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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'LS' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the AED location data from the Ambulance Services in Open Street Map. (Even if there was, many are located only by postcode, so the locations are not always precise.) So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list (orange for AEDs that may not be available 24/7, yellow for AEDs not generally available for public use, and red for everything else). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects . For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each Ambulence Service location for an OSM amenity=defibrillator object with a matching postcode, with 2km of the postcode centroid. If any are found the nearest such object is matched. Then we go through all unmatched Ambulence Service locations, and look for any unmatched amenity=defibrillator OSM objects within 150m. If any are found, the hearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated, but with an increased distance limit of 500m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs, or an EAD is a long way from its postcode centriod, they may not be matched correctly.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Postcode Location Locality Ref
LS22 5ER 1, Main Street NCPAD147
LS21 1BU 2nd Otley Scouts WCPAD190
LS16 6DJ 55 Bedford Drive WCPAD272
LS25 2HF Aagrah Restaurant WCPAD448
LS29 9PA Acorn Villas WCPAD090
LS29 0ND Addingham Sports Pavillion WCPAD517
LS22 5EY Adj Yorkshire Water Site NCPAD129
LS17 0EG Almscliffe Village Hall WCPAD202
LS12 1UQ Armley Community Hub & Library WCPAD672
LS21 2DF Ashfield Primary School WCPAD058
LS20 9AS Baptist Church WCPAD017
LS27 7SW Bar 27 WCPAD521
LS17 9DG Bardsey Village Hall WCPAD002
LS29 8SB Ben Rhydding Golf Club WCPAD440
LS29 8QH Ben Rhydding Primary School WCPAD039
LS29 8ET Ben Rhydding Scout and Guide HQ WCPAD171
LS29 7JS Burley in Wharfedale Scout & Guide HQ WCPAD637
LS28 5PT Calverley Conservative Club WCPAD429
LS9 8PB Canal and River Trust WCPAD514
LS27 9EE Central Methodist Church WCPAD534
LS19 7LY Chameleon Salon WCPAD249
LS21 1BQ Chevin Medical Centre WCPAD121
LS16 9BS Christalya One Stop Shop WCPAD309
LS24 9PJ Church Street NCPAD613
LS25 4AW Churchville House Community Centre WCPAD294
LS23 6SL Clifford AFC Clubhouse WCPAD318
LS23 6HY Clifford Village Hall WCPAD016
LS24 9FD Coors Brewery NCPAD717
LS21 3AT Courtyard Planters WCPAD137
LS25 2BY Crusader PH WCPAD462
LS21 3AN Dales Veterinary Centre WCPAD068
LS29 8DH Dalesway Hotel WCPAD413
LS22 7XL Deighton Gates Primary School WCPAD455
LS2 9JZ Department of Psychology WCPAD470
LS25 5EG Doctors Surgery WCPAD496
LS21 1AG Easy Location Lettings WCPAD080
LS11 8BU Elland Road WCPAD285
LS25 6BA Eversley Park Community Centre WCPAD159
LS2 9PH Fairbain House WCPAD469
LS23 7DQ Fox and Hounds PH WCPAD187
