Pauls C Of E Primary And Nursery School, Scotforth Road Variable Restricted
226493C0-21A8-446D-B075-AE7E00C1747F LA1 4SE Scotforth St Paul's C Of E Primary And Nursery School, Scotforth St Pauls C Of E Primary And Nursery School, Scotforth Road Variable Public
1A874262-4F0D-4017-AC1A-AEB600F4750F LA1 4UL Bridge Road, Lancaster Variable Restricted
5F52D07C-C00F-4625-8065-B06100B822A0 LA1 4XS Nublue Ltd, Water View, 4 Quarry Road Variable Public
10B7E4A6-9204-43B6-9AAF-AF3900E7BD1E LA1 5JS Saltayre Mrf, Ovangie Road, Saltayre Variable Restricted
974DD879-D586-4502-8695-AE9300A08A17 LA1 5JS Salt Ayre Leisure Centre, Doris Henderson Way, Heaton With Oxcliffe Variable Public
A8DA9E3A-8410-4BAF-ADCB-B01300CB648A LA1 5JS Salt Ayre Leisure Centre, Doris Henderson Way, Heaton With Oxcliffe Variable Restricted
89EE0A60-D6B4-4561-8E3B-AE5000AA5BD4 LA1 5NT Luneside And Rosebank Bowling And Recreation Club, Fairfield Close Off Fairfield Road, Fairfield Close Variable Restricted
24212528-287A-48A9-9433-B05000820CA1 LA1 5NW Lancaster Railway Station, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster Variable Public
EA86F986-0DEA-4FCF-9055-B0500086E868 LA1 5NW Lancaster Railway Station, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster Variable Public
9CAF13DD-C994-483D-A713-AE1F0136D32F LA1 5PA Westfield War Memorial Village Resident's Association, 28 Storey Avenue, Garage No 15, Next Door But One To 28 24/7 Public
8A02BAA7-D62C-4BA7-9169-AFA80100F17A LA1 5QU Lancaster Cricket And Sports Club, Lune Road, Treasurer 24/7 Public
C2B1AB08-04E5-488F-A9D3-AFFF00E57157 LA10 5AL Settlebeck High School, Long Lane, Sedbergh Variable Restricted
DC190F28-5E9E-4246-897D-B07601042C01 LA10 5AL Sedbergh Primary School, Long Lane, Sedbergh Variable Restricted
EEE917EB-FC89-41E9-9827-AF8901531D57 LA10 5DL Sedbergh Community First Responders, Sedbergh Health Centre, Station Road 24/7 Public
AFB63FBB-93E9-4089-AB45-ADEE00B7E559 LA10 5DQ Peoples Hall, Howgill Lane, Sedbergh 24/7 Public
4637956F-FF46-439E-B2E7-AE24015286E5 LA10 5EG Church Hall, Firbank Church Hall, Firbank 24/7 Public
907D6B2D-1DDA-4343-B36D-AF0A010CCD64 LA10 5PG Garsdale Hall, Garsdale, Sedbergh 24/7 Public
347E85DF-D060-4D0A-A11D-AF1B00DE133B LA10 5QU Public Telephone 31m From Green Well 5m From Unnamed Road, Road From Main Street Dent On The U5475 To Ewegales Bridge Cowgill, Dent 24/7 Public
A7520E44-2E33-4DE7-BDB4-AE2900EFC981 LA10 5RF River View, Cowgill, Lea Yeat 24/7 Public
3FD2D6D6-474E-4A29-A431-B02F00BD5775 LA11 6AB Keg And Kitchen, Main Street, Grange-Over-Sands, Uk Variable Public
9F63DB73-A066-4777-A16E-AE1A013F498D LA11 6BQ Grange-Over-Sands Library, Public Library, Grange Fell Road Variable Restricted
15A2E2A4-9701-4BBE-B4B6-B01F00D2EB73 LA11 6EA Grange-Over-Sands, Council Offices, Victoria Hall Variable Restricted
AB32D9FA-DD33-4E69-B3A7-AF6501107F3C LA11 6ED Bupa - Oasis Dental Care, 6 Yewbarrow Terrace, Grange-Over-Sands Variable Restricted
CEEA753A-2E77-466F-BA42-AE1A01442356 LA11 6ED The Hazelmere Cafe, 1&2 Yewbarrow Terrace, Grange-Over-Sands Variable Restricted
AD791A39-7441-4694-BAFA-AFF1007AE6FB LA11 6EH Grange Over Sands Railway Station, Station Sq, Cumbria 24/7 Public
047EB3FC-FB8B-4AA5-8ED1-AE3100BAB27B LA11 6EJ Grange Hotel, Station Square, Grange-Over-Sands 24/7 Public
DB65EB1C-4D37-4F5D-85FA-B051009E442A LA11 6HH Lodge 25 Aynsome Manor Park, Aynsome Lane, Cartmel 24/7 Public
61C7788C-98C9-4718-85E0-AFC800C25873 LA11 6HW Parish Rooms, Field Broughton, Grange-Over-Sands 24/7 Public
18966F59-7294-4B05-BC4A-ADD30097DC28 LA11 6JT Holiday Property Bond, Merlewood, Windermere Road 24/7 Public
B8471BF6-7A82-4B14-B99B-AE1D00EF0D24 LA11 6LE Lindale Ce Primary School, School Hill, Lindale 24/7 Public
0E4E55DA-8FCA-40A6-A817-AE1E0109F3E3 LA11 6LJ Audi Car Showroom, Hadwins Audi, Lindale 24/7 Public
91994B97-33CE-4FE6-83C0-AF72011DFD66 LA11 6LU Archway Veterinary Practice, Crag Court, Lindale 24/7 Public
4948A85D-C55F-4D1C-B307-AE2800A56D76 LA11 6PQ Alnat Industrial Park, Nr Lindale 24/7 Public
0A1A3921-8122-40C2-874F-AE21010BEBAB LA11 6PR Cartmel Primary School, Cartmel Junior And Infant C Of E School, Aynsome Road 24/7 Public
1911616E-1F0A-4CC0-91E8-AE2101201DB4 LA11 6QB Cartmel Village Hall, Off Unnamed Access Road Leading From The Square To Cartmel Park, Cartmel 24/7 Public
9FB30112-25F4-4E1E-B895-AE1B00A6D2FE LA11 6QD Cartmel Cheeses, Unsworths Yard, Ford Road, Devonshire Square, Cartmel 24/7 Public
DD917E95-D908-4909-A35F-AE220121682E LA11 6QF Sports Pavillion Cartmel Park, Park View, Cartmel 24/7 Public
2EB47FE8-F0D0-4451-A782-AF2F00960589 LA11 6RB Caravan And Motorhome Club, Meathop Fell Caravan And Motorhome Club Campsite, Meathop Road 24/7 Public
5066DF26-91C1-45BF-87DE-AECC00B30886 LA11 6RB Meathop Caravan Park, Meathop, Grange-Over-Sands 24/7 Public
28E348D1-4ADF-4A1E-9067-AE1D00C4EB5A LA11 7AA Grange Pavilion, Yew Tree Road, Grange-Over-Sands 24/7 Public
16AC29D0-2F73-4360-A2C0-AE34012D9735 LA11 7EY Tesco, Kents Bank Rd, Grange-Over-Sands Variable Public
6665B8B5-F5F9-48C5-8C6C-AE290115908D LA11 7JF Grange C Of E Primary School, Grange C Of E School, 4 Fell Drive 24/7 Public
CF8F0EB5-A784-4DBD-B7B3-AE27010F968B LA11 7JX Cockles Convenience Store, 2 Church Walk, Flookburgh 24/7 Public
3CBE8F2A-0CCF-47C2-B958-AFEF008165A4 LA11 7LD Sandgate Caravan Park, Access Road To Sand Gate From Flookburgh, Flookburgh 24/7 Public
072BCE46-1143-4893-BE9E-AE24010333A0 LA11 7LE Flookburgh Primary School, Flookburgh C Of E School, Winder Lane 24/7 Public
AD209F12-8518-4286-B652-B0AC00DF0813 LA11 7LT Bourne Leisure Group Ltd, Lakeland Leisure Park, Moor Lane 24/7 Public
F35A5399-2E71-4C1F-8F84-AE2600AB86D0 LA11 7NA Ravenstown Social Club, Winder Lane, Flookburgh 24/7 Public
0A950E42-6292-4202-BC11-AE36009775D2 LA11 7NH Boarbank Hall, Boarbank Lane, Allithwaite 24/7 Public
CCBB14ED-CC63-4A90-A41E-AEFB007D591F LA11 7NH Boarbank Hall, Boarbank Lane, Allithwaite Variable Restricted
DF9E37C0-8130-4902-A009-AE2F0126B62B LA11 7NU Lower Holker Village Hall, Bank Top, Cark-In-Cartmel 24/7 Public
367A086C-0354-49CE-9954-AE1900ED93FE LA11 7NY Cark Toilets, Station Road, Cark-In-Cartmel 24/7 Public
80248124-DB44-41C7-8FE2-ADEB00C6B5B9 LA11 7PP Old Park Wood Holiday Park, Old Park Wood Caravan Site, Cark In Cartmel 24/7 Restricted
B15AE0E7-713F-4CDB-AAA6-ADEB00E785ED LA11 7PP Old Park Wood Holiday Park, Old Park Wood Caravan Site, Cark In Cartmel 24/7 Restricted
A58BC45D-AF73-4CA3-A3A5-AE23017383B1 LA11 7QJ Allithwaite Playing Fields & Community Centre, Allithwaite Community Centre, Quarry Lane 24/7 Public
E3E4CB68-9322-48D9-8FD3-AE2B00EA91B4 LA11 7RL South Lakeland Builders Ltd, Blenkett Wood Lodge Park, Jack Hill 24/7 Public
8E7CDC1E-35D9-4792-80F8-AE19010734BD LA11 7SA Cartmel Priory C Of E School, Cark Road, Cartmel 24/7 Public
15D11947-5576-4CC4-A3F5-B08400AE9DAB LA12 0BD Sir John Barrow School, Argyle Street, Ulverston Variable Restricted
096AF5C2-7AF9-469A-AF52-AEDE00C6DCA8 LA12 0DP Ulverston Railway Station, Station Approach, Ulverston 24/7 Public
2F5F29BD-07B4-4907-8AF0-AFEA00ABDE26 LA12 0EB Sports Hall, Victoria High School, Springfield Road Variable Restricted
422BD5AC-AA48-4C24-9D9C-AFEA009DDEAA LA12 0EB C Block, Victoria High School, Springfield Road Variable Restricted
6002C29F-347E-4D31-A5AA-AF8200A9C80E LA12 0EB 6th Form (N Block Building) Uvhs, Victoria High School, Springfield Road Variable Restricted
EE72D839-4D56-4D64-A752-AF8200A2F10D LA12 0EB Main School Reception: Ulverston Victoria High School, Victoria High School, Springfield Road Variable Restricted
35BC615A-ECC0-4960-B496-AE7500D906AF LA12 0HJ Swarthmoor Football Club, Park Road, Swarthmoor 24/7 Public
664444C2-6DEC-4EB9-8EA8-AE7500DA5870 LA12 0HY Miners Arms, Fox Street, Swarthmoor 24/7 Public
7279 LA12 0LA Lindal Moor Cricket Club, Cumbria 24/7 Public
A8EC2E76-720D-4B0E-A0D2-AE8901126F58 LA12 0LA Lindal Moor Cricket Club, Pennington Lane, Lindal-In-Furness 24/7 Public
4E723A2A-4998-4E3A-A7DC-AFB8012C1ED9 LA12 0NH Lindal & Marton Parish Council, Public Telephone 23m From 23 Fair View On Unnamed Road, Fair View 24/7 Public
308FB720-AC9E-4613-87D6-AFC10116C2E1 LA12 0PN Little Urswick Bus Shelter, Shelter 29m From Fern Cottage 5m From Church Road, Church Road 24/7 Public
AFBABFAA-66A0-4953-A9D9-AF5E00C10E3F LA12 0QS Messrs Henry Armer & Son, The Smithy, Leece 24/7 Public
B5DECC53-2E08-4664-995E-AFC10119AA57 LA12 0SZ General Burgoyne Inn, Church Road, Great Urswick 24/7 Public
FFD37555-E647-4B84-BADF-AFC1011855FA LA12 0TA Low Furness Primary School, Church Road, Great Urswick 24/7 Public
