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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'DH' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 280 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
AAE3C26A-1468-4392-B3ED-B02E00AA6CB8 DH1 1RH Tesco, 29 Claypath, Durham Variable Public
82742978-2DC3-4C34-96FE-AE3100CA8243 DH1 1SL Her Majestys Passport Office, Her Majestys Passport Office Freemans Reach, Riverside Place Variable Restricted
BCE66B96-3A13-4F7A-B2F2-B0A5017283ED DH1 1SQ Freemans Quay Leisure Centre, Walkergate, Durham Variable Public
C923B574-31FC-421C-AFBB-AE6F014B7AA2 DH1 1SQ Premier Inn, Freemans Place, Durham 24/7 Restricted
F082FC47-6EA2-42AB-8F7A-AFBE00B011D3 DH1 1SZ Bede Building St Hild And Bede College, Pelaw Leazes Lane, Durham Variable Restricted
20BAD550-B32B-4FE6-B486-AFF7010DA79B DH1 1TH Ground Floor Thames House, 5 Mandale Park, Durham Variable Restricted
4AB60CBC-2977-4CEE-B329-AEE40074B475 DH1 1TH Northern Counties Safety Group Ltd, Waldon House Unit 23h, Mandale Business Park Variable Restricted
50B3205B-246D-4EAC-8B78-B03C008BF839 DH1 1TH Mersey House, 8 Mandale Park, Belmont Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
A2E03CA0-58D2-49D8-8FA1-AF9300C44792 DH1 1TH Go The Distance Cic, 27 Witham House, Mandale Business Park Variable Public
26AA1B39-2155-4613-89D4-B04400D133EB DH1 1TW Clive Owen Llp, Kepier House, Belmont Business Park Variable Public
7A505CD6-0AA4-4C73-9023-B09F00DC0B5C DH1 1WA Gala Theatre, 1-2 Millennium Place, Durham Variable Public
49610EA5-057C-495A-97F0-ADBE00B032A7 DH1 2EH Pelaw View Centre, Hilda Avenue, Durham 24/7 Public
2B5F2DD3-E17F-4065-975D-AF64009D5711 DH1 2HX Simon Berry Optometrist, Gilesgate 24/7 Public
7EAE3803-171D-464B-8F55-AEE800B61382 DH1 2JG New Durham Working Mens Club And Institute, Mill Lane, Gilesgate 24/7 Public
7200AF6F-783A-43E5-99C0-ADB800ED861B DH1 2LG M.whitfield Ltd., M Whitfield Pharmacy, 34 Sunderland Road 24/7 Public
35FE6093-3E73-48EE-A891-ADB400EF7C36 DH1 2NJ St Marys Church Hall, High Street North, Shincliffe 24/7 Public
8833F880-5FD0-451E-85F0-AE2901068E02 DH1 2PN Shincliffe Parish Council, Shincliffe Church Of England Primary School, Beal Walk 24/7 Public
A2AA6005-B071-4021-8CA5-ADF700CB7790 DH1 2QP Belmont Community School, Belmont Comprehensive School, Buckinghamshire Road 24/7 Public
C09B81EA-5A49-4C3C-A6FC-AE76008E64B5 DH1 2QR Belmont Parish Hall Association, Broomside Lane, Durham 24/7 Public
20A266BF-A884-45B7-A632-AF4C01002950 DH1 2XD Mcdonald's - Durham 2, Dragon Lane Retail Park, Dragon Lane 24/7 Restricted
4D256004-CB30-49FD-BB35-AE3A00B291CD DH1 2XH Tesco Extra, Dragons Ln, Dragonville Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
C73CFFD8-CEBD-472A-9027-AFE9008A1845 DH1 2XU Screwfix, 45-46 Dragonville Industrial Park, Durham Variable Public
87628427-FE1D-4B58-9C3C-AE9400E6ECA1 DH1 3BP Jobcentre Plus Elvet House, Hallgarth Street, Durham Variable Public
0D6E443D-ACDF-468C-B1F8-AFB1012D1A33 DH1 3DE Stephenson College, South Road, Durham 24/7 Public
46817445-44A7-4E3E-A31B-AFAF0098155B DH1 3DF Josephine Butler College, South Road, Durham 24/7 Restricted
19D9B26F-D8EF-4DF9-BAC8-AFB8008DF0AD DH1 3EE St Cuthberts Society, Durham University, 12 South Bailey, Durham Variable Restricted
688F4FBC-C730-43B1-8F71-AFB000D99C2D DH1 3FP The Hub, The Approach, Durham 24/7 Public
D7536801-4EC9-40EB-8535-ADAB00DC7170 DH1 3HL Elvet Methodist Church, Old Elvet, Durham 24/7 Public
745C2574-8D33-4722-9F0F-AFAC01058352 DH1 3HN Department Of Sociology, 32 Old Elvet, Durham Variable Restricted
FAE77ED8-FFB2-4444-8297-AFB60099093A DH1 3LA Durham University, Green Lane Offices, Dept. Sport And Exercise Sciences Variable Restricted
18DF76E9-BADA-43DE-BDFE-AFAF009A5C3B DH1 3LE Department Of Biosciences, Durham University, Stockton Road, Durham Variable Restricted
2E36F15F-76A0-4CDC-8860-AFB100CC4732 DH1 3LE Department Of Physics, Durham University, South Road, Durham Variable Restricted
35BE86E9-7561-43CA-9470-AFB100C343AC DH1 3LE Department Of Engineering, Durham University, South Road, Durham Variable Restricted
422CD2E0-DA73-4556-8BC2-AFDA00C2B84B DH1 3LE Durham University, Science Site, South Road 24/7 Public
59471D66-3F9E-41F6-994C-AFB800C753A7 DH1 3LE Department Of Geography, Durham University, Stockton Road, Durham Variable Public
5FE0539E-B564-4B35-B54F-AFB100CBDEAF DH1 3LE Department Of Physics, Durham University, South Road, Durham Variable Restricted
FCDEB6D2-419D-467E-8C5A-AFAF00C08C25 DH1 3LE Durham University, Reception (Cb0024) - Education Department, Confluence Building Variable Public
2894D2B9-249A-4AE2-8F7D-AFD200A82C38 DH1 3LG Durham University, Grey College, South Road Variable Restricted
EB36BAE7-70C1-4C9D-8ACC-AFB8008E14C6 DH1 3LJ St Cuthberts Society, Durham University, Parsons Field Court, Durham 24/7 Public
40485DEA-2A62-4EAD-9B58-AFAC010B1AB7 DH1 3LN Trevelyan College, Elvet Hill Road, Durham 24/7 Restricted
3E5BFAC9-EE9A-4A2A-A68A-AFAF008BBE80 DH1 3LR St Mary's College, Elvet Hill Road, Durham 24/7 Restricted
