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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'WR' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. This website is not intended for use in an emergency. If you require urgent medical assistance, call 999 now.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 538 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
36C59A0E-9063-43DA-97EF-AFD3009BC1BC WR1 1DB Tesco Worcestor, 8-10 Foregate Street, Worcester Variable Public
3C9C71AC-4EBC-4062-B219-B04300B413DB WR1 1DJ Allen Gears / Baker Hughes (First Floor – Rear), Vinegar Works, 39 Foregate Street Variable Restricted
D5432F27-441C-405F-81F0-AE5400DBB10C WR1 1DL Citizens Advice Worcester, The Hopmarket, The Foregate Variable Restricted
E1D7B958-D1F4-4BED-954E-B00300B03FCC WR1 1HL 7 Surman Street, Worcester 24/7 Public
966F6E26-4BB8-4526-ABD5-AF8F00C208DA WR1 1LN Baptist Church Trustees, Car Park At Worcester Baptist Church, Sansome Walk 24/7 Public
155FA31B-58F0-472F-9834-6DAD7F085CDF WR1 1NS St Marys Church Hall, Northfield Street, Worcester 24/7 Public
F320A1F0-6258-447F-90F9-B09D00796326 WR1 1RD St Georges C Of E Primary School, St Georges Lane North, Worcester Variable Public
95320009-D7A3-48CB-8DE2-1E50F3CBE892 WR1 1RU Thorneloe Lodge Surgery 29, Barbourne Road, Worcester Variable Public
179126D5-3B36-4FE1-BA99-AF1700CB3F66 WR1 2BS Worcester City Council, St Martins Gate Multi-Storey Car Park, George Street 24/7 Public
3FB484A7-754B-473C-ACA5-3B4F6965B085 WR1 2BS Spring Gardens Group Medical Practices, Spring Gardens, Worcester Variable Restricted
539A0B8A-12C8-46D4-A7A0-AE7000F67B93 WR1 2DA Puregym, 11 St Martins Quarter, Worcester 24/7 Restricted
513D8068-45A0-4F50-A496-B0A5007C82FC WR1 2EW 6 Bank Street, Worcester 24/7 Restricted
79D11033-A499-43D0-A646-B02A00ECB7F4 WR1 2EX Tesco Worcester High Street Express, 88-89 High Street, Worcester Variable Public
41140F99-D5CF-42F3-8612-AFDB00FE663E WR1 2EY Worcester City Council, Guildhall, High Street Variable Public
2D1A893B-894E-4E1F-BC08-11B4CDA09682 WR1 2JD Maggs Day Centre, Deansway, Worcester Variable Restricted
8458C880-F763-469D-AD73-AE9303439D2B WR1 2LL Kings School, College Green, Worcester Variable Public
00FCE200-1870-4719-A0EE-AFCF00A4553C WR1 2QB O2 Store (0082) Worcester, 47 High Street, Worcestershire Variable Restricted
836BA762-4F09-482F-8A77-AAB0008C91DA WR1 2QE Cathedral Square, 6 High Street, Worcester 24/7 Restricted
700DA5DD-5C5C-4529-BCA7-AD8800E3193F WR1 2RS Unit 16 Lowesmoor Wharf, Lowesmoor, Worcester Variable Restricted
FBDBEFDD-03DC-4643-9B9E-F51A27C27718 WR1 3AS , University Of Worcester City Campus, Infirmary Walk Variable Restricted
8491E9BB-0F72-4DE1-8649-B07A010F7563 WR1 3BZ Jenny Lind Building, Farrier St,, Worcester 24/7 Public
BC8235A8-A6B0-4C6B-B234-C3D57BE8B76F WR1 3ED Worcester Live Swan Theatre, The Moors, Worcester Variable Restricted
9748A5CC-D80F-4479-821C-AAC500D50D2A WR1 3EJ Pitchcroft Pavillion, Worcester Racecourse, Grand Stand Road 24/7 Public
31CD6503-8F1F-460A-8460-B02800B0CDD6 WR1 3HZ Riverside School, Thorneloe Road, Worcester Variable Restricted
10F4AAC6-BEF5-45FA-900B-3FBBA32DDAC6 WR1 3LE Firary Mall, Central Management Suite 54, Friary Walk 24/7 Public
79E873F4-0262-4BF7-82C8-A7273CEA664E WR1 3QG Worcester Municipal Charities Kateryn Heywood House Berkeley Cou, The Foregate, Worcester 24/7 Restricted
E89A8CEA-EA69-4896-A50B-B08C00E82C80 WR1 3QG The Gate House Berkeley Court, The Foregate, Worcester Variable Public
F9BEF82B-2E1E-49B5-AC70-AF4800BF98B6 WR1 3ZQ Sanctuary Group, Sanctuary House, Chamber Court 24/7 Restricted
5035A859-9731-434E-815B-B0360009DC19 WR10 1AA Tesco Pershore Express, 15-17 High Street, Pershore Variable Public
202108BE-9A3D-444D-A553-AB7600B6F207 WR10 1BP Housing 21, Main Office, Roland Rutter Court 24/7 Public
A7BCC492-95F0-40E9-8934-ADD40091C4A3 WR10 1BY Schloetter Co Ltd, Schloetter Co Ltd Abbey Works, New Road Variable Restricted
03A39554-167C-418B-BEB6-B02700DEA9E6 WR10 1DF Wcc12906, Abbey Park Middle School, Pershore Variable Restricted
AD62630E-626A-42FF-9DA0-62413EFE208D WR10 1DF Abbey Park Middle School, Abbey Road, Pershore Variable Public
DBE34BF2-4B35-48BC-896F-ADDB00D60D27 WR10 1EU New Inn, 75 High Street, Pershore Variable Restricted
49A0EDA5-F600-4570-9E07-B0580101ABCB WR10 1EZ Radis, Cherry Orchard House, Cherry Orchard 24/7 Public
8B41ED3A-271E-490A-8E66-AEE8012C92B0 WR10 1QU Pershore Town Football Club King Georges Playing Fields, King Georges Way, Pershore 24/7 Public
5EA270BF-7850-421B-A26F-AE3C00C19D28 WR10 2AJ Drakes Broughton Football Club, Drakes Broughton Village Hall, Walcot Lane 24/7 Public
5AD448F1-0E66-4EB1-B15D-AFF600AE8F7E WR10 2BX Pershore High School, Station Road, Pershore 24/7 Public
653E88D9-ED1D-4282-9BF7-ADDC00E14E2F WR10 2DJ Tarmac, Tarmac (Asphalt Plant) Ltd, Terrace Road Variable Public
D1BAE437-6CA1-4DA1-8908-AF8500D70C86 WR10 2DS Centre Of Pond 51m From 1 Abbey View Road 29m From Unnamed Road, Abbey View Road, Pinvin Variable Restricted
08511795-C4C3-4771-A9B4-AB6B00BF1D4F WR10 2EE Bowbrook House School, Peopleton, Pershore Variable Public
999FCA91-EFB4-4294-9353-B1C0DBF4FD39 WR10 2EE Crown Inn, Main Street, Peopleton Variable Restricted
FE1A0F52-B489-4B53-8846-D18429088ED6 WR10 2EE Post Office And Pantry, Main Street, Peopleton 24/7 Public
9EB234E2-B4D2-4936-8ED7-3668A78FD654 WR10 2EG Peopleton Village Hall, Main Street, Pershore 24/7 Public
1A0A878D-D468-4B58-9816-A9E41811D6BD WR10 2ER Pinvin Parish Council, Pinvin Memorial Hall, Main Street 24/7 Public
94597F30-4007-4FD6-827A-AEC500AED325 WR10 2FD White Logistics & Storage Ltd, Unit 3 White Logistics And Storage Ltd, Dawes Way Variable Restricted
65E5E42E-820C-4A01-B27A-AAA400B75B6C WR10 2JB Anchor Inn, Main Road, Pershore 24/7 Public
A2A550EA-C6B7-4C7A-9B37-AFA100F519C0 WR10 2JJ Ferryfast Products Ltd, Ascot Road, Pershore 24/7 Public
AE787138-7142-4880-9F92-FFC466F6C1EC WR10 2JX Bishampton & Throckmorton Parish Council, Throckmorton Village Hall, The Lea 24/7 Public
54B136DA-B198-4A99-AE4E-AA8500C92BC8 WR10 2LY Bishampton Village Hall, Broad Lane, Bishampton Variable Restricted
F5ECA21C-78B2-461B-A9B6-AAA600B367A9 WR10 2NY Hill & Moor Parish Council, Manor Road, Lower Moor 24/7 Public
14A6E0AD-BD80-4F20-910F-AF0B00E72CF3 WR10 2QR The Vale Crematorium, Evesham Road, Fladbury Variable Restricted
756D4C3A-26AB-42AB-9E60-AA840124C5D4 WR10 2QZ Weir House, Mill Bank, Fladbury, Pershore 24/7 Public
7EBDDAF3-BA19-4392-B1BB-110417902055 WR10 3DN Deer Park Hall Business Centre, Woollas Hill, Pershore 24/7 Public
E711B76C-0AF9-48B5-9CA1-725BEFB29AD3 WR10 3DP Great Comberton Village Hall, Pershore 24/7 Public
0CFC233B-5139-4F1D-AFD6-888D5FEE3FF6 WR10 3HB 33, Pershore 24/7 Public
FFE1F538-ABF2-454B-885C-8A20CB48BC96 WR10 3HJ Court Farm, Pershore 24/7 Public
196EFE19-5426-4140-A0AF-07D946BC799A WR10 3HQ Bricklehampton Hall, Pershore 24/7 Restricted
BA5F6B77-2D9A-4C96-9F84-AD550144FAE8 WR10 3HQ Bricklehampton Village Charity, Bricklehampton To B4084 Evesham Road, 11 Meter From Post Box And Notice Board 24/7 Public
3F1F3F13-6B23-40B5-A5BA-B08400B7FF2C WR10 3HS Elmley Castle Cofe First School, Main Street, Elmley Castle Variable Restricted
C9B2C657-096A-423B-A39E-AB3E010CB018 WR10 3JP 1 Avon Bank Cottages Avon Bank, Wick 24/7 Public
F3DDD995-9F55-4B37-9531-0F7F9125F6E4 WR10 3JP Pershore Tennis Centre, Avon Bank, Pershore 24/7 Public
705A9060-A5D0-4554-A2B9-049F06FEA33F WR10 3NB Cropthorne With Charlton First School, Main Street, Pershore 24/7 Public
27E33C0A-FE3E-4D42-ABF7-114DD8A01BAA WR10 3NE Stricklands Tracks Bay 1 The Heath Works, Main Road, Pershore Variable Public
EA5F06EA-7997-46A1-A1E8-AF1E00A43177 WR10 3PB Beech Cottage, Owletts Lane, Wick 24/7 Public
EC689E8E-0DB7-4BFF-AFB7-B09A0075C714 WR11 1BG 36 Broadway Road, The Corner House, 36 Broadway Road 24/7 Public
66F08D40-642A-4CE1-8BC5-B09A0078BC62 WR11 1BJ 9 Woodland Piece, The Woodlands, 9 Woodland Piece 24/7 Public
2892D612-1BD5-4661-937B-AFF200DC96AE WR11 1BN Vale Of Evesham School, Four Pools Lane, Evesham Variable Restricted
0AB59775-373E-46B5-86D6-AE7500DED5AF WR11 1DJ Puregym, Four Pools Retail Park, Evesham 24/7 Restricted
AEA2CE93-BAB1-4FF3-A928-AD350090CE5A WR11 1DJ B And Q, Four Pools Lane, Evesham Variable Restricted
7053 WR11 1DQ The De Montfort School, Worcestershire 24/7 Public
8FEC36CB-EA90-4FC2-BBE1-7B58A37B465F WR11 1DQ The De Montford High School, Four Pools Road, Evesham 24/7 Public
A1F69DDD-14DC-4EF5-B4E7-B07700CD0914 WR11 1DQ Sports Centre, The De Montfort School, Four Pools Road Variable Restricted
B34144EB-F839-4B05-88A1-AA78007AAFA2 WR11 1GP B H G S, Crab Apple Way, Vale Park Variable Restricted
0B392486-C131-49E2-BE59-B0C200E2D884 WR11 1HU 8 Battleton Road, Evesham 24/7 Public
9BCD60BA-3F87-4FE6-B965-B0C301090C0C WR11 1HW Fairfield Inn, 62 Battleton Road, Evesham 24/7 Public
E40B7F88-7CC4-49EA-BF2C-B0BC013644CD WR11 1JY 20 Fountain Gardens, Evesham 24/7 Public
1097E1B2-A97E-4828-871A-AE3500CB75E7 WR11 1LE Tesco Express, 47 Cheltenham Road, Evesham Variable Public
9365E735-876B-41F1-B9F9-AFEC00C7434A WR11 1XG Screwfix, Unit 3 & 4 Evesham Trade Centre, St Richards Road Variable Restricted
