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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'UB' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. There is one exception, we do have permission to add the UUID reference numbers from The Circuit to OSM. This website is not intended for use in an emergency. If you require urgent medical assistance, call 999 now.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. Then we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be false-positive matches.

Circuit AEDs recorded as duplicates

AEDs are sometimes erroneously registered twice in The Circuit. The duplicate record would appear unmatched in this tool, so there is a mecahnism for manually marking such duplciates. See the Duplicate AEDs page for details. The duplicate AEDs (which are not considered for matching) are listed below.

Found 1 duplicate AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
93B11CE4-F79A-4D0B-99F5-AE5800FEA37A UB8 2HL 32 High Road, Cowley, Uxbridge 24/7 Public 6w

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

The AEDs listed here are not close enough to an unmatched AED in OSM to be matched. Matches between The Circuit and an OSM object further away can be forced by adding a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the corresponding Circuit UUID. It is not possible to force a match to the NDDB). In case of a single AED being recorded twice in The Circuit, the duplicate can be noted by this tool. See Duplicate AEDs. The entries in fainter type are those that are not public 24/7 units. These are less likely to be able to be mapped in OSM.

Found 173 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
A5A79AE7-90E4-4E75-94CD-AEE100C26226 UB1 1LA The Broadway Health Centre, The Mwh Practice Southall, 71-73 The Broadway 24/7 Public 8m
EAF900D7-328C-4678-BD4B-AF9901245C98 UB1 1NN Mcdonald's - 904 Southall The Broadway, 170 The Broadway, Southall, Greater London,, Southall 24/7 Public 8m
4232 UB1 2AR London Tigers Cricket Club, Greater London 24/7 Public
0835FB4F-7DD0-453B-886A-B04601156CCC UB1 2HP 299 Allenby Road, Southall 24/7 Restricted 6m
BFC7DA9C-6645-4C7D-BFD5-B013010BCF98 UB1 2NP Greenford Sports Centre, Lady Margaret Road, Southall Variable Public 8m
605ABDED-9D58-4AA9-BE31-B0B2010DC63D UB1 2PQ Durdans Park Primary School, King Georges Drive, Southall 24/7 Public 4m
9C80A0B3-0167-42E5-AA1B-AE3C00ECAC5B UB1 2QQ Tesco Express, 559 Lady Margaret Road, Southall Variable Public 8m
7AA6085F-ACAC-4B97-AC8D-B02100D50FFC UB1 3AD Station Yard, Park Avenue, Southall 24/7 Public 8m
4387 UB1 3EE Ealing Hanwellians Cricket Club, Greater London 24/7 Public
7621D92D-EA23-4C57-BF22-B03D00920288 UB1 3EU West London Community Eating Disorders Service (Wlceds), South East House, K Block (Ground Floor), St Bernard's Hospital Variable Restricted 6m
A07C22FF-588F-4677-91BD-B0BF014C9224 UB1 3HF Acorn Independent College, 39-47 High Street, Southall Variable Restricted 4m
DCA50C25-5FEF-4EE4-952B-AE320137E64B UB1 3JB Everyone Active - Dormers Wells Leisure Centre, Dormers Wells Lane, Southall Variable Restricted 8m
