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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'EX' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 999 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
21B137A4-E377-4FD8-94E5-ADC800A061A5 EX1 1EU Princesshay - Security Office, St Stephen's House, Catherine Street 24/7 Restricted
7E751CE4-FFD3-425F-9E0E-AEA500E27AD8 EX1 1EU Princesshay Centre St Stephens House, 9 Catherine Street, Exeter 24/7 Public
974A68A6-8213-4197-BCAE-AF09008DCF35 EX1 1HR Kalendarhay Lane, Exeter 24/7 Public
D60C3B9F-E3FB-4B43-90B1-AD9E00F1D23B EX1 1NP 3rd Floor Balliol House, Southernhay Gardens, Exeter Variable Restricted
926FEF51-E0B7-4CD6-95FC-AD2100DC69A2 EX1 1NT Browne Jacobson Llp, Ground Floor, Keble House, Southernhay Gardens Variable Restricted
E12F7003-816B-4D32-AD4D-AD88008FBB32 EX1 1QA Sterling House, Dixs Field, Exeter Variable Restricted
5CD1EC84-549D-451C-A2CF-AFBD00FD8F76 EX1 1SN Barnfield Theatre, Barnfield Road, Exeter 24/7 Public
1B2965B3-8323-480B-8190-B00B0093AD0E EX1 1ST Manor Court 3, Dixs Field, Exeter 24/7 Public
A3DF27A4-5F48-4FE6-B29B-B06F00A7F10A EX1 1TS Broadwalk House Main Reception, Broadwalk House, Southernhay West Variable Restricted
C6C86145-DF86-4786-B00B-AF9D00C22BEE EX1 1UG Trowers And Hamlins Llp, The Senate, Southernhay Gardens Variable Public
D07B9315-AE9C-4EC0-80DE-AF9D00C4761F EX1 1UG Trowers And Hamlins Llp, The Senate, Southernhay Gardens Variable Public
90F238F3-DBAA-499F-B8B9-AD2700B48F91 EX1 2BP Newtown Primary School, Clifton Road, Exeter Variable Restricted
089BF9E2-2B92-420C-9BC7-AD2F00A369FB EX1 2FJ Downing Property Management, The Kingfisher Reception, Western Way Variable Restricted
304E5D9E-FBAF-4BBF-92AF-ADC800A06878 EX1 2JX St Sidwells Point Leisure Centre, Paris Street, Exeter Variable Restricted
3CAFBE0B-4B2E-47B8-BB54-AF730085075D EX1 2RN Tesco, 85 Fore Street, Heavitree Variable Public
4E434D4F-FC2A-420A-A97B-AE2000E3F77C EX1 2RN Heavitree Express, 85 Fore Street, Exeter Variable Public
BB91EEAC-9475-498F-90F3-AFBB009C97FB EX1 2SN 2nd Exeter Scout Group, Scout Association, South Lawn Terrace 24/7 Public
D9E68ED7-BC73-4096-9D99-ADC500E6780C EX1 3DN The Parklife Cafe, Heavitree Pleasure Ground, Whipton Lane 24/7 Public
6346F8D8-7BFF-424C-956D-B03F0098BC4A EX1 3EG St Nicholas Catholic Primary School, Ringswell Avenue, Exeter Variable Public
973F2A3C-B6F0-49E5-8769-AD6700D1E0D6 EX1 3FD Lakeside House, Emperor Way, Exeter Variable Restricted
43A16E31-82C2-4B6A-BFBB-B01B00E7D56E EX1 3JP Whipton Barton Junior School, Hill Lane, Exeter Variable Restricted
B1311B13-D39C-4190-865E-B01B00D0B50C EX1 3JP Whipton Barton Infants And Nursery School, Hill Lane, Exeter Variable Restricted
CC83513B-DC6A-45EC-B71E-AD960094DCDF EX1 3LF Bodley House, Wayside Crescent, Exeter Variable Restricted
1114AD03-6918-47B0-A484-AD2000BFF394 EX1 3LH Ashfords Llp, Ashford House, Grenadier Road Variable Restricted
F60EDD64-E4E6-4395-A02E-ADBB00C20F5D EX1 3LH Ashford House, Grenadier Road, Exeter Variable Public
EA557FF4-702D-40AA-93A1-ADC800A0085E EX1 3PB The Met Office, Fitzroy Road, Exeter 24/7 Restricted
3486E46E-AF29-48A2-8819-AE2100E80EB1 EX1 3QF Vistry Partnerships Southwest, Camberwell House, Grenadier Road Variable Restricted
18CFA5AA-4A50-47AE-A2EF-AF8900F6506D EX1 3QS Ceda, The Clare Milne Centre, Emperor Way 24/7 Public
DE169CA6-F3EF-4C71-8D34-AEAC008AC1A7 EX1 3QS Emperor Way, Exeter Variable Public
6B091536-0B79-4937-AF8F-AD8600D19E29 EX1 3RW Ellen Tinkham School, Hollow Lane, Exeter Variable Restricted
6231DA13-BBE6-4205-A075-AD6500A24E54 EX1 3SY Pinhoe Surgery, Pinn Lane, Exeter 24/7 Public
0451E5ED-BCCD-4100-8983-B0A10118D407 EX1 3WS Monkerton Community Primary School, Sestertius Road, Monkerton Variable Restricted
05226BBA-AC5E-454E-908D-B0A400BB8E27 EX1 3YG Westclyst Community Primary School, Maddick Road, Exeter Variable Restricted
C4B9290A-9FED-4A0B-BD4E-AD6500A2A608 EX1 3YG Westclyst Community Primary School, Maddick Road, Westclyst 24/7 Public
560DC837-AD25-481C-8523-ADE000D56DA5 EX10 0AF Tipton St John Cricket Pavilion, Road From Tipton St John Primary School To The Orchard, Tipton St John 24/7 Public
7614FF65-5D5A-49A8-AA43-AD2C00B62C94 EX10 0AF Community Hall, Road From Tipton St John Primary School To The Orchard, Tipton St John 24/7 Public
318019AA-B9B8-4784-AF75-B000011B555F EX10 0EG The Meeting Place, St Lukes Church, High Street 24/7 Public
572B981D-1610-4846-90CF-AF4900C9D60A EX10 0EZ Newton Poppleford & Harpford Parish Council, Newton Poppleford & Harpford Parish Council The Pavilion, Back Lane 24/7 Public
AD192674-4855-464C-B211-AD2100876C81 EX10 0LD Woodsys Village Shop, Exmouth Road, Colaton Raleigh 24/7 Public
C2B7A660-B4BC-416E-BE2B-AF3E00A8C221 EX10 0LD Woods Village Shop, Exmouth Road, Colaton Raleigh 24/7 Public
50378242-73E2-4411-A6DE-ADC800A0ABFA EX10 0NU Donkey Sanctuary, Trowl Farm, Salcombe Regis Variable Restricted
53CC60C4-D22D-4C7E-AE64-B04000EC2A3F EX10 0PP Bulolo House, Bulolo. House, Knowle Park 24/7 Public
BBB79F15-9DCB-40DE-BD4E-AD21009E7B54 EX10 0QN Lower Knapp Farm, Lane To Lower Knapp Farm, Sidbury 24/7 Public
3F1BA649-8F86-466F-8548-AF410099C591 EX10 0QQ Caravan & Motorhome Club, The Caravan Club, Road From Putts Corner To Cotford Variable Public
D0B7764F-801F-4AB2-8F7C-AE1500BE3C85 EX10 8BL Trumps Court, Sidmouth 24/7 Public
8338 EX10 8EF Sidmouth Masonic Lodge, Devon 24/7 Public
4F342770-B4DB-4A03-9323-B03401049362 EX10 8EJ Tesco High Street Sidmouth Express, 132 High St, Sidmouth Variable Restricted
13C6B548-E115-4DBF-A2BB-B07700F28778 EX10 8EL 4homes, 12-14 High Street, Sidmouth Variable Restricted
C3C0E1CB-2393-411B-B79E-AEF400AC363F EX10 8NJ Sidmouth Rugby Club, Heydons Lane, Sidmouth 24/7 Public
6295 EX10 8NS Sidmouth Surf Life Saving Club, The Arches, Devon 24/7 Public
6FBC095E-624D-4CE4-AC0A-AD2400A7A585 EX10 8NT Sctcc, Sidmouth Cricket Tennis Croquet And Hockey Club, Fortfield Terrace 24/7 Public
E531719B-F8D4-44FC-B2A9-AF9300C9756D EX10 8RG St Johns School, Broadway, Sidmouth Variable Restricted
D841CBCF-5834-45E6-9FD9-AE6000A76FA4 EX10 9HL Unit 3b, Access To Alexandria Trading Estate, Sidmouth Variable Public
A79F2F51-2E79-4898-887A-AE1500BE1F47 EX10 9HY Lymebourne Community Centre, Lymebourne Park, Sidmouth 24/7 Public
1D4E3D9B-FA3C-48F6-807A-AD4A00FF686E EX10 9LG Sidmouth College, Primley Road, Sidmouth 24/7 Restricted
268BFB20-5B4D-4B35-86D0-AE01011A624F EX10 9LG Sidmouth College, Primley Road,, Primley Road 24/7 Public
2E1964C6-3AF7-42FF-B32F-B07C00DBA146 EX10 9PY Sidford Training Pavilion, Sidford 24/7 Public
3227 EX10 9QX Social Hall, Devon 24/7 Public
B906981C-BE17-4ADF-A1F3-B05D013682C3 EX10 9QX Sidford Tennis Club, Byes Lane, Sidford 24/7 Restricted
E6D580ED-1F1F-4769-BEF9-AF8900A38E4F EX10 9RL Simouth Hospice At Home, Sidmouth Hospice At Home, Church Street 24/7 Public
634A6432-AF6C-4864-A8E7-AF12008A4ED8 EX10 9UZ Woolbrook News And Tea Room, 34-36 Woolbrook Road, Sidmouth 24/7 Public
67BDE598-2A32-440A-B8ED-B0980095A638 EX10 9XB Sidmouth Primary School, 55 Woolbrook Road, Sidmouth Variable Restricted
E127F5FC-0FDC-403E-805E-B0280079558A EX11 1AT Ottery Scout Hut, Winters Lane, Ottery St Mary 24/7 Public
E5E98EEB-47B0-493C-928C-AD73009B236D EX11 1DE Library & Information Centre, Ottery St Mary Town Council, Library & Information Centre 24/7 Public
66FA7E96-98EC-40A2-98BC-AD21011FAFC9 EX11 1EL Ottery St Mary A F C, Butts Road, Ottery St Mary 24/7 Public
A87646C3-EDA6-46BE-A4FB-AF2200AC8634 EX11 1PG Rainbow Plants Ltd, Holcombe Lane, Ottery Saint Mary Variable Public
DB6CB4B9-9680-474C-ACD6-AF6400D9FF81 EX11 1QT Old Milking Parlour, Lane Past Cadhay Barton, Cadhay 24/7 Public
288C80DD-3516-410F-9DFE-AFD300B09297 EX11 1RA Kings School, Cadhay Lane, Ottery St Mary Variable Restricted
A63FBAD9-F328-46EC-8805-AE5200B4C397 EX11 1RA The Kings School, Kings School, Cadhay Lane Variable Restricted
A13F1E05-0F11-4C8A-B3F2-AD8600E5B58E EX11 1RQ Rill Farm, Slade Road, East Hill 24/7 Public
21C31F42-0DE7-4CCF-B5BB-AE6A007A5599 EX11 1TX The Royal British Legion, School Lane, West Hill 24/7 Public
C26593A7-32A8-4EA6-AA26-AE6A007A4862 EX11 1XN 11 Eastfield, West Hill 24/7 Public
F7E5B022-572C-4A48-BA80-AD5F00FAF565 EX12 2LL Pebbles Coffee Shop “ Rose Bunce “, Pebbles Coffee Shop, 4 Marine Place 24/7 Public
451317DA-4387-44C2-AAFC-AE4300FC4754 EX12 2PB Tesco Superstore, Tesco Store Seaton, Harbour Road Variable Public
B5F5E7E0-1BDB-42A4-ABCE-AD2401556361 EX12 3BG Fountain Head Inn, Road From Higher Barn To The Old Cider House, Branscombe 24/7 Public
3C4DA9F3-D694-4288-8933-AD25012D7F57 EX12 3FB Beer Albion, The Clubhouse, Stovar Long Lane 24/7 Public
4FA8876C-6D6E-40FC-BD76-AD2800B813F8 EX12 4AA Axe Yacht Club, The Harbour, Axmouth 24/7 Public
1C0864BD-112C-454E-9881-B06000B7EA2B EX13 5AD Axminster Care Service, Simpson House, South Street 24/7 Public
BC09E369-9E80-4BB9-A41D-AD6C007FA226 EX13 5AP Trinity House, Trinity Square, Axminster Variable Public
BBA9232C-31DD-4E7E-AF13-AFC000875795 EX13 5BB Axminster Town Council, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, Fire Station Lyme Close 24/7 Public
567 EX13 5EA Axe Valley Community College, Devon 24/7 Public
A5F49AB9-614C-4AE3-B36D-AD9700A7AF69 EX13 5EX 22-24 First Avenue, Axminster 24/7 Public
E90621E7-AA73-4983-8063-AF6500E0C615 EX13 5GT Cloakham Lawns Sports Centre, Cloakham Drive, Cloakham Lawns 24/7 Public
AF1654A9-8227-41B7-ACD0-AEBC009B926B EX13 5HU No. 1 Whitty Court, Weycroft Avenue, Millwey Rise Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
E8F53E1D-5471-4E70-AA41-AFE8007519E9 EX13 5HU Screwfix, Unit 16 Weycroft Avenue, Millwey Rise Ind Est Variable Restricted
FFE6DEDC-8C8F-4274-9A7F-B006010973D3 EX13 5HX Swain Close Axminster, 10 Swain Close, Axminster 24/7 Public
1C818A04-616A-4983-8689-AE2C00E2C171 EX13 5NG Tesco, Tesco Superstore, West Street Variable Public
B4F8E96D-BDB2-4282-B26D-B01A00A0B7CC EX13 5NG Axminster Tesco, Shand Park, Axminster 24/7 Public
63A39C11-4E81-4065-A225-AFBF0102CF5A EX13 5NU Axminster Town Council, 11 West Street, Axminster 24/7 Public
8C60FC2E-CAB9-4B1A-90E7-AE99008CBC11 EX13 5NX Axminster Town Council, Axminster Town Council,, Guildhall, Variable Public
C032570B-72AF-44F3-9403-ADBA00A51BB8 EX13 5NX The Guildhall, West St, Axminster 24/7 Public
783091BD-E906-417C-8B48-B0060087D3FE EX13 5PF Mole Avon Stores Axminster, Mole Avon Trading Ltd, Station Yard 24/7 Public
D3474710-D940-4304-B388-B06100AD4F52 EX13 5PF Axminster, Station Yard, Axminster 24/7 Public
9ED939D0-7FBE-4EC7-8BD8-AE1500BE1A89 EX13 5QE Poplar Mount, Axminster 24/7 Public
7944FC71-51F4-484A-BC68-AD9700A97C01 EX13 5SZ Post Box 7m From Post Office, Charmouth Road 10m From Unnamed Road, Access To The Beeches, Raymonds Hill 24/7 Public
1A84AB6D-4EE0-4A9D-9CB4-AD4D00E22736 EX13 7EJ Dalwood Parish Council, Sewards Bus Depot, Road From Hutchings Farm To Carters Cross 24/7 Public
280320F7-E1FD-4D30-8EE2-AFBE00ABCAAE EX13 7ES Tony Benger Landscaping, Dalwood Hill Nursery, Burrow Knapp Way 24/7 Public
6DF22FC1-980C-48E5-9355-AD2700E47EA2 EX13 7NN Pump Farm, Whitford Road, Whitford 24/7 Public
80E980F4-783D-43B7-B18A-AD2700E27AFE EX13 7PG Whitford Village Hall, Park Lane, Whitford 24/7 Public
A82EF677-CD84-49A2-8990-AD24010E712F EX13 7QL Umborne Institute Hall, Road Past Shears Farm, Shute 24/7 Public
D4B2086A-9505-4D03-8DF6-B08A00F1C4F8 EX13 7QR Shute Primary School, Road From War Memorial To Haddon Corner, Shute Variable Restricted
CE35F52A-1F5B-4D6B-8824-AD2F00CD3B88 EX13 7RA Millers Farm Shop, Gammons Hill, Kilmington 24/7 Public
661EC94B-3AA1-4410-85D9-B08A00D4071E EX14 1AR Mountbatten Park Sports And Social Club, Ottery Moor Lane, Honiton 24/7 Public
C8C6D99E-9907-47E1-B5D7-B04E00836D6C EX14 1BB Honiton Gymnastics Club, Unit 3, Heath Retail Park Variable Public
E1D6B74B-FBC5-4030-9A6E-ADC90060D1D8 EX14 1DB Blackdown House, Border Road, Honiton Variable Restricted
9F78A672-24F1-42C7-A271-AFE7013444BF EX14 1DP Screwfix, Unit 1b Reme Drive, Heathpark Estate Variable Restricted
CCBA8EFD-C518-4179-84D5-AD4B00A4A7FA EX14 1DS M K M Building Supplies, Unit 1-2 Heath Trade Park, Gloucester Crescent Variable Public
399B2F59-8DCC-4728-8C2C-AEE5010A1A21 EX14 1EL Airside Medical Services Limited, 2 Sion Close, Honiton Variable Restricted
698CA0E2-0741-4B60-A42B-AE1500C0B881 EX14 1FQ Dunning Court Community Centre, Dunning Court, Honiton 24/7 Public
5C09A200-6A70-4D59-B5E4-ADBF00E51314 EX14 1HA 17 New Street, Honiton 24/7 Public
6398A673-2994-4EC9-ADB2-AEDE00BABA03 EX14 1HU Devon County Council, Devon County Council Social Services & Adult Services St Michaels, Orchard Way Variable Restricted
66F3743D-EF85-498F-81FE-AD730098D6D1 EX14 1LZ The Beehive Community Centre, Dowell Street, Honiton 24/7 Public
50013A62-D71F-4EF0-AD50-AF8C0154416A EX14 1NN Vine Inn, Vine Passage, Honiton 24/7 Public
5F6A06E4-F3C9-433E-B030-AD730098F400 EX14 1NZ The Old School House Court, High Street, Honiton 24/7 Public
58415CEC-6B51-4677-A851-B0A0010EEA34 EX14 1PJ Abbeyfield Honiton, 36 High Street, Honiton 24/7 Public
59685863-08B5-4988-A84F-AFB200AA2724 EX14 1QF Honiton County Primary School, Clapper Lane, Honiton 24/7 Public
52207555-6855-48AD-8F9C-AD970146498D EX14 1QW Honiton Rugby Football Club, School Lane, Honiton 24/7 Public
689F57F3-E3CA-496F-8636-B06100AC9085 EX14 2DA Honiton, Church Hill, Honiton 24/7 Public
4F141DB0-2140-4CDE-8EF6-AE3C009FFB8E EX14 2XD Tesco, Tesco Honiton Store, Battishorne Way Variable Public
5065 EX14 2YL 1 Honeysuckle Drive, Devon 24/7 Public
1FDE43FB-9A3A-4EBB-82C7-B06100ACC490 EX14 3BT Feniton, Ottery Road, Feniton 24/7 Public
5621 EX14 3EL St Mary and St Giles Church, Devon 24/7 Public
7263 EX14 3FX Sovereign Housing, Devon 24/7 Public
2736 EX14 3HT Payhembury Provisions, Devon 24/7 Public
1845 EX14 3NG Memorial Hall, Devon 24/7 Public
A32D6238-E55F-4D42-B811-B0470103436B EX14 3NZ Heron Farm Cafe Heron Farm, Road From Weston Cross To Kings Arms Farm, Weston 24/7 Public
BA43BB1B-ED44-4375-933F-B08800D6C6C3 EX14 3PJ Awliscombe Primary School, Awliscombe Primary School, Awliscombe, Honiton, Devon. Ex143pj, Honiton Variable Restricted
F52E6D7C-15D9-4D2C-ADEF-AD730099385B EX14 3PJ Awliscombe Parish Hall, Junction A373/ Greenway Lane, Awliscombe 24/7 Public
331C458C-9D9C-4109-86BA-AD3200B992E2 EX14 4JP Dunkeswell Parish Council, Highfield Stores Unit 5, Culme Way 24/7 Public
CEFFE663-44A2-4BD9-8EC4-AEE501070B46 EX14 4LG Airside Medical Services Limited, The Old Control Tower, Dunkeswell Airport 24/7 Restricted
1220 EX14 4QU Telephone Box, Devon 24/7 Public
0A9C432A-A2EF-4D0C-B776-AD8A00FA265C EX14 4RE Dunkeswell Parish Council, Dunkeswell Village Hall, Road Past Fancy Farm 24/7 Public
441F6380-4D6C-4C17-8012-AD260156FF08 EX14 4RT Village Hall, Road From Luppitt Common To Dolish Farmhouse, Luppitt 24/7 Public
148650C7-D3A7-4574-9069-AEF900D95C46 EX14 4SH Lakeview Manor, Lane To Fishponds House, Dunkeswell 24/7 Public
00C3072D-C9B0-4064-8552-AD26015829D6 EX14 4TX Lowmans Farm, Road Past Lowmans Farm, Beacon 24/7 Public
C08545CC-C355-42BB-BED6-AF630082C426 EX14 9AJ The Flintlock Inn, Road From Marsh Farm To Lapswater, Marsh 24/7 Public
969DBE63-498A-4376-86C1-ADEF00E24BC4 EX14 9BD Yarcombe Parish Council, Post Office & Village Hall, Road From Yarcombe Inn To Crislands Cottage 24/7 Public
A70C9FC6-71A5-4386-8279-B08301029949 EX14 9EF Stockland C Of E Primary Academy, Road From North Hill Lane To Crandons Cross, Stockland Variable Restricted
244AEEE4-5FEE-418D-AE6D-ADDE010C603F EX14 9RF Smeatharpe Village Hall, Smeatharpe Hall, Road From Longfield House To Disused Airfield 24/7 Public
13C3E5A8-66A0-44C7-A686-B020010E994E EX14 9RH Glebe Park, Road Past Glebe Farm, Upottery 24/7 Public
0B450610-2859-47BE-8EE4-AE4600B9C407 EX15 1BQ Tesco, Whitton Way, Cullompton 24/7 Public
3C2D3705-DA16-43B2-BBEC-AD2900F46DC8 EX15 1DQ Victoria Terrace, Exeter Hill, Cullompton 24/7 Public
BA550237-DBE5-4BE1-9B98-AD3000B002D3 EX15 1DW Cullompton Bowling Club, Duke Street, Cullompton 24/7 Restricted
AB35E3C6-0458-46AE-8831-B07D00E01B2F EX15 1EZ Willowbank Primary School, Manitoba Gardens, Cullompton Variable Restricted
7B4377DB-EEEF-4C3A-9003-AFC20108BF90 EX15 1FE Culm Valley Integrated Centre For Health, Willand Road, Cullompton 24/7 Public
62852F66-BD89-48C8-9874-ADD500D4E301 EX15 1GL Cullompton Scout Group, Cullompton Scout Centre, 150 Greystone Walk 24/7 Public
DCA28596-BC5E-4B7B-927B-B07500BFD90F EX15 1HU St Andrews Primary School, St Andrews Estate, Cullompton Variable Restricted
D4D6B161-4AB4-4F56-AC10-AE6600B6DDA4 EX15 1JX Cullompton Community Centre, Pye Corner, Cullompton 24/7 Public
D42D7AA1-58D7-435C-A16C-ADF100E19363 EX15 1LL Culm Valley Sports Centre, Meadow Lane, Cullompton Variable Restricted
2D1FED72-DB03-437B-8435-AD73009AEF62 EX15 1NU Mole Valley Farmers Ltd, Honiton Road, Stoney Ford 24/7 Public
CF29F839-2EFB-4D41-99D4-AD2600B041E4 EX15 1PZ Cullompton Rugby Football Club, Stafford Park, Knowle Lane 24/7 Public
C7BA0A28-3C5A-4765-A7B5-AFE100A008F2 EX15 1QP Refuel Southwest, The Steamer Coffee House & Kitchen, Five Bridges 24/7 Public
A502A5D3-0D71-4CD1-A988-AD2F0069F1D0 EX15 1RU Padbrook Park Hotel, Cullompton 24/7 Public
84C65D6C-63C5-45A6-BCCD-AE0200ABF188 EX15 2DR Sainthill Baptist Church, Road From Stowford Water To Saint Hill, Sainthill 24/7 Public
5121 EX15 2EB Keepers Cottage Inn, Devon 24/7 Public
F65CE29B-1230-45BF-AFA4-AD30010C71DD EX15 2EZ Cullompton Boxing Club, Unit B1 Ethmar Court, Four Cross Avenue Variable Restricted
743FD7B0-7A3C-40FE-BF28-AD8B00A28F0B EX15 2FS Unit 15, South View Estate, Willand 24/7 Public
CDD1EA03-7B12-400A-8DDE-AD8A0149CB96 EX15 2LE Land Adjacent Plymtree Parish Hall, Road From Tyes Cross To Hayne Cross, Plymtree 24/7 Public
58BF04D3-DAE5-44AB-9303-B09100E69F06 EX15 2ND Clyst Hydon Primary School, Lane From Clyst Hydon Primary School To Twynhayes Farm, Clyst Hydon Variable Restricted
