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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'E' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 355 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
9DA9B7FB-A363-4391-A83F-AE1A01110F64 E1 1BB Royal London, The Royal London Hospital, Newark Street (Fm Yard) Variable Public
D9C724FC-3962-4AE7-B98F-B01300C8246F E1 1DU Tesco Whitechapel Express, 45 Whitechapel Rd, Whitechapel Variable Public
E6213B75-AFCA-49E3-A2F7-AE3900E421B4 E1 1ES Tesco Express, 4 Fieldgate St, Whitechapel Variable Public
B1121E65-A6C4-4AC9-A4AF-AE6A00CDC641 E1 1JG Puregym, 100 Whitechapel Road, Whitechapel 24/7 Restricted
C4C05317-85E4-490A-A062-B02800B8B1F6 E1 1JP Kobi Nazrul Primary School, Settles Street, London Variable Public
C7A49131-8C09-4B63-8CC5-B028008F271F E1 1LD Hult International Business School, 35 Commercial Road, London 24/7 Restricted
C6FF0633-B044-4AAE-B8FD-AF9300DACF8E E1 1NT Harry Gosling Primary School, Henriques Street, Fairclough St Variable Restricted
C73CA1F7-41BC-49DF-B324-AFE9008E45D2 E1 1NU Screwfix, 62 - 82 Commercial Road, London Variable Restricted
A6FBF71B-20E4-4115-86C3-AFDC01596CB0 E1 2BN Tesco, 226 - 228, Commercial Road Variable Public
6FF21642-831E-4C37-B571-B00E010278E6 E1 2BT Tesco Commercial Road Express, 226-228 Commercial Rd, Whitechapel Variable Public
114B0259-C44D-45B1-850F-AE3900F9995A E1 2NB Tesco, 226 Commercial Road, London 24/7 Public
7E196D87-E10E-4C8E-A847-B0A100A48A01 E1 3BW Stepney Park Primary School, Smithy Street, London Variable Restricted
FC0403CC-4C20-4A4F-B71B-AE7F00AFDE55 E1 3DG Stepney City Farm, Stepney Way, London Variable Public
5A7B9D5F-775B-4521-9250-AEB600FB9524 E1 4AQ 159 Mile End Road, London Variable Restricted
CEAE97B9-D143-4217-84D4-AEC200B1A93B E1 4NS Queen Mary And Westfield College Francis Bancroft Building, 327 Westfield Way, London Variable Restricted
E373252E-C326-4826-B988-AFC500BBA607 E1 4SA Stepney Green School Office, Ben Jonson Road, London Variable Restricted
68D46FF6-CFD0-4685-B401-AE39013D6759 E1 4UJ Tesco Express, 83-89 Mile End Rd, Mile End Variable Public
791E275F-549D-4939-B5FC-AFFD0092757A E1 5AD Osmani Primary School, Vallance Road, London Variable Restricted
2FCE0BA4-0A7A-4C9C-95AC-AF70015A9FD1 E1 5DG Tower Hamlets Advertising Kiosk, Outside 206 Whitechapel Road, Whitechapel 24/7 Public
B53E33FB-4F50-4FC4-9624-ADCD00ED2AB0 E1 5LP Fora Space, Fora 42-46 Princelet Street, Princelet Street 24/7 Public
675D33F6-5141-4556-8C99-AE5A01090E0D E1 5QU Railway Arch, 20a Cudworth Street, London Variable Restricted
36A8720F-5EB4-40A4-974E-AE4300EBE3D1 E1 6BF Tesco Express, Aldgate E Tube, 0 24/7 Restricted
8CF66F07-2BE7-4128-B1C2-ADCE006CB4AC E1 6BX Fora Folgate, 35-41 Folgate Street, E16bx 24/7 Public
D9803DC5-D16C-4601-A3D9-B0AB00FC308A E1 6BX 45 Folgate Street, Reception, 45 Folgate Street Variable Restricted
EA80F049-D68F-4F0E-9DF5-B096010E271C E1 6DB Cloudnc, 1 Norton Folgate, Spitalfields Variable Restricted
30F087B4-92A4-4102-AE6C-B0010146F030 E1 6HP Tesco Shoreditch High Street, 179 Shoreditch High St, Shoreditch Variable Public
0C5B7270-A525-4573-ADC2-AE6100D82561 E1 6HR Puregym, The Fusion, 8 Bacon Street 24/7 Restricted
2940133B-8183-449A-AAA9-AE7900EDABE9 E1 6HR Puregym, The Fusion, 8 Bacon Street 24/7 Restricted
54E6448B-26EF-49F9-8B97-AE3A00D59B9D E1 6NF Tesco Express, 116-118 Commercial St, Spitalfields Variable Public
E0FBDB68-5E54-4BFD-A358-B066008B68E6 E1 6NF Tesco Express, 116-118 Commercial Street, London Variable Restricted
CEA0CFCE-8069-4489-A433-AF1700E843E6 E1 6NN All Saints Retail, Unit 12 Jacks Place, 6 Corbet Place 24/7 Restricted
78232E1F-6B25-4EAC-9FD8-AEDE007A6C7A E1 6QL Beyond Words Studio Ltd, 91 Brick Lane, London Variable Public
9F2DA531-5721-4368-928C-AE6100AFCCA5 E1 6TE City Hotel, 12-20 Osborn Street, London Variable Public
E331B2FA-045E-4BAD-820E-AFF100A2B320 E1 7NT Calcutta House Reception, Old Castle Street, London Variable Restricted
7755 E1 7PE Outside 59-53 Whitechapel Road, Greater London 24/7 Public
FDAC4B13-176B-443E-BF42-AF70015AABDF E1 7PE Tower Hamlets Advertising Kiosk, Outside 59-53 Whitechapel Road, Whitechapel 24/7 Public
9FB1D7EA-A7E4-4B36-8F36-ADC700E82408 E1 7PH Mclaren Construction, Circle Place, London Variable Restricted
40E3741C-2558-43B4-B709-ADB000AD175F E1 7PT Ladbible Group, 114 Whitechapel High Street, The Relay Building Level 2 24/7 Restricted
E6F2A7E4-A85E-40D0-9C4A-ADD300CA4BB8 E1 7PT 8x8, The Relay Building, Third Floor, 114 Whitechapel High Street 24/7 Restricted
C1F20C59-E41D-4FC0-AD87-B09200AC3362 E1 7RQ Mulberry Canon Barnett Primary, Gunthorpe Street, London Variable Restricted
F39F9337-FBAF-4C2D-968F-AFF100A7432F E1 7TP Goulston Street Reception, 16 Goulston Street, London Variable Restricted
2A83666E-CCE4-4909-818C-AE3900E6A019 E1 8AL Tesco, 90 Mansell Street, London 24/7 Public
9B3816FF-DE14-44B2-96BB-ADCD00EB2543 E1 8AY Msk, Multi Services (Kent) Ltd, 7 Prescot Street Variable Restricted
040AD8B4-4CD8-4A07-B36B-B006007C27F1 E1 8DJ English Martyrs Primary School, St Mark Street, London Variable Public
2F1B332D-E1F6-495D-80CB-B053008CEBDF E1 8DZ P R I Association, Fifth Floor, 25 Camperdown Street Variable Restricted
BF119A21-ADDA-462A-8884-B00A01068B48 E1 8PY Universal Music Group, 4 Pancras Square, 4 24/7 Public
FE4E6148-1E4F-4A93-BE44-AF8F0117551A E1 8QT The Royal College Of Pathologists, 6 Alie Street, London Variable Public
