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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'N' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 310 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
96C3B405-73FB-4D19-813A-AEF300E51891 N1 0AL Bingfield Street Surgery, Bemerton Hall, 8 Bingfield Street Variable Public
BC33D4EC-4893-4732-B5AF-B03B00A5DD29 N1 0LB St Andrew's Primary School, 2 Matilda Street, London Variable Restricted
CAD69FAB-E38A-4CCB-9AB0-B03B009B6189 N1 0LB St Andrew's Primary School, 2 Matilda Street, London Variable Restricted
DC8A78C2-966B-495B-875C-AF4D0101E4B3 N1 0NP Savills, 94-96 Upper Street, Islington Variable Restricted
9083A3DE-F246-4DCA-A412-B05800B53880 N1 0PQ O2 Store (0313) Islington, 1 Upper Street, Islington Variable Restricted
B844B62F-88F2-406A-8839-AF27008C8CE8 N1 0PS Pec Parkfield Ltd, Management Suite, 21 Parkfield Street 24/7 Restricted
E526D78F-3B09-4731-A10D-AF0300F03386 N1 0PS Pec Parkfield Ltd, Management Suite, 21 Parkfield Street 24/7 Public
2F7F80EB-0904-4181-9F2D-AE6F00813162 N1 0QH Puregym, Upper Street (Next To Islington Design Centre), London Variable Restricted
88998D28-70EE-42FC-B8DC-AFE2007D8240 N1 0SL Howdens At Kings Cross, 143 Caledonian Road,, Kings Cross Variable Restricted
B64DB685-40E3-4486-BB94-AF2D00FFFC1C N1 1TA Almeida Theatre, 1a-1b Almeida Street, Islington 24/7 Public
8002D35E-D74D-4857-A40E-B003011FC4FC N1 2EB Tesco Essex Road Islington, Essex Rd, London Variable Public
318E9253-6A01-4FF4-BBE3-B00700BE6075 N1 2HY The Ivories, Car Parking Space No 1 The Ivories, 6-8 Northampton Street Variable Public
9AE352F8-0DB8-4104-AE08-B026007731E4 N1 3EE Rotherfield Primary School, 26 Rotherfield Street, Rotherfield Primary School Variable Public
80A9BFED-F405-40B6-A276-AFC300AE6EC5 N1 3JE Tesco, 14-18 Southgate Road, London Variable Public
55641C89-2776-4F14-9F68-AEC5008B5412 N1 5AA F45 Haggerston, 31 Downham Road, London 24/7 Public
A9248137-8084-4217-A8CE-AFF900BC3A1C N1 5FR Hackney New Primary School, 2 Downham Road, Hackney Variable Restricted
1CD9AE21-875B-4A21-887C-AFAC00C72BC6 N1 5SH Brickfield House, 18 Hertford Road, London 24/7 Public
49898E30-ECAB-49BA-B242-B02700D8D942 N1 6AA Tesco East Road Shoreditch, 100 East Rd, London Variable Public
532506B9-AC71-4F51-96A9-AF2700BD1E7C N1 6AA Urbanest Hoxton, 100 East Road, London 24/7 Public
EBD05F0F-5F3B-4ED6-B8C5-AEB7007E75DD N1 6AH 39-47 East Road, London Variable Restricted
DF487C3A-AC07-4BD9-8294-B02A00DF5B7F N1 6JG St John The Baptist C Of E Primary School, Crondall Street, London Variable Public
244367BD-B55E-46F8-B6F6-AF8F00F1D649 N1 6TA Wimbourne St, Hoxton, London Variable Restricted
EE020683-CFA9-4AAE-8291-AEEC00B67EE5 N1 7BE Newpark Montessori Nursery School, Arlington Wharf, 45a Arlington Avenue, Islington Variable Restricted
CEFFAF02-2B45-4554-A03E-B06700E54141 N1 7ED Mortimer Wheeler House, 46 Eagle Wharf Road, London Variable Restricted
8AC892D9-88AA-4E6D-83FC-AE3900DEB1A7 N1 8DU Tesco Express, 25-29 Islington Green, 0 Variable Public
119C9452-4CA5-40C0-AB6C-B02E00AB2672 N1 8SJ The New North Academy, 32 Popham Road, London Variable Restricted
B964EF57-1FE4-4A66-809B-B00101164BEF N1 8SY Tesco New North Road Express, New North Rd, Briton Ferry Variable Public
730A08B1-D224-4067-9107-B03500E5D69E N1 9BE Hope & Glory P R, Unit A Spitfire Building, 71 Collier Street Variable Restricted
1FF954D3-9FC8-4229-B3C9-AEED00DB7E78 N1 9BU Institute Of Physics, 37 Caledonian Road, London 24/7 Public
A3D5C2FA-A285-4E0E-A4AC-AE3800C24CCC N1 9DX Tesco Express, 21 Caledonian Rd, 0 24/7 Public
043FE763-77E6-4F8C-90BD-AED10093C6C3 N1 9JP Greystar Europe Holdings Ltd, Main Entrance, Chapter Living Kings Cross 24/7 Public
41983FBD-D1C5-4D4E-B9C6-AFEB00D0EB8D N1 9JY Bpp Kings Cross, Marcello House, 236-240 Pentonville Road, London Variable Public
AF89CB23-D56E-4A96-BF80-AFEB00DEE0C5 N1 9JY The Big Issue House, 236-240 Pentonville Road, London Variable Public
0B5646B9-C476-4206-953E-AFD500AE5D5F N1 9LG Sense, Lower Ground To First Floor, 101 Pentonville Road Variable Restricted
B5D25B63-BA70-4DAD-8014-AE2000C11C49 N1 9LQ London City Smiles, 19-21 Islington High Street, London 24/7 Public
80F76B51-9531-4217-8726-B07D00BA8EC1 N1 9PD Valtech Ltd - 3rd Floor, 10-14 White Lion Street, London Variable Restricted
F73748CB-2923-4094-9400-ADD500ACE7C3 N1 9RD Modular Interiors, 154 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross Variable Restricted
484CDAAA-B85C-4690-9735-AFFE00F38F16 N1 9RL Gratte Brothers, Ground To Third Floors Building 2 Denton House Regents Wharf, 2-4 All Saints Street Variable Restricted
7FAB89B8-E300-4952-B3B2-AF3100BE723E N1 9RL Gratte Brothers, 2 Regents Wharf, All Saints Street Variable Restricted
