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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'NE' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 1029 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
F5E9A369-5FD7-4FB4-9113-AFB700A3BA94 NE1 1EE 1 Cathedral Square, Mosley Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Public
B089C8B1-A453-42F9-BCC0-AE4E00EEFFB1 NE1 1EW High Bridge Works, 39 High Bridge, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
CF58C19B-4FA2-4683-AB49-AFB800FB752D NE1 1PG Pantheon Macro, 5th Floor, 5th Floor Cathedral Buildings, Dean Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
2DE933E5-A73C-4576-B08F-AF5700AFD2C2 NE1 1RF Lichfields, Lichfields Floor 3 Saint Nicholas Building, Saint Nicholas Street Variable Restricted
5E8B1367-C5B8-4DB3-A1BB-AFF000FECBE0 NE1 1RF Laidlaw School Trust, Laidlaw School Trust Floor 3 West Saint Nicholas Building, Saint Nicholas Street Variable Restricted
D479F0B9-6E73-4F43-9C9F-AF1E008E1E8A NE1 1RN Haines Watts, 17 Queens Lane, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
2C8C9A45-85B9-4C35-B934-ADFA009BC0DE NE1 2AN Newcastle City Centre Premier Inn, City Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Restricted
012F6E83-97EA-41BC-9CCA-AE2E002FDBD1 NE1 2BE Hotel Du Vin And Bistro, Allan House, City Road 24/7 Restricted
A099DA92-34A9-4F1F-B888-AE39007534D3 NE1 2HF Tesco, Tesco Express One Trinity Gardens, Broad Chare Variable Restricted
1074C2DA-6183-4D9B-8FBA-AEC80159A732 NE1 2PW Little Buildings, Ouseburn Mews, 3-5 Stepney Bank 24/7 Public
69086508-4501-45A5-971A-ADFA008A5B8A NE1 3AE Newcastle Quayside Premier Inn, Newcastle Quayside Premier Inn Exchange Buildings, Lombard Street 24/7 Restricted
6B1D61F8-5299-4209-BB58-AF4100EAC65E NE1 3DE Trinity Chambers, The Custom House, 39 Quayside Variable Restricted
C637B488-18E1-4852-95F5-AE3C00D416C2 NE1 3DU North, 100 Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Restricted
FBCE8832-0720-4309-93B0-ADF30095D9EF NE1 3DY Stantec, Rotterdam House, Rotterdam House, 116 Quayside Variable Restricted
CD1E84B2-C681-4E7A-B143-AF4100DE6F89 NE1 3JA Beech Design & Build, Tyne House, 26 Side Variable Restricted
CCCB06C7-66C6-48C6-9D6D-AEC800E62AF3 NE1 3JF English Heritage, Bessie Surtees House, 41-44 Sandhill Variable Restricted
88A2CCFE-951A-4986-9803-AE61009D4E83 NE1 4BN Puregym, 92-96 St James Boulevard, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Restricted
58C30107-03A7-43D1-83A7-B03400E60A94 NE1 4BT Tesco Barrack Road Express, Barrack Rd, Newcastle Variable Restricted
FABD3716-1535-4FE4-941C-B0AC00E33824 NE1 4EP Centre For Life, Times Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Restricted
10E6F27B-86D7-4B86-9F9C-AF5100ABDA61 NE1 4JD Ey Newcastle Cg2, Citygate 2 (Post Room), St James Boulevard, Newcastle 24/7 Restricted
273953C1-552D-4057-A35A-AEB500A344CC NE1 4JD Ernst & Young, Floors 3 - 5 Citygate, Saint James Boulevard 24/7 Restricted
822DDEE2-4D4A-4CE4-A4F0-AEB600A2DE1A NE1 4JD Ey Newcastle Cg1, City Gate, St James Boulevard, Newcastle 24/7 Restricted
94DA743F-61C8-4BCE-AE01-AF5100ABDE60 NE1 4JD Ey Newcastle Cg2, Citygate 2 (Post Room), St James Boulevard, Newcastle 24/7 Restricted
1AE754AE-343E-4DFD-9C8A-AE3A0080F2CD NE1 4PW Tesco Express, 27 Percy Street, Newcastle Variable Restricted
5956 NE1 4QL Outside Percy House, Tyne and Wear 24/7 Public
B95B08F4-DCB6-4752-99C8-AFB701086106 NE1 4QL Newcastle Advertising Kiosk, Outside Percy House, Percy Street 24/7 Public
AD44F7D5-472E-4033-9C97-AE2B009CE8EB NE1 4SE Newcastle University Business School, 5 Barrack Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
39AE9A4B-0221-4A19-92E1-AF8500D8E87A NE1 4SN Bbc1 Pension Trust, Time Central, 32 Gallowgate Variable Restricted
8FD6C8AA-6E5D-4264-978D-ADB900C89B8D NE1 4ST Newcastle United Fc Saint James Park, Strawberry Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Restricted
7D670064-04E6-471D-A096-AFC100E8AD2A NE1 4XQ Savills - The Gate - First Floor, Newgate Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
F3FE5484-0F8D-4005-9A06-AFC100E76ECF NE1 4XQ Savills - The Gate - Ground Floor, Newgate Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
CFF4AFC1-CBFC-4D2D-8242-AFE400BF1C24 NE1 5AH Nexus Monument, Monument Metro Station, Blackett Street Variable Restricted
D39C5C33-B9C4-44A7-BD77-AF5E00B7F05B NE1 5DF Bpp Newcastle, 2nd Floor Gunner House, Neville Street Variable Public
3B72E20B-7D5E-48AC-9D2D-AE35010D758F NE1 5EE Tesco Express, Clayton St, 0 Variable Restricted
A6EE9A4D-3C6F-4A39-85AD-ADFA00DA8996 NE1 5RF Premier Inn, 95 Newgate Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Restricted
0FB06E2D-F310-4747-9764-AFB7010867E4 NE1 5RZ Newcastle Advertising Kiosk, Outside 117 Newgate, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
3E08339F-4DF8-418E-AB38-AE2A00E9B00B NE1 6QG Tyneside Cinema, 10-12 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
06F7B74D-4C9B-42A3-946D-AFB7010864FE NE1 7DF Newcastle Advertising Kiosk, Outside 78 Northumberland Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
1A68CC20-F984-4586-B30A-AE7100E8B3B8 NE1 7RA Puregym, Eldon Garden Shopping Centre, Percy Street 24/7 Restricted
207C9E2E-BC8E-4EE4-9C43-AED100B9ECE6 NE1 7RR John Lewis & Partners Newcastle, Eldon Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Public
3D3DDB91-3CFA-4D62-A564-B08C00BC55EB NE1 7RR Eldon Square Bus Concourse, Prudhoe Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Public
6374 NE1 7RT Outside Haymarket Bus Station, Tyne and Wear 24/7 Public
90438EF7-F4C8-4A19-AB4B-AFB70108593E NE1 7RT Newcastle Advertising Kiosk, Outside Haymarket Bus Station, Percy Street 24/7 Public
0471BB56-625D-412C-BFDF-AE2B009DE365 NE1 7RU Agriculture Building, (Agric) Kings Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
7AEA2AAE-9970-48D1-A6E5-AE2B009E2594 NE1 7RU Devonshire Building, Claremont Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
BB590BCA-D1C7-4124-B4AB-AE2B009C9D35 NE1 7RU Security Control (Barras Bridge), Barras Bridge (Off Claremont Road), Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
6378 NE1 7RZ Outside Eldon Square Car Park, Tyne and Wear 24/7 Public
4E75CAC4-41EC-4299-874F-AFB70108514A NE1 7RZ Newcastle Advertising Kiosk, Outside Eldon Square Car Park, 81-83 Percy Street 24/7 Public
890A8DC7-7822-484A-94EB-B03700EAF2F1 NE1 7XD Newcastle Advertising Kiosk, Outside Debenhams, Opposite Sam Jack's, Newgate Street 24/7 Public
8C65DCBA-432A-4A70-9119-AF9600FBEBFD NE1 7XS O2 Store (0009) Newcastle Eldon Way, 1 Eldon Way, Eldon Square Variable Restricted
9DEC17D3-B4BA-4FD8-9D15-B02600D268F5 NE1 8JE Tesco Newcastle Saville Row Express, 10-15 Saville Row, Clapham Variable Public
2CCF90BE-C77E-4FBC-B65E-AF4100FD3277 NE1 8JW Trinity Chambers, 24 Ridley Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
6A91D337-31AD-43C5-807E-AFEF00B401DB NE1 8QF Newcastle Civil And Family Courts And Tribunals Centre, Newcastle Civil And Family Courts And Tribunals Centre Civic Centre, Barras Bridge Variable Restricted
0AECDFEE-CE65-4DD2-8063-AE4400E261B6 NE1 8ST Northumbria University, Library Building, Sandyford Road 24/7 Restricted
0F36F4A5-4C32-4910-B95C-AE4C00BC39B7 NE1 8ST Northumbria University, Sports Central, Northumberland Road 24/7 Restricted
2B5B44D4-8CB1-43F8-A8C9-AE4400E3864B NE1 8ST Northumbria University, Sports Central, Northumberland Road 24/7 Restricted
6F35C02C-A088-48A4-AC7A-AE4500B5BC8B NE1 8ST Northumbria University, Trinity Building, Northumberland Road 24/7 Restricted
7ABEB1AE-9143-44B7-BE1D-AE4C00BDA83E NE1 8ST Northumbria University, Sports Central, Northumberland Road 24/7 Restricted
B525DCB4-3BE4-4FC5-98EB-AE4400DF75A5 NE1 8ST Northumbria University, Sports Central, Northumberland Road 24/7 Restricted
CB3D62E3-2429-451E-868F-AE4400E3F563 NE1 8ST Northumbria University, Sports Central, Northumberland Road 24/7 Restricted
EC298816-AB3B-4399-97CE-AE4400DE0A54 NE1 8ST Northumbria University, Sports Central, Northumberland Road 24/7 Restricted
EDF03410-4C8E-4E27-8C6B-AE4400DC9F19 NE1 8ST Northumbria University, Sport Central, Northumberland Road 24/7 Restricted
5AAFA077-EC33-40C4-80ED-AFC600FCD1D1 NE1 8XS Mea Trust, Mea House, Ellison Place 24/7 Public
5E227D1F-602B-495E-AFF7-ADD500DD7FC3 NE10 0DZ Marigold Court, Old Fold, Gateshead 24/7 Public
0D0024FF-1DB2-40BE-A989-AF5C0075696C NE10 0EF Gateshead Council, Gateshead International Stadium, Neilson Road Variable Restricted
0D40CAD2-2AB8-4B56-9924-AF8800EC554B NE10 0EF Gateshead College, Gateshead College Academy For Sport Gateshead Stadium, Neilson Road Variable Public
8CD3A0AA-AD67-444F-AE70-AFE7010970C0 NE10 0EF Screwfix, Unit 2 Park Road, Felling Bypass Variable Restricted
A253CD82-3474-4663-B2C2-AF64008FAB43 NE10 0EH Sports Fields East Of Gateshead Stadium, Park Road, Gateshead Variable Restricted
2C183B98-13DD-4EA7-B2A6-AD3B00D2E87E NE10 0ES Gap Waste Management Ltd, Gap House, Nest Road 24/7 Restricted
3457ED36-C781-4667-9E29-AFFF0092561E NE10 0ES Renewable Field Services, Unit 2, Nest Road, Felling Variable Restricted
7227259C-87BD-4F27-A79E-AFE400C46D92 NE10 0LW Heworth Metro Station, Heworth Metro Interchange, Shields Road Variable Restricted
32FBFB3C-A0E7-4CDB-B218-ADC700B7BCFF NE10 0NJ Heworth Metro Station, Ellison Main Gardens, Heworth 24/7 Public
F021DBF6-5D82-485C-A1AC-AF65008246D3 NE10 0PD Gateshead Council, Heworth Leisure Centre, High Lanes Variable Public
80A21292-0AAA-4943-9941-B01F010248C8 NE10 0QY St Alban's Catholic Primary School, Rothbury Avenue, Pelaw 24/7 Public
8DBA1BDE-22C7-4AB2-9222-B03500A6735F NE10 0UN Bill Quay Primary School, Davidson Road, Felling Variable Public
C6485441-BF45-41D8-8C4D-ADC001126030 NE10 0UN Bill Quay Primary School, Davidson Road, Felling 24/7 Public
3D611F11-EB1A-49C8-A924-B02D0087E2B0 NE10 8TX Wardley Primary School, Keir Hardie Avenue, Felling Variable Restricted
3F8F4DD1-4928-4309-A6A5-B02D008B967A NE10 8TX Wardley Primary School, Keir Hardie Avenue, Felling Variable Restricted
A1A8919C-5796-41EE-B457-ADF900E4F2D7 NE10 8WL Priory Court, Manor Gardens, Felling 24/7 Public
89EE5691-CC8D-476B-A78C-AF5F00C9B973 NE10 8XY Heworth Golf Club, Heworth Golf Club Heworth Golf Course, Leam Lane 24/7 Public
38E302EB-8552-4BC1-B03B-AE3800BF6D59 NE10 8YG Advantex Network Solutions Ltd, Unit 16b, Follingsby Close Variable Public
4DF85ED6-8222-4EBB-9404-AFCE00FDB0DF NE10 8YG Royal Mail Gateshead Hub, Unit 15a, Follingsby Close Variable Restricted
2F6BCBE9-5A8F-4034-81F5-AFE90075748D NE10 8YX Unit 18d, White Rose Way, Felling Variable Public
3D0A10BB-3856-43FF-8983-AF4A0109106D NE10 9AH Colegate West, High Heworth, Felling Variable Public
AB73EA09-1931-4895-8C1B-B02700FEBD05 NE10 9AH Colegate Primary School, 5 Colegate West, High Heworth Variable Restricted
7A694B24-0CBA-4423-9C64-AF6300BD43FD NE10 9BD Windy Nook Primary School, Albion Street, Felling Variable Restricted
27457B0A-B429-461E-9D51-AE3900EF410E NE10 9EL Tesco Express, Black House, Cooperative Terrace Variable Public
97A1C2D6-C9F0-41B8-A0C4-AF0300EA275B NE10 9RY Sutherlands, Stone Street, Windy Nook 24/7 Public
3FE46B62-8144-4E92-87C4-B01800E1DDF5 NE10 9RZ Furrowfield School, Felling Variable Restricted
818947C9-D405-4F47-8E89-B0A100B28433 NE10 9UZ Xp Gateshead, Swards Road, Gateshead Variable Public
95D4B560-3A4F-433A-A286-B0A100B15038 NE10 9UZ Xp Gateshead, Xp Gateshead School, Swards Road Variable Public
B170A864-7534-4131-B76A-AF4C0105478F NE11 0BD Mcdonald's - Tyne And Wear 2, Team Valley Retail World, Gateshead 24/7 Restricted
CB90E2E6-AE75-4D50-B316-ADAB00D985B2 NE11 0BE Premier Inn, Premier Inn Maingate, Kingsway North 24/7 Restricted
641A0CF9-C0EF-4A6E-A710-AEEF00878D47 NE11 0BF Graphic Packaging International, Integrated Packaging Ltd Z357, Dukesway 24/7 Restricted
E042653F-AE50-490A-B609-AEA000EFCDDF NE11 0BL Luxury Leisure, West Wing Block B Ground Floor Fifth Avenue Plaza, Queensway 24/7 Public
42B0BB87-3018-42D8-9BF8-B08E010F90FE NE11 0EU St Andrews Church Hall, Lamesley Cottages, Lamesley 24/7 Public
E5E77F64-3570-4A64-A053-AFFB00D69DE4 NE11 0EU St Andrews Church Hall, Lamesley Cottages, Birtley 24/7 Public
5BD8E861-FF24-4B25-BA70-AE1600CCFF6C NE11 0HH Rutherford Association Football Club, Rutherford Football Club Beggars Wood Park, Coach Road 24/7 Public
F2C33FBE-9F96-4B2A-BC65-AE1600CEF151 NE11 0HH Rutherford Association Football Club, Rutherford Football Club Beggars Wood Park, Coach Road Variable Restricted
EDB631FF-BCC7-481A-B32B-AED200E4C2B4 NE11 0JH Agilico, Diamond House, Kingsway North Variable Restricted
47D72A13-FAF4-4AB1-BC14-AF8800EE5D16 NE11 0JL Gateshead College, Gateshead Skills Academy, Kingsway South Variable Public
F3885CD7-DCBA-4848-AF28-AD8A00C9B2D8 NE11 0JW Valley House Colmet Court, Kingsway South, Team Valley 24/7 Public
B663C871-E101-4262-A40A-AFE700D619AA NE11 0JY Screwfix, Units B9 - B11 Kingsway Interchange, Eleventh Avenue, Team Valley Trading Estate Variable Restricted
C987AA6D-E544-4019-963F-AFB800EA0314 NE11 0JZ Technology Services Group, Kingsway North, Gateshead Ne11 0jz Variable Restricted
1353A88A-B5B7-4D68-9E73-AEC40117D757 NE11 0NY Network Rail - Newcastle Regional Distribution Centre, Unit 5, Queensway Variable Restricted
31DD90C9-3A9C-4546-8C88-AE0400C56FCB NE11 0PZ Dacon Fabrications Ltd, Dacon Fabrications Ltd U238, 238 Dukesway Variable Restricted
6526EBE6-D5CA-4254-A2DD-AE3000AD4A47 NE11 0PZ International Decorative Surfaces, Dukesway, Gateshead Variable Public
A0047F56-C963-4254-BF01-AF87010F86BE NE11 0PZ Z405, Dukesway, Gateshead Variable Restricted
A0B9FC9B-3CA5-49C7-90B3-ADF600D53BB9 NE11 0RQ United Wholesale Grocers Limited, United Wholesale Grocers, Earlsway Variable Restricted
732C6D5F-5BB6-41E5-960C-AF0900ABED60 NE11 0RU C9 Marquis Court, Kingsway South, Gateshead Variable Public
7C22B199-F1E8-413E-88FC-AF5800A5D792 NE11 0SH Rs Industrial Services (Tyne & Wear) Limited, 190 Kingsway South, Team Valley Trading Estate Variable Restricted
A5077BCC-EBDE-4CEE-9741-AF8800ED7CCD NE11 0SH Gateshead College, Automotive Centre Of Excellence, Kingsway South Variable Public
1FB75B1B-6F7A-4B92-A818-ADF600C9AEC6 NE11 0ST Primula Limited, Kavli Ltd R175, Kingsway South Variable Restricted
F72BFEB0-3CB3-4B16-BE91-B09401265119 NE11 0SX Fun Shack Gateshead, 377 Princesway, Team Valley Variable Public
E6E2B398-9F4D-42B4-BFC7-AF3B00FF26AB NE11 0YY Royal Mail Tyneside Mc, Lindisfarne House Earlsway, Gateshead, Gateshead 24/7 Restricted
1DCCBC4C-9BAD-4848-9FFA-AFCC00EE6938 NE11 0ZF V H Bio Ltd, Unit 11b Nfc Complex, Station Approach Variable Restricted
1D79546A-7A84-4A24-8DB4-B00700B50F6A NE11 9JB Branch, Jewson Ltd, Flour Mill Road Variable Public
EACB2C5C-A477-47E2-8EFB-AF5E007F7614 NE11 9JR Easibathe Ltd, Independance House, Lancaster Road Variable Public
86565A6B-00BA-4780-8DF5-B003009C6487 NE11 9NX Whickham Thorns, Whickham Thorns Outdoor Activity Centre, Market Lane 24/7 Public
E86C3F6C-C352-4464-BCE9-AFC800DA1E28 NE11 9NX Kingsmeadow Community Comprehensive School, Gmbc Learning Centre, Market Lane Variable Public
DA782AA9-AEF6-4DEF-9CD1-AF35009CA112 NE11 9PY Dunston Leisure Centre, Dunston Bank, Gateshead Variable Restricted
9110B4A8-9880-4CE6-845D-AEC500D19732 NE11 9QJ The Highwayman, Whickham Highway, Whickham 24/7 Public
798C22DA-D051-4180-BD7E-AEC500DA63C6 NE11 9SS Dunston Activity Centre, Dunston Branch Library Dunston Activity Centre, Ellison Road Variable Public
FAFCB312-FE25-40C1-942C-B0460095092E NE11 9SY Portland Consulting Engineers Ltd, Unit 10 Bankside, The Watermark 24/7 Public
C249773A-D38B-4AD7-AE2E-AEEE007E5665 NE11 9SZ Keel Row, 13 The Watermark, Gateshead Variable Restricted
3702F90E-34E6-4EB4-9EB7-AECC00FB3B02 NE11 9UN St Nicholas Church, Ellison Road, Gateshead 24/7 Public
D756EE15-666C-4B49-ADA1-AFF1007AED50 NE11 9YG Metrocentre Railway Station, Dunston, Gateshead 24/7 Public
1B6F9364-25B1-4B9F-9B7E-AF950100D4E3 NE11 9YR O2 Store (0324) Gateshead - Cameron Walk, 43 Cameron Walk, Metro Centre Variable Restricted
BE622650-139F-4D0C-86C8-AF6600C04D03 NE11 9ZG Toby Carvery - Metro Centre, Metrocentre Retail Park, Gateshead Variable Public
AE20AFF5-26E6-43BE-BE94-AECF006B7605 NE12 5SR John Lewis Warehouse, Unit 22, Mylord Crescent Variable Restricted
B17C8748-8449-45F4-AA8F-ADAC00C16C82 NE12 6HT Rowan Croft, Goodwood, Killingworth 24/7 Public
946A2190-A286-425E-96E7-B03500F1CB59 NE12 6QQ The Killingworth Site, Harvey Combe, Killingworth Variable Public
D8278892-BB67-4DEA-84F8-AFD4007F6E8B NE12 6QQ Capita, Block A Capita The Killingworth Site, Harvey Combe Variable Restricted
FE67F70F-EDC2-4E68-AFEF-AE1C00DD78EA NE12 6RU Dmc Service Centre, Dmc Service Centre Unit 29, Blucher Road 24/7 Public
4C62A692-4EC6-44C2-86C4-AE0701334475 NE12 6SE Killingworth Young Peoples Club, Amberley Playing Fields, Garth Twenty One 24/7 Public
7D145D6F-BC5F-4ECD-B285-AE98009DFA8D NE12 6YT The Killingworth Centre, Citadel East, Killingworth Variable Public
DF4F4BB5-4582-405E-A7D0-AF0800B18662 NE12 7BH Percy Hedley School, West Lane, Killingworth 24/7 Public
BBA480BE-150D-4DA4-8E63-AEC200E27B70 NE12 7EH West Moor Residents Association, Nellie Gormley House, Killingworth Drive 24/7 Public
487517E3-5EC8-4BBF-8427-AE3200ADCDA1 NE12 7EZ Miller And Carter, Miller And Carter Gosforth Park, White House Drive 24/7 Public
85891883-1265-4EBC-B401-AE3E00BB2503 NE12 7JN The Flying Scotsman, Briar Edge, Forest Hall 24/7 Public
82745921-ADB9-4FB2-B4FF-ADCF00FE0B5F NE12 7NP Westmoor Community Centre, Benton Lane, West Moor 24/7 Public
C835986A-BE43-487D-95E2-AE2B009CA2F9 NE12 8AD The University Of Newcastle, Coach Lane Sports Pavilion, Coach Lane 24/7 Public
7FBCCDD7-F015-4D18-9070-AE40010FB291 NE12 8AE The Ship Inn, Front Street, Benton 24/7 Public
5C64799E-2D58-48EC-A919-AE3E00BD0B82 NE12 8AQ Amicis Restaurant, 95 Station Road, Forest Hall 24/7 Public
61FFD568-A1EE-4521-87DC-AE70011C290D NE12 8BS Puregym, Q5 Quorum Business Park, Benton Lane 24/7 Restricted
65E6B54C-1B95-47EE-B006-AFD600B38AC7 NE12 8BU Greggs, Quorum 9 Quorum Business Park, Benton Lane 24/7 Restricted
762C8362-F981-4E9F-862E-ADE100B8745C NE12 8ET Nuffield Health, Nuffield Health Centre, Gosforth Park Way Variable Public