B24E3134-CEFC-4DAF-A5F1-AE9E00F85054 E10 5AB Gll, 763 Leyton Leisure Center, Leyton High Road Variable Restricted
85D89DF7-1411-46D5-8E6C-B00A0138EBDC E10 5LG Oliver Road, Leyton, London 24/7 Public
7A643009-67A5-4499-A308-AE3900E22D01 E10 5NA Tesco, 401 Leyton High Road, Leyton 24/7 Public
F90FC6A0-F497-4910-92DA-AED700E1870F E10 5NH B & Q Plc, B & Q Plc Leyton Mills, Marshall Road Variable Public
C8954232-00EB-4E81-876D-B07300B9FF88 E10 5PB Lea Interchange Bus Garage, Stageocoach Lea Interchange Bus Garage, 151 Ruckholt Road 24/7 Public
ED7DDFC0-654C-4669-B50F-AE2B00B44BCB E10 5SB 9 Osier Way, Leyton Variable Public
C851188F-6022-437D-A6B2-AED501640342 E10 5SQ Office 14 To 18 Allen House New Spitalfields Market, 23 Sherrin Road, Leyton 24/7 Restricted
DD96A087-0973-440A-AE23-B07D00C88D28 E10 6AD Leyton Bus Garage, Stagecoach Leyton Bus Garage, High Road Leyton 24/7 Public
345CD1BD-B789-4DCE-9538-AFF100806097 E10 6JZ Norlington School And 6th Form, Norlington Road, Leyton 24/7 Public
4302 E10 6RJ Capital Kids Cricket Club, Greater London 24/7 Public
4307 E10 6RJ Waltham Forest Cricket Club, Greater London 24/7 Public
21C6DE9E-5B0E-4181-A26F-B02C00DA5191 E10 7AA Tesco Leyton, 825 High Rd, Leyton Variable Public
D3766D56-7C82-4059-8E65-AEA200E05F5D E10 7BZ Riverley Primary School, Park Road, Leyton 24/7 Public
5D575801-82F3-411D-93ED-AE3C00B51AC8 E10 7EA Tesco Express, 453 Lea Bridge Rd, Briton Ferry 24/7 Public
6D7D0A2F-DCC9-4A47-9D08-AFE700DA0402 E10 7NQ Screwfix, Units 3 - 4 Bestway Business Centre, Heybridge Way Variable Restricted
AD519A76-2A96-42E9-A4C1-AF8F015B62CE E10 7QP Estate Office Leyton Industrial Village, Argall Avenue, Leyton 24/7 Public
4306 E11 1HP Rat Pack Cricket Club, Greater London 24/7 Public
8E9208F6-422A-49AB-B2C8-AF66011BED72 E11 1HR Mcdonald's - High Road Leytonstone, 865/873 High Road, Leytonstone 24/7 Public
6F2DD70A-C85F-457B-8546-AE3D00C7B544 E11 1HT Tesco, 5 Gainsborough, Leytonstone Variable Public
DA5F5491-C56E-4F77-BE0D-B07700B22E7E E11 1NP Main Entrance On First Aid Wall Station, Shri Nathji Santan Hindu Mandir, 159-161 Whipps Cross Road 24/7 Public
83BC7A54-AB05-4641-9FAB-AF6A00F4518F E11 1PE Toby Carvery - Snaresbrook, 73 Hollybush Hill, Wanstead Variable Public
5B654A80-AF9E-4B5D-9979-AE3C00EE27D1 E11 2AE Tesco, Atm, 65-67 High Street Variable Public
D3BD3CEC-B1BD-41E1-AEE3-B07A00DC7E20 E11 2DL The Allan Burgess Centre, 2 Grove Park, London 24/7 Public
2606B75F-2054-4B79-8523-AF6D00DB4A53 E11 2EY 51 Nightingale Lane, Wanstead, London 24/7 Public
4570 E11 2JA Eton Manor Rugby Club, Greater London 24/7 Public
9C6BC728-48C6-4322-9616-AEDF0121A025 E11 2LW Linkside Lawn Tennis Club, Overton Drive, London 24/7 Public
75828106-685E-42C3-8602-B03600CE2214 E11 2TA Our Lady Of Lourdes Rc Primary School, Chestnut Drive, London Variable Restricted
4303 E11 3BS EL Leytonstone Cricket Club, Greater London 24/7 Public
4305 E11 3BS Leyton Cricket Club, Greater London 24/7 Public
EAFD5272-3F26-4256-9F5F-AE7000AEF38A E11 3DA Puregym, Ground Floor 628-632 High Road, Leystone 24/7 Restricted
D2D5B85A-9253-49FF-AA1E-B09D00D6C77C E11 3JH The Jenny Hammond Primary School, Elsham Road, Leytonstone Variable Public
7804 E11 3NW The Rookwood Village Public House, Greater London 24/7 Public
3672BA21-55CC-4C0D-806A-AEC8014EEC63 E11 3RH Aldersbrook Lawn Tennis Club, Pavilion Aldersbrook Lawn Tennis Club, Blake Hall Crescent Variable Restricted
9E831A5B-A957-4C06-9425-B00500F7E692 E11 4PB Tesco, 567 High Road Leytonstone, Leytonstone Variable Public
2E5FF9C5-9C6A-45C9-9BC1-B00A00972C31 E12 5JY Tesco Manor Park, 849-853 Romford Rd, Manor Park Variable Public
60968106-E741-4A00-9F5D-B03500C74E2A E12 6HB Staff Room, St Winefrides Roman Catholic Primary School, Church Road Variable Public
AB9345F8-5457-4E29-95EE-AE2101008086 E12 6HB St Winefrides Roman Catholic Primary School, Church Road, London Variable Restricted
99AD5FD9-201F-48E9-9EA2-AF9B00F418E5 E12 6UJ Fairbairn Boxing Club, Woodgrange Community Centre, Bluebell Avenue Variable Restricted
AD466948-2E83-444E-9740-AEBD0092D853 E13 8SG Newham Sixth Form College, Prince Regent Lane, London Variable Restricted
78195759-9940-4FB5-9B8A-AE39011D6C5C E13 9AP Tesco Metro, 346-352 Green Street, London 24/7 Public
4283 E13 9DB Marshes Cricket Club, Greater London 24/7 Public
0C24EE41-E0F9-408D-BD09-AE3A0105E283 E13 9EZ Tesco Express, 523 Barking Road, Plaistow Variable Public
6B5B673B-1D1A-45DB-B2B1-B03000CE7C6C E13 9NB New Tunmarsh Centre, Tunmarsh Lane, London Variable Public
85EAF1A3-6C39-4E6D-8907-B03B0089F8B2 E14 0BZ London City Institute Of Technology, 5 Hope Street, Leamouth Peninsula Variable Public
08ECC017-8C51-4DA0-8EB2-AF1000CF5060 E14 0EA International Way, International Way (Next To International Station), Stratford Variable Public
4C827364-1BD4-46D0-98A3-AF1000D00DB9 E14 0EA Chrisp Street, 167a East India Dock Road, Poplar Variable Restricted
6F7A1E07-13D5-4281-9437-B00E00F89BEF E14 0PT Culloden Primary School, Dee Street, London 24/7 Public
2FB46803-D2A6-4942-B87F-ADCF00DAA37E E14 0QG 45 Hope Street, London 24/7 Restricted
CD03A417-A3EE-483E-B1E2-AE2100A00BEC E14 0SY English National Ballet, English National Ballet Ltd, 41 Hopewell Square Variable Restricted
F440A12F-2677-4245-B244-AEEE00D35752 E14 0XA Feldy, 18 Aberfeldy Square, London Variable Restricted
662A700D-28E2-4AAA-85DF-AEF2010759EA E14 2BE Import Building, 2 Clove Crescent, London 24/7 Public
CE295662-047A-4066-B8B8-AE9C0101198A E14 2BE Puregym, Unit G.07 The Import Building, Clove Cres Republic 24/7 Restricted