B1C4B04F-EA56-44E0-8A78-B08B00CD4474 N1 9RL Ncvo, Society Building, 8 All Saints Street Variable Public
92A7DC39-4A4F-4B53-B729-B05E0082CE5C N1 9RT London Canal Museum, 12-13 New Wharf Road, London Variable Restricted
9434DEBD-CE32-4C00-AA3B-B00500E9829D N1 9TT Tesco Pentonville Road, 122-128 Pentonville Rd, London Variable Public
3A75D7CB-B8AE-4C6B-8A10-AE4C00C6DDB4 N1 9XW Springer Nature, Ground Floor Front The Macmillan Building, 4-6 Crinan Street 24/7 Public
6FCC6064-E640-4DF3-80C3-AE4C00C8977B N1 9XW Springer Nature, Ground Floor Front The Macmillan Building, 4-6 Crinan Street 24/7 Restricted
E3BD4E0F-BA29-4C52-9EBC-AE4C00C7B476 N1 9XW Springer Nature, Ground Floor Front The Macmillan Building, 4-6 Crinan Street 24/7 Public
8C7C9B37-070D-4513-8C30-B09D010414B8 N10 1NR Eden Primary, Eden School, 79 Creighton Avenue Variable Public
0C4F61EE-C1A0-42B9-BE43-B02A00D2527E N10 2NL Hollickwood Primary School, Sydney Road, London Variable Restricted
8897644C-3842-4F6D-8FA7-AFE0013624FC N10 3EF National Fitness & Leisure Group Ltd, The Muswell Hill Club, 140 Fortis Green Variable Public
D0D3DE8A-8951-41AA-8A6E-AF8000D62ABF N10 3JA St James Cofe Primary School, Woodside Avenue, London Variable Restricted
B2337F56-8A42-4C85-A9FF-AF2700AFA4E4 N10 3LS Norfolk House School, 5 Princes Avenue, London Variable Restricted
BC527BEA-4018-4763-A596-B0A600DE5855 N10 3NU United Reformed Church - Muswell Hill, United Reformed Church, Muswell Hill 24/7 Public
E489E3B0-9FC7-4F06-B714-AE7000C7727A N10 3PJ Puregym, Hillfield Park, Muswell Hill 24/7 Restricted
D3F58471-E3B2-47BC-BFEF-AEDA00A963EB N10 3ST The Muswell Hill Practice, 54 Muswell Hill, London 24/7 Restricted
7EF259D0-81CF-4DAA-ADF5-B05A008FC100 N11 1JF B&K Construction Site, St Andrews The Apostle,, Brunswick Park Road, Barnet Variable Restricted
85D230CF-C0D0-4974-989D-AFC300F346C5 N11 1JL Screwfix, Unit 2 Brunswick Park Ind. Est., New Southgate Variable Restricted
15337E7D-5D25-43C4-8CC1-B0980159E309 N11 2PP Tesco Express Bounds Green, Shop, 127 Bounds Green Road 24/7 Public
A9C4FB46-9CE8-4E67-B088-AE3900F28F22 N11 2PP Tesco, Shop, 127 Bounds Green Road 24/7 Public
188C3C85-2521-4D42-83DE-AF3C00CDFF72 N11 2UT Orona London, 9 Gateway Mews, Bounds Green Variable Restricted
EA3F6C6F-7981-4C44-9A60-B02000921D9C N11 3BG Nuffield Health, Princess Park Manor, 264 Royal Drive Variable Public
61075238-48CA-42C1-B8B4-AE3600CEE1C0 N11 3LX Tesco Express, 2 Friern Barnet Ln, New Southgate Variable Restricted
1F1F00A6-20B0-4845-8A09-AF99012429B0 N11 3PW Mcdonald's - 856 Friern Barnet, Friern Bridge Retail Park, Pegasus Way, Friern Barnet, London, 24/7 Public
B4AFEB31-9D55-47F6-9731-AF2D00B6560D N12 0BE Finchley Reform Synagogue, 101 Fallow Court Avenue, Variable Restricted
05082C3A-6044-413E-A0F6-AE9C0108465A N12 0GA Puregym, 1st & 2nd Floors, Tally Ho Corner North 24/7 Restricted
51DE028F-C415-4E18-ADB7-AF99012425ED N12 0GL Mcdonald's - 654 Finchley Lido, Great North Leisure Park, High Road, North Finchley, London,, London 24/7 Public
1CE75406-5F05-4401-B887-B0260079F0EA N12 0SH Tesco Colney Hatch, Coppetts Centre, North Circular Rd 24/7 Public
532D351F-E211-433A-84A7-ADE400A1B147 N12 8AQ Barnet Overseas Student Housing Association Ltd, Nansen Village, 21 Woodside Avenue 24/7 Public
A111D91F-54C3-4790-AC14-B02E007740F9 N12 8JP Northside Primary School, Albert Street, London Variable Public
3E8D4EF0-F4B7-48A0-89D4-AED700E8F5C7 N12 8LY 3 One One Dental Care, 311 Ballards Lane, First Floor Variable Restricted
C155FDAF-6ED4-44C5-835E-B09D00EF5DC6 N12 8PE Moss Hall Infant School, Moss Hall Grove, North Finchley Variable Restricted
C412752A-3DB7-4212-9DFD-AFE8005E0904 N12 8QA Screwfix, Unit 3 Finchley Industrial Centre, North Finchley Variable Restricted
66394347-074A-4988-B988-AEC800FC5812 N12 8RP 32 Woodside Park Road, London 24/7 Public
D52C8B5E-DD45-4B60-94EA-AEDF00AA0B8A N12 8RP Jda, Julius Newman House, Woodside Park Road Variable Public
2E4ED66B-81E8-48B0-9B3D-B00500CBAD8C N12 8RZ Woodside Park Synagogue, Woodside Park Road, London Variable Restricted
20E257A9-BC3B-446D-8191-AEF300B4333B N12 8TP London Dental Surgery Centre, Gloucester House, 150 Woodside Lane Variable Restricted
6E74E43F-F8DA-446C-9D87-AEF200E8F601 N12 8TP Mace Montessori, Ground Floor Gloucester House, 150 Woodside Lane Variable Restricted
1274894F-3C6C-4176-A1CC-AF99012416CC N12 9QH Mcdonald's - 420 North Finchley, 772/774 High Road, North Finchley, London, London 24/7 Public
96B73509-2642-4DF2-95EA-B0A90151D41C N12 9QH Tesco, 770 High Road, North Finchley Variable Restricted
EDC15E9A-9B54-4F27-9617-AE8301171449 N12 9QH Tesco, Tesco Store Ltd, 770 High Road Variable Public