A9459D63-1F1C-4C8A-AC58-B0200095598E NE12 8ET Nuffield Health, Nuffield Health Centre, Gosforth Park Way Variable Public
9B74A695-5800-45B3-B72C-AFD600B6B713 NE12 8EW Balliol Business Park, Benton Lane, Longbenton 24/7 Restricted
FCF9FB93-F917-4BC6-9304-B01B00D62B79 NE12 8FD Benton Dene Primary School, Hailsham Avenue, Longbenton Variable Restricted
4BD0CE78-5D6F-4499-8A2D-ADB400F56C51 NE12 8LT North Tyneside Council, The Oxford Centre, West Farm Avenue 24/7 Public
53E8D33E-9C75-4230-9511-AEB0016AF87A NE12 9AG Springfield Community Association, Springfield Park Community Centre, Springfield Park 24/7 Public
54591154-9641-45D1-9A64-B07700EEEA5F NE12 9DQ Forest Hall Social Club, Forest Hall Working Mens Social Club, Errington Terrace Variable Public
7D44BA41-9838-47F3-B1BD-AE4900ED596D NE12 9DQ Forest Hall Social Club, Forest Hall Working Mens Social Club, Errington Terrace Variable Restricted
D1F401C0-5BD4-495E-8B6A-AE4C00EC05C8 NE12 9FA Northumberland Football Association, Northumberland Football Association Whitley Park, Whitley Road Variable Restricted
5D02C897-055E-458D-B297-AF110136442E NE12 9HW North Tyneside Council, Recreation Rooms, 11 Palm Court 24/7 Public
85AD7EE9-7161-4541-AB78-AECB01453497 NE12 9HW East Palmersville Sports Pavilion, Palm Court, Forest Hall Variable Public
06CB34A0-C6E1-429B-8DE6-AE3E00BEF3DD NE12 9JN Forest Hall Conservative And Unionist Club Ltd, Churchill House, 5 Park Drive 24/7 Public
394FA309-A862-4C15-98F9-B08300B2FB6A NE12 9NQ St Bartholomew's Church Of England, Station Road, Benton Variable Public
3EAD8D16-A0E6-4F12-8837-B09800AE08D7 NE12 9SR Mkm Building Supplies (Newcastle) Ltd, Mkm Building Supplies, Whitley Road Variable Public
80506A80-7E74-4CF5-8DF3-AEC500C5704B NE12 9SW Abs Precision Limited, Unit 1, Bellway Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
BC0E43E3-C90C-4287-9490-B09E00EC5F75 NE12 9SW Jump 360 Newcastle, Profile House,, Bellway Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
0AF86019-FA8A-4AD4-971A-AFE800DB5AD2 NE12 9SZ Screwfix, 4b North Tyneside Industrial Estate, Whitley Road Variable Restricted
A8F23DD2-B5C9-4DC7-9615-AF83009DFBFA NE12 9SZ The Fitness Rooms, Part Unit 6c And Units 6e And 6d, Chollerton Drive 24/7 Public
F4F9598F-A07D-4D33-94F1-ADD000A084BF NE12 9TA Joseph Parr Builders Merchants, Unit 14, Wesley Way Variable Restricted
B0CBAD10-EACD-47CF-BCA2-AE3D013D5594 NE13 6DS Northumberland Federation Of Womens Institute, Units 11 And 12, Brenkley Way 24/7 Public
F2ED24FC-D888-486B-BE40-AADC00C1938B NE13 6DS Azets Holdings Limited, 34 Brenkley Way, Blezard Business Park Variable Restricted
EF04D3B6-577F-4E32-88B1-ADD0008582E4 NE13 6EJ North Gosforth Academy, Dudley Lane, Seaton Burn Variable Public
07EEEE70-9884-4FC8-8118-AEF60086CF1D NE13 6JQ Wideopen House 2 Home, Highfivefitness, 31 Canterbury Way Variable Restricted
88124955-2114-4147-B560-ADB301318EE2 NE13 6JQ St Johns United Reformed Church, Canterbury Way, Wideopen 24/7 Public
A5790829-377D-4B3B-BA95-ADB40166B586 NE13 6PX Wideopen And North Gosforth Community Association, Daverson Hall, Elmwood Avenue 24/7 Public
6C5C9D72-AC91-4367-95F8-AFD301129FB7 NE13 7BA Sunbelt Rentals, Brunswick Industrial Estate, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Public
7ADF9683-AF82-4773-87CF-AFC100F6971B NE13 7BA James Burrell Ltd, Unit 21 Brunswick Ind Estate, Newcastle Variable Restricted
8373D44C-7987-4E55-BDF2-AE2C00F54A08 NE13 7BA Gymtopia North East Gymnastics Club, Unit 11, Brunswick Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
CC03F923-4D19-4960-854D-AE2A00B9067F NE13 7DD Hazlerigg And District Victory Society, 1 Ash Terrace, Hazlerigg 24/7 Public
CB89CB82-46B8-4331-9799-AE0800C37797 NE13 7DY Newcastle Council, Community Centre, Greenside Avenue 24/7 Public
1528228B-223A-40CF-BB32-B09D010B2D9E NE13 8AB Twin Farms, 22 Main Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
83269DF6-D6D6-4447-81FB-AE30010CAD7B NE13 8AF Site Office, Taylor Wimpey North East, Rapier House Variable Restricted
E3B40294-F46D-4C9A-97F1-B05300A913E8 NE13 8AF Newcastle Falcons Rugby Club, Brunton Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Public
FEE5ADF4-5C6E-467D-BEB4-AF4900FE673D NE13 8AF Newcastle Falcons Rugby Club, Brunton Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
3C72970F-9FB2-4139-888A-AE30010261A8 NE13 8AH Taylor Wimpey, Off Ponteland Road, Newcasle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
EB56BD51-FCFC-4CC5-9677-B09D0108AA9B NE13 8AR Haircraft, 6 Woolsington Gardens, Woolsington 24/7 Public
6AE88892-C27B-4AE0-BBF7-AED900D98CF2 NE13 9BD Great Park Community Centre, Roseden Way, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
FED591D6-A68A-42B4-BC34-AFFA00F121E5 NE13 9BL Bowmont House, Wagonway Drive, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
081315B4-A990-49D4-9079-AE55013C0B84 NE15 0NT The Hearth, B6528, Horsley Main Road Through Village 24/7 Public
1C145221-CC6D-4190-9D3E-AFF700B617B0 NE15 6AF Excelsior Academy School, Denton Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
410542D3-A46F-421A-8891-AFF700B60594 NE15 6AF Excelsior Academy School, Denton Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
6CEFE459-C689-458F-B8FF-AFF700B60B6E NE15 6AF Excelsior Academy School, Denton Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
BE7A0754-8D99-4147-A8F5-AFF100DFF936 NE15 6AF Excelsior Academy School, Denton Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
D8E9832F-04E7-4D76-8E29-AFF700B61055 NE15 6AF Excelsior Academy School, Denton Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
93D2CCEC-A8BC-40D3-AAE0-ADEC00DF09D1 NE15 6LN Weldability-Sif, Unit 1 Whitehouse Ind/Est, Whitehouse Road Variable Restricted
2048AAD8-F5B2-44FD-8037-AF8E00B5CA5C NE15 6NF Anchor, Shafto Court, Ferguson Lane 24/7 Public
95050842-630E-467B-85F1-B04500EC0852 NE15 6PQ Tesco Newcastle West Road Express, 101 W Rd, Fenham Variable Restricted
98ECA084-5944-444D-86A5-AE0700EBE115 NE15 6SD Pendower Good Neighbour Project, The Sunnybank Centre, 12-14 Sunnybank Avenue 24/7 Public
E4BFD40C-57CB-435E-B398-AFE80090A424 NE15 6XA Screwfix, Scotswood Road, Newcastle Variable Restricted
D74FE0C3-C02F-4F14-ACAA-AEED01031F93 NE15 7HB Grainger Park Boxing Club, Scotswood Sports Centre, Denton Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
5A5A3926-A29F-4CF6-B21F-AE6500C13058 NE15 7PP Newcastle City Council, Sports Hall Newcastle Football Centre, Gibside Gardens Variable Public
F609C199-1A0C-4F05-9B2D-B03700935558 NE15 7QZ Newcastle City Council, Waverley Primary School, Maple Close Variable Restricted
747E67B5-1835-42B3-8BCE-B042012ADC83 NE15 7RG The Vallum, Moorcroft Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
DB99C071-9B69-4B3B-AC5A-AFFE008CE38E NE15 8HW Talbot House Children's Charity, Hexham Road, Walbottle Variable Restricted
95FC31D3-7F3A-4458-8D7B-AED0007394FD NE15 8JE Walbottle Village Institute, The Green, Walbottle Village 24/7 Public
6A214D4E-F97B-4E5F-ACEE-ADAB010469CD NE15 8ND Newburn Activity Centre, Grange Road, Newburn 24/7 Public
EA38F68C-87B9-4944-8725-AE38016952AB NE15 8NL Tyne Rowing Club, Water Row, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
B74911CD-670A-49DF-8CCD-B08300EAF866 NE15 8NZ Vet-Direct, Units 9 And 10, Gateway West 24/7 Public
20E3758A-E747-4FEC-9386-B031006CF4B6 NE15 8PD Newcastle City Council, Newburn Manor Primary School, Millfield Lane Variable Restricted
C2654517-C61E-4F2E-AFB3-ADB200818938 NE15 9EL Throckley Community Hall, Back Victoria Terrace, Throckley 24/7 Public
4CEA8649-5C53-4C8B-9C61-AE3A00C36EBF NE15 9SD Blucher Methodist Church, Blucher Colliery Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
4576 NE16 3BN Blaydon Rugby Club, Tyne and Wear 24/7 Public
EBB01AD6-7350-4E1D-B387-ADF8010912AE NE16 3DZ Tyne And Wear Fire And Rescue Service, Gateshead North Community Fire Station, Market Lane 24/7 Public
A3DD3AE3-698A-466F-BF51-ADC2012A8C8A NE16 4DN Whickham Library, 9 St Marys Green, Whickham 24/7 Public
BE03A26E-D878-49E2-8726-AE3400E62BA6 NE16 4DS Tesco Express, 44 Front Street, Whickham Variable Public
5551 NE16 4JA Chapman Dental Solutions, Tyne and Wear 24/7 Public
6783F956-A56A-45B2-ABD2-ADEA00B1493F NE16 4JL Whickham Community Centre, Front Street, Whickham 24/7 Public
13DB83A6-882A-42DE-880D-ADC8012D91B6 NE16 4NA Whickham Glebe Sport Club, Whickham Glebe Sports And Social Club, Rose Avenue 24/7 Public
22CEAFBE-5E06-4AFF-AB21-ADB700B0039C NE16 5BA Whickham Golf Club Hollinside Park, Fellside Road, Whickham 24/7 Public
DD4B5D52-0BF4-4B63-BD9C-AFEC00E78946 NE16 5EL 1 Birkheads, Whickham 24/7 Public
BA6217E8-AAD8-4F41-8DE2-B07100B166D0 NE16 5LE Sorella Sorella, Gateshead Road, Sunniside 24/7 Public
DAC0F64E-D093-4A21-873D-B08200F381D9 NE16 6BA Annular Ltd T/A Sale Pepe, The Owl And Otter Mountsett, Burnopfield 24/7 Public
69462FB0-45D8-455F-81F1-ADB700A0B565 NE16 6BZ Hobson Golf Club, Road From Front Street To Townhead Farm, Hobson 24/7 Public
B6401125-FE4D-47B2-8B0E-ADC5008F9CFE NE16 6EA Unit Q, Hobson Industrial Estate, Hobson 24/7 Public
9F1D1EEA-02F9-42D7-AFF1-B00700F42064 NE16 6ED Burnopfield Cricket Club, A692 (From Junction With Bowesville To County Boundary), Burnopfield 24/7 Public
3A7C80F4-9B51-443D-984C-ADE0009BE49C NE16 6HR St James Church And Community Hall, The Leazes, Burnopfield 24/7 Public
7EE5A3F0-CB78-4DB2-8612-B090011E6ED6 NE17 7BQ 13 Winifred Gardens, Chopwell South, Chopwell 24/7 Public
32FB7FFD-D2D8-4892-86C0-AFEE00AECEE6 NE17 7EP Bolton's Bungalows Residents Lounge, Community Lounge, Boltons Bungalows 24/7 Public
45B7A5DA-4E7E-4DCC-94E0-AE7300A28AED NE17 7HS Chopwell Community Centre, Derwent Street, Chopwell Variable Restricted
F7A2B64E-F175-4DED-9337-ADF000F33C4E NE17 7HY Tyne And Wear Fire And Rescue, Chopwell Community Fire Station, Derwent Street 24/7 Public
B705320B-D4C8-4464-8E6B-AE2800E84972 NE17 7TQ Blackhall Mill Community Centre Adjacent 28, River View, Blackhall Mill 24/7 Public
47442F9F-CF1C-487B-80CC-AF2D00E9B821 NE18 0AZ Rosemount House, U9046 Plough Inn Junction To River Pont Junction, Eachwick 24/7 Public
63258F03-43EF-49BA-86A3-B0A800DF4564 NE18 0BN South Dissington Farm, Track From C343 South Dissington Farm, Eachwick 24/7 Public
E5979A16-927F-47F1-BBD2-AE480182653D NE19 1AA The Bird In Bush Inn, Bird In Bush Inn, U4069 Bird In The Bush Inn To Whitehall Cottage 24/7 Public
88359A13-507D-4FD1-9334-B03400DE3284 NE19 1JF Otterburn Primary School, A696 Otterburn Main Road, Otterburn Variable Restricted
5DC5445B-EB41-4967-B3B2-AE48017D8E06 NE19 1NP Otterburn Parish Council, Otterburn Memorial Hall, A696 Otterburn Main Road 24/7 Public
42AA1143-9AAD-4CFC-8B09-AE48018871AA NE19 1RH Rochester With Byrness Parish Council, Rochester Village Hall, A68 Elishaw To Catcleugh 24/7 Public
B427AEDE-DF51-4473-B65C-AE48018ABC4A NE19 1TS Byrness Village Hall, Otterburn Green, Byrness Village 24/7 Public
70531C3F-2234-4A93-AF75-AED1009848F7 NE19 2AA Capheaton And District Institute, Silver Hill, Capheaton 24/7 Public
F07271E1-5009-4CAD-AE85-ADB3012745B7 NE19 2HA Village Hall, C224 Military Road Junction To District Boundary, Main Street 24/7 Public
C550996C-F169-47C0-ADAC-AD0300B7463B NE2 1AP Ernest, Ernest Cafe Bar, 1 Boyd Street 24/7 Public
91120C7A-BA77-4133-AF54-ADD300E0AA4C NE2 1DB The Apartment Group, The Holy Hobo, Three, Jesmond Three Sixty Variable Restricted
83ADE542-087A-440D-AA74-B09300A669D4 NE2 1PS Newcastle City Council, Saint Catherines Rc Primary School, Greystoke Gardens Variable Restricted
FF233507-6EF0-4DE3-A4C6-B06900F7975F NE2 1QP Ryecroft Glenton, 32 Portland Terrace, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
A741096D-6ED7-4CB2-8809-B02700A1C96F NE2 1TB Tesco Stoddard Street Express, Stoddard St, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Restricted
E7F6E250-E5C2-4574-885D-AE4401008B3F NE2 1UY Northumbria University, Cce1 Main Entrance, Falconer Street 24/7 Restricted
843A3D23-137C-43F5-B641-AF5000B28833 NE2 2DJ Tesco Metro, Tesco Metro Caistron House, Acorn Road Variable Restricted
39209132-3699-4C43-B08F-AED9014C497F NE2 2JE Walton House, 5 Shortridge Terrace, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
EC06A5D4-6951-40B5-B8A3-AE5D00C789D8 NE2 2TF St Georges Church Jrsmond, Tower House, Saint Georges Close 24/7 Public
7EC80007-345A-411B-AEA2-AF4A00B12625 NE2 3AJ Newcastle City Council, West Jesmond Primary School, Tankerville Terrace 24/7 Public
6EBD2C16-E9A4-4E1F-8B77-AE2B009CDE9B NE2 4BD Marris House Student Flats, Spital Tongues, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
7077F668-E9C5-49DE-BAEC-AE2B009CD17B NE2 4BF Kensington Terrace Student Laundry Building, Kensington Terrace, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
3831D440-898B-4A03-A80C-AE2B009CB70D NE2 4BS Park View Student Village, Richardson Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
8B8DE994-6FD0-4D66-AE1B-B03D00E1E47C NE2 4DJ Jesmond Parish Church, Eskdale Terrace, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
858F0C01-0246-4726-BF83-AE2B009CF9E0 NE2 4HH The Medical School, Framlington Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
9710ACE8-C9AC-42D1-99F4-AEAA00B7B607 NE2 4NL Newcastle City Council, Moorbank Lodge, Claremont Road 24/7 Public
E08B9B82-9A7C-4C39-B482-AE2B009CED7E NE2 4NY Castle Leazes Halls Of Residence, Spital Tongues, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
002A9053-66EA-4C85-B0FC-AE6D0096CA0E NE2 4PZ Wylam Brewery, Palace Of Arts Exhibition Park, Claremont Road 24/7 Public
6953C651-CC0A-4605-9FDA-AF2E00A30371 NE2 4RJ Queensway Jesmond, 13 Eslington Terrace, Jesmond Variable Restricted
C2479DDA-50E9-4D5C-A4C6-AF34007A309C NE20 0AG Suez Recycling & Recovery, Kirkly West Thorne Civic Amenity Site, Kirkly West Thorne Variable Restricted
4B38BD5F-6814-4356-BFE4-AF8500AA22E8 NE20 0AU Whalton Parish Council: John Watson, Corner Cottage, C358 Ogle To West Low Farm Junction 24/7 Public
37E8E239-B3E6-4307-9BDC-ADB4012F33E4 NE20 0EA Methodist Church, Track From C346 To Milbourne Grange, Milbourne 24/7 Public
D897CA9B-8FC6-453B-84F5-ADCD00F9595A NE20 0ES 21 Barnaby Way, Ponteland Variable Restricted
57B9E440-BD78-41FC-B003-AE2E00B1078E NE20 0RL Matfen Village Hall, Southside, Matfen 24/7 Public
7260C355-7987-4E36-AB88-AE6000A758E3 NE20 0RQ R H Irving Industrials Ltd, Office 11 Standing Stone, Hope Lane Variable Public
7C0BD16B-B20D-4E72-B74A-AE2C00D5216F NE20 9BE Methodist Church, Bell Villas, Ponteland 24/7 Public
F2425EDF-ADB2-44F6-AD02-B01400987EF7 NE20 9BT Dobbies Garden Centre Ponteland, Street House Farm, Ponteland Variable Public
6C985F86-AFD8-4142-B0B2-ADF900E2C498 NE20 9DB Newcastle Airport Premier Travel Inn, Ponteland Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Restricted
CEE035DE-734B-4E5E-A174-B07E00F6F277 NE20 9EG Ponteland Primary School, The Crescent, Callerton Lane Variable Restricted
CF368A2A-FCAF-4C15-A170-AF3C00DD6EC9 NE20 9EY Ponteland Community Primary School, Callerton Lane, Ponteland 24/7 Public
21BD7440-546F-4C35-86A8-AF4E00D3694B NE20 9NH Waitrose Ponteland, 27 Main St, Ponteland, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
498EDC7C-94EA-4DE3-A7C6-ADAF00126EDC NE20 9NX External, Front Side Wall, Facing Car Park, Ponteland War Memorial Hall, Darras Road 24/7 Public
8E5F170B-0E6C-45A5-89B3-AE2C00E66167 NE20 9PW Doctor's Surgery, Broadway, Darras Hall 24/7 Public
576D7605-A7A5-4F89-8FEE-AE8A00A0B59A NE20 9PX Ponteland Club And Institute Ltd, Merton Way, Ponteland 24/7 Public
F5E612D1-B7D8-47C3-88F0-AE7C00F06C4A NE20 9SJ Prestwick Park, Business Park Office, Prestwick Park 24/7 Public
ED0AC410-F4B7-4F80-B94E-AFF60111F98C NE21 4AU The Kelly Hendry School Of Irish Dancing Ltd, Former Blaydon Masonic Lodge, Blaydon Bank 24/7 Restricted
D34BC538-09C4-47FE-9C08-B03D00EB795D NE21 4BG St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Croftdale Road, Blaydon Variable Restricted
0B4490AC-35E5-4EDD-83B7-B01C00BC6069 NE21 4SP Pathhead, Blaydon On Tyne, Tyne And Wear 24/7 Public
EC013CFE-25C0-4859-A6AA-AE9F00DC8ED9 NE21 5AD Blaydon Jobcentreplus, St Cuthberts Way, Blaydon Variable Public
304D1B69-7087-49D9-BFCF-AF8D00C1AD3B NE21 5JS Gateshead Council, 10 South Lea, Blaydon On Tyne 24/7 Public
75BC3860-376F-43D3-A995-B00000A24FA2 NE21 5JX 8 West Acres, Blaydon 24/7 Public
988D1871-4F41-4946-8780-AAAB00F62EC9 NE21 5LU Busy Bees Nurseries, Park View, Shibdon Road Variable Public
5FA8A015-2C1A-4BDC-80E9-AF3500A242F4 NE21 5NW Blaydon Leisure Centre, Blaydon Leisure And Primary Care Centre, Shibdon Road Variable Restricted
54750AC3-F68F-4ECA-AC76-AF5F00D93C92 NE21 5RW St Anne Rc Church Winlaton, St Anne's Rc Presbytery, Half Fields Road 24/7 Public
82C8F697-36C2-4C2B-B4F2-AFA400AE047C NE21 5SZ Cf Motoring Services Ltd Body Shop, Unit 2, Chainbridge Road Variable Restricted
F268A92E-5C02-4B33-8754-AFA400A9DB04 NE21 5SZ Cf Motoring Services Ltd, Chainbridge North, Blaydon 24/7 Restricted
484CEAEE-1120-4127-A118-B03B009F850A NE21 6AT Winton Court, Park Lane, Winlaton 24/7 Public
1DBB851E-BA36-4EA8-B874-AF0E012783D8 NE21 6AW Winlaton Garage Ltd, Church Street, Winlaton 24/7 Public
FF8E0073-C377-4CE5-B8B3-AE350168DD86 NE21 6JA Swalwell Cricket Club, Swalwell Cricket Club Derwenthaugh Park, Spa Well Road 24/7 Public
C7E460BF-BAFC-474E-9A01-AF8600F47A92 NE21 6QX 1 Whinney Close, Blaydon 24/7 Public
CD2E6440-5ED4-40CB-936B-AEB500801E36 NE21 6RU Land Of Oak & Iron Heritage Centre, Land Of Oak And Iron Heritage Centre, Spa Well Road 24/7 Public
04C509B2-E1B7-4E01-A024-AF8B01263BA7 NE21 6SH The Village Store, 5a Noel Avenue, Winlaton Mill 24/7 Public
991581A7-9156-4696-99C2-ADB200E76154 NE22 5DS Stokers Buildings, 1-4 Front Street East, Bedlington 24/7 Public
1677FE49-E4B7-4FD3-A62D-AEA000B878C3 NE22 5TL Job Centre Longridge House, Front Street West, Bedlington Variable Public
6B1DD93E-4176-4033-86B7-B07D0093EFED NE22 5TT Birkinshaw Manor, Front Street West, Bedlington 24/7 Public
A03A5873-1F2B-4E56-B037-AE8C00F07352 NE22 5TT Bedlington Community Centre, Front Street West, Bedlington Variable Restricted