692F2E3A-B5C4-484E-8F67-B0BB012E6839 WR11 2AD 7 Pearwood Close, Evesham 24/7 Public
DDD8ACC1-6723-496B-9C61-B0BB012D0A79 WR11 3EL 43 Kings Road, Evesham 24/7 Public
AB1AB17E-197B-4A6E-8A03-8161A5312D4E WR11 3HD De Montfort Health Centre, Burford Road, Evesham Variable Restricted
8A61DF47-0EA4-4D31-8C35-B00600793556 WR11 3JL 37 Egremont Close, Evesham 24/7 Public
A6198114-9295-4A3F-B754-B06900AF3FB3 WR11 3LA Waterside Public Toilets ///Reform.riskiest.edge, Waterside, Evesham 24/7 Public
9D40A082-3678-4192-B2DE-B0C40128DDD6 WR11 4AD Bewdley Street, Evesham 24/7 Public
8642 WR11 4BD Waitrose, Worcestershire 24/7 Public
54302840-D944-4471-999B-770BE08A5461 WR11 4BS Abbey Medical Practice Evesham Medical Centre, Abbey Lane, Evesham Variable Restricted
C13CC487-D80C-49A4-81B3-AE7000884695 WR11 4DS The Valley Evesham, Evesham Country Park, Norton Variable Restricted
2C559F60-F34B-4379-8EEA-AB2600972733 WR11 4DU Baldwins, 32 Eldon Road, Beeston 24/7 Public
E6F769D0-4936-419B-A040-AFD2007E83C6 WR11 4EX Baylis Vauxhall, Greenhill, Evesham Variable Public
7FEBFC24-00C5-4CCF-B987-AFD80110FC4B WR11 4JA 2 Avon Street, Evesham Variable Restricted
81921FC2-3BEF-4E35-B7FF-B0BF0096842B WR11 4JS 25 Coxlea Close, Evesham 24/7 Public
21391E48-20F3-41A7-924D-AD3200E3C479 WR11 4JU St Egwin's Ce Middle School, St Egwins C Of E Middle School, Worcester Road Variable Restricted
4112 WR11 4LE Evesham Sports Club, Worcestershire 24/7 Public
4557C17A-A7DB-44DA-9D09-B08800D9C4E0 WR11 4NH 78 Greenhill, Bobmonk, 78 Greenhill 24/7 Public
6DB224B4-4792-41B5-9588-AC460099C6D4 WR11 4PJ Wallace House, Oat Street, Evesham 24/7 Public
C117BF35-AEC6-4B61-84A5-BD03DCD1CB3A WR11 4QA Swan Lane First School, Rynal Street, Evesham Variable Restricted
DD0F9D51-021D-4EED-8B49-B0BB0129D3F2 WR11 4QD 7 Cambria Road, Evesham 24/7 Public
C749C992-000B-4EF5-99A6-B04700E24AD8 WR11 4RE The Lighthouse, The Lighthouse, Vine Court, Vine Street Variable Restricted
3C7235A9-0EC4-46EC-8523-AC46009ABFDC WR11 4SF Evesham Methodist Church, 71 Bridge Street, Evesham 24/7 Public
C27D42FC-4F47-4BC9-A540-ABAE00CCB24C WR11 4UB Lenches Lakes Ltd, Evesham Road, Church Lench 24/7 Public
DAE63FF0-87E8-499F-B4F8-F6440A6D43AD WR11 4UE Church Lench First School, Main Street, Evesham 24/7 Public
9FBB4AA9-369A-48FB-BF6A-AD1E009A8E24 WR11 4UN Rous Lench Village Hall, The Green, Rous Lench 24/7 Public
8B033C84-FA2D-4A5C-8A59-AF7B0117665D WR11 4UQ Lenches Sports And Recreation Club, Ab Lench Road, Abbots Lench 24/7 Public
6EF54500-F107-4C1D-99A1-AE3900C1A8DB WR11 4XF Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Worcester Road Variable Public
2B74CD21-1C0B-401A-B1D7-D34041C6F514 WR11 7EU Badsey Recreation Club Ltd Ballards Park, Brewers Lane, Evesham 24/7 Public
AC46C495-62DD-4632-A936-B044007D82C9 WR11 7HG 2 Bowers Hill, Badsey 24/7 Public
E6AF9CEB-910F-4D90-AB25-EFBF494DC53B WR11 7JH Bretforton Memorial Hall, Main Street, Bretforton 24/7 Public
4C5D5EF1-CE79-4F03-ACD8-AA9400DB4681 WR11 7JS Bretforton Community Shop, New Street, Bretforton 24/7 Public
EAC38735-E643-426E-824D-B09800F40875 WR11 7JS Bretforton Village School, New Street, Bretforton Variable Restricted
E37CD562-7938-4ED9-B512-AF0200F4B64E WR11 7PE Honeybourne Sports And Recreation Field, Bretforton Road, Honeybourne 24/7 Public
67D05CB1-CA10-4BB6-83BD-B075009926E0 WR11 7PJ Honeybourne First School, School Street, Honeybourne Variable Restricted
23EEAED9-A2CD-45F1-ADCF-AD2000FC5A83 WR11 7QU George Willcox (Granite) Ltd, Units 1 And 27 Weston Industrial Estate, Honeybourne Road Variable Public
B25CD9B9-65F6-42E2-8B08-AE8C00EF7A62 WR11 7RF Ashton Under Hill Cricket Club, Elmley Road, Ashton Under Hill 24/7 Public
DE1142E2-8063-4894-BE80-AF5F010770E2 WR11 7RN Volkswagen Evesham, Broadway Road, Evesham Variable Public
99A044F9-03F5-47D7-9D17-B04A00FE1362 WR11 7RT Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre Evesham, 89 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford Variable Restricted
F6E7125E-B214-4689-A399-AFB9009A4174 WR11 7RT Dogs Trust, 89 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford 24/7 Public
C1B677B5-66F7-4E20-AF58-25B2904FB6E5 WR11 7RX Wickhamford Sports Club, Sally Close, Evesham 24/7 Public
8D625912-E8DF-4C49-A8ED-AFB90098224C WR11 7SA Wickhamford Memorial Hall, Wickhamford Village Hall, Manor Road 24/7 Public
2474FA3C-868E-4A43-81C3-B07E00A00A20 WR11 7SW Ashton Under Hill First School, Elmley Road, Ashton Under Hill Variable Restricted
7602 WR11 7TP Dumbleton Cricket Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
DEA07406-ACA5-4D76-8469-AF7E00E81E20 WR11 7TP Dumbleton Cricket Club, Dairy Lane, Dumbleton 24/7 Public
7201 WR11 7UE St Mary the Virgin, Worcestershire 24/7 Public
3882 WR11 7UF The Betteridge Room, Sedgeberrow First School, Worcestershire 24/7 Public
7943 WR11 8EF Telephone Box, Worcestershire 24/7 Public
B2C60FD6-B10D-4257-A845-B05E00FE98C0 WR11 8EF North Littleton Telephone Box, Telephone Box, West Side 24/7 Public
EB353B58-F53C-4D6E-83D6-F5BE8D28D6F0 WR11 8LG Cleeve Prior Parish Council, Cleeve Prior School, Main Street 24/7 Public
09F3AFFC-F675-4917-8A3D-B0BB00EC6788 WR11 8PA Claas Western Ltd (Evesham), Claas Western, Anchor Lane Variable Restricted
29DD4907-A731-4365-9929-AFA100A488FF WR11 8PQ Golden Cross Inn, 97 Village Street, Harvington 24/7 Public
729A4877-CB09-40DF-A3F2-AC7C00E3F552 WR11 8QD Offenham Village Hall, Main Street, Offenham 24/7 Public
7385356F-47B5-405F-BFD8-AB6A014795A9 WR11 8TJ Post Office, Main Street, South Littleton 24/7 Public
EF3653BB-AD81-4207-8444-09300AFFA25F WR11 8TJ South Littleton Store & Post Office, Main Street, Evesham 24/7 Public
08D4D7CA-960E-400D-A103-B09F00D276C6 WR11 8TR Freedom Day Centre, Shinehill Lane, South Littleton 24/7 Public
6DE7773A-C4F0-4795-8832-AB6A0146C85D WR11 8TS Unipart Group Ltd, South Littleton, Evesham 24/7 Public
CE493398-ACAB-443D-AD4D-725F803DEA61 WR11 8TS Unipart Group Ltd, Evesham 24/7 Public
09AC5CCE-6F99-4568-BFAB-AFE100F987F3 WR11 8UU The Bell Inn, Salford Priors, The Bell Inn, Evesham Road 24/7 Public
CB3C2016-4B0C-494A-93F6-5FAD6A7EFC77 WR11 8XD Salford Priors Memorial Hall, School Road, Salford Priors 24/7 Public
EE4EFC6C-D03A-4EFE-8629-B07C00E6276E WR11 8XD 17 School Road, Salford Priors Variable Restricted
B95E0137-FE51-45FF-BBD5-B0CA010E5EC8 WR11 8XJ Claas Western Ltd, The Sidings Anchor Lane, Harvington Variable Restricted
EAA78388-C85F-4D36-B45F-B0A900F474B7 WR11 8YD Norval Road Junction By Field, On The Junction Attached To A Lamp Post, Evesham 24/7 Public
23C7DE2C-8245-46C6-9BA4-AE6A00CBFA91 WR12 7AL United Reformed Church, High Street, Broadway 24/7 Public
0E040F3D-9F27-423E-8C09-AECC009ECBB1 WR12 7DH The Caravan Club Site, Station Road, Broadway 24/7 Public
6A419136-C680-43A7-83CF-B02A0091E1C3 WR12 7DZ Leamington Road, Broadway Variable Restricted
5FD02AFD-DC4C-4432-A56D-AE7D010F3DA8 WR12 7FF Rooftop Group, Main Entrance, Parsons Gardens 24/7 Public
431322ED-EB92-4518-B56E-B0C100D11D3E WR12 7HA Public Conveniences Milestone Ground, Childswickham Road, Broadway 24/7 Public
A827E188-0E47-4FC9-8486-AE3300FD6D5C WR12 7HF Childswickham Memorial Hall, Atkinson Street, Childswickham 24/7 Public
2173 WR12 7JD Village Hall, Worcestershire 24/7 Public
360C29D3-A30F-407A-B34B-ADC900DD31D0 WR12 7JU Snowshill Mannor Andgarden, Snowshill Manor Main Building, Snowshill Variable Restricted
D1CA982C-D4C8-41FC-A46D-ADC900DD2C2F WR12 7JU Snowshill Mannor Andgarden, Snowshill Manor Reception, Snowshill Variable Restricted
1886 WR12 7LY Buckland Garden Nurseries, Worcestershire 24/7 Public
40806DBC-160C-4113-9416-3914EEDF70EF WR12 7LY Buckland Court, 400693 Village Road Through Buck, Broadway 24/7 Public
6304 WR12 7NA Russells Barn, Worcestershire 24/7 Public
6C9CF5D8-B007-4EED-98EA-ADBC0120ED2C WR12 7NE Stanton Village Club, Stanway Road, Stanton 24/7 Public
130 WR12 7NL Manor Farm Barn, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
6709 WR12 7PH 1 Top Cottage, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
7640 WR12 7QN Blue Cedar Maintenance Building, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
67BA7E12-D1EF-4A35-B014-B08300AFED5F WR13 5AA Madresfield C Of E Primary School, 40 Madresfield Village, Madresfield Village Variable Restricted
75B6ADC7-DE9D-4255-A430-AE6600AA306D WR13 5AJ Madresfield Court, C2102 Madresfield, Madresfield 24/7 Public
2115E79F-B6B8-4A74-B213-8C46F6288CC4 WR13 5AX Beauchamp Community, Newland 24/7 Public
AD2C0BB9-DF38-4C8E-A301-95ED23BF36E3 WR13 5AY Swan Inn, Worcester Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
7F54089D-755A-49CF-B84A-AE5800E6A3C1 WR13 5DS Post Office, Leigh Sinton Stores And Post Office At Sinton House, Hereford Road 24/7 Public
4818 WR13 5EY Village Hall, Worcestershire 24/7 Public
4728 WR13 5LT Cradley Surgery, Herefordshire 24/7 Public
EA483BBF-EAA1-44E8-B975-AE74008FBD49 WR13 5PF Mcs Tennis Club, Centre Of Pond 42m From Hill View 14m From Unnamed Road, Harcourt Road 24/7 Public
7306 WR13 5PG MCS Tennis Club, Herefordshire 24/7 Public
2D1CD940-565A-4D13-A9EF-AD25009B42E2 WR13 6AQ Kings Green Farm, Road From Junction At Cobbs Cross To County Boundary, Berrow 24/7 Public
