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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'HD' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. There is one exception, we do have permission to add the UUID reference numbers from The Circuit to OSM. This website is not intended for use in an emergency. If you require urgent medical assistance, call 999 now.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. Then we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be false-positive matches.

Circuit AEDs recorded as duplicates

AEDs are sometimes erroneously registered twice in The Circuit. The duplicate record would appear unmatched in this tool, so there is a mecahnism for manually marking such duplciates. See the Duplicate AEDs page for details. The duplicate AEDs (which are not considered for matching) are listed below.

No items in this category.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

The AEDs listed here are not close enough to an unmatched AED in OSM to be matched. Matches between The Circuit and an OSM object further away can be forced by adding a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the corresponding Circuit UUID. It is not possible to force a match to the NDDB). In case of a single AED being recorded twice in The Circuit, the duplicate can be noted by this tool. See Duplicate AEDs. The entries in fainter type are those that are not public 24/7 units. These are less likely to be able to be mapped in OSM.

Found 234 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
EDC7D8A6-284A-4DF1-9411-AF2B00BD51B8 HD1 1AA Royal Mail Huddersfield Do, Northumberland Street, Huddersfield, Huddersfield Variable Restricted 8m
5274FC17-6EB8-4806-AE6D-AD7F0107C3A2 HD1 1JB Huddersfield Railway Station, St George's Square, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
B3F7C212-1CB7-493D-8F08-AFF300AD5A59 HD1 1RW Tesco Stores Ltd, Viaduct St, Huddersfield Variable Public 8m
6163D6DA-F498-4E04-B1EE-B02700DF578E HD1 1SW Bam Site Office (First Floor), Old Leeds Road, Huddersfield Variable Restricted 8m
D0418C3C-B90B-4761-99AE-ADDA01149317 HD1 2HA Eaton Smith Solicitors, 14 High Street, Huddersfield Variable Restricted 8m
92621947-3347-43FE-880C-ADF200E8086D HD1 2JN Huddersfield Bus Station, Upperhead Row, Huddersfield Variable Public 8m
DBB560F5-E033-4F8E-A303-B03700EB053B HD1 2NJ West Yorkshire Police, Huddersfield Police Station, Castlegate 24/7 Public 8m
64372C81-54B4-4BA1-80F8-AF9500EFB99A HD1 2QB O2 Store (0455) Huddersfield, Unit 6, Kingsgate Centre Variable Restricted 6m
FDD606DA-8067-47D6-BCA8-AFEA00F1B944 HD1 2QR The Courtyard, 6-8 Wormalds Yard, King Street Variable Restricted 8m
002C7706-9E20-40FA-AB45-B0B600B00182 HD1 2RT Packhorse Shopping Centre, Packhorse Walk, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 4m
16C120E7-060F-458D-9B49-B026010712D2 HD1 2TG Kirklees Council, Civic Centre 3, High Street 24/7 Public 8m
9B5247D9-02CB-4B34-B155-AF5001165482 HD1 3AW Gibbs And Dandy, Kings Mill Lane, Huddersfield Variable Public 8m
ADA5541F-AB70-4072-8DDE-B0F8011325DA HD1 3BD 3m Buckley Innovation Centre, 3m Buckley Innovation Centre - University Of Huddersfield, Firth Street Variable Restricted 2m
1D72DBEC-A29D-4AC7-9737-AFCB00B8E324 HD1 3EE International House, Chapel Hill, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
855A05FA-8E75-4AA3-B007-B083009BEBC7 HD1 3LD Kirklees College Waterfront Quarter, Manchester Road, Huddersfield Variable Public 6m
B1234F3D-64CB-40AC-BE94-B01C00CB033C HD1 3QP Mount Pleasant Primary School, Mount Street, Lockwood Variable Restricted 8m
A2080B7A-B94A-427E-86DC-AEF200DC00A1 HD1 3RE Tps Huddersfield, Unit F The Dyeworks, Albert Street Variable Restricted 8m
BC52FC8C-CD9A-44AC-97FA-AFEB00EB75C1 HD1 3RE Screwfix, Unit A & B, Albert Street Variable Restricted 6m
6D54EF77-62E1-45B8-BC4A-B11800BB1651 HD1 4BP Huddersfield Leisure Centre, Spring Grove Street, Huddersfield Variable Public 6w
3F544B23-1833-47AE-9358-AF1E00C28E61 HD1 4JJ Paddock Junior Infant And Nursery School, Heaton Road, Paddock Variable Public 8m
AA86BA69-5044-486B-BB79-ADE800EFC69B HD1 4TY Paddock Institute And Conservative Club, Raven St, Paddock, Huddersfield Hd1 4ty, Uk, Raven Street 24/7 Public 8m
1589B773-3369-4713-811F-B00A00EE4661 HD1 5DG Trust Centre, Unit 11 The Ringway Centre, Beck Road Variable Restricted 8m
8D264A9F-6D09-4D22-9361-AFE700E0989B HD1 5DG Screwfix, Unit 13 The Ringway, Beck Road Variable Restricted 6m
7A6D9B54-0E89-42F5-8CC7-B02300DC0FD8 HD1 5HQ Birkby Infant And Nursery School, Blacker Road, Huddersfield Variable Public 8m
7EAFEF11-B60B-4CEC-9A98-AD47015043EF HD1 5JU New North Road Baptist Church, New North Parade, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
60840CB2-8AE0-45C3-A6E0-AFA400C512D0 HD1 5RA The Ukrainian Club, 7 Edgerton Road, Huddersfield Variable Restricted 8m
8A94E558-D485-416A-9E9F-AF3200ECAEE0 HD1 6BY Suez Huddersfield Ca Site Aka Emerald Street, Emerald Street, Huddersfield Variable Restricted 6m
AED46793-B1BB-4210-AAA7-AF4800C7B699 HD1 6BZ Huddersfield Efw, Diamond Street, Huddersfield 24/7 Restricted 6m
