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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'YO' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the AED location data from the Ambulance Services in Open Street Map. (Even if there was, many are located only by postcode, so the locations are not always precise.) So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list (orange for AEDs that may not be available 24/7, yellow for AEDs not generally available for public use, and red for everything else). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects . For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each Ambulence Service location for an OSM amenity=defibrillator object with a matching postcode, with 2km of the postcode centroid. If any are found the nearest such object is matched. Then we go through all unmatched Ambulence Service locations, and look for any unmatched amenity=defibrillator OSM objects within 150m. If any are found, the hearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated, but with an increased distance limit of 500m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs, or an EAD is a long way from its postcode centriod, they may not be matched correctly.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Postcode Location Locality Ref
YO41 1BR 46 Viking Road NCPAD335
YO23 2PT Acaster Carpets NCPAD1093
YO51 9EP Aldborough Village Hall NCPAD721
YO18 7PG Allerston Chapel NCPAD670
YO61 1RT Alne Village Hall NCPAD574
YO62 4ER Ampleforth College Cricket Pavilion NCPAD1020
YO42 4PG Attached to Lamp post NCPAD183
YO25 3EB Attached to Lampost NCPAD586
YO7 3AB Auction Mart NCPAD657
YO13 9HY Ayton Sports Association & Village Hall NCPAD988
YO17 6TA BATA Office NCPAD545
YO22 4SE Bank Top Toilet Block NCPAD772
YO17 8HF Bannisters Farm Shop NCPAD651
YO8 5JP Barlby High School Sports Hall NCPAD744
YO8 5XD Barlby Village Store (Nisa) NCPAD506
YO8 8EW Barlow Village Hall NCPAD691
YO25 8PJ Barmston and Fraisthorpe Village Hall NCPAD020
YO18 8PG Beech Farm Cottages NCPAD1115
YO25 8SA Beeford Surgery NCPAD730
YO15 1JF Bempton Cliffs Visitor Centre NCPAD551
YO25 8RU Blue Rose Country Park NCPAD1094
YO62 6DY Bowling Club NCPAD888
YO17 8EG Bowling Lane NCPAD206
YO21 2ED Bradbury Centre NCPAD355
YO15 3NA Bridlington Golf Club NCPAD682
YO25 9HT Broadmead House NCPAD003
YO8 6LX Bubwith Leisure Centre NCPAD839
YO42 1UF Buddhist Centre NCPAD635
YO17 8LU Bungalow - The Barn - The Outgang NCPAD1086
YO7 3QR Bus Shelter on Main Street NCPAD1078
YO7 4NJ Carlton Lodge Activity Centre NCPAD371
YO15 3QY Carnaby Caravans Ltd NCPAD1006
YO21 1RW Carr Hall Gardens NCPAD1085
YO21 3BA Church House NCPAD978
YO25 8RH Cost Cutter NCPAD044
YO8 4YQ Coultish Centre NCPAD1101
YO17 8DB Cranedale Centre NCPAD603
YO61 4TZ Crayke Village Hall & Sports Club NCPAD1033
YO51 9LY Crown Inn NCPAD151
YO61 2RW Cundall Manor School NCPAD463
YO25 9DW Driffield Rugby Club NCPAD591
YO25 3BL East Riding Crematorium NCPAD1089
YO25 4UX Eastgate NCPAD980
YO17 6QR Escada Systems LTD NCPAD984
YO22 4HS Eskdale School NCPAD934
YO22 4HS Eskdale School NCPAD337
YO7 2HL Estate Office NCPAD771
YO25 8SY Far Grange Golf Club NCPAD821
YO62 7LF Feversham Arms Inn NCPAD559
YO8 9PS Field Lane Sports Centre NCPAD480
YO26 7NN Forge House NCPAD969
YO25 8SB Fosse Hill Jet Ski Centre and Caravan Park NCPAD817
YO22 4QH Fylingdales Service Station NCPAD561
YO61 1SF Glatres Vets NCPAD1042
YO60 7RG Griffon Forest Holiday Lodges NCPAD831
YO22 4QH Grousehill Caravan and Camping Park NCPAD796
YO16 7NE HC21 Applegarth Court NCPAD353
YO61 3FG HC21 Springhill Court NCPAD356
YO25 8RT Hainsworth Park Golf Club NCPAD043
YO25 3TG Harlands Wood Shed & Joiners Shop NCPAD391
YO62 5HT Helmsley Sports Pavillion NCPAD522
YO8 6QS Hemmingborough Playing Fields NCPAD464
YO42 2NZ Henry Thirsk Amenity Centre NCPAD106
YO17 8SG Heslerton Sports Club NCPAD1087
YO7 4JE Holme House NCPAD1046
YO43 4EN Holme on Splading Village Hall NCPAD261
YO25 4SH Kilham Remebrance Gardens NCPAD442
YO26 8DG Kirk Hammerton Sports Pavillion and Playing Fields NCPAD082
YO21 2AQ Laelhom Village Store NCPAD107
YO21 3RY Laurel Cottage NCPAD685
YO25 9BG Laurel Farm NCPAD1062
YO25 4JR Lavender Court Residential Home NCPAD535
YO43 3LL Londesborough Park Cricket Club NCPAD813
YO60 6PP Main Street NCPAD788
YO7 4JD Main Street NCPAD617
YO62 4LJ Manor Farm NCPAD092
YO42 4QJ Melbourne Village hall NCPAD019
YO25 4LJ Nafferton Primary School NCPAD1063
YO25 4LA Nafferton Recreation Club NCPAD747
YO8 6NN New Inn PH NCPAD290
YO30 2BU Newton on Ouse Parish Hall NCPAD1077
YO12 7TT Northcliff Crown Green Bowling Club, Green 3 NCPAD1058
YO17 9PT Norton College NCPAD676
YO7 3PG Nursery Garden Holiday Home Park NCPAD756
YO61 3FA Oaklands Way NCPAD1040
YO17 9DA One Stop Convenience Store NCPAD986
YO15 3PS Our Lady and St Peter RC Primary School NCPAD366
YO22 5BG Outside The Old Chapel NCPAD975
YO25 8EG Pear Tree Farm NCPAD912
YO8 5RU Playing Fields NCPAD694
YO42 2QB Pocklington RUFC NCPAD684
YO42 2DP Pocklington Service Station (BP) NCPAD1051
YO61 1SR Pond View Farm NCPAD446
YO14 9RF Primrose Valley Holiday Park NCPAD035
YO62 7UY Public Toilet Block NCPAD674
YO18 7DP Public Toilets NCPAD1011
YO18 7AJ Rail Stn NCPAD102
YO19 6PW Riccall Regen Centre NCPAD376
YO25 8TN Rickaby Hall NCPAD008
YO22 4RD Robin Hoods Bay Surgery NCPAD011
YO43 4RW Rockar 2 Ltd NCPAD863
YO42 4NF Rolawn Ltd - Head Office NCPAD1041
YO17 6BT Ryedale District Council Depot NCPAD1113
YO60 7RG Sandburn Hall NCPAD878
YO8 3RD Scalm Park Golf Club NCPAD595
YO25 3QQ Scrutons Foundry NCPAD650
YO12 4QP Seamer Sports Assocation NCPAD1049
YO15 1EA Sewerby Hall NCPAD521
YO17 8PL Sherburn Sports and Community Club NCPAD783
YO7 3AR Site Office NCPAD968