03B3F5D9-565E-4050-BFF4-B02F00D54028 EX15 2NN Clyst View, 2 Road From Claponmill To Three Elms Cross, Clyst St Lawrence 24/7 Public
45276B26-5A37-402E-AC88-B0A700A3014F EX15 2QE Willand Biogas, Hide Market Road, Willand 24/7 Public
1C8BC13F-D515-4619-8748-AD200093D7B2 EX15 2QL Willand Preschool, School Drive, Gables Road 24/7 Public
83F85488-979D-403C-BD69-AED10150AC9C EX15 2QL Pre-School Willand Primary School, Gables Road, Willand 24/7 Public
AE1515D2-B616-4EFC-98CF-B042008D2093 EX15 2QW Pickerings Hire Ltd, Mid Devon Business Park, South View Road Variable Restricted
D647B661-609C-437A-A520-AEEE007363C4 EX15 2RJ Post Office And Store, Willand Old Village, Willand 24/7 Public
1B363A48-E4D1-42A3-979A-AD2B00F6F5FE EX15 3AA Number 11, 11 The Square, Uffculme 24/7 Public
51ABDD17-F682-4FBE-9C4A-AD27009DCCF1 EX15 3AG Uffculme School Sports Centre Defib, Uffculme School, Chapel Hill Variable Restricted
67199FC9-F00D-4130-9A71-B098009F7695 EX15 3AG Uffculme School, Chapel Hill, Uffculme Variable Restricted
8A74CFCB-7637-4F60-94A1-AFB800B9D355 EX15 3AG Uffculme School Portable Aed, Uffculme School, Chapel Hill Variable Restricted
908727A8-84C1-4AF0-BEF2-B09A00ABD75F EX15 3AG Uffculme School, Chapel Hill, Uffculme Variable Restricted
E7A69460-7AF2-4465-86EA-B09800A27ED1 EX15 3AY Uffculme Primary School, Ashley Road, Uffculme Variable Restricted
55DBAEF3-6C5A-4DF9-B6BD-AD2B00F76D65 EX15 3DP Magelake Hall, Bridge Street, Uffculme 24/7 Public
9A41CB41-8E9D-4958-BC9C-AD2500827AD0 EX15 3FA Hitchcocks Business Park, Hitchcocks Hq, Lucas Way 24/7 Public
DEC56DA6-8515-477A-ACB7-AD730099E257 EX15 3HF Culmstock Village Hall, N/A, Culmstock 24/7 Public
267DC890-CAA9-4266-9A4E-AD420073D8B3 EX15 3NL Ashill Inn, Road From Prospect House To Ashleigh House, Ashill 24/7 Public
63288358-DC13-45B8-BA2D-AD73009B3F68 EX15 3PQ Rosemary Lane Chapel, N/A, Rosemary Lane 24/7 Public
A0C2446A-7E2C-45AF-A3D3-AD73009A75DB EX15 3QW Hemyock Parish Hall, N/A, Hemyock 24/7 Public
0B80EBA8-1332-4DF5-B4C0-AD73009AD827 EX15 3SG Longmead Pavilion, N/A, Hemyock 24/7 Public
C236EFDE-96C3-43A0-8729-AD730098DFB0 EX15 3SL The Garages, N/A, Youth Centre 24/7 Public
ABA126B1-E6A5-4D52-AB25-AD730099A0F8 EX15 3TJ Clayhidon Half Moon Pub, N/A, Clayhidon 24/7 Public
7B77C78A-F712-4770-8EC7-B02000A262A5 EX16 4AL Wilcombe Primary School, Lazenby Road, Tiverton Variable Restricted
555E3964-C4DE-4080-9A0E-B0940102E251 EX16 4DB Tesco Tiverton, Blundells Way, Tiverton Variable Public
71F55CF6-2AC3-4829-B007-AE3E00E127C7 EX16 4DB Tesco Stores Ltd, Blunders Road, Tiverton 24/7 Public
833871F6-5B56-4439-BF97-B0940100B1BF EX16 4DB Tesco Tiverton Blundells Way, Tesco Tiverton, Blundells Way Variable Public
AD98818E-2FD9-43D9-92F9-AD3C01740F81 EX16 4HX Grand Western Canal Country Park, The Moorings, Canal Hill Variable Restricted
AE453B45-FDBB-4929-97D6-ADC800A0258F EX16 4NE Tiverton Golf Club, Post Hill, Tiverton Variable Restricted
F2A0AE7A-AD72-4985-BA2B-AD7D00FEBBB1 EX16 5DG 4 Aubyns Wood Rise, Tiverton 24/7 Public
3D055453-8CB7-4237-A6C4-ADBA0113A774 EX16 5JE King Street Chapel, King Street, Tiverton 24/7 Public
29213FBF-12BE-4D81-929F-B02200888CF4 EX16 5NF Highfield, Long Drag, Tiverton 24/7 Public
29BCD0F3-F9F8-4958-929B-B005015B9CFE EX16 6AU Tiverton Bowling Club, Peoples Park, Park Road 24/7 Public
E43DF5D0-E4FA-49E6-8946-AD730099247F EX16 6BL Lloyd's Pharmacy, Market Walk, Tiverton 24/7 Public
309692F8-65FC-4E6A-A372-AD2A00D1703F EX16 6DQ Twyford Spartans Yfc, Pavilion Amory Park, Siddalls Gardens 24/7 Public
8B04BB22-8530-4ABC-A729-AEE400E36D78 EX16 6LB Devon County Council, Social Services Department, Phoenix Lane Variable Restricted
C3FA013B-E3B4-4715-98A3-ADF100E18F43 EX16 6PP Phoenix House, Phoenix Lane, Tiverton Variable Restricted
0967A7B2-0895-4792-9481-AFE100E91D31 EX16 6SB Rotolok Ltd, Units 1 To 2 Millennium Place, Lowman Way Variable Public
EC173DFE-E43F-4A38-B60E-ADF100D0DDC8 EX16 6SG Exe Valley Leisure Centre, Bolham Road, Tiverton Variable Restricted
1AA60558-FCEA-49BA-814B-AD36009FBBDE EX16 6SQ Tiverton High School, Bolham Road, Tiverton Variable Public
6C61E104-770C-4E9B-A7AE-AD2100EEFF70 EX16 6SR Mcdonalds Restaurant, Lowman Way, Tiverton Variable Public
424E6212-14FE-4272-9927-AF6E00D4CB4E EX16 6SU Tesco Express, Tesco Express Macs Neighbourhood Centre, Lea Road Variable Public
360DE492-B27A-4A5D-88EA-AFE8006FD2CC EX16 6TG Screwfix, Unit 4 Tiverton Business Park, Tiverton Way Variable Restricted
97E8DD1E-73DC-4137-A54D-AFD3009F676D EX16 6TG Devon County Council, Oaklands Court, 6-8 Tiverton Way Variable Restricted
C1630128-C957-434C-B8D6-AE3900DEDAEA EX16 6TN Tesco, Tesco Express, Moorhayes Park 24/7 Public
CAA94D58-965F-403A-85D6-AD73009A519F EX16 7AF Halberton Village Hall, Halberton 24/7 Public
727A458A-6183-41FC-8371-AD1F0121FE08 EX16 7BR Sampford Peverell Church Of England Primary School, Higher Town, Sampford Peverell 24/7 Public
6F8D12B0-D382-4AC0-9C87-AD2300C1CF9B EX16 7BU Sampford Peverell Recreation Ground & Village Hall Charity, The Recreation Ground, Whitnage Road 24/7 Public
BF178AD5-EF5A-4346-AFD1-AD2B013BC1ED EX16 7DN Village Hall, Road From Lowman Cross To Higher Town, Uplowman 24/7 Public
6AE7AD91-1F3E-476B-AC8D-B02D00ACF295 EX16 7EH Tiverton Railway Station, Ex16 7eh, Sampford Peverell 24/7 Public
880D792F-0BED-4A70-A5BC-AFB600FED2A8 EX16 7EJ Swallow Court, Suite 10 Swallow Court, Devonshire Gate 24/7 Public
95D01C63-AEDE-4E5D-9A1D-AD3300E58EA4 EX16 7HS United Reformed Church, Road From Hensons Cottage To Allens Well, Westleigh 24/7 Public
38146A04-AC71-4FA5-B83E-AD3300E4B032 EX16 7JW Burlescombe And Westleigh Community Hall, Road From Burlescombe Cross To Ayshford Arms, Burlescombe 24/7 Public
3595EE0E-F4B3-4817-83AC-AD2000DBB58C EX16 7NA Huntsham Court, Lane To Huntsham Court, Huntsham 24/7 Restricted
94D1A925-CDFA-449B-B8DF-ADB80114D0C3 EX16 7NG Road From Bampton Down Cross To Huntsham Bridge, Huntsham 24/7 Public
57136BA2-6C43-441E-96D2-AF1C00A1E22E EX16 7NX Oakfield House, Road Heading Northeast From Bonny Cross, Clayhanger 24/7 Public
5878 EX16 7RQ Heathcoat Cricket Club, Devon 24/7 Public
700A28F9-10EE-4326-A985-AD2700E83062 EX16 7RX Cove Village Hall, Road From Court Place Farm To Van Post, Cove 24/7 Public
1330 EX16 8AE Toilet Block, Devon 24/7 Public
3915B643-62E1-485C-843E-AEF400E54622 EX16 8BB Calverleigh And District Village Hall, Village Hall, Road From Calverleigh Lodge To Beacondown Cross 24/7 Public
6C0F6147-8500-481A-933F-AEDB00CB74F7 EX16 8BJ Templeton Village Hall, Land At Grid Reference 289028 114394, Road From Calverleigh Cross To Templeton Cross 24/7 Public
638A40F7-5B40-436C-A020-AF1E00F227B4 EX16 8JJ Village Hall Committee, Withleigh Village Hall, Withleigh 24/7 Public
7658 EX16 8LF Telephone Box, Devon 24/7 Public
7855 EX16 8LZ Way Village Chapel, Devon 24/7 Public
7987 EX16 8NN Mount Pleasant Inn, Devon 24/7 Public
8C58E0C0-A2A6-4855-8187-AFB000F139A2 EX16 8NN Mount Pleasant Inn, Nomansland, Tiverton 24/7 Public
BBE10569-75CC-4574-9A40-AD7300995432 EX16 8RE Bickleigh Village Hall, Belle Meadow, Bickleigh 24/7 Public
4B4BC477-BD06-4D51-9DE1-AD8D015F00DE EX16 9AJ Village Hall, Road From Bonny Cross To Watchet Cross, Morebath 24/7 Public
C836B8B4-8CD3-4512-8098-AD73009B0B2C EX16 9ES Beacon Cottage, Road From Pinkworthy Cross To Stuckeridge Cross, Rookery Hill 24/7 Public
2446 EX16 9JP Primary School, Devon 24/7 Public
9E44F64B-85B8-4509-8F0F-ADE200FB010A EX16 9LN Quarrymans Rest, Old Tiverton Road, Bampton 24/7 Public
C8992277-A1A7-4C05-99AC-ADE200FC09C0 EX16 9LU The Butcher's Shop, 23 Brook Street, Bampton 24/7 Public
EBA34752-2EBA-48D7-B3C3-ADE200FD835B EX16 9NB St Michaels Community Hall, Barnhay, Bampton 24/7 Public
85B36B58-8EA7-4A72-9684-AE4A0106ADB8 EX16 9QZ Washfield Washfield Memorial Hall, Washfield Lane, Washfield 24/7 Public
89E3790F-A432-4584-A866-AE01009B5730 EX16 9RH Highgate Cottage, Road From Buttermoor Cross To Loxbeare Garage, Loxbeare 24/7 Public
2BEF84AF-FDB9-4C72-A5C3-AE12014BD94A EX17 1BJ Efford, The Barns, 8 Road From All Saints Church To Raddon Cross 24/7 Public
65B1185D-8398-4FE1-912E-ADF100E18892 EX17 1ER Lords Meadow Leisure Centre, Lords Meadow Industrial Estate, Crediton Variable Restricted
CC861BD3-FB35-4DDB-9488-AE5900D33192 EX17 1ER Crediton Youth Football Club, Crediton Youth Fc, Commercial Road Variable Restricted
B6AFECE2-882E-4432-959E-AEEE00939DF4 EX17 1EU Adaero Precision Components - Marsh Road, Adaero Precision Components, Unit 7 24/7 Public
10281835-FA06-4D7B-B090-AD2700AEF2E7 EX17 1HN Graphic Plc, Down End, Crediton Variable Public
B407834E-FD4E-4347-82C4-AEED00E201E1 EX17 1HN Adaero Precision Components - Down End, Adaero Precision Components, Down End Variable Restricted
9075AB59-A6D4-4B32-978F-B00A00C8BA3E EX17 3FD Tesco Stores Limited, Tesco, Joseph Locke Way Variable Public
064D78C2-6887-4178-98A7-AD2100AE25CD EX17 3HX Qe Academy Trust, Barnfield, Crediton Variable Restricted
BD18FF14-FECF-4D3B-B30C-B08B00C8CFF7 EX17 3JH Landscore County Primary School, Threshers, Crediton Variable Restricted
A2023969-384D-4441-BB68-ADF300B0A830 EX17 3JP Tesco Express Crediton, 36a High Street, Crediton Variable Public
36C64A29-A78B-447D-B431-AD21009C4E7E EX17 3LU Qe Academy Trust, Western Road, Crediton Variable Restricted
8738C734-2A84-4B35-A82B-AD21009AE652 EX17 3LU Qe Academy Trust, Western Road, Crediton Variable Public
6ACF6021-21F0-40C2-92A6-AE4000EDA67C EX17 3PH Tesco, Joseph Locke Way, Crediton Variable Public
D999EC09-35E5-4FCA-AC03-B07600B00C5F EX17 4AN Cheriton Fitzpaine Primary School, Road From Church Cross To White Cross, Cheriton Fitzpaine Variable Restricted
C995B6BE-BDC8-4A3E-95F4-AD8C00EDED09 EX17 4EB Sandford Cricket Club, Centre Of Pond 330m From East Lodge 80m From Unnamed Road, Road From Thornhedges Cross To East Lodge 24/7 Public
CF4AE2CA-9141-453F-A283-ADB000EE6A18 EX17 4JJ Old Telephone Exchange, Road From Holes Farm To Bary Hill Cross, Cheriton Fitzpaine 24/7 Public
92FF2EF3-1696-42D6-9082-AE7D00E6EE8F EX17 4LA Poughill Village Hall, Village Hall, Road From The Bakery To Poughill Cross 24/7 Public
A7C76AEF-C13F-41E5-88C2-B08900ED51A6 EX17 4NB Sunnyside, 1 Road From Church Cross To Fannys Lane Cross, Sandford Variable Restricted
AC6A3649-4A1B-4376-81FF-AD24014CC962 EX17 4QS Helen Lane Methodist Chapel, Methodist Chapel, Road From Black Dog Cross To Washford Pyne Cross 24/7 Public
3A4DFEF0-434C-4B63-8E63-AE220136DE7A EX17 4RS Kennerleigh Village Stores, Lane From Kennerleigh Post Office To Langham, Kennerleigh 24/7 Public
B164232B-7A73-4239-B858-AF73010921BB EX17 4SQ Thelbridge Cross Inn, Road From Thelbridge Cross To Stockham Farm, Thelbridge 24/7 Public
49684D34-D08D-424F-A72F-AD73009A15C9 EX17 4TS East Worlington Parish Hall, N/A, East Worlington 24/7 Public
91BDFDD7-2F30-4E2C-AC67-AD2D00F327CF EX17 5AF Highfield Garage & Recovery Ltd, Highfield Garage, Road From Heath Cross To Northbeer Cross 24/7 Public
EE28F638-259F-4FF6-A1B2-AD730098BD91 EX17 5AL Tom Cobley Tavern, Spreyton - Tom Cobley Tavern, Spreyton 24/7 Public
4F49E6F8-6956-4AE2-B112-AD2B00A9D881 EX17 5AS Vb Farms Llp, Treedown House, Road From Bow Station Cross To Hillerton Cross 24/7 Public
5DAAEF5E-6CB6-4CEB-BF82-AD26009D7629 EX17 5BZ Colebrooke Parish Council, Coleford, Crediton 24/7 Public
1A20E491-940B-4AF5-BAF7-AF9000C12645 EX17 5HZ Yeoford Primary School, Station Road, Yeoford 24/7 Public
55E20002-D6E8-4C58-994B-AD3600C4B67A EX17 5JD The Duck At Yeoford, The Duck At Yeoford The Village, Road From Station Cross To Yeoford Village Cross 24/7 Public
FA170C45-3C37-4D55-8E24-AD26009E3CEB EX17 5JH Colebrooke Parish Council, Parish Hall, Access Road To The Green 24/7 Public
0C9641E7-FCD5-40B2-B88B-ADF700C2C8D2 EX17 5JR Wayside Cottage, Road From Mill Bridge To Waterleat Bridge, Penstone 24/7 Public
86CC0FC4-8819-417E-8F0D-AD730099C8D9 EX17 5NH Copplestone Church, 2 The Cross, Copplestone 24/7 Public
3116B179-D1F9-4A87-AF50-AEB000874D20 EX17 6AE Rose Removals, Station Business Park, Road Northwest From Yeo Vale Cross 24/7 Public
7158ABE9-1C22-4738-9DBE-AD20008D810B EX17 6AN K6 Telephone Kiosk Pitt Court, Road Heading Southeast From Eggesford Cross, Nymet Rowland 24/7 Public
27C13579-F326-46A9-824E-B07100B03E81 EX17 6BN Southmoor Farm, Southmoor, Coldridge 24/7 Public
4BDD0B94-9D95-4305-89B6-B097014EC944 EX17 6DB St Martins, Road From Bowpound Cross To Walson Cross, Bow 24/7 Public
2F51F775-6D78-4740-8781-AD73009A0654 EX17 6DX Down St Mary Village Green, Old Telephone Kiosk, Down St Mary 24/7 Public
3877 EX17 6EP Telephone Box, Devon 24/7 Public
6865C178-0970-4E05-AFE9-AD3000CD6B59 EX17 6JH 9 Goss Meadow, Bow 24/7 Public
72CF99A9-AD75-4338-AE16-AEDD01319151 EX17 6LA Bow Recreation Group, Burston Meadows, Bow 24/7 Public
D7D2E11A-0958-49C2-A2FD-AE2900C2F89D EX17 6NY Morchard Bishop Parish Council, Graveyard Emmanuel Methodist Church, Chulmleigh Road 24/7 Public
E3E4FECB-DE25-4705-AB18-B01400D7E152 EX17 6PE Morchard Bishop Sports & Social Club, Wood Lane, Morchard Bishop 24/7 Public
F00A71F1-D24B-4ACD-89EF-AE2900C0B265 EX17 6PJ Morchard Bishop Parish Council, London Inn Skittle Alley, Church Street 24/7 Public
C6565C07-507E-4F01-AEA3-AD2500EC4C79 EX17 6PZ Lapford Parish Council, The Orchard Centre, Orchard Way 24/7 Public
BD45175C-4D4A-44C5-AC58-AE9900B37B7F EX17 6QD Road From Eastington Cross To Orchard Cross, Lapford 24/7 Public
4DFD00E6-DBD3-46A1-B227-AF30010C9C65 EX17 6SE The Forge, Road From Frost Cross To Oldborough Cross, Morchard Bishop 24/7 Public
C9D7E1A0-C840-4FD9-8023-AD73009990ED EX18 7BW Winston Pincombe Land Rover, South Molton Street, Chulmleigh 24/7 Public
CAEE4AFA-893F-4717-83A3-AE2401148BDC EX18 7ET Rodgements, Road From Rodgements Cross To Moortown Cross, Chawleigh, Chulmleigh 24/7 Restricted
0C0653F1-92B5-4A60-9245-AFDA009A3A34 EX18 7HL Chawleigh Defibrillator Group 1.2, The Earl Of Portsmouth, The Square 24/7 Public
A7CD87B3-8D4E-41FF-B3C3-ADD300ABD547 EX18 7JL Chulmleigh Playing Field, Leigh Road, Chulmleigh 24/7 Public
8BF40765-85FD-4DCB-9CA0-ADE300D6A4BC EX18 7JZ Eggesford Country Estate, Service Road To Eggesford Country Estate, Eggesford 24/7 Public
F68C517B-B342-4FE3-A46A-AD9600BF7851 EX18 7QJ Treetops, 6 Shute Wood, Hollocombe 24/7 Public
21FBB5DC-482D-46C7-8E47-AD2D00A9F5B5 EX18 7QR Village Hall, Road From Black Horse Corner To Spekes Cross, Wembworthy 24/7 Public
FB55E00F-80AE-4DD4-8605-B04D00DBAE10 EX19 8AP Winkleigh Cider Company Ltd, Winkleigh Cider Company, Western Barn 24/7 Public
3CC3D618-72EE-46C6-86C9-AE0001189A45 EX19 8DH T & M Supplies, Unit 2 Beechlea Farm, Road From Grays Cross To Berners Cross 24/7 Restricted
5FE4F08D-A986-45A6-91F8-AD2F00830153 EX19 8DW Tank 10m From South West Wood, The Airfield 17m From Unnamed Road, Road From Loosedon Barton Past Disused Airfield, Winkleigh 24/7 Public
12377DA6-CBE8-4AA7-AC91-AF2E00617051 EX19 8DY Upcott Management Ltd, Track To Upcott, Upcott 24/7 Public
4997 EX19 8ED Telephone Box, Devon 24/7 Public
BC828A5C-F7A8-4A4C-8B8B-AD7300991192 EX19 8HQ The Bakery Stores, Fore Street, Winkleigh 24/7 Public
6C902E06-B149-4EB4-B2D8-AD7300992130 EX19 8JH Wallingbrook Health Group Gp Surgery, 15 Southernhay, Winkleigh 24/7 Public
39442133-8979-4318-BE4A-AD730099F8E1 EX19 8QU Dolton - West Lane, Fircroft, Dolton - West Lane, West Lane 24/7 Public
F3AE7F63-E2E5-450C-8370-AD730099FC96 EX19 8QX Dolton - Barfield Road, 2 Barfield Road, Dolton 24/7 Public
3756670A-D44C-4927-8CC8-AE4700E423E6 EX19 8QY 8 Barfield Close, Dolton, Winkleigh 24/7 Restricted
81CC2D90-76B8-42AE-8B25-AD7100AB8D9B EX2 4AN Exeter City Council, The Quay, Exeter 24/7 Public
C5E37551-6F9D-4B7D-A2FD-AD280087A92F EX2 4NX Victoria Park Tennis And Bridge Club, Lyndhurst Road, St Leonards Variable Public
0FF94A1E-D715-4342-AC30-AF9400A0764A EX2 5AZ Jacobs, Jacobs Uk Ltd, Aperture, Pynes Hill, Rydon Lane Variable Restricted
1603FBFB-7F5E-42DA-A64E-AD40009BB35A EX2 5AZ Second Floor Pynes Hill Court, Rydon Lane, Exeter 24/7 Restricted
85EA067A-2171-46A3-B519-AF6300D94211 EX2 5AZ Ward Williams Associates, 8 Kew Court, Pynes Hill Variable Restricted
A03B89E6-6D90-411F-8D66-AFB800D2C534 EX2 5AZ 6 Kew Court, Pynes Hill, Exeter 24/7 Public
FF634D7D-137F-4B26-8587-AD55009A8017 EX2 5AZ Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd, Aperture,, Pynes Hill 24/7 Public
FFF8133B-8723-4D92-97BF-AFA20101306E EX2 5FD Sovereign Housing Association, Vantage Point, Pynes Hill Variable Restricted
6302 EX2 5QH Community Room, Devon 24/7 Public
31C1EAF9-9729-4D7A-8CC1-AF95010FA10D EX2 5TU Awcock Ward Partnership, Ada House, Pynes Hill 24/7 Public
D2309ADF-C0A4-47F5-B524-AFBE00E1C9F5 EX2 5WH Endeavour House, Pynes Hill, Exeter Variable Restricted
006A5112-2A9C-4FE9-B82F-AF8F00FC6567 EX2 5WS Bertram Fairbanks, Belvedere House, Pynes Hill Variable Restricted
2175CB5D-E412-41EC-9BDA-AE9200B022A7 EX2 6FT Parkside Garage, Unit 2 The Old Fire Station, Bridge Road 24/7 Public
29AC6FCC-999E-4088-9B3D-AE7500801254 EX2 6HA University Of Plymouth, Richmond Building Wesc Foundation, Topsham Road Variable Restricted
3E78BB1B-E353-4386-B0ED-AD6500A15AE0 EX2 6HE Central Football Club, King George V Playing Fields, Topsham Road 24/7 Public
055CBD9A-BD09-408A-B139-ADF8016F7D88 EX2 6LG Tally Ho Inn!, The Flat Tally Ho Inn, Countess Wear Road 24/7 Public
39A81A0E-EE63-4A77-AACA-ADC800A04A62 EX2 6NF Wonford Sports Centre, Rifford Road, Exeter Variable Restricted
DB247111-2AD8-400D-8FB4-B05200FF6944 EX2 6NJ Grandisson Court Community Room, Exeter 24/7 Public
1DC0CCFB-389C-45BA-82F5-AEAD00CB4DEA EX2 7AE Exeter Golf And Country Club Ltd, Topsham Road, Exeter Variable Public
7CECB7E3-DED1-417B-8BF5-AD2000F47C6D EX2 7AE Exeter Golf And Country Club, Exeter Golf And Country Club Ltd, Topsham Road Variable Restricted
92988A45-4AF0-4266-9E0A-AEAD00CD6371 EX2 7AE Exeter Golf And Country Club Ltd, Topsham Road, Exeter Variable Public
EA872466-C396-43A0-B0B3-AEAD00C54A96 EX2 7AE Exeter Golf And Country Club Ltd, Topsham Road, Exeter Variable Public
