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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'HR' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 326 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
9D7F297F-2059-4948-AA19-AF4600F48163 HR1 1BB Hereford Railway Station, Station Approach, Hereford 24/7 Public
D0EB4613-1D6A-4F30-957E-AF4600F47C84 HR1 1BB Hereford Railway Station, Station Approach, Hereford 24/7 Public
76FDBA39-D7DB-4279-8533-B09200C3FE5E HR1 1DT Royal National College For The Blind, Venns Lane, Hereford 24/7 Public
F5A69DF3-FA3E-4823-9051-F55F7E351966 HR1 1DT Venns Lane Care Home, 47 Venns Lane, Hereford 24/7 Restricted
088DADBE-AB12-4B5E-ADCE-AB4B0114F74C HR1 1EQ Barrs Court School, Barrs Court Road, Hereford 24/7 Public
5D3169C7-9548-42FB-9B20-AF5F00E943F3 HR1 1JT Land Rover Hereford, Staniers Way, Hereford Variable Public
8929DA9C-86C2-4644-B584-63C055EA89BE HR1 1LH Coldwells House Residential Home, Coldwells Road, Hereford 24/7 Restricted
85C1B9D2-CA29-4CCB-8733-AD2700FC4E6B HR1 1LN Cotswold Hereford Bmw, Legion Way, Hereford Variable Restricted
6D7FAE55-1F54-46B2-BE97-38A1A2006767 HR1 1LS Main Reception, Folly Lane, Hereford Variable Restricted
D72D91D2-D8A9-4C16-9432-A01242D9A623 HR1 1LS Community Studies Centre Herefordshire & Ludlow College, Folly Lane, Hereford Variable Restricted
D36D8CA4-83F9-4A92-A603-AF8D0101517A HR1 1LU Hereford Sixth Form College, Folly Lane, Hereford 24/7 Public
C58BD973-00D0-4A9D-AB01-3AE1DD11DE60 HR1 1UA Tupsley Post Office & Stores 99-103, Old Eign Hill, Hereford 24/7 Public
16A0ABF0-4C5A-45D4-8AA9-AA960064BDC3 HR1 1UN Tupsley Girls Fc, Portacabin On Playing Field, Gorsty Lane 24/7 Public
8EA5D45B-5271-4206-AD61-DFB9E7758D0E HR1 1UU The Bishop Of Herefords Bluecoat School - Rugby Field, Hampton Dene Rd, Tupsley 24/7 Public
77752519-5EAD-4F46-BB82-B07E00B3F1E2 HR1 1UX St Pauls Church Of England Primary School, Hampton Dene Road, Tupsley Variable Restricted
1EEE6601-8D70-4458-92B5-AF9700C57B3A HR1 2AA O2 Store (0255) Hereford, 9 High Town, Herefordshire Variable Restricted
1909600E-D122-4BEF-8F8C-AFF800A7AEFD HR1 2DY St Thomas Cantilupe School, Coningsby Street, Hereford Variable Restricted
5A5731A5-331C-4EC9-BE0C-AFA1010CDEE5 HR1 2QU Corner Ta Centre, Opposite Volunteer Inn Pub (Also Bleed Control Kit), Harold Street, Hereford 24/7 Public
6B3466EB-C792-4DE9-946B-AD6A00FF160B HR1 2SF Unit 25, Foley Trading Estate, Hereford 24/7 Public
86DCE6D6-C0B1-4085-BB7E-B030007EB42D HR1 2TB Tesco/Esso Petrol Station, Petrol Filling Station, 142 Ledbury Road Variable Public
3446A037-C604-4D41-9978-AEFD00EAEDAE HR1 3AB Kenchester Water Gardens, Church Road, Lyde 24/7 Public
5AD907B0-2160-4F43-AF63-2D5FF65D3BDC HR1 3ET Brook Farm, Hereford 24/7 Public
A3FF25B2-588F-473E-8F76-8B9E33C2E212 HR1 3EW Marden Community Centre, C1124 From Marden To C1125, Marden 24/7 Public
B7D98B30-9C0B-48F4-A4AD-83DD2E4498CF HR1 3JU St Michaels C Of E Primary School, Hereford 24/7 Public
571DA65F-8961-43C3-8B19-AE9F010C9832 HR1 3LG Broadfield Court, Bowley Lane, Bodenham Variable Restricted
076959EE-8BEF-4FE9-8E14-B00E00BC5746 HR1 3PE Preston Wynne Memorial Hall, Preston Wynne 24/7 Public
DA56EF6A-1D66-44B7-848A-AF1F0131982D HR1 3PE Preston Wynne Memorial Hall, Village Hall, Preston Wynne 24/7 Public
36F60299-8AED-407C-A1BF-AB4F00C1F89E HR1 3PP 1 Coppice Close, Withington 24/7 Public
150E7E60-C815-4E4C-8270-B09F00DBDC3C HR1 3QR Burley Gate Church Of England Primary School, A465 From Moreton Jeffries Road To A417, Burley Gate Variable Restricted
97DE465F-A860-4F67-852C-B00E00B91AD8 HR1 3RQ St Bartholomews Church, C1131 From Ocle Pychard To Withington Court, Westhide 24/7 Public
C03A42D3-2F08-4753-8D1C-A8790B0EE274 HR1 4BY Bartestree Village Hall, Bartestree 24/7 Public
70B57DCE-2726-4F3D-9997-AFFF00985461 HR1 4DR St Marys Roman Catholic High School, A438 From River Lugg To Hephill Lodge, Lugwardine Variable Restricted
7D9E44E1-A0F6-476F-9274-B018006EE253 HR1 4DR St Marys Roman Catholic High School, A438 From River Lugg To Hephill Lodge, Lugwardine Variable Restricted
E935350D-2361-421B-BA98-ABE400BEA771 HR1 4DX Frome Court, Bartestree 24/7 Public
D65223D7-A282-4035-A021-AF9A00B1AFF7 HR1 4ES St Peters Church, C1292 From A438 To Chapel Lane, Dormington 24/7 Public
2AE7F50D-573C-4F2C-91C6-AB1F011DFAEC HR1 4JY Hampton Bishop Village Hall, Church Lane, Hampton Bishop 24/7 Public
5677 HR1 4LW Primary School, Herefordshire 24/7 Public
1CB09FD3-25CF-4052-BAC6-801B254854C9 HR1 4LW Mordiford C Of E Primary School, Mordiford 24/7 Public
563151D2-59FC-451F-88FA-AB4A00B3367E HR1 4LW B4224, Mordiford 24/7 Public
C2340BF3-539C-45DB-92A5-AF9A00AF96A0 HR1 4ND St Nicholas Mission Church, C1293 From Whitehall Road To Park Farm, Checkley 24/7 Public
018FE57C-33D4-4251-B7F0-AEC100D7BFAD HR1 4PR Fownhope Recreation Field Association, Pavilion, Recreation Field 24/7 Public
E99479D5-81EE-4D22-B578-B04300F810AB HR1 4TZ Kings Caple Primary Academy, Ruxton Lane, Kings Caple Variable Restricted
9780563C-48E6-4ED0-8FBF-78261546F78E HR2 0AA Abbeydore Village Hall, School Lane, Abbeydore 24/7 Public
C76EFC68-9269-4357-9250-AD3200FB73F5 HR2 0DT Walterstone Village Hall, Walterstone Common Road, Walterstone 24/7 Public
5858C3C4-B188-4B9A-BECE-AF1800CB1582 HR2 0DW Rowlestone Village Hall, Rowlestone, Hereford 24/7 Public
9309345E-85CD-495F-AD78-AD8300F063A9 HR2 0EL Colllins Design & Build Ltd, Unit 5, Westwood Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
D7A4A5F0-D502-4151-9FEA-AB9F00A18BFC HR2 0JA Ewyas Harold Fire Station, 28 Elmdale, Ewyas Harold 24/7 Public
250778E4-6C5D-4323-9BCE-AF0E00C11668 HR2 0LE Longtown Primary School, C1203 From C1205 To Monnow Farm, Longtown 24/7 Public
AA92C670-8EDC-4379-B423-AD3200FA4202 HR2 0NQ St Beunos Church, Olchon Valley Road, Llanveynoe 24/7 Public
81CE54C8-036E-443F-BFD8-AD9C009FDA15 HR2 0NT Lower House Farm, Turnant Longtown Road, Longtown 24/7 Public
021CF70B-1BB5-4026-A6AC-B03D0121C1E2 HR2 0PD Cornewall Arms, C1218 From Clodock To Oaklea, Longtown 24/7 Public
