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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'EX' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the AED location data from the Ambulance Services in Open Street Map. (Even if there was, many are located only by postcode, so the locations are not always precise.) So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list (orange for AEDs that may not be available 24/7, yellow for AEDs not generally available for public use, and red for everything else). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects . For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each Ambulence Service location for an OSM amenity=defibrillator object with a matching postcode, with 2km of the postcode centroid. If any are found the nearest such object is matched. Then we go through all unmatched Ambulence Service locations, and look for any unmatched amenity=defibrillator OSM objects within 150m. If any are found, the hearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated, but with an increased distance limit of 500m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs, or an EAD is a long way from its postcode centriod, they may not be matched correctly.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Postcode Location Locality Ref
EX16 8EL Acorns Naturist Retreat DC0497
EX4 1HS Age UK Exeter DC0624
EX13 5NX All Saints Parish Council 1 DC0392
EX13 5EX All Saints Parish Council 2 DC0393
EX13 7BJ All Saints Parish Council 3 DC0394
EX13 5UD All Saints Parish Council 4 DC0395
EX13 7RF All Saints Parish Council 5 DC0396
EX13 5SZ All Saints Parish Council 6 DC0397
EX13 5LR All Saints Village Hall DC0336
EX39 4PZ Alverdiscott Village Hall DC0101
EX39 1PH Appledore Fire station DC0110
EX31 4BY Ashford Church Hall DC0641
EX15 3NL Ashill Inn DC0314
EX21 5EZ Ashwater Parish Council DC0492
EX39 3BE Atlantic Racquet Centre DC0506
EX12 4AA Axe Yacht Club DC0013
EX16 9LY Bampton CPAD DC0415
EX31 1PJ Barnstaple Community DC0121
EX32 9AH Barnstaple Community DC0237
EX31 1SY Barnstaple Community Defibrillator Scheme DC0142
EX31 1JH Barnstaple Rugby Club DC0642
EX31 1JE Barum Boxing Club DC0390
EX33 1PN Bay View Farm Caravan & Camping Park DC0537
EX39 1JX Beachside Holiday Park DC0544
EX12 3DY Beer Albion Football Club DC0455
EX34 9SE Berrynarbor DC0218
EX16 8RE Bickleigh Village Hall DC0233
EX39 1XX Bideford Blues and Appledore Junior F.C. DC0425
EX39 3BH Bideford Fire Station DC0127
EX39 2NG Bideford Football Club DC0357
EX39 2AG Bideford Harbour Masters Office (DSFRS) DC0198
EX36 4NT Bishops Nympton Community Shop DC0211
EX21 5PT Black Torrington The Black River Inn Pub DC0235
EX20 2AQ Bondleigh Gospel Hall DC0166
EX17 2AH Boniface Centre Crediton DC0403
EX8 5BT Bourne Haven - Devon Cliffs Holiday Park DC0294
EX8 5BT Bourne Leisure/Haven DC0132
EX17 6HU Bow Parish Council DC0124
EX17 6EP Bow Telephone Box DC0660
EX22 7YG Bradford & Cookbury Parish Council - High Park DC0434
