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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'PO' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 1009 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
5747 PO1 1BY Outside 144 Commercial Road, Hampshire 24/7 Public
5746 PO1 1EA Outside 201 Commercial Road, Hampshire 24/7 Public
7749 PO1 1EH Opposite Portsmouth and South Sea Station, Hampshire 24/7 Public
80C7CAE5-530B-46F0-9FED-AF70015A81EF PO1 1EH Portsmouth Advertising Kiosk, Opposite Portsmouth And South Sea Station, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
3AEAF267-0B68-43DA-85D5-B06100AC4735 PO1 1EQ Portsmouth Harbour, Commercial Road, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
7B5F15CC-6851-4D6D-9F11-AFCD00CF8610 PO1 1EX O2 Store (0174) Portsmouth - Commercial Rd, 156 Commercial Road, Hampshire Variable Restricted
9B3C6A86-949C-4B9D-8F19-AE7000C7AF6B PO1 1NB Puregym, 31 Arundel Street, Portsmouth 24/7 Restricted
5743 PO1 1NL Outside 12-14 Arundel Street, Hampshire 24/7 Public
DBDDA1A4-7B38-4936-9018-AFC900D8A9BB PO1 1PS Royal British Legion Club, Lucknow Street, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
E591FAD2-ECCE-4EB8-B64B-AFE200C168CC PO1 1RX St Edmunds Catholic School, Arundel Street, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
CD046B79-F233-45FE-98A4-AF1800D6AE9C PO1 2BL University Of Portsmouth - Bateson Hall, Bateson Hall, The Mary Rose Street Variable Public
EC584823-940E-4552-B564-B03C00E91B84 PO1 2DH University Of Portsmouth - University Learning Centre, University Learning Centre, Winston Churchill Avenue Variable Public
283D9A9B-6DF8-4BE2-9135-B03C00E915DE PO1 2DJ University Of Portsmouth - Eldon Building, Eldon Building, Winston Churchill Avenue Variable Public
D7393ED6-4E94-47B5-8267-B03C00E91334 PO1 2DT University Of Portsmouth - St Michael's Building, St Michaels Building, White Swan Road Variable Public
02BF9B99-D3E5-41EF-B309-B03C00E9009F PO1 2DZ University Of Portsmouth - Park Building, Park Building, King Henry I Street Variable Public
5BD6509D-96A4-4A5F-88BD-B03C00E98FC6 PO1 2DZ University Of Portsmouth - King Henry Building, King Henry Building, King Henry I Street Variable Public
2B31B5D0-5C31-4235-A406-B03C00E907F8 PO1 2EF University Of Portsmouth - Student Centre, Student Centre, Cambridge Road Variable Restricted
E66F9540-5E4E-40F6-9F0A-AF1800D6B7D6 PO1 2EG University Of Portsmouth - Mercantile House, Mercantile House, Hampshire Terrace Variable Restricted
E41F687D-AEE5-43CC-8550-B03C00E8F787 PO1 2EN University Of Portsmouth - Ravelin Sports Centre, Ravelin Sports Centre, Museum Road Variable Public
9BB2C1DD-D475-48CF-AEDA-AE3800A94D79 PO1 2FT Tesco Express, 5 Isambard Brunel Road, Portsmouth Variable Public
1C65D324-DB8F-40CC-864C-AF1800D6BB2B PO1 2HY University Of Portsmouth - St Georges Building, St Georges Building, 141 High Street Variable Public
B046DCD7-C283-40FC-B232-AFEF00B7286B PO1 2JJ Rs Divers Ltd, Offices, East Street 24/7 Public
02E670DA-1424-4250-82AC-B03C00E8F4E7 PO1 2PR University Of Portsmouth - St Andrews Court, St Andrews Court, St Michaels Road Variable Public
70C2CDBA-074D-49C2-B510-AF1800D6B178 PO1 2QG University Of Portsmouth - Dental Academy, William Beatty Building, Hampshire Terrace Variable Public
210D3C1F-3870-4F9D-8347-AFE30126828D PO1 2RY Pharmacy, Lalys Pharmacy, 1 Guildhall Walk 24/7 Public
A0102322-4FE5-4C8B-B564-B03C00E9108F PO1 2ST University Of Portsmouth - University Library, University Library, Cambridge Road Variable Restricted
36E8DA2C-AF43-473F-BD72-B03C00E8FA2B PO1 2UP University Of Portsmouth - University House, University House, Winston Churchill Avenue Variable Public
A12D9EF5-FAC2-471B-AEC1-B05F008AA971 PO1 3AF Portsmouth City Council Registrars Office, Mill Dam House, Burnaby Road Variable Restricted
A55D89F2-5EDF-402A-94EC-B03C00E91861 PO1 3AF University Of Portsmouth - Milldam Lc, Milldam Lc, Burnaby Road Variable Public
6B63D770-DDD2-463D-AA4B-B03C00E90ABA PO1 3AH University Of Portsmouth - Portland Building, Portland Building, Portland Street Variable Public
CF97A756-B737-42F4-A579-AF1800D6C00D PO1 3DE University Of Portsmouth - Business School, Richmond Building, Portland Street Variable Restricted
E9A5F834-D6C4-48C3-8FE5-B03C00E8F222 PO1 3DJ University Of Portsmouth - Anglesea Building, Anglesea Building, Anglesea Road Variable Public
8ECA24AD-53BD-4EE4-9558-B03C00E8FC9F PO1 3FX University Of Portsmouth - Dennis Sciama Building, Dennis Sciama Building, Burnaby Road Variable Public
26D22C7D-8D90-4423-AD64-B04500BCBCD1 PO1 3HE University Of Portsmouth - Buckingham Building, Buckingham Building, Lion Terrace Variable Public
5D9CBB18-2D8F-452F-9F74-B04200CAD44B PO1 3HF University Of Portsmouth - Liongate Building, Lion Gate Building, Lion Terrace Variable Public
21D3B368-C873-44CE-B694-AE9100EEED19 PO1 3JG Managers Office Caroline Square, King William Street, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
A9719196-15A1-4831-AC02-B08A00FFA75C PO1 3PA Portsmouth & Southsea, The Hard Interchange, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
83910161-6140-4482-8EA2-B03C00E904D3 PO1 3QL University Of Portsmouth - Burnaby Building, Burnaby Building, Burnaby Road Variable Public
738BA27D-DBD4-4FDA-8F44-AE3A0107BF98 PO1 3SF Tesco Express, The Round House, 1 Gunwharf Quays Variable Public
1CF760A8-595B-4793-8449-AE0501030647 PO1 4DY Charles Dickens Activity Centre, Lake Road, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
8DD75542-25D8-44E1-97A2-AD1E00DD725C PO1 4JB Housing 21, Brunel Court, 1 Nutfield Place 24/7 Public
EE27A822-70C2-4D97-B642-B06100ACD231 PO1 5AW Fratton, Selbourne Terrace, Fratton 24/7 Public
46F50F79-1079-42E4-A531-AE3200FCFBBF PO1 5JJ Fratton Community Association, Fratton Community Centre, Trafalgar Place Variable Public
BAD23A1D-297A-4858-AE87-B00C00C6F577 PO1 5QR Manor Infant, Manor Infant School And Nursery, Inverness Road Variable Restricted
17058309-E9F7-4B9F-9416-B03D009D0642 PO1 5RX Tesco Portsmouth Kingston Road Express, 13-17 Kingston Rd, Portsmouth Variable Public
6FEC63A9-B726-4EFF-AC2E-B09800E20192 PO1 5RX Tesco, 13-17 Kingston Road, Portsmouth Variable Public
9E46C8BB-873D-492F-B0D0-AEA100904D3C PO10 7BT The Old Flour Mill, Unit 8/8a, The Old Flour Mill 24/7 Public
CCB8CECC-B30D-40D5-9437-AE3800DB7BE1 PO10 7BY Tesco Express, 17 North Street, Emsworth 24/7 Public
A4948031-636C-4025-AF0C-B07600BCFA18 PO10 7DD Emsworth Community Centre, North Street, Emsworth Variable Public
9A3CD4F3-7323-4E4E-8663-ADDB010A7E46 PO10 7LF Hampshire Health, 97 Havant Road, Emsworth Variable Restricted
06279BA5-DBE1-4463-96B4-AFF900A64E73 PO10 7UB Black Storage Building, Brunswick Place, Emsworth 24/7 Public
C2F9E063-1E9F-4970-B00A-AE6D00EF5FA1 PO10 8DH Gymnasium Baker Barracks, Emsworth Road, West Thorney Variable Public
CB667474-9215-401A-B7EC-AE6D00F29B19 PO10 8DH The Guard Room Baker Barracks, Emsworth Road, West Thorney 24/7 Public
CF4DB31F-8BBE-4BF9-B787-AE6D00F072EB PO10 8DH Gymnasium Baker Barracks, Emsworth Road, West Thorney Variable Public
D40A73FB-96E8-4663-9260-AE6D00F19924 PO10 8DH Sports Ground Baker Barracks, Emsworth Road, West Thorney 24/7 Public
363849D9-97A2-4087-AA02-AE1400C67148 PO10 8HN Southbourne Village Hall, First Avenue, Southbourne 24/7 Public
EFAE9422-B6E5-407E-9785-AE1400C53167 PO10 8HS Southbourne Sea Scouts, Scout Hall, Prinsted Lane 24/7 Public
8601B818-9BC3-4377-A993-B0770098EE94 PO10 8JX Southbourne Junior School, 50 New Road, Southbourne Variable Restricted
A7842847-5E2B-4D74-987A-B07600E6A3D0 PO10 8JX Southbourne Infant School, New Road, Southbourne Variable Restricted
DFC2322B-A32E-4714-A47D-AE3800E3EF22 PO10 8LS Tesco Express, 83 Stein Rd, Southbourne Variable Public
D3FFBB1A-F412-4382-8780-AE1400C82C21 PO10 8NY The Pavilion, Recreation Ground, Park Road 24/7 Public
5DCDDEB1-CB32-468B-898A-B0A500B697CF PO10 8PE The Hive, Unit 7 Clovelly Business Park, Clovelly Road Variable Public
FCD5F149-6996-4656-ACFD-AE2F00BC9904 PO10 8PG Bourne Leisure Centre, Park Road, Southbourne Variable Public
3F6D3BF7-64C8-45FB-B3C7-AEE400D4E54F PO10 8SX Westbourne Village Store, Monk's Hill, Westbourne 24/7 Public
6383B3EB-56A6-4367-A284-AF550103107E PO11 0AG Hayling Island Community First Responders, Funland Amusment Park, The Sea Front Variable Public
AEE24A14-42BF-4D74-9716-AF55010359C8 PO11 0AS Hayling Island Community First Responders, West Beachlands/Inn On The Beach, The Sea Front 24/7 Public
F5D09EB3-9A6E-4F94-A611-AF8900C5AE98 PO11 0BZ Warner Leisure Hotels, Sinah Warren Holiday Village, Ferry Road 24/7 Restricted
44DCBF07-E164-4871-9B18-AD2600A5D1B1 PO11 0DG Langstone Harbour Board, Ferry Road, Hayling Island Variable Public
F28200C8-715A-45E7-BD00-AF5C0118BB27 PO11 0DG Ferryboat Inn, Ferry Road, Hayling Island 24/7 Public
0EC0088A-C39D-4226-B8F3-B0960104BBC5 PO11 0EG Tesco, 28 Station Road, Hayling Island Variable Public
A36618D9-66F2-4220-B5D3-AE4201310366 PO11 0EG Tesco Express, 28 Station Rd, 0 Variable Public
9DDF459C-6C68-4AB6-9F94-AF5501034105 PO11 0EH Hayling Island Community First Responders, Station Theatre, Station Road 24/7 Public
2D9A8CF9-A547-40AB-AF66-AF5501034607 PO11 0EL Hayling Island Community First Responders, West Town Inn, Station Road 24/7 Public
4C45E542-C377-452D-961B-B0440131258F PO11 0EN 16 Staunton Avenue, Hayling Island 24/7 Restricted
39B61184-BA41-4EBF-A51B-B03600BEEC19 PO11 0HB Hayling Island Bowls Club, Hayling Island Community Centre, Station Road Variable Restricted
07EF542E-6D6A-4E04-A6D6-AD5C009F3A05 PO11 0JB English Oak Care Homes, 47-49 Beach Road, Hayling Island 24/7 Public
40E6C1BD-EAB5-4DEE-B8B5-AF5E00FB6E1E PO11 0LJ Sca Group, 132 Havant Road, Hayling Island Variable Restricted
87DABBA5-FAF8-42B9-91B9-AEDB00B50F11 PO11 0LT Ic Active Training Ltd, Croft Lane Stables, Croft Lane 24/7 Public
41281D78-5324-4C8C-87BE-AF570089D52F PO11 0NT Hayling Island Community First Responders, St Marys Church Hall, Church Road 24/7 Public
328 PO11 0NU Hayling College Sports Hall, Hampshire 24/7 Public
08CBCD82-364D-4FEC-A1A0-B0360113A0FB PO11 0PA Mill Rythe Infant School, Havant Road, Hayling Island Variable Restricted
60A57243-0DE5-48F0-8B30-AF57008A0FA9 PO11 0PE Hayling Island Community First Responders, 3rd Hayling Scout Group, 125 Kings Road 24/7 Public
E9E331AB-A220-439F-B6E0-AF570089F7C9 PO11 0PS Hayling Island Community First Responders, The Maypole Inn, 9 Havant Road 24/7 Public
01DD4740-03E4-4A3E-962D-AF550102EB20 PO11 0PT Hayling Island Community First Responders, Stoke Fruit Farm Shop, 77 Havant Road 24/7 Public
256617AA-6213-4DB9-82B9-AF5501031B04 PO11 0QL Hayling Island Community First Responders, Gorseway Nursery, Manor Road 24/7 Public
9BDFCA04-EE04-470D-B322-AEC100B0B08F PO11 0QX Dovercourt And The Oven Camp Site, Manor Road, Hayling Island Variable Public
9B338DBF-F745-4AD8-8393-AF57008A0524 PO11 0RT Hayling Island Community First Responders, North Hayling Recreational Hall, St Peters Road 24/7 Public
8DC77F33-9E58-4B71-8A76-AF55010329C8 PO11 9BL Next To Sainsburys, 10 Mengham Road, Hayling Island 24/7 Public
432109A5-7059-497C-8732-AF550103300D PO11 9DL Tournerbury Golf Centre, Tournerbury Lane, Hayling Island 24/7 Public
5B3DB4AB-1A4C-4A5D-8BD9-AF5C0118B27B PO11 9EP Seafront Toilet Block, Toilet Block On The Seafront, Hayling Island 24/7 Public
22B6C99A-50FC-40C8-8643-AF570089E802 PO11 9HL Hayling Island Community First Responders, Lifeboat Inn, 30 Sea Front 24/7 Public
62F0A10C-DAF7-4FBD-83B2-AF5E00B535EF PO11 9JJ 56a Sea Front Estate, Hayling Island 24/7 Public
06E3ACEF-F4C6-4D93-8445-AEEB00B8E1CA PO11 9LU Surf Shack Cafe. Inn On The Beach, Surf Shack Café, Inn On The Beach 24/7 Public
D02E1BA3-8479-4883-9CC1-AF55010362A3 PO11 9QL Hayling Island Community First Responders, St Andrews Church, Southwood Road 24/7 Public
5AD2CAA5-CED2-4FD8-987D-AD1E00994A31 PO11 9SL Hayling Island Sailing Club, Sandy Point, Hayling Island 24/7 Public
8E66037A-F02E-4070-A64F-AD1E009A838B PO11 9SL Hayling Island Sailing Club, Sandy Point, Hayling Island Variable Restricted
A1802BC0-0394-472C-8E59-AF4600F61763 PO12 1AH Premier Marinas Ltd, Gosport Marina, Mumby Road 24/7 Public
975DC5EB-233A-4977-B2AA-AF4800FA7700 PO12 1AJ Gosport Ferry Ltd, Unit 1, Clarence Wharf, Mumby Road 24/7 Public
CDA16497-ABE7-48C5-8B4B-AEF400D5426F PO12 1EB Gosport Borough Council, Gosport Borough Council Town Hall, High Street Variable Public
58086CA5-B793-4F40-B8F3-AF030096FBFF PO12 1FG Gosport Voluntary Action, Citizens Advice Gosport, Martin Snape House 24/7 Public
7611F164-3393-4E03-BCA9-B00A00D5F1F4 PO12 1JD Newtown Primary School, Queens Road, Gosport Variable Restricted
2E284979-E4EA-4AB1-A169-AD50008FAD63 PO12 1PA Stoke Road Dental Practice, 62 Stoke Road, Gosport 24/7 Public
ECB9F37E-4C8C-4C39-B0A3-AF0F013E7BFF PO12 1SD Waitrose Gosport, 129 Stoke Road, Gosport 24/7 Public
4741C8CB-32F9-4305-B769-AD2D0104CD14 PO12 2BL Stokes Bay Sailing Club, Stokes Bay Road, Gosport 24/7 Public
F91C49B2-92A4-424E-81BF-AEF3013089B0 PO12 2ET St Marys Church Parish Centre, Green Road, Gosport 24/7 Public
0836F081-13AF-4D7E-B92A-B03B00B026E6 PO12 2JS Alverstoke C Of E Junior School, The Avenue, Gosport Variable Restricted
ABB1B495-1E32-48E9-879A-ADE400D1D85C PO12 2JS Langdale Care Home, Langdale Nursing Home, 11 The Avenue 24/7 Restricted
6492EDDA-04D8-4777-8E53-AD26008AFADB PO12 2RP Gomer Infant School, Gomer County Infant School, Pyrford Close Variable Public
8A191047-61C0-49A5-89D7-AE3100D49C86 PO12 2TJ The Seahorse, Broadsands Drive, Gosport 24/7 Public
BCC3ABE5-3803-4E5F-A140-AD6900BEEC6F PO12 2TR Gosport And Fareham Inshore Rescue Service Lifeboat Lane, Stokes Bay Road, Gosport Variable Restricted
E6447CCF-1846-46AD-B557-AEFA00F3F24F PO12 3BE Russell Churcher Court, Melrose Gardens, Gosport 24/7 Public
AC09C28A-6992-4046-A3C1-AF1D00F23D13 PO12 3LE 124 Southcroft Road, Gosport Variable Restricted
1A1366FE-A955-4DD2-BD71-AEA100BE30B2 PO12 3NB St Mary's Catholic Primary School, St Marys Rc Primary School, Anns Hill Road Variable Public
5854 PO12 3SX Gosport Borough Cricket Club, Hampshire 24/7 Public
12F457DE-7DD7-4DA0-AA00-B00B01264D55 PO12 4BW St Columba's Church, Gosport, St Columbas Presbyterian Church, Elson Road 24/7 Public
8F822D38-5F3F-4C71-A2F1-AE31008DED68 PO12 4DW Covers, Gunners Way, Gosport Variable Public
50861DC3-8966-4268-8939-AE2900E81901 PO12 4EU Elson Infant School, Elson Lane, Gosport 24/7 Public
B13FDF55-7591-4188-8D89-B03800DB1097 PO12 4EX Elson Junior School, Exmouth Road, Gosport Variable Restricted
0B876EBF-D23A-47C1-8D51-AE6E00B62BF0 PO12 4FL Powder Monkey Brewing Co Ltd, Powder Monkey Brewing Co Ltd Priddys Hard, Heritage Way Variable Restricted
48F0F732-54CE-4BFB-833D-AE4D00D8B51F PO12 4JH St Johns C Of E Primary School, Grove Road, Gosport Variable Restricted
AC2D4A02-7942-4909-85C9-AE440104C746 PO12 4JU Flat, 33 St Thomas's Road, Gosport 24/7 Public
FB87947B-39FE-4491-A1DE-AE6E00A58FC2 PO12 4LE The Powder Monkey, Heritage Way, Priddy's Hard Variable Restricted
8A107489-AD47-496E-B40F-AE7C00CC6217 PO12 4NG Elson Community Library And Hub, Elson Library, 136 Chantry Road Variable Public
DD3C77AC-01F8-424E-9150-AECA00C45AC2 PO12 4QA The Gosport Shed, St Vincent College, Mill Lane Variable Public
1874EB60-EA2E-463C-9B6B-AFC500CF04E7 PO12 4QU Judd Pub Company Limited, 59 Melville Road, Gosport 24/7 Restricted
BCBE9944-E9FB-4C95-8CC4-AE9A00DF2E00 PO12 4RH The Salvation Army, The Crossways, Gosport 24/7 Public
79F0B0DF-0E07-4FFC-9DFB-B02700B24512 PO12 4TL Tesco Gosport Forton Road Exress, Forton Rd, Gosport Variable Public
D59292E5-7BAA-4ED0-ABAC-AEED00ACB41E PO13 0AB Fareham Dental, 333 Fareham Road, Gosport 24/7 Public
9A652D44-7302-4720-BE15-AE2301038F4B PO13 0BN Rowner County Junior School, Tichborne Way, Gosport Variable Restricted
516EA3EA-B4C3-426A-BB27-AFB300D80D60 PO13 0DA 6th Gosport (Rowner) Air Scout Group, Scout Hut, Acorn Close 24/7 Public
B884E67B-1247-4CBC-A482-AD4B00985BCE PO13 0DH Steady Steps Pre School, Steady Steps Pre-School, Copse Lane Variable Restricted
212E3D26-03B7-4D62-943D-B028010BAB8B PO13 0HR Bridgemary Medical Centre, 2-4 Gregson Avenue, Gosport Variable Restricted
D7B78821-0576-47BB-8966-AEE60104A9A6 PO13 0JN Bridgemary Woodcot And Rowner Community Association, Wych Lane, Gosport Variable Public
F9A2E894-A567-4F0F-AAD7-ADC100A3BD39 PO13 0QY The Carisbrooke Arms, 75 Carisbrooke Road, Gosport Variable Restricted
233EEEE3-9EF6-49D8-995E-B02D00C11236 PO13 8ZW Tesco Gosport, 1 Alver Village Square, Grange Rd Variable Public
CCF4B935-30AE-41C8-BFBD-AE29010971FF PO13 9BA Seaview Court Residents Association, Seaview Court, 43 Marine Parade East 24/7 Public
2A4D4C4D-F04A-44E6-A137-AEBE00B31C66 PO13 9BE Kingfisher Caravan Park, Browndown Road, Lee-On-The-Solent 24/7 Public
FED65316-F673-4742-8ED4-AEF300A7751F PO13 9DL Lee-On-The-Solent Bowling Club., Salisbury Terrace, By The Recreational Ground. Variable Public
01148E6B-E263-424A-ADA0-AF5E01101CE7 PO13 9FU Fareham College, Meteor Way, Broom Way Variable Restricted
99FC77C1-2037-4652-A2DC-AF5D010A8620 PO13 9FU Fareham College Cemast Campus, 1, Meteor Way, Broom Way Variable Public
7796B9C1-675B-4DE9-8BED-AFB300AA55EB PO13 9FX End Of Unit 1-2 Illustrious Edd Rawson 03333585999 Opt 2, Unit 1-2 Illustrious Daedalus Park, Daedalus Drive 24/7 Public
43839030-A8CD-4D73-8CB7-AE3600F9E80A PO13 9LD Tesco, 25-27 Pier Street, Lee-On-The-Solent Variable Public
79D15F15-C5CB-43A9-930B-AE220090C015 PO13 9LW On The Waterfront Ltd, On The Water Restaurant, Marine Parade West 24/7 Public
D4C70696-ADBF-485A-BD99-AD4E009EA431 PO13 9LY Lee On Solent Dental Surgery, Milvil Court, 2 Milvil Road Variable Restricted
06B08A85-A2EF-43C0-B097-AD2501182FE9 PO13 9NF St Faith's Church, 2 Victoria Square, Lee-On-The-Solent 24/7 Public
21C84C46-921E-4AEF-8DC6-AD2E00ADB33E PO13 9NZ Court Barn, Court Barn Lane, Lee-On-The-Solent Variable Restricted
FB54F3F0-1482-4B75-9B50-ADF300AB96F4 PO13 9XJ Tesco, 1 Carless Close, Gosport Variable Public
46D71E2F-96D4-4760-A1B6-AD4200E44E88 PO14 1DJ Palmerston Indoor Bowls Club, Palmerston Business Park, Palmerston Drive Variable Restricted
08F6FA18-3C17-4034-8D1E-AE6A00BF97C6 PO14 1EU Elliotts Fareham, Elliotts, Newgate Lane Variable Public
33F10F07-190D-4830-B06B-B084009BEC44 PO14 1HT Wallisdean Infant School, Wallisdean County Infant School, Wallisdean Avenue Variable Restricted
1AD39992-FCD6-4BE9-AC96-B02D00C4D6EE PO14 1HU Wallisdean County Junior School, Wallisdean Avenue, Fareham Variable Restricted
04373D6D-0C15-452D-9063-AD2000D58973 PO14 1JJ School, Fareham Academy, St Annes Grove Variable Public
35D80547-CFDD-4D80-A45A-AFE80089C222 PO14 1JJ B Block, Fareham Academy, St Annes Grove Variable Restricted
D119A890-9ACB-4272-A837-AFE8009449FE PO14 1JJ Community, Fareham Academy, St Annes Grove 24/7 Public
0EA44F51-A236-4DB2-A0BB-AF5E010B0CD3 PO14 1NH Fareham College, Bishopsfield Road, Fareham Variable Restricted
D28C8496-D793-407D-986C-ADE201003633 PO14 1NH Fareham College, Bishopsfield Road, Fareham Variable Restricted
48EED890-6B7F-4326-8DF5-AFD400C59BC1 PO14 1TP Sunbelt Rentals, Unit 18 Apex Centre Speedfields Park, Fareham Variable Public
6AF9BA33-3593-47DB-B8EF-AFD40076C55B PO14 1TP Sunbelt Rentals Ltd, Apex Centre, 18 Speedfields Park Variable Public
C498C514-4BF4-401A-BB82-AFC20067EA49 PO14 1TY Screwfix, Unit A1 Premier Business Centre, Newgate Lane Variable Restricted
10D3081F-02FD-4867-9346-AFBD00B798BA PO14 2AE Baycroft Special School, Baycroft School, Gosport Road Variable Restricted
