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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'IV' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 514 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
1333A19C-4D02-4C81-BB33-AE8A00AFAE27 IV1 1AH Scottish Courts And Tribunal Services, The Inverness Justice Centre, Longman Road Variable Public
6AA34515-6FF6-4986-9DC8-AFE800A42285 IV1 1ES Outside Macdougall Hotel, Near To 103 Church Street, Inverness 24/7 Public
D81E7F80-3004-432C-8430-B07700B0DDA8 IV1 1FF Inverness Caledonian Thistle Football Club (Caledonian Stadium), Inverness Caledonian Thistle Football Club, Caledonian Stadium 24/7 Public
2E0D96F3-6BDD-42D9-AF3B-AF1100D45066 IV1 1JE Specsavers Opticians Inverness, 44-48 High St, Inverness Variable Public
0FCF3A48-7C43-4BAD-9B12-AACB00A0CB36 IV1 1LS Spectrum Centre, 1 Margaret Street, Inverness Variable Public
15CA63C6-127B-41C4-8127-AAB800C50477 IV1 1QU Johnny Foxes Pub And Restaurant, Bank Street, Inverness Variable Public
D66A18E2-482C-43CF-AD72-ABD800884C30 IV1 1SD B & Q Plc, 9 Longman Road, Inverness Variable Public
0B49882E-8ADB-4869-8929-8085E767AD1B IV1 1SF Longman House- To Rhs Of Main Door, Longman Road, Inverness 24/7 Public
030B5046-84A1-4F46-9464-AFC8010B60B6 IV1 1SG Sunbelt Rentals Ltd., 2 Seafield Road, Inverness Variable Restricted
1880D561-0F14-421F-A29D-AFD300CB70F1 IV1 1SG Sunbelt Rentals, 2 Seafield Road, Inverness, Longman Ind Est Variable Restricted
1CAA948B-1250-4355-9F11-B08B00776839 IV1 1SG Inverness Csc, 14a, Seafield Road, Inverness, Iv1 1sg, Inverness Variable Restricted
3A2AF4C7-3A07-44E1-A2B4-AFBD0100CAD3 IV1 1SG Royal Mail Inverness Mc/Do, 50 Seafield Road, Inverness, Inverness Variable Restricted
4720C2D5-6A73-4C1A-91DD-AF3B00F9420C IV1 1SG Royal Mail Inverness Mc/Do, 50 Seafield Road, Inverness, Inverness Variable Restricted
B267309A-5687-4DEC-A257-AB9800E1282B IV1 1SG 32 Seafield Road, Inverness Variable Restricted
B9113CAB-CFEA-4A57-8A3B-AFC80106A6F9 IV1 1SG Sunbelt Rentals, 2 Seafield Road, Inverness Variable Restricted
BFC3832A-0CC3-415B-BE75-B04C0085C5CA IV1 1SG Sunbelt Rentals, 2 Seafield Road, Inverness, Inverness Variable Restricted
33EDE7FA-8A1B-4E0B-88D7-AD550088069C IV1 1SN Gray Material Handling, 1a Henderson Road, Inverness Variable Public
359E207B-79A5-4E9A-8B6A-AABD008A374E IV1 1SN Macgregor Industrial Supplies Ltd, 15 Henderson Road, Inverness Variable Public
568B4F4D-FCA3-4FD2-9920-B00400BCA24C IV1 1SN Sse Inverness, 10 Henderson Road, Inverness Variable Restricted
ED8D2B30-9B2C-4247-95AE-AABD0088767F IV1 1SN Macgregor Industrial Supplies Ltd, 15 Henderson Road, Inverness 24/7 Public
61898E68-65E4-401D-97BB-B09D00E8AB8A IV1 1SU Dm Elite Training, 3 Longman Drive, Inverness Variable Public
6C644ACC-B8E2-4D12-B2AE-AE7E00E5ACD8 IV1 1SU Cdmm Uk Ltd, 36, Longman Drive 24/7 Public
08623033-7344-428C-ACD5-AD4400F5BFD3 IV1 1SY Hawco Paint & Body, 12a Harbour Road, Inverness Variable Public
3732E9F4-594F-4E12-92F3-AD4400F748C9 IV1 1SY Hawco Prep Centre, 14a Harbour Road, Inverness Variable Public
46A292EE-F6E3-446A-BB13-AFC100D37EE6 IV1 1SY Screwfix, New Development 10, Harbour Road Variable Restricted
70DF0B35-5AF6-4EA9-B938-B074009BABBB IV1 1TB Inverness Fire Station, Harbour Road, Inverness 24/7 Public
50225BD5-CA2B-416B-8EAA-B00500788CBE IV1 1TR 31 Henderson Drive, Inverness Variable Restricted
74FCAA61-A392-4A78-9444-ADBF00F91C04 IV1 1UA Unit 2 Mulberry House, 39-41 Harbour Road, Inverness Variable Public
95B2CF55-CA2C-483C-8A81-F65D7EE76719 IV1 1UA Curves Unit 1b- On Wall Inside Main Entrance, 33 Harbour Road, Inverness Variable Public
BB101DBE-61C3-4C1B-B6BF-AFD501249586 IV1 1UA 35j Harbour Road, Inverness 24/7 Public
F18405AC-43C7-417E-8FB6-ADC0008C4167 IV1 1UA 35 Harbour Road, Inverness Variable Public
62B9DF16-5DBA-482D-A510-AD4400F35788 IV1 1UF Highland Audi Workshop, 50 Harbour Road, Inverness Variable Public
71B6AF7D-A79C-4267-B7D0-543DE257D728 IV1 1UF Parks Ford- Main Showroom, On Pillar Next To Reception, 66 Harbour Road, Inverness Variable Public
75598C56-F752-47B9-8364-AD4400F50DC0 IV1 1UF Hawco Volkswagen Van Centre, 60 Harbour Road, Inverness Variable Public
79548EE6-5F15-4E73-85D1-AD4400E9F846 IV1 1UF Hawco Volkswagen, 48 Harbour Road, Inverness Variable Public
B6C5E948-3169-4C84-A306-B09F00C4CA0D IV1 1UF Highland Council Trading Standards Office, 38 Harbour Road, Inverness 24/7 Public
C930B893-F8F1-454B-BA1B-ED7253272A69 IV1 1UF Moray Firth Training Group- In Training Room 1, 32 Harbour Road, Inverness Variable Public
EB9415A2-5E31-4B13-9E60-12CDEFCFD056 IV1 1UF Arnold Clark Automobiles- On Lhs Of Wall At Entrance, Harbour Road, Inverness Variable Public
E9709915-5D06-4BF3-B08A-AD5DBC421F4E IV1 3UD Highland Grain Ltd- Inside Main Office At Reception Desk, General Area Of, North Kessock Inverness Variable Public
028EA7DD-9588-492F-9A97-AB72012F9995 IV1 3XS North Kessock Village Hall, Marine Park, North Kessock 24/7 Public
B2A0EADD-DE08-4205-8790-AD6C00E30E52 IV10 8SE Rosemarie Camping And Caravanning Club, Ness Road East, Fortrose 24/7 Public
DDA7C12F-2871-4150-9E84-AABE014E40CA IV10 8SY Highlands & Islands Fire Brigade, Fire Station, Station Road 24/7 Public
F66DF5E1-D394-4F23-BD26-AACB01085A5B IV10 8TH Fortrose Bowling Club, Castle Street, Fortrose 24/7 Public
1BA92F58-F578-456B-A416-9994DC61FDAD IV10 8TJ Black Isle Leisure Centre- In Reception Office, Deans Road, Fortrose Variable Restricted
FF3E69EE-4DAE-453C-9918-B06700FE1794 IV10 8TP Chanonry Sailing Club, Chanonry Sailing Club Ross-Shire United Kingdom Iv10 8tp, The Harbour 24/7 Public
588D2FAC-6E06-4A8D-B968-BAD62EAB0AD1 IV10 8UE Gordon Memorial Hall, Courthill Road, Rosemarkie, Fortrose 24/7 Public
27EB266F-0F86-4889-A31E-AB250093F16A IV12 4BF Nairn Sports Club, Viewfield Drive, Nairn 24/7 Public
768DB9E9-B49D-47C8-A305-AB9B7FF58598 IV12 4BQ Nairn Community Fire Station, King Street, Nairn 24/7 Public
8ED876BB-E7AE-446C-9401-AEAC0159E1EB IV12 4BQ Nairn Community Centre, King Street, Nairn Variable Public
E1FD5656-749D-415F-BA0E-B04B00E6F141 IV12 4BW Castle Square, Castle Square, Nairn 24/7 Public
33C18C23-7872-4657-84C2-AFD300C5F2FD IV12 4DQ Seaforth Club, 5 Gordon Street, Nairn 24/7 Public
A65E56CD-0942-4376-A88F-0DC44F941808 IV12 4EA Nairn Leisure Centre-, Marine Road, Nairn Variable Restricted
01194B4F-5559-4026-892D-AE9200B54FC7 IV12 4EW Strathnairn Beach Café, Nairn 24/7 Public
5FCAAE39-A745-4A50-902D-6C711845A3C1 IV12 4PH Sailing Club- On Front Wall At Harbour, Harbour Street, Ninian Nairn 24/7 Public
845236F4-3267-4EF7-AD0F-B08D00D02E5E IV12 4PH 01/10/2021, Harbour Street, Nairn Variable Public
7A1191A4-D4E2-4796-9AA2-B06F00DA504B IV12 4QD Royal British Legion Scotland Nairn Branch, 3 Cawdor Street, Nairn Variable Public
8B32956D-D797-4D09-A2F3-AE21011440E9 IV12 4RY Nairn Showfield, Nairn 24/7 Public
D53AF064-36E1-42F5-B12D-B01500BFE9C2 IV12 4SG Gulf Garage Nairn, West End Service Station, Inverness Road 24/7 Public
2A39B20B-C704-4039-BB72-FFEA0A1733B8 IV12 5AA Forres Road, Nairn Variable Public
009D1316-CDFE-4693-9436-AB32015A7E46 IV12 5JE Redburn, Ferness 24/7 Public
D4F5FD3D-AA09-43ED-82C0-AE3100E4F665 IV12 5LY Gordon Timber, John Gordon And Son Sawmill, Balblair Road 24/7 Restricted
9931D4E4-1725-4358-AB5A-AB3F00B2D3E2 IV12 5PS Burnside Farm, Lethen, Nairn 24/7 Public
E0C60E2A-747E-4D00-84FF-AC91011861F1 IV12 5QL Birch Cottage Littlemill, Rumachroy - Achauraat - Littlemill, Nairn 24/7 Public
22D4C835-BC20-4E77-A5CD-B04A00E106CC IV12 5QR Ab2k Depot, Unit 10, Tom Semple Road, Balmakeith Industrial Estate Variable Public
C4FB5CEB-7EA6-485E-A161-B43443685605 IV12 5QR Capgemini Uk Plc Unit 12- To Lhs Of Reception, Balmakeith Business Park, Nairn 24/7 Public
52019725-9E55-44EE-887B-AFE700D14C0A IV12 5QW Screwfix, Unit 15, Balmakeith Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
2C883B0B-D8D2-4BEB-B192-ACE100E02857 IV12 5QY Royal Brackla Distillery, B9090 B9101 Junction - Balnaroid Road Junction, Nairn 24/7 Public
E0389F0C-B1EA-4E24-AEBB-AEC400956B7C IV12 5RP Firhall House Historic, Firhall Drive, Nairn 24/7 Public
A64A69A4-776E-4B08-91E4-AC81012CFB67 IV12 5TG 1645 Inn, High Street, Auldearn 24/7 Public
EE4369E7-5ADF-467E-976E-B0620123EF4A IV12 5XP Cawdor, Gardener's Cottage, #NAME? 24/7 Public
44AAED0B-3C2B-4762-A748-AF410114013B IV12 5XT Highland Cycle Ability Centre, The Old Mill, Cantray Variable Restricted
CB13787A-2B05-47E7-A6DA-B06D0114342C IV13 7YN Strathdearn Village Hall, Main Street, Tomatin 24/7 Public
74DE15A7-FE9A-414C-A7B7-B07B00CC59D8 IV13 7YQ Garden Cottage (Private House), Moy Estate, Garden Cottage, Moy Estate 24/7 Public
