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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'PL' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the AED location data from the Ambulance Services in Open Street Map. (Even if there was, many are located only by postcode, so the locations are not always precise.) So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list (orange for AEDs that may not be available 24/7, yellow for AEDs not generally available for public use, and red for everything else). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects . For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each Ambulence Service location for an OSM amenity=defibrillator object with a matching postcode, with 2km of the postcode centroid. If any are found the nearest such object is matched. Then we go through all unmatched Ambulence Service locations, and look for any unmatched amenity=defibrillator OSM objects within 150m. If any are found, the hearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated, but with an increased distance limit of 500m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs, or an EAD is a long way from its postcode centriod, they may not be matched correctly.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Postcode Location Locality Ref
PL12 6LX Appleby Westward Group Ltd - Spar Shop Saltash CC0411
PL8 1JQ Battisborough Cross DC0249
PL20 7EJ Bere Ferrers Parish Council DC0199
PL20 7JS Bere Ferrers Villagers Group DC0128
PL31 2EU Berryfield Community Centre CC0289
PL21 0DA Bittaford Village Hall DC0264
PL30 4JE Blisland Community Stores CC0048
PL12 6JL Bloom Hearing Specialists CC0287
PL27 6EG Bodieve Phone Box CC0546
PL31 2FJ Bodmin Police Station CC0236
PL31 1NR Bodmin Spar Shop CC0121
PL35 0HF Boscastle Spar Shop CC0187
PL34 0AX Bossiney House Hotel CC0231
PL15 9RF Boyton Methodist Chapel CC0517
PL19 0LR Brentor Parish Council DC0229
PL8 2AG Brixton St Marys CofE Primary School DC0320
PL26 8PD Bugle The Spar Shop CC0115
PL27 7LD Burlawn Telephone Box CC0311
PL26 8UF CS Cornwall Services A30 CC0189
PL23 1DF Caffa Mill Car Park CC0489
PL18 9QA Calstock Village Hall CC0336
PL32 9PB Camelford Conservative Club CC0101
PL32 9TH Camelford Hall CC0451
PL26 6JG Canton Street Toilets CC0417
PL15 8UW Canworthy Water Telephone Box CC0484
PL1 2LS Captain Jaspers DC0224
PL13 1AS Car Park Hut CC0496
PL11 2NJ Carbeile Inn CC0328
PL30 4BQ Cardinham Telephone Box CC0171
PL30 4AL Cardinham Woods CC0550
PL27 6EU Chapel Amble CC0292
PL25 3NS Charlestown Church Hall CC0467
PL16 0HS Chillaton Parish Council DC0577
PL6 6EJ Church of the Holy Spirit DC0591
PL20 6JD Clearbrook Village Hall WC0387
PL9 9TB Clovelly Bay Inn DC0299
PL3 6NG Co op Unity Park Bowling Club DC0516
PL15 7LY Coad's Green Village Hall EC0282
PL28 8JJ Constantine Bay Stores CC0172
PL26 7LL Coombe Telephone Box CC0167
PL24 2AQ Cornubia CC0461
PL21 9PU Cornwood Inn DC0073
PL6 5AN Crownhill Library DC0614
PL6 8BU DDRC Healthcare DC0130
PL27 6HF Daften Diecasting CC0164