CD3824E9-4106-4679-8683-AFF900B69C97 PO14 2AE Baycroft Special School, Baycroft School, Gosport Road Variable Restricted
5599E825-7C06-4D6A-B729-AFE900A6B9A6 PO14 2JP Stubbington Medical Practice, Park Lane, Stubbington Variable Public
45C3F527-15FD-4DD5-8226-AD6000AB7B90 PO14 2LE Stubbington Green Dental Practice, 34 The Green, Fareham 24/7 Public
DC688353-4A05-459C-ACDC-AE8300A67F44 PO14 2PP The Crofton Community Association, Crofton Community Centre, Stubbington Lane 24/7 Public
DE7F28F6-8F90-4A4C-9FA4-ADC600F0FF95 PO14 3JT Hill Head Sailing Club, Cliff Road, Hill Head 24/7 Restricted
63B8AE98-76A7-473D-9EFF-AD4100E08E5A PO14 3TA Stubbington Baptist Church, Jay Close, Stubbington 24/7 Public
3EDD470B-32A0-4F97-8B41-AD1E00D8BCDD PO14 4AB Titchfield Community Centre, Mill Street, Fareham 24/7 Public
6A4B7FD3-C24E-4B59-996D-AFF0008ED7D7 PO14 4BS West Hill Park Independent School, West Hill Park School, St Margarets Lane 24/7 Public
8198714F-DD16-4E15-9331-AD2600AEFA71 PO14 4EH Jubilee Surgery, High Street, Titchfield Variable Restricted
A3F5AE9A-89FC-4977-833C-AF35008AB19A PO14 4HL Meonshore Chalet Owners' Association, Meon Shore Huts, 34 Meon Road 24/7 Public
1D08612F-D9B9-4671-9C33-ADAC00E1DB25 PO14 4LW Turbocam Uk Ltd, Stannard House, Unit 8 Kites Croft Business Park, Fareham Variable Restricted
F1FF82AE-3E76-4AF9-97C1-B03E0099A6E8 PO14 4NH St Johns C Of E Primary School, Abshot Road, Fareham Variable Restricted
10E7CB7C-5B5A-45E4-A88B-B083010E093F PO14 4QL Dunelm Fareham, 172-174 Southampton Road, Titchfield, Fareham Variable Restricted
2C969346-C050-4E8C-9A2D-B04400D38D82 PO14 4RP St Anthony's Catholic Primary School, Primate Road, Titchfield Common Variable Restricted
F3F373EF-1A0A-44DA-B6D8-AE9B006F741E PO15 5BY 1st Catisfield Scout Hut, 134 Blackbrook Road, Fareham 24/7 Public
E70AD19C-210D-4FEB-ACDD-AFBF00D77C4C PO15 5DR Novaseal Ltd, Unit 10 Blackbrook Business Park, Blackbrook Road Variable Restricted
DC988137-79C1-4A4E-BB78-B05901448883 PO15 5NN Catisfield Memorial Hall, 22, Catisfield Lane, Fareham 24/7 Public
762500E8-C944-4016-9BA4-AE9F00EB6954 PO15 5RJ Holiday Inn, 2-8 Cartwright Drive, Fareham 24/7 Public
8BAA77B9-A16D-4BD8-82A2-AEEF00A00D65 PO15 5RQ Marine & Industrial Plastics Ltd, Mip, Unit D1 Segensworth Business Centre, Segensworth Road West 24/7 Public
7E598626-A38D-4046-8D98-AD260098C9A0 PO15 5SB 10 Fleming Close, Segensworth East, Fareham 24/7 Public
00347F39-7CA2-486F-93C0-ADFA00A9AE0F PO15 5SD Saab Seaeye Ltd, 20 Brunel Way, Segensworth East Variable Restricted
08BE6922-76B5-4B21-BA8F-B0A400B452A4 PO15 5SD 20 Brunel Way, Fareham Variable Restricted
D721CE2B-DCA9-46E5-A5ED-ADFA00A4E45A PO15 5SD Saab Seaeye Ltd, 20 Brunel Way, Segensworth East Variable Restricted
F81B8481-095B-4DD7-8775-AD2600A1BD40 PO15 5SE 21 Mitchell Close, Fareham 24/7 Public
D46EF7BC-2058-43B4-AB21-B04B007DB257 PO15 5SR Quattro Depot, Cockererell Close, Segensworth Variable Public
01257E07-3A05-4113-8F1F-AD6400A5E1AC PO15 5TD Warmafloor Gb Ltd, Onyx, 12 Little Park Farm Road Variable Public
3CAA9106-8BA7-4476-80B8-AD2600A10063 PO15 5TJ Itchen Electrical Services Ltd, 9 Kingdom Close, Segensworth East 24/7 Public
3C4B1142-D04B-4149-B1A0-AF5D00BC053A PO15 5TX 14 Brunel Way, Fareham 24/7 Public
E1CBAB31-F0EF-4EF4-B4CE-B09600AB8BFC PO15 6BJ Orchard Lea Junior School, Kennedy Avenue, Fareham 24/7 Public
3857ED4D-A651-4A2D-BCD4-AD1E00DCA68C PO15 6PF St Columba Church, Hillson Drive, Fareham 24/7 Public
2B27B1C5-AFE9-4F06-BA2B-AED000BA371D PO15 6QX Garsons Garden Centre, Fontley Road, Titchfield Variable Public
617B61C6-FDE7-44B3-A9F0-B09501543A2B PO15 6TL Henry Cort Drive, Fareham 24/7 Public
32CE2153-FAF7-4F6D-A32A-ADCE00C159AD PO15 7AG Time Gb (Offices) Ltd, Royale House, 1550 Parkway 24/7 Public
C949EDE4-D872-4518-AA2B-AE1500EA00D2 PO15 7FG Taylor Wimpey Woodlands Chase Ph1, Whiteley Way, Whiteley Variable Public
97C5627C-7B04-46B4-8ABF-AFAD0115E601 PO15 7FZ 8 Carroll Close, Fareham 24/7 Restricted
82306C40-1992-4A34-8B23-B02D009C34AF PO15 7LB The Whiteley Surgery, Yew Tree Drive, Whiteley Variable Restricted
96599525-8A40-45DB-9051-AE2300774648 PO15 7LJ Everyoneactive, Meadowside Leisure Centre, Whiteley Way Variable Restricted
2B747DAF-CDD3-4DB0-BAA7-AE40011CB93A PO16 0LE Tesco Superstore, Quay St, Fareham Variable Public
B6388331-C757-416D-B830-AD4000834251 PO16 0NS The Duke Of Connaught's Own Club (Fareham) Ltd, 74 Western Road, Fareham 24/7 Public
8AC834AE-E7E5-4F22-8E2F-AF9600F5A7A8 PO16 0PD O2 Store (0332) Fareham, 44 Westbury Mall, Fareham Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
95356BD7-A138-4153-9EBF-AD7101077CA9 PO16 0PZ 101 Gosport Road, Fareham 24/7 Public
6FB7ED96-F4ED-49A9-BB51-AFD200A6AE2B PO16 0QW Fareham Baptist New Life Church, 76a Gosport Road, Fareham 24/7 Public
D35684FF-46D5-4A7F-A53B-B06100ACDF25 PO16 0UT Fareham, Station Approach, Fareham 24/7 Public
962 PO16 7DR St Peter & St Paul's Church, Hampshire 24/7 Public
0853247D-79C3-4193-B4A6-B01F00960F0F PO16 7ER Centre Practice, Osborn Road, Fareham Variable Restricted
5D8BD1DD-4D4E-47B2-AD33-AE2300D341C3 PO16 7JU Fareham Leisure Centre, Park Lane, Fareham Variable Restricted
51FED171-4A8E-4DBD-8BC0-B07C00FFDB32 PO16 7QP Morshead Crescent, Fareham Variable Restricted
F402260E-5882-4E19-8AA8-ADDC009EA654 PO16 7QP Uplands Primary School, Morshead Crescent, Fareham 24/7 Public
079DF0DD-D7AC-4A6A-B6ED-AF8600FCE097 PO16 7US Moresby Court, 25 Westbury Road, Fareham 24/7 Restricted
EBD67CE5-7F84-48B1-AAA8-B06100AC4F26 PO16 8BJ Portchester, Station Road, Portchester 24/7 Public
B941312B-6564-46E8-A285-B02E009A3AB5 PO16 8HJ Red Barn County Primary School, Linden Lea, Portchester Variable Restricted
1411E01B-8DB4-42C1-9564-AE7000C8C560 PO16 8SU Puregym, Unit 2, Broadcut Retail Park 24/7 Restricted
E5B8C042-64C5-4BD2-A00C-B01901319494 PO16 8SU Broadcut, Sainsburys, Broadcut 24/7 Public
283E4472-7302-4D4B-9445-AE6100A07949 PO16 8TB Lucketts, Lucketts Travel, Broadcut 24/7 Public
1E816E31-017F-4A60-8790-AEE000DF36B6 PO16 8TT Unit R1 The Armoury Fort Wallington Industrial Estate, Military Road, Fareham 24/7 Public
23278778-B681-4EEE-ADBA-ADCF00D60288 PO16 8TT Red Spider Climbing, Unit N, Unit N, Fort Wallington Industrial Estate Variable Public
220D2E6A-D627-4958-8470-B00300F8C73C PO16 8TU Suez Recycling And Recovery Uk Fareham I&C, Enterprise Park, Military Road Variable Public
F5422FD3-7858-44F7-AC46-B00300EF5FF2 PO16 8TU Suez Recycling And Recovery Uk Fareham Workshop (Hampshire ) - South East, Enterprise Park, Military Road Variable Public
F7FA2B4A-1948-4259-9896-AAD301084813 PO16 8UY Azets Holdings Limited, Carnac Place, Carnac Court Variable Public
6E20BC30-9278-4F16-AF30-AD2000ED9C2C PO16 8XB 14-16 Standard Way, Fareham 24/7 Public
9F90DC4D-EF3C-4B06-8DCE-B09800FE56E6 PO16 8XT Walker Crips Group, First Floor, Unit F6, Fareham Heights Variable Restricted
ECF8153E-0F76-438A-95EA-B0420109D265 PO16 8XT Unit G2 Fareham Heights, Standard Way, Fareham 24/7 Public
6B7C03E8-57CC-484A-A348-AF160085FAB8 PO16 8XU Quirepace, 6 Pennant Park, Fareham 24/7 Public
785FEC71-118B-41A8-B1C9-ADB2008E5156 PO16 8YE 19 Shearwater Avenue, Fareham 24/7 Public
37E7B236-B924-43AD-9AC8-AE3700CC4958 PO16 9AD Portchester Bowles Club, Community Centre Car Park, Portchester Variable Restricted
AA870998-70E5-477C-9923-ADE800C7E97D PO16 9AD Portchester Community Centre, Westlands Grove, Portchester 24/7 Public
2B23A472-8CA4-47D8-8943-ADFF0080A7B7 PO16 9BD Portchester Community School, White Hart Lane, Portchester Variable Public
22B2F01A-1F1B-4F4C-8EE1-AE4700B0E4E1 PO16 9BS 3rd Portchester Scouts, Cobham Hall, White Hart Lane 24/7 Public
B776CA7C-6877-4721-AE6B-B01200A4EFBC PO16 9PP Portchester Social Club, 10-12 Castle Street, Portchester 24/7 Public
D5B447DF-0B54-4388-9A96-AD2F00DD2C8C PO16 9QN Portchester Sailing Club, 208 Castle Street, Portchester 24/7 Restricted
E0D9D678-86B5-4197-8332-AEC400FDD4EB PO16 9QW St. Mary's Church Portchester, St Marys Churchyard Portchester Castle, Castle Street Variable Public
23D26DB3-8C73-4401-87AA-AF0100B0BB83 PO16 9QX The Cormorant Pub & Restaurant, The Cormorant Pub, 181 Castle Street Variable Public
8148FD8B-4F5E-4C26-8ED4-ADFE00A2843E PO16 9RD Unit 9 Murrills Estate, Portchester, Fareham Variable Restricted
A407A795-082C-4D56-BE14-ADC9008DF245 PO16 9RS 20 Vincent Grove, Fareham 24/7 Restricted
FD53ABB8-970E-4A77-BF59-AD4E00906A71 PO16 9SF 1 Castle Trading Estate, Portchester, Fareham Variable Restricted
31BD29D4-1F11-425B-ADB6-AE3C00C784FE PO16 9UZ Tesco, 12a West Street, Portchester Variable Public
A10079DE-4FC3-46D5-A12C-AD4A00B829E7 PO17 5AL Wickham Community Centre, Mill Lane, Wickham 24/7 Public
D6EC9340-E824-44FA-BC4B-B0A50081A618 PO17 5BN Dean Farm Estate, Welborne Site Office, Wickham Road Variable Public
65E38458-6D95-44A6-A05A-AEE000FC92EF PO17 5BZ Recreation Ground, Fareham Road, Wickham 24/7 Public
4ECD29F9-4F7E-4FF8-AF33-AE5400D0D848 PO17 5EF Funtley Village Society, The Miners Arms, 110-112 Funtley Road 24/7 Restricted
AE4AB69C-BF19-46D9-83E4-B07A00CD7781 PO17 5GR Knowle Village Hall, Knowle Avenue, Knowle 24/7 Public
B16A8C3C-FD6D-49A6-9312-AD8300B871DF PO17 5JJ Public Convenience, Station Road, Wickham 24/7 Public
A57BEC22-10DE-4574-88FE-AF900115885C PO17 6EL Southwick Park Golf Club, Southwick Park Golf Course Southwick Park Naval Recreation Centre, Pinsley Drive Variable Public
D0D193B4-179E-47A6-9FD2-B02000BCA25E PO17 6JF Winscombe Care Home, Southwick Road, North Boarhunt 24/7 Public
F0EF2B27-7F99-4B0D-9DBF-AECB00FDAAC2 PO17 6JR Rookesbury Park Caravan Club Site Office, Hundred Acres Road, Wickham Variable Public
BF55CC99-56EC-4E2E-94A3-AF8500B8ABFF PO17 6LE Rookesbury Hall, Church Road, Newtown 24/7 Public
F980041C-F026-47B6-8F93-AF3A00EF4DFD PO18 0FP Community Hall, Hadrian Drive, Westhampnett 24/7 Public
7E9C5437-B230-46B5-AAB6-AFAC01239379 PO18 0JG Village Hall, East Dean Lane, East Dean 24/7 Public
C34C56FB-479D-4AF5-B4F2-AED200E24562 PO18 0JP Aldingbourne Trust, Aldingbourne Country Centre, Blackmill Lane Variable Restricted
793B6467-E7CF-4ADA-968D-AF5001177673 PO18 0NS Gibbs And Dandy, Church Farm, Stane Street Variable Public
DEEC5EDD-5D27-43CF-864C-B0A700A491C3 PO18 0PQ Westerton, Bus Stop, Westerton Lane 24/7 Public
B7AEC04E-128F-4F20-AC49-B02E00FAF0BA PO18 0RJ West Dean Ce Primary School, Motor Road, West Dean Variable Restricted
F7CFD577-FB26-4930-AA91-AEF20091A333 PO18 8AN Meyer Clinic The Bosham Clinic, Main Road, Fishbourne 24/7 Public
F135BA5B-5964-40F4-A3C4-AFD5008C8C5F PO18 8BE Fishbourne Tennis Club, Fishbourne Centre, Blackboy Lane 24/7 Restricted
89035328-8CD2-4E14-A00C-AE750095C4EA PO18 8DL Ratham House, Ratham Lane, West Ashling 24/7 Public
31DEA4A2-348F-4C31-A1BC-B04500930715 PO18 8DR Funtington County Primary School, Heather Close, West Ashling Variable Restricted
4FBC91EC-8D8B-4666-A260-B03800FBC846 PO18 8LU Bosham Sailing Club, The Quay, Quay Meadow 24/7 Public
99BFBF0E-0336-4EB2-92E8-AE9900B6111A PO18 8LU Bosham Sailing Club, The Quay, Quay Meadow Variable Restricted
5F67B7FD-5177-4F5C-84DF-B0660088BA08 PO18 8QF The Bosham Centre, Walton Lane, Bosham 24/7 Public
BA857751-3A40-4799-8AF2-AE80015EBC1E PO18 8QF Bosham Village Hall, Walton Lane, Bosham 24/7 Public
0DE83D1B-D873-4D0B-A212-AE9100BE8AB4 PO18 8RF Hambrook Meadows Care Home, Hambrook Meadows, Broad Road 24/7 Public
D5E47D5C-DAC1-4A5D-8CCF-AD1F00E5C425 PO18 8TE Cobnor Activities Centre Trust, Cobnor Point, Chidham Lane 24/7 Public
C3DDF58E-8C33-4D42-B8E4-AE9100B92484 PO18 8TP Chidham And Hambrook Village Hall, Main Road, Chidham 24/7 Public
D3ECBC36-E9B6-4030-AB83-AE2600D21618 PO18 9AX Horse And Groom, B2178 Southbrook Road To Moutheys Lane, East Ashling 24/7 Public
C3B718AC-A64F-41E3-8EEE-AE7701104AF3 PO18 9DN Adsdean Park Road, Stoughton 24/7 Public
347290DA-30C2-48C0-ADB8-AE2600D18F07 PO18 9LL Fox And Hounds, Common Road, Funtington 24/7 Public
8970FB73-4369-4FDF-A49F-AF3B0104EB76 PO19 1AA Royal Mail Chichester Rtw, 80 Basin Road, Chichester, Chichester Variable Restricted
38AC9EAC-499B-4F5A-8DFF-B03C00F4C52F PO19 1DD Transformation Centre, Chichester District Foodbank, 21 Orchard Street Variable Public
551DA07F-3446-4556-8E44-AE3A00D31107 PO19 1EL Tesco Express, 35 South Street, Chichester Variable Public
55B59726-1293-48F9-9C7D-AE0000CF316A PO19 1ES Creations Hair Salon, 26 Southgate, Chichester 24/7 Restricted
A463B3E4-12E2-4B88-A80A-ADB500C6A16B PO19 1HE 2-3 East Street, Chichester Variable Restricted
86F68F6D-6092-48BF-8A7B-AFCF009B3C4A PO19 1LQ O2 Store (0211) Chichester, 82 North Street, West Sussex Variable Restricted
A5D731E8-A1BD-472D-8B80-B06900CC48C2 PO19 1LQ Chichester City Council, The Council House, North Street Variable Public
24F4EE5C-33C2-4E64-8A8D-AFDC00BABF76 PO19 1NL Priory Park Public Conveniences, Priory Lane, Chichester Variable Public
065D6C14-80FB-480F-A60D-AFB700FA1CCE PO19 1NQ George Ide Phillips, 52 North Street, Chichester Variable Public
50F2CEA4-45FA-4608-B9C8-AF9000C2F50B PO19 1PL Chichester Boys' Club, 34a Little London, Chichester Variable Public
29E1094A-70C7-4C44-8D8B-AE5400C3A0AD PO19 1RJ Westgate Leisure Centre, Via Ravenna, Chichester Variable Restricted
260043A2-8AC1-491F-B4A0-B04900C7C46D PO19 1RQ West Sussex County Council, County Hall, West Street 24/7 Public
67992175-F65F-415D-86C5-AEEB00A96606 PO19 1UP Thesis Asset Management, Exchange Building, St Johns Street Variable Restricted
1CFCB881-AA64-479E-B90C-AF0700B95798 PO19 2PG Chichester Contract Candles & Diffusers, Contract Candles, Gravel Lane Variable Public
4C76B047-F1B8-49BA-86AC-B026014D75FB PO19 3AA 12th Chichester Scout Group, 12th Chichester Scout Hq, Sherborne Road 24/7 Public
26318B20-6657-45DF-8CF3-AFD300DC949B PO19 3AW Chichester Baptist Church, 124 Sherborne Road, Chichester 24/7 Public
10EF6FF8-1163-4CAD-AF0D-AEF3009362DD PO19 3HP Bishop Luffa School, Bridge Club Cabin In The Far Left Of The Playground, Westgate Variable Restricted
D71F48BA-5A29-4E0B-B9BC-AE1B00DF0083 PO19 3JT Tesco Chichester Extra, Tesco Extra, Fishbourne Road East Variable Public
D1BCD709-49BE-4184-9FE2-AFEA0098D30A PO19 3LB Oliver Whitby Road Co-Op, The Co-Operative Food, Oliver Whitby Road 24/7 Public
B7075A57-8BEB-4E7F-A07C-AE1400CC8093 PO19 3QS Fishbourne Ce Primary School, Roman Way, Fishbourne 24/7 Public
F32B16DD-CA3D-4F3B-96BE-AE9300E9CA61 PO19 5RH Lavant Road Surgery, 8 Lavant Road, Chichester Variable Restricted
9E394E37-CF37-4534-9AE5-AF6200AAA4EB PO19 6DF The Community Hall, Donegall Avenue, Chichester 24/7 Public
9331054F-2869-4F2E-A1D6-AEDD00783D1B PO19 6FT St. Paul's Church, Chichester, Churchside, Chichester 24/7 Public
78313B5B-86D3-41A3-9662-AE7400F131DA PO19 6PE Zee Bar, Student Union Building Bishop Otter Campus, College Lane 24/7 Public
6A07683F-1B2E-4597-A494-AF0500DF594D PO19 6PN St. Michael's Hall, Summersdale Road, Chichester 24/7 Public
C7E12487-BAFA-4330-976A-ADD400D06D17 PO19 7JG Buzby & Blue, Buzby & Blue Limited, 46-48 The Hornet Variable Public
08C45D9D-32D8-488F-B0DE-AEE10162B035 PO19 7QU Chichester Community Careline, Control Centre, Florence Road 24/7 Public
BD1EF411-1C06-463B-9230-AE8B00B1EFD1 PO19 7UH Crematorium, Chichester Crematorium, Westhampnett Road 24/7 Public
07DF6063-F6D6-44D0-A3DE-AD2500F841B5 PO19 8DG Chichester Bus Station, Southgate, Chichester Variable Restricted
3048C10F-BF81-42FD-B922-AFC700A8A4C8 PO19 8EB School, Chichester High School, Kingsham Road Variable Public
48FDEF81-B5E6-4E51-8AB6-B0AB00EB47F2 PO19 8EB Chichester High School, Kingsham Road, Chichester Variable Restricted
4D243465-B5FD-4AF8-BA2E-B0AB00E86933 PO19 8EB School, Chichester High School, Kingsham Road Variable Public
707B444C-2595-49B7-913C-B0AB00F20852 PO19 8EB Chichester High School, Kingsham Road, Chichester Variable Restricted
8E3A3391-D8A4-43E3-902E-AFD4008B41EA PO19 8EB Chichester High School, Kingsham Road, Chichester Variable Public
B9E13B3F-6BCD-4D08-BA65-AFC700DBDBCB PO19 8EB School, Chichester High School, Kingsham Road Variable Public
2C068C5A-8B2C-46AD-9147-ADD500EFDF44 PO19 8EL Nuffield Health, Chichester Gate, (Off Stockbridge Road) Variable Public
000A89E2-4BA5-4B8B-A704-AFBF0104213E PO19 8HT Muchos Nachos At The Crown, 140 Whyke Road, Chichester 24/7 Public
BDB27434-045F-43EC-AEE9-AFBF01034935 PO19 8HT Muchos Nachos At The Crown, 140 Whyke Road, Chichester 24/7 Public
F7D65E4E-8AFC-476C-A4D8-AF6600AD3D76 PO19 8JF Lakeview Grange Care Home, 93-94 Whyke Road, Chichester 24/7 Public
73530568-38BC-4689-A31C-AFC200F63D99 PO19 8NS Screwfix, Unit 2 (East) Portfield Trade Centre, 65 - 68 Bognor Road Variable Restricted
3F08ECA2-6E88-49FE-918E-AEED0105CFA0 PO19 8NY Njs Group Ltd, Quarry Lane, Chichester 24/7 Public
14BF4EAE-8007-4A3B-A70D-AE3F011F33D3 PO19 8PE Covers Home Ideas, Quarry Lane, Chichester Variable Public
90E53EA7-D0FF-4AE5-9346-AF810107CB16 PO2 0NT King's Academy College Park, Crofton Road, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
47C37A53-B8CE-43A7-AED5-AF1800D23B20 PO2 0QP Solent Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre Limited, 56 Hewett Road, Portsmouth Variable Public
21941814-DF94-488E-82D0-ADA400F64D97 PO2 0RH Mayfield School, Mayfield Road, Portsmouth Variable Public
A8AF351D-6DF3-4C27-AAB6-ADED01591D29 PO2 0TN The Phoenix, 51 Torrington Road, Portsmouth Variable Public
B6220FC7-A3F7-4CBE-B55E-B0270096CBE8 PO2 7BJ The Flying Bull Academy, Flying Bull Academy, Flying Bull Lane Variable Restricted
2C9CD2C0-4AFE-4979-B893-ADF700E6BDCD PO2 7BT Buckland Community Centre, Malins Road, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
5915F97D-379A-4719-AB04-B00600C6999F PO2 7JH North End Baptist Church, 195 Powerscourt Road, Portsmouth Variable Public
CA470291-A2B3-47A2-AB29-B01400DD63AE PO2 7JH North End Baptist Church (External), 195 Powerscourt Road, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
B42FD551-60D3-497A-B4DB-ADFD00F28FBE PO2 7RW Newbridge Junior School, New Road, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
609A5590-4241-477D-869E-AF5501057B85 PO2 7SP Portico Shipping Limited, Flathouse Quay, Prospect Road 24/7 Public
768E5315-046E-49F9-A278-AFE400D7BFED PO2 8AL Portsdown Group Practice, 92 Kingston Crescent, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
EC8BFF62-DBF0-4B6A-B1CB-B03700B6ACAD PO2 8AL 92 Kingston Crescent, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
B3C55C71-5ED2-4DC0-A5C7-AE6600C511F5 PO2 8ER Wardroom Hms Excellent, Wardroom Road, Portsmouth 24/7 Restricted
87088562-2C35-4D3A-9231-AEBE00A828C4 PO2 8HB Vivid Homes, Peninsular House, Wharf Road Variable Restricted
B8B3B420-84CA-44E7-BF1C-AF2B00AEE2ED PO2 8QH Stamshaw Junior School, Tipner Road, Portsmouth Variable Public
01C9EC40-AF4C-42B2-A400-AD7900A9ACE1 PO2 8RN The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust, Castaway House, 311 Twyford Avenue Variable Public
204C7953-A599-4C32-A35A-AD1E00E1270F PO2 8SP Portsmouth International Port, Terminal Building Portsmouth International Port, George Byng Way 24/7 Public
8438D9FD-B930-4018-9770-AE3901101F2B PO2 9DE Tesco, 138-142, London Road 24/7 Public
80D0D50D-63D0-4144-A134-AD2D00AF38A8 PO2 9DT Housing 21, Housing 21 Maritime House, Conan Road 24/7 Public
5041432E-4E71-44CC-BEA4-AE3A010A740F PO2 9HF Tesco, Atm, 301-305 London Road Variable Public
BCFD5312-805B-498B-9815-B08B00C8BC45 PO2 9HF Tesco Express, 301-305 London Road, Hilsea Variable Public
CD42C0F0-D78F-46FA-8A28-ADD600C2A030 PO2 9PB Nuffield Health, Alexandra Park, Alex Way, Northern Parade Variable Public
89F1075F-27D6-46CF-B7FC-AFE70095319D PO2 9RJ Trafalgar School, London Road, Hilsea Variable Restricted