E9C5BBB8-BE97-480E-8B6B-B0620105880D IV14 9AA Caberfeidh Shinty Club, Castle Leod, Strathpeffer 24/7 Public
7DED2C61-B388-46F4-A43E-B03D00CDFA65 IV14 9AG Strathpeffer Community Development Trust, Strathpeffer Community Centre, School Road 24/7 Public
CEDC3004-DF3F-4E13-91F9-AEDD00AC1B80 IV14 9ER Farmhouse Beallachnagore, Jamestown, Strathpeffer 24/7 Public
CFD011C8-63F3-4A0E-8E43-F4FC1DC403B7 IV14 9ES Outside Contin Village Store, Unnamed Road, Contin Strathpeffer 24/7 Public
2FCEA933-5D06-4D58-BCAB-AD2B00E3247D IV15 9JY Bupa Dental Care, Lockhart House, Tulloch Street Variable Restricted
87723AB8-7D77-4024-8AD5-26C12B8E83F7 IV15 9JZ St Clements School- On O/S Wall Next To Front Door, Tulloch Street, Dingwall 24/7 Public
440B725A-880A-48B8-B736-AAB80100975F IV15 9LT Dingwall Academy, Dingwall 24/7 Public
6A551E33-21FC-41DA-A6FE-ADFD00F5A842 IV15 9ND Tulloch Castle Hotel, Tulloch Castle Drive, Dingwall 24/7 Public
BDFB0452-487D-40D4-A79C-AF82011C4731 IV15 9PP Tesco Dingwall Mart Road, Tesco Stores Ltd, Mart Road 24/7 Public
E5FDF174-9C6D-4065-A0A5-2D9117729D07 IV15 9PZ George Cockburn & Son- On Wall, 19 Mill Street, Dingwall 24/7 Public
08663FC1-C851-4A25-8D99-93E4621AF538 IV15 9QS Puffin Hydrotherapy Pool- In Office At Reception, Ferry Road, Dingwall Variable Public
F3F421E9-78C2-42CD-BD30-B07D00A8600A IV15 9QZ Ross County Football Club, The Global Energy Stadium Victoria Park, Jubilee Park Road 24/7 Public
3A77406C-5CF8-4766-8239-B07A00BE0D07 IV15 9RY Snp Office, High Street, Dingwall 24/7 Public
243EBFEC-2C2F-4365-BB6B-AAB70112CF6D IV15 9UN Munro Sawmills, Old Evanton Road, Dingwall Variable Public
73041DA1-EF7F-4F1A-95F3-7B17D1FFBAF1 IV15 9UU Dingwall Primary School- On Wall To Lhs Of Main Entrance, Tulloch Avenue, Dingwall 24/7 Public
8B3C37DD-9463-41A6-8CE8-AEEB00B2DB66 IV16 9XJ Technipfmc, Highland Deephaven Ind Est, Evanton 24/7 Public
83A1E685-F7F7-4C02-8C70-B06200F2AD01 IV16 9XL Novar Mains Farm, Novar Estate, Evanton 24/7 Public
20510C05-0EA3-4796-A159-AFD10148337D IV16 9XT Evanton Wood Community Company, 7 Camden St, Evanton, Dingwall 24/7 Public
49EFF072-F6C5-41F5-9EBB-AF0F0098B1BB IV17 0AH Fraser Brothers Building Supplies Ltd, 13 Fyrish Drive, Easter Ross Business Park Variable Public
7466AD1D-C201-4652-8D43-D88DEB780703 IV17 0PS 12-14 Alness Pharmacy- On O/S Wall, High Street, Alness 24/7 Public
56742499-B331-472D-BCC7-A1B891E23BBE IV17 0QB Averon Leisure Centre, High Street, Alness Variable Public
42961414-ECE1-41FC-BBB7-B0980141BF93 IV17 0RX Alness Baptist Church, Firhill, Alness 24/7 Public
4C9C705E-F14B-47DB-806D-AF9300D61A99 IV17 0UG Unit 8, Kendal Crescent, Alness Variable Restricted
FBF501AD-92ED-476A-B07C-AFD200C7E66B IV17 0US Lodge Averon 866, Dalmore Road, Alness 24/7 Public
DD74F59B-22C9-43C6-B688-38E519371465 IV17 0UY Alness Swimming Pool-, Unnamed Road, Alness Variable Public
9D36BE5F-0DE5-4449-A414-AEAF00E882F4 IV17 0XW Ardross Community Hall, B9176 Junction - Ardross Castle West Access, Ardross 24/7 Public
0E66F752-4B57-4091-92B2-AFA0013FB240 IV18 0DF 5 Wyvis Court, Invergordon 24/7 Restricted
4E82E2C5-7E4E-41D0-AA88-B03600F6CD69 IV18 0EX Warehouse 2, Invergordon Harbour, B817 High Street Junction - Saltburn Road 24/7 Public
6107381A-82ED-4AC3-9544-AF9C00BCD8ED IV18 0EX Semco Maritime, Semco Maritime Ltd, Oilfield Support Base, Shore Road 24/7 Public
B4755E49-D895-4963-93D3-B03600EE5BF9 IV18 0EX Main Gate, Service Base, Shore Road 24/7 Public
558AD744-FE46-4BBD-890F-AAED00C39BD2 IV18 0GH The Highland Council, Invergordon Leisure Centre, Invergordon Variable Public
682AA027-DAC2-4368-AC05-B0360104A759 IV18 0HD Port Office, Shore Road, Invergordon 24/7 Public
A50A177E-825F-4CD5-884A-B03600F3C812 IV18 0JP Saltburn Pier, Saltburn Industrial Estate, Invergordon 24/7 Public
A8BCBB2F-29E3-4E24-AF44-B09D00EAA12F IV18 0NE Kilmuir Easter Burial Ground, B817 West Tarbet Junction, Kilmuir East 24/7 Public
C47137D1-4C14-45FF-93B1-AE7A00BB7B68 IV18 0NE Kilmuir Easter Church Of Scotland, Kilmuir Easter Burial Ground, B817 Wester Tarbat Junction - Tullich Road Junction 24/7 Public
013B8B3F-3938-4AD2-BE9F-B035008B4CAD IV18 0NQ Milton Stores, Milton Village Loop Road, Milton 24/7 Public
F83FB822-027C-4D12-AC52-AEBA00B3D234 IV18 0PR Mcdonald Scaffolding (Services) Ltd, Rosskeen Old Manse, Rosskeen Bridge Variable Public
0093534F-E662-42E8-8AE3-AB4F00A3F2A1 IV18 0PX 23 Munro Crescent, Milton 24/7 Public
1BF8CBF5-52AA-44C7-9454-2588FBB4D1AC IV19 1AB Scts, Tain Sheriff Court, High Street Variable Public
B72E761C-82C0-4A41-9DA4-B09F016413AD IV19 1AR Star Inn, 15 Market Street, Tain Variable Public
F7B0EB71-43A3-4FF3-A845-AAFC00A98C3A IV19 1BP Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Office, 11 Stafford Street, Tain Variable Public
90CE5FD1-9AAE-4E85-8785-B3AC3B963525 IV19 1BQ Duthac Centre- Outside Main Entrance, Shandwick Street, Tain 24/7 Public
2889C87D-ACCA-4D31-9B73-1F84A9EB26A2 IV19 1DX Tain Royal Academy Community Complex- At Reception, Hartfield Road, Tain Variable Restricted
F7367B04-E72B-47F2-9D19-B00300A159B8 IV19 1EH Tesco Tain, Tesco Superstore, Shore Road Variable Public
AA13F427-A13A-407C-85A6-B098013C63F8 IV19 1EU Tain And District Medicial Group, Health Centre, Craighill Terrace 24/7 Public
05B0CB5B-B2E0-4933-B190-AE3C01071363 IV19 1HY Robertsons Of Tain, Shore Road, Tain Variable Public
6909724D-A069-484C-9F32-AFA8009EA216 IV19 1LA Edderton Village Hall, Station Rd, Edderton 24/7 Public
EEDCEE6F-8493-4DA9-8128-AF3200DA938B IV19 1QU Global Energy, Nigg, B9175 Ankerville - Nigg Ferry 24/7 Restricted
5AA5B019-C433-4555-A963-AB6E00A0B214 IV2 3BB Crown Vets, 58 Argyle Street, Inverness 24/7 Public
5969827F-DDEE-4248-8F4D-9C86599EEEBE IV2 3BL Audit Scotland The Green House- Lhs Of Room Behind Desks, Beechwood Park North, Inverness Variable Restricted
233D6CEF-24B4-482D-9297-87BE0252F4D8 IV2 3BW Jacobs, Kintail House, Beechwood Park, Inverness Variable Public
DD32A636-703F-4E19-B1AA-AE6900A8BBBD IV2 3BW Fairhurst, Etive House, Beechwood Business Park Variable Public
D554A94E-D678-418E-95BA-AAE000F3C300 IV2 3DX Inverness Dental Clinic Sdc Group, 07/09/2023, Castle Street Variable Public
D2DE1A9B-8EF4-4234-87A4-AF2E01522AC8 IV2 3EA 75 Castle Street, Inverness Variable Public
57BA0DE4-3A02-4F7B-BCFF-AFE800A2D958 IV2 3EB Castle Wynd On R/H/S Wall, Castle Wynd, Inverness 24/7 Public
250B070C-50A1-448A-A01F-AB0400B16C08 IV2 3ED Beechwood Business Park, Inverness 24/7 Restricted
3F9B09BA-F0F1-42E3-BED7-AAB800C5AC4D IV2 3HD Masonic Properties, 5 Gordon Terrace, Inverness 24/7 Public
D4AAF1F1-3BCA-4A16-ACC0-ABC7009615B9 IV2 3JH Centre For Health Science, Old Perth Road, Raigmore 24/7 Public
EB5D47A4-7C56-461E-A0C3-B4910836BD19 IV2 3JH Centre For Health Science- See Location Below***, Old Perth Road, Raigmore Inverness 24/7 Public
84D1A27C-C9DF-4567-A40F-B06200DC2B6A IV2 3JT Crown Church, Kingsmills Road, Inverness Variable Restricted
F1736E69-FE60-4EF8-8081-B07E01109BF8 IV2 3LJ Fraser Park Bowling Club, Macewen Drive, Inverness Variable Public
CE494E79-CE80-44A5-8D62-471651999103 IV2 3PP Eastgate Shopping Centre- In Security Control Room, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Inverness Variable Public
D6B0BA9D-8795-4F0D-BECC-AF9A00D089D7 IV2 3PP O2 Store (0041) Inverness, Unit 12, Eastgate Centre Variable Restricted
3E6DF0E0-2D01-46BF-8E5F-AE9700A483C1 IV2 3PR Shopmobility Eastgate Shopping Centre, Eastgate, Inverness Variable Restricted
D4B318A5-A488-421C-9200-B07A00AF38AD IV2 3QB Inverness Mens Shed, The Pavilion, Victoria Drive Variable Public
F619DDBF-F0D5-4E2C-BC5C-B06200D25A97 IV2 3SG Drakies Primary School, Drumossie Avenue, Inverness 24/7 Public
987FE128-08C8-402E-ABDA-B08500F56ACF IV2 3SY Police Headquarters, Old Perth Road, Inverness 24/7 Public
5BC2B361-80FC-4C84-939D-AE6F00AD9D74 IV2 3TW Pure Gym, Walter Scott Drive, Inshes Retail Park 24/7 Restricted
A6EB1580-4809-462A-A93F-B0A700960630 IV2 3TW Dobbies Garden Centre Inverness, Inshes Retail Park, Milton Of Inshes Variable Public
B557C3AB-C89D-4145-824E-2DB1BE1BE3CB IV2 3TW Tesco Stores- At Customer Sevice Desk, Inshes Retail Park, Inverness 24/7 Public
D8D45442-392E-491E-822F-AB200111B29D IV2 3TW Inshes Retail Park Sir Walter Scott Drive, Inverness Variable Public
0F021063-D740-44E7-9D47-AE9100924FBF IV2 3UY Highlife Highland, 125 Ashton Road, Raigmore Variable Restricted
AFCD302C-A8DC-4297-A728-B09900C2D71E IV2 4BU Lochardil Pharmacy, Morven Road, Inverness 24/7 Public
9B96E314-9104-422A-8677-AB5E011917FD IV2 4NZ The Pines Drummond Road, Inverness Variable Restricted
AD6654B3-9AD7-4C85-B1D2-AF0F01205141 IV2 4RB James Pringle Weavers, Holm Woolen Mills, Holm Mills Road 24/7 Public