PL20 6TH Dartmoor Forest Parish Council DC0113
PL33 9AQ Delabole Bettle and Chisel Inn CC0072
PL28 8DR Dennis Cove Campsite CC0401
PL11 3LX Deviock Parish Council - Downderry CC0017
PL9 0AQ Down Thomas Village Hall Committee DC0409
PL11 3LX Downderry GP Surgery CC0493
PL26 6AE Duporth Bay CC0409
PL13 1EZ East Looe Londis CC0179
PL14 4TA East Taphouse Community Hall CC0390
PL19 0PB Edgcumbe Arms DC0605
PL12 5BL Edinburgh Woollen Mill CC0239
PL9 8HJ Elburton Primary DC0301
PL7 5EB Elford Leigh Hotel DC0086
PL12 5NR Eliot Hall CC0266
PL21 0HG Erme Valley Riding DC0514
PL21 9LP Ermington Parish Council - Telephone box DC0265
PL31 2QL Flann Microwave Ltd CC0479
PL14 4QY Forest Holidays CC0486
PL23 1HE Fowey River Academy CC0153
PL23 1AT Fowey The Royal British Legion CC0120
PL26 7TX Foxhole Post Office CC0173
PL28 7RB Gainsborough Park CC0277
PL6 7LE Glenholt Park Residents Association DC0511
PL23 1NL Golant Fisherman's Arms CC0102
PL18 9BN Gunnislake Village Hall CC0382
PL13 2DJ HM Coastguard Station CC0405
PL11 3EY Halfway House, Polbathic CC0265
PL13 2DG Hannafore Point Hotel CC0497
PL28 8SB Harlyn Inn CC0174
PL28 8SQ Harlyn Sands Holiday Park CC0519
PL17 8BQ Harrow Barrow Village Hall CC0420
PL28 8HW Hawkers Cove Rest A While Tea Garden CC0084
PL23 1JH Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre CC0459
PL28 8SG Higher Harlyn Park CC0367
PL8 1LW Holberton Village Hall DC0080
PL17 8JW Honicombe Park - Callington CC0294
PL20 7ST Horrabridge Parish DC0158
PL7 1LT Housing & Care 21 - The Rise DC0227
PL6 8LD Ibis Hotel - Plymouth DC0205
PL21 0BA Ivybridge BP Garage DC0645
PL29 3SD John Bray & Partners CC0309
PL14 4PA Jubilee Centre CC0281
PL17 8QT Kelly Bray - The Telephone Kiosk CC0125
PL19 8QD Lamerton Village Hall DC0479
PL12 6NF Landulph Memorial Hall CC0379
PL15 8LD Langore Village Hall CC0306
PL30 5AQ Lanhydrock Golf Club CC0141
PL30 5HF Lanivet Post Office CC0099
PL23 1HN Lankelly Fowey Rugby Club CC0229
PL30 5BT Lanlivery Primary School CC0183
PL13 2NX Lanreath - Millennium CC0021
PL15 9DQ Launceston Leisure Centre CC0495
PL15 9NX Launceston Phone Box CC0372
PL22 0PT Lerryn - The Ship Inn. CC0145
PL15 7QD Lewannick Stores CC0116
PL16 0LA Lifton Community Centre DC0653
PL1 3DE Liner Lookout Café DC0371
PL14 6AY Liskeard Town Council CC0176
PL4 7PY Livewell Southwest - Mount Gould Local Care Centre DC0385
PL6 5UF Livewell Southwest - Windsor House DC0344
PL13 1NX Looe - St Martins Parish Church Community Hall CS0179
PL13 1NQ Looe Community Academy CC0500
PL13 1DX Looe Harbour cPAD CC0001
PL13 1JY Looe Primary School CC0501
PL22 0BS Lostwithiel Co-Op CC0050
PL22 0HE Lostwithiel Community Centre CC0061
PL22 0EP Lostwithiel Earl of Chatham Inn CC0346
PL22 0AG Lostwithiel Royal Oak Inn CC0540
PL30 5DS Luxulyan Gunwen Methodist Chapel CC0446
PL30 5EA Luxulyan Memorial Institute CC0345
PL14 5DG Market Inn CC0162
PL19 9QA Mary Tavy Parish Council DC0639
PL19 8SP Meadowlands Leisure Centre DC0673
PL10 1AX Millbrook Quay DC0561
PL13 2AF Millpool Car Park CC0506
PL20 6QH Milton Coombe DC0528