EX22 7AB Bradford & Cookbury Parish Council - Village Hall DC0386
EX5 4RD Bradninch Football Club DC0618
EX5 5HE Brampford Speke School DC0623
EX12 3DB Branscombe Village Hall DC0260
EX20 4JN Bratton Clovelly DC0022
EX31 4SA Bratton Flemming cPAD DC0540
EX33 1AA Braunton Caen Rotary DC0270
EX33 2LR Braunton Parish Council - Phone Box DC0285
EX32 7QJ Brayford cPAD DC0031
EX20 4EG Bridestowe Riverside Stores and Post Office DC0183
EX6 7JQ Bridford Village Hall DC0443
EX22 7DY Bridgerule Village Hall DC0349
EX5 3JG Broadclyst Community Primary School DC0502
EX5 3AL Broadclyst LED Leisure Centre DC0608
EX5 3JB Broadclyst Sports Pavilion DC0609
EX5 3EE Broadclyst Victory Hall DC0610
EX14 3NG Broadhembury Memorial Hall DC0247
EX39 5LW Buckland Brewer DC0178
EX39 5HY Buckland Brewer Village Hall DC0663
EX39 5DP Buckscross Village Hall DC0119
EX23 8QN Bude - KJ Bromell Ltd CC0536
EX23 8DA Bude Golf Club CC0302
EX23 8UA Bude Morrisons Supermarket CC0369
EX23 8DR Bude Town Football Club CC0545
EX23 8LD Bude-Stratton Town Hall CC0202
EX16 7JW Burlescombe Village Hall DC0307
EX37 9JH Burrington cPAD DC0024
EX15 1QG Butterleigh Village Hall DC0563
EX31 4ST Calvert Trust Exmoor DC0090
EX6 6PB Castle Drogo DC0538
EX2 6HE Central Football Club DC0317
EX32 7PX Charles CPAD DC0030
EX6 6JH Cheriton Bishop Parish Council DC0513
EX37 9QL Chittlehampton cPAD DC0001
EX32 7EH Christ Church Barnstaple DC0186
EX6 7NF Christow Parish Council DC0273
EX6 7WA Christow Parish Council - Village Green DC0283
EX18 7BW Chulmleigh cPAD DC0016
EX22 6RT Clawton Parish Hall DC0630
EX16 7NX Clayhanger CPAD DC0424
EX15 3TJ Clayhidon Half Moon Pub DC0278
EX39 5SU Clovelly Parish War Memorial Hall DC0494
EX39 5SY Clovelly Village Visitor Centre DC0435
EX15 2ND Clyst Hydon DC0611
EX39 1QS Coffee Cabin DC0044
EX6 8RW Cofton Parish Council - Village Hall DC0253
EX17 6BQ Coldridge Parish Council - East Leigh Village Tele DC0469
EX17 6AX Coldridge Parish Council - Village Hall DC0298
EX22 7RS Colscott DC0115
EX24 6QJ Colyford Memorial Hall DC0257
EX24 6PU Colyton Peace Memorial Playing Field DC0230
EX34 0LZ Combe Martin Central Stores DC0592
EX34 0AN Combe Martin Loverings Garage DC0593
EX34 0HR Combe Martin Village Hall DC0594
EX17 5NH Copplestone Church DC0094
EX23 0NL Crackington Post Office CC0262
EX17 2BN Crediton Town Council DC0327
EX20 3AH Crossways Inn DC0413
EX33 1LY Croyde Village Hall DC0562
EX15 1PZ Cullompton RFL Ltd DC0200
EX15 1DW Cullompton Rangers Football Club DC0629
EX15 3HF Culmstock Village Hall DC0279
EX13 7EJ Dalwood cPAD DC0003
EX7 0BY Dawlish College DC0677
EX7 0AF Dawlish Lawn Tennis Club DC0518
EX7 9PD Dawlish Town Council DC0135
EX7 9AP Dawlish Town Council DC0188
EX22 6YB Derril DC0274
EX6 7PR Doddiscombsleigh Primary School DC0321
EX19 8QS Dolton Village Hall DC0377
EX17 5LJ Down St Mary Morchard Road Carpark DC0569
EX17 6DY Down St Mary Village Green DC0568
EX6 6QN Drewsteignton Post Office DC0084
