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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'NN' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. There is one exception, we do have permission to add the UUID reference numbers from The Circuit to OSM. This website is not intended for use in an emergency. If you require urgent medical assistance, call 999 now.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the source data that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). Clicking on a circle will show more information about the unmatched object.

Each green line/circle represents a match between an AED in the source data and an OSM object. The OSM object is at the end of the line with a small green circle; the location in the source data is at the other end of the line. Different greens are used as follows: dark green for a match with the Circuit via the UUID, mid green for a match with the Circuit just based on proximity, and pale green for a match with the NDDB based on proximity. For more information about the matching see below. Clicking on a line will show more information about the matched objects.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. Then we check each unmatched location in the source data for the nearest unmatched OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all still unmatched source locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 30m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 100m and (for the NDDB only) 250m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be false-positive matches.

Circuit AEDs recorded as duplicates

AEDs are sometimes erroneously registered twice in The Circuit. The duplicate record would appear unmatched in this tool, so there is a mecahnism for manually marking such duplciates. See the Duplicate AEDs page for details. The duplicate AEDs (which are not considered for matching) are listed below.

Found 7 duplicate AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
704B51D8-A2C8-4C65-B4DF-AB7400EF849D NN13 6GN Egerton Hall, Juno Crescent, Brackley 24/7 Public 11m
82F78478-6D4F-483D-B565-AD7F0150D9C9 NN14 1PT 8 Bridle Way, Cransley 24/7 Public 11m
9E44138B-9F92-42D4-93C8-AD6E012F8A21 NN14 4DA Ringstead Parish Council, The Village Hall, 9 High Street 24/7 Public 11m
A5BC21B6-0684-4471-AD18-B00D00B26194 NN15 6BH Northants Fire And Rescue Service, Headlands, Kettering 24/7 Public 11m
EA3D457A-1B9F-4F39-A4BA-293E2C6F53A2 NN15 6SR Shelter 29m From 32 St Botolphs Road 10m From St Botolph's Road, St Botolphs Road, Barton Seagrave 24/7 Public 6w
E78D0523-B7FD-463B-AD0D-321CA9B787A6 NN6 0RB White Mills Marina, White Mills Marina Ltd, 344, Grendon Road, 24/7 Public 11m
03E6994F-DD74-4E14-9573-AF8600EB7CC1 NN7 3HG Gayton Village Hall, Hillcrest Road, Gayton 24/7 Public 11m

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

The AEDs listed here are not close enough to an unmatched AED in OSM to be matched. Matches between The Circuit and an OSM object further away can be forced by adding a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the corresponding Circuit UUID. It is not possible to force a match to the NDDB). In case of a single AED being recorded twice in The Circuit, the duplicate can be noted by this tool. See Duplicate AEDs. The entries in fainter type are those that are not public 24/7 units. These are less likely to be able to be mapped in OSM.

Found 734 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
B3929323-B1E1-46CB-90D7-ABDF00D3E253 NN1 1BQ B & Q Plc, Towcester Road, Northampton Variable Public 11m
AADE4514-EB2D-4829-9767-BC10F1B55F8E NN1 1EQ The University Of Northampton, St Johns Halls Of Residence (University Of Northampton), St John's Street / Swan Street 24/7 Restricted 7m
0A582DAB-CDD2-4B8A-98F2-AE7000C2FD3F NN1 1PJ Puregym, St Peters Way, Northampton 24/7 Restricted 11m
53347469-00F6-4C21-BA88-AEB400A58951 NN1 1RS Admiral, 16-20 Gold Street, Northampton 24/7 Public 9m
2CB3DA8E-DE8A-46B9-91CE-AF0A011393F8 NN1 1SP Northampton Railway Station, Black Lion Hill, Northampton Variable Public 11m
E0D0B20D-41CC-48DD-BF8A-ABBB00E97014 NN1 1SY University Of Northampton Innovation Centre, Innovation Centre / Ctc (University Of Northampton), Reception Variable Restricted 7m
DBFA7DAD-C5F4-4252-AAF4-AF9500EE87E7 NN1 2AJ O2 Store (0084) Northampton, 12 Abington Street, Northamptonshire Variable Restricted 11m
191ADF4E-4A11-472C-8E80-AE3900F29D31 NN1 2AN Tesco Express, 1315 Abingdon Street, #N/A Variable Public 11m
6274 NN1 2AP Outside 42-46 Abington Street, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
6285 NN1 2BH Outside 56-61 Abington Street, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
7C9CEDAF-F783-4462-AF7D-9E77AC83D9D9 NN1 2EW Grosvenor Management 1-2 Grosvenor Centre, Union St, Northampton Variable Restricted 3w
8523DD13-CD1D-49FD-B27A-C22A3C0F4645 NN1 2EW Grosvenor Shopping Centre, Grosvenor Centre, Northampton Variable Restricted 3w
350069B6-1ED9-4734-8D64-AD8E01314690 NN1 2PQ Boys Brigade Old Boys Rugby Football & Social Club, St Andrews Road, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
F3DBAB2B-EF6D-4444-9F4F-B15B00B539AE NN1 2TE Ramgarhia Board Northampton Gurdwara, Ramgarhia Board Northampton Gurdwara Sahib, Cromwell Street 24/7 Public 2m
5DBE6A37-6EE9-40DF-959E-AE3200B34D63 NN1 3DE Northampton College, Lower Mounts, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
8EC05C7B-83D9-4113-8CAC-B15000CEC7FA NN1 3DE Northampton College, Lower Mounts, Northampton Variable Public 2m
FFCEB9AF-E79C-49E4-A6F8-DAC7B556BD4F NN1 3DN Mounts Swimming Pool, Upper Mounts, Northampton Variable Restricted 6w
8C218A13-9E6C-42AD-8216-B174012720BE NN1 3JE Northampton Mosque And Islamic Centre, 72 Clare Street, Northampton Variable Public 6w
3D407398-073F-4CCD-9DAC-8CCD75E13207 NN1 4AZ Northamptonshire Music And Performing Arts Trust, (Nmpat), 125 Kettering Road Variable Restricted 6w
DCC7D55E-B0A1-4092-9F7E-AE1E00BA623D NN1 4DR Tesco, 125 Wellingborough Road, Portland Place Variable Public 9m
7D67AE9E-CA2F-4A2C-8879-B0F30117EA11 NN1 4EB Flat The Gardeners Arms Public House, 1 Bouverie Street, Northampton 24/7 Public 5m
010C61CD-76FB-4519-BE8A-B02600739A0B NN1 4EX Tesco Stores Ltd, 348 Wellingborough Rd, Northampton Variable Public 11m
62144F70-16DD-450C-855D-AFA300BB4878 NN1 4HN Crockett And Jones Ltd, Factory - Crockett And Jones Ltd, Perry Street Variable Restricted 11m
A73DB143-7B4F-4223-A319-B0B600B282DD NN1 4RY St Matthews Parish Centre, 27 The Drive, Northampton 24/7 Public 7m
E42828EE-9D59-42E9-B08D-ADC6FC993994 NN1 4SB 2 The Crescent, Kingsley Northampton Variable Restricted 6w
9387DD92-7996-4A30-84EC-ABBB00E41EC3 NN1 5BF Podiatry Clinic (University Of Northampton), Northampton General Hospital, Cliftonville Road Variable Restricted 7m
D50700B5-1A04-4FA0-A498-AD4A00D3AEA7 NN1 5DQ Mola, 30 Billing Road, Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
CB5B443A-5FF8-4F0C-9E27-ADF000EC8B01 NN1 5FS Development Hub (University Of Northampton), Cliftonville Road, Northampton Variable Restricted 7m
F7C7D5F0-F1B8-4AA7-B1FF-B08900A2364F NN1 5JS Barry Primary School, Barry Road, Abington Variable Restricted 9m
CCDBB0EF-648C-4B88-93A3-426E80F45351 NN1 5LY King Edward Road Surgery Christchurch Medical Centre, King Edward Rd, Northampton Variable Restricted 6w
E9226934-E0BD-44EB-89EA-ABBB00DC6784 NN1 5NZ Intenational Leather Centre, University Drive, Northampton 24/7 Public 7m
89E331B4-37BF-44E5-88C1-B0AF00AC98CD NN1 5PA University Of Northampton (Engine Shed), Engine Shed / Student Union, Park Avenue Variable Public 7m
B0E2EDB5-AE9C-4A06-A963-ABBB00DFB71C NN1 5PA Logistics Hub (University Of Northampton), Electric Avenue, Northampton Variable Restricted 7m
B64644B8-59B0-42CD-9D13-ABBB00E1B69C NN1 5PA The University Of Northampton, Sports Lab (University Of Northampton), Electric Avenue 24/7 Public 7m
8597F333-C872-40E7-9353-ABBB00E0DAF3 NN1 5PH University Of Northampton - Learning Hub, Learning Hub, Delapre Avenue 24/7 Public 7m
30EE3631-D1F1-4378-A6FE-AC68E2E565CF NN1 5RX Billing Rd, Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
7229 NN1 5RY Bold Dragoon Cricket Club, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
37676E6D-C413-4F82-8F5B-B07700F36648 NN10 0AA Wesleyan Church Hall, Queen Street, Rushden 24/7 Public 9m
C9E3E82B-1603-498A-8DDF-3D4336FA1F82 NN10 0SA Rushden & Higham R U F C, Bedford Road, Rushden 24/7 Public 11m
B38C13FF-A26A-4CEC-A57A-AD7F00A04B84 NN10 0SJ 8 Avenue Road, Rushden Variable Restricted 11m
B85FDC76-578C-4F93-8135-B13800B1BFB6 NN10 0SN Avenue House Nursing And Care, 173-175 Avenue Road, Rushden 24/7 Public 3m
388E626F-C18C-4918-B4F7-B15600F0D39C NN10 6AR Waitrose Rushden, Crown Park, Rushden Variable Public 2m
9015C4A3-554E-424E-B210-B02900D134C1 NN10 6BD Peck Way, 24 Peck Way, Rushden 24/7 Public 11m
14A39D4C-8660-4DD3-A3C4-AFE800D5A0B2 NN10 6EN Scewfix, Unit 4, Brindley Close Variable Restricted 11m
E490428E-7AF5-49FF-9C9F-4986F6C749C8 NN10 6FH Rushden Lakes Shopping Centre, Rushden Lakes, Rushden 24/7 Public 11m
317BE8FE-80BB-4312-BBD2-B15D00FB3ACD NN10 6XZ Methodist Homes / Park Nursing, Rushden Park Nursing Home, Melloway Road 24/7 Public 2m
9604094D-44EC-4EA6-80FD-B03B00A952B8 NN10 8BQ Wharf Road, Higham Ferrers Variable Restricted 11m
686E3E61-E418-449B-8FC2-B04C00A41FF3 NN10 8ED Higham Ferrers Junior, Higham Ferrers Junior School, Saffron Road Variable Restricted 9m
1FC23F6E-F50B-48F6-872F-AD9E010275B9 NN10 8NQ Henry Chichele Primary School, School Lane, Higham Ferrers 24/7 Public 11m
69CF331B-85E0-4FD2-93B7-AD74012500A3 NN10 9ES Public Toilets Hall Park, High Street South, Rushden Variable Public 11m
5B70C597-D6C8-46B3-8364-AE3800B0A576 NN10 9JR Tesco Express, 1-7 High St, 0 Variable Public 11m
