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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'CM' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 785 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
4A909012-5664-4F29-90F1-AF0800C9FA65 CM0 7AY Side Of Toilet Block, High Street Car Park, High Street 24/7 Public
E38C3BB6-7E03-4CCC-AE40-ADB200AB83B0 CM0 7BB Schumi's Corner, 11a Queen Street, Southminster 24/7 Public
021E4FB5-8218-4AA8-B2D7-AFD600C1DD7D CM0 7BL Rose Inn, Burnham Road, Southminster 24/7 Public
58EC6021-6F67-4836-9535-AFD600BC8B08 CM0 7BL Rose Inn, Burnham Road, Southminster 24/7 Public
A4434065-0995-406C-9E38-AE7F014C0FA2 CM0 7EN Abellio East Anglia Limited, Station House, Tattersalls Chase 24/7 Public
62579CB0-C245-4783-BF0B-B08300BBB042 CM0 7ES Southminster Church Of England Primary School, Burnham Road, Southminster Variable Restricted
DFB1CF1E-787E-45CD-8A04-AFF801060C8F CM0 7EW Southminster Community Centre King George V Playing Field, Station Road, Southminster 24/7 Public
4753644E-9C32-42F3-BCA5-AE4000DD2AD5 CM0 7LN St Lawrence Church, Church Of St Lawrence, St Lawrence Hill 24/7 Public
524B5EDA-88F3-4547-889C-AD4900982A70 CM0 7LY Waterside Country Park Limited, Waterside Holiday Park, Main Road 24/7 Public
57A679A3-ABA3-48DD-84CA-AE3001742CAA CM0 7LY St Lawrence Parish Council, Playing Field Jubilee Field, Main Road 24/7 Public
90C81AD3-5FC5-42FB-B4CF-AEA500F70707 CM0 7LY St Lawrence Caravans Limited, St Lawrence Caravan Site, 10 Main Road 24/7 Public
8F7B6260-120B-4448-A9ED-AD7F01438FCC CM0 7NA Clubhouse, 58 Main Road, St Lawrence 24/7 Public
26CA2DDF-E20A-44BE-A6E3-AE3600DA99AE CM0 7NF St Lawrence Parish Council, Stone Sailing Club, Tinnocks Lane 24/7 Public
2EFFD11E-017D-46FD-ACB5-AFD3010FDE6E CM0 7PN The Othona Community, East End Road, Bradwell-On-Sea 24/7 Public
1290237E-3194-4D89-84BE-B0830095BB75 CM0 7PY St Cedds Church Of England Primary School, East End Road, Bradwell On Sea Variable Restricted
4F56D271-F078-49A2-A306-ADCA0080D669 CM0 7QJ Village Hall, South Street, Bradwell-On-Sea 24/7 Restricted
25D27BBD-3443-4CDC-B08B-AD8700C2C6A3 CM0 7QN Post Office Stores, High Street, Bradwell-On-Sea 24/7 Public
4F5DC2DA-8E7B-46A9-829A-B04C00B1A174 CM0 7QX The Green Man, Green Man Inn, Waterside Road 24/7 Public
BD738FAB-F3CF-4D31-8A83-AF2A00A28736 CM0 7QY Bradwell Outdoor Centre, Bradwell Field Studies And Sailing Centre, Waterside Road Variable Restricted
0454FE2F-975C-4340-A2B9-AD430096BB24 CM0 7RB Portflair Ltd, Bradwell Marina, Waterside Road 24/7 Public
EFB25B43-7573-471A-A97D-AFC30102A77F CM0 7RD 21 Woodside, Southminster 24/7 Public
F2EDAFFA-369C-47A9-BC6C-AEB300D662DE CM0 7RS Bar Manager's House Steeple Bay Holiday Park, Canney Road, Steeple 24/7 Public
D2B8DB36-4722-4A03-842B-AF3A00B28877 CM0 7SU Fox And Hound Pub, Fox And Hounds Public House, 12 The Square 24/7 Public
360E37D9-4018-4643-8476-AFCD012565CC CM0 7TH Dengie Medical Partnership, Tillingham Medical Centre, 61 South Street 24/7 Public
A333F156-96B7-4FD9-8143-B08800BBF2FC CM0 7TJ St Nicholas Church Of England Primary School, South Street, Tillingham Variable Restricted
07867FBB-CA6A-45EA-8A7D-AF5500DCDFEF CM0 7UH Parish Council, Parish Hall, Manor Road 24/7 Public
BB9A7BFF-9B48-4C55-9B21-AFCE010DBA95 CM0 8AA Harvey Smith & Co Ltd, 2 High Street, Burnham-On-Crouch 24/7 Public
1ABDDE1B-44E3-4DE4-B01A-AF8C00CE690A CM0 8AX Royal Corinthian Yacht Club, The Quay, Burnham-On-Crouch 24/7 Public
003719B2-099A-49B0-86EF-AFCE01002591 CM0 8BQ Burnham-On-Crouch Station, Station Road, Burnham-On-Crouch 24/7 Public
DEE76CF6-BA50-4DC0-979E-AF9400B55ABF CM0 8HJ Burnham-On-Crouch Town Council, Rio Cinema, 154 Station Road 24/7 Public
A17DB2E0-C04E-4795-BA17-AE2E01059F7F CM0 8HQ Tesco Personal Finance Plc, Tesco Express Atm Site Tesco Express, 150-152 Station Road Variable Public
D4C462CA-B066-474A-A692-AD91009DE298 CM0 8JA Council Offices, Chapel Road, Burnham-On-Crouch 24/7 Public
57B69BC3-52B1-4BA2-8E18-B03E00C2A8B0 CM0 8LG Burnham On Crouch County Primary School And Pre School, Dunkirk Road, Burnham-On-Crouch Variable Restricted
7791A55F-2E27-4430-B8AE-B05700E52A78 CM0 8PJ Saltmarsh Gym, Saltmarsh Gym Creeksea Place Farm, Ferry Road 24/7 Public
08CB1EA4-82CA-4D26-9245-AD4300BCD144 CM0 8PQ Burnham On Crouch Golf Club, Ferry Road, Burnham-On-Crouch 24/7 Public
17190B9F-6AD0-4922-82D1-AEE100E59847 CM0 8QB J And A Sadler, The Limes Farm Shop, Southminster Road 24/7 Public
6FFCA642-4BDE-46A0-B1AB-AEE100E7B916 CM0 8TE Huttons, Unit 1a And Unit 1b, Burnham Business Park 24/7 Public
10D5C885-9DC6-4BD3-A0D3-ADD5013773EE CM1 1AN Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Centre, Unit 6 Riverside Retail Park, 38 Victoria Road Variable Restricted
605B3F92-9505-4415-ADF0-ADD4010A4E3C CM1 1AN Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Centre, Unit 6 Riverside Retail Park, 38 Victoria Road Variable Restricted
3D1446EB-1171-41EB-9C4A-AF9B0118A652 CM1 1BE O2 Store (0435) Chelmsford, 35 High Street, Essex Variable Restricted
C3E9D9FC-B952-4526-A25D-AD9800EF73C5 CM1 1BE 6a High Street, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
5F38B93E-6D84-42D3-945B-AF3400B43527 CM1 1BT Part Ground Floor Parkview House, Victoria Road South, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
0AF88ACD-8960-4ACB-AE88-AF0A00C2F584 CM1 1DH Marks & Spencer, Cafe Revive, 62-66 High Street Variable Restricted
3C4A6C0D-2157-4232-B5E6-AD7F010B8087 CM1 1DH 62-66 High Street, Chelmsford Variable Public
D4C33E7E-F96F-4D53-BA46-B04C007EA766 CM1 1GZ Chelmsford Interchange Tesco Express, 1-6 Dukes Walk, Duke Street Variable Restricted
17150010-38BE-4B7B-B5DA-AFD200BBF8F7 CM1 1HT Saxon House, 27 Duke Street, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
74585E0A-75D2-4396-9C7D-AD4300E67B5E CM1 1JE Chelmsford City Council, Civic Centre, Duke Street Variable Restricted
8EE4D8E4-F5F9-4700-8EB1-AFCF00F45C91 CM1 1JP Car Park Rear Of Public Conveniences, Market Road, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
29793AC2-ABB2-4F7E-A0A5-AF4000913D53 CM1 1LQ Central Park Cafe, Central Park Cafe Central Park Pavilion Block, Parkway Variable Public
A7E87F11-3672-4604-B833-B00C009A63C8 CM1 1PA Cathedral Primary School, Victoria Road, Chelmsford Variable Public
7AED4D99-EFD4-4816-8BE7-AFCF00AA0493 CM1 1QH Essex County Council, County Hall, Market Road Variable Restricted
BD109C95-0837-4D96-9BEC-AF9A0105EAA9 CM1 1RB Rivermead Islands, The Lofts, Bishop Hall Lane 24/7 Restricted
51BD0D99-95F1-4C43-91BB-AD4A00DC7D86 CM1 2AL North Avenue, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
FA61AA9D-EF2A-432D-AF65-AE5F01587787 CM1 2BP 8th Chelmsford Scout Group, Langton Hall (Scout Hall), Langton Avenue 24/7 Public
53577130-F243-4194-8D2D-B03001236B39 CM1 2DX Red Beret, 26 Melbourne Avenue, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
3A4DA6A0-0433-4BB8-AC51-B08500E4C924 CM1 2PA Maltese Road Primary School, Maltese Road, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
A73389E9-A6A6-45D0-9373-ADB900AB22C0 CM1 2PN The Black Bull Public House, 244 Rainsford Road, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
A73C1FCB-FB4A-4E65-9E72-AFF800782F42 CM1 2RY Tesco, 107 Waterhouse Lane, Chelmsford Variable Public
B0AC8D18-C22E-4BC2-B0FD-B0200074997B CM1 2RY Waterhouse Lane Depot And Nursery, Waterhouse Lane, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
16772F90-17A3-4A5D-A94E-AFBB007869AB CM1 2XN Bowling Club, Canterbury Way, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
42940C2F-9372-4FD7-B58D-AEC800B4EFDA CM1 3BH Westway, Chelmsford 24/7 Restricted
9D69776B-0992-470A-A7DA-AEC800AFC279 CM1 3BH Volkswagen Beadles Chelmsford, Volswagen, Weatway 24/7 Restricted
094B9C13-7E44-4E39-98DB-AFE90118C955 CM1 3BQ Screwfix, Unit A1 Chelmsford Trade Park, Westway Variable Restricted
78D15CDF-BF51-4048-A9B5-AF2B00893A1F CM1 3DR Vehicle & Operator Services Agency, 15 Hanbury Road, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
4146BC22-4538-45DB-BE19-AD45005C6C3A CM1 3EY Chelmsford Star Co-Op, 17 Bridge Street, Writtle Variable Public
827BBE25-A523-4211-89B1-B083010E9578 CM1 3FJ Dunelm Chelmsford, (Unit F) 6 Clock Tower Retail Park, Westway, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
8EFB298E-0DC3-4170-ADBB-AD6B00ACEA8C CM1 3HZ Writtle Infant School, Lodge Road, Chelmsford 24/7 Restricted
7C496F16-5D62-4CE1-8BA2-AE3100A37092 CM1 3PU Templant, Highwood Road, Writtle Variable Restricted
D0122073-3EA1-4868-A030-B00500FE85CA CM1 3QR Barrow Farm, Metsons Lane, Chelmsford Variable Public
6A61617A-6889-4C15-9F07-AD6E00E3E2D0 CM1 3RR Recreation Centre Writtle University College, Lordship Road, Writtle Variable Public
D0B36911-205A-4A2E-BAB6-AD6D010DA4D1 CM1 3RR Main Building Writtle University College, Lordship Road, Writtle Variable Restricted
80EF9708-13CC-4604-8B02-AD6E00E72DE3 CM1 3RS Lordship Science Centre Writtle University College, Lordship Road, Writtle Variable Restricted
2C5497C3-D399-4D6C-9201-AD6E00E80F05 CM1 3SD Cow Watering Lane Campus Writtle College, Cow Watering Lane, Writtle Variable Public
5278 CM1 3SH Cooksmill Green Chapel, Essex 24/7 Public
E792141A-CF93-4DD5-8D70-ADDC012EB5F5 CM1 3UB Illuminati Lighting, 13-15 Tattersall Way, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
1AE8F5C4-02B1-4213-AB02-AFC00087D64B CM1 4DP Atm Tesco Express, 265-269 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford Variable Public
DACA6860-7BDC-41A8-B114-AD4B00D98320 CM1 4LN Cjh Farming Ltd, Boyton Hall Farm, Boyton Cross Variable Restricted
C3026821-1F4C-4EFC-AE5B-ADB6008A8B1D CM1 4NL Skreens Park Activity Centre, Skreens Park Road, Roxwell 24/7 Public
5277 CM1 4PA Roxwell Memorial Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
B53425EB-FE92-4297-B9EC-AD5701124CB1 CM1 4QR Outside The Snug Cafe At Lodge Coaches. The Street, High Easter, Flat The Garage, The Street 24/7 Public
8404 CM1 4TA Chignal Cricket Club, Essex 24/7 Public
65B2FEC8-62E2-4E54-89A4-AD4600B4C1F2 CM1 4TX Chignal Parish Hall Car Park, Mashbury Road, Chignal St James 24/7 Public
12FB95FE-B5BA-4755-80ED-B09000778407 CM1 4UU Newlands Spring Primary School, Dickens Place, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
A513AEC8-F73E-4F6F-B07C-AEF60088C5AB CM1 4UU Newlands Spring Primary School, Dickens Place, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
527BB8FE-D874-4BD7-A263-B00300FDD118 CM1 6DT Primary School Office, The Beaulieu Park School, Armistice Avenue Variable Restricted
57A22BBB-3B8D-4EB8-BF74-B004008BA8B9 CM1 6DT The Beaulieu Park School, Armistice Avenue, Chelmsford Variable Public
F35FBE5E-C5AE-4F06-98DD-AE3200FD1861 CM1 6DT The Beaulieu Park School, Armistice Avenue, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
45FDD2B6-8E6C-4CD8-833D-AFE7016D6CB5 CM1 6GL Tesco, 3-5 Clematis Tye, Springfield 24/7 Public
EBB0E046-2449-4875-AC71-AD9E00D6ABAB CM1 6GX Springfield Parish Centre, St Augustines Way, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
AEB89A15-01FE-47C0-B1A3-B06D00B77B29 CM1 6JN Tyrrells County Primary School, Tavistock Road, Chelmsford Variable Public
E1E15950-2720-4E15-980A-B00600912630 CM1 6JN The Tyrrells Primary School, Tavistock Road, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
BB102817-5629-4790-A554-B04200931E7D CM1 6ZQ The Bishops C Of E And R C Primary School, Beardsley Drive, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
0EF807B1-E100-4F35-BCF0-AD42012AF43C CM1 7AH Broomfield Community Centre, 158 Main Road, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
5202 CM1 7BD St Mary With St Leonard C of E Church, Essex 24/7 Public
7E72871E-DC3C-4C13-A32F-AD7F01036AB6 CM1 7BD St Marys Church, Church Green, Broomfield Variable Restricted
8197 CM1 7BQ Broomfield Cricket Club, Essex 24/7 Public
1641747A-617F-4B68-9626-ADE800CE2EEE CM1 7BQ Broomfield Football Club, Mill Lane, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
B73B02AB-D3B5-4679-B51B-AEBE00F6971B CM1 7ER Chelmer Valley High School, Court Road, Broomfield 24/7 Public
201CADA2-2A2D-4CCA-B61C-AD8D00D62AB1 CM1 7PP Perryfields Primary School, Lawn Lane, Chelmsford Variable Public
E1F8D3C4-7F0B-4397-AB3E-ADFF009C1DA9 CM1 7WS East Of England Ambulance Service Nhst Trust, East Of England Ambulance Service, Chelmsford Aoc, Hospital Approach 24/7 Restricted
4E9CC0B2-89F1-4F31-B04E-B01A00975549 CM11 1HN Ramsden Hall Academy, Ramsden Hall School, Heath Road Variable Restricted
A0FEDC0F-C2A0-489D-9ED0-AFFE00A985E7 CM11 1HN Ramsden Hall Academy, Ramsden Hall School, Heath Road Variable Restricted
F2B5DC03-69EC-44D5-A13B-ADDA008A352E CM11 1HX Ramsden Heath Village Hall, Dowsett Lane, Billericay 24/7 Public
18B0F5DF-99A1-4E09-ACD6-ADD700DE4F97 CM11 1NU Downham C Of E Primary School, Church Road, Ramsden Heath Variable Restricted
87594916-B80A-4BD9-8E95-ADDE00BCA805 CM11 1PZ South Hanningfield Parish Council, Nursery Sports Field, Downham Road 24/7 Public
