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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'CB' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 559 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
DDAC30D9-B9C3-4222-A4A4-AEF600D140DB CB0 9BW Redrow, Chalkstone Way, Haverhill Variable Restricted
39309A6D-442F-4E98-B581-AE4300A15FE9 CB1 1BG Tesco Express, 172 East Rd, 0 Variable Restricted
2E084478-9FDD-4B02-9B2A-B069009C23EA CB1 1DZ Brandon Court, Brandon Place, Cambridge 24/7 Public
B05EAAB4-332B-4A84-95A3-B04D00BA244F CB1 1HU Stanton House, Christchurch St, Cambridge 24/7 Public
0313BDAB-E056-4086-8B49-AEB501341E0D CB1 1ND Cambridge Ymca, Queen Anne House, Gonville Place 24/7 Public
4C98BFBB-2521-4226-9BE6-B03D00B17078 CB1 1NP Tesco Cambridge Christs Lane Express, Unit 5&6 Christs' Lane, Cambridge Variable Public
24CAEB94-E685-4685-A113-AD6C0080266A CB1 1PS Common Areas Grafton Centre, Fitzroy Street, Cambridge Variable Restricted
29C5D99D-E649-45C6-8C88-AE7000765D92 CB1 1PS Puregym, 2nd Floor, Grafton Centre Variable Restricted
B26DD4F3-3ED8-4139-8DD6-AF4F009A8B03 CB1 1PT Anglia Ruskin University, Helmore Building Anglia Ruskin University, East Road 24/7 Public
50A39682-516A-46A2-BD52-B04D00BA11F1 CB1 2DR Ditchburn Place, Cambridge City Council, Ditchburn Place Variable Restricted
C442FE84-D412-4353-93BB-AEE4008F5088 CB1 2JD Mott Macdonald, 2nd Floor, 22 Station Road Variable Public
2A52CAC3-AF11-4DF5-86D4-ADE50100061D CB1 2JH Stantec, 3rd Floor, 50-60 Station Road Variable Public
C3617538-3EAA-483E-8095-B00A00DDFADC CB1 2JH Costello Medical, Unit 1, 50/60 Station Road 24/7 Public
99E16257-3397-4E23-8DDD-AFA100F3566A CB1 2LA Peters Elworthy & Moore, Salisbury House, 2-4 Station Road Variable Restricted
BA55B180-25D8-42A6-A93D-AFDB00BA99F9 CB1 2LA Peters Elworthy & Moore, Salisbury Villas, 2-4 Station Road Variable Restricted
338B08B3-94EF-4D30-85BF-B07C00EEE2CB CB1 2LD St Matthew's Primary School, 19 Norfolk Street, Cambridge Variable Restricted
46283881-4A83-450C-89F6-B0260099B898 CB1 3BA Nuffield Health Fitness And Wellbeing Gym, 213 Cromwell Road, Cambridge Variable Public
9495A88E-5655-4F1A-AC50-ADD0006906A3 CB1 3BA Nuffield Health Fitness And Wellbeing Gym, 213 Cromwell Road, Cambridge Variable Restricted
AA777932-402A-4015-B243-B069009C2814 CB1 3BN School Court, Thoday St, Cambridge 24/7 Public
C9113370-5001-4C0D-B015-ADED0141DC48 CB1 3DF Mill Road Mosque, 311 Mill Road, Cambridge 24/7 Public
2A3C0792-AC13-40D1-A36F-AFC401011B30 CB1 3EW Howdens At Cambridge, Unit 6, Coldhams Road,, Coldhams Road Variable Restricted
5CAE8A5C-6300-406B-831B-ADFE00A0F52A CB1 3HD Unit 2 College Business Park, 513 Coldhams Lane, Cambridge Variable Restricted
54E7869B-4F8B-4CB1-9849-AE2000E76EEC CB1 3HR C3 Centre, 2 Brooks Road, Cambridge 24/7 Public
BE9B3AE6-078D-4D5D-9791-ADAB00934CC5 CB1 3HY Horizon Resource Centre, 285 Coldhams Lane, Cambridge Variable Restricted
15DE857A-BEE1-4BA4-8567-AE7F0090DD5F CB1 3LB St John Ambulance, Units 3&4 The Business Centre, Church End 24/7 Public
9560DBC1-A894-4270-9532-AEAD00ED444A CB1 3LH David Lloyd Leisure, Coldhams Business Park, 21-25 Norman Way Variable Restricted
67C7FC71-099C-4127-8503-AF8801119618 CB1 3LQ Nanna Therapeutics Ltd The Merryfield Centre, 12 Rosemary Lane, Cambridge Variable Restricted
BCA1CA90-D177-436D-AC0A-B018009DBCB4 CB1 3RJ Coleridge Community College, Radegund Road, Cambridge 24/7 Restricted
F5344101-D38E-4E0B-A52D-B04D00B9FC73 CB1 3SJ Litchfield Road Commmunicty Hall, Lichfield Road Community Hall, 173 Lichfield Road 24/7 Public
917FDC7D-5050-4B3B-8E22-AFDA00E0411C CB1 3TD St Bede's School, St Bedes Inter-Church School, Birdwood Road Variable Restricted
E39DFF98-DD5F-4883-A51D-AFA900E19384 CB1 6GS Bicycle, Bicycle, Portway Building, Granta Park, Cambridge Variable Public
822CFED0-7021-4174-BF94-AE4A00E130D6 CB1 7BX Cats Global Schools, Cherry Hinton Road, 149 Variable Restricted
07BC754F-945B-4895-8380-AE61009F4A37 CB1 7DY Puregym, Unit 34 Clifton Way, Cambridge 24/7 Restricted
3120C189-B081-46B9-855A-AFF300C423E6 CB1 7DY Tesco Cambridge Clifton Road Express, 1-2 Leisure, Cambridge Variable Public
6BF02210-A747-4FA9-80D6-AE8200C44B9E CB1 7EA Cambridge Office, Clifton House, 1-2 Clifton Road Variable Public
9BB3B684-A359-4BF6-8527-AFE700D6167E CB1 7EB Screwfix, Unit 23 - 24 Clifton Road Industrial Estate, Cherry Hinton Road Variable Restricted
EF20FDC6-5BAF-4A3F-8A2B-AF2700C49937 CB1 7QQ Royal Mail Cambridge Do/Rtw, Clifton Road, Cambridge, Cambridge Variable Restricted
D3A1F226-69E9-4606-A920-AECE00E05CA5 CB1 8NQ Cambridge Cherry Hinton Caravan & Motorhome Club Site, Caravan Club Site, Limekiln Road 24/7 Public
4DF5A7D6-03E0-44BE-A508-AE3E009A555C CB1 9BF Tesco, Car Park Tesco Superstore, Yarrow Road Variable Public
3C969959-19EF-496C-8D05-ADF600C1B691 CB1 9HH Cherry Hinton C Of E Primary School, High Street, Cherry Hinton Variable Restricted
195DFFBF-5FF5-449F-BB08-AE2100BEF162 CB1 9HU Tesco, Atm, 1-3 Rectory Terrace Variable Restricted
9412CCEA-A65A-4578-B3B9-B085015F6414 CB1 9HZ Cherry Hinton Recreation Ground Pavilion, The Pavilion, Cherry Hinton Recreation Ground, High Street 24/7 Public
30D2019B-DEB0-45A7-9D36-B04D00BA037D CB1 9JQ Talbot House, Talbot House Fisher's Lane, Cherry Hinton 24/7 Public
D27E25DD-4046-497E-9E3C-B03500BC742A CB1 9PB The Spinney Primary School, Hayster Drive, Cambridge Variable Restricted
4476 CB10 1AG United Reformed Church Car Park, Essex 24/7 Public
B03D191E-0223-4082-BCE2-AE5301646BF9 CB10 1AG Bowling Green, Abbey Lane, Saffron Walden 24/7 Public
95691307-38A4-43B3-BDFC-ADFC00B349D8 CB10 1BX Saffron Walden Golf Club, Windmill Hill, Saffron Walden 24/7 Public
9BB6376E-BADD-49AE-91EF-AED8009FB35D CB10 1NS Chesterfords Community Centre, Newmarket Road, Great Chesterford 24/7 Public
3F7C5A69-964B-49FE-8F06-AEEF00BE5FE4 CB10 1NY Pfc Engineering, Oliver House Station Approach, Station Road 24/7 Public
D247CA87-CCB5-4DF1-9F7B-AD7401118E95 CB10 1PL High Street, Great Chesterford 24/7 Public
AF34AA0D-850B-4692-BD9A-AED300F3DFC2 CB10 1QY Hinxton Village Hall, 51 High Street, Hinxton 24/7 Public
45E01ABA-4901-4969-83DA-ADFF00C0FF87 CB10 1SH Village Hall, Recreation Ground, Frogge Street, Ickleton 24/7 Public
9D7E8420-2B1F-477D-83FD-AEC500878BE6 CB10 1SX Team Consulting, Unit 1 Abbey Barns, Duxford Road Variable Restricted
E07A6AA7-0460-4808-8CF2-AFCB00E16578 CB10 1SX Prfi Ltd, Abbey Barns, Unit 3 Suite 1, Duxford Road Variable Restricted
C52DF933-02A1-46A3-9C26-ADCE00873EF3 CB10 1TT Little Chesterford Village Hall, High Street, Little Chesterford 24/7 Public
0CC9BBC7-3BD0-4CF7-A776-AFCB00E4D8E1 CB10 1UD Little Chesterford Village Hall, Rectory Farm Barns, Walden Road 24/7 Public
5692 CB10 2DU Football Club, Essex 24/7 Public
56A53C0C-6FA7-4925-86D4-AD8500D06E8C CB10 2DU Saffron Walden Town Football Club, Catons Lane, Saffron Walden 24/7 Public
A8460C12-BC7E-4268-B551-AE02006ECD97 CB10 2DU Saffron Walden Cricket Club, Anglo American Playing Fields, Off Catons Lane 24/7 Public
34F2DB0D-1A0D-4631-93B0-AEBA00621FA9 CB10 2GE 1 Lime Avenue, Saffron Walden 24/7 Public
AE413F3B-5B09-47AC-AB2B-AD82011EF3AC CB10 2HA Ashdon Village Hall Crown Hill, Bartlow Road, Ashdon 24/7 Restricted
82DDF745-26F9-44AA-9D42-B02800F7D655 CB10 2JP Tesco Saffron Walden, Radwinter Rd, Saffron Walden Variable Public
2176 CB10 2LG Village Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
5020 CB10 2PD Village Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
1401 CB10 2QL Green Public Toilet, Essex 24/7 Public
15CE272B-7B11-487B-A019-AEEB011C41BC CB10 2QL St Marys Church, Hall Road, Little Sampford 24/7 Public
12E77C77-FD63-4C8C-9387-AE71009E6451 CB10 2UR 3 Knights Retail Park, Thaxted Road, Saffron Walden 24/7 Public
2A9B3DB0-084F-4D1E-A142-AE71009B1830 CB10 2UR Puregym, Unit 3 Knight Retail Park, Thaxted Road 24/7 Restricted
52820A36-3C02-4F66-99B4-AF3B014CABC6 CB10 2XE Tye Green, Maple Lane, Wimbish 24/7 Public
6E756E4E-BD8F-493D-AD11-AE9800FE754C CB10 2YB 11 Rowney Avenue, Wimbish 24/7 Public
CA4E47C9-8C12-4488-ADD2-B08100AFEC91 CB11 3AQ Jps Motors, Unit 15, Shire Hill Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
84B3F81D-2D62-416A-A5DE-AE7C00A00E74 CB11 3AU Contamac Limited, Carlton House, Shire Hill Variable Restricted
9A92F749-D1D5-4B23-9419-AD4500AB99AF CB11 3DE Corn Mill Court, West Road, Saffron Walden 24/7 Public
EBB4B19D-456A-4744-8B0E-AD95009D5CB3 CB11 3DG R A Butler School, South Road, Saffron Walden 24/7 Public
8D54568E-D2B4-41F4-AB94-AD4400CD3014 CB11 3EG Lord Butler Leisure Centre, Peaslands Road, Saffron Walden 24/7 Public
CC1CD686-A1B8-4766-855B-AF8000F29E44 CB11 3HQ Saffron Walden Community Pub Ltd, Railway Arms, Station Road 24/7 Public
1F2EEE51-6496-40FF-A92C-AF22017FAA62 CB11 3LB Post Office, Mill Road, Debden 24/7 Public
DA5EC7BB-9691-4B9A-AC31-B07C0100E505 CB11 3LE Debden Church Of England Primary School, High Street, Debden Variable Restricted
CB4ED7BC-439E-4573-993F-AEEE009AA841 CB11 3LZ Telmara, Henham Road, Debden 24/7 Public
6578 CB11 3PL Village Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
B101B634-C24C-4D45-9B06-AD52007C7E6F CB11 3PL Village Hall, Station Road, Newport 24/7 Public
5324 CB11 3PU Sports Pavilion, Essex 24/7 Public
AAA9D85F-CC0E-4209-8C5C-B08100971AEB CB11 3PU Newport County Primary School, Frambury Lane, Newport Variable Restricted
8132 CB11 3RJ Reynolds Court, Essex 24/7 Public
245EBB67-DACF-43AE-BC62-AFCC009AB3D3 CB11 3RJ Reynolds Court, 1 Gaces Acre, Newport 24/7 Public
29B19060-1004-4A9F-8754-AF2900C33BA3 CB11 3RP Debden Grange Retirement Village, The Lodge, Fallow Drive 24/7 Public
89B7BF4D-3C16-4459-8EAF-AE440110D27F CB11 3SG Widdington Village Hall, High Street, Widdington 24/7 Public
71A22079-5F3A-4BB0-A659-AFFF008B9606 CB11 3TR Joyce Frankland Close, Newport, Saffron Walden Variable Restricted
A449CC5E-2F8D-4F18-8397-AE2F00CC7857 CB11 3TR Joyce Frankland Academy, Bury Water Lane, Newport 24/7 Public
765 CB11 3XQ Village Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
A6B68BB2-E81D-4E17-A86A-AD6C00B04A61 CB11 3YG Rickling Primary School, Rickling Green 24/7 Public
8FBC94F3-BFFF-412D-AD72-AEDB00CEE5E4 CB11 4AW Tesco Express Saffron Walden, Pleasant Valley, Saffron Walden Variable Public
B51CB44B-01E4-4A9B-B121-AD7F00B0C128 CB11 4BL Golden Acre Community Centre, Long Horse Croft, Saffron Walden 24/7 Public
4113F7D2-A573-4630-819A-AD9C00FA8A87 CB11 4DU Katherine Semar Junior School, Ross Close, Saffron Walden Variable Restricted
1326 CB11 4HB Village Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
2918E0DF-C5A8-4103-A1FE-B00500FC2684 CB11 4JG Home Farm, Audley End Estate, Audley End 24/7 Public
6115 CB11 4JL Aptitude Fitness & Recovery Centre, Essex 24/7 Public
7DBBD8A4-13CC-4383-9FA0-AD73008F0AF5 CB11 4JX Village Hall, Royston Road, Wendens Ambo 24/7 Public
6CD10ED8-8CBC-4BA5-BBDE-AD55011E93E0 CB11 4NL Elmdon Village Hall, High Street, Elmdon 24/7 Public
5781 CB11 4PE M & M Supermarket Ltd (Nisa), Essex 24/7 Public
6CDE3DB7-CE1A-48E2-AEE2-AE2C014D6345 CB11 4PE Clavering Parish Council, M&M Supermarket Ltd (Nisa), Stortford Road 24/7 Public
FAC42183-4FB3-495A-89B8-AE8700B7ADCE CB11 4SB The Bull, Langley Lower Green, Langley 24/7 Public
41336180-6998-4EEF-8AC1-AD55011FDDA1 CB11 4UU Elmdon & Wenden Lofts Parish Council, Duddenhoe End Village Hall, Duddenhoe End 24/7 Public
70001A6E-D574-4BF6-8E71-AD7F00E53A3F CB11 4XG Graves Farm, Catmere End, Littlebury 24/7 Public
9FE44B51-951C-4EE3-BE7B-0AFB4B51ED45 CB2 0QQ Addenbrookes Hospital, Hills Road, Cambridge 24/7 Restricted
0B4E8829-F9CC-4A83-89A7-AE8C00ABD4DF CB2 0SZ Cambridge Academy For Science & Technology, Cast, Robinson Way Variable Restricted