LS20 9EY Frank Parkinson Court WCPAD255
LS25 1LR Gaping Goose WCPAD050
LS24 8AB Genesis Hair Design NCPAD715
LS8 1NQ Gledhow Sports Club WCPAD640
LS26 8AS Great Preston Parish Hall WCPAD581
LS25 5AZ Grove House WCPAD184
LS20 8NX Hawksworth CofE Primary School WCPAD164
LS2 9LG Henry Price Accomodation WCPAD471
LS29 8JZ High Speed Training Ltd WCPAD619
LS6 4NP Holy Trinity Community Hall WCPAD399
LS8 2LQ Home Marketing LTD, Beechwood House WCPAD300
LS18 5EX Horsforth Golf Club WCPAD638
LS18 4FA Horsforth Vale Community 1 Flats WCPAD660
LS18 4GJ Horsforth Vale Community 2 Flats WCPAD661
LS26 8LQ Howgate & Farrer WCPAD683
LS6 1JD Hyde Park Picture House WCPAD651
LS29 0BZ Ilkley Lido WCPAD199
LS29 8HF Ilkley Railway Station WCPAD160
LS24 9HJ Jackdaw Inn NCPAD714
LS25 6BG Jacksons Butchers WCPAD185
LS25 7EJ Kippax North Primary School WCPAD654
LS22 4DS Kirk Deighton Village Hall WCPAD524
LS8 2JL Lakeside Cafe WCPAD678
LS2 9NL Level 7 Worsley Building WCPAD662
LS23 6BH Library WCPAD021
LS21 2QP Lindley Hall Drive WCPAD296
LS6 2PG Lupton Student Accomodation WCPAD501
LS22 4BZ Maustin Park Caravan Site WCPAD658
LS6 4JN Meanwood Health Centre WCPAD520
LS29 0LZ Memorial Hall WCPAD518
LS22 5HE Mercure Hotel WCPAD443
LS26 9JE Methodist Church WCPAD607
LS16 9AA Methodist Church WCPAD218
LS17 5NY Moor Allerton Community Hub WCPAD385
LS20 8PG Moor Valley Leisure Park WCPAD330
LS20 8PS Morrisons Supermarket WCPAD023
LS26 0AF Morrisons Supermarket WCPAD438
LS2 3AA Multi Storey Car Park WCPAD472
LS29 0DE Nell Bank Centre WCPAD022
LS12 5QP New Farnley Community Centre WCPAD585
LS2 3AA Nexus Building WCPAD663
LS17 6PZ North Leeds Medical Practice WCPAD410
LS29 0PD Old Station Fisheries WCPAD061
LS21 1DF Otley All Saints CofE primary School WCPAD083
LS21 3AB Otley Fire Station WCPAD060
LS21 1HE Otley RUFC WCPAD226
LS21 3AS Patisserie Vennoise WCPAD078
LS23 7AR Pax Inn WCPAD010
LS21 1LG Pool Sports and Social Club WCPAD246
LS28 8JQ Pudsey Bowling Club WCPAD498
LS28 9AP Pudsey Congs Cricket Club WCPAD499
LS29 7BT Queens Hall WCPAD047
LS19 7LF Queensway Primary School WCPAD065
LS19 6DD Rawdon Community Library WCPAD114
LS19 6DZ Rawdon Cricket Club WCPAD099
LS21 2RW Riverside Park WCPAD447
LS16 9AZ Robert Craven Memorial Hall WCPAD015
LS2 9JT Roger Stevens Building WCPAD473
LS19 7ZA Romero Insurance Brokers Limited WCPAD545
LS24 8HR Rosemary House Community Centre NCPAD956
LS24 8HR Rosemary House Community Centre NCPAD956
LS26 0PG Rothwell Baptist Church WCPAD667
LS26 0DJ Rothwell Primary School WCPAD653
LS8 2BW Roundhay Quaker Meeting House WCPAD456
LS20 9JG Shaw Lane Football Pitches WCPAD624
LS25 6AS Sherburn High School WCPAD655
LS22 4BD Sicklinghall CP School WCPAD188
LS21 1QF Sinclairs WCPAD150
LS29 0QQ Small Banks PPP WCPAD684
LS29 8FL SmartCredit Ltd T/A SmartSearch WCPAD664
LS25 1PX St Benedicts Catholic Church WCPAD636
LS18 5HS St Helena's Caravan Park WCPAD551
LS22 6LP St James Church WCPAD563
