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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'SO' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the AED location data from the Ambulance Services in Open Street Map. (Even if there was, many are located only by postcode, so the locations are not always precise.) So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list (orange for AEDs that may not be available 24/7, yellow for AEDs not generally available for public use, and red for everything else). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects . For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Postcode Location Ref
SO20 8AX Broughton Village Hall
SO20 8DA Broughton Sports Field
SO51 0PN Braishfield Village Hall
SO21 2AJ Shepherd's Down School
SO41 8DJ Belmore Lodge Care Home
SO41 8NQ Court Lodge Care Home
SO42 7ZE Brockenhurst College
SO40 4US Lloyd Recreation Ground
SO51 0LP Mottisfont Social Club
SO23 0HX Galliford Try
SO24 9TQ Swarraton Village Hall
SO16 7QJ Southampton Science Park
SO18 1UB Millbrook Healthcare Care Agency
SO51 6BR West Wellow Village Hall
SO15 0LE Kimbridge Fishing Hut
SO15 4JA Solent Blinds & Curtains
SO14 3ZH Southampton University
SO16 7QF Southampton University 176
SO17 1BF Southampton University 65
SO17 1BJ Southampton University 18
SO17 1BJ Southampton University 36
SO17 1BJ Southampton University 37
SO17 1BJ Southampton University 6
SO17 1BJ Southampton University 6
SO17 1BJ Southampton University 7
SO17 2JL Southampton University
SO23 8DL Winchester School of Art
SO32 8DL Southampton University 63
SO16 0YL Nursling & Rowhams Village Hall
SO21 3EW South Wonston Village Hall
SO14 1LT St Mary's Surgery
SO19 9RL St Peter's Surgery
SO50 9JD Fleming House Care Home
SO50 5FS Eastleigh College
SO30 3HP Oakland's Care Home
SO45 1XA Blackfield Primary School
SO51 7JL Durban House Nursing Home
SO21 2NR Sparsholt Memorial Hall
SO32 1HP 2 Preshaw House
SO24 0PN Alresford Golf Club
SO42 7ZN Beaulieu Motor Museum
SO45 4PT St Andrew's Church
SO22 5DF Winchester Prison
SO32 1DS Clear Dentistry
SO15 2GD Polygon Dental
SO20 6PW The Crown Inn Public House
SO53 3AP Vital Family Dental Care
SO43 7NY Lyndhurst Community Centre
SO45 1WE Merrystead Dental Practice
SO16 8AH Rownhams Community Centre
SO16 4RJ Rgents Park Surgery
SO30 3HA Quality & Caring Dentistry
SO24 0PA St James' Church
SO45 6AU Blue Funnel Ferries Ltd. (Hythe Ferry)
SO51 6FP Hatchell Inn Public House
SO45 4SB Orchard Junior School
SO50 9FD Eastleigh House
SO40 3ZA ASDA Superstore
SO31 5AE Hound Parish Council Office
SO30 2EZ Hedge End Bowling Club
SO53 3GY Velmore Centre
SO18 3RA Townhill Farm Community Centre
SO30 3FE West End Parish Council
SO24 9JJ First Option Limited
SO24 9DH Phone Box (Red)
SO21 3RY Barton Stacey Church of England
SO53 5NP Hiltingbury Junior School
SO32 1HF Upham Millenium Village Hall
SO41 5SB Wightlink IOW Ferries
SO45 4JF Little Haven Nursing & Residential Home
SO43 7HH New Forest Nursing Home Sentinel Healthcare Ltd
SO51 6FD Waverley Lodge Nursing Home
SO18 2NL Southampton International Airport Arrivals
SO18 2NL Southampton International Airport Departures
SO18 2NL Southampton International Airport Fire Truck
SO18 2NL Southampton International Airport Main Concourse
SO23 9SD Hospital of St Cross
SO14 7FP Capita Guildhall Square
SO21 1UU Colden Common Community Centre
SO50 4FZ Crestwood College
SO18 2RZ PEI Genesis UK Ltd
SO42 7RX Woodpeckers Care Home
SO16 3GJ Cantell School
SO40 4SX Marchwood Village Hall
SO50 5PE Lakeside Country Park
SO21 1PL Hockley Golf Club
SO16 6AY Shirley Warren Primary & Nursery School
SO42 7RB Tesco Express