E558BBAE-CA8B-4512-8994-AFF8009A5EB7 UB1 3NR Hill Site Offices, Whitecote Road, Southall 24/7 Public 8m
702DE4F9-1B2F-472D-8347-AED3008521AC UB10 0EH Office, 160 Long Lane, Uxbridge Variable Public 8m
BC19B9CD-68BC-4BA7-B4CC-B02900E75F92 UB10 0EH 160 Long Lane, Uxbridge Variable Restricted 8m
9A313315-AC94-49F6-B175-AF2A00D0C10A UB10 0FL St Modwen Tcw Site Office, Burton Road, Uxbridge Variable Public 8m
0E58941E-4513-40DC-887D-ADD300F5DC6D UB10 8BE Ickenham United Reform Church, Swakeleys Road, Ickenham Variable Public 8m
10C89405-2C2B-428B-9A2C-B06000FE2B0C UB10 8DG Ickenham Village Hall, 33 Swakeleys Road, Ickenham 24/7 Public 6m
BCC0E3C9-AD65-43CE-AF92-AE3A015B183B UB10 8LB Tesco Express, Atm Site, 91-93 High Road Variable Public 8m
2B4D30AA-F98E-46C9-8177-B030010AD187 UB10 8PD Compass Theatre, Glebe Avenue, Ickenham Variable Public 8m
A614423C-BFED-41B7-9429-B031008B69A9 UB10 8RE Ickenham Library, Community Close, Ickenham Variable Public 8m
D30A321D-AA48-4817-986E-AFEF008128E3 UB10 8RE 1st Ickenham Scout Hut, Community Close, Ickenham 24/7 Public 8m
6AE77EDA-9C22-4F00-A99C-AE130095C9E0 UB10 8SX Douay Martyrs Rc School Cardinal Hume Campus, Long Lane, Ickenham Variable Restricted 8m
6014 UB10 8UT Ickenham Cricket Club, Middlesex 24/7 Public
3772B102-F6C8-424D-BBC1-B03001004829 UB10 9PB Oak Farm Library, Sutton Court Road, Uxbridge Variable Restricted 8m
0EF14616-CB6E-429F-91B2-AE6300F7CF6A UB10 9PD Oak Farm Primary School, Windsor Ave, Windsor Avenue Variable Restricted 8m
B40CCC05-BF4D-45DC-9623-B0370111A11A UB11 1AA Nuffield Health, The Arena Club, Stockley Park East Variable Restricted 8m
FDCAB2F4-5DC0-4148-A61E-AEE700E52359 UB11 1BF Busy Bees Nurseries, Jigsaw Day Nursery, 4 Iron Bridge Road Variable Restricted 8m
3178BF0A-4C11-4FFC-BC6E-AE6200FE5EE7 UB11 1FE Coats, First Floor, 4 Longwalk Road 24/7 Restricted 8m
43D22CE6-19CF-43E9-A3F6-AFF700BA5949 UB2 4DB Tesco Stores Ltd, 44-48 King St, Southall Variable Public 8m
E60A2B4E-2909-483F-A2E8-AF1100DF1BA7 UB2 4DH St Anselms Rc Primary School, Church Avenue, Southall Variable Restricted 8m
1245C88A-0C64-4CDB-94C8-B0FC00FC522B UB2 4RP Dairy Meadow Primary School, Swift Road, Southall Variable Restricted 2m
9DDA1C8C-0CCE-4285-8E73-AFEA01094C69 UB2 4SD Screwfix, Unit 2a - 2b Armstrong Way, Great Western Trade Park Variable Restricted 6m
83449181-FAAF-4440-98CB-B0F800ED8668 UB2 5BE Rs Components (Rs Local), Unit 9 Trade City, Hayes Road Variable Public 2m
227D9710-AB84-4512-A1FF-AF2300BA4DB7 UB2 5LF I V O Textiles Ltd, 3 Trident Way, Brent Road, International Trading Estate Variable Restricted 8m
AFED8F5C-91EC-4CA6-991B-B0FB00DF3B8F UB2 5LN Toysrus, Unit 5 Bullsbridge Industrial Estate, Hayes Road Variable Public 2m
CA8F2C35-C157-4F63-BB5A-AE3E015C0E11 UB2 5LN Tesco Extra, Bulls Bridge Industrial Est, Hayes Rd Variable Public 8m
C828E575-F882-4AA7-94E5-AE3100FCCE07 UB2 5NA Canal Yard, Hayes Road, Southall 24/7 Public 8m
6B7D9ECA-BD50-4B27-A76A-B0FB00D946A6 UB2 5RN Norwood Green Junior School, Thorncliffe Road, Southall Variable Restricted 2m
9181C1F5-8B52-4071-BE24-AE3A00B904D3 UB2 5SE Tesco, 179, North Hyde Lane Variable Public 8m