7A3FA8DE-8CCC-473E-99FA-AF1700CB374E E14 3BQ Island Health, 145 East Ferry Road, London Variable Restricted
0BD79548-1840-4D54-BDDC-ADA5010019B6 E14 3DW George Green's Secondary School (Main Reception), 100 Manchester Road, London Variable Public
B589FA2D-E971-4467-80DA-ADB000C57F67 E14 3DW George Green's Secondary School (Pitch), 100 Manchester Road, London Variable Restricted
C51BB659-F995-4F81-8850-B07600E0578E E14 3NE Manchester Road, Cubitttown Primary School, Manchester Road Variable Restricted
06EBC423-2C2C-474E-A43F-AE3800C3E294 E14 3NX Tesco Express, 571 Manchester Road, London Variable Public
9B3456DD-D9FD-4599-99D0-AE9C0103CC60 E14 4AN Puregym, 5 Hertsmere Road, West India Quay 24/7 Restricted
F5E967B0-7454-47EB-AC32-ADA900EAEEDC E14 4BG 5 Bank Street, London Variable Restricted
7F2444D6-AB69-4EA3-9F0C-ADE200C136EF E14 4QJ Nuffield Health, Canary Wharf Health Club, One Cabot Square Variable Public
3C43FB71-BCC4-4643-82B2-AF5600DE6369 E14 5EY Ey London 25cp, 25 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London 24/7 Restricted
729E610E-0D54-4AD7-90F2-AF5600DE0630 E14 5EY Ey London 25cp, 25 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London 24/7 Restricted
A574D464-233A-485B-A49D-AF5600DE562E E14 5EY Ey London 25cp, 25 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London 24/7 Restricted
E6CC18FB-3D42-4E18-B869-AF5600DE6EC1 E14 5EY Ey London 25cp, 25 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London 24/7 Restricted
9258E25C-192B-42EE-B4AC-B05800ED99E7 E14 5EZ Yy London, 30 South Colonnade, Canary Wharf 24/7 Restricted
09AF033E-1138-4AD1-8CDB-AF9C00C098E4 E14 5GL K P M G Llp, 15 Canada Square, London 24/7 Restricted
7FBD29D5-1CD3-45D1-9F38-AF9C00BEF5E3 E14 5GL K P M G Llp, 15 Canada Square, London 24/7 Restricted
D08824D1-DCFA-46B0-B7C0-AF9C00C14782 E14 5GL K P M G Llp, 15 Canada Square, London 24/7 Restricted
F8036FEF-A8FA-4F7C-A1FA-AF9C00BFA0A6 E14 5GL K P M G Llp, 15 Canada Square, London 24/7 Restricted
2498B6A9-66E6-43A9-ABE6-B044009C3B94 E14 5HP 1 Churchill Place, Barclays Bank, 1 Churchill Place 24/7 Public
318C0B68-3C72-4D56-B114-B04400965AC1 E14 5HP 1 Churchill Place L13, Barclays Bank, 1 Churchill Place 24/7 Restricted
3204E377-184B-442D-9E11-B0440094EEF5 E14 5HP 1 Churchill Place Level 14, Barclays Bank, 1 Churchill Place 24/7 Restricted
37EC6620-F0A1-492E-902F-B0440098A509 E14 5HP 1 Churchill Place L11, Barclays Bank, 1 Churchill Place 24/7 Public
4F52FDFD-E357-4AF4-AA1B-B0440099A2DF E14 5HP 1 Churchill Place L10, Barclays Bank, 1 Churchill Place 24/7 Public
5652FECA-E4A2-42BA-9990-B04400979167 E14 5HP 1 Churchill Place L112, Barclays Bank, 1 Churchill Place 24/7 Public
5FE75AB0-5AF7-4EE3-86AD-B04400A1F8B6 E14 5HP 1 Churchill Place, Barclays Bank, 1 Churchill Place 24/7 Public
DFEBB6D1-BC67-4F19-AE83-B044009A4A87 E14 5HP 1 Churchill Place, Barclays Bank, 1 Churchill Place 24/7 Public
F08C4D18-048F-4659-ABB7-B044009B076A E14 5HP Barclays Bank, 1 Churchill Place, London 24/7 Public
E70734BB-CE97-41DA-977C-AEF9012C2B9A E14 6DA 155-157 East India Dock Road, London Variable Restricted
7992 E14 6DF Queen Victoria Seamen's Rest, Greater London 24/7 Public
22D2CB93-60A6-4090-9AEA-AFFC011C8644 E14 6DF Queen Victoria Seamen's Rest, 121-131 East India Dock Road, London, London 24/7 Public
DD5524DC-B7BB-406A-8F16-AEED00DF181B E14 6GN Spotlight, Langdon Park, 30 Hay Currie St Variable Restricted
7F78B689-5846-473D-9352-AF31009BAC25 E14 6QD Teviot Community Centre, Wyvis Street, London Variable Restricted
0AFA5ED3-9C86-44C9-AD8B-AF9E015824FB E14 6UE Savills - The Highline, The Highline, 27 Radial Avenue Emblem House, London 24/7 Public
388984CB-4F58-423B-800D-AE26013144E2 E14 7BY Tesco Express, 303-305 Burdett Road, Frances Wharf 24/7 Public
FED45DC5-B5C9-4A9D-A303-AE900138ED56 E14 7LB Units B-D, Zenith Buildings, Commercial Road 24/7 Public
2E537A2B-D48F-4FB1-9A9C-AE46012EB5E8 E14 7LW Tesco, Max House, 657 Commercial Road Variable Restricted
31326572-CA96-40C6-8D83-B09900E0BB90 E14 7NG Cayley Primary School, Aston Street, London Variable Restricted
65962C92-7EF9-4F6A-AAF4-B04B00CAC2B0 E14 7PQ Sir William Burrough Primary School, Salmon Lane, London Variable Restricted
1496502E-C9F7-4639-A5DC-AED300BCEB8E E14 8HQ Gill Street Health Centre, 11-19 Gill Street, London Variable Public
F37BF57A-4A1E-4C8E-8F0B-B03800E1CCBD E14 8RR Virgin Active Canary Riverside, 34 West Ferry Circus, Canary Riverside Variable Restricted
3A1FACA5-F047-4AF2-B012-AFD600D6151A E14 9AB Tesco Isle Of Dogs Marsh Wall, Landmark Tower, London Variable Restricted
2DF5148A-453C-4F81-B425-AEA100F4337F E14 9FJ Chalegrove Properties Ltd, One Thames Quay, 225 Marsh Wall Variable Restricted
3B69083B-15D1-4B07-A672-AE2000F3848D E14 9FT Nuffield Health, 14 Baltimore Wharf, London Variable Public
BE63A3B0-7BFF-42F8-AF26-AEE600C8CD72 E14 9LQ First Port Property Services, Canary Central Concierge Office, Cassilis Road 24/7 Public
492725C0-9128-4F5F-BB54-AE390118723C E14 9NA Tesco, 41, Millharbour 24/7 Public
1265C123-4350-49A3-972C-B0380087B502 E14 9RB Tesco Baltimore Express, Westward Parade, Isle Of Dogs Variable Public
ECA77705-0C03-4529-B850-AF1E00DD396E E14 9RB Tclarke, Crane 39m From 1 Greenwich View Place 45m From Muirfield Crescent, Muirfield Crescent 24/7 Public
21251946-D3DC-475C-83FC-AE3A00EC6E7B E14 9RL Tesco Plc, 262, Poplar High Street 24/7 Public
345C9319-CAC1-4088-9D1A-B04D00862193 E14 9SH Tesco South Plaza Isle Of Dogs Express, South Quay Plaza, Isle Of Dogs 24/7 Public