BC078640-D13E-4E4D-979C-AFEA00ABD7FA IV2 4SF 3rd Window Entrance Vesitable, Ness Bank Church, 1ness Bank Variable Restricted
E0839E6D-44C9-403E-8437-B0A400BB6D35 IV2 4UA 4 Tomatin Road, Inverness 24/7 Public
05C908EC-AD58-4D95-A1D1-AE3600B2AEFA IV2 4XT Tesco Superstore, Dores Rd, 0 Variable Public
56340878-129C-4229-9B13-AED000E7E979 IV2 5EF Culloden Moor Caravan Park, Culloden Moor, Inverness Variable Public
CE3228BE-C441-4DF4-893D-AB64009A55BA IV2 5EF Balfour Beatty, Just Off B9006, Culloden Moor Variable Restricted
E8B6C9F5-D239-4CEE-A93F-AFD300940599 IV2 5EU National Trust For Scotland, Culloden Battlefield, Culloden Moor 24/7 Public
6D11D01A-B5D5-45ED-889F-AF4A010032C6 IV2 5GH Savills (Uk) Ltd, Savills (Uk) Ltd Elm House, Cradlehall Business Park Variable Restricted
703F4636-9B85-460F-829D-CCFF2810856D IV2 5GH Johnston Carmichael (Scotland) Ltd, Clava House, Cradlehall Business Park Variable Restricted
D503CC1B-A67C-4802-8DCA-AECC00F72C93 IV2 5GH Scottish Ambulance Service, Laxford House, Cradlehall Business Park 24/7 Public
3EFEB535-884D-493A-BC63-AAB800A7EFDB IV2 5NA Highlands & Islands Enterprise, An Lòchran, 10 Inverness Campus Variable Public
0AE9B9AE-DD03-4102-9040-B0A500B1FECB IV2 5PG Zebra Crossing On The B9006, Croy Village, Inverness-Shire 24/7 Public
87656159-731F-4276-BDFA-B03500C06C27 IV2 5XL Tarmac Caledonian Ltd, Daviot Quarry, Daviot Village Road 24/7 Restricted
59A7D5FF-542B-4F3A-BF8A-ADD200B8F976 IV2 5XQ Auchnahillin, B9154 Daviot - Dalmagarry Via Moy, Daviot East 24/7 Public
551165C9-FDB6-4E2F-B900-B0A400D827B7 IV2 6AS Culduthel Christian Centre, Culduthel Avenue, Inverness Variable Public
53541001-6DDF-4058-8068-ADD200B79178 IV2 6AX Farr Community Hall Inverarnie, B851 B861 Junction - A9t Junction, Inverness 24/7 Public
A055F701-9DD6-4A5B-8F81-AB5600F6B0C4 IV2 6FG Robertson Homes, Site Office, Darochville Place Variable Restricted
A22DA779-7999-4EB0-B1E2-B074009F8572 IV2 6RE Inverness Royal Academy - At School Reception, Culduthel Road, Inverness Variable Public
C18A8C9F-C80C-442D-8B6D-0286EB19A00B IV2 6RE Inverness Royal Academy- In Sports Centre Office, Culduthel Road, Inverness Variable Restricted
7499FC3C-3A16-4894-B09F-ADD200BA30E6 IV2 6UB St Paul's Parsonage, B851 Milton Access Road - East Croachy, Croachy 24/7 Public
A281F000-EC27-455D-9DEF-B07D00A1E88A IV2 6UN Whitebridge Hotel, Stratherrick, Inverness 24/7 Public
4A2F3F38-30C8-4287-98F4-B04600A7CA18 IV2 7AP Sullivan Street, Stratton, Inverness Variable Restricted
11673390-7B06-48B0-BBEE-A748F700146E IV2 7GD Tesco Stores Ltd- At Front Of Store Near Post Box, 1a Eastfield Way, Inverness Business & Retail Pa Variable Public
A3D2578F-15EC-45C1-A46C-A17B606BD694 IV2 7JZ Culloden Academy, Keppoch Road, Culloden Variable Restricted
F968E08F-9AD5-4043-92FD-AB6E00A249E1 IV2 7LL Crown Vets Culloden, Keppoch Road, Culloden 24/7 Public
EB14B89C-5C4E-4B83-BC84-AE3600B70358 IV2 7NU Fraser Homecare Ltd, Brambly Hedge, Milton Of Culloden 24/7 Restricted
F62FDBE3-F6B8-4680-B65C-AE7701114654 IV2 7NY Duncan Forbes Primary School, Keppoch Road, Culloden 24/7 Public
6E90DF3F-361E-4661-9222-AEB400F6FFFB IV2 7PA Ey Inverness, Barony House, Stoneyfield Business Park, Inverness Variable Restricted
799AA277-7815-4E9E-8D69-ACDE0093FDF6 IV2 7PA Howdens Garden Centre, Stoneyfield, Inverness Variable Public
E2156A38-3B9F-46C2-B42F-AAD000D6C553 IV2 7PA Klondyke Garden Centre, Stoneyfield Business Park, Inverness Variable Public
0A3295A5-AE95-4061-B3A6-AE36013502A0 IV2 7PW St Columba's Church Culloden, Tower Road, Inverness 24/7 Public
53D3844E-4AA6-4C11-9FE9-AE360139A7AF IV2 7PW St Columba's Church Culloden, Tower Road, Inverness 24/7 Public
8C28EFD8-8ABB-4C70-8E22-ADE400BA6A4B IV2 7XB Northern Lighthouse Board, Unit 21 Dalcross Ind Est, Inverness 24/7 Public
CF8C0281-7AE8-4242-860F-AD4900B72494 IV2 8BD Johnstone House, 1 Mid Coul Road, Tornagrain 24/7 Public
1BEED230-01F8-41AC-9C79-B04600B1BAB4 IV2 8BH Lagnachree, Tornagrain Variable Restricted
E198685F-DD0C-4721-87E5-AFE300DFC782 IV20 1RF Rockfield Village, An Talla, Rockfield Village 24/7 Public
9DC684B8-F2E8-441C-8B48-7C8A563F41A2 IV20 1RX Inver Village Hall- Outside Main Entrance, Shore Street, Inver Tain 24/7 Public
C81B5170-DC2A-4EF6-9878-AADD00D33F61 IV20 1UA Bhcc (Balintore Hilton Community Council, Seaboard Memorial Hall (Centre), East Street, Balintore 24/7 Public
0E98CEC9-631A-4146-8BF8-AD5701543606 IV20 1UJ Right Pharmacy, 2 Hugh Street, Balintore 24/7 Public
66BF6B39-DA90-46CC-9011-B02700DB3A1F IV20 1YD Carnegie Hall, Well Street, Portmahomack 24/7 Public
F040103D-CE81-4B17-810C-B07B0124D07F IV20 1YD Carneige Hall Well Street Portmahomack, Carnegie Hall, Well Street 24/7 Public
C2162F0F-7AA5-4D0D-856B-B0200140D7A5 IV20 1YJ Portmahomack (Tarbat) Golf Club, Tarbatness Road, Portmahomack Variable Public
C109007B-A796-42B9-ACD5-AEE7011D6EB1 IV21 2BD Golf Course, A832 By Beach Car Park, Gairloch 24/7 Public
82C6D33B-00E4-42F9-B9F3-7E9579994D91 IV21 2BZ Kenneth Morrison Butchers- To Lhs Of Front Door, Unnamed Road, Strath Gairloch 24/7 Public
B0A824D6-493A-49DF-8EA0-B083014E4EE2 IV21 2DL Sands Caravan & Campsite Gairloch, Gairloch, Ross-Shire 24/7 Public
07D8E617-B7F4-4BAD-889B-FC20FB91889C IV21 2EA On O/S White Wall Of #27, 27 General Area Of, Melvaig Gairloch 24/7 Public
2F919B78-C1BE-4404-8A39-AACB00A332E0 IV22 2HE Gille Brighde Café & Restaurant, The Old School House, Diabaig 24/7 Public
3922E674-A461-4585-8AB4-372D3CAAC061 IV22 2HE The Old Schoolhouse- At Rhs Of Entrance To Restaurant, Diabaig, Torridon Achnasheen 24/7 Public
C759D343-1B9F-49E0-BBD3-ADDD011DDEAE IV22 2HW Slattadale House, Slattadale, Loch Maree 24/7 Restricted
CA480620-C4A7-40C8-A86C-B01B0118044F IV22 2HZ Aultbea Fire Station, Aultbea, Birchburn 24/7 Public
FD3707FE-A176-4AE2-854D-B06C00FC9699 IV22 2JL Macraes"S, Building Yard, 36 Mellon Charles, Aultbea 24/7 Public
32F3E0A0-55F0-4D5F-A341-B01A00B6077F IV22 2JQ Aultbea Nursery Wall, Shore Street, Aultbea 24/7 Public
7B6F2E30-9154-4514-A28E-B03E00A468C1 IV22 2JU Cliffton, Poolewe 24/7 Public
F770E969-38F9-4D65-8F3A-AD670110061C IV22 2LF Inverewe Camping And Caravanning Club Site, A832 Aultbea - B8057 Junction, Poolewe 24/7 Public
0B91950D-AEF2-461F-9580-B08400BC7C5F IV22 2LG Inverewe Garden And Estate House Courtyard, Poolewe, Wester Ross 24/7 Public
8BACF774-794C-431E-8576-B08400BF12CD IV22 2LG Osgoods Restaurant, Inverewe Gardens And Estate, Poolewe 24/7 Public
97B749C8-0202-4FAB-8780-B07800A6CF6E IV22 2LR Old School House, Inverasdale, Poolewe 24/7 Public
9EF281B6-7CC3-4F74-8344-B07900AD4B7D IV22 2LT Cove, 14 B8057 A832 Junction - Cove, Poolewe 24/7 Public
6C7B3334-4D35-4B98-BC3C-B06E00D58986 IV22 2NT Campsite , Mellon Udrigle, Mellon Udrigle, 4 Laide - Mellon Udrigle 24/7 Public
2F0AAA47-4B4C-4E05-9D3E-AEE20093F5FB IV22 2PA Kinlochewe Caravan Club, A832 Taagan Access Road Junction - A896 Junction, Kinlochewe Variable Public
9D634C8F-3823-4437-86C1-AACC00E8402D IV22 2PD Scottish Natural Heritage, Beinn Eighe Visitor Centre, Kinlochewe 24/7 Public
A2B462AD-4AF8-43F3-A484-AC00008CFE4F IV23 2PH Inchbae Lodge Inn, A835 Main Road, Garve 24/7 Public
2BFE153A-2D42-409F-8997-AC000087D3E1 IV23 2PQ Aultguish Inn, A835 Main Road, By The Dam At Loch Glascarnoch 24/7 Public
5E39666B-B9F1-4E4B-A47C-AC00008959A3 IV23 2PR Garve Public Hall, Stirling Drive, Garve 24/7 Public
AC7A1534-A843-4F88-9A09-AC00008C2D34 IV23 2PZ Kinlochluichart Church, A832 At Lochluichart, Garve 24/7 Public
352F4398-0AA7-41CD-A6F6-B07401557971 IV23 2QP Badrallach Dundonnell, West End, 7 Badrallach Dundonnell 24/7 Public
CD3EAEDF-DA6B-4B8B-A610-B034009A6332 IV23 2QT R.h Gable Of Sail Mhor Croft, Sail Mhor Croft, Camusnagaul 24/7 Public
8643F9BB-CDF3-4476-BFF9-AB790115E860 IV23 2QU A832, Garve 24/7 Public
5898D9D1-44A6-4E09-BA77-AAED0119F0F5 IV23 2SE Tigh Na H'acarsaid, Ardindrean, Lochbroom 24/7 Public
7134 IV24 3AD On Post, Sutherland 24/7 Public
6E40593F-0E48-4AAB-A8D2-AEFC00A21DEA IV24 3AD Spinningdale On Post, On Post, Spinningdale 24/7 Public
4322 IV24 3BQ Ardgay Public Hall, Sutherland 24/7 Public
849747EF-E89B-4635-812C-2F3BE3DD1479 IV24 3BQ Ardgay Public Hall- In External Porch, Carron Place, Ardgay 24/7 Public
7137 IV24 3EA Bonar Bridge Post Office, Sutherland 24/7 Public
F25AF735-F1F8-4D13-B00C-AEF601097737 IV24 3EA Bonar Bridge Post Office, Post Office, Lairg Road 24/7 Public
F72EFD91-C567-4A9A-B417-AB5D00D94F16 IV25 3HR Dornoch Academy, Evelix Road, Dornoch Variable Restricted
5142EA29-B2AE-4F49-841A-58562673ECF2 IV25 3LS Dornoch Health Centre- On O/S Wall Adjacent To Carpark, Shore Road, Dornoch 24/7 Public
886B4872-2391-4E1F-B693-B0A700CCB8F1 IV25 3LW Dornoch Bowling Club, Golf Road, Dornoch 24/7 Public
