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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'CF' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. There is one exception, we do have permission to add the UUID reference numbers from The Circuit to OSM. This website is not intended for use in an emergency. If you require urgent medical assistance, call 999 now.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the source data that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). Clicking on a circle will show more information about the unmatched object.

Each green line/circle represents a match between an AED in the source data and an OSM object. The OSM object is at the end of the line with a small green circle; the location in the source data is at the other end of the line. Different greens are used as follows: dark green for a match with the Circuit via the UUID, mid green for a match with the Circuit just based on proximity, and pale green for a match with the NDDB based on proximity. For more information about the matching see below. Clicking on a line will show more information about the matched objects.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. Then we check each unmatched location in the source data for the nearest unmatched OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all still unmatched source locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 30m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 100m and (for the NDDB only) 250m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be false-positive matches.

Circuit AEDs recorded as duplicates

AEDs are sometimes erroneously registered twice in The Circuit. The duplicate record would appear unmatched in this tool, so there is a mecahnism for manually marking such duplciates. See the Duplicate AEDs page for details. The duplicate AEDs (which are not considered for matching) are listed below.

Found 3 duplicate AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
E248B626-3699-4D17-B19A-AE7F0101EBB6 CF14 2AD Whitchurch Bowling Club, Whitchurch Bowling Club Club House, Penlline Road 24/7 Public 11m
72EE4B65-D593-41E4-BF9E-B0C300B4B7C4 CF35 6DR Blackmill Service Station, Blackmill Village From War Memorial To River Bridge Crossing Ogwr Fawr, Blackmill 24/7 Public 7m
1AC02ED2-78C2-4B5A-8EDB-AFCC00C62AEB CF39 8UH South Wales Fire And Rescue Service, South Wales Fire And Rescue Gilfach Goch Station, Blackmill Road 24/7 Public 11m

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

The AEDs listed here are not close enough to an unmatched AED in OSM to be matched. Matches between The Circuit and an OSM object further away can be forced by adding a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the corresponding Circuit UUID. It is not possible to force a match to the NDDB). In case of a single AED being recorded twice in The Circuit, the duplicate can be noted by this tool. See Duplicate AEDs. The entries in fainter type are those that are not public 24/7 units. These are less likely to be able to be mapped in OSM.