383DD7F9-E8D8-41A3-8C93-ADE301026A0C E15 1DN 11 Thornham Grove, Stratford, London Variable Public
E1945DFC-F2EB-47D5-BA51-AE3900C691EC E15 1GF New Garden Quarter, Concierge Office - Carriage House, 1 Forrester Way 24/7 Restricted
9FD4B4DD-4640-4BA6-9689-B02300D9835D E15 1JY Colegrave Primary School, Henniker Road, London Variable Public
528C217C-5715-48BD-AE77-AEB5008B903D E15 1PU 1 Store Street, London Variable Restricted
CE7D7216-E13C-4C1C-966F-AF2C0110BB08 E15 1SL Maryland Primary School, Gurney Road, London Variable Restricted
F457CF92-A2D2-410D-ACF3-AFFF011B6A85 E15 2AE Stratford Padel Club, 221 High Street, Stratford Variable Restricted
2CB9D16A-DD4A-4C1E-891B-AD2800AF80EE E15 2EG Chobham Manor Llp Project Office, Temple Mill Lane, London Variable Restricted
545758E5-708B-47AC-9AFE-AF9A00C12B79 E15 2GD Flat 1 Ruby Court, 9 Warton Road, London Variable Restricted
685B1ED8-5521-4123-AB55-AE8B00A6BFDE E15 2GW Quadient Uk Ltd, 3rd Floor Press Centre, 14 East Bay Lane Variable Public
A1174B26-43F1-4B30-A967-AE7600BE2D88 E15 2JA Global Banking School, 260 High Street, London 24/7 Restricted
4B626369-C84B-4AA8-A164-B00A01068D1B E15 2NE Tesco Stratford 150 High Street, 150 High St, Stratford Variable Restricted
3ABA93C7-87E5-4638-B239-AF2A010F8815 E15 2QR 1 Cooperage Yard, Stratford, London 24/7 Public
28FABD76-5DB5-477D-9044-B01F00B16B57 E15 3DN Ranelagh Primary School, Ranelagh Road, Stratford Variable Restricted
D5A1B532-6642-43B5-9F16-AFCD00E01F54 E15 3EZ Flat 28 Baritone Court, 143 Church Street, London 24/7 Restricted
98B1C9D1-E8EF-4314-81DB-B0A400D125BD E15 3JB 3 New Plaistow Road, East London, London Variable Public
9D3DA7BB-0014-443F-892B-B04200F976D5 E15 3ND Quattro Depot, Greenway Court, Canning Road 24/7 Public
39BD332F-E76E-44FF-B884-AEEF0105142C E15 3NS 50 Rokeby Street, London 24/7 Restricted
8230BBFC-9261-4798-9AD2-AE3900E82D80 E15 4EH Tesco, Advertsing Right In Front Of The Pigeon Public Hou, Romford Road Variable Public
90964CA0-0765-4070-AE5C-B03500908B7C E15 4HT Y Block, Newham College For Further Education, Welfare Road Variable Public
FBAFCAA9-11EA-4686-80EA-AFA2007EF2F5 E15 4PN Axis Europe, 3 Tramway Avenue, London Variable Public
4016646C-8D6C-4B9D-9ADC-AD6E00CC3E52 E15 4QZ The Children Discovery Centre, 383-387 High Street, London Variable Public
0614EA92-C10C-4ED2-8E5B-B09600C810FE E15 4RU Stratford Methodist Church, Bryant Street, London Variable Public
5C54E446-CB23-4838-B3B9-AEDF00AFB36E E16 1AL Crowne Plaza Hotel London Docklands, Western Gateway, London 24/7 Public
B37F4247-0621-4C35-BEC5-AE3900DCC50C E16 1BL Tesco, Unit A1 The Oxygen, Western Gateway Variable Restricted
6112D7E0-8A8D-4653-B551-AFC500B557E4 E16 1BS Madison Brook (Docklands), 20 Western Gateway, Royal Docks Variable Public
B404AD7A-73CD-4F64-AB09-AFDC0079C37E E16 1DR His Majesty's Passport Office, Warehouse K, 2 Western Gateway 24/7 Restricted
BDC14285-405A-4C13-A4DD-AFDC007B4599 E16 1DR His Majesty's Passport Office, Warehouse K, 2 Western Gateway 24/7 Restricted
C8517D20-BB5B-4A7B-9DD7-AF66011BF73E E16 1ED Mcdonald's - Silvertown Way, 10 Silvertown Way, Canning Town, London 24/7 Public
FECECA48-909A-487D-98B1-AF66011C0E79 E16 1EN Mcdonald's - Barking Road, 164/168 Barking Road, Canning Town 24/7 Public
AF7A05C3-B6F4-45D9-9181-AEFB00EE5ED2 E16 1RH Doubletree By Hilton London Excel, 2 Festoon Way, Royal Victoria Dock 24/7 Restricted
65DF97A4-2C67-4185-BE9D-AEFA00A6688C E16 1ZE City Hall, Kamal Chunchie Way, London 24/7 Public
FFB38E37-AC22-4423-BEAB-AFE800FA489F E16 2BB Oasis Silvertown, 303 North Woolwich Road, London Variable Restricted
808BDFB3-1C31-4302-862B-B01F00D8B7F3 E16 2BF Buhler Sortex, 20 Atlantis Avenue, Beckton Variable Restricted
7FCD20E1-A31E-4EC3-8E73-B08800E46A85 E16 2DP Drew Primary School, Wythes Road, North Woolwich Variable Restricted
80AE9979-5BB6-40BD-BEFA-ADDC00BA7F59 E16 2GQ Classified Central Media Ltd, Unit 3 Kingfisher Heights, 2 Bramwell Way Variable Restricted
7CF8909A-F071-4144-856E-B03000D03FAA E16 2LS New Directions, New Directions Woodman Community Centre, Woodman Street Variable Public
116D5978-C3E7-4C35-AA13-AEF500B77AEF E16 2QN Gallions Quarter Phase 2b, Atlantis Avenue, Beckton Variable Restricted
C5C15324-5741-4D39-B1F2-AFAA00A63825 E16 3AZ Hill Group - Custom House, 102 Leslie Road, London Variable Restricted
E3E45866-4FAF-41F7-A5F8-B03D00FB4D44 E16 3ET Calverton Primary School, King George Avenue, London 24/7 Public
5FCCB44F-FABC-48FA-93CC-B02100BAEB2D E16 3SA Bugler Developments Site, Corner Of Freemasons Road And Vandome Close, London Variable Public
0973EC23-17EB-4E13-8D27-B044009A174D E16 4BD Ravenscroft Primary School, Carson Road, London Variable Restricted
7EE40EFB-BBEF-4E7D-A5BB-AFF100B3DCC9 E16 4NP Eastlea Community School, Pretoria Road, London Variable Public
C3E3E44E-A8DA-473F-93A0-B06600D36AED E16 4SA West Ham Bus Garage, Stagecoach West Ham Bus Garage, Stephenson Street 24/7 Public
C447E5AE-0C3D-44CB-9BCA-AFEC00DC0A65 E16 4SA Screwfix, Unit 5 Canning Town Business Park, Stephenson Street Variable Restricted
F8E99BBB-907C-4867-8E49-B089010D9833 E17 3BW 6b The Drive, Walthamstow Variable Restricted
4C28338D-AF14-44E2-845E-B00300D4275E E17 3EA Holy Family Catholic School - Walthamstow House Site, 1 Shernhall Street, Walthamstow Variable Restricted
25AB89FD-6160-4368-A720-B0A700C6466C E17 3HT Tesco Express, 12-20 Wood Street, Walthamstow Variable Public
