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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'PO' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the AED location data from the Ambulance Services in Open Street Map. (Even if there was, many are located only by postcode, so the locations are not always precise.) So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list (orange for AEDs that may not be available 24/7, yellow for AEDs not generally available for public use, and red for everything else). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects . For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each Ambulence Service location for an OSM amenity=defibrillator object with a matching postcode, with 2km of the postcode centroid. If any are found the nearest such object is matched. Then we go through all unmatched Ambulence Service locations, and look for any unmatched amenity=defibrillator OSM objects within 150m. If any are found, the hearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated, but with an increased distance limit of 500m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs, or an EAD is a long way from its postcode centriod, they may not be matched correctly.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Postcode Location Locality Ref
PO20 8QH Tides Reach Garage Wall
PO30 1AN 1st Newport Scouts
PO10 8HS 1st Southbourne Sea Scouts
PO8 9UX Acorn Community Centre
PO33 3DQ Adelaide, The
PO5 2SX Albert Road Toilets
PO20 3YA Aldingbourne Community Sports Centre
PO21 2LJ Aldwick Road
PO39 0JD Alum Bay - Needles
PO31 7TG Amery House Dental practice
PO30 2PD Amey (Lynbottom)
PO33 3BY Argyll House Surgery
PO21 4TL Arthur Griffiths Clinic
PO21 2TT Arun Indoor Bowling Club
PO22 8ED Arun Leisure Centre
PO20 8DY Barclays Bank Plc
PO9 3HN Barncrof Primary School
PO22 0HW Barnham Primary School
PO30 2EN Beaulieu House
PO35 5UP Bembridge Bowling Club
PO35 5TD Bembridge RNLI
PO35 5NR Bembridge Sailing Club
PO35 5SN Bembridge Village Hall
PO35 5UL Bembridge Youth & Community Club
PO7 3BE Berewood Primary School
PO12 1AX Berkeley Homes Construction Site Office
PO21 5BS Berkeley Homes Show Home
PO22 9TD Bersted Green Surgery
PO33 3SA Binstead Primary School
PO20 7HA Birdham Village Hall
PO38 2HN Blackgang Chine
PO30 3BJ Blackwater Mill
PO4 0PP Blue Bell Nursing Home
PO31 8AP Bodywise, Cowes
PO21 1SZ Bognor Foreshores Station
PO21 1DA Bognor Regis Police Station
PO21 1BP Bognor Regis Railway Station
PO21 2TY Bognor Regis Sports Ground
PO21 3DH Bognor Regis Town Football Club
PO21 1LD Bognor Regis Town Hall
PO22 7PP Boots The Chemist Ltd
PO21 1PQ Boots the Chemist Ltd
PO18 8QF Bosham Parish Centre
PO18 8LU Bosham Sailing Club The Quay
PO9 1DA Bosmere Junior School
PO20 8JH Bracklesham Foreshores Office
PO13 0YJ Bridgemary Bowls Club
PO30 4DZ Brighstone Grange
PO30 4BB Brighstone Surgery
PO30 4BP Brighstone Tennis Club
PO30 2LJ Bright Sparks Preschool
PO35 5PR Britten Norman Bembridge Airport
PO40 9DT Brookside Health Centre
PO13 0EW Brune Medical Centre
PO2 7BT Buckland Community Centre
PO20 9BH Bunn Leisure Holiday Park
PO6 3ER Bupa Dental Care
PO36 8BN Burlington Hotel
PO38 1LR Byrnhill Grove
PO19 1XP C G L The Old Post Office Mews
PO30 5XW CCG Apex House
PO13 9FU CEMAST College
PO16 8AH Cams Hill School
PO30 5QU Carisbrooke College
PO19 1XT Cathedral Medical Group
PO38 2JF Chale Bay Farm
PO33 2BB Cheeky Chimps Nursery
PO31 7PJ Cherry Blossoms
PO31 7NQ Cherry Trees
PO19 7UH Chichester Crematorium
PO19 1NH Chichester Harbour Hotel
PO19 8AD Chichester Police Station
PO19 8DL Chichester Railway Station
PO19 6BB Chichester Rugby Club Oaklands Pavilion
PO30 3EP Chillerton & Rookley Primary School
PO30 5QT Christ The King College