C2A85870-785B-4204-B1F7-B02600C8BD05 LA12 7AZ Tesco Ulverston, 4 Market St, Ulverston Variable Public
D6E3CE4C-918C-4FBE-8910-B05700F8CE6D LA12 7AZ Tesco Express Ulverston, 4 Market Street, Ulverston Variable Public
C2CE5E65-773C-4FAD-8BE5-AF3400C43591 LA12 7LY Booths, Oubas Hill, Canal Street 24/7 Public
33C79298-9A54-4EB9-8D42-B06600976E1A LA12 7RQ Penny Bridge C Of E School, Penny Bridge, Ulverston Variable Restricted
43177A16-DBEE-404F-A8A9-AE4600C4F9AC LA12 8JB White Hart Inn, Bouth 24/7 Public
45D16AF8-6318-40C6-BF8E-AEE600BD5FF2 LA12 8LY The Clock Tower Business Centre, Blueprint Subsea, Clock Tower Building, Low Wood 24/7 Public
4214 LA12 8ND Newby Bridge Services, Cumbria 24/7 Public
13D3FA32-7F8E-409D-9B90-AECA00C10039 LA12 8NN National Trust, Fell Foot Park, Newby Bridge 24/7 Public
80C45134-F7A9-46BF-A963-AE6D010452EC LA12 8NR Lake District Estates, Towerwood, Windermere 24/7 Public
61620B27-E748-4FFD-B0FC-AF8E00AB6B35 LA12 8RA Abbots Vue, Ulverston 24/7 Public
BA0175FE-B70B-4261-9FE9-B00D00CDA066 LA12 9EL Bay Horse Hotel, Bay Horse Inn, Canal Foot 24/7 Public
5AD1D605-00EC-4CE7-9C38-B06E007D32DE LA12 9HR The Farmhouse, The Old Farmhouse, Priory Road 24/7 Public
38CA7CE5-42C9-43AE-AB2E-B06E007DBF83 LA12 9JN Mccalls, 48 Central Drive, Ulverston 24/7 Public
4D453B6B-2C2F-4574-AAA9-AF020106C9A1 LA12 9LZ 76 Rusland Crescent, Ulverston Variable Restricted
40D0AD87-5C9E-462E-BB15-AEB000873501 LA12 9QE Bardsea Leisure Park, T & G Varley Bardsea Leisure Park, Priory Road 24/7 Public
0B7A0948-5788-4DD3-BCDE-B09A011ACE81 LA12 9QT Ship Inn, The Ship Inn, Main Street 24/7 Public
D86AA576-EFF3-4A9B-BFF0-ADE900CCF2CE LA12 9RJ Fishermans Arms, Coast Road, Baycliff 24/7 Public
B37E2421-FF5F-40A5-B342-AFF201231394 LA13 0DZ Tesco Barrow, Tesco, Flass Lane Variable Public
2EE0A822-C437-4F8C-BEA5-AE7000ABCFFA LA13 0EB Roose Conservative Club, Leece Lane, Barrow-In-Furness Variable Restricted
35D601B5-BEA4-438D-9726-AFB500FF975D LA13 0ES Yarlside Stores, Yarlside Road, Barrow-In-Furness 24/7 Public
ABAA00F1-7854-473C-B407-AD9B00917B91 LA13 0HF Roose Community Primary School, North Row, Barrow In Furness 24/7 Public
721D8E77-37C8-4E8A-BCED-AFB600CE7189 LA13 0LT Newton County Primary School, Newton School, Newton Road Variable Restricted
31301849-CD1D-4610-9A05-AFB600BAE8EB LA13 9BB Furness Academy, Park Drive, Barrow-In-Furness Variable Restricted
82D40453-488D-4616-9E1C-AFB600C2F6CA LA13 9BB Furness Academy, Park Drive, Barrow-In-Furness Variable Restricted
F7D8FFE8-89DB-4C63-A323-AF80008972FC LA13 9BD Barrow Park Cafe, Park Offices Barrow Public Park, Abbey Road 24/7 Public
2A19D2DE-74E7-4B01-AC9E-AFB600CA2E2C LA13 9BY Greengate County Infants School, Parkside Ggi Academy, Greengate Street Variable Restricted
A083A507-9C86-45D4-A280-AF5F00C5A495 LA13 9DY Barrow Wanderers Fc, Barrow Wanderers Football Club, Lesh Lane 24/7 Public
4AF5890C-F692-4179-8236-AE4600C68ACE LA13 9HD St Aidens Church, Middle Hill, South Newbarns 24/7 Public
FEC5EC3C-3EF0-4E1D-AD83-AF3500D8C580 LA13 9JS Barrow Cricket Club, Abbey Road, Barrow-In-Furness 24/7 Public
31C0E851-CBFE-4B3C-9664-AEBB00900A4E LA13 9LE Barrow Sixth Form College, Rating Lane, Barrow-In-Furness 24/7 Public
DB1CC2DB-9976-41D8-ACC2-ADE900F89AEC LA13 9LE St Bernards Roman Catholic School, Rating Lane, Barrow-In-Furness 24/7 Public
2D5F63D2-84B7-4E0A-9C8F-AF55013664AE LA13 9LR Barrow Island Rugby Club, Ostley Bank, Barrow-In-Furness 24/7 Public
EDF354CA-4918-4C37-B855-B07600EBC88C LA13 9LR Holy Family Roman Catholic Primary School, Holy Family Roman Catholic School, Ostley Bank Variable Restricted
D07F0D77-3053-4014-8AD8-AF8100CAF45E LA13 9PA Abbotsvale Community Centre, Abbots Vale Community Centre, Abbots Vale 24/7 Public
BAF65B53-02F7-46F2-B8F7-AEBE0145F06F LA14 1AA Royal Mail Barrow In Furness Do, 142 Abbey Road, Barrow-In-Furness Variable Restricted
66DC06B2-169A-4DD6-95B8-B01F00CD257B LA14 1BG Greengate County Junior School, Greengate Junior School, Greengate Street Variable Restricted
497023A4-FF93-404D-BB60-B03100ACA49D LA14 1BS Tesco Rawlinson St Barrow, Rawlinson St, Barrow-In-Furness Variable Restricted
BCBEAF9E-7B3E-4EE4-BBEF-AFB600E1314E LA14 1EJ Barrow & District Disability Association, 71-77 School Street, . 24/7 Public
371B8978-8AE3-4AE7-9924-B03500D9F3F3 LA14 1NY St James C Of E Junior School, Blake Street, Barrow-In-Furness Variable Restricted
E40887AF-3CAB-4361-A8BF-AFCB00DFD84C LA14 2DG Flat, 140 Rawlinson Street, Barrow-In-Furness 24/7 Public
D697352C-BD43-4A92-B5E1-AF8600CC3BA2 LA14 2GN B&Q, Unit 2 Cornmill Park, Cornmill Crossing Variable Public
15764BDE-B7C1-4D52-A9D9-AF5800F8AFCD LA14 2LD Barrow-In-Furness Borough Council, Barrow-In-Furness Borough Council Town Hall, Duke Street Variable Restricted
92E74734-B214-4577-BDCA-B07C00866E9D LA14 2NA Dunelm Barrow In Furness, Unit B Hollywood Retail Park, Barrow-In-Furness Variable Restricted
4C523B67-4DCA-4D98-ABD4-AE3B00C7D032 LA14 2NE Tesco Extra, Corner House Park, Hindpool Rd Variable Public
820D23BE-4B06-4E54-BE9E-AF8F00F001A6 LA14 2NW Pye Motors, James Freel Close, Barrow-In-Furness Variable Restricted
D21B8648-0E8E-4179-9A41-AEBB00959F17 LA14 2PJ Furness College, Channelside, Barrow-In-Furness 24/7 Public
20D4C5DC-4111-431B-BE3A-AF8D00A3AA66 LA14 2QF Just Tasty, 49 Ferry Road, Barrow-In-Furness 24/7 Public
95CDCB38-429B-40B5-A923-AE5400EB77AF LA14 2SB Barrow Island Commuinty And Sports Trust Facility, Island Road, Barrow-In-Furness 24/7 Public
3B2112BF-7B15-45ED-9269-AFE8006330D0 LA14 2UA Screwfix, Unit 2 Phoenix Court, Phoenix Road Variable Restricted
C6C25FAA-043B-4937-AEA5-B03D01699A32 LA14 3QQ 24a Douglas Street, Barrow-In-Furness 24/7 Public
215EA2BB-9D45-4F94-BD46-AFBA00D8AED3 LA14 3XY Park Vale Sports Centre, Mill Lane, Barrow-In-Furness Variable Restricted
249C4245-8A03-4C70-91DF-AE9800DD4307 LA14 3YS West Shore Park Residents Association, 434 West Shore Park, Barrow-In-Furness 24/7 Public
1306DB39-89A5-46E3-98ED-B07300AB4459 LA14 4AA St Pius X Roman Catholic School, Schneider Road, Barrow-In-Furness Variable Restricted
751764B8-00CE-49A0-9C81-B00300D361F1 LA14 4AR Ormsgill Primary School, Mill Bank, Barrow-In-Furness Variable Restricted
9ACA5C86-9534-4BFA-A381-AEFD00CC94F9 LA14 4BP Ormsgill Community Centre, Millstone Avenue, Barrow-In-Furness 24/7 Public
534A35CE-956C-4C24-A310-B09800B65A37 LA14 4DE Mkm Barrow, Park Road, Barrow-In-Furness Variable Public
CFF24DD8-8DC1-4540-A130-AEBC00B9D4F5 LA14 4HF Hawcoat Park Sports And Social Club, Hawcoat Lane, Barrow-In-Furness 24/7 Public
2B56C23E-D77C-47E8-B107-AE66017824D0 LA14 4JS Co-Op Sports & Social Club, Rocklea, Dane Avenue 24/7 Public
0DE5A786-B155-4431-A7ED-ADE200ADD331 LA14 4QB Barrow Golf Club, Rakesmoor Lane, Barrow-In-Furness 24/7 Public
40721EF1-25F5-4BA9-B293-ADCE00E8A6E8 LA14 4QT Jjc Hire, Park Road, Barrow-In-Furness Variable Restricted
617D6D89-4571-4EB0-BE6A-AFB600CBB4E1 LA14 5NE Victoria Academy, Devonshire Road, Barrow-In-Furness Variable Restricted
F95FF144-F6AF-4B34-894A-AF6300B92A99 LA14 5PA St Matthews Church Hall, Highfield Road, Barrow-In-Furness 24/7 Public
C09E88BD-137A-4C66-9671-AE4900EC62A2 LA14 5PR Furness Cricket Club, Oxford Street, Barrow-In-Furness 24/7 Public
F19775B5-8C53-4FF9-BEB8-B09E00AF7BA7 LA14 5QN Victoria Infant And Nursery School, Oxford Street, Barrow-In-Furness Variable Public
D3CCA8EC-385D-46E8-B54F-AFF1007B1301 LA14 5QZ Barrow In Furness Railway Station, Station Approach, Cumbria 24/7 Public
C6E4B75E-7151-427F-980A-AEF3007E4E17 LA14 5UQ Furness Rovers Fc, Wilkie Road, Barrow-In-Furness 24/7 Public
12DFECBB-47B0-4522-8FF0-AE3500EF8C61 LA14 5UY Cumberland Motor Services, Stagecoach, Walney Road Variable Restricted
666EA88A-94EA-45A9-8AC1-AF5E00E35782 LA15 8AH Dowdales School (Dalton Active Sports Hall), Dowdales Secondary School, Nelson Street Variable Restricted
FC022F36-B1D9-4131-9994-AE26010E8268 LA15 8DP Dalton United Fc, Dalton Football Club, Beckside Road Variable Restricted
BD25D6D6-2EFD-4EB3-9432-AFA200A422D4 LA15 8HB Dalton Rlfc, Ulverston Road, Dalton-In-Furness 24/7 Public
7C9DE9F3-B323-4E30-9F88-AE5400E405B9 LA15 8JG Crooklands Casuals Fc, Longlands, Dalton-In-Furness 24/7 Public
44742C42-9E47-4731-8961-AE8900CFF6E5 LA15 8JU Askam & Ireleth Community First Responders, Gable Cottage, Askam Road 24/7 Restricted
F773EA1F-272E-4E10-9260-B05A00A7E505 LA15 8LB Our Lady Of The Rosery Roman Catholic School, Our Lady Of The Rosary Roman Catholic School, Ulverston Road Variable Restricted
1C1B6751-299C-4933-A828-AEF4010EE3D2 LA15 8QJ Coronation House, 25 Coronation Drive, Dalton-In-Furness 24/7 Public
