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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'CB' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the AED location data from the Ambulance Services in Open Street Map. (Even if there was, many are located only by postcode, so the locations are not always precise.) So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list (orange for AEDs that may not be available 24/7, yellow for AEDs not generally available for public use, and red for everything else). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects . For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Postcode Location Ref
CB6 3PQ The Village Hall
CB3 8SE Council Office
CB22 7QX The Village Hall
CB23 7BD Barton CE (VA) Primary School
CB23 2SG The Village Hall
CB23 2SH The Sports Pavilion
CB8 9NH The Primary School
CB25 0AR Mandeville Hall
CB25 8DR The Day centre
CB23 3QQ Papworth Surgery
CB4 0GA SDC Builders – Bradfield Centre
CB5 8RX Marshalls Airport
CB5 8RX Marshalls Airport
CB21 4QX Cardinals Green/Horseheath Green
CB1 9HZ Pavilion Recreation Ground
CB8 9DY Sanctuary Housing Unit
CB7 5PR The Bus Shelter
CB24 8TX The Old Telephone Box
CB23 8BS The Village Hall
CB22 4WF Grange Farm
CB23 4JS The Poacher Public House
CB6 2SH Rugby Club
CB7 4DB Kings Ely Sports Hall
CB7 4PQ Paradise Pool
CB7 4JU Price Bailey LLP
CB22 6RP Foxton Sports Pavilion
CB3 0FH The Pavilion
CB3 9NQ Rupert Brooke Public House
CB22 5JU The Rugby Club
CB22 5LZ Tesco Store
CB21 5JG The Memorial Hall
CB6 3SR The Sports Pavilion
CB6 3XD Arkenstall Village Centre
CB23 1ES The Hare & Hounds Public House
CB22 7PX The Village Hall
CB21 6BU The Village Hall
CB24 9JE St. Andrews Centre
CB21 4QR The Village Hall
CB10 1SH The Village Hall
CB24 9NU Recreation Ground
CB4 3XJ The Meadows Community Centre
CB7 5RY The Beeches
CB23 1LL The Village Hall
CB8 9PD The Old Telephone Box
CB25 9FD The Village Hall
CB25 8FA Waterbeach Angling Club
CB21 4HX The Sports Pavilion
CB21 4JT The Fire Station
CB6 2ST The Village Hall
CB22 5ES The Navigator Public House
CB6 3HG The Village Hall
CB21 5JY The Old Phone Box
CB6 1EW Littleport Leisure Centre
CB25 9HB Fassage Hall
CB23 8HG Robinson Village Hall
CB24 3DW Longstanton Recreation Ground
CB24 3GZ Longstanton Parish Council Office
CB6 2AW The Post Office & Stores
CB24 6AZ Cambridge Sport Lakes Trust
CB24 6BL Bowls Pavilion
CB24 5NW The Community Centre
CB23 3QW Macfarlane Grieve House
CB22 3DG Spicers Pavilion
CB22 3EA Lynton Way Pavilion
CB22 3GB The Council Offices
CB22 3HZ Mill Lane Pavilion
CB22 3JN The Communal Building
CB22 3TG Price Bailey LLP
CB22 3JN The Communal Building
CB22 3AD Eastern Academic Health Science Network
CB8 0UN The Sports and Social Club
CB7 5HL Sweat Gym Soham
CB7 5ED The Fire Station
CB7 5EQ Soham Town Rangers Football Club
CB7 5BN Fullers Undertakers
CB25 9AU Quy Court
CB7 5TR The Old Hall Ely
CB6 2QQ The Pavilion
CB25 0LX The Primary School
CB23 2RE Toft People’s Hall
CB7 5ZR The Five Miles From Anywhere Public House
CB25 9LQ Waterbeach Surgery
CB25 9NJ The Old Pavilion
CB21 5NX The Reading Room
CB22 4NQ The Sports Pavilion
CB7 5XL Dimmocks Cote Quarry
CB6 3RA St Peters Village Hall
CB24 5LP The Pavillion
CB6 2LB The Village Hall
CB6 2JN The Village Hall
CB11 4HB The Village Hall
CB10 2HA The Village Hall
CB11 4QS The Village Hall
CB10 1NS The Community Centre
CB10 1PL The Crown & Thistle Public House
CB9 7AH The Village Hall
CB10 2PD The Village Hall
CB10 1TT The Village Hall
CB10 2QL St. Mary The Virgin Church
CB11 3QY The Pharmacy
CB11 3TR Joyce Frankland Academy
CB11 3PU The Sports Pavilion
CB11 3XQ The Village Hall