F799B4C2-4439-4386-AE88-B08400EA2C91 NN10 9JU South End Junior, South End Junior School, Wymington Road Variable Restricted 9m
0500BA34-3BF2-42C2-BA96-B18600E08E02 NN10 9LB 14 Link Road, Rushden 24/7 Restricted 3w
3701 NN10 9LF The New Inn, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
AE95A180-90C8-4FFA-829E-B11500A915B2 NN10 9LN The New Inn, 1 Rushden Road, Wymington 24/7 Public 4m
E0C80EDD-3ED5-4A3A-8835-B035009E95BD NN10 9QD Alt School - Tennyson Rd Site, Alfred Lord Tennyson School, Highfield Road Variable Public 11m
75FDAFB3-CE33-4BAD-9562-AE2400F28593 NN10 9SJ Splash Pool, Station Road, Rushden 24/7 Public 11m
860D9BC7-59AD-4C35-A9C3-AFF00110A0CE NN10 9TH Windmill Club And Snooker Club, Rushden Windmill Club, Glassbrook Road 24/7 Public 11m
41D49E03-6970-46B7-9A16-19D047C4A8D3 NN10 9TR The Medical Centre, Adnitt Rd, Rushden Variable Restricted 3w
916E4B0B-195A-4D32-BA7A-CF80CEF13B5E NN10 9YP Pemberton Centre, H E Bates Wy, Rushden Variable Restricted 11m
C069EB3D-335F-42DE-9D24-AF1000F274D1 NN11 0QE The Parker E-Act Academy, Ashby Road, Daventry Variable Restricted 11m
CCD519D8-6960-4F1F-A39B-4A1778E991E0 NN11 0QE Daventry Community Centre, Ashby Rd, Daventry 24/7 Public 11m
75331260-2184-4ABA-A79B-B04300F0B807 NN11 0QF Falconer's Hill Academy, Falconers Hill Junior School, Ashby Road Variable Public 11m
94DC99D2-AFD5-4E14-856D-AF1000B4FCD2 NN11 0XY Busy Bees Day Centre, Busy Bees, Wimborne Pl 24/7 Public 11m
AB2148B6-5CBD-46FA-AC9D-AE3900EB8250 NN11 0XY Tesco Express, Tesco Stores Ltd, 6 Wimborne Place Variable Restricted 11m
DCCBBA3D-571F-40AA-9DBA-B187011639D3 NN11 2JB Reservoir Cafe Daventry Country Park, Footpath - Daventry Country Park, Daventry 24/7 Public 3w
2FC55D65-7A56-4574-9F1B-B0E700A51548 NN11 2NH Whilton Locks Garden Village, Whilton Locks Garden Centre, Whilton Variable Public 6m
D985075B-C43C-4A3E-B044-B162014B67A8 NN11 2NH Whilton Locks Garden Centre, Whilton Locks, Whilton Variable Restricted 2m
E2E95290-67C1-40A5-97C2-AD79008C870B NN11 2NH Jpp, Grand Union Works, Whilton Locks Variable Restricted 9m
1421026E-7025-495C-A121-E2646556785A NN11 2NN Whilton Village Hall, Main St, Whilton Daventry 24/7 Public 11m
D42A8C91-08A1-447D-8E8D-AB7200D14586 NN11 2NN Whilton Parish Council, Whilton Village Hall, Main Street 24/7 Public 11m
B74D2EE8-F820-42B1-89D0-B08100782B73 NN11 2PD Monksmoor Park Ce Primary School, Croxden Way, Monksmoor Park Variable Restricted 9m
E141B8E8-CB0E-4AC4-8143-A29170F3B050 NN11 3AF Badby Village Hall, The Green, Badby Daventry 24/7 Public 11m
7DA22CF0-CA04-40DA-969D-B19A00C339EC NN11 3PP Eydon Village Hall Committee, Village Hall, 24 High Street 24/7 Public 3w
7815E711-0094-493D-81D8-57F19022EFD0 NN11 3QR Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Station, Byfield Rd, Woodford Halse Daventry 24/7 Public 11m
E5E79D3D-DAFA-49A6-8EC7-659660A2DA8A NN11 3RB Memorial Hall, Station Rd, Woodford Halse 24/7 Public 11m
22A995DF-A030-45BC-99E2-AFDBADD6E1D5 NN11 3SD National Trust Canons Ashby House, General Area Of, Canons Ashby Daventry 24/7 Public 11m
B6DFECF0-7496-4F5E-A06F-82620BB94420 NN11 3TD Preston Capes Parish Council, Preston Capes Village Hall, Old Forge Lane 24/7 Public 11m
D1F9BD62-7586-47CB-95F0-B155009DA77E NN11 4BL Holy Cross Church Hall, Holy Cross Church, Church Walk 24/7 Public 2m
76090319-FE1F-4F94-8FB1-F44800DF9FC8 NN11 4BT Tesco Stores Ltd, 15 New St, Daventry Variable Public 11m
29451503-86BB-4C52-B3CC-B0B6011FDE13 NN11 4DR Waitrose & Partners - Daventry, 13 Bowen Square, Daventry Variable Public 7m
29D6A46D-4962-407D-8F4B-AF0B00AA8411 NN11 4DY Longlands Specialist Care Centre, Longlands Specialist Care Centre,, Grounds Of Danetre Hospital 24/7 Public 11m
E6E79A78-51B0-44F7-9B46-B01A00EB14DA NN11 4FP Daventry Leisure Centre, Lodge Road, Daventry Variable Public 11m
A9BD4507-551B-4794-A47D-B04300D3ED7F NN11 4GD Abbey Church Of England Academy, Vicar Lane, Daventry Variable Restricted 9m
FF8613D8-3C3A-4E50-98C9-B11C00FE5B1F NN11 4GD Mcdonald's, Vicar Lane, Daventry 24/7 Public 4m
A012686B-840E-4889-8F7C-B18C004B378F NN11 4GH Arc Cinema, Mulberry Place, Daventry 24/7 Public 3w
B11B2373-3F28-47B2-B829-535B31FAD956 NN11 4GP Daventry Leisure Centre, Lodge Rd, Daventry Variable Restricted 11m
B2E94724-0228-4E79-8E42-AFEB006BEADC NN11 4HB Screwfix, 54 High March, High March Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 9m
F57FCE73-D57E-47D6-A58B-AE9B00FFDBBB NN11 4HB Viridian Nutrition, 15-17 High March, Daventry 24/7 Public 11m
A89E0700-AA61-4F8C-A697-AE3200B54E99 NN11 4HJ Northampton College, Badby Road West, Daventry Variable Restricted 11m
A2B49077-4414-44B9-8CDA-B07000BBB321 NN11 4HN Daventry Ambulance Station, Daventry Ambulance Station. Marlow Close, Daventry 24/7 Public 9m
FEC17FDA-80D8-49E4-A9CB-B18100D8A6AA NN11 4JS Southbrook Community Centre, Hood Road, Daventry 24/7 Public 6w
733044AF-90D1-4DB3-8D3C-AE6B00AC5893 NN11 4NS Daventry Town Football Club, Elderstubbs Park, Browns Road 24/7 Public 11m
916511E3-B85D-44CB-B73A-B0DF00D44583 NN11 4NS George Browns Ltd, George Browns Ltd Geo Browns Implements Ltd, 1 Browns Road Variable Public 6m
79A4985B-783E-4D86-AC95-67E5537B22A5 NN11 4SD Endeavour Speciality Chemicals Ltd 12 Low March Industria, Low March, Daventry Variable Restricted 11m
32D67E16-2EA3-4E62-81C1-AF9000B6C80A NN11 4ST Daventry & District Sports Trust, Daventry & District Sports Club, Stefen Hill Sports Ground, Western Avenue 24/7 Restricted 11m
843E4FC4-31A0-4286-A803-B08B00C4F820 NN11 4XG West Northants Council, The Abbey Centre, St John's Square Variable Public 9m
42047B18-3492-4DD0-9FB0-B09D00967A8B NN11 6DL 12 Church Road, Upper Boddington Variable Restricted 8m
9A8EAFAC-6BE4-495C-8C7A-AC11008D67BD NN11 6GE Hellidon Village Hall Little Back Lane, Hellidon 24/7 Public 11m
B48613E5-F3FB-4759-8002-B04900A6CC77 NN11 6JF Staverton Church Of England Primary, Glebe Lane, Staverton Variable Restricted 9m
8F47E4B4-380B-4248-AAE1-5E8EB2C40F19 NN11 6JS Braunston Ln, Staverton Daventry 24/7 Public 11m
A6D58286-B23B-45DB-A34E-5E7D03A031A2 NN11 6UF St Marys Catholic Primary School, Main St, Aston Le Walls 24/7 Public 11m
982F4116-F19C-437F-BE76-ABF100EB51E9 NN11 7HF School Lodge Barby Road, Braunston 24/7 Public 11m
E0536608-2C14-4A6F-A9BA-AF1E00995A2F NN11 7JG Bragborough Hall Business Centre, 1 Welton Road, Braunston 24/7 Public 11m
8DF75BBF-EC77-47C3-90C5-AE300107B9B9 NN11 7JH Braunston Parish Council, Braunston Marina Trade Centre Braunston Marina, The Wharf 24/7 Public 11m
F11DD709-AF71-4BE6-97C1-B1950070253E NN11 7JQ Braunston Stop House, The Stop House, The Wharf 24/7 Public 3w
222E5A70-B61E-43D8-8DDE-AEC901421B27 NN11 7JT Braunston Playing Field Association, Braunston Playing Field, Barby Road 24/7 Public 11m
42EC63A7-01D7-4A4F-BF12-B00700F06F2D NN11 8EA Ceva Logistics Ltd, Ceva Logistics Ltd Nene House, Sopwith Way Variable Public 11m
D0516757-6965-443E-B6CB-AE5A00BA34EB NN11 8JZ Orbit Homes, Micklewell Park, Site Office Variable Restricted 11m
A12BEB66-238D-406C-A201-AE20010A002B NN11 8NF Jd Wetherspoons Ltd, Dhl-Jdw National Distribution Centre, Nasmyth Road 24/7 Public 11m
C8DC4444-E972-4516-8E9E-ADA600A7A98D NN11 8NF Dhl-Jdw National Distribution Centre, Nasmyth Road, Daventry 24/7 Restricted 11m
FC6C8648-A4FD-4B70-B5B5-AFA300954E10 NN11 8NF Ceva Logistics, Ceva Logistics Ltd, Nasmyth Road 24/7 Public 11m
BF014D27-2947-44AF-A29F-AFA20094C77F NN11 8PB Ceva Logistics, Ceva Logistics Ltd, Sopwith Way Variable Public 11m
5D774B99-3BA6-44FE-9282-A7092B05C509 NN11 8RR Baker And Baker Daventry, Newton Cl, Daventry Variable Restricted 6w
DA77CECD-AAD2-40E6-90C4-C52F96064A8F NN11 8YH Langley Waterproofing Systems Langley House, Lamport Dr, Heartlands Business Park Daven 24/7 Public 9m
F792F177-13A3-4498-8D53-B15300ACB854 NN11 8YT Rockfon Training Centre, Rockwool Ltd, 7-8 Badby Park Variable Restricted 2m
10B6D738-6BD5-4BC3-98E4-B4BCE7FB137F NN11 9FZ Royal Star Dr, Daventry 24/7 Public 11m
8A1C7129-D290-4A80-AD40-06E4D9A7FC9B NN12 6AD The Forum, Moat Ln, Towcester Variable Restricted 9m
831A3061-F60D-462B-BEC6-B04200BEE562 NN12 6AU Bransons Lane, Towcester Variable Restricted 9m
AE270C7B-5AAC-4BC5-AC50-AD9E0103B485 NN12 6DB John White Funerals Ltd, 188 Watling Street West, Towcester Variable Restricted 11m
B1889E2B-D030-4B33-B97E-2257B697E94C NN12 6HH Towcester Medical Centre, Link Wy, Towcester Variable Restricted 6w
148506E2-73CE-451F-B04E-AE6E009F9A4C NN12 6JA Nicholas Hawksmoor School, Balmoral Close, Towcester 24/7 Public 11m
A7829F28-CB97-4661-8A1D-B0300098ED17 NN12 6JA Balmoral Close, Towcester Variable Restricted 11m
F6D73386-DF35-41F4-AC24-B0DF00F2A870 NN12 6JA West Northamptonshire Council, Nicholas Hawksmoor Primary School, Balmoral Close Variable Restricted 6m
22516BD1-31C7-4DB3-9EBB-B08200DE0ABE NN12 6JR Brienz, Wood Burcote 24/7 Public 9m
7227FE74-6DFD-4C9A-B289-AE400105ABD7 NN12 6PF Tesco Stores Ltd, Old Tiffield Road, Towcester Variable Public 9m
BA9609CE-597D-4B6A-8B5F-AFED00DCDEB3 NN12 6PG Screwfix, Unit 3 Axix 43 Tove Valley Business Park, Towcester Variable Restricted 11m
F1961C4E-C0F3-4029-9C17-27FB36E3BC26 NN12 7LN The Old Barn, General Area Of, Alderton Towcester 24/7 Public 11m
9C49DF1D-290F-4BA6-9B9B-AF9C01021B5F NN12 7PG John Hellins Primary School, Brownswood Drive, Potterspury Variable Restricted 11m
E8EF974B-FC5C-47A8-AA39-B0AD0117DFEB NN12 7PJ Potterspury Sports And Social Club, Meadow View, Potterspury 24/7 Public 7m
037E617B-59E6-49A6-B946-B15000FCD9C2 NN12 7QS Green Farm, Puxley Road, Puxley 24/7 Public 2m
03444E3A-CEA3-424D-BEDD-4FE02E0A2E45 NN12 7UL Yardley Gobion Pre-School Children Centre, School Lane, Yardley Gobion 24/7 Public 11m
DCBCDB88-C398-4DDB-A46C-B07B00954199 NN12 7UL West Northamptonshire Council, Yardley Gobion C Of E Primary School, School Lane Variable Public 9m