YO25 8TY Skipsea Beach and Social Club NCPAD394
YO25 8SY Skirlington Leisure Park NCPAD843
YO25 3XQ Sledmere Estates Office NCPAD1074
YO22 5LF Sleights Bowling Club NCPAD482
YO13 0ER Smugglers Rock, Staintondale Road NCPAD612
YO19 5XS Snowball Plantation Youth Activity Centre NCPAD636
YO15 3QN South Shore Boat Club NCPAD1005
YO21 1SD Spring Vale Medical Centre NCPAD173
YO26 8BN Springbank Surgery NCPAD402
YO60 7EP Station House Vets, Teal House NCPAD690
YO61 4BE Staypylton Arms PH NCPAD570
YO18 8EN The Blacksmiths Arms NCPAD018
YO21 1NJ The Bridge Inn PH NCPAD1002
YO14 0NS The Community Centre NCPAD515
YO43 3LG The Concert Hall NCPAD233
YO60 7DZ The Crown and Cushion Pub NCPAD689
YO25 9TE The Forge NCPAD525
YO41 1EA The Gold Cup Inn NCPAD915
YO17 6TU The Grapes Inn NCPAD1073
YO22 4LH The Hare & Hounds Inn NCPAD1108
YO7 3BA The Horsebreakers Arms Inn NCPAD950
YO8 8NT The Huntsman NCPAD790
YO42 1UF The KP Club NCPAD345
YO21 3PU The Magpie Cafe Ltd (Takeaway) NCPAD949
YO7 2JW The Old Slaughter House NCPAD653
YO21 3HA The Royal Hotel NCPAD962
YO17 7LX The Royal Oak NCPAD606
YO23 7BP The Schoolhouse NCPAD1092
YO21 2DT The Stiddy Public House NCPAD110
YO26 9RL The Village Hall NCPAD056
YO22 4NT The Windmill Inn NCPAD1106
YO7 3AR Thirkleby Caravan Park NCPAD967
YO7 1QS Thirsk and Sowerby Town Hall NCPAD917
YO18 7LG Thornton le Dale Village Hall NCPAD782
YO17 6QF Tournaig, Oak Farm Court NCPAD1028
YO42 4RZ Triffitt Nursery NCPAD454
YO21 2BE Ugthorpe Lodge Caravan Site and Hotel NCPAD600
YO8 3FS Village Green NCPAD472
YO41 1QG Village Green NCPAD244
YO16 4XJ Village Hall NCPAD897
YO51 9QY Village Hall NCPAD417
YO62 5US Village Hall NCPAD919
YO7 2DY Village Hall NCPAD415
YO17 8SP Village Hall NCPAD740
YO42 4PB Village Hall NCPAD179
YO62 6TE Village Hall NCPAD538
YO8 9PA Village Hall NCPAD577
YO21 2LZ Village Hall NCPAD118
YO17 8RQ Village Hall NCPAD536
YO21 2AP Village Hall NCPAD117
YO51 9HZ Village Hall NCPAD396
YO7 3BS Village Hall NCPAD534
YO22 5HS Village Hall NCPAD605
YO13 9LL Village Hall NCPAD604
YO61 4RF Village Hall (Cholmeley Hall) NCPAD751
YO62 5EQ Village hall NCPAD478
YO42 1XR Warter CE Primary School NCPAD584
YO18 8PG Wayside Holiday Park NCPAD1012
YO25 9LB Well Lane, NCPAD182
YO19 6AA Wenlock Arms NCPAD007
YO21 1PX Whitby Court Care Home NCPAD983
YO21 1RE Whitby Museum, Pannett Park NCPAD814
YO21 1SQ Whitby Park and Ride NCPAD972
YO21 3EN Whitby Pavilion Front Concourse NCPAD992
YO21 3EN Whitby Pavilion Undercroft Pathway NCPAD993
YO22 4DD Whitby Rowing Club NCPAD938
YO21 3PB Whitby Rugby Club NCPAD1032
YO42 1RS Whitehouse Farm NCPAD541
YO60 6NU Wiganthorpe Court NCPAD347
YO41 5AB Wilberfoss Sports Pavilion NCPAD204
YO25 4NW Woldgate Methodist Church and Community Centre NCPAD1117
YO7 1BG Womens Institute House NCPAD705
YO8 6EP Wressle Village Hall NCPAD005
YO41 4AR York Warehousing and Distribution NCPAD340
YO7 4BZ Yorkshire Farmhouse Eggs LTD NCPAD887

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

OSM Object Ref Location
n100568366 in phone box by bus stop on main st Garton on the Wolds
n1617652348 AHA254 in red phone box by St Wilfrids Catholic Church in Duncombe Place (near York Minster)
n2042787285 inside red phone box in Brawby
n2569892072 In old phonebox on Horseman Lane
n4166252447 inside York Theatre Royal
n4205076992 Minster Police Office
n4205076993 The Minster School, office
n4234027012 Dunnington And Grimston Sports Club entrance
n4247361243 Seebohm Rowntree Building, University of York
n4263750604 inside York Railway Institute sports centre
n4329167914 York Railway Station
n4329167915 York Railway Station
n4375747649 inside Energise, by reception
n4402756917 National Centre for Early Music
n4403535938 Tesco, Clifton Moor
n4465587438 on wall between Customer Services desk and Currency Exchange kiosk
n4481632481 Borrowby phone box
n4673865849 Tysys reception
n4702826314 Monks Cross Information Office
n4702826318 York Council, West Offices
n4710318093 Meridian House, The Crescent, York
n5233992881 inside red phone box in Foston on the Wolds
n5250569378 right of entrance to Lady Middleton Hotel reception
n5256920998 in English Heritage office by reception desk
n5281005521 by reception of George Stephenson House
n5370759798 inside Quaker Meeting House, Friargate (on wall opposite entrance)
n5373072535 inside Morrisons, to right of door by telephone
n5481140548 inside Ware & Kay office, Sentinel House, Peaseholme Green, by reception
n5552623248 inside Sainsbury's Monk's Cross, by customer services counter
n5559508988 inside Q-Park multistorey carpark next to wardens lodge on level 3
n5573506958 inside Northern House Rougier Street, York to the right of reception, (note there are 2 entrances to
n5573506960 inside Jacobs, 2nd floor, Northern House Rougier Street, York by reception, (note there are 2 entran
n5587038986 outside The Stiddy pub, High Street, Lythe, YO21 3RT, to left of entrance
n5627210361 behind the counter at Richer Sounds, St Sampson Square
n5627210362 under the wedding cake display opposite entrance in Betty's
n5628271631 outside Escrick & Deighton Social Club, Main Street, Escrick, facing Main Street
n5636350706 inside Asda Monks Cross, just inside entrance at bottom of pillar to left of entrance
n5640755615 inside York & District Indoor Bowls Club building, in the lounge next to the office door
n5656749409 inside Bar Convent, by reception
n5656749410 inside Fleetways Taxis office
n5659106753 inside reception of Swift Fitness, Mnsfield Street, Foss Islands, York
n5667398765 inside St Olaves School - to the left of reception desk
n5678348581 Between main kitchen and disabled toilet
n5700802590 NCPAD 034 On Fence around utility box, opposite zebra crossing. Fence has 'Caravan Sales' sign on top of it.