LS28 6NJ St Johns Methodist Church WCPAD566
LS27 9PA St Peters Church Hall WCPAD578
LS24 9BR Stutton Village Hall NCPAD483
LS26 8DT Swillington Miners Welfare Club WCPAD035
LS21 2NP Swinsty Moor Fishing Office and Toilets WCPAD293
LS24 9HD Tadcaster Magnet Sports and Social Club, The Pavil NCPAD741
LS24 8EA The Broken Bridge NCPAD716
LS13 1JJ The Church WCPAD557
LS9 7BG The Compton Centre Community Hub WCPAD543
LS23 7FZ The Estate Office, Unit 151 WCPAD298
LS22 5FN The Ings WCPAD036
LS20 9HR The Ings PH WCPAD094
LS6 2DG The Original Oak P/H WCPAD538
LS6 3HT The Queenswood Social Club WCPAD592
LS29 9EU The Riverside Hotel WCPAD173
LS24 9PB The Rockingham Arms Public House NCPAD960
LS13 1HP The Rodley Barge PH WCPAD424
LS24 9EE The Ryther Arms NCPAD793
LS15 8ZB The Springs WCPAD646
LS25 5JA The Village Green WCPAD442
LS23 6AA The Village hall WCPAD014
LS19 7SE The Woolpack WCPAD504
LS12 6AB Thebigword - Link Up House WCPAD558
LS16 6PF Tinshill & Cookridge Social Club WCPAD652
LS16 7DR Towerwood Vets WCPAD546
LS19 6AH Trawlers Catch WCPAD219
LS19 6PP Village Bakery WCPAD166
LS29 0BN Village Green WCPAD067
LS23 6QF Village Hall WCPAD075
LS16 7ER Village Hall WCPAD251
LS24 9DU Village Hall NCPAD214
LS7 3QU WYP Stainbeck Police Station WCPAD266
LS28 7SR Waterloo Primary School WCPAD319
LS11 7NA Watsonian Pavilion WCPAD686
LS16 5PS Weetwood Sports Facility WCPAD502
LS19 7HW Westfield Junior School WCPAD174
LS21 2DG Weston Lane Junior Sports and Social Club WCPAD122
LS21 2FN Weston Lane Youth Centre WCPAD138
LS22 6LH Wetherby Tennis Club NCPAD891
LS20 8LZ Wetherby Whaler WCPAD088
LS21 2AB Wharfemeadows Park Cafe WCPAD192
LS24 8BQ White Swan WCPAD544
LS18 5HB Yarnbury Rugby Club WCPAD675
LS19 7PP Yeadon Library WCPAD217
LS19 7TA Yeadon Tarn Public Toilets WCPAD193

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

OSM Object Ref Location
n4465587438 on wall between Customer Services desk and Currency Exchange kiosk
n5143220763 inside red phone box next to Chequers Inn on Claypit Lane, Ledsham
n5296593510 Inside, on wall near toilets
n5531263056 inside wooden information hut
n5678348581 Between main kitchen and disabled toilet
n5965020558 On wall outside toilets, facing car park
n6073480289 on the left as the bar as you enter the building
n6331294896 Front wall of polica station to right of main entrance
n6488333481 On the cafe wall facing the canal
n6538375340 Inside visitors centre
n7707742406 AHA377 right hand side of main entrance under shelter
n7827742009 AHA442
n7950900807 AHA624
n8011305552 Behind LCH reception desk
n8073023217 WCPAD740 Block 1-60 Lakeland Court, Halton Moor
n8500037611 AGA1204
n8688924926 WCPAD808 outside wall at main entrance (North) of Pendas Arms pub
n8753529447 On the wall facing the road
n9076185223 WCPAD853
n9076188009 WCPAD769
n9084782000 outside (west) wall of Stourton P&R building. Visible from bus stop and main entrance of building.