Found 1745 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
63450B6D-52B0-4B3D-BABC-B12B0086C675 CF10 1AB Tescos, Tesco Stores, 26-27 St Mary Street 24/7 Public 3m
6E5193F5-5271-4690-8340-AF2300897B5E CF10 1AB Tesco, 26-27, St. Mary's Street Variable Public 11m
1D8A9BA7-093E-4D61-AC2B-B12B008F384B CF10 1AD Cambrian Tap, 51 St Mary Street, Cathays 24/7 Public 3m
D6CE3234-447D-4220-BC2D-ADE200DAB5A6 CF10 1AH Cardiff Council - St David's Hall, St David's Hall, Working Street Variable Public 11m
3469BF68-92B0-4A39-B222-FAF915B1E061 CF10 1AP The Open University, Custom House Street, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
A6FD9D16-59D8-42F3-B8E4-AFEA00ADA582 CF10 1BH Old Library Reception, Room 10 First Floor Centre For Visual Arts, Trinity Street Variable Public 11m
9FD6C6BA-7FA1-40B6-ADBA-951F93BB97F8 CF10 1BR Sight Life, Womanby Street, Central Cardiff Variable Public 2m
3DCF5EAA-0C5E-44C1-9E45-B12B00931523 CF10 1DX Elgin House, 106-107 St Mary Street, Cathays 24/7 Public 3m
5EA094F1-5B3E-4189-B526-B01C0084CCD1 CF10 1DY 114-116 St Mary Street, Cardiff 24/7 Restricted 11m
50C3C2E7-347D-40BA-9E09-AE3900E680C6 CF10 1EF Tesco, Hayes Apartments, 282 The Hayes Variable Public 11m
5727 CF10 1EG Outside John Lewis, Glamorgan 24/7 Public
7A6E3BE2-9717-448C-AD13-AED300EB5E0A CF10 1EG John Lewis, The Hayes, Cathays Variable Public 11m
C183C26D-3FD4-4A6B-88C8-AB0D00E0E5E0 CF10 1EG Cht, John Lewis, The Hayes 24/7 Public 11m
AF3CE895-0C26-411E-A8CF-AF58009F4659 CF10 1EP Cardiff Central Railway Station 1, Central Square, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
D0EAF897-8471-46F5-90CE-AF58009F4D35 CF10 1EP Cardiff Central Railway Station 5, Central Square, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
855C6212-95ED-4D99-9599-FA255F12089B CF10 1ET Cardiff County Court, 2 Park Street, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
8BB34532-B935-461F-A8F4-AE5100E74C4E CF10 1ET 2 Park Street, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
BD65E203-2B68-40E7-BA87-B12B008B1660 CF10 1FA Walkabout Cardiff, 64-74 St Mary Street, Cathays 24/7 Public 3m
9E0B98AE-701D-49DC-B652-B13800E59A61 CF10 1FF Pcp - Cornerhouse, 25 Caroline Street, Cardiff Variable Public 3m
6C22B017-E8CC-45AD-8CE2-208A11DBE847 CF10 1FS Blake Morgan Llp, One Central Square, Central Square Variable Restricted 11m
C6FDA1BB-3E5A-4EAE-8EBE-AF7400ABF459 CF10 1FS Cardiff University School Of Journalism Media & Culture, Cardiff University School Of Journalism Media & Culture Two Central Square, Central Square Variable Public 11m
E70FED06-A86F-452B-8A8C-AFF500DFE641 CF10 1FS Tesco, Ground Floor Commercial Unit 4 To 5 Bbc Building, Central Square Variable Public 11m
838B280D-78E0-4384-907C-AF32010D2C8C CF10 1GA Laings The Jewellers, Parkhouse Jewellers, 25-27 The Hayes Variable Public 11m
4EC7A9BE-AAA1-45DD-BE42-AE620123679E CF10 1LA Puregym, Millenium Plaza, Wood Street 24/7 Restricted 11m
C3E6EC86-252B-4F5C-85E8-AD7200DEB3FB CF10 1LA Superbowl Uk, Mofiii Cardiff Mp (Gp) Ltd Unit 9 Stadium Plaza, Wood Street, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
7A062615-E370-40FE-AAF1-B14F00A3CC47 CF10 1NT British Telecom Plc, Bt Stadium House, Park Street Variable Restricted 2m
C751E259-1F30-4EDE-9C9B-B12B009059DE CF10 1PU Blue Bell, 33 High Street, Cathays 24/7 Public 3m
F742B5FA-A281-46B8-BFCE-AEA100E89542 CF10 1UJ Senghenydd Court Laundry, House D Senghennydd Court, Salisbury Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
C4E0108D-8B9E-454C-9B17-AB0D00DDFAF0 CF10 2BU Advertising Kiosk Outside, 20-22 Queen Street, Cardiff 24/7 Public 9m
8595 CF10 2DX Outside The Kings, Glamorgan 24/7 Public
DF213719-BC08-4057-98CE-B17300F19AA4 CF10 2DX Cardiff Advertising Kiosk, Advertising Kiosk Outside The Kings, 8-10 Churchill Way 24/7 Public 7w
19A3E745-5C1E-4C8D-8E80-B13700B7CCF8 CF10 2EF Centre Management Office St David's Dewi Sant, 11 Bridge Street Arcade, Cathays 24/7 Restricted 3m
2C9D784C-5000-4D09-8476-B13700C27509 CF10 2EF Centre Management Office St David's Dewi Sant, 11 Bridge Street Arcade, Cathays 24/7 Restricted 3m
984E2672-9F14-48B8-9932-B13700BAC811 CF10 2EF Centre Management Office St David's Dewi Sant, 11 Bridge Street Arcade, Cathays 24/7 Restricted 3m
AAF2E18F-A406-494E-B6A7-B13700BF55E2 CF10 2EF St Davids Shopping Centre Mitie, Centre Management Office St David's Dewi Sant, 11 Bridge Street Arcade 24/7 Restricted 3m
D7292AEF-4EDA-46C2-B2DA-B13700B8D2D2 CF10 2EF Centre Management Office St David's Dewi Sant, 11 Bridge Street Arcade, Cathays 24/7 Restricted 3m
D7B8A3F0-81B3-4B65-8D49-B13700C022C5 CF10 2EF Centre Management Office St David's Dewi Sant, 11 Bridge Street Arcade, Cathays 24/7 Restricted 3m
DC8066AF-4EEF-4242-8375-B13700B9CDE5 CF10 2EF Centre Management Office St David's Dewi Sant, 11 Bridge Street Arcade, Cathays 24/7 Restricted 3m
E0072853-9EB3-455F-95D8-B13700C151A0 CF10 2EF Centre Management Office St David's Dewi Sant, 11 Bridge Street Arcade, Cathays 24/7 Restricted 3m
8A67590C-849C-46C6-8154-AF8400D55986 CF10 2EH Traders Tavern, 6 David Street, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
EAAE7E13-2C7F-4E32-B971-B2D4820DC332 CF10 2EH Admiral Insurance, Ty Admiral, David Street 24/7 Public 11m
F7180355-1E09-417B-B42C-B00300B70B62 CF10 2ER O2 Store (0374) Cardiff - St Davids, Unit Lg10, St Davids Variable Restricted 9m
5731 CF10 2EW Outside 3-6 Debenhams Hills Street, Glamorgan 24/7 Public
5732 CF10 2GL Outside Greggs, Glamorgan 24/7 Public
AD4B9A3C-3C23-49C8-871C-04ADC9A1B2D2 CF10 2GL Cht Advertising Kiosk, Greggs The Aspect, 140 Queen Street 24/7 Public 9m
0B80C8D1-7AC9-4CB7-9D02-AF9A00DA7372 CF10 2HH Fourth Floor West Churchill House, 17-21 Churchill Way, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
4B26F999-BC0C-452F-BDED-AEF200E4F29A CF10 2HH British Heart Foundation Cymru, 7th Floor, Chruchill House, Churchill House Variable Restricted 11m
69CAF547-A4EF-49AE-8574-AB0D00E15707 CF10 2HH Jessops, Churchill House, 17 Churchill Way Variable Restricted 11m
6D131D3A-F6C8-43D0-A21E-FD2781EDF700 CF10 2HQ Tesco Stores Ltd, Capitol Shopping Centre, Cardiff Variable Public 9m
2BD9A6C1-4DD6-4561-A1C8-AB0D00DF61B1 CF10 2LE Advertising Kiosk Outside, 3-6 Hills Street, Cardiff 24/7 Public 9m
5729 CF10 2NX Outside WHSmith, Glamorgan 24/7 Public
89FFE400-52D6-4584-84A9-AB0D00E03004 CF10 2NX Cht, W H Smith Ltd, 83-85 Queen Street 24/7 Public 9m
05CE3524-A8A5-43DD-9CE7-B0AE00D742A2 CF10 3AD Greyfriars Road, Cardiff 24/7 Restricted 7m
F1BDBD07-617E-464F-BE5D-B10E00B41DBC CF10 3AG The Law Society, 5th Floor Capital Tower, Greyfriars Road Variable Restricted 4m
388CEDB8-B521-436A-9438-B0B400A8E23D CF10 3AT Psychology Tower, Park Place, Cathays Variable Public 7m
A1F17DC5-B919-49D7-B314-AEA600E9367B CF10 3AT Cardiff University, Cardiff University Safety And Staff Wellbeing Reception, 60 Park Place Variable Public 11m
D5575D43-6718-4BDF-9332-AEF9010E4737 CF10 3AT School Of Chemistry Cardiff University, Park Place, Cathays Variable Public 11m
DECD295F-6FE6-41B7-B596-AEA600E9126E CF10 3AT Cardiff University Security Control Centre, Security Control Centre, Park Place 24/7 Public 11m
F709B4AA-65C9-4A3A-A16C-AEA600E873C4 CF10 3AT Cardiff University Vj Gallery, Main Building, Park Place Variable Public 11m
F7D76DEB-D372-4160-BA73-B08300901574 CF10 3AT 50-51 Park Place, Citer Cardiff University, 51a Park Place Variable Public 3w
7E639BD3-4F60-428C-A963-B0830090195D CF10 3AX Sir Martin Evans Building, Park Place, Cathays Variable Public 9m
7688EB1C-5F7E-4AEE-9DAA-AF9600EDF93E CF10 3BB Centre For Student Life (Csl), Park Place, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
97AE0109-E0EF-4D35-A5C5-B02F009D12B8 CF10 3BB 36 Park Place, Cathays, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
8817A018-32E2-4877-BD6D-AF1E00E63F91 CF10 3BZ 30-31 Windsor Place, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
784F755D-AEAC-4135-865D-B16200B26D33 CF10 3DA 7 St Andrew's Crescent, Cathays, Cardiff Variable Public 2m
926276B1-D65D-4119-887E-AEF2015403BA CF10 3DX Welsh Hearts Soc, Blackweir Tavern, North Road 24/7 Public 11m
E2125241-E8CB-43B2-B06D-AE7400CA5DFC CF10 3ER Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama, Welsh College Of Music & Drama, North Road Variable Public 11m
FD590900-C6BE-4CBA-A14A-4E7FBBCC3F69 CF10 3ER Welsh College Of Music & Drama, North Road, Maindy Cardiff Variable Public 11m
0F0F5418-4A6A-45D3-B15A-B12B00B6C365 CF10 3EU Aberconway Building, Colum Drive, Cathays Variable Public 3m
4F88C4A2-2B90-4D45-AE6A-B1410089D01A CF10 3EU Humanities Building Cardiff University, Colum Drive, Cathays Variable Public 3m
52D1E000-6429-48D0-AB50-B0B400A8F271 CF10 3EU Cardiff Business School Postgraduate Teaching Centre, Colum Drive, Cathays Variable Public 7m
77ADC36E-8799-4083-80AC-B0B400A8FA26 CF10 3EU Aberconway Building, Colum Drive, Cathays Variable Public 7m
8306EC3C-C5FD-44C9-A692-AEC100915F85 CF10 3EU Humanities Building Cardiff University, Colum Drive, Cathays Variable Public 11m
2F85AD8C-1C56-4EFE-A4CC-AF58010DD11B CF10 3FD Savills, 5th Floor, 2 Kingsway, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
C88E4FC3-49FD-4CCB-A0EB-1019D24ACF0F CF10 3LN New Theatre, Park Place, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
09B1E7E5-8DD0-44E7-8FE7-AF4700F947AB CF10 3LU Cathays Railway Station, Plas-Y-Parc, Cardiff 24/7 Public 9m
B06ADA06-5D87-46D9-83A5-AEA600E88C81 CF10 3NB Cardiff University, Cardiff University Welsh School Of Pharmacy, Redwood Building Variable Public 11m
3B96D42E-D200-49FF-A464-AB2600DC9590 CF10 3NN South Wales Police, Cardiff Central Police Station, King Edward Vii Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
8B61726F-F0B5-4D58-A638-8C16D464AB15 CF10 3NQ Welsh Government Crown Building, King Edward Vii Avenue, Cathays Cardiff 24/7 Public 4m
209BCC09-7B56-40B4-A812-AB11012F90B8 CF10 3PG Cardiff Crown Court, Law Courts, King Edward Vii Avenue Variable Public 11m
F3BF2958-BBE5-49DB-A495-545FB51675B2 CF10 3PG Cardiff Crown Court, King Edward Vii Avenue, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
F5B45C07-BBA5-456C-9913-B08300901DD7 CF10 3WT Glamorgan Building, King Edward Vii Avenue, Cathays Variable Public 9m
37BD4A92-E098-4BB8-98D1-016F92F0C7F7 CF10 4AZ Capital Law Commercial Capital Building, Tyndall Street, Cardiff Variable Restricted 2m
D0CDDD64-1866-44FB-B189-B13300B1B6C0 CF10 4AZ Curtins Cardiff, Atlantic House, Tyndall Street Variable Restricted 3m
79859246-F2FA-43DD-B2AA-AFCD00C97927 CF10 4BA Sunbelt Rentals, East Bay Close, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
69B4270F-F74C-4D02-B148-40667FF29930 CF10 4BB Sinclair Volkswagen, Wharf Road East, Butetown Cardiff Variable Public 11m
0E9C52A8-B1F3-450E-B9D3-CEE4F1B7BB02 CF10 4BZ Atkins Faithful & Gould, 2 Capital Quarter, Tyndall Street Variable Public 11m
131BF352-D3C6-41B3-A47B-AF2E00DB2544 CF10 4BZ 4 Capital Quarter, Tyndall Street, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
1A0E2782-C5E3-4B1D-BA70-AED900E64D5F CF10 4BZ Which?, Floor 2, 3 Capital Quarter Variable Restricted 11m
49D50582-B9A7-44F9-A4BF-6EA73D200652 CF10 4BZ Public Health Wales Nhs Trust, No2 Capital Quarter, Tyndall Street Variable Public 11m
D2C1B078-4E25-412B-B36E-AC5300E8C7A8 CF10 4BZ Admiral, Ground Floor Capital Quarter, 3 Tyndall Street 24/7 Public 11m
1BE4643D-32B0-48B5-976D-1102127864AC CF10 4DQ British Medical Association 2 Caspian Point, Caspian Way, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
5FED5FBD-C49D-4C5A-A951-2843892D7F43 CF10 4DQ Graig Shipping Plc 1 Caspian Point, Caspian Way, Cardiff Variable Restricted 5m
D5FEBFA6-881C-48B3-A226-AF1000DF120E CF10 4ED Cardiff, Hanson Aggregates, Cardiff Wharf Variable Restricted 11m
E7A5C1D4-2879-4E6F-87D6-42AB7A0A79A8 CF10 4ED European Metal Recycling Ltd Dowlais Wharf, Roath Dock, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
373EA2D2-02E3-4B68-9477-AF4700F937B1 CF10 4EY Cardiff Queen Street Railway Station, Station Terrace, Cardiff 24/7 Public 9m
AFD35D1B-4F62-4599-86EE-AF2300A982FD CF10 4NQ Adventurers Quay Management Company Ltd, Adventurers Quay, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
B87531CE-51F2-40A7-AF10-B0D000D2E777 CF10 4PL Itv Cymru, 3 Assembly Square, Britannia Quay 24/7 Restricted 6m
CD5F543A-3D85-412B-8D26-B14800BD6038 CF10 4RT Hotel Novotel Cardiff Centre, Schooner Way, Butetown 24/7 Public 2m
2B02427C-A03C-4110-A2AF-B00B00B798F8 CF10 4RU Falcon Drive, Butetown, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
14F20C82-19E6-490A-B618-B00B00BD86BD CF10 4SP Ceaton Security, Ceaton Security Unit F2b, South Poi, Foreshore Road Variable Public 11m
75AF28D2-0678-4B02-ADB4-B15000DB07E3 CF10 4SP Ceaton Security Services Ltd, Foreshore Road, Unit M3 South Point, Unit F2b, South Point Variable Restricted 2m
F0A0BF3A-8929-4CB1-BDD6-DEE4CB11F203 CF10 5AL The Wales Millennium Centre, Bute Place, Butetown Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
7B8151BE-2976-4BDC-AA7C-B100010D9C23 CF10 5BF Welsh Local Government Association, Fourth Floor One Canal Parade, Dumballs Road Variable Public 5m
9E6C0D66-9E3B-4579-BB60-B0F100BE6993 CF10 5BT Mott Macdonald Ltd, Mott Macdonald, 3rd Floor Variable Restricted 5m
DBFC5933-BD0A-4ED7-9E26-AE8300F17EB9 CF10 5BT Savills, 3 Callaghan Square, Butetown Variable Restricted 11m
E23FE9B8-FE92-4764-87CD-B0AE00930A8B CF10 5BT Hsbc, 5th Floor, 5 Callaghan Square Variable Restricted 7m
8B262330-2892-4FD9-92EF-AEBD0112D865 CF10 5BW Techniquest, Stuart Street, Butetown Variable Restricted 11m
347E7F25-0B48-40CC-9AEE-ADDD00F89596 CF10 5BZ Tesco Stores Ltd, 17 Mermaid Quay, Stuart Street Variable Public 11m
9B741517-0A07-41F0-8D08-B07B010C508D CF10 5DT Orchard Media And Events Group, Priority Business Park, Trade Street 24/7 Public 9m
25D7510A-E6DF-48A3-A6C6-24D0C60AA1C6 CF10 5DW Huggard Centre Huggard Buildings, Hansen Street, Cardiff 24/7 Restricted 11m
98E86E43-14A8-4ED3-96CD-AED900C3304E CF10 5DW Huggard Buildings, Hansen Street, Butetown 24/7 Restricted 11m
E79966C9-7067-4140-BC12-DA341B5BDA46 CF10 5DW Tresillian House Huggard Buildings, Hansen Street, Cardiff 24/7 Restricted 11m
3B950212-3C50-488F-9A3F-AF9F008959A8 CF10 5EP 16a West Bute Street, Butetown, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
AA8E2060-B018-43DD-8F09-DDE48714850B CF10 5EW Cardiff Bay Police Station, James Street, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
75731A30-024D-4967-9260-B08F00CC1D4E CF10 5FE Cardiff Council, Butetown Youth Pavilion, Dumballs Road Variable Public 8m
D047D5B7-4A60-4FDD-B048-AF4700F93310 CF10 5LE Cardiff Bay Railway Station, Bute Street, Cardiff 24/7 Public 9m
2FEA9E7E-0C24-4E49-A2A2-ADE20101E692 CF10 5NB Winvic Construction, 2 Coopers Yard, Curran Road Variable Public 11m
AD13679F-6D78-41CA-9402-321F0580D9C4 CF10 5SD St Davids Hotel & Spa, Havannah Street, Butetown Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
3F36FCE2-25F2-4B1A-A39A-AE7000B4492A CF11 0JR Puregym, Unit L, Terrace 2, Cardiff Bay Retail Park 24/7 Restricted 9m
2EE872DE-BFD5-40C9-8598-27F52969AB29 CF11 0JS Cardiff International Pool, Olympian Drive, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
967B4E01-4D84-439F-A252-AEC1014EE5D1 CF11 0SN Source Insurance, Second Floor Block A Global Reach Celtic Gateway, Grangetown 24/7 Restricted 11m
82632C91-5B8D-43B5-B601-B098009D5057 CF11 6ES South Riverside Community Deve, Riverside Warehouse, 56 Machen Place 24/7 Public 8m
A2089371-4EFE-405B-A2BE-AB3A0102360F CF11 6ES South Riverside Community Development Centre, Brunel Street, Riverside Variable Restricted 11m
C21AAE25-FA4F-48C5-94F8-2A709A7F64C6 CF11 6PA Grangetown Hub, Havelock Place, Cardiff Variable Public 4m
95CBF207-2DE1-43AD-94C8-ADFE00E7863A CF11 6QE Dinas Place, Cardiff 24/7 Restricted 11m
DC1C86BA-6CB0-465C-83D3-D47290869E93 CF11 6QY 19 Dinas Street, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
609FFC38-9764-42B3-B14D-B17A00A39941 CF11 7AT Tesco, Atm Tesco Express, 2a Corporation Road Variable Public 7w
A2B7FDC5-6ECF-48BF-9027-ADDE00A2C10F CF11 7AT Tesco Express, 2a Corporation Road, Grangetown Variable Public 9m
0E1B9C68-A181-4B29-B22C-B0CF00B52C3A CF11 7HA Worcester Court, Flat 1 Worcester Court, Holmesdale Street 24/7 Public 6m
C28DA853-7E2D-49DE-BDA0-B149009E558D CF11 7HB Cardiff Council, Channel View Leisure Centre, Jim Driscoll Way Variable Restricted 2m
4BE4655C-2652-448E-A0A4-B08A01100B6D CF11 7HY 145 Channel View Road, Grangetown, Cardiff 24/7 Public 9m
0B1EE03C-107A-4341-ABA2-AF9A009D6C52 CF11 7HZ Wates Site Office, 225 Channel View Road, Grangetown Variable Restricted 2m
2390B956-782A-424C-A13E-AE7E00CC2FB8 CF11 8AH Ninian Park Train Station, Ninian Park Station, Leckwith Road 24/7 Public 9m
B64F81B7-B7C2-48D6-8FFD-AE7E00CDEF19 CF11 8AH Ninian Park Train Station, Ninian Park Station, Leckwith Road 24/7 Public 9m
5AAF99C0-DFA9-43DE-B3E9-AE2400C47D74 CF11 8AQ Careco, 6a Bessemer Close, Leckwith Variable Restricted 11m
CC090356-58F7-4867-994E-AE2100EA0AA8 CF11 8AQ Toyota, Motorline Toyota, Hadfield Road Variable Public 11m
82EB93B3-9FBB-44C3-9F4C-B02900B709E9 CF11 8AZ Cardiff City Football Club, Cardiff City Stadium, Leckwith Road 24/7 Public 11m
8D0FDEAE-C667-4E64-ABE1-B02900B5F575 CF11 8AZ Cardiff City Football Club, Cardiff City Stadium, Leckwith Road 24/7 Public 11m
D44E9AD7-9A46-4CDB-A4ED-B02900B82EBE CF11 8AZ Cardiff City Football Club, Cardiff City Stadium, Leckwith Road 24/7 Public 11m
DA564C75-CDC7-4D2F-8938-AE290083935D CF11 8AZ Kier Construction, Kier Construction Site Office, Off Leckwith Road Variable Public 11m
017E960B-D20F-4E92-8EAF-AB250086F77B CF11 8BS Newhall Janitorial Ltd, Holden Road, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
0801EC4E-FC40-4443-99DE-AB800089D27D CF11 8DG Aspire Fitness (Wales) Ltd, Sanatorium Road, Cardiff 24/7 Public 2m
BF5A89E4-948D-45B4-B29B-E78385F97D2E CF11 8EG Costco Wholesale, Leckwith Road, Canton Cardiff Variable Public 4m
2465383A-BD8D-4A6A-8823-AC3A00B17A05 CF11 8JQ Ask Motor Company Ltd, Unit D2, West Point Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
D3AC0D2F-3591-429D-8C7C-B05B0115B07B CF11 8JQ West Point Industrial Estate, Unit 1e, Westpoint Industrial Estate, Penarth Variable Restricted 9m
A91A21C4-E60A-4A00-A0E9-ADCD00E30610 CF11 8QF Unit 10 Stuart Close, Leckwith, Cardiff 24/7 Public 5m
3613864B-2AE8-4D64-817A-AE4500AD8B47 CF11 8RR Planet Sport And Community Cic, Co/ Little Stars, Unit 13 Llandough Trading Estate 24/7 Public 11m
B28A99FD-F0B9-42FA-B153-B180008C80F6 CF11 8TA Royal Mail Cardiff Mc/Med/Do, 220-228 Penarth Road, Leckwith 24/7 Restricted 7w
C46B1D7E-93D4-4B83-8C8C-AF2700C4A636 CF11 8TA Royal Mail Cardiff Mc/Med/Do, 220-228 Penarth Road, Cardiff, Cardiff 24/7 Restricted 11m
51C118EE-2FEA-4A67-BE46-ADA500602133 CF11 8TL Hayes Engineering, Brindley Road, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
AFD0DAB3-F830-47AE-ACBD-B0DD00BCE116 CF11 8TL Burdens, Brindley Road, Leckwith Variable Public 6m
23B81577-E3F2-46F2-B6B1-AFE700D34ADC CF11 8TU Screwfix, 250 Penarth Road, Grangetown Variable Restricted 11m
CA9B7115-B48C-4D57-A0F4-AFD600DE7E39 CF11 8TW Sunbelt Rentals, Llandough Industrial Estate, Penarth Variable Public 11m
E1006054-FB47-49D3-AAAF-B19A00EA62E0 CF11 8UE Richard H Powell & Partners, Richard H Powell & Partners Unit 1, Tollgate Close Variable Restricted 3w
6BD5681A-1FD8-4CC7-A250-ADDA010D5B0A CF11 8YZ Fordthorne, Ford House, 281 Penarth Road Variable Public 11m
F553A875-BEA3-4A00-A82A-AFFE00EC2B9B CF11 9AD Digital Health And Care Wales, Nhs Wales Informatics Service Ty Glan-Yr-Afon, 21 Cowbridge Road East 24/7 Public 11m
59C744E7-666F-45D0-8D4C-A7C0B6CA2A20 CF11 9AN Tesco Stores Ltd, 255-257 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff Variable Public 9m
485DACFF-1735-452D-BCBF-AFC701637EDC CF11 9DE St Catherine's Church, Canton, St Catherine's Church, King's Road 24/7 Public 11m
7C4561FC-D006-43D5-B929-B115010CEA30 CF11 9DX Cardiff, Richer Sounds, 106 Cowbridge Road East Variable Restricted 4m
AB8F8E06-6F41-4CA4-B0B5-AF8C010D34A2 CF11 9DZ Severn Primary School, Severn Road, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
E1CE7C1C-4AC6-4A15-8B2E-AFC400B6EDC6 CF11 9HX Scout Base, Fields Park Road, Pontcanna 24/7 Public 11m
B1293E99-1BF7-4F7C-B2D4-B00500946E28 CF11 9JN Pontcanna Fields Gaelic Football, 35 Teilo Street, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
965809E0-7C42-46D0-8561-AEC100E93A5E CF11 9LL Trevillian House, 40 Cathedral Road, Pontcanna Variable Public 3w
72843756-B461-4A93-8E89-AEDD00D0C541 CF11 9NG Butchers Arms, The Butchers Arms, 29 Llandaff Road 24/7 Public 11m
59EBE777-2BEC-4402-B6E1-B0D000FC2B7B CF11 9NU Western Court, Conway Road, Pontcanna 24/7 Public 6m
591A7893-A9D3-4C0C-A826-AF2601092528 CF11 9PG Beverley Hotel - M&B, 75-77 Cathedral Road, Pontcanna 24/7 Restricted 11m
9B245335-0AE8-496D-9AFF-9EAF3E6988DD CF11 9XR Glamorgan County Cricket Club S W A L E C Stadium, General Area Of, Cardiff 24/7 Restricted 11m
557852D6-070C-498C-94C6-AECC00806757 CF14 0PQ Corpus Christi High School Access Road, Lisvane, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
3FB2CCC8-1116-4D5E-AC1C-B08900F0FBE2 CF14 0SH Cjs Electrical (Wales) Ltd, The Old Workshops, Mill Farm Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 9m
03BFB657-F821-4915-AA5C-567D92403289 CF14 0SQ Lisvane Memorial Hall, Heol Y Delyn, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
CB019A2A-ADE1-4AB7-87D7-AE8300A98DF0 CF14 0SX Lisvane Old School Community Centre, 1 Llwyn Y Pia Road, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
153276BB-1F00-48EA-BCF5-264D8EB5620F CF14 0TB Llysfaen Primary School, Rowan Way, Lisvane Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
342D0343-1A2A-4D22-AB21-AF4400C0C6E4 CF14 0UE Lisvane & Thornhill Railway Station, Lisvane & Thornhill Railway Station, Cherry Orchard Road, Thornhill 24/7 Public 11m
D101F391-55C2-4AEC-B96E-B12A00DDE723 CF14 0UE Pcp - Old Cottage, Cherry Orchard Road, Lisvane Variable Public 3m
0FEC3CAE-8ADE-4B5C-B444-217E9620525C CF14 1AP Ysgol Melin Gruffydd, Glan Y Nant Road, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
E0DAF1BB-6D2C-4CC3-899B-AEF10132C9BE CF14 1AW Whitchurch Tennis Club, 39 St Francis Road, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
73F4EBCB-EF9D-44CB-970D-773173D83EA6 CF14 1DA Plough Inn, 1 Merthyr Road, Whitchurch Cardiff 24/7 Public 3m
C58564B2-0045-4F2F-8A9A-B00E009AFB96 CF14 1DA Advertising Right Outside 52-60, Merthyr Road, Whitchurch 24/7 Public 11m
E02C154C-64AF-4A18-BF42-AB8000BCA565 CF14 1PT Ararat Baptist Church, Plas Treoda, Whitchurch 24/7 Public 11m
E51D0504-F318-45C8-8D75-64F554D8BB41 CF14 1RR Birchgrove Primary School, Birchgrove Road, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
D076902F-7CCF-48AB-A28D-B169014F97EB CF14 2AD Whitchurch Bowling Club, Whitchurch Bowling Club Club House, Penlline Road 24/7 Public 7w
DDA6E49A-88E8-4741-A0D0-ACEF00DEE850 CF14 2AU Heol Don Nursing And Residential Centre, Heol Don, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
3806236E-61FF-46DF-9357-AF4700F96368 CF14 2EZ Llandaf Railway Station, Station Road, Llandaf 24/7 Public 9m
1B9CF3C9-C76C-49FE-A938-AED000ABD841 CF14 2FB Wilton House Dental Practice, 49 Station Road, Llandaff North Variable Restricted 11m
119F9972-C8D3-43E1-BB02-AB57007C146D CF14 2FJ The Llandaff Clinic, 39 Belle Vue Crescent, Llandaff North 24/7 Public 11m
38829825-9899-4492-9E4B-C4B99CBAAF03 CF14 2FL Cardiff Steiner School, Hawthorn Road West, Llandaf North Variable Restricted 11m
4733CC2C-0CE5-4DEE-ACCF-AF4300D786FA CF14 2FU 42 Radyr Road, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
AD72CCC6-E2D3-44A1-B4CC-B05B00A7A206 CF14 2HU Llandaff North & Gabalfa Hub, College Road, Cardiff Variable Public 9m
52944382-F989-4E29-8ACE-B09600CC627E CF14 2LR Hawthorn Primary School, Hawthorn Road East, Llandaff North 24/7 Public 8m
35AFCCFB-F1CB-4331-A73A-B0030074E1EF CF14 3AT Tesco Extra, Excelsior Road, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
A39CF724-D58F-4730-AC51-B157011C4E2A CF14 3AT Tesco Petrol Filling Station, Petrol Filling Station,Tesco Extra, Excelsior Road 24/7 Public 2m
B011CCEB-3617-4099-9E55-B19C01167E0B CF14 3AT Tesco Extra, Atm Tesco Extra, Excelsior Road 24/7 Public 3w
8AE25337-EAE8-4408-AA33-AFE800D12C48 CF14 3AX Screwfix, Unit 4 Batchelor Road, Excelsior Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
B0FE7BF2-BC93-4BEB-A45A-ADE50092EFF8 CF14 3BH Tesco, Parkfield House 149, North Road Variable Restricted 9m
CCED5CF5-788C-4565-A22C-8166530A4049 CF14 3BL St Marks Church, 206 North Road, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
136AA046-C61D-4748-8920-07E11F9A152C CF14 3BR Ysgol Mynydd Bychan, New Zealand Road, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
C390643E-9FD2-4257-BC68-AED500B69455 CF14 3DY Mynachdy Community Centre, Mynachdy Road, Mynachdy 24/7 Public 11m
AABC5E92-9AC0-4653-88DB-AB5200AAF3F3 CF14 3JR Restore Dental Group, Dental Surgery, 215 Whitchurch Road Variable Public 11m
C161E60C-666C-4806-A01D-5615D1AA8116 CF14 3JU Cardiff & Vale Of Glamorgan Area Scout Council The Hub, Maitland Street, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
899D97AE-495D-4903-941A-AD3200E4E881 CF14 3QX Gathering Ground Cafe, 1 Wedal Road, Roath 24/7 Public 11m
A98BC95C-75DA-4DD6-BD8C-AFA900F34F33 CF14 3RB Vision 21 Cyfle Cymru, Oaks Garden Centre, Allensbank Road Variable Restricted 11m
8FAAD7C3-0424-41A9-98EF-83D275E216EE CF14 3UB Nhs Wales Shared Services Partnership Companies House, Floor 4 Companies House, Crown Way 24/7 Restricted 11m
573CF95B-F93C-4FF3-B0E1-AEA100E89949 CF14 3UU Talybont Social Centre, Talybont North, Trotman-Dickenson Place 24/7 Restricted 11m
7B7935D2-CE55-4823-B328-AEA600E878E1 CF14 3UX Cardiff University, Talybont Sports Centre, Talybont North Variable Public 11m
9EF37729-886F-464F-8C1E-B06D00C85861 CF14 4EB St Agatha Road, Heath, Cardiff 24/7 Public 9m
D7783E5F-2732-4F47-8DDB-313DDAA9476F CF14 4HG Ton-Yr-Ywen Primary School, Maes Y Coed Road, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
7FF2F2BC-EE82-42E9-BF12-AFA900F0B9E7 CF14 4HY Vision 21 Cyfle Cymru, Unit 10 - 12 Field Way, Maes Y Coed Road Variable Restricted 11m
38DBE0FE-A9EA-440F-B215-AC6B00C7643A CF14 4LU Aj Hales Pharmacy, 35 St Isan Road, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
A8A6E182-3BC3-4D89-B465-AF7301626286 CF14 4NT Saltmarshe Art Publishers Ltd, Saltmarshe Art Publishers Ltd Ground Floor, 352 Caerphilly Road 24/7 Public 11m
8F279E8B-A5BA-4770-A8BA-AD97010C9EAB CF14 4NX Pavilion Llwynfedw Gardens Park, Llwynfedw Gardens, Heath Variable Public 11m
5BC83C15-E4A2-41C1-A4A9-AB84010EDAB3 CF14 4PP Maes Y Coed Community Centre, Maes-Y-Coed Road, Heath 24/7 Public 11m
770DCD7D-01E1-4304-BFFE-B02000A388BA CF14 4PP Jubilee Community Trust, Maes Y Coed Community Centre, Jubilee Gardens 24/7 Public 11m
8E194A21-ED48-41EC-AEEA-AD5900C9548B CF14 4QA Lazarou Bros, 121 Caerphilly Road, Heath 24/7 Public 11m
75AA074C-2BF2-477C-B349-AF4700F904CD CF14 4SY Birchgrove Railway Station, Caerphilly Road, Birchgrove 24/7 Public 9m
4925D680-FACE-4741-BB4C-B04D008B40DF CF14 4TT Tesco Maes Y Coed Crdif Express, 2 Maes-Y-Coed Rd, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
06569D75-6F6D-4A8C-A0B5-B12B00E1F265 CF14 4XW Student Support Services, Cardigan House, Heath Park Variable Public 3m
2DC8CF5A-97FA-4A8A-A17F-AC6300A53331 CF14 4XY University Hospital Of Wales, Tenovus Institute, Academic Avenue Variable Restricted 11m
1D0DC9A6-8554-42CF-BCB1-AB954CA3F091 CF14 4XZ Royal College Of Nursing Ty Maeth, King George V Drive East, Cardiff 24/7 Public 7m
D63B2F4C-7FC2-47EA-92EF-87907BCD1A42 CF14 5AS Christ The King Primary School, Everest Avenue, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
1EA28199-949B-457B-B906-B0EC00F75CF4 CF14 5DB Christ The King Roman Catholic Church, Newborough Avenue, Llanishen 24/7 Public 5m
A6240363-49CB-4015-B4F0-B0CF00FB70E4 CF14 5DH Brentwood Court, Newborough Avenue, Llanishen 24/7 Public 6m
783F0D2A-9B0C-4486-B883-AF4700F97C39 CF14 5DL Ty Glas Railway Station, Field Way, Ty Glas 24/7 Public 9m
5ACDD35E-220D-44FB-A47A-AFEB00AE962E CF14 5DN Screwfix, Unit 7b Cardiff Business Park, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
FCE48D93-088F-492E-ACA2-C1D4A2A5E054 CF14 5DU Wales & West Housing Association Archway House, 77 Parc Ty Glas, Llanishen Cardiff Variable Restricted 8m
A57858A1-62CE-4E74-9FED-9B52FD54BABC CF14 5DW Coed Glas Primary School, Ty Glas Avenue, Llanishen Variable Restricted 3m
68BCC803-75E5-4346-A4A2-ADA9009F3E3D CF14 5DX The Courtyard, Ty Glas Avenue, Llanishen Variable Restricted 11m
B4DF747E-374F-4F21-9D05-AE9700C8D9C5 CF14 5DX Buzz Trampoline Park, Ty Glas Avenue, Llanishen Variable Public 11m
220C7DAB-2A63-49BF-9414-AEC50095E405 CF14 5GG Cardiff Business Park, Lambourne Crescent, Llanishen Variable Restricted 11m
50A468CA-A45D-460E-9A46-B06700DAAEE9 CF14 5GP Unit 1 Cleeve House, Lambourne Crescent, Llanishen Variable Restricted 9m
EAF70483-7BB2-451E-ABB5-B00F0112109A CF14 5JX St Faith's Church, Church Of St Faith, Morris Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
80DE50D7-4BD7-4A08-B6D4-AD6C0116D9AA CF14 5LS Llanishen Hub, Station Road, Llanishen Variable Public 11m
4810ACC3-B65B-4290-85F3-AF4400C0CE85 CF14 5UW Llanishen Railway Station, Llanishen Railway Station, Station Road, Llanishen 24/7 Public 11m
E9703DAB-DE5B-49AC-B2DB-1AE622B269A7 CF14 5UW Ty Coch Care Home, Station Road, Llanishen Cardiff 24/7 Public 9m
47043B8A-F4F9-4FAD-8D1D-AF2700CB8AE6 CF14 5XW Royal Mail Cardiff North Do, Unit 11-13 Cheviot Close, Cardiff, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
928FA4B6-E5D4-4525-8734-B15D00A8345A CF14 5YL Llanishen High School, Heol Hir, Llanishen Variable Public 2m
FC09B16F-EA47-4E65-8CE7-AF6901584A41 CF14 6BG Toby Carvery - Whitchurch, 21 Tyn-Y-Parc Road, Whitchurch Variable Public 11m
35E24FEB-B6F3-4459-8EDC-ADDE00AEEF31 CF14 6BN Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Cardiff (Express), Tyn-Y-Parc Road Variable Public 11m
F8A03ADC-936A-4300-B17B-AF1100F4C585 CF14 6BS South Wales Fire And Rescue Service, Whitchurch Fire Station, Heol-Y-Nant 24/7 Public 11m
2B412B3E-1548-4E57-B797-A52684B67D6B CF14 6EA Rhiwbina Recreation Club / Squash Club, Lon Y Dail, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
2DCCBD4D-5D05-4FF7-B5BA-6DB094803BDC CF14 6EA Rhiwbina Squash Club, Lon Y Dail, Rhiwbina 24/7 Public 11m
EC839FF3-2725-4FCE-8C6C-AF4700F97454 CF14 6EP Rhiwbina Railway Station, Off Pen-Y-Dre, Rhiwbina 24/7 Public 9m
44CB4A91-41CB-4EED-8BB7-AE9900A8E489 CF14 6HL Rhiwbina Baptist Church, Lon Ucha, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
1B5B2E4C-FFC7-4E2C-98A7-4B92752A9090 CF14 6LT Beulah United Reformed Church, Beulah Road, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
1F4A52D4-74EF-4F3E-9D4A-AEB100E33133 CF14 6NB Ye Olde Butchers Arms, 22 Heol-Y-Felin, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
48C96F13-E530-4CDC-9183-AB5100B59325 CF14 6PD 11 Thornhill Road, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
C75CCD57-C7C3-4194-A974-B05E00D0D6F1 CF14 7BQ Tesco Stores Ltd, 2-4 Park Rd, Whitchurch Variable Public 9m
427B81C4-DDB8-4F51-9990-AF4700F95BBF CF14 7BW Coryton Railway Station, Park Road, Coryton 24/7 Public 9m
3B4BF898-1DDA-4C3E-8F42-AF1100DC3F41 CF14 7DS Coryton Primary School, Hollybush Estate, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
58D2454A-93D7-4D27-B3F8-B07A00F35A53 CF14 7DW Oak House Communal Room, Hollybush Estate, Whitchurch 24/7 Public 9m
F3212433-40D2-4DB8-94D3-2C410ED399E8 CF14 7JN Diamond Sports Ground, Forest Farm Road, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
B3899AE2-2D1A-4338-A1FB-B06100854E26 CF14 7TL Pantmawr Residents Association, The Pantmawr Inn, Tyla Teg 24/7 Public 9m
DC8BE940-6BDB-4CAF-8980-AD3C0075E659 CF14 7XB Cardiff And Vale Nhs Trust/Ymddiriedolaeth Gig Caerdydd A'r Fro, North And West Cardiff Community Resource Team, Locality Offices 24/7 Public 11m
0B35BAD4-05BF-42E5-9C52-146D284045D0 CF14 7ZB A Mclay & Co Ltd, Longwood Drive, Whitchurch Cardiff Variable Restricted 9m
A210E977-03DB-42DA-8273-B02F00A3008F CF14 9GA Thornhill Church Trust, Thornhill Church, Excalibur Drive Variable Public 11m
A8C5EF0D-1144-4EC0-B99C-AF8A00D4F683 CF14 9HS 2 Glenmount Way, Thornhill, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
4AD3EB6C-4FE2-49C7-94A0-AF5100900EE5 CF14 9LA Thornhill Primary School, Heol Hir, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
9FD547CE-F711-4E32-ACC7-AE4B00ED9E79 CF15 7AB Ms Office, Unit 5, Cae Gwryd, Greenmeadows Business Park Variable Public 9m
D34C94C7-C91F-43E7-A369-B03E00AEC7BE CF15 7AB Mooneerams Limited, Mooneerams Limited Unit 2, Cae Gwyrdd Variable Restricted 9m
FF617F83-509F-45B9-A000-C001596343BB CF15 7LF The Fire And Stove Shop Merthyr Road, Tongwynlais 24/7 Public 11m
4E6DAB59-82AE-49ED-900C-AE8300A01470 CF15 7NE Woods Property Holdings, Office 3 First Floor Unit 8 Greenmeadow Springs Business Park, Village Way 24/7 Public 11m
E628086D-BDE1-4283-9D1D-B04400EFBC2E CF15 7NE Newydd Housing Group, Unit 5 Greenmeadow Springs Business Park, Village Way Variable Restricted 9m
E76D688D-5D2E-4831-B6D7-AFC10111EF8A CF15 7NJ Playing Fields, Iron Bridge Road, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
E2BEC062-B97C-4DB1-AF34-AF2D00E2A2A3 CF15 7NN Tongwynlais Community Council, The Tanyard, Queen Street 24/7 Public 11m
AB1B0500-3495-4E9A-83FD-AB5600DE8C8F CF15 7QQ Ty Dysgu, 10 Cefn Coed, Nantgarw Variable Public 11m
B086E828-3436-4423-80AB-C95E1D9020AA CF15 7QQ Unit 3 Connect Assist, Cefn Coed, Nantgarw Taffs Well Variable Public 11m
7B175FBA-667F-41A4-9F27-ADDA00B12769 CF15 7QR Amey Rail, Taffs Well Project Office, Moy Road 24/7 Public 11m
9F45AF8B-4424-4CBE-8211-AF7B0099697F CF15 7QT The Peacock Group, Heol Crochendy, Treforest Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
688314D3-7D25-4A8E-916C-F7D5BDCE411C CF15 7QZ Nhs Wales Shared Services Partnership Charnwood Court, Heol Billingsley, Nantgarw Cardiff Variable Restricted 9m
F7F5730E-30C0-4063-B63D-B14F00DB1FC1 CF15 7QZ Unit 5 Yodel Ltd Charnwood Court, Heol Billingsley, Treforest Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 2m
27A0BBEE-175F-4800-8749-ADDA00F30B6F CF15 7RN Taff's Well Metro Depot, Garth Works, Taff's Well 24/7 Public 11m
B99D8AC0-535A-4FBD-9696-ADDA00F686BA CF15 7RN Taff's Well Metro Depot, Garth Works, Taff's Well 24/7 Public 11m
5D7EF359-BA53-44EB-A6BB-AD9B00F4E08D CF15 7SG Taffs Well Football Club, Rhiw Ddar Stadium, Taffs Well 24/7 Public 11m
47231A9E-5BFE-4F3A-A613-AE7401113527 CF15 7SX Taff's Well And Nantgarw Community Council, 23 Rhyd-Yr-Helyg, Nantgarw 24/7 Public 11m
2AFEB8CC-306A-431E-A59D-ACAB0136A746 CF15 7UE Council, Tawelfryn Community Centre, Heol-Y-Coed 24/7 Public 11m
DA521229-5D30-4675-B4C2-5AAA10CA77B2 CF15 7UN Caerphilly Garden Centre, General Area Of, Nantgarw Cardiff Variable Public 7w
343A78D0-5E90-4CE8-AC80-AF4400C0E4EF CF15 8AA Radyr Railway Station, Radyr Railway Station, Station Road, Radyr 24/7 Public 11m
E113A0C7-F501-4D4D-9DD3-024EC416E270 CF15 8AA Radyr Eyecare Ltd, 14 Station Road, Radyr Cardiff 24/7 Public 9m
0BBC9CC3-323A-4F90-803F-B076010AFE75 CF15 8AF First Radyr Scout Group, First Radyr Scout Group Hall, Heol Isaf 24/7 Public 9m
22BF46AA-65CE-4599-ADB5-6F49DB5BBCCB CF15 8DF Radyr & Morganstown Community Council Old Church Rooms, Park Road, Radyr Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
2DF06007-F578-431F-B4A5-ADEC00FA4C2F CF15 8DZ Radyr Lawn Tennis Club, 54a Heol Isaf, Radyr 24/7 Public 11m
46C606CE-8417-45CF-800F-AFE900D639AA CF15 8LB Tynant Inn, Ffordd Treforgan, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
7662B704-1053-420C-AAD1-17EDB1CD72C6 CF15 8LB Pughs Garden Centre, Ty Nant Road, Morganstown Cardiff Variable Public 11m
4B1BEA8C-4EB7-4BC4-B13B-ADEF01495785 CF15 8LE Morganstown Village Hall., Rear Of Heol Syr Lewis., Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
958CA06E-4119-4B41-A68D-AFC100D200C2 CF15 9HA Gwaelod-Y-Garth Changing Rooms, Heol-Y-Nant, Cardiff 24/7 Public 3w