D87A731F-4566-4F1F-A360-B05800D0A7DB UB3 1AN Trustford - Hayes - Clayton Road, Trustford Unit 37/39, Fairview Industrial Estate Variable Public 6m
38CD17CA-4D26-433F-9BBD-B10600DE1A6A UB3 1DU Crown Trading Centre Access Road, Hayes 24/7 Public 2m
BD21E4C4-BA74-43F8-A637-B00000A9A192 UB3 1ET Suez Recycling And Recovery Uk - Hayes Ts/I&C, 1 Rigby Lane, Hayes Variable Public 8m
1EAEFA36-D592-4B5B-A106-AEF400F55755 UB3 1RW Premier Travel Inn, The Chalet, Shepiston Lane 24/7 Restricted 8m
1985F5CE-6473-4374-89AA-AFCB007D389D UB3 1SS Sunbelt Rentals, Unit 1 Abenglen Industrial Estate, Betam Road Variable Public 8m
2EDF4F1D-D04A-4945-B2A6-B030006F9DBC UB3 2AB Botwell House Primary School, Botwell Lane, Hayes Variable Public 8m
6D3CE3B5-0358-46AB-8988-B03700965D4D UB3 2HW London Borough Of Hillingdon, Botwell Green Library, East Avenue Variable Public 6m
927710D4-27C0-4589-9B68-AED300B150A8 UB3 3BB Uxbridge College, Coldharbour Lane, Hayes Variable Restricted 8m
8AA57037-E52A-4B15-91A5-AF9901245661 UB3 3EX Mcdonald's - 540 Lombardy Retail Park, Lombardy Retail Park, Coldharbour Lane, , Hayes, Greater London, 24/7 Public 8m
908440D8-85C1-499F-87E6-AE0000ED1AE8 UB3 3NB Hayes Muslim Centre, Civic Hall Car Park, Crown Close Variable Restricted 8m
419267DE-6AE7-4D3C-9CEF-B03D00EC5955 UB3 4BH Tesco Hayes Station Road, Vantage Building, Station Approach Variable Public 8m
FD23CFA8-4431-49D7-8C50-AF990124B045 UB3 4DA Mcdonald's - 201 Hayes, 22/24 Station Road, Hayes, Greater London, Hayes 24/7 Public 8m
84AA66AE-A6B5-452A-8E65-AFC700BF0662 UB3 4DD Admiral, 32-36 Station Road, Hayes 24/7 Public 8m
1F31FA28-BC55-44F2-A875-AFD30077984E UB3 4NE Tesco Stores Ltd, 38 North Hyde Road, Hayes Variable Public 8m
549DB731-34AA-44F4-A580-AE6900E1D0D2 UB3 4PU Yodel, Keith House, North Hyde Road Variable Restricted 8m
95D67807-1001-4FD9-B1E5-B0F300F81A83 UB3 4RA Cranford Country Park, The Stable Yard Cafe Cranford Park, Cranford Lane 24/7 Public 2m
1C32F9E4-2FD9-4B82-A33E-AF1200AE35B3 UB3 5AQ Imperial College Athletic Ground, Sipson Lane, Hayes Variable Public 8m
65510134-2E6C-4AF6-AD9B-AEE700ADF37C UB3 5AR 3 Mondial Way, Hayes, Harlington Variable Restricted 8m
CCD4BDAE-7327-4508-9F44-AF5E011CC6CD UB3 5EY Courtyard By Marriott London Heathrow, 1 Nobel Drive, Heathrow 24/7 Restricted 8m
5CE88296-4393-4B62-BF22-B031010B75AD UB4 0EW Yeading Library, Yeading Lane, Hayes Variable Public 8m
3CB105B2-B637-407A-AEC5-AEC100DBC7BE UB4 0NR Yeading Infant School, Carlyon Road, Hayes Variable Public 8m
CE46B9B8-45B2-4371-9037-B00300988197 UB4 0RU Tesco Stores Ltd, 734-736 Uxbridge Rd, Hayes Variable Public 8m
9FA9E428-EE62-47DE-BA33-AF03011B48A4 UB4 0SL Hayes And Yeading United Football Club, The Skyex Community Stadium, Beaconsfield Road Variable Public 8m
92554081-4997-42E4-9DF4-AFE800820A0C UB4 0TU Screwfix, Springfield Road Retail Park, Springfield Road Variable Restricted 6m
BF2931FB-F0DB-4277-B70C-AE9C0104E480 UB4 0TU Puregym, Unit B Springfield Road Retail Park, Hayes 24/7 Restricted 8m
0AE9F7BC-DBD9-43F9-9F93-AF6200AD3745 UB4 0TW Skyline Dc Site, Springfield Road, Hayes 24/7 Public 8m