C2B52953-EB69-4DDA-8CCA-AD4400E32B01 HD1 6LG On The Wall Outside No 10 Flint Street, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
270433FB-0204-4C56-B08D-ADC800A427E2 HD1 6LQ Fartown Dental Practice, 306 Bradford Road, Huddersfield Variable Restricted 8m
6D6A6F87-AC49-4C33-9569-ADE800FAC71A HD1 6QB Unit 6 St Andrews Court Business Park, Leeds Road, Huddersfield Variable Restricted 8m
97363765-4351-46FE-AA1E-B04200CBE9C7 HD1 6RA Cummins Turbo Technologies Huddersfield, Cummins Turbo Technologies, St Andrew's Road 24/7 Restricted 6m
A568CDB5-ECB3-4CB8-95B8-B05900A34D96 HD1 6RJ Trustford - Huddersfield - St Andrews Road, Trustford, St. Andrews Road Variable Public 6m
9A4DFE6E-2CBA-4F1A-B380-AF8900BD0DD5 HD1 6RX Yorkshire Childrens Centre, Brian Jackson College Wellington House Aspley Business Park, Lincoln Street 24/7 Public 8m
844C3CD7-116A-48B9-8793-B0E0009F489D HD1 6RZ Lew Huddersfield, Direct Electrical Wholesalers Uk Ltd, St Andrew's Road Variable Restricted 3m
3E333D70-3482-4954-A305-B11B00A2CCB3 HD2 1AA Speedy Huddersfield Lsc (115), 2 Fartown Green Road, Fartown Variable Public 6w
689BF402-9C24-4A53-849B-AFD5008FD4CE HD2 1DJ North Huddersfield Trust School, Woodhouse Hall Road, Fartown Variable Restricted 8m
5DBE5B09-0E7C-4655-8BD5-AF5C00C3E524 HD2 1EA Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Primary Academy, Bradley Boulevard, Sheepridge Variable Restricted 8m
D348012C-A91F-44A2-9BBB-ADB100941498 HD2 1EX Ashbrow School, Ash Meadow Close, Huddersfield Variable Public 8m
6193D912-80F8-4BA2-824C-B13700E09367 HD2 1FA Dortech Architectural Systems Ltd, Unit 3 Fieldhouse Park, Old Fieldhouse Lane Variable Restricted 2w
680C2F2A-3F74-49DB-BF4C-AE8B00AC3F54 HD2 1JP Kirklees Active Leisure, Deighton Sports Arena, Deighton Road Variable Public 8m
5C53DF67-7C82-4160-B540-B11800BB6063 HD2 1PZ Professionals Shop Bradley Park Golf Course, Bradley Road, Bradley 24/7 Public 6w
9BC23765-CCC6-4E6C-9220-ADAD00C73670 HD2 1QB Woodland Glade Leisure Centre, 62 The Green, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
AFA15EF7-2610-4D8C-8EB3-AEB300C72481 HD2 1US Hoco Parts Uk, 1 Station Road, Huddersfield Variable Restricted 8m
D3D39035-D2E9-4959-AE7A-AE3F00E044D8 HD2 1UU Tesco, 862 Leeds Road, Huddersfield Variable Public 6m
A35A5923-5E01-4182-97B4-B14000F4D90C HD2 1XU Dual Seal Glass, 403 Leeds Road, Huddersfield 24/7 Restricted 2w
91946CFD-BDFB-440E-934A-AFEA01281622 HD2 1YR Screwfix, Units 1 - 3 Leeds Road Trade Park, Leeds Road Variable Restricted 8m
040DE25C-18EB-4B5D-90CA-B10A0094C045 HD2 2JB 57 Fixby Road, Fixby, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 6w
D542B59C-7705-463E-8011-AF6900FAB2F6 HD2 2LB Toby Carvery - Huddersfield, Brighouse Road, Huddersfield Variable Public 8m
3A0172B1-AA4F-4A4F-90FC-B12B011B3077 HD2 2LZ Cowcliffe And Netheroyd Hill Liberal Club, 181 Netheroyd Hill Road, Cowcliffe 24/7 Public 2w
A4EF2000-E2FF-4E5D-9F25-AD4C011F5261 HD2 2NF Camborne Drive Community, 3 Camborne Drive, Fixby 24/7 Public 8m
6B4B0318-712A-4226-97B0-AD4500D88653 HD3 3BX Co-Op - Halifax Road, The Co Operative Food Birchencliffe Service Station, Halifax Road 24/7 Public 8m
528EA9DC-4B1F-433F-B311-AE4600F9AC2D HD3 3DD 8 Ravensdeane, Huddersfield 24/7 Restricted 8m
C6FE5E1E-1836-4A90-98CD-AD4700F3E74C HD3 3EQ Lindley Liberal Club, 36 Occupation Road, Lindley 24/7 Public 8m
ED61BBE9-15B7-4376-AA90-ADE500FBA07D HD3 3FQ Outlane Golf Club, Outlane Golf Club Ltd, Slack Lane 24/7 Public 8m
79EFA81D-748E-4941-9859-B12D010A67DF HD3 3FT Scammonden Water Sailing Club, Scammoden Water Sailing Club, The Old Vicarage 24/7 Public 2w
969E6274-D341-46EC-8969-B13000FD916D HD3 3JR Lindley Tap, 56 Lidget Street, Lindley 24/7 Public 2w
D5A54C6A-EE7B-4ED3-BF32-AF8A00E59270 HD3 3ND Lindley Methodist Church Centre, East Street, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
214051A3-1EB6-4ADB-A171-AD460141D624 HD3 3NP Birchencliffe Parish Church Council, St Philips Community Centre, Briarlyn Road 24/7 Public 8m
3365865E-51B8-4C21-98E3-B02A008C6A01 HD3 3QP Tesco Huddersfield Halifax Road Express, 215 Halifax Rd, Grey, Huddersfield Variable Public 8m
FECB39C6-16FD-436A-8C02-AD7200BBC6EE HD3 3XA Salendine Nook Shopping Centre, 144 Moor Hill Road, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
803DA86A-A75E-434F-A109-B02201101421 HD3 3YU Outlane Bowling Club, Stainland Road, Outlane 24/7 Public 8m
B811FC5E-1FDE-4891-B236-B02600B3A074 HD3 4AH Tesco Stores Ltd, New Hey Rd, Marsh Variable Public 8m
90A5FF55-093E-419D-84E8-AD4200BAB537 HD3 4GL Huddersfield New College, New Hey Road, Salendine Nook Variable Restricted 8m
932D5D19-7BED-4463-9483-AFCF00E60523 HD3 4GN Salendine Nook Academy Trust High School, New Hey Road, Huddersfield Variable Restricted 8m
361B4E0A-CFB3-45F2-98F9-B01B009A0088 HD3 4HA Royds Hall - A Share Academy, Royds Hall High School, Luck Lane Variable Restricted 8m
4289D838-939B-4A04-B8A1-B01B00927DFA HD3 4HA Royds Hall - A Share Academy, Royds Hall High School, Luck Lane Variable Restricted 8m
5F6E89A6-3DEA-43D9-949A-ADB300D3ED3C HD3 4HA Royds Hall - A Share Academy, Royds Hall High School, Luck Lane Variable Restricted 8m