1B0FE018-BBA9-49EB-81A7-ACDB00B04B08 CF15 9JN South Wales Police Authority Gwaelod-Y-Garth, Gwaelod-Y-Garth Police Station, Main Road 24/7 Public 11m
229B3375-FA98-4819-B522-AE9000D6175D CF15 9JN Imperial Court, Viaduct Road, Gwaelod-Y-Garth Variable Restricted 11m
35BCFC31-76EC-451C-9ACB-AE9F00C1A2AE CF15 9JN Tarmac Ltd, Viaduct Road, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
5F733737-F0E7-40A6-8B0F-ADAA00DB792B CF15 9JN Mrs Communications, Viaduct Road, Gwaelod-Y-Garth 24/7 Public 11m
B6B631F1-6908-47F4-95E0-ADEB00ABD54D CF15 9NF The Pavilion, Creigiau Recreation Ground, Heol Pant-Y-Gored, Creigiau 24/7 Public 11m
98EACD19-205A-415F-BEE6-B02700B244F6 CF15 9NL Tesco Stores Ltd, 1 Cardiff Rd, Creigiau Variable Public 11m
40BCD505-F64C-41D4-BEDD-3823AB02EFAB CF15 9NN Caesars Arms, General Area Of, Creigiau Cardiff Variable Public 7w
E5F74CF9-6C2A-4775-918A-438CC92DA4E0 CF15 9NN Creigiau Primary School, Tregarth Court, Creigiau 24/7 Public 11m
D9094486-FC3B-4505-BC05-9E52A377CD1F CF15 9TN Pentyrch Pharmacy, Unit 3 Temperance Court, Bronllwyn 24/7 Public 7w
C60E14BA-4C05-4952-83D5-ADFF00B3D2A0 CF15 9TS Western Security Systems Ltd, South Glade, Gwaelod-Y-Garth 24/7 Public 11m
98B1D9F8-8D7E-4D05-BEDA-B06D00D9D0AD CF15 9YY River House, Gwaelod - Y - Garth, Ynys Y Bridge Court Variable Public 9m
7B3E747C-D806-41E8-B2E3-AF7200D5808F CF23 5AA Sands Hairdressing, 7 Waterloo Gardens, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
FDEE6C52-A92D-4186-846F-E77A8ECAC491 CF23 5BU Marlborough Infant School, Agincourt Road, Roath Cardiff Variable Public 5m
3730B75F-8A54-442E-90B1-1269D0558072 CF23 5HX Agile Therapy Ltd, 84 Pen-Y-Lan Road, Pen-Y-Lan Variable Public 11m
BFF08894-E5B6-466A-BC10-AF610002002B CF23 5NB Merts, 24 Ffordd Cwellyn, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
500F3FA9-E1BE-4CFA-807D-C6DDFFE31B3B CF23 5PH Terra Nova Cafe Roath Park, Lake Road West, Cardiff Variable Public 9m
64312DBB-344C-4F15-ADAB-AF4700F96011 CF23 5QT Heath High Level Railway Station, Heath Halt Road, Heath 24/7 Public 9m
A2D0A895-9D2D-4A40-97CA-B0FC0103F88C CF23 6AJ 193 Cyncoed Road, Cyncoed, Cardiff Variable Restricted 5m
A34FC46F-8DD7-4A29-AEE3-B04D00EDC6D4 CF23 6DL Tesco Stores Ltd, 37/39 Lakeside Shopping Centre, Clearwater Way Variable Restricted 9m
C9995904-DECF-4BB6-8256-81D305A55A57 CF23 6EG Park End Presbyterian Church, Llandennis Road, Cyncoed 24/7 Public 11m
D341D8A2-D27C-4C37-BE2E-B01500F033E9 CF23 6RT All Saints Parish Church, Cyncoed Road, Cyncoed 24/7 Public 11m
E62F0DE6-6F03-48AC-A7E7-0B4791386EEB CF23 6SJ Cardiff Golf Club, Sherborne Avenue, Cyncoed Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
EE566F91-9B9B-4A21-9BE7-7E6FAE1A2846 CF23 6UP Ifor Jones Court, Hillrise, Pentwyn Cardiff 24/7 Public 9m
AAE59526-225E-47C4-804F-B14D00A2557F CF23 6UW Glenwood Church, Circle Way West, Llanedeyrn 24/7 Public 2m
09C30EE2-E581-40F9-9790-B08B00E93F0B CF23 6WG Cardiff High School, Llandennis Road, Cyncoed Variable Public 9m
2C0A7334-5FA0-42CA-B45D-B08B00EBF0AB CF23 6WG Cardiff High School, Llandennis Road, Cyncoed Variable Public 9m
6F587435-B4BB-46B5-B19F-B08B00EC6D1B CF23 6WG Cardiff High School, Llandennis Road, Cyncoed Variable Public 9m
8E0272B4-E6DE-4EFE-B3FD-9E3AA21A73F6 CF23 6WG Cardiff High School, Llandennis Road, Cardiff Variable Public 9m
D4A7B4BE-4F03-435E-AAF2-B08B00E89F39 CF23 6WG Cardiff High School, Llandennis Road, Cyncoed Variable Public 9m
0E6B196F-AC47-4B90-A0B2-AE5300D9AB71 CF23 6XD Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff Metropolitan University Cyncoed Campus, Cyncoed Road 24/7 Public 11m
BC60CB49-3CEA-4A96-959A-AE5300DCC152 CF23 6XD Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff Metropolitan University Cyncoed Campus, Cyncoed Road 24/7 Public 11m
76EEBA10-46E0-43E0-A849-AB6C00FE1CD6 CF23 6XL 6 Alderbrook, Cf23 6xl Variable Public 11m
0F89F6E8-B75A-4CD9-85BB-B40B484AF0D5 CF23 7EH Ysgol Gymraeg Pen Y Groes, Bryn Celyn, Pentwyn Cardiff Variable Public 7w
649A606A-9927-4FF9-84E2-57247DD7C1DB CF23 7EZ Pentwyn Leisure Centre, Bryn Celyn Road, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
F69813BB-DD03-4789-9FAC-AD9D00E89F49 CF23 7HA Unit 4 Deryn Court, Wharfedale Road, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
0AEF666A-AFBF-44CD-82BD-ADDC00A46F8C CF23 7HB Cansford Laboratories Ltd, Unit 1a Pentwyn Business Centre, Wharfedale Road Variable Restricted 11m
47A584C6-136D-492A-9BA4-ADDC00AC556D CF23 7HB Cansford Laboratories Ltd, Unit 1a Pentwyn Business Centre, Wharfedale Road Variable Restricted 11m
891AAA34-82C7-4F48-9A5E-B07700E3BAA2 CF23 8AB Ty Derw Lime Tree Court, Mulberry Drive, Pontprennau Variable Public 9m
9130EB1A-6B39-4808-9616-B0B6011EFB8D CF23 8AN Waitrose & Partners - Pontprennau, Croescadam Close, Pontprennau Variable Public 7m
30304242-B657-4863-992C-A1FD1EF7DA17 CF23 8GL International Baccalaureate Organization Peterson House, Malthouse Avenue, Pontprennau Cardiff Variable Public 11m
400E869B-6AAC-4A62-9D32-ADE900FBAFAF CF23 8HA Stantec, Vision Court, 1st Floor, Vision Court, Caxton Place Variable Restricted 11m
3A4BFC3D-5B4E-45E9-B747-ADE400C96416 CF23 8HE Stage Sound Services Limited, Unit A Avenue Industrial Estate, Croescadarn Close Variable Public 11m
001C2F65-9860-476F-AFD5-88AB7BFBD3FC CF23 8LL Pontprennau Community Church, Pontprennau Community Church Centre, Heol Pontprennau 24/7 Public 11m
82C69CE2-FBBA-4C7A-B090-2107484D3594 CF23 8LL Pontprennau Primary School, Heol Pontprennau, Pontprennau Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
3E697E6D-4888-45A4-816C-ABD800702178 CF23 8NL B & Q Plc, 7 Cardiff Gate Retail Park, Pontprennau Variable Public 11m
CCC8321F-C0AD-4505-B841-B0F500C77088 CF23 8NL Savills - Cardif Gate, Cardiff Gate Retail Park, Pontprennau,Cardiff 24/7 Public 5m
D3A41840-39FA-4F69-A570-AE77013A1013 CF23 8NL Puregym, Unit 6, Cardiff Retail Park 24/7 Restricted 11m
4A82D42D-F3E6-4136-8F37-AE7401704A7B CF23 8PS I Heart Pontprennau, 12 Clonakilty Way, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
69D4231F-72F9-409C-A34A-ADC9011E324F CF23 8RD Adt Fire And Security, Adt House Cardiff Gate Business Park, Greenwood Close Variable Restricted 11m
A7DE9871-3C95-45DF-B560-AF6B010BB3CB CF23 8RD Toby Carvery - Cardiff Gate, Greenwood Close, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
1C68AD9D-A896-4D68-B3E1-AF940104E510 CF23 8RH Redrow Homes, Redrow House Cardiff Gate Business Park, Copse Walk Variable Restricted 11m
26329844-6AFA-4EB6-B1A6-AFAC010527E5 CF23 8RP Scitech Engineering Ltd, Tuscan House Cardiff Gate Business Park, Beck Court Variable Restricted 11m
2D8901BB-949F-4295-9D6B-B02000A3D616 CF23 8RS Unit 6 Oak Tree Court, Mulberry Drive, Cardiff 24/7 Restricted 11m
2FC5C865-F77E-49A9-B72A-ACDA00ECD85B CF23 8RS 101 House Cardiff Gate Business Park, 101 Mulberry Drive, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
24680061-FFE2-4FD3-A8ED-6EA1EB4E2666 CF23 8RW Ash Tree Court - Watkin Jones Wilson House, Woodsy Close, Pontprennau Cardiff Variable Public 11m
839276F4-12A3-44CC-8318-018A35213E63 CF23 8RW Shear Design 7 Ash Tree Court, Woodsy Close, Pontprennau Cardiff Variable Public 11m
C42F5CD9-3FE5-4F59-8E1A-94BAF977A19C CF23 8RX Sinclair Group Mercedes Cardiff, Mulberry Drive, Pontprennau Cardiff Variable Public 11m
4BDACEE2-D462-45AD-BB98-ADE101159896 CF23 8XE Pendragon House, Caxton Place, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
265706B9-5481-4437-A7DA-B0F500C64278 CF23 9AE Savills - The Avenue Retail Park, The Avenue Retail Park, Newport Road 24/7 Public 5m
37B1E362-3E77-4674-A189-AF650093032B CF23 9AF Atlantic Pacific Marine Ltd, Unit 2, Rhymney River Bridge Road Variable Restricted 11m
1F0ABF66-C852-4CBB-9E65-AFE800F04547 CF23 9AN Screwfix, Unit 2 Wentworth Park, Colchester Avenue Variable Restricted 9m
F1420A63-25C7-477D-870B-AEBA00A32116 CF23 9AN South Wales Fire And Rescue Service, Roath Fire Station, Colchester Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
34A82F0C-BDCD-4F17-9768-4A6978A04D93 CF23 9AQ David Lloyd Leisure Centre, Ipswich Road, Penylan Road Variable Restricted 9m
70159B90-02D7-4A6E-9749-AE5400BDC33D CF23 9AQ Euro Commercial Investments, Ipswich Road, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
AF97E04F-897D-48B7-B7A1-B08B00CE6131 CF23 9AQ David Lloyd Leisure Centre, David Lloyd Leisure, Ipswich Road Variable Restricted 9m
41FF2203-B3CA-47F5-AB1D-B08B00C0C71A CF23 9DT Cardiff Council - Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Edern, Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Edern, Llanedeyrn Road Variable Public 9m
F0953248-C2C5-4909-932E-83830A059D5C CF23 9DT Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Edern, Llanedeyrn Road, Penylan Cardiff Variable Public 9m
3AB6CC07-B455-4347-93A4-B098008FCA83 CF23 9FP Unit 1 River Bridge Business Centre Willis Construction, Rhymney River Bridge Road, Penylan 24/7 Public 8m
868636C2-4272-4100-8607-B048011752C7 CF23 9JQ Christchurch United Free Church, Wellwood, Cardiff 24/7 Public 9m
B250857D-E1EC-40CE-80EA-B10100B98DFA CF23 9JY 176 Coed Edeyrn, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff 24/7 Public 5m
563B568B-9934-4F5F-AEE6-77C1C88F7FD9 CF23 9LD Ysgol Y Berllan Deg, Circle Way East, Llanedeyrn Cardiff Variable Public 11m
E61C7C85-13C9-45FF-A810-B07000BE7056 CF23 9LF All Saints’ Primary School, Llanedeyrn, All Saints’ Primary School, Ael-Y-Bryn 24/7 Public 9m
6C790AA4-5E5C-40CC-A7D9-0A444761F869 CF23 9NB Howardian Primary School, Hammond Way, Penylan Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
C8867490-0331-4563-B638-ADCD01164AEB CF23 9PL Hopwoods Pharmacy, Ground Floor Commercial Unit 2 Lewis Court, Maelfa Variable Public 11m
2D233B1F-5F8E-4D47-85D2-F153FFB69A42 CF24 0AB Cardiff Sscsa Tribunals Eastgate House, 35-43 Newport Road, Roath Variable Public 9m
8929D310-755D-4F3F-917E-AB1000E8699C CF24 0AB Cardiff Sscsa Tribunals, Eastgate House, 35-43 Newport Road Variable Public 9m
BC8F999B-B9B8-4439-9451-B16A010757DB CF24 0AE Glain House Care Home, 77-85 Newport Road, Cardiff 24/7 Restricted 7w
76D85C4F-1C9C-4FE0-9273-DEDAF4E08043 CF24 0DD Mercure Holland House Hotel, 24-26 Newport Road, Cardiff 24/7 Restricted 7w
1BDA508D-3742-48C9-975B-AEA600E892DC CF24 0DE Cardiff University, Mckenzie House, 30-36 Newport Road Variable Public 11m
4A89AB33-3C9C-4EC1-BE76-AF2C0086959A CF24 0EB Savills - Brunel, 2 Fitzalan Road, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
D739529A-8935-4039-9D50-AB0D00EAD6BC CF24 0RZ Cardiff Magistrates Court, Fitzalan Place, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
E1DB897C-A3F6-4E5F-8A25-B0440099574F CF24 0RZ Cardiff Magistrates Court, Fitzalan Place, Adamsdown Variable Public 11m
F11C847B-DB7F-445C-879F-909417C2A62D CF24 0RZ Cardiff Magistrates Court, Fitzalan Place, Adamsdown Variable Restricted 11m
F124AB88-C142-4CE5-8992-3E2F93372B85 CF24 0RZ Cardiff Magistrates Court, Fitzalan Place, Adamsdown Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
EBB762C4-7DCA-47DC-B6EA-B02D00E0E248 CF24 0SP Tesco Stores Ltd, Newport Road Lane, Adamsdown Variable Public 11m
28CA7C8C-D404-4E07-BE0E-B1650092BAA3 CF24 0SZ Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Newport Road, Adamsdown 24/7 Public 7w
48B058B0-8CC5-41A2-BAEC-AF3800A3F58D CF24 0TB General Municipal Workers Union, Gmb Garley House, 17 Newport Road Variable Public 11m
146327ED-C2E0-4BB8-A414-31B8DFC09DD5 CF24 0TP Natural Resources Wales Cambria House, 29 Newport Road, 24/7 Public 11m
9D6BBCAB-1E9C-48B0-81A0-ADE500A08720 CF24 1LR Tesco, Tesco Express, 31-32 Clifton Street Variable Public 11m
82CA97B7-A126-482B-865D-AD4E0122D0A6 CF24 1LY Roath Police Station, Clifton Street, Roath 24/7 Public 11m
F890EE9C-D3D7-40DD-9BE0-6CFF36CD3882 CF24 1ND Rubicon Dance Studio, Nora Street, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
19AA5BA5-9D18-4CC2-A55D-AE8300818E8A CF24 1PQ Dunelm Cardiff, Unit 1, City Link Retail Park, Newport Road, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
B27E52BB-2525-462F-B024-04CE26019CB8 CF24 2BW Oasis, 69b Splott Road, Splott Variable Restricted 11m
F667162E-11A9-45FD-8A7B-FD02284090F3 CF24 2BZ S T A R Recreation & Community Centre, Splott Road, Cardiff 24/7 Restricted 6m
98016BDE-B0A1-49CB-839A-AEBA0095C558 CF24 2FL South Wales Fire And Rescue Service, Cardiff Central Fire Station, Adam Street 24/7 Public 11m
396B8CFF-8037-4956-B25D-AE910083D924 CF24 2FN Atrium, Cardiff School Of Creative Industries, 86-88 Adam Street, Cardiff 24/7 Public 9m
085FFA8D-4E66-4662-9C47-AF7100C78191 CF24 2HP Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Petrol Station Tesco Extra, Ffordd Pengam Variable Public 11m
911A1B42-742C-4DFA-962D-B02D00D0C7A8 CF24 2HP Tesco, Tesco Extra, Ffordd Pengam Variable Public 11m
7279C209-771D-4E33-A29E-AD3000C30394 CF24 2RX Rhymney River Motor Boat Sail & Angling Club, Rover Way, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
2E2768CA-94E9-4B66-B1EB-B01900AE53A6 CF24 2RZ Sunbelt Rentals, Unit 2, St Catherines Park, Pengam Road Variable Restricted 11m
D8C2F34E-73DD-4D80-B6F6-10BAD5F65AA7 CF24 2SJ Baden Powell Primary School, Muirton Road, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
A1AF2715-127B-40D2-9A1E-B0CF00AB2D55 CF24 2TL Minton Court 1-35, Meirion Place, Splott 24/7 Public 6m
21B6C31A-60EC-4A90-9313-ADCF00973553 CF24 3AA Cardiff University, Trevithick Building, 14-17 The Parade 24/7 Public 11m
56C8B915-627E-469C-ABC5-F7E74B68591D CF24 3AG Ymca, The Walk, Roath Cardiff 24/7 Public 2m
5273ADEE-84C7-461F-A794-AE9F00A6EB75 CF24 3AN West Grove Dental Surgery, 2 West Grove, Roath Variable Public 11m
EB9542D6-C41D-42FA-A521-AB50011A12D1 CF24 3AN Taffe Dental Surgery, 2 West Grove, Roath Variable Public 11m
FB1ABD0A-E581-4DE6-ACBE-AD5C00D69F15 CF24 3BE Tavistock Gospel Hall, Tavistock Street, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
3976785E-CF65-4D3A-8EFC-ADDD00CECF32 CF24 3DR Tesco, Tesco Express, 134-142 City Road Variable Public 11m
9733B04D-4397-4D40-B453-AE2901792A99 CF24 3DZ The Crofts Hotel, Partridge Road, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
532AB103-24CE-4398-B2F1-B14700A8C080 CF24 3ES Ymca, Plasnewydd Community Centre, Shakespeare Street Variable Public 2m
CC461902-4830-45FA-B49D-4937C0853AFD CF24 3JW Mackintosh Sports Club, 38 Keppoch Street, Roath Cardiff Variable Public 11m
D2570C8F-C6CC-463F-A22A-AE3900F6EB57 CF24 3LH Tesco Stores Ltd, 11-17 Albany Road, Roath Variable Public 11m
70F77D2D-AADC-4604-B95D-C7B0AC32CA7A CF24 3NU Albany Road Baptist Church, Albany Road, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
806CEEF8-BC05-4CBF-B722-ADE100980472 CF24 3NZ Tesco, Atm Tesco Store, 29-33 Wellfield Road Variable Public 11m
12149D20-20A5-46E8-AA03-AD6E00C784A3 CF24 3PA Joe's Ice Cream, 69 Wellfield Road, Roath Variable Restricted 11m
F3F37883-3643-42F7-A9C6-AE7301335AFB CF24 3PX Islamic Centre, 68 Connaught Road, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
63F792E4-921F-4490-A735-EC33B3C66E24 CF24 3RD The Ambassador Ymca, 2-4 Oakfield Street, Roath Cardiff 24/7 Restricted 2m
ECAB63BF-ED9C-4D79-8410-621252425DC5 CF24 3RR Albany Primary School, Albany Road, Cardiff Variable Public 5m
4FABA826-CD07-4D0F-AA2F-AB6C00C9EF13 CF24 3XL Kings Monkton School, 6 West Grove, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
F84947A1-353E-44F1-9DFB-ADE30111557E CF24 4AD Tesco, Tesco Express, Salisbury Road Variable Public 11m
71757E01-F3C3-4F4D-A8AA-AB1B01143A9B CF24 4AG Cardiff University, Learn, 21-23 Senghennydd Road Variable Public 11m
D1BA1A22-60C7-44BB-81AB-AE8A0153394F CF24 4AN Al-Manar Centre, 2-4 Glynrhondda Street, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
335CF49F-90DA-47FD-8782-AF9600B2381B CF24 4AY Fitness And Conditioning Centre, Senghennydd Road, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
7E872E36-FD64-43B1-A65D-4EC2ABB034CF CF24 4BB Roath Park Primary School, Pen Y Wain Road, Cardiff Variable Public 5m
06E8E266-EBCF-4FB3-8582-41B7071CE83B CF24 4BG Dar-Ul-Isra Centre, 21-23 Wyeverne Road, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
56D8695D-4A33-4C77-AD8F-AF9600B23C8D CF24 4HQ Hadyn Ellis Building, Maindy Road, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
85808B60-322F-4E6D-B3D4-B0B400A8EB0A CF24 4HQ Cubric Building, Maindy Road, Cathays Variable Public 7m
86B1FD3E-3DC8-42E7-AFA5-B0B400A8E723 CF24 4HQ Cubric Building, Maindy Road, Cathays Variable Restricted 7m
E91A165D-0F54-425A-B85B-B0B400A91ED6 CF24 4HQ Cubric Building, Maindy Road, Cathays Variable Restricted 7m
F7113F1B-C791-4954-B0C1-AEA600E87E2C CF24 4HQ Cardiff University, School Of Optometry & Visual Sciences, Maindy Road Variable Public 11m
B9562A48-1F54-4BD1-BA0B-AD300092C568 CF24 4HZ Cathays Sports And Social Club, 152-158 Cathays Terrace, Cathays Variable Public 11m
AF6D5101-2EF5-4FC9-8C68-1FB4625C253A CF24 4YE Sherman Cymru Theatre, Senghennydd Road, Cathays Variable Public 11m
FEB02A9A-2021-4BDA-8218-AE6600F4FA9D CF24 5BS Ukse, Titan House, Cardiff Bay Business Centre Variable Public 11m
D4E6CCBF-66BA-4AB0-AF0A-AFE8007F17DA CF24 5EE Screwfix Ocean Way, Cardiff Vineyard Centre, East Moors Road Variable Restricted 9m
7B5056BA-25D6-4DC6-A999-AFD900EE171A CF24 5EF Howdens At Cardiff, Unit 7 Jubilee Trading Estate,, Tyndall Street Variable Restricted 11m
80AF7A2D-1F6A-4AEA-8369-B16B00DDE941 CF24 5EN Encon Insulation And Nevill Long Cardiff, Unit 4, Trident Industrial Park, Glass Avenue Variable Restricted 7w
75646414-118C-4312-AB6E-B11B00A4C176 CF24 5HB Speedy Cardiff 4003, Unit 47 Portmanmoor Road, Cardiff Variable Public 4m
C200D8F2-B194-4339-B2E1-AC3E008399AA CF24 5HF Ocean Park Arena (Football/Tennis Centre), Beignon Close, Ocean Way Variable Public 11m
FC47FEE8-F8E8-483A-8B50-381DD80A897B CF24 5HJ S A Brain & Co Ltd Dragon Brewery, Pacific Business Park, Cardiff Variable Public 7w
7460E942-440E-4421-B255-B04A00FE2BAB CF24 5JQ Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre Cardiff, Nettleford Road, Cardiff Variable Restricted 9m
3D3F2CF1-BFA9-4724-B362-AE0400FE5516 CF24 5PB The Order Of St John, St John Cymru Wales Priory House, Beignon Close Variable Public 11m
FA2786A8-FBE5-43E6-851B-C8ABE04C8AF8 CF24 5PB St John Cymru Wales Technocentre, Beignon Close, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
2EB6951A-5EA7-45E2-8298-AEA100E88F2C CF24 5YB University Hall Tower, University Hall, Birchwood Road 24/7 Public 11m
548B9D56-7002-4769-9958-AEBB00DC48D1 CF3 0AA Oakfield Primary School, Ferntree Drive, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
6972CFB3-EDE1-4968-872E-AFCD00A7C4A8 CF3 0DR Willowbrook, Natural Resources Wales, Vendre Lane, Opposite Heritage House, St Mellons Variable Restricted 11m
A708D244-D6DF-4B87-BEAD-AFDD00F3445E CF3 0EF Tesco, Unit 8 And 9 St Mellons District Shopping Centre, Crickhowell Road Variable Public 11m
1849674E-4E3B-4BA5-BDF4-AFCD00A7CFF5 CF3 0EY Plas Yr Afon, Natural Resources Wales, St Mellons Business Park, Fortran Road 24/7 Public 11m
36294261-A668-453E-8DC3-E87E81235598 CF3 0FD Willowbrook House Nursing Home, St Arvans Crescent, St Mellons Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
235D7C2D-8461-483A-8138-AEF100BC3F6F CF3 0HS Ashdown Close, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
36E605E5-C86B-49BB-B85C-ADDD00C9FF1E CF3 0LW Quantum Advisory, Cypress House, Pascal Close Variable Restricted 11m
86A845ED-4CDF-4FBA-9436-AD6C009AE805 CF3 0LW Willow House, Pascal Close, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
EA2DE9DC-96BF-4B7E-AAE4-B0B200F9EAF3 CF3 0NS Flat 11 Broadlands House, Hazelwood Drive, Trowbridge 24/7 Public 7m
8BC0A329-0578-44C1-A19F-5494870536D6 CF3 0ST Willowbrook Junior & Infants School, Sandbrook Road, St Mellons Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
EF558507-4573-461D-993F-B07B009CF26F CF3 0ST Willowbrook Primary School, Sandbrook Road, St Mellons 24/7 Restricted 9m
DED9CFF6-FA47-4E38-BA34-B15E00BD9F40 CF3 1RS Woodcroft Care Home, Abergele Road, Trowbridge 24/7 Public 2m
3375AD95-9907-4B9C-807F-AE3700A8263D CF3 1TA St John Lloyd Primary School, Cemaes Crescent, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
2741BAAA-1954-4D65-A872-B14D00A0739B CF3 1XQ St Illtyds High School, Newport Road, Rumney Variable Public 2m
779BDE42-B9A5-45FB-A7D1-DF3167FC74B0 CF3 1XZ Cardiff & Vale College, Trowbridge Road, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
76482FD2-1691-4CDA-A094-AEFB0097B1FE CF3 2EP Buttercups Day Nursery, Buttercups Day Nursery Unit C1 Lakeview Business Park, Lamby Way 24/7 Public 11m
12D484DB-1275-4287-BA11-AE6600E706AD CF3 2EQ Northgate Vehicle Hire, Lamby Way, Trowbridge Variable Public 9m
4E452BBE-2F85-4449-9379-AFA400F307A6 CF3 2ER Eurobond Doors, Wentloog Corporate Park, Wentloog 24/7 Restricted 11m
048A344B-CBC4-4751-98E6-B0F200C83188 CF3 2ES Unit 6 & 7 Spring Meadow Trading Estate, Spring Meadow Road, Rumney Variable Public 5m
1FF4EB0A-6609-40FE-A393-B01400EDC927 CF3 2ES Welsh Ambulance Services Nhs Trust, Welsh Ambulance Services Nhs Trust Spring Meadow Business Park, Spring Meadow Road 24/7 Public 11m
A5A53CEC-AE16-472A-8FA6-AFF200C76637 CF3 2ET Waterside Business Park, 22 Lamby Way, Trowbridge Variable Restricted 11m
4DD10544-2B09-46E0-9B54-B00E00B529E3 CF3 2PU Fareshare Cymru, Unit S5 Capital Point Capital Business Park, Parkway 24/7 Public 11m
50196893-52E7-4DF5-B9D2-AEF50104F641 CF3 2PW Numan, W2 Capital Business Park, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
FAA49E6A-0B02-45FF-A284-AD79008603AD CF3 2PX Cardiff Marble Warehouse Capital Business Park, Parkway, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
FB480094-7EF6-476D-B921-ADE100BFC980 CF3 2PX Panalux, Unit J2, Capital Business Park Variable Restricted 11m
646A82BE-778D-4DF3-8F36-B09300B5D885 CF3 2TR Village Hall, Old St Peters, St Peters Crescent 24/7 Public 8m
C634055A-B3B8-440A-8063-1680E4FA45A7 CF3 2TU Pentwyn Nursing Home, 166 Marshfield Road, Marshfield Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
9CF486D1-5859-4DB0-8EC6-ABD4011B30FA CF3 2TX Gateway Christian Centre, St. Mellons Road, Marshfield 24/7 Public 11m
18C3D499-243B-4E39-AD2D-30DB17687E80 CF3 2UB Marshfield Village Hall, Wellfield Road, Marshfield Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
1D383937-3B11-4CB9-A89A-49C6A2F46D70 CF3 2UW Marshfield Junior And Infants School, Marshfield Road, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
8E7240D9-282C-4009-96C9-08C729D848A8 CF3 3BG Rumney Forum, 50 Brachdy Road, Rumney 24/7 Public 11m
3A01051B-9CF6-4143-8489-ACD400EA8A23 CF3 3XG Eastern High School, Newport Road, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
E596D54A-085B-41B5-8570-0062F6FAE867 CF3 4DJ Rhymney Hill Gardens, Newport Road, Rumney, Cardiff 24/7 Public 2m
A565F7F4-716E-4517-ACD8-C4E29ED3A3D4 CF3 4DN Gll, Llanrumney Avenue, Llanrumney Variable Public 11m
38107454-04F7-4A55-B526-AD33014AF579 CF3 4DP Cardiff & Vale University Health Board, South And East Cardiff Community Resource Team, 91-99 Llanrumney Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
4FC5BFAD-E636-4830-A7F7-AB6E010911AC CF3 4FD South Wales Police, Rumney Police Station, Newport Road 24/7 Public 11m
334DC8E8-7287-4508-B490-AE2F00BAA3F9 CF3 4FG Rumney Hill Garage, 788 Newport Road, Rumney 24/7 Public 11m
EB2C8DAF-9E67-44F6-9713-8F6F1A36ECF8 CF3 4JL Rumney R F C, Hartland Road, Llanrumney Cardiff 24/7 Public 7w
6A46F7F3-0E5E-4C0C-9F4E-AEA600E8846C CF3 4JN Cardiff University, Cardiff University Sports Pavilion, Mendip Road Variable Public 11m
76A3196E-C751-4470-B5D8-AB0C00CAF6F8 CF3 4JR Llanrumney Yc, Ball Road, Llanrumney 24/7 Restricted 11m
464BD0D4-55EC-4823-8F72-B0C400F64117 CF3 5NP Llanrumney Medical Centre, Ball Road, Llanrumney 24/7 Public 7m
B4119F6B-4862-486B-B063-B02A00A9C054 CF3 5RR Tesco Countisbury Ave, Tesco Express Countisbury Avenue, Tesco Express Variable Public 11m
394CB744-FBA9-4601-A80C-B04D00B3E097 CF3 5SQ Tesco Cardiff Cntsbury Express, Countisbury Ave, Llanrumney Variable Public 11m
124DED29-6E0B-43B1-B987-4BDCE4004083 CF3 5UN Sea View - Wellness Pharmacy At Seaview Stores, Newport Road, Old St Mellons Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
31082E1B-D586-4B69-B10D-AFAD00E06045 CF3 5UN The Church Inn, Newport Road, Old St Mellons 24/7 Public 11m
1463FFEF-791C-4913-AC4E-A13ADF987E1B CF3 5US St Mellons Baptist Church, Caersalem Chapel, Mill Lane 24/7 Public 11m
42B1C4B9-DFEA-4397-A307-B00B00B41346 CF3 5UX Ty'r Winch Road Playing Fields, Ty'r Winch Road, Old St Mellons 24/7 Public 11m
FC4141EF-68C0-4772-8A36-AEBE00A9DC4D CF3 6AA 46 Cefn Mably Park, Cefn Mably 24/7 Public 11m
A7609406-393B-4461-BA47-AE5100D6AB5D CF3 6WA 2 Heol Booths, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
906ED8D5-57CE-4B66-8FD3-AB5E00E3B521 CF3 6XT The Farm, Bridge Farm, Michaelstone Y Fedw 24/7 Public 11m
42AFFE27-F667-47A4-BED3-AE9B00DE8FD3 CF3 7PL Llanederyn Police Station, Maerfa Precinct, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
54F4A6A8-A202-4796-8E38-1E7805DF7509 CF31 1AB Post Office, 4 Wyndham Street, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
D06442E5-D6FA-48F5-87F1-AF4700F90AA5 CF31 1BN Bridgend Railway Station, Station Hill, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
053D1254-45E4-4C89-A3D9-3C0938E5AE1A CF31 1BX Bridgend Town Council, 5 Nolton Street, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
32F51353-2208-4E86-8CD6-B0420082C5A5 CF31 1LR Railway Club, Coity Road, Bridgend 24/7 Public 9m
8857EF4E-463B-4200-BCFC-AFE700FD5F18 CF31 1NL Ats Euromaster, Coity Road, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
F7640FC9-E5AC-4676-8483-9C7A23921B11 CF31 1PA Coity Higher Community Centre, Heol West Plas, Litchard Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
FFADF4A1-2BFD-4AA4-BE63-B11B00A277E7 CF31 1PQ Litchard Mission Church, Taylor Road, Litchard 24/7 Public 4m
ED559E82-3273-48E0-88ED-7E5FAC4496B9 CF31 1QB Litchard Primary School, Garfield Avenue, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
EA21DBED-C7F9-4E81-ABAA-976B259FBA58 CF31 1QJ Red Dragon, Litchard Hill, Litchard Bridgend 24/7 Public 9m
B33243CC-4ED0-4640-97EB-74CF0BAE0359 CF31 1RQ Surgical Materials Testing Lab Princess Of Wales Hospital, Coity Road, Bridgend Variable Restricted 11m
3735C17E-2059-49D0-BA53-AE7C00F06BE7 CF31 1RW Wildmill Train Station, Wildmill Lane, Wildmill, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
3AE6B419-6B8E-400C-A96A-AE0500B8CC64 CF31 1TD St John Cymru - Wales, St John Bridgend Pencoed Division Training Centre, 3-5 Minerva Street 24/7 Public 11m
DAA8137B-FD6C-410B-AFA6-ADF10189EB5E CF31 1TD St John Cymru - Wales, St John Bridgend Pencoed Division Training Centre, 3-5 Minerva Street Variable Restricted 11m
E6B011F9-5862-496F-9D71-ADE100F05A09 CF31 1TD Bridgend County Borough Council, Penybont Primary School, Minerva Street 24/7 Public 11m
2E2F5321-1091-42D4-A954-B0FA01104D30 CF31 1TZ Sinclair Group, Bridgend Audi, Tremains Road Variable Restricted 5m
3F0C6430-44A6-40CC-A877-B17200F2FB7D CF31 1UZ Nwssp Bridgend Stores, Central Stores Princess Of Wales Hospital, Coity Road 24/7 Public 3w
B769DD5A-F4A5-4ACC-94C5-AF2E009C644C CF31 2AZ Plot 49, Main Avenue, Brackla Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
8DA8AB9D-15D0-49A3-9962-ACDA00C5D8C4 CF31 2DA Bridgend County Borough Council & South Wales Police, Ty Thomas Joint Vehicle Maintenance Facility, Newlands Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
198968A7-D677-47FD-B2D2-E653CD7A003E CF31 2HF Bryn Y Cae Residential Home, Cae Bracla, Brackla Bridgend 24/7 Restricted 11m
3B3D87F8-DF81-490C-BF44-74A465FF2501 CF31 2JS Archdeacon John Lewis C In W Primary School, Brackla Way, Brackla Variable Public 3w
D86665E2-A507-4FE4-AEB2-013832B969A6 CF31 2JT Maes Glas Vets Ltd, Church Acre, Brackla Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
CF3E6292-83F2-4169-87CE-15E804EF8AE9 CF31 2LN Yg Bro Ogwr, Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Ogwr, Princess Way Variable Public 4m
38A1B21A-9A73-41B2-B39D-317FC1028890 CF31 2PQ Brackla Community Centre, Whitethorn Drive, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
94884C7A-0AA4-47FA-A95E-CDAEE848C823 CF31 3AU Asda Stores Ltd, Coychurch Road, Bridgend Variable Public 11m
B8AD47D1-8C10-4523-BF4C-B05B00E41996 CF31 3BG Biomonde (Zoobiotic), Unit 2 - 4, Dunraven Business Park Variable Public 9m
C83F1461-E5A9-4966-ACDA-B0D900AC497D CF31 3BL Markethall At The Rhiw, 6 The Rhiw, Nolton Street Variable Public 6m
CCC616D7-A84D-4BC7-A114-9DA2BC152C00 CF31 3BN Jackson Cabs Simply Car Park, 32-32a Nolton Street, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
E24FAFF3-8339-4B67-8696-28F51C205679 CF31 3HT Herons Bridge School, Ewenny Road, Bridgend Variable Restricted 11m
22ABF3EC-836A-4B29-B066-AFAD008B0747 CF31 3NA Neogen, Unit 3, The Science Park, Technology Drive Variable Public 11m
C4517DAC-3B60-4B7B-A2F6-714394525559 CF31 3PL Knights Brown, 3 Charnwood Park, Waterton Industrial Estate Bri Variable Public 3w
50BE9F5C-8B2F-4F88-B157-ADA00131F6F2 CF31 3PN Electricity Sub Station 88m From Newbridge Farm, Merthyr Mawr Road 132m From Unnamed Road, Bridgend Footpath 8 From A48 To Newbridge Fields, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
FF321238-7E19-4977-BD86-AD4E01246F8E CF31 3PT Swp, Nodor House, South Road 24/7 Public 11m
3FB977D6-6FDF-421D-96BE-AEC50085C232 CF31 3RT Markes International Limited, Unit 1000b, Western Avenue Variable Restricted 11m
ABDCD8F3-3521-4851-A35F-B15000D8DA5F CF31 3RW First Class Gym, Unit 1, Kestrel Close Variable Public 2m
64A9F419-2096-4735-83CE-B0D900DB4972 CF31 3SH Welsh Ambulance Station, Unit 34, Bennett Street 24/7 Public 6m
CDBEBCE2-99D2-4596-AFC6-B18500799BAE CF31 3SH Wolseley Uk (Fusion Utilities), Units 35 And 36, Bennett Street Variable Public 7w
F94CFDC4-C52A-46FD-B4F0-8A4892E8841B CF31 3SQ Tesco Stores Ltd, Cowbridge Road, Bridgend Variable Public 9m
C40CE1A1-F110-4E7A-9182-AE9B00E69183 CF31 3SU South Wales Police - Central Division Bridgend, South Wales Police Headquarters, Cowbridge Road 24/7 Public 11m
D1566CC3-81DC-4B11-A92F-AEE500ABDD00 CF31 3SZ Linde Severnside Ltd, North Road, Bridgend Industrial Estate Variable Public 11m
EE2912DF-5B5E-4030-92AB-AEE500AB1C50 CF31 3SZ Linde Severnside Ltd, North Road, Bridgend Industrial Estate Variable Public 11m
9C9C30DA-8CF4-4084-A299-AFC100B543AB CF31 3TB Screwfix, Unit 2 York Park, Bridgend Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
DA38F23E-08A5-4D82-A857-AB6D00AB9FCF CF31 3TN B & Q Plc, Waterton Industrial Estate, Bridgend Variable Public 11m
D7C61A85-5E99-47CC-9F33-AD4800D9376F CF31 3TP Drive De Vilbiss Healthcare, C8, North Road 24/7 Public 11m
D4AA659F-23BD-484F-B1B8-AB7200BDF21E CF31 3TQ Queens Road Bridewell, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
749F18D3-40FB-4515-912A-AF6C00C8DA33 CF31 3UL Toby Carvery -Bridgend, Toby Carvery - Bridgend, South Road Variable Public 11m
1FD58ECC-65C2-453A-B3B7-AF9400F4DBB4 CF31 3US Waterton Buildings, Brocastle Avenue, Waterton Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 3w
9C65B070-F789-47C2-BAFF-AB5E00F6F56F CF31 3XG Brickability, South Road, Bridgend Industrial Estate Variable Public 11m
D3565389-2547-4AA0-A579-AF66011D8226 CF31 3XX Mcdonald's - Picton Court Retail Park, Picton Court Retail Park, Waterton, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
DBFA0C9F-7B03-414E-BC55-B083010C1B4B CF31 3XY Dunelm Bridgend, Unit 1, Parc Plaza,Waterton, Bridgend Variable Restricted 9m
CD2A605D-D709-44E0-ACE7-B01800E4F94E CF31 3YN Hermes Parcelnet Limited, Unit 4 And Unit 5, Horsfair Road Variable Restricted 11m
7046CECB-4134-4D70-9E56-30B28DA86A0B CF31 3YW Coychurch Lower Community Council, Cartref-Ni, Waterton Lane 24/7 Public 11m
C355495E-B0D7-4F04-B8C2-B02200CB332E CF31 3YW Nuffield Health, Waterton Retail Park, Waterton Road Variable Public 11m
81951B80-F269-4334-9BC3-AE5500E1DC7A CF31 4AD Bridgend Sports Rfc, Newbridge Fields, Angel Street 24/7 Public 11m
FE75368D-29D3-46CD-90DF-AF3800A62B3E CF31 4AD Bridgend County Borough Council, Civic Offices, Angel Street 24/7 Public 11m
2BA60067-7B26-4125-A183-AEBD00CBCE38 CF31 4AH South Wales Fire & Rescue Service, Bridgend Fire Station, Angel Street 24/7 Public 11m
ADBE16C6-0B7B-4BC4-83A8-B140010C3197 CF31 4AH Halo Leisure Services Limited, Bridgend Life Centre, Angel Street Variable Restricted 3m
8441A212-72F5-41AE-BA12-B03D00D562B7 CF31 4AP Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Bridgend Petrol Station, Brewery Lane Variable Public 9m
AD83A544-7F8C-4FE7-A4E7-AF6E00DCE216 CF31 4AP Tesco Stores Ltd, Brewery Lane, Bridgend Variable Public 9m
F98A3714-52A0-46CE-82EC-78A60F05AAF7 CF31 4AX Beynons Dental Surgery, 16 Park Street, Bridgend Variable Restricted 11m
80929A7D-45AF-4C00-808E-AE5001568882 CF31 4DD The Post Office, Bryntirion, The Post Office, Bright Hill 24/7 Public 9m
27A0C2C5-7D78-4A47-8559-4855F25592F5 CF31 4EA Dance Centre Academy, Elm Crescent, Dance Centre Academy, Elm Crescent 24/7 Public 9m
78A2E9D8-FF09-43F6-96D5-AE50015691D2 CF31 4EF Bryntirion And Laleston Community Centre, Mount Pleasant, Bryntirion 24/7 Public 9m
BAEA607B-6895-4794-B172-AD5001490B65 CF31 4JR Westward Community Centre, Llangewydd Road, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
779512C9-6012-4C93-8FF9-AE5001568E70 CF31 4JU Pen Y Bont Athletic Football Club, Pen Y Bont Athletic Football Club, Llangewydd Road 24/7 Public 9m
0CF2680A-BCA7-495C-9025-AFCE00B45FC1 CF31 4LH Sunbelt Rentals, Trews Field Industrial Estate, Bridgend Variable Public 11m
DB8DC063-D6BD-4F6B-8826-ADE301033CFB CF31 4LX Pen Y Fai Primary School, Pen-Y-Fai Church In Wales Primary School Access From New Cottages, Heol Eglwys Variable Restricted 11m
B35ED47F-5A41-4DDA-BD6D-B04A00FE051A CF31 4NG Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre Bridgend, Court Coleman, Pen-Y-Fai Variable Restricted 9m
4A2C40D6-C133-4075-A500-AE7D00DDADC0 CF31 4PL Cefn Glas Infants School, St Winifreds Road, Bridgend 24/7 Public 9m
1B41A6B5-1DE8-46F9-A635-AE5001568543 CF31 4PR Snack Attack Cafe, 14a Longfellow Drive, Bryntirion 24/7 Public 9m
A74ED171-8BDC-427B-8155-430DF888EFA7 CF31 4QR Bryntirion Comprehensive School, Merlin Crescent, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
3CFB97F1-0184-4EF5-ACEC-6D934241A2B8 CF31 4WB Bridgend County Borough Council Civic Offices, Angel Street, Bridgend Variable Public 5m
3F16D3FC-9152-42EB-B61F-AFF6009C1E3D CF31 5EJ Tesco, District Centre Broadlands, Bridgend Variable Public 11m
FD369692-CB22-4999-B7D6-AE50015694A5 CF31 5EJ Tesco Express, Ffordd Tirion, Tesco Express, Unit 4, Ffordd Tirion 24/7 Public 9m
A3E4AA75-132C-4481-89A2-AF4D00AFCF42 CF32 0BA Three Horse Shoes Inn, 57 Cefn Road, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
27F1DF8B-D658-4D8E-8182-AE5001568B9E CF32 0LD Church Hall, Laleston, Church Hall, 10 High Street 24/7 Public 9m
1D9C186F-E4E5-482E-A494-AD2500E1B745 CF32 0QA Pen Y Bont Surf Life Saving Club, Lifeguard Station Ogmore By Sea Beach, Ogmnore By Sea Variable Restricted 11m
901AA26F-F0A7-49DD-BFC8-AD2500DF94CF CF32 0QA Pen Y Bont Surf Life Saving Club, Lifeguard Station Ogmore By Sea Beach, Ogmore By Sea Variable Restricted 11m
9A0B3D8D-67D8-444B-9D8A-85B3A5DCD586 CF32 0QP Southerndown Golf Club, B4524 Ogmore Road At Ogmore, Ogmore 24/7 Public 11m
3367452E-523A-47AC-AF72-AEA1013C5C27 CF32 0RN Southerndown Cricket And Social Club., Southern Cricket Ground, B4524 Southerndown To Main Road 24/7 Public 11m
0CE456D3-E8D4-4671-B65C-AE6E00D4119C CF32 0RP Toilet Block Southerndown Beach Carpark, Beach Road, Southerndown 24/7 Public 11m
559A2080-47ED-4A64-A87F-AE0C0111E988 CF32 0RW Three Golden Cups, B4524 Southerndown To Main Road, Southerndown 24/7 Public 11m
C1A64AD2-DEE6-4A1E-BE4B-AE0C01151819 CF32 0SB Dinefwr, Ewenny Road, St Brides Major 24/7 Public 11m
02B7E6E6-1BA7-4720-99B3-B19A009C3B0E CF32 7AJ Cwrt Gwalia Access From The A4061, Ogmore Vale 24/7 Public 3w
059EA1F4-4A05-425D-A21F-B157008A3727 CF32 7AJ Ogmore Valley Life Centre, Cwrt Gwalia Access From The A4061, Ogmore Vale Variable Restricted 2m