E006E6DF-22C7-48E5-899F-AF8A00AE11C2 CM11 1QN 50 School Road, Downham, Billericay 24/7 Public
0418E9BB-1093-434B-BB49-AE0500B907FD CM11 2AP Day Centre, Chantry Way, Billericay 24/7 Public
DFDC6D8F-F995-410F-A221-AE3E00F91A27 CM11 2DN Tesco, Tesco Store Ltd, 19 Meadow Rise 24/7 Public
3C1D4526-E5BF-4EAA-8EF0-B03400829552 CM11 2DT 10 Meadow Rise, Billericay Variable Public
318B1A22-5ADC-4E0A-85E0-AEB700B19B0F CM11 2LE Church Of St John The Divine, Outwood Common Road, Billericay 24/7 Public
A6F511CC-BEF6-4410-8DE6-AE3000A5C223 CM11 2RF Tesco, Grange Parade, Grange Road 24/7 Public
E5214F8E-23E3-4A1D-A5AA-B05200939FAF CM11 2UB Coxes Farm Road, Billericay Variable Restricted
607B54C1-332F-4CB4-A2E1-AD5700DC3FE8 CM11 2UD H R Philpot And Son (Barleylands) Ltd, Barleylands Farm, Barleylands Road Variable Restricted
E26921F1-60A8-42E6-B89E-AFD501018F6F CM11 2UD Paramount Platforms Ltd, C/O Unit 3, Barleylands Farm, Barleylands Road 24/7 Public
72604546-A7BB-4D8B-A8B8-AF5600DCBD79 CM11 2UQ Basildon Boys And Girls Club, Granite Chase, Southend Road 24/7 Public
98EC5A3B-5A35-4BE4-8A3B-B094011E1D7A CM11 2UQ Granite Chase, 5 Southend Road, Great Burstead 24/7 Public
442ECBE5-F533-43AC-90EA-B00B008849D2 CM11 2UZ Crays Hill Cp School, London Road, Crays Hill Variable Restricted
FA47BC93-1DE6-412C-AE15-B03A00BDBE8D CM11 2XY Shepherd & Dog, Shepherd And Dog Inn, Crays Hill 24/7 Public
7113CFC6-3049-4A8B-8264-AFCE00FFF996 CM12 0BP Greater Anglia, Billericay Railway Station, Radford Way 24/7 Public
1F74BDAA-8DF3-4CA2-A635-ADE400AF291D CM12 0BX Studio 360 Fitness Limited, 32b Radford Way, Billericay 24/7 Public
51AEEFC0-9C89-49CD-8A33-AD88010B15ED CM12 0BZ True Staging Ltd, Radford Business Centre, Radford Way 24/7 Public
B651A4D1-15F7-48E6-839D-AF94007C3460 CM12 0DN Totes (U K) Ltd, Eastman House, 23 Radford Crescent Variable Restricted
B6BA93D4-C798-40C8-BAC7-AE7000AD9D08 CM12 0DX Puregym, Radford Way, Billericay 24/7 Restricted
CA2869E2-5483-4DFE-9CE8-AE1C01030537 CM12 0GH Gooseberry Green Pre School Nursery, Gooseberry Green Pre-School Nursery, Rosebay Avenue 24/7 Public
A55A6C87-83C7-4864-8C98-ADDF00881952 CM12 0LE Brightside County Junior And Infant School, Brightside, Billericay 24/7 Public
211BD617-3628-4C6D-BE9E-B03E00F0815E CM12 0NX Shelter 31m From 207 Perry Street 8m From Perry Street, Perry Street, Billericay Variable Restricted
7B077674-A672-4263-96E8-AD4700FF1142 CM12 9AB Billericay Street Pastors, Police Station, High Street 24/7 Public
2B915AE7-256E-494B-A127-AE1D00B27B18 CM12 9AX 65-67 High Street, Billericay 24/7 Public
A0205016-B23A-40D3-9AF5-ADD6011160BA CM12 9BQ Bennetts Funeral Directors, 2 High Street, Billericay 24/7 Public
51B0D324-48F0-4B35-A651-AFBD00EB937A CM12 9LD Quilters Junior And Infant School, Laindon Road, Billericay 24/7 Public
56E647CA-FB2B-4E14-A52A-B08A00C9846F CM12 9LD Quilters Junior School, Quilters Junior And Infant School, Laindon Road Variable Restricted
D90D24D3-7E33-4CAB-BFAD-B08A00E711D5 CM12 9LD Quilters Infant School, Quilters Junior And Infant School, Laindon Road Variable Restricted
306388A2-4A59-4A6F-89D1-B083007DE2D7 CM12 9LH The Billericay School, School Road, Billericay Variable Restricted
C0AC7999-F01E-4C08-B0B9-B08900913223 CM12 9LH The Billericay School, School Road, Billericay Variable Restricted
DFDBA48D-E9D9-429C-B2EF-AFF6013C21EB CM12 9LH The Billericay School, School Road, Billericay Variable Restricted
7CEB5B16-202F-4F46-B3CA-AE7E0107B4EA CM12 9SA Billericay Town Walking Football Club, Billericay Town Football Club, Blunts Wall Road 24/7 Restricted
D1C15B25-576A-404E-A6CB-ADCD005C4C10 CM12 9SA Billericay Lawn Tennis Club, Blunts Wall Road, Billericay Variable Restricted
185D6BFD-9101-42C4-B728-ADDC012411EC CM12 9SS The Burstead Golf Club, Tye Common Road, Little Burstead Variable Public
3BF77964-7E48-42AA-9C7B-AD5500DA4195 CM12 9TJ Little Burstead Village Hall, Laindon Common Road, Little Burstead 24/7 Public
A0FF5997-460C-440C-8038-B03000DBEDF9 CM13 1JS St Peters Church, Claughton Way, Hutton Variable Public
1EBE3E14-D3FB-40ED-A7AB-B027007C501E CM13 1JW Hutton All Saints C Of E Primary School, Claughton Way, Hutton Variable Restricted
44DBD803-AECD-4545-8416-AF0900FADEDF CM13 1TE Chancerygate Business Centre, 33 Tallon Road, Hutton 24/7 Public
B084B42C-E79F-4993-9912-AF8C00D544C5 CM13 1TF Cast Interiors, Unit 8 Brentwood Trade Park, 14a Tallon Road Variable Restricted
BCA6849C-E61D-4580-84EB-AFE9006FD5B9 CM13 1TN Screwfix, Unit 10 Kestral Park, Tallen Road Variable Restricted
71BAE9B6-F502-4C6C-9576-AE9700C096CC CM13 2AQ Centre Of Pond 104m From Brentwood Bowling Club, Ingrave Road 203m From Unnamed Road, King Georges Playing Fields, Ingrave Road 24/7 Public
DBB4E8D7-BDE4-43E5-9ECF-AD45005E24DA CM13 2DP Thrift Wood Scout Training Centre, Beech Avenue, Brentwood 24/7 Restricted
7B0C31F3-AA57-4354-8AAA-AFF800C4131E CM13 2HG St Martins School, Hanging Hill Lane, Hutton Variable Public
DD0B8EFD-E019-4563-AE44-AFF800C37159 CM13 2HG St Martins School, Hanging Hill Lane, Hutton Variable Restricted
094E3690-2311-4193-BD83-AE220145C2EA CM13 2QG Tesco Stores Ltd, 225 Hanging Hill Lane, Hutton Variable Public
1F2B0C8D-547B-4EFA-84AF-ADC500A041BA CM13 3AU Mavericks Rfc, The Drive, Great Warley 24/7 Public
2FD5362E-ACAD-478C-BB11-ADE300ED1F81 CM13 3BE F R P Advisory, First Floor Jupiter House, The Drive Variable Restricted
AEEEBF86-8864-434C-BDE6-AD440121698A CM13 3DZ The Commitie Of Litle Warley And Childerditch Vilage Hall, Little Warley And Childerditch Vilage Hall, Magpie Lane 24/7 Public
F069A756-E735-4A37-9730-B0380116E0B6 CM13 3EN Virgin Active Clearview, Warley Hall Lane, Brentwood Variable Restricted
6AF4FC52-7D57-4F27-B021-AFCC00D13FC3 CM13 3FY Barnards Farm, Barnards, Brentwood Road, West Horndon 24/7 Restricted
378CFAEF-970F-4500-A637-B09E00965E2F CM13 3HD Windsor Integrated Services, Childerditch Industrial Estate, 29 Childerditch Hall Drive Variable Restricted
6B1F0EAE-3B61-41D0-BAD7-ADC80102CE5B CM13 3HX Brentwood Cricket Club, Adjacent Coombe Lodge, Warley Road 24/7 Public
735683DB-B3BF-4ECD-9971-AD5C00C5665E CM13 3PS St Andrews Methodist Church, Billericay Road, Herongate 24/7 Public
89C487AD-4D4B-4002-993A-AD5C00C6F092 CM13 3QB Ingrave Common And Cricket Ground, Cricketers Lane, Herongate 24/7 Public
EF70793D-A274-4CB3-A8FD-AD5C00C64309 CM13 3RB St Nicholas Church Hall, School Lane, Ingrave 24/7 Public
33B0D6E4-6207-4773-B346-B02300A93753 CM13 3RZ Thorndon Park, Visitor Centre, Brentwood 24/7 Public
20784439-94A8-4016-AFB8-AD5C00C35346 CM13 3SD The Olde Dog Pub, 129 Billericay Road, Herongate 24/7 Public
6FF92268-6C63-42D1-8689-AFC100CF310B CM13 3SX Royale Dunton Court, Bulphan View, Main Drive 24/7 Public
8D0454D6-9E29-48F1-9630-AEF500A09772 CM13 3SX Royale Dunton Court, Royale Dunton Court Office, Main Drive 24/7 Public
0C8BA066-5A55-463B-AD5E-B05700FF3D8B CM13 3TL Railway Hotel, The Railway, Station Road 24/7 Public
7F410D2B-8AB0-4ACD-AFC1-B05700F36C97 CM13 3TL The Railway Hotel, 13 Station Road, West Horndon Variable Public
28AFE596-4456-4D1B-A65F-AD45005E9603 CM13 3TP East And West Horndon Village Hall, Thorndon Avenue, West Horndon 24/7 Public
1C6F19EC-BFB7-46F3-8F5A-B03600E4D0D5 CM13 3TR West Horndon Cp School, Thorndon Avenue, West Horndon Variable Restricted
241F6BDE-8A56-4FA6-9592-AD7F00E3B4BC CM13 3XL Unit 29 Horndon Industrial Park, Station Road, West Horndon 24/7 Public
B67A5F5C-D2DF-4443-9159-AD490104437D CM14 4AS Bennetts Funeral Services, Fern House, 120 High Street 24/7 Public
1403 CM14 4DR Baptist Church, Essex 24/7 Public
1B0EF232-923A-47F2-B80D-ADD300D40307 CM14 4JE Baker Labels, Unit A2, Hubert Road Variable Restricted
F2B1D8E3-1613-46B2-B2F3-AEB7008AC0DE CM14 4LD Kings Chase Sports And Social Club, Kings Chase Sports And Social Club Ltd, Kings Chase 24/7 Public
9C4E7351-2532-41F5-8AC9-AE1E012A9A85 CM14 4QG Tesco Express Esso, Tesco Esso Express, 6 London Road 24/7 Public
87F0DC64-A3AD-4280-9351-AD45005FB30C CM14 4RH Boots Pharmacy, 51 High Street, Brentwood 24/7 Public
1F4021A0-A928-483D-92D0-B029015622BC CM14 4RW Tesco, 67 High Street, Brentwood Variable Public
3EC3B821-E4FA-4952-AD25-AD4F0108943F CM14 4WQ J Sainsbury Plc, 51 William Hunter Way, Brentwood Variable Public
91AAAC2B-0ED9-4750-9F2E-B01901051EBA CM14 5AE Hartswood Pavilion, King Georges Playing Fields (Kgpf), Pavillion King Georges Playing Fields, Ingrave Road Variable Public
45C932A5-D32E-406E-BA96-B012016311FE CM14 5BN 17 Headley Chase, Brentwood Variable Restricted
A79936B7-3DBE-41C0-B185-AFEA0104456A CM14 5HB Tesco Stores Ltd, 114 Warley Hill, Warley 24/7 Public
38FC0CFF-8D6B-4804-A24A-B08500A60962 CM14 5LF Warley County Primary School, Chindits Lane, Warley Variable Restricted
7468 CM14 5PN Bentley Cricket Club, Essex 24/7 Public
43BEDBCB-2E6C-4D4F-896F-AD820088A708 CM14 5QS Car Park Weald Park Visitors Centre, Weald Road, South Weald 24/7 Public
FC27D5C3-F203-44F1-A500-AD4601520906 CM14 5SD Navestock Parish Council, Navestock Village Hall, Navestock Side 24/7 Public
BA662166-1DCA-42C4-A084-AD45005AA289 CM15 0AA The Eagle, Ongar Road, Kelvedon Hatch 24/7 Restricted
289975CB-CC90-4708-950F-AD4F007D824A CM15 0EQ Bricklayers Arms, Ongar Road, Stondon Massey Variable Public
0D389ADC-7BE8-46ED-B2AC-AEA1009DDDEE CM15 0NG Budgens, 74 Church Lane, Doddinghurst 24/7 Public
DFE9BC82-472E-4D25-9028-B04300D7B279 CM15 0NG Tesco Doddinghurst, 74 Church Lane, Doddinghurst Variable Public
6CB830D9-BE14-4FBD-9A8E-AEC800FEB159 CM15 0NJ Doddinghurst Infant School, Church Lane, Doddinghurst Variable Restricted
96383DE3-55AE-4991-85E7-B05E0094BF2C CM15 0UG Mountnessing Village Hall, Roman Road, Mountnessing 24/7 Public
4FAD7795-CF15-4393-8B86-AF6C00E00BE0 CM15 8DZ Toby Carvery - Artichoke, Ingrave Road, Brentwood Variable Public
7A65EBAF-68C8-4C9A-A2BC-AF6F00DD3DC1 CM15 8JD Greater Anglia, Shenfield Railway Station, Hutton Road Variable Public
9548219D-EFF5-4112-8872-AF6F00943510 CM15 8JD Greater Anglia, Shenfield Railway Station, Hutton Road Variable Restricted
C0B4B10C-056A-46DC-80BA-AD450060B124 CM15 8JD Tesco Express, 85-87 Hutton Road, Shenfield 24/7 Public
D3458606-7B2B-47D8-B475-AE22014869AA CM15 8JD Tesco Shenfield, 85,86 Victory Parade, Shenfield 24/7 Restricted
F1D44852-7296-4D4A-913E-AF6F00E24BF5 CM15 8JD Greater Anglia, Shenfield Railway Station, Hutton Road Variable Restricted
017956EF-7051-43A6-979B-AF29007D54E1 CM15 8LB Shenfield Parish Hall, 60 Hutton Road, Shenfield 24/7 Public
8148 CM15 8RQ Shenfield Cricket Club, Essex 24/7 Public
58A46F44-5E2F-4516-95F3-B05100A755DE CM15 9BX Infant School St Thomas Of Canterbury C Of E Primary School, Sawyers Hall Lane, Brentwood Variable Restricted
45BF9B36-4B73-46FC-A680-B0030085890B CM15 9BZ Grove House Shool, Sawyers Hall Lane, Brentwood Variable Public
944EE97A-0BD5-4780-A0F4-AD44009C7CF2 CM15 9DA Ecc Building Becket Keys Church Of England School, Sawyers Hall Lane, Brentwood Variable Restricted
AF663C86-60B5-476E-BAD2-AFD500E23B74 CM15 9NG Brentwood Academies Trust, Larchwood Primary School, Larchwood Gardens Variable Restricted
149616D4-3B3E-41B6-8685-AE330168479F CM15 9NN The Brentwood Centre, Doddinghurst Rd, Pilgrims Hatch Variable Public
45124A0D-2E6C-41E9-81BA-AF4C01204155 CM15 9NN Brentwood Centre, Doddinghurst Road, Pilgrims Hatch 24/7 Restricted
A4FF1BFD-4385-4FAD-A659-AEE8015A1975 CM15 9RZ Bentley District Village Club, Bentley District Village Club Bentley Village Hall, Ongar Road 24/7 Public
DD6AC30C-C1FF-4630-AB0E-AD450059B55B CM15 9SE Old Brentwoods, Ashwells Road, Pilgrims Hatch 24/7 Public
A8A4A47D-C740-4F50-A3CC-AE37010FC037 CM16 4BA Tesco Superstore, 77-79 High St, 0 Variable Public
30FA8E80-02AD-431B-8E3D-ADCD010ADAB0 CM16 4BD First Floor, 117 High Street, Epping Variable Restricted
7F5B863B-CA8D-4FD9-8B7C-B03D01191DE4 CM16 4LU 23a Hemnall Street, Epping 24/7 Public
F57C378F-1CE5-4774-AA47-AD4000F15564 CM16 4LU 25 Hemnall Street, Epping Variable Public
1D757595-06D1-4A93-8CAE-AED70097E818 CM16 5DN St John The Baptist Church, St Johns Road, Epping Variable Public
B8693F16-1B5A-4BBA-9C8F-AD4900EED8EB CM16 5DN The Box, Open Box Education Centre, St John's Road 24/7 Public
F918B292-307D-4045-B269-AF0A00B3D1BE CM16 5DQ Bakers Benevolent Society, 23 Bakers Lane, Epping 24/7 Restricted
C4015DB5-7E36-4F95-9569-B075009EA57A CM16 5JB Epping St Johns C Of E School, Bury Lane, Epping Variable Restricted
EE32FDB9-BF30-4BD9-95D6-AF6300BCBBDA CM16 6EE The Talbot - Harvester, 275 High Road, North Weald Bassett 24/7 Public
7789 CM16 6EJ North Weald Cricket Club, Essex 24/7 Public
014E1955-324E-4270-BFD9-AFF000EEA0B8 CM16 6EJ North Weald Cricket Club, North Weald Cricket Club, Queens Hall Community Centre, School Green Lane 24/7 Public
10D8ACD1-BA1A-4E2E-9814-AFF600F42FF8 CM16 6FE 5 Seymour Chase, Epping 24/7 Restricted
8B486F93-D45E-4595-9043-ADE9007A8BFA CM16 6HR Essex And Herts Air Ambulance, Hanger 12 North Weald Essex, Epping 24/7 Public
FD9A222D-A18F-4072-8A14-AFE8008EFC7A CM16 6LP Screwfix, 5-15 High Road, Thornwood Common Variable Restricted