n5758964352 in Orthokind dentist on first floor by reception
n5766714615 inside Practice Manager Office at Bupa Dental Care York, Swinson House
n5769267362 Platform 9 of York Station behind Costa Coffee kiosk
n5769267363 platform 10 of York Station by steps to footbridge
n5821620156 inside York Magistrates Courthouse, in ground floor security area
n6033226502 inside Mydentist
n6073480289 on the left as the bar as you enter the building
n6242217759 just inside entrance to Fulford Library
n6249956450 by reception desk of The Press
n6266577997 outside York Racecourse enquiry office (on racecourse side)
n6391580233 in York St John Security office
n6525751761 on wall of reception of York St John Sports Centre on Haxby Road
n6605836997 by reception David Lloyd Leisure Centre, Hull Road, York
n6659168283 inside Tesco Express, Low Ousegate to right of entrance
n6661604380 by customer service desk in Marks & Spencers near Pavement entrance
n6833346664 inside Arnold Clark car showroom, by toilet entrances
n6838996480 inside York Hospital on wall to left of the main entrance
n6874111278 Attached to outside of Smuggler's Rock Guest House, Ravenscar, YO13 0ER. RH side of building from ro
n6882947667 inside 5 New Street, in stairwell on groundfloor
n6925164290 inside Amey foyer opposite fromt door on Tanner Row
n6932759554 near consulting rooms inside Centurion House, Tribune Way, York
n6937756412 outside Hungate Community Centre, Palmer Lane - to right of door
n7141192509 in Tesco Askham Bar by security desk at right hand side of main entrance
n7141287864 inside Pike Hill Golf Club Halfway House
n7220930641 NCPAD1065 outside Acomb Parish Church Hall, Front Street, Acomb, to left of entrance
n7227520625 inside 10 Toft Green, on first floor landing
n7392800574 outside Askham Bryan Village Hall, Main Street, Askham Bryan, YO23 3QT, to the left of entrance
n7398707392 Lowthorpe
n7398758438 by the junction of A614 and Main Stret, Ruston Parva
n7421804552 outside Oulston Village Hall, Oulston
n7428056166 outside Rickaby Hall, Main Street, Ulrome, YO25 8TP - to right of entrance
n7445090094 outside Whitby Park & Ride building, facing bus lane
n7455196833 Farlington - on front of house facing green which leads to grave yard/St Leonards church
n7578595568 AHA731 outside Bishopthorpe Scout Hut, Appleton Road, Bishopthorpe, YO23 2RF - facing Archbishop of York Ju
n7707742406 AHA377 right hand side of main entrance under shelter
n7799453532 outside The Gait Inn, Millington, YO42 1TX
n7877013276 by Lupton Fawcett reception, ground floor Stamford House, Piccadilly, York YO1 9PP
n8073023217 WCPAD740 Block 1-60 Lakeland Court, Halton Moor
n8243377062 outside Bradshaws Flour Mills, Skerne Road, Driffield, YO25 6XL - to left of reception entrance and
n8246659944 outside, attached to wall, opposite where Wentworth Avenue joins A19 in Thormanby
n8246734633 outside Sessay Village Hall, Sessay, YO7 3BE
n8270264022 On side of Brick outbuilding next to path to cemetery.

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object

Ref Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location MR Offset
YO17 8TQ PPP n96254263 inside red phone box on village green Helperthorpe 76 m
YO18 7PY PPP n186183291 in red phone box in Lockton 32 m
YO18 7NL Village Hall n224372678 in red phone box outside Levisham Village Hall 27 m
YO61 3UY PPP n251001447 in red phone box, Back Lane, Raskelf 28 m
YO60 7RJ PPP n259786701 inside red phone box next to Blacksmiths Arms in Flaxton 162 m
YO32 2PJ PPP O/S Black Horse PH n280751122 inside red phone box by Black Horse pub in Wigginton 115 m
YO19 4PN Main Street n313181337 inside red telephone box between Naburn Primary School and the Blacksmiths Arms pub in Naburn 36 m
YO62 6RD PPP n319718447 inside red phone box on the green in Marton 72 m
YO8 5RG PPP n585425702 inside red phone box, Main Street, North Duffield 88 m
YO43 3PN Langlands Garden Centre n1689332818 outside Langlands Garden Centre, on corner of building towards road and petrol station 55 m
YO62 4AA PPP n1802260553 in red phone box by Slingsby village green 68 m
YO23 3PH PPP n2357997595 inside red phone box on Main Streeet, Bilbrough 39 m
YO25 9QN White Horse n3083211547 outside White Horse Pub, Hutton Cranswick 59 m
YO23 2UL PPP n3506140701 inside modern phone box at bottom end of Mill Lane, Acaster Malbis 260 m
YO23 7AQ PPP n3543835183 inside red phone box, Main Street, Bolton Percy, YO23 7AQ 57 m
YO13 9DG Wydale Hall n3859265547 329 m
YO10 3WW Elvington Floorcraft n4064435268 outside Elvington Floorcraft 50 m
YO31 0HG Community Centre n4119515790 outside Heworth Community Centre facing car park 85 m
YO32 9AE Vangarde Shopping Park n4151706192 Vangarde Shopping Centre 53 m
YO13 9JE PPP next to West Ayton Bus Shelter n4176360602 425 m
YO30 6WP Homestead Park n4204652848 outside Homestead Park toilets 56 m
YO7 1QP Thirsk Falcons JFC n4213001624 Tesco, Station Road, Thirsk 436 m
YO43 4SA PPP n4225989908 in phone box on Newbald village green 48 m
YO25 9SH Phone box, By turn off to Thorpe, ajacent to numbe n4227397557 inside red phone box Front Street, Lockington 29 m
YO13 9DL Village Hall Brompton By Sawdon n4238457594 Inside K6 Red Telephone Box. 48 m
YO42 2AR Pocklington Art Centre n4242013999 outside Pocklington Arts Centre 11 m
YO10 4FY n4291856838 Fulford School gates 81 m