C3D0443A-D4B8-48D2-A6AF-ADBB00D750F1 CB2 1AD University Arms Hotel, Regent Street, Cambridge 24/7 Public
B9DF7636-8EDC-40A6-B16F-AEC500803007 CB2 1AR Hoare Lea, Ground Floor Botanic House, 100 Hills Road Variable Restricted
A3BAC2D5-13AE-4127-BF4D-B04D00BA0686 CB2 1BY Mandela House, Cambridge City Council - Mandela House, 4 Recent Street Variable Restricted
4EA16C7F-7D5C-48C2-855D-B02E00E2AD27 CB2 1HJ St Pauls Church Of England Va Primary School, Coronation Street, Cambridge Variable Restricted
37D74805-857A-4680-8674-AF0101009CC0 CB2 1LA Marks & Clerk Llp, Marks & Clerk Llp, 62-68 Hills Road, Charter House, 2nd Floor Variable Restricted
868257A3-646E-4D3D-AE6C-B03100A110EC CB2 1NW Tesco Hills Road Cambridge Express, Hills Rd, Cambridge Variable Restricted
76A7C5F9-40E3-4C12-A4BC-AE1B00A23522 CB2 1PH Mills & Reeve, Botanic House, 100 Hills Road Variable Restricted
2604 CB2 1RD Peterhouse, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
28948473-EEF4-4874-BA04-AEEC0112E07E CB2 1RX Makespace Cambridge Ltd, 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge 24/7 Restricted
1486 CB2 1TP St John's College, Great Gate Lodge, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
6546 CB2 1TP Forecourt Lodge, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
27150779-053C-4A6F-8FCB-AAFC00B62CB4 CB2 1TP St. Johns College, Great Gate Porters Lodge, St John's St Variable Restricted
D7D497B2-4A63-42C9-A722-AAFC00B7E3D3 CB2 1TP St. Johns College, Forecourt Porters Lodge, Cambridge 24/7 Restricted
82E9062C-E0EB-489E-960F-AE2800FEFA4D CB2 3DS John Lewis, 10 Downing Street, Cambridge Variable Public
A01BEA18-1E14-452E-9DC2-AEDB00A76010 CB2 3DS John Lewis, 10 Downing Street, Cambridge Variable Public
1523747E-BDF6-40D9-A3B5-AF6A00CA4471 CB2 3NA Bpp Cambridge, 3rd Floor Lion House, Lion Yard Variable Public
6B4D8C49-CD52-400C-86B8-AFF1009E8335 CB2 3NA O2 Store (0081) Cambridge - Lion Yard, 1 Lion Yard, Cambridgeshire Variable Restricted
CA2BA45D-FC4F-4F92-9682-AD9100A2411D CB2 3NA Lion Yard Shopping Centre, Management Suite, Lion Yard 24/7 Public
043467DD-7B96-4337-9A68-AE9700927DC1 CB2 3PF Mash, Market Passage, Cambridge 24/7 Restricted
202BAE86-2A00-495C-8DAE-B06200DBC066 CB2 3QH Austin/Cockroft Building, Austin Building, New Museum Site 24/7 Public
28CF6BE8-6702-46E0-AB53-B04D00BA0E98 CB2 3QJ Guildhall, Guildhall Cambridge City Council, Markit Hill Variable Restricted
5444363F-927F-432E-8333-B09F00AFAC29 CB2 7EF Mrc Cognition And Brain Sciences Unit, 15 Chaucer Road, Cambridge Variable Restricted
392C012D-ADA2-437B-BDBE-AF3B00A5A8C5 CB2 8AF Nuffield Hospital, 2-4 Trumpington Road, Cambridge Variable Restricted
1C5D3C5D-C47E-4AE4-B9EA-ADA200979AE9 CB2 8AG St Faiths School, Trumpington Road, Cambridge Variable Restricted
A1856DD7-8023-415A-B7C9-AF3B00A3B9C6 CB2 8AG St Faiths School, Trumpington Road, Cambridge Variable Restricted
34844E06-1AA5-4EEB-8D6B-AEDD00B92FC9 CB2 8PA Ground Floor Unex House, 132-134 Hills Road, Cambridge Variable Public
F8F278E7-6173-4384-908C-AEB300E37739 CB2 9AY Trumpington Meadows Primary School, Kestrel Rise, South Trumpington 24/7 Public
FEB2AFE2-4468-4A5D-8E67-B03E00A4FCD9 CB2 9EG Trumpington Park Primary School, Hobson Avenue, Trumpington Variable Public
C0EEFAD4-B2AE-400F-82A5-B04D00BA16A6 CB2 9FN Clay Farm Centre, The Clay Farm Centre, Hobson Square Variable Restricted
33EDC6A9-92B0-4C60-A7FF-AECF00DD2490 CB2 9FT John Lewis Service Building, 40 Hauxton Road, Cambridge Variable Public
226D37FD-96BA-4FA5-9694-AE3D014F4E50 CB2 9JF Trumpington Residents' Assoc. Tra, Pavilion King George V Memorial Playing Field, Paget Road 24/7 Public
1BCC09F6-9B78-4852-A302-AFA300AB9ABD CB2 9LD Bidwell House, Maris Lane, Cambridge Variable Restricted
2EFFB57F-3014-4FC2-AF27-ADFF00E3959A CB2 9LG Cosmex Clinic, Cosmex Clinic Annexe Anstey Hall, Maris Lane Variable Public
FEE16456-0430-45C7-9D00-AFA300EA0CD6 CB2 9LS Bidwells Llp, 54 High Street, Trumpington Variable Restricted
535940F1-CAB4-4030-80A4-B03400EC96F6 CB21 4DJ Meadow Community Primary School, Meadow Primary School, High Street Variable Restricted
1A758A6B-DAE8-458B-B686-AD5E00726A2F CB21 4HY Raveedha Care Ltd, Symonds House, 44 Symonds Lane 24/7 Restricted
0F59BF75-59CB-4430-9E10-B09C00F91EAC CB21 4JB Linton Village College, Cambridge Road, Linton 24/7 Public
2BBC733E-C22E-4B04-BE35-AD9E011E4F01 CB21 4JB Storage Hut Linton Village College, Cambridge Road, Linton 24/7 Public
2D9C4E8F-1493-429C-9284-AE3A00C022AC CB21 4LP 7 Balsham Road, Linton 24/7 Public
5086 CB21 4QR Village Hall, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
06DEC504-5B40-4257-A996-B004008D2DE8 CB21 4QR Horseheath Village Hall, Village Hall, Haverhill Road 24/7 Public
5085 CB21 4QX Solar Cabinet On Post, next to Village Information Sign, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
6C473677-6875-477C-86CF-B004008B6A51 CB21 4QX Junction Of Horseheath Green And Cardinals Green, Cardinals Green, Horseheath 24/7 Public
7874 CB21 4SN On Post, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
F195A11B-3B42-4E3A-8A99-AF4C0125B05D CB21 4SN Castle Camps On Post, Next To The Planets, High Street 24/7 Public
7873 CB21 4TR On Post, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
AD7E8157-2252-49DC-AA4E-AF4C0125ACA2 CB21 4TR Camps End On Post, Near Windy Ridge, Castle Camps 24/7 Public
26B3F4C4-677F-418D-B46B-AF42010182F2 CB21 4XN Bowie Construction Ltd, Unit 3, The Grip Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
5FF53267-6B5A-4081-8399-AE2B00D8ABF9 CB21 5BY Fulbourn Institute Colts Football Club, Fulbourn Recreation Ground, Home End 24/7 Public
B5F5A5CE-D31B-49C6-B274-AF11007CF65C CB21 5DE Cambridge 24/7 Public
E8587BD8-632C-4C5A-8A34-B00300B15965 CB21 5EE Block 20a, Ida Darwin Hopital, Fulbourn 24/7 Public
C7B0C923-2C2E-4A56-8900-AE2F009B6128 CB21 5JG Wilbraham Memorial Hall, Angle End, Great Wilbraham 24/7 Public
C6D60B48-F6D6-4B6D-A9C1-B07C00DC58A9 CB21 5JQ Great Wilbraham Primary School, Church Street, Great Wilbraham 24/7 Restricted
F48C229E-DE03-444E-9FAF-AED600D70229 CB21 5NX Hall Reading Room, The Hall Reading Room, Chapel Road 24/7 Public
67EB11AC-FC23-4D28-A3CA-ADD300D83637 CB21 6AL Twi Ltd, The Welding Institute, 6 Granta Park Variable Restricted
F69F42B8-064B-46D1-B2AB-AE2600FB41F5 CB21 6BS Hildersham Village Hall, High Street, Hildersham 24/7 Public
EC7FE740-9D6F-42F9-A76D-AF4D00EAED4E CB21 6GP Altos Labs Cambridge Institute, Portway Building, Granta Park, Great Abington, Cambridge Cb21 6gp, Portway Building 24/7 Restricted
96AC97A0-F9BC-4B32-904A-AE3200C8C4EA CB22 3AD Eastern Academic Health Science Network, Ground Floor Unit C Magog Court, Hinton Way 24/7 Public
65F86707-FFEB-4CC8-BC66-ADD000AFB03D CB22 3AF Copley Estates Limited, The Estate Office, Cambridge Road 24/7 Public
36CC68CF-0D17-45EF-90A2-AE1C008E08E6 CB22 3AG Post Box 39m From Chalk Farmhouse, High Street 11m From High Street, High Street, Babraham 24/7 Public
76D56186-9A79-47E1-8BDE-AFF600F6A9E1 CB22 3AG Babraham Primary School, Babraham Cofe (Vc) Primary School, High Street Variable Restricted
50D00829-E518-455D-8237-AF3C00B8B1DE CB22 3BP Sports Centre Sawston Village College, New Road, Sawston Variable Public
FF4C68FD-5E7C-42C6-8CF0-AF3C00AF33ED CB22 3BP Sawston Village College, New Road, Sawston Variable Restricted
8246D1C6-4AD4-4A71-A122-AF3C00B67D50 CB22 3BW Electricity Sub Station 34m From 11 New Road 15m From New Road, New Road, Sawston Variable Restricted
1189 CB22 3DG Spicers Pavilion, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
CB942281-0E57-4E0D-87B0-B09300C26341 CB22 3DG Cambridge Road, Sawston 24/7 Public
5849D546-6835-4F7A-A746-AF1000EE9A05 CB22 3EG Aqdot Ltd, Unit 2a Iconix Park, London Road 24/7 Public
76D12DC6-25B6-4B0D-AF7A-AE2B011946EF CB22 3EG Iconix Park, London Road, Pampisford Variable Restricted
493F5BBC-D7EA-4708-942F-AF33006F48FF CB22 3FH, Unit 950 The Dorothy Hodgkin Building Babraham Research Campus, High Street Variable Restricted
6275359A-91F4-4D4D-B9F3-AEC900960D51 CB22 3FT Unity Campus - Multi-Storey Car Park, Unity Campus, 10 South Street 24/7 Public
1160 CB22 3GB Parish Council Office, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
9A982486-489F-47BE-AE5B-B09300C19AE3 CB22 3GB Sawston Parish Council, Parish Council Offices, Link Road 24/7 Public
3779DC67-9F4F-442E-8F9A-AE5A0115EC5C CB22 3HG Dixon International Group Limited, 32 Brewery Road, Pampisford 24/7 Public
1923 CB22 3HZ Mill Lane Pavilion, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
21858CC4-C61E-4A2B-9513-B09300C0E338 CB22 3HZ Mill Lane Pavilion, Mill Lane, Sawston 24/7 Public
1924 CB22 3LH Lynton Way Pavilion, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
05FD1BF8-D628-4A54-AC4A-B08400CAFF4B CB22 3LH 80 Babraham Road, Sawston, Cambridge 24/7 Public
5048 CB22 3LN Communal Building, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
7362 CB22 3TG Price Bailey LLP, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
36169B81-7EAD-4B3D-8D26-AF5200C2E582 CB22 4NE Whittlesford Memorial Hall, Mill Lane, Whittlesford 24/7 Public
34C75442-21C7-4763-ABDE-AF4F00FEA78A CB22 4NL Ringway, Station Road (East), Whittlesford Variable Public
6446 CB22 4QQ EMG Garage, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
6F79B8CD-9033-46C2-8CD5-AD6B008F33BA CB22 4QR Building 62 Imperial War Museum, Royston Road, Duxford 24/7 Restricted
9CA0249E-D5C0-4844-9D98-AFF0014F1B37 CB22 4RE Duxford Community Centre, Duxford Recreation Ground, Hunts Road 24/7 Public
A74D7D48-E794-45C0-A8A3-AE6A00A0CA51 CB22 4WL Chemical Processes, Unit 4a Lion Works, Station Road (East) Variable Public
972D88D9-BFA8-4224-9BB4-AD8B008E342D CB22 5AR 6 Grain Close, Great Shelford 24/7 Restricted
FDC7289D-59D1-4338-B1C2-AF4000E52941 CB22 5BJ Stapleford Community Primary School, Bar Lane, Stapleford 24/7 Public
3DA1D9D0-91AF-4B00-ABBD-ADF3008E8E5B CB22 5BQ Access Road To Recreation Ground From Gog Magog Way, Jubilee Pavilion, Gog Magog Way 24/7 Public
C5101FFD-E710-40B2-A633-B03F00F2D1F5 CB22 5EL Gt & Lt Shelford C Of E School, Great And Little Shelford Cofe (Aided) Primary School, Church Street Variable Restricted
09019103-7E29-44CC-97E5-AFD900CA543B CB22 5EY Great Shelford Free Church, Ashen Green, Great Shelford Variable Public
AACA9F30-35DA-4A3B-804A-B02600E308E2 CB22 5EY Tesco Great Shelford Express, Woollards Ln, Great Shelford Variable Public
29803973-8DF7-46A6-86EA-AE5700C6D26D CB22 5HS Hauxton Centre, The Recreation Ground, Church Road, Hauxton 24/7 Public
E32C7759-0B31-42EC-A297-AE5900DC5E24 CB22 5HT Hauxton Sports Pavilion, Cambridge Road, Hauxton 24/7 Public
3517 CB22 5JU Great Shelford Rugby Club, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
D7112FB8-9E93-479B-A67F-ADF900CDDFB6 CB22 5LZ Great Shelford Parish Council, Pavilion Recreation Ground, Woollards Lane Variable Restricted
02B1F902-958D-45C1-8809-AE0B01871560 CB22 6RN Foxton Village Hall Trust, Pavilion And Community Centre Recreation Ground, Hardman Road 24/7 Public
7AAE562D-6C49-4855-B9ED-B08400B1F6C0 CB22 6RN Foxton County Primary School (Ccc), Foxton Primary School, 11 Hardman Road Variable Restricted
EE049239-927D-4AE1-A1CC-AE1900FBAD07 CB22 7GG Meteor Inkjet Ltd, Block H Harston Mill, Royston Road 24/7 Public
AAE0182C-E295-4C5C-B6EF-AF5801298542 CB22 7NQ Meadow Way Community Centre, Communal Facilities, Meadow Way 24/7 Public
4E4F00B2-D51B-477C-A2E0-B02B00B9DBD5 CB22 7PT Harston Village Hall, 20 High Street, Harston 24/7 Public
2ABD80FC-3196-4B3C-A53E-B02E00C51325 CB22 7PX Harston And Newton Community Primary School, Harston And Newton Cp School, High Street Variable Restricted
84ADAAC9-ADE7-47FE-9C14-B02B00BC7132 CB22 7QT Harston Parish Council, The Pavilion, Harston Recreation Ground, Rear Of The Limes 24/7 Public