79BD27CD-62E9-4DEE-B656-ADCD00C4542E UB4 8DD Brook House Fc, Brook House Football Club Playing Fields, Kingshill Avenue 24/7 Public 8m
C518C2EB-5660-4AF0-B0A3-B03600C3A8A7 UB4 8JQ Hayes End Library, 1346 Uxbridge Road, Hayes Variable Restricted 8m
019D36E5-ECEA-41A6-B729-AE0500E51455 UB4 8LF Charville Academy, Bury Avenue, Hayes Variable Restricted 8m
55914FD3-6CF6-46E2-A485-B03700935517 UB4 8LF Charville Library, Bury Avenue, Hayes Variable Restricted 6m
1539C5C8-1C1F-401C-8A21-AF1200B81F05 UB4 9BG Willow Tree Surgery, 2 Jollys Lane, Hayes Variable Restricted 8m
8D1CD32E-CD75-4893-988B-B05600B62DEE UB4 9EY Welbeck Community Resource Centre, Welbeck Court, 14 Welbeck Avenue Variable Restricted 6m
F0AF8A43-37A9-4C09-9CDB-AF9D00FC3212 UB4 9SQ Tesco Extra, Glencoe Road, Hayes Variable Restricted 8m
DB7552E4-3F90-4A24-8EC8-AE240067D538 UB5 4AB Northolt Leisure Centre, Eastcote Lane North, Northolt Variable Public 8m
CF22D6EE-EA15-4377-81BD-B03D00C19A8C UB5 5AU Tesco Stores Ltd, 484-486 Church Rd, Northolt Variable Public 6m
8E421D21-AE7C-4A90-BFA3-B00500B3C3E8 UB5 5AW Mcdonald’s - Northolt, 256 Church Road, Northolt 24/7 Public 8m
0AF589D9-5B34-4549-82E7-B0FB00C58F3F UB5 5FE Willow Tree Primary School, Priors Farm Lane, Northolt Variable Restricted 2m
10748B49-7DEC-4A48-B529-AE61009B920B UB5 6AG Puregym, 8 Rowdell Road, Northolt 24/7 Restricted 8m
F5E8273D-86A7-43A7-B0D4-B08200B4A714 UB5 6NJ Northolt Community Centre, 120 Rushdene Crescent, Northolt 24/7 Public 6m
43C5C431-0BC7-4CB4-B68E-B04300B33072 UB5 6NW Downe Manor Primary School, Down Way, Northolt 24/7 Public 8m
D1C3EA9A-BAE5-446A-B24A-B013009549E2 UB5 6SD 245 Rectory Park Avenue, Northolt 24/7 Public 8m
DADAC1CB-5318-41BB-A48D-B0D700776506 UB6 0AQ Polybags, 1 Lyon Way, Lyon Way 24/7 Public 3m
1CAD6E53-8CE4-4139-85B9-AF9D00EB39C8 UB6 0GG Royal Mail Greenford Mc, Green Park Way, Greenford, Greenford 24/7 Restricted 8m
4DBF93E3-48B8-43AD-838E-AD47012148DD UB6 0NZ Tir Chonaill Gaels Gaelic Football Club, The Pavillion, Berkley Avenue Variable Restricted 8m
08CBA362-F39A-4801-9848-B00C01054D34 UB6 0PA Mandeville School, Horsenden Lane North, Greenford Variable Restricted 8m
827CA1C2-280D-4797-8735-ADC7011456C4 UB6 0TP Electricity Sub Station 36m From Tesco Stores Ltd, Unit B, Tera 40, Auriol Drive 19m From, Footpath From Manor Farm Road Running Along Grand Union Canal To Railway Bridge, Greenford Variable Restricted 8m
F1ED75B9-499D-4172-81C3-B03800C6DD2F UB6 0TP Tesco Greenford Cfc, Unit 3, Tera 40,Auriol Drive 24/7 Restricted 6m
F5338056-63E2-4055-B614-AF3B010574DA UB6 0TP Royal Mail Auriol Drive Dlvry Centre Do/Harrow Do, Unit 2 Tera 40 Auriol Drive, Greenford, Greenford Variable Restricted 8m
4A8810EE-D3C4-4B61-BB67-B00500B3C84E UB6 0UW Mcdonald's - Westway Cross Shopping Park, Westway Cross - Shopping Park, Greenford 24/7 Public 8m
617F3C6A-6B9F-463F-A525-B066009874A9 UB6 7AF St John Fisher Catholic Primary School, Sarsfield Road, Perivale Variable Public 6m
439C0FA5-A90E-4B5B-A036-AEF300F6968E UB6 7HQ Hillview Surgery, 179 Bilton Road, Perivale Variable Public 8m
6F4063A9-52DD-4CA7-8F13-AFE100EA968A UB6 7RE Bugler Developments Ltd, Bugler Developments, Construction Site Variable Restricted 8m