YO19 5NQ My Health Health care Centre n4306129231 Inside Dunnington Dental Practice 358 m
YO41 1JS Duke of York Public House n4306163192 outside Duke of York pub, Gate Helmsley 98 m
YO26 9TD Village Hall n4339736068 Little Ouseburn Village Hall 267 m
YO7 2NL Old Oak Tree n4400494241 Outside Old Oak Tree pub, Sowerby 35 m
YO21 1TX Egton Surgery n4462711795 outside Egton Surgery 80 m
YO21 3SZ Pyman Institute n4464703567 11 m
YO7 4AZ BT Phone box outside Village Hall n4487873776 inside phone box next to Knayton Village Hall 193 m
YO32 5XS PPP n4588450555 phone box at east end of Church Lane 95 m
YO23 1JJ Costcutter York n4712612614 Outside Costcuters, Bishopthorpe Road 17 m
YO25 8TG Post Office n4735496722 outside Skipsea Post Office 77 m
YO10 3QA n4739065083 beside Sainsbury's, Thirkleby Way 46 m
YO24 3BZ Acomb WMC n4739068822 outside Acomb Working Mens Club 14 m
YO41 4AG Village Hall n4739074145 outside Elvington Village Hall 236 m
YO41 4BN Village Hall n4739079815 outside Sutton upon Derwent Village Hall 217 m
YO41 4DY Elvington Medical practice n4739085327 outside Elvington Medical Practice 188 m
YO30 5SJ Clifton Explore Library n4739944338 outside Clifton Library 258 m
YO41 1EH PPP n4740215352 66 m
YO31 7LX n4740732486 outside Door 84 community centre 11 m
YO43 3AX Market Weighton Community Hall n4742505544 outside Market Weighton Community Centre, Station Road, Market Weighton, YO43 3AX 38 m
YO8 6LX McColls Shop n4742515399 outside Bubwith village shop 115 m
YO18 7RN The Green n4742519921 Thornton le Dale village green 32 m
YO61 1DP PPP n4770692816 inside red phone box on Main Street, Suttton on the Forest 37 m
YO32 9SH Huntington Methodist Church n4783652754 outside Huntington Methodist Church, Strensalll Road, Huntington, YO32 9SH, next to entrance 123 m
YO13 0QR South Street n4955864631 inside red phone box, bottom of High Street, Scalby, opposite Nags Head 85 m
YO43 3AQ Town Hall n4964341222 Outside building in Linegate, Market Weighton 226 m
YO43 3BP HFRS Fire Station n4964341234 outside Market Weighton Fire Station 316 m
YO41 1DY Low Catton Road n4964461518 outside Stamford Bridge Village Hall 75 m
YO14 0ET PPP n4977823507 120 m
YO14 9DA Co op Funeral Service n4985058609 To the right of Co-operative Funeralcare entrance 84 m
YO25 8DQ The Black Horse n5014421416 outside Black Horse Pub, Atwick 68 m
YO13 9AF Snainton Village Hall n5017913578 On Exterior of building facing A170 183 m
YO24 4LZ 28, York Road n5033357491 outside Visioncare Optometry, Acomb 80 m
YO18 8SA Rosedale Abbey Community Primary School n5064460854 23 m
YO60 7HF Low Hutton Village Hall n5069493209 on outside of Huttons Ambo Village Hall 242 m
YO60 7RZ Lawnswood n5070470419 outside garage of Lawnswood on Whinny Lane 69 m
YO41 1LB Whey Carr Farm n5070474422 next to phone box in Sand Hutton 143 m
YO1 6LJ Rear of 61 Micklegate. Northern College of Acupunt n5073599921 behind Northern College of Acupuncture, Micklegate 22 m
YO62 6TR PPP n5139196845 25 m
YO62 4NB PPP n5141153672 inside red telephone box in Scackleton 54 m
YO25 3YN PPP n5142038620 inside red phone box on village greeen, Wold Newton, opposite Anvil pub 142 m
YO41 4DB PPP Opp The Half Moon Inn n5142053659 inside red phone box, Main Street, Newton-upon-Derwent 128 m
YO17 6SR Band Room n5142270807 Excelsior Band Room, Middle Street, Swinton 16 m
YO17 8TG PPP n5143110840 inside red phone box, East Lutton 99 m
YO25 4UF PPP n5146106589 in red phone box, Rudston at junction of High Street and Middle Street 61 m
YO19 6PZ Riccall Surgery n5167778076 outside Riccall Surgery, Main Street Riccall 193 m
YO62 5BN Public Toilet Block n5170310639 outside public toilets on Boro Gate near Helmsley market 12 m
YO61 2QY Telephone Box n5170333539 in red phone box, Moor Lane, Myton-on-Swale 21 m
YO42 4JD Everingham Village Hall n5170450223 outside Everingham Village Hall 91 m
YO21 2RG Kildale Village hall n5173780600 outside Kildale Village Hall, YO21 2RG 70 m
YO25 8PG Barmston Beach Shop n5173938511 next to red phone box, on Sands Lane, Barmston 73 m
YO25 9UA The Reading Rooms n5174053249 outdside Reading Rooms, Front Street, Middleton on the Wolds 139 m
YO25 8HS PPP n5180966061 in red phone box in Gembling 19 m
YO25 8DU PPP n5233992877 inside red telephone box in Bewholme, near junction of Atwick Road and Skipsea Road 16 m
YO22 5LX Post Office n5241518794 on outside of red phone box in centre of Goathland 65 m
YO43 3HG Telephone Box n5243565298 inside phone box, opposite west side of church graveyard, Goodmanham 67 m
YO43 4QZ PPP n5243565313 in red phone box, Low Street, Sancton, YO43 4QZ 49 m
YO42 4JW PPP n5243593076 inside telephone box in Bielby 189 m
YO25 3PR PPP n5254954418 inside red phone box, Front Street, Burton Fleming 52 m
YO1 6FZ York City Rowing Club n5329652753 outside York City Rowing Club, by River Ouse near Lendal Bridge 4 m
YO32 9UR Village Hall n5352687292 outside Stockton on the Forest Village Hall 44 m
YO32 9QS Huntington Working Mens Club n5481138683 outside Huntington WMC on Huntington Road 75 m
YO32 9PX New Earswick and District Indoor Bowling Club n5481140529 outside by the entrance to New Earswick Bowls Club 118 m
YO14 9LD HM Coastguard Building n5490986983 On exterior of Coastguard building to RH side of stairs, facing beach. 27 m
YO7 2JZ The Joinery Shop n5524059039 opposite Gold Cup pub, next to All Saints church Lead Lane, Nether Silton 51 m