n9118178083 up the outside steps (next to Greggs -alley way from West car park) inside office. *Ask staff in sho

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object

Ref Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location MR Offset
LS21 1LH Village Post Office n27348244 81 m
LS27 9EB PPP O/S Fountain Inn n360448856 In phone box outside the Fountain Inn 65 m
LS21 1DY Stephen H Smith Garden Centre n1330948176 24 m
LS19 7BG PPP Outside Manor Farm n2207522680 inside red phone box in East Carlton 113 m
LS21 1PQ Arthington Village Hall n3370797571 On Extermal of Arthington Village Hall, facing road 52 m
LS17 9LH PPP n3978126461 109 m
LS19 7PP Morrisons Supermarket n4035680800 130 m
LS1 2RD Park Lane Plowden n4147123673 outside west wall, in car park 10 m
LS17 0DJ Square and Compass Public House n4211392316 113 m
LS2 9BT Facilities Directorate Building n4378097297 On wall at the intersection of the long corridors 314 m
LS18 5BP Morrisons Supermarket n4403460184 104 m
LS16 8BQ Golden Acre Park Cafe n4499395152 76 m
LS21 3NX Otley Core Resource Centre n4511813819 Boroughgate, outside Easy Location, next to Argos 108 m
LS1 5DY The Scarbrough Hotel n4574157614 Leeds Station, opposite ticket counters 94 m
LS21 2ES Village Hall n4704510544 164 m
LS21 2JB Village Hall n5132890196 outside Askwith Village Hall 30 m
LS25 5JS PPP n5168250693 in red phone box at west end of Main Street in Burton Salmon 84 m
LS16 6AJ Coop Store n5237215032 outside Co-op on Otley Road, Lawnswood 99 m
LS24 9QA PPP n5242004079 inside red phone box, Main Street, Saxton 81 m
LS28 5LD Village Wine Bar n5296592032 On outside wall of pub, opposite Well Street 39 m
LS28 6BN Oddfellows Hall n5471750730 In M&S, behind the desk/till for the flowers, mounted on the wall. 326 m
LS20 9BB The Guides Hut n5475771235 Outside wall of Guiseley Guides 19 m
LS20 9BT Guiseley Theatre n5475771240 On wall of Guiseley Theatre, outside 11 m
LS21 3JL The White House Cafe n5676263575 141 m
LS29 8EE Booths supermarket n5688658720 33 m
LS28 7RZ Pudsey Cenotaph Carpark n5697473831 Outside, on wall of building, facing the Cenotaph across the car park 120 m
LS15 8ZB Thorpe Park Hotel n5742295073 319 m
LS10 1LT Royal Armouries n5764306021 On wall outside Tilt Yard 83 m
LS14 1BX St Richards Church n6010342750 On external wall by community cafe entrance 71 m
LS8 4AA Oakwood Surgery n6010342771 External wall to right or surgery entrance 5 m
LS7 3EX The Reginald Centre n6010342780 On wall under canopy to left of main entrance 9 m
LS7 4NY Linley & simpson Estate Agents n6010342782 Right hand external wall of Linley & Simpson 22 m
LS6 3WA The NatWest Bank n6010342783 External wall of bank by advertising pillar 5 m
LS6 3PX Otley Road n6010342784 External wall to right of LS1 Dental entrance 41 m
LS16 6JE Spen Lane (north side of ring rd) n6010343285 External wall of Co-Op to left of main entrance 41 m
LS18 4QB BanYan n6010343288 External wall facing New Road Side, by external seating 30 m
LS18 4BH The Grove Community Centre n6010343289 External wall between gate and disabled parking spaces 41 m
LS18 5BL Brownlee Stone Centre n6010343290 External wall between disabled access ramp and main entrance to Brownlee Stone Centre 112 m
LS28 8LU The Fleece PH n6027679418 Far left of front external wall of The Fleece 64 m
LS28 8DF Waterloo Fisheries n6027679419 Front wall of fish & chip shop, to left of window 176 m
LS28 8HL First4Cars n6027679420 On First4Cars fence at junction of Occupation Lane and Waterloo Road 144 m
LS28 8PR Royal Hotel n6027679421 External wall to left of entrance on Station Street 71 m
LS28 7BX St Andrews Methodist Church n6027679422 Side external wall to right of church hall entrance 81 m
LS28 7AA Masons Arms n6027679423 Front wall of Masons Arms to right of entrance 64 m
LS28 6QW Vickers Laboratories, Grangefield Ind Est n6027679424 Front wall of office building to right of entrance 157 m
LS28 5LF Fleece PH n6027679426 External wall to left of The Fleece main entrance 108 m
LS25 1NT Glebelands Recreational Field n6036182543 North East external wall of Garforth Tigers changing rooms, by footpath onto playing fields 218 m
LS25 1DS Cielo n6036182560 Front external wall of building between Cielo and Tui 73 m