SO50 6LA The Hub
SO20 6AT Chibolton Village Hall
SO20 6BA Abbots Mitre
SO20 6BD Chilbolton War Memorial Pavilion
SO50 5QF Cherbourg Primary School
SO32 3LB George & Falcon
SO22 6QL Littleton Millennium Memorial Hall
SO32 2HE Curdrige Reading Room Village Hall
SO32 3RB Droxford Village Hall
SO40 3GX Totton Health & Leisure Centre
SO21 2JL Hursley Cricket Ground
SO50 5PN Tesco Metro
SO22 5AR Western Church of England Primary
SO24 9BW Alresford Dental Surgery
SO45 6DY Hythe Marina
SO18 3NG Inspire Dentistry
SO30 2UH Sainsburys Superstore
SO45 3RF The Glen Pub
SO24 9TT Candover Valley Club
SO20 6LP Houghton Village Hall
SO30 4DY Greta Park Pavilion
SO51 6ZE Hampshire Collegiate Senior School
SO51 8YZ Romsey Town Hall
SO32 2UA Macdonald Botley Park Hotel & Spa
SO51 9ZF The Potters Heron Hotel
SO53 4HW Knightwood Primary School
SO40 3ZX Tottonian's Rugby Club
SO40 4WR Southampton Football Club
SO50 6AD Radian Group
SO31 4NR BP Hamble Jetty, BP Oil UK Ltd
SO41 8HH Pennington Sports & Social Club
SO23 8UJ Hampshire County Council Offices
SO40 9LA New Forest Enterprise Centre
SO21 1QY Twyford Parish Hall
SO41 9AP Tesco Metro
SO51 0GF Dunwood Oaks Centre
SO51 7QN British Red Cross
SO51 7NY Woodley Village Hall
SO40 4AD Marchwood Yacht Club
SO19 0EQ Valentine Primary School
SO21 2JW Hursley Parish Hall
SO30 2LE Wellstead Primary School
SO45 5JA Tesco Superstore
SO16 7LT Red Lodge Community Pool
SO53 4SJ Knightwood Leisure Centre
SO22 4NY Marlfield House Dental Care
SO16 4EQ Test District Guide Centre
SO31 9HG Caravan 63, Solent Breezes
SO14 3HU Dentistry@OceanaBoulevard
SO41 8LE Our Lady & St Joseph Catholic Primary School
SO19 2QB Spring Road Dental Practice
SO51 8BY Beauchamp House Dental Surgery
SO23 7RS Tesco Extra
SO17 1BJ Southampton University 32
SO17 1BJ Southampton University 52
SO17 1BJ Southampton University 6
SO50 5PE Southampton University
SO42 7ZN Beaulieu Motor Museum
SO15 0HW Two Saints Ltd
SO22 6RX Peter Symmonds College
SO22 6RX Peter Symmonds College
SO22 6RX Peter Symmonds College Mercer Staff Room
SO22 6DR Peter Symonds College
SO31 1BH Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubillee Activities Cent
SO43 7HE Bramshaw Golf Club
SO51 6BD Wellow Golf Club
SO31 8DN Jolly Sailor Public House
SO42 7XG Royal Souhampton Yacht Club
SO40 4BL Marchwood Industrial Estate
SO50 7PS Lapstone Pavilion Playing Fields
SO32 2AR Durley Memorial Hall
SO50 5ZA Barton Peverill College
SO24 9HF Stratton Bates Recreation Ground
SO31 9GH Warsash Tennis Club
SO51 9BJ Ampfield Village Hall
SO23 7QN The Cart & Horses Public House
SO17 2GD Portswood Solent Surgery
SO53 2DW Thornden Hall School Foyer
SO53 2DW Thornden School Reception
SO23 9BH City Bridge Dental
SO24 9NB Sun Hill Infant School
SO41 0FP Hordle Sports and Community Pavilion/ Parish Offic
SO24 9QW Cedar Veterinatyr Surgery
SO15 8TA Costco Warehouse UK
SO24 9EP Alresford Recreation Centre
SO24 9PP Alresford Community Centre
SO30 2EA Botley Market Hall
SO32 3LG Hampshire Hogs Cricket Club
SO42 7YA Beaulieu Village Hall
SO45 1BR Calshot Activities Centre
SO45 2HW Cadland Primary School
SO30 2ES Botley High Street Public Toilets
SO30 2RA Eastleigh Borough Council
SO31 1ZL Premier Swanick Marina
SO21 3NE Lower Norton Farm Workshop
SO31 8ES Bursledon Surgery
SO32 3GZ Corhampton Golf Club
SO21 1LU Owsleybury Village Hall
SO40 2RZ Tatchbury Mount Hospital
SO40 2RZ Tatchbury Mount Hospital
SO40 2RZ Tatchbury Mount Hospital
SO40 2RZ Tatchbury Mount Hospital
SO40 2RZ Tatchbury Mount Hospital
SO40 2TA Woodhaven Hospital
SO40 2TA Woodhaven Hospital
SO40 2TA Woodhaven Hospital
SO50 5SG Anytime Fitness
SO21 3RW Barton Stacey Village Hall