CB10 2SW The Old Telephone Box
CB10 1AG United Reformed Church
CB10 1BX Saffron Walden Golf Club
CB10 1EH The Fire Station
CB10 1HQ The Old Telephone Box
CB11 3JS Herbert’s Farm Playing Field
CB11 4DT The Golden Acre Community Centre
CB10 2DU The Cricket Club
CB10 2LG The Village Hall
CB9 7EA The Village Hall
CB11 4JX The Village Hall
CB11 4LB The Railway Station
CB8 9JY The Old Telephone Box
CB8 9DQ The Pavillion, Recreation Ground
CB8 8TF The Village Hall
CB8 7FN Swan Lane Business Park Exning
CB8 8RF The Phone Box (op The Chequers Public House)
CB9 8HF The Health Clinic Haverhill
CB9 0HR Chippy’s Haverhill
CB9 7UW The Visitor Centre
CB9 8HF Haverhill Health Clinic
CB9 8LU The Clements Surgery
CB9 9DE The Rugby Club
CB9 9EQ The Police Station
CB9 0LB Coupals Primary Academy
CB9 9EF Haverhill House
CB9 7NG The Surgery
CB8 8QX The Post Office
CB8 7QF The Playing Field
CB8 9PP The Star Inn Public House
CB8 8SP The Village Hall
CB8 0EA Newmarket Leisure Centre
CB8 7BP The Severals Pavlilon
CB8 7RX Studlands Park Sports and Social Club
CB8 8BL Ditton Lodge Community Primary School
CB8 8JP King Edward V11 Memorial Hall
CB8 8LT The Catholic Church
CB8 9RN Methodist Church
CB8 8TR The Fox Inn Public House
CB8 9TS The Ellesmere Centre
CB9 7LA The Village Hall
CB8 8PQ The Fire Station
CB8 8XR The Village Hall
CB9 7RY The Village Hall
CB8 9SQ The Blackbird Inn Public House

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

OSM Object Ref Location
n3144011303 W046 To the leftt of the Reception hatch, directly infront of you as you enter by the main entrance, in a
n3227988800 On exterior wall of the parish office, to the left of ht emain entrance
n4354824925 L010 On wall, to the left of and just inside main entrance. Visible through main (glass) doors.
n4355331183 H022 In First Aid Room, ground floor next to room 89. Sign posted on the door
n4355331184 H018 Mounted on the wall behind CIMR reception desk
n4355331185 H012 Middle floor landing CBS right hand wall near lift
n4355331186 H024 In the level one lift lobby; on the left hand side when facing the lift
n4355331187 H023.1 At reception on shelf behind front desk
n4355331188 E041 In main reception area, just before inner doors on wall on left
n4355331189 D017 Inside the Pathology Main Building's entrance foyer, on the wall to the right of the front door as y
n4355331190 S027 In entrance foyer (ground level) attached to the wall on the right hand side of the reception area a
n4355331191 W074 Turn right when entering reception; on your right in the alcove
n4355331192 S/MATHS054 On the buttress wall close to main reception and adjacent to Pavilion G common room entrance door
n4355331193 W043 On the wall in the entrance hall, to the right from the main door
n4355331194 F240.1 Inside the modular/modern building of the main Gravel Hill building, on the wall opposite the Recept
n4355340204 E052 On wall mounted shelf, behind reception desk; on the right as you enter through the main front entra
n4355340205 S/LIB022 Old bins office next to passageway into Readers locker area, ground floor
n4355340206 T032 In reception area on the wall opposite the entrance to the left of the canteen doors
n4355572909 H141 On wall next to lounge door in the post room. From reception foyer turn right into lounge and first
n4355572910 L103.1 On a shelf, immediately to the right hand side of the door on entering the Horticulture Staff Rest R
n4355572911 C010 First Aid Room
n4355572912 L084 Next to the bar on the first floor of the pavilion, entrance at either end of the ground floor
n4355572913 S048 Custodians' Office
n4355572914 S044 Behind reception counter next to front doors