YO7 1TF Tourist Information Centre n5524074501 outside Thirsk Tourist Information near phone box 29 m
YO15 3AN Bridlington Harbour Commisioners n5567022254 outside Health Trainers 429 m
YO26 8AP Whixley Village Hall n5579437550 outside Whixley Village Hall, High St, Whixley, YO26 8AP 75 m
YO26 8ER Nun Monkton Primary School n5579455493 outside Nun Monkton Primary School, by entrance 107 m
YO61 1JS St Nicholas Church n5579466326 in porch of St Nicholas Church, Stillington 38 m
YO60 6SH Sheriff Hutton Methodist Church n5579476737 outside Sheriff Hutton Methodist Church, West End, Sheriff Hutton, YO60 6SH 60 m
YO25 9JE Kilnwick Village Hall n5579481514 outside Kilnwick Village Hall, School Lane, Kilnwick 63 m
YO61 3AD The George Hotel n5582797900 outside the George Hotel, Market Place, Easingwold 27 m
YO51 9AN Town Hall n5585598181 outside Boroughbridge Tourist Information Office, Hall Square, Boroughbridge, YO51 9AN 48 m
YO62 7HX Gillamoor primary School n5585605215 outside Gillamoor Primary School, to right of front door 139 m
YO62 7HA Fadmoor Village Hall n5585611545 On front of village hall to left of door. 29 m
YO41 5NN Community Centre n5586477393 outside Wilberfoss Community Centre, Main Street, Wilberfoss 110 m
YO32 4AQ New Earswick Methodist Church n5587003929 outside New Earswick Methodist Church, 96 m
YO32 9RU Huntington Sports and Social Club n5587015635 outside Huntington Sports Club building, North Lane, Huntington, YO32 9RU 67 m
YO32 3DY Haxby Ambulance Station n5587204815 outside Haxby Ambulance Station, York Road, Haxby, YO32 3DY 29 m
YO42 4EN Village Hall n5587272508 outside Barmby Moor Village Hall, Chapel Street, Barmby Moor, YO42 4EN 14 m
YO62 7RD Rose & Crown Public House n5587277471 outside Rose & Crown pub, Nawton, YO62 7RD 76 m
YO22 5QE Signal Box Grosmont Rail Stn n5591177139 outside Grosmont station signal box opposite Station Tavern 54 m
YO21 2DT Village Hall n5591206785 outside Westerdale Village Hall, Westerdale, YO21 2DT, to the left of the entrance 67 m
YO8 8QA George and Dragon PH n5591283527 on end wall of George and Dragon pub, West Haddlesey 113 m
YO42 4TS n5592909291 outside bus shelter in East Cottingwith 192 m
YO25 5HT Driffield Fire Station n5611989495 outside Driffield Fire Station 44 m
YO16 4TS Bridlington Fire station n5612002951 outside Bridlington Fire Station 14 m
YO42 2SQ HFRS Fire Station n5612008594 outside Pocklington Fire Station 36 m
YO14 9SB Village Hall n5613556151 To RH Side of Main Entrance to Village Hall. 108 m
YO8 3SH Castle Inn n5613640510 in fron of Castle Inn, Cawood 113 m
YO8 3TP Old Boys School n5613640514 on the side of the Old Boys School on Old Boys School Lane 49 m
YO8 8QT Hirst Road n5617986854 inside red telephone box, Hirst Road, Hirst Courtney 31 m
YO8 6QE Crown Inn n5618055083 ouside Crown Inn, Main Street, Hemingbrough, on church side 109 m
YO25 9XL Victoria Inn n5618092368 To left of main door on wall of building. 39 m
YO51 9JX Boroughbridge high school n5618279070 outside Boroughbridge High School Sports Centre 53 m
YO23 3QB Village Hall n5618524736 outside Rufforth Institute Hall, Wetherby Road, Rufforth, to left of entrance 31 m
YO13 0HJ Village Hall n5618580746 On RH diside of Entrance Door. 394 m
YO26 8DL Village Hall n5618674450 outside Kirk Hammerton Village Hall facing the green 70 m
YO7 4LX Vale of York PH n5619724469 outside Vale of York pub, Carlton Miniott 113 m
YO7 2BW Carlton Inn n5620060078 on the side of the Carlton Inn 130 m
YO42 1YH The Wolds Inn n5620105551 ouside Wolds Inn, Driffield Road, Huggate YO42 1YH - on left hand side of porch 38 m
YO21 2PW The Robinson Institute, Village Hall n5620177862 outside Robinson Institute, High Street, Glaisdale, YO21 2PW 38 m
YO41 5QP The Old Chapel n5620204083 outside the Old Chapel, Highfield Lane, Fangfoss, YO41 5QH 71 m
YO18 8HL Cropton Village Hall n5622474051 outside Cropton Reading Room, to the left ofthe entrance 132 m
YO26 6HN Poppleton Post Office n5625473045 outside Poppleton Convenience Store, Allerton Drive, Poppleton 32 m
YO17 8HX Wintringham Community Hall n5625747309 outside Wintringham Community Hall, to right of entrance 489 m
YO11 1PB RNLI Lifeboat Station n5627110826 On Exterior of RNLI Lifeboat Station, to RH Side of large doors, facing Foreshore Road. 77 m
YO25 8LG The Blue Post n5627709006 outside The Blue Post pub, Main Street, North Frodingham, YO25 8LG 123 m
YO41 1AL Bridge Works n5628200693 outside Rosti, Stamford Bridge, to left of entrance to visitor car park 36 m
YO26 8JA Old school Room n5628215547 outside Old Schoolroom, Moor Monkton, YO26 8JA 145 m
YO32 9NE P.J Clifton n5636350707 outside P J Clifton at the junction of New Lane and Jockey Lane in Huntington, York, facing Jockey L 53 m
YO17 9HS Derwent Arms PH n5638645572 outside Derwent Arms, Church Street, Norton, YO17 9HS - facing carpark down side of pub 15 m
YO24 4HX York RI Bowls Club n5640755618 outside York Railway Institute Bowls Club building to the left of the entrance 10 m
YO24 1QG St Edward the Confessor Church n5640758131 outside St Edward Confessor Church, Dringhouses, next to rear entrance 14 m
YO10 5EW Helsington Cricket Club n5640758140 outside Heslington Sportsfield pavilion on thhe corner furthest from the car park 101 m
YO19 5QG Dunnington CE Primary School n5654134414 outside Dunnington Primary School, on south side by school car park, within the school grounds 92 m