D9F75301-5E10-48A4-ACA8-AD3200F8ECE5 HR2 0PH Craswall Village Hall, C1203 From Monnow Farm To Powys Boundary, Craswall 24/7 Public
3004DCF9-02ED-41B3-A5CE-AD3200F7FC90 HR2 0PN St Marys Parish Church, Unnamed Road, C1203 From Monnow Farm To Powys Boundary 24/7 Public
0A3CC61B-EA2E-4F52-98C2-B03400B45621 HR2 0RP Peterchurch Primary School, B4348 From Cross Lodge To Poston Mill Park, Peterchurch Variable Restricted
AE9CEA1D-AF70-4525-A3F2-B09100F032DF HR2 0RS Peterchurch Gp Surgery Building, Peterchurch Gp Surgery, 8-9 Closure Place 24/7 Public
3011B763-3512-4D28-BC56-E564AFCBF00D HR2 0SG Fairfield High School, Hereford Variable Restricted
DDDE25D9-EB48-440A-BBB3-AF20624D5A3C HR2 0TX Ewyas Harold Recreation Ground Pavillion, Priorsfield, Ewyas Harold 24/7 Public
362AAC42-431F-4A84-B97C-AB8200B40BF1 HR2 6AF Hinton Community Centre, Hollybush Walk, Hereford Variable Public
57F23A19-2F26-4DF2-8CD8-AE3F00BA0E63 HR2 6BY Tesco, Tesco Express, 38 Holme Lacy Road Variable Public
D2DEAB1C-29D4-43D5-B3EC-B06200C68229 HR2 6EF The Wye Inn, Holme Lacy Road, Hereford 24/7 Public
ACB20F2A-AC4B-4DD1-A33E-AF2A00B55EA1 HR2 6GG Charles Court Care Home, The Ploughman, Hereford 24/7 Public
B32CC4B2-28BE-4506-B38C-AB2C009AEFDF HR2 6HE Saxon Hall Hoarwithy Road, Hereford Variable Public
5A39AB3E-DDB7-4B0F-8B98-ADE100DEBEF1 HR2 6JR Elite Plastics Ltd, Twyford Road, Rotherwas Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
CCF67C85-D919-446D-A1B3-B423FA84E07C HR2 6JR Fluidmaster Gb, Twyford Road, Rotherwas Industrial Estate, Hereford Variable Restricted
8B11BB2E-86D0-4FDA-A5A1-ADEF0102C53A HR2 6JU Wye Cylinder Engineering Ltd, Mercian House, Netherwood Road 24/7 Public
FDE04460-EF5B-4FE6-8FB3-AEC500CB3F6A HR2 6LD Taylor Lane Timber Frame Limited, Taylor Lane Timber Frame, Chapel Road Variable Restricted
1A834513-3098-495B-AF9F-F6250FACE427 HR2 6LL Bower House, Holme Lacy College, Holme Lacy Variable Restricted
5E90C90B-CD5F-4357-B5A2-AAB000B91702 HR2 6NH Balingham Bolstone & Hentland Group Parish Council, Ballingham Hall, Dinedor 24/7 Public
DD62430D-6046-4EF7-950E-AEA400EAB258 HR2 6NS Warehouse 701, Fordshill Road, Rotherwas Variable Public
3F4E665F-51E5-4E01-B692-AE8B00B01308 HR2 6NU Tps Hereford, Unit 4, Parkwood Court Variable Restricted
C029B16E-C81E-475E-92FE-817A5198C5D7 HR2 6PN Little Dewchurch Village Hall, Little Dewchurch 24/7 Public
E18C1D18-59BF-4BCA-B834-AFB700F91D45 HR2 6SR Unit 1, Canary Drive, Rotherwas 24/7 Public
9D8BD788-44F7-4C9C-B77F-AB5800BB0FB3 HR2 7JF Riverside Primary School, Belmont Avenue, Hereford Variable Restricted
55DFE31B-DFE0-498F-9312-5EC64F627FD9 HR2 7RQ Hereford Leisure Pool, St Martins Avenue, Hereford Variable Restricted
14F7A64C-CC46-4841-AE15-ABA300D4EC42 HR2 8AZ Little Birch Village Hall Barrack Hill, Hereford 24/7 Public
9F68E858-8A1B-46B4-9DA0-AB4F00C5B67D HR2 8AZ Little Birch Village Hall, Barrack Hill, Little Birch 24/7 Public
BF71AAA6-9381-4645-A390-AE7700F6BA08 HR2 8BH West Midlands Ambulance Service University Nhs Foundation Trust, Hub Hereford, Romany Way 24/7 Public
DA331AA3-246D-4852-B1CF-AF7300F63E20 HR2 8BT Ponthir Group Hereford, Portway, Ross Road 24/7 Public
98D9875A-978F-4AAD-BEA5-AE49015CEBD9 HR2 8DD Callow Parish Hall, C1226 From A49 To Hillcrest, Callow 24/7 Public
1451C398-A073-4450-9EDF-B09700B752DD HR2 8DL Charnwood Country Residence For The Elderly, B4348 From C1228 Haywood Road To Mount View, Much Dewchurch 24/7 Restricted
A76B933F-413A-4B9B-8F05-AFEE00E61CDD HR2 8DL Steiner Academy, Church Lane, Much Dewchurch Variable Restricted
D022F818-5F83-4CA2-B9B9-4794B79FD5DF HR2 8DL Steiner Academy, Church Lane, Much Dewchurch 24/7 Public
CC6C26A5-D39D-48F8-A9B6-D61C8F50E6FA HR2 8EJ Wormelow Cricket Club, Wormelow Cricket Club Pavilion, Kennel Field 24/7 Public
7ECBBCE9-EB0E-445B-8A27-10BB31E86955 HR2 8HT Much Birch Surgery, Much Birch Variable Restricted
0EFC923F-FA80-40C2-8AF0-17B6AEECFBB7 HR2 8JE Llanwarne Village Hall, Llanwarne 24/7 Public
17FB281F-1CA6-471F-A78A-D4A8DB2897BE HR2 8JT Harewood End Inn, Hereford 24/7 Public
BAA3AADB-EA52-42BD-87B3-AE280119A4FA HR2 8LQ New Inn, A4137 From A49 To Great Treaddow, St Owens Cross 24/7 Public
8271 HR2 8PD Telephone Box, Herefordshire 24/7 Public
8C36EE96-11B3-419F-BA22-AFFC011C7DAB HR2 8PD Broad Oak Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Mountain View 24/7 Public
6ED2C322-7FE1-431B-8729-AEC800A863B5 HR2 8QR Llangarron Parish Council, Llancloudy Methodist Church, Llancloudy 24/7 Public
2C442782-3973-496D-8B89-AE7C0185BD22 HR2 8RQ Garway Primary School, Garway 24/7 Public
D5796968-6211-4385-B0E7-AE6E00A7EC04 HR2 8RQ Garway Community Centre, C1239 Coed Lank Farm Track To Castlefield Farm, Garway Variable Restricted
37B59907-730E-4BF1-B08A-B07300BF3DF2 HR2 9DH Forge Filling Station, A465 From The Motte To Crizeley Layby Via Wormbridge, Wormbridge 24/7 Public
5FD69B08-B531-45D5-BB65-B07300BE2975 HR2 9DH Bridges Child Care, Off The A465, Wormbridge 24/7 Public
39FAFB11-37EA-444A-9735-A127AE8BF546 HR2 9HJ Kingstone High School, Hereford Variable Restricted
931B2CE7-0174-4E53-8864-AFD600A6584E HR2 9HJ Kingstone High School, Kingstone, Hereford Variable Restricted
31443C67-FEE0-4166-8887-29F742820115 HR2 9HN The Surgery Kingstone, Hereford Variable Restricted
95078ADA-349F-44B8-AEDD-B03E00E4E439 HR2 9JJ Certainly Wood Ltd, Lower Lulham Farm, Madley 24/7 Public
D5906E15-E8A3-4D5C-BFEE-CA37379603D4 HR2 9JX Preston On Wye Village Hall, Hereford 24/7 Public
2A7B561C-E4FE-46F4-BB19-513E386A703C HR2 9LQ Moccas Village Hall, Moccas, Hereford 24/7 Public
F0FE0632-43D2-49F3-A129-AEE400C2934A HR2 9LU Madley Tennis Club, Brampton Road, Madley 24/7 Public
B00C7D8A-A51E-449D-AF56-A6B66BAD7BFA HR2 9PH Madley Village Hall, Madley Parish Hall, B4352 Stone Street To Watery Lane Variable Public
10F4FF13-FA70-4C5E-8D29-DBC12CF6CEA1 HR2 9QA Eaton Bishop Village Hall, Hereford 24/7 Public
FD67BFA5-626C-44CB-BAF2-AEDE013825AF HR2 9QE Access Road To Lower Eaton House, Eaton Bishop 24/7 Public