31756914-1AA1-4C5F-865F-AE8C00EAB3CD NE22 6AA West Bedlington Town Council, Bedlingtonshire Golf Club, Hartford Road 24/7 Public
10B82BE0-F17F-44FC-AE3D-AF4000D36A6F NE22 6BB Howard House School Howard House, Blue House Farm Road, Netherton Colliery 24/7 Public
86A66609-A40E-4718-8F7E-AE8C00EE230F NE22 6DP Netherton Workingmans Social Club, 1a Netherton Lane, Bedlington 24/7 Public
16E66461-AE6F-4DDC-B90F-B02100A3C7E3 NE22 6EB Northumberland County Council, Bedlington West End First School, Ridge Terrace Variable Public
52A2E7ED-84B0-4895-A226-B00D00ADD20B NE22 6HA Meadowdale Academy, Hazelmere Avenue, Bedlington Variable Restricted
826C9261-1713-41B8-AA8C-B007008317C4 NE22 6HA Meadowdale Academy, Hazelmere Avenue, Bedlington Variable Restricted
5DD3818D-22D7-4797-A88E-AE8C00ED45BD NE22 6LR Willow Vale, 69 Glebe Road, Bedlington 24/7 Public
C90812B1-4FF0-4A63-87C6-AF9D00D3BE8B NE22 7DE Techflow Marine Ltd, Site 7, Longridge Way Variable Restricted
E35CD035-E7D0-45D1-B193-B00600854A87 NE22 7DS Bedlington High School Lodge, Palace Road, Bedlington Variable Restricted
DD602B27-441F-450E-8924-AE3200BE3FF0 NE22 7JG Bedlington Station Working Mens Club, Whitley Terrace, Bedlington 24/7 Public
0B9A1C4D-8D41-4FB6-99EE-AF34007E3D62 NE22 7LQ Suez Recycling & Recovery, West Sleekburn Mrf, West Sleekburn Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
2B0E1046-FF54-457E-BD11-AFF200A658F5 NE23 1DY School House Hillcrest Day Special School, East View Avenue, Cramlington Variable Restricted
97C6DA4D-A4F9-498C-805D-AF740134D4C6 NE23 1HG Nelsonminerswelfareclub, Nelson Cramlington Miner's Welfare Club, 53 Nelson Avenue Variable Public
17C04F8A-B7AD-43B6-993D-AE1C00F47907 NE23 1WA Osborne Engineering Ltd, Osborne Engineering Ltd, 19 Atley Way, Cramlington 24/7 Public
608600D8-8BC4-4140-A50D-B02D00EE1770 NE23 1WD Amcor Flexibles Cramlington, 49 Colbourne Avenue, Nelson Park Variable Public
847F7670-EAC4-4906-85D7-B02D00EFBB80 NE23 1WD 49 Colbourne Avenue, Nelson Park, Cramlington Variable Public
2AA52E99-BA5E-4AB0-B950-AF3B00C692DA NE23 1WE Hytorc Unex Ltd, 25 Moorland Way, Nelson Park Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
A561B0E3-2F54-47E8-B325-AFEB009BEC1D NE23 1WE Screwfix, Unit 24b Moorland Way, Nelson Park Ind Est Variable Restricted
F7AA3D32-B986-42DC-8BE7-AEDD00C73F9F NE23 1WL B Village Endeavour Park, Baker Road, Cramlington Variable Restricted
04B1AA8D-756C-4878-971E-ADB300D33FF1 NE23 1WQ Easter Park, 3 Baker Road, Cramlington 24/7 Public
756C8D5D-D893-4F8A-ADE0-B030010E14E3 NE23 1XZ Tesco Cramlington Express, 3 Brockwell Centre, Cramlington Variable Public
ED57232A-70C6-4CAB-A0AE-AFE800CF33A6 NE23 3AU Cramlington Town Fc, Clubhouse Recreation Ground, Farm Road 24/7 Public
BF1B53DC-4EEA-4C11-8F27-AE8400B44890 NE23 3ST Cramlington Nazarene Church, Corner Of Durham Rd And Northumbrian Rd, Cramlington 24/7 Public
85FF3AB4-4F84-4BDA-804D-B045009BB9B6 NE23 6HR 2nd Cramlington Scout Hq, Ann Welfare Playing Fields, Cramlington Variable Restricted
032F2633-B5C5-4350-A08D-B09A007EAA07 NE23 6QW Asda, Manor Walks Shopping Centre, Cramlington Variable Public
24DA9349-5386-41C0-98A4-B06000CAE8A2 NE23 6UR O2 Store (0500) Cramlington, 22 Northumbria House, Manor Walks Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
8913C39A-E854-4C68-883E-B07C0087F9B1 NE23 6UY Dunelm Cramlington, Manor Walks Retail Park, Cramlington Variable Restricted
D7291DAD-1D95-448E-91CA-AEAB00FB3D85 NE23 6XA Cramlington Bowling Club, Ann Welfare, Klondyke 24/7 Public
83073726-8746-4B2C-91D6-B0360078B69C NE23 6YA Benedictine Ne23 6ya, Benedictine Club, Glenluce Court 24/7 Public
1EC5DCBD-6642-4473-A73F-ADB000CA81F3 NE23 7BF Necs Cleaning, Unit 47 Apex Business Village, Northumberland Business Park 24/7 Public
08146D94-EE6C-4F7B-8DF9-AF3F0080926B NE23 7DY Suez Recycling & Recovery, Suez Seghill Landfill Gas Compound, Seghill Village Variable Restricted
062F21E1-5818-4E68-B26F-ADAB0139D2F7 NE23 7FF Moorcroft, Bowman Drive, Dudley 24/7 Public
0EB99BCA-CAEF-407D-870B-AF8900ECB7C4 NE23 7GA Jr Dynamics Limited, 1 Innovation Way, Northumberland Business Park Variable Public
4649F5A0-AF5F-4FAB-ABA6-AFDF000BA0BF NE23 7HS Borderline Taxis, 39a Market Street, Dudley Variable Public
5A1EE3B1-5F6B-4B57-A116-ADFA00D5059A NE23 7NG Burradon Juniors Afc, Car Park Miners Welfare Ground, Burradon Road 24/7 Public
2BC4C53D-4C80-4363-AF5B-ADBD00CDABF3 NE23 7PX Clayton Arms, 24-25 Grieves Row, Dudley 24/7 Public
2FD9CBC0-8794-4451-98EF-AE550110FA14 NE23 7QA Premier Inn, Moor Farm, Annitsford 24/7 Restricted
BF437CC8-CBC4-414E-8512-AF4C010B2E7B NE23 7QA Mcdonald's - Northumberland 5, Moor Farm, Annitsford 24/7 Restricted
F1400884-D48D-4963-B509-AF56014A88CC NE23 7QX United Irish League Club, 1 Barras Avenue, Annitsford 24/7 Public
3AC7EA31-43D9-44E5-B04B-ADDE00A204B3 NE23 7RY Techflow Marine Ltd, Unit 4 Silverton Court, Northumberland Business Park Variable Public
14B8ED18-5B46-4EA1-9F14-AEE8009B52D6 NE23 7RZ Emtec Group, 16 Berrymoor Court, Northumberland Business Park Variable Restricted
53409C1B-77F5-4668-9498-B06F00E795C9 NE23 8AE Precision Hydraulic Cylinders (Uk) Ltd, Bassington Lane Industrial Estate, Bassington Lane Variable Public
FF935813-6AB7-4EF7-AD62-AF2600F5E240 NE23 8AU Snowy Owl, Blagdon Lane, Cramlington 24/7 Restricted
36E13A11-7449-40D4-BB22-ADB100E1F020 NE24 1BG Blyth Market Place, Blyth 24/7 Public
6D62E43C-87A8-4B76-939F-B07000DACB99 NE24 1DE Our Lady And St Wilfrids Church, Waterloo Road, Blyth 24/7 Public
A8D261B1-873B-4BDC-82A0-AFC900B4DB28 NE24 1LL Limitless Dance, Dance Studio Tower Garage, Regent Street 24/7 Public
25B9223E-0C6C-4737-9514-ADAC00BAF2D7 NE24 1QY William Jones House, Back Lane Next To Aged Miners Homes, Cambois 24/7 Public
8CB78605-A3FC-408D-B9BF-B07A007CD1D9 NE24 1RD Cambois Primary School, Cowgate, Cambois 24/7 Public
21DEFED0-0BFF-42AE-9FE6-AE9F00D70265 NE24 2AQ Job Centre, Job Centre Bridge House, Percy Street Variable Restricted
91C20635-DB83-407F-9607-AFB700C3B7F6 NE24 2BW Dinotots Daycare Ltd, 22 Bridge Street, Blyth Variable Restricted
FD513B17-AF06-4785-8614-B01C0094D991 NE24 2HP Croftway Primary Academy, William Street, Blyth Variable Public
77419E4C-15B2-415C-BF56-ADBA00EFF606 NE24 3AG Blyth Community Enterprise Centre, Ridley Street, Quayside 24/7 Public
1C8B38A7-6E0C-4F33-A2AC-ADB300E1C797 NE24 3HF Ridley Park, Blyth 24/7 Public
5802C4B6-7F20-4F28-BC9D-AF1000ACE19D NE24 3PH Gloucester Lodge Farm, Links Road, Seaton Sluice 24/7 Public
251F18CB-1D21-423B-BB15-B04401456277 NE24 3PS Blyth Town Football Club, Gateway Park, Sandringham Drive 24/7 Public
398F8331-6A8E-4CFE-86C5-AE4100E58B81 NE24 3RJ Tesco, Tesco Express Fulmar Drive, Blyth Variable Restricted
42C81807-4A82-4714-A57B-ADAD00F54650 NE24 3RJ Neptune Hq (Scout Hut), Fulmar Drive, Blyth 24/7 Public
2047753F-04D8-4349-9E38-AF0A00A03B1B NE24 4DB Blyth Golf Club Ltd, Blyth Golf Club, Plessey Road 24/7 Public
F082232E-1457-47B9-81AE-AF3400921306 NE24 4HW Suez Recycling & Recovery, Bebside Civic Amenity Site, Front Street Variable Restricted
1555869F-BC0A-4AA4-AD41-AFB700C8775F NE24 4NR Dinotots Childcare, 14 Elliott Street, Newsham Variable Restricted
10DCA898-EAC7-4CE6-A048-B0050109ACAD NE24 4NX Newsham Primary, Newsham Primary School, Warwick Street Variable Restricted
27A858D5-92DD-40A0-84DD-AFB600A4BDC2 NE24 4RF Burberry (Internal Manufacturing), Blyth Riverside Business Park, Coniston Road 24/7 Restricted
9D7BAAA8-1772-4385-AB09-ADDB00C30E61 NE24 5AN Briardale House Youth & Community Projects Ltd., Briardale House Youth & Community Projects Ltd, Community Centre 24/7 Public
913AE6FA-2265-4B46-A2A1-AF4C0104B5B8 NE24 5ND Mcdonald's - Northumberland 1, 334 Cowpen Road, Blyth Variable Public
7D98E987-2D56-4640-B580-AE0500D2A658 NE24 5SY Global Marine, Bates Terminal, Chain Ferry Road Variable Restricted
E5F23D8A-1B97-4E5D-986A-AE0500D69C50 NE24 5SY Bates Terminal, Chain Ferry Road, Blyth Variable Restricted
B1DBADDB-693F-4B05-B829-AFB300E19F41 NE24 5SZ Northumberland County Council, Crematorium, Cowpen Road 24/7 Restricted
62783045-2D58-4FDE-AD30-AFC100FCADF7 NE24 5TG James Burrell Ltd, Units C To E Progressive Court, 6 Spencer Road Variable Restricted
ABA9176C-4FD8-457E-978C-AFE700D37643 NE24 5TW Screwfix, Unit 22a, Spencer Court Variable Restricted
B351B1B5-C7FD-44E0-9341-B036008FAFEC NE25 0EP Seaton Delaval First School, Western Avenue, Seaton Delaval Variable Restricted
E80AE271-AD94-4CBD-8E9B-B0AC009A5522 NE25 0GW Hartley Court, 32 Lysdon Avenue, New Hartley 24/7 Public
2CA60212-EEF4-49B5-B9A0-ADBB00E40B00 NE25 0HU Pavilion Bates Cottages, Tranwell Drive, Seaton Delaval 24/7 Public
6205 NE25 8JH Beverley Park Lawn Tennis Club, Tyne and Wear 24/7 Public
4577 NE25 8RW Whitley Bay Rockcliff Rugby Club, Tyne and Wear 24/7 Public
BBD32015-AEDA-4F58-B068-AFC100E3F391 NE25 8XW Coffee Club, Charlton Court, Cedartree Gardens 24/7 Public
0C14CCD6-A681-4189-8BBF-B08A00D8B0EC NE25 9DL N T C Education Service, Langley First School, Drumoyne Gardens Variable Public
5377D18C-411B-4734-99C1-AEC100ADCC3C NE25 9JY Earsdon And Wellfield Community Assoc, Earsdon Community Centre, Church Way 24/7 Public
AD1659BF-3920-46D5-ACC7-AFE000A392EC NE25 9NX Wellfield Defibrillator Group, 69 Wilton Drive, South Wellfield 24/7 Public
256398BE-6E63-4E34-B75B-AEDA014D8FA7 NE25 9PT Wellfield Defibrillator Group, The Beacon Hotel, Earsdon Road 24/7 Public
A29F4BA5-B1FB-41DD-A108-AF4A00D8E642 NE25 9QW Wellfield Defibrillator Group, Wellfield Middle School, Kielder Road 24/7 Public
4411C31F-A0EA-401F-B634-ADB7006C4419 NE25 9SX 1 Earsdon Road, Whitley Bay Variable Restricted
577299E9-6981-466C-BDD7-B00000B64879 NE26 1LT Marine Park First School, Park Road, Whitley Bay Variable Restricted
8317DF0A-0D15-4615-AFCD-ADB2009FA5BE NE26 3HW Whitley Lodge First School, Woodburn Drive, Whitley Bay Variable Restricted
CC54DED1-4CF0-4E27-A7EF-AFC10125723F NE26 3NS North Shields Polytechnic Club, Hartley Avenue, Whitley Bay 24/7 Restricted
ED0BA947-7FEC-4F9A-B7D3-ADB3009A0791 NE26 3UF Whitley Bay Golf Club Clubhouse, Claremont Road, Whitley Bay 24/7 Public
05838063-7B85-412A-9736-ADB0008BE1AB NE26 4BG Pavilion Crag Park, Beresford Road, Seaton Sluice 24/7 Public
113AFA80-3B0F-4C2E-B4ED-AF4301031849 NE26 4BH Hartley Square, Seaton Sluice 24/7 Public
014B25E7-B794-4169-9406-ADA200DF1669 NE26 4BX Seaton Sluice First School, Malvern Road, Seaton Sluice 24/7 Public
863658EF-494C-49F2-8F93-ADA200E19486 NE26 4DN W R Rodgersons, 1, Seaton Sluice 24/7 Public
CB0016A1-15A5-4031-A457-AF4300EB9BD0 NE26 4HW The Green At Parklea, Easedale, Seaton Sluice 24/7 Public
3A726220-5259-47B2-A6E5-ADB0008FDB60 NE26 4JS Seaton Sluice Middle School, Alston Grove, Seaton Sluice 24/7 Public
F7AB9C28-DBD4-45FC-8D1C-ADB0008A2ADC NE26 4JX Astley Arms Marine View, Links Road, Seaton Sluice 24/7 Public
0AFED5CC-0F11-408B-9051-B08100AD88C9 NE26 4QW Seaton Delaval Hall, Orangery Cottage, The Avenue Variable Restricted
E46DAC72-994A-4B95-ADC6-ADB0008CC99F NE26 4QX Seaton Sluice Community Centre, Albert Road, Seaton Sluice 24/7 Public
BAA9C531-BBEC-445F-822D-AE8D00FEFC2E NE26 4RD Seaton Sluice Boating Association, Kings Arms, West Terrace 24/7 Public
9D65A553-2C47-4166-906D-B04C00BDDFEF NE26 4RG Scout Hut, First Seaton Sluice Scout Group, Collywell Bay Road 24/7 Public
71FBDBB0-031A-4B3E-880D-AF2E00AC27D7 NE26 4RL Old Hartley Camc Site, Eastcroft Road, Old Hartley 24/7 Public
539E25CF-EB6B-4C88-983B-AF41010A6663 NE26 4RS St Mary's Island North Carpark, St Marys Island Access Road, Whitley Bay 24/7 Public
C38EDCDF-0EFA-41AB-87FF-AF6600BA0831 NE27 0FS Toby Carvery - Shiremoor, Northumberland Park Way, Backworth Variable Public
F3F44B4E-D396-486F-8527-ADAB00E8503C NE27 0FW Eccles Grange, Church Road, Backworth 24/7 Public
D7D19E36-7AD7-443A-953D-AE9800F126A0 NE27 0NB Unit 13 Gym, Unit 13, Algernon Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
56A26FE4-FECA-46A0-B693-AFD5005879BD NE27 0QQ North Tyneside Council, Ground Floor Quadrant West, 2 Quick Silver Way Variable Restricted
E1B6E3ED-37FC-41F2-8C6A-AE39013904DE NE27 0QW Tesco Express, Cobalt Business Park, 0 Variable Restricted
B88E33ED-34D8-45A6-8FBB-AED600A8D03B NE27 0UG Northumberland Scouts, 39 Horsley Avenue, Shiremoor Variable Restricted
05E2190D-C586-4D5C-B5E8-B02100F6D50C NE28 0PP Howdon Community Centre, Denbigh Avenue, Wallsend Variable Public
C4542D0B-3A5B-4A9E-86B9-ADE200FA63B3 NE28 6DL Newcastle Optical Engineering Ltd, Unit 1b, Buddle Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
BDB6E9CD-434B-4AF2-AB2B-AEA300CA08F2 NE28 6HP Jobcentreplus, Job Centre Plus Hadrian House, Station Road Variable Restricted
2D9B47E4-591B-4C6C-8C21-AEBC00A21D8C NE28 6HS Tyne And Wear Fire And Rescue Service, Wallsend Fire Station, Hadrian Road 24/7 Public
5B84353E-662A-4623-8FD6-AEF600CB4882 NE28 6SR North East Radio Communications Ltd, 1 Bewicke Street, Wallsend Variable Public
9922F11F-0639-453A-9889-AED400CC6A5F NE28 6TD 90 Station Road, Wallsend 24/7 Public
641CC2D9-1A88-4707-B188-AEA100FB7A76 NE28 7QR Parish Nursing, 118 Park Road, Wallsend 24/7 Public
A104EEC1-1879-4E67-898C-B09300839E6B NE28 7TN N T C Education Service, Churchill Community College, Churchill Street Variable Restricted
B7E67A32-6F27-4C47-ACEC-B01400E01527 NE28 7TN N T C Education Service, Churchill Community College, Churchill Street Variable Restricted
D78EB22C-557E-4DB0-A061-AF8300B0E079 NE28 8DA Asylum Tattoo Studio, Unit B Anderson House, 29 Coast Road 24/7 Public
10C290F0-3523-4065-814B-AE6F00B54663 NE28 8DG Wallsend Ex Servicemen And Working Mens Club And Institute, Burnside, Station Road 24/7 Public
3348845F-CA0A-461D-BA7F-AFE40169B385 NE28 8LG Lindisfarne Social Club Ltd, Lindisfarne Social Club, West Street 24/7 Public
C136F07D-DEE8-46FB-97A0-B03700A9B05A NE28 8QL Western Community Primary School, Rutland Road Wallsend, Wallsend Variable Public
E7C02159-BD3D-4C43-BCD7-ADBA00D452FE NE28 8RH Footprints Day Nursery And Childrens Centre, North Road, Wallsend 24/7 Public
25AB5766-55E8-4284-847A-B03F014385C6 NE28 8TU The Powder Monkey, Wiltshire Drive, Wallsend 24/7 Public
A300D3FF-3B6D-4C0A-AF18-AE4400A628AB NE28 9DT Tesco, 10 Battle Hill Drive, Wallsend Variable Public
A9C63A82-325E-499F-86D4-AEBD00A53C30 NE28 9HA Westholme Farm Social Club, Mullen Road, Wallsend 24/7 Public
9F04E1AD-0E60-4B1B-B79B-AEFB00CC262E NE28 9ND Savills - Silverlink Shopping Park-Unit H, Mallard Way, Coast Road, Wallsend 24/7 Public
D5E500F6-31D6-42AB-8FB0-AF6A0106A52E NE28 9NX Advantech Innocore, Innocore House, Kingfisher Way Variable Restricted
7F1AFB98-01D7-41AD-86D1-AFCC00D3C063 NE28 9RJ Battle Hill Multi Use Centre, Community Centre, Bray Close 24/7 Public
B64E7C1B-A633-4DAF-AAA9-B03400A7B982 NE28 9RT Hadrian Park Primary School, Addington Drive, Wallsend Variable Public
94E5CD9A-384D-4C54-ACF9-AEE500F1D297 NE28 9TH Spring View, Bristol Drive, Wallsend 24/7 Public
CC8F2949-9DD6-4C44-A1D5-ADB4009C0AAB NE29 0DQ North Shields Catholic Club, Cecil Street, North Shields 24/7 Public
8C6B141D-2AF0-400A-B64E-AF9C00F064D4 NE29 6AR Keith Spicer Building, Earl Grey Way, North Shields Variable Restricted
F964C94E-27E8-4AC7-8158-AEAD00BDAC9E NE29 6AR Kings Court, Earl Grey Way, North Shields Variable Restricted
C9B80348-0534-470F-B4A7-AFEB00CA2679 NE29 6BA Meadow Well Connected, Waterville Road, North Shields 24/7 Public
6137667C-D8B6-490E-A57C-ADB4009DCBCF NE29 6DU Albert Edward Dock, Coble Dene, North Shields 24/7 Public
AF45805A-8FD8-40A5-8697-AF6900FB619F NE29 6QJ Bupadentalcare Uk, 102 Bedford Street, North Shields Variable Restricted
C388E881-EFB3-4C11-8A0A-AED2007E6C29 NE29 6RS 1 Wellington Street West, North Shields 24/7 Public
4E5772C6-0503-4A2B-ABFF-AFCC00D2FCA1 NE29 6XB Linskill And North Tyneside Development Trust, Room 1 Royal Quays Community Centre, 8-9 Prince Consort Way 24/7 Public
498B5053-8986-480C-9942-AFE70119DC4B NE29 7DE Screwfix, Unit 8 - 9 Tyne Tunnel Trade Park, Tyne Tunnel Trading Estate Variable Restricted
46825AB3-A9C2-43FD-9E87-AED200F2AD98 NE29 7HX New Smile Company, 109a Heaton Terrace, North Shields 24/7 Public
EF9A79AB-C08B-4BFE-9C54-AF31012A572B NE29 7SH Suez Recycling & Recovery, North Tyneside Regional Office, Wallsend Road Variable Restricted
8AFFF55B-1ED7-4BCA-BA4F-AEE70108F26E NE29 7SN Nsslglobal, Unit 7 Mercury Court, Orion Way Variable Restricted
D7E00917-24FC-4B0E-B807-AFBC00D34520 NE29 7SU Willington Quay Saints Football Club, Sports Pavilion, Wallsend Road 24/7 Public
80CBE063-39C7-4201-82AC-AE5100F7588F NE29 7UJ Tesco, Tesco West Chirton Industrial Estate South, Norham Road Variable Public
6355D8C9-77AA-48DD-A9EC-ADD000764F66 NE29 7UZ Bay Plastics, Unit H1, High Flatworth Variable Restricted
0187360B-CADF-4617-B7FB-ADAB00DDA573 NE29 7XB Unit B10, Hamar Close, North Shields 24/7 Public
44AE8FAB-995A-45DD-928E-AF9400A8880A NE29 7XJ Jewsons Ltd, Unit S1, Narvik Way Variable Restricted
1CE06067-C140-474A-B166-B02A0095CEB9 NE29 8LF N T C Education Service, St Thomas More Roman Catholic High School, Lynn Road Variable Restricted
6033089D-F39D-40E4-9568-AFF90090EA9C NE29 8LF N T C Education Service, St Thomas More Roman Catholic High School, Lynn Road Variable Restricted
F2A93BAD-5613-4730-BEEC-AFF90097B85C NE29 8LF N T C Education Service, St Thomas More Roman Catholic High School, Lynn Road Variable Restricted
45D99C44-EF75-4327-A378-AF4000DFE91A NE29 8PZ Tamar Close, North Shields 24/7 Public
3F2FE732-209E-4C71-84C4-ADCD008E1D4F NE29 8RF Norfran Ltd, Westmorland Road, North Shields Variable Restricted
05589303-DC5F-4184-9997-AEAE00D15A30 NE29 8SD Rosewood Packaging, Unit 14, Alder Road Variable Restricted
BB8023EA-51D4-46D7-9175-AF3300CFDBB4 NE29 8SD Isoclad Ltd, Unit 10, Alder Road Variable Restricted
4A54C4EE-FB41-47B5-9E74-AF9D0106286E NE29 8YY Royal Mail North Tyneside Do, Cumberland Road, North Shields, North Shields Variable Restricted
B27B64C7-CF76-4CA0-A2FC-AE3900FA863B NE29 9AE Tesco Express, Tesco Esso Express, Beach Road Variable Restricted
507E6018-E826-4898-8C0E-AEBA0114FFB7 NE29 9LN Sportsman Hotel, Cawthorne Terrace, North Shields 24/7 Public
ABFF3333-9098-40C3-AD6B-B03B007EF4D3 NE29 9PU N T C Education Service, Sports Hall At John Spence Community High School, Preston North Road Variable Public