EX14 4RE Dunkeswell Village Hall DC0552
EX6 7HD Dunsford Parish Council DC0468
EX6 7DA Dunsford Parish Council DC0462
EX16 9JQ East Anstey Parish Council GC0422
EX9 7EF East Budleigh Football Club DC0517
EX9 7DU East Budleigh Village Hall DC0553
EX12 4AA East Devon Fisherman Association DC0241
EX31 4LX East Down Village Hall DC0346
EX20 2QB East Week Telephone Kiosk DC0268
EX20 1UB Elemential Microanalysis DC0471
EX23 8PL Esso Petrol Station CC0397
EX20 3RY Exbourne - The Burrow DC0266
EX8 1EG Exe Sailing Club DC0067
EX2 8FD Exeter City Council DC0148
EX4 3EB Exeter Guildhall Shopping Centre DC0643
EX4 8NT Exeter Harriers Ltd DC0640
EX2 4AN Exeter Quayside DC0423
EX6 7XS Exeter Race Course Caravan Park DC0212
EX6 7XS Exeter Racecourse 1 DS0217
EX6 7XS Exeter Racecourse 2 DS0217
EX6 7XS Exeter Racecourse 3 DS0217
EX6 7XS Exeter Racecourse 4 DS0217
EX6 7XS Exeter Racecourse 5 DS0217
EX8 2AY Exmouth Lifeboat Station DC0175
EX5 1EW FWS Carter & Sons Ltd DC0477
EX32 0RS Filleigh Village Hall DC0347
EX6 6AF Fingle Glen Golf Hotel DS0203
EX31 3BG Fremington Parish Council DC0116
EX31 2NH Fremington Quay Heritage Centre DC0169
EX38 8JP Frithelstock Parish Council DC0092
EX7 0LW Gatehouse Primary Academy DC0627
EX36 4JE George Nympton Village Hall DC0580
EX33 1JJ Georgeham Parish Council DC0141
EX21 5PB Germansweek DC0026
EX14 3AF Gittisham Phone Box DC0406
EX14 2YL Gittisham Vale DC0666
EX32 7LX Goodleigh Village Hall DC0542
EX34 8LR Grampus Inn DC0438
EX38 8EG Great Torrington Fire Station DC0219
EX38 7EZ Great Torrington Golf Club DC0499
EX38 8HN Great Torrington Heritage Museum (DSFRS) DC0222
EX38 8AL Great Torrington Methodist Church DC0407
EX38 8DN Great Torrington Old Bowling Green DC0519
EX6 7QB Green Ecology Consulting Services Ltd DC0651
EX16 7AF Halberton Parish Council DC0661
EX6 7XR Haldon Forest Park DC0529
EX21 5UH Halwill Junction Telephone Box DC0076
EX21 5XR Halwill Junction Village Hall DC0037
EX39 6BL Hartland and Welcombe Parish Councils DC0573
EX39 6DU Hartland and Welcombe Parish Councils DC0572
EX39 6HG Hartland and Welcombe Parish Councils DC0571
EX39 6HF Hartland and Welcombe Parish Councils DC0570
EX20 3LR Hatherleigh Cricket Club DC0491
EX2 8DP Haven Banks Outdoor Education Centre DC0023
EX23 8RE Hebasca Hotel CC0396
EX34 9QY Hele Bay Garage DC0595
EX17 4QS Hele Lane Methodist Church DC0649
EX37 9AY High Bickington cPAD DC0012
EX37 9BW Higher Week Farm DC0613
EX14 4JP Highfield Stores - Dunkerswell DC0170
EX7 0LG Holcombe Village Hall DC0456
EX22 6NH Holsworthy Hamlets Telephone Box DC0590
EX22 7NR Holsworthy Beacon DC0322
EX22 6BB Holsworthy HATS Theatre DC0328
EX22 7BB Holsworthy Hamlets Village Hall DC0381
EX22 7FA Holsworthy Livestock Market - Kivells DC0474
EX22 6HF Holsworthy Parish Council - Football Ground DC0329
EX22 6BX Holsworthy Parish Council - Sorting Office DC0367
EX22 6EB Holsworthy Parish Council - White Hart Hotel DC0246