n4355572915 A011.3 In the lobby at the foot of the Cobble Court ramp, wall mounted to the right of the double doors
n4355572916 W107 Mounted on the wall, to the right, as you enter the building, past the reception desk window
n4355572917 W017 Adjacent to signing in book next to reception just inside the front door
n4355572918 T016 Upstairs in the Hoyle buidling (Corfield Wing) on the right of the door linking the Hoyle & Kavli bu
n4362937778 HOMERTON044 On the wall in the lobby of Mary Allen Building off Hills Road near the auditorium door
n4362937779 HOMERTON047 On wall outside Combination Room and staircase and internal entrance to Conference Centre
n4362937781 TRIN010 Porters Lodge at Great Gate, Trinity Street
n4362937782 CHU/SPORT020 In boat shed, Combined Colleges Boathouse, Logan's Way
n4362937783 CHU010 Inside Churchill Porters' Lodge
n4362975892 DOW010 Inside Porters' Lodge, Downing College, Regent Street
n4362975893 TRIN015 Under the West Arch of New Court
n4362975894 TRIN/BURR010 Porter's Lodge at Burrell's Field
n4362975896 MURRAYEDWARDS01 At main entrance to college, on wall immediately next to door to Porters' Lodge
n4362975897 GIRTON010 From front entrance, enter left, porter's lodge in front. Enter porter's lodge, on left under staff
n4363053779 SEL010 Porters' Lodge in the alcove behind DHP desk
n4363053780 CAI/HARVEY013 Porters Lodge
n4363053781 CORPUS010 On the second shelf down of a built in cupboard, on the left just inside the entrance door of the Po
n4363053782 Squash Courts at King's College School (location only shown approximately)
n4363053783 KINGS010 King's College Porters Lodge
n4363053784 KINGS011 King's College Chapel
n4363053785 TRINH010 Porters Lodge
n4363053786 CAI010 Porters Lodge
n4363053787 SID010 Located behind Porters' Lodge counter in clear view at the end of the Fellows' pigeonholes
n4363053788 TRINH/WYCH010 On the wall in the back of Wychfield Porters' Lodge
n4366039208 QUEENS/SPORT010 Encased in a weather protecting metal box. Accessible by using a key code that you obtain from break
n4366039209 QUEENS027 In Queens' College Porters' Lodge
n4391729616 C012.1 Enter Reception foyer, turn right, on wall opposite stairs
n4391729617 E032 At Reception just inside the main door of Sanger Building
n4391729618 F130.1 Reception entrance, on left hand side of main entrance doors
n4391729619 D037 At Reception just inside the main door of Hopkins Building
n4391729620 PEM011 Inside Porters' Lodge on a shelf near the pigeon holes
n4391729621 D035 In main reception just inside main front entrance
n4391729622 D032 On wall on right of main reception office door in main Department lobby area. Reception office door
n4391729623 CHRISTS010 Head Porter's office, Porters Lodge
n4391729624 LUCY-CAV010 At Porters' Lodge
n4391729625 FITZ010 In Porter's Lodge
n4393290006 W051 Hanging on the wall behind the reception desk
n4411248840 CLAREHALL010 Hanging over key deposit box, through main doors at Clare Hall, about 5m straight in front
n4488466371 EXT/WESTMINSTER Through the main doors, in the front entrance hall, on right hand side behind door as you come in
n4506523126 B032.1 On the first floor in Occupational Health Service. In clinic room 4
n4546341030 D031 Ground floor of the Museum at the Front Desk in a cupboard marked "AED" . Entrances on Downing Stree
n4552545702 K011 It is located on the ground floor, straight through the main entrance, through the purple Front of
n4581668427 In staff office inside RSPB Lakenheath Fen Visitor CEntre
n5255538611 B019 Behind University Centre reception desk - when not staffed contact 01223 337766
n5885085094 W111 Reception?