0C7E5847-A719-4C9B-9603-AFDB0098BE7B DH1 3LT York Block Flat Y6k Collingwood College, South Road, Durham 24/7 Public
0EF7C018-4AF4-46B5-994F-AFDB00973106 DH1 3LT Durham University, Collingwood College, South Road 24/7 Public
E3580C27-4C8F-48FD-A2B1-AFB200C3FE35 DH1 3LY Durham University, University Library, Stockton Road Variable Restricted
5FF5F54E-36E3-4733-A8E9-AE3A00C9D799 DH1 3NE Tesco, 17 Market Place, Durham Variable Restricted
034608D5-E8D7-417A-A747-AFBE00940B2E DH1 3RJ St Johns College, 3 South Bailey, Durham Variable Restricted
A0196602-B49F-420F-8E70-AFBE0092F4CB DH1 3RJ St Johns College, 3 South Bailey, Durham Variable Restricted
763EA6E2-8FAB-4B07-A3C9-AFB800AE19D5 DH1 3RQ Durham University, Hatfield College, North Bailey Variable Restricted
5D9879D3-4166-4FCA-A446-AFB2009FA4EB DH1 3RW University College, Palace Green, Durham 24/7 Restricted
059CC003-9349-47C3-AB1C-AFB000AA3DB2 DH1 3SE Graham Sports Centre, Maiden Castle, Durham 24/7 Public
3FC75938-F843-4BC7-A4DF-AFB000AB86F1 DH1 3SE Graham Sports Centre, Maiden Castle, Durham Variable Restricted
06C9FCF9-66BC-4E78-A637-AFAC01151AD4 DH1 3TN Durham University, Botanic Gardens, Hollingside Lane 24/7 Public
D5745DB3-D7E2-4722-BFA4-AFB0008AF9D5 DH1 3TU Durham University Institute For Middle East And Islamic, School Of Government & International Affairs, Elvet Hill Road 24/7 Public
36590AC3-3F09-4109-9FC0-AF9500F6D580 DH1 3UL O2 Store (0139) Durham, Unit Su39, Prince Bishops Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
DE10D7DB-209F-43EB-A2E8-AFAC01031CEE DH1 4FL Ustinov College, Nevilles Cross, Durham 24/7 Public
72585EA5-B63C-41F1-AF1B-B08900ACC60D DH1 4JG Nevilles Cross Primary School, Relly Path, Durham Variable Restricted
D4265622-5FB6-4F0B-8804-AF630133914B DH1 4QL Daltc, Durham Archery Lawn Tennis Club, Margery Lane 24/7 Public
CB9772E0-A184-46DD-A617-AE1D00ECAA83 DH1 4SH Tesco, Tesco 17 North Road, North Road Variable Public
B7C71A56-05DD-4DB1-A377-AFEF0127F26C DH1 4TL St Leonard's Catholic School, Sports Hall, North End Variable Public
15B801AE-6628-4424-856C-B0770090C4A5 DH1 5BG Framwellgate Moor Primary School, Newton Drive, Framwellgate Moor Variable Public
3144EF72-9612-4FE5-B7B9-AE830090A916 DH1 5FY Eb & Ca Welsh Limited, Finchale Abbey Caravan Park, Durham 24/7 Public
B48970E9-06E7-4AEB-BDB6-AE2301424A88 DH1 5GB Premier Inn Durham North, Rotary Way, Adjacent Arnison Centre 24/7 Restricted
014F55B6-567A-4D60-BC90-AF5100B632D2 DH1 5GD Mcdonald's - Durham 1, Arnison Retail Centre Pity Me Durham, Pity Me 24/7 Restricted
63F1673D-F6C7-4663-8001-B0AC0107F7F3 DH1 5GE Abbey Leisure Centre, Abbey Road, Pity Me 24/7 Public
9767C4C0-EC62-4A8B-8574-B06700D57DC5 DH1 5HW Busy Bees Nursery, Priory Road, Framwellgate Moor Variable Restricted
FA2E11F8-891C-416B-BFAC-AF4601011827 DH1 5HY Nsl, Flambard Hall, 26-28 Flambard Road 24/7 Public
369946D6-689C-4741-86AE-B08400EB33BD DH1 5LP Durham Bluecoat C Of E (Aided) Junior School, Langley Road, Newton Hall Variable Restricted
E60B98E3-C7C0-4839-AA93-AEC900B05035 DH1 5LT All Saints Church Newton Hall, Carr House Drive, Newton Hall 24/7 Public
7C01D18D-017A-429C-93CA-ADAC00902177 DH1 5TH Abbey House, 1-2 Abbeywoods Business Park, Pity Me 24/7 Public
607DEC10-468F-4C13-BC95-AE7100F8B215 DH1 5TS Business Durham, Salvus House, Aykley Heads Variable Restricted
05408337-0C21-4655-BE85-B01800FDD288 DH1 5UL County Hall, Aykley Heads, Durham Variable Public
27427449-2176-48FE-93F1-B01800FC8DB8 DH1 5UL County Hall, Aykley Heads, Durham Variable Public
4F7CC498-697F-4672-98FA-AFCE0106AAE2 DH2 1AE Royal Mail Newcastle Ld, 3 Drum Park, Chester-Le-Street Variable Restricted
7812C905-267D-4293-9EDD-ADAB00E226CD DH2 1AE 2 Drum Park, Chester-Le-Street 24/7 Restricted
89812A29-164A-415C-9628-B00D00C771B2 DH2 1AQ Angel House, Unit 5, Angel Park Variable Restricted
659E9C4F-E10C-4609-BC12-AFEA00AF8CD2 DH2 1AY Unit 33a Third Ave, Drum Industrial Estate, Chester Le Street Variable Restricted
BDEAAAF1-9DC8-4089-BAD3-AEB600BC845F DH2 1NW Multi Use Games Area Roseberry Playing Fields, Road Leading To Cemetery House, Pelton Variable Restricted
74EEB0E1-2AD6-4C51-A2FE-AE1400A347B3 DH2 1RJ Ouston Community Centre, Iris Crescent, Ouston 24/7 Public
A62ADC25-2381-429D-AE77-AD970115F7A7 DH2 1RN 50 The Oval, Ouston Variable Restricted
64FFC665-1824-488A-A519-B04A00A222E6 DH2 2DP Bullion Lane Primary School, Bullion Lane, Chester Le Street Variable Restricted
D6FADA12-6A8A-47FB-B98F-AE30010A7BE0 DH2 2NN Taylor Wimpey, Pelton Fell Bluehouse Bank, Chester Le Street Variable Restricted
A37AD5A7-C9B2-43F8-A8A8-AEDA008EF36C DH2 2RG Allied Exploration And Geotechnics Ltd, Unit 25, Stella Gill Industrial Estate Variable Public
EE7ED11B-8FFD-4C01-8FFC-ADC30099B16D DH2 2RL Bowling Club Memorial Park, Station Lane, Pelton Fell 24/7 Public
514C83C6-E8CD-41C7-AC33-ADBA0100A58C DH2 3PF Nettlesworth And Kimblesworth Communtiy Association, B6312 From Sacriston To A167, Nettlesworth 24/7 Public
91D1E72A-BC08-4E8A-83E3-AFB701378700 DH3 1AP Birtley Raob Club, Fell Bank, Sydney House 24/7 Public
F783C47A-D30C-451F-AC59-AFCD00C2AE16 DH3 1DQ Hb Clark, Unit 10 Station Lane Industrial Estate, Station Lane Variable Restricted