6A69A44C-8213-4F0A-97DD-AEB000B42B5F CF32 7AY South Wales Fire & Rescue Service, Ogmore Vale Fire Station, Bethania Row 24/7 Public 11m
AD09AEDE-483D-4C3C-A3E9-534C95FD05B0 CF32 7EH Ogmore Vale Rugby Football Club, Tynewydd Row, Ogmore Vale Bridgend 24/7 Public 9m
7181B91D-D4AC-43DF-AAB6-AE5700F5EE02 CF32 7ET Wyndham Boys Club, 15 Dunravon Place, Wyndham 24/7 Public 11m
727345FD-D92E-4C0A-8335-5837C62F32BE CF32 7HY Ty Cwm Ogwr, Dan Y Heol, Pantyrawel 24/7 Public 11m
E53F05A3-802D-4937-9BD7-B15B00CB6920 CF32 7LA Anwen Care Home, Heol Pantyrawel, Ogmore Vale 24/7 Public 2m
313FCADF-8778-43D0-BC17-AB4400D6A808 CF32 7NA Ogmore Valley First Responders, Nantymoel Surgery, O Gwy Street 24/7 Public 11m
7683BEDF-7702-415E-B5A0-AE1E00D87424 CF32 7PN Aberfields Footways, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
7595A493-B22D-45BB-A175-AC0E00CE74BA CF32 7RA Ogmore Valley First Responders, Londis Store, 1 Commercial St 24/7 Public 11m
716A6650-DAA6-455E-8A6C-0A140A2DF275 CF32 8AA Strand News, 19 The Strand, Blaengarw Bridgend Variable Public 11m
A0E358A9-A762-4F32-9CF6-AF9D00DF6450 CF32 8AT Garw Valley Community First Responders, Railway Terrace Access From Blaengarw Road, Railway Terrace 24/7 Public 11m
E2BF341D-1202-4AD8-A47B-AD52008D6AA2 CF32 8AW Garw Valley Community First Responders, 1 Blaengarw Road, Blaengarw 24/7 Public 11m
88B84559-CD29-4628-9062-AE7700DC9BB7 CF32 8BJ Braichycymmer House, Pleasant View, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
5DA1EE0B-2D38-4C51-B0A9-AD2700CF51AA CF32 8DD Garw Valley First Responders, 83-87 Oxford Street, Pontycymmer 24/7 Public 11m
577DED13-2C55-4A6F-83B8-B15300C54D94 CF32 8ES Gare Valley Leisure Centre, Garw Valley Leisure Centre, Garw Community Leisure Centre Access Road Variable Restricted 2m
EC4690BD-35D9-4E1E-8401-AD5200D2098E CF32 8NB Garw Valley First Responders, 1 King Edward Street, Blaengarw 24/7 Public 11m
90A93879-49CC-4E96-A8F8-3AE0A0C2D874 CF32 8NN Pontycymmer Police Station, Victoria Street, Pontycymer 24/7 Public 11m
B3914271-6394-428E-A516-AEEC012C56EE CF32 8NW South Wales Fire & Rescue Service, Pontycymmer Fire Station, Victoria Street 24/7 Public 11m
ABA45BDD-688D-4A6B-A0D6-B157010EED8C CF32 8PG Bridgend County Borough Council, Land Adjoining Rose Mead, Bettws Road 24/7 Public 2m
ABCC2F43-01AC-4A7C-83E0-9EB14A649C28 CF32 8PW Garw Valley First Responders, Half Way Stores, Heol Llangeinor 24/7 Public 11m
EF81FAD8-9A63-491F-BC9B-AD2600B2EDB6 CF32 8PX Garw Valley First Responders, Pontyrhyl Filling Station Family Shopper, Bryn Cottages 24/7 Public 11m
18A040B2-0AE5-4A16-B1DD-E2C99C677D54 CF32 8RR Garw Valley First Responders, Kumar Stores, 14-16 Y Wern 24/7 Public 11m
0D2D5F80-0A98-4669-820A-AD52008EB767 CF32 8TB Awen, Bettws Life Centre, Bettws Road 24/7 Public 11m
55963CEA-15D2-4A84-8F2D-B0FF01069C39 CF32 9EB Parish Hall, Bryn Rd, Tondu, Ynysawdre Parish Hall, Bryn Road 24/7 Public 5m
64B05C39-27FB-4A27-8A9B-AF23011E14BE CF32 9EG Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwen, Heol Yr Ysgol, Tondu 24/7 Public 11m
E1915145-3961-412F-BA2C-AF23011FEEA1 CF32 9EG Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwen, Heol Yr Ysgol, Tondu Variable Restricted 11m
63A30145-21FE-454C-9571-B15000887858 CF32 9ET Halo Leisure Services Limited, Ynysawdre Swimming Pool, Heol-Yr-Ysgol Variable Restricted 2m
80A14090-4384-4E7D-B5A1-53CCADE5C1EF CF32 9FB Brynmenyn Primary School, Heol Yr Ysgol, Tondu Bridgend Variable Restricted 3m
FD649DE1-AD4A-42F0-8FBA-177E61FA682D CF32 9FD Ty Ynysawdre, Lon Derw, Bridgend 24/7 Public 9m
5E6F3702-C10D-4EEC-AB3B-AE9F0093BAAE CF32 9GP Newcastle Higher Community Council, Home Bargains, Pentre Felin Retail Park 24/7 Public 11m
5A404EA9-B429-4932-9329-AE9300818A57 CF32 9LW Weddel Swift Distribution Ltd, Abergarw Industrial Estate, Brynmenyn Variable Restricted 11m
D4178A3D-7CFE-4D5B-ABDA-ABFE00EB2F12 CF32 9PP South Wales Police, Aberkenfig Police Station, Pandy Road 24/7 Public 11m
898A354C-0B4F-4463-87D0-AE7C00F060E2 CF32 9RL Sarn Train Station, Heol Persondy Off Sarn Hill, Sarn, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
EC206F67-AEBE-41CE-920B-B0FC00E36BC2 CF32 9SH Bridgend Central Premier Inn, Y Derwen, Cefn Hirgoed 24/7 Public 5m
B0903398-EDFF-4749-8AB8-AFC100EF4C59 CF32 9SQ Sunbelt Rentals, 1 George Thomas Avenue, Bridgend Variable Public 11m
04A3D26B-F2B3-4178-8A7A-990A7E8A2A18 CF32 9SU Mg Bridgend, Designer Outlet Village, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
6BDA361D-2E2A-4764-A6A5-AE70008C028B CF32 9SU Designer Outlet Village, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
87C400C0-E656-4E1E-BF73-2B0176F28604 CF32 9SU Marks & Spencer Plc Unit 50-52, Designer Outlet Village, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
2E412D72-4D20-4AA7-AE87-C815C93607A7 CF32 9SW Sarn Life Long Learning Centre, Merfield Close, Sarn Variable Restricted 11m
61CE1D7B-69CE-42E1-A017-AB7900DC886E CF32 9TG Welsh Ambulance Service Nhs Trust, Ambulance Station, Hongkong Terrace 24/7 Public 7m
2D067E12-A0CB-4161-9040-AD0800B6BECB CF32 9YF Bryncethin Community Centre, Ogmore Terrace, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
7B819D54-C185-4A15-934B-AF5B011F99E0 CF33 4AS Cornelly Community Council, Cornelly Community Centre, Heol Las 24/7 Public 11m
FBF34560-71D9-42BB-A69E-AD05009E40F4 CF33 4HT New House Inn, New House, Thomas Crescent 24/7 Public 11m
4D3EDF4E-B100-459B-AA9E-B027009F5B83 CF33 4LB Tesco, Unit B, Heol Fach Variable Public 4m
0E14705B-DA74-4069-A70F-DD3541C6225D CF33 4LH Green Acre Motel, 111 Heol Fach, North Cornelly 24/7 Public 11m
FB3C79ED-0B4F-4014-8117-AF5500AE0938 CF33 4LL Cornelly Community Council, Sports Pavilion, Meadow Street 24/7 Public 11m
2B3604C3-4074-43DF-AB08-72590457B295 CF33 4PR Prince Of Wales Inn, Heol Las Mawdlam To Heol Drewi, Kenfig Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
748961DE-5515-45C7-BA89-B64477E6176A CF33 4PT Kenfig National Nature Reserve Centre, Heol Las Mawdlam To Heol Drewi Ton Kenfig, Ton Kenfig 24/7 Public 11m
DE68C805-0D41-4BD9-AEF9-C1436A0B04C4 CF33 4PU Pyle & Kenfig Golf Club, Heol Las Mawdlam To Heol Drewi, Ton Kenfig Variable Restricted 11m
E1A70168-C423-433C-A6C4-ACE532FB53E2 CF33 4RA Main Toilet Block Caravan Park, Dan-Y-Graig Caravan Park, Heol Drewi 24/7 Public 11m
3D35E290-DAFF-46E8-809A-7A9326F31E39 CF33 4RE Morgana Court Care Home, Porthcawl Road, South Cornelly Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
98BD9DDC-3CF6-4198-9133-AEB500B17164 CF33 6AD South Wales Fire & Rescue Service, Kenfig Hill Fire Station, Ffald Road 24/7 Public 11m
41796C15-2F99-4871-B69E-AFCB011EB6F4 CF33 6AG The Royal British Legion, Brynglas Terrace, Pyle 24/7 Public 11m
EB13DAEC-41C1-48DD-B2E2-AF4E00C6E125 CF33 6AR Pyle Railway Station, Beach Road, Pyle 24/7 Public 11m
3E8C5E19-ECEE-4A23-B334-A398137DBF61 CF33 6BB South Wales Police Police Station, Brynteg Avenue, Pyle Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
814F3F20-2DDE-485F-BDE7-AF3800A3E592 CF33 6BS Awen, Pyle Life Centre, Marshfield Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
202DDD5E-681E-49D6-8215-AE9F00F6A456 CF33 6BU Bridgend County Borough Council, Croft Goch Playing Fields And Pavillion, Pisgah Street 24/7 Public 11m
1DCBF3AA-3414-4ED4-A261-AD7B00FF8EA5 CF33 6BZ Plot 28 And 28a, Heol Treth, Village Farm Industrial Estate Variable Public 11m
06F07901-1E41-4BEB-8D5B-AF5400F5265B CF33 6DH Elite Independent Mortgages Ltd., 61 Commercial Street, Kenfig Hill 24/7 Public 11m
140D877D-78D5-4C2D-9A15-FA8E0E76F981 CF33 6ED Talbot Community Centre, 9 Prince Road, Kenfig Hill Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
FE5F8F90-5E97-4F38-BDF7-ABC700E464A6 CF33 6FE St. Theodoer's Church, High Street, Kenfig Hill 24/7 Public 11m
16A69890-35C3-45CA-A5E4-B15C00A3140B CF33 6RP Halo Leisure Services Limited, Pyle Swimming Pool, Marshfield Avenue Variable Restricted 2m
E6452130-FEBB-4DA6-AFB1-B08600AA22EF CF34 0BU Nantyffyllon Rugby Football Club, Nant Y Ffyrling, Nantyffyllon Variable Restricted 9m
ED937F11-8EAF-4B11-B27F-AF4800F0F0C5 CF34 0ET Maesteg Cfr, Nantyffyllon Primary School, Garnwen Terrace 24/7 Public 11m
AA546F51-8252-4992-A0BD-AE9600EE35C2 CF34 0HU Caerau Men's Shed, Former Anns Enterprises, Coegnant Road South 24/7 Public 11m
45AEBAAE-2385-4A1C-8228-B0C500DCBCB5 CF34 0LG Crown Hotel, Crown Row, Garth 24/7 Public 7m
3A5C7452-80C0-432F-8E41-B0A6014A119E CF34 0LN Ty Newydd, Crown Road, Garth 24/7 Public 8m
E44D28A0-C2D8-436C-9ABD-ADBA00C36CCA CF34 0LQ South Parade Playing Fields And Pavillion, South Parade, Maesteg Variable Public 11m
38066011-904E-4C05-A181-ACCE00BAF541 CF34 0NE Maesteg Celtic Athletic Social Club, Bridgend Road, Maesteg 24/7 Public 11m
14EF464C-81C0-493A-A992-AD6701318314 CF34 0PA Caerau Primary School, Library Road, Maesteg Variable Restricted 11m
D4AF852F-334C-4091-A174-AC3B01596D64 CF34 0PE Noddfa, 77 Caerau Road, Caerau 24/7 Public 4m
5CED03EF-973D-4BCE-9877-AE7200D6F10B CF34 0PN Caerau Market Garden, North Street, Caerau 24/7 Public 4m
7AC03C01-AFD7-4B38-9FD6-5669A02FD63A CF34 0SG Caerau Athletic Club And Pavillion, Humphreys Terrace, Maesteg Variable Public 11m
A4115778-A514-41CC-8A54-AC3B015A3D93 CF34 0SR Caerau Community Centre, Woodland Terrace, Maesteg 24/7 Public 11m
E7ECC5E4-F5E3-4667-BF8F-AEA200E21A9F CF34 0TF Duffryn Chapel, Bedw Street, Maesteg 24/7 Public 11m
ADBE5F21-ABF0-483F-8A8A-ACD3013385ED CF34 0TW South Wales Fire & Rescue Service, Maesteg Fire Station, Coegnant Road/Heol Tywith 24/7 Public 11m
10A3D382-D8DF-48E8-A435-AFB000C95583 CF34 0TY The Construction Training Centre, Unit 7, Spelter Industrial Estate Variable Public 11m
60201C9A-7CE1-4292-9971-3A917563C443 CF34 9AW Red Cow, Alma Road, Maesteg 24/7 Public 11m
A2C13A06-52C9-4320-A488-AE7C00F04312 CF34 9BL Maesteg Train Station, Castle Street, Maesteg, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
3E72B60C-04CB-45B1-BFCD-AB7E0176E366 CF34 9DF The Sawyers Arms, 5-6 Commercial Street, Maesteg 24/7 Public 11m
BC6287BD-324D-4DDB-A950-AF6400F58A65 CF34 9DF 17 Commercial Street, Maesteg Variable Public 11m
07532B53-D24E-4EF0-8EA7-ADDB00DEF4FA CF34 9DS Tesco, Maesteg Superstore, Castle Street Variable Public 11m
003F7EF6-C5E1-4D6F-A7BB-B154008C84DA CF34 9EB Halo Leisure Services Limited, Maesteg Sports Centre, Nantycrynwydd Variable Restricted 2m
BE52FC92-443A-48A6-B8AA-ABFE00DB6C41 CF34 9HJ Maesteg Police Station, 103-104 Commercial Street, Maesteg 24/7 Public 11m
8152117E-AC8C-4121-9D39-AE7C00F04F9E CF34 9HS Garth Train Station, Mill Street, Garth, Mid Glamorgan 24/7 Public 11m
EC074176-672C-4938-A2C9-AC01012D7A24 CF34 9LB Cross Inn / Cerddin Brewery, Maesteg Road, Maesteg 24/7 Public 11m
E50BA720-77B3-4710-BC7C-AE4700DEEBD6 CF34 9NS Ysgol Cynwyd Sant, Cynwyd Sant Staff Car Park, Ysgol Cynwyd Sant 24/7 Public 11m
B1B58794-4473-4ABE-A4CC-ADC800D1ADA3 CF34 9PD St Michael's Church, Maesteg, St Michael & All Angels Church, Church Place 24/7 Public 11m
3DDB9326-57F9-48E3-A752-A19FE47B0C81 CF34 9PG Bridgend County Borough Council, Maesteg Welfare Park Concrete Pavilion, Heol Ty-Gwyn 24/7 Public 11m
D72B3B34-28C7-4391-8CF0-AE7100F3CADB CF34 9PR Maesteg Golf Club Mount Pleasant, Neath Road, Maesteg 24/7 Public 11m
D3476F83-1670-4BEE-9642-D7FBC6CCA5D6 CF34 9PW Maesteg Community Hospital, Neath Road, Maesteg Variable Restricted 11m
FC33FB82-AAA8-47F9-B798-FB2DD654A56E CF34 9RW Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Llangynwyd, Car Park Building In Bus Bay, Llangynwyd 24/7 Public 11m
DC663177-1C7E-4F33-9D86-ABE5008A52BF CF34 9SW Llangynwyd Community Association, Village Hall, Bridgend Road 24/7 Public 11m
9A31D3A5-D88C-413C-815F-AE7C00EB02B2 CF34 9TS Maesteg Ewenny Road Train Station, Ewenny Road, Maesteg, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
A27D1830-9396-43E9-A4A9-ACD300EB3F73 CF34 9UN Bridgend County Borough Council, Cwm Calon Social Day Centre, Castle Street 24/7 Public 11m
9A5FE555-E73C-4BBF-B124-B156009E79BA CF34 9YW Maesteg Swimming Pool, Alfred Street, Maesteg Variable Restricted 2m
56773132-AC8D-4CAA-988A-B0C500DD4065 CF34 9YY Maesteg Workmens Club And Institute, Temple Street, Maesteg 24/7 Public 7m
B7019319-A2A0-44CE-8C42-AF1000DF0C0E CF35 5AN Lithalun, Hanson Aggregates, Lithalun Quarry Variable Restricted 11m
92F629F6-19FC-4C63-81DE-AF7B01045E5B CF35 5AU Hafod Care Association Ltd, Brocastle Manor, Ffordd Y Faenor 24/7 Restricted 11m
DC78E63D-5F3E-42F1-9B75-AF7F01067C3A CF35 5AU Hafod Care Association Ltd, Brocastle Manor, Ffordd Y Faenor 24/7 Restricted 11m
6176469D-A4EC-439B-B1BE-B08C00769AC4 CF35 5AW Pen Y Bont Court Nursing Home, Ewenny Road, Ewenny 24/7 Restricted 9m
87972DF9-AD3D-44FB-BAEB-AD5C00F9144F CF35 5AW Pen Y Bont Court Nursing Home, Ewenny Road, Bridgend 24/7 Restricted 11m
8C075DDB-5E49-433D-9C56-AEDD00E6E42F CF35 5BA Corntown Road, Corntown, Ewenny 24/7 Public 11m
7A313352-4DC7-42E5-B392-979A64EE4549 CF35 5BL Ewenny Village Shop, Wick Road, Ewenny Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
469F67D1-9A66-4CCE-8EDC-5A6585EBF5A7 CF35 5BW Ewenny Priory Church, Abbey Road, Ewenny Variable Public 9m
7104 CF35 5DE Treos Hall, Glamorgan 24/7 Public
6523 CF35 5DH Ty Yn y Garn Roadside Garden Wall, South Glamorgan 24/7 Public
52B32A56-43E5-4E3D-A8A7-ACF300B175B0 CF35 5DH Ty Yn Y Garn Roadside Garden Wall, Ty Yn Y Garn, Treoes Village 24/7 Public 4m
6972 CF35 5DS Llangan and St Mary Hill Community Hall, Glamorgan 24/7 Public
9A3A7E01-67E1-4688-87B9-592474074591 CF35 5DS Heol Llidiard, Llangan 24/7 Public 11m
F7B5FE40-F3DF-4172-AAC1-AFA25629B2C0 CF35 5EL Williams Memorial Hall, To Right Of The Council Office Door, Main Road 24/7 Public 11m
DDF780CC-A59B-4721-B93B-AD4B009BC6FF CF35 5EN South Wales Police, Coychurch Police Station, Main Road 24/7 Public 11m
1D1CF1A1-2EEE-47B2-97EB-AF2A01119B9E CF35 5HN Willowmere, Main Road, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
9A7093AC-CF05-4858-9015-AE2A00CC7945 CF35 5HN Coychurch Lower Community Council, Apple Acre, Main Road 24/7 Public 11m
EAADF5DE-7949-47C2-8159-B18400E67F6A CF35 5HU Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd, Glan Ewenny Meadows, Pencoed Variable Restricted 7w
208F3BA2-30AE-4701-A0AE-AD6D00D4A5A5 CF35 5LA Llanharan Community Council, Road To Llanilid Church, Llanilid 24/7 Public 11m
F0F64CB9-A038-42E6-9AD6-ADCD00FE3269 CF35 5LJ Clay Shaw Thomas, Ty Atebion, 2 Ffordd Yr Hen Gae Variable Restricted 11m
28D470B0-6D86-4771-A598-AB0B00C42058 CF35 5LZ Pencoed Comprehensive School, Coychurch Road, Pencoed Variable Public 11m
84B9F6DB-9320-48A8-8610-B0420066B176 CF35 5NG Tesco Express, Coychurch Road, Pencoed Variable Public 9m
B50E1B98-AB2F-420D-ACDB-AF7B010F340F CF35 5NG Tesco Express, Coychurch Road, Pencoed Variable Restricted 11m
EF54F811-7335-4B43-AABD-AD8300C4B12D CF35 5NH Petrol Station, 11 Coychurch Road, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
98CACB38-36B6-4473-A51F-AEC100ECE49F CF35 5NN South Wales Fire & Rescue Service, Pencoed Fire Station, Fairlawn Terrace 24/7 Public 11m
515608FE-45D6-484B-8641-AE7C00F02EE3 CF35 5NP Pencoed Train Station, Pencoed Station, The Square, Pencoed 24/7 Public 11m
8004E9F9-2349-4DBC-98BD-AE7D0077B7F2 CF35 5NP Pencoed Train Station, Pencoed Station, The Square, Pencoed 24/7 Public 11m
0458212D-BF7D-49B7-AD57-B15A0078282F CF35 5PB Pencoed Swimming Pool, Felindre Road, Pencoed Variable Restricted 2m
A55AE244-8895-488D-9D27-AB1400A52059 CF35 6BH Six Bells Inn, 118 Heol West Plas, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
3FB56885-9F9C-4C64-8D58-CC82B5275A28 CF35 6BT Channel View, Cwmberri, Coity 24/7 Public 11m
3B11DCB3-62C6-40BE-857E-9B5C4E63C51D CF35 6DH Coety Primary School, Ffordd Yr Hebog, Coity Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
CEEE06E9-76F9-420C-94A9-AB0D00EEBBB1 CF35 6DR Blackmill Residents Association, Blackmill Service Station, Blackmill 24/7 Public 11m
1383CD1D-A218-4B16-AB63-B0DB0131A6C4 CF35 6NE Mount Pleasant, Bryngarn Road, Wern Tarw 24/7 Public 6m
D71A155B-43E4-4186-A59D-AE3C010D6813 CF35 6NY Rockwool Ltd, Wern Tarw, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
F45D4349-3219-4891-8E1D-AD6F014271D9 CF35 6PH 9 Red Roofs Close, Pencoed 24/7 Public 9m
185F5158-136D-4730-9FA3-AE7B00CA0438 CF35 6SG St Davids Church Hall, Wimborne Road, Bridgend 24/7 Public 11m
71F935ED-809E-4535-8692-AE1500984255 CF35 6TB Pencoed Social Club, 37 Hendre Road, Pencoed 24/7 Public 11m
B6326F86-F73A-4344-BEBF-B10F00FDFCE3 CF36 3AP Porthcawl Hotel, 9-11 John Street, Porthcawl Variable Public 4m
1683DB51-7FE3-43A4-AD14-231F931545A6 CF36 3BL Jobcentre Plus, Dock Street, Porthcawl Variable Restricted 9m
47B27DD8-324F-4962-896F-5802AC306D76 CF36 3DA Porthcawl Rfc Club House, South Road, Porthcawl 24/7 Public 11m
E8DB78A8-59A6-4724-83FC-6180802473A4 CF36 3DT Porthcawl Police Station, John Street, Porthcawl 24/7 Public 11m
176E690A-BA76-4E6B-A545-F28FA3B49B62 CF36 3ES Porthcawl Comprehensive School, Park Avenue, Porthcawl 24/7 Public 11m
B902A676-BF2A-42B9-BBD6-AE7D00AF1359 CF36 3EX Parc Newydd Farm, Moor Lane, Porthcawl 24/7 Public 11m
357F4648-CE74-46B4-91E4-B00B007AC09A CF36 3LL Prince Of Wales Court Bowls Club Pavilion, Penylan Avenue, Porthcawl 24/7 Public 11m
E90252C1-0944-489F-8910-AF3B00DC7728 CF36 3RU Lamorna, 18 The Retreat, Nottage 24/7 Public 11m
FF95FE59-B67E-4ED3-813E-AB68007F2373 CF36 3RY Maes Glas Vets, 126 West Road, Nottage 24/7 Public 11m
94344773-3EBA-4FD5-B850-4E62D5B40453 CF36 3ST Nottage Stores, Ty Canol, Nottage Porthcawl 24/7 Public 11m
F6A840A5-3E55-4E0E-8983-6E915A917DD8 CF36 3TR Porthcawl Athletic Association Club House, Locks Lane, Porthcawl 24/7 Public 11m
6A6D09C7-3B70-4B5C-88F3-B07400CCC220 CF36 3UP The Rest, Opposite Flat 31, Rest Bay 24/7 Public 9m
F18E3095-A991-4AF9-9889-AB3C012EA003 CF36 3UT Seagull Inn, Sandpiper Road, Porthcawl 24/7 Public 11m
E3D1DD69-D040-4BAF-9E90-B13C00B8D60E CF36 3YW Booths Cafe Bar (Blue Kiosk), Kiosk 2, Esplanade 24/7 Public 3m
80F28FB0-C5DC-49A8-AAB1-B02E00B69B77 CF36 5AN The Grange, Birch Walk, Newton Variable Restricted 11m
E0D3630A-724C-4C58-B5DC-AB3E00E5FDF0 CF36 5AT The Burrows Day Care Nursery, 1 The Precinct, Rowan Drive 24/7 Public 11m
49DE3749-DEF0-4660-ABAC-95265FB2FF8E CF36 5BN Our Lady Star Of The Sea Catholic Church - Church Hall, 201a New Road, Porthcawl 24/7 Public 11m
9FF6F791-5493-4A6F-A2D1-B08C012DEE57 CF36 5DN The Royal Air Forces Association, Rafa Club (Porthcawl & Kenfig Hill), 6-8 New Road 24/7 Public 9m
A3F672E6-9407-4C36-B01E-ACD000F4C20E CF36 5ES Porthcawl Community First Responders, Premier Stores, 2 Cilparc 24/7 Public 11m
D05D89B9-71FA-4DF6-88EE-AC9301065F79 CF36 5NG Parkdean Holidays, Trecco Bay Caravan Park, St John's Drive The Meadows And Caravan Site Access Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
B0A30653-BA20-4DCE-B78D-AE7C00AE4832 CF36 5NR St. Clares School, Clevis Lane, Newton Variable Restricted 11m
6A5EC6C7-C7D1-49E2-9B5E-AB2B0116060B CF36 5NT Old School Room (Church Hall), Church Street, Newton Green 24/7 Public 11m
340449FF-3D13-4EB8-B284-AB2B012F5FFD CF36 5RP Newton Insitute, Newton Institute, Newton Nottage Road 24/7 Public 11m
0F504276-CEDE-46DD-8B41-AEB600EBCB04 CF36 5TS South Wales Fire & Rescue Service, Porthcawl Fire Station, Eastern Promenade 24/7 Public 11m
8E74CB0A-1887-4389-A8E5-19246AE73A6D CF36 5TS Welsh Ambulance Service Nhs Trust Ambulance Station, Eastern Promenade, Porthcawl 24/7 Public 11m
35616A06-A01A-450F-823A-AF2A00D2CC64 CF37 1AA Royal Mail Pontypridd Do, Maritime Industrial Estate, Pontypridd, Pontypridd Variable Restricted 11m
3B166FE7-1BAD-4748-B9E9-B15C00D3E9E5 CF37 1AA Royal Mail Sorting Office, Maritime Industrial Estate, Maes-Y-Coed 24/7 Public 2m
195BDE04-743D-4C96-B597-03984AE4E148 CF37 1AD Dan Y Bryn Road, Pontypridd 24/7 Public 11m
42B3D9C1-28BA-428E-9711-AEC1014E17A5 CF37 1BH 4 Clean Wheels, Pontypridd 24/7 Public 11m
3A1D0044-1A8D-4C2D-A8B8-AE3900F67E99 CF37 1BT Tesco, Broadway Ind Est, Treforest Variable Public 9m
081D4AC5-5B48-4356-85EF-AE9100B306A4 CF37 1DL Hirwaun (H-Block), Llantwit Road, Pontypridd 24/7 Public 11m
C38BFE39-D48B-4AA5-B7E1-AE9200DBF0BC CF37 1DL Sports Hall, Llantwit Road, Pontypridd Variable Public 11m
C9F2E173-A293-4643-A90B-AFC600D07185 CF37 1DL Welsh Institute Of Chirpractic, William Price Business Park, Treforest Variable Public 11m
E3A95F18-2445-49DF-82FE-AFC500E9A8EC CF37 1DL Accomodation, Llantwit Road, Pontypridd 24/7 Public 7m
BAC36EDF-80F8-468C-890B-ADF100A370CD CF37 1DU Pontypridd One4all Centre Ty Sardis, Sardis Road, Pontypridd Variable Restricted 11m
B9534AF9-024B-40AD-846E-ACA000CAA20C CF37 1EE Maesycoed Premium Express, 8 Mound Rd, Maesycoed 24/7 Public 11m
81F08AB7-66A7-40B2-A5F1-B0F50150ECDC CF37 1EQ 12 Lanwern Road, Maes-Y-Coed, Pontypridd 24/7 Public 5m
3CFBDC47-A446-4D39-9968-AC21012B1AE5 CF37 1HY Anne’s Hairdresser, 1a Barry Road, Pwllgwaun 24/7 Public 11m
2C67B9EE-C99A-4679-BADD-AE6600F6F9CD CF37 1JR Pontypridd County Court, The Courthouse, Courthouse Street, Pontypridd, Rct, Law Courts, Court House Street Variable Restricted 11m
4B1C21A1-278B-4D4F-BB9B-AC80011E7293 CF37 1LN The Graig Newsagents, 63-64 Llantrisant Road, Pontypridd 24/7 Public 11m
78D6151C-82DD-4079-A9D3-58FCF005CA30 CF37 1NY Rhondda Cynon Taff Council Unit 2 Ty Catrin, Maritime Industrial Estate, Pontypridd Variable Public 7w
37127D54-F43C-4289-9A0D-ADA9011292DD CF37 1PF Maritime Recreation Ground, Maritime Industrial Estate, Gelliwion Rd 24/7 Public 11m
A1C26225-4D4B-4A78-B6EA-AEC201470D60 CF37 1PY Matthews Terrace, 2 Penycoedcae Road, Penycoedcae 24/7 Public 9m
FFF2787F-44BC-4D47-80CA-AEAE00E8E2D3 CF37 1RU South Wales Fire And Rescue Service, South Wales Fire And Rescue Pontypridd Station, Oxford Street 24/7 Public 11m
15A5BB10-3DFA-4334-B705-AEC1014E24FF CF37 1RX Treforest Community Centre, Pontypridd 24/7 Public 11m
0C88923C-87CD-49D0-8DBE-AF4400C0FEF3 CF37 1SL Trefforest Railway Station, Park Street, Trefforest 24/7 Public 11m
1AED9ED6-C7AE-4387-89CD-AEC1014E2A32 CF37 1TD Treforest Vets, River Street Treforest, Pontypridd 24/7 Public 11m
74664F5A-0244-4295-A121-AE9F00BA50A7 CF37 1UB South Wales Police, Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership, Forest Grove 24/7 Public 11m
641608FB-FE38-4ED7-AD7B-AEC1014EA27A CF37 1XF 19 St Andrews Road, Penycoedcae, Pontypridd 24/7 Public 11m
3DFC81A0-9255-40EE-A738-AEC1014FB06B CF37 2AB Town Council Bt Kiosk, Pontypridd, 133 Berw Road 24/7 Public 11m
9E86DC37-E696-4C7C-87BD-AEE4015F7C3C CF37 2RS Ty Mawr Hotel, Pantygraigwen Road, Pant-Y-Graig-Wen 24/7 Public 11m
994EAB68-ABAB-4795-923C-B02800DE0A94 CF37 2SN Westmore Insurance 49 Mill Street, Pontypridd 24/7 Public 11m
FE713BCA-B07F-4710-A0F8-B09700AF821F CF37 2SW Trivallis, Car Park - Ty Pennant House, Ty Pennant 24/7 Public 8m
C5904852-3FD7-4833-B294-B15600873576 CF37 2TR South Wales Police Authority, Pontypridd Police Station, Berw Road 24/7 Public 2m
99FE6F00-604B-42D0-A41F-0E36F61BD1D5 CF37 2UF St Catherines Church Foyer, Upper Church Street, Pontypridd Variable Public 11m
DABD7E6A-2786-45CF-B54B-F62E061365C8 CF37 3AD Patel's General Store, Spar Shop, 111 Garth Avenue 24/7 Public 9m
E27A12EB-5539-4657-8674-B176013161EB CF37 3AU Glyncoch Rugby Club, Coed-Y-Lan Road, Glyn-Coch Variable Restricted 7w
62DD9EEE-A102-456F-AE1C-AFF2015451C7 CF37 3BP Pontypridd Auctions Ltd, 39a Cefn Lane, Glyn-Coch 24/7 Public 11m
5EFF3395-39C0-4D7E-A90B-B13000C8C0D0 CF37 3DD Glyncoch Pharmacy, 65 Poacher Avenue, Pontypridd 24/7 Public 3m
2EF53077-2ED6-45BA-97FB-AB4100CA06FB CF37 3EE Ynysybwl Community Council, Chris Jeffreys Motors, Rear Of 60 Crawshay Street 24/7 Public 11m
B6C57B2F-E8BC-4088-B6E5-AFE400FC1C73 CF37 3EE 64 High Street, Ynys-Y-Bwl, Pontypridd Variable Restricted 11m
5A8489DA-E270-4EE6-9A77-A2942EDF3B76 CF37 3ES Ynysybwl Community Council, 1 Dan Y Cribyn, Ynysybwl Pontypridd 24/7 Public 11m
2E0BC4AF-80B0-4EA6-AF7C-ADF900F3FD15 CF37 3HR Ynysybwl Community Council, 17 Windsor Place, Ynys-Y-Bwl 24/7 Public 11m
E94121F0-0189-4C48-92C9-AEC3016608F9 CF37 3HS United Servicemens Club "The Bomb", Windsor Place, Ynys-Y-Bwl 24/7 Public 11m
A039602C-5ED2-47A0-A74C-D7EF2668105B CF37 3HU Ynysybwl Community Council, Ynysybwl Rugby Club, Heol Y Plwyf 24/7 Public 11m
9EB110C6-2B68-4C9B-8347-3257BFE10312 CF37 3JG Ynysybwl Community Council, 1 Pen Y Mynydd, Coed-Y-Cwm Pontypridd 24/7 Public 11m
D1D7494D-ED5E-4BF5-90AE-ADEF00AFA3C2 CF37 3PA Ysgol Ty Coch Buarth Y Capel, Ynysybwl, Pontypridd Variable Public 11m
DBEB4A2D-C95D-49C8-91E1-14FF392F09F5 CF37 3PE Ynysybwl Community Council, Shed Wall 32 Heol-Y-Mynach, Ynys-Y-Bwl 24/7 Public 11m
FBAF8D15-73D0-47BE-9E84-AEC1014E0FCC CF37 4AT 1 Glyntaf Rd Pontypridd, Pontypridd 24/7 Public 11m
5EE9748A-9DF4-4ACA-8369-AE9001363CBE CF37 4BD University Of South Wales (Glyntaf Campus), The Zone Canteen, The Elaine Morgan Building, Lower Glyntaff Campus, Cemetery Road Variable Public 9m
423225A3-0C0D-491F-A650-AF3B013B7DDA CF37 4BW Rct Domestic Abuse Services, 18-19 Pentrebach Rd, Pontypridd 24/7 Restricted 11m
728CFCD7-E1BA-4DCD-AE78-AB7C00A96B68 CF37 4DA B & Q Plc, Brown Lennox Retail Park, Ynysangharad Road 24/7 Public 11m
3A365AD8-108C-4CE8-B1A9-AEC2011B2D95 CF37 4DJ Pontypridd Golf Club (Defib 2 Internal), Ty-Gwyn Road, Pontypridd Variable Restricted 11m
29B712DC-AFAD-4E7E-80EE-B0BC0129A064 CF37 4DX Logan Court, 3 Brookfield Lane, Pontypridd 24/7 Public 7m
F100BEFF-BD44-4D8F-839A-B0BC01289043 CF37 4DX 1 Logan Court, Logan Court, 1 Brookfield Lane 24/7 Public 7m
80D5170D-1F7F-419D-88DA-AEC1014FAB99 CF37 4HB Premier Shop Cilfynydd, 58 Oakland Terrace, Cilfynydd 24/7 Public 11m
C2B97C46-E49D-4255-BA7D-AEC301651D60 CF37 4NR Cilfynydd Community Centre, Cilfynydd Road, Cilfynydd 24/7 Public 11m
916358D5-F010-411E-8325-AEC1014FA6B4 CF37 4NX Flagship Signs, Albion Industrial Estate, Cilfynydd 24/7 Public 11m
E421B790-A03B-441F-A075-71625C1FA62B CF37 4PF Ynysangharad Park - Lido Pontypridd, Bridge Street, Pontypridd Variable Public 11m
FFB2B78A-4650-46B2-B44F-AFF600E500F1 CF37 4RD Trallwng Infants School, Bonvilston Road,, Trallwng, Pontypridd. 24/7 Public 8m
8ED5514C-B322-48F0-A340-AEC1014E3453 CF37 4RS Central Hotel, Ralph Street, Pontypridd 24/7 Public 11m
3123B33B-C396-4F9E-B728-ADFD00AA560D CF37 4SF Car Park Coed Y Lan Comprehensive School, Cilfynydd Road, Cilfynydd Variable Restricted 11m
5AE25E36-806D-4A92-878F-B02800DD4584 CF37 4TD Specsavers 65-66, Taff Street, Pontypridd 24/7 Public 11m
5BD4998F-C65C-48E1-90D5-B18C0129EC46 CF37 4TH 2 Llys Cadwyn Office Building, 2 Llys Cadwyn, Pontypridd Variable Public 3w
7C2E4BCD-E26D-460D-98AF-AEC1014F6D80 CF37 4TH Llys Cadwyn (The Gym), Pontypridd Variable Restricted 11m
7C4E6B7B-CAB5-4544-8055-AE2000E29C2E CF37 4UY Tesco, Tesco Express, 103-104 Taff Street Variable Public 11m
534D62CB-9883-4E1E-827B-B15700B28E0F CF37 5AH Caeglas, Caeglas Resource Centre, Cardiff Road 24/7 Public 2m
933963BD-7EA5-4973-8890-25C3A74664BE CF37 5AH Cae Glas Home For The Aged, Cardiff Road, Pontypridd 24/7 Public 11m
3A033A44-009A-4770-9862-AF6101440B23 CF37 5AL Hawthorn Swimming Pool, School Lane, Rhydyfelin 24/7 Restricted 11m
AD5477A2-21F5-49D8-A9A6-B04A0083B9BE CF37 5AL Kier Site Office, School Lane, Rhydyfelin Variable Restricted 9m
D262C82C-8950-4211-A535-AEE4015F821E CF37 5AR Leggs Sweets And Treats Shop, Ynyslyn Road, Rhydyfelin 24/7 Public 11m
97A0489E-9808-402A-9A1B-B083010EC63F CF37 5BP Dunelm Pontypridd, Upper Boat Trading Estate, Cardiff Road, Pontypridd Variable Restricted 9m
1726160C-F014-4976-9735-AF550113628C CF37 5BU 4 Lime Street, Rhydyfelin, Pontypridd Variable Restricted 11m
26C896EF-570A-4829-BF2E-ADFF00F6A397 CF37 5DB Administration Office Rhydfelin Childrens Centre, Holly Street, Rhydyfelin Variable Restricted 11m
8D7B80E4-527B-443B-AFE0-AD4E011EB89B CF37 5DF South Wales Police Rhydyfelin Police Station, Rhydyfelin Police Station, 33 Elm Street 24/7 Public 11m
C565F3F5-80E9-428F-8D59-9D7220A6B8E9 CF37 5DP Cardinal Newman Roman Catholic Comprehensive, Dynea Road, Rhydyfelin Variable Restricted 11m
80EDCAA8-D918-4B58-B5C1-AEC1014DF0D2 CF37 5ES Key Stores Glyntaff Housing Estate, Masefield Way, Rhydyfelin 24/7 Public 11m
4A3315BE-8AEA-4161-8505-B00E00CA24E0 CF37 5HQ Newydd Housing Association, Trem Y Cwm, Masefield Way 24/7 Public 11m
F5E16F37-0BF1-4AFF-A92E-AEC3016514DD CF37 5HR Rhydyfelin Rugby Club, Lionel Terrace, Rhydyfelin 24/7 Restricted 11m
645908B6-5FEA-4ADE-92E8-B0130109F0B2 CF37 5LH Welsh Ambulance Service Nhs Trust Hawthorn, St Luke's Avenue, Rhydyfelin 24/7 Public 11m
0A08E209-CDF9-47B6-AA19-AF5E01559C15 CF37 5LN Hawthorn Leisure Centre (Defib 2), Fairfield Lane, Hawthorn 24/7 Restricted 11m
2F631499-4B13-410B-A946-AEC301660CB5 CF37 5LN Rhydyfelin Afc, Fairfield Lane, Hawthorn 24/7 Restricted 11m
7195292D-4FE7-47F3-9F0B-AF5E0155974A CF37 5LN Hawthorn Leisure Centre (Defib 1), Fairfield Lane, Hawthorn 24/7 Restricted 11m
A258680A-090B-4723-891E-B1990127016A CF37 5LN Hawthorn Community Centre, Fairfield Lane, Hawthorn 24/7 Public 3w
A32C951B-D9C2-40D6-A689-AEC30165FCA1 CF37 5LN Hawthorn Community Centre, Fairfield Lane, Hawthorn 24/7 Public 11m
27EAA90A-366B-4C6D-AF6B-AEC1014E612C CF37 5LS Non Pol Club, Poplar Road Rhydyfelin, Pontypridd 24/7 Public 11m
948BD97B-9562-4077-8DE1-AEC1014FD779 CF37 5LX Rhydyfelin Library, Rhydyfelin, Pontypridd 24/7 Public 11m
0040691D-7CBE-4192-AC89-AEC1014E4DB5 CF37 5RW Rhydyfelin Spar, 13 Dyffryn Road, Rhydyfelin 24/7 Public 11m
3BEEDC45-BD58-40E5-800C-AFC4014F5196 CF37 5RW Rhydyfelin Community Centre National Association Of Old Ag, Dyffryn Road, Rhydyfelin 24/7 Public 11m
53AAE4F9-EC52-4BF5-BE0C-AF6F00B4F585 CF37 5SN Tesco Stores Ltd, Ad Right Site Id 3063 At The Entrance To Tesco Stores Ltd Tesco Superstore, Tesco Approach Road Variable Public 11m
698EB425-5489-43B7-9684-ABC900F8CEAA CF37 5SP Cardiff Engineering & Fabrications Ltd, Unit A12, Severn Road, Treforest Ind Estate 24/7 Public 11m
47131368-32E8-45B1-AD2E-B19A009358E1 CF37 5SX Zenith Print And Packaging Ltd, Zenith House, Treforest Variable Restricted 3w
838487F0-662F-4882-8A5D-B19A008DB134 CF37 5SX Print And Packaging Ltd, Units B1 And B2 Zenith Print And Packaging, Gelli Hirion Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 3w
D3DCF3F0-38AB-4A9F-9667-B19A0094C32E CF37 5SX Zenith Print And Packaging Limited, Zenith House, Unit E Gellihirion Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 3w
2601C0BB-C8AE-4E83-9AEE-B090006FEFC0 CF37 5TF Currys Ltd, B13 Taffs Fall Road, Treforest Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 8m
3DA6B62C-3A76-41BA-8C68-AB5B00D44709 CF37 5UA Pacific Fitness, Unit 5, Taff Business Centre Variable Public 11m
B0265EB1-4E63-43E9-A4B4-ABCE00D222A9 CF37 5UA Pacific Fitness, Unit 5, Taff Business Centre Variable Public 11m
2A0FBE54-F9B3-4CC5-8D44-AFC0011C5E50 CF37 5UD Screwfix, Unit C 1 - 2 Main Avenue, Treforest Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
5921259A-03DA-4418-9907-AE3000CFAD3F CF37 5YL Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee Unit G1, Treforest Industrial Estate, Pontypridd Variable Public 11m
F062BA72-B01E-47CA-8D82-ADBE00CBB5A3 CF37 5YL Edwards Diving Services Ltd., Unit G15, Main Avenue, Treforest Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 9m
A7C08A05-BA8C-4300-95BE-B0EE00A6FE45 CF37 5YN Pontypridd, Dwp, Ty Taf, The Willowford Variable Restricted 5m
B1DCED68-68FE-40E5-8D11-B0EE00A81753 CF37 5YN Pontypridd, Dwp, Ty Taf, The Willowford Variable Restricted 5m
C0B02FB1-09F3-47EE-8BA1-B0EE00A84843 CF37 5YN Pontypridd, Dwp, Ty Taf, The Willowford Variable Restricted 5m
CCE9399E-2A6D-4875-91EA-B0EE00A7EAA5 CF37 5YN Pontypridd, Dwp, Ty Taf, The Willowford Variable Restricted 5m
FB610840-438A-4541-B3EF-B0EE00A82D05 CF37 5YN Pontypridd, Dwp, Ty Taf, The Willowford Variable Restricted 5m
D5DAC16A-B040-445D-9581-AE63009A98B2 CF37 5YR Bollore, Gwent Road, Treforest Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 11m
FBE24513-4B70-49E6-8C80-AE63009983C4 CF37 5YR Bollore Logistics Wh, Bollore Logistics, Gwent Road Variable Public 11m
4072081D-C71F-41BF-ABBA-ADF700BDC73F CF38 1AP Tabernacl Efail Isaf, 37 Heol Y Parc, Efail Isaf 24/7 Public 11m
9BE81E28-8AB2-4899-A175-AC1A00BED583 CF38 1DB Llantwit Fardre Community Council, Ty Illtyd, St Illtyds Road 24/7 Public 11m
258C8C1D-FE08-4B64-9DAD-18442DB8FEDB CF38 1DX Ysgol Garth Olwg, Main Road, Church Village Variable Restricted 11m
636AC679-F027-469A-8063-AFD2010D59E6 CF38 1EB Parish Church Of St Illtud, St Illtyds Road, Church Village 24/7 Public 11m
8CCBE984-818D-4258-8584-AEBB011C083C CF38 1GF 28 Fleming Walk, Church Village 24/7 Public 11m
9AC0F298-7135-46B6-B0C5-AC1A00BF7EC2 CF38 1LD Best One Store, 1 Shopping Precinct, Tonteg 24/7 Public 11m
A23A2F0A-5E3B-4134-9DBC-B18500E4845E CF38 1LN Maddison House, Siop-Y-Coed, Ton-Teg 24/7 Public 7w
92557EE2-E617-48C6-B94F-F6ABCDC5D95A CF38 1ND Tonteg Community Centre, Maesteg Grove, Tonteg Pontypridd 24/7 Public 11m
219277C5-0795-4EA8-AACC-700112770DF2 CF38 1PG Ysgol Ty Coch, Lansdale Drive, Tonteg Pontypridd 24/7 Restricted 11m
6B021E2C-20FB-4279-A0EB-AE3F00EB26D1 CF38 1PW Tesco Express, 14 Main Road, Ton-Teg Variable Public 11m
8B8E2670-7C67-454E-B0C2-B05300EB70E2 CF38 1RJ Llantwit Fardre Leisure Centre, Central Park, Church Village Variable Public 9m
CBBFBB34-93D6-4C4E-BAC5-B12D01391CB8 CF38 1RJ Llantwit Fardre Sports Club, Central Park, Church Village 24/7 Public 3m
7A0A359B-3965-4619-81A7-AFD200F3B6B7 CF38 1RN Telephone Kiosk Infront Of Me Law, Telephone Kiosk, Main Road 24/7 Public 11m
4E6E703D-6907-44BD-9A70-F7870BDBFB6C CF38 1RQ Lifelong Learning Centre, St Illtyds Road, Church Village Pontypridd Variable Public 9m
5FA1375B-2D31-4758-A96D-AEC1014E0B32 CF38 1RT Llantwit Fadre Cricket Club, Central Park, Church Village 24/7 Public 11m
1625F1DC-3FFB-4903-826D-AF4400C0F611 CF38 1SG Trefforest Estate Railway Station, Willowford Road, Trefforest 24/7 Public 11m
B6466BF5-4941-4714-A4EE-B0CA011BAFE1 CF38 2AA Beddau Rugby Football Club, Castellau Road, Beddau Variable Public 7m
5E02815B-FB87-4D30-9115-ADF600CA32F2 CF38 2AE Bryn Celynnog Comp, Main Building Bryncelynnog Comprehensive School, Penycoedcae Road Variable Public 11m
1C1B678F-7EEB-4392-BC43-B12401561434 CF38 2BL Spar Supermarket, Gwaunmiskin Road, Beddau 24/7 Public 4m
55CF5B22-B2C4-4CDC-B660-B10800DE9AA6 CF38 2EP Bush Inn Public House, Llantrisant Road, Llantwit Fardre 24/7 Public 5m
992FB8F7-0962-4BA0-96B6-B0570105B07D CF38 2LT Tesco Express, Llantrisant Road, Llantwit Fardre Variable Restricted 9m
68924370-B899-4836-B189-AC1600D76967 CF38 2NA Crown Hill Community Centre, Crown Hill Community Centre Sunnycroft, Crown Hill 24/7 Public 11m
DFE6AFD8-B879-4F3C-86E2-AC1A00BD3D9E CF38 2NR Premier Stores, 3 York Drive, Llantwit Fardre 24/7 Public 11m
ABA52FF4-D907-407A-BB98-AEC2014708EA CF39 0AG Thomas Coaches, Porth 24/7 Restricted 9m
041DD878-6F99-45B4-AB4A-AEF3014C9AC0 CF39 0AT Too Good To Waste Ltd, Ynyshir Road, Ynys-Hir Variable Restricted 11m
D03B2DDE-D783-4361-8445-AF89010963BC CF39 0BH Penygraig Autos, Cemetery Road, Porth 24/7 Public 11m
1D18DCD1-4A30-4369-8EE0-AFD90149B6B4 CF39 0BJ 27 Bronheulwen, Porth 24/7 Public 11m
053F68FD-A709-40BF-8E71-AE3000F3D9B5 CF39 0BU Goodwin Partnership Dental Surgery, Goodwin Partnership Dental Surgery Goodwin Parterships Dbs Ltd Dental Surgery, 21 Grawen Street Variable Restricted 11m
4CDF8652-9A82-4FF6-B0D2-AFE3013826C9 CF39 0ET Ynyshir Park Football Pitch, Church Terrace, Ynys-Hir 24/7 Public 11m
AE0D491B-F79D-4FD9-8BD4-C4B1A4CAE5F9 CF39 0EW Morrisons, 105 Ynyshir Road, Porth 24/7 Public 11m
5C8D1669-F877-4EA0-BCDE-AFE8007E2ADB CF39 0HU Screwfix, A1-A3 Ynyshir Industrial Estate, Llanwonno Road Variable Restricted 9m
FE7A5AC8-A031-4F11-AFAB-B03900B05B42 CF39 0ND Ivy Stores, 1 Turberville Road, Porth 24/7 Public 9m
46F34249-EE56-4A65-AF38-AEC1014E5CAA CF39 0PF Wattstown Community Centre, Victoria Terrace, Wattstown 24/7 Public 11m
B0CB9ACA-40CF-49F3-BF9A-AEC900C1E78A CF39 0RA Wattstown Social Welfare Club, Bailey Street, Wattstown 24/7 Public 11m
BB9D0DEF-9058-4E76-8A25-51AF92BFEF52 CF39 8AB Mouchak Indian Restaurant, 25 Mill Street, Tonyrefail Porth 24/7 Public 11m