PL21 0QR Modbury DC0014
PL21 0GH Modbury Caravan Club Site DC0209
PL21 0FS Modbury Pavillion DC0153
PL10 1HZ Mount Edgcumbe CC0220
PL19 0HZ Mount Kelly College DC0521
PL26 7YE Nanpean Grenville Arms CC0105
PL30 5JZ Nanstallon Community Primary School CC0009
PL8 1BN Newton Ferrers DC0126
PL8 1AA Newton Ferrers DC0082
PL15 7PG North Hill Telephone Box CC0126
PL15 8NZ North Petherwin Parish CC0491
PL15 8LW North Petherwin Parish Council CC0460
PL8 1EW Noss Mayo DC0083
PL26 7QW Nuco Training and First Aid Awards CC0201
PL27 6QJ Old Forge Garage CC0288
PL9 7JY Oreston Community Academy DC0152
PL28 8DT Padstow Community Fire Station CC0260
PL28 8AQ Padstow Harbour Office CC0024
PL28 8BL Padstow Sailing Club CC0474
PL28 8AE Padstow The Old Ship Hotel CC0004
PL28 8LE Padstow Touring Park CC0161
PL1 5NJ Park Pavilion Café DC0652
PL13 2LP Pelynt Village Hall CC0002
PL32 9RZ Pencarrow Telephone Kiosk CC0488
PL27 7TB Penrose Telephone Box CC0209
PL14 5NF Pensilva Millenium House CC0522
PL28 6BU Pentewan Village CC0240
PL26 8UH Penwithick Community Hall CC0548
PL25 3PH Personal Best Running CC0016
PL19 9NN Peter Tavy Village Hall DC0155
PL15 8PH Pipers Pool Methodist Chapel CC0257
PL13 1AB Plaidy Beach CC0214
PL9 7NE Plym Yacht Club DC0485
PL6 7NL Plymouth DC0657
PL6 7NJ Plymouth DC0656
PL6 7NG Plymouth DC0655
PL1 1HZ Plymouth Coach Station DC0303
PL1 4LS Plymouth Mayflower Marina DC0039
PL9 0AE Plymouth Sound Caravan Club DC0197
PL7 1UB Plympton St Maurice Primary School DC0486
PL9 9AA Plymstock Club DC0240
PL26 7BP Polgooth Post Office and Store CC0038
PL13 2RQ Polperro Doctors Surgery CC0395
PL23 1PA Polruan Post Office CC0226
PL25 4BZ Poltair School CC0551
PL15 7PS Polyphant 3 Cows O'nt Green Village Shop CC0122
PL27 6SP Polzeath The Waterfront Café CC0091
PL29 3SQ Port Gaverne Restaurant & Hotel CC0308
PL28 8LW Porthcothan Bay Stores CC0224
PL26 6AY Porthpean Telephone Box CC0208
PL30 5PD Prince Park Farm CC0035
PL31 1EZ Proper Cornish Ltd CC0394
PL12 5NA Quay Sailing Club CC0283
PL12 5AR Quethiock Parish Council CC0337
PL14 3SQ Quethiock Parish Council - Phone Box CC0338
PL13 1QQ R Richardson Funeral Directors CC0499
PL13 1AH RNLI Lifeboat Station CC0418
PL7 2PS Ridgeway Methodist Church DC0286
PL13 1HL Rivercroft Hotel CC0502
PL26 8EP Roche Community Primary School CC0165
PL27 6LD Rock Camel Ski School CC0108
PL26 8JA Rock View Veterinary Surgery CC0103
PL26 8RA Rockhill Café CC0400
PL26 6NA Roseland Patients Group - East Portholland CC0049
PL12 5HW Royal British Legion - Tideford CC0267
PL27 7JE Royal Cornwall Agricultural Showground CC0234
PL23 1BH Royal Fowey Yacht Club CC0427
PL23 1BQ Safe Harbour Inn CC0437
PL26 7AG Saints Gym (St Austell RFC) CC0170
PL7 1UH Saltram House DC0359
PL3 4BD Scott Medical & Health Care College DS0231
PL29 3RD Secrets CC0310
PL7 5JR Shaugh Prior Parish Council DC0108
PL7 5HA Shaugh Prior Parish Council - Public Hall DC0144
PL9 8FA Sherford Vale School DC0667
PL13 1AL South End - Lower Quay Store CC0498
PL17 7ND South Hill Parish Centre CC0211