33CF6B12-8150-494F-83A0-315513F0B8C2 IV25 3PZ Old School House, School Street, Embo Dornoch 24/7 Public
4ABCD185-A316-41C1-ACBE-B07B00F02F8A IV25 3RZ Uhi Accommodation Struie House, Struie House, The Meadows 24/7 Public
1575FA71-A8BD-485E-B7FF-AD99009269A0 IV25 3SH Mitchells Chemist, High Street, Dornoch 24/7 Public
2634590B-D3B8-45B3-9289-ABCE00B95D5C IV25 3SH Mitchells Chemist, High Street, Dornoch 24/7 Public
9E2D90B5-E00E-4226-B911-1F205CEF99AF IV25 3SH Mitchells Chemist, 8 High Street, Dornoch Variable Restricted
FA795529-31C3-4533-A435-AB0B00C2BE27 IV26 2SZ Braes, Ullapool 24/7 Public
F5647037-FBC4-49F8-98E2-AB7200CE400A IV26 2TB Wester Ross Fisheries Ltd, Corry Point, Ullapool 24/7 Public
3F8C9415-7620-4100-A76E-14DBDDB4601A IV26 2TN Wester Ross Fisheries- External Wall Of Green Shed, General Area Of, Ardmair Ullapool 24/7 Public
DD0003EB-EAB2-4249-A07F-B06400DF7F11 IV26 2TN Ardmair Point Holiday Park, Ardmair Point, Near Ullapool 24/7 Public
5322056C-E959-4025-AB38-AEAD01327FC2 IV26 2TQ Morefield Motel (Part Of The J & R Group), Morefield Motel, North Road 24/7 Public
F45B6266-95A8-454A-A38A-8D741475C2E6 IV26 2UE Lochbroom Leisure Centre- In Supervisors Office, Quay Street, Ullapool Variable Public
32E0E171-E1EE-4809-8174-7E3DA8FFF52D IV26 2UH Harbour Office- See Location Below***, The Pier, Ullapool 24/7 Public
7F042B33-C56D-464A-9D17-AABF008857FA IV26 2UP Scottish Natural Heritage, 17 Pulteney Street, Ullapool Variable Public
7F052C71-5531-4869-8366-AE1C01242FB5 IV26 2XB Tesco Superstore, Latheron Ln, 0 Variable Public
C7E9616D-C6F0-48FB-857D-50501F49EA01 IV26 2YB Finfish Ltd Inverpolly- Beside Entrance Gate, Unnamed Road, Ullapool 24/7 Public
BF2596F4-516A-4055-BBD4-ACE6011FDF44 IV26 2YG Achiltibuie Fire Station, Achiltibuie, Ullapool 24/7 Public
08D28D7F-73BB-4051-85C6-AFF9008F48FE IV26 2YP Old Dornie Harbour, Land 140m Sw Of Old Dornie Pier, Achiltibuie - Polbain - Altandhuh - Achnahaird 24/7 Public
47C1F277-1944-4C8E-BF3B-B0A500A1E178 IV26 2YR Fuaran Bar Altandhu, Achiltibuie - Polbain - Altandhuh - Achnahaird, Achiltibuie 24/7 Public
2C337076-4277-4F1C-9CF5-F42C510846AB IV27 4DD On Outside Wall Of Main Front Door Of Community Centre, Main Street, Lairg 24/7 Public
7136 IV27 4EE Falls of Shin Visitor Centre, Sutherland 24/7 Public
5F3BE9C0-73C0-4330-805E-AEF60109865E IV27 4EE Falls Of Shin Visitor Centre, Achany Glen, Lairg 24/7 Public
BCF7D321-0998-40CE-84A1-AF0A00AB4C07 IV27 4EF Cooke Aquaculture Scotland Ltd, Loch Shin, Sallachy Estate 24/7 Public
7135 IV27 4ET Invershin Hall, Sutherland 24/7 Public
58036D00-C2EE-4D7F-8D72-AEF601097EC0 IV27 4ET Invershin Hall, A837, Ardgay 24/7 Public
05DDDD97-5DA3-423D-A6DB-1B4504902A0F IV27 4HH Community Hall- Inside Front Door On Facing Wall, Elphin, Lairg 24/7 Public
2C8B1A53-2E7B-436A-B6A0-AB7A00EC96E0 IV27 4HW Kylesku Hotel, Kylesku House, Lairg 24/7 Public
2198B824-CE27-443B-97F9-5661753ACCF0 IV27 4JY 10 Main Street, Lochinver 24/7 Public
50E4D1AE-56CD-4F2E-AF8C-AABF00BD6709 IV27 4LT Community Care Assynt, 1 Kirk Road, Lairg 24/7 Public
0401272F-A74C-4D06-9674-B074013BE359 IV27 4NW Drumbeg Village Hall (B869), Drumbeg Village Hall, Lairg 24/7 Public
ABA36DB4-CD66-4988-A35E-CA676CEBB090 IV27 4QA Village Hall- On O/S Wall To Rhs Of Main Entrance, Unnamed Road, Durness Lairg 24/7 Public
01786C0A-B558-497E-958E-AE8B00C5BDDA IV27 4RG Kinlochbervie High School, Manse Road, Kinlochbervie Variable Public
B6235893-D0D6-4994-BC54-AE8F00E6BDCB IV27 4RS Oldshoremore Retreats, 152 Oldshoremore, Rhiconich, Rhiconich 24/7 Public
C51AC746-1329-4A48-8208-ABE800C57723 IV27 4TE Scourie Sports Pavilion, Scourie 24/7 Public
F7531590-88B7-4BA4-887E-AECB00F97609 IV27 4UE Caravan & Motorhome Club Site, Land 1250m Ne Of Caravan Park Grummore, A836 Clebrig Access Road - B873 Junction Variable Public
5D8AB218-73D9-497D-8AB7-58482DC3BD04 IV27 4YP Melness Community/ Crofters Estate, Unnamed Road, Talmine Lairg 24/7 Public
6930E363-41FD-4C0A-B613-ABF500A5CB0C IV28 3XA Post Office, Rogart 24/7 Public
C3C99E67-5720-4EDB-AFCD-ABF500A4A9A3 IV28 3XB Rogart Village Hall, Rogart, Sutherland 24/7 Public
103EB03B-0611-440F-85A1-AEED01088C55 IV3 5BY Transmission Investment Services Ltd, First Floor, Ness Mews, Ardross Place 24/7 Restricted
97C09D62-27CD-4DD1-AFFD-AF9500BAB644 IV3 5DD Tesco, 8-10 Tomnahurich Street, Inverness Variable Public
99D43DEA-BB2B-4FCF-9A8B-AB2500E3D137 IV3 5NG Palace Milton Hotel, 8 Ness Walk, Inverness 24/7 Restricted
087E51DC-B8A4-4F89-A12F-AAD400EFB002 IV3 5NS Azets, 10 Ardross Street, Inverness Variable Public
FB0927D1-60BE-4375-84E6-AB2500CE098E IV3 5PR Premier Inn, 19-21 Huntly Street, Inverness 24/7 Restricted
171E575F-7C81-40C1-8555-B06900A53FA3 IV3 5SB Highland Hospice, 1 Bishop's Road, Inverness 24/7 Public
D10ABC85-718D-4CC1-9CFA-D9F8493B8DC2 IV3 5SQ University Of Highlands And Islands- See Location Below**, 12b Ness Walk, Inverness Variable Public
14E26A50-83ED-489F-BD0F-45B82504F351 IV3 5SS Inverness Leisure- Behind Reception Desk, Bught Lane, Inverness Variable Public
B90E9FF2-E8DB-42BD-82C3-BB48FA2B10A3 IV3 5SS Inverness Leisure- At Entrance Door To Gym, Bught Lane, Inverness Variable Public
AC0E9A8F-8477-45F1-97E9-8F5D86BB04A2 IV3 8AB Spar- Behind Counter In Shop, 45 Thornbush Road, Inverness Variable Public
A0A3A4F7-4282-4BAB-A22F-AD7200B4739C IV3 8AX Kings Golf Course, Balphadrig Road, Inverness Variable Public
A103D55A-2C81-43B0-94F0-6E600592961A IV3 8BL Behind Counter At Shop, 18 Grant Street, Inverness Variable Public
3BA81225-E297-4525-BFA9-AE23008B3F8E IV3 8EX Anderson Clark Motor Repairs, 16 Carsegate Road, Anderson Clark Motor Repairs 24/7 Public
A7E01537-F9F4-4101-AFA6-B07E01340EB1 IV3 8EX Crossfit 57 North, Unit 57, Carsegate Road 24/7 Public
589051CF-03CC-4401-B22E-AACC00AFDBD5 IV3 8HW Lochalsh Stores, 75 Lochalsh Road, Inverness Variable Public
DA3B68B5-3966-46FC-B058-B06600ABB170 IV3 8JN Inverness Crematorium, Kilvean Rd, Inverness 24/7 Public
A89B9E6E-D5E4-4297-8128-AB5600F816A6 IV3 8LP Robertson Homes, Great Glen Place, Inverness Variable Restricted
EC89EFEE-CAC5-4723-8E02-FEEB3E8B6F67 IV3 8NW Great Glen House- At Reception, Leachkin Road, Inverness Variable Restricted
53DF56BC-B02B-44B0-BD4D-B062011A60DC IV3 8TF Kingsview Christian Centre, Balnafettack Road, Inverness 24/7 Public
01D4BE96-1E8D-4AC6-B22A-AD910115C334 IV30 1AP Gleaner Arena, Borough Briggs Road, Elgin Variable Restricted
5DA71F8F-8642-43A5-BCE9-AAB800D4C935 IV30 1AP Moray Rugby Football Club, Morriston Park, Haugh Road 24/7 Public
8F6D8C81-35DB-473A-B344-AED300A3F2F6 IV30 1AP Gordon And Macphail, Borough Briggs Road, Elgin Variable Public
92083DEC-0AB5-4227-B61D-AB3A0097C1EC IV30 1BU Scottish Courts Administration, Elgin Sheriff Court, High Street Variable Public
AEBB5982-4815-4133-A9E7-AB2100CACB52 IV30 1BW Boots The Chemist, 110-112 High Street, Elgin 24/7 Public
C1EF6412-B7B6-4811-988E-AF95010114B3 IV30 1EA O2 Store (0362) Elgin, Unit 2 St Giles Centre, 121 High Street Variable Restricted
EAFD1BC7-72A3-43F0-BF90-ADDE00D04F1D IV30 1HU Historic Environment Scotland, Elgin Cathedral, King Street Variable Restricted
41B1D2E2-0DB8-47C1-8C2F-CA2BA1AE8F9F IV30 1JE Johnston Carmichael (Scotland) Ltd, Commerce House- At Reception, South Street Variable Restricted
852D0AE9-667A-4650-9827-AEFB01499261 IV30 1JY Gordon And Macphail, George House, Boroughbriggs Road Variable Public
C5BA69F7-AEB5-444B-9CEF-AED300A00BB9 IV30 1JY 56 South Street, Elgin Variable Public
1822F477-18AE-401B-9BE8-AECF014180B8 IV30 1JZ Gordon And Macphail, 58 South Street, Elgin Variable Public
23E9E426-A663-4561-890E-AF65011542C7 IV30 1JZ B U P A Dental Care, 15-17 South Street, Elgin Variable Restricted
02D9E8E4-A1A0-444B-9933-AD4400EE533D IV30 1NL Hawco Volkswagen, 6 Wards Road, Elgin Variable Public
8D66E394-FD1A-4453-A9E8-AE8600B1BD12 IV30 1QG Elgin Baptist Church, Reidhaven Street, Elgin 24/7 Public
DF94CE10-1423-48AE-9B93-B05F00EB0C25 IV30 1QZ Moray Bowling Club, Seafield Street, Elgin 24/7 Public
F9E0662C-EAE7-42C9-95B1-8183D70412BB IV30 1RX Moray Rescource Centre, Maisondieu Road, Elgin 24/7 Public
FC5BB60E-6A7D-4B7B-ACB3-AE3E00F52D40 IV30 1TY Tesco Stores Ltd, Blackfriars Road, Elgin Variable Public
F6ECFADA-5590-4157-A3E1-C48B20887FA2 IV30 1YE Glenmoray Distillery, Bruceland Road, Elgin 24/7 Public
D9FEFFFA-C56E-4FF7-A490-B09F00A677E6 IV30 4AF Johnstons Of Elgin, Newmill, Elgin 24/7 Public
E6F9F683-F552-4067-A325-AB2801661236 IV30 4DH Bishopmill Hall, 1 Grove Place, Elgin 24/7 Public
8955FCF9-3351-4AAF-92D7-AACB014D6DEE IV30 4DY Bishopmill Primary School, Morriston Road, Elgin 24/7 Public