6C6F2A46-BA4B-4A12-BD22-AEA8011850CD DH3 1GH Adas Solutions Ltd, 54 Elm Crescent, Birtley Variable Restricted
C012DB6A-EB35-4D08-9172-AEAA00E06974 DH3 1GH Adas Solutions Ltd, 54 Elm Crescent, Birtley Variable Restricted
CD20DB72-E7FF-4C83-92F6-B0A801383AC0 DH3 1LJ St Joseph’s Parish Centre, Birtley Lane, Bittley 24/7 Public
7E4C9925-7342-4CF6-ABD0-AEB900B9A023 DH3 1QF Coach And Horses Inn, Leybourne Hold, Northside 24/7 Public
9D037201-5120-4687-A607-AFCF00F95128 DH3 1QQ Birtley East Community Primary School, Highfield, Birtley 24/7 Public
80B51030-5F0A-4E3B-8E43-AF1D00F044A0 DH3 2AB North Lodge Remembrance Group, The Wheatsheaf Inn, Durham Road, North Road 24/7 Public
FD9D61E4-566E-457B-AC87-B07E006E17FA DH3 2AH Hydro Aluminium Extrustion Ltd, Hydro Aluminium Extrusion Ltd, Durham Road 24/7 Public
E36E2A95-7957-4642-B7F7-B0A700959E62 DH3 2BQ Dobbies Garden Centre Birtley, Durham Road, Birtley Variable Public
9DEE4D7E-71E9-47FC-8D26-AFC400B9489C DH3 2LP Lord Lawson Of Beamish Community School, Lord Lawson Youth Wing Lord Lawson Of Beamish Community School, Birtley Lane 24/7 Restricted
EEAF3CC8-4FE7-42A5-9706-B09D00D539D0 DH3 2LY Portobello Primary School, Tamerton Drive, Portobello Variable Public
F9B489F8-70D9-4B21-8D9F-AF3500B67ABB DH3 2PA Birtley Swimming Centre, Durham Road, Birtley Variable Restricted
BCF188A7-2625-4F1C-904C-AFD200B48E1D DH3 2QG Birtley Community Partnership-The Birtley Hub, The Birtley Hub, 16 Harraton Terrace Variable Restricted
48A816B9-5CFA-4652-9BD5-ADDD011C3BC8 DH3 2QW Birtley Town Fc, The Arrowmark Home Improvements Stadium, Birtley Variable Restricted
575B82C1-9590-40B6-9C80-AEE700EA577D DH3 2QW Birtley Town Juniors, Birtley Town Fc, Birtley Variable Restricted
1E1A7533-426A-4B4C-B2F8-AF43008282DC DH3 2TB Birtley Leisure Centre, Durham Road, Birtley Variable Restricted
CA56AFCE-E826-4841-B62A-AFE800D8501E DH3 3DG Screwfix, Clarence Terrace, Chester-Le-Street Variable Restricted
10EBE67C-1EF5-4575-956E-AFF1007B0F9E DH3 3EE Chester Le Street Railway Station, Station Road, Chester-Le-Street 24/7 Public
AE149432-DE14-4E8F-A566-B01F00E7429B DH3 3NA Red Rose Primary School, York Terrace, Chester-Le-Street Variable Restricted
F1618335-5D51-47A0-8B29-AEEF00E2AA6A DH3 3PF Chester-Le-Street Cricket Club, Ropery Lane, Chester-Le-Street 24/7 Public
557DD0C2-5C63-4982-9B47-ADF100B8AEF4 DH3 3PH The Presbytery, Ropery Lane, Chester-Le-Street 24/7 Public
C9B9BF30-46B2-42B6-B581-B073010304FA DH3 3PH St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary, Ropery Lane, Chester Le Street Variable Restricted
E8B23DB4-790C-40E3-A285-AEB000BC3321 DH3 3QB Right Side Of Main Door Parish Centre, St Marys And St Cuthberts Parish Centre, Church Chare 24/7 Public
F1D954BE-FAED-443E-8500-B0AC00E7E281 DH3 3QH Chester Le Street Leisure Centre, Burns Green, County Durham Variable Restricted
E4AFF51F-86CF-42A5-BE0C-B0A700C52B14 DH3 3SJ Riverside Leisure Complex, Riverside Park, Chester Le Street Variable Restricted
C5B7106D-4957-4E62-A7E9-AE3D00BE155F DH3 3TF Tesco Superstore, North Burns, 0 Variable Restricted
FE9F9E3A-9AD7-4D33-8D28-AF8C00FB6DCF DH3 4AF Castle View Private Day Nursery, Blind Lane, Chester-Le-Street Variable Restricted
A2F2F987-380E-4173-8DCC-ADBC0085714D DH3 4AJ The Lambton Worm, North Road, Chester-Le-Street 24/7 Public
3C09860A-E1FF-4204-B449-ADAB00E44BA6 DH3 4AN 1 Hedworths, Bowes Business Park, Bournmoor Variable Restricted
52499EC4-9FED-4259-A9A1-AE3F00B0D38E DH3 4JD Great Lumley Parish Council, Great Lumley Community Centre, Front Street 24/7 Public
75B3FA45-E18E-46B3-A832-B038009F6BEF DH3 4JL Lumley Medway Infants School, Great Lumley Variable Public
4F8880CB-49AA-4F03-98F6-AEC301411D93 DH4 4BH Andersons Opticians, 3-5 Mautland Street, Houghton-Le-Spring 24/7 Public
383E4C00-08AD-4B41-A5CB-AE9400F663BA DH4 4DL Job Centre, Broadway House, Frederick Place Variable Public
AC9640E9-524D-455A-A564-AE54009F0863 DH4 4LJ New Herrington Bowling Club, Welfare Park, Langley Street 24/7 Public
E55A1E1A-01C2-4B67-89E0-ADB800CAA308 DH4 4NX St Aidans Church, Kirkside, New Herrington 24/7 Public
18CAB825-FB35-4940-B307-AEAF00C02B88 DH4 4RB Grangewood Care Home, Chester Road, Houghton-Le-Spring 24/7 Public
BBB82BFD-C3AD-48C6-89CB-AE2000EBD9D1 DH4 5AH Houghton Sports Centre, Station Road, Houghton-Le-Spring Variable Public
3946 DH4 5BH Houghton Rugby Club, Tyne and Wear 24/7 Public
F2A29989-6177-468E-A25C-AFEB00C9318B DH4 5BH Kepier Academy, Kepier, Dairy Lane Variable Restricted
67430AFE-E097-4FAD-A2D8-AE2100DC9537 DH4 5PH Tyne & Wear Fire & Civil Defence Authority, Fire Station, Mercantile Road 24/7 Public
B313106A-8705-4100-808B-B04C00FB05C3 DH4 5PH Mercantile Road, Houghton-Le-Spring Variable Public
E51FBAE1-F176-47CE-9A78-AFE700D1F800 DH4 5PH Screwfix, Unit 4 Hg Building, Rainton Bridge Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
108335D1-6D34-4246-9B84-ADC500A69988 DH4 6DS Fencehouses Community Centre, Lumley New Road, Houghton Le Spring 24/7 Public
E5CAD626-563B-443B-95EF-B04600A24AB0 DH4 6EX Bournmoor Cricket Club, Chester Road, Bournmoor 24/7 Public