3096 CM16 6NB Parish Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
3BC0D5B2-6CEE-4F2F-B0DF-ADDB0127BB4D CM16 6RF 181a Lindsey Street, Epping Variable Restricted
77584425-984C-4113-A13F-AD7400BF7D6D CM16 6SS 10 Park Side, Epping 24/7 Public
7CB13DEB-FB80-493B-B039-AE4A00D54003 CM16 6TN Spencer Close, The Plain, Epping Variable Public
14D26A2C-3742-48C5-B18B-ADD300A7CF9A CM16 7DT Theydon Bois Lawn Tennis Club, Sidney Road, Theydon Bois 24/7 Public
4A8F434B-1FFC-45EA-9698-B00700DC680E CM16 7ES Tesco Theydon Bois, Coppice Row, Theydon Bois Variable Public
2BC7EA2F-22F5-4D1A-A34A-B057009EDEB2 CM16 7QX Coopersale And Theydon Garnon C.e Primary School, Coopersale & Theydon Garnon C Of E Primary School, Brickfield Road Variable Restricted
2200037B-1593-4187-B930-AE51010A7716 CM16 7QY Institute Hall, Institute Road, Coopersale 24/7 Public
7068627B-CC22-436D-883F-AD8100A580DC CM17 0DJ Harlow Cricket Club, Chippingfield, Harlow 24/7 Public
CFB16CEF-2CF1-4D57-8014-AD85008EE1D0 CM17 0JP Units 1 To 3 Mayfield Farm, Sheering Road, Sheering 24/7 Public
47CCDBCB-53A7-48A5-8A7D-B04600B44301 CM17 0LB Hobbs Cross Road, Churchgate C Of E Primary School, Hobbs Cross Road Variable Public
F0FD0209-83AA-44FC-BC19-AD8F00BEBB29 CM17 0PZ Matching Green Cricket Club, The Village Green, Matching Green 24/7 Public
B1F20CCF-FCDF-4F98-87BC-AE8500F0333E CM17 9JX St Clare Hospice, Hastingwood Road, Hastingwood 24/7 Public
6267 CM17 9LA Village Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
87907DEB-21F8-48C0-8A5A-AFBA00A22CFC CM17 9SF Newhall Primary Academy, Round House Way, Harlow 24/7 Public
8AF739A4-932C-46B7-B5C8-AF5B00AB7550 CM17 9SW Montessori, Montessori Pre School, 1 Forge Lane Variable Restricted
EC9FC484-BAFA-442F-84E2-AE3600D706FF CM17 9TE Tesco Superstore, Church Langley Way, 0 Variable Public
1045B9A3-7E98-4AA9-93B1-AFC700F5AEDD CM18 6AA St Marks West Essex Catholic School, Tripton Road, Harlow Variable Restricted
E894A874-1AF7-4C14-B5A2-AF270108AF52 CM18 6JJ Holy Cross Roman Catholic Primary Academy, Tracyes Road, Harlow 24/7 Public
23AF290E-42E8-4A31-B3DF-AE0400C3607B CM18 6LU Tye Green Bowling Club, Tilegate Road, Harlow Variable Restricted
03722481-95F4-456E-9AE6-AF5B00C8C223 CM18 6LY Smiles Montessori Pre School, Unit 1 The Fairway, Bushfair Variable Restricted
2790F44A-DD07-4283-810C-B09D009C035E CM18 6TE Abbotsweld Primary School, Partridge Road, Harlow Variable Public
AD90F558-9BF8-4C96-BC47-B06F009A9F35 CM18 6YJ Great Parndon Community Association, Abercrombie Centre Community Centre, Abercrombie Way Variable Public
BF2D339A-727D-4404-A74A-AED6008784C1 CM18 7GY The Royal British Legion, Radburn Pavilion, Latton Common Road Variable Public
16F8AD01-A843-4183-BAE7-AECA00AE58AF CM18 7NS Akhter Early Learning Centre, 11 Perry Road, Harlow Variable Restricted
1DA66EB2-6678-47CF-AAC4-B02200FB2E60 CM18 7RQ Longwood Primary School, Longwood Primary And Nursery School, Paringdon Road Variable Restricted
32DEA93E-2FC0-404A-A070-B09600DCF471 CM19 4PH Jerounds Primary Academy, Pyenest Road, Harlow Variable Public
6B04E533-79DF-42AA-AF9A-AF430002BC7F CM19 4QS 47 Watersmeet, Harlow 24/7 Restricted
0BD9B069-C2C0-4F2E-828D-B04200E658C0 CM19 4QX Milwards County Primary School, Paringdon Road, Harlow Variable Restricted
7BF67B8A-16CE-4D19-89D2-B0A101004D7B CM19 4SF Parndon Wood Nature Reserve (Sssi), Parndon Wood Road, Harlow Variable Restricted
8146 CM19 5BE Harlow Town Cricket Club, Essex 24/7 Public
5CF75F5F-9325-4327-A49E-AF9E00E530B4 CM19 5BE Harlow Town Football Club, Elizabeth Way, Harlow Variable Restricted
15153737-10F0-40C5-8B38-ADBF00CDCFBD CM19 5EE 100 High Street, Roydon 24/7 Public
F4A125E8-E24B-4247-A40B-AD9D00A2EF8F CM19 5EJ Lakeland Leisure Estates, Roydon Marina Village, Roydon 24/7 Public
227AE04D-3212-4DBA-BC30-AD8000E2E41B CM19 5FA Truck Lite Europe Ltd, Barrows Road, Harlow Variable Restricted
DC0E8AB6-19A9-41DB-8CFF-AD8000D6DBD6 CM19 5FA Truck Lite Europe Ltd, Barrows Road, Harlow Variable Restricted
F4527299-3042-4830-BBA4-B02F00C7BB86 CM19 5HH Roydon Village Hall, Harlow Road, Roydon 24/7 Public
A8DC297E-498E-4B97-8C06-AF950118CA93 CM19 5HL Roydon Recreation Ground, Occupation Lane, Roydon 24/7 Public
018736A1-4820-40F4-914F-AE9100B137BC CM19 5PX Motability, Motability Warwick House, Stadium Way Variable Public
A8CF7191-6209-4E9D-BF7B-ADD600F5D18D CM19 5QP New Homes Carpeting Limited, Unit 14 Marshgate Centre, Parkway Variable Restricted
C9F6B429-08BB-4A42-8D53-AD8000F50626 CM19 5SU International House, Horsecroft Road, Harlow Variable Restricted
DEC8D258-0B2A-464B-A775-AFE7008A87F4 CM19 5TB A1 Bacon, A1 Bacon Co Ltd, Brook House, Lovet Road Variable Restricted
55AF3965-0C87-4BBF-8D8A-AFF6009203CE CM19 5TD Ronacrete Limited, Ronac House, Flex Meadow Variable Public
5BAF8B88-6F01-44C0-8544-B05800E2E92E CM19 5TQ Stortech Electronics Ltd, 2 Spire Green Centre, The Pinnacles Variable Restricted
0780596D-96E2-4375-9E48-ADDA00E560CF CM2 0AP 160-162 New London Road, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
D86D3A75-BBF4-4E1F-9E00-AEE80091368E CM2 0AW Edmund Carr And Company, 146-148 New London Road, Chelmsford Variable Public
6126E249-2680-40FA-AC71-B07D0101CD25 CM2 0BN Mid Essex Buddhist Centre, Chase House, 70 Upper Chase 24/7 Public
F229BEA1-F474-41EA-952B-AAAE00C7E7C9 CM2 0GT Busy Bees Nursery, 5 The Meades, Chelmsford Variable Public
301B5B41-C670-44C4-BE8D-AFCF00F4E5D1 CM2 0HU Chelmsford Muslim Society, 13a Moulsham Street, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
53E69817-32F9-4D9D-830F-AE2000D6547E CM2 0JA Tesco, 55a Moulsham Street, Chelmsford Variable Public
B19D3F9A-18E2-4CAA-A776-AEBC00F55ED3 CM2 0LS Chelmsford Star Co-Operative Society Ltd, 220 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
746ACF25-294A-4D9A-8321-B07C00FEFE38 CM2 0PG Essex Cricket, Essex County Cricket Club, County Ground 24/7 Public
8CA0445D-19D3-49F5-B438-B07C0100BEB3 CM2 0PG Essex Cricket, Essex County Cricket Club, County Ground Variable Restricted
340BEDAC-6827-442C-AA7B-AF4E00D0EC38 CM2 0PP Savills - Fenton House, 85-89 New London Road, Chelmsford Variable Public
BFC45D54-FDE8-4099-9EE3-B03B00F01ED4 CM2 0RR Virgin Active Chelmsford, Virgin Active, Meades Crescent, New Writtle Street Variable Restricted
A8887D9A-709B-496A-9E06-AF3B0100AEB5 CM2 5AA Royal Mail Chelmsford Rtw, Winsford Way, Chelmsford, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
B3CFFEFF-C482-4B24-BC49-AE9F00462610 CM2 5AA Royal Mail Chelmsford Mc, Winsford Way, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
9D5329D4-EBD6-4C2F-A3B8-AEAE00AE565B CM2 5LB Pib Group, 4 Springfield Lyons Approach, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
C4EB70D9-CED1-4F2C-8E5C-B00A00FAD779 CM2 5PG Bmw Mini, Colchester Road, Springfield Variable Public
1044B955-CD08-49B7-AE5F-AF6A00DF1CFA CM2 6AD Toby Carvery - Chelmer Tavern, Dukes Lane, Springfield Variable Public
6642 CM2 6AG Springfield Cricket Club, Essex 24/7 Public
AF1782ED-D4B0-4CAF-A8C8-AD7100EC35C2 CM2 6FD Centre Offices The Meadows, High Street, Chelmsford Variable Public
EFF839F2-D083-4CF9-A188-B084008BA450 CM2 6HS Trinity Road Primary School, Trinity Road, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
675C40F4-6B5B-4DB8-93ED-AE6200C8C0F2 CM2 6JX Puregym, The Meadows Retail Park, Springfield 24/7 Restricted
92C58D17-A3F4-4BBA-9725-AD4E00A70319 CM2 6PY Mark One Hire Ltd, 5 Argyll Road, Chelmsford Variable Public
0ED7A139-5F4C-4F5E-AFDC-AF9300B4E347 CM2 6QH Barnes Farm Junior School, Henniker Gate, Chelmer Village,Chelmsford Variable Restricted
EBAD383A-4032-4AD1-934A-AD7100B115B4 CM2 6QT Tesco Store, 47-53 Springfield Road, Chelmsford Variable Public
B4EFC65D-E870-4C31-B803-AD4B00A3F6DE CM2 6TE Mkm Building Supplies Ltd, 7 Montrose Road, Springfield Variable Public
FAB8164B-E153-4D65-BA48-AF5B008E28FD CM2 6TE The Training Centre, 25 Montrose Road, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
0980266B-D73D-44BC-B706-AEE601097305 CM2 6UW Savills - Bew Electrical, Unit 5 Dukes Park Ind Estate, Northumberland Court 24/7 Public
3A1C5C53-9667-4C42-85A5-ADC70104E812 CM2 6UW Bew Electrical Distributors Ltd, Unit 5, Northumberland Court, Dukes Park Industrial Estate Variable Public
543F0526-3C7A-4A1F-821D-AFEB00CA14EE CM2 6UW Screwfix, 7 Northumberland Court, Montrose Road Variable Restricted
5207C508-7363-442A-8BC6-AD43008A131F CM2 7AQ The Sandon School, Molrams Lane, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
E0A4BCC7-5D3B-4238-81C0-B0A500993E8C CM2 7FW Hargrave House, Hollycroft, Great Baddow Variable Restricted
A4F1C039-2D45-47C1-8479-AF3C00F70317 CM2 7LJ Meadgate Church, 162a Meadgate Avenue, Great Baddow 24/7 Public
93DA274A-F8AF-4F1D-B1B8-AED200D84068 CM2 7NS Meadgate Church - The Orchards, Mascalls Way, Great Baddow 24/7 Public
7D670895-0AAD-4C84-B6A8-AD2F009D1DA5 CM2 7QS William Hill Bookmakers, 6c The Vineyards, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
ED48BEA0-EA46-46A4-9AB6-AF2600C9FCCE CM2 7QS William Hill Bookmakers, 6c The Vineyards, Great Baddow 24/7 Public
48C626E1-C1F5-4BC5-B8F8-AEC801232509 CM2 7SQ Sandon Sports And Social Club, Sandon Sports Club Recreation Ground, Woodhill Road 24/7 Public
3F954902-27F6-4473-A3BF-AF38014E6DA9 CM2 8AU Tile Kiln Church, Robin Way, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
3F0A8E6B-BBE0-47AD-8913-AD5100979563 CM2 8PT Keene Hall, Watchouse Road, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
D15B2885-582F-490F-9049-AEFC00AD5AA3 CM2 8PU Galleywood Library, Watchouse Road, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
FC83663D-B621-474E-B66B-ADF6011760FA CM2 8RF Aqua Warehouse, Unit 1-3 Grays Industrial Estate, Rignals Lane Variable Restricted
9ACAD644-0665-4848-BD49-AF9701476216 CM2 8RL Chelmer Park, Beehive Lane, Chelmsford 24/7 Restricted
CB95DC46-F4A5-40FB-88C6-B09A01376B17 CM2 8RL Chelmer Park Sports Pavilion Entrance, Sports Pavilion, Chelmer Park 24/7 Public
2FCB9312-CB51-4F10-97C4-AEBD00B19521 CM2 8RR St Michael's Ce (Va) Junior School, Barnard Road, Galleywood 24/7 Public
217DC8A4-60D8-4089-8F9D-AEE500C1556E CM2 8RS Co -Op Food, Barnard Road, Galleywood 24/7 Public
E07E3526-DF43-48AA-A295-AF7000CFF9BC CM2 8SY Chandler Material Supplies Ltd, 91 Widford Road, Chandler Material Supplies Ltd 24/7 Public
04367F94-561B-4E4E-A275-B03D008CECF6 CM2 8TP St Michaels Church, The Common, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
6725086D-8B31-43A6-8FE3-AF07007BCA64 CM2 8TR Galleywood Heritage Centre Galleywood Heritage And Stables Nursery Site, Margaretting Road, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
9847BFF4-BEC3-4FB0-B2BD-B03600EB6220 CM2 8WQ The Stables Visitor Centre, Hylands Park, The Stables Visitor Centre, London Road Variable Public
D52FD503-637E-40AF-A708-AE2201214F18 CM2 8YX Tesco, 8 Purbeck Court, Chelmsford Variable Public
4A52E361-3E20-432C-8C5A-AE6300F0B22D CM2 9AQ Chelmsford Museum, Oaklands Park, Moulsham Street, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
3E3B0309-6662-4FF1-948B-AD7F00F4725D CM2 9DS 99 Gloucester Avenue, Moulsham Lodge, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
4E8411D0-24BC-4EC5-934A-ADDB01451771 CM2 9FH Hamptons Sports & Leisure, 6 Tydemans, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
59F09217-B687-4F9A-9150-AD7901222125 CM2 9QA Tennis 26m From Grove Lawn Tennis Club, Moulsham Drive 56m From A1114, Between 177 179 Moulsham Drive, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
694CC1F4-4B41-48E4-A8FC-AD3500D9C566 CM2 9RL Great Baddow Parish Council, Millennium Community Centre Great Baddow Recreation Ground, Baddow Road 24/7 Public
19FD5EBD-9E80-4B33-A324-AF0E00AE0EFB CM2 9UB Larkrise Primary/Essex Dance Theatre/Woodcroft Nursery, Larkrise Primary School, Dorset Avenue 24/7 Public
A563E29B-DB0A-4324-8730-AE7000AAAE2A CM20 1AJ Puregym, College Square, The Water Gardens 24/7 Restricted
2326697D-3337-4665-AD02-B000009B6A7E CM20 1JQ O2 Store (0062) Harlow, Unit 3, 35 Broadwalk, Essex Variable Restricted
8A3B6B0D-7A16-41F6-BED6-B031007EBA59 CM20 1LP St Paul's Church, College Square, Harlow Variable Public
ADBC03F5-9D32-4626-9CAE-ADBD00BAC444 CM20 1TN 4 Upper Park, Harlow Variable Restricted
AFE28FB2-757B-4402-BCDE-AEE700AF5533 CM20 1WG Civic Centre - Harlow District Council, Civic Centre The Water Gardens, College Square Variable Restricted
892F2364-6D1F-4BD1-B34E-AE3F0094DBC2 CM20 1XN Tesco Express, 1-6 Harvey Centre, 0 Variable Public
65786EBE-AEA2-4F51-9A21-AD7F0103B3C4 CM20 2AB The Oaks Retail Park, 1 Howard Way, Harlow Variable Public
4F5BEA5D-5138-483C-A2A3-AF1600C0D348 CM20 2BN Industrial Tool Supplies (London) Ltd, Dc One, Edinburgh Way Variable Restricted
2F5FA314-ABD3-4D75-85E5-AEFB00D9A4B6 CM20 2DA Savills - Queensgate, Edinburgh Way, Harlow 24/7 Public
523E9738-26BC-4D4B-8DFA-AE4B00C4C135 CM20 2EG Frank G Gates Ltd, Gates Of Harlow, Edinburgh Way Variable Public
D9668359-5E22-46DC-B732-AFC300D6B64B CM20 2HW Screwfix, Unit 4 Ascent Park, Edinburgh Way Variable Restricted