SO45 5TN Applemore Health & Leisure Centre
SO51 0HG Awbridge Village Hall
SO31 9FR River Hamble Harbour Office
SO14 2AQ Peer 1 Hosting
SO41 8FZ The Musketeer
SO31 9HG Chalet 43, Solent Breezes
SO53 4DG Chandlers Ford Dialysis Unit
SO32 2JN Shirrell Heath Methodist Church
SO45 1GA Gang Warily Recreation Centre
SO18 6AN Bitterne Conservative Club
SO32 2JB Shedfield Parish Council Offices
SO15 2PU Emily Davies Halls of Residence
SO31 4QH Copse Lane Dental Practice
SO53 5NP Hiltingbury Community Centre
SO51 6ZE Hampshire Collegiate Senior School Sports Hall
SO21 2ET Otterbourne Village Hall
SO32 2LD Waltham Chase Methodist Church
SO50 9SJ Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters
SO24 9RR Phone Box at Home Close
SO42 7WD Phone Box Opposite the Village Shop
SO21 3PQ Phone Box
SO15 1GJ Southampton University
SO14 5QY Solent Medical Skills
SO32 2AA Robin Hood Public House
SO43 7FY Trusty Servant Public House
SO22 4QB Sainsburys Superstore
SO15 1QF West Quay Shopping Centre
SO41 0JQ Everton Post Office
SO41 6FT River of Life Church
SO40 2NZ Copythorne Parish Hall
SO31 6DX Lockswood Community Centre
SO43 7BU New Forest Small School
SO45 1AH Exbury Club
SO17 2LB Sainsburys Superstore
SO40 3SS Toolbank
SO23 7DD Hyde Abbey Bowls Club
SO51 0NJ Jubilee Hall
SO45 4ZF Noadswood School
SO45 3QR St Anne's Neighbourhood Centre
SO31 1BS Burridge Village Hall
SO45 4RQ Applemore College
SO14 2NW Telephone House Surgery
SO45 4JA Forestside Medical Centre
SO18 3HW Haskins Garden Centre
SO19 9DX Max 99p Store
SO31 7ZN Marina Office
SO32 1JJ Upham Pavilion
SO43 7EW Lyndhurst Surgery
SO16 8HY Sainsburys Superstore
SO41 9GJ Wistaria Surgery
SO42 7RY Brockenhurst Surgery
SO50 4JT Shakespeare Junior School
SO14 7SJ Marlands Shopping Centre
SO42 7PG Brockenhurst Masonic Centre
SO22 6EL The Friarsgate Practice
SO24 9RE Bighton Village Hall
SO14 0YG Royal South Hampshire Hospital
SO15 2EY Stillwells LLP
SO50 4QP MyDentist
SO31 6DX Clock Tower @ Locks Heath Shopping Centre
SO50 5SF The Swan Shopping & Leisure Centre
SO31 4NQ Blackthorn Health Centre
SO31 4NQ Blackthorn Health Centre
SO51 8GL Crosfield Hall
SO53 3DA goPhysio
SO32 2HW Phone Box on Church Road
SO15 5PQ Damira Shirley Walk In Centre
SO19 9EF Woolston Library
SO23 7NJ Worthies Sports & Social Club
SO24 0QA Cheriton Primary School
SO31 8BZ Bursledon Village Hall
SO53 2DW Thornden School Tennis Pavilion
SO52 9EP North Baddesley Infant School
SO52 9DT North Baddesley Village Hall
SO21 3HP South Wonston Sports and Recreation Pavilion
SO31 8BU The Linden Tree Public House
SO43 7FZ Denny Wood Campsite
SO41 0TR The River Warden’s Observation Tower
SO41 9HB Alexandra Meadows
SO41 0JD Efford Park Offices
SO20 6QX Rookley Farm Office Building
SO23 7PJ Lionel Tubbs Hall & Kings Worthy Community Centre
SO22 4EZ Oliver's Battery Dental Surgery
SO23 8AW Westgate Chambers
SO21 2RU South Central Ambulance Service
SO41 8FP Woodside Pavilion
SO40 7GE Netley Marsh Community Hall
SO31 9NZ Locks Heath Infant School
SO21 2AZ Phone Box at Martin Fields
SO21 2BL Phone Box adjacent to Misson Hall
SO23 7NB Tesco Express
SO43 7JF Bentley Hampshire
SO40 8AD Morrisons
SO21 3RD Bullington Village Hall
SO14 5QL Marina Office Building
SO23 9LJ Winchester City Council Offices
SO23 9GH Guildhall Winchester
SO43 7FD The Oak Inn, Public House
SO18 5RT Bitterne Precinct Public Toilet
SO19 7TB Itchen Sixth Form College
SO52 9GR Phone Box opposite Amberley Close
SO52 9EA North Baddesley Sports Pavilion
SO24 0AH Bishop's Sutton Village Hall
SO22 6DR Weeke Primary School
SO52 9ER All Saints' Church
SO22 6DS St Barnabas Church
SO14 5QF Saxon Wharf Marina Office
SO31 4NN Hamble Yacht Services Ltd