39346DF2-D8A8-4729-B0FE-AF0B00B9B7A5 WR13 6AS Berrow Parish Council, The Forge, Rye Street 24/7 Public
ADA4664E-89C9-4412-B413-AF2900C9A4F6 WR13 6AS The Forge, Rye Street, Birtsmorton 24/7 Public
4135C118-CB88-4B2B-9A7F-AF5B01092A36 WR13 6BE Castlemorton Parish Council, Castlemorton Parish Hall, Church Road 24/7 Public
04DF5CE5-DE11-424D-84D1-B09000EDCF17 WR13 6BG Castlemorton Ce Primary School, Church Road, Castlemorton, Church Road Variable Public
CB0FC6B9-0C3F-4199-9465-92EC581EB8F1 WR13 6EH Colwall Cricket Club, Stowe Lane, Colwall Green 24/7 Public
6CFF6C76-CC58-4F61-825E-AAD2013C892B WR13 6EQ The Village Hall, Mill Lane, Colwall 24/7 Public
6C521E6A-FD72-45E1-A051-AFC900F7C143 WR13 6HJ Church Of St James, Colwall, Mill Lane, Old Colwall 24/7 Public
B54A7EB0-B329-40B2-8D90-3D4933A4E652 WR13 6NE Welland Primary School, Marlbank Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
00F105A7-8750-4DA8-92AE-AC7F00BD57DC WR13 6PG Guarlford Parish Council, Guarlford Village Hall, 4 Penny Lane 24/7 Public
70516C10-85F9-4D93-A8FF-AE4A01117257 WR14 1AA Shelter 20m From Andrews Slater Hairdressing, 261 Worcester Road 6m From A449, Worcester Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
7389FCFD-DE05-49E4-9825-AB3600DD99BC WR14 1AJ Malvern Rugby Football Club, Spring Lane, Malvern 24/7 Public
98F2AAFD-FA10-411D-BF16-AAE5012D363C WR14 1AJ Handyman House Ltd, Spring Lane, Malvern 24/7 Public
A2761649-6F41-4DB8-91F3-B02F00B2B045 WR14 1AL B&Q Malvern, B&Q, Spring Lane Variable Public
C3867CDA-3468-4D6B-AA91-AAC500B76728 WR14 1AT Malvern Electroplating, Unit 9, Spring Court 24/7 Public
01FD2CC3-6BA6-47AC-BFE0-AAC90109F5DC WR14 1BU Francis Of Malvern, Spring Lane North, Malvern 24/7 Public
35C3FA32-D6F7-4865-BAFD-E510487A0747 WR14 1BU Lallemand Animal Nurtrition Uk Ltd Unit 11-13, Spring Lane North, Malvern Link Variable Restricted
659573D1-30B2-4777-8E9A-211AF4248C4A WR14 1DN New Inn 105, Lower Howsell Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
BAF18F43-60D9-4E72-B5EA-AAE5012DD58C WR14 1GL Validair Monitoring Solutions Ltd, Unit 5, Beauchamp Business Centre 24/7 Public
BBF06CA3-B2CE-45F7-87B6-3269D6291421 WR14 1GR Malvern Hills District Council Operations Depot, Pendragon Close, Malvern Variable Restricted
08912493-D71E-483A-BB39-AB6100DAEC6B WR14 1GS Malvern Glass, Unit 5, Malvern Business Centre 24/7 Public
6A33852A-4961-445E-A97B-AFE800BF9C39 WR14 1GS Screwfix, Units 8 & 9 Malvern Business Park, Betony Road Variable Restricted
F87DF818-41D1-4C37-B010-AAD900D37EA0 WR14 1GU Malvern Vale Community Centre, 110 Swinyard Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
ACFBCCDC-43B3-44B2-9156-ACFC00B86F58 WR14 1GZ Xypex (Uk), Unit 7 Britannia Business Centre, Britannia Way Variable Restricted
5C5B47CC-B01F-405A-BD36-ADE400CB0B65 WR14 1JJ Polonia House, Sandys Road, Malvern Variable Public
6A8F1CFD-3427-4377-82EF-AFCB01102321 WR14 1JJ Thermaco Ltd, Sandys Road, Malvern Variable Public
7DDA0954-94C2-483F-8C7B-AA7200F49D20 WR14 1LH Londis Supermarket, 5 Yates Hay Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
842B7445-A2C9-470F-9CC2-FAED1F3A0D38 WR14 1NE Richmond Dental Practice, Richmond Road, Malvern Variable Restricted
2FC3A98B-541C-4883-9DB6-B09E00AA9263 WR14 1PF St Josephs Roman Catholic Primary School, Newtown Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
12C2ABE0-B8E8-4A2C-8B2E-44F62530E94D WR14 1PJ Hills Ford 169-171, Newtown Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
2B198777-C455-49A3-9064-B0B900E22D9C WR14 1PP Clarence Park Retirement Village, 415 Worcester Road, Malvern Link Variable Public
FC39EC33-F9D0-47F8-A4BA-AAEC0146FCDF WR14 1PZ Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc, Roman Way, Malvern 24/7 Public
42F57FCB-67D9-46B8-A5D2-222A01ED0A7F WR14 1QD Malvern Studios, 56 Cowleigh Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
9D0A871D-35B6-4A36-9E73-AAF500FCC8D6 WR14 1QE 61 Cowleigh Road, Great Malvern 24/7 Public
30C50FA4-3A04-43B7-911C-AD78014F9700 WR14 1QP The Scout Hut, Cowleigh Bank, Malvern 24/7 Public
097C4E70-07B0-4C39-ADF5-AE040132A288 WR14 1RH Le Delice Bakery, 55 Albert Park Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
3A1E0528-B57F-4FBA-B5E3-16EA8D0B4C08 WR14 1SE Somers Park Methodist Church, Somers Park Avenue, Malvern 24/7 Public
FE1A67BC-9627-4331-BBB5-B03100BA1533 WR14 1UJ Jh Cars, Units 5a And 5b, Howsell Road Industrial Estate Variable Public
06506633-8AE9-4199-9CA5-B50970D1CFDC WR14 1UQ Link Business Centre Unit 7 Link Business Centre, Link Way, Malvern 24/7 Public
A1854751-B968-4425-B7BB-B007007FAA1E WR14 1XZ Malvern Panalytical Ltd, Grovewood Road, Malvern Variable Restricted
A1D477D9-5078-47A9-B6E4-AEC100B4B431 WR14 2AW Lansdowne Crescent Methodist Church, Lansdowne Church, Lansdowne Crescent 24/7 Public
00E81476-E593-4743-9E31-AD5500AD00F5 WR14 2AY Malvern Hills District Council Tourist Information Centre, Lyttelton Wells Courtyard, Malvern Variable Restricted
F6053869-703D-44B0-8F3E-AED0006A7874 WR14 2AY Great Malvern Priory, Church Street, Malvern Variable Public
711BD95C-DDB9-4CE7-969D-AF1C009B2D08 WR14 2BY Great Malvern Primary School, Lydes Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
57D28321-1581-4354-99A0-D8896A24C414 WR14 2EQ Malvern Town Football Club Langland Stadium, Langland Avenue, Malvern 24/7 Public
415A55F2-F682-478A-B761-D249118B9937 WR14 2JG The Nags Head 19-21, Bank Street, Malvern 24/7 Public
A5EA6F2D-0C5C-4789-B87A-AE2A00F11EFE WR14 2JY Malvern Victoria Bowling Club, Victoria Park, Victoria Park Road Variable Restricted
11C1F98C-EA14-467B-8B31-AD320092596D WR14 2LL Morgan Motor Co Ltd, Pickersleigh Road, Malvern Variable Restricted
2AE59C77-6639-4F12-8160-AD7800759E34 WR14 2LL Morgan Motor Co Ltd, Pickersleigh Road, Malvern Variable Restricted
6432EF1A-3FAF-4A7A-8CD0-AD32008F7126 WR14 2LL Morgan Motor Co Ltd, Pickersleigh Road, Malvern Variable Restricted
78BAD5BB-7A6C-448A-9B7C-AC52B23960CD WR14 2LP Chance Glass Ltd, Pickersleigh Avenue, Malvern 24/7 Public
40968334-EBF1-42BF-AE73-B077008BEA65 WR14 2LU The Grove Primary School, Pickersleigh Grove, Malvern Variable Restricted
85900965-04CB-4575-B13A-AE44008C1D50 WR14 2NR Tesco Express, 114 Madresfield Road, Malvern Variable Public
648BA667-6B7E-43DE-8634-B038006C64C8 WR14 2QX Malvern Evangelical Church, 204-208 Pickersleigh Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
9369BE4E-5DA1-44A5-AD08-AEC2008ABECF WR14 2TA Bridge House, Portland Road, Malvern Variable Restricted
EB361AD6-9808-4BA9-879F-DDDF25DD8092 WR14 2TF Mowbray Nursing Home 9, Victoria Road, Malvern 24/7 Restricted
15A07925-776E-4C83-ABB9-AB2700CBF167 WR14 2YF Malvern Youth Centre, Albert Road North, Malvern 24/7 Public
5A430BA5-A95D-4D01-AFD3-278F03D6AE5B WR14 2YF Malvern Cube, Albert Road North, Malvern 24/7 Public
2C006180-E84F-472A-B3F7-F435FDC0B1C6 WR14 3AF Council House, Avenue Road, Malvern Variable Restricted
2FF4147C-355C-44EE-8EC7-B09700C8AB89 WR14 3AG Arcos Centre, Hatherton Lodge, Avenue Road 24/7 Public
80330F89-A49A-496C-B8A6-DBE388A53F27 WR14 3DA Quakers Meeting House 1, Orchard Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
3DDBAF6A-0759-4759-B41C-AA95015C886F WR14 3HA Coach House Theatre, Theatre House, Grange Road 24/7 Public
CB8F904F-C860-4E78-A52E-D53749A5B7C2 WR14 3HD Playhouse Nursery, Playhouse Nursery 24, Abbey Road 24/7 Public
A5F00559-1256-4A90-922E-AF2B00C02B97 WR14 3HJ Royal Mail Malvern Do/Fpo/Ret, 1 Abbey Road, Malvern, Malvern Variable Restricted
F1D7E8F4-A682-4B98-B6B7-ADCC00DF5500 WR14 3HZ 1-6 Croftdown Court, Malvern 24/7 Public
0E434E2E-862D-4CBD-983F-610B8A6048AB WR14 3JF One Stop Ltd 120a, Poolbrook Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
10615F81-D269-47A2-BE05-B9261EC16710 WR14 3JX St Andrews Church, Church Down Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
9A058C4F-3C6E-4317-8A76-A8BC0C327219 WR14 3LH Malvern St James Sports And Fitness Centre, 33 Barnards Green Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
D5225181-1ED9-4A8C-9D22-90652ADC40AB WR14 3LT Premier Convenience Store 123-125, Barnards Green Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
56C0E916-0C55-4832-9B0B-E0F4CBBA39F0 WR14 3NZ The Chase School, Geraldine Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
67A9FC56-162D-42FD-9309-AA84009A2E2A WR14 3NZ The Chase School, Geraldine Road, Malvern Variable Public
6D118FC0-6AB9-4081-BC13-AA8400995352 WR14 3NZ The Chase School, Geraldine Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
1D6D89A1-6618-4CE3-AECA-AF90014D1565 WR14 3QP Bluebell Inn, 4 Guarlford Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
DC2CA65D-3ECA-48F2-81F4-AE76006D653A WR14 3SQ The Octatagon Community Centre, Brook Farm Drive, Malvern 24/7 Public
431A477E-FCC3-4214-BCB4-B08200E7A0AF WR14 4BB St James' Ce Primary School, St James Church Of England Primary School, 191 West Malvern Road Variable Public
0B548641-B946-4C84-AD81-B03D0108DBE6 WR14 4BX West Malvern Club Ltd, 50 Lower Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
7806F8E6-CBA2-40E2-9704-B06600C62207 WR14 4HA Morrisons Convenience Store, 155 Wells Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
