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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'PL' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. There is one exception, we do have permission to add the UUID reference numbers from The Circuit to OSM. This website is not intended for use in an emergency. If you require urgent medical assistance, call 999 now.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the source data that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). Clicking on a circle will show more information about the unmatched object.

Each green line/circle represents a match between an AED in the source data and an OSM object. The OSM object is at the end of the line with a small green circle; the location in the source data is at the other end of the line. Different greens are used as follows: dark green for a match with the Circuit via the UUID, mid green for a match with the Circuit just based on proximity, and pale green for a match with the NDDB based on proximity. For more information about the matching see below. Clicking on a line will show more information about the matched objects.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. Then we check each unmatched location in the source data for the nearest unmatched OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all still unmatched source locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 30m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 100m and (for the NDDB only) 250m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be false-positive matches.

Circuit AEDs recorded as duplicates

AEDs are sometimes erroneously registered twice in The Circuit. The duplicate record would appear unmatched in this tool, so there is a mecahnism for manually marking such duplciates. See the Duplicate AEDs page for details. The duplicate AEDs (which are not considered for matching) are listed below.

Found 3 duplicate AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
CC3A9B6E-F9B3-43C9-8B3C-AD210090083A PL1 1RJ Plymouth City Council, 71 New George Street, Plymouth 24/7 Restricted 11m
B0160E40-90F8-4A2A-94F2-AECC00A8B8B2 PL12 4DR Saltash Baptist Church, Culver Road, Saltash 24/7 Public 11m
D3B82553-B363-4F89-A320-ADBB01000F10 PL12 6RG Church Lane, St Mellion 24/7 Public 11m

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

The AEDs listed here are not close enough to an unmatched AED in OSM to be matched. Matches between The Circuit and an OSM object further away can be forced by adding a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the corresponding Circuit UUID. It is not possible to force a match to the NDDB). In case of a single AED being recorded twice in The Circuit, the duplicate can be noted by this tool. See Duplicate AEDs. The entries in fainter type are those that are not public 24/7 units. These are less likely to be able to be mapped in OSM.