5429 CB23 1ES Hare & Hounds Public House, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
EE2D1748-7DC7-4FA9-A318-ADE8013A31EB CB23 1JP Haslingfield Lawn Tennis Club, Haslingfield Village Hall, New Road 24/7 Public
32E75DF5-D773-4EF2-8448-B03400ABEDCC CB23 1JW Cambs County Council, Haslingfield Endowed Primary School, High Street Variable Restricted
176F2231-93B6-4905-B56C-B08500CFD038 CB23 2NN Kingston Village Hall, Village Hall, The Green 24/7 Public
3669 CB23 2RE Toft People's Hall, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
87AA1194-B010-4E45-8A1D-AE3B01202C1C CB23 2SG Bourn Village Hall Committee, Bourn Village Hall, 3 Short Street 24/7 Public
F6D296B7-D59E-400C-A785-AE3B01216990 CB23 2SH Bourn Sports Club, Pavilion Jubilee Playing Fields, Alms Hill 24/7 Public
E477B0CE-B65D-4EF1-A8F1-ADA300A6D9FE CB23 2TX Wysing Arts Centre, Fox Road, Bourn Variable Restricted
0CFDA6A2-7F66-4BA4-8D01-AF0C0104B23A CB23 2UJ Longstowe Village Hall, Village Hall, Park Lane 24/7 Public
06FAE968-2E22-4089-936B-B04A00A94B63 CB23 3GY Viridian Solar, Atlas Building, 68 Stirling Way Variable Public
6189E224-2EB8-4D7C-8492-AE5F010C03B0 CB23 3GY Unit C1 Atria Court, Stirling Way, Papworth Everard Variable Public
ABB1ECA4-B0D3-463C-8E22-B00D008E2A4D CB23 3GY The Swiss Laundry, 70 Stirling Way, Papworth Everard Variable Public
6626 CB23 3PL Village Hall, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
151CE548-6B60-4EE1-81E3-ADAB00E98209 CB23 3QQ Papworth Surgery, 2 Chequers Lane, Papworth Everard 24/7 Public
9BC81567-EBDB-46EF-9900-AEC8010613F1 CB23 4JR 15 Cotterells Lane, Elsworth 24/7 Public
C83177BB-1319-46DF-AF75-AE6B010B4160 CB23 4LY Boxworth Village Hall, High Street, Boxworth 24/7 Public
5774A83F-C8AF-40F0-93CA-AE2000F5661A CB23 6DW Carl Zeiss Microscopy Ltd, Zeiss House, 1030 Cambourne Business Park Variable Restricted
2C551B90-A345-4F9C-905E-B03C010A9DF8 CB23 6DZ Cambridgeshire County Council, Jeavons Wood Primary School, Eastgate Variable Restricted
97AB79D0-5262-46FF-979B-AFEB00E41447 CB23 6FR Comberton Academy Trust, Cambourne Village College, Sheepfold Lane Variable Public
9D838802-A16A-42E1-9DB3-AD4A00F15747 CB23 6FR Comberton Academy Trust, Cambourne Village College, Sheepfold Lane Variable Restricted
A841A721-8E94-42E6-AF8E-AF0300F7D613 CB23 6FR Comberton Academy Trust, Cambourne Village College, Sheepfold Lane Variable Restricted
24580A85-B938-4A3A-B504-AE2700EC14F7 CB23 6FY Cambourne Fitness And Sports Centre, Back Lane, Cambourne Variable Public
40E222AE-00F0-440E-9E6F-AD4F00FDEC38 CB23 6FY Great Cambourne Cricket Pavilion, Cricket Pavillion, Back Lane 24/7 Public
91470694-C4DA-42CB-B16C-AD4F00FC0B27 CB23 6FY Cambourne Sports Pavilion, Back Lane, Cambourne 24/7 Public
9D0C40CE-436B-4534-9ABB-AFA200F30CFA CB23 6FY Cambourne 3g And Tennis Courts, Back Lane, Cambourne 24/7 Public
5D623B02-E26B-48B1-ACEB-AD4F00F8E510 CB23 6GW Cambourne Community Centre, High Street, Cambourne Variable Restricted
058D7F2C-2FE8-46A9-8058-ADDD00BF5AA9 CB23 7BD Barton Primary School, Barton C Of E Va Primary School, School Lane 24/7 Public
6900 CB23 7BG Bowls Club Pavilion, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
12C686DB-041C-4F63-8214-AED70126C094 CB23 7BG Barton Bowls Club Pavilion, Barton Bowls Club, Recreation Ground 24/7 Public
B2D6DE6E-5567-46FD-B699-B04D01117BA1 CB23 7DD Meridian Primary School, Harbour Avenue, Comberton 24/7 Public
B0435AB1-7D13-414E-85C3-B06000AF11E3 CB23 7FW Cambridge Design Partnership, Unit 3 Bourne Quarter, Wellington Way, Caldecote, Cambridge Variable Public
C0A95466-4082-4415-9295-B0A500BE64A4 CB23 7PH Lightcast Business Unit 2, Unit 2 Crome Lea Business Park, Madingley Road Variable Restricted
869B9F37-4972-4F88-88E2-AE3500B66764 CB23 7PW Coton C Of E Vc Community Primary School, Whitwell Way, Coton 24/7 Public
38AEFD05-9ABA-4B58-BEDA-ADDA00D5E172 CB23 7XR Hardwick Sports & Social Club, The Pavilion, Egremont Road 24/7 Public
7474 CB23 7ZS Hardwick & Caldecote Cricket Club, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
BC2A5E72-F22A-40DD-B96C-AFB100D8B4B8 CB23 8BA Childerley Llp, 4a Mill Yard, Childerley 24/7 Public
8409B395-71A3-4762-8AFC-AED000B8E2CD CB23 8BS Dry Drayton Village Hall, 23 High Street, Dry Drayton 24/7 Public
9F931746-B771-43F4-B0D2-AFEE00D06663 CB23 8BX Cambridge St Giles Cricket Club, St Giles Cricket Club, Scotland Road 24/7 Restricted
8B797179-8F14-4A9F-B830-B0A70109E968 CB23 8DA Dry Drayton Cofe (C) Primary School, Cambs County Council, Park Street 24/7 Public
AA981945-4677-48F7-AD50-AAC600B30F2C CB23 8DS Baldwins Holdings Limited, Unit 2, Hazlewell Court Variable Restricted
4B32F8AD-3CDF-43A7-843B-AE8A00D43CD8 CB23 8DY Tesco, Filling Station, Gladeside Variable Public
DC6563CC-CA28-428F-8274-AE1A00D43582 CB23 8EL Tesco Extra, 15-18 Viking Way, Bar Hill Variable Public
94027BA4-8818-4235-998D-ADB200BB912B CB23 8HG Robinson Hall, High Street, Lolworth 24/7 Public
91684A0A-99D7-40F4-B656-AFE8007FE7A7 CB23 8SQ Screwfix, Unit 1d, Gateway Variable Restricted
E647B9CF-BD1D-4311-A46C-ADC800EC043A CB23 8YW Park Farm, Church Lane, Madingley Variable Public
FE68A501-5901-4D28-9673-AFFF00C36B6C CB24 1DH Martin Bacon Academy, Stirling Road, Northstowe Variable Restricted
F64A31FA-07B8-4414-9B91-ACFD00D34880 CB24 1DJ Urban Splash Construct, Northstowe, Stirling Road Variable Public
BA6D3341-EBAE-4FC3-9405-AD41009338C8 CB24 3AH Clean Slate, Tyburn House, Station Road Variable Public
20480747-DAB8-47D0-8A5D-AD8600E8FA3D CB24 3AR Busy Bees Day Nursery, Westwick Hall Farm, Westwick, Oakington Variable Restricted
C3C8DD4C-63CB-4839-B251-AF5E0100996A CB24 3AW Oakington & Westwick Parish Council, Oakington Recreation Ground, Queens Way 24/7 Public
F1AB46EB-AEFA-4751-92EF-B02700D8BBA0 CB24 3BS Longstanton Village Institute, 24 High Street, Longstanton 24/7 Public
3C392BCF-A4DE-455B-AFC2-B02F00D59D2A CB24 3DW Longstanton Pavilion, Pavilion Recreation Ground, Over Road 24/7 Public
6460A1B6-E65A-4247-9BC3-AEEF008078E4 CB24 3EJ Sergeants Mess Oakington Barracks, Rampton Road, Longstanton Variable Public
2E00E2C5-963B-4D09-BEFB-B02300DB2442 CB24 3GN Longstanton Village Green, Nelson Crescent, Longstanton 24/7 Public
398559F1-4272-41EA-935F-AEB4011F2760 CB24 4QP Windmill Boarding Kennels Hale Windmill, Hale Road, Swavesey 24/7 Public
270725E9-EEA4-45F5-A344-AEB4008F6F1F CB24 4RA Swavesey Surgery, 58 Boxworth End, Swavesey 24/7 Public
6CB6A283-5EFF-490C-9BD9-B03F00D906A0 CB24 4SL Fen Drayton Primary School, Cootes Lane, Fen Drayton Variable Restricted
1CF3805F-F38F-422C-91B4-AE6600CA6A94 CB24 4SU Universal Composite Doors Ltd, Middleton Way, Fen Drayton Variable Public
A7669049-EBD0-43C2-946C-AF4C00E69436 CB24 4UG Whippet Coaches Ltd, Buckingway Business Park, 2 Rowles Way 24/7 Restricted
043C6336-7FE1-45B8-A97C-AEBB00C56AF1 CB24 4UQ Network Rail - Cambridge Regional Distribution Centre, Unit 200, Anderson Road Variable Restricted
A2483A17-5361-4BDD-829A-AF0100EF1893 CB24 4UQ Beam Group, Buckingway Business Park, 400 Anderson Road Variable Restricted
F71270B4-BBF5-497F-859C-B075009B6B43 CB24 5LE Cambs County Council, Willingham Primary School, Thodays Close 24/7 Public
443A109B-0A53-4E52-B3DC-AD9000D3C222 CB24 5LH Willingham Social Club, Fen End, Willingham Variable Public
4DDEEAF5-ED70-40FD-B8B2-AE2000A074B8 CB24 5LP Willingham Parish Council, Pavilion Recreation Ground, West Fen Road 24/7 Public
7727 CB24 6AJ Roll Inn, 8a High Street, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
968B4538-622B-4914-96FD-AFC80116F11A CB24 6AJ Milton Roll Inn, Roll Inn, 8a High Street, Milton, Cambridge 24/7 Public
6BD7498C-6B1B-4EF4-9C16-AFA300FE8A1D CB24 6AP Peters Elworthy And Moore Ltd, Winship House, Winship Road Variable Restricted
AA411D85-B2B5-4BC7-9E65-AE58013A4999 CB24 6AY Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Cambridge Road Variable Public
62C8205B-60A1-4E4E-B425-ADEC00C67103 CB24 6AZ Midsummer Energy, Midsummer Energy Ltd, Cambridge Road Industrial Estate Variable Public
A8A6D55B-4E88-4F30-B851-AE4D00B3BCA8 CB24 6AZ Xjtag, Camtech House, 137 Cambridge Road Ind. Est Variable Restricted
E17F06C4-72A7-46F7-8B66-B02F0093ED1B CB24 6DL Milton Primary School, Milton Cofe Vc Primary School, Humphries Way 24/7 Public
6D30CD27-9485-4590-B9E8-AFF000E20773 CB24 6UB Sports Pavilion, North Lodge Park, Milton 24/7 Public
F490622E-C8A0-47AA-B644-AEE401049034 CB24 6WZ Milton Hall Cambridge Ltd, Ground Floor Milton Hall, Ely Road Variable Restricted
7AD8E3B3-6D21-424C-BD48-AED600A32EDA CB24 6XJ Milton Community Centre & Recreation Grounds, Pavilion Sycamores Recreation Ground, The Sycamores 24/7 Public
F4F31688-BDDF-419D-B70A-AE4F00DC3678 CB24 8RX The Fire Station, 164 High Street, Cottenham 24/7 Public
907C448A-9192-4CD3-BB9B-AD6C00D90050 CB24 8SS Cottenham Court Nursing Home, High Street, Cottenham 24/7 Restricted
8226 CB24 8TA Village Hall, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
59ACF646-9AD3-46CE-B07E-AFD300A28980 CB24 8TA Cottenham Primary School, Lambs Lane, Cottenham Variable Restricted
5F5A713B-5AB3-40CE-BEF2-B01F0085D024 CB24 8TA Cottenham Village Hall, King George V Playing Fields, Lambs Lane, Cottenham, Cottenham 24/7 Public
AEF8A62A-B653-49F2-B07C-B07500A4095D CB24 8TA Lambs Lane, Cottenham Variable Restricted
1FE95A01-C08C-4515-91D8-AE71012BCD29 CB24 8UA Cottenham Sports Centre, Cottenham Sports Centre Cottenham Village College, High Street Variable Public
8D2923C3-7DA4-441D-8930-B07700D403A4 CB24 8UP Fen End Farm, Oxholme Drove, Cottenham 24/7 Restricted
98C61E3A-AD2F-4B26-9F43-AE8C009E8994 CB24 8UQ Cotten Lodge, 119 Histon Road, Cottenham Variable Restricted
D2845CC2-C538-429E-AD23-AEC500A22701 CB24 9AD Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Compass House, Chivers Way Variable Restricted
68AD578F-3E7C-4518-AC1F-AEFC009183C9 CB24 9BZ G W Pharma Ltd, Second Floor Sovereign House Vision Park, Chivers Way Variable Restricted
F3039118-055D-4106-AFC5-AE3900EA09A6 CB24 9JD Tesco, Tesco Express Supermarket, 30 High Street Variable Restricted
952 CB24 9JE St Andrews Centre, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
6151 CB24 9LQ Histon Baptist Church, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
9EFD244F-CCCD-4E6B-A0AD-B05800C07E77 CB24 9LU Histon And Impington Recreation Ground, New Road, Impington 24/7 Public
80A0383F-F1C0-4AC8-9D6F-AD5900EF843C CB24 9LX Impington Village College, New Road, Impington 24/7 Public
7EF4A0BF-1CC7-4B4C-9753-B03E00B937D7 CB24 9LY 5 Park Drive, Impington Variable Restricted
4E0E1CF3-B44C-40CE-930D-AF4600EF200C CB24 9NG L S Plant Breeding, L S Plant Breeding Ltd Manor Farm, Milton Road Variable Restricted
3650178E-3287-4750-B50E-B07D012D87BB CB24 9PH Histon Football Club, Bridge Road, Impington 24/7 Public
312279B7-027E-4FB8-AD6F-AF5600BCB351 CB24 9ZR Internet Watch Foundation, Discovery House, Vision Park, Histon, Histon Variable Restricted
95CE76C9-0E74-4E0D-9C1A-AE0100EA43DF CB25 0AE Burwell Health Centre, Newmarket Road, Burwell 24/7 Public
DE917C61-C4D8-4F0B-BCC2-AE000087DF1B CB25 0AE Electricity Sub Station Opposite 72, Newmarket Road, Burwell Variable Restricted
929AF20A-A61A-4EC0-B41E-AFEB008C4966 CB25 0AH Burwell Cricket Club, The Pavilion, Tan House Lane 24/7 Public
6761 CB25 0BN McGowan & Rutherford Ltd, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
DF2FA518-6E66-42D8-ADD2-B03800783C03 CB25 0BN Factory Road, Burwell Variable Restricted
2C5BEF26-AE9A-4C85-84C1-AE5300C95334 CB25 0DD Burwell Community Sports Centre Association, Burwell Sports Centre, Buntings Path 24/7 Public
9FBB69AE-2914-4EC5-9E5E-AE0100E6D20A CB25 0DR Cambridgeshire County Council, Burwell And District Day Centre, Ash Grove 24/7 Public