6051BF2D-F067-4FE6-8A8E-B06600BDDE44 WR14 4HF Malvern Wells C Of E Primary School, 263 Wells Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
CFD80773-FEE5-493D-B5A1-AD49005F26C8 WR14 4JA Heartstart Malvern, 1 St Wulstans Drive, Malvern 24/7 Public
EE07AB17-9718-46BA-A07D-CCD9D4899D03 WR14 4LA Upper Welland Methodist Church Hall, Upper Welland Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
00A9981E-B210-47C3-B289-7087E0826152 WR14 4LR Holy Trinity Hall, Trinity Road, Malvern 24/7 Public
2571B353-EA9D-4E1E-B92E-B0B6011FAE4D WR14 4WR Waitrose & Partners - Great Malvern, Edith Walk, Great Malvern Variable Public
B7B0B2DE-9824-4BFD-AF46-AEFA00E0DAA3 WR15 8AA Tenbury Town Council, Tenbury Library, 24 Teme Street 24/7 Public
FDFBFAB9-D21B-4628-AD57-04F13D8D0859 WR15 8BS Tenbury C Of E Primary School, Bromyard Road, Tenbury Wells 24/7 Public
9E818473-B684-4D25-971C-AC5E00FBD6E6 WR15 8JH Lindridge Parish Hall, Lindridge Village Hall, A443 Eardiston 24/7 Public
BC7ABC90-A6CE-4ABE-B3FE-AA9200E68E9F WR15 8NP Eastham Village Memorial Hall, New Road, Eastham 24/7 Public
6597 WR15 8SF Tenbury Swimming Pool, Worcestershire 24/7 Public
E4AC8243-F111-46D7-A90E-AE97006F4E68 WR15 8SF Freedom Leisure, Tenbury Swimming Pool, Kyrewood Road 24/7 Restricted
805B0990-796B-445A-A187-ADCE008281BA WR15 8SL Yew Tree Cottage (B4204), Rochford, Tenbury Wells Variable Restricted
D98D9E39-DB77-424F-BCC3-A6EBE9F60E57 WR15 8SW Rochford Village Hall, St Dunstans Lane, Rochford 24/7 Public
DE3F63AA-DF61-401D-A1F8-863A0F7D313E WR15 8TG St Michaels Village Hall, Tenbury Wells 24/7 Public
35E880E3-17F7-40C8-A13C-B08A00E0FDBB WR15 8XA Tenbury High Sports Hall (Internal), Tenbury High Ormiston Academy, Oldwood Road 24/7 Restricted
2904C309-F7DB-400A-9CD3-AFEB006843B8 WR2 4AY Screwfix, Units 1 & 7 Venture Business Park, Worcester Variable Restricted
314ECBBE-DD63-4621-9CCA-AFD200BDB847 WR2 4AY Unit 3 Venture Business Park, Weir Lane, Worcester Variable Public
10A29819-B17E-49DC-9A37-45B224981D8F WR2 4LE St Johns Leisure Centre, Malvern Road, Worcester Variable Restricted
4ABB98B2-9D92-4421-AB2B-ADAC011C9CAF WR2 4NH Link Nurseries, Hamilton Close, Powick 24/7 Public
A526BEF8-FAA7-4C46-98DE-51073507F43D WR2 4RT Powick Parish Hall, Malvern Road, Worcester 24/7 Public
A573EBB8-FAB1-4D7A-948A-B07B009B8592 WR2 4RT Powick Church Of England Primary School, 42 Malvern Road, Powick Variable Restricted
0D7C307A-B785-41D2-8A2B-1DA22791B75B WR2 4TA Village Hall, Upton Road, Callow End 24/7 Public
A93D3B24-10F2-4FBF-8680-B09D00A0BEEA WR2 4TE Callow End Church Of England Primary School, Upton Road, Callow End Variable Restricted
75073F66-8F92-441B-8A74-E70D69B42C95 WR2 4XA Droitwich Aed, The Maple Leaf, 49 Canada Way 24/7 Public
0B3EC09C-84E5-4A42-AF33-AFDC00FC12C8 WR2 4YX Compco Fire Systems, Cleeve House, Malvern Road 24/7 Public
3ECE63B8-9A29-4352-B93B-E5E77C143163 WR2 4ZF Pitmaston Primary School, Malvern Road, Worcester Variable Restricted
CBC4EF55-359D-489E-93A1-B0B4010BE2ED WR2 4ZF Pitmaston Primary School, Malvern Road, Worcester Variable Restricted
9291509B-D0B9-45D5-BB12-72B0F4042DB2 WR2 5AA The Bullring Dental Practice, The Bull Ring Dental Surgery 1, Bull Ring Variable Restricted
9DE4EFA5-C5FB-41F2-ACC0-7C0443B6BDEB WR2 5AX Perryfields Primary P R U, Glebe Close, Worcester Variable Restricted
817E376E-232B-4200-918A-CE113465865A WR2 5BS St Johns Church, Bromyard Road, Worcester 24/7 Public
DEB9224F-A602-4F75-82CF-AAC600E893A8 WR2 5BT Azets Holdings Limited, Richmond House, 48 Bromyard Road Variable Public
56BFE8B5-DD6B-4979-AFDC-AF8900D218E1 WR2 5DL Bromyard Road Methodist Church, Methodist Church, Bromyard Road 24/7 Public
27051524-DBDB-47AD-A997-AF5F00B9EBED WR2 5EA Audi Worcester, 157 Bromyard Road, Worcester Variable Public
50770F86-63B3-4DD6-B614-AF5F00E918C5 WR2 5EA Volkswagen Worcester, 157 Bromyard Road, Worcester Variable Public
AA00C3B7-51E1-4139-B0C6-AF6400A98532 WR2 5HP Listers Audi Worcester Workshop, Listers U/Audi Workshop Opposite Side Of The Road To Main Showroom, Bromyard Road Variable Public
56D45FCB-2F29-4938-A023-B0B90095D08E WR2 5JN Severn Campus University Arena Worcester, Severn Campus University Arena Worcester Wr2 5jn, Worcester 24/7 Public
E91140FE-9708-49E3-BEED-B07A010F6D24 WR2 5JX Elizabeth Casson Building, Hardwicke Close,, St Johns 24/7 Public
12C0927D-DAC7-49E5-AB34-8859EFF924B1 WR2 5NS St Clements C Of E Primary School, Henwick Road, Worcester Variable Restricted
C32FB851-DF92-4962-B616-AFFE00D33055 WR2 5QH Dines Green Primary School, Tudor Way, Worcester Variable Restricted
FFBC9A00-E95C-4876-9A3D-B08200A96158 WR2 5SU Office, Rushwick Primary School, Upper Wick Lane Variable Restricted
C26ABDB6-76B3-45EC-996A-AAEF011018D7 WR2 5TA Rushwick Village Hall, Bransford Road, Worcester 24/7 Public
94A7D125-F18A-4DB3-8CDE-B07A010F71E3 WR2 6AJ University Worcester St Johns Campus, University Worcester - Main Reception, Henwick Grove 24/7 Public
FDC0F952-61FC-44CE-8BBE-B07A010F73A5 WR2 6AJ Forensics House St Johns Campus - 7 Gate Entrance, Forensics House, St Johns Campus 24/7 Public
F5B8778D-C07B-4148-8E6C-ADD901165818 WR2 6DE 63 Hallow Road, Worcester 24/7 Public
31A0A58E-6F0F-4CCA-80C3-AE3600FF0FEE WR2 6HH Tesco Express, 24-28 Martley Rd, Henwick Park Variable Public
EF1A7D5D-3FD4-4A29-B542-AFEB009A8169 WR2 6JH Comer Gardens Hall, Comer Gardens Community Centre, 14 Comer Gardens 24/7 Public
9AC81307-6B53-4F7A-A43C-BF74F166A545 WR2 6LD A E Clegg Ltd, Main Road, Worcester 24/7 Public
A0F6F8D7-946B-488D-AB41-ADEB00DF47C4 WR2 6NG Hallow Village Community Group, Hallow Post Office, 1 Oakleigh Avenue 24/7 Public
869FEC0D-034B-439F-8D63-6046606E209F WR2 6NJ Unit 15 Elgar Business Centre, Moseley Road, Worcester 24/7 Public
7415 WR2 6NP Grimley Peace Hall, Worcestershire 24/7 Public
3E3AB4A1-AA85-457E-B6DA-AF300114F843 WR2 6NP Grimley Peace Hall, Sinton Green, Hallow 24/7 Public
F5776263-3BD2-4112-BB71-AD97009CE263 WR2 6NX Fox Inn, C2068 Monkwood Green, Hallow 24/7 Public
AB689015-E827-4670-8513-AE6700D2D5B3 WR2 6PP Hallow Parish Council, Hallow Parish Hall, Main Road 24/7 Public
4129 WR2 6RR The Dewdrop Inn, Worcestershire 24/7 Public
4130 WR2 6RR The Dewdrop Inn, Worcestershire 24/7 Public
FFD41B82-BA71-4E38-AA53-E8DF1B220F93 WR3 7BT Dental Surgery 127, Ombersley Road, Worcester Variable Restricted
C81DBFED-D18B-4C2F-BBB2-ABEB00B2652D WR3 7BW Sads Uk, 15 Ombersley Road, Worcester 24/7 Public
F6F89832-6FF7-458E-B090-AF5F01118CDA WR3 7DG Seat Worcester, 391 Ombersley Road, Worcester Variable Public
974305BA-576A-49F5-B28C-F9F5A28DBB8C WR3 7EA Northwick Manor Primary School, Northwick Road, Worcester Variable Restricted
65377429-EBA0-4625-9FA3-2C4457E90B09 WR3 7EF Droitwich Aed, Worcester Lawn Tennis Club, Northwick Close 24/7 Restricted
1357CD7A-6A7B-4A50-B5D4-B0B4010D0FDC WR3 7LH Barbourne Health Centre, Barbourne Medical Centre, 44 Droitwich Road Variable Restricted
197E90F7-FE61-4426-B5F1-AFD300C43FB0 WR3 7LH Barbourne Health Centre, Barbourne Medical Centre, 44 Droitwich Road Variable Restricted
991F7BB0-ADF7-4310-80E0-AB57013AFF32 WR3 7NY Church Hall, Cornmeadow Lane, Claines 24/7 Public
28BB38EC-D7CF-478C-B480-0CE82D5E985F WR3 7SD Kings Hawford School, Hawford Lock Lane, Claines Variable Public
8A3FB6A1-30F7-4DF4-A0C4-AF1900D91C73 WR3 7SG Y F C, Y F C Hawford Business Centre, Ombersley Road Variable Public
CD68FDEF-A17C-430A-B6FC-B020008FB88A WR3 7SN Nuffield Health, Droitwich Road, Perdiswell Park Variable Public
618B46F2-E22A-45F4-8C07-AE4C010DE01A WR3 7SS Worcestershire Football Association Limited, County Sports Ground, Claines Lane 24/7 Public
24AA721D-96E2-4065-B240-AF970121A994 WR3 7WU 11 Humphry Way, Bevere 24/7 Public
6BCAA424-DA7F-4F24-9E0C-8B0CCC35EF94 WR3 8DX Perdiswell Leisure Centre, Bilford Road, Worcester Variable Restricted
88FC3DE5-5225-4045-92D9-AC080096C7BF WR3 8HA City Of Worcester, Cemeteries & Cremation Office, Astwood Road Variable Public
E790EBDD-B258-4F01-93EE-B083010F72E3 WR3 8HP Dunelm Worcester, Unit C Elgar Retail Park Blackpole Road, Worcester Variable Restricted
981D7984-FF87-4F81-9BE7-2F8190494103 WR3 8RJ Fernhill Heath War Memorial Hall 73, Droitwich Road, Worcester Variable Public
A2F3711E-816A-4051-865F-ACED00CB5893 WR3 8RJ Social Club, Memorial Hall, 73 Droitwich Road 24/7 Public
7CC3EB30-430C-4E29-8420-AE4A00CFD11B WR3 8TD Start Safety, Sterling Business Centre,, Drury Lane 24/7 Restricted
1D6AFCAC-A3D1-4FCE-A781-AD9800F8F35A WR3 8TJ Dolphin Computer Access Ltd, Unit 99 Technology House, Blackpole Trading Estate West Variable Restricted
BD430977-A50F-4A04-843C-AE0100DD4AEA WR3 8TR Worcester Rugby Football Club Westons Fields, Offerton Lane, Hindlip 24/7 Public
7990B0F1-5748-462D-AAFC-D771088BFE40 WR3 8ZE Worcester Warriors Sixways Stadium, Warriors Way, Worcester Variable Public
FC86104D-EED5-463F-8548-AD120084BAEF WR3 8ZL Berry Bpi, Unit C1 To C6 Blackpole East, Blackpole Road 24/7 Public
0F8613BC-9B26-4F61-A528-B51E7BC8E314 WR4 0AA Worcester Rugby Football Club, Westons Fields, Offerton Lane Variable Public
F2E3BB53-0AB4-4F0F-BD28-AF5700D24307 WR4 0AE Zwickroell Ltd, Unit 10b, Clayfield Road Variable Restricted
48BD09B0-1DBD-4C2A-AE4E-AA7E00E0A8F2 WR4 0DG Haines Avenue, Worcester 24/7 Public