3BE84B60-DBD2-407E-962F-AD4E01201441 CF39 8AF South Wales Police Authority, Tonyrefail Police Station, 128 Mill Street 24/7 Public 11m
C212C703-8AB8-4304-852A-B17F00C565C6 CF39 8AN St Alban's Church, Celyn Isaf, Coedely, Place Of Worship, Celyn Isaf 24/7 Public 7w
A2BFAD12-D5E4-49E9-B6C2-B0C400ACB83B CF39 8AS Cwmlai Primary School (Internal), Cwm Lai Primary School, Penygarreg Road Variable Restricted 7m
BBAE31E1-B01A-44E9-900B-ADBB011463AA CF39 8AS Cwmlai Primary School (Front Entrance), Penygarreg Road, Tonyrefail 24/7 Public 11m
08CE68F1-8CBF-4841-B2CA-55DFB7FB0519 CF39 8BA Coed Ely Constitutional Club, Nant Melyn Terrace, Tonyrefail Porth 24/7 Public 11m
90EEE283-AE63-47CE-9A54-1EB2F0E7B120 CF39 8BL Coed Ely Community Centre, Elwyn Street, Tonyrefail Porth 24/7 Public 11m
6179228C-2DC8-4743-A5C8-CB0B325033E9 CF39 8BW Ely Valley Miners Welfare Association, General Area Of, Tonyrefail Porth 24/7 Public 11m
4FB3D3ED-41CF-415B-BFFA-E2925D579BCA CF39 8DP Londis Store, 88 Nant Eirin, Tonyrefail Porth 24/7 Public 11m
7AE5E775-CE17-447C-9F5E-5E19C0A2FA64 CF39 8DS Staceys Touch Of Class, 52 Francis Street, Tonyrefail Porth 24/7 Public 11m
A6A4060A-8368-4F38-ABC0-548431BF4627 CF39 8EQ Playground, Meadow Close, Thomastown Tonyrefail 24/7 Public 11m
35F40B76-3D70-429A-88CE-63D747497703 CF39 8EU Del Guerra Court - Hoops Health & Fitness Unit 3a, Gelligron Industrial Estate, Tonyrefail 24/7 Public 11m
4327BF6F-E8B3-42FC-A11A-AFE700F4E645 CF39 8EW Tonyrefail Leisure Centre, Waunrhydd Rd Tonyrefail, Porth Variable Restricted 11m
99059EA7-3EA3-4CBF-A9A2-C14CEF90263F CF39 8EW Tonyrefail Leisure Centre, Waunrhydd Road, Tonyrefail Porth 24/7 Public 11m
F15B76EA-B2D4-4915-9DEA-21B21C84640B CF39 8EY Co-Operative Retail Services Ltd, Penrhiwfer Road, Tonyrefail Porth 24/7 Public 11m
3D2BB180-F427-41AD-879D-227196BC59AD CF39 8HG Tonyrefail Community School, Gilfach Road, Tonyrefail Porth Variable Restricted 11m
45CD1513-FA55-47FE-86ED-B12C01587562 CF39 8HG Tonyrefail Community School, Gilfach Road, Tonyrefail Variable Restricted 3m
4818D344-5640-4DA7-B411-8DBB368FBCDA CF39 8HL Tonyrefail Cemetery, Gilfach Road, Tonyrefail 24/7 Public 11m
4813E32E-C1D5-437B-8B3E-AF870110D870 CF39 8HW Pallys Stores, Bryngolau, Bryngolau, Tonyrefail 24/7 Public 11m
A0DC6C7C-907F-4061-8175-7E36F77399BA CF39 8JD Playground, Birch Wood Drive, Tonyrefail 24/7 Public 11m
43BA5251-E22F-424B-88C1-74846D93D826 CF39 8LE Tonyrefail Day Centre, School Street, Tonyrefail Porth Variable Restricted 11m
4472A61B-5986-4DD9-BB4F-ADDE1124F1DE CF39 8LW Capel Resource Centre, Heol Tyllwyd, Tonyrefail 24/7 Public 11m
651B09D9-25B3-4577-BBD3-9FDD44F27A61 CF39 8NT Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Tonyrefail, Martin Crescent, Tonyrefail Porth 24/7 Public 11m
1F7F0057-7A6A-4FC6-8D5B-AE6201523272 CF39 8PE Tonyrefail Rfc, Tonyrefail Rfc Parklands Rugby Field, Parklands Road Variable Restricted 11m
0A30C42C-75CD-40A9-B206-AC5700732A86 CF39 8PL Tonyrefail And Gilfach Goch Community Defibrillators, Red Gate Public House, 115 High Street 24/7 Public 11m
3F200AD2-0026-4106-A332-3B8FF74900EB CF39 8PP Red Cow Hotel, Llantrisant Road, Tonyrefail Porth 24/7 Public 11m
A124477C-61ED-4744-8AE2-ADBB011AD986 CF39 8PZ Car Park Of Parklands Rugby Field, By The Flats., Llys Tylcha Fawr, Tonyrefail 24/7 Public 11m
9FA294D7-F77E-4823-84FE-FD72C9A416E0 CF39 8RL Gilfach Goch Welfare Park And Pavillion, Heol Y Parc, Gilfach Goch 24/7 Public 11m
30686E5C-ADCE-453B-8597-86B929AF958F CF39 8RP Bridgend County Borough Council, Evanstown Community Centre, Abercerdin Road 24/7 Public 11m
5E562CC9-F632-4C4A-ABCA-AE70013E9D02 CF39 8RS Abercerdin Primary School, Kenry Street, Gilfach Goch 24/7 Public 11m
F18953AF-FA89-4E63-A931-9A97AC2809FC CF39 8SR Gilfach Goch Day Centre, 39a High Street, Gilfach Goch 24/7 Public 11m
7170B619-DA11-4A1F-8524-29599B6B7D5C CF39 8SW The Rock Community Centre, High Street, Gilfach Goch Porth 24/7 Public 11m
E3F2B2E3-349E-4171-8BEC-AFDB011D880B CF39 8SW T&Ggcd - Festival Club, Gilfach Goch, Gilfach Goch Festival Club, High Street 24/7 Public 11m
F264D269-1FDE-4B21-A858-AE70014130D7 CF39 8SY Cara's Cuts Hair Salon, 35 Gelli Areal Road, Hendreforgan 24/7 Public 11m
3F9719A1-4FD3-4882-90D5-390C4BA68F2C CF39 8TF The Legion, 17 Cambrian Avenue, Gilfach Goch Porth 24/7 Public 11m
48EFCD32-7B2B-4BA4-9B02-B10A00F3F7B3 CF39 8TT Heathlands/Llewellyns View, Llewellyn's View, Hendreforgan 24/7 Public 4m
0AFFC294-AC11-4515-9814-AEB000EEE432 CF39 8UH South Wales Fire And Rescue Service, South Wales Fire And Rescue Gilfach Goch Station, Blackmill Road 24/7 Public 11m
503C54E6-6002-467B-BC70-6A9EE2CDA041 CF39 8UH Gilfach Goch Community Association, General Area Of, Gilfach Goch Porth 24/7 Public 11m
59078BED-582D-4C45-B38A-2675F42BF8C2 CF39 8UY Athwal Stores - Premier Store, 38 Heol Y Grug, Gilfach Goch Porth 24/7 Public 11m
73031961-B75F-44E9-872C-4EDBF38A260C CF39 8YL Griffin Inn, General Area Of, Gilfach Goch Porth 24/7 Public 11m
6D45EFA1-491E-46E7-A626-DEA4F933774F CF39 9BY Bronwydd Swimming Pool, Caemawr Gardens, Porth 24/7 Public 11m
72371FB4-7D39-41B4-9D2B-17367C24B997 CF39 9EP Golden Dragon Inn Chinese, Trebanog Road, Porth 24/7 Public 11m
21082014-D615-4C0B-89A1-AF6B00E778DD CF39 9EY Cymmer Primary School, High Street, Cymmer 24/7 Public 11m
8309757A-ED65-4697-B211-AF8900D87E9E CF39 9LB 5 Belmont Terrace, Glynfach, Porth 24/7 Public 11m
7FA75041-FB5B-48DC-9151-593ADD2F2731 CF39 9LX Waun Wen Community Recreation Centre, Rhiwgarn Road, Trebanog Porth Variable Public 9m
B13C607E-26DB-4D53-AD03-B124010A01D7 CF39 9LX Waun-Wen Community Center, 1 Waun Wen, Trebanog 24/7 Public 4m
B1CDE9F2-1118-4283-912B-B184011BA614 CF39 9LX Waun-Wen Community Center, 1 Waun Wen, Trebanog Variable Restricted 7w
C93632DD-B2A5-4BFF-9299-AF8900E5C27E CF39 9ND Coedcae Road, Porth 24/7 Public 11m
2108EB2A-AC11-445D-B26F-3372BD5769D7 CF39 9PG Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council Porth Library, Pontypridd Road, Porth Variable Public 7m
BEB1F10F-2FCB-4F57-A0DD-B1560087F237 CF39 9RT Porth Police Station, Porth Street, Porth 24/7 Public 2m
5ED44E7D-1931-43DE-8A68-AEC1014E9DEA CF39 9SP Rhondda Motor Co Ltd, North Road, Porth 24/7 Public 11m
65B7BD75-3B37-4843-89B9-B0AE012ACADD CF39 9TL Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Llwyncelyn, Heather Way, Porth 24/7 Public 7m
35066B5F-FFCD-4068-8058-AFDB015B1D36 CF39 9TW Porth R.f.c, Nythbran Terrace, Porth 24/7 Public 11m
937A66C9-7EF2-471B-8984-CA8C0714C0E0 CF40 1AG Williamstown Primary School, Dinas Isaf West, Williamstown Tonypandy 24/7 Public 11m
05502316-5DAB-40C8-91FA-AEC1014F5E32 CF40 1AU Oxford House Veterinary Clinic, Dunraven Street, Tonypandy 24/7 Public 11m
7B097AC9-358D-48FF-9308-AF4100F9DE54 CF40 1AW Welcome Inn Public Bar, Dunraven Street, Tonypandy Variable Public 11m
4600D0A7-318E-4001-AD84-AEC1014FB55A CF40 1ER Ysgol Nantgwyn School (Reception) Defib 1), Ysgol Nantgwyn School (Reception Defib 1), Llewellyn Street Variable Public 11m
5D82B182-7991-47E1-9D83-AEC3016524F7 CF40 1ER Ysgol Nantgwyn School (New Building)Defib 2), Llewellyn Street, Pen-Y-Graig Variable Restricted 11m
940E6821-E5E3-48E1-BDBB-AEC20146EA92 CF40 1LD Valley's Kids, Tylacelyn Rd, Tonypandy, Pen-Y-Graig 24/7 Public 11m
C153363A-E341-4EAA-9830-A67C21423984 CF40 1NR Black Diamond Hotel, Edmondstown Road, Tonypandy 24/7 Public 11m
A130F5C9-96CD-454E-9D5B-AEC3016518CE CF40 1RD Penygraig Boys And Girls Club, Brook Street, Williamstown 24/7 Public 11m
4711B9AD-0C69-4394-A82D-3CF9B3787652 CF40 1RL A J Gill & Sons Skip Hire, Penrhiwfer Road, Tonypandy 24/7 Public 11m
F7EBBDEB-45E2-428F-A686-B08500F67FFA CF40 1SU Penygraig Bowls Club, Belle Vue Park, Tonypandy 24/7 Public 9m
14A3707C-0BA7-4375-8E16-3A586B7B1C47 CF40 2BQ Cymclydach Primary School, Wern Street, Tonypandy Variable Public 11m
497A1D00-40F3-4120-9A87-B08C00C2D980 CF40 2DJ The Clydach Vale Public House, Wern Street, Clydach 24/7 Public 9m
70B57065-4499-4C6A-B240-B367598257DF CF40 2DL Zoar Residential Home, Marian Street, Clydach 24/7 Public 11m
2CEAC764-1F7D-4516-8534-AF6F01439E20 CF40 2ES The Num Club, Llwynypia Road, Llwynypia 24/7 Public 11m
D720D986-D3A2-487A-A2E5-B10200F40117 CF40 2HL Llwynypia Primary School, School Terrace, Llwynypia Variable Restricted 5m
67E63610-EFC3-4A51-B221-AE2100B22188 CF40 2JF Glyncornel Centre, Glyncornel Environment Centre, Nant-Y-Gwyddon Road Variable Restricted 11m
2FCC03E7-D7DD-40A9-9045-AEC30165214E CF40 2JJ Ivor Hael Inn, Salem Terrace, Llwynypia 24/7 Public 11m
CCD484E4-078C-44AD-B653-AF4400C0D9CD CF40 2JJ Llwynypia Railway Station, Llwynypia Railway Station, Llwynypia Road, Llwynypia 24/7 Public 11m
4F78FD51-CF9F-419B-B4B3-AF66011DDD67 CF40 2JQ Mcdonald's - Tonypandy, Gwyddon Road, Llwynypia Rd, Tonypandy 24/7 Public 11m
A8E130A2-B269-4863-AA31-AEBA00D378D1 CF40 2JQ South Wales Fire And Rescue Service, South Wales Fire And Rescue Tonypandy Station, Llwynypia Road 24/7 Public 11m
DE4A8951-2AD7-494B-8BDE-2A2925870E0C CF40 2JQ Learning Curve, Llwynypia Road, Tonypandy Variable Restricted 11m
79E38571-3A87-45DE-81EB-B08500F68E1E CF40 2LL Ynyscynon Mot Centre, 235-245 Ynyscynon Road, Trealaw 24/7 Public 9m
4F80E2A7-B709-47F1-99D2-AEFA00C851EE CF40 2NX Majestic Bingo, Judges Bingo Hall, Trealaw Road Variable Public 11m
24DA128F-AC43-445D-AFBF-03F6B5C03B8E CF40 2PS Pinetree Car Superstore, Mr Speakers Way, Trealaw Tonypandy 24/7 Public 11m
B2835706-BF6D-41CD-AE3A-AEC1014FF33E CF40 2RA Tonypandy Community Shop, 26 De Winton Street, Tonypandy 24/7 Public 11m
7E934032-42DC-4A41-8B66-AEE1014CD088 CF40 2RQ Mid Rhondda Working Mens Club (The Monkey), 32-33 Court Street, Tonypandy 24/7 Public 11m
1A2F700C-F705-468F-94F2-AF9700E6FE3C CF40 2UD Maes Yr Haf, Brithweunydd Road, Trealaw Variable Public 11m
6D096BBD-FB6E-4F12-83A4-D58FC029811B CF40 2UD Clydach Court, Brithweunydd Road, Tonypandy 24/7 Public 11m
6CBEA03B-A752-4DB1-AA43-00A367A1A71A CF40 2XX Sky Blue Cafe Cambrian Industrial Park, Cambrian Court Business Pavilion, Clydach 24/7 Public 11m
420F25D8-7E3A-403C-9B93-AEC1014F81C7 CF41 7AE Pentre Bowls, Forge Lane, Pentre 24/7 Public 11m
BE41D452-C510-4B07-BC24-AE54013A5895 CF41 7AF Ton Pentre Football Club, Ton Pentre A F C Social Club, Llanfoist Street Variable Public 11m
B2ECE0B6-2480-4039-A687-AF9E0105C042 CF41 7AN Gelli Park Bowls Club Gelli Park, Lloyd Street, Gelli 24/7 Public 11m
5824A620-B7F0-478E-AD28-B15400AEE1C0 CF41 7BS Canolfan Pentre Cio, Llewellyn House Day Centre, 78 Llewellyn Street 24/7 Public 2m
40B5A895-0888-423C-8D5D-2E7E34217D27 CF41 7DJ Pentre House Care Home, Pentre Road, Pentre 24/7 Public 11m
FD752523-E19A-4C79-AA14-B0A50120A831 CF41 7DX Ton Pentre And Gelli Community Centre, Dinam Park, Tonpentre 24/7 Public 8m
E141938D-A611-42FC-932E-B106014097B7 CF41 7EB Little Aj's, Little Aj's Sweet Treats, 31 Church Road 24/7 Public 5m
5FE342D9-06D3-462D-9699-B09300BDB787 CF41 7HA South Wales Police Authority, South Wales Police Ton Pentre Station, Maindy Road 24/7 Public 8m
E969BAF5-EC59-4606-97A4-AEC1014F68E5 CF41 7LE Canolfan Pentre, 15 Elizabeth Close, Pentre 24/7 Public 11m
AF8EC03B-9885-485F-9797-AEC1014E77FD CF41 7LQ Salvation Army Citadel, Carne Street, Pentre 24/7 Public 11m
721D2F42-377C-4A16-ACD8-AF8A00F2248D CF41 7LR The Flamingo Bar, 24 Gelli Rd, Ton Pentre, Pentre, Pentre 24/7 Public 11m
89970401-F7AD-4B6F-AF43-997AB90C9FDF CF41 7NW Bronllwyn Home For The Aged, Colwyn Road, Gelli Pentre Variable Restricted 11m
85A5697D-5A86-4AC2-8A6F-B0FC0142336F CF41 7PE New Beginnings Nursery, 209 Ystrad Road, Pentre 24/7 Public 5m
5590C689-BDD9-4241-AAE8-AEC20146F82D CF41 7PX Gelli Primary School, Ystrad Road, Pentre 24/7 Restricted 11m
B512E2CB-603C-4875-A4E1-AEC1014F865E CF41 7QR Greenfield Hotel And Public Bar, 13-14 William Street, Ystrad 24/7 Public 11m
9223CDA9-C16A-4718-95F6-AEC101501424 CF41 7RB Mill View Care Home, Brook Street, Ystrad 24/7 Restricted 11m
2550400B-AB99-423E-A3DC-AEC1014F8C1F CF41 7RQ Ystrad Rfc, Gelligaled Road, Ystrad 24/7 Public 11m
7EEDEF2C-C6D4-4554-BC5D-B02E0120A8F7 CF41 7SG Ystrad Rhondda Labour Club, 236-237 Tyntyla Road, Ystrad 24/7 Public 11m
7C6D3035-EDE6-4286-AB1F-AF4400C10479 CF41 7SR Ystrad Rhondda Railway Station, Brook Street, Ystrad Rhondda 24/7 Public 11m
9036495D-53F4-4EBB-AF36-AFBA01034DA4 CF41 7SY Rhondda Sports Centre, Tyntyla Road, Ystrad Variable Public 11m
DF5E40BD-D06C-4D32-9EFB-AF0401785EF4 CF41 7TR Hibernia Workmens Club, 142-143 Gelli Road, Gelli 24/7 Public 11m
7BD6B7C2-EF9B-4F30-91D5-B0190070A9A6 CF41 7UW Gelli Welsh Ambulance Station, Unit 32 To 33, Gelli Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 11m
5E86F650-3720-4EE9-BACD-AEC1014EEA95 CF42 5AW Baglan Hotel Public House, 30 Baglan Street, Treherbert 24/7 Public 11m
DA5BB378-02A0-4132-AF83-AED3013813D4 CF42 5BG Dunraven Arms, 13 Dunraven Street, Treherbert 24/7 Public 11m
4AD7DF6E-AB22-4BAC-AF5B-B0CF01190ED2 CF42 5BS Treherbert R.f.c, 55 Wyndham Street, Treherbert 24/7 Public 6m
14E7001F-692C-4C99-9344-B0CF01191623 CF42 5DR Blaencwn Community Centre, Blaencwm Community Centre, Hendrewen Road 24/7 Public 6m
E7C26FC3-8E1F-4F63-BD45-AFA501089BC7 CF42 5EA Blaencwm Chapel, Wyndham Street, Blaen-Cwm 24/7 Public 11m
8E254678-2E88-4B09-813C-AEC1014FEAF8 CF42 5HU Treherbert Railway Station, Station Terrace, Treherbert 24/7 Public 11m
EECD0B91-B431-4198-BAFB-AEC1014F7C31 CF42 5LR Tynewydd Surgery, Ty-Allyn Williams Street, Treherbert 24/7 Public 11m
E9F5EFF1-47BC-429A-BA69-AEC1014E20D9 CF42 5LU Tynewydd Park, Treherbert 24/7 Public 11m
49C2AC6F-59C5-40AF-80E7-AED301381C05 CF42 5NA Tynewydd Hotel Public House, 6 Scott Street, Tynewydd 24/7 Public 11m
3201B583-5C60-403D-AA5E-AEC1014FE61C CF42 5NR Rct Heart Heroes, Ninian Stuart Conservative Club, Bute Street 24/7 Public 11m
FDF5E6CC-120C-419C-9D94-F6D79CF89BF6 CF42 5RD Ty Ross Nursing And Care Home, Ninian Street, Treherbert Treorchy 24/7 Public 11m
83A3F891-CE69-435C-9AFE-B0CF0119081D CF42 5SD Pen Y Pych Community Primary School, Blaenrhondda Road, Blaenrhondda 24/7 Public 6m
8DDEB1FE-104B-40EE-B13F-AF940160870D CF42 5SE Blaenrhondda Top Club, Chapel Street, Blaenrhondda 24/7 Public 11m
5F7BB40A-394D-432C-800C-AFC8014E1D76 CF42 5SF Blaenrhonnda Park, 115 Brook Street, Blaenrhonnda 24/7 Public 11m
BBEFFA18-D2C4-46E0-BA6A-AEC1014E7CB2 CF42 6BB R.a.f.a Club, 137a Bute Street, Treorchy 24/7 Restricted 11m
FDCFC4E6-CC1A-426B-ABE6-ADC900D874BE CF42 6BB Parish Of Pen Rhondda Fawr, St Matthew's Church And Community Hall, Bute St., 24/7 Restricted 11m
7E296833-FFAA-4765-AD6E-B08900E0A4C4 CF42 6BN St Matthew's Church, Treorchy, St Matthew's Church, Bute St., 24/7 Public 9m
68764574-92E1-41C8-BE34-AED3013821F7 CF42 6BS Cardiff Arms Bistro, Bute Street, Treorchy 24/7 Public 11m
8067966A-4C38-4B05-AFC0-AEBA011E4AED CF42 6DB South Wales Fire And Rescue Service, South Wales Fire And Rescue Treorchy Station, Bute Street 24/7 Public 11m
9986DCCD-B414-475C-BFF0-AFEB006E37AA CF42 6DL Screwfix, Unit 4&5 Self Storage, Treorchy Variable Restricted 9m
BD41B544-803C-4E11-B84C-AEC1014E6EF5 CF42 6DL Play Yard Treorchy, Abergorki Industrial Estate, Treherbert 24/7 Restricted 11m
265D651D-D83C-4719-9D95-AEC1014F3D83 CF42 6EB Ynyswen Welfare Hall, Ynyswen Road, Ynys-Wen 24/7 Public 11m
412EE45C-6D43-42D8-ACEB-B07C00E3F34E CF42 6EB Ysgol Gynradd Ynyswen, 150 Ynyswen Road, Treherbert 24/7 Public 9m
189CAF2B-B7A6-416E-9547-AF0401786349 CF42 6EG Sam's Drylinning, Ynyswen Road, Ynys-Wen 24/7 Public 11m
AF9133C2-735E-4B45-B7C4-E881120C7C45 CF42 6HD Ty Pentwyn Care Home, Pentwyn Road, Treorchy 24/7 Public 9m
36082DB5-0C25-4CC8-8269-AFB100292BA9 CF42 6HN Tennis Court 4, Rhondda Lawn Tennis Club, Ystradfechan Park 24/7 Restricted 9m
F7A4D98D-79BE-4BD4-A971-B05C00CF6D7A CF42 6HN Ystradfechan Playing Fields, Rhondda Tennis Club Ystradfechan Park, Station Road 24/7 Public 9m
E80296C0-D3F2-4BB8-AB50-AEC1014F58BC CF42 6LD Cwmparc Community Center, Parc Road Cwmparc, Treorchy 24/7 Public 11m
DDC0FD85-2CB4-4F2C-A13C-AF7000FEB8CF CF42 6LF Premier Shop, Park Road, Cwm-Parc 24/7 Public 11m
9E85CEDF-3697-44B4-A8FD-AF8A00F22E18 CF42 6LG Tremains Hotel Public House, Park Road, Cwm-Parc 24/7 Public 11m
33C2D320-7E79-4138-80DA-AEFA00E87EA7 CF42 6LY St Georges Church Cwmparc, Church Street, Cwm-Parc 24/7 Public 11m
8CF3086E-F46C-4106-8C73-AEC1014E8AF5 CF42 6LY Parc Primary School, Tallis Street, Cwm-Parc 24/7 Restricted 11m
5C9E8F43-857B-467D-8950-AF040178681A CF42 6NR Rhondda Cycles, 35 High Street, Treorchy 24/7 Public 11m
11C8F347-3F30-4FCC-ACB8-AEC1014DE2D3 CF42 6PN Treorchy Rugby Club, Regent Street, Treorchy 24/7 Public 11m
D490E062-5534-4322-9066-AEF3014C9E0C CF42 6RU Too Good To Waste, 7 Horeb Street, Treorchy Variable Restricted 11m
721BAE74-667A-4F42-88E5-B0D200A0DBCA CF42 6UB The Treorchy And Cwmparc Boys And Girls Club, Station Road, Treorchy 24/7 Public 6m
D73909E1-3DFD-4D51-BC6E-AEC1014EF425 CF42 6UD Treorchy Library, Station Road, Treorchy 24/7 Public 11m
E1F3B098-531A-4758-A7BA-ADF700B053BC CF42 6UL Treorchy Comprehensive School, Station Road, Treorchy Variable Restricted 11m
88C2D8D7-16B0-4A8F-98E3-B08A00E8E1B4 CF43 3BS Duke Of York Hotel, 120-124 East Road, Tylorstown 24/7 Public 9m
86C8F403-F078-45C0-96C7-AB9200E3B076 CF43 3BW Ferndale And Blaenllechau Defibrillator Fund, Pit Stop Tyre & Exhaust Centre, Dolycoed Terrace 24/7 Public 11m
2C03584C-D8D1-4F09-936C-AEC1014EDD17 CF43 3DA Tylorstown Conservative Working Mens Club, 236-237 East Road, Tylorstown 24/7 Public 11m
2BC7E42D-F37D-4AD8-9B84-AF30015021A6 CF43 3EP 1 Witherdene Road, Stanleytown, Ferndale 24/7 Public 11m
EBEB1CF2-01D4-4955-8F86-AFD500E80078 CF43 3HR Rhondda Fach Leisure Centre, East Street, Tylorstown Variable Public 11m
6254AD00-FA78-45F4-B3A3-AEC1015009B4 CF43 3LD Pontygwaith Community Center, 94 Llewellyn Street, Pont-Y-Gwaith 24/7 Public 11m
740B48CB-7AAF-4468-89E7-AEC1014FFBF4 CF43 3PW Rhondda Golf Club, Road To Golf Club, Pen-Rhys 24/7 Restricted 11m
78916138-1402-496C-B24D-AF30015017C4 CF43 4AP 48 Excelsior Terrace, Maerdy, Ferndale 24/7 Public 11m
04DF5786-149E-4C8C-B1DA-AC410101FEA1 CF43 4BA Blakemore Retail, Spar Maerdy, Maerdy Road 24/7 Public 3w
712C8999-4F2A-4E7A-954D-B16A0139C0DE CF43 4DA Tylerstown Welfare Hall, East Road, Tylerstown Road Variable Restricted 7w
38489BA3-91EF-47E4-800E-AF3001501D0C CF43 4EW The Biz, 65-66 Duffryn Street, Ferndale 24/7 Public 11m
30F2431B-EF34-49E2-8554-B0330132B0CC CF43 4HL Tony Holly, 48 Lake Street, Ferndale 24/7 Restricted 9m
35CCC980-838C-4EFE-85A8-AEB400ABC60A CF43 4HR South Wales Fire And Rescue Service, South Wales Fire And Rescue Ferndale Station, Cross Lake Street 24/7 Public 11m
4B038897-180E-4C66-946E-DBB458409BA6 CF43 4LE Darran Park Primary, Brook Street, Ferndale 24/7 Public 11m
ECDE76C1-8A3A-46A5-891C-ADF9009B52CE CF43 4LE Ferndale And Blaenllechau Defibrillator Fund, Darran Park Primary School, Brook Street 24/7 Public 11m
3495FE89-6F89-4B42-A005-B147013395A5 CF43 4ND Ferndale House Resource Centre And Care Home, Station Road, Ferndale 24/7 Public 2m
7576619D-8208-480D-8623-ADF900A0F4E3 CF43 4NE Ferndale And Blaenllechau Defibrillator Fund, The Glenrhedyn, Station Road 24/7 Public 11m
A8E1040C-01ED-4839-8E50-AB9200DFA44A CF43 4PA Ferndale And Blaenllechau Defibrillator Fund, Middle Garage Adjacent To 34 Mountain Row, Blaenllechau 24/7 Public 11m
ABA276C3-9F94-4042-8214-AD4E012325D5 CF43 4PT Ferndale Police Station, Church Street, Ferndale 24/7 Public 11m
7656CC4C-1EF0-49CF-8CF3-AEC1014F0956 CF43 4TW Maerdy Community Primary School, Graig Wen, Maerdy Variable Restricted 11m
FCF62267-916F-4B51-BE65-AE4501005D92 CF44 0AG Phoenix Dance And Gymnastics Cwmbach Industrial Estate, Canal Road, Cwm-Bach 24/7 Public 11m
5BBD162E-D73B-479E-B720-AFBF014DF98C CF44 0AT Cwmbach Church In Wales School, Crown Row, Cwm-Bach 24/7 Public 11m
03D274BE-5990-4BAD-B70D-1485C22F72CB CF44 0AX Ysguborwen Care Home, Ysguborwen, Aberdare 24/7 Public 11m
A59DDB9F-8AB4-4D25-A7AE-B02100740829 CF44 0AX Ysguborwen Residential Care Home, Abernant Road, Aber-Nant 24/7 Public 11m
E80F732D-149F-4BAE-B82E-3388B633F7E4 CF44 0BX Bryn Pica Waste Disposal Site, Merthyr Road, Llwydcoed Aberdare 24/7 Public 6m
C99277A3-7A30-4071-876B-AFE70151EAD0 CF44 0DX Tip Top Toilets, Fedw Hir Cwmynysminton Road, Llwydcoed 24/7 Public 11m
B8976850-2AE4-4E18-8488-AECB015F933E CF44 0HA Premier Shop, 17 Bro Deg, Cwm-Bach 24/7 Public 11m
06AA4316-05E3-4F7C-97D2-B10801392738 CF44 0HS Cwmbach Primary School, Llangorse Road, Cwm-Bach Variable Restricted 5m
2D8C6364-76E4-4F15-9D62-AF0A01496D45 CF44 0HS Ben's Barber Shop, Llangorse Road, Cwm-Bach 24/7 Public 11m
02493F5C-EF68-4FA8-9BBB-AEC1014EC607 CF44 0LW Convenience Stores, Cwmbach Food Store, 9 Aberdare Road 24/7 Public 11m
3D8E6AC1-A9F0-4BF2-B9A8-AEBB009A65C0 CF44 0NF South Wales Fire And Rescue Service, Cwmbach Road, Aberdare 24/7 Public 11m
0BFB352F-FBF7-4FD6-83CA-AF1F013D8F10 CF44 0PA Ynys Cynon Inn Public House, Cwmbach Road, Aber-Nant 24/7 Public 11m
20D09EDC-AA2E-4B7B-B282-AEED01557E70 CF44 0PN Coop Store, Canal Road, Cwm-Bach 24/7 Public 11m
D792CFE2-9867-4BD2-B368-AEC1014ECF37 CF44 0RY Aberdare Golf Club, Forge Place, Aber-Nant 24/7 Restricted 11m
FB8486A4-275D-488F-98F4-AB2500D29281 CF44 0SX The Welsh Whisky Company Limited, Penderyn Distillery, Pontpren Variable Public 11m
025403F2-EEB0-4561-BFE4-AEC1014E3E2D CF44 0TF Llwydcoed Community Centre, 2 Llwydcoed Rd Llwydcoed, Aberdare 24/7 Public 11m
274DCF07-C0AB-4AF2-BDE1-AF5E0155A8FC CF44 0TN Sophie Hill Estate Agents, Llwydcoed Road, Llwydcoed 24/7 Public 11m
1E87E624-2065-400A-8304-AF1800EBF353 CF44 0TX Padeswood Works, Hanson Aggregates, Penderyn Quarry Variable Restricted 11m
6A5D2786-CB24-4E1E-9E8D-AEED015581CE CF44 0YE Red Cow Inn Public House, 6 Merthyr Road, Llwydcoed 24/7 Public 11m
6A646F3D-16C5-4589-94D4-AF38014E84BF CF44 6AD Capcoch Primary School, School Street, Abercwmboi 24/7 Public 11m
054BBB57-5F95-4A66-BD58-AEC3016528AC CF44 6AX Abercwmboi Rugby Club, Cardiff Road, Aberaman 24/7 Public 11m
83F18B57-6A45-430B-8B67-AEBC010AC383 CF44 6BL 50 John Street, Abercwmboi, Aberdare 24/7 Public 11m
30E583B1-28AF-4786-83F3-AF0F015C76E0 CF44 6DA Too Good To Waste, Unit 3 Too Good To Waste, Aberaman Park Industrial Estate 24/7 Restricted 11m
7CE5A3DB-BAE7-409B-BFD5-B01301095DE3 CF44 6DA Ambulance Station, 15 Aberaman Park Industrial Estate, Aberaman 24/7 Public 11m
A8A276F7-0F68-4193-9A1B-AFE700D5B695 CF44 6DA Screwfix, Unit 18 Aberaman Industrial Estate, Aberdare Variable Restricted 11m
42BD7BC8-F8B7-40FB-AC45-AECC011B51BE CF44 6DE 87a Jubilee Road, Aberaman, Aberdare 24/7 Public 11m
463B7C0A-EBF1-4BD9-96D9-AED0013C91E5 CF44 6EW S Bend Fish Shop, 1a Jubilee Road, Aberaman 24/7 Public 11m
889C387F-B3E0-4705-A46A-AF38014E7EC1 CF44 6HA Aberdare Town Football Club, Cardiff Road, Abercwmboi 24/7 Restricted 11m
EFDDE4B5-3783-499C-8576-AEA300A31BF6 CF44 6HX Flat Above Blaengwawr Inn, 373 Cardiff Road, Aberaman 24/7 Public 11m
9378A8D4-42A7-4FF9-AC5B-ADCF0141F2D3 CF44 6HY 17 Glanaman Road, Cwmaman, Aberdare 24/7 Public 11m
5C76AA81-D1D2-4576-BD96-AD7800C24985 CF44 6LA Glanaman Road, Cwmaman, Aberdare 24/7 Public 11m
9D4598A3-6C72-47E6-90F3-ADA201433C59 CF44 6LS Brock’s Bar & Grill, 196 Brynmair Road, Cwmaman 24/7 Public 11m
767D7192-0DFC-4D92-B490-AF1F013CDDA2 CF44 6NS Shepherds Arms Public House, Fforchaman Road, Cwmaman 24/7 Public 11m
D209E5A2-8356-470A-AFD8-ADB701607920 CF44 6NS Hope Church, Fforchaman Road, Cwmaman 24/7 Public 11m
D3595E21-0F4A-4EA1-8E8B-ADA70130765B CF44 6NY Alice Place, Cwmaman, Aberdare 24/7 Public 11m
BFED9FCA-A315-46CC-AF77-AEC1014F76AA CF44 6PY Store And Premises Aberaman, Aberaman Post Office, Lewis Street Aberaman 24/7 Public 11m
04F1D559-64DC-4F9B-BCFD-AF6C0154831F CF44 6RS Treaman Field, Changing Rooms, Gasworks Road Industrial Est Aberaman Variable Restricted 11m
A7AB51F1-595B-4F8C-A4FD-B0800129A630 CF44 6SE Ladies And Gents Professional Hair Stles, 62a Jubilee Road, Aberaman 24/7 Public 9m
2EFB6371-E4F2-49A0-B6D5-AED6015F4F3B CF44 6SP Llanddewi Court, Llanddewi Street, Aberaman 24/7 Public 11m
77E99C19-8402-4179-B63C-B0AD00F68640 CF44 6TF Oaklands Primary School, Maes-Y-Deri, Aberaman Variable Restricted 7m
DE3F10CC-D828-40CB-AAC7-AEB500A9F6C8 CF44 6UU Temple Bar, Aberaman, Aberdare 24/7 Public 11m
B7FDFF2E-E322-4267-A1AC-AFD301312CD2 CF44 6YP Blaengwawr Primary School, Gwawr Street, Aberaman Variable Restricted 11m
F515D5F8-4BAC-48A6-BABE-AF94013C0E0C CF44 6ZZ Royal Mail Aberdare Do, Aberaman Industrial Estate, Aberdare Variable Restricted 11m
9B585963-1714-4E07-93C3-B0B400CA1384 CF44 7AW Aberdare Lbrary, 18 High Street, Aberdare 24/7 Public 7m
12D3FC2E-E25F-432D-AF04-AEC30164FCDF CF44 7BP Aberdare Rugby Club, 49-50 Gloucester Street, Aberdare 24/7 Restricted 11m
88121ACF-2BCF-41C3-98EC-AEC1014F6410 CF44 7BP Aberdare Rfc, 49-50 Gloucester Street, Aberdare 24/7 Public 11m
ACCC778F-B797-44A2-B020-B06E00FB5AE9 CF44 7DY Aberdare Market, Aberdare 24/7 Public 9m
237DC550-3468-4117-B30A-ABC00091FE89 CF44 7EG South Wales Police, Aberdare Police Station, Cross Street 24/7 Public 11m
887431D4-F3E6-460F-9B52-AF5E0155A207 CF44 7HF Aberdare Town Church Primary School, Wind Street, Aberaman 24/7 Restricted 11m
F5CC4405-D329-44FA-B657-AEC1014EA6D0 CF44 7LB Formerly Bute Arms, The Bute Arms, 28 Victoria Square 24/7 Public 11m
F15BA9DC-3BAC-4C44-8E7F-AF2B01579142 CF44 7PE Caradog Primary School, Pendarren Street, Aberdare 24/7 Public 11m
7FBDC794-09C0-4BA2-B1DE-EBAFA8FE67BE CF44 7PP St Margarets Rc School, Ty Fry, Aberdare Variable Restricted 11m
0ECD6247-6FEF-4061-88D6-B19501062E71 CF44 7PS Ty Mynydd Resident's Association, 16 Heol-Y-Mynydd, Aberdare 24/7 Public 3w
9088DB08-3EB5-4606-A452-AED8017465A4 CF44 7PT Green Meadow Riding Centre Cwm Farm, Dare Road, Cwmdare 24/7 Public 11m
3D286E3A-5AB4-4B13-A52B-B1960094A3CB CF44 7RG Rct Playground Dare Valley Toddlers Dare Valley Country Park, Dare Road, Cwmdare 24/7 Public 3w
9A21ADF0-1DE4-4B02-AA77-AEC1014DEA60 CF44 7RP Ron Jones Stadium Aberdare, Ron Jones Stadium, Aberdare 24/7 Public 11m
B5583F6F-D491-424D-803E-AF53015FA068 CF44 7RP Aberdare Community Centre Michael Sobell Sports Centre, Ynys Road, Aberdare 24/7 Restricted 11m
DFFEAEEB-09B5-420E-8C33-AE3100EB06C4 CF44 8AE White Lion Hotel Public House, 59 Gadlys Road, Gadlys 24/7 Public 11m
2F904261-7ABF-4D33-919D-AED6015F4ACB CF44 8AF Solo Hair Design, Gadlys Road, Gadlys 24/7 Public 11m
AEF96F2C-98A2-4460-93FC-2F0345C7613F CF44 8AU Gadlys Home, Maelgwyn Terrace, Aberdare Variable Restricted 11m
27F54263-E6A7-43BF-81B5-AB270155617E CF44 8BG Bee Hive Inn, Gadlys Street, Aberdare 24/7 Public 11m
2433AEB6-4FE9-4236-8D74-B11700FCA68C CF44 8BN Aberdare Park, Pond Aberdare Park, Glan Road Variable Public 4m
4664FDAD-AC64-4223-85D9-AEC2010ED7D6 CF44 8BW St John Baptist High School, Glan Road, Cwmdare 24/7 Public 11m
FC205FD3-38CB-48FA-A2C9-60A49DA1CEA1 CF44 8BW St John Baptist High School, Glan Road, Cwmdare Variable Restricted 11m
5FBAAA70-8813-4512-8FDF-AF66011BD377 CF44 8DL Mcdonald's - Depot Road Aberdare, Depot Road, At Junction Of Gadlys Road, Aberdare 24/7 Public 11m
D3345EDB-7EF2-4DF9-B039-AE3D017BFC14 CF44 8DL Tesco, Tesco, Depot Rd, Aberdare Variable Public 11m
94A72B56-F12E-4513-96D2-AEA201551A88 CF44 8ED Oasis Community Centre, Hirwaun Road, Trecynon 24/7 Public 11m
87B1BDC0-6151-4A7E-82B6-AED60097D823 CF44 8EN Coleg Y Cymoedd, Coleg Y Cymoedd Aberdare Campus, Wellington Street 24/7 Public 11m
DF297091-0662-40DF-81F4-AEED01557B03 CF44 8EY Davies Bros Wales Ltd, 1 Thomas Street, Robertstown 24/7 Public 11m
6633C087-ACC1-455A-926B-AEC1014E4802 CF44 8HL Dare Hall Aberdare, Dare Community Sports Hall, Cemetery Road Trecynon Variable Restricted 11m
7D565A97-A84E-4C99-A3FD-AED10179F164 CF44 8HT Llwyncelyn Inn Public House, 57 Cemetery Road, Trecynon 24/7 Public 11m
3D3F5412-85C2-491F-85E9-ADF600FE0825 CF44 8HU Reception At Tegfan Resource Centre, Llewellyn Street, Trecynon 24/7 Public 11m
518B3C4B-4354-45BA-9BD4-326CFB21BBBE CF44 8HU Maesnewydd Garden Centre, Llewelyn Street, Aberdare Variable Public 11m
5D9E2D76-C6DC-4859-813C-AEC1014E05E3 CF44 8LY Trecynon Institute, Mill Street, Trecynon 24/7 Public 11m
3042B69D-3D9F-4E81-8CF4-AE300094330C CF44 8NG Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council, The Coliseum Theatre, Mount Pleasant Street 24/7 Public 11m
D65A21C7-05FB-4A66-9568-AEDF015EDEF8 CF44 8RA Mission Church, 44 Bryn Terrace Cwmdare Road, Cwmdare 24/7 Public 11m
2EEF918D-48E4-46D6-8D22-5D54FE11A4E7 CF44 8RE Maesgwyn Special School, Cwmdare Road, Aberdare Variable Restricted 11m
1E5A7043-CC21-49E3-8FCA-B0DC01258898 CF44 8UB Tonclwyd Fawr Inn, Dare Road, Cwmdare 24/7 Public 6m
04811C5E-34F2-4F7C-B0E6-AEE4015F776A CF44 9AE Pleasant View Park, 1 Hirwaun Road, Trecynon 24/7 Public 11m
F9E1DD00-B042-467D-B4CA-AEDF015EDB15 CF44 9BB St Winifreds Church, Heol Bryn, Gwyn 24/7 Public 11m
415219E9-B7AF-4148-91B6-AED6015F5319 CF44 9DE Penywaun Welfare Club And Institute, Gwladys Street, Pen-Y-Waun 24/7 Public 11m
9B29E70A-D5A2-4781-B25D-49A01A2911D1 CF44 9ES Ysgol Gyfun Rhydywaun, Lawrence Avenue, Penywaun Aberdare Variable Public 11m
1D7DF907-8BCE-4AD9-8D81-AE5500CA4BCB CF44 9HB Oasis Outreach Centre, 46 Heol Bryn Gwyn, Pen-Y-Waun 24/7 Public 11m
5842F01E-A27B-4EFE-A67A-AD8800ED2786 CF44 9HJ Rhigos Rugby Club, Heol Pendarren, Rhigos 24/7 Public 11m
8D558342-41DC-46B3-B351-AEED015576CB CF44 9HY Montana Park, Hirwaun Rd, Hirwaun Aberdare 24/7 Public 11m
AC5AF41D-B2A7-42C6-8758-AF1D00C18F05 CF44 9JF Public Convenience, C0190 From Fork At Cwar Pen-Y-Porth Passing Cwm Porth To Junction At Maes Porth, Aberdare Variable Restricted 11m
9CB2FBE2-4695-4845-A3E3-AF0F015C72B6 CF44 9JX Lamb Hotel Public House, Lamb Road, Penderyn 24/7 Public 11m
19AC2183-6EE8-43BA-816A-AEC1014FCE36 CF44 9LB 125 Trenant, Wendy Jones, Hirwaun 24/7 Public 11m
8BB801C3-F98A-4D2F-B491-AEC1014F147B CF44 9NF Hirwaun County Primary School, Glanant Street, Hirwaun Variable Restricted 11m
7A8935A7-F38F-494E-9442-B08A00E8E79A CF44 9NS Rewind Barbers Shop, Brecon Road, Hirwaun 24/7 Public 9m
0E741995-B513-414C-935E-ACD300BF7B58 CF44 9NY Welsh Hills Bakery Ltd, Tramway, Hirwaun, Aberdare Variable Restricted 11m
337D758C-4060-4C0A-895B-AEC200E13C2A CF44 9PE South Wales Fire And Rescue Service, Swansea Road, Hirwaun 24/7 Public 11m
954E7DB7-DB01-48AB-8CFA-B08A00E8DA2F CF44 9QH 29 Denbeigh Court, Hirwaun, Aberdare 24/7 Public 9m
14DA804E-6356-4AFF-A3E1-B19B00F00AC7 CF44 9RB Hirwaun Y M C A, Manchester Place, Hirwaun 24/7 Public 3w
42CB030F-E610-499A-B413-B0F100EA3EEA CF44 9SL South Wales Police Authority, South Wales Police Hirwaun Station, High Street 24/7 Public 5m
B63E227D-F243-4AC8-BA62-AEC1014F3336 CF44 9SW Hirwaun Library, High Street Road, Hirwaun Variable Restricted 11m
41A62E5C-F74B-4C44-9479-AEC1014F4E0E CF44 9UF Zip World Limited, Rhigos Mountain Road, Rhigos 24/7 Public 11m
3AB4B258-8774-499A-8C6E-AF02015FE3EA CF44 9UP Pontus Research Limited Unit E2, Hirwaun Industrial Estate, Hirwaun 24/7 Public 11m
7B4E841D-A470-4B1F-B024-05EAB0205E63 CF44 9UP The Welsh Whiskey Co Ltd Unit J1, Hirwaun Industrial Estate, Hirwaun Aberdare Variable Public 11m
F0D98F95-B039-4EFD-8939-AEE600AEBA39 CF44 9UP Scott Parnell, Unit 10, Hirwaun Ind Est Variable Public 11m
F1E80BAA-E172-44D1-880F-AF98010081D1 CF44 9UW Cynon Valley Cottage And Bunkhouse, Halt Road, Hirwaun 24/7 Public 11m
14FCF455-ECC4-4CE4-A744-AAAE5293418C CF44 9UX Penderyn Community Centre, Pontpren, Penderyn 24/7 Public 11m
3C7018C2-1868-43A2-B0ED-AF0F015C6E8D CF44 9YU The New Inn Public House, Smiths Avenue, Rhigos 24/7 Public 11m
3C6D874A-A424-45CD-9D89-AEF3014CA1F5 CF45 3DG 38 Glenboi, Mountain Ash Variable Restricted 11m
A456AC79-5A9F-400D-BE3A-ADF000AE2886 CF45 3HD Canolfan Pennar, 71 Oxford Street, Mountain Ash Variable Public 11m
C92760BB-2895-4D16-AE88-AEC1014DFB19 CF45 3LT Darranlas Primary School, Kingcraft Street, Mountain Ash 24/7 Public 11m
19D2E776-0AA4-4F1C-8942-ACDA00C7FC0E CF45 3PE Mountain Ash Police Station, High Street, Mountain Ash 24/7 Public 11m
3072E3F8-DDE0-4A7E-A688-AEC1014EC19B CF45 3RJ Perthcelyn Community Center, Mountain Ash 24/7 Public 11m
16E6EB02-5755-41E4-9305-AEC1014FC026 CF45 3SP Penrhiwceiber Road Hall, Penrhiwceiber, Mountain Ash 24/7 Public 11m
BD174226-8D1F-4293-959C-AFC900FB3D1E CF45 3ST Lee Gardens Pool, Cross Street, Penrhiwceiber 24/7 Public 11m
46A108B0-A73D-488A-AD51-AEC201490E74 CF45 3SY Glasbrook Field Changing Rooms, Glasbrook Terrace Penrhiwceiber, Mountain Ash 24/7 Public 11m
AEE36F50-BCDF-4B37-8797-AEC1014DF617 CF45 3SY Darren Las Community Building, Mountain Ash 24/7 Public 11m
D4C29F8C-9335-46B1-8720-AEC1014F420F CF45 4BD Scoffers Fish Shop, 9a Allen Street, Mountain Ash 24/7 Public 11m
4FE3AB7E-ADEF-429B-8A66-AEC1014F389A CF45 4DA Cynon Valley Indoor Bowls Club, Dyffryn Road, Mountain Ash 24/7 Public 11m
EBE184F8-A587-4D23-9DED-AFA7014EEDDB CF45 4DA Mountain Ash Rfc Ground, Dyffryn Road, Mountain Ash 24/7 Restricted 11m
17567D58-40D1-46E8-AF3B-AB8000EB7039 CF45 4DG Mountain Ash Comprehensive School, New Road, Mountain Ash Variable Restricted 11m
9A48E8EB-5FFE-46C3-BC17-AE4D0100046D CF45 4DH Mountain Ash Cricket Club, Car Park At Cricket Club Caedrawant Recreation Ground, Mill Road 24/7 Public 11m
96097765-D784-4540-A28D-AEC1014EEF8A CF45 4DT Mountain Ash Golf Club, The Avenue, Cefnpennar 24/7 Public 11m
1DC22C42-FA30-4040-ADEA-AEC20148B75E CF45 4EP D B Mouldings, Pontcynon Industrial Estate, Tyntetown 24/7 Restricted 11m
6B4BCCA8-E1FC-42A1-A0ED-AEC1014E6A9E CF45 4EP Lidster's Fishing Supplies, Pontycynon Estate, Abercynon 24/7 Restricted 11m
2FC6859F-3124-43F6-B225-AFCC00E946AB CF45 4ER United Plastics Group, United Plastics Group Cwm Cynon Industrial Estate, Cwm Cynon Business Park Variable Restricted 11m
9F36577E-099A-4D37-AA8E-AFD200986C94 CF45 4ER A Plant, Unit C A Plant, Cwm Cynon Business Park Variable Public 9m
C3032808-86E1-442A-9F49-ADBA0097DBBD CF45 4ER Flexicare Medical Limited, Cynon Valley Business Park, Penrhiwceiber Variable Restricted 11m
3AC261C1-69EF-4749-B5D8-AFBD015C1493 CF45 4HA The George, 31 Cardiff Road, Mountain Ash 24/7 Public 9m
B438C747-071E-4F30-A98F-AFE801440AA4 CF45 4HP Happy Dayz Nursery, Cwrt Fforest, Mountain Ash 24/7 Public 11m
E2668C2C-0293-4F7F-B1E9-BE2596B6F2E1 CF45 4LD Troed-Y-Rhiw House, Troed Y Rhiw Road, Mountain Ash 24/7 Public 11m
499FB333-FA78-4836-BD5E-AEC1014ED6D2 CF45 4LL 33 Bron-Y-Deri, Garage, Mountain Ash 24/7 Public 11m
775748AA-704A-4D52-8A40-AF2B01578C75 CF45 4LY Steve's Scaffolding, New House On The Dairy, Abercynon Road 24/7 Public 11m
210E7674-79E3-4F37-A1BB-AEC1014E5701 CF45 4PG Desinger Fires, 25 Taff Terrace Carnetown, Abercynon 24/7 Public 11m
A983160B-A5D3-48CC-B7D1-AF53015FA4CD CF45 4RL Lindsay Constitutional Club, Gertrude Street, Abercynon 24/7 Public 11m
56F25F7F-7848-43FC-8256-16323C149F4B CF45 4RR Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council Abercynon Depot, The Basin, Abercynon Mountain Ash Variable Public 11m
6F5DB60E-09A6-4A4B-B56D-AEAE00B9948E CF45 4RR South Wales Fire And Rescue Abercynon Station The Basin, Cilfynydd Road, Abercynon 24/7 Public 11m
52D19EEF-9E1A-4D29-AD97-AF320139F7C8 CF45 4RU Rugby Club, Abercynon Rugby Club Abercynon Recreation Ground, Park Road 24/7 Public 11m
4DF494BD-AA67-4972-A456-AF4400C0A51B CF45 4SE Abercynon Railway Station, Abercynon Railway Station, Station Road, Abercynon 24/7 Public 11m
F0F80212-47C9-4720-A045-AEC1014FBB35 CF45 4SU Abercynon Library, Library House, 1 Ynysmeurig Road 24/7 Public 11m
EDF406D1-5C3C-43F5-80D4-AF6C0154886C CF45 4TG Osprey Fly Fishing Association, Glancynon Terrace, Abercynon 24/7 Public 11m
42FD991D-89A2-4ED4-BF38-B1250159B7AF CF45 4TH Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Abercynon, Greenfield Terrace, Abercynon 24/7 Public 4m
3B04E3DF-F162-442B-AA87-DC3A1CC500D1 CF45 4UQ Rhondda Cynon Taf Ty Trevithick, Council Offices Ty Trevithick, Cilfynydd Road Variable Public 11m
33A43618-F38B-4B3E-AF20-AF47014E6424 CF45 4UY Abercynon Sports Centre Abercynon Recreation Ground, Park Road, Abercynon 24/7 Restricted 11m