3F819971-F586-4B3F-9693-AD4400FA1BD5 HD3 4NR Easy Fireplace, 1 Morley Lane, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
AD7D8359-4256-454C-99B6-B0FF00C3FD07 HD3 4QT Royds Hall Aspire Trust, Crow Lane Primary And Foundation Stage School, Crow Lane Variable Public 2m
7266ADE7-F828-496A-80DC-AD6D010FD7EB HD3 4TZ Longwood Bowling Club, Dodlee Lane, Longwood 24/7 Public 8m
C5D65A5C-198B-4D33-B39F-AD4B015686E6 HD3 4UU Longwood Community Association, Longwood Mechanics Hall, Longwood Gate 24/7 Public 8m
26CC5459-CC79-4318-A205-B0DC00F04D93 HD3 4YL Reinwood Infant And Nursery School, Burfitts Road, Oakes Variable Public 3m
32857C1A-A463-4801-B813-B0A7009959F5 HD3 4YL Reinwood Community Junior School, Burfitts Road, Oakes Variable Public 5m
86B0CC02-51E6-4FBD-85A3-AE8300AAB606 HD3 4YL Reinwood Infant And Nursery School, Burfitts Road, Huddersfield Variable Restricted 8m
A472D055-9157-46E7-8DC3-AFE900C6A089 HD4 5JA Moor End Academy, Dryclough Road, Crosland Moor Variable Restricted 8m
5B809EB4-012F-4C1D-914A-AFD300DE2AC8 HD4 5QP Pinnacle Group, Sandy Mount, 300 Blackmoorfoot Road 24/7 Public 8m
08F1C413-709C-4C40-9CA8-B03D00997DEE HD4 6DE Primrose Hill Liberal Club, 29 Stile Common Road, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 6m
C9F218CA-D288-45C9-85F2-AD8100CCA6EB HD4 6DL Newsome Fc, Cross Lane, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
66D45320-986A-4ACF-AD3E-ADDE0094A1B5 HD4 6EN Huddersfield Rufc, Lockwood Park, Lockwood Variable Restricted 8m
10BF7B0C-8BBA-4DC5-8E5A-AEBB009FD308 HD4 6FA Stirley Community Farm, Stirley Hill, Almondbury Variable Restricted 8m
DC121EA7-334C-43A2-BF6A-B0600084E4D8 HD4 6JA The Leadership Factor, Taylor Hill Mills, Fair Lea Road 24/7 Public 6m
F177ABE0-0C76-48D2-AE79-AD4000F1717F HD4 6JE Newsome Surgery, 1 Church Lane, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
38DAB72B-BC15-43A7-9439-B0F30112ACC4 HD4 6JN Castle Avenue, Newsome, Huddersfield 24/7 Restricted 2m
F1E6129B-23B8-4D07-9398-B08400F72D6D HD4 6SG King James School, St Helen's Gate, Almondbury Variable Restricted 6m
F2EAE9A7-0318-4201-8A32-AD7A01277587 HD4 6TJ The Weaving Hall, 48 Sharp Lane, Almondbury Variable Restricted 8m
ACC027F8-820F-489D-9C4C-B08100955DBE HD4 6TZ Farnley Tyas First School, Farnley Tyas Ce Vc School, Butts Road 24/7 Public 6m
CF8CB4C8-25DD-427D-9E00-B0CB00E82A91 HD4 6XD Thurstonland First School, Marsh Hall Lane,, Thurstonland Variable Restricted 3m
D0535DEE-CBA3-4F06-B1C1-B031010F1DE6 HD4 7AX Westridge Drive, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
059D2C2C-2EB1-458F-8B6B-B10D00A556BD HD4 7BH Boge Compressors Limited, Unit 10 To 12 Park Valley Mills, Meltham Road Variable Restricted 6w
6757D157-5075-4190-9369-AFC700B1D884 HD4 7BH Park Valley Mills, Meltham Road, Lockwood 24/7 Restricted 8m
BB843D79-FC1C-4CEE-90E4-B08400ED5BB1 HD4 7JE Netherton Moor Road, Netherton, Huddersfield Variable Restricted 6m
0D4F41C7-BFD5-45E3-BA8D-AF5C00A1B216 HD5 0AL Unit 2a, Gallagher Centre, Wakefield Road, Waterloo 24/7 Restricted 8m
BD6D2BB6-CBD0-4B3F-99E0-B0F2010B78C4 HD5 0ET Kirkheaton Surgery, 2 Heaton Moor Road, Kirkheaton Variable Public 2m
99805F8E-B2F0-4D55-A70D-AD6B010A221B HD5 0JW Kirkheaton Cricket And Bowling Club, Bankfield Lane, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
C34EB1F7-956F-4F9E-8BB7-AD55011CB3D5 HD5 0ND Yetton Together, Kirkheaton Community Centre, Fields Rise 24/7 Restricted 8m
DD40BF5A-1BC2-4649-BF38-AD460146A3CC HD5 8AA Moldgreen United Reformed Church, 431 Old Wakefield Road, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
32CB5EDC-AE26-4B8A-869C-ADA500BD985B HD5 8AE Moldgreen Community Primary School, The Avenue, Huddersfield Variable Public 8m
6E7C4458-DA70-40BE-9E53-B02700AFB692 HD5 8DE Tesco Huddersfield Wake Express, 339 Wakefield Rd, Moldgreen Variable Public 8m
E5718380-111C-4D35-ACBA-AD8D0071F13F HD5 8DJ Tolson Memorial Museum, Wakefield Road, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
29CA7A71-0256-43ED-84D6-AFF600C94C94 HD5 8DY Dalton Surgery, 364a Wakefield Road, Dalton Variable Public 8m
59E2F3A8-6949-45C3-8A37-AD42006D20F8 HD5 8HN Donaldsons Vets, The Veterinary Hospital, 131 Somerset Road 24/7 Public 8m
48FB2D69-8FDE-42AC-BD27-AEC400F8B8D6 HD5 8JN Longley Community Sports Club, Longley Road, Huddersfield Variable Public 8m
5F9DAD49-7FCD-4BCA-9F03-ADE900C24939 HD5 8JY Lowerhouses Ce Vc Junior Infant And Early Years School, Lowerhouses Lane, Huddersfield Variable Restricted 8m
8108 HD5 8PF Almondbury Cricket Club, West Yorkshire 24/7 Public
66F4D83B-94E8-4211-84BD-B0F1012A8BE9 HD5 8UD Quarry Hill Centre, Fleminghouse Lane, Almondbury 24/7 Public 2m
630F9665-A71B-453E-B505-AE9600F3D366 HD5 8XU Almondbury Wesleyan Cricket Club, Kaye Lane, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
1C8C3C3C-BF46-4FAB-8652-B03100E98878 HD5 8YE Hill View Academy, Fernside Avenue, Almondbury Variable Public 8m
3F09E560-7D9C-49F7-806A-B13A00B826BB HD5 9BB W.t.johnson & Sons Ltd, Wt Johnson & Sons Ltd, Bankfield Mills, Moldgreen 24/7 Public 2w
83DD0B16-EDF0-40D6-807E-B02D00F5D7C1 HD5 9HN Dalton School, Mayfield Avenue, Dalton Variable Restricted 8m