Found 777 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
2FC519C9-0707-4A02-AA52-AD2B00CA1638 PL1 1DP The Royal Bank Of Scotland Plc, 2 Old Town Street, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
BDC74A3A-D5B9-45A9-8C00-B03600B3118A PL1 1PS Plyouth Market, Cornwall Street, Plymouth Variable Public 9m
2BD7D22F-BA72-4467-85CC-B06E00D7DD5C PL1 1QX Citizens Advice Bureau, Citizens Advice Bureau Cobourg House, 32 Mayflower Street Variable Public 9m
A6C06708-7F6F-4369-A7BF-B04400CD0CF4 PL1 2BJ Plymouth Guildhall, The Guildhall, Royal Parade Variable Public 11m
838BFBBA-B55A-413E-8657-AD2100BFB628 PL1 2EX Ashfords Llp, 23 Princess Street, Plymouth Variable Public 5w
77C8C237-8126-4724-B385-B03A0096CAC4 PL1 2PU The Plymouth Hoe Club, 1 Osborne Place, Plymouth Variable Restricted 9m
4849694C-942A-43B1-9546-ADCC0099EA4D PL1 2TR Theatre Royal Plymouth, Royal Parade, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
427CC365-13A0-44E0-9E29-ADCC009A59BC PL1 3DH Plymouth Marine Lab, East Stairwell 2nd Floor, Prospect Place Variable Restricted 11m
70C44F25-6A6D-428E-9B03-ADCC009A4D73 PL1 3DH Plymouth Marine Lab, Main Reception, Prospect Place Variable Restricted 11m
917D8A62-5497-436D-A940-ADCC009A6B2A PL1 3DH Plymouth Marine Lab, Boat, Prospect Place Variable Restricted 11m
754C0C8C-12A6-4D86-8C11-B140010E9A98 PL1 3GE Unit 19 And 20, 4a Royal William Yard, Plymouth Variable Public 3m
C0A1D94C-D8E4-4587-8E5B-AF6400FBE032 PL1 3GE Ward Williams Assocaites, Unit 7 And 8, 4a Royal William Yard 24/7 Public 11m
308C1ECC-BCDA-4DFC-ACCC-B05800A48E7C PL1 3GP 27 Craigie Drive, Plymouth 24/7 Restricted 9m
91A13021-9351-4A3D-B648-AD2D01169AD6 PL1 3LF Plymouth Pavilions, Millbay Road, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
97690877-7E13-43EF-92A4-B00D00B8F1F3 PL1 3QQ Ginsters, Unit 1 The Brewhouse Rwy, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
0D22834A-1010-4522-ACE0-B03801748189 PL1 4DJ St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Chapel Street Ope, Plymouth Variable Restricted 9m
A751D820-5ADF-4EEB-A626-B05000B4BCF1 PL1 4GQ Tesco Stores Ltd, Mount Wise Cres, Devonport Variable Public 9m
8D0161AB-F15C-4066-B620-AF4000B8A293 PL1 4HJ Tamar House, James Street, Devonport 24/7 Restricted 11m
3A18C4FE-D976-4949-A110-B0F200AEF099 PL1 4LA Mount Wise Primary School, James Street, Devonport Variable Restricted 5m
93EBE6E5-3EBA-4766-930E-ADCC009AA25B PL1 4PS Real Ideas Trading, Market Hall, Duke St Variable Restricted 11m
C2F20DBE-DC3C-4FB7-838A-AEFA00DE6C71 PL1 4QA Ocean Court, Richmond Walk, Plymouth 24/7 Restricted 11m
82309C9A-838F-462E-9457-AEB400A59DB4 PL1 4RW Lang And Potter, Units 4-5, 4 Vivid Approach Variable Public 11m
A78B249E-D72E-42AD-A1DD-B08200B2777B PL1 5BA Hartley House Dance Club, 17 Hastings Street, Plymouth Variable Restricted 9m
042D1D67-D1F0-4327-B772-ADE201861020 PL1 5EJ Gloucester Court, 12 Gloucester Place, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
B3F6AFB1-6A0E-4CA9-9A19-B0BC00F23780 PL1 5HW Cecil Street, Stonehouse, Plymouth Variable Restricted 7m
B52510E9-D76E-4E5F-9EDE-AF9600AFACD6 PL1 5PA Stoke Damerel Primary Academy, Stoke Damerel Primary School, Collingwood Road Variable Restricted 11m
81C8F078-239D-4EB0-8954-B18700DD62D0 PL1 5QL Devonport High School For Boys, Paradise Road, Plymouth 24/7 Public 2w
138B4953-600B-4798-BE69-B09E00AA9DE7 PL10 1BG Oake Meadow Lodge, Blindwell Hill, Millbrook Variable Restricted 8m
6591DC97-6C68-4C8A-B2BE-AD7500B502D3 PL10 1JB Fort Picklecombe Maker, Maker 24/7 Public 11m
4DFF08D6-178E-4C7D-B4B4-AF5C00ACA52D PL10 1JZ Whitsand Bay Fort Holiday Village Ltd, Whitsand Bay Holiday Park, Military Road 24/7 Public 11m
30BB67C8-32CA-476B-81B1-B07500A0D44C PL10 1LR Fourlanesend School, Fourlanesend Cp School, B3247 Between Hat Lane And Maker Lane Variable Restricted 9m
AD01489A-EDC8-4DA3-AE23-AD4A00F169B8 PL10 1NA Car Park, Fore Street, Kingsand 24/7 Public 11m
72C51374-2484-41BC-B55C-B193009D3044 PL10 1PB Cawsand Triangle Bus Shelter, Shelter 41m From Little Mewstone, New Road 10m From New Road, St Andrews Place 24/7 Public 2w
488D3368-4662-4CDF-AA6D-AD2400B32150 PL11 2AX Lynher Ferry, 2 Ferry Street, Torpoint 24/7 Public 11m
50B85A6B-93C6-4116-84EF-AD2400B2292E PL11 2AX Tamar Ferry, 2 Ferry Street, Torpoint 24/7 Public 11m
67A2641C-D2F0-41EE-A45D-AD2400B2A8C9 PL11 2AX Plym Ferry, 2 Ferry Street, Torpoint 24/7 Public 11m
F650B9BA-9B66-4263-826A-AD2400B165B8 PL11 2AX Torpoint Ferry Main Offices, 2 Ferry Street, Torpoint Variable Public 11m
D35CF779-924B-4D2C-8764-ADDE0162FE91 PL11 2DZ 61 Cremyll Road, Torpoint 24/7 Public 11m
ADF512F4-960E-4E0D-8709-AF5B00AD1A7F PL11 2JW Cliffords Garage, Antony Road, Torpoint Variable Public 11m
B5AF32C5-ED90-47B0-B8B9-AD5100EA9945 PL11 2JW Torpoint Town Council, 1 - 3 Buller Road, Torpoint 24/7 Restricted 11m
1DD41F36-C04C-4164-819B-AE9700977FDD PL11 2NH Carbeile Junior School, Trevol Road, Torpoint 24/7 Public 11m
BAF587E1-67C6-43C1-945C-B06800E5DBAA PL11 2NH Antony Road, Torpoint Variable Public 9m
AEEB7756-7100-4019-A43A-AF7F01282643 PL11 2PQ The Wilcove Community Hall, Cove Meadow, Wilcove 24/7 Public 11m
B04FA48D-89AB-4B0D-BF38-AE2700EB20B3 PL11 2QA Antony, National Trust, Property Office, Ferry Lane Variable Restricted 11m
F357D88B-0D96-4A1C-B110-AE07011C2B46 PL11 3BQ Finnygook Inn (Owned By Sheviock Parish Council), Accommodation Finnygook Inn, B3247 Between Tregunnus Lane And Military Road 24/7 Public 9m
F997C247-A09F-4E79-A37B-ADFA00DA8380 PL11 3ER Tredis, Lower Tredis Farm Track Entrance Wall Rhs, Tredis 24/7 Public 11m
473B9CFE-B326-48C4-AAEA-AD7500B50B89 PL11 3EY Halfway House, Polbathic, Polbathic, St Winnolls 24/7 Public 11m
55F9E67B-C3B3-4F6B-B7A3-ADAA011557A1 PL11 3HJ The Copley Arms, Hessenford, Torpoint 24/7 Public 11m
DF584E86-E182-481B-9DE7-AD7500B4FA6A PL11 3LX Downderry Toilets, Main Road, Downderry 24/7 Public 11m
671DEA83-9A3D-4949-B742-B0BB0080E931 PL12 4AY Community School, Wearde Road, St Stephens Variable Restricted 7m
72BC45FC-67CA-4BC6-853F-B13F00AAC9A6 PL12 4EB Saltash Railway Station, Albert Road, Saltash 24/7 Public 3m
BF7DEA9A-DCF2-4488-8FD9-B0F400AE3AC6 PL12 4JB Burraton Community Centre, Burraton Community Centre, 31 Grenfell Avenue, Saltash Variable Public 5m
505F8603-671D-4C09-92EC-B1810085A8C3 PL12 5BL Kernow Mill Coffee Shop Kernow Mill, Road From Trerule Hillhead To A38 Roundabout At Trerulefoot, Trerulefoot 24/7 Public 5w
104E30EF-3D95-4233-97B6-AD7500B9C028 PL12 5DE The Old Chapel, The Old Chapel, Bethany, Bethany 24/7 Public 11m
E9BE0635-7D6E-468A-9D7C-B18400F1A54B PL12 5ES Post Room, Treluggan Boatyard, Landrake 24/7 Restricted 5w
31BFF2A1-6D1D-4E94-9A60-AD2B00E0B63B PL12 5NA Quay Sailing Club The Quay, Quay Road, St Germans 24/7 Public 11m
AA6090D1-97EA-4D37-8EA4-B08300EEC05F PL12 5NJ St Germans Primary School, Lower Fairfield, St Germans Variable Restricted 9m
713732E9-2819-4FEC-8020-AE7000CE62C3 PL12 6AY Clive Barford Ltd, Unit 8 Marjorie Court, Burraton Road Variable Restricted 11m
E47393F1-1304-43F0-9AC5-B0D800F4CFBA PL12 6DX Brunel Primary And Nursery Academy, Callington Road, Saltash Variable Public 6m
3C1B65AC-F92E-464E-BA5C-B0B6011ED8C8 PL12 6LD Waitrose & Partners - Saltash, Tamar View, Saltash Variable Public 7m
95E6FECD-1F18-474D-8C40-AFE800C2C44F PL12 6LD Screwfix, Pilmere Car Centre, Unit 4 Avery Way Variable Restricted 11m
E0EFA094-3669-42EA-8ED3-B0CA0096D140 PL12 6LD Euro Car Parts, Unit 12 Edgcumbe Trade Park Tamar View Industrial Estate, Edgcumbe Road Variable Restricted 7m
52668012-43EE-4F19-9DB1-B12A00FD983F PL12 6LS Denmans Electrical Wholesalers, Unit 1a/C Bridge Court, Kingsmill Road Variable Restricted 3m
579DF10C-906A-40CF-A983-B07D008296FF PL12 6ND Landulph Primary School, Road From Ziggarson Wood To Crumple Park, Landulph Variable Restricted 9m
858C78D2-BB39-4F5E-8656-AD2700D9740D PL12 6NF Landulph Memorial Hall, Road From Ziggarson Wood To Crumple Park, Landulph 24/7 Public 11m
430EB08E-4DFB-4BA6-A98E-B09E011617AC PL12 6NJ Botus Fleming Church Hall, Botus Fleming 24/7 Public 8m
32A1E546-4E0A-4BD3-804A-AD2E00909307 PL12 6PD Cargreen Yacht Club, Coombe Lane - What Three Words = Reclaimed.tasters.relies, Cargreen 24/7 Public 11m
B2BAB0C5-05F9-44AA-8C95-AFA900DCA6AD PL12 6PW Botus Flemingparish Council, Hatt Service Station And Post Office, A388 Between Junction South Of The Cardinals Hatt And Hatt Roundabout 24/7 Public 11m
0E336673-EEDD-4CE2-B72C-AD9F00DEC4EB PL12 6RY Kernock Park Plants Ltd, Road From Larks Rise To Kernock Lodge, Pillaton Variable Restricted 11m
13589CCD-457C-4F10-92D7-AD400103435A PL12 6TA National Trust - Cotehele, Cotehele Property Office, Cotehele House Variable Restricted 11m
2CFD2517-E9E4-4B9C-9EBC-AE860113702B PL12 6UE St Mellion, Dunstan Lane, St Mellion 24/7 Public 11m
3193B750-5A5D-4E22-9638-B0EE00C0849A PL12 6UE St Mellion Park, 4 Dunstan Lane, St Mellion 24/7 Public 5m
4FAAB0CB-6E39-433D-9DB1-ADDD0124C1E7 PL12 6UE Dunstan Lane, St Mellion 24/7 Public 11m
D028C2D5-814D-4E98-B9DA-AD7500B952EE PL13 1AB Plaidy Beach, 3 Plaidy Park Road, Looe 24/7 Public 11m
13B31436-0196-40F0-AFD2-AD7500B977E2 PL13 1AL South End - Lower Quay Store, South End Lower Quay Store, East Looe 24/7 Public 11m
AF8A01C0-BA9A-4B26-BCE1-AF7400CE5261 PL13 1BQ Looe Defib 1.3, The Haven, Barbican Hill 24/7 Public 11m
BEB4C1E7-7337-4D38-BA0C-AD7500B9A2ED PL13 1BU The Admiral Boscarn, Church End, East Looe 24/7 Public 11m
E43869BC-A660-4972-8B03-B13F00AABBB7 PL13 1HN Looe Railway Station, Station Road, East Looe 24/7 Public 3m
40A0A325-E21F-4E6D-8456-AD7500B5A9E2 PL13 1JY Looe Primary School, Hay Lane, East Looe 24/7 Public 11m
E3B40E3A-A9BF-4A1A-9A36-AD7500B5A5B8 PL13 1NQ Looe Community Academy, Barbican Road, Looe 24/7 Public 11m
E7085310-7410-4FB1-A628-AEE500E5A69A PL13 1NX St. Martin's Church, St Martins Community Hall, Church Lane Variable Restricted 11m
56DE7F51-1C96-49B1-860D-AED40097E7E5 PL13 1PB Looe Caravan Club Site, Road From Bucklawren Road To St Martins Road, St Martin 24/7 Public 11m
AE37D482-0AC3-4B18-980B-AEAE00F8F01E PL13 1PB Watersde Holiday Group, Tregoad Holiday Park, St Martins Road 24/7 Public 11m
98461888-22AF-4566-BDA5-B11C0126483A PL13 1PG Looe Town Football Club, Barbican Farm Lane, Looe 24/7 Restricted 4m
EFCA226B-D147-4353-9D7E-ADC8008B91C8 PL13 1PX Looe Golf Club, Bin Down, No Mans Land 24/7 Public 11m
27739A35-40BB-4B2D-A29C-B091015875AD PL13 1PZ New House, Tregastick Lane, Widegates 24/7 Restricted 8m
3166D4B3-506A-46FB-B3A9-ADAA0113FD99 PL13 1QB Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Widegates Village Hall, Widegates 24/7 Public 11m
6FC3789B-6E52-4B7C-BD04-ADAA01145EE0 PL13 1QP The Memorial Hall, Holland Road, No Man's Land 24/7 Public 11m
EA189B98-D4B7-4CEC-8E53-ADAA0113FA0D PL13 1QY Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, 2 Shortacross View, Widegates 24/7 Public 11m
6E1E62D2-1814-4D69-B4B2-AF7400CE4CCA PL13 2DJ Tregoad Holiday Park Ltd 1.5, Looe Island, Outside Pumping Room 24/7 Public 11m
CA843700-1A31-45D4-86E6-AE8601192F6F PL13 2JS Pelynt Parish Council, Oaklands Park, Polperro Road 24/7 Public 11m
A8E13E9E-F9F4-4646-AFA3-B16B0117ADF2 PL13 2JX Hideaway Lodge Trelay Holiday Park, Road From Oxford Corner To The B3359 South West Of Trelay Farm, Pelynt 24/7 Public 5w
F18B98F2-029A-40A2-A825-B084008F1D5E PL13 2LG Pelynt Primary Scool, Pelynt School, Road From Little Hendra To Shute Hill Variable Restricted 9m
64E27260-D5FD-48C0-9F19-AD2000DDA7CE PL13 2NX Rally Social Club Lanreath Village Hall, Road From Bocaddon To St Marnarchs Road, Lanreath 24/7 Public 11m
7211C1EE-5549-4304-BEAD-B10501443DF3 PL13 2PU Public Telephone 18m From 1 Sunnymead 6m From Unnamed Road, Road From Junction East Of Bake Farm To Raphael Road, Lansallos 24/7 Public 5m
F45A00FA-8BE0-431C-A311-AD7500B99080 PL14 3AQ St. Martin’s Centre, St. Martin’s Church, The Church Centre 24/7 Public 11m
E79C2D78-0614-42F0-A527-AFB300DF23A6 PL14 3BS 1st Liskeard Scout Headquarters, Dungarth Green, Liskeard 24/7 Public 11m
03F3D6A8-43CE-459A-901F-ADC7008461FE PL14 3EA Liskeard School And Community College, Luxstowe Drive, Luxstowe Variable Public 11m
665FE9CE-36CA-4207-9C5B-AD2D007302BD PL14 3EA Luxstowe, Liskeard Variable Restricted 11m
2ED21AA0-882E-4B17-8175-AD2500D2C2ED PL14 3HZ Liskeard Looe Rfc, Liskeard And Looe Rfc Lux Park Leisure Centre, Coldstyle Road 24/7 Public 11m
0F256608-BFAD-424A-9CA8-AD7500B5B25B PL14 3LP Entrance To Oak Meadow/Oak Lodge, Church Road, Merrymeet 24/7 Public 11m
25768942-1E7C-46B8-9889-AD7500B98AEB PL14 3LZ St Ive Village Hall, St Ive 24/7 Public 11m
913DC038-67B2-483E-B6DA-AFF000DDB4BF PL14 3NA Plantforce Rentals Ltd, Moordown Industrial Estate, St Ive, Liskeard 24/7 Public 11m
1A6C1EAC-306D-462D-BFE6-ADDD0124B336 PL14 3QY Sports Ground Pavilion At, The Cricket Field, Road From Mine Hill To Junction North Of Courtneys Mill Bridge 24/7 Public 11m
66412094-749C-4F88-9B6F-B15700E663A3 PL14 3QY Menheniot Primary School, East Road, Liskeard Variable Public 2m
6A775865-FCC0-49FE-A7C8-AFF200EDF2B2 PL14 3US South West Assessment And Training, Unit 1, Owen Sivell Close Variable Public 11m
77F572D0-8AFB-4A99-AB79-AD2000DCD4F3 PL14 4LB Moorswater Estate Road, Liskeard Variable Restricted 11m
809DF0B1-285C-4A90-A89F-B07E008E9829 PL14 4LU Dobwalls Primary School, Road From Dobwalls Roundabout Through Dobwalls To Moorswater, Dobwalls Variable Restricted 9m
947E8624-B080-416A-8183-B04400A76AEE PL14 4PW Duloe Cofe Va Primary Academy, Duloe Cofe Primary Academy, The Green, Variable Restricted 9m
A0BC0369-AD3B-4C2E-8E0B-ADAA0117F1DA PL14 4QY Forest Holidays Deerpark, Herodsfoot 24/7 Public 11m
AE516240-A9F5-42E5-900D-B07D0084E314 PL14 4SJ Trewidland Community Primary School, Road From The B3254 Junction West Of Penhale To Gellis Rise, Trewidland Variable Restricted 9m
56C853F2-6366-4057-AE2E-AF3F00B0AAB7 PL14 4ST St Keyne & Trewidland 1.2, Trewidland Village Hall, Road From South Tempellow To Landlooe Lane 24/7 Public 11m
D4C69009-28CB-487A-8BAC-B0E400A11A2D PL14 5AG Merryfield Farmhouse, Merryfield Farm, Road From Junction North East Of Newton Farm Church View 24/7 Public 6m
DB8A3DA3-286D-450D-AE06-B10400E2246E PL14 5AG Fursdon Farm Campsite, Merrymeet 24/7 Public 5m
094ED3EF-C111-45BD-B0C4-ADAA01148BE3 PL14 5DG Market Inn, Road From Junction South West Of Common Moor To Fore Street, St Cleer 24/7 Public 11m
1423FF52-FB2C-48E5-B7F5-B0BC00D1311A PL14 5JH Darite, Liskeard, Darite Variable Public 7m
D1B28CFC-B803-46A3-9948-AEDB008B4146 PL14 5JQ The Crow's Nest Inn, Crows Nest, Road From Junction West Of Meadowlea To Trenouth 24/7 Public 11m
A56BEF8A-FFBF-4BD3-8200-AD7500B9569E PL14 5NF Pensilva Millenium House, Princess Road, Pensilva 24/7 Public 11m
21B9210C-216D-4060-AE62-B0EC00D268C6 PL14 5PG Pensilva Primary School, School Road, Pensilva Variable Restricted 5m
1C93654D-DB24-433D-A48D-B1880070F26B PL14 5RE Smart Bodyshop Solutions, Pensilva Industrial Estate, Pensilva 24/7 Public 2w
57F1BEDD-D2AB-47D8-91C8-ADAA0114827C PL14 6BW Liskeard Town Hall, Barras Street, Liskeard 24/7 Public 11m
646C3F62-5E63-4E28-BE73-B06500D7B209 PL14 6DH Galliford Try Site Office, St Cleer Water Treatment Works, Liskeard Variable Public 9m
146CF497-1812-4160-B174-AD7500B97D41 PL14 6EE St Cleer Sports Pavillion, Hockings House, St Cleer 24/7 Public 11m
CCF67907-E9A7-4F8E-B212-AD2E00DABD01 PL14 6HY Trago Mills, Two Waters Foot, Liskeard 24/7 Restricted 11m
D8F86B17-D894-44F4-9C53-AFDA00A82A09 PL14 6HY Atm Trago Mills, A38 Between White Lodge And Two Waters Foot, Two Waters Foot Variable Restricted 11m
BEBFE223-C3DA-4B97-8822-ADAA01147823 PL14 6HZ Hillfort School, Liskeard Hillfort School, Old Road Variable Restricted 11m
5FFA5F35-E44B-4D79-81BA-AEC8008F3C45 PL14 6NR Trevenna Farm, Farm House, St Neot 24/7 Public 11m
C52644FC-6193-4B65-91EB-AE6A00C13DC3 PL14 6RY Natural England, Car Park And Public Conveniences Draynes Bridge, Road From The Smithy To Draynes Bridge 24/7 Public 11m
ED1E506A-6AE7-4B58-BA23-B0450096FD7B PL15 7AR Launceston Town Council, Town Hall, Western Road 24/7 Public 11m
8BF04625-3300-4F00-B33C-AACD00ADE517 PL15 7BA Azets, 20 Western Road, Launceston Variable Restricted 11m
05FBA1BC-8999-488F-B36B-AE4A00E7DEFB PL15 7ED Launceston Town Council, Launceston Cemetery, Upper Chapel 24/7 Public 11m
445388CC-E838-4D97-9837-AEE900E699AB PL15 7EY Penfoot Farm, South Petherwin, Launceston 24/7 Public 11m
1164C853-544A-46FA-B4A4-B08C00A64C43 PL15 7LE South Petherwin Cp School, Road From Hendra Lane To Junction South Of West Petherwin, South Petherwin Variable Public 9m
09C78C15-F243-420D-B59B-AE5900D08AC6 PL15 7NN Hillview Middlewood, B3254 Between Junction To Bathpool And Middlewood, North Hill Variable Restricted 11m
D6302579-5C36-4CAF-AFBD-B127008F4311 PL15 7NW Moorfoot, Mill Lane, Bathpool 24/7 Public 4m
72506B49-19D5-4E4C-8574-AD5500D3F575 PL15 7PF Fedex, 4 Quarry Crescent, Pennygillam Ind. Est Variable Restricted 11m
759 PL15 7PG Telephone Box, Cornwall 24/7 Public
0C5C1B39-AA74-42AF-98C6-B18100A1432B PL15 7PN Colin Park Club, Bodmin Road, Congdons Shop 24/7 Public 5w
826 PL15 7PU Bowden Derra Park, Cornwall 24/7 Public
5FA81C0F-611F-41EE-9652-B04600B45EA1 PL15 7QY Lewannick Community Primary School, Hawks Tor Drive, Lewannick Variable Restricted 9m
9C7D9397-C8E9-410C-9B77-AD20010D3D31 PL15 7RX Five Lanes Telephone Box, Shelter 20m From Platts 7m From Unnamed Road, Road From Junction West Of The Coaching House To Junction East Of Laurel Cottage 24/7 Public 11m
59A338AB-0926-403F-AE59-ADAA0114312C PL15 7TA Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Trenault House, Trenault 24/7 Public 11m
A058B5A1-431C-4BA6-A002-AD7B00EB1EC1 PL15 8BA Central Methodist Church, Castle Street, Launceston 24/7 Public 11m
F8E5CFB3-B6F2-427E-B897-AF21009B001B PL15 8DH Kensey Vale Bowling Club, Bowling Green, Riverside Variable Restricted 11m
101495BD-4DDC-46AD-94A8-AD5100F1533D PL15 8HF Launceston Golf Club, North Street, St.stephens 24/7 Public 11m
1C4D3C23-82F5-4FE9-B8A2-AD20008A1E97 PL15 8LA Truscott Farm, Newmills Hill, Launceston 24/7 Public 11m
A0588820-5940-411A-8AE8-AD33014AB9BC PL15 8LD Langore Parish Hall, Langore Road, Launceston 24/7 Public 11m
FC7CF9B7-F9B3-42BB-9A2F-ADCC00D56125 PL15 8LX Altarnun Football Club, 1trossell Cottage, Trossell Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
6420 PL15 8NE Brazacott Chapel, Cornwall 24/7 Public
4499 PL15 8NZ Clubworthy house, Cornwall 24/7 Public
A0FEBAC4-37A9-455B-8062-ADAA01143D9C PL15 8PH Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Pipers Pool Methodist Church, Pipers Pool 24/7 Public 11m
037B5BCF-7A44-49BE-B159-AF6A01018931 PL15 8PL Moorview Garage, A395 Between Trefrank Road And Downhead, Launceston 24/7 Public 11m
9CD0E445-E3DA-4D59-B927-AF5B00D0AF4B PL15 8PN Church Room Laneast Church, Road From Junction North Of Home Park To Junction South West Of Higher Tregunnon, Laneast 24/7 Public 11m
C20C9C58-17F5-40AF-8A31-B09800F57B18 PL15 8QE Trethorne Leisure Park, Kennards House, Launceston Variable Restricted 8m
4264886C-B3BC-4FC2-9540-ADAA0114347A PL15 8QF Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Trewen Cottage, Trewen 24/7 Public 11m
4546F0FF-BC3C-419B-88CC-AFF600CBC550 PL15 8QJ Public Telephone 19m From Hockins Ground Cottage 7m From Unnamed Road, Launceston Road, St Clether 24/7 Public 9m
32124940-CDE5-4BDE-9BD3-ADAA0114B1DA PL15 8QT Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Tresmeer Village Hall, Tresmeer 24/7 Public 11m
045106DD-02FD-4D88-92B3-AE1601163980 PL15 8RL Warbstow Parish Council, Trelash Phone Box, 12 Metres From Trelash Cottage 24/7 Public 11m
B48F3A08-FA47-4724-903F-AD2000BB161D PL15 8RL Warbstow Parish Council, Public Telephone 12m From Trelash Cottage, Trelash 7m From Unnamed Road, Road From Buckles Hill To Tredarrup Cross 24/7 Public 11m
58CEAF52-CE41-4F11-9B9C-AD83009597BD PL15 8RT Egloskerry Cp School, Road From Trebeath Lane To Station Hill, Launceston Variable Public 11m
46E9551A-E4C7-4E39-A83B-AF5D00AE3B69 PL15 8SZ Jems Cottage, Badgall Road, Badgall 24/7 Public 11m
64AAD5BF-138E-4C09-90A8-AEA8009E6C8B PL15 8TH Public Access Defibrillators Uk, Yeolmbridge Club, 26, Buccleuch Road 24/7 Public 9m
D0DFD9D5-0F79-451C-88F4-AEB3014AF5CE PL15 8TL The Club Room, Road From Junction South Of Marshall To Yeolmbridge, Yeolmbridge 24/7 Public 11m
EA054145-691A-4B7C-A137-AED800DF453B PL15 8TN Werrington Cricket Club, Road From Ladycross To Ham Mill, Launceston 24/7 Public 11m
BFA0B9C3-4EAA-4B0E-BC89-AD200084A20A PL15 8UY Warbstow Parish Council, 10 Knapmedown, Warbstow Cross 24/7 Public 11m
EF9B1E9B-23B1-4E4F-9CDF-AD34009D07D6 PL15 9AB Launceston Library, Bounsalls Lane, Launceston 24/7 Public 11m
A0B0D71B-1A51-451C-998D-B06200D4B565 PL15 9AE Windmill Hill Academy, Windmill Hill, Launceston Variable Restricted 9m
ADFFCA1F-C9F8-4C9D-8313-AF1E00B009AE PL15 9DQ Coronation Park, Access To Coronation Park, Launceston 24/7 Public 11m
05CAD045-E2CA-4711-AEBE-AE5800F5770A PL15 9HG Tesco Stores Ltd, Tavistock Road, Launceston Variable Restricted 11m
D8E6039C-95AF-409A-9C0A-B17300BE16CF PL15 9HG Tesco Petrol Station, Petrol Station Tesco Stores Ltd, Tavistock Road Variable Restricted 2w
73E379EF-8132-496B-9FB1-AD6400D8D4D6 PL15 9HP Athena Trust Launceston College Playing Fields & 3g Pitch, Launceston Recreation Ground, Link Road 24/7 Public 3m
34104DB9-ECA3-455A-955D-AFE8007665B0 PL15 9HS Screwfix, Scarne Industrial Estate, Hurdon Road Variable Restricted 11m
807267CE-2D27-4B84-ACDE-B0D600F477FC PL15 9JU Stourscombe, 4c Bluebell Way, Stourscombe 24/7 Public 6m
61C31B29-87A5-4CE1-9685-AD2C0140DE08 PL15 9LG Launceston Cricket Club, Road From Junction North East Of Lawhitton To Lawhitton Down, Launceston Variable Restricted 11m
F2BF1B1A-8B80-4EC7-8922-B14000C46A2E PL15 9NA Glynford, Tregada,, Road From Junction South Of Rosevallen To Trewarlett Cross, Lezant 24/7 Public 3m
51A7E384-A325-4DB7-A10A-AD4E0096BA06 PL15 9NX Public Telephone 42m From West Rezare Farmhouse On Unnamed Road, Road From Junction South West Of Cuddacombe Farm To Junction West Of Rezare, Launceston 24/7 Public 11m
767D462B-B698-44FC-95C8-B08B00D53FAC PL15 9PH Trekenner Cp School, Road From Junction North East Of Trekenner To Junction South Of Penglos Cottage, Lezant Variable Public 9m
BDA73948-0D6F-4A97-BB6B-B15500AEC17A PL15 9PP Briochus, Road From Junction East Of Trewarlett To Lezant, Lezant 24/7 Public 2m
0F6D9448-D0E7-4666-B730-AD4A0083635F PL15 9PU Lezant Parish Council, Treburley Social Club, Road From Ivy Dale To Treburley Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 11m
E33F2178-2676-4C98-A7FF-B15500B06B1F PL15 9QA Trebullett Methodist Church Hall, Road From Higher Larrick To Trebullet, Trebullett 24/7 Public 2m
8731 PL15 9QH Telephone Box, Cornwall 24/7 Public
3BD9B94D-B384-4D7C-8FA7-AD2200D62E47 PL15 9RF Boyton Village, Botyon Methodist Church, Cider Press Road 24/7 Public 11m
3CC2B53C-8DE9-48AE-A351-AD8F00E82134 PL15 9RJ Boyton Community Primary School, Road From Hornacott Farm To Tala Hill, Boyton Variable Restricted 11m
5311D4D3-0D78-4A94-9C5E-B04600AD0684 PL15 9SL Cross Green, Road From Whitehill Cross To Cross Green, St Giles On The Heath 24/7 Public 9m
12EB43BB-4B50-48D9-BD64-AEA500C0A8FC PL15 9SP Homeleigh Food Hall, Road From Junction North Of Homeleigh To Ridegrove Lane, St Stephens 24/7 Public 11m
98AF5658-9BB7-4D68-8F94-B04401047ACC PL16 0AT Dingles Heritage Fairground, Dingles Heritage Fairground Milford Farm, Road To Milford Farm Variable Public 9m
5DC13670-F1D4-4135-AD75-B12600E0E619 PL16 0BB Premier Foods Ambrosia, Station Road, Lifton 24/7 Restricted 4m
851C8642-A7E2-4EE3-A837-AEAF00BC6145 PL16 0DF Lifton Recreation Ground, Leat Road, Lifton 24/7 Public 11m
399931E4-7C9B-4C84-A95A-B01800F85709 PL16 0HJ Meadwell, Village Hall, Road From Kelly Cross To Borough Cross 24/7 Public 11m
DA97B640-DB2D-44BC-BE12-AD29008EAE1D PL16 0HS Stable Cottage Barn Cottages, 1 Road Past Sunwaye, Chillaton 24/7 Public 11m
