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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'TA' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. This website is not intended for use in an emergency. If you require urgent medical assistance, call 999 now.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 601 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
C878DB45-CCE1-4C4B-834C-AF2A00CA7C10 TA1 1AA Royal Mail Taunton Do, Chip Lane, Taunton, Taunton Variable Restricted 7m
CBC02949-8F07-40FD-A92E-AE8A011D52D3 TA1 1AW Heartstart Somerset, Centre For Outdoor Activity And Community Hub, French Weir Park 24/7 Public 4m
4C09C71B-185A-41AC-AD09-AE8300C94775 TA1 1EF Elms Lawn Tennis Club, Linden Grove, Taunton 24/7 Public 7m
9EE4C6D7-B55A-48A4-BC73-ADD000CD439E TA1 1HE Somerset West And Taunton Council, The Deane House, Belvedere Road Variable Public 7m
AD87D521-6903-4494-A4B7-AE1C00BE38AA TA1 1JL Taunton Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, Brewhouse Theatre And Arts Centre, Coal Orchard Variable Restricted 7m
718FA804-82B9-40A2-8B47-AF950103059D TA1 1JQ O2 Store (0193) Taunton, 26 Fore Street, Somerset Variable Restricted 4m
75358E9A-9BF4-4A55-930C-B0BD00A484D6 TA1 1NN Taunton Swimming Pool., Taunton Swimming Pool, Station Road Variable Restricted 3m
F3AA41E5-7B6A-4B89-8104-AE1600A8C722 TA1 1NN Taunton Swimming Pool, Station Road, Taunton Variable Public 7m
1272B604-7A2D-46B4-8BE4-AE2A00D82E6E TA1 2BL Acorns Childrens Centre, 110 Roman Road, Taunton 24/7 Public 4m
3310DF00-AE97-4C2B-AC13-B09800F8AB26 TA1 2BU Minerva Primary School, Outer Circle, Taunton Variable Restricted 3m
033690EC-1479-4DC6-94CE-ADDE009D5108 TA1 2DU Premier Inn, Premier Inn Taunton East, 81 Bridgwater Road 24/7 Restricted 7m
8E55317C-408C-4D34-B9CE-AF9C01069C5C TA1 2FG The Hub Moorland House, Moorland Road, Taunton Variable Restricted 4m
7255E511-5E8E-4A2E-BF96-AFF700FA3C78 TA1 2LB Taunton Ambulance Station, Lisieux Way, Taunton 24/7 Public 4m
989CDFA1-889C-4594-9216-AD2F00AB6F46 TA1 2LB Sps Laboratory, Building 3, Lisieux Way 24/7 Restricted 7m
90E005D3-FA98-4375-870A-ADDC00F1AFBB TA1 2LP B&Q, B And Q, Heron Gate Variable Public 7m
1A70FDD8-8FE7-4426-8BEF-AE3900E5B49B TA1 2PD Tesco Stores Ltd, Atm Site, 2 Severn Drive Variable Restricted 7m
398E3941-72FD-4221-9C40-B0DF00F8B602 TA1 2PD Tesco Express, 2 Severn Drive, Taunton Variable Public 8w
06E3E209-E1F9-4296-8026-ADEF0111EA5F TA1 2PX Ground Floor, Lakeside House, Blackbrook Park Avenue Variable Public 7m
AC2B6742-37D0-4E8E-93BD-AE3700F491B8 TA1 2PX Fairhurst, Kingston House, Blackbrook Park Avenue 24/7 Public 7m
BB916FA3-B9F5-465A-AF87-AD2000DB5418 TA1 2PX Ashfords Llp, Ashford Court, Blackbrook Park Avenue 24/7 Public 7m
147E7A16-2627-4A52-B9BA-AE1600DC789E TA1 2RW Blackbrook Leisure Centre And Spa, Blackbrook Leisure Centre & Spa, Blackbrook Way Variable Restricted 4m
EE4861CD-D646-4B73-9DB9-AE2A00D820B7 TA1 2XQ Somerset West And Taunton Meeting Hall, Newton Road, Taunton 24/7 Public 4m
43B40C6F-7756-47D6-81D1-B03C0103DCFD TA1 3AF Holy Trinity C Of E Primary School, South Street, Taunton Variable Restricted 4w
1042D376-4D43-43C8-9DF5-AE2A00D82620 TA1 3DQ Somerset West And Taunton Meeting Hall, Tauntfield Close, Taunton 24/7 Public 4m
19EB225A-762A-4CCC-AC21-AD3400BB89C1 TA1 3DZ Richard Huish College, South Road, Taunton 24/7 Public 7m
FDD9321C-CFA6-4792-8BC0-AD3400BC216C TA1 3DZ Richard Huish College, South Road, Taunton Variable Restricted 7m
E6A89AD8-CCE6-45BF-BEB4-AE3900DAF3A8 TA1 3ES Tesco Store Ltd, Atm Site, 30-33 East Reach Variable Public 4m
02CBA6F9-0CE1-442B-92BF-ADA200C86624 TA1 3EX Community Families Hub, Level 2, East Reach House, Taunton Variable Restricted 7m
8760C579-A897-472C-BEB9-ADC800950B3F TA1 3EZ Lindley House, 62-65 East Reach, Taunton 24/7 Restricted 4m
88E048BB-6613-4364-9C3B-ADF700B98E45 TA1 3HQ Bishop Foxs School, Bishop Fox Drive, Somerset 24/7 Public 7m
9882077C-6837-4247-AC46-AE28009F0D53 TA1 3HQ Bishop Foxs Community School, Bishop Fox Drive, Taunton 24/7 Public 7m
D314790C-1B08-4555-BC25-B03B00880298 TA1 3HT Nuffield Health, 153-156 East Reach, Taunton Variable Public 4m
EB73AE44-6F7A-4B9A-9863-AE2700DCB2F4 TA1 3JT Vivary Park Golf And High Ropes, Fons George, Vivary Park, Taunton 24/7 Public 4m
8FEE086B-E941-4D1E-92CE-AE2900873362 TA1 3LA Kings College, South Road, Taunton Variable Restricted 7m
E7B8D200-8578-492F-ABE5-AE3900DB99D5 TA1 3PN Tesco Express, 54-56, High Street Variable Public 7m
2F2B3ACC-3E74-4A80-8200-AE2A00D8132A TA1 3QW Somerset West And Taunton Meeting Hall, Middleway, Taunton 24/7 Public 4m
A85EA0F3-DBBA-4E46-9667-AE3E0096239C TA1 4AB Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco, Castle Street Variable Public 4m
64B0C341-1BFA-4081-A780-AE3700B7F6D0 TA1 4TY Tesco Stores Ltd, Atm Site Comeytrowe Centre, Pitts Close Variable Public 4m
68784E46-40D4-49E9-9127-AE2801292F55 TA1 4TY Heartstart Somerset, Comeytrowe Community Centre Comeytrowe Centre, Pitts Close 24/7 Public 4m
767DBDF3-5984-4581-8F82-AFEF00A7113D TA1 5AU The Castle School, Longrun Lane, Taunton Variable Public 7m
C2149C8A-6024-4E41-9AAA-B0C100839714 TA1 5AU The Castle School, Longrun Lane, Taunton Variable Public 3m
0417B961-B15A-43B6-928A-ADC800951872 TA1 5AX Taunton Campus - Main Reception, Bridgwater And Taunton College, Wellington Road Variable Restricted 4m
2F427C36-511D-4502-9ABC-ADF700BCE79A TA1 5AX The Conference Centre, Bridgwater And Taunton College, Wellington Road 24/7 Public 4m
EB5D8DC9-E96E-44C3-8E4C-AD2300CB2EB5 TA1 5DS Frank Bond Centre, 84 Mountway Road, Bishops Hull 24/7 Public 7m
F713BE34-CE78-4F80-AA49-B09D009C3011 TA1 5EA Interpet Ltd, Hamwood, Bishops Hull Hill Variable Restricted 3m
02538286-475C-4413-9DF3-AD2E00B6B1F1 TA1 5EB Bishops Hull Primary School, Bishops Hull Hill, Taunton Variable Restricted 7m
5317A448-07F4-4C56-8109-AD1900FA0F71 TA1 5EG The Pavilion Bishops Hull Playing Field, Bishops Hull Hill, Taunton 24/7 Public 7m
141B14D7-7FBE-48A4-995D-AE2A00D8184E TA1 5EU Somerset West And Taunton Meeting Hall, Robin Close, Taunton 24/7 Public 4m
02AF4E7C-2981-4696-A049-AFEB0074F8AF TA1 5NA Screwfix, Cornishway West, Galmington Trading Estate Variable Restricted 7m
38D14370-C9FF-4A1A-97F2-AF4700FB0EA9 TA1 5NA Eagle Plant Taunton, Cornishway West, Taunton Variable Public 7m
CF8E3F96-DE35-4792-B890-B01F00C12C64 TA1 5NN The Shepherds Rest, 64 Galmington Road, Taunton 24/7 Public 7m
5946CEFA-C5F4-4092-A7A9-AD7700C0B57B TA10 0AZ Hambridge Village Hall, Hambridge, Langport 24/7 Public 7m
871EB5C7-4A0F-43DF-9BC1-B04200FE6AAF TA10 0AZ Hambridge Primary School, Hambridge County Primary School, Hambridge Variable Restricted 7m
DCDAD3AD-0DB3-4F6C-A94C-AF0800DCAD75 TA10 0BH Burnside, Westport, Langport 24/7 Public 7m
C9CB8E11-ED84-495E-B110-B08F00B73193 TA10 0DD Bowdens Crest Caravan And Camping Park, Wood Drove, Huish Episcopi 24/7 Public 3m
833D65C7-0F74-486A-89D8-ADDE00CBE9A1 TA10 0EP Curry Rivel Parish Council, Bp Garage, A378, Honeylands 24/7 Public 7m
E5ED03FA-59FB-4686-AC2A-AE2E00F807CD TA10 0HE Curry Rivel Village Hall, Church Street, Curry Rivel 24/7 Public 7m
F55D328E-C725-42C8-B0F1-AD2200F7D462 TA10 0QY Aller Village Hall, High Street, Aller 24/7 Public 7m
F27036F9-5403-41AB-BE3E-AD3900C9E190 TA10 9AR Village Hall, Church End, Langport 24/7 Public 7m
7D982C76-659E-4F59-8E70-AF0500803313 TA10 9BY High Ham Parish Council, High Ham Church Of England Primary School, Burrow Lane 24/7 Public 7m
84E8EF5B-08F7-48AB-A905-AE5C00FA83A0 TA10 9DS High Ham Parish Council, Low Ham Congregational Church, Pool Alley 24/7 Public 7m
553B5A9C-834C-4E8D-BAEF-AE8500EDF1C7 TA10 9JU Flat 2 Club House Long Sutton Golf Club, Somerton Road, Long Load 24/7 Public 7m
7A878992-90A8-4DC7-AC4F-B02C00C4458E TA10 9JW Brook Farm House, Brook Farm, New Street 24/7 Public 7m
2806 TA10 9NT Village Hall, Somerset 24/7 Public
F7355E55-21BE-45A4-B5C5-ADF200F9FF61 TA10 9RB Paret Trail Bikes, The Bridge, Westover Trading Estate 24/7 Public 7m
C78F94C7-0869-4EF0-9951-AE3E008F96CE TA10 9RQ Tesco Superstore, North Rd, 0 Variable Public 7m
F15713DA-1C8D-4168-83CF-ADC300CAEDAA TA10 9RY Langport & Huish Sports & Social Club, Langport Sports Club, The Pavilion 24/7 Public 7m
4696567F-D658-4812-A208-AD7500B251C6 TA10 9SS Lifestyle Fitness Langport - Sixth Form, Huish Episcopi Academy, Wincanton Road 24/7 Public 4m
71ED99D1-0976-4C3A-AC05-AD7500B24F07 TA10 9SS Lifestyle Fitness Langport - Sports Centre, Huish Episcopi Academy, Wincanton Road 24/7 Public 4m
4F1FFDBB-A10D-4B06-9465-B03800834F97 TA11 6BD Kingweston Rugby Pavillion, Pavilion, High Street 24/7 Public 4m
2F3890A9-E44B-48C3-B39D-AD2401675C36 TA11 6ES Keinton Mandeville Parish Council, Keinton Mandeville Primary School, Chistles Lane 24/7 Public 7m
8B9F87DD-DB81-4007-910D-AF40010442FF TA11 6HS Somerton Sports Club, Gassons Lane, Somerton 24/7 Public 7m
B375905B-AF00-48CF-9289-AF4000E8EAFB TA11 6HS Somerton Recreation Ground Trust, The Playing Fields, Gassons Lane 24/7 Public 7m
65174DA7-D9DC-4F2E-BF7A-AD3A00AE75B8 TA11 6PQ Compton Dundon Parish Council, The Meadway Hall, Ham Lane 24/7 Public 7m
73D35FAE-BCC5-43E4-9B97-AD2100F16A8D TA11 6SB Somerton Town Council, Edgar Hall, 8 Cary Court,, 8 Bancombe Road Trading Estate Variable Public 7m
EEE11F7C-6A95-4048-BF1F-AFA200A53B83 TA11 6SB Kingsmoor Packaging Ltd., Unit 6, Cary Court Variable Restricted 7m
002B18DD-76C7-4135-AF87-AF90009E3184 TA11 6TE Propel Education/Compton Dundon School, Compton Dundon School, School Lane 24/7 Public 7m
D173E4D4-1E7C-4E9F-9520-AD2000D84249 TA11 7AY The Post Office, Broad Street, Somerton 24/7 Public 7m
8111 TA11 7BZ Lydford Sports Club, Somerset 24/7 Public
335E7BDF-527E-4130-A5D5-ADAC00BE5FE9 TA11 7JF Train4all Ltd, Units 1-4 Badgers Cross Lane, Jubilee Park Variable Restricted 7m
BB8470DE-0BE3-46C4-892E-AD290064B8A4 TA11 7JH Pawsability, Catcombe Farm, Wasp Nest Farm Lane 24/7 Restricted 7m
6BCA28B5-7774-4C05-B4E5-AF0B00C7C82B TA11 7LG Kingsdon Parish Council, Kingsdon Inn Cottage, Lower Road 24/7 Public 7m
F968019A-4664-4464-9CD0-AECF0117E177 TA11 7LG Kingsdon Inn Cottage, Lower Road, Somerton 24/7 Public 7m