7E34DCE1-8526-44B8-B59C-B05900B63C22 HD5 9NT Netherhall Learning Campus Junior School, Rawthorpe Lane, Rawthorpe Variable Restricted 6m
EFB9B94B-C9E3-4C98-B16B-B05900BED89C HD5 9NT Netherhall Learning Campus Junior School, Rawthorpe Lane, Rawthorpe Variable Public 6m
B63F18FA-5878-46F9-B996-AEC8010A9B48 HD5 9SF Tesco Stores, 192 Long Lane, Huddersfield Variable Restricted 8m
D82EC336-D0B7-43CF-9DD8-B01800EA3F4D HD5 9UY The Kirkwood, 21 Albany Rd, Dalton 24/7 Public 8m
C7124C52-6F56-4507-8CCD-AD4100C9C68D HD6 1AQ Fashion Direct, 74 Commercial Street, Brighouse 24/7 Public 8m
694AD598-3BE6-46AD-B34F-AE9000E77FBF HD6 1AT The Edge Play Gym, 24 Church Lane, Brighouse 24/7 Public 8m
7C71B7BF-F217-46B3-A847-AE1C00D18AE5 HD6 1AT St Martins Church, Church Lane, Brighouse 24/7 Public 8m
5D2E6754-ACB6-4CE4-A846-ADDA00FED5A3 HD6 1AY Brighouse High School, Brighouse High School Sixth Form Centre, Halifax Road 24/7 Restricted 8m
CE24B04A-1159-4294-B61F-AD9800C22DDF HD6 1EB Millers Bar, 47 Briggate, Brighouse 24/7 Public 8m
A6339121-598A-4181-86F9-B0A400F47D11 HD6 1EG Defiance Fit, Bullfold Garage, Owler Ings Road 24/7 Public 5m
D7163D77-7806-4104-94A1-AF3200EA0168 HD6 1ES Suez Brighouse Ca Site, Atlas Mill Road, Brighouse Variable Restricted 6m
41277BC8-606E-4457-86EF-AEBE00EAE2B1 HD6 1LE Brighouse Railway Station, Railway Street, Brighouse 24/7 Public 8m
50722EE6-124F-4ECA-A846-AD41007D0369 HD6 1LT Siddall & Hilton Mesh Ltd, Siddall And Hilton Mesh Limited, Foundry Street 24/7 Public 8m
526C0A71-2C05-40C3-A8E5-B09200E952A5 HD6 1LT Siddall & Hilton Mesh Ltd, Siddall And Hilton Mesh Limited, Foundry Street Variable Restricted 5m
EF1D6595-187C-41A8-B280-B08A007710BF HD6 1LY U-Roof Ltd, Units 3-5 Caldervale Works, River Street, River Street Variable Restricted 6m
60BCAA1F-6EB5-4AC3-922D-AD4100EB2027 HD6 1PR Millroyd Mill, Apt.124 Millroyd Mill, Huddersfield Road 24/7 Public 8m
FD40778B-56E2-4070-B7AE-AFE800E609C5 HD6 1PT Screwfix, Unit 1 Brighouse Trade Park, Armytage Road Variable Restricted 8m
6590B87B-A797-4255-8D02-B10100EA00D4 HD6 1QF Kirkdale Industrial Training Services Ltd, Kirkdale House, Armytage Road Variable Restricted 2m
808B4349-A240-45A3-BAFC-AEB3010E4D54 HD6 1QF Medequip, Unit 4, Armytage Road, Brighouse 24/7 Public 8m
DB00531C-4BCA-4F95-9FA3-AE3900FE51F6 HD6 1RZ Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Stores Limited, Huddersfield Road Variable Public 8m
0FA73FBA-EC93-444F-AFC4-AD4E00C29BF6 HD6 1SL Gmb Trade Union, Clifton House, Clifton Road 24/7 Public 8m
7B16FB00-4DCD-4209-8FE8-B10901062999 HD6 2AN St Andrew's Ce (Va) Junior School, St Andrews Ce Junior School, Waterloo Road 24/7 Public 6w
E86E3B49-FFC4-4D67-86BF-AEDC00EC26E6 HD6 2AZ The Prince Albert Inn, Prince Albert Inn, 17 St. Martins View 24/7 Public 8m
29C2152F-BBE4-4C79-9B72-AFDE00E377E3 HD6 2JA Park Tennis Club, Bute Avenue, Brighouse 24/7 Public 8m
8C35B574-6828-4BE3-BC42-B13A00F8F8D7 HD6 2NT St Joseph's Catholic Primary Academy, Finkil Street, Brighouse 24/7 Public 2w
861B5294-4852-40DB-B7BA-ADDA00D436D7 HD6 2NY Brighouse High School, Finkil Street, Brighouse 24/7 Restricted 8m
ADCDDFCB-3459-48BE-95FA-ADDA00FF8190 HD6 2NY Brighouse Sports Centre, Finkil Street, Brighouse 24/7 Public 8m
855C4BA5-CBC5-46FE-9BD6-B07500DEA3F4 HD6 2PA St Chad's Ce (Va) Primary School, Trinity Academy St Chads Primary School, Upper Green Lane Variable Restricted 6m
60AC8AE2-CB21-40F8-BEC8-AF2E0118282A HD6 2PE Brighouse Juniors Afc, Brighouse Juniors Football Club, Halifax Road 24/7 Public 8m
17288F2B-D811-4B70-A164-ADA000B908F8 HD6 2PL Brighouse Town A.f.c., Brighouse Town Football Club, St Giles Road Variable Restricted 8m
4165A35B-1042-47C8-AB57-AF9300D79C5F HD6 2QD Kershaws Garden Centre, Kershaws Garden Centre, The Nurseries, 221 Halifax Road Variable Restricted 8m
5DE00530-2A60-4998-A805-AD8B00D3EB02 HD6 2QJ Hove Edge Bowling Club, Halifax Road, Brighouse 24/7 Public 8m
194A9199-CE12-42C6-A97F-AFE800E12856 HD6 3EL Cygnet Lodge, 60 Rastrick Common, Brighouse 24/7 Restricted 8m
A12C8E7F-A0E9-439C-8C67-B13800AFECCE HD6 3EZ Rastrick Bowling Club, Toothill Bank, Rastrick 24/7 Public 2w
72E700D8-86F5-4D4F-8158-B115009E1A27 HD6 3JT The Space At Field Lane, Burnsall Road, Brighouse 24/7 Restricted 6w
2C866348-CF21-4E0E-901B-ADC1008A000E HD6 3JW William Henry Smith School, Boothroyd Lane, Brighouse 24/7 Public 8m
876A45FF-7809-4FCF-AF26-AEAD012A6019 HD6 3LT Rastrick Junior Football Club, Rjfc Clubhouse, Carr Green Lane 24/7 Public 6m
C79DAD5D-DEDC-4666-B31D-AD6A00C1CC4B HD6 3LT Rastrick Junior Football Club, Dyeworks House, Carr Green Lane 24/7 Public 8m
E2993A5B-4859-4BC7-9F11-B09701059EB8 HD6 3LT Carr Green Junior & Infants School, Carr Green Primary School, Carr Green Lane Variable Restricted 5m
18F421F2-2D70-4E4E-AD17-B08A009D0491 HD6 3SX Woodhouse Primary School, Daisy Road, Brighouse Variable Public 6m
1E120146-1FA7-41A7-BE92-B091010A2A29 HD6 3TH 178 Woodhouse Lane, Brighouse Variable Public 5m
CF89A659-3808-4B8B-BA0F-B0A700992670 HD6 4AD Cornerstone Church (Incorporating Cafe 139), 139 Bradford Road, Brighouse 24/7 Public 5m
673C1C5D-3624-4A0B-A95F-AD730091081D HD6 4AW Thornhill Briggs Working Mens Club, 25 Thornhill Bridge Lane, Brighouse 24/7 Public 8m