B27AB318-550C-443B-AF62-4F05179A0821 HR2 9QG Public Telephone, Ruckhall 24/7 Public
25021B2E-70BD-489D-869B-ACEE00F5B6EC HR3 5DB Public Conveniences Building, Broad Street, Hereford 24/7 Public
3A3F486C-9539-44E2-90F4-ACEE00F76792 HR3 5DY Sports Pavillion, Brecon Road, Hay-On-Wye 24/7 Public
C42C9F56-CE79-4BAD-A803-B08F00E32B2A HR3 5DY Hay On Wye Fire Station, Brecon Road, Hay On Wye 24/7 Public
CF6F532A-85FD-4A09-AF29-B0060111E019 HR3 5EF St Mary's Church, Hay On Wye, St Mary's Road, Hay On Wye Variable Restricted
2CB2DC27-D7FC-4229-B97C-AB1000AC9E14 HR3 5LE Clyro Primary School, Hereford Variable Restricted
13D516F0-038F-48B6-80B7-AFAA01486ABF HR3 5LX Forge Works, C1343 From Junction With B4350 At Cwm-Bach Near Glasbury To Junction, Hereford 24/7 Public
583306CD-8D3A-4D8E-A69C-AE2300CA6E15 HR3 5LX Glasbury & District Community Council, Forge Works, C1343 From Junction With B4350 At Cwm-Bach Near Glasbury To Junction 24/7 Public
2A744334-EEE2-4E57-BE90-AE7C008DE0A2 HR3 5NT Glasbury & District Community Council, Public Convenience, B4350 Layby Near Junction With The Birches To Scout Hut 24/7 Public
284C17BD-3DFC-484B-91AB-ACCD00D3BF2B HR3 5QA Llanigon Village Hall, C0075 From Llanthomas Lane To Access Road For Llwynbrain, Llanigon 24/7 Public
74319D7A-7C2C-40DC-B5D5-B014014F81D9 HR3 5RL Caedwgan, U0136 From Junction With C0079 Near Tack Wood South East Of Hay Via Hen Allt Common To, Hay-On-Wye Variable Restricted
25918CBE-6C0E-416C-A959-ACD9013FB0E9 HR3 5RZ Clyro Village Hall, C1332 From Junction With A438 By The Vicarage Clyro To Junction With Clyro Pitch By Hi, Hereford 24/7 Public
07EF6A56-5212-4F34-8147-2C57225AAE2B HR3 5SG Borders Hideaway Holiday Home Park, C1331 From Junction By War Memor, Hereford 24/7 Public
463F72DF-1B7A-4793-8FD7-AA8100E4D2B1 HR3 6BU Adopted Bt Telephone Box, Along From The Red Lion Pub, Bredwardine 24/7 Public
EE36A4BC-FA82-487C-A50C-B0230092C779 HR3 6DH E Z T Mouldings Ltd, Unit 1, Letton Court Variable Restricted
44D86874-1C29-425A-BA5E-AAC300DF1BD1 HR3 6EG Eardisley Group Parish Council, Whitney Village Hall, Whitney On Wye 24/7 Public
08DCAF4B-7B55-4019-80C9-AA940146C756 HR3 6JZ Brilley And Michaelchurch Village Hall, Brilley, Whitney On Wye 24/7 Public
0B60BB97-6E78-4EF8-B61F-A886C98030E5 HR3 6LF Bells Inn, The Bells Inn, Almeley 24/7 Public
4F36E8EF-87B4-4F6C-8A19-AAC300E1484C HR3 6NH Eardisley Group Parish Council, Elizabeth Curzon Herrick Hall, Church Road 24/7 Public
9E72DC02-9BDE-43CC-BA8A-67EE33CF4544 HR3 6NS Eardisley Tennis Club, A4111 Eardisley To Willersley Ro, Eardisley 24/7 Public
08A77B39-AB68-4187-AF46-AAC300E04F0A HR3 6SP Eardisley Group Parish Council, Sportfish Ltd, Winforton 24/7 Public
895ADC93-37AF-4DC9-942C-AE140097F76D HR4 0BU The Little Princess Trust, St Agnes House, 30 Aubrey Street 24/7 Public
EA241E5A-341E-46A7-94D8-AFEF00BFFEA6 HR4 0BW Tesco Supermarket, Bewell Street, Hereford Variable Public
01E55A33-83C3-49BF-933F-AF4900BD9577 HR4 0DG Hoople Ltd, Nelson Building, Whitecross Rd Variable Restricted
AEFB1D62-EDF7-4E6D-8A87-AFF700979D5C HR4 0EG Oxygen And Wellness Therapy Centre, 31 Mostyn Street, Hereford 24/7 Public
07D43F5C-40C5-418F-9115-AEBE00E52E9D HR4 0LJ Waterworks Museum-Hereford, Pumping Station Adjacent Hereford Society Of Model Engineers, 12 Link Road 24/7 Public
EE85B4D4-0859-4036-A198-4B288DE8449A HR4 0LJ Waterworks Museum-Hereford, Waterworks Museum Hereford, Broomy Hill 24/7 Public
4730C089-E59C-4B2B-9F75-AEAD018445AF HR4 0LS Tesco, 141 Whitecross Road, Hereford Variable Public
B0457E3C-C6EF-44DD-B31E-B044009CE3A6 HR4 7AE Stretton Sugwas Church Of England Academy, Stretton Sugwas Village Road, Stretton Sugwas Variable Public
BAB578FE-2DF6-43B3-8555-AED80097990F HR4 7BE Caravan Club Caravan Park, Caravan Park At The Old Station, Station Road Variable Public
2A97B0C0-914F-4FD8-8A30-84C69A89C3C8 HR4 7EF Credenhill Fish Bar Chip Shop 17, Meadow Drive, Credenhill 24/7 Public
4F1D71B1-51AC-4F9A-BC0A-AB3C01096ECC HR4 7EY Credenhill Community Hall, Station Road, Credenhill 24/7 Public
0F17365C-5F5C-4019-9AB2-AF560114B72D HR4 7NH Oakchurch Farm Shop, A438 From C1185 To Portway, Staunton On Wye Variable Public
0B3BF34F-D576-408C-BC65-B09A00AF54B3 HR4 7QF National Trust, The Weir Garden, Visitor Reception Kiosk Variable Public
82795BD2-4C84-423C-93BA-ACFC009CAFF5 HR4 7QQ Burghill Parish Council, St Mary's Park, Electricity Substation, St Mary's Lane 24/7 Public
D4BDECE5-E6FB-492B-B411-B034008F75C9 HR4 7RB Elgar Place, Canon Pyon Road, Hereford 24/7 Public
E8CC2BFD-F3C4-48D4-B0DD-B02E00ADF2EF HR4 7RB Elgar Place, Canon Pyon Road, Hereford Variable Restricted
2DFBE9D3-755F-450D-8E1E-ABED00B5D61F HR4 7RW Burghill Valley Golf Club, Tillington Road, Burghill 24/7 Public
66BE1AF6-BC25-48DE-BDE8-AC620109FA98 HR4 7RW Simpson Hall, Burghill Village Road C1095, Burghill 24/7 Public
30EA9FB0-7C76-4846-995F-AEFB009B144B HR4 8AE Livery Stables Upper Lyde Farm, From Upper Lyde To Hither Bush, Upper Lyde 24/7 Public
1EE08E18-357E-47C6-9B7F-AA8C00D54FC1 HR4 8AZ Post Office And Shop, Wellington, Hereford 24/7 Public
59DD0F96-EE1A-4C72-AA71-B04400A8A7C4 HR4 8AZ Wellington Primary School, Village Street C1108, Wellington Variable Restricted
5F7F1899-DA7D-467E-B7A9-894795343AC0 HR4 8BT Westhope Village Hall, Hereford 24/7 Public
513545B0-B481-443C-8031-AE7C0092EBEC HR4 8DG Moreton Stores, C1120 From A49 To Old School House Via Moreton-On-Lugg, Moreton-On-Lugg 24/7 Public
84A8BCC8-427C-46AB-8533-AA7800FD185D HR4 8DS Imperial Commercials, Unit F, Moreton Business Park Variable Restricted
8CF43A68-11D7-47C6-A0C4-D60B33BFFD66 HR4 8HL Crown Inn, Hereford 24/7 Public
88C658FC-796E-45FE-A76B-AD3D00AEF310 HR4 8LE Burghill Parish Council, Layby At Front Of Tillington Village Stores, Tillington Village Stores Compound 24/7 Public
FF2B779A-F8B2-43FD-892A-AF9D00E82BCB HR4 8LU Pool Cottage, C1095 From Hill Road To Brinsop Court, Wormsley 24/7 Public
2425AAE2-3470-403A-8BF2-AF9D00B9288D HR4 8LY Herefordshire Golf Club, C1095 From Hill Road To Brinsop Court, Wormsley 24/7 Public