AF4439F3-0099-4757-AF23-B02A00A0B9F0 LA15 8QR Dalton St Marys Church Of England School, Coronation Drive, Dalton-In-Furness Variable Restricted
77D9B70F-4848-4669-BA08-B04800E5D251 LA15 8RX Chapel Street Infant And Nursery School, Chapel Street, Dalton In Furness Variable Restricted
4A5F0D8F-D58A-4EBF-95BC-B07D00D5D395 LA15 8SE George Romney School, George Romney Junior School, Cobden Street Variable Restricted
44239EC9-167E-42F1-BEC3-AE3000F79698 LA16 7AW Dunnerholm Golf Club, Dunnerholme Golf Club, Duddon Road 24/7 Public
2538C8AB-6CB8-424E-9639-ADF600DA5FB9 LA16 7BD Askam Rugby League Club, Sandy Lane, Askam-In-Furness 24/7 Public
547FF621-C18F-4A22-99C0-AE8901343218 LA16 7DA Askam Village School, Lots Road, Askam-In-Furness 24/7 Public
D2D0CE4D-F57F-421C-B422-AEBE0110A878 LA16 7FD Askam United Football Club, Duddon Road, Askam-In-Furness 24/7 Public
DD7CC6AE-3E0D-4DD8-AD82-ADE90150F0EF LA17 7TQ Kirkby- In- Furness Community Centre, Kirkby In Furness Community Centre, Beckside 24/7 Public
AE10E6C2-1B05-462C-BBF1-AE3000D17BFE LA17 7TU Dunnerholme Cottages, Dunnerholme, Askam-In-Furness 24/7 Public
ABBD04B2-B607-4DD3-AE0D-AFD300A6F7AF LA17 7UH Burlington Ce Primary School, School Road, Kirkby-In-Furness 24/7 Public
DDBA3D5F-CDA7-4365-8C5C-AE3800C3C63F LA18 4BX Tesco, Tesco Stores, Lancashire Road Variable Public
7070 LA18 4EW Haverigg Cricket Club, Cumbria 24/7 Public
FDA5D691-1388-4C02-96B6-AE050105DFB6 LA18 4HB Millom Rugby Union Fc, Millom Rufc Wilson Park, Wilson Park 24/7 Public
1D818787-8140-4B30-B2BE-AFD600CEFC40 LA18 4LG Wyldecrest Parks, Port Haverigg Holiday Village, Haverigg 24/7 Public
B65E7358-D6AB-44CB-8603-AE9A00E69E5E LA18 4NG Harbour Lights Campsite, Moor Moss Lane, Haverigg 24/7 Public
2EF364C0-A0D4-444D-A26D-AE4B00E9060E LA18 4NX Silecroft Caravan Park Silecroft Cumbria, Silecroft Caravan Park, Main Street 24/7 Public
3EF08515-D75D-4191-8205-AE3500C5E3BC LA18 4NX Centre Of Pond 159m From Silecroft Golf Club 196m From Unnamed Road, Silecroft 24/7 Public
8A3B3357-5E07-4D17-BA07-AE3500C48339 LA18 4NX Silecroft Golf Club, Silecroft 24/7 Public
0AEDE4B8-2E0A-4D65-BDAB-AFF1007ACEAD LA18 5AA Millom Railway Station, Station Road, Cumbria 24/7 Public
DF19BAEF-FDA4-4512-8B6A-ADD9013E44A4 LA18 5AB Millom Community Track, Millom School, Salthouse Road 24/7 Public
D36217FF-5A5D-4ED5-9B9F-AEEF00BF66C5 LA18 5DW Millom Cricket Club, St Georges Road, Millom 24/7 Public
8232 LA18 5LP Village Hall, Cumbria 24/7 Public
313CF27E-9F5F-4624-BA6F-B00F016360DC LA18 5LP Silecroft Village Hall, Main Street, Silecroft 24/7 Public
61A50272-B803-4343-B1B4-B08200D191CA LA19 5TG Captain Shaw's Community Hall, Captain Shaws School, Main Street Variable Restricted
694E0E98-EA7F-41DD-9A0F-AF9C00FA8122 LA19 5TG Bootle & District Community First Responders, Captain Shaws School, Main Street 24/7 Public
BA655F58-398C-460A-8029-ADEB0157C31A LA19 5UL The Pavilion Millholme, Bootle 24/7 Public
477156A4-608D-46C9-8654-B08300DBC1C6 LA19 5YJ Waberthwaite C Of E School, Waberthwaite Variable Public
0A8462F5-2CFF-4D45-BC12-AEDF00DD092C LA2 0AJ Lancaster Golf Club, Ashton Hall, Lancaster 24/7 Public
0DA607CE-B3C2-4784-B847-AEE000AF9665 LA2 0AJ Lancaster Golf Club, Ashton-With-Stodday, Lancaster Variable Public
BA144717-2521-4CEA-8D3A-AEE000AE28CE LA2 0AJ Lancaster Golf Club, Ashton-With-Stodday, Lancaster 24/7 Public
73FDD55C-4D96-4DC4-81A8-AE97008F4478 LA2 0AR Thurnham Glasson Church Of England Primary School, School Lane, Glasson Dock 24/7 Public
E71BDC6C-5E12-4E2A-A7AB-AE4F00B3C9B1 LA2 0AU Old Glasson Caravan Park, Marsh Lane, Glasson 24/7 Restricted
50BE46AE-0D72-43CC-9E52-B01A01046411 LA2 0BB Cockerham Sands Country Park, Moss Lane, Thurnham 24/7 Public
4A287B6F-6EAE-4671-A0E2-AE4000024E34 LA2 0BZ Dalton Arms, Ten Row, Glasson Dock 24/7 Public
B02DA8C5-05E4-43DE-9B65-AE5801088E83 LA2 0DP Throstle Croft, Main Road, Thurnham 24/7 Public
E3213FCB-DD17-427A-9012-AF2D0087FB7D LA2 0EQ St Michaels Church, Main Street, Cockerham Variable Public
16986BFB-DEBB-4125-B768-AEE30102072A LA2 0ER Farm Yard Brew Co, Gulf Lane, Lancaster 24/7 Public
8DAE8E6B-8748-43D9-B3A8-ADEF00FBA19D LA2 0ES Moss Wood Caravan Park, Crimbles Lane, Cockerham 24/7 Public
3EB965A9-A20E-48C3-97AB-B049009424E8 LA2 0LQ Ellel Village Hall Trust, Ellel Village Hall, Main Road 24/7 Public
3D680FD5-8FFF-4373-9769-ADC900BEE25B LA2 0QP Hare Appletree House, Quernmore Brow, Quernmore 24/7 Restricted
4933A543-6694-4616-90E9-AEE1009296C8 LA2 6JL Slyne With Hest Church Of England Primary School, Shady Lane, Slyne-With-Hest Lancaster 24/7 Public
CAD7E432-D195-4209-ACF3-AEE000EC1C86 LA2 6NB Halton Community Association, The Centre, Low Road 24/7 Public
2E86271B-0C9D-4EE1-B543-B03400FE9EC7 LA2 7AB Scholars Rise, High Bentham 24/7 Public
C3AE6B1A-0A7C-4315-970A-AFE200933F75 LA2 7AG Wenningdale Leisure Ltd, Bentham Golf Course, Robin Lane 24/7 Public
14088034-B4C1-4B8C-8A61-AF250129AFEE LA2 7BP Naylor Myers Ltd, Cumberland Close, Low Bentham Road 24/7 Public
C1D9F3DE-620D-40B5-AF5B-AD6B00AFDB64 LA2 7FJ Public Telephone 14m From John Marshall & Son, Riverside Caravan Park 6m From Unnamed Road, High Bentham 24/7 Public
7824CBD0-5DA5-45C1-BAF5-AD740139A6CA LA2 7JP Bentham Medical Practice, Grasmere Drive, Lancaster 24/7 Public
9E8DFBBB-EB92-4E89-A4DA-AD740138D2BA LA2 7LH Bentham Town Hall, Station Road, Bentham 24/7 Public
02473DF5-C654-47BA-A888-AD62010A07F6 LA2 8AQ Eldroth Parish Hall, Eldroth Road, Eldroth 24/7 Public
2D7D56F4-4D90-49CA-B3E8-B018014DE706 LA2 8AQ Eldroth Parish Hall, Eldroth Village Hall, Eldroth Road, Eldroth, 24/7 Public
BD922507-A1AC-4CF7-9403-AE2C00F92121 LA2 8AQ Eldroth Village Hall, Eldroth Road, Lawkland 24/7 Public
56510E60-D164-47CA-A82A-AD4101090CF7 LA2 8BJ Austwick Village Hall, Main Street, Austwick 24/7 Public
1E6CB990-A3C3-466C-BF5B-AF9E0113CAB2 LA2 8DU Sawmill Cafe, The Old Sawmill, Riverside 24/7 Public
3765CA6C-AF2F-46FE-8C21-AE3000DE0BC6 LA2 8ES Clapham (N Yorks) Rail Station, Railway Station, Wenning Bank 24/7 Public
1E79A0A6-A3B3-4DED-B2A7-AE50011357AF LA2 8HZ Ingleton's Save A Life, Summerlands Farm, Lowkber Lane 24/7 Public
D7BD8354-86B8-4948-855D-ADEA00D0ECB7 LA2 8JR Hornby, 20 Main Street, Hornby 24/7 Public
123D2445-9074-4622-B3A1-B03B00F8D787 LA2 8JY Hornby St Margarets Church Of England Primary School, Main Street, Hornby Variable Public
BF6EEE7A-411A-4CF2-B48E-AE16010D11B8 LA2 8LP Gressingham Parish Council, Post Box 8m From School House On Unnamed Road, Silverhill 24/7 Public
8F1F1C21-C647-4B86-A4B0-AFEC00B88A5D LA2 8LT Aughton Village Hall, Old School House, Aughton Road 24/7 Public
49EAB143-7857-4763-B942-ADF3012467E9 LA2 8NH Wennington Parish Council Cep Group, St James Church, Monks Gate 24/7 Public
49B40551-9119-4740-9683-ADF30121759E LA2 8NW Wennington Parish Council Cep Group, Smithy Cottage, Lodge Lane 24/7 Public
7CAD0A34-BB4F-4969-8272-AE9100EC7903 LA2 8RA Tatham Fells Church Of England Primary School, Lowgill Lane, Lowgill 24/7 Public
A8F7AE17-F115-41A4-B3A0-ADF2010ABDA3 LA2 9AQ Fleece Inn, Abbeystead Lane, Dolphinholme 24/7 Public
0A39B8C0-33D7-49F6-A54C-B04900BF9877 LA2 9BQ Home Farm, The Rake, Abbeystead Variable Restricted
F0FE5CE9-1A3A-4813-9877-AFF600DA8A11 LA2 9DF Girlguiding Guys Farm Activity Centre, Guys Farm Activity Centre, Gleaves Hill Lane 24/7 Public
C7B2CC69-BB1D-478C-B245-AED200995794 LA2 9JH Tricia Griffiths, Hillcroft Nursing Home, Caton Green Road 24/7 Public
0DD8870F-5FE4-429C-AA02-B02900EA6236 LA2 9NH Caton Primary School, Broadacre, Caton Variable Restricted
3A317F86-AEBD-4360-AF71-ADEB00F94B8D LA2 9NH Caton Primary School, Broadacre, Caton 24/7 Public
E1A261DB-E6A0-420C-B10F-AED3010B6D49 LA2 9PJ Caton St Paul's Pta, Caton St. Pauls C Of E Primary School,, Moorside Road Brookhouse 24/7 Public
A9CDAE89-181E-4C84-BD74-ADEC01266A60 LA2 9QN Lunesdale Lawn Tennis Club, Ball Lane, Caton 24/7 Public
6FA51A70-2538-4F4B-A31E-AEE600A8BDAC LA2 9QS Caton Sports Association, Hornby Road, Caton Variable Public
282A9C70-F230-4FB6-8BB1-AFB900AE12CC LA20 6AG Woodland Parish Room, Woodland, Broughton-In-Furness 24/7 Public
A95BDFC9-2827-4DDA-8B94-AE2800A67917 LA20 6AX Broughton Mills Reading Room, Broughton Mills, Broughton-In-Furness 24/7 Public
A2AD82B9-12EF-42E8-9AC9-AE1F0090D74F LA20 6BX Prince Of Wales Hotel, Foxfield, Broughton-In-Furness 24/7 Public
905CA332-E397-4C72-B588-ADEB00C5CC45 LA20 6DX Browfoot Cottage, Ulpha 24/7 Public
0BA8C881-3FB9-4C85-8267-ADEB00B2254E LA20 6EQ Cockley Beck, Seathwaite, Broughton-In-Furness 24/7 Public