7576CC1B-1678-4C13-B524-AD280104D7F8 PL16 0LA Lifton Community Centre Ltd, Lifton Community Centre, Park Wood Rise 24/7 Public 11m
4B8C8A54-EFF8-4A56-9ED0-AF01013ADD79 PL17 7DR Callington Town Football Club, Callington School And Community College, Launceston Road 24/7 Public 11m
8082 PL17 7ND South Hill Parish Hall, Cornwall 24/7 Public
4E947E96-C4DB-46CA-97B4-AD2B015FC9B1 PL17 7ND South Hill Parish Council, South Hill Parish Hall, Golberdon Road Between Golberdon Road And South Hill Road 24/7 Public 11m
251AA79B-ACAA-43ED-AEDC-B03700C1918B PL17 7RD Tesco Callington, Tavistock Rd, Callington Variable Public 11m
38136500-0901-4D56-B378-B15D0093760D PL17 7RD Tesco Stores Ltd, Tavistock Road, Callington Variable Public 2m
405E026E-38EC-44D0-A5E8-AE6A00FA42FB PL17 8AB Greenways, Access From Road From Dupath Lane To The A388 Between Southern Road And Westcott Lodge, Callington Variable Restricted 11m
A282F189-1EC1-4E60-8727-AD2400B06877 PL17 8BN St Dominic Park, Outside 22 St Dominic Park, Harrowbarrow 24/7 Public 11m
D83A1F94-9E3D-44C3-884B-ADAA0117C758 PL17 8BQ Harrowbarrow & Metherell Village Hall, School Road, Harrowbarrow 24/7 Public 11m
EBCBB341-BCF9-4B87-A3AF-B10F00F624EF PL17 8BQ Harrowbarrow County Primary School, School Road, Harrowbarrow Variable Restricted 4m
43FFB16D-9662-40FD-A60F-AEAC00DE3E0B PL17 8JA Tamar View Holiday Park, A390 Between South Of West Prince Farm And Fullaford Road, Callington 24/7 Public 11m
738D1685-620E-4B9D-81EB-AEDE00C948C4 PL17 8JW The Post Office Honicombe Manor Holiday Park, Road From Latchley Plain To Norris Green, St Anns Chapel 24/7 Public 11m
A6070F00-CB0B-491F-96C2-AD260130BEB3 PL17 8JW Honicombe Park, 22 Road From Latchley Plain To Norris Green, St Anns Chapel 24/7 Restricted 11m
34C2A051-939D-4C80-8D33-AFEA00DD1302 PL17 8JZ The Telephone Box, Southcoombe Road, Downgate 24/7 Public 11m
91811584-9A63-47C3-B28B-AD2600815D30 PL17 8ND Stoke Climsland School, Road From Glen Farm To Stoke Hill, Callington 24/7 Public 11m
3EB31240-DD59-4361-BC07-AD7500B5ADF4 PL17 8NN Luckett Telephone Box, Callington 24/7 Public 11m
443E819A-7F58-4828-83A5-AD3900AB1956 PL18 9AJ Queens Head, Fore Street, Albaston 24/7 Public 11m
7F20A161-4BE7-49B3-ADD0-AF11008C591E PL18 9AU Hingston, Hanson Aggregates, Hingston 24/7 Restricted 11m
FF90D209-7203-4C79-9414-B02500F84395 PL18 9AX Streamside, Road From Fourways To Alma Cottage, Latchley 24/7 Public 11m
452C7536-563C-4085-8272-B03B010C3341 PL18 9BD Tamar Park, Coxpark, Latchley 24/7 Public 9m
C30317B0-9B04-47D4-A8EF-AD3300ED0C74 PL18 9HL The Rifle Volunteer Inn, St Ann's Chapel, Gunnislake 24/7 Public 11m
F5FBE648-D728-4F4E-88F9-AD7500B9E807 PL18 9PB White Hart Pub, Chilsworthy 24/7 Public 11m
B6807E5F-6AAD-4726-843B-ADD300A11A32 PL18 9QA Calstock Village Hall, Road From Church Street To Adit Cottages, Calstock 24/7 Public 11m
9F0BBE27-5CF2-45C9-8339-AD2000E16FBA PL18 9QL Calstock Community Primary School, Back Road, Calstock 24/7 Public 11m
BE88D3A2-C6C4-46B4-BF37-AF3000D897E5 PL18 9QX The Old Chapel, Sand Lane, Calstock 24/7 Public 11m
20762DBA-7C68-4611-9DDD-B19300C1B3C2 PL19 0EF The Cabin Daycare Courtlands Road, Tavistock 24/7 Public 2w
307C388D-7A31-4C08-943A-AD2E00BC1395 PL19 0FD Rm Builders & Contractors, Unit 1, Access To Wilminstone Industrial Estate Variable Public 11m
B686648F-4FA8-4C13-9B11-AD39009943A6 PL19 0JL Tavistock Rugby Football Club, Sandy Park, Kilworthy Road 24/7 Public 11m
3C41EF07-955A-41CF-9785-B176013A5EE2 PL19 0LR Brentor Village Hall, Station Road, Brentor 24/7 Public 5w
C9A124F3-BB07-4CB0-A19A-B12E01001A7E PL19 0ND Sports Pavilion And Store, Burn Lane, Brentor 24/7 Public 3m
8377FFEA-A159-452F-9130-AD310108178B PL19 0NL Week Farm Amenities Ltd, Swimming Pool Week, Road Past Week Barton 24/7 Public 11m
415B236C-EB9E-4FBA-A409-B0ED00CD37CB PL19 8AG Tavistock Area Support Services - The Anchorage Centre, The Anchorage Centre, Chapel Street Variable Public 5m
77299FA6-78DD-4DB9-988C-AEC200EF0EAD PL19 8BB Warm Welcome Southern Ltd, The Bedford Hotel, 1 Plymouth Road Variable Public 11m
E117B871-F741-4043-897D-AFD600B35598 PL19 8BU Tavistock Tennis Club, Plymouth Road, Tavistock 24/7 Public 11m
EF1136C5-9B20-4B36-B302-AD2000FD1627 PL19 8BX Devon County Council, Tavistock Primary School, Plymouth Road Variable Restricted 11m
86A7D0DA-2FBF-4AC5-817F-AD8400E6C047 PL19 8DD Tavistock Athletic Club Track, Crowndale Road, Tavistock 24/7 Restricted 11m
0E244BBE-6B2D-40F0-BB57-B08100DAB71E PL19 8DE Peak Health And Fitness, Unit A Westbridge Trading Centre, Westbridge Industrial Estate Variable Public 9m
24329E54-D210-48D0-A65F-B19300BE9974 PL19 8DE Tyremarks, Unit 5, Access To Westbridge Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 2w
D3E42D79-CD70-426A-88E1-AD2100D40E27 PL19 8DX Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Tavistock 24/7 Public 11m
CE588A08-90A6-4476-8CDC-B19300BF7A46 PL19 8EH Our Lady And St Mary Magdalen Catholic Church, Callington Road, Tavistock 24/7 Public 2w
3B45FE94-AE6D-456E-BBF5-AD810089A11A PL19 8JA Parish Room, Road From Gulworthy Cross To Rock Cross, Gulworthy 24/7 Public 11m
9B96DEE4-CDE5-4DA7-BEEB-B07C00FAAD23 PL19 8JA Gulworthy Parish Hall Entrance Porch, Parish Room Entrance Porch, Road From Gulworthy Cross To Rock Cross 24/7 Public 9m
77E02560-F4F9-473C-81FD-AFA40138D16A PL19 8JE Tamar Adventure Ltd, Tree Surfers Tavistock Woodlands, Road To Tavistock Woodlands Estate 24/7 Public 11m
1135E9FC-E8F3-4259-ADE6-B00500886A55 PL19 8JR Tavistock Afc, Red And Black Football Club Langsford Park, Crowndale Road 24/7 Public 11m
CB20FC1C-1916-4B21-AE12-B10900BFC55F PL19 8JR Crowndale Ca, Crowndale Road, Tavistock Variable Public 4m
40256DDB-D13F-4383-B68E-AF4A01288A7A PL19 8PJ Sydenham Damerel Parish Council, The Royal Inn, Road From Horsebridge To Sydenham Cross 24/7 Public 11m
B6770DE1-59DC-42F7-B30A-AEEF0174765F PL19 8PU Sydenham Damerel Parish Council, Lane Past Churchtown Court, Sydenham Damerel 24/7 Public 11m
9AECCFDE-2251-40D9-AB47-AD2500978E19 PL19 8QP Lamerton Sports & Community Centre, Green Hill, Lamerton 24/7 Public 11m
5226E5F1-0AFD-4747-A1C0-AD2400876677 PL19 9AQ Tavistock Golf Club, Down Road, Tavistock 24/7 Public 11m
C5669BDA-0288-4B80-8F63-B03E00F7F3D1 PL19 9AZ Access To Crelake Business Park, Tavistock Variable Restricted 9m
E5CF8CEA-8740-43C9-92CE-AD8500B05225 PL19 9AZ Tavistock Squash Club, Pixon Lane, Tavistock 24/7 Restricted 11m
45C17161-0D47-448A-AB08-AEDF0081DDAF PL19 9BB Abbeyrise, Abbey Rise, Tavistock Variable Restricted 11m
A254F509-CADA-43C8-B41C-AE96015CA154 PL19 9DD Tavistock Cricket Club, Tavistock Cricket Ground, Tavistock 24/7 Public 11m
2C0BF980-1015-4303-943A-AFE800CD2BCC PL19 9DP Screwfix, Unit 15 West Devon Business Park, Tavistock Variable Restricted 9m
1AE20988-66D0-42ED-9307-AD5500E51B84 PL19 9FD Tavyside Health Centre, Abbey Rise, Tavistock 24/7 Public 11m
2694D301-112C-48F9-B4E3-B05800B718EE PL19 9LS Harford Bridge Holiday Park, Road From Halfbridge Cross To Harford Bridge, Peter Tavy 24/7 Public 9m
A0510301-D110-4BEE-A964-AD280071D93C PL19 9NN Village Hall, Road From Village Hall To Paisleymead, Peter Tavy 24/7 Public 11m
A4727D64-4EA8-4FFA-8617-B11700F49F6A PL19 9NQ Higher Rowes Farm, Horndon, Mary Tavy, Higher Rowes Farm, Road Over Horndon Bridge 24/7 Public 4m
161B01CA-9449-4493-89F3-B04200DA30D5 PL19 9PR Mary Tavy And Brentor Primary School, Mary Tavy 24/7 Public 9m
09871D66-A8A1-4EF2-AA11-AE58008167A2 PL19 9QN Tesco, Unit 2-4, Tavistock Retail Park Variable Public 9m
F4B83844-A625-469C-B751-B10300A3799E PL19 9SR Devon County Council, Whitchurch Primary School, School Road Variable Restricted 5m
EBEB1517-6B12-4B62-9228-B0740095FC4E PL2 1NS College Road Primary School, College Road, Plymouth Variable Restricted 9m
C7A404AA-BD88-47B2-AC3A-B13F007EDED3 PL2 1PU Ford Primary School, Cambridge Road, Plymouth Variable Restricted 3m
AB17396E-481E-49FB-84AB-B02D00881863 PL2 2EN Drake Primary School, 1 Johnston Terrace Ope, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
D69CEB35-C5BD-49DA-A7C5-B04200A354A6 PL2 2ND 165 North Prospect Road, Plymouth Variable Public 9m
8EC7A6C5-FA97-42CA-8184-B0D900AD6D07 PL2 2NJ Mayflower Academy, 41 Ham Drive, Plymouth Variable Restricted 6m
25C6A9B8-36FD-44AD-A1D2-ADCE00E04252 PL2 2PB Plymouth Heartbeat, Unit 1 Scott Business Park, Beacon Park Road Variable Public 11m
215514D7-96B0-4E0D-9119-AFCE00E539A3 PL2 3DG Plymouth Life Centre, 40, Mayflower Drive, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
4A5F1256-2D8F-4F58-9068-B0380095F5DB PL2 3DG Central Park Sports Hub, Mayflower Drive, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
5CB78D12-7489-4C8E-BBB1-AFCE00D98757 PL2 3DG Plymouth Active Leisure, Plymouth Life Centre, 40 Mayflower Drive Variable Restricted 11m
683EE342-DB2E-408F-AF81-AE54010F292F PL2 3DL Devonport High School For Girls, Lyndhurst Road, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
90720433-7006-4BE2-BB68-ADFE01155556 PL2 3DL Devonport High School For Girls, Lyndhurst Road, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
970 PL20 6EY Buckland Abbey, Devon 24/7 Public
0541B939-5808-475B-9C00-AD2F00D3A22E PL20 6NP The Burrator Inn, Princetown Road, Dousland 24/7 Public 11m
49E86562-BA2C-43E0-98B1-AD2F00D5D7AE PL20 6PE South West Lakes Trust, Public Conveniences, Road From Burrator Road To Burrator Dam 24/7 Public 11m
3367EB07-CCF4-4715-92E3-AD2F00D2DC9E PL20 6PJ Burrator Parish Council, Meavy Parish Hall, Road From Lower Meavy Bridge To Marchants Way 24/7 Public 11m
87D7E36B-56A7-412A-A750-B0D500F32A75 PL20 6PJ Devon County Council, Meavy Church Of England Primary School, Road From Lower Meavy Bridge To Marchants Way Variable Public 6m
AE1D95C5-9573-4DE9-98BD-B0740112C644 PL20 6QE Venville House Residential Home, Tavistock Road, Princetown 24/7 Public 9m
24 PL20 6SW Two Bridges Hotel, Devon 24/7 Public
57863230-85F2-47C7-8252-AD700085DB1F PL20 6TH Dartmoor Forest Parish Council, Information Centre, Road From Higher Cherrybrook Bridge To Clapper Bridge 24/7 Public 11m
FD90DF2B-00F5-4A29-A2F5-AF5700BBE9D2 PL20 7EX Aspris Childrens Services, Quay View School, Road To North Ward Farm Variable Restricted 11m
6996906A-9B6D-4532-A1DC-B19C011B9907 PL20 7LA Shutecombe Farm, Hensbury Lane, Bere Ferrers Variable Restricted 2w
396CB079-6259-4B3A-B0FC-AD550092CAE5 PL20 7NA Devon County Council, St Andrews Church Of England Primary School, The Village 24/7 Public 11m
BAE77168-7DDE-46DF-B618-B0D70110AF9D PL20 7SZ Devon County Council, Horrabridge Primary School, Walkhampton Road Variable Public 6m
E71BDE56-FC6B-4399-A656-AE8900F02E9A PL20 7TB Sports Pavilion, Fillace Park, Horrabridge 24/7 Public 11m
97044CB9-6C9E-4C54-BCD6-AD6500A17638 PL21 0DA Bittaford Village Hall, Jubilee Terrace, Bittaford 24/7 Public 9m
3F6BA12C-C357-4631-AF2F-B03600BF0786 PL21 0EX The Bus Shelter, Near Centre Court, Moorhaven Village 24/7 Public 11m
534A7DA9-B057-4EC8-8DEE-AD6500A240BF PL21 0FS The Sports Pavillion, Queen Elizabeth 2 Recreation Field, Chatwell Lane 24/7 Public 11m
7CFF054A-022F-407E-94C7-AD28016CA05F PL21 0HG Erme Valley Riding School For The Disabled, The Brook, Ugborough Road 24/7 Public 11m
7DDEEA9E-B1FC-46FE-95D7-AD3A00F2406D PL21 0HQ The Barn Hillhead Farm, Hillhead Cross To The Square Along Zc152, Ugborough 24/7 Public 11m
5B7809EC-4AC0-400C-B899-AE7700F3E200 PL21 0JA Ivybridge Community College, Ivybridge Community College Sports Centre, Harford Road Variable Restricted 9m
685E1CCE-3C5C-4C6D-9836-AD2000D4E019 PL21 0JF The Clock House Lukesland House, Combeshead Cross To Harford Road, Harford 24/7 Public 11m
5556 PL21 0LR Ivybridge Rugby Club, Devon 24/7 Public
7773 PL21 0LU Penquit House Farm, Devon 24/7 Public
C9ACC300-5D5E-4894-8D45-B11D016A1262 PL21 0LU Penquit House Farm, Penquit House To Penquit Manor, Penquit 24/7 Public 4m
215B299D-A7DE-4DB8-BD22-B17900A65822 PL21 0RB Modbury Primary School, Barrack Road, Modbury Variable Restricted 5w
61C89C2B-CC9E-4750-B783-AE3B00FCE55F PL21 0SB Pennymoor Caravan And Camping Park, The Office, Pennymoor Caravan And Camping Park 24/7 Public 11m
C2544F8E-78BA-4DB9-ABFB-AFEB00F403F7 PL21 0SG California Cross Camping & Caravanning Club, Modbury 24/7 Public 11m
86A7DAF7-68DF-4A37-8FF0-AD27008D749B PL21 0SH Broad Park Site, Road Past Leigh Cross, Modbury 24/7 Public 11m
4DAB726D-6092-4A9E-BD6A-AD2000D2FA22 PL21 0SZ Devon County Council, Ivybridge Library Erme Court, Leonards Road Variable Public 11m
7AA43716-B864-4D82-B884-B038006D3D5A PL21 0SZ Tesco Ivybridge, Tesco Ivybridge Express, St Leonards Road Variable Public 9m
37E4C60E-A7CF-49EE-8040-AED40114E90B PL21 0TW Devon Rural Archive, Shilstone, Modbury 24/7 Public 11m
D8FF5849-F42A-486B-934E-AFEA00E33803 PL21 9EE Screwfix, New Park House, Plymouth Road Variable Restricted 11m
F7887C31-B42E-43A5-824D-ADDE008EEB0E PL21 9EF 4 Bowker House, Lee Mill Bridge, Ivybridge Variable Public 11m
231B8326-B5DA-4B76-BE8A-B10900D6C740 PL21 9EY Ivybridge Ca, Ermington Road, Ivybridge Variable Public 4m
31A4A0B4-AC2E-425F-982D-AD9800A5B4EB PL21 9GS Unit 10 Strashleigh View, Lee Mill Industrial Estate, Lee Mill Variable Restricted 11m
059E2662-2E0B-4462-A305-AEF5008B267D PL21 9HW St Austin’s Priory, Cadleigh Variable Restricted 11m
C5F57370-3B48-4074-BDC9-AFF0012F80B5 PL21 9JR The Beeches, Hunsdon Rd, Hunsdon Variable Restricted 11m
8158 PL21 9NJ The Store and More Shop, Devon 24/7 Public
83C98320-F802-4689-8183-AFE00095D455 PL21 9PE Tesco Stores Ltd, Central Avenue, Lee Mill Industrial Estate Variable Public 11m
44A96972-574A-4B35-AA0A-AFE800B7BF58 PL21 9QP Harrington Homes (Sw) Ltd, Harrington Homes, Unit 5 Delamore Park, Cornwood Variable Restricted 11m
7EF33324-3201-4257-86C4-AFCD011B7036 PL21 9QP Harrington Homes Ltd, Unit 5 Delamore Park, Road From Delamore Farm Cross To Main Road Variable Public 11m
7D003F06-948D-46E3-B48D-AF2500DD9CD7 PL21 9TF Little Orchard Montessori Nursery - Woodlands, Little Orchard Montessori Nursery Via Woodlands Park Primary School, Abbot Road 24/7 Public 11m
504DC95D-3CE7-4143-90D4-ADBE00E4D864 PL21 9UH Devon Contract Waste, 11 Strashleigh View, Lee Mill Industrial Estate Variable Public 11m
BF30E6FC-181B-4867-A66F-AF1600EF6B03 PL22 0AG The Royal Oak, Duke Street, Lostwithiel 24/7 Public 11m
3507E83D-C690-45F7-B843-B091008AC6F5 PL22 0AJ Lostwithiel County Primary School, Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel Variable Restricted 8m
5BAA1094-3836-4999-A30F-AFA500D64A7E PL22 0AJ Lostwithiel Primary School, Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel 24/7 Public 11m
83F3FEC3-1EB5-44F4-8C18-AF3B00E01C7F PL22 0HE Lostwithiel Community Centre, Pleyber Christ Way, Lostwithiel 24/7 Public 9m
B3CB3E46-5BDF-4BA4-91AE-AEAC013E8CD0 PL22 0PT Ship Inn, Fore Street, Lerryn 24/7 Public 11m
4A9AA609-EAEA-49C9-BA15-B08B008CAD9C PL22 0QA Lerryn School, Lerryn C Of E Junior And Infant School, Road From Fore Street To Harris's Orchard Variable Restricted 9m
F93415C8-7D2E-4C1A-987B-B08F007B6A5F PL22 0RA St Winnow C Of E School, Grenville Road, Lostwithiel Variable Restricted 9m
5916D0E6-C649-4225-B50F-AEC200ABB629 PL22 0RB Duchy Timber, Road From Two Trees Road To Junction West Of Nectans Chapel, Downend Variable Public 11m
B0D7C407-FC88-46C8-B05A-B0B500FF3597 PL22 0RG Boconnoc Estate Office, Boconnoc, Lostwithiel 24/7 Restricted 7m
73ABA927-1373-4A0C-B2D3-AFB900D815F8 PL23 1AJ Fowey Harbour Commissioners, Fowey Harbour Commssioner's Office, Albert Quay Variable Restricted 11m
CD63C986-CCEF-4037-834B-AD21007E7997 PL23 1BH Royal Fowey Yacht Club, 3 Whitford Yard, Fowey 24/7 Public 11m
15969F71-4D2D-4C23-8CF4-ADAA01179738 PL23 1BQ Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Safe Harbour Inn, 58 Lostwithiel Street 24/7 Public 11m
5AA47FFF-E101-4BFF-A202-B18B00DBEF4B PL23 1DH Seafarers Centre, Seafarers Centre, The Flying Angel Centre, The Docks 24/7 Public 2w
15DB67E4-59AF-42F4-9E32-AEC9013677D0 PL23 1DT Cornwall County Fire Brigade, Fowey Fire Station, Rawlings Lane 24/7 Public 11m
93DFF636-147D-44FD-990F-B18C011DA917 PL23 1DT Fowey Fire Station, Rawlings Lane, Fowey 24/7 Public 2w
77221B85-68DC-48D7-B4C2-AE740089FD99 PL23 1EQ Squires Field Community Centre, 3 Langurtho Road, Fowey 24/7 Public 11m
36E38D1E-ECBC-4E86-B64D-AFB600EC49E4 PL23 1HH Fowey Primary School, Windmill, Fowey 24/7 Public 11m
9FA0E395-1E0F-42B4-8642-B091008AB8D4 PL23 1HH Fowey Primary School, Windmill, Fowey Variable Restricted 8m
E77F5D8F-0C24-4109-9DFF-B021012C59D9 PL23 1JU Woody's Bike Park, Higher Lampetho Farm, Access To Higher Lampetho Farm 24/7 Public 11m
005B3911-804F-4BD6-BFE9-ADAA0113E11E PL23 1LN Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Fisherman's Arms, Fore Street 24/7 Public 11m
176FA150-F540-4CB8-B781-ADAA0114082C PL23 1LX Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, The Old Ferry Inn, Bodinnick 24/7 Public 11m
ECB489B7-2667-432F-9A42-B123009C6799 PL23 1PS St Saviours Hill, Polruan Variable Restricted 4m
6598 PL23 1QA Polruan Village Hall, Cornwall 24/7 Public
E0FAFB3A-6F14-4377-ACC9-ADE101620C71 PL23 1QR Polruan Community Fire Station, Greenbank, Polruan 24/7 Public 11m
3DEA4295-C72A-4049-912D-B0C200CD9483 PL24 2AF Creative Workshop, 3 Par Green, Par 24/7 Public 7m
FF9FEA32-C1F9-46FC-B9EF-ADAA0117FEEE PL24 2AQ Cornubia, 31 Eastcliffe Road, Par 24/7 Public 11m
F9532E6D-1E8D-436F-9824-B0D200C93A79 PL24 2AR Ship Inn, Polmear Hill, Par 24/7 Public 6m
3454B75B-4AFD-4738-9CEF-AEB600D08D6D PL24 2AS Park Leisure 2000 Ltrd, Par Sands Holiday Park, Access To Par Beach 24/7 Public 11m
3A64558C-ED7E-487A-88C0-B0B400D70AC0 PL24 2AS Par Sands Holiday Park, Access To Par Beach, Par 24/7 Public 7m
18842D82-E3B5-4977-AC6C-AEBF009E729A PL24 2BP Duchy Defibrillators, St Austell Bay Boat Club, Par Docks 24/7 Public 11m
6B2C05A7-72B3-45D7-BA35-B0CB00F149A7 PL24 2DB Biscovey Nursery And Infants Academy, Lamellyn Road, Par Variable Restricted 6m
8091 PL24 2HU St Blazey Cricket Club, Cornwall 24/7 Public
B4CF1284-E921-40FA-A587-B13700E57012 PL24 2LT Par Railway Station, Eastcliffe Road, Par 24/7 Public 3m
FC6C78B7-F469-4DFF-B140-B16A007DFFB9 PL24 2LX Kier Site Office, Kier Ltd, St Andrews Road Variable Restricted 5w
0BD7B079-FD12-4D29-A59A-AE2401685BAD PL24 2ND St Blazey Recreation Ground 1, Station Road, St Blazey 24/7 Public 11m
BCE99782-0BDD-49E4-A03B-AD2100CF00E6 PL24 2PB Par Track Ltd, Par Track, Moorland Road 24/7 Public 11m
6AA89057-11C3-4D58-B13B-B0C000BF1631 PL24 2PT Tywardreath School, South Park Road, Par, Par Variable Restricted 7m
F33E0635-A389-4D6D-8291-AEFD00DC9C3B PL24 2QP Public House, Fore Street, Tywardreath 24/7 Public 11m
F0C32B12-3E14-446B-8EBE-ADAA0113E52E PL24 2SX Henry Orchard & Sons, Methrose, Par Variable Public 11m
CCC52E26-96BD-4448-8286-B021012C5D20 PL24 2TL Polkerris Beach, Lane From Penellick Cottage To Polkerris, Polkerris 24/7 Public 11m
758E003F-86DE-47DD-B0E1-B0F000CC100D PL25 3EF Mch (Mid Cornwall Hub, Unit 2 & 3 Holmbush Business Centre, Wheal Northey 24/7 Public 5m
6248 PL25 3FU St Austell Cricket Club, Cornwall 24/7 Public
E658A80E-0C5D-4E45-962C-AE7000A05CBC PL25 3HG Teddington, Teddington Controls, Stennack Road Variable Restricted 11m
BA5F1D69-5481-48E2-9AA6-B19B00EBAC06 PL25 3LL The Holmbush Inn, Holmbush Inn, 101 Holmbush Road 24/7 Public 2w
6896CF7F-F362-4296-B3C0-ADB300D02A37 PL25 3NR Penrice Academy, Charlestown Road, Charlestown Variable Restricted 11m
9A1F46C1-1C97-4601-9B28-B07500B4D978 PL25 3NR Mobile - To Be Used For School Trips, Penrice Academy, Charlestown Road Variable Restricted 9m
EF54588F-B5D6-4415-B644-B07500A91E6B PL25 3NR White Science Hut, Penrice Academy, Charlestown Road Variable Restricted 9m
44162DA7-FFC9-4A50-B7CA-AFEB00FB0C1A PL25 3RF Screwfix, Unit 9 St Austell Bay Business Park, Par Moor Road Variable Restricted 11m
9910F853-2426-4B05-BF92-B09A00AA5437 PL25 3TF Carclaze Primary School, St Piran's Close, St Austell Variable Restricted 8m
CE15F5D7-613D-43E7-8389-AFB100896E52 PL25 3TF Carclaze Primary School, St Piran's Close, St Austell 24/7 Public 9m
F7FC960E-B1CE-4D92-9C28-ADAA01181938 PL25 4BZ Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Poltair School, Trevartian Road 24/7 Public 11m
F84149F1-6813-469B-A3CE-B0C300920D3A PL25 4DB St Austell Leisure Centre, Polkyth Leisure Centre, Carlyon Road Variable Public 7m
7F2FFF32-1BF6-4C83-B018-AFF800BBF1FA PL25 4DL Tesco, 113 Tregonissey Road, St Austell Variable Public 11m
578C1D5F-5705-46AA-96A4-B10100E2D75D PL25 4DS 121 Tregonissey Road, St Austell 24/7 Public 5m
019DA004-E49A-419F-96F7-AB060159438A PL25 4EJ Cornwall Training, St Austell Enterprise Park, St. Austell Variable Restricted 11m
5AD42DE8-B011-4538-A0A0-B134009A196C PL25 4LA St Austell Railway Station, High Cross Street, St Austell 24/7 Public 3m
2383E638-85C4-4243-A546-B0C400E5CD30 PL25 4PP Mount Charles School, Morven Road, St Austell Variable Restricted 7m
D15DD8A2-D253-46F9-A377-B15500E67F41 PL25 4TJ Restormel Academy, Units 2 And 3 Car Parking Brunel Business Park, The Sidings 24/7 Public 2m
B186F9FC-D825-4D9D-947C-B14E00EBC934 PL25 4TR Vospers St Austell, Vospers, East Hill 24/7 Public 2m
6E818D20-59F4-4078-8BA0-AF9C013961A0 PL25 5AE St John's Methodist Church, Priory Road Car Park, Priory Road 24/7 Public 11m
175BE2B8-FE75-4956-AA72-ADBE00B1DC50 PL25 5BS 23 Moorland Road, St Austell Variable Public 11m
BC7038D1-BD51-495A-9301-ADEF00DEE6CC PL25 5BU Tesco, Tesco Express, Pentewan Road Variable Public 9m
6E1CC578-887F-4D18-B1A7-B006007955DD PL25 5DS Pondhu Primary School, Penwinnick Road, St Austell Variable Public 11m
E5348B55-02EE-4E51-9D90-B1870085D1A6 PL25 5DS Pondhu County Primary School, Penwinnick Road, St Austell Variable Restricted 2w
1417EE45-BD92-4D28-8B7E-ADAA01142CF1 PL25 5HL Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, St Austell Arts Centre, Truro Road 24/7 Public 11m
6AC4C2AC-4D16-4415-8D69-AFC500925430 PL25 5JZ Robert Eliot Court Over 55s Development, The Office , Robert Eliot Court, Trevarrick Road 24/7 Public 11m
06C9C6AB-6F72-4B53-AAAA-ADAA01184875 PL25 5SL Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Trewoon Post Office, 10 Cooperage Road 24/7 Public 11m
BD613924-554E-4B99-A152-ADAA0115493D PL26 6AE The Crossroads Outside Of 53 Duporth Bay, Duporth, St Austell 24/7 Public 11m
94D13EBF-DE61-4BB2-8AB7-AEDA00A799F6 PL26 6BT Pentewan Sands Holiday Park, B3273 From Treveskern To Junction South Of Tregiskey Farm, Pentewan 24/7 Restricted 11m
2E642E01-FDF4-407B-9168-AF24011E46BC PL26 6BW The Chalets, Rope Walk, Duporth 24/7 Public 11m
E52AB4DE-85F4-4925-AB19-B19A0098A98D PL26 6EH Old Road, Mevagissey 24/7 Public 2w
9D5B6F64-D0FC-42E5-9F12-AEC50149F4F2 PL26 6LH Gorran C P School, Road From Junction South Of Penvergate To Menagwins, Gorran 24/7 Public 11m
C1F4E310-A23C-44B7-9EB0-AE4E00B78CD0 PL26 6LL South West Holiday Parks, Seaview Gorran Haven, Boswinger 24/7 Public 11m
DC06E1DC-726A-488F-A775-AE4E0117AB45 PL26 6LL Seaview Gorran Haven, Boswinger, Gorran Haven 24/7 Public 11m
932E83DA-D628-4AE9-8BD6-B108009B5999 PL26 6LY Point Of Sale, Caerhays Castle Gardens, Electricity Sub Station 21m From Estate Office, Caerhays Castle 8m From Unnamed Road, Road From Lower Lodge To Caerhays Castle Variable Public 5m
AFD7425B-4710-43E7-89DB-AF0200ACC202 PL26 6LY Caerhays Beach Cafe, Porthluney Beach, Track To Caerhays Beach Cafe 24/7 Public 9m
BCD845BE-8298-4822-AA02-AEC50149F187 PL26 6PL The Shack Car Park East Of The Rising Sun Inn, Road From Bodrugan Hill To Portmellon Road, Portmellon 24/7 Public 11m
C347201C-2E17-4F37-A532-AFF600A7AE79 PL26 6TD Mevagissey C P School, Old Roadtrewinney, Mevagissey Variable Public 9m
7FAF9DE8-C363-4D9B-A540-ADAA01184FAE PL26 7BP Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Polgooth Post Office & Store, Fore Street 24/7 Public 11m
F670BF09-1D51-4813-BA2B-AFB3009F5BF3 PL26 7DP St Mewan Primary School, St Mewan Lane, St Austell 24/7 Public 11m
1E857779-C19F-433A-A25C-AD2A010BCC41 PL26 7FH St Austell Rfc, St Austell Rugby Club, Access To St Austell Rugby Club 24/7 Public 11m