6E8E3D64-3A76-4FAD-9AEF-B03000B6B5FB CB25 0DU Burwell Village College Primary School, The Causeway, Burwell Variable Restricted
4A862D05-935C-4E57-922B-AE0100E966DA CB25 0HD Trinity Church, High Street, Burwell 24/7 Public
31A7A5BF-8C24-448E-A9BF-ADDC00C55D9B CB25 0LX Swaffham Bulbeck C Of E Primary School, 84 High Street, Swaffham Bulbeck 24/7 Public
DCB4DE31-0222-4EAB-86E6-AEA700FDA376 CB25 0NA David Rayner Farms, Park End, Swaffham Bulbeck 24/7 Public
D4337701-9039-4DB2-91DD-AF980108E776 CB25 9EJ National Trust, Anglesey Abbey, Quy Road Variable Restricted
1003 CB25 9FD Village Hall, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
472EC095-2E54-4EC6-A9FF-AE6E00FEE5DB CB25 9FD Emmaus Cambridge, Celia House Accommadation Emmaus Cambridge, Green End Variable Restricted
5789A2C2-4031-4C86-8910-B08C00B462F3 CB25 9FD Landbeach Village Hall, 1 Green End, Landbeach 24/7 Public
F81D833E-BB90-4EDD-A8F1-AD7400F78F5C CB25 9FD Emmaus Cambridge, Celia House Emmaus Cambridge, Green End 24/7 Public
63DA33D7-3D23-45FB-A751-AFE700FC6B95 CB25 9FX Screwfix, Unit 1 Glenmore Business Park, Ely Road Variable Restricted
852F64A1-54AE-4FA0-BC1B-AE6F0119EDC6 CB25 9GU Royal Papworth Hospital Staff Accomodation, Royal Papworth Hospital Accommodation Elm House Waterbeach Barracks, 1 Denny End Road 24/7 Restricted
EAC3705C-BA4B-4FD6-8DC8-B09300EDD58B CB25 9JU High Street, Waterbeach 24/7 Restricted
671C48C0-1211-4E26-9FA8-AEC900A57E79 CB25 9NJ Waterbeach Parish Council, Waterbeach Parish Council At The Old Pavilion Recreation Ground, Cambridge Road 24/7 Public
3330CF16-1071-4FB7-951A-ADDA01182B9A CB25 9PH Taste Flavourings Ltd, Denny Lodge Business Park, Chittering Variable Restricted
6547 CB3 0AD Cripps Lodge, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
5F7BA3FE-7F3A-43AB-BD04-AAFC00C54F38 CB3 0AD St. Johns College, Northampton Street, Cambridge 24/7 Restricted
A151B87F-F327-4C2D-80C7-B01B0117610C CB3 0DS Churchill College Chapel Churchill College, Churchill College Private Road, Storeys Way 24/7 Public
542D6F16-5015-43ED-B1A4-B02900848BF4 CB3 0FA Lightcast Discovery, Broers Building, 21 J J Thomson Avenue Variable Restricted
8B15223F-1599-4DDD-9D30-AE3600E8FA65 CB3 0FH Girton Parish Council, The Pavilion Girton Recreation Ground, Cambridge Road 24/7 Public
18B9C607-472E-4B2A-8029-ADD400F2AE66 CB3 0FS Cambridge University, Innes Building Veterinary Hospital, Madingley Road Variable Restricted
2FBD3F46-1683-4685-A18C-AF64007E5D21 CB3 0HA Hoyle Building Institute Of Astronomy, Madingley Road, Cambridge 24/7 Restricted
67F49619-B913-47E0-B953-B04D00BA1A22 CB3 0JJ Crematorium, Cambridge Crematorium, Dry Draton Variable Restricted
9A69C36D-8CF3-4F8B-BF53-AF8700E6384F CB3 0NA Element Materials Technology, Unit 4 Wellbrook Court, Wellbrook Way Variable Public
E73017C3-241D-4DDD-AAFD-AF2700BAEF6D CB3 0NA First Floor Offices, Unit 2 Wellbrook Court, Wellbrook Way Variable Restricted
3DADDA7A-93D8-4E13-8E79-ADD000A56B99 CB3 1AQ Swirles Porters Lodge, Pheasants Drive, Eddington 24/7 Public
1219 CB3 9AA St John's College Sports Ground Pavilion, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
5012 CB3 9AD Crausaz, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
2192 CB3 9AL Clare Hall Gym, West Court, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
7934 CB3 9AN Robinson College, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
4032 CB3 9DH Sports Pavilion, Old Fields Sports Ground, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
2811 CB3 9DQ Selwyn College, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
3490 CB3 9DQ Selwyn College, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
3505 CB3 9ED Pembroke College Sports Ground Pavilion, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
3642 CB3 9ED Cocks and Hens Cambridge Tennis Club, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
894B8505-6D99-4D02-9CFB-ADEF01251394 CB3 9EU Darwin College, Silver Street, Cambridge 24/7 Restricted
5472 CB3 9RJ Corpus Christi College, Leckhampton House, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
78ED990F-2E89-443A-9AC1-AEC000DC4C8D CB4 0AF Cambridge Science Park, 2 Milton Road, Cambridge Variable Restricted
F98861B0-D0C4-4AFA-AF13-AE5500FB1723 CB4 0AF Public, Cambridge Science Park, 2 Milton Road 24/7 Public
416CFB98-D448-4725-9DC4-AE7D01096020 CB4 0DL Scintacor Ltd, 125 Cowley Road, Cambridge Variable Restricted
B7BAEDCF-5C16-4495-A3D2-B04D00BB1320 CB4 0DL 130 Cowley Road, Cambridge City Council, 130 Cowley Road Variable Restricted
DCB19F7A-B2BB-42C4-A779-AD8200E2AD31 CB4 0DP Arthur D Little Merlin Place, 460 Milton Road, Cambridge Variable Public
C57896EC-8F80-4FB0-A8EB-B04D00BA1CEA CB4 0DT Cambridge City Council Depot, Cambridge City Council, Cowley Road Variable Restricted
5EF3A922-A265-4F93-9672-AE2A009DCA6B CB4 0FP Johnson Matthey Plc, 28 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Variable Restricted
7B21D2D3-7B69-4F69-9D2B-B00000ABD049 CB4 0FP 26 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge Variable Restricted
0EC4C548-A85E-425B-A599-AEC900AE84E7 CB4 0FY 101 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Variable Restricted
C9CBBF73-0C4B-41D7-A312-AE2701093832 CB4 0GN Cambridge R&D, Beko R&D, 155 Cambridge Science Park Variable Restricted
19F0B85F-0724-4A2B-839D-AFA800EAF8C1 CB4 0WB Bayer Cropscience Ltd, 230 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road Variable Restricted
B95F6AE9-233E-4DFD-8AD9-AE2E00D321EE CB4 0WN Polatis Ltd, First Floor East Wing, 332 Cambridge Science Park Variable Restricted
2129B343-454C-4C3C-B7AB-ADD400B2618D CB4 0WX Coulson Building Group, William James House, Cowley Road Variable Restricted
207745DB-F304-475C-94D1-AFC100E9AC0E CB4 0WZ Savills - Cambridge Business Park, Cowley Park, Cambridge, Cambridge 24/7 Public
B999F73B-D16F-492A-AA4A-AE8C00A419BF CB4 1DL Mapp, Ground Floor St Andrews House, St Andrews Road Variable Public
1252 CB4 1EG Lady Margaret Boat Club, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
5307 CB4 1HJ First and Third Trinity Boat Club, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
254DE858-0FA7-4E4D-8DF3-AE87015A4998 CB4 1HJ Cambridgeshire Rowing Association, Cambridgeshire Rowing Association Boathouse, Kimberley Road 24/7 Public
2661 CB4 1JR Clare College Boathouse, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
EAA3B6F9-E7B2-4D69-8FAA-B03D00BC9EA8 CB4 1NX Tesco Chesterton Cambs Express, 186-188 High St, Chesterton Variable Public
D15EBA5C-964B-4655-9B4D-B04D00BAC4DA CB4 1SA Whitefriars, Chesterton, Cambridge 24/7 Public
85EAD9AC-831A-41DE-9B5F-B06500F8668F CB4 1TA Shirley Primary, Shirley Community Primary & Preschool, Nuffield Road Variable Public
4F53B8B8-9B6C-4124-B282-B07600DF2511 CB4 1UN Fen Road - Hill Partnership, 71-73 Fen Road, Cambridge Variable Restricted
8CE3AC69-ABC1-4D6D-87A5-AEA100B9E25C CB4 1YG Cambridge Semi Conductors Ltd, Suite 21a Block 5 Westbrook Centre, Milton Road Variable Restricted
9DA03A31-94D3-4F32-B5C7-AE3500DBDA3E CB4 1YG Suite 4b Westbrook Centre, Milton Road, Cambridge Variable Public
2A842F38-C012-4B49-8C30-AF8F0098C037 CB4 2AD Tesco Orchard Park Express, Unwin Square, Orchard Park Variable Public
37C8E005-FCA1-40CC-AC0F-B04D00BAC192 CB4 2EU Mansel Court, Mansel Way, Cambridge 24/7 Public
DAB87995-E5F6-4E75-BDEA-B0740093B85C CB4 2HU King's Hedges Educational Federation, Northfield Avenue, Cambridge Variable Restricted
32A16AA3-EB9F-4D9F-805F-AF3900BC8DEE CB4 2HY Allia Future Business Centre, King's Hedges Road, Cambridge Variable Restricted
543A026B-B83D-4FA4-A7F5-B02700ED58B3 CB4 2NB The Grove Primary School, Campkin Road, Cambridge Variable Restricted
590D875C-B67D-4AB3-9D7F-AE3800E52112 CB4 2NF Tesco, 82-86 Campkin Road, Cambridge Variable Public
3C0015F0-2463-4AE1-92CB-AFE801182DCA CB4 2PH Screwfix, Unit 6 Kings Court, Kirkwood Road Variable Restricted
31DA06CD-A92D-4444-9892-B0060104D8B4 CB4 2XF Hill Group - Buchan Street, Buchan Street, Cambridge Variable Public
018B4156-E71E-44DD-90DA-AF9C00EC3009 CB4 2ZE The Common House, 9 Marmalade Lane, Orchard Park 24/7 Public
517 CB4 3AA Clare College, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
749B6249-73D8-4676-BFA3-AEB300B25A99 CB4 3DH Pavilion Alexandra Gardens, Carlyle Road, Cambridge 24/7 Public
58123473-52B4-4D9C-9598-AF2700DD0798 CB4 3DZ Hibbitt Stone Masons, 126-128 Victoria Road, Cambridge Variable Restricted
A0FA7E28-F287-4C7B-ABD4-B03500E63FC7 CB4 3DZ St Lukes Church Car Park, Victoria Road, Cambridge 24/7 Public
D3637A2A-07B2-46F0-BB94-B01F007F821E CB4 3NY Chesterton Community College Academy, Gilbert Road, Cambridge Variable Public
3322 CB5 8AG Trinity Hall Porters Lodge, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
923B9D41-85C0-48BF-9202-ADE90114616C CB5 8BP All Saints Flat 5 Westcott House, Jesus Lane, Cambridge 24/7 Public
80C5EFA1-8A12-4BC9-B370-B00000D7F978 CB5 8EG Burleigh House, The Acteon Consultancy Llp, Burleigh House Variable Restricted
77F476E0-DBD4-4997-A9B4-AED900B72BCD CB5 8HY Levidian, 17 Mercers Row, Cambridge Variable Restricted
17B10C7D-7101-455D-BE8F-B03E00E938ED CB5 8JB Accent.tracks.rear, 6 St Bartholomews Court, Cambridge 24/7 Public
B97F71F4-2EAF-4101-B358-AFB700CC0564 CB5 8JE Managers Accommodation The Corner House, 231 Newmarket Road, Cambridge 24/7 Public
9B8EBE00-5948-4DE9-92C9-B08300DE670A CB5 8JL Dunelm Cambridge, Cambridge Retail Parknewmarket Road, Cambridge Variable Restricted
264C3F49-B637-44D8-9C38-B04C00827F47 CB5 8JZ Sunbelt Rentals, Unit B Mercers Row Industrial Estate Swann Road, Cambridge Variable Public
EC136567-7887-4DB1-8D17-AE4300EC20A2 CB5 8LD Tesco Stores Ltd, Cheddars Lane, Cambridge 24/7 Public
AB70DDEE-6EF7-44FF-A1D0-B04D00BA2071 CB5 8NR Rawlin Court, Rawlyn Court, Rawlyn Close 24/7 Public
251F0704-ACFB-4113-9A40-AE9900B48A50 CB5 8NT Abbey Swimming Pool, Pool Way, Cambridge Variable Public
440AA523-0F4D-430B-A7CA-B07300FAA825 CB5 8QH Ditton Fields - Hill Group, 129 Ditton Fields, Ditton Walk Variable Restricted
30CDF7C0-2380-4AB2-8C43-AFB00081C552 CB5 8RX East Anglian Air Ambulance, Cambridge Airport, Newmarket Road 24/7 Restricted
66CAD10B-1BC7-4AD0-B189-AEC50101CCC6 CB5 8SH Mercedes-Benz, 199 Barnwell Road, Cambridge Variable Restricted
578C6FD6-4C7F-4724-8375-B093009FD61A CB5 8SZ Cambs County Council, Fen Ditton Primary School, Horningsea Road Variable Restricted
5D1D8EEE-AAA0-4D7C-9EDB-B069009C2F1C CB5 8UD Ditton Court, Ditton Lane, Cambridge 24/7 Public
45F1A370-4B92-44A0-B9D2-AFC80123F9C6 CB5 8UP Fen Ditton Parish Council, Recycling Point Recreation Ground, Green End 24/7 Public
A7165312-71B0-4E43-820A-AF6601257B10 CB5 8WL Mcdonald's - Newmarket Road, 639 Newmarket Road, Cambridge Variable Public
D8A71B0A-8226-49FC-87B1-AFEA00B93A01 CB6 1BL Harlequin By Busy Bees At Ely, Old School House, 54 Downham Road Variable Restricted
EAABB523-9E74-4B83-967B-B0A400DC5585 CB6 1DN Princess Of Wales Hospital, Davidson Road, Ely 24/7 Public
97E67D5B-E63E-4838-AED8-ADF70100C2BE CB6 1EW Pulse Medical Charity, Littleport Leisure Community Centre, Camel Road 24/7 Public
0FCA2178-D0B8-425B-AF10-AE2A010EADF0 CB6 1HW Branching Out, 27 Grange Lane, Littleport 24/7 Public
4B6ABCF4-9464-479C-A939-AFBD009F0E67 CB6 1JT Littleport Community Primary School, Parsons Lane, Littleport 24/7 Public
83E7FF7B-CD27-4FF3-B01C-B03400EDDC1E CB6 1JT Littleport Community Primary School, Parsons Lane, Littleport 24/7 Public
74545E47-9BD5-4B18-922C-AFFF00F0D8BF CB6 1LJ Highfield Littleport Academy, Elmside, Littleport Variable Restricted
33CC2FED-30E9-4A72-BE78-AEA000B83592 CB6 1NP Littleport Bowls Club, 26a Hempfield Place, Littleport 24/7 Public
1BF8D625-84B0-4F58-B0AE-AEC6009B08D9 CB6 2AG Mepal Parish Council, Mepal Community Pavilion, Witcham Road 24/7 Public