EFABADB9-660B-4A8F-928E-AEF200ADE216 N12 9SS 12 Torrington Park, London Variable Public
8BE63398-8911-468B-9F85-B05A00A565D5 N13 4EY Palmers Green Library, Green Lanes, Southgate Variable Restricted
8F7E5081-436D-4EF3-B25E-AF5F00C4FE9C N13 4JD Puregym Palmers Green, 409a Green Lanes, Palmers Green 24/7 Public
77066874-B5C8-43F6-8D49-AF8F01336E8C N13 5TU 286 Green Lanes, 284 Green Lanes, Southgate Variable Public
CEA7D456-FB31-4672-B942-B07400CAA8BE N13 5UE Ruth Winston Centre, Ruth Winston House, 190 Green Lanes Variable Public
62CAD4AD-534D-4256-89D8-B01900B68FCB N13 6HX Tottenhall Infant School - Medical Room, Tottenhall Infants School, Tottenhall Road Variable Restricted
C0F9A18E-02B2-4AD5-9493-B006009E3226 N13 6JB St Michael At Bowes C Of E School, Tottenhall Road, Palmers Green Variable Restricted
04244866-4E4C-459D-89F4-ADF10130697B N14 4HE The Church Of Christ The King, 29 Bramley Road, Southgate Variable Public
AFE5757F-513F-4B64-BB2C-AFF600D80C16 N14 4HN London Borough Of Enfield, London Borough Of Enfield Oaktree School, 315 Chase Side Variable Public
D948C3C7-E15F-49A6-8E72-AEDA00C4AE82 N14 4PE Chicken Shed Theatre Trust, 290 Chase Side, Southgate Variable Restricted
46FAA746-17E3-46B7-A7B7-AEE201041BFB N14 4UJ Private House, 99 Sheringham Avenue, Southgate 24/7 Restricted
1143AFD1-466D-450A-BF7D-B00100965ADC N14 4XA Tesco Oakwood, 153 Bramley Rd, Oakwood Variable Public
35D3AAE6-44C3-48AD-A6B4-AFFC00DA1F0C N14 5JP Tesco Osidge, 1-5 Hampden Square, Osidge Variable Public
8047 N14 5PA Outside 79-81 Chase Side, Greater London 24/7 Public
8054 N14 5PA Outside 62 Chase Side, Greater London 24/7 Public
75A3EFAD-7AE6-4421-9464-B09300F4DEC8 N14 5PA Enfield Advertising Kiosk, Outside 62 Chase Side, Southgate, Enfield 24/7 Public
CADAE5F1-7B30-4B78-8015-B09300F3D30F N14 5PA Enfield Advertising Kiosk, Outside 79-81 Chase Side, Southgate, Enfield 24/7 Public
982C3FC3-70B0-4A5A-8580-B00000F03C0A N14 5PH Tesco Chaseside Southgate, 42-54 Chaseside, Southgate Variable Restricted
F92DAEFC-9822-404A-B811-AE7000CCC4C6 N14 6AA Puregym, 9 Dennis Parade, Winchmore Hill Road 24/7 Restricted
E45F090B-3889-4738-B657-ADC1009FD67E N14 6LR 41 The Mall, Southgate 24/7 Public
8D0299E9-F86F-43D5-90BF-ADCF00EC8216 N14 7BD Tennis Courts Conway Road Recreation Ground, Conway Road, Southgate Variable Public
814E85B2-930C-4EE2-BBBC-B03F008B0D59 N14 7EG Main Building Walker Primary School, Waterfall Road, Southgate Variable Public
83D43FC4-2B57-413A-9E19-AD9C00BE09A0 N14 7EG Land Walker Primary School, Waterfall Road, Southgate Variable Public
79E39AC7-16C8-4A80-AAB1-AFEE00CAA4CC N14 7HY Laurel Park School, 56 Wilmer Way, Southgate Variable Restricted
C56B18D3-DB54-467C-BBF0-AFEE00CA18F5 N14 7HY Laurel Park School, 56 Wilmer Way, Southgate Variable Restricted
6759AFF9-74FE-4BCB-A096-AE6900C5FFC1 N14 7JZ The Walker Cricket Ground, 175 Waterfall Road, Southgate 24/7 Public
8042 N15 3NP Outside 278 Langham Road, Greater London 24/7 Public
5B229BAA-D83F-48E6-9455-AFBC00EFBC49 N15 3NP Haringey Advertising Kiosk, Outside 278 Langham Road, Haringey 24/7 Public
1E196368-CA46-4174-88FC-AE1C00D462FE N15 3QR Tesco, 308 West Green Road, London Variable Restricted
16B52185-60AE-4855-8FA7-AF10008CFF17 N15 4AB Harris Primary Academy, Philip Lane, London Variable Restricted
76354DA7-1D33-4E58-AF44-B018008028A2 N15 4AB Harris Primary Academy Philip Lane, London Variable Public
433ECCE7-1A8D-4346-976E-AE44010BBCD9 N15 4AJ Tesco, 220-224 High Road, London Variable Public
306D788E-6129-4798-B031-AEFD00D80685 N15 4NA Magicare Limited, Priscilla Wakefield House, Rangemoor Road 24/7 Restricted
31E632CC-BA3F-4557-B84F-AFEB012F25EC N15 4NA Screwfix, Unit 6 Rangemoor Industrial Estate, Rangemoor Road Variable Restricted
EF5A625A-6B21-4F58-B2F8-B04B00A9AC64 N15 4QD O2 Tottenham Hale - Unit C4, Unit C4, Tottenham Hale Retail Park Variable Restricted
F1CBE944-98E3-4657-98FA-B00600CB6C08 N15 5BN Mulberry House - Hill Group, St Anns Road, Tottenham Variable Restricted
F9EC9559-8489-4AA5-B6E9-B08200A90F84 N15 6EU 27 Olive Morris Court, Ermine Road, London 24/7 Public
2B9A314B-9EA1-416D-9A14-B0930094AC6B N16 0NX William Patten Primary School, Church Street, Stoke Newington Variable Public
C19B45E3-F33A-4389-B6D6-AF9500A12D1E N16 0QP Grazebrook Primary School, Lordship Road, London Variable Restricted
F9FBADAE-71E1-447E-8171-AE6800B93B99 N16 6NR Jubilee Primary School, Filey Avenue, London Variable Restricted
6F67C91B-AB5D-4610-A6F6-B006010305AB N16 6PD Simon Marks Primary School, 75 Cazenove Road, London Variable Restricted
A955824B-71FB-4D67-97C4-B0050097DF1B N16 8DD St Matthias C Of E School, Wordsworth Road, London Variable Restricted