C367F1C1-2B20-4559-91A6-6176F52AA624 WR4 0DZ Lyppard Hub, Lyppard Grange Community Centre, Ankerage Green 24/7 Public
8F2A695E-D636-4837-8158-AF660087BC80 WR4 0SX Obex, Nunnery Way, Hornhill Road Variable Restricted
AF3BE54C-205B-4468-8D67-AFD20122D7C7 WR4 0SX Nunnery Park - St Modwen, Near To Unit 10, Hornhill Road 24/7 Public
CF61B3E8-6B7A-4C4C-A865-AF6E00F64175 WR4 0UJ Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Mill Wood Drive Variable Public
E23CFF52-8E4D-43C8-9F61-AFC100AAC528 WR4 9AB Screwfix, Unit 22 - 23 Worcester Trade Park, Sheriff Street Variable Restricted
8C8E8C64-74AB-493E-83A3-9D7323F52906 WR4 9FA Southco Manufacturing Ltd, Wainwright Road, Worcester Variable Restricted
B1ED1E72-EB10-4AD7-917C-ACFB00C4A328 WR4 9FA Yamazaki Mazak, Unit 2 Knightsbridge Park, Wainwright Road Variable Restricted
FBA61007-2AC8-426E-93E2-ADFE00DEF220 WR4 9FA Yamazaki Mazak Uk Ltd, Yamazaki Mazak (Knightsbridge Pk), Unit 2, Knightsbridge Park Variable Public
798FD21E-D840-4BB3-963B-AA7E00DF0074 WR4 9FB Tesco Express, Unit 1, Brindley Road 24/7 Public
8A6C3B19-920E-417D-B058-AE390129ECA6 WR4 9FB Tesco Express, 1 Brindley Rd, Warndon Variable Public
C6C1A4A5-0D67-435F-A563-AFD400F3D628 WR4 9GN Great Western Bp - St Modwen, Electricity Sub Station, Mckenzie Way 24/7 Public
F844A4D6-02A6-4CF5-AE80-AD5100C78F9A WR4 9GN Droitwich Aed, Worcester Fire Station, Mckenzie Way 24/7 Public
B4B5D433-F8AE-4425-AF27-ADEA010F3EF9 WR4 9NE Hoge 100 Business Systems Ltd, Ims House, Prescott Drive Variable Restricted
33115247-AE38-4324-8F07-ADFE00DBF1D7 WR4 9NF Yamazaki Mazak Uk Ltd, Badgeworth Drive, Worcester 24/7 Public
3F4795D9-C5E8-4E52-875D-AE1D00A42ABD WR4 9NF Yamazaki Mazak Uk Ltd (Plant Department), Badgeworth Drive, Worcester 24/7 Public
6C912106-3097-436F-9D28-ADFE00DAE1F7 WR4 9NF Yamazaki Mazak Uk Ltd, Badgeworth Drive, Worcester 24/7 Public
936E4204-BF8D-4D8A-A01A-ACFB00C326FB WR4 9NF Yamazaki Mazak Uk Ltd, Badgeworth Drive, Worcester 24/7 Restricted
2FFB0B77-5E32-4B3E-B8F9-ACB9C8EF0EA4 WR4 9QW The Tolly Centre, Rowan Avenue, Worcester Variable Restricted
5B593650-F94B-4FB1-99B4-EF48CCDA6BA9 WR4 9TL Sports Pavilion, Ash Avenue, Worcester Variable Restricted
CC29FFE9-5D2E-4CFD-9BDC-AF9A0105C79F WR4 9TY Majestic Bingo, Majestic Bingo Club, Derwent Close 24/7 Public
43B23668-5992-4767-A82E-AF3B01041CA7 WR4 9WW Royal Mail Worcester Rtw, Shire Business Park, Worcester, Worcester Variable Restricted
F6ADAAF3-9C79-4CA2-9679-AFB700F22E27 WR4 9XN Blackpole Autocentre, Shipston Close, Cotswold Way Variable Public
C9BD7DFC-5E40-452D-84D8-28DE44B079E0 WR5 1DB St Pauls Hostel, Tallow Hill, Worcester 24/7 Restricted
61B8BAAB-94A3-45C3-B0B7-78053BC7C4E7 WR5 1DN St. John Ambulance, 148 Wylds Lane, Worcester 24/7 Public
65891882-7BE7-4D60-B774-B0A400BC848C WR5 1DR Fort Royal School, Wylds Lane, Worcester Variable Restricted
E200ABE4-6FD0-4CF8-9580-ADB7008D7090 WR5 1DS Horizon Community Centre, Midland Road, Worcester 24/7 Public
5E5D3896-7BA0-419A-948F-BB717B8F6BA5 WR5 1EZ St Martin's Gate Surgery, 37 Newtown Road, Newtown Road Variable Restricted
4291E063-E678-459A-AAF9-AF1200E03C19 WR5 1HE Shrub Hill Retail Park, Tallow Hill, Worcester 24/7 Public
CF4A956B-C64A-4DF2-A62E-36C45028EF57 WR5 1HG Haresfiled Surgery, Haresfield Surgery 37, Newtown Road Variable Restricted
80105015-4E51-49D4-97AB-B07C00D43B10 WR5 1PP Perry Wood Primary And Nursery School, Perrywood Primary And Nursery School, St Albans Close Variable Restricted
E5B63FC3-F22C-407F-A7DD-B02100B799FB WR5 1SG Springpack Ltd, Woodside Point, Williamson Road 24/7 Restricted
497835E6-5498-468B-8689-B05800D2AFBE WR5 2DD Cherry Orchard Primary School, Timberdine Close, Worcester Variable Restricted
5E7CB505-97D0-4046-A2C5-AE13010CED20 WR5 2DD Cherry Orchard Primary School, Timberdine Close, Worcester Variable Restricted
F2A6FF53-B16B-436B-BA58-AE3800C62588 WR5 2EL Tesco, Tesco Express, London Road Variable Public
8D6539D9-FA9E-496B-B514-B04600842350 WR5 2HX Worcestershire County Council, Red Hill C Of E Primary School, Midhurst Close Variable Restricted
148D8F75-5C1D-44FF-B923-AF2C008A1885 WR5 2JG Front Offices Redhill House, 227 London Road, Worcester Variable Restricted
940A5953-CE73-40AC-8A3D-AFD5009B5210 WR5 2JG Royal Life Savings Society Uk, Redhill House, 227 London Road 24/7 Public
64224E22-B58C-4FCE-B6CB-A6B1494A6935 WR5 2JX New College Worcester, Whittington Road, Worcester 24/7 Public
0CD98685-04BC-4DD7-A564-AFF000823999 WR5 2LT Nwhs, Nunnery Wood High School, Spetchley Road Variable Restricted
6DCD25CF-F80C-4EC4-93B0-B01800AE2F90 WR5 2LT Nwhs Front, Nunnery Wood High School, Spetchley Road 24/7 Public
70460313-AE5B-4922-9444-AF5B01029A90 WR5 2LU Worcester Sixth Form College, Spetchley Road, Worcester Variable Public
1AA8F553-8708-45FC-A352-AE6E00DA1752 WR5 2NL West Midlands Ambulance Service University Nhs Foundation Trust, Hub Worcester, Spetchley Road 24/7 Public
C28785D5-3602-48DB-8231-AED20109F03F WR5 2NP Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road 24/7 Public
2E825C00-1B4C-42A1-86D1-AF8000C816D7 WR5 2NT Lower Broomhall Farm, Broomhall Lane, Broomhall 24/7 Public
4F97E911-2ED0-4799-8F98-AB3600B08FA8 WR5 2PR S M H Fleet Solutions Ltd, Old Brickworks, Church Lane 24/7 Public
B54929D4-99C1-4B8F-B5BD-AFB200BA3B96 WR5 2QT St Richards Hospice, Wildwood Drive, Worcester Variable Restricted
DBA27F9D-2E47-466B-A801-2C73E808D19A WR5 2QT St Richards Hospice, Wild Wood Drive, Worcester 24/7 Restricted
C153784D-791B-4FF0-8A8F-AA8B01022C10 WR5 2QU Norton Hall Nursing Home, Woodbury Park, Worcester 24/7 Restricted
F3023912-D05D-4620-8EDA-F1762769B6D1 WR5 2QX Carbonite Uk Ltd Unit 1 The Triangle, Wildwood Drive, Worcester Variable Public
758D2310-B30E-47DC-8A6E-B0A800DFB628 WR5 2QZ Whittington Cofe Primary School, Whittington, Worcester Variable Restricted
20949CFB-C9F4-4515-A9C6-AEA600BFEABB WR5 2RQ Land And Buildings At, Church Lane, Whittington 24/7 Public
B5644F91-4D6E-4D84-81BA-AE5900CF8FDE WR5 2RQ Whittington Community Hall, Church Lane, Whittington 24/7 Public
DADD63A6-CB17-4151-B5D5-2215B41865DE WR5 2XD Blessed Edward Oldcorne Rc High School, Timberdine Avenue, Worcester Variable Restricted
042851F1-BEC9-4524-9CCD-E52AD5DBE4A4 WR5 3BW Diglis Basin Marina Office, Diglis Road, Worcester 24/7 Public
F43B3D9B-1B19-485F-88F8-AAFD010CF788 WR5 3DA Gbg, Waterside, Basin Road Variable Public
B3D14A0F-25BA-434B-A13A-F61020935CAF WR5 3HR Imperial Commercials, Bath Road, Broomhall Variable Restricted
177D13C8-07BC-4BA1-9BFA-AF63011D3692 WR5 3HW Toby Carvery - Worcester, Bath Road, Worcester Variable Public
8C6A620A-3515-4A92-8892-59D471FD50B2 WR5 3JZ Doctors Surgery, Old Road North, Worcester Variable Restricted
5E19942D-9605-4EF3-A518-AE03012746FE WR5 3LD Private, 8 Brookend Lane, Kempsey 24/7 Public
73E9F411-1942-4DAD-9429-B297867C8288 WR5 3LQ Kempsey Community Centre, Main Road, Worcester 24/7 Public
92C05FA6-E261-4E02-9C09-B0590092964F WR5 3NT Kempsey Primary School, Ellsdon, Kempsey Variable Restricted
FFE40040-0286-4252-904D-B035008763E8 WR5 3NT Kempsey Primary School, Ellsdon, Kempsey Variable Restricted
8084 WR5 3PN Worcester Police Cricket Club, Worcestershire 24/7 Public
4713CB12-A07B-48A0-8E7F-AEA000D5B7C9 WR5 3SW Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, St Peters Drive Variable Public
8358D776-70EC-48E9-A495-AE210117178E WR5 3SW Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd (Main Store), St Peters Drive Variable Public
81277635-3433-40D7-AA79-AE97009C0613 WR5 3TA St Peters Village Hall, St Peters Drive, Worcester 24/7 Public
2D16D817-9B80-4853-9FA9-AA830076ED36 WR6 5AR Bishops Frome Village Centre & Community Shop, Worcester 24/7 Public
D9BDF3DC-503C-4AD2-A7EE-AF17008FB330 WR6 5AR Bishops Frome Village Centre, B4214 From A4103 To Gorsty Lane, Bishops Frome 24/7 Public
5919FD9D-B1AD-4849-9831-AC3800B313D6 WR6 5DB Mudwalls Close, 1 C1133 From B4214 To East Lodge, Bishops Frome Variable Restricted
AFAD5180-CDB6-4B79-A658-85CF2227D15E WR6 5DE Suckley School, Church Lane, Worcester 24/7 Public
52351AD2-7093-4809-9E74-AB2200EBD4B4 WR6 5EJ Acton Mill Care Farm Ltd, Acton Mill Farm, Worcester 24/7 Restricted
9A7765BD-2411-4018-B6FC-14136F96F055 WR6 5HJ Alfrick And Lulsley Village Hall, Alfrick, Worcester 24/7 Public
E31D624D-0F98-4DC6-8543-B00D00A95A23 WR6 5JD Bank House Hotel, A4103 Bransford, Bransford 24/7 Public
FE76891D-87EE-440E-9494-40DA21A2B08E WR6 5JD Bransford Golf Club House Bank House Hotel, A4103 Bransford, Worcester 24/7 Public
0A964025-1722-435F-955F-AD9D00E9215F WR6 5JE Our Place, Lakeside At Our Place, A4103 24/7 Public
E6EA086B-EA72-40FC-BAC7-AD9E00710FF1 WR6 5JE The Orchard, A4103, Bransford Variable Public
82A99581-3BEE-44C7-BA07-ADFF0128AA7F WR6 5JH Worcester Nomads Cricket Club, Station Road, Bransford 24/7 Public
A9190E71-8367-4EB4-B43F-AE4400FB7E86 WR6 5JH Dynamometer Services Group Ltd At Stockend Farm, Station Road, Bransford 24/7 Public
0FA2489E-14C1-4F53-B85D-69C9C950D4E8 WR6 5RN Whitbourne Village Hall, Meadow Green, Worcester 24/7 Public
A90CDC2E-6632-4935-8504-61AC3270D910 WR6 5TD Brockhampton Primary School, Worcester 24/7 Public
72203952-BB6A-49FE-A54D-AECB00E174FD WR6 5TE Caravan Club, Caravan Club Site, A44 From B4220 To Norton Lane Via Bringsty Common 24/7 Restricted