5FE638A5-D168-44A1-BD42-AFFF00AC1FC0 CB6 2AJ Mepal Village Hall, School Lane, Mepal 24/7 Restricted
58B0049D-EDD9-44F4-B8E4-AF470094603F CB6 2AW Mepal Stores, 7a High Street, Mepal 24/7 Public
ADE57868-B2FC-4FB3-BD1E-AD6C0093E89F CB6 2BG Lee's Packhouse, North Fen, Sutton Gault Variable Restricted
9290DED0-8A8D-423C-8885-AE3500C635AE CB6 2DB Coveney Village Hall, School Lane, Coveney 24/7 Public
8242 CB6 2HQ St Andrews Church Hall, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
CC9F13CA-7291-40AE-98C1-B0700105805D CB6 2HQ St Andrew's Church Hall, Main Street, Witchford 24/7 Public
65DE7B06-779C-4E6D-B84F-AF3B00F1A342 CB6 2JA Witchford Village College, Manor Road, Witchford Variable Restricted
67D14F0A-82AE-46D4-80B0-AF3B00F30CC2 CB6 2JA Witchford Village College, Manor Road, Witchford Variable Restricted
4D3AF76C-8401-4B94-8D43-AF0700BFC392 CB6 2JT Tingdene Parks Ltd., Office, Bedwell Park 24/7 Public
8B89F5D0-EACC-4F81-B9BC-B03400B846D8 CB6 2JT Bedwell Park, Bedwell Hey Lane, Witchford Nr Ely 24/7 Public
CC82DB75-092C-42D6-AC4D-AD3B00DE0401 CB6 2QQ Sutton Parish Council, The Pavilion, The Brook 24/7 Public
4D4D07F1-1ED5-4AA7-BF3A-AE8200C42F29 CB6 2QT The Saleground, Sutton, Ely, Cambridgeshire Variable Public
667BD2A5-D19D-4BBB-8FFF-AF0800CF8243 CB6 2RB Sutton Parish Council, The Glebe, 4 High Street, Sutton 24/7 Public
A30CFA23-0E06-42E6-BF33-AE9800E3DEE2 CB6 2ST Little Downham Village Centre, Main Street, Little Downham 24/7 Public
E0618719-6D50-4CB9-9E4C-AF9D00BAC6C2 CB6 2SY Sports Pavilion, Recreation Ground, School Lane, Little Downham 24/7 Public
C313E9DC-762C-4001-8A79-AD6B00DF5B88 CB6 3BW Ely St Johns Community Primary School, St Johns Road, Ely Variable Public
CD193883-03B7-4B0C-ABF6-B02E00DEBBE2 CB6 3BW Community Room, Ely St Johns Community Primary School, St Johns Road Variable Public
5F01260C-DD94-4869-85DE-AE1E013A2D52 CB6 3HG Little Thetford Feast, Village Hall, The Wyches 24/7 Public
2D750F3A-FBF5-4457-B9B7-ADF000A1D21C CB6 3JN Stretham Primary School, Wood Lane, Stretham Variable Restricted
08913268-35CF-4CA5-88D5-AEB700D6743E CB6 3LS The Bowls Club, Short Road, Stretham 24/7 Public
98EFBB04-49FB-45FD-9482-ADAC00CCB926 CB6 3NW Unit 7a, Lancaster Way Business Park, Ely Variable Restricted
EA254EB7-FA8F-4585-95CE-AD5900C13BBC CB6 3NW Deanta Uk, Unit 400, Lancaster Way Business Park Variable Restricted
026B053E-2ABB-4244-8EEE-AFEC00943769 CB6 3NX Screwfix, Unit 104, Lancaster Way Business Park Variable Restricted
64A1BA6E-8F74-4465-ACB9-AF2C00B897FF CB6 3QE Wentworth Parish Council, Telephone Box Church Road, Wentworth 24/7 Public
B812713F-17EC-41FC-948B-AE81012CA39D CB6 3RA Wilburton Social Club, St Peters Hall, 39 High Street 24/7 Public
FC614FDA-7ADD-4B1B-9B3A-B03600FFB439 CB6 3RJ Wilburton Primary School, Carpond Lane, Wilburton Variable Restricted
B45E676E-0688-46EC-BA15-AF0300D0C42D CB6 3RP Wilburton Parish Council, Recreation Ground, Station Road 24/7 Public
F8B074BE-134A-4B51-9E90-AFC8015744D9 CB6 3SS Haddenham Social Club, Chewells Lane, Haddenham 24/7 Public
A0282814-A26B-4488-866F-AF2A01009705 CB6 3XD Arkenstall Centre, 7 Station Road, Haddenham 24/7 Public
ABE51816-DF7C-4015-91FF-AD8101218C09 CB7 4BN Annesdale, Ely Variable Restricted
A0FAEC13-89C4-4EF9-A7C5-B02800A21B5A CB7 4DJ Tesco Ely, Angel Drove, Ely Variable Public
4BC2398F-504D-4714-88C3-B0120091893F CB7 4DL Processional Way, Ely Cathedral, Ely Cathedral, The College Variable Public
4E042267-80D9-4405-B70B-AE2300E43F60 CB7 4DL Ely Cathedral, The College, Ely Cathedral, Ely Variable Restricted
B52D2064-DFDA-4AB1-A601-AFCE00C5EA52 CB7 4EX Automated Systems Group Limited, 1 St Thomas Place, Ely Variable Restricted
BFF7D415-7375-44B5-A2B0-ADF900AE8A34 CB7 4HF Oliver Cromwells House, 29 St Marys Street, Ely Variable Restricted
3DA2E6BD-19E6-4694-8DCE-AFA100BAC38E CB7 4JU Ely Cathedral, The Almonry Restaurant, High Street Variable Restricted
F43F5E6A-17D4-4AB3-A10A-AFCF010F0605 CB7 4JW Whitings Llp, George Court, 6 Bartholemews Walk Variable Restricted
014DD2B0-BD16-4433-9B68-AE8200C43D93 CB7 4NP Ely Office, 25 Market Place, Ely Variable Public
305C26B4-733D-4D6F-BE13-AE2100B396A1 CB7 4NY House Of Pure, 5 Buttermarket, Ely Variable Restricted
D81BA41C-831D-4680-AD61-AD7500E526DF CB7 4PL City Of Ely Bowls Club, Nutholt Lane, Ely Variable Public
87B9FAEA-ADEC-4A5A-8FB2-AE5400FD430A CB7 4PQ The Paradise Centre, Newnham Street, Ely 24/7 Public
B27F5AC4-1153-4CC9-AC0C-AD9400865550 CB7 4PQ The Paradise Centre, Newnham Street, Ely 24/7 Public
279BFB71-BF30-4262-A1D0-AE6700E6626B CB7 4QZ City Of Ely Council, Ely Cemetery, Beech Lane 24/7 Public
B3EBBD72-3383-4FD2-89E2-AD6C00925CFD CB7 4RA Highflyer Hall, New Barns Road, Ely Variable Restricted
111F3316-F6D4-4C8F-BCA4-ADFB00F2F77C CB7 4TX Isle Of Ely Rowing Club, Kiln Lane, Ely Variable Restricted
D83C8553-9A23-444E-8965-ADAC00D4B98D CB7 4UJ Padnal Sidings, Ely Road, Prickwillow Variable Restricted
ECE6729B-146A-49D8-9C89-ADC900B1F527 CB7 4ZE Als Food And Pharmaceutical, 2 Bartholemews Walk, Ely Variable Restricted
9E38E81A-D471-4B6D-A511-AE1D007F06A7 CB7 5BE Witham Oil And Paint Soham Ltd, Witham Oil And Paint Soham Ltd, 28 Regal Drive Soham, 28 Regal Drive Soham 24/7 Public
E1F3A170-FED0-434A-B879-AE0100E3FB27 CB7 5BN C E Fuller (Undertakers & Builder), 23 Hall Street, Soham 24/7 Public
C134F0CC-9D30-4593-8C18-AFA300F59695 CB7 5DY Greater Anglia, Soham Station, Station Road 24/7 Public
9FD05524-EF50-4216-A7EA-AE0100E2C542 CB7 5ED Cambridgeshire & Isle Of Ely Fire Brigade, Soham Fire Station, Fountain Lane 24/7 Public
C367F921-71FD-495B-9B0E-AF1D010042D1 CB7 5EQ Soham Town Rangers Football Club, Soham Town Rangers Football And Social Club, Julius Martin Lane Variable Restricted
F1ACD2BE-FB58-4BDD-9E96-AE0100E5F47F CB7 5EQ Soham Town Rangers Football Club, Soham Town Rangers Football And Social Club, Julius Martin Lane 24/7 Public
0DD1A0DD-392E-433E-B907-AE0100E0FCFB CB7 5HL (Fenbelt Ltd) Sweats Gym, 107 Clay Street, Soham 24/7 Public
8157F174-6024-4203-8B24-AFAC01026AAE CB7 5JG Soham Comrades Club, 3 Market Street, Soham 24/7 Public
756C6C10-A0AE-4FAF-8F49-AD9900B19F2F CB7 5LL East Of England Ambulance Trust, 11 Newmarket Road, Fordham 24/7 Restricted
DD6B6EB1-F5A2-41D7-B8D5-AE2100E733F1 CB7 5NG Victoria Hall, 2 Carter Street, Fordham 24/7 Public
9297CDBD-EECB-4213-942C-AE2800FB11A6 CB7 5QP Isleham High Street Church, The Ark Centre, 101 Beck Road Variable Public
AC4B802F-CA4E-4B5A-A49F-AE1900F6F233 CB7 5RY Isleham Recreation Ground, Mill Street, Isleham 24/7 Public
7EB827E3-E2AE-4BA6-B553-ADAB00C64BAD CB7 5SL Imloa Island Marina Electricity Sub Station, 13m From 27 Woodpecker, Isleham Marina, Fen Bank 8m From Woodpecke, Fen Bank 24/7 Public
ED9788A7-C945-4A50-981F-B08300D603EA CB7 5UW Cheveley Park Farms Ltd, Mettleham Farm Centre, Hasse Road Variable Restricted
B78DB702-6D7F-4A6C-9E22-B02900B32DFE CB8 0DL Paddocks Primary School, Rochfort Avenue, Newmarket Variable Public
3D45A6C8-D918-485A-83A2-AD4100A7A3A3 CB8 0EA Abbeycroft Leisure, Newmarket Leisure Centre, Exning Road 24/7 Public
94E8545A-22C4-429A-BB08-AD4100AA8163 CB8 0EA Abbeycroft Leisure, Newmarket Leisure Centre, Exning Road Variable Restricted
8425A9FA-FEC9-4757-B7BD-AFE300D547A4 CB8 0TG The Links Golf Club, The Links Cambridge Road, Woodditton 24/7 Public
C8C45C1D-977A-439C-B080-AF9301037E7F CB8 0TG The Links Golf Club, The Links Cambridge Road, Newmarket Variable Public
A7344EC5-495A-4407-9B7C-AFA100C30E7A CB8 0UA Little Wilbraham And Six Mile Bottom Parish Council, Spar Shop, The Old Post Office 24/7 Public
E741C8E1-1AF8-4475-AFCC-AE3F00A4DD87 CB8 7AH Tescos, Tesco Extra Store, Fordham Road Variable Public
142F628B-3AE2-4FCB-AA44-AE7B00CF1BDF CB8 7BX Review Hotels Ltd, Bedford Lodge Hotel, 11 Bury Road Variable Restricted
31352518-DB0D-471C-A10C-AE7C012295D0 CB8 7BX Review Hotels Ltd, Bedford Lodge Hotel, 11 Bury Road 24/7 Restricted
88494737-4D82-4DA3-9A33-AFAD0119CC60 CB8 7HN Exning Allotment Association, Frogmore Lane, Exning 24/7 Public
29636302-C8E6-493C-A158-AD70011B23FA CB8 7LX 27 The Street, Snailwell 24/7 Public
05838F0C-1FC0-4873-93CB-AD6A00D6E5AF CB8 7ND 111 Fordham Road, Snailwell 24/7 Restricted
5CAF4A2E-B728-4CEB-BD19-AD6A00D43172 CB8 7ND 111 Fordham Road, Snailwell 24/7 Restricted
5603 CB8 7NU Peter O'Sullevan House Rehabilitation and Fitness Centre, Suffolk 24/7 Public
151FAF32-B674-436D-A912-ADD300C27766 CB8 7NU The British Racing School, Snailwell Road, Snailwell 24/7 Public
DB1C97B7-B997-46F3-B549-AFA50111ACA3 CB8 7PZ Phoenix Cycleworks, Bury Road, Kentford 24/7 Public
5037391F-BFE5-4126-9EEE-AF4000CBB596 CB8 7QQ Kennett Primary School, 98 Station Road, Kennett Variable Restricted
DF65EDB2-D807-4CF0-87B7-AED000FF5A66 CB8 7SG Car Spaces 4 Front 15 Kings Court, Willie Snaith Road, Newmarket Variable Restricted
6E13EEDD-E2DA-4E0D-9769-AD6D00D16AB9 CB8 7SU Willie Snaith Road, Newmarket 24/7 Restricted
83160008-44CC-4D90-9E40-AFE9010F717C CB8 7XA Screwfix, 5 Albion Court, Studlands Park Avenue Variable Restricted
8001 CB8 7YN The Severals, Suffolk 24/7 Public
E54A5F52-E92E-4ECE-9264-AD41008BD267 CB8 8BL Ditton Lodge Primary School, St Johns Avenue, Newmarket 24/7 Public
61A41764-366C-4C6C-9E49-AEE700B1A11F CB8 8GY National Education Union, Elm House, 45a Anvil Way Variable Restricted
80ADA6A3-BC6C-408B-8204-AFAA00FA2DBD CB8 8NT Racing Centre, The Racing Centre, Fred Archer Way Variable Public
DCFCCC33-3A6A-429E-BD17-ADF901397578 CB8 8PQ Suffolk Fire Service, Fire Station, Giffords Lane 24/7 Public
6182 CB8 8TF Village Hall, Suffolk 24/7 Public
27679408-DEAA-49A0-8391-AE8200C428E7 CB8 9AF Newmarket Office, 2 Black Bear Court, High Street Variable Public
32992367-DEBC-4AD9-AA15-B03400D6CA24 CB8 9DF Cheveley Ce Primary School, 1 Park Road, Cheveley Variable Public
1343 CB8 9DG Parish Hall, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
4397 CB8 9DY Sanctuary Housing Unit, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
AC0536FF-E5DC-4F97-931F-B061009798AE CB8 9EX Wychem Ltd, Haverhill Road, Stradishall Variable Restricted
EB507ACD-016D-43D8-A2A7-ADB2014E9EEC CB8 9LQ Great Bradley Village Hall, Village Hall, The Street 24/7 Public
3450 CB8 9NH The Reading Room, Cambridgeshire 24/7 Public
33EAC365-A738-403B-B69D-AFB000DBE942 CB8 9NH Reading Room, Bradley Road, Burrough Green 24/7 Public
61166D2E-6EC5-459E-A3E0-AFB30113188E CB8 9QB Cowlinge Parish Council, Village Hall, Queen Street 24/7 Public
080E4CB1-EC4B-463A-B642-AD3B00B4C8A2 CB8 9RN Methodists Church, 2 Cheveley Road, Saxon Street 24/7 Public
3F8CDB7C-0A07-48FF-A684-AD3B00B35A0F CB8 9SQ Blackbirds Inn, Three Blackbirds, 36 Ditton Green 24/7 Public
5BA0C8A3-3A40-4DCD-B923-AD8200873AC0 CB8 9TS Ellesmere Centre, Ley Road, Stetchworth 24/7 Public
2BFCB865-3B2E-4EC0-8EF3-B09600B28014 CB8 9UJ Dullingham Parish Council, Dullingham Sports & Community Pavilion, Stetchworth Road, Dullingham 24/7 Public
17DD2F7A-A415-4DAC-9D42-B02E009E968F CB8 9UW The Boot, 18 Brinkley Road, Dullingham 24/7 Public
7929 CB8 9XX Best One Store, Suffolk 24/7 Public
7AA84749-3B0C-4FAB-AC92-AF46008C7847 CB8 9XX Stradishall Best 0ne Store, Stradishall Best One Store, Bury Road 24/7 Public
3ED717CD-2306-4113-A590-AE350106C345 CB9 0BQ Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Cangle Road Variable Public
C3CF4367-462B-4831-8A89-AE6D009CFE7B CB9 0BW Haverhill Community Sports Association, The New Croft, Chalkstone Way 24/7 Public
DF758333-BA54-4B83-9AA5-AD47009CD9E5 CB9 0DA Henderson House, 3 Wratting Road, Haverhill Suffolk Variable Public
8288F403-508E-4DC2-A230-AD7200887EC7 CB9 0ER Car Park Haverhill Leisure Centre, Lordscroft Lane, Haverhill Variable Restricted