0CC20F0C-7C29-4272-A69F-B09000E5F461 HD6 4AX Brighouse Pool And Fitness Centre, 2 Woodvale Road, Brighouse Variable Restricted 5m
1F4C61D3-9456-4D90-BCB0-AD78009E7BD0 HD6 4DN 615 Bradford Road, Bailiff Bridge, Brighouse 24/7 Public 8m
82CFA902-F728-43EE-B690-B0DC00EFA184 HD6 4HP St. John's Ce Primary Academy, Clifton, St Johns Ce Primary Academy, Towngate Variable Restricted 3m
08814F11-93BF-4A55-969B-B1230142F3B9 HD6 4HX Armytage Arms, Towngate, Clifton 24/7 Public 6w
E6A7A88E-7742-4BC3-A381-AD480095A1F9 HD6 4HX Clifton Methodist Church, Towngate, Clifton 24/7 Public 4m
92B8B994-C06D-451E-BA15-AFFF00CCB784 HD6 4JB Willow Valley Golf & Country Club, Willow Valley Golf And Country Club, Highmoor Lane Variable Restricted 8m
0F60C7B7-9249-49F2-A7E0-AFDA0100D7AE HD6 4JX Hartshead Moor M62 Service Area Westbound Hartshead Moor M62 Service Areas, Highmoor Lane, Clifton 24/7 Public 8m
9CE464BE-F724-482E-807E-AFDA0104382E HD6 4JX Welcome Break Eastbound Hartshead Moor M62 Service Area Eastbound, Highmoor Lane, Brighouse 24/7 Public 8m
ABFFCE78-1ECC-457D-9576-AD4100A5985C HD6 4LX Heartbeat The Brighouse Heart Support Group, Brighouse Sports Club, Russell Way 24/7 Public 8m
10A876D5-1704-4B02-BE67-ADCF00B83FA3 HD7 4AH Golcar Central Liberal Club, Church Street, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
83EA7966-2D0B-493A-AE41-B0FB00EB4C00 HD7 4ES Wellhouse Junior And Infants School, Lower Wellhouse, Golcar Variable Restricted 2m
B3ADAAD6-E7F5-4C3A-BB6B-AD7500CE46BE HD7 4JU 1a Bolstermoor Road, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
C5E42E80-095F-4122-896E-B00A010DB43A HD7 4NB Golcar Cricket And Athletic Club, Access Via Side Of Commercial Inn, Swallow Lane 24/7 Restricted 8m
61F0FD9A-A6E7-42A0-846D-B0E8010EA109 HD7 4NJ Scapegoat Hill Liberal Club, 45 High Street, Scapegoat Hill 24/7 Public 3m
FBDA3122-A2E8-4845-AE2C-B11C00AF5243 HD7 4NU Scapegoat Hill Junior And Infant School, School Road, Scapegoat Hill Variable Restricted 6w
BB583A51-4217-41C3-A2D0-B0C300EA029B HD7 4NW Clough Head Junior And Infant School, Bolstermoor Road, Bolster Moor Variable Restricted 4m
934673BB-BC27-4DA7-AB64-AD4400F97A1D HD7 4QA Haveli, 117 Town End, Golcar 24/7 Public 8m
D853614F-F9B1-4D25-925A-B07C00928D32 HD7 4QE Golcar Junior, Infant & Nursery School, Manor Road, Golcar, Huddersfield Variable Restricted 6m
09BFB1C0-7CEF-4759-AA3A-B11C0084F06C HD7 5AB Colne Valley Leisure Centre, New Street, Huddersfield Variable Public 6w
AE283C76-847D-4C46-BCF0-AE6800E958DB HD7 5BB Mte Heat Treatment Ltd, Spa Fields Industrial Estate, New Street, New Street 24/7 Restricted 8m
912F4281-58AF-4354-BDAF-B0D200E8397E HD7 5HT Nields Junior Infant And Nursery School, Nields Road, Slaithwaite 24/7 Public 3m
F100B32F-63A1-4F74-A11A-AFA10117595B HD7 5LQ Linthwaite Hall Bowling Club, Linfit Lane, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
DE652111-606D-474F-8B4A-AF5B0115F235 HD7 5NJ Linthwaite Clough J I & Ey School, Linthwaite Clough Junior Infant And Early Years School, Chapel Hill Variable Restricted 8m
CBA80534-5AE1-4D79-B3A8-AD4400F67E93 HD7 5QQ Reliance Garage, 747 Manchester Road, Linthwaite 24/7 Public 8m
7A1A945F-362E-4FA9-AEB2-AD4400B29566 HD7 5TE Broad Oak Bowling Club Broad Oak, 73 Broad Oak, Linthwaite 24/7 Public 6m
95BDCB94-A71E-4E57-BC05-B10200FC1EA9 HD7 5UG Slaithwaite Ce Vc Junior And Infants School, Holme Lane, Slaithwaite Variable Public 2m
1AB312A8-00B9-40B1-8DC7-B13500A2C9E3 HD7 5UZ Upper Slaithwaite Church, School House, Bradshaw Lane 24/7 Public 2w
066494A8-B270-4303-9466-B0A400CCD500 HD7 5XA The Rose And Crown Pub, Cop Hill Side, Slaithwaite 24/7 Public 5m
D1178776-6995-49B0-AE46-B09200D78D93 HD7 6BN Marsden Infant And Nursery School, Brougham Road, Marsden Variable Restricted 5m
44D16422-E567-42CB-BFC0-AD8300C63D64 HD7 6EW Marsden Socialist Club 1sunny Lea, 1 Manchester Road, Marsden 24/7 Public 8m
E1E3F61B-9880-4D7F-8C94-B06D00F73A50 HD7 6JE Marsden Football Club, Fall Lane / Carrs Road Roundabout, Marsden 24/7 Public 6m
9D179964-C850-4778-93C7-B06C014BC49D HD7 6NN Marsden Golf Club, Marsden Golf Club Hemplow, Mount Road 24/7 Public 6m
B570B8AC-467E-49E3-9F4D-AFBC011B2660 HD7 6NN Marsden Tennis Club, Marsden Cricket Club Hemplow, Mount Road 24/7 Public 8m
1ED5C099-7743-432A-97B8-AE6700D81624 HD8 0AY Lepton Community Limk, Origins, 86 Fenay Bridge Road 24/7 Public 8m
31942A52-19F7-4E75-85E4-AD4200775787 HD8 0HH Lepton Surgery, Highgate Lane, Lepton 24/7 Public 8m
DEF373CB-6DFC-480B-82FA-B102010A11AD HD8 0JD Rowley Lane J I & N School, Rowley Lane Junior Infant And Nursery School, Rowley Lane 24/7 Public 2m
CB372067-B7CC-472A-B789-ADE4008E1CE9 HD8 0LE Reliance Precision, Reliance Precision Limited Rowley Mills, Penistone Road, Penistone Road Variable Restricted 8m
190BA85D-B7FD-4EBC-8BCF-AD59007DE1D8 HD8 0LX Lepton Highlanders Sports & Social Club, Wakefield Road, Lepton 24/7 Public 8m
55633410-A31E-48C3-9758-AF6A00F0DB4C HD8 0PQ The Foxglove - M&B, 36a Penistone Road, Huddersfield 24/7 Restricted 8m
281B7DCD-7E98-4C25-BC73-AE7B00A23A4F HD8 0QR Kirkburton Football Club, Gregory Fields Tennis Club, Burton Acres Lane 24/7 Public 8m