8A897647-E73B-43DB-B2BD-AE630103A18D WR6 5UB Park Leisure 2000 Ltd, Malvern View Country And Leisure Park, Woodend Lane C1136 24/7 Restricted
250F4919-2A19-4608-B5D8-AEA900B12407 WR6 5UH National Trust, Lower Brockhampton House, Brockhampton Estate Variable Public
FB90F0F9-8D0A-4F6A-B29D-B0600100D94C WR6 6AE Near Windspoint, Pensax/Worles Common 24/7 Public
A2FD0EEA-05A1-47D9-898D-AE7F00C4D4C4 WR6 6BN Abberley Parish Council, The Manor Arms, The Village 24/7 Public
8FD816FF-96D2-4470-B39B-AD8801679BEA WR6 6BQ Droitwich Aed, Swiss Heights Lodge, Bank Lane 24/7 Public
68CBCA9A-6AB5-4B3C-B126-9C2C7CCD911F WR6 6DD Abberley Hall, Worcester 24/7 Public
40646038-9DB3-41E5-9B3B-AFBB011EC09C WR6 6EU Upper Sapey (Edith Silcock Memorial) Village Hall, Upper Sapey Edith Silcock Memorial Village Hall, B4204 From Thisledown Nursery To County Boundary 24/7 Public
71FE9ED6-F09E-4A81-A3A1-D105FCBCDB91 WR6 6HR Great Witley Village Hall, Worcester Road, Great Witley 24/7 Public
96AAB5B4-538F-4569-901F-AB7C009CB1CF WR6 6NH Top Barn Business Centre Ltd, Unit 5c, Top Barn 24/7 Public
D79C2FD6-6A5A-4F42-B7B8-AE2101651C5E WR6 6NJ 8 Holt Castle Barns, Holt Heath, Worcester 24/7 Public
30394CAE-C531-4CC5-BC9B-AE8200E37CC1 WR6 6PQ Martley Memorial Hall, Berrow Green Road, Martley 24/7 Public
75232496-AB6A-49B8-8D6E-AE4A00B425C5 WR6 6PQ Maylite Trading Estate, Berrow Green Road, Martley 24/7 Public
71769380-ED66-465F-AB28-AE2F01064519 WR6 6QA Freedom Leisure, Sport Martley Leisure Centre Chantry High School, B4204 Martley Variable Public
C480E507-9288-462A-9085-AEBA00CF0DC1 WR6 6QA Chantry High School, B4204 Martley, Martley 24/7 Public
6F7B08F9-4FC9-4868-BD34-AF8A00C10833 WR6 6RA Shelsley Beauchamp Village Hall, C2228 Shelsley Beauchamp, Shelsley Beauchamp 24/7 Public
AB9F85B2-90DF-460A-9D52-66D303004058 WR6 6TT Shrawley Village Hall, B4196 Shrawley, Shrawley 24/7 Public
5FE07668-ADF2-4997-8AE1-DEDB38550D15 WR6 6UB Oakfield House Penn Hall Lane, Worcester 24/7 Public
452DDB0E-E788-4DA9-BC63-B09000C09ACB WR6 6UT Stockton On Teme, Stockton Court, A443 Stockton 24/7 Public
1756D15D-D2B2-4908-A706-B06000FFA6A0 WR6 6XJ Trenant, C2024 Pensax, Stockton 24/7 Public
25C06B9F-D1D2-43A5-AF57-ADC90167BE04 WR6 6XT The Baiting House, B4203 High View Property Access To County Boundary, Upper Sapey 24/7 Public
0F621AA2-50ED-4F32-AD51-B0B4009D6F13 WR7 4AT Crowle Church Of England Primary School, School Lane, Crowle 24/7 Public
9E5512E6-2553-4CD8-A6A2-8A27AF569CA4 WR7 4AZ Crowle Parish Hall, Church Road, Worcester 24/7 Public
0DEAAC6C-EE93-4D48-9F36-AB2800F66360 WR7 4BA St Leonards Church, Church Road, Broughton Hackett 24/7 Public
E05D4A4D-758A-453E-8B49-4A371D5A6A37 WR7 4BS Flyford Flavell First School, Radford Road, Worcester 24/7 Public
0B4150B8-9902-4061-9860-ADE800AA51A3 WR7 4DG Mill House Residential Care Home, Kington Lane, Kington 24/7 Restricted
B2A0C0FF-D0C8-4EDA-934C-106E5885051E WR7 4DY Simply Fresh The Forge Shop, High Street, Worcester 24/7 Public
9DE2E2C4-B829-4121-860E-2C56D74BE665 WR7 4LB Kington And Dormston Village Hall, Cockshot Lane, Kington 24/7 Public
A1169AA1-028C-4D18-9BA1-BC9DF31BE3EE WR7 4NA Abbots Morton Village Hall, Worcester 24/7 Public
AEFC6C15-837E-476B-9DE7-AECB00F611DB WR7 4NX Upton Snodsbury Parish Council, Commissioners Cottage, Cowsden 24/7 Public
17CC9DFF-17C2-4C78-A9A4-AE21014D8BCC WR7 4QQ White Ladies Aston Parish Meeting, Village Hall (Village Room), Road From A4538 Evesham Road To Edwards Lane 24/7 Public
E7817509-EFF6-405C-B39D-B0C90118A1FB WR7 4RD Great Western Railway, Worcestershire Parkway Station, Pershore Road Variable Public
4492 WR7 4RE Village Hall, Worcestershire 24/7 Public
3F5F0281-7290-400D-97FC-AA8F00DBAB2E WR8 0AS Brickwalls Barn, Gilberts End, Hanley Castle 24/7 Public
2DF438C7-56B6-42C9-AACF-B03500A785EB WR8 0BL Hanley Castle High School, Church End, Hanley Castle 24/7 Public
39A277C7-F076-444B-BE30-B03500A13D3C WR8 0BL Pavilion Home Changing Room, Cricket Ground, Church End 24/7 Restricted
A24728C1-5E0E-417B-9EB2-B03500A02F63 WR8 0BL Hanley Castle High School, Church End, Hanley Castle Variable Restricted
63A6E27D-9B69-4629-9B5E-AE7700CF9D63 WR8 0BZ Roadchef Strensham Northbound Msa, M5 Junction 7/8, Strensham 24/7 Public
6C463AFB-74E9-446E-9C22-AE7700CFFC39 WR8 0BZ Roadchef Strensham Southbound Msa, Junction 8 M5, Strensham 24/7 Public
105CD97F-F824-4DFE-842D-73E28BF7C482 WR8 0EA The Swan Inn, Worcester Road, Hanley Swan 24/7 Public
92838547-A187-41C0-953C-AF3200DF9CD2 WR8 0EE The Caravan And Motorhome Club, Malvern Hills Camc Site, Blackmore End Variable Public
F2967D2B-C5BC-4DD7-A86D-0C1FD81399B2 WR8 0EQ St Gabriels With St Marys C Of E Primary School, Welland Road, Hanley Swan 24/7 Public
FC7C91EB-EEA7-4D29-ADCF-69CAAA7417D4 WR8 0PP The Bluebell Inn, Ryall Grove, Worcester 24/7 Public
6C8CC1AC-23FA-4343-B0C4-5E9D5878882B WR8 0RR Beechwood Retirement Home, Worcester 24/7 Public
3EB9BA88-4123-4126-9866-BB3247FED89A WR8 9AH Pumping Station, Lower Drive, Worcester 24/7 Public
CC58045B-9F4A-4A87-9BB9-AB180120A3B4 WR8 9BD Defford Arms, Upton Road, Defford 24/7 Public
270508A3-8271-4B7E-9374-B0C800FE0578 WR8 9BH Defford-Cum-Besford Ce First School, Defford Cum Besford C Of E School, Hill View Variable Restricted
5DF929EA-A3BA-4356-93D7-AAFD00F637D9 WR8 9BL Defford Village Hall Harpley Road, Defford 24/7 Public
AD51F660-929C-4F0F-AD53-AE2B00DE925B WR8 9DQ Vine Cottage, U60408 Baughton, Earls Croome 24/7 Public
511B6F16-BF38-4924-90EE-AF5900E19AF4 WR8 9HA Masons Arms, Station Road, Wadborough 24/7 Public
D174AC39-0683-43DF-8AFE-AF4A00D17F12 WR8 9JS Savills, Croome Estate Office, High Green Variable Restricted
876D986A-4C3B-4800-8BAB-6B32EE1C71E3 WR8 9LZ Community Hall, Besford Court Estate, Worcester 24/7 Public
CCC7C63F-9830-48AB-A636-AF4700A34784 WR9 0AA Westacre Middle School, Westacre County Middle School, Ombersley Way Variable Restricted
1BA02E63-B915-42A3-B334-F82683747C3D WR9 0AH Hindlip Martin Hussingtree & Salwarpe Parish Council, Salwarpe Village Hall, Copcut Lane 24/7 Public
DA5FACEE-9B73-4AFE-9525-11648143CA3B WR9 0AQ Droitwich Aed / Chawson Barn, Chawson Barn Community Hall, Old Chawson Lane 24/7 Public
03E5BD75-1DEE-41ED-BC00-B05000DB6B06 WR9 0AU Canteen, Woodland View, Haye Lane 24/7 Public
9C8C02DC-273D-435D-B36D-AA7A0100E05C WR9 0BH Droitwich Golf Club Ltd, Ford Lane, Elmbridge 24/7 Public
4E5EA520-22C8-4223-A2ED-AF9300AFA893 WR9 0BP Rashwood Nursing Home, Rashwood Lane, Rashwood 24/7 Public
F6E3CAA4-13C2-4E93-A8B5-AAEC00F98736 WR9 0DA Elmbridge Parish Council, 1-2 Ring O'bells, Elmbridge 24/7 Public
479A2E3C-B71E-4386-A21C-ABCA00F6D9FF WR9 0DG Droitwich Aed, Webbs Of Wychbold, Worcester Road Variable Restricted
43F9A21C-FB4C-4201-9724-AD5600C57151 WR9 0DL 5 Shirley Jones Close, Droitwich Spa 24/7 Public
C3FC2B59-4E0E-4453-8678-AB3B013818C9 WR9 0DL 5 Shirley Jones Close, Droitwich Spa 24/7 Public
4222BDCD-ED1D-40F4-97DE-ACDE01104D94 WR9 0DR Droitwich Aed, Ombersley And Doverdale Tennis Club, Droitwich Road 24/7 Public
A90776B0-B4A6-4BCE-B8B8-AF9901777582 WR9 0EL Droitwich Aed, Ombersley Medical Centre #141, Main Road 24/7 Public
F036E73C-9A08-432A-AAAA-0D6D18B65CEC WR9 0LE Ombersley Golf Club, Bishops Wood Road, Droitwich Variable Public
C022FEE3-CD0A-4B0F-8B07-A7F3A548CE1D WR9 0LP Barton Cold-Form Ltd Unit 402, Pointon Way, Droitwich Variable Restricted
2D633297-A458-4C04-AAED-87CD2660F1C8 WR9 0LW Sencon Uk Ltd Unit 502 Stonebridge Cross Business Park, Pointon Way, Droitwich Variable Restricted
DE2849F1-2647-4247-871F-AEEE00F3A256 WR9 0NR Rushock Village Hall, Church Lane, Rushock 24/7 Public
D4D223BF-5A3A-400A-BF7A-AAC300B0C97F WR9 0NU Droitwich Aed, Doverdale Park Residents Association, 68 Doverdale Park Homes 24/7 Public
14B1B06D-8F18-4DE8-98EA-B05300B9E5C6 WR9 0NX Unit 10, Wassage Way, Hampton Lovett 24/7 Public
24E00E75-0106-4037-89F5-B0B3010C93A7 WR9 0NX Adler And Allan Droitwich, 9 Hampton Lovett Industrial Estate, Hampton Lovett Variable Restricted
4BC8C53C-66DF-4DE6-B17D-B00E00A7A17E WR9 0NX Crossfit Fauna, Unit 3, Wassage Way Variable Public
529BD2AC-CC41-46D1-B84B-27A6C7BABCA6 WR9 0RY St Josephs Catholic Primary School, St Josephs Close, Droitwich Variable Restricted
63D66373-8DF2-42C4-A9C6-AF6B00A86EF6 WR9 0RY St Josephs Primary School, St Josephs Close, Droitwich Spa Variable Restricted
2733285C-88F9-4EE9-8A1E-0F2ED50EBCF2 WR9 0RZ Droitwich Aed, Droitwich Sports & Leisure Centre, Briar Mill Variable Restricted
5F07984D-6305-430B-A2A6-AB0C00AEE674 WR9 0RZ Droitwich Aed, Kgv Sports Pavilion, Playing Fields 24/7 Public
1C481D51-605A-4332-9FB2-EFB2D7D0F610 WR9 7AN Droitwich Aed, Droitwich Spa Cricket Club, Lido Park 24/7 Public
8467A5E0-97F4-48CA-8AB3-191B7582C07B WR9 7AN Droitwich Tennis Club, St Peters Church Lane, Droitwich Spa 24/7 Public
DEB730C6-FF28-486F-9653-B0760097712A WR9 7AN St Peter's Droitwich Cofe Academy, St Peters Droitwich Cofe Academy, St Peters Church Lane Variable Public
EFB77E6E-AA68-4F4C-85CE-BC4B49C2BE77 WR9 7BE Droitwich Aed, The Corbett Medical Practice 36, Corbett Avenue 24/7 Public
9A50E9D2-C9F1-4941-AA42-5F25774AD046 WR9 7DU Droitwich Aed, Droitwich Rugby Football Club, Glynn Mitchell Memorial Ground 24/7 Public