C842FA58-12CB-44E0-8929-49E789E620C2 HR4 8LY Herefordshire Golf Club, Hereford 24/7 Public
F6085C6F-83B5-4EA2-9A8A-AF8D00B6D417 HR4 8QN The Cart Shed Charity, The Cart Shed, B4230 From Garnstone Castle Road To A480 24/7 Public
8F86B116-437E-454F-A1B0-B08600FBECF2 HR4 8RL Chapel Cottage, Ledgemoor Road, Weobley 24/7 Public
15D00D00-286E-4EC2-A37D-5D546BD17189 HR4 8SN Weobley Village Hall, C1093 From Weobley High Street To Gad Bridge, Weobley 24/7 Public
D1C8C295-2C36-453A-BB04-AEF400A90632 HR4 9HP Ef Bulmer Trust, The Fred Bulmer Centre, Wall Street 24/7 Public
E67E3AD5-4EFB-4A69-8634-9D7D0A533047 HR4 9HT Old Market Hereford, The Management Suite, Auctioneers Walk, Old Market Hereford,, Auctioneers Walk 24/7 Public
0F4267DB-87F7-4BC0-85B8-F00B0795D382 HR4 9JR The Courtyard Hereford, The Courtyard Theatre, Edgar Street Variable Public
7301104A-84CD-463D-B648-A9591E6FD0FA HR4 9JU Hereford Fc, Hereford United Football Club, Edgar Street 24/7 Public
CEE469E7-C066-4936-84FA-AEF600E99315 HR4 9NA Herefordshire Football Association, County Ground Offices, Widemarsh Common Road Variable Restricted
8732D959-0F19-44B1-BE53-AF5200C85366 HR4 9NF Golden Lion Pub, 36, Grandstand Road 24/7 Public
BF1C12B2-AEF5-4BEB-8297-B0AC00CC0A62 HR4 9NS R J Francis & Co Ltd, Suites 1 And 2 Marshall Business Centre, Faraday Road Variable Restricted
3E27F1A2-4F43-463B-AB32-AD81012E35E6 HR4 9NU Driver And Vehicle Standards Agency, 1b Faraday Road, Westfield Trading Centre 24/7 Public
309CAFAD-2FC2-4607-9F2B-AAD400A3AFCB HR4 9PB Avara Foods, Yazor Road - Cpd Office, Hereford 24/7 Restricted
6536EF29-A5BE-4555-B942-AA8D00AB3281 HR4 9PB Avara Foods - First Aid Room, Grandstand Road, Hereford 24/7 Restricted
715299EF-86C5-4545-8531-AA8F00B28C9A HR4 9PB Avara Foods - Staff Shop, Yazor Road, Hereford Variable Public
79160451-D5AC-428E-A9E8-AAD900C234DF HR4 9PB Avara Foods, Orchard Block, Hereford 24/7 Restricted
9DBF40AB-6325-4C49-900B-AAE200AA3D9F HR4 9PB Avara Foods - Labs Office, Yazor Road - Old Garage Building, Hereford 24/7 Restricted
B03CA966-EBD6-4ECB-A4BE-AA8F00B3CF1C HR4 9PB Avara Foods - Main Factory, Yazor Road, Hereford 24/7 Restricted
FA15E3D7-858F-4610-A765-AA8D00BF2C9E HR4 9PB Avara Foods - Arrival Office, Grandstand Road, Hereford 24/7 Restricted
FFD43FDF-1B33-42AA-AF68-AAD400A4DAE4 HR4 9PB Avara Foods, Security Gatehouse, Hereford 24/7 Restricted
8FFFD085-2CCA-4168-B10F-AB4C00C7AB3A HR4 9RG Holmer Parish Centre, Hereford Variable Restricted
44099BCC-BC61-4190-9356-AE700109DA44 HR4 9SB Puregym, Unit E, Spur Retail Park 24/7 Restricted
377EF0D3-1550-4E8E-B1A6-AFE800759547 HR4 9SR Screwfix Hereford, 2 Mortimer Road, Hereford Variable Restricted
7DCAD400-E4AF-4DEB-803C-AB09008DBE5F HR4 9SX Herefordshire Group Training Association, Holmer Road, Hereford Variable Public
C651AF8D-7FD3-44A3-80DD-096AD64C1126 HR4 9UD Halo Leisure Centre, Holmer Road, Hereford Variable Restricted
E2C550BD-507C-4E95-8AE7-E3C4D3327FD6 HR5 3AR Lady Hawkins Community Leisure Centre, Park View, Kington Variable Restricted
EED81766-96FA-4874-904B-B00300CF8E12 HR5 3AR Lady Hawkins School And Sixth Form Centre, Lady Hawkins School, Park View Variable Public
8CF5F1FB-1105-461F-AE51-AB4800D2CB92 HR5 3AW Kington Town Football Club, Mill Street, Kington 24/7 Public
8F2347DD-20EC-4C78-95DD-ADB20136F2E8 HR5 3BQ Market Hall, Kington 24/7 Public
C11A6D23-6514-4DF0-A1ED-E619CDA3ACF3 HR5 3HE Kingswood Village Hall, Kingswood Road, Kington 24/7 Public
A10844D9-2431-43A7-9C69-172FF9D06AF0 HR5 3NN Dunfield House, Kington 24/7 Public
B9A47200-F7D2-4E89-9258-AB2200E46E45 HR5 3NR Gladestry Church In Wales Voluntary Primary School, Kington Variable Restricted
DEE2A12F-16BC-4647-BB68-B00500E13563 HR5 3QF Maes Gelert, B4594 From St Marys Church Newchurch To Junction With C1365 Near Blaencerde Farm, Newchurch 24/7 Public
26CE5A43-0F1C-47F3-A86D-E7D49DC39228 HR5 3RE Kington Golf Club, Kington Golf Club Club House, Bradnor Hill 24/7 Public
800D945D-3542-457D-A52E-ADA500EDDE2C HR5 3RH Chaos, Beechgrove, Kington 24/7 Restricted
66C66E13-DC6E-4737-A4DE-ADB400AE1F73 HR5 3SF Sunset Yard, Kington 24/7 Public
634BBD95-6C6A-4937-A6F8-2A9E77CEDFD7 HR6 0BB St Leonards Church, Green Lane, Yarpole 24/7 Public
87FCAEB8-E1BB-495E-B091-F31C0274A398 HR6 0DS Cawley Village Hall, Eye Lane, Leominster 24/7 Public
B23B72E5-BBD6-41CE-A1BE-AEAB00C4A84A HR6 0DW National Trust Berrington Hall, Berrington Hall, Berrington Hall Access From A49 To Eye Lane Variable Public
8E30501F-46C9-4D2D-BB3C-B08200D3C155 HR6 0EA Luston Primary School, Westland View, Luston Variable Restricted
49B881E0-1468-47DB-98CB-2000766B8B78 HR6 0HP Leysters & Middleton On The Hill Parish Hall, Leominster 24/7 Public
DADC31CC-19E8-4839-B5EC-AE2B01043A15 HR6 0JH Ivington Ce Primary And Pre-School, Ivington, Leominster 24/7 Public
202F6FEC-5078-48EA-AA70-530DAD045BBC HR6 0LE Leominster Golf Club, Ford Bridge 24/7 Public
DBE62BF8-18B2-4D40-A54B-12BB2401CDB3 HR6 0NQ Risbury Village Hall, Risbury Cross, Leominster 24/7 Public
5DAA2F85-96E0-4C8C-9525-AFD30090980A HR6 0NS The Strawberry Farm, Brierley Court, Brierley 24/7 Public
8757699B-F2D4-46D3-99C4-F48C82206495 HR6 0NU Brierley Court Hop Farm Office, Leominster 24/7 Public
9F0F2CE2-539E-48B7-8538-AF4D00D05DF3 HR6 0PF Newton Pc, Newton Court, Newton Lane 24/7 Public
B71A6AA9-B7B0-441F-BB21-AF4C00DA3516 HR6 0PP Hope-Under-Dinmore Parish Council, Village Hall, Hope-Under-Dinmore 24/7 Public
ACEBD80A-A194-423E-AB98-AE370105313C HR6 0PQ Mondelez Uk Confectionery Production Ltd, Cadbury Uk, Hereford Road 24/7 Public
7CFC2575-8709-4F02-83A7-FF4B9D1F934A HR6 0PY Queenswood Country Park, Dinmore Hill, Leominster Variable Restricted
846C3BD8-C5BA-47EC-8FC4-5E1131A3C469 HR6 0RA Pudleston Village Hall, Leominster 24/7 Public
07E9EC40-F44A-45CC-A78B-B04A00BD0DEE HR6 0RL Forbes Group, Forbes Group Ltd., Glendower Road, Glendower Road 24/7 Public
37C07B92-BB5A-4F70-B74F-AED1010F9DE8 HR6 0RX Management Accommodation Kings Head, A44 From Little Priddleton To Westington Court, Docklow 24/7 Public