4097 CB9 0HR Chippy's, Suffolk 24/7 Public
1F04B4F5-2B1D-46BA-805C-AEBE006911DC CB9 0LB Club House Motts Field, Chalkstone Way, Haverhill 24/7 Public
5226 CB9 7AH Village Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
5B1A4878-213E-4F7A-85BF-B0AC01070670 CB9 7AH Village Hall, Helions Bumpstead 24/7 Public
C0CD97B8-BDEB-4D1E-A77B-AF3900D5C6D3 CB9 7BP Bumpstead First Responders, New Maltings Farm, Maltings House Road 24/7 Public
DED20950-BCB2-4589-93B2-B05300864F80 CB9 7FB Land Off Three Counties Way, Haverhill, Withersfield Variable Restricted
DE5E0CD4-0967-4447-84A6-AD4E00817030 CB9 7FD Mkm Buildings Supply Ltd, Unit 1 The Trade Centre Haverhill Business Park, Iceni Way Variable Public
7384 CB9 7GN On Post at Junction of Haycocks Road and Notley Drive, Suffolk 24/7 Public
8C909338-A987-4220-9439-AEA4014520E8 CB9 7GN Haverhill On Post, Haycocks Road, Haverhill 24/7 Public
7BF8976B-7821-4FA8-88C0-ADCF00AD0CB8 CB9 7LJ Thurlow Sports Club, Recreation Ground, Wratting Road Variable Restricted
3107 CB9 7NG The Kedington Surgery, Suffolk 24/7 Public
7539 CB9 7PR Kedington Butchers, Suffolk 24/7 Public
60A53190-8A14-4A96-A1A9-AEA401451D53 CB9 7PR Kedington On Post, 2 The Parade, Kedington 24/7 Public
96A03895-3994-4315-8B98-AEC800910A0A CB9 7RY Withersfield Parish Council, The Village Hall, Turnpike Hill 24/7 Public
3970 CB9 7SA Village Hall, Suffolk 24/7 Public
4098 CB9 7UR East Town Park Visitor Centre, Suffolk 24/7 Public
6488 CB9 7XF Village Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
788DCBBA-086C-4F74-A4E7-AD3E00AB2D01 CB9 7YD B&Q, B And Q, Park Road Variable Public
2574C938-DDB9-45BE-B41B-ADFF00D76F44 CB9 7YH Fibrefab, 12-14 Boundary Road, Haverhill Variable Restricted
1250D7A1-9114-4763-B4BE-AF6300E42435 CB9 7YZ Redrow Homes, Sales Office, 7 Gurteen Avenue, Little Wratting Variable Public
4C0588F5-7CB7-4E49-9E8F-AD6D00D6A408 CB9 8AA High Street, Haverhill 24/7 Restricted
7B6D6A66-0EA5-45D5-BBF6-AE8200C455CF CB9 8AD Haverhill Office, Cavendish House, 27a High Street Variable Public
4826 CB9 8AH The Royal Exchange Public House, Suffolk 24/7 Public
1020 CB9 8AR Arts Centre, Suffolk 24/7 Public
6FE05180-5CD2-42F1-9FBD-AFE200B121FC CB9 8AR Haverhill Town Council, Haverhill Arts Centre, High Street Variable Public
1119 CB9 8HF Health Centre Clinic, Suffolk 24/7 Public
155D0B54-E3D3-4F1A-A29D-AD9F00B9B694 CB9 8HF Place Farm Primary Academy, Camps Road, Haverhill 24/7 Restricted
3105 CB9 8LU The Clements Surgery, Suffolk 24/7 Public
A6AA1151-2C94-49FB-A9A7-AF8200CEC77D CB9 8PB Cornelius Specialities Ltd, 15c Rookwood Way, Haverhill Variable Restricted
196EBEE7-8ABD-4511-847E-AFEB010DF0BB CB9 8PR Screwfix, Unit 1 The Hollands Centre, Hollands Road Variable Restricted
EEEBCD57-A47F-4961-99C0-AE61010FC6F4 CB9 8QJ Puregym, Unit 3, Hamlet Green Retail Park 24/7 Restricted
DF94C4A8-4228-4901-A226-B07700E33A56 CB9 8QP Guardtech Cleanrooms, Guardtech Cleanrooms Ltd, Unit 1a Variable Restricted
7559 CB9 8QQ Junction of Ehringshausen Way and Hamlet Road, Suffolk 24/7 Public
9EB4225C-8EA9-41B7-A79F-AEC300C0ECC0 CB9 8QQ Haverhill On Post, On Post, Junction Of Ehringshausen Way And Hamlet Road 24/7 Public
892 CB9 9DE Rugby Club, Suffolk 24/7 Public
C647A105-D64B-4C85-B49D-B03700BFA8E7 CB9 9DE St Felix Roman Catholic Primary School, School Lane, Haverhill Variable Public
1026 CB9 9EQ Police Station, Suffolk 24/7 Public
7560 CB9 9EY On Post, Suffolk 24/7 Public
F78B28AB-C576-45FA-8898-AEC300C0E680 CB9 9EY Haverhill On Post, On Post, Junction Of Park Road And Teasel Close 24/7 Public
7124 CB9 9SD On Post at Junction of James Dunn Way and Chapelwent Road, Suffolk 24/7 Public
FA5060EE-A6AE-4CF8-9F46-AEA401450FED CB9 9SD Haverhill On Post, James Dunn Way, Haverhill 24/7 Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 96 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n255594579 inside red phone box by Red Lion pub, opposite church, Stretham
MZ n343135636 inside old red phone box in the middle of Toppesfield
MZ n671787614 inside red phone box, Church Street, Woodhurst
MZ n943309195 in old red telephone box, Ermine Street, Chipping
MZ n1192382271 in old red telephone box, Whiteley Lane, Buckland
MZ n3144011303 W046 To the leftt of the Reception hatch, directly infront of you as you enter by the main entrance, in a University of Cambridge
MZ n4354824925 L010 On wall, to the left of and just inside main entrance. Visible through main (glass) doors. University of Cambridge
MZ n4355331183 H022 In First Aid Room, ground floor next to room 89. Sign posted on the door University of Cambridge
MZ n4355331184 H018 Mounted on the wall behind CIMR reception desk University of Cambridge
MZ n4355331185 H012 Middle floor landing CBS right hand wall near lift University of Cambridge
MZ n4355331186 H024 In the level one lift lobby; on the left hand side when facing the lift University of Cambridge
MZ n4355331187 H023.1 At reception on shelf behind front desk University of Cambridge
MZ n4355331188 E041 In main reception area, just before inner doors on wall on left University of Cambridge
MZ n4355331190 S027 In entrance foyer (ground level) attached to the wall on the right hand side of the reception area a University of Cambridge
MZ n4355331191 W074 Turn right when entering reception; on your right in the alcove University of Cambridge
MZ n4355331192 S/MATHS054 On the buttress wall close to main reception and adjacent to Pavilion G common room entrance door University of Cambridge
MZ n4355331194 F240.1 Inside the modular/modern building of the main Gravel Hill building, on the wall opposite the Recept University of Cambridge
MZ n4355340204 E052 On wall mounted shelf, behind reception desk; on the right as you enter through the main front entra University of Cambridge
MZ n4355572910 L103.1 On a shelf, immediately to the right hand side of the door on entering the Horticulture Staff Rest R University of Cambridge
MZ n4355572912 L084 Next to the bar on the first floor of the pavilion, entrance at either end of the ground floor University of Cambridge
MZ n4355572917 W017 Adjacent to signing in book next to reception just inside the front door University of Cambridge
MZ n4362937783 CHU010 Inside Churchill Porters' Lodge Churchill College (University of Cambridge)
MZ n4362975892 DOW010 Inside Porters' Lodge, Downing College, Regent Street Downing College (University of Cambridge)
MZ n4362975895 Walk in Porter's Lodge, turn left, it is on wall on the left. Occasionally if porter has been called
MZ n4362975896 MURRAYEDWARDS01 At main entrance to college, on wall immediately next to door to Porters' Lodge Murray Edwards College (University of Cambridge)
MZ n4363053778 CAI/SPORT010 Gonville & Caius College Sports Pavillion, inside side entrance, on the wall Gonville & Caius College (University of Cambridge)
MZ n4363053780 CAI/HARVEY013 Porters Lodge Gonville & Caius College (University of Cambridge)
MZ n4363053786 CAI010 Porters Lodge Gonville & Caius College (University of Cambridge)
MZ n4366039208 QUEENS/SPORT010 Encased in a weather protecting metal box. Accessible by using a key code that you obtain from break Queens' College (University of Cambridge)
MZ n4366039209 QUEENS027 In Queens' College Porters' Lodge Queens' College (University of Cambridge)
MZ n4391729616 C012.1 Enter Reception foyer, turn right, on wall opposite stairs University of Cambridge
MZ n4391729617 E032 At Reception just inside the main door of Sanger Building University of Cambridge
MZ n4391729618 F130.1 Reception entrance, on left hand side of main entrance doors University of Cambridge
MZ n4391729619 D037 At Reception just inside the main door of Hopkins Building University of Cambridge
MZ n4391729621 D035 In main reception just inside main front entrance University of Cambridge
MZ n4391729622 D032 On wall on right of main reception office door in main Department lobby area. Reception office door University of Cambridge
MZ n4391729623 CHRISTS010 Head Porter's office, Porters Lodge Christ's College (University of Cambridge)
MZ n4391729624 LUCY-CAV010 At Porters' Lodge Lucy Cavendish College (University of Cambridge)
MZ n4391729625 FITZ010 In Porter's Lodge Fitzwilliam College (University of Cambridge)
MZ n4391729626 F096 Madingley Hall, Reception on back wall just inside of main entrance University of Cambridge
MZ n4393290006 W051 Hanging on the wall behind the reception desk University of Cambridge
MZ n4400998261 R011 In Hamilton Kerr Institute reception office off main entrance hallway, on wall to side of cupboard o University of Cambridge
MZ n4546341030 D031 Ground floor of the Museum at the Front Desk in a cupboard marked "AED" . Entrances on Downing Stree University of Cambridge
MZ n4546353473 W048 Straight in front of you on the wall when you come into CAPE (it is fixed to the wall). University of Cambridge
MZ n4585970356 Lower Cambourne Co-op
MZ n4676937235 inside red telephone box, by entrance to West Row Village Hall, Chapel Road, West Row
MZ n5095999521
MZ n5255538611 B019 Behind University Centre reception desk - when not staffed contact 01223 337766 University of Cambridge
MZ n5885085094 W111 Reception? University of Cambridge
MZ n5885085095 T024 Between the glass entrance doors at the front of the Wolfson Building University of Cambridge
MZ n5885085096 M11E On first floor landing (AED only accessible directly to University personnel) University of Cambridge
MZ n5885085097 H131 Department of Medicine University of Cambridge
MZ n5885085099 E025 Behind the front desk of reception on level 1 (main entrance to the building) University of Cambridge
MZ n5885085100 L011 First floor, on wall outside main library entrance (only publicly accessible during staffed hours) University of Cambridge
MZ n5885126759 NW007.2 Cloakroom area about 10m on the right down the corridor from the main entrance University of Cambridge
MZ n5885150992 M014 Inside entrance door University of Cambridge
MZ n5885150993 F187 Barcroft Centre ground floor in the Tea Room (GO-04) University of Cambridge
MZ n5885155131 D014 Reception University of Cambridge
MZ n5885156438 D022 Outside the General Office (room 22) on the ground floor University of Cambridge
MZ n5885161622 H017 Reception University of Cambridge
MZ n5967735308
MZ n5998525154 inside red telephone box, near what was pub, Wicken Bonhunt
MZ n6053577557 inside red phone box in Upend
MZ n6564697333
MZ n6643307785
MZ n7004316808
MZ n7004324772 AGA1358 Mounted on exterior wall on corner of Mill Road and Kingston St, facing Mill Road
MZ n7187264164
MZ n8460052495 outside Hemigford Abbots Village Hall, High Street, Hemingford Abbots - to right of entrance
MZ n8787426715 inside old red phone box by village green in Berden
MZ n8787629005 inside red phone box, The Street, Kirtling
MZ n8868505858 On wall in corridor approaching toilets
MZ n8930614875 Inside Jolly Sailor pub
MZ n8930614876 Inside community centre
MZ n8930614879
MZ n9029371959 On external wall of Cambridge Canoe Club building
MZ n9253290918 Inside Newnham House
MZ n9311581575 inside red phone box, at junction of Stephen Marshall Avenue and Bardfield Road, Finchingfield
MZ n9733392515 Mounted on outside of building
MZ n9778141250 In passage to left of 4a High Street (Look Ahead hairdresser), under arch
MZ n9949899856 Next to east lift atop bridge
MZ n9963703150 Attached to SE exterior wall of pavilion
MZ n10038115399 On telegraph pole at junction of Harris Lane and Oaklands Avenue
MZ n10119179181 On the wall of the Grounds Cafe
MZ n10242513207 T013 To the left inside the red (colour) main entrance doors University of Cambridge
MZ n10268317529 Immediately inside main doors of Sainsbury's, on right behind wall by customer service desk.
