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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'CT' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. This website is not intended for use in an emergency. If you require urgent medical assistance, call 999 now.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 511 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
2034D0C6-F56A-4681-9AB6-AF2B00DAC3CA CT1 1AA Royal Mail Canterbury Do/Rtw, Military Road, Canterbury, Canterbury Variable Restricted 7m
3425BE0A-3358-4426-884E-AE6200F27CBA CT1 1DX Puregym, Marshwood Close Retail Park, Marshwood Close 24/7 Restricted 7m
87C3C071-0C43-41AF-B8C9-AF5700F50B81 CT1 1JY Taylor Wimpey South East, Royal Parade, Howe Barracks Variable Restricted 7m
D018F4CD-09DE-4A66-904B-AE8C01317246 CT1 1NH Saint Pauls Church, Church Street St Pauls, Canterbury Variable Public 7m
5B4D6703-80EB-407F-803A-AE8C01345799 CT1 1QJ Canterbury Christchurch University College, Glebe House, North Holmes Road 24/7 Public 7m
9F050D02-5036-4512-8EC8-AF6900CEECE8 CT1 2AS Friends Meeting House, 6 The Friars, Canterbury 24/7 Public 7m
557DB933-04AF-4CB6-88DA-ADFE00D7634D CT1 2BE St Peters Methodist Church, St Peters Street, Canterbury 24/7 Restricted 7m
A3333628-46B0-42FB-AC8D-AD7E00ABC584 CT1 2BG Canterbury Masonic Charities Association, 38 St Peters Street, Canterbury 24/7 Restricted 7m
CFD157D8-BC40-456A-9E7C-AEA6008EDB5F CT1 2BP Bradley And Partners, 2 St Peters Lane, Canterbury Variable Public 7m
655D19B2-D436-4417-82EF-AEA100969C92 CT1 2DA Masonic Library Canterbury, St Peters Place, Canterbury Variable Public 7m
26C85BF0-1A85-45A7-9050-AE7601223EC5 CT1 2DB The Guildhall, St Peters Street, Canterbury Variable Restricted 7m
2389F2B4-DF8C-40E9-A4E8-B08B00963607 CT1 2DH St Peter's Methodist Primary School, St Peters Methodist Primary School, St Peter's Grove Variable Restricted 4m
8428D3ED-5D93-4591-A85E-AF9500FEA7C6 CT1 2JS O2 Store (0131) Canterbury, 4 Longmarket Shopping Centre, Kent Variable Restricted 7m
CBB42DD2-E55D-4C62-B48A-AEBA00EE053E CT1 2LU Canterbury Archaeological Trust, 92a Broad Street, Canterbury Variable Restricted 7m
FA6C2217-F56B-4712-BBEB-AE3600BCC06C CT1 2SN Tesco Express, Whitefriars Shopping Centre, Gravel Walk Variable Restricted 7m
85F13EC3-FADE-4310-91C6-AEA700D708D1 CT1 2TF Whitefriars Shopping Centre, 14 Gravel Walk, Canterbury Variable Restricted 7m
1F862325-784B-4144-AF4E-AEA2008D0E51 CT1 3AP New Dover Road Surgery, 10 New Dover Road, Canterbury Variable Restricted 7m
06FF01BB-37B4-4DF2-A0F5-AE3800B13C1A CT1 3AS Tesco Express, New Dover Rd, 0 Variable Public 7m
529EEC43-AD7A-4471-A618-AF2600F807D7 CT1 3EL Old Gate Inn, 162-164 New Dover Road, Canterbury 24/7 Restricted 7m
BD9AFDC6-78E2-48F5-A46D-B06E00B110B4 CT1 3HP Supajam Education In Music And Media, 8 Oaten Hill, Canterbury Variable Restricted 4m
A1D892DE-B7AD-4086-AC81-AF8700B6662B CT1 3NY Lime Tree Cafe, Unit 2 St Lawrence Ground, The Drive Variable Restricted 7m
0C5B2960-7A7E-41F4-B66F-AF8700B7A086 CT1 3NZ Kent Cricket, Les Ames Stand, St Lawrence Cricket Ground, Old Dover Road Variable Restricted 7m
91B7A54B-917A-490A-B8A7-AE9B00E4F714 CT1 3NZ Canterbury County Cricket Club, Canterbury County Cricket Club. St Lawrence, Old Dover Rd Variable Restricted 7m
CD68F96C-68D1-4727-AB18-AEA000F641E2 CT1 3PF Willow Tree Lodge, 126-128 Old Dover Rd, Canterbury 24/7 Public 7m
1049B302-4DC1-451F-849D-AFE800C4A1A8 CT1 3RB Screwfix, Unit 3 Cotton Road, Wincheap Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 7m
265B5D02-8EE1-476D-B4E3-B099007B4D57 CT1 3RR Unit 5, Cow Lane, Canterbury Variable Public 3m
313584AF-4B0B-453B-BE4A-AE6201074909 CT1 3RR Weddel Swift Distribution Ltd, Weddel Swift Ltd, Cow Lane Variable Public 7m
1A2EFED2-ACEB-415E-8F2F-AE7700C6CF55 CT1 3TQ Puregym, Unit 1, Riverside Park 24/7 Restricted 7m
1D4CA330-C150-4F41-BD4A-AE62009BEDD0 CT1 3TQ Puregym, Puregym Canterbury Riverside, Unit 1, Riverside Park, Ten Perch Road, Canterbury Ct1 3tq 24/7 Public 7m
1478FF64-8E3B-4130-A3C0-B083010DD85B CT1 3TT Dunelm Canterbury, Unit 3, Wincheap Road, Canterbury Variable Restricted 4m
C90CBAD9-D01B-431B-807E-AECC00BD6576 CT1 3YR Canterbury City Council, Newspaper House, 29 Simmonds Road Variable Restricted 7m
7233F6A6-2F51-40FF-9200-AFF10150B2D3 CT10 1EB Stone Bay School, Stone Bay Special School, 70 Stone Road, Broadstairs Variable Public 3m
833CB3F9-2E89-4A2D-B8EA-AE7F00D5197A CT10 1EB Stone Bay School, Stone Bay Special School,, 70 Stone Road Variable Restricted 3m
1B2CCA90-893E-49ED-8829-AFF601114114 CT10 1JX Pierremont Hall, Council Office Pierremont Hall, Pierremont Park 24/7 Public 7m
188A4208-D015-47AC-961C-AE37012B401A CT10 1LH Tesco, 8-12 High Street, Broadstairs Variable Public 4m
F601DF06-F96F-4A59-A497-B038010A4B4F CT10 1LH Tesco Broadstairs Hg St Exp, 8a High Street, Broadstairs Variable Restricted 4m
C55F2808-5AA5-4BE1-96B1-AFF6011145C0 CT10 1NE Car Park, Albion Street, Broadstairs 24/7 Public 7m
B80A77CD-9261-4E4E-8500-AE1A00877A5C CT10 1PN The Yarrow Hotel, Ramsgate Road, Broadstairs 24/7 Restricted 7m
7F973032-92FC-444E-A5D0-AF3100B07651 CT10 1SR Phoenix Care Homes Ltd, Deer Park Care Centre, Detling Avenue 24/7 Public 7m
6DB1DCB3-5CDF-4C1F-85DF-AED900F304BC CT10 2AG 5 St Peters Road, Broadstairs Variable Restricted 7m
1A76EB0C-8A32-4577-B703-AF8E011B4706 CT10 2BF Westwood Cross Shopping Centre, Security Control Room, Centre Management Suite 24/7 Restricted 7m
3CC0E4D1-2110-478D-B295-AEED013B82BF CT10 2BF Savills - Westwood Cross, 23 Margate Rd, Westwood 24/7 Public 7m
C7AD932D-7FC2-4CF2-BE20-AFCC00DD6A0A CT10 2BF O2 Store (0341) Isle Of Thanet, Unit 20 The Fort, Westwood Cross Variable Restricted 4m
57749DD6-F0AB-47EE-9ED8-AEAC00F1B012 CT10 2LE Fsis, 21-22 Patricia Way, Broadstairs Variable Restricted 7m
F37660FC-968A-4710-8F12-AEAC00F2FE79 CT10 2LE Fsis, 21-22 Patricia Way, Broadstairs Variable Restricted 7m
33F2F7F6-58F5-4A1A-87A7-AFC3009D0A12 CT10 2LF Screwfix, Unit 8 Pysons Road Industrial Estate, Patricia Way Variable Restricted 7m
FA2C6B13-11C7-44C8-BC4D-AEB40071F10B CT10 2PW Bromstone Cp School, Bromstone Cp School, Rumfields Road, Broadstairs, Ct10 2pw, United Kingdom, Rumfields Road Variable Public 7m
71F9A1B1-6718-48AD-9179-B0000093E000 CT10 2QJ Petrol Station, 475, Margate Road Variable Public 7m
F6946659-2180-4F50-9288-AE4301110378 CT10 2QJ Tesco Extra, 475 Margate Rd, Westwood Variable Public 7m
234788FE-9BD6-46D6-A5D4-AFCB01014668 CT10 2RT Dane Court Grammar School, Broadstairs Road, Broadstairs Variable Restricted 7m
3A3A8024-826E-48FC-92F5-AFCB01026B13 CT10 2RT Dane Court Grammar School, Broadstairs Road, Broadstairs Variable Restricted 7m
C29B0B9E-C1BA-46A4-8D4D-B03400BE74EE CT10 2TE Ranelagh Grove, St Peter's, Broadstairs 24/7 Public 7m
B3DC002E-C925-4F98-8A31-AFCF0108FDD8 CT10 2XZ Blaze Neon, 5 Patricia Way, Broadstairs Variable Restricted 7m
6152 CT10 2YU Broadstairs Cricket Club, Kent 24/7 Public
28DB801A-6116-4B97-8CFA-AEA700D75036 CT10 3AE Thanet Wanderers Rugby Football Club, Callis Ct Rd, Broadstairs Variable Restricted 7m
170EA732-2B7F-4095-8ACF-AFEB006892DC CT10 3LG Botany Bay Hotel, Marine Drive, Broadstairs 24/7 Public 7m
9863437D-68E5-4EC3-B81A-AE3F00D57D31 CT11 0QW Tesco Express, 19 St Lawrence High St, 0 Variable Public 7m
21A5DEAE-12BC-4F3F-81A9-AF5E010A0F83 CT11 0QX Ramsgate Fire Station, Newington Road, Ramsgate 24/7 Public 7m
DCBF0035-1BF4-4FB3-A150-B08F00CD3823 CT11 0QX School, St Laurence In Thanet Junior Academy, Newington Road Variable Restricted 3m
5FE1E8E3-C11A-45D8-A3BD-AF41010F3AFA CT11 0SD Kent Fire And Rescue Service, Ramsgate Fire Station, Newington Road 24/7 Public 7m
109B7AB4-D205-4E0D-BB95-AE3C00BB1DD1 CT11 7DU Tesco Stores, 90-96 Hereson Road, Ramsgate Variable Public 4m
2831A117-9193-491A-84D4-AE94009B9BB7 CT11 7ET My Dentist, 246 Hereson Road, Ramsgate Variable Restricted 7m
87922BB3-238A-4DAA-90D7-AE940090A11B CT11 7ET My Dentist, 246 Hereson Road, Ramsgate Variable Restricted 7m
C479EC8E-EE3B-40C1-946E-AE9400963D26 CT11 7ET My Dentist, 246 Hereson Road, Ramsgate Variable Restricted 7m
92791EB2-BA7D-4BC6-8A80-B0C80097F43D CT11 7EW Dumpton Park Railway Station, Hereson Road, Ramsgate 24/7 Public 3m
7AAB316D-B32C-4FB6-8FF9-AE90007A9C6F CT11 7RE Southeasternrailway, Connex South East Ramsgate Railway Station, Station Approach Road 24/7 Restricted 7m
8E293311-C3DE-48A3-94F7-B0C80097DDDF CT11 7RE Ramsgate Station 2, Ramsgate Railway Station 2, Station Approach Road 24/7 Public 3m
D268F73D-B654-4F9F-8D44-B0C80097E1D3 CT11 7RE Ramsgate Station 1, Ramsgate Railway Station 1, Station Approach Road 24/7 Public 3m
58F09CB4-3E15-43EC-B76D-AE9801039C69 CT11 8AD East Cliff Practice, The Montefiore Medical Centre, Dumpton Park Drive Variable Restricted 7m
DE13566A-7F58-47C4-83C0-AE5A00B769F1 CT11 8DN Ramsgate Glass Centre, 82-84 Bellevue Road, Ramsgate Variable Public 7m