725C1306-098C-44E9-9884-AD4400BE0399 EX2 7EY S W Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre, West Grange, Clyst Heath 24/7 Public
13CA2CBF-364F-4188-9052-AE3600B2F66E EX2 7EZ Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Russell Way Variable Public
4354FF0F-7839-49B1-879C-AF1F00B6F1C5 EX2 7FW Taylor Wimpey Exeter, Unit 4 Capital Court, Bittern Road 24/7 Restricted
F26472CF-79E0-40B5-8BBE-AF2600C85684 EX2 7HL Toby Carvery Exeter, Rydon Lane, Middlemoore Roundabout 24/7 Restricted
539E102B-CB37-479A-BDE9-AFF200F0B3BF EX2 7HR Peninsula House, Rydon Lane, Exeter,, Exeter Variable Restricted
4AE1C23B-CB0B-467D-B14A-ADC800F339D7 EX2 7HY Swast Trust Hq - 999 Hub, Eagle Way, Sowton Industrial Estate 24/7 Restricted
5B400211-D1EB-4E49-8A16-ADC800A096A9 EX2 7HY Swast Trust Hq - Reception, Eagle Way, Sowton Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
A17D9E25-6069-41CF-8AAA-ADC800F360B2 EX2 7HY Swast Trust Hq - Canteen, Eagle Way, Sowton Industrial Estate 24/7 Restricted
E4359EA7-F835-478F-90DD-AE7100976B33 EX2 7JH Puregym, Bishops Court Retail Park, Sidmouth Road 24/7 Restricted
EEDB6E53-7E5B-420D-B9C9-ADC800A0A681 EX2 7JS Swast Stores - Kestrel Way, 13 - 15 Kestrel Business Park, Kestrel Way, Sowton Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
FD29D63B-8711-40B1-B277-AFE90096A552 EX2 7JS Screwfix, Unit 7 Kestrel Business Park, Sowton Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
01F961D5-7933-4F73-9CE4-AF5C010A1CBB EX2 7LW Edmundson Electrical, Edmundson Electrical Ltd, Bittern Road Variable Public
605B6FF4-240D-4D98-A401-AFD600D9EBF1 EX2 7NL Devon County Council, Great Moor House, Bittern Road Variable Restricted
6E034132-72A2-4F54-9075-AEE000E330C5 EX2 7NL Devon County Council, Great Moor House, Bittern Rd Variable Restricted
E27596EA-1F88-48C2-B5F2-AEDF009472B5 EX2 7NL Devon County Council, Great Moor House, Bittern Rd Variable Public
4A7B6716-6896-4946-AAA2-B04300CF7B2A EX2 7QT Clyst Heath Nursery And Community Primary School, Royal Crescent, Exeter Variable Restricted
8630A5E1-A280-46A3-BD83-B02F0110BBA6 EX2 7ST B&Q, B And Q, Avocet Road Variable Public
04D3E541-FB3C-4AC8-B029-AF2700C52FBF EX2 7XX Royal Mail Exeter Mc, Osprey Road, Exeter, Exeter Variable Restricted
2D8FD338-A990-4DE6-AC56-AD21009423A9 EX2 8DP Exeter College, Haven Banks Outdoor Education Centre, Haven Road 24/7 Public
E5155A6C-DF57-47A6-A03A-AD9C008D59FE EX2 8EX Carparison Leasing, First Floor Stratford House, Waterbridge Court Variable Restricted
4D8E92B5-DCFB-40D4-A993-AD33009E529F EX2 8FD Access To Livestock Market, Exeter 24/7 Public
1F1D9411-B9D7-4D19-B08C-B03C00D0F67E EX2 8FF Brandwells Construction Co Ltd, Chantry House, Chantry Meadow, Exeter Variable Restricted
05EE54F6-E423-4280-9F24-AF6B00C9F959 EX2 8FN Snows Motor Group Ltd, 4 Matford Way, Exeter Variable Restricted
0D26F773-6E2C-4134-BF6D-B0770088AED8 EX2 8FN Vospers, 5 Matford Way, Exeter Variable Public
2D601C19-675B-4DE4-A57B-ADBA012064CE EX2 8FS Thorverton Road, Exeter Variable Public
7BA547B6-1FF5-41DD-A59D-AD3C00823DB8 EX2 8FS Dvsa, Mptc, Thorverton Road Variable Restricted
A2F33360-D9D4-4A36-BFDD-AE2200B85CF8 EX2 8GN Nordan Scandic Ltd, 1b Newton Centre, Thorverton Road Variable Restricted
67249F37-2B63-40D1-9F00-AFC100F816A0 EX2 8LB The Focus Training Group, Dcet House, Yeoford Way Variable Public
83011F9A-A41C-4AA6-9DB6-AFD200CB09E9 EX2 8LD Sunbelt Rentals, Unit 3 Exeter Trade Centre, Exeter Variable Public
61FD2361-D7E2-49F7-83E4-ADDC00FEE4B2 EX2 8NH J Sainsburys, Sainsburys Alphington Cross Store, Alphington Road 24/7 Public
A273894E-6B67-482E-9C19-AFD500A27F8D EX2 8NJ Travis Perkins, Unit 7, Hennock Road North Variable Public
6268DE43-69FE-4ADC-B8EC-AD2400A6F95F EX2 8NL Ugroup, Chiltern House, Sigford Road 24/7 Public
3D6F8010-5B4F-4162-98A8-AED700B35CE2 EX2 8NP Sovereign Housing Association, 9a Hennock Road Central, Exeter Variable Restricted
F34A6F6A-5EA5-45EC-94BF-ADBA011DC8AC EX2 8NU Devon Contract Waste, Marsh Barton Road, Exeter 24/7 Public
72308828-F209-4ABD-980C-B000011E198A EX2 8PN Ibounce Exeter, 33 Marsh Green Road West, Exeter 24/7 Public
6743 EX2 8PU Wellington Motors Ltd, Devon 24/7 Public
938BC6A1-2BF7-4CD6-A311-B00600E17B77 EX2 8PW Progressive, Unit 7 Cranmere Court, Lustleigh Close 24/7 Public
7E0B14E8-E8CE-4BBC-8E7A-AFE800A356FB EX2 8QG Screwfix, Unit C 20 Trusham Road, Marsh Barton Trading Estate Variable Restricted
9F965A88-EDB7-48C4-8737-AF2500FAD024 EX2 8QP System Six Kitchens Ltd, 3 Christow Road, Marsh Barton Variable Public
4517DBE3-B4D1-4401-8E20-AF9C00AFA181 EX2 8QX Market Carpets, 10-12 Bridford Road, Exeter 24/7 Public
5534 EX2 8UP Alphington Community Association Village Hall, Devon 24/7 Public
739F65A8-4C83-40D7-8958-AF9E00E520D2 EX2 8UP The Village Hall, Alphington Village Hall, Ide Lane 24/7 Public
DAC25ADE-C8DF-4735-A18E-AF18014F4E47 EX2 9DD Westexe Yfc, Cycle Track From Wellington Road To Barton Road, Exeter 24/7 Public
1786 EX2 9QQ Telephone Box, Devon 24/7 Public
830 EX2 9RQ Community Shop, Devon 24/7 Public
017BC653-5307-4D3B-BE78-AEB40092E898 EX2 9SL Exeter Estates Ltd, Exeter Estates Limited Peamore Truck Centre, Road From Exeter Road To Peamore Truck Centre 24/7 Public
5168 EX2 9UA Business Unit, Devon 24/7 Public
5167 EX2 9UG Village Hall, Devon 24/7 Public
BABF45E0-ABFB-40B3-8C29-B047009C3BD6 EX20 1AN Brothers Kitchen, 16 Fore Street, Okehampton 24/7 Public
85FD12F4-423F-4C36-9861-AD20008CEB58 EX20 1AR Ockment Centre, North Street, Okehampton Variable Public
5B119018-4024-4DCF-8990-B04700A09A0F EX20 1BE Fire Station, Okehampton Fire Station, 4 North Road 24/7 Public
DEBCE3D4-55E7-413A-9629-AD73009B1CC9 EX20 1DX Okehampton Bowling Club, Simmons Park, Okehampton 24/7 Public
91E5286F-44FD-4600-8BE2-B08800B5B525 EX20 1EP Simmons Bowling Club, Simmons Park, Okehampton 24/7 Public
EC9CEE68-A276-46FF-9627-AE7D00935B78 EX20 1FX Tconsult Ltd, 9 Summering Close, Okehampton 24/7 Public
72372BCE-7554-481D-B6DC-AD2200D91A1D EX20 1GE Okehampton Community Recreation Association, The Pavilion In The Park, Road To Recreation Ground 24/7 Public
E573B1F1-5647-4C12-9D70-B047009FF579 EX20 1HD Toilet Block, George Street, Junction Near James Street 24/7 Public
288F93B6-79FF-4C5E-B530-AD2200DB4693 EX20 1JB Okehampton Primary School, Glendale Road, Okehampton 24/7 Public
1D476600-EA8C-4580-9483-B047009F08AB EX20 1JN New Life Church, High Street, Okehampton 24/7 Public
49353002-7B33-4E20-A710-B058015BA552 EX20 1LN Okehampton Rugby Club, Oaklands Park, Okehampton 24/7 Public
065C53AE-0B48-42E2-9E3D-B047009D7626 EX20 1NU Gillians Curtis Cuts, 32 Crediton Road, Okehampton 24/7 Public
46BC7CF6-3AF3-4C40-BD94-B047008F9293 EX20 1QF Costcutter, 1 Stannary Court, Okehampton 24/7 Public
48E88208-C737-414A-97BA-AF5400D9F4B1 EX20 1QZ Bernard’s Acre, Bernards Acre, Road From Town Living Farm To Resugga 24/7 Public
3BADF7DE-75D7-4816-99AF-AD73009A1212 EX20 1UB Elemential Microanalysis, 1 Hameldown Road, Okehampton 24/7 Public
BBDBAFF7-30C1-40B3-80EC-AD4100962BB9 EX20 1UE Independent Tyre Distributors Network Ltd, Unit 9, Cranmere Road 24/7 Restricted
B9D5C9C5-76A1-4049-89D0-AD5501578D00 EX20 2AQ Gospel Hall, Bondleigh 24/7 Public
A6B138E2-53DF-4D73-92AE-AD73009AFDDB EX20 2ED North Tawton Fore Street, Fore Street, North Tawton 24/7 Public
F93808C6-66F4-4487-A816-B06D016EDEC3 EX20 2ED North Tawton Rugby Club, Rugby Club Taw Meadow Playing Fields, Fore Street 24/7 Public
3B4C2697-88AF-4DD7-B3DE-AD73009B0756 EX20 2EP North Tawton Council Offices, 14a The Square, North Tawton 24/7 Public
2E2F1102-F180-4791-A7B3-AD2200AA5600 EX20 2ES North Tawton Bowling Club, Bowling Green, North Street 24/7 Public
A22F2D48-8715-436A-BDE6-B05B00B7F0AC EX20 2GX North Tawton 1.3, 1 Strawberry Fields, North Tawton 24/7 Public
4508DF8F-C332-4510-B60C-B02700FD5809 EX20 2HB North Tawton Community Primary School, Exeter Street, North Tawton 24/7 Public
1894 EX20 2NY 26 Hillfield, Devon 24/7 Public
A4DD43AD-2F06-46AF-9FF4-AD80010CD45A EX20 2QT The Post Inn, Exeter Road, Whiddon Down 24/7 Public
2EB328AA-028F-43DD-AD67-AE99007043C0 EX20 2SX Sampford Courtenay Parish Council, Public Telephone 18m From Hope Cottage 6m From Unnamed Road, Road From New Inn To Weirford House 24/7 Public
0104268E-27D6-440D-AAFD-AD5501389293 EX20 2TU The Beeches, Sampford Courtenay 24/7 Public
302E79D4-5BD1-4450-A8EB-AF2E0061664E EX20 3AJ Gilead Foundations Charity Care Home, Risdon Farm, Road From Teachmore Farm To Lamerton Cross 24/7 Public
AC98B505-0112-4029-8C77-AD8300FD21C2 EX20 3AN Old Inn Cottage, Road From Oak Cross To Prisam Lane, Inwardleigh 24/7 Public
AE438B94-3567-42C0-B35D-AD2400DDFEF9 EX20 3EA Malt Scoop Inn, Road From Lakes Cross To Grange Lane, Merton 24/7 Public
2376BED2-C74D-43E1-9EC5-AF5E00EDB4FA EX20 3EQ Clinton Village Hall, Road To Clinton Hall, Merton 24/7 Public
C3E41722-8EC5-4425-B586-AD2D00AD356F EX20 3HJ Petrockstowe Parish Council, Baxter Hall, Road From Cott Road To Ash Cross 24/7 Public
7FB9159D-CFAC-4AD0-AADF-B042010496BD EX20 3JB Devon County Council, Hatherleigh Primary School, South Street Variable Restricted
3BE045C2-DFB5-4F52-AF84-AD2400F345B5 EX20 3JN Hatherleigh Cricket Club, Holsworthy Road, Hatherleigh 24/7 Public
D7EF717A-5DF8-4658-962C-AD73009AEC49 EX20 3LP Map Marketing Ltd, Unit 4a, Holsworthy Road 24/7 Public
BD003B58-209F-4090-81CA-AE7800B2AC23 EX20 4AN Home Barn Allerford, Road From Longparks To Harris Arms, Lewdown 24/7 Restricted
1FC2AF3F-63CE-4A93-B50D-B02300C50C0E EX20 4AU Lydford Primary School, School Road, Lydford 24/7 Restricted
3363CCCB-333B-4704-8656-AD73009AE28E EX20 4BL Lydford Gorge, White Lady Waterfall, Lydford 24/7 Public
5F2F917E-6090-4D81-84FB-AED700A66D75 EX20 4BZ Village Hall, Road Over Stowford Bridge, Lewdown 24/7 Public
C6F19B8E-3FB0-4495-B0DD-AD2B00E69256 EX20 4DL The Blue Lion, Road From South View To Lobhill Cross, Lewdown 24/7 Public
892C1FDF-9773-4D05-BB9F-AD2B00B456BC EX20 4EU Fernworthy, Road Past Bramblemoor, Bridestowe 24/7 Public
6136 EX20 4JZ The Clovelly Inn, Devon 24/7 Public
AA13328C-AC8A-42DB-9200-AD73009B190A EX20 4LU Meldon Village Hall, Okehampton Hamlets - Meldon Village Hall, N/A 24/7 Public
F3C9B5BA-F4A9-40DE-9C81-AF1001357002 EX20 4LY Waitrose Okehampton, School Way, Cross 24/7 Public
728AEA01-BB48-4EF0-9542-AD3200A43437 EX21 5AR Parish Hall, Village Hall, Road From Patchacott Cross To Parish Hall 24/7 Public
A8174859-571A-4196-9D4D-AD2A00EA536E EX21 5EZ Ashwater Parish Hall, Ashwater, Beaworthy 24/7 Public
6067 EX21 5NL Village Hall, Devon 24/7 Public
210D1F97-345C-4040-A4D0-AD2200BF23D1 EX21 5NL Sheepwash Parish Council, The Village Hall, East Street 24/7 Public
82F8FD35-4004-49E5-961E-AD8F00959D4A EX21 5PJ West Heanton Retirement Home, Road From Bonds Cross To Horseshoe Bridge, Buckland Filleigh 24/7 Public
85FEA708-378A-4848-837B-AD7300996A16 EX21 5PT The Black River Inn, Black Torrington The Black River Inn Pub, N/A 24/7 Public
A3D578A7-BA5B-4688-ADFD-AF8C00C0DE87 EX21 5RE Woodworking School Limited, Unit 1 Rowden Farm, Road From Rowden Chapel To Rosehill Cross Variable Public
3659F8C3-8881-46E7-8000-B04C00887B0F EX21 5RN Buckland Filleigh Sawmills, Road From Furze House To Sedgewell Cross, Shebbear Variable Restricted
791DFAF2-855D-4CAE-9679-AD2C011A2FCD EX21 5RU South View Stores, Road From The Square To Battledown Cross, Shebbear 24/7 Public
E7F191EE-8488-4D78-B9D6-AED30102EAEE EX21 5SG Shebbear Community School, Opposite Valley View, Shebbear Variable Restricted
5669CFEF-0C5A-4E29-8ABC-AD73009A6127 EX21 5XR Halwill Junction Village Hall, Village Hall, N/A 24/7 Public
BBDE83B4-8ED8-4F0B-90FC-AD73009A91F6 EX22 6AZ Holsworthy Social Club, Station Road, Holsworthy 24/7 Public
72D8F087-C281-4199-8422-AD73009A69CF EX22 6BB Hats Theatre, Bodmin Street, Holsworthy 24/7 Public
27A8BE7B-8FC7-44B6-88A2-AD73009AA587 EX22 6BX Sorting Office, Croft Road, Holsworthy 24/7 Public
31242508-93A3-4D0E-A06E-AEA000A6FB6B EX22 6DJ Holsworthy Town Council 1.5, Holsworthy Memorial Hall, North Road 24/7 Public
07C94E3C-DAD4-4498-A6BF-AAD10097B7B5 EX22 6DY Azets Holdings Limited, 1 Fry Street, Holsworthy Variable Restricted
40FE72E5-A4AD-4D12-8A8C-AD7300990C92 EX22 6EB White Hart Hotel, Fore Street, Holsworthy 24/7 Public
CF4AD3A9-45FF-4F50-BEBF-B0A500EC82F4 EX22 6FG Harpers Feed, Shadrick Way, Holsworthy Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
DC7DC6F1-AE99-4581-BDB0-AD73009A886C EX22 6GZ Holsworthy Sports Pavillion, Sports Pavillion, Pearson Close 24/7 Public
1376431B-5A70-4DDF-B5DC-AF1200BE027B EX22 6HD Holsworthy Primary School, Holsworthy C Of E Primary School, Great Oak Meadow Variable Public
1ECA1686-D82F-401E-B7F9-AD73009AB056 EX22 6HF Holsworthy Football Ground, Upcott Field, North Road 24/7 Public
8DCA1599-FA33-4EF1-87AA-AD73009AC2B7 EX22 6HL Jags Signs, Unit 1-2  Mitre Business Units, River Tamar Way 24/7 Public
F8A3B8B7-6EAE-4A83-8C4F-AEDE00F3CC2C EX22 6NT Upcott Cottage, Road From Upcott Cross To Greenhurst, Cookbury 24/7 Public
8FE463EC-B622-4C7D-BE24-AFC301032694 EX22 6PN Clawford Lakes Resort And Spa, Clawton, Holsworthy 24/7 Public
12B4643E-B289-4B46-A4EF-ADAA01139AA5 EX22 6RA Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, The Arscott Hall, Tetcott 24/7 Public
CBE6F99C-A566-439E-A57E-AD730099A859 EX22 6RT Clawton Parish Hall, N/A, Clawton 24/7 Public
DEF37CFE-CFF1-4021-9877-AFD6007552A3 EX22 6RY North Tamerton Parish Council, Victory Road, North Tamerton 24/7 Public
866CE94F-15CE-4FA6-8D01-AD7500B9DA82 EX22 6UL Parish Office, Week St Mary, Holsworthy 24/7 Public
C8FD7042-4992-466C-8D75-AD3000D922F5 EX22 6YA Derril Cottage, Road Past Riverside Farm, Derril 24/7 Public
4A68B3DC-FBF7-4B10-8A02-AD5D008263E8 EX22 7AB Bradford And Cookbury Village Hall, Road From Middlecott Cross To Holemoor Cross, Bradford 24/7 Public
B231B2FB-95BB-4D3B-8BAC-AEDD00A85C1E EX22 7AW Church Cottage, Road From Stone Cross To Manor Cottage, Bradford 24/7 Public
691546B1-A241-42D8-B4DB-AD7300999700 EX22 7BB Village Hall, The Willows, Chilsworthy 24/7 Public
C5A7F6B0-557A-4582-AB5F-AD2000EECB33 EX22 7BT Thornbury Holiday Park Ltd, Thornbury Holiday Park, Road From Brendon Cross To Woodacott Cross 24/7 Public
5638D513-851E-4AC7-866E-AEA100BC0C60 EX22 7ED Park Holidays Uk Ltd, Hedley Wood Caravan Park, Road Heading East From Kiming 24/7 Public
3332E22F-3642-4C28-885A-AD73009AB681 EX22 7FA Livestock Market - Kivells, New Market Road, Holsworthy Variable Restricted
20174773-8793-4AD2-A862-AD4B00CAF257 EX22 7JD Thorne Manor Day Nursery & Pre-School, Thorne Manor Day Nursery Holsworthy Limited Thorne Manor, Lane To Thorne Manor 24/7 Public
CFE0A4C0-ECB7-428A-BF08-AEEE011277FA EX22 7LW Newton St Petrock Community Centre, Road From Lane End Cross To Hockwill Corner, Newton St Petrock 24/7 Public
E582F88A-93B0-433F-AA86-AD310101F022 EX22 7ND Hazeldeane, Road From Holsworthy Beacon To Chapmans Green, Holsworthy Beacon 24/7 Public
3C16F0F1-44EC-4CB0-B473-AD310100EF89 EX22 7NU Horrelsford Garage, Road From Worden Cross To Shop Cross, Milton Damerel 24/7 Public
0235C689-AB66-44D7-8592-AD3400CCA050 EX22 7PJ Lufflands Caravan Park, Road For Lufflands Caravan Park, Sutcombe 24/7 Public
283E84D9-D282-4E7F-8B6B-AD3101032DA1 EX22 7PW Sutcombe Memorial Hall, Sutcombe 24/7 Public
DBD07475-5BD1-44F7-874B-AD7300997415 EX22 7QS Bradworthy Football Pavilion, North Road, Bradworthy 24/7 Public
1029 EX22 7RS Barton Barn, Devon 24/7 Public
5315136B-0BEE-4011-8E26-AD73009B4493 EX22 7SF Seiche Ltd, Bradworthy Industrial Estate, Langdon Road 24/7 Public
E8B35472-7A9D-4E64-BA53-AEDD00A6F157 EX22 7XY Bickford Arms, Road From Dunsland Cross To Brandis Corner, Brandis Corner 24/7 Public
9138EA75-EDCB-464D-812C-AD2F007892DA EX22 7YA Ruby Oak Park, Road From Brandis Corner To Kingsmoor Cross, Brandis Corner 24/7 Public
92F8F1E5-9A05-4783-BDDB-AD5D008BAC33 EX22 7YF High Park, Road From High Park To Lashbrook, Cookbury 24/7 Public
418258F0-CDF4-4A73-BCA7-AD2401099AC9 EX23 0AF Leverlake Road, Bude 24/7 Public
530FC649-17D7-4104-9265-AADC0152C5AD EX23 0AN Long Park Drive, Widemouth Bay, Bude 24/7 Public
24591BF7-0157-4097-81BB-AE5300D361A3 EX23 0DU Bude - The Old Smithy, Road From New Mills Road To Sea View, Bude 24/7 Public
B91CA265-26D0-4F73-A3E3-AD5200C1B844 EX23 0JD The Weir, Access To Whalesborough, Marhamchurch 24/7 Public
FF65FABB-D378-4D00-BA78-AD7500B4F01B EX23 0JL Crackington Institute, Bude 24/7 Public
1EA5ABF4-3F2F-4A73-BFD6-AFCC00A52770 EX23 0LF Hentervene Holiday Park, Road From Pencuke Lane To Hill Turning, Crackington Haven 24/7 Public
07F8F854-EF94-495F-8390-ADE5010F9D90 EX23 0LP The Caravan Upper Lynstone Caravan And Camping Park, Lynstone Road, Bude 24/7 Public
9BA5647A-7CDE-4772-B975-ADF3014CC000 EX23 0NA Meadowlands Court, Widemouth, Bude 24/7 Public
D64B614C-F523-4F61-A120-AD7500B9BB50 EX23 0NP The Legion Hall St Genny's, St Gennys, Bude 24/7 Public
39B3531F-F821-414B-9953-AD210094470C EX23 8AW Budehaven Leisure Centre, Stratton Road, Bude Variable Public
5FBC03F2-ADA3-437F-9343-ADAA0113D423 EX23 8BH Lansdown Dairy, Lansdown Diary, 3-5 Lansdown Road 24/7 Public
CD24EF90-A20B-4DC4-A6BA-ADAA0117EE13 EX23 8DA Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Bude Golf Club, Bude 24/7 Public
83418BFC-684A-4082-8931-AD7500B4D09C EX23 8FS Bude - Electric Sub Station, Opposite 1 Wigeon Road, Bude 24/7 Public
A96DDB0C-BE7C-47D6-AA2B-AFEA00F8FEA4 EX23 8GX Screwfix, Unit 1 Bude Self Storage Business Centre, Kings Hill Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
3CB02B4B-6A8C-4601-B862-AD7500B4D509 EX23 8JD Bude - Ambulance Station, West Fairholme Road, Bude 24/7 Public
350829CD-49AE-49FD-9D99-ADAA011441AF EX23 8JP Adventure International, Bella Vue, Bude 24/7 Public
7BD44AB2-8E96-4216-85AB-B09600F179C7 EX23 8JZ Bude Social Club, 1 Granville Terrace, Bude Variable Public
3371AAAC-F7F4-4F3A-A215-AEA701358BB1 EX23 8LA Budehaven Recreation Ground, Bude Recreation Ground, The Wharf 24/7 Public