64D45B71-5A27-44CD-AB57-B021009D59AA DH4 6HF Bournmoor Primary School, Carnation Avenue, Bournmoor Variable Restricted
6F66B691-792B-4B6A-A12E-AFA001166F06 DH4 6HN Saint Johns Methodist Church, Station Avenue South, Houghton-Le-Spring 24/7 Public
0F7D4E2C-99C0-442F-8A6F-ADCF00E0E82E DH4 6QP Leamside Community, Cocken Lodge Golf Course, Cocken Road 24/7 Public
4B05AF22-8080-4557-A961-AEE80088AFCB DH4 6QY Moor House Advernture Centre, Moor House Adventure Centre, Road Adjacent To Gardeners Cottage 24/7 Public
170EB624-C1C4-4E6A-B99B-B02E0118C4F5 DH4 6RN West Rainton Primary School, School Avenue, West Rainton Variable Restricted
7D85C458-AD34-4A1D-ABAB-AF31012EEBF6 DH4 7BG Suez Recycling & Recovery, Catherine Road, New Herrington Ind. Estate Variable Restricted
2E798057-3F22-41D1-B8B7-B02000A55C4B DH4 7HY Headteacher, New Penshaw Academy, Langdale Road Variable Public
6C31EE30-31A5-4E1A-AAEF-AE560099B462 DH4 7JZ Our Lady Queen Of Peace R C Church, Station Road, Penshaw 24/7 Public
360AAC4F-84F9-44C4-A836-AE24010A22A8 DH5 0AF Bramble Hollow, Four Lane Ends, Houghton-Le-Spring 24/7 Public
E7AFE691-7F2C-4CA2-BAFA-AE2B016D0F27 DH5 0HF Hetton Lyons Cricket Club, Hetton Lyons Cricket Ground, Lilywhite Terrace 24/7 Public
95D249A1-468E-46F7-8FA2-B08900C10EF3 DH5 0JS The Licensee, The Bonnie Pit Lad, 131 High Street 24/7 Public
B0902B18-099D-4E13-8A52-B0AB00DEE271 DH5 0LE The Access Point, Brickgarth, Easington Lane Variable Restricted
E1157FB4-BC54-449F-A1B7-AE54011B1096 DH5 0RH Ne Truck Spares Ltd, Unit 1 Parkgate, Hetton Lyons Ind Est Variable Public
BA430EC8-0B08-40C2-9FDE-AEA5009CAB2B DH5 9AJ Swanton Care And Community, All Saints Vicarage, Church Road 24/7 Public
A3A88BDB-89AA-4B00-9416-AE230099F433 DH5 9DN Hetton Lyons Park Car Park, Downs Pit Lane, Houghton-Le-Spring 24/7 Public
A1192AAD-965E-4ABC-8126-AE2000E81250 DH5 9LZ Hetton Pool & Fitness, Barnard Park, Houghton-Le-Spring Variable Public
6D50FF5D-24CA-4D5A-B3CA-AE36012504EB DH5 9PE G Whitfield Ltd, Jubilee House, 5 Front Street 24/7 Public
536D6DFA-65DD-4D6F-B226-AE80006CE236 DH5 9PF Tesco Expresd, 22 Front Street, Hetton-Le-Hole Variable Restricted
5E7B0CCE-BF9D-409D-A734-B0A4012EDFD0 DH5 9PF Tesco Express, 17a Front Street, Hetton-Le-Hole Variable Public
01209C8C-0B69-47D9-8D9E-AEB200B19792 DH5 9QT Premier The Village Store, The Village Store, Durham Road 24/7 Public
F7A8F228-6760-485C-A74B-B01900AB8ADA DH6 1AF Pittington Primary School, Hallgarth Lane, High Pittington Variable Restricted
295EE696-A1C8-40AB-A707-AEE600DDF970 DH6 1AH Ethicare (Durham) Ltd, Southbrook House, 34 Church Vale 24/7 Public
1D22FB86-2437-4E40-82F7-B02C004C0EE6 DH6 1HD Sherburn Community Centre, Community Centre, Front Street 24/7 Public
A5DCEF5E-8B06-41DB-BB24-AEBC0092F77F DH6 1HD Community Centre Car Park, Front Street, Sherburn 24/7 Public
BEACD45C-8470-4D64-A4B2-AE2300BF15B0 DH6 1LL Shadforth Village Hall, 12 South Side, Shadforth 24/7 Public
C287A709-B170-4F05-9455-AE39016087BC DH6 1QX Sherburn Parish Council, Durham Gymnastics Club, Front Street 24/7 Public
41298431-C73D-469D-BBD4-ADF800945C62 DH6 2DA Haswell & District Mencap, The Lisa Dixon Centre, Burt Close 24/7 Public
04E68C0B-ABB5-47DB-A280-B01A00AD2B64 DH6 2JP Shotton Primary School 2536, Grange Terrace, Shotton Colliery Variable Restricted
5624022D-1A61-4158-8AF7-AE7300822AC7 DH6 2JU Shotton Parish Council, Bowls Pavilion Adjacent Groundsmans Bungalow, Shotton Community Park/Recreation Ground 24/7 Public
B3EB6784-4244-4993-B141-AE7100B870FC DH6 2LW Shotton Parish Council, Shotton Library, Co-Operative Terrace 24/7 Public
7853908F-B756-4C5B-AB17-ADB400A60046 DH6 2TH Robin Todd Community Centre, Front Street, South Hetton 24/7 Public
1F6397CC-F0FF-442F-91EA-B020008AC331 DH6 2TJ South Hetton Primary School, Frederick Terrace, South Hetton Variable Restricted
0251AA8F-896E-4B77-878F-AE5A00BF2438 DH6 3HW The Surgery, Dunelm Road, Thornley 24/7 Public
7EC371F9-70A8-43CA-B126-AF9400E10DAD DH6 3HW East Durham Medical Group, The Surgery, Dunelm Road Variable Public
D745EEA9-47ED-4DC3-9490-ADB200DD2C18 DH6 3JY Cemetery Lodge, 25 Woodlands Avenue, Wheatley Hill 24/7 Public
97FDEB36-B554-45D8-BB86-ADEC00F4CC64 DH6 3LP Abbots Court Care Home, Wingate Lane, Wheatley Hill 24/7 Public
7D36F6A1-34DB-4630-B92E-AF1C00B678A3 DH6 3PT All Saints Church, All Saints Parish Church, Church Street 24/7 Public
E07395C0-7677-47E1-BE8D-AF3F00BE5556 DH6 3SB Wheatley Hill Parish Council, Football Field At The Top Of Quilstyle Road, Seaham Variable Restricted
4EF5BECA-1EC5-4B2D-A68D-ADAE00E97A90 DH6 4PD Kelloe Parish Council, 4 Front Street, Kelloe 24/7 Public
45C59A19-838B-4EBE-9A28-B00700DEDA33 DH6 4PG Kelloe Primary School And Family Centre, Front Street, Kelloe Variable Public
A1B5D8D7-F946-4CBB-A4E8-ADC400EA0647 DH6 4QQ Quarrington Hill Workmens Club And Institute, Front Street South, Quarrington Hill 24/7 Public
F183FF05-284A-487F-8B3D-B09700D8FFE0 DH6 4RA Cassop Primary School, Front Street, Quarrington Hill Variable Restricted
28F07554-2A23-441A-AA2D-AEA100DB008D DH6 5AD Supportive Src Ltd, 13c Bowburn Industrial Estate, Durham 24/7 Public