C868C9A4-EFC9-4BF8-8040-AFE7009358E3 PO2 9RJ Trafalgar School, London Road, Hilsea Variable Restricted
DF5EC77D-B4EE-4C51-9E91-AFE70096E39A PO2 9RJ Trafalgar School, London Road, Hilsea Variable Restricted
97F42C78-8D8E-4D2D-BBB8-AF4400F630D5 PO2 9RP South Coast Wakeboarding, Land Adjacent West Of Hilsea Lido, London Road Variable Restricted
E679702E-7D1D-43D4-87E6-AEBF0134C764 PO2 9RP South Coast Wakeboarding, Land Adjacent West Of Hilsea Lido, London Road 24/7 Public
E67B893D-D53B-4C57-9495-AFE800729BB8 PO20 0AF Screwfix, Unit 2 Pulsar Business Park, Ellis Square Variable Restricted
4AE2CCCF-F6E8-4F70-A627-AE98009879CD PO20 0BU Fishermans Joy Ph, 71 East Street, Selsey 24/7 Public
87A4ECAF-9E91-4241-BA3A-AE9800988E61 PO20 0EQ Private Residence, 53 Landseer Drive, Selsey 24/7 Public
C5839713-1FEA-49A6-B7C4-B07A00CD46F8 PO20 0HH 142 Gainsborough Drive, Selsey 24/7 Public
92BB0DD0-63F4-479B-B9EC-AE9800985790 PO20 0JX The Seal Ph, 6 Hillfield Road, Selsey 24/7 Public
0C8BB1DB-5CFE-4C77-B2AF-AE9800987EC7 PO20 0LS St Wilfreds Church, 12 Church Road, Selsey 24/7 Public
4513ABDF-CAE8-417C-B0B3-AE9800988914 PO20 0PD Evangelical Church, Marisfield Place, Selsey 24/7 Public
BCD9957E-8DBC-42B9-9C85-AE9800986F98 PO20 0QB The Co-Op, 125 High Street, Selsey 24/7 Public
ED8BC30D-BB02-4F92-8B8A-AE980098524D PO20 0QJ Fire Station, 76 High Street, Selsey 24/7 Public
FAF38A72-CDC4-424C-8EB9-AE980098839D PO20 0SE The Selsey Centre, Manor Road, Selsey 24/7 Public
4C6D61EB-BFA3-4349-A6F9-AE980098A1FF PO20 0UB Private Residence, 14 Domehouse Close, Selsey 24/7 Public
4498EA3E-2F63-44CF-A334-AF9400DC52A6 PO20 1AX Chchester Golf Club, Chichester Golf Club, Hunston Village Variable Public
209E0F9A-3560-4409-AFB2-ADF10072522C PO20 1LJ Vitacress Herbs, Runcton Nursery, Pagham Road Variable Restricted
7F59B5E1-DF8B-4DB4-996D-AE9600BD521A PO20 1QH Lakeside Holiday Park, Vinnetrow Road, Runcton Variable Public
BF320654-030D-40E8-8AFC-AE9700B53785 PO20 1QH Park Holidays Uk, Lakeside Holiday Park, Vinnetrow Road 24/7 Public
8C22C4A2-FA5B-479D-9299-AE1400CA15AC PO20 2AA Taylor Wimpey, Shopwyke, Shopwyke Lakes Variable Restricted
241A166D-6FF0-45CC-A4A8-B09100C6E5AC PO20 2BX Woodhorn Group, Woodhorn Business Centre, Woodhorn Lane 24/7 Public
ABD5748B-4175-43FA-A555-AE7B00B35F0E PO20 2DQ Oving Jubilee Hall, High Street, Oving 24/7 Public
FC72CB90-A209-4F2B-BEE7-AEA600991B84 PO20 2ER 8 Gamecock Terrace, Tangmere Variable Restricted
D469E4AF-7A01-4B9E-9563-AF2500B04891 PO20 2FP Dementia Support, Sage House, 110-130 City Fields Business Park Variable Restricted
3F9F9642-E4AF-4071-A469-AE9300F5A21B PO20 2FT Tangmere Airfield Nurseries The Old Airfield, Tangmere Road, Tangmere Variable Restricted
C8CD5D3E-015D-4BE8-B128-B0A600F5CF2E PO20 2FT Jcc Lighting Products Ltd, Jcc Lighting Products, Lux Park, Unit 8, City Fields Way Variable Public
CBC9D32B-8A41-414D-AE3D-AEF200BAC0D0 PO20 3BD Housing 21, Monaveen, 115 Peckham Chase 24/7 Restricted
55577EAF-1C98-4B36-9C5D-B073009BE237 PO20 3QR Wscc, Aldingbourne Primary School, Westergate Street Variable Restricted
B163C3EF-C21F-4187-97C3-AE1400CA81BF PO20 3RU Taylor Wimpey, Hedgerows, Westergate Variable Restricted
15F099AD-9308-437E-B2E9-AFD900D8D9A6 PO20 3UE Ormiston Six Villages Academy, Lime Avenue, Aldingbourne Variable Restricted
9E4247A2-0D2A-4741-A21A-AFD900D9CA5E PO20 3UE Ormiston Six Villages Academy, Lime Avenue, Chichester Variable Restricted
F4D0E6C5-13B7-483F-A4F5-AEA200E575E3 PO20 3UE Ormiston Six Villages Academy, Lime Ave, Westergate,, Chichester Variable Restricted
8B2C8F4E-7773-4262-83F2-B05100D713AF PO20 7BG The Lock Keepers Hut Birdham Pool Marina, The Causeway, Birdham 24/7 Public
A9B12CBC-B3BC-46D0-8DE2-B05100C743BD PO20 7BG Birdham Pool Marina, The Causeway, Birdham 24/7 Public
9C3AE5B0-80DC-4345-9726-B07E00A71A15 PO20 7BQ Court Barn, Court Barn Road, Birdham 24/7 Public
45AF0934-48DF-43F2-9EE5-AE9700E58C63 PO20 7EJ Premier Marinas, Chichester Marina, Birdham 24/7 Public
E51F0D67-E508-42E6-9927-AE8001258499 PO20 7HA Birdham Village Hall, Crooked Lane, Birdham 24/7 Public
9A45DD47-B99E-47CB-BD5A-ADB3010D4434 PO20 7HJ Moorings, Westlands Estate, Birdham 24/7 Public
BFE7E5D6-2B95-4DD4-A7F1-AEBA00F96A31 PO20 7JP Medmerry Park, 32d Stoney Lane, Earnley 24/7 Public
6DB982AD-E82E-4F41-8268-AE9800987419 PO20 7JT Almodington1, 5 Manhood Cottages, Almodington Lane 24/7 Public
8BBD0069-B1C3-4E80-B17D-AFB0014590ED PO20 7NB Sidlesham Parish Council, Mill Lane, Sidlesham 24/7 Public
1E5747E7-26A4-494C-A892-AF4700C016D4 PO20 7NE Sidlesham Parish Council, Sidlesham Memorial Recreational Groud, Selsey Road 24/7 Public
A9CFB2F8-C6E3-4FBC-A3C5-AE9800984B9C PO20 7NL Sidlesham School, Keynor Lane, Sidlesham 24/7 Public
815CDF98-9FC5-422C-885F-AE8200898BA8 PO20 7PE Common Farm, Appledram Lane South, Chichester 24/7 Public
7F040D35-58A1-40D3-9508-B09200CBA1BE PO20 7RH St Mary Our Lady Church, Church Lane, Sidlesham 24/7 Public
40CE8547-BA4B-4D15-8921-B08A00EF6C12 PO20 8AJ West Wittering Parochial Ce School, Pound Road, West Wittering Variable Restricted
8BE0AA24-67C0-4106-9BD0-AE9800D00407 PO20 8AJ Pound Road, West Wittering 24/7 Public
5AF1E420-6134-4995-B8F9-AE3400F01895 PO20 8BJ Tesco Express, 5 Kingfisher Parade, East Wittering Variable Public
03B1EB3C-D96A-4C96-86B0-AE8000EC97D5 PO20 8BN Footworks Shoe Shop, 1 The Parade, East Wittering 24/7 Public
E8408182-7FC0-47FF-B4D8-B06800A204E6 PO20 8BN The Parade, East Wittering, 1a The Parade, East Wittering 24/7 Public
C4FA6D6F-5878-4622-A076-AE8000EC9331 PO20 8DY Shore Inn Public House, 57 Shore Road, East Wittering 24/7 Public
07575BDC-A45D-4495-8B85-B06700BCED66 PO20 8HU East Wittering And Bracklesham Parish Council, Bracklesham Barn, Beech Avenue 24/7 Public
35168222-04E0-4A5D-9CAB-AE800132961C PO20 8HU Bracklesham Barn Hall, Beech Avenue, Bracklesham Bay 24/7 Public
1D5EE615-ED6C-4ED8-BA15-AE8001257F9E PO20 8LT West Wittering Pavilion, Rookwood Road, West Wittering 24/7 Public
06FB1152-5501-4AE0-A547-B03D010A2A79 PO20 8NH East Wittering Community Primary School, Stocks Lane, East Wittering Variable Restricted
0CB77572-FC82-4658-BC21-B06700BDB9A2 PO20 8NS 4 Downview Close, East Wittering 24/7 Public
808E4B36-8CDD-41ED-A789-AE8000EC8EAF PO20 8NS Downview Community Hall, Downview Close, East Wittering 24/7 Public
F35E0561-F71A-40EE-ABE2-AE8001328DF1 PO20 8PA Bracklesham British Legion, Legion Way, East Wittering 24/7 Public
25FC3435-369F-4969-BA5D-AE9100944462 PO20 8PS St Anne’s Church & Village Hall, East Wittering Village Hall, St Annes 24/7 Public
DCE15F0A-3C2B-4209-B0C2-AD2D00B08957 PO20 8QH Tides Reach, Rookwood Lane, West Wittering 24/7 Public
3C3C6C87-31D9-4E15-B755-AE980099EC02 PO20 9DR Golf Club, Golf Links Lane, Selsey 24/7 Public
6FC49CB7-D59B-41F0-A0DD-AE9800986340 PO20 9DR Cabana Club, Golf Links Lane, Selsey 24/7 Public
0729C87F-9A7F-4663-AFDE-AFF100E4936C PO20 9EH The Academy, Selsey, School Lane, Selsey 24/7 Public
7AC0B862-22D6-428B-BB80-AFF100E0ED76 PO20 9EH The Academy, Selsey, School Lane, Selsey Variable Public
A0FD1BEB-5F4E-4900-8994-B080000BB449 PO20 9EH Men In Sheds (School Annexe), School Lane, Selsey Variable Restricted
7AE5DC89-8F54-4AAA-9008-B07A012E8310 PO20 9ET 31 Horsefield Road, Selsey 24/7 Public
8F2EF55B-419A-481A-A419-AE980098988A PO20 9HT Private Residence, 1 Sea Grove, Selsey 24/7 Public
4A38296B-68FF-4975-9FAF-AE3800838647 PO21 1BT Covers, Station Yard, Bognor Regis Variable Public
A50429E4-8365-4A73-BBE7-AE8300CBBC70 PO21 1DJ Wscc, St Marys Roman Catholic School, Glamis Street 24/7 Public
39922DDC-E8DE-4C91-9008-AE7700C33FB0 PO21 1EJ Spiritualist Church, 7 Sudley Road, Bognor Regis 24/7 Public
FF0C30BB-1EB0-406B-AEF2-B07300CE9991 PO21 1HW Hotham Park, Upper Bognor Road, Bognor Regis 24/7 Public
B17B3437-1B83-4BEC-821F-B09D00A09FAB PO21 1LD Arun District Council, Town Hall, Clarence Road 24/7 Public
FBB9BED6-CD87-42A3-BB4F-AE3800D60AE5 PO21 1QD Tesco, Post Box 14m From 15 Station Road 5m From Station Road, Station Road Variable Public
8BAFF315-0DF2-433E-8664-AFCC00EE90DC PO21 1SP Nationwide, 44 High Street, Bognor Regis 24/7 Public
747D66EF-7BDD-4859-9322-AF8900B303F0 PO21 1UX Age Uk, Laburnum Centre, Lyon Street Variable Public
CA62D8A7-E3E2-4C5B-9D8E-AE8401008EF3 PO21 2LJ 14 Aldwick Road, Bognor Regis Variable Restricted
E936C086-AEA1-4D27-B0CA-AE74011192B4 PO21 2NL Woods Travel Ltd, 43 Aldwick Road, Bognor Regis 24/7 Public
23A2701B-95B3-42A5-B1CA-AE2800EA3819 PO21 2PE Tesco Express, 82-84 Aldwick Road, Bognor Regis Variable Public
F875A5E6-B7D6-4049-925D-ADF000B5F31C PO21 2QJ Albany House Rest Home, 11-13 Stocker Road, Bognor Regis 24/7 Restricted
B07C5222-1345-4BA6-A9BF-B07400B1C7B8 PO21 2TY Tennis Courts And Pavilion, Nyewood Lane, Bognor Regis Variable Restricted
138317E6-914C-46EC-A667-ADC100EABA78 PO21 2UU Bognor Sports Club, Hawthorn Road, Bognor Regis Variable Restricted
133B0CD6-3A78-4F49-8C51-AEB0009D60C4 PO21 2YQ Autumn Lodge Residential Care Home, 172 Aldwick Road, Bognor Regis 24/7 Public
9F0477C4-ECD2-444A-B55B-AF0A00CF9657 PO21 3BD St Richards Church Of England Church, 20 Gossamer Lane, Aldwick 24/7 Public
774557F2-69B9-444B-8375-AFCC00F1D2CD PO21 3EU Jordans Butchers, 1 Rose Green Road, Aldwick 24/7 Public
0E750C8C-44E9-45BF-9E26-AFF200CC4E73 PO21 3PX Land Opposite Sefter Farm, Pagham Road, Pagham Variable Restricted
56116ACA-641B-446F-8AAC-AFBF0102BCDC PO21 3QB Tesco Express, 194 - 196 Pagham Road, Pagham Variable Public
4727D96B-8852-4C4F-BDEB-AE7500816CF4 PO21 4DG Apsley House Care Home, 86 Barrack Lane, Aldwick 24/7 Public
9F4D6623-7249-448F-A4A5-AE3F0111314E PO21 4EU Memorial Gardens, The Dunes, Aldwick 24/7 Public
5B16E244-0D95-45DF-B3C4-B05F008FB030 PO21 4NJ The Village Hall, Pagham Village Hall, Pagham Road 24/7 Public
F738582D-2243-44A2-948A-AE3C00E52165 PO21 5AN Tesco Express, 351 Chichester Road, Bersted Variable Public
FBC9E730-CE80-4F6C-A73B-B09A00DB4BC6 PO21 5AN Tesco Express, 351 Chichester Road, Bersted 24/7 Public
BCBE046B-5878-4D48-891D-B01C00BD728C PO21 5EH Yeomans Ltd T/A Yeomans Honda, Yeomans Honda, Chichester Road Variable Restricted
819D8266-5FDC-405C-8E17-B09300DE30FB PO21 5ET 16 Greencourt Drive, Bersted Variable Public
087BD975-1957-484F-BDCE-ADCD00B27BF8 PO21 5EU Newtown Social Club, Greencourt Drive, Bersted Variable Restricted
5ECE46D2-DA94-477B-A5C5-AFB100F25FD3 PO21 5EZ Southway Primary School, South Way, Bersted Variable Restricted
3DBF3C08-29F4-470B-947B-AE7600A758E4 PO21 5FF Freedom Leisure, Bersted Park Community Centre, Lakeland Avenue Variable Public
7806A78D-8863-4B5D-9587-AEFA00DCC437 PO21 5JH Bognor Rugby Club, Bognor Rfc Hampshire Avenue, Bognor Regis Variable Restricted
0376ACDD-FD59-4EDF-B350-B04400ACBB69 PO21 5LH West Sussex County Council, The Regis School Campus, Westloats Lane Variable Public
27D67A9E-F033-4835-A4AD-B04400AEE372 PO21 5LH West Sussex County Council, The Regis School Campus, Westloats Lane Variable Public
2B2F307A-D973-429E-A1F4-B04400AA7800 PO21 5LH West Sussex County Council, The Regis School Campus, Westloats Lane Variable Public
533332C3-41A5-42D5-8C9B-B04400AFE00E PO21 5LH West Sussex County Council, The Regis School Campus, Westloats Lane Variable Public
FB21841D-CCB8-4964-BB44-AF9A00B72DF2 PO22 0AL Farplants Sales Ltd, Finishing Centre, Lake Lane Variable Public
9CE1A5E4-336C-476C-B216-AFE900CB1C8F PO22 0AY Windmill Views Sales Office, Yapton Road, Barnham Variable Restricted
D9646DDD-ED5D-4E62-B82D-ADF1009B4D16 PO22 0EN Trustees Of St Philip Howard School, St Philip Howard School, Elm Grove South Variable Restricted
E8C48269-7540-4B8A-8F56-AF4E01779726 PO22 6HD The Elmer Hotel, Elmer Hotel, 89 Elmer Road 24/7 Public
3290AEF9-8844-4F33-BF6B-B00A00E28C9D PO22 6JA The Cabin (Pub), 147 - 149 Elmer Road, Elmer Sands 24/7 Public
BB8A4680-7F3B-4A27-9BAD-B01500B8D3CF PO22 6JA 165 - 167 Elmer Road, Middleton-On-Sea 24/7 Public
85BA59B2-9479-4A87-979F-AFDA007E5AF0 PO22 7AZ 5 Star Taxis, 16 Felpham Road, Felpham 24/7 Restricted
1B596126-4244-4DD3-8386-AEE100B80EFD PO22 7BL 23 Links Avenue, Felpham Variable Restricted
3E1155A4-AB15-4203-86AF-AFAF01078B63 PO22 7DZ Felpham Memorial Village Hall, Felpham Village Hall, 17-19 Vicarage Lane 24/7 Public
0A090A80-9140-456D-9C64-AF5100DDFEAC PO22 7PP Boots, 108 Felpham Road, Felpham 24/7 Public
059F32ED-1F57-48FD-B58B-B05B00F5555B PO22 7RH Sports Club House Bar, Middleton Sports Club, 3 Sea Lane Variable Restricted
8CC2E2E3-2773-4CC3-80FA-B04F00D02D9F PO22 7RH Bowls Pavilion, Middleton Sports Club, 3 Sea Lane 24/7 Public
CF01973E-E986-49A7-A8FE-B04F00CC11BB PO22 7RH Tennis Courts, Middleton Sports Club, 3 Sea Lane Variable Restricted
5016C636-5589-4AEB-B2D6-B048010AEBEF PO22 7RZ Central Beach Huts, Beach Hut 40 Beach Huts Between 17 And 23, Sea Way 24/7 Public
E670FA61-C598-4247-AA2D-B02000A3C2C6 PO22 8ER West Sussex County Council, Downview Primary School, Wroxham Way Variable Public
749FBBB8-7E9C-4D01-8731-AE7D0105E262 PO22 8FA 1 Meaden Way, Felpham 24/7 Public
1551415D-D07A-44DB-88F7-ADE8012D164D PO22 8QL Felpham Methodist Church, 118 Felpham Way, Felpham 24/7 Public
42BA2DB3-C02C-4215-A5BB-AFC40148C8C5 PO22 8QL Felpham Methodist Church, 118 Felpham Way, Felpham 24/7 Public
2D30FADD-F0F3-4A1A-A615-AFF700F0BC82 PO22 8QW Tesco, 126 Felpham Way, Felpham Variable Public
F4A8B102-7498-41D5-8325-AF810098E5C3 PO22 9BJ Plumbase, Plumbase Ltd, Fairlands 24/7 Public
0F00B284-1EB2-4B42-A43C-AE3D00C3BA1E PO22 9ND Tesco, Tesco Superstore, Shripney Road Variable Public
570D134E-F6A6-4362-AA62-AEA700D7271E PO22 9NE Riverside Caravan Centre (Bognor), Riverside Caravan Park, Shripney Road Variable Public
B865586B-0F83-4970-BCC8-AF8600D4EC79 PO22 9NF B&Q, Units A And B Arun Retail Park, Shripney Road Variable Public
CF8D0E1A-3AAC-4D4D-8175-B03000FDE5D6 PO22 9PZ West Sussex County Council, South Bersted Church Of England Primary School, Church Lane Variable Restricted
33741B54-C532-4D26-8EDD-B04C00678F8F PO22 9RE Wscc, Durban House, Durban Road Variable Public
E9993934-A378-4145-B9C0-AE7500E1420A PO22 9RP Caravan Club Ltd, Bognor Regis Caravan Club Site, Rowan Way Variable Public
FB9C7915-083F-4C35-ACDF-AFE800CA02CB PO22 9SE Screwfix, Unit 6 Oldlands Way, Southern Cross Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
25653840-253E-449A-B65D-B05800859B91 PO22 9SN Poplars Court, Poplars Court Office, Shripney Road 24/7 Public
954EB56C-DB94-4DD3-B4B2-AFB900A53993 PO22 9SX Frame Of Mind Vocational Training Community Interest Co, Unit 23 Arun Business Park, Shripney Road 24/7 Public
B0246BCD-6225-4076-8EEB-AF4700CDC2E3 PO22 9TS Polestar Cooling Ltd, 6 Beeding Close, Southern Cross Trading Estate Variable Restricted
C14F6B25-A86D-40A2-BE64-AD570105CAD3 PO22 9TS J C C Lighting Products Ltd, Innovation Centre, Beeding Close Variable Restricted
3541F11A-768D-4573-B21A-AD5F01055157 PO3 5AF Kirklands Surgery, 111 Copnor Road, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
537335FF-09FA-4044-9F2E-B0610095CB87 PO3 5EE Esso, Service Station, 241 Copnor Road Variable Public
7EE74F1F-5CB9-43E1-AB8F-AE3800B181A7 PO3 5EE Tesco Esso, Service Station, 241 Copnor Road Variable Public
0A22BD6F-CC46-428A-A1A6-AD6300D5DD79 PO3 5EP Portsmouth Rugby Football Club, Norway Road, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
B0DDD7AA-7A42-4A63-AD7C-AD7300B87535 PO3 5EP Portsmouth Rugby Football Club, Norway Road, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
070CAE75-5291-40EC-B733-AEEF00D338E1 PO3 5EW Pompey Health And Fitness Club, 442 Copnor Road, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
60D18F0A-FBD7-4FCD-A742-AEEF00D18FC7 PO3 5EW Pompey Health And Fitness Club, 442 Copnor Road, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
53E8AA24-0AC9-4360-BA20-AF4700A3231F PO3 5FN Lanstone Engineering, Unit 15 Discovery Voyager Park, Portfield Road Variable Restricted
55B47DE4-102D-4E05-BD1E-AF3200E2AFD8 PO3 5FN Langstone Engineering, Unit 3 Discovery Voyager Park, Portfield Road Variable Restricted
29522037-AA8D-4D5A-933A-AE37010E6454 PO3 5FT Covers, Norway Road, Portsmouth Variable Public
2F3A7EE3-3AE6-4C0E-A029-AD4F010660B3 PO3 5FU Belgrade Insulations, Belgrade (Portsmouth), Unit 3 Merlin Park Variable Restricted
E6DA81DC-93A6-4A13-B00C-AE2200C3A429 PO3 5FU Unit 3 Merlin Park, Airport Service Road, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
9AAFD612-D28B-4551-8EDC-AF2A00D5D905 PO3 5GG Royal Mail Portsmouth Do, Voyager Park South, Portsmouth, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
AFE14FC1-A077-4933-A510-AF2D00DE0BDD PO3 5HL Lbl Finishers Warehouse, Gunstore Road, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
6F458DD5-16C7-4300-8CF7-AF6400C90454 PO3 5HS Toby Carvery - Hilsea, Copnor Road, Portsmouth Variable Public
95E3DC50-0600-4357-82D6-AE6300F96F68 PO3 5JZ Weddel Swift Distribution Ltd, Wholesale Meat Centre, 1 Norway Road Variable Public
6F0E794C-A33F-46F6-9E7D-AFB900A423F6 PO3 5NH Fabtech Welding & Fabrication Ltd, Unit 13 Claybank Road, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
BB7D78AF-41E7-4A0E-B1A0-AFE800F179BC PO3 5NJ Screwfix, Unit 14 Admiral Park, Williams Road Variable Restricted
B68CCE31-11A0-47D5-9AB0-AEFB00CF2242 PO3 5NP Savills - Ocean Retail Park, Burrfields Rd, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
661754A4-7BFC-44F9-8346-AFC400C94DD8 PO3 5NY Veolia Uk Limited, Dundas Spur, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
7F313F86-B186-4515-8F5D-ADE300BBF3D6 PO3 5QD Smeg (Uk) Ltd, Unit 1 And 2 Interchange Park, Robinson Way Variable Restricted
A10125D0-3000-40C9-B231-AFAF00EDAF4E PO3 5RN Opposite Northgate Vehicle Rentals, 1300 Blueprint, Dundas Spur Variable Public
3564E3F8-75EA-4F27-8261-ADB400AD7030 PO3 5RX Unit A1, Nevil Shute Road, Portsmouth Variable Public
A21DB09D-5D5C-47DB-A646-ADE300C9F204 PO3 5SA Ty Uk Ltd, Swallow House, Robinson Way Variable Restricted
DB872BDA-35FA-4581-B6C3-AD50013E33A7 PO3 6BH The Baffins Surgery, Hayling Avenue, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
5F670A18-EA8F-4767-A60B-AD500146D71E PO3 6DW Nhs, Cotswold House St Marys Hospital, Milton Road Variable Restricted
13C3595F-D4CB-4981-AA0A-AD260047BEEF PO3 6EJ Portsmouth Ambulance Station, Eastern Road, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
D11D7004-A0E5-41C0-BE2F-B03700C935FF PO3 6HL Langstone Infant School, Stride Avenue, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
D009A664-FFFE-4C5C-8365-B03B00C7C889 PO3 6NS Westover Primary School, Westover Road, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
1A4BB99F-F279-4B36-9C9F-AD4300C58F95 PO30 1BW The Mall Dental Practice, 80 Carisbrooke Road, Newport Variable Restricted
C074A2BD-7045-4FEF-9C47-AF1E009B1464 PO30 1JW Community Mental Health Service, Chantry House Community Mental Health Service, 29-31 Pyle Street Variable Restricted
E92FCCFA-4696-4BA5-9CE2-B053009C7C50 PO30 1JZ 44-46 Orchard Street, Newport Variable Restricted
44070659-54CF-471A-B7D3-B09A0110885B PO30 1LJ Island Innovations 6th Form College, St James Street, Newport 24/7 Public
C12DC452-0A2B-4093-BEBA-AFF901341A0F PO30 1LJ Island Innovations 6th Form College, St James Street, Newport Variable Restricted
D0438514-311D-41F1-A00A-AFF901338F3F PO30 1LJ Island Innovations 6th Form College, St James Street, Newport Variable Restricted
3DB0A5D4-B475-4282-9239-AEED010FC767 PO30 1PR Medina Healthcare, 16 West Street, Newport Variable Restricted
5F52DADC-D4A1-4299-9E62-AD4600BF81B4 PO30 1TJ Specsavers, 107 High Street, Newport Variable Public
FBF5DF0E-6CF7-4374-A98B-AFA1014385F2 PO30 1TJ Hose Rhodes Dickson, 138 High Street, Newport Variable Restricted