588DFEC3-6D31-4DF5-82C3-AE1D015947F6 N16 8DR Tesco Express, 39 Stoke Newington High Street, Hackney Variable Public
054AFFD6-9CE2-40F1-968B-AFFC010C9BF4 N16 8LH Tesco Matthias Road Express, 48 Matthias Road, Hackney Variable Public
03223822-FE8D-4007-9E70-AE1C0128AEA0 N16 9BS Tesco Express Newington Green (5486), 37-43, Green Lanes Variable Public
A40FCA5C-7EDE-45F4-ABF4-AF0E00BA3790 N16 9EX 1 Clissold Road, London 24/7 Public
DFDBA6D1-78C7-439A-865F-B00001036A1F N17 0BX Floor 1 Lilywhite House, 780 High Road, London Variable Public
9DC1064D-F0D4-4BDD-8320-AE660102B388 N17 0EY The Coach And Horses, Advertising Right Coach And Horses, 860-862 High Road Variable Public
608680B0-8BAD-4EE9-AF55-AEE600ABF517 N17 0FJ Watermead Way Depot, Watermead Way, Tottenham 24/7 Restricted
CFD75549-2BE2-4D5D-9132-AE1C00D58A43 N17 0HY Tesco Express, 220 Park Lane, London Variable Restricted
EFF440D4-0854-4305-988A-B07500A13518 N17 0HY 220 Park Lane, Tottenham, London 24/7 Public
F70EBB00-2D76-4073-ACCB-AFB800942939 N17 0HY Greater Anglia, Northumberland Park Railway Station, Garman Road Variable Restricted
152B65A6-D3DE-4CE7-841B-AEEB01011E36 N17 0JP Park Lane Medical Centre, 108 Park Lane, London Variable Restricted
452CEE7C-2CE1-49AD-91B0-AFF000A3A531 N17 0PG Dukes Aldridge Academy, Trulock Road, London 24/7 Public
7DB18D03-81E7-4B11-BBE6-AF0700BDECFF N17 0QJ Mowlem Trading Estate, Leeside Rd, London 24/7 Public
CC7267DA-A522-4AAC-B999-AEA00082240D N17 0UT 62 Garman Road, Tottenham, London Variable Public
51CFFF2C-AE69-498B-B994-AEBA00F71241 N17 0XR Vistry Partnerhships, Leeside Road, Enfield Variable Restricted
F3352C9E-905D-439B-B6B7-AFF700A794D4 N17 6AR Annex Cafe, The Grove School, Downhills Park Road 24/7 Public
75C695E2-82D0-4C95-9111-B004009118F6 N17 6HE Adams Road, Tottenham, London 24/7 Public
AAE11AC6-AFD6-4E50-AD52-AFD500FA5EF6 N17 6RS Probation Office, 71 Lordship Lane, London Variable Restricted
21782611-1522-41FF-81E5-AF4000AEC9CC N17 6SH West Green Playgroup, 21a Apple Tree Rd, West Green Playgroup 24/7 Public
2A3A0C81-DC11-4903-9735-B02D00ACE714 N17 6UH Bruce Grove Primary School, Sperling Road, London 24/7 Public
C1493FC2-9A3F-44BE-B709-AFE80067FC98 N17 7RP Screwfix, Unit 6, White Hart Lane Variable Restricted
95FA824F-C101-4CB0-974A-AF3200F203FB N17 8AD Tottenham Community Sports Centre, 701-703, High Road 24/7 Public
A062E7CE-7108-4507-A271-B00A00CF0B88 N17 8AZ St Francis De Sales Schoo, Church Road, Tottenham Variable Restricted
A613BC70-A0CD-4989-891A-B02100FAF0BF N17 8EY Brook House Primary School, 881 High Road, Tottenham Variable Public
DBF74531-89FA-4383-9DBC-AF1100E769B8 N17 8HR Haringey Sixth Form Centre, White Hart Lane, London Variable Public
10D50C64-0EF9-4543-8EE1-AE4C00D92892 N17 9LJ Formation Design And Build, Unit 3k And 3l, 25 Ashley Road Variable Restricted
15F3A49A-165B-4E37-805A-AFB00109D5EB N17 9LR Greater Anglia, Tottenham Hale Station, Station Road 24/7 Public
1CEAA801-3244-448B-AFB9-B02000E3D81B N18 2DS Ladysmith Road, Edmonton 24/7 Public
5DA52CF0-1BE4-44C5-8AAC-AFFF0095A679 N18 2ES Fleecefield Primary School, Brettenham Road, Edmonton Variable Restricted
22CFD210-456B-4B05-8B2F-B00100CC5EC4 N18 2XF Tesco Edmonton Express, 137-149 Fore St, London Variable Restricted
24E64DB2-EDC7-4B07-991B-AFE700DF3DE5 N18 3AF Screwfix, Unit 1 Edmonton Trade Park, Advent Way Variable Restricted
BAE60EC8-8063-4338-B85C-AFDA00DBAC4D N18 3BB Meridian Grand, 16a Eley Road, Edmonton Variable Restricted
E281421C-6C8A-48D0-B7CE-AE7F00AB2CDC N19 3DD Hornsey Lane Emb, Embay House, Hazellville Road 24/7 Public
BD3C7645-5EF4-4C0F-B35F-AED800DDBC70 N19 3RN St Johns Way Medical Centre, 96 St John's Way, London Variable Restricted
34BCEB9D-0D45-4377-8C46-AFAB0103C291 N19 3XU The Cafe At 91, 89-91 Holland Walk, London 24/7 Public
2A3CABCC-3BED-491D-9018-B01400A76CAA N19 4EB Tesco London Holloway, 350 Hornsey Rd, London Variable Public
3F7D0ADF-3D64-48CD-A2D7-B00B00D9731A N19 4JA Duncombe Primary School, Sussex Way, London Variable Restricted
E69A5C95-768F-4410-B652-AE690102BEF6 N19 4PJ Puregym, Collingwood Business Centre, Mercers Road Variable Restricted
AEBE3656-4C7B-4539-9EB8-B02F00C1E5A0 N19 5DH Brookfield Primary School, Chester Road, London Variable Restricted
3096D8FC-C706-4381-8E86-ADE2010668A4 N19 5DQ Highgate New Town Community Centre, 25 Bertram Street, London Variable Restricted
EE12115F-734C-4BC6-9BE5-B0520130C1DA N19 5RR Holloway Garage, 37a Pemberton Gardens, Holloway 24/7 Public
148BF43C-3011-43E2-AB5A-AE1C01099238 N19 5SS Tesco, 627-635 Holloway Road, London Variable Restricted
12E45DDA-2529-4297-AD23-AF0800FA66A3 N1C 4AB Argent (Property Development) Services Llp, 4 Stable Street, Kings Cross Variable Restricted