EX22 6AZ Holsworthy Social Club DC0501
EX22 6GZ Holsworthy Sports Pavillion DC0504
EX22 6HL Holsworthy Town Council - Jags Signs DC0549
EX14 4TH Honiton 4 DC0634
EX24 6DF Honiton 5 DC0635
EX14 3PJ Honiton 6 DC0636
EX14 1NL Honiton Rugby Club DC0300
EX39 4PD Horwood Parish Council DC0308
EX14 2HA I'm All About You DC0576
EX20 1UE ITDN DC0447
EX2 9RQ Ide Community Shop DC0091
EX34 8NE Ilfracombe Caravan Club DC0214
EX34 9DA Ilfracombe High Street cPAD DC0066
EX34 9EE Ilfracombe Life Boat Station DC0102
EX34 8EU Ilfracombe Tennis Club DC0628
EX39 4JR Instow Village Hall DC0226
EX20 3AN Inwardleigh & Follygate Fundraising Committee DC0461
EX5 4AR Jubilee Hall Stoke Canon DC0525
EX6 7TX Kenn C of E Primary School DC0370
EX6 7YN Kennford International Caravan Park DC0478
EX6 7TB Kennford Stores DC0449
EX6 8LD Kenton Parish Council DC0440
EX6 8JA Kenton Victory Hall DC0428
EX15 2EL Kerswell Telephone Box DC0248
EX23 9QR Kilkhampton MOT Garage CC0129
EX5 3LE Killerton House 1 Office Corridor DC0069
EX5 3LE Killerton House 2 Stable Block DC0070
EX16 5JE King Street Chapel DC0597
EX37 9ST Kingsnympton DC0004
EX36 4RY Knowstone Parish Hall DC0378
EX9 7BX Ladram Bay Holiday Park No.2 DC0208
EX32 0LJ Landkey Primary School DC0295
EX38 8RH Langtree Parish Hall cPAD DC0019
EX23 8BH Lansdown Dairy CC0203
EX23 9LS Launcells Parish Hall CC0454
EX20 4DL Lewdown Community DC0156
EX6 7UW Ley Arms DC0448
EX39 5JA Littleham Parish Council DC0615
EX39 5HN Littleham Parish Council DC0617
EX39 5HR Littleham Parish Council DC0616
EX6 7SN Longdown Village Hall DC0612
EX15 3SG Longmead Pavilion DC0275
EX23 9DG Lords Court Stores & Post Office CC0206
EX31 3PU Lovacott Parish Council DC0309
EX14 4TX Lowmans Farm DC0430
EX39 2LY Lundy Boathouse DC0457
EX14 4RT Luppitt Village Hall DC0429
EX20 4BL Lydford Gorge DC0539
EX20 4BH Lydford Parish Council - Nicholls Hall DC0261
EX8 5EY Lympstone Parish Council DC0143
EX8 5JY Lympstone Village Hall DC0427
EX31 4RA Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Company DC0426
EX13 8SX Manor House DC0551
EX23 0EN Marhamchurch Telephone Box CC0204
EX16 6SR McDonalds Tiverton DC0473
EX39 6HD Meddon Village Hall DC0483
EX13 7AF Membury Village Hall DC0315
EX20 3DZ Merton Post Office cPAD DC0063
EX13 7RA Millers Farm Shop DC0361
EX22 7NU Milton Damerel Garage DC0323
EX39 5JS Monkleigh Phone Box DC0177
EX38 8QG Moore-Stevens Hall DC0379
EX16 6SU Moorhayes Community Centre DC0637
EX16 9AJ Morebath Village Hall DC0581
EX39 2HW Morris & Bott Estate Agents DC0524
EX23 9SL Morwenstow Community Hall CC0200
EX7 0NA Mount Pleasant Inn DC0410
EX5 5AT Newton St Cyres - Recreation Ground DC0291
EX5 5DA Newton St Cyres Village DC0098
EX16 8NN Nomansland - Mount Pleasant Inn DC0324
EX32 8LH North Devon Homes DC0493
EX32 8TA North Devon Homes DC0459
EX36 3HR North Molton DC0046
EX20 2EP North Tawton Council Offices DC0038
EX20 2ED North Tawton Fore Street DC0079
EX20 2GX North Tawton Strawberry Fields DC0387