410DFBE3-C318-4EB1-A390-B07B00F0329C IV30 4FA Elgin Student Accommodation, Laich House, Alba Place 24/7 Public
C182BDE6-5008-4BD4-AB03-5278FDBA9315 IV30 4ND Elgin Academy, Morriston Road, Elgin 24/7 Public
2AE26808-6423-4270-8DF2-ADE800C72271 IV30 5PT Salterhill Farm, C24e From West Covesea Road In Elgin To U40e At Westerfolds, Elgin 24/7 Public
6732A11E-0B75-4E51-836F-FE39F4186823 IV30 5PT Salterhill Farm, Westerfolds, Elgin 24/7 Public
220769EF-5F6D-4E92-8DBB-B00601470D56 IV30 5RH Kula Coffee Hut, Duffus Castle, Elgin 24/7 Public
AE6FDB6D-85C6-4804-8884-ECFDB952F991 IV30 5RP Burghead Caravan Site, Station Road, Burghead 24/7 Public
209E84C7-8972-45A0-9EAE-AC4600BB0F70 IV30 5RR Duffus Village Hall, Hopeman Road, Duffus 24/7 Public
B9F205F4-53BC-47E1-9B08-AC4600BCA233 IV30 5RR Duffus Post Office, Hopeman Road, Duffus 24/7 Public
8FE8A412-FD86-4D15-A354-5B3B59507264 IV30 5UA Burghead Harbour Office, Granary Street, Burghead 24/7 Public
DD964BD0-B120-4820-BBF5-4670EF6EEBB8 IV30 5XD 9-11 Brander Street, Burghead Elgin Variable Public
35461A17-4F16-42D5-9837-29BBC149847B IV30 5YA Hopeman Golf Club, Lodge Road, Hopeman 24/7 Public
FEB05634-05D2-409A-A946-AE08009B7723 IV30 5YD Roseisle Village Hall, College Of Roseisle, Roseisle 24/7 Public
99372C2C-CD71-46D3-A686-80D2448558DA IV30 5YJ 26 Keith Road, Burghead 24/7 Public
3C35F588-9CD5-4E40-9039-AEF7007448DB IV30 6AA M K M Building Supplies Ltd, The Wards, Elgin Variable Public
84E19314-B04C-4000-85AE-75A57B32B5C3 IV30 6AF Mcgregor Industrial Supplies- Main Showroom Front Counter, 16-18 Perimeter Road, Elgin Variable Public
FE04DD2B-F781-46B7-A9E3-AB28016C98F9 IV30 6BL New Elgin And Ashgrove Public Hall, Land Street, Elgin 24/7 Public
D7343011-AA5B-4867-8C2C-B05F00BEC3B1 IV30 6GA 1a Gurness Circle, Elgin 24/7 Public
19C43D42-AFFC-4BEC-A041-AE6800B5703C IV30 6GR 10 Southfield Drive, Suite 4, First Floor, Elgin Variable Public
9CD49035-DFFA-4D17-AC0E-AFCF00E74364 IV30 6GR Sunsupp Tanning Salon, Southfield Drive, Elgin 24/7 Public
F687432E-0D8C-443F-B7E0-ABD000E382EC IV30 6GR Springfield Properties Plc, Alexander Fleming House, 8 Southfield Drive Variable Restricted
C6B76F49-5C2E-4A54-B180-AFF100F36FFF IV30 6NB Sse Office & Depot - Elgin, 20 Chanonry Road North, Elgin Variable Public
5E7C907F-D6E4-4CF6-BE5B-EED7351C62B3 IV30 6UD Elgin High School, Edgar Road, Elgin 24/7 Public
D3841029-0FB5-44EF-A81A-ABD800740EE8 IV30 6WQ B & Q Plc, Edgar Road, Elgin Variable Public
75D78E36-66E5-4D4A-B022-AFE700E41B44 IV30 6YQ Screwfix, Edgar Road, Springfield Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
BEE412C8-F34D-43E3-9234-AFB00142A779 IV30 6YQ Cedarwood, 20 Edgar Road, Elgin 24/7 Public
4E0CEC10-3725-4AC7-9FB3-AAB600AED4E3 IV30 8AR Moray Sports Centre Indoor, Linkwood Road, Elgin Variable Public
6F58F6DC-01B0-41EF-AE2E-AAF700BDB000 IV30 8AR Moray Sports Centre, Linkwood Road, Elgin 24/7 Public
46F04F7B-8318-4284-B4BD-4EC372A8AF53 IV30 8LG Urquhart Village Hall Urquhart, War Memorial, Main Street 24/7 Public
F3642758-E8DB-4F25-A117-AFBA00F53FFA IV30 8LN Threaplands Garden Centre, Lhanbryde 24/7 Public
D0FE1895-D99F-4CC5-BDC0-B088013859B8 IV30 8NZ Lhanbryde Pharmacy, 32 St Andrews Road, Lhanbryde 24/7 Public
E1C26621-6F7F-4D5E-A520-6EC55C7D393F IV30 8QQ Lhanbryde Village Hall, Robertson Road, Lhanbryde 24/7 Public
91F92CF8-914C-466B-8E09-D5B8CFF1BD6F IV30 8QX Cranloch Riding Centre, Elgin 24/7 Public
968A42BE-66CA-4BCB-933B-AE8600F32F39 IV30 8SX Outside Elgin Golf Club, C2e From Birnie Road In Elgin To C2e Forked Junction Near The Kennels, Elgin 24/7 Public
EEF23BEB-C9AF-41B7-9ABD-AE8200F74903 IV30 8SX Green Keepers Shed, Birnie Road, Elgin Variable Restricted
BD896CB9-253A-4335-A8AF-D72126EAE4E6 IV30 8TG Miltonduff Hall, U111e From C3e At Pluscarden Hall Via Crossley And Auchtertyre To Easter Manbeen At U112e, Elgin 24/7 Public
7565E931-8D42-4262-A384-AF13013F1FB4 IV30 8TS Kellas Fishery, B9010 From Pluscarden Road In Elgin To The Old School House In Kellas, Elgin 24/7 Public
7256C266-13B5-46B5-955A-AB4F00E43B36 IV30 8TZ Pluscarden Village Hall, Pluscarden, Elgin 24/7 Public
2302900D-093F-4E57-A504-AFE1011A4F6D IV30 8UP Ardgye House, Elgin 24/7 Public
8C1ADDB3-3EC2-4A13-8824-AB28016B60DA IV30 8XU Spynie Village Hall, Elgin 24/7 Public
95FE0F31-2FAF-446F-81AC-D4F9A8989ADD IV31 6AD Baptist Church Lossiemouth, James Street, Lossiemouth 24/7 Public
FA08389A-AA63-4366-9E70-B08900A57848 IV31 6DJ Police Scotland, 31a Clifton Road, Lossiemouth Variable Restricted
A826D59D-4B6E-479E-8717-C6D0181EE8EA IV31 6ED Esplanade Toilet Block Lossiemouth, Seatown Road, Lossiemouth 24/7 Public
6240DE64-CB3E-4216-B76E-EB33123F7503 IV31 6JU Lossiemouth Community Centre, Coulardbank Road, Lossiemouth 24/7 Public
1289E56E-E788-49AD-B44E-F687CA754FEB IV31 6NW Lossiemouth Caravan Park, Seatown, Lossiemouth 24/7 Public
6AD8AF1A-23F2-4AC8-A100-233FA37C99E1 IV31 6PB Lossiemouth Marina, Shore Street, Lossiemouth 24/7 Public
6BAC448D-C958-4799-A01E-AD65009A19FF IV31 6QR Tennis Courts Marine Park, Marine Court, Lossiemouth 24/7 Public
24544120-1AD7-46AF-807C-330CE642EE07 IV31 6QS Moray Golf Club, Stotfield Road, Lossiemouth Variable Public
28D56F75-4ACE-4995-A1A1-AF48009195C5 IV31 6QS Moray Golf Club, Stotfield Road, Lossiemouth 24/7 Public
627BD999-FE98-4697-A1C1-7A0128A9147D IV31 6QS Golf View Hotel, Lossiemouth 24/7 Public
9D87E5E7-BE89-466A-AC33-AECF00D4F33C IV31 6QS The Beach Hut, West Beach, Stotfield Road 24/7 Public
609C2B28-9078-440B-A90E-ADE10176FB21 IV31 6RA St Gerardines High Church Hall, St Gerardines Road, Lossiemouth 24/7 Public
BEBBB303-9909-4144-BD57-B00200ECFC69 IV31 6SP Covesea Lighthouse, Keepers Cottage, Lossiemouth 24/7 Public
E5A60FBF-B1C8-438A-8430-AD5200F9028B IV31 6TU Dmpbltd, Childcare Centre, Muriton Road 24/7 Public
8B9259D8-4917-4C4C-BC66-6031717FC5F1 IV32 7DH High Street, Lennox Fochabers Variable Public
C0F07FD5-4B7A-4B79-AD99-073D996D080B IV32 7DJ Milnes High School, West Street, Fochabers 24/7 Public
9C11A1A3-8F9F-4E6B-938D-AFA901519CAE IV32 7DU Red Lion Inn, 65-67 High Street, Fochabers 24/7 Public
BBEFE21E-6DE1-4982-B9CB-ABD000D495B1 IV32 7DU Christies Chemist, 62 High Street, Fochabers Variable Restricted
D46FB15C-6EE5-4C46-9A98-ABD000C69521 IV32 7EP The Institute, 15 High Street, Fochabers 24/7 Public
F937E1F3-1F3E-4BF8-9AFC-ABD000CDBB89 IV32 7ET Burnside Caravan Site, Keith Road, Fochabers 24/7 Public
90A72AAE-EA02-4B8E-8CB2-AFBA00F742DA IV32 7JN Speymouth Hall, Stynie Road, Mosstodloch 24/7 Public
CF325341-5612-440A-9699-AF0400C8A6FA IV32 7LL Forestry And Land Scotland, U11e From The B9015 Near Balnacoul To A Turning Circle Near The Mosstodloch Bypass, Mosstodloch 24/7 Public
D8D3665E-8781-49EC-8E88-ABFB01090718 IV32 7NJ Garmouth And Kington Village Hall, Kingston Road, Garmouth And Kingston Village Hall 24/7 Public
69163482-5682-4400-AFD2-C9C7DCB476DC IV32 7PF Christies Garden Centre The Nurseries, Cullen Road, Fochabers 24/7 Public
B27AB50C-5898-416F-BA6A-AFDA01500CB6 IV32 7PJ Mjd Systems Ltd, 3 The Steadings, Beach Road 24/7 Public
DF754EE9-0F6A-40E7-A9CF-AFA8011C7096 IV32 7PL Grays Recycling Ltd, U8e From Beaufighter Road In Nether Dallachy To C16e At Dryburn, Spey Bay 24/7 Public
7C9F36D9-0D3F-414D-8187-AD5C00A1530F IV32 7PQ Gordon Castle, Walled Garden Cafe, Fochabers Variable Public
08D57BB8-F9AF-41EF-95DA-E56CEF178920 IV32 7QB Inchberry Village Hall, Orton, Fochabers 24/7 Public
8CF29807-72CE-4638-9267-E6E256983078 IV36 1BU Forres Community Centre, High Street, Forres 24/7 Public
38877203-B55C-4652-B80E-AD6400A58928 IV36 1DE Soccer 7s Pavilion, South Street, Forres 24/7 Public
3DD1515A-CB67-4740-B2B5-9C583A421442 IV36 1DG The Royal British Legion- On Outside Of Building, Sanquhar Road, Forres 24/7 Public
92F609A6-4481-424C-9F69-6554BBFB419E IV36 1FG Forres Swimming Pool, Forres 24/7 Public
FB0FC5B3-89CA-4CCA-97A9-AF13013B77DF IV36 1LR Forres Fire Station, 7 Thornhill Place, Forres 24/7 Public
5FAE49B6-ED4A-460F-848E-AF8D012A12D1 IV36 1LS Scottish Fire And Rescue Service, Forres Fire Station, St Catherines Road 24/7 Public
E3A3A571-A33A-4CF0-9E8A-AFEE00F96D04 IV36 1PB St Leonards Church, High Street, Forres 24/7 Public
A68625D3-1490-4EDC-9670-AFB0014C31D5 IV36 1PJ Orchard Road Dental Practice, The Mews, Forres Variable Restricted
AE8A2013-CE7A-4682-8F35-E052A081EF01 IV36 2AB Horizon Scotland- Main Reception Area, Forres Enterprise Park, Forres Variable Public
6BE7DFBB-8C41-4281-A100-AE3501051FE2 IV36 2EY Tesco Store Ltd, Nairn Road, Forres Variable Public
56A2C219-0CF0-4057-BE1E-AB4F00DC0C4A IV36 2GW Mackenzie And Cruickshank Garden Centre, Greshop Industrial Estate, West Road Variable Public