F48123FB-BB02-4523-8586-AD2100EEF482 TA11 7NB Modern Phone Box, The Old Town Hall, Market Place 24/7 Public 7m
9AB89E23-C869-439B-B73F-AD2100ECE594 TA11 7PR Brunel Precinct Opp Coop, Land Adjacent Car Park, West Street 24/7 Public 7m
03074FB2-7233-4B06-AA9C-AD2600B1F348 TA12 6AF Martock Recreation Ground, Water Street/ Stoke Road, Martock 24/7 Public 7m
A110977D-F707-45EB-B6FF-B0BF01130482 TA12 6AR Coat Village, Coat Barn, Highway Road 24/7 Public 3m
7A45AAE0-0B5B-45F4-A089-AD2500E9A050 TA12 6DL The Precinct Moorlands Park Shopping Centre, 4 North Street, Martock 24/7 Public 7m
B0DD7332-F442-401A-815E-AF2500E32E52 TA12 6EF Martock Church Of England Primary School, Martock Primary School, Elmleigh Road Variable Public 7m
20A33470-428A-441F-9B6D-AFF6006F083A TA12 6JL Martock Parish Council, Martock Parish Hall, Church Street 24/7 Public 7m
7747107C-9CDD-499A-8048-AD720124B0D4 TA12 6NS The Village Hall, Main Street, Ash 24/7 Public 7m
52AC2348-36D2-417B-8B7F-AD720125BB3F TA12 6PA Ash Pavilion Recreation Ground, Main Street, Ash 24/7 Public 7m
6045C30D-311A-44DD-9BE5-AD7500B2A312 TA13 5AU South Petherton Pavillion, Recreation Ground, Lightgate Lane 24/7 Public 4m
9E7753DE-3E21-4B74-ACF1-AE2300B85A96 TA13 5DJ Frogmary Green Farm, West Street, South Petherton Variable Public 7m
0FE0AFAD-3185-4D6D-98AB-AD7C00882964 TA13 5EF South Petherton Hospital, Bernard Way, South Petherton 24/7 Public 7m
494317E3-7B61-400A-B339-AEE100D09C12 TA13 5JH Adm Protexin, Old A303, South Petherton Variable Restricted 7m
CBCC445D-2F41-4F83-926B-B0C200BC0C50 TA13 5JS Beehive Self Storage, Lopen Business Park, Mill Lane, Lopen 24/7 Public 3m
7FE2E89E-EE21-49D1-85EB-AD3600B9CFCE TA13 5JX Lopen Parish Council, All Saints Church, Church Street 24/7 Public 7m
F7AB9E59-D8F7-4B70-81B1-ADD5011ACBC3 TA14 6PZ Stoke Sub Hamdon Parish Council, Stoke Sub Hamdon Memorial Hall, West Street 24/7 Public 7m
2865463D-C115-4C7C-846C-AD4700A772AB TA14 6QE Stoke Sub Hamdon Recreation Ground, West Street, Stoke Sub Hamdon 24/7 Public 7m
95D0802F-3709-4476-ABF6-AD4700A56C64 TA14 6RE Castle Primary School, Castle Street, Stoke Sub Hamdon 24/7 Public 7m
D269E5E5-4D8A-4411-A690-ADD500DAA42A TA14 6RW Stoke Sub Hamdon Parish Council, Car Park Adjacent Prince Of Wales Inn, Ham Hill 24/7 Public 7m
DEC8EE21-1621-4384-97FB-AEB300995BCD TA14 6SF Norton Sub Hamdon Primary School, New Road, Stoke Sub Hamdon Variable Restricted 7m
695B0466-3B2E-4458-8CD0-AD4700A89646 TA14 6SG Norton Sub Hamdon Post Office, Great Street, Stoke Sub Hamdon 24/7 Public 7m
5416 TA14 6TH Telephone Box, Somerset 24/7 Public
F2C709FB-E0F6-476F-B11C-B0970147C942 TA14 6TH Phone Box, North Street, Chiselborough, Stoke-Sub-Hamdon, Somerset, North Street, Chiselborough 24/7 Public 3m
B176E90E-1033-47CE-BD01-AE29010FD1F2 TA16 5NP Merriott Parish Council, Merriott Squash Club, Lower Street 24/7 Public 7m
EC2568D9-F4BB-4CBA-A57D-AE290115ECD5 TA16 5PS Merriott Parish Council, Tithe Barn, Church Street 24/7 Public 7m
2A4A8A3F-5A12-470D-B8B5-ADDE00D1E912 TA16 5QG Merriott Village Pharmacy, 31 Broadway, Merriott 24/7 Public 4m
B0E98E42-E8D9-43B8-957B-AD4901043CB2 TA16 5QH Merritt Parish Council, Merriott Village Hall, Broadway 24/7 Public 7m
662BF617-CF10-4BC9-AF76-AFAB00E10B61 TA17 8RX Hinton St George P.c, The Almshouses, Gas Lane 24/7 Public 7m
949CA60F-8109-4236-89AA-B05000FFC868 TA17 8SA Hinton St George Church Of England Primary School, Hinton St George Primary School, West Street 24/7 Public 4m
4DC27AE8-81AA-4DE7-8190-AFA300E80D45 TA17 8SL Hinton St George P.c, St Georges Hall, Merriott Road 24/7 Public 7m
F4DAFBB4-F6AF-406E-BB19-B0AF00D366F3 TA17 8SQ Hinton St George P.c., Opp 25 Green Street, Hinton St George 24/7 Public 3m
823BFA6B-1C51-4670-9621-AFEF00AF8E82 TA17 8SX Dinnington Docks, Council Houses, 2 Fosse Way 24/7 Public 7m
CC385AC2-3068-4190-AEAA-AD2501208AF3 TA18 7BN Crewkerne Dental Center, 4 Bere Court, Crewkerne 24/7 Public 7m
544F1892-5BC8-4AAF-8DA1-AD25012A61D3 TA18 7HE Devon & Somerset Fire Brigade, Fire Station, Blacknell Lane 24/7 Public 7m
BA9B447D-F2B6-4DA6-AEE2-AF9600808C3A TA18 7HQ Auto Refurbs, Unit 2c Cropmead Industrial Estate, Cropmead Variable Public 7m
57EDA9B4-55C9-44BE-B7C0-AD3100715956 TA18 7HY St Bartholomew's Church, Church Hall, Abbey Street Variable Restricted 7m
14B15D73-9DCD-4CAB-A8C3-AEB500E8F80B TA18 7LZ Crewkerne Aqua Centre, Henhayes, Crewkerne Variable Public 7m
8496692A-8BCB-4433-B1DB-AD9D00ADE657 TA18 7LZ Crewkerne Aqua Centre, South Street, Crewkerne Variable Public 7m
4D1B62B8-5059-425D-AB68-AD2501278527 TA18 7NS Crewkerne Sports Centre, Mount Pleasant, Crewkerne 24/7 Public 7m
60A29D1A-82E3-4DBA-B557-AD2100BB4BE8 TA18 7PN West Chinnock Fundraising, Middle Chinnock Recreation Ground, Poop Hill 24/7 Public 7m
7615 TA18 7QX The Bible Christian Centre, Somerset 24/7 Public
F696E555-C2EF-4899-AFF5-AD200084AB8A TA18 7SL Perrott Hill School, Willis Lane, Crewkerne 24/7 Restricted 7m
6244 TA18 7SU North Perrott Cricket Club, Somerset 24/7 Public
F5047114-3156-4657-995D-B08A00FFAF85 TA18 8AL Crewkerne, Station Road, Crewkerne 24/7 Public 4m
6731 TA18 8AU Crewkerne Railway Station, Somerset 24/7 Public
8EFEA7ED-48E4-4748-B219-AD2500DBD79E TA18 8BG Crewkerne Hospital, Middle Path, Crewkerne 24/7 Public 7m
D762DE03-EF8F-4E33-9336-B06801064A30 TA18 8BT Barn Crescent Hub, 27 Barn Crescent, Crewkerne 24/7 Public 4m
12CED14C-39D3-4639-B1D6-ADD70110F874 TA18 8DA Crewkerne Rangers Fc, The George Reynolds Centre, South Street 24/7 Public 7m
5B8BB794-FB7B-47D7-98B2-AD25012848FA TA18 8JN Central Stores, Central Stores Kithill Post Office, 66-68 Park View 24/7 Public 7m
8538 TA18 8LY Misterton Garage, Somerset 24/7 Public
6383 TA18 8NG Telephone Box, Somerset 24/7 Public
6732 TA18 8NY Village Hall, Somerset 24/7 Public
862303ED-5CE8-450F-861F-AED7009A3D96 TA18 8PQ Henley Manor Residents Association, Post Box 20m From Henley Manor Farmhouse On Unnamed Road, Henley Manor 24/7 Public 7m
8CCED380-8E49-4FF8-B341-AD5501018E08 TA18 8RR Yeo Valley, A H Warren Trust Ltd Coombe Farm, New Road 24/7 Restricted 7m
23D5178F-7919-45E8-8856-ADB300C6CC4B TA19 0BL Swanmead Community School, Ditton Street, Ilminster 24/7 Restricted 7m
79CF5092-839C-4462-8929-B10600EFB9EB TA19 0BL Herne View Church Of England Primary School, Ditton Street, Ilminster Variable Restricted 4w
6B9B6DDE-FE44-494F-9201-B004008945B7 TA19 0BQ Tesco Ilminster, Shudrick Ln, Ilminster Variable Public 7m
A0338932-84D3-40B8-BA9B-AD7500B261DB TA19 0EX Vaughan Lee House, Orchard Vale, Ilminster 24/7 Public 4m
3118 TA19 0JE Village Hall, Somerset 24/7 Public
388252B7-3671-4751-8631-B07C01115B0F TA19 0JR Hassockmoor Childcare, The Old School, Water Street 24/7 Public 4m
C329DEF2-26D9-4BCB-BFC0-B0AB00E25D67 TA19 0JR Manor Farm - Seavington St Mary, Manor Farm, Water Street 24/7 Public 3m
3724 TA19 0NE The Pavilion, Somerset 24/7 Public
9F7F6C36-B272-44DE-9525-B0AF00E4B64D TA19 0PF Gooch And Housego Plc, Greenway, Dowlish Ford Variable Restricted 3m
45EC3D00-421B-482B-8CE4-AD3300E468DB TA19 0PU Chillington Parish, St James Church, Sheephouse Farm Lane 24/7 Public 7m
F25D2C1E-D18B-42A9-9E49-AD51009F7411 TA19 0QH Seavington ~Community Stores And Playing Field, Seavington Millenium Hall, Water Street 24/7 Public 7m
D1FC2CE0-5C93-4EAE-A944-AE2E012E7FFE TA19 0RG Donyatt Village Hall, Donyatt, Ilminster 24/7 Public 7m
0A4351E2-E40A-469B-AFD1-AE4C0105F55B TA19 9AD Warehouse Theatre, Brewery Lane, Ilminster 24/7 Public 4m
43AE12D3-9225-44CF-94C3-AD7500B25C9D TA19 9BQ Hazelwell Lodge, 67 Station Road, Ilminster 24/7 Public 4m
F01963D4-3883-40C1-80A9-AFE800B89249 TA19 9DJ Screwfix, Units 1, 2, 3 & 4 Canal Wharf Industrial Unit, Hart Close Variable Restricted 7m
FCCA8971-DE34-46FE-A342-AD7500B254ED TA19 9DU Ilton Business Park, Main Street, Ilminster 24/7 Public 4m
FD5C3173-EB10-43EB-AD58-AD7500B25A19 TA19 9FE Archie Gooch Pavilion, Canal Way, Ilminster 24/7 Public 4m
8708E19E-8571-4E94-8F29-AD7500B23072 TA19 9HG Ilton Village Hall, Copse Lane, Ilminster 24/7 Public 4m
3785B4B4-EB41-4F76-A4BB-AEBE01288479 TA19 9JG Stocklinch Village Hall, Owl Street, Stocklinch 24/7 Public 7m
C94C7E79-B380-4DC8-8AE7-AF1E01039B38 TA19 9LA Blackdown Shepherd Huts, Shrubbery Farm, Catherine Wheel 24/7 Public 7m
0A1360CD-D46E-453E-B7AA-AFB300DE016C TA19 9NX The Flying Fish, The Flying Fish Pub, Wood Road, Windmill Hill 24/7 Public 7m
F9A3C786-1671-4935-B32F-ADBF010444FD TA19 9QQ Horton Parish Council, Magnolia Cottage, Goose Lane 24/7 Public 7m
1A8A0E19-F2F3-404C-A8A6-B0FA00E5E60B TA19 9QR Horton Village Hall, Broadway Hill, Horton 24/7 Public 4w
0FAF6D1D-09FE-4D2B-A06C-AE36015CAFEC TA2 6BB Space Adventurers, Units 32 To 34, Frobisher Way Variable Public 7m
34357232-1BA1-4088-92CF-AE9A01181723 TA2 6EE Staplegrove Youth Football Club, Corkscrew Lane Sports Field, Staplegrove 24/7 Public 7m
EB30BB40-AE34-4291-843B-AD2900DB33FF TA2 6EE Staplegrove Youth Football Club, Corkscrew Lane Sports Field, Staplegrove Variable Restricted 7m
0432500C-3527-4144-814B-B03000958EA6 TA2 6HA St Andrews Church School, St Andrewsc Of E Vc School, Grove Terrace Variable Restricted 7m
8B340901-C828-43F8-8A41-ADB800B51CD5 TA2 6PN Conquest Centre Conquest Farm, Minehead Road, Norton Fitzwarren 24/7 Public 7m
78421C9D-69C7-4E4B-AA9E-B03D009085D3 TA2 6UP Staplegrove Church School, Hudson Way, Staplegrove 24/7 Public 4m
9052F0BC-50B6-4CE4-9A68-B09600D29653 TA2 7AD Priorswood Primary School, Wedlands, Taunton Variable Restricted 3m
5C3333C0-D6DF-408B-9644-AE2A00D82AAF TA2 7DT Somerset West And Taunton Meeting Hall, Wellesley Street, Taunton 24/7 Public 4m
9DB20C89-6626-4976-80B8-AE2A00D7E9CD TA2 7NJ Somerset West And Taunton Meeting Hall, Broomfield House, Wellsprings Road 24/7 Public 4m
6D9E51AB-998B-41D5-AF39-AE2A00D8023B TA2 7NU Somerset West And Taunton Meeting Hall, Hope Corner Lane, Taunton 24/7 Public 4m
B2339505-D1F2-4B08-89B3-ADB201004307 TA2 7PQ Foundation House, Wellsprings Road, Taunton 24/7 Restricted 7m
78F13D70-1D04-476B-8928-B03000F1C46E TA2 7PS Tesco Priorswood Road Express, 36 Priorswood Rd, Taunton Variable Public 7m