LS25 7LY The Hub n6039150777 External wall of community hub to right of disabled parking space 167 m
LS25 3AA Arabian Horse PH n6039487785 Front external wall of village shop 124 m
LS1 6DT The Backroom n6047393329 Front external wall of Baracoa, to right of entrance. 57 m
LS5 3BL Kirkstall Bridge Shopping Park n6064807704 Inside Morrisons, on wall. 416 m
LS28 9LA Troydale Recreational Club n6064807705 On post, outside, opposite BT phone box 75 m
LS27 7TB Phoenix House, The Old Church n6067234929 Front external wall of YB communications, to left of entrance. 24 m
LS27 8DT PPP n6067234930 In phone box outside the Salvation Army shop 40 m
LS17 8HQ Post Office n6074717683 Front external wall of of post office/convenience store, to the left of the entrance 18 m
LS14 3DX Fox Inn n6074717684 Front external wall of The Fox, to the left of the entrance 123 m
LS14 3AS Village Hall n6074718085 External wall of village hall to left of entrance 216 m
LS22 5AS Tesco Express n6074718095 External wall, to right of Tesco Express main entrance 217 m
LS22 4HL Linton Memorial Hall n6074718096 External wall of Linton Memorial Hall, to left of entrance steps & notice board 174 m
LS22 6NE Town Hall n6074718097 North external wall of town hall, to right of steps 60 m
LS24 9AU Costa Coffee n6076658716 6 m
LS13 2ET Bramley Shopping Centre n6131076058 Front external wall of Fultons Foods, right hand side. 11 m
LS21 2LD Leathley Parish Rooms n6157562506 outside Leathley Village Hall 22 m
LS2 8BA LCC, 2 Great George Street n6178481644 On external wall by Rossington St. 33 m
LS27 7AB Gildersome Meeting Hall n6331294914 Front corner of library external wall 70 m
LS2 7DT Leeds Kirkgate Market n6428423961 12 m
LS17 9DB Pure Indulgence n6521316539 outside wall of hairdresser 55 m
LS25 1AU Garforth WMC n6534762176 front outside wall of WMC in yellow Cabinet 91 m
LS29 8AF Public Toilets n6836942851 47 m
LS29 6JQ Menston Railway Station n7007083108 outside Menston Cricket Club next to Fox pub 389 m
LS18 5NR Mousie Browns Hair & Beauty Salon n7126021312 outside Mousi Browns hairdressers, opposite southern entrance to Horsforth Station on Station Road , 58 m
LS15 0AA Whitkirk Community Centre n7142932488 External wall to the right hand side of the main entrance, St Mary's Church Whitkirk Community Centr 45 m
LS24 9FS Village Hall n7440052436 outside Church Fenton Village Hall, Main Street, Church Fenton - to left of entance porch 93 m
LS15 4BT Brain Rehabilitation Unit n8072979457 Scholes CPAD: Brain Rehabilitation Unit to the right of the main entrance 32 m
LS15 4EL Chapel Lane n8072979474 CPAD: Barwick in Elmet Village Hall to the left of the main entrance 86 m
LS15 8JH Manston St James Primary Sch n8072979476 Crossgates CPAD: Manston St James Primary School far side of school wall behind church hall, access 72 m
LS14 6JD Seacroft Community Hub n8072979485 Seacroft CPAD: Seacroft Community Hub to the right of the main entrance 177 m
LS14 6JS Seacroft Village Hall n8072979488 Seacroft 4 CPAD: Seacroft Village Hall to the right of the main entrance 13 m
LS15 7QH Leodis Public House n8072979489 Crossgates 2 CPAD: Leodis Public House to the left of the main entrance 7 m
LS15 7JR Halton Library n8072979492 Halton CPAD: Halton Library to the left of the main entrance on main road 75 m
LS15 0EU Whitkirk Primary School n8072979493 Temple Newsam CPAD: Whitkirk Primary School end of Templegate Walk, next to alley way. to the right 130 m
LS28 8HU Fox and Grapes PH n8151696133 On exterior wall of pub 33 m
LS29 6NB Methodist Church n8381065907 On wall on outside of church in car park 32 m
LS18 5SD Horsforth Community Sports Assoc King George Field n8458633715 158 m
LS20 8BH Station Hotel n8653504982 on wall of Station hotel extension, accessible from car park 75 m
LS20 9NE McDonalds n8659383318 on wall of Argos, right of bench 79 m
LS20 8BT Guiseley AFC Football Ground n8829775174 on outside wall of Nethermoor stadium opposite playground 12 m
LS21 1HD Cross Green Community Centre n8870361642 46 m
LS14 3EY Thorner Victory Hall n9041429786 Outside wall of Thorner Victory Hall (North) at the, access from track small road opp. tennis courts 51 m

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