PO21 4NR Church Farm Holiday Village
PO20 0LS Church Of Our Lady & St Wilfrid
PO1 2AL Civic Offices
PO8 0YF Clanfield Community & Sports Hall
PO8 0RB Clanfield Memorial Hall
PO22 0HB Co-operative Retail Services Ltd
PO18 8TE Cobnor Activities Centre Trust
PO18 8DL Concierge Camping
PO30 4NT Corf Camp
PO6 2QZ Cosham Baptist Church
PO6 3DD Cosham Court Nursing Home
PO6 3DD Cosham Masonic Club
PO13 9NZ Court Barn Conservative Club
PO6 2PP Court Lane Infant School
PO31 7SE Cowes Conservative Club
PO31 7BX Cowes Floating Bridge
PO31 7ER Cowes Medical Centre
PO31 8AZ Cowes Medina Bowling Club
PO31 7HT Cowes Shepards Wharf
PO31 7BD Cowes Yacht Haven
PO8 8XJ Cowplain Dental Practice
PO8 8XA Cowplain Evangelical Church
PO14 2PP Crofton Community Centre
PO33 1QT DDC Electronics Ltd
PO13 8AT Damira Eclipse Dental Studio
PO9 1PF Davies Pharmacy
PO9 1JN Deesand Ltd
PO33 2EN Denbigh House Dentists Ryde
PO7 6LU Denmead Community Centre
PO7 6PW Denmead War Memorial Hall
PO21 1PW Dental Surgery
PO30 5FA Diametric Technical Ltd
PO20 0UB Domehouse Close
PO33 1AD Doncasters Trucast
PO19 8QT Donnington Parish Hall
PO33 2BN Dover Park, Primary Ryde
PO20 8NS Downview Hall
PO18 9DN Dunreyth Alpacas
PO20 0PD East Beach Evangelical Church
PO32 6RY East Cowes Masonic Lodge
PO32 6RP East Cowes Medical Centre
PO32 6ET East Cowes Sailing Club
PO20 8PS East Wittering Village Hall
PO4 9SU Eastney Community Centre
PO4 9LY Eastney Cruising Association
PO30 5TG Education Centre
PO35 5XS Elms, The
PO10 8BP Emsworth Yacht Harbour Ltd
PO15 5TJ English Rose Collection
PO33 2EH Esplanade Surgery
PO3 5NX European Metal Recycling (EMR)
PO14 1JJ Fareham Academy
PO14 1FE Fareham Community Centre
PO16 0NU Fareham Methodist Church
PO15 6TL Fareham North West Community Centre
PO13 0AB Fareham Road Dental Surgery
PO10 7EH Fat Olives 30
PO33 2QT Fellowship House
PO22 8FA Felpham Community Hall
PO11 0DG Ferryboat Inn
PO20 0BU Fishermans Joy
PO22 9TR Fitness First
PO6 1PR Fleur de Lys Youth Football Club
PO32 6NB Folly (The) Harbour Office
PO20 8BN Footworks
PO30 5YS Forest Park
PO9 6ED Forestside - Unit 1
PO18 9LL Fox & Hounds
PO40 9TZ Freshwater Bay Golf Club
PO40 9AX Freshwater Early Years Centre
PO40 9UU Freshwater Memorial Hall
PO30 5GD Fun 2 Learn
PO15 6QX Garsons Garden Centre
PO2 0UR Gatcombe Park Primary School
PO37 7DD Gatten & Lake Primary School
PO36 0LH George Jenkins Transport Ltd
PO38 3HJ Godshill Primary
PO38 3HS Godshill Surgery
PO38 3HZ Godshill Taverners
PO12 2RP Gomer Infant & Junior School
PO11 0QL Gorseway Nursery
PO12 2AT Gosport & Stokes Bay Golf Club
PO12 2EG Gosport Bowling Club
PO12 3AJ Gosport Smile Dental Surgery
PO12 2TR Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue Service
PO40 9NH Gouldings, The
PO19 6GS Graylingwell Hospital
PO7 6LW Green Meadows Care Home
PO15 5RQ Greenfield Contracting Ltd
PO31 8PD Greenham IOW
PO33 3PT Greenmount Primary School
PO38 1EU Grove House Surgery
PO30 5WU Gurit
PO31 8QE Gurnard Pines
PO31 8JW Gurnard Press
PO31 8DS Gurnard Primary School
PO31 8JR Gurnard Village Hall
PO31 8LE Gurnard Woodvale
PO16 8TB H Luckett & Co Ltd
PO7 4RW Hambledon Village Hall
PO18 8RF Hambrook Meadows
PO7 7UW Hampshire Cosmetics Ltd
PO1 4ND Hanway Medical Practice
PO12 4JB Hardway, Elson & District Community Centre
PO33 4NR Harwood Garage
PO9 1QD Havant Bus Station
PO9 2AY Havant Leisure Centre
PO9 3EJ Havant Rugby Club
PO37 6HD Haven Hall Hotel
PO33 3HA Haylands Primary School
PO11 0HB Hayling Island Community Centre
PO11 9SL Hayling Island Sailing Club
PO7 7XY Hi Technology Group Ltd
PO33 3BG Highfield Nursing Home
PO14 3JT Hill Head Sailing Club
PO5 3AY Hillfield Trading
PO15 6JD Hillpark Memorial Working Men's Club
PO15 5RJ Holiday Inn Fareham
PO8 0AA Horndean Practice