53306D89-D138-4685-9C56-ADAA0113DDBE EX23 8LD Bude-Stratton Town Council, The Parkhouse Centre, Ergue-Gabric Way, Bude 24/7 Public
5059959B-E6F5-4457-BCB1-AE3C00C0E7AE EX23 8LT Akumen Ltd, Unit 21 Efford Farm Business Park, Vicarage Road Variable Restricted
308CB1E5-4DD6-4B5B-98B9-ADAA01144A47 EX23 8LY Clear Space Storage Units, Bude/Stratton Business Park, Bude 24/7 Public
88F2D284-7628-4BB9-9D96-AD29009016D1 EX23 8ND Bude North Cornwall Cricket Club, Crooklets, Bude 24/7 Public
C8505C91-AF46-44A8-89CA-AD2400BDA20F EX23 8NE Bude Surf Life Saving Club, Crooklets, Bude 24/7 Public
ED40522F-F468-4B52-83CA-AD2D009CE9D6 EX23 8QG Bude Rugby Ground, Bencoolen Meadow, Bude 24/7 Public
C711D6E3-6AA1-470B-BFEC-ADAA011812F7 EX23 8QN Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Kj Bromell Ltd, Unit H Kings Hill Ind. Est. 24/7 Public
F8F08625-9D56-43CD-B066-AD5200E3AB73 EX23 8UA Morrisons, Stucley Road, Bude 24/7 Public
3907B4D8-F196-4155-A902-ADAA01144E01 EX23 9AB Penbode Vets, Hillhead, Stratton, Bude 24/7 Public
9C1525F6-80F3-4BAA-86C8-AD2000DD1898 EX23 9AL Aw Bent Ltd, Hillhead Works, New Road 24/7 Restricted
53A40D20-D020-4898-A636-B07600B323CF EX23 9AP Cornwall County Council, Stratton Playgroup, 1 New Road 24/7 Public
3B6780B6-D080-47FA-983B-ADAA0113C60F EX23 9DG Stratton Post Office & Store, 1 Lord's Court, Stratton 24/7 Public
264FE871-4A9D-4E25-92B4-ADAA0113D775 EX23 9ET The Preston Gate Inn, Poughill, Bude 24/7 Public
44EC0264-BDD6-4584-85D0-B06F00CD5BE8 EX23 9HH Trevalgas Cottages - Pool Building, Stone Hill, Poughill 24/7 Public
1F9764DD-C3E7-4E50-9361-AD7500B9F21D EX23 9LA Bude - Bush, Bude - Bush House, Junction Of Stone Hill And A39 24/7 Public
495A975B-3F09-469C-B8ED-AD3000B76A1E EX23 9LS Village Hall, West Street, Grimscott 24/7 Public
84085D8E-FA6F-4948-B49F-ADBF00AF1533 EX23 9NW Red Post Inn Caravan And Camping Site, Red Post, Bude 24/7 Public
F3F8B463-30D5-4E26-A47E-B0740105B897 EX23 9PE St Marks C Of E School, Road From Rule Cross To Junction East Of Shop, Shop Variable Restricted
1F66A244-5FD0-45F5-BA40-AF700157B5B5 EX23 9PN Eastcott Cross, Road From Eastcott Cross To Rule Cross, Gooseham 24/7 Public
566E39F0-2412-4535-A149-AF9300EF715B EX23 9PP Jay's Aim, Post Box 8m From Bath Cottage On Unnamed Road, Road From Woolley To Gooseham 24/7 Public
6492BB6F-8AB2-4C17-A6C1-AD4E00A7039B EX23 9QU Kilkhampton Junior And Infant School, A39 Between Labernum Terrace And Brentspool Hill, Kilkhampton 24/7 Public
B4868439-2BCE-47DF-B30A-AD3000EDECD8 EX23 9QY Multistream Leisure Limited, Penstowe Manor, Penstowe Park Variable Public
43253AA3-96DF-4C40-A392-AEA700DA088A EX23 9RQ Kilkhampton Parish Counsel, Post Box 26m From 51 North Close 15m From North Close, North Close 24/7 Public
7735E922-DC11-4F96-B132-AD57013D96AF EX23 9SB Parkrun, Tamar Lake Water Park, Access To Upper Tamar Lake 24/7 Public
2371F985-1E89-47FC-A707-AD7500B5CBFF EX23 9SL Morwenstow Community Hall, Shop, Morwenstow 24/7 Public
0405C7DD-9D90-4774-8D94-AF9300F1222D EX23 9SR Jay's Aim, Bush Inn, Crosstown 24/7 Public
81BD45EE-0871-4797-8962-AE7C010ABA41 EX24 6BJ Northleigh Parish Council, Village Hall Northleigh, Road From Collins Farm To The Ridings 24/7 Public
16229B91-03FA-4224-866A-ADDE00B9B873 EX24 6DA Powers House, Road Past Tricombe Farm, Northleigh 24/7 Restricted
CB329583-8C19-404A-9504-AD73009A3420 EX24 6DQ Farway Village Hall, Road Past Common Moor Farm, Farway 24/7 Public
F328E571-26BF-45F4-B7AF-AD2300B80A87 EX24 6HA Seaton Electric Tramway, Station House, Station Road Variable Restricted
295589FB-4A44-44BC-A06E-AFCB00C93DA7 EX24 6HY Leacroft Touring Park, Road From Stafford Cross To White Gate, Colyton 24/7 Public
D8BC6BAB-2A1D-42D3-AD0C-AEC501393688 EX24 6HY Richard Smith, Colyton Hill/Old Sidmouth Road, Road From Stafford Cross To White Gate 24/7 Public
F8FE17C0-F4AD-4BF7-9B78-AD4A012FAF31 EX24 6JB Southleigh Parish Council, Southleigh Parish Hall, Southleigh 24/7 Public
2EF3C2D9-BDF2-449C-9F7A-AFED00F568C9 EX24 6PU The Pavillion Peace Memorial Playing Fields, Coly Road, Colyton 24/7 Public
D580FE4B-F8E5-4010-8CD1-ADC800A086B0 EX24 6QP Seaton Wetlands, N/A, Seaton 24/7 Restricted
ABBE76BE-F1A4-440A-9EF7-B042010C0C3F EX3 0FF Watermeadow Grange, Bewick Avenue, Topsham 24/7 Public
93704159-CBD3-477D-95B5-ADCC009AE3D2 EX3 0NW Dsfrs Headquarters, The Knowle, Clyst St George Variable Restricted
101D6830-D242-44AC-A555-AF9C00FFA5EC EX3 0QH Darts Farm, Darts Farm Darts Farm Shopping Village, Road Past Dart Farm Variable Public
E86EEE2E-6A5D-42F5-A47C-AF2600F027D7 EX3 0QJ St George And Dragon, Road Past Dart Farm, Clyst St George 24/7 Restricted
1E08F09C-37E2-4CD2-AE73-AFA701269CB3 EX3 0QT Ebford Residents Group, Orchard End, Lower Lane 24/7 Public
1ADCBCB8-3E1D-4400-80F9-AD2000CD173D EX31 1DG North Devon Council, Lynton House, Commercial Road Variable Restricted
3085D40C-6B3B-486B-BC8F-AE9400AF254A EX31 1EA Devon County Council, Devon County Council Taw View, North Walk Variable Restricted
7CA6BFFD-CAC9-4B80-A997-AEF90172EAC4 EX31 1EF Tarka Clinic, Paiges Lane, Barnstaple Variable Public
5131D693-D33B-48B1-A141-AD4700D6883A EX31 1EH Barnstaple Almshouses, Alice Horwood Almshouses, 7 Church Lane Variable Restricted
99C304BE-C5C2-4373-B963-AACA008780DE EX31 1EU Baldwins, The Custom House, The Strand Variable Public
63BE01D7-6688-4D00-AFB1-AE3C010F5FDA EX31 1EZ Tesco Express, 100-101 High St, 0 24/7 Public
FFC5087A-B19E-471D-A9F9-AE22009B51FF EX31 1GD Hobart Manufacturing, Braunton Road, Barnstaple Variable Restricted
4287E313-71BD-4CC7-BC18-AE1A00D77CDD EX31 1HR Tesco Express, 100-101 High Street, Barnstaple Variable Public
CD5F6EC2-2660-46E2-A64A-AD2700AD4CDB EX31 1JE Barum Boxing Club And Sports Centre, Rolle Quay, Barnstaple 24/7 Public
05ABE9FB-C5A2-416E-8E3E-AD25013D7498 EX31 1JH Barnstaple Rugby Club, Pottington Road, Barnstaple 24/7 Public
44B21419-16ED-46F7-9298-AF3C010FEE06 EX31 1JH United Services Bowling Club, The Green, Pottington Road Variable Public
8F379BE7-7915-4E73-B0A3-AF3C010D2F96 EX31 1JH Pottington Road, Barnstaple Variable Restricted
C3AA2866-4304-43FB-B3FA-AD2700701057 EX31 1JZ Crossfit North Devon, Unit 3 Taw Trade Park, Braunton Road 24/7 Public
A0B6F6EF-5C54-40C7-920C-AFE700D73992 EX31 1LZ Screwfix, Unit 6 - 7 Benning Court, Pottington Business Park Variable Restricted
6A31E139-C4CC-4B0D-A6E5-AD240066DE15 EX31 1NB Principal Doorsets Limited, Riverside Road Pottington Business Park Principal Doorsets Limited, Riverside Road Variable Public
2FD89F27-8A96-4CAB-9E98-AD5800815F2E EX31 1NZ Home Hardware Retail Support Centre, Upcott Avenue, Barnstaple 24/7 Public
B7D5D83B-5CE4-4F01-9F59-B000009FA07B EX31 1RB Pilton Community College, Chaddiford Lane, Barnstaple Variable Public
AD694E2D-53AE-4FF5-BFDD-AE230102B4BE EX31 1RW Barnstaple Conservative Club, 13 Boutport Street, Barnstaple Variable Public
1187 EX31 1SY Pannier Market, Devon 24/7 Public
C78ED72D-56F1-4862-B1C5-AE6000BDE9E3 EX31 2AA Puregym, Unit 5 Anchorwood Retail Park, Barnstaple 24/7 Restricted
190D82DD-0311-4F59-BDED-ADC800A0D1D4 EX31 2AP St Sidwells Point Leisure Centre, Paris Street, Exeter Variable Restricted
9A25B3F4-98E2-4659-AB4E-AF6D01461BDA EX31 2AS Tesco, Tesco Extra, Seven Brethren Bank Variable Public
2080EC8A-CFE3-4B17-9A3F-B02200B0CF97 EX31 2AU Barnstaple Railway Station, Ex31 2au, Sticklepath 24/7 Public
E25E5C74-8A23-4D89-930A-AF8600CBB30D EX31 2AU B&Q, B&Q Barnstaple Retail Park, Station Road 24/7 Public
C98B4539-BD84-4183-B9D0-ADC800A05A01 EX31 2BQ Petroc Lifestyle Centre, Petroc, Barnstaple Variable Restricted
CA7DA358-B6E6-4B0C-B1B2-ADC800A05DD7 EX31 2BQ Petroc Barnstaple Campus Reception, Barnstaple Campus Reception, Old Sticklepath Hill Variable Restricted
DC59F26F-9129-4D31-8EB4-ADC800A0548A EX31 2BQ Petroc Barnstaple Campus Sports Building, Barnstaple Campus Sports Building, Old Sticklepath Hill Variable Restricted
13BFB55E-962B-4C8C-8DDD-AF10007549FF EX31 2DL Methodist Church, Rhododendron Avenue, Sticklepath 24/7 Public
A97CB1BE-45A8-416E-AEEF-AE690099954C EX31 2NH The Fremington Quay Cafe Fremington Quay, Road From Muddlebridge To Fremington Quay, Fremington 24/7 Public
D9D5C8C6-7182-4A3C-BEA6-AD73009A39AC EX31 3AZ Fremington Methodist Church, Old School Lane, Fremington 24/7 Public
5F8BF6E2-4B14-4775-A6A5-AE6200C8C5DC EX31 3DD Fremington Parish Council, Beechfield Road, Fremington 24/7 Public
ABABF692-E0FD-40D6-A08E-AD3A00F942C7 EX31 3LN Yarnscombe Village Hall, Road From Portford Cross To Meadow Villas, Yarnscombe 24/7 Public
50094891-4E76-4B5D-9450-AD2100896E39 EX31 3NP North Devon Council, Brynsworthy Environment Centre, Lane Past Roundswell Cottages Variable Public
7B2FE483-8B89-46B3-95A0-AD2000C5430F EX31 3NW The North Devon Crematorium, Old Torrington Road, Sticklepath Variable Public
0362D84F-9A99-487F-AF96-ADD2013EFE5E EX31 3PL Hunters Inn, Road From Newton Cross Towards Alverdiscott, Newton Tracey 24/7 Public
F3CFF87F-5717-4697-ADDD-ADD20140C8D6 EX31 3PU Horwood And Newton Tracey School, Road From Horwood Cross To Newton Cross, Lovacott 24/7 Public
93F4FFA1-AA2D-49D3-8E1D-AECF00A3821F EX31 3UD Virgin Care Limited, Springfield Court, Fishleigh Road Variable Restricted
8E893118-3547-4C6A-A529-AED6009BE587 EX31 3UL Tci Gb Ltd, Unit 21 Hele Manor Business Park, Roundswell Business Park Variable Restricted
CF2C0BF7-CA43-46A4-B14B-AE9400D408D9 EX31 4AU Braunton Road, Barnstaple 24/7 Public
88AACDF7-FBE2-47DA-B1F3-AD89009CA1AB EX31 4BY Above Public Telephone 10m From Summerfield House 5m From Adder Lane, Church Hall Between School House And Summerfield, Adder Lane 24/7 Public
F6DCC7C3-84F3-4380-B06B-ADC501100E00 EX31 4DJ Heanton Nursing Home, Road From Heanton Hill Cottage To Windy Cross, Heanton 24/7 Public
FB7C7D64-FE43-411C-A0A2-AF0100DF2D3D EX31 4FT Unit 30, Access To Chivenor Industrial Estate, Chivenor Business Park 24/7 Public
9237AF45-E6CE-438B-9CE2-B07B00956B8D EX31 4HF Marwood School, Road Past Whiddon Farm, Milltown Variable Restricted
B5D511AD-FE42-417F-BCEC-B08500BAC665 EX31 4JT Shirwell Community Primary School, School Lane, Shirwell Variable Restricted
617BF33D-B7EC-407E-9A57-AD260088F48D EX31 4LT East Down Village Hall, Road From East Down To Brockham Bridge, East Down 24/7 Public
D8F4D26B-8E26-404E-99EB-B07E00A84519 EX31 4NG Kentisbury Primary School, Kentisbury Variable Restricted
253019A2-B08B-4AED-8593-ADF2012BE092 EX31 4PE The Fox And Goose Inn, Road From Fox Goose Inn To The Mill House, Parracombe 24/7 Public
2817AF98-E32E-4992-A4F9-AE8401239549 EX31 4PJ Dean Riding Stables, Lower Dean Farm, Road From Coulsworthy Crook To Dean 24/7 Public
F0A81887-F772-4E39-827B-AD73009B3590 EX31 4QX Real Consulting Services Ltd, Wringapeak House, Woody Bay 24/7 Public
86D30112-DFE3-4E34-9665-ADF2012BCF77 EX31 4RJ Parracombe Village Hall, Lane From Parracombe Primary School To The Halt, Parracombe 24/7 Public
FCEA75FC-726F-40A2-A535-AD73009978C9 EX31 4SA Bratton Flemming Village Stores, The Glebe, Bratton Fleming 24/7 Public
831E377A-0209-4FA5-AC19-B09700D92477 EX31 4SB Bratton Fleming Community Primary School, Station Road, Bratton Fleming Variable Public
37765BB1-E34C-4393-B12A-ADDC011C6963 EX32 0JF Changing Rooms Millenium Green, Car Park For Castle Inn, Landkey 24/7 Public
6F25F479-2E03-4FE8-A52A-AD3600BA884D EX32 0LJ Landkey Primary School, Bakery Way, Landkey 24/7 Public
7DCA76B2-8C0F-456E-968E-AD3C00BA80C3 EX32 0PN The Jack Russell Inn, Hannaford Lane, Swimbridge 24/7 Public
0C310BAE-F9CA-41E2-90F9-ADC800A0F5B7 EX32 0RP Devon Ccg South Molton - Stone Barn, Hill Village Business Park, Filleigh Variable Restricted
A06AFC75-B8D8-47CD-AE54-AD2F00AFB63B EX32 0RS Filleigh Village Hall, Filleigh, Barnstaple 24/7 Public
13EC9DAF-EFE9-4A17-ADC6-AD2400E9A06D EX32 0SY East And West Buckland Parish Council, C/O The Cottage, West Buckland 24/7 Restricted
7642 EX32 7AU Barnstaple Social Club Ltd, Devon 24/7 Public
CAF81115-A390-4256-8F70-AD21008C13C1 EX32 7BU Christ Church, Bear Street, Barnstaple 24/7 Public
AA5C78DA-EDD1-4166-B727-B09000DD6650 EX32 7HB Yeo Valley Primary School, Derby Road, Barnstaple Variable Restricted
1287956F-9BAC-4832-B507-ADC800A2B357 EX32 7LU Goodleigh Village Hall, Goodleigh Road, Goodleigh 24/7 Public
3654F197-E48A-4912-96CD-AF9400DC5426 EX32 7PX Brayford Parish Council, Sunnyside, Road From Wilcombe Cross To Charles Cross 24/7 Public
037DEA2C-E678-4F80-9ECB-AEE400B5B290 EX32 7QD Hanson Uk, Brayford Quarry, Brayford Variable Restricted
30F6B599-876D-4617-AAD1-AD880164C518 EX32 7QJ Village Hall, Road From Bray Barn To Bray Cross, Brayford 24/7 Public
82E3B068-D23C-4A94-A426-AD4A00C5E65E EX32 8DN Our Lady's Catholic Primary School, Chanters Hill, Barnstaple 24/7 Public
DB5EC3DE-C636-4EE6-A796-B00C00B7CEB0 EX32 8EF Eden Park Academy, Forches Avenue, Barnstaple Variable Restricted
92F07FE9-802D-4AB8-9988-ADC000B06833 EX32 8LH Medard House The Office, Bevan Road, Barnstaple 24/7 Public
FD98AC8A-8ACD-43FE-8FC0-AD4800CDDE1B EX32 8LN Museum Of Barnstaple And North Devon, The Square, Barnstaple Variable Public
5B2F80AF-2313-4494-A6B3-AE3900AD8DED EX32 8NP Taw Ford, Taw Esso, Barbican Road Variable Public
0F05B5BE-BF9E-4990-B80D-B06200BDD338 EX32 8PG Petrol Filling Station Tesco, Rose Lane, Barnstaple Variable Public
7CD7A244-585B-4D39-BC5A-AE41010AE1F6 EX32 8PG Tesco Superstore, Rose Ln, 0 Variable Public
8E10284A-4D2B-472A-B226-B0A60098E4CA EX32 8PG Tesco, Rose Lane, Barnstaple Variable Public
FF3AECD6-3BF8-456A-8975-AFEC00D64D80 EX32 8QY Orchard Vale Community School, Westacott Road, Barnstaple 24/7 Public
57785452-E48F-4BB0-8CDC-AD20009554AC EX32 8TA North Devon Homes, Westacott Road, Barnstaple Variable Public
1579 EX32 9AH Toilet Block, Devon 24/7 Public
8C6302D6-1636-4BB6-8266-AD2000DE7FC4 EX32 9AX Sports Hall The Park School, Park Lane, Barnstaple Variable Restricted
DE058304-51C7-4770-9CFB-AFEF00E9FB12 EX32 9DD Lampard Community School, St Johns Lane, Barnstaple Variable Restricted
A505D02D-011B-49DC-A602-ADBF00E82AA6 EX32 9DT St John's Church Hall, South Street, Barnstaple 24/7 Public
A0B04581-0C88-4106-95DB-AD2B00AC5EA6 EX33 1AA J And S Wensley Newsagents, J And S Wensley Newsagents Station House, Caen Street 24/7 Public
EE1F3EDE-2944-4E26-90B6-AD2B00AF46E3 EX33 1AA Caen Rotary, Braunton, The Siam Bistro Cross Tree Centre, 10 Caen Street 24/7 Public
AE67A951-67AF-41D0-8530-AD2B00B05A2F EX33 1DP Pixie Dell Stores, 2 Pixie Dell, Braunton 24/7 Public
3820028B-FD2B-4BA9-B52A-B0A200BE580F EX33 1DX Braunton Fc - Mobile Aed., 27 Cavie Road, Braunton 24/7 Restricted
7CC53D93-B979-4AF9-BA2D-B0A1012092CD EX33 1HG Braunton Football Club, Camp Lobb Football Ground, Saunton Road 24/7 Restricted
796B00D0-D88D-4A63-BA19-AD200162458C EX33 1JJ Village Stores, Road From Forda Hill To Kings Arms, Georgeham 24/7 Public
673F5097-8E15-4881-8ACA-AD3800D08AAB EX33 1LD Putsborough Sands Ltd, Putsborough Beach, Lane To Penthouse 24/7 Public
28E341C4-FE6E-40BD-9A29-AD29007F715F EX33 1LG Saunton Sands Surf Life Saving Club, Lane To Saunton Sands, Saunton 24/7 Public
9A5219BF-3C2E-489A-9E95-AD730099E930 EX33 1LY Croyde Village Hall, Jones's Hill, Croyde 24/7 Public
E87DCB6B-8E1E-46CB-84A2-AED2010D8DF7 EX33 1NY Ruda Holiday Park, Moor Lane, Croyde 24/7 Public
D05E3A06-B10B-4043-AD10-AFCD00B48D95 EX33 1PA Croyde Residents Association 1.4, Sandleigh Tea Rooms, Moor Lane 24/7 Public
05E05CD5-3D8D-4277-9C76-AFDB00A4A82A EX33 1PG Croyde Residents Association 1.2, Manor House Inn, 39 St Marys Road 24/7 Public
4419 EX33 1PN Bay View Caravaning & Camping Park Telephone Box, Devon 24/7 Public
67FDBB7E-B9B2-4E55-A481-AE4D00D55C95 EX33 1QB Unison Croyde Bay Holiday Resort, Road From Hobbs House To Broadlys, Croyde 24/7 Public
CC3C17D7-AF5F-4E65-A7CC-AE3A00B223C3 EX33 1QE Downend Car Park, Public Conveniences, Track To Heather Down 24/7 Public
2F05587B-DC1D-4EEE-8EB4-B0010142922E EX33 2AS South Street Church, South Street, Braunton 24/7 Public
97A6811A-BBAF-421B-93EB-AF2300B5FDBD EX33 2BP Braunton School And Community College, Barton Lane, Braunton 24/7 Public
A5A3A702-19C8-4631-AAE4-AD2B00B1A875 EX33 2DE Williams Arms, Road From Exeter Road To Wrafton Road, Wrafton 24/7 Public
D70DA3B3-9815-4B5F-B253-AD2C010C2D14 EX33 2EL B West (Property) Ltd, B West (Property) Ltd The Old School Rooms, Church Street 24/7 Public
01942B40-EB00-4BAD-A139-AE3F008766D5 EX33 2FB Tesco, Vellator Way, Braunton Variable Public
187D1185-BB9F-4E3C-B519-AF2400AE27B7 EX34 0DF Combe Martin Primary School, Rosea Bridge Lane, Combe Martin 24/7 Public
0B8E21EE-AFB3-4E27-A2A0-AE5F00A94CF6 EX34 0HJ Combe Martin Football Club, Combe Martin Football Club Hollands Park, Chapel Lane 24/7 Public
EC7AE185-DB31-4248-933A-AD320098C6E5 EX34 0LZ Village Hall Committee Group, Central Stores Garage, Victoria Street 24/7 Public
73716497-F97A-4BEB-8FF7-AF0900904468 EX34 0PW Stowaways Stowford Farm Meadows, Lane To Stowford Farm Meadows, Berrynarbor 24/7 Public
9B594160-BC8B-4CE7-BB81-ADC800A0466D EX34 7AH Woolacombe Bay Holiday Park, Sandy Lane, Woolacombe 24/7 Restricted
3DCBE5D1-E005-43E7-92B1-AE9B00C6AB29 EX34 7BN Deck Chair Hire Woolacombe Beach, Road From The Red Barn To Water Treatment Works, Woolacombe 24/7 Public
13876D4C-90B2-473E-AC32-AF3800DC6A59 EX34 7BT Woolacombe County Primary School, Beach Road, Woolacombe Variable Restricted
C809511F-9046-4863-9CC1-ADC800A03E28 EX34 7BZ Woolacombe Bay Hotel, South Street, Woolacombe 24/7 Restricted
EDB2FE92-554C-4EE5-A4BB-ADC800A04E70 EX34 7EH Easewell Farm Holiday Park, Mortehoe Station Road, Mortehoe 24/7 Restricted
9C617FBA-574C-4160-B00A-B03400DD0BE7 EX34 7EJ Damage Barton, Mortehoe, Woolacombe 24/7 Public
ED4CE598-F64E-42A0-8D60-ADC800A01DF6 EX34 7ES Twitchen Holiday House Villiage, Mortehoe, Station Road 24/7 Restricted
164A669D-70FF-45A5-8FC1-AD2200B12826 EX34 7HN Willingcott Caravan Club Site, Road From Turnpike Cross To Willingcott Cross, Woolacombe 24/7 Restricted
E54F0E27-A2E2-4DE1-BBA7-ADC800A0BED5 EX34 7HW Golden Coast Holiday Park, Station Road, Woolacombe 24/7 Restricted