49E62B90-6C05-4BAE-B05A-ADFD0123B79E DH6 5AT Bowburn Community Centre, Durham Road, Bowburn 24/7 Public
4207CA80-4889-4995-A3CC-B00500B8E7CE DH6 5HB St Bartholowmews Church Hall, St Bartholomews Church, Road Through Sunderland Bridge 24/7 Public
2346F96E-CB3B-4FB1-96C4-AF4101586A83 DH6 5HJ Croxdale Community Centre, Rogerson Terrace, Croxdale 24/7 Public
C0095BDB-94FE-4F07-80A7-ADAB01459CF9 DH6 5HX 9 Front Street East, Croxdale 24/7 Public
5B378A8C-9888-4038-944A-AFE800686674 DH6 5JQ Screwfix, Unit 5, Thinford Park Variable Restricted
07189625-9D82-4F5D-9681-AF2400CDDB23 DH6 5NG Katem, Durham Road, Bowburn 24/7 Public
C0B53899-E51D-48C3-AA7A-AE6E009C4175 DH6 5NP Roadchef Durham Msa, Tursdale Road, Bowburn 24/7 Restricted
2D146C06-4B21-4513-81FB-AFFE00E99342 DH7 0AG Burnhope Primary School, Langley Avenue, Burnhope Variable Restricted
5A870F7E-8231-4880-822E-ADFD00BE4340 DH7 0DN The Garage Bar And Grille, The Garage Bar And Grille,, Pavilion Terrace 24/7 Public
D9C46423-27F2-4503-89E4-B0A100BCEF65 DH7 0JG All Saints Rc Primary, All Saints Catholic Primary School, Kitswell Road Variable Public
D9EB9142-7B85-41D0-8A43-AF1C013A6C08 DH7 0TA Hall Hill Farm, Hall Hill Farm Road, Satley 24/7 Public
2331081D-8D27-44F2-A738-B020009DBD8F DH7 6AB St Bedes Roman Catholic Primary School, Front Street, Sacriston Variable Restricted
E99BD33C-E403-4230-86F0-ADB200F39D35 DH7 6DJ Front Street, 3 B6532 (From Edmondsley Crossroads To Black House Lane), Edmondsley 24/7 Public
BFA81CA5-85C7-41AF-8BCD-AE41010D746E DH7 6JT Tesco Express, Front Street, Sacriston Variable Restricted
C4B7E08A-6B2B-451F-8760-ADB700D492F6 DH7 6JT The Fulforth Centre, Front Street, Sacriston 24/7 Public
CA64C064-B2AB-4C03-BD5C-ADFF011BBA26 DH7 6PD Sacriston Enterprise Workshops Cic, Unit F Old Co-Op Buildings, Plawsworth Road 24/7 Public
F2651C4B-C2D8-49C2-A5D0-AF9500F68FA3 DH7 6QN 1 Ashwood Close, Sacriston 24/7 Restricted
5C31C41E-9E75-4A51-90CD-AE05003F8E60 DH7 6QU Mccolls, Sacriston Lane, Witton Gilbert 24/7 Public
DC0F2555-184F-4FD3-A8D6-AEBD00D601E0 DH7 7AQ Methodist Church, George Terrace, Bearpark 24/7 Public
58EC2001-C624-4090-87B6-AD9600976CFA DH7 7EP New Brancepeth Village Hall, Rock Terrace, New Brancepeth 24/7 Public
746374DC-3E08-49EA-BEAA-AE6F00FCCB9A DH7 7HZ New Brancepeth Church, St Catherines Church, C154 (From C18 Junc To Unc 26.2 / Pit Lane Junc) 24/7 Public
CC7C0AF6-00C3-44FE-934F-ADB900CB95C6 DH7 7LE Public Telephone 17m From R & B H Alderson Building Contractors Ltd, Whitehouse Lane 7m Fr, Whitehouse Lane, Ushaw Moor 24/7 Public
0E45E9E3-763F-45EC-A1AC-AF5600ABEB31 DH7 7LJ Durhams Haven, The Hut, Chestnut Grove 24/7 Public
4C42EBFB-4873-4FA2-87DB-B08C0138508D DH7 8AS 1-3 Grove Road, Brandon 24/7 Public
57007CD7-EFDD-42DB-9027-ADCC010536AF DH7 8DD Brancepeth Village Hall, The Village, Brancepeth 24/7 Public
85963B54-0E69-430B-A816-ADDC0106045A DH7 8HR Bako Northern Area, Mill Road, Langley Moor Variable Restricted
E4B007C3-B6DC-404D-ADA5-AE3A007D46DB DH7 8JG Tesco Superstore, 22 High St North, 0 Variable Restricted
45F904BB-3C3B-49FC-80D2-B038008FDE48 DH7 8LL Langley Moor Primary School, Brandon Lane, Langley Moor Variable Restricted
DAB476D7-204A-432A-8F2F-B05100921F0D DH7 8NL Brandon Academy, Carr Avenue, Brandon Variable Restricted
86A74B15-5E70-4ECA-84D0-B00B007E27DB DH7 8RS Meadowfield Leisure Centre, John Street North, Meadowfield Variable Restricted
7ABB30C8-2D38-4A7E-B05F-AF0F00B34E5F DH7 8XD St. Cuthbert's Hospice Shop, 12a Oakway Court, Meadowfield Industrial Estate Variable Public
1602D200-53AC-4A88-BA2F-B00D00E021B9 DH7 8XQ Meadowfield Depot, St John's Road, Meadowfield Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
43CCC3F9-D963-48F3-AD4D-B00D00DEB8E1 DH7 8XQ Meadowfield Depot, St John's Road, Meadowfield Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
E08DC15A-B370-4E1B-9073-AE9201115D5B DH7 9AS Waterhouses Community Association, Station Street, Waterhouses 24/7 Public
0BFB6FFF-FF58-412C-9BEF-AFFF0114D6D0 DH7 9BE Esh Winning Primary School, The Wynds, Esh Winning Variable Restricted
A9326548-CC68-46BB-8921-ADC60123AE7A DH7 9BN 20 Commercial Street, Cornsay Colliery 24/7 Public
9CE666BA-8E27-481D-B517-ADB700846D67 DH7 9EL Hill Top Garage Services Hill Top Garage, Unc 18.26 (From Unc 18.25 Junc To C16 Crossroads), Cornsay 24/7 Public
0E244045-19A1-4FAD-B093-AFCE006AE46E DH7 9HT Barbers Hairdressing, Barbers Hairdressing Market Place, Station View 24/7 Public
4A912A3B-E4C8-482E-B7BD-AEAC01365DD9 DH7 9LS Hamsteels Community Hall, Western Avenue, Esh Winning 24/7 Public
541D00FF-DB15-435A-B5BF-B058016366A4 DH7 9PH Esh Winning Cricket Club, Brandon Road, Esh Winning Variable Restricted
10D37AB6-24F0-46AE-BAE8-B09D00A2D0BD DH7 9QR Esh Church Of England Aided Primary School, Front Street, Esh Variable Public
8C17E938-CA8F-4A4C-9A61-AFAC0107313F DH7 9RH Ushaw: Historic House, Chapels & Gardens, Nr Durham City, Esh 24/7 Restricted
64F1BEBB-74E5-48D6-AE81-B03E012E7BBD DH7 9SH Langley Park Working Mens Club, Hawthorn Terrace, 1-2 Hawthorne Terrace (Back) 24/7 Public