6D128EF7-F052-46AB-9BA9-AE6A00E88949 LA20 6HN Victory Hall, Station Road, Broughton-In-Furness 24/7 Public
9F66FB45-A53D-434B-BAE8-ADB901103E5A LA20 6JA Annan House, The Square, Broughton-In-Furness 24/7 Public
58A7BC97-C006-4DFB-B520-B02E00E5C7C9 LA21 8AL Coniston C E Primary School, Coniston C Of E Primary School, Coniston Variable Restricted
76F9C7F8-64BD-44C5-9745-AFC400BC6620 LA21 8AL Coniston First Responders, Alauna, Coniston Variable Restricted
EE51508C-2A93-45AB-8F02-AF9B00E412F6 LA21 8AX The University Of Birmingham, The Priestley Centre, Torver 24/7 Public
BC826503-1BD5-473A-B1FE-AFBD00DCAF87 LA21 8BB Wilson Arms, Torver 24/7 Public
64CCECF0-E92E-4E83-8B48-AF9500DEEC98 LA21 8BJ J F And E Hadwin Ltd, Torver Variable Restricted
FD51F1EB-F859-4762-B3CE-AFB101125176 LA21 8EW Coniston Boating Centre, Lake Road, Coniston Variable Restricted
2DB6F299-3554-435D-A8E8-AFCA0188B051 LA21 8HA 17 Days Bank, Coniston 24/7 Restricted
7A7CABF5-31EC-42DE-B436-AFC500CF05EE LA21 8HZ Coniston Mountain Rescue, Little Cobwebs, 13 St. Martins Court Variable Public
B781A8AB-AFFC-46AB-B35A-AECC00AD8AEF LA21 8LA The Caravan Club, Coniston Park Coppice Caravan Site, Park Gate 24/7 Public
0DDFA0D4-6162-4716-8A01-AF4B00BBE931 LA22 0BD The Lakelands Owners Club, Lakelands, Ambleside 24/7 Public
9DBF3675-2771-4338-B011-AFAF00DE023D LA22 0EE Ambleside Football Club, Rothay Road, Ambleside 24/7 Public
686E0CB4-8D74-4237-AACB-AEE5010B4493 LA22 0HX Public Telephone 130m From Skelwith Fold Caravan Park Ltd 5m From Unnamed Road, Bog Lane, Clappersgate Variable Public
8357 LA22 0JE Village Hall, Cumbria 24/7 Public
2AB4B627-2AD2-49D6-BD2A-B05E00FE9E28 LA22 0JE High Wray Village Hall, Village Hall, High Wray 24/7 Public
2A718249-02EC-424C-B052-AE4100DEC8A6 LA22 9BU Tesco, Part Ground And First Floor Tesco, Market Place Variable Public
BE894365-6AB1-4027-BC4C-AF2600E24508 LA22 9DB White Lion Hotel, Market Place, Ambleside 24/7 Restricted
940B4F4E-FDB7-442A-A123-B05500AE2071 LA22 9JD Langdale Leisure Limited, Langdale Leisure Ltd, Great Langdale 24/7 Public
BF463554-6055-40DC-B513-AE4300F5715D LA22 9JD Langdale Leisure Ltd, Great Langdale, Ambleside 24/7 Public
0E45E269-17AD-4F33-BD56-AEAF00C84024 LA22 9JS Wayfarers Club, Robertson Lamb Hut, Great Langdale Variable Restricted
78092C42-E81A-4067-A7A1-AE3800D833BA LA22 9SJ Sports Pavillion, Stock Lane, Grasmere 24/7 Public
3078 LA22 9SW Garden Centre, Cumbria 24/7 Public
1832 LA22 9TA Telephone Box, Cumbria 24/7 Public
34881FA1-F02D-419B-AB41-B00700A21F5C LA23 1HW The Lakes School, Troutbeck Bridge, Windermere Variable Restricted
B1EFCD3F-74F0-4542-A920-B007009A22F1 LA23 1HW The Lakes School, Troutbeck Bridge, Windermere Variable Restricted
9C8600EF-CE88-468B-87C9-AFD900C9F2CB LA23 1NP Lakeland Horticultural Society, Holehird Gardens, Patterdale Road 24/7 Public
C73902AF-44DE-4DB1-BD45-AF8301100462 LA23 1NP Lakeland Horticultural Society, Holehird Gardens, Patterdale Road 24/7 Public
2389017F-657E-4078-A410-AEF300FE85B5 LA23 2NH Matson Ground Estate Co Ltd, Matson Ground Garage, Matson Ground 24/7 Public
E453A014-EDB7-4E1E-9579-AF60009A29E1 LA23 3EW Burnside Lodge, Kendal Road, Bowness-On-Windermere 24/7 Public
686FA065-78CA-4D4A-9A4A-AED8011792D3 LA23 3FA Matson Ground Estate Company Ltd, Low Cleabarrow Business Centre, 1a Windermere 24/7 Public
71C9D0F1-DDE1-4FA5-81F3-AFCE0087A7CC LA23 3JQ Windermere Marina Village, Bowness On Windermere, Bowness-On-Windermere 24/7 Public
5EA0F530-5CD5-4CB4-AEA0-AF10010BA19A LA23 3LJ Broad Leys, Newby Bridge Road, Windermere 24/7 Restricted
9B56D0C0-B072-4E24-80B5-AF10010EE848 LA23 3LJ Windermere Motor-Boat Racing Club, Foreshore - Wmbrc, Broad Leys, Newby Bridge Road 24/7 Public
57783AB7-F657-485A-8F3C-AEE70102D267 LA23 3NA Matson Ground Estate Company Ltd, Low House Business Centre, Cleabarrow 24/7 Public
4817 LA23 3PG Parkcliffe Camping & Caravan Estate, Cumbria 24/7 Public
CCD3CAE1-1BA6-4827-99B6-AE5401537DA2 LA3 1DA Tesco Express, 47 Heysham Rd, Heysham Variable Public
5B304263-BF75-4E89-8014-AE97009E7F7A LA3 1JB Westgate Wanderers Football Club, Maple Avenue, Heysham Variable Restricted
0A4A1931-EDDB-42CB-AFF5-AF6900A98EA3 LA3 1QF Bupa Dental Care, 75 Yorkshire Street West, Morecambe Variable Restricted
4E4463CD-A2BB-4C91-A423-AD8D01651B28 LA3 1QN Morecambe Bay Chemist, 28-30 Regent Road, Morecambe Variable Restricted
CBBBEEC0-DC57-4851-B6F7-AFB900F6BCC2 LA3 2AW Heysham Mossgate Community And Sports Centre, Townson Way, Heysham 24/7 Public
276B0DB2-BE41-4EE9-B703-B02D00A669CB LA3 2BJ Tesco Morecambe Heysham Road Express, 362 Heysham Rd, Heysham Variable Public
E624FE9A-7CAE-4C46-8AAE-AF23007C6808 LA3 2ER St Patricks Catholic Primary School, Littledale Avenue, Heysham Variable Restricted
96B7326E-2819-462E-8141-AFD900CA1FC2 LA3 2QE Wesley Methodist Church, Middleton Road, Heysham 24/7 Public
0D3E7B1E-03BE-477B-BFD0-AEA001554F13 LA3 2XA Park Resorts, Ocean Edge Holiday Park, Moneyclose Lane 24/7 Public
BA88FCE3-4BCF-4835-B4A8-AFE800EBAA83 LA3 3AY Screwfix, Unit 3 Northgate White Lund Industrial Estate, Morecambe Variable Restricted
82852B48-9AF7-432D-A00B-AF0A00C64FDD LA3 3DD Anchor Building, 86 Westgate, Morecambe Variable Restricted
035CBC0D-6BDA-46BC-A10E-AE19009A98B4 LA3 3DT Lancaster City Council, White Lund Depot, White Lund Road Variable Restricted
F71A6C6C-928D-4F49-87FC-AF8F00F0F1A5 LA3 3DY Pye Motors, Eastgate, Morecambe Variable Restricted
29442F2F-02B9-4942-8E57-B07C00A60C2A LA3 3FE Dunelm Lancaster, Unit J Lancaster City Retail Park, Mellishawe Lane, Heaton With Oxcliffe Variable Restricted
CFE3D5E7-26A7-4D24-9D8A-AF9C00C28EE8 LA3 3FU Cox Motor Parts, Unit 1, California Close 24/7 Public
C0565031-B926-4C82-869E-AFCE00FEA36B LA3 3HB Overton Memorial Hall, Middleton Road, Overton 24/7 Public
0AA1B2D3-3AE1-4215-A95C-AEA000E3DFFF LA3 3HZ St Helens Church, Church Grove, Overton 24/7 Public
46AF4338-6679-4724-85D2-AED800CA9E8B LA3 3JH Heysham Golf Club, Middleton Road, Heysham Variable Public
6A9926FB-25D7-41EC-BBEE-B0A5006230EF LA3 3LG Middleton Playing Fields & Tennis Court, Middleton Road, Middleton 24/7 Public
90F1B7EA-90D1-4489-AFFF-AE4800D6BA2F LA3 3LG Middleton Parish Council, Middleton Parish Hall, 62 Low Road 24/7 Public
48C698E4-4E8F-461B-B57C-AFD200F7B86C LA3 3LH Tower Road, Middleton 24/7 Public
929E914B-31DB-4B2B-A26A-AFE400BED794 LA3 3LH Greendales Farm Caravan Park, Carr Lane, Middleton 24/7 Public
AECF6B23-AC3E-4753-A4F9-AE2A00F57685 LA3 3LH Middleton Holiday Park, Carr Lane, Middleton 24/7 Restricted
5B11F98F-4AB5-4671-A1FE-B01F00CD7374 LA3 3LL Shorefields Caravan Park, Carr Lane, Middleton 24/7 Public
D10B4E82-2D68-4A5A-91D2-B08F012AC2AA LA3 3LL Hawthorne Sands Holiday Park, Carr Lane, Middleton 24/7 Public
5DAC137A-F586-414C-A303-AE1900CE1AF2 LA3 3PB Strongdor, Unit 4, Southgate Variable Restricted
B515F252-C4DD-432C-898C-AE54010D9772 LA3 3PF Pye Motors (Ford), Pye Motors Ltd, Ovangle Road Variable Public
639672AA-5B51-462D-BFE8-AE690135EC75 LA3 3PP Celtech Holdings Limited, The Gatehouse, Stalls Road 24/7 Public
2D8AABE2-CB9E-4E03-A1AF-AE91010495CD LA3 3RA 5 Church Park, Overton 24/7 Public
90B3A8ED-C08D-4EBE-82D3-AED900AA1E72 LA4 4DB The Platform And Vic, Old Station Buildings, Marine Road Central Variable Restricted
2671A7E9-0969-42F1-83ED-AFF1007ABCA5 LA4 4DW Morecambe Railway Station, Central Drive, Lancs 24/7 Public
A7FA8A78-3AC8-4250-B781-B02600ABF781 LA4 4SZ Tesco Morecambe Glentworth Express, 22 Glentworth Road West, Morecambe Variable Public
E1C52C2D-8136-4F4E-84C3-B09D00CB5450 LA4 4UP Trimpell Sports And Social Club, Out Moss Lane, Morecambe 24/7 Public
57876357-6188-4A55-87B3-AEA2009A76B5 LA4 5AF Lancaster City Council, Town Hall, Marine Road East Variable Restricted
464717FA-8365-4F80-910B-AE3600B12B2A LA4 5HW Job Centre, Heron House, 67 Queen Street Variable Public
4681D691-5115-4DEE-9D15-AF6300B8EDFE LA4 5TP Toby Carvery - Morecambe, Lancaster Road, Morecambe Variable Public
DBB4E85C-113A-4149-B44A-AE0700B6D894 LA4 6AD Morecambe Bid, Clock Tower Cafe, Marine Road Central 24/7 Public
5E97A1CD-3D2F-4724-86CD-AEB300A066FB LA4 6AQ Lancaster City Council, Happy Mount Park, Marine Road West 24/7 Public
42DB4213-0861-4788-948B-AEDD00D6F2D4 LA4 6DF Bare Institute Ltd. Trading As Bare Village Club, 40 Bare Lane, Bare 24/7 Public
AB7C23E5-AE55-492B-8DC7-AEBE00EAC300 LA4 6LL Bare Lane Railway Station, Bare Lane, Morecambe Lancashire 24/7 Public
16A23BDA-8082-4249-A109-ADED0111ADD8 LA4 6LT Torrisholme Methodist Church, Norwood Drive, Morecambe 24/7 Public
A3EE2E76-1B84-44FC-BD61-ADCE00F3F315 LA4 6SF Church Of The Ascension, Torrisholme, Morecambe 24/7 Public