66CF1EF6-50A1-4263-8956-5AACF6C463B1 IV36 2PA Forres Dental Care Ltd- Inside Main Doors At Reception, 10 Falconer Avenue, Forres Variable Public
3AB11146-1CEE-450B-8E93-AC9300E872AC IV36 2QN Logie Steading, Dunphail, Forres 24/7 Public
3324F23D-326C-4E22-A8DD-AE9B00C9AB9A IV36 2QQ Edinkillie Community Hall, Dunphail, Forres 24/7 Public
5E2DAAA6-E282-45E6-BFB2-9D0AC1CF1FF7 IV36 2RB Alves Village Hall, Alves 24/7 Public
70ADDE4A-4754-4A37-8C7E-AE9B00D1B09A IV36 2RD Forres Golf Club Greenkeepers Shed, Edgehill Road, Forres 24/7 Public
539B5080-D88A-4DFD-875B-AAB800DB35D0 IV36 2RU Village Hall, Main Road, Rafford 24/7 Public
291B15E9-5F82-433A-B7AA-AE540103E06D IV36 2SP Dundhuin, C7e From U70e North Of Kintessack To A96t West Of Findhorn Bridge, Forres Variable Restricted
E6033D93-F23A-4388-8C9B-AD92010C5A2E IV36 2SP K9 Deli, The Shop, Findhorn Bridge 24/7 Public
65B4B1B3-E8EF-4AAD-9DE8-AF9D00B004B3 IV36 2ST Estate Office Berryley, Road From C10e Near Tearie Lodge Southwards To Berryley Then Westwards To Join C11e Near Redstone, Forres 24/7 Public
6CE70AFD-3DF3-40F6-84AF-AF2800E067EC IV36 2TD Brodie Countryfare, Brodie, By Forres 24/7 Public
A9F78ECC-D761-47CC-80FD-AF23014BDA74 IV36 2TG Wellhill Farm Shop, Kintessack, Forres 24/7 Public
D37CAA05-574D-4D9D-9324-AACE0089A6C8 IV36 2TH Dyke Village Hall, Dyke 24/7 Public
0330A53D-893F-4E35-835C-AE8200D96E6A IV36 2TU Conicavel, Ryecot Cottage, 30 Main Road 24/7 Public
FEE87E7F-BBFD-41EC-A249-AEFB014B4D3B IV36 3EB Benromach Distillery, Invererne Road, Forres 24/7 Public
B947FF60-4CE7-462A-8994-ADDB01623086 IV36 3SX Kinloss School Lodge, Burghead Road, Kinloss 24/7 Public
D766E970-B7B9-4DB7-8DA8-0ED63CD24AE9 IV36 3TX Kinloss And Findhorn Parish Church Hall, Findhorn Road, Kinloss 24/7 Public
BC69E432-F9D0-4D11-8083-735B550820CB IV36 3TZ Findhorn Foundation, The Phoenix Shop, Findhorn Foundation 24/7 Public
435F3F67-BC45-46C1-8AC7-AAEE00D933FF IV36 3YF James Milne Insitute, Findhorn 24/7 Public
5022F695-7DF3-4A9A-9E15-6333C9111530 IV36 3YZ Findhorn Sands Caravan Park- Beside Electric Sub Station, Unnamed Road, Findhorn Forres 24/7 Public
2CF28F98-D7CC-485A-9E63-AEA600ED4481 IV4 7AD Aigas Field Centre Aigas, A831 Struy - Torgormack, Beauly 24/7 Restricted
65DCE84E-BFC9-4E26-A71D-B07400CF3ACF IV4 7BX The Priory Hotel, Priory Hotel, High Street 24/7 Public
41DEAA85-CFA0-40D6-801F-AACC00754193 IV4 7HH Kiltarltity Village Hall, Kiltalorcan Terrace, Kiltarlity 24/7 Public
362DC98D-C6B4-4991-87F7-261D91199A77 IV4 7LF Post Office- On External Wall, Main Road, Tomich 24/7 Public
D8E57CDC-724B-4EBD-A39E-ADD1010768CF IV4 7LT Cannich Hall, Cannich - Fasnakyle - Kerrow Wood, Cannich 24/7 Public
EF66CC52-3D7D-4034-9246-AFF200B45562 IV40 8AE Kyle Medical Practice, Station Road, Kyle Of Lochalsh 24/7 Public
43E43356-DD0A-4DFD-A6D0-B07D00E16E52 IV40 8AN Kyle Of Lochalsh Fire Station, Station Road, Kyle 24/7 Public
FEB16EC6-78F0-45B4-BCD1-AC0000EDA624 IV40 8AQ Scotrail Railways Ltd, Kyle Of Lochalsh Station, Railway Pier Variable Restricted
C85B5A70-133E-4705-8FA5-AFF000B8B3D5 IV40 8BY Ps Kyle Police Car, Kyle Police Station, Main Street 24/7 Public
667D4F9B-76F9-43CB-9EF8-B065011E6588 IV40 8DH Balmacara Spar, Spar Balmacara Reraig Balmacara, Balmacara 24/7 Public
E5E1326B-B28F-4607-9273-AFBE01543CAC IV40 8DH Spar Balmacara, Reraig, Balmacara 24/7 Public
591DD5B2-41C6-4F2F-B86B-B06600A5D5F3 IV40 8DR Dornie & District Community Hall, Aird Point, Ardelve 24/7 Public
01E131E9-AC3F-417D-9C65-B06D00BA456B IV40 8DZ Heron View, Sallachy, Kyle 24/7 Public
9DA6DF43-0AED-43DB-BA2C-AAB800B0370E IV40 8EG H I E, Teaigh Fearna Lochalsh Business Park, Kyle Variable Public
E17E44C5-2686-4268-A815-B06400C4AD86 IV40 8HP Taransay, Ratagan, Glenshiel 24/7 Public
A5E29267-6FEF-4515-9355-AECB00F2882C IV40 8HQ Morvich Caravan Club, Morvich - Inchnacroe, Inverinate Variable Public
ACAD2016-6AA1-4C2F-9209-B01C00CB08DD IV40 8HT Letterfearn Opposite Old School, Old School, Duich House Access Road - Letterfearn - Totaig 24/7 Public
40E52559-015B-4206-A5B4-B06D00A2E52B IV40 8JD Glenelg Village Hall, Glenelg, Kyle Of Lochalsh 24/7 Public
C515A3FE-C4A4-4415-A8B1-B06500D81CDB IV40 8JH The Ceilidh House & Heritage Centre, Corran, By Kyle 24/7 Public
1B56DB03-4120-4C36-8079-AAB800D2FB05 IV40 8JR Glenelg Hall Public Toilets, Shiel Bridge - Mam Ratagan, Glenelg Village 24/7 Public
0D7F6BA0-08D5-4B09-ABC7-AFD201283494 IV40 8NX Raasay Fire Station, Suisnish Point - Inverarish - Brochel Road, Isle Of Raasay 24/7 Public
27F69716-9749-4366-85C9-B06D00DC508B IV40 8PD North Of Oscaig Lodge Raasay, Culnerferagh, South Oscaig 24/7 Public
0A193812-45D6-4319-80BD-AFF7013F446D IV41 8PL Bright Water Centre, The Peir, Kyleakin 24/7 Public
925798A7-5570-4DF3-A7E3-AD430131AE44 IV41 8PS Schiehallion, Achmore Road, Kyleakin 24/7 Restricted
AAE184E1-8A8B-4888-9ECF-AFE101258847 IV42 8NH Croft 6 (Private House), Croft 6, Kylerhea 24/7 Public
F1997AC9-FB5A-4AF2-B018-AFF100AD61F8 IV42 8PY Breakish Village Hall (A87), Breakish Village Hall, Breakish 24/7 Public
4C8B595F-6483-4EA8-8D80-AFDD00EFC447 IV43 8QR Hotel Eilean Iarmain, Sleat, Isle Of Skye 24/7 Public
F350FE82-7896-44C8-A96B-AE670075204D IV44 8RE Torabhaig Distillery, Land 100m Sw Of Torabhaig Distillery, A851 Isle Ornsay Junction - Sabhal Mor Ostaig Junction 24/7 Public
10EBBD73-683A-4111-AF66-ADFB008E8831 IV44 8RN Sleat Community Council, Tigh A Chiobair, Ord, Sleat, Isle Of Skye 24/7 Public
886B8409-A398-4A79-BB64-AFE100B03DE6 IV44 8RQ Arainn Ostaig, Arainn Ostaig Campus, Sabhal Mor Ostaig 24/7 Public
EE49773F-086C-4512-8774-AFE300E6D146 IV44 8RQ Arainn Chaluim Chille Campus, A851 Isle Ornsay Junction - Sabhal Mor Ostaig Junction, Teangue 24/7 Public
C95204F3-DE07-489E-80FB-AFEB00A4D0E5 IV45 8RN Aird Of Sleat (Private House), 12 Aird Of Sleat, Isle Of Skye 24/7 Public
B2067A8A-00B4-41B2-8A23-AFDA00D2CC83 IV45 8RS Armadale Ferry Terminal, Calmac Ferries Ltd Ferry Terminal, Armadale 24/7 Public
EE84F337-7FD5-4AB8-AF25-AFE40092DE5C IV45 8RS Armadale Stores, Sleat Community Trust Offices, Ardvasar 24/7 Public
3E0EBC74-5F0B-483B-ABAA-B094014FE1F3 IV46 8SA Tarskavaig (Rum View Self-Catering Cottage), 9 Tarskavaig, Sleat 24/7 Public
1C2C3D3F-B508-462F-9ECD-AF6501232034 IV47 8SL Minginish Community Hall, Portnalong, Carbost 24/7 Public
B46447BF-60D8-4686-AFDA-AF650125E010 IV47 8SR Carbost Medical Practice, Carbost 24/7 Public
A1E77575-8292-4F67-AB2F-AFFE0094AFF1 IV48 8TD Sconser Ferry Terminal, Sconser, Isle Of Skye 24/7 Public
09F56A89-133A-4C04-9AA6-B06800BB7EF6 IV49 9AB Growers Hub, Broadford, Isle Of Skye 24/7 Public
20A808D4-F7DA-497A-854D-AFEB00E5B5C5 IV49 9AB Macleods Of Skye (Old Tourist Office), Macleods Of Skye, Broadford 24/7 Public
EE43BD8C-267A-4D12-A8F5-B06800B7BDB4 IV49 9AE Broadford Village Hall, Broadford, Isle Of Skye 24/7 Public
93A42389-EAF5-45BD-9415-B06800B7B3E8 IV49 9AP West Highland College Broadford, Industrial Estate Broadford, Isle Of Skye 24/7 Public
2E88762C-082C-4154-A71B-B06800B7C4A1 IV49 9AQ Hebridean Inn, Harrapool, Broadford 24/7 Public
6BF93511-82F5-46B3-9868-B06800BB5E34 IV49 9BN Heaste - Angus Andersons Shed, Isle Of Skye, Iv49 9bn 24/7 Public
014BFD39-CCDA-4EC3-A44D-AEC900C1C06E IV5 7NX Kirkhill Community Centre, St Marys Road, Kirkhill 24/7 Public
0CA160FE-422D-46CD-8C1B-2DD349C524E4 IV51 9BS Highlands & Islands Enterprise Kings House- In Kitchen, The Green, Portree Variable Public
5BC92F04-1C2F-41E1-8C5A-AFDA00DB83E7 IV51 9BZ Portree Medical Centre, Fancy Hill, Portree Variable Restricted
42453637-3E7F-4B8D-BFCF-B08900D9BE1B IV51 9DE Portree Lifeboat Station, Lifeboat Station The Pier, Quay Street 24/7 Public
ADBEDF3E-C1A4-438B-8F6C-AFD900E0DE2D IV51 9DE The Pier Hotel, Quay Street, Portree 24/7 Restricted
0DA88886-32F3-4AE9-BFE3-AFCC00D1FCCA IV51 9DP 14 Kitson Crescent, Portree 24/7 Public
48C3E03C-1AC1-472D-879C-AFCD010582B7 IV51 9EH Lucky2bhere Office #1, Bank Of Scotland Offices, Somerled Square Variable Public
6ED5A22C-007F-4406-BA54-AB3B007D9802 IV51 9EH Sheriff Court, Portree Sheriff Court, Somerled Square Variable Public
899FD6A0-683B-4156-A0F7-AFF000B8C1D4 IV51 9EH Portree Police Station, Somerled Square, Portree 24/7 Public
8B8A753C-D4ED-4C4F-97D3-AFCC01049DA6 IV51 9EJ Tongadale Hotel, Wentworth Street, Portree Variable Public
CCBAF68A-EB32-4D89-8EA8-B00400F9794B IV51 9EP Tigh Na Sgire, Park Road, Portree Variable Public
2F08EC70-840A-45F1-8622-4C632C7206CE IV51 9ET High Life Highland, Fingal Centre, Viewfield Road Variable Restricted
6975A9B2-FD6B-481C-A5AF-AFCE00F2051A IV51 9ET Portree High School, Viewfield Road, Portree Variable Public
7EEE9930-2DD4-47AD-A63D-AFCD01057394 IV51 9EU Portree Filling Station, Viewfield Road, Portree 24/7 Public