3B6D893E-B841-4E93-A31F-AE5400D889E6 TA2 7QL Somerset West And Taunton Council, Meeting Hall, Kilkenny Court 24/7 Public 7m
6E1154DE-2F55-46C7-BD02-AE3C00B3EDB7 TA2 7QL Somerset West And Taunton Council, Kilkenny Court Guest Room Meeting Hall, Kilkenny Court 24/7 Public 7m
E2BB7491-4CD1-4E2D-A8D4-AE2A00D80FBD TA2 7QL Somerset West And Taunton Meeting Hall, Kilkenny Court, Taunton 24/7 Public 4m
F4870145-D83C-42CC-A634-AE3700B80A46 TA2 7QP Wellsprings Leisure Centre, Cheddon Road, Taunton Variable Public 7m
132F8BAD-4466-48B4-A5BF-AE2900872BCC TA2 8AA Kings Hall - Pelican Nursery, Kingston Road, Taunton Variable Restricted 7m
1C8D8C93-DA88-4B93-87F5-AF0801171366 TA2 8DE Medequip Monarch Centre, Unit 1, Venture Way 24/7 Public 7m
C2CF4235-F2B5-4750-8DF6-AF0200D87CE7 TA2 8DE Nationwide Platforms, Venture Way, Priorswood Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 7m
CACE29ED-F2FB-481E-9279-AFC70105A290 TA2 8DG Howdens At Taunton, Units 1 & 2, Merlin Industrial Park,, Priorswood Ind Est Variable Restricted 7m
23913E8D-10A3-44AE-92F8-AECF00FBA8C3 TA2 8DN Howards Motor Group, Howards Peugeot, Priorswood Road 24/7 Public 7m
0B6A6608-D252-4909-A621-AFA601159643 TA2 8FT Brittons Ash Communtiy Hall, Bridgwater Road, Bathpool 24/7 Public 7m
C29C8CC4-065A-4C19-A4BF-AD2400983CE2 TA2 8FT West Monkton Parish Council, Brittons Ash Communtiy Hall, Bridgwater Road 24/7 Public 7m
453CB8C8-BD3D-43CD-8CD6-ADE400B129EB TA2 8HR Kingston St Mary Village Hall, Church Lane, Kingstons T Mary 24/7 Public 4m
6D73A0A1-89EB-4AA0-9D76-AD2000C14969 TA2 8JY Cheddon Fitzpaine Memorial Hall, Cheddon Fitzpaine Memorial Hall Rowford, Lyngford Lane Variable Restricted 7m
B5F0AE71-5466-4A45-8709-AD4100AFA9F9 TA2 8LQ Hestercombe Gardens Trust Ltd, Hestercombe House And Gardens Hestercombe, Volis Hill Variable Restricted 7m
75215AE0-011D-48EF-AE63-B02800C03A29 TA2 8NE West Monkton Village Hall, Monkton Heathfield Road, Taunton 24/7 Public 7m
FA761D25-BCB8-4E8B-9BAA-ADB100D5BB87 TA2 8PD Tacchi Morris Arts Centre - Heathfield Community School, School Road, Taunton 24/7 Public 7m
DE36E75F-F01F-421A-B839-AE2A00D80679 TA2 8PG Somerset West And Taunton Meeting Hall, Heathfield Drive, Monkton Heathfield 24/7 Public 4m
DB402D0B-E678-4008-851C-AFA100B76575 TA2 8QY Taunton Mrf, Crown Industrial Estate, Venture Way Variable Restricted 7m
F74E74B6-EF33-4E24-ABD9-AFE700F720EE TA2 8QY Screwfix, Unit F Crown Industrial Estate, Venture Way Variable Restricted 7m
1E37DA02-6D62-4788-AEE8-B1090092F6B7 TA2 8RJ Mill Lane, Thurloxton, Taunton, Taunton 24/7 Public 4w
A88860B1-3FC3-4F46-B4F7-AE2800E12ED3 TA2 8RX 3d Flooring Supplies Ltd, Unit 14 Crown Industrial Estate, Venture Way Variable Public 7m
269BD5E6-A5BD-40FB-A2CC-AD7500B293B9 TA20 1AA Oscar Mayer Ltd, Furnham Road, Chard 24/7 Public 4m
18D8F93B-E9C8-431E-8F75-B030013D3B0D TA20 1AX Chard B&Q, B & Q, Furnham Road Variable Public 7m
BD1EFC43-D653-4A09-88BD-AFEB00CA2E7C TA20 1ED Chard Bowling Club, Bonds Meadow, Bonds Close 24/7 Public 7m
522AFE6F-91AB-4478-96FD-AF9B00DA21DF TA20 1EP The Happy Return, East Street, Chard 24/7 Public 4m
D89045E9-B261-48CC-93A2-AD7500B26D5C TA20 1FA Lentells Ltd, 17-18 Leach Road, Chard 24/7 Public 4m
440 TA20 1JL Holyrood Academy, Somerset 24/7 Public
423F6612-7CF7-4AF6-9FFF-AD2501042E08 TA20 1NF Somerset Foundation Trust, Chard And District Hospital, Crewkerne Road 24/7 Public 7m
728CE412-B027-42D5-AF31-AD7500B1E662 TA20 1NR Avishayes School, Fairway Rise, Chard 24/7 Public 4m
EB941BFF-EFF1-4650-A952-AD7500B220D0 TA20 1PT Chard Methodist Church, Fore Street, Chard 24/7 Public 4m
0DA28E25-5622-4524-8AA5-ADC800951B3B TA20 1QB Chard Conservative Club, 6 High Street, Chard Variable Restricted 4m
EE8CA5A8-1373-4C1E-BD0B-AD7500B21560 TA20 1RH Chard Rugby Football Club, Essex Close, Chard 24/7 Public 4m
6ECC05C8-26B4-4B7F-AD75-AF9B00DA1DFB TA20 1SD Redstart School, Redstart Road, Chard 24/7 Public 4m
3C2233D7-67C7-4CCF-A3A3-AD7500B2AE69 TA20 2AF St Gildas, Chard 24/7 Public 4m
E788DE3F-2252-453C-ABC5-AD7500B20FA1 TA20 2AH Chard Baptist Church, 9 Holyrood Street, Chard 24/7 Public 4m
2A050261-5BE2-4CEE-90B5-AD7500B27B88 TA20 2BB Millfield Cafe, 12 Millfield, Chard 24/7 Public 4m
479F7467-D3B4-4BE9-80B5-AD7500B2C164 TA20 2DZ Tawstock Medical Centre, St Marys Crescent, Chard 24/7 Public 4m
0452D1FE-B5E5-4947-A81A-B03000948380 TA20 2ES Manor Court School, Duck Lane, Chard Variable Restricted 7m
FC73BDE2-3C9E-4AE8-A330-AD7500B2289B TA20 2EZ Crowshute House, Crowshute Link, Chard 24/7 Public 4m
196E01F4-5DBC-483A-B3EF-B06600BA0F58 TA20 2FA Bishops Court, 59 Bradfield Way, Chard 24/7 Public 4m
E611BBE4-E577-4D85-9ADC-AD7500B28767 TA20 2HN Oak Lodge Nursing Home, Lordsleaze Lane, Chard 24/7 Public 4m
EE6B3103-FC84-446D-AEE5-AE3800C98E50 TA20 2LW Tesco Stores Plc - Chard, Tesco Stores Ltd, Tapstone Road 24/7 Public 7m
6A2E4F5A-5FF9-4FED-AE45-AEDF013161BC TA20 2LZ Forton Rangers, Forton Rangers Football Club, Two Ash Lane 24/7 Public 7m
8A080275-B8AC-4295-9180-B043007E32D9 TA20 2QA Tatworth Memorial Hall, Kents Road, Chard 24/7 Public 4m
A6726C9B-CD12-4C79-AF9E-AD250081B363 TA20 2QA Tatworth Community Defibrillator Group, Tatworth Memorial Hall, Kents Road 24/7 Public 7m
D8906B76-8B2F-4DF2-AE3D-AF2A009B2CB8 TA20 2QW Tatworth Playing Fields, Kents Lane, South Chard 24/7 Public 7m
351 TA20 2RX Primary School, Somerset 24/7 Public
E6A59C71-FD2F-487E-99DD-AFE1009605F2 TA20 2SG Church Of St John, Waterlake Road, Chard 24/7 Public 7m
601B8BA8-19F8-4798-885C-AFE1009719A0 TA20 2SU Perry Street Club, Perry Street Club And Institute, Waterlake Road 24/7 Public 7m
BF9EA21F-0996-481A-8857-AD4C00F76959 TA20 3DH Ferne Animal Sanctuary, Animal Sanctuary Road, Chard 24/7 Public 7m
77220082-46E9-48B1-B4F2-B07400BAB011 TA20 3EA Chard South Somerset Holiday Park Launderette, Turnpike Service Station, Chard 24/7 Public 4m
99CD697F-3C65-4041-A5B7-AD7500B2D980 TA20 3EN The Cotley Inn, Wambrook Road, Chard 24/7 Public 4m
829B6AA9-7FF2-46D6-8FF2-AED700B51198 TA20 3QA Caravan Site, Higher Beetham, Whitestaunton Variable Public 7m
905 TA20 3RS The Candlelight Inn, Somerset 24/7 Public
906 TA20 3RS Otterford Parish Hall, Somerset 24/7 Public
3184 TA20 3SJ Buckland St Mary Primary School, Somerset 24/7 Public
5E058F30-1847-4704-9272-B0F501009E29 TA20 3SJ Buckland St Mary Primary School, Buckland St. Mary C Of E Primary School, Buckland St. Mary 24/7 Public 4w
F8BC3C2C-A0C9-480D-A274-B07400BAB2C6 TA20 4AT Chard Reservoir Angling Club, Chaffcombe Lane, Chard 24/7 Public 4m
A1E3705D-4F21-4F3A-B68F-AD7500B212C0 TA20 4BH Chaffcombe Village Hall, Main Street, Chaffcombe 24/7 Public 4m
40789085-AF18-4CC1-AE04-ADC8009526A8 TA20 4DD Cricket St Thomas Park And Hotel 2, Leisure Reception, Roman Road 24/7 Restricted 4m
C48DBFFC-FFAA-407C-B4C0-ADC800B5AF9A TA20 4DD Cricket St Thomas - Main Reception, Cricket St Thomas Park And Hotel, Roman Road 24/7 Restricted 4m
DD408728-CE7F-4FC2-81B0-AF8200EA6777 TA20 4DQ Swandown Lodges, Cricket St Thomas, Chard 24/7 Public 7m
58E1E66C-7FF3-452F-BF0B-AF9B00DA1A2F TA20 4HD Alpine Grove Caravan Park, Alpine Grove, Forton 24/7 Public 4m
77C38C1D-8C20-44CD-B625-AD2301528A5B TA20 4HU The Bell, 11 Church Street, Chard 24/7 Public 7m
FBAD79A2-A2B7-4650-9B24-AD7500B3059A TA20 4NF Thorncombe Stores And Post Office, 5 Chard Street, Thorncombe 24/7 Public 4m
317C20CA-9936-4DCC-8E13-AF3B00AABA2C TA20 4QN J B Wheaton And Sons, Station Road, Chard 24/7 Public 7m
6160AEFA-4566-42F4-B8F6-ADF200E8462C TA21 0AW Reminiscence Learning, Unit 6, Tonedale Mill Industrial Park 24/7 Public 7m
4573 TA21 0BS Memorial Hall, Somerset 24/7 Public
5491 TA21 0HH Stawley Village Shop, Somerset 24/7 Public
10BB343E-B767-4C54-BC87-ADCC009A9633 TA21 0LX Premier Communications Electronics Ltd, Werescote, Samford Arundel 24/7 Restricted 4m
20DC10CD-6C75-4ECD-A255-AEFD00DC69C1 TA21 0NH Staple Cross Inn, Road From Humpty's Hill Wood To Staple Cross, Staple Cross 24/7 Public 7m
F8DF46B4-D06E-42A2-8DC7-ADC0010BD771 TA21 0PG King George V Memorial Hall, Frog Lane, Holcombe Rogus 24/7 Public 7m
FD7D4183-C8DF-4AFF-95C6-AD2E00DCF8B1 TA21 0RL Langford Budville Village Hall, Ritherdons Lane, Wellington 24/7 Public 7m
5254 TA21 0SA New House Farm, Somerset 24/7 Public
BED4CE2C-CDAD-4466-B8D8-AE2A00D7F1AF TA21 8DH Somerset West And Taunton Meeting Hall, Bulford, Wellington 24/7 Public 4m
0537A702-DA3A-4A87-87C3-B00500A2E6F5 TA21 8FP The Isambard Kingdom Brunel Primary School, Thomas Place, Wellington Variable Public 7m
2D0BBA01-22BB-4047-811C-ADBE007BE56A TA21 8FQ Pritex Ltd, Lillebonne Way, Wellington Variable Restricted 7m
6775B08B-EF82-4DAD-B6D6-AE3C00BF9118 TA21 8JN Somerset West And Taunton Council, Lodge Close Guest Room Meeting Hall, 51 Lodge Close 24/7 Public 7m
82B127C2-9F00-45F9-B3CA-AE2A00D80B44 TA21 8JN Somerset West And Taunton Meeting Hall, Lodge Close, Wellington 24/7 Public 4m
E2CB7E21-D935-4D99-87F5-AE5400D8118C TA21 8JN Somerset West And Taunton Council, Lodge Close Guest Room Meeting Hall, 51 Lodge Close 24/7 Public 7m
A4C2BDA6-15B2-4582-B9C2-AD3200DF4EFD TA21 8LL Wellington Bowling Club, Corams Lane, Wellington Variable Restricted 7m
1F73E19B-90D7-45C7-B292-AD270078C394 TA21 8LZ Wellington Afc, North Street Car Park, North Street 24/7 Public 7m
694ABE2C-7550-4DD5-B05C-B07B00BDC1F1 TA21 8NE Beech Grove Primary School, Courtland Road, Wellington Variable Restricted 4m
B5B3C54E-2218-46D9-B96C-AF9601131997 TA21 8NE Wellington Cricket Club The Pavilion Wellington Playing Field, Courtland Road, Wellington 24/7 Public 7m
D768CA67-FE79-4EFE-832F-AD200082DD9D TA21 8QQ Somersetft.nhs Uk, Wellington District Hospital, Bulford 24/7 Public 7m
C2C16F43-AD46-4192-BE82-AF1001353D31 TA21 8RD Waitrose Wellington, Red Lion Ct, Wellington 24/7 Public 7m
B6D41E25-62BB-4927-A600-AE4C00C5BC46 TA21 8RQ Public Toilets Wellington, Longforth Road, Wellington 24/7 Public 4m
843F3793-3766-493D-B4A2-AFA5010FE17A TA21 9AD Taunton Deane Dlo, Deane Depot, Westpark Variable Restricted 7m
9F3BF359-C17A-440F-8DCB-AFE70115CB64 TA21 9AD Screwfix, Unit C2 Block C, Westpark 26 Variable Restricted 4m