D447DBB9-76B1-4643-9FA7-B0060071D5E1 CT11 8QD Hardres Street United Church, 6 Hardres Street, Ramsgate Variable Restricted 7m
F0A6C7C3-7DAF-430A-A814-AFF700E9C228 CT11 8QF Centenary Hall, 21-23 Hardres Street, Ramsgate 24/7 Public 7m
C42FAB51-37CA-438C-A430-AED00094A1A6 CT11 9EJ Waitrose Ramsgate, Queen Street, Ramsgate 24/7 Public 7m
5B55EF4D-A456-452B-97A4-AF0E00F80010 CT11 9TL The Friends Of Ellington Park, Ellington Park, Ramsgate 24/7 Public 7m
0EC58278-FF15-4271-990D-AF5D007DCBC4 CT11 9TS The Salvation Army, 167a High Street, Ramsgate 24/7 Public 7m
76382B21-ED69-432A-ABBB-B01300BA3F4C CT12 4BU W S Cole And Son Limited, 17-19 High Street, Minster Variable Public 7m
C5F0B722-7329-45F9-8BD9-ADC200D1115A CT12 4BU 17-19 High Street, Minster Variable Public 7m
0775B7BB-8B12-4E9E-A551-AF0B00C48898 CT12 4DE Minster Parish Council, John Spanton Sports Pavilion, St Mildreds Road 24/7 Public 7m
17C459C7-2333-4431-B037-AF5600B9CCF7 CT12 4DH Royal British Legion, 61 Augustine Road, Minster 24/7 Public 7m
C03E05E6-EE13-4F8B-ABAA-AFC800EB1A2B CT12 4EA The Southern Co-Operative Food, Southern Co Operative Retailers Limited, 11 Monkton Road 24/7 Public 7m
2D0FA77C-67F6-40D8-B6AD-AD9001178353 CT12 4HW Wayside Caravan Park, Way Hill, Minster 24/7 Public 7m
6257303D-DD92-485A-B5EF-AF2500AD5112 CT12 4HX Minister Station, Station Approach, Minister 24/7 Restricted 7m
541E908F-15BF-443F-9A41-AF800170723D CT12 4JJ Monkton Football Club, Pavilion Monkton Recreation Ground, Monkton Street 24/7 Public 7m
4E6F2C3C-BA56-4725-A798-AEA700D753F6 CT12 5AB Thanet Make Ready Centre, Haine Rd, Westwood,, Ramsgate 24/7 Public 7m
ACA4FADE-D8FF-46FE-91D2-AFA300943448 CT12 5BA Manston Parish Council, Manston Village Hall, Preston Road 24/7 Public 7m
1364711E-6A8D-4EE5-8F1D-AFC600B58751 CT12 5DF R A F Manston Museum, Manston Road, North Variable Public 7m
5AB99C6D-D0F2-4D68-B623-ADD500E56216 CT12 5DJ Stonelees Golf Course, Ebbsfleet Lane, Ramsgate Variable Public 7m
D92B4C2A-0675-41BE-BE1D-AEBB0108449A CT12 5EU Bcs Ltd, 16 Leigh Road, Ramsgate Variable Restricted 7m
5FA11E52-D55B-425D-80E8-AF6600C3ECE6 CT12 5EX Toby Carvery - Thanet, New Haine Road, Ramsgate Variable Public 7m
8DA32551-4BBF-4C50-9C29-AF0700C213E9 CT12 5FE Summit Aviation, Merlin House, Merlin Way Variable Public 7m
1DADA600-5FEF-4102-B83B-AE2000C95A07 CT12 6NT Tesco Stores Ltd, Manston Road, Ramsgate Variable Public 7m
E28136AB-9C20-4965-90FE-AEA1008BF1BE CT12 6NT The Beacon, Manston Road, Ramsgate Variable Public 7m
FA73C43F-5C72-418C-B959-B02200DA187F CT12 6PT Ramsgate Arts Primary School, 140-144 Newington Road, Ramsgate Variable Public 7m
39205C42-441D-4205-B40A-B03600F0C3DD CT13 0AS Sandwich County Junior School, St Barts Road, Sandwich Variable Restricted 4m
864C3B99-00A3-4066-8361-AE94012C4074 CT13 0DT Eastry Village Hall, High Street, Eastry 24/7 Public 7m
3557 CT13 0FB Woodnesborough Village Hall, Kent 24/7 Public
E81880D0-C45E-464D-9AB1-B04500F54F75 CT13 0FB Woodnesborough Village Hall, Elmwood Park, Woodnesborough 24/7 Public 4m
6A77B50E-EA01-4D81-899E-AF5E010A507C CT13 0JW Eastry Fire Station, Mill Lane, Eastry 24/7 Public 7m
2BA51ECA-9615-4F03-9850-B09700D3ADDF CT13 0LR Eastry Church Of England Primary School, Cooks Lea, Eastry Variable Restricted 3m
E0808EE8-DE70-4AB7-A149-ADA601030918 CT13 0NY Pavilion Woodnesborough Football Ground, Foxborough Hill, Woodnesborough 24/7 Public 7m
A0180D45-7435-4E0E-BD70-AEA10097180D CT13 9AH Sandwich Town Council, Guildhall, Cattle Market, Sandwich 24/7 Public 7m
448C31A1-7D22-4C56-9E7B-B01500CEB5D6 CT13 9EF The Bell Hotel, Bell Hotel, 1 Upper Strand Street 24/7 Public 7m
72130290-D950-4864-91E7-AE980085788D CT13 9ET Sandwich Medical Practice, The Market Place Surgery, Cattle Market Variable Restricted 7m
D4B85780-1F23-4D30-ACCF-AF5E010A0A50 CT13 9HZ Sandwich Fire Station, Ash Road, Sandwich 24/7 Public 7m
4FB9F64E-F8A7-47FC-9BCB-B02D0118B8B0 CT13 9JB White Mill Rural Heritage Centre, The White Mill, The Causeway 24/7 Public 7m
73B90EE4-4A37-4F8E-B65A-B0C80097EC5F CT13 9JR Sandwich Railway Station, Delfside, Sandwich 24/7 Public 3m
57C1E11D-BEFB-49C8-A994-AEA2009754E4 CT13 9JX Sir Roger Manwoods School, Manwood Road, Sandwich Variable Public 7m
D1C3CF2E-2CB5-4D0A-BFF6-AEA2009AB3C7 CT13 9JX Sports Pavilion Sir Roger Manwoods School, St Georges Road, Sandwich Variable Restricted 7m
2985D615-0E3C-4478-B658-AEC900D87ABC CT13 9ND Pfizer R&D Ltd, Discovery Park House, Ramsgate Road 24/7 Restricted 7m
3A66AAD9-4427-4937-BB16-AEC900D51978 CT13 9NW Copart, Ramsgate Road, Sandwich Variable Public 7m
6A8BBC5D-7E5F-45EE-A245-AFF60111497D CT13 9QD Deal And Sandwich Shooting School Lydden, Guilford Road, Sandwich Bay 24/7 Public 7m
B2C4CB70-A733-4BD2-B47D-ADEF01055FD8 CT14 0AF Walmer Cricket Club, Hull Park Sports Club, Sholden New Road 24/7 Public 7m
5218897A-E4AD-4353-89E4-AED300930708 CT14 0BZ Worth Cricket Club King George V Playing Field, The Street, Worth 24/7 Public 7m
E584E20B-DDA3-4E59-A0EA-AEA100978DD9 CT14 0DE Worth Parish Council, The Street, Worth, Deal 24/7 Public 4m
8431C9FD-76DF-4D42-8A96-B02A010BB251 CT14 0HY Tilmanstone Village Hall, Chapel Road, Tilmanstone 24/7 Public 7m
F4C7BB3A-3F57-480C-97AC-AE2800A985B0 CT14 0JF Tilmanstone Parish Council, Village Hall, Chapel Road 24/7 Public 7m
4989 CT14 0LF Telephone Box, Kent 24/7 Public
EA2EFBF4-01B6-474D-87CC-AF900142FD30 CT14 0LF Old Post House, The Street, Northbourne 24/7 Public 7m
6DAA1F39-AFE3-4845-9F91-B03000E0D996 CT14 0LP Northbourne Cep School, Northbourne Lane, Northbourne Variable Restricted 7m
4E51205A-64F6-45A5-8C8D-AE900079EC80 CT14 0LU Intercrop Ltd, Broad Lane, Betteshanger 24/7 Restricted 7m
027410B7-F736-42F2-8007-AE8D00F9F305 CT14 0NJ Northbourne Park Pre-Prep School, The Old Rectory, Church Road Variable Restricted 7m
0E2D1EAD-E936-491D-A18F-AE8D00F6CEB5 CT14 0NW Sports Hall Northbourne Park School, Straight Mile, Betteshanger 24/7 Restricted 7m
5A46CD8D-081D-4220-A139-AEA100A1DC5A CT14 0NW Northbourne Park Pre Prep School, Near Deal, Kent Variable Public 7m
252E302A-7D1C-478B-BDBC-AEA10097ABB9 CT14 6AG Deal Centre For The Retired, 3 Park Street, Deal Variable Public 7m
CC474C41-0157-4C73-B508-B0C800C5C262 CT14 6DZ St Andrews Church, West Street, Deal 24/7 Public 3m
932C7AFD-F066-4DF8-B7DD-B0C800980B72 CT14 6HD Deal Station, Aylesham Railway Station, Ackholt Road 24/7 Public 3m
D73A7233-52C6-419B-A617-AE9900A60AEF CT14 6HZ Attendants Office Toilet And Store Deal Pier, Beach Street, Deal Variable Public 7m
7DDA412F-8B0D-4B8C-8F94-AEB100F229C7 CT14 6LS The Saracens Head, Saracens Head, 1 Alfred Square Variable Restricted 7m
F44DF2AC-4703-4144-B142-AE7F00E0C76F CT14 6NG Boathouse, 16-18 The Marina, Deal 24/7 Public 7m
D3A893D0-8824-4A29-A32C-AE9000A3803C CT14 6PY Sandown School, Golf Road, Deal Variable Restricted 7m
EC4F507C-2829-4C57-8EF9-AFF601114D4B CT14 6RF Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club, Golf Road, Deal Variable Restricted 7m
C2318D8D-C1CA-4B65-B4F1-B0C800C5BE76 CT14 6RG Greenacres, Greenacres Park, 12 Golf Road 24/7 Public 3m
45496995-C4D9-46BB-84C0-AEA10097D35A CT14 6TR Deal Town Hall, High Street, Deal 24/7 Public 7m
E31370E8-6379-47F6-8977-B02A00AC151C CT14 7AH Dunkerleys Restaurant And Hotel, 19-21 Beach Street, Deal 24/7 Public 7m
2D644015-6DBE-4252-AB1D-AE9B00E4EF9C CT14 7DN Cedars Surgery, 24 Marine Rd, Walmer, Deal Variable Restricted 7m
5437F65E-2AAE-4226-AFD9-B0F300EA4DA4 CT14 7DX Royal Marines Club, 37 The Strand, Walmer Variable Public 4w
13926FEC-3042-4F68-99EE-AEA10097B99F CT14 7DY Walmer Rnli, The Strand, Walmer, Deal 24/7 Public 7m
C7BCDB3E-D45C-4EF9-85C5-AE7500D4214A CT14 7HP Pavilion Walmer Lawn Tennis And Croquet Club, Archery Square, Walmer 24/7 Public 7m
D2C1981E-34C2-43A5-B40A-AEA100980544 CT14 7HX Walmer Baptist Church, 2 Kelvedon Road, Deal 24/7 Public 7m
4CD7D44C-7B29-46E1-9662-AFD900DEE312 CT14 7LJ Walmer Castle, Walmer Variable Public 7m
73FF2738-B0D6-4491-8C32-AEA10098628F CT14 7LJ Walmer Castle, Kingsdown Road, Deal Variable Public 7m
6CB108DF-6386-46AD-AB41-B0F101223A25 CT14 7QA Walmer Parish Churches, Elizabeth House, 32 St Marys Road 24/7 Public 4w
F548D10D-415F-4EEC-987E-AFC400F5465D CT14 7QP Flat 1 Ramsey House, Halliday Drive, Walmer 24/7 Restricted 7m
1650A27E-774D-4D51-8673-B0C80097E8B3 CT14 7RN Walmer Station, Walmer Railway Station, Station Drive 24/7 Public 3m
A5510A01-9332-499D-BC5F-AE9000A25827 CT14 7TL The Downs C Of E Primary School, Owen Square, Walmer Variable Restricted 7m
FF55D8F5-DFD1-41B6-BF59-AE7800E9BB2E CT14 8AF Kingsdown Beach Sos Defib Group, Zetland Arms, Wellington Parade 24/7 Public 7m
744D1F68-C901-4201-96E3-B0FC01213B0F CT14 8HJ Queens Rise, 48 Queens Rise, Ringwould 24/7 Public 4w
13AACEB4-46D1-4201-B05F-AE8B00B95D7B CT14 8HP Five Bells Inn, Front Street, Ringwould 24/7 Public 7m
CF6846B4-E21D-43ED-AD51-B04500998834 CT14 8JA Ripple Village Hall, Sutton Road, Ripple 24/7 Public 4m