B6DE26DB-3D5A-4726-A56E-AE44015663DB NE29 9PU The Three Sails Sports Bar, John Spence High School, Preston Road 24/7 Public
DC1EA731-5CF2-45A9-8C85-B03B0082B5E0 NE29 9PU John Spence Community High School, Preston Road, Preston North Road Variable Public
5E763A54-CEB8-464A-97A5-ADF400E29F22 NE29 9PY Tyne And Wear Fire Brigade, Tynemouth Fire Station, Preston North Road 24/7 Public
09921204-5A3F-4DC1-AE3A-AF70009440FF NE29 9QH Preston Grange Primary School Internal Road, North Shields 24/7 Public
C56574F0-4830-47AA-973D-ADAC00DAEA9B NE3 1HQ 219 High Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
A6AE4919-58F6-4AFC-93E6-AE2B009CF120 NE3 1RR Bowsden Court Accomodation, South Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
335A3BDC-3178-4D11-9C8E-ADAD00EBB970 NE3 1TX Saint Charles Church, Church Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
A4873F98-6E83-4AFE-B342-B07E009ABB6D NE3 1TX St Charles Rc Church, Saint Charles Presbytery, Church Road 24/7 Public
D7F49150-C488-44B9-B8D8-AD7A00B2713D NE3 1XD Solarglide Bakers Yard, Solarglide Limited Unit 8 The Stottie Shed,, Bakers Yard Christon Road Variable Restricted
61D5A83E-B45A-47EA-9A8C-AED100D406A8 NE3 2DR City Of Newcastle Golf Club, Great North Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
9BCE9967-EB21-411F-A8AB-ADF200BF41E9 NE3 2DT Northern Football Club, Northern Football Club Mccracken Park, Great North Road Variable Restricted
AD2F3EA5-B0B3-4D62-8301-AFE80073CE8F NE3 2EF Screwfix, Unit 21 Kingston Park, Airport Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
62A25E06-E4D5-40A5-AC95-AE3601328CDB NE3 2FP Tesco Newcastle Extra, Brunton Lane, Kingston Park Variable Restricted
8B1A636A-3BD3-44A1-AF37-AFF400E1A663 NE3 2FP Tesco Newcastle Extra Petrol Station, Brunton Lane, Kingston Park Variable Public
CACBAFE6-3EAC-42EB-8C40-B069014EB55C NE3 2HB Church Of Saint John The Evangelist, Kingston Park Avenue, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
BE2CB8EF-C769-4EF0-B4DF-AFC000AA4994 NE3 2JH Great Park Academy, Gosforth Academy, Great North Road Variable Restricted
0024D334-C25F-423F-86B9-AEED00C07835 NE3 2SZ The Windsor, 1 Windsor Way, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
36D5FE00-E6DE-4AA2-9949-AE21010E7136 NE3 3BQ Tesco Express, Kenton Way Service Station, Kenton Lane Variable Restricted
4E7E63F3-802A-48D2-9F32-AEBA00E2EE26 NE3 3BQ Duke Of Wellington, Kenton Lane, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
17853352-16F5-4C9E-AEF4-ADF000EEB358 NE3 3EU Tyne And Wear Fire And Rescue Service, Gosforth Community Fire Station, Jubilee Road 24/7 Public
337914FF-2408-4A92-AD5E-AEC400FAFD91 NE3 3HD Liberdade Community Development Trust, Gosforth Civic Theatre, Regent Farm Road 24/7 Public
485E5A80-67A9-487B-B551-AEF600FBEA3F NE3 3HD Gll, Gosforth Leisure Centre, Regent Farm Road Variable Restricted
3952A06F-0E5B-4DE2-898C-AE2800E42AA6 NE3 3LB Hillsview Surgery, 220a Hillsview Avenue, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
62CF149E-A54C-4A47-A1AB-AF640148FA0F NE3 3TY Toby Carvery - Kenton Bank, Ponteland Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Public
4DB07B92-535F-4271-8FB3-AE0700FF2CA0 NE3 4ES Gosforth Bowling And Tennis Club, West Avenue, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
A65314E6-7F3E-4CC9-8E91-ADC800A9E4FE NE3 4ES All Saints Church, West Avenue, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
F7C0A1A3-67B1-498C-8555-AE8A00E3B661 NE3 4EY Philip Cussins House, 33 Linden Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
364BDE6B-F395-4852-B31C-AEC000B58053 NE3 4UP The Church Of The Ascension, Creighton Avenue, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
9C69D1A2-E3A0-4249-9789-B01400D1366A NE3 5EP Dobbies Garden Centre Gosforth, Gosforth Park, Gosforth Variable Public
4ACA8468-525F-40AB-8740-AFA500957864 NE3 5HB Driver And Vehicle Standards Agency, Newcastle Testing Station, Sandy Lane Variable Restricted
30FF92D7-9CFF-492E-B38B-ADB800877C06 NE30 1DL Northumbria Youth Action, Hudson Street, North Shields 24/7 Public
4B322B64-0E4F-43D4-B4FE-AF5100CAB895 NE30 1DS Neh North East Homeless, Unit A3 Fish Quay Hub, 3 Northumberland Street 24/7 Restricted
B1E954C9-9C34-4797-8F10-AF7200CD52EC NE30 1LZ North Shields Registry Office, Maritime Chambers, 1 Howard Street 24/7 Public
D509462F-CA2A-4DA3-9F8D-AE9400F0E61A NE30 1ND Jobcentre Employment Services Agency, Employment Services Camden House Commercial Centre, Howard Street Variable Public
B2CE12A9-AF6B-4160-B106-AE5F00FD0528 NE30 2BF Housing21, Linskill Park Sheltered Housing Scheme, Linskill Park 24/7 Public
11C1588C-6753-4071-A5ED-AF1400D1CF8E NE30 2ER Tynemouth Golf Club Professionals Shop, 3 King Edward Road, Tynemouth 24/7 Public
56917380-D71D-4E09-A2B3-AE21009AE9A4 NE30 3LJ Cullercoats Methodist Church, The Broadway, Cullercoats 24/7 Public
470C1C98-3A85-45E7-A380-AE69009A3D6F NE30 3PH Housing 21, Clifford's Mews, Stanton Road 24/7 Public
E4A22E05-B2A1-4159-9393-AECB00E36DED NE30 3RZ City Learning Centre, Marden High School, Hartington Road 24/7 Public
19CFCFDA-BDD5-405E-A71A-B04300FC0F74 NE30 3SH Monkhouse Primary School, Wallington Avenue, Cullercoats Variable Restricted
E4E06C54-C7DB-4AFB-A94E-B04300F59A2A NE30 3SH Monkhouse Primary School, Wallington Avenue, Cullercoats Variable Restricted
BA0D3F79-1C5F-4066-8E21-AED100CCB2F7 NE30 3TD Cullercoats Football Club, 59 Whittingham Road, Tynemouth 24/7 Public
97B3DD20-B19E-4A9A-A3AE-ADFF00A92B01 NE30 4AG N T C Childcare Function, Sir James Knott Nursery School, River View 24/7 Public
607274A3-F71F-4CD9-9174-AEAF00F06EA7 NE30 4ER Grand Hotel, Grand Parade, Tynemouth 24/7 Restricted
FB83D109-450E-46EC-872B-B02600B6B069 NE31 1BQ St Aloysius Catholic Junior School Academy, Argyle Street, Hebburn Variable Restricted
FC8FA44F-346F-4DE9-BD79-AF4600947102 NE31 1HT St Oswalds Ce Primary School, St Oswalds Road, Hebburn 24/7 Public
5AF31B1A-D5E8-402A-8E28-AEB800ED937B NE31 1PN Hebburn Iona Club Ltd, Station Road, Hebburn 24/7 Public
4677BA8D-2789-4977-825C-B06100F158BD NE31 1SP A H Engineering Ne Ltd, Svitzer Quay, Wagonway Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
75D23C0F-C7EE-4A76-A6BB-AE6F00988525 NE31 1UD Tyne And Wear Fire And Rescue Service, South Tyneside West Community Fire Station, Victoria Road West 24/7 Public
52EC3D24-6529-446F-AF57-AE8901554E2A NE31 2ED Elmfield Social Club, Campbell Park Road, Hebburn Variable Public
64920F5B-12A4-46F5-9961-B00600AD77EC NE31 2ED Elmfield Social Club, Campbell Park Road, Hebburn 24/7 Public
EDC7B83A-2EFA-4919-9157-B00A00FA1C7C NE31 2EQ Inchcape Retail, Inchcape¬†Retail, 01/02/2023 Variable Public
AA9358D3-35C6-4D95-9C4A-AFB6008BAFDB NE31 2ES Elliott Johnson Ltd, Apollo Court, 3 Koppers Way 24/7 Public
019BF589-B0C9-4FD1-B163-B06D00AC16C2 NE31 2JZ Hebburn Depot, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Unit 5, Monkton Business Park North, Hebburn Variable Public
7ED30CE7-F88B-4F4F-8B62-ADD0008B0C58 NE31 2JZ Cottam Brush Ltd, Unit 7, Monkton Business Park North, Hebburn Variable Restricted
2A065B81-A76B-46E9-88B9-AFEE00A32040 NE31 2QU Hebburn Comprehensive School, Campbell Park Road, Hebburn Variable Public
211D83F4-D5C9-4543-8366-AE9F00D8E6F7 NE32 3BX Job Centre Plus, 56-64 Ellison Street, Jarrow Variable Public
864599D2-8607-4432-BB18-B0A600B40552 NE32 3DT Jarrow Business Centre, Rolling Mill Road, Jarrow Variable Public
BAF335AD-0275-416C-AC68-B04300B6786D NE32 3QH Dunn Street Primary School, Minster Parade, Jarrow Variable Public
4E5E6889-FAAA-4579-8109-B0690091E307 NE32 4AU St Marys Rc Church, Glasgow Road, Jarrow 24/7 Public
1192BA13-27F9-43A2-B0E5-AE3800F13844 NE32 4HT Red Hackle, The Red Hackle, Perth Avenue 24/7 Public
5B23217B-4E4B-4F37-9DC8-AF0200A29FC0 NE32 4HT The Red Hackle, Perth Avenue, Jarrow 24/7 Restricted
E5DC2EFF-B981-4C01-987F-B08B00CE9057 NE32 4PJ St Josephs Rc Va Primary School, St Josephs Way, Jarrow Variable Restricted
7487BC0C-D39B-4D97-A271-AE7700EE99D4 NE32 5NN The Lord Nelson, Monkton Lane, Monkton Village 24/7 Public
BA7B0070-720E-45E6-A2E5-AF080109DD1F NE32 5QY Primrose Community Centre, Lambton Terrace, Jarrow Variable Restricted
16B1C3AC-007D-4F38-90C2-B083008C2E79 NE33 1DA O2 Store (0493) South Shields, 31-33 King Street, South Shields Variable Restricted
92272FB9-E384-40FD-A2DC-AE0601149EBE NE33 1LH Little Haven Hotel, River Drive, South Shields 24/7 Restricted
5D9895CB-1766-4661-AC34-AF5801001A8D NE33 1RF Safesol, South Shields Business Works, Henry Robson Way Variable Restricted
449CAF3B-206D-4D8B-B591-AF5600C2AC4E NE33 1RG Holborn, Cone Street, Off Commercial Road Variable Restricted
76650562-9FAF-49C5-B285-AF7100EFAB0C NE33 1SA South Tyneside Council, One Trinity Green, Eldon Street 24/7 Public
C1323B2C-786D-469D-822C-ADBE00C3A79E NE33 1TA Jobcentre Plus, Mile End Road, South Shields Variable Restricted
BB9F3148-7441-443D-91D8-AE060113B932 NE33 2LD Quasar Amusements, Ocean Beach Pleasure Park, Sea Road 24/7 Public
C325F20B-8C97-4293-B919-AD99011DBE9A NE33 2LD The Sand Dancer Bar, The Sand Dancer, Sea Road 24/7 Public
43CE2AB3-1002-4550-AFB2-AE3900E10C7B NE33 3NE Tesco, Tesco Express, Seawinningsway Variable Restricted
85AF14AF-307B-4D42-AAA7-AE2A00E647FF NE33 4EA South Shields And Westoe Club, 33 Dean Road, South Shields 24/7 Public
3F5A9BEF-AF87-48CA-AA12-B02700A03787 NE33 4SZ Stanhope Primary School, Gresford Street, South Shields Variable Restricted
43528673-50C6-476A-907B-AFE800795562 NE33 5QU Screwfix, Unit 2g Western Approach Trade Centre, Western Approach Variable Restricted
948A6037-74E8-4EAD-AFEE-AF010070788B NE33 5SQ Victor Products, 3a Tyne Dock East Side, South Shields Variable Restricted
05016EE3-6BB4-4203-BF20-AEF2010A87F1 NE33 5TB Fitfam Fitness Ltd, Fitfam Fitness Ltd Unit 3, 8 Mitre Place 24/7 Public
DBFE6D68-EFC1-4CCA-8513-AF31012491D6 NE34 0BN Middlefields Recycling Village, Throckley Way, Foss Way Variable Restricted
921A0768-7E56-4DA9-BDE9-AF3101288335 NE34 0NT South Tyneside Council, Middlefields Depot Transfer Station Suez Rec & Rec, Heddon Way Variable Restricted
4AF6FB58-E1ED-4EDB-8713-B04A009A59C1 NE34 0QA Alternative Education And Behaviourial Support Service, The Beacon Centre, Temple Park Road Variable Restricted
BF10F353-3E24-4EB6-9861-AFF100882B2C NE34 0QA Park View School, Temple Park Road, South Shields Variable Public
0B728982-B7BC-4EAF-B86B-ADAC0099663E NE34 6EU Readhead Bowling Club, Readhead Park, Cemetery Approach 24/7 Public
97F2FCB0-6D4F-4AD5-8A17-AE3A00828C69 NE34 6RA Tesco Express, 135 Prince Edward Rd, 0 Variable Restricted
9450C417-D9E0-4A61-BD6A-AEDF00A6224F NE34 7AF Whitburn Golf Club, Lizard Lane, South Shields Variable Public
B4C9B099-A238-40C0-96B0-B00A00A68345 NE34 7TD Sea View Primary School Nursery Unit, Sea View Primary School Nursery Unit Horsley Hill Community Campus, Norham Avenue North Variable Restricted
BC0EB930-59CA-46D5-9309-AFFD00AD516D NE34 8BT South Shields Community School, Epinay Business And Enterprise School, Nevinson Avenue Variable Public
41131E19-C137-48D7-B3BC-AE6F00808189 NE34 8FS Tyne And Wear Fire And Rescue Service, Fire Station, John Reid Road 24/7 Public
2AE80678-1230-4941-8AFD-AE3E01201BD3 NE34 8HW Tesco, 216a Whiteleas Way, South Shields Variable Public
395E91DA-0CD6-4786-8DA6-B08B00986B8F NE34 8NS St Oswalds Rc Va Primary School, Nash Avenue, South Shields Variable Restricted
1A8CA8DB-9F43-4114-8642-B09E01234309 NE34 8QN South Tyneside Council, Temple Park Leisure Centre South Tyneside Council Temple Park Centre, John Reid Road 24/7 Public
8B935CE6-F2AC-41F4-B0E1-AE3A00B2BC9F NE34 9QD Tesco Superstore, Towers Place, Simonside Variable Restricted
12350A73-48FF-40A7-AF2F-AF6400F2D188 NE34 9RD Monkton Junior School, Dame Flora Robson Avenue, South Shields Variable Restricted
674CF73B-8530-4583-BD71-B027011B2368 NE34 9SP Biddick Hall Junior School, Chesterton Road, South Shields Variable Restricted
3FC3744D-9DE8-4F20-8666-B084008E94BE NE35 9DZ Boldon School, School, New Road Variable Public
B090E5D2-C97F-4446-8517-B04800C7ADE3 NE35 9LZ Brooklands Way, Boldon Colliery 24/7 Public
AD4EABCA-9A99-4307-8378-ADAB00DEE0CE NE35 9PY Boldon Court, 1 Burford Way, Boldon Colliery 24/7 Public
798906E3-44EA-4329-BD2F-ADAC00AFEE3B NE36 0RA West Boldon Post Office, Addison Road, West Boldon 24/7 Public
17A54FD6-BCE2-46BE-BD7B-AE7600836F92 NE37 1EZ Parsons Road, Washington Variable Restricted
725155F9-982E-47AD-9875-B09200A343CC NE37 1LB Holiday Inn, Emerson Road, Emerson 24/7 Restricted
AB02B757-577E-4C1F-9521-AF640148AFF8 NE37 1LE Toby Carvery - Washington, Emerson Road, Washington Variable Public
77FFDDDA-B97C-4AF6-819F-AE9F00DAB112 NE37 1LY Pennine House, Washington Town Centre, Washington Variable Public
E8800FA5-09C9-45D6-90BD-B036008E18D9 NE37 1UA Headteacher, Albany Village Primary School, Crossgill Variable Restricted
5BAF995B-C71B-43CB-8F3B-AFDA0084BA64 NE37 2AA Washington Academy, Spout Lane, Concord, Washington. Ne37 3aa, Spout Lane Variable Restricted
AD4EB78D-B0D8-4419-872B-AF5C00DBE0B8 NE37 2AH Lady B Fitness, Unit 2-3, Spout Lane Variable Public
ECE1C692-DDE0-444E-A50B-B01300A959F0 NE37 2SF Visuna, Wynn House, Hertburn Estate 24/7 Public
6407AC29-D12C-4F7D-9221-B0930094FDB3 NE37 3BG Headteacher, Marlborough Primary School, Marlborough Road Variable Restricted
1206A4B6-11C6-4DEB-9C2B-AFE800FADE1E NE37 3ES Screwfix, Unit 6a Glover Industrial Estate, Spire Road Variable Restricted
3E612FB2-B13A-4CBC-A0B3-AD8700E96200 NE37 3HR Washington Football Hub, Stephenson Road, Washington Variable Public
341B90C7-0878-4EC9-9EE4-AE0000CBB29E NE37 3HU Chainbridge Steel Company, Rainhill Close, Washington Variable Restricted
9EACA297-136F-4396-8378-ADCF0107EDCB NE37 3HX Simpson Print Ltd T/A Simpson Group, Influence Mall, Rutherford Road Variable Public
2915217E-B2C8-41F1-9142-ADE801162F7C NE38 0AQ Volvo Truck And Bus Centre, 2 Crowther Road, Washington Variable Restricted
32C3451D-ADFD-4E0A-85AC-B03600ED187A NE38 0LA Oxclose Village Primary School, Brancepeth Rd,, Oxclose Village Variable Restricted
D1EEF0FE-2113-454D-BD95-B053009B684A NE38 7LJ Westwood Club Washington, Westwood Club, Station Road 24/7 Public
95E54B58-CD32-4C43-AA90-AEBA00B1E9BB NE38 7NZ Woodridge Gardens, Oxclose Road, Washington 24/7 Public
4E4F7A27-2151-4460-B3E7-AE4A00E1D6C8 NE38 7PW 136 Roche Court, Washington Variable Restricted
441372C4-C27F-4B59-B771-B01A00BB1B74 NE38 7SS Washington Leisure Centre, Washington Highway, Washington Town Centre Variable Public
618017CB-C505-4E8E-B007-B03B00D511DF NE38 8QA Griffith Textiles Machines Ltd, 9 Walton Road, Washington Variable Restricted
5CC07DAA-7A7E-4616-8E9E-AEF600DEFE13 NE38 8QB Washington, Hanson Concrete, Washington Concrete Variable Restricted
023A1D2D-D458-4E73-AD7F-AE55008DE547 NE38 8QG Asda Washington Asc, Mandarin Way, Pattinson 24/7 Restricted
A5D4F482-1A9E-4F81-81C3-B03B00E114D8 NE38 8QH Alston Road, Washington Variable Restricted
FCF5210D-E7F8-4DC7-B594-B08101022926 NE38 8RB Headteacher, Fatfield Primary School, Southcroft Variable Restricted
DB8D7C88-78B0-41BD-9AD2-ADFE00F0F01D NE38 9BZ Oak Tyres (Tyne & Wear), 40 Sedling Road, Washington Variable Restricted
8B5298CE-D91D-468D-B957-AFFB00CF08DF NE39 1JB Community Centre, Strathmore Road, Rowlands Gill 24/7 Public
B8AE6385-130D-4074-B5B1-AE3900D96599 NE39 1PY Tesco Stores Ltd, Station Road, Rowlands Gill Variable Restricted
C9C2D971-1EBD-4453-8F8F-AEDB00E73C42 NE39 2AJ Beat N Track, Beat N Track Former Co-Op Buildings, Hookergate Lane 24/7 Public
0CC17818-CD5B-4834-8846-AE07011C27DE NE39 2BQ High Spen Primary School, Hugar Road, High Spen 24/7 Public
E2F7C285-0741-4748-8652-AE2800E21B62 NE39 2HA Spen And District Social Club, Cooperative Terrace, Rowlands Gill 24/7 Public
9ECD78A5-93EF-4B71-9784-B044007792F3 NE4 5BZ Newcastle, The Lumen Newcastle Helix, Saint James Boulevard Variable Public
BA0E76AD-74B6-4FD8-A033-AE2B009C8610 NE4 5TG Usb (Urban Sciences Building), 1 Science Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
6C466F6A-4A3F-430D-B80F-AECA00F8FC82 NE4 6DB The Cube, Arngrove Court, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
782ADDF3-0044-4701-A764-AE67008DFD0B NE4 6DB Fairhurst, 1 Arngrove Court, Barrack Road Variable Public
CAA43E98-2103-4A82-8F62-ADF700C7FD3F NE4 6HL Tyne And Wear Fire And Rescue Service, Colby Court Community Fire Station, Colby Court 24/7 Public
24C91AB4-E7EB-4ED4-BAFB-AF2A0099E9F6 NE4 6SB Newcastle City Council, Hawthorn Primary School, Park Close Variable Public
5975161D-39F6-4102-A010-ADF600CDB32C NE4 7BE St Michael's Catholic Primary School, Nesham Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
AD5ABDAD-FE80-43E6-9257-AE1C00904541 NE4 7PJ Bss Pipeline And Heating Solutions, Hire It, Bss Pipeline And Heating Solutions, Sanderson Street Variable Restricted
CBB040A2-09BE-4EA6-80B4-B06D007873AF NE4 7PJ Bss Ltd, Sanderson Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
737D3CBD-800C-4225-9EB0-AE3D0109618A NE4 7YA British Airways, British Airways Bamburgh Court, William Armstrong Drive 24/7 Restricted
87EADD82-7BA5-4E19-ABDA-ADD600FBF74A NE4 7YB Lsl Property Services, Newcastle House, Albany Court Variable Public
B824E3B6-1C74-439D-9DCF-ADE00156873A NE4 8RQ Newcastle Central Mosque, Grainger Park Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Public
B4BDC5CC-5E61-4C3A-8CEB-AFF60084CD66 NE4 8RR Tyne Grange, Grainger Park Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
8F3D6626-2D0F-47CC-9A2F-AEB700DA96A6 NE4 8TS North Benwell Youth Project Cio, 80-84 Ellesmere Road, Benwell 24/7 Public
CC2619AD-E637-4BF8-918A-ADDB00C37888 NE4 8XS Riverside Community Health Project, Carnegie Building, Atkinson Road 24/7 Public
8AD09255-E32D-4470-A94F-AFF8008B5860 NE4 8XT Atkinson Road Primary Academy, Atkinson Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
D721F4C2-24F7-406C-8908-AFF700E5E1C7 NE4 8XT Atkinson Road Primary Academy, Atkinson Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
92C7BB9D-4651-4093-A08C-AFC6011A0903 NE4 9LU Newcastle City Learning, Newcastle City Learning Westgate Community College, West Road 24/7 Public
7234 NE4 9PQ The Beacon, Tyne and Wear 24/7 Public