2B570876-93E2-47C3-9030-AE9A00C212D9 CM20 2JD Greater Anglia, Harlow Town Station, Station Approach Variable Restricted
14A41335-205F-4C4E-96C1-AF6900C5B2C6 CM20 2LQ Toby Carvery - Harlow, Edinburgh Gate, Harlow Variable Public
89FDA985-53BF-46C4-95E3-AF4600FE885D CM20 2QS Essex County Council, Outdoor Pursuits Centre, Burntmill Lane Variable Public
527FAEE8-CE23-4999-9B65-AD4E010BDA69 CM20 2QY The Lion, Eastwick Hall Lane, Eastwick 24/7 Public
A6E02F96-92F3-4CB0-B727-AD4D007BF092 CM20 2RB Eastwick & Gilston Parish Council, Gilston And Eastwick Village Hall, Pye Corner 24/7 Public
D96230A8-5780-4F38-9239-AEBD00F4754A CM20 2RB Gilston And Eastwick Village Hall, Pye Corner, Gilston 24/7 Public
E1DB4AED-87A8-4FDE-95FA-AF5C00FB6393 CM20 2RH Eastwick & Gilston Parish Council, St Marys Church, Church Lane 24/7 Public
872D4255-D249-4D0B-BBCE-AD4900D8ECC9 CM20 2SE Cpi Mortars Ltd, 29 Mead Park Industrial Estate, Harlow Variable Public
9D552F82-DF5F-4850-9FD3-AE3A01383B1C CM20 2TG Tesco Stores Limited, Tesco Stores Ltd, East Road Variable Public
B590C533-6E27-47B4-A69B-ADED00D027CF CM20 3AF St Andrews Methodist Church, The Stow, Harlow Variable Public
1CF2D7E7-D694-4E1A-85C6-AF0E00E8FE48 CM20 3EZ Harlow College, Velizy Avenue, Harlow Variable Public
61EFC7DD-CF3B-41C8-9406-AEDD00B24838 CM20 3FD Harlow Rugby Club, Latton Park, Howard Way Variable Public
5FABED62-460F-4108-92C9-AE0100D8ACCB CM21 0BL Taylor Wimpey, Sawbridgeworth, West Road Variable Restricted
2FB6783F-3792-489F-A362-AE2200BB8898 CM21 0HZ High Wych Memorial Hall, High Wych Road, High Wych 24/7 Public
879527A8-7A0E-4CDD-8F98-AED700BE6059 CM21 0JU Manor Of Groves Hotel Golf And Country Club, Manor Of Groves Hotel, High Wych, Bonnys Row 24/7 Public
DA15B696-E834-4810-B4C1-AF0A00A86293 CM21 9AN The Hailey Centre, The Hailey Day Centre Sayesbury Manor, Bell Street Variable Restricted
1340 CM21 9AY Fire Station, Hertfordshire 24/7 Public
906C5A4F-EE71-4F01-81F2-AE6A00AA866D CM21 9AY Sawbridgeworth Fire Station, Station Road, Sawbridgeworth 24/7 Public
6D86D2AD-41A1-4393-895A-AE14012C46F0 CM21 9BX Leventhorpe Pool And Gym, Cambridge Road, Sawbridgeworth Variable Restricted
548DEB7C-8849-4D4E-9889-AFFF0100A35B CM21 9BY The Leventhorpe School, Cambridge Road, Sawbridgeworth Variable Public
FC95B397-2A85-46FA-B71B-B004007E8A6B CM21 9BY The Leventhorpe School, Cambridge Road, Sawbridgeworth Variable Public
6F87C500-19E7-4A22-93EC-B03000C4A5D8 CM21 9DD Reedings Jm School, Bullfields, Sawbridgeworth Variable Restricted
E9CB2A44-3E17-4268-8243-AD5D00D4CF53 CM21 9DD Reedings Jm School, Bullfields, Sawbridgeworth Variable Restricted
6BD40741-453E-436D-8661-AF9400D5AA7B CM21 9JS Co-Op - London Road, 30 London Road, Sawbridgeworth 24/7 Public
6EC43EB5-9DDB-4CD0-9852-AFAC00F0724C CM21 9JX Riverway Properties Ltd, Allen House, Station Road 24/7 Public
B6E788D7-6EE6-4D3B-A9B3-AF2B0073F453 CM21 9JZ Greater Anglia, Sawbridgeworth Railway Station, Station Road 24/7 Public
BE0E5A74-6CA2-40FC-BAF2-AD4F00DE7E5B CM21 9QD Bell Pharmacy, 2-3 Forelands Place, Sawbridgeworth 24/7 Public
E38B412D-7067-4706-9A0F-AD4E011EDE19 CM22 6AG Osca, Crow Street, Henham 24/7 Public
F761C1F0-F6C0-4C9C-B031-AE9200B5A46E CM22 6BY Elsenham Youth Football Club, Elsenham Memorial Hall, Leigh Drive 24/7 Public
3DA33F5A-F9E3-4DB7-8CAA-B02D00C14989 CM22 6EH Tesco, 4 Robin Hood Road, Elsenham Variable Public
D31FE23E-B256-4A7F-9DED-AE9700C1906C CM22 6HR Ugley Parish Council, Ugley Village Hall, Cambridge Road 24/7 Public
7B671C50-81C9-4737-BE60-AED0008E18D7 CM22 6JX First Flight Forwarders Ltd, Unit 37 To 38 Golds Nurseries Business Park, Jenkins Drive 24/7 Public
1236 CM22 6LA Elsenham Surgery, Hertfordshire 24/7 Public
ABC1F9D9-B5F4-4251-B02F-AE360111208A CM22 6QJ Takeley Parish Council, Silver Jubilee Hall, Dunmow Road 24/7 Public
35635926-076B-4308-ABCE-AE4800C1F9F5 CM22 6SH Ellesborough House, Dunmow Road, Takeley 24/7 Public
1570C106-C0C3-4D72-8AE5-AEF900DA2718 CM22 6TD Takeley Park Homes, Station Road, Takeley 24/7 Public
82AA8051-C586-4D02-ADC4-AF4600C86775 CM22 7AT Ignition, Ignition Parvilles, Sparrows Lane 24/7 Public
D0C0FF30-AB83-4F40-8FE0-AD4F00E4B68E CM22 7HH St Marys Church Of England Primary School, High Street, Hatfield Broad Oak 24/7 Public
B24A7D02-50B7-441C-AB7F-AD4F00E3DCDE CM22 7HU Village Hall, Cage End, Hatfield Broad Oak 24/7 Public
87B78000-CD51-49A3-BFF9-AD4F00E04629 CM22 7JW Waters Villas, 5 Hammond Road, Hatfield Broad Oak 24/7 Public
1591 CM22 7JZ Hatfield Regis Grange Farm, Hertfordshire 24/7 Public
0E9601BB-B583-4BF4-B252-AEC5008305EE CM22 7LF Holisticare, Town Farm, Brook View, Old Street Hill Variable Restricted
5829 CM22 7LX Village Hall, Hertfordshire 24/7 Public
1417 CM22 7RD Village Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
3323 CM23 1BS Saucemeres Farm, Hertfordshire 24/7 Public
6993 CM23 1DJ Yew Tree Inn, Essex 24/7 Public
51663CAA-18D3-42D7-AE6A-AEF700B417E0 CM23 1DJ The Yew Tree, 36 The Street, Manuden 24/7 Public
514 CM23 1EH Community Centre, Hertfordshire 24/7 Public
930 CM23 1HN Thrifts Farm, Essex 24/7 Public
E4F7C0A5-5E14-49DB-A96B-AD8700BF68CC CM23 1HR Farnham School, Farnham Road, Farnham Variable Restricted
7D65EE78-C30A-46E7-AFB0-AF11009F9AD9 CM23 2BA Waitrose Bishop's Stortford, Northgate End, Bishops Stortford 24/7 Public
1DD00971-719D-49C3-B09C-AD9700E84BFA CM23 2BN 3 Cannons Mill Lane, The Stables, Bishops Stortford Variable Restricted
34412EE9-BB1F-4A60-A494-B08A00D6CEE8 CM23 2DB Avanti Grange Secondary School, Newland Avenue, Bishops Stortford Variable Restricted
C3005620-249F-4CE6-ADF2-AE1301538C84 CM23 2HH Grange Paddocks Pool And Gym, Rye Street, Bishops Stortford Variable Public
F7E12534-6BCA-4214-8421-ADE4010E1200 CM23 2JZ Community Church, Community Church Charis Centre, Water Lane Variable Public
2DE25DBA-6B72-4582-8F18-AD4F00E51929 CM23 2ND Dotmatics Ltd, The Old Monastery, Windhill Variable Restricted
73587650-5F39-451A-A2EE-B09800B73A3F CM23 2NE Windhill21 Primary School, Windhill, Bishops Stortford Variable Restricted
309DCAB6-1D19-4B40-8C55-ADDC00F01F91 CM23 2PN Tank 25m From 10 Maze Green Heights 6m From Unnamed Road, Maze Green Road, Bishops Stortford 24/7 Public
D6E55EE1-2108-477F-849D-B09100DBDEA6 CM23 2QB Bishops Stortford Phase 5, Construction Access Off Rye Street, Via Standsted Road Variable Restricted
F95594BD-D044-42FD-B893-AE0100D3ABF9 CM23 2QB Taylor Wimpey, Stortford Fields Phase 4, Hadham Road Variable Restricted
6043566D-25A4-4BD3-9821-ADDD00E72538 CM23 2QE Bishop's Stortford Rugby Club, Bishops Stortford Rugby Club, Hadham Road Variable Restricted
62D16C48-35E6-4ABC-893D-AE4500DED79F CM23 2QY Benson House, 93 Hadham Road, Bishops Stortford 24/7 Public
AEE055AF-8F77-4D52-88CB-AE44008FC273 CM23 2QY Dc Building, 93 Hadham Road, Bishops Stortford 24/7 Restricted
7E349C73-B810-4F67-B34C-AF2B012FBC81 CM23 2RL Primary School, Northgate Jmi School, Cricketfield Lane Variable Public
413F0196-BD41-41A6-88C6-ADEA01102F57 CM23 2YU Bishops Stortford Swifts Fc, Silver Leys, Hadham Rd Variable Restricted
E16D2043-1EC3-4EEA-83B2-ADE9010C6615 CM23 3AL Damira Dental, Damira Dental Studios, Bishops Stortford Variable Restricted
E2ABA1DF-2217-4022-B184-AEE1009D7DCF CM23 3AP South Street Surgery, 83 South Street, Bishops Stortford Variable Public
D4A580E1-EFCC-4AE0-8283-AD8D00E96511 CM23 3AS East Herts Council, Navigation House, 1 Riverside Variable Restricted
2B807C60-FFD5-4AA3-BF91-AEC500C7E6DA CM23 3AT Smile And Wellbeing Dental Surgery, 2 South Street, 1st Floor Above Greggs Variable Restricted
2ECB257A-99ED-4CA0-AEFE-AF70007365E2 CM23 3AZ Tesco Express, 32a South Street, Bishops Stortford Variable Public
5AB4C5EF-ED94-4378-9566-AFF500B128DF CM23 3AZ Tesco Express, 32a South Street, Bishops Stortford Variable Public
C09D9CC4-DD4F-4D73-9FD2-AE2000CC04DC CM23 3AZ Tesco Express, 32a South Street, Bishops Stortford Variable Public
9893C84D-0572-4BD0-B73A-AD9800AB11C2 CM23 3BG 104 South Street, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Variable Public
C21B2C05-82EE-470B-B592-AF2B0073FCC3 CM23 3BL Greater Anglia, Station Road, Bishops Stortford Variable Public
337D774F-0D19-4053-84E6-AE8400CCE6E7 CM23 3BP Empire Cinema Bishops Stortford, 5 Anchor Street, Bishops Stortford Variable Restricted
A6E0407E-873B-4FB4-9D58-ADD60103F909 CM23 3BP Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing, Nuffield Health, 6 Anchor Street Variable Public
FB5C45D2-EE03-45B4-8CFE-B02300A588A4 CM23 3BP Nuffield Health, Anchor Street, Bishops Stortford Variable Public
2082A5C7-4EDC-49F6-99B9-AFD300C87412 CM23 3BQ Holy Trinity Parish Church, South Street, Bishops Stortford 24/7 Public
058A1F3D-3541-4DB3-8377-AD4F0085E645 CM23 3LA Stortford Interiors, First Floor Stortford House, 231 London Road 24/7 Public
D553D123-283F-40F6-BB3E-AE9700F1C2A0 CM23 3LJ Bishop's Stortford Baptist Church, Bishops Stortford Baptist Church, Twyford Road Variable Public
60A713FD-785C-40A9-A5AD-AF6600B8E3ED CM23 3LU Isg Construction Site Ltd, Isg Construction Ltd, St James Way, St James Park Variable Restricted
BF0E6C4D-E4C5-4555-99D3-AFB6010D9CD7 CM23 3NH Thorley Hill Jmi School, Park Lane, Bishops Stortford Variable Restricted
96E19EB8-DA42-48E1-B85D-AE2500F019B1 CM23 3PD Tesco, Archers House, Havers Lane Variable Public
D5C588DE-7E4D-44B8-AEEC-AFDB011AD281 CM23 3PD Tesco, Tesco Express, Havers Lane Variable Public
C485C4F6-D43C-4526-8834-AFB900D8CA6F CM23 3SN Age Concern, Apton Road Day Centre, 22a Apton Road Variable Public
3F78A376-D638-44BE-A01E-AF5C00EED4A1 CM23 4AD Isg Construction Site Ltd, Isg Construction Ltd, St James Way, St James Park Variable Public
2D4A1E64-31CE-40EE-8D2B-B03F00F8E713 CM23 4AS The Coach And Horses, Thorley Street, Bishops Stortford 24/7 Public
57757680-382D-4DCC-9837-B03500CBDE80 CM23 4BA Spellbrook Jmi School, London Road, Spellbrook Variable Restricted
ABA12BBA-5907-4372-859A-AEE400D2C397 CM23 4DA South Street Surgery, Bishops Park Health Centre Bishops Park Centre, 3-5 Lancaster Way Variable Restricted
A9EADFD9-9DEB-441E-84A1-B02800D2899C CM23 4DD Tesco Bishops Stortford, Bishops Park Centre, Lancaster Way Variable Public
282B2652-23AF-44D0-A001-B0610101EFB1 CM23 4EG Church Street Partnership, Thorley Neighbourhood Centre, 15 Villiers Sur Marne Avenue Variable Restricted
9A462357-EAD3-4D4B-9D94-AAAB00F5158E CM23 4EG Busy Bees Day Nursery, 16 Thorley Neighbourhood Centre, Bishop's Stortford Variable Public
12A74ED5-7F7D-4CA4-8AD7-AD4F0128C9A0 CM23 4EU 6 Yeomans Close, Bishops Stortford Variable Restricted
1CA20617-59DD-4750-8A9A-AAAB00F27688 CM23 4FZ Busy Bees Nursery, Turners Crescent, Bishop's Stortford Variable Public
61CD6564-F227-4BD7-B9A4-AD4E014298FA CM23 4FZ Community Centre, Turners Crescent, Bishops Stortford 24/7 Public
791F9D51-B855-4F38-9002-ADA600EA2760 CM23 4FZ St Michaels Mead Community Centre, Turners Crescent, Bishops Stortford 24/7 Public
2F6E7D8E-C973-4A4D-84B4-B09700E4BC64 CM23 4PW Hillmead Primary School, Woburn Avenue, Bishops Stortford Variable Public
D44FBBC7-A8B6-4D4F-9590-AD5F002C29A1 CM23 4RF Thorley Community Centre, Friedberg Avenue, Bishops Stortford 24/7 Public
E4578B04-8947-4E48-8AF0-B003007F4EF2 CM23 5BD Birchwood High School, Parsonage Lane, . Variable Public
800B9713-3654-4DA6-90E1-B03600C8F818 CM23 5BE Main Entrance To School, All Saints C Of E Junior Middle And Infant School, Parsonage Lane Variable Restricted
C617D75E-12BF-4642-9F90-AD9800EA0E4D CM23 5BE All Saints C Of E Junior Middle And Infant School, Parsonage Lane, Bishops Stortford Variable Restricted
5A3FE589-8943-448C-99A3-B04600BF817C CM23 5BJ Summercroft Primary School, Bishops Stortford Variable Restricted
A00BEA2B-CEBE-4784-A5EC-AD9600AEA664 CM23 5HX Hockerill Anglo European College, Dunmow Road, Bishops Stortford Variable Public
5AEE2301-DFFD-4DE9-8A42-AFF000AFC694 CM23 5NJ Herts And Essex High School, Warwick Road, Bishops Stortford Variable Restricted
8D525501-E87A-4908-9F3E-AFF000AE2842 CM23 5NJ Herts And Essex High School, Warwick Road, Bishops Stortford Variable Restricted
C80DF9F6-8154-4510-9CDB-AFE800F92C8B CM23 5PB Screwfix, Unit 2 Raynham Road Industrial Estate, Bishop's Stortford Variable Restricted
8CF243A5-3E92-4B2D-8421-B05200BFEECD CM23 5RG Haag Streit Uk, 2 Woodside, Bishops Stortford Variable Restricted
F86A8579-DCC8-4A45-9ABA-AD8F00962124 CM23 5RG Unit G Suite 1 Woodside Industrial Estate, Woodside, Bishops Stortford 24/7 Public
554C60D3-2031-44A4-A49E-AEC80095209C CM24 1AQ Hampton By Hilton London Stansted Airport, Hampton By Hilton Hotel, Bassingbourn Road 24/7 Public
05E1FFB3-603D-4597-98A1-AD47008BFAA1 CM24 8AQ Day Centre, Chapel Hill, Stansted 24/7 Public
890805A1-9F0B-4CD4-9AA2-AD9000A32970 CM24 8BD Recreation Ground, Stansted 24/7 Public
EA0CD0CD-2702-4F97-A656-AF40009CE0A4 CM24 8BX Stansted Tennis Club, Tennis 36m From 45 Cambridge Road 33m From B1383, Cambridge Road 24/7 Public
22241C34-C25E-44B5-8D8A-AE3800E1E05F CM24 8BZ Tesco, 16 Cambridge Road, Stansted Variable Public