E452B272-EA5A-47E6-8FCF-B19900AF9F58 NN12 7UL Yardley Gobion Recreation Centre, Yardley Gobion Sports & Social Club, Yardley Gobion Recreation Centre, School Lane, Yardley Gobion 24/7 Public 3w
59F443BD-D2D7-420B-B2EC-B09300A562C6 NN12 8AA Gateway School, St Johns Road, Tiffield Variable Restricted 8m
5A7874B9-EA31-4A60-924E-AFE101060DD7 NN12 8AA Tower 72m From St Johns Centre, St Johns Road 40m From Unnamed Road, St Johns Road, Tiffield 24/7 Public 11m
810CD149-61BA-4A11-9101-3025BA5BEE4E NN12 8AA The Gateway School, St Johns Rd, Tiffield Towcester Variable Restricted 9m
6DB6E4DB-5712-4603-96CE-B04200A91972 NN12 8AB Tiffield Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, Tiffield C Of E Primary School, High Street South, Tiffield Variable Restricted 9m
587E10A8-6138-4769-AA3C-AED200FE48C5 NN12 8AH Duncote Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Duncote 24/7 Public 11m
D0105EDA-22BD-474E-97D7-B06600923286 NN12 8BA 17 High Street, Greens Norton 24/7 Public 9m
1DB7A97B-11FF-4DFF-9852-B10300ABD367 NN12 8BL Community Centre, Greens Norton Community Centre, Towcester Road 24/7 Public 5m
F1E1AC2F-223B-4E35-97C7-ACD401050871 NN12 8EJ Bradden Village Hall, Village Hall, Willows Hill 24/7 Public 11m
28474A1C-BBF0-4379-A762-AF6300E2F440 NN12 8FU Unit 1500a Silverstone Park, Buckingham Road, Lillingstone Dayrell Variable Restricted 9m
A83A3CF6-4EAF-4CE0-9ADA-B14000AB5399 NN12 8LQ Cornhill Squash Club, Bugbrooke Road, Cornhill 24/7 Public 3m
08DBD524-3776-4688-A023-AE0800A3C351 NN12 8LR Weddel Swift Distribution Ltd, The Old Rectory, Banbury Lane Variable Restricted 11m
F03A945C-929E-4C62-970F-B09200E48956 NN12 8LR Village Hall, 38 Banbury Lane, Cold Higham 24/7 Public 8m
74741119-F7C3-4D25-88D2-AE6A00FF0606 NN12 8LS Weddel Swift Distribution Ltd, Church Cottage, 2a Church Lane Variable Restricted 9m
660391ED-B9CD-4078-B819-ADE20102541E NN12 8NS Silverstone Design Ltd, Unit 7 West Farm, Gayton Road 24/7 Public 11m
E305F3C9-50BB-43DC-9FE9-50B96BCB5D33 NN12 8QH Whittlebury Hall Hotel & Spa, West Park, Whittlebury Towcester 24/7 Restricted 6w
3B746D6E-5C75-44AD-ACCB-B16800FC01F6 NN12 8RN Blakesley And Woodend Community Hall, Greens Norton Road, Blakesley 24/7 Public 6w
ED5EDF0D-7BEA-45BA-9E95-82C5B1041D12 NN12 8SN Left Hand Side Wall Of The Wappenham Chapel, High St, Wappenham Towcester 24/7 Public 11m
9C94E0A3-2D8D-43E6-A042-B0760107B412 NN12 8TJ Nicab Ltd, Unit 7 Jordan Technology Park, Silverstone Road Variable Restricted 9m
10E04C33-34AF-4513-969B-93A9EA2A4983 NN12 8TN Jbc, Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit, Silverstone Road 24/7 Public 6w
340BCEFC-4801-47C4-918F-B17F008C0710 NN12 8TN Security Hut, Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit, Silverstone Road 24/7 Public 6w
444D959F-5E14-4466-B017-B17F008CFDBE NN12 8TN Medical Centre, Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit, Silverstone Road 24/7 Public 6w
73041282-A6B1-4416-B673-B17F00A8FBFA NN12 8TN Wing Entrance 3, Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit, Silverstone Road Variable Public 6w
26CB67AB-19CB-4901-BD79-B106009E52DE NN12 8UB 1 Towcester Road, Silverstone Variable Restricted 5m
1B10E2DA-F2AF-47D7-8B9B-ADDE008AEB90 NN12 8UD Avalon, Whittlebury Road, Silverstone Variable Restricted 11m
91205A33-2DCE-49F4-AEBC-B07C009614B7 NN12 8XH High Street, Whittlebury 24/7 Public 9m
8F6D3DFA-EADD-46EC-B835-AFAB00D533A5 NN13 5HJ Syresham Parish Council, Syresham Village Hall, Main Road 24/7 Public 11m
FA8028ED-4282-433B-8687-AD1E00C604DA NN13 5JN Westbury Parish Council, Westbury Village Hall, Playing Field Road 24/7 Public 11m
400DBDAE-DEF7-4CCC-B72D-C5A79A06F2C9 NN13 5NF The Crewe Arms, General Area Of, Hinton-In-The-Hedges Brackley 24/7 Public 11m
052013A1-7983-409D-B2E4-B07C00DF9930 NN13 5PA West Northamptonshire Council, Farthinghoe Primary School, Main Road Variable Restricted 9m
21B94FB9-C8AF-4A72-851E-B12E011820FC NN13 5PZ Small Village Green, The Old School, 14 Whitfield Road 24/7 Public 3m
DC8F8B1C-C4CB-47B8-8283-AF0C0113BAB3 NN13 5QL Helmdon Sports Club, Wappenham Road, Helmdon Variable Restricted 11m
C758AF3C-AD65-4876-AE63-AEC900AFEADD NN13 5QT Helmdon County Primary School, 21 Station Road, Helmdon 24/7 Public 11m
A7E36C67-4321-4D11-AAB5-AC5200E5B484 NN13 6AE Brackley Baptist Church, Waynflete Close, Brackley 24/7 Public 11m
A9160808-2C76-448D-9981-B03000FBF682 NN13 6AF Waynflete Infants' School, Waynflete Infant School, Waynflete Avenue Variable Public 4m
167038EC-80E0-4722-B5FD-B15600E6538C NN13 6BE Waitrose Brackley, Manor Road, Brackley Variable Public 2m
E924CB87-5A4B-4910-9559-298DA580B7B3 NN13 6DY Football Pavilion Grange Farm, General Area Of, Halse Brackley 24/7 Public 11m
3C5AB46B-534C-400E-BA18-AE5800BE054F NN13 6ED Brackley Squash Club, Manor Road, Brackley 24/7 Restricted 11m
CA99BA79-CAA5-42DD-AE86-B12700DDE2B2 NN13 6EQ Lily Pad Day Nursery, 77 Halse Road, Brackley 24/7 Public 4m
B5C27331-6021-4F13-B7EE-B18D00E40B87 NN13 6FB Magdalen College School, Waynflete Buildings, Waynflete Avenue Variable Restricted 3w
FC310898-DD47-4D5B-A186-1E3DDD3D2B1C NN13 6GN Egerton Hall, Juno Crescent, Brackley 24/7 Public 11m
C9FCFB56-F9EC-49CB-9450-59AD6EF4AA87 NN13 6JJ Brackley Leisure Centre, Springfield Way, Brackley Variable Restricted 11m
3A34C506-A6AF-41BF-BC48-B14600D4BE7E NN13 6JR Tesco, Unit 1 Westfields Centre, Lark Rise Variable Public 2m
3176 NN13 6PN Brackley Rugby Club, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
73C6D958-F5F8-4267-B7EB-AC5200E4BAED NN13 6PP 1 Kingfisher Road, Brackley 24/7 Public 11m
838C8164-77C2-4E2F-8C0E-AFE800D4DEF1 NN13 6RE Screwfix, Unit 10, Wellington Road Variable Restricted 11m
AB8B2FBC-41C7-4DFD-AE8C-AC5200F6E792 NN13 7AW Cherwell Sign Supplies, Cherwell House, Farm Road Variable Restricted 11m
B43DFA1F-CFCD-4342-B118-B07F00E41D02 NN13 7BB St Peter’s Church, Church Road, Brackley 24/7 Public 9m
7FAAB30E-0C6C-4D1F-BD23-AC5200E6E8EB NN13 7BE Tyre Warehouse, Borough Court, 2 Borough Road 24/7 Public 11m
A34D54E1-951E-4770-B819-FEEB2CF3C8AD NN13 7DW The Old Fire Station Cafe, Brackley Park, High Street 24/7 Public 11m
C14E5113-37B1-48FB-B045-B18D00E5E685 NN13 7DW Magdalen College School, High Street, Brackley Variable Restricted 3w
27E936F2-027C-4958-85E4-84AA75054E47 NN13 7EF Tesco Stores Ltd, Oxford Rd, Brackley Variable Public 9m
6E57031D-FB41-4A99-BCBA-AD8000B53028 NN13 7EJ Brackley Town Football Club, Churchill Way, Brackley Variable Restricted 11m
A240E807-D7B6-4C6E-9422-AD9C009A8232 NN13 7EJ Brackley Town Football Club, St James Park, Churchill Way 24/7 Public 11m
8A88D2DB-72A4-4E49-8246-B00E00BA1CE7 NN13 7EL Neighbourly Uk, Unit 4, Brackley Campus, Buckingham Road Variable Restricted 11m
6CC39FC3-3B4B-455E-B9E7-0AE3E9606D50 NN13 7EX Faccenda Foods Ltd, Willow Rd, Brackley 24/7 Public 11m
E19497EE-64DF-4E99-8184-AB7400ECF79D NN13 7FH The Paisley Pear, Northampton Road, Brackley 24/7 Public 11m
81846CC5-70D4-4A87-9DF1-B0730121C379 NN13 7NN Cantor And Nissel Ltd, Cantor & Nissel, 6a Market Place 24/7 Public 9m
FE05C5A2-2188-47A2-8F2C-B11C010C4FBF NN14 1BW 5 Access Road To Newton House, Newton 24/7 Public 4m
9E41A9B2-8950-49C9-8223-AFFC00582D0D NN14 1EL The Village Hall, Church Road, Pytchley 24/7 Public 11m
0F370147-880B-44A5-A266-B11800B577CD NN14 1EU Overstone Arms, Stringers Hill, Pytchley 24/7 Public 4m
6B75E5E6-CD63-48DC-88AB-B0C300C011B5 NN14 1HD Isham Ce Primary School, Isham C Of E Va Primary School, Church Street Variable Public 7m
06CB7A90-8A40-46FA-8570-AE5B00E7ABD9 NN14 1JZ Loddington & Mawsley Cricket Club, Loddington Cricket Pavilion And Ground, Harrington Road 24/7 Public 11m
59C4F137-4133-4067-8E26-B0AA0145D49A NN14 1LJ Orton, Main Street, Orton 24/7 Public 8m
5803 NN14 1ND Village Hall, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
78A647C0-5AF4-442D-A94B-AD7F01502B6B NN14 1ND Village Hall Broughton, Gate Lane, Broughton 24/7 Public 11m
02E79665-1A38-4870-96B6-B03B00E84ABB NN14 1RL Rushton Primary School, Station Road, Rushton Variable Restricted 9m
C702973C-7C2E-4B51-9A01-AD4B007298A3 NN14 2JJ Legacy Leisure Ltd, Desborough Leisure Centre, Ironwood Avenue Variable Public 11m
3FF0658F-F8D4-4EAC-8FAB-AD7300991DDB NN14 2LJ Desborough Town Fc, The Waterworks Field, Braybrooke Road Variable Restricted 11m
A2988293-D985-4A3F-A7CD-B04900777221 NN14 2LU Havelock Infants School, Havelock Street, Desborough Variable Restricted 9m
C2D88A4E-EDEA-41C1-9FF4-AE54010207C7 NN14 2QG 15 Broadlands, Desborough 24/7 Restricted 11m
E1802181-ABB0-460C-A515-CA602B5E8978 NN14 3DD The Pavilion Titchmarsh Playing Fields, Drydens Cl, Titchmarsh Kettering 24/7 Public 9m
540CFDC7-2C05-421F-BC11-B0C400A32E10 NN14 3DR Titchmarsh C Of E Primary School, Titchmarsh Primary School, 2 School Lane Variable Restricted 7m
38DB4082-ED25-4BE1-9B9B-ADF3008DB9CC NN14 3DZ Main Road, Clopton 24/7 Public 11m
376746C0-E27A-4091-843F-ADBA00F1F143 NN14 3ET Brigstock Cricket Club, Bridge Street, Brigstock 24/7 Public 11m
DE94CA3F-6BF3-4566-918F-AD7F0152FDC5 NN14 4AH Cranford Village Hall, Grafton Road, Cranford 24/7 Public 11m
0480794C-CE52-4066-9BDF-AFAB00EA7304 NN14 4AS Dg Timber Solutions, D G Timber Solutions Ltd, Unit 1, Hill Farm Estate, Irthlingborough Road, Little Addington Variable Public 11m
E28047EA-540C-4BD9-B2DA-B10D00E49792 NN14 4DE Ringstead Football Ground, Football Ground, Gladstone Street 24/7 Public 4m
7C444A46-72C1-45A2-A12D-AFA301897F72 NN14 4HD Woodford Community And Sports Complex, Woodford Playing Field, Highfield 24/7 Public 11m
2700 NN14 4JE Cranford Memorial Hall, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
2644E359-E176-4E06-B809-ADB70088F85A NN14 4JP Ground Floor, 2 Bridge Street, Thrapston 24/7 Public 11m
B31CB080-86B8-4E33-9D6B-5EB4B822CC90 NN14 4JY The Nene Centre, Cedar Drive, Thrapston Variable Restricted 9m
2BBA6A4F-03AA-4320-9007-C5FD677DDC4B NN14 4LJ Henry H Bletsoe & Son Oakleigh House, 28 High St, Thrapston Kettering 24/7 Public 11m