YO7 1TH HC21 Meadowfields n5659214853 outside Meadowfields, to right of enrtrance, next to Thirsk Library 26 m
YO31 9BX Yearsley Grove Primary School n5664566468 Yearsley Grove Primary School - to the right of door to school reception 174 m
YO16 4UP The Pound n5694761926 70 m
YO60 7QG PPP n5697618229 inside red lelephone box in Foston 88 m
YO15 1EW The Ship Inn n5697925025 outside The Ship Inn on Cliff Road in Sewerby 111 m
YO10 3BF Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust n5710780901 189 m
YO21 2LH Hope Cottage n5717260720 fixed to external wall 52 m
YO15 3LG RNLI Lifeboat station n5720950157 outside Bridlington Lifeboat Station on south wall 185 m
YO17 6PL PPP O/S Village Hall n5721537389 inside red phone box Barton le Street, by west entrance to St Michaels churchyard 52 m
YO7 2PH PPP n5721546941 in modern phone box in Bagby 216 m
YO7 2AT Thirkleby Village Hall n5721551685 outside Thirkleby Parish Hall 21 m
YO61 1QT Black Horse Public House n5731886326 outside Black Horse pub, Station Road,Tollerton 254 m
YO60 7BP The Old Post Office n5739941905 outside old post office, Bulmer, on wall behind red phone box, next to post box 8 m
YO17 9SA Jolly Farmer PH n5754866713 outside Jolly Farmer pub Leavening, facing car park 65 m
YO62 6RN Salton Village Hall n5764442776 attached to wall outside Salton Village Hall 72 m
YO12 7RY Borough Bowling Club n5811342779 On Exterior of Bowling Club building facing Manor Road 82 m
YO61 1HT The Mended Drum n5836957560 outside the Mended Drum pub,Tollerton Road, Huby, YO61 1HT - to the right of the entrance porch 181 m
YO60 6PR Terrington Hall School n5858895487 Next to phone box by village shop in Terrington 139 m
YO7 1SL Thirsk Community Primary School n5869429797 outside Thirsk Community Primary School building, by car park 19 m
YO17 9RG Village Hall n6093266308 51 m
YO23 3ST Compmanthorpe Methodist Church n6162166601 outside Copmanthorpe Methodist Church on Main Street, Copmanthorpe 76 m
YO7 2PR Whitestonecliffe Inn n6196437687 outside of Whitestonecliffe Inn (west side) in Sutton under Whitestonecliffe 162 m
YO24 2RQ Woodthorpe Dental Centre n6255202204 outside Woodthorpe Dental Centre Moorcroft Road, to the right of the front door 33 m
YO21 1DU Whitby Pet Shop n6257005870 outside Church House, Flowergate, Whitby 143 m
YO8 9EG Tesco Express n6266294711 outside Tesco Express, petrol station, Doncaster Road, Brayton, YO8 9EG - next to ATM 45 m
YO31 0UG Tang Hall Community Centre n6272159526 in porch of Tang Hall Community Centre, Fifth Ave, York 120 m
YO62 7SE Wombleton Village Hall n6349604017 outside Wombleton Village Hall 5 m
YO30 7BH St Olave's Church n6351281967 outside St Olave's Church Hall on Marygate Lane, to left of entrance 72 m
YO19 5GS J H Shouksmith & Sons Ltd n6376915115 outside Shouksmiths office facing Outgang Lane on the corner of Murton Way and Outgang Lane 10 m
YO8 4EA Mr C's Fish and Chip Shop n6463284902 outside Mr C's Fish & Chip Shop on Micklegate in Selby 32 m
YO61 4PY Village Hall n6468683373 169 m
YO26 7NN Forge House n6471198733 67 m
YO42 1RJ Hayton Service Station n6551857905 by Hayton Service Station 160 m
YO15 1AE Flamborough Village Hall n6561784352 outside Living Seas Centre, Flamborough 445 m
YO25 8PY Church Farm n6561841816 Main Street, Lissett, opposite St James Church 30 m
YO17 9LF Church Hall n6561853859 in porch of Burythorpe Village Hall 145 m
YO25 8JW Mount Pleasant Farm n6561906387 Manor Farm, Brigham 122 m
YO60 7TG Thornton-le-Clay Village Hall n6565061184 on outside of Thornton le Clay Village Hall, Low Street, Thornton le Clay, YO60 7TG, facing White Sw 142 m
YO23 3PT St Mary's Church Hall n6567311781 outside Askham Richard Village Hall 17 m
YO26 6QG Red Lion PH n6567335022 outside Red Lion Pub, Knapton, down side road towards car parking 32 m
YO17 9TG Village Hall n6612011538 outside Thixendale Village Hall, Thixendale, YO17 9TG 126 m
YO7 1BB Shire House n6744038169 67 m
YO17 8DT Village Hall n6754157137 21 m
YO24 3BZ Acomb Parish Church Hall n6831792194 inside Morrisons supermarket, Front Street, Acomb, by the store exit 66 m
YO1 7BX Taylor's Merchant Hall n6903373204 Merchant Taylors Hall car park right hand side 22 m
YO26 7QW Tockwith Springbank Surgery n6938554399 outside Springbank Doctors Surgery, Marston Road,Tockwith 158 m
YO31 0PN St Aelred's Community Centre n7061146164 outside St. Aelred’s Community Centre, to left of entrance 179 m
YO10 4BT St George’s RC Primary School n7118337133 outside St Georges RC Primary, School, Fishergate, York, in staff car park to left of school entranc 31 m
YO23 3YR Copmanthorpe Recreation Centre n7141192552 outside Copmanthorpe Sports and Community Centre facing car park behind disabled parking spaces 157 m
YO23 3UW n7141287860 inside Pike Hill Golf Club clubhouse 5 m
YO61 2PR Almshouse Clock Tower n7149629653 outside Helperby Surgery, (to left of entrance) Main Street, Helperby, YO61 2NS 45 m
YO11 3UF Folkton and Flixton Village Hall n7149951153 On Exterior Wall, facing road, to RH side of entrance, about Meter Boxes. 265 m
YO31 0HA Tang Hall Explore Library n7164700475 outside The Centre @ Burnholme (Tang Hall Library new location) facing carpark near the corner furth 31 m
YO17 7DB Croft Community n7263342284 by entrance to Camphill Trust Croft Community, Highfield Road, Malton 117 m