SO31 4NB Hamble Point Marina
SO31 4QD Port Hamble Marina
SO31 4HQ Mercury Yacht Harbour
SO42 7YQ The Toilet Block, Ferny Crofts Scout Activity Cent
SO22 5AZ The Westgate School
SO14 5JP Ocean Safety Ltd
SO17 2HW South Western Arms
SO23 7DD The Cricket Pavilion at North Walls Recreation Gro
SO23 7DD River Park Leisure Centre
SO14 5QF Ocean Safety Ltd
SO32 2PF Swanmore Village Hall
SO31 4NH CooperVision Manufacturing
SO43 7NG SCiA Fenwick Health & Wellbeing Centre
SO14 5AP European Metal Recycling (EMR)
SO51 7JF Amber Integrated Controls & Automation
SO22 6LB The Henry Beaufort School Gate
SO41 9AG New Look
SO24 0DU Phone Box outside the Parish Hall
SO31 9HW The Victory Hall
SO21 1BQ Itchen Abbas and Avington Village Hall
SO45 1DD Jubilee Hall
SO16 6TS Isaac Watts Church
SO53 4LY CooperVision Manufacturing
SO14 2LF YMCA Bugle House
SO14 0LG YMCA George Williams House
SO30 2GH YMCA Fairthorne Manor
SO53 3TG Moore Blatch
SO41 9ZQ Moore Blatch
SO14 1XA Kimber Student Residence
SO14 3NJ Deanery Student Residence
SO40 3WW Ultimate Healthcare
SO51 0AE Thrive Architects Ltd
SO52 9DQ Hendrickse Dental Health
SO23 7AB St John Ambulance
SO31 5FA Abbey Hall
SO31 5FR Hound Parish Hall
SO31 5EA Tankerville Sports Pavilion
SO14 2BW Unite the Union
SO14 7FY SeaCity Museum
SO22 5AZ The Westgate School
SO50 7PD Horton Heath Community Centre
SO50 7FA Woodland Centre
SO20 6AT Chilbolton Village Hall
SO45 1GA Gang Warily Recreation Centre
SO50 7PS Lapstone Pavillion

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

OSM Object Ref Location
n7731880165 On outside wall of The King Lud

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM object within 300m of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn.

Ref Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location MR Offset
SO30 2AD Drummond Community Centre n3700251380 59 m
SO32 1AA Kings Church n4140284418 Mounted on the wall of King's Church, Bishop's Waltham 13 m
SO24 9RX Phone Box at Lower Wield House n4157001389 334 m
SO20 6DP Longstock Village Hall n4166529330 229 m
SO51 8BZ Heatherstone Dental Surgery n4206061289 77 m
SO30 3HQ High Wood Barn Visitor Centre n4268732616 467 m
SO51 0JG Lockerley Memorial Hall n4279974452 37 m
SO31 6DX Locks Heath Shopping Centre n4439787280 12 m
SO51 6DE Rockingham Arms Public House n4486138303 160 m
SO40 2LL Fourways Stors & Bartley Post Office n4795513131 This is an outdoor defibrillator on the wall of the store and post office. 114 m
SO53 2LE Fryern Hill Pavilion n4795630614 204 m
SO21 3LS The Wonston Arms n4874946939 80 m
SO32 3PF Soberton Village Hall n4904879081 120 m
SO14 5FE Basepoint Business Centre n4979474821 355 m
SO32 1EP Bishops Waltham Junior School n5049733566 236 m
SO50 7BG St. Thomas Church n5413076523 66 m
SO45 6BP St John's Church Hall n5427853159 outside St Johns Hall, Hythe 41 m
SO24 9LZ Alresford Bowls Club n5536544987 31 m
SO24 9PW Phone Box n5536571959 43 m
SO21 3JH Sutton Scotney Fire Station n5622362052 73 m
SO31 7AA Sarisbury Green Community Centre n5659361847 90 m
SO31 9GP Phone Box @ Warsash n5887255148 Red Telephone Box 149 m
SO41 0QG The Cooperative n6058056188 60 m
SO24 0PB Milbury's Public House n6116985566 124 m
SO21 3PT No.2 Hunton Down Lane n6191145930 80 m
SO42 7SJ Forest Oaks Nursing Home n6652934594 121 m
SO40 2PB 2nd New Forest North Scout Group Headquarters n6680175386 146 m
SO41 8FZ Lymington Health & Leisure Centre n6746039482 103 m
SO21 2PY Crawley Village Hall n6781628537 388 m
SO41 3SE Lymington Harbour Commissioners n6853861931 110 m
SO40 7BE Co-Operative Food Store n7761169730 wall 26 m

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