8FCC5163-1198-4E14-B5DF-B08300E79318 CM24 8FE St. Mary's Ce Foundation Primary School Staff Account, St. Mary's Ce Foundation Primary School, Hampton Road Variable Restricted
0117F1DC-9227-4EC4-9922-AE9500C6AD17 CM24 8HX The Rose And Crown, 31 Bentfield Green, Stansted 24/7 Public
D23F8D3D-A330-47A0-AA1F-AD430060493B CM24 8TZ 1life, Mountfitchet Romeera Leisure Centre, Forest Hall Road 24/7 Public
2A2EBE89-26DC-4E52-B5CD-AE9000BF91D3 CM24 8XZ Hornbeam Way, Stansted 24/7 Public
10AA0591-11F4-4BF1-A273-AFC70096299F CM3 1BL Tm Fit, 2 The Courtyard Warners Farm, Main Road 24/7 Public
8252 CM3 1BQ Fitzandrews Farm, Essex 24/7 Public
B70FFA64-85DC-4980-9EF6-AFF000EEACF0 CM3 1BQ Fitzandrews Farm, Main Road, Howe Street 24/7 Public
8318 CM3 1BU Compasses Pub, Essex 24/7 Public
E23BA148-5217-4392-8A10-AE83008EB3DA CM3 1BU Compasses Pub, The Compasses, Littley Green Road 24/7 Public
13458182-328F-43CE-8EE6-AD5B009E1809 CM3 1ET Walthambury Stores, Barrack Lane, Great Waltham 24/7 Public
A42AB84D-1955-447D-9C33-B082009B12DE CM3 1HB Pleshey Village Hall, Bury Road, Pleshey 24/7 Public
943C72F3-001B-411C-A578-B082009E6598 CM3 1HG Leather Bottle Pub, The Leather Bottle, The Street 24/7 Public
E2CCD54A-35C0-4890-BDE1-AED600D70A96 CM3 1HU R C Boreham & Co, The House, R C Boreham & Co, Shooters Hatch Road 24/7 Public
6241EF93-8EF8-4544-BF98-AEB300EC3C15 CM3 1LH L Bartrupt & Son Ltd, Hill Farm, Church Lane Variable Restricted
A9E2B779-3DB0-496E-A388-B04200E2E5BA CM3 1PP Leighs Village Hall, Boreham Road, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
3DFD633D-C8C9-4492-B335-ADD000BEF50F CM3 1PQ Herts And Essex Shooting Association, Leighs Hall Farm, Church Lane Variable Restricted
409 CM3 2EH East of England Co-op, Essex 24/7 Public
7CF24B33-0157-4B8F-A79E-AE9700AA9AE1 CM3 2EH East Of England Co-Op, The Street, Hatfield Peverel 24/7 Public
3918C767-2D72-4B31-ACD1-ADB100914395 CM3 2FJ 5 Old Dairy Approach, Hatfield Peverel 24/7 Public
A271664D-0DAD-4B9A-9D85-AD8A00989B5C CM3 2HP Village Hall, Maldon Road, Hatfield Peverel 24/7 Public
697EB77A-F9B2-43E6-A678-B04400D6CBC5 CM3 2JX Hatfield Peverel St Andrew's Junior School, Church Road, Hatfield Peverel Variable Restricted
8177 CM3 2LD Hatfield Peverel Cricket Club, Essex 24/7 Public
5A7D50C1-3F1C-4935-80AA-AD2E009B67F7 CM3 2RP Hatfield Peverel Infant School, Church Road, Hatfield Peverel Variable Restricted
90C1E5C0-C586-49CA-9A0E-AF1900AD1425 CM3 3BE Greenacres Industrial Estate, Drakes Lane, Little Waltham Variable Restricted
CE2A5252-FDBE-470C-A360-B07C0088F05B CM3 3DB Boreham Primary School, Juniper Road, Boreham Variable Restricted
E2D8EC27-15DB-4422-B233-AF5B0104EC70 CM3 3FE Wilderness Foundation Uk, Whitbreads Business Centre, Whitbreads Farm Lane 24/7 Public
48E86A69-56C4-4349-A287-AEEE00E1453E CM3 3FY Marlborough Highways Ltd, Regiment Business Park, 15 Eagle Way 24/7 Public
3567F817-3BC8-4FEE-BEB0-AF1D00C5E24C CM3 3HR Chelmsford, Hanson Asphalt Generals Lane, Boreham Variable Restricted
124BE5E7-3948-427C-8A7D-AE01011D2290 CM3 3JA Red Cat Inns, The Lion Inn, Main Road 24/7 Public
1C453380-BFDC-4AC6-98AA-AD8D00F9D018 CM3 3JD Boreham Sports & Social Club, Off Main Road, Main Road 24/7 Public
46380519-48F9-439B-8B37-B02F00A3AD64 CM3 3NY Little Waltham Church Of England Primary School, The Street, Little Waltham Variable Restricted
38F9915B-CF31-4DED-B4BC-AEB500D5B2F4 CM3 3PR Regiment Way Golf Centre, Pratts Farm Lane, Chelmsford Variable Restricted
7063 CM3 3PY On Post at entrance to Channels Park, Essex 24/7 Public
FB6EAC1D-4777-4363-97A3-AEA401450A53 CM3 3PY Chelmsford On Post, Channels Park, Albatross Way 24/7 Public
CE66E075-5A59-4FB8-9D02-AECF00ABA45E CM3 4AB Essex Outdoors, Danbury Outdoors, Well Lane Variable Restricted
19473BFD-DB8D-426F-BF48-B0AB00B20FA4 CM3 4AU King Edward Viii Scout Camp, King Edward Viii Scout Campsite, Ling Wood 24/7 Public
D7616CBD-B72F-4ACA-88F5-B053009850E3 CM3 4BS Tea Room Paper Mill Lock, North Hill, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
8289 CM3 4DB Essex Senior Cricket Club, Essex 24/7 Public
B6D5A86E-E67F-4DEB-9ACB-B03B00C3C7E6 CM3 4ES Priory Primary School, Bicknacre Road, Chelmsford 24/7 Restricted
75C1B8F0-F423-4777-9B94-ADB500434626 CM3 4LR White Elm Garden Centre, 50 White Elm Road, Bicknacre Variable Public
A243608F-543F-4DB0-BAF6-ADB50044F4BC CM3 4LR 50 White Elm Road, Chelmsford Variable Public
4E75240E-8D2D-4A8A-98C3-AD430093CC38 CM3 4NQ Co-Op & Post Office, 16 Main Road, Danbury 24/7 Public
9B13F771-6A6A-42E6-ADC8-AED300C76EF0 CM3 4NQ Danbury Village Hall Charity, Danbury Village Hall, 2 Main Road Variable Restricted
5873E0A0-BD85-4357-9B83-AD9700747751 CM3 4NS St Johns Church Of England Primary School, Little Baddow Road, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
2FA6B00E-58EA-4A18-89D6-AE2000E6BB97 CM3 4QW Tesco Stores Limited, 68 Maldon Road, Chelmsford Variable Public
C559980F-B68D-4E2E-9A7D-B08C009474D4 CM3 4QW Tesco, 68 Maldon Road, Danbury Variable Public
F477C2A0-A53B-402D-AC9A-AFB100996EC7 CM3 4QW Tesco Stores Limited, 68 Maldon Road, Chelmsford Variable Public
B7CE9CEA-EF70-4C13-A61C-AD5601394262 CM3 4QZ The Anchor Danbury, The Anchor, Runsell Green 24/7 Public
7304 CM3 4TA The Memorial Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
7E1E11DB-DEE2-4A6C-AA9E-AF23010BB2C0 CM3 4TA Memorial Hall, North Hill, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
053C46E7-AABD-41E8-A9FC-AE160105C424 CM3 5FJ Block 2 To 90, Nelson Place, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
6595 CM3 5GU Creekview Green, Essex 24/7 Public
53F4F83C-B8DF-4CBE-924B-AEA401450566 CM3 5GU South Woodham Ferrers On Post, Creekview Green, Creekview Road 24/7 Public
AB1C3015-A030-4F9E-972A-AD3400C24CAA CM3 5JT Blakemore Retail, Spar South Woodham Ferrers, Warwick Parade 24/7 Public
A35EDA31-1E98-43FA-9A1D-B043016E86B3 CM3 5NB Elmwood Primary School, Guys Farm Road, South Woodham Ferrers Variable Restricted
5FC523CF-CAE3-44F5-A5A5-AD9D014EBC43 CM3 5NQ South Woodham Ferrers Railway Station, Hullbridge Road, South Woodham Ferrers 24/7 Public
6FA747BD-BC32-48E4-9B2D-AD8000D71D58 CM3 5NQ South Woodham Ferrers Railway Station, Hullbridge Road, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
6208DE37-2CE0-4F8E-9AC4-AD7F00EDF825 CM3 5PL Woodham Radars Fc, Woodham Radars Football Club Clubhouse, Village Hall Playing Field 24/7 Public
6592 CM3 5TQ Telephone Box, Essex 24/7 Public
732C7DE8-75D8-47AB-B51F-AEA50136B5DB CM3 5TQ South Woodham Ferrers Telephone Box, Queen Elizabeth Ii Square, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
4350283F-B038-4310-84DF-B00500D0C16F CM3 5UL Fork Truck Direct Ltd, 23 Redhills Road, Chelmsford 24/7 Restricted
E27E6E64-83BA-4716-8C4C-AFE8006D7D80 CM3 5UL Screwfix, Unit 43, Redhills Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
864A8564-1D5F-4D7F-9086-AF5001012DC9 CM3 5UQ Locker & Riley Ltd, 42-50 Bancrofts Road, South Woodham Ferrers Variable Restricted
F34B3E17-C3E8-4257-9E50-AD7A00B5C56F CM3 5WP Woodham Ferrers Waterski Club, Marsh Farm Road, South Woodham Ferrers 24/7 Public
6594 CM3 5XH Fire Station 32, Essex 24/7 Public
57DF549A-BB5B-4597-87F2-AEA50136BA5A CM3 5XH South Woodham Fire Station 32, South Woodham Ferrers Fire Station 32, Ferrers Road 24/7 Public
A8423F08-0319-4D2A-9ECD-B03800EB8B20 CM3 5YJ Collingwood Primary School, Collingwood Road, South Woodham Ferrers Variable Restricted
89173D89-CED6-4921-8C73-AEC100B12513 CM3 6AD Mayland Village Football Club, Football Club Container, Katonia Avenue 24/7 Public
D9EA516D-827B-4369-968C-AFE0013B2EC7 CM3 6AQ Hardy's Bar And Grill, 36 Imperial Avenue, Mayland 24/7 Public
0A53276A-07C7-4326-AFB9-AFC8010D2613 CM3 6AW Marina, Esplanade, Mayland 24/7 Public
DC0BBAB3-9FE0-48EA-8D11-AF0900B05850 CM3 6DE Riverview Caravan Park, Fambridge Road, Althorne 24/7 Public
6FFC2B2A-D2AF-4AB0-B4A4-AFCE01003656 CM3 6DG Greater Anglia, Althorne Station, Bridgemarsh Lane 24/7 Public
89406F3A-FA5A-4B42-918F-B04400F3405D CM3 6JE Cold Norton County Primary School, 2 St Stephens Road, Cold Norton Variable Public
2545F44D-0399-4BAD-802A-B034010EBB4A CM3 6JR The Red Lion, 47 The Street, Latchingdon 24/7 Public
DE91360E-06E0-47AF-A80F-B08800BD598E CM3 6JS Latchingdon Church Of England Primary School, The Street, Latchingdon Variable Restricted
B1CDB395-D59D-422E-8B8C-AF8E00D9163B CM3 6LG Lj Transportation, Unit 14 Mapledean Works, Maldon Road 24/7 Public
12618AB5-7390-416A-928D-AD6B009A9203 CM3 6LS Ferry Road, North Fambridge 24/7 Public
47CF8F49-4277-4C56-9215-AFCE01000952 CM3 6NP North Fambridge Station, Station Road, North Fambridge 24/7 Public
8297 CM3 6PX Purleigh Cricket Club, Essex 24/7 Public
261F3463-D2ED-4970-A185-B084008A3B3B CM3 6PX Purleigh Cricket Club, The Wells Pavilion, Purleigh Playing Field, Howe Green Road 24/7 Public
3F499C92-5D44-40FA-B0D6-AF8E00D730B0 CM3 6QG Purleigh Old People's Housing Association Limited, Outside Of Block B, Fairfields 24/7 Public
65CC3AEA-767E-4CAF-A208-ADCF00F395A9 CM3 6RT Pantile Hall, Honeypot Lane, Stow Maries 24/7 Restricted
4375 CM3 6SL The Smythe Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
1A9A009A-BA11-490F-A116-AD4F008A4682 CM3 6UA Directa (Uk) Ltd, Directa House, Latchingdon Road 24/7 Public
71C9A692-3BC9-4DD7-80E5-AECA00F3307E CM3 8AE Parish Council, Part Of Hall Hannas Field, The Tye 24/7 Public
0DDA1769-FAE5-49B4-9A28-AF6500FD219F CM3 8AP Fen Contracts Ltd, Salesfrith Farm, Bicknacre Road Variable Restricted
0AFA6726-B2A0-49BC-8CDC-AFDB00D63665 CM3 8BH Unit D Lodge Industrial Lodge Farm, Old Church Road, Chelmsford Variable Public
B1F3A8DC-3B1D-46F4-A4E4-AFD500FF05CA CM3 8BY Paramount Platforms Ltd, C/O J Gard, The Timber Mill,The Rough Hill Complex, The Tye 24/7 Public
FB4C0AD2-CC24-4865-8832-AD8700C1E9B5 CM3 8DR Parish Hall, Main Road, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
21488FDE-F1A9-420D-91E7-AD8700C318C2 CM3 8DY The Bell Inn, Main Road, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
E8F33CF8-CF33-4CE7-83D2-ADC9009512BC CM3 8EW Brentwood Communications, Bc House, East Hanningfield Road Variable Restricted
9B8312D0-FD79-48F0-AAA4-AF2D0078F1B5 CM3 8HL South Hanningfield Village Hall, Village Hall, South Hanningfield Road 24/7 Public
367A1195-10C5-4370-BBC5-AF5D008D2C6A CM3 8RD Ilgars Manor, Workhouse Lane, Woodham Ferrers 24/7 Restricted
0D16817F-F87D-48DA-80E9-AE9300DA9767 CM3 8RP Lodge Information Services, Lis House, Main Road 24/7 Public
705DCDB0-94FC-4832-813A-AF1E00B6B20C CM3 8RW Village Hall, Main Road, Chelmsford 24/7 Public
34491DC0-CB43-440E-8881-B08A00A3F12C CM4 0DF Ingatestone Infant School, Infants Infant School, 81 Fryerning Lane Variable Restricted
5B3B2D96-0D95-41DA-B044-AFCD00B07EB1 CM4 0DJ Anglo European School, Willow Green, Ingatestone Variable Restricted
BDC699DF-EFFF-42AB-9EC8-AFCD00AE52FF CM4 0DJ Anglo European School, Willow Green, Ingatestone Variable Restricted
E91F0EA5-46CD-442A-A874-AD4400AE4CEE CM4 0DJ Anglo European School, Willow Green, Ingatestone Variable Restricted
57129D28-9899-424F-B582-AD4F0133FD9E CM4 0EP Village Hall, Wantz Road, Ingatestone 24/7 Public
F22129AE-A98B-453E-A48A-AE7600A09C03 CM4 0HH Seymour Pavilion, Seymour Field, New Road 24/7 Public
4858FE12-383D-4C50-B1CB-AD5D00DB4C61 CM4 0HS Fryerning Parish Room, Fryerning Parish Hall, Mill Green Road 24/7 Public
C4C36C18-972D-4EEA-A40E-AD5100CA9FED CM4 0HS Fryerning Parish Rooms, Mill Green Road, Fryerning 24/7 Public
032BC139-5BF7-43F6-9B2D-AE5B00AFF507 CM4 0JY 206 Nine Ashes Road, Ongar 24/7 Public
AEC88B2F-098F-45A0-8A38-AE3800BF5CA2 CM4 0LH Norton Heath Café, 1 Prospect Villas, Norton Heath 24/7 Public
36A625FC-7B35-48FF-9965-ADB300B2EED3 CM4 0NJ Dunsteads Farm, Trueloves Lane, Ingatestone 24/7 Restricted
2DA03152-AEFB-46B7-BDB5-AD5901494731 CM4 0QW Blackmore Village Hall, Nine Ashes Road, Blackmore 24/7 Public
D8B9DA7F-832A-4A3C-9730-AD5A00129F82 CM4 0RU Post Office, Fingrith Hall Road, Blackmore 24/7 Public
534A5A60-423F-4BB5-AF11-AD5100C9485E CM4 9AA Catholic Church, St John The Evangelist And St Erconwald Catholic Church, Roman Road 24/7 Public
BF4ED22D-BDEB-4A3E-8906-AD5D00DBC6D4 CM4 9AA Ingatestone Catholic Church, St John The Evangelist And St Erconwald Catholic Church, Roman Road 24/7 Public
18FF6E4F-AC4A-4DB5-8F05-AF7200ACA1A2 CM4 9BQ Stock & Buttsbury Heritage Society, 3 Swan Lane, Stock 24/7 Public
F3033504-9A71-4432-9EAB-B02A00BA080F CM4 9DP Barn Crondon Park Golf Club, Stock Road, Billericay 24/7 Public
E4AC3902-0F96-41BC-8D9C-AD45005BEAF5 CM4 9EA Ingatestone Co-Op Store, Spreadeagle Place, 4 High Street 24/7 Public
CF7D96C5-6C2C-4483-9A07-AE3600D6B4E2 CM4 9ED Car Park, High Street, Ingatestone Variable Restricted
F19DF157-AA0C-4B69-AB38-AF7200AAACCA CM4 9NF Stock Parish Council, Common Road, ( Opposite Bakers Arms Public House ) 24/7 Public
2728 CM4 9PQ Willowbrook Sports and Social Club, Essex 24/7 Public
9675DBFC-75BC-4571-A1FE-AD4D0066386D CM4 9PS Linacre House, 25 Hereward Mount, Ingatestone 24/7 Restricted