DE5C74E5-6CFA-4F75-AACF-AF0A007DF733 TA21 9AD Wj South West, Unit 4d, Westpark Variable Restricted 7m
57BA4C70-3BB2-4F21-91B6-AE530096CED5 TA21 9BZ Rockwell Green Christian Fellowship Centre, Rockwell Green, Wellington 24/7 Public 7m
5A98B7B2-1181-4365-A874-B0370099CD51 TA21 9DJ Rockwell Green Primary School, Rockwell Green School, Brooklands Road Variable Public 4m
D6E361F0-A32E-4871-A8F4-B09F00923D1B TA21 9EJ St John's Primary School, St Johns Primary School, Priory Variable Public 3m
2A827935-8DC3-4EC3-851C-AD4400FBA8C3 TA21 9FF Elysium Healthcare, West Park 26 Chelston, Westpark 24/7 Restricted 7m
CACE2C34-B17F-46EE-AA81-AFB100FFA91F TA21 9FG The Mount Veterinary Hospital, Taunton Road, Wellington 24/7 Restricted 7m
F8B5E20A-CF53-4DBC-901B-AECD00A7477C TA21 9HN Caravan And Motorhome Club, Cadeside Caravan Club Site, Nynehead Road 24/7 Public 7m
302D69C8-0443-42DA-B3E2-AD5900ADC9FD TA21 9HW Tradestock Poole Industrial Estate, East Nynehead Road, Wellington Variable Restricted 7m
6744 TA21 9JE Wellington Motors Ltd, Somerset 24/7 Public
23FB26E2-CB04-4DCD-91D2-B0C100C06E81 TA21 9JQ Synertec Ltd, Unit 2a, Castle Road 24/7 Public 3m
50F6BC52-327C-46DC-8E31-AFD100953300 TA21 9JQ Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance, Landacre House, Castle Road 24/7 Public 4m
E6F9F89D-F12E-48A9-B32A-B03600B09BBC TA21 9LD West Buckland Primary School, Silver Street, West Buckland Variable Restricted 4m
2636 TA21 9NA Village Hall, Somerset 24/7 Public
C87C2C9D-6305-41A1-AD16-AF5E00EE2549 TA21 9NA West Buckland Parish Council, West Buckland Village Hall, Silver Street 24/7 Public 7m
1E8E568C-40F3-4E6B-989F-ADDE00F8BE51 TA21 9ND Crossfit Theta, Unit E Monument View, Summerfield Avenue 24/7 Public 7m
8F0E0F35-2981-4E9E-AC6F-AEBB00CD7005 TA21 9PH Chelston Park Nursing Home, Westbuckland Road, Wellington 24/7 Public 4m
7529F353-CFE6-4E46-AA00-AE490109235E TA21 9QN Sampford Arundel Village Hall, Breach Hill, Wellington 24/7 Public 7m
A881801F-2ECF-4ECC-B6D8-B0AE00EEDCBA TA21 9RF Oneline Surveys Ltd, Compound 5 Foxmoor Business Park, Foxmoor Business Park Road 24/7 Public 3m
D3B46CC1-C608-4B48-8EF7-AF2E007CD474 TA22 9BE The Caravan Club Ltd, Lakeside Caravan Park, Road From Granite Corner Cross To Highleigh Bridge Variable Public 7m
53373BB8-1F05-49AD-8A69-B02E00A61017 TA22 9EN All Saints C Of E Vc First School, Fishers Mead, Dulverton Variable Public 7m
BF8AC1F4-000E-4612-B3E8-AFA50113E79A TA22 9EX Bank Square, Dulverton 24/7 Public 7m
0E847B3F-6A4D-49CD-932A-AEDA00991908 TA22 9JL Exe Valley Caravan Site, Week Lane, Bridgetown 24/7 Public 7m
78BA1689-4BE9-4455-916A-ADDD011BBA7D TA22 9NU Wimbleball Rowing Club, Cowlings Bay Boathouse, Hill Lane 24/7 Restricted 7m
ED1955D7-0F6D-44DE-9B77-AEA200F7C5F9 TA23 0AB Quantock Pharmacy, 11 Swain Street, Watchet Variable Public 7m
EB470D75-4516-4DE3-BFA1-AEDF00F5676D TA23 0AQ Watchet Phoenix Centre, 5 Harbour Road, Watchet 24/7 Public 4m
D1463611-0955-46DB-A060-B0C200B38869 TA23 0EU Ingrams Meadow, Watchett, Somerset 24/7 Restricted 3m
0A0463C1-527D-47B8-9735-AEBA00C91B91 TA23 0JR Reception, Warren Bay Holiday Village, Cleeve Hill 24/7 Public 7m
AC4E7C5B-D301-48E4-A67F-B073013C30AB TA23 0PB Old Cleeve C Of E First School, Huish Lane, Washford Variable Restricted 4m
90768654-B50B-4261-8CBF-ADEB00DCA91B TA23 0PR Old Cleeve Parish Council, Washford Memorial Hall, Huish Lane 24/7 Public 7m
00EFA7EB-3050-42C4-80E1-AD7700DCA5EB TA23 0QY Village Hall, Roadwater Road, Watchet 24/7 Public 7m
5665C5A7-A5A1-400A-96F7-ADFF0130FEC2 TA23 0RE Singer Instruments Co Ltd, Singer Instruments, Roadwater Road Variable Restricted 7m
C731A73E-71A4-4F4F-9872-AF5500D1A129 TA23 0RZ Watchet Town Council, Henry Davey Playing Field, Changing Rooms 24/7 Public 7m
C926D0BB-D75F-4125-B10C-AEB500EF509A TA23 0TQ Doniford Farm Park, Doniford Road, Watchet 24/7 Public 7m
2AF67853-03EF-4C4C-A88C-ADFF01320720 TA24 5AE Singer Instruments Co Ltd, Unit 5 - 6 The Minehead Enterprise Centre, Mart Road Variable Restricted 7m
A5BF908E-A341-47CD-80BF-AF6600CD6B20 TA24 5AE Singer Instruments, Unit 5 - 6 The Minehead Enterprise Centre, Mart Road Variable Restricted 7m
44D29954-F695-4BE0-8F4D-AF2300EB9453 TA24 5AZ Minehead Community Defib Group, The Hairy Dog Pub, 32-34 The Avenue 24/7 Public 7m
3021C3D0-34B0-407D-99EF-AD7500B31DB7 TA24 5BG West Somerset Railway - Minehead Station, Minehead Variable Public 4m
1120B031-702C-4FF0-B503-AE5A010CBB2A TA24 5BJ Minehead Community Defib Group, Hedley Price Funeral Directors, Mart Road 24/7 Public 7m
2F5B7339-13EC-41AF-9019-AE4000B9EB81 TA24 5BY Tesco Superstore, Seaward Way, 0 Variable Public 7m
C5D44EE3-42C5-4B83-AEF3-B03801229C5B TA24 5DJ Minehead Community Defib Group, Masonic Hall, 5 Bancks Street 24/7 Public 4m
6792C854-7A15-46F3-B039-AD7500B2D3EA TA24 5DP The Community Building, Recreation Ground, Irnham Road 24/7 Public 4m
6177D976-D677-4E6D-B19B-B0A10109EBB3 TA24 5DU Minehead Community Defib Group, Glendower, 30-32 Tregonwell Road 24/7 Public 3m
8112 TA24 5EH Minehead Cricket Club, Somerset 24/7 Public
91BC04C1-3878-420F-9707-AE3F00F94C66 TA24 5QW Minehead And District Social Club, North Road, Minehead Variable Public 7m
08DA548F-0A2E-4F9E-A670-AEC90115DF6F TA24 5RE Minehead Community Defib Group, Minehead Service Station, Townsend Road 24/7 Public 7m
013FB307-C09B-4C43-BF75-AD2C00AB6A39 TA24 5SJ Minehead & West Somerset Golf Club, The Warren, Warren Road Variable Restricted 7m
683E155D-DF8E-495C-88E2-AF9E015AB29B TA24 6BA Minehead Community Defib Group, Alcombe Pharmacy, 37-41 Alcombe Road 24/7 Public 7m
9AE71A65-BC88-4730-9380-ADB70097DA57 TA24 6DF Minehead Community Hospital, Luttrell Way, Minehead 24/7 Public 7m
A5770442-4F6F-450C-8A7A-ADDE00D9DF82 TA24 6DG Atm At Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc, Vulcan Road, Minehead Variable Public 7m
8B721003-7783-4540-8C0E-AE61015B40AB TA24 6DJ Minehead Fire Station, 45 Hopcott Road, Minehead 24/7 Public 7m
EF373903-981F-4314-A763-B04400ED2B1E TA24 6DJ The Caravan Club, Caravan Club Site, Hopcott Road 24/7 Public 4m
A8036D69-E48F-47EF-9C4D-AEFC00C1B930 TA24 6DQ Minehead Community Defib Group, 1 Ellicombe Close, Alcombe 24/7 Public 7m
03966B7B-094F-4502-B11B-AEC90117EBEE TA24 6FB Minehead Community Defib Group, Snazaroo, Unit 1, Rainbow Way 24/7 Public 7m
87C88360-A9D0-481E-B9F4-AE3500ED4C9F TA24 6HJ Lysaght Village Hall, Lower Bilbrook Lane To Monks Path, Old Cleeve 24/7 Public 7m
D8ED3637-FC64-4DBD-A72B-ADE400E21107 TA24 6JS Old Cleeve Parish Council, Blue Anchor Community Toilets, Blue Anchor Road 24/7 Public 7m
B5A2DF47-B279-4E96-990A-AF4200C84910 TA24 6JT Hoburne Limited, Hoburne Blue Anchor, Blue Anchor Bay Road 24/7 Public 7m
A42118A8-B96D-4C23-8254-AD6D012C2A62 TA24 6PZ Withycombe Memorial Hall, Lower Street, Withycombe 24/7 Public 7m
00F8D80F-0DF3-4233-BF7D-AD7500B29B3B TA24 6RL Riverside Retirement Community, Dunster Marsh, Dunster 24/7 Public 4m
93AB8AC2-8587-4E37-91CA-B02E0103AAE4 TA24 6SQ Stables And Gift Shop, Castle Hill, Dunster Variable Restricted 4m
497C4E1E-2E36-44D3-B0E4-B02E01045D6A TA24 6SW Water Mill Tea Rooms, Mill Lane, Dunster Variable Restricted 4m
4BD96905-8E4C-4B20-9E59-AFBE01702A04 TA24 6TH Minehead Community Defib Group, Dunster Beach Reception Building, Dunster Beach 24/7 Public 7m
D10C0F25-7695-467E-A8C4-AF6C00D1B3FE TA24 6TH Minehead Community Defib Group, Dunster Beach Carpark, Public Toilet Block 24/7 Public 7m
31FA15F3-F86C-450A-AE4A-AF6200E57F3B TA24 6UR Minehead Community Defib Group, 22 Teal Road, Alcombe 24/7 Public 7m
4BF1E71E-7F99-4AE7-A1A3-B0FA0111F5D4 TA24 7DT Exmoor Farmers Livestock Actions Ltd, Cutcombe Market, Dunkery Road 24/7 Public 4w
F014471F-594C-4AA0-B9C8-B0EF01099307 TA24 7DU Moorland Hall, Wheddon Cross, Minehead 24/7 Public 4w
066D75BB-3735-47DD-9D14-AD4E00E0A6A9 TA24 7JG Winsford Parish Council, Winsford Village Hall, Exford Road 24/7 Public 7m
03718B03-3499-416D-8FB0-AD2100B00B29 TA24 7QP The Village Shop, Chapel Lane, Withypool 24/7 Public 7m
9B6B4CCF-6023-4A3C-ABBC-AFF700F53599 TA24 8AB Minehead Community Defib Group, Millbridge Evangelical Church, 8 Parkhouse Road 24/7 Public 7m
A1E939FF-3978-491A-9454-AF6200E7B952 TA24 8BS Minehead Community Defib Group, Minehead Baptist Church, Parks Lane 24/7 Public 7m
87E51683-E217-482A-BB42-AE4C0106CC89 TA24 8DT Eastleigh Care Homes Limted, Eastleigh Care Homes - Minehead Ltd, Periton Road 24/7 Public 7m
F3961217-6987-4215-B9F2-AE6300F44317 TA24 8HN Allerford & Selworthy Village Hall, Post Office, Bossington Road 24/7 Public 7m
C42FC06E-80B2-4AB9-AB44-AD2200ABB317 TA24 8PE Porlock Weir Car Park, Porlock Weir Public Conveniences, Porlock Weir Road 24/7 Public 7m
268B22D9-7AB1-4106-8378-B05000B442EF TA24 8PS One Stop Convenience Store, High /Street, Doverhay 24/7 Public 4m
6BD120B8-B79B-43F5-8EA7-AD2200A7555D TA24 8PY Abbeyfield Porlock Society, Abbeyfield Porlock, The Laurels 24/7 Public 7m
FB3B5A4F-B612-4C43-9BFD-AD20014B66FD TA24 8QJ Porlock Recreation Ground Cio, The Pavilion, Porlock Recreation Ground 24/7 Public 7m
9AF7EB23-593D-412A-89A4-AD32008E74B4 TA24 8RH Villagers Store And Post Office, Church To Brockwell Lane, Wootton Courtenay 24/7 Public 7m
2B50A29C-6774-457F-97E3-ADC200A7628E TA24 8ST Blue Haze, Tivington, Minehead 24/7 Public 7m
F3C2246F-68AD-4C5C-A9F4-B0C201100F63 TA24 8UF Minehead Community Defib Group, 2 Abbots Way, Minehead 24/7 Public 3m
6C9131F4-742D-4FE2-B5E2-AD2500CA5E4C TA3 5AF Durston Parish Meeting, Durston Village Hall, Lodge Farm Lane 24/7 Public 7m
EAA66004-2B6F-4709-A44C-AFDC00E3DC97 TA3 5AP West Lyng Farm, Main Road, West Lyng 24/7 Public 7m
DFECD26D-73CA-466A-BEF9-AF9700BDE302 TA3 5AU Lyng Village Hall, Main Road, Taunton 24/7 Public 7m
9D717975-47C4-4130-A5A9-B04200ABF3E4 TA3 5BW Thurlbear Church Of England School, Thurlbear Road, Orchard Portman Variable Restricted 4m
B3C399BA-E71E-4821-810C-AE270101088F TA3 5EJ Telephone Kiosk, Creech Heathfield, Charlton Road, Creech Heathfield 24/7 Public 7m
B1AB4CAE-0CFF-40BC-99F4-AD24009F761D TA3 5JG Ruishton And Thornfalcon Parish Council, Dinhams, 2 Cheats Road 24/7 Public 7m