PO18 9AX Horse & Groom
PO30 1TJ Hose Rhodes Dickson
PO16 0PZ Hostel
PO21 1HN Hotham Park
PO1 4JB Housing & Care 21
PO33 2HB Hovertravel
PO30 4EH Hulverstone, Sun Inn
PO30 1DB IOW drug and alcohol service
PO32 6NJ IW Crematorium
PO15 5SE Immaculate Detailing
PO39 0BJ Inglefield Nursing Home
PO15 5RU Intamet Ltd
PO35 5UB Inver House, Bembridge
PO38 1RZ Island Dental Care
PO30 2LA Island Harbour
PO30 2NB Island Riding Centre
PO30 5XJ Island Roads
PO31 7RE Island Sailing Club
PO30 5TA Isle of Wight College
PO31 7NP Isle of Wight Community Club
PO30 1UD Isle of Wight Council
PO38 3AA Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary
PO33 4BH Isle of Wight Table Tennis
PO30 3DA JMC Hire
PO21 3EU Jordan Butchers
PO22 6DZ Jubilee Hall
PO8 9SU Jubilee Hall
PO30 2NN Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
PO16 0NX Kings Road Dental Surgery
PO35 5PH Kingswood
PO3 5AF Kirklands Surgery
PO33 4LE Kite Hill
PO17 5GR Knowle Community Hall
PO32 6BP Kynance
PO6 3EN Lakeside North Harbour
PO1 4DT Landport Area Housing Office
PO1 1JD Landport Community Centre
PO31 7ES Lanesend Primary (Cowes)
PO19 1RW Langley House Surgery
PO9 2SN Langstone Conservative Club (Devilles House)
PO11 0DG Langstone Harbour Board
PO13 8JU Lee On Solent Community Association Centre
PO13 9LY Lee on the Solent Dental Surgery
PO13 9DL Lee-on-the-Solent Bowling Club
PO13 9BP Lee-on-the-Solent Methodist Church
PO9 5BD Leigh Park Working Mens Club
PO13 9LW Leon's Bistro
PO30 5UX Lifeline Alarm Systems
PO33 4JP Little Canada
PO39 0EX Little Hayes
PO31 7ET Little Love Lane Preschool
PO14 4JX Locks Heath Recreation Ground Changing Facility
PO16 8TB Lucketts Travel Fareham HQ
PO30 5TR MHI Vestas
PO30 1BW Mall, The (Dental Practice)
PO20 7JT Manhood Cottages
PO11 9SR Marina Office
PO19 1SY Masonic Hall Pallant Centre
PO21 1DW Masonic Hall The Gordon Centre
PO2 0RH Mayfield School
PO21 2UW Maywood Healthcare Centre
PO4 9ED MediKa Dental Surgery
PO30 2DX Medina College
PO32 6NA Medina Country Park
PO30 1PR Medina Healthcare Newport Surgery
PO30 2DX Medina Leisure Centre
PO31 7QZ Medina Lodge
PO31 7PG Medina Wharf
PO6 1TN Millbrook Healthcare
PO3 6LA Moneyfields Sports & Social Club
PO8 9FB Morrisons
PO12 1NQ Morrisons
PO1 4QP Morrisons
PO3 5UH Morrisons
PO30 1JQ Morrisons Newport
PO21 3BD Mosse Memorial Hall
PO20 0NS Mulberry Divers Ltd 9
PO21 1SP Nationwide Bldg Soc
PO34 5DY Nettlestone Primary
PO33 1QT Neutrik UK Ltd
PO3 5GE New Eastern Police Investigation Centre
PO30 3BE Newclose Cricket Ground
PO30 1XB Newport Conservative Club
PO30 1BQ Newport Dental Studio
PO30 1XN Newport Residential Care
PO30 1QP Nine Acres Primary School
PO38 2BN Niton Surgery (South Wight Medical)
PO31 7QJ No.1 The Parade
PO30 1LJ Nodehill 6th Form campus
PO6 1TS Nolato Jaycare Unit B
PO2 9AX North End Library
PO6 3TE North Harbour Ambulance Station
PO6 3AW North Harbour Medical Group
PO33 4DR Northbrook House, Havenstreet
PO11 0NH Northney Marinas
PO31 7NN Northwood Cricket Club
PO31 8PU Northwood Primary School
PO31 8QA Northwood Scouts
PO41 0SD Norton Grange Hotel
PO15 5DR Novaseal Ltd
PO18 9AN Oakwood Preparatory School
PO20 3UE Ormiston Six Villages Academy
PO32 6JX Osborne Golf Club
PO20 2DQ Oving Jubilee Hall
PO8 8EA Padnell Junior School
PO21 4TL Pagham Service Station
PO14 1DJ Palmerston Bowls Club
PO31 7NJ Park Road Dental Surgery
PO9 3EZ Parkway Dental Practice
PO6 4HG Paulsgrove Area Housing Office
PO8 0PZ Peel Park Recreation Ground Pavilion
PO9 1SA Peer 1 Hosting
PO1 2HJ Phoenix Lodge Rooms Masonic Lodge
PO33 3HU Phoenix project
PO9 6BB Phone Box
PO16 9AD Portchester Community Centre
PO16 9QN Portchester Sailing Club
PO2 8RD Portsmouth Harbour Cruising club
PO2 8SP Portsmouth International Ferry Port