D23399E3-367E-4347-86BC-AF4600F48B31 HR6 8AR Leominster Railway Station, Worcester Road, Leominster 24/7 Public
9F8DFD4A-9CD3-4E54-A00E-5F28F75FAEB6 HR6 8EA Bridge Street Sports Centre, Bridge Street, Leominster Variable Restricted
440CAC13-CCDA-4DD2-90CB-ABD8008688FE HR6 8EF B & Q, Mill Street, Leominster Variable Public
CA1F0DBD-8784-4D5F-AF5F-93711E6E7CEA HR6 8LL Leominster Leisure Centre, Coningsby Road, Leominster Variable Restricted
E711380A-B35B-4878-9735-721869513735 HR6 8NQ Forbury Residential Home The Forbury, Church Street, Leominster 24/7 Restricted
50BACF08-CBEB-4BBD-A6B8-C2065E18D36D HR6 8YP Leominster Town Council 11, Corn Square, Leominster 24/7 Public
002B1C79-7069-442F-A471-AFD300C46D73 HR6 9BG Arrowbank Caravan Park, Arrowbank Caravan Park Nun House Farm, Lime Lane 24/7 Public
4263C84F-8E2B-4B19-88E0-B0820097FB29 HR6 9BS Folley Farm, C1033 Broome Lane From C1035 To Broome Farm, Eardisland 24/7 Public
B7FFE953-786E-4E2D-AA73-B0820099BB42 HR6 9BS Folley Farm, C1033 Broome Lane From C1035 To Broome Farm, Eardisland 24/7 Public
FF5E2973-8EB2-4C31-934F-B082009A2C35 HR6 9BS Flat Folley Farm, C1033 Broome Lane From C1035 To Broome Farm, Eardisland 24/7 Public
ED1AA603-4593-4579-A3CE-155F7BC81EC9 HR6 9DE Monkland Arms, Monkland 24/7 Public
E92E15F3-8069-406F-8F82-AB3D009DB575 HR6 9HR Village Hall Committee, The Village Hall, Staunton On Arrow 24/7 Public
361E4464-3F33-4631-B34F-ADFF00E20A5D HR6 9JH Broxwood Phonebox, Broxwood, Pembridge 24/7 Public
F0D661BD-577D-41AF-A5EF-AD9700EEB70B HR6 9LT Corbett Farms Limited, Ox House Farm, Shobdon 24/7 Restricted
6810 HR6 9LX Shobdon Primary School and Village Hall, Herefordshire 24/7 Public
AEC2DD48-B9D0-4344-90FA-B083009F9F1A HR6 9LX Shobdon Primary School, B4362 From Presteigne Road To Covenhope Lane, Shobdon Variable Restricted
CD591E47-E5E4-472F-BB6E-AEFD0088BAEC HR6 9LX Shobdon Primary School, B4362 From Presteigne Road To Covenhope Lane, Shobdon 24/7 Public
31553A15-E17A-4720-B0A6-AC8500852BF7 HR6 9NA Avara Foods, Sun Valley Hatchery Shobdon Court, Shobdon Court Road Variable Restricted
3555A854-EB66-47EF-AE0C-AD390106199D HR6 9NQ Pearl Lake Caravan Park, B4362 From C1023 To Presteigne Road, Shobdon 24/7 Restricted
1B77F8F2-F857-4607-9FE2-AEA6009C0ACE HR6 9PW Croft Castle, Croft Access From Highwood Lane To B4362, Yarpole Variable Public
24154696-890D-4305-8747-1D697876AEE4 HR6 9QL Mortimer Medical Centre, C1039 From Bicton House To Kingsland, Croase Orchard Surgery 24/7 Public
6694E0DC-3EAC-4933-9E92-ADF000A6B81B HR6 9SF Border Oak Ltd, Kingsland Sawmills, Kingsland Variable Restricted
EAF71DE9-C198-4364-AF87-AAE700BFC527 HR6 9TA Lye Court Farm, Lower Lye, Aymestrey 24/7 Public
6195F9E3-8019-40EB-AA65-AED2009CB391 HR6 9TR Gatley Estate, Public Telephone 13m From Hall Farm 5m From Unnamed Road, Yatton Common Road 24/7 Public
11C13E1E-8110-4936-B9D8-3B2166F900B1 HR6 9UW Wigmore Village Hall, Ford Street, Wigmore 24/7 Public
3213B6BF-70B3-47E0-BF0F-41A96C1BCAB1 HR7 4DG Highwell House Nursing Home 32, Highwell Lane, Bromyard 24/7 Public
12345583-D0B5-48E7-A783-AEFA00CCAF65 HR7 4DU Bromyard Public Hall, Rowberry Street, Bromyard 24/7 Public
3294C1CB-9BB2-424D-86F6-AEFA00CAFA56 HR7 4EA Public Convenience, Tenbury Road, Bromyard 24/7 Public
A412D9E8-C7B5-401A-9E42-F2362B97F32B HR7 4EB The Bromyard Centre, Bromyard Leisure Centre, Cruxwell Street Variable Restricted
FE009710-64FD-49CD-91B0-98077E85F13D HR7 4EY Morrisons Daily, 2 Hatton Park, Bromyard 24/7 Public
E833C8D0-D8AB-4E37-8310-AF5F00E91C9D HR7 4JW Volvo Worcester, Much Cowarne, Hereford Variable Public
8231 HR7 4LY Village Hall, Herefordshire 24/7 Public
779420F0-83B6-4D9F-BC37-7372A1B7D12E HR7 4LY Edwyn Ralph Village Hall, The Crest, Edwyn Ralph 24/7 Public
DFFD7F60-56B8-4F1F-A959-AC9E01027536 HR7 4PN Saltmarshe Castle Caravan Park, Saltmarsh Castle Access, Tedstone Wafre 24/7 Public
F72628DF-322E-457E-9520-AC9A00A1A093 HR7 4PN Saltmarshe Castle Caravan Park, Saltmarsh Castle Access, Tedstone Wafre 24/7 Public
30711D5A-54BF-4726-B6FE-624E7AFDF669 HR7 4PP Saltmarshe Village Hall, Tedstone Wafre 24/7 Public
DB617B2A-DBAE-4563-B285-6C2837AC5841 HR7 4QA Meadowside, Bromyard 24/7 Public
F2241CFF-C8A5-482C-AB5A-66FA14CBE633 HR7 4QU Hope Family Centre, Hereford Road, Bromyard 24/7 Public
7311516F-9CB9-46CE-885D-AECF00AC2C32 HR7 4RQ Pencombe Gpc, Three Horseshoes Inn, C1117 Gasbage To Hilltop 24/7 Public
AC0D3449-E652-43A5-B801-B08900E97DD1 HR7 4SH Pencombe Ce Primary School, Main Street, Pencombe Variable Restricted
C2183B29-DB5E-442C-A1FB-EF9A722D248A HR7 4SH Pencombe Village Hall, Pencombe, Bromyard 24/7 Public
A84BC0AC-6AAE-46D5-8FF0-28131016AFD7 HR7 4TF The Barneby Inn, Bredenbury 24/7 Public
138568B2-5D94-4B97-9BAD-AFE8007011BF HR8 1AR Screwfix, Unit 7b, Homend Trading Estate Variable Restricted
593969E1-1AA7-45D3-8E7C-AE3F00D23762 HR8 1DQ Tesco Superstore, Orchard Ln, 0 24/7 Public
5379 HR8 1JJ Roadside Wall, Herefordshire 24/7 Public
A9DA73C9-D536-4507-B19F-AAC4012F72EC HR8 1JJ The Old Rectory, Coddington, Ledbury 24/7 Public
BE8AE6BC-3046-4C68-B2C1-AEF400923EB3 HR8 1JY North Farm Cottages, Birchwood Farm Road, Bosbury 24/7 Public
1529 HR8 1PX Village Hall, Herefordshire 24/7 Public
12ECB47F-456B-4031-B4A1-B08500E12EE6 HR8 1RA Eastnor Primary School Dh Mat, Eastnor Primary School, Clenchers Mill Lane Variable Restricted
027F44F4-EAE0-468C-8109-AAA70113BA4C HR8 1RL Eastnor Cricket Club, Clenchers Mill Lane, Eastnor 24/7 Public
E37588E7-C42B-4FB6-9BCD-89677F439BE3 HR8 1RL Land Rover Experience The Bothy, Eastnor Castle Access, Ledbury Variable Public
909 HR8 1RT C of E Primary School, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
3CF34238-C5B4-4E06-8D99-77E207F78905 HR8 2AD Ledbury Swimming Pool, Masefield Close Lawnside Road, Ledbury Variable Restricted
4007545F-2992-4460-B2A7-B08900AE03F2 HR8 2BE Ledbury Primary School, Orchard Lane, Ledbury Variable Restricted
6E948412-9CD2-4A51-B1ED-F8830A21E1A0 HR8 2DJ Travis Perkins Trading Co Ltd Unit 4a, Lower Road Trading Estate, Ledbury 24/7 Public