F35BC9A6-3F0A-4E7E-9BAC-B07E009716A3 CM5 0AN The Ongar Academy, Fyfield Road, Ongar 24/7 Public
25710734-64E9-4D5F-B9F5-AEE0006FB90F CM5 0DJ Hugh Pearl Ltd, New House Farm, Newhouse Lane 24/7 Public
0E91860E-013F-4AB9-89DF-AF9701462FC0 CM5 0EG Magdalen Laver Village Hall, Tilegate Road, Magdalen Laver 24/7 Public
803F3C92-1EC8-48DE-8903-B07E00D4780F CM5 0FF Ongar Primary School, Milton Crescent, Ongar Variable Restricted
BB1C9CA8-B6F6-484C-B3CB-B09200CC7F7A CM5 0JD Moreton Church Of England Primary School, Church Road, Moreton Variable Restricted
FBDA0507-6E82-45F8-9CAD-ADD300D31CB6 CM5 0NN Environment Agency Fyfields Store, Dunmow Road, Ongar Variable Restricted
90DD924B-EE2E-4E21-BA5A-B0A2009DD323 CM5 0PA Abbess Roding, St Edmunds Church, Green Hill Road 24/7 Public
F3797FAB-BB65-47DC-9F57-AFDD00C08838 CM5 0PF Beauchamp Roding Village Hall, Dunmow Road, Ongar 24/7 Public
2482D7FC-4892-42F5-BD15-AE6600CECB46 CM5 0SN Village Hall, The Street, Willingale 24/7 Public
8476C30A-36CF-4CF2-863E-ADE200EABACC CM5 9AA Tesco Stores Ltd, Petrol Filling Station Tesco Express, 271-277 High Street Variable Restricted
14D78346-EE41-4865-9BFE-AE6D010AC92D CM5 9BL Ongar Community Sports Trust, Jubilee Park Pavilion, Love Lane Variable Restricted
6E31C873-45E6-49FE-8EDC-AE6900DCFF09 CM5 9NE 48 The Street, Ongar 24/7 Restricted
FD1318FA-1B96-408A-A082-AE5F00A49189 CM5 9NL Packaging First Ltd, Unit 12 Nash Hall, The Street Variable Restricted
847469F0-5292-4F41-A3BD-B03F010CEA5B CM5 9QZ Units 1 To 3 Paslow Hall Farm, King Street, High Ongar Variable Restricted
1878 CM6 1AB Scarlett & Stone, Essex 24/7 Public
CB61DA5B-EF7F-4C7E-A720-AE9900A78F8C CM6 1BG Our Lady And St Anne Line Catholic Church, 13 Mill Lane, Dunmow 24/7 Public
7F658BFC-EE5F-4C2C-81EE-B08300F5B839 CM6 1EB Dunmow Church Of England Junior School, High Stile, Great Dunmow Variable Public
1C573BA8-760A-4DF7-9D29-AE6F010CD3C2 CM6 1HD Taylors Service Centres, Chelmsford Road Industrial Estate, Great Dunmow 24/7 Public
66EBB998-C1AF-4D44-BC99-AF7100D1F23A CM6 1HE Atm Priors Green Local Centre, 1 Bennet Canfield, Little Canfield Variable Public
3C10B3DE-6E90-4822-B724-AD6A00EEB4EE CM6 1JH Roffey Philpot End, Philpot End Lane, Great Dunmow 24/7 Public
CB76E2A2-2731-42D9-84B3-AD570112D33C CM6 1JU Ashfields Polo And Carriage Club (Great Canfield Parish Council Sponsored), Ashfields Polo And Carriage Club, Green Street 24/7 Public
0D800170-BA15-4389-B360-AEF500D50281 CM6 1NQ County Farm, Rands Road, High Roding 24/7 Restricted
826C3D3B-838B-438C-9426-AD5C0084DE0D CM6 1PY The Bill Reeve Pavilion Roundbush Green, Dunmow Road, Aythorpe Roding 24/7 Public
550DD004-8B30-4240-9CDA-ADFA00DDF6B9 CM6 1PZ Rodings Primary School, Dunmow Road, Leaden Roding Variable Restricted
1DC52AD1-20CE-4F68-92FB-AF12015D5AF0 CM6 1QU 1 The Gossets, Margaret Roding 24/7 Public
4AE04693-B271-4365-BA8C-AE3A00A3E49E CM6 1RS Social & Sports Club, Marks Hall Lane, White Roding 24/7 Public
AE5C69A7-7796-4D50-845D-AE3F008BDF65 CM6 1SF Tesco Superstore, Stortford Rd, 0 Variable Public
A9C2A6D9-E9FC-4B05-ACA8-AFA400AA678E CM6 1SW Little Canfield Village Hall, Dunmow Road, Little Canfield 24/7 Public
4BB1DD80-62D4-4C9B-A889-AFAC00A72DEB CM6 1XN Aerospace Warranty Management, Unit 14 Oak Industrial Park, Chelmsford Road 24/7 Restricted
35282282-9D8D-4B51-ADD0-AE36010E3443 CM6 1YE Takeley Parish Council, Priors Green Community Hall, Bennet Canfield 24/7 Public
D981A3F3-F9FA-4516-AFFE-B02A00B4BD08 CM6 1YE Tesco Takeley Express, 1 Priors Green Local Centre, Bennet Canfield Variable Public
34398D62-F5CA-436A-9B42-AE4600AC8A3A CM6 2AA Great Dunmow Town Council, Recreation Ground Car Park, The Causeway 24/7 Public
770AEAFE-2304-4A06-896D-AF39011FA723 CM6 2AD Angel & Harp Pub, 16 Church Street, Great Dunmow 24/7 Public
A10A11E1-A85D-4C6F-A016-AD4400DAC87D CM6 2AT Great Dunmow Leisure Centre, Parsonage Downs, Great Dunmow 24/7 Public
1460 CM6 2BJ Prince of Wales, Essex 24/7 Public
7EFEDE5A-22FD-4574-97A5-AD6600EE3F79 CM6 2BJ The Prince Of Wales, Brick End, Broxted 24/7 Public
F08C7ABF-D2E3-437A-B315-AE8300ACBF25 CM6 2DR Great Easton Primary School, Snow Hill, Great Easton Variable Public
A9A1CF1E-6EFA-4745-ACE0-AED900FE1A79 CM6 2LU Thaxted Tennis Club, Thaxted Tennis Courts, Dunmow Road 24/7 Public
68778DD6-98D4-4F04-A3BB-AE38010F68D3 CM6 2NE Thaxted Bowling Club, Park Street, Thaxted Variable Restricted
0DADCB7E-265B-4D12-AC0F-AD4E0098B6D7 CM6 2QT Thaxted Rangers Fc, The Recreational Ground, Newbiggen Street 24/7 Public
36E05E08-DFF3-4243-BD8A-ADAB00CB5FD6 CM6 2RE Maranello, Walden Road, Thaxted 24/7 Public
E35FBFE1-C196-4F28-BF76-AE0C00C1F41B CM6 3DG The Post Office, Post Office, Station Road Variable Restricted
EE66D8D1-40FA-4CCA-B7D2-AE0400F0B8A7 CM6 3DL The Surgery, Braintree Road, Felsted 24/7 Public
6BDA5E8F-0742-48D2-8491-B04401041171 CM6 3EB Felsted County Primary School, Braintree Road, Felsted Variable Public
C1FDCE4D-DE6E-44C7-867F-AE0400F2D902 CM6 3EB Felsted County Primary School, Braintree Road, Felsted 24/7 Public
7684 CM6 3HT Bus Shelter, Essex 24/7 Public
26E625A7-72CA-43BA-A270-AF1900D242C7 CM6 3HT Little Dunmow Bus Shelter, Bus Shelter, The Street 24/7 Public
39AB4759-F845-44AF-B1A7-ADEC009A8011 CM6 3LT The Barn Glandfields Farm, Chelmsford Road, Felsted Variable Restricted
90EBCC29-55A5-4856-B757-ADCE00DA438F CM6 3LT The Barn Glandfields Farm, Chelmsford Road, Felsted Variable Restricted
1942 CM6 3QN Village Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
91234EFF-C16E-49BB-AB66-AF8700C78B5A CM6 3RY Atlas Winch & Hoist Services Southern Ltd, Drakeswell Yard, Duck End Variable Public
F7AF1733-0F39-4F62-A354-B07C00A2903C CM6 3SH Stebbing Primary School, High Street, Stebbing Variable Restricted
6684 CM6 3SU Alcott Playing Field Driveway, Essex 24/7 Public
F6BBFBAB-49FC-4161-8556-AEB2011FA4FE CM6 3SU Stebbing Brick Meter Cupboard, Brick Meter Cupboard, Alcott Playing Field 24/7 Public
3A4F8159-8614-49EE-9730-ADEB00955852 CM7 1JP 90 High Street, Braintree 24/7 Public
0FB0F3E0-1884-426E-B214-AD430093D4D4 CM7 1RB Management Suite, Room A Second Floor, 36 George Yard Variable Public
38AA386B-3BBF-4354-B8CF-AD4400F5C461 CM7 1TD The Hawthorns, Meadow Park, Braintree 24/7 Restricted
7BAEEEBE-9C5A-4789-8D7B-AED7010E9E52 CM7 1UL Public Telephone 9m From The Swan, 22-26, Bank Street 5m From Swan Side, Swan Side, Braintree 24/7 Public
9C02446C-8B40-4342-927B-AEE201423515 CM7 2LD Christ Church, London Road, Braintree 24/7 Public
9968F2B0-C907-4C82-AE46-AECC00C5700D CM7 2NS St Michael's Church Of England Primary School, Maple Avenue, Braintree 24/7 Public
82A01C6E-EF32-4A0B-94DD-AD6B008F41E3 CM7 2PU 39 Blackwell Drive, Braintree Variable Public
F42DFBA2-0E47-42D2-AA9E-AD4300D5B583 CM7 2QG 2-3 Broomhills, Braintree Variable Restricted
464C7566-5A5D-49E3-BB4B-ADE8013DCBF7 CM7 2QP Css Recruitment & Training, Star House, 38 Rayne Road 24/7 Public
90C559CC-5779-4052-B658-AF8000B78531 CM7 2YN Swann Engineering Group Ltd, 6, Springwood Drive Variable Restricted
0C4E5A13-BBAF-4E7B-868D-AF0300FE91BB CM7 2YP Acs Aviation Industries Ltd, Unit 1 Swinbourne Drive, Springwood Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
090EADEF-E03F-49B8-A0FD-AED7010EA533 CM7 3DJ Essex Police, Braintree Police Station, Blyths Meadow 24/7 Public
D745B3B1-B58B-44EE-B7F8-AED7010EA105 CM7 3DY St Paul’s Church, Hay Lane South, Braintree 24/7 Public
5D188386-9BA6-41B7-B3B5-AE2300E835D6 CM7 3GB Legends Sports And Pool Bar, 14 Silks Way, Braintree 24/7 Public
FC222893-670B-4A2F-8A96-ADE8013DC872 CM7 3HP Css Recruitment & Training, 14 Manor Street, Braintree 24/7 Public
304C7EF7-904C-40EB-B287-AE2201070BD4 CM7 3HQ Tesco, Atm At The Tesco Supermarket, Market Place 24/7 Public
1FB49570-D370-4B1D-AE42-AED7010E9AFE CM7 3JD Essex County Fire & Rescue Service, Braintree Fire Station, Railway Street 24/7 Public
D42552F7-9A30-475C-9FC5-ADE8013DC3FC CM7 3JJ The Archer Community Centre, 28 East Street, Braintree 24/7 Public
96608539-A3BD-4C26-A566-AEE201423233 CM7 3NR Alec Hunter Academy, Stubbs Lane, Braintree 24/7 Public
9E7F8402-439A-4024-85C5-AFF800B53215 CM7 3PR Beckers Green Primary School, Beckers Green Road, Braintree 24/7 Public
E6D67697-464D-4CDB-9D56-AEE20121B04B CM7 3QL Greater Anglia, Braintree Railway Station, Station Approach 24/7 Public
FB7A49EF-3E3D-436B-AA2E-AEC10092E5CF CM7 3QL Greater Anglia, Braintree Railway Station, Station Approach 24/7 Public
E5030AC2-B2FB-49E6-831E-B03B00D7502D CM7 4BP Wethersfield Cof E Primary School, Wethersfield Primary School, Silver Street Variable Restricted
521 CM7 4BS Village Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
571 CM7 4DN Village Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
BF0B3050-24C4-42D8-8E15-AFEB0093B2D0 CM7 4HD Cornish Hall End Village Hall, Cornish Hall End, Finchingfield Variable Restricted
393 CM7 4HF Horse and Groom Public House, Essex 24/7 Public
C629A829-F98F-43B2-9204-B03C00AEB8A3 CM7 4LE Finchingfield Pre School, 25 Kempe Road, Finchingfield 24/7 Public
3332 CM7 4RQ Great Bardfield Primary School, Essex 24/7 Public
7FE7A004-F47C-4571-A287-AD7D00D4B9E8 CM7 4SH Mill House, Hawkspur Green, Little Bardfield 24/7 Public
AB83F878-3E4A-45B2-9342-AD4801091CF3 CM7 5AQ The Bell, Kynaston Road, Panfield 24/7 Public
C2D277FE-A353-44D3-95BE-B02400C6368B CM7 5BL Braintree Bmx Club,, Deanery Hill, Braintree 24/7 Public
4962 CM7 5EE On Post outside March Cottage, Essex 24/7 Public
956 CM7 5EZ Village Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
51359750-AC61-4FCA-BD69-AE0400E95020 CM7 5EZ Shalford Village Hall, Church End, Shalford 24/7 Public
6757 CM7 5HH The George Inn, Essex 24/7 Public
02F0A3D0-1FF8-4054-BABD-AE0400EA480C CM7 5HH The George Inn, The Street, Shalford 24/7 Public
3B0A0493-5248-45E7-AC6B-ADE8013DD937 CM7 5JY St Marys Church Hall, Church Street, Braintree 24/7 Public
5188 CM7 5LA Village Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
3306 CM7 5RB Glebe Community Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
0CCC8669-B114-44DF-91CF-AFD200E6FC96 CM7 5XD Pollys Field Village, Church Lane, Bocking 24/7 Public
A6FC1F2C-7F2B-46C9-885A-B09E00863638 CM7 9BG Kidorable Preschool And Childcare Services, Kidorable Pre School And Childcare Services, Courtauld Road 24/7 Public
E864E71D-9085-4F46-BACE-B08C016A4685 CM7 9DB Braintree Mencap, Charles Leek House, 7 Coggeshall Road Variable Restricted
DB538E0E-E118-4E6B-8130-AD9101116D43 CM7 9DZ The Recreation Ground, John Ray Street, Braintree 24/7 Public
28DDA5E8-1E11-4F30-A711-AE2000F5B592 CM7 9EL Tesco Express, Ad Right 2174 Outside Tesco Express, Coggeshall Road Variable Restricted
8CB7004B-25AD-463F-9FDC-B08A007B0846 CM7 9ES Braintree And Bocking Liberal Club, 106 Coggeshall Road, Braintree Variable Public
FB57A14A-C7AC-43DD-A4AB-ADE8013DD4BA CM7 9HB Braintree District Council, Causeway House, Bocking End 24/7 Public
3AD3CEC1-C998-452C-817C-ADE8013DD043 CM7 9LW Great Bradfords Junior School, Marlborough Road, Braintree 24/7 Public
392EE484-4FD1-4E86-B6D8-B06E00953EE2 CM77 6BZ Rayne Primary And Nursery School, Capel Road, Braintree Variable Restricted
D7BBCE61-F49A-4E6B-B3C0-B0AB00DEC180 CM77 6SH Anglia Harvesters Ltd, Unit 20 Blake House Craft Centre, Blake End Variable Restricted
3502 CM77 6TX Rayne Village Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
27184B65-4893-47B6-BB76-AEDF00D31BBF CM77 7AA Chelmer Foods Ltd, 220 Avenue West, Skyline 120 Business Park 24/7 Public
3993D0A4-C07D-42CA-8682-AD6B008AD762 CM77 7AA Collingwood Insurance Services (Uk) Ltd, Majesty House, Avenue West, Skyline 120, Braintree Variable Restricted
E18068AA-7ED4-4420-AFF7-AE7400BC549B CM77 7AA Dandara Eastern Ltd, Majesty House, 200 Avenue West, Skyline 120 Variable Restricted
FDDFF166-DEE7-4146-838C-AEC500A4417E CM77 7AA Lasered Components Ltd, 240 Avenue West, Skyline 120 Variable Restricted
FFBBB111-65B0-4AF7-BA92-AE9300F3D772 CM77 7AA Alphasense Ltd, 300 Avenue West, Great Notley Variable Restricted
63B8039C-3DEB-43F3-B3E1-AF1000A809A6 CM77 7AE Panners Coffee Bar, Unit 3, Panners Parade 24/7 Public
30AC4D0B-BE4D-43E7-9362-AF6C00CB64E2 CM77 7AJ Toby Carvery - Braintree, Notley Cross, Braintree Variable Public
32B77EC6-CD1E-4588-8D36-B082008F768E CM77 7AP Gridserve Electric Forecourt, Edison Way, Great Notley 24/7 Public
F4956E7B-7160-4B77-88E0-AF460106324C CM77 7AT Careco Ltd, 1 Turing Court, Essex Variable Restricted
4423 CM77 7GN The Church in Great Notley, Essex 24/7 Public
856D71AA-3495-4DA8-9151-B0A100FB20AE CM77 7GN Great Notley Church, Bridge End Lane, Great Notley 24/7 Public
4061 CM77 7US Community Centre, Essex 24/7 Public
9638B3D4-88DD-4AFC-8191-AAAB00F6EB05 CM77 7US Busy Bees Nurseries, Notley Green, Braintree Variable Public
1455FB56-EBA6-4575-84E0-AD8200E23CC2 CM77 7WW Kier Construction Site, Cuckoo Roundabout, A131 Variable Restricted
9F21FB2F-5B08-42F1-B6F3-AE3A00BF45B7 CM77 7WW Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Stores Ltd The Square, 1 Notley Green Variable Public