11A0A458-7FE1-4149-80F7-AE3700C08316 LA4 6UB Great Wood School, Beaufort Road, Morecambe Variable Public
241698C0-BE21-4F89-9AC2-B07B00BA0CE3 LA4 6UB Great Wood School, Beaufort Road, Morecambe Variable Public
ADF72650-FDCA-4ECC-8AB6-AE2900B26837 LA5 0DF Educational Institute, Church Hill, Arnside 24/7 Public
C644BF5A-AED3-4792-8016-ADD500C72312 LA5 0DR Arnside Cricket Club, Silverdale Road, Arnside 24/7 Public
B96A2DA1-DBBD-46E5-8D42-ADD500C87F78 LA5 0HA Albion Public House, Albion Hotel, The Promenade 24/7 Public
E8DB25D5-3CF2-4CF5-900F-ADD500C97E92 LA5 0HD Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, The Promenade, Arnside 24/7 Public
FEDBFF28-48CA-4848-8064-B063010B61DF LA5 0RW Methodist Church, 6 Cove Road, Silverdale 24/7 Public
7462 LA5 0SH Silverdale Cricket Club, Carnforth 24/7 Public
3D78B930-FE26-414E-84B3-AE23010971DC LA5 0SH Holgates Caravan Park Ltd, Middlebarrow Plain Caravan Park, Cove Road 24/7 Public
2CC85635-1A42-4251-B53D-AE230116903C LA5 0SP Silverdale Golf Club, Red Bridge Lane, Silverdale 24/7 Public
C24F2D8B-CA71-45A5-B9B9-AEBC0103438F LA5 0SW Visitor Centre Rspb Leighton Moss, Storrs Lane, Silverdale 24/7 Public
178B6AE5-CCC2-4E9A-8A2F-AEBA0135AE34 LA5 0TP Silverdale Hotel,, Shore Road, Silverdale Variable Public
3249B97B-56BC-4404-9375-AE4101064023 LA5 8DW Bolton Le Sands Community Council, Bolton Le Sands Community Centre, Packet Lane 24/7 Public
E8D05541-462C-4E16-9624-B08800DA4F72 LA5 8JP Morecambe Lodge Farm, Shore Lane, Bolton Le Sands 24/7 Public
6B5DF955-BB8E-4779-B53B-B05300CC6798 LA5 8JR Archers Cafe Red Bank Farm, The Shore, Bolton Le Sands 24/7 Public
FF27BB8A-8543-417E-843B-AEDB01005716 LA5 9BH Gummers Howe Community Centre, Community Centre, Gummers Howe Walk 24/7 Public
9C86A447-A109-4E0D-B327-AE5B00D2398D LA5 9DW Tesco, Lodge Quarry, Lancaster Road Variable Public
3B833780-1083-47A9-BD99-AFF1007B08A0 LA5 9ET Carnforth Railway Station, Market Street, Carnforth 24/7 Public
DFC617D3-DA30-4168-B56D-AF47008EF78E LA5 9FD Strongdor, Unit 10, Oakwood Way Variable Restricted
32CD01E0-8D19-40CC-B69A-AE5100C4D8E7 LA5 9JZ Booths, Scotland Road, Carnforth 24/7 Public
0B68A6C5-8B21-4010-B164-AFC500B00CF5 LA5 9LS Carnforth High School, Kellet Road, Carnforth Variable Restricted
46D99ED0-9E93-48EC-B9A9-B02000E965F5 LA5 9LS Carnforth Community Swimming Pool, Kellet Road, Carnforth Variable Restricted
B3C2BF9B-CFDF-4786-9873-AFB90096A316 LA5 9LS Carnforth Rangers Football Club, Carnforth High School, Kellet Road Variable Public
EA5A1769-FC27-4D7F-AA7A-AFC500A83B21 LA5 9LS Carnforth High School, Kellet Road, Carnforth 24/7 Public
54A38816-732A-46A9-8240-AF3200AF8A2E LA5 9NB Carnforth Rangers Football Club, Marina Lodge Lundsfield, Kellet Road Variable Public
1197 LA5 9QJ Methodist Church, Lancashire 24/7 Public
0247D773-0CB9-449D-9083-AE1A00CAEA72 LA5 9SH 18 Yealand Road, Yealand Conyers 24/7 Public
5F1D98DA-3A25-4050-9B7D-ADFE00CF71CC LA5 9SU Yealand Village Hall, Footeran Lane, Yealand Redmayne 24/7 Public
CDDB9D05-F4D9-4ADB-A6DF-ADFE00D3104F LA5 9TB 38 Silverdale Road, Yealand Redmayne 24/7 Public
5B8A47F4-5CFC-4B56-AB15-AFCC00A77E5C LA6 1AD New England Caravan Park, 122 Capernwray Road, Capernwray 24/7 Public
92EAC153-CB04-42D9-934F-AD4B0083AB9E LA6 1BQ Redwell Fisheries, Kirkby Lonsdale Road, Arkholme 24/7 Public
AE980615-8742-48C9-B223-AE0100C9372B LA6 1GP Lapwing House Tewitfield Marina, Chapel Lane, Tewitfield 24/7 Public
C7CD2C6B-AF31-4D9B-9BE4-AFBE00A3B714 LA6 1JH Longlands Inn And Restaurant, Longlands Hotel, Chapel Lane 24/7 Public
81EC7158-7743-4505-8198-AE1E00F1F347 LA6 1JP Borwick And Priest Hutton First Responders, Borwick And Priest Hutton Memorial Hall, Borwick Lane 24/7 Public
EE8350FE-EF51-432B-BB0A-ADE900923748 LA6 1JU Lancashire County Council, Borwick Hall, Capernwray Road 24/7 Public
5659F8A2-23B5-4519-AA7B-B0090126D5BE LA6 1PS Home (Private Residence), 2 Orchard View, Milnthorpe Road 24/7 Public
914AE507-6E6D-433C-9C24-AD1F00CEDD92 LA6 1PS Rescue Specialist Ltd, Unit 5, Milnthorpe Road Variable Restricted
CE0712DD-865F-4154-9808-ADEF00E360BA LA6 1PY Holme Parish Hall, Duke Street, Holme 24/7 Public
62F18E18-8EA8-403E-812D-ADEF00E3EF1E LA6 1QA Holme County Primary School, North Road, Holme 24/7 Public
FEFB9AB2-1738-4037-91C5-B03E01000C75 LA6 1QA Holme County Primary School, North Road, Holme 24/7 Public
D4F7B195-29B5-4022-9BD2-AF7800C6DACC LA6 2BD The Fairbank Society, Travers House, Fairbank 24/7 Public
5DAA7501-9DCB-40E8-971C-B03800BFC9B1 LA6 2BG Lunesdale Hall, The Lunesdale Hall, Bective Road 24/7 Public
91493EA7-CF2D-42D5-AFBA-AEC001115987 LA6 2DA Kirkby Lonsdale Football Club, Lunefield Park, Kirkby Lonsdale 24/7 Public
2138818E-90D4-4228-A2EA-AE66012CFEF5 LA6 2ET Rigmaden Farm House, Rigmaden, Carnforth 24/7 Public
C1A07DBE-F503-48B0-8DEF-AE66012B727D LA6 2EW Mansergh Community Hall, Mansergh, Carnforth 24/7 Public
21A801C7-6F34-4DB4-9F64-B02200D9762A LA6 2HJ Queen Elizabeth School, Kirkby Lonsdale Variable Restricted
EA3790C8-1CF6-4D93-A7B2-AFEA009C2877 LA6 2HJ Queen Elizabeth School, Kirkby Lonsdale 24/7 Public
BD4FC5C0-AC41-4A06-B92C-AE2000E00A4E LA6 2HP Silverdale Healthcare Ltd, Unit 5-6, Old Station Yard, Kirkby Lonsdale Variable Public
561671E8-73DE-4876-8708-AF8301028A15 LA6 2HS Fraser Hall, Long Level, Cowan Bridge 24/7 Public
8362 LA6 2HT On Post, Lancashire 24/7 Public
302FC58C-62B9-4C5F-9F0F-B03C00D09EC0 LA6 2HT Overtown On Post, On Post Off Woodman Lane, Overtown 24/7 Public
A099D85D-F606-40D9-A05D-ADEB0102120F LA6 2JD Leck Church Of England Primary School, Leck 24/7 Public
B09962CF-6AC0-4DE3-BC5B-B03800EF728C LA6 2JD Leck Church Of England Primary School, Low Lane, Leck Variable Restricted
AFC76375-6708-4ADC-90CA-ADF40166121F LA6 2PG Hutton Roof Village Hall, Hutton Roof, Carnforth 24/7 Public
5345B1B5-BAB8-48F0-8B01-B03800920513 LA6 2RE Melling St Wilfrid Ce Primary School, Lodge Lane, Melling Variable Restricted
7371 LA6 2RJ On Post at end of The Highwayman Pub Cark Park, Lancashire 24/7 Public
4F96BC8C-55FD-43BB-B54E-AEF601096DE8 LA6 2RJ Burrow On Post, On Post, The Highwayman Pub 24/7 Public
4794 LA6 2SD Solar Cabinet On Post, Cumbria 24/7 Public
2619B3D2-D60C-4741-98EB-AF6600A3BC78 LA6 2SE Woodclose Caravan Park, High Casterton, Carnforth 24/7 Public
577481B0-F84D-4E3D-A5AE-AFDA00DD058A LA6 3AD Ingleton Bowling Club, High Street, Carnforth Variable Restricted
F9FDCF43-E736-48B9-90CA-B02F00B1F375 LA6 3AS Station Inn, Low Sleights Road, Ingleton 24/7 Restricted
E26B48C4-9C71-4BB8-B522-AEE400E221C1 LA6 3AW Ingleton Quarry, Hanson Aggregates, Ingleton Quarry Variable Restricted
188E9585-9090-4C1E-855D-AE5001127C58 LA6 3BT Ingleton's Save A Life, The I Centre, Back Gate 24/7 Public
02EFABDF-8320-4503-BE66-AE50010932F2 LA6 3DG Ingleton's Save A Life, 2 New Village, Ingleton 24/7 Public
ADC7AB4A-A14C-476B-B91F-ADE30109116B LA6 3DP Greenwood Leghe Holiday Home & Lodge Park, Greenwood Leghe Holiday Home Park, Ingleton 24/7 Public
800FEC47-402D-4FE8-8AF4-AE5001034113 LA6 3DY Ingleton's Save A Life, Ingleton Primary School, Brookacre 24/7 Public
51CF8B3C-BCF5-41AB-B2F0-AF49014DC352 LA6 3FS Ingleton Afc, Pennyfell House, Greta Drive Variable Public
39EB1E84-870F-4A74-A272-ADDC00A479FC LA6 3FT Sports Pavilion Recreation Ground, Bentham Moor Road, Burton-In-Lonsdale 24/7 Public
DDFFDAAF-7CAC-47FE-98EE-AF10010CCE94 LA6 3FT Burton In Lonsdale Parish Council, Recreation Ground, Bentham Moor Road 24/7 Public
6C1D3C0B-D0AD-4844-A0E4-AE5001085EC0 LA6 3HS Ingleton's Save A Life, Caravan And Camp Site Stackstead Farm, Warth Lane 24/7 Public
8A3AD478-6997-4031-9DAF-AEFE0143AF9C LA6 3LW Little Cragg Clifford Hall, Mill Hill Road To Clifford Hall, Burton-In-Lonsdale 24/7 Public
BCF6AEEA-9D93-49FF-9CDB-AD5600DE82AF LA6 3NG Villagehall, Westhouse, Ingleton 24/7 Public
14326C10-002A-4620-AF6C-AD5600DF9842 LA6 3NN Lodge Farm, Low Lane To Lodge Farm, Masongill 24/7 Public
216A2FA6-66EA-45BC-B1F1-AE500117CF05 LA6 3NU Ingleton's Save A Life, H And M Craftsmen Ltd Ingleton Industrial Estate, New Road 24/7 Public
8391BD67-2E2D-4BF4-81B7-AE0E0130821B LA7 7AD Booths, Park Road, Milnthorpe Variable Restricted
4C6BFC5E-322F-4306-8FD9-AE6800E04D40 LA7 7AE Milnthorpe Corinthians Afc, Milnthorpe Corinthians Football Club, Park Road 24/7 Public
D1DC8E29-E3A9-45DB-9FB2-B010011EABA1 LA7 7BL Old Cottage, Hale, Milnthorpe 24/7 Public
843E439A-F8AD-4288-892B-AF0400B825C7 LA7 7BS Beetham Caravan Park, Hale, Milnthorpe 24/7 Public
931084DB-B867-457C-9627-AE0500A33E0B LA7 7ET Country Road, Leasgill, Heversham 24/7 Public