63B1DBE7-6B5C-4A85-85DA-ADB301189A03 DH7 9UX 1 Eppleton Close, Langley Park 24/7 Public
C3F52600-0CD8-4652-83D7-ADB3014C0773 DH7 9XH Esh Terrace, Langley Park 24/7 Public
4576C546-B0BA-4F13-963F-ADAB00DBABFC DH8 0ES Shotley Bridge Junior School, Snows Green Road, Shotley Bridge 24/7 Public
046190C6-986E-4329-89B7-AE6000B2D285 DH8 0HU Crown And Crossed Swords Hotel, Front Street, Shotley Bridge 24/7 Public
ECAF8DA0-02D2-4F97-8F69-ADAF011AE61E DH8 0PY Ebchester Community Association Centre, Shaw Lane, Ebchester 24/7 Public
689DCA62-66D8-48FF-990D-B01C00D01803 DH8 0QB Ebchester Ce Primary School, Ebchester Church Of England Primary School, Shaw Lane Variable Public
22175D70-8D62-4D49-A770-ADCF017EBB3F DH8 0RH Shotley & Benfieldside Tennis Club, Benfield Close, Shotley Bridge Variable Public
1341EE29-BF9B-4125-A1DC-B09F00DCC58C DH8 5AB Consett Empire, Empire Theatre, Front Street Variable Restricted
14EDC08E-04D9-4909-903B-AEF000EFD4E4 DH8 5AP Atlas Taxis At Consett Bus Station, Medomsley Road, Consett 24/7 Public
98143C87-084D-4439-ADE0-B09900D2A33F DH8 5AP Foundation For Good, 13 Trafalgar Street, Consett 24/7 Public
798B1C3B-7AE6-40DD-9E3F-AEBB009D09A6 DH8 5HA 36 Medomsley Road, Consett Variable Restricted
3113F0FD-CD44-40C6-A9E7-AE9400FACB78 DH8 5HE Dwp, 5a Medomsley Road, Consett Variable Restricted
142A4CC4-BCF2-43F7-9DD5-B05D013D63FA DH8 5HN Tiaki Pregnancy And Family Centre, 77 Medomsley Road, Consett Variable Restricted
D72F846A-74AA-460A-8B72-B09F00EC1FAA DH8 5HU Consett Leisure Centre, Medomsley Road, Consett Variable Public
EFEAE372-483B-49C1-840B-AEEB009989F4 DH8 5JU Unit 2 The Victoria Centre, Medomsley Road, Consett 24/7 Public
A6056A87-EC76-43A4-87C3-AE1F0124FC21 DH8 5LA Consett Masonic Association, Consett Masonic Hall, John Street 24/7 Public
06AF7751-6F15-497C-A93B-ADEA00CBA80F DH8 5NN Consett And District Golf Club, Elmfield Road, Consett 24/7 Public
857B4745-0D76-48D9-84FA-AE5C00DAC445 DH8 5TS Consett Cricket Club, Hope Street, Blackhill 24/7 Public
21BF016C-7EEF-4FB1-996D-B03000862F41 DH8 5XP Tesco Consett Genesis, Genesis Way, Consett Variable Public
BCE7EB60-55B6-42B9-A710-AF4C01005067 DH8 5XP Mcdonald's - County Durham 2, Pond Court Business Park, Genesis Way 24/7 Restricted
D8E28D40-D67E-45CD-82B0-ADC500C71DA5 DH8 6EA Leadgate Cricket Club, Garden Place, Leadgate 24/7 Public
A56AF4A2-4573-4758-8D41-AE17011BF390 DH8 6GA 4 Steading Court, Consett 24/7 Restricted
3AFD7BB2-CDE1-47ED-812D-AE5100FD573D DH8 6HG Barrett Engineering Steel North East Ltd, Bradley Ind Est, Leadgate Variable Restricted
7CC31B37-6D58-4BDE-ABDE-ADAB01704A27 DH8 6LU Consett Rugby Club, Park View, Consett 24/7 Public
3CFABCD8-07AD-442F-BA8F-AEE500B304AB DH8 6RF Magdalene Court, Medomsley 24/7 Public
03D8DAFF-59A7-4470-9DB4-AF81012D76B4 DH8 6RR The Jolly Drovers, Pont Lane, Leadgate 24/7 Public
6C437A22-4347-479F-8E59-ADCE00D6BDA9 DH8 6SR C A V Ice Protection Ltd, C A V Ice Protection Ltd Unit 1, Number One Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
69B0D5E5-5E3D-41E8-89C8-AE44010A4B79 DH8 6SS Cav Systems, Unit 7d, No 1 Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
25010E1F-4A75-4FDC-B7F1-AE440107F588 DH8 6SZ Cav Advanced Technologies, Units 1c And 1d Linden Park, Number One Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
F45F253B-E7EC-492D-BA3A-AFEC00A1F8E5 DH8 6SZ Screwfix, Unit 4c Linden Park, Number One Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
D09246D9-5517-4A1D-B946-AE0500A6097E DH8 7LH Elddis Transport, Delves Lane, Consett 24/7 Public
B40708C7-5B55-4F30-BEFC-AFE500D89B97 DH8 7LU Crookhall Community Centre, 24 Second Street, Crookhall 24/7 Public
AA29FC2B-FF5B-4B6A-B368-B03600ECC7D1 DH8 8AP Grove Primary School, Oakfield Lane, The Grove Variable Public
DB04A62D-7FE1-456E-B4E5-B00200D03089 DH8 8BE Grove And Moorside Club, Deneburn Terrace, The Grove 24/7 Public
BB862708-2693-4D51-81D3-ADB40089FA79 DH8 8ET Consett Park Terrace, Moorside 24/7 Public
6360AA82-0326-4DBC-8975-AE37010E4B86 DH8 8RX Tesco, 32 Durham Road, Blackhill Variable Public
9C98C437-9619-457C-BB5A-AFDA015B5A0B DH8 9BA Café At Inn On The Park, Allensford Park, Pemberton Road 24/7 Public
84A31FEA-1522-4EE4-968E-B046008DFD07 DH8 9JN Whittonstall First School, B6309 Whittonstall Village, Whittonstall Variable Restricted
1E597F40-FD30-40C7-A503-ADDB0099EC48 DH8 9JS The Pastures House, C265 Kilnpit Hill To Whittonstall, Consett 24/7 Public
91200AB3-8079-41E4-956B-ADB400CA3CE6 DH8 9LF Caprican Cottage, Shotley Field 24/7 Public
A0377E18-5D65-41C4-8637-B02F00F49270 DH8 9NN Daly Holiday Park - Village Green, Village Green Holiday Park, Edmundbyers 24/7 Public
CE0307E6-0FBC-415A-AF4F-ADB600DF1427 DH8 9RE Village Hall, Drover Road, Castleside 24/7 Public
E1132541-EA27-4347-9163-B03500AF7EDF DH8 9RG Castleside County Junior And Infant School, Moorland Crescent, Castleside Variable Restricted
32922504-3661-41E7-ACA3-ADB7011DD8D2 DH8 9TJ St Johns Hall, B6278 Carterway Heads To Burnmill Bank, Shotley Bridge 24/7 Public
3865C9B4-FFAC-4379-872D-AE7000E774CD DH8 9TT Derwent Waterside Park, Edmundbyers, Consett 24/7 Public