470EB6C2-AAA5-4EFA-8F27-AD530118874D PL26 7FH Playing Field, Access To St Austell Rugby Club, Tregorrick Variable Restricted 11m
D3A353F9-0435-4EFB-8900-ADAA011B7189 PL26 7HD Sticker Village Stores, Sticker 24/7 Public 11m
5219BC58-5669-4589-BFC8-ADFD00F6722D PL26 7JF Merlin Ms Centre, Bradbury House, Road From A390 To Truro Road 24/7 Public 11m
3D15AE8F-D695-4979-8CE5-AD7500B4E3E8 PL26 7LL Coombe Telephone Box, Coombe, St Austell 24/7 Public 11m
5951B00B-D5B7-4803-A8EC-AD7500B998CC PL26 7NN St. Stephen - Brannel Room, Office 2, Brannel Room, 22 Fore St 24/7 Public 11m
5E560108-66CC-476C-BFDC-B08B008F6E55 PL26 7NZ St Stephens Churchtown Academy, St Stephen Churchtown Community Primary School, Creakavose Variable Restricted 9m
0165D5DB-109F-4EBA-B10C-AD7500B948D1 PL26 7QW Nuco Training And First Aid Awards, 10 Central Treviscoe, St Austell 24/7 Public 11m
1B28F1B3-B5AB-4E2D-8361-AD200082078F PL26 7QW Treviscoe Community Centre, Ivinghoe, 1 Central Treviscoe 24/7 Public 11m
C8917AB8-8A02-4937-9EA7-ADAA0113B9A4 PL26 7RB Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Gainsborough Park, Foxhole 24/7 Public 11m
9BE0A25A-3A05-4263-BE5C-B187008DA465 PL26 7RN Brannel School, Rectory Road, St Stephen Variable Restricted 2w
C2029012-F15E-4DC9-9CEA-B1870085BB63 PL26 7RN Brannel School, Rectory Road, St Stephen Variable Restricted 2w
FF61F35A-8FAC-451C-8AB2-B187008DBF89 PL26 7RN Brannel School, Rectory Road, St Stephen Variable Restricted 2w
AC41F10E-7F9D-44D0-BF00-B0C80119BFCC PL26 7SR F&K Electrical, F K Electrical & Refrigeration, B3279 Between Carpalla Road And Long Lane 24/7 Public 7m
941208FD-1321-4936-9CB3-AD7500B59340 PL26 7TL Lanjeth And High Street Memorial Hall, Coombe Road, High Street, Lanjeth 24/7 Public 11m
2438D0F0-728E-4C65-A5BE-AD7500B95A7D PL26 7TX Premier Convenience Store, Foxhole 24/7 Public 11m
842F914B-C491-4360-8AF3-AF9901544056 PL26 7UG Foxhole Village Green, Foxhole Institute, Chapel Road 24/7 Public 11m
08244219-19E8-4B96-A911-AD7500B9ED41 PL26 7XH Whitemoor Chapel, Crown Road, Whitemoor 24/7 Public 11m
1942AF66-1A3E-4663-AA45-B1550097D580 PL26 7YH Nanpean Primary School, St George's Road, Nanpean Variable Public 2m
9B987E04-F49A-46F6-A03D-ADAA01186C79 PL26 7YH Phoenix Stores, St George's Road, Nanpean 24/7 Public 11m
77912C1E-38F0-43BD-8109-ADAA01182010 PL26 8AD War Memorial And Working Mens Club, Fore Street, St Dennis 24/7 Public 11m
31101C4C-973F-4DAD-A59C-B08300A94AAA PL26 8AY St Dennis Primary Academy, Carne Hill, St Dennis Variable Restricted 9m
6592313F-2069-4446-8304-AF2E00F2CD70 PL26 8DB Lower Penrose Veor Farm, Access To Penrose Veor Farm From Little Carne, St Dennis 24/7 Public 11m
ADCF406C-7516-47EF-B6B0-B026010E57D2 PL26 8DT The Pitch Sports Bar, Boscawen Park, St. Dennis Variable Public 11m
BF41CA5B-8EDA-4AAE-9CCE-AF420116B6D8 PL26 8DY Weighbridge Trelavour Kiln China Clay Works, Rostowrack Downs, St Dennis Variable Restricted 11m
30495D85-37CF-4EBB-983B-ADAA01147BE1 PL26 8EP Roche School, Fore Street, Roche 24/7 Public 11m
EA5A1091-3613-48AA-9BBA-ADAA0118417C PL26 8JA Rockview Vets, 10 Tremodrett Road, Roche 24/7 Public 11m
834305E6-4C8B-4C33-8B7D-B11B00A7A885 PL26 8LT Speedy Powered Access Roche (82), Shalimar, Victoria, St Austell Variable Public 4m
90AF9276-FD44-4A07-A58E-AF400107EDC0 PL26 8LX Duchy Defibrillators, Unit 10 Victoria Trading Estate, Victoria Business Park 24/7 Public 11m
4268B789-1D5B-4830-84AB-B02A00E5A147 PL26 8PD Bugle County Primary School, Fore Street, Bugle Variable Public 11m
CBCFA4AF-E3A0-4FA6-94FF-AD200113EF24 PL26 8PP Imerys Bowling Club, Roche Road,, Roche Road 24/7 Public 11m
D7EC66C6-0950-4144-AC3C-ADAA0117D140 PL26 8RA Rockhill Business Park, Rock Hill, Bugle 24/7 Public 11m
C1E4EC4D-701E-4FC7-8610-B04C013950BF PL26 8TL St Peters Church, Treverbyn Road, Stenalees 24/7 Public 9m
AA2EA3A3-1B3C-4BEF-BDB7-B18100B13B8F PL26 8UF Mcdonald's, Unit 10, Cornish Gateway Services 24/7 Public 5w
0606BD4F-9769-48A9-ADA2-AD240147DD7F PL26 8UH Community Hall, Penwithick Social Club, 57 Penwithick Road 24/7 Public 11m
2BCDEED2-1C0D-4C64-AA45-B0EE00C8AF6A PL26 8UH 57 Penwithick Road, Penwithick, St Austell 24/7 Public 5m
A1CB0658-20C3-4033-8F75-AFA300EFE227 PL26 8XR Drummers Lodge Campsite, Drummers Hill, St Austell 24/7 Restricted 11m
C88341AD-FBCE-41C9-9F5F-ADB00114D88C PL27 6AE Wadebridge Bowls Club, The Playing Fields, Egloshayle Road 24/7 Public 11m
CF97EC23-0D06-4A85-8ADD-B0FC00E0A0E4 PL27 6AT 15 Eglos Parc, Wadebridge 24/7 Restricted 5w
67942878-B1A7-405E-B129-ADB00114D3C6 PL27 6BJ Wadebridge Rugby Club, 12a Egloshayle Road, Wadebridge 24/7 Public 11m
092419A8-8BFA-4953-93C7-AFCB00D5F0BB PL27 6BU Wadebridge School, Gonvena Hill, Wadebridge Variable Restricted 11m
1C8B480A-C330-463F-95A1-AD22008F90CC PL27 6BU Wadebridge Sports Centre, Bodieve Road, Wadebridge Variable Restricted 11m
A45948A9-F5EA-4C02-BB4F-AD210097D136 PL27 6BU Wadebridge School, Gonvena Hill, Wadebridge Variable Public 11m
AB6ABCCF-E4E1-4106-8F2A-B01F009C042B PL27 6BU Wadebridge School, Gonvena Hill, Wadebridge Variable Public 11m
59FFD50A-4D56-4A16-95AF-ADB00114DCE3 PL27 6EA Duchy Defibrillators, Wadebridge Football Club, Wadebridge 24/7 Public 11m
B1CCDF78-1DC4-4AB4-8B01-AEB300DB777F PL27 6EN The Olde House, Chapel Amble, Wadebridge 24/7 Public 11m
EFD65611-AE74-47D8-A6FC-ADF000DC82A6 PL27 6HB Preci Spark Ltd, Palmers Way, Trenant Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
7C3F661A-FDC7-444E-BE97-ADAA01149449 PL27 6HF Daften Diecasting, Daften Diecasting Ltd, Trevilling Road 24/7 Public 11m
B87C34D6-378B-46CE-A7D3-ADAA0118234E PL27 6JA Trelawney Garden Centre, Sladesbridge, Wadebridge 24/7 Public 11m
971A1BED-B891-4876-9E4C-B170009173D3 PL27 6LB Rock Sailing Club, Rock Road, Rock 24/7 Public 5w
3D2F843D-1549-4999-BE26-AFAA0099ADF4 PL27 6LD St Enodoc Golf Club, St. Enodoc Golf Club, Rock Variable Public 11m
D9A221AF-1D41-4963-92E1-AF8101018C72 PL27 6LD St Enodoc Golf Club, Rock, Wadebridge 24/7 Public 11m
5D2DB71D-1739-4584-A26B-AE84013D83FF PL27 6LY Rock And District Sports Club, Shores Lane, Rock 24/7 Public 11m
D3881A81-6030-4504-9E86-ADAA01178452 PL27 6QJ The Old Forge Garage, Menefreda Way, St Minver 24/7 Public 11m
6E2BD318-3EFD-4E55-A01C-ADAA011601CA PL27 6QN Gunvenna Holiday Park, St Minver, Wadebridge 24/7 Public 11m
40791D39-977E-4355-885E-AF630127A4C9 PL27 6QT The Point At Polzeath, Access To The Point At Polzeath, St Minver 24/7 Public 11m
7F78F47E-9432-4072-939D-ADAA0114D656 PL27 6QU Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Southwinds Camping Park, St Minver 24/7 Public 11m
01056391-7C39-453B-9F1F-B0F200F35E3A PL27 6RR Reception, St Minver House Holiday Park, Access To St Minver House Holiday Park 24/7 Public 5m
3D7F67A3-882B-43E7-80FC-AF03013262FA PL27 6SA Daymer Bay Beach Shop, Trebetherick, Wadebridge 24/7 Public 11m
3DBBE6AB-5255-48B8-99FF-AF8100FFADD9 PL27 6SH Tennis 61m From The Old Brea 23m From Unnamed Road, Brea Estate, Wadebridge 24/7 Public 11m
0A918BFD-0ECB-48F5-96BC-AFB900C15852 PL27 6ST Polzeath Beach Holiday Park Ltd, Polzeath Beach Holiday Park, Trenant Nook 24/7 Public 11m
48F829C9-1394-4869-ABFF-ADAA01149093 PL27 6TD Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, The Telephone Box, Tristram Car Park 24/7 Public 11m
B0BDF704-E6F6-4E8D-BD97-B0AB00A1A68E PL27 6TG Oystercatcher, The Oystercatcher, Dunders Hill 24/7 Public 8m
6CD68444-56C7-4F9D-AA7A-AF0301326850 PL27 6TS Highcliffe, Francis Lane, Trebetherick 24/7 Public 11m
3EC3BB14-A8CE-4A1E-9B49-B0130081B6D6 PL27 7AH Park Chambers Practice Ltd, Harbour House, 10 Harbour Road Variable Restricted 11m
A3E5EF1D-3438-4A5E-B440-ADAA01179AAC PL27 7AL Bridge Bike Hire, Eddystone Road, Wadebridge 24/7 Public 11m
0A3CE3D8-CD53-49CB-98DE-ADAA0114A45F PL27 7AQ The Bridge On Wool, The Platt, Wadebridge 24/7 Public 11m
EA79B214-92B9-4073-903F-ADAA011793D0 PL27 7BX The John Betjeman Centre, Southern Way, Wadebridge 24/7 Public 11m
3AE81DBC-C90F-4185-915C-AFE800FA94F2 PL27 7FE Screwfix, Unit 1-2, Dunveth Business Park Variable Restricted 9m
BB333AE4-9F7E-4D86-93D7-AE410092309C PL27 7HW Tesco, Tesco Stores, Access To Supermarket At West Hill Variable Public 11m
78D3D455-5945-48EB-AF56-ADB001144164 PL27 7JD The Bus Stop, Whitecross, Wadebridge 24/7 Public 11m
5A62226B-2EAD-4211-8800-ADAA0117AD58 PL27 7JE Royal Cornwall Showground, Whitecross, Wadebridge 24/7 Public 11m
961FA4F9-5EC2-4673-AE56-B06000D2FD70 PL27 7JQ The Laurels Holiday Park, Padstow Road, Whitecross 24/7 Public 9m
0719EEBA-2DE7-4B8C-9106-AF5C00E77A31 PL27 7LR The Arc At North Unit Hawksfield, A39 Between Hals Grave And West Park Farm, St Breock 24/7 Public 11m
0AFC1BC2-23B8-4D33-B7C5-AFA300F45C5A PL27 7QA Ring O' Bells, Churchtown, St Issey 24/7 Public 11m
1ACAFA50-CA71-422C-ABF6-B0FC00B5C366 PL27 7RN St. Issey C Of E Primary School, Gardeners Way,, St Issey Variable Public 5m
2926E3DC-BA0E-4D13-B521-B0A5010B330D PL27 7RN St.issey Village Hall, Gardeners Way, St.issey 24/7 Public 8m
CC099496-92B1-472D-8491-B0EB0146D7C4 PL27 7ST Trewinnick Road, Rumford 24/7 Public 5m
95111B7A-B7F0-4BD1-85DD-AF65011C7F2D PL27 7TA St Ervan Village Hall, St Ervan Parish Hall, Access To St Ervan 24/7 Public 11m
0387154E-AA4B-4EBA-87A4-ADAA01158E7E PL27 7TU St Eval Community Centre, Community Centre, Orion Drive 24/7 Public 11m
A468ADC7-86E5-4074-AAF6-ADAA011815CE PL27 7UD Trevisker School, 9 Warwick Crescent, St Eval 24/7 Public 11m
010CC81A-92C7-4E9A-865F-AD2000FB9770 PL27 7UL St Eval Candle Company, St Eval Candle Co Great Engollan Farm, Road From Engollan To Downhill 24/7 Public 11m
5AE12CDA-7183-44A4-A9F1-B09F00E9346E PL27 7XL St Breock Primary School, St Breock Primary School Tremarren Road, Tremarren Road Variable Public 8m
6B2CB11F-096B-4C63-9E56-B06400EEB4A1 PL28 8AF Waters Edge, 11 North Quay, Padstow 24/7 Restricted 9m
2A53F2F1-439D-4B18-81EC-B18D0090E36E PL28 8BL St Austell Brewery Co Ltd, Old Custom House Hotel, South Quay 24/7 Public 2w
B1FE423D-37C2-469C-B5E0-ADAA0115314D PL28 8DR Dennis Cove Campsite, Dennis Lane, Padstow 24/7 Public 11m
97195794-4580-4FF0-9F7B-B18E0085A169 PL28 8EL Tesco Padstow, Tesco Stores Ltd, Sarahs Lane 24/7 Public 2w
88891833-AE90-4819-B640-B0C800B9A6F9 PL28 8EX Padstow School, Grenville Road, Padstow Variable Restricted 7m
FC878129-B9DB-4414-9711-AD2200D051CD PL28 8HR National Coastwatch Station Stepper Point, Nearest Road Access Is Lelizzick Farm, Road From Hawkers Cove To Crugmeer 24/7 Public 11m
3E5BC025-7217-40CC-A6A4-ADAA01184BD5 PL28 8HW Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, 7 Coastguard Houses (Rest A While Tea Garden), Hawkers Cove 24/7 Public 11m
1D2EC1B5-4926-4C13-9092-AD3A008AC2E0 PL28 8JB Trevose Golf And Country Club, Constantine Bay, Padstow 24/7 Public 11m
6211 PL28 8JJ Constantine Beach Cafe, Cornwall 24/7 Public
EEE9ABD0-F341-431F-B854-ADAA0114889F PL28 8JJ Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Constantine Bay Stores, Constantine Bay 24/7 Public 11m
0621126C-011D-463A-9EC4-AFC400B5CB92 PL28 8JP Treyarnon Bay Caravan Park Reception, Treyarnon Bay Caravan Park, Access To Treyarnon 24/7 Restricted 11m
16585DF5-D4EB-4D8D-BDF0-AD3D00E2B794 PL28 8JR Yha Treyarnon Bay, Youth Hostel Association, Access To Treyarnon 24/7 Public 11m
AD715F20-6741-44F1-AEE9-AECF00AD874F PL28 8JZ Tregavone Touring Park Tregavone Farm, Access To Tregavone Farm, St Merryn 24/7 Public 11m
9350B8AA-6E6A-4CCA-AA1A-AE9100FF8078 PL28 8LB The Retreats At Padstow Holiday Park, Main Road, Padstow 24/7 Public 11m
252E32C8-F439-4B8D-99A1-ADAA0113A226 PL28 8LE The Old Ship Inn, Mill Sqaure, Padstow 24/7 Public 11m
9A8B5F66-13B3-4BBC-9F21-ADFA01687038 PL28 8NN St Merryn Football Club, Harlyn Road, St Merryn 24/7 Public 11m
856D4C55-272F-4BC3-8A72-AE5A012D1A64 PL28 8PL Trethias Farm, Road From Treyarnon Lane To Carnevas, St Merryn 24/7 Public 11m
3B635C63-E0E8-408E-9283-AFF900E19966 PL28 8QA The Venue, St Merryn Holiday Village, St Merryn 24/7 Public 11m
DE9E96D9-227D-491B-B4F0-B09B00A98A2E PL28 8QA Launderette, Seven Bays Park, St Merryn Holiday Village 24/7 Public 8m
83644F33-89AC-48A6-9EF1-ADAA0117D421 PL28 8QN Well Parc Hotel, Dobbin Lane, Trevone 24/7 Public 11m
FB33828F-5A76-485D-9CE9-AE9B015EC509 PL28 8RL Padstow United Football Club, Padstow United Fooball Club, Jury Park 24/7 Public 11m
053A4290-5539-4C84-B4F7-ADAA01181CD8 PL28 8SG Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Higher Harlyn Park, St Merryn 24/7 Public 11m
6474 PL28 8SH Booby's Bay, Cornwall 24/7 Public
07659ED0-FCE0-4DBF-A7BC-ADC8008BA81A PL28 8SL Mother Ivy's Bay Holiday Park, Trevose Head, Padstow 24/7 Restricted 11m
AC13DEED-DCE2-45A9-8431-AD2100B413A3 PL28 8SQ Harlyn Sands Holiday Park, Light House Road, Harlyn 24/7 Public 11m
F6CEB191-6940-4755-9A87-B0C3010B6085 PL29 3RT Port Isaac Cp School, Happy Days Port Isaac Community Primary School, Mayfield Road Variable Public 7m
7C4A1320-A8BB-4349-AC73-ADAA011829F7 PL29 3SQ Port Gaverne Hotel, Port Gaverne, Port Isaac 24/7 Public 11m
88181AEB-73B0-4889-BFF7-AEE5010EFBFF PL29 3SU Flat 1a Fish Cellars, Road From Long Cross To Quin Cross, Port Quin 24/7 Public 11m
D2C2902B-4889-4FA4-BFD8-ADAA01155B3D PL29 3TP Stone Barn, St Endellion, Port Isaac 24/7 Public 11m
5D0014F1-0882-4F98-9417-B03700EBB296 PL3 4BB City Business Park, Somerset Place, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
5D5CD076-DB75-4259-A7F5-AD32009408AC PL3 4BD Stoke Damerel Community College, Somerset Place, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
1F792B03-B7C7-4F39-BF73-AD2000761B11 PL3 4BZ Scott Medical & Healthcare College, 18 Somerset Place, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
F1A4B47A-9D98-4E5B-BBF8-B11B00A24E0D PL3 4EB Speedy Plymouth Rsc (6026), 3 Stuart Road, Pennycomequick Roundabout Variable Public 4m
48C08E74-355F-4EC0-8D68-B0D7007FD2B5 PL3 4RS Hyde Park Infants School, Hyde Park Road, Plymouth Variable Restricted 6m
D719ABD6-27FA-4E82-9119-B0A800808F97 PL3 5TU 334 Outland Road, Plymouth 24/7 Restricted 8m
580F359A-8892-4FD8-8AD4-ADB3010981CF PL3 6NE Unity Park, Efford Road, Plymouth 24/7 Restricted 11m
E84C1AD4-0F75-4AF0-9B12-B038008803DF PL3 6NG Efford Crematoruim, Efford Road, Plymouth 24/7 Public 9m
EFCC40DD-C769-4542-AC36-ADAA0117B38A PL30 3BA Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, St Mabyn Inn, St Mabyn 24/7 Public 11m
0745C510-44CA-495A-9478-AFC701643120 PL30 3BG St Mabyn Community Shop, Wadebridge Road, St Mabyn 24/7 Public 11m
AB18FE61-0F9F-40EC-9D4A-B00A0152334F PL30 3BP Old Hill Bike Park, Demons Bridge, Dinham Lane 24/7 Public 3m
55A08C55-4626-4F33-ACD1-B123009DE7E6 PL30 3BQ St Mabyn School, Wadebridge Road, St Mabyn Variable Restricted 4m
1DC214AF-3C3A-4F90-962E-AF5000E8E6CD PL30 3BY Hoburne, Hoburne St Mabyn Holiday Park, St Mabyn 24/7 Public 11m
3C054BA1-F18B-45F3-8F9A-ADC6014F5F76 PL30 3HB Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, St Kew Inn, Churchtown 24/7 Public 11m
4DBB93AD-36E3-4E14-B0F2-B1110106B31E PL30 3JN Treveighan Farm, Trevillick Lane, St Teath 24/7 Public 4m
43551C94-9997-4C99-B634-ADD400BBAB03 PL30 3JX St Teath Community Primary School, North Road, Bodmin 24/7 Public 11m
8D50A516-93EF-434E-8BFD-AF1800825500 PL30 3JX St Teath Football Club, North Road, St Teath 24/7 Public 11m
D2D52C27-9572-4E90-A449-ADAA0113AA5F PL30 3JX Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, The White Hart Inn, North Road 24/7 Public 11m
01C413FA-379F-4381-95AF-B09800BDFF1B PL30 3JZ White Hart Public House, North Road, St Teath 24/7 Public 8m
2CAC1EB2-0A75-4E8F-B8D9-B04D0153C308 PL30 3LA Rosewater Caravan Park, 12 Treroosel Road, Bodmin 24/7 Public 9m
3F3ECEC9-1BAD-482B-A60F-AF32008B261B PL30 3ND St Tudy Community Shop, Wadebridge Road, St Tudy 24/7 Public 11m
271E917D-B0FD-45F1-A76E-B12200A7366F PL30 3NH St Tudy C/E Primary School, St Tudy C Of E School, Road From Wadebridge Road To Glebe Parc Variable Restricted 4m
B43FD14A-3C05-4100-B32A-AE8500D52BAF PL30 3PL Hengar Manor Holiday Park, St Tudy, Bodmin 24/7 Public 11m
DB5CFE46-75F2-48D1-9293-B068009E997D PL30 4AH Restormel Wtw, Kathlene Bridge, Lanhydrock 24/7 Public 9m
171CEE4D-57BE-408E-BA54-AD8400C84D0A PL30 4AL The Rangers Hut, Cardinham Woods, Bodmin 24/7 Restricted 11m
DD839A6C-8255-4643-9C38-B13400A2BF88 PL30 4BB Bodmin Parkway Station, Bodmin Parkway, Bodmin 24/7 Public 3m
2B0F2A1E-D4C3-4D46-8D28-B19400D01FC4 PL30 4BN Cardinham School, Teason Hill, Cardinham Variable Public 2w
79262A06-F9F4-4984-BE82-ADAA0113F629 PL30 4EF Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Goonvyhan, Little Downs 24/7 Public 11m
B705994E-9719-4ABE-BD7E-ADAA01180FE8 PL30 4ES Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Jubillee Hall, Mount 24/7 Public 11m
A4E28175-3906-46C8-8529-B102010A225A PL30 4HW Temple Telephone Box, Public Telephone 19m From Abbey Cottage On Unnamed Road, Old Temple Road 24/7 Public 5m
9764D55F-91C3-45E6-9841-ADAA01187BAD PL30 4HZ Millpool Chapel, Chapel Lane, Millpool 24/7 Public 11m
8AAC0838-BF37-403C-9A2C-AE24016855DC PL30 4LN Ryb An Eglos Row, Road From Victoria Terrace To Penquite Reservoir, St Breward 24/7 Public 11m
120E2E36-F2B6-4237-9016-AE4B00F06562 PL30 4QB Helland Village Hall, Tredethy Road, Helland 24/7 Public 11m
07E81335-6C86-454F-B975-B0C0012B8510 PL30 5AD Lanhydrock Cycle Hire, Lanhydrock House, Lanhydrock 24/7 Public 7m
ED019710-668D-461E-92A9-AFB0015CCD66 PL30 5AE Lanhydrock War Memorial, B3268 Between Loswithiel Road And Percys Lane, Trebyan 24/7 Public 11m
100D645C-9C9D-45B1-8648-AEF600F767F5 PL30 5AQ Lanhydrock Golf Club Ltd, Lanhydrock Golf Club, Access To Oak Ford 24/7 Public 11m
A36A6EB4-1004-4C2A-AAF1-B0440093143E PL30 5BU Eden Valley Holiday Park, Road From Loving Lane To Powderham Castle, Lanlivery 24/7 Restricted 11m
277C58B0-9629-4C8B-A842-AEA7010460DB PL30 5DU Luxulyan Parish Council, Gunwen Methodist Church, Road From Moor Lane To Junction West Of Roseney Farm 24/7 Public 11m
6858847C-CF05-4B1F-8988-AEA7010661D0 PL30 5EA Luxulyan Parish Council, Luxulyan Memorial Institute, Churchtown 24/7 Public 11m
7033A7B2-FD4F-497A-95EF-AFB9008A1DB5 PL30 5EE Luxulyan School, Luxulyan, Bodmin 24/7 Public 11m
A80BB104-033E-4F60-A87D-B0AB008D923A PL30 5EE Luxulyan School, Road From Hill Bunkers To Post Office At Luxulyan, Luxulyan Variable Restricted 8m
2C9B2FE0-D8F1-41B4-9A3D-B0F400B423A2 PL30 5EQ Croft Farm Holiday Park Reception Office, Croft Farm Holiday Park, Luxulyan 24/7 Public 5m
CB27C728-63DD-4E76-A246-B19300E67D62 PL30 5HE Lanivet Community Primary School, Church Road, Lanivet Variable Restricted 2w
7ACEC003-BEDC-4182-B8EF-AD2D009BA93C PL30 5HG Lanivet Parish Sport And Recreational Trust, One For All Lanivet Parish Community Centre Carters Parc, Rectory Road 24/7 Public 11m
0B82E51F-FD75-4AB5-BE24-B0430169F6CF PL30 5HT The Cottage, Road From St Ingunger Lane To Bridge Hill, Fenton Pits 24/7 Public 9m
BBC5F6DB-A4C7-49A6-9008-AEEB00BF0498 PL30 5JJ Waterside Cornwall, Access To Lakeview Country Club, Lanivet 24/7 Public 11m
09C60EC4-6EFC-4364-A192-ADAA011787D1 PL30 5JZ Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Nanstallon School, Nanstallon 24/7 Public 11m
805E546F-E9BC-455B-8188-ADAA011853D7 PL30 5NN Withiel Village Hall, Withiel, Bodmin 24/7 Public 11m
8E7BE4B7-F2D0-4F44-BC14-B1700149B4EA PL31 1DD Cornwall Education Learning Trust, Bodmin Community College, Lostwithiel Road 24/7 Public 5w
E92235EE-B90B-4987-93B4-AD5000A449FD PL31 1DE National Grid Electricity Distribution, Lostwithiel Road, Bodmin Variable Restricted 11m
1E483883-787E-4CA0-A70E-B13400FBA4CA PL31 1DQ Asgard Cornwall, Unit 6, Woods Browning Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 3m
1675331E-91B3-4E2C-A0F2-AFED009150F1 PL31 1EP Screwfix, 2 Ashridge Trade Park, Carminnow Road Variable Restricted 11m
1129F281-8F7B-4A05-B35A-ADAA0117F9E1 PL31 1EZ Proper Cornish Ltd, Proper Cornish Pasty Ltd, 9 Lucknow Road, Walker Lines 24/7 Public 11m
446CCA05-6B1C-4E0D-8662-AE67009CA117 PL31 1FG 14 Forth An Venegh, Bodmin 24/7 Restricted 11m
1065551C-C78C-43FC-90C4-ADAA0114ED85 PL31 1NR Bodmin Spar, 30 Rock Lane, Bodmin 24/7 Public 11m
2227318E-4DA3-4363-BE2C-AD2000FDF180 PL31 2DZ Cornish Lime Company Ltd, Old Callywith Road, Bodmin Variable Public 11m
536BE0B4-E6EB-419F-98C6-ADAA0115081C PL31 2EU Berryfield Community Centre, Harmer Close, Bodmin 24/7 Public 11m
BC272D77-9856-4A20-AD3E-B0A10103EFC0 PL31 2GA Halfords, Unit 1 Bodmin Retail Park, Launceston Road 24/7 Public 8m
EB041526-F8AA-462C-9969-B19200C361EF PL31 2PH 72 Berrycoombe Vale, Bodmin Variable Restricted 2w
0A588C83-3928-4309-831A-AFCB00D829AA PL31 2QB Sunbelt Rentals, Unit 7/8a, Cooksland Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
16B12238-3534-4B94-A6EF-B0AF00F52DE5 PL31 2QB Tamar Trading, Unit 13 Cooksland Industrial Estate, Bodmin 24/7 Public 7m
1B121532-2F9C-4418-B522-AD2E008C7AEC PL31 2QL Flann Microwave Instruments Ltd, Dunmere Road, Bodmin 24/7 Public 2w
84E6FE62-73B8-4C2F-8D86-AECA01642AA2 PL31 2QT Cornwall Partnership Nhs Fondation Trust, Bodmin Clinic, Boundary Road 24/7 Public 11m
51D6D914-9672-443B-94FB-B0AB010EE848 PL31 2RD Borough Arms, Dunmere, Bodmin 24/7 Public 8m
92BF2F10-C93F-4B98-98D4-B19900BC6B27 PL31 2RD Forestry England, Forestry Commission Ashgrove, Boundary Road 24/7 Public 2w
B6912B11-AA00-45AB-9BCA-AE3E00B4F1A1 PL31 2RQ Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Bunnyhomes, 9a Callywith Gate Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 11m
A78B7831-E523-4CAF-8BC8-AFC800EF532D PL31 2RT Sunbelt Rentals, Unit 2, Bodmin Business Park Variable Public 11m
42C4BCAF-B33E-49A9-958B-ADAA0117E97F PL32 9PB Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Camelford Con Club, Market Place 24/7 Public 11m
074A9CE0-C855-45FA-8A1E-AD820080DA78 PL32 9RA Unit 5c, Highfield Road Industrial Estate, Camelford Variable Public 11m
403178F4-0C5F-4470-A237-B13300E17E05 PL32 9RA Key Organics Ltd, Highfield Road Industrial Estate, Camelford Variable Restricted 3m
07C772A7-31ED-473B-844B-AE2B00CC0CEA PL32 9RF Juliots Well Holiday Park, Valley Truckle, Camelford 24/7 Public 11m
9003D127-E38C-402A-A506-AECE00C09BB3 PL32 9RF Valley Truckle Touring Caravan Park, Lanteglos Road, Camelford 24/7 Public 11m
3906 PL32 9RZ Telephone Box, Cornwall 24/7 Public
6D47BE39-2336-4892-A7D4-AD35012B6AE8 PL32 9SH Owners Accommodation Wilsey Down Hotel, A395 Between Hallworthy Farm And Cold Northcott Farm, Camelford 24/7 Public 11m
F4D05223-1CAB-4E6C-8184-AD630130097B PL32 9ST The Horse Shoe Inn, Road From Meadow Dene To The Newtons, Camelford 24/7 Public 11m
A9F8C22A-9FCF-45E6-809E-ADAA0117A07A PL32 9TH Camelford Hall, Clease Road, Camelford 24/7 Public 11m
11F755BA-A231-46E6-896F-B00600F3BAAF PL32 9UJ Outside The Pe Office, Sir James Smiths Community School, Dark Lane 24/7 Public 11m
D4FC58AF-5B0C-44DF-BDF4-B0CA00FDB7DB PL33 9AL Delabole Primary School, High Street, Delabole, Pl33 9al, Delabole Variable Restricted 7m
6840DBE5-F589-46BF-B92C-AEE5010F006D PL33 9BW Delabole Methodist Church, Medrose Street, Delabole 24/7 Public 11m
5D4F13CE-CC93-4D90-9248-B130011EF565 PL33 9EY Bodulgate Farm, Road From Trewalder To Lane End Cottage, Trewalder 24/7 Public 3m
7009DFC3-2BD9-415A-8BEF-B11700B023B2 PL34 0AB Tintagel Social Hall, Bossiney Road, Tintagel 24/7 Public 4m
319B153D-E9CC-44A6-BC28-ADE500FA1E3A PL34 0AY Bossiney Bay Holiday Village, Bossiney Road, Bossiney 24/7 Public 11m
2DE2E11E-D6A5-470D-8F64-AECB00F049D9 PL34 0BQ Trewethett Farm Caravan And Camping Park, Access To Trewethett Farm, Trethevy Variable Public 11m
8B477E93-99B5-4080-A5F5-ADAA0114DCD5 PL34 0EX Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Treknow Village Hall, Treknow 24/7 Public 11m
50D83A75-09D1-4082-879C-B15200E33656 PL34 0HB The Port William, Trebarwith Strand, Tintagel 24/7 Public 2m
AED9694F-D9C1-4F05-A1B6-B10E0112D08B PL34 0HR Menadue Management Trust, Menadue Farm, Access To Menadue 24/7 Public 4m