MZ n10651989125 outside Royston Railway Station building - round the corner, right of entrance
MZ n10677106264 outside Hatley Village Hall
MZ n10731272017 outside Kentford and Kennett Village Hall
MZ n10733019566 AHA758 On exterior of building ("the hut") First Rescue
MZ n10858362624 On the exterior wall of King Edward VII Memorial Hall, facing the High Street.
MZ n10903474287 inside old red phone box Wyddial Road, Wyddial
MZ n10936894996
MZ n11038202552 On exterior wall of sports pavilion, facing towards the railway line.
MZ n11314964641 In bus shelter by churchyard at junction of Fowlmere Road and Chishill Road
MZ n11378039769

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 116 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
140 CB21 4NX Telephone Box, Essex n5104245646 in old red phone box (now used as book exchange) next to the green, Hadstock 10 m
433 CB2 1RF Pembroke College Porters Lodge, Cambridgeshire n4391729620 Inside Porters' Lodge on a shelf near the pigeon holes 107 m
518 CB3 9AJ Clare College, Cambridgeshire n4355340205 Old bins office next to passageway into Readers locker area, ground floor 102 m
519 CB2 1TL Clare College, Cambridgeshire n4355572915 In the lobby at the foot of the Cobble Court ramp, wall mounted to the right of the double doors 100 m
578 CB3 0JG Girton College, Cambridgeshire n4362975897 From front entrance, enter left, porter's lodge in front. Enter porter's lodge, on left under staff 16 m
646 CB10 2RL Primary School, Essex n4253568153 Mounted on external wall of school building. Inside locked cabinet, call 999 for code. 100 m
686 CB2 1TQ Great Gate Porters Lodge, Great Court, Cambridgeshire n4362937781 Porters Lodge at Great Gate, Trinity Street 8 m
687 CB3 9DH Burrells Field Porters Lodge, Cambridgeshire n4362975894 Porter's Lodge at Burrell's Field 11 m
688 CB2 1TQ West Gate Porters Lodge, New Court, Cambridgeshire n4362975893 Under the West Arch of New Court 3 m
689 CB2 1TJ Trinity Hall Central Site, Cambridgeshire n4363053785 Porters Lodge 71 m
690 CB3 0DZ Trinity Hall Wychfield Site, Cambridgeshire n4363053788 On the wall in the back of Wychfield Porters' Lodge 11 m
730 CB8 8SP Village Hall, Suffolk n10676739003 outside Moulton Village Hall 23 m
1131 CB2 1RH Corpus Christi College, Cambridgeshire n4363053781 On the second shelf down of a built in cupboard, on the left just inside the entrance door of the Po 61 m
1164 CB10 2SW Telephone Box, Essex n9420288376 inside old red telephone box by St Marys Church, Walden Road, Radwinter 4 m
1227 CB23 1JW Telephone Box, Cambridgeshire n5081396884 red telephone box on High Street, Haslingfield 9 m
1264 CB2 1RL St Catharines College Porters Lodge, Cambridgeshire n5885085098 Main entrance (blue door): adjacent to the Safety Notice board 116 m
1265 CB2 1RL St Catharines College, Cambridgeshire n4506523126 On the first floor in Occupational Health Service. In clinic room 4 128 m
1268 CB7 5XR Telephone Box, Cambridgeshire n5647947057 inside old red telephone box by Wicken Village Hall 10 m
1392 CB25 0DU The Jubilee Reading Room, Cambridgeshire n5578063959 215 m
1409 CB3 9AL Clare Hall, Cambridgeshire n4411248840 Hanging over key deposit box, through main doors at Clare Hall, about 5m straight in front 19 m
1477 CB2 3HU Porters Lodge, Cambridgeshire n4363053787 Located behind Porters' Lodge counter in clear view at the end of the Fellows' pigeonholes 79 m
1817 CB25 0LD Telephone Box, Cambridgeshire n2006479346 inside old red phone box by playground High Street, Swaffham Prior 180 m
1954 CB10 1HQ Telephone Box, Essex n9311529055 inside red phone box, next to Saffron Walden Library, Market Place 38 m
2663 CB11 3QY Newport Pharmacy, Essex n9333913531 On exterior wall of Newport Pharmacy, facing the High Street. 10 m
2687 CB2 1ST King's College Chapel Office, Cambridgeshire n4363053784 King's College Chapel 30 m
2698 CB22 7QX Village Hall, Cambridgeshire n8889062829 outside Barrington Village Hall 8 m
2732 CB3 9DL King's College School Squash Courts, Cambridgeshire n4363053782 Squash Courts at King's College School (location only shown approximately) 94 m
2733 CB2 1ST King's College Porters Lodge, Cambridgeshire n4363053783 King's College Porters Lodge 20 m
2798 CB8 7FN Swan Lane Business Park, Suffolk n10978611837 Adjacent to the entrance to Swan Lane Business Park (to the left of the entry road). 43 m
2897 CB2 8PH Homerton College Porter Lodge, Cambridgeshire n4362937778 On the wall in the lobby of Mary Allen Building off Hills Road near the auditorium door 81 m
3165 CB4 1BL Combined Colleges Boathouse, Cambridgeshire n4362937782 In boat shed, Combined Colleges Boathouse, Logan's Way 27 m
3283 CB4 1EU Queens College Boat Club, Cambridgeshire n4366039207 Inside the Boat House 5 m
3509 CB3 9DQ Selwyn College Porters Lodge, Cambridgeshire n4363053779 Porters' Lodge in the alcove behind DHP desk 9 m
3574 CB9 7LA Thurlow Village Hall, Suffolk n11107724109 To the left of the front wall of the village hall. 5 m
3651 CB3 1AQ Girton College Swirles Court Porters Lodge, Cambridgeshire n10728441927 Mounted on wall in covered ground-level passage between Market Square and Eddington Place. No limits 118 m
3670 CB8 9PP The Star Inn, Suffolk n10978981640 On the left-hand wall of the Star pub. 15 m
4487 CB2 8PH Homerton College Conference Centre, Cambridgeshire n4362937779 On wall outside Combination Room and staircase and internal entrance to Conference Centre 75 m
4755 CB8 8TR The Fox Inn, Suffolk n8962795511 Right-hand side of the front wall of the Fox pub. 6 m
4813 CB24 8TX Telephone Box, Cambridgeshire n9262603292 inside red phone box, High Street, Cottenham - near war memorial 2 m
4854 CB8 9JY Telephone Box, Suffolk n8787726213 inside red phone box, Carlton 2 m
5355 CB9 9EE Haverhill House, Suffolk n6020365635 On the right-hand side of the job centre, facing the Woolpack. 69 m
6352 CB11 4QS Village Hall, Essex n10613061545 outside Clavering Village Hall 6 m
6443 CB23 7BZ Comberton Recreation Ground Pavilion, Cambridgeshire n10883193568 right hand side of front of Comberton Pavillion 10 m
6666 CB4 1QW Hundred Houses Society Ltd, Cambridgeshire n10591279266 10 m
7151 CB3 9DQ Selwyn College, Cambridgeshire n4355572913 Custodians' Office 139 m
7356 CB4 0WZ Price Bailey LLP, Cambridgeshire n5179563870 Mounted on SW-facing external wall. Access via grass. 19 m
7359 CB7 4JU Price Bailey LLP, Cambridgeshire n8824592287 Inside Price Bailey Accountants office. Only available during office hours. 7 m
7386 CB11 4JB Telephone Box, Essex n10605144675 inside old red phone box in Audley End 3 m
7806 CB22 5BE Telephone Box, Cambridgeshire n11006386311 inside old red phone box, Hinton way, Shelford 6 m
7807 CB22 5EG Telephone Box, Cambridgeshire n9043957634 inside old red phone box on High Green, Great Shelford 2 m
0D3705B3-AC10-4B12-95A3-AEC500C29502 CB3 9HY The Co-Operative Food, 1 Grantchester Street, Cambridge n10249735873 To left of shop door 5 m
0FC47904-ECE8-47A4-8158-ADDA00833D18 CB3 0HA Institute Of Astronomy, Madingley Road, Cambridge n4355572918 Upstairs in the Hoyle buidling (Corfield Wing) on the right of the door linking the Hoyle & Kavli bu 26 m
125DCE8E-D196-4929-8431-ADC800E09D87 CB5 8AS Adc Theatre, Park Street, Cambridge n4552545702 It is located on the ground floor, straight through the main entrance, through the purple Front of 3 m
1735E49E-2DA6-4AD6-8029-AEEB0114E838 CB10 2RL Sampfors Parish Council, Great Sampford County Primary School, Finchingfield Road n4253568153 Mounted on external wall of school building. Inside locked cabinet, call 999 for code. 19 m
18378AE9-A93A-4A73-B79C-AF4100C11772 CB24 1AA The Pathfinder Church Of England Primary School, Pathfinder Way, Northstowe n10689206715 Exterior wall of Pathfinder Primary School 36 m
1F0FA7AA-6649-4DCE-98FE-AEAD00F5A3D2 CB21 4SB West Wickham Parish Council, West Wickham Village Hall, High Street n11026959759 outside West Wickham Village Hall 22 m
1FD1C225-4ACD-4FFB-8A29-ADE900DDB799 CB24 4SL Fen Drayton Village Hall, Cootes Lane, Fen Drayton n6375592266 Village Hall building righthand side of front wall 51 m
2BAF3F53-2D54-4A7C-882E-AD3600C396A5 CB24 5NW Over Community Centre, 16 The Doles, Over n9301194504 Outside NE corner Over Community Centre building, 28 m
2CB6672A-3B9F-48D1-8037-AF5501162612 CB6 2EG Public Telephone 49m From 1 School Lane 7m From School Lane, School Lane, Pymoor n782421001 inside red phone box (that is now used as a Book Exchange) at junction of Pymoor Lane and Main Stree 11 m
2DD5B05B-70CB-492A-884C-AF6C00D04E26 CB3 0DT Archaeological Unit, 34a Storeys Way, Cambridge n10267080880 2 m
2E113170-5C92-4198-B58D-AD7900B398FE CB10 1HQ Public Telephone 5m From M & Co, 1-2, Market Hill 9m From Market Hill, Market Place, Saffron Walden n9311529055 inside red phone box, next to Saffron Walden Library, Market Place 2 m
2F4B17B0-029A-4129-BCCA-AE3D00A168FE CB3 9NQ The Rupert Brooke, 2-4 Broadway, Grantchester n10298687253 7 m
31334C27-E680-42AF-A683-AF95017AE2E3 CB25 9JG Horningsea Parish Council, Bus Shelter, High Street n6626980761 The defibrillator is on the south wall of the brick bus shelter outside of the entrance to the Mille 7 m
32600626-9223-4271-85DE-AE2001497D11 CB21 5JY Little Wilbraham Parish Council, Public Telephone 11m From 38 High Street On High Street, High Street n8994277984 inside red phone box on High Street, Little Wilbraham 5 m
32DD1712-97F4-40E9-9E20-AED60098C4E0 CB23 8SU Bar Hill Village Hall, The Spinney, Bar Hill n10587639517 9 m
399B023B-BC59-44C8-8988-AE45011FF2A2 CB5 8ST Fen Ditton Parish Council, Public Telephone 10m From 15 High Street On High Street, High Street n8920619731 Inside telephone booth 3 m
39FC09CA-B944-4040-9FAA-AEBB010C8FF5 CB3 9DR University Of Cambridge Library, West Road, Cambridge n4355340205 Old bins office next to passageway into Readers locker area, ground floor 23 m
3C668538-1282-47E9-B8F6-AF5C00F17ACA CB2 3PT University Of Cambridge, Student Services Centre, Bene't Street n11366052594 Student Services Centre Reception 7 m
462A1B40-BBE3-409F-A64D-AD6700CD7184 CB21 6AE 66 High Street, Great Abington n6828120390 29 m
4D668052-974A-42CE-AC55-ADF700FF5D58 CB3 0TX Greenwich House, Madingley Rise, Cambridge n4355340206 In reception area on the wall opposite the entrance to the left of the canteen doors 4 m
54871A3D-97C1-4F37-AB65-AF3B014AF568 CB21 4DJ 1 High Street, Balsham n5190498165 in red phone box next to Bell pub, West Wickham Road, Balsham 19 m
55CA7836-7FE9-4D21-B503-AED800B3A2E1 CB23 1HP Great And Little Eversden Parish Councils, 4 Chapel Road, Great Eversden n7553206871 outside Eversden Village Hall 18 m
56B3F8B6-4493-4E49-BAF7-AD7800C8D54B CB11 4TD Kents Farm, High Street, Littlebury n5742000843 inside red phone box near Queens Head Inn, LIttlebury 17 m
59BE4295-EBD8-4B18-83BA-AE2E00A375B3 CB22 5LZ Great Shelford Parish Council, Tesco Express, Woollards Lane n9536002201 Mounted on wall of Tesco, left hand side as seen from Woollards Lane 27 m