7A7D286D-5BC1-4B6F-BD53-AFAB01133C2F TA3 5NN Knight Brothers, Thornfalcon Garage, Langport Road 24/7 Public 7m
41E4A348-B6A9-4EDA-839C-B0AE00C53882 TA3 5RJ West Hatch Village Hall, Off West Hatch Lane, West Hatch 24/7 Public 3m
16345960-3A98-4DB7-8914-ADAB012E7772 TA3 5SP The Greyhound Inn, Staple Fitzpaine Road, Taunton 24/7 Public 7m
84C1CD7E-A17C-42DE-BD35-AD6500D79AF0 TA3 6AS Sports Pavillion, Morris Way, North Curry 24/7 Public 7m
E6D13DFC-FC43-442E-8B04-B092012D488D TA3 6DF Wrantage, Canal Inn, Wrantage 24/7 Public 3m
01CDB832-D51E-4834-8BC7-B077006CA940 TA3 6EG Stoke St. Gregory C Of E Primary School, Huntham Lane, Stoke St Gregory Variable Restricted 4m
DB857C76-4B19-49F6-B78D-ADD200D0A230 TA3 6EH The Royal Oak Community Shop And Pub (Stoke St Gregory Parish Council), Royal Oak Inn, Huntham Lane 24/7 Public 7m
15D577A5-1874-420A-BF0F-AF9D010D4BF4 TA3 6LD Public Telephone 8m From Post Office, 4 Queen Square 5m From The Pavement, Queen Square, Taunton 24/7 Public 7m
B882B132-3813-4B80-9656-AD26009C9E2D TA3 6LD Post Office, The Post Office, Queen Square 24/7 Public 7m
52456F39-1CDA-4403-88CD-B06F00C59149 TA3 6NQ North Curry Village Hall, Greenway Road, North Curry 24/7 Public 4m
BF5234EF-3635-4783-AA80-B04501056B1E TA3 6NQ North Curry Primary School, Greenway, Taunton Variable Restricted 4m
7307 TA3 6PX Fivehead Garage Ltd, Somerset 24/7 Public
64D5F723-BDCC-44FD-B38F-AD7500B25F37 TA3 6QL Isle Brewers Garage, Isle Brewers Lane, Isle Brewers 24/7 Public 4m
0BA7ACD2-A394-4DDF-8085-AD2700F332A0 TA3 6RR Village Hall, Chapel Road, Isle Abbotts 24/7 Public 7m
06823DE4-472B-4978-823E-B07B00A430A3 TA3 6SQ Hatch Beauchamp Primary School, Station Road, Hatch Beauchamp Variable Restricted 4m
2E10B579-DC89-47E4-95B3-AD7500B22DA3 TA3 6SY Curry Mallet And Beercrocombe Village Hall, Higher Street, Curry Mallet 24/7 Public 4m
4698D877-A74A-4E57-984E-B02700BF97CA TA3 6TA Curry Mallet Church Of England Primary School, Curry Mallet Vc Primary School, Lower Street Variable Restricted 7m
381731EA-8890-4C9F-B0CB-AE7000B221B2 TA3 7AN Corfe Village Hall, Newton Lane, Corfe 24/7 Public 4m
F26DD82A-84B3-45AF-8125-AD2000CE4C83 TA3 7DR The Dairy Burnworthy Mews, Smokem Lane, Taunton 24/7 Public 7m
A50EABBB-69AC-457E-81E4-ADB200D738CE TA3 7DY Unit 4 Blackdown House, Churchinford Road, Taunton Variable Restricted 7m
4038 TA3 7EA Holman Clavel Inn, Somerset 24/7 Public
1494C82B-2B8D-400D-9130-AD65010A8171 TA3 7JZ The Trull Church Community Centre, Church Road, Taunton 24/7 Public 7m
5CED440C-15DB-4B65-9504-AE7C00730AD8 TA3 7PF Roadchef Taunton Deane Northbound Msa, M5 Northbound, Trull 24/7 Public 7m
CA9AE697-DB2C-48CE-B8A1-AE7B010578C1 TA3 7PF Roadchef Taunton Deane Southbound Msa, M5 Southbound, Trull 24/7 Public 7m
1806 TA3 7SA Sports Pavilion, Somerset 24/7 Public
8527 TA3 7SH MTM Tiles, Somerset 24/7 Public
8528 TA3 7SY New Village Rooms, Somerset 24/7 Public
53AEA5EC-C5C6-4A1D-BE03-B0B200BCE100 TA4 1AZ Oake Bradford And Nynehead C Of E Vc Primary School, Bradford Road, Oake Variable Restricted 3m
1D8D6D84-2E32-4F4C-9763-AD2D00C4337A TA4 1BA Oake Manor Golf Club, Bradford Road, Oake Variable Restricted 7m
057E6C79-EFB7-447A-B6FF-AD7800F1F9D6 TA4 1DE Dene Barton Community Hospital, Dene Road, Cotford St Luke 24/7 Public 7m
2962E2F2-6583-48A4-BA1D-AE3600FC0966 TA4 1JA Oake Community Shop & Post Office, Post Office Oake And District Hall, Saxon Close 24/7 Public 7m
6FFD914A-3951-427E-B601-AE3000B76671 TA4 1JR Milverton Recreation Ground, Butts Way, Milverton 24/7 Public 7m
56FBADC3-AEE6-4454-9305-AD7500B27E22 TA4 1JU Victoria Rooms, Fore Street, Milverton 24/7 Public 4m
C305A88E-1A14-4630-B814-AE2A00D7F6A4 TA4 1JY Somerset West And Taunton Meeting Hall, Creedwell Orchard, Milverton 24/7 Public 4m
695B5953-B927-4C21-B93D-AEB60090185B TA4 1ND The Organic Herb Trading Company, Butts Way, Milverton 24/7 Public 4m
5253 TA4 2AL Village Hall, Somerset 24/7 Public
5643 TA4 2DQ Village Hall, Somerset 24/7 Public
87AD6796-A508-4666-912C-AD2100C0FD6A TA4 2EQ Public Telephone 30m From 2 Church View 9m From Unnamed Road, Rocks Cottage To Forches Cross, Clatworthy 24/7 Public 7m
FE64A8F9-CEEA-47B1-AE97-AD4E00A24F0E TA4 2EX Longmead, Huish Champflower 24/7 Public 7m
19E354F3-2CD7-4DCA-B7D4-AFCA00FED708 TA4 2HX Upton Parish Council, Meadowside, Village Hill 24/7 Public 7m
62E047D1-5C78-4C46-AE0B-B03800FC7FAC TA4 2LA Wiveliscombe Primary School, North Street, Wiveliscombe Variable Restricted 4m
7E780701-460F-43B8-81AA-B01301604629 TA4 2RP Pitsford Hill, Pilgrim Cottage, Pitsford Hill To Gandstone Cross 24/7 Public 7m
8016EE68-9492-4DCE-BBB5-AD4D00EB72C2 TA4 2RP Brompton Ralph Cricket Club, Brompton Ralph Cricket Ground, Pitsford Hill To Moor Mill Farm 24/7 Public 7m
E2F12642-3233-4D81-B749-AD20014C1F1C TA4 2TA Tennis 45m From Culverhead Lodge 32m From Culverhay Lane, Culverhay Lane, Taunton 24/7 Public 7m
9B1AABCC-503C-492D-A50C-AD7500B244B1 TA4 3AB Halse Village Hall, Whitmoor Lane, Halse 24/7 Public 4m
7A027318-49E6-425C-A163-AD7500B2FA89 TA4 3AF The New Inn, Halse Road, Halse 24/7 Public 4m
0FE69B7F-1D80-42FB-87C3-B08400DB49F0 TA4 3AN Bishops Lydeard Church School, Bishops Lydeard Primary School, Mount Street Variable Restricted 4m
BE48D4ED-5CC9-48DC-9D55-AE9000B53E45 TA4 3AU 3rd Taunton (Bishops Lydeard) Scout Group, 9 West Street,, Bishops Lydeard Variable Restricted 7m
3844CDE8-79D9-497A-9F2E-AE2A00D7FAA5 TA4 3BD Somerset West And Taunton Meeting Hall, Darby Way, Bishops Lydeard 24/7 Public 4m
F8B2EBC7-17C0-46EA-89D6-AD7500B1F959 TA4 3BX Bishops Lydeard Railway Station, Greenway Road, Taunton 24/7 Public 4m
14578C36-2052-489F-B285-AE2A00D7FF3E TA4 3BY Somerset West And Taunton Meeting Hall, Greenway, Bishops Lydeard 24/7 Public 4m
B7A90486-627A-4C1F-B05F-AFC5014D4CCF TA4 3EN West Bagborough Parish Council, Post Box 18m From 1 Vale View On West Bagborough Road, West Bagborough Road 24/7 Public 7m
345B997B-D0EF-40D5-A8EB-B0A000A61962 TA4 3HA Holford House, Trebles Holford Road, Combe Florey 24/7 Public 3m
BD5C09AB-F5D4-4C61-A19F-B09700FD0034 TA4 3JD Combe Florey Village Hall, Combe Florey, Taunton 24/7 Public 3m
5374 TA4 3JT Tithe Barn, Somerset 24/7 Public
450728B2-B173-49BC-A3EC-AE28013F8483 TA4 3LH Bishops Lydeard Village Hall, Mount Street, Bishops Lydeard 24/7 Public 4m
A046294A-B37D-45F3-BB68-B0910090C7CC TA4 3SF Lydeard St Lawrence County Primary School, Lydeard Down Hill, Lydeard St Lawrence Variable Restricted 3m
31CDF5EB-C42B-4872-A82C-AD7500B2B623 TA4 3TA St Marys Church, High Street, Stogumber 24/7 Public 4m
C99A73C8-272E-437E-B1BF-AF0700FD606E TA4 3TG Stogumber Cricket Ground, Station Road, Stogumber 24/7 Public 7m
BF7CF41F-F54A-4DA9-98C0-ADC80094EAC5 TA4 4DY St Audries Bay Holiday Club, West Quantoxhead Variable Restricted 4m
F64BD1C6-C233-4A1C-AB80-ADC80094EE03 TA4 4DY St Audries Bay Holiday Club - Pals Bus, West Quantoxhead 24/7 Restricted 4m
8C33F54C-8865-4073-A19C-AD7500B1F2F3 TA4 4EQ Bicknoller Village Hall, Honey Row Lane, Bicknoller 24/7 Public 4m
278B9539-5B13-4EF9-BE62-AE5F013FF448 TA4 4JB The Notley Arms Inn, Front Street, Monksilver 24/7 Public 7m
50EDF3BD-DC73-45F1-A28F-ADE000FF9B4A TA4 4LE Sampford Brett Parish Council, Village Hall, Croft Meadow 24/7 Public 7m
7735 TA4 4PG Williton Pavilion, Somerset 24/7 Public
E5BB62CD-6014-4596-BCE8-AE5C00AC319A TA4 4PX Spar Shop Wiliton, 2 Fore Street, Williton Variable Restricted 4m
6873 TA4 4PY Williton Parish Council Office, Somerset 24/7 Public
8AE91A15-3BEC-4ABA-8D63-AFA200994762 TA4 4QA Somerset West And Taunton Council, West Somerset House, Killick Way Variable Restricted 7m
E577D9DB-13A3-46A8-8687-AF3B00A22D70 TA4 4QN Glenmore Bakery, 31a Long Street, Williton 24/7 Public 4m
F8BEE6C9-7274-4A04-91E3-AD7200B452EC TA4 4RA Williton Community Hospital, North Road, Williton 24/7 Public 7m
F08F5E9E-25C7-4669-9690-AF8600B297F6 TA4 4RQ The Diesel And Electric Preservation Group Ltd, Station Car Park, Station Road 24/7 Public 7m
79A33A05-629F-4EC6-AD95-B02700BE1BA3 TA4 4SF School Office At St Peter's First School (Office Hours Only), St Peters First School, Doniford Road Variable Restricted 7m
15B38744-A83E-49B5-BB77-AD7500B2A587 TA5 1BS Spaxton Village Hall, High Street, Spaxton 24/7 Public 4m
0F01EC63-0879-4DD2-952B-AD7500B2E279 TA5 1EA The Hood Arms, Main Road, Kilve 24/7 Public 4m
7633 TA5 1EG Kilve Cricket Club, Somerset 24/7 Public
0230026C-C9BC-4ED5-887E-B0A7013BA9E8 TA5 1JW Coultings, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 3m
DD485F0B-980E-4144-A7C9-AF4B012F61E8 TA5 1LN The Thomas Poole Library Nether Stowey, Car Park, Castle Street Variable Restricted 7m
AF66A6F9-37A3-40E5-9297-AD21007B1A96 TA5 1NW Quantock Medical Centre, Banneson Road, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 7m
BD48EE62-53CE-4283-8DA0-B03601060769 TA5 1NX Nether Stowey Church Of England Primary School, Mill Close, Nether Stowey Variable Restricted 4m
D0656A82-F174-4FFA-B685-AD7500B2C6C9 TA5 1QE The Babbling Brook, Shurton Road, Stogursey 24/7 Public 4m
9E5590D4-4C18-4F62-8172-AD7500B2B1F7 TA5 1TB Stogursey Motors, 7 High Street, Stogursey 24/7 Public 4m
EA9E36ED-ABBB-4EBC-8626-AD7500B225CE TA5 1TN St Peters Church, Stolford, Stogursey 24/7 Public 4m
E4708EAE-80B6-4B73-8328-AD7500B23AC0 TA5 2AN Enmore Park Golf Club, Enmore Road, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 4m
1766E1C3-2726-45A6-BB68-AF2D00A537E6 TA5 2AW Durleigh Water Treatment Works Durleigh Reservoir, Enmore Road, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 7m
22C5C5D5-688C-4AD2-AE3C-AD21008CBB24 TA5 2BH Chilton Trinity Village Hall, Chilton Road, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 7m
8998EC36-F1A1-489D-BD98-B0BE01160CA1 TA5 2DF Goathurst Village Hall, Village Hall, Park Lane 24/7 Public 3m
6BFA66FB-F946-4A71-AD94-B0C900B46DBF TA5 2DX Enmore Primary School, Enmore Church Of England Primary School, Enmore Road Variable Restricted 3m
96F7B06A-D98A-4513-B52A-ADDC01008441 TA5 2EQ Fyne Court, Fyne Court Approach, Broomfield 24/7 Public 7m