F3FE8492-2372-4EEE-A492-AEA2012079E3 CT14 9AB Victoria Park Bowling Club, Mill Road, Deal Variable Restricted 7m
392B004E-7A99-4CB1-80E6-AF0400F5E039 CT14 9BD Goodwin Academy, Hamilton Road, Deal Variable Public 7m
CAC041D0-2E32-4700-9E93-AF0400F4BCC2 CT14 9BD Reception, Goodwin Academy, Hamilton Road Variable Public 7m
DA1BD0B5-44B6-4089-B075-AF6901062BDD CT14 9DE Allotment Gardens, Telegraph Road, Deal Variable Public 7m
92A9667E-61DD-46F9-AF6C-AE8A010E3420 CT14 9EW Hopkins, 69 Mill Hill, Deal 24/7 Public 7m
73C60D5F-A3D7-49FC-AD5D-ADEB0133752E CT14 9HN Betteshanger Sports And Social Club, The Sportsground, Cavell Square Variable Public 7m
4427C97B-2ABE-479D-AFA0-AE4701166068 CT14 9HZ Tesco Express, 136-140 Mill Hill, 0 Variable Restricted 7m
00B40980-3B9A-495A-A7F0-B04300DACA94 CT14 9LF St Mary's Catholic Primary School, St Richard's Road, Deal Variable Restricted 4m
621B9008-CC80-4970-821D-ADEF00D04EF2 CT14 9LL Great Mongeham Parish Council, Great Mongeham Village Green, Mongeham Road 24/7 Public 7m
9F8B37F3-0720-4E91-96D4-AD4B00A7D3D7 CT14 9PZ Mkm Building Supplies Ltd, Unit 4 And 5 Minters Industrial Estate, Southwall Road Variable Public 7m
85292923-D009-4F55-93C3-AF5E010A542E CT14 9TB Deal Fire Station, London Road, Deal 24/7 Public 7m
A067FE63-5103-4049-858C-AEA700D726FC CT14 9UU Tides Leisure Centre, Park Ave, Deal Variable Restricted 7m
C7D6F02B-C349-4573-9346-AE8C00B1D3C8 CT15 4AA Eythorne Garage, 4 Sandwich Road, Eythorne 24/7 Public 7m
617E1531-B381-408C-9CFD-AE030157921D CT15 4AN Woodpecker Court, Tilmanstone Colliery Sports Ground, Adelaide Road 24/7 Public 7m
AD7FB949-1E2A-4FE6-A45B-AFEF00E8C116 CT15 4DZ Elvington Community Centre, St Johns Road, Elvington 24/7 Public 7m
C30262E2-77A3-45F7-B308-B0C80097FC24 CT15 4JH Snowdown Railway Station, Holt Street, Nonington 24/7 Public 3m
E7A7C6D5-1A48-4CF9-A41A-AED100EF3BF0 CT15 5DA Studdal Church Hall, Downs Road, East Studdal 24/7 Public 7m
0E1EF945-7BC7-479A-84A7-B0AA00BB6CA7 CT15 5EQ Sports Hall Duke Of Yorks Royal Military School, Deal Road, Guston 24/7 Public 4w
460800FA-8CE6-4355-9C60-B0FB00D22BB8 CT15 5EQ Playing Pitches Duke Of Yorks Royal Military School, Deal Road, Guston 24/7 Restricted 4w
C1D8441D-C4BC-4127-9BE1-AE380129D2B1 CT15 5EU Guston Village Hall, The Street, Guston 24/7 Public 7m
590CD1A8-D3FF-4386-990E-AE9800EE0C2A CT15 5FD Premier Inn Dover East, Deal Road, Guston 24/7 Public 7m
1E05D012-6627-487D-9061-B04400FF6C71 CT15 5JL The Old Lantern Inn, Old Lantern Inn, The Street 24/7 Public 4m
6923B8D3-8D76-4217-8E1B-B03500C08AB1 CT15 5JQ Staff Kitchen, Langdon County Primary School, The Street Variable Public 7m
AE7B72D7-D36C-4ECD-A1BC-B0C800980304 CT15 5JZ Martin Mill Railway Station, Station Road, Martin Mill 24/7 Public 3m
91CE419A-CF6C-4CC8-B746-B0300104650A CT15 5LA Keat Farm (Caravans) Ltd, Hawthorn Farm Caravan Park Reception Office, Station Road 24/7 Public 7m
99C5C056-2622-44C0-9C92-B02900B67391 CT15 5LR Guston Church Of England Primary School, Burgoyne Heights, Guston Variable Restricted 7m
0E0521D9-2F3A-47F8-9565-AE22009997F0 CT15 6AF King George V Playing Field, St Georges Place, St Margarets At Cliffe 24/7 Public 7m
FD48DECB-C7EF-4E37-BB58-AE220098B418 CT15 6AP St Margarets Village Hall, Reach Road, St Margarets At Cliffe 24/7 Public 7m
A93EE869-E439-4793-9192-AF93008DB7BE CT15 6AU The Smugglers, High Street, St Margarets At Cliffe 24/7 Public 7m
797FFC44-FF07-46D8-8691-AE9A00E24316 CT15 6BT Buckland Medical Centre, Tara, 19 The Droveway Variable Restricted 7m
7ABD3329-C36E-479A-BFDD-AE22009ACAA9 CT15 6DH First Light Cafe, 1-2 The Droveway, St Margaret's Bay 24/7 Public 7m
A1F7CEFC-B19C-4ACB-A2B0-AFAF01083383 CT15 6DY The Coastguard Inn, The Bay, St Margarets Bay 24/7 Public 7m
8F6C015E-2858-465F-9300-AFF100EFE6C6 CT15 6SS Portal House School, Sea Street, St Margarets At Cliffe 24/7 Public 7m
4C9AC7A9-CA93-429D-A24A-AE8C00B07462 CT15 7JG Factory (Opposite Entrance To Envirograph House, Pie Factory Road, Barfrestone 24/7 Public 7m
B071C18D-99A6-4F3C-BAC5-B09E00722263 CT15 7LA Lydden Primary School, Lydden County Primary School, Stonehall Variable Restricted 3m
F7F7801C-F2F5-4DB6-81A5-B02E00CD7DB0 CT15 7LH Sibertswold Primary School, Coldred Road, Shepherdswell Variable Restricted 7m
04E70C89-CB0E-431A-8599-AEC400C43C8F CT15 7NN Shepherdswell Village Hall, Coxhill, Coxhill Rd 24/7 Public 7m
51C28D3F-64B8-4E1E-931F-AEBC00FBDE57 CT15 7NN Shepherdswell Village Hall, Coxhill, Shepherdswell 24/7 Public 7m
9C3FA995-C4EC-4B0B-9287-AEBC00EF9C66 CT15 7NN Shepherdswell Parish Council, Village Hall, Coxhill 24/7 Public 7m
75F46BDA-EC01-491A-9253-B0D6010CAFF0 CT15 7NY Shepherdswell Youth Zone, Approach Road, Shepherdswell 24/7 Public 8w
3AB15D6D-661F-453C-AD02-AEA100979D36 CT15 7PD East Kent Railway Trust, Station Road, Shepherdswell 24/7 Public 7m
6D30032E-75FB-4569-B0FA-AEF200DC0D63 CT15 7PE Southeastern, Shepherds Well Station, Station Road 24/7 Public 7m
CE207F43-3AF8-4C52-B3E5-B0C80097D2FD CT15 7PE Shepherds Well Railway Station, Station Road, Shepherdswell 24/7 Public 3m
935BDB82-DAB4-4A7F-A031-AF5E010A69BE CT16 1DG Dover Fire Station, Ladywell, Dover 24/7 Public 7m
B73FDF66-EBF8-4F76-9E3A-AE9800A461DA CT16 1EF Peter Street Surgery, Peter Street, Dover Variable Restricted 7m
6A0BC3F1-C444-40F2-8ABE-AE86014F33EF CT16 1JA Dvsa, D O T Import Freight, Eastern Docks 24/7 Restricted 7m
A012F6AF-65B7-498E-9D94-AE45011A233E CT16 1JA Home Office, Kent Intake Unit, Freight Services Building 24/7 Restricted 7m
4233626B-3C08-4B08-8783-AE9700B93B55 CT16 1LW Dover Central Premier Inn, Marine Court, Marine Parade 24/7 Public 7m
8C7C43D4-00C0-434B-AB63-B0AD013BDF1B CT16 1PH Dover Museum And Bronze Age Boat Gallery, Dover Museum, Market Square 24/7 Public 3m
2721E73E-A7E0-4542-B9B0-AEC3007B488F CT16 1QD St James Retail & Leisure Park, Security Office (Next To The Castle Inn), St. James Retail & Leisure Park 24/7 Restricted 7m
05D70522-63B3-4E1A-94C8-AE980100EBC2 CT16 2AE Buckland Medical Centre, Brookflield Place,Dover, Dover Variable Restricted 7m
9B5F5095-576E-4BFE-904A-B0AB0118498C CT16 2BT Buckland Community Centre - Defibs For Dover - Ss, Roosevelt Road, Dover 24/7 Public 3m
F0932FBB-6E92-42DA-B1A4-B00A00EE2EBD CT16 2FE Buckland Court, Main Entrance, Buckland Court 24/7 Public 7m
854100E2-4238-4B4A-9C4F-AEB000C82817 CT16 2JL 9 Durban Crescent, Dover Variable Restricted 7m
639878A7-736D-45CB-B607-AE7E00C36600 CT16 2JX Whitfield Parish Council, Saxon House, Willingdon Road 24/7 Public 7m
AFFE09DF-A4A0-4258-8005-AFE1008C8C37 CT16 2PZ Dover Grammar School For Girls, Frith Road, Dover Variable Restricted 7m
E6DBF6B5-D08F-4B72-AAFB-AFFF00BE3608 CT16 2QB St Edmunds Catholic School, Old Charlton Road, Dover Variable Restricted 7m
100DC847-EC18-4022-8687-B01900AD0DEF CT16 2QP Trefor Jones Court, Brookfield Avenue, Dover 24/7 Public 4m
75713FDC-20C1-49BE-93E5-AEF400A07848 CT16 2QQ The Danes Recreation Ground, Old Charlton Road, Dover 24/7 Public 4m
4CF2B3F0-BFCC-4AF5-A665-B0FC01214067 CT16 3EB Kearsney Abbey Tea Rooms, Depot Kearsney Abbey, Alkham Road 24/7 Public 4w
855AA46B-07D5-401F-9147-AE7E00BD50C5 CT16 3FG Whitfield Parish Council, Sports Pavilion Whitfield Recreation Ground, Cranleigh Drive 24/7 Public 7m
55436920-2E6A-43D9-9278-AE7E00C197E0 CT16 3HB Whitfield Parish Council, One Stop Store, Bewsbury Cross Lane 24/7 Public 7m
4FBAF9DC-4A48-44CC-8FC9-AE7E00BF9DA2 CT16 3LY Whitfield Parish Council, Whitfield Library Whitfield Village Hall, Sandwich Road 24/7 Public 7m
0FD145DF-6E9A-4470-AE2A-AE8B00F7A22C CT16 3NJ Charlton Bodies, Menzies Road, Whitfield Variable Restricted 7m
B29896B1-FC8E-46B2-9910-AE3600CBDA8A CT16 3PS Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Honeywood Parkway 24/7 Public 7m
7B41AE0F-4B33-44F1-B403-AFE800935C0B CT16 3PT Screwfix, Units 5 & 6 Dover Trade Centre, Honeywood Parkway, White Cliffs Business Park Variable Public 4m
628B05B7-75EC-4A1F-9858-B0D900D4642F CT17 0AS Astor College For The Arts, Astor Avenue, Dover Variable Restricted 8w
746E3470-7F43-48FD-9C2E-AD5600E21EED CT17 0FS Priory Fields School, Astor Avenue, Dover Variable Restricted 7m
3478B09A-670B-4846-8C59-AE230106418D CT17 0HL St. Radigunds Community Centre Co. Ltd., St. Radigunds Community Centre, Poulton Close Variable Restricted 7m
9A98D745-67CA-4263-BBD5-AEF500A1C2AC CT17 0LW River Parish Council, Flint House, Lower Road 24/7 Public 7m
829D3F62-292C-4068-892C-AE7E0076D3F4 CT17 0RA River Village Hall, Common Lane, River 24/7 Public 7m
A5A45C5D-11C2-4488-8CF4-B0C80097FF63 CT17 0RN Deal Station, Aylesham Railway Station, Ackholt Road 24/7 Public 3m
190EC750-0D1E-4AA5-9CB4-B083010199D8 CT17 0SA Snap Fitness, Buckland Mill, Unit H1,, Clocktower Lofts, Crabble Hill Variable Public 4m
68087293-1E9B-4630-A7F1-AE9E008D7E95 CT17 9BQ St John Ambulance, Brigade Hall, North Military Road 24/7 Public 7m
688E38E4-D9ED-4E7B-819F-AFA5013F843E CT17 9BQ St John Ambulance, Brigade Hall, North Military Road 24/7 Public 7m