D5F3870B-C6C0-47E0-8A90-AF5500A83E6B PL35 0AG National Coastwatch Institution, Willapark, Boscastle 24/7 Public 11m
1D3EC19E-2C3B-4C4F-9989-B14F008FB40B PL35 0AQ The Wellington Hotel, Old Road, Boscastle 24/7 Public 2m
C1B30006-DC1B-4049-9764-ADF200879439 PL35 0BU Wideacres, Road From The B3263 Between Coast Road And Penally Hill To Junction East Of Anderton, Boscastle 24/7 Public 11m
3114AC86-E92E-4E94-B8F6-B0EF00F6266C PL35 0DP Football Ground, Green Lane, Boscastle 24/7 Public 5m
16C65684-A130-4D92-8184-B076008E1B1C PL35 0DZ Trevalga Farm, Front Lane, Trevalga 24/7 Public 9m
4B854C07-6C26-4398-ACB2-AFAA00A868C9 PL35 0HR Post Box 121m From The Coach House On Unnamed Road, Road From Minster Road To Tregatherall Lane, Lesnewth 24/7 Public 11m
6FB7341D-73DC-4A90-9E88-B15500E7B8BC PL4 0BN Azets, 3rd Floor, Salt Quay House, Sutton Harbour Variable Restricted 2m
B1074799-BF2D-4313-9D9A-B0CA00D77AA9 PL4 0FB Pantaenius Uk Ltd, Marine Building, 1 Queen Anne Place Variable Public 7m
C338C356-A844-4A72-A3EF-AFC001125D9C PL4 0HG Screwfix, 146, 148 & 150 Exeter Street., Plymouth Variable Restricted 9m
D08635B3-1230-4855-9891-AFE800AC5C42 PL4 0HQ Travis Perkins, Travis Perkins Trading Co Ltd, St. Johns Yard Variable Restricted 11m
B739B244-6EAE-497A-8132-AEF500DCD1F7 PL4 0LF National Marine Aquarium, Rope Walk, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
8FCE09A7-B4FE-493F-9014-B10700F5A271 PL4 0LG Nuffield Health, Fitness & Wellbeing, 28 Barbican Approach, Plymouth Variable Public 5m
E1394ABA-D27F-4D9D-B8E1-ADD300D9E1A8 PL4 0LG Nuffield Health, Fitness & Wellbeing, 28 Barbican Approach, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
AEB68203-889C-419A-A16D-AD6300886F2E PL4 0RZ Prince Rock Depot, Macadam Road, Plymouth 24/7 Restricted 11m
E1A99C39-8E88-4599-A5A3-B03800915D36 PL4 0RZ Princerock Depot Security Office, Prince Rock Depot, Macadam Road Variable Public 9m
FA9A48A8-FC82-4E42-9961-B038009016E7 PL4 0RZ Princerock Depot Security Office, Macadam Road, Plymouth Variable Public 9m
6166F41C-CBB8-4975-9480-AD2100DF8EF8 PL4 0ST Emr Metal Recycling, Faraday Road, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
A6E6DED1-3A98-42A5-836E-ADCC009A0D15 PL4 6AB Intercity Place, North Road East, Plymouth Variable Restricted 9m
F57EFAE1-777D-4E34-98E6-ADCC0099E6B7 PL4 6DE University Of Plymouth, University Of Plymouth - Emdeck, 29 Central Park Avenue Variable Restricted 11m
D6168712-B3FD-4FC7-A5FC-AFD200A2010B PL4 6HT Plymouth High School For Girls, St Lawrence Road, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
9AA2EB8D-C91A-41FE-A26B-AE7000BFE61C PL4 7EE Puregym, Endeavour House, Alexandra Road 24/7 Restricted 9m
6EC6E0DE-4111-41C0-8042-ADF60132BBC3 PL4 7EG Tesco, Tesco Express, 125-129 Alexandra Road Variable Public 11m
1C1454ED-A43C-471F-8D80-ADCE00E500E5 PL4 8AA University Of Plymouth, University Of Plymouth - Rolle Building, Drake Circus Variable Restricted 11m
305BB773-2D35-4B74-A7E0-ADCE00E48B34 PL4 8AA University Of Plymouth, University Of Plymouth - Davy Building, Drake Circus Variable Restricted 11m
A0587359-CB91-49AD-9DAB-ADCC0099FC33 PL4 8AA University Of Plymouth, University Of Plymouth - Library, Drake Circus Variable Restricted 11m
40717A85-F239-43BC-B2D4-ADCC0099FF31 PL4 8AR University Of Plymouth, University Of Plymouth - Cookworthy Building, Hampton Street Variable Restricted 11m
6F0F3E16-D35E-4C7B-ACC3-B0D1010BD578 PL4 8AT Arts University Plymouth, Tavistock Place, Plymouth Variable Restricted 6m
82A8DA7A-16C3-46B8-8F44-B03600C17F0C PL4 8AX The Box, 1 Tavistock Place, Plymouth Variable Public 9m
B4F28270-BAD2-4A46-9CEF-ADCC0099F8F0 PL4 8BZ University Of Plymouth, University Of Plymouth - Centre Of Eyecare Excellence (Optometry), Gilwell Place Variable Restricted 11m
2312DA83-BFA9-4101-B916-B10700A64525 PL4 8NZ Mount Street Primary School, Mount Street, Greenbank Variable Restricted 5m
562F6468-964E-4D32-BDBD-B0D500B9F983 PL4 8QZ Salisbury Road Primary School, Salisbury Road, St Judes Variable Public 6m
56E37287-0F51-4C72-B90A-ADE800E7DCC0 PL4 8RG Laburnum Lodge, 50 Lipson Road, 48 Lipson Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
EF44CE98-E118-46C1-9870-AD820105CF3D PL4 9BD Nash & Co Solicitors Llp, Beaumont House, Beaumont Park Variable Restricted 11m
E6324EC2-206B-47C2-89D4-B02800CA973D PL4 9BE Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Beaumont Road, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
561C5708-A75B-489C-853F-B0DC00A1F9D3 PL4 9JF Prince Rock Primary School, Embankment Road, Plymouth Variable Restricted 6m
735B52C5-7DA5-4F17-84F3-AE470163176B PL4 9RF Home Office, West Point, 71-73 Ebrington Street Variable Restricted 11m
B367AAC7-B8E3-40C8-A9CB-B02600AFA809 PL5 1DD Riverside Primary School, 210 Poole Park Road, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
44E9AF7D-C538-41ED-82E0-B08C00F9BC0C PL5 1ER Reception, Bull Point Atp, Kinterbury Road 24/7 Public 9m
7CFBFC5D-A4AB-4A88-AECC-AFE70094FCB5 PL5 1HL Oneschool Global Plymouth Campus, Osg Plymouth Campus, Foulston Avenue Variable Restricted 11m
A3ABF463-F142-4307-8311-AE700135CF3A PL5 1HL Plymouth Campus, Foulston Avenue,, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
C68223AA-1AEA-4AAA-8821-AD2400B4B3E9 PL5 1LP Tamar Crossings, Tamar Bridge Offices, Tamar Bridge 24/7 Restricted 11m
8E6CE307-BFD8-4BF8-BF42-B0F3010606EF PL5 1QF Clarion Housing Group, St Budeaux Office, 8 Shelley Way, Plymouth Variable Restricted 5m
F4E4E59B-D87C-4D86-B9D7-B0D700FB61E2 PL5 1RH Victoria Road Primary School, Trelawney Avenue, Plymouth Variable Restricted 6m
089F2732-DBEF-42D0-A565-B0CE00C5B8D8 PL5 2AR Weston Mill Civic Amenity Centre, North Prospect Road, Plymouth Variable Restricted 6m
A4B65CE8-7EA2-4203-9F47-B07500FBE15F PL5 2DT Plaistow Hill Primary School, Roman Way, Plymouth Variable Restricted 9m
F333839B-4F8E-499F-9FF1-AE1A00BBAD99 PL5 2DW St Budeaux Foundation Church Of England School, Priestley Avenue, St Budeaux Variable Public 11m
4EB3B8B8-7F89-4198-9326-AF8500E3233A PL5 2EY Hamberley Care Homes, Ernstell House Care Home, 20 Ernesettle Lane 24/7 Public 11m
FB21C1D8-F8C6-4613-9865-B0A7009A2A35 PL5 2EY The Parkway S&S Club Changing Rooms, Parkway Sports & Social Club, Ernesettle Lane 24/7 Public 8m
9903C243-9461-4064-B202-AFF000D35272 PL5 2PY Mill Ford School, Rochford Crescent, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
4E711E49-B757-43EC-A06B-B0FC00D3CE2D PL5 2RB Ernesettle Community School, Biggin Hill, Plymouth Variable Public 5m
ABF71ABB-FE6E-440E-8E6B-AF1800BDF77D PL5 2RB Ernesettle Community School, Biggin Hill, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
30D77F97-18FE-4DD8-8AAB-ADCC009ACD7E PL5 2SA Kawasaki Precision Machinery Uk Ltd, Ernesettle Lane, Ernesettle 24/7 Restricted 11m
87423CD4-9BE8-496E-90E6-AFEE00A98E42 PL5 2SA Kawasaki Precision Machinery Uk 1.2, Kawasaki Factory, Ernesettle Lane Variable Public 11m
650F2366-E0BB-45A0-8142-B03D00CF5454 PL5 3AG St Boniface's Catholic College, 21 Boniface Lane, Manadon Park Variable Restricted 9m
E363F6B8-38FE-4DDD-B2C9-AD3400D749E5 PL5 3AG St Boniface's Catholic College, St Boniface Catholic College, 21 Boniface Lane Variable Restricted 11m
940BF6E5-2B72-478C-911E-B13E00FF1CFD PL5 3JU Shakespeare Primary School, 400 Honicknowle Lane, Honicknowle Variable Restricted 3m
460AE1CC-753E-42D3-8F8D-ADEB00A4D4B1 PL5 3NG Ymca, The Kitto Centre, Honicknowle Lane Variable Restricted 11m
5C6ABBBC-64E2-46EE-8855-AEC400BAC5FF PL5 3NG Ymca, Ymca Plymouth, Honicknowle Lane Variable Public 11m
1355DBC9-4A50-46E2-A3B1-AE9F008CD1C4 PL5 3QG Knowle Primary School, Ringmore Way, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
4B32B98C-6A64-47D6-A148-AD2F00A3F86D PL5 3QG 10 Ringmore Way, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
2D3CC007-E7C4-4344-A1F1-AFEF00EF6637 PL5 4AA Wood View Learning Community, 51 Lancaster Gardens, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
3AB41DEA-2ED9-4B58-91E0-AFEF00DC94B3 PL5 4AA Wood View Learning Community, 40 Picklecombe Drive, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
6DA4BF4D-67FA-483D-BC6C-AFEF00DEECBF PL5 4AA Wood View Learning Community, 51 Lancaster Gardens, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
8A4753A8-C39E-4356-8841-AFF000AB7285 PL5 4AA Wood View Learning Community, 40 Picklecombe Drive, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
4A465B3B-F558-4112-8CA9-B09700C1A89A PL5 4DZ Medical Room On Top Of Filing Cabinet, Brook Green Centre For Learning, 38 Bodmin Road Variable Public 8m
727C2E9F-606E-421E-9A78-B0D8009928AD PL5 4HW Woodfield Primary School, Taunton Avenue, Whitleigh Variable Restricted 6m
1D4B5031-D251-4C8F-B127-AD6500A201E2 PL6 5DH Crownhill Court, Tailyour Road, Crownhill 24/7 Public 6m
29DECB51-6684-44B4-BBE9-AFA100ACF44E PL6 5DH Crownhill Rbl, Tailyour Road, Crownhill Variable Restricted 11m
7475A757-7C11-407B-B60E-B042008E8D44 PL6 5DH Plymouth Community Homes, Plumer House, Tailyour Rd Variable Public 9m
DBA31F03-C9F1-452B-9E37-B038008EBA1F PL6 5DH Crownhill Court, Plymouth 24/7 Public 9m
3DBFD55A-3079-45C2-9DC6-AF2B0100DC17 PL6 5DS Zone Fitness, Unit 69 Christian Mill Business Park, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
03DF4478-C13D-4C35-8565-ADCC009A1DF9 PL6 5ES Woodlands Community, Special School, Picklecombe Drive, Off Tamerton Foliot Road,, Whitleigh Variable Restricted 11m
49C5C20C-CDD2-482B-BC6A-B09900D60593 PL6 5JS Widey Court Primary School, Widey Lane, Plymouth Variable Restricted 8m
FD0745D2-06B7-4923-B08E-B09900D1B609 PL6 5JS Widey Court Primary School, Widey Lane, Plymouth Variable Restricted 8m
FADBA060-62FC-4B6F-8ED8-B18400884DAD PL6 5PS Eggbuckland Vale Primary School, Charfield Drive, Plymouth Variable Restricted 5w
5E34E437-76D1-4D43-BD2C-AFEA00ED2D4A PL6 5WR Hellermanntyton Ltd, 39 William Prance Road, Plymouth 24/7 Restricted 11m
C7E9FD2D-A8BD-45C0-BED7-B0CF00EF760B PL6 5WR Land Adjacent To Roundabout, William Prance Road, Plymouth 24/7 Restricted 6m
7E9B64AD-E65B-4B9C-980E-ADCC009ADC57 PL6 5XN Abbeyfield Tamar House, 11 Brest Road, Derriford 24/7 Restricted 11m
4A157A7D-168D-431B-BFC5-AD3600D987A0 PL6 5YB Westcott Close, Plymouth 24/7 Public 11m
C0DF4112-B90E-4F80-BD93-B09900E1A09F PL6 6DX Beechwood Primary Academy, 31 Rockfield Avenue, Plymouth Variable Restricted 8m
12A5733C-5F45-42A0-B7EA-AD27007800B8 PL6 6PH Roborough Surgery, 1 Eastcote Close, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
26BE4D10-A5BF-4ADF-8912-AD2400D2918C PL6 7AE Wgp Maintenance Ltd, 77 Sisna Park Road, Plymouth 24/7 Public 11m
5DF555B4-3CBF-4474-9B33-B0C700C2FF8F PL6 7AE Plymouth, 13 Sisna Park Road, Estover Variable Restricted 7m
EBF5619E-43EA-4D83-9F39-B05000BBEA09 PL6 7AE 77 Sisna Park Road, Plymouth Variable Public 9m
C7648303-3FA3-4982-A8F1-B0D500CB52BC PL6 7AP Dewerstone Cottage, Dewerstone Cottage Grid Ref Sx536643, Yelverton 24/7 Restricted 6m
44075BA9-FE2D-4875-84E3-B03A00CC2693 PL6 7BP Swws Ltd, Belliver Way, Plymouth Variable Restricted 9m
44E8AE71-6A88-4140-85AF-B08B00F7348F PL6 7ER Widewell Primary School, Lulworth Drive, Plymouth Variable Restricted 9m
3F35FDA5-28B7-406A-BED4-AD8300744528 PL6 7EZ 1-2 Broadley Park Road, Roborough Variable Restricted 11m
E3A257B9-038B-46D1-B710-AD4D0104BE0E PL6 7EZ Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team Plymouth, Unit 4, Devonshire Meadows 24/7 Public 11m
224C89AD-C50C-49AC-A8C0-ADCF014AC292 PL6 7FB Cutec Ltd, Unit 19, 6 Darklake View Variable Restricted 11m
BB2E71F1-856F-462B-BDD6-B0610086A1BD PL6 7FB Print Copy Scan Ltd, Unit 6, 6 Darklake View Variable Public 9m
00B3D611-4D60-492A-BB24-AF6A00AD2801 PL6 7JW Bumble Bees Day Nursery, Woolwell Road, Woolwell 24/7 Public 11m
6030 PL6 7LE 8 Laurel Drive, Devon 24/7 Public
4856 PL6 7NG 1A Rose Gardens, Devon 24/7 Public
4857 PL6 7NJ 4 Willow Walk, Devon 24/7 Public
4855 PL6 7NL 39 Glenfield Way, Devon 24/7 Public
5799 PL6 7NN Outside 18 Valley Walk, Devon 24/7 Public
2B0B02EC-12E0-4455-B892-AE3500F28055 PL6 7PL 41 Estover Close, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
2F004227-946D-415C-B387-B17000D7D8C8 PL6 7PL Right Price Pvcu Ltd, Units D&E, Estover Close, Estover 24/7 Public 5w
3ACE0455-999E-4D17-A756-ADE200F5A6DA PL6 7PP Thornbury Road, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
A7AA6D36-5E77-4338-8687-AFE700E1E41A PL6 7PS Screwfix, Units 35-38 & 51-53 Drake Mills Business Park, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
5CC44A75-83A9-492B-8223-B0D20103EB1F PL6 7RF Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Petrol Filling Station 2 Woolwell Crescent, Plymouth Variable Public 6m
40826899-E723-4787-91E3-B0D500AE63C2 PL6 7RG Two Four Studios, 3 Bush Park, Estover 24/7 Restricted 6m
AD9AA82B-FFFC-4394-8D62-AD5200E96312 PL6 7RG University Hospitals Plymouth Nhs Trust, Central Records Library, Unit 4 Bush Park Variable Restricted 11m
67A7A4FF-D11F-44C5-B458-B13100F8864C PL6 7TJ Plym Valley Manufacturing, Darklake Close, Plymouth 24/7 Public 3m
2555E4A6-3775-469F-B0C4-ADCE005A5603 PL6 8BD Nuffield Health, Nuffield Health, Fitness & Wellbeing, 10 Plymbridge Lane, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
65EC90F1-0565-4C22-A673-B00D0135D21D PL6 8BD Nuffield Health, 10, Plymbridge Lane,, Derriford, Variable Public 11m
0DB88874-C64C-44B0-B4DC-AF3000936292 PL6 8BH Marjon Sport Labs, Derriford Rd, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
850F1099-33C3-4B09-813F-AEDA00A60977 PL6 8BH Marjon Sport & Health, Derriford Rd, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
D8ABBDD2-EB88-45CB-9B2D-AF300094AEA0 PL6 8BH Marjon Sports Therapy, Derriford Rd, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
DF546DCB-432E-4E34-A1D4-AEDA0096418B PL6 8BH Plymouth Marjon University - Welcome Area, Derriford Rd, Plymouth 24/7 Public 11m
05A2EB3A-9CB6-4726-9CD2-AE75007FFC36 PL6 8BU University Of Plymouth Derriford Research Facility, 14 Research Way, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
0AA4E12B-C4A6-4E97-8D67-AD8E00A4EF65 PL6 8BU The Hyperbaric Medical Centre, 8 Research Way, Plymouth 24/7 Public 11m
20214CD0-DB5E-4489-AF73-AE75008025E6 PL6 8BU University Of Plymouth John Bull Building, 16 Research Way, Plymouth Science Park Variable Restricted 11m
880DA386-34F1-4C2A-A917-AD200079A92B PL6 8BX Atkins, Room 215, Building 2, Plymouth Science Park Variable Restricted 11m
27599349-C58C-474B-8F03-AF6A0102BA7B PL6 8EE Cann Bridge School, 23 Eden Valley Gardens, Estover 24/7 Restricted 11m
E6EBC9FF-9850-41F6-B61E-B0750075DAD8 PL6 8EE Tor Bridge Primary School, 21 Eden Valley Gardens, Plymouth Variable Public 9m
C6F8E264-8F02-4B38-8A7F-AD3500B0D531 PL6 8LD Hotel Ibis, Longbridge Road, Plymouth 24/7 Restricted 11m
1433C0BB-CD7D-44C5-8BD5-B01801179E39 PL6 8LH Evri, St Modwen Road, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
50864D3A-7BC0-456B-ADBA-B070008DDCEA PL6 8LH 67-69 St Modwen Road, Plymouth Variable Public 9m
9D168592-967C-41DE-AC07-AFC100F9790D PL6 8LH The Focus Training Group, 63-69 St Modwen Road, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
A52B6EB5-FA90-46DA-97E6-B00C009D95A0 PL7 1JB Longcause Community Special School, Longcause, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
5C7DB09E-452F-49D4-9001-AFB00159F01C PL7 1JP 9 Broadlands Close, Plymouth 24/7 Restricted 11m
20CA5A24-43D3-4814-A649-AD2F009B1DAF PL7 1LJ Housing 21, 35 George Lane, Plympton 24/7 Public 11m
FFC0CE44-288C-46A7-8775-AF4800C49CAA PL7 1LJ Housing 21, The Rise, 35 George Lane 24/7 Public 11m
28A06CBA-319A-4187-A5AC-ADDC009016B6 PL7 1RF Ssg Training & Consultancyt Ltd, Valley House, Valley Road Variable Restricted 11m
EBCB5FC5-50F5-4EEE-910E-AFE800E5B31B PL7 1RF Screwfix, 12 Kingsleat Industrial Estate, Valley Road Variable Restricted 9m
59E2B563-BB90-4744-83C6-AD2000F5CA4E PL7 1UB Plympton St. Maurice Primary School, Plympton Hill, Plympton 24/7 Public 11m
4716A18F-528F-467C-B4A4-AD28008DE9C1 PL7 1UH National Trust Saltram House, National Trust, Saltram House 24/7 Public 11m
2357F41B-214C-4B33-A593-B04300A230FF PL7 1XQ Yealmpstone Farm Primary School, 1 Meadowfield Place, Plympton Variable Restricted 9m
3192FB1B-32B9-45D3-BE5F-B04C00DAAD08 PL7 1ZB Merafield View Nursing Home, Underlane, Plympton 24/7 Restricted 11m
BDD72FB0-57A0-48F5-A08B-AFCE010A12BB PL7 2AS Plympton Swimming Pool, Ridgeway, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
E83C541E-AF45-43B8-AED5-B03800940491 PL7 2AS Harewood House, Harewood, Ridgeway 24/7 Public 9m
EB96010F-FFE9-4CDD-B441-B0A0008AC2CD PL7 2DE Glen Park Primary School, Glen Road, Plympton Variable Restricted 8m
64EA38D1-4F31-49F1-96FD-ADF300E0F793 PL7 2DY Tesco Express, 2b Westfield, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
6F6CCE46-2B01-4502-AA40-AD2800A268E4 PL7 2EU Chaddlewood Primary School, Westfield, Hemerdon Heights 24/7 Public 11m
40326820-E5DC-4A77-BE76-AE8600D52569 PL7 2PS Ridgeway Methodist Church, Mudge Way, Plympton, Plympton 24/7 Restricted 11m
21CB4E36-1282-4F88-9734-ADCC009AEB88 PL7 2XT Dsfrs Training College, Glen Road, Plympton Variable Restricted 11m
71343DEC-1A78-457E-B890-ADDB00E66FD2 PL7 4BZ Ds Smith Packaging Ltd, Newnham Road, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
AEDE1413-D43D-4631-885D-AD7B0100E9AE PL7 4DP Boringdon Hall, Boringdon Hill, Plymouth 24/7 Public 11m
715EFCC2-166B-4AF8-904D-AD27006CFE7C PL7 4JH Co-Op, 12 Bell Close, Plymouth 24/7 Public 11m
FA394513-23E4-44CB-8F8D-AD3400B92080 PL7 4JN Unit 9a Strode Business Centre, 4 Huxley Close, Plymouth 24/7 Public 11m
1EB60E65-B8F1-42F1-8F4E-ADF6008E34EF PL7 4JP Tesco Express, 1 Plymouth Rd, Plympton Variable Public 9m
6FC6998E-B23A-4D23-A745-AEB400A31BAC PL7 4JW Lang & Potter Ltd, Galileo Close, Newnham Industrial Estate Variable Public 11m
18D0B14D-07DB-4248-A074-B03E00DE0557 PL7 4LE Meadowside & St Francis Care Centre, 5 Plymbridge Road, Plymouth 24/7 Restricted 9m
7671AC35-A167-4A68-85BD-AFD200ABCAF4 PL7 4LT Hele's School, Heles School, Seymour Road Variable Restricted 11m
E6F8418B-3076-4418-B684-AF3100E1A3DA PL7 4LU Matortho Ltd, 9a Kay Close, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
0AB1E3CD-DF03-46BB-8712-AD6500A25129 PL7 4NW Plym Valley Railway, Coypool Road, Plympton 24/7 Public 11m
FF57DC37-2E50-488B-AC0B-AE2B00DF5386 PL7 4QG Boringdon Park Golf Course, 55 Plymbridge Road, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
3D7B4DF7-FB31-4FF2-A00D-AD2000F6F16E PL7 4RR Woodford Primary School, Litchaton Way, Plympton Variable Restricted 11m
02B61C87-74D4-465E-AD72-AE6800A2809C PL7 4SS Puregym, Unit 4 Coypool Retail Park, Coypool Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
E79C79EF-50AA-4BA0-8C8A-B16B00DD94BE PL7 5BE Encon Insulation Ltd Plymouth, Unit 4 Langage One, Western Wood Way Variable Restricted 5w
00676460-0E3E-45BE-98A0-B0C1009229F6 PL7 5BG 1st Office Equipment Ltd, Fitzroy House, Western Wood Way Variable Restricted 7m
A405CF91-73A2-40E8-8D93-AD2500C2AC8D PL7 5DD Sparkwell Parish Council, Sparkwell Parish Community Hall, Beechwood Cross To Blacklands Cross 24/7 Public 11m
833E6ACD-ADB4-41B4-8287-AD27006480A5 PL7 5EB Elfordleigh Hotel, Golf And Leisure, Elfordleigh Hotel And Country Club, Plympton 24/7 Public 11m
5BF41B3F-D906-45E2-A678-B07E00A67481 PL7 5ET Alliance Disposables Ltd, Unit 4, Eastern Wood Road Variable Public 9m
987D5E68-78AB-4520-96BD-AD200102F529 PL7 5ET Applied Automation (Uk) Ltd, Applied Automation (Uk) Ltd , Concept House, Eastern Wood Road , Langage Ind Est, Variable Public 11m
C13D0247-3A64-4BFA-9E26-ADE900EA666F PL7 5ET Ocean Safety Ltd, Unit 6, Eastern Wood Road Variable Public 11m
C452EC79-4992-4EBE-83AA-AD5001040CD9 PL7 5ET Algram Group Ltd (Olympus), Eastern Wood Road, Plympton Variable Restricted 11m
17F1EB80-DB88-4A3F-8E0E-B0FA01199F15 PL7 5EU Plymouth Self Storage, Garden Close, Langage Business Park 24/7 Public 5m
AD03C529-42E0-403F-B59B-AEB4009D7831 PL7 5EU Lang And Potter (Holdings) Ltd, Unit 1, Garden Close Variable Public 11m
A77930DA-8721-4694-AF7E-AEB4009F3EA0 PL7 5HH Lang & Potter, Unit 12 Hearder Court, Beechwood Way Variable Public 11m
336889AF-B45B-437D-A2D6-AE5100DBAECB PL7 5HZ Williams Southern Ltd, Unit N1, Eagle Close Variable Restricted 11m
7026F102-525A-4BB1-ABFF-AE9E008AD102 PL7 5JH Lee Moor Bowling Club, Recreation Way, Lee Moor Variable Restricted 11m
72C2C38D-53FD-45CF-A05E-AD2000E22155 PL7 5JX Ryearch Ltd, New Creaven House, 3 Sandy Court Variable Public 11m
D4AEFCA8-AD59-40C3-B1D2-B14F00A45492 PL7 5JX British Telecom Plc, Plymouth Contact Centre, Discovery,Langage Off. Campus, Variable Public 2m
F5B15F64-DB3D-49F5-BA6C-AD3300835C8B PL7 5JX Brewin Dolphin Securities Ltd, Ashleigh Court, Ashleigh Way Variable Restricted 11m
7687C13C-6739-4674-AA47-AE5B009BBC57 PL7 5JY Phoenix Healthcare Distribution Ltd, R1, Eagle Road Variable Restricted 11m
7D21624E-85F1-4464-B6E9-AEF400C52716 PL7 5JY Eagle Road, Plymouth 24/7 Public 11m
B7578703-1C3B-48FE-9694-B08B009073F2 PL7 5JY Currys, Unit E And F, Eagle Road 24/7 Public 9m
CF6E0C67-65E7-4AC8-87B6-AD6500A144E3 PL8 1JQ Holbeton Parish Council 1.2, Battisborough Cross 24/7 Public 11m
E1F86BA1-3F6B-4A61-ADF8-AD6500A1CA62 PL8 1LW Holbeton Village Hall, Brent Hill, Holbeton 24/7 Public 11m
9CE617C5-6BCA-4188-840B-AD330087E117 PL8 2AG School, Brixton St Mary Church Of England Primary School, Elliotts Hill 24/7 Public 11m
B518C2BD-EF52-40A5-8734-AFA8010B7133 PL8 2NF 8 Whittingham Road, Collaton Park, Yealmpton 24/7 Public 11m
4D166143-E53E-4F2C-8D77-AE3F008B9796 PL8 2PH 100 Percent Stainless Ltd, Foley Lodge Unit 1 Chittleburn Business Park, Chittleburn Hill 24/7 Public 11m
3B9A51FA-D34A-4489-A282-AECB00EE4C98 PL9 0AE Camc, Plymouth Sound Camc Site, Bovisand Lane Variable Public 11m
1B0BF68A-0DE8-4A1C-B014-B09100B21E22 PL9 0EB Wembury Pre-School, Wembury Primary School, Knighton Road Variable Restricted 8m
3118688C-8273-4766-A47D-ADCE00CF152D PL9 0HN Clover Cottage, Cliff Road, Wembury Variable Public 11m
E1A20235-C5B5-471B-B8BC-AF3F00F0334B PL9 7GN Morley Meadow Primary School, 51 Encombe Street, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
4F4FE593-CE9A-4008-BC7F-B15C010DCDAA PL9 7HJ Royal Mail Plymouth Off/St/Med, Breakwater Road, Plymouth Variable Restricted 2m
2EDAD96D-50B2-4E78-9850-B08F00FEA981 PL9 7JA Chelson Meadow, The Ride, Plymouth Variable Restricted 8m
498A7000-9F74-4959-A675-B03700E54EBD PL9 7JA Chelson Meadow 1, Chelson Meadow Waste Centre, The Ride 24/7 Public 11m
1B2BD0CD-E9E9-4CC1-A1DF-B11B00A24B60 PL9 7JQ Speedy Plymouth Ssc (1430), 54a Oreston Road, Plymouth Variable Public 4m
0B139406-DA0A-4A33-9EED-B153008AC1B9 PL9 7JY Oreston Community Academy, Oreston Road, Plymouth Variable Restricted 2m
56931294-13DA-43D1-BE3C-AF9D00EDD567 PL9 7XX Royal Mail Plymouth Mc/Do, Breakwater Road, Plymouth, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
C293296B-5B26-407A-B679-AFBD0100AA4F PL9 7XX Royal Mail Plymouth Mdec, Breakwater Road, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
765172BB-E1D5-4D24-91D2-AE1A01202DB2 PL9 8LX 5 Pepper Lane, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
03519969-B4F5-41FF-86D2-AD3200D602EC PL9 8QY 69 Furzehatt Road, Plymstock, Plymouth Variable Restricted 11m
9085E626-8B14-4110-AA65-AE60014535CB PL9 9AZ Plymstock School Sports Centre, 29 Church Road, Plymouth Variable Public 11m
14067D62-8C75-46CF-87FF-B05900C0720A PL9 9GH Community Centre, 6 Memory Lane, Plymouth Variable Restricted 9m
2B6D6FC9-75B0-44F8-9F09-AFDA00859217 PL9 9HD Goosewell Primary School, Furzehatt Villas, Plymstock Variable Public 11m
88FBE0D1-3212-45C5-BA37-B09A00F272D3 PL9 9RG Hooe Primary School, Hooe Road, Plymouth Variable Restricted 8m
D4E7F785-2983-4332-83F3-AF7200AD98E0 PL9 9SN St Annes House, Jennycliff Lane, Plymouth 24/7 Public 11m
FA7A1619-796E-4219-B8C9-AF6600CD8464 PL9 9SN St Annes House, Jennycliff Lane, Plymouth 24/7 Public 11m
9D261F52-73DA-457C-98C1-AD2000896B99 PL9 9TU Fort Stamford Health And Fitness, Stamford Lane, Plymouth Variable Public 11m