353CD51E-D302-4593-80DC-ADE300B033AB HR8 2EY Zoic House, The Southend, Ledbury Variable Restricted
8741E0C7-8F0C-48A2-A9B5-ADBF009DA0EF HR8 2HD Ledbury Park Vet Centre, The Southend, Ledbury Variable Restricted
01E8BD0B-6AED-49D9-9927-669A4B0FDBA7 HR8 2HF Jonh Masefield High School And Sixth Form Centre, Ledbury Leisure Centre John Masefield High School And Sixth Form, Mabels Furlong Variable Public
85E5C768-79F0-4F21-A61C-8D1C7FBAB8EB HR8 2HF John Masefield High School And Sixth Form College, Mabels Furlong, Ledbury Variable Restricted
3756 HR8 2LP Ledbury Rugby Football Club Ltd, Herefordshire 24/7 Public
ECC7323B-B625-4490-80AA-AF5700DF04EC HR8 2LP Ledbury Rugby Football Club Ltd, Ross Road, Ledbury 24/7 Restricted
7630 HR8 2LW Ledbury Cricket Club, Herefordshire 24/7 Public
D57478AD-5D2B-444B-AF78-B0650105C78F HR8 2LY Much Marcle Church Of England Primary School, B4024 Much Marcle To Gloucestershire Boundary South East Of Much Marcle, Much Marcle Variable Restricted
956692DA-4DBC-4CEE-917A-AF88011149F3 HR8 2PE Rushall Mens Club, Rushall Club, C1294 From Upper Walton To Hall Court Farm 24/7 Public
D3C87A20-000D-42F2-8291-CFA1F689FB1F HR8 2RA Trumpet Garage, Ledbury 24/7 Public
E705131A-D68A-45AF-A3A8-7692E278A067 HR8 2RY Ashperton Village Hall, A417, Ashperton 24/7 Public
C93E6CF9-1457-4827-98F2-8EBCDE129698 HR8 2SS Galebreaker Group Ltd, Galebreaker House New Mills Industrial Estate, Ledbury Ind Estate Variable Restricted
82226E67-92AE-486A-8838-AD4F01084075 HR8 2TH 7 Millfield, Canon Frome 24/7 Public
5FE0309D-9F06-4CA4-94DB-AE1C00F01201 HR9 5AR Ross-On-Wye Tennis Centre, Walford Road, Ross-On-Wye 24/7 Public
A4B64B01-C82D-4003-86BB-685814E71F2D HR9 5AR Bowling Club, Old Maids Walk, Ross-On-Wye Variable Restricted
B0D0C3C3-98ED-42BC-808F-ADE10115D2BD HR9 5BP Fritz Fryer Lighting, Unit 3, Alton Business Park Variable Public
9DDB9327-9E6D-4D85-8578-B03700792235 HR9 5HN St Marys Church, Church Row, Ross-On-Wye 24/7 Public
5B9E6890-F77F-42BC-B343-ADC000ECA8EE HR9 5JA Ross-On-Wye Sports Centre The Riverside, Wilton Road, Wilton 24/7 Public
D8741767-754C-464E-9694-6226D0240B4D HR9 5NG The Haigh Engineering Co Ltd, Alton Road, Ross-On-Wye, Alton Road Variable Restricted
EBFE780C-1949-4235-923C-B01900BF15BD HR9 5QS Robert Pashley Memorial Hall Walford Village Hall, Walford Village Hall Robert Pashley Memorial Hall, B4234 From New House Farm Access To Combe Lodge Access 24/7 Public
D0E5538C-9A91-4997-80E0-ADFC00C5DC9F HR9 5QT Bishopswood Village Hall, B4234, Kerne Bridge 24/7 Public
C474BB3E-C699-4ED4-80AF-ADD400DCC5F1 HR9 5SG Tank 95m From Cobrey Farms, Coleraine Buildings 17m From Unnamed Road, C1275 From Junction With B4234 To Bill Mills, Coughton 24/7 Public
3101 HR9 5TA Marsh House, Herefordshire 24/7 Public
3E8E201D-5C0E-4034-8C65-F86F7FD32AB0 HR9 5TA Marsh House, Bartwood Lane, Ross On Wye 24/7 Public
94C976E3-A874-4524-BB53-0037E9A8E0E6 HR9 5TJ Hopes Ash Farm, Ross On Wye 24/7 Public
2E7307DE-ED64-456C-9ED1-ACD100EE4D84 HR9 6AE Bridstow Parish Council, Wilton Garage (Bennetts), Old Nursery Close 24/7 Public
4D7D3900-4E04-4DD3-8D14-B07500B65E07 HR9 6AL Weir End House Care Home, Weir End House, A40 Weir End To Wilton Lane 24/7 Restricted
4622C7FB-5737-41CB-B355-ACE701290CF0 HR9 6BJ Wye Adventures, Martins Grove, B4164 From Old Wharf Lane To Symonds Yat West Road C1257 24/7 Public
3047FBAC-72C2-46F0-AF57-AEBD00B30C34 HR9 6BL Ye Old Ferrie Inn, Ferrie Lane, Symonds Yat West 24/7 Public
C77D07D4-49DD-4688-84C9-B03700D4B98B HR9 6BP Garage, Whitchurch Byway 26, The Doward Whitchurch 24/7 Public
EDBFF000-5337-42BE-8C8A-AC1B0125BAFB HR9 6BP Whitchurch & Ganarew Parish Council, Doward Park Campsite, The Great Doward 24/7 Public
274656E2-8EFE-4490-AD5A-61D559B93AA2 HR9 6DJ Whitchurch & Ganarew Parish Council, Woods Of Whitchurch, Old Ross Road 24/7 Public
CABD6866-1DFD-486E-A50F-AE7C01837E4F HR9 6DJ Whitchurch & Ganarew Parish Council, Whitchurch Parish Hall, Whitchurch 24/7 Public
754141FB-B2A1-442D-BD5C-ACCC011465FE HR9 6EX Llangrove Village Hall, Road From C1248 To Little Trewen Lane, Llangrove 24/7 Public
4868CDAB-C1FC-4E3E-8E39-AF9300E71492 HR9 6EZ Royal Arms Inn, Road From C1248 To Little Trewen Lane, Llangrove 24/7 Public
F8FA058E-2CAD-442C-A0BD-AEC8009FC337 HR9 6HD Elmsdale Campsite, Certified Camping Site Elmsdale, Marstow Footway 24/7 Public
3A78C34E-9FF5-48F5-94CE-AD1101270BC9 HR9 6HG Public Telephone 29m From The Nutshell 5m From Unnamed Road, C1259 Goodrich Cross To Goodrich Road, Goodrich 24/7 Public
554DBEBB-6677-4810-8AB3-AEA000A71E6B HR9 6HR 2 The Threshing Barn Steppe House Farm, A40 Pencraig From C1260 To Boat Lane, Pencraig 24/7 Public
9A158939-2622-4D54-9903-EA7456413DCC HR9 6HX Goodrich Village Hall, Goodrich 24/7 Public
CB575486-E59C-4BD6-9E36-AC1B012927B6 HR9 6JL The Royal Lodge Hotel, Symonds Yat East, Ross-On-Wye 24/7 Restricted
F6E02B93-7BB6-4D7E-B585-AB3D00B9CEC8 HR9 6JL Symonds Yat East, Symonds Yat 24/7 Public
27D25FC4-CE10-4D7D-B01E-AE7C01842329 HR9 6NJ Llangarron Community Association, Public Telephone 29m From School House 5m From Unnamed Road, C1248 From Stone Bridge Road To Little Trereece Access Via Llangarron 24/7 Public
D47BB171-F97C-4083-ADD2-B07D00D6A681 HR9 6PZ Bridstow Church Of England Primary School, C1271 Baysham To Bridstow, Bridstow Variable Restricted
FE34CF99-D392-49D1-8CAE-ACD100ED7663 HR9 6QA Bridstow Parish Council, Market Gardens, Backney 24/7 Public
81EA4A8B-773B-44A7-9643-0297049E207C HR9 6QP Sellack Village Hall, Ross On Wye 24/7 Public
1385F7F5-43F4-4C5A-ACB2-AFE800DCB99D HR9 7BW Ross-On-Wye, Unit A Beaver Centre, Ashburton Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
F0DBA74E-967B-4184-8388-AF9E0114A236 HR9 7BW Baylis Vauxhall, Ashburton Industrial Estate, Ross On Wye Variable Public
2F1C3743-FDEF-4C4F-BD3E-B01400CAFC33 HR9 7DB Halo Leisure, Ross Swimming Pool, Kyrle Street Variable Restricted
199D0713-448E-4F06-AF1F-DC68DCB85E43 HR9 7DE Ross Health & Fitness Unit 3-4 Burgess Workshops, Homs Road, Ross On Wye Variable Restricted