122A5B82-F141-4067-B185-B0A400CC72CE PO30 1TP O2 Store (0511) Isle Of Wight, 117 High St, Newport Variable Restricted
95B95BE1-2998-436A-9912-AF3900F29744 PO30 1TY Age Uk, 147 High Street, Newport Variable Public
169AACD5-7FED-4DCA-9551-AD2400FBD779 PO30 1XN Newport Residential Care, 3 Watergate Road, Newport 24/7 Public
1E7EB5F4-4A17-4C39-8510-AD4700DF331C PO30 1XW St George's School, St Georges School, Watergate Road Variable Restricted
60A87B11-79F9-47F5-B624-B03A00C4A8D8 PO30 1XY Carisbrooke Castle, Castle Hill, Carisbrooke Variable Restricted
AA6FF537-7989-43E2-AE9F-AFA1014280FE PO30 1YS D.a.r.e.s. Office, 20 Lower Yard Carisbrooke Depot, 21 Whitcombe Road 24/7 Public
C636A277-2EE0-4FFE-9501-AFFE00E03D6C PO30 2AN Medina Cottage, Green Street, Newport Variable Public
638EDBC1-3063-4E09-B670-B07700CFEDC7 PO30 2AX Barton Primary School, Furrlongs, Newport 24/7 Public
1A0CF92D-D7CE-4138-B8B1-AFF601410C1C PO30 2DX Medina College P E Office, Medina College, Fairlee Road Variable Restricted
2C118A5C-1208-4483-9E4B-AFF60141885A PO30 2DX Medina College, Fairlee Road, Newport Variable Restricted
D7212158-3830-42DC-BE14-AFF601415FEB PO30 2DX Medina College, Fairlee Road, Newport Variable Restricted
A29A6859-E33D-4A8E-BF6B-B053009AD5F7 PO30 2ER The Gables, Halberry Lane, Newport Variable Restricted
9720CF6C-07AD-4EC4-9879-AF56009BBC57 PO30 2EW Beaulieu House, Fairlee Road, Newport 24/7 Restricted
C58141E4-7CE9-4B57-8EBB-AD8200F678FF PO30 2EW 1leisure Medina, Fairlee Road, Newport Variable Public
2EA0D0C7-26BA-4203-99A6-AD25007BF67C PO30 2HS Medina House School, School Lane, Newport 24/7 Public
230F0FD3-0FFE-4132-A177-AEED0107EF2A PO30 2HX Dwp, Broadlands House, Staplers Road Variable Public
F294CDF8-2433-4A99-84E2-B05F00CF54AE PO30 2LA Island Harbour Marina, Mill Lane, Newport 24/7 Public
10EB4070-A985-4DD2-83EC-ADDD00B6B4D7 PO30 2LJ Atkinson Drive, Newport 24/7 Public
E5C78E5E-30C2-4E17-88A9-AD4F00CFA1A6 PO30 2LJ Summerfields Primary School, Atkinson Drive, Newport Variable Restricted
6485 PO30 2NB Island Riding Centre, Isle of Wight 24/7 Public
5281DB6A-2E51-400E-A08F-ADC200B47F2E PO30 2PD Lynnbottom Civic Amenity Site, Briddlesford Road, Newport Variable Public
2B4E55AF-0276-44B0-AC04-AFA3010AFA65 PO30 2QS Seaclose Office, Iow Council (Seaclose Office), Fairlee Road 24/7 Public
4089FA82-3451-4145-9417-AD4300CA849D PO30 3AA White Lion, Arreton Street, Arreton Variable Public
5778E22A-980F-4B11-83BE-AFAD012DF0FF PO30 3AA Dairymans Daughter Inn Arreton Barns, Arreton Street, Arreton Variable Restricted
E233B475-21D1-4080-B9B8-B09301175959 PO30 3AR Fighting Cocks, Hale Common, Arreton 24/7 Public
11AE09D1-2B05-45D3-8C50-AD5500FF58D2 PO30 3BE Newclose County Cricket Ground, Blackwater Road, Newport Variable Public
3C73AFCB-F9BF-48F5-8F61-AEA5009D5761 PO30 3BJ Blackwatermill Residential Home, Blackwater Mill Residential Care Home, Blackwater Hollow 24/7 Public
57F0A3DD-C14A-4755-A82F-AEF400FDB726 PO30 3BX Wight Building Materials, Blackwater Quarry, St Georges Down Variable Restricted
DFB0F234-CEA8-4CD1-82F1-AEF400BD885E PO30 3BX Wight Building Materials, Blackwater Quarry, St Georges Down 24/7 Public
0D5D160A-153A-45FB-A756-AD25008E5D27 PO30 3DA Jmc Agriculture Ltd Broadfields Farm, Chapel Lane, Merstone 24/7 Public
D8D78F4B-8A9B-420A-9EC1-ADDC0140130B PO30 3DH Isle Of Wight Freshwater Angling Co., East Lane, Merstone 24/7 Restricted
CDD3531B-3D09-4EBB-B701-AFE000F43D4E PO30 3DL Perreton Farm, East Lane, Merstone 24/7 Public
A9ED0A01-5727-4CD0-8A91-AD470097EF5E PO30 3EP Chillerton And Rookley Primary School, Main Road, Chillerton Variable Public
E925AF78-78E0-4AEC-BFAB-B04C0126B890 PO30 3HP Unit 3a Sheat Farm, Sheet Lane, Newport Variable Restricted
8E697DDA-3ADB-4089-A383-AEE7013C1F4C PO30 3JL St Peter’s Church, St Peters Church, Farriers Way 24/7 Public
27A2FBC9-FA3E-4BB6-9707-AF8700AB0B8C PO30 4AH Three Bishops, Main Road, Brighstone 24/7 Public
923DE301-9D9F-4679-ADBB-AEF2013A8276 PO30 4AH Brighstone Stores, Main Road, Brighstone 24/7 Public
890A2855-444E-4E2F-B17C-AFBE0132B386 PO30 4BB Wight Eagles Fc, Brighstone Recreation Ground., New Road. 24/7 Public
B95E579E-3735-48C4-959C-AD42011E0830 PO30 4BB South Wight Medical Practice, New Road, (Next To The Churchyard, Opposite The School) Variable Restricted
12F5EB91-ACFF-4134-82A2-AFCC009E6D13 PO30 4DZ Island Healthcare, Brighstone Grange Care Home, Pitt Place Lane 24/7 Public
4C6F3E96-E8E9-42A5-A6BF-AD4300B8ADC0 PO30 4EH The Sun Inn, Hulverstone, Near Brook 24/7 Public
F4C3B65F-D6F2-4E56-8E15-B05000C1D509 PO30 4HA Compton Bay Public Convenience, Military Road, Brighstone 24/7 Public
2B97D2E1-3E49-49DB-96B6-ADC8009CFBF9 PO30 4JY Inflight Peripherals, Elm Lane, Calbourne Variable Restricted
0F725D7E-FD8A-470C-8649-ADEA00D8B1A6 PO30 4LP Sportsmans Rest, Main Road, Porchfield 24/7 Public
EF50759D-23E1-4A58-8B31-AD4100A9360C PO30 4NQ The Village Shop Shalfleet Post Office, Warlands Lane, Shalfleet 24/7 Public
8CB2BC53-0C1C-45E7-8D39-AFCD00999E59 PO30 4NT Corf Scout Camping Site, Corf Road, Porchfield 24/7 Public
56471BAA-6048-4818-A6F0-AE7D00BE71CD PO30 5AH The Pavilion, Recreation Ground Road, Newport 24/7 Public
AC235121-47B7-4CAB-9E13-AD3D008E8433 PO30 5AW B And Q Warehouse, Dodnor Lane, Newport Variable Public
DE4DF94E-D200-43A2-8328-AFB2012E1892 PO30 5AZ Newport Ale House, 24a Holyrood Street, Newport Variable Restricted
DF832F5C-0F5B-4195-9B85-AFA0011D1DAA PO30 5BP Fil Retirement Services Ltd, St Cross House, Monks Brook Variable Restricted
B30B7DB9-89E0-455E-B081-AFC4010370C8 PO30 5BS Bargemans Rest, Little London, Newport 24/7 Public
3FB10182-1D2D-4912-BBB0-AD9800AEE5C5 PO30 5DP Westminster House, Westminster Lane, Newport 24/7 Public
BC60AB3B-E9F0-40A2-A5D2-AD480094EB8E PO30 5ET Newport Masonic Club, Newport Masonic Hall, 31 Lugley Street 24/7 Restricted
7E46F211-F1BF-4781-889E-AFE700DFF87D PO30 5FA Screwfix, 18 Manners View, Newport Variable Restricted
94EF6E0E-3521-441C-84AB-AD5600ADFB89 PO30 5FA Diametric Technical Ltd, 26-28 Manners View, Newport Variable Restricted
0710AAC5-7687-4D75-8BAA-B07C007AF7A9 PO30 5GD Newport Church Of England Primary School, Hazel Close, Newport Variable Restricted
71815976-0B5B-407A-AE27-ADBB008A1E6C PO30 5GD Fun To Learn Pre-School, Hazel Close, Newport Variable Restricted
0392D4A9-4BB9-41E1-9EB4-AFBE01343BC4 PO30 5GY Starlight Acadamy, 8 Barry Way, Newport 24/7 Public
C66229ED-A419-48E5-962C-AD79010BBF7A PO30 5GY Nhs Supply Depot, 18 Barry Way, Newport Variable Public
58F2B827-0D90-47AD-9478-AFCF015251D4 PO30 5QT Christ The King College, Christ The King Upper College, Wellington Road Variable Restricted
5A415625-5FB0-45B2-A0ED-ADA400A1D5FE PO30 5QT Carisbrooke Church Of England Primary School, Wellington Road, Newport Variable Restricted
CD4F96D2-16D8-423C-8379-AD25009A7096 PO30 5QT Christ The King College, Wellington Road, Newport Variable Public
061951A5-B280-49FA-9B54-AFF9013477C8 PO30 5QU Carisbrooke College, Mountbatten Drive, Newport Variable Restricted
38FDBF7E-3A57-4678-83B1-B044012B8D82 PO30 5QU Carisbrooke College, Mountbatten Drive, Newport Variable Public
77F092C7-00E5-4C81-8C3D-AFF90133F739 PO30 5QU Carisbrooke College, Mountbatten Drive, Newport Variable Restricted
9D1FC43E-3B52-41C5-B0FD-AFF90133DE5A PO30 5QU Carisbrooke College, Mountbatten Drive, Newport Variable Restricted
4762C7CC-3FAA-4820-9334-AFA0011D237B PO30 5SH Hunnyhill Primary School, Forest Road, Newport Variable Restricted
063F414D-9849-47AF-9B0D-B0AD0078BD2B PO30 5TA Isle Of Wight College, Dodnor Lane, Newport Variable Restricted
62844766-EB0C-40DB-9C0D-ADCF007C7462 PO30 5TA Isle Of Wight College - J Block, Dodnor Lane, Newport Variable Public
759F8077-5DE7-41B0-B2E6-AF1100ABE582 PO30 5TA Isle Of Wight College, Dodnor Lane, Newport Variable Public
AA878100-9ED2-4F13-AEF6-B01C00889FBC PO30 5TG Isle Of Wight Nhs Trust, St Marys Hospital, Parkhurst Road 24/7 Public
C2E29779-034D-4E63-9D25-AFA3010B089E PO30 5TS Newport Stag Lane Depot, Stag Lane, Newport Variable Restricted
F33DAEF7-65FD-4444-B29C-AD3200F257CD PO30 5WS A J Wells And Sons, Bishops Way, Newport Variable Restricted
3794FD72-B01D-4D24-A38A-AFEA00ADB655 PO30 5WU Gurit (Uk) Ltd, Monks Brook, Newport Variable Public
56E8D40D-3E65-4613-8BF6-AFEA00B215D7 PO30 5WU Gurit(Uk) Ltd, St. Cross Business Park, Monks Brook Variable Restricted
3B2A1C43-7891-4E8A-BD80-AE3800CFA66A PO30 5XW Reuk Ltd, Unit B The Apex, Monks Brook Variable Restricted
D66D747E-FABD-4C89-8470-B05200C1F770 PO30 5XW The Apex A, Monks Brook, Newport Variable Restricted
0E1FA9D0-B37C-4C5B-8DEB-AEF300838863 PO30 5YS Sydenhams, Forest Road, Newport Variable Restricted
07484470-3DF3-49AB-A066-AF8901203EB8 PO31 7AL Rory, 82 High Street, Cowes Variable Restricted
1D3BAC6B-F44B-426C-8064-AF89012002BE PO31 7BH Cowes Corinithian Yacht Club, Birmingham Rd, Cowes Variable Restricted
48C89974-CC83-4704-A23A-AD5C00CC164B PO31 7ES Lanesend Primary School, Love Lane, Cowes Variable Restricted
9475B0C7-9D95-4FB3-958C-B0900098C4B6 PO31 7ES Lanesend Primary School, Love Lane, Cowes Variable Restricted
458C0B81-A3B5-4EEC-A746-AD270097DDB0 PO31 7ET Little Love Lane, Little Love Lane Love Lane, Love Lane Variable Public
CA715CDB-5B0D-47B7-A382-AD3400B2F5B2 PO31 7HT Amabi, Units A And B Shepards Wharf, Medina Road 24/7 Public
0A6FDD62-E4E4-4A30-8B60-AD28008461B9 PO31 7NJ Park Rd Dental Practice, 169 Park Road, Cowes Variable Restricted
8276DDC6-7967-46C7-B2AC-AF1F00E01293 PO31 7NN Northwood Cricket Club, Park Road, Cowes 24/7 Public
04F1A491-559D-4CDA-9318-B085012B5C8C PO31 7NP Isle Of Wight Community Club, Park Road, Cowes 24/7 Public
EC341B3F-137E-48EC-ADA4-AD6E00911FCB PO31 7NP Isle Of Wight Community Club, Park Road, Cowes 24/7 Restricted
ED345F82-38B5-4913-B3CE-AD6E008F29B3 PO31 7NP Isle Of Wight Community Club, Park Road, Cowes Variable Restricted
4A44D897-2B78-4260-8A26-AD4100C8CC01 PO31 7NQ 149 Park Road, Cowes 24/7 Public
DF79CF49-BA81-4BA8-ABB3-AD4200D4D36E PO31 7PG P D Wharfage Ltd Medina Wharf, Arctic Road, Cowes Variable Public
F6007EEA-A8F9-49A8-B5A8-AD2500861E52 PO31 7PJ Cherry Blossom Rest Home, 252-256 Arctic Road, Cowes 24/7 Public
E3F16A0C-DCFE-4329-B901-ADEA00E04B11 PO31 7PQ United Kingdom Sailing Academy, Arctic Road, Cowes 24/7 Public
D10D1570-EBFB-4DB9-A909-AE3F00D919D6 PO31 7QS Royal London Yacht, The Parade, Cowes Variable Restricted
12011B5F-A75E-495D-8AD5-AD4400AACE2F PO31 7QT Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes Castle, The Parade 24/7 Restricted
93876B1E-1BC7-4978-8C6D-AD320124F1AA PO31 7QZ Medina 35 Freemasons Lodge, 26 Castle Road, Cowes Variable Restricted
744CDA3C-5896-4548-818A-ADCD00A58340 PO31 7RE High Street, Cowes Variable Public
D4DD340E-36D3-44D2-83AF-AF4100E84EDB PO31 7TG 4 Terminus Road, Cowes Variable Restricted
8C31F589-8A42-4C13-8D46-AFC400C5C1AE PO31 7UQ 100 Seaview Road, Cowes Variable Restricted
4D59009A-A58C-4EFC-9C7A-AFA0011DAA3F PO31 7US Unit 1, Seaways, Seaview Road 24/7 Public
8F3D407C-7472-4086-BCAF-AD320091410B PO31 7US Seaflex Ltd, Seaview Road, Cowes Variable Restricted
2BC5D1AA-7C4C-44BC-A7FC-AEEC00C962FF PO31 8AP Bodywise Ltd, 8 Enterprise Way, Cowes Variable Restricted
33D2431B-73A2-428A-B087-AF8D010D6B81 PO31 8AZ Northwood House, Ward Avenue, Cowes Variable Restricted
35842F69-4041-499B-807A-B01900F7B484 PO31 8BW 65 Queens Road, Egypt Point, Cowes 24/7 Public
11884AFC-89EC-4862-B69D-AD4800D0AF7F PO31 8DA Cowes Medina Bowling Club, Northwood Park Public Convenience, Baring Road Variable Restricted
1B0AC86B-6017-41D8-951E-B08500E1169B PO31 8DS Gurnard Primary School, Cowes Variable Restricted
7D11520C-5E12-44A1-8464-B04C008F41DE PO31 8DS Gurnard Primary School, 107 Baring Road, Cowes Variable Restricted
D895016D-462D-42D9-9688-AD3B00DB4594 PO31 8DS Gurnard Primary School, Baring Road, Cowes 24/7 Restricted
6743967B-0E87-4BB3-900D-AD3C00CC3CA0 PO31 8EU Gurnard Parish Council, Gurnard Village Hall, Westbrook Lane 24/7 Public
C59DE0DB-8CF1-478F-8215-AFD500F6AD8D PO31 8HB Cowes Enterprise College, Crossfield Avenue, Cowes Variable Restricted
85FF1AD9-00DA-448D-86B5-AD3C00E5A88B PO31 8LJ Gurnard Parish Council, Bucklers View, Worsley Road 24/7 Public
D5EBE566-6059-4A17-BFAF-AF08006DFC7D PO31 8PD Bes Group Asset Reliability Strainstall Limited, Bes Group Ltd Somerton Business Park, 8-10 Mariners Way Variable Public
DF55D93D-A54E-4034-85BD-AF08007DAA3B PO31 8PU Northwood Primary School, Wyatts Lane, Cowes Variable Restricted
E31F88B9-9BA6-4957-B89D-AD46010EC48C PO31 8QE Cowes Club Iow Ltd, Central Complex At Gurnard Pines Holiday Village, Cockleton Lane 24/7 Public
A6F54E64-DB75-4153-9F3D-B05700CDC6C8 PO31 8QG On The Wall Of The Electricity Sub Station Mallard Point, Electricity Sub Station 16m From 61 Green Lane 5m From Mallard Point, Mallard Point 24/7 Public
0A94D7FE-FABC-41F5-8C7F-AF89011C590F PO32 6AG 4 Queens Gate, 4 Queens Gate., East Cowes 24/7 Public
B1977D77-48E8-4211-B40A-AFA00125AD8E PO32 6AW Waverley Park Holiday Centre, 51 Old Road, East Cowes 24/7 Public
E2357E67-6B65-4228-90A1-AD4700914D68 PO32 6BP Kynance Home, 97 York Avenue, East Cowes 24/7 Restricted
665B8FCA-2949-4D3B-A670-AD3600984222 PO32 6ET East Cowes Sailing Club, Clarence Road, East Cowes 24/7 Restricted
92090F62-481B-47DC-8642-AF01009073FF PO32 6EZ Wight Shipyard Co, Venture Quays, Columbine Building Variable Restricted
AC7AD982-CAD5-4388-A60A-AF8E0105FE27 PO32 6EZ Datum Electronics Ltd, Datum Global Hq, 37 Castle Street 24/7 Public
B8B93BC5-ADFD-4357-ADCE-B0570101D927 PO32 6JS Cowes Harbour Commision, Kingston Works, Kingston Road Variable Restricted
CA09B5D0-B417-466C-BBC0-B07700AC5E51 PO32 6JX Osborne Golf Club, Osborne House Estate, East Cowes 24/7 Public
D0D43BE0-10E4-4C7C-A1A1-B07700AE4F1E PO32 6JX Osborne House Golf Club, Osborne House Estate, East Cowes Variable Public
876FCC56-E191-4916-929C-AF4A009ABB0D PO32 6LP Priory School, Beatrice Avenue, East Cowes Variable Restricted
0AFFA947-94FB-4779-B7F6-AE2300DC19F1 PO32 6LR Gkn Aerospace, Gkn Aerospace Services, Saunders Way 24/7 Restricted
11685DD0-BA59-4289-AE7B-AD790074F28D PO32 6LR Gkn Aerospace, Gkn Aerospace Services, Saunders Way 24/7 Restricted
1629D7F3-81CA-4D8E-9830-AD780087854B PO32 6LR Gkn Aerospace, Gkn Aerospace Services, Saunders Way 24/7 Restricted
31767737-C6B2-4323-A091-AD78008878C1 PO32 6LR Gkn Aerospace, Gkn Aerospace Services, Saunders Way 24/7 Restricted
424E6BD6-BB37-40DA-BA3F-AD7900764468 PO32 6LR Gkn Aerospace, Gkn Aerospace Services, Saunders Way 24/7 Restricted
58203C4A-831C-45A5-A233-ADE200C3FB46 PO32 6LR Gkn Aerospace, Gkn Aerospace Services, Saunders Way 24/7 Restricted
88D2A0B5-D898-4582-A131-AD78007672D3 PO32 6LR Gkn Aerospace, Gkn Aerospace Services, Saunders Way 24/7 Restricted
3703D973-52E7-489A-B397-AD3B00E650C5 PO32 6LS Isle Of Wight Heart Care Club, 12 Barton Close, East Cowes Variable Restricted
F54C1B87-C9FB-4143-B414-AFA00125A4D7 PO32 6NA Madina Park Office, Medina Park, Folly Lane 24/7 Public
F01ED181-D74B-40FF-B980-AD5000E1F413 PO32 6NB Folly Berthing Master(Shower Block), Folly Harbour Office, Folly Lane 24/7 Public
FE0D7F54-C50D-4C4A-9172-AF3B00F923C5 PO32 6NJ Isle Of Wight Crematorium, Crematorium Road, Newport Variable Restricted
A30C2E3A-C0E9-425B-A6A7-AFAD012DA1BE PO32 6PH Garage Ink, York Avenue, East Cowes 24/7 Public
1FF39F00-72F2-48BE-B3E8-ADFA00BE4979 PO32 6RA Gkn Aerospace, Gkn Aerospace Services, Ferry Road 24/7 Restricted
27BF5EED-6BB0-42C7-9F14-AD78006AD963 PO32 6RA Gkn Aerospace, Gkn Aerospace Services, Ferry Road 24/7 Restricted
2FF9BD6D-0244-4F8B-A406-ADFA00C06D6F PO32 6RA Gkn Aerospace, Gkn Aerospace Services, Ferry Road 24/7 Restricted
51282712-B342-4C59-A54E-AD7800697912 PO32 6RA Gkn Aerospace, Gkn Aerospace Services, Ferry Road 24/7 Restricted
8C952A7D-1714-43EA-9003-AD78006F28DB PO32 6RA Gkn Aerospace, Gkn Aerospace Services, Saunders Way 24/7 Restricted
FF2EA3FD-A489-4071-AC5C-AD780067E2F5 PO32 6RA Gkn Aerospace, Gkn Aerospace Services, Ferry Road 24/7 Restricted
54C563FC-088D-457B-B5CD-AEC400BF93FB PO32 6RD Dental Surgery, 34 Castle Street, East Cowes Variable Public
A743B458-8398-4B8B-ABC0-AE9700DD7126 PO32 6UB East Cowes Marina, Britannia Way, East Cowes Variable Restricted
272E4221-1796-453A-88F4-B08900F0245A PO33 1AD Trucast Ltd, Marlborough Road, Ryde Variable Restricted
E3361078-BD36-4AA5-810A-B08900EE25D9 PO33 1AD Trucast Ltd, Marlborough Road, Ryde Variable Restricted
26B67038-9101-44E3-9D82-AFA1014405CE PO33 1BD Pc Consultants, Pc Consultants Ltd Enterprise Court, 5 Nicholson Road 24/7 Public
BC0C94BC-9FE2-4F96-8C33-AED900E150B5 PO33 1BE Home Delivery Network, Ryde, Unit 3b, Nicholson Road Variable Restricted
787978F4-F7AF-42CB-94DC-AF0600A7BF6F PO33 1JA The Big Kahuna (Iow) Ltd, Ryde Beach Lifeguard Hq, The Big Kahuna Variable Restricted
9B69AA32-DC45-4AD7-A68A-AF0600A5193E PO33 1JA Waterside Pool, Esplanade, Ryde Variable Restricted
1A09C4D3-A3AF-49A8-835D-B02700CBE9D2 PO33 1JB Solent Autopoint, Unit 3, 3-5 East Street Variable Restricted
109FCC83-07B9-470E-A1D6-AF8901231688 PO33 1JP Monkton Arts, 11 East Street., Ryde 24/7 Public
F12EEEAE-9829-4B00-B54E-AF2F00B51030 PO33 1LE The Duck, Appley Rise, Ryde 24/7 Public
2F3799FC-09EE-498A-86CC-AD4100DF82CB PO33 1LJ St Marys Catholic Primary School, Ampthill Road, Ryde Variable Restricted
8EDA281D-BEDA-4BC4-BD08-AD2400F70D86 PO33 1LP Wight Dental Care, Tower House, Rink Road Variable Public
049C3F0C-AE71-4B2F-97CD-AD4C00B5FCB3 PO33 1ND Ryde Inshore Rescue, Appley Lane, Ryde Variable Restricted
80BED5F1-6C22-4089-A671-AD210102751E PO33 1PU Urban Saints Westbrook Centre, Westbrook, Oakhill Road 24/7 Public
B7AE8EF8-FDAC-4702-89DD-AD4A00EC2592 PO33 1QG Busy Bee Garden Centre, Brading Road, Ryde Variable Restricted
0B6D82B1-0380-48F9-91CE-ADC500BE9409 PO33 1QS Squash Club Westridge Leisure Centre, Brading Road, Ryde Variable Public
4C060D2F-BE87-40E7-82BC-AE1C00EE90BB PO33 1QS Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd Dot Com, Brading Road Variable Restricted
672962D6-5191-426C-BC3B-AE1D00F535D9 PO33 1QS Tesco Service Station, Brading Road, Ryde Variable Public
8BCB8C78-28FA-469A-98A8-AF89011DDCE3 PO33 1QS Wight Karting, Westridge, Ryde Variable Restricted
A430194B-13F5-4C5D-B28F-AD4F00B3C43E PO33 1QS Westridge Golf Centre, Brading Road, Ryde Variable Public
FA358690-AA4E-4CE5-ADF4-AED800A5DBF6 PO33 1QT Neutrik (Uk) Ltd, Westridge Business Park, Cothey Way Variable Restricted
6516CE7C-2764-4ECE-8DE6-B04D00D772B8 PO33 1UE Reception, Old Mill Caravan Park, Mill Road 24/7 Public
EBEDEA62-4E97-4990-9639-B03C0098D0AF PO33 1XH St Helens Primary School, Broomlands Close, St Helens Variable Public
2DCF6D2E-502C-4080-9CBF-B08A00FF90AA PO33 2BA Ryde St Johns Road (Iow), St Johns Hill, Ryde 24/7 Public
4F86F39E-99A1-4560-9CC0-AFDA00D11ED6 PO33 2BA South Western Railway, Island Line Ltd St Johns Road Railway Station, St Johns Road 24/7 Public
9D9F270C-BB6D-451C-B84D-AEDD0101C88B PO33 2BB Cheeky Chimps, 47a Monkton Street, Ryde Variable Public
0B5C4D22-8789-4DBB-BB57-AD2500C8F95F PO33 2BN Dover Park Primary School, Dover Street, Ryde Variable Restricted
C7676E43-9FC9-4A28-815E-AD2500E25A55 PO33 2EN Denbigh House Dental Practice, Denbigh House Dental Clinic, 62 George Street Variable Public
74FCBE4B-05E0-48EE-9D20-AFA1013A9472 PO33 2GA 28 Woodland View, Ryde 24/7 Public
0BC757AA-C456-41EA-9ECC-AD4F0156C141 PO33 2HB Passenger Terminal Ryde, Hovertravel Ltd, Quay Road Variable Public
9985D6A0-D108-410E-B459-AD4F0153764E PO33 2HB Island Flyed, Hovertravel Ltd, Quay Road Variable Restricted
FD3CC2C7-46A1-460B-BD7E-AD4F014F7229 PO33 2HB Solent Flyer, Hovertravel Ltd, Quay Road Variable Restricted