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

The OSM objects here are not close enough to an unmatched AED in one of the data sources to be matched. Matches to an AED in the Circuit that is further away can be forced by adding a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the corresponding Circuit UUID. It is not possible to force a match to the NDDB.

Found 37 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n3806677029
MZ n3806677040
MZ n4635121890 On outside wall of White Hart Hotel, on north facing wall facing hte car park, near where it meets Minehill.
MZ n5660755971 Inside Morrisons
MZ n8281375562
MZ n8507537977 On outside wall of Total Fitness on Ermington Terrace near Mutley Plain
MZ n9106052077 Porch of Methodist Church
MZ n9387807652 Wall
MZ n9420843917 On wall outside Well Pharmacy
MZ n9481514515 inside old red phone box (that is now used as book exchange) in Bodieve
MZ n9512324322
MZ n9531119423 On wall next to customer service desk
MZ n9537859018
MZ n9630463829 On outside of Village Hall on Springfield Road, facing Car Park
MZ n9686876702 outside St Neot Social Club
MZ n9741198817 Inside Sainsbury's, Next to customer toilets
MZ n9803683942 On outside wall of sports building at Lawn Bowling and Tennis Courts
MZ n9910527338 On wall Next to pharmacy, next to cafe
MZ n9943543721
MZ n9953477719 At Customer Service
MZ n9953495827
MZ n10119554620
MZ n10130596929 On outside wall of garage on Plaidy Lane near house called Trelawne
MZ n10138217917 CC0474 On exterior wall of Padstow Sailing Club Duchy Defibrillators
MZ n10162770323 Inside Job Centre (When open)
MZ n10789202251 inside old red phone box in Rumford
MZ n10862824305 Inside screwfix
MZ n11071938105 On outside wall of Novahomes Building, facing Car Park
MZ n11177860541 Outside of security hut at carpark entrance
MZ n11228058265 On outside wall of school building, inside playground, facing Higher Compton Road
MZ n11422879858 Inside bus travel centre
MZ n11660918748
MZ n11711806012 Inside security gate hut
MZ n11739942936
MZ n11883599809 On outside wall of Chadlewood Farm Community Centre
MZ n11932989149
MZ n11999176569 Next to the lift just past reception

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Circuit AEDs matched to an OSM object by location

To confirm a match as correct, add a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the UUID from The Circuit. To remove an incorrect match, either add the correct UUID (if the AED is listed in The Circuit) or add a not:ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag with a semi-colon separated list of UUIDs not to match.