4357FE5C-3791-4700-B1F0-AFA000C2F560 NN14 4LU Middle Nene Sailing Club Thrapston, Middle Nene Sailing Club, Meadow Lane 24/7 Public 11m
612761C9-AF1A-4CE9-B64E-572D6044D746 NN14 4NG Crazy For Kid, 107 Huntingdon Rd, Thrapston Kettering 24/7 Public 11m
E2296654-018C-4DBC-AF0A-B17200710E91 NN14 4PP Sunbelt Rentals, Sunbelt Rentals Ltd, Top Close Variable Public 6w
6FC8A0E8-FFFE-47B8-9742-AE4600E7F644 NN14 4TU Blackthorn Marina Ltd, Blackthorn Lake Marina, Station Road Variable Restricted 11m
330174DE-93DB-4720-820F-AD7F01559E37 NN14 6AT Telephone Box Moorfield Road, 8 Moorfield Road Rothwell, Rothwell 24/7 Public 11m
2EA7B3F5-9183-48BE-8CAB-AE3A010A0580 NN14 6EP Tesco Express, 9 Market Hill, Rothwell Variable Public 11m
46B30482-CEE5-4F87-AB2F-B17300F16804 NN14 6ER Rothwell County Junior School, Gladstone Street, Rothwell Variable Restricted 6w
DE0D4A64-0AB1-4E4C-AE5D-B17A00A6DD85 NN14 6HZ Rothwell Victoria Infants School, School Lane, Rothwell Variable Restricted 6w
F925DCC2-0211-4D20-857B-AFAC00EBAF20 NN15 5DJ Ise Bowling Club, Bowling Greens, Grantown Close Variable Restricted 9m
CB86E053-BA66-4B30-92A9-ADCF00E41DE2 NN15 5JH Cranford Road, Telephone Box Cranford Road On Cranford Road, Cranford Road 24/7 Public 11m
3CBEC16F-2920-40EB-A529-AE7500DEA205 NN15 5LJ Burton Latimer Community Centre, Community Centre, Pioneer Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
18B883E3-B115-45CB-B14C-ADE300DA7449 NN15 5PN 24 Wold Road, Burton Latimer 24/7 Restricted 11m
4F865AA1-AC6C-4977-8716-B09600C7F080 NN15 5QA Copper Kettle Home Brewing, Bosworths Garden Centre, Finedon Road 24/7 Public 8m
210D3319-ED87-48D4-B627-AAC600DDC43D NN15 6BL Azets, Thorpe House, 93 Headlands Variable Public 11m
AD723ABD-8FED-4967-82AA-B124009617CC NN15 6HY Greenfields Primary School, Highfield Road, Kettering Variable Restricted 4m
BA77E9AE-7B98-459E-A003-B06A00C0473C NN15 6NJ Wicksteed Park Upper - 33940, Wicksteed Park, Barton Road 24/7 Public 9m
E4D2C3EE-E4D7-493D-92A3-B06A00C4E108 NN15 6NJ Wicksteed Park Lower - 9372, Wicksteed Park, Barton Road 24/7 Public 9m
6DC65009-C32A-41ED-8ABC-AFEB00BF9C7C NN15 6NP Screwfix, Screwfix, Pytchley Business Park, Unit 2, Orion Way Variable Restricted 9m
80E5BA70-1932-4068-8873-ADE600B9307A NN15 6PB Athletics Track, Thurston Drive, Kettering Variable Restricted 11m
0BD82299-660D-4FCE-B17F-B04A00F9656D NN15 6PT St Edwards Catholic Primary School, Eastleigh Road, Kettering Variable Restricted 9m
036B1159-5BE2-4569-B549-ADE400A0055F NN15 6XT Boughton, Kettering Variable Restricted 11m
9C3CD066-E036-4DAA-825D-1BD9DD62AB27 NN15 6XT Kettering Park Hotel & Spar, Kettering Parkway, Kettering Venture Park Ketteri 24/7 Public 11m
61DF32B7-17B8-4172-AEE2-AEBC009AADDF NN15 6XX Verto Uk Ltd, Swallow Court, 3 Kettering Parkway Variable Restricted 11m
D0089B69-A150-44FE-A017-AC5B00A3D544 NN15 7EA The Compass Primary Academy, Library Wall (Indoors), 60 Windmill Avenue Variable Restricted 11m
52585B3A-BD6F-4946-874E-AE8D00A2BAF7 NN15 7JT Kettering Sports Club, Kettering Town Cricket & Sports Club, Off Lake Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
9CEF14FE-1086-439B-8011-ABE400A0B99B NN15 7LE 68 Foster Way, Kettering 24/7 Public 11m
D2233993-DFD2-445A-B58F-B03000F80B54 NN15 7QA Tesco Express, London Road, Kettering Variable Restricted 11m
317457F6-D95D-4259-B702-1FE30922A5BD NN15 7QX North Northamptonshire Council Offices, Municipal Offices, Bowling Green Road 24/7 Public 11m
D687261B-4BDE-4B1E-8970-ED76C8E9319B NN15 7RJ Sunley Court, Pipers Hill Rd, Kettering 24/7 Public 6w
520B3ACE-188F-4A5A-AE33-ABA300C7452E NN15 7RP Hall Meadow School, Packer Road, Kettering 24/7 Restricted 11m
24EA524A-A83E-499A-8C3B-AE4C01017686 NN16 0AH Sarah Franklin Solicitors, 21 Market Street, Kettering Variable Restricted 11m
8CA3667A-85AB-47BF-9CAE-ABCF00E5BDCD NN16 0DH Kettering Street Pastors, Central Methodist Church, School Lane 24/7 Public 11m
22F7BE72-F44A-44A8-AB91-B1030076AD3A NN16 0PL Grange Primary School, Dorothy Road, Kettering Variable Restricted 5m
51460AFB-0CE0-44B1-B033-AE3E00FF650C NN16 0RD Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco, 92 Windmill Avenue Variable Restricted 11m
4387D06C-AB78-45A6-A635-ABDF00D5BFA3 NN16 8DF B & Q Plc, Jutland Road, Kettering Variable Public 11m
9444AD88-250F-437E-A956-2AAD709FE17D NN16 8DN Eskdaill Medical Prospect House, 121 Lower St, Kettering Variable Restricted 6w
E41AB7D6-E49C-4613-999B-B19100F9BBD4 NN16 8ES Kettering Bridge Club, Grange Road, Kettering Variable Restricted 3w
3BD7542E-6B96-4363-AD17-7CBC0334889D NN16 8FX Kettering Premier Inn, Rothwell Rd, Kettering 24/7 Public 11m
120BA8E1-AB7F-4F34-90CB-ADCF010546A1 NN16 8JA The Management Suite, The Management Suite The Mall, Gold Street Variable Restricted 11m
AD79D40B-C0FB-4356-BB05-B0F100D3896D NN16 8JL O2 Store (0506) Kettering, 11 The Mall, Gold Street Variable Restricted 5m
1A3F785D-4D8F-4BF8-AA83-B19B00D416F8 NN16 8PP North Northamptonshire Council, 4 Robinson Way, Telford Way Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 3w
2EB560D6-D2A6-4C3A-B852-A182AE56328E NN16 8PX Certas Energy Uk Ltd Kingsthorne Park, Henson Wy, Telford Way Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
6D0BD1B3-1AAF-40DB-9A98-B07000BBAF33 NN16 8PY Emas Kettering Pts Lockup, Unit 5, Torridge Close, Kettering Variable Public 9m
D095B1A3-A138-4AAF-8A4A-B0C100A73A18 NN16 8PZ Phoenix Surfacing, 12 Henson Close, Kettering 24/7 Public 7m
2E21B768-3F3F-4916-BB0F-AF1600DAB339 NN16 8UN H B Humphries And Co Ltd, Telford Way, Kettering Variable Restricted 11m
35E857B1-61FE-48EA-ACC4-0B0409071B27 NN16 8UN County Lifting Equipment & Safety Ltd Telford House, Telford Wy, Telford Way Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 3w
E5460EBE-C284-4F8C-8EAC-AF50010DAEE2 NN16 8UN Gibbs And Dandy, Telford Way, Telford Way Industrial Estate Variable Public 11m
57841CE5-F602-4DF7-BB8A-AFE800D04712 NN16 8UW Screwfix, Unit 10 Baron Avenue, Telford Way Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 9m
203FEC4D-224E-427C-BA4C-B10300B69D6F NN16 9DF St Andrews C Of E Primary School, Grafton Street, Kettering Variable Restricted 5m
F8050662-76F8-4D6B-BBED-AE210093C03B NN16 9HU Anytime Fitness Kettering, Asda Complex, Northfield Avenue Variable Restricted 11m
8536560C-0FEC-48C4-9E0D-AFF200E00D56 NN16 9HX 97 Rockingham Road, Kettering 24/7 Public 11m
FEAEBC68-720F-4F62-9281-AF0B0084C2CB NN16 9JT North Park Pavilion, North Park Dr, Kettering 24/7 Public 11m
7DCBFB6B-0088-4D6A-BC31-AF010137968B NN16 9QE North Northants Cfr, The Crescents Community Centre, Laburnum Crescent 24/7 Public 11m
AA8F83CF-99E8-4BFC-BB11-B02D00ECDF1B NN16 9SE Park Junior School, Wood Street, Kettering Variable Restricted 11m
8C546798-902A-4B05-A19B-B11401049F3A NN17 1AJ Rockingham Primary School, Corby, Rockingham Primary School, Rockingham Road Variable Restricted 4m
46928BE8-D132-4AB1-8350-B031015782A9 NN17 1BS Stewarts & Lloyds Football Club, Off Cannock Road, Corby Variable Restricted 11m
CFB5AEFB-91CA-418C-8043-AF3200A17DE3 NN17 1NN Ab Mauri Uk & Ireland, Corby Innovation Hub, Bangrave Road South Variable Restricted 11m
045DBDD7-07EE-4DE6-BB19-DB6616B4F6DF NN17 1QP Studfall Medical Centre, 1 Studfall Crt, Corby Variable Restricted 6w
A35030B3-CE0B-4BBF-BAFB-AE7100E37246 NN17 1SW Puregym, 2 Anne Street, Northamptonshire 24/7 Restricted 11m
0B7ACE44-554D-4F09-AE68-43CAA06C7D0F NN17 1SZ West Glebe Sports Pavilion, 100 Cottingham Rd, Corby 24/7 Public 11m
B272AB2B-D8E4-46AA-9F7B-AD970100B5DC NN17 2AE Corby Rugby And Cricket Club, Rockingham Road, Corby 24/7 Public 11m
E867EDCD-C4E3-466D-8B6E-B0EE00C21D3F NN17 2SF 14 Collingwood Avenue, Corby 24/7 Public 5m
82159ADB-8DAA-454A-8161-1D2644018B1D NN17 2TX 248 Rowlett Road, Corby Variable Restricted 11m
230D30F7-D853-45DE-9FD1-AE3700AAA80E NN17 3AS Breheny Civil Engineering, Junc. Of Gretton Road And Kestrel Road, Priors Hall Park Variable Restricted 11m
17402ABB-E1FA-4027-8BCE-91B14E88FB2C NN17 3BB Fineshade 24/7 Public 11m
554D22BC-04D7-4F3C-8787-EACFB624D1EB NN17 3BB Stamford Caravan Club Site, General Area Of, Fineshade Corby Variable Public 9m
8124 NN17 3ET Telephone Box, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
5F46E411-4159-4484-AE81-B12A00BAF20E NN17 3ET Bulwick Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Main Street 24/7 Public 3m
BDD81BED-C4F9-46D3-9D9E-AD7F0145201D NN17 3EW Estate Office, Deene Park, Deene 24/7 Public 11m
B0D6AF41-38B8-4808-AACA-AEF300609ADD NN17 3FB Centre Of Pond 554m From 21 Harrier Close 48m From Unnamed Road, Footpath Ms6 Gretton Parish Boundary Sw Crossing Kirby Lane To Weldon Parish Boundary, Deene Variable Public 11m
73246815-0ED1-4628-95FF-AFF0008A9FBC NN17 3FF Bam Construction Site, Weldon Village Academy Site, Oundle Road, Weldon Variable Restricted 11m
63EAA4E6-9640-46EE-8A07-B0C100D26C98 NN17 3JH Priors Hall Golf Club, Stamford Road, Weldon Variable Public 7m
7467 NN17 3JP Weldon Cricket Club, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
5EB8B4D1-0AD6-4864-AFA2-AF5C00D19FD3 NN17 4AP Hampton By Hilton Corby, Rockingham Leisure Park, Princewood Road 24/7 Public 11m
0EA2E47C-54BB-4486-9FB4-AF4701056B12 NN17 4DS Emerald House Associates, 7 Godwin Road, Earlstrees Industrial Estate Variable Public 11m
D40626EA-83A2-4623-A451-AE2200941E93 NN17 4DT Ex S&I Now Technical Foam Services, 29 Burkitt Road, Corby Variable Restricted 11m
DADBE47C-C83D-41D9-850E-AE22008E8B20 NN17 4DT Technical Foam Services Ltd, 57 Burkitt Road, Corby Variable Restricted 11m
EAFD62FD-FF95-410A-8405-B12500D8B5C0 NN17 4LS Trade Etching Direct Limited, Unit M Edison Courtyard, Brunel Road 24/7 Public 4m
4FCDD9C6-8EF6-4DB9-B279-B16300B55CDB NN17 4SL Cereform, Brunel Way, Earls Trees Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 6w