73B13864-A831-4973-8643-B0A800E2C298 TA5 2HP Cannington C Of E Primary School, Cannington Church Of England Primary School, Brook Street Variable Restricted 3m
07DB723D-4E85-41FD-877A-ADF700BCED05 TA5 2LS National College For Nuclear, Bridgwater And Taunton College, Rodway Hill, Cannington 24/7 Public 4m
33DEDA32-0A2F-4B68-A5FA-ADC800951FCE TA5 2LS Cannington Campus - Main Reception, Bridgwater And Taunton College, Rodway Hill, Cannington Variable Restricted 4m
3BD51BD8-80D6-4DC2-B48D-ADC80095231E TA5 2LS Cannington Golf Club, Rodway Hill, Cannington 24/7 Public 4m
58D29621-266E-4B61-B767-AEE500A0124E TA5 2LS Cannington Equestrian Centre, Rodway, Cannington 24/7 Public 4m
3A5E0D90-C171-489E-AF2A-B09000A7D0C9 TA5 2NB Brymore Main House, Brymore Academy, Brymore Academy Approach 24/7 Public 3m
69F1E1CC-BCAE-4438-866F-B09000A40D17 TA5 2NB Outside The Medical Centre / Matrons Office, Brymore Academy, Cannington 24/7 Public 3m
92AC9398-D266-42AC-A03D-B09000B3A0C3 TA5 2NB Brymore Academy, Brymore Academy Approach, Cannington 24/7 Public 3m
7E6546AB-D028-4BE0-A5BB-AD55010A062B TA5 2ND The Yeo Valley Organic Company, Nether Stowey To Cannington Road, Cannington 24/7 Restricted 7m
F14665C4-7B98-4C8E-BD60-B0840077A2F7 TA5 2NJ Warehouse Swang Farm, Nether Stowey To Cannington Road, Cannington 24/7 Public 4m
582E26D8-220C-4876-A571-ADC800951568 TA5 2PJ Rodway Farm Agricultural Innovation Centre, Bridgwater And Taunton College, Rodway Farm, Cannington Variable Restricted 4m
943FCF4B-DFF0-433C-9E9F-AD7500B2C439 TA5 2PX Ferrices Farm, Steart, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 4w
E5EDF332-86C0-4435-8EDD-AD34010DC4DC TA5 2PX Otterhampton Parish Council, Channel View, Steart Drove 24/7 Public 7m
F035DBAB-A6E9-4488-845E-ADE000D458A9 TA5 2QD Babcock, Perry Green Farms, Chads Hill 24/7 Public 7m
9C9FD5E7-280C-48F8-A69C-AE26011D842D TA5 2RR Garage, Willstock, 11 Willstock Way, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 4m
889C2C9A-E544-4272-81EE-AD2F0101E844 TA6 3AR Ground Floor Bridgwater House, King Square, Bridgwater 24/7 Restricted 7m
2E378566-C57C-4C76-9A1D-AF3F010555A2 TA6 3AS Bridgwater Town Council, The Town Hall, 36-44 High Street 24/7 Public 7m
49DCE0F8-D5E0-48ED-BFDD-ADA200E26C83 TA6 3EU Northgate Primary School, Northgate, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 7m
A4BBE9DF-BE47-4D18-B275-AD5200AFE680 TA6 3EX The Admirals Landing, The Admirals Landing Admirals Court, Anson Way 24/7 Public 7m
F05E53BC-110B-49D8-84F2-ADE9009C402B TA6 3JA Chilton Trinity Technology College, Chilton Street, Bridgwater Variable Restricted 7m
F6BEC974-78FD-49DE-901E-AF5E00DAAA09 TA6 3TQ The Hub At Bridgwater, The Hub, 22 Angel Place Shopping Centre Variable Restricted 7m
1BA41D34-BFE1-4C03-9B57-B0F501021F90 TA6 4AE Rexel, Unit 4 East Quay Mews, East Quay Variable Public 4w
CBE04AE8-2D56-440B-A11A-AD6E00C4A8BA TA6 4AR Sedgemount Industrial Park, 6 Bristol Road, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 7m
2E0BF34E-9C86-427C-8DBC-AFD900F9B5CE TA6 4BH Howdens At Bridgwater, Unit Aa, Wylds Road,, Bridgwater Variable Restricted 7m
634C4FAC-41B4-4933-88B3-AFE800601156 TA6 4BH Screwfix, Unit 8 - 9 Riverside House, Riverside Mill Business Park Variable Restricted 4m
D618059B-8EA0-44E4-B374-AFCE00B81AF7 TA6 4BH Sunbelt Rentals, Unit M Wylds Rd, Bridgwater Variable Public 7m
08745E00-BCF0-4D4C-B31F-B08800F26FE0 TA6 4DB Unit 2, East Quay, Bridgwater Variable Public 4m
4E899AE0-0871-47B1-A95B-ADC900EB9E3B TA6 4DL Vapormatt Ltd, 2 Robins Drive, Bridgwater Variable Public 7m
2563E4D8-2562-4520-B39D-AD7A00F87C29 TA6 4FJ Woodlands Business Park, Bristol Road, Bridgwater Variable Restricted 7m
4F717989-8F21-4DA1-8C26-AD20007C7E86 TA6 4FJ Scan Film Or Store Ltd, Unit H1 Woodlands Court Business Park, Bristol Road 24/7 Public 7m
4318 TA6 4FU Kings Down Pavilion, Somerset 24/7 Public
E8C40168-7963-4465-9046-AD2600E3B89B TA6 4GU Bridgwater Community Hospital, Bower Lane, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 7m
113BF9BC-C967-47D7-ABA0-AFCE00A5DD85 TA6 4LF Unit 3, Wylds Road, Bridgwater Variable Public 7m
00A16066-E263-4BDA-9107-ADCD008B776E TA6 4PZ Bridgwater Campus - Main Reception, Bridgwater And Taunton College, College Way Variable Restricted 4m
7807F991-C929-435D-96FE-ADCD008B7C22 TA6 4PZ Energy Skills Centre, Bridgwater And Taunton College, College Way, Bath Road Variable Restricted 4m
D2D31363-88E2-4732-8B87-AD7500B1FC9A TA6 4PZ The Mcmillan Theatre, Bridgwater And Taunton College, College Way 24/7 Public 4m
4B8974C0-3855-49D5-9779-ADF700BCF122 TA6 4QY Health And Fitness Building, Bridgwater And Taunton College, College Way Variable Restricted 4m
B6232340-30AA-4BC1-B635-AD7500B2BDE6 TA6 4QZ Sydenham Community Centre, Parkway, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 4m
A06405BB-A697-4EFA-BC58-AD990102B1D9 TA6 4RR Bridgwater Police Centre Express Park, Bristol Road, Bridgwater 24/7 Restricted 7m
E2A6A5DA-656F-431A-90BD-AD990101E045 TA6 4RR Bridgwater Police Centre Express Park, Bristol Road, Bridgwater 24/7 Restricted 7m
FBD89D21-7B1C-4BEB-82B2-B09900A14DC9 TA6 4RR Class Publishing, The Exchange, Express Park, Bristol Road, Bridgwater Variable Restricted 3m
2A11163E-F29A-423B-812D-AD200128F50C TA6 4RY 29 Old Main Road, Pawlett, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 7m
422DDCCD-1232-4E69-A23E-AE6600A33288 TA6 4RY Pawlett Village Hall, Old Main Road, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 7m
455FD60B-A991-408A-933D-B08A00C8130D TA6 4SB Pawlett Primary School Academy, Gaunts Road, Pawlett Variable Restricted 4m
F18D09FF-76A8-4C25-A250-AF2700D6CADF TA6 4SR Sedgemoor Crematorium, Red Lane, Bridgwater Variable Public 7m
A14F0276-E4B6-404B-9ED5-AD41010BB067 TA6 4TB Pasquill, Second Floor Unit 200 Bridgwater Business Park, Bristol Road Variable Public 7m
A8A33788-BDC5-4DFF-A426-AFB1009C2A35 TA6 4TP Units 13 And 14, Dunball Industrial Estate Road, Puriton Variable Restricted 7m
D09FEB80-8B7A-4FF1-AE72-ADA600CCD2F0 TA6 4TZ Bridgwater And Albion Rugby Club, Bath Road, Bridgwater Variable Public 7m
F20B5B1F-CB2B-47B8-AB85-B03400B50164 TA6 4WB Tesco Bridgewater Express, Unit 1 Kings Road, Bridgewater Variable Public 4m
11B52F4A-0FB3-49E5-B8DB-AE37011A43C4 TA6 4YA Tesco, Tesco Express Bower Manor Shops, Pollard Road Variable Public 7m
A0D04863-C70F-424D-B234-AF3C00D6E8EB TA6 5AR Mercure Hotel Bridgwater, Mercure Bridgwater Hotel, 56-66 Eastover 24/7 Restricted 7m
10DBA1FB-6B09-4763-9C25-AE71007D07D6 TA6 5AZ Unit C The Clink Retail Park, East Quay, Bridgwater 24/7 Restricted 3m
1C845832-CC96-499E-90B1-B0AC00BC0B5C TA6 5BP St John And St Francis Church School, Westonzoyland Road, Bridgwater Variable Restricted 3m
D4D43E28-9779-4B73-BEF9-B02900A09A8C TA6 5EX Eastover Primary School, Wellington Road, Bridgwater Variable Restricted 7m
FC7D7D35-ED78-450F-9287-B03000C979AE TA6 6AH Somerset Bridge Primary School, Stockmoor Drive, North Petherton Variable Restricted 7m
10F4CC15-D82C-4F45-B0E9-AEDA008B133F TA6 6DF Muller Milk & Ingredients (Mmid), Market Way, North Petherton 24/7 Restricted 7m
823E1187-3B59-4F65-94F0-B01400E1401C TA6 6GY 1604-1605 Carnival Way, North Petherton, Bridgwater Variable Restricted 7m
3B7E65BB-C3FB-4DF5-9A0F-AE26011D8A83 TA6 6LX North Petherton Gp Surgery, Mill Street, North Petherton 24/7 Public 4m
3F12C3E8-77F4-4D7A-9F78-AE2601356C50 TA6 6NN Nprfc Ltd, North Petherton Rugby Football Club, Beggars Brook 24/7 Public 7m
3927ED33-E698-4E9C-8228-ADA900847C8B TA6 6PN North Petherton Football Club Playing Field, Parkers Field, North Petherton 24/7 Public 7m
9E2A28F6-3A8F-412E-AD71-B04D01512088 TA6 6PR North Petherton Bowls Club, Bridgwater Road, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 4m
1D9EBA94-D19E-4EAE-B669-B0D00122B783 TA6 6QA North Petherton Community Centre, Fore Street, North Petherton 24/7 Public 8w
A8A14450-C413-4995-A9AF-AE3C00FFEC4D TA6 6QA Tesco Express, 68 Fore Street, North Petherton Variable Public 7m
91E98B62-8ED3-4D89-8C48-AD2F00DDA7F4 TA6 6TS Argos Distribution, Huntworth Business Park, Bridgwater 24/7 Restricted 7m
94C7CFAB-F0D3-4396-852E-AE3300C74961 TA6 6WU Co-Op Food Store, Stockmoor Shopping Centre, Stockmoor Drive 24/7 Public 4m
570791A6-0D9B-4DE1-BDF4-AD7500B28E36 TA6 6YA One Stop Shop, Allen Road, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 4m
34AD272B-E28E-4A00-A374-AE2701134AA5 TA6 7AS Victoria Park Community Centre, Victoria Park Drive, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 4m
E78C5F61-C79E-4B99-BDA0-AD7500B1FF4B TA6 7HR Bridgwater Bowls And Cricket Club, The Parks, Durleigh Road 24/7 Public 4m
755F7F49-2E40-46C2-8627-AE2B00D314E3 TA6 7LW Nisa Local, Dunkery Road, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 7m
786BF5CB-3586-4DCA-A9E3-B0F4009CF5D2 TA6 7PS Wembdon St George’s School, Wembdon St George's Church School, Brantwood Road Variable Restricted 4w
9A837622-A804-4030-B272-AD7500B30E11 TA6 7PZ The Cottage Inn, 68 Wembdon Hill, Wembdon 24/7 Public 4m
B0FF50B2-CA64-49C3-9C35-ADC80094D9F8 TA6 7RP Wembdon Parish Centre, Church Road, Wembdon 24/7 Public 3m
2183 TA7 0AS Village Hall, Somerset 24/7 Public
C2F6CDEF-DF96-423E-AF9C-B0A1013DF4AF TA7 0BA North Newton Cricket Club, Tuckerton Lane Playingfield, Tuckerton Lane 24/7 Public 3m
DC39BB86-8C09-468F-B582-AD2500B16693 TA7 0DH North Newton Public Access, Tea Room Adj Maunsel Lock Information Centre, Banklands Lane 24/7 Public 7m
322C886D-64BB-421C-A2EF-AEF4007904A9 TA7 0EB Ethan Berry Pavilion, Main Road, Westonzoyland 24/7 Public 7m
CF8AF3D9-206B-41F0-ACDD-AD7F008112E4 TA7 0EX Westonzoyland Community Centre, Cheer Lane, Westonzoyland 24/7 Public 7m
9C7D17D6-55D2-4BA7-920C-AF0600B3D910 TA7 0JL Walkers Farm, Bullplace Bridge Road, Stathe 24/7 Public 7m
35203C59-48FE-47C7-8AD1-B04C00A1DCBF TA7 0NZ Middlezoy Primary School, Church Road, Bridgwater Variable Restricted 4m
DA4FAA86-746D-457F-B461-AD2600C98E2E TA7 0NZ Middlezoy Village, Methodist Church, Church Road 24/7 Public 7m
F5C9485C-540D-4605-B232-AED800F2650C TA7 0NZ Middlezoy Community Post Office, Church Road, Middlezoy 24/7 Public 7m