3659F503-7F46-413A-A333-B0CE00F4F3C4 HD8 0QT Highburton Ce C First School, Northfield Lane, Highburton Variable Restricted 3m
117CD43D-497A-4A48-BEF5-ADB401049E15 HD8 0RW Dene House, North Road, Huddersfield Variable Restricted 8m
6589E198-1A47-463C-AAF1-AFF100D501F5 HD8 0TJ Kirkburton Middle School, Turnshaws Avenue, Huddersfield 24/7 Restricted 8m
FE910109-F76C-4E18-BFD8-AFF100DA8E16 HD8 0TJ Kirkburton Middle School, Turnshaws Avenue, Huddersfield 24/7 Restricted 8m
B4D119CC-371B-42B1-8FB8-B07C00D00DC9 HD8 8DD Shepley Recreation Ground, Shepley F.c Changing Rooms, Shepley Recreation Ground 24/7 Public 6m
16E3A216-45BB-46B9-96FA-B0A7009584E2 HD8 8LF Dobbies Garden Centre Pennine, Huddersfield Road, Shelley Variable Public 5m
D65D9704-611C-4500-B4ED-AFFD00D21FBD HD8 8NL Shelley College Reception, Shelley College, Huddersfield Road Variable Restricted 8m
4061130A-960E-49D0-AA21-AF34009B5DE4 HD8 8PD Suez Upper Cumberworth Ca Site Aka Bromley Farm, Bromley Farm, 85 Cumberworth Lane Variable Restricted 6m
C98EF5CE-7C18-48E4-9BD4-B06500911862 HD8 8SU Just Thai Restaurant And Wine Bar, 250 Wakefield Road, Denby Dale 24/7 Public 6m
5C59F2A7-FDDF-4D1F-B844-B134010AC3CD HD8 8TH Springfield Mill, Norman Road, Denby Dale 24/7 Public 2w
AA55122E-727F-4D1C-B0D3-B08500AC0323 HD8 8UN Denby Ce Va First School, Denby Lane, Upper Denby Variable Restricted 6m
BA2ECF66-FC28-4D30-82A2-B10A00C2876F HD8 9AP West Yorkshire Fire And Rescue Service, Skelmanthorpe Fire Station, Cumberworth Road 24/7 Public 6w
55836679-06C2-4A48-90CE-B12200B62344 HD8 9DQ St Aidans Ce Academy, Smithy Close, Skelmanthorpe 24/7 Public 6w
370E6588-F40D-4010-A191-ADEF00FF9A85 HD8 9DT Pennine Industrial Equipment Ltd, Unit A1, Park Mill Way Variable Restricted 8m
A601304C-7105-4C5C-A65A-ADC800BAFFA9 HD8 9DZ Skelmanthorpe Academy, Elm Street, Skelmanthorpe 24/7 Public 8m
A1638F53-386A-40E7-9E80-AF2A0098712F HD8 9HJ Nortonthorpe Sports Club, Springfield Avenue, Clayton West Variable Restricted 8m
495FBC42-10A0-41F4-984B-AE3900B2E54B HD8 9HU Tesco, 108-112 Wakefield Road, Scissett Variable Public 6m
4B369D13-15E7-43AC-9E24-B11B00E3BD93 HD8 9HU Scissett Swimming Baths, 116 Wakefield Road, Huddersfield Variable Public 6w
4D0A3996-B8A8-43A7-8397-B09100E52B10 HD8 9LZ Kayes Academy, Holmfield, Clayton West Variable Restricted 5m
7D1F47A3-E8A3-4F66-BFB6-AD6A009D7853 HD8 9RE Afc Emley The Welfare Ground, Upper Lane, Huddersfield Variable Restricted 8m
7A86BF52-BC1F-436B-92F2-AF8900AEBEDC HD8 9RP Emley Playschool Emley Methodist Church, Church Street, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
6364E799-3B61-48B4-99AD-B11D00C95B4F HD8 9RT Emley First School, School Lane, Emley Variable Restricted 6w
58F54F36-38BE-4A49-8F44-AEDD00901B84 HD8 9TB Emley Moor Working Mens Club, 2 Common Lane, Huddersfield 24/7 Public 8m
05E2218B-0FB6-421D-837A-B06000988ACE HD9 1SZ Scholes Junior And Infant School, Wadman Road, Holmfirth Variable Restricted 6m
5F3E4F80-F58C-41C6-BA48-B0FB00FEF81F HD9 1TJ Hepworth J&I School, Hepworth Junior And Infant School, Main Gate Variable Restricted 2m
669626D8-E553-439D-B5F8-AEE6010CB8F3 HD9 1XZ Wooldale Community Association, Wooldale Community Centre, Robert Lane 24/7 Public 8m
14F956FA-60CD-4FAB-A5AB-B0A5008F57D0 HD9 2PF Hinchliffe Mill Junior And Infants School, Water Side Lane, Holmbridge Variable Restricted 5m
3EAAD20A-0467-47AE-B5DF-B07B00E4F990 HD9 2QQ Holme Junior And Infant School, Meal Hill Road, Holme Variable Restricted 6m
1E2C4C67-CE04-4036-94C8-B11B00CD58F9 HD9 3JL Holmfirth Swimming Pool, Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth Variable Public 6w
3A495B6D-1663-4631-A67C-AF3400984D68 HD9 4AP Suez Meltham Ca Site, Bent Ley Road, Meltham Variable Restricted 6m
BC80F797-99C4-43A5-A1CF-AFC400BEB1B2 HD9 4AR Towndoor Limited, Estate Office, Gate 7, Meltham Mills Industrial Estate, Meltham Mills Road Variable Public 8m
6824B9C2-7514-4CC9-A22F-AFE8007E7C5B HD9 4DA Meltham Ce Primary School, Holmfirth Road, Holmfirth 24/7 Public 8m
3533F76D-00E3-4B15-A1C4-AFF800C4DD77 HD9 4DQ Clubhouse, Meltham Golf Club Thick Hollins Hall, Thick Hollins Variable Public 8m
0E2CE74B-D264-42EC-96B3-AFF100D47446 HD9 4DT Valley Bowmen Of Huddersfield, Knowle House Knowle Top, Knowle Lane 24/7 Restricted 8m
6ACE80CA-9FC8-4CC6-842F-AFCD00739FFB HD9 5LH Meltham Moor School, Birmingham Lane, Meltham 24/7 Public 8m
7F051305-E08A-4A35-BD36-AD6C015A6765 HD9 5QT Meltham Sports And Community Centre, Mean Lane, Meltham 24/7 Public 8m
A4C88C51-5A8B-470D-9CDD-B02000CE66EB HD9 5RW Helme Church Of England Academy, Helme, Holmfirth Variable Restricted 6m
B22E56F6-6AF7-4F39-B8E9-AFE900F47C15 HD9 6QE Screwfix, Unit 3 Neiley Ind Park, New Mill Rd Variable Restricted 8m
EB21C7F3-0666-4F5F-B050-B0A400ABFF4C HD9 7EB Brockholes Ce Vc Junior And Infant School, Brockholes Lane, Brockholes Variable Public 5m
ECF636D1-9BEF-48F8-88FB-B00300B07505 HD9 7RY Thongsbridge Tennis Club, Miry Lane, Holmfirth Variable Public 8m
519BCBDC-3B76-43D1-A28E-B05B00AB7FC6 HD9 7TP Dunford Parish Community Centre, Sheffield Road, Barnsley 24/7 Public 6m