5E405B4B-8379-4E97-9B74-B09E010185D5 E17 3HT Hill Group Development - Walthamstow, 1 Wood Street, Hill Group Development - Walthamstow 24/7 Public
496640AB-D585-41BF-8007-AD28007B3E4C E17 3PY Forest School, College Place, Walthamstow 24/7 Public
39DE92E4-D356-43B8-A4A0-AECF00DE714E E17 4AZ Whitefield Academy Trust, Whitefield School, Macdonald Road Variable Restricted
812CC697-D83E-4244-9681-AED800A68596 E17 4EY Frederick Bremer School, Siddeley Road, Walthamstow Variable Restricted
8A814A3B-1C45-4600-9CAF-AFB200DA7C4B E17 4JF The Chestnut Rooms Canteen Waltham Forest Town Hall, 701 Forest Road, Walthamstow Variable Public
0AFEABD7-7963-4C5C-8CB2-AE3900EF3AFF E17 4NE Tesco, 617 Bkenilworth Avenue, Walthamstow Variable Public
EBA8FE33-04AA-4491-B8B8-ADF600E55AAF E17 4NR Hillyfield At The Park, 127 Aveling Park Road, Walthamstow Variable Restricted
7B06D0BE-9B6C-4289-9B9D-AF2A00790933 E17 4NX Countryside, The Magistrates, 1 Farnan Avenue Variable Public
0365262A-8E01-4E0F-95AD-AFE800A2FFA6 E17 5DU Screwfix, Unit 18 - 19 Waltham Park Way, Billet Road Variable Restricted
58078156-E115-4FD0-A772-AEC900B33486 E17 5EQ Aveling Centre, Lloyd Park, Forest Road Variable Restricted
395B0798-227D-4E70-9E00-B02900B54D33 E17 5HU Roger Ascham Primary School, 1 Wigton Road, Walthamstow Variable Restricted
605C9E51-AF8E-4FE6-9F0A-B007006C0081 E17 6JR Tesco Walthamstow Fores, 82-84 Forest Rd, Walthamstow Variable Public
2596FE60-5D52-40F2-85F5-AD3A00D0A323 E17 6JS Engie, Site Office, Essex Close, Walthamstow Variable Restricted
3ED660F8-51E4-4C1B-98C7-ADE200F8F80F E17 6PW Flat 2, 26 Elmsdale Road, Walthamstow 24/7 Restricted
ED96B652-9B60-422A-8698-B04A00A68556 E17 6ZL Tesco Blackhorse View Express, Unit 1, Blackhorse Point Variable Restricted
04EE675C-6B94-4A2F-B054-AF2000BE6A9D E17 7FD Empire Cinema Walthamstow, 267 High Street, Walthamstow Variable Restricted
B28441A0-D06E-4BC9-ABD6-AE3900D70421 E17 7LS Tesco, Tesco Express, 5 Selborne Road Variable Public
5AE024AB-4691-4A34-9409-B00A00E168E5 E17 7PF Tesco Walthamstow St James Street Express, 43-45 St James St, Walthamstow Variable Public
6FD1E30A-4E05-4929-8690-ADC70129B8DF E17 8DP 10 Longfellow Road, London, Walthamsotw 24/7 Restricted
7034C5F6-DE90-42CE-97FA-AE3C01385826 E17 9AA Tesco, Tesco Express Garage, 394-396 Hoe Street Variable Public
5ABD0530-4665-43ED-9D01-AE3C00C66179 E17 9DZ Tesco, 727a Lea Bridge Road, Walthamstow 24/7 Public
4344 E17 9PX Waltham Cricket Club, Greater London 24/7 Public
DEA3BC88-3982-4767-8D63-B09F00A79E08 E18 1JU Oakdale Infants School, Woodville Road, South Woodford Variable Public
70174820-3847-4462-B4FE-B0A100AB78D1 E18 1JX Main Office, Oakdale Junior School, Oakdale Road Variable Public
748A05A4-A093-4C03-A7A0-AEDF010A7915 E18 2AB 2 Glebelands Avenue, South Woodford Variable Restricted
3F9450A7-BE64-467E-8CB1-AEB001344DE4 E18 2PU Church Hall Woodford Methodist Church, Derby Road, London 24/7 Public
A5354733-C764-4396-BF96-AF6D00B0204B E18 2QF Berns Brett, The Old Court House, 191 High Road Variable Public
F13224EC-3B71-46DF-B9E1-AE3200F5E2F3 E1W 1LD Thames Tigers, Tower Bridge Quay (Formerly St Katharine's Pier), In Front Of Tower Hotel Variable Restricted
767FFC45-E7A6-4602-9562-AE3800D19A52 E1W 1LE Tesco Express, St Katharines Way, 0 Variable Public
A8B5FEE1-DF05-4002-B043-AF3A00BA3D39 E1W 1YN Icicibank Plc Uk, Third Floor, 1 Thomas More Square 24/7 Restricted
00C75FF3-F790-42C9-9CB1-AF0B00E5ECB8 E1W 2AP Jtp, Unit 5 Rum Warehouse, Pennington Street Variable Restricted
61D5D9FB-4C0C-4C4B-B6FB-AF5B00E92942 E1W 2BB St George City Ltd, 120 Pennington Street, London 24/7 Restricted
E9B12E6C-9D3B-4EBF-B1C2-AF5B00DEA913 E1W 2BD St George City Ltd, Unit 4 Rum Warehouse Pennington Street, London Variable Restricted
904F6036-870D-47D8-BDBB-AF4A00D44217 E1W 2NE Savills Estate Agents, Unit 1 Execution Dock House, 80 Wapping High Street Variable Restricted
43FBB356-8006-491A-AD28-AEC9009360EA E1W 3SS Uk Real Estate, Unit G07 Metropolitan Wharf, 70 Wapping Wall 24/7 Restricted
00D7EE35-B11F-409D-B3D4-B02E00E8F580 E2 0AN Tesco Bethnal Green Express, 361 Bethnal Green Rd, Bethnal Green 24/7 Public
C7CFA1A8-FA13-4D43-9108-B0340099188F E2 0BP Hague Primary School, Wilmot Street, London Variable Restricted
4382 E2 0PA Carnegie Cricket Club, Middlesex 24/7 Public
9E9D6097-63E0-4709-924A-B02A0070D5D8 E2 6AH Tesco Bethnal Green, 271-275 Bethnal Green, Bethnal Green Variable Restricted
2D11EFF1-925A-4770-8482-AFEA00C8A368 E2 6DE Hill Group - Claremont Court, Claredale Street, London Variable Restricted
BC16E141-4661-46B5-B6B2-B00B009D95D6 E2 6EH D & Ad, Unit 1, 64 Cheshire Street Variable Restricted
8918A3BC-64A4-4AAA-B2F6-AE7600C8B8BE E2 6JT Arj Construction Ltd - Herald Street, Land At The Gates, Bidewell Variable Restricted
436C0359-6FA3-481D-A57B-AFFE009B3220 E2 6LS Lawdale Junior School House, Mansford Street, London Variable Restricted
AEB30BAC-A67E-4465-BD89-ADCF01055593 E2 7JQ Bpc Interiors Ltd, 29 Boundary Street, London Variable Public
875A4B12-0B7E-47D7-A8A6-AF4F01177F9C E2 8BA Bridge Academy, Laburnum Street, Hackney Variable Public
F0D67341-2E23-47A3-9F00-AE9C01062638 E2 8GX Puregym, Unit 14, Rosewood Building 24/7 Restricted
6565338E-3ABB-4C1C-87B2-B00600E6EEA4 E2 8JG Randal Cremer Primary School, Ormsby Street, London Variable Public
462CECF2-0593-4172-85FC-AFE100F397BB E2 9AG Es Global Ltd, Unit G East, Coate House Variable Restricted
FD54B5CB-5FBE-4D62-B553-AF1201101599 E2 9DT Calverts, 9/10 The Oval, Tower Hamlets Variable Public