PO2 8SP Portsmouth International Ferry Port
PO2 8SP Portsmouth International Ferry Port
PO2 8SP Portsmouth International Ferry Port
PO2 8SP Portsmouth International Ferry Port
PO6 1TU Portsmouth Stagecoach Ltd
PO6 4TJ Premier Marina
PO6 4TJ Premier Marinas
PO20 7EJ Premier Marinas Ltd - Chichester
PO4 9RJ Premier Southsea Marina
PO33 4ES Quarr Abbey
PO6 3LY Queen Alexandra Hospital
PO8 8SE Rainbow Public House
PO14 3BN Ranvilles Community Centre
PO21 1BL Regis Centre
PO18 8EA Richmond Arms
PO22 9NE Riverside Caravan Centre
PO30 2NU Robin Hill
PO17 6LE Rookesbury Hall
PO22 9RP Rowan Park Caravan Club Site
PO9 6AE Rowlands Castle Golf Club
PO13 8AA Rowners Family Centre
PO21 4DG Royal Bay Nursing Home
PO12 2AA Royal Hospital Hasler
PO31 7QT Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes
PO19 1EH Russell & Bromley 3
PO20 7BY Russells Garden Centre
PO33 1QG Ryde (IOW) Indoor Bowls Club
PO33 3LL Ryde Academy
PO33 3AF Ryde All Saints Church
PO33 4AP Ryde Cricket Club
PO33 2PN Ryde Dental Studio
PO33 3FE Ryde House
PO33 1JA Ryde Marina Bowls
PO33 2PZ Ryde Masonic Hall
PO33 2PT Ryde Methodist Church
PO33 3LJ Ryde Tennis and Croquet Club
PO33 2JH Ryde Town Club
PO33 3HP Ryde United Reformed Church
PO12 1AF STS Defence
PO11 9BL Sainsburys Local
PO30 5ZB Sainsburys Newport
PO19 7YR Sainsburys Supermarkets Ltd
PO16 8SU Sainsburys Superstore
PO4 9EX Salisbury Road Surgery
PO30 1JQ Samaritans, The
PO36 9QQ Sandown Bowls Club
PO36 9DQ Sandown Dental Practice
PO36 9GA Sandown Health Centre
PO36 8LF Sandown Masonic Hall
PO36 9BE Sandown Nursing Home
PO20 9HT Sea Grove
PO14 3QS Seafarers Sailing Club
PO34 5HU Seagrove Pavillion
PO34 5HF Seaview Spithead Masonic Lodge
PO34 5HB Seaview Yacht Club
PO15 5SL Segensworth Automobiles Ltd
PO36 9PR Shanklin & Sandown Golf Club
PO37 6BG Shanklin & Sandown Rowing Club
PO37 7LD Shanklin Bowling Club
PO37 6AU Shanklin Conservative Club
PO37 7EU Shanklin Football Club
PO37 7HR Shanklin Medical Centre
PO37 7AF Shanklin Methodist Church
PO14 4PF Sir Joseph Paxton Public House
PO15 7AJ Solent Hotel and Spa
PO10 8HS Southbourne Sea Scouts Scout Hall
PO10 8HN Southbourne Village Hall
PO10 8HN Southbourne Village Hall
PO20 8JE Southdowns Holiday Village
PO20 0QB Southern Co-Op
PO10 8UE Southern Co-operatives Ltd
PO5 3QQ Southsea Library
PO5 3PB Southsea Tennis Club Pavilion
PO17 6EL Southwick Park Golf Club
PO30 1TJ Specsavers
PO21 1EJ Spiritualist Church
PO30 4LP Sportsmans Rest
PO37 6EX Springfield Nursing Home
PO32 6AS Springhill Preschool
PO7 8BJ Springwood Community Centre
PO11 9QD St Andrews Church Hall
PO37 7LY St Blasius Primary Academy
PO38 1TT St Catherine's School
PO30 5AT St Cross Court
PO1 3BN St George's Beneficial Church of England Primary S
PO7 7EH St George's Church Hall
PO30 1XW St Georges SEN School
PO35 5UA St Helens Medical Centre (Bembridge)
PO33 1UG St Helens Medical Centre (St Helens)
PO33 1UJ St Helens Sport Association
PO10 7DP St James Church Hall
PO38 1JJ St Lawrence Post Office
PO11 0NT St Mary's Church Hall
PO3 6AD St Marys Hospital
PO33 1LJ St Marys Primary
PO13 0JN St Matthews Church
PO19 6PN St Michaels Church Hall
PO39 0HQ St Saviours Primary School
PO30 1NR St Thomas of Canterbury Primary
PO19 5RD St Wilfreds Hospice
PO7 8NS Stakes Lodge Surgery
PO12 1PA Stoke Road Dental Practice
PO12 2BL Stokes Bay Sailing Club
PO31 8PD Strainstall
PO14 3TA Stubbington Baptist Church
PO14 2LE Stubbington Green Dental Practice
PO30 2LJ Summerfields Primary
PO11 0AS Surf Shack Café
PO20 2FT Tangmere Airfield Nurseries Ltd
PO20 2ES Tangmere Aviation Museum
PO20 2HS Tangmere Medical Centre
PO20 6GP Tangmere Produce Ltd
PO41 0YJ Tapnell Farm
PO33 1QS Tesco
PO22 9ND Tesco Bognor Regis
PO33 4LX Tesco Express
PO9 1TR Tesco Extra
PO19 3JT Tesco Extra Chichester