FC205BD2-1639-418D-BDCA-AF7B011C3486 CM77 7WW Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Stores Ltd The Square, 1 Notley Green 24/7 Public
343321DA-E59C-4AAD-A70E-AE64017B6EB7 CM77 8AA Tesco, Marks Farm, Coggeshall Road 24/7 Public
1A2D3809-240C-4A50-887A-AF7400AA70CD CM77 8DL Amco At Cordons Farm, Long Green, Cressing Variable Restricted
13692BBF-B1FD-427F-BFA7-AE6A00F8B81D CM77 8DT Zero Three Care Homes Llp, Imola, Lanham Green 24/7 Public
3E582BB3-D5AC-49A2-854C-AEF700D1E14D CM77 8EW Bradwell Village Hall, Village Hall, Church Road 24/7 Public
7498 CM77 8JJ Cressing Sports and Social Club, The Pavilion, Essex 24/7 Public
42A9E603-C702-4D46-875F-AF2900C6AB86 CM77 8JJ Cressing Sports And Social Club, The Pavilion, Jeffrey's Road 24/7 Public
3591CC64-2B85-4ACA-A65E-AD5100A630F6 CM77 8LL Black Notley Parish Council, Pavilion And Cark Park, The Street 24/7 Public
F4782E53-4FFF-43D9-8DAF-AD4300B78FB1 CM77 8NB The Coffee House, Cornerstone Centre, 183-185 Witham Road 24/7 Public
BD69C9AF-FD97-416B-B069-AEC10092D4EA CM77 8NT Greater Anglia, Cressing Station, Bulford Lane 24/7 Public
AF4438B7-2FA9-47E7-97D2-AEC4008894D3 CM77 8YH Braintree Village, Charter Way, Chapel Hill 24/7 Restricted
B78447DD-8616-466F-A81C-AD4900D1F63F CM77 8YH Marks And Spencer, Unit E2 And E3 Braintree Village, Charter Way Variable Restricted
D79670AA-9902-4504-B663-AEC10092C9ED CM77 8YH Greater Anglia, Braintree Freeport Station, Chapel Hill Retail Park 24/7 Public
B82F9FC0-8964-424A-8868-AFC200E81FC5 CM77 8YL Screwfix, Unit 14 - 15 Century Drive, Charter Way Business Park Variable Restricted
9CCFBBAF-91E6-4433-943E-AF63010C9229 CM8 1EJ Redrow Homes, Mulberries Sales Office, Hatfield Road, Witham Variable Public
14DAD561-E197-46FF-B655-AD4300EA7B1B CM8 1FR Chipping Hill Primary School, Owers Road, Witham Variable Restricted
410 CM8 1NE East of England Co-op, Essex 24/7 Public
CBB5879A-B84C-4F39-A959-AE9700AA4782 CM8 1NE East Of England Co-Op, 1 Spa Road, Witham 24/7 Public
5376 CM8 1RG Cross Keys Public House, Essex 24/7 Public
126A5E5E-09B1-4628-B136-AEC10092DF2A CM8 1RP Greater Anglia, White Notley Station, Station House 24/7 Public
86E41562-8569-4D09-80B1-B08C00B0C5C1 CM8 1SB 17 Vicarage Avenue, White Notley Variable Restricted
8DC32CBB-37B6-40EA-BD08-AD9D0098BC16 CM8 1SF White Notley Football Club Oak Farm, The Street, Faulkbourne 24/7 Public
C0C404E3-9CB6-4444-AF51-AD4A00F139D6 CM8 2AR Martins, 50 Newland Street, Witham 24/7 Public
2C3E5EEC-924F-46DB-932F-ADD000C412DA CM8 2AZ Royal British Legion, The Royal British Legion Memorial Hall, Newland Street Variable Restricted
D34670EC-3B8C-423B-8C33-AE2300605967 CM8 2BS Greater Anglia, Witham Railway Station, Albert Road 24/7 Public
24427820-C996-4B23-8C7F-AEE5010D0587 CM8 2DY Witham Bowls Club, Collingwood Road, Witham Variable Restricted
92203045-96FB-42D9-84DF-AD4300AEBE93 CM8 2FE Witham Town Council, Town Hall, 61 Newland Street Variable Public
A50B6582-94C0-4E47-8A62-B02800FCD596 CM8 2JP The Woolpack Inn Public House, The Woolpack, 7 Church Street 24/7 Public
65CDAC85-5FEC-4857-A306-B00D00DBFA3A CM8 2NJ Templars Primary And Nursery School, Cressing Road, Witham Variable Restricted
E3FD5D4B-B081-4DCF-9BE7-AD7200F7D76B CM8 2RR The Loft Court Nine, 22 Shaw Road, Witham 24/7 Public
335F8961-0324-4040-80A7-AFE700DDD8C3 CM8 2SB New Rickstones Academy, 117 Rickstones Road, Conrad Road Variable Public
DA32CFFD-E77A-4648-AD2C-B07600D5A84C CM8 2SD Elm Hall Primary School, Conrad Road, Witham Variable Restricted
1387 CM8 2TL Red Recruit, Essex 24/7 Public
56D79A0B-44D8-4820-A5EC-B03900795DE3 CM8 2YT Tesco Witham, 1 The Grove Centre, Witham Variable Public
BC00A6CD-7279-4A07-A6F9-AF4D015DD111 CM8 2YT The Witham Hub, 17 The Grove Centre, Witham 24/7 Public
1368 CM8 3AH TE Connectivity, Essex 24/7 Public
1350 CM8 3BL Doe Motors Petrol Station, Essex 24/7 Public
D68EDFA2-ECD7-4322-B802-AF5800B293AF CM8 3EN Braxted Park Golf Club, Braxted Road, Witham 24/7 Public
D33B4F4A-FAC2-43B8-912B-AF5200B14CDA CM8 3ET Little Braxted Parish Council, The Braxted Bakery, Witham Road 24/7 Public
E21A4A27-8200-4747-A228-AE54011FC3A1 CM8 3GA Braxted Park Estate, Braxted Park Road, Witham 24/7 Public
468E2E13-BC61-4204-A3E3-AFE8006608BB CM8 3HP Screwfix, Unit 1 & 2 Colemans Bridge, Witham Variable Restricted
00DDF72A-0494-4B4B-AB23-B0050091CD75 CM8 3HR The Henry Dixon Hall, Henry Dixon Hall, Henry Dixon Road 24/7 Public
C223A032-EE43-4CF0-AB69-AD880121DD52 CM8 3JZ Village Hall, Church Road, Wickham Bishops 24/7 Public
07AFCF68-6B56-4E57-9D05-AD8100B8E5F7 CM8 3LB The Green Man Inn, Green Man Lane, Little Braxted 24/7 Public
74E71D0E-ED34-4DC5-ACFB-AE5D00CAC1A4 CM8 3NP Beacon Hill Sports Association, Tennis Courts, Great Totham Road 24/7 Public
DBA4D36E-9334-4812-B89F-B08D012D3799 CM8 3NP Prances Scout Campsite, Prances Cottage, Great Totham Road 24/7 Public
F173E109-7541-4236-808E-AFE400909D60 CM8 3NR Cherry Hall, Blacksmiths Lane, Wickham Bishops 24/7 Restricted
44168DA8-67EE-4892-9861-ADAC01080E02 CM8 3PJ Rascasse, Sheepcotes Lane, Silver End 24/7 Public
D2E9DFEC-1236-466E-A21E-AEE201378E75 CM8 3RF Black Swan International Limited, Valentine House Nursing Home, Broadway 24/7 Public
B5639794-C1A2-4BF8-B8F5-AFFE00A3D0A3 CM8 3SD Western Arms, Western Road, Silver End 24/7 Public
CE8589F8-AE26-4D9C-807D-AF6300EF03AD CM8 3SE Redrow Homes, Meadow View Sales Office, Redrow Homes, Sales Office, Western Road Variable Public
1367 CM8 3TH Office Life Solutions, Essex 24/7 Public
1349 CM8 3UN Dale Hire, Essex 24/7 Public
C30DBDF4-A9D3-4D79-A4CD-ADE900AC6FC3 CM8 3UN Crittall Windows Ltd, Francis House, 4 Freebournes Road Variable Public
72089851-EB89-422A-926C-AD550081F08D CM8 3UQ Tmo Highways Ltd, Unit 3a & 3b, Moss Road Variable Restricted
1379 CM8 3UT Windsor Material Handling, Essex 24/7 Public
B7DCF478-B7B6-4C3D-A6F8-AF3100E1AEDC CM8 3YN Gray Lightning Protection Ltd, Swanbridge Industrial Park, 1 Black Croft Road Variable Public
1377 CM8 3YQ Speedy, Essex 24/7 Public
1378 CM8 3YS Spray Master, Essex 24/7 Public
7AC663EB-1E44-4F8C-9928-AD430091881B CM9 4AL Heybridge Parish Council, Plantation Hall, Colchester Road 24/7 Public
4AB3EA6C-5F8F-40AF-90B8-AE9700A9AA96 CM9 4AS East Of England Co-Op, 93-95 Wood Road, Heybridge 24/7 Public
A164C4D4-05AB-4704-89D6-AE71006DC066 CM9 4DY Puregym, Unit 6a, Blackwater Retail Park, The Causeway 24/7 Restricted
FCF384F2-6C64-4FB8-A6DF-AE6001298C1F CM9 4LE Tesco Maldon Petrol Station, Tesco Petrol Station, Maldon Variable Public
08704FEB-2F27-4F4C-8E45-AFE700D74C10 CM9 4LJ Screwfix, Unit 1 Leigh Industrial Estate, The Causeway Variable Restricted
7043F992-AFC5-4FBB-BE2B-AD6900FFA2B9 CM9 4PZ United Reformed Church, Market Hill, Maldon 24/7 Restricted
2653A2FC-8C2E-4F5A-8D6A-AFA7010D87C3 CM9 4QT Drapers Farm Sports Ground, Drapers Sports Club, Drapers Chase 24/7 Public
8A10C56D-C87A-4A20-ADC7-AFCE010CC5EC CM9 4RE Chigborough Farm & Fisheries, Chigborough Farm, Chigborough Road 24/7 Public
440F059D-503C-4478-B1F6-AD6A00E557B4 CM9 4RL Town Hall, Market Hill, Maldon 24/7 Public
274C0EA3-A2AD-4C3A-B3D3-AD6200B6A0D6 CM9 4RS Heybridge Basin Difib Fund, The Jolly Sailor Public House, Basin Road 24/7 Public
4A00444A-A17E-4A7D-AB35-AD6200B91AFF CM9 4RZ St Georges Church, Basin Road Heybridge Basin, Maldon Essex 24/7 Public
53D8746F-D3B5-4F6F-B916-B00900780629 CM9 4SS Maldon Road, Langford 24/7 Public
8F7EDC00-069B-4A60-A034-AFA7010A9304 CM9 4TU Blackwater Medical Centre (Heybridge Surgery), Goldring House, 61 Rowan Drive 24/7 Public
609354E0-937B-4D8F-A8C1-AF6D00B78B7F CM9 4XD Dantherm Ltd, Unit 12, Galliford Road Variable Restricted
EC034583-D3B0-49B0-9175-B0A000CA7225 CM9 4XD Dantherm Limited, Galliford Road Industrial Estate, 3d Galliford Road Variable Restricted
E85AEC8F-BD17-4593-B8CD-B00E0080D60F CM9 5FA Eppendorf Cryotech Ltd, Court Langley House Quayside Industrial Estate, Bates Road 24/7 Public
4C4D5F6A-2D83-4C36-868C-AE9E012C4666 CM9 5JG Maldon Saints Clubhouse The Promenade Park, Park Drive, Maldon 24/7 Public
A65D92D3-27EE-4AB8-A8E8-B08B01464199 CM9 5JQ Maldon & Tiptree Football Club, The Maldon Stadium, Park Drive Variable Restricted
B9259F79-5B59-4150-9168-ADFA00A51004 CM9 5JQ Maldon District Council, Promenade Park, Park Drive 24/7 Public
2D443074-11DB-43A2-AAE0-ADDC00ED9FFA CM9 5PN Kings Head Centre Ltd, Shop 15, Kings Head Centre, 38 High Street 24/7 Public
2ED40593-E7BA-44F8-AABE-AE62011E42A4 CM9 5QF Carpenters Arms, 33 Gate Street, Maldon 24/7 Public
DD602EE7-A8E1-4E30-89DD-AD9D00C0795B CM9 5QP 24 White Horse Lane, Maldon 24/7 Public
3F9208A0-E692-4AA7-94E8-B000009983DF CM9 5UR Suez Recycling And Recovery Uk - Maldon Workshop, Promenade Park Depot, Park Drive Variable Public
439295B2-3C79-4512-BC86-AD4400C599B8 CM9 6AB Plume Academy, Fambridge Road, Maldon 24/7 Public
1B51C8AF-7D1F-4D2C-9356-AEF400D0128D CM9 6DG Costcutter, 13-14 Dryden Close, Maldon 24/7 Public
293C79F0-683F-4977-B222-AE0600FF2C9A CM9 6ED The Queen Victoria, Spital Road, Maldon 24/7 Public
D4B14B69-32D1-41F0-9C46-B03600CDDCF8 CM9 6HN St Francis Catholic Primary School, St Francis Roman Catholic Primary School, London Road Variable Restricted
023F844F-EE32-44BF-A4DC-AFA701070E61 CM9 6JF Tc2, 89a Washington Road, Maldon 24/7 Public
A261182B-1976-46AE-A01C-AD6A00DCD400 CM9 6NG Action For Family Carers Brickhouse Farm Community Centre, Poulton Close, Maldon 24/7 Public
BFA8DBC0-E7CA-4C23-91D2-AE4800E40EF2 CM9 6NT Desch Plantpak Ltd, Maldon Road, Mundon 24/7 Public
D54AA08F-5161-4C1D-9E8E-AE7000A9D1C1 CM9 6PB Mundon Parish Council, Victory Hall, Main Road 24/7 Public
DA58366D-1698-46AB-B47F-B08100E13A03 CM9 6PE The Royal Oak, Fambridge Road, Maldon 24/7 Public
2995110B-31AD-4CEA-9610-AFCE010AE408 CM9 6QA Langford & Ulting Village Hall, Langford And Ulting Village Hall, Maldon Road 24/7 Public
39880C81-9ED6-461C-AAAD-B06D01042A45 CM9 8AR Goldhanger Community Nursery, The Old Village School, Church Street Variable Restricted
51FD5B86-63DD-4DFE-A0B6-ADC800F0F6A7 CM9 8EA Forrester Park Golf And Tennis Club, Beckingham Road, Great Totham 24/7 Public
7686 CM9 8EU Tolleshunt Knights Village Hall, Essex 24/7 Public
12F804DF-166A-4129-8A71-AFF50104D7D5 CM9 8EU Tolleshunt Knights Village Hall, Top Road, Tolleshunt D'arcy 24/7 Public
2A576399-2B04-4966-93B5-ADEE00F163CB CM9 8HL Winstred Hundred Parish Council, The Old School Hall, The Street 24/7 Public
C6D3E4E7-E06C-4907-AD0C-AF3A00DBD0DB CM9 8JA Heybridge Swifts Fc, Scraley Road, Heybridge 24/7 Public
4565 CM9 8LL The Bell Public House, Essex 24/7 Public
80C1F3A3-C796-46FD-8FAD-ADAE00E61E03 CM9 8LZ Craftsman Glass Limited, Unit K3 Beckingham Business Park, Beckingham Street 24/7 Public
3D61414B-7982-43F4-8E40-AD420161557A CM9 8PX The Prince Of Wales Public House, Prince Of Wales Road, Great Totham 24/7 Public
F41E85DF-77E7-4631-811C-AE5100E2B6AB CM9 8QH The Royal British Legion, The Brewery, The Chase 24/7 Public
C1E6EA8B-75F8-404B-9A8A-AD81015A1F70 CM9 8RG Tollesbury Fire Station, High Street, Tollesbury 24/7 Public
B094B074-65CC-4292-B943-AD8101594DDB CM9 8SE Tollesbury Sailing Club, Woodrolfe Road, Tollesbury 24/7 Public
FE827C73-1FAD-4163-B9A9-B0060093BFF0 CM9 8SE Trinity - Fact Activity Centre, The Saltmarsh, Woodrolfe Road 24/7 Restricted
417C295A-426B-4717-BC9A-AD81015CD5D7 CM9 8UA Tolleshunt D'arcy Village Hall, Tollesbury Road, Tolleshunt D'arcy 24/7 Public
5E8B891A-3E57-43D3-B063-B09D00E09AB4 CM9 8UB Tolleshunt Darcy C Of E Primary School, Tollesbury Road, Tolleshunt D'arcy Variable Restricted

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 37 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n343135636 inside old red phone box in the middle of Toppesfield
MZ n4959835120 Welcome Break Birchanger Green Services
MZ n5604541297
MZ n5715797917
MZ n5827935646 wall
MZ n5998525154 inside red telephone box, near what was pub, Wicken Bonhunt
MZ n6865150107
MZ n6906635651
MZ n7111033525
MZ n7252976046
MZ n7252976047 On departures area near the ATM
MZ n7659894646
MZ n8066211618
MZ n8198908244 on outside wall of Nockolds Wealth
MZ n8214759250 on wall beside National Trust cafe
MZ n8669251892
MZ n8751504669 Inside school, limited access times
MZ n8787426715 inside old red phone box by village green in Berden
MZ n8890961546 Kept behind customer service desk
MZ n9139084023
MZ n9175341467 outside General Store/Post Office, Chappel
MZ n9264340717
MZ n9308649607
MZ n9311581575 inside red phone box, at junction of Stephen Marshall Avenue and Bardfield Road, Finchingfield
MZ n9390792310 inside old red phone box, Moreton
MZ n9395620090 inside old red phone box in Bovinger
MZ n9423395122 Wall mounted on Loughton station corridor
MZ n9685721917
MZ n9685722017
MZ n9826406030 inside old phone box, Turner Road, Colchester
MZ n9826416413 inside phone box at junction of Halstead Road and Spring Lane in Eight Ash Green
MZ n10246721408 Mounted on the wall facing the outside windows as you pass through the security checking area.