Found 224 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
1430BEE1-1855-41BC-A139-B10200E1E8DF PL1 1HZ Haberdashery Fabrics And More, 151 Armada Way, Plymouth n11548112855 On outside wall of haberdashery at corner of Armada Way and Cornwall Street 11 m
4FB5F4EE-716F-483B-AF8D-B0C900A4FFC9 PL1 4BU Park Pavilion Cafe, Fore Street, Devonport n9797127536 On outside wall of Devonport Cafe, facing playground 13 m
531009C5-49BC-4526-8257-AD6500A26436 PL1 4LS Plymouth Mayflower Marina, Richmond Walk, Plymouth n11462577269 64 m
6F046EC1-B0B8-4FF1-9C62-B11C009EE577 PL1 3SJ High Street Primary School, High Street, Stonehouse n11698885886 Attached to railings by "High street Primary Academy" school gate. 11 m
9B226B54-BE5E-4729-BD53-AE3D0106CA46 PL1 1UH Tesco, Tesco Express, Discovery Heights n11548112857 Inside Tesco main entrance to the right hand side by the door 28 m
BB7856CB-10F3-4582-BFBB-AFC50097E1F6 PL1 4JT Pembroke Estate Management Board, 102 Pembroke Street, Devonport n11357803606 Outside wall of building at estate management office 49 m
C26E8A06-B721-4DE7-90C5-AEEC00D20662 PL1 1EA British Land, Drake Circus Shopping Centre, 1 Charles Street n11496902964 Next to toilets on ground floor near lifts and stairs 28 m
F2987103-CB0A-4440-AAB1-B166014365DF PL1 2HG Unitarian Chapel, Notte Street, Plymouth n11835158757 On outside wall of Plymouth Unitarians church on Notte Street 22 m
FA88C141-B0F3-4E41-BA8C-AD6500A25B6A PL1 1HZ Plymouth Coach Station, Armada Way, Plymouth n11548112854 Inside Coach Station near entrance from coach parking area 20 m
03C9301E-DF43-4FAA-A54A-B181008519D3 PL10 1NH The Rising Sun, The Green, Kingsand n11964896999 On outside wall of The Rising Sun facing The Green 15 m
24B9C43B-7AAA-45E5-A685-AD4A00F03F9D PL10 1PF Rame Gig Club, The Square, Cawsand n5202317358 On outside wall of Rame Gig Club, opposite The Shop In The Square 6 m
367FB84C-5A3B-4CA2-BEF8-AD2300EDB3E1 PL10 1LH National Coastwatch, Hm Coastguard, Ramehead Lane n9350872619 On outside wall of coastwatch station at Rame Head car park 4 m
504A44B6-B9F0-41CD-8B23-B11F01116E0B PL10 1AE Millbrook Billiards And Snooker Hall, West Street, Millbrook n11899078765 On outside wall of Billiard Club on West Street 17 m
7A621D46-FA95-4808-82B4-AD7500BBD3C3 PL10 1HZ Mount Edgcombe, House & Country Park, Cremyll n10184361818 On outside wall of ferry office building next to Cremyll Ferry 67 m
BD3E8716-8363-46C3-9870-AD23011AB534 PL10 1JP Freathy Youth & Social Community, Corner Of Fields 1,2 &3 In Red Phone Box, Freathy n11964867500 Inside old red telephone booth, Freathy 60 m
EB87741A-75CF-46E3-98AA-AEBE00A9C019 PL10 1NX Maker With Rame Parish Council 1.3, 2 Coombe Park, Cawsand n11899078758 Mounted to board outside number 2 Coombe Park, next to playground 2 m
0DA6B9DB-6756-4E22-BDD4-AF230111BDFC PL11 2JY Torpoint Fire Station, Antony Road, Torpoint n11514265214 On outside wall of fire station building facing car park 49 m
1741F97A-EAAC-4919-AA75-B17A00E2E01E PL11 3AB The Carew Arms, Antony Hill, Antony n11964901590 On outside wall of Carew Arms next to main entrance on Anthony Hill 14 m
1AA26F46-D0ED-49C1-9870-ADAA0113E946 PL11 2PX Torpoint Costcutter, Costcutter, 49 Trevithick Ave n11514265208 On outside wall of costcutter convenience store on Trevithick Avenue. 28 m
20B8C2D5-4858-48F9-A311-ADE30111A6F9 PL11 2DZ Duchy Defibrillator, 61 Cremyll Road, Torpoint n11514265201 On outside of 61 Cremyll Road 11 m
241589AE-A08C-4F34-9F9A-AD5100D30FC1 PL11 2EH Torpoint Mosquito Sailing Club, Marine Drive, Torpoint n9656048317 On outside wall of Sailing Club facing car park 40 m
2B7F20A6-C68A-4433-B1CC-AD7500B97088 PL11 3JF Seaton Park Public Toilets, Seaton n5499407388 84 m
2D409422-96BC-4E50-B0AF-ADF000ECB665 PL11 3DG Memorial Hall (Defib Owned By Sheviock Parish Council), Sheviock Memorial Hall, Crafthole n9214857573 On outside wall of Village Hall, next to car park near junction of main road with Cross Park 14 m
31518D12-13E4-4C03-A0CC-AE0D011E1864 PL11 3EH Sheviock Phone Box, Phone Kiosk, Chrurch Row n9214857575 inside old red phone box by southern entrance to St Mary's church yard, Sheviock 18 m
48444202-84B5-4F91-B55F-AFCF00C5293D PL11 2PG Antony Parish Council 1.1, Wilcove Inn, Pengelly Hill n11514265211 On outside wall of Wilcove Inn next to entrance 3 m
6DAE8DD3-B40A-469A-8588-ADB300EBBCE3 PL11 2RE Torpoint Afc, Mill Lane, Torpoint n11514265203 Outside wall of Torpoint AFC facing carpark 16 m
70E5D783-D0ED-4099-B824-AD5100ECDA7B PL11 2NJ Carbeile Inn, Trevol Road, Torpoint n11514265213 On outside of rear wall of Carbeile Inn near car park 59 m
7DD30E80-8DAF-4599-9CD1-ADAA01151490 PL11 2LD Torpoint Town Council, 1-3 Buller Road, Torpoint n11514265216 On outside wall of Torpoint Town Council building, facing Buller Road 9 m
A67F3F73-DEB7-443A-B923-ADEE00BE5A5B PL11 3DQ Sheviock Parish Council, The Fish Cellars (South West Water Pump Station), Access To Garages Rear Of 5 Donkey Lane From Finnygook Lane n9214857563 On side of small stone building next to benches overlooking harbour 2 m
AAE1C1F4-947F-4D3D-95C3-B129016B3FFB PL11 2NS Torpoint Family Centre, Trevorder Families Centre, Trevorder Road n11883878787 On outside wall of Torpoint Family Centre, next to car park 8 m
B7DAC1C4-14B3-4BDC-B937-AF3C00C65D17 PL11 2LH Comrades Social Club, Torpoint And District Comrade United Services Club, Moor View n11514265217 On side of building facing Moor View Road 15 m
CE54B287-6548-450D-A137-ADFA00E96EBB PL11 3BP The Jolly Roger, Finnygook Lane, Portwrinkle n9214857550 On side wall of Jolly Roger cafe, facing car park 18 m
D22313DC-ACCA-4F4D-890A-AF33009B0D06 PL11 3AW St John Inn, Road From Jacks Lane To Church Lane, St John n10874143813 37 m
ECE6D891-32FE-4774-9884-AEE900CABD82 PL11 2AD The Wheelers Bar, 48 Forestreet, Torpoint n10253278609 On outside wall of The Wheelers pub, facing Fore Street 5 m
0FF51549-EFA0-4E27-A312-ADAA0114291E PL12 5EL Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Sir Robert Geffery Memorial Hall, Landrake n11795511351 On outside wall of Geffery Memorial Hall 9 m
27CED6AC-F639-4B9D-9244-B0B3011227A0 PL12 4LT Burraton Community Primary School, Langerwell Lane, Saltash n11449939025 On outside wall of school building facing Langerwell Lane 14 m
2EAB979C-368F-4296-8215-AD2B012A9473 PL12 4HJ Saltash Rfc, Saltash Rugby Football Club, Moorlands Lane n11449939031 On outside of brick clubhouse building for Saltash Rugby Club. On the back of the building, facing Moorlands Lane. 15 m
35EFD115-0E1C-45E9-B9C6-AD7500B96982 PL12 5HW Royal British Legion - Tideford, Church Road, Tideford n10119580819 43 m
6FAB11E9-7CDB-4231-B62A-B11600C225F9 PL12 6DX Saltash Town Council Library Hub, Callington Road, Saltash n11737644715 On outside wall of library, facing car park 8 m
852D6A94-88C8-434D-BCC9-ADAA011809D4 PL12 6QS Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Pillaton Telephone Box, Pillaton n11795649278 Inside old red telephone booth in Pillaton 35 m
8A8C65C6-77AA-460C-974F-B14101013B96 PL12 4AP St Stephens Church, St Stephens Road, Saltash n11796007383 On stone wall at junction of St Stephen's Hill and Farm Lane 50 m
8E216FFC-B52D-4EC0-9674-ADDE0165BE6E PL12 6TG Who'd Have Thought It Inn, Road From St Dominick To Junction South West Of Tremoan, St Dominick n10159746217 8 m
A0B2FA8C-475E-481B-92DC-AD4300E106B4 PL12 6TD St Dominic Parish Council, Lemar, Road From St Dominick To Junction South West Of Tremoan n10159779919 inside old red phone box in St Dominic 15 m
B00B34C1-9957-49A6-AD68-AF2000B2C5D1 PL12 4EB Saltash Station, Albert Road, Saltash n11826314104 On wall of building on westbound platform 1 18 m
DE515B82-9C34-4083-B5C6-AF47010EBCE1 PL12 4AQ St Stephens Primary School, Long Park Road, St Stephens n11313951748 Eastern end of Outside wall of main school building, facing Long Park Road 14 m
E4F342A9-D2D7-4EFF-BC5E-AF2000D033E7 PL12 6JL Bloom Hearing, 54 Fore Street, Saltash n9592728618 On outside wall of shop building, next to Bloom Hearing on Fore Street 50 m
0937169E-FC4F-4161-A197-ADAA0114C8E5 PL13 2RB Polperro Heritage Museum, 4 The Warren, Polperro n11582811477 On outside wall of Polperro Heritage Museum next to Cafe on The Warren 46 m
09DB5AD1-C545-4F1B-B7EA-ADAA01140BEE PL13 2JJ Polperro Primary School, Brentfields, Polperro n11582811471 On post outside front gate of school 28 m
2950DC0A-E77F-46A3-B81F-AEA700BCC44C PL13 2RT The Royal British Legion, Landaviddy Lane, Polperro n9878967452 24 m
2E9FB5B5-705B-4034-A64F-AD7500B95E3E PL13 1QQ R Richardson Funeral Directors, 3 Barbican Road, Looe n10130809119 36 m
3763D2D4-A058-4478-9FA7-AD7500B94E1B PL13 2LP Pelynt Village Hall, Pelynt n11583021624 9 m
6D632AA2-AF50-4749-AEFC-ADAA0113F320 PL13 1PJ Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, The Telephone Box, Opposite Polraen Country House, Sandplace Road n10715979919 inside old red phone box in Sandplace 58 m
78D3B503-9520-4338-817C-ADAA01155E7B PL13 2RQ The Doctors Surgery, The Coombes, Polperro n11582811478 16 m
8C687AA9-216B-42BE-AFD9-AD7500B5B955 PL13 1PD Millendreath Café, Holiday Village, Millendreath n10130593222 88 m
985723B1-05B1-4F14-AA0A-AE8601193664 PL13 2JZ Pelynt Parish Council, Jubilee Hill, Pelynt n11582811485 41 m
A36B4A5D-CC89-4345-A36B-ADAA011B9912 PL13 2BU West Looe Amenity Shelter, Quay Road, West Looe n11582811486 On outside wall of building under shelter on Hannafore Road, next to St Nicholas Church 64 m
A5B6605A-9E2E-4B44-BA92-AD7500B962EB PL13 1HL Rivercroft Hotel, Station Road, East Looe n10130789020 On wall below Rivercroft Hotel on station road 34 m
B123D9FC-C633-4A17-B032-AD7500B51C74 PL13 2DG Hannafore Point Hotel, Marine Drive, West Looe n11584455469 On front wall of Sea Kitchen at Hannafore Point Hotel, facing Hannafore Road/Marine Drive 25 m
B5D86D65-CBA7-4059-B9EB-ADAA01186908 PL13 2QZ Polperro Telephone Boc, The Telephone Box, Quay Road n9312911327 inside old red phone box overlooking Polperro harbour 39 m
B9FDCAB4-964B-4178-9626-AF400107E949 PL13 2HT John Fowler Holidays, Claremont Falls, Killigarth n11582797065 On outside wall of Holiday park building on main road 22 m
C8E0FE66-5AC5-4AEB-86DC-ADAA011539DC PL13 2DJ Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Coastguard Station, Marine Drive n11584455470 On outside wall of Coastguard building opposite Tennis Courts on Marine Drive 51 m
FB027306-83CC-4DD8-B113-AD7500B9E465 PL13 2HL West Looe Town Tust Car Park, West Looe Hill, West Looe n11582811487 35 m
FB2ECC1D-A4F3-4C92-B3A6-ADAA011437D4 PL13 2RH Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Polperro Village Hall, The Old School House, The Coombe n9887055188 On outside of front wall of Polperro Village Hall 10 m
0AC6D064-897C-4F36-A0E4-AD7500B984CE PL14 4RF St Keyne Village Hall, Clemends Road, St Keyne n11584431667 On front wall of Village Hall, facing Car Park 8 m
0ECDBC45-FE67-483B-A6DB-ADAA01177D8C PL14 4TA Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, The Village Hall, Salts Meadow n11586726299 On outside of front wall of St Pinnock Band Community Hall, facing car park 44 m
12DE1A7B-EF0D-49DF-AED6-AD5600CB3BA5 PL14 3JX Beech Lawn, 45 Higher Lux Street, Liskeard n8754136989 Council Offices/Liskeard Job Centre 81 m
1CA2D1AC-AFB0-4D5D-85C1-ADAA011790C9 PL14 5LE Cafe At Hurlers Halt, Road From Access To Trewalla Farm To Access To Phoenix Farm, Minions n5932535546 on wall outside The Cheesewring Hotel in Minions 21 m
2A9DAA0A-DA29-40C8-BAD9-ADAA01145222 PL14 4BL Liskeard Rbl, Barn Street, Liskeard n8315035001 On outside wall of Royal British Legion on Bath Street near junction with Bay Tree Hill 18 m
3CC13889-E3BD-441C-A5ED-ADAA01159158 PL14 6JD Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, The Highwayman Inn, Dobwalls n11640708231 On outside wall of The Highwayman, facing the main road 23 m
4096B07B-A179-4653-B5A8-ADAA01156C66 PL14 3JH Liskeard Con Club, 9 Market Street, Liskeard n4864120316 On outside wall of Liskeard Constitutional Club / Blades Salon on Market Street 18 m
5EA069CB-79F0-4DF7-AB18-ADAA01139761 PL14 4LZ The Telephone Box, Village Centre, Trevelmond n11162907152 inside old red phone box, Trevelmond 17 m
842750DA-D658-40C4-8889-AE06014A9E46 PL14 4PG Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, The Jubilee Centre, Duloe n9211244934 outside by entrance to Duloe Jubilee Centre 53 m
A6DF5F67-DBDD-4F8E-95E3-B13E0084CF48 PL14 4DX Liskeard Railway Station, Station Road, Liskeard n11952124674 On outside wall of Railway Station 8 m
AAB2B3BE-36E1-4FE9-BB7D-ADAA01160A60 PL14 4QX The Green, Fore Street, Herodsfoot n5904925771 Under shelter 83 m
B5F420E2-64FE-4127-BBC1-ADAA01188428 PL14 5AN Linkinhorne Parish Rooms, Upton Cross n11329773940 outside Linkinhorn Parish Hall, Upton Cross 37 m
E102D18E-7509-49A0-89ED-AD8400C86BF6 PL14 4PW Duloe Manor Holiday Village, B3254 Between Polvean Cross And St Cubys Church, Duloe n10155722019 outside wall of reception building next to front door 9 m
FC90C27E-D9BA-4120-9E5B-ADAA01146FBA PL14 3JY Addington Stores, 59 Higher Lux Street, Liskeard n4497094232 On wall outside door of shop. 9 m
0160CAB0-28FC-4540-A00B-B03100F83D42 PL15 8RU Three Ways, Road From Trebeath Lane To Station Hill, Egloskerry n10575122469 Old Telephone Booth next to Bus Shelter in Egloskerry 4 m
09294E44-EA63-4992-92DC-AD3200D6F34C PL15 8HS Public Telephone 17m From 1 Newport Square 6m From A388, Newport Square, Launceston n9740007910 outside toilets next to Newport Roundhouse, Newport Square, Launceston 12 m
362F4BEB-9A9B-4AB7-B54A-ADE2011607F8 PL15 7LY Coads Green Social Hall, B3257 Between Lime Tree Way And Tremollett Road, Launceston n9631328017 On outside of front wall of Coads Green Village Hall, opposite Primary School 9 m
D06C2363-4C22-41EC-B5AC-ADAA0114AE84 PL15 8UP Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Warbstow Community Centre, Warbstow n9745540301 inside old red phone box in Warbstow Cross 18 m
DE78A12F-1522-485D-8511-AD2000DBD537 PL15 8UW Public Telephone 25m From Ashleigh 7m From Unnamed Road, Road From Canworthy Water To Fonston, Launceston n9481529801 inside old red phone box by telephone exchange, Canworthy Water 4 m
FED548BA-E7D5-4E5C-A1FE-B0D600D3D15C PL15 9RT Public Telephone 19m From Little Frimley 7m From A388, Road From Pinslow Cross To Gridley Corner, St Giles On The Heath n10147662785 inside old red phone box in St Giles on the Heath 5 m
30637CCE-3D6E-4794-89C4-AD2800E93870 PL16 0JH Broadwoodwidger Church Hall, Road From Broadwoodwidger South Cross To Church House, Broadwoodwidger n9388029916 8 m
49875122-F522-40C6-9A1C-ADCF0126778D PL17 8QT Callington Town Council, Public Telephone 14m From 31 Harris Close 8m From B3257, Station Road n10724735896 inside old phone box, Station Road, Kelly Bray 12 m
75963B5A-0A04-4AEA-A5A1-ADCE013A6CBC PL17 7BE Callington Town Council, Public Conveniences, New Road n7995895288 2 m
E0EC5B3D-AA38-4866-838E-AEF2014B1E2E PL17 8NY Stoke Climsland Sports Club, Road From Glen Farm To Stoke Hill, Stoke Climsland n8385193895 outside Stoke Climsland Sports & Social Club 11 m
51A6C3FE-B781-4BA6-87FB-ADD300A04429 PL18 9BN Public Hall, Fore Street, Gunnislake n8714556482 On front wall of village hall. 7 m
6542EEFB-3D09-481C-B2F8-AD2500E76DA8 PL19 9PA Post Office, Post Office Stores, Road From Walford House To Mary Tavy Inn n10751461405 On outside wall of Post Office on main road 5 m
95261E49-202F-4181-8A7F-B19300BFFA65 PL19 9BB Market Inn, 2 Whitchurch Road, Tavistock n11246047332 9 m
99AF6BDD-36DC-4CF9-A696-B19300C238B4 PL19 9DQ Post Office, 234 Whitchurch Road, Tavistock n12040115901 On outside wall of Spar on Whitchurch road 15 m
9C4D5FCD-51E4-4A90-A438-AF4700F3BDB6 PL19 9PN The Mary Tavy Inn, Road From Walford House To Mary Tavy Inn, Mary Tavy n11833174535 7 m
ED77ADFA-31B8-4788-9BE1-B19300C0C7F0 PL19 0BA Bedford Square, Tavistock n11778583375 On outside wall of Town Hall building at corner of Bedford Square and Duke Street 13 m
1AEFF780-0DBF-4880-8D16-AE9500AEC80C PL2 2AZ 1st Keyham Scout Group, 32 Knowle Ave, Keyham n11608437663 On fence next to road outside Scout Hut on Knowle Avenue 12 m
8717970B-BA32-4C00-B90F-B03700EA3F0A PL2 2EP Weston Mill Crematorium, Weston Mill Cemetery Chapel, Ferndale Road n11608437659 On wall under canopy 9 m
8881BD75-D950-4644-8EAF-AFF90126ECA8 PL2 3BP Tesco Express, 60 Wolseley Road, Plymouth n11552193654 Inside Tesco next to till 4 m
BB749379-2717-48B6-B8D9-B16500AA7E26 PL2 1JZ Alexandra Terrace, Plymouth n11963468102 On outside wall of Ford Inn facing Alexandra Terrace 7 m
07F1C71F-DB2C-4FD3-938A-AD2000C1AF3B PL20 7JS Church Hall, Station Road, Bere Ferrers n11916301653 On outside wall at rear of Church Hall 3 m
0A593A55-556A-43AD-B00A-AD2001141976 PL20 7EJ Bere Ferrers Parish Council, Public Toilets, Station Road n11916076572 49 m
1117FC9A-A9B9-433A-92C5-AD3A00BA55F2 PL20 6AS Drs Longdon & Partners, Yelverton Surgery, Westella Road n12040142942 On outside wall of Yelverton Surgery on Westella Road 13 m
12EAFE37-D5E7-4AF0-82F2-AD2B008CC351 PL20 6JN Memorial Hall, Road From Knowle View To Hillcrest, Walkhampton n10587702677 outside Walkhampton Memorial Hall 6 m
5A311F42-4AF8-4BF0-8D23-AD70008698E2 PL20 6SD Dartmoor Forest Parish Council, Public Telephone 39m From Forest Inn 5m From Unnamed Road, Road From Hexworthy Cross To Dartlands n3158586842 inside red phone box 68 m
7155255D-3561-4921-A44C-AD2700E53981 PL20 6HP Village Hall, Road Past Ham Waters Farm, Milton Combe n11634875805 6 m
84CE7B52-ED9B-47E3-B7A9-ADEC012FB324 PL20 7HQ The Pavilion Recreation Field, The Down, Bere Alston n11916051959 On outside wall of football club building 8 m
9E5DF0EF-B5F9-46E2-8099-AD22011F9553 PL20 7SS Village Hall, 26 Station Road, Horrabridge n11687990852 outside Horrabridge Village Hall, Station Road 2 m
A4E3BB7A-4DBF-447A-AA9C-AE710109E010 PL20 6AL Yelverton War Memorial Hall, Memorial Hall, Meavy Lane n12040119731 On outside wall of community hall building next to bowling club in Meavy Lane 12 m
D22DE500-2331-450D-9540-AFC500D0E198 PL20 7BS Weir Quay Community Watersports Hub Club Ltd, Boat Park, Road From Weir Quay To Clamoak Quay n11916139023 Outside boat shed door at Watersports Hub 54 m
D608C378-923F-422B-8189-AD2700E28300 PL20 6JD Village Hall, Road Past Skylark Inn, Clearbrook n10916545299 outside Clearbrook Village Hall 7 m
2860C91C-80FA-4B11-BA4B-AEA101251224 PL21 9SJ Cornwood Parish Council, Public Telephone 34m From Yondertown Farm 6m From Unnamed Road, Yondertown To Corntown n11162956275 inside old red phone box, Yondertown 2 m
3963AC6C-05A8-4B04-8C43-AEFB00C71C9E PL21 0FX Bombers Physical Training, Unit A, Pearse Gardens n11685817875 On outside wall of Gymn on Pearse Gardens 28 m
3A33B64C-6413-4BF5-8998-B09F00F61316 PL21 9AE Country Maid, 47c Fore Street, Ivybridge n11933607253 On outside wall of Country Maid sandwich shop next to laundry and salon 5 m
40DDCFA1-D066-47CD-AC85-AD6500A29D0A PL21 0NT Ugborough Village Hall, Ugborough n10580510489 outside Ugborough Village Hall 75 m
59057571-77E0-45F9-BBE2-AF0400F6FE52 PL21 9QT Cornwood Cricket Club, Hallamore Lane, Cornwood n12038146306 On wall outside cricket club, facing main road 67 m
72F869AD-33B1-4053-8D71-AF2500D63002 PL21 9GP Little Orchard Montessori Nurseries Ltd, Suite 1 3 4 And 5 Oak Court, Pennant Way n11933593599 On outside wall of Little Orchards nursery school at Oak Court 12 m
7BE0E5FD-E6F2-42B5-94F3-B09F00F618B2 PL21 9JJ Ivybridge Vets, Woodlands Veterinary Surgery, Cornwood Road n11933565809 On outside wall of vet building on Cornwood Road 13 m
8E8DBD5B-4CA4-471E-9E2D-AD7300C23252 PL21 9ES Ivybridge Town Football Club, Ermington Road, Ivybridge n11933598713 On outside of football club building next to tennis centre, facing football field 6 m
9A6F97F9-1B00-4C82-A38E-AD2500C1BDDF PL21 9EE St Austell Brewery, The Westward Inn, Westward Inn To Beech Road n11933586442 On outside of The Westward Inn on Plymouth Road 10 m
9A90071B-D794-4BFF-9908-AD6500A1A4B8 PL21 9PU Cornwood Public Toilets, The Square, Cornwood n12038132671 On outside wall of public toilets 3 m
B5992CBB-5544-42FF-A85B-B0B60108909C PL21 0BG Ivybridge Academy Trust, Stowford Primary School, Exeter Road n11933588554 On outside wall of Stowford School inside school grounds 19 m
CF562DE2-89BB-4D9A-9A5B-B05800880689 PL21 0JA Ivybridge Academy Trust, Ivybridge Community College, Harford Road n11933526782 Mounted to railing at entrance to Ivybridge Community College on Hartford Road 11 m
F1BF2AE1-10BD-4AF6-B829-AD4A0133303C PL21 0LR Manstow Youth Football Club, Filham Park, Bridge Under A38 To Combe Cross n11933524146 On outside wall of Filtram Park football building 63 m
F4E5F3DA-7A53-4FCB-A01C-AD6500A23D77 PL21 0QR Modbury Court, 32 Church Street, Modbury n11685817873 Under porch of Modbury Court facing Church Street 7 m
FADF8B1B-788F-4A6C-B79E-AD8900A216BD PL21 0RU Ivybridge Bp Garage, Leonards Road, Ivybridge n11933588553 On outside wall of BP petrol station 15 m
18123783-ED62-47BE-90CA-B13E0084D21F PL22 0EW Lostwithiel Railway Station, Grenville Road, Lostwithiel n11816751466 On outside wall of train station building, behind fence at main entrance 11 m
7E59752A-C039-44F0-B98C-ADAA0114A03B PL23 1PA Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Polruan Post Office, The Quay n9361322417 10 m
C1432129-CCE5-42BE-8735-ADE10162BEBA PL23 1QH Vevery Car Park, Townsend, Polruan n9362259918 On outside wall of building in car park on eastern edge of town 5 m
9A573D11-336B-45A1-A493-AF1000BE1F30 PL24 2QP New Inn, Fore Street, Tywardreath n9537858928 11 m
0853A4F8-D85A-4AF9-AE1F-ADAA01177447 PL25 3PH Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Cornwall Physio, 20 Beach Road n9654304517 On the wall outside Cornwall Physio 31 m
0D8C7729-16FE-4FDD-9B79-ADAA01159838 PL25 3TH Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, The Telephone Box, Opposite Arran n9481798869 inside old phone box by playground Tregrehan Mills 6 m
1C1C838C-5A8A-4BF4-9F4F-B14D0149B4A5 PL25 3FW The Pattern Hall, Charlestown Road, Charlestown n11815621987 On outside wall of Pattern Hall, facing south 3 m
31F4C023-8809-4F9F-9B06-B130012705F4 PL25 4RA Catholic Church St Austell Cornwall, St Augustines Roman Catholic Church, Woodland Road n11815621976 On outside wall of St Augustine's Church, just under the covered area by the main entrance. 15 m
3FA25FB3-18A1-437F-BB20-ADAA0114A84C PL25 3LD Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Steve Andrews Tyres, 20 Mount Charles Road n11815621981 On outside wall of tyre shop, facing roundabout 7 m
46A9230C-2298-4C9C-A918-B13200DB7C5A PL25 3JN Bethel Social Club, Daniels Lane, St Austell n11815622025 On outside wall of Bethel Social Club, facing Bucklers Lane 23 m
836AA756-6FB7-43DA-8F47-ADAA01179DAD PL25 3NS Charlestown Church Hall, Church Road, Charlestown n11815621991 On outside wall of St Paul's Church Hall facing car park 21 m
98C6FEFB-69E5-4265-A33A-B00501598046 PL25 3HT Holmbush Post Office, Daniels Lane, St Austell n11815621996 On outside wall of post office, facing car park 13 m
CB28CACC-FD98-48B0-93FA-ADAA0114644A PL25 5AZ Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Costa Coffee, White River Place n11060712855 62 m
FD090EC3-42D4-44C8-864F-B0F100B926B1 PL25 3AT Carlyon Arms, The Carlyon Arms, 30 Sandy Hill n11815622007 On outside wall of Carlyon Arms, facing Sandy Hill 12 m
1B3FFFF5-ED57-4FEA-838E-AD2C008412B5 PL26 6DA Pentewan Village, Public Conveniences, The Square n9706077317 outside toilets in The Square, Pentewan 19 m
3FA167F8-8274-4F6E-A606-AE0C01467869 PL26 6HW The Telephone Box, Gainsford, Gorran n5268963388 in old red phone box on green in Gorran Churchtown 8 m
5D69D7E1-C072-4538-973F-ADAA011535F5 PL26 8YE Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Trethurgy Village Hall, Trethurgy n11686433889 outside Trethurgy Social Hall 5 m
63C943F3-8C0D-45AE-9C65-AF80014657DC PL26 6AY Porthpean Sailing Club, Access To Clubhouse From Porthpean Beach Road, Porthpean n11814467763 On outside wall of sailing club where road leads down to beach 11 m
63DD2E31-D6E5-40F5-A414-ADAA01138EDC PL26 6UJ Mary’s Pastys, West Wharf, Mevagissey n9312413362 On wall outside the Tea on the Quay café 15 m
8589D5F7-D37F-4D61-87B7-ADAA01156244 PL26 6JG Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Canton Street Toilets, Canton Street n9589840037 On outside of public toilets 7 m
97DAC1A0-1AC8-43D8-9A76-ADAA0117B057 PL26 6AY Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Porthpean Telephone Box, Porthpean n9481744109 inside old red phone box opposite church in Porthpean 4 m
CFE394C1-344A-4721-A31A-AE3B00E6494C PL26 6NA Portholland Post Office, East Portholland, St Austell n10764774607 26 m
DAC7152B-1E85-40BB-B95D-AD3100F3DAC9 PL26 6EY St Ewe Parish Council, Crown Inn, Road From Edge Corner To Junction North Of Trelean Plantation n9750364581 inside old red phone box in St Ewe 11 m
102F72D8-6B93-4CAC-86AA-ADAA0118374D PL27 6PQ Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Pityme Inn, St Minver n9710064518 On outside wal of The Pityme Inn, facing Rock Road 67 m
4EBE5D8D-3A3C-4248-BD63-ADAA0117A445 PL27 7DR Wadebridge Con Club, 54 Molesworth Street, Wadebridge n11158061111 On outside wall of Churchill Bars pub 10 m
66303423-2CEF-430C-B261-ADAA01188852 PL27 6JB Sladesbridge Telephone Box, The Telephone Box, Outside Sladeshouse Country Inn, Sladesbridge n11162990668 inside old red phone box, Sladesbridge 4 m
66D52B40-180F-4DB4-A36D-B0EB0146DAE8 PL27 7TB Public Telephone 16m From Spray Cottage 5m From Unnamed Road, Penrose Lane, St Ervan n9481744959 inside old red phone box in Penrose 2 m
7CFB82CE-5F1C-49BF-BC01-ADB400AF6629 PL27 6LD Rock Marine Activity Centre, Rock Road, Wadebridge n10087876442 30 m
8C4FBEDD-EABF-4BD5-95F1-AD30010CD59C PL27 6EG Bodieve Community Group, Public Telephone 23m From Cornish Cottage 5m From Unnamed Road, Road From Long Meadow To Fir Tree Cottage n10087876472 4 m
A5791ED5-7119-40DB-82B7-AFC60182E11B PL27 7LD Burlawn Telephone Box, Burlawn, Wadebridge n9481521404 inside old red phone box in Burlawn 55 m
A94C3E57-F4DE-40CE-B1B3-ADAA01187359 PL27 6SP The Waterfront Café & Bar, 1 Rock Road, Polzeath n10087876518 On the wall outside 11 m
056F5E4A-2EDA-4EB6-B93C-AD23009CBEF0 PL28 8AU Barry's Lane, Padstow n11103305623 On outside wall of church 13 m
3810E371-ED53-4377-8C4D-ADAA01146C45 PL28 8LW Porthcothan Bay Stores, Porthcothan Bay, Padstow n11341858402 On outside of ice cream hut near main road and beach 64 m
383E0E02-B0FB-40C9-BA23-ADAA0117CA42 PL28 8QY Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Trevone Beach Café, Trevone Road n10236061410 86 m
999A6A66-CF9F-40C7-AC54-AD97010DCFF1 PL28 8SQ Access To The Cellars, Padstow n10235946010 11 m
9A1D158E-CCD9-40DB-83F4-ADAA011468A6 PL28 8SB Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Harlyn Surf Lifesaving Club, Sw Coast Path, Harlyn Bay n11361651369 On outside wall of 'Harlyn SLSC' building 7 m
A1D520A8-39DF-41E2-BBC3-ADAA0113ADA9 PL28 8NF St Merryn Garage, St Merryn Crossroads, St Merryn n10235988509 outside petrol station in St Merryn 34 m
B04BC97B-D4B9-4374-91E6-ADAA01147EFC PL28 8NP St Merryn School, St Merryn, Padstow n10652607610 22 m
CACE9A14-38E6-490B-9B87-ADAA01139332 PL28 8DT Padstow Fire Station, A389 Between Place Hill And Greenlane, Padstow n11127539522 On outside wall of fire station 10 m
C0AB0BE6-EF27-4A5F-A8A5-ADAA0118316A PL29 3RD Secrets, Fore Street, Port Issac n9676436020 On outside wall of shops at junction of Fore Street and Back Hill, opposite The Old School Hotel 60 m
DBD80C15-E122-47C4-A357-ADAA01182DCE PL29 3SD John Bray & Partners, 29 New Road, Port Issac n11295697471 8 m
DEBA41C1-F8BF-4475-A4AF-ADAA011545FA PL29 3TQ Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, The Telephone Box, Bunts Mews n9481819643 inside old phone box, Trelights 35 m
C9F85685-8B0F-497B-BB9F-AF480116C9F3 PL3 5BZ Emmanuel Church, 1 Compton Avenue, Plymouth n11534686240 On front wall of annex at front of church 30 m
F8817FAF-B692-4C5E-802D-B0ED00B8B155 PL3 6JQ High View Primary School, 2 Torridge Way, Efford n11810289673 On outside wall of High View School next to main entrance 17 m
24645323-A529-4A26-BA10-ADAA01140277 PL30 4BQ Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, The Telephone Box, Cardinham n3607673744 inside old red phone box in Cardinham 5 m
A9A5EA1E-0B4B-4728-812D-ADAA01183D54 PL30 5HF Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Mid Cornwall Brookers, Truro Road n12025437589 On outside wall of Mid Cornwall Brokers, next to Post Office 26 m
EDE95D11-E737-4AB1-8FB6-ADAA0118807F PL30 4JE Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Blisland Community Store, The Glebe n11803535978 outside Blisland Village Shop 25 m
03482500-C202-4DF8-AB5A-ADAA011826AE PL31 1ER Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Wovina, Bodmin n6841711527 27 m
B1E8A36A-A577-414C-8582-ADAA0114F1E8 PL31 2DP Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Lighthouse Electricals, Church Square n6841711528 On outside wall of The Lighthouse Appliance Warehouse at junction of Turf Street and Priory Road 25 m
DF30A0F9-C392-435D-BE3B-ADAA0114BD63 PL31 2JU Ron's Electrical Shop, 43 Lower Bore Street, Bodmin n6841711529 On the wall outside Ron's 11 m
75F1E5AF-0046-4EA2-A9E1-ADAA0114D107 PL33 9AQ Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, The Bettle & Chisel Inn, 114 High Street n9676437519 On outside of front wall of The Bettle and Chisel, facing High Street 25 m
B31FED22-D7E7-4A93-B113-AD20008EB0F3 PL34 0BE The Hermitage And Waterfall, Access To The Hermitage, Tintagel n9215745692 24 m
F2D0A22A-F88B-4CDF-AC16-ADAA01178C34 PL34 0DA Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, King Arthurs Arms, Fore Street n9443416226 On corner of outside wall of Arthuer's Arms, next to car park on Fore Street 30 m
0439EA66-7BB1-4B8A-9FA5-ADCE00E4669A PL4 8AA University Of Plymouth, University Of Plymouth - Roland Levinsky Building, Drake Circus n11608437664 By security desk near rear entrance on Tavistock Place 59 m
205355A0-BC9B-4488-9479-B026009C85B0 PL4 6JJ Tesco Mutly Pl Plymouth Ex, 83 Mutley Plain, Plymouth n11534686257 Next to tills inside Tesco 56 m
4523F79E-ACFE-4DE3-84C2-ADCC0099F5B8 PL4 6AB Intercity Place, North Road East, Plymouth n11835244761 On platform 4 outside waiting room 41 m
6AC786CC-7349-446D-9C60-B18400F1ACEC PL4 7HW Headteacher, Lipson Vale Primary School, Bernice Terrace n11966477124 On wall outside main entrance to school on Bernice Terrace 37 m
758C5C6F-66AA-44FE-9C88-B0FA01162BA2 PL4 0SB Depository, Elliott Road, Plymouth n11580402161 On outside wall next to vehicle entrance in Cattewater Road 6 m
2462B7F9-4260-468D-95BC-AD2100A8FA7C PL6 7TR Woolwell Community Resource Trust, Woolwell Community And Resource Centre, Darklake Lane n9448585327 12 m
5475B1AA-B788-43A8-BFC6-B0C900B95347 PL6 6TB Southway Youth Centre, Hendwell Close, Plymouth n11514265219 On outside of building 10 m
561AC842-5BD6-47F3-BD81-B0FF00E0D927 PL6 7BD The Lopes Arms, 27-29 Tavistock Road, Roborough Village n11635482465 On outside wall of The Lopes Arms 9 m
639B6117-8E12-4E16-B2A5-B0F900ED951F PL6 8FY 1 Starling Drive, Plymouth n11422879835 On post at the junction of Buttercup Road and Starling Drive 22 m
64D7AA19-7792-412E-852E-B17900A09F4B PL6 5AQ Crownhill Dental Practice, 48 Morshead Road, Plymouth n11961322388 On outside wall of Crownhill Dentist in alley way next to entrance 9 m
77FD7855-1CBD-4E23-BBEE-AD2500D5E4B3 PL6 5RN Forder Valley Mission Community, St Edward's Church Hall, Church Hill n11334801343 Outside St Edward's Church Hall main entrance on Church Hill 28 m
8872644C-67A7-4B95-99AA-B150013496CD PL6 5DX 24 Dayton Close, Plymouth n11203517498 On outside wall of Endeavour Hall Scout Hut, accessible from lane near garages. This is behind a gate when the Scout Hut is closed 2 m
91BF1E2A-8557-48A5-8604-AD2800D66EF6 PL6 8AY Vospers Motor House Ltd, Marsh Mills Retail Park, Longbridge Road n11972242231 On outside wall of Vospers in corner between Vauxhall and Ford entrances 20 m
CF4922A8-A2DF-472E-80DE-AFAA009CEA11 PL6 8DH Derriford Hospital, Derriford Road, Oncology Dept Site Offices n9765602617 Inside main entrance of hospital 55 m
E7A5E116-3C34-44EA-A663-B0B800874502 PL6 7AH Bickleigh Village, Red Phone Box, New Road n1118744261 Inside old telephone booth near bus stop at Bickleigh Barracks 71 m
F6EC511B-4DEC-4087-A1AD-B0D100F4B86C PL6 7BP Burts Potato Chips Ltd, Units 2-8 Devon Enterprise Facility, Belliver Way n11635482464 On outside wall of Burt's Snacks, next to entrance 35 m
0439BB61-C1FE-4E79-A2F4-AF2500E54537 PL7 2WU 17 Branson Court, Plymouth n11883599805 On outside wall of Little Orchard nursery in Branson Court 9 m
1D5B748F-C321-4ACE-B1B0-AD2D013FBEB9 PL7 5HN Shaugh Prior Parish Council, Public Telephone 19m From 18 Dartmoor Cottages On Unnamed Road, Road To Dartmoor Cottages n11992380066 Inside old telephone box 1 m
4701D7CC-4FC2-42D8-8D0B-AD2400B93901 PL7 2ZN 6 St Stephens Place, Plympton n9360637818 On outside wall at St Stephens shopping district next to Oceanvape 13 m
5B113D04-BA53-4EAA-81C4-B10F00D65353 PL7 5DD Sparkwell All Saints Primary Trust Limited, Sparkwell All Saints Primary School, Sparkwell n11908523343 outside Sparkwell Village Hall 51 m
763F364D-9961-4FE6-AEB9-AF4A00A0B22C PL7 4LU Drew & Co, 2a-2b Kay Close, Plymouth n11610325910 On corner of building at Kay Close turning left as you enter from Newnham Road 22 m
A7A9446A-BE22-4898-AEB7-AD4A01634055 PL7 4RR Methodist Church, Greenway Avenue, Plymouth n11877291411 5 m
B182C2B9-DBDD-475A-AAC4-B0B000E31E99 PL7 2AS Tennis 58m From Devon County Council, Plympton Branch Library 25m From Unnamed Road, Ridgeway, Plymouth n11465622984 Outside wall of Plympton Tennis Club building 29 m
BA492AC7-A7BB-4BA4-BB8A-AD2500C0F58E PL7 5BU Hemerdon Village Hall, Hemerdon Lane To West Park Hill, Hemerdon n12038152070 On outside wall of Hamerdon Village Hall 22 m
CBCA9FCA-E2F3-4B39-9FAA-AD2D013E24F5 PL7 5JR Shaugh Prior Parish Council, Lee Moor Public Hall, Road Through Lee Moor Village n11992408834 On outside wall of Lee Moor Hall 15 m
D3E9D8D7-BE35-4948-B99C-AECE008936B9 PL7 5DG Fursdon Cottage, Road From Blacklands Cross To Gorah Cottages, Sparkwell n12038132670 On outside wall of ticket office at main entrance 22 m
EC952967-8CC3-46D9-9112-AD2B00EA7088 PL7 5HA Shaugh Recreation Hall & Parish Room, Recreation Hall, Hele Lane To Brag Lane n11992403628 On outside wall of Shaugh Prior Village Hall 21 m
28B28685-172F-4679-BDF5-B0F200CA8B86 PL8 1EE Swan Inn, Road From Swan Inn To Head Off Noss Creek, Noss Mayo n11557775963 Next to steps down to water below The Swan Inn 22 m
2CD0DC4B-261E-406E-BB80-AD6500A23987 PL8 1HZ Membland, 2 Perches Close, Membland n11557800673 On post on main road, east of the Junction of Perches Close and the main road 6 m
3DE8537D-775F-465B-A1FD-AEC5009D68AA PL8 1HY Newton And Noss Mayo Parish Council, Pavilion, Butts Park n11557800682 64 m
4619CD8C-412C-4B99-923D-AFEE00A24550 PL8 1LB Holberton Parish Council 1.3, Car Park, Battisborough Cross To Coastguard Cottages Corner n11975376757 on wall facing car park 41 m
99051795-56BB-48F2-AA60-AD6500A29861 PL8 2AX Venn Court, Brixton, Plymouth n11933974214 On outside wall of Venn Court, facing car park and entrance to Steer Point Road 13 m
CF13C147-6444-4C54-B286-AD6500A25442 PL8 1AA Newton Ferrers Luscombe Maye Estate Agents, Newton Hill, Newton Ferrers n11557775955 On outside wall of Luscombe Maye Estate Agents, near top of Newton Hill 37 m
DF403027-2F21-457D-A93F-B15100EB87C3 PL8 2EB Rose & Crown, Rose And Crown, Market Street n11933974213 On outside wall of building at The Rose and Crown pub, next to road leading to car park 18 m
263CCCD7-9276-4A14-97D3-AD2600A6C511 PL9 0DS Down Thomas Village Hall Committee, 2 Westlake Rise, Heybrook Bay n11537255973 Corner of Westlake Rise near Bus Stop 23 m
5665D744-AD6B-49C1-BE89-AEA00108447D PL9 7ES Pomphlett Primary School, Howard Road, Plymouth n11263417797 9 m
5A31DDF0-BFE9-42B0-89B8-AF3600C952DF PL9 0DZ Higher Old Mill, Road From Langdon Barton Farm To Ford Road, Wembury n11539679550 On outside wall of Holiday Park Shop/Office 8 m
6ADA1D28-9C3D-4CB2-8651-B0F800B3E653 PL9 0LF Recreation Ground, Barton Close, Wembury n11537255986 South West corner of car park 12 m
7F885D13-86AB-4115-8B80-AD2600A4DAAB PL9 0AQ Down Thomas Village Hall Committee, The Mussell Inn, Renney Road n9331004251 On outside wall of Down Thomas Post Office and Community Room 19 m
858CE5F6-B63B-40AA-BC8C-AD22008642B3 PL9 0JD Wembury Community, The Odd Wheel Inn, Knighton Road n11537255989 Outside main entrance of The Odd Wheel pub next to main road 10 m
8E6E0753-9EDA-49AB-B59F-AD23009ACE67 PL9 0HP Wembury Community, Public Conveniences, Road To Wembury Beach n9386148220 On outside wall of toilet building, facing footpath 33 m
B3B5258D-69CE-4FDE-9D91-AF2600EF097B PL9 9LT The Staddy, 144 Staddiscombe Road, Plymouth n11537255988 On outside wall of building facing carpark 22 m
BD876964-C967-4392-9299-B04A00F1140D PL9 7NP 24 The Old Wharf, Plymouth n11473518255 In cabinet attached to metal railing near 26 Old Wharf Road 24 m
D1FED80A-2713-40DC-880A-B0FA01073BE1 PL9 0AD The Cliff Edge Cafe, Road From Bovisand Court To Coastguard Cottages, Bovisand n12021075063 On outside wall of Bovisand Cafe next to car park 8 m
EA313681-3437-466C-9CF5-AE2100F990E3 PL9 0DF Plymstock Albion Oaks, Horsham Fields, Wembury Road n11537255987 On outside wall of clubhouse 25 m
EAF4A437-EB14-4D77-B01F-AFE000C66FD3 PL9 0BU Beach Road, Heybrook Bay n11537255969 On post next to road sign at junction of Beach Road and West Hill 5 m
F58BBC75-A2F0-45E8-A4F9-AE900101DF92 PL9 0AE Bovisand Park Ltd, Car Park And Toilets, Bovisand Lane n10069085417 On outside wall park office building, facing green 15 m
FCFDF822-3E10-43E9-BB26-AD1F010B4305 PL9 7BB St Margaret Mary Church Hall, 20 Quarry Park Road, Plymstock n11879182599 On outside wall between two church buildings 28 m

Circuit AEDs matched to an OSM object by reference

The matches here are when an AED in OSM has a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag that matched a UUID from The Circuit.