PO16 0LE Tesco Fareham
PO9 5AH Tesco Metro
PO15 7LL Tesco Whiteley
PO20 7PE The Apuldram Centre Common Farm
PO3 6BH The Baffins Surgery
PO9 3ES The Bedhampton Social Hall Centre
PO36 9RH The Broadway Centre
PO22 6JA The Cabin
PO20 8LW The Club House Millenium Field
PO8 0QL The Cooperative
PO20 3RP The Croft Surgery
PO6 1PA The Drayton Centre
PO6 4PX The Drystack
PO16 0NS The Duke Of Connaught's Club
PO17 6EB The Golden Lion
PO18 0QB The Goodwood Hotel
PO11 0NU The Hayling College
PO15 6HZ The Highlands Hub
PO13 9AD The Inn By The Sea
PO12 2ET The Parish Centre
PO20 8LT The Pavilion
PO20 8PA The Royal British Legion
PO9 1RY The Royal Oak
PO3 6LL The Scout Headquarters
PO20 0JX The Seal P & A Co Ltd
PO20 0RF The Selsey Centre
PO9 1RD The Ship Inn
PO20 8DZ The Shore Inn
PO18 9HA The Village Shop & Tea Room
PO11 0EL The West Town Inn
PO6 3AP The Wootton Street Surgery
PO12 3PX Thorngate Hall
PO10 8DD Thornham Marina
PO10 8DD Thornham Marina Ltd
PO20 8QH Tides Reach Garage
PO9 2NJ Tileasy Limited
PO14 4AB Titchfield Community Centre
PO39 0AT Totland Bay Bowling Club
PO31 8LS Traveller's Joy
PO16 8SD Two Saints Ltd
PO31 7US Unique Seaflex Ltd
PO4 9LY University of Portsmouth Building A (UoP 121)
PO1 2DJ University of Portsmouth Eldon Building, Reception
PO4 8LW University of Portsmouth Langstone Campus, Sports
PO1 3AS University of Portsmouth Milldam Nursery
PO1 3DE University of Portsmouth Richmond Building, Recept
PO1 2ER University of Portsmouth Spinnaker Sports, Recepti
PO1 2HY University of Portsmouth St George's Building, Rec
PO1 2DT University of Portsmouth St Michael's Building Fac
PO5 4AQ University of Portsmouth St Paul's Sports Hall, Re
PO1 2QG University of Portsmouth William Beatty Dental Aca
PO4 8LW University of Portsmouth
PO33 1PU Urban Saints Westbrook Centre
PO33 1PU Urban Saints Westbrook Centre
PO38 1EZ Ventnor Medical Centre
PO38 1RY Ventnor Post Office
PO38 1JJ Ventnor Royal Hotel
PO38 1JT Ventnor Seafront
PO38 1PJ Ventnor Tennis Club
PO18 8TP Village Hall
PO18 9BG Village Hall
PO12 2LD Village Home Pub
PO30 5ET WP Recruitment
PO9 2RR Warblington School
PO38 1BT Ward House
PO15 5TD Warmafloor
PO7 7FX Waterlooville Police Station
PO33 1JA Waterside Pool
PO5 2PW Waverley Road Surgery
PO18 0QY West Dean Stores
PO19 1BD West Sussex Fire & Rescue
PO20 0QG West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service Fire Station
PO21 5TB West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service Fire Station
PO40 9XH West Wight Sports Centre
PO20 8AJ West Wittering Estate
PO41 0RJ Westbay Club
PO7 8NY Westbrook Hall
PO19 1RJ Westgate Leisure Centre
PO33 1QS Westridge Centre
PO33 1QS Westridge Golf Club
PO32 6NZ Whippingham Community Hall
PO30 3AA White Lion
PO30 3BX Wight Building Materials
PO33 1LP Wight Dental Care
PO38 2HA Wight Mouse Inn
PO31 7EU WightFibre Ltd
PO33 4EU Wightlink Fishbourne Terminal
PO33 2HF Wightlink Ryde Pier
PO10 8LB Willow Lodge
PO11 9JZ Wimbourne Care Home
PO33 3JB Windmill Close, Ryde
PO21 1RP Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc
PO9 6EQ Woodcut
PO33 4JR Woodside Hall Nursing Home
PO33 4NX Wootton Parish Council
PO33 4PT Wootton Primary School
PO38 1TH Yarborough Lodge
PO41 0PN Yarmouth Dental Practice
PO41 0PB Yarmouth Harbour
PO41 0RA Yarmouth Primary School
PO41 0NL Yarmouth Sailing Club
PO41 0QP Yarmouth Surgery
PO31 7DA Yokogawa

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

OSM Object Ref Location
n2276239819 AW97 Stansted Park Garden Centre
n5985162390 Woodmancote Pub
n5994129811 wall
n6468503309 outdoor
n7954041363 outside
n8301114317 outdoor
n8476952666 Inside red phone box.
n8636255817 By the main entrance to St Lawrence Stores & Post Office
n8648635282 Inside red telephone box.