758B4A31-9D46-46A7-AA3F-AF9E0120F475 CT17 9BZ Sunrise Cafe, 168-172 Snargate Street, Dover Variable Public 7m
A5A7A152-F7AC-4F7E-9607-AE34004F97D2 CT17 9DN Uk Border Agency, Freight Clearance Centre, Lord Warden Square 24/7 Restricted 7m
203AB8BE-5150-4BD7-9CD1-B0AD00DA8289 CT17 9EQ Martintrux, The Long Room Lord Warden House, Lord Warden Square 24/7 Restricted 3m
D72FFF38-E282-472E-897C-B036010C8D80 CT17 9JR Co-Op Maxton, 367-375 Folkestone Road, Dover 24/7 Public 4m
F4A97004-9C94-4DB8-A285-AF2700F9EAD3 CT17 9JX Dover College, Land On The North Side Of, Manor Road Variable Restricted 7m
CB48D364-707B-424D-BB20-B0AF00EDFA62 CT17 9LY St Martins County Primary School, Markland Road, Dover Variable Public 3m
B885ECFC-AD43-4F14-95EF-B02300F81DA5 CT17 9NP Vale View County Primary School, Vale View Road, Dover Variable Public 7m
34E6E076-3C6C-4EE1-B0F7-B036010C91DB CT17 9NZ Elms Vale Garage, 7-13 Elms Vale Road, Dover 24/7 Public 4m
D225504A-3EB5-40C9-B2BB-B01B00E1D766 CT17 9PS Elms School, Elms Vale Road, Dover Variable Restricted 7m
3B413F81-DF04-4E7A-9A44-AF2700F8B05D CT17 9RH Dover College, Effingham Crescent, Dover Variable Restricted 7m
4A0090BC-A8EF-44D6-BBBE-AF2700FEBD8D CT17 9RH Dover College, Crescent House Dover College, Effingham Crescent Variable Restricted 7m
EACDCBAC-2C6C-42ED-8D78-B0C80098077A CT17 9SB Dover Priory Station, Dover Priory Railway Station, Station Approach Road 24/7 Public 3m
2FD81E6C-B68A-41B6-A0D8-B04400DD7B71 CT18 7AW Tfi Depot, Fernlea Piggeries, Fernfield Lane Variable Public 4m
3CEF74D2-570D-4D46-B13C-B02F00B92B75 CT18 7BP 74 Canterbury Rd, Hawkinge 24/7 Public 7m
135BC1CF-ABCD-445B-9635-AF370126AA75 CT18 7BS 93 Canterbury Road, Hawkinge 24/7 Restricted 7m
FFA9934F-7B58-4A09-816D-AE3F00E5704A CT18 7BS Tesco Express, 107 Canterbury Road, Hawkinge Variable Public 7m
E65B8D64-4D3F-4BD1-817C-AF8900B41BD3 CT18 7FP Heron Forstal Avenue, Hawkinge Variable Public 7m
9B8392D7-8CCD-48BA-931B-ADAB010BCC31 CT18 7JR 122 New Dover Road, Capel-Le-Ferne, Folkestone 24/7 Public 7m
F84CE448-87A2-4F44-97B6-ADAB01091A2B CT18 7LX Capel-Le-Ferne Village Hall, Lancaster Avenue, Capel-Le-Ferne 24/7 Public 7m
ACDB362B-2051-476A-A730-B08001275F5A CT18 7UA Hawkinge Town Fc, The Pavilion, Pavilion Road 24/7 Public 4m
01C4BFDF-BC11-495E-8A5B-AD2C0143B5B1 CT18 8AD The Cat And Custard Pot, Teddars Leas Road, Paddlesworth 24/7 Public 7m
1DDEA3EE-B43C-47A6-8C1F-AED300C03D42 CT18 8BH Folkestone Rugby Club, New Burlington Field,, Bargrove, Newington, 24/7 Public 7m
5032CCF1-91BE-41A8-8207-ADCE0076523A CT18 8DP Fuse Rail Limited, Little Woodland Farm, Woodland Road Variable Public 7m
5D6E3A07-BE88-4E2A-A125-B03B00E88F62 CT18 8EW Lyminge Village Hall, Woodland Road, Lyminge 24/7 Public 4m
8178 CT18 8HB Sibton Park Cricket Club, Kent 24/7 Public
1FAB61F1-2A49-4851-945F-ADD100C373AC CT18 8HB Sibton Park, Longage Hill, Lyminge 24/7 Public 7m
150266BE-82F5-40B5-8C34-B03B00E89408 CT18 8HS Lyminge Toilet Block, Public Conveniences, Station Road 24/7 Public 4m
C4A07DE6-5DCF-459D-AE6A-AE9400D51FB1 CT18 8NS New Lyminge Surgery, The New Lyminge Surgery, Greenbanks Variable Restricted 7m
11163765-39C0-4D7F-B3A7-AE8B007C2AE4 CT18 8XX Channel Tunnel Site, Cheriton, Unit 41 Channel Tunnel Terminal, Ashford Road 24/7 Public 7m
133C3CAE-C6BF-449B-BD39-AE99011F2C1D CT19 4DE St John Ambulance Brigade Headquarters, Broomfield Crescent, Folkestone Variable Public 7m
29D1FED7-D959-475C-83DA-AE8800C43BE9 CT19 4DH 10,Broomfield Road, Folkestone 24/7 Public 7m
C70E8EDC-BF50-4A40-91D0-B03800EACF77 CT19 4LG All Souls Church Of England Primary School, Stanley Road, Folkestone Variable Public 4m
9261D4BD-C4D2-4807-9EA3-B0F500844DD9 CT19 4NE Harcourt Primary School, Biggins Wood Road, Folkestone Variable Restricted 4w
5C5BC067-35F8-47FA-8DD6-AE1A00ABA396 CT19 4QJ Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Cheriton High Street Variable Public 4m
C24C4F03-1E8B-4B26-8667-AE9400E7AE7C CT19 4RH Boarders And Immigration Agency, Martello House, Shearway Road 24/7 Restricted 7m
48AAAF55-6ADA-4AD5-9268-AE4400DE6618 CT19 5AB Tesco, Atm, 100 Foord Road Variable Restricted 7m
07A2839D-E7F9-4EAE-ACA2-AE3400B675D5 CT19 5AU Ekc Group Radnor Parrk Tearoom, Radnor Park Cafe, Folkestone Variable Restricted 7m
625A8DF2-BA41-419F-8FDD-B0C4009E6837 CT19 5BY Stella Maris Catholic Primary School, Parkfield Road, Folkestone Variable Public 3m
38913019-88FA-44EC-B027-AFE700D22507 CT19 5DS Screwfix, Unit D, 5 Acre Estate Park Farm Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 7m
67146EC2-24C2-4215-8492-AD79007367CB CT19 5DS Unit B Five Acre Site, Park Farm Road, Folkestone Variable Public 7m
47C6BCDE-45C0-4426-B064-B0F900A7066A CT19 5DW Jenner Contractors Ltd, Century House, Park Farm Road, Park Farm Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 4w
A3FB7274-2AC2-4D28-828E-AFFD01272D6B CT19 5EY Park Farm Allotments, Park Farm Road, Folkestone Variable Restricted 7m
F4F6ACBB-A9F7-4EA5-BE9F-AE7500B34AEE CT19 5FF Puregym, Unit A, Park Farm Industrial Estate 24/7 Restricted 7m
08A3C207-ED36-4122-9393-AF2500AD2527 CT19 5HB Folkestone Central Station, Station Approach, Folkestone 24/7 Public 7m
A54A4927-FFD1-4040-8CF7-B0AB00A2BF74 CT19 6AL St Peters School, The Durlocks, North Street Variable Restricted 3m
716B6176-A200-4415-A813-ADF70091DA40 CT19 6BJ National Coast Watch, Nci The Look Out, Copt Point ,Wear Bay Road Variable Restricted 7m
08A219FE-CC1C-4382-BBC4-AE3600848281 CT19 6NH Tesco, Tesco Express, Dover Road Variable Public 4m
ED43B9D0-9EDC-460C-89C1-AF270115EBB3 CT2 0ED Sturry Station, Island Road, Sturry 24/7 Public 7m
9000EAC9-EA32-49F2-A13C-AFEF006F0E1F CT2 0HD Spires Academy, Bredlands Lane, Canterbury Variable Restricted 7m
F80E0E64-E5B3-45CC-831D-AFEF0070239E CT2 0HD Spires Academy, Bredlands Lane, Sturry Variable Restricted 7m
088A1AA1-5C01-44E3-BFEF-B084006E9DBC CT2 0NR Sturry Church Of England Primary School, Park View, Sturry 24/7 Public 4m
A1835213-D86F-48D2-8504-ADC000998DB1 CT2 0QB Bluebell Woods, 21 Shalloak Road, Broadoak 24/7 Public 7m
619D2A73-61F2-4261-A08D-ADC300E5392A CT2 0QH Broad Oak Village Hall, Shalloak Road, Broad Oak 24/7 Public 7m
9B3B3BA8-9736-44FC-AA88-AE740107BFF6 CT2 7AB St Stephens Dental Practice, 4, Hales Drive, Canterbury Variable Restricted 7m
DE4BCBE8-2C19-43DE-89D4-B084010A5713 CT2 7AB St Stephens Church Hall, Hales Drive, Canterbury 24/7 Restricted 4m
FFCBF97C-2E1E-46BA-9B66-AEBD008665E1 CT2 7AB Squirrels Pre School, Squirrels Pre School St Stephens Infant School, Hales Drive Variable Public 7m
230FA4E0-16C1-4B01-B18C-AFAF0108AC08 CT2 7AP The Archbishops School, St Stephen's Hill, Canterbury Variable Restricted 7m
AFBAEC05-4C78-49AA-B8CD-AFD60081A1DA CT2 7AP The Archbishops School, St Stephen's Hill, Canterbury 24/7 Restricted 7m
DA11C90E-0707-4B4C-BACA-AFD6007CEBF4 CT2 7AP The Archbishops School, St Stephen's Hill, Canterbury Variable Restricted 7m
81617E7F-CDB5-447C-9888-ADCE011C0C71 CT2 7EP 29/30 Roper Close, Roper Road, Canterbury Variable Restricted 7m
A01559B8-6267-46CF-B1E3-AFF10079F2A2 CT2 7FG Unit 7 Canterbury Innovation Centre, University Road, Canterbury Variable Restricted 4m
B4EED2C4-0A1B-4058-973C-AEAD00924E4C CT2 7PB The University Medical Centre, University Medical Centre, Giles Lane Variable Restricted 7m
D3331E01-B217-423B-BB59-AEB0011766C0 CT2 7SR University Of Kent Sports Pavilion, Old Sports Pavilion University Of Kent, Park Wood Road 24/7 Public 7m
9547E986-7331-4A62-9D1D-AF2D0106F22C CT2 8AN Canterbury West Station, Canterbury, Station Road West 24/7 Public 7m
CF6CF999-B2BF-43FE-983A-AEC500E07319 CT2 8BS The Unicorn, 61 St Dunstans Street, Canterbury Variable Restricted 7m
AAC2A660-69B4-447A-B53E-AE9700C3991A CT2 8JA Pilgrims Hospice, 56 London Road, Canterbury 24/7 Restricted 7m
7B9165B9-C2F8-4C31-8F5D-B0EF00A0B1E3 CT2 9AP Harbledown Village Hall, Hall, London Road 24/7 Public 4w
21A296A5-B939-4186-BC07-AE7800E54F6E CT2 9BS Rough Common Village Hall, 137 Rough Common Road, Rough Common 24/7 Public 7m
19038F87-3AAE-42C1-875F-B04500D49AFD CT2 9ED Blean County Primary School, Whitstable Road, Blean Variable Public 7m
E5086633-CE26-4CCF-98D1-AEAD00ECC46B CT2 9JA Blean Village Hall, 2 School Lane, Blean 24/7 Public 4w
2440AEE0-B7D5-4186-BE34-AEA100967971 CT2 9NJ Hackington Parish Council, Summer Lane, Tyler Hill, Canterbury 24/7 Public 7m
12AA5B8D-B6CE-4564-B380-B0DA00B094F0 CT20 1DY Folkestone Town Council, Town Hall, 2 Guildhall Street Variable Public 8w
CE4CE37E-9D52-4CD8-99B5-ADD600FB6ED7 CT20 1DY The Silver Screen Cinema, 1-2 Guildhall Street, Folkestone Variable Restricted 7m
0E0096CE-E79F-43EF-8AFF-AEFC00AADF51 CT20 1JU The Workshop, 32-40 Tontine Street, Folkestone Variable Restricted 7m
D963150F-5B4B-4B0F-A168-AEA100A16A15 CT20 1QH Harbour Arm - Platform East Yard, Harbour Arm, Folkestone Harbour, Folkestone 24/7 Public 4m
062038A0-2C25-426B-8A7E-B0060085C339 CT20 1SE St Eanswythe's Primary School, Church Street, Folkestone Variable Restricted 7m