F9ADFCFC-8CCB-4122-B8C7-ADDD0126C774 DH9 0AD Stanley Central Club And Institute, Clifford Road, Stanley Variable Restricted
48BCAC41-2589-42E2-B18F-B04400D4E66D DH9 0HQ Shield Row Primary School, King Edward Viii Terrace, Shield Row Variable Restricted
E797B587-E9C3-4611-B1A4-AF11008F5598 DH9 0LT Job Centre, 2 Front Street, Stanley Variable Public
697D1214-F6FF-4984-AF33-AECA00C10810 DH9 0XR Beamish And East Stanley Sports Club, Bourne Court, East Stanley 24/7 Public
3FE11405-4908-463E-8822-AF1E00BB1BF7 DH9 6EF The Punch Bowl, Edward Street, Craghead 24/7 Public
B395FD79-A7DA-4593-85BA-B02300F43301 DH9 6PZ South Stanley Junior School, Tyne Road, Stanley Variable Restricted
6D2A8394-1807-4A17-8A7B-AEAA00DFCA61 DH9 6UA Adas Solutions Ltd, 33 Kipling Close, East Stanley Variable Restricted
0786BCEC-C243-456D-AC17-AF3B00E4DF45 DH9 7LG Oxhill Youth Centre, Kyo Lane, Stanley Variable Restricted
3B41D6CE-A31C-4FCB-A790-AF3A00B6CD49 DH9 7TS New Kyo Constitutional Club And Institute Limited, 1-3 Croft Terrace, New Kyo 24/7 Public
6A7392E0-460E-4B79-B3B0-AE360095764E DH9 7UZ Tesco Superstore, Station Rd, Annfield Plain Variable Restricted
BF56D08E-327C-4D27-A87D-ADDA01688AC8 DH9 8ED Durham Constabulary, Police Station, North Road 24/7 Public
CB0628A0-0DF6-413A-A0C7-B007007BF0DE DH9 8LX Catchgate Primary School 2210, Blackett Street, Annfield Plain, Stanley Variable Restricted
21FD6738-16F1-4C00-9AE1-ADB400E0A6F5 DH9 9BB St Patricks Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School, North Road, Flint Hill 24/7 Public
4E6879D8-C846-4029-8E3E-AF7A00D71326 DH9 9DA Dipton Surgery, Front Street, Dipton 24/7 Public
81004F1E-D3E0-4338-A41A-AE1700C1D990 DH9 9LT 8 King Edward Terrace, Tanfield Lea Variable Restricted
0CEA2E16-7AB4-459D-BFAE-ADAD0067DAD2 DH9 9NA Tanfield Lea Working Mens Club, West Street, Tanfield Lea 24/7 Public
6992 DH9 9PX The Peacock, County Durham 24/7 Public
BC33AF49-943F-4406-9F85-AF4E00BA1413 DH9 9QX Units 9 To 16 Tanfield Lea Industrial Estate South, C128 (From C127 Barcusclose Lane Junc To A6076 Junc), Tanfield Variable Public
7F671F4D-3ADC-4729-A738-AF1200CBF170 DH9 9TJ Tantobie Community Centre, South View, Tantobie 24/7 Public
CC26890D-2373-4F36-B802-AE7F011D9B9F DH9 9UY Tanfield Railway, East Tanfield Station Carpark, C128 (From C127 Barcusclose Lane Junc To A6076 Junc) 24/7 Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 14 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n6568692914
MZ n7124984358
MZ n8451357142 outside The Blacksmiths pub
MZ n8648887456
MZ n9067625872
MZ n9378906532
MZ n10272043202
MZ n10776046109
MZ n10780129106 Novellos
MZ n10780482806 Novellos
MZ n10780487406
MZ n10780492206 St Joseph's Primary School
MZ n10807590444 Stanley Parmacy left wall
MZ n11190689834

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 44 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
98C36A7E-024A-4CF3-BA29-ADB40125BE61 DH1 2PT The Avenue Inn, Avenue Street, High Shincliffe n11105532806 outide The Avenue pub, Shincliffe 4 m
7EDAA0A7-B7AB-47A6-A74E-ADAB00FFF2BE DH1 3RY Cuthbert House, Road Between Stonebridge Inn And Agriculture House, Stonebridge n4935656353 17 m
39C360A6-5F54-4C23-B3A9-AF6100CA38E2 DH1 4DU 19th Durham Scout Group, Nelson Hall, Behind St Johns Church, Crossgate Peth n10814770399 14 m
81F83E61-270C-4499-926C-AE4400D4F3F6 DH1 3JU Durham City Rugby Club, Green Lane, Durham n9272106452 82 m
C535709D-3146-4B0D-950C-ADC800F60C7E DH1 4SL The Riverwalk, 43b Millburngate, Durham n9289969136 8 m
D4AD86AE-1F87-4380-8405-ADFA00E90305 DH1 4BG United Reformed Church, Waddington Street, Durham n7340406860 9 m
44251B8C-410F-41C3-A82E-ADBD0123FAE9 DH1 2LL Belmont Community Centre, Sunderland Road, Gilesgate n10284924022 12 m
5A7BE06B-5719-4DE7-A08B-AF4000D026C5 DH1 5HL Bede Lodge Social Club, Finchale Road, Framwellgate Moor n9793509140 19 m
872D41E1-8E0A-446D-83B2-AEC200CD493D DH1 5SA Newton Grange Hotel, Newton Grange Pub, Newton Hall n10776305105 The Newton Grange 12 m
283E1864-C4E4-4FF5-9C66-AF0A006866E2 DH2 3RL Chester Moor Village Scheme, Hall And Boxing Club, Front Street n7747276287 3 m
263C38BB-1058-42A8-AD26-ADB8009B826E DH2 3EH Garden Farm Pub, 1 Carlingford Road, Chester-Le-Street n9442506236 On aide wall of Garden Farm pub 66 m
73DC0329-8D27-4DCC-8056-ADD6011C6E7E DH2 3AB White Hill Pub, Whitehill Hotel, Waldridge Road n8890739820 On the wall by the front door of The Whitehills pub 17 m
E9C52F21-76B3-41F7-BE31-ADB70113B9BE DH2 2NH Brockwell Centre, Craghead Road, Pelton Fell n9573621218 Next to door on the side of the community centre 11 m
A83D8AEA-62AE-43B4-8F60-AEBC0107273F DH2 2EZ 15 The Close, Chester-Le-Street n10712065099 Adjacent to community centre door 13 m
2D67C9C1-4222-47F5-A229-ADAC00E19CF5 DH2 1DE Pelton Community Centre, Front Street, Pelton n10712065101 Wall outside Community Centre door 19 m
9E72ECE0-0471-49AD-98CE-ADBB00B27F9F DH3 4HG Public Conveniences The Park Centre, Riverside, Chester-Le-Street n9176028656 On the front wall under the roof of the cafe building 26 m
6BC3FC55-0D49-4395-B57C-ADB001070B0B DH3 3DU Masonic Hall, Station Road, Chester-Le-Street n9914037130 13 m