BE339E2F-29B9-4565-9197-AF9400BE2D1E WR9 7EA National Trust, Hanbury Hall, School Road Variable Restricted
BDD1E58A-40DE-4A0E-8893-AE29010F987D WR9 7ET Droitwich Aed / Hadzor Residents Association, Daed 104 / Amphlett Court, 1 Amphlett Court 24/7 Public
71B89A6C-7FD2-4D2D-9C3E-AFA400DB4A07 WR9 7GN Droitwich Aed 147, 17 Anne Thomas Crescent, Copcut 24/7 Public
62086E1C-B5E8-4E4B-BDE3-AF4F00ADF3D7 WR9 7GP Droitwich Aed, Woodland View Care Home #132, Woodland Way 24/7 Public
070C8147-FE4B-4E74-A4CC-6E0C16B6F4EC WR9 7JA Droitwich Aed / Copcut Elm, Copcut Elm, Droitwich Aed 105 24/7 Public
05F2113B-601D-4D30-AE3F-AF2C00A5FB85 WR9 7JH Droitwich Aed, Newland Hurst, Cuphill Close 24/7 Public
98DF0A2F-35C4-4973-A9D5-AE15011A36DB WR9 7JR Droitwich Aed, Daed 103 / Gaudet Luce Golf Club, Middle Lane 24/7 Public
4DA8699E-C008-4D2E-B103-AD5D00EB4BE1 WR9 7NL The Village Hall, Plough Road, Tibberton 24/7 Public
CF233C51-BD3F-44B8-8BF8-AB160117AC88 WR9 7PA Dodderhill Parish Council, Holiday Inn Express, Worcester Road 24/7 Public
E74C5DB0-7A6A-4E49-8D2F-E30A4323E27E WR9 7PN Dodderhill Parish Council, Wychbold Surgery, De Wyche Road 24/7 Public
C8C24342-5704-4362-A5DD-AB1000B3C668 WR9 7PU Wychbold First School, School Road, Droitwich Variable Restricted
EF512721-A794-4798-8B93-FEA26434A85F WR9 7QP Droitwich Aed, Scout Hut, Cockshute Hill 24/7 Public
782440A3-F718-4B29-8E7E-AB26E10ACAEB WR9 7SS Droitwich Aed, Tesco Express, 2 Primsland Retail Park 24/7 Public
B8105804-63FE-4288-AC1B-B02D00A42B8F WR9 7SS Tesco Droitwich Express, 2, Primsland Way Retail Park, Mulberry Tree Hill Variable Public
D6BDA9F4-6D16-44AE-B4C5-AC6300B3B674 WR9 7TN Droitwich Aed, 53 Goldcrest Way, Maple Coppice Variable Restricted
22F7166C-FB24-4D58-82B9-B0AC010E5D99 WR9 7TQ Event 2, Cowslip Gardens, Droitwich 24/7 Restricted
3783F62F-5987-49AF-8EA0-B0AC00FC94AF WR9 7TQ Responder 1, Cowslip Gardens, Droitwich 24/7 Restricted
4AB824D8-B507-43AF-AF01-B0AC00B4CBF3 WR9 7TQ Rc4493, Rc4493 Cowslip Gardens, Droitwich 24/7 Restricted
9A6CCB6B-B202-4A1E-80FE-B0AB011F7E73 WR9 7TQ Rc705, Rc705 Cowslip Gardens, Droitwich 24/7 Restricted
D0F14D5F-4BA2-482F-9E38-B0AC010E59EC WR9 7TQ Event 1, Cowslip Gardens, Droitwich 24/7 Restricted
DE939D21-7EED-452D-AB0F-AF4C00D65C0A WR9 7TS Droitwich Aed, 14 Oxlip Row #131, Droitwich Spa 24/7 Restricted
E49C56D9-B412-4E87-9230-24ACF51F4DD0 WR9 8AA Droitwich Aed, Lido Cafe, Lido Park 24/7 Public
F9DED5D0-D324-4D72-BB4B-FE03C65C3623 WR9 8AH Droitwich Aed, Busy Bees Nursery, 38 Worcester Road Variable Public
0D7A1685-8E22-4771-86E6-53BCFBB6F50D WR9 8AN Droitwich Aed, Texaco Garage, Worcester Road 24/7 Public
C45110E2-F3AD-45C3-A339-AA8100C1CB31 WR9 8AY Droitwich Aed, Nicol & Co Estate Agents, 226 Worcester Road 24/7 Public
77FE5C93-297D-4953-B2B9-AD9800B0943C WR9 8AZ Droitwich Aed, Sacred Heart Church, 208 Worcester Road 24/7 Public
117C398A-C080-4C24-943F-03D39D2675F0 WR9 8BD Droitwich Aed, Witton County Middle School, Old Coach Road 24/7 Public
403D3D9E-1B04-430E-AEBC-ACA8010B27E5 WR9 8BJ Droitwich Aed, Kevin Hyett, 50b Nunnery Avenue, 24/7 Public
31849FF8-DEF4-4ACA-A097-D69EAD417C5E WR9 8BW Droitwich Aed, Chawson Community First School, Wych Road Variable Public
7ABBFF48-B8EE-484E-86F3-AD6D00BCA42D WR9 8DY Droitwich Aed, Salvation Army Shop, 12 St Andrews Street 24/7 Public
F9A379C7-7EDE-42DF-A7A4-B0AA01820D40 WR9 8ED The Hop Pole Inn, 40 Friar Street, Droitwich 24/7 Public
1DD53C83-D74D-4695-A311-ACB401403943 WR9 8HB Droitwich Aed, The Coventry Charity, 38a Coventry Homes 24/7 Public
C1C13514-6CA0-4FE8-B261-6278B9713BDB WR9 8JL Droitwich Aed, The Doverdale Arms, Stalls Farm Road 24/7 Public
D091CEA1-86FE-4079-9250-AF100135551C WR9 8LB Waitrose Droitwich, Saltway, Droitwich Spa 24/7 Public
16BA92B6-3E88-4CAF-B272-AB6800F08277 WR9 8LU 1 Vines Lane, Droitwich 24/7 Public
2D723A3B-63D4-4FF2-9F1D-AB21011458F4 WR9 8LU Gardeners Arms, 47 Vines Lane, Droitwich Spa 24/7 Public
F0B497FC-1791-4787-B050-AC4B010D0FF6 WR9 8PQ Spar, Spar Droitwich, 8 Blake Avenue 24/7 Public
1D2AF2DE-D756-4186-97BB-E629D2CE59D4 WR9 8PW Co-Op Funeral - Hanbury Road, 32-33 Hanbury Road, Droitwich 24/7 Public
335B91EC-1E64-45F9-B485-AA8100BC8C48 WR9 8RD Droitwich Medical Centre, Ombersley Street East, Droitwich Spa 24/7 Public
08D707FA-10E8-45CD-A970-AF3F010A2439 WR9 8RZ Droitwich Aed#126, Droitwich Police Station, Ombersley Street East 24/7 Restricted
1E4EE3E8-EDEE-4E5E-B65C-AF3F010584B7 WR9 8RZ Droitwich Aed #127, Droitwich Police Station, Ombersley Street East 24/7 Restricted
5F4B12CD-BA9A-4540-8AA7-AF3F01084450 WR9 8RZ Droitwich Aed #128, Droitwich Police Station, Ombersley Street East 24/7 Restricted
702F4224-5E3A-4274-99C6-AF3F0112A2C1 WR9 8RZ Droitwich Aed#130, Droitwich Police Station, Ombersley Street East 24/7 Public
EBDA9B95-F4B1-44F0-B8BA-AF3F0111139D WR9 8RZ Droitwich Aed #129, Droitwich Police Station, Ombersley Street East 24/7 Public
3D2BBC0C-8D77-4AEF-9889-ADD10143AF17 WR9 8TD 30 The Dale, Droitwich Spa Variable Public
CCCAC004-D2D9-4211-BF51-AAF7011B61C7 WR9 8UA Droitwich Aed, Pillar Of Salt, Celvestune Way, 24/7 Public
24FDB566-FEFD-4C58-95F2-026E1C02CA30 WR9 9AU Droitwich Aed, Cafe Spa, Unit 25c North Bank 24/7 Public
56D1C7DC-8E0C-41B0-BBF5-AF640092A839 WR9 9AU Volkswagen Worcester Commercial Vehicles, Unit 25b, Berry Hill Industrial Estate North Bank Variable Public
5C23F925-584B-4F30-A26E-AE3F00EFD0F6 WR9 9AX T/A Physique Fitness, Unit 2 West Bank, Berry Hill Industrial Estate West Stone West Bank 24/7 Public
0A67285A-3518-4D7A-9194-AF5F00E93F1D WR9 9AY Land Rover Droitwich, Kidderminster Road, Droitwich Variable Public
533269C6-D2C2-4EC1-A618-B02A007E47C8 WR9 9BD Droitwich Train Station #112, Droitwich Spa Railway Station, Station Road 24/7 Public
AEB995E7-408F-4662-9F8F-AFE90102F50A WR9 9BH Screwfix, Units A3&A4, Salwarpe Road Variable Restricted
22515D11-83EE-4A2E-BCCD-F50D3D377DBC WR9 9EQ Droitwich Aed, Wand’s Family Hub, Westlands First School 24/7 Public
480DA230-8346-4439-B762-AF29014E2234 WR9 9EQ Fox And Goose, Farmers Way, Droitwich Spa Variable Restricted

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 17 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n912022334 inside old red phone box on green, Charlton Green
MZ n3729582981 On the outside front wall of Offenham Post Office
MZ n4228358150
MZ n5632117152
MZ n5894466883 On the outside wall of the building by the steps
MZ n6022916294 outside Cookhill Village Hall
MZ n6045996583
MZ n6591730304 Entrance to Village Hall
MZ n6787751290
MZ n8231918934 On front wall of house
MZ n8575202486
MZ n9062217342 inside red telephone box, Sale Green
MZ n9236750228 inside red phone box, Monkwood Green
MZ n9598532869 inside red phone box
MZ n9773945622 next to garage of Top Cottage near Willersey Methodist Chapel
MZ n11053839927 outside West End Stores, Fownhope - facing car park
MZ n11151928119 inside old phone box, Evesham Road, Astwood Bank

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 58 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
736F7179-EFD6-4A44-AFF1-07ABD25C036D WR1 3EJ Worcester Rowing Club, Race Course Worcester, Grand Stand Road n11368834403 49 m
CECAA59F-8872-445B-A843-7460D13D166D WR10 3AU Eckington Parish Hall, School Lane, Eckington n6037703046 On exterior wall of Eckington Memorial Hall, towards the rear facing the car park and School Lane. 7 m
6212959C-DDD0-44EE-B927-F6C6F2F8484B WR10 3AP Eckington Recreation Ground, Pershore Road, Eckington n6037703035 55 m
2D8FEB9F-BAC4-4C7F-8767-F81132121DB0 WR10 3AB Birlingham Village Hall, The Avenue, Birlingham n6037694348 On exterior wall of Birlingham Village Hall, facing The Avenue, just to the right of the main entran 20 m
1850 WR10 1BE Public Toilets, Worcestershire n4341424731 67 m
8523334D-6C08-4339-8AE5-F7CD35C5A277 WR10 1QU Pershore Leisure Centre, King Georges Way, Pershore n2292731315 On side wall of toilets 56 m
179 WR10 1QU Public Toilets, Worcestershire n2292731315 On side wall of toilets 123 m
D5998FB8-F4CB-4077-9BC0-759E3889C73D WR10 2NN Bishampton & Throckmorton Parish Council, Bishampton Stores, Babylon Lane n6740269238 28 m
4117 WR10 2LJ Telephone Box, Worcestershire n3503747923 inside blue telephone box at north end of Seafod Lane in Naunton Beauchamp 2 m
306 WR11 7TP Village Hall, Gloucestershire n2297947068 On wall outside village hall, to right of main entrance 74 m
E97F7F91-AFD9-41DE-A9A9-C3871025E033 WR11 7SW Ashton Under Hill First School, Elmley Road, Ashton Under Hill n10797740546 On exterior Wall of Ashton Village Hall, just to the left of the main entrance to the Hall and First 8 m
4163ABEA-95B7-4E2D-9674-DC45E4D5DF20 WR11 7RT Public Telephone, Pitchers Hill, Evesham n664122006 inside red phone box, Wickhamford 2 m
76652E60-E10F-4CA9-B6D9-AE4B00BCFA90 WR11 2NB Hampton Farm Shop, Hampton Farm Shop - Daed 110, Pershore Road n11348778522 14 m
95554550-5BC0-414C-A223-688C602FCA4A WR11 7EW Spar Stores 16, High Street, Evesham n3366577705 On the outside, front wall of the Spar Shop in Badsey 26 m
471B76C7-2F74-439E-87E0-AC460097E5E0 WR11 4RW Market Place In Red Phone Box W3w ///Parties.exposing.airstrip, 14 Market Place, Evesham n936960785 inside old red phone box in Market Place, Evesham 17 m