5A917F2F-EC26-406C-AE82-BAFC2AB2AE7B HR9 7GQ Ross On Wye Rugby Club, Abbotts Close, Ross On Wye 24/7 Public
4C37AEEB-2CF8-4D1D-8608-AB2600F38C0A HR9 7LS Aston Ingham Village Hall, B4222 From Kingsmill To C1281, Aston Ingham 24/7 Public
D778D28A-FAAA-492D-A405-B02B009F1625 HR9 7LW Pennyfarthing Inn, B4222 From C1281 To Rudhall Brook, Aston Crews 24/7 Public
4F0F8D9E-450C-4BBF-B1CB-CF7367A89BDB HR9 7NJ Chaseview Vets, Chaseview Veterinary Clinic The Patch, Ross On Wye Variable Restricted
2169 HR9 7PA The Village Hall, Herefordshire 24/7 Public
A78BFF86-B615-4C9F-A7DF-83D53BC98DC4 HR9 7PA Village Hall, Ross On Wye 24/7 Public
05108E76-AD12-4360-8293-AA8100A1CB3C HR9 7QD Larauperz Centre, Larruperz Centre, Grammar School Close 24/7 Public
135A045E-5F6D-4B22-BD08-470349C080C5 HR9 7RY Public Telephone, Fording Lane, Linton 24/7 Public
714F0229-AB13-4D58-9399-B0A900C77E40 HR9 7SE Gorsley Baptist Chapel, Gorsley Common Road, Gorsley 24/7 Public
E241A791-764B-4F24-9F4E-DBD0A4F524F6 HR9 7TT Management Accommodation Moody Cow, B4221 From Runsel Grange To Windy Hollow, Phocle Green 24/7 Public
26B04957-A161-45B6-952A-AAD2009E157D HR9 7US Overross House, Overross House Business Centre, Ross Park Variable Public
F8B10A1F-852F-4532-84FD-2260D3997365 HR9 7US Ross Park, Ross On Wye, Herefordshire Variable Restricted
FC7DB7C1-0E06-4140-96D3-096E7903759D HR9 7UT Ross-On-Wye Golf Club, Ross On Wye Golf Club, Gorsley Variable Public
A83E7D93-5B97-48E0-81D1-AB4500F382AE HR9 7UW Blue Sky Botanics Ltd., Castle Farm, Upton Bishop 24/7 Public
4FE8B0DE-F884-4467-90CF-AEFA009AF3E1 HR9 7WP Bluebell Homes, 4 Starling Road, Ross-On-Wye 24/7 Public
57295DD8-A8BA-4953-A51F-AE0100BE30EF HR9 7XP Ross Men's Shed, Unit 4, Great Western Court Variable Restricted

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 22 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n349236849 inside red phone box in Linton
MZ n3299400801 inside red phone box in A40 layby in Churcham
MZ n4228358150
MZ n4913783163 outside Much Marcle Memorial Hall, Much Marcle, HR8 2LY - by entrance on left of building
MZ n5032066224
MZ n5509118076
MZ n5632117152
MZ n6702082343 inside modern phone box next to telephone exchange in Pontrilas Kentchurch Parish Council
MZ n8231918934 On front wall of house
MZ n8636608900
MZ n8792984117
MZ n8931331120 inside old red phone box in Welsh Newton Common Welsh Newton & Llanrothal GPC
MZ n8974887147
MZ n9016878021
MZ n9033285724
MZ n9097999281 Outside Wall
MZ n9140788477 outside English Bicknor Village Hall - facing car park exit
MZ n9179368869
MZ n9413332681 inside red phone box in Newcastle, Monmouthshire
MZ n10006324902
MZ n10960137453
MZ n11025877395

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 53 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
6384B11A-CAD8-4E80-8A0A-AE0A010FD8ED HR1 4TY Kings Caple Village Hall, Ruxton Lane, Kings Caple n6451724430 10 m
1295 HR1 4NN West End Stores, Herefordshire n11053839927 outside West End Stores, Fownhope - facing car park 8 m
E1DC3EC4-1A4F-45A9-9A2D-AE0400AE3BEF HR1 2NW The Canoe Centre, The Pavilion Castle Green, Castle Street n9724559900 8 m
20F0CE75-FC76-4112-8067-AFB900F7A3CD HR1 2DR Hoople Ltd, Maylord Shopping Centre Land, The Atrium n9972311225 11 m
2969 HR1 4HZ Telephone Box, Herefordshire n7182294952 inside red phone box in front of telephone exchange, Hereford Road, Tarrington- near Tarrington Arms 1 m
5772 HR1 3AZ Telephone Box, Herefordshire n8994488005 inside red phone box behind Golden Cross pub, Sutton St Nicholas 7 m
13B6F363-7B67-42C5-9FBE-A57BE1935558 HR1 3QR Burley Gate Village Hall, Burley Gate n10728639238 outside Burley Gate Village Hall 8 m
4796 HR1 3QR Village Hall, Herefordshire n10728639238 outside Burley Gate Village Hall 2 m
4974 HR1 3JG Telephone Box, Herefordshire n8994517075 inside red phone box, Upper Town 9 m
65AE5A5B-A452-4B6E-B381-B04801204DC8 HR1 3JG Ullingswick Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Wilden Bank, Ullingswick n8994517075 inside red phone box, Upper Town 9 m
EC771369-B61A-4D90-AA02-28E29EA3F1D0 HR2 8NU Public Telephone, Mount Way, St Weonards n8931400414 inside red phone box near church in St Weonards 5 m
EF534A4F-5602-4B0A-94D8-558FCD7E04FD HR2 0LT The Crown Inn, Longtown, Hereford n10868932089 12 m
98CD5BF6-B88B-4342-B6A4-72294C4E3F1C HR2 0EU Ewyas Harold Surgery, Hereford n6702317036 8 m
A0833D6D-B7E1-4ACB-8D28-ADF300C5B7A2 HR2 8FD Carrot And Wine Stores Ltd, Shop, 1 Queens Close n9949765008 3 m
6C419506-B634-4AB6-9626-B07000B20194 HR2 9DN The Kilpeck Inn, C1230 Knolton Brook To The Old Shop Via Kilpeck, Kilpeck n6498570170 inside red phone box, Kilpeck 59 m
08B5FCA3-1987-45C4-A066-AB9F00E8409A HR2 9AS Lock’s Garage, Allensmore, Hereford n9911536567 13 m
3C3EF27A-20E8-43C1-86BA-AF3F00E034BE HR2 9EX Kingstone Village Hall, Green Lane, Kingstone n10935324033 outside Kingstone Village Hall 13 m
4118 HR2 6LT Telephone Box, West Midlands n9181183667 inside blue telephone box outside Holme Lacy Village Hall 2 m
7E0064EA-D674-4173-BDF2-AE58007C536A HR2 7XS Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Abbotsmead Road n10046932551 36 m
B998EE5D-F341-47AB-A1CE-AEDE0132494C HR2 9QX Eaton 0bishop Parish Council, Public Telephone 48m From Green Briar 5m From Unnamed Road, Cophill Road n5396342204 inside red phone box, Ruckhall 10 m
BC03CFAE-2132-4E70-8F79-AC4600C92947 HR2 9PY Public Telephone 19m From Well Cottage 4m From B4352, B4352 Lower Blakemere Farm To Kinley Farm Junction, Blakemere n9244573539 inside red phone box in Blakemere 7 m
0497D81F-DC9D-41D4-87BE-AFFE00EA47BF HR3 5LT Public Telephone 22m From Shrub Cottage 6m From Unnamed Road, B4350 From Junction With Brookside In Glasbury To Junction With C1343 In Cwmbach, Hereford n9966542506 inside old red phone box 2 m
DCD370C0-887E-4C11-B6FD-AC9800F12275 HR3 5JA A438 From Junction With C1374 In Llowes To Junction With U1413 In Clyro, Hereford n768908011 inside old red phone box in Llowes 14 m