19319FDB-F901-46D0-9E58-AF9600BCF9F4 N1C 4AG Universal Music Group, 4 Panacras Square, London 24/7 Restricted
3A102221-7935-4E33-B02D-AF9600BCEDBE N1C 4AG Universal Music Group, 4 Panacras Square, London 24/7 Restricted
539EDF22-E90A-42F2-877D-AF9600BCF3F9 N1C 4AG Universal Music Group, 4 Panacras Square, London 24/7 Restricted
5B18BAAE-4090-40EC-BE75-B0650088D6F9 N1C 4AG Universal Music Group, 4 Panacras Square, London 24/7 Public
7800AC10-76FE-4D78-BC4C-AF9600BCEA9D N1C 4AG Universal Music Group, 4 Panacras Square, London 24/7 Restricted
7C990E61-616A-410F-BB18-B0650088EBAB N1C 4AG Universal Music Group, 4 Panacras Square, London 24/7 Public
7FE9EF97-6CC0-4420-BB19-AF9600BCE37D N1C 4AG Universal Music Group, 4 Panacras Square, London 24/7 Public
977890F0-1E20-4BA7-8B4A-AFB300E4574E N1C 4AG Google, Google Uk, 6 Pancras Square, Kings Cross 24/7 Restricted
B1EF18CC-6965-471C-810D-AF9600BCF0F3 N1C 4AG Universal Music Group, 4 Panacras Square, London 24/7 Restricted
BD00D7F9-D6CD-43D3-9BCB-AF9600BCF6EB N1C 4AG Universal Music Group, 4 Panacras Square, London 24/7 Restricted
CD854375-6A14-4C3D-A3C6-AF9600BCE6FF N1C 4AG Universal Music Group, 4 Panacras Square, London 24/7 Restricted
F9EBC946-30C4-45A5-B502-B0650088A937 N1C 4AG Universal Music Group, 4 Panacras Square, London 24/7 Public
D2247D34-0305-480E-B51F-AF2700BD0D30 N1C 4BD Urbanest Kings Cross, Canal Reach, London 24/7 Public
A4021762-E154-4E8C-A19D-AF2700BD1934 N1C 4BN Urbanest St Pancras, 103b Camley Street, London 24/7 Public
AC65F1B3-41AF-4F3E-8F0F-AFF0009001A2 N1C 4BT Reception, Frank Barnes School For Deaf Children, 4 Wollstonecraft Street Variable Restricted
B089E89C-640A-4750-8C11-AE1A00BDC165 N1C 4DD Bam Construct Uk, Plot S3 Kings Cross Central, York Way Variable Public
D236F9D9-78D8-4CDF-AE76-AEA200C78536 N1C 4DF Fenman House Retail Unit, 5 Lewis Cubitt Walk, London Variable Public
043D0D52-11CE-496F-91AC-AED600A948E1 N1C 4PP St Pancras Coroners Court, Camley Street, London Variable Restricted
98C1A36D-7834-4A57-8909-B03600C833DB N1C 4QP St Pancras International Station, Pancras Road, London 24/7 Public
B568FF8A-E529-4051-8D4B-B03600C84009 N1C 4QP St Pancras International Station, Pancras Road, London 24/7 Public
BB713CE9-04A6-42E4-A84C-B03600C84CAB N1C 4QP St Pancras International Station, Pancras Road, London 24/7 Public
C6EF0198-884F-45F2-BADB-B03600C8589D N1C 4QP St Pancras International Station, Pancras Road, London 24/7 Public
E87CD534-4105-4078-AFF6-B03500FF50CE N1C 4QP St Pancras International Station, Pancras Road, London 24/7 Public
F1A6CBA8-6D99-4790-95D4-B03600C8646A N1C 4QP St Pancras International Station, Pancras Road, London 24/7 Public
88E5AC1B-A573-481C-9570-AEFA00C4C328 N2 0BE Wates Construction, Signature Highgate, No58 The Bishops Avenue Variable Restricted
13EC8211-642C-4E12-A9A8-AE3F0135F3BE N2 0RP 28 Church Mount, London 24/7 Public
7967 N2 8AQ Outside 71 Budgens, Greater London 24/7 Public
42DC4B1B-56E4-4CD7-B3F5-AF8601580A7A N2 8AQ East Finchley Advertising Kiosk, Outside 71 Budgens, High Road 24/7 Public
9143AFF3-4702-4E3C-8198-AF9500DD8E18 N20 0LD Unit 2 Mountview Court, 310 Friern Barnet Lane, London Variable Restricted
CD31400B-B7DB-41CF-9BDA-AFB800B09646 N20 0NL North Middlesex Golf Club, Friern Barnet Lane, London Variable Restricted
B6EA5D7F-E78C-438E-A0BF-AEC5011391AC N20 0PT Spire Automotive, 1085 High Road, London Variable Restricted
11AF46EF-D36A-4AFF-9D45-B04600A81D61 N20 8AH Totteridge Village Hall, Badgers Croft, London 24/7 Public
E71B6EF6-3B24-4AAF-AB88-AFDA010BFFD2 N20 8LZ 58 Totteridge Common, London 24/7 Restricted
91A8F518-1AFD-4BEF-9A51-AE0100D6331E N20 9ER Taylor Wimpey, Oakleigh Road North, Whetstone Variable Restricted
09DAB83B-870E-414B-AC8C-AEC5008187C9 N20 9EZ Oakleigh Park Tennis & Squash Club, 100 Oakleigh Road North, Whetstone Variable Public
43D32257-7EF9-4E48-9651-B098009AB468 N20 9EZ All Saints Church Of England Primary School, 116 Oakleigh Road North, Whetstone Variable Restricted
7E3035AC-A516-4047-862E-AF1100D63652 N21 1PD Infant Building Eversley Primary School, Chaseville Park Road, Southgate Variable Restricted
CB38A002-4DE2-4250-8C98-AEF300BB70B9 N21 1UJ 2 Florey Square, Southgate Variable Restricted
D4DB6B94-22A1-40C2-8ABE-B04600D656C4 N21 2AD Little Green Dragon Ale House, 928 Green Lanes, Southgate Variable Public
FC95B273-A2E2-4CBF-AB22-AD8400E27C0B N21 2JS 24 Solna Road, London 24/7 Restricted
FDB726B9-4FE1-47B7-9369-AE7500FC528D N21 2SA Tesco Esso Winchmore Hill, 810 Green Lanes, Southgate Variable Public
20B7D17C-BFD0-4D60-862A-AEE10118E70F N21 3AU Southgate Olympic Afc, Cricket And Football Pavilion Clowes Sports Ground, Barrowell Green 24/7 Public