9454B557-9C59-4FDA-B587-ADD500C8B9BD NE4 9XD Newcastle City Council, Fenham Library, Fenham Hall Drive 24/7 Public
A3273C75-F79B-440C-B072-B09F00D2E8DB NE40 3AF Ryton Community Infant School, Main Road, Barmoor Variable Restricted
C5F4E432-0386-480C-87E3-ADEC01091ED4 NE40 3AF Ryton Community Junior School, Main Road, Ryton 24/7 Restricted
37E438D0-0246-4E1F-B0DD-AE170102A529 NE40 3DU Briar Rose, Stargate Lane, Stargate 24/7 Public
211F29CB-8383-4E5A-8093-AEE201035C6E NE40 3DX Stargate And Crookhill Community Centre, Stargate Hall, Stargate Lane 24/7 Public
681D75B0-63E6-4A32-B4F9-AE1500C86891 NE40 3ES Crookhill Community Primary School, Hexham Old Road, Ryton 24/7 Public
C61373DB-5B4E-4B7B-A11D-B08C009D09C0 NE40 3ES Crookhill Primary School Office, Crookhill Community Primary School, Hexham Old Road Variable Restricted
96223C46-3D00-4F5A-AA07-AE36009BC5F2 NE40 3LR Western Way, Ryton Variable Restricted
F10437D6-8000-4714-8644-ADF8015D2ABD NE40 3PG Tennis 43m From Ryton Towers, Whitewell Lane 71m From Unnamed Road, Wallace Terrace Back, Ryton 24/7 Public
50B4C293-FC15-4FE0-AC26-AE2801094891 NE40 4AA Greenside Community Centre, Lead Road, Ryton 24/7 Public
9568F38B-12F6-413E-B25C-ADBF00AD0F0E NE40 4AX Greenside Primary School, Rockwood Hill Road, Greenside 24/7 Public
1ECE027F-CA86-4D54-995B-ADDE00C6CF4B NE40 4JA 8 Heathfield Farm, Ryton 24/7 Restricted
CB01376D-396D-48AB-9F4D-AEEB00BFC27C NE40 4SR Greenside And District Social Club, Lead Road, Greenside 24/7 Public
3A54B23E-9D10-4539-936C-AFF1007A446F NE41 8HR Wylam Railway Station, Station Road, Wylam 24/7 Public
EA398B9D-9968-41F4-A3D2-AF4A00C0CD06 NE41 8JG Castle Hill, Ryton 24/7 Restricted
CC735F4B-9DF1-4DB1-8FF1-AF230100A9B0 NE42 5DT Friends Of Eastwood Park, Miners Lamp Community Cafe & Hub, Eastwoods Park 24/7 Public
B986B9EA-9F58-4EF0-83E8-B02900A66414 NE42 5DX Prudhoe Golf Club, Eastwoods Road, West Wylam Variable Public
FE9F39D0-D63D-4C74-A74F-B06900EE8B1C NE42 5DX Prudhoe Golf Club, Eastwoods Road, West Wylam 24/7 Public
07AB6378-BED8-4E63-B905-AF340090C81E NE42 5EH Suez Recycling & Recovery, Prudoe Civic Amenity Site, Broomhouse Road West Wylam Variable Restricted
6A0FAE4A-5229-4468-A2D4-ADB4007B4D2B NE42 5ET The Manors, Adderlane Road, West Wylam 24/7 Public
E84A35A1-7BF4-4F51-AA0F-ADAF013732CF NE42 6AG Ovingham Parish Council, White Swan Pub, Main Road 24/7 Public
CBEC89A4-F39B-4422-9260-B06500A229F1 NE42 6AS The Pavilion, Windsor Crescent, Ovingham 24/7 Public
C02835D0-2F3B-4B7C-B03F-AFB101820AE4 NE42 6BW Ovingham Reading Room, West Road, Ovingham 24/7 Public
30714D6A-1D6E-425F-BC0E-B035008DCBB1 NE42 6EY St. Matthew's Catholic Primary School, St. Matthew's Catholic Primary School, Highfield Lane, Highfield Lane Variable Public
72EA7A29-285C-49D7-9D61-B0270084D829 NE42 6HR Main Office, Prudhoe West First School, West Road Variable Restricted
79406013-0483-44DA-9238-ADB900DAAED6 NE42 6NP Tyne Riverside Country Park, Station Road, Prudhoe 24/7 Public
CEC2783B-4C7E-49DF-9385-AFF1007A9FF3 NE42 6NR Prudhoe, Station Road, Prudhoe 24/7 Public
37710872-A121-4CC1-9763-B03B00B28855 NE42 6PH Prudhoe Castle First School, Castle Road, Prudhoe 24/7 Restricted
E8E707DF-1348-4161-90AC-AF9300D96DB6 NE42 6PQ Jewson Ltd, Dukes Way, Low Prudhoe Variable Public
BB61F79C-CCD7-437A-BC28-B09E00E48778 NE43 7BG Mickley First School, West Road, Mickley Variable Restricted
84BF90EB-FE2F-4716-AE97-AE0800C402D0 NE43 7EW Birkdene, Stocksfield 24/7 Public
10C763D1-BE49-46D6-BB31-AE0800BAEC19 NE43 7HL Stocksfield Community Association, Stocksfield Community Centre, Mount View Terrace 24/7 Public
63524582-4210-4FC2-A21F-AE0800C8E19D NE43 7HT C273 Broomley, Broomley, Stocksfield 24/7 Public
719B3C89-C460-46F8-BEDA-AE0800C302EE NE43 7JR Branch End Play Area, Main Road, Stocksfield 24/7 Public
39A2F5A6-C29F-4859-BFB2-B03F00998C86 NE43 7NN Broomley First School, Main Road, Stocksfield Variable Restricted
AF3087B7-F969-4313-BD00-AE0800C0E86A NE43 7NN Stocksfield Cricket Club, Main Road, Stocksfield 24/7 Public
389D94A1-F4F9-4B65-8669-AE0800C25759 NE43 7PY St John The Divine Church, Meadowfield Road, Stocksfield 24/7 Public
C5347FE2-CA72-45AC-BC04-AE0800C56AB0 NE43 7QB New Ridley Road, Stocksfield 24/7 Public
571FF1B3-49F9-4B9A-9E21-AE0800C67701 NE43 7QU Ridley Mill Road, Ridley Mill, Stocksfield 24/7 Public
82AC42CF-0A39-49DA-ACFD-AE0800C16A2A NE43 7RE Stocksfield Golf Club, Main Road Through New Ridley, New Ridley 24/7 Public
1B5D4F78-6661-49FC-AA40-AE0800C7FF45 NE43 7RY B6309 Hindley, Hindley, Stocksfeld 24/7 Public
9D099FB0-BCDE-4357-849B-AE5800EE8710 NE43 7SW Village Green- The Feathers Inn, C259 Hedley On The Hill Main Road Through Village, Hedley 24/7 Public
0C3A4C8C-BA66-4FB7-AE23-AECB00F0F8A7 NE44 6AF Shepherds Dene, Slaley Road, Riding Mill Variable Restricted
8381 NE44 6AW Riding Mill Cricket Club, Northumberland 24/7 Public
5D1D2F5E-B1B7-44B2-AE23-B09300F341A2 NE44 6AW Riding Mill Cricket Club, Sports Field, Broomhaugh 24/7 Public
A5F8DE11-8B9A-4049-85EB-ADAD00DBED47 NE44 6DJ Riding Mill Village Hall, Millfield Road, Riding Mill 24/7 Public
9D027DD7-8FD3-4A34-BDF8-B03D007DC88E NE44 6DR Broomhaugh C Of E First School, Church Lane, Riding Mill Variable Restricted
8356 NE44 6HU On Post, Northumberland 24/7 Public
7B28CBE8-E818-49DE-A9EE-B03C011F6407 NE44 6HU Riding Mill On Post, On Post, Almouth Cottage, Sandy Lane, Riding Mill 24/7 Public
EC9022DF-B33A-4439-8F69-AF3100D94681 NE45 5AY Tynedale Rfc, Station Road, Corbridge 24/7 Public
990D1712-0939-4233-9504-B08200A415F2 NE45 5JQ Corbridge C Of E First School, St Helens Lane, Corbridge Variable Restricted
D8789148-B217-4628-B642-B04A0111F3D5 NE45 5JQ Corbridge First School, Corbridge C Of E First School, St Helens Lane 24/7 Public
F758B795-A3BE-4F22-8042-ADF201188D8F NE45 5QY H2otrails, 2 Dilston Haugh Cottages, A695 Hexham To Dilston 24/7 Restricted
40968B09-8FDD-4B6F-AED2-AEDB010AC5A4 NE46 1DR 1st Hexham Scout Group, Lookwide Centre, Maidens Walk 24/7 Public
2977A678-E52F-4FF6-A08B-AEF900A81DC2 NE46 1EU Hexham Railway Station, Station Road, Hexham 24/7 Public
BD7357D9-27B6-4A21-9703-AF5001015BF9 NE46 1HB M Charlton And Sons Ltd, Station Road, Hexham Variable Public
80E440F4-B221-49B3-97AA-ADB4010439CA NE46 1TP Dukeshouse Wood Pavillion, Fellside, Hexham 24/7 Public
23EE219A-49CC-47E6-8F71-AFFD006FEF07 NE46 1UY Hexham Priory School, Corbridge Road, Hexham Variable Restricted
47744C37-7762-4F18-8826-AF3400F5552E NE46 1UY Hexham Priory, Corbridge Road, Hexham 24/7 Public
281BF606-84E3-4531-B7B2-AF9000C0D412 NE46 2EE St Marys R C Aided First School, Hencotes, Hexham 24/7 Public
56E2491E-A9F5-444C-BB6A-ADB700B2E0E9 NE46 2JN Causey Hill Caravan Park, Benson Fell Lodge, Hexham 24/7 Public
A94434B6-3A05-4C77-9D66-ADB500D0C27C NE46 3HQ Tynedale Golf Club, Tyne Green Road, Hexham 24/7 Public
817A5C17-B20F-4AF9-8604-B046009A9731 NE46 3HS Burn Haugh Estate, Burn Lane, Hexham 24/7 Public
D7D4642B-FA1E-4C1B-B6EE-AE2300D7737F NE46 3JB Hadrian Learning Trust, Whetstone Bridge Road, Hexham Variable Restricted
EADE34C1-E435-4FBE-AD96-AFCC00C0307C NE46 3LS Trinity Methodist Church, Beaumont Street, Hexham 24/7 Public
15E504A6-87B9-4E37-9724-AEEE00B25F25 NE46 3NF Job Centre, Job Centre St Andrews House, Haugh Lane Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
17C8099C-D838-4683-BE63-AE4D00C2D4B5 NE46 3NJ Pdl Solutions (Europe) Limited, Henry Bell House, 8 Gilesgate Variable Restricted
6A3C64AD-4D11-402F-9E0D-AAC600EAC671 NE46 3NJ Baldwins, 16 Gilesgate, Hexham Variable Public
E21F0331-80B5-4A9A-A491-AAC700ADD0EE NE46 3NJ Baldwins Accountants, 16 Gilesgate, Hexham Variable Public
DC15ED45-68BB-4BAF-8AC9-AF1100D057F3 NE46 3PJ Waitrose Hexham, Alemouth Rd, Hexham 24/7 Public
EF4EF90B-E5A5-495D-A621-AE61011550D9 NE46 3PJ Tesco, Alemouth Road, Hexham Variable Public
93E2F95F-AF03-4007-BADA-AF1D00E69BE9 NE46 3PT Gap Supported Housing, Links House, Haugh Lane 24/7 Public
ADBB1F37-A188-4A5F-AC9C-ADFE0158DE2E NE46 3QZ The Sele First School, Access Road To The Sele, Hexham 24/7 Public
8E41AA4B-6D82-42C2-8B41-B0A500E24086 NE46 3RZ Hexham Golf Club, Spital Park, Hexham 24/7 Public
B3698885-3D64-4AB8-A568-B03B00B491F0 NE46 4AA Humshaugh C Of E First School, C219 Humshaugh Main Road Through Village, Humshaugh Variable Restricted
6FACD074-5468-4E9D-8CD6-AE0400BE71D2 NE46 4AD Waynriggs Terrace, Humshaugh 24/7 Public
E4F4B77B-B489-490B-BBCD-AED7008F4443 NE46 4BB Keepershield Quarry, Humshaugh, Northumberland, Hexam 24/7 Restricted
738F083A-D80B-45A2-89DD-AD4B00E56EBB NE46 4DL Mkm Building Supplies, U8309 Fewsters Garage Road, Hexham Variable Restricted
EE65C654-7AD4-42F3-AD96-AF3400769FB2 NE46 4DL Suez Recycling & Recovery, Hexham Waste Transfer Station, French Garden Ind, Estate Hexham Variable Restricted
1C5FB599-F00D-45FF-A8B4-AFE700E29786 NE46 4DQ Screwfix, Unit 2 A&B, Bridge End Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
857523A8-E579-485E-A3C2-ADB000DEC395 NE46 4DU Wall Parish Council, Public Telephone Box, A6079 24/7 Public
4FB8D01C-ECEA-40D9-B0DF-ADB400E76CE0 NE46 4RP Fallowfield Dene Caravan Park, U8172 Newrift Junction To Fallowfield Dene, Acomb 24/7 Public
02F116F1-CD35-434C-AB7B-ADF601136952 NE46 4RQ Village Hall, Millersfield, Acomb 24/7 Public
BF6D7C62-9774-4554-861F-AEF600DEF1F1 NE46 4RY Hexham Concrete, Hanson Concrete, Hexham Concrete Variable Restricted
10E8B8EF-57C3-43D3-89D4-B075010FE603 NE46 4SQ The Boatside Inn, Boatside Inn, C234 Hexham Bypass To Fourstones 24/7 Public
F48FD9DF-E141-4A8F-BDAA-ADAB00D83E64 NE46 4TL Colwell Village Hall, C221 Colwell Junction To Great Swinburn Junction, Colwell 24/7 Public
3EEE6A80-1001-4177-9D28-ADDB01332905 NE47 0AA The Rose And Crown Inn, Rose And Crown Inn, C275 Slaley To Dipton House Junction 24/7 Public
CC9C88E1-C928-40FF-9815-ADB3010CDB33 NE47 0BY The Farm House, Colpitts Grange, Slaley 24/7 Public
DA357D6F-F88D-4C58-BFF6-ADE1011F20B2 NE47 0HB Whitley Chapel Parish Hall, U8069 Dalton Junction To Stinted Pastures, Hexham 24/7 Public
A4279EC9-BFC8-4C76-A859-ADB1011F1BAA NE47 5AR The Red Lion, Stanegate Road Through Newbrough, Newbrough 24/7 Public
9E0AC652-F7AA-4478-B158-AE27011CF222 NE47 6AG Low Hall Playing Fields, Martins Close, Haydon Bridge 24/7 Public
FEDB69B0-A455-4EF6-BDA8-ADCA00E5902F NE47 6BQ Haydonian Working Mens Club, Shaftoe Street, Haydon Bridge 24/7 Public
4AFFFF0B-BF4F-44B4-81AC-B05A0086D9C7 NE47 6LR Haydon Bridge High School, Haydon Bridge Community High School And Sports College, North Bank Variable Public
4C5D0C70-8933-45B4-96E2-ADBD00B9D971 NE47 7AA Sports Pavilion, U7059 Westwood Cottages To Bardon Mill, Bardon Mill 24/7 Public
503E47C6-7A59-4759-8A64-AF3800EE1383 NE47 7AN The Sill Once Brewed, B6318 Military Road Twice Brewed To Housesteads, Bardon Mill 24/7 Public
D1C1C70A-A794-4CAF-9848-ADBD00B749A5 NE47 7DW Bardon Mill Village Hall Redburn Park, C311 Bardon Mill Main Road Through Village, Bardon Mill 24/7 Public
EC683674-A577-4A8B-AFF6-ADBD00BB8DB9 NE47 7HX Village Shop, C311 Bardon Mill Main Road Through Village, Bardon Mill 24/7 Public
49AD0C34-F42E-4C30-B33B-ADB700A73E18 NE47 8DB Ninebanks Village Hall, C291 Ninebanks Main Road Through Village, Ninebanks 24/7 Public
30683DB3-009B-4314-A88C-AEF2009EE276 NE47 8HD Whitfield Parish Hall, A686 County Boundary To Whitfield, Whitfield 24/7 Public
2433846D-8C30-4497-9E08-ADB700B3B316 NE47 8HH Low Haber Development Trust, Low Haber Caravan Park, Whitfield 24/7 Public
67C477F3-1294-4C22-A1AC-ADFA00E9C571 NE47 9BD The Kings Head, Market Place, Allendale 24/7 Public
A1DED672-B38B-4741-86A8-AEB400CE6BD6 NE47 9EQ Allendale Sports Club, B6295, Mill Cottages 24/7 Public
0E07F805-7891-42B4-8B99-AF34007516C6 NE47 9LG Suez Recycling & Recovery, Allendale Civic Amenity Site, Shilburn Road Variable Restricted
C63B9ED1-B3A2-46E4-9150-ADAD00E99005 NE47 9QR Hamstead, B6295 Catton Main Street, Catton 24/7 Public
BF4831EF-FE99-4B14-9786-AF2D008B14D7 NE48 1AX Leaplish, Falstone 24/7 Public
E84F93D4-77C2-4A2D-8E78-AEFB00B5FF45 NE48 1BS The Calvert Trust, Kielder Adventure Centre, Cranecleugh Entrance To High Cranecleugh 24/7 Public
0FD7AAEE-9EF8-45C8-94D9-AF2D008A7D88 NE48 1BT Kielder Art Play Garden, Leaplish, Falstone 24/7 Public
2D924B66-6FEF-441F-9788-AE2700EB9D83 NE48 1BT Kielder Waterside, Leaplish, Falstone 24/7 Public
6297A8F8-0560-47BD-81CA-AE2700E95B55 NE48 1BX Northumbrian Water, Tower Knowe, Falstone 24/7 Public
17BD9B1B-92B7-4657-903B-AE5F00D7FA5A NE48 1EG Kielder Valley Services, Station Garage, C200 Stannersburn To Kielder Village 24/7 Public
61D72ED5-875D-435D-A58B-AE5F00DBEFA3 NE48 1HQ Little Squirrels Kielder Community First School, U5085 Kielder Library Access Road, Kielder 24/7 Public
EF1FAFD2-1921-474F-9F1C-AE14011539C3 NE48 1NT Tarset And Greystead Parish Council, Tarset Village Hall, C198 Lanehead To Hareshaw 24/7 Public
A6C5D015-2710-4FE1-ADE7-ADBE01167FD1 NE48 2AA Bellingham Town Hall, Manchester Square, Bellingham 24/7 Public
9DB7B490-FF1D-4AD8-AE3F-B05F00C4701B NE48 2DA Hareshaw Linn Caravan Park, Bellingham 24/7 Public
61F619F5-0E0F-4F9E-B9EF-AFF200927846 NE48 2EN Bellingham Middle School, Redesmouth Road, Bellingham Variable Restricted
5C4F029E-02EA-414D-8A50-AEAC00A02101 NE48 2JS Bellingham Parish Council, Bellingham Fire Station, B6320 Bellingham Main Road 24/7 Public
69F24DCA-323C-403E-AFE8-AE1500D410BE NE48 2RX Bay Horse Inn, A68 West Woodburn Main Road Through Village, West Woodburn 24/7 Public
D8C24869-6AB5-4975-982A-AEF5015060EC NE48 2TN Armstrong Street / Robertson Street, Ridsdale 24/7 Public
6478 NE48 3AN Telephone Box, Northumberland 24/7 Public
B5C7AA16-988A-4F4D-BCC2-AE7000F321B5 NE48 3AN Public Telephone 22m From 2 The Green 7m From Castle Lane, Castle Lane, Simonburn 24/7 Public
A1EA9B7D-6578-4687-AB46-ADBB00E5C5EE NE48 3DZ Stonehaugh Community Hall, Kern Green, Stonehaugh 24/7 Public
32EC02FF-DC92-4FEE-BC7C-AE6900BE9DA0 NE48 3HL Birtley Village Hall, C213 Birtley Main Through Road Village, Birtley 24/7 Public
853F6612-60B6-45EB-8D9E-AF8B00A4FE84 NE48 4AA Village Hall, Station Road, Barrasford 24/7 Public
69F9C78F-DE50-4086-A3CF-AFFF00BE6356 NE48 4BE Barrasford Park Clubhouse, 1 Front Drive, Barrasford Park 24/7 Public
93FC0878-67A6-4EBC-8D34-ADDA014C2829 NE48 4EA Next To Village Notice Board 18m From South Farm 5m From Unnamed Road, C218 Gunnerton Main Through Road Village, Halfway Up The Village On The Right Hand Side 24/7 Public
400CB5AB-F388-4216-9867-AE230119AA4B NE49 0DL Grey Bull, Main Street, Haltwhistle 24/7 Public
78E104B5-C2F5-4484-B207-AF340073E356 NE49 0ET Suez Recycling & Recovery, Haltwhistle Civic Amenity Site Townfoot Road, Townfoot Road Variable Restricted
CCA6EDA6-0FD1-47B5-9679-AF5B00DE35AA NE49 0HJ Kilfrost Limited, Albion Works, Haltwhistle Variable Restricted
EB371426-6308-47ED-9AD5-B08300902457 NE49 9BA Haltwhistle Primary Academy, Park Avenue, Haltwhistle 24/7 Public
35E7056B-A6F5-4664-88BE-AE23011D9C6B NE49 9BW Northumberland Fire And Rescue Service, Haltwhistle Fire Station, Park Road 24/7 Public
173F1492-DB75-4CD5-BE1D-ADB801088E84 NE49 9DP Haltwhistle Swimming And Leisure Centre, Woodhead Lane, Haltwhistle 24/7 Public
C821ED55-4013-42AD-9CA3-ADB3011D5738 NE49 9EG Jubilee Football Club, Willia Road, Haltwhistle 24/7 Public
237D2599-EF37-4A78-8A8D-B00D00E9B586 NE49 9LD Tim Doody & Co. Ltd, Doody's Yard, Park Road 24/7 Public
684D4263-DE34-42D1-8497-AE9200CEC77E NE49 9NW Herding Hill Farm Camping & Glamping Site, Shield Hill, Haltwhistle, Northumberland 24/7 Public
93AEF41A-6FEA-43EF-8977-AE1500C0A48B NE5 1DN Newcastle City Council, West Denton Primary School, Hillhead Road Variable Restricted
AE50D9E9-7BDA-4C5E-A68E-AE3800D0CB8A NE5 1DR Tesco Express, Hillhead Parkway, Chapel House Variable Restricted
F57D0785-4018-4960-8726-ADAB00EB84A1 NE5 1EG Chapel House And District Community Association, Hanover Close, Chapel House 24/7 Public
6A9DC1AF-B8EC-4B63-A56E-AFA400B11417 NE5 1NB C F Motoring Services Ltd, C F Motoring Services, Redburn Road Variable Restricted
CEA92B6E-6B4C-4DBE-ACFF-ADC8008C522A NE5 1NE Newcastle City Council, Westerhope Community Centre And Recreation Grounds, Hillhead Road 24/7 Public
B9455FD0-4F17-4484-8DBB-B09D010CC52A NE5 1NQ Poacher`S Cottage Callerton, Armstrong Street, Callerton 24/7 Public
652A708C-38FC-4866-BAA1-AE4D00F1B2FA NE5 1PP Westerhope Golf Club, Stamfordham Road, Westerhope Variable Public
A9A7C7CA-94EF-45B4-BADA-AEA000BC58A1 NE5 2ER Westway Veterinary Group, Westway Veterinary Group, 426 West Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
0977D2EF-560C-45F5-86DF-B08100C6AFF7 NE5 2JL West Road Crematorium, West Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Public
F567954D-1276-407C-A3CA-AF6601038FBC NE5 2NF Mcdonald's - West Denton Retail Park, Stamfordham Road Tyne & Wear, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Restricted
6852EDBD-4351-4920-9A26-ADF600DD66E9 NE5 2RB Tyne And Wear Fire And Rescue Service, Divisional Headquarters North, West Denton Way 24/7 Public
A30F2FC2-7851-41F0-9FA0-AE0100B89B22 NE5 2UQ Denton Burn Community Association, Denton Burn Community Centre, Slatyford Lane 24/7 Public
F71EB4BE-F050-413D-9905-AE5100EFD989 NE5 3JW Newcastle United Golf Club, 60 Ponteland Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
8738E70B-2A4C-48C2-82BA-AFF000F9FB46 NE5 3PL Thomas Walling Primary Academy School, Lindield Avenue, Blakelaw Variable Restricted
8C9B3BEC-74FA-40ED-B12A-AEDA00A05332 NE5 3PN Newcastle Community Asset Trust, Blakelaw Neighbourhood Centre, Binswood Avenue 24/7 Public
D1B863DE-EACE-4227-9E22-B02300A4EA91 NE5 4DZ Newcastle City Council, Saint Marks Rc Primary School, Bardon Close Variable Restricted
B1965848-B98B-4DCF-A91B-AF2B00BBE785 NE6 1AA Royal Mail Heaton Do, Heaton Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
4CA40FB0-FAD2-4242-A548-AF31012092D8 NE6 1AH Byker Reclamation Plant, Suez Recycling & Recovery, Byker Reclamation Plant Variable Restricted
A3CFCEFA-2E20-4A8A-AB2F-AF9500F8F02C NE6 1AQ Jewson, Jewson Ltd, Saint Lawrence Road Variable Restricted
0C1A374B-4FC1-43CA-A483-ADD200989518 NE6 1AS Pioneer Performance, Unit 5 Hawick Crescent Industrial Estate, Hawick Crescent Variable Public