448347CF-A042-4C4B-90B9-CBB1A427B732 HR3 6AN Golden Valley Wellness Centre, Dorstone Village Shop, Dorstone n7180927809 60 m
F3E6A647-D373-430A-B4B0-5FF197289E1C HR4 9HU Old Market Hereford, Miller & Carter Unit 24, Garrick Lane n8228231722 On the outside wall of Miller & Carter Steakhouse 11 m
0837DA65-5833-4AEC-ADF8-AF0A01041F8A HR4 9NG Greyhound Rugby Club, Hereford City Sports Club, Grandstand Road n6437976924 11 m
3B5B767F-1178-4D5C-AF20-AE24009EAA8C HR4 7JD Bishopstone Group Of Parish Councils, The Forge Cottage, C1097 From The Steps To Bishon Lane Via Bishopstone n9244554368 inside red phone box, Bishopstone 12 m
69246A5B-8C16-4E32-B28A-AAB200CB6F35 HR4 8SL (C/O Weobley Parish Council), Phone Box, High Street n5509121506 inside red phone box on footpath off High Street near junction with Broad Street in Weobley 23 m
2912 HR5 3LF Telephone Box, Herefordshire n8931390053 inside red phone box, Lyonshall 7 m
C46A1B43-B318-4CE8-A15C-DAD4BF42BF51 HR6 9BN Public Telephone, Eardisland n9258647627 inside red phone box, Eardisland 73 m
1517 HR6 9BN Telephone Box, Herefordshire n9258647627 inside red phone box, Eardisland 3 m
2FF1EB57-6209-4C78-9687-AEAB010CA6E2 HR6 8QU Leominster Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Barons Cross Road n1978141416 In former red phone box, between Bargates and Barons' Cross Road, Leominster 59 m
7308 HR6 8QU Telephone Box, Herefordshire n1978141416 In former red phone box, between Bargates and Barons' Cross Road, Leominster 12 m
F46479F5-ED66-4C52-8538-8D1018E52098 HR6 0HD Stockton Cross Inn, Kimbolton, Leominster n9975780358 On wall of pub near the entrance from the car park 64 m
DA99C43F-7279-4506-804C-694BF7202CB3 HR6 0AG Old School House, Hill Road, Leominster n6014712623 81 m
85196C72-C789-46DE-B250-AAC70099AC7F HR6 9SZ Upper Lye Defibrillator Fund, Upper Lye Farm, Upper Lye n9034746418 48 m
5094 HR7 4JQ Telephone Box, Herefordshire n2247127807 inside red phone box in Much Cowarne 4 m
19E5560D-BC98-4190-A93E-B04801203B53 HR7 4JQ Much Cowarne Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Mill Lane, Much Cowarne n2247127807 inside red phone box in Much Cowarne 4 m
33CCE3BA-E330-4180-99A1-AED600A5DBC1 HR7 4SL Pencombe Gpc, Sparrington Cottages, 3 C1110 From Little Maidenhyde To C1116 Via Pencombe n8994491076 inside red phone box 19 m
EACC6E81-3660-450E-B6E4-258288F8985D HR8 2NQ H Weston & Sons Ltd The Bounds, Ledbury n7846278585 80 m
824 HR8 1PG Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n25712193 inside old red phone box, Bromesberrow Heath 0 m
4E1E10B7-11C4-4B57-86BF-71C9EA5A628C HR8 1ET Hollybush Defibrillator, Berrow House, Hollybush n9683387200 next to old red phone box on A438 in Hollybush 15 m
99054EC0-641B-4395-8B73-AA7700B24011 HR8 1DH Ledbury Town Council, The Almshouses, High Street n4228358149 Attached to fence at front of St Katherine's Almshouses, on the High Street almost opposite the Mark 13 m
1C8E689C-86B5-4161-A0E9-E3C7FC462135 HR8 1LS Public Telephone, The Common, Wellington Heath n1627700321 inside red phone box, The Common, Wellington Heath 65 m
4941 HR8 1QR Telephone Box, Herefordshire n9043528382 inside red phone box, Catley 4 m
56B8DC11-19BC-4DE5-8C56-AC1B0128904A HR9 6BL Whitchurch & Ganarew Parish Council, Ace Cottage, C1257 Symonds Yat West Road n7013798841 On the wall outside Buck House (house next to red phone box) in Symonds Yat West on the B4164 5 m
3100 HR9 5TR Telephone Box, Herefordshire n11200914701 inside old phone box (now used as book swap) in Bailey Lane End 1 m
747F095C-F3D3-4904-8F2C-B0480120586E HR9 5TR Bailey Lane End Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Hawthorns Road, Bailey Lane End n11200914701 inside old phone box (now used as book swap) in Bailey Lane End 1 m
058A75CE-E74B-4710-AC27-09E3C5564A95 HR9 7JZ Lea Stores, A40 Lea From B4224 To Gloucestershire Boundary, Lea n6679787709 8 m
2140 HR9 7NX Telephone Box, Herefordshire n3299400840 inside red phone box, Weston under Penyard - opposite Weston Cross Inn 54 m
845BB6A1-5DCB-4793-AA49-15C859D4E9AC HR9 5NX Market House, Old Market House, Market Place n6394430930 24 m
A15C6578-52CA-4974-A5E9-ACD100EDFF7B HR9 6PZ Bridstow Parish Council, Bridstow Village Hall, C1271 Baysham To Bridstow n9923873402 11 m
5E69B919-9AC9-4D20-B45C-AF460145CF11 HR9 6QP Oakleigh, C1271 From Picts Cross To Strangford Farm Road, Sellack n9727924413 outside Sellack Village Hall - to right of entrance 47 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 9 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
AEA800FB-E498-4D7C-BDC4-AFD4D4200CC7 HR2 0EL Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall, Pontrilas Road, Ewyas Harold n6702214053 154 m
A336FED4-BA79-4312-AB44-B03700AEF47C HR2 6PN Little Dewchurch Church Of England Primary School, New Mills Farm Road, Little Dewchurch n6498571864 31 m
AEE299A8-D5AD-4D38-8380-AAB000BBD147 HR2 6QH Ballingham Bolstone Hentland Group Parish Council, New Harp Inn, Hoarwithy n8511165918 On wall outside pub 11996 m
089940C0-5CB9-43AB-B5A0-AB28010CFD79 HR4 7HQ Foxley Parish Group Council, Red Telephone Box, Mansel Lacy n5489836148 Inside disused red telephone box (that is now book exchange) in Mansel Lacy 114 m
F29D8517-BF74-4C78-9F4C-AB7100C12E9F HR5 3NR Telephone Kiosk, B4594, Gladestry n9890409526 inside old red phone box in Gladestry 153 m
3509AB5E-A78C-45FF-9228-DD5AFB00AF6D HR6 0EB The Balance Inn, Novem House Access From B4361, Leominster n6014757598 142 m
1FD8F251-FB96-4888-B78A-486027B61A7C HR6 9SU Village Hall, Leominster n10239345266 outside Aymestrey Parish Hall 296 m
8174098E-172F-4832-99E5-9BCA81E68E53 HR9 7NX Public Telephone Opp Weston Cross Inn, Weston Under Penyard n3299400840 inside red phone box, Weston under Penyard - opposite Weston Cross Inn 180 m
3DD6ED2F-062F-4194-814E-7871A40618AE HR9 7JD Public Telephone, Ross Road, Brampton Abbots n8931407926 inside red phone box, Ross Road, Brampton Abbotts 229 m

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