40318401-D985-401B-AE16-AFD40095F2CA EX34 8AQ Susan Day Residential Home, South Lodge, Runnacleave Road 24/7 Public
7B31218B-7669-4778-9C49-ADBA007D5B7C EX34 8EX Litter Bin 512, Bicclescombe Park Road, Ilfracombe 24/7 Public
678E26C3-31D1-41C9-AB65-AFF20080F24F EX34 8FN Screwfix, Unit 2&3, Wilderbrook Way Variable Restricted
8A8E74B8-9C62-4021-BEEF-AD730098A469 EX34 8LQ Vision Community Centre, Slade Road, Ilfracombe 24/7 Public
45E87885-273F-4FC1-9A00-ADB500DB1305 EX34 8LW Post Office, Lane To Southcliffe Hall, Lee 24/7 Restricted
8FCA7E11-71CD-415F-B9CB-AD220133792A EX34 8NF West Down Parish Council, West Down Community Shop, West Down 24/7 Public
E1D34A56-AF5A-44E6-91A8-B04A00FE1CDA EX34 8NU Dogs Trust Rehoning Centre Ilfracombe, Hazeldene, West Down Variable Restricted
6EE50AC8-460E-4C59-9B28-AE3F00BD9E08 EX34 8PF Tesco Superstore, Old Barnstaple Rd, Killicleave Farm Variable Public
23206F8A-CBBB-42DA-B731-AF4E00FD39D5 EX34 8PJ Strawfields West Stowford Barton, Lane Past West Stowford Farm, West Down 24/7 Public
A9528974-AF13-4282-BF23-AEEE00A83CD4 EX34 8PL Ilfracombe Food Service, Access To Mullacott Cross Industrial Estate, Mullacott Cross Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
4CD3409A-406E-441B-894C-AD2800E6D6A3 EX34 9JB Ilfracombe College, Worth Road, Ilfracombe 24/7 Public
72359BBE-3B55-4D7B-A804-AD2000E2A4A4 EX34 9JB Ilfracombe Academy, Worth Road, Ilfracombe Variable Public
F4B8D308-FD72-4F29-AA65-B08C00B18BE8 EX34 9LW Ilfracombe Church Of England Junior School, Princess Avenue, Ilfracombe 24/7 Public
CA159AB2-4565-4577-BF11-B04600BEFC95 EX34 9QE The Wellington Arms, 66 High Street, Ilfracombe 24/7 Public
66DEAB3F-6C16-4750-BA1E-AD32010FC15E EX34 9QY Hele Community Aed, Hele Bay Garage Ltd, Watermouth Road 24/7 Public
8CF2295E-522F-4294-A3B0-AD6B00DD09CB EX34 9RT Ilfracombe Golf Club, Lane To Ilfracombe Golf Club, Ilfracombe 24/7 Public
04E98531-E0D6-4FB2-BC73-AD7300993FBD EX34 9SE Berrynarbor, Silver Street, Berrynarbor 24/7 Public
CB1588BD-5032-4321-A114-AE9700932FB6 EX34 9SJ Watermouth Harbour Ltd, Watermouth Harbour, Road From Watermouth Road To The Old Saw Mill 24/7 Public
C660E9AF-ED80-4916-A611-AFA900D9B7E6 EX34 9SL Park Life Resorts, Watermouth Lodges, Berrynarbor Variable Restricted
8B37C46D-1F1F-4C76-BAFF-AF3900FA5796 EX34 9SR Sandy Cove Hotel, Old Coast Road, Berrynarbor 24/7 Public
9F5092A6-95BE-4FEC-95FD-AD73009B276D EX35 6AA Orchard House, 22 Queen Street, Lynton 24/7 Public
93041843-A331-4B13-ADC0-B07E00B9437C EX35 6AF Lynton Church Of England Primary School, Market Street, Lynton Variable Restricted
7CBCDB36-B8F1-47AA-99F7-AD7300994527 EX35 6DD Belle Vue Avenue, N/A, Lynton 24/7 Public
7E41ACD9-7EDC-4432-B64B-AD73009AE89B EX35 6DQ Lynton Pavillion, Holman Park, Longmead 24/7 Public
F15D411C-9A64-4EA6-B99B-B02100D1DEBB EX35 6HT Lynton And Lynmouth Town Council Town Hall, Lee Road, Lynton 24/7 Public
1D3A454F-6820-4CDF-92EA-B000007BF52C EX35 6JJ Lee Abbey Fellowship, Lee Abbey Fellowship Lee Abbey, Road From Castle Rock To Woody Bay 24/7 Restricted
49FDF8D7-E198-4802-A758-AD7300991830 EX35 6NR Ye Olde Cottage Inn, Lynbridge House, Lynway 24/7 Public
3811F10C-2210-439F-9363-AD7300993BF3 EX35 6PD Barbrook Telephone Box, A39/Barbrook Road, Barbrook 24/7 Public
54BB4442-A721-4402-80ED-B02E014F05FD EX35 6PS Staghunters Inn, Road From Ash Gate To Leeford Green, Brendon 24/7 Public
3EEDD471-862D-4B11-B4C1-AD4B009625A7 EX36 3AB Spar Stores, 3-4 Broad Street, South Molton Variable Public
C1CC7D34-CAB8-4C21-B450-ADB400880E8F EX36 3BY Business Support Unit Woodlands Enterprise Centre, Access To Pathfields Industrial Estate, South Molton Variable Restricted
B4634EF3-D466-45CE-9474-AE4C010FB2E5 EX36 3DF Eastleigh Care Group Ltd, Eastleigh Care Homes - East Street Ltd, 90-91 East Street 24/7 Public
E0BFBB54-CF95-47E8-9F96-AEB600BE10B2 EX36 3HR North Molton Parish Council, Poltimore Inn, East Street 24/7 Public
6556 EX36 3LE Telephone Box, Devon 24/7 Public
3F9AB2BA-EFB2-4D88-8535-ADE500CB333B EX36 3LH Re Consultacny And Training Ltd, Unit 6&7 Limefield Units, Pathfields Business Park 24/7 Public
A4D6A906-1D14-4C32-B1C6-AE4E00B290C6 EX36 3LH Yodel, Unit 4-6, Limefield North Variable Restricted
BB71976C-536F-40A2-B643-AD24010C2C17 EX36 3LH South Molton Rugby Club, Access To Pathfields Industrial Estate, South Molton 24/7 Public
E2575C5B-2DD1-4A81-B31B-AAC600A8459C EX36 3LH Azets Holdings Limited, Lime Court, Pathfields Business Park Variable Public
BA0FA1E4-C05C-44AF-977E-ADC800A0153A EX36 3LN The North Molton Sporting Society, Higher South Radworthy Farm, Heasley Mill 24/7 Restricted
02DB5E73-8343-4D22-A2FC-AFDA0103D53E EX36 3NG Green Cottage, Road From Latchgate Cross To Abbots Cross, Molland 24/7 Public
1298 EX36 3NU Village Hall, Devon 24/7 Public
85FA187C-A5B1-42B4-AF24-AF97007BAE85 EX36 3NW Hilltown Hill Moland, Blackcock Inn, Road From Combsland Cross To Bridge End 24/7 Public
831FDF6B-D5FB-4E74-A491-AFE600A47891 EX36 4AS South Molton Bowling Club, Mill Street, South Molton Variable Restricted
64B2D0A2-CF44-42B9-B005-AD2700C03211 EX36 4BE The Hub, Sellick Court, Lamaton Park 24/7 Public
AEA671EC-0D45-4E20-B2F6-AE4C010907A6 EX36 4BT Eastleigh Care Homes Ltd, Eastleigh Care Homes - Raleigh Mead Ltd, Raleigh Mead 24/7 Public
036657B9-1CE9-4B17-BF7F-AD330128CB5F EX36 4EJ Gym Active, Horsepond Meadow, South Molton 24/7 Public
1269CF58-1142-423D-A436-ADC800A0C93B EX36 4HP West Fraser Production Hall, Production Hall, Nadder Lane Variable Restricted
E14D3955-4FF2-49FA-807E-ADC800A0CD4C EX36 4HP West Fraser Engineering Block, Engineering Block, Nadder Lane Variable Restricted
2C42C800-1592-479B-B90D-AD200129B5DA EX36 4JE George Nympton Parish Council, George Nympton Village Hall, Road From Castle Inn To Casa Nymet 24/7 Public
7129 EX36 4LN Telephone Box, Devon 24/7 Public
AA16D5F0-18C4-4B4D-8FEB-AE2401104522 EX36 4NE Glen Rosa, Road Past Northdown Farm, Meshaw 24/7 Public
0904F9C2-E4DB-479F-9131-AD2700796FA5 EX36 4NT Bishops Nympton Parish Hall, Spirelake Close, Bishops Nympton 24/7 Public
6207 EX36 4QD On Post outside Four Winds, Devon 24/7 Public
A6E4EDF0-EAC2-4204-8939-AD20007CDBF4 EX36 4RY Village Hall, Road From Knowstone Moor Cross To Greenhill Cross, Knowstone 24/7 Public
FAD176BC-CD52-4B67-AD52-AD1F01568377 EX36 4RZ Access To Moortown Barton Picnic Area, Knowstone 24/7 Public
44528851-0E93-4863-A68F-AD730098FBB9 EX37 9AA Umberleigh Village Hall, Umberleigh Cpad, Village Hall 24/7 Public
5FE77273-4A52-4ED1-A75E-ADFD01156FEC EX37 9AY High Bickington Church Of England Primary School, High Street, High Bickington 24/7 Public
0D5E8F92-C7FC-47FD-8603-AD20008E43D2 EX37 9BW Higher Week Farm, High Bickington 24/7 Public
3178A1E1-5FDF-4563-B558-B09600E87BFF EX37 9BX Millbrook, Mill Lane, High Bickington 24/7 Public
3F6FA2E3-6351-430C-B889-AD220095A6FA EX37 9DQ Chittlehamholt Satterleigh And Warkleigh Parish Council, Public Telephone 22m From Old Parsonage 4m From Unnamed Road, Road From Warkleigh Cross To Cockrams Butt Cross 24/7 Public
F753615B-ED34-4E46-8540-AFD300779DD6 EX37 9DX Sunbelt Rentals, Fishleigh Rock, Umberleigh Variable Public
E1FB02C2-34BE-45A8-B11D-AD2000BDA7B4 EX37 9QN Sunday School Room, Road From Townsend Cottages To Rose Cottage, Chittlehampton 24/7 Public
25277FB1-A216-4EEC-93C4-AFF50136F110 EX37 9SF Freedomview, Freedom View Cobbaton Cottages, 4 Road From Bickell Cross To Cobbaton Cross 24/7 Public
EF452B6F-4067-43A5-8D33-AD2600DEE429 EX37 9ST Grove Inn, Lane To Reeds Farmhouse, Kings Nympton 24/7 Public
1F49F8F3-0634-42A4-8D20-AD5C00A8412A EX38 7AJ Vicarage Field, School Lane, Torrington 24/7 Public
375BA732-DFCA-4FEF-AE7D-AD250149B264 EX38 7BU Torrington Rugby Club, Donnacroft Playing Fields, Hatchmoor Road 24/7 Public
1488F0C6-4EBF-429C-86D2-AD73009A4185 EX38 7EZ Great Torrington Golf Club, Weare Trees, Torrington 24/7 Public
5E58E79A-AEC4-49E4-8655-AD20009339A7 EX38 7HY Bayberry House, Lane To Diana Farm, Stevenstone 24/7 Public
1043 EX38 7JG Telephone Box, Devon 24/7 Public
98E52B1C-7083-4EF6-A75B-AD2700F4FB24 EX38 7NU Great Torrington Bluecoat C Of E Primary School, Borough Road, Torrington Variable Restricted
D7377BA9-C146-48CC-92B2-AD730098CB39 EX38 8AT Taddiport Village Hall, Taddiport 24/7 Public
743A4AB7-6ABA-407F-A486-AD73009A4DE8 EX38 8DN Great Torrington Old Bowling Green, New Street, Torrington 24/7 Public
B71F9FB1-92E3-4090-B9FD-AD2500A308CA EX38 8JP Road From Furzepool Cottages To Hele Lane, Frithelstockstone 24/7 Public
B0449E25-FE1C-47EE-80AE-AD730098C0E6 EX38 8LH Langtree Parish Council 1.2, Union Inn, Road From Stibb Cross To Withacott 24/7 Public
6EA4D97A-78AA-4A4B-9948-ADC800A07553 EX38 8PH Rosemoor Rhs, N/A, Torrington Variable Restricted
E8B82766-685F-4BA3-88DD-ADC800A082B4 EX38 8PH Rosemoor Rhs, N/A, Torrington Variable Restricted
78BD0C69-63C3-4B18-8F4F-AD73009AD07F EX38 8PS The Victory Hall, The Green, Little Torrington 24/7 Public
59BD5DE6-0D1E-4E47-BE95-AD730098B86D EX38 8PU Smytham Manor, N/A, Little Torrington 24/7 Public
BE7B8D21-D2D3-42A1-A82F-AD73009AC696 EX38 8RH Langtree Parish Hall, Southlands Drive, Langtree 24/7 Public
E2BB50E0-7C2D-4C5B-B3D8-AD73009B032E EX39 1AR 9 The Square, Northam 24/7 Public
8F223D45-392F-4372-97BF-AF9300D48218 EX39 1BJ Ark Nursing And Care Agency / Ark Care Homes - Head Office, 140 Bay View Road, Northam Bideford 24/7 Public
16F04D2D-937A-4E01-A13A-B02600EB3E34 EX39 1EL St. Margaret's C Of E Junior School, St Margarets C Of E School, Sea View Road Variable Restricted
D8D7E08A-5246-4D7D-99E9-AD25009455A6 EX39 1HD Surf Bay Holiday Park, Golf Links Road, Westward Ho! 24/7 Public
4EBBFAF6-D3D1-4ACA-B940-B02800A16989 EX39 1HT St Georges School, Jackets Lane, Northam Variable Restricted
0C6B39A6-2EB1-4D68-B1DE-AD7300992B36 EX39 1LF Arnolds Chemist, 21 Nelson Road, Westward Ho! 24/7 Public
D3EEEADC-5B66-4138-8AAA-AE370115AC45 EX39 1LH Tesco, Golf Links Road, Westward Ho! Variable Public
C8F04319-0665-42E1-9F6F-AD730098CEA9 EX39 1LU The Appledore Social Club, New Quay Street, Appledore 24/7 Public
2EFDBA06-DB9C-4697-9503-AD2400C42FB7 EX39 1NA Beachside Holiday Park, Merley Road, Westward Ho! 24/7 Public
21981678-B4A3-47DC-A127-AEC200D33E8F EX39 1PA Appledore Football Club, Marshford, Churchill Way 24/7 Public
8181 EX39 1RA 8 Mariners Way, Devon 24/7 Public
9460D2F2-1C9D-4848-843F-AD5900BC2ACB EX39 1SB Lifeboat Station, Road From The Lifeboat Station To Irsha Street, Appledore 24/7 Public
71363190-17E5-47E8-A74A-AF860128EB00 EX39 1TR 31 Ridgeway Avenue, Westward Ho! Variable Public
E81668BE-19DE-4AD5-A21C-AE28015FA239 EX39 1US Torville Park, 11 Coral Avenue, Westward Ho! 24/7 Public
9CDAC010-6EEE-4150-95D3-ADAC0101390C EX39 1XS The Burrows Centre, Sandymere Road, Northam 24/7 Public
D89BBB43-6F07-485C-A5BD-AD4F00B87E98 EX39 1XX Sandymere Sports Centre, Sandymere Road, Northam 24/7 Public
D3530871-2BB5-438C-8C5E-AE1501228006 EX39 2DR Pannier Galley Cafe Bideford Pannier Market, Market Place, Bideford 24/7 Public
5FC7AF0F-6462-43AA-ADBC-AD6500A23576 EX39 2LY Lundy Boathouse, Lundy 24/7 Public
2C0D2310-7F26-4F6A-B9B0-AD73009958E9 EX39 2NG Bideford Football Club, The Sports Ground, Kingsley Road 24/7 Public
F7CF83C5-24CD-4772-999C-AE5B010E16A1 EX39 2QG Torridge District Council, Riverbank House, Chanters Road, Variable Public
8C15A825-3998-4FE2-9A6D-B07A00C2D778 EX39 2QN St Marys Primary School, Chanters Road, Bideford Variable Restricted
01F291BA-CE01-42C6-8532-AD2200D6CDFD EX39 2QQ Torridge Junior Parkrun & Bideford Parkrun, Sure Start Childrens Centre Victoria Park, Kingsley Road 24/7 Public
585C06B1-803F-45AA-A177-AD2E00E777B3 EX39 3BE Atlantic Racquet Centre, Farm Road, Bideford 24/7 Public
1FDACBA1-8D25-438A-9CB4-AD7300994D2A EX39 3BH Bideford Fire Station, N/A, Old Town 24/7 Public
23483CB6-062D-4523-88BF-AF0E0094E76D EX39 3DE West Croft School, Coronation Road, Bideford 24/7 Public
ECB352D0-CB70-4E78-88BE-B09700E5905D EX39 3DE Outside School Admin Office, West Croft School, Coronation Road Variable Public
2EB95DF1-E000-4E54-8A46-AFE400F692D4 EX39 3DX Howdens At Bideford, Unit 12, Caddsdown Industrial Park,, Clovelly Road Variable Restricted
66BFCEEF-F907-4459-80AF-AFEB009E6D8A EX39 3DX Screwfix, Unit 1, Caddsdown Industrial Park Variable Restricted
A26D2349-353E-4E91-A768-AE0500E8349E EX39 3DX Caddsdown Business Support Centre, Torridge District Council, Farm Road, Bideford 24/7 Public
29605B55-CAB8-44E6-B2FF-B01B007A7A71 EX39 3FP Sanctuary Housing Association, Moreton Court - Sanctuary Retirement Living, Birdwood Crescent 24/7 Public
A7E2DF87-D6C6-454D-A74A-AEC50073C71D EX39 3HN Clarke Estate, Access To Clovelly Road Industrial Estate, Bideford Variable Restricted
BF8F2FF1-7A87-4E68-A5FC-AD73009949D8 EX39 3LY Bideford Walking Football Club, Kingsley School Sports Centre, Northdown Road 24/7 Public
7727D375-F5D9-4A45-B294-AFFE00E3906C EX39 3PG Northam Lodge, Rosehill, Heywood Road 24/7 Public
13AD6612-581E-4E69-AE39-B086008D3623 EX39 3QA Witten Park Vets, Heywood Road, Northam Variable Restricted
B50FB031-A366-40AE-851F-AD320099F7BE EX39 3QB The Northam Care Trust, Northam Lodge, Heywood Road 24/7 Public
6FD30884-DF22-4E4D-8908-AD240078C3F3 EX39 3QF The Warren Nursing Home, Cluden Road, Northam 24/7 Restricted
33F21625-06B1-42F6-BCC9-AFC90112F4AA EX39 3QU Savills - Affinity Devon, 16 Clovelly Road, Bideford Variable Public
A3A42B8C-15BC-4097-AB1B-AFAD012D3F58 EX39 3QW Moreton House Devon Ltd, Moreton House, Abbotsham Road 24/7 Restricted
C986FB33-187E-4CF9-B5AB-AFCF00EB4F13 EX39 4BB Bideford Railway Heritage Centre, Bideford Railway Museum Bideford Railway Heritage Centre, Station Hill 24/7 Public
4D9D48BF-1938-4DE2-8DF8-AE1501225118 EX39 4BL The Pollyfield Community Association, Pollyfield Community Centre, Avon Road 24/7 Public
C750017E-218C-480A-9F22-B00300ED1C0A EX39 4FW Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Manteo Way Variable Public
7D08321E-02B8-424A-AFB5-AEB300EC4561 EX39 4GD Evans Transport, Unit 5b, Coates Road Variable Public
1510 EX39 4JR Village Hall, Devon 24/7 Public
BAF2AAD8-CF55-4BD8-BF42-B09B0163B95B EX39 4LF North Devon Cricket Club, Cycle Track From Greysands To Sticklepath Terrace, Instow 24/7 Public
C3F846A4-1D04-4217-82F2-AFFE006FFFBE EX39 4LR Elders Farm, Lane From Holmacott Cross To Huish, Instow 24/7 Public
85E250F4-D41B-4C1B-8C65-AD360117587E EX39 4LU Instow County Primary School, Instow Community Primary School, Road From Barton Cross To Instow Cp School 24/7 Public
94650BE6-22D8-4EC6-B651-AD780135424F EX39 4NN Elm Cottage, Road Past Rest Cottage, Westleigh 24/7 Public
18EF79B3-F9EB-4E8E-9E46-ADD201418C96 EX39 4PD St Michael's Church Horwood, Horwood, Bideford 24/7 Public
882 EX39 4PZ Alverdiscott Village Hall, Devon 24/7 Public
73535632-0A92-45E9-A136-AE9A0127E45E EX39 4QB Bideford & District Angling Club, Gammaton Moor, Bideford 24/7 Restricted
940 EX39 4QR Village Hall, Devon 24/7 Public
44BD31CD-C860-4BBE-9F5F-AFC000B7F72C EX39 4QR Weare Giffard Village Hall, Road From Weare Giffard Cross To Corner Cottage, What3words ///Finger.skater.thumbnail 24/7 Public
3129A647-D8CD-4E20-A7C5-B00300E70AF0 EX39 5AP St Helen's Coe School, Abbotsham, Bideford Variable Public
7335 EX39 5AW Alwington Village Hall, Devon 24/7 Public
A4F46623-27E2-4621-BA1D-AD2300D0AC23 EX39 5BA Abbotsham Parish Council, Thatched Inn, Road From The Old Vicarage To Keene 24/7 Public
22D89BFC-2AB9-440E-B2EA-B03500A973F6 EX39 5BW Wings South West, Lendon Barn, Road From Bay View To Poultry House 24/7 Public
957748AC-8262-4952-B326-AD73009B2E41 EX39 5DH Green Telephone Box, Near Coach & Horses Pub, Atlantic Highway (A39), Horns Cross, Horns Cross 24/7 Public
1041 EX39 5DP Village Hall, Devon 24/7 Public
1049 EX39 5EY Woolsery Sports & Community Hall, Devon 24/7 Public
23DFF7B8-4E6F-496E-B4F2-AD73009AC9D3 EX39 5HN Littleham Bus Shelter, N/A, Littleham 24/7 Public
6E0C536E-EC2D-48E3-82B7-AD73009AD41C EX39 5HR Littleham Village Hall, Sratchface Lane, Littleham 24/7 Public
20F9DF42-8924-4E3E-B6AD-AEC600AAD6A6 EX39 5HY Buckland Brewer Parish Council, Buckland Brewer Hall, Hillpark 24/7 Public
9B04F77A-8AFF-4DA5-8D47-AD73009ACCE0 EX39 5JA Littleham Clovelly Cottage, Near A386, Landcross 24/7 Public
3443D7A4-0A6F-4EB6-92B3-ADBA00F58EBB EX39 5JS Public Telephone 26m From Town Farm 7m From A388, Road From Town Farm To Cheznous, Monkleigh 24/7 Public
FB55C22D-8FB5-4A61-B71F-B04400796DEB EX39 5JY Monkleigh Primary School, Road From Holly Cottage To Hill View, Monkleigh Variable Restricted
6BD9B41C-7540-45C0-AAAC-AEC600AC9D8D EX39 5LP Public Telephone 17m From The Shippen 8m From Tower Hill, Road From Buckland Brewer Primary School To Brownswell, Buckland Brewer 24/7 Public
F65CBAB1-59A1-4F57-BCFF-B08200BF5164 EX39 5LX Buckland Brewer Cp School, Road From Buckland Brewer Primary School To Buckland Mill Cross, Buckland Brewer, Bideford Variable Public
EBD38535-C89A-4C21-8E13-AF8C00E19BD8 EX39 5NT Buckland Brewer Parish Council, Thorne Hillhead, Silkwood 24/7 Public
6575446A-B78A-486B-B46F-B07B00C2AFC6 EX39 5PL Parkham Primary School, Parkham Variable Restricted
DFBD0134-8F4B-4BD7-8808-AD73009927D4 EX39 5PL Allardice Hall, Babeleigh Road, Parkham 24/7 Public
F358FD5F-E66F-497E-A8B7-B083006F7A26 EX39 5QS Woolsery Cp School, Road From Fernlea To Auction Way, Woolsery Variable Restricted
7620C0A0-0F01-40BF-82F8-AD9C00BC8E66 EX39 5SA The Retreat, Road From Lighthouse Cross To Clovelly Dyke, Higher Clovelly 24/7 Public
B0911981-7C9C-49D3-AECA-AD73009B31EF EX39 5SS Red Telephone Box, Chapel Road/Barton Road, Parkham 24/7 Public
7513020D-69BE-408B-AAC6-AD3B00DDAFCC EX39 5SU Clovelly Parish Hall, Clovelly Village Hallon Flanking Of Lefthand Entrance, Road From Cleave Cottage To Clovelly Visitor Centre 24/7 Public
C12A64F5-3C50-475E-86EE-ADF70185983D EX39 5SU Clovelly Village Hall, Road From Cleave Cottage To Clovelly Visitor Centre, Higher Clovelly 24/7 Public
4CB0C472-6BB5-4E4A-9BBF-AD2500BD2F49 EX39 5TA Clovelly Visitor Centre, Clovelly, Bideford 24/7 Public