80EE917C-BB7E-4E9D-ADF4-AF5100B62DE5 NE6 1ED Mcdonald's - Newcastle, Potts Street Byker, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Restricted
038C49B6-25E2-4158-8B41-AFE8007E09C8 NE6 1EH Screwfix, Union Road, Byker Variable Restricted
8122CCC8-9A40-4546-AFF7-AE42010D6B76 NE6 1JQ Byker Bridge House, 17-19 Wilfred Street, Byker 24/7 Public
2FA030D3-9AA4-4246-9415-ADB400697B3F NE6 1LQ Byker-I2, Albion Row, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
14F96E44-E12A-409F-82F0-AE9800C5BA8B NE6 1PH Department Of Employment - Job Centre Plus, Coquet House, Clifford Street Variable Restricted
916E21DB-AF2F-44AE-B85C-AF3300AD2A66 NE6 1SE North East Clinic, 52 Heaton Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
166A04F0-7C1D-4588-80FA-ADAC00F42E46 NE6 2FF Byker Sands, Byker, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
26519C27-380C-4FCF-ABF8-ADAD008C3E7D NE6 2HL Hoults Estate Office Hoults Yard Hoults Estate, Walker Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
D9C09D86-0024-4178-A340-B00E00B38C2A NE6 2NP Central Walker Cofe Primary School, Central Walker Church Of England Primary School, Lancefield Avenue 24/7 Public
5A3C3668-681E-4C99-A35D-B02700F1EA8A NE6 2QL Welbeck Academy, Flodden Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Public
B695F382-8554-4147-8D8F-B01400CE1716 NE6 2RJ Saint Martins Centre, Roman Avenue, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
E303B1D2-111E-43E7-BEA3-AE5B01199934 NE6 2SZ Newcastle City Council, Neighbourhood Services Depot, Allendale Road Variable Public
10C21E60-9FFB-4658-9AAF-AF0100CEEC2A NE6 2YD Element Newcastle Emissions, Shields Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
1E5E6235-EAC9-4E54-ABA7-AFBF00ABF514 NE6 3BG Conaty House, 1 Philipson Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
727B3736-6E06-456B-88F0-ADAB00F4340D NE6 3DW Kids Kabin, 10 Church Walk, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
05CF83D2-5A91-4539-A50C-B09800737A7D NE6 3QS Tyne Gangway (Structures) Ltd, Wincomblee Road, Walker Variable Restricted
E33F8364-4F80-4DE1-ACDC-B06E008AFE9B NE6 3XW West Walker Primary School, West Walker Primary, 326 Church Street, Walker Variable Restricted
DD90FD45-F289-4C07-96B5-AFFE00BF7847 NE6 4ED Newcastle City Council, Sir Charles Parsons School, Westbourne Avenue Variable Restricted
74B665A2-CB36-4633-9EAD-B094011FC21E NE6 4NQ Inflatespace & Fun Shack Newcastle, Unit A3 To A5 Benfield Business Park, Benfield Road Variable Public
351B6B4C-015C-487F-AAAF-B00400B82111 NE6 4SD Newcastle City Council, Walkergate Primary School, Sutton Street Variable Restricted
4D0A27EF-9133-4FE9-8D23-AE4100BFB894 NE6 5LL Tesco Express, 287 Chillingham Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
763FADB5-06BE-4BFE-8E16-AE2B009C96D1 NE6 5QQ Sports Centre (Heaton Road), Cartington Terrace (Just Off Chillingham Road), Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
506BD3EE-208C-4664-BDC0-ADD500DFCDB2 NE6 5TP Crossling, Coast Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
EBD6E5C7-EC66-4415-B37B-AEB60154B3B7 NE61 1AT Morpeth Conservative Club, 41 Newgate Street, Morpeth 24/7 Public
FD507EF0-3727-4E2D-9F1B-AF660083C0C6 NE61 1AW Bupa Morpeth Dental, First Floor, 23 Newgate Street Variable Public
A1287787-FE12-4426-B5AC-AAD400D10143 NE61 1BH Azets, 10 Manchester Street, Morpeth Variable Public
7D7F81D5-162B-44C4-B46A-ADAC00914B8D NE61 1HU Morpeth Methodist Church, Howard Terrace, Morpeth 24/7 Public
A15B6823-5EFE-4D67-95E9-ADD301103AE2 NE61 1HW Morpeth Masonic Lodges Management Committee, Morpeth Masonic Lodge Winton House, 13 Dacre Street 24/7 Public
BD425BA3-393D-4FAD-86E9-AEA200DA888A NE61 1LA Morpeth Job Centre, Fountain House, Newmarket Variable Public
165720AA-FC43-4407-8A55-ADC200C690AC NE61 1RJ Morpeth Rugby Football Club Ltd, Grange House Field, Mitford Road 24/7 Public
F680FA21-467D-4BBF-AFD3-ADDA00A0B4BE NE61 1SR Car Park South Of Riverside House, Gas House Lane, Low Stanners 24/7 Public
A5648B3C-BAA1-46F5-960E-AFFD00DAEA48 NE61 1TL Goosehill Private Nursery, 9 Goose Hill, Morpeth 24/7 Public
5BB05107-AC08-4AEB-87B7-B09F00935CAB NE61 1YD Carlisle Park, Toilet Block, Carlisle Park 24/7 Public
5893F6BF-F680-448F-9211-B09A00DD5B7A NE61 2GF King Edwards, Morpeth, Palmerston Avenue, Morpeth 24/7 Public
69412D14-8963-4D3F-9EF8-B0290101BA84 NE61 2HA Stobhillgate First School, Morpeth Stobhillgate First School, Collingwood School Drive Variable Restricted
951FC855-A650-4C74-8FC4-AF5600CB8B75 NE61 2SL Morpeth Railway Station, Coopies Lane, Morpeth 24/7 Public
728C6788-DD33-43A8-A1E5-AE27017AD520 NE61 2YX Morpeth Town Juniors Fc, Craik Park, High House Road 24/7 Public
1F37A13C-A5A3-42D2-90B2-AF34008A5B40 NE61 3AB Suez Recycling & Recovery, Morpeth Household Waste Recovery Site, Whorrel Bank Variable Restricted
C8F39CB6-8216-45F8-BB90-AE30010377D8 NE61 3BP Taylor Wimpey, Northgate Hospital, Morpeth Variable Public
D196E32B-9245-4F9D-9B96-B0A70095EA3D NE61 3DA Dobbies Garden Centre Morpeth, Heighley Gate, Morpeth Variable Public
35DAD372-897C-43F8-A2B5-AFB700E1CF6C NE61 3JN Jet, Grandstand Garage, C144 Fairmoor Village 24/7 Public
CC260997-2F9B-4A91-9F0E-ADD000D77C84 NE61 3LA Hebron, Main Steet, Hebron 24/7 Public
449AAE45-442C-4321-8B9E-ADB3011ADEE7 NE61 3LL Morpeth Cricket Hockey And Tennis Club, John Dobson Drive, Longhirst 24/7 Public
D0E01FC0-A7D3-4E76-8DD9-ADAC00F84E0D NE61 3ND Longhirst Colliery Hall, C125 Junction To Straker Terrace, Longhirst 24/7 Public
B14D5BB3-F30B-48D5-98CF-AE9700D8225D NE61 3SL Meldon Parish Council, Dyke Neuk Public House, Meldonpark Corner 24/7 Public
7D636BB2-4ACF-4FD4-B32E-AFB400D0EE96 NE61 3TU 3-8 Whalton Park, Gallowhill, Morpeth 24/7 Public
34BB9846-987D-4CAF-B0EA-AE2C016CA995 NE61 4AR Farm Shop, Wallington Courtyard, Wallington 24/7 Public
6621 NE61 4ET On Post next to Sarah's Cottage, Northumberland 24/7 Public
063F0299-73BC-47FF-A29E-B03700D13DA5 NE61 4JW Longwitton Farm, C145 District Boundary To Hilltop, Longwitton 24/7 Public
8CD2C29E-523F-4CF1-8BEA-AED700B47825 NE61 4JX Rothley Hall Management Co Ltd, Flat 3 Rothley Hall, Rothley Hall 24/7 Restricted
7DA0D9F3-35D5-4093-9690-ADB500953CDC NE61 4NU Netherwitton Village Hall, Netherwitton Village, Netherwitton 24/7 Public
B9477736-CC35-4310-971E-AE3100C0EF04 NE61 4PL Northumbrian Water Ltd, Fishing Lodge Fontburn Reservoir, Fontburn Waterworks 24/7 Public
9F815CD8-125E-49DF-8DB7-AECC00DC2D03 NE61 4PZ Caravan Club Site, Road From West Lodge To Nunnykirk Hall School, Nunnykirk Variable Public
3A21727C-8BD6-45E2-9479-AE3C00D604DB NE61 4QZ Ox Inn, C158 At Middleton, Middleton 24/7 Public
4083DD31-D2CF-4899-BA07-B02E00A5A6EF NE61 5AS Red Row First School, Road From Junction Market Place To A1068, Red Row Variable Public
08C453CF-8258-4B65-AA6B-ADB800E360F5 NE61 5HB Ellington Miners Social Centre, Lynemouth Road, Ellington 24/7 Public
2D837CDD-659B-47DF-BA30-B05401082B44 NE61 5HN Ellington Village Hall Association, Ellington Village Hall, Lynemouth Road 24/7 Public
3F485D6F-69E9-4D10-ADC2-ADF6011A0465 NE61 5LZ Widdrington Station And Stobswood Parish Council, Local Recycling Point Widdrington Community Centre, Grange Road 24/7 Public
C6065486-4C81-4C95-B4E3-B0A000D096A1 NE61 5LZ Grange View C Of E Vol Controlled First School, Grange Road, Widdrington Station 24/7 Public
50AF1D2B-A972-40E3-9D60-AE21008CB1CC NE61 6AW District V Fitness, Unit B4, Whitehouse Farm Centre Variable Restricted
5B7FE2DA-DDEF-419F-81C2-B08C00B9B7D9 NE61 6BL St Mary Village Hall, The Chapel, St Mary Lane 24/7 Public
4EB0BD5C-F518-40A1-BDD9-ADDE00BF5C8D NE61 6EL Stannington Village Hall, U9065 Stannington Loop Road, Stannington 24/7 Public
C8522A01-5272-40A5-97E6-B09F00EFFA73 NE61 6HJ Stannington First School, Church Road, Stannington Variable Restricted
99517BA4-6BA5-4895-BCBA-AFC5007F12EA NE61 6JN James Burrell Ltd, James Burrell Builders Merchant, Coopies Way Variable Public
31B63BCB-C835-4402-9BB6-AF8F008CF3A7 NE61 6LN Hepscott Parish Hall, C132 Hepscott Junction To Shadfen Junction, Hepscott 24/7 Public
1A8F570F-B3BC-4DA0-BD6A-AF920130F507 NE61 6QA Woodland North Of Hepscott Park, Park Drive, Hepscott Park 24/7 Restricted
BF89ECF6-2CDB-4132-B984-ADFD00D6F230 NE61 6XF Pegswood Primary School, Longhirst Road, Pegswood 24/7 Public
2743DDD0-2ACC-42A3-8F9A-B06900E17097 NE62 5AD 33 The Square, Guidepost 24/7 Public
3A259D91-9114-4678-8206-B08F00D8ADBF NE62 5DJ Cleasewell Hill Special School, School Avenue, Guide Post 24/7 Restricted
3D6CBBAC-3D2F-4C32-8133-AF94008EF282 NE62 5DJ Cleaswell Hill School, School Avenue, Guide Post Variable Restricted
20A6EC4E-F960-4EF6-9B71-B08F00D7CC85 NE62 5ET The Appleby Centre, Wansbeck Avenue, Choppington 24/7 Restricted
3A6341CE-E101-4562-BCAE-B0180102E416 NE62 5RR Choppington Primary School, Eastgate, Choppington Variable Public
474AC8E9-0327-4BC2-B415-B04401162416 NE62 5TT Half Moon Inn, Half Moon Street, Stakeford 24/7 Public
DB463F87-8171-4D52-B32E-ADB500FC9A58 NE62 5UD Stakeford And Bomarsund Welfare Centre, East View, Stakeford 24/7 Public
8BA20312-7B02-4B71-A494-AF8600C73640 NE62 5YP Ringway Primary School, Ringway, Stakeford Variable Public
3E0B6404-D8D9-4837-923A-AFD50089EF26 NE63 0BJ The Salavation Army, 1a Second Avenue, Ashington 24/7 Public
7DD94918-3598-41D5-B24B-B07500AF68E9 NE63 0LF Northumberland County Council, Ncea James Knott C Of E Primary, Norham Road Variable Restricted
EEAE25E7-160A-435E-96CD-AFE200CDE602 NE63 0LZ Seaton Hirst Veterans Institute, Rowlington Terrace, Ashington 24/7 Public
E2E148F4-8B0C-40AC-A038-AE1B018B3576 NE63 0SE Ashington Masonic Hall, 2 John Street, Ashington 24/7 Public
C4562188-B70C-48B3-90BD-AFE800A8382E NE63 0SH Hatchmeadow Housing, Featherwood Drive, Ashington 24/7 Public
845617B3-6C10-473A-85E9-AF34008BCB6B NE63 0XL Suez Recycling & Recovery, North Seaton Civic Amenity Site, North Seaton Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
4A655753-ABDD-4D61-A1BF-AFD400F3CFDB NE63 0XQ North Seaton Colliery Community Centre, 27 Links View, North Seaton Colliery 24/7 Public
8D154431-B3B3-41AB-AEEE-AFE9010E4C4E NE63 0YB B&M Home Store With Garden Centre, Freeman Way, Ashington 24/7 Public
982EF9CC-5A5B-40B0-A448-ADBB0098071A NE63 0YB Tustain Motors, Ashington, 13 Freeman Way, Ashington Variable Public
64EA620B-D574-4211-B5CA-AFEA00C51B27 NE63 0YH Screwfix, Unit 4 Merchant Court Trade Park, North Seaton Variable Restricted
B4329BFA-60F4-4FAB-96B7-ADB300ACAC31 NE63 8AB Langwell Crescent, 1 Station Road Langwell Crescent Back Lane, Ashington 24/7 Public
26E49985-61FF-46D0-B0EE-ADB9008D1561 NE63 8HZ Bothal Primary School-Lower Site (Formerly Wansbeck First School), Bothal Primary School-Lower Site, Wansbeck Road Variable Public
ED8776B4-A30A-4EF5-AFEE-ADB800BF0A7C NE63 8NT Bothal Primary School-Upper Site, High Market, Ashington 24/7 Public
84B4B2D6-9517-4BFA-BDD6-AF0100A9CBA7 NE63 8NW Block And Tackle, Blackthorn Way, Ashington 24/7 Public
266198D1-3224-4E92-8B0E-AF250089DA0A NE63 8QW Boyd, Unit 12, Wansbeck Business Park Variable Restricted
8E5E4078-E2AD-4FBC-BDC2-AFE9010E371E NE63 8ST Jt Dove, North Seaton Road, Ashington 24/7 Public
0C5A4B5C-F2C3-4F90-A77E-AE830077F601 NE63 8TP Ashington Rugby Club Recreation Ground, Ellington Road, Ashington Variable Restricted
0994AAFF-7B5C-4AD1-ADB5-AFD400CD3FB5 NE63 8TX The Riverside Pantry, Wansbeck Riverside Caravan Park, Choppington Variable Public
118CAFC8-E1D0-47A0-B767-AE240133128F NE63 9AT Premier Inn, Premier Inn Queen Elizabeth Ii Country Park, A189 Spine Road Woodhorn Roundabout To District Bound 24/7 Restricted
31DD0103-DC3B-447D-BCA9-AFD400BFA249 NE63 9AY Ashington Spiritualist Centre, 274 Hawthorn Road, Ashington 24/7 Public
0098A0AB-9B75-4E3E-AC6F-AEE700FF0D4D NE63 9BA Growing Zone Hirst Park, Hawthorn Road Hirst Park Link, Ashington 24/7 Public
5668CCF1-8A2F-4639-8173-AFD500906C0C NE63 9BA Hirst Park Pavilion, Hirst Park, Ashington 24/7 Public
1F9A679D-1748-403E-91A7-AFE4008869FA NE63 9HN Hirst Welfare Centre, Alexandra Road, Ashington 24/7 Public
3D0F47DB-9149-43EB-BF66-B03800A8C00C NE63 9LP Ncea Thomas Bewick C Of E Primary, Moorhouse Lane, Ashington Variable Restricted
73FD316C-478B-4F7B-BCE1-AFD400F4F83C NE63 9TF Cambois Rowing Club, Black Close House, Black Close Bank 24/7 Public
48C5397B-3141-454E-BF6D-AFE800A8ABC7 NE63 9TL Northern Social Club, Ridgeway, North Seaton 24/7 Public
8DCE9DE1-4BFB-4DC6-9C1F-AF4C0103B809 NE63 9UN Mcdonald's - Northumberland 2, Lintonville Parkway, Ashington 24/7 Restricted
35C73D3E-173F-41EE-8A3F-ADB700C47C10 NE63 9XS Ellington Road Landfill, Newmoor, Ashington Variable Restricted
D7569C38-0322-417D-971F-AE9F00E9AC40 NE63 9YY Jobcentre Plus, Reiverdale House, Reiverdale Road Variable Restricted
2C397888-62EA-4150-BAE3-AE1300BFF03E NE64 6UW New Ship, The New Ship, 42 Gibson Street 24/7 Public
AD34FAE5-3838-41D3-A81A-ADFE00864548 NE65 0AP Warkworth Harbour Commissioner, Old Harbour Office, Harbour Road 24/7 Public
0EF4EFC0-FBA6-4FA4-A02B-AECF00DE112F NE65 0BZ Amble News Convenience Store, 58 Queen Street, Amble 24/7 Public
CD89BF61-320E-4127-B150-AE1900CFBE43 NE65 0DA Tesco, 93 Queen Street, Amble Variable Restricted
C9484EF8-566B-4078-8893-B07D0147BEAA NE65 0JR Hauxley Parish Church, The Village, Low Hauxley 24/7 Public
D75294BF-5154-433F-91AE-B00300D98797 NE65 0ND School House James Calvert Spence College, Acklington Road, Amble Variable Restricted
E9AA6DBE-0FBB-4D5A-AF3C-B00300DCB0C9 NE65 0ND James Calvert Spence College, South Avenue, Amble Variable Restricted
D530F78F-C0F8-42C3-9B8E-AE1900E35D60 NE65 0NG Jcsc, Acklington Road, Amble 24/7 Public
AE5A1001-325D-452C-86D3-B00B009FD0B7 NE65 0SA Amble Links First School, Links Avenue, Amble Variable Restricted
D7D34224-E3FE-44B3-9E5E-AF1400BDBB9A NE65 0SD Park Leisure 2000, The Links Leisure Complex, Links Road 24/7 Public
F7DD39DB-A761-43FF-8E16-AF50013F7048 NE65 0SW Warkworth Golf Club, The Links, Warkworth 24/7 Public
06F1B09B-9DFB-4740-8A09-AED300A1BF21 NE65 0TD Warkworth Cricket Club, Morwick Road, Warkworth 24/7 Public
747E676A-6793-4007-97F8-ADAC0111D11D NE65 0UX Public Convenience, Brewery Lane, Warkworth 24/7 Public
934F65C5-1DAD-4029-88CD-AEB200B0CD55 NE65 7BG Caravan Ss42 Clennell Hall, U4024 Road To Clennell Hall, Clennell 24/7 Public
EBB6C6D3-A365-4751-8FE0-AE2500FDAAD8 NE65 7BQ National Park Car Park, Alwinton 24/7 Public
9BA035F3-7FCB-4687-A1D4-B04300B58927 NE65 7DG Harbottle C Of E Aided First School, C172 Harbottle Village, Harbottle Variable Restricted
20FC93CE-9956-403D-BA00-ADB400F295A9 NE65 7DT 1 U4017 Newton To Biddlestone, Biddlestone 24/7 Public
B09B8211-BF69-4046-B9D1-ADB400EFEB5D NE65 7EZ Netherton Village Hall, Netherton Village, Morpeth 24/7 Public
01200D49-3FA9-4DF6-B996-AE2A00D3A6C4 NE65 7JD Thropton Village First School, Church Lane, Thropton 24/7 Public
9302EA53-2053-4D42-9581-ADAF009E4E69 NE65 7LH Village Hall, B6341 Hepple Village, Hepple 24/7 Public
C8257FA2-3117-4055-88FF-AEE800BE5633 NE65 7LT Thropton Memorial Hall, B6341 Thropton Main Road, Thropton 24/7 Public
71BB30C5-301C-4B26-9065-B0600125EE79 NE65 7NG Ryehill Farmhouse, U4062 Rye Hill Junction To Wharton Junction, Thropton 24/7 Public
F1095B50-F609-448F-9EF8-AF5D00EE6718 NE65 7NS Rothbury Recreation Club, Riverside, Rothbury 24/7 Public
835BFDF2-782F-4696-B81C-AE2A00D31DA3 NE65 7RJ Coquetdale Swimming And Fitness Dr Thomlinsons C Of E Middle School, Silverton Lane, Rothbury 24/7 Public
B1D048DC-2E4E-41AE-9948-B02200EABA2E NE65 7RJ Former Boarding Wing Dr Thomlinsons C Of E Middle School, Silverton Lane, Rothbury Variable Restricted
F36DDC89-F129-48EC-9F63-B02200E88F8A NE65 7RJ Dr Thomlinson Middle School, Dr Thomlinsons C Of E Middle School, Silverton Lane Variable Restricted
D2AAD3C2-DE58-4F11-B2B2-AF8900CF333C NE65 7TR Rothbury Golf Club, Whitton Bank Road, Rothbury 24/7 Public
681C4961-EEC8-4053-BE9F-AFA20138B327 NE65 8AH Longframlington Parish Council, Longframlington Memorial Hall, Rothbury Road 24/7 Public
B9149C77-310D-4F3E-91FB-B03F009BE433 NE65 8AX Bam Nuttall Todstead Landslip Site, Bam Nuttall Site Compound, U4098 Weldon Junction To Anglers Arms Variable Restricted
A09EAB58-3292-4B51-B7FD-AE74008A6CF6 NE65 8DU Longframlington United Reformed Church, United Reform Church And Hall, A697 Longframlington Main Road Through Village 24/7 Public
8BAC1534-ED51-4958-A2BF-ADAC00A2EB53 NE65 8JJ 1 Embleton Terrace, Longframlington 24/7 Public
80C07F08-5AAD-46D2-8A4A-AE9F0075D249 NE65 8RW Village Hall, Wingates Main Road, Wingates 24/7 Public
FB468389-0A16-4FB3-973D-AE3E00EB9C2D NE65 8SY The Shoulder Of Mutton, East Road, Longhorsley 24/7 Public
3E2476E9-94C0-4A2E-9C87-ADD701296B5D NE65 8UR Longhorsley Village Hall, Drummonds Close, Longhorsley 24/7 Public
FE223568-1E92-44F3-88CB-AE4500FD4398 NE65 8XQ 3 Linden Acres, Longhorsley, Morpeth 24/7 Public
FADFE4E4-74AB-4DAE-A2DD-ADBE0113F2B7 NE65 9AT Hazon House, Hazon House Through Road, Hazon 24/7 Public
3F3B4E14-8C19-45E2-AC6F-AE4E0119BBA1 NE65 9BQ Newton On The Moor & Swarland Parish Council, Pavilion, The Avenue 24/7 Public
C13C9FFE-A9F7-4ECA-8177-AE0100F12847 NE65 9BW Acklington Parish Council, Acklington Village Hall, 54 The Village 24/7 Public
B8FDCF18-C30F-4ECC-90D8-AEB500EAAE44 NE65 9EF Thirston Parish Council, Kernow House, West Thirston 24/7 Public
BE9B33BC-A30F-453E-B8B8-ADFD00DA6333 NE65 9FB Land South Of The Old Mill, Stable Drive, Eshott 24/7 Public
7A64651C-CD3F-4D6F-B9E4-AEEE008F8168 NE65 9JW Percy Wood Holiday Park, Leaf Lane, Percy Wood Golf And Country Retreat 24/7 Public
897195EA-1F9D-491D-B03C-ADAD00B9CC1C NE65 9JY Jubilee Hall, C106 Newton On The Moor, Morpeth 24/7 Public
6A307500-D144-4307-A58A-AF19008B95A1 NE65 9QH Wyldecrest Holiday Parks, Felmoor Holiday Park, Eshottheugh 24/7 Public
40083931-4F0E-4FB0-9347-AF16010B5404 NE65 9QJ Wyldecrest Holiday Parks, Time Out Tavern, Bockenfield Country Park 24/7 Public
0A2B550B-6654-44E6-A75D-AE1300BDECC5 NE65 9SF Hadston House Youth & Community Projects, Hadston House, Hadston Road 24/7 Public
E04E0BFF-3D85-4129-ADFA-ADF800EBBD39 NE66 1AU Lindisfarne Centre, Lindisfarne Road, Alnwick 24/7 Public