77A9BE9D-82E8-475A-AFFB-AF6B0160C993 PO33 2JE Spectrum Housing Group, The Foyer, 91 George Street 24/7 Restricted
049CF419-06BF-44DC-85BA-AEDD012DAE2C PO33 2QT The Salvation Army, Fellowship House, 20 Green Street 24/7 Public
9FF9829A-4CBA-4F40-A95C-AFC101430DD4 PO33 3AD High View, 45 Spencer Road, Ryde Variable Restricted
81F7DDAF-006F-4966-9D41-AD3300B352DE PO33 3BE Ryde School With Upper Chine, 7 Queens Road, Ryde Variable Public
8CB613B6-AC91-43F1-903C-B06D008EBEDD PO33 3BG Highfield Nursing Home, 33 Queens Road, Ryde 24/7 Public
F7698960-ED24-4327-8E5A-ADEA00B6F45D PO33 3DQ The Adelaide Club, Adelaide Place, Ryde 24/7 Restricted
AF96347F-7A59-45C0-A009-B053009866D9 PO33 3DT 57 Pellhurst Road, Ryde Variable Restricted
EFE8804D-0110-4585-9DB4-AD4200EFF94A PO33 3FE The Centre, Ryde House Drive, Ryde Variable Restricted
D9C7781C-AE97-49C6-81B1-AD2500F49EB0 PO33 3HA Haylands Primary School, Bettesworth Road, Ryde 24/7 Public
CFE103F0-6D95-41F9-AF0F-B074011ED104 PO33 3HU Salters Road, Ryde Variable Restricted
D215005F-D21D-48FB-B222-AD3A0105DEF3 PO33 3HU The Phoenix Project, 36 Salters Road, Ryde 24/7 Public
AE876E40-ABAD-4806-A22F-AD3B00A92090 PO33 3JB 30 Windmill Close, Ryde 24/7 Public
8FF37A53-0A11-42E3-878B-AD4601488CDA PO33 3LE Ryde United Reformed Church, Beechgrove House, Corbett Road 24/7 Public
014DB922-1EBC-4434-A643-AD41016199C6 PO33 3LJ Ryde Lawn Tennis And Croquet Club Grounds, Playstreet Lane, Ryde Variable Public
9A8BBA54-5514-467E-92DC-AD3400C81F84 PO33 3RD Fleming Arms, Binstead Road, Ryde 24/7 Public
0E39C14A-CD2D-46A0-A251-AF9A00D1461C PO33 3RT Binstead Methodist Church, Chapel Road, Binstead 24/7 Public
B1C1E402-9A9D-4214-BB71-AED900A3474B PO33 3SA Binstead Primary School, Hazlemere Avenue, Binstead Variable Restricted
A767F47B-736A-41D2-B3AC-AEDC00C3E45F PO33 4AP Beaper Shute, Brading Variable Public
50EF36E0-4E36-43D5-BC3C-AD4100AD57CD PO33 4BH I O W Table Tennis Centre, Smallbrook Stadium, Ryde Footpath 50, Ashey Road 24/7 Restricted
CE277FEF-7754-4DBA-8F7C-AF89011DBEA8 PO33 4BH Smallbrook Stadium, Ashey Road, Ryde 24/7 Public
D7EEEEC9-CF01-414C-8DE1-AEC30138751D PO33 4DH Rosekandy, Havenstreet Main Road, Havenstreet 24/7 Public
FCCB9385-0966-4C8B-9A1A-AD3300B87F74 PO33 4DR Island Health Care Ltd, Northbrooke House, Main Rd 24/7 Public
5B96D304-885E-478A-ADAF-ADB900D091F5 PO33 4JP Pgl Little Canada, New Road, Wootton 24/7 Public
4DE4CE81-4BF9-4835-BD10-ADEA00BD09FF PO33 4LE Kite Hill Nursing Home, Kite Hill, Wootton 24/7 Restricted
5FF0DF4A-D12C-4410-9CF7-AEED00EEB022 PO33 4LG Alison Batchelor, The Haven, Kite Hill Variable Public
D761CB80-892D-41FE-90EB-B07E00B6FD44 PO33 4LU 37-39 High Street, Wootton Variable Restricted
83B028DC-6C93-48B3-B3DD-AE3C00FB7CBF PO33 4LX Tesco Express, Rectory Dr, 0 Variable Public
2F55C3BD-20FE-45F6-ACEA-AEE100A1F0D4 PO33 4NW Medina Healthcare, Medina Health Care, Brannon Way Variable Restricted
70F1B76E-22D3-4742-91F0-AD2500AC4B6C PO33 4PT Wootton Primary School, Church Road, Wootton Variable Restricted
85B379E8-FA75-4D86-AB7E-AEDA00A9F211 PO33 4QQ 2a Rectory Drive, Wootton Variable Restricted
8588587B-6657-46BE-9505-B08900C6C783 PO33 4QU The Cedars, Cedars Pub, 2 Station Road 24/7 Public
F543D347-35AD-4F57-91F3-AF4100F1C50B PO33 4RA The Island Cosmetic Clinic, 49 Station Road, Wootton Variable Public
8F8B9BF3-20F2-4783-8A54-ADC600A7D023 PO34 5BW Nettlestone & Seaview Parish Council, Seagrove Bay Public Convenience, Ferniclose Road 24/7 Public
B866CB37-AE05-409D-94FB-AD4100BCEE61 PO34 5HB Seaview Yacht Club, Esplanade, Seaview 24/7 Public
DAA85CDF-B5F0-4128-8C0F-B07000B74C81 PO35 5AA Silver Sands Court, Church Road, Bembridge 24/7 Public
6165C49E-0934-4D15-AF86-B08100F88BA5 PO35 5PH Kingswood, Bembridge Boarding Campus, Hillway Road 24/7 Public
27636221-60D7-4CB3-BC3D-B03C009C6E80 PO35 5RH Bembridge Church Of England Primary School, Walls Road, Bembridge Variable Restricted
853E5147-306D-4A11-9BE8-AD4200CCA2D2 PO35 5TB Fishermans Walk, Bembridge 24/7 Restricted
50F1EE3E-2514-498B-A071-AF9000DB9AC1 PO35 5UL Steyne Park, Steyne Park., Bembridge 24/7 Public
D8B4E13B-170C-4D14-92D7-AD42009E5835 PO35 5UL Bycc, Bembridge Youth Centre, Steyne Road Variable Restricted
443DAA22-04B9-4D8E-AD3D-AD3F012793D2 PO35 5UP Bembridge Bowling Club, Mitten Road, Bembridge Variable Restricted
673E90F4-DAD7-473F-82F5-AE2800958F54 PO35 5XN Inver House Guest House, 55 Foreland Road, Bembridge 24/7 Public
CA69E2B6-12A0-4136-9B1A-ADBB00C4A578 PO35 5XN The Limes Residential Care Home, 43 Foreland Road, Bembridge 24/7 Restricted
E7572EE8-968D-4BB3-97A8-AEEC00B4E111 PO35 5XS The Elms, Swains Road The Elms Nursing Home, Bembridge 24/7 Restricted
845C7C90-CC7D-4874-AF4D-B0200112E8E7 PO36 0AR Brading Town Football Club, Vicarage Lane, Brading Variable Restricted
91D91359-5BBC-4501-B4E7-AF19009BAFBC PO36 0JP Cheverton Copse Holiday Park, Public Telephone 6m From Cheverton Copse Holiday Park, Scotchells Brook Lane 18m From Unna, Scotchells Brook Lane 24/7 Public
4773055C-69D1-4C28-9F9E-AD4200A082FC PO36 0LH Bigbury Farm, Alverstone Road, Newchurch 24/7 Public
C555FCE5-7137-4DB5-BD92-AD2F00688DD3 PO36 0LU Meadow Farmhouse, Bathingbourne Lane, Sandown 24/7 Public
77EF5A36-4987-4EF4-B802-AECB0102B674 PO36 0LZ Southland Camping Park, Winford Road, Newchurch 24/7 Public
7820BE16-458B-4AC9-AA89-AF0600A95D0C PO36 8AE Rblg Sandown Blg Unit, 48 High Street, Sandown Variable Restricted
C6DD7D31-4E11-48F4-AEDC-B0A600FD2080 PO36 8HE Capri Rest Home, 48 St Johns Road, Sandown Variable Restricted
6B009A11-906C-47F5-B6A2-AD3200F2FF66 PO36 9BE Sandown Nursing Home, 28 Grove Road, Sandown 24/7 Public
EC0E791B-669E-4249-8FF9-AD3E00BF9420 PO36 9DQ Sandown Dental Practice, 18 Broadway, Sandown Variable Restricted
5206EA8D-AE89-4FFA-BBA8-B093011751D3 PO36 9DR The Fairway Holiday Park., The Fairway, Sandown 24/7 Public
74A7BF9E-417B-48AC-BE54-B09A010E7E94 PO36 9DR Fairway Holiday Park Sales Office., Fairway Sales Office, The Fairway 24/7 Public
2C7AD0B7-2FC0-4E34-A895-AFA301113735 PO36 9EG Sandown & Lake Youth Fc, The Fairway., Lake 24/7 Public
8D32882D-7963-49ED-8F38-AFC40103675C PO36 9EH Tesco Express, The Fairway, Lake 24/7 Public
B5863C5A-8ECC-4A4B-B38E-AFA301114388 PO36 9ES Sandown & Shanklin Rugby Club., Sandown And Shanklin Rugby Club, Station Approach Variable Restricted
267E05EB-2DF0-46AA-B572-AD4100DC7DF3 PO36 9GA The Bay Medical Practice, Sandown Branch, Broadway Variable Restricted
19E15978-675C-40FE-885B-AD35007D6481 PO36 9GG Sandown Town Council The Broadway Centre, Broadway, Sandown 24/7 Public
249098DC-ABB2-4751-A392-AF1C00CBED9F PO36 9JH The Bay Ce School (Secondary), The Fairway, Lake Variable Restricted
DC17914C-33EF-4C8B-881C-AFFF00EBDBB0 PO36 9JH The Bay Ce School (Secondary), The Fairway, Lake Variable Restricted
CF78A76E-A44D-40FF-8B1E-AD1F009914D9 PO36 9NP The County Ground, Green Lane, Shanklin Variable Restricted
CF4743C7-ECC6-468D-BF5B-AFA10143DCB6 PO36 9PE Broadlea Primary School, Newport Road, Lake 24/7 Public
22F8E31A-FCCB-4931-A51A-AF9000DBC2D5 PO36 9PH Spithead Busine, Newport Road, Sandown 24/7 Public
59694207-55D0-461E-9765-B09300972330 PO36 9PH Unit D1a Spithead Business Centre, Newport Road, Lake Variable Restricted
0BF5DD6C-6E2C-4768-84E0-AD42010C6F12 PO36 9PR Centre Of Pond 122m From Shanklin & Sandown Golf Club, The Fairway 60m From Golf Links Roa, Sandown And Shanklin Bridleway 46, Sandown Variable Restricted
FFDBBFC0-3B95-4D2D-93B2-AF590085EAD0 PO36 9PT Premier Inn, Merrie Farm Park, Sandown 24/7 Restricted
0883BC3C-FD05-4CF1-AC9B-AF89012130E3 PO36 9QQ Sports & Bowls Club, Sandham Gardens, Sandown Variable Restricted
8BDEF7A8-1B86-4D0A-8817-AD4100E59C41 PO37 6AU Shanklin Conservative And Unionist Club, 6 Palmerston Road, Shanklin Variable Public
7A54DB40-D60D-4DE7-B88B-AED900DCD9B1 PO37 6EE Bupa Dental Centre, Arthur Hill Dental Centre, 14 Arthurs Hill Variable Restricted
02C527F3-7C38-41A3-9E28-AD41010A909A PO37 6EX Springfield Nursing Home, 26 Arthurs Hill, Shanklin 24/7 Public
21725FC1-AA91-45D9-A876-AD4300D6B79A PO37 6HD Haven Hall Hotel, 5 Howard Road, Shanklin 24/7 Restricted
E427F3BB-D22F-4925-A18C-AE7700A5AD01 PO37 6PP Highfield House, 4 Highfield Road, Shanklin 24/7 Public
1D006D08-32FE-4642-80D0-B0A70118137C PO37 6PU Flat 6 Westhill Manor, 9 Westhill Road, Shanklin 24/7 Public
9F0E40AE-DE9B-4276-91FE-AFA1013AA43A PO37 7AE Regent Pharmacy, 59 Regent Street, Shanklin Variable Restricted
3F1597C6-4CC8-4015-AED9-AD470085E53E PO37 7HR The Bay Medical Practice- Shanklin Branch, 1 Carter Road, Shanklin Variable Restricted
D38A306B-6B57-4BA9-B20E-B05300995BD9 PO37 7HZ Arthur Webster Clinic, 35 Landguard Manor Road, Shanklin Variable Restricted
E01A45F6-F42D-4694-ACC1-B0A600FD2868 PO37 7HZ Portland Lodge, 21 Landguard Manor Road, Shanklin Variable Restricted
6B5B8F1A-749C-4074-85BC-ADC800D952B1 PO37 7LD Shanklin Bowling Club, 24 Brook Road, Shanklin Variable Restricted
7DA642FD-D474-41F1-94F6-AFF100DE6316 PO37 7LL Lower Hyde Holiday Park, Landguard Road, Shanklin 24/7 Public
7E4D5879-0BB9-42D9-8660-AFF10100FDFD PO37 7PJ Landguard Holiday Park, Landguard Manor Road, Shanklin 24/7 Public
E7F135FE-8A47-4E02-8D84-AFD400F12491 PO37 7PL Ninham Farm, Ninham Farm, Ninham, Ninham 24/7 Public
93BA87E1-7B38-4596-B70B-AF2600AFC9A6 PO38 1AW Central Stores, 40 Newport Road, Ventnor 24/7 Public
DC297F42-FD53-4077-9B99-AD2400DFC66C PO38 1BT Ward House Limited, 21-23 Alpine Road, 21-23 Alpine Road 24/7 Restricted
8128FFCA-607C-4178-8475-AF7A00E9C876 PO38 1EU Grove House Surgery, 102 Albert Street, Ventnor Variable Restricted
5AB3C401-BCB5-4167-BD3E-AF7A00F19808 PO38 1EZ 3 Albert Street, Ventnor Variable Restricted
8398961C-886A-47C3-9993-AD5100959863 PO38 1EZ Ventnor Medical Practice, 3 Albert Street, Ventnor Variable Restricted
FC36D548-CEA3-460F-8E5C-AD3F015C3E06 PO38 1JJ Royal Hotel, Belgrave Road, Ventnor 24/7 Public
71544540-A719-4266-8C03-AF1C00B4545B PO38 1LR Byrnhill Grove, Park Avenue, Ventnor 24/7 Public
D6A61F68-0692-433F-A9D4-AFF5009ED48F PO38 1LT Tesco Express, 52 High Street, Ventnor Variable Public
9D3B1405-EBDC-42C1-9898-AD8F0115E219 PO38 1PU St Boniface Church, Bonchurch Shute, Friston 24/7 Public
7FC056F6-BE8F-402B-B143-AD2701040426 PO38 1RZ Island Dental Care, 42 High Street, Ventnor Variable Public
06087DD9-E993-4CE5-BBBB-AD6E0086C886 PO38 1SW Dental Surgery, 4 Church Street, Ventnor Variable Restricted
4F4BED04-B736-452F-A6CB-AD410092793D PO38 1TH Freemasons, Yarborough Masonic Hall, Grove Road 24/7 Restricted
FA47E907-A9CC-4B36-AF93-AD420110D78B PO38 1TT St Catherine's School, Grove Road, Ventnor Variable Restricted
B0FC266E-C205-4EC0-9857-AD6F00833CF3 PO38 1UN Orchard Bay House, The Cliff Path, St Lawrence 24/7 Public
D779CF80-D880-4E86-B357-AD2600C57956 PO38 1UW St Lawrence, St Lawrence Village Hall, Undercliff Drive 24/7 Public
32ADF6BF-6028-475F-B219-AD4200F8459B PO38 2BN South Wight Medical Practice, Blackgang Road, Niton Variable Restricted
414C8FB8-6CDA-46A7-BD27-B03D00EEC219 PO38 2BP Niton Primary School, School Lane, Niton Variable Restricted
8FBE2000-8642-4C94-878B-AD4100FA515A PO38 2HA Wight Mouse Inn, Church Place, Chale 24/7 Public
36DD610D-DCB4-4769-BA35-B02B008D2B25 PO38 2HN Blackgang Chine Theme Park, Blackgang Road, Niton Variable Restricted
05908540-6BA8-4682-BAB3-AF89011E8006 PO38 2JF Chale Bay, Military Road, Ventnor 24/7 Public
630C863A-7659-4571-A644-B086009BB4F1 PO38 3AA Isle Of Wight Donkey Sanctuary, Lower Winstone Farm, Wroxall Variable Public
E5849C91-74E8-4E5E-99D2-B07D00CF9EBC PO38 3AA Isle Of Wight Donkey Sanctuary, Lower Winston Farm, St Johns Road, St Johns Road 24/7 Public
BA3BF035-9E70-4C81-AEF0-AD4900ADC97D PO38 3HJ Godshill Primary School, School Road, Godshill Variable Restricted
A9B6B537-65E7-4021-934E-AE3500D560F2 PO38 3HS South Wight Medical Practice, Yarborough Close, Ventnor Variable Restricted
F64DA6FE-BEDA-493F-A9CC-AD4100995D2B PO38 3HZ The Old Smithy, High Street, Godshill Variable Restricted
375CAE22-EA5D-4474-B33C-B020011DDD60 PO38 3JR Isle Of Wight Gun Club, Godshill Variable Restricted
0E12CE4A-7519-435B-B254-AF8800D17A3E PO38 3JY Clover Farm, Bagwich Lane, Godshill Variable Restricted
95B29FD2-20E1-4857-9257-B032010AFE56 PO38 3NJ Rookley Village Hall & Sports Field, Highwood Lane, Rookley 24/7 Public
0BEA74A4-634B-4BDE-B6C8-AF8900BA0B73 PO38 3NZ Chequers Inn, Chequers Inn Road, Rookley Variable Public
F7DAAEB2-23C2-48FD-A8C0-AEF700B66C1A PO39 0AS West Wight Men In Sheds, Recreation Ground, The Broadway Variable Restricted
2AE1E697-8843-4047-8780-AD3B00D9BD85 PO39 0BJ Flat 1 Inglefield Nursing Home, Madeira Road, Totland 24/7 Restricted
191905B0-0A7D-43F7-AEBB-B05600FBFF26 PO39 0ES Christchurch, Alum Bay New Road, Totland 24/7 Public
707D48F8-1FC0-4769-B7EB-AD3B009DBB71 PO39 0HJ Coastguard Lookout, New Battery, Upper Highdown 24/7 Public
E01DD847-C087-40CB-9A40-AD4400E3D3B1 PO39 0HQ St Saviour's Primary School, St. Saviours Rc Primary School, Summers Lane Variable Restricted
75C538D4-EFD7-4293-8139-AD4100B0F748 PO39 0JD The Needles Landmark Attraction, Needles Pleasure Park, Alum Bay New Road Variable Restricted
5166D020-9685-4F02-9902-AD2400F23429 PO4 0AG Devonshire Infant School, Francis Avenue, Southsea 24/7 Public
C522D36A-CFDE-429E-AD89-B08100989D4D PO4 0DL Priory School, Fawcett Road, Southsea Variable Restricted
E079014F-11A2-44BD-809D-B081009BC369 PO4 0DL Priory School, Fawcett Road, Southsea Variable Restricted
23DFA336-A771-4B63-A461-AFE400DD427E PO4 0DY Portsdown Group Practice, 3 Heyward Road, Southsea Variable Restricted
FA791363-898C-4C5A-88ED-AE3900DD4858 PO4 0JP Tesco Stores Limited, Shop, 183-191 Albert Road Variable Public
C6FBC5C6-D132-428D-8B1C-AE92009CD065 PO4 0LQ Havelock Community Centre, 324 Fawcett Road, Southsea 24/7 Public
189DEC12-2245-4194-B521-AD5800A96DAE PO4 0SW South Parade Pier, South Parade, Southsea Variable Restricted
433AC74A-1A57-402F-8485-AF4800E2CE3A PO4 8BQ Housing 21, Crane Court, 55 Velder Avenue 24/7 Public
0C064593-7E90-4129-8D3D-AE5F013D122A PO4 8FD Tesco Extra, Fratton Way, Portsmouth Variable Public
CA363B1F-A449-4017-A3D0-AF4800E37DA2 PO4 8JZ Housing 21, Osprey Court, 20 Moorings Way 24/7 Public
C08A86A2-81CC-4B64-BC5F-AD4300F76632 PO4 8LL Eastney And Milton Allotment Holders' Association, Eastney Lake, Milton Piece And Hope Cottage Allotments, Locksway Road 24/7 Restricted
6AF66928-0AB4-4062-B564-AF4E00B82BAD PO4 8NT Meon Infant School, Shelford Road, Southsea 24/7 Public
CB819C5C-7578-4092-A0EF-AF4800E41854 PO4 8QQ Housing 21, Managers Office Brent Court, Warren Avenue 24/7 Public
4858E4E9-10F3-424C-9FA0-AE3C00B5F625 PO4 8QZ Tesco, 133-137, Goldsmith Avenue Variable Public
8154 PO4 8RL Milton Park Bowling Club, Hampshire 24/7 Public
9FDC605B-2B17-407C-9530-AFE800744BA6 PO4 8SH Screwfix, Dickinson Road, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
D5909C80-DB5F-423B-A4B1-ADE80093719B PO4 8ST Edge Equipment Hire Ltd, Unit 5 Cluster Ind Est, Rodey Road Variable Restricted
ABEABFA8-C32A-4520-A4A8-AF4E00C18EB7 PO4 8YJ Moorings Way Infant School, Moorings Way, Southsea 24/7 Public
BFBDC3A3-2D72-4162-A8E4-AE8400A4FDD8 PO4 9HU Trafalgar Medical Group Practice, Eastney Health Centre, Highland Road Variable Restricted
00491DDC-EBE2-4C00-A189-AE3800AF82ED PO4 9JB Tesco Express, Eastney Rd, 0 Variable Public
35DA55D3-8DB4-4637-B127-AF1800D6FE10 PO4 9LY University Of Portsmouth, Institute Of Marine Sciences, Ferry Road Variable Restricted
568197F0-B21D-49C1-A8E0-AE8C008DBB44 PO4 9LY Eastney Cruising Association, Ferry Road, Southsea Variable Restricted
81E8E0A9-CA3B-4DAD-8AD5-AD1A009295F7 PO4 9NB Portsmouth City Council, Eastney Esplanade, Eastney 24/7 Public
09D5F11A-08C9-40B2-9C68-AD9D00E05B24 PO4 9QU Public Conveniences, St Georges Road, Southsea 24/7 Public
03AC84C7-BDB9-4AD2-98AD-AD4700D3676A PO40 9AX Freshwater Early Years Centre, School Green Road, Freshwater Variable Restricted
AE305587-4909-4E3D-B071-AD4801037CE9 PO40 9DT Wight Primary Partnerships Ltd, Brookside Health Centre, Queens Road Variable Restricted
8FAA21E4-0D56-4E17-A357-AF890121686A PO40 9ES Conservative Club, Queens Road, Freshwater 24/7 Public
4247202A-507F-4264-BCDA-AFA001259ED9 PO40 9SL Green Meadows, Norton Green, Freshwater Variable Restricted
3779ECEB-3759-4A40-ABAF-AD4200FED58B PO40 9TZ Freshwater Bay Golf Club, Afton Down, Freshwater Variable Public
2C01BD9B-F250-4B7E-BBD6-AD2D008D9318 PO40 9UT Avenue Road Dental Practice, Avenue Road, Freshwater Variable Public
6C489900-8175-4138-AE57-AFAD012D9AAA PO40 9XH West Wight Sports Centre Trust Ltd, West Wight Sports Centre, Moa Place 24/7 Public
8F6B18FF-5601-4BA4-957E-AD3B00A5F71C PO40 9XH West Wight Sports Centre Trust Ltd, West Wight Sports Centre, Moa Place Variable Restricted
6B45777B-00C5-48C0-B438-AD25013CA736 PO41 0NT Yarmouth Harbour Commissioners, Yarmouth (Isle Of Wight) Harbour Commissioners, Harbour Office, The Quay Variable Restricted
C3DEFA87-E543-4C81-8C2B-AD3300E24197 PO41 0RA Yarmouth Church Of England Primary School, Yarmouth Ce Primary School, Mill Road Variable Restricted
C6B833E4-903B-455C-B77B-AD3B00818B2A PO41 0RJ The West Bay Club, Halletts Shute, Yarmouth 24/7 Public
D573DF79-EDF8-494E-849F-AFA300CA8471 PO41 0TA The Wellow Literary Institute, Wellow Top Road, Shalfleet 24/7 Public
432FBE3A-8854-4C03-8AA5-ADE400A2F66B PO41 0YJ Tapnell Farm, Newport Road, Freshwater 24/7 Public
F98415C9-AC56-4750-B322-AFA300EB78F7 PO5 1AG Key Recruitment Ltd, Cumberland Gate, Cumberland Road Variable Public
8AE069CA-2F69-482C-8D63-AE3900975346 PO5 1JF Tesco Stores, 65-67 Elm Grove, Portsmouth Variable Public
4079E0B6-A6E8-45F1-99EB-AF4300F4DD3D PO5 2DD Southsea Orthodontics, 7a Victoria Road South, Southsea Variable Public
EA162020-6F58-4B7D-9394-AF0300AF6C35 PO5 2PW 34 Waverley Road, Southsea Variable Restricted
83D4057C-E1DF-4991-8B64-AF8D014920B0 PO5 2QU The Phoenix, 13 Duncan Road, Southsea 24/7 Public
2C09DD52-ECE9-47BF-B8FE-B03500D59BD1 PO5 2RG St Swithuns Catholic Primary School, Taswell Road, Southsea Variable Restricted
22BB5496-43EF-4196-851B-AF1800D6AAD0 PO5 3AP University Of Portsmouth - Rees Hall, Rees Hall, 113 Southsea Terrace Variable Public
5437E44F-A656-4F87-B89A-B03800CE2A16 PO5 3AY 65 Castle Road, Southsea 24/7 Public
969F6AF5-787F-4754-A779-AFE500C3AFA9 PO5 3LJ Queens Hotel, 2 Osborne Road, Southsea 24/7 Public
AAF9D15C-49B7-41D5-BA27-AEC500C26524 PO5 3ND Trafalgar Medical Group Practice, 25 Osborne Road, Southsea Variable Restricted
43797E0F-D591-4B42-AC7F-B03400AE4354 PO5 3NS Seafront Managers Office, Avenue De Caen, Southsea Variable Restricted
B9831ABF-4B7A-4EE2-8563-AEB300E10574 PO5 3NT The D-Day Story, Clarence Esplanade, Southsea Variable Public
0CAA61F6-30B2-4F62-9A19-AD39011F7AB4 PO5 3PB Southsea Tennis Club, Clarence Esplanade, Southsea Variable Restricted
A0A07CD2-87E7-4A3A-A119-AFD000A6A345 PO5 3PG Shelter Speakers Corner, Clarence Esplanade, Southsea Variable Restricted
E4BBCEEF-D19F-4C92-9CC0-AE37012090B9 PO5 3QH Tesco Express, 10-12 Palmerston Road, Southsea Variable Public
3A66A1F9-7471-4472-AE58-AEF000F79AAA PO5 3QQ Southsea Library, 19-21 Palmerston Road, Southsea 24/7 Public
28850D47-20DB-43B8-846F-B0140085B2A7 PO5 3ST Pyramids Exploria, The Pyramids, Clarence Esplanade Variable Restricted
DF77D813-7801-4169-B8AD-AEBB00CEDC17 PO5 4EH King Street Taven, Public House, 70 King Street 24/7 Public
C4705777-D6B5-4030-AC86-AE1301200615 PO5 4EY Somerstown Community Centre, Managed By Portsmouth County Council, Somerstown Community Centre, Somerstown Central 24/7 Public