YO17 7HH Ryedale House n7263359854 30 m
YO24 3HY Foxwood Community Centre n7281295455 outside, next to entrance of Foxwood Community Centre, Cranfield Place, Foxwood 48 m
YO18 7NN Rail Stn n7320535176 Levisham Station by entrance to carpark 35 m
YO30 1AA Dawnay Arms PH n7320765493 in porch to right of entrance to Dawnay Arms, Shipton in Beningbrough 99 m
YO8 5HG Barlby and Osgodby Methodist Church n7320780771 outside Barlby and Osgodby Methodist Church, to left of entrance, 175 m
YO17 9BA Bright Steels Social Club n7320808228 outside Bright Steels Social Club, 55 Wood Street, Norton, YO17 9BA 128 m
YO19 5XL Warthill CofE Primary School n7344327178 outside Warthill CofE Primary School, Warthill, YO19 5XL 71 m
YO23 1PX The Chocolate Works n7347153290 outside Hallmark House, Joseph Terry Grove (Chocolate Works development), York, YO23 1PX - on the ea 13 m
YO26 7LR Long Marston C of E School n7392253003 outside Long Marston C of E School, Angram Road, Long Marston, YO26 7LR 93 m
YO23 3PA Sycamore Barn n7392274226 outside Sycamore Barn, Angram, YO23 3PA 114 m
YO32 5TB Strensall Services n7392283139 outside Strensall Services shop, Strensall Road, YO32 5TB 15 m
YO23 7DN Appleton Roebuck Primary School n7392517944 outside Appleton Roebuck Primary School, Main Street, Appleton Roebuck, YO23 7DN, to the right of en 80 m
YO8 9HS Hambleton Village Hall n7392812219 outside Hambleton Village Hall, Station Road Hambleton, YO8 9HS - to right of entrance 43 m
YO25 9RX Seaways Café n7396019298 outside Seaways Cafe, Fimber Road, Fridaythorpe, YO25 9RX - to right of entrance 14 m
YO12 6AQ Lynwood Convalescent Home n7396140823 outside Lynwood, Ryndle Crescent, Scarborough, YO12 6AQ - to right of entrance 15 m
YO21 2HG Village Hall n7396197097 outside Commondale Village Hall, Commondale - on righthand corner of the building 70 m
YO21 2BQ The Black Bull Inn n7396248348 outside Black Bull pub, Postgate Way, Ugthorpe, YO21 2BQ - to left of entrance 228 m
YO7 4HD Buck Inn n7396252391 outside Buck Inn, Maunby, YO7 4HD - facing carpark 105 m
YO25 4QZ Harpham & Lowthorpe Village Hall n7398652183 outside Harpham Village Hall, Station Road, Harpham, YO25 4QZ - on south west corner of building 41 m
YO25 8ST Skipsea Service Station n7398808229 outside Skipsea Service Station, Hornsea Road, Skipsea, YO25 8ST - to right of entrance 62 m
YO7 1JG Parochial Hall n7422356996 outside Sowerby Parochial Church Hall, (just off) Front Street, Sowerby, YO7 1JG, on eastern corner 57 m
YO7 1JN Crown & Anchor PH n7422940209 outside Crown & Anchor pub, 138 Front Street, Sowerby, YO7 1JN 174 m
YO7 3RP Long Street n7423597756 outside Topcliffe Surgery, Long Street, Topcliffe, YO7 3RP - facing road 67 m
YO61 1UB Aldwark Arms PH n7423787548 outside Aldwark Arms, Aldwark, YO61 1UB - facing carpark next to bike racks 136 m
YO7 3PN Village Hall n7423794244 outside Rainton Village Hall, Sleights Lane, Rainton, YO7 3PH 36 m
YO7 4JG Nags Head PH n7423822866 outside Nags Head, Street Lane, Pickhill, YO7 4JG - to the left of entrance under overhang 132 m
YO42 4LS Village hall n7428099731 outside Seaton Ross Village Hall, South View, Seaton Ross, YO42 4LT - by east corner 84 m
YO25 9RS Mill Farm Cottage n7428145815 attached to wall at junction of Back Street and Main Street in Fridaythorpe - opposite what used to 49 m
YO42 4RW Village Hall n7431938090 outside Allerthorpe Village Hall, Main Street, Aleerthorpe, YO42 4RW - facing Plough Inn 109 m
YO43 4EP Margarets DIY Shop n7434693691 outside Margarets DIY, 17 Runner End, Holme on Spalding, YO43 4EP - right hand corner of building 30 m
YO17 8TA Three Tuns Inn n7435005147 outside Three Tuns pub, Main Street, West Lutton, YO17 8TA 127 m
YO25 9ED JSR Offices n7435019317 on outside of building by entrance to Southburn Farm 212 m
YO12 4QD Memorial Hall n7435112806 On outside wall of Seamer and Irton Memorial Hall, Main Street, Seamer, YO12 4PS 7 m
YO25 4NN EE Why Service Station n7435912930 outside ee why service station, Thornholme, YO25 4NN 164 m
YO25 8HN Chestnut Horse n7435983727 outside building next to Chestnut Horse pub, Main Street, Great Kelk, YO25 8HP 158 m
YO15 1LH Victoria Club n7436113514 outside Victoria Club, Chapel Street, Flamborough, YO15 1LH 38 m
YO8 5BE Abbey Chiropractic Clinic n7439454002 outside Abbey Chiropractic Clinic, Westview, Barlby, YO8 5BE 34 m
YO22 5EH Radford's Butcher Shop n7439470403 outside Radfords Butchers, 81 Coach Road, Sleights, YO22 5EH - down left hand side of building 235 m
YO14 9PP Village Hall n7439769743 On external wall of Gristhorpe & Lebberston Village Hall, Main Street, Gristhorpe, YO14 9PP - to rig 221 m
YO51 9BL Coronation Hall n7440011125 outside Coronation Hall, Old Station Yard, Milby Lane, Milby, Boroughbridge, YO51 9BL - to right of 14 m
YO19 6RE Kelfield Village Institute n7443730097 outside Kelfield Village Institute, Riccall Lane, Kelfield, YO19 6RE - to left of the entrance 460 m
YO19 6DA Village Hall n7443739941 outside Thorganby Village Hall, Thorganby, YO19 6DA - on wall facing road 27 m
YO21 3PU Whitby Yacht Club House n7444739782 outside Magpie Fish & Chips, 14 Pier Road, Whitby, YO21 3PU - attached to outbuilding at front of ta 13 m
YO21 1BL M & Co... Clothing Store n7444969118 outside Whitby Pet Shop, (opposite station Whitby Railway station and next to Fulton Foods), 15 Stat 95 m