39FD74C8-79B0-4168-82A1-AEC1014ECA98 CF45 4XZ Bryncynon Healthy Living Centre, Abercynon Road, Abercynon 24/7 Restricted 11m
22EC1AC1-68DD-439F-BF15-AEC1014F0F01 CF45 4YH Marys Fish Shop, Main Road Tyntetown, Abercynon 24/7 Public 11m
7C918050-7B7A-4FE0-97C6-ABB200FD7379 CF46 5AN Quakers Yard Inn, 1 Dan-Y-Twyn, Treharris 24/7 Public 11m
E33A6158-4862-464C-8384-ABDD011627EE CF46 5DA Edwards Terrace, Treharris 24/7 Public 11m
8AFBD05B-BBF7-4C14-80AF-ACDA00CD1946 CF46 5ER Treharris Police Station, 38 Perrott Street, Treharris 24/7 Public 11m
1432425F-7A9F-4E4C-A94A-ABB2010073B9 CF46 5HG Treharris Boys & Girls Club, Forest Road, Treharris 24/7 Public 11m
F73F50A9-3888-4144-9542-5AF980FC4162 CF46 5HH Ty Bargoed Newydd, Williams Terrace, Treharris 24/7 Restricted 11m
FD747A70-3350-4818-BB17-AEC1014E0088 CF46 5HH Masonic Hall, Williams Terrace, Treharris 24/7 Public 11m
2EC3DC0A-F771-4470-A6D4-AF0500C18BAC CF46 5HP Rugby Clubhouse And Changing Rooms, Forest Road, Treharris Variable Public 11m
2E7A6662-4F60-469B-A033-ABBA011D015E CF46 5NR Great Western Hotel, Edwardsville, Treharris 24/7 Public 11m
872C6F9A-2E1E-41C4-8504-AFA300BF7270 CF46 5PR South Wales Fire And Rescue Service, Treharris Fire Station, Thomas Street 24/7 Public 11m
A478C27D-C69C-4D99-A0B5-AE6A01376E13 CF46 6AD Cwmcothi Road, Trelewis, Treharris 24/7 Public 11m
DB3EB782-BFCA-4A3F-A7C5-AE7F006C669C CF46 6AU Taff Bargoed Park Canoe Store, Cwmcothi Road, Trelewis 24/7 Public 11m
3F52FEFB-E38C-49C2-AFDE-B10E010DEB0B CF46 6BG Bus Stop, Maen Gilfach, Trelewis 24/7 Public 4m
72F82DA9-0C3B-4F4A-9D9E-A6F05D09F1D7 CF46 6BQ Nelson Rugby Football Club, Shingrig Road West Lane, Nelson 24/7 Public 11m
B15F8FCE-BD3B-45D0-9599-AE6A0138F85B CF46 6BT Bedlinog And Trelewis Community Council, Bryngwyn Park Terrace, High Street 24/7 Public 11m
3647D628-BAF6-4BD4-B116-AE41010E5AD7 CF46 6ET 1 Ivy Close, Treharris 24/7 Public 11m
5CFE5544-558C-4CC3-9182-03AF20E9BD85 CF46 6HA Taff Bargoed Foodbank, High Street, Nelson 24/7 Public 11m
80D976E4-DA87-47AA-AE0B-B14C01096235 CF46 6HF Living Quarters Hollybush Inn, Llwyncelyn Terrace, Nelson 24/7 Public 2m
92539B37-EAF6-490A-92F5-024E54A06D7F CF46 6NE Nelson Post Office, 3 Wern Crescent, Nelson 24/7 Public 3m
036925A2-2C24-4FFF-A3FD-AF3B013901F6 CF46 6NF Llancaeach Junior School, Commercial Street, Nelson Variable Public 11m
4AE99945-BCEC-4512-97FF-AB6E00F24C5F CF46 6RG Bedlinog Cp School, Hylton Terrace, Bedlinog Variable Public 11m
3357293A-66A6-4C52-8325-AEA200F3E2E1 CF46 6RU High Street, Bedlinog, Treharris 24/7 Public 11m
93016D64-610F-48DB-8302-AC7500C27DEB CF46 6SN Tyla-Glas Farm, Treharris 24/7 Public 11m
1AB2F729-E271-47BB-8597-AEC1014E52AD CF46 6ST Whitehall Golf Club, A4054 South Of Fiddlers Elbow, Treharris 24/7 Public 11m
39644A13-FEEC-4B88-8797-AF0E012F2F4B CF46 6TG Bedlinog Rugby Football Club, High Street, Treharris 24/7 Public 11m
F2DB10B5-116F-4D04-AB76-AE6A01347D84 CF46 6TY Grove House, Grove Terrace, Bedlinog 24/7 Public 11m
67CD2AB8-3758-4898-B2E4-AEBC01396D5E CF47 0AG Merthyr Tydfil Train Station, Merthyr Tydfil Rilway Station, Tramroad Side, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
AEA052C6-4592-4ACE-99F0-EFE86E40749F CF47 0AL Tesco Stores Ltd, Tramroadside North, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 9m
56A3352C-3C65-4ADE-862F-AE2A009F1106 CF47 0AQ 53 Cwrt Bevan, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
89D71DB5-271A-4192-91CC-AF4100D2F832 CF47 0BA Church Street Dental Practice, 3 Church Street, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Restricted 11m
9ADC6887-EE02-46FC-AE46-ADC900B01380 CF47 0HE Thomastown Park Bowls Green And Pavilion, Queens Road, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
6A44D5C9-871B-4366-B81C-ADC900ADF6E7 CF47 0HU Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council, Oval A Changing Room, Pantyffyn Road 24/7 Public 11m
559295B3-71EB-481C-A06B-8F865DB0A744 CF47 0LS Cyfarthfa High Upper Comprehensive School, Cae Mari Dwn, Twynyrodyn Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 6m
1E3BDDDA-0F23-478D-AD32-ABFB6CDD733E CF47 0SN 23 Oak Tree Rise, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
F21A11F8-A37C-40BA-9ABC-71A28DC8DDE3 CF47 0SY Merthyr Valleys Homes, Greenwood Close Community Centre, Greenwood Close Variable Restricted 5m
CEC70C97-E0D9-4B88-8EC2-B08A00AAFC41 CF47 8AF Merthyr Tydfil Library, High Street, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 9m
62E533BF-D32A-4BD3-914E-E63057338019 CF47 8BU Magistrates Clerks Office Law Courts, Glebeland Place, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Restricted 11m
B6FF24D3-B833-49A1-AF7F-ACC2E2EEFB1A CF47 8EB Merthyr Tydfil Housing Association Ltd, 11-12 Lower High Street, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
CDFDBA47-87BC-453E-AE02-239E50BA8650 CF47 8HA Caedraw Primary School, Caedraw Road, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 11m
AE626D7E-4C20-480C-AF27-9E1685FCC78E CF47 8HP Merthyr Valleys Homes, St Tydfils Court Day Room, Caedraw Road Variable Restricted 5m
68930CFC-AE24-47C1-84D7-AF0400CD4A3A CF47 8HR Merthyr Indoor Bowls Cf478hr, Merthyr Indoor Bowls Club, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Restricted 11m
144F0D6A-74E5-4435-8292-B01300A444B0 CF47 8PE Welsh Ambulance Service, Unit 8, Cyfarthfa Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 11m
65E18264-C75D-4B76-94E4-3371C7E83739 CF47 8RE Cyfarthfa Park Visitors Centre, Cyfarthfa Park, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 11m
D96B04F8-F35B-4AAF-AB79-2DB3A05FF8A2 CF47 8RE Cyfarthfa Castle, Cyfarthfa Park, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 9m
29A3B479-9516-4E11-A66C-AE7E00C9F160 CF47 8RF Land - Penydarren Park Football Ground Penydarren Park, Park Terrace, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 11m
683FB2F9-640C-4BFC-9106-AF1F00D71616 CF47 8RF Merthyr Town Football Club, Met Coaches, Community Stadium, Penydarren Park, Park Terrace Variable Public 11m
75866995-0536-4B60-A02D-AE7E00C82BDC CF47 8RF Land - Penydarren Park Football Ground Penydarren Park, Park Terrace, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 11m
0D0C3971-BE81-41A4-8E3A-B18601395DD4 CF47 8RS Park Baptist Church, The Walk, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 3w
5C0AFE60-DB8D-416E-97CB-AECB01354FDA CF47 8TP Rose&Crown, Rose And Crown Pub, 20 Morgan Street 24/7 Public 11m
70AE34FB-A105-45B5-81A4-B0CB00A21AFD CF47 8YR West End Bowls Club, West End Bowling Club, The Grove 24/7 Public 7m
A62151D0-BD88-47C8-AF07-93773A1EBBA1 CF47 9AF Penydarren Social Club, Alexandra Avenue, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 11m
4B11C2CB-3620-4C43-803D-B6EF50960ACD CF47 9AN Bishop Hedley High School, Gwaunfarren Road, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
8BF17BA2-CAC7-4A9F-8BF0-AF3100C79AE4 CF47 9BY Pen Y Dre High School, Goitre Lane, Gurnos Variable Restricted 11m
A3B19AF2-89DA-4916-BD7C-33F36E700BDF CF47 9LL Merthyr Valleys Homes, Horeb Close Community Centre, Horeb Close 24/7 Public 5m
514350DC-5975-4BBA-A5F1-B124009BD2D4 CF47 9PF 87 Ash Crescent, Gurnos, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Restricted 4m
688103C5-95F1-44E8-B410-3A56550695A2 CF47 9PT Ty Gurnos Newydd, Gurnos Road, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
7C755B86-14A6-47CF-88AB-ACF00097387D CF47 9SB Merthyr Valleys Homes - Calon Las, Ground Floor, 15 Chestnut Way Variable Restricted 5m
FD319EB5-9E27-4C6A-9194-B0F800DF803F CF47 9SB Calon Las, First Floor, 15 Chestnut Way Variable Public 5m
53615980-AE2D-4078-846A-B0C400C87633 CF47 9YP Atm At Farm Stores Awelfryn Terrace, Gwaunfarren Road, Penydarren 24/7 Public 7m
FEFD4C1D-1D9D-4087-B5E4-DB5611E9E12F CF48 1AF Community Hall, Caer Wern, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Restricted 5m
4E148E59-7295-437E-86A8-90CF5674ABE8 CF48 1AR Merthyr Tydfil College, College Boulevard, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 7m
CEA2FA9D-366D-4A70-958A-B0AD00CAE032 CF48 1AR Merthyr Tydfil College, College Boulevard, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 7m
2EB8367F-492B-4B5A-86AE-B1380107600B CF48 1BS The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, Cyfarthfa Road, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 3m
DBA4E45E-F850-4B21-B44B-B14F00A3C878 CF48 1DH British Telecom Plc, Merthyr Contact Centre, Rhyd-Y-Car Business Park Variable Restricted 2m
95B6C4BB-1094-4E55-BD19-ABC000917C34 CF48 1DL South Wales Police, Merthyr Bridewell, Rhydycar Business Park 24/7 Public 11m
048FE490-FC4C-4127-8948-B07D00868F6B CF48 1EN 32 Lakeside Gardens, Gurnos, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 9m
A694CED4-6281-4416-9069-AEF500C50ACF CF48 1HA Gellideg Foundation, Winchfawr House, Lansbury Road 24/7 Public 11m
B9BC0DEF-709F-4158-807E-B1B8E6E9F962 CF48 1HA Merthyr Valleys Homes, Ty Brychan, 22 Lansbury Road Variable Restricted 5m
C05AD581-335E-433B-9121-AF66011BCEC3 CF48 1HY Mcdonald's - Cyfartha Retail Park, Cyfartha Retail Park, Swansea Road, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
C72A6D25-8722-48A8-896D-AEF400BF8FA1 CF48 1PT Castle View Stores, Land Between Swansea Road And, Winch Fawr Road 24/7 Public 11m
CBA401F4-E3C1-4B36-A820-AEF400BD22D8 CF48 1RP Heolgerrig Stores, 19 Heolgerrig, Heolgerrig 24/7 Public 11m
D89F23F0-E047-4711-8A52-478C9B8DE4E9 CF48 1SB Heolgerrig Community School, Heolgerrig, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 11m
B77BCCA0-B0C8-46D1-A3AB-ACA700D123E8 CF48 1SJ Sanger Premier Stire, 22 Alexander Place, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
DD9A7A3B-2586-4629-A6B7-B09200C6110E CF48 1SU Abercanaid Community School, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 8m
08B840C5-9160-42DE-A416-B08A00AE02C7 CF48 1UT Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Centre, Unit 1, Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Village Variable Public 9m
2E64B606-49EB-4E04-B0D7-AF66011DA334 CF48 1UT Mcdonald's - Rhydycar Leisure Park, Rhydycar Leisure Park, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
8FFA61C0-8D16-4F09-AD26-54500E071DBC CF48 1UT Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Centre Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Vill, General Area Of, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 9m
AD4F4331-067C-45AB-9051-AD7200DF8B8F CF48 1UT Superbowl Uk, Unit 2, Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Village, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 11m
4C05E26A-2AC8-4526-B274-A319E8D5B5C8 CF48 1UZ Welsh Government, Rhyd Y Car, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 7m
1BA0EC44-B19B-4B60-AD91-B11B00A2699B CF48 1YA Speedy Merthyr Tydfil Lsc (1295), Pentrebach Road, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 4m
FFFDD613-7C06-4407-91CB-AF9E00EB158B CF48 1YA Baylis Vauxhall, Pentrebach Road, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 11m
29AB06E2-9304-4C2E-8653-AFDC00FD8226 CF48 1YY Llwyn Yr Eos Inn, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
002E5D81-4386-4E33-BAC0-B0DE00C5E138 CF48 1YZ Bike Park Wales, Gethin Woodland Centre, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Restricted 6m
CE228A07-B8E6-4BCB-85E3-B0DE00C4DEE3 CF48 1YZ Bike Park Wales, Gethin Woodland Centre, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Restricted 6m
C15BBA11-64D1-40B3-B9B3-B15500ABA4F5 CF48 2BY Premier Stores Pant, Old Co-Op Building, Pant 24/7 Public 2m
84B186DD-2190-4546-955D-B15E00C0032E CF48 2DD Pant-Cad-Ivor Cottages, 6 Road To Pontsticill, Pontsticill 24/7 Public 2m
ACFCCAF7-85AC-474B-9DCB-B03000BA0F10 CF48 2HS Natural Resource Wales, Garwnant Visitors Centre, Llwyn-On 24/7 Public 11m
D5503E22-21E0-432A-9788-B02F00A93525 CF48 2HU Garwnant Visitors Centre, Cwm Taff, Merthr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
5729FEA5-37E7-4F98-993F-ADFF00A6E72D CF48 2NA Cefn Coed Community Centre, Old Drill Hall Road, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
BEB49678-81EC-484E-B2DD-694A1D0D4BAF CF48 2SR The Fitness Locker Ltd Unit 4d, Pant Industrial Estate, Dowlais Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 5m
F1B37032-AE4D-4DFA-BF08-AFEA00F61BA8 CF48 2SR Screwfix, Unit 31 Pant Industrial Estate, Merthyr Tydfill Variable Restricted 11m
2CFA0FB8-B9AE-42CC-B346-0A183FDCF008 CF48 3LW Dowlais Community Centre, Station Road, Dowlais Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
F9C3D340-0FED-4307-AB87-AE6900A624EF CF48 3RB Dowlais Rugby Club, Blaen Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
6A862D0B-7547-4D77-A15E-AD4E011DB96D CF48 3RL Dowlais Police Station, Victoria Street, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
5F628571-B7B9-4ACE-B076-AEC1014EF882 CF48 4AN Londis Store, Merthyr Road, Troedyrhiw 24/7 Public 9m
CBB58802-51B0-41FA-BB41-AEBC013979A6 CF48 4BD Pentrebach Train Station, Pentrebach Railway Station, Station Approach, Pentrebach 24/7 Public 11m
32FB37FF-9716-4CD3-A128-915FB909A3E0 CF48 4BJ Greenfield Special School, Duffryn Road, Pentrebach Variable Restricted 11m
267504B1-CC13-40CD-910E-AEC1014E38CD CF48 4BU Hills Plymouth Cricket Club, Greenfield Terraceduffryn Rd, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
72C3AB9B-9E2E-4F50-A8F5-AF6F006ECF71 CF48 4BY Pentrebach & Abercanaid Working Mens Club, Tai Bach, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
795A3F3E-F496-4FEC-B3EE-514BCC284F38 CF48 4DJ Merthyr Valleys Homes, Rhydfach Community Centre, Rhydfach Variable Restricted 5m
6EAD9640-7870-408C-B594-AB7D00E155BB CF48 4DR Simbec-Orion, Unit 29, Merthyr Tydfil Industrial Park Variable Restricted 11m
6095CC22-6D8D-45B0-9A45-ACC400DF6349 CF48 4DT Brookside Surgery, Bridge Street, Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
FE81717E-8769-44F9-B4AB-AEBC01397167 CF48 4DY Troed-Y-Rhiw Train Station, Troed-Y-Rhiw Railway Station, Station Terrace, Troed-Y-Rhiw 24/7 Public 11m
EACA4CCA-C46E-4C6C-9033-AF4D0126E57E CF48 4ED Afon Taf High School, Yew Street, Troedyrhiw Variable Public 11m
7A2D56CB-3DDD-478C-BC57-B03B00B2F642 CF48 4JQ Troedyrhiw Bowls Club, Archer Street, Troedyrhiw Park 24/7 Public 9m
0E9F193A-F6C7-4ED0-8EAF-AD9000C82655 CF48 4NT Trinity Childcare And Family Centre Ltd, Aberfan, Merthyr Tydfil Variable Restricted 11m
04413750-C18B-44FC-8E2D-8041497E559B CF48 4QE Aberfan & Merthyr Vale Community Centre, General Area Of, Aberfan Merthyr Tydfil Variable Public 6m
0BC6BBEC-F64B-40D7-A94A-30C35C13E738 CF48 4QL Well Pharmacy, 8 Aberfan Road, Aberfan 24/7 Public 11m
3CD8C720-3127-42A5-9127-E9434AFE228D CF48 4QQ Merthyr Vale & Aberfan Social Democrat Club & Institute L, Aberfan Road, Aberfan Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
3F248C51-B3F7-4CC0-9765-DA7B58DC5202 CF48 4RF Ex Servicemens Club & Institute Ltd, Nixonville, Merthyr Vale Merthyr Tydfil 24/7 Public 11m
58C7AE8B-D38B-4DEC-B3B6-AD2F00A5C406 CF48 4SY Oaklands Garage Oaklands, Cardiff Road, Merthyr Vale 24/7 Public 11m
5B6D5F48-EE7E-4618-9CF4-AEBC01396922 CF48 4TE Merthyr Vale Train Station, Merthyr Vale Railway Station, Merthyr Street, Merthyr Vale 24/7 Public 11m
A5D3C8A1-6270-4424-9648-AE0300B50248 CF5 1BA Wesley Methodist Church, 453 Cowbridge Road East, Canton 24/7 Public 11m
E59A54AF-ABA6-44DE-B0FE-ADDA011D807D CF5 1EU Greenwich Road, 22 Greenwich Road, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
6E5DAB78-665D-42AC-975F-5ED080522A5D CF5 1FH Romilly Home For The Elderly, Romilly Road, Canton 24/7 Public 2m
18D80E3D-067B-4DEA-B604-C6ABC0E8FA10 CF5 1GW Iceland, 194b Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff Variable Public 2m
FFA1C00C-1010-4607-9AF9-ADE3013F37A2 CF5 1JG Tesco, 425-427 Cowbridge Road East, Canton Variable Public 9m
53A7B9E5-DB9E-463B-8E0A-AFEF00819A6A CF5 1JJ 376 Cowbridge Road East, Canton, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
FDB60AB5-32DE-40C7-ADA8-B0CB00E39467 CF5 1JL S A Brain & Co Ltd, Victoria Park Hotel, 422 Cowbridge Road East 24/7 Public 6m
22943E14-203C-4CF0-88B6-B15300D7281B CF5 1JY Lansdowne Primary School, Norfolk Street, Cardiff Variable Restricted 2m
3ED5B202-9252-4955-9EDA-ADD700DCEFF4 CF5 1RB Radnor Primary School, Radnor Road, Cardiff 24/7 Restricted 11m
7879F82F-23B0-4E6F-B682-AF4700F978FC CF5 2BN Waun-Gron Park Railway Station, Waungron Road, Waun-Gron Park 24/7 Public 9m
2DC9922A-8B8E-4C3C-B102-ADEB00BB2120 CF5 2EB White House, 2 The Cathedral Green, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
3076D85E-DC73-4F56-8DDE-AC1500C712E8 CF5 2LN Insole Court, 55 Fairwater Road, Llandaff 24/7 Restricted 11m
682CBAB9-A567-46DC-9A24-A709E3AF5BB6 CF5 2NR Bishop Of Llandaff Church In Wales High School, Rookwood Close, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
5411E53E-2376-4551-9BAD-B02E00AF8FFC CF5 2PQ Parc Llandaf, Llantrisant Road, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
6EB033A4-C9AA-433D-9482-AF2B00C3842E CF5 2PT The Boat House, Bridge Road, Llandaff 24/7 Public 11m
70D9624D-805D-411F-B1F9-AE4C00E13DB6 CF5 2QA Ysgol Pencae, Highfields, Cardiff 24/7 Public 11m
BD459D19-A0B3-4F12-A3B6-AE4C00E37741 CF5 2QA Highfields, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
E8AD31D2-04A2-4CF6-B04F-F8A4857AA8F6 CF5 2SN Cardiff Council, Danescourt Primary School, Danescourt Way 24/7 Public 11m
475C9BE9-D2CF-44B1-AB09-AF1000917020 CF5 2YB Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff School Of Management Cardiff Metropolitan University Llandaff Campus, 200 Western Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
5CDAFBCB-E503-46A6-A3AB-B00300A78335 CF5 2YD Howell's School Llandaff Cardiff, Howells School, Cardiff Road Variable Restricted 11m
BEFCB5F4-F156-49CE-ABF1-B03D00FF8AFB CF5 3AS St John Cymru Wales, 19-23 Norbury Road, Fairwater 24/7 Public 9m
3E3AB33E-4659-47B9-AF4B-ABC000926CDC CF5 3AT South Wales Police, Fairwater Police Station, Cardiff West Division Police Headquarters 24/7 Public 11m
9A131BC0-C71B-47D4-AB6A-B02E00AF38D4 CF5 3EA Taylor Wimpey South Wales Bu, Building 2, Eastern Business Park, Wern Fawr Lane, St Mellons Variable Restricted 11m
C4BA6683-362A-4D08-ABA6-AE21008E69C4 CF5 3EE 116 Bwlch Road, Fairwater, Cardiff 24/7 Restricted 11m
24419C42-0954-4A89-8BF6-AFA900F25123 CF5 3EF Vision 21 Cyfle Cymru, Sbectrwm Community Centre, Bwlch Road Variable Restricted 11m
80679A32-0165-4185-A439-6BC0E7268F01 CF5 3JR Cantonian High School, Fairwater Road, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
B82ADB64-E6EA-4D1F-B62D-B02A007EA409 CF5 3JR Cantonian High School, Isg Project Office, Fairwater Road Variable Public 11m
54D5420D-8DC4-4B68-AAE1-B19B0151E35E CF5 3SG Pentrebane Primary Caretakers House, 53 Beechley Drive, Fairwater 24/7 Public 3w
F2F92AC9-78DD-4E31-B004-AF5700F1C480 CF5 4JL Block 3 St Francis Primary School, Wilson Road, Ely Variable Public 11m
A661EE65-C49C-4D0F-8887-B0B20101CAA9 CF5 4LW Wheatley Road, Communal Area For Wheatley Road 28-30a Wheatley Road 28-36a, Wheatley Road 24/7 Public 6m
0B6A2763-0913-4606-A1A3-0D8865D4917D CF5 4PD Hywel Dda Primary School, Cambria Road, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
36149600-D5B7-44DB-98B6-B17100F71A3F CF5 4QW Member Of Public, 46 Marguerites Way, St. Fagan's 24/7 Public 7w
4F364CF5-5707-4E63-850B-AE5500B2A877 CF5 5BQ Cardiff Council, Ely And Caerau Hub, Cowbridge Road West Variable Public 11m
AF6F009D-93F1-4C3B-A816-AEB700910B50 CF5 5BQ South Wales Fire And Rescue Service, Ely Fire Station, Cowbridge Road West 24/7 Public 11m
F04E542B-3BEF-4385-81C5-AB04010702BD CF5 5DY Trelai Primary School, Bishopston Road, Cardiff Variable Public 11m
93383431-AD3A-4316-ABEB-ABBF00C301FF CF5 5TB South Wales Police, Ely Police Station, Cowbridge Road West 24/7 Public 11m
0080C5A6-D607-4788-A640-CFA756E62347 CF5 5TD 287 Cowbridge Road West, Cardiff 24/7 Restricted 11m
BD6D7CAF-44D2-40C8-B431-B04D00AB8A65 CF5 5TD Tesco Express, Tesco Express Cowbridge Road West, 225-229 Cowbridge Road West Variable Public 9m
83DFDE6E-992E-46FC-92FA-AD87008D2D1D CF5 5TH Wenvoe Community Council, 18 Brooklands Terrace, Culverhouse Cross 24/7 Public 11m
61AA8CFD-9295-49F0-AF43-AABF00CE5EB9 CF5 6AL Wenvoe Community Centre, Old Port Road, Wenvoe 24/7 Public 11m
D6CFBE65-7A41-460A-8419-AE0600CCF4D4 CF5 6BG Wenvoe Community Council, Horse And Jockey Inn, Chapel Terrace 24/7 Public 11m
ADA10A09-AC2A-429D-8DEB-B0E20117E0E3 CF5 6EQ Drope Terrace, The Drope, Norton House, Drope Terrace 24/7 Public 6m
439A572A-71A6-4B50-BD1C-665CFA3DA77C CF5 6ES Hafod Care Association Ltd St Hilary Court, Valegate Business Park, Cardiff Variable Restricted 11m
A1EE6F27-48D6-499B-93F0-B0E201196A34 CF5 6EW Ty-Fry Farm, St Georges Super Ely, Ty Fry Farm, Haelfaes Lane - Drope Lane To Haelfaes Farm 24/7 Public 6m
4D290455-1CE8-44B6-8FDF-AF0100AC02D5 CF5 6EY St Georges & St Brides-Super-Ely Community Council, St Brides-Super-Ely Village Hall, St Brides Super Ely 24/7 Public 11m
FDE13950-1873-49D0-A04C-B14700D7BEA3 CF5 6FZ National Trust Shop/Welcome Centre, Dyffryn Gardens, Duffryn Lane Variable Public 2m
862AA077-7C9A-4326-8501-B17800EAF0C9 CF5 6SB Barkways Cottage, Grants Field, The Downs 24/7 Public 7w
BD27FCBF-C400-4F4D-BF92-AFA300E00E86 CF5 6SG St Nicholas Ciw Primary School Porch, St Nicholas Church In Wales Primary School, St Nicholas 24/7 Public 11m
2EB6EFD9-E7FE-4DD5-8A23-B0DD0008CAFA CF5 6TQ Aubrey Arms, Aubrey Arms, Pen Bedw, Lane - Junction Aubrey Arms To Junction At A48 Via Llantrithyd Deer Park 24/7 Public 6m
010BE972-48A7-4C34-B3C2-4C9086E15299 CF5 6XD Ely Court Care Home Ltd, Michaelston Road, St Fagans 24/7 Public 11m
19F18C55-F497-453B-9ACE-8B81A14F0378 CF5 6XQ Tesco Stores Ltd, Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff Variable Public 9m
A7F98968-FCC3-45EF-A5BA-AF55013A46B1 CF61 1RF Lifeguard Station, Beach Road - Junction Mill Lay Lane To Beach, Llantwit Major 24/7 Public 11m
A0AA0B57-39AE-4DDF-8E8D-AF4700F96843 CF61 1ST Llantwit Major Railway Station, Llanmaes Road, Llantwit Major 24/7 Public 9m
6DE89589-6B4A-4295-94D5-ABC70123F6BB CF61 1TQ Llantwit Major Leisure Centre, Ham Lane East, Llantwit Major Variable Restricted 11m
347B3ABA-7940-463E-A144-AE5200D16244 CF61 1WF St Donats Castle, East Drive, St Donats 24/7 Restricted 11m
56B15FAD-ED86-4329-B7CA-9C8A447C4A61 CF61 1WF United World College Of The Atlantic Ltd St Donats Castle, General Area Of, St Donats Llantwit Major 24/7 Restricted 11m
E8D76BF8-FCE5-49D2-8B8A-AB5201135B1B CF61 1XY Newton House East Street, Llantwit Major Variable Restricted 11m
8FFCB7F5-1DB1-4F73-A8A9-AFBD00AAC8EF CF61 1XZ Llantiwt Major Town Council, Well Pharmacy, 5 Boverton Road 24/7 Public 11m
9968F827-093A-417C-BF8D-AC3300B2226D CF61 1ZG St Donats Community Council, Channel View, Marcross 24/7 Public 11m
9ED4758C-28A0-4D8D-B8CC-B0BA00A00CEC CF61 2UE Eagleswell Road, Boverton, Llantwit Major 24/7 Public 7m
116E875F-AFFD-4EAC-9D5C-AEB100CE2AFE CF61 2UZ Llantwit Major Junior Football Club, Windmill Ground, Frampton Lane 24/7 Public 11m
31268627-1162-4E0F-82A0-AD4E012568EC CF61 2XD South Wales Fire And Rescue Service & South Wales Police, Llantwit Major Fire Station, Llanmaes Road 24/7 Public 11m
5027D579-12DA-46BE-A74B-D6EAD865AC6A CF61 2XR St Cattwgs Village Hall, Sigingstone Lane, Llanmaes 24/7 Public 11m
F8AB3224-86AC-487F-8B97-B19800F775FF CF61 2XY On Entrance To Millands Caravan Park, Millands Caravan Park, Llanmaes 24/7 Public 3w
FB70127E-D253-4EB4-AAE3-C73E27D51429 CF62 3AD The Fox And Hounds Pub, Llancarfan 24/7 Public 11m
5A09BF59-17D8-48F2-9B71-AEEE016069A2 CF62 3AP Llanbethery Rural, 1 Pant Y Coed, Llanbethery 24/7 Public 11m
8D09FCFC-559A-406F-97C9-B0060121A308 CF62 3AQ Sycamore, Llancadle 24/7 Public 11m
35C4E763-9837-4D2B-ABC8-9E51DAC72115 CF62 3AS Amelia Trust Farm, A4226 Sycamore Cross A48 To Wh, Bonvilston Variable Public 11m
F5F8F21F-A02F-4D18-AC50-AF69014A67FB CF62 3BA Toby Carvery - Rhoose, Port Road West, Barry Variable Public 11m
29B100CD-A694-4BBE-9E12-AE3700E0CAE0 CF62 3BD Cardiff Airport, Departures Lounge - Terminal Building, First Floor 24/7 Restricted 11m
356975FB-4A64-4720-965E-AE3700FB1743 CF62 3BD Cardiff Airport, Western Pier Inbound, First Floor 24/7 Restricted 11m
5BCDCBDE-90F1-4A5D-A663-AE3700E0B8B2 CF62 3BD Cardiff Airport, Check-In Hall - Terminal Building, Ground Floor 24/7 Public 11m
6FA77ADB-F3F5-44FD-9F15-AE3700E05C66 CF62 3BD Cardiff Airport, Eastern Pier Inbound - Termianl, Ground Floor 24/7 Restricted 11m
79885F9F-515A-4CA8-BA53-AE3700E0DE2D CF62 3BD Cardiff Airport, First Floor Central Search Entrance - Terminal Building, First Floor 24/7 Public 11m
7BA4DDA2-F7D2-44CE-9FDA-AE3700FB8851 CF62 3BD Cardiff Airport, Baggage Reclaim, Grounder Floor 24/7 Restricted 11m
C5D604DA-763A-402A-97DC-AE3700FB8459 CF62 3BD Cardiff Airport, Western Pier Outbound, Ground Floor 24/7 Restricted 11m
D43999D9-FDF5-4BED-8F8E-AE3700FB2001 CF62 3BD Cardiff Airport, Eastern Pier Outbound - Terminal Building, First Floor 24/7 Restricted 11m
7086BDBD-3C8E-49EA-AEA0-AE8D00DF57D2 CF62 3BY Vale Of Glamorgan Council, Porthkerry Country Park, Park Road 24/7 Public 11m
AD6F4E07-8A70-4433-9E87-69774D51EE26 CF62 3DR Rhoose & District Social Club, Fontygary Road, Rhoose Barry Variable Restricted 11m
FB2ED946-5052-47D8-A710-AB7100B9E241 CF62 3DS Rhoose Library, Fontygary Road, Rhoose 24/7 Public 11m
C9FA3A0A-B72D-424D-BB09-AFFD00A362D0 CF62 3DT Tesco Express, Fontygary Road, Rhoose Variable Public 11m
23204DCB-C5CC-4726-B617-9BC3126E2646 CF62 3DZ Fontygary Inn, Fonmon Road, Rhoose 24/7 Public 11m
4A95C7E6-15F7-42D4-B440-AE52011D9AF6 CF62 3EZ Rhoose Community Centre, Stewart Road, Rhoose 24/7 Public 11m
B1824AB3-00F0-48B0-8E47-AE7D00C3B98E CF62 3FQ Afc Rhoose, Ceri Road Pavilion, Ceri Road 24/7 Public 11m
E52559D3-70D7-4DAF-94EB-AFE5D6D3ACAD CF62 3HD Bay View Lodge Nursing Home, 26 Porthkerry Road, Rhoose Barry 24/7 Public 11m
FAC2AC1B-5ADF-4011-90EE-E31B3CF48DB6 CF62 3LA 8 Maes Y Gwenyn, Rhoose 24/7 Public 11m
CB48A80E-65DF-4684-B5FB-B17000FF09E8 CF62 3ZP Electricity Sub Station Porthkerry Leisure Park, Jct Porthkerry Road To Caravan Park Adjacent To Runway Approach Lights, Porthkerry 24/7 Public 7w
82373072-C13A-44F7-B032-B05E00B7B69F CF62 4JH The Gathering Place St. Athan, The Gathering Place, Flemingston Road 24/7 Restricted 9m
D4B3D1D8-FEE4-42DC-A34A-C9746B339E4C CF62 4LJ Raf St Athan Golf Club, Golf Club Lane, St Athan Barry Variable Public 11m
1E60C50D-86A9-4977-B2FF-AB7001375268 CF62 4PF St. Athan Pharmacy, The Square, St. Athan 24/7 Public 11m
63BFACEE-C400-475A-B50A-AFD50097B2E6 CF62 4QJ St Michaels Church, Flemingston Road, Flemingston 24/7 Public 11m
D815C7BE-3355-4C98-9650-AB2500B85D80 CF62 4QR G J D Services Ltd, Building 871-872, Picketston Site 24/7 Public 11m
3F8666BC-337B-4DA1-BF27-AE0400B457DC CF62 5HA 26 Clos Yr Harbwr, Barry Variable Restricted 11m
5AEDC323-6D85-4AAF-AC67-B07300DD3CF5 CF62 5QL Brawd, Hood Road, Barry 24/7 Public 9m
0409448A-D708-4145-A6BF-AB0D00B67731 CF62 5QN Barry Island Cardiff Airport Premier Inn, Triangle Site, Hood Road 24/7 Public 7w
C7CED5DE-9BC8-4C00-9862-B04400B3FB2D CF62 5QS Barry Yacht Club, Dock Road, Barry Variable Public 9m
92D068A9-3679-4978-B1B9-AF4700F8FE1E CF62 5TH Barry Island Railway Station, The Parade, Barry 24/7 Public 9m
26B5E1D1-C082-4B1E-AAA0-AFEE012A0C98 CF62 5TQ Marcos Cafe The Promenade, Barry 24/7 Public 11m
E4E3532B-CC9F-4358-8357-ADD90119B49F CF62 5TQ 7 Paget Road, Barry 24/7 Public 11m
F0CB6EA4-5678-4EDD-919B-B03C00EA2A63 CF62 5TQ Whitmore Bay Surf Lifesaving Club, Paget Road, Barry 24/7 Public 11m
011F3742-9445-48E6-B7B3-B0A500B6D99F CF62 5TR Barry Island Pleasure Park, Friars Road, Barry 24/7 Public 8m
246BF0F6-FEFC-4E6E-9444-AEAD00B64D64 CF62 5TT Barry Island Sports And Social Club, 11 Redbrink Crescent, Barry Island 24/7 Public 11m
D29C202A-4E4F-4FE7-8262-AE2A00D0D5F1 CF62 5UA Island Marine Football Club, Maslin Park, Plymouth Road 24/7 Public 11m
477CFD79-55E5-459C-96A4-AC7C0101FC06 CF62 6HE 29 Park Crescent, Barry Variable Restricted 11m
0B1985C0-0727-4852-8609-AB8100E5158A CF62 6NX St Francis Millennium Centre, Park Road, Barry 24/7 Public 11m
A1874D8B-05A7-4A04-A328-4F18E0892F59 CF62 6QY Barry West End Club, 52 St Nicholas Road, Barry 24/7 Public 11m
DD77B34B-9026-4E0B-899B-AF3F00F30DAF CF62 6RN Shelter 49m From 7 Romilly Park Road 30m From Romilly Park Road, Romilly Park Road, Barry 24/7 Public 11m
FE01F74F-50A5-47F3-BAED-9CEC06C32C22 CF62 6RT St Osyth Court, General Area Of, Barry 24/7 Public 9m
840D5465-F706-4D8E-80A0-AE7C010A9CDD CF62 6ST Lifeguard Station, Cold Knap Point, Lakeside 24/7 Public 11m
C9050C69-9C5A-4BAC-947F-AE7F011B98B3 CF62 6TB Seapoint Barry Cf62 6tb, Sea Point, 35 Crosshill 24/7 Public 11m
23CD4ABC-7D97-4231-BA07-AB4F010AD70E CF62 7AX Porthkerry Road Dental Surgery, 2 Porthkerry Road, Barry Variable Restricted 11m
CE3F69A0-6DD8-4073-B1FA-B04200B2319D CF62 7AZ Golau Caredig, Gladstone Road, Barry 24/7 Public 11m
56930D36-79D3-48B8-8BDF-B04A00A380C5 CF62 7DT Valeplus, Valeplus, The Chapel, 118a High Street Variable Restricted 11m
2576FCC5-BCAC-410D-A6B2-602EDBB0800B CF62 7DW Best One, 77-78 High Street, Barry Variable Restricted 11m
043BA089-3619-42B6-9B95-47A8B38D2A96 CF62 7FG The Cwm Talwg, Plas Cleddau, Barry 24/7 Public 9m
33278DFF-CD71-4C8F-B4BB-AFE300CBF42A CF62 7LX Millwood Bowls Club, Ffordd Cwm Cidi, Barry 24/7 Public 11m
46DC23EB-58B1-49EB-9E7B-F18B84FCA624 CF62 7QT Gwenog Court, Flat 33 Gwenog Court, Cwm Parc 24/7 Public 11m
AEFF797A-B4EB-439A-9898-B0B900D30425 CF62 8AH Cory's Corner - Brynhill Golf Course, Cory's Corner - Brynhill Golf Course (Hole 9 Tee), Port Road E 24/7 Public 7m
2FA2CA55-EC83-4862-BEB5-AB5700D21A17 CF62 8AS Advance Dental Care, Lakin Drive, Barry Variable Restricted 11m
461B26DF-0D91-41D7-BB1E-AB7F00B15D20 CF62 8BB Tynewydd Inn, 103 Tynewydd Road, Barry 24/7 Public 11m
2656A66C-F42F-4449-9913-AE3700C5557D CF62 8BQ Barry Town Council, 23 St Teilo Avenue, Barry 24/7 Public 11m
74DDC5E9-FADF-4677-A417-472EF3336267 CF62 8HJ Orchard House Residential Home, 3-7 Colcot Road, Barry 24/7 Restricted 11m
798652F0-B1B0-4547-952F-EC4CE9A85323 CF62 8LE College Fields Nursing Home, College Fields Close, Barry 24/7 Public 11m
800D9E1D-17CF-4DF2-8B2F-D58E06169ACC CF62 8NX Tesco Stores Ltd, Stirling Road, Barry Variable Public 11m
3EC24780-3851-4ABD-BDB1-B08800B1E775 CF62 8PN Brynhill Golf Club, Little Brynhill Lane, Barry 24/7 Public 3w
EAFFFAC0-40F1-4FB9-BA01-ADC700CAEF02 CF62 8PN Brynhill Golf Club, Port Road, Barry Variable Restricted 11m
9C5762E1-563B-4FD4-9825-0AEDD3E6711D CF62 8YH The New Barry Hospital, Colcot Road, Barry Variable Restricted 11m
0994CDB3-67E2-4696-9592-AFD500A5A76F CF62 9DU Ysgol Gymraeg Gwaun Y Nant, Amroth Court, Barry Variable Public 11m
3D127F01-F61A-4F74-B6B0-AF48014CFBC1 CF62 9DX Green Lawns,, 10 Green Lawns, Gibbonsdown 24/7 Public 11m
E995A7F7-39F0-456F-A251-E97E25E6B104 CF62 9TH Barry Rugby Football Club, Merthyr Dyfan Road, Barry 24/7 Public 11m
4E31C5FE-F79C-4D0E-B6BE-7BFB79891D16 CF62 9XH Colcot Junior & Infant School, Florence Avenue, Barry Variable Public 11m
66B5637E-F391-4F7B-A2A2-6D19CA251C51 CF62 9YQ Pencoedtre High School, Merthyr Dyfan Road, Barry 24/7 Public 9m
0CBF18CF-5865-41A5-B559-AE4100D5B588 CF63 1BA Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Express, Barry Road Variable Public 9m
3BC15E53-B85C-40AB-B4B9-AF8E00EE1218 CF63 1BA The Practice Of Health, 31 Barry Road, Barry 24/7 Restricted 11m
36A4E398-1E22-48BE-9D5F-B11B00A8FF69 CF63 1DG Jenner Park Primary School, Jenner Park Junior And Infant School, Hannah Street 24/7 Public 4m
832F6119-AD0E-40C1-914B-B03701037CB5 CF63 1RT Ty Iolo, Ar-Y-Nant, Barry 24/7 Public 9m
B9C5BDF4-C62E-49DC-BC5F-AB7600B1213A CF63 1TD South Wales Police, Barry Police Station, Gladstone Road 24/7 Public 11m
861B8D85-3B12-4755-9B4F-AF82013342CA CF63 2AU 4 Ravenshoe Road, Coldbrook, Barry 24/7 Restricted 11m
E2BAB19B-FC6B-453E-B7F8-AFE8007ED8E5 CF63 2BE Screwfix, Lds House, Ty Verlon Industrial Estate, Cardiff Road Variable Restricted 11m
0C2B81C5-0B13-408B-BC33-AE7E00CC34BB CF63 2JP Cadoxton Train Station, Little Moors Hill, Cadoxton, Vale Of Glamorgan 24/7 Public 9m
59D0F84A-B518-44F0-8FD3-AC8700C706E0 CF63 2JS Cadoxton Primary School, Victoria Park Road, Barry 24/7 Public 11m
9FF37489-16A2-4706-ACE1-AE6900E49F12 CF63 2NP The Glenbrook Inn, Glenbrook Inn, Dobbins Road 24/7 Public 11m
986FF5C8-AB60-4C09-A12A-AF880103C1CE CF63 2NT Palmerston Community Learning Centre, Cadoc Crescent, Barry Variable Public 11m
8BF1EBB5-8AF3-492D-B490-AF480157E2DD CF63 2XL Palmerston Primary School, Pen-Y-Bryn, Palmerston Variable Restricted 11m
0C47FC4D-05B0-4279-BF82-AFFD00DE6163 CF63 4EH Community Centre, Rondell House, Maes-Y-Cwm Street 24/7 Public 11m
11CD782C-4676-45D9-BF48-AB3D00BA48E0 CF63 4EH St. Helens Infant School, Maes-Y-Cwm Street, Barry 24/7 Public 11m
FDA82BC3-8B87-490E-9EA8-AF9F00A7CC3B CF63 4HE The Buck, 62-66 Holton Road, Barry 24/7 Public 11m
32B31946-3B11-4F86-BA7B-AFE100BB57B4 CF63 4HY 332 Holton Road, Barry Mosque, Barry 24/7 Public 11m
3E2A4809-8F0C-443A-ADE6-B02E00F01315 CF63 4JE East Quay (Latitude), Off Cory Way, Barry Variable Restricted 11m
6EDDC065-58E3-4E10-A5E5-C22C3D1D4A12 CF63 4JJ Barry Leisure Centre, Greenwood Street, Barry Variable Restricted 11m
9F9679F5-99FB-437B-9D1E-AD010148E0A3 CF63 4PW Barry Sea Scout Hall, Everard Street, Barry 24/7 Public 11m
780850CA-4859-448C-A80D-B03F00F67D8E CF63 4SU Tesco Barry Holton Road Express, 57 Holton Rd, Barry Variable Public 11m
895FF165-EE4A-4676-9467-B19000A739FE CF63 4SW Barry, Holton Road, Boots The Chemist, 119-125 Holton Road Variable Restricted 3w
E0E49BE3-84DE-429D-8B41-AF7B00963B49 CF63 4SW Boots The Chemist, 119-125 Holton Road, Barry Variable Public 11m
7D97FD9B-D658-4300-8D6D-15B011EA5A95 CF64 1BG Headlands House, 14 St Augustine's Crescent, Penarth 24/7 Restricted 9m
B7CE89DF-3ECC-41B7-AD18-AB5900E53B08 CF64 1BX Albert Primary School & Nursery Unit, Albert Road, Penarth Variable Public 11m
D7581DB5-85F3-4BD1-A2DF-B177008BBDA4 CF64 1BX St. Augustine's Parish Hall, St Augustines Parish Community Hall, Albert Road 24/7 Public 7w
6BBBD573-FC8E-4993-8AFF-AB8B014F22C7 CF64 1EP Kingdom Hall Of Jehovah's Witnesses, 74a Plassey Street, Penarth Variable Restricted 11m
FA41A198-A21E-4BFE-ADC1-ACD2010B23FA CF64 1JF South Wales Police, Penarth Police Station, 97 Windsor Road 24/7 Public 11m
824D8158-068F-4E8D-B7C8-D242B4EA404B CF64 1JH Co-Operative Retail Services Ltd, 26 Windsor Road, Penarth Variable Public 2m
1071121D-DDFB-45D4-A694-AF4700F9589E CF64 1JL Dingle Road Railway Station, Windsor Road, Penarth 24/7 Public 9m
05DC8F24-BB50-45CF-9A20-B04300B192DC CF64 1SA Tesco Stores Ltd, Terra Nova Way, Penarth Variable Public 9m
E4BBA089-FB29-44EB-BF98-B04300B3A70C CF64 1SA Tesco Stores Ltd, Terra Nova Way, Penarth Variable Public 9m
93AF496A-1BE0-4A9C-996E-2EA6C121A7B8 CF64 1TQ Barrage Control Cardiff Bay Barrage, Penarth Portway, Penarth 24/7 Restricted 9m
53AAE660-9068-4613-ACF2-B05000A11284 CF64 2AH Tesco Penarth Express, Herbert Terrace, Penarth Variable Public 9m
CF483184-E1DC-4EC1-A7BE-AEBC01267E41 CF64 2JZ Cogan Coronation Club, 1 Hewell Street, Penarth 24/7 Public 11m
60595214-FECF-4004-9E41-B0CA01490286 CF64 2LT Llandough War Memorial 37 Penlan Road, Llandough, Penarth 24/7 Public 7m
F16730AE-972E-451B-99AA-54468EAF6F36 CF64 2NS Penarth Leisure Centre, Andrew Road, Penarth Variable Restricted 11m
FE3E7EC4-B4DA-40E2-9381-813D70312A1C CF64 2QN Ysgol Pen Y Garth, Redlands Road, Penarth Variable Restricted 11m
2DCC8084-66FB-45AF-9847-AF9F00A62AEC CF64 2RY Tennyson Road Stores, 21 Tennyson Road, Penarth 24/7 Public 11m
9C22959E-E2A6-41FD-A7E5-BC1AC45FE64C CF64 2XP St Cyres Comprehensive School, St Cyres Road, Penarth Variable Public 8m
7B36D0B3-E516-47FA-856A-AFE100A5C3E3 CF64 2XX Headway Cardiff & South East Wales, University Hospital Llandough, Penlan Road 24/7 Public 11m
6FD4131A-D85B-426A-902E-6AEA894D0469 CF64 2YG Penarth Town Council West House, Stanwell Road, Penarth 24/7 Public 11m
1E6A8158-9F1F-408C-9F18-9B9D4FBF42BF CF64 3AN Penarth Bowls Club, Rectory Road, Penarth Variable Public 8m
E00CFCF4-2D9D-419B-89E2-AE71006D4FB1 CF64 3AN Penarth Lawn Tennis Club, Rectory Road, Penarth 24/7 Public 11m