640494BD-8927-4458-B987-AEE000CE3A9A NE66 1BX Alnwick Cricket Club (1837) Limited, Alnwick Cricket Club, Car Park 24/7 Public
C9BF0947-9D9B-4BFC-A34E-B02A00CD2B5E NE66 1DJ St Michaels C Of E Aided Primary School, Howling Lane, Alnwick Variable Restricted
129D667D-BD74-4E49-90E7-AFF100B761B0 NE66 1DQ Barndale House School, Howling Lane, Alnwick Variable Restricted
0F9CC6A5-840A-4326-9E5C-AEA0008CF271 NE66 1JX Job Centre, Job Centre Roxburgh House, Green Batt Variable Public
338F77DC-637C-4447-8C54-B09200B7E2F4 NE66 1LH Castle View Residential Home, Castle View, Howling Lane 24/7 Public
6447F1A2-A727-4A1C-B3B0-AEB00056DFAC NE66 1UW Alnwick Masonic Hall, Prudhoe Street, Alnwick 24/7 Public
860C4F49-B7C5-40CE-9774-ADBC00D7FA67 NE66 1YU Administration Site The Alnwick Garden, Denwick Lane, Alnwick Variable Restricted
B8C440C8-A8DA-4788-94CA-B089013403AB NE66 2AH Shepherds Rest, The Shepherds Rest, Clayport Bank 24/7 Public
3A476FD2-0439-40A8-97D2-AF4C01057E81 NE66 2BF Mcdonald's - Northumberland 3, 2 Hawfinch Drive, Alnwick 24/7 Restricted
568A128B-E389-45F9-BD93-AE3001098C1B NE66 2DG Taylor Wimpey, Weavers Way, Alnwick Variable Restricted
C59292B3-B52F-48D5-A1CE-ADF7013B68FE NE66 2DH Alnwick Town Juniors Football Club, Taylor Drive, Alnwick 24/7 Public
433D7166-60F5-49C9-9586-AE7D00A0242E NE66 2DX Beanley Northside Farm, Beanley C82, Beanley 24/7 Public
AC2DBFC2-D3F3-4231-9B3D-AEC40077897E NE66 2DX Public Telephone 71m From 23 Beanley Cottages 6m From Unnamed Road, U3064 Shepherds Law Junction To Harehope Hall Junction, Powburn 24/7 Public
228F4DE3-9F6C-48F6-91C3-ADB00113F225 NE66 2EE Bolton Village Hall, Bolton Village Main Street, Bolton 24/7 Public
3A8D8FFD-1E7F-4E6A-BCE1-B09800B24DB5 NE66 2EP Mkm Builders Merchants, Birch Close, Lionheart Ent Park Variable Public
D600802F-51B1-40F7-9CED-AE3001224424 NE66 2EP Charging Point Blackshaws Ltd, Birch Close, Lionheart Enterprise Park 24/7 Public
F50B5C9C-8FF8-454C-9956-AFE900E8AB4C NE66 2EU Screwfix, Units 1 & 2 Hotspur Court, Lionheart Enterprise Park Variable Restricted
2008ADEA-0F87-4A26-B9F1-B0860098892F NE66 2EZ Aln Valley Railway Trust, Lionheart Station, Ash Close Variable Public
B22D4E64-8D5C-43CD-AEC5-AF3400891E85 NE66 2HT Suez Recycling & Recovery, Alnwick Civic Amenity Site, Lionheart Enterprise Park Variable Restricted
B7215379-C40A-4FBF-8841-AFDA00E30E2F NE66 2HT Howdens At Alnwick, New Build Unit, Lionheart Ent Park,, Alnwick Variable Restricted
58DA0564-3A8C-47C1-8BD7-ADA500DA5E8C NE66 2JH Willowburn Avenue, Alnwick, Northumberland Variable Restricted
A4CB7D7E-7059-47D4-9546-AE1900707157 NE66 2JU South Charlton Village Hall, South Charlton 24/7 Public
C496D350-7739-47E1-8FF0-AF7900AC9532 NE66 2NZ Abbeyfield Extra Care Society, Abbeyfield Extra Care Society Abbeyfield House, South Road 24/7 Public
D8DAE7BD-FC62-4CF5-9DDC-AE08006CEB2B NE66 2QW 3 Sawmill Industrial Estate, South Road, Alnwick 24/7 Public
645C9864-38C9-4259-B124-B05200AE2DBD NE66 2RJ Red Lion, 22 Northumberland Street, Alnmouth 24/7 Public
7D7E5A66-1BFF-4B4C-ADAC-AE5500BEE3E9 NE66 2TZ Eglingham Village Hall, Eglingham 24/7 Public
F5F01B79-0357-4297-B4B1-ADFC014A0E6D NE66 2XN K-Chem Pharmacy Ltd, K-Chem Ltd, Grange Road 24/7 Public
AE2599E4-27C5-4CA9-A511-AF5A00A80413 NE66 2XR Village Farm Health Club, Middle Road, Shilbottle 24/7 Public
C7EBF6FA-728F-4B45-8F05-ADF500DE8BD2 NE66 2XX The Farriers Arms, Farriers Arms, Farne Road 24/7 Public
7A41787D-5604-4B63-B5C2-AE9000E78F07 NE66 3BN Beach View, Boulmer 24/7 Public
401D87D1-36C7-46D5-9D25-AD9E00C8C21B NE66 3JH Westfield Park, Park Road, Longhoughton 24/7 Public
3F65D0B0-BAFD-46CF-99EB-ADF60145928F NE66 3PP Lesbury Village Hall, Village Hall, B1339 Lesbury Main Road Through Village 24/7 Public
DD1EA224-8670-42A2-92E8-B04900E54951 NE66 3PX Hipsburn Primary School, Hipsburn County First School Drive, Lesbury 24/7 Public
8018818F-3823-462C-B07D-AEF900A84963 NE66 3QF Alnmouth For Alnwick Railway Station, Lesbury 24/7 Public
C006C54D-EC32-4DC5-88A2-ADAC011BB0E3 NE66 3RS 6 Rennington Village, The Horseshoes Inn, Rennington 24/7 Public
8380 NE66 3SD Rock Cricket Club, Northumberland 24/7 Public
741C29E1-2A32-4880-BC07-B0A001102860 NE66 3SD Rock Cricket Club, Rock Village, Rock 24/7 Public
C0759466-3627-4198-BF40-B03501764F9F NE66 3SZ The Cottage Inn Hotel, Cottage Inn Hotel, Dunstan Village 24/7 Public
A671EC43-105B-4F23-8A55-B01F00C152D0 NE66 3TQ Camping And Caravanning Club, Dunstan Hill, Embleton 24/7 Restricted
9B2C57DD-A0CC-4066-A97F-B03500AD8BDC NE66 3XR Embleton Vincent Edwards C Of E Aided Primary School, Embleton, Alnwick Variable Restricted
76405533-E062-4599-8A3D-AE3401683149 NE66 4AP Glanton Parish Council, Queens Head Hotel, 15 Front Street 24/7 Public
5A6D9904-D882-4FA6-A882-AFF300B8F2A1 NE66 4ED The Steadings East Lilburn Farm, C44 Lilburn Tower Junction To Old Bewick, Lilburn 24/7 Public
DC1CEA7E-676F-47C4-B919-AE7D009F7E31 NE66 4HZ Hedgeley Hall, Powburn, Alnwick 24/7 Public
45AB03B6-26F2-44C9-9AE9-ADB9009CFD13 NE66 4LT Church Hall, U1099 Fawdon To Ingram Mill, Ingram 24/7 Public
FC726942-44DF-479B-90FC-AF2B013F3DBE NE66 4TA Callaly Castle Garden Co Ltd, Museum Flats, Castle Castle 24/7 Restricted
971323D2-468D-4E0B-8084-ADBE00E6D2B0 NE66 4TN The Old School House Hostel, Alnham Main Road, Alnham 24/7 Public
133AADB3-24DA-426E-B6F0-ADAD009CE264 NE66 4UP Memorial Hall, C172 Whittingham Village, Whittingham 24/7 Public
F364C4BA-1A61-458F-BD71-B08400F505B5 NE66 4UP Whittingham C Of E Primary School, C172 Whittingham Village, Whittingham Variable Restricted
20BA7127-731A-4988-9B20-ADAB00F3B4FA NE66 5PS Chatton Cpad, The Percy Arms, Main Road 24/7 Public
6C855AD9-0933-47B2-95EF-ADFA00DBC55D NE67 5AG Meadow Lane, Beadnell 24/7 Public
7F5A0E89-8D1F-4546-8543-B07A010C0220 NE67 5AT Hectors Bothy, Beadnell Hall Caravan Park, B1340 District Boundary To King Street 24/7 Public
F9B51860-FD63-4B5A-9220-AE2800CD2B89 NE67 5AX The Craster Arms, Craster Arms, The Wynding 24/7 Public
A8BB178F-1457-4543-9D5A-AED900DA4293 NE67 5BN Beadnell Bay Camping And Caravanning Club Site, Beadnell Bay Camping And Caravanning Site, Beadnell Variable Public
E9C26914-6320-49FC-B7A7-AEF500F401A0 NE67 5HA Ellingham Parish Council, Old Bt Phone Box, Ellingham 24/7 Public
58811604-7581-49F1-BA24-AFB8015C3D79 NE67 5HR 1 The Cottages, North Charlton 24/7 Public
EF5FD079-AA84-4162-BDC6-AE71008F98B3 NE68 7QP Seafield Caravan Park, Seahouses 24/7 Public
CC909094-8806-4723-9914-AF4600CFC637 NE68 7RD The Old Ship Hotel, 5 Main Street, North Sunderland 24/7 Public
759DCF4A-E6FC-48C9-BC1C-AF6B016460DC NE68 7TR Seahouses Social Club, 126 Main Street, North Sunderland 24/7 Public
C816E933-9AC2-4B96-905A-AF34008D2874 NE68 7UP Suez Recycling & Recovery, North Sunderland Civic Amenity Sitebroad Road, Broad Road Variable Restricted
C8A56D4C-9E0F-4A9A-B580-ADFA00E2DE5B NE68 7UP North Sunderland Football Club, Broad Road, North Sunderland 24/7 Public
50443804-74F3-4C8A-98D0-ADFA00E1A3A9 NE68 7XP Jet, King Street Garage, 14 King Street 24/7 Public
23425A15-DF91-4C35-A391-ADFA00D91B0C NE68 7XT Club House Seahouses Golf Course, Seafield Road To Seahouses Harbour, Seahouses 24/7 Public
E82CABC6-E84C-429D-9391-ADB600BA9636 NE69 7AH Grey Herron Lodge, Heather Cottages, Budle 24/7 Public
4277E252-B50A-4045-B516-ADFA00DFA22D NE69 7BP Victoria Hotel, 1 Front Street, Bamburgh 24/7 Public
7EBAA3F6-F99A-447D-B284-ADFA00E0E5D1 NE69 7DB Cricket Pavillion, Bamburgh Castle Green, Road To Bamburgh Castle, Bamburgh 24/7 Public
2C0AB38E-06A5-4E89-9F90-B0730025DDDA NE69 7DE Public Access Defibrillators Uk, Bamburgh Golf Club, 40 The Wynding 24/7 Public
E7E70B93-3C27-4F60-804E-AE1D016349AE NE69 7DF Public Access Defibrillators Uk, Bamburgh Castle, Bamburgh Castle Tea Rooms Variable Public
0B6ACBAD-20D2-4DBF-84C4-B08B00D27462 NE7 7AH Castle Farm Car Park Changing Rooms Wall, Freeman Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
A78F0316-B503-4AD4-A6A0-AE3E00FB3F41 NE7 7EW Tesco Express, Esso - Newcastle Benton Road Express, Benton Road Variable Restricted
BDA3DFE4-071E-4EAF-9E87-AE6000CC09A0 NE7 7HP 02 (070153), Grounsell Park, Newton Road 24/7 Public
9E694E39-581F-4C6A-9E36-AE2B009C9078 NE7 7JX Sports Centre (Cochrane Park), Etherstone Avenue, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
60311447-0879-444A-9BC2-AFCF00F1352B NE7 7PE Newcastle City Council, Saint Marys R C Comprehensive School, Benton Park Road 24/7 Public
ECB621BB-0B1A-423A-A359-AFC300C7807A NE7 7QH Church Hall, Church Hall Saint Francis Church, Cleveland Gardens 24/7 Public
6493055A-66FE-4B3D-9591-B05700BF5468 NE7 7RB 7 Teesdale Gardens, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24/7 Public
9B67884B-CDAE-448C-A039-AF88015C05B5 NE7 7SF Newcastle United Football Company Ltd, Newcastle United Football Academy, Greenlee Drive Variable Public
A25B8A9E-33B6-46E7-9CBD-B0340108FD94 NE7 7SS Benton Park Primary School, Corchester Walk, Newcastle Upon Tyne Variable Restricted
4ECDA698-88E5-4274-A0F9-AE4500B39FB5 NE7 7XA Northumbria University, Coach Lane Campus, Coach Lane 24/7 Restricted
B42E5E96-440F-4695-8EE0-AE9800D692E4 NE70 7DS Newlands House, U2062 Road To Newlands Farm, Belford Variable Restricted
68B94D74-DEBC-4C85-95A2-AE5800CA8063 NE70 7EE Waren Caravan And Camping Park, Waren Mill, U2009 Elford Junction To Budle Bay Junction 24/7 Public
69F6416D-4434-4363-AA75-ADB400AB7841 NE70 7JG Hpb Ltd, Lucker Hall, Lucker 24/7 Public
056CBA47-E3D1-4D9A-A4F3-ADB200CF083D NE70 7JH Apple Inn, Lucker 24/7 Public
D34DBCAF-05C1-4429-BA55-ADAB00EE64A3 NE70 7QB Bellview Resource Centre Centre, 33 West Street, Belford 24/7 Public
86C01AB6-03E7-4932-AA6C-B07C00C4EEC2 NE70 7QD West Street, Belford Variable Restricted
04C6E952-1089-4DCE-9253-AE0501558581 NE71 6AE 4 Weetwood Road, Wooler 24/7 Public
D34E0AB6-DC8D-40A5-B1E8-ADB40085F4C1 NE71 6AH Glendale Engineering (Milfield) Ltd, Glendale Engineering, Berwick Road Ind Estate 24/7 Public
B3112A92-E28E-4063-8949-ADE900F1A781 NE71 6JD Red Lion Inn, A697 Main Road, Milfield 24/7 Public
DBB3760B-74BA-4565-A03C-ADB000C58B45 NE71 6NJ Riverside Leisure Park, South Road, Wooler 24/7 Public
1589FFBC-3886-4BCC-A75D-AE0501488E0C NE71 6QG Glendale Middle School, 15 Brewery Road, Wooler 24/7 Public
C74840C3-6F04-42A9-885C-AF34008F8419 NE71 6QG Suez Recycling & Recovery, Wooler Civic Amenity Site, Brewery Road Variable Restricted
18C7944A-BEB2-4AA1-B29F-ADB60119EA3B NE71 6XF Village Hall, B6351 Kirknewton Main Road, Kirknewton 24/7 Public
09C8114B-FDB9-4EBB-BACE-AFE400C91F82 NE8 1AD Gateshead Metro Interchange, West Street, Gateshead Variable Restricted
34023B9E-2727-4A5B-9CC0-AECA00AB2276 NE8 1AG Tesco, 1 Trinity Square, Gateshead Variable Restricted
EE1F00B9-9B23-4818-8302-AE4400E2FB44 NE8 1AQ Northumbria University, Student Accommodation, Block A, Reception, Level 5 24/7 Public
5C6C00C8-33C7-4DFA-8A5A-B08A00BD8808 NE8 1AS Shildon House, High Street, Gateshead Central Variable Public
53EAD192-4EB9-4FE1-A1E6-B08900F9A41C NE8 1EB 13 Walker Terrace, Gateshead Variable Restricted
5D594FF4-04F5-44A9-9350-AE7100DFC62A NE8 1ED Puregym, Jackson House, Jackson Street 24/7 Restricted
83C79B50-9BFB-41FF-970E-AE3800C017F9 NE8 1QP Tesco, 92 Coatsworth Road, Bensham Variable Restricted
7158FC59-6A74-4B44-AD46-AEAD0096DC4D NE8 1YN Brighton Avenue Primary School, Liddell Terrace, Gateshead Variable Restricted
5EFF5693-2BA8-4B05-911C-AED800AFE066 NE8 2AR The Great Run Company, Tyne Bridge House, Bottle Bank Variable Restricted
29F8FECE-DAFF-49D4-8215-AFC100F161E2 NE8 2BR James Burrell Ltd, Deptford Road, East Gateshead Variable Restricted
0DD1D038-2CC2-460D-9AC6-AEE800FA744A NE8 2DB Cameronian Square, Ochre Yards, Cameronian Square, Worsdell Drive 24/7 Public
0DDB48D2-49E5-41FB-B75A-AFFD00996C86 NE8 2EP Eslington Primary School, Hazel Road, Gateshead Variable Restricted
7DF8D853-ECFE-438F-9D2B-B00300A4C420 NE8 2LS Eslington Primary School, Rose St, Gateshead Variable Restricted
5A02C172-9CC3-48D2-AD8B-AF9B00959E64 NE8 2PW Teams Community Education Centre, Askew Road West, Gateshead Variable Public
9945C6F4-2277-4B92-9C8A-ADB400AC5851 NE8 2RD Spartan Uk Ltd, Ropery Road, Teams 24/7 Restricted
5A46AB0B-6E73-4FE1-A6D4-AE1700B706B8 NE8 2TF 10 Queens Court, Gateshead 24/7 Restricted
30161CA2-96FA-483D-A176-B02D0136802F NE8 2TQ Redheugh Boys Club, Bolam Street, Teams 24/7 Public
355B44F8-5092-4EF8-9729-AE3800A87B45 NE8 3AF The Schooner, South Shore Road, Gateshead 24/7 Public
91B9332D-0E8A-4A6D-84AB-AEA600F1C8CD NE8 3AH Fleet Factors Ltd, Unit 11, Saltmeadows Road 24/7 Public
05DD9DCA-068F-4537-89CF-AF8800EB08F5 NE8 3BE Gateshead College, Baltic Campus, Quarryfield Road Variable Public
DD7C1429-AF1C-4E04-9176-ADF900C49714 NE8 4AF Fountain Court, 1 Armstrong Street, Gateshead 24/7 Public
34E27854-398B-412A-A771-AEE6009C2FCF NE9 5BF National Education Union, Saltwell Business Park, 3 Mcmillan Close Variable Restricted
F77EE6ED-B404-4C23-B0B0-ADF0009B3128 NE9 5BU Twfrs, Gateshead East Community Fire Station, Dryden Road 24/7 Public
4A0390C3-C917-4D59-B366-AED200F46A26 NE9 5HX Kells Lane Primary School, Kells Lane, Low Fell Variable Public
CB5C501E-B280-4BA4-AF52-AED200DFE527 NE9 5HY Black Horse, Residential Accommodation Black Horse Inn, 166 Kells Lane 24/7 Public
4136 NE9 5TU Gateshead Rugby Club, Tyne and Wear 24/7 Public
0F456B98-673B-45D0-8A2E-AED900F2A495 NE9 5UB Low Fell Running Club, Gateshead Fell Cricket Club, Eastwood Gardens Variable Restricted
024CC1C5-45C7-4B05-9981-ADB30099A438 NE9 6JH Oakfield Junior School, Chowdene Bank, Gateshead Variable Restricted
20E3A0C9-3E83-493C-905F-AED800F0783A NE9 6LH Southernwood, Trafford, Gateshead 24/7 Public
35FDCE41-7C79-4A3E-B7FB-B027009FF4AC NE9 6QD The Cedars Academy, Cedars Academy Trust, Ivy Lane Variable Restricted
616FAE25-48F8-41B4-84FC-ADC10089BCE5 NE9 6RR Housing21, Callendar Court, Beacon Lough Estate 24/7 Public
B10A7E1E-7C3B-4AFF-8965-B00700E5E0A9 NE9 6SS Larkspur Community Primary School, Larkspur, Gateshead Variable Public
7C440030-ADEA-465D-B1E9-AAAE00DAEABA NE9 6SX Busy Bees Nurseries, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead Variable Public
2DE4FF63-49F7-491D-A605-AE4D00B461EE NE9 6TA Cleveland Hall Community Association Lyndhurst Community Education Centre, Beacon Lough Road, Beacon Lough Variable Restricted
8BCC7A45-BC6E-409F-9B4D-AEBB00CC4515 NE9 7JL Wrekenton Methodist Church, Springwell Avenue, Wrekenton 24/7 Public
8C2A70FA-C8FA-4919-B1D5-AE8200B5B2C2 NE9 7NT York (Springwell) Campus, 60 Peareth Hall Road,, Springwell, Variable Restricted
F72CB591-719A-42BD-B4A8-ADAC0090BF87 NE9 7RR The Guide Post, Makepeace Terrace, Springwell Village 24/7 Public
0DCCA909-44C9-453B-9DA9-B03700FC2D2B NE9 7TB Harlow Green Community Primary School, Harlow Green Lane, Gateshead Variable Restricted
411C704B-F2A8-4F6D-9A06-AE0D00A1E596 NE9 7TG Angel Court Your Store, Angel Court, Waverley Road 24/7 Public
D6044A50-D5D6-46E0-89B1-AF3101224EB0 NE9 7XW Campground Ts And Hwrc, Campground Waste Transfer Station, Springwell Road Variable Restricted
53EBCF89-D1E3-40D1-9FFA-AF2D01175066 NE9 7YA The Mount, Galloping Green Road, Gateshead 24/7 Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 47 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n1678261208 In a red phone box, Clintmains
MZ n4151175481
MZ n4284016301 outdoor
MZ n4674974181 between phone box and post box, Low Newton-by-the-Sea
MZ n5250897560
MZ n5841362688 AAQ02 Cramlington Workingmens Club box near entrance NEAS
MZ n6234226631 Fore Street, Hexham
MZ n6284819689
MZ n6535250392
MZ n6551383386 On the wall behind the luggage wrapping service desk
MZ n6755799681 outside Alston Fire Station
MZ n6979412096
MZ n7178610032
MZ n7371964407 AGA688
MZ n7460501412
MZ n7616831826 On wall beside Morrisons Cafe
MZ n7619277220
MZ n7635918917
MZ n7773614541
MZ n7859355050 AGA1414
MZ n8404200317
MZ n8781206724 On the wall of the Oxnam village hall
MZ n8795929117
MZ n9025576597 Outside, on wall of public toilets
MZ n9067625872
MZ n9505137416 next to red phone box in Makerstoun
MZ n9610486660
MZ n9691740010 South East wall of The Coble Inn
MZ n9723268917
MZ n9732893269 Attached to outside of the building
MZ n9824674535 Lynemouth Pharmacy front door NEAS
MZ n9838346524 On exterior wall of bowls club
MZ n9863581585
MZ n9893189919
MZ n9945798316 Outside back fence of pub
MZ n10019555957
MZ n10036474471
MZ n10176899280
MZ n10272043202
MZ n10780129106 Novellos
MZ n10780482806 Novellos
MZ n10780487406
MZ n10780492206 St Joseph's Primary School
MZ n10798947615
MZ n10807590444 Stanley Parmacy left wall
MZ n10873404527
MZ n11168073411

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 126 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
4935 NE30 4NS The Church Hall, Tyne and Wear n7556926983 14 m
5586 NE61 4JB Telephone Box, Northumberland n11186778923 inside old phone box in Hartburn 3 m
5958 NE1 7DF Outside 78 Northumberland Street, Tyne and Wear n10563575161 50 m
5962 NE1 7RY Outside 137A Percy Street, Tyne and Wear n6903830333 1 m
6373 NE1 4ST Outside Strawberry Place, Tyne and Wear n8881312897 below telphone handset on modern advertising board/telephone on Strawberry Place opposite St James P 3 m
7958 NE29 7AA St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Tyne and Wear n10814057380 4 m
002D4C5F-B49B-4CC7-9915-AFF1007B20F1 NE23 1ER Cramlington Railway Station, Station Road, Northumberland n11059253061 Cramlington Station Car Park wall 69 m
02254AD8-959B-45AC-8D54-AE2B009E4066 NE1 7RU Ridley 1 Building (Bottom Of Lovers Lane), Queen Victoria Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne n6935442084 Old Library Building, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU 28 m
042B9D4B-7981-4500-8ADE-AF6D010C5D8C NE38 8AJ Fiume, Fiume & Riverbar, Bonemill Lane n10776618805 River Bar/Fiume 12 m
046AC28D-5DA5-4D3D-9D73-AE2B009CA92A NE2 4HQ Philip Robinson Library (Ground Floor), Jesmond Road West, Newcastle Upon Tyne n6885462640 41 m
0A06D552-5177-4AB8-9FAE-ADF800EB0281 NE12 7BR Clousden Hill, Killingworth Road, Forest Hall n7449491390 6 m
0B5D14D5-4086-42EB-AB3A-AE730112486A NE23 7QS The Bridge, Front Street, Annitsford n5927246018 The Bridge Inn, box near entrance 5 m