MZ n10303060858 Inside lobby Chadwell
MZ n10627500980 outside Sawbridgeworth Memorial Hall - to right of entrance
MZ n11036256371 At Reception on wall near lift
MZ n11040369167 outside Canewdon Post Office
MZ n11275600569 Inside The Nags Head Pub Mcmullens of Hertford

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 65 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
396 CM0 8BL East of England Co-op, Essex n4222846910 On the wall next to the ATM 3 m
738 CM7 4RE Telephone Box, Essex n9156302691 inside red phone box, High Street, Great Bardfield 10 m
816 CM7 5DT Telephone Box, Essex n11077403127 inside old red phone box in Great Saling 1 m
929 CM23 1HB 3 Horseshoes Public House, Essex n8669235684 150 m
931 CM23 1HU Village Hall, Essex n11245425775 outside Farnham Village Hall 129 m
961 CM3 2PW Telephone Box, Essex n5142109627 in red phone box on Owl's Hill, Terling 96 m
1071 CM6 2JE The Stag Pub, Essex n11245711174 outside the Stag Inn Little Easton - down left hand side 107 m
1074 CM6 3SE Telephone Box, Essex n8150110077 In an old red BT phone box 23 m
1273 CM6 2DX Three Horseshoes Public House, Essex n8669251831 Wall of pub. 13 m
1274 CM6 2HG The Swan Public House, Essex n5141330424 next to red phone box (used as book exchange) outside The Swan pub 7 m
1863 CM22 7TY Village Hall, Essex n9984151218 outside Great Hallingbury Village Hall 8 m
3065 CM9 8AT Telephone Box, Essex n10597415888 inside old red phone box in Goldhanger 1 m
3066 CM9 8BG Telephone Box, Essex n6479003830 Inside old BT phonebox, Maldon Road, Goldhanger 0 m
3166 CM7 5AU Telephone Box, Essex n11077411280 inside old red phone box in Jaspers Green 1 m
3387 CM77 8AW Telephone Box, Essex n6428664025 inside old red phone box in Stisted 11 m
4748 CM3 3NT Telephone Box, Essex n734659658 inside old red phone box on The Street, Little Waltham in 6 m
5299 CM3 4TJ Telephone Box, Essex n11132177830 inside old red phone box, North Hill, Little Baddow, 1 m
5830 CM21 9LG Council Notice Board, Hertfordshire n9118827751 Affixed to notice board 11 m
5850 CM17 0JT Telephone Box, Essex n10597374205 inside old red phone box, Churchgate Street 1 m
5906 CM23 2EJ Bishop Stortford Library, Hertfordshire n923948119 in old red phone box, Potter Street, Bishop Stortford 133 m
5986 CM9 4GD Telephone Box, Essex n8091934942 Inside old BT phonebox 3 m
6683 CM6 3PF Telephone Box, Essex n768944035 inside old red phone box in North End 1 m
6773 CM3 2AU Telephone Box, Essex n9081977259 inside red phone box, Fairstead Hall Road, Fairstead 4 m
7358 CM23 3BT Price Bailey LLP, Hertfordshire n6552503090 7 m
7477 CM3 2BB Telephone Box, Essex n1445041253 inside old red phone box, Fuller Street 3 m
7478 CM3 2QX Telephone Box, Essex n9406060490 inside old red phone box that is now used as book exchange in Flack's Green 4 m
8251 CM3 1LQ Village Hall, Essex n5984122604 On exterior wall of Ford End Village Hall, facing Main Road roud the corner to the left of the main 8 m
0E8902B3-2AD9-4F07-8971-AD4701360CB7 CM12 9BT Public Telephone 7m From Connells Estate Agents, 96 High Street 6m From Alma Link, Alma Link, Billericay n10589931916 inside old red phone box on High Street, Billericay 6 m
1E5FAC07-00A4-4EB6-8468-AE5901345AF0 CM9 4LE Tesco Maldon, Tesco Access Road, Maldon n8751504670 Behind customer service desk 10 m
255ACEFE-EDA1-4DE2-A45F-AD7700FD4012 CM23 4BE Opposite White Cottage, Church Lane, Thorley n6475528886 5 m
33059104-86B1-4E14-8870-AD4F011E69F9 CM9 6RF Woodham Walter Defib Group, Public Telephone 12m From Tadpoles Nursery, The Old Post Office, The Street 7m From The St, The Street n732095526 Within an old red phone box opposite Queen Victoria pub 9 m
3363AD68-0E4F-4724-ACD6-AEF700D1DB91 CM3 2AU Fairstead Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Fairstead Hall Road n9081977259 inside red phone box, Fairstead Hall Road, Fairstead 31 m
3B30E480-A3AC-48BF-B04E-B0A400F654FF CM3 3NT Little Waltham Telephone Box, The Street, Little Waltham n734659658 inside old red phone box on The Street, Little Waltham in 85 m
4270EA35-9FEB-40D6-97EC-AD4F007EC9DF CM15 0LE Stondon Massey Village Hall, Ongar Road, Stondon Massey n11132151736 outside Stondon Massey Village Hall 20 m
462CEE32-1551-4D08-9E8A-AE610106C016 CM6 1NR School Villas, 2 Dunmow Road, High Roding n10605309357 inside old red phone box, The Street, High Roding 16 m
4DB875FB-3A12-4112-B08E-AD9000D56707 CM17 0QS Matching Village Hall, Matching Tye, Harlow n9121550750 outside Matching Village Hall - facing road 17 m
5B49189B-9654-4AC7-8DD1-AF95011EF77A CM0 7BN Telephone Box, Old Heath Road, Southminster n10943117730 inside old red phone box on Old Heath Road, Southminster at junction with Whitby Road 40 m
5D53A12F-65C3-478D-90B0-AD4400B1AC71 CM3 4TJ Public Telephone 18m From 7 Wickhay Cottages 4m From North Hill, North Hill, Little Baddow n11132177830 inside old red phone box, North Hill, Little Baddow, 0 m
5E8F7936-4D5D-4209-A5AE-AE30011F4FB0 CM0 7NA St Lawrence Parish Council, St Lawrence Church Centre, 30 Main Road n8542867483 13 m
5F4CCE2A-EDB3-4DB4-BFFA-AEC40088C4EE CM77 8YH Braintree Village, Charter Way, Chapel Hill n9426210592 31 m
690F890C-FFCC-410C-AABF-AEA50136AB67 CM6 3PF North End Telephone Box, Bennetts Lane, North End n768944035 inside old red phone box in North End 30 m
6CA5E508-567F-4E1E-897B-AD820132B205 CM9 8TF Queens Head, 15 North Street, Tolleshunt D'arcy n2501844167 inside old red phone box by Queens Head in Tolleshunt D'Arcy 20 m
7A9C8234-0E89-42AA-93EA-AE0400EAAADF CM7 5AU Public Telephone 13m From Elmwood, Jaspers Green 5m From Unnamed Road, Jaspers Green, Shalford n11077411280 inside old red phone box in Jaspers Green 1 m
87FDBF0F-4C63-49B0-87B7-AFA7010872F4 CM9 6YH West Maldon Community Centre, Sunbury Way, Maldon n3982563358 8 m
89E03F6A-6BF9-4AC8-B0A7-B04C008E020B CM1 1GZ Tesco Chelmsford Interchange Express, 6, 1 Dukes Walk, Dukes St n8825843199 Inside Tesco Express 29 m
939D08D2-F27D-4B54-A419-AEE20121A96A CM7 1TW Greater Anglia, Braintree Freeport Railway Station, Charter Way n11027620834 15 m
9AF12B9C-1287-425A-8356-AE9700AAFEBA CM0 8SJ East Of England Co-Op, 1-3 Foundry Lane, Burnham n4222846910 On the wall next to the ATM 46 m
9EBC1A2F-8A38-4AC2-8C9B-AF1D00FC2767 CM8 3RF Silver End Parish Council, Valentine House Nursing Home, Broadway n10300889783 Outside Wall 22 m
B464E8E9-4786-47B7-9469-AD470090455F CM24 8LP 12 Lower Street, Stansted n455193209 inside old red phone box by Stansted Mounfitchet Social Club on Lower Street 5 m
BB2BDE6E-92D4-462A-8931-AD7F00745DC9 CM23 3GW Itvet House, 93 London Road, Bishops Stortford n9921534699 Wall. 10 m
C4DE1B46-9989-4FCD-8915-AEAF013A930C CM0 7LF The Star Inn, The Street, Steeple n11040458640 outside Star Inn, Steeple 18 m
C8437BC9-6205-48CF-942D-AD5100E8AD35 CM23 2ND St Joseph And The English Martyrs Catholic Church, 3 Windhill, Bishops Stortford n6907778091 6 m
C929B040-099D-4FBE-AC61-AD45005B3F0F CM5 9JJ Public Telephone 6m From 180a, High Street 9m From A128, High Street, Ongar n9156317624 inside red phone box, High Street, Chipping Ongar 3 m
CF1D1EAE-0CDC-43DF-9F69-AE34013F6322 CM2 9XW Tesco Stores, Tesco, Princes Road n8268443025 Behind customer service desk, to the right from the enterance 45 m
D7F4056A-3C25-4A74-BBA4-ADEC00B8CBBF CM23 3BT Price Bailey, Car Parking Space Causeway House, Dane Street n6552503090 10 m
DF226B61-69FC-42A2-997E-AD91010FDBBD CM0 8BL Marina, Foundry Lane, Burnham-On-Crouch n4362032422 77 m
E5C43128-53B3-4522-8549-ADA900AAF554 CM23 3UT 15 Market Square, Bishops Stortford n923948119 in old red phone box, Potter Street, Bishop Stortford 9 m
EA20D91E-D823-4366-A1AE-AD7F00EAECC0 CM6 2LD 7 Town Street, Thaxted n9311483710 outside Thaxted Library 8 m
EC90F30F-FA8C-4A10-92ED-AE0400ED2C92 CM3 1QQ Public Telephone 24m From 2 Evelyn Road 7m From Evelyn Road, Evelyn Road, Willows Green n9989348176 inside old red phone box (that is now used as book exchange) in Willows Green 1 m
F35281DB-0D55-4E3C-9B69-AE2F0133D8BF CM1 4DP Tesco Express, 265-269 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford n8907953978 Inside Tesco Express 7 m
F55F2516-B2E4-4EAC-92F4-AD6400823524 CM1 3EN Christian Centre, Church Lane, Chelmsford n7994772250 10 m
F8E36EE3-0259-42CE-829E-AD7100A2E83E CM5 0TA Ouside New Cottages, Berners Roding Road, Berners Roding n2140606095 inside old red phone box in Berners Roding 39 m
FBEDF0D4-5075-4F90-8DEC-AF7000E9444B CM2 0ND 47 New London Road, Chelmsford n10208467619 Inside Jobcentre Plus 47 m
FC2B9EA9-C95F-4BAD-9A79-AFED010CC4B5 CM1 3DU Writtle Village Hall Trustees, 18 The Green, Writtle n7994772251 4 m
FD29B958-35D3-440C-89E9-AFE600860A49 CM2 0JA Atm Tesco Express, 52 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford n8828518767 Inside Tesco Express, behind checkouts 3 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 6 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
C8798EAE-07F2-42C8-8E38-AED200FE4C11 CM3 2BB Fuller Street Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Fairstead Lodge Road n1445041253 inside old red phone box, Fuller Street 109 m
54A03877-7912-4D1B-AF5B-AEB2011F9FFE CM3 2BH Ranks Green Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Ranks Green Road n1752323981 inside old red phone box that is now usde as book exchange in Ranks Green 351 m
9B5A253C-7061-44EB-A520-AFF000EEA8BA CM3 1LQ Ford End Village Hall, Main Road, Ford End n5984122604 On exterior wall of Ford End Village Hall, facing Main Road roud the corner to the left of the main 276 m
2ADEB6C6-72EE-4470-AB40-AF0E00F62A1C CM3 2QX Terling Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Oakfield Lane n9406060490 inside old red phone box that is now used as book exchange in Flack's Green 223 m
94B1255E-7462-41D2-A986-AD7C0095357D CM12 0BW Lake Meadows Park, Radford Crescent, Billericay n10013723940 97 m
39D243EF-12D9-463F-B228-AD50007C1D59 CM15 0ER Public Telephone 30m From Adrigole, Nine Ashes Road 6m From Nine Ashes Road, Nine Ashes Road, Stondon Massey n11132151710 outside old red telephone box in Nine Ashes Road, Stondon Massey 18 m

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