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

The OSM objects here are not close enough to an unmatched AED in one of the data sources to be matched. Matches to an AED in the Circuit that is further away can be forced by adding a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the corresponding Circuit UUID. It is not possible to force a match to the NDDB.

Found 25 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n324708876 On fence near entrance gate.
MZ n5801413031 outside Royal Oak Inn, Towngate, Upperthong, Holmfirth
MZ n6354854863 AQ14 On the outside wall of the public toilets.
MZ n7500261940 AAM66 Outside Butchers Arms pub
MZ n8665491333 AAM72 wall
MZ n8901802114 AAM62 wall
MZ n8901802116 ABA40 wall
MZ n8901815422 AAM61 wall
MZ n10039573593 On outside wall.
MZ n10661799871 On outside wall.
MZ n10737071505 On wall near travel money kiosk.
MZ n10750083210 On outside wall.
MZ n10750834865 On outside wall.
MZ n10750921158 On outside wall.
MZ n10750950511 On outside wall at the back of the pub in the car park.
MZ n10751057980 On outside wall.
MZ n10773522861 On outside wall.
MZ n10773522862 On outside wall.
MZ n10773620341 On outside wall.
MZ n10876012287 outside Milnsbridge Village Hall
MZ n11101909144 On outside wall of pavilion building.
MZ n11210400441 Just inside at the entrance to the café.
MZ n11649268528 On the outside wall of the pub.
MZ n11659815011 On the post by the side of the path.
MZ n11816750646 On outside wall of building, to right of entrance

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Circuit AEDs matched to an OSM object by location

To confirm a match as correct, add a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the UUID from The Circuit. To remove an incorrect match, either add the correct UUID (if the AED is listed in The Circuit) or add a not:ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag with a semi-colon separated list of UUIDs not to match.

Found 41 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
287B7B99-5EEB-405C-B693-AD7F010CF34E HD1 1JB Huddersfield Railway Station, St George's Square, Huddersfield n10738564736 On the wall on the platform one. 24 m
8B6D589E-E6F1-4C4D-B0B1-AEE000C1A0A8 HD1 5JP Brian Jackson House New North Parade Huddersfield Hd1 5jp, Brian Jackson House, 2 New North Parade n10737153705 On outside wall. 14 m
9FB9033A-A6F5-45B3-9C97-AD4B0063DD29 HD1 1BU The Huddersfield Parish Church Of St Peter, Huddersfield Parish Church, Byram Street n10737052805 On outside wall near entrance. 26 m
A7B3F482-BD20-41AD-BDB1-AD4200DC2618 HD1 4HS Huddersfield Parkrun, Greenhead Park, Trinity Street n5893574368 40 m
FC3E0738-717D-48C7-94D9-AD410090F1A0 HD1 4QR Westbourne Surgery, 11a St James's Road, Huddersfield n9785593093 Outside wall of Westbourne Surgery 5 m
2FF5C7F8-D2BB-41BF-B3DA-AD4E00F29A52 HD4 6UD Farnley Tyas War Memorial, The Village, Farnley Tyas n11042314951 On the wall between the pub and the war memorial. 8 m
306D0436-9216-4AB6-9E81-AD6A00E7AA1F HD4 7EX 315 Meltham Road, Huddersfield n7687574160 On the outside wall of the post office/convenience store. 12 m
35BA533C-149C-4039-B860-AD4F01242C64 HD4 6XQ 2 Whitestones, Huddersfield n10737395983 On outside wall. 6 m
89893B59-B788-47E9-A081-AEDC011D8CCC HD4 6RL 69 High Lane, Huddersfield n10078151408 outside Hall Bower Sunday School 6 m
98310112-66EF-4687-BEF1-AD4100A89EFE HD4 7HF South Crosland Ce Va Junior School, Moor Lane, Huddersfield n11765983883 On the outside wall of the school. Near the entrance. 11 m
B2EA5CA2-8691-4974-9A4E-AD50006DACCD HD4 6XN Stocksmoor Village Association, Stocksmoor Village Hall, Station Road n10689514834 On outside wall of Stocksmoor Village Hall 9 m
D9D96C6A-B8E9-42DA-9774-B03000FA14D7 HD4 7PB Armitage Bridge Monkey Club, Dean Brook Road, Huddersfield n11210400450 On the outside wall of the club 2 m
2FA89E7E-4ABD-4613-ADA7-AFFF00AF3C39 HD6 4HH 221 Towngate, Brighouse n1023744943 inside old red phone box (that is now used as book exchange), where Deep Lane meets Towngate in Brighouse 21 m
7FDCBD77-8460-4729-95FA-AD4100CA50AD HD6 1JN Bethel Street,, Shop Fairway House, 20 Bethel Street n9153188917 8 m
4990E0BF-4F01-42A6-BCFE-AD4400F521C0 HD7 6BR 4 Peel Street, Marsden, Huddersfield n10578769636 9 m
DD6D4815-48C8-430E-BC77-AD4400F88EC8 HD7 5HE The Gallery, Unit 17b Britannia Mills, Britannia Road n6301606429 7 m
03325571-54CB-441C-8827-AD4600A3836B HD8 9DA Squash Club, 45 Commercial Road, Skelmanthorpe n10579150362 On outside wall. 7 m
284BFA49-9C37-4126-A675-AD4700F1323F HD8 8AA Co-Op - Station Road, The Co Opertative Food, 2-4 Station Road n10539961943 wall 9 m
35359EED-6BF6-4EAA-B515-ADC900A9F5A6 HD8 9RE Emley & Emley Moor Community Group, Community Centre, Welfare Football Ground , Upper Lane n10778113514 On outside wall. 23 m
3765381B-E0E2-44BE-9FC1-AFB001097D04 HD8 8LJ Lydgate Style Hairdressers, 267 Huddersfield Road, Huddersfield n10751221359 On outside wall. 7 m
485914C9-1F35-4E78-BB9F-AD5001084157 HD8 8NU Cumberworth Community Association, Cumberworth Ce Va First School, Cumberworth Lane n10751085306 On outside wall. 19 m
5B272858-77E4-4ACB-B699-AD4A0128BFCD HD8 8RX Denby Dale Cricket Club, Wakefield Road, Denby Dale n9722142353 On outside wall. 10 m
5E2749DD-766C-468B-ACB3-AED101881165 HD8 0WA Shelley Community Football Club, Clubhouse, Storthes Hall Park, Storthes Hall Lane n10976442438 On outside wall. 8 m
6A6951E9-2FEB-4F52-9D89-AFAF00DF18FB HD8 0SG Kirkburton Ce First School, Kirkburton Ce Va First School, School Hill n11052560462 On gate post by school entrance. 43 m
749F74E8-5B9E-4488-84FA-AD49014741E0 HD8 9QB Woodman Inn, 1 Wakefield Road, Clayton West n9561213425 On outside wall. 8 m
8A9AC9B3-F113-454F-84BB-B0C400F0E778 HD8 8UN Upper Denby Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Denby Lane n4132940191 inside red telephone box, junction of Denby Lane and Gunthwaite Lane, Upper Denby 1 m
9C8C9D4D-6BC7-47AA-ACAA-AD4700D583B6 HD8 8BL Co-Op - Lane Head Road, The Co Operative Food Sovereign Service Station, Lane Head Road n5157873779 wall 9 m
A92DD8F3-DB76-485F-B726-AD6A00C66B2D HD8 8DJ Shepley Health Centre, 25 Jos Lane, Huddersfield n10751057970 On outside wall near entrance. 12 m
AA0F75FD-43B9-46DB-BE6F-AD4700AE4203 HD8 0QT Kirkburton & Highburton Community Association, Burton Village Hall, Northfield Lane n11688748538 outside Burton Village Hall 7 m
DD89F78B-35E9-46B2-B1DD-AF6B00E3C94E HD8 8XR The Mast Academy Trust, Birdsedge First School, Birds Edge Lane n4020094186 On outside wall of school. 15 m
DEE4FB7E-98A9-45E1-A1EF-AF350093FFC7 HD8 0SJ Kirkburton Health Centre, Shelley Lane, Kirkburton n6624777547 12 m
FA8F6DF7-B009-435E-B555-AD420075E402 HD8 9JL Gp Surgery, Dearne Valley Health Centre, Wakefield Road n9943027155 On outside wall. 8 m
3C447EFF-206F-4E8D-8BCB-AF1A00E5A6A3 HD9 5RW Public Telephone At 29 Helme 5m From Unnamed Road, Helme, Holmfirth n533730813 inside old red phone box now used as Book Exchange, Slades Lane, in Helme 1 m
584D9260-E775-498B-A73C-AD8800F03CD8 HD9 7JT 3 Sheffield Road, Holmfirth n2425939860 On the outside wall at the back of the club on a balcony up some metal steps. 59 m
5DCC6678-58AD-4A35-BDD1-AD6C015968B4 HD9 4ET 13 Wessenden Head Road, Holmfirth n6314481447 On side of CPS Estate Agent;Wessenden Head Road, Meltham 43 m
6320DA11-CBD6-4AB9-B5A8-AF4F00BC11EF HD9 7EN Bower Roebuck And Co Ltd, Glendale Mills, Sheffield Road n10305036990 On outside wall. 13 m
6DCD8402-22C5-483E-AC2E-AEEC015A3B78 HD9 6DP Honley Business Association, Taylors Foodstore, 13 Meltham Road n10873877913 On outside wall of shop. 24 m
6E4867ED-BF88-4D9D-ACFF-B09F00923ACC HD9 3EB Netherthong Primary School, School Street, Netherthong n8747340702 wall 20 m
9A827F0D-37D4-4240-8D26-AD4400B9C02A HD9 7JY Co-Op - Holmfirth Road, New Mill Village Store, Holmfirth Road n6053271326 wall 14 m
A3F41EC1-EF66-4A9E-A91A-B02A010A7C0A HD9 1AB Private Car Park, Station Road, Holmfirth n8783063203 wall 60 m
C5A8EE98-6627-49B0-8084-AED3010CCC9D HD9 1TN 9 Barnside Lane, Holmfirth n9997962688 On outside wall. 16 m