CCA7A37C-F2A4-447E-ADEF-B0590088F25D UB6 7RL Metroline Central Engineering And Logistic Facility (Celf), Units 20-23 Segro Park Perivale, Horsenden Lane South Variable Public 6m
5F18C9D9-D68A-4BFF-98F0-B0580078267E UB6 8AA Perival Garage, Alperton Lane, Greenford 24/7 Public 6m
C4AA905E-28D3-4A90-B9C3-AEE700CF29AA UB6 8DF 32 Bideford Avenue, Perivale Variable Restricted 8m
0ECC71AA-5ADC-40A5-AFC6-AE380092AB1E UB6 8DW Tesco, Tesco Superstore The Old Hoover Building, Western Avenue Variable Public 6m
0808CEDF-306C-4131-B708-AEDF00A0C3F9 UB6 8GD Panavision, Units A To D The Metropolitan Centre, Bristol Road 24/7 Public 8m
FCEC773A-75BC-4BF3-91D4-AEDF009FE83E UB6 8GD Units A To D The Metropolitan Centre, Bristol Road, Greenford 24/7 Public 8m
B367D4B1-E2D3-4C81-B0AC-AE8300839262 UB6 8LZ Dunelm Greenford, Aladdin Tower, Western Avenue, Greenford Variable Restricted 8m
4A902111-C604-4951-80E5-B0B00090F477 UB6 8PX Tesco, 251a Oldfield Lane North, Greenford Variable Public 4m
EC3F3592-5FED-4C30-9816-AE86011D2F6F UB6 8QH Greenford Road Medical Centre, 591 Greenford Road, Greenford Variable Restricted 8m
0604D799-B647-4EE9-B482-AE1D008B2A31 UB6 8QY Tesco Express, 229 Greenford Rd, 0 Variable Public 8m
7A44B022-8156-4434-9C74-ADDD00C8B06E UB6 8TJ Ealing Southall & Middx Ac, Perivale Park Athletics Track And Gym, Stockdove Way Variable Restricted 8m
AF7C5465-00BE-4C4D-88EA-B052008658D0 UB6 9AP Greenford Garage, Council Depot, Greenford Road, Greenford Variable Restricted 6m
D30B932F-C1E7-4EB0-9306-AF4101206E27 UB6 9BX Greenford Park Community Hall, 18 Queens Avenue, Greenford 24/7 Public 8m
8185 UB6 9PT Outside Holland & Barrett, Greater London 24/7 Public
EA560041-44F5-414A-BB07-B03700EADDAA UB6 9PT Greenford Advertising Kiosk, Outside Holland & Barratt, 24 The Broadway 24/7 Public 6m
A45126DA-9D80-4BB1-8337-B13501331795 UB6 9QY 74 Ravenor Park Road, Greenford 24/7 Public 2w
50EEC912-F8C9-4ECD-AFC4-B11A01518721 UB7 0AU Harmondsworth Primary School, School Road, Harmondsworth 24/7 Public 6w
5465CAAE-FC6C-4236-9BD6-AEE400D8AB58 UB7 0EX Amalga Ltd, Polar Park, Bath Road Variable Restricted 8m
1AC849BB-2CD1-4A09-8780-B03500BF98E9 UB7 7BE London Borough Of Hillingdon, London Borough Of Hillingdon Yiewsley Library Yiewsley Library, 192 High Street Variable Public 6m
1E1B0396-C799-41B4-B25B-AE1D01664661 UB7 7FP Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Superstore, Chantry Close Variable Public 8m
2E782393-42E7-43E1-BF18-B10600D68223 UB7 7FP Tesco, Tesco Extra, Chantry Close 24/7 Public 2m
EF26A658-4C2C-4944-9F54-AE4200C5736B UB7 7JF Tesco, Tesco Express, 223 Station Road Variable Public 8m
A88CEB04-7ED0-40A7-AAF4-B03400F37521 UB7 7JS West Drayton Library, Station Road, West Drayton Variable Restricted 6m
F7B77015-D68B-4353-9A18-AF0900F24ED5 UB7 7NX St Catherine Catholic Primary School, Money Lane,, West Drayton Variable Restricted 8m
E1F790EC-43B4-4259-BE14-AED6008CFF79 UB7 7PJ The Medical Centre, 6 The Green, West Drayton Variable Public 8m
FD20C17D-8459-4963-9EF8-B0270096B30A UB7 7QJ St Matthews C Of E Primary School, High Street, West Drayton Variable Restricted 8m