D57489DB-B655-4DF5-94C3-B17900F4CB88 NN17 4SW Blinds Outlet Ltd, 2 Fleming Road, Earlstrees Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 6w
6E808606-2C3D-4B27-85B3-B19C01056C27 NN17 5BE Bakeaway, Unit B1 Centrix Business Park, Napier Road 24/7 Restricted 3w
ECCCB0F5-8FEE-4D5D-B159-AD4B00A7D20F NN17 5BF Mkm Building Supplies Limited, Mkm, Unit C1 - Centrix Business Park, Furnace Way Variable Public 11m
8A819D5B-68A7-4C9E-8FEF-AFEF010A7925 NN17 5DP Screwfix, Unit 5 Alpha Court, Phoenix Parkway Variable Restricted 9m
66F63271-59F4-4144-833F-A3DFA9E2F96A NN17 5GS The Courtyard Priors Hall Park, Barnwell Gdns, Corby 24/7 Public 11m
86AC5BED-F7A4-4E49-9A02-B0F9016F385C NN17 5JE Evo Corby 169, 4 Hunters Road, Weldon Corby North Ind Est 24/7 Public 5m
A735DC96-CD4D-4B9B-99A0-B0C900B8B5F8 NN17 5JF What Three Words///Thickens.keeps.bedding (Door F), Rs Components, Lammas Road 24/7 Restricted 7m
2AF130E8-FEB1-4719-BF36-AF5C00B1DF20 NN17 5JX Sallow Road, Corby 24/7 Public 11m
B6D9D638-79D5-4156-9ACE-B0F90171262F NN17 5JX Evo Corby 60, 13 Sallow Road, Corby 24/7 Public 5m
3A345B32-297C-46DC-803E-AF2C00B0BA17 NN17 5XH Bed Electrical Distributors, Unit E, Crawley House Variable Public 11m
8CB50240-8F62-4B01-81FE-AEEF008F44DA NN17 5XJ Unit B Pywell Road, Willowbrook East Industrial Estate, Corby Variable Restricted 11m
9516ACBA-BEEE-4976-94FA-AEEF008E6356 NN17 5XJ Mmc Uk Ltd, Unit B Pywell Road, Willowbrook East Industrial Estate Variable Public 11m
DF3B82A8-6307-4CA1-B0AE-ADF600C12DD3 NN17 5ZA Unit 5 Priestley Court, Baird Road, Corby Variable Restricted 11m
D0F17988-FCC1-4113-840C-00108BAC26C4 NN18 0LJ Beanfield Primary School, Farmstead Rd, Corby Variable Restricted 3w
320141A5-7EAD-4DDE-8DF1-ABFF00CC2807 NN18 0QT Mr., Charlain, 87 Lowry Close 24/7 Restricted 11m
75890E83-862B-4964-A356-ACC400D16FC8 NN18 0RQ Simply Indian Takeaway, 182 Gainsborough Road, Corby 24/7 Public 11m
2E102234-63A1-434E-A36F-B0AE00C97899 NN18 0TH 14 Tower Hill Road, Corby 24/7 Public 7m
7DCDAFF5-6958-4B9C-9342-B00D009A5103 NN18 0TH Tower Hill Road, 10 Tower Hill Road, 8 Tower Hill Road Corby 24/7 Public 11m
2D6AA130-F1CC-433D-A3BB-B00300BCEC0A NN18 8AL Tesco Corby, Oakley Rd, Corby Variable Public 11m
4E2CEDEB-6DCA-452B-B5CB-990D78FB76B5 NN18 8AN Tesco Extra, St Marks Rd, St. James Industrial Estate Co Variable Public 9m
6B7972F4-7076-4454-B2D3-B00E00592261 NN18 8EY Maritime Office Entrance Counter, Maritime Transport - C/O Wincanton Logistics, Long Croft Road 24/7 Restricted 7m
C1695A8E-5681-4CCD-AD84-B11E01618B54 NN18 8HA Public Telephone Box 5m From Moat Farmhouse, Corby Road, Little Oakley 24/7 Public 4m
0E85071B-695C-41BB-8A1F-B0DD00E4F0CC NN18 8HJ Great Oakley Farms Ltd, Woodlands Lane, Gt Oakley Variable Restricted 6m
E5EC6344-EC1E-4E4C-BFBC-B046015702A3 NN18 8JF Oakley Vale Community Centre, 20 Butland Road, Corby 24/7 Public 11m
7CD65BC7-025E-437D-A09F-8BD9A2433B8C NN18 8JS Thackley Green Centre, Lewin Rd, Great Oakley Corby 24/7 Public 11m
9C618654-84A9-4D21-8AD5-B0EE00C544CC NN18 8JS Lewin Road Great Oakley, What Three Words: Flashing-Suits-Lakeside., Corby 24/7 Public 5m
0E8E3883-761E-4C18-BAA5-AFB000A749EE NN18 8LA North Northants Cfr, Brooke Weston City Technology College, Coomb Road 24/7 Public 11m
611CDE40-E9EE-48B7-B938-AE3C00E7CB11 NN18 8LX Tesco Stores Ltd, 11 Local Centre, Oakley Vale Variable Public 9m
63DCB29B-AB8C-409D-B313-B07500F03DDF NN18 8RH Reception, Oakley Vale Primary School, Cheltenham Road Variable Restricted 9m
533FDCE4-A368-4B44-955D-B03700DDA465 NN18 8TD Tesco Stores Ltd, Unit 2, Village Square Variable Public 9m
DC8D90AF-F205-40C3-8500-991EA631E421 NN18 9BE Kingswood Primary Academy, Southbrook, Corby Variable Restricted 11m
0D11AD7F-9646-4EC0-80CC-A26E36B15537 NN18 9DT Danesholme Junior School, Motala Cl, Corby Variable Restricted 11m
11F99634-095F-4B74-BA0C-B00600D1D0D3 NN18 9DT Danesholme County Infants School, Motala Close, Corby Variable Restricted 11m
5053A43E-DD95-4259-8843-AF930107B65A NN18 9DT Palm Tree Classroom, Danesholme County Infants School, Motala Close Variable Restricted 11m
63621D79-FC5C-443D-8D4E-B0D800F59729 NN18 9DT Danesholme County Junior School, Motala Close, Corby Variable Restricted 6m
BA8562B2-107E-424E-9AB1-B101016D7F7D NN18 9DY Viking Way, Corby Nn18, Viking Way, Corby 24/7 Public 5m
1411437B-88F8-471C-B000-AD7500D0A32A NN18 9EJ Pine Lodge Physical Health Unit, Motala Close, Corby 24/7 Public 11m
399E994A-30A3-40D6-B59D-AE5500C4EBA6 NN18 9EZ Moore Stephens, Unit 1 Oakley House, 3 Saxon Way West 24/7 Public 11m
1F3F5C2E-C930-4B99-90F3-B1960084F4D6 NN18 9NF Bullimores Sand & Gravel, 7c Medlicott Close, Corby Variable Restricted 3w
915DC5A3-9BC1-4BCE-9EBD-1A38A2B51236 NN2 6AL Leicester Terrace Health Care Centre, 7-8 Leicester Terr, Semilong Northampton Variable Restricted 3w
816102FD-D791-4401-8878-43E9B2F358C9 NN2 6NA Units 9 And 10 Queens Park Industrial Estate, Studland Road, Northampton Variable Public 3w
C1D56A25-F6E1-4A6F-8C41-ADC600D7B81C NN2 6NE Spencer Fc Spencer Football Ground, Studland Road, Northampton Variable Public 11m
2F8C386E-DA2C-493A-9C05-B0D800FDB9F1 NN2 6QD St John The Baptist, St John The Baptist Church, The Green 24/7 Public 6m
46B2CD56-7309-4B10-B49B-B03700F2B047 NN2 6QL Kingsthorpe Village Primary, Knight's Lane, Kingsthorpe Variable Restricted 9m
6614918E-14D4-41EE-8134-8BC6868A6464 NN2 7AJ All Saints C E V A Primary School, Boughton Green Rd, Sunnyside Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
5F9BE3B7-D2C9-49A7-AEF2-B0AE00E1132C NN2 7AL The University Of Northampton (Simon Senlis -Scholars Green), University Of Northampton (Scholars Green Halls Of Residence), Boughton Green Road 24/7 Restricted 7m
A6A881E3-07B3-40D3-8BEB-B10301063989 NN2 7BH The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School, Kingsland Gardens, Northampton Variable Restricted 5m
B3FE616E-681B-48DD-97C1-AF1C00E48B56 NN2 7BP Bethany Homestead, Kingsley Road, Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
19D4A3A2-8B29-4117-A293-B15600EA332D NN2 7BU Waitrose Kingsthorpe, 63 Harborough Road, Kingsthorpe Variable Public 2m
B20E3B01-A295-40AD-B3EA-F8439C198CFA NN2 7BU Kingsthorpe Golf Club, Kingsley Rd, Kingsley Park Northampton 24/7 Public 9m
2BD69BA4-82E3-4884-AAE2-B02D00F793AC NN2 7HJ Tesco Kingsley Park Express, 102 Kingsley Park Terrace, Northampton Variable Public 11m
017AE7D9-DE46-4C46-9762-B09000E97EA1 NN2 7QB St Davids Church, Eastern Avenue South, Northampton 24/7 Public 6m
48BD0F7E-7AED-4233-AE5D-307A3A366102 NN2 7QL Kingsthorpe Grove Primary School, St Davids Rd, St Davids Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
1C358AB2-7409-49BF-96C6-AFFF00E4098B NN2 7RR Purple Oaks Academy, Whiston Road, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
2F51F8D1-FB56-40E2-A23B-AFF800B6A53A NN2 7SH 67-69 Harborough Road, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
1F1441DA-A3FA-42BD-9F7E-AF0B009D3346 NN2 8BZ Turn Furlong Specialist Care Centre, Specialist Care Centre., Turn Furlong 24/7 Public 11m
4B3150CD-1130-4564-B3DC-B11800CA704C NN2 8DH Indoor Bowls Centre Kingsthorpe Recreation Ground, Harborough Road, Northampton Variable Restricted 4m
8DBF1FFC-FE14-4761-9138-AEB401504F6A NN2 8DH Kingsthorpe Jets Youth Football Club, Pavilion 2 Kingsthorpe Recreation Ground, Harborough Road 24/7 Public 11m
5FC4ABC8-8CC9-484F-AA32-B08E00D48C84 NN2 8EG St Marks Church Hall, St Marks Crescent, Northampton 24/7 Public 6m
E436D9CF-35DF-4D2C-97E6-AE390101FFAB NN2 8EQ Tesco Express, 16-18 Link Rd, Northampton Variable Public 11m
8A5C11F2-F4BA-45AD-BF0F-AF7200C67079 NN2 8ES Tesco Express, 1 Home Farm Drive, Boughton Variable Public 11m
0DDC20C1-A6DE-4467-AE31-AFF100B87497 NN2 8QS Day Nursery Sunnyside Primary School, Reynard Way, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
F87D3B6C-1878-4740-9A4B-B05B00D3A60E NN2 8RG Boughton Primary School, Moulton Lane, Boughton Variable Public 9m
E9B12FBE-FE35-4C6B-ACC3-B2511E956ADF NN2 8UE Obelisk Centre, 400 Obelisk Rise, Kingsthorpe Northampton 24/7 Restricted 6w
16FD8637-9BAB-448A-8F45-B04900D0FE3B NN29 7AZ Irchester Community Primary School, School Lane, Irchester Variable Restricted 9m
273 NN29 7HX Podington United Services Club, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
36DB8288-2D96-4EA7-B44B-AFF000EE88D3 NN29 7HX Podington United Services Club, Gold Street, Podington, Podington 24/7 Public 11m
D9AAF4B1-BAD7-4E6C-BCA2-D0E4295DFD24 NN29 7JP Bozeat Playing Field, Pavilion, Dychurch Lane 24/7 Public 11m
2477913C-1933-4AFC-ACE3-B0B200D50B02 NN29 7LP Bozeat Community Primary School, Bozeat Primary School, Harrold Road Variable Restricted 7m
5F0E4816-CF69-4C04-A982-AC1900672E5D NN29 7LP Community Building Changing Rooms Bozeat Playing Fields, 50 Harrold Road, Bozeat 24/7 Public 11m
2E5C9925-D52D-466D-9CA3-B0DE00B39017 NN29 7NR Church Hall, Easton Maudit Village, Easton Maudit 24/7 Public 6m
5C684B58-6FD4-48A7-BF22-ADF100FEC771 NN29 7PA Path Recruitment, Path House, 12-14 Strixton Manor Business Centre, Northants, 12-14 Strixton Village Variable Restricted 11m
C528D9DA-2D95-49FD-968E-B04C011BF02E NN29 7TQ Great Doddington Memorial Hall, Memorial Hall, 42b High Street 24/7 Public 9m
3795 NN29 7TZ Wellingborough Rugby Club, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
9282073D-FCF2-485F-BC27-B1A0008B8050 NN3 2BU 245 Abington Avenue, Northampton 24/7 Restricted 3w
CBC45E0F-5F12-4AD0-BC5E-F3F42F4EE3FB NN3 2JG Doctors Surgery Abington Health Complex 51a, Beech Av, Eastfield Northampton Variable Restricted 6w
DA3CC673-B0AD-41AE-AB19-B0FB00C9FC4B NN3 3AF Centre Of Pond 48m From Abington Vale Playschool, Bridgewater Drive 27m From Unnamed Road, Milverton Crescent, Northampton Variable Restricted 5m
C0CB5D0C-7212-41C4-A3DA-B11301410B07 NN3 3AG The Road To Morrocco Public House, 90 Bridgewater Drive, Northampton 24/7 Public 4m