43C5F8EB-59D5-444C-A5CB-AE3900F6FFA4 E2 9EG Tesco Express, 452 Hackney Road, London Variable Public
C9719400-5907-49D7-8FEC-B00D0108BF23 E20 1EH O2 Store (0385) Stratford Westfield Lwr, Su033 First Floor, Westfield Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
0875E85B-D758-4DDA-9271-AEE100F147FA E20 1EL John Lewis Stratford, Mountfitchet Road, Westfield Variable Restricted
3D65AA16-E964-4545-854A-AF1000B35AFA E20 1EL John Lewis, 101, The Arcade,, Westfield Stratford City, Variable Restricted
EF1FD82B-62BB-41A8-B3C9-AFF000FF5547 E20 1HZ Stratford City Business District, 5 Westfield Avenue, Stratford 24/7 Restricted
4A2E993E-4EF9-4380-B17F-AEC5010D57F6 E20 1JN Financial Conduct Authority, 12 Endeavour Square, London 24/7 Restricted
7A9C9A7F-3DDA-4AC1-A365-AEA000862505 E20 1JQ Bidvest Noonan, 2 Redman Place, Stratford 24/7 Restricted
9EF9E0A2-A88D-4F43-8205-AEFB00FE29EF E20 1YY International Way, International Way (Next To International Station), Stratford Variable Restricted
A1D725FA-1BAB-4393-8EC7-AF11010D9A67 E20 3AB Lee Valley Velopark, 51 Abercrombie Road, Stratford Variable Restricted
4BA964BA-BB01-4164-9380-B08300DFDF7C E20 3AQ Eastwick And Sweetwater, Waterden Road, Stratford 24/7 Public
7C7BF7B5-8FFD-4E79-80B9-AEED00AE6F86 E20 3BS British Telecom Plc, North End The International Broadcast Centre International Broadcast Centre, Lesney Avenue 24/7 Restricted
A3628244-7D0B-4EAE-BCC4-B03100FB5039 E3 2AB Malmesbury Primary School, Coborn Street, London Variable Restricted
FD3DF4CF-E392-436E-AFEB-AFC401050AE1 E3 2JE Screwfix, Unit 3 & 4 Maverton Way, Bow Variable Restricted
49B64B25-0B96-4F48-B81C-AF160103C24E E3 2JJ Arj Construction - Wick Lane, Apartment 310, 417 Wick Lane Variable Restricted
679DD334-69CA-4229-8E11-B06D00F55A78 E3 2QP London Transport Garage, East London Transport Bow Garage, Fairfield Road 24/7 Public
C98F76CF-CC3C-4D44-B485-AE7100BFA311 E3 2SE Gbs, 153-159 Bow Road, Bow Road Variable Public
CC4A9BB5-7934-4D82-A566-AF66011BFCF1 E3 2SP Mcdonald's - Payne Road, 4 Payne Road, Bow Fylover 24/7 Public
E5C54C01-8C02-42CD-BE27-AFE20072E9FC E3 2TB Jewson, 455 Wick Lane, Bow Variable Public
82BE2003-88E9-4DED-928B-B00E00C5A98D E3 2XT The Trampery Fish Island Village, 13 Rookwood Way, Fish Island Variable Public
C43F4A2B-861F-48B0-8E0A-AE1A00B44FD9 E3 3DA Tesco, Tesco Stores, Hancock Road Variable Public
FD6A2D16-5F10-433B-A2FC-AEF20097C4B0 E3 3PR The Linc Centre, 70 Fern St, London Variable Restricted
FD85CB67-5A7D-40A1-9E2C-AFD200B2ECDF E3 3QG Tesco, 114-116 Violet Rd, Bow Variable Public
7D4578A5-6391-4887-BAC1-AEE400AEC86B E3 4AJ St Paul's Way Community Centre, 83 St Paul's Way, London Variable Restricted
97DD2FF9-7997-4E84-9B4F-B04400FFB27F E3 4LU Tesco, 1-5, Merchants Quarter,, Bow Variable Restricted
7746 E3 4PH Outside Buttermere House, Greater London 24/7 Public
C6CA3A8E-D372-4DB6-B605-AF8601581230 E3 4PH Tower Hamlets Advertising Kiosk, Outside Buttermere House, Mile End Road 24/7 Public
F0CE1104-5B0D-49A7-94AC-AE3A00D29D0F E3 5GS Tesco, 66 Vernon Road, London Variable Public
F08C3E8A-3BD7-4FF5-BA6E-B03400916979 E3 5LD Old Ford Primary School, Wrights Road, London Variable Restricted
16BDEAE1-17C6-4EC2-9EAC-AE60014A09CF E3 5SN Puregym, 221 Grove Road, Bow 24/7 Restricted
41B4B2AD-A858-4BC6-90FC-AEEF00931489 E4 6AN Robert Gerrard, 144 Station Road, Chingford Variable Public
6C11099D-7EB7-480D-9EAF-AF0200A0F479 E4 6AN Robert Gerrard, 144 Station Road, Chingford Variable Public
5875 E4 6DE Chingford Cricket Club, Greater London 24/7 Public
87787FEF-E4D6-46F9-A534-AE3900F623D8 E4 7BE Tesco, 28-30, Station Road Variable Public
1B48536A-6141-44E1-A877-ADD10126010D E4 7EY United Services Club, 18 Kings Road, Chingford Variable Restricted
3C9FB887-4EE0-47DB-BDE8-AF1100D4C65D E4 7QH The Connaught Club, Barn Hoppett, 1 Rangers Road Variable Public
0DFED2B6-A9AF-46B0-907F-AFDE009E21D8 E4 8DB Akdeniz Supermarket, 38-40,Old Church Rd, Chingford Variable Public
74F6C374-AFF8-4BD7-8667-AEEB00FAD6C8 E4 8JA Chingford Audi, Unit 6, Cork Tree Way, Cork Tree Way Variable Restricted
FB90A670-3CDB-4B6C-A8F8-AEEB00E8D7CA E4 8JA Chingford Audi, Unit 6 Car Showroom, Cork Tree Way Variable Restricted
27FEE7B3-303D-4FC1-BB1B-AFB000B669D3 E4 8JL The King's Ford Public House (Wetherspoons), The King's Ford Public House, 250-252 Chingford Mount Road Variable Public
9266A434-9542-449F-865C-AEEE008B921E E4 8LF Chingford Medical Practice, 109 York Road, Chingford Variable Restricted
08323C2C-6942-4AD9-A126-B00700FA1562 E4 8LJ Tesco Mount Road Chingford, 239 Chingford Mount Rd, Chingford Variable Public
BC399979-2907-4BAE-8C57-AE440114670A E4 9EF Tesco, 405 Larkshall Road, Chingford Variable Public
462C387A-59E7-47D4-A005-ADD400BCEA8C E4 9EY Nuffield Health Chingford, Larkswood Leisure Park, 175 New Road Variable Public
63C43971-5CCB-49BD-9759-B01500BC11D4 E4 9EY Tesco, Chingford Leisure Centre Larkswood Leisure Park, 175 New Road Variable Public
E323D83F-4E92-4C63-8D46-AAAE00CA1272 E4 9EY Busy Bees Day Nurseries Ltd, Unit 2, Larkswood Leisure Park Variable Public
F78CB56B-F6B1-46AB-B56B-AE2100FE85B2 E4 9EY Nuffield Health, 3 Larkswood Leisure Park, 175 New Road Variable Public
ACB5E6A7-A1B2-4D06-95E7-AFE800747B1B E4 9JD Screwfix, Unit B1 Circular Point, Highams Park Variable Restricted
7CCAB567-7236-4EDE-B587-AFA1010CDA71 E4 9JG 14 Hickman Avenue, Chingford Variable Restricted
B59C23BF-8824-4A10-82D2-AEDC01274D82 E4 9JP Winchester Road Methodist Church, 82 Winchester Road, Chingford 24/7 Public