n8895492799 AGA382 On wall of toilets facing the car park/bike parking. Locked with keypad, call 999 and quote code AGA
n9097286311 Inside the main entrance of the club house
n9127818056 wall

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object

Ref Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location MR Offset
PO36 9BA Bay (The) CE Academy - Primary School n530750131 With Happy Haddock staff 499 m
PO33 1ND Ryde Inshore Rescue n3188374719 On outside wall of Ryde Inshore Rescue 43 m
PO15 7LJ Meadowside Leisure Centre n3806743999 Mounted on the wall of Meadowside Leisure Centre, in Market Square 19 m
PO30 1JW Dower House n3926713732 On outer wall of Morrisons, by South Street 121 m
PO9 5AE Phone Box n3978381507 inside phone box on Park Parade, Leigh Park 17 m
PO33 1XH St Helen's Primary School n3999011163 On outside wall of St Helens Sports Pavillion by Upper Green Road and Vine Road 107 m
PO33 1XQ Bembridge Marina (Embankment Road) Harbour Office n4037609961 On outside wall of Brading Haven Yacht Club clubhouse, to right of main door 6 m
PO30 2QR Riverside Centre n4037609962 On outside wall of Riverside Centre, to left of main entrance 43 m
PO35 5UE Welcome Store n4072644922 on outside wall by door to Ink Shop 24 m
PO19 8DG Chichester Bus Station n4278619573 95 m
PO9 6BW Rowlands Castle Hardware Stores n4283267142 17 m
PO38 1JT St Lawrence Village Hall n4297044962 24 m
PO15 7LA Whiteley Community Centre n4439791166 18 m
PO9 1AQ Hampshire Endodontics n4700039379 88 m
PO22 7EE Felpham Sailing Club n4728224625 55 m
PO10 7EH The Fat Olives n4731342750 222 m
PO4 8RA Portsmouth Football Club n4744079493 36 m
PO18 0HR Public Telephone 28m From Bramley Cottage 6m From n4789012811 inside phone box by Singleton Village Hall 73 m
PO18 9HA The Village Shop and Tea Room n4839121650 6 m
PO4 8PR Milton Village Hall n4842082393 36 m
PO31 8DS Gurnard Pre-School n4846642543 430 m
PO31 8BW New Holmwood Hotel n4849083452 Back wall of New Holmwood Hotel car park 106 m
PO33 4EU Wightlink, IOW Ferries n4854017505 136 m
PO1 2LA Wightlink IOW Ferries n4854017506 42 m
PO8 0BZ Nicos Bakery n4866816191 17 m
PO16 9UY Portchester Hub n4879377449 10 m
PO18 9DR Baylys Barn, Racton n4936156598 wall 115 m
PO7 7HY Waterlooville Orthodontics n4949744944 51 m
PO1 2JL Still & West n5071873315 AA182 22 m
PO5 3ST Pyramid Centre n5075189958 222 m
PO38 3HZ Godshill n5075195795 Taverners Inn, High Street, PO38 3HZ 81 m
PO6 1PA The Drayton Surgery n5079942322 62 m
PO1 3PS Wightlink IOW Ferries n5110935753 44 m
PO18 9EN The Victoria Inn n5140071796 53 m
PO4 8GT Mary Rose Academy School n5151065023 440 m
PO39 0JH Needles (The) Remote Radio Site n5256160703 169 m
PO36 8QB Isle of Wight Zoo n5275123339 On outside wall of The Wildheart Animal Sanctuary by the main entrance 214 m
PO10 7EQ Emsworth Slippers Sailing Club n5316322070 Inside toilet building of Fat Olives 107 m
PO10 7JD The Kings Arms Public House n5316331823 436 m
PO33 2AG Ryde Orthodontic Practice n5338940288 Dental surgery 29 m
PO30 2HX Broadlands House HM Offices n5340818679 On outside wall of Newport Methodist Church 492 m
PO33 4NW Medina Healthcare Wootton Surgery n5340818996 On outside wall by Parish Council Office 67 m
PO33 3NF Ryde Golf Club n5340818997 inside entrance 6 m
PO33 2JE Ryde Library n5340818998 On outside wall of Ryde Library by the main entrance 9 m
PO33 1BP Waxham House n5340818999 86 m
PO9 1UN Meridian Shopping Centre Security Team, First Floo n5455392581 On wall left of Davies Chemists 103 m
PO11 9EA Hayling Hardware n5535718734 85 m
PO20 7AW Chichester Harbour Conservancy n5721376324 12 m
PO37 6BN Fisherman's Cottage n5861439658 On outside wall of Fisherman's Cottage 187 m
PO10 7ES Emsworth Sailing Club n5863399962 Outside, on west-facing wall of main Emsworth Sailing Club building 59 m
PO36 8QT Culver Haven Inn n5870984760 on outside wall of Culver Haven Inn, to right of main door 47 m
PO9 6ED Forestside - Unit 2 n5994130993 wall 265 m
PO3 6HU Alderman Lacey Library n6064356501 50 m
PO9 6AD Rowlands Castle Parish Hall n6116988192 50 m
PO18 0AH Lavant Memorial Hall n6378543605 outside 278 m
PO36 9EH Lake Tesco Express n6567588061 On outside wall of Tesco towards overflow car park 31 m
PO36 9JT Lake Methodist Church n6567627166 On outside wall of Lake Methodist Church by the main entrance 111 m
PO37 6BG Salix Beach Café n6578366561 On outside wall of Shanklin Sandown Rowing Club 115 m
PO37 7AE Regent Pharmacy n6578390450 On outside wall of Shanklin Methodist Church 137 m
PO36 8AF Sandown Library n6716938928 On outside wall of Sandown Library 31 m
PO35 5TB Bembridge Coast Hotel n6852878808 On outside wall of RNLI Bembridge Inshore Lifeboat Station by Lane End car park 41 m
PO32 6AD East Cowes Seafront n6872197323 21 m