5C1408A4-ECD8-4AB7-915F-B08900C1F6FE NN3 3EP Weston Favell Parish Hall, Booth Lane South, Northampton 24/7 Restricted 9m
8197A1C8-4874-475D-AF34-B06E00D5409F NN3 3EZ Weston Favell Academy, Booth Lane South, Northampton Variable Restricted 9m
8836A682-202F-41D7-ABFD-B06E00D3DF76 NN3 3EZ Weston Favell Academy, Booth Lane South, Northampton Variable Restricted 9m
612AD667-5741-45BA-BBAA-231D791D607C NN3 3HH Northampton Lawn Tennis Club, Westwood Way, Eastfield Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
80FA7BEF-4DAF-4FD9-A4FB-AE6E00A86909 NN3 3LF Oneschool Global, Northampton, Hunsbury Hill Avenue, Northampton Variable Restricted 9m
320848E4-0726-4021-B446-FC81676E792B NN3 3RF Northampton College, St Gregorys Rd, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
5619823E-FF88-4363-B742-B16500C86B1B NN3 3RF Northampton College, St Gregorys Road, Northampton Variable Restricted 6w
1FA1E08A-D2D6-4815-8ADD-B028009C0AFB NN3 5DD Rectory Farm Primary School, Olden Road, Northampton 24/7 Restricted 11m
DFC01AAC-3F70-4BE0-B9B6-5A49895F16F5 NN3 5DY Ecton Brook Middle School, Ecton Brook Rd, Ecton Brook Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
89B1DD95-10DB-49DA-BBDE-B01900C58DFF NN3 5EN St Andrews Ceva Primary School, Ecton Brook Road, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
3667C455-2780-45C7-854E-B10D00DC348D NN3 5JG Southfields Farm House, 8 Oakpark Close, Northampton Variable Restricted 4m
8381F778-349D-4AA6-9DBF-AEA0007700A5 NN3 6AQ Mcr Property Ltd, Redhouse Road, Moulton Park, Moulton Park Variable Public 11m
3DEB972B-184C-4ED5-826A-AFE8006EB8FD NN3 6AX Screwfix, 67 Tenter Road, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
BE8E8D42-2A1B-433C-8BF6-B052015B99BD NN3 6AX Tangent Self Adhesives Ltd, 47 Tenter Road, Moulton Park Variable Restricted 9m
36B78C26-7E6C-4A97-811D-AEA80117162D NN3 6HA 537 Kettering Road North, Northampton 24/7 Restricted 11m
4F285671-E96C-4976-B3AF-B13F0109AB25 NN3 6HE Fusion Steel Framing, Fusion Steel Framing Ltd, Scirocco Close Variable Restricted 3m
863BD19F-C0FA-43FE-82F2-B17A00DAEFDB NN3 6HT Thomas Becket Catholic School, Becket Way, Northampton Variable Restricted 6w
AB9311EB-0F23-4452-A5F9-4226BD1EE0C4 NN3 6HT Thomas Becket Catholic School, Becket Way, Northampton Variable Restricted 6w
2F83C9A0-395C-4D4E-A6DA-AFC401236F5D NN3 6LL Kings Park Conference And Sports Centre, Kings Park Road, Moulton Park Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 11m
91588EFD-CD89-43BF-912A-B04C00E3966C NN3 6ND Tesco Stores Ltd, 1-3 Coppice Dr, Spinney Hill Variable Public 9m
A6CA3DE7-9E03-42FF-BF73-E9A5191A1436 NN3 6QT Rathgar Residential Care Home, 349 Kettering Rd, Northampton 24/7 Restricted 11m
C19FBAAC-05B2-410E-B542-B04D007C3F48 NN3 6XF Pickerings Hire Ltd, Lower Farm Road,, Moulton Park Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 9m
35546D18-5364-429B-BD7E-B071008ED049 NN3 6XJ Fire Station Moulton Way, Northamptonshire Fire And Rescue, Moulton Way Variable Public 7m
06BBB756-D76A-4CD2-A221-37051E4F6CAA NN3 7BD Fernie Field, Moulton Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
6BEF7B53-B703-44CA-AD92-AE2400FAAF09 NN3 7QL Moulton Leisure Centre, Pitsford Road, Moulton Variable Public 11m
CC97CAA2-8B44-484C-A879-AEE100FC2380 NN3 7QL Sports Hall Pitsford Centre At Moulton College, Pitsford Road, Moulton Variable Public 11m
F5AEC567-196F-4D7A-BF72-AEE100BB533A NN3 7QL Moulton College, Lodge Farm, Pitsford Road Variable Public 11m
C6BB7B21-29F2-4953-B955-FFF5261856A2 NN3 7QP Doctors Surgery, 120 Northampton Lane North, Moulton Leys Northampton Variable Restricted 6w
D4DA9952-C2D4-48A3-906C-AED700CD2EEA NN3 7RR Moulton College, Social Centre, West Street 24/7 Public 11m
25293C1B-35A9-481D-80FA-B03600DFFD01 NN3 7SW Moulton Primary School, Church Hill, Moulton Variable Restricted 9m
C2A17C94-A0B3-452F-928F-B03600D53DBE NN3 7SW Moulton Primary School, Moulton Primary School, Church Hill, Moulton Variable Restricted 9m
2BA730E5-9120-4BCD-AA92-AEE100FDE42C NN3 7SX Moulton College, John Ashby Sports Centre, Holcot Centre At Moulton College Variable Public 11m
37DFBBCA-E7E1-45DE-9342-B01C00824D59 NN3 8AQ Thorplands Primary School, Farmfield Court, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
BAC1E63A-F31D-44CB-8EB8-91444884CDBB NN3 8AW Woodview Medical Centre, 26 Holmecross Rd, Thorplands Northampton Variable Restricted 3w
1AEB8941-47E3-4974-961C-B0B500F89B9C NN3 8HZ Lumbertubs Primary School, Tonmead Road, Northampton Variable Restricted 7m
86964C1D-94A8-457F-892E-C4D4356940DE NN3 8JJ Woodvale Primary Academy, Crestwood Rd, Goldings Northampton Variable Restricted 6w
BE007E89-EBF3-443E-88D7-AE7100A4E3B3 NN3 8JP Base Station Site Weston Favell Centre, Billing Brook Road, Northampton 24/7 Restricted 11m
09D90EDB-CB1C-4303-BC6A-AE5D00E0BFCF NN3 8JZ Tesco, Tesco Petrol Filling Station, Billing Brook Road Variable Public 11m
2EF8923E-7209-484E-BBB7-AD3D00916F18 NN3 8JZ Weston Favell Shopping Centre, Centre Management Office, Billing Brook Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
40A460DA-3CAE-4A0A-8936-AD3D0094BB8D NN3 8JZ Weston Favell Shopping Centre, Centre Management Office,, Wellingborough Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
D9C0D43D-07B8-4470-9423-AF9500F618F3 NN3 8JZ O2 Store (0334) Weston Favell, 45 Weston Favell Centre, Northamptonshire Variable Restricted 11m
DBE9190E-C68A-4548-80C5-AE3600FAC60B NN3 8JZ Tesco, Tesco Extra, Weston Favell Centre Variable Public 11m
F923B6A5-9AF9-411A-A8F4-AD3D00932DAE NN3 8JZ Weston Favell Shopping Centre, Centre Management Office,, Wellingborough Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
17E768E8-21C7-4C60-9F5C-AD5600992B69 NN3 8RD Mola, Crofton Oak, Unit 2 North Portway Close, Round Spinney Ind Est Variable Restricted 11m
F28450BE-566F-44F4-BCE2-1ED45FA89613 NN3 8RJ Menicon Ltd, 1 Gate Lodge Cl, Round Spinney Industrial Estat Variable Restricted 11m
4E3092A8-F229-4DBC-B31C-ADCE00BA1E5C NN3 8RQ H C Wilcox Fabrications, 13 North Portway Close, Round Spinney Variable Restricted 11m
535624B4-DDE5-4924-8B7D-ADF300D0675F NN3 8RQ Jak Roofing Supplies Ltd, 11 North Portway Close, Northampton Variable Public 11m
1DA7B91E-0D59-46CD-9CDA-B0D700AAB6CD NN3 9AL 80 Valley Road, Northampton 24/7 Public 6m
2BD1361E-14E7-472E-8C10-B05500B7A572 NN3 9DA Billing Aqaudrome Basketball Court, Kingfisher Meadow, 12 Crow Lane 24/7 Public 9m
73539C4C-E028-43D6-9B03-AE8300A8159C NN3 9DA Meadow Bay Villages Billing Aquadrome, Goose Pasture Number One On Lamp Post, Crow Lane 24/7 Public 3w
C1790196-CB00-4DF7-A17C-B18D00CB4476 NN3 9DA Post Box 128m From Premier Inn, Crow Lane 20m From Unnamed Road, Crow Lane, Northampton Variable Restricted 3w
B1D2E8EC-1783-4681-ABA5-D2A83AC60692 NN3 9DG Ecton Brook Primary School, Fieldmill Rd, Bellinge Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
BFF36357-7C38-410C-849B-AFFE00D27579 NN3 9EF Bernard Weston Pavilion, Sports Pavilion Playing Fields, Penfold Lane 24/7 Public 11m
507BA199-BDD4-4D20-A74E-AFE200FA27C4 NN3 9EQ Alfrick, 18 Penfold Drive, Northampton 24/7 Restricted 11m
339F2719-7221-49F4-B2FA-ADEC00FE3E8D NN3 9ER Nextday Metals Limited, 3 Jackdaw Close, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
65313A86-AAA7-4650-9883-AF5F00BA07CF NN3 9HW Honda Northampton, Museum Way, Riverside Retail Park Variable Public 11m
D4FBF6B9-1E06-460E-858D-B03B00A9EAE5 NN3 9HX Virgin Active Northampton Riverside Park, 3 Ferris Row, Riverside Variable Restricted 9m
6776 NN3 9TW The Frank Bruno Foundation, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
A99346B9-6871-49AF-A217-AF9D01023168 NN3 9UB Royal Mail Northampton Crow Lane Do, Jackdaw Close, Northampton, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
172760CF-9736-4564-98E2-AED200CB6A7B NN3 9UE Wolseley, 2 Hartburn Close, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
E38CC3A9-39DA-40AE-AD55-44015EB78E43 NN4 0AN The Community Centre, Leys Ln, Great Houghton Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
DD5A057C-C339-4120-8AA2-B02E01669878 NN4 0EB Virgin Active Northampton Collingtree Park, 91 Windingbrook Lane, Collingtree Variable Restricted 11m
9DFF871D-37CF-47AD-A5D6-AFBE0102405C NN4 0HZ Wootton Park School, Wootton Hall Park, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
F3617BF1-3158-4A98-BA17-AFBE00EF3A25 NN4 0HZ Wootton Park School, Wootton Hall Park, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
2AD68005-AAB2-4AD9-AF69-B15B00BE8D92 NN4 0JF Tesco Petrol Filling Station, Tesco Superstore Hunsbury Centre, Clannell Road Variable Public 2m
304C1F59-4E90-4D9A-B3F1-1C36BBB7D521 NN4 0JF Tesco Stores Ltd, Clannell Rd, Blacky More Northampton Variable Public 2m
784E09A7-758D-461B-8CD3-AE36011AEA2A NN4 0JF Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Superstore, Clannell Road Variable Public 9m
897AB421-2E26-49A4-9053-B83F3F0F11EF NN4 0NE Collingtree Parish Council, High St, Collingtree Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
F5B95EEA-8630-4924-BC9B-9F7068E42053 NN4 0NY Danes Camp Surgery, Rowtree Rd, Blacky More Northampton Variable Restricted 6w
EA0DBF1A-09F7-43D3-970A-AD5700DC9206 NN4 0PB Land East Of, Towcester Road, Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
2EF9DA26-32CE-48BD-86FB-AF6A01018243 NN4 0TG Toby Carvery - East Hunsbury, London Road A45, Collingtree Variable Public 11m
9D171937-0CD1-4FB4-B3BD-AD0900B383E7 NN4 0UA 50 Barn Owl Close, Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
2E097A48-3264-4169-8292-AE3B00B1F778 NN4 0UE Tesco Express, Unit 4, Butts Road Variable Public 9m
7DBC317D-8181-4C23-AF38-AF1000B5007A NN4 0XN Collingtree Park Golf Club, 90 Windingbrook Ln, Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
D9738E7E-0CB1-4224-9C19-ADDD009ABCD8 NN4 0XN Bovis Homes, Collingtree Park Golf Academy, 90 Windingbrook Lane Variable Restricted 11m