D4E7688F-CA08-43D7-9DED-AFE400D98A35 PO5 4EZ Portsdown Group Practice, Somerstown Surgery Somerstown Central, Tyseley Road Variable Restricted
A8FB2644-22DA-41DE-A95F-AF6B0116B571 PO6 1AA Farlington Parish, Church Hall St Andrews Church, Havant Road 24/7 Public
98D98F61-274B-47A2-A988-AE8300B029F4 PO6 1HJ Solent Junior School, Solent Road, Drayton Variable Restricted
3122131B-66F7-45CA-BE8B-ADDE00B65FC4 PO6 1NF Tesco Store, Tesco Express, 424 Havant Road, Farlington Variable Public
684D41CB-0623-4E9E-AA14-B08800B4061F PO6 1NF Farlington Tesco Express, 426a Havant Road, Drayton And Farlington 24/7 Public
31AFCF1C-6C38-4003-852E-AFF100DE5ED6 PO6 1QY Springfield School, Central Road, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
CE2AD237-1B10-4FB1-AB79-AFF100AB21FF PO6 1QY Springfield School, Central Road, Portsmouth Variable Public
2F1F7306-7F2B-489E-8FF5-AD7300B50192 PO6 1RR Farlington Sports Pavilion, Eastern Road, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
39B5C03C-646A-4787-973B-AFCF0095A8D7 PO6 1RU Howdens At Portsmouth, Fitzherbert Road,, Farlington Ind. Est. Variable Restricted
9C0196CB-BCD8-4713-9D82-AF500121EE00 PO6 1RU Gibbs And Dandy, Trowel House, Fitzherbert Rd Variable Public
02B3B4FE-259C-4E82-BEDB-B01100CC941B PO6 1TH Management Office, Railway Triangle, Walton Road 24/7 Public
4D43798B-5F3C-4E54-A6A3-ADCD00FFED82 PO6 1TT Marlin Environmental, Unit 14, Fitzherbert Spur Variable Restricted
DDB471A0-9497-496E-A0CB-B05000B47C56 PO6 1TT Showcase Psr Portsdown, 7-8 Fitzherburt Spur, Farlington Variable Restricted
65EF9A10-7BE5-4BE7-9D15-AD6500B32EB3 PO6 1TU Langstone Point, Walton Road, Portsmouth Variable Public
86B855BE-26E9-4314-8757-AEEC00C648A5 PO6 1UJ Portsmouth Truck Stop, Lorry Park Portsmouth Truck Stop, Walton Road 24/7 Public
05CB9FD8-4D87-4F12-95D5-B02E009B0700 PO6 1UP Phoenix Healthcare Distribution Ltd, 5 Jackson Close, Grove Road Variable Restricted
50F26C7C-2462-46A1-8B76-AFE8010428A9 PO6 1US Screwfix, Unit C2 Mountbatten Business Park, Jackson Close Variable Restricted
C08D02B1-9EB7-484E-BB04-AF4A00DF4C47 PO6 2AW Farlington Parish - Church Of The Resurrection Hall, Brecon Avenue, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
FF2AEEF6-871E-4964-9919-B00C009AB92B PO6 2BF Carrick Court, Carmarthen Avenue, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
44665119-892E-451F-820B-AE8D007B2B02 PO6 2NQ Drayton Park, Lower Drayton Lane, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
14AEAA86-AE4F-46B0-AC7B-AF9600F0AE12 PO6 2PG Jewson, Jewson Builders Merchants, Knowsley Road Variable Restricted
EF2B0206-B997-490D-A13E-AD1E00CBA5D5 PO6 2PP Court Lane Infant, Court Lane Infant School, Hilary Avenue 24/7 Public
CF516193-7C16-49DE-ADD4-AE8C00AA9ECF PO6 2QZ Baptist Church, Cosham Baptist Church, Havant Road Variable Restricted
F4C21621-C84B-4032-8FEF-B06100ACF0F6 PO6 3BD Cosham, High Street, Cosham 24/7 Public
93EE9BC1-168B-4A07-A1E9-AFE400DAC8EB PO6 3BG Portsdown Group Practice, Cosham Park House Surgery, Cosham Park Avenue Variable Restricted
52051A61-42EE-4249-8B85-ADE401092649 PO6 3BZ Tesco, 16 High Street, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
1CF262AA-C358-4668-860F-AF6400DD85F1 PO6 3EE Red Lion, Red Lion Hotel, London Road Variable Public
8A5DBE46-50DB-4700-943C-AEB700D9678B PO6 3EN Building 1000 Reception, Portsmouth City Council C/O Avison Young, Lakeside North Harbour 24/7 Public
A9190BAB-C170-4CB7-8E55-AFFD0089A57C PO6 3EN Showcase Psr Portsdown, Lakeside 3000, Lakeside North Harbour Variable Restricted
D83227DE-2DC2-417B-9807-B029007DB7A7 PO6 3EN Building 2000 Reception, Portsmouth City Council C/O Avison Young, Lakeside North Harbour 24/7 Public
AAEAE4A7-7E21-491A-9E43-B00D0099C82E PO6 3NH Medina Primary School, Medina Road, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
94FA3B73-C3DF-4C8E-8E79-B00A00FA3F26 PO6 3PQ Porsche, Lakeside Business Park, Western Road Variable Public
781E0D21-81E6-4977-9CCB-B00A00AB959D PO6 3PS Beacon View Primary Academy, Allaway Avenue, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
1BCF2A96-F47E-4910-BCB9-AD2500C8373F PO6 3TJ South Central Ambulance Services, Ambulance Resource Centre, Northarbour Road 24/7 Restricted
ED311B76-3516-4BA8-9BA2-AD7300B657DB PO6 3XA King George Fifth Playing Field Pavilion, Northern Road, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
7D804386-59BD-4520-A8CF-AE7000D6E85B PO6 4FG Puregym, Portsmouth Retail Park, Binnacle Way 24/7 Restricted
79FA896B-8DBD-4A1F-9A92-AEF500CA4BB3 PO6 4HG Portsmouth City Council, Paulsgrove Area Office, 195a Allaway Avenue 24/7 Public
7BA930AD-67FC-434E-BA98-AFE400DEF692 PO6 4HJ Portsdown Group Practice, Allaway Avenue Footpath Rear Of 194 Surgery, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
493392FF-F6EA-4BCA-A9A8-AD7300B7AB5E PO6 4JB Paulsgrove Community Centre, Marsden Road, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
0A38934E-A9AD-4E28-B0CA-AE3E00BBBBDB PO6 4JD St Pauls Catholic Primary School, St. Pauls Rc Primary School, Bourne Road Variable Restricted
9C6EFC6D-BBE0-4922-97CA-AF9300E9CE0A PO6 4PX Griffon Hoverwork, Moorings Inner Dock Trafalgar Wharf, Hamilton Road 24/7 Public
F5FDFEF3-295D-4384-B7C2-AD2000DB0B9C PO6 4PX Trafalgar Shipyard Ltd., Trafalagr Wharf, Hamilton Road 24/7 Public
40B203D6-E900-48F0-8FAB-AF2600B615DC PO6 4RS Bay House, Compass Road, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
82FA8E56-12BB-40F6-A30F-AD8A00F95E99 PO6 4RS Bay House, Compass Road, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
A2ACCB5C-E3AB-47EA-BA6E-AF25008A9EB9 PO6 4RS Bay House, Compass Road, Portsmouth Variable Restricted
7D586F62-5243-4D42-AB16-AE6800A434B5 PO6 4SF Compass Road Access Road From Roundabout Leading To Marriott Hotel, Portsmouth Variable Public
6DECF851-6684-4552-AD37-AE380109BA03 PO6 4SR Tesco Extra, Clement Attlee Way, 0 Variable Public
5C2446C8-80ED-49A4-AFCC-AE2400B60FB1 PO6 4TP David Lloyd - Port Solent, The Boardwalk, Port Solent Variable Restricted
AE802412-982F-47FE-BA43-AD1E00887BD0 PO6 4UG Marina Keep Access Road South Of The Port House, Portsmouth 24/7 Public
1A06957F-7E40-41DE-8615-AFA2009FE4A4 PO7 3BE Berewood Primary School, Kentidge Way, Waterlooville 24/7 Public
809F6E48-39DD-4465-A2C2-AD2C00FC1D17 PO7 3BE Berewood Primary School, Kentidge Way, Waterlooville 24/7 Public
0E95A13D-E25C-4F2F-A787-AF9300B27272 PO7 3DU Pelham, Unit 121 Proxima Park, Houghton Avenue Variable Restricted
F1025787-7B3D-4AB9-A1E1-AFE2009364B1 PO7 3DU Rentokil Initial, Technology Centre, Unit 116, Proxima Park, Houghton Avenue Variable Restricted
3C30DCA4-7430-4427-8A0E-AD6700CFFCFA PO7 4RW Hambledon Village Hall, West Street, Hambledon 24/7 Public
F1FA29E2-8D3A-43FE-B43C-ADC8013D8B10 PO7 4RX Court House, East Street, Hambledon 24/7 Public
3FEACF76-A701-46F6-8F3F-AFEA00777B2A PO7 5DS Purbrook Park School, Park Avenue, Waterlooville Variable Restricted
E0349546-5BC7-44AF-BA47-B05D00BE24B8 PO7 5JU Deverell Hall, London Road, Purbrook 24/7 Public
74547444-B8DD-4BC6-BA43-AEE600A98842 PO7 5SR J F Goodwillie Ltd, 154 London Road, Waterlooville Variable Public
50B1C1D5-D06C-4F44-9155-AFE400DBB908 PO7 5XP Crookhorn Lane Surgery, The Surgery, Crookhorn Lane Variable Restricted
57FABEDE-8115-49E7-88F0-AEAF0106814C PO7 6LA Denmead Parish Council, King Georges Field Recreation Ground, Ashling Park Road 24/7 Public
94B36BF4-7318-44D0-8182-AD2500BD6676 PO7 6LB Harvest Home, Southwick Road, Denmead 24/7 Public
32B2D714-964E-46C3-828A-AD4E009A674C PO7 6LU Denmead Parish Council, Denmead Community Centre, School Lane 24/7 Public
F9F1678E-CC14-4BDE-8FCE-AE9800A25AE8 PO7 6LW Green Meadows, Green Lane, Denmead 24/7 Public
74470B89-E15C-4BF6-B24C-B07600766D99 PO7 6PH Denmead Junior School, Bere Road, Denmead Variable Restricted
AF4453B2-BC9B-41F7-B90E-B03C00910666 PO7 6PN Denmead Infant School, Hambledon Road, Denmead Variable Restricted
CB681DAC-5E14-4B7C-A04F-AAE80082AD24 PO7 6XP Ovarro Ld Limited, Ovarro House, Parklands Business Park Variable Restricted
FEFE5424-D8AD-4BE8-BA8D-AE55007FEB4C PO7 7AY Waterlooville Area Community Association Cio, Waterlooville Community Centre, 10 Maurepas Way Variable Public
EE83C49E-3180-4DE7-A4E1-B06F00C8D3EA PO7 7DT O2 Store (0542) Waterlooville, 9 The Precinct, London Road Variable Restricted
68628BF1-B8F8-4A78-85DD-AFEA00A74FCC PO7 7DZ The Heroes, 125 London Road, Waterlooville Variable Public
BDFFD1F4-3CAD-4794-B4A5-B0680158043E PO7 7DZ The Heroes, 125 London Road, Waterlooville Variable Public
FE091EDD-B83E-4C70-92B0-ADCE0148A5BA PO7 7EH St George's Church, St Georges Church Hall, St Georges Walk 24/7 Public
0543674B-EA02-4BA0-A41D-AE7000C86619 PO7 7HS Puregym, Unit 15, Dukes Walk Shopping Centre 24/7 Restricted
56B3E158-80FD-41CF-8869-AE3C010F30C0 PO7 7RL Tesco Express, 179 London Rd, 0 Variable Public
E94AED4B-F936-4B06-AC84-AEAC0104192B PO7 7SH Nails By Debs, Highbank House, 133 London Road Variable Public
6D332ACE-D522-4668-A4D0-AE9300D71EF6 PO7 7TY Wellington Vale, Darnel Road, Waterlooville 24/7 Restricted
4637F517-8666-483B-880B-AFEC00C25B41 PO7 7UP Screwfix, 7 & 7a Arnside Road, Waterlooville Variable Restricted
2B36BF50-2444-4775-B2CF-B0430113BB38 PO7 7XW Yeomans Nissan Portsmouth, 1 Elettra Avenue, Waterlooville Variable Public
C7D82013-7433-4BDC-B04A-AE9E00E2E8C5 PO7 7XY Tyak House, 4 Silverthorne Way, Waterlooville Variable Restricted
7DEA4A2F-3345-45A3-B1C0-AF5800B54886 PO7 7YH Heelan Associates, 1 The Briars, Waterberry Drive Variable Public
A67ABB01-42B4-4E4B-89E1-AD2D00A125C6 PO7 7YH Bluebird Care, The Briars, 2 Waterberry Drive Variable Public
6A876D10-AB28-4962-A61B-AD2100AC33ED PO7 8BJ Springwood Community Centre, 110 Springwood Avenue, Waterlooville 24/7 Public
0A75412D-5E5C-4797-8A1D-B02E009C4CCB PO7 8ED Springwood Infant School, Springwood Avenue, Waterlooville Variable Restricted
0D052F7A-362D-4AA8-8D6B-B02E009F1C26 PO7 8ED Springwood Avenue, Waterlooville Variable Restricted
67F87695-177B-4ED5-BF87-AE3800BE2F1C PO7 8NS Tesco, 1 Lavender Road, Waterlooville Variable Public
FB84195D-81A0-4122-9828-AD3300959F52 PO7 8NS Stakes Lodge Surgery, 3a Lavender Road, Waterlooville 24/7 Public
28541362-6635-4636-B142-AE3E00E76E56 PO7 8SE Tesco Express, The Westbrook Centre, Grassmere Way Variable Public
871268EB-EE67-4DA6-91BB-B07400B20030 PO7 8SE Tesco Express, 18 The Westbrook Centre, Grassmere Way Variable Public
874AEF8F-8BF9-402B-A0D8-B03E00A126D8 PO8 0AA The New Blendworth Centre, Blendworth Lane, Horndean Variable Public
8361 PO8 0BG On Post, Hampshire 24/7 Public
17701CF0-EEBB-4FD9-9062-B09300F543E5 PO8 0BG Chalton On Post, On Post Next To Church, South Lane 24/7 Public
E42E30D8-4FF9-4709-AB94-B075009265FE PO8 0BG Butser Ancient Farm, Chalton Lane, Chalton Variable Restricted
395535BC-D8DC-4D61-967D-AFC800F7B69B PO8 0BP Kingdom Hall Of Jehovah's Witnesess, 111 London Raod, Horndean 24/7 Public
286D5278-02A6-43B1-B1EE-AF3C011D0BB2 PO8 0DW Idsworth Close Defibrillator, 5 Idsworth Close, Waterlooville 24/7 Public
7963 PO8 0JU Petersgate Infant School, Hampshire 24/7 Public
4023 PO8 0PZ The Pavilion, Hampshire 24/7 Public
7962 PO8 0RE Clanfield Junior School, Hampshire 24/7 Public
7BE2083E-0C0C-4D20-8C0D-B04A00AD0FA1 PO8 0RE Clanfield Junior School, Little Hyden Lane, Waterlooville Variable Restricted
2C2EF1BE-DB2F-4828-A4E7-AD2D00E88918 PO8 0TD All Saints Church Hall, 330,Catherington Lane, Waterlooville 24/7 Public
5EFD87A0-8002-4268-BB8B-B04300E84D9B PO8 0TD Catherington C Of E Controlled Infant School, Catherington Lane, Waterlooville Variable Restricted
214006D2-0ED7-4F92-BA7C-AD1E00F4639B PO8 0TR 32 Glamorgan Road, Waterlooville Variable Restricted
6088 PO8 0WJ Bowls & Sports Club, Hampshire 24/7 Public
4999 PO8 0YF Community and Sports Centre, Hampshire 24/7 Public
2D21812F-3B56-43A3-A9A8-AF0900B1B35A PO8 8EN Cowplain Social Club, 54 London Rd, Cowplain Variable Restricted
CE013E0B-2CE0-43C1-B316-AD1E00CF8CEA PO8 8RY Cowplain School, Hart Plain Avenue, Waterlooville 24/7 Public
1046 PO8 8SE The Rainbow Pub, Hampshire 24/7 Public
C2D1416F-572F-4408-9025-AD2700801FEF PO8 8XA Cowplain Evangelical Free Church, Durley Avenue, Waterlooville 24/7 Public
01A1AEF6-7376-43AC-89E0-AD2C00FDE6C1 PO8 8XJ Cowplain Dental Practice, 139 London Road Cowplain, Cowplain Variable Restricted
4E25075A-6C30-4E55-A111-AD2C009E222F PO8 9GX Wecock Community Association, The Acorn Centre The Kestrels, 3 Eagle Avenue 24/7 Public
CBBC997B-CF94-4147-8FC5-AFE700D98D91 PO8 9JU Screwfix, Unit J2 Hazleton Interchange, Horndean Variable Restricted
1F3716B0-D489-40FB-A943-AF5700C57708 PO8 9NB Scout Association, 7 Queens Crescent, Horndean 24/7 Public
13456FD6-84FF-4605-A334-AD2D00FC621F PO8 9NL Napier Hall, Portsmouth Road, Waterlooville 24/7 Public
DB41AF94-EBED-49DB-A63D-B02D00BA61DE PO8 9RJ Tesco Lovedean Lane Express, Lovedean Ln, Lovedean Variable Public
3A8397E3-A06D-4EB8-915E-AD2D00FB7574 PO8 9SU Horndean Parish Council, Crouch Lane, Waterlooville 24/7 Public
E60AC008-FF3A-4A3D-A192-B02600B7887E PO9 1AY Fairfield Infant School, Fairfield Road, Havant Variable Restricted
B9CEA8A1-223C-4737-869A-AEC800C733AE PO9 1BS The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre, 56 East Street, Havant Variable Public
88132BB5-13E4-46F4-A999-AE6100B7914F PO9 1DA Bosmere Junior School, South Street, Havant Variable Public
62799D41-0156-461B-9B99-AFE700DB342C PO9 1JH Screwfix, Solent Trade Park, Havant Variable Restricted
B415BA6A-01E0-451A-91FC-B02800EABA35 PO9 1LG Portsmouth Water Plc, 99 West Street, Havant Variable Restricted
DE98295E-6485-4EEE-AC25-B02800E91539 PO9 1LG Portsmouth Water, Portsmouth Water Ltd, West Street Variable Restricted
4FEE41DB-CC19-4ABF-9CC8-B06100AD38CC PO9 1LL Bedhampton, West Street, Bedhampton 24/7 Public
905D9D76-9111-4A68-B616-B0890089541C PO9 1LS Kingscroft Court, Ridgway, Marples Way, Havant 24/7 Public
65302A65-5DDD-4BC1-81F5-B06100ACA2F1 PO9 1PP Havant, North Street, Havant 24/7 Public
6DB5838E-54FE-4937-AAF4-AD6500B44BDB PO9 1QD Bus Station, Elm Lane, Havant Variable Public
F072DDC8-2652-4B2D-8ADB-B00B00ED7703 PO9 1QH Penner Road, 4 Penner Road, Havant 24/7 Restricted
2D15CD5B-5B61-490F-8FCA-AF2D00BF022C PO9 1QN Endeavour Business Park, Alongside Unit B5, Penner Road 24/7 Public
9152E4BC-F08A-49A1-BA50-AF9600CA0B9F PO9 1QR Royal Mail Havant Do, 39 East Street, Havant, Havant Variable Restricted
70799C4F-44AF-4508-9DF9-AD5B00E7C8AE PO9 1RD The Ship Inn, Langstone Road, Langstone 24/7 Public
372D8DE1-FDC1-4ABB-8C18-AD1F01349410 PO9 1RY Langstone High Street, 14 Langstone High Street, Langstone 24/7 Public
1C72D694-E064-479C-B575-AF9600CEAF6D PO9 1SA Spp Solutions Ltd, Langstone Park, Langstone Road 24/7 Restricted
BA726CAE-7260-423F-9F1F-AE8B00858B11 PO9 1SW Building 1500, Langstone Technology Park, Havant 24/7 Public
BCF86B18-7180-4FCC-BA00-AEA500AB10DE PO9 1SW Lmuk, Building 7000, Langstone Technology Park 24/7 Public
82D40C5C-C45A-4171-9E7B-AE1C00959A56 PO9 1TR Tesco, Solent Road, Havant 24/7 Public
2229D725-8B3E-43C5-AF94-AF850080929D PO9 2AY Havant Leisure Centre, Civic Centre Road, Havant Variable Public
7D3CADCC-ED54-4D57-98A0-AF8500794031 PO9 2AY Havant Leisure Centre, Civic Centre Road, Havant Variable Public
EFB9ECD2-6C91-4C4D-B1DE-AF85007B052C PO9 2AY Havant Leisure Centre, Civic Centre Road, Havant Variable Public
FCF40669-B148-438E-BFB8-ADF10116A4DB PO9 2NG Pfizer, 32 New Lane, Havant 24/7 Restricted
2A1E331C-3275-450F-888D-AF8500DF3ED5 PO9 2NH Kenwood Ltd, Unit 1 Kenwood Business Park, New Lane Variable Restricted
4E52C231-867F-4523-856B-AFE200B0CD1B PO9 2NH Kenwood, Unit 1 Kenwood Business Park, New Lane Variable Restricted
316C6BCE-47A0-44A0-AC38-AD27007EB089 PO9 2NJ Tileasy, Unit 14 Dakota Business Park, 14 Downley Road Variable Public
0DD096AE-8BDC-4CCF-B4CD-AF8500E237E9 PO9 2NT Kenwood Ltd, Unit 10 Kenwood Business Park, New Lane Variable Restricted
A13E0ACA-3D55-4AC2-AEA6-AD2400AE9EE2 PO9 2RR Warblington School, Southleigh Road, Havant 24/7 Public
3E7755B0-5DC5-436B-BAC2-B01900FFAE4A PO9 3BD Trosnant Infant And Junior School, Stockheath Lane, Havant Variable Restricted
C7EAD3D7-186E-4C9E-B6CA-B03400F143BA PO9 3BD Mr. Mulligans Office, Trosnant Infant And Junior School, Stockheath Lane Variable Public
2924 PO9 3EJ Havant Rugby Club, Hampshire 24/7 Public
4959 PO9 3EJ Havant Rugby Football Club, Hampshire 24/7 Public
A87A4EFB-2293-4D77-B52F-AD2C011875AE PO9 3ES Bedhampton Community Centre, 21 Bedhampton Road, Havant 24/7 Public
B0F62A0A-C6B3-45DF-BE47-AD2500F924B7 PO9 3HN Barncroft Primary School, Park Lane, Havant Variable Restricted
B68408FA-63CA-4A20-88A5-AD36009385EC PO9 3QJ B & Q Plc, Purbrook Way, Havant Variable Public
61379908-433F-433B-93A4-ADD3009834FF PO9 4DQ Park Community School, Middle Park Way, Havant Variable Public
AB70727F-BF64-42D5-A3F8-AEB800C0F9B3 PO9 5BD Leigh Park Workingmens Club, 439 Dunsbury Way, Leigh Park 24/7 Public
C9733D29-809E-4A05-B128-AFCE00CCC181 PO9 5HB Staunton Farm, Middle Park Way, Havant Variable Public
8712CFBB-8C14-4017-A870-AFCE00EDD778 PO9 5HD Staunton Country Park, The Coach House, Petersfield Road 24/7 Public
71AD6597-E55D-4C5A-8190-AD5E00B20C79 PO9 5NA The Oaks Havant Crematorium, Bartons Road, Havant Variable Restricted
BE601ED3-CAB7-4526-97FE-B00C00FA710B PO9 5NA Dobbies Garden Centre Havant, Barton's Road, Havant Variable Public
A389C1E9-51A6-4EAF-8DD8-B03400C770A6 PO9 6BB Whichers Gate Road, Rowlands Castle Variable Restricted
311DA83A-DC56-4241-B4CF-B08A00FF8C37 PO9 6BP Rowlands Castle, Bowes Hill, Rowlands Castle 24/7 Public
8F43BCCD-F1CC-48BC-9719-AEA200A991A3 PO9 6DX Stansted Park Foundation, Stansted House, Stansted Park Variable Public
F033DEEB-C89D-40BF-BB81-AD2600942DB7 PO9 6EQ Woodcut, Diddybones Nap, Stoughton 24/7 Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 50 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n3978381507 inside phone box on Park Parade, Leigh Park
MZ n4268732616 AJ33
MZ n4278619573
MZ n4731342750
MZ n4744079493
MZ n4795513131 This is an outdoor defibrillator on the wall of the store and post office in Bartley
MZ n4842082393
MZ n4936156598 wall
MZ n5110935753
MZ n5140071796 outside Victoria Inn, West Marden
MZ n5140081824 outside Barley Mow pub, Walderton
MZ n5316331823
MZ n5340818997 inside entrance
MZ n5985162390 Woodmancote Pub
MZ n6578390450 On outside wall of Shanklin Methodist Church
MZ n6746039482
MZ n6852878808 On outside wall of RNLI Bembridge Inshore Lifeboat Station by Lane End car park
MZ n6996354504 St Johns Ambulance; Morrisons Foundation
MZ n7139605701
MZ n7371531483 outside Lifeboat Inn pub, Sea Front, Eastoke
MZ n7524573365
MZ n7736835694 On outside wall of Bembridge Village Hall
MZ n7954041363 outside
MZ n7994590941 On outside wall of Northwood Village Hall
MZ n8078749242 On the outside wall next to main entrance
MZ n8174526196
MZ n8175123070
MZ n8175167337 On outside wall of Shorwell Village Hall
MZ n8196486739 On outside wall of Ryde Fire Station
MZ n8196499172 On outside wall behing All Saints Church
MZ n8238154744 Inside Premier Inn
MZ n8287434088 outside Co-op on Barnham Road
MZ n8388651955 On southern side of the toilet block building
MZ n8653079630 Ask The Happy Haddock staff for access The Happy Haddock
MZ n8710453335 RHS of main entrance
MZ n8753673343 On Ferry Office Wall
MZ n8895501819
MZ n9097286311 Inside the main entrance of the club house
MZ n9434214713 outside Exbury Club - facing car park, to right of entrance
MZ n9848697158 Outside wall
MZ n9862175989 On outside wall of Chillerton Village Hall
MZ n9908060663
MZ n9908060665
MZ n9931358525 Inside main entrance, to the left.