EX39 1AR Northam CPAD DC0330
EX20 3PB Northlew Church Rooms DC0096
EX17 6AN Nymet Rowland DC0380
EX16 9EW Oakford Parish Council DC0326
EX20 1AR Ockment Centre DC0512
EX14 9SA Offwell - Telephone Kiosk DC0236
EX20 1QF Oke Pads - Costcutter DC0587
EX20 1NU Oke Pads - Gillians Curtis Cuts DC0588
EX20 1BE Oke Pads - Okehampton Fire Station DC0585
EX20 1HD Oke Pads - Toilet Block DC0589
EX20 1AN Oke Pads - Two Rivers Restaurant DC0586
EX20 1DX Okehampton Bowling Club DC0059
EX20 1PW Okehampton College - OCRA DC0041
EX20 1EF Okehampton Golf Club DC0171
EX20 1JB Okehampton Primary School DC0040
EX5 4PL Old Telephone Box DC0536
EX11 1EL Ottery St Mary Football Club DC0565
EX11 1DE Ottery St Mary Town Council DC0334
EX15 1RU Padbrook Park Hotel DC0134
EX5 1LP Parish Council Office DC0554
EX15 3QW Parish Hall DC0276
EX39 5PL Parkham Parish Council 1 DC0168
EX39 5SS Parkham Parish Council 2 DC0646
EX39 5DH Parkham Parish Council 3 DC0647
EX14 3HT Payhembury Parish Council DC0335
EX20 3HQ Petrockstowe Parish Council DC0439
EX33 1DP Pixie Dell Store DC0138
EX4 0AR Poltimore Village Hall DC0445
EX23 9ET Preston Gate Inn CC0205
EX33 1LB Putsborough Beach Ltd DC0495
EX39 1SB RNLI Appledore DC0242
EX39 4NN Riverview DC0621
EX36 4RA Rose Ash Telephone Box DC0607
EX15 3PQ Rosemary Lane Chapel DC0277
EX22 7YA Ruby Oak Park DC0416
EX22 7FD Rydon Clubhouse DC0341
EX16 7BU Sampford Peverell Sports Pavillion DC0530
EX17 4EB Sandford Cricket Club DC0292
EX33 1LQ Saunton Sands Life Saving Club DC0088
EX12 2ST Seaton Martial Arts Centre DC0604
EX12 2LD Seaton Town Hall DC0103
EX21 5RU Shebbear DC0095
EX14 4QU Sheldon Post Office DC0145
EX2 9QQ Shillingford Abbot DC0243
EX2 9QW Shillingford St George DC0244
EX31 4JU Shirwell Village Hall DC0545
EX17 1AX Shobrooke Parish Council DC0535
EX10 0SD Sidbury Village Hall DC0305
EX10 9QX Sidford Social Hall DC0356
EX10 8NT Sidmouth Cricket Tennis Croquet Club DC0125
EX10 8AR Sidmouth Market Place DC0150
EX38 8PU Smytham Manor DC0258
EX36 4JU South Molton Football Club DC0466
EX20 2LP South Tawton - Hillcrest DC0238
EX20 2NY South Tawton Parish Council DC0391
EX20 2JT South Zeal Telephone Kiosk DC0239
EX24 6JB Southleigh Village Hall DC0644
EX24 6JR Spar - The Follets DC0256
EX5 4HR Spar Shop DC0339
EX38 7JG St Giles In the Wood Parish Council DC0120
EX4 7AH St James Church Hall DC0603
EX32 9DT St John Church Barnstaple DC0255
EX38 8LJ Stibb Cross cPAD DC0020
EX20 2NW Sticklepath Parish Council DC0319
EX14 9DR Stockland DC0056
EX17 4AU Stockleigh Pomeroy Village Hall DC0520
EX37 9RX Stowford DC0296
EX39 1HD Surf Bay Holiday Park DC0543
EX22 7PW Sutcombe Memorial Hall DC0505
EX39 4LQ Swallowfield PLC DC0564
EX38 8AT Taddiport Village Hall DC0272
EX5 2RE Talaton Parish Council - Newtown DC0269
EX5 2RQ Talaton Parish Council - Village Shop DC0271
EX23 9SB Tamar Lakes CC0438
EX20 2LU Taw Green Phone Box DC0318
EX6 6ED Tedburn St Mary Village Shop DC0526
EX19 8SY Telephone Box - Roborough DC0584