6EF45E50-6659-4DB8-A2EF-B5EA03EB37AA NN4 0XW Hilton Northampton, 100 Watering Ln, Collingtree Northampton 24/7 Restricted 3w
4296 NN4 5BS High Wycombe PCC Cricket Club, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
0B87822D-94E2-432D-B22A-83D485F9121D NN4 5DW Grange Park Doctors Surgery Grange Park Primary Care Cent, Wilks Wlk, Grange Park Northampton 24/7 Public 6m
6D8DA514-130E-4201-91DE-AE3C00954336 NN4 5FB John Lewis Plc, Grange Park Unit 6, Cheaney Drive 24/7 Public 11m
0048E62A-EE98-4140-802F-B10200D881FB NN4 6BU Preston Hedges Primary School, Wootton Hope Drive, Northampton Variable Restricted 5m
195E1320-36C0-4EDC-8773-B10000AFCBE5 NN4 6DJ School House Caretakers Bungalow, Martins Lane, Northampton Variable Public 5m
09FB9A02-D221-4FF8-9DC8-5BB71B6456AB NN4 6ED Wootton Parish Council, Curtlee Hill, Wootton Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
371E0FA8-BA4D-4996-90AD-AD8300B5AB09 NN4 6ED Wootton Parish Council, Wootton Community & Sports Centre, Curtlee Hill Variable Restricted 11m
8D366B5E-5F2E-4427-8614-CE2AD1AFE5E1 NN4 6EG Bouverie House, 79a Bouverie Rd, Hardingstone Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
FE0E1DDB-1E34-4071-B502-1E17B692C0AA NN4 6HJ Wootton Primary School, Farmclose Rd, Wootton Northampton Variable Restricted 4m
822BDD72-E957-4A34-BA84-B00D009F577B NN4 6HP Dobbies Garden Centre, Newport Pagnell Road, Northampton Variable Public 11m
ACE04757-73AA-43B5-9DA8-B0B6011DBA58 NN4 6HP Waitrose & Partners - Wootton, Newport Pagnell Road, Wootton Variable Public 7m
F738AA49-BFEB-4692-B8D1-B0A70095EE8B NN4 6HP Dobbies Garden Centre Northampton, Newport Pagnel Road, Wootton Variable Public 8m
FF8BB54E-08E7-4E11-A458-B19201077D97 NN4 6LW Memorial Village Hall, High Street, Wootton Variable Restricted 3w
5F3D7E66-B661-4EBC-BC01-E205BA7D95A3 NN4 6TP Caroline Chisholm School Wooldale Centre For Learning, Wooldale Rd, Wootton Northampton 24/7 Public 6w
968608AE-689F-45F2-99DD-B16B00DDACD1 NN4 7BB Encon Insulation Northampton, Encon, Burryport Road Variable Restricted 6w
473108D4-4563-4525-91B3-AE6900C872D3 NN4 7BD Mercury Drive, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
E89D5341-3B5B-4DB3-863E-AEDD00F264DA NN4 7BE A & A Crack & Sons Ltd, Unit 16, Pennard Close Variable Restricted 11m
C46B1B7D-2B8D-4EA1-95F5-B16500B005CC NN4 7BH Country Lion, Oxwich Close, Northampton Variable Restricted 6w
D2CE3EF6-AA0A-4EF0-99CA-AE3E0116CE96 NN4 7BW Unit B Startechcom Site B Pinnacle 15, Gowerton Road, Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
037233B2-E953-4648-A265-AF6A00B9B482 NN4 7DT Brackmills Ts, Suez Brackmills Waste Transfer Station, Liliput Road 24/7 Restricted 9m
95EB4C32-17F9-4F7A-8D9E-AE6900A473A9 NN4 7DT A H Allen Steel Services, 33 Liliput Road, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
8EA45411-6FD4-446F-A4D2-B05900F36E00 NN4 7DU Northampton Bike Park, Eagle Drive, Northampton 24/7 Public 2m
80860547-E31A-4400-85FE-AE3E0117B57A NN4 7DY Proaction Martial Arts & Fitness - Northampton, 15 Osyth Close, Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
3C4AA705-0BA3-43D0-AA63-B00E009FBC35 NN4 7EX Main Office, Maritime Transport Ltd., 42 Salthouse Road, Brackmills Ind Est, 24/7 Public 11m
7132ECE9-D502-4D28-8B87-0CA15D64CF78 NN4 7EX Wickes, 78 Salthouse Road, Northampton Variable Public 11m
713EBE5B-C871-4E92-B230-AE7E00ADC776 NN4 7JE Wickes Building Supplies, Rhosili Road, Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
A4B0F5F7-13B2-461A-B468-B045008B9EA0 NN4 7PN Brackmills Transport Office, Brackmills Transport Office, John Lewis, 1-2 Mercury Drive 24/7 Public 11m
ABA6131C-E842-46AA-A5CD-497B3C17F09B NN4 7PN Yodel Unit 4, Mercury Dr, Brackmills Industrial Estate N Variable Restricted 11m
B940EA90-8200-41A6-854B-AE6E00E99938 NN4 7PN John Lewis Brackmills, 1-2 Mercury Drive, Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
36ABE578-1BB5-4DDD-9C35-AFE701077844 NN4 7PW Screwfix, Unit 6 Tungsten Business Park, Caswell Road Variable Restricted 11m
49735952-F508-46BE-B1EC-AF6300AB2E45 NN4 7PW Igus Uk Ltd, 51a Caswell Road, Brackmills 24/7 Public 11m
827881A7-B227-4BDD-9388-B03400BFA430 NN4 7PW Kitchen, Maritime Transport Ltd. Maritime House, 54 Caswell Rd, 24/7 Public 9m
28344358-6F6F-4567-A954-AD4F01057CE2 NN4 7PY Belgrade Insulations, Belgrade (Northampton), Unit 14 Brackmills Trade Park Variable Restricted 11m
BA974572-4F70-4B66-9AF6-AE2200A40FC3 NN4 7PY Belgrade Insulations & Drylining, Unit 14, Brackmills Trade Park Variable Public 11m
3520B1ED-5910-4274-8AD8-B07C00E20584 NN4 7SG Barclays Northampton Campus, 1234 Pavilion Drive, Northampton 24/7 Public 9m
537976AA-1FA7-4B55-AEF9-B07C00E2098A NN4 7SG Barclays Northampton Campus, 1234 Pavilion Drive, Northampton 24/7 Public 9m
5DF6BF5B-B0F9-4A5E-8915-B04300E5758C NN4 7SG Security Hatch, Barclays Northampton Campus, 1234 Pavilion Drive 24/7 Restricted 11m
73D20336-B59D-4B56-BD79-B04300E80651 NN4 7SG First Aid Room, Barclays Northampton Campus, 1234 Pavilion Drive 24/7 Restricted 11m
C86A1BB1-321B-4404-AF8B-B04300E634C1 NN4 7SG 1st Floor Defib - Sc, Barclays Northampton Campus, 1234 Pavilion Drive 24/7 Restricted 11m
D89661B0-51B7-4A08-91A7-B07C00E20CE4 NN4 7SG Barclays Northampton Campus, 1234 Pavilion Drive, Northampton 24/7 Public 9m
E319A9D7-85B5-4E3A-A185-B04300E6B826 NN4 7SG 3rd Floor Defib - Sc, Barclays Northampton Campus, 1234 Pavilion Drive 24/7 Restricted 11m
0C241A5B-5BB9-446B-9EFD-AF9500DDEC24 NN4 7XD Redrow Homes, Redrow House, 6 Waterside Way, The Lakes Variable Restricted 11m
841E0622-E5E9-4BC3-8DCB-AE3C00B6F3F6 NN4 7XD David Williams Ifa Ltd, 5 Waterside Way, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
AD2DE166-1068-442D-9782-AEFD008B031F NN4 7YD Opus Energy Ltd, Opus Energy House, 8-10 The Lakes 24/7 Restricted 11m
1C64D6BD-7DD5-4CA1-98DF-AE3E01215988 NN4 7YE Ald Automotive, Unit 1, 300 Pavilion Drive Variable Restricted 11m
6497C11D-12FA-4F64-9C27-B00D00B19ECD NN4 8AA Northampton Mencap, Ransome Road, N/A Variable Public 11m
A3A6E20E-F2FD-48C9-9468-ABBB00EACAAC NN4 8AQ University Of Northampton Resource Centre, Ransome Road / Southfield Avenue, Northampton Variable Restricted 7m
2854722B-E31F-4980-A0FC-AF6A01152145 NN4 8AW Central Stable Block Delapre Abbey, London Road A508, Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
B99D1F7D-BE1E-46FF-AAF3-AFA400A47C21 NN4 8AZ The Abbey Primary School, Winchester Road, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
B40126A4-A76B-4684-9A26-AB77012DC3ED NN4 8BX 59 West Cotton Close, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
4F43E7A9-A3E3-4304-813F-AF1000A92BBB NN4 8EN Alton Street, Northampton Variable Restricted 5m
97DD8104-B479-4010-8F57-AF0F00B8DE35 NN4 8EN Alton Street, Far Cotton, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
AA87A584-751E-40C6-9727-AEFC00D57210 NN4 8ES The Pinnacle Climbing Centre, Unit 1 Minton Business Centre (The Pinnacle Centre), Main Road Variable Public 11m
E0681DE1-D502-48DA-9C5D-AF1F008D12D3 NN4 8JA Delapre Primary School, Rothersthorpe Road, Northampton Variable Public 11m
753AC647-8D44-41E9-A5F3-B12F0110490A NN4 8LG Methodist Hall, Towcester Road, Northampton 24/7 Public 3m
158E0316-7625-40BB-A487-AFC600F19F60 NN4 8QU Blackberry Lane Community Hub, Blackberry Lane, Briar Hill 24/7 Public 9m
37F7334F-D957-4C72-A7EE-B114010EF7EE NN4 8SW Briar Hill Primary School, Thorn Hill, Northampton Variable Public 4m
06080169-3444-44CA-8CC7-AF3300977811 NN4 9BA Wt Transport, Tithe Barn Way, Swan Valley Industrial Area Variable Public 11m
D5DD4CA9-2114-45DA-B004-ADF101141CFB NN4 9DU Hunsbury Meadows Parish Council, Advertisement Board, Towpath Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
1B820DC6-D01E-44F5-AF93-AC69010D23F5 NN4 9EX Style Way, Swan Valley 24/7 Restricted 11m
0C3A1310-8B0E-4143-B5A0-B0AC00D13C23 NN4 9QS Northampton Motorway Service Area Junction 15a, M1 Southbound Slip Road, Northampton 24/7 Public 8m
7419F794-12BB-400F-8DFD-A57262AB1835 NN4 9RN Counties Crematorium, Towcester Rd, Milton Malsor Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
7086 NN5 4EN Elgar Centre, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
7050 NN5 4GJ St Crispin Community Centre, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
6259FC05-F277-424E-8344-AD6A00DA0293 NN5 4RB St Crispins Retirement Village, St Crispins Drive, Duston 24/7 Public 11m
DEE4F65D-863C-4DA4-981A-B10A00FAD255 NN5 4UL St Lukes C Of E Primary School, St Crispin Drive, Northampton Variable Restricted 4m
FAF92A71-57BD-405F-B422-B3EE0FD71B5F NN5 4WE The Warren Clinic Room, Kent Cr, Northampton 24/7 Restricted 6w
81988DEE-C458-4B60-A2CA-AE5400EE7407 NN5 5BG Northampton Saints R F C Franklins Gardens, Weedon Road, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
91A6AD05-21E3-4289-A72D-B11B00A255D1 NN5 5DL Speedy Northampton Lsc (6077), Unit 1c Mansard Close, Westgate Industry Variable Public 4m
B3A7F80D-D94D-4CF8-98B2-AFC700CB18EF NN5 5JR Howdens At Northampton, 16 Harvey Reeves Road,, St James Mill Rd Variable Restricted 9m
DA19203A-5820-4870-84BF-AD4B00F014B0 NN5 5JR Travis Perkins, Harvey Reeves Road, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
24106941-66F3-49B6-8476-EA5061F64E6F NN5 6DS Cotswold House, 178 Cotswold Av, Duston Northampton 24/7 Restricted 3w
F5C85664-3E57-4E2D-8018-BB72B6A21F6D NN5 6FR St Lukes Primary Care Centre, Timken Way South, Duston Northampton Variable Public 3w
6346 NN5 6JB St Lukes Community Centre, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
1EDF216D-001B-49B7-A187-AE3900F4801A NN5 6LP Tesco Express, Shop, 13-14 Limehurst Square Variable Public 11m
0ABB5838-84B6-4006-B8D2-B0F300FCF42E NN5 6NU Northampton Raw Dog Food, Unit 2 Pan Freight Trade Depot, Harlestone Road Variable Public 5m