56F7C5EC-FF1C-46E1-9EA4-B00700EABE1A N21 3AU Barrowell Green Recycling Centre, Barrowell Green, Winchmore Hill Variable Public
6135 N21 3AX Northampton Exiles Cricket Club, Greater London 24/7 Public
49629F3E-8B15-430E-AB36-B03000D1887F N21 3HE Highfield Primary School, Highfield Road, Winchmore Hill Variable Restricted
6779ACB9-699A-4895-8584-B03000D98E13 N21 3HE Highfield Primary School, Highfield Road, Winchmore Hill Variable Restricted
B3EFBA7E-86B9-4404-AA50-AF0400E32000 N21 3QL Brackendale Tennis Club, Brackendale Sports Ground, 31 Brackendale Variable Restricted
7738CE09-4F52-4A96-8096-B00000F64509 N22 5JH Tesco Wood Green Lordship, 646 Lordship Ln, Wood Green Variable Public
FF06BC6F-1F75-483B-B8EA-AEED008945C8 N22 5JX The Gym Group, 725-733 Lordship Lane, London 24/7 Public
5EC5B919-F1D9-4D89-A885-ADDA00E6E744 N22 5QW New River Sports And Fitness, White Hart Lane, Wood Green Variable Public
B42B5686-2972-4394-95B1-AFB800F7CC8F N22 5RP 31-35 Winkfield Road, Wood Green, London Variable Public
8066 N22 6BA Outside 137-139 High Road, Greater London 24/7 Public
D721E16C-027E-4BAA-A146-B05E00FE7E3A N22 6BA Wood Green Advertising Kiosk, Outside 137-139 High Road, Wood Green, Haringey 24/7 Public
8052 N22 6DS Outside 17 High Road, The Broadway, Greater London 24/7 Public
CA0F385A-0D8F-4519-A43E-AFBC00EFB2D2 N22 6DS Haringey Advertising Kiosk, Outside 17 High Road, The Broadway, Wood Green, Haringey 24/7 Public
BAD9D945-035A-47ED-B217-AEF500BA4CC2 N22 6RX 205 Westbury Avenue, London Variable Public
293F8B0D-B7F7-444A-935D-B02600A0CCA4 N22 6UH Alexandra Infants And Junior School, Western Road, London Variable Public
4E4383D8-BB7C-4AC6-92B9-AD220114CBCA N22 6UJ Zone Gymnasium Trading Ltd, Zone Gym, Ground Floor Unit A, Cypress House, 2 Coburg Road Variable Public
B8B9924B-ED1F-4130-8B8C-B03F00B45FFC N22 6XJ The Chocolate Factory, Blenheim House, 22 Western Road, London Variable Restricted
7B51E85A-4DDA-4D60-A90F-B00C010511A0 N22 6YQ Management Suite Wood Green Shopping City, 159 High Road, London Variable Restricted
7D1B9101-48CD-4805-8977-B06600A2EE31 N22 7DE Greenside House, 50 Station Road, Wood Green Variable Restricted
D0B1DBC3-A9EB-40E8-A2FC-AFE900B4047E N22 7ST Heartlands High School, Station Road, Wood Green Variable Restricted
2906BDC8-258A-483D-81A7-AFB500C2C282 N22 7UT Tennis 145m From 145 Durnsford Road 130m From B106, Bidwell Gardens, London Variable Public
66AB263A-D718-49D5-9AAD-B07B00BAAD86 N22 7UT Rhodes Avenue Primary School, Rhodes Avenue, Wood Green Variable Restricted
2D0BD2D6-A99A-4C05-9B2D-B04C00F7FC1E N22 8EP Mei Cheung, 52 Commerce Road, Wood Green Variable Restricted
81DFB004-06E3-4EDE-9470-AE3900EE752E N22 8JD Tesco Wood Green, 421-451 High Rd, Wood Green Variable Restricted
5BE5AD3D-7937-401D-B973-B09D00BAFFE8 N3 1NR Moss Hall Junior School, Nether Street, Ballards Lane To Dollis Road Variable Restricted
2F4FCCA5-3E16-425A-84D8-AE7000CAB164 N3 2TA Puregym, East End Road, London 24/7 Restricted
10552A2D-7562-46FF-A227-ADDD0091EEE6 N3 2UA St James Group Ltd, Fourth Floor Marlborough House, 298 Regents Park Road 24/7 Public
B89E0CFE-5152-43A2-92BD-B04C0084ED19 N3 3PL Chalgrove Primary School, Chalgrove Gardens, London Variable Restricted
0C1FF2E3-F667-410D-8B95-AF2501221BF1 N4 1EU Old Ale Emporium, 405 Green Lanes, London Variable Public
27238932-61CA-4B8F-92B1-AF940115CEC5 N4 1SY Woodberry Down Community Primary School, School Keepers House Woodberry Down Primary School, Woodberry Grove 24/7 Restricted
23E026DA-CA84-4C4B-BD14-AE71010772FA N4 2BX Skylark Point, 48 Newnton Close, London 24/7 Public
11E0B938-5BCB-4FAE-B138-AF350162884B N4 2DE Finsbury Park Cafe, Boating Lake Finsbury Park, Green Lanes Variable Public
AAAD3F9A-52A9-49E5-8948-AEDE00E546BE N4 2DR Islington And Shoreditch Housing Association, 102 Blackstock Road, London 24/7 Public
E8284D40-D9C0-4EB1-B71E-AE7101070BE7 N4 2GJ Skyline Apartments, Devan Grove, London 24/7 Public
957F5620-433E-4A54-AB21-AEF5006E9309 N4 2HA West Reservoir Centre, Ground Floor The West Reservoir Centre, Green Lanes Variable Public
9C94293A-BE90-4A36-BF50-AEED00F5095F N4 2HA The Castle Climbing Centre, Green Lanes, London Variable Restricted
B35C6633-CF09-42C2-8B29-B00000E7A422 N4 2HY Tesco Seven Sisters Road, 268-270 Seven Sisters Rd, Seven Sisters Variable Public
2A6A77A1-ED40-44B6-9B51-AEFB00CA917E N4 2LR Flat 16, Park House, 314-322 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park 24/7 Restricted
D0005E74-2869-4D0F-8C81-AE710107F12E N4 2NE Residence Tower, Woodberry Grove, London 24/7 Public
35764C34-06C6-4679-BE46-B01300B1F7A5 N4 2RG 14-40 Newnton Close, Hackney 24/7 Public
7A25458A-6950-41FF-BC0E-AE3D00E4A9AD N4 3PX Tesco, 109, Stroud Green Road 24/7 Public