MZ n10051109094 outside Donnington Parish Hall - by entrance
MZ n10299258200
MZ n10577720380 exterior wall
MZ n10931487315 Defib Store
MZ n11305599174
MZ n11314925942 With Happy Haddock staff

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 224 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
1959B8AA-A6F6-42F4-91FC-AD240150A5C8 PO1 2HJ Phoenix Lodge Rooms, 110 High Street, Portsmouth n10971059206 30 m
FDE75A28-FCD6-4AEB-83EC-AFD90096E82F PO1 2JL Still & West Public House, 1 Bath Square, Old Portsmouth n5071873315 Bath Square, Portsmouth 36 m
FDDA9336-4E19-45DF-9164-ADE800A3E511 PO1 3TQ Gqrc, Caretakers Office, Arethusa House n4854017506 81 m
8A7971FA-966A-4BC9-87B6-B04600FA71B0 PO1 3DT Ship Anson (The), 10 The Hard, Portsmouth n10971103515 12 m
5744 PO1 1BT Outside 105 Commercial Road, Hampshire n11035365536 under telephone built into electronic advertising board 6 m
5745 PO1 1HB Outside 186-188 Commercial Road, Hampshire n7028564534 Inside the store, down the first aisle left hand side. 107 m
5741 PO1 1HB Outside Boots (194-204 Commercial Road), Hampshire n9838690174 2 m
A3D51926-B639-4436-9891-ADA200D653EC PO10 7ES Emsworth Sailing Club, 55 Bath Road, Emsworth n5863399962 Outside, on west-facing wall of main Emsworth Sailing Club building 14 m
B2C7DAB6-0967-43AB-B0AA-ADE400CE4C22 PO10 7EH Fat Olives, 30 South Street, Emsworth n5316322070 Inside toilet building of Fat Olives 7 m
24896B4E-0CBD-476D-B45F-AEE400D3D792 PO10 8UE Westbourne Parish Council, The Co-Op, The Square n7041387726 41 m
390026CE-9E9D-46EE-8A5F-AF5501033BAF PO11 9EA Hayling Island Community First Responders, Hayling Hardware, 59-61 Elm Grove n5535718734 28 m
DAB8F11F-1B81-460F-87C4-AD6D00CD8464 PO11 0HB Hayling Island Community Centre, Station Road, Hayling Island n9940943760 An outdoor Defibrillator on the wall. 16 m
5075A88C-60F5-43D5-A208-AF55010323E1 PO11 0QQ Hayling Island Community First Responders, Hayling Yacht Company, Mill Rythe Lane n11235449633 5 m
0C853319-B904-4906-AE6D-AD1E008B718C PO11 0NH Marina Developments Ltd, Northney Marina Office, Northney Marina n10968743699 On the wall next to reception desk 4 m
A00CFAD8-5EFB-4E97-9E82-AF5600F09048 PO12 2LD The Village Home Pub, 51 Village Road, Alverstoke n10292480562 outside Village Home pub 15 m
79FBE20F-AF06-4C1B-8F3D-AF5E00980D62 PO14 4JX Locks Heath Sports And Social Club, Locks Heath Recreation Ground, Warsash Road n9680584106 Side wall facing the clubhouse 69 m
D6583F0C-3640-4C85-99DE-ADF300C00D88 PO14 4BG Titchfield Festival Theatre, 73 St. Margarets Lane, Titchfield n9915148404 18 m
E4E1B7D1-0722-4666-9F95-AEF200A4C85A PO14 4NR Abshot Community Association, Abshot Community Centre, Kelsey Close n8349306793 To the left on the main entrance door. 7 m
E6616D23-BF9C-4F53-B43D-AE1A00D90176 PO14 4LW Parcelforce Worldwide, Unit 4, Kites Croft Business Park, Warsash Road, Fareham n9915148405 1 m
C0BFD4BA-6D11-4D2F-932F-AEC800CC0292 PO14 4LW Cavendish Ships Stores Ltd, Cavendish Ships Stores, Unit 2, Kites Croft Business Park, Warsash Road n9915148406 8 m
7310 PO14 4QX Junction of Cambridge Green with Abshot Road, Hampshire n9912641339 9 m
31A2707C-43DE-4F24-8049-AE96010B15BE PO14 4NH Fareham 88 Abshot Road, 88 Abshot Road, Fareham n9912641339 1 m
D6A04ECE-5468-4E3B-A62F-ADAC00D521CF PO14 4LW Turbocam Uk Ltd, Stannard House, Unit 8 Kites Croft Business Park, Fareham n9915148407 11 m
D9E7A4B6-5277-468C-BCC1-AD26009B8E70 PO15 5RU 11 The I O Centre, Stephenson Road, Fareham n9915155863 3 m
5D8929B9-B054-4006-A21B-AFE800CD66B5 PO15 5SB Screwfix, Unit 5 Fleming Close, Segensworth n8793273397 outside adjacent to main door 11 m
5E01204C-B02E-4E0F-9B2C-ADD300F96602 PO15 5SJ 5 Little Park Farm Road, Fareham n9908060664 73 m
945B7927-C83B-4F87-B1D3-AEB4009745C0 PO15 5SR Solent Body Builders, 4 Cockerell Close, Fareham n9908060662 4 m
F5332D2A-4A2D-4F60-A07D-AE5801089308 PO15 7FN Clear Edge Uk Ltd, First Floor Unit 11 Fulcrum 2, Solent Way n9908041049 7 m
0F358FF1-FC02-4F07-AACB-AE5B00E169E1 PO15 7LA Whiteley Community Association, Whiteley Community Centre, Gull Coppice n4439791166 18 m
1BC8852E-4382-4ED9-929C-AE2F010EA06D PO15 7LJ Meadowside Leisure Centre, Whiteley Way, Whiteley n3806743999 Mounted on the wall of Meadowside Leisure Centre, in Market Square 19 m
6E2ABF27-DE59-4366-A87F-AE3F00C688BB PO15 7LL Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Whiteley Way n9907992259 11 m
14974100-C718-4F4B-B87D-AD2500A3B538 PO16 9UY Portchester Community Association, New Parade, 38 West Street n4879377449 9 m
BB448F72-E637-41E6-BB08-AD4B00B59250 PO17 6DD Boarhunt Parish Council, North Boarhunt Parish Hall, Trampers Lane n7512523995 20 m
EA52FF92-1094-44B2-BC0B-AE9100BA83D5 PO18 8SU Old House At Home Pub, Old House At Home, Cot Lane n8480525679 On pub wall facing road. 6 m
7C6A5712-86AC-47FE-A940-AE7F00C17AF2 PO18 8BE Fishbourne Playing Field Assoc, 46 Blackboy Lane, Fishbourne n10738087492 13 m
6C654198-A378-47D6-A291-AE3300F79BBB PO18 8EA Richmond Arms, Mill Road, West Ashling n9879230165 On the wall outside the entrance to this pub. 8 m
43A5F7B2-B79B-428B-94BA-B07700BC18F9 PO18 0EE Hall Manager, Boxgrove Village Hall, The Street n6468503309 outdoor 58 m
48095F74-CFC4-406D-9E43-AE2600D0E463 PO18 9BG West Stoke Village Hall, Downs Road, Funtington n10292461095 outside West Stoke Village Hall - facing Lye Lane 3 m
93700D6B-CF5D-4630-807C-AEC10078FB61 PO18 0HX Public Telephone 44m From Fur Feather & Fin Ltd, Charlton Barns 6m From Unnamed Road, Foxhall, Singleton n8648635282 Inside red telephone box. 3 m
6169 PO18 0HX Telephone Box, West Sussex n8648635282 Inside red telephone box. 4 m
22EAF1E6-681D-4E44-8362-AEC1007757D6 PO18 0HR Singleton Village Hall, Charlton Road, Singleton n4789012811 inside phone box by Singleton Village Hall 20 m
2626 PO18 0HA Village Hall, West Sussex n4789012811 inside phone box by Singleton Village Hall 16 m
EC4F0A0A-F907-46A0-929B-AD5200C74A1B PO18 9HA The Village Shop And Tea Room, The Square, Compton n4839121650 On the right-hand wall of the village stores and tea room. 4 m
A6375112-8685-48EB-9453-B02900A104D4 PO19 6AN The Lodge, Graylingwell Drive, Chichester n8258413451 wall 24 m
180FF00B-E17B-4463-B2BF-AE9800989D1B PO20 0LH Public Tiolets, Hillfield Road, Selsey n7953972817 outside 72 m
5A375F93-24C9-49D6-B353-AF8F00F90B21 PO20 0DL Selsey Community First Responder Scheme, Rnli Lifeboat Station, 154 Kingsway n11232479512 47 m
25292DF9-FE5C-40FE-8F9F-AE98009893EB PO20 0SZ East Beach Kiosk, Beach Road, Selsey n8232053525 29 m
13DFCC46-74DF-4D4C-B609-B07A00D7D228 PO20 0EZ 109 East Beach Road, Selsey n11232479519 on front wall of 109 14 m
8333D472-5179-4F9B-8D15-AE9B00E4EC02 PO20 7AW Chichester Harbour Conservancy, Harbour Office, The St, Itchenor, Chichester n5721376324 15 m
C5D7B9C5-8CC6-4F57-B269-ADCD00FB2C7A PO20 1LA North Mundham Parish Council, Village Hall, School Lane n10764496660 14 m
10C17BDE-BE3A-4CDB-8567-AECA00B5BB0D PO20 7EE Dell Quay Sailing Club, Dell Quay Road, Appledram n5994129811 wall 32 m
E3EDC34E-4B23-4F79-A1AA-AD1600D140BE PO21 1BL Arun Arts Company Ltd, Regis Centre, Belmont Street n10883029503 outside Regis Centre 24 m
757A9196-61ED-4A8A-914D-AFC400D78658 PO21 1SP Nationwide, 44 High Street, Bognor Regis n10883422916 11 m
37F055C7-CD6B-4ECC-AAEF-AFCC00EA15A5 PO21 1PQ Boots, 47 London Road, Bognor Regis n10883083881 In Boots doorway 27 m
9C2A6ABD-4278-43DF-BCA8-AF8C013F2DDA PO21 1DJ Wscc, St Marys Roman Catholic School, Glamis Street n10883085291 35 m
1498BDF2-EBC5-4E52-9E91-AEC9009C4C2A PO21 5TU Bersted Parish Council, Bersted Parish Council, Community Centre, Chalcraft Lane n8010989299 outside 6 m
9B6A5E78-4FFD-4568-97C9-AE7900D77A61 PO22 7EE Felpham Boat House Cafe, Sea Front 19, Blakes Road n4728224625 32 m
7C8D4200-314A-4AE2-80E7-AE37011F82AB PO22 0ES Tesco Express, 28 Barnham Road, Eastergate n10762353464 outside Barnham Railway Station facing Barnham Road to right of entrance 30 m
FC58FDAF-82B5-4C18-9537-AD4E00A9BF11 PO3 6HU A Lacey Library, Alderman Lacey Library, 98 Tangier Road n6064356501 outside Alderman Lacey Library, Baffins 8 m
8134D248-F36E-4285-8DF4-B08500EB5E09 PO30 3BY Whitecroft Park, Sales Office, Whitecroft Park n7862244319 On outside wall of site reception 15 m
F066F728-F40A-4DD7-BA71-AD2500F65434 PO30 3AD Arreton St Georges Church Of England Primary School, Arreton Street, Arreton n7166908969 On outside wall of Arreton Primary School 10 m
AB5DA02E-891D-492A-A05D-AD2D00DE4494 PO30 4JA Public House, Sun Inn, Sun Hill n8168371064 On outside wall of The Sun Inn 9 m
08520617-84D4-48E5-B070-AD2700A55266 PO30 2NU Robin Hill Country Park, Downend Road, Arreton n9917982786 10 m
5918 PO30 1NR The Eight Bells, Isle of Wight n8078745888 On outside wall behind The Eight Bells 2 m
A01E9235-2B6A-412D-94C0-B0A500EEB03C PO30 1NR 22 Carisbrooke High Street, Carisbrooke n8078745888 On outside wall behind The Eight Bells 61 m
C6DBB25B-89BB-4E4D-AAEB-AD260098133B PO30 1NR St Thomas Of Canterbury Catholic Primary School, High Street, Carisbrooke n8078750337 On the outside wall, on school grounds 18 m
E23A56D3-7274-4AD7-8362-AEF301056268 PO30 2QH Asda Stores, Asda Stores Ltd, St Georges Way n8035377805 On Asda security desk, near the entrance 18 m
34E59DFB-06F7-4387-9C6B-AFA3010AF4DF PO30 1LG Caffe Isola, 85a St James Street, Newport n10707359043 46 m
5F885FBA-9BDF-4E72-9997-AD41009E2A61 PO30 2AX Barton Primary School, Furrlongs, Newport n7852141565 On outside wall of Downside Community Centre 37 m
DBB097EF-C679-4B37-ACAA-ADEA00967E3C PO30 1JQ Morrisons Supermarket, South Street, Newport n9823747484 On the wall inside Morrisons, by the toilets 34 m
E7A4C231-3314-41C8-AAE5-ADE80149EA6B PO30 1JE Southern Vectis Social Club, 35 South Street, Newport n3926713732 On outer wall of Morrisons, by South Street 59 m
5F022531-5A54-4DA6-BD7D-AD2C00F85545 PO30 5LS Carisbrooke And Gunville Methodist Church, Gunville Road, Carisbrooke n8078774964 On the outside wall of Gunville Methodist Church 4 m
2C1F56AC-E2CE-4104-BB5E-AFA1014435FE PO30 1XB Newport And District Conservative Club, 39-40 Pyle Street, Newport n6937328524 On outside wall of Newport Conservative Club 7 m
EE368C44-C40E-473D-BB35-AD2400DEC6DB PO30 5ET Wp Recruitment & Hr Ltd, Corner House, 68-70 Lugley Street n6960162251 Outside wall bp Corner House private parking 17 m
7C06EF4B-026F-41F0-AAF9-AED000AAE0EF PO30 4NQ Shalfleet Village Stores, The Village Shop, Warlands Lane n8078689566 On the outside wall of Shalfleet Stores 17 m
01C2341D-372B-471D-A846-AD6C00C66E40 PO30 4NN Shalfleet Church Of England Primary School, Station Road, Shalfleet n8078767425 24 m
531FEAC7-3F87-4531-B725-AE1700BB0657 PO30 5BA Newport Methodist Church, Quay Street, Newport n5340818679 On outside wall of Newport Methodist Church 25 m
D9C2A8F5-237C-455B-94C7-AD2500E94B98 PO30 5ZB Sainsbury's, Foxes Road, Newport n7023811009 Inside the store on the wall behind the tills 23 m
C2C81BC9-6187-4572-86C0-AD4200CB40F6 PO30 2QR The Riverside Centre, Newport Quay, Newport n4037609962 On outside wall of Riverside Centre, to left of main entrance 11 m
B607CE5C-BFF1-4121-B524-B0370127A4BF PO30 5UU Ry's Dog Training Services, 9 Hurstake Road, Newport n11215351120 On the outside wall near Poppy's Playground 67 m
C7E71079-1D9E-4011-8ACB-AF3C00A63D21 PO30 5UX Lifeline Alarm Systems Ltd, Lifeline Alarms, The Island Security Centre n7994751277 On outside wall of Lifeline 8 m
1DBEC25C-0FC9-4313-92A8-B085012A5B67 PO30 5ZA Camp Hill Club, Quarry View, Newport n8238195613 On outside wall of Camp Hill Community Sports Club by the main entrance 11 m
207CDFDC-3C4C-4314-876E-AD4900AD7DEF PO30 5XJ Ringway Island Roads, 42 Daish Way, Newport n7994796839 On outside wall to the right of the visitors entrance 29 m
486B2BCF-ADC4-4E3E-A762-AFA3010B5A9E PO30 5XJ Way Forward, 25 Daish Way, Newport n11215378252 30 m
9E25483B-657A-4E9F-B768-AD6D00E6F565 PO30 5TG St Marys Hospital, Parkhurst Road, Newport n7994532708 To the right of main entrance 40 m
18C09B74-01BA-4EE1-B391-AD4000985861 PO30 5BF Hardacre It Ltd, Unit 4 The Courtyard, Monks Brook n7994508036 On outside wall of WRS Systems 35 m
7F24326A-B562-4589-9D60-ADCD00C20E1A PO30 4PA Newtown Nature Reserve, Town Lane, Newtown n8664522490 28 m
E78BE3A6-E7E4-4960-BF46-AE6900CD4523 PO30 5TW The Stag Inn, Stag Inn, 2 Cowes Road n9763548682 On outside wall of The Stag Inn facing the car park 10 m
B87CF61C-9370-4BF0-89CA-ADBB010A2FC3 PO31 7JJ Police / Fire Station, Victoria Road, Cowes n7994770154 On outside wall of Cowes Fire Station 6 m
672A6CCD-E28D-4C92-A9A4-AF8D010DE6AD PO31 7BH Cowes Chiropractic Clinic Ltd, 24 Birmingham Road, Cowes n7994816208 On outside wall between 22 and 24, Cowes Chiropractic Clinic 12 m
A40D5A6C-29A9-460F-A2FC-AD4200EF610B PO31 8LE The Woodvale, 1 Princes Esplanade, Gurnard n4846642543 13 m
137D31EC-966A-454E-94EB-AD3400B4A0F0 PO31 7AX Cowes Yacht Haven, 115 High Street, Cowes n9921213083 3 m
65DAD22C-B146-4D2A-BFB3-AD4100CCC4F6 PO31 8HN Cowes Golf Club, Crossfield Avenue, Cowes n7994733948 By Cowes Golf Club main entrance 6 m
8D9BD52D-9CC7-4410-9197-AD3400B590CF PO31 8BW New Holmwood Hotel, 65 Queens Road, Cowes n4849083452 Back wall of New Holmwood Hotel car park 26 m
155860BB-5062-423D-A46E-AD7300FAD4F4 PO32 6NZ Whippingham Community Centre, 2 Alverstone Road, Whippingham n6959818825 On outside shed wall 19 m
567E4031-FB9E-404B-ADFB-AD250100079B PO32 6LW St Mildreds Church Centre, Beatrice Avenue, East Cowes n8222818539 On outside wall by Church Tea Rooms 8 m
E09BEDB8-C57C-4A35-A6FF-AD4000D9CF4E PO32 6PA Queensgate Foundation Primary School, Beatrice Avenue, East Cowes n8222945307 On outer wall of Queensgate Foundation Primary School by car park 39 m
FAA6B1E9-1F80-40D7-BD07-AFDE010AF88A PO32 6HU Top Shop, Meadow Road Community Shop, 20 Meadow Road n10957608463 On the outside wall of Top Shop facing Meadow Road 4 m
B45D528C-CE4D-4C20-BBD1-AD4000C60C95 PO32 6HN Community Spirited Cafe, The Pavilion, Vectis Road n8180263606 6 m
0492C105-200A-45BE-AB51-AEE600BFF7E1 PO32 6DD East Cowes Methodist Church, Adelaide Grove, East Cowes n11230724015 On the outside wall of Methodist Chruch facing Adelaide Grove 23 m
9BAFA4DC-CD1F-43A7-ADC2-AD440088AA50 PO32 6QY East Cowes Town Hall And Community Centre, York Avenue, East Cowes n8223032048 On outside wall of East Cowes Town Hall 8 m
478EB715-55DA-4C2A-9FA1-AD7500770C30 PO32 6RA Gkn Aerospace, Gkn Aerospace Services, Ferry Road n8223036937 On outer wall, to the left of the gate 3 m
A3DA8F1F-E1D2-4EBC-8699-AD4900774336 PO32 6AD East Cowes Town Council, Shoreside Cafe, Esplanade n6872197323 3 m
6FBC47BA-A8D1-4F97-9827-AEA000AC3607 PO33 1XQ Brading Haven Yacht Club, Embankment Road, St Helens n4037609961 On outside wall of Brading Haven Yacht Club clubhouse, to right of main door 11 m
284E8FEB-7AEB-42A4-9537-AFF100F24818 PO33 1XG Bembridge Marina, North Quay, Embankment Road n7995450479 In Bembridge Marina office 6 m
074ED4BB-1F76-4D1A-AB75-AFF100F4A38B PO33 1YB Duver Marina, Harbour Office, The Duver n9101293331 15 m
87640F3C-1DDE-4103-839B-AD32012FF6CC PO33 1UJ St Helens Sports Pavilion, Upper Green Road, St Helens n3999011163 On outside wall of St Helens Sports Pavillion by Upper Green Road and Vine Road 8 m
A19F9EBE-0F6A-45A6-AD99-AD3300E1D605 PO33 1XZ Outside Public Toilets, St Helens Duver Beach, Duver Road n6903721335 Outside by toilet entrance 63 m
8DB8AC55-FBB1-4F38-9955-AD2600A47EDD PO33 4DS Isle Of Wight Railway Co Ltd The Railway Station, Havenstreet Main Road, Havenstreet n8981391005 Inside old red phone box by the gift shop in Isle of Wight Steam Railway 12 m
60E3B714-9F87-4935-BC77-AFA10142A0AB PO33 4RY Briddlesford Cafe, Briddlesford Farm Cafe, Briddlesford Road n9212340249 45 m
33295623-B4C2-40E7-B7B3-AD25008B6302 PO33 1QG Staddlestones Nissan, Brading Road, Ryde n8175223349 On outside wall of Staddlestones 22 m
EBC0F5D5-69F9-449D-8B66-AED800A80297 PO33 1RF 21 Hornbeam Square, Ryde n8196435616 On park fence by Cothey Way 6 m
26D083E9-F821-4982-B826-AEF200933383 PO33 4RQ R & H Fletcher Ltd, The Woodmans Arms, 119 Station Road n10900389002 On outside wall of The Woodmans Arms 8 m
69E6C89F-4A94-48E1-8057-AFD100DB3800 PO33 1AF High Park Tavern, 84 Marlborough Road, Ryde n11064821698 On the outside wall of High Park Tavern 8 m
4FD7E478-F26C-41B0-A8F4-AD4A00AEF3D3 PO33 1BP Waxham House, 1 High Park Road, Ryde n5340818999 30 m
13E47AED-4477-49F5-A8B5-B05A00FCEEA6 PO33 3SB Binstead Community Association, Coniston Avenue, Binstead n8196587023 21 m
4921C7C5-22AB-429C-8E7D-AD4100B371B8 PO33 4RD Harwoods, High Street, Wootton n8078725374 On outside wall between car shop and petrol station 8 m
A667830B-9E6D-4144-9365-AD3300A2C6D5 PO33 4NX Wootton Bridge Parish Council, Joannes Walk, 5 Brannon Way n5340818996 On outside wall by Parish Council Office 6 m
093F272E-9C21-4BF0-9BD6-B038011433C8 PO33 4NQ Isle Of Wight Rugby Football Club, The Club House., Footways. n8078720948 To the left of tha main entrance 6 m
39B13B2E-8273-4688-A504-AD4200A09A28 PO33 2JE Ryde Library, 101 George Street, Ryde n5340818998 On outside wall of Ryde Library by the main entrance 10 m
1362DF25-F9E9-4518-A2C1-AD4C00B1B156 PO33 1ND Ryde Inshore Rescue, Ryde Inshore Rescue, Appley Lane n3188374719 On outside wall of Ryde Inshore Rescue 10 m
574233D4-62AB-4015-BF0F-AD3B00E55DE2 PO33 2PT The Methodist Church, Methodist Church Community Hall Garfield Rd, Ryde n7203961200 59 m
A7448F52-D851-488B-8A56-AF89011B2465 PO33 2JF Ryde Chriro, 81 George Street, Ryde n11234748954 By the main entrance to Ryde Chiropractors 23 m
2B94E049-2F9D-4D93-A536-AED900B4E19F PO33 2PN Ryde Dental Studio, 188a High Street, Ryde n9791851711 Inside Ryde Dental Studio 5 m
1E0B61A6-7EC0-460C-85E7-AD2600E9508A PO33 2AG The Orthodontic Practice, 30 Dover Street, Ryde n5338940288 Dental surgery 11 m
920B8E11-FC74-434E-8E00-AF890119F258 PO33 2LG Sugar & Spice, 60 Union Street., Ryde n9791851714 On outside wall between Sugar and Spice and Union Jacks 20 m
E8794FB9-32AE-4B7C-84E6-AF89011A11E0 PO33 2LN Fantastic Store, 68 Union Street, Ryde n8202855754 Inside Fantastic Store 20 m
5DF269F6-3ACC-4F13-99AB-B06201196BC7 PO33 2DZ The Veteran Bar, 15 Esplanade, Ryde n11234758952 On the outside wall of The Veteran 10 m
8AB5D0A7-A800-444B-81B0-AFA0012596AB PO33 2DY King Lud Pub, 2 Esplanade, Ryde n7731880165 On outside wall of The King Lud 42 m
EBEDC36B-0730-4787-9815-B08A00FF879C PO33 2HE Ryde Esplanade (Iow), The Esplanade, Ryde n11251512500 Inside the train station between the bus station and train platform 14 m