Found 113 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
3CE9B7D3-2705-458C-AFE1-AEBE00A9CA87 PL10 1NA Maker With Rame Parish Council, Accommodation Halfway House Inn, Fore Street n5202316963 On outside wall of Halfway House Inn, near entrance to car park 8 m
2827972D-8085-4BAF-B94E-B16A009B5A18 PL11 2AX Tower 99m From The Sail Loft, Ferry Street 11m From A374, Ferry Street, Torpoint n5586403726 On outside wall of ferry control tower at ground floor level 8 m
6B626EF0-115B-451B-BD3D-B16A009CBD7B PL1 4FJ Tower 70m From 2 Waterside Mews 6m From A374, Ferry Road, Plymouth n6027666450 On outside wall of control tower by Torpoint ferry (east bank) 40 m
8F774C86-A068-41D9-98FB-ADAA01148554 PL14 4DA Geoffrey Harris Tyres, Station Road, Liskeard n8314970539 On outside wall of Geoffrey Harris Tyres on Station Road, facing car park 50 m
F22E5AC7-19F8-4C9E-A177-B03600B720D8 PL1 1RP First Stop Shop, 71 New George Street, Plymouth n9180338156 On outside wall of Council Office next to moments cafe in New George Street 25 m
6A43307C-C8C4-4D5D-BD04-ADAA011565C8 PL13 1AH Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Rnli Lifeboat Station, Church End, West End n9252772957 13 m
F013556C-26D0-4C54-8FE1-AD7500B9C4E3 PL13 1AE The Guildhall, Fore Street, East Looe n9252772958 67 m
AEA3DEE8-AAE2-490A-95F3-AD7500B9CD15 PL13 1HN Train Station Looe, Station Road, East Looe n9257695604 outside building in Looe station car park 121 m
45F47AA4-4189-4529-A015-AD2C00BF948B PL3 4HQ Alma Lodge Guest House, 125 Alma Road, Plymouth n9268955413 On outside wall of Alma Lodge Guest House at 125 Alma Road 7 m
52F35751-3520-423A-9BFB-AD7500B5C338 PL13 2AF Millpool Car Park, West Looe n9273429842 facing car park between telephone box and ev charging 61 m
BADF0DA3-E350-4F3D-A057-AD41015FB8B4 PL12 4GT Saltash Waterside Com Assoc, Ashtorre Rock Community Centre, Tamar Street n9289092762 On outside wall of Ashtorre Rock between toilets and slipway 17 m
B4CFC4D2-854B-4AD0-83E7-AD6500A2B687 PL9 9QS Hooe Baptist Church, 29 Hooe Road, Plymouth n9330928822 Outside wall of church on Hooe Road 29 m
53B1B75B-09AF-4DA8-8C9E-AD4700ACFD98 PL5 4DD Four Greens Community Trust, 15 Whitleigh Green, Whitleigh n9341302974 On wall outside main entrance to Whitleigh Hub / Four Greens Community Hub 12 m
0DB8FD2D-B503-48F4-92F5-AE3700DB70B8 PL1 1RA Tesco, 29-31 New George Street, Plymouth n9367026917 Inside Tesco next to self checkouts 7 m
35DFB998-9A60-47A4-9CB6-B03600AF16F5 PL1 3RS Devils Point, Admiralty Road, Plymouth n9403600127 On outside corner of toilet building next to Artillery Tower, Durnford Street 222 m
CBF3B46F-B9FA-4992-9151-AD6500A15332 PL8 2AL Brixton Parish Council 1.1, Brixton Telephone Box, The Green n9405880099 inside old red phone box, Brixton 12 m
D6FB03D1-2F91-4843-93E5-B03600AAB2D5 PL1 3DE Coffee Shack, 75 Hoe Road, Plymouth n9439923031 On outside wall of Maritimo Restaurant next to path down to water next to Hoe Road 91 m
65ECFA5B-50AE-4659-BA6D-B03600A8AFA1 PL1 2NY Terrace Cafe, Madeira Road, Plymouth n9439927118 On wall below Terrace cafe below Ice Cream Hut on Madeira Road 260 m
EF217CFD-D462-40A1-BA21-B10700B3AF72 PL10 1AX Millbrook Parish Public Conveniences, Public Conveniences, The Parade n9446066281 Outside public toilets, The Parade, Millbrook 3 m
EF6073CD-92AC-4872-8F9C-ADAA01149C4A PL5 1LB Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Rosie's Café, 935 Wolseley Road n9481369436 On outside of small cafe building next to Slipway, opposite Royal Albery Bridge pub 28 m
E03FA3C0-4F25-444C-9FDF-B13500FA5209 PL4 6AB (Gateline) Plymouth Railway Station, Plymouth Station, Plymouth n9537126423 On wall next to ticket barriers (train side) 12 m
19AC6645-23D6-4B39-9BB4-B13500FA635E PL4 6AB (Platform 4) Plymouth Railway Station, Plymouth Station, Plymouth n9537126424 Inside subway from ticket barriers to platforms 5,6,7,8 44 m
54BAF025-730A-41BE-BB81-B1350005A5F3 PL4 6AB (Platform 7) Plymouth Railway Station, Plymouth Station, Plymouth n9537126528 Plymouth Railway Station, Platform 7 88 m
40ACAEA0-6EA2-417B-B7AC-AD6500A282C5 PL9 7AU The Broadway Management Plymstock, 12a The Broadway, The Broadway Shopping Centre n9561452818 On outside wall next to Boots pharmacy 59 m
2C64630D-8E23-401A-8E4E-AD6500A22315 PL4 7PY Livewell Southwest - Mount Gould Local Care Centre, Mount Gould Local, 200 Mount Gould Road n9563733142 On outside wall of Mount Gould Hospital, next to main entrance on Mount Gould Road 288 m
2E35C651-E620-4E32-A2E5-AD6500A2BDF5 PL8 2EA Yealm Medical Centre, Market Street, Yealmpton n9573673217 outside Yealmpton Medical Centre 67 m
7A8F3C98-0134-4D9D-8A5B-AD6500A24998 PL8 1BN Newton Ferrers Harbour Office, Newton Ferrers, Harbour Office n9573675521 237 m
D7685270-C672-457B-A241-B0F400AF6653 PL12 4EB Phone Box Outside Saltash Train Station, Old Railway Buildings Off, Albert Road n9627410529 Inside old red phone box outside main entrance to Saltash Railway Station (Platform 2) 12 m
7F63930C-D3F6-4386-B7D1-AD2000C09FAE PL12 6LG Football Ground And Premises, Saltmill All Weather Pitch, Salt Mill n9627647029 On outside wall of sports building, facing Salt Mill (Road) 146 m
5671D5E6-5E21-43F5-8C65-AD2000806C3D PL24 2LX Walter Bailey (Par) Ltd, Walter Bailey Ltd, St Andrews Road n9654183517 230 m
0CE39035-8578-4F03-8D93-AF7A01369716 PL25 3HT Tesco, Tesco Superstore, St Austell n9654512317 Inside Tesco next to customer service desk 188 m
82CA7559-EA53-4A34-A917-AE7700BA89D7 PL4 8AA University Of Plymouth, James Street, Smeaton Building n9674084217 On outside wall of Smeaton Building on James Street 72 m
87C8E016-02B8-4BDC-94AB-ADAA01145956 PL29 3RU The Blacksmiths Shop, Trewetha, Port Issac n9676437118 On post at corner of road near The Blacksmiths Shop 171 m
42C58FEA-6AD8-4891-A402-AD6500A18851 PL8 2BQ Fordbrook Farm, Brixton n9688415517 inside old red phone box, Fordbrook Lane 33 m
81CEFC73-BA86-4673-9876-AD7500B4FEBC PL12 5NR Eliot Hall, St Germans n9725292218 outside Eliot Hall, Fore Street, St. Germans 105 m
2A1812F6-3493-4260-8478-AE6E009C0269 PL12 6LA Wesley Methodist Church, Callington Road, Saltash n9789285221 Outside wall of Wesley Church, facing Glebe Avenue 18 m
5B65023B-E2DA-4691-A04A-B0EE00B8533E PL12 6RG St Mellion Parish Council, Church Lane, Old Phone Box n9886003026 Old red phone booth on the corner outside the primary school in St Mellion 137 m
16C734A2-2866-44D8-A1E1-AEC200863EE1 PL4 0ST Unit 2 Faraday Mill Business Park, Cattewater Road, Plymouth n9910128717 Between Toolstation entrance and Crown Decorator Centre entrance 15 m
B64AAEEA-8353-4AFC-AB77-AD3200DE588F PL9 9SJ Mount Batten Centre, 70 Lawrence Road, Plymouth n9910275419 On outside wall of Watersports centre, facing the pontoon 18 m
FB8A5821-5FC3-40EB-9B0D-B03600A33190 PL1 2NX Commercial Wharf Boathouse 10, Commercail Wharf, Plymouth n9915909825 On outside wall between the Boathouse doors on the landing stage area near The Boathouse Restaurant 100 m
2456B1CF-C43F-4D6E-8EF6-ADAA0117F4FB PL23 1DF Caffa Mills Car Park, Caffa Mills, Fowey n9953483131 55 m
C19B93CE-C46C-4CF0-90AA-AD3000C8C25F PL13 2NX Millennium Green, Lanreath, Pl13 2nx, The Millennium Green,, Opposite The Punch Bowl Inn, n9954207887 Next to post office/shop 186 m
250BE3FD-457C-4070-8E65-B03600ACA0B3 PL1 3DQ Waterfront, 9 Grand Parade, Plymouth n9974281117 On outside wall of The Waterfront Restaurant, facing the water 141 m
D893EF00-943C-4ACB-AAC2-AD6500A27203 PL1 3RP Royal William Yard, Stonehouse Cpad, Royal William Yard n9998076017 On wall at gatehouse entrance to Royal William Yard 125 m
F44D9EA3-D1FA-47A2-B192-ADCC009A11A7 PL4 8AA University Of Plymouth, University Of Plymouth - Portland Square, Portland Square n10012356319 On outside wall of Portland Square building, facing North Hill 100 m
8571332B-F827-4609-B747-AF7500DC107F PL35 0HF Nisa Boscastle, Boscastle Nisa And Post Office, Penally Hill n10016183726 On corner of outside wall of Nisa Local Shop on Penally Hill, next to Car Park 9 m
AFDAE188-2A2C-404D-992A-AD7500B9DFF4 PL13 2EE West Looe Scout Hut, West Road, West Looe n10119114317 On outside of scout building at junction of Downs Road and Goonwartha road 267 m
6EB572EA-E5B6-4D76-8718-ADCE00E4D1E1 PL4 8AA University Of Plymouth, University Of Plymouth - Student Union, Drake Circus n10128127657 On outside wall of Students Union at bottom of steps 66 m
56A08E7F-236E-4B0A-BA73-ADCC009A099E PL4 6RU University Of Plymouth - The Nursery, 3 Endsleigh Place, Plymouth n10128127658 On outside wall of Nursery building on Endsleigh Place 24 m
F47D874E-4F2C-473F-B281-AD7500B5A15B PL13 1AS Car Park Hut, Fore Street, East Looe n10130788624 288 m
74830481-F6CE-4C07-93F2-ADAA0113A6D8 PL28 8AQ Padstow Harbour Office, Padstow n10138505417 22 m
7F49A973-6C81-44D2-BE6A-AD2601515449 PL9 9TB Clovelly Bay Inn, 1-2 Boringdon Road, Plymouth n10162812117 On outside wall of Clovelly Bay Inn at corner of Borington Road and St John's Road 19 m
C24BD362-ED6E-446A-BA02-AEE900B24A01 PL7 1NB Plympton St Maurice Civic Association, 42 Fore Street, Plympton St Maurice n10195744217 20 m
A6FA8711-D23F-49D3-B485-B03C014F80FF PL32 9YN Marshgate Stores Ltd, Marshagte Post Office And Stores, Marshgate n10270361311 16 m
5BB7EF28-FBD5-4996-897D-AD2F00AB1286 PL1 3DE Liner Lookout Takeaway, The Promeade, 150 Hoe Road n10284884909 On outside wall of The Lookout kiosk above The Dome restaurant 177 m
F0EFBD6B-E2F5-42E9-8F4F-AE6E00C53AE3 PL4 9HP Plymouth Christian Centre, Embankment Road, Plymouth n10552939910 On outside of front wall of Plymouth Christian Centre, facing Embankment Road 15 m
023ECEA6-6A23-4ADC-8E5D-AEEC00D3F6D8 PL4 0FE British Land, The Barcode Car Park, 11 Bretonside n10553222409 Outside, on lower ground floor level on corner of building near outdoor staircase 30 m
F2A83A2F-949A-4282-B956-B09100CA7A2D PL1 5NQ The Lodge, Victoria Park, Plymouth n10574725541 On outside wall of The Park Pavillion Cafe, facing the playground in Victoria park 105 m
99DB1F66-1B8F-456E-BF60-ADAA0114C4C7 PL28 8SL Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, Padstow Lifeboat Station, Trevose Head, Mother Ivey's Bay n10652454712 115 m
9AA2BC26-2FE4-445F-AB09-B02A007094FE PL6 5US B&Q, 231 Tavistock Road, Plymouth n10824848405 At B&Q Click & Collect Desk 43 m
C62B57A4-525E-4A98-AC17-AF1F00BA6A08 PL4 0SN Theatre Royal (Plymouth), 12 Neptune Park, Cattedown n10872078008 On post outside of TR2 building next to turning circle 60 m
AABA580C-01D6-448E-8F1A-AD2000BE5EAD PL9 7NE Plym Yacht Club, Langs House, The Quay n10925289205 On outside wall of Plym Yacht Club facing The Quay 8 m
B7612BA9-3819-49F5-B26A-AF9300B62A05 PL6 5XN Bodyworld, 17 Brest Road, Plymouth n10940305805 On outside wall of The Ship building on the north west corner, towards Brest Road 50 m
F93D67F5-FDDD-4C67-911F-AFCC009F19C0 PL1 1EA O2 Store (0310) Plymouth - Drakes Circus, Su16 Drake Circus, 1 Charles Street n10963534405 106 m
33B00275-ACB7-4BAA-BBC8-AD2200F31233 PL5 3FD Manadon Sports And Community Hub, 121 St Peters Road, Plymouth n11071937905 On outside wall of Manadon Sports Hub building facing car park on St Peters Road 13 m
48E881F4-1BB0-42A6-81BA-ADAA01142630 PL12 4DR Saltash Baptist Church, Culver Road, Saltash n11144779920 On outside wall of Baptist church in Culver Road 4 m
4FDB9F29-67A9-46DD-925F-B08F00DD3B79 PL7 1QW St Marys Parish Hall, 10 Market Road, Plympton n11168190123 On outside wall of St Mary's Church Hall on Market Road 15 m
0EAB88D2-E9F2-4295-B0CE-B00300F213EE PL6 7RF Tesco Stores Ltd, 2 Woolwell Crescent, Plymouth n11170540788 Indoors between main entrance and customer service desk 66 m
1C218A82-A0CA-4476-9803-AEEE00A3A47F PL2 2NJ Crossroads Fun & Friendship Centre, Morice Baptist Church, Ham Drive n11172741444 On outside wall of Morice Baptist Church, facing Ham Drive 37 m
66D5AEA2-3C6A-4528-A9EA-AD6500A27793 PL5 4NN Tamerton Foliot, The Queens Arms Public House, Seven Stars Lane n11175461612 On pub wall in car park 34 m
E6C4B8CC-0F4E-47DF-B3F4-B03600C3F3A0 PL4 0EG Cattedown Business Centre, 2 Cattedown Road, Plymouth n11177860542 Inside foyer 5 m
CEEBDC11-A117-4EC9-9331-ADC8009AC283 PL4 9BJ St Judes Church, Beaumont Road, Plymouth n11177860543 On Outside wall of Church, facing Tothill Road 3 m
DF3B9A95-A060-42A1-9FA7-AFF90075CB26 PL1 3GG Aqua House , Quadrant Wharf, 2 Trinity Street, Plymouth n11178692628 Aqua House flats main entrance on Trinity Street 8 m
F4236A67-4C3F-4355-B0DF-B03500C7182E PL3 4BA 10 Somerset Place, Plymouth n11181076029 Between buildings outside the gate near reception 2 m
E040CD9D-732C-4A77-82BF-B06F00E1341C PL3 4DL The Will Centre, 37 Devonport Road, Plymouth n11181076032 Corner of Devonport Road and Church Street 70 m
C8A9F31D-EE1C-4BAD-A875-B03800986B91 PL6 5AN Crownhill Library, Cross Park Road, Plymouth n11181144440 On outside wall of Crownhill Library on Cross Park Road near The Tamar Pub 96 m
C4CBC70F-938E-4380-925A-B05101160E08 PL6 6AB Derriford Church, Powisland Drive, Plymouth n11184434124 Delicious Church Main Entrance from Carpark 11 m
88F51A07-20C6-44A5-B663-AF69014B63F3 PL6 7HB Toby Carvery - Roborough, 399 Tavistock Road, Plymouth n11184434130 In cabinet at end of bar inside Toby Carvery restaurant 7 m
E676204D-0A2B-4E41-B0A7-AD9D00EAEC1D PL6 6BE Outside Premiere Shop,, 71-73 Upland Drive, Derrifprd n11184434132 Outside Spar Main Entrance 7 m
C23E44F2-D4CE-435C-9FC1-AE4700EAF847 PL5 3TW Tesco, 1 Transit Way, Plymouth n11189090321 Next to security desk near main entrance 247 m
83DF11E3-17E0-44E2-A6EC-B19A00DBBE1F PL1 2LS 18 The Barbican, Plymouth n11194898410 On outside wall of Cap'n Jaspers building, facing the sea 5 m
F69A5253-E469-4B59-96D5-ADAA011568C3 PL28 8EG St Petroc Lodge, Netherton Road, Padstow n11230868609 On exterior wall of St. Petroc's Lodge 142 m
95D617EA-B3D7-4973-947D-AD2400E245E6 PL7 1QW Plympton Victoria Rfc, St Mary's Recreational Field, Market Road n11235804432 Rugby club wooden building 37 m
45E71FAF-75AE-484B-B6D7-AD83009BD7DB PL9 7JY Oreston Community Academy School, Oreston Community Academy, Oreston Road n11241093250 Outside wall of School facing Oreston Road 58 m
8B0EA531-1EC6-4EF5-A060-AD25010661FC PL9 7PB Plymstock United Church, 70-74 Plymstock Road, Plymouth n11241093251 On outside of side wall of church building 8 m
0A38729B-5402-4495-ADF3-AD200084C139 PL9 9AA Plymstock Club, 2 Dean Hill, Plymstock n11241093254 On outside wall facing the car park 13 m
259E47EB-0B6A-4B61-AC53-AEDB00FED180 PL9 9BD 90 Church Road, Plymstock, Plymouth n11241093258 97 m
95284865-78C5-44AB-869C-AE3600E42A12 PL4 9AZ Tesco, Unit 1 St Teresa House, Beaumont Road n11308505546 Inside Tesco next to tills 26 m
A6887994-DD90-4769-9E2D-AD6500A1C465 PL3 4JQ Hyde Park Social Club, St Gabriels Avenue, Plymouth n11308505549 Outside main entrance on Langhill Road 4 m
8509441C-6227-4F29-92FA-AD20012905DC PL2 3PH Pennycross Methodist Church, Pridham Lane, Plymouth n11308505550 On Outside wall facing Beauchamp Road, down steps 17 m
3334B653-7F0D-4407-937D-ADB400D3E901 PL12 6DX Kimberley Stadium, Callington Road, Saltash n11313951750 On outside wall of Saltash United Football Club building at end of service road by the leisure centre. 51 m
E6981A9E-9D79-464A-BE01-AD270086012B PL1 4BA The Salvation Army, 24 Park Avenue,, Devonport Plymouth n11336831861 Inside Salvation Army LifeHouse main entrance 2 m
184A67AC-82C5-4D7D-AD58-ADCC009AC6DE PL1 3NY George House, 22a George Place, Plymouth n11336831862 Behind reception desk at George House sheltered housing main entrance 133 m
2A52C0A2-C888-48E4-8C16-AD20009B840B PL4 6NT Ford Park Cemetery Trust, Ford Park Cemetery, Ford Park Road n11341295690 Inside main entrance of cemetery visitor centre 4 m
D0A6EE01-752E-41E4-A310-AEA700EA39FF PL7 2RS Plympton Academy, Moorland Road, Plymouth n11465622983 Outside wall of red building near gym car park 143 m
E846FCF8-F613-428E-8948-AD2200A41418 PL3 5JR Mannamead Lawn Tennis Club, Eggbuckland Road, Plymouth n11534686244 On outside of Tennis Club building accessible via gate on Eggbuckland Road (near Hartley Court) 15 m
3843F31D-951B-4057-A3F6-AE3900DFBB50 PL1 2AQ Tesco, 163 Notte Street, Plymouth n11548112856 Inside Tesco, next to till 72 m
10136647-C114-4BB1-99F0-AD6500A25780 PL8 1EW Noss Mayo - The Tilly Institute, Passage Road, Noss Mayo n11557775964 On outside wall of The Tilly Institute opposite the car park on Passage Road 132 m
0FF4563A-915D-4489-9290-AD6500A2B3CF PL8 2NA Yealmpton Methodist Chapel, 1 Ford Road, Yealmpton n11557800687 Outside of Church facing Chapel Road 69 m
B62968E9-EEC2-4969-B87C-AD8600A092A0 PL9 8FA Sherford Vale School, Hercules Road, Sherford Plymouth n11559947849 Outside main entrance to Sherford Vale School 89 m
6EE2B37B-53B4-4A53-B529-ADC8009C466E PL9 8HR Opm Rfc, King George V Playing Fields, Haye Road n11559947861 On outside of Rugby Club building, facing the car park 85 m
29C5277A-7581-404E-9050-B024010DCD9E PL9 8EN Elburton Village, 28 Springfield Road, Elburton n11575057109 On outside of shops at 34 Springfield Road, between Butcher and Takeaway 5 m
BB146A64-0291-4A7C-A7BB-AD5900AFCF9B PL9 8HJ Elburton Primary School, Haye Road South, Plymouth n11575057111 On outside wall of main building entrance, within school gates (locked out of hours) 6 m
892ED472-7035-46AA-B747-B1030108524F PL4 0AH Plymouth, Richer Sounds, 87-89 Exeter Street n11580402159 Inside Richer Sounds, next to till, during open hours 180 m
7A8023DC-6EEE-408E-91DB-B09400BA6297 PL25 4TR St Austell Band Club, East Hill, St Austell n11660918756 On outside wall of St Austell Band Club facing East Hill 23 m
F4B0A918-75D1-4CAE-99FD-AF3500C83DC5 PL17 7NT Rilla Mill Village Hall, Rilla Mill, Callington n11688212421 outside Rilla Mill Village Hall 96 m
D555E720-EF63-458B-90C1-B0C501557D72 PL12 4QR The Forder Community Hall, Forder, Saltash n11737664982 On outside wall of Community Hall next to river 126 m
F89C4BE9-B188-4003-9E9F-AD7500B5BD2C PL14 3QX Menheniott Spar, Menheniott Parish Council, 5 Sunnyside n11748212817 outside village shop, near red phone box, Menheniot 31 m
CAA6E240-5C17-4166-8126-ADAA0114C10B PL24 2EE Duchy Defibrillators Ltd, The Four Lords Inn, St Austell Road, St Blazey Gate n11815622033 On outside wall of The Four Lords, facing Trenovissick Road 117 m
1993C00D-8A5A-44B6-84D7-AEBE00A9C4CD PL10 1NB Maker With Rame Parish Council 1.2, Maker With Rame Community Hall, Fore Street n11898693592 On outside of building at Community Hall on Fore Street 15 m
21C43651-7AAF-45D6-B185-AD6500A2B108 PL8 2HF Yealmpton Community Centre, Stray Park, Yealmpton n11933600423 On outside wall of Yealmpton Primary School, facing circular road 305 m
88ACABAE-46D7-4F79-8087-AD5700E80336 PL4 0LP Marina Developments Ltd, Queen Annes Battery, Atlantic Building n11952128639 On outside wall of building facing the sea, next to the cafe/bar 163 m
DA9C9BED-581D-427E-965E-B18000740DE6 PL7 1RS 15 Valley Road, Plymouth n11969131136 On outside wall of Vospers Commercial Service near reception entrance 19 m

NDDB AEDs matched to an OSM object by location

Found 20 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
7069 PL1 4PR Plymouth Cricket Club, Devon n10758799942 On outside wall of cricket clubhouse 3 m
2638 PL12 5AR Telephone Box, Cornwall n11162880953 inside old red phone box in Blunts 7 m
3350 PL13 2QD Telephone Box, Cornwall n9481986928 inside old red phone box, Trenewan 19 m
2640 PL14 3SQ Telephone Box, Cornwall n9481753090 inside old red phone box in Quethiock 3 m
5360 PL14 5JJ Telephone Box, Cornwall n10616145213 inside old red phone box in Darite 2 m
63 PL15 9SA Telephone Box, Cornwall n10147662785 inside old red phone box in St Giles on the Heath 50 m
813 PL15 7LP Public Toilets, Cornwall n11329771021 outside public toilets, South Pertherwin 6 m
823 PL15 7QD Telephone Box, Cornwall n10799109257 inside old red phone box in Lewannick 1 m
3708 PL15 8LW Telephone Box, Cornwall n9745061114 inside old red phone box in North Petherwin 15 m
5436 PL15 8RT Telephone Box, Cornwall n10575122469 Old Telephone Booth next to Bus Shelter in Egloskerry 5 m
7998 PL17 8PZ On Post, Cornwall n11764206318 Next to notice board on main road next to junction with Stoke Road 1 m
1940 PL21 9LP Telephone Box, Devon n9481670178 inside old red phone box, Chapel Street, Ermington 3 m
7172 PL21 0BS 1 Crescent Gardens, Devon n11933600691 On outside of garage building on Beacon Road next to junction with Crescent Gardens 2 m
8394 PL23 1DH Seafarers Centre, The Flying Angel Centre, Cornwall n9953483131 47 m
1901 PL27 6EU Telephone Box, Cornwall n9710064519 inside old red phone box, 52 m
5569 PL30 5PS Telephone Box, Cornwall n11388831852 in old red phone box by school in St Wenn 0 m
6335 PL30 5PJ Telephone Box, Cornwall n10112206834 inside old red phone box in Rosenannon 0 m
7064 PL35 0BG Bottreaux Garage, Cornwall n10016184023 On outside of front wall of Boscastle Stores on Doctor's Hill 13 m
1435 PL5 1JX Tamar River Sailing Club, Devon n9481369859 5 m
4417 PL6 7LW St Anne's Post Office, Devon n11520074873 Outside wall of Londis shop 4 m

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API. Includes data from The Circuit / Defib Finder. Includes data from the National Defibrillator Database.