30C139FC-BF9E-4BEF-97D5-AE6900943214 N4 3QW Christ The King Catholic Primary School, 55 Tollington Park, Finsbury Park Variable Restricted
1D421255-0494-4BB3-A3CC-ADC600CE03F5 N4 4RR St Aidans Primary School, Albany Road, London Variable Public
478A27E5-26CD-43A8-B423-AE1C011A83A7 N5 1AN Tesco Express, 71 Drayton Park, Drayton Park Variable Public
2D6C7663-BF5A-443B-B1BF-AFEF00991A4D N5 1AR Highbury Fields School, 16-26 Highbury Hill, London Variable Restricted
272F8181-E39E-4862-B748-AED600C0D868 N5 1FE Eaststand Apartments, 56 Highbury Stadium Square, London 24/7 Public
F005E4C7-EEF7-44BC-A68A-AE5B00CADF10 N5 1PJ Drayton Park Primary School, Drayton Park, London Variable Restricted
0043876A-31F5-43DC-B5A4-AFDB0091A234 N5 2AD London Screen Academy, Ladbroke House, 62-66 Highbury Grove Variable Restricted
B0A5AC1B-92AB-4063-B950-AFEF00C80FB1 N5 2BL Highbury Fields School, 34 Aberdeen Park, Islington Variable Restricted
FAACC1F7-A76D-4C64-AFE3-AFCD00F06590 N5 2PL Howdens At Highbury, Units 9 & 10, Frogmore Ind Est, Kelvin Road Variable Restricted
E956280A-D019-462C-8072-B06F00E6880C N6 4AQ 25 Denewood Road, Hornsey, London 24/7 Public
97AA5B14-751B-4DDD-ADD4-AF1700EE5047 N6 4AY Highgate School, Highgate School Entrance Lodge, North Road 24/7 Restricted
E64169D4-6E58-4848-B40B-AF1700F0F373 N6 4AY Highgate School Charter Building, Highgate School, North Road Variable Restricted
2E727E63-A323-4B41-8798-AFE20090E29C N6 4JD Hall & Co Ltd, Jewson, 460 Archway Road Variable Public
4C463831-29F7-4409-ABB5-AF1700F82437 N6 4PH Highgate School Msc, Mallinson Sports Centre, Bishopswood Road Variable Public
C9C7EF3A-7120-494C-A865-AF1700F42B64 N6 4PP Highgate School, Mills Centre, Bishopswood Road 24/7 Restricted
8AE08057-0519-4B99-BC78-AF6700DD1403 N6 5AA Jacksons Lane, 269a Archway Road, Hornsey Variable Public
28486F8B-95A8-4B10-A954-AF2A00B3E5D8 N6 5EN Flat 13a Cholmeley Lodge, Cholmeley Park, London 24/7 Public
56266F62-E5CA-4F00-AB7A-AFF600EA7263 N6 5HF Channing School, Highgate Hill, London Variable Restricted
693CAC6F-B652-4BC4-95FB-ADC9008B4725 N6 5JG Ground Floor Shop, 36 Highgate High Street, London Variable Restricted
AB6EFD46-6593-409C-B201-AE5800C032A7 N6 5JG Tesco Express, 32-34 Highgate St, Highgate Variable Public
E4DE9BD8-226C-4618-8D84-ADD300A5974D N6 6AA Holly Lodge Estate, Holly Lodge Gardens, London 24/7 Public
C3BC9EB5-92E7-47EA-9C7B-AEDE00BCEAC9 N6 6BA 10a Pond Square, London 24/7 Public
6DF297D2-C311-4A33-904B-AED700CCAEFE N6 6PJ Highgate Cemetery, Swain's Lane, London Variable Public
A1DED996-7CC4-4145-A5DE-B00100AD78AA N6 6QX Tesco Express, 23 Swain's Lane, London Variable Public
C992F5A4-8BD9-46F5-BAFB-AEF400BD6E5A N7 0JE Hilldrop Area Community Association, Hilldrop Community Centre, Community Lane Variable Public
50BE5E08-D6B3-4954-BFBB-AE8500DD91AA N7 0JG Beacon High School, Hilldrop Road, Islington Variable Restricted
7F86AFC9-3E3C-4BE5-A91A-AFEA00FE6849 N7 0JG Beacon High, Hilldrop Road, Islington Variable Public
C25C1B14-06C4-42C7-8F37-AFEB00D8FB2D N7 0JG Beacon High, Hilldrop Road, Islington Variable Public
AB6911A4-C096-4A53-8BB4-AEF300AED302 N7 6PA The Rescource Centre, 356 Holloway Road, London Variable Restricted
7F7A7D20-01D1-4B85-BDF7-AFF900B878C7 N7 6PP Learning Centre Reception, 236-250 Holloway Road, London Variable Public
F27C0A1C-0E25-473E-B27F-AEE6012EC3AA N7 7AJ Emirates Stadium, Queensland Road, London 24/7 Restricted
80569486-AF70-4F2C-85B4-AFF900BA5FFF N7 7DD Science Centre Reception, 29 Hornsey Road, London Variable Public
C5529CD2-25CF-4580-9306-AF5C00C3EC6B N7 7DL St Anne's Home For The Retired, 60 Durham Road, London 24/7 Restricted
CD767B9D-5245-4D77-8BFB-AE70009901AA N7 7JR Puregym, 189-219 Isledon Road, Islington 24/7 Restricted
A31BA497-C7AE-404C-8516-AE1C00D22CB7 N7 7NS Tesco, 126 Seven Sisters Road, London 24/7 Public
ABDA047A-BB95-4740-AB2A-AE5B00CBD78D N7 7QT Montem Primary School Montem Community Campus, Hornsey Road, London Variable Restricted
8272CF92-07AA-4CCA-A50F-AFF801523F62 N7 8DB Tower Building Reception, Tower Building, 166-220 Holloway Road Variable Public
DFB11B4C-D1CE-40C0-9B6D-AFF800BED7BA N7 8DB Rocket Building Reception, The Rocket, 166-220 Holloway Rd Variable Public
25E27354-D122-404A-AE09-AF07007FB5FD N7 8HU Waste And Recycling Centre, 40 Hornsey Street, Islington 24/7 Restricted
46EED8CA-9FCC-4DB0-A35C-AF0700803293 N7 8HU Waste And Recycling Centre, 40 Hornsey Street, Islington 24/7 Restricted
55C1D601-2398-4F56-9EF1-AF07007F09D4 N7 8HU Waste And Recycling Centre, 40 Hornsey Street, Islington 24/7 Restricted
A14AD479-BF25-47AA-980F-AE3800A762AD N7 8JP Tesco, 43 Holloway Road, Islington 24/7 Public