BA24864E-BB5C-4F65-86A9-AD25009C4FA7 PO33 4EU Fishbourne Car Ferry Terminal, Fishbourne Lane, Wootton n4854017505 10 m
F221C75F-3502-42DA-B2CF-AD25009990C7 PO33 2HF Wightlink, Ryde Pier Head Railway Station, Ryde Pier n7700015451 26 m
034935FC-BA08-4A58-9FC2-AD3200F1F3BA PO34 5DY Nettlestone Primary School, Nettlestone Green, Nettlestone n9900609996 On outside wall of Nettlestone Primary School 29 m
7EF71809-B174-47C7-A45B-AD2F00F2D973 PO34 5AW The Boat House Inn, Springvale Road, Seaview n7700002447 On outside wall of The Boathouse by the entrance 7 m
9BCC48B2-31BD-4CE6-9FF4-AE1400CC2621 PO35 5RH 02 Uk Ltd, Bembridge Fire Station, Walls Road n7995308086 On outside wall of Bembridge Fire Station 14 m
1C282C5A-10A7-4138-A512-AD2600E5EDCB PO35 5UE Lane End, Shop 2 Lane End Court, Lane End Road n4072644922 on outside wall by door to Ink Shop 5 m
BF8F3B31-21B5-4454-BD64-B06F00E75A37 PO35 5NR Bembridge Sailing Club, Embankment Road, Bembridge n7995358009 On the sea side of Bembridge Sailing Club 9 m
322CA9A8-E3D1-417E-B260-AD2600AD170D PO36 9JS Lake Methodist Church, Sandown Road, Lake n6567627166 On outside wall of Lake Methodist Church by the main entrance 3 m
5579936B-DE82-44F0-BA40-AD2400EDF649 PO36 9PE Broadlea Primary School, Newport Road, Lake n7873589155 On outside wall of Primary School 51 m
8D55C3F2-996F-41B0-B6AA-AFB3010C8BD6 PO36 9JP Allegri And Co, 16c Sandown Road, Lake n10780238098 On the outside wall of Allegri & Co near the bus stop 6 m
7401C5C5-D503-4B49-9AFB-B02201102E53 PO36 0LT Goddards Brewery, Hale Common, Arreton n8202910519 Inside Bus Stop Cafe 71 m
BD8BCB3E-BA0F-4729-9FFA-AE3F00E0BC3D PO36 9EH Tesco Express, The Fairway, 0 n6567588061 On outside wall of Tesco towards overflow car park 24 m
6EF0A62C-1461-411E-8E37-AD790100367B PO36 9ET The Heights, Broadway, Sandown n7873658845 On outside wall of The Heights Leisure Centre 23 m
FCA701D5-CBC6-4333-9073-AD8E00F496AE PO36 9DQ Magnolia House, 20-22 Broadway, Sandown n10599686190 Inside Magnolia House 13 m
99E06E01-D411-43A2-992B-AF660098A8A9 PO36 0JP Icrtouch Ltd, Icrtouch - Flying School, Embassy Way n11139742496 On the outside wall of ICRTouch 38 m
9FE76074-027C-440A-B0E6-AFA301140B00 PO36 8LF Loveland Hall, Masonic Hall, 13 Melville Street n7110607550 On outside wall of Sandown Freemasons club 4 m
E0FBC283-3F37-4869-98CD-AD4800A15FF2 PO36 0LX Vectis Youth Fc & Npsca, Npsca Playing Fields & Pavilion, Watery Lane n8175196280 On outside wall of Newchurch Football Club 37 m
8277B644-60ED-45F6-B5C1-B01F010E5878 PO36 8HD Sandown Conservative And Unionist Club, 92 Station Avenue, Sandown n11064851298 On the outside wall of Sandown Conservative Club by the main entrance 19 m
BE34B254-2C0E-4D21-BDC6-AFC801371350 PO36 8AT Driftwood Beach Bar, Driftwood Cafe, Culver Parade n10743133052 Inside Driftwood outdoor seating area 10 m
F8F1F2C9-004A-45D1-AE75-AF1C00CA6D5B PO36 9JH The Bay Ce School (Secondary), The Fairway, Lake n7873589152 On outside wall of The Bay CE School 59 m
CD98F3B7-DDC7-4FF9-A58B-B019010CBF46 PO36 8AY Caulkheads, 42 Avenue Road, Sandown n11064869095 On the outside wall of The Caulkheads by the car park 11 m
33CB192A-584E-4A52-A62E-AD3C00CC099F PO36 8QB Wildheart Animal Sanctuary, Yaverland Road, Sandown n5275123339 On outside wall of The Wildheart Animal Sanctuary by the main entrance 37 m
23DF6E0B-47B0-4D4C-8DA2-AF4700E2C844 PO36 9AX Hampshire & Isle Of Wight Fire & Rescue Service, Sandown Fire Station, East Yar Road n7504509756 On outside wall of Sandown Fire Station by the main entrance 8 m
E31A17AB-8CC7-4C20-9077-AD8F00A49726 PO36 0NL Newchurch County Primary School, School Lane, Sandown n7864187064 On outside wall of Newchurch school 27 m
B110FCEA-0D77-4F16-93CC-AD4200959116 PO36 0NN All Saints Church Hall, High Street, Newchurch n7864187063 On outside wall of All Saints church hall 7 m
ED77CEBE-0A96-4D16-A04E-ADEA00AD8C69 PO36 8QT Culver Haven Inn, Culver Down Road, Bembridge n5870984760 on outside wall of Culver Haven Inn, to right of main door 11 m
88BEFD9C-FA8F-477E-AF40-AD26009A2128 PO36 0EZ Alverstone Old School Hall, Alverstone Village Hall, Alverstone Road n7864187061 On outside wall of Alverstone Old School Hall 8 m
2DBB107E-D1BC-4652-B258-AD4200B851DD PO36 0PH Brading Roman Villa, Morton Old Road, Brading n8227795058 By the main entrance to Brading Toman Villa 21 m
327E28CF-E5D1-4303-8661-ADEA00CD48E9 PO36 0DR Brading Town Council, West Street, Brading n7930848931 On outside wall of The Brading Centre 5 m
E66362E5-D761-47E7-BB50-ADD700A61AF1 PO36 0DQ The Town Trust, High Street, Brading n7930848930 On outside wall of Bugle Inn by the car park 20 m
A56216ED-2AB6-4B41-AD27-AFA301113E89 PO37 6NU Pencil Cottage, 2 Church Road, Shanklin n9522646458 On outside wall of Pencil Cottage 8 m
85159756-B04D-4003-BE48-AD2C00D4B6C0 PO37 6AJ Shanklin Theatre & Community Trust, Shanklin Theatre, Steephill Road n7859103403 On outside wall of Shanklin Theatre by Box Office entrance 12 m
79B3DBFF-9744-4F15-AD16-B038011428DB PO37 6BS Steamer Inn, 18 Esplanade, Shanklin n11230714593 Between the main doors to the The Steamer 9 m
157B69B9-BC71-445B-A737-AD2B00A925E2 PO37 7NT Shanklin Rifle And Pistol Club, 1 Sibden Road, Shanklin n8195010184 On outside wall of Shanklin Rifle and Pistol Club 4 m
ACB17E91-A745-4A45-AC68-AFC801370B51 PO37 6LA Shanklin United Reformed Church, High Street, Shanklin n10751770742 On the outside wall of Shanklin United Reformed Church 7 m
0F11BD5D-4C3F-453A-8818-AD4100BC6465 PO37 6BG Shanklin Sandown Rowing Club, Esplanade, Shanklin n6578366561 On outside wall of Shanklin Sandown Rowing Club 7 m
7D710F56-740B-41B8-AF0E-B08A00FF9530 PO37 7AR Shanklin (Iow), Regent Street, Shanklin n8463465601 Attached to Shanklin Train Station, by the main gate opposite the ticket machene 5 m
3D40186D-38E1-4D5E-9D81-AD4100BF892A PO37 6BG The Salix Beach Cafe, Esplanade, Shanklin n7868311352 On outside wall of Salix Cafe to the left of the main entrance 41 m
11896F50-4865-4D18-AD81-B044012B9361 PO37 7JF Central Convenience Stores, 45 Green Lane, Shanklin n11079369676 Outside wall of Central, by the main entrance 67 m
74FD1BF7-F6BF-4B0B-9BE0-AED800B295CA PO38 1XD St Lawrence Post Office, Spindlers Road, St Lawrence n8636255817 By the main entrance to St Lawrence Stores & Post Office 5 m
733963B0-1124-4DBD-99E2-AD43007E995B PO38 2AU Norris Family Grocers, Norris Family Grocers, The Gables, Rectory Road Newport Road Junction n7193535242 On outside wall of Norris Family Grocers near Rectory Road 6 m
AD72DA2C-22D7-427E-BFF4-AD4200911E60 PO38 1UF Ventnor Cricket Academy And Club, Steephill Road, Ventnor n8197445662 By upper entrance to Ventnor Cricket Club 14 m
A6CA448E-0451-49DD-8BF2-ADD000AF8BF6 PO38 1LP Ventnor Rugby Club, Whitwell Road, Whitwell n7193271434 On outside wall of Ventnor Rugby Club 13 m
02A9067B-1A8C-4588-B6AB-AEA6013B5FF8 PO38 1JT First Aid Hut, Esplanade, Ventnor n4297044962 25 m
E9D3C5CF-FFAE-4BA2-A518-AEA000E5A39B PO38 1RY Post Office, 8-10 High Street, Ventnor n6927740505 On outside wall of the post office, to the left of the entrance. 14 m
8FF7F3FF-2F3A-47A5-8BFF-AD3C00B06636 PO38 1LZ Ventnor Royal British Legion, 133 High Street, Ventnor n7994307845 Outside British Legion to the left of the main entrance 7 m
047F1BBC-7C96-4727-9EB2-AEA000BFFFCE PO38 1DP Ventnor Bowling Club, Mitchell Avenue, Ventnor n8582185499 On the wall by the entrance to Ventnor Bowling Club 13 m
B219B9E1-B6A3-4D02-8B2C-AD3A00FE8DBD PO38 1RN Bonchurch Beach, Toilet Next Waterfall, Shore Rd n8427061762 On outside wall of toilets, up some steps 16 m
BA3B76FA-66C7-4A0C-B8F7-ADBB012EDF18 PO38 2PY The White Horse Inn, High Street, Whitwell n7706597639 On outside wall of The White Horse Inn 89 m
46DBA0AD-84F6-4B66-A952-AD8F0111FE15 PO38 1RG Seacliff Garage, Bonchurch Village Road, Ventnor n9823791896 64 m
C3B42DA8-971B-429F-B8B9-AD2600BD6945 PO38 1BG The Island Free School, Newport Road, Ventnor n8582187321 On Island Free School fence by the service entrance 52 m
927E1EE8-AB0B-4403-9606-AD8F01111E84 PO38 1NU St Boniface Pcc, Bonchurch Inn, Bonchurch Shute n9823820210 25 m
6C4CDF90-EDB4-4C95-B3C4-AF9000F0B564 PO38 3BU Wroxall Stores, 1 West Street, Wroxall n10780260706 On the outside wall of Central 11 m
09C472BA-06A9-465E-B045-AD4100FAEA66 PO38 2JN Stubbings Bros., Chale Green, Chale n8487415982 40 m
4945ED80-5E30-4EEC-91DE-AD4F00B8C89C PO38 3DP Wroxall Primary School, Station Road, Wroxall n7993646080 On the outside wall of Wroxall Primary School 9 m
E5D980F5-E8B2-4C32-A855-ADEA009B974E PO38 3HZ The Taverners, High Street, Godshill n5075195795 Taverners Inn, High Street, PO38 3HZ 9 m
E4D0EB95-F3F7-477C-9B5F-AF9F011A4E0B PO38 3AL Sandford Garage, Shanklin Road, Godshill n9787624884 On the wall at Sandford Service Station 5 m
05377C3D-ACE7-48C7-834E-AD2C00F77CA8 PO38 3NG Jwn Motors, Island Car Centre, Main Road n7994360429 On outside wall of Island Car Centre 35 m
69A55A4A-B815-40F9-BE9F-AD4101081530 PO39 0EJ Eden House, Eden Road, Totland n8025398083 Inside Eden House 9 m
515CDF92-E693-4767-9BC6-AD4100A70435 PO39 0JU Totland Footpath 32, Totland n8025330884 On outside wall of The Waterfront 39 m
89ACCA45-BEA4-4D52-AC09-AD3A00EA7261 PO39 0BD Island Healthcare Ltd, Westview House, Ward Road n8025351808 Inside Westview House 1 m
FBCC3CD1-51B3-42EF-B09C-AF8901214CE4 PO39 0AX Totland Parish, Granville Road, Totland n9198299666 On the outside wall of Totland Parish Council office 49 m
D4C03511-EEB4-4DFF-994B-AF3C00F4A504 PO4 0SW Southsea - South Parade Pier, South Parade Pier, South Parade n9310181314 In the corridor on the west side of the pier 15 m
1E31DF71-A6A9-4A60-BDC5-AFD700BE1C5B PO4 0HL Northcote Hotel, Public House, 35 Francis Avenue n10711709363 Outside wall of pub on Francis Avenue side 11 m
016CF6F9-1DBC-4E6F-A562-B02800C98AB3 PO4 9ED Medika Dental, 175 Devonshire Avenue, Southsea n5151065023 5 m
9EE1EFD9-32BD-4FBB-876A-AE6A00BF7A6F PO4 8ER Elliotts Portsmouth, The Pompey Centre, Dickinson Road n11079670519 outside Elliotts building supplies, Pompey Centre, Portsmouth 22 m
70B85365-E6D7-4C01-B89B-AD4200BABC3D PO40 9RA Freshwater Independent Lifeboat, The Boathouse, The Promenade n8025624708 On outside wall of Lifeboat Station 8 m
5134A143-5D89-4709-A97B-AEF700A49D1F PO40 9UH Tesco, Afton Road, Freshwater n8025501063 On outside wall of coop, by the ATM 29 m
B64F9372-8A05-4573-AFC5-AFA10143BEEB PO40 9UT West Wight Social Club, Avenue Road, Freshwater n11224650671 10 m
976F2981-FB06-4F58-8D39-AD4100A8B637 PO40 9UU Totland Parish Council, Memorial Hall, Avenue Road n8025182617 On outside wall of Freshwater Parish Council 17 m
7A799D68-8B7C-490A-A8B1-AD4100A81A09 PO40 9NP Colwell Beach Public Convenience, Colwell Chine Road, Totland n8025258898 On outside wall of toilets 4 m
22228037-95C1-4642-89C2-AECA00B6DE1E PO41 0TR Newbridge Community Centre, Main Road, Newbridge n11224644306 11 m
73E67467-49CD-43E6-8A2C-AD7C00A2A68F PO41 0PB Car Ferry Terminal, Quay Street, Yarmouth n11224627877 14 m
39E33838-70A6-4900-9488-ADFB010394BA PO5 3PG Briny Restaurant, Clarence Esplanade Promenade From Speakers Corner To Blue Reef Aquarium, Southsea n5075189958 15 m
B7158729-3A0F-4EE6-B131-ADDC00C8E0E7 PO5 3AD Hovertravel Limited, Hovercraft Terminal, Clarence Esplanade n4839520665 12 m
079F0A29-23E4-4A76-AFBF-AE5400FE5E87 PO5 2SX Public Conveniences, Albert Road, Southsea n8378351455 outside Albert Road Toilets, Albert Road, Southsea - near O'Neils pub 2 m
679980B8-F68A-432B-8D0D-ADE4009B7F5A PO6 1PA Drayton Institute, 238 Havant Road, Portsmouth n5079942322 outside Drayton Centre, Havant Road, Portsmouth 12 m
5F6F4D00-868B-4A57-972F-AD2C01135A26 PO7 5GL Shilling Place, 22 Stakes Road, Waterlooville n9356743050 This defibrillator is on the outside of this block of flats on the wall, but behind a fence. 19 m
89E2C145-EFD1-42E5-80E4-AF3F00FEB93B PO7 7HY 8-10 Stakes Hill Road, Waterlooville n4949744944 11 m
706341D8-A222-4DDF-9A29-AF86010C4D52 PO7 8NU Westbrook Community Centre, Tempest Avenue, Waterlooville n9843030316 10 m
025950E6-9320-434A-B52D-ADAD0113C915 PO7 6PW Denmead War Memorial Hall, Hambledon Road, Denmead n9798875769 On the wall of Denmead War Memorial Hall on the side facing the B2150 Hambledon Road. 17 m
67CA473C-778F-44E7-BF80-AD4E009C77EA PO7 6NN South Downs Funeral Service, Old Post Office House, Hambledon Road n8152438973 Denmead 27 m
E4D629B6-22E0-4B16-A222-AD2500D6CA0A PO8 0AU Rowlands Castle Parish Council, George Inn, Finchdean Road n4466805177 outside The George pub 10 m
B6BEBAE8-2288-468D-98F2-ADD300957770 PO8 9SF Lovedean Village Hall, 160 Lovedean Lane, Waterlooville n8301114317 outdoor 21 m
85D9DC6A-8F16-48B9-AC5F-AD2D00FD1073 PO8 0BZ Nicos Bakery, 2 London Road, Horndean n4866816191 5 m
4562 PO8 0QL The Co-operative Clanfield, Hampshire n9848711662 On the wall outside The Co-operative Food convenience store. 2 m
1023 PO8 0RB Memorial Hall, Hampshire n9416441425 42 m
EA12F2B5-2109-4887-AD04-AD1F00910F5C PO9 1AQ Hampshire Endodontics, 50 East Street, Havant n4700039379 11 m
8B36C035-C909-488B-ABBA-AD2F00FB3FFE PO9 1UW Management Suite, Meridian Centre, Havant n5455392581 On wall left of Davies Chemists 4 m
55DFE5FA-C58B-4122-997E-AFBC00A333A1 PO9 3HE 6 Lester Avenue, Havant n11228104815 outside Parkway Dentalcare, 100 Bedhampton Road, Havant 65 m
56A9E350-FF39-458E-ADE9-AD2500D929E0 PO9 6BB Rowlands Castle Parish Council, Harvester Staunton Arms Restaurant, 1 Whichers Gate Road n3531020104 inside modern phone box, next to pub at junction of Redhill Road with Durrants Road 30 m
92512517-8F7B-43E5-A92B-AD2500D5F6C6 PO9 6AD Rowlands Castle Parish Council, Parish Hall, 11 Links Lane n6116988192 outside Rowlands Castle Parish Hall 15 m
78D2092D-FC71-4BD8-B033-AD2500D553CF PO9 6BW Rowlands Castle Parish Council, Public Telephone 22m From Rowlands Home Hardware, 11 The Green 5m From Redhill Road, The Green n4283267142 outside Rowlands Home Hardware at the east end of the green in Rowlands Castle 5 m
4387791D-6D48-4A81-A4F7-AE4200F20B67 PO9 6ED Wood End, Forestside Road, Forestside n5994130993 opposite T-junction at western end of Forestside 27 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

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UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
9BCB5FA6-9090-4207-99AC-AD260107FC6D PO9 6DX Stansted Park Garden Centre, Broad Walk, Stansted n2276239819 AW97 Stansted Park Garden Centre 129 m
CB5BFCBC-AB6E-42B5-AD3D-AF570089BCCE PO11 9RE Hayling Island Community First Responders, Sandy Point Convenience Store, 50-56 Creek Road n4565603813 186 m
B937FA3C-733E-4ECA-8627-AD4200C721F8 PO37 6BN Fishermans Cottage, 1 Esplanade, Shanklin n5861439658 On outside wall of Fisherman's Cottage 156 m
30953F5F-5848-4DEF-93EE-AEA000F61703 PO18 0AH Lavant Memorial Hall, Pook Ln, East Lavant,, Chichester n6378543605 outside Lavant Memorial Hall, 254 m
3EC1758E-556F-45D3-9842-AF9000DC1CEB PO36 8AF Sandown Library, 119 High Street., Sandown n6716938928 On outside wall of Sandown Library 43 m
CBCD44E7-DFAC-4BA9-B161-AD3D00B7156B PO36 0NP Peddlars Cafe, Cycle Track, Newchurch n6955405475 On Bridleway by Peadllers gate 134 m
514AD43D-178F-41BD-8A1F-AE3800AF9887 PO1 1RS Tesco Superstore, Crasswell St, 0 n7028564534 Inside the store, down the first aisle left hand side. 38 m
08FE0D0C-0BCE-43D8-930A-AF570089DF66 PO11 0SE Hayling Island Community First Responders, Northney Tea Rooms, Northney Farm n7160719073 Outside on north facing wall 215 m
AD3101D6-E502-430D-A886-AD4D00AB3E6A PO36 8JS Sandown & Shanklin Independent Lifeboat, Sandown Lifeboat Station, Esplanade n7568728527 On outside wall of Sandown & Shanklin Independent Lifeboat 131 m
04DF2773-C80A-4E47-98CF-AD3D009965C8 PO36 9JW Sandown & Shanklin Lions, Sandown And Shanklin Footpath 98, Sandown n7873589154 On outside wall of Lions Day & Community Centre 169 m
C8CF3ACB-AE96-4AB7-90E2-ADA900DA21BC PO31 8HB Cowes Enterprise College, Crossfield Avenue, Cowes n7994738247 To the right of Cowes Enterprise College reception 200 m
553B5D53-AD6A-4300-B285-AE9B00E526AB PO20 8JH Bracklesham Foreshores Office, Bracklesham Bay, Chichester n8097761564 wall 307 m
2776751A-5CC8-426F-A882-B08500BEB4FF PO33 3RD The Binstead Arms, Binstead Road, Ryde n8196567199 On outside wall of The Binstead Arms (formerly Fleming Arms) pub. 9 m
CD0E41EA-178D-4407-9E44-AD3300BAA05F PO33 3LL Ryde Academy, Pell Lane, Ryde n8196573226 On outside wall of Ryde Academy by the main entrance 192 m
326C33A7-D986-4C66-90C2-B07600A120D9 PO36 9PA Morrisons Supermarket, Newport Road, Lake n8280874386 On the outside wall of Morrisons, to the left of the main entrance 35 m
4D40CF24-726E-4FBD-8090-AF8D01009138 PO37 6PT Shanklin Cricket, Westhill Road, Shanklin n8564980961 In a passage way through the building at Shanklin Cricket Club 156 m
EE8199F6-3822-434D-8C9F-AE9800985D51 PO20 0RB Victory Club, 31 High Street, Selsey n8706891580 154 m
205811B9-8361-400E-BB94-AE8000EC8748 PO20 8ET Joliffe Road, Joliffe Road Shoreline, West Wittering n9127818056 beside footpath from Jolliffe Road to the beach, East Wittering 348 m
96FD0CE3-DB19-43D5-9C7D-AD4100C5BB1D PO34 5HU Seagrove Pavilon Trust, Seagrove Farm Rd, Seaview n9198366924 On outside wall of Seagrove Pavilion 110 m
26412023-4634-4D74-AD17-AE5F00CB3A63 PO37 7LN 2a Collingwood Road, Shanklin n9660525992 On the outside wall of British Legion by the main entrance 37 m
1368FC00-E72A-44D2-94A3-AF4D0110C083 PO6 4TE Reception Oyster Quay, Port Way, Port Solent, Portsmouth n9848693043 132 m
64B6C03F-0FEF-492C-BDF0-AFC801376BEC PO36 8JS Napoleans Landing, Esplanade, Sandown n10743133053 On the outside wall of Napoleons Landing 23 m
59BCE21E-9815-44B5-A31A-AF8C012569A3 PO37 6HS Blueberrys, Littlestairs Road., Shanklin n10865752837 On outside wall of Blueberry's, accessable via Winchester House Long Stay Car Park 197 m
AE903255-A8FA-40EC-9CFF-AFA0011D1715 PO30 5AX W Hurst And Son (Iow) Ltd, 29-33 Holyrood Street, Newport n10873194258 On outer wall of Hursts, by the entrance on Lugley Street 42 m
64AB272B-5CA9-49FD-BC63-AF890122FAFA PO34 5AR The Dell Café, Puckpool Sands.seaview, Seaview n11079425316 On outside wall of Dell Cafe by the entrance 321 m
312F373B-3787-4E90-B6A8-AF89011DFAB2 PO33 1PX Mermaid Dist, Pondwell Hill., Ryde n11079440069 On outside wall of The Mermaid Bar/Isle of Wight Distillery 246 m
41425E03-D2E8-41B7-8BD2-B04201179364 PO37 6AN Clifton Hotel, 1 Queen's Road, Shanklin n11139742500 On the outside wall of The Clifton facing the sea 106 m

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