095E3013-5A7F-4F12-BD5E-B05A00AD303F CT20 1SQ The Bayle Pond, The Bayle, Folkestone 24/7 Public 4m
8864E2FE-0A7D-4CA9-ABDA-AF9A00994009 CT20 2AA O2 Store (0270) Folkestone, 68-68a Sandgate Rd, Kent Variable Restricted 7m
25043DEB-CB2C-438B-B439-AE2100DAF510 CT20 2DY The Southcliffe Hotel, 22-26 The Leas, Folkestone 24/7 Restricted 7m
8879BDEA-46B2-49DE-A8B3-AE2200CCD752 CT20 2NB Land Adjacent 40, Shorncliffe Road, Folkestone Variable Public 7m
547CC667-4BFC-4674-A9E9-B0260099AD9F CT20 2SZ Tesco Bouverie Road Folks Express, 1-3 Castle House, Bouverie Rd W Variable Public 7m
29E43DC4-CB0B-4E8C-953D-AEA10095A688 CT20 3AL The Boat House - Sandgate, Granville Place, Sandgate, 24/7 Public 7m
9E0B8EAA-C4C3-4370-AAC7-B09A00C72FF3 CT20 3EU Risborough House, Pond Hill Road, Folkestone Variable Public 3m
02EE4D25-7999-49EE-A869-AEAC00ACDF73 CT20 3HA Burgoyne North, West Road, Folkestone Variable Restricted 7m
DC2EEC5A-31B1-46A0-89E3-B02F00CB1FF1 CT20 3JJ St Martins Church Of England Primary School, Horn Street, Folkestone Variable Restricted 7m
59FF026B-E62C-4D55-835E-AF69010623B7 CT20 3NE The Golden Arrow, 89 Enbrook Valley, Folkestone 24/7 Public 7m
4BF0BFD4-CEF4-464A-9E99-AF2500AD29FB CT20 3PA Folkestone West Station, Station Approach, Off Shorncliffe Road 24/7 Public 7m
BC9F6B70-323C-4BD0-834F-AF2E00DD535C CT20 3QU Sandgate Primary School, Coolinge Lane, Folkestone 24/7 Public 7m
3E896B0F-BD51-4C66-A839-AF3D01076ADF CT20 3RR Hopkins Tas Ltd, Sandgate Library, Sandgate High Street 24/7 Public 7m
83DADFFB-30AF-4F89-832B-AEF9010CCA98 CT20 3SE Enbrook Park, Sandgate High Street, Sandgate 24/7 Restricted 7m
3D04A4EA-3864-4127-8884-B10300C03DDB CT21 4BE St Augustines Roman Catholic Primary School, St Johns Road, Hythe 24/7 Public 4w
6B614E4D-BEC4-45AB-AA2F-B07400923089 CT21 4BL Stop 24, Stop 24 Services And Port Early Arrivals, 1 Stanford Intersection 24/7 Restricted 4m
764BC32B-EA4C-48E9-A864-B07B007DC4E9 CT21 4BL Stop 24, Stop 24 Services And Port Early Arrivals, 1 Stanford Intersection 24/7 Public 4m
47D798F5-BEB9-426D-A3B2-AF2500AD1F98 CT21 4HH Sandling Station, Off Sandling Road Sandling, Kent 24/7 Public 7m
8F243686-1F04-49F8-9BC4-AF2D014D701A CT21 4HX Folkestone Racecourse, Stone Street, Westenhanger 24/7 Public 7m
0AC6FE31-D94E-4A4B-B27C-AF9A00C3B259 CT21 4LR Unit K3, Lympne Industrial Estate, Lympne 24/7 Public 7m
36BBE95E-D41C-45F2-A221-AFD901208C9C CT21 4LR Sunbelt Rentals Limited, Unit M1, Lympne Distribution Park Variable Public 7m
506A15CA-9A44-4326-82AF-AEFC00AAD8CF CT21 4LU Nusteel Structures Ltd, Lympne Industrial Estate, Lympne Variable Restricted 7m
B0C9C66A-827E-4C04-8D7D-AF2D01080AE0 CT21 4NW Daleacres Caravan Club Site, Lower Wall Road, West Hythe Variable Public 7m
120016BD-A02F-4344-820B-B03600D7C50C CT21 4NY Lympne Cep School, Octavian Drive, Lympne Variable Restricted 4m
5CA66ED9-0ED7-417B-A056-AE8D00B082D6 CT21 4PD Aldington Road, Lympne Variable Restricted 7m
55F6B886-14D8-4211-A9DA-B0AF00B9D324 CT21 4QS Saltwood C Of E Primary School, Saltwood Primary School, Grange Road Variable Restricted 3m
83EB735D-0742-4B13-8D8B-AEDD00DADD15 CT21 5AJ Hythe Town Council, Town Hall, High Street 24/7 Public 7m
22AF3B5E-7AA5-4A6F-97EF-B02C00C27AD5 CT21 5BJ Bus Shelter Adjacent Mackeson Court, Military Road, Hythe 24/7 Public 7m
28196D12-899C-4B34-B999-B02D00B511FF CT21 5BJ Red Lion Square, Bus Shelter Adjacent Mackeson Court, Military Road 24/7 Public 7m
52B7EDC3-4405-419B-AD37-B0EA011FB544 CT21 5HD 19 Castle Avenue, Hythe Variable Restricted 8w
D460E4DA-9999-4203-8450-AE9000F8D397 CT21 5ND Hythe Dental Care, 1 East Street, Hythe Variable Restricted 7m
B879644C-84A6-40F7-8FD2-AF0F01420656 CT21 5NH Waitrose Hythe, Prospect Rd, Hythe 24/7 Public 7m
6D5D9FE3-E903-4046-A28C-AEDF00912BB6 CT21 6AS Hythe Sports Pavilion South Road Recreation Ground, South Road, Hythe 24/7 Public 4m
BE169FC2-49AF-4DB5-AFA3-AE57011231DA CT21 6AX Hythe Cricket And Squash Club, The Grove, Hythe Variable Restricted 7m
610BB7B7-F007-4142-9B77-AE8D00AC8D04 CT21 6AZ Housing 21, Summer Court - Managers Office, Whitegates Close 24/7 Public 7m
36695AD2-52A1-44E1-A699-AE9B00EDF75B CT21 6BD Oaklands Health Centre Oaklands, Stade Street, Hythe Variable Restricted 7m
9C678B9D-1FEB-437E-BEE3-AEA100A0CBB8 CT21 6BD Age Uk Hythe, Sanford House, Stade Street, Hythe Variable Public 7m
C1698626-3EB6-4F36-A905-AE9B00F104EA CT21 6BD Oaklands Health Centre Oaklands, Stade Street, Hythe Variable Public 7m
7721EF31-E12E-4A83-9F0B-B0FC010CED1F CT21 6BY 1st Hythe Scout Hq, Burton Hall, Albert Lane 24/7 Public 4w
A37D042B-FA3A-4259-9CA9-B08300E9B579 CT21 6HS Hythe Bay Church Of England Primary School, Cinque Ports Avenue, Hythe Variable Restricted 4m
A847C246-4A72-4A33-9CA6-AE8D00CCEBD6 CT21 6LD Romney Hythe And Dymchurch Railway, Rh & Dr Hythe Station, Scanlons Bridge 24/7 Public 7m
2F5CFDD1-A962-44F3-AE40-AF5E0109FA2D CT3 1AL Wingham Fire Station, Staple Road, Wingham 24/7 Public 7m
5D22F798-248E-4A5D-BC24-AF9300AAECB8 CT3 1AR Wingham Timber And Mouldings Ltd, Unit 9 - 13 Wingham Industrial Estate, Goodnestone Road Variable Public 7m
A07D4B10-C0E1-4345-8D4C-AE6200BA37F3 CT3 1AR Wingham Sports And Social Club, Pavilion Wingham Recreation Ground, Goodnestone Road 24/7 Public 7m
F933C2E6-E547-4AB9-8AF0-B0DF00A8D2C9 CT3 1BD Post Office, Wingham Village Hall, School Lane 24/7 Public 8w
43AC8DAC-1637-4A5A-B85A-AFBE00E5D91C CT3 1HB Preston Village Hall, Mill Lane, Preston 24/7 Public 7m
B0942825-2790-4EB5-A2E1-B08500BDB531 CT3 1HB Preston County Primary School, Mill Lane, Preston Variable Restricted 4m
E7529689-FCDF-4A10-9FC1-AE9A00E64A3C CT3 1HB Preston Village Hall, Mill Lane, Preston 24/7 Public 7m
100FF11E-4ED5-4C3D-9B8B-AF82010B660C CT3 1JL Wingham Wildlife Park Ltd, Wingham Wildlife Park, Rusham Road Variable Public 7m
890F90AC-E1E8-4D58-9BC7-AD7801316CD9 CT3 1LB Staple Village Hall, Mill Road, Staple 24/7 Public 7m
7855B959-F31E-4D90-B764-B02A011FA9E1 CT3 1LL St James Church, The Street, Staple Variable Public 7m
668003A3-6B56-4700-A3DC-B10100F47912 CT3 1NS Ovenden Earthmoving Company Ltd, Wellhead Farm, Watercress Lane 24/7 Public 4w
583F7060-662C-47A9-A694-B0CE011E6738 CT3 1RJ Wickhambreaux Village Hall, The Street, Wickhambreaux 24/7 Public 8w
6C7D225C-92FE-4C08-BE8E-AE8600D8C92A CT3 1ST Littlebourne Parish Council, 58 High Street, Littlebourne 24/7 Public 7m
22E5CA96-364B-483A-8EE6-AEB300C47D45 CT3 1TX Littlebourne Surgery, The Surgery, Court Hill Variable Restricted 7m
D078C393-CFB5-43CE-AA81-AE7500AAF1AD CT3 2BG Ash Village Hall, 10 Queens Road, Ash 24/7 Public 7m
25750E70-7886-4DBA-9F53-AFC600920B53 CT3 2HH St Faith's Prep School, 5 The Street, Ash Variable Restricted 7m
6F8F4095-9F76-42FD-9AB3-AE3B00CB4CBD CT3 2LN Uphousden, Ware Road, Westmarsh 24/7 Public 7m
FE5A4342-AEA9-40DC-B7F8-B0C80097E507 CT3 3AS Aylesham Station, Aylesham Railway Station, Ackholt Road 24/7 Public 3m
E5205499-E83C-422B-8375-B08100B844E7 CT3 3BE Freedom Leisure, Aylesham Welfare Leisure Centre, Spinney Lane 24/7 Public 4m
90286679-A682-40B9-8D52-AE8B00D7D29F CT3 3BH Roses Tearoom And Thrift Shop, 1 Milner Crescent, Aylesham 24/7 Public 7m
A6B94A59-3BE5-4BDA-ACAE-B08100D30048 CT3 3BU Tricky Traves Shop, 12 Attlee Avenue, Aylesham 24/7 Public 4m
117ED5FF-A862-4AB2-B2E6-B08100CD6D15 CT3 3HL Aylesham And District Social Club, Throwley House, Ratling Road 24/7 Public 4m
F4520627-5305-48FD-88C8-B08100CF361F CT3 3HQ Countryside Kebab & Pizza House, 68 Cornwallis Avenue, Aylesham 24/7 Public 4m
34B5CFA7-7D85-4E71-9F09-ADCE00F5E84F CT3 3JL Adisham Village Hall, The Street, Adisham 24/7 Public 7m
478D5301-FD92-4828-B6F1-B02A00D63DE7 CT3 4AF Polo Farm Sports Club - Cabinet Location No. 1824, Polo Farm Sports Club, Littlebourne Road 24/7 Public 7m
CB1AABDD-75F0-457F-930D-AE9700A71E48 CT3 4DA Chislet Parish Council, Royal Oak, 60 Island Road 24/7 Public 7m
42CA7506-2423-47F4-8161-AF540105F144 CT3 4FT Redrow Homes Ltd, 1 Jenkin Walk, Hersden Variable Restricted 7m
9D3C6E0F-1DAE-49AD-AB1C-AE6901216F4D CT3 4HL Hersden Parish Council, Hersden Neighbourhood Centre, The Avenue 24/7 Public 7m
6F5D542D-F98D-4F3E-B8F3-B0A400B062B8 CT3 4HS Water Meadows Primary School, Shaftesbury Road, Hersden 24/7 Public 3m
7707C06A-EF17-45EA-A85D-B0B3009BC745 CT3 4HX Chislet Colliery Welfare Club, The Avenue, Hersden 24/7 Public 3m
61E21621-ACB3-4DDD-BFFF-B0F90104D229 CT3 4JZ Hi Way Services, Unit 32, Thomas Way Variable Restricted 4w
3028CEB2-E89D-4863-9AAF-AECB01336406 CT3 4LA Hoath Village Hall, Church Road, Hoath 24/7 Public 7m
BEC3D892-C982-4FFA-B6FC-B0C200D4A18E CT3 4LN Prince Of Wales, Maypole Road, Hoath 24/7 Public 3m
1F5F30D1-6933-49B8-B6A1-AEA000F62BC6 CT4 5EL Howetts Wild Animal Park, Bekesbourne Ln, Bekesbourne,, Littlebourne, Canterbury Variable Restricted 7m
74A32695-92E9-4E8B-B5B6-B0C80097CD6D CT4 5EP Bekesbourne Railway Station, 3 Station Approach, Bekesbourne 24/7 Public 3m