3DC61EF9-7277-44B4-85AF-B0C300F94005 UB7 7TX Laurel Lane Primary School, Laurel Lane, West Drayton Variable Restricted 4m
F47613F6-B61A-4AEB-907F-B11000FAD631 UB7 8AH Rabbsfarm Primary School, Rabbsfarm Primary School, Gordon Road, Yiewsley Variable Public 6w
55A5F4FF-71DB-4432-BBD3-AFE9006026A7 UB7 8HP Screwfix, Crown Business Centre, 197 Horton Road Variable Restricted 8m
F9F1EB73-8D5F-4F27-B0C2-AEE700943543 UB7 8HX Uxbridge Football Club, Horton Road, Yiewsley 24/7 Public 8m
49BC91D6-D14E-447C-BE16-AEDE00C35239 UB7 8JD Unit 3 Horton Industrial Park, Horton Road, Yiewsley Variable Restricted 8m
D7DD05BE-F438-4E93-BD54-AE8C00DF50B8 UB8 1AB Manpower, Capital Court, 30 Windsor Street Variable Restricted 8m
48649EBB-A52B-43DB-ADA0-AF9901246AB2 UB8 1GA Mcdonald's - 1166 Chimes, Unit 103-104 Intu Shopping Centre, Uxbridge, Greater London,, Uxbridge 24/7 Public 8m
A169254A-0543-48D2-A594-B015010C6311 UB8 1GB Uxbridge, 234, The Chimes, Shopping Centre 24/7 Restricted 8m
E3A99B5C-AD7D-4F56-BFD5-AFF100D3D2C2 UB8 1GB O2 Store (0195) Uxbridge, Unit 234 Intu Uxbridge The Chimes Shopping Centre, High Street Variable Restricted 8m
896C626A-061A-4C3F-A6EE-AF48010ED814 UB8 1HD Central Library, 13-14 High Street, Uxbridge Variable Public 8m
8BEB78F5-9806-495E-B179-AEE4012172E7 UB8 1HD Uxbridge Library, 13/14 High St, Uxbridge Variable Public 8m
FBDB110D-1A20-4B07-939E-AF9901242DEA UB8 1JT Mcdonald's - 50 Uxbridge, 124, 125 High Street, Uxbridge 24/7 Public 8m
39598DAF-1840-4450-BEAD-B08F00B1D7A1 UB8 1LA Centre Management Office, The Chimes Shopping Centre, High Street 24/7 Public 5m
AA26153E-49C2-41EE-8102-B08F00B11F9F UB8 1LA Lower Mall, The Chimes Shopping Centre, High Street 24/7 Public 5m
DEB31626-1CB7-4D53-9449-B08F00AF1045 UB8 1LA Upper Mall, The Chimes Shopping Centre, High Street 24/7 Public 5m
FD3EE650-7EB9-4E61-8276-AED700BCC6EA UB8 1LN 18 Chequers Square, Uxbridge 24/7 Public 8m
CAFACB31-2470-456A-885C-AE2200E1A210 UB8 1ND Tesco, Tesco Stores, 62 High Street Variable Restricted 6m
D3A93A8C-B5FE-431C-ACDF-B14100D08691 UB8 1ND Tesco, 62 High Street, Uxbridge Variable Public 2w
2894F8CA-70F9-4E27-B6DC-AED300AEEF46 UB8 1NQ Uxbridge College, Park Road, Uxbridge Variable Public 8m
B5E8D04A-242A-4641-BC83-B05200869A06 UB8 1RJ Uxbridge Garage, Bakers Road, Uxbridge 24/7 Restricted 6m
5C6E53B2-1F63-4057-A60B-AFE800A2FF56 UB8 2GG Screwfix, Unit 17 Trade City, Cowley Mill Road Variable Restricted 8m
988EF796-FD8E-4F93-86C1-AF9E0099083C UB8 2GG Royal Mail Uxbridge Do/Rtw, Cowley Mill Road, Uxbridge, Uxbridge Variable Restricted 8m
E44E5835-86E2-4E68-83A7-AF9E00998DB3 UB8 2GG Royal Mail Uxbridge Do/Rtw, Cowley Mill Road, Uxbridge, Uxbridge Variable Restricted 8m
7B095FD4-F556-4419-A384-B02A00854D58 UB8 2GU Mills Ltd, Unit 2 Zodiac Business Park, High Road, Uxbridge Variable Restricted 8m
5B29520A-0D83-43D3-AACA-AE3500EC4829 UB8 2HL Tesco, 33a High Road, Cowley Variable Public 8m
982936CF-5DA9-4ABB-B701-AF0E00A553A6 UB8 2JG Bridge Works, West London Industrial Park, Iver Lane, Uxbridge Variable Public 8m
2CE113C7-1C80-444D-B05A-B0870124D25C UB8 2QX Waterloo Road Church, Waterloo Road, Uxbridge Variable Public 6m