PO33 1YB Duver (The) n6903721335 Outside by toilet entrance 495 m
PO38 1SW Church St Dental Surgery n6927740505 On outside wall of the post office, to the left of the entrance. 70 m
PO30 1XB Barton Primary n6937328524 On outside wall of Newport Conservative Club 42 m
PO36 0NP Pedallers Café n6955405475 On Bridleway by Peadllers gate 78 m
PO32 6LP East Cowes Sports Club n6959818825 On outside shed wall 352 m
PO30 5ET Albany Lodge n6960162251 Outside wall bp Corner House private parking 114 m
PO36 9PE Premier Inn - Merrie Gardens n6996354504 213 m
PO30 5ZB Sainsburys Superstore n7023811009 Inside the store on the wall behind the tills 23 m
PO5 4LH Charter Community Sports Centre n7028564534 Inside the store, down the first aisle left hand side. 455 m
PO10 8UE The Cooperative n7041387726 16 m
PO36 9DQ Magnolia House n7110607550 On outside wall of Sandown Freemasons club 76 m
PO36 0JP Sandown Airport n7139605701 296 m
PO11 0RX North Hayling Recreation Hall n7160719073 Outside on north facing wall 140 m
PO30 3AD Arreton St George's Primary n7166908969 On outside wall of Arreton Primary School 169 m
PO38 1LP Vectis (Ventnor) Rugby Club n7193271434 On outside wall of Ventnor Rugby Club 6 m
PO38 2DB Norris Stores n7193535242 On outside wall of Norris Family Grocers near Rectory Road 66 m
PO33 2PU James Spence Dental n7203961200 78 m
PO11 9HL The Lifeboat Inn n7371531483 166 m
PO36 9AY Sandown Fire Station n7504509756 On outside wall of Sandown Fire Station by the main entrance 28 m
PO7 7RL Beechles Dental Practice n7524573365 356 m
PO36 8JS Sandown & Shanklin Lifeboat n7568728527 On outside wall of Sandown & Shanklin Independent Lifeboat 210 m
PO34 5AW Seaview Boathouse Pub n7700002447 On outside wall of The Boathouse by the entrance 168 m
PO33 2HF Wightlink, IOW Ferries n7700015451 5 m
PO38 2PZ White Horse Inn n7706597639 On outside wall of The White Horse Inn 38 m
PO33 2DY King Lud n7731880165 On outside wall of The King Lud 45 m
PO35 5AA Bembridge Silver Sands Court n7736835694 On outside wall of Bembridge Village Hall 136 m
PO30 2HS Medina House School n7852141565 On outside wall of Downside Community Centre 401 m
PO37 6AJ Shanklin Theatre n7859103403 On outside wall of Shanklin Theatre by Box Office entrance 12 m
PO30 3BF Whitecroft Park n7862244319 On outside wall of site reception 61 m
PO36 0EZ Alverstone Old School Hall n7864187061 On outside wall of Alverstone Old School Hall 63 m
PO36 0NN All Saints Church n7864187063 On outside wall of All Saints church hall 37 m
PO36 0NL Newchurch Primary n7864187064 On outside wall of Newchurch school 22 m
PO37 6EE Bupa Dental Care Shanklin n7868311352 On outside wall of Salix Cafe to the left of the main entrance 410 m
PO36 9JH Bay (The) CE Academy - Upper School n7873589152 On outside wall of The Bay CE School 59 m
PO36 9LA Lions Day & Community Centre n7873589154 On outside wall of Lions Day & Community Centre 13 m
PO36 9PE Broadlea Primary n7873589155 On outside wall of Primary School 167 m
PO36 9ET Heights Leisure Centre n7873658845 On outside wall of The Heights Leisure Centre 23 m
PO36 0DQ Bugle Inn n7930848930 On outside wall of Bugle Inn by the car park 63 m
PO36 0DS Brading Centre n7930848931 On outside wall of The Brading Centre 35 m
PO20 0LH Public Conveniences n7953972817 outside 27 m
PO38 3DP Wroxall Primary School n7993646080 On the outside wall of Wroxall Primary School 9 m
PO38 1LZ Ventnor Royal British Legion n7994307845 Outside British Legion to the left of the main entrance 40 m
PO38 3NG Island Car Centre n7994360429 On outside wall of Island Car Centre 94 m
PO30 5BF WRS Systems n7994508036 On outside wall of WRS Systems 34 m
PO30 5AW B&Q Newport n7994532708 To the right of main entrance 466 m
PO31 8PL Northwood WI Hall n7994590941 On outside wall of Northwood Village Hall 22 m
PO31 8HN Cowes Golf Club n7994733948 By Cowes Golf Club main entrance 258 m
PO31 8HB Cowes Enterprise College n7994738247 To the right of Cowes Enterprise College reception 186 m
PO30 5WS A J Wells & Son n7994751277 On outside wall of Lifeline 246 m
PO31 7JJ Cowes Fire Station n7994770154 On outside wall of Cowes Fire Station 16 m
PO30 5GY ATCoRS n7994796839 On outside wall to the right of the visitors entrance 75 m
PO31 7BH Cowes Chiropractic Clinic n7994816208 On outside wall between 22 and 24, Cowes Chiropractic Clinic 18 m
PO35 5RH Bembridge Fire Station n7995308086 On outside wall of Bembridge Fire Station 49 m
PO35 5NN Bembridge Dental Practice n7995358009 On the sea side of Bembridge Sailing Club 102 m
PO33 1XQ Brading Haven YC n7995450479 In Bembridge Marina office 178 m
PO21 5TU Bersted Parish Council Community Centre n8010989299 outside 131 m
PO40 9UT Avenue Road Dental n8025182617 On outside wall of Freshwater Parish Council 140 m
PO40 9RR Colwell Bay n8025258898 On outside wall of toilets 47 m