F3AE428B-B002-4726-8C84-AEB300E80BB8 EX39 6AQ Hartland And Welcome Parish Council 1.5, Hartland Coastguard Station, Eastdown 24/7 Public
0D82DA55-F084-4AB9-B1B8-AD730098F770 EX39 6BL The Surgery, 66 The Square, Hartland 24/7 Public
467887C5-5924-4A89-8B1C-B085009E625D EX39 6BP Hartland Cp School, North Road, Hartland 24/7 Public
6F7D591E-7576-47BE-81A6-AD730098C585 EX39 6DU Stoke Public Toilets, Public Toilets, Stoke 24/7 Public
D77063C8-80E0-4BA6-8C1F-ADC800A0C56F EX39 6DU Hartland Quay Hotel, N/A, Stoke 24/7 Restricted
4060 EX39 6HD Village Hall, Devon 24/7 Public
D049A5F4-4A97-458F-8ED3-AD73009908E4 EX39 6HF Welcombe Village Hall, Welcombe 24/7 Public
8128119D-2C82-4F8E-BF7C-ADBF010A85C9 EX4 0AD Whiteleaf, Road From Heathfield Cross To Bowls Cross, Poltimore 24/7 Public
9F05B90A-D273-4854-A8A8-AD2B00E56343 EX4 0AR Poltimore Village Hall, Road From Hayes Farm To New Lodge, Poltimore 24/7 Public
4F3971EC-EBFC-4078-A3C5-ADC800A0798E EX4 1AF Riverside Leisure Centre, Cowick Street, Exeter Variable Restricted
D5F8BF80-C1CC-4EDB-BB47-ADFA00BEFA49 EX4 1AP Cartridges Law, 46-47 Cowick Street, Exeter 24/7 Public
0715309C-C835-488A-B21C-AD9B00F0F858 EX4 1EN Manor Road, Exeter 24/7 Public
DEFF04F3-ED73-4D62-9910-AE350100D3BC EX4 1HS Tesco, 135 Cowick Street, Exeter Variable Public
F8804F29-E1B1-4168-B220-B08B00E26F9C EX4 1HS Tesco Express, 135 Cowick Street, Exeter Variable Public
241A25E5-339E-4480-918D-AE1C00E7DD09 EX4 1HW St Thomas Social Club, 67a Cowick Street, St Thomas 24/7 Public
8CD6EADD-432A-4ED1-B652-AF650106BDDC EX4 1JP Exeter Division Guides, Trefoil Lodge, Buddle Lane 24/7 Public
E3212A11-B74F-41B7-AF5F-B03400AAB61E EX4 1JT Bow Hill Primary School, Buddle Lane, Exeter Variable Restricted
77202B43-2281-4C42-A053-B03E00A76ECB EX4 1LZ St Thomas Baptist Church, Dorset Avenue, Exeter 24/7 Public
7BE44C0D-432C-47CA-B728-AFEF00BE5446 EX4 1PT Torlands Academy, Merrivale Road, Exeter 24/7 Public
C53C323A-8C75-43B8-8D03-AD200085B56E EX4 2BY St Gabriel's C Of E School, Landhayes Road, Exeter Variable Restricted
C90BCEE2-F31B-4466-9116-B050008B581C EX4 2DQ Tesco Exwick Express, 5-9 Winchester Ave, Exeter Variable Public
D5CC6AE7-11C6-4569-BD1E-B0750092E9FE EX4 2FB Exwick Heights Primary School, Exwick Lane, Exeter Variable Restricted
3D35E16F-9F64-49BF-95EC-AD23006E3E26 EX4 2JS Whitestone Parish Hall, Whitestone 24/7 Public
34B5CD56-D78B-4A3B-BD5E-AD2500CF6A94 EX4 2PR Inclusive Exeter Cic, Exwick Community Centre, Kinnerton Way 24/7 Public
93EDF470-7A39-4E45-9238-AE6200F3AE0F EX4 3AX Puregym, 177-181 Fore Street, Exeter 24/7 Restricted
85EA703F-EDAF-4101-BA58-B06E009FCBD5 EX4 3HP Guildhall Shopping Centre, 40 The Management Suite,, Guildhall Shopping Centre, Variable Restricted
4D261AEE-3512-4E3C-B3A8-AEE601029BF7 EX4 3JF Inexeter, 110 Fore Street, Exeter 24/7 Public
D1643B91-200F-4DAA-965D-AF570107203F EX4 3NE It Champion Limited, 1st Floor, Pearl Assurance House,, 236 High Street, Variable Restricted
7E69F91C-1239-4A4D-8CB2-AF950100B9D7 EX4 3NZ O2 Store (0031) Exeter, 241 High Street, Devon Variable Restricted
105DB237-BE96-48B4-A1FC-AD98009A429B EX4 3PU Footpath From Musgrave Row To Library, Exeter 24/7 Public
CB8AB917-3923-4A4D-941E-ADB800C7EDD4 EX4 3QH First2protect, Second Floor, The Forum, Barnfield Road Variable Public
1B7D5AAB-6770-48D3-9525-AE380123755B EX4 3RH Tesco, 223-225 High Street, Exeter Variable Restricted
13CF3422-B3B6-491C-B224-ADAE00FBB716 EX4 3RX Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Queen Street, Exeter Variable Public
6D141DD2-F64C-4D08-8587-AF11008C52A7 EX4 4AP Exeter Rail, Hanson Aggreagtes, Exeter Rail Depot Variable Restricted
3AAD60FC-F622-4084-ABF5-AD3100AD9E1F EX4 4PR Exeter Cricket Club, Prince Of Wales Road, Exeter 24/7 Public
D5EEDCD5-F49A-49DC-9455-AEB500D0200F EX4 4QB Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter 24/7 Public
7FD08153-5BF1-4CA3-B83C-AE4D010C5F92 EX4 4QJ University Of Exeter, Northcote House, The Queens Drive 24/7 Public
DD6BB364-2877-44F3-ADA6-AE4D010B4073 EX4 4QJ University Of Exeter, Northcote House, The Queens Drive 24/7 Public
EE3F43B4-0E46-4779-AFF0-AE5500FA55D9 EX4 6NN St Sidwell's Community Centre, Sidwell Street, Exeter 24/7 Public
674166EE-3CF2-4873-A0A8-AE3800F49D0D EX4 6PL Tesco, Odeon Buildings, 71-73 Sidwell Street Variable Public
B88CC178-9E9B-4B6F-863B-B09900DDCE28 EX4 7DB Stoke Hill Infant School, Stoke Hill, Exeter Variable Restricted
D24FC059-9F4C-4648-9535-B08C00E16C62 EX4 7DP Stoke Hill Junior School, Stoke Hill, Exeter 24/7 Public
2394B316-4BF2-4485-BF66-B01F010C63C9 EX4 8AF Whipton Community Hall, Pinhoe Road, Exeter 24/7 Public
6774 EX4 8AW The Star Inn, Devon 24/7 Public
D1081D2A-C770-4870-A2FE-ADEF00FF5452 EX4 8GD Pinnoc Mews, 20 Bakers Way, Exeter 24/7 Restricted
ED8B9074-7D8C-40D3-A2DC-AD6500A1B6BD EX4 8HS Heart Of Oak, 34 Main Road, Pinhoe 24/7 Public
315F013B-B717-45DB-BFAE-AF470106CFF2 EX4 8JD 1st Choice Finishes Ltd, 6 Exhibition Way, Exeter 24/7 Public
C6D69A77-6555-46B9-AE52-AD3C010A43B9 EX4 8JN Benchmark Surveys, Unit 14, Kingfisher Court, Venny Bridge 24/7 Public
0238620F-EB85-4B2D-BF61-ADC90060C7FD EX4 8LZ Northbrook Pool, Northbrook Close, Beacon Lane Variable Restricted
CBD7EADE-C18C-492A-87D6-AD730098D25E EX4 8LZ The Beacon, Pendragon House, Beacon Lane 24/7 Public
4321 EX4 8NT Exeter Saracens Rugby Club, Exhibition Fields, Devon 24/7 Public
5F9BB589-B0BE-42ED-8A2F-AD4800CB99AB EX4 8NT Exeter Harriers Ltd, Exeter Harriers Pavilion, Summer Lane 24/7 Public
609D087D-61BA-460B-B9F6-ADC90060BF2C EX4 8NT Isca Centre, Summer Lane, Exeter Variable Restricted
C413F3D1-C039-4156-B8C2-ADC90060B62E EX4 8NT Exeter Arena, Summer Lane, Exeter Variable Restricted
8B4D3D0F-CDB3-4FF1-A6A7-B047010E017C EX4 8PX Pinhoe Community Centre, America Hall, De La Rue Way 24/7 Public
0F0587DE-EA8D-444B-A922-B006008E5EBE EX5 1AA Clyst St Mary Village Hall, Village Hall, Access To Village Hall 24/7 Public
DCCD252C-8F2D-4C7C-9F0B-AD5400BB6210 EX5 1AF Exeter Athletic Rfc, Bravelands, Oil Mill Lane 24/7 Public
DA15F65D-1317-435E-B70E-ADC800A0375C EX5 1DJ Westpoint Exeter, Westpoint Centre (Devon) Ltd, Clyst St Mary Variable Restricted
186CEB62-B588-49B9-9B04-ADC800A0DF40 EX5 1DR Crealy Meadows, Sidmouth Road, Clyst St Mary 24/7 Restricted
8170CAC6-13EC-4557-B541-ADC800A0E361 EX5 1DR Crealy Park - Exeter, Sidmouth Road, Clyst St Mary Variable Restricted
FC3D89CA-3C62-495B-BB4D-AFD0010649E9 EX5 1EA Webbers Caravan Park, Webbers Farm Caravan Park, Castle Lane 24/7 Public
4C1F834B-C44E-49BF-B7F0-AF12009EF4FD EX5 1EW Suez Recycling And Recovery, Greendale Business Park, Woodbury Salterton Variable Public
6BA1CE3A-1DA0-4600-B7C6-AE6100B2AC96 EX5 1EW Weddel Swift Distribution Ltd, Unit 29, Road To Greendale Business Park Variable Restricted
7EAFBF17-5E77-4625-A6EB-AD8E008F18D0 EX5 1EW F W S Carter And Sons, Road To Greendale Business Park, Woodbury Salterton 24/7 Public
1C8E16C9-029B-4825-9E81-AD2F00AB6D76 EX5 1EX Stallcombe House, Sanctuary Lane, Woodbury 24/7 Public
3BB1EE7D-F584-42DD-8808-AF7100CA519F EX5 1FG Still Materials Handling Ltd, Unit 4, Jacks Way Variable Restricted
43661396-2FC0-423B-B90F-AF3A00FCCD85 EX5 1FY Winslade Manor, Manor Drive, Clyst St Mary 24/7 Public
5B648519-2A21-421C-A42A-AD8700B3B9B0 EX5 1FY 2nd Floor Winslade House, Winslade Park, Manor Drive Variable Public
CB15A2CC-0CD3-4F54-8F00-AF6400C4C3F0 EX5 1FY Echoes Childcare, Winslade House, Manor Drive Variable Public
0FA34A20-25A8-4AA6-B699-AD8A00F92101 EX5 1LP The Parish Council Office, Woodbury, Greenway 24/7 Public
9DC6E3A6-3205-48D0-B403-ADE901053680 EX5 1NH Woodbury Lawn Tennis Club, Town Lane, Woodbury 24/7 Public
8B57BE7B-0B24-4676-A266-AD8A00F98266 EX5 1PQ The Diggers Rest, Road From Heathfield Cross To Parkhayes, Woodbury Salterton 24/7 Public
E2F1A115-6FFD-44C5-BEA1-AE1500CFF297 EX5 1QQ Cat & Fiddle Park - Site Office, Valley Road, Clyst St Mary 24/7 Public
54A0B434-8825-4F7B-A3CD-AFCB00C50F61 EX5 1SB Sunbelt Rentals, Mushroom Road, Hill Barton Variable Restricted
D174EC42-BB9D-40DE-ACDF-AFD300CB486A EX5 1SB A Plant, Unit H, Mushroom Road Variable Public
0049FBE7-DAB4-46AB-8511-ADC800A0B225 EX5 2BD Exeter Airport - Terminal Info, Exeter Airport, Clyst Honiton 24/7 Restricted
06BA6E51-9F41-4718-A191-ADCC009AE7FA EX5 2BD Dsfrs Ba Centre Exeter Airport, Clyst Honiton Variable Restricted
695A1503-AFF2-41A9-93FA-ADC800B7AB07 EX5 2BD Exeter Airport - Fire Station, Exeter Airport, Clyst Honiton 24/7 Restricted
9E71C8CE-DA80-48CF-8AC7-AD5001237492 EX5 2BX The Nightjar, Village Way, Aylesbeare 24/7 Public
9A919EF5-FD36-45AC-BBA4-AF4800CB4054 EX5 2DG Mallory International Ltd, Mallory International Ltd Aylesbeare Common Business Park, Road Past Heather Down Farm 24/7 Public
CB826E36-B223-4A2B-800D-ADC800A090B4 EX5 2FL Swast Edoc Hart Building (Swast), N/A, Clyst Honiton Variable Restricted
30887AF4-126D-4BFC-9BD8-B03800FC71A5 EX5 2FN Exeter Science Park, Science Park Centre, 6 Babbage Way Variable Public
5C9051CA-CD9E-49F1-99E6-AFD200C19636 EX5 2FW Skypark - St Modwen, Near Unit 1 Tiger Moth Road, Clyst Honiton 24/7 Public
098C3599-70C2-49F0-9F89-ADCC009AA577 EX5 2FZ 1 Wellington Way, Clyst Honiton Variable Restricted
4210F0F8-7EB3-4E68-9499-AD8600E574FC EX5 2HB South West Highways Ltd, Rockbeare Hill, Rockbeare, Exeter 24/7 Public
6D6D06F6-B896-4FFC-AAC1-AF3B00AA2FA3 EX5 2HB South West Highways Ltd, Rockbeare Hill, Rockbeare Variable Restricted
CC2B5551-0A43-4D3A-946C-AD8600E68618 EX5 2HB South West Highways Rockbeare Hill, Lane Past Rockbeare Hill Quarry, Rockbeare Variable Restricted
9FFB046F-51ED-4F81-8A2F-AF0900C28732 EX5 2HY Farringdon Village Hall, Village Hall Farringdon, Lane To Church Cottage 24/7 Public
9A9313B3-7DEA-46E4-8DF5-AD3200AC9722 EX5 2JB Mantracourt Electronics Ltd, The Drive, Farringdon 24/7 Public
573D70FB-D57E-473A-99AD-AE3200A77779 EX5 2LF Alpine Park Cottages, Exmouth Road, Near Aylesbeare 24/7 Public
529ED818-B4BE-416A-A1A4-ADEF00B6C4E0 EX5 2NU Whimple Cricket Club, Knowle Rise, Knowle Cross Lane 24/7 Restricted
2B6E416A-328D-4493-8E29-AE4D00C78188 EX5 2RE Laurel Cottage, Road From Rockwell Farm To Millers Farm, Newtown, Talaton 24/7 Public
FB1F2E87-E9FF-4744-A89F-AD8F015B157E EX5 2RQ Talaton Community Shop Ltd, Talaton 24/7 Public
37B06D26-9FE8-43C9-B1FC-AD2200FDA3EC EX5 2TS Whimple Primary School, School Hill, Whimple 24/7 Public
515E8E80-04F1-450D-AB0C-B09300BDE01A EX5 2TS Whimple Primary School, School Hill, Whimple Variable Restricted
A986DC18-DF92-4CC2-A4D8-AD6500A16076 EX5 3AL Broadclyst Defibrillator Group 1.2, Broadclyst Led Leisure Centre, Station Road 24/7 Public
FBCB7F18-E503-43BA-A0CB-AD2000F1CCE8 EX5 3AS Echoes Childcare, Signal House, Station Road Variable Public
A70640EE-D196-4168-AB1B-AD6500A16513 EX5 3EE Broadclyst Victory Hall, Clyst Vale Childrens Centre Victory Hall, Road From West Clyst To Beaumont 24/7 Public
9A779651-2AB8-4FDA-B338-AE1500BE2F74 EX5 3HA Broadview Community Centre, Broadview, Exeter 24/7 Public
F6894738-1B17-46AD-B4DD-AD6500A17222 EX5 3JB Broadclyst Sports Pavilion, Holly Close, Broadclyst 24/7 Public
6A764049-0B4E-4F2C-A75B-AD6500A16D1D EX5 3JG Broadclyst Primary School, Broadclyst Community Primary School, School Lane 24/7 Public
652 EX5 3LE Killerton House, Devon 24/7 Public
653 EX5 3LE Killerton House, Devon 24/7 Public
55B71282-46EA-472F-A9AE-B058009E7DE8 EX5 4AR Jubilee Hall, High Street, Stoke Canon 24/7 Public
B7EE95F9-9E93-4F6C-8CE9-B07B00884E84 EX5 4AS Stoke Canon Primary School, Road From Westfield To Stoke Canon Bridge, Stoke Canon Variable Restricted
023D1509-65B1-4FC5-A01B-AEDD013CC6A3 EX5 4HR Silverton Parish Council, 2 Newcourt Road, Silverton 24/7 Public
4701 EX5 4NN The Guildhall, Devon 24/7 Public
77E9347A-4AD7-494E-9D36-AED9010E25DC EX5 4PU Ellerhayes Community Play Park, 8 Ellerhayes, On Opposite Side Of Road 24/7 Public
5051 EX5 4RD Bradninch Football Club, Devon 24/7 Public
5550 EX5 4RF The Duchy School, Devon 24/7 Public
34E687C8-D5F4-4859-BCDA-B09800B8BAF4 EX5 5AT Newton St Cyres Football Club, Road From Newton St Cyres Cross To Station Cross, Newton St Cyres 24/7 Public
E0314C18-B4FE-42CF-8B96-AD90009BAEFA EX5 5AT Newton St Cyres Football Club, Road From Newton St Cyres Cross To Station Cross, Newton St Cyres 24/7 Public
604AEE44-9D8C-4CBD-8BD7-B07D009E6034 EX5 5DL Newton St Cyres Primary School, Road From Newton St Cyres Cross To Station Cross, Newton St Cyres Variable Restricted
0EE79C19-3D26-43AA-BF75-ADBE0097F50F EX5 5DW Green Cottage, Road From Lakes Bridge To North End, Brampford Speke 24/7 Public
75129179-C485-4DEE-B3B6-AD4200B50C75 EX5 5EU Bernaville Nurseries, Three Horse Shoes, Cowley 24/7 Public
18567161-3541-4D00-B311-B0820088D621 EX5 5HE Brampford Speke School, Road From Lakes Bridge To North End, Brampford Speke Variable Restricted
849CFD00-D8B5-40F0-847D-ADF600CAF22C EX5 5JA Upton Pyne Village Hall, Road From Upton Pyne Cross To Pye Corner, Upton Pyne 24/7 Public
6391A665-6489-4CFE-B84C-AF0200CBC793 EX5 5LX Thorverton Cricket Club, Road From Station Cross To Thorverton Bridge, Thorverton 24/7 Public
7BF716E2-65F0-4996-BA05-AD2100ED7CDB EX5 5NN Womens Institute, Cleaves Close, Thorverton 24/7 Public
007944BF-48DE-4816-AB2A-B07C009CBD58 EX5 5NR Thorverton Church Of England Primary School, School Lane, Thorverton Variable Restricted
8F75847A-67C2-40EC-AA9D-AD2100EF12F9 EX5 5NT Redlands Primary Care, The Surgery, The Bury, Thorverton 24/7 Public
F85735DB-E816-44AA-868B-B04400AFE266 EX5 7DT St Martins C Of E Primary And Nursery School, Younghayes Road, Cranbrook Variable Restricted
0A15B2DB-4B59-4E28-8E91-AF2B00E61B56 EX6 6AF Fingle Glen Golf Club, Road From Fingle Glen To Five Mile Hill Cross, Tedburn St Mary Variable Public
A5186253-C7D6-4B51-8B32-AD28007883A3 EX6 6AF Fingle Glen Golf Club, Road From Fingle Glen To Five Mile Hill Cross, Tedburn St Mary 24/7 Public
E2684E83-AEEA-4F05-8F37-B05301037D54 EX6 6BT Post Office, Pathfinder Caravan Village, Pathfinder Village 24/7 Public
1F66FF2B-019D-4A85-A5F5-AEDB008516EE EX6 6DZ Tedburn St Mary Village Hall, Road From Ferndale Cottages To Meetford Bridge, Tedburn St Mary 24/7 Public
C96A6150-9D8B-40A3-862A-AE7D014D4CBB EX6 6EB Tedburn St Mary Parish Council, Village Store Best-One, Tedburn St Mary 24/7 Public
7799 EX6 6HY Cheriton Bishop Primary School, Devon 24/7 Public
CE770BEA-BC79-4A2F-9447-AD2700E25257 EX6 6NR Barley Meadow Camping And Caravan Park, Barley Meadow Touring Park, Road Past Hooperton Cross 24/7 Public
A343DC4F-6860-4F6A-B630-AD7300997CB2 EX6 6PB Castle Drogo, Drewsteignton 24/7 Public
792 EX6 6QN Post Office and Stores, Devon 24/7 Public
3867 EX6 7HD Moor Park Garage, Devon 24/7 Public
33A5AE89-3A8D-45F6-BF91-AD4600D9DC08 EX6 7JQ Bridford Village Hall, Bridford 24/7 Public
C53ECAD4-4726-4659-ACDE-AF21010DB99E EX6 7JZ Venn Park Garage, Road From Teign House Inn To Weir View, Bridford 24/7 Public
564EAC30-9F4D-4AF7-AE66-AD4600D5F5D9 EX6 7NF Artichoke Inn, Village Road, Christow 24/7 Public
EEA83285-6CB7-49ED-8F5E-AD8D011BA023 EX6 7PR Doddiscombsleigh Primary School, Road From Nobody Inn To Burnt Meadows, Doddiscombsleigh 24/7 Public
68E4325B-F538-4AD7-9335-AD2000C9481A EX6 7QB Unit 11, Access To Gidley Meadow Industrial Estate, Christow 24/7 Public
0262D2F9-D340-47E8-88D2-B02A00F671F6 EX6 7QW Teign Valley, Exeter, Oxen Park Farm, Road From Higher Ashton Cross To Exmouth Cottages 24/7 Public
A30574F8-5ABB-4159-83F7-AED300A8BE63 EX6 7RH Canonteign Falls, Canonteign Falls Ltd, Track From Canonteign House To Canonteign Cottage Variable Public
5EFA9157-8104-42FB-A3A7-AD8F009B2D26 EX6 7SN Longdown Village Hall, Chapel Hill, Longdown 24/7 Public
FA4AAAB1-C1CE-486D-BD1F-AEB300E1D4C5 EX6 7SN Longdown Village Hall, Chapel Hill, Longdown 24/7 Public
D9F9AADB-BE3C-41A4-BBC7-AD340096070C EX6 7TX Kenn Church Of England Primary School, Road From Pye Corner To Trehill Lodge, Kennford 24/7 Public
78ACF7B9-9F2C-404A-B06F-AD2500BD4CD7 EX6 7UE Kenn Parish Council, The Kenn Centre, Kennford 24/7 Public
2A59A640-B6BC-4B40-BA25-AD78013082D4 EX6 7UG Morley House, Road From Exeter Court Hotel To Rolestone Farm, Kenn Variable Restricted
4BA9B262-F7C0-4CDF-86E4-AD2500BEBE51 EX6 7UW Kenn Parish Council, The Ley Arms, Road From Rollestone Farm To The Ley Arms 24/7 Public
DE1240BF-55A6-4246-BE2F-AD4600D1B087 EX6 7WA Car Park Teign Valley Community Hall, Village Road, Christow 24/7 Public
7D992755-FD13-49A7-B813-ADE200EEE279 EX6 7XR Forestry Commission, Bullers Hill, Kennford Variable Public
EF0BFC0B-5D9F-4EE5-8BB7-AD4B00D1D58D EX6 7XR Rangers Office, Rangers Office Haldon Forest Park, Bullers Hill 24/7 Public
371BC450-2B78-4931-9BB2-ADCC009AABCB EX6 7XS Exeter Racecourse 2, Kennford, Exeter 24/7 Restricted
5D18C8C6-55D7-4603-8109-AD200089755B EX6 7XS Caravan And Motorhome Club, Access To Racecourse, Kennford 24/7 Public
86B416C0-9D07-4F92-88FD-ADCC009AAFA0 EX6 7XS Exeter Racecourse 3, Kennford, Exeter 24/7 Restricted
9BBBD559-5119-45AE-AEA4-ADCC009AB6C7 EX6 7XS Exeter Racecourse 5, Kennford, Exeter 24/7 Restricted
D62C6BB6-BA01-496D-957B-ADCC009AB2B5 EX6 7XS Exeter Racecourse 4, Kennford, Exeter 24/7 Restricted
F42C9578-EC36-445E-9A75-ADCC0099DDE5 EX6 7XS Exeter Racecourse 1, Kennford, Exeter Variable Restricted
9CFEEC8D-C4FF-4607-9B61-AD5800901B0E EX6 7XY Venture Property And Development Co Ltd, Suite 1 Venture Property Splatford Barton, Road From Kennford Caravan Park To Russetts 24/7 Public
5169 EX6 7YE On Roadside Wall, Devon 24/7 Public
E7D4A8CF-15DE-483D-A905-AD2500BE1D35 EX6 7YL Kenn Parish Council, Lower Brenton, Kennford 24/7 Public
598F551B-11E5-4FB4-B316-AD2000C71B0C EX6 7YN Kennford International Caravan Park, Kennford International Caravan Park Kennford, Exeter 24/7 Public
4B12EE0C-66AF-42E1-84E5-B04200D4A0C0 EX6 8AJ Exminster County Primary School, Deepway Lane, Exminster Variable Public
2637 EX6 8AT The Stowey Arms Pub, Devon 24/7 Public
A531A75C-A4BB-470A-B673-AE380092C614 EX6 8DB Tesco, Geralds, Main Road Variable Public