9EE1FCAA-9B20-402D-913C-AE46013943B4 CF64 3AU Rnli Penarth, Rnli Lifeboat Station, Esplanade 24/7 Public 11m
4DB05F33-0F36-43A2-BA0C-AE7400B1DC31 CF64 3BE 7 Marine Parade, Penarth 24/7 Public 11m
0967EF2E-CEC7-4CCB-B374-AF4700F96C81 CF64 3DQ Penarth Railway Station, Stanwell Road, Penarth 24/7 Public 9m
7CD2F316-D05C-4040-8CAC-AE3601093E27 CF64 3EJ All Saints Church Lesser Hall, Victoria Square, Penarth 24/7 Public 11m
2684D43C-91C7-49DD-9661-AF6400D98150 CF64 3JE Windsor Bowling Club, 2 Robinswood Crescent, Penarth 24/7 Public 11m
38E2E89A-F747-49A3-893C-4BC43D676863 CF64 3JJ Windsor Lawn Tennis Club, Larkwood Avenue, Penarth 24/7 Public 11m
3481CA13-EA50-4EC7-9964-B13E010938B7 CF64 3ND 24 Glyndwr Road, Penarth 24/7 Public 3m
D07D99F8-8CBE-468D-A045-AFBE00F49E60 CF64 3PY South Wales Fire And Rescue Service, Penarth Fire Station, Hazel Road 24/7 Public 11m
19CBABF7-CE8E-4349-9F9F-ADA90067A6EC CF64 3QF Penarth Athletic Club, Lavernock Road, Penarth 24/7 Public 11m
3C2AA75C-4212-4CF4-BACF-97A3F382ADA7 CF64 3QH Penarth Athletic Club, Meadow Lane, Penarth 24/7 Public 11m
5CD3A65C-0425-4FE5-917C-B0130097ABE7 CF64 3QY Penarth Cemetery, Castle Avenue, Penarth 24/7 Public 11m
1DD3A452-F9A1-49C7-BE39-AE7800A65916 CF64 4AG Scouts Association, 9 Highwalls Road, Dinas Powys 24/7 Public 11m
35970247-2D25-488A-BDA5-AD4700ACD5CA CF64 4DE Dinas Powys Community Council, Potter & Co, 10 Station Road 24/7 Public 11m
460B5184-627D-4B57-A469-AF4700F953B9 CF64 4DH Dinas Powys Railway Station, Cardiff Road, Dinas Powys 24/7 Public 9m
FE5956DC-98AF-4693-B10A-AD4700B9BAE9 CF64 4DL Dinas Powys Athletic Club, Dinas Powys Common, Dinas Powys 24/7 Public 7m
669C49FB-5963-4E4B-AA14-AD4700B1F22B CF64 4JS Dinas Powys Community Council, Nisa Local, 36 Cardiff Road 24/7 Public 11m
13622529-2D6F-46A7-8FCB-ADF30136E91C CF64 4NR Tesco, Tesco Express The Parade, Castle Drive Variable Public 11m
90209EE7-1127-4AB7-A0C4-B16F00E465A5 CF64 4NR Tesco Express The Parade, Castle Drive, Dinas Powys Variable Public 7w
5E89BA62-2258-4AAF-80E3-AB4C00C63ECE CF64 4NS Castle Court Dental Care, Castle Court, Castle Drive Variable Public 11m
CDAE0DE0-63C8-44A8-8A0C-AD4700B324E1 CF64 4NS Dinas Powys Community Council, Castle Court Dental Practice Castle Court Dental Care Castle Court, 1 Castle Drive 24/7 Public 11m
0F74D884-243C-4F4A-BF9C-AE7E00CE0DA5 CF64 4PJ Eastbrook Train Station, Dinas Powys, N/A 24/7 Public 9m
750E69EB-F2F7-4BCA-A54F-ADB400C3FA44 CF64 4QQ Murchfield Community Centre, Sunnycroft Lane, Dinas Powys 24/7 Public 11m
AA9FCD52-E803-493B-B311-AFD20090F2D4 CF64 4TR Dinas Powys Fc, Parc Bryn-Y-Don Skateboard Park, Cardiff Road 24/7 Public 11m
2E621188-FEF0-494A-8947-DD0A868A962C CF64 5DN Waverley Care Centre, 122-124 Plymouth Road, Penarth 24/7 Public 9m
9E772815-89A5-4AD3-8DCA-B02800E3432E CF64 5FJ Althorp Drive, Penarth 24/7 Public 11m
59849A43-0CE5-419E-9429-51D2762C4BF3 CF64 5QD Lower Penarth Community Centre, Brockhill Way, Penarth 24/7 Public 11m
E0EF3AAC-AC50-44F7-BE92-B08500AC4B4C CF64 5QF Concierge Office, Hayes Point, Hayes Road, Sully 24/7 Public 9m
6E99BBF8-D6CE-43DA-8895-AB6600B74068 CF64 5SE Ambito Sully Day Opportunities, Ambito, Hayes Road Variable Public 11m
9D53E38C-789B-433D-A3ED-B00B00A08BBA CF64 5SE Ambito Day Care Centre, Hayes Road, Sully Variable Restricted 11m
169A5715-B6C9-479E-BB0A-5EE5D6BF0F98 CF64 5SN Post Office, 106 South Road, Sully 24/7 Public 11m
8C02A296-52C1-4954-A191-BD6375B8EEB4 CF64 5SP Sully Library, South Road, Sully 24/7 Public 11m
F1A1E787-103F-4CA7-92D2-A8B5BC1DC3FE CF64 5SS Sully Community Council Jubilee Hall - Sully Community Co, Smithies Avenue, Sully Penarth 24/7 Public 11m
53D02C0A-92D8-4A74-871C-AF3800A1FD93 CF64 5SU Sully Cricket Pavilion, Burnham Avenue, Sully 24/7 Public 11m
B3290157-9961-4C57-8F3F-CAF71A936CFF CF64 5SU Sully Junior & Infants School, Burnham Avenue, Sully Penarth Variable Public 9m
3ABD9285-C90E-401B-BC97-B02600DCC2BB CF64 5TE 92 Cog Road, Sully 24/7 Restricted 11m
2E6AD0C0-48A5-490F-8EA4-FACABFE89D3D CF64 5TG The Old School, 1 South Road, Sully Penarth 24/7 Public 11m
2C6D3E94-E969-43DC-8407-B02E00AB390F CF64 5UT Gwel Yr Ynys, Cog Road, Sully Variable Restricted 11m
C3CE2227-6132-480C-8193-B02E00BEFDD1 CF64 5UT Gwel Yr Ynys, Cog Road, Sully 24/7 Public 11m
AE8C654C-956E-4004-8DFB-1721293ACF9A CF64 5UY Cosmeston Lakes Country Park, Cosmeston Country Park, Penarth 24/7 Public 11m
15AFA6E3-63BB-49EA-9BC0-0BEA6BC5E5CF CF64 5XS The Bay Caravan Park, Lavernock Penarth 24/7 Public 11m
868B8925-E494-4C43-837C-DF117A50C341 CF71 7AB Jcp Solicitors, The Pavilion, 60 Eastgate 24/7 Public 11m
BB2DF8BD-14D8-4DF3-A4F1-AE2001124387 CF71 7AB Y Bont Faen Dental Surgery, 64c Eastgate, Cowbridge Variable Restricted 11m
D74499D7-DA72-4E4D-B012-AFA300A170F0 CF71 7AF 63 High Street, Cowbridge 24/7 Public 11m
75D99E05-1566-46C1-BBE5-B09F008BEC0A CF71 7AG Beauty Within Medi Spa, 10 High Street, Cowbridge Variable Restricted 8m
AA031D85-B05B-40CA-BF9C-AE3900FCFE9C CF71 7AG Tesco, Tesco Express, 44a High Street Variable Public 9m
FBC8D7BA-2EB9-4919-912C-B09D014A5A1B CF71 7AQ 21 Westgate, Cowbridge 24/7 Public 8m
1DCC83C4-FB45-4972-A41F-AFD501005740 CF71 7BE Southway Residential Home, Town Mill Road, Cowbridge 24/7 Public 11m
93B8AE2B-576A-4B37-855D-AE7D01092311 CF71 7DA Cowbridge Tennis, The Broadshoard, Cowbridge 24/7 Public 11m
F7EFBDCF-181F-4E05-B6E9-24733072F38D CF71 7DA Cowbridge Leisure Centre, The Broadshoard, Cowbridge Variable Restricted 11m
4720ECB9-DB8D-49B5-A73F-B02E00BA823B CF71 7DE Clare Garden Village, Darren Farm, Cowbridge 24/7 Public 11m
E78F69E3-9CD7-43C6-8864-B02E00B89F29 CF71 7DE Clare Garden Village, Darren Farm, Cowbridge Variable Restricted 11m
94A96048-61E1-4693-9102-AEA000B6A2A2 CF71 7EL Fire Station, Druids Green, Cowbridge 24/7 Public 9m
449746F2-46C3-48BA-843C-B0B6011FE53D CF71 7FB Waitrose & Partners - Cowbridge, Birds Lane, Vale Of Glamorgan Variable Public 7m
2FE35CE5-844A-48E7-BBC8-7FBD33186B7E CF71 7LP Victoria Inn, General Area Of, Sigingstone Cowbridge 24/7 Public 11m
425BF31C-1DEC-4997-B1D4-AE5000D797D1 CF71 7LR Post Box 74m From Cilfan, Castle Court On Unnamed Road, Castle Precinct, Cowbridge 24/7 Public 11m
B8AA2486-8D3B-44D3-AAE6-AF9E00A85015 CF71 7LT St Mary's Church, St Mary Church Village, St Mary Church 24/7 Public 9m
AA89D2FF-C2FA-437A-999F-77787BF56677 CF71 7NG Coed Masarnen, Colwinston 24/7 Public 11m
1040E232-1E6B-443D-97C4-AF6C00A51605 CF71 7NQ Llysworney Community Association, Hiraeth Public House Formerly The Carne Arms, Main Road B4268 Llysworney 24/7 Public 11m
99A4E07B-B843-44CF-98EF-AF5800FF42A1 CF71 7NT Llandow Village Hall, Lane - Llandow Heol-Y-Nant To Junction At Nash B4270, Llandow 24/7 Public 11m
BCEFFC00-AFC6-4276-B59B-AF85009069E7 CF71 7PF Ledley Engineering Ltd, Unit 35 Ledley Engineering Ltd, Vale Business Park 24/7 Public 11m
CF0826CC-9FBA-4A24-AE29-ADCC008693CA CF71 7PF Unit 7b, Vale Business Park, Llandow Variable Public 11m
11A3B396-95DC-4854-B37B-AB5D00EDEDA9 CF71 7QE St James's Church, Church Street, Wick 24/7 Public 11m
6FCACEF8-941C-42D5-96BD-AD8E00A29AAD CF71 7QT Wick Rugby Field, Cwrt Y Felin, Wick 24/7 Public 11m
2920C4C2-43E4-43B7-9609-FE89E371ACA5 CF71 7RQ Penllyn Village Hall, General Area Of, Penllyn 24/7 Public 11m
6026 CF71 7RW Llansannor Community Hall, Glamorgan 24/7 Public
5095CD44-2EA3-4212-97BD-ABA400A74125 CF71 7RW Llansannor Community Hall, City, Cowbridge 24/7 Public 9m
6027 CF71 7RX St Senwyr Church, Glamorgan 24/7 Public
9D97DC20-BCB8-4D81-A7C5-AB9100C5CAE9 CF71 7RX St Senwyr Church, Across Field, Lane Opposite Church Farm 24/7 Public 4m
DE76DE16-A7CA-4578-8AFB-AE2500D0928D CF71 7TG Maendy Isaf, Lane - Junction A4222 At Maendy To Trerhyngyll Boundary, Maendy Variable Restricted 11m
6410 CF71 7UB Tre Aubrey House, Glamorgan 24/7 Public
82555983-0107-47A3-895F-AF33012C9BCE CF72 4AJ Llanharan Community Council, 10 Heol Y Parc, Llanilid 24/7 Public 11m
02DF352C-F91C-4509-B46A-ACA600CE86E7 CF72 8AA Tonysguboriau Primary School, Cowbridge Road, Talbot Green 24/7 Public 11m
60C64D88-AFE0-4ECA-A5D2-F4D0B915925F CF72 8AE Talbot Green Bus Station, Talbot Green 24/7 Public 11m
314FE84D-8E5B-4801-B835-B1560088E8ED CF72 8AJ Talbot Green Police Station, South Wales Police Talbot Green Station, Heol-Y-Gyfraith 24/7 Public 2m
6A3DFC7A-2DCB-4B43-81A5-B15D010EC420 CF72 8AP Llantrisant And Pontyclun Golf Club, Llantrisant And Pontyclun Golf, Ely Valley Road 24/7 Public 2m
666B4AEC-1689-48CB-90FB-AE3800F08C17 CF72 8DG Llantrisant Bowling Club, 1 Cardiff Road, Llantrisant 24/7 Public 11m
A079A8F2-793C-42D5-83D3-B0AE00D293F5 CF72 8DJ Rhondda Cynon Taf Cbc, Llantrisant Leisure Centre Southgate Park, Talbot Road Variable Public 7m
A1141270-8149-476F-9A0D-AE160097DBB1 CF72 8EX Llantrisant Community Council, Newbridge Road, Llantrisant 24/7 Public 11m
7F59F662-C24B-4D8B-9D82-AFB300C56322 CF72 8FE Ty Heulog, Cowbridge Road, Talbot Green Variable Public 11m
82C72DFC-BDF9-4818-91CB-AD5A00F31B51 CF72 8HY Lanelay Road, Talbot Road, Talbot Green 24/7 Public 11m
56072AF0-6687-4E53-BE8A-165BB9B8A730 CF72 8JX Hensol Ambulance Station, General Area Of, Hensol Pontyclun 24/7 Public 11m
AA8027E1-A43A-4D74-BFC7-ADFF012687BB CF72 8JX Hensol Castle, Hensol Castle Park, Hensol 24/7 Public 11m
22C6BDE3-CDCC-4114-B670-B00400D50F8F CF72 8JY Football Association Of Wales, Hensol, Pontyclun Variable Restricted 11m
5F21CEF1-A4C3-4B04-9A89-ADFF012542EF CF72 8JY Vale Of Glamorgan Hotel And Golf Club, Lane - Junction Hensol Road At Llanerch To Tredodridge Via Ty With Newydd Stables, Hensol 24/7 Public 11m
A02AAEEE-42BC-4367-9620-ADFF0122CBE6 CF72 8JY Vale Of Glamorgan Hotel And Golf Club, Lane - Junction Hensol Road At Llanerch To Tredodridge Via Ty With Newydd Stables, Hensol 24/7 Public 11m
E917881B-05FB-4474-9C09-05EB008F9B7C CF72 8JY Vale Of Glamorgan Hotel & Golf Club, General Area Of, Hensol Pontyclun 24/7 Public 11m
14373EBE-6E96-41F7-A944-ADDC008C13B1 CF72 8LF Fsg Tool & Die Ltd, Unit 5, Llantrisant Business Park Variable Public 11m
9F162D29-2996-4907-9FEE-AEEF00CD4E46 CF72 8LF Dbk Technitherm, Unit 11, Llantrisant Business Park, Llantrisant, Llantrisant 24/7 Public 4m
F648DD6B-0B82-4CAD-8BBD-AFBD00F4308D CF72 8LF Glamorgan Brewery Company, Llantrisant Business Park, Unit B, Llantrisant 24/7 Public 11m
A7D86F84-2C3B-417D-B761-EF7296E86CFD CF72 8LJ Llanharan Community Council, Glan Yr Ely, Ynysmaerdy 24/7 Public 11m
3DF7CF48-4D91-4EC7-BE2F-AEA100A154E1 CF72 8LP The Three Saints Pub And Restaurant, Llantrisant Business Park, Llantrisant 24/7 Restricted 11m
FD3B7DEB-FEBE-4831-9844-AB2F012832BD CF72 8LQ Llantrisant Care Home, Pontyclun 24/7 Public 11m
22B063D1-6966-4579-B525-B00A012EC41E CF72 8NS The Dynevor Arms Country Pub And Restaurant, Peterston Road, Groes-Faen 24/7 Public 11m
DB51471C-75DC-47C6-9030-AD1100F5857E CF72 8PZ Penygawsi Primary School, Llys Derwen, Llantrisant 24/7 Public 11m
7D86B089-693D-467B-98B9-D348FD7F1C47 CF72 8RB Parc Newydd Home For The Elderly, Green Park, Talbot Green 24/7 Public 11m
9C4A8625-ECE7-442A-8617-AFF500B5A6E4 CF72 8RB Talbot Green Shopping Park Unit, Tesco Petrol Filling Station, Newpark District Shopping Centre Variable Public 2m
D32EB54C-25A6-4901-8272-090D56A9A456 CF72 8RB Tesco Extra, Green Park, Talbot Green Pontyclun Variable Public 9m
67F5030F-1909-454A-BC16-AF66011DB5E0 CF72 8RP Mcdonald's - Glamorgan Vale Retail Park, Glamorgan Vale Retail Park,Pontyclun, Llantrisant 24/7 Public 11m
DE89887B-A3A9-4902-AD2D-AEDD01033B73 CF72 8SS Ffordd Cefn Yr Hendy, Miskin, Pontyclun 24/7 Public 11m
88E02A5A-CB31-467E-B932-31F064122202 CF72 8TL Ysgol Gynradd Gymunedol Gymraeg Llantrisant, Ffordd Cefn Yr Hendy, Miskin Pontyclun Variable Restricted 11m
0357DD02-B7D8-4740-9BAD-ABAB00B073D7 CF72 8XT Public Health Wales, Unit 4 Magden Park, Green Meadow Variable Public 11m
3BE657CA-D70A-4CC3-BE3A-85B881C4FFED CF72 8XU J H Leeke & Sons Ltd, Cowbridge Road, Talbot Greeb Variable Public 3w
8F258A43-5E34-4165-8217-85E7D24D461F CF72 8XX A F Blakemore & Son Ltd, Lanelay Road Industrial Estate, Talbot Green Pontyclun 24/7 Public 11m
9A34EFEE-C394-4B1F-96A0-AB1400EFD020 CF72 8XX A F Blakemore & Son Ltd, Lanelay Road, Talbot Green Variable Restricted 11m
DB5364CF-5F2D-4BF2-A20F-AEDF0080B799 CF72 8XY Renishaw Plc, Miskin Business Park, Miskin Variable Restricted 11m
0CD460ED-C455-4568-AA71-B1770099FC19 CF72 8YQ Y Pant Comprehensive School, Cowbridge Road, Talbot Green Variable Public 7w
24E44910-7A91-41F7-AF47-ADF600CB5CAD CF72 8YQ Y Pant Comprehensive School, Cowbridge Road, Talbot Green Variable Restricted 11m
B72253A9-C539-4A67-B9B7-E49FD9FA9012 CF72 9AJ Bethel Baptist Church, Heol Miskin, Pontyclun 24/7 Public 5m
1F3C2CD5-BB12-4F7C-BFFB-23838E12B928 CF72 9BE Rhondda Cynon Taf Cbc Pontyclun Library, Heol-Y-Felin, Pontyclun Variable Public 11m
283A6225-D56C-4A8D-AF1B-ADB800A85720 CF72 9BS Ivor Park, Cowbridge Road, Pontyclun 24/7 Public 11m
ED3C8119-B8A0-49BD-A404-AF3D011E5531 CF72 9DQ Pontyclun Rfc, Changing Rooms Pontyclun Rugby Club, Llantrisant Road 24/7 Public 11m
0480EB4E-A158-4EB0-81E3-AEE601266924 CF72 9DR South Wales Fire And Rescue Service, South Wales Fire And Rescue Pontyclun Station, Cowbridge Road 24/7 Public 11m
493CED85-5B7E-4278-8B67-AE7C00F02A33 CF72 9DS Pontyclun Train Station, Station Approach, Ponyclun , Rct 24/7 Public 11m
52C0A303-5AF4-4E10-B0AF-AE7D0078661C CF72 9DS Pontyclun Train Station, Station Approach, Ponyclun , Rct 24/7 Public 11m
604E22AA-1A3F-40C3-A69D-AEB300F3D3C6 CF72 9DX Bollore Logistics Ltd, Hepworth Park, Pontyclun Variable Public 11m
138CB42A-1A1C-4EA1-9ECB-203A746D7894 CF72 9EE Tesco Express, Cowbridge Road, Pontyclun Variable Public 11m
960000A0-3CE6-4849-92DB-F7D535A1D993 CF72 9EE Pontyclun Community And Day Centre, Heol Yr Orsaf, Pontyclun 24/7 Public 11m
82CD68EA-E69D-4466-99E9-B05800ED0F3B CF72 9EH Pontyclun Bowls Club, Castan Road, Pontyclun 24/7 Public 9m
C8C4C12B-8C99-48BB-88A0-AB3200DDB176 CF72 9EZ Tyla Garw Village Hall, Tyla Garw, Pontyclun 24/7 Public 11m
D09C3076-CCDC-4DB3-AFE1-AF3301122B21 CF72 9FD Llanharan Community Council, 11 Rhodfa Bryn Rhydd, Talbot Green 24/7 Public 11m
1C80E4E0-4B87-4748-9536-AF33010D60D7 CF72 9FX Llanharan Community Council, St Ilid's Meadow, Llanharan 24/7 Public 11m
BBDE852C-CAC0-45C8-8D81-AFFD009EFCC2 CF72 9GP Unit 1 To 8 Vision Products Green Park, Coedcae Industrial Estate, Talbot Green 24/7 Public 11m
18FB23DE-7C86-4008-8012-AFE701004A04 CF72 9HG Screwfix, Unit D4/D5/D6, Coedcae Lane Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
C0E5A6F3-46B0-48BD-AD5E-AFA200B7C0B4 CF72 9HG Al-Met Engineering, Coed Cae Lane Unit A1-A3, Talbot Green Variable Public 11m
D210E8D2-72D7-4B81-BCC6-AFD900D1BF46 CF72 9HG Unit C6, Coedcae Industrial Estate, Talbot Green 24/7 Public 11m
0BDF6B91-45AD-47E8-AC18-09D28539E267 CF72 9HJ Cross Cutz Garth Villa, Coedcae Lane, Pontyclun 24/7 Public 11m
15496BEA-DCB8-4C3C-A2BC-B05F009CE9B2 CF72 9HZ Ambulance Hall, Birchgrove, Llanharry 24/7 Public 9m
BAD83EFE-8C40-48A1-98EA-AD6A00F41F71 CF72 9LH Spar, Tylacoch, Llanharry 24/7 Public 3w
2FA55D2A-120E-45B3-BD2E-AF6C017027FB CF72 9NL Nyth Bran, 34 Trem Y Garth, Llanhari Variable Restricted 11m
1D1E99EA-0E02-425B-95AA-18FE67FAA78D CF72 9PW Llanharan Community Council, Llwynbrain Terrace, Llanharan 24/7 Public 11m
C122E5AD-E7FC-4884-B888-AF4E00C6D77D CF72 9QA Llanharan Railway Station, Chapel Road, Llanharan 24/7 Public 11m
A945435C-BF8C-499C-AA09-1D082E8B66BF CF72 9QJ Llanharan Community Council, William Street, Brynna 24/7 Public 11m
66ED42F8-070B-4F0D-A637-AD3801023DFD CF72 9RA Llanharan Recreation Ground Trust, Llanharan Welfare Hall, Off Bridgend Road 24/7 Public 11m
50DB2250-C60C-4655-8CD9-AFC10105A33D CF72 9RD Llanharan Rugby Club, 18 Bridgend Road Llanharan Rfc, Llanharan 24/7 Public 11m
908EFD03-4A66-4F90-869E-F42082D9E522 CF72 9RH Llanharan Community Council, Selca Nursery, Bridgend Road 24/7 Public 11m
6D4AD2CD-CF44-4CD9-B770-AFCF00C7701A CF72 9RL Llanharan Oap Hall, 2 Heol Cynllan, Llanharan 24/7 Public 11m
84EBE5AA-A128-46E2-B8FC-AE6F0095120E CF72 9RN Brynawel Drug And Rehabilitation Centre, Llanharry Road, Llanharan Variable Public 11m
87570482-0883-474D-B25E-FBC5347F5431 CF72 9RP Dolau Primary School, Bridgend Road, Llanharan Pontyclun 24/7 Public 11m
B7FD5021-220B-4669-84F1-AF33012B190D CF72 9SP Llanharan Community Council, Brynna Community Centre, Heol Dewi 24/7 Public 11m
E46E5C06-4E20-4DDF-9AD1-ADC700D853E3 CF72 9TA Llanharan Community Council, 1 Meadow Rise, Brynna 24/7 Public 11m
9E56EDFA-1459-4B2C-8D98-AD6F014185FE CF72 9TX Llanharan, 109 Parc Bryn Derwen, Llanharan 24/7 Public 11m
9A73689F-C5E3-45C9-A164-AF330110143F CF72 9UU Bryncae Community Council, Bryncae Community Centre, Duffryn Crescent 24/7 Public 11m
781B8374-A9C4-4224-A7D3-AF9B00A66C89 CF72 9WT The Gate House, Talygarn Manor, Pontyclun 24/7 Public 11m
E24D093B-E9D6-4961-A327-AD6E0127BE9B CF72 9ZD 33 Ffordd-Y-Dolau, Llanharan 24/7 Public 9m
2E0CC29D-2510-4E55-9860-7335E1F48A11 CF81 8LJ Lewis Boys School, Lewis (Boys) School, Gilfach Variable Public 11m
85002FAD-49B8-4634-AA88-AEBC0139831F CF81 8LT Gilfach Fargoed Train Station, Gilfach Fargoed Railway Station, Angel Lane, Gilfach Fargoed 24/7 Public 11m
2EFEE0ED-99C7-4CA7-BE28-B0DF00EAA6F1 CF81 8LX Gilfach Working Mens Club, 85-89 Park Place, Gilfach 24/7 Public 6m
F97FAF36-4FE0-4A0F-8D23-AF3B013AE496 CF81 8PL Park Primary School, 26 Park Crescent, Bargoed Variable Public 11m
CD2E0EF1-D05E-4BE2-A5C5-B0F3010B8A37 CF81 8QY Murray's, Upper High Street, Bargoed 24/7 Public 5m
A076D012-399B-4147-A7E7-AF4A0123BF13 CF81 8RN St Gwladys Primary School, Church St, Bargoed Variable Public 11m
985B5E48-6C7C-4BD2-8334-1A3B5B3115AA CF81 8SA Bryntirion Surgery, West Street, Bargoed Variable Public 11m
6C4AA7F6-17B2-4C12-BA2E-33A036FFB51A CF81 8XF 43 Hanbury Road, Bargoed 24/7 Public 11m
799CF075-9493-4F18-951D-41AEBFFA5301 CF81 8XL Heolddu Comprehensive School And Leisure Centre, Mountain Road, Bargoed Variable Public 11m
743D297C-5D0B-43DC-A821-B01800FC30B6 CF81 9AW Welsh Ambulance Services N H S Trust, Ambulance Station, Bedwellty Road 24/7 Public 11m
EC6C1081-A9F1-48DA-A1A1-B0DC01331937 CF81 9DR 15 Coedymoeth Road, Aberbargoed 24/7 Public 6m
ABFCA549-F4AA-4D0F-A912-AB3E015DF0AA CF81 9EX Arthur Balfour Conservative Club, Commercial Street, Bargoed 24/7 Public 11m
BB22D2CB-B741-4566-A880-AF090120C9CE CF81 9FN Ysgol Bro Sannon School, Ty Fry Road, Aberbargoed Variable Public 11m
704309A7-BAB1-4230-AF9B-ADEF015E2D76 CF81 9FW Taekwon-Do-Wales, Unit 6a St Margarets Park, Pengam Road Variable Restricted 11m
74D1D687-C272-4FEA-A64D-AED200BA4196 CF81 9GB South Wales Fire Service, Aberbargoed Fire And Rescue Station, St Margaret's Way 24/7 Public 11m
CE73C3ED-9720-439E-ABAC-AEC801698E03 CF81 9GE Deri Regeneration Group, Deri Community Centre, 9 Riverside Walk Variable Restricted 11m
58F88B1F-C80C-40A2-B5E6-B07F01064A4C CF81 9GF Bargoed Golf Club, Heolddu Uchaf Farm Access, Bargoed Variable Public 9m
67EB297C-031A-408F-8AC7-2FAAEEB97316 CF81 9GH 20 Groesfaen Terrace, Deri, Bargoed 24/7 Public 11m
18B66631-95F3-4055-B684-8E4150273D1F CF81 9HX Bailey Arms, Bailey Street, Deri 24/7 Public 9m
3796D4DE-BD21-47F5-80A2-F945C68DC9CC CF81 9HX The Old Club, 93 Bailey Street, Deri 24/7 Public 11m
ED1E6A4A-37D7-40EC-AD63-AF3B012C27C4 CF81 9HZ Deri Primary, Deri Primary School, Glynmarch Street Variable Public 11m
E25BD6BA-2E76-455D-93E4-AB4701180FCB CF81 9LS Fochriw Community Centre, Fochriw, Bargoed 24/7 Public 11m
C879D6BE-3D11-4BA1-AF66-B17F00849EB3 CF81 9NR Visitor Centre Parc Cwm Darran, Parc Cwm Darran, Deri 24/7 Public 7w
CC664C5F-228F-4E9F-AE9B-AB0B017F9998 CF81 9PD 11 Merchant Street, Pontlottyn, Bargoed 24/7 Public 11m
68458A25-57F6-4077-8531-714745E595E3 CF82 7AA Family Dental Health Centre, 19 Bedwlwyn Road, Ystrad Mynach Variable Restricted 11m
FC966E0E-BB43-4096-B036-AF3B012DBE64 CF82 7AQ Ystrad Mynach Primary, Ystrad Mynach Primary School, Lewis Street Variable Public 11m
58BF0843-95FD-4C8C-9657-DB659E61B1F3 CF82 7BB Caerphilly County Borough Council Ystrad Mynach Library, High Street, Ystrad Mynach Hengoed 24/7 Public 11m
422649F6-8002-4024-90C9-AEAD00CA867A CF82 7BP Ystrad Mynach Train Station, Ystrad Mynach Railway Station Nelson Road, Ystrad Mynach 24/7 Public 11m
F1C6CD38-CF4F-42BD-8769-AFCE00BC1634 CF82 7DP Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, New Road Variable Public 11m
F5A870BE-568D-48BE-880F-AF2700D2EDC7 CF82 7DW Mini Miners Day Care, Mini Miners Day Care (Old Miners Institute), 57 Commercial Street 24/7 Public 11m
A7A544F8-85B8-4FC4-B05D-AF0A0130EBB5 CF82 7EN Scouts And Guides' Hall, Central Street, Ystrad Mynach Variable Restricted 11m
1C3FE555-A7C9-4C1A-A9EA-AE81011A4663 CF82 7EP Penallta Rugby Club, Unit A Graddfa House, Caerphilly Road 24/7 Public 11m
8CCF7E2C-791B-4069-B681-BB2AEF1E756A CF82 7EP Penallta Rugby Club Graddfa House, Caerphilly Road, Ystrad Mynach Hengoed Variable Public 11m
E9DFA437-E873-4EBC-BC91-68D0EB059E17 CF82 7EP Caerphilly Road, Ystrad Mynach Hengoed 24/7 Public 11m
1A94384D-813B-4141-8DC0-ACDF016F1D36 CF82 7FF 2 Camnant, Ystrad Mynach 24/7 Public 11m
3D7E1465-8A82-4E4F-9B7C-B01800DA9B8A CF82 7FN Suite 1 Welsh Ambulance Service, Tredomen Business & Technology Centre, Ystrad Mynach 24/7 Public 11m
C119DBA5-EAA1-4D00-839D-ADEC00E51644 CF82 7FX Fox And Hounds Hotel, Trosnant Crescent, Penybryn 24/7 Public 11m
EA62B5E0-2BDF-4046-8D51-B17F0093B149 CF82 7GN Visitor Centre - Education Centre Parc Penallta, Penallta Road, Penallta 24/7 Public 7w
AA2ADAE9-EDF6-46AC-9B28-9BA7175BCF08 CF82 7HP Derwendeg Primary School, Hengoed Road, Cefn Hengoed Variable Public 11m
E9B5CA4C-70F7-449C-98A3-C5A31168FBD5 CF82 7HT Nisa Shop (Hengoed), Nisa (Magnum) Stores, 56a Hengoed Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
DA425F5F-F015-4BA8-8B60-ADB100FF232B CF82 7NH Hengoed Post Office, 4 King's Hill, Hengoed 24/7 Public 11m
EB5A22D7-EB75-4638-BAC1-B15C0104A2DF CF82 7QA Maesycwmmer Community Centre, Park Road, Maesycwmmer 24/7 Public 2m
313A4B0B-1840-455C-96E4-AD3200ABDCEC CF82 7QF Maesycwmmer Old People's Hall, The Crescent, Maesycwmmer 24/7 Public 11m
DB805511-DAE2-4F2D-BA13-ACEC01257FF6 CF82 7QF Oap Hall, Maesycwmmer Oap Hall, The Crescent 24/7 Public 11m
773C36BD-3825-400E-94D3-ADB101001453 CF82 7RB Residential Location - 9 Gellideg Isaf Rise, 9 Gellideg Isaf Rise, Maesycwmmer 24/7 Public 11m
0DD01F6A-711D-4F73-83AE-8E6064CE8F12 CF82 7SN Bryn Meadows Golf Hotel & Spa, General Area Of, Maesycwmmer Hengoed 24/7 Public 3m
7D681D3C-9B63-4B1B-863F-B0A700B68CA7 CF82 7SS Carpenter Uk, Unit 15, North Road Variable Restricted 8m
925C1FC3-C005-4548-A43C-ADED00D6E139 CF82 7TT Evolution Fitness, Unit 2 Withey Dyffryn Court, Alder Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
0B7EC7FB-DB7E-4F04-B997-B00B0069C942 CF82 7WW Lewis Girls Comprehensive School And Leisure Centre, Oakfield Street, Ystrad Mynach Variable Restricted 11m
2A4132A7-1603-44D0-86B8-AEEC009E4704 CF82 7XW Ystrad Mynach Bowls Club, Cardiff Road, Between Ym Park And Sporting Excelkence Variable Restricted 11m
EFA7044A-285D-4B9E-8E5F-CFD5F0017720 CF82 7XW Trinity Fields, Trinity Fields Special School, Caerphilly Road Variable Public 11m
2534E631-C7CC-423A-968A-ADD4016F86A5 CF82 8BU Cascade Youth Club, Gwaun-Fro, Penpedairheol 24/7 Restricted 11m
CC9F02FA-5685-4CD7-94FB-AFC100ABC461 CF82 8FE Harp Inn, St Cattwg's Avenue, Gelligaer 24/7 Public 11m
CCD81326-6357-440F-8F6E-AE37008E5D35 CF82 8FY Bryn Recycling Ltd (Bryn Power), Waste Transfer Station Gelliargwellt Uchaf Farm, Gelligaer Road 24/7 Restricted 7w
B4FE3816-7C5B-450F-AD99-AEBC01374ABE CF83 1AQ Aber Train Station, Aber Railway Station, Nantgarw Road, Aber, 24/7 Public 11m
642AFBB6-40DB-4F92-80E5-AFBD00CE01DF CF83 1BH Linc Cymru, Quarry House, 1 Pen-Capel Court 24/7 Public 11m
21974949-5D57-4281-B4A6-AE1A00D9B8C3 CF83 1BQ J Manny Ltd, Unit 5 Block D - Varlin Court, Western Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 11m
A2C3314A-52E7-4E04-8CD6-B11F009DB56E CF83 1BQ Nuaire, Block J - Climate House, Western Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 4m
41A83D3A-FC17-4BAA-AAD8-B14D00F5CD3B CF83 1DS 2 Lon-Y-Deri, Caerphilly 24/7 Public 2m
4F597DFA-0855-4F8D-9CB0-B15000AFB292 CF83 1EF St Martins Church, 3 St Martin's Road, Caerphilly Variable Public 2m
30D7689B-3347-4CA3-A049-B0F300CE6A68 CF83 1GG Family & Therapies Department - Denscombe Clinic, Denscombe Clinic, Ludlow Street Variable Restricted 5m
D6CB1740-6969-45A9-9FB9-E5B3032BA329 CF83 1HE Abigails Day Nursery Avenue House 1-2, King Edward Avenue, Caerphilly Variable Public 11m
FA436A27-60CA-4F8D-912C-AFAB00B4CDB5 CF83 1HJ Caerphilly Golf Club, Mountain Road, Caerphilly 24/7 Public 11m
28532DE3-6113-4791-AA07-B06900D46D1F CF83 1JA Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar, Mountain Road, Caerphilly 24/7 Public 9m
D5140A12-5067-4224-86DC-E0D1E9FBDDA9 CF83 1JD Caerphilly Castle, Castle Street, Caerphilly Variable Public 6m
5697E0FB-2D1B-4C2C-8442-B11D00B4A6E6 CF83 1JL Twyn Community Centre, The Twyn, Caerphilly Variable Public 4m
91BB62A0-9C51-44D0-807B-B126009659BE CF83 1JL The Twyn, Caerphilly 24/7 Public 4m
61CF9F14-434B-43D7-AEC4-BA891ED18C86 CF83 1JQ 62 Cardiff Road, Caerphilly 24/7 Public 11m
14C88961-6B25-4DFC-97DD-AF4400C0AF88 CF83 1JR Caerphilly Railway Station, Caerphilly Railway Station, Station Road, Caerphilly 24/7 Public 11m
CA17996E-2602-4B49-AD06-B17800E7F568 CF83 1NA Nuaire Home Ventilation Ltd, Block A, Western Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 7w
EF5C050B-546E-4509-AC44-D7363D615479 CF83 1NA Nuaire Home Ventilation Ltd Block A, Western Industrial Estate, Caerphilly Variable Public 6m
3186BF9E-D948-49F0-AE37-B125009D8B8E CF83 1NU Boots, Unit 12, Castle Court Variable Restricted 4m
CDA530B3-DDCF-461C-A181-A6CB0A0AC11A CF83 1NU Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc, Castle Court, Caerphilly Variable Public 7m
5D4775F7-8E87-4632-BE9C-B0E600FB4198 CF83 1NX Caerphilly Municipal And General Workers Social Club Ltd, Caerphilly Municipal Club, Market Street 24/7 Public 6m
035FAE80-0331-4FB3-8B42-A48D2FA1141B CF83 1PE North View Dental Practice, 10 North View Terrace, Caerphilly Variable Restricted 11m
29F3FEEB-15F1-4529-BA1C-B15400C4AF3E CF83 1RX Van Community Centre, Clos Guto, Porset Park 24/7 Public 2m
71A17114-6032-4462-823F-BC3B44CEE9D2 CF83 1SN Cwrt Rawlin Primary School, Cae Meillion, Caerphilly Variable Public 9m
EDADA833-F7F4-4DB4-97E7-1991889266EF CF83 1UZ Castle View Aged Persons Residence, Claude Road, Caerphilly 24/7 Restricted 11m
C008CBED-63E6-4C62-AF6C-EDBCCEEB57BF CF83 1WH Yseol Y Castell Primary School, Crescent Road, Caerphilly 24/7 Public 8m
D296E601-BB9C-4BBC-8057-B08600A25FE9 CF83 2AR 18 Skomer Island Way, Caerphilly 24/7 Public 9m
1349131F-E4DE-455F-9D6B-AF7100CF976B CF83 2AX Beddau Way, Caerphilly Variable Restricted 11m
84B405A4-7236-406C-BA21-A85475E2EB4C CF83 2AX Hafod Care, Ty Penrhos, 2 Beddau Way 24/7 Public 9m
C53C908F-D31A-485D-A967-4E69B40F6556 CF83 2BH Plas Hyfryd, Ffordd Y Maes, Caerphilly 24/7 Public 8m
7B3CF52C-59DB-4582-BDEE-AEDF009F0471 CF83 2BJ Beton Bauen Ltd, Beton Haus, Nantgarw Road Factory Access Variable Restricted 11m
304F7539-3F38-4823-A5C4-B02C00CA5FE8 CF83 2BW Ty Ni, Caledfryn Way, Penyrheol 24/7 Public 11m
BA0B93B4-DC2F-4CB0-B889-AE4400C81734 CF83 2BW Ty Caledfryn - Caerphilly County Borough Council, Ty Caledfryn, Caledfryn Way Variable Public 11m
AB3C1C57-DAD2-4659-B1C5-AE61011AA42F CF83 2EU Cardiff Pat Test, 32 Heol Cwm Ifor, Caledfryn Variable Restricted 11m
6A9568FA-9AE2-4F93-B32A-AB4800D6CC0C CF83 2ND Pwllypant Community Centre, Heol Pwllypant, Caerphilly 24/7 Public 11m
C3C21E16-74D8-4F4C-8295-ADC9009A5482 CF83 2NE 44 Clark Quarry Road, Caerphilly Variable Restricted 11m
52ED33B9-808D-4D45-A9AE-ADEA00F671A4 CF83 2NG Tesco, Castle View, Heol Pwllypant Variable Public 9m
0D7EAFBB-2571-499E-A6DE-65D0889883C3 CF83 2PG Cwm Ifor Primary School, Caledfryn Way, Penyrheol Caerphilly Variable Public 5m
D898A531-8EA8-4B8F-860E-C63DCD1CC6F7 CF83 2PG Pen Y Rheol Community Centre, Heol Aneurin, Caerphilly 24/7 Public 11m
1C2CD744-B053-433E-834F-AEBC013746B0 CF83 2QR Energlyn Train Station, Energlyn & Churchill Park Station, Llwyn-On-Street 24/7 Public 11m
3A57F26F-C0B3-40C1-9BA6-AEE400E9BD5B CF83 2QR Energlyn Train Station, Energlyn & Churchill Park Station, Llwyn-On-Street 24/7 Public 11m
36CBD211-5525-40F0-A800-B02E00A7A3A7 CF83 2QW Brodawel, Brodawel Resource Centre, Court Road South 24/7 Restricted 11m
064F7A68-5144-4ED6-BC0B-AE3900F85AAB CF83 2RD Tesco, Tesco Express, Bowls Close Variable Public 9m
14A072FC-9A8E-4E9B-9907-AF2A009A24BD CF83 2RP St Cenydd Community School, Trecenydd, Caerphilly Variable Public 11m
30723DEB-3837-4D73-B4F7-AE8300E530D9 CF83 2RP St Cenydd Leisure Centre, St Cenydd Leisure Centre St Cenydd Comprehensive School And Leisure Centre, St Cenydd Road Variable Restricted 8m
7866108D-CA58-4CC4-910E-D29BECA94557 CF83 2RP Hendre Junior School, St Cenydd Road, Caerphilly Variable Restricted 11m
29EC0A48-3F0C-4E41-B2D7-37D2D0E357FF CF83 2RY Trecenydd Community Centre, West Avenue, Caerphilly 24/7 Public 9m
0C7DB13D-D43E-4BE4-AD01-B07400A1008C CF83 2RZ Alliance Disposables, Alliance Wales & West,, Unit M. Variable Restricted 9m
2B28DFD6-F1CD-435B-AF99-AB1700EAE7D1 CF83 2RZ Team Rees Gym, Unit 5, Trecenydd Business Park 24/7 Public 11m
A09D79CE-CD58-42EA-B091-ACD900B03696 CF83 2RZ Welsh Ambulance Service Clinical Logistics, Unit C, Trecenydd Business Park 24/7 Public 11m
21D0E58B-25E7-4462-B4FA-AFB800D1EEF4 CF83 2WP Health Board, Caerphilly Children's Centre, Cwrt Llanfabon Variable Public 11m
993080F6-7399-4C9B-B75E-4FB1E9B5D6F1 CF83 3DF Rudry Village Dwrcc Aed, Rudry Parish Hall, Garth Place To Rhydri Primary School 24/7 Public 11m
F893047C-D16F-4E38-AFCA-AF4D00C20A35 CF83 3ED Bam Construction Ltd, Suite 3a, Block D, The Octagon, Van Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
11267AB0-985F-4F43-98DC-B0B900FE768A CF83 3FB St Helens Rc Church, St Helens Roman Catholic Church, St Helen's Church Access 24/7 Public 7m
7CA2B29D-A668-4609-A59A-2815F8DCE29B CF83 3FD Caerphilly Cmht, Community Mental Health Team, Mill Road Variable Restricted 11m
1517C1F6-CF42-41A0-B78C-8465E11F6C30 CF83 3HG Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Caerffili, Pontygwindy Road, Caerphilly Variable Public 5m
A10AA762-8841-423D-9853-AF7000F4A9FA CF83 3HG Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhymni, Y Gwyndy - Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhymni, Pontygwindy Road Variable Public 11m
D0B5AF3B-1658-49D0-9133-AEB000E7E258 CF83 3HL South Wales Fire Service, Caerphilly Fire Station, Waunfach Street 24/7 Public 11m
74DCCA50-DECE-425A-891D-AED800D69FA8 CF83 3HU Cps (Wales) Ltd, 34 Sir Alfred Owen Way, Pontygwindy Industrial Estate Variable Public 11m
BAD8F8D9-5D31-4507-81A0-AE9E00D5E02D CF83 3HU Unit 1 De Clare House, 4 Sir Alfred Owen Way, Caerphilly 24/7 Public 11m
EFA90648-1C6C-47A5-BBFD-AEF200E21BE0 CF83 3HU Unit 1, 37 Sir Alfred Owen Way, Pontygwindy Industrial Estate, Caerphilly Variable Restricted 11m
4100A1CE-B0AF-42B9-BC35-AF6C00C67F7F CF83 3HX Toby Carvery - Caerphilly, Corbetts Lane, Pwllypant Variable Public 11m
F7EC95B6-3146-4736-A38D-AB4100E70068 CF83 3HX Premier Inn, Corbetts Lane, Caerphilly 24/7 Public 11m
FB3F269F-BD41-40D7-B741-AF3400B404CC CF83 3LP Llanbradach Bowling Club, High Street, Llanbradach 24/7 Public 11m
4C700B1A-903B-471A-8998-AF4400C0BFFA CF83 3NE Llanbradach Railway Station, Llanbradach Railway Station, Plas Station Road, Llanbradach 24/7 Public 11m
28997FE4-C4FE-4348-9F9A-ABE300D0EBA8 CF83 3NL B & Q Plc, Crossways Retail Park, Caerphilly Variable Public 11m
9E9F908A-39A7-4DBF-B411-1F1BF8CD607D CF83 3NL Tesco, Crossways Retail Park, Caerphilly Variable Public 11m
A8ACC8EE-9C8A-45D1-9E3C-AB4100E90BB8 CF83 3NL Premier Inn Caerphilly Crossways, Unit B Crossways Park, Parc Pontypandy 24/7 Public 11m
F281386C-50FA-457C-986B-AB3D00EC2E8D CF83 3NT Wingfield Hotel & Sports Bar, Wingfield Terrace, Caerphilly 24/7 Public 11m
3909C143-13E7-40DB-A986-AF8C00B8BEFA CF83 3PD Llanbradach And Pwyllypant Community Council, 6 Pant Glas, Llanbradach 24/7 Public 11m
3E4A06A4-735B-4B2C-8015-AC8900DAEDE6 CF83 3PS Coed Y Pia, Llanbradach 24/7 Public 11m
38D15616-F346-4CDD-90FB-98693EC1EBE1 CF83 3QN Cole Court, Caerphilly 24/7 Public 8m
C45E5BF4-82F3-43A9-9567-AF0B0127B237 CF83 3RA Plas Y Felin School, Plas-Y-Felin Primary School, Lewis Drive Variable Public 11m
4A3F5975-A225-4274-890D-1F42F1FB6AED CF83 3SX Asda Stores Ltd, Pontygwindy Road, Caerphilly Variable Public 8m
5C8232ED-991B-446E-BF29-AB6B00D48C60 CF83 4AZ 10 Thomas Street, Abertridwr, Caerphilly 24/7 Public 11m
D1C78527-6D15-4ED9-9922-A7A008F6862D CF83 4BH Ymca, Brynhafod Road, Abertridwr Caerphilly Variable Restricted 8m
662C18FB-1BA8-4E88-826B-AE8000C6B2D3 CF83 4ED Cricket Ground Pavilion Senghenydd Welfare Ground, Windsor Place, Senghenydd 24/7 Public 11m
53A2A60D-72EE-446A-B6A6-AE2F01450F6B CF83 4FX Windsor Hotel, Caerphilly Road, Senghenydd 24/7 Public 11m
D1C1EC8E-6320-48D5-A656-B10601732167 CF83 4GA Senghenydd Rugby Club Senghenydd Welfare Ground, Commercial Street West Ul, Senghenydd Variable Public 5m
99590B44-6AB2-43DC-A541-AB6B00DE5937 CF83 4HA Senghenydd Community Centre, Gwern Avenue, Senghenydd 24/7 Public 11m
0E6A9844-DF49-4062-A43C-94195B37522F CF83 8BJ Bedwas High School, Bedwas Caerphilly Variable Public 11m
6CCE8D69-BDCA-4B49-B2CA-7B5962B46F80 CF83 8BJ Bedwas Workmens Hall : Jack’s Appeal/Btmcc4/Bwh, Newport Road, Bedwas Caerphilly 24/7 Public 5m
9AD96ABF-FE74-4C60-A1F8-B0760116BA91 CF83 8BY Tesco Riverbank Court Express, Unit 1 Riverbank Court, Newport Road Variable Public 9m
ED47F14B-C0F6-454A-9B6B-B0EF0019FC24 CF83 8BY Tesco/Jacksappeal/Btmcc1, Unit 1 Riverbank Court, Newport Road 24/7 Public 5m
D77369AD-BAAD-47E1-9F96-B17800E947E3 CF83 8DR Nuaire Ltd, Unit 5, Pantglas Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 7w
EF9DE6D8-575D-4BB5-BEA8-B16B0099B883 CF83 8DR Lectroheat Industrial Heating Ltd, 27 Pantglas Industrial Estate, Bedwas Variable Public 7w
4E20839B-F670-4BE9-AC4C-AFE700E8B88C CF83 8DU Screwfix, Unit 6 Bedwas Business Park, Bedwas House Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
0FAB2038-DB92-462B-B957-E63E16669448 CF83 8DW Solar Windows Ltd Unit 15b, Greenway, Bedwas Caerphilly Variable Restricted 8m
280F466C-3990-44BF-8DE9-B0D700D68F66 CF83 8DW Ayjay House, 23 Greenway, Bedwas House Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 6m
A2731F0D-7996-479B-A697-219497FEFA9E CF83 8EB Church Street, Bedwas 24/7 Public 11m
6910C01B-3164-4F79-8FFF-AFB800C0FFEB CF83 8FX Health Board, Trethomas Health Centre, William Street Variable Public 11m
227B6B07-4EC2-4883-9A2B-AED701730296 CF83 8GB Asdaexpress/Wg/Btmcc5, Chequered Flag Petrol Station, Newport Road 24/7 Public 11m
61640D6A-189D-416E-91BA-EA6739F33681 CF83 8HX Quickstep Fitness - Unit 1a, General Area Of, Bedwas Caerphilly 24/7 Public 11m
58B30F0C-A4E1-447B-9D40-057F1C9656E5 CF83 8LA Recreation Ground - Club House/Btmcc6, Tyn Y Waun Road, Machen 24/7 Public 11m
EC71A1E6-3D02-4B21-97E3-B091014B2D2B CF83 8ND Mvh/Btmcc7, Village Hall, The Crescent 24/7 Public 8m
20F30BEE-5A3F-4DCD-A439-B11F01832C9C CF83 8PG Machen Pharmacy/Btmcc2, 36 Commercial Rd, Machen 24/7 Public 4m
3DA6BC9E-045C-4103-BDD2-B12E016F8E75 CF83 8SB Machenrfc/Btmcc8, Machen Rugby Club, Chatham 24/7 Public 3m
3C5B0596-6006-4027-B902-B180008DC40F CF83 8TW Caerphilly County Borough Council Btmcc3, Graig-Y-Rhacca Neighbourhood Housing Office - Former Capel-Y-Graig, Grays Gardens 24/7 Public 7w
F41D3757-20F1-4428-84C6-06833FD756CF CF83 8WT Welsh Assembly Government Ty Afon, Bedwas Road, Bedwas Caerphilly Variable Public 7m
809CD754-3E63-4E90-ACBC-AF1000EB2E25 CF83 8YP Hanson Aggregates, Machen Quarry, Commercial Road Variable Restricted 11m
869455B8-DE1E-45FD-9892-AEF600A615AC CF83 8YP Hanson Aggregates, Machen Quarry, Machen Variable Restricted 11m
C5B117E3-BDF6-483B-B19D-AEF600A4B9F9 CF83 8YP Machen, Hanson Aggregates, Machen Quarry Variable Restricted 11m