F18C161C-1C88-4220-997B-AFCC01004CE0 IV51 9EU Portree Primary School, Blaven Road, Portree 24/7 Public
587EA8F6-8F59-49B7-B820-AFD900FC1CC5 IV51 9EW Tigh Na Drochaid, Bridge Road, Isle Of Skye Variable Public
0393053A-1E06-44EB-AA1E-4C9DDAA275E6 IV51 9GP On Wall To Lhs Of Reception Desk Of The Highland Council, Park Lane, Portree Variable Public
F92E6EA6-5813-4CA5-A008-B18D067348CF IV51 9HD Macgregor Industrial Supplies- At Rear Of Showroom, Dunvegan Road, Portree Variable Public
D9C981C7-0E36-424D-9F37-AFC700C969B0 IV51 9HF Howdens At Isle Of Skye, Dunvegan Road,, Portree Variable Restricted
5F575577-9D39-4C42-9D71-AFCC0116522A IV51 9HU Caley's Shed, 8 Torvaig, Portree, Portree 24/7 Public
AF81B7FC-2E78-4FFE-AA37-AD7A00A01B78 IV51 9JY Columba 1400, Staffin, Isle Of Skye 24/7 Public
27680003-D429-427E-AB38-B07D00E5F959 IV51 9NJ Hazelbank Gedintailor, 2 Balmeanach Township Road, The Braes 24/7 Public
B15E26D6-3EEE-4F81-BC6D-AFF500AA622A IV51 9NP Skeabost Country House Hotel, Skeabost, Isle Of Skye 24/7 Public
45FCC556-0D57-42C6-B4BF-AAB800E7F712 IV51 9NY The Cottage Drumorel Tayinloan, Suladale Road, Portree 24/7 Public
4C5A2A4D-6B00-4565-8BDE-B06D00CC9848 IV51 9PE Shanks Plumbing & Renewables, Unit C, Borve Industrial Units 24/7 Public
FA534031-BB56-4B13-ADC0-E913280ADA07 IV51 9PN Redwood House, Greshornish Road, Greshornish 24/7 Public
6112134E-E713-4F05-82DE-D2B88723B802 IV51 9PR On Side Of House, 7 Upper, Unnamed Road, Edinbane Portree 24/7 Public
31A68EEC-3070-425E-AC74-AAB800E86E25 IV51 9PT Land 100m South East Of Bramble Cottage Flashadder, 6 A850 Glenshornish Road Junction - Clachamish Junction, Edinbane 24/7 Public
168ABB7F-0714-4486-A929-99CE7F3584C4 IV51 9PW Land To South East Of Edinbane Hotel, Edinbane Loop Road, Edinbane 24/7 Public
367BD5B4-277A-4E79-8A64-D74AA8D4DBD8 IV51 9PX Fanks, 3 Fanks Edinbane, Edinbane 24/7 Public
1C3A5F90-AAE9-48CC-B619-B07D00E28912 IV51 9QH No 1 Conordon, 1 Conordon, Braes 24/7 Public
06F3427D-9C15-4C6F-BB25-AFCC0114B7CA IV51 9QU Lucky2bhere, Portree, Isle Of Skye 24/7 Restricted
57C764D2-0A0D-4D39-BCD9-B06500A8A9EB IV51 9XL Post Office (Former), 5 Earlish Road, Earlish 24/7 Public
72A81C3F-D8E7-472E-8DB7-AFDB010290A1 IV51 9XX Uig Filling Station, Uig, Isle Of Skye 24/7 Public
A788AA3D-1E8B-40EF-B0E5-AFDB01225633 IV51 9YN Whitewave Outdoor Centre, 19 Linicro, Kilmuir 24/7 Public
B9284981-DA3F-416F-9BBA-AF1900A9ACAF IV52 8TY Beech Cottage Achnandarach, Achnandarach - Achnahinich Road, Plockton 24/7 Public
B92605DE-1FA5-4FDF-A96D-B06D015250E3 IV53 8UP 1 Riverside Cottages (Private House), Braeintra, 1 Riverside Cottages, Braeintra Variable Restricted
4A93574F-F424-426D-A2EC-B06D009FB1FB IV54 8LP Applecross Community Hall, Applecross 24/7 Public
266D8165-BE18-48D0-84AB-B06D009FB8B7 IV54 8LR Applecross Inn, Shore Street, Applecross 24/7 Public
0A21765F-0ED5-4B8F-A96B-B02A00F9EDA3 IV54 8LU Applecross Surgery, Strathcarron, Applecross 24/7 Public
53BA7E12-A948-4F18-B0B3-B06D009FAB79 IV54 8ND Hartfield House Hostel (Old Venture Trust), Hartfield Road, Applecross 24/7 Public
5DD84F6D-0377-4E95-9276-B02A00F9E545 IV54 8ND Applecross Campsite, Applecross 24/7 Public
BAF34585-B3EC-420F-9E8A-B06E00D99951 IV54 8XA Kishorn Boatyard, Northwind Engineering, Russel Yard 24/7 Public
3E0C4FD0-13AD-40C4-95A9-89B13D88BCFF IV54 8XN Tigh An Eilean Hotel- On O/S Sea Facing Wall Nr Shop, General Area Of, Shieldaig Strathcarron 24/7 Public
2BE59E28-6D12-4DF1-81ED-B0690096B862 IV54 8YD Lochcarron Village Hall, Main Street, Lochcarron 24/7 Public
AE303BFC-E8D1-4F08-9534-B08900CB77F6 IV55 8GB Hallin Park, Hallin, Isle Of Skye 24/7 Public
77DE7C28-D3DE-48F9-AB88-B06F00E22E26 IV55 8GJ Knockbreck Primary School, Knockbreck Primary School Gillen Waternish, Isle Of Skye Highland United Kingdom Iv55 8gj, Hallin 24/7 Public
05046398-72B7-436E-A782-AFE700D751A3 IV55 8WF Macleod Tables Cafe, Dunvegan House, Macleod Estate, Dunvegan House 24/7 Public
F9EDC524-4503-49F6-977E-AED300BB3709 IV55 8ZT Three Chimneys, Colbost, Three Chimneys 24/7 Public
D2512E92-D379-4B6C-A6DD-AFE000FF2601 IV56 8FA Cioch Clothing Shop, 8 Balgowan, Struan 24/7 Public
A6D40A4E-C642-43ED-BE5C-AFDB007309F9 IV56 8FH Doune Shagarry Cottage Self-Catering (A863), Ose, Caroy 24/7 Public
69BEF21E-BE23-459F-964F-AAB90098A9D7 IV6 7SF Kilcoy Kindergarten (South), Blairdhu, Killearnan Variable Restricted
95BB5859-AC90-4F06-A970-785F31E96FC5 IV6 7SF Kilcoy Kindergarten (North), Kilcoy, Muir Of Ord 24/7 Public
7F52D614-A597-4DC0-A5E0-AB59010C5C44 IV6 7SQ Shore Road, Muir Of Ord 24/7 Public
EF1CB6F5-2BDB-4655-BE1C-AFE90087D02D IV6 7SX Muir Of Ord Golf Club, Great North Road, Muir Of Ord 24/7 Public
0263855E-C712-4F4A-99CA-B07D009BB9B0 IV6 7UT Fairburn House Nursing Home,, Fairburn House, Fairburn 24/7 Public
5E925DD1-E79A-4388-B650-B09000C58DE1 IV6 7WA Stoddart Crane Hire, Site 17, Tomich Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
3D20E97D-E73A-4573-8D9D-AE5F00E4C60D IV63 6TJ Balnain Primary School (Gurca), Balnain Primary School, Balnachdrach 24/7 Public
8A63377A-C5D0-43DB-A65F-AE8200E5CF49 IV63 6TW Forestry Crossroads Shenval, Glenurquhart, Drumnadrochit 24/7 Public
F33C8F8E-BF87-4EA9-ADEA-AE60010A4226 IV63 6TX Drumnadrochit Fire Station (Gurca), Drumnadrochit Fire Station, A82t Primrose Bay Access Road - A831 Junction 24/7 Public
B6EB961D-61A3-4112-BB46-AEE501105BDD IV63 6UL Great Glen Pharmacy, Lewiston Road, Lewiston 24/7 Public
87EAFF15-FE40-4EFD-8006-ADEB0147E775 IV63 6UX Craignay, Achtuie Road, Drumnadrochit 24/7 Restricted
03D5E784-7D25-425B-B645-B03E0101010D IV63 6XA Glenurquhart High School, Balmacaan Road, Drumnadrochit 24/7 Public
7555B5B2-5D52-4A09-9A33-AFC300D1A3A0 IV63 6XH Robin Cottage Grotaig, 1 Bunloit Road, Drumnadrochit Variable Restricted
E923A252-5EF7-4216-8F47-AABE00AD9528 IV63 7YA Millennium Village Hall, Invermoriston 24/7 Public
B085F0BB-2F7E-419C-B5E7-A62D89DAA656 IV63 7YJ The Hub- On Building, General Area Of, Glenmoriston Inverness 24/7 Public
BBBC5BC4-439B-492F-92AC-AFEB010C7350 IV63 7YJ Dundreggan Rewilding Centre, A887, Glenmoriston Variable Public
34442BB1-22D8-4420-87E1-D092676BE8F6 IV7 8BE Ben Wyris Primary School, The Leanaig Centre Reception, Leanaig Road, Conon Bridge Dingwall Variable Public
5FDE9D97-1FD1-4CE3-BDA3-AB1F00ECB827 IV7 8DG Camanachd Association, 18 Beinn View, Conon Bridge Variable Restricted
34C6B64C-5C35-479A-9A4C-B09E009F0D74 IV7 8JH Torwood, B9169 Culbokie - Main Street, Culbokie 24/7 Public
D436AA3C-E42F-407C-BE0D-AAC200EB3DAE IV7 8LL Bog Of Resolis, Balblair, Dingwall 24/7 Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 41 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n471823141 inside phone box in Bettyhill
MZ n920600883
MZ n2840316449 inside old red phone box Big Sand
MZ n3548407184 outside Plockton Boat Shed on harbourside
MZ n3548407318 outside Plockton Village Hall, Harbour Street
MZ n3681358757
MZ n4085560333 Located inside old red Telephone Kiosk
MZ n4142487675 outside Achmore and Stromeferry Hall
MZ n4147167624
MZ n4421077720
MZ n5115312121 outside Lochcarron Village Hall - to right of entrance
MZ n5735084034
MZ n5747608029 outside Sligachan Hotel next to red phone box and post box
MZ n6046692003 On wall of small building
MZ n6469832026 Highland Council
MZ n6469843345 Lucky2BHere
MZ n6738700377
MZ n7932840163 on front wall of shop
MZ n8108500498 outside door to toilets
MZ n9063939203 outside Invergarry Post Office
MZ n9335622662 on wall of forest classroom
MZ n9893725299 outside Dundonnell Community Clinic
MZ n9936075351 On gable end of long house, right next to the road
MZ n9942428994
MZ n10086080318 outside Stratherrick Public Hall
MZ n10255814906 Mounted on outside wall next to the way in
MZ n10291400406
MZ n10719661298
MZ n10719661299
MZ n10815643962
MZ n10890366327 Outside firestation
MZ n10900911054 outside Kinlochbervie Village Hall
MZ n10927010635 Outside bungalow by Ratagan bus stop
MZ n11036907302 Green box on external side wall of garages
MZ n11053858607 Next to the roundabout
MZ n11101328153
MZ n11112618105
MZ n11112628406 On the wall near the entrance of visitor centre
MZ n11167629238 On outside of Castle Street Church
MZ n11228764947
MZ n11378058141

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 46 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
54E6C1E8-112B-4AE2-ACA3-B07B00F025D2 IV1 1HY Uhi Student Accommodation Inverness, 7 Inverness Campus, Inverness n11041886078 Castle Wynd. On pole outside steps to Inverness Museum & Art Gallery 35 m
0534DE0E-640C-411E-B62D-AFE800A2E1DA IV1 1PX Entrance To Union Street Victorian Market Arcade, Union Street, Inverness n11029879251 Union Street. Outside Begg on lamppost 24 m