YO22 4BG Whitby Swing bridge Hut n7445132513 outside Swing Birdge building, Whitby - at west end of Swing Bridge 96 m
YO22 4AE Parkol Marine, Eskside Wharf n7445175734 outside Parkol Marine, Church Street, Whitby, YO22 4AE 44 m
YO21 1QA Caedmon College n7445251166 outside Caedmon College, Airy Hill, YO21 1QA - on wall to right of entrance 32 m
YO22 4BH Monks Haven Cafe n7446561697 outside Whitby Fishermens Amateur Rowing Club, Market Place, Whitby, YO22 4DD - on noth west corner 90 m
YO21 1DN Harbour Office n7447563909 outside Tourist Information, Harbour Office, Endeavour Wharf, Whitby, YO21 1DN - north east corner o 96 m
YO21 3HU Metropole Lounge & Ballroom n7447570587 outside Metropole, Argyle Road, Whitby, YO21 3HU - to right of entrance labelled Ballroom 13 m
YO7 3JU Village Hall n7448746166 attached to fence outside Dishforth Village Hall, Dishforth, YO7 3JU - in front of hall to left of e 80 m
YO17 8EX The Blue Bell Inn n7448848780 outside Blue Bell Inn, Main Road, Weaverthorpe, YO17 8EX - on right hand side of building 142 m
YO17 8LH Village Hall n7450706339 outside Rillington Village Hall, Scarborough Road, Rillington, YO17 8LH - to left of entrance facing 184 m
YO7 3HY Jolly Farmers PH n7455406866 outside Jolly Farmer pub, Dalton, YO7 3HY 68 m
YO30 2AX Village Hall n7455407543 outside Linton on Ouse Village Hall, Main Street, Linton-on-Ouse, YO30 2AS - to left of entrance 75 m
YO26 8EQ Ainsty Farm Shop n7455530796 outside Ainsty Farm Shop, York Road, Kirk Hammerton, YO26 8EQ - to right of entrance 146 m
YO61 1TU York Handmade Brick Company n7468174029 outside building at York Handmade Brick Company, Forest Lane, YO61 1TU - facing road 24 m
YO62 4DX Village Shop n7468338160 outside Ampleforth Village Store, West End, Ampleforth, YO62 4DX - to left of entrance 131 m
YO43 3PQ Village Hall n7495492155 outside Shiptonthorpe Village Hall, Station Road, Shiptonthorpe, YO43 3PB 73 m
YO19 6SJ Village Institute n7497623716 outside Stillington Village Institute, York Road, Stillingfleet, YO19 6SJ - to right of post box 125 m
YO8 5JE Barlby Library and Community Hub n7497997703 outside Barlby Library & Community Hub, Howden Road, Barlby, YO8 5JE - on wall to right of entrance 52 m
YO8 6PR Black Swan PH n7498151801 outside Black Swan, Station Road, Foggathorpe, YO8 6PR - on southwest corner 31 m
YO43 4UD The Hotham Arms PH n7498689339 outside Hotham Arms, Main Street, Hotham, YO43 4UD -under eaves to right of pub, facing memorial 112 m
YO12 4RX Aucklands Garage n7512624796 On External wall of Aucklands Garage, Main Street, Staxton, YO12 4SE - between the two big doors, o 39 m
YO17 7DT Morrisons Supermarket n7512683870 outside Morrisons Supermarket, Castlegate, Malton, YO17 7DT - to left of entrance near access ramp 84 m
YO62 6UA Ryedale Folk Museum n7512742272 outside Ryedale Folk Museum, Hutton le Hole, YO62 6UA - facing Crown front car park 79 m
YO42 1NR CrossFit YO4 Gym n7546465677 outside CrossFit fitness centre, Hampden Road, Pocklington Indutrial Estate, YO42 1NR 105 m
YO61 4TB Durham Ox PH n7572912729 135 m
YO15 1HS Bempton and Buckton Community Hall n7619997903 outside Bempton and Buckton Community Village Hall, YO15 1HS 98 m
YO30 1YP Post Office n7672073763 outside Skelton Post Office and Convenience Store, 52 Fairfields Drive, Skelton, YO30 1YP - to the r 121 m
YO42 4PR Hall Farm Cottage n7799371463 Laytham 80 m
YO62 6AZ Moorside Room n7804943667 33 m
YO18 7AE Pickering Conservative Club n7849307468 39 m
YO22 4AP Whitby Merchant Seaman's Hospital n7931985350 458 m
YO7 2DJ Village Hall n7952512603 outside Thirlby Village Hall, Thirlby, YO7 2DJ 56 m
YO62 4LF Hovingham Village Hall n8112302010 On right hand side of village hall facing main road. 159 m
YO42 1ST Bishop Wilton Village hall n8121060829 To right of main entrance around corner - yellow box. 50 m
YO42 1QU Adj to bus shelter n8222779245 Attached to street light 30m South West of road junction. 146 m
YO17 8NB Settrington Village Hall n8239848351 On outside wall on right hand side of village hall - facing road. 64 m
YO25 8NT Wansford Village Hall n8243340822 outside Wansford Village Hall, Nafferton Road, Wansford, YO25 8NT - on the right hand side of buildi 186 m
YO14 0LT Hunmanby Playing Fields Assoc n8269656055 To Left of RH Door of Hunmanby Fields Association building. 248 m
YO14 9LU Filey Junior School n8269740266 On RH Side of main entrance to Filey Junior School 64 m
YO14 9RF Primrose Valley Holiday Park n8269762980 51 m
YO14 0HZ Hunmaby Hall quadrangle n8269872490 To LH side of Door to Entrance. Under cover, but accessible from outside via Steps. 36 m
YO11 3TH Cayton Bay Playing Fields n8269983995 On exterior wall, facing playing fields, on RH side of building, under CCTV pole. 85 m
YO11 3NN Browns Caravan Park n8270006479 On exterior of building to LH side of Door for Tourist Information. 259 m
YO11 3QE Osgodby Community Centre n8270240909 On RH side of Community Centre building, to right of Entrance Door. 32 m
YO12 4TL Woodstock n8337934774 On external wall of One Stop Shop 13 m
YO13 9NS Ebberston Village Hall n8338190263 95 m
YO13 9NB Ebberston Sports Field Pavilion n8338205760 267 m
YO7 4AX Hillside Rural Activities Centre n8598613956 48 m
YO41 1QY Village Hall n8664814246 On outside wall to left of entrance. West side of village hall. 73 m

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