A5716CCD-2211-4EDE-89C6-B0980119C4E8 E4 9NG Highams Park Baptist Church, 137 Cavendish Road, Highams Park 24/7 Public
0866700C-8C80-439A-A134-AFD9007F4165 E4 9PD The Health Centre, Hansdsworth Av, Chingford Variable Public
3A1620AD-4EC0-4987-BE79-B02F00B6CC16 E4 9PJ 32 Handsworth Avenue, Highams Park, Chingford Variable Restricted
DE934307-8226-444B-A393-B05700861E0B E5 0AR Millfields Waste Depot, Millfields Road, London 24/7 Public
05CE0846-8DF7-4FE7-B181-AD6A00EF80E5 E5 0LH Clapton Dental Surgery, 83 Chatsworth Road, Hackney Variable Restricted
C5E215C0-4871-451C-8C3E-AE2200C080ED E5 0QJ Tesco, 144 Tesco Lower Clapton Road, London 24/7 Restricted
61CED6AB-A4F8-4FC6-AA95-B03600A2B840 E5 0SH Millfields Community School, Hilsea Street, London 24/7 Public
3363D6C5-C60A-402E-8BBA-B02700B9828E E5 8AD Pavilion School, The Former New Regents College, 28 Ickburgh Road Variable Restricted
DCF0E12F-9D53-4B6E-8296-B05300AFBC46 E5 9BU Tesco Hackney 87 Upper Clapton Road Exp, 87 Upper Clapton Rd, Hackney Variable Public
0DEA7DC6-F1DB-4F4E-9407-B009013B33C9 E5 9HQ Leaside Outdoor Centre, 34 Spring Lane, Clapton Variable Public
23C6C12B-9949-40A9-AE88-AFA200EA1BA8 E5 9RJ J Browne Construction, C/O Thames Water Depot, Browne Site Office, Lea Bridge Road Variable Restricted
8C683A0F-02DA-495D-BE42-B097011271B3 E6 1AS St Stephens Primary School, Whitfield Road, East Ham Variable Restricted
1BB5379E-290E-4BA8-8FBB-AFF1009D9213 E6 1DG Plashet School, Plashet Grove, London 24/7 Public
F66389EA-2E94-4978-9946-AF9E01582983 E6 1DN Savills - The Forge, The Forge, 31 Priory Rd Albert House, London 24/7 Public
037F7A24-7215-4887-8914-B0010077E185 E6 1HT Tesco Pilgrims Way Eastham, 1 Pilgrims Way, East Ham Variable Restricted
8051 E6 1HZ Outside 51 High Street (North), Greater London 24/7 Public
18D95934-78ED-4E03-ADE9-AFD40120E919 E6 1HZ Newham Advertising Kiosk, Outside 51 High Street (North), East Ham, Newham 24/7 Public
5DA27671-CFB7-44A0-B846-B01800E1F81F E6 1LB The Hartley Centre - Hill Group, 267 Barking Road, East Ham 24/7 Public
5A3CC337-379C-4DAB-A8A0-AE68008C10E8 E6 1NN Arj Construction Ltd - Brickyard, Arj Construction Site Offices, St Johns Road Variable Restricted
65D39CCB-95FC-4FA1-9255-B01400E76C5C E6 1PU Tesco London Upton Park, 36-40 Barking Rd, Upton Park Variable Public
ECD1D4F2-45FA-42EF-BB5A-AF8601580E8D E6 2HJ Newham Advertising Kiosk, Outside 46-48 High Street, East Ham 24/7 Public
7966 E6 2JA Outside 182-184 High Street, Greater London 24/7 Public
2B006480-5CEC-449C-B6EF-AF70015A98A9 E6 2JA Newham Advertising Kiosk, Outside 182-184 High Street, East Ham 24/7 Public
E8BC4657-F567-4125-BBD3-B07B012FF48E E6 2SG Flanders Field And The Bobby Moore Pavilion, The Bobby Moore Pavilion, 118 Napier Road 24/7 Public
B30FFB18-367F-47CE-8691-B06D010CBA7B E6 6DQ Bonny Downs Community Association, The Well Centre, 49 Vicarage Lane 24/7 Public
3720E5AA-1985-464E-B745-B03400B080F8 E6 6ER Newham College Of Further Education, East Ham Campus, Newham College Of Further Education, High Street South Variable Public
6AF3AC4A-5681-4CD7-ABFD-AE2200B04C84 E6 6LA Unit 5, Alpine Way, London 24/7 Restricted
DB3FD8C7-3690-4F46-9997-AD4F0102568A E6 6LA Belgrade Insulations, Belgrade (London), Alpine Way 24/7 Restricted
3725C00F-2BCE-4DFC-BADD-AF8600CE82C7 E6 6LG B&Q, Unit 3 Gateway Retail Park, Claps Gate Lane Variable Public
2615061B-CB98-451A-ABD1-B08C01015E7F E6 6WG Gallions Primary School, Warwall, Beckton Variable Public
B5D7F7DB-A697-4E39-82E6-AED1007AE9FE E6 7AB Bdm Logistics And Management, 16 Armada Way, London Variable Restricted
1E7A2323-CC2E-4907-BBD0-B02600BB7123 E6 7ER Tesco Gallions Reach, 1 Armada Way, Beckton Variable Public
93BB5BEB-CA99-43D2-B817-AE4000EB6D1C E6 7ER Tesco, 1 Armada Way, London 24/7 Public
9BCD277D-A026-49ED-8DB4-AE1D00E82F99 E6 7ER Tesco, 1 Armada Way, London 24/7 Public
CB6396FE-2CA7-4B6C-9452-AE7000B9E8FC E6 7ER Puregym, Unit 27, Gallions Reach Shopping Park 24/7 Restricted
D34E19AF-C9D5-4398-BCBC-B02A00F54314 E6 7FF Unit 9 Gemini Business Park, Hornet Way, London 24/7 Public
6790 E7 8AF Woodgrange Park Cemetery Ltd, Greater London 24/7 Public
A5B64A67-D0AD-4D89-BDA0-B00A00AD3183 E7 8AF Tesco Forest Gate, 542 Romford Rd, Forestgate Variable Public
B8DDC975-F17C-4E47-8443-AFD600B1A687 E7 8HU St Angela's Ursuline School, St Angela's Ursuline School, St. Georges Road, St. Georges Road Variable Restricted
F3C4E140-D18C-4D54-AE18-B00800B5D990 E7 8LT Tesco East Ham Katherine Road, 326 Katherine Rd, East Ham Variable Public
AC975B01-82B2-4018-9614-B022007F4C27 E7 9BY Odessa Infant School, Wellington Road, London Variable Public
EEBE2B6E-E88D-4B18-A285-AE2800AC0D29 E7 9PU Parks And Gardens Division Office West Ham Park, West Ham Park, Upton Lane Variable Restricted
638281C7-BEDA-4BE0-BA61-AFF100F775C4 E7 9QD St Bonaventures Catholic Comprehensive School, Boleyn Road, London Variable Restricted
E4411295-374C-49A1-BE51-AFF100F69790 E7 9QD St Bonaventures Catholic Comprehensive School, Boleyn Road, London Variable Restricted
ECF2875E-FE1A-42F5-ACD4-B00000E58938 E8 1LA Hackney Daslton Lane Tesco Express, First Floor Front Unit 1 Dailley Building, 230 Dalston Lane Variable Restricted
CAEEE95D-D48D-4965-829B-AF9401110C16 E8 2EA Shacklewell Primary School, Shacklewell Row, London 24/7 Restricted
FA5A81D0-908A-4415-AC9A-B00A00AB2816 E8 3DY Holy Trinity Ce Primary School, Beechwood Road, Greater London Variable Public
B10135AF-261A-4E79-BBAC-B028005779FC E8 3RL London Fields Primary School, Westgate Street, London Variable Restricted