85791595-134F-4601-90BB-B04400A51D2B CT4 5HW Highland Court Farm, The Old Dairy, The Old Dairy, Highland Court Farm 24/7 Public 4m
62D1BA7E-355B-431D-8243-AF4700F409BB CT4 5PX Waddenhall Farm Barn, 2 Wadden Hall, Petham 24/7 Public 7m
DAF456A1-DE22-438B-A6A9-B035009EBE8D CT4 5RD Petham Primary School, Church Lane, Petham Variable Restricted 4m
BDDDB4BF-9DD8-4830-ABD5-AEC901083EE4 CT4 5SH Christmas Cottage, Richdore Road, Waltham 24/7 Public 7m
008CA6CD-65DF-4946-95FD-AF9F00CB80AD CT4 6AG Selling Minnis Parish Council, Stelling Minnis Village Hall, Bossingham Road, 24/7 Public 7m
61E139B4-0FC1-4534-9DB0-AF9F00C9D595 CT4 6AS Sterling Minnis Parish Council, The Post Office, Minnis Lane 24/7 Public 7m
7B454F5F-608F-43C2-A3F8-B103011231CA CT4 6DU Stelling Minnis Ce Primary School, Bossingham Road, Stelling Minnis Variable Restricted 4w
406B4C1A-9B88-48F8-ABD0-AF3D01164DE5 CT4 6DX Hopkins Tas Ltd, Bossingham Village Hall, The Street 24/7 Public 7m
B51CF9F6-975B-4A3E-A6FC-AE99009BB806 CT4 6JB Kingston Village Hall, 25 The Street, Kingston 24/7 Public 7m
A490E20E-D775-4A77-8706-B0D20090FB96 CT4 6NR Agester Lodge, Agester Lane, Denton 24/7 Restricted 8w
50666ACA-6E2C-4ECB-B7E9-B03A012EC161 CT4 6NS Caravan Park Clipgate Farm, Lodge Lees Road, Denton 24/7 Public 4m
59919A7F-6ACD-4BE2-B61B-AE9200957FF6 CT4 6NX Barham Village Hall, Valley Road, Barham 24/7 Public 7m
E6E171AA-EC04-4E8E-B8FF-B04400E767B9 CT4 6NX Barham C Of E Primary School, Valley Road, Barham Variable Restricted 4m
771DCF68-B8DB-47EC-AB28-B0F40154973C CT4 6QZ Public Telephone 20m From Dairy Farmhouse, The Street 8m From A260, The Street, Denton 24/7 Public 4w
7851FDEF-F2B1-48C5-89B2-B0F8014B0D16 CT4 6RP Wootton Village Hall, Wootton Village Hall, Wootton Lane 24/7 Public 4w
3EC2DE43-4C6C-4284-AEC3-AEAE00BC0710 CT4 6SA Caravan 10 Ropersole Park, Dover Road, Barham 24/7 Public 7m
85435780-D273-4A2E-884C-AEB000AFD11C CT4 6SU Nethersole Road, Woolage Village, Canterbury 24/7 Public 7m
5797 CT4 6SX Village Hall, Kent 24/7 Public
405AC20D-371A-4CA1-934B-B03600A3D16C CT4 6SX Elham Village Hall, High Street, Elham 24/7 Public 4m
7E9B1E23-1782-475D-B6BC-B04200A55F8D CT4 6TT Elham Church Of England Primary School, Vicarage Lane, Elham Variable Restricted 4m
D533B72C-0249-48C9-9C69-AFC400F87680 CT4 6TT Elham Church Of England Primary School, Vicarage Lane, Elham 24/7 Public 7m
5685 CT4 6XR Village Hall, Kent 24/7 Public
AA971784-2025-410F-B7A1-AF13009FA24D CT4 6XR Rhodes Minnis Village Hall Committee, Village Hall, Chapel Lane 24/7 Public 7m
F5B4AE08-57EB-46A4-B439-AED500EF9613 CT4 7DS Godmersham & Crundale Village Hall, Godmersham And Crundale Recreational Hall, Canterbury Road 24/7 Public 7m
F69260BA-DF76-42AC-B7C3-AE1900E6344C CT4 7DZ Kent Ms Therapy Centre, Bradbury House, Merton Lane North Variable Public 7m
5F10F696-B700-4FE5-8377-AEC9010BADA2 CT4 7HG Choose Leisure Limited, The Showroom, Howfield Lane Variable Public 7m
32AF6689-34F6-4DAF-9686-AE6E00C95BB5 CT4 7TA Chartham Parish Council, The Pavilion Recreation Ground, Beech Avenue 24/7 Public 7m
B19372E9-2390-403F-B6AC-AF5E010A6D9C CT4 8BZ Chilham Fire Station, Taylors Hill, Chilham 24/7 Public 7m
2190B385-2FC0-49AC-B01C-B0C300BC0CB7 CT4 8DE Chilham St Marys Church Of England Primary School, School Hill, Chilham Variable Restricted 3m
A9349EC2-53F6-4016-A515-AEF900D7D9ED CT4 8DR Chilham Recreation Ground Trust, Chilham Sports Centre, Branch Road 24/7 Public 7m
AC4EE306-05FC-4DD4-8473-AF2500AD2E6B CT4 8EG Chilham Station, Ashford Road, Chilham 24/7 Public 7m
84AE61B3-7E28-4131-93CB-AF3200B363A2 CT4 8HG Molash Parish Council, Molash Village Hall, Pound Lane 24/7 Public 7m
BE06F904-8DA8-4B1C-9D21-AF2C00C51C6F CT4 8JH Chilham Parish Council, Prior Oast House, Denne Manor Lane 24/7 Public 7m
54988985-3831-4B4B-97BC-B06800EBB372 CT5 1AY Whitstable And Seasalter Endowed C Of E School, High Street, Whitstable Variable Restricted 4m
7B898378-B775-4CDE-BDB9-AF0000AFBDB7 CT5 1BP Over Sixty Centre, 6 Tudor Court, 163, Tankerton Road 24/7 Public 7m
EC79360B-ADD1-4748-BE58-AE8E00EB1C1F CT5 1BX Whitstable Yacht Club, Rear, 3-4 Sea Wall 24/7 Public 7m
1859F145-EA72-46D5-B71B-B0B3010BD362 CT5 1DA The Royal British Legion, 61 Oxford Street, Whitstable 24/7 Public 3m
B38FB208-630F-43AF-A707-B03900C67C6A CT5 1EJ The Old Neptune, Marine Terrace, Whitstable 24/7 Public 4m
8BA9EF88-E711-4D62-A301-B02D00EBE207 CT5 1NA Westmeads Community Infant School, Cromwell Road, Whitstable Variable Public 7m
8116452D-284B-4C83-B629-AF9100BAA7C1 CT5 1PG All Saints Church, Church Street, Whitstable 24/7 Public 4m
42596671-EA0F-44DC-A928-AEBD00EC81D0 CT5 1PX Whitstable Community College, Bellevue Road, Whitstable Variable Restricted 7m
336391DA-F5AE-4FFD-A7F5-AECF00A70D6F CT5 1RB Southeastern, Whitstable Station, Old Bridge Road 24/7 Public 7m
F37C8A27-0A60-4E46-8331-AE36010F5DDC CT5 2AW Tesco Express, 141 Tankerton Rd, 0 Variable Restricted 4m
AFC2E0A6-5ADB-4CF8-A9FF-AEA400A50981 CT5 2BE Parkrun, The Marine Hotel, 32-33 Marine Parade 24/7 Public 7m
3539679E-7358-4E0E-B7E6-B07A00A74605 CT5 2EY St Marys Primary School, Northwood Road, Whitstable Variable Public 4m
3B7D8E8F-13D6-4FD3-AD03-AD4301201CD2 CT5 2RP C. A. Drillers Ltd, Unit 2 C A Business Park, Colewood Road Variable Restricted 7m
4DAEAA39-4A5C-42A1-9E3A-AE9400A9C0AD CT5 2RY Park Holidays Uk Ltd - Seaview Holiday Park, Seaview Holiday Park, St John's Road 24/7 Public 7m
863EC7E9-D59A-4445-BFCF-B0AE00F994CF CT5 3EE Tesco, Millstrood Road, North Of Thanet Way Variable Public 3m
9D573B9D-163E-4520-829F-B04A00FDFA77 CT5 3ER Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre Canterbury, Radfall Road, Chestfield Variable Restricted 7m
DE36E224-B48C-4A7E-A956-B05000F193A2 CT5 3FD Kent & Medway Icb, Unit 4, Markerstudy Business Park, Whitstable Variable Restricted 7m
026C5C40-5422-4E5E-B58E-AEA600FF4289 CT5 3FE Rdds 2nd Floor, Rdds Avionics Ltd, Marlowe House Variable Restricted 7m
7D479864-D75E-4153-A517-AEA60103A8B1 CT5 3FE Rdds Ground Floor, Rdds Avionics Ltd, Marlowe House Variable Restricted 4m
7729 CT5 3LD Chestfield WI Hall, Kent 24/7 Public
6A2308A9-72C0-4546-A79D-AF5400EEF564 CT5 3LD Chestfield Wi Hall, 53 Chestfield Road, Chestfield 24/7 Public 7m
F348FAF2-9E8E-4D64-A1DB-AE8B009447D7 CT5 3LD Chestfield Dental Pratctice, 41 Chestfield Road, Chestfield Variable Public 7m
8B3A0B2B-78CB-44E6-8D8B-AEB400C8CA02 CT5 3LU Chestfield (Whitstable) Golf Club, 103 Chestfield Road, Chestfield 24/7 Public 7m
D7FF28B4-5751-4C1E-886B-AE7E00D934BB CT5 3LU Chestfield (Whitstable) Golf Club, 103 Chestfield Road, Chestfield 24/7 Public 7m
D422A533-291B-4FFC-B6F7-AF9300B75EF4 CT5 3PS Canterbury Food Bank, Unit 29, Joseph Wilson Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 7m
54906532-FFCD-4A7E-BFAA-AF9400EB8561 CT5 3QY 131-132 John Wilson Business Park, Harvey Drive, Chestfield Variable Public 7m
11165573-0CEA-4303-BCD4-B08300DED9FB CT5 3QZ Screwfix, Brook House, Harvey Drive Variable Restricted 4m
E06EA1B0-8FE2-4828-B1EC-AEA600D40938 CT5 3SE Whitstable Medical Practice, Estuary View, Whitstable Medical Practice Estuary View Medical Centre, 25 Boorman Way Variable Public 7m
C011C2FA-A821-41F8-B7E8-AF2D0085A25D CT5 4AX Seasalter Christian Centre, 49 Faversham Road, Seasalter 24/7 Public 7m
739E35EE-4296-4866-84E8-AE9700AD4BBA CT5 4BJ Park Holidays Uk Limited, Alberta Caravan Park, Faversham Road 24/7 Public 7m
3CA92B61-68B6-4E95-B141-AF5E0109ED41 CT5 4NA Whitstable Fire Station, Borstal Hill, Whitstable 24/7 Public 7m
B4A443A7-8E15-491A-871A-B01F00DEE39F CT6 5DA Herne Bay Cp Junior School, Herne Bay Junior School, Kings Road Variable Restricted 7m
6365269C-4898-47CB-977D-AF2000D5B493 CT6 5DN Herne Bay Sports Hub, Parkland Road, Herne Bay 24/7 Public 7m
894F838A-3C51-4EB1-8895-AE8A00E57769 CT6 5NF The Heron Medical Practice, 161 Station Road, Herne Bay Variable Restricted 7m
52103EA9-C05F-4861-8AC3-AEAD00A1A256 CT6 5RE The Park Surgery, 116 Kings Road, Herne Bay Variable Restricted 7m
08D0D9E6-AF5D-4EC2-B55A-B05B00EB9998 CT6 5SB Tesco Herne Bay Express, 80-84 Canterbury Rd, Herne Bay Variable Public 4m
879AD2D7-9F50-465A-AE0D-B01F010FFC43 CT6 5SH Herne Bay Infant And Nursery School, Stanley Road, Herne Bay Variable Restricted 7m
B319D5F3-5000-4A55-BF4C-AF5401080655 CT6 5SX 3 Sandy Way, Herne Bay Variable Restricted 7m
DFD6F7F8-8422-4EA9-BC62-AFF000E56641 CT6 5TR Mitcham Building Supplies, Mbs House, 80 Eddington Lane Variable Public 7m
5506 CT6 6FF Chestfield Cricket Club, Kent 24/7 Public
16AC9285-085B-4C77-BB1B-AEAE00D0EB8B CT6 6FR Reculver Qualified Residents Assocation, 1 Rose Way, Herne Bay 24/7 Public 7m
0DA888FD-2AC6-45D4-ACDC-AEE7009FCB44 CT6 6GZ Dvsa Driving Test Centre, Herne Bay Mptc, The Boulevard Variable Restricted 7m
4FC98AAE-6E11-47BF-ADED-AEE700D64788 CT6 6GZ Premier Diamond, Unit 10, The Boulevard 24/7 Public 7m
608491EB-A6D9-440D-AECD-AFEB00EE6F38 CT6 6GZ Screwfix, Unit 9 Altira Business Park, The Boulevard Variable Restricted 4m