8ACD23C3-8D92-4442-BA5C-B09600A1FC07 LA7 7FE Lakeland Wildlife Oasis, Hale, Milnthorpe 24/7 Public
7203 LA7 7FR Viver Green Car Park, Cumbria 24/7 Public
C10ED553-EC56-4178-95BC-ADF400FFB0B0 LA7 7FR Hincaster Parish Council, Viver Green, Hincaster 24/7 Public
A3B1880B-8CD5-4493-A2CB-AFD300DE771E LA7 7HS Arnside And Milnthorpe Cfrs, Storth Village Hall, Storth Road 24/7 Public
4B6FDC15-5C00-4F5F-AEE0-AE5900BE18D1 LA7 7HW Herons Quay, Sandside, Milnthorpe 24/7 Public
B4FB886A-B220-4322-8831-AF0E011848ED LA7 7JA Storth C Of E, Storth Road, Storth 24/7 Public
8C674D99-2E6B-473E-9B9A-AFD300D9B348 LA7 7JQ Arnside And Milnthorpe Cfrs, Storth Methodist Chapel, Storth Road 24/7 Public
7202 LA7 7ND Bradley Farm, Cumbria 24/7 Public
8DFF40DD-65BB-4368-8641-AE1600B240A4 LA7 7ND Hincaster Village Committee, Bradley Farm, Hincaster 24/7 Public
663BED59-DF53-4822-9AA3-ADFE00F6670A LA7 7NW Crooklands Hotel, Crooklands, Milnthorpe Variable Restricted
421650F9-3064-4112-8923-AE4400B8541A LA7 7QF Milnthorpe Primary School, Firs Road, Milnthorpe Variable Public
CF9106E6-7248-42FE-9B8B-B097009CDC47 LA7 7QF Milnthorpe Primary School Nursery, Firs Rd, Milnthorpe Variable Restricted
DE4FE6B3-4991-4767-82A7-B08100DA0DA0 LA7 7QJ Milne Moser And Sons, Westmorland House, 11b The Square 24/7 Public
1979DC25-45A2-4293-8060-AE120106FB88 LA8 0AA Punch Bowl Hotel, Barrows Green, Kendal Variable Restricted
24A78445-DE77-4A7C-ABE4-ADFA011F981A LA8 0AS New Hutton, New Hutton Institute, New Hutton 24/7 Public
9B528A86-2365-4A7D-AD23-B02300B44A1F LA8 0BX Killington Sailing Association, Killington Reservoir, Reservoir Road Variable Restricted
0D05AE1A-0A3E-4E3D-81F4-AE4500B46F8B LA8 0DB Trainlands Docker Hall, Docker, Kendal 24/7 Public
6A9666A3-B7DA-4266-BC66-ADFA011A00EF LA8 0EJ Meadowside Close, Endmoor 24/7 Public
B35B2B79-496C-4DB9-AD54-ADFA01183696 LA8 0EU The Little Bakery Ltd, The Little Bakery, Main Street 24/7 Public
7345DB86-8548-4C5F-9E2A-AE7E00F1C6EB LA8 0FB Keenedge Ltd, Unit 7, Summerlands Trading Estate Variable Restricted
AAF330F9-30D2-4C5D-A837-AFF801463374 LA8 0HJ Millbrook Caravan Park, Gatebeck Road, Endmoor 24/7 Public
DDE65BEE-B770-408F-A898-ADFA0119E0C0 LA8 0HQ Endmoor Village Hall, Woodside Road, Endmoor 24/7 Public
C9A7B561-1CE5-45EE-A4ED-AE29011138DA LA8 0JU Sedgwick Village Hall, Sedgwick, Kendal 24/7 Public
824AE9D5-9A2C-4A16-9DC7-AECC0096D6C8 LA8 0JZ Kendal Caravan And Motorhome Club Site, Sedgwick, Kendal 24/7 Public
74DBBE6D-D274-4D14-8BD7-ADFA011A07B7 LA8 0LQ Insititute, Stainton Institute, Stainton 24/7 Public
963A90C4-35C6-4CB3-94DE-ADFA011FE346 LA8 0NQ Old Hutton, Old Hutton Public Hall, Old Hutton 24/7 Public
D82EC9C2-1DF3-42A1-B9B0-AFA3008A2866 LA8 0NR Bendrigg Trust, Bendrigg Lodge, Old Hutton 24/7 Public
1CE7CE3A-9B97-49B5-9AAA-AE6F00D05781 LA8 0NW Roadchef Killington Lake Msa, M6 Southbound, Near Kendal 24/7 Public
CB53CF80-52EA-4248-8FA6-AF1100D5ABED LA8 8AE National Trust, The National Trust Sizergh Castle, Sizergh Variable Public
2554 LA8 8AN The Wheatsheaf Inn, Cumbria 24/7 Public
182C3B4B-75AB-4168-A314-B01F00C14D98 LA8 8EQ Levens, Lakesway Holiday Home And Lodge Park, 16 Levens 24/7 Public
5ACDEF0D-14F8-4FEA-A110-AE1700D41B0A LA8 8NL Levens Institute, Levens, Kendal 24/7 Public
61F676A9-9337-4FDC-A7D9-B06D00C2A9D4 LA8 9JJ Hollingsworth & Vose Air Filtration Ltd, Waterford Bridge, Kentmere 24/7 Restricted
7B8899E9-12B6-419A-8AB9-AE3900B186DF LA8 9JJ Boundary Beck, Kentmere, Kendal 24/7 Public
F6542DFE-7569-4BEF-9D2A-AEC40114A490 LA8 9LN Staveley First Responders, Pavillion The Ayland, Main Street 24/7 Public
D6E6A60A-9D94-4739-9F3B-AEC9009E1367 LA8 9LR Hawkshead Brewery Ltd, Mill Yard, Staveley, Staveley 24/7 Public
92E42C7C-1A8D-43C0-AE31-AEBA00A3AFE9 LA8 9NG Staveley Surgery, Crook Road, Staveley 24/7 Public
C0BFC704-51F4-4494-BFDC-AFBA00F15150 LA8 9PY Watermill Inn, Ings, Kendal 24/7 Public
E0280F1B-3ADC-4912-B4AB-AE3700A3B746 LA9 4BA Holy Trinity And St George Rc Church, New Road, Kendal Variable Restricted
D002CB43-C8BC-40A5-AB7C-AF660099D9DD LA9 4BH Oasis Dental Care, 59 Stramongate, Kendal Variable Restricted
8E41DC3E-61AC-46FD-BC06-AE0F009E85D6 LA9 4DP Booths, Wainwrights Yard, Kendal 24/7 Public
70207FC4-DDD6-4DA3-BBEF-B03400F5A358 LA9 4JB Ghyllside School, Gillinggate, Kendal Variable Public
F5FC33AB-A2A0-4551-9B08-AE7700F98985 LA9 4PF Kendal Subscription Bowling Club, Bowling Green, Serpentine Road 24/7 Restricted
12BC54C4-EAA7-4C52-8E3E-AE3500F37E99 LA9 4RY Russell Construction, Unit Dockray Hall Industrial Estate, 18 Dockray Hall Road 24/7 Public
17F34589-36D4-4F78-BB24-AE4400E59AC5 LA9 4SX Tesco Stores Ltd, 26-28 Highgate, Kendal Variable Public
F6410D65-9D61-42EC-A951-B0180106292A LA9 5HG Romneys Bar, Romneys, 72 Milnthorpe Road 24/7 Public
3CE1E011-3FC6-4567-AAF2-AF38008EEC12 LA9 5RR Kendal Transfer Station, Boundary Bank Lane, Kendal Variable Restricted
3D7451CD-F745-4329-84A8-AFF1007ACBAC LA9 6BT Kendal Railway Station, Station Road, Kendal 24/7 Public
E627D9F9-6C5E-4197-A881-ADF10162F42F LA9 6BZ Kendal Cricket Club, Shap Road, Kendal 24/7 Public
BE432459-E934-4769-8D34-AE4801213155 LA9 6EE Little House, 2a Kentrigg, Kendal Variable Restricted
7421D5C8-5C91-4F06-8443-AE0100A5DC78 LA9 6JG Sandgate School, Sandylands Road, Kendal 24/7 Public
ED12A26C-B1FC-416E-9A47-AFE800FEB03C LA9 6LU Screwfix, Mintsfeet Road, Kendal Variable Restricted
C66D1CFF-4394-4DF2-9918-AE540111D9D3 LA9 6NF Pye Motors Ltd, Pye Motors, Mint Bridge Road Variable Public
93F66DAF-EDCF-4AC1-BFEF-AE1700BD2599 LA9 6NU Skelscal Parish Council, Skelsmergh Village Hall, Helme Lane 24/7 Public
16E8614E-3390-4D4C-A01D-AE2400AFABA4 LA9 6NW Lakeland Distribution Centre Kendal, 8 Gilthwaiterigg Ln, Westmorland Business Park Variable Public
55AC7C29-93E6-4CFA-8393-AE2400AE197B LA9 6NW Lakeland Distribution Centre Kendal, Lakeland Distribution Centre, 8 Gilthwaiterigg Ln Variable Public
5DA47634-F428-45DB-A6DB-AF8D00F93814 LA9 6NY Kendal Rugby Union Football Club, Mint Bridge, Shap Road 24/7 Public
7ABB536A-4A77-4735-BB64-AF8D013857CF LA9 6QX St Oswalds Church, Burneside, Kendal 24/7 Public
012038C5-C678-43AB-8020-AE05014901CD LA9 7AY Kendal United Football Club, Castle Grove, Kendal 24/7 Restricted
2706E365-B342-4CA1-A7F5-AEDD009BCF59 LA9 7DU Cumbria Heating Components, Parkside Road, Kendal 24/7 Public
36CB16C6-5D89-441F-A10D-ADE900E1B8E7 LA9 7FH Curtins Consulting Ltd, Unit 25, Riverside Place Variable Public
6F52B311-307F-48AF-A86E-AEEF00C3F3CA LA9 7FH Savills- Caroline Hennessey, K Village-The Lakes Outlet, Kendal Variable Public
ECEF0C00-9FB7-4F4C-929A-B05600DC2940 LA9 7JU B&Q, B And Q, Burton Road Variable Public
BBC98659-6B82-40A5-87F1-AF8F01264571 LA9 7NZ The Beck Community Centre, Esthwaite Avenue, Kendal 24/7 Public
3012F74C-592E-4F1F-85E2-ADFA012015F4 LA9 7RF Station Inn Pub, Station Inn, Oxenhome 24/7 Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 37 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n356914390 in phone box Little Langdale - near Three Shires Inn
MZ n1857891236 inside old red phone box in Orton
MZ n3663895114
MZ n4273968731
MZ n4273968733
MZ n4399484690
MZ n4794177874
MZ n4911113258 outside Hutton Roof Village Hall
MZ n5081617765 At Blackhall Rd lvel in bus station, left of cafe.
MZ n5478035207
MZ n5815675159
MZ n5815776826
MZ n6058865300 inside near Manager's Office
MZ n6060130193
MZ n6448285733
MZ n6483562750
MZ n6535353268 Inside Morrisons supermarket, on wall between toilets and tobacco counter
MZ n6815614779 Main concourse, next to stand 12
MZ n6920509935 outside Slaidburn Village Hall
MZ n7746355214 Front wall of health centre, left hand side of main entrance
MZ n7947584488
MZ n8420347454 On south west wall of Over Kellet Village Hall, behind bus shelter
MZ n8517612632 On front of fire station building
MZ n8902300995 inside red phone box, Scales
MZ n8909963047 Next to entrances for Clock Tower public toilets, facing Marine Road Central
MZ n9068696316 Platform 2, south end of cafe/shop building
MZ n9068707417 Platform 1, near ticket office
MZ n9307429637 Inside Asda supermarket, on left hand side as you enter the supermarket through the inner automatic
MZ n9655851419 On front of Market Place Books/Milne Moser solicitors, Highgate
MZ n9876991955 Inside Morrisons entrance hall
MZ n9898627898 outside Barrow in Furness Fire Station
MZ n10268749930 outside Langdale Co-operative Village Store
MZ n10839366105 Outside of building by garage doors
MZ n10932250162 outside Aldingham Parish Hall
MZ n10957048428
MZ n11088658930 On outside wall of reception building
MZ n11113907673 On the outside wall of the old hall.