CD542532-BF77-4A20-B7DB-AD7300F5604C TA7 0PG Nethermoor Road, Middlezoy, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 7m
00A711B9-82C1-406E-B248-AE2B00F774D8 TA7 0QU Othery Village Hall, Fore Street, Othery 24/7 Public 7m
1A64F260-8FF4-422D-BD16-AF0600B2E12A TA7 0RB King Alfred Pub, King Alfred Inn, Glastonbury Road 24/7 Public 7m
95CEC721-CF85-43A4-9D0F-AE6D00F33C39 TA7 0SA Musgrave Cottage, Stanmoor Road, Burrowbridge 24/7 Public 7m
B64718A4-7550-48AD-B154-AD7500B29826 TA7 8BW Puriton Butchers Shop, 3 Riverton Road, Puriton 24/7 Public 4m
468B327D-E615-4BE5-97FA-B09A00FE2D7E TA7 8BY Puriton Sports Centre, Churchfield Drove, Puriton 24/7 Public 3m
0C1A9973-66ED-4679-AE8C-AD7500B317F2 TA7 8DY Woolavington Village Hall, Higher Road, Woolavington 24/7 Public 4m
147924F9-E256-4EB1-A7BB-AD7500B314F6 TA7 8JQ Woolavington Community Centre, Sedgemoor Way, Woolavington 24/7 Public 4m
A52E079B-5DE5-4BF8-82EB-AD21013613FD TA7 8NB Burtle Parish Council, Burtle Village Hall, Burtle Road 24/7 Public 7m
4707 TA7 8PE Mole Valley Farmers, Somerset 24/7 Public
A79EBC95-8352-4583-9679-ADBC00B8CBAD TA7 8PP Fairways Caravan Park, Bath Road, Bawdrip 24/7 Public 7m
B1A5057D-55ED-4712-829C-ADB7010D868C TA7 8QB Bawdrip Village Hall, Ta7 8qb, Village Hall, Eastside Lane 24/7 Public 7m
4F4F1A34-4B14-423C-8BE6-AD2F00CFE5DF TA7 9BU Moorlinch Farm, Moor Road, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 7m
DA4F4E97-0017-4A7B-8802-AD3C00AE170E TA7 9HA Edington Village Hall, Broadway, Bridgwater 24/7 Restricted 7m
24AF151A-A12E-43BD-9A7D-B07E0075CB6D TA7 9LN The Pavilion, Orchard Way, Shapwick 24/7 Public 4m
451B8E37-E0A7-47A5-90B4-AD7C013C7F9B TA7 9LN The Cricket Pavilion, Northbrook Road, Shapwick 24/7 Public 7m
F24931F3-6CC7-40FB-861F-AFE900B6B249 TA7 9PW Coronation Playing Field Approach, Ashcott, Bridgwater 24/7 Public 7m
F8E98971-3B8D-4174-9A7E-AD7500B1E3EA TA7 9PZ Ashcott Village Hall, High Street, Ashcott 24/7 Public 4m
0A242887-1850-4C55-8046-ADCD00FE6108 TA8 1AN Ritz Social Club, 24 Victoria Street, Burnham On Sea 24/7 Public 7m
FFEDA3BB-CBFA-4F77-84AF-AD7500B2AB6B TA8 1AW St Andrews Church, Victoria Street, Burnham On Sea 24/7 Public 4m
FAF229DA-7E2E-4373-8397-ADCD008B7004 TA8 1BT Burnham Beach, Jetty Building, The Esplanade Variable Restricted 4m
7EEA35BC-A058-41B4-8987-AD5C0100B23B TA8 1BU Burnham On Sea Motor Boat And Sailing Club, South Esplanade, Burnham On Sea 24/7 Public 7m
20E5CDB6-1689-410E-9754-AD2101045DB0 TA8 1ED Somerset Nhs Foundation Trust, Burnham On Sea Memorial Hospital, 6 Love Lane 24/7 Public 7m
37CC4891-7AF9-4E18-90A9-AE5C00AD022F TA8 1ED Nhs Foundation Trust Organisation, Burnham On Sea Memorial Hospital, 6 Love Lane 24/7 Public 7m
432CBE3A-F768-44AF-84A0-B0D500D03ACF TA8 1EH Princess Theatre And Arts Centre, The Princess Theatre, Princess Street 24/7 Public 8w
C54751DB-2BF0-452A-A87E-AE4001134E39 TA8 1EZ Tesco Superstore, Ben Travers Way, 0 24/7 Public 7m
B5D44AF5-F238-47A1-BAC3-AD23012A069C TA8 1LN The Light House Inn, Highbridge Road, Burnham On Sea 24/7 Public 7m
99C3F219-4668-4BF2-9085-ADD0010F6738 TA8 1NQ Burnham And Highbridge Parkrun, Apex Park Toilets Apex Leisure Park, Marine Drive 24/7 Public 7m
EA73D761-A158-418F-B2D1-AD5501104DA6 TA8 2AU Grantchester, St Andrews Road, Burnham On Sea Variable Restricted 7m
A8827984-A66E-4282-BED5-AECF00D04C9F TA8 2BS Burnham Association Of Sports Clubs, Stoddens Road, Burnham On Sea 24/7 Public 7m
B0F9EE84-6FE9-466E-B623-B0DE00E70A13 TA8 2ET Berrow And Highbridge Community Centre, 5 Berrow Road, Burnham On Sea Variable Restricted 8w
42B82CCF-40F3-4969-ADD9-B03500A4185D TA8 2NJ Village Hall, 21 Parsonage Road, Berrow 24/7 Public 4m
D48FA6F2-2834-4C72-8581-AF3800A1E79B TA8 2NL Berrow Village Hall, Parsonage Road, Berrow 24/7 Public 7m
12E36FD8-12AD-4677-9D27-AD2F0091B89A TA8 2PA Avenue Tennis Club, The Grove, Burnham On Sea 24/7 Public 7m
6DFB535E-AA0A-41C5-87D7-AE230117CE3B TA8 2PE Burnham And Berrow Golf Club, St Christophers Way, Burnham On Sea Variable Public 7m
0E61759A-198A-4878-B50E-AF51014F4BCA TA8 2QR St Mary's Church Room, Berrow, St Marys Church Approach, Berrow 24/7 Public 7m
262604A6-0AC9-40B6-A2CB-AED30080408D TA8 2QT The Caravan Club, Hurn Lane, Berrow Variable Public 7m
A7CA0E1A-A737-46AA-BD6C-ADDA00FF9B45 TA8 2QX Sandyglade Holiday Park, Coast Road, Berrow Variable Restricted 7m
9474F957-42D2-4743-8B31-AD180101A4E6 TA8 2QY Dolphin Caravan Park, Coast Road, Brean 24/7 Restricted 7m
F28F7EE5-76AE-4062-9078-ADC8009511F9 TA8 2QY Brean Leisure Park, Coast Road, Brean 24/7 Restricted 4m
8756237E-45E2-4F6A-83C8-ADCD008B7408 TA8 2QZ Berrow Beach Patrol - 4x4, Coast Road, Berrow Variable Restricted 4m
D16C4482-FA63-4F0C-86B5-AD2300AB8E41 TA8 2QZ Beachside Holiday Park, Coast Road, Burnham On Sea 24/7 Public 7m
A3AD314F-DB14-45DA-8294-AD7500B2BA92 TA8 2RA Sunningcrest Caravan Park, 104 Coast Road, Burnham On Sea 24/7 Public 4m
97E7C429-3500-42E2-8157-ADC8009504B5 TA8 2RB Holiday Resort Unity, Coast Road, Brean 24/7 Public 4m
C78A3AB7-9BF0-4D01-BA69-ADC80095015D TA8 2RB Holiday Resort Unity 2, Coast Road, Brean 24/7 Restricted 4m
EB973490-3E30-492C-AC79-ADB300FE44D5 TA8 2RD Bread N Butter, Coast Road, Brean 24/7 Public 7m
12F81FC2-9A6B-4017-9A13-AF9E00CF423F TA8 2RF The Warren Caravan Park, South Road, Brean 24/7 Public 7m
5AABEC85-9BAE-4F0D-BE28-AD2C00D022E4 TA8 2RL Diamond Farm Holiday Park, Weston Road, Brean 24/7 Public 7m
622AF8FC-6758-48CD-8F4A-AD7500B30B40 TA8 2RP Warren Farm Holiday Park, Warren Road, Brean 24/7 Public 4m
C29377EB-620C-4D99-9D17-AE690094A7DB TA8 2RS Brean Down Cafe, Brean Down Road, Burnham On Sea Variable Restricted 4m
E10B954C-926D-4A5F-B600-AF9D00DA0E91 TA8 2RS Brean Down Caravan Park, Brean Down Road, Brean 24/7 Public 7m
F4670E5F-86E5-41CC-9DC8-AE6A00A703A3 TA8 2RS Brean Beach, Brean Down Road, Brean Variable Restricted 4m
46B19A1A-A32A-4055-98C9-ADBC00B45DB4 TA8 2RW Rose Farm, Red Road, Burnham On Sea 24/7 Public 7m
9EA24D66-79A3-47F1-8A56-ADC800950E33 TA8 2SE Northam Farm Holiday Park, South Road, Brean Variable Restricted 4m
ABF1A510-E9BB-4EA5-BB44-AD2300AD4C79 TA8 2SF Brean Village Hall, Church Road, Brean 24/7 Public 7m
87D7B902-646F-479C-A74A-AFEC0094E131 TA9 3AE Sopha, 2-4 Church Street, Highbridge Variable Public 7m
39CF5FA2-65FA-4D8B-B6C7-ADBA009F3411 TA9 3AJ Burnbridge Wanderers Jfc Football Club, Changing Rooms, Grange Avenue 24/7 Public 7m
7EC5CE21-F8A4-4308-9AED-B06A00977AC2 TA9 3DR Taunton Kitchens Unit, 13a Alstone Lane, Highbridge 24/7 Public 4m
2862C453-0B0E-4516-94DE-AE8300B5BA98 TA9 3EE The King Alfred School Acdemy, Burnham Road, Highbridge Variable Public 7m
8DB89B6F-3248-4B5F-A306-AD420149F8F4 TA9 3PQ East Huntspill Village Hall, Church Road, East Huntspill 24/7 Public 7m
71983518-B8AC-40A2-9312-B0FB00EF9F22 TA9 3PS East Huntspill Cricket Club, Merry Lane, East Huntspill 24/7 Public 4w
DF35B5EF-10CE-470E-89D4-B06201059A1D TA9 3PT East Huntspill Primary Academy, New Road, Highbridge Variable Restricted 4m
8174 TA9 3QD Huntspill & District Cricket Club, Somerset 24/7 Public
BEEA0504-57FF-498B-84EE-B0A500E941C3 TA9 3QE West Huntspill Primary Academy, New Road, West Huntspill Variable Restricted 3m
9DDCA9FD-B278-4881-A7D7-AD7B01147112 TA9 3RA Crossways Inn, The Crossways Inn, 1 Withy Road 24/7 Public 7m
709216CE-8D2F-410D-B8CB-AEE5010604FA TA9 3RN Balliol Hall, Church Road, West Huntspill 24/7 Public 7m
B5FFFE42-69CA-4BCD-83AA-B0290104CC2E TA9 3RQ 5 Old Pawlett Road, West Huntspill, Highbridge 24/7 Public 7m
1FCF772E-5F1E-48C8-9884-B0B201190016 TA9 4BJ Dirt Driver Ltd, Ham Road, Brent Knoll Variable Restricted 3m
AAA266DB-5874-4307-B08F-AEB600901C0A TA9 4EQ Brent Knoll Primary School, Brent Street, Brent Knoll 24/7 Public 4m
1C2786BD-72BE-412D-ADAC-ADB200B7FC79 TA9 4EX Highbridge Caravan Centre, Bristol Road, Highbridge Variable Restricted 7m
E0FF9667-32E9-4C96-B2D4-AFE800737985 TA9 4HA Screwfix, Unit C1, Oaktree Business Park Variable Restricted 7m
2021E021-4013-4803-8000-ADC800950832 TA9 4HD Home Farm Holiday Park - Fusion, Stoddens Lane, Edithmead 24/7 Restricted 4m
7EBA1472-9535-415B-B3F8-AD7500B24C67 TA9 4HD Home Farm Holiday Park - Phone Box, Home Farm Holiday Park, Highbridge 24/7 Public 4m
4BC07418-B8B5-411C-ACCA-ADBC00B235AC TA9 4HE Edithmead Caravan Park, Bristol Road, Edithmead 24/7 Public 7m
52431EE5-8252-4BFD-9DE7-B0B500A701D3 TA9 4HZ East Brent Church Of England Academy School, Church Road, East Brent Variable Public 3m
C53959A6-E6D0-4075-9524-AD550100E199 TA9 4JP Yeo Valley Supply Chain, Isleport 1 To 3, Lawrence Close 24/7 Restricted 7m
DE2EF41B-6A43-4F8A-A463-ADB400E7A196 TA9 4JR Bakkavor Desserts, 2 Bolton Close, Highbridge 24/7 Public 7m
5B816E23-5B50-4505-9CEE-AEF200F999E0 TA9 4JT 1 Gass Close, Isleport Business Park, Highbridge Variable Restricted 7m
47436966-FD23-4F4A-AFB4-AD550107A300 TA9 4JU Yeo Valley, Acorn House, Hooper Close Variable Restricted 7m
D439E9BD-E934-4F6C-A7DC-AD7500B1DDB6 TA9 4NF Amesbury & Puddy, Church Street, Mark 24/7 Public 4m
EDEA09AF-A648-4621-8E12-ADA6010F58CA TA9 4NP Sedgemoor Manor School, Blackford Road, Mark 24/7 Public 7m
33E39964-544A-4007-BAEB-ADD600CA26BF TA9 4NR Somerlap Forest Products Limited, Blackford Road, Mark Variable Public 7m
D6F88A69-CD6D-4892-8798-AD7500B272DB TA9 4NY Mark Village Hall, Vole Road, Mark 24/7 Public 4m
A789FD59-B366-4878-98E2-B03F00BFE909 TA9 4QA Mark First And Pre School Ce Academy, The Causeway, Mark Variable Restricted 4m
D3F1038C-49A4-4BE4-ABC6-ADBC00B834B9 TA9 4QD Coombes Cider Farm Park, The Causeway, Mark 24/7 Public 7m
A3A9C5A7-DF21-4450-90A9-ADBC00B4FF08 TA9 4RA New House Farm, Mark Road, Highbridge 24/7 Public 7m
F7DEC706-C3AD-452D-A142-AD5600FFE74E TA9 4RD Rich's Cider, Mill House, Mark Road 24/7 Public 7m

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 8 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n2291445706 inside old red phone box, Kerswell
MZ n4580469868 outside Moorland and District Village Hall - down left hand side of building
MZ n5312772554 On outside wall of Kittwhistle Garage building
MZ n6049121071 On the wall near the corner of the end shop facing towards the courtyard.