PL15 7LP South Petherwin CC0112
PL7 5DD Sparkwell Village Hall DC0192
PL25 5LS St Austell Costa Coffee CC0089
PL25 3LD St Austell Steve Andrews Tyres CC0144
PL24 2ND St Blazey FC CC0080
PL30 4LN St Breward Stores CC0196
PL5 1UD St Budeaux Community Centre DC0123
PL14 6EE St Cleer Sports Pavillion CC0511
PL26 8AD St Dennis Working Mens Club CC0238
PL29 3TP St Endellion Stone Barn CC0383
PL27 6LA St Enodoc Hotel CC0054
PL27 7TA St Ervan Telephone Box CC0221
PL27 7UL St Eval Candle Co Ltd CC0031
PL27 7TU St Eval Community Centre CC0419
PL15 9SA St Giles on the Heath cPAD DC0010
PL27 7QA St Issey Ring O Bells Inn CC0006
PL14 3LZ St Ive Village Hall CC0512
PL28 8AU St Johns Methodist Church CC0374
PL30 3HB St Kew Inn CC0326
PL14 4RF St Keyne Village Hall CC0510
PL30 3BQ St Mabyn Post Office and Stores CC0022
PL28 8NF St Merryn Garage CC0117
PL28 8QA St Merryn Park CC0073
PL28 8NP St Merryn School CC0058
PL27 6QN St Minver Gunvenna Holiday Park CC0028
PL27 6PQ St Minver Pityme Inn CC0042
PL27 6QT St Minver The Point at Polzeath Golf Club CC0092
PL28 8EG St Petroc's Lodge CC0416
PL30 3JT St Teath - White Hart Pub CC0097
PL30 3NN St Tudy Post Office & Stores CC0147
PL26 7NN St. Stephen - Brannel Room CC0169
PL26 7HD Sticker Post Office & Stores CC0083
PL17 8PY Stoke Climsland - Duchy College CS0196
PL17 8ND Stoke Climsland School CC0430
PL1 3RP Stonehouse cPAD DC0032
PL5 1JX Tamar River Sailing Club DC0204
PL5 4NN Tamerton Foliot DC0467
PL19 9AZ Tavistock Squash Club DC0149
PL19 8BB Tavistock Street Pastors - Bedford Hotel DC0131
PL19 0AU Tavistock Town Hall DC0355
PL19 9FD Tavyside Health Centre DC0297
PL18 9AJ Telephone Box - Albaston CC0387
PL17 7RD Tesco Store - Callington CC0269
PL15 9HG Tesco Store - Launceston CC0271
PL25 3HR Tesco Store - St Austell CC0272
PL13 1BU The Admiral Boscarn CC0507
PL29 3RU The Blacksmiths shop holiday let CC0458
PL9 7AU The Broadway Management Plymstock DC0368
PL11 3HJ The Copley Arms CC0389
PL30 3HH The Cornish Arms CC0494
PL24 2EE The Four Lords CC0293
PL8 2AH The Foxhound Inn DC0221
PL23 1DA The Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre CC0485
PL14 6JD The Highwayman Inn CC0291
PL30 4ES The Jubilee Hall CC0312
PL30 5EF The Kings Arms CC0436
PL12 5DE The Old Chapel, Bethany CC0268
PL23 1LX The Old Ferrry Inn CC0279
PL9 0JD The Old Wheel Public House DC0072
PL30 3DN The Red Lion Inn CC0163
PL12 6QS The Telephone box CC0492
PL13 1AA The Wishing Well CC0508
PL34 0DA Tintagel The King Arthur's Arms CC0013
PL11 2RE Torpoint Athletic Football Club CS0245
PL11 2LD Torpoint Town Hall CC0329
PL13 1HN Train Station Looe CC0503
PL15 9PU Treburley Social Club CC0465
PL15 7EU Tregadillett Community Centre CC0237
PL25 3TH Tregreghan Mills Telephone Box CC0424
PL34 0EX Treknow Village Hall CC0230
PL15 8RL Trelash Village Telephone Box CC0453
PL29 3TQ Trelights Telephone Box CC0410
PL15 7TA Trenault House CC0259
PL13 2QD Trenewan - Phone box CC0386
PL32 9ST Tresparett Horseshoe Inn CC0041
PL26 8YE Trethurgy Village Hall CC0404