5DF6E5A4-5A89-4B7B-9067-B01400E16765 UB8 2RT Vgc Projects, Eskdale Road, Uxbridge Variable Restricted 8m
D62ECEF5-F30E-4B78-BE63-AF2000E4A34A UB8 2TD Ossulton House, New Windsor Street, Uxbridge 24/7 Public 8m
888CAA01-1C81-4957-BFB0-AFC800D389C2 UB8 2UA St Marys School, Rockingham Close, Uxbridge Variable Public 8m
082337AD-617D-4FBC-A3D4-AEDD00DA31FF UB8 2YF 33 Riverside Way, Uxbridge Variable Restricted 8m
4078FCB6-C567-465E-B91F-AAFF018AFB2A UB8 3DT Trinity Drive, Uxbridge Variable Restricted 8m
CB8C8A5B-C352-4B4D-B5EF-B04D00A8AB2C UB8 3NJ Tesco Stores Ltd, Pield Heath Rd, London Variable Public 6m
39995B2C-7F1F-4C8B-9F62-B10000F273A0 UB8 3QU Meadow High School, 1st Floor, Meadow High School, Royal Lane Variable Restricted 2m
D37D4448-4AA5-4F18-8C53-AF9901246175 UB9 4DA Mcdonald's - 1164 Denham D/T, 37 Oxford Road, Denham, Uxbridge, Greater London, Denham 24/7 Public 8m
E4EB3046-3FC7-4880-A9B2-B08300C0915D UB9 4DE 95 Oxford Road, New Denham, Denham Variable Restricted 6m
2ED9A9B0-7A4A-4CAC-85AD-AD5600B7AADB UB9 4DH Big Yellow Self Storage Company Ltd, 50 Oxford Road, Denham 24/7 Public 8m
3D04B52A-A539-4F5F-9D6C-AD2501208CF5 UB9 4DW New Denham And Willowbank Community Centre, Oxford Road, New Denham 24/7 Public 8m
B283B58D-9629-42A4-A9F4-B077013C53E8 UB9 4DW Denham United Ladies Football Club, Denham United Football Club, Oxford Road 24/7 Public 6m
00F1B5B3-EDBE-4584-8B98-ADC500A82661 UB9 4LJ The Toby Carvery, Oxford Road, Denham 24/7 Public 8m
94E81176-9BB7-4578-9A44-AF6A00FB1B0D UB9 4LJ Toby Carvery - Ugly Duckling, Oxford Road, Denham Variable Public 8m
8F26EE0F-34DC-4C81-B9F4-B0B4012BFA0C UB9 5AJ Lower Road, Outside Martin Baker Aircraft Co Ltd, 61 Lower Road 24/7 Public 4m
3130BCE6-EE37-40A5-A6A6-AD4F00A9987E UB9 5BY Denham Parish Council, Landmark Place, North Orbital Road 24/7 Public 8m
94978A42-31EC-4492-8BF6-B05700CAB5EC UB9 5DE Denham Golf Club, Tilehouse Lane, Denham 24/7 Public 2w
4354 UB9 5EA Community Hall, Buckinghamshire 24/7 Public
1575235B-726C-406F-A540-AFE800A871F4 UB9 5EA Higher Denham Community Hall, Lower Road, Higher Denham 24/7 Public 8m
C0281678-4736-41F6-BE7F-B04600A56260 UB9 5EQ Middle Road, Denham 24/7 Public 6m
EE7F6B9E-C248-4B2A-9995-B0AD00A47EA6 UB9 5HT St Mark's House, 80 Green Tiles Lane, Denham Green 24/7 Public 4m
089D49FF-C53E-41C0-865F-AEA700A10173 UB9 5LB Denham Garden Village, Denham Green Lane, Denham 24/7 Public 8m
8C7178A2-78D6-45DE-95EB-ADAE00AA5305 UB9 5PG Colne Valley Park Centre, Denham Court Drive, Denham 24/7 Public 8m
1D360FE7-A91D-4B3D-8A51-B03500BF649B UB9 6BJ Harefield Library, Park Lane, Harefield Variable Public 6m
E9202DBD-DAAB-437B-BE0F-B02F009B3909 UB9 6BJ Harefield Junior School, Park Lane, Harefield Variable Public 8m
B70FB16F-9137-48AD-AD74-AFE800E4F4A5 UB9 6BX St Marys Church Hall, High Street, Harefield 24/7 Public 8m
5131494F-A24B-4C5B-9946-B04A00FDF58C UB9 6JW Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre Harefield, Highway Farm, Harvil Road Variable Restricted 6m
00BEDBE0-722B-4999-B59D-AEF6010265A9 UB9 6LX L J Grundon & Sons Ltd, West London Composting Ltd Highview Farm, Newyears Green Lane Variable Restricted 8m