0B85BC88-6287-4735-A772-AFE800A2E79E IV1 1PQ Entrance To Queensgate Victorian Market Arcade, 7-9 Queensgate, Inverness n11041886079 Union Street. On pole between Begg and Victorian Market 34 m
564E5B82-76E3-450C-8005-AEE8007BEF97 IV1 1ES John M Munro, 103 Church Street, Inverness n11041886077 On pole outside MacDougall Clansman Hotel 16 m
FD8BA856-3D07-4833-A564-AFE800A2DD9C IV1 1JT Near To Academy Street/Falcon Square Taxi Rank, Near 8-10 Academy Street, Inverness n11135057838 At the entrance to the Victorian Market 68 m
850B43DB-28C7-4E73-A4F0-B07400AD2A92 IV1 1EN Flat 2 Bow Court, 76 Church Street, Inverness n11041886076 Inside Cafe 1668 27 m
45F8D49C-416D-49EF-814C-AC8100B59EE8 IV1 1LR Scotrail, Inverness Station, Academy Street n11041886075 Inverness Railway Station. Inside Staff Office 10 m
BCC9FE24-0B1A-4559-9EEB-740156B9EBC0 IV11 8YR Lhs Of Building Near Front Door At Victoria Hall, 18 High Street, Cromarty n7172216215 20 m
AC4BE492-3952-45EB-AA29-AFE4014BF2C6 IV12 4BE B Clark Butchers, 5a Leopold Street, Nairn n11273840545 42 m
F6B54EEA-4446-41BB-BFB4-AD9B55FDF71C IV15 9JD Scotrail Railways Ltd, Dingwall Station, Station Road n9041823591 outside Dingwall Station by entrance 19 m
60EE17E4-4A2C-4815-B0DB-AC95008DD28A IV18 0LW Invergordon Social Club, Castle Avenue, Invergordon n9507690453 17 m
6753B300-1A70-4A08-8F26-B06400A8BAAE IV2 6TR Dores Inn (B862), The Dores Inn, B862 n9056371912 On north wall of Dores Inn 79 m
29EC97A2-2AE8-4434-BA47-ADD200BB62FF IV2 5XL Daviot Hall, Daviot Village Road, Inverness n8645430774 on front wall of village hall 11 m
ABD1B967-33B3-48F8-8626-2B16ED290235 IV2 7GD Office Between Argos And Pets At Home, Eastfield Way, Inverness Business & Retail Pa n6913561759 on wall of cabin 29 m
979D19A1-53EE-4F6F-BA82-B06700E89984 IV21 2BP Gairloch Community Hall, Achtercairn, Gairloch n4018341971 79 m
7723D802-2DD4-40F6-BDDC-AC00008A92B9 IV22 2EE Achnasheen Village Hall, 4 Arthurs Terrace, Achnasheen n9977858706 On right hand wall of entrance porch of station building/village hall. Outside the front door and ac 28 m
7133 IV24 3BS Telephone Box, Sutherland n799318101 inside old red phone box 8 m
A5C2622D-1184-4E75-B7E9-2215F1364E6F IV24 3DW Inside Telephone Box, Unnamed Road, Culrain Ardgay n2061976336 inside red phone box, Culrain 6 m
4323 IV24 3DW Telephone Box, Sutherland n2061976336 inside red phone box, Culrain 5 m
ACCB12D0-B61A-4DEE-89F4-7C10626014CA IV25 3LW Royal Dornoch Golf Club, Golf Road, Dornoch n9948158094 on wall of clubhouse 8 m
FE45498B-B774-4D88-ADBE-B49058D772C1 IV27 4PQ Reay Forest Estate- In Black And White Phone Box, General Area Of, Achfary Lairg n3087447130 inside black and white phone box outside Achfary Primary School 43 m
692726E4-981C-49BA-861C-ABE800C954E7 IV27 4SX Scourie Public Toilets, 1 A894, Scourie n9523092149 outside toilets in Scourie 3 m
EADE7CAB-DC1E-49F7-9F3D-ABE800CCEF9C IV27 4SS Tarbet Public Toilets, Tarbet Harbour n9523080401 outside toilets next to phone box in Tarbet 8 m
D269BB30-6ECE-4B50-8AC7-1D4F14C4E5B1 IV27 4XF Tongue And Skerray Aed, The Royal Bank Of Scotland- On External Wall General Area Of, Tongue Lairg n6712669834 building wall 8 m
432A510F-E769-408A-94D6-AAF100D83CFB IV3 5SA Eden Court, Eden Court Theatre, Bishops Road n11173368788 24 m
B82F3315-0463-4590-B0B4-AB6E00A18D26 IV3 5LE Crown Vets Canalside, 89-91 Telford Street, Inverness n7939999396 on front wall of vets 8 m
66B2145F-7A17-4C26-8433-AB6F010EED20 IV30 1BX The Moray Council Offices, High Street, Elgin n10073576162 71 m
780E8E7A-5FBD-4418-A5B0-AC5DCAFB14B0 IV30 1UD Town Hall, North Street, Elgin n9986629259 outside elgin Town Hall - facing Cumming Street 13 m
0668BB08-23E2-4146-9463-67940C224E13 IV30 5UQ Burghead Free Church, Grant Street, Burghead n7851268666 15 m
EC92913D-7D6F-473C-A17D-AE8300FE5BD3 IV30 5RY The Boatyard, East Beach, Seapark n7851268676 80 m
9751136E-8939-4C46-A5FD-AEA80149C7CB IV31 6DJ 16 Clifton Road, Lossiemouth n11379260416 13 m
B8D1B5BC-DBF2-4B1C-AB6E-415F5B42A221 IV32 7NQ In Phonebox Next To Bus Stop, High Street, Garmouth Fochabers n9064868830 inside red phone box in community garden, High Street, Garmouth 23 m
F639ADDB-9C17-46F2-86FB-203D0A9A812F IV36 2SA Inside Telephone Box Houldsworth Institute, Village Hall, Main Road n11132491584 inside old phone box outside Dallas Village Hall 30 m
F14CE5C4-BACA-4D94-BF1A-72E1E3F76739 IV4 7LN Cannich Stores- On Rhs Of Wall, Unnamed Road, Cannich Beauly n5298610129 29 m
3D47D15A-1D8C-47BD-A2AE-ACA70177A421 IV4 7HH Kiltarlity Community Council, Kiltarlity Hall, Kiltarlity - Eskadale - Struy n4154274095 9 m
7C0CB7C7-1356-48FA-B31A-A4CBF7DA4259 IV4 7EH Phipps Institute/Hall- On O/S Of Building Facing Car Park, Station Road, Beauly n8001539594 front wall of Phipps Hall 9 m
2DD917A7-4F93-492B-9936-AFF7013F40CC IV41 8PQ Kyleakin Community Hall, Kyleakin Roundabout, Kyleakin n11009130520 outside Kyleakin Community Centre - to left of entrance 76 m
D383BFF3-82B0-41EC-869B-AFF700DE9AC9 IV49 9BJ Community Centre, Elgol Jetty Road, Elgol n10963369329 8 m
93786EC0-C7F3-4F50-9EF6-AFEE00B2440A IV51 9LL Peinachorran Phone Box, Peinachorran, Braes n1311822556 inside a former red phone box 26 m
988B42A9-8433-4FC9-9A2F-AFCD01056BBC IV51 9BX Royal Bank Of Scotland Portree, Bank Street, Portree n9111715956 outside Royal Bank of Scotland 14 m
F48BA9F8-9022-42CA-A6D1-AFF000B8B3DF IV51 9EH Portree Police, Police Station, Somerled Square n9111715955 outside the police station 11 m
E5630009-AD53-4076-8F3A-B06F00D79C67 IV55 8GD 25 Lochbay Waternish, 25 Lochbay Waternish Isle Of Skye Highland United Kingdom Iv55 8gd, Hallin n10990203753 20 m
B4329714-B573-46F5-B75E-B08900CA8DEF IV55 8GD Brae Fasach Lochbay, B886 Fairy Bridge - Stein Road, Waternish n10990203755 71 m
7E27CB9E-CED8-4D28-952E-B06F00E0F846 IV55 8GN Upper Halistra, 2 Hallin Church Trumpan Road, Hallin n10990203754 12 m
A760CBE8-19C7-4573-94F6-AE2200F0545D IV7 8JH Findon Hall Management Committee, Torwood, B9169 Dunvournie - Main Street n2280092971 inside telephone box, Culbokie 21 m
E7887692-4C84-4694-914E-A569BAD197D1 IV9 8PT 37 High Street, Avoch n11147040154 on the outside wall 11 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 16 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
FD093816-EB8D-4F2D-9FC9-AC7A00E443CE IV12 5UP Old Post Office House, B9007 Lochindorb Road Junction - A939 Junction, Glenferness n11057522805 26 m
9C875D57-E5C7-4C1C-AEF7-ABD3013438E9 IV12 5XP Cawdor Village Store, Cawdor, Nairn n7983011115 on post beside road 295 m
0875827B-1CC8-46AB-9528-E200C1EF0FD0 IV15 9RU Snp Constituency Office, 29 High Street, Dingwall n9917712907 front of building, on High Street 219 m
8BA32E23-036A-4EC2-9912-AAE600C0B06B IV22 2LD Poolewe Village Hall, Poolewe Hall, Poolewe n9384201966 outside Poolewe Hall 210 m
04FB1C7C-5802-4231-A9D8-AEF601098C2C IV24 3BS Croick Telephone Box, Ardgay n799318101 inside old red phone box 110 m
416CE360-2676-4C8E-BD82-B066009B986A IV27 4JY Lochinver Stores (Spar), Lochinver Stores, 10 Main Street n11187618037 On outside wall of Spar shop and Post Office, around the corner to the right of the entrance. 15 m
40C6E76A-0590-4987-B963-B02000EAC605 IV3 8LB Abriachan Village Hall, Abriachan, Inverness n9335614809 on wall of hall, next to main entrance 9 m
3568813E-1375-4B41-9463-AFD2012A1DCF IV30 8SL Fogwatt Hall, Fogwatt n10568820792 outside Fogwatt Hall 311 m
39D3194E-4F39-495A-A531-397F148BBC33 IV30 5XY Mount View Cummingston, Main Street, Cummingston n7847431489 1614 m
ACCE0233-52A8-49FC-BFA8-28DE7410FD18 IV32 7NP Inside Red Telephone Box, Beach Road, Kingston Fochabers n9064850663 inside red phone box, beach Road, Kingston on Spey 375 m
78C2D09F-A613-4A60-9198-5073FEB2672F IV4 7JS Struy Inn, Struy - River Glass Bridge, Struy n4204791209 outside Struy Inn 12 m
82DD56AF-3C99-4B58-9327-5B42E8FA154E IV4 7AG In Porch At Main Entrance To Kilmorack Community Hall, Main Cannich Road, Torgormack n4509186460 167 m
CB9F4ACA-D485-4515-9F6B-AF650131F5BB IV47 8TA Fairy Pools Car Park, Road To Glenbrittle, Carbost n8910219582 On the outside wall of the toilets 4545 m
F8C7E1FF-1133-4153-9679-AFEE00AF2D2D IV49 9BA Amy's Place Tea Room, Elgol Road, Torrin n8963814359 outside Amy's Place Tea Room, Torrin 687 m
F3540A43-6871-4C98-8D0A-ADF700B87C89 IV55 8WJ Glendale Community Hall, Lephin, Glendale n9112018988 outside main door of Glendale Community Centre 205 m
C7A2D1D8-F762-4BC8-968F-ADCD0132FB05 IV8 8ND The Phonebox, Central Carpark, Millbank Road n391844739 inside old phone box now used as book exchange by car park in Munlochy 204 m

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