Circuit AEDs matched to an OSM object by reference

The matches here are when an AED in OSM has a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag that matched a UUID from The Circuit.

Found 17 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
16F31E89-0321-4B2F-B221-AD4A0102BB3E HD4 7AY Friends Of Beaumont Park, Beaumont Park Cafe And Visitor Centre Beaumont Park, Beaumont Park Road n6185515646 On the outside wall of the building. 34 m
E94ADFE3-70D5-4AC8-8B4C-AD440137CD33 HD4 6XE 2, The Green, Thurstonland, Huddersfield n10751034051 On outside wall. 6 m
05BCD9FD-8886-4D4E-8EF1-AFE400F53003 HD8 8HP Shelley Cricket Club, Westerley Lane, Shelley n10976805415 On outside wall of pavilion. 148 m
4356718C-81CD-418F-8519-AECC00BED24E HD8 8AS Shepley Cricket Club, Marsh Lane, Shepley n10680674555 On outside wall. 144 m
5D661579-9FCA-46CF-BC65-AD4301095296 HD8 8RT The White Hart, 380 Wakefield Road, Huddersfield n9547319645 On outside wall. 5 m
600C5D40-5725-48AD-99A4-AF0E00F623DB HD8 0SX Kirkburton Cricket Club, Riley Lane, Kirkburton n11052846408 On the outside wall of the pavilion. 238 m
72A260D8-47E8-40D7-AB21-B022014D435B HD8 8QH Maxis Balti & Pizza Bar, Maxis Balti Restaurant And Pizza Bar Unit 14 To 16 Denby Dale Industrial Park, Wakefield Road n11358006905 On the outside wall of the restaurant. 14 m
97B9B251-BA26-4F20-8F11-AD4300F89C39 HD8 8HE Shelley Community Assoc., Shelley Village Hall, Huddersfield Road n6679613345 outside Shelley Village Hall - facing car park 146 m
BED0F1E9-DA73-49A3-9C11-AD47008B4ABF HD8 8JB Rising Sun Public House, 162 Penistone Road, Shelley n10554757532 On outside wall. 144 m
35780504-F68B-4D64-B4EB-B09900B66AF7 HD9 3AS Holmfirth Civic Hall Community Trust, Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth n8893304219 wall 10 m
5F1E6DD7-25B9-437A-AE52-AD4100B6B0BA HD9 1QJ Co-Op - Wooldale Road, Wooldale Co Operative Society, 50 Wooldale Road n8652436900 on wall outside Co-op, Wooldale Road, Wooldale 9 m
78E3D6B2-4699-4236-90F6-B0D2012EEF86 HD9 6AH The Allied, 14 Church Street, Honley n10831837712 On outside wall of cafe 8 m
96F69CAE-4745-487D-9C0E-AE3D00D91958 HD9 7TD Holme Valley Camping And Caravan Park, Woodhead Road, Holmfirth n10873707100 On outside of reception building. 64 m
972B0211-39A6-40AA-A3F1-AEEC015B93DE HD9 6NS Honley Cricket Club, Far End Lane, Honley n10873935075 On outside wall of pavilion on the football pitch side. 15 m
C7D39267-F674-4D70-AF6F-AEEC0158564E HD9 6LT Honley Business Association, Magdale (Queens Square), Woodhead Road n6128833294 attached to wall at junction of Magdale with Huddersfield Road, Honley 16 m
D105AAE5-2480-4AA8-895F-B04300F3A24D HD9 6PU Jacobs Well, Woodhead Road, Holmfirth n9095319074 On outside wall 11 m
D1C025B6-65BC-40D8-9014-AD890076288A HD9 7SN Co-Op - Springwood Road, 52 Springwood Road, Holmfirth n5965000081 wall 36 m

NDDB AEDs matched to an OSM object by location

Found 3 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
1327 HD8 8UN Telephone Box, West Yorkshire n4132940191 inside red telephone box, junction of Denby Lane and Gunthwaite Lane, Upper Denby 1 m
4858 HD8 8PG Telephone Box, West Yorkshire n8594537633 inside red telephone box, Lower Cumberworth 1 m
7476 HD8 0SX Kirkburton Cricket Club, West Yorkshire n11052846408 On the outside wall of the pavilion. 2 m

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