D5CE875E-8D4B-48BA-B083-7EF14DE322A2 WR11 7XQ Round Of Gras 47, Bretforton Road, Evesham n6089747614 21 m
BA7ED932-E98B-46F3-81B7-AE3000C30206 WR11 7RH Honeybourne Village Hall, Harvest Close, Honeybourne n9878716311 6 m
45865217-3D2F-4E31-ACD5-AE1C00DD671D WR11 7PQ Honeybourne Parish Council, Public Telephone 22m From 40 High Street 6m From High Street, High Street n710726616 inside old red phone box, High Street, Honeybourne 1 m
FCC2AD78-698E-46F8-9563-ACA6017B6EBF WR11 4YD Droitwich Aed, Rooftop Housing Association Ltd, 70 High Street n9122746091 On front wall of Rooftop Housing Group 3 m
ACBDB7F4-9209-42CB-AD8B-AF4F0149EF0E WR11 7PP One Stop Store And Post Office, 40 Stratford Road, Honeybourne n3698701539 On the outside wall of the Honeybourne Stores, facing the Stratford Road. 11 m
5EC70287-3F2B-43B5-B83A-DC014D4C8D4B WR11 7HX Bretforton Sports Club, Station Road, Evesham n10693991255 outside Bretforton Sports Club 21 m
A2158EC9-6286-499D-AE0E-AFF501667A90 WR11 8LJ Littleton Village Hall, School Lane, Middle Littleton n10717778395 outside Littleton Village Hall 12 m
2666 WR11 8LJ Village Hall, Worcestershire n10717778395 outside Littleton Village Hall 25 m
9E696E33-F0F6-4311-B6FD-AF16011EC18D WR11 4TH Public Telephone 12m From 6 St Egwins Road 11m From St Egwins Road, St Egwins Road, Norton n312660437 inside old red phone box by garages on St Egwins Road, Lenchwick 2 m
0A523985-3C50-4EA8-BBBD-EA5E2A67DB39 WR11 8NQ Droitwich Aed, Harvington C Of E First And Nursery School, 43 Village Street n9310236101 On wall to the Right of Reception entrance 46 m
770 WR12 7AP Midcounties Co-op, Worcestershire n3581275071 On the outside wall of the main entrance to Budgens supermarket in Broadway. 19 m
A3F9D020-1699-483F-B0DF-ADD400B670B0 WR12 7HF Childswickham Memorial Hall, Atkinson Street, Childswickham n3524362050 Behind the Village Hall, in car park, open white door. 5 m
488 WR12 7PJ Village Hall, Gloucestershire n9773945620 outside Willersey Village Hall 49 m
7349 WR12 7RR Simon Hall Ltd, Gloucestershire n9773945621 on the wall of Simon Hall on left as you enter the industrial estate in Willersey 1 m
6865EDE6-2126-402A-998F-AD2100BD94AD WR12 7RR Simon Hall Limited, Unit 5, Willersey Industrial Estate n9773945621 on the wall of Simon Hall on left as you enter the industrial estate in Willersey 23 m
CE37E00C-22EF-4710-867F-0DF4A016196C WR13 6DX Public Telephone, Colwall Green n8994481358 inside red phone box, Evendine Lane, Colwall Green 55 m
C4F751BE-896D-4A89-B8C5-2A5CE1FB7B8E WR13 6PL Wyche Innovation Centre, Fossil Bank, Malvern n5305370176 In the car park of the Malvern GeoCentre. 39 m
1880 WR13 5NF Telephone Box, Herefordshire n9008560319 inside red phone boc outside old post office, Vinesend Lane, Cradley 6 m
4557EEAA-AFC6-48DE-9E5C-061E67628556 WR14 4EP Wyche Institute, Old Wyche Road, Malvern n4838845647 17 m
0BBE43CA-F8E9-4B52-8B57-3D0B728A8666 WR14 3EQ The Morgan 52, Clarence Road, Malvern n5871995685 48 m
B6F7BE18-EC73-4EFD-8381-5072D0F67EDF WR14 3AY Avenue Veterinary Centre 17, Avenue Road, Malvern n5871995686 47 m
E452DDCF-BE0C-4480-90B8-ADF0013F5E0E WR14 3HJ Post Office, Post Office Malvern Delivery Office, 1 Abbey Road n5230245097 29 m
BB426905-B688-4E17-99F2-ADF0013DBA0A WR14 2EE St Marys Church, Sherrards Green Road, Malvern n4860703916 outside St Mary's Pickersleigh church 18 m
4635FC81-516E-47B7-983D-215B8887EF97 WR14 4AY West Malvern Social Club 145, West Malvern Road, Great Malvern n5488873541 by entrance to West Malvern Social Club 58 m
7CC416B3-C07D-4642-A956-C09C0FB95630 WR14 1TD Fire Station Malvern, Worcester Road, Malvern n4838847000 15 m
4114 WR2 6RR Telephone Box, Worcestershire n8633702259 inside blue telephone box next to Bell Inn car park, Bell Lane, Lower Broadheath 3 m
F397DE8A-DC6D-4F51-95A2-B04801206FC5 WR2 6RR Lower Broadheath Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Bell Lane, Lower Broadheath n8633702259 inside blue telephone box next to Bell Inn car park, Bell Lane, Lower Broadheath 3 m
7061 WR2 6LU Telephone Box, Worcestershire n11142548815 inside old red phone box in Grimley 1 m
40A3D296-250D-400A-9740-AECF00CE10C0 WR2 6LS Wildgoose Rural Training And Nature Reserve, Main Road, Hallow n10201688047 Between café and offices 40 m
B23B5568-A2E1-49C0-A969-AD2900F53AA1 WR6 5UJ Bringsty Vintage Living, A44 From B4220 To Norton Lane Via Bringsty Common, Bringsty Common n9139788696 13 m
965D8545-00E5-452D-8A2C-E2B9EC866FAE WR6 6PL Public Telephone, B4197, Berrow Green n6360753563 Inside old phone box in Berrow Green 1 m
E94C055C-CB8C-46A6-8A88-ABDC00C2DDD6 WR6 6PA B4197, Martley n1482538332 inside green telephone box at junction of Martley (B4202) and B4197 in 14 m
6195A2B6-7369-401D-9A14-4417C2A305BE WR6 6YJ Public Telephone, Queensway, Worcester n8515529400 in phone box on Queensway, Wichenford 3 m
0F57C085-D6DA-4108-8EA3-DCAA15D7F1E4 WR6 6NT Public Telephone, A443, Holt Heath n5270998405 inside old phone box in Holt Heath 42 m
CE67A890-A9A1-411A-8A7A-8F6D81CF52D8 WR6 6LS Little Witley Village Hall, Bank Road, Little Witley n3740701083 14 m
66505866-F919-4EB8-83B3-C6A8A9FA47C7 WR6 6TD Public Telephone, Frog Pool n685493276 insisde red phone box,Worcester Road, Shrawley 3 m
F05DCDDB-8FB9-45DB-A3BA-EAE8CD92AAD4 WR6 6AZ Abberley Village Hall, Clows Top Road, Worcester n4840926602 16 m
4B2EE5A8-6B01-4110-8BBA-AE5F01622F41 WR6 6UB Pensax Parish Council, Public Telephone 19m From Blakedon 4m From Unnamed Road, U95616 Menith Wood n6148555257 inside red phone box, Menithwood 6 m
5648 WR8 9LJ Village Hall, Worcestershire n9696317533 outside Strensham Village Hall - to left of entrance 7 m
7132 WR8 0PZ Telephone Box, Worcestershire n1112467314 on the back of old red phone box now being used as book exchange in Naunton 1 m
263E592D-F36D-43D2-894F-19411D6D5F8E WR8 0EN The Hill Centre, Milestone Road, Worcester n6320505376 8 m
2921A5CD-CB67-4E8C-A484-386FA3A3C6A1 WR8 9DE Public Telephone, Church Lane, Earls Croome n911056994 inside red telephone box, Church Lane, Earls Croome 22 m
B0F41D29-750F-4FAF-8538-AA8F00D9FA41 WR8 0BJ The Old Post Office, B4211 Powick Road, Hanley Castle n4165747979 inside old red phone box, Powick Road, Hanley Castle 19 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 17 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
A7EBDC94-9920-4F41-A95D-8594CD6B4D7B WR11 7XB Public Telephone, Main Street, Evesham n650493651 inside red phone box (that is now a book exchange), Main Street, Aldington 128 m
BAE71DE7-777B-4451-BA1F-62CAC074E730 WR10 3NZ Wick Club, Main Street, Pershore n3614706817 On the outside east wall of Wick Club. 3733 m
5A8A070C-4DEF-4046-B36E-D380B9FC6793 WR10 3HS Public Telephone, Main Street, Elmley Castle n3618028239 inside old red phone box, Elmley Castle 17 m
485C4C00-C9D5-4E8D-AB17-01C4C3A45BB9 WR5 3SA Pavilion Plovers Rise Playing Field, Plovers Rise, Worcester n4459494231 On outside wall of Plovers Rise Playing Field paviloin 117 m
B32A8965-1288-4FD7-846B-1D535A7692ED WR13 6DW Malvern Hills Hotel, Jubilee Drive, Malvern n4838846182 outside Malvern Hills pub 204 m
42F09B19-02D4-40CD-B6CA-AD8900C9E713 WR12 7JU The Snowshill Arms, Snowshill, Broadway n4855008544 119 m
2A509614-E32C-4815-9D3E-72A497D774A3 WR14 4AY Sugar Loaf Cafe Regents Village Shop, Westminster Bank, Malvern n5488877322 131 m
A5710C22-42CA-4FFB-B4D9-401135B1D76B WR11 7XD Badsey Remembrance Hall, Horsebridge Avenue, Badsey n6097059275 0 m
925CA1E8-6EB2-4401-A596-67C9AC4E1328 WR14 2ET Barnards Green Cricket Club, North End Lane, Malvern n6099256959 92 m
CF681F08-BC9C-416F-B612-AF1100B8A1BA WR8 0JQ Upton Rugby Club, Properties 77 To 83, Old Street n6973428504 139 m
984D6CF1-E55B-4E88-9AE2-B04200AB16F9 WR15 8AA Tesco Tenbury Wells, 62 Teme St, Tenbury Wells n8311827232 On the inside of the Tesco lobby to the left as you walk through the automatic doors from the west 141 m
A7DC3790-DC9A-4D90-B3B9-AA9A014DB7AD WR6 6ET Sapey Common, Clifton-Upon-Teme, Telephone Kiosk, Sapey Common n8515529391 inside green phone box in Sapey Common 196 m
F026B885-C841-43A5-98E7-E59493BE3067 WR9 8AY Nicol & Co Estate Agents, 226 Worcester Road, Droitwich n9255414126 outside Nicol & Co estate agents, Worcester Road, Droitwich Spa 25 m
830D9EAD-9A4D-4564-A80B-9B397BD58430 WR11 4BP Raphaels Licensed Restaurant, Boat Lane, Evesham n10984651776 On exterior wall of Raphael's Restaurant, on the far side from Boat Lane. 274 m
D0ADDCE9-7932-4963-BD38-4AB41B5812A2 WR7 4NH Upton Snodsbury Village Hall, Church Lane, Worcester n11028626317 outside Upton Snodsbury Village Hall 110 m
59594FD8-5B6D-44A0-A070-DAFFE781322E WR10 3NH Cropthorne Village Hall, Main Street, Pershore n11149117523 On exterior wall of Cropthorne Village Hall, in the covered porch to the right of the main entrance. 4525 m
66978DE5-CE95-4C85-A196-C553AF3EDCD7 WR10 3EP Little Comberton Village Hall Trust, Pershore Road, Pershore n11157562143 On exterior wall of Little Comberton Village Hall, in the covered porch next to the main entrance. 1611 m

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API. Includes data from The Circuit / Defib Finder. Includes data from the National Defibrillator Database.