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 143 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
E86247BB-C9EF-4B02-8A87-AFB600E5B950 LA1 4SG Booths, Hala Road, Scotforth n7366092915 25 m
21CECAF5-837B-4025-BD1A-AE7000A14861 LA1 1UX Lancaster City Council, The Pavilion Cafe - Williamson Park, Quernmore Road n8025496979 On outside wall to left of Pavilion Cafe entrance 9 m
15DA7C91-F0D6-494B-BECD-AE8400B80364 LA1 3EF Lancaster Royal Grammar School, Lee House Lancaster Royal Grammar School, East Road n9955793926 4 m
CBDEFFCA-0D94-49B7-BF81-AE2F00994293 LA1 1PX The Cornerstone Lancaster, The Cornerstone, Sulyard Street n6422016536 11 m
4B2AFD08-235D-487D-87E6-ADE800CAC247 LA1 1NB St Nicholas Arcades, 12 Lancaster Gate, Lancaster n5861321331 10 m
B12518C2-C312-4A7A-BE59-B05000882BE4 LA1 5NW Lancaster Railway Station, Meeting House Lane, Westbourne Road n9295640087 On pillar by entrance to toilets 42 m
40F960EA-C6F6-4CC7-9098-B05100D0AC5B LA1 1NL Grand Theatre, St Leonards Gate, Lancaster n9517286212 On side of Grand Theatre facing car park 25 m
3D8C6719-5DE5-49BC-A001-B01F00EA0C17 LA10 5QJ Dent Public Conveniences, Laning, Dent n5823731518 outside toilets (opposite school) in Dent 58 m
D74F96C9-E61A-4249-BB19-AEBB01247002 LA10 5SP Millthrop Residents, The Redphone Box, Millthrop n2302752587 inside old red phone box in Millthrop 3 m
CA80B8C3-2E4B-41CB-B9CB-ADEE00966223 LA10 5AD Sedbergh Cfr, 72a Main Street, Sedbergh n5815675163 outside Sedbergh Tourist Information 6 m
CCC1AFB5-77E2-4CAA-9A29-AE1700ADAB1E LA11 7DH Promenade Cafe, Promenade, Grange-Over-Sands n7699038300 south facing wall of Promenade Cafe 10 m
DC8EE530-7CA4-4EE2-963F-AE210116949D LA11 6DP Grange Over Sands Town Council, Council Offices Victoria Hall, Main Street n6486281125 13 m
A0AE53BD-AD38-45C4-8098-AE2A00B75A95 LA11 6JH Newton In Cartmel Village Hall, Village Hall, High Newton n10932080424 outside Newton-in-Cartmel Village Hall 13 m
6308 LA11 6RL Telephone Box, Cumbria n434462952 Inside phone box 1 m
E3AFAA87-EDCE-49FC-BF6C-AE5100F6D862 LA11 6NH Cartmel Fell Parish Room, Cartmel Fell, Grange-Over-Sands n9281668621 On outside wall of Cartmel Fell Parish Hall 8 m
D7B17DB0-975A-4BC7-A376-AE1900E53736 LA12 0QA Gleaston Village Hall Comittee, Gleaston Village Hall, Main Street n10932066126 outside Gleaston Village Hall 49 m
09BBB5B0-BE19-4A0E-8D8B-AE1B00E02469 LA12 0LD Wax Lyrical, Lindal Business Park, Lindal In Furness n9797323825 On outside wall of candle factory building beneath candle factory signage and facing car park 28 m
D34DA92C-64A9-42D3-81D5-AE7500D5F185 LA12 0XA Swarthmoor1st Responders, Main Road Corner With Trinkeld Ave, Swarthmoor n9879468441 At Trinkeld Avenue junction 32 m
1D0CB030-F05A-4E56-8B23-AFEA00E049EB LA12 7TW Screwfix, Unit 5 Beehive Business Park, Thomas Way n9402253135 Next to ambulance canopy 83 m
3F6E0840-62B5-4572-A922-AEB600E4E1CD LA12 7BJ Public Conveniences, The Gill, Ulverston n7686201142 outside public toilets near car park Stanley Street, Ulverston - on south side of building 5 m
2181 LA12 7PG Telephone Box, Cumbria n5264840400 inside old red phone box, Smithy Corner, Broughton Beck 6 m
5DDC60B3-D561-4ABD-9DF5-AF5800CAB35D LA12 7RD Greenodd Village Hall, Main Street, Greenodd n4397429601 outside Greenodd Village Hall 11 m
7CBAE07F-ED73-4205-9B88-AE69008CB55F LA12 7RJ Britannia Inn, Penny Bridge, Ulverston n11125148415 On outside wall of pub. 9 m
6253 LA12 7RS Telephone Box, Cumbria n521203171 inside phone box in Spark Bridge 2 m
626774DC-F23C-42C4-A726-AE39010C8DC9 LA12 8DT Grizedale Arts, Farmers Arms, Lowick Green n11110400531 On the outside wall of the pub facing the road. 19 m
7391 LA12 8NH Telephone Box, Cumbria n9937990660 Decommissioned Telephone Box 11 m
C143A64A-0B4D-4303-B4CE-ADE900FC6F9A LA12 8EF Red Lion Barn, Lowick Bridge, Ulverston n11110400532 On the wall at the junction. 11 m
557 LA12 8HG Telephone Box, Cumbria n9900803808 inside old red phone box in Oxen Park 1 m
2238050B-79EE-45D3-9B58-AE2A011B3560 LA12 8DJ Water Yeat Village Hall, Blawith And Nibthwaite Village Hall, Water Yeat n11114144369 On the outside wall of the village hall. 15 m
5C2EC67F-0828-4FF2-932F-AE2B00E8A495 LA12 8DL Crake Valley Park Ltd, Crake Valley Holiday Park, Water Yeat, Water Yeat n11114144370 On the outside wall of a small wooden building at the entrance to the chalet park. 33 m
4945 LA12 8LU Telephone Box, Cumbria n11079536489 inside old phone box in Satterthwaite - near Eagles Head pub 4 m
22EB2605-A97C-4DA9-8991-AE1300E8BF54 LA13 0PU Concle Inn, Rampside, Barrow-In-Furness n10932378860 outside Concle Inn 6 m
7FCE5CE1-AA8E-406D-A914-ADFE01468478 LA13 9LH Beacon Hill Methodist Church, Holyoake Avenue, Barrow-In-Furness n10285280596 outside Beacon Hill Methodist Church, Holyoake Avenue, Barrow-in-Furness, LA13 9LH - facing car park 50 m
2BF2459A-108A-4C96-B692-B05A015C02ED LA13 0NB Newton Village Hall, Village Hall, Newton Cross Road n10749871847 outside Newton Village Hall 6 m
101C4C46-FC66-4E86-9285-B02D00C16ED1 LA14 3DD Tesco Walney Island, 35-41 Ocean Rd, Walney n5508428693 Front of Tesco Express building 27 m
8106629F-673B-45AE-815E-AF8C00C87AD0 LA14 1XL Age Uk, Age Uk Barrow Lakeland House Building, Abbey Road n3569883493 8 m
AA2C93E8-67B2-4494-8B9F-B02900C82CAB LA15 8AF Dalton Drill Hall/Community Centre, Dalton Community Centre, Nelson Street n4067584534 12 m
1AF3C207-F55F-4C3B-ADD5-ADE400A7D9DA LA16 7EY St Peters Church Of England School, Moor Road, Ireleth n3586403530 6 m
6025 LA17 7XJ Telephone Box, Cumbria n9802300594 inside phone box next to Greyhound pub in Grizebeck 2 m
092BCD19-0B36-4EC7-920F-ADE9011CD15D LA17 7XJ Spring Gardens, 5 Grizebeck, Kirkby-In-Furness n9802300594 inside phone box next to Greyhound pub in Grizebeck 40 m
051C4EDC-263A-4ACC-82EC-B02D00BE088A LA18 4DD Millom Library, Millom Library Millom Council Centre, St Georges Road n3228763864 4 m
6382 LA18 4NN Village Hall, Cumbria n10932114685 outside Kirksanton Village Hall 12 m
4672 LA18 5HJ Telephone Box, Cumbria n3256444496 inside red phone box near Thwaites Village Hall, The Green 23 m
68EAEA22-D156-41EE-B436-AE3D00ECAA11 LA19 5XF Hycemoor Way, Bootle Stn, Millom n11079575433 inside old red phone box in Hycemoor 86 m
3307 LA19 5XE Telephone Box, Cumbria n11079575433 inside old red phone box in Hycemoor 3 m
8DB5146F-7073-4FAD-9354-AF84010E6B12 LA19 5YJ Village Hall, Waberthwaite n10284771278 outside Waberthwaite Village Hall 10 m
6E3A65C8-B8E2-4D33-A426-AF38007EA717 LA2 0EF Cockerham Parish Hall, Main Street, Cockerham n10312766122 outside Cockerham Parish Hall 11 m
FB401B13-B81E-465A-8626-ADF20109BD83 LA2 9AN Dolphinholme Church Of England Primary School, Abbeystead Lane, Dolphinholme n10728765162 outside Dolphinholme Primary School - to right of entrance 14 m
26E83D6D-5DD7-4F34-854F-AE5E00D7580E LA2 9BQ Cawthorne's Endowed School, The Rake, Abbeystead n256632025 inside old red telephone box in Abbeystead 57 m
6F929A4C-B371-4196-984A-AE47010A56BE LA2 0JS Ellel St Johns Church Of England Primary School, Chapel Street, Galgate n8506311626 On outside wall of primary school, by main entrance 22 m
D13775CE-4BD6-4B9A-BA08-B03001190544 LA2 0NB Lancaster Medical Practice, Galgate Health Centre, Highland Brow n9272628792 On outside wall of surgery, left of entrance 11 m
30B86BE7-513B-48AC-B8EA-AE1C013DD85D LA2 9EF Quernmore Recreation Club, Langthwaite Road, Quernmore n8371091901 Towards the back of the left hand side of the building, mounted on the outside of the wall. 7 m
2E11C210-6891-4BC7-ABD2-AE1A00C304CD LA2 9EL Quernmore Church Of England Primary School, Postern Gate Road, Quernmore n9786676859 On school building, near gate between school and churchyard 14 m
37F1048A-EFD0-4C23-8D72-AE8300F5101B LA2 6AD Dignity, Lancaster And Morecambe Crematorium, Powderhouse Lane n6821301278 12 m
7B031ADB-F799-4521-9958-AE5F00C5B84F LA2 9HQ Lancaster University, Lancaster University Boat Club, Lancaster n8852432598 Outside wall of boat club, next to main rolling door 18 m
0EACAB36-03AA-4BA8-AC02-ADEC0125F6F1 LA2 6FD 1 Forgebank Walk, Halton n5863044619 9 m
297A9E45-9CDE-4A9B-AA8F-ADF60113E025 LA2 6JB Slyne With Hest Memorial Hall, Memorial Hall, Hanging Green Lane n9307418941 On front of Memorial Hall building 12 m
E3C9B9F1-8C17-4F1B-9FBC-AD4101040087 LA2 8DF Elaines Tea Room, Elaines Tea Room Home Barn, Kiln Hill Lane n9505384634 9 m
2F2639E0-F1DD-4E6F-9BEC-ADEF00E72E19 LA2 8JY Hornby St Margarets Church Of England Primary School, Main Street, Hornby n6494453187 outside Hornby St Margarets Primary School 9 m
62E93C72-F851-4251-A4DE-AEDE009D98DF LA2 7LF Friends Of Bentham Station, Bentham Railway Station, Station Road n9577546674 Located to the right of the main entrance to the station. 20 m
71FACCE5-9691-4B2E-8B7F-AD41010CBBA7 LA2 8HH Clapham Cave Rescue Building, Cave Rescue Organisation, Riverside n5260294436 outside Cave Rescue, Church Lane Clapham 2 m
2E56167B-1869-434E-8D57-AD7401374BB5 LA2 7BX Victoria Institute, Main Street, Low Bentham n9505312223 To LH Side of main entrance door. 13 m
180A4990-8708-4736-81C8-AFFD014593A7 LA2 8DQ Orchard Cottage Wharfe, Orchard Cottage, Wharfe Gill Syke To Low House n11079396146 10 m
6B7A068D-D3BB-45E4-8F45-ADA900A6F936 LA2 8HR Newby Chapel, Methodist Church, Church Lane To The Green n9505312596 6 m
3AEC3070-05E5-40F6-ADD6-ADEC00CDA215 LA20 6ED Newfield Inn, Seathwaite, Broughton-In-Furness n10284670800 on outside wall of Newfield Inn ,Seathwaite - facing phone box 26 m
D0D78F07-442F-48E7-8CB0-AFE900CDD679 LA21 8AD Brantwood, Brantwood Cafe Brantwood, East Of Lake n11114164366 On the outside wall of the café. 8 m
7A98C55A-7ADC-4DE6-A44E-AF9C00C5F88F LA21 8EW John Ruskin School, John Ruskin School,, Lake Road n11081425018 John Ruskin School 20 m
8591ED6D-4382-4441-A5E5-ADF600A72ACB LA21 8EH Tourist Information Centre, Ruskin Avenue, Coniston n11110370246 On the outside wall of the tourist information office. 8 m
CD7056D2-3112-4039-BF1D-AF9E01043BF1 LA22 0QJ Forestry England Grizedale, Grizedale, Hawkshead n6738855108 In tunnel but on outside wall so available 24/7. 10 m
3420 LA22 0LQ Telephone Box, Cumbria n6718304877 In old telephone box opposite Braithwaite Hall 12 m
3301 LA22 0JZ Telephone Box, Cumbria n4241493932 inside old phone box by entrance to playground car park 58 m
3342 LA22 0NZ Telephone Box, Cumbria n746858559 inside red telephone box outside the Market Hall, Hawkshead 3 m
3343 LA22 0NH Telephone Box, Cumbria n31632102 in red phone box in Outgate 3 m
5EB8208B-4F9F-432E-93F9-AF3C00FA4287 LA22 9DH Ambleside Parish Centre, Vicarage Road, Ambleside n6058865299 on outside wall 5 m
5823 LA22 9HP Telephone Box, Cumbria n8916854792 inside telephone kiosk by entrance to bowling green in Elterwater 1 m
C4774842-9602-4972-91DA-AFCE0087AD8B LA23 3NB Windermere Golf Club, Crook Road, Windermere n4273968734 On northeast elevation of golf club clubhouse 12 m
5046F84A-31B3-4C74-920E-AE3E011218F8 LA23 3HE Windermere Quays, Glebe Road, Bowness-On-Windermere n5324026304 24 m