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

The OSM objects here are not close enough to an unmatched AED in one of the data sources to be matched. Matches to an AED in the Circuit that is further away can be forced by adding a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the corresponding Circuit UUID. It is not possible to force a match to the NDDB.

Found 8 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n6857885049 Southbound end of platform 1 outside station office
MZ n6993967364
MZ n7589701508
MZ n7721648658
MZ n9330436855 Top of the steps to the Eastbound platform TfL
MZ n9945767314 Inside door by security station
MZ n11297477926 Mounted on wall of Park Sports building
MZ n11436031610 Inside entrance to Parkside Yards Cafe mounted on wall on right hand side

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Circuit AEDs matched to an OSM object by location

To confirm a match as correct, add a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the UUID from The Circuit. To remove an incorrect match, either add the correct UUID (if the AED is listed in The Circuit) or add a not:ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag with a semi-colon separated list of UUIDs not to match.

Found 2 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
B2AA2857-AC1D-4856-8E07-AF43011E3C91 UB8 1UW Civic Centre, High Street, Uxbridge n4265660957 Behind reception desk at Hillingdon Civic Centre. 80 m
885B7FC4-D0E3-4725-A262-AD4200F1CCFB UB9 5BE The Falcon, Village Road, Denham n11663962889 On side of garage on Denham Village Green 31 m

Circuit AEDs matched to an OSM object by reference

The matches here are when an AED in OSM has a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag that matched a UUID from The Circuit.

Found 1 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
FD0AF408-D098-4316-8744-AFE800A6A6F6 UB9 5EJ Telephone Box, Upper Road, Higher Denham n11142638386 inside old phone box, Upper Road, Higher Denham 16 m

NDDB AEDs matched to an OSM object by location

Found 1 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
5508 UB9 5EJ Telephone Box, Buckinghamshire n11142638386 inside old phone box, Upper Road, Higher Denham 5 m

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API. Includes data from The Circuit / Defib Finder. Includes data from the National Defibrillator Database.