EX7 0QD The Ashcombe Club DC0574
EX8 1DR The Beach Public House DC0414
EX20 2TU The Beeches Park Home DC0659
EX20 2TU The Beeches Residential Park DC0664
EX20 3EP The Bull and Dragon DC0232
EX10 0DW The Cannon Inn DC0558
EX5 1PQ The Diggers Rest DC0555
EX12 3BG The Fountain Head DC0650
EX15 3SL The Garages DC0280
EX5 4NN The Guildhall DC0164
EX31 3PL The Hunters Inn DC0310
EX34 9SB The Ilfracombe Academy DC0598
EX32 0PN The Jack Russell DC0405
EX6 7UE The Kenn Centre DC0453
EX23 0NP The Legion Hall - St Gennys CC0261
EX5 1BR The Londis Shop DC0556
EX22 6SU The Molesworth Arms DC0210
EX31 4EY The Muddiford Inn DC0369
EX17 6PR The Orchard Centre DC0509
EX10 0HA The Pavillion DC0662
EX20 2QT The Post Inn DC0582
EX38 8PS The Victory Hall DC0259
EX20 4NF Thorndon Cross DC0136
EX5 5NT Thorverton Parish Council DC0172
EX33 1HE Three Cross Tree Centre DC0087
EX20 2HU Throwleigh Parish Council DC0340
EX10 0AG Tipton St John C of E Primary School DC0527
EX17 5AL Tom Cobley Tavern DC0173
EX39 2QG Torridge District Council DC0437
EX15 1BS Total Safety Training & Consultancy DC0454
EX16 7HS URC Church and Hall DC0345
EX15 3DP Uffculme Parish Council - Magelake Parish Pavillio DC0490
EX15 3AA Uffculme Parish Council - The CafĂ© DC0484
EX37 9AA Umberleigh cPAD DC0028
EX16 7DN Uplowman Village Hall DC0363
EX16 9RA Washfield Memorial Hall DC0578
EX39 4QR Weare Giffard Parish Council DC0104
EX22 6UL Week St Mary CC0413
EX18 7RZ Wembworthy Village Hall DC0672
EX36 3NU West Anstey Village Hall DC0151
EX32 0SY West Buckland Village Hall DC0174
EX34 8NF West Down Community Shop DC0167
EX21 5PJ West Heanton Ltd DC0401
EX11 1UQ West Hill Village Hall DC0304
EX6 8AT Westbank Healthy Living Centre DC0523
EX5 2SL Whimple Parish Council DC0337
EX13 7NN Whitford Pump Farm DC0293
EX13 7PG Whitford Village Hall DC0099
EX22 6TZ Whitstone Parish Hall DC0191
EX15 2RJ Willand Post Office DC0215
EX15 2QL Willand Pre School DC0182
EX33 2DE Williams Arms DC0638
EX34 7NH Willingcott Caravan Club DC0216
EX2 7HU Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd DC0496
EX14 9JQ Wilmington Telephone Box DC0658
EX19 8HQ Winkleigh DC0074
EX19 8HZ Winkleigh Sports Hall DC0362
EX16 8AE Witheridge Parish Council DC0157
EX20 2JA Wonson Head DC0048
EX10 0LD Woods Village Shop DC0384
EX34 7BW Woolacombe Food Store - Londis DC0412
EX39 5EY Woolsery Parish Sports and Community Hall DC0122
EX2 6AR Wyvern Barracks DC0146
EX2 6AR Wyvern Barracks DC0146
EX17 5HZ Yeoford Primary School DC0475
EX17 6DL Zeal Monachorum Parish DC0360

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

OSM Object Ref Location
n7095351635 inside phone box
n8961058259 outside Hennock Community Primary School
n9083264897 inside old telephone box painted green in Eastleigh
n9135409563 Green Box on wall, to left of where pier meets floating restuarant (Available April to September)
n9135512300 Yellow & Green Box on west wall of Strand Pub, next to entrance.