B5CF90C2-D801-460E-90C7-ADF000CAFB2C DH3 1LU Gateshead South Community Fire Station, Durham Road, Birtley n8989006856 Birtley Fire Station 19 m
6526 DH4 6NU Jubilee Hall, County Durham n10068497436 7 m
B944E5C8-52BC-4BEC-9053-AED400C4FD90 DH4 4BB Houghton Le Spring Residents Community Interest Company, The Old Rectory (Opposite Houghton Church Next To The Car Park), The Broadway n9953320145 38 m
4DFF4293-CC0C-48EC-A504-AE5900931080 DH4 4EP St Matthew’s Church, Saint Matthews Church Hall, Front Street n9150217752 15 m
90C18705-4426-4C39-9F9D-AEF900B00028 DH4 7NJ Penshaw Coffee Shop Ltd, East Barnwell Farm, Chester Road n10712065104 Outside wall, adjacent door 25 m
DE12C8B0-3D74-466C-8277-ADC400E94F6D DH6 4DB Coxhoe Village Hall, Front Street East, Coxhoe n10612906292 outside Coxhoe Village Hall 17 m
1D8D0C0F-11A2-4274-A2D5-ADB80083D2B3 DH6 1AN Pittington Village Hall, Norman Terrace, High Pittington n9762594647 11 m
33A73D00-11CE-4765-AA1C-ADB6009FD4A8 DH6 2TG South Hetton Cricket Club, Welfare Park, Front Street n9590587450 8 m
4B576623-9E98-4D22-B12F-AF8F00AFBFBD DH7 8HT Browney Social Club, 30 Browney Lane, Browney n10776049606 Browney Social Club 44 m
34093557-3C2E-4FAF-AA02-AE9801399D8F DH7 8RP St Johns Hall Meadowfield, John Street, Meadowfield n10776052305 St John's Hall 31 m
D854B967-FFE3-435E-830F-AF8E00DFA8A7 DH7 8QG St Andrews Methodist Church, Carr Avenue, Brandon n10776045706 St Andrews Methodist Church 6 m
9E425130-F2D0-4555-A5C6-ADD600F05F8F DH7 8SH Brandon Community Association, Brandon Lane, Brandon n10776045705 Brandon Community Association 41 m
7B557CAF-0941-4325-B85F-ADAD00D65274 DH7 8ST The Bay Horse Inn, 8 Brandon Village, Durham n10776034805 10 m
7B43CF75-D6DC-49C9-9661-AEB40116B920 DH7 8PG Brandon Cricket Club, Brandon Lane, Brandon n10776045707 Brandon Cricket Club 7 m
1D471FA5-267D-4491-8059-AF7200A05E37 DH7 8JH The Salvation Army, 100 High Street North, Langley Moor n10776049605 The Salvation Army 89 m
AA0BC917-C257-4E07-809D-AE6600AF155C DH7 9DF Quebec And District Village Hall, Village Hall, Front Street n9018443041 15 m
5DAC74C8-F486-412F-80B0-AECB0130F146 DH7 9QR Esh Village Residents Association, Esh Church Of England Aided Primary School, Front Street n8199304950 32 m
88E7BA97-8943-44BD-B9CE-B082008B8DE8 DH7 9TB Advinia Healthcare, Kingsway Nursing Home, Kingsway, Langley Park n7729228322 85 m
F234BB89-C802-4B6F-8629-ADB700D5DAF0 DH7 6LE Findon View, Front Street, Sacriston n9358970637 21 m
FE5B09E6-CF0A-4BD6-B9DC-ADB200D7F4B9 DH7 0LA Lanchester Pharmacy, 15 Front Street, Lanchester n7124515407 On outside wall to left of pharmacy entrance 12 m
B4D67208-0F01-4469-BC76-AE2800DE88FB DH8 9NL The Punch Bowl Inn, Road Adjacent To Punch Bowl Inn, Edmundbyers n9590918146 6 m
EE2003AD-A2DE-465F-AAE2-AD5E00FEFB0B DH8 5HL Glenroyd House, Medomsley Road, Consett n10807495802 12 m
4D985481-1B5B-4543-A2D3-AE7E00999179 DH8 8TT Blackhill Comrades Club, Ridley Street, Consett n8849009243 13 m
12543049-BE42-4B00-B750-ADB101408A70 DH8 5TD 30 Laburnum Avenue, Blackhill n10807495780 17 m
F1531238-A140-4A5A-9AD5-AE5401235E01 DH8 9JN Anchor Inn, B6309 Whittonstall Village, Whittonstall n9795410434 21 m
05F77599-BDD4-4462-94C1-B0A100AD87C7 DH9 0TE The Louisa Centre, Front Street, Stanley n10574311814 51 m
95B0987E-9356-4BB3-BE12-AE2E008C26F1 DH9 0ST 39 Front Street, Stanley n10688034145 PACT House corner wall 21 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 11 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
63E6A67E-ACE5-4CA5-B3B5-AFB2009EF90A DH1 3RW Red Telephone Box, Palace Green, Durham n94275429 inside old red phone box on Palace Green by the toilets near Durham Cathedral 121 m
B1709AE2-450F-493E-9B22-ADCD01008FBB DH1 3RD Market Place, Durham n7775622928 108 m
D6404F64-F984-41B5-A536-ADC90094AF9F DH6 5LS Hett Village Hall Association, Village Hall, West Street n8742897669 124 m
38A96B37-4726-4D04-AD07-AFC600B10475 DH1 3LE Durham University, Anthropology Building, Dawson Building Science Site n8846715792 28 m
52EAD0B2-A98C-4C3B-9755-ADB50097839C DH2 2DW Bullion Hall, South Approach, Chester-Le-Street n9233933123 On the wall on the road side of Bullion Hall 102 m
95A1ADBC-7DF3-4E4F-94BA-AFB100CC9FE8 DH1 3LE Department Of Physics, Durham University, South Road, Durham n9278518937 158 m
0F5854F7-ECEB-48B4-8827-B06700CA20B5 DH7 0JQ Lanchester Cricket Club, Ashley Park, Kitswell Road n9851481539 142 m
1FEB719B-07AC-4D2C-9C9A-AEAF014201F5 DH7 8NA Meadowfield Club, Browney Lane, Meadowfield n10776052306 Meadowfield & District Social Club 113 m
EC60DB65-6790-4BF8-BCE1-AED700A2D9CD DH1 5BL The Pavilion Building, Front Street, Framwellgate Moor n10776276908 The Pavilion Building, Front Street, Framwellgate Moor, Framwellgate Moor, DH1 5BL 169 m
1AEB5DAE-94F7-4622-A391-ADAC01199414 DH4 7QS Penshaw Pharmacy, Avondale Avenue, Houghton-Le-Spring n10780491405 Penshaw Pharmacy 92 m
B6E0296F-EFC6-42FD-99B0-AFAC0114869E DH1 3LE Mathematical Sciences & Computer Science Building, Durham University, Upper Mountjoy Campus, Durham n11118420858 158 m

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