MZ n10004633473
MZ n11143153937 On the front of the Hire Hut Wimbleball Lake Activity Centre
MZ n11585152320 inside old red phone box in Babcary
MZ n11636625739 outside Chedzoy Village Hall - down left hand side

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 70 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
432F6973-373C-4077-A2FD-B0D9016EA556 TA1 1QP (Platform 2) Taunton Railway Station, Station Approach North, Taunton n5110010790 Wall cabinet on Platfrom 5 7 m
7A1AAF64-5BC8-4532-A2B2-B0D900F799DD TA1 1QP (Platform 5) Taunton Railway Station, Station Approach, Taunton n5109999808 47 m
2807 TA10 9JA Telephone Box, Somerset n9496915019 inside old red phone box in Knole 3 m
4807 TA10 0LN Village Hall, Somerset n10291328901 outside Drayton Village Hall 2 m
6667 TA10 9PG Telephone Box, Somerset n11465969188 12 m
7057BCF9-A4A7-4267-9DB9-AE5D00BF6404 TA10 9BQ High Ham Parish Council, Henley Corner, Henley Road n11584758835 inside old red phone box in Henley 0 m
79EAA73F-EAE2-4316-B763-AD2600EE1729 TA11 6BS Village Hall, Broadclose Way, Somerton n11585374906 outside 13 m
B3C22698-CF44-4CA7-BA37-AD200112FC1E TA11 6AN Charltons Parish Council, Reading Room, Hillway n11585131935 outside Charlton Mackrell Reading Room 8 m
DD6B472A-04DA-47D2-B96A-AD7100F63673 TA11 6LY Fire Station, Etsome Terrace, Somerton n11584756833 outside Somerton Fire Station 2 m
0510AB98-E650-475F-A975-B1020116A433 TA12 6AL Phone Box, Milton, Ash, Public Telephone 10m From The Mistle 5m From Milton Lane, Milton Lane n11585494976 inside old red phone box in Milton 4 m
B7FC67FF-1E22-4FA1-9DC2-AD9700B691EE TA12 6BG Kingsbury Community Centre, Thorney Road, Kingsbury Episcopi n4187581044 40 m
27A4DBD2-AA56-4668-A75B-AD7500B290DE TA13 5LL Over Stratton Village Hall, Over Stratton Road, South Petherton n9025502445 outside Stratton & District Village Hall 14 m
A51FFE9E-C7EF-486E-AABA-AD7500B1F567 TA13 5BT Blake Hall, Market Square, South Petherton n9595571622 on the corner of Blake Hall by the red phone box, Market Square, South Petherton 17 m
D6E04392-402F-4D92-A673-AD7500B2336F TA13 5HW East Lambrook Public Telephone, Silver Street, East Lambrook n11180716236 inside old red phone box (now used as book swap) in East Lambrook 11 m
906792EA-51A8-4811-9C56-AE52013FDDBA TA15 6XB Red Telephone Box, The Borough, Montacute n9484816901 inside old red phone box, The Borough, Montacute 54 m
5E928652-E5D2-400B-8174-AE3C01098740 TA16 5QG Q&Co Hairdressers, 2 Broadway, Merriott n11589629077 near roundabout at junction of Broadway and Knapp, Merriott 3 m
0AB7B049-953C-4D9E-B94A-AFAB00FCEF2A TA17 8SE Hinton St George P.c., Phone Box Opp The Lord Poulett Arms, High Street n9906676690 inside old red phone box, opposite Lord Poullet Arms, High Street, Hinton St George 19 m
1873 TA18 7RQ Telephone Box, Somerset n9496907000 inside old red phone box outside Haselbury Plucknett First School 3 m
44D7DDD7-40EB-4522-AF9A-AF9700FDEE76 TA18 7SG North Perrott Parish Council, Public Telephone 20m From Peel House, New Street 4m From East Street, East Street n5147934758 Inside telephone box 11 m
480A6D2C-69D8-4343-9BB2-AD1F0148C478 TA18 8QG Wayford Parish Council, Wayford Manor Telephone Box, Wayford Manor n11129017766 inside old red phone box (now used as book swap) in Wayford 1 m
3725 TA19 0LQ Village Hall, Somerset n11585763260 outside Shepton Beauchamp Village Hall 2 m
11CB063D-3C0C-4717-B80D-B0AB00E4BA34 TA19 0QE Seavington Carpark, Seavington St Michael, Ilminster n9516186306 inside old red phone box (painted grey), New Road, Seavigton St Michael 39 m
56AA6D7F-9327-4487-8EBF-AD7500B1E0CE TA19 9NE Ashill Village Hall, Ashill, Ilminster n11590106008 outside Ashill Village Hall 74 m
879BB71E-D05D-4222-964B-AD7500B25798 TA19 0AD Ilminster Phone Box, Market Square, East Street n1952574087 inside red phone box next to Market House in the centre of Ilminster 7 m
9BFC72D0-A2BA-4413-98A9-AD7500B30879 TA19 9EF Vaughan Lee Memorial Hall, Main Street, Whitelackington n11254074049 outside Whitelackington Village Hall on North side of building 13 m
B1C0D6A5-51F7-4C43-9188-AD7500B201F2 TA19 9RQ Broadway Public Telephone Box, Broadway Road, Ilminster n6185428714 Inside disused red phone box 2 m
0991D653-B5F2-4E37-842E-AE2701011B67 TA2 8RJ Thurloxton Village Hall, Mill Lane, Thurloxton n11590340083 outside Thurloxton Village Hall 6 m
3D855B7A-6214-43D5-BD43-AE2B00F79F30 TA2 6AL Heartstart Somerset, Staplegrove Village Hall, 214 Staplegrove Road n8016714020 47 m
5DADDA40-7F6A-45E1-8B6E-AE32009D8AB4 TA2 6DG Co-Op Food Store, Morse Road, Norton Fitzwarren n5157272304 Wall cabinet 31 m
7FF1A612-F22C-419E-AB5B-AE2A00D7DE8D TA2 7JW Co-Operative Group Limited, 6-9 Priorswood Place, Taunton n7854017979 16 m
DDA638DF-9193-473B-A616-AFBA00EB2706 TA2 8JU Public Telephone 21m From Cheddon House 4m From Maidenbrook Lane, Maidenbrook Lane, Taunton n10687283575 inside old red phone box in Cheddon Fitzpaine 1 m
A1D1B953-F52F-4DA0-BBEA-AD3A01478A44 TA20 3NG Combe St Nicholas C Of E V A Primary School, New Road, Chard n6185407536 11 m
C306B868-CF0F-4545-8570-AD7500B2F4A4 TA20 3AP The Haymaker Inn, Wadeford Road, Chard n11589834750 inside old red phone box by Haymaker pub in Wadeford 19 m
5252 TA21 0LF Village Hall, Somerset n7763446088 3 m
2681 TA22 9NL Village Hall, Somerset n11143149861 On outside of village hall/shop 11 m
F2FD1D96-1AD3-4F33-96F2-AE26011F7C02 TA23 0AJ Esplanade Club, 5 The Esplanade, Watchet n6775336485 6 m
0E241ACB-26B8-48B8-B4E5-AD7500B20CC7 TA24 6NQ Carhampton Recreation Centre, Main Road, Carhampton n10687333726 outside Carhampton Recreation Hall 38 m
22DEF291-B88E-4862-A9A7-AE62015B6D1A TA24 7TS Red Telephone Box, The Glebe, Timberscombe n9294802863 inside red phone box, The Glebe, Timberscombe 48 m
475199F8-4F3F-46E5-B4CB-AD5D00A14324 TA24 5BE Minehead Cummunity Defib Group, Jubilee Gardens, The Esplanade n9189917017 16 m
8932100C-74D7-486E-BFCB-AD24009DE694 TA24 5UL Minehead Community Defib Group, St Peter’s Chapel, Quay Street n10004010238 5 m
A263556D-59DD-44EC-AD2B-B04900E364C0 TA24 8HQ Bossington Toilet Block, Bossington Public Convenience, Bossington Road n11074221216 2 m
B564E1AA-F805-41C1-8E30-ADE500DC21E2 TA24 5BG Minehead Community Defib Group, The Channel Training And Adventure Centre, Warren Road n10003917197 10 m
D54F94A9-7E10-4A90-98BE-AD7500B27019 TA24 6SG Luttrell Arms Hotel, 32-36 High Street, Dunster n11153629273 24 m
E4B38877-8968-4EFE-B875-AD2B00F43870 TA24 8HN Allerford Community Hall, The Post Office, Bossington Road n7940054881 on exterior wall of Post Office, just to the right of the entrance. 10 m
4404 TA3 7AZ Telephone Box, Somerset n1647249615 inside old red phone box in Pitminster 1 m
6390 TA3 7QY Telephone Box, Somerset n11129017769 inside old red phone box outside Churchinford Village Hall 2 m
7259 TA3 6QE Telephone Box, Somerset n11129011624 inside old red phone box (now used as book swap) opposite St Martin Church in Fivehead 6 m
29283F56-B4B7-4E99-88F3-AE270101151B TA3 5QQ Red Telephone Box, St Michaels Road, Creech St Michael n9496894492 inside old red phone box at the end of Ryesland Way, Creech St Michael 19 m
548BF5ED-2AC1-4830-A064-AD3700BEE426 TA3 5RS Farmers Arms Inn, Bickenhall Lane, West Hatch n7368677630 16 m
BFCEF817-68B3-4E8E-A0B5-AE2F01535FAA TA3 5BY Heartstart Somerset, Church End, Stoke Road n6783852877 11 m
DC875E66-9316-477D-B366-AD7500B2490D TA3 6SQ Hatch Beauchamp Primary School, Station Road, Taunton n10779474988 outside Hatch Beauchamp Primary School, Station Road, 12 m
205BAA4D-9182-4219-B05E-AD3800F4E414 TA4 4AE Crowcombe Parish Council, Crowcombe Village Shop, Crowcombe Road n10933154247 outside Crowcombe Village Shop 1 m
60F59E03-CA97-4776-A0F9-AEFA00BA7CFB TA4 2RU Brompton Ralph Parish Council, Public Telephone 16m From The Old Chapel 6m From Unnamed Road, Post Office To Church n5927121239 inside red phone box in Brompton Ralph 4 m
7100D17E-2E1F-441D-99B4-AFBC016EE43F TA4 1HZ Community Centre, Bethell Mead, Cotford St Luke n11120851916 Wall cabinet, outside main entrance to the Community Centre (which is by the school / near tennis co 29 m
AA260103-FFB7-4055-A2FA-AFBC016D3141 TA4 1HX Co Operative Stores Ltd, 82 Graham Way, Taunton n3976503052 Wall cabinet, outside main shop entrance to the Co-op 11 m
B85D1CAA-D106-4193-94ED-AD2C00DFE598 TA4 2JT Day Lewis Chemists, 1 The Square, Wiveliscombe n10608835413 outside Day Lewis Pharmacy, The Square, Wiveliscombe - down side on North St 6 m
C245872C-C033-49D7-AA69-AFD40111595F TA4 3EQ West Bagborough Village Hall - Popham Hall, West Bagborough Road, West Bagborough n10933140674 outside West Bagborough Village Hall 12 m
5309 TA5 2PY Telephone Box, Somerset n1755334758 inside old red phone box in Stockland Bristol 1 m
5441 TA5 1JG Telephone Box, Somerset n7095351635 inside phone box 142 m
5442 TA5 1JW Telephone Box, Somerset n11129042209 7 m
014B6C31-6B80-4631-8656-ADB30132089A TA5 1RY The Plough Inn, Williton To Bridgwater Road, Holford n4760820352 outside The Plough pub facing Williton Road 6 m
0CE1598F-AE01-4B87-BFB1-AD7500B2084A TA5 2HE Cannington Bus Shelter, High Street, Cannington n9826915070 on side of bus shelter, High St, Cannington, TA5 2HE 15 m
8CA15ED8-7F63-4DAA-A802-AD7500B30057 TA5 2RG Combwich Public Telephone, Brookside Road, Combwich n10878192674 inside old red phone box in Combwich 40 m
923D672A-BFD9-43DD-B71D-AD7500B302F9 TA5 2HP Cannington Public Telephone Box, Brook Street, Cannington n3269408644 inside old red phone box by southern end of Jubilee Park, Cannington 11 m
4319 TA7 0AA Telephone Box, Somerset n7089332304 inside telephone box 5 m
5991 TA7 9BW Telephone Box, Somerset n8639935301 inside red phone box in Greinton 2 m
02802338-3832-4FAB-ABAD-AD7F0082C4FC TA7 0EE 1 Fore Street, Westonzoyland, Bridgwater n8105159883 7 m
EDDDAD93-0D64-48C7-B545-AD2500B07D50 TA7 0BG North Newton Public Access, North Newton Village Hall, Church Road n11053819897 outside North Newton Village Hall 20 m
01BB2C4B-BAB3-4B96-B9BE-AD7500B20507 TA8 1BB Burnham Area Rescue Boat, South Esplanade, Burnham On Sea n8709323838 7 m
825 TA9 4JD Brent Area Medical Centre, Somerset n10293727236 outside East Brent Medical Centre 14 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 8 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
570BD32B-0440-4729-819B-AE9A0120DCAC TA19 0EY Ilminster Cricket Club, Ilminster Cricket Club The Recreation Ground, The Mead n5062690721 227 m
C753FAFF-77E6-495B-8B95-AD7500B2FD9F TA24 5AY The Old Hospital, The Avenue, Minehead n5751450431 On side wall of shop in old hospital Courtyard 175 m
2620F62E-579C-4D10-8459-AE2701010F4C TA3 5NY Red Telephone Box, Ham, Creech St Michael n6499657491 inside old red phone box in Ham 158 m
7E037C01-9B09-4045-A4F1-B0A70139DB79 TA5 1JG Church Road, Fiddington, Bridgwater n7095351635 inside phone box 141 m
66C3135C-2765-41BA-A18F-AE3301128281 TA23 0SH Luxborough Village Hall, Luxborough, Somerset n7738373485 98 m
2D9B2E09-A3CB-4E6E-88C1-AEB00099A3C0 TA11 6SP St Cleers Chapel, Polham Lane, Somerton n10011917898 Outside St Cleers Chapel, Polham Lane, Somerton 158 m
9816FFB7-C45A-477D-91FE-AE3100C15702 TA17 8TB Heartstart Somerset, 2 Wagon House, Castles Hill n10687294438 inside old red phone box, Castles Hill, Allowenshay 216 m
6CDD06A4-751B-4FA6-8EC2-AD2100B81EE2 TA18 7PT The Muddled Man, Lower Street, West Chinnock n11585748299 outside Muddled Man pub, West Chinnock 164 m

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