80CC1B3C-B6D5-4A83-B21E-AF7000F101ED E8 4DG Tesco Express Haggerston, 284 Kingsland Road, London Variable Public
9A063418-DD11-465F-9B0D-AFC701090F89 E8 4DL Hackney New School, 317-319 Kingsland Road, Hackney Variable Public
7231BEFA-D686-4C58-B6BE-AF4F011C1DBC E8 4EG Savills, 305 Kingsland Road, London Variable Restricted
96206E58-A557-4D9B-81F2-B02100DA61EF E8 4PB Spsm, St Paul's With St Michael's Ce Primary School, 57a Brougham Road Variable Restricted
C0230E46-4340-4EA7-9281-B09D009CF502 E8 4RH Ash Grove, Ash Grove Garage, Mare Street Variable Public
166F14E8-B9ED-4099-9824-AF8D00884913 E9 5HA Hub 67, Rothbury Road, London Variable Restricted
92F2285F-9507-43E5-8FD8-B06100A73BE3 E9 5LH Savills, 61-63 Wallis Road, Hackney Variable Restricted
0D4580FA-BFDF-4C9F-A787-AF85011AFC6E E9 5LN 75 Wallis Road, London Variable Restricted
1E4FB12A-4106-45CE-B552-B00E007BBFE1 E9 5ND Gainsborough Primary School, Berkshire Road, London 24/7 Public
784DF46C-7347-4F70-A695-AF4700F50CB4 E9 5QG Kingsmead Office, 9a Kingsmead Way, London 24/7 Restricted
93403344-DDB1-469E-B731-AFBA01011C8D E9 6LP Burberry (Retail Outlet), 29-31 Chatham Place, Hackney Variable Restricted
BEC2FD1E-9D26-4200-9B0C-B0AB01203564 E9 6ND National Halal Centre (Tesco), 55 Morning Lane, Hackney Variable Public
02A0D7B4-C3AC-42D0-A131-B01800C8C895 E9 6QU Tesco Hackney, 180 Well St, London 24/7 Public
DDF689E8-DACD-4636-875D-AE1B0094F66C E9 6SR Homerton Ssd, Homerton University Hospital, London Variable Public
5D5CDCA7-9FE3-413C-A3C6-AF4F011214AD E9 7HJ Savills, 81 Lauriston Road, Hackney Variable Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 24 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n6666627907
MZ n6892821724
MZ n8838447798
MZ n9158965590 Attached to the exterior of Blandford Court
MZ n9176005917 Inside the ticket office
MZ n9233571411 Wall mounted, next to assistance point
MZ n9342177356 Wall mounted next to Petit Pret
MZ n9346313217
MZ n9400521122 Wall mounted in Loughborough University London lobby Loughborough University London
MZ n9402530738 Wall mounted, inside Copper Box reception Copper Box
MZ n9402533621 Wall mounted, north-side of ticket barrier Transport for London
MZ n9405533981 Wall mounted, inside NHS Felstead Street reception NHS Felstead Street
MZ n9410512553 Love Open Water
MZ n9423395122 Wall mounted on Loughton station corridor
MZ n9442243667 Wall mounted, next to the top of escalators
MZ n9480657895 Wall mounted next to WHSmith
MZ n9562844122 Wall mounted next to Change Please entrance Change Please
MZ n9631244760 Wall mounted next to Starbucks
MZ n9631244761 Wall mounted
MZ n9631244762 Wall mounted south and opposite of Notes
MZ n10128770818 On the wall next to the checkouts
MZ n10763920495
MZ n10871656536 Community Heartbeat
MZ n11036256371 At Reception on wall near lift

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 18 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
B3950D79-19F2-4B65-859A-AE4500C1CF2B E1 7JF Coventry University, University House, 109-117 Middlesex Street n6802099490 94 m
7744 E1 5DG Outside 206 Whitechapel Road, Greater London n9068888156 81 m
11A9EC04-9C50-461F-91D0-AF5000BEBD1D E14 5LB Citigroup Centre, Citi Bank, 33 Canada Square n10217164514 Wall mounted 35 m
136C513B-E639-4A4C-B4D7-B03B00C805B8 E14 5HP One Churchill Place, London, Canary Wharf, London n9993494638 Next to Joe & The Juice 59 m
E0155F98-D1CB-46CD-AC9B-B0A80100E114 E14 5HQ Hsbc, 8 Canada Square, Canary Wharf n11109623501 Next door to Ole & Steen 54 m
29AFC364-B3BD-47DC-AA6B-AE7700DA03FC E14 2BE Pure Gym, Unit G07 Import Building, 2 Clove Crescent n9349323580 Inside F45 Training 59 m
8CBC40C6-2885-4427-A327-B00300D9875F E14 6TL 2 Cotall Street, London n9275175657 Inside Poplar Union foyer 15 m
A0F11DD0-67E8-4E43-B12B-AE3900EDE3C8 E15 1JA Tesco, 99-105 Leytonstone Road, London n11192490331 86 m
D9EE470D-9915-40F7-9526-AEBE00AA5A2D E16 2RL Galleons Point Management Ltd, 6 Hartlepool Court, London n10106193881 5 m
D8A68FCA-740D-438B-BD88-AE6900DAC8BB E2 8GX Puregym, Rosewood Building, Cremer Street n10775457926 Outside Amazon Fresh 20 m
106C1DAC-4BA1-47C2-AAEE-AE9400E8DA7F E3 5SX Victoria Park Refreshment Bar, Victoria Park Pavilion Cafe, Old Ford Road n2305695266 Side of the building near the gate 19 m
DF1CC36E-E1BD-432D-A633-B0A200AFE903 E4 7QW The Scout Association, Gilwell Park, Bury Road, Chingford n10873155662 Outside Deliveries office. 73 m
44CE11C2-625A-4B30-AF1C-B0A200BD3BDF E4 7QW Wilson Way, Gilwell Lane, Waltham Abbey n9838776886 On outside of substation. 9 m
7969 E6 2HT Outside 116 High Street, Greater London n10780689683 22 m
2CBB216B-4FC4-4C44-AFB0-AF70015A9C30 E6 2HT Newham Advertising Kiosk, Outside 116 High Street, East Ham n10780689683 74 m
24C51A54-903E-4DAF-916A-AFC9011AB8D5 E8 4DN Tesco Hagerston, Unit 1a Haggerston Studios, 284 Kingsland Road n9329667917 Inside the ticket office 68 m
3D77179F-E753-4A85-AD09-AE9400DF5DC0 E9 5HP London Borough Of Tower Hamlets, The Hub Victoria Park East, Cadogan Terrace n9893248618 7 m
853C9F63-9E20-4A37-A3F8-AE9400E763AE E9 5HT The Sports Pavilion Victoria Park East, London n9726439709 Wall mounted 40 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 1 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
70F41D4E-F064-4C99-B6AE-B07A00DC7ADB E12 5HH St Gabriel's Church Hall, 12 Aldersbrook Road, London n9559096464 168 m

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