9E9F183E-464A-48BD-B7D2-AEE50077B17D CT6 6GZ Sainsbury's, 6 The Boulevard, Altira Business Park Variable Public 7m
7C7E92C8-F851-44CE-AE02-AE9B00E61C2B CT6 6PD Anele De Novo Dental Practice, Anele De Novo Dental Practice,, 143 Reculver Rd, Beltinge, Variable Restricted 7m
98161D8C-437D-475F-BC27-AF4000CCA75D CT6 6PL Reculver And Beltinge Memorial Hall, 149 Reculver Road, Beltinge 24/7 Public 7m
C421FF3E-E450-4853-97C0-B0EC00CA231B CT6 6SR Beltinge And Reculver Surgery, 269 Reculver Road, Herne Bay Variable Restricted 4w
DADCC6AD-9BAF-441C-87EF-B0EC00C93496 CT6 6SR Beltinge And Reculver Surgery, 269 Reculver Road, Herne Bay Variable Restricted 4w
0DAC3E66-F86A-41BA-A324-ADD60098CBE1 CT6 6SS Reculver Rise, Reculver Lane, Herne Bay 24/7 Public 7m
4367C989-A5B4-4D25-BB31-ADD600A3E39F CT6 6SS Reculver Rise, ///Addicted.repayment.august, Reculver Lane, Reculver 24/7 Public 7m
F97AB9FE-39A5-49EA-A830-B0FC008244AB CT6 6TA Reculver Church Of England School, Sweechbridge Road, Herne Bay Variable Restricted 4w
371F8528-E0B6-44C4-B3BE-ADE300EB3E08 CT6 7AP Herne & Broomfield Parish Council, Herne Community Centre, St Martin's View 24/7 Public 4m
D0CE4960-0E7E-4CB5-B2B9-ADED00E12863 CT6 7AP Herne & Broomfield Parish Council, Herne Community Centre, St Martin's View 24/7 Public 7m
5DEE515F-7D40-4088-816D-AE4B00EF2673 CT6 7LS Paul & Lisa Bushell, 4 Albion Close, Herne 24/7 Restricted 7m
68E47039-3E31-435B-A811-AEAD00CF8E55 CT6 7LY Herne And Broomfield Surgery, 38 Broomfield Road, Herne Variable Restricted 7m
9707C518-EC03-4D72-8128-AEA700D75919 CT6 7NE Strode Park Nursing Home, Strode Park House, Lower Herne Rd, Herne Bay Variable Restricted 7m
988DDCBC-2950-46BC-9D6F-B00600A9C001 CT6 8NB Kent County Council, Hampton County Primary School, Fitzgerald Avenue Variable Restricted 7m
F99D8830-231D-4668-A17B-AECF00A90B7A CT6 8PJ Herne Bay Railway Station, Station Road, Herne Bay 24/7 Public 7m
001F5589-920D-4EE5-B50A-AE3E00C0BA90 CT6 8SP Tesco, Tesco Express, 34-36 Sea Street Variable Public 4m
BC99C859-5E26-4CEA-B8BB-AEA6008DF122 CT7 0BH Powell-Cotton Museum, Powel- Cotton Museum, Quex Park, Variable Public 7m
F4C18A71-FE14-4C3D-81D4-B0D9010352F5 CT7 0BH Powell Cotton Museum, Powell Cotton Museum Quex Park, Quex Garden 24/7 Public 8w
FA1CF1DE-2849-4A53-88C4-B0C100CC9795 CT7 0BH Quex Park Estates Limited, Estates Office, Quex Park 24/7 Public 3m
86622A7E-9796-40EC-B653-AE9400C11664 CT7 0HD Birchington Vale Caravan Park, Shottendane Road, Birchington 24/7 Public 7m
0759790D-DBA6-4A3B-9583-AE3F00D6134D CT7 0JA Acol Parish Council, Acol Village Hall, The Street 24/7 Public 7m
3FB23945-3D81-4FAA-BC00-AF6900A10242 CT7 0NP St Nicholas At Wade With Sarre Parish Council, Village Hall, The Street 24/7 Public 7m
93C12B3E-015A-48FD-B2BE-B02A009951A6 CT7 0PY St Nicholas At Wade Primary School, St Nicholas At Wade C Of E Primary School, Down Barton Road Variable Restricted 7m
2DC7BBFB-1DEB-4254-8548-AFD300EDDF8D CT7 9BL The King Ethelbert School, Canterbury Road, Birchington Variable Public 7m
D6EBF4AB-0715-40ED-AE2E-AF96009B954F CT7 9BL The King Ethelbert School, Canterbury Road, Birchington Variable Public 7m
9BFB0046-F42C-43E7-AF65-AEA700D740E1 CT7 9DJ The Bottle Shop, 21 Station Road, Birchington Variable Restricted 7m
66127DD9-6FF1-4DBC-A6C1-AEAC00BA0952 CT7 9EG Birchington Village Centre, Alpha Road, Birchington Variable Public 7m
734A76A0-1102-4D17-9DAF-AE0200D6D4C3 CT7 9NS 133 Minnis Road, Birchington 24/7 Public 4m
7EBF0F86-D40E-4176-9C04-AE7D0091BF33 CT7 9QQ Sea View Heights (Outside No.1), The Parade, Birchington 24/7 Public 7m
175223F1-34C8-459C-BF68-AECF00A994E9 CT7 9RD Southeastern, Birchington Railway Station, Station Approach 24/7 Public 7m
6C95BCDF-3368-42AA-A9CB-B02B004E555C CT7 9RD 1-5 Station Approach, Christie‚Äôs Wine Bar, Birchington Variable Public 7m
90074A8C-0F48-41C3-99A8-AFEE00F64716 CT8 8EB 1st Westgate-On-Sea Scout Hq, Scout Headquarters, St Crispins Road 24/7 Public 7m
6D00465D-636C-4D76-8A25-AE77009F54F0 CT8 8ES Westgate On Sea Town Council, Lymington Road, Westgate-On-Sea 24/7 Public 7m
127C6D85-F4D4-437D-97D6-B057011F0303 CT8 8LB Westgate On Sea Cricket Club, St Mildreds Road, Westgate On Sea Variable Restricted 4m
889EC0C9-D387-4DCC-BFDB-AEAE00C5DACA CT8 8LT Westgate & Birchington Golf Club Ltd, Westgate And Birchington Golf Club, 176 Canterbury Road 24/7 Public 7m
EA7DC509-B799-47A3-A7C8-AFE800742C57 CT8 8LX Ursuline College, 225 Canterbury Road, Westgate On Sea Variable Public 7m
12B1DE55-4353-4EBB-99E3-AE7700A59287 CT8 8NA Westgate On Sea Town Council, 30 Cambourne Avenue, Westgate On Sea 24/7 Public 7m
AA504660-2130-426A-ADF1-AF5E0109E547 CT8 8NH Westgate Fire Station, Osbourn Avenue, Westgate 24/7 Public 7m
ED4BF459-33C8-44EE-9A04-AE7700A3A3A8 CT8 8QG Westgate On Sea Town Council, 75 Sea Road, Westgate On Sea 24/7 Public 7m
7902031F-E4A9-4EBC-B171-AE7700A4E4B9 CT8 8QY Westgate On Sea Town Council, Station Road, Westgate On Sea 24/7 Public 7m
8D8D17B6-857C-4950-A3CE-AE7700A82D83 CT8 8TP Westgate On Sea Town Council, The St Mildreds Bay Bistro, St Mildreds Gardens 24/7 Public 7m
84B1EBEA-5FAF-461A-BEB7-B0DA013D0D3C CT9 1HD Margate Yacht Club, 12-14 Fort Hill, Margate 24/7 Public 8w
05E54D5A-142F-424A-AFCC-AF5E010A2299 CT9 1LF Margate Fire Station, Grovesnor Gardens, Margate 24/7 Public 7m
59E2CD2E-56C0-4025-8949-AEB200C8EF14 CT9 1RP Age Uk Thanet Limited, Randolf House Day Centre, Zion Place 24/7 Public 3m
A397A422-AC7B-49FA-9D68-AF6B00DF1210 CT9 2AF Bowling Club, Dane Park, Margate 24/7 Public 7m
74D37F0C-79FF-4CB8-A459-AFA200F0D84E CT9 2PN Gloria's Lounge & Cafe, 259 Northdown Road, Margate Variable Public 7m
7BD1C4D7-425C-4EF3-B779-AE8A00EECDB4 CT9 2QJ Lighthouse School, 24 Clarendon Road, Margate Variable Restricted 7m
A84C1526-8DAD-46EB-ACE6-AEBB00A68FBF CT9 2RP Urban Fitness, Unit 8 Westmount House, 220-228 Northdown Road 24/7 Public 7m
E01C0DB3-1213-4B75-88F7-B00800A12586 CT9 3PL Tesco Margate, 281 Northdown Rd, Margate Variable Public 7m
4ADFFBB6-AE75-4F0A-AD60-B0CA00B285D4 CT9 3RE Northdown Cp School, Northdown Primary School, Tenterden Way Variable Restricted 3m
E81C4370-4A11-4C9B-95A8-AE94007F2C91 CT9 4BF Elmstone Unit, 164 Ramsgate Road, Margate Variable Restricted 7m
EF875E13-D0AE-468A-9A4F-AFA30096399D CT9 4LT Dromeside, Manston Road, Manston 24/7 Public 7m
E9289555-0859-493B-8DE4-B0C80097EFCC CT9 5AD Margate Station, Margate Railway Station, Station Approach 24/7 Public 3m
2BB82564-42D0-4F37-849A-AE3500FFE1FD CT9 5BG Tesco, 56a Canterbury Road, Margate Variable Public 4m
C47C05C2-398D-49E7-914D-AFD300FE3C7D CT9 5DT Three Chimneys, Westcliff Gardens, Margate 24/7 Public 7m
BA41606F-D06F-491C-9AD7-ADB10149761E CT9 5FD Victoria Villa, Margate Variable Restricted 7m
75E79450-340C-4919-839A-B03100A297FD CT9 5RE Hartsdown Academy, George V Avenue, Margate Variable Restricted 7m
DD9A69F6-74B2-4F57-BF44-B03100A30802 CT9 5RE Hartsdown Technology College, George V Avenue, Margate Variable Public 7m

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 17 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n6181927023 Outside building next to entrance
MZ n6236842351 Inside first aid room
MZ n6236842352 Inside undercroft on right hand side
MZ n6236842353 Inside St Augustine's Porters' Lodge
MZ n6236842354 Inside Mint Yard security hut
MZ n6417565883 In Close Constables office
MZ n6833817084 Inside Jobcentre Plus Jobcentre Plus
MZ n7482509689
MZ n8380481447 On wall of Community Centre
MZ n9010593870 Behind counter in Co-op
MZ n9269578923
MZ n9481812788 On wall in corridor leading to pool changing rooms
MZ n10731313326 Behind counter in Co-op Food
MZ n10969086803 In entrance way to external gentlemen's toilet block
MZ n11269768009
MZ n11361369493 Dover-bound platform, Adisham station
MZ n11364973230 At side of southern end of Pie Factory Road, mounted on a white board

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 57 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
31EFB409-6994-48E4-9DC0-ADD000A17349 CT1 2RA The Beaney House Of Art And Knowledge, 18 High Street, Canterbury n6499614924 Beaney Museum, behind Visitor Information desk 26 m
5C8ADF0F-FDFC-4CB4-9DA9-AF5E010A711E CT1 2NH Canterbury Fire Station, Upper Bridge Street, Canterbury n6297708385 Next to Fire Station entrance 30 m
8F897044-4CB9-4673-8FB7-ADDC009F306C CT1 2AS Friends Meeting House, 6 The Friars, Canterbury n6499621378 Marlowe Theatre, behind Box Office desk 58 m
F6038F68-5FFF-466F-87CD-AF0F013E3F41 CT1 1UL Waitrose Canterbury, St George's Place, Canterbury n11216985875 On the wall of Waitrose just outside the store entrance doors. 16 m
04DFAF60-8BB9-451E-A99B-B02C00D8EBFE CT10 1QN Chandos Sq Bt Box, Chandos Square, Broadstairs n4385837471 In old red telephone box, Chandos Square, Broadstairs 43 m
2FCD0DCC-7538-48F4-B4DE-B0C80097F818 CT10 1HZ Broadstairs Railway Station, Lloyd Road, Broadstairs n9862609621 On wall at platform 1 27 m