6CCB9C61-CC59-423F-81B3-AFCE00879A10 LA23 3HG Boatmans Café, Coach Park, Rectory Road n5433763621 23 m
3002ABC2-2F07-4FBB-9736-ADDC00CC8CF9 LA23 3DB Tesco Express, 4-5 The Royal, 0 n5508428694 Inside Tesco Express, behind the till nearest to the windows 50 m
BBE80620-4D2C-427A-BC86-B0A500D49AEC LA23 3BJ Quarry Rigg Toilets, Quarry Rigg, Lake Road n4273968736 Lake Road/Quarry Rigg - car park public toilets - next to pay and display machine 34 m
3515B9C2-6980-43D7-B858-B08800953099 LA23 2DD Cumbria County Council, St Cuthberts R C School, Princes Road n4273968732 12 m
2EC35E86-09D0-4CAD-A4D0-AFCE0161D6C9 LA23 2LR Queens Park Pavillion, Droomer Drive, Windermere n8541797178 83 m
F4D5FB45-08C9-4632-9B7B-AE2901478C21 LA23 2AH Fire Station, Ellerthwaite Road, Windermere n8443348768 On front wall of fire station, next to personnel door 5 m
670ED1C2-68CE-41AE-8C52-B0A500D4A2A5 LA23 2AF Marchesi Centre, Holly Road, Windermere n4273968737 Holly Road - Marchesi Centre 68 m
D945E368-56E9-4AF6-8E04-AFCE0161CCB4 LA23 2AJ Broad Street Toilets, Broad Street, Windermere n4273968735 Broad Street - public toilets, to right of gents entrance 50 m
168729D4-866B-4D6E-942A-ADE301138601 LA23 1BX W Mcclure Ltd, W.mcclure Ltd, The Garage n8443348767 On front wall of McClures cash and carry building 5 m
43CCAC14-83F2-4035-8EE7-AE6D010CAB28 LA23 1BZ Heathwaite Football Club, The Phoenix Centre, Phoenix Way n8443348766 On outside wall of football club storage building 3 m
7826F6CF-A647-4166-A0AC-AFF1007A998F LA23 1AH Windermere Railway Station, Station Precinct, Windermere n5180347834 On right hand side of driveway after the barrier 45 m
9D5DCB67-B7BC-4980-A22A-AE2800C47BD3 LA23 1BQ Lakeland, Alexandra Buildings, Access Road To Windermere Train Station n9877026979 On trolley shelter building 28 m
171FC570-3B4C-4EBC-9220-AE0E00CDF3EA LA23 1QA Booths, The Old Station, Victoria Street n4273968730 next to window by end checkout 28 m
C561F7BA-52F1-40D5-8FD4-AE1600C0D4DC LA23 1HW The Lakes School, Troutbeck Bridge, Windermere n4273968729 35 m
899E6B0F-CB14-4421-8296-AFCF00BF35C3 LA23 1LP Low Wood Bay Watersports, Ambleside Road, Low Wood Bay n5690532851 33 m
2DC7DA75-FF57-4F86-9CB8-AFCF00BF44D9 LA23 1PD Limefitt Park, Off A592, Kirkstone Pass Road, Troutbeck n7640536731 On outside wall of Limefitt reception building 7 m
0577A5AC-DBE7-48E2-8015-ADFF0105F72E LA3 3HT Sunderland Point Community Association, Reading Room, Second Terrace n6503633131 75 m
4E53B63F-117D-44C2-B32D-AE4301442ACB LA3 3HQ Globe Car Park, Pedder Far Pumping Station, Pedder Road n6503557814 5 m
8D5009D7-4FF0-44FF-99E1-AE510173F14E LA3 2RW Heysham Jubilee Institute, 30 Main Street, Heysham n9644370090 7 m
A3933B8E-3292-46D3-8B79-AE1700DD9DE4 LA3 2RN St Peters Church Hall, Main Street, Heysham n9644370213 4 m
D63805DA-1726-4844-ABD0-AEE40099C936 LA3 3BN Nwpals, Unit D, Middlegate n9869896084 On outside corner of building 41 m
CAF2B9A0-2698-4212-B580-AF1700B0E720 LA3 1DA Bay Medical Group, 1 Heysham Road, Heysham n8815472148 On front wall of health centre behind bus shelter 9 m
6044DEB6-14C9-43FD-BAB5-AFBB00AC8E73 LA4 4SZ Tesco Glentworth, Tesco Express, 22 Glentworth Road West n8512097502 On end wall of Westgate Co-op, facing shopping parade 28 m
B5B8617A-9239-439A-A973-AE0000D2C104 LA4 5DL Lancashire County Council, Morecambe Library, Central Drive n8909963046 On outside wall of Morecambe Library, facing Central Drive 18 m
118CCCBD-3068-441E-9A0A-AEDC00FA72A7 LA4 6BY Bare Community Association, 49 Princes Crescent, Morecambe n8927254282 Next to Bare Village Butchers & Deli 7 m
8A727C46-F950-4592-A29F-ADF60112F350 LA5 8JW Sands News, 160 Coastal Road, Bolton Le Sands n7746355208 On right hand side (north east facing) external wall of Spar shop building 10 m
C05A0175-2A36-4EFB-8799-AE1400FB8DFE LA5 9UR Crag Bank Village Hall, Jesson Way, Carnforth n8593616303 On outside wall of Crag Bank Village Hall 9 m
ACDA6D83-F41A-4152-A787-B02F008B33C3 LA5 9LQ Carnforth Community Primary School, North Road, Carnforth n8410232682 Front wall of end-of-terrace next to primary school 45 m
8BDCEB84-16EA-450D-BACB-AE4D008519ED LA5 9JU Ash Trees Surgery, Market Street, Carnforth n8691410883 27 m
3056 LA5 9UX Telephone Box, Lancashire n5678513674 In old phone box 5 m
1072 LA5 9NW Bus Shelter, Lancashire n5438127146 7 m
975 LA5 9PJ Church Hall, Lancashire n5139979125 10 m
F8489B87-9DBD-4C48-BA1D-AE7F00EFC397 LA5 0TT Silverdale Parish Council, 10 Lindeth Road, Silverdale n8758141717 On gable end of a garage, facing Lindeth Road 16 m
E516498D-B322-49D9-8658-AE820077FFDA LA5 0RA Gaskell Memorial Hall, Eamesgate Lane, Silverdale n8758104916 On front wall of Gaskell Hall 64 m
9506CBF3-09A8-4970-8FA0-AE1B00AAB995 LA5 0BN Bob-In Cafe New Barns Caravan Park, New Barns Caravan Park, New Barns Road n5352751161 17 m
21395746-9F45-4F0C-8F6F-AE280149ED06 LA6 1EY Nether Kellet Village Hall, Shaw Lane, Nether Kellet n10903805818 outside Nether Kellet Village Hall 6 m
38D011F1-8410-4B63-92F5-AD4100CA4C45 LA6 3JU Village Hall, (Outside) Burton-In-Lonsdale Village Hall, Main Street n9505191567 On RH outside of Village Hall facing High Street. 38 m
C53E82CD-6925-4174-AFCE-AE50010102EC LA6 3HG Ingleton's Save A Life, Ingleborough Community Centre, Main Street n9505292024 To RH side of main entrance 20 m
8107F275-C004-484A-9DE5-AE5000FFA00E LA6 3AN Ingleton's Save A Life, Richmond House, 2 Hawes Road n9370789209 On wall just to left of driveway 25 m
6CD1C6FE-B5B7-4E39-B407-AE50010B8DAA LA6 3EB Ingleton's Save A Life, The Square, Main Street n9380616542 attached to lamp post 14 m
5A6FC00B-D61F-44C4-ACEF-ADE8011C7033 LA6 2RQ Tunstall Village Hall, Church Lane, Tunstall n7056669389 On outside wall of Tunstall Parish Hall 15 m
4765 LA6 2RQ Parish Hall, Lancashire n7056669389 On outside wall of Tunstall Parish Hall 12 m
F294346D-D563-4587-97D6-AD5600DC4CC8 LA6 3PL Public Telephone 220m From Church View 4m From Thornton Lane, Thornton Lane, Westhouse n554793269 inside telephone box next to St Oswalds Church in Thornton in Lonsdale 6 m
86839DED-13C1-4251-BFDB-AE5300BB6E8D LA6 1JP Borwick And Priest Hutton First Responders, The Green, Whitebeck Lane n5272462490 on wall next to post box, opposite telephone box in Priest Hutton 27 m
0B48D4B7-18E6-4C37-B9A0-ADEA009BE0F1 LA6 2NY Whittington Parish Council, Main Street, Whittington n10874992530 outside Whittington Village Hall 49 m
8083E100-F840-441C-9197-AF9D00F48D2D LA6 1NA Burton Memorial Hall, The Memorial Hall, Main Street n9586101022 On outside wall to left of entrance 24 m
6889C8B3-45D4-4EA1-B285-AE500119DDCD LA6 3AR Ingleton's Save A Life, The Old Hill Inn, Low Sleights Road n9505127374 4 m
8B8FF50D-3D21-47E9-A6B5-AE0C009481D6 LA6 2HG Booths, Dodgson Croft, Kirkby Lonsdale n9797422758 Left of main entrance, on outside wall 28 m
4779 LA6 2SA Opposite Village Hall, Cumbria n496424541 inside telepone box opposite Casterton Village Hall 2 m
D75AC5E8-8DD1-4D08-94CC-AE3100AF10ED LA6 2LJ Public Telephone 7m From Old Post Office 5m From Unnamed Road, Barbon To Gawthrop, Barbon n1320833044 inside phone box near war memorial in Barbon 33 m
9158D4B0-0665-4123-881B-AE1900C1652A LA7 7JY Phone Box, Carr Bank Road, Carr Bank n11004718967 inside old phone box, Carr Bank Road, Storth 25 m
A671A276-2F17-485A-9A37-AE1900C29AE0 LA7 7AS Arnside And Milnthorpe Cfrs, Phone Box, Stanley Street n11004591676 inside old phone box, Stanley Street, Beetham 14 m
5517 LA7 7AS Telephone Box, Cumbria n11004591676 inside old phone box, Stanley Street, Beetham 3 m
370B3372-811F-4A58-B1DF-AFD300DF855D LA7 7QR Fire Station, Beetham Road, Milnthorpe n6503854395 10 m
4041 LA7 7DA Telephone Box, Cumbria n4842603619 inside old phone box on Kirkgate Lane, Ackenthwaite 5 m
7E7D948C-5FBF-4DF1-89C9-ADE80117C1B3 LA7 7EJ Dallam School Car Park, Heversham n528033178 Inside phone box 28 m
E59A2E2D-7FE0-4FB2-A599-ADFA0118FE9E LA7 7NR Village Hall, Preston Patrick, Memorial Hall n7892972318 On outside wall of building 89 m
3D5B22A5-D655-4361-9028-ADFA0119E5FD LA8 0HD Telephone Box, Woodside Road, Endmoor n11242267849 inside old phone box, Woodside Road, Endmoor 1 m
07A52D7B-1D10-4C71-9149-AFB5011F1323 LA8 9LY Staveley Village Association Village Hall And Institute, Windermere Road, Staveley n5155355522 outside Staveley Village Hall 9 m
6E67EB87-ED03-475F-8B7C-AF3100A9A086 LA8 9LE Selside Memorial Hall, Selside, Kendal n10872381606 outside Selside Village Hall 6 m
F995532A-D99F-4F28-B8BA-AE1F00C9ACEC LA8 9JL Kentmere Institute, Hollin Lane, Kentmere n4949841181 53 m
A00C2D20-4C06-4184-A278-ADFA011FC2F7 LA9 7QQ Natland Village Hall, Natland, Kendal n10932018332 outside Natland Village Hall 60 m
A67E5FB0-06AC-47EC-A8A0-ADFA01202EDF LA9 7EX Public Telephone 21m From 79 Helmside Road 5m From Helmside Road, Helmside Road, Oxenholme n9347681339 inside telepone box on junction corner 7 m
680EB6A0-606B-425E-B511-AFBF00F717A3 LA9 5LL 29 Greengate Lane, Kendal n4932230905 8 m
1AA09E4B-CC29-479F-858C-B09E00D3F0DE LA9 4LR O2 Store (0503) Kendal, Unit 10 Westmorland Shopping Centre, Kendal n6744328954 22 m
811BBDD2-D8BB-424E-A38C-AE04012E0B03 LA9 6PT Burneside Parish Council, Sprint Holme Bus Shelter, Burneside n9068544397 On side of bus shelter 11 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 11 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
B203F09B-06D0-4A1C-ABF2-AFCF00BF4F2A LA23 1PF Troutbeck Institute, Robin Lane, Troutbeck n4273968728 outside Troutbeck Institute 97 m
B6BECEE6-ACE3-4E74-AC57-ADEC00FB1AAE LA7 7DA Ackenthwaite Telephone Box, Owlet Ash Fields, Ackenthwaite n4842603619 inside old phone box on Kirkgate Lane, Ackenthwaite 93 m
773EEFF9-8112-4DF3-9A5B-AE2100A4FC1E LA9 4QG St Thomas Church, Stricklandgate, Kendal n5119555686 136 m
BD9DB670-8452-47EB-8F83-B0A500D49E36 LA23 2EE Baddeley Clock Toilets, New Road, Windermere n5286952329 119 m
7F5F8EE3-D90A-47A9-B752-AD5600DB00F1 LA6 3ET Ingleton Falls, Broadwood Entrance, New Road To Bank Bottom, Ingleton n7101674999 188 m
ABB46FCF-1245-49E5-96E0-AF1A00FD3BAC LA1 3ES Highfield Recreation Ground, Quernmore Rd, Lancaster n8014685292 Outside multi-use games area, on fence, to left of entrance gate 164 m
CE2E2884-933A-46C0-B73E-AE450099D09E LA6 1AT Arkholme Village Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale Road, Arkholme n8420300616 On front wall of Arkholme Village Hall, right hand side of main doors 105 m
4B8615D5-C011-4E62-B931-AE0700B7B9C9 LA4 4DW Lancaster City Council, Public Conveniences Festival Market, Central Drive n8688731174 outside toilets at the back of Festival Market 11 m
AEBFB2D9-A667-418C-B10A-AECC00FF8EA4 LA12 8NH Staveley-In-Cartmel Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Staveley-In-Cartmel n9937990660 Decommissioned Telephone Box 211 m
5AF2DCEA-B42D-4A8B-BE4E-AE1B00D81462 LA13 0PY Rampside Village Hall, Rampside, Barrow-In-Furness n10932057091 outside Rampside Village Hall - facing car park 93 m
B65F2AD4-1D60-48B4-B5D3-AFCA00B90286 LA1 2AP Fathers House Elim Church, Owen Road, Lancaster n11228719219 Next to main entrance 18 m

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