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

The OSM objects here are not close enough to an unmatched AED in one of the data sources to be matched. Matches to an AED in the Circuit that is further away can be forced by adding a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the corresponding Circuit UUID. It is not possible to force a match to the NDDB.

Found 14 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n6979736623
MZ n8013631786
MZ n8013746285
MZ n8132047392 outside Efail Isaf Village Hall
MZ n8494117392
MZ n8871171391 Just inside entrance on non-cafe side by customer services
MZ n9975731978
MZ n10125946131 On the exterior wall of the school Jubilee Park School
MZ n10202567096 outside Peterston Village Hall
MZ n10219965790 inside old red phone box near church in Michaelston-y-Fedw
MZ n10220197602 opposite red phone box on Pantygraigwen Road, Pontypridd
MZ n11431691624 On the front of Brewhouse
MZ n11850790069 Riverside Warehouse - between windows AED
MZ n12026082851

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Circuit AEDs matched to an OSM object by location

To confirm a match as correct, add a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the UUID from The Circuit. To remove an incorrect match, either add the correct UUID (if the AED is listed in The Circuit) or add a not:ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag with a semi-colon separated list of UUIDs not to match.

Found 59 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
02557717-1D85-4258-9050-AE7E00CC383D CF64 4PJ Eastbrook Train Station, Dinas Powys, N/A n11520030182 83 m
028A26AB-2F8F-4761-82B0-FF80CCF3235D CF32 0EB Coytrahen Community Centre, A4063 Oak Terrace To Nicholls, Bridgend n10035374312 outside Coytrahen Community Centre 11 m
0C15DBE6-D915-44CC-8AFA-AD9100FF8B36 CF23 8NL Cardiff Gate Retail Park, 1 Dering Road, Pontprennau n10125946156 Inside the restaurant 7 m
0D204C80-1598-44A2-AF27-AE610072B2C7 CF44 6BL Post Office Banc Stores, 9-10 John Street, Abercwmboi n10220117038 outside B.a.n.c Convenience Store, John Street, Abercwmboi 13 m
1EBF9465-C9F5-4358-9CAF-AB5101178BAD CF63 4HP Holton Dental Centre & Anterior Dental Services, 157 Holton Road, Barry n12066607946 On the side of the road 86 m
222137A7-0D90-44A0-969C-DC725E1A4503 CF48 2UA Public Convenience Adjacent To Dan-Y-Coed Pontsticill, General Area Of, Pontsticill n9535949761 outside the toilets next to Memorial Hall, Vaynor Road, Pontsticill 4 m
255F6EB5-AFC0-4CBF-BFF0-E6D6B5132DE2 CF36 3BY Porthcawl Harbour Kiosk, The Harbour, Porthcawl n11914270858 Outside Sidoli's ice cream shop 9 m
26A5AE63-2369-4E76-BAD4-AD6D00D1D3B4 CF72 9NR High Corner Hotel, The High Corner Hotel, The Square n9463647870 inside old red phone box outside High Corner pub in Llanharan 19 m
2721B4DC-2FE4-4134-BCE3-AE4D00E62858 CF71 7SY Ycsa, Behind White Lion Pub, Cowbridge Road n11378658065 outside Ystradowen Village Hall 50 m
275C3E1C-9130-4885-AF58-AB06009538B6 CF35 5BB Bus Stop. Community Council, Junction The Meadows, Corntown Road n11915778689 On outside wall of shelter on Corntown Road at junction with Little Acre 37 m
2A309BC9-A8B6-4B76-96A4-AF58009F4356 CF10 1EP Cardiff Central Railway Station 2, Central Square, Cardiff n11185979637 On platform wall directly in front of Platform 3/4 Stairs 43 m
2F67D4A6-AA83-473C-AEF7-AB6B00BD8E26 CF82 8BQ Shop, 1a Hengoed Road, Hengoed n10220067393 36 m
316F9820-836C-4A7B-A3F4-B18E01050134 CF5 1BE Maasi's Kitchen, 587 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff n9312637556 outside St Lukes Parish Hall 47 m
392EDEDD-F5B9-4576-BAE1-0AB7FAC226A4 CF83 1NZ J C P Solicitors, Ty Cenydd, Castle Street n9741228837 On wall adjacent to door 6 m
39D38F31-82F8-4E2E-9F9A-AF9401606420 CF37 1BA Skinny Dog Public House, 1 Broadway, Pontypridd n3493016158 72 m
3AB06C31-0EF3-4403-8A86-AEC1014F4886 CF45 3PL Mountain Ash Rugby Club, Oxford Street, Mountain Ash n11533764125 On outside wall of Moutain Ash R.F.C. building, facing Chancery Lane. 29 m
3AE7CC5F-3A9F-4549-AFB5-411BE07C82EF CF61 1RZ Public Telephone 6m From Old White Hart Inn Wine Street 6, Church Street Square, Llantwit Major n6164315720 inside old red phone box by the stone cross in Llantwit Major 1 m
3B7EAC20-E0F3-4BEF-B8F1-AF58009F48A7 CF10 1EP Cardiff Central Railway Station 3, Central Square, Cardiff n11185978737 On platform wall directly in front of Platform 6/7 Stairs 51 m
3EC03733-AF9D-478D-A364-ADE9012BE630 CF24 4HX Cathays Community Centre, 36-38 Cathays Terrace, Cathays n11958026451 On outside wall of Cathays Community Centre on Cathays Terrace 17 m
3F33BB49-60F2-4402-A137-ADF500C78EDA CF72 8JQ Red Phone Box Outside, Miskin Arms Public House, Hensol Road n10202759477 inside old red phone box next to Miskin Arms 21 m
40556595-6653-4A75-8478-B184012E718F CF48 2TS Aberglais Inn, Vaynor Road, Pontsarn n12029678924 On wall next to road. 10 m
47809650-616C-4E49-8433-8FD7D2BC08EF CF37 2NP Rhondda Heritage Park, Coedcae Road, Pontypridd n7724850069 23 m
4CE5F1A0-A162-4273-99E8-B13800B3E8EC CF38 2AA Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Castellau, Castellau Road, Beddau n10175996658 14 m
50244317-A670-49A5-B86E-AF1700B2977D CF62 4HX Public Telephone 20m From Wayside Cottage On Unnamed Road, Gileston Village, Gileston n4257456501 inside old red phone box in West Aberthaw 7 m
65220F51-9C7C-4E89-9ABD-B0C300D55307 CF62 5TJ Eastern Shelter, Shelter 156m From Bay 5 Coffee House, Friars Road On Promenade, Barry Island Promenade n11556182470 On the wall underneath the concrete structure. 20 m
6821E0C0-BE8A-4882-8357-ACC200F20BFD CF35 6TY Verlands Stores, Verlands Way, Pencoed n8833759638 30 m
7110AAEC-8930-4219-BF54-A0B0CC7B1684 CF44 9JE Ystradfellte Church Hall, Post Office & Ystradfellte Hall, Ystradfellte n12054677695 On front of building, facing road. 6 m
7637539A-D070-46D6-A257-AEA9011D24A7 CF62 3BP Penmark Village Hall Phone Box, Village Hall Public Telephone Box, Tredogan Road n10202506414 inside old red phone box next to Penmark Village Centre 2 m
797EA853-D9F8-42A2-8D75-AEC1014EAB2F CF45 3EW Fernhill Community Centre, 371 Fernhill, Mountain Ash n10183079599 On entrance wall to community building 47 m
7C2E677E-2265-4F7A-8620-AD4100EFF25B CF83 8LY Cht Tel Kiosk, Public Telephone 14m From 1 Ty'n-Y-Coedcae 6m From Unnamed Road, Waterloo n10219976950 inside old red phone box in Tŷ'n-y-coed-cae 2 m
7CE23DCA-7944-4E37-A621-806731D35A51 CF5 6TR Red Lion Inn, A48 Bonvilston, Bonvilston n9205566712 Mounted on wall of Red Lion next to lounge entrance 10 m
7D915588-3931-4A00-9862-AF4700F9707A CF62 3HB Rhoose Cardiff International Airport Railway Station, Off Torbay Terrace, Rhoose n11519951178 40 m
7FD01BE9-89D5-4C1C-8B69-AEC1014FD2AE CF37 2NF Trehafod Social Hall, Ivor Street, Trehafod n7713742806 10 m
8251B163-C6FE-49EB-9FFB-AF58009F4045 CF10 1EP Cardiff Central Railway Station 4, Central Square, Cardiff n12025471071 Outside south side station entrance 82 m
832A781A-6EE9-4E5C-B948-ADD800BE3FCB CF34 9SB Public Telephone 21m From Old House 6m From Unnamed Road, Llangynwyd Village, Maesteg n1739474046 in old red phone box 3 m
9018122B-D339-408D-932A-2A11B49C99BC CF71 7LD Aberthin Community Centre, Pen Y Lan Road, Aberthin n10202243011 outside Aberthin Village Hall 8 m
92738758-13BA-4FE2-B04F-661E6F86559A CF71 7DQ Church Crescent, St Hilary n7795474324 8 m
975BD182-171D-498C-9E3F-AB3D00ED1DF3 CF83 3JX Ebeneezer Church, Dewinton Terrace, Llanbradach n11629985214 On outside wall of Ebenezer Church Hall at the junction of De Winton Terrace and Horace Terrace 35 m
99860893-8A63-49CD-8FBE-AB5700FB80A5 CF35 6EL Glynogwr, Church Place, Bridgend n8833758561 70 m
9AA036AC-83FE-4683-AAD6-AD0F0081955F CF15 9NL Cht, Inside Old Telephone Box Opposite Creigiau Inn & 47m From Clos Darren Las, Cardiff Road - Start Of Pentyrch Footpath 80 n11105727744 inside old phone box opposite Creigiau Inn 2 m
9AA1DCE1-47FF-4EBE-B3BD-AB4400D599C3 CF32 7DY Ogmore Valley First Responders., Nisa Store, Blandly Terrace n8847024566 9 m
A5D1E0C6-8B73-4E62-8F0C-B03D00F38EBC CF36 5DB Porthcawl Lifeguard Club, Rhych Avenue, Porthcawl n11230836975 On south side of building 31 m
A762A4C9-1FE3-49BA-83AE-7864E5E3293B CF36 3DT Trinity Church, John Street, Porthcawl n11984515779 Outside Trinity Church entrance 8 m
AFF35D6F-EBB5-49E1-AA09-AE3700C4236A CF62 8DN Barry Town Council, Pioneer Hall, Beryl Road n12066607936 Outside Pioneer Hall 18 m
B441B2FD-1B51-4E4E-A241-AEC1014E7346 CF37 4DJ Pontypridd Golf Club (Defib 1 External), Ty-Gwyn Road, Pontypridd n3495736442 10 m
B4A334C1-1C52-4412-95CB-AFC500EDAAA9 CF37 1DL Security Gatehouse, Lantwit Road, Pontypridd n3495755452 35 m
C1B86E7A-580F-4239-9C6C-AE3600CDDA10 CF62 8NX Highlight Park Community Centre, Stirling Road, Barry n10873410484 Next to front entrance. 11 m
C25A9636-FE9C-4569-AF09-AB4100BC7CF2 CF32 7AL Corbett Arms, Bridge Street, Bridgend n8847024565 52 m
C3310978-9D2F-41AA-8A60-AB73014790B9 CF32 0PW Village Shop, 81 Main Road, Ogmore-By-Sea n11913241854 On outside wall of Post Office and Village Store 21 m
C57D3936-A3DA-4F40-91F6-B03D00CA7441 CF63 4TF Holton Primary School, Holton Road, Barry n12066607947 By the entrance to the school on the street 73 m
C9A441D4-7679-4AC4-B976-AE5A00F575AE CF48 1AU 1 Meadow Close, Merthyr Tydfil n10016136009 11 m
C9DB7F6D-94FE-44DA-8410-AE4D0100FDBE CF64 4HQ Public Telephone 8m From 1 Church Cottages On Unnamed Road, Michealston Le Pit Road, Michaelston Le Pit n9210546260 inside old red phone box in Michaelston-le-Pit 1 m
D4656F03-4DCF-4BCF-9A63-AD930124C78D CF15 7QX Mcdonalds Restaurant, Heol Yr Odyn, Treforest Industrial Estate n10125946157 Inside the restaurant 9 m
DBFA4926-8114-44F4-8BBA-AEBA00D479BE CF32 0PH St. Brides Major Community Council, Spindrift, 61 Craig Yr Eos Road n11910639656 25 m
DFC1362C-CBF4-420E-82E6-640BFC323812 CF5 6DU Plymouth Arms, General Area Of, St Fagans Cardiff n12041712425 16 m
ECE366B1-3725-4695-9C62-ADDD010AF15D CF47 9JH Ryans Shop, Unit 1-2, Roberts Avenue n9611712182 8 m
EF965A3F-9ED5-495F-AAD1-AFA300F66355 CF48 1BA Fire Station, Dynevor Street, Merthyr Tydfil n9569420199 outside Merthyr Tydfil Fire Station - to right of entrance 16 m
F808951F-FF01-4F16-9A5F-61B97A13DD7A CF71 7JG Public Telephone 9m From Brook Cottage Bridge Road 5m Fro, General Area Of, Llanblethian Cowbridge n9463724187 inside old red phone box in Llanblethian 5 m
FEE4035E-EECE-452A-A8ED-ADE100CA4DFF CF47 9TL Residents Centre, Ninth Avenue, Galon Uchaf n9611712198 11 m

Circuit AEDs matched to an OSM object by reference

The matches here are when an AED in OSM has a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag that matched a UUID from The Circuit.

Found 13 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
36C5C0FF-3C2F-47E7-8C61-B14C0093B94D CF37 4PE Pontypridd Heritage Centre And Museum, Bridge Street, Pontypridd n7108050463 inside old red phone box outside Pontypridd Museum 17 m
4493587C-E244-4CB7-A428-AC1A00C14B0F CF38 1AU Llantwit Fardre Community Council, Old Telephone Box Outside 44 Heol Y Ffynnon, Efail Isaf n8123983730 inside old red phone box on Heol-y-Ffynnon in Efail Isaf 128 m
9A46B9AA-B337-4089-8BFB-ADFE00CF24C6 CF47 0TD Twyn Community Hub, The Hall, Glasier Road n9429599542 Wall of Twyn Community Hub 18 m
5D4C615D-93F7-4276-819F-AEE400E9F0AA CF83 1AQ Aber Train Station, Aber Railway Station, Nantgarw Road, Aber, n9741228836 94 m
D9A7D49E-8D56-462B-8BDC-AEC1014FE118 CF42 6AH The Lion Pub, Bute Street, Treorchy n10220162314 outside Lion pub next to old red phone box 8 m
9A1090BD-B084-48E9-A4D8-AF4400C0EEE3 CF15 7PE Taffs Well Railway Station, Cardiff Road, Taffs Well n10272965334 89 m
21077224-E762-43FD-8762-A90AE21DAAE1 CF62 8ZJ Whitmore High School, Port Road West, Barry n10873422726 Next to gate, mounted on the fence. 250 m
810E2AD2-DA5D-48DC-B80E-AE3600DDDCF8 CF24 4HZ Tesco, Tesco Express, Cathays Terrace n11417086114 Next to the tills inside Tesco Express 100 m
0A0B67DD-D4DE-43DB-AF1D-AE3700FB1C33 CF62 3BD Cardiff Airport, Western Pier Outbound, First Floor n11499709643 Gates 4-9 592 m
139B321F-8082-44DD-970C-AF4700F94D10 CF64 2NS Cogan Railway Station, Station Approach, Cogan n11520034780 Side of ticket machine on Cardiff bound platform 193 m
A3E1FA7D-3566-4944-85A6-ABCE00A28F68 CF62 8UJ Colcot Sports Centre - Sports Hall, Colcot Road, Barry n11815110690 Mounted outside on wall next to door 89 m
EF76FC20-4682-48F1-A46D-B099008CBA90 CF71 7SS Welsh St Donats Church, Church Lane, Welsh St Donats n11973970844 Inside church porch on left hand side as you walk in. Always unlocked 132 m
8C58C9F9-721A-4D2D-91F9-AB2B011AE323 CF36 3UN Rest Bay Life Guard Station, Rest Bay, Porthcawl n11985418833 On the street side of the lifeguard station 110 m

NDDB AEDs matched to an OSM object by location

Found 6 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
2161 CF35 5DW Telephone Box, Glamorgan n8949738485 inside red phone box (that is now used as a book exchange) in Llangan 3 m
3044 CF61 1RZ Telephone Box, South Glamorgan n6164315720 inside old red phone box by the stone cross in Llantwit Major 3 m
5421 CF15 7UT Telephone Box, South Glamorgan n10219970985 inside old red phone box by White Cross Inn, Groeswen 2 m
5735 CF10 2BU 20-22 Queen Street, Glamorgan n6518506754 54 m
6616 CF15 9NL Telephone Box, Glamorgan n11105727744 inside old phone box opposite Creigiau Inn 2 m
6719 CF83 8LY Telephone Box, Caerphilly n10219976950 inside old red phone box in Tŷ'n-y-coed-cae 4 m

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API. Includes data from The Circuit / Defib Finder. Includes data from the National Defibrillator Database.