37ED0088-F458-4127-B9B1-AFFD009708A3 N7 8LT S M M A Free School St Mary Magdalene Gardens, 3 Holloway Road, London Variable Restricted
75B10C69-E7C4-46F1-B3BB-AE3C00ED6C67 N7 8TP Tescos, Tesco, 5 Cottage Road, Islington Variable Public
83EB7FA3-84CF-4529-9EE0-B01200EA73AD N7 9AX Big Yellow Self Storage Company Limited, 200 York Way, Islington 24/7 Public
97BC518F-3531-47D2-8F39-AFC300F3BCE5 N7 9NH Screwfix, 50 Brewery Road, Kings Cross Variable Restricted
1AC491BE-6C16-4C0C-B587-AD5001065B96 N7 9PG 100 Brewery Road, Islington, London Variable Public
77F5220E-82F8-4492-BE51-AF0800DF7665 N7 9PQ Attic Self Storage, 276 York Way, London Variable Restricted
6C3ABD6D-A5CB-40D8-8D9D-AE1C00F56BF3 N8 0RX Tesco, Atm Site At 8-9 Salisbury Promenade, Green Lanes Variable Restricted
9A7A4071-DB66-4174-91C6-B02D010B8CF4 N8 7BS Creative Explorers Day Nursery, 18 Gisburn Road, Hornsey 24/7 Public
ADCCCAFE-F3B2-4995-99CC-AFE100E05925 N8 7EE Ymca London City And North, Harringay Club, 50 Tottenham Lane Variable Public
ABBF7C66-9935-487D-99A6-AE1C00DD4E4B N8 7NX Tesco, 46-50 High Street, London Variable Public
8D19778A-2AB1-47B1-BB7E-AE60008CE709 N8 7SA Arj Construction Ltd - Cross Lane, 7 Cross Lane, Hornsey Variable Restricted
7344EBE7-991E-4DBD-B67B-AE1C00E1ECC4 N8 8DU Tesco Express, 25 The Broadway, Crouch End Variable Public
6917 N8 8JJ North Middlesex Cricket Club, Greater London 24/7 Public
6A5AAE96-80C5-4691-A60D-B03B00B58DA3 N8 8PT Virgin Active Crouch End, 31 Topsfield Parade, Tottenham Lane Variable Public
6013 N8 8RG Hornsey Cricket Club, Greater London 24/7 Public
8D04DEC5-D719-471D-B56D-ADCE00DAB24B N8 8SG Ymca City And North, Ymca, 184 Tottenham Lane Variable Restricted
747A9A9D-8AD6-4EF1-BF14-AED100AB8C11 N8 9SN Dunns Bakery, 6 The Broadway, Hornsey Variable Public
D825763E-4B80-4C13-AD12-AEEB00EBCC5E N9 0AH 14 Centre Way, Edmonton Variable Restricted
87ACE8AA-B63A-4A56-9F2A-AEF200DFD143 N9 0TZ 54 To 56, Market Square, Edmonton Variable Restricted
816A3AB1-852A-4459-BB98-B0280098895C N9 8PT Nightingale Road, 206a Nightingale Road, Edmonton 24/7 Public
7BAC3846-39BB-419C-9F7C-B02700F97445 N9 9RS Va School Latymer All Saints C Of E Primary School, Hydethorpe Avenue, Edmonton Variable Restricted
72C16845-9315-425D-A189-AF0A00B6E62A N9 9TN Latymer School, Haselbury Road, Edmonton Variable Restricted

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 32 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n2619601471 On platform 9 past the ticket barriers
MZ n3334530213
MZ n4987829021 AED located in underground on Wall on left just after going through the ticket barriers to the circl
MZ n5825377555
MZ n7001852651
MZ n7149290146
MZ n7334954108 On East side of pillar outside ticket office
MZ n8228707609
MZ n8551941606 outside Winchmore Hill Railway Station - to right of entrance
MZ n8838447798
MZ n9158965590 Attached to the exterior of Blandford Court
MZ n9176005917 Inside the ticket office
MZ n9176020617
MZ n9346313217
MZ n9400521122 Wall mounted in Loughborough University London lobby Loughborough University London
MZ n9402530738 Wall mounted, inside Copper Box reception Copper Box
MZ n9402533621 Wall mounted, north-side of ticket barrier Transport for London
MZ n9405533981 Wall mounted, inside NHS Felstead Street reception NHS Felstead Street
MZ n9442243667 Wall mounted, next to the top of escalators
MZ n9557664823 Wall-mounted on platform 2
MZ n9562844122 Wall mounted next to Change Please entrance Change Please
MZ n9828597552
MZ n9914491188 Mounted on wall by stairwell on platform 8
MZ n9948168907 Inside M&S by self checkouts
MZ n10128770818 On the wall next to the checkouts
MZ n10291225246
MZ n10592420599 Behind gate line to the right of the lifts
MZ n10819737411 Attached to the front of the building
MZ n10921165113
MZ n11194705598 Outside the community centre
MZ n11211074439 On Platform 1. Usable during railway station opening hours.
MZ n11362760830 DF2;705

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 3 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
422B2745-75A6-4868-AEBD-AEEC00C83F5C N6 5UA The Woodman, 414 Archway Road, Hornsey n10686499483 9 m
EA28DCD1-6CF2-463F-8D3B-AEDF00B622FE N1 2DE River Place Group Practice, River Place Health Centre, 1-7 River Place n10867219304 Attached to outside of station 29 m
FE6A9B1D-1390-4F92-85CD-B02700EA2DF1 N1 6QN St Monicas Catholic Primary School, 43 Hoxton Street, London n11081120170 44 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 1 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
1CBC307A-04C0-4BD2-BAF6-AF0E01546543 N10 3DB St James Church Muswell Hill, St James Church, St James's Lane n10216571974 Attached to the wall outside St James Bookshop 114 m

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