0CA911AD-3736-4191-9558-B05A010055C7 NE61 3XA Public Telephone 20m From Corner House 9m From B6524, Bank Cottages, Whalton n9758258288 inside old red phone box in the middle of Whalton 5 m
0DD68387-2817-41AD-BBAA-AE4B00BAF183 NE6 4RA Willow Chippy 2, 77a Coutts Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne n10792637908 7 m
0FF6E94F-97F6-4A30-B55A-AE5F00D8FDAD NE48 1EJ Kielder Valley Services Ltd, Kielder Campsite, C200 Stannersburn To Kielder Village n9170509835 On the front of the reception building in a green and yellow box 31 m
125D9C60-6251-4301-9DAC-AEEB00F3CBC1 NE16 4DT Whickham Dental Practice, 26 Front Street, Whickham n11143127457 Wickham Newcastle Building Society shop front wall 10 m
131BF2E2-7137-4257-8FDE-AE0000958FD2 NE66 3TS Rnli Lifeboat House, Haven Hill, Craster n7215035375 outside Craster Lifeboat Station 6 m
1329EB6C-716B-4CD4-BDF4-ADAB00D9B3C6 NE39 1QD The Tavern Abel House, Station Road, Rowlands Gill Central n9906477254 5 m
14BDE6A6-B6B1-4049-82BB-AE9400C67B4A NE38 8DG Ne38 Sportsbar, Ne38 Sports Bar, Barmston Centre n10780491406 NE38 Sports Bar 16 m
1570B1DF-70EA-4889-935F-ADAC00EE86AD NE26 1DG Jam Jar Cinema, First Floor 16 And 18 Park Avenue, Whitley Bay n6195181771 7 m
1581F873-F05D-4B1D-A9C2-ADB60115F4E9 NE66 4HT Breamish Hall, A697 Powburn To Hedgeley Crossroads, Powburn n4674980090 11 m
164905AE-90EB-42C7-89D8-AFB7010854E3 NE1 7RY Newcastle Advertising Kiosk, Outside 137a Percy Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne n6903830333 28 m
18929DC6-C16F-4416-BD81-ADB40111CFCB NE61 3LX Public Telephone 35m From Rutherglen 7m From B1337, Longhirst Village, Longhirst n7215035415 Located in bus shelter 5 m
1BBEF270-9BC9-4F88-A0AA-ADBA00EAE815 NE37 2SS Building Blocks Day Centre, Victoria Road, Concord n9461320134 Next to the entrance to the Building Blocks Day Centre 62 m
1BE10FDE-2087-465F-8367-ADFA00DE108A NE68 7TU Seahouses Hostel, 157 Main Street, North Sunderland n6396789628 outside Seahouses Hostel 18 m
1C8FEB99-B05E-44E6-B5C0-AE1D00ED968E NE38 0QA Marstons Plc, 1 Lambton Village Centre, Washington n10780475105 On the wall of The Highwayman Pub 16 m
1E395431-257D-4FFB-BD54-ADBF00BCB96F NE46 3DJ Hexham Masonic Hall, Westfield Terrace, Hexham n6470936402 17 m
21585E4D-DD9A-44EF-82F6-AEAF00D6389D NE25 0PT Masonic Hall Seaton Delaval, Seaton Delaval Masonic Hall, Station Road n5927246031 Seaton Delaval Masonic Hall box near entrance 10 m
2BD157C0-B338-4309-AB49-AF63009DBEDC NE34 9RD Monkton Junior School, Dame Flora Robson Avenue, South Shields n10807522636 8 m
2DAB268E-E82D-4CCC-8009-AE38008EDB22 NE26 3HL Tesco Express, Tesco, 1 Claremont Crescent n6416694417 Inside Tesco Express doorway 13 m
2F57C381-1391-439B-81C0-AE4C010F7C96 NE66 3BE Alnmouth Golf Club Ltd, Alnmouth Golf Club, Foxton Drive n9830287154 On outside of wooden hut. Signed. 61 m
2F99A35B-E07A-4A06-A65B-AE8C00E9AC8B NE22 6AN Plessey Woods Visitors Centre, Shields Road, Hartford Bridge n10183392804 12 m
30002866-DB02-48B3-8186-ADAD00E7A699 NE33 2LR Newcastle Building Society Denmark Centre, 5 Fowler Street, South Shields n8868405840 Inside doorway 8 m
318D746F-2902-49D5-8E2D-AFC700D5456E NE25 0DG Seaton Valley Parish Council, 20-22 Astley Road, Seaton Delaval n9493372103 89 m
32F87E27-C1DE-4645-8462-AE1D00F6A01D NE38 0LZ Flat Ox And Plough, Oxclose Village Centre, Washington n10780128505 Ox & Plough Pub 18 m
36B916F2-7797-4B55-9226-AE6F0093E13E NE61 5AU Red Row Working Mens Club/The Brick Club, Red Row Working Mens Club, Road From Junction Market Place To A1068 n4973280178 8 m
3772D968-3407-4EEE-BDAF-AE13011C20E8 NE61 5LD Cresswell Parish Council, Southside, Cresswell n7915924759 Cresswell, box near entrance 63 m
37AA7AD4-9D3D-4EE6-896E-ADEE00BEED43 NE38 0DL The Licensee, The Cherry Tree, Ayton Village Centre n10780129105 The Cherrytree Pub 18 m
38F11B05-5434-421C-945A-ADD400C5EECE NE61 5DY The Widdrington Inn, Regency Close, Widdrington Village n9363715858 Outside wall 8 m
3B3965F2-6B5C-4C86-869F-AE2800E72BAB NE17 7SB Oakfields Surgery, Oakfields Health Centre, A694 From Hamsterley To Junction With Longclose Bank n10282278377 7 m
3B748179-766B-4DFE-BA84-ADEF00E97013 NE6 1EH Tyne And Wear Fire And Rescue Service, Byker Community Fire Station, Union Road n4625411368 North East wall of the Fire Station 18 m
3F87741A-AD43-4C93-BF9D-ADB100DEABD8 NE37 1EE Donwell House, Donwell Village Centre, Washington n10780477306 Next to front door of Donwell House Care Home 15 m
40027645-D364-46A4-8495-AE190151C367 NE38 8FH Teal Farm Pub, Edale Close, Washington n10780493405 The Teal Farm Pub 23 m
471F6D7C-8806-417B-A701-ADFE013C060A NE66 1TD Yorkshire Trading, 32-34 Bondgate Within, Alnwick n5697960134 Outside Iceland on Bongate Within 19 m
4D173F78-CC81-411A-A3E0-ADFD00D77F23 NE61 6RE Pegswood And District Social Club, C395 Pegswood Main Road Through Village, Pegswood n9983130832 6 m
4EAD9E88-2BE0-493F-91BE-AF8F00AE4A52 NE26 2SE Whitley Bay Masonic Hall, 13a Norham Road, 42 Lish Avenue n6566013129 28 m
5138B536-7B72-4AEC-B193-AE3400EF4BB6 NE41 8AF St Oswins Church Hall, Church Road, Wylam n6773656480 outside Ship Inn, Wylam 85 m
51F0A404-EDF1-4A49-A8ED-ADD500B71FB2 NE9 6HU Belle Vue Sales, 502 Durham Road, Low Fell n10798947607 3 m
5414BC08-35CA-466D-B107-AE730116A22C NE26 1TP Links Art Gallery, Dukes Walk, Whitley Bay n6478712112 29 m
5D3EE374-A5F2-4EA3-8C18-AE05014971E5 NE71 6BY Bus Station, High Street, Wooler n6386883034 On extermal wall of toilets. 70 m
5E8BE545-4E26-410C-8B1E-AE2A00D1E087 NE65 7SD Jubilee Hall, Bridge Street, Rothbury n6258337040 round back of the Jubilee Hall in Rothbury 10 m
60F9BE5B-25B0-4A4D-BA80-AFB701084C9F NE1 7DG Newcastle Advertising Kiosk, Outside 132-134 Northumberland Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne n10563575161 10 m
64AB38C5-03E7-4611-96D1-AEF401024BAD NE38 9ET The Licensee, Woodlands Public House, Vigo Lane n10746446152 27 m
65560F45-A0E1-4B31-93D8-AF3100E96767 NE23 3YP Northburn Sports And Community Centre, Crow Hall Lane, Cramlington n9016329318 Northburn Sports & Community Centre box near entrance 15 m
69923B1E-9364-4939-A0FD-ADAF010FEAE8 NE38 9EJ Washington Cricket Club Pavillion, Vigo Lane, Washington n10780129705 Washington Cricket Club 15 m
6AB72602-9F81-4640-B370-ADB0009120C5 NE26 4HT Phone Kiosk, Fountain Head Bank, Seaton Sluice n721509071 inside old phone box, Fountain Head Bank, Seaton Sluice 4 m
6B338896-8743-4438-A471-ADAD0072AAA7 NE27 0QJ Cobalt Management Centre, 4 Silver Fox Way, Cobalt Business Park n6341640781 19 m
6C5A7040-D2CA-48F9-8E2D-AEBA00DEEF4B NE6 1BU The Cycle Hub, 25 Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne n9893045717 13 m
7168821D-92D4-472A-A44B-ADC200AF68FD NE29 0JT Chirton Social Club, Silkeys Lane, North Shields n7567011175 15 m
7250F305-B595-4591-8D60-AE2B009D0021 NE1 8QB Boiler House Building, Boiler House (Kings Road), Newcastle Upon Tyne n7619277226 46 m
75FE4EC4-8C05-45FB-87DC-ADB400C02739 NE63 9AE Oasis Health Club, 18-20 Woodhorn Road, Ashington n4954285549 Wall mounted on the West facing corner. 11 m
79870F97-59BA-4F01-93D4-AE6A00980BBB NE46 3NP Hexham Community Trust, Hexham Community Centre, Gilesgate n9289014588 Mounted on wall by entrance to Hexham Community Centre 3 m
80A2B62A-0F7E-421A-B7C9-ADB70091B358 NE45 5AA Corbridge Tourist Information Centre Corbridge Library, Hill Street, Corbridge n8149516054 13 m
81110C54-F561-4134-97F1-ADD10107EDAA NE3 5DD Ggva (Community Centre), Rosewood Avenue, Newcastle Upon Tyne n8849009241 21 m
82A64C41-A835-4744-A889-ADB400942158 NE61 3AW Ulgham Womens Institute Hall, B1337 Ulgham Village Main Road, Ulgham n7215035368 3 m
8924EC54-4753-43EE-96C4-AE2F010F085A NE24 4AA Delaval Street, Blyth n10289556874 10 m
8CDB23A2-760C-4CF8-A9D3-AF18014FC466 NE66 1LZ The Square, Bailiffgate, Alnwick n5697960132 in silver telephone box at south east end of Bailiffgate 33 m
8F0DFDC9-1090-4F2A-8DF3-AE5B00F287AD NE33 4SS The Lord Ashley, 269 Stanhope Road, South Shields n10159434108 6 m
911B870C-752E-4F06-A31D-ADAE00938969 NE25 8DP Robinson Optometrists, 64 Front Street, Whitley Bay n7437160375 8 m
9A922598-68C6-4617-81EB-AE8500FD036C NE38 7DJ Victoria Hotel, Fatfield Road, Washington n10780475308 On the front wall of The Victoria Inn 7 m
9AC068C6-F7C3-4344-B883-AE9D00CD1D0B NE38 8RU The Keel Boat, Stockfold, Washington n10780489005 The Keelboat Inn 13 m
9BA114DA-A929-4C9E-8E0D-AE12010EE0A9 NE42 6EB West End Cottage, U8202 Bearl Junction To Ovington, Ovington n8049946100 Ovington 9 m
9D0D7B1B-69AB-4D13-95B2-ADFA00DD5EFD NE68 7SH Rnli Lifeboat Station, Seafield Road To Seahouses Harbour, Seahouses n5472949476 Green box on railings outside RNLI shop. 7 m
A3048889-5447-4AC5-9217-AD9F00B464BF NE46 3NB Hexham Abbey, Parish Office, Hexham n11276019805 On the outside of the Parish Office in the Car Park of Hexham Abbey, accessible either from the car 24 m
A337EA97-D7C6-48B4-AC1B-AE4A00A6A354 NE65 9NH Felton Village Hall, Felton n6485663105 23 m
A4D7C38A-4E4A-4466-8175-ADF800BAF870 NE23 8AU Northumberland Wild Life Trust, Northumberlandia Visitor Centre, Plessey North Moor Farm n9811259527 12 m
A8DBB92B-8B98-4857-99F5-AE2C016BFCA8 NE61 4DT Wallington Demesne Parish Council, Robson And Cowan, B6343 C161 Scots Gap Village n10036359831 South wall of Robson & Cowan 85 m
B051F13B-4384-4FC2-98B5-ADC000AC0FF3 NE66 3PX Hipsburn Primary School, Hipsburn County First School Drive, Lesbury n7215035349 22 m
B28E0FBD-7E4F-4A29-9B8B-AE6900DD2AA7 NE3 4AA 95 High Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne n7773614584 15 m
B3260B64-102A-4966-AFAE-ADB00091B051 NE23 7SB Seghill Colliery Institute Main Street North, Main Street, Seghill n7393490264 9 m
B5986243-96CB-4388-86E0-ADC200907360 NE42 5AA Prudhoe Town Council, Spetchells Centre, 58 Front Street n6376945395 External wall-mounted at side of the building. 12 m
B8C5633E-124B-4324-9248-ADAD00EF8322 NE64 6DB Newbiggin Maritime Centre, Promenade, Newbiggin-By-The-Sea n6504507622 Newbiggin Maritime Centre wall, SW sea facing, green box 28 m
B8CB8F6B-2A11-4DF7-A388-ADC100726582 NE66 3HP 12 Mount View, Christon Bank n10245687083 inside old phone box in Christon Bank - near level crossing 14 m
BD213271-58FE-463B-ADCB-ADC7014F0A3B NE13 6ES Moor House Public House, The Moor House, 2-4 Front Street n9535631159 7 m
BD5D9AC1-3A90-4A6C-A5A2-AEC900B9ADA0 NE43 7BG Mickley And District Social Club, West Road, Mickley n9422632036 71 m
BDA44854-B236-4892-9DAE-AE5900B90A90 NE1 3AE Parklane Plowden Chambers, Ground Floor Lombard House, 4-8 Lombard Street n4271501786 Green box affixed to side wall of the building. 15 m
BE0D40FF-2EBA-43AA-9D26-AF5D00B71A66 NE29 0BJ Radar Taxis, 2-4 Russell Street, North Shields n4548425084 5 m
C1203B41-3406-46B1-9974-AFE100DD64F2 NE29 7AA St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Wallsend Road, North Shields n10814057380 27 m
C1482EF7-B414-487E-B953-AE4A00BA5EEC NE30 4PL Boatyard, 1 John Street, Cullercoats n6192925511 9 m
C2DCF608-E05A-45C5-A012-ADAC010EF83E NE47 6ET Haydon Bridge Community Centre, Ratcliffe Road, Haydon Bridge n7816041456 11 m
C3797EDC-4511-405C-9442-AE37010055AB NE61 3PR The Plough Inn, B6343 Mitford Village, Mitford n11163206741 outside Plough Inn pub, Mitford 3 m
C4F1CA97-F8AE-4413-9C69-ADB200E679B1 NE22 6HU Bedlington Masonic Hall, 1 Hartford Road West, Bedlington n6400769420 14 m
C5FE0866-CE25-41DC-BC7A-ADB401310135 NE25 0RP New Hartley Memorial Hall, 10 St Michaels Avenue, New Hartley n6583338272 Hartley Memorialk Hall 19 m
C61DF52C-5FFC-479A-90D2-ADC600AACDC0 NE3 4XN Douglas Pharmacy, 17 Ashburton Road, Gosforth n10005633550 West wall next to the pharmacy entrance 2 m
C706A0F5-B6F5-4BB0-A55F-ADFA00DF289A NE67 5EE Beadnell Beach Car Park, Beadnell n6257493613 19 m
C85A1B85-0259-4ECC-8302-AED5009E8539 NE66 3UP Creighton Memorial Hall, W T Stead Road, Embleton n7215035360 9 m
C9B0F024-631A-458B-99F4-AE5100C38C36 NE30 4BP 71 Front Street, Tynemouth n6204656650 attached to outside of red phone box, Front Street, Tynemouth - outside Co-op 15 m
CA5E64D2-5367-49FF-AAF8-ADB700F3391C NE16 5LL The Travellers Rest, Granby Terrace, Whickham n8849007590 8 m
CAB18022-F292-4787-8A8E-AE4A00B11DE2 NE65 9TW Togston Terrace Social Club, 10 Togston Road, Togston n11039831642 North West wall of The Togston nex to to the steps 10 m
CBD44635-021A-48C5-8DAA-AE2801206D2A NE13 6LH Wideopen Football Club, Lockey Park Changing Rooms, Great North Road n9535631169 89 m
CCBD2DDE-377B-40C5-97B7-AECB0119EAA5 NE41 8DN Wylam Community Playing Field Association, Land At North East Of Jubilee Field, Main Road n9880914129 On external wall of sports pavilion 81 m
CDC20CE6-B828-4646-832B-ADF601187DE6 NE61 5QL Area Training And Activity Centre, Mile Road, Widdrington Station n8453069054 17 m
D1850D34-1990-46DD-BBB2-ADE800FBD354 NE16 6PT Burnopfield Freemansons, Masonic Hall, Front Street n9537856944 13 m
D46B5AA7-79A6-4598-B4FB-ADB80093FB51 NE15 0BH Knott Memorial Hall, The Towne Gate, Heddon-On-The-Wall n6918834054 6 m
D800E255-DA5F-482F-819B-ADF00098E485 NE37 3AG Washington Community Fire Station, Glover Road, Washington n10780492205 Washington Community Fire Station 24 m
D823BA2C-E7A6-4792-89C2-ADB0008B2AC2 NE26 4RJ Beresford Lodge, Beresford Road, Seaton Sluice n7752632850 16 m
D8B9D5BD-C5C4-4FCB-B79A-ADB900F3A787 NE37 1BH The Stella, Brandy Lane, Albany n10780475305 Outside the Stalla Pub 22 m
DA025949-4DF2-45B4-9463-AE53011B86C4 NE37 1NP The Licensee, Blue Bell Inn, Coach Road n10780482405 On the outer wall facing the car park at The Blue Bell Inn 8 m
DF3E54ED-1DDE-44AC-B623-ADB100E367F0 NE24 3PL Dave Stephens Centre, Links Road, Blyth n7371964426 4 m
DF50AD66-EB2C-403A-B3F7-AF4100FD7A3A NE40 3SY Clara Vale Village Hall Association, Clara Vale Village Hall, South View n10286783057 On wall beside villlage noticeboard and driveway entrance to community centre 5 m
E5AE1DF1-7D9F-4D2A-860F-ADDE00FCD0AA NE15 9DX Severus Masonic Club, Falmouth House, 81 Hexham Road n8757493120 10 m
E66DF07C-CD20-4B68-8B5E-AEC80140C28A NE1 2PQ Cluny 2, 34 Lime Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne n10594396767 Attached to the outside wall of 36 Lime Street 5 m
E850E120-43BE-46AD-BCC6-AE4A00FA8B35 NE18 0PF Stamfordham Hall, B6309 Stamfordham Village, Stamfordham n9894220115 outside Stamfordham Village Hall 17 m
E8FF858C-B15C-4E7E-BEF0-ADB100DF7139 NE24 2AS Arms Evertyne House, Quay Road, Blyth n2201549477 Yellow box on the wall of the Police Station 22 m
E93A48FC-6F4F-444C-B7CF-ADBA00FF6C22 NE30 4BZ Lifeguard Station King Edward Bay, East Street, Tynemouth n10083556972 38 m
EB73B6F2-F521-447F-BC0A-ADB80108F9A4 NE37 1LN Blackfell Postoffice And Store, 149 Rushyrig, Washington n10780477305 Outside Blackfell Store and Post Office 20 m
ED18BC46-2D84-42AC-B4CB-AE23011BCE42 NE49 0BL Ex Landfactor Office, Market Square, Main Street, Haltwhistle n6844582086 33 m
EFE8A59F-B9DA-450D-A249-ADF700990A7F NE28 7TG The Family Tree Childrens Day Nursery, Childrens Nursery, Churchill Street n7206639813 8 m
EFF18F29-353E-4AF0-A0E3-AEE400B55046 NE38 9AT Amiros, San Lorenzo, New Road n10776615005 Novellos 10 m
F2181596-AFBE-4E5A-8658-AECA0100671C NE26 1DX Whitley Bay Baptist Church, Park Avenue, Whitley Bay n9953320133 21 m
F2BBAC77-AEFA-4271-B051-ADBE008936A5 NE47 7EP Henshaw C Of E First School, U7070 Close House To Willow Burn, Henshaw n6899034801 22 m
F3DD504A-A49A-4D5D-AB43-AEC80142565D NE6 1LN The Valley Climbing Centre, Ford Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne n9893080891 attached to the Ford Steet wall of The Valley climbing centre 40 m
F50D791E-267A-4CF6-B6F5-AFA1010C8556 NE28 7LW Coronation Club, Wallsend Coronation Club, Coronation Street n10706438231 11 m
F861777F-04FF-4C72-B340-ADFE010F75B3 NE9 6JA The Coach House, 706 Durham Road, Gateshead n10076547332 Adjacent to door, exterior wall 10 m
FCA02E85-29A9-4BE4-B1F8-AE5700EBAA05 NE27 0DN Allotment Social Club And Institute Ltd, Allotment Social Club, Benton Road n11178773463 12 m
FDABD1AD-31E3-4B71-A804-ADB2009DD4C3 NE26 3HW Whitley Lodge First School, Woodburn Drive, Whitley Bay n7487179076 39 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 12 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
177836B0-E258-41BC-AE60-AE4C009D34FE NE66 2RZ Alnmouth Village Golf Club Ltd, Marine Road, Alnmouth n5075572021 On outside Wall of Golf Clubhouse 13 m
080D5D75-563D-42DA-9284-AFB701084926 NE1 5DF Newcastle Advertising Kiosk, Outside 28-36 Neville Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne n5964282579 under telephone in public phone booth/electronic billboard at junction of Grainger Street and Nevill 89 m
9B07B845-F0B1-4D08-9695-AFE30082A3AB NE1 7PF Nexus, Haymarket Metro Station, Haymarket n6284819695 On the wall opposite the accessible gate line on the west side of the concourse 20 m
4CBD4BDC-7C54-4781-9E8E-ADB0008EBCC1 NE26 4RQ Seaton Sluice Social Club, Collywell Bay Road, Seaton Sluice n6503612509 91 m
A1D868E8-5C26-4BE7-BCFB-ADC70116D40D NE48 3LG Wark Parish Council, Front Street, Wark n7325822658 272 m
97D06447-08C6-4DEB-8A44-AEFB00CC7587 NE28 9ND Savills - Silverlink Security Office - Wallsend, Coast Road, Wallsend n7368697776 183 m
2ADA3B31-4AA0-4576-AFBE-AD5300878ABC NE30 4NS St Georges Church, 1 Beverley Gardens, Cullercoats n7556926983 110 m
E9A37452-D1FE-4ED4-941E-ADD30116814A NE66 3LB Howick Trustees Ltd, Howick Hall Gardens Howick Hall, Access Road To Howick Hall n8491816383 136 m
F7E747B0-9164-4E41-B149-AFB701085D41 NE1 4ST Newcastle Advertising Kiosk, Outside Strawberry Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne n8881312897 below telphone handset on modern advertising board/telephone on Strawberry Place opposite St James P 110 m
CC439B18-D6F2-4AB9-BC2A-AEDA00A2EC19 NE3 2PL Fawdon Community Centre, Fawdon Park Road, Fawdon n9535631145 133 m
648D246B-5034-47DD-B857-ADB900A3BDCB NE38 7AB Cross Keys, The Green, Washington n10780485805 On the wall of The Cross Keys 174 m
16C571F5-8E5D-4C65-86C9-ADFA00DAA306 NE68 7YL The Hub, Stone Close, Seahouses n11073697466 On exterior wall of The Hub, just to the right of the main entrance. 228 m

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