5D7D5514-2BAC-47B3-9837-B04D00BAC78E CB4 2JL Meadows Community Centre, Meadows Commuity Centre, 299 Arbury Road n11040550827 On exterior wall of Meadows Community Centre, to left of main entrance 7 m
60261370-5F8C-49B0-A3D9-AD3B0081E986 CB3 0JG Girton College, Front Lodge Girton College, Huntingdon Road n4362975897 From front entrance, enter left, porter's lodge in front. Enter porter's lodge, on left under staff 73 m
6437A6F5-DCA0-4DF3-AE98-AE3B0122DC96 CB23 2TA Public Telephone 17m From 24 Broadway 6m From Broadway, Broadway, Bourn n9170696413 inside red phone box, Broadway, Bourn 1 m
6CAEEB97-1F72-41AF-9DAA-AE2C014A83AD CB11 4QS Clavering Parish Council, Clavering Village Hall, Clatterbury Lane n10613061545 outside Clavering Village Hall 10 m
70E75E65-E73D-4737-80FF-AED600A1CDF5 CB24 6ZF Pavilion Recreation Ground, Coles Road, Milton n10119169293 On council building wall 17 m
76FE0391-B58D-4984-914B-B07B00AA5306 CB6 2QD Co-Op - Ely Road, 20 Ely Road, Sutton n9917876819 6 m
780612D7-8611-4108-AF07-AD3B00D126A9 CB9 7EA Village Hall, Bower Hall Drive, Steeple Bumpstead n10595185772 outside Steeple Bumpstead Village Hall 15 m
7A12C41E-118F-4E1B-872F-ADB200B4B656 CB23 8EH Bar Hill Parish Council, Bar Hill Parish Council Office, Hanover Close n3227988800 On exterior wall of the parish office, to the left of the main entrance 5 m
7BF69A9B-08DE-4B94-892A-AEB50098B970 CB6 2LB Witcham Village Hall, Martins Lane, Witcham n9201343833 outside Witcham Village Hall - to left of entrance 12 m
7E2EF1F1-B581-4540-A286-AE21009C6D71 CB7 5PR Memorial Bus Shelter, High Street, Chippenham n9002419007 Inside the memorial shelter, adjacent to the Tharp Arms. 4 m
84C2B649-7C44-4257-B2A9-ADD50098AF9A CB2 0PY John Van Geest Centre For Brain Repair Forvie Site, Robinson Way, Cambridge n4355572909 On wall next to lounge door in the post room. From reception foyer turn right into lounge and first 8 m
85F16B3A-E39B-4009-9550-AD3600C4B27F CB24 5PG Over Primary School, Long Furlong, Over n6313098093 Outside front door Over Primary School 35 m
879C96A1-C592-4461-85CC-AEC500B0F3B1 CB3 9BB Wolfson College, Barton Road, Cambridge n4362937780 Just inside in the main entrance, on the wall next to the side door into the actual Porters' Lodge 14 m
87DE199C-1DD6-4187-8ED2-AE5400D27042 CB25 0DU The Jubilee Reading Rooms, 99 The Causeway, Burwell n5578063959 8 m
87FF38DB-B59D-4291-A174-AE4000CA15CA CB8 8EQ The Guineas Shopping Centre, The Rookery, Newmarket n10857718768 The Guineas Shopping Centre, opposite Market Street by the entrance ot the Library. 26 m
9DD52864-7C77-4BCE-B97C-AF350090B243 CB9 7DP Post Office, 41 North Street, Steeple Bumpstead n10595185773 outside Petrol Station, North St, Steeple Bumpstead 3 m
9DE339DE-FFFE-4BCD-BF78-AF4F00C832A9 CB3 0AE Pound Hill, Cambridge n4488466371 Through the main doors, in the front entrance hall, on right hand side behind door as you come in 77 m
A0D89160-4B4F-48D5-A2D7-AFF000F5B0BF CB8 8SP Moulton Village Hall, Bridge Street, Moulton n10676739003 outside Moulton Village Hall 15 m
A2570BEF-640F-472B-86A6-ADF90137C850 CB8 8XR Wickhambrook Parish Council, Community Centre, Cemetery Road n10765146778 outside Wickhambrook Memorial Social Centre 24 m
A46B1111-706F-4990-B142-AE9F00C5FB1B CB7 4JU Price Bailey Ltd., 6 High Street, Ely n8824592287 Inside Price Bailey Accountants office. Only available during office hours. 21 m
A4F7FD34-A74F-4C1D-9375-B03100B40DFA CB2 3NE Tesco Petty Cury Cambridge Express, 3-5 Petty Cury, Cambridge n11379204625 Inside O2 Store in Lion Yard 26 m
A706EB93-3B8A-4FA0-A810-AE6700E82459 CB7 4BB City Of Ely Council, Riverside Bar And Kitchen, Ship Lane n10300507877 24 m
A973959A-6AE5-4373-A2BE-AE9E00B66177 CB9 7HA Public Telephone 11m From Red Lion, School Road 6m From B1061, School Road, Great Wratting n59817483 Inside the disused telephone kiosk, adjacent to the Red Lion. 1 m
A9CABD8C-5DB5-45B0-9689-AF8D009ED5F8 CB23 7AA Brookes Beauty And Spa, School Court, 1 Furlong Way n7455198190 11 m
B4EB1472-867E-4C65-A1FC-AD5200797059 CB11 3QY Newport Pharmacy, Newport Pharmacy The Brown House, High Street n9333913531 On exterior wall of Newport Pharmacy, facing the High Street. 5 m
B5E4BE2F-2981-4551-93E3-AE9800AF448D CB7 4EG Lovewell Blake Llp, 11 Lynn Road, Ely n10612504813 On car-park wall of Lovewell Blake solicitors, to the left of the office building, facing Lynn Road. 13 m
B8439F42-26CD-434B-A4AA-B05800833B89 CB23 1LT Public Telephone 11m From 1 Fountain Lane 7m From High Street, High Street, Haslingfield n5081396884 red telephone box on High Street, Haslingfield 8 m
BD68E940-2D3F-4CAE-9D62-AF0800C30E26 CB24 8QA 3 Church End, Rampton n9319686158 outside Rampton Village Hall 47 m
BD749F1C-EC8B-4A42-ACA6-AE8200C436AB CB10 1JD Saffron Walden Office, 8 Hill Street, Saffron Walden n9420302491 ouside gateway to Saffron Walden Fire Station on Hill Street 89 m
BFE304F5-8BCB-4FD5-9787-AE5300AFA950 CB3 0ET British Antarctic Survey, Madingley Road, Cambridge n4355331193 On the wall in the entrance hall, to the right from the main door 60 m
C2476E5F-D186-46D5-9D1E-AFB800F7CBC4 CB11 4LB Audley End Railway Station, Station Road, Wendens Ambo n9311557288 inside red phone box outside Audley End Station 22 m
C38E175A-D876-43ED-B232-B05A00AB4CB4 CB23 3QU Phone Box, Old Reading Room, The Main Road n9044279822 inside red phone box near the junction of The Main Road and The Church Lane, Papworth St Agnes 5 m
C6B4322F-0D59-4035-9541-AF3B014DF678 CB21 4DS Balsham Sports Pavilion, Balsham Pavilion, Church Lane n11002967661 50 m
CCD05846-A38D-40DA-9BD1-ADCF00DFD8B6 CB2 1JP The Centre At St Paul's, The Centre At St Pauls, Hills Road n9250947557 On exterior wall of St Paul's Church, by the entrance to the right of the tower, facing Hills Road. 19 m
CECA8367-47C9-491B-A8BA-AEB600FC042C CB2 3EL Downing Place Urc, Downing Place, Cambridge n9915819415 On wall of church, coloured yellow. 5 m
DBA19E75-84B1-4B75-AE94-AE2000A27FDE CB24 5HS 63 Church Street, Willingham n6338680789 On wall outside front door 23 m
DD332FA7-8D20-47DE-89C3-AEF9008118B8 CB24 4QU Swavesey Memorial Hall, High Street, Swavesey n6313123746 Outside front door Sawvesey Memorial Hall 30 m
E3E2CC87-78F5-46CF-B274-B0250152D5E8 CB8 8RD Gazeley Village Hall, Village Hall, The Street n9262603606 inside red phone box, The Street, Gazeley - opposite Chequers pub 71 m
E9612D9E-77C9-4E13-B8F1-ADF00104BDA1 CB4 0WZ Price Bailey, Tennyson House Cambridge Business Park, Cowley Road n5179563870 Mounted on SW-facing external wall. Access via grass. 23 m
EB07AD19-DF9E-4335-BD01-AF3F014DE5EC CB22 5BE Great Shelford Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Hinton Way n11006386311 inside old red phone box, Hinton way, Shelford 18 m
F2DBEE1A-47B0-458C-8262-AFC600EECA6C CB8 8TR The Fox, Front Street, Ousden n8962795511 Right-hand side of the front wall of the Fox pub. 4 m
F3AEC008-AD69-4746-B086-AE2100AB149E CB11 4RY Langley Community Centre, Upper Green Road, Upper Green n9755902113 Wall. 10 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 19 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
BEF3A50E-11DC-44BB-8CCC-ADD701110918 CB2 1DP Department Of Pathology, University Of Cambridge, Department Of Pathology Downing Site, Tennis Court Road n4355331189 Inside the Pathology Main Building's entrance foyer, on the wall to the right of the front door as y 11 m
C63B2017-C0B7-4AC2-AFB3-ADDB00A97E8F CB2 1RB Fitzwilliam Museum, Trumpington Street, Cambridge n4355572911 First Aid Room 37 m
DE69AB1F-562C-4060-8E21-ADCD00F48178 CB3 9DP West Road Concert Hall, 11 West Road, Cambridge n4355572913 Custodians' Office 12 m
3EAAF40C-A103-4C57-9917-ADC800E932DB CB3 9DP University Of Cambridge, Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road n4355572914 Behind reception counter next to front doors 95 m
3A8491BC-669A-4990-8013-ADCF00C2B586 CB3 0FS Department Of Materials Science And Metallurgy, 27 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge n4355572916 Mounted on the wall, to the right, as you enter the building, past the reception desk window 62 m
44A596AB-070D-4C0D-8BA4-ADFF00DA4248 CB2 1SB University Of Cambridge, 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge n4506523126 On the first floor in Occupational Health Service. In clinic room 4 31 m
A8CE53DB-4FA5-4E52-ACCB-ADC8011C36B1 CB2 1RX University Of Cambridge, 17 Mill Lane, Cambridge n5885085098 Main entrance (blue door): adjacent to the Safety Notice board 26 m
FB58F7D0-1756-4EC6-89DF-ADC801100D23 CB3 0EL Veterinary Hospital, Madingley Road, Cambridge n5885085101 Through Small Animal Hospital Reception on the main (green) corridor wall 31 m
FD7034F2-71F9-493E-B665-ADF701044C4F CB6 1JU Pulse Medical Charity, St George's Medical Centre, Parson's Lane n6316786016 On front exterior wall of St George's Medical Centre, in the middle facing the main car park. 373 m
6A67A690-1646-4052-B397-AE2200B518A8 CB6 1JH Co-Op - Wisbech Road, Central England Co-Operative Food - Littleport, 40-42 Wisbech Road n6317767372 On exterior wall of Co-op supermarket, near the right-hand corner facing Wisbech Road. 101 m
41E500DE-7F22-4F2C-A79D-AD4200C6E0BD CB6 1LX Pulse Medical Charity, Village Hall, Victoria Street n6317767411 On exterior wall of Littleport Village Hall, to the right of the main entrance on Victoria Street.# 79 m
FB1F4220-6BB7-4274-816D-B07A00EB7B00 CB8 0SF Old Phone Box, High Street, Opposite Memorial Hall n8787723082 inside red phone box opposite Memorial Hall, Brinkley 95 m
ED74E299-31AC-40B6-AB97-AF3F014DE014 CB22 5EG Great Shelford Telephone Box, Telephone Box, High Green n9043957634 inside old red phone box on High Green, Great Shelford 80 m
E1BA822E-3772-4588-B17C-AF6500C2CDDA CB24 5ES Willingham Parish Council, Phone Box Adjacent To 31 High Street, West Fen Road n9319773096 inside old red phone box, High Street, Willingham 140 m
A9BEBCD4-893A-4F3A-921A-AF1001355EB0 CB7 4QJ Waitrose Ely, Brays Ln, Ely n10213046731 On wall opposite Iceland entrance. 165 m
95C3C0C1-1AF2-4DC3-B815-AF39011FAA9E CB11 4JB Audley End Village Telephone Box, 1 Audley End Village, Saffron Walden n10605144675 inside old red phone box in Audley End 167 m
521403CA-3F81-42C6-BA1A-AD7800CC745B CB11 4XB Green Farmhouse, Littlebury Green Road, Littlebury n10613113356 inside old red phone box in Littlebury Green 115 m
239994BD-EFF6-45C9-87E8-ADE100C57465 CB3 1AS University Of Cambridge (North West Cambridge Development), Market Square, Eddington n10728441927 Mounted on wall in covered ground-level passage between Market Square and Eddington Place. No limits 14 m
2F412829-52B8-4866-A242-AFEB01319715 CB25 0BB Phone Box, Telephone Box, Opposite 77 North Street n11006387152 inside old red phone box in North Street, Burwell 259 m

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