n5885085095 T024 Between the glass entrance doors at the front of the Wolfson Building
n5885085096 M11E On first floor landing (AED only accessible directly to University personnel)
n5885085097 H131 Department of Medicine
n5885085098 B031.1 Main entrance (blue door): adjacent to the Safety Notice board
n5885085099 E025 Behind the front desk of reception on level 1 (main entrance to the building)
n5885085100 L011 First floor, on wall outside main library entrance (only publicly accessible during staffed hours)
n5885085101 W028 Through Small Animal Hospital Reception on the main (green) corridor wall
n5885126759 NW007.2 Cloakroom area about 10m on the right down the corridor from the main entrance
n5885150992 M014 Inside entrance door
n5885150993 F187 Barcroft Centre ground floor in the Tea Room (GO-04)
n5885155131 D014 Reception
n5885156438 D022 Outside the General Office (room 22) on the ground floor
n5885161622 H017 Reception
n7553206871 DFS-1K-3999
n7732178281 Side of building

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM object within 300m of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn.

Ref Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location MR Offset
CB25 0LD The Old Telephone Box n2006479346 old red phone box by payground High Street, Swaffham Prior 184 m
CB10 2RL The Primary School n4253568153 80 m
CB3 9DY St. Catharine’s Sports Ground n4362937780 Just inside in the main entrance, on the wall next to the side door into the actual Porters' Lodge 365 m
CB3 9AA St Johns College Sports Ground n4362975895 Walk in Porter's Lodge, turn left, it is on wall on the left. Occasionally if porter has been called 119 m
CB3 9HX Cambridge Canoe Club n4363053778 Gonville & Caius College Sports Pavillion, inside side entrance, on the wall 239 m
CB4 1HS Cambridgeshire Rowing Association Boathouse n4366039207 Inside the Boat House 373 m
CB23 8AB The Village Hall n4391729626 Madingley Hall, Reception on back wall just inside of main entrance 398 m
CB22 4NE The Memorial Hall n4400998261 In Hamilton Kerr Institute reception office off main entrance hallway, on wall to side of cupboard o 135 m
CB3 0HE Civil Engineering, University Of Cambridge Buildin n4546353473 Straight in front of you on the wall when you come into CAPE (it is fixed to the wall). 142 m
CB23 5DZ Co-operative Food n4585970356 Lower Cambourne Co-op 361 m
CB23 1JW The Old Telephone Box n5081396884 red telephone box on High Street Haslingfield 145 m
CB1 2RS 50-60 Station Road n5095999521 225 m
CB21 4NX The Telephone Kiosk n5104245646 in red phone box next to the green, Hadstock 153 m
CB4 0WZ Price Bailey LLP n5179563870 Mounted on SW-facing external wall. Access via grass. 162 m
CB21 4DZ The Old Telephone Box n5190498165 in red phone box next to Bell pub, West Wickham Road, Balsham 247 m
CB25 0DU The Jubilee Reading Rooms n5578063959 108 m
CB7 5XR The Old Telephone Box n5647947057 inside red telephone box by Wicken Village Hall 159 m
CB11 4TD The Old Telephone Box n5742000843 inside red phone box near Queens Head Inn, LIttlebury 30 m
CB11 3UG The Old Telephone Box n5998525154 inside red telephone box, near what was pub, Wicken Bonhunt 25 m
CB8 9PH The Old Telephone Box n6053577557 188 m
CB24 5PG The Primary School n6313098093 Outside front door Over Primary School 44 m
CB24 4QU The Memorial Hall n6313123746 Outside front door Sawvesey Memorial Hall 41 m
CB6 1JU St George’s Medical Centre n6316786016 On front exterior wall of St George's Medical Centre, in the middle facing the main car park. 224 m
CB6 1JH Co-Operative Food n6317767372 On exterior wall of Co-op supermarket, near the right-hand corner facing Wisbech Road. 40 m
CB6 1LX The Village Hall n6317767411 On exterior wall of Littleport Village Hall, to the right of the main entrance on Victoria Street.# 81 m
CB24 5HS The Library n6338680789 On wall outside front door 192 m
CB24 4SL The Village Hall n6375592266 Village Hall building righthand side of front wall 62 m
CB1 7EB Clip 'n Climb n6643307785 264 m
CB21 6AB Abington Institute n6828120390 54 m
CB23 7ZH School Court Shop n7455198190 73 m

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