A5232863-78CE-4554-964D-B02C00D8E752 CT10 1EU Bt Box At The Harbour, The Boathouse Gift Shop, Harbour Street n484286044 inside former red telephone box next to harbour office 44 m
0509E59D-2EF5-492D-9C63-AECA00D92904 CT12 5JH Cliffsend Parish Council, Cliffsend Village Hall, Foads Lane n7894720212 outside, right of entrance 14 m
348CB427-C15F-4F75-A596-AFCD00C365EC CT12 4BU Minster Parish Council, Minster Village Hall, High Street n11579721280 outside Minster Village Hall 7 m
9080F51E-F279-4417-B53F-AD780136DE41 CT12 4JE Monkton Hall, 120 Monkton Street, Monkton n11579711658 outside Monkton Village Hall 2 m
4E9B1B9E-AD2B-4D1C-B236-AE8A00EC8163 CT13 9EN The Drill Hall, The Quay, Sandwich n11069672965 Outside wall of The Drill Hall, opposite car park 14 m
5505 CT14 0NA The Crown Inn, Kent n10744121535 outside The Crown Inn, Finglesham 25 m
6E48E338-4696-448F-8488-AF900143A1FA CT14 0NA Crown Inn, The Street, Finglesham n10744121535 outside The Crown Inn, Finglesham 11 m
B8E8BAC6-6B55-4669-8268-AEA10097B105 CT14 0AL Sholden Parish Council, The Street, Sholden, Deal n9503684535 inside old red phone box next to the shop on London Road, Sholden 2 m
DEFA43AE-39BE-43CC-BBA3-AEA1009933D9 CT14 8BJ Ringwould With Kingsdown Parish Council, Dover Road, Ringwould n11579679777 outside Kingsdown Village Hall 62 m
71BA4AF1-D480-442F-AC3A-AEC800D63378 CT15 7LW Post Box 29m From 5 Siberts Close 7m From Sibert's Close, Siberts Close, Shepherdswell n10544258997 In former telephone kiosk 3 m
B024A6D8-633D-4170-B1FC-B02F015935E7 CT15 5JH East Langdon Parish Hall, The Street, East Langdon n9210710506 outside East Langdon Parish Hall - to left of entrance 14 m
F69920D1-439C-4CC8-9740-B091011C3DC2 CT15 5AP Coldred Village Green, Telephone Kiosk, The Green, Coldred n9503664920 inside old red phone box by green in Coldred 27 m
FD333954-B8E0-4B43-B362-AE5500D8C46F CT15 7HA St Peters Church, The Street, Swingfield n522651473 In former telephone kiosk 24 m
4455392B-1DCA-4686-BD06-ADEF00EB0253 CT16 3BD Public Telephone 22m From 109 Templeside 6m From Temple Side, Temple Side, Temple Ewell n10936874647 attached to building behind bus stop at junction of Temple Side and London Road, Temple Ewell 6 m
EC1ED0B2-CE76-41CA-996B-AF3600AA26EC CT17 9PR Elms Vale Recreation Ground (Yellow Phonebox), Elms Vale Recreation Ground, Elms Vale Road n857403832 inside old red phone box (painted yellow) at entrance to Elms Vale Recreation Ground, Dover 9 m
20C8155F-3043-44B3-B687-AF5E010A2CEA CT19 5LT Folkestone Fire Station, Park Farm Road, Folkestone n8607314442 15 m
45894E33-124F-44A8-9945-AEA10095E1E8 CT20 1QH Harbour Arm, Station House, Folkestone Harbour, Folkestone n10302656831 75 m
78FF4D35-9BB8-4AB8-AEBE-AEA100A14BB2 CT20 1QH Harbour Arm - Harbour House, Harbour House, Folkestone Harbour, Folkestone n9915238034 16 m
6728 CT21 4PS Telephone Box, Kent n465285022 inside old phone box, Saltwood 10 m
3C01C3D1-C0C4-4AE7-B5BB-AE7D00BC4681 CT21 4PS Saltwood Parish Council, Champion & Co, The Green n465285022 inside old phone box, Saltwood 14 m
6673 CT3 4BA Telephone Box, Kent n27390830 inside red phone box in Stodmarsh 3 m
06111418-47BD-461B-AAAE-B08100D0F3E8 CT3 3BB Aylesham Health Centre, Queens Road, Aylesham n11191884202 Mounted on outside wall to the left of the main entrance doors 11 m
08A8B3C8-D459-424E-8DEE-AE9800AFDB8C CT3 1HY Bus Shelter Outside Rising Sun, The Street, Stourmouth n7906106212 Inside bus shelter 18 m
447B1BCE-BBA5-40EC-BDB5-AE60009FD0E9 CT3 4DU Public Telephone 38m From 1 Court Cottages 9m From Unnamed Road, Church Lane, Chislet n10879593286 In disused KX100 telephone kiosk opposite church in Chislet 5 m
4837837E-001B-4172-A8D3-AE8400D1A65B CT3 1AA Post Box 12m From 71 High Street 6m From A257, High Street, Wingham n9503695627 inside old red phone box, High Street, Wingham 5 m
507A9666-3F5E-4ACE-A377-AEF200D5D9F7 CT3 3AS Southeastern, Aylesham Railway Station, Ackholt Road n11363674566 Outside wall of building on Canterbury-bound platform 1 4 m
6D0FACA9-B8C0-48B7-B531-AF5E010A60A6 CT3 3DU Aylesham Fire Station, Boulevard Courrieres, Aylesham n11260312596 28 m
A3693E70-164E-41BF-B3C2-AF18008C70D6 CT3 3AE Fire Security Services Ltd, Central Rescue Station House, Dorman Avenue South n11194386610 Located on outside wall to the left of the entrance 10 m
A94AA24E-C661-49D5-AF29-AE9800B1A270 CT3 1HT Public Telephone 14m From Eden Cottage 6m From Church Lane, Church Lane, Stourmouth n7906106211 Inside old style phone box 20 m
0C63F758-02DE-4EAF-B7FE-AE3E00B9AD01 CT4 7HZ Chartham Parish Council, Chartham Village Hall, Station Road n6801356866 Outside wall of Chartham Village Hall, to left of main entrance 15 m
29D97706-FCE9-4486-A482-AEC200C3F0F0 CT4 7QN Chartham Parish Council, Chartham Primary School, Shalmsford Street n9861780773 Outside wall of Chartham Primary School, adjacent to main pedestrian entrance 60 m
47A7EC0C-AFAD-4D37-A1F0-AEB000D2A926 CT4 5BL Bridge Health Centre, Patrixbourne Road, Bridge n10958474396 4 m
4F09547B-9EBD-4CF4-95EA-AF2C010F0582 CT4 6SD Former Telephone Box, Westcourt Lane, Woolage Green n1352772494 inside the old red phone box (that is now used as book exchange) Woolage Green 3 m
5A5D652B-2739-4BF5-8B20-AEC300C4829E CT4 5LS Londis, 2 Western Avenue, Bridge n9647710818 outside Londis, on High Street in Bridge 9 m
655D31F7-8A76-4263-AAE9-AE920094896D CT4 6PB Saint John The Baptist Church, The Street, Barham n11243917337 Located in entrance archway 15 m
82C8B1ED-279E-4D31-A8D4-AEB000B0BCB3 CT4 6HE Learning Opportunities Centre, The Street, Womenswold n11220539837 Located on the left side of the outside wall 10 m
893B6DBA-A282-4618-B7E7-AEF200D7547B CT4 5EP Southeastern, Bekesbourne Station, Station Road n11133301794 62 m
9AD7424A-A8BD-4A1E-8AC1-AED600D24118 CT4 5AZ Bridge Parish Council, 29 Bridge Down, Bridge n9902743297 3 m
F0DBBE37-8A96-44F6-9D6F-AF270115F0FF CT4 7HT Chartham Station, Station Road, Chartham n10969104270 On wall at entrance to London-bound platform at Chartham railway station 66 m
F57D7E7A-B9D7-4433-835C-ADCD00F34277 CT4 7ND Chartham Hatch Village Hall, Bigbury Road, Chartham Hatch n7040129836 Outside wall 3 m
3B617083-33FB-4DBC-871C-ADCE00A4B8B0 CT5 2BW Whitstable Castle, Tower Hill, Whitstable n9556632892 Ouside wall of toilets 17 m
82F0C17F-FFC1-413D-8CC3-B00000E9BDB6 CT5 1AB Canterbury City Council, Whitstable Harbour, Harbour Street n11158904605 4 m
A0963488-8A0B-4E4F-8631-AE8E00B07420 CT5 1AZ Whitstable Playhouse, 104 High Street, Whitstable n7140802037 On side wall of The Playhouse, facing Kemp Alley 18 m
063D1EC4-6F87-4696-BFE1-AE83013DB073 CT6 8EP Hampton Pier, Western Esplanade, Herne Bay n8491087677 On outside wall of storage building next to Rowing Club, facing the cycle path 30 m
56B35ADD-B1F2-422B-87AA-AF5E010A2A2D CT6 5NG Herne Bay Fire Station, High Street, Herne Bay n8540457171 On external wall to right of doors 21 m
869D3E0A-63B4-4835-AC03-AEA5013E74B5 CT6 5JY Public Telephone 17m From Kent County Council, Herne Bay Library, High Street 4m From B220, High Street, Herne Bay n564951038 inside former telephone kiosk 3 m
7054 CT7 9AF Telephone Box, Kent n343468216 inside old red phone box (now painted yellow) The Square, Birchington 2 m
53D38013-DFF4-4EE0-B18A-AF6900A2B456 CT7 0JY Near The Old Post Office, Canterbury Road, Sarre n8372723454 In former telephone kiosk 6 m
9BAA8B81-8B90-4160-8D7C-AE7D009272A9 CT7 9QP The Minnis, The Parade, Birchington n9269398229 12 m
B5479C4D-2856-4CC2-9357-AE7D00A2B940 CT7 9AF Public Telephone 9m From Powell Arms, 11 The Square 11m From The Square, Station Road, Birchington n343468216 inside old red phone box (now painted yellow) The Square, Birchington 0 m
A09D8DDE-D61E-46C5-BC48-B00B00CDE0B2 CT9 1PR Infinity Fitness-Uk, 1-2 College Walk, Margate n8232080748 Just inside Morrisons, to the right of the front door near the Tobacco Counter/Customer Services 41 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 5 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
54B9754D-D3EB-4CB7-A85B-AEA100968234 CT4 6TD Elham Parish Council Bt Box, 3 Coach House Mews, High Street, Elham, Canterbury, n364666048 inside old red phone box next to the Rose and Crown in Elham 90 m
CF8F4726-082C-4553-BFE2-ADD000D23B32 CT5 2LQ Tankerton Bay Sailing Club, Marine Parade, Whitstable n7906106210 On corner of yacht club building 100 m
476FCD85-99C2-4ED7-A40E-AF900141E07C CT14 0LT Circular Road, Betteshanger n9503688631 In former telephone kiosk 100 m
004AB6B2-ADCC-48D1-82E4-AF0300FEC548 CT4 7BH Hilltop Community Association, 36 New House Lane, Canterbury n10924971566 Left outside side wall of building, near front. Yellow box. 106 m
71E23FB7-734B-4461-BA22-B04600913018 CT19 6AB Inside Red Telephone Box, Folkestone Harbour, The Stade n11018252137 inside old red phone box by Folkestone Harbour 93 m

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