71E7CE94-EC22-4D0F-B11A-B07600979866 EX6 8DX The Royal Oak, Road From Royal Oak Inn To Vine Cottage, Exminster 24/7 Public
07E61A75-DCCB-491B-B427-AD4700B07F43 EX6 8EX Oxton Valley, Oxton House, 1 Road From Oxton House To North Kenwood 24/7 Public
8032A12C-BFA9-4A1E-851D-AEE6009132FC EX6 8HP Mamhead Village Hall, Road From Ivy Cottage Cross To Sherwells Cross, Mamhead 24/7 Public
5E8CB53A-29B6-473E-BBDB-AFAD01288AED EX6 8PA Boots Alliance Pharmacy, Alliance Pharmacy, The Strand 24/7 Public
0A5926AA-4C4D-4C50-996E-AD2D008766EF EX6 8QD Starcross Primary School, Road From Church Street To Royal British Legion, Starcross 24/7 Public
B48D7263-517D-4D3F-98A9-B05C00C26DCF EX6 8QG Oakmeadow Golf Course, New Road, Starcross 24/7 Public
A84FA673-7ED0-4F1D-BD95-AF5400C0D198 EX6 8RP Cofton Country Holiday Park, Cofton Lane, Starcross 24/7 Public
69D1C86A-A250-418B-9B1B-AD730099F501 EX6 8UJ Devington Park, Lower Cloister Walk, Exminster 24/7 Public
9440114B-6880-4368-B0FE-AD2E00711B48 EX7 0AF Dawlish United Football Club, Sandy Lane, Dawlish 24/7 Public
D5798BEF-A7EF-4EA5-BA8C-AD2100A73A30 EX7 0BY Dawlish College, Dawlish Community College, Elm Grove Road 24/7 Public
BC97D15D-B504-463C-B700-AADA00BFED50 EX7 0FS Dawlish Christian Fellowship, The Hope Centre, Swift Road 24/7 Public
CC5B49DE-2F8A-4070-807B-AD2701151208 EX7 0JF Bronzerock Residents Association, 5 Bronzerock View, Teignmouth Road 24/7 Public
73BC13A0-1D8B-498F-A0ED-AD2400F2A0A3 EX7 0LG Holcombe Residents Association, Holcombe Village Hall, Holcombe Road 24/7 Public
8E866543-DF6E-4163-B268-ADB300E5EA12 EX7 0LW Gatehouse Ace Academy, Secmaton Lane, Dawlish 24/7 Public
595B3CE2-2C9B-4FCC-BEB0-AD8800E89D1A EX7 0LX Lady's Mile Holiday Park, Reception, Dawlish 24/7 Public
BD60C3F6-C598-477E-AEE8-AF4800C5A0F5 EX7 0LX Pride Fitness, Shutterton Bridge, Exeter Road 24/7 Public
8CC5D870-8B6E-4710-A81C-AE9900AF914E EX7 0LZ Parkholidaysuk, Golden Sands Holiday Park, Week Lane 24/7 Public
4D57033D-DC67-4B0C-9006-B0690097A130 EX7 0NF Warren Golf Club, Road To Warren Golf Club, Dawlish Warren 24/7 Public
A6D4DEAE-76EE-4098-A9AB-B00400D21DA2 EX7 0NF Warren Golf Club, Road To Warren Golf Club, Dawlish Warren 24/7 Public
AF07DAF0-961B-456B-ACAB-AD8900DF5CA6 EX7 0NF The Resorts Office, Beach Walk, Dawlish Warren 24/7 Public
0040F4EE-84B9-4D9F-848F-AD2700A02A0D EX7 0NH Flamingrate, Unit 7a, Dawlish Business Park 24/7 Public
095A8948-948C-4793-80CE-AE6100C83DFC EX7 0PF Hazelwood Holiday Park, Warren Road, Dawlish Warren 24/7 Public
9ADA4B62-AF15-4E19-BB37-AE98008CB8EC EX7 0PQ Golden Sands Sales Office, Warren Road, Dawlish Variable Restricted
BFEB93BE-2D2C-49FB-94F1-AE2400DAFE22 EX7 0PQ Dawlish Warren Pharmacy, 1 Warren Road, Dawlish Warren 24/7 Public
84642782-D0AF-4FB2-BAB8-AD6500A27F43 EX7 0QD The Ashcombe Club, Ashcombe Village Hall, Ashcombe 24/7 Public
C43298F8-7CA4-41CF-93E5-AD2300FD08C2 EX7 0QW Robin Cottage, Ashcombe Road, Higher Dawlish Water 24/7 Public
7EDA988B-ED31-4595-8651-ADC10086B262 EX7 9AW The Manor House, Old Town Street, Dawlish 24/7 Public
FB3B32F0-DD34-4AEA-8673-B0A901120B5D EX7 9EF Dawlish Town Council 1.4, Oakland Drive, Dawlish 24/7 Public
6840BCF2-40FE-4118-B6DC-AF6B00F5821A EX7 9PB 2 Brunswick Place, Dawlish 24/7 Public
93E225DA-B91E-4F55-82F5-AE91008A00CF EX7 9PH Admiral, 9 - 10 Piermont Place, Dawlish Variable Public
F070CD0C-4A72-43B0-8C87-AD6200F65221 EX7 9PT 32 The Strand, Dawlish Variable Public
B3AECDD8-D078-4684-A77B-AF720117F623 EX7 9QH Dawlish Town Council, East Teignbridge Community Transport Association, Barton Terrace 24/7 Public
0E80AF66-06C6-40BC-8BC5-ADC800A0B9E5 EX8 1AW Exmouth Town Hall, N/A, St Andrews Road Variable Restricted
50B20ABE-070E-4E24-9E2C-AEDE00B9CC82 EX8 1DL Kennaway, Victoria Road, Exmouth Variable Public
83977BF2-E855-4AEE-B25D-ADC800A0FD35 EX8 1EG Exe Sailing Club, N/A, Shelly Road Variable Restricted
FA11C998-99A8-44A1-92AA-ADC800A0DBB9 EX8 1EJ Camberdown Depot, N/A, Camperdown Terrace Variable Restricted
3B739284-C3B2-4442-846C-AFD3009A0D52 EX8 1LN Meeting Street, 02/04/2023, Meeting Street Variable Restricted
360DFD24-6737-48A3-822D-B09600EA8477 EX8 1NJ 24b Rolle Street, Exmouth Variable Public
C4CE8A52-E2A9-45AA-B118-AE4600BAB08D EX8 2AU The Deaf Academy, 1 Douglas Avenue, Exmouth Variable Public
6D486BC5-864C-4F44-8C12-AD2C00B907BF EX8 2AY Madeira Bowling Club, Queens Drive, Exmouth 24/7 Public
4F591341-F664-480A-A143-AFE700FAFACA EX8 2NU Screwfix, Liverton Business Park, Salterton Road Variable Restricted
242497BB-6664-4F05-884D-AFB100A38BEE EX8 2TS Tesco Stores, Tesco Stores Ltd Car Park, Salterton Road Variable Public
98153370-1BCC-4263-AA99-AFB100B036AA EX8 2TS Tesco, Tesco Filling Station Tesco, Salterton Road Variable Public
F821170E-E93D-4984-B187-B08A009D141F EX8 2TS Mccarthy & Stone Exmouth, Mccarthy & Stone Retirement, Salterton Road Variable Public
39C8967A-82D7-4DA0-9B23-AD32008B26B4 EX8 3AF Exmouth Community College, Gipsy Lane, Exmouth Variable Restricted
6E1B545B-DC97-4835-8059-AFE900FC8723 EX8 3AF Exmouth Community College, Gipsy Lane, Exmouth Variable Public
38D7EA01-F311-4971-819E-AE2200AD39A9 EX8 3BA Withycombe Raleigh C Of E P School, Withycombe Village Road, Exmouth Variable Restricted
DFC3A617-9B3A-4B65-BAD5-B04500D753FF EX8 3BA Access To Withycombe Raleigh C Of E P School, Exmouth Variable Restricted
875C0989-6B63-4515-84DB-AD3200892FEA EX8 3PZ Exmouth Community College Green Close Reception, Exmouth Community College, Green Close Variable Public
F14EF4A1-EB1C-4146-8D65-AF6900BFE68E EX8 5AJ Toby Carvery - Lympstone, Nutwell Lodge, Exmouth Road Variable Public
FD3DCFF1-BA49-498D-B329-ADB500FFABAE EX8 5BT Devon Cliffs Holiday Centre, Lane To Devon Cliffs Leisure Centre, Exmouth 24/7 Restricted
73881BE8-A3A5-4D79-A2F8-AFF200F0D152 EX8 5GZ Fernworthy House, Fernworthy House, Rydon Lane, Ex2, Exmouth Variable Public
7387 EX9 6AP Village Hall, Devon 24/7 Public
38F4F00B-4C76-48F6-B48B-AF480102F29D EX9 6DG East Devon Golf Club, Links Road, Budleigh Salterton 24/7 Public
B51471E6-6FA4-402E-B9F7-AD71011E6A52 EX9 7AS Exmouth Archery Club, Withycombe Raleigh Common, Exmouth 24/7 Restricted
2160039B-F657-4A27-A67C-AD270101ACA7 EX9 7BX Ladram Bay Holiday Park, Otterton 24/7 Public
3524E71A-0B82-46A6-A3FE-AE3400DEACED EX9 7HG Otterton Mill, Church Hill, Otterton Variable Public
E1A16B18-0F90-4E3A-B8F4-AF9F00EC95E5 EX9 7JJ Stantyway Recreation Ground, Road From Ladram Hill Cross To Stantyway Cross, Otterton 24/7 Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 36 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n4580469868 outside Moorland and District Village Hall - down left hand side of building
MZ n4681850123
MZ n5312764347
MZ n5806346198 On wall of building (on outside)
MZ n6766878378
MZ n6817760143 next to red phone box, North Bovey
MZ n6880810216
MZ n8395059472 outside building at entrance to Wood Farm Caravan Site, Axminster Road, Charmouth, DT6 6BT (near pos
MZ n9135409563 Green Box on wall, to left of where pier meets floating restuarant (Available April to September)
MZ n9135512300 Yellow & Green Box on west wall of Strand Pub, next to entrance.
MZ n9142633931 Yellow Box, on wall to right of Wine of Araby, coffee shop
MZ n9142633939 Orange Box on The Strand Pub. Wall facing Victoria Rd
MZ n9170419540 Yellow Box, on north wall of Westbank Community Centre facing Farm House Road entrance to site.
MZ n9181244219 Black plastic box on western wall of Public Toilets buidling on seafront
MZ n9387807652 Wall
MZ n9458221392 Yellow Box, on wall in alley next to Devon Air Ambulance
MZ n9611192717
MZ n9629666236 Yellow & Green Park, on Princesshay wall, at junction of Paris Street and Princesshay (pedestrian wa
MZ n9690593820 AAY33
MZ n10004633473
MZ n10131353788 attached to wall next to Sowton Village Hall
MZ n10173811980 Yelllow Box, on front of College building
MZ n10301417710
MZ n10573136911
MZ n10575324213 wall
MZ n10608881345 outside Kilmington Village Hall - to right of entrance
MZ n10679461820 Yellow box on wall to left of entrance of Devon Air Abulance shop
MZ n10815411509 inside old phone box (painted green) next to The Sea Shanty Beach Café
MZ n10857037355
MZ n10896918613 outside Feniton Village Hall
MZ n10940693562 On outside of fire station
MZ n10977010593
MZ n11013280525 outside Welcombe Village Hall
MZ n11016790138
MZ n11126024015 Green Box, on front wall of Pavillion building, next to door
MZ n11143153937 On the front of the Hire Hut Wimbleball Lake Activity Centre

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 139 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
B682300A-47D1-41C6-ACD4-AD2E00BF3334 EX1 1AL Cornerstone Housing, Cornerstone House, Western Way n10247969609 Yellow Box and wall next to main entrance to Cornerstone 5 m
B540AA74-01F7-4C50-B2BD-AEDD00B85DEB EX1 1EG Concord House, South Street, Exeter n10247964610 Yellow Box on wall next to entrance of Grow Coffee House 13 m
1143 EX1 1HJ St Petrock's Ltd, Devon n9773096896 Yellow & Green Box, on wall of north side of indoor pedestrain way from High Stree into Guildhall Sh 82 m
BB7C80F4-0E0B-43CD-89A4-AD2200C0A00B EX1 3LA Stoke Hill Afc, Hamlin Lane Changing Rooms, Georges Close n8489205896 14 m
BE343F2A-03ED-4056-A137-AFC6016F2313 EX1 2HQ Newtown Community Association, Newtown Community Centre, Belmont Park n11016790135 15 m
B92C5335-8B02-4001-BE4C-AD2400AB210D EX10 0LH Village Hall Colaton Raleigh, Church Road, Colaton Raleigh n10196731727 Outside Village Hall 9 m
1272 EX10 8AR Market Building, Devon n9339370846 outside Sidmouth Market, next to one of the red phone boxes 27 m
ABA6A7DE-9B1F-4B8A-A7AF-AE3600BBC592 EX10 0LD Colaton Raleigh Parish Council, Woods Village Shop, Exmouth Road n10196731726 Outside Woods Village Shop 5 m
1C9CC07C-4848-45C8-89BF-AEE200E18135 EX10 9QD Haycroft, Fortescue Road, Sidmouth n2975529008 inside old red phone box at the end of Higher Fortescue, Sidford 25 m
B7630ED9-92F5-4236-A47E-AF4900C8FD6D EX10 0DW Newton Poppleford And Harpford Parish Council, The Cannon Inn, High Street n6973698740 outside Cannon Inn, Newton Poppleford 13 m
21C079E1-ECCC-4FB0-8231-AF4900CAF304 EX10 0NQ Newton Poppleford And Harpford Parish Council, Harpford Hall, Lower Way n10617099038 outside Harpford Village Hall 8 m
2545 EX10 0SD Village Hall, Devon n9739841691 outside Sidbury Village Hall 2 m
1916 EX12 3DB Branoc Hall, Devon n10815411105 11 m
36D229E8-947B-403C-B08D-AE5F0099C348 EX12 3BZ Beer Sailing Club, 3 Common Lane, Beer n10819762078 12 m
1516 EX12 3EE Fisherman's Shed, Devon n6672306747 78 m
6C2D4EB5-3C15-456B-92D9-AFEE013AFC57 EX12 4AA Axmouth Harbour, Land South Of Axmouth Bridge, Bridge n10857049313 13 m
0AAD1679-5AB9-465E-BC02-AE62010A2A1F EX12 2RU The Spar. “Rose Bunce “, 42-44 Harepath Road, Seaton n10815411237 8 m
ED222876-7B68-4F1A-9EE6-AD200113BA2C EX13 7AF Village Hall Membury, Road From Membury House To Membury Cross, Membury n10872569204 outside Membury Village Hall 8 m
3497 EX14 3AF Telephone Box, Devon n9482048032 inside old red phone box, Gittisham 16 m
1563 EX14 9SA Telephone Box, Devon n9482203201 inside old red phone box opposite school in Offwell 122 m
2CC7342E-E4F9-4C39-B85A-B082009AB79E EX14 9SA Offwell C Of E Primary School, Road From Offwell Barton To Offwell Cross, Offwell n9482203201 inside old red phone box opposite school in Offwell 20 m
4525 EX14 9JQ Telephone Box, Devon n1257966829 inside phone box Wilmington 61 m
6452CD8E-0B04-4515-B218-AD730098EC81 EX14 1JX The Honiton Conservative Club, 142 High Street, Honiton n11264647864 On outside wall of Honiton Conservataive Club 33 m
98055340-1821-4EC0-B3E9-ADCF00E2112C EX14 9HJ Public Telephone 17m From St Michaels House 6m From Unnamed Road, Road From Holmsleigh Cross To Four Cross, Cotleigh n10737857484 inside old red phone box in Cotleigh 12 m
7F95D532-F30D-460C-A02C-AD730099BFE2 EX14 4TH Coombe Raleigh Village Hall, Village Hall, Coombe Raleigh n10754644046 on veranda of Combe Raleigh Village Hall 9 m
513 EX14 9DR Telephone Box, Devon n11232714808 inside old red phone box in Stockland 2 m
8DC97E84-FFB2-4559-B766-AD2A01429E74 EX14 9PN The Sidmouth Arms, Road Past Glebe Farm, Upottery n6088663293 outside (north side of) Sidmouth Arms, Upottery 21 m
BFCAE832-7AFC-4DB1-87FB-AD200113D382 EX15 2ND Public Telephone 26m From Clyst Lea 5m From Unnamed Road, Road From Three Firs To Marsh Cross, Clyst Hydon n708903164 inside old red phone box (that is now a book swap) in Clyst Hydon 20 m
1846 EX15 2EL Telephone Box, Devon n2291445706 inside old red phone box, Kerswell 2 m
1931704F-7CC6-4165-802D-AD2700BCE7AE EX15 1AB Town Hall, 1 High Street, Cullompton n4756658219 wall 21 m
11EB5B9E-4C7F-4337-89DF-AD2600FA14EF EX15 1PL Village Hall, Forge Lane, Butterleigh n10212630225 outside Butterleigh Village Hall 9 m
54963956-32C9-4DD7-9A3D-ADB300E3FFEA EX15 2AD Kentisbeare Church Of England Primary School, Fore Street, Kentisbeare n4448085104 17 m
DFA6DFF8-1714-403E-B950-AE1E00EDB0FC EX15 2HH Public Telephone 19m From 3 New Buildings 5m From Unnamed Road, Road From Stowford Water To Blackborough, Blackborough n427554478 inside old red phone box in front of Blackborough Village Hall 1 m
9C093B2F-F640-4533-B378-AD7300992ED9 EX16 4NT Ash Thomas Village Hall, Ash Thomas n10266429234 outside Ash Thomas Village Hall 34 m
7EE8E7D7-185D-4C48-8E27-AD1F0125A47C EX16 7BJ Sampford Peverell Parish Council, Memorial Hall, 31 Lower Town n8734534201 outside Sampford Peverell Village Hall 15 m
59379E64-5B67-4072-AA1A-AD2800C6EBF8 EX16 9RA Washfield Memorial Hall, Memorial Hall, Road From Washfield To Cotleigh Cross n10251783688 outside Washfield Village Hall 8 m
6E438576-BCE7-4B88-B86C-AD73009B39F8 EX16 8DT Rackenford Community Shop, Church Rooms, Rackenford n9084058309 39 m
C85FE3AA-9EC1-47D3-910C-AD2100DE1C6B EX17 2AH Boniface Centre, Church Lane, Crediton n10289618392 15 m
35E3A939-423D-4E31-9A83-AD4700E1ECC4 EX17 3AG Cox Butchers, 15, High Street n10289624911 19 m
6CC07942-D622-4CF7-B747-AD4700E59FD8 EX17 3LB Le Roy Funeral Services, 94-95 High Street, Crediton n10289624910 19 m
E46C1D42-7533-457E-BA7F-AD730099DBCB EX17 2BN Crediton Town Council, Council Offices, Market Street n10289618391 9 m
68D62516-45D3-4167-B59A-AD2D01100D68 EX17 1AX Footpath From School Close To Post Office, Shobrooke n443319885 inside old red phone box in Shobrooke 31 m
9CAE9E90-C43F-4FD4-9003-AD2400A7E4E1 EX17 4AU Stockleigh Pomeroy Village Hall, Parish Hall, Road From Stockleigh Cross To Blacksmiths Corner n10754689515 outside Stockleigh Pomeroy Village Hall 15 m
953DB218-C043-4001-9282-AD73009A0A60 EX17 5LJ Down St Mary Morchard Road Carpark, N/A, Morchard Road n508445229 inside old phone box by car park in 26 m
5166 EX19 8BG Telephone Box, Devon n9721602669 inside old red phone box in Iddesleigh 2 m
1785 EX2 9QW Village Hall, Devon n9950121525 outside Shillingford Villge Hall 39 m
E7D8E25E-A3DB-4EFC-9F49-AD43011B8340 EX2 7BZ Exeter University Boat Club, Bridge Road, Exeter n9170419539 Yellow & Green Box, on wall left of shutters of University of Exeter boat shed, which is east of Cou 18 m
5535 EX2 8SW Alphington Post Office, Devon n10604254798 Yellow Box, on wall next to Post Office entrance door 8 m
3C07E4B3-2D28-4ED6-9B16-AF9E00E6FFB4 EX2 8SW Friends Of Ide Lane Surgery, Post Office, 61-63 Church Road n10604254798 Yellow Box, on wall next to Post Office entrance door 6 m
40A9D769-930B-4245-A8CD-AD21008E5C2C EX20 4BH Lydford Parish Council, Nicholls Hall, Road From The Old Chapel To Was Tor Cross n9387808162 Wall 16 m
9B11EBE5-E4E5-489F-B597-AD5D00D8F966 EX20 4EG Riverside Stores, Fore Street, Bridestowe n9387807873 Wall 10 m
4754 EX20 2JA Telephone Box, Devon n1835356621 inside red phone box, Wonsford 7 m
2823 EX20 2HU Telephone Box, Devon n10054893593 inside old phone box in Throwleigh 1 m
1895 EX20 2QA Telephone Box, Devon n1835391311 inside old red phone box 10 m
880 EX20 1RA Telephone Box, Devon n5165041151 in red phone box, Belstone 70 m
1577 EX20 2LG Telephone Box, Devon n507691198 inside red phone box, by St Mary's, South Zeal 49 m
5076 EX20 4NF Telephone Box, Devon n11232730498 inside old red phone box, Thorndon Cross 9 m
2172 EX20 2NW Telephone Box, Devon n1507307077 inside red phone box, Sticklepath 1 m
1578 EX20 2LP Telephone Box, Devon n1506263067 inside old red phone box in South Tawton 4 m
2793 EX20 2LU Telephone Box, Devon n9380144225 inside old red phone box in Taw Green 5 m
7936C65E-B912-4308-95F0-AD8300FC085C EX20 3AH Crossways Inn, Road From Lamerton Cross To Folly Gate Cross, Folly Gate n11246048170 Crossway Inn Car Park 7 m
9466ABB4-D38B-4379-AE8F-AD500097B5A2 EX20 3PB Church Room, Road From Kimber Cross To Oak Tree Bungalow, Northlew n10977010594 8 m
0C38EAE7-90F6-403C-8FFF-AD73009A192F EX20 3RY Exbourne - The Burrow, High Street, Exbourne n10587745265 outside The Burrow (community shop & cafe) High Street, Exbourne 8 m
45C262F3-D50F-496C-9617-AD73009A5B8D EX20 3HY Hatherleigh Co-Op, 24 Bridge Street, Hatherleigh n4392843220 outside Co-op, Bridge Street, Hatherleigh 42 m
4BCE2B4C-6ED2-44B5-96C8-AD2A00E95588 EX21 5EY Village Green, Ashwater, Beaworthy n10582922195 on Ashwater Village Green 19 m
3F6A3498-10E7-43BB-B02E-AD73009A56C0 EX21 5UH Telephone Box Halwill, Telephone Box, N/A n9482064808 inside old red phone box, Halwill 71 m
2DA1F460-82FF-42EE-8FE1-AD24012D5AB2 EX22 7DY Bridgerule Village Hall, The Green, Bridgerule n11329753864 outside Bridgerule Village Hall 42 m
D9126D52-A6CA-4650-B6D4-AD730098F00F EX22 6SU The Molesworth Arms, N/A, Pyworthy n11053520339 outside wall of Molesworth Arms 56 m
126D19AB-1CA3-4FCC-ABE5-AD2B00A9785C EX22 7TD Bradworthy Parish Council, Memorial Hall, The Square n8745834475 Outside Memorial Hall 26 m
E9AABA41-70E6-4344-9615-ADAA0114AB83 EX23 0AZ Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Wainhouse Corner Post Office & Store, St Genny's n7796733823 17 m
0E96B0E8-1A8D-47E6-B125-AD20014E94DF EX23 0AH Widemouth Bay Car Park Toilet Block, Marine Drive, Bude n7794675554 48 m