PO39 0BQ The Waterfront n8025330884 On outside wall of The Waterfront 121 m
PO39 0BD Westview House n8025351808 Inside Westview House 51 m
PO39 0EJ Eden House n8025398083 Inside Eden House 95 m
PO40 9UH Freshwater Co-op n8025501063 On outside wall of coop, by the ATM 120 m
PO40 9RA Freshwater Life Boat Station n8025624708 On outside wall of Lifeboat Station 115 m
PO30 2QH Asda, Newport n8035377805 On Asda security desk, near the entrance 19 m
PO30 4NQ Shalfleet Village Stores n8078689566 On the outside wall of Shalfleet Stores 47 m
PO33 4NQ Wootton IWRFC n8078720948 To the left of tha main entrance 137 m
PO33 4RA Island Cosmetic Clinic n8078725374 On outside wall between car shop and petrol station 236 m
PO30 1NR Carisbrooke Health Centre n8078745888 On outside wall behind The Eight Bells 59 m
PO30 5DA Lighthouse Medical Ltd n8078749242 On the outside wall next to main entrance 131 m
PO30 1NR Carisbrooke, Eight Bells (The) n8078750337 On the outside wall, on school grounds 75 m
PO30 4NN Brighstone Village n8078767425 53 m
PO30 5LS Gunville Methodist Church n8078774964 On the outside wall of Gunville Methodist Church 59 m
PO20 8HU Bracklesham Barn n8097761564 wall 369 m
PO7 6NN South Downs Funeral Service n8152438973 47 m
PO30 4JA Sun Inn, Calbourne n8168371064 On outside wall of The Sun Inn 392 m
PO19 6SE St Richards Hospital n8174526196 207 m
PO41 0RR Fort Victoria n8175123070 71 m
PO30 3JT Shorwell Village Hall n8175167337 On outside wall of Shorwell Village Hall 105 m
PO36 0LX Newchurch Parish Sports & Community Association n8175196280 On outside wall of Newchurch Football Club 95 m
PO33 1QG Busy Bee Garden Centre n8175223349 On outside wall of Staddlestones 65 m
PO32 6HN East Cowes Pavillion n8180263606 121 m
PO37 7NT Shanklin Rifle & Pistol Club n8195010184 On outside wall of Shanklin Rifle and Pistol Club 90 m
PO33 1RF Bullen Village n8196435616 On park fence by Cothey Way 41 m
PO33 1DE Ryde Fire Station n8196486739 On outside wall of Ryde Fire Station 119 m
PO33 3BE Ryde School with Upper Chine n8196499172 On outside wall behing All Saints Church 127 m
PO33 3RD Fleming Arms n8196567199 On outside wall of The Fleming Arms 28 m
PO33 3LN Ryde Academy n8196573226 On outside wall of Ryde Academy by the main entrance 136 m
PO33 3SB Binstead Community Centre n8196587023 58 m
PO38 1UF Ventnor Cricket Club n8197445662 By upper entrance to Ventnor Cricket Club 227 m
PO33 2LN Fantastic Store n8202855754 Inside Fantastic Store 18 m
PO36 0LT Bus Stop Café n8202910519 Inside Bus Stop Cafe 90 m
PO32 6LW St Mildred's Church n8222818539 On outside wall by Church Tea Rooms 68 m
PO32 6PA Queensgate Primary n8222945307 On outer wall of Queensgate Foundation Primary School by car park 92 m
PO32 6RP East Cowes Damira Dental Studio n8223032048 On outside wall of East Cowes Town Hall 105 m
PO32 6RU East Cowes Town Hall n8223036937 On outer wall, to the left of the gate 123 m
PO36 0PH Brading Roman Villa n8227795058 By the main entrance to Brading Toman Villa 21 m
PO20 0SZ East Beach Kiosk n8232053525 94 m
PO30 2DN Premier Inn - Seaclose n8238154744 Inside Premier Inn 8 m
PO30 5ZA Camphill Community Club n8238195613 On outside wall of Camp Hill Community Sports Club by the main entrance 11 m
PO19 6FA Graylingwell Hospital n8258413451 wall 161 m
PO36 9PA Morrisons Lake n8280874386 On the outside wall of Morrisons, to the left of the main entrance 83 m
PO22 0ES Barnham Railway Station n8287434088 outdoor 40 m
PO14 4NR Abshot Community Centre n8349306793 To the left on the main entrance door. 7 m
PO5 2DD Southsea Orthodontic Practice n8378351455 outside Albert Road Toilets, Albert Road, Southsea - near O'Neils pub 119 m
PO12 1AH Premier Marina n8388651955 On southern side of the toilet block building 137 m
PO38 1RL Monks Bay n8427061762 On outside wall of toilets, up some steps 223 m
PO18 8SU Old House At Home n8480525679 On pub wall facing road. 22 m
PO38 2JN Stubbings Bros. Ltd n8487415982 38 m
PO37 6PT Shanklin Cricket Club n8564980961 In a passage way through the building at Shanklin Cricket Club 148 m
PO38 1DR Ventnor Bowling n8582185499 On the wall by the entrance to Ventnor Bowling Club 26 m
PO38 1BG Island Free School n8582187321 On Island Free School fence by the service entrance 93 m
PO37 6JY M Richards Dental Practice n8653079630 Ask The Happy Haddock staff for access 288 m
PO30 4PA Newtown (National Trust) n8664522490 168 m
PO20 9EH The Academy n8706891580 99 m
PO15 5SB M B Air Systems n8793273397 outside adjacent to main door 55 m
PO33 4DS Isle of Wight Steam Railway n8981391005 Inside old phone box by the gift shop in Isle of Wight Steam Railway 13 m
PO33 1YB Bembridge Marina (Duver side)Harbour Office n9101293331 99 m

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API.