n9142633937 DC0175 Yellow Box, next to road facing entrance of Exmouth Lifeboat Station
n9142633942 Yellow & Green Box on front wall of Exmouth Town FC, club house. To righ of door
n9142633944 Yellow Box on car park facing wall of Withycombe RFC club house, left of door
n9142633957 Green Box on wall, facing road, of Palmer House Community Centre

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object

Ref Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location MR Offset
EX37 9HY Atherington Church Hall n4184357690 125 m
EX37 9NS Chittlehamholt n4392808091 107 m
EX20 3HY Hatherleigh Co-op n4392843220 23 m
EX18 7HB Chawleigh cPAD n4392851260 129 m
EX15 2AD Kentisbeare Primary School n4448085104 23 m
EX15 1AB Cullompton Town Hall n4756658219 wall 44 m
EX9 7HB Otterton Village Hall n4758821043 outside Otterton Village Hall, Fore Street, Otterton 93 m
EX20 1RA Belstone Village n5165041151 in red phone box, Belstone 70 m
EX5 7DR Younghayes Centre n5171689237 Outside wall cabinet 156 m
EX14 9PN Upottery Playing Field Committee n6088663293 outside (north side of) Sidmouth Arms, Upottery 38 m
EX39 5TF Clovelly Village The Red Lion n6506689385 55 m
EX12 3EE Beer Parish Council n6672306747 77 m
EX7 0NF Dawlish Rotary Club n7746393163 Outside wall of entertainment building 425 m
EX23 0AZ Wainhouse Country Stores & Post Office n7796733823 77 m
EX35 6EP Lynmouth cPAD n7940007754 On exterior wall of Lynmouth Flood Memorial Hall, to the right of the shelter. 351 m
EX35 6HT Lynton Town Hall n7940024330 On exterior wall of Cliff Railway Ticket Office, by the entrance at the bottom. 324 m
EX16 7BJ Sampford Peverell Village Hall n8734534201 outside Sampford Peverell Village Hall 92 m
EX22 7SZ Memorial Hall Bradworthy n8745834475 Outside Memorial Hall 4 m
EX16 8DT Rackenford n9084058309 39 m
EX3 0RE Clyst St George Village Hall n9121081689 Green box, on wall of village town hall 61 m
EX3 0HQ Topsham cPAD n9122722637 Blue box on wall of Estuary League of Friends (charity shop) 6 m
EX3 0DX Nancy Potter House n9122722643 Green box, on wall of Nancy Potter house (library) 69 m
EX3 0TR Puffing Billy n9122722670 Green box, on wall of Puffin Billy publ 88 m
EX8 1HS Wine of Araby (Coffee Shop) n9142633931 Yellow Box, on wall to right of Wine of Araby, coffee shop 12 m
EX8 1BR Exmouth Strand n9142633941 Green Box on wall, on side wall of Franklins Bar/Cafe 11 m
EX8 4JJ Tesco Express Exmouth n9142633948 Yellow & Green Box on Tesco Express building in Petrol Station, next to cash machine 69 m
EX8 1PY TLC n9145990080 Orange Box on wall of Lewish Pharmacy, to right of entrance. 28 m
EX2 7DA Exeter University Boat Club n9170419539 Yellow & Green Box, on wall left of shutters of University of Exeter boat shed, which is east of Cou 349 m
EX6 8AT Exminster The Stowey Arms Pub n9170419540 Yellow Box, on north wall of Westbank Community Centre facing Farm House Road entrance to site. 258 m
EX6 8DX Exminster Royal Oak Public House n9170419541 Yellow Box, on south wall of Royal Oak pub 42 m
EX6 8DF Exminster Parish Council n9170419542 Yellow Box, on Vilalge Town Hall building facing main road 83 m
EX9 6RJ Budleigh Salterton Town Council 1 n9181225582 Yellow Box on back wall of Budliegh Salterton Town Hall 63 m
EX9 6JY Budleigh Salterton Town Council 3 n9181225604 Yellow Box on eastern wall of Public Toilets at end of Rolle Rd 84 m
EX9 6NS Budleigh Salterton Town Council 2 n9181244219 Yellow Box on western wall of Public Toilets buidling on seafront 339 m

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