4E626C89-0887-42E1-A408-ADAA0113DA73 EX23 0EN Marhamchurch Telephone Box, The Telephone Box, Marhamchurch n9482139403 inside old red phone box on Helebridge Road, Marhamchurch 12 m
CA73329D-9E94-4CE0-BDF6-AD7500B4C9C5 EX23 0LX Bude - Coastguard Station, Marine Drive, Upton n10778610705 47 m
A53D0F40-820B-466C-BA28-AD2100ADF3B1 EX23 8HN Bude Sea Pool, Summerleaze Crescent, Bude n10778610012 50 m
422ADE53-65CC-4165-AC8C-AF35008951A6 EX23 9HP Hatherleigh Cottage, Stibb Road, Bude n9744144176 inside old red phone box in Stibb 22 m
902569DF-72AD-4B74-AC89-AFDB0085F3C9 EX23 9QR Kilkhampton Mot Station, A39 Between Labernum Terrace And Brentspool Hill, Kilkhampton n10982411054 On outside wall of Kilkhampton M.O.T. Station 56 m
DB7E4C3E-CA7C-438A-B9E6-AD4000D46BCE EX24 6QJ Colyford Memorial Hall, Swan Hill Road, Colyford n9828521067 outside Colyford Village Hall - to right of entrance 19 m
A7F6D1AF-66A7-4671-9947-AD2400AA8853 EX24 6JR Central Convenience Stores, The Folletts, Market Place n10754866418 outside Beer Cellar, Market Place, Colyton 9 m
1048 EX31 1PJ Telephone Box, Devon n1144540322 inside old red phone box in Pilton Street, Barnstaple 17 m
4EC1F3EA-27D2-4A6E-AB5A-AD26014AE2CF EX31 4EY Public Telephone 15m From The Old Post Office 6m From Rookbear Lane, Road From Rose Cottages To Plaistow Mills, Muddiford n1827996446 inside old phone box in Muddiford 1 m
3B9E5B40-1C59-417F-AD15-AD2F00EE6E75 EX31 4RA Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, Woody Bay Station, Martinhoe Cross n4678787674 inside telephone booth. 8 m
5BA014AA-3405-4D4A-952D-AE4D009DA6DD EX33 2DX Saltrock Surfwear, Saltrock Surfwear Velator Industrial Estate, Road From Sandy Lane To Velator Road n11274229169 NDE - Business AED 35 m
20AA13F9-D4CE-4660-B03E-ADA900927E7E EX33 2LZ Telephone Box, A361, Knowle n9481978675 inside old red phone box in Braunton 66 m
FB97B456-BA2A-4388-91DD-AFCD00B49479 EX33 1NZ Croyde Residents Association 1.3, Off Shore, Beach Road n10748990261 On outside wall of shop 9 m
53AFF121-CBCE-4EC0-8D59-AD3E010BC3F0 EX34 7BW Londis, Londis Granville Terrace, 6 West Road n10130030347 6 m
77EF4E37-9DB5-4B14-9151-AD320097B3CD EX34 0HR Village Hall Committee Group, Combe Martin Village Hall, High Street n10717670745 On outside wall of Village Hall under entrance arch 24 m
F60553E9-95FF-4BFC-BE1F-AD3200984CEE EX34 0AN Village Hall Committee Group, Loverings Garage, Borough Road n10726891205 On outside wall of Loverings 16 m
B9779DAF-DA83-4E60-B86E-AD2000E27ADD EX34 9EQ Harbour Master, The Quay, Ilfracombe n9686793916 outside Harbour Masters Office in car park by Ilfracombe Harbour 5 m
0423687C-41BD-4F16-919B-AD730098E3F4 EX35 6EL The Flood Memorial Building, Riverside Road, Lynmouth n7940007754 On exterior wall of Lynmouth Flood Memorial Hall, to the right of the shelter. 59 m
918F2DD4-158D-42F8-91A9-AD73009ADBE0 EX35 6EQ Lynmouth Cliff Railway, The Esplanade, Lynmouth n7940024330 On exterior wall of Cliff Railway Ticket Office, by the entrance at the bottom. 56 m
4850 EX36 4RA Telephone Box, Devon n720769208 inside old red phone box, Rose Ash 6 m
7128 EX36 4LH Telephone Box, Devon n10825242046 inside old red phone box in Alswear 4 m
59A27E2D-ED46-4D3E-904F-AD8800C1747B EX37 9JG Road Past Burrington Church, Burrington n10580359413 by the Pickards office and opposite the red telephone box in Burrington 10 m
9E8BB1CE-4C15-4E53-8767-AD220094BE94 EX37 9NT Chittlehamholt, Satterleigh And Warkleigh Parish Council, Village Hall, Road From Chittlehamholt Cross To Entrance Cross n4392808091 14 m
97AD0677-67E7-4AF6-882F-AD7300993235 EX37 9HY Lych Gate St Marys Church, Road Past Riverlake Cottage, Atherington n4184357690 38 m
526B052B-9913-44AA-A948-AD7800CF29F4 EX38 8QG Old School House, Road From Berry Cross To The Old Post Office, Peters Marland n10977010589 17 m
60645443-193E-4196-AC84-AFCD01047065 EX38 8QA Yarde Cafe, Yarde Orchard Cafe And Bunkhouse, Road From Yarde Villa To The Old Post Office n10977010590 8 m
FA1E7A99-5813-4B84-8E24-AD73009A4633 EX38 8AL Torrington Methodist Church, Mill Street, Torrington n9743106429 6 m
59879CB5-3942-442E-9B16-AD73009A49D3 EX38 8HN Great Torrington Heritage Museum (Dsfrs), 14 South Street, Torrington n9945112753 On exterior wall of Torrington Heritage Museum, at the junction of South Street and High Street. 8 m
7FDA36DB-6291-4959-91CE-AE390115A60D EX38 8EG Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, Fire Station, Calf Street n11202429316 8 m
DE50F724-BEFD-46F9-AB5A-AE540154DF7D EX38 8JD Torrington Cycle Hire, Unit 1 Station Yard, Road Over Old Rothern Bridge n10969347105 10 m
21A84B6C-B68D-4C7D-8D6C-AD730099EEF5 EX39 6HG Darracott Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Darracott n11232771596 81 m
6300 EX39 5BZ Telephone Box, Devon n10293777132 inside old red phone box in Woodtown 1 m
AC625775-22E6-4E79-8C71-AD2500BFCA71 EX39 5TF Red Lion Hotel, The Sail Loft, The Quay n6506689385 44 m
6AEE0EE2-6B57-4E59-8F54-AD730099508C EX39 2AG Bideford Harbour Masters Office (Dsfrs), N/A, The Quay n10948809019 On outside wall of Port Manager office 5 m
AC518A84-04CB-4301-9314-AD2A0124F592 EX39 4PA Public Telephone 10m From 2 Rock Cottages 7m From Unnamed Road, Road From Synocks Cross To Horwood Cross, Eastleigh n9083264897 inside old telephone box painted green in Eastleigh 2 m
808D645C-0C0F-4F28-9C41-AD4F0112C836 EX39 1RL Appledore Pilot Gig Club, Land At Grid Reference 246506 130635, The Quay n10930323896 46 m
E1E77F30-804B-431E-8DBE-B06E009E6183 EX4 3HP Cushman & Wakefield, 40 The Management Suite,, Guildhall Shopping Centre, n10111857396 Yellow box, inside door 84 m
88D72FDA-8888-4D8E-9924-B02200B0C663 EX4 3SB Exeter Central Railway Station, Ex4 3sb, Exeter n11158584482 55 m
0DF693D4-C097-4F11-98DA-ADCC009AC23D EX4 4NT Exeter St Davids Railway Station, Platforms 5, Bonhay Road n9759616618 29 m
749E16A0-E279-4BE6-A30A-ADCC009AB9F5 EX4 4NT Exeter St Davids Railway Station, Platforms 3, Bonhay Road n9759616718 59 m
DB08B2BD-6FB3-46C5-B4C8-ADCC009ABDFE EX4 4NT Exeter St Davids Railway Station, Platforms 1, Bonhay Road n9759616219 74 m
599F0F5D-651A-4D8E-9209-AF890146DA86 EX4 8LN Exeter Panthers, 52 Bettys Mead, Exeter n8489157072 35 m
2377FA98-BF44-417E-9FF8-B01800F2C3FC EX4 7DP Stoke Hill Junior School, Stoke Hill, Exeter n11330008041 67 m
3AE8935F-3832-421E-A41C-AE1500BE3FEB EX5 1NQ Park Close Community Centre, 51 Park Close, Woodbury n10147835363 Yellow & Green Box, on wester wall next to main entrance 65 m
4A835EB2-7450-4B62-A73F-AD7300991D61 EX5 7DR Younghayes Centre, 169 Younghayes Road, Cranbrook n5171689237 Outside wall cabinet 25 m
B9BF7D43-1EAF-4F44-8A53-AE5601064939 EX5 5DA Belluno, Newton St Cyres n10059625775 inside old red phone box in Newton St Cyres next to Crown & Sceptre pub 21 m
3DDD1866-764E-4EB1-B27B-AD43015E8D6A EX5 4EU Rewe Parish Council, Rewe Parish And Community Hall, Road From Rewe Cross To Westfield n9092578364 29 m
4336 EX5 4PL Hele Telephone Box, Devon n9482194267 inside old red phone box, Station Road, Hele 2 m
D495FBAB-3237-498B-BB2E-AD8300A2F4C7 EX6 8RA Cofton Parish Hall, Access To Cofton Parish Hall, Cockwood n10252212224 outside Cofton Parish Hall 5 m
958E3504-A733-483A-AF86-AD2300F2C0D4 EX6 8JA Kenton Parish Council, Kenton Hill, Road From Little Beredens To South Town Lodge n10582877310 outside Kenton Victory Hall - by entrance facing Kenton Hill 12 m
3095 EX6 8LD Telephone Box, Devon n10582877306 in old red phone box in Kenton Village Car Park, Fore Street - opposite village green 5 m
59D0A393-1130-4FA0-956B-B07600990089 EX6 8DX The Royal Oak, Road From Royal Oak Inn To Vine Cottage, Exminster n9170419541 Yellow Box, on south wall of Royal Oak pub 8 m
2189 EX6 8DX Royal Oak Public House, Devon n9170419541 Yellow Box, on south wall of Royal Oak pub 4 m
1787 EX6 8DF Victory Hall, Devon n9170419542 Yellow Box, on Vilalge Town Hall building facing main road 8 m
7A83C5CE-6095-42D9-B4D1-B0760095970C EX6 8DF Victory Hall, Main Road, Exminster n9170419542 Yellow Box, on Vilalge Town Hall building facing main road 10 m
3866 EX6 7DA Village Hall, Devon n10582861406 outside Dunsford Village Hall 7 m
4327 EX6 6JH Telephone Box, Devon n1188157840 inside telephone box 5 m
7479 EX6 6LG Telephone Box, Devon n11232775166 inside old red phone box at Hittisleigh Cross 4 m
3EE13FAD-287A-4310-B4B4-AD6500A290F6 EX7 9PD Dawlish Town Council, The Waterfowl Compound, Brunswick Place n10202643259 33 m
17ED828A-5F08-4101-9C2E-B03D00EF050C EX8 1HE Tesco Rolle Street Express, 4-6 Rolle St, Exmouth n9142633941 Green Box on wall, on side wall of Franklins Bar/Cafe 37 m
587BDC54-630C-4B41-81CD-B05700AEF5D8 EX8 1PU Exeter Road Primary School, 41 Exeter Road, Exmouth n9145990080 Orange Box on wall of Lewish Pharmacy, to right of entrance. 52 m
4683 EX8 3HS Withycombe Rugby Club, Devon n9142633944 Yellow Box on car park facing wall of Withycombe RFC club house, left of door 5 m
39FE849E-AE32-4841-ABFC-AFDB00BF4936 EX8 4JJ Tesco, Tesco Express, Churchill Road n9142633948 Yellow & Green Box on Tesco Express building in Petrol Station, next to cash machine 13 m
3019 EX9 6JY Seafront Public Toilets, Devon n9181225604 Black plastic box on eastern wall of Public Toilets at end of Rolle Rd 8 m
3018 EX9 6RJ Public Hall, Devon n9181225582 Yellow Box on back wall of Budliegh Salterton Town Hall 4 m
DF9C018F-75D9-4C42-BC9E-AD2100DC14DB EX9 7DU East Budleigh With Bicton Parish Council, East Budleigh Village Hall, High Street n11003168617 Yellow box on wall facing car park 15 m
B677FC40-C5C9-4BE1-B071-AD73009B2AC0 EX9 7HB Otterton Village Hall, Fore Street, Otterton n4758821043 outside Otterton Village Hall, Fore Street, Otterton 33 m
7EDAF66B-B969-4048-8CC9-AEC800D30D9A EX9 7BW East Budleigh With Bicton Parish Council, Pheasant Cottage, Road Past Lemprice Farm n9818582616 inside old red phone box in Yettington 21 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 45 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
D8C68B19-EBD7-40EF-BD09-ADC800F23217 EX1 1GN Chandos Deli, 1 Roman Walk, Exeter n11169522109 Green Box, on wall in corrider 15m in from Roman Walk 8 m
10694B6A-12F7-4E5B-B687-AD73009983A9 EX18 7HB Chawleigh Village Shop, Village Shop, B3042 n4392851260 103 m
A2DD9813-3028-4B3A-B50D-AF9000EB96D1 EX2 7DT Site Office, Topsham Road, Exeter n11170863830 Yellow & Green Box, on wall, next to front door of Sales/Admin Office 87 m
EF463DE9-47C0-469A-8799-AD73009AF342 EX2 7FN Newcourt Community Centre, Blakeslee Drive, Exeter n11170863820 Black & Yellow Box, on wall, next to main entrance of Community Centre 7 m
0E83194D-383B-4BA4-B41F-AD730098DAA6 EX20 3EP The Bull And Dragon, N/A, Meeth n11212456297 Outside wall of Bull and Dragon pub 109 m
AF7A5C8F-A88A-4C77-94EA-AD73009A9EC5 EX22 6NH Telephone Box, Staddon Road/A388 Junction, Holsworthy n9482026111 inside old red phone box at the end of Staddon Road, Wimble 144 m
A9E6DC23-8C64-4A1C-8E8B-AD7500B4D948 EX23 0BR Bude - Red Phone Box, Outside Village Hall And Community Primary School, Bude n10778610105 116 m
70E48A92-7C58-4C90-9DE7-AD8A00B850EF EX3 0TR Puffing Billy Inn, Station Road, Exton n9122722670 Green box, on wall of Puffin Billy publ 11 m
F7BF2908-6C38-4DDE-B526-AE2A00B18170 EX3 0JJ W Trout And Son, Land The Boat House, Ferry Road n9920971347 Yellow & Green box, on wall facing street 16 m
31FFC3F4-33A4-4513-AC1B-AD6500A29583 EX3 0HQ Estuary League Of Friends, 83 Fore Street, Topsham n9122722637 Blue box on wall of Estuary League of Friends (charity shop) 37 m
4E84DBD6-8388-415E-A370-AD2F00A1FF56 EX3 0DX Estuary League Of Friends, Nancy Potter House, Nelson Close n9122722643 Green box, on wall of Nancy Potter house (library) 67 m
788E5451-4D09-40B3-989B-B004009B54A6 EX3 0EQ Station Garage, Elm Grove Road, Topsham n11170875183 Yellow Box, on wall of "Station Garage" facing Elm Grove Road 6 m
C6312A77-3E64-4706-A6D9-AD3600D2FD69 EX3 0LY Topsham Rugby Football Club, Exeter Road, Topsham n11170875169 Yellow Box, on Rugby Pavillion, facing pitch 22 m
DA9EE37A-2274-49A8-8421-ADAA0117A8CD EX3 0RE Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Clyst St George Village Hall, Woodbury Road n9121081689 Green box, on wall of village town hall 25 m
7BBB6A8E-61FC-4276-88ED-ADC000D888C2 EX31 4PY National Trust Visitor Area, Heddon Valley, Near Paracombe n11153600730 139 m
FE02C69A-9098-489A-A7B1-AD73009ABB3E EX34 9DA Ilfracombe Community 1, Market Arches, Adj. Studio 20, 20 High Street n10563695719 In covered passageway through building 121 m
0D609BFB-0842-4A4C-B67D-AD73009ABF58 EX34 9EE Ilfracombe Community 2, Ilfracombe Life Boat Station, 14 Broad Street n10592099220 On wall of lifeboat station (outside of building) 93 m
00C204DA-951D-4B1A-8727-AD73009ADF60 EX35 6EP Lyndale Tea Rooms, 3 Watersmeet Road, Lynmouth n10744063921 On exterior wall of building 104 m
488EEB7F-5188-4371-8C16-AD2400CA0BC9 EX4 3HP Exeter City Council, Guildhall Shopping Centre, High Street Entrance n9773096896 Yellow & Green Box, on wall of north side of indoor pedestrain way from High Stree into Guildhall Sh 16 m
442E255D-7864-4C3A-A537-ADED00CA5DB6 EX4 3PU Footpath From Musgrave Row To Library, Exeter n9773096871 yellow & green box, and wall to right of main entrnace to Exeter Library 20 m
82D59D99-CC31-419D-BDF7-AD2100D749A0 EX7 0PH Welcome Family Holiday Park, Warren Road, Dawlish Warren n7746393163 Outside wall of entertainment building 145 m
971DC966-41EC-4926-909E-AD73009A2D21 EX8 2AY Exmouth Lifeboat Station, Queens Drive, Exmouth n9142633937 Yellow Box, next to road facing entrance of Exmouth Lifeboat Station 607 m
80BAA5A6-8775-435A-A999-AFA0009D3B95 EX8 2DA Exmouth Lawn Tennis Club, The Maer, Queens Drive n11167044318 Yellow Box, outside main entrance to Tennis Club, facing tennis courts. Up 6 steps, and requires rea 107 m
3EF7986B-48D6-4299-96CA-B06100A9EAD1 EX8 2AY Exmouth Rowing Club, Queens Drive, Exmouth n11167044328 Yellow Box, outside entrance of Rowing Club, Facing onto road 8 m
B197A7BB-D4D3-48E2-B9E1-AE1500BE2291 EX8 2AD Dray Court, 15-17 Rolle Road, Exmouth n9466536221 Yellow Box, outside main entrance to Dray Court flats 61 m
5AE419DE-E5B7-40BD-90CB-AF11009452FF EX8 2JH Dolphin Pre-School & Nursery, 5 Raddenstile Lane, Exmouth n11167044329 Yellow Box, outside main building entrance to school. To left of door 61 m
9C1A2C56-6B41-4985-A375-B00000B08741 EX8 1PE St Saviours Community Centre St Saviours House, Church Street, Exmouth n10881187075 Yellow & Green Box on wall facing road 3 m
9FB7E5E9-749C-4FB0-A3B2-AD4400D8E507 EX8 1DG Exmouth Rugby Football Club Ltd, Imperial Recreation Ground, Imperial Road, Imperial Road n10133064270 Green - Yellow box, on clubhouse wall facing onto the rugby pitch 15 m
8B989039-0F1F-4A40-8FE7-B02200B0D434 EX8 1BZ Exmouth Railway Station, Ex8 1bz, Exmouth n11161373871 Yellow Box, on platform area, attached to wall of Ticket Office 9 m
E78918E6-5A79-481F-B3C4-AF8700E7992B EX8 2LT Hamilton Road Gospel Hall, 28 Hamilton Road, Exmouth n11167043031 Yellow & Green Box, outside main entrance to Hall, next to main door 8 m
C09B9CD5-C994-4646-8256-AE1500BE268D EX8 2NG Clayton House Community Centre, Clayton House, Exmouth n9786715966 Yellow & Green Box. Front of Clayton House Community Centre 691 m
371105FB-B08D-4C29-8DDF-AE1500BE38F5 EX8 2TF Bidmead Community Centre, Bidmead Close, Exmouth n9786745750 Yellow & Green Box, on western wall facing Bidmead Close 7 m
0838298C-5584-40A3-864B-AD83014735E5 EX8 3EE Exmouth Town Football Club King George V Ground, Southern Road, Exmouth n9142633942 Yellow & Green Box on front wall of Exmouth Town FC, club house. To righ of door 14 m
50AA28BA-28CD-4C36-9DA9-B02900F05FBE EX8 3AE St. John The Evangelist Church Hall, St Johns Church Hall, Withycombe Village Road n11167043089 Yellow Box, on Church Hall. Church Hall is behind the Church 8 m
EB78CEE7-1EA4-4FF9-A5F4-AE1500BE333F EX8 3AH Burnside Community Centre, Ratcliffe House, Exmouth n9760021797 Green & Yellow Box. Front of building, left side 6 m
BB9CFF24-66B0-4A01-BB8D-AE1500C0B3CF EX8 4DH Palmer House Commity Centre, Palmer House, Exmouth n9142633957 Green Box on wall, facing road, of Palmer House Community Centre 9 m
E3D25000-07F3-409D-AEEC-AD8300A10160 EX8 5LS Saddlers Arms, Exmouth Road, Lympstone n9770605069 Yellow & Green Box. On wall to side of Pub facing Longmeadow Rd & junction 22 m
80C289C7-958F-4B3B-936F-AD83009F10C0 EX8 5JW 1 The Strand, Lympstone n10143840876 Green Box, on wall of "Central Convenience" shop, nearest bridge, facing road 8 m
FCBFA154-1800-495B-BB55-B03800E1ACE6 EX8 5EL Land Adjoining Town Dairy, Church Road, Lympstone n11170875187 Yellow Box, on side of private garage of 4 Charles Court 78 m
DD32CE68-B300-494E-8A2A-AEED01121EC8 EX8 5JY Lympstone Village Hall Cio, Village Hall Lympstone, School Hill n10143840794 Yellow Box, on Lympstone Village Hall. At corner of walls facing car park & tennis courts 10 m
3ACD1484-73D8-4AEF-B091-AE1500BE2BF9 EX8 5JB Churchill Court Community Centre, Churchill Court, Lympstone n10143804798 Yellow Box, on wall facing road 37 m
E1F72E8E-04DD-4E06-98BE-AF0900D52F8C EX8 5AR Gordano Messenger Centre, Car Park Royal Marines Commando Training Centre, Exmouth Road n11170875186 Black & Yellow Box, to left of entrance of Gordon Messenger Centre. 73 m
D9260388-4DF7-4778-9487-AFF5005EAEE4 EX9 6NG Tesco Stores Ltd, 1 Ocean House, 10 Fore Street n11168509094 Red Box inside Tesco Express, next to door 6 m
DB7C4F3A-B66E-4456-8D93-AFA400E17198 EX9 6HF Budleigh Salterton Hospital, East Budleigh Road, Budleigh Salterton n11168505842 Yellow Box. To left, when facing main entrance. Facing Boucher Road 15 m
98F17E0D-17F9-40C6-A931-AFA300B9CEA4 EX9 6SY Budleigh Salterton Games Club, The Pavilion, Cricket Field Lane n11168492696 Yellow Box, on Bowls Pavillion. The sourthern end, facing bowls pitch, on entrance fence 10 m

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