PL26 8TL Treverbyn Community Hall CC0339
PL26 7QW Treviscoe Community Centre - Lower Treviscoe CC0351
PL27 7UD Trevisker Community Primary School CC0561
PL28 8QY Trevone Beach Complex Hotel CC0146
PL28 8QN Trevone Well Parc Hotel CC0104
PL28 8SL Trevose Head Boathouse CC0298
PL15 8QF Trewen Cottage CC0258
PL25 5SL Trewoon Post Office CC0090
PL28 8JR Treyarnon Bay Youth Hostel CC0371
PL27 6TD Tristram Car Park CC0274
PL15 8LA Truscott Farm Yard CC0528
PL24 2QP Tywardreath The New Inn CC0098
PL21 0HQ Ugborough Football Club DC0515
PL21 0NT Ugborough Village Hall DC0193
PL21 9SJ WC Electrical Ltd DC0602
PL27 6AE Wadebridge Bowling Club CC0079
PL27 7AL Wadebridge Bridge Bike Hire CC0086
PL27 6BJ Wadebridge Camels RFC CC0067
PL27 7DR Wadebridge Conservative Club CC0114
PL27 7BX Wadebridge John Betjeman Centre CC0093
PL27 6EA Wadebridge Town Football Club CC0066
PL27 6JA Wadebridge Trelawney Garden Centre CC0087
PL15 8UP Warbstow Community Centre CC0354
PL31 1HP Waterside Cornwall CC0555
PL19 0NL Week Farm Amenities Ltd DC0674
PL9 0HP Wembury Community DC0106
PL13 2BU West Looe Amenity Shelter CC0304
PL13 2EE West Looe Scout Hut CC0505
PL13 2HL West Looe Town Tust Car Park CC0504
PL19 9DQ Whitchurch CPAD DC0470
PL26 7XH Whitemoor Chapel CC0168
PL12 6TG Who’d Have Thought It Inn CC0315
PL14 1QB Widegates Village Hall CC0113
PL12 5BJ Windy Ridge, Trerulefoot CC0391
PL30 5NN Withiel Village Hall CC0303
PL7 4RR Woodford Methodist Church DC0648
PL6 7TR Woolwell Centre DC0678
PL7 5HN Wotter Surgery CC0297
PL8 2EA Yealm Medical Centre DC0062
PL20 6AS Yelverton Doctors Surgery DC0333

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

OSM Object Ref Location
n4636433907 In former telephone box.
n5660755971 Inside Morrisons

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object

Ref Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location MR Offset
PL20 6SD Dartmoor Forest Parish Council n3158586842 55 m
PL14 3JY Addington Stores n4497094232 On wall outside door of shop. 31 m
PL14 3QX Menheniott Parish Council n4635121890 White Hart Hotel car park 55 m
PL14 3JH Liskeard Constitional Club n4864120316 Attached to wall 10 m
PL10 1NA Kingsands Gig Club No.1 n5202316963 56 m
PL10 1NQ Kingsands Gig Club No.2 n5202317358 335 m
PL26 6HN Gorran Green Telephone Box n5268963388 in red phone box on green in Gorran Churchtown 75 m
PL11 3JF Seaton Park Public Toilets n5499407388 207 m
PL11 2AX Torpoint Ferry Tower n5586403726 99 m
PL14 4QX The Green n5904925771 Under shelter 17 m
PL14 5LE The Cheesewring Hotel n5932535546 wall 76 m
PL1 4FB Devonport Ferry Tower n6027666450 194 m
PL31 1ER Bodmin - Wovina n6841711527 21 m
PL31 2DP Bodmin Lighthouse Electrical n6841711528 8 m
PL31 2JU Bodmin Ron's Electrical Shop n6841711529 13 m
PL17 7BD Callington Outside Public Conveniences n7995895288 29 m
PL14 4DA Geoffrey Harris Tyres n8314970539 145 m
PL14 4BL Liskeard Royal British Legion n8315035001 60 m
PL17 8NY Stoke Climsland Sports and Social Club n8385193895 21 m

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