D5C94F69-FA5C-4327-AB54-AFEA00CE1C62 NN5 6TJ Eastfield Close Community Hub, Eastfield Close, Duston 24/7 Public 9m
EE07CBAC-D999-44EE-BE0F-B00E00BB9666 NN5 6UJ Dobbies Garden Centre Harelestone Heath, Harlestone Road, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
75D46F53-A007-4D8E-98C8-B15A00EB0CAB NN5 6XA The Duston School, Berrywood Road, Northampton Variable Restricted 2m
D0EE6DAD-D9FF-4016-AFD9-B15A00EBAE8A NN5 6XA The Duston School, Berrywood Road, Northampton Variable Restricted 2m
0A0FAFE6-40A5-488F-895F-B116013AD6BA NN5 6XH 54, Bramhall Rise, Duston, Northampton 24/7 Restricted 4m
8278 NN5 6XN On Post, Errington Park, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
2C740ABE-B3CE-42FD-9860-B02B0122640E NN5 6XN Duston On Post, On Post, Errington Park, Ryland Road, Duston 24/7 Public 11m
80DB233B-A2AA-49FE-8B0C-AE3A00C2C0F3 NN5 6YR Tesco, 50 Bordeaux Close, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
A2C51011-4409-4F77-A2DA-AFE90123D08E NN5 7AY Screwfix, Unit 4 Gladstone Close, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
1DB2C15B-2FF9-4997-9AAD-AD8900DEF7A1 NN5 7PP Unit 3 Kingsfield Business Park, Gladstone Road, Northampton 24/7 Restricted 11m
C1350968-24DB-4735-A899-ADD3010508C7 NN5 7QP Unit 5 Kings Heath Depot, Heathfield Way, Northampton Variable Restricted 11m
F6E50EDF-8629-48E3-978B-87C7DA6932C7 NN5 7QY Jones Wholesale Cash And Carry, Heathfield Way, Northampton Variable Restricted 5m
2BEAFBAB-4B36-44A7-A6B4-B16300DAE82D NN5 7UW Cereform, Barn Way, Northampton 24/7 Public 6w
39F83E9B-22A7-4483-9D78-AF2D00B7A160 NN5 7UW Cereform, Unit B Cereform, Barn Way 24/7 Restricted 11m
5678A577-BF0A-44A2-8C26-AF2D00B67B71 NN5 7UW Cereform, Barn Way, Northampton 24/7 Restricted 11m
6F33EFA4-1B58-4C3D-9341-AF5E00E89A01 NN6 0AA The Atrium At Overstone Leys Site Office, Overstone Lane, Overstone Variable Public 11m
A2035F19-66C5-4EED-9219-AE5200B4BD8A NN6 0AF Northampton District Scouts, Overstone Scout Campsite & Activity Centre, Billing Gate 24/7 Restricted 11m
87DBB174-BD70-4291-B78E-B04200FA5480 NN6 0AG Overstone Primary School, Sywell Road, Overstone Variable Restricted 9m
76AD32CF-48F9-4B7B-853E-ADF7015E3CA8 NN6 0AS Overstone Park Golf Club, Overstone Park, Overstone 24/7 Restricted 11m
6DDE5F12-358C-4D0E-9229-B08B00B251CB NN6 0AW Sywell Primary School, Sywell Church Of England Primary School, 69 Overstone Road Variable Restricted 9m
532D06D3-1A1A-41D9-9C68-63E92CFDE27A NN6 0BJ Igloo Books Ltd Cottage Farm Unit 6, Mears Ashby Rd, Sywell Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
FCA75854-EAAD-474D-85D0-18623C85DD2B NN6 0BN Wellingborough Rd, Sywell Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
BE3997BA-39EE-42CB-88C9-B19901076C92 NN6 0BQ Sywell Village Hall, Village Hall, 33a Sywell Village 24/7 Public 3w
A4D04F06-7D1E-40BD-A849-AFCD00E90269 NN6 0EP Whites Farm Shop And Cafe, Clay Lane, Earls Barton 24/7 Public 11m
A67175EF-141A-4E77-B7AB-AE2F0159E7F2 NN6 0LE St John Ambulance, Elizabeth Way, Earls Barton 24/7 Public 11m
D011DDB7-9A4C-469D-8ABE-AE2F01612773 NN6 0LE Electricity Sub Station 16m From 1 Elizabeth Way 11m From Elizabeth Way, Elizabeth Way, Earls Barton 24/7 Public 11m
2BABE780-0DD8-408B-975D-B08400A11280 NN6 0ND Earls Barton Primary School, Broad Street,, Earls Barton Variable Restricted 9m
8AE015CA-2FBF-4910-8B80-F42626A77578 NN6 0ND Doctors Surgery, 6 Broad St, Earls Barton Northampton 24/7 Restricted 6w
C0166BB5-F2FD-4D40-9A08-B0FB00B7BFDA NN6 0QF Ecton Village Primary Academy, Ecton, Northampton Variable Restricted 5m
2FC7CC9C-129A-4F3A-938B-AEA200AB6663 NN6 6BT Village Hall, Recreation Ground, Haselbech Road 24/7 Public 11m
BC3B6291-4F7B-41A4-8274-AB6E00E6CABE NN6 6DG 24 Nutcote, Naseby 24/7 Public 11m
79345011-14C6-4659-8BE8-AEB3008BD396 NN6 6DP Gasmet Technologies (Uk) Limited, Unit 1 Woolleys Farm, Welford Road Variable Public 11m
D690A26F-CCA5-436C-9CDF-EE31C84E7FBB NN6 6EZ General Area Of, Sulby Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
E23E617E-4507-47C6-A9EE-B1030097437B NN6 6LH West Northamptonshire Council, Yelvertoft County Primary School, School Lane Variable Public 5m
BF07B653-5603-4C5F-9D25-ADE201153EC3 NN6 7BX Probibas Enterprise Solutions Ltd, Units 2-3, Ryehills Lane Variable Restricted 11m
BD542B22-8B88-4C08-9A3B-AF9D00EDDFAC NN6 7DD Royal Mail National Rdc, Danes Way,Daventry Rail Freight Tml, Northampton, Crick 24/7 Restricted 11m
142D1721-3499-410B-BED0-A6699D7A2619 NN6 7ET Sports Pavilion Off, Old Forge Dr, West Haddon Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
98E2E993-48EE-4A06-A661-AE9B014A0042 NN6 7ET West Haddon Parish Council, Junior Football Kitchen Block, Football Pitches /Playing Fields 24/7 Public 11m
8A3EAFBB-C084-41B3-8E01-B11E00FF845F NN6 7FT The Hub At Dirft, Dirft Drive, Crick 24/7 Public 4m
53A92F6D-6617-4824-9A65-ACF90084A38E NN6 7GX Winvic Dirft Iii Site Offices (Gate 1), Off Danes Way, Crick 24/7 Restricted 11m
EC05124B-4A76-4788-BDAE-AEC9007066E7 NN6 7GX Ceva Logistics Ltd Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal, Danes Way, Crick 24/7 Public 11m
EFDD195C-5F5E-4AE0-A338-B08F00D28F1B NN6 7GZ Dunelm Group Plc, Dc4 Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal, Dirft Drive Variable Restricted 8m
381 NN6 7PD War Memorial, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
CDD0A87C-41FE-44FA-B62B-AECC007B2694 NN6 7PG Greenhill Court, Ryehill Close, Long Buckby 24/7 Public 11m
D5D82DC0-A6D7-428B-A769-B03800D91925 NN6 7PX Long Buckby Junior School, South Close, Long Buckby Variable Restricted 9m
55E71775-9B19-4FEB-A330-AECE00A4204E NN6 7QA Long Buckby Afc, Station Road, Long Buckby Variable Restricted 11m
CECC2DCB-1A5F-49F6-9B84-8838DA2F6DBD NN6 7RE Long Buckby Infant School, High St, Long Buckby Northampton Variable Restricted 9m
2FF31A2F-3855-47B0-AB18-B1390071522A NN6 7TA Acre Lodge, Ashby Drive, Crick 24/7 Public 3m
191C8EE0-0BC4-40CC-A22C-CEF1943126EF NN6 7TF Crick Community Sports Centre, Yelvertoft Rd, Crick Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
21F491A1-D1A9-4EC9-B0DC-B08900F91A28 NN6 7TP Royal Oak, 22 Church Street, Crick 24/7 Public 9m
B1CF84DA-F133-4B2E-A1CB-DCA08B21000D NN6 7TP Central England Co-Operative Funeralcare - Crick, Church St, Crick Northampton Variable Public 11m
3293BB72-28E1-43D4-AC93-B04A00BE750F NN6 7TU Crick Primary School, Main Road, Crick Variable Restricted 9m
FFDA1E47-B02D-4607-848E-B107010B1317 NN6 7UJ Watford Lock 2 Watford Locks, Watling Street, Watford 24/7 Public 5m
797BE90B-E81D-4C78-AD93-AE7E00735769 NN6 7UZ Roadchef Watford Gap Northbound Msa, M1 Junction 16/17, Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
6775514A-DF27-4C78-B81B-AEF900CE8FC3 NN6 7XS Access Irrigation Limited, Access Irrigation Ltd, 17 Yelvertoft Road 24/7 Public 9m
9C0555C0-607A-4657-A0B0-B08A00866338 NN6 8AD Balfour Beatty Site Offices, Sandy Lane, Chapel Brampton Variable Restricted 9m
1FA9B05B-504E-4E62-8D15-AF6400E692DF NN6 8AW The Bramptons Primary School, Harlestone Road, Chapel Brampton 24/7 Public 11m
0549B06C-75BC-4AD3-8335-B360805C6957 NN6 8AZ Nn6 8az Ncgc, Golf Lane, Church Brampton 24/7 Restricted 9m
A6963B92-C636-4150-8C85-AAD011BAC0CC NN6 8BU O/S Wall To The Left Of East Haddon Hall, Main St, East Haddon Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
AEC3D519-D1AE-418B-A5DC-ADD000AF87AA NN6 8DU Covert Farm, Long Lane, East Haddon 24/7 Restricted 11m
ECEDA32D-3353-4DB6-9C58-8A9D6719BCA7 NN6 8ER The Chequers, Chequers Ln, Ravensthorpe Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
99F58070-BD93-4AEB-BCE8-B17800F247EB NN6 8ET Torquemeters Ltd, West Haddon Road, Ravensthorpe Variable Public 6w
255A30B3-94FD-4034-A37A-C0B26EB0DB10 NN6 8HH Kings Head, Brixworth Rd, Spratton Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
6953A2E2-5687-402F-AAAB-B0D20111B71E NN6 8PD Cottesbrooke Village Hall, Station Road, Cottesbrooke 24/7 Public 6m
3A236E33-9F0F-4068-B6CC-AFA200F82D25 NN6 8PF Cottesbrooke Hall, Main Street, Cottesbrooke 24/7 Public 11m
1F876F26-6097-4399-892C-2D2829B27151 NN6 8QE Guilsborough Surgery, West Haddon Road, Guilsborough Variable Restricted 6w
CFFD37BC-2297-4325-9111-AFF000E0D2D5 NN6 8QE Guilsborough Academy, West Haddon Road, Guilsborough Variable Restricted 11m
B9972C50-F3E3-4B11-A4E7-B02700E39960 NN6 8RW Bus Shelter, The Green, Hollowell 24/7 Public 11m
1881BC50-5C75-4E33-B309-AFE70111EB18 NN6 8SW Nagarjuna Kmc, Thornby Hall, Naseby Road, Thornby 24/7 Public 11m
534E6AA4-2D78-458A-B626-AE1C00DF475F NN6 9AA Synergy Health Uk Ltd, The Drummonds Spring Hill Farm, Harborough Road Variable Public 11m
4D1E3EE6-5BC0-433A-84EE-AD4C009F5E65 NN6 9AD Pitsford Sports Field Association, Pavilion Pitsford Recreation Ground, High Street 24/7 Public 11m
280DB3E4-EBED-4EB3-A9F8-ABAC00EA2801 NN6 9AQ Virginia Cottage, High Street, Pitsford 24/7 Public 11m
5B41BC72-4FE0-4641-968D-5CF3F966218B NN6 9BG Brixworth Vc Primary School, Froxhill Crescent, Brixworth Northampton Variable Restricted 6w
10F94E16-C3B5-4550-ACE0-AE24014A1B16 NN6 9BX Kier Mg Ltd, Storage Depot And Premises Northamptonshire County Council, Harborough Road Variable Restricted 11m
DE80C29B-A8B3-4BFC-A70F-B04B00CF5010 NN6 9BX Micron Precision (Brixworth ) Engineering Ltd, Saxon Fields, Harborough Road Variable Public 9m
AF34BC26-5561-4B55-8FBA-5D8E30096A65 NN6 9DG Brixworth Country Park, Northampton Rd, Brixworth Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
0178B167-95F0-4D51-B199-AE15014CADFD NN6 9DQ Brixworth Cricket Club, Haywards Barn, Northampton Road 24/7 Public 11m
39A76059-A5F6-432C-9D89-4D39148ABAF7 NN6 9EN Attached To The Wall At The Back Of The Garage, 30 Cherry Hill, Old 24/7 Public 11m
9D6824C0-D949-4536-912F-B03700E963A0 NN6 9ER E B Designs Ltd, Swan Court, 1 Harborough Road Variable Restricted 9m
002CDC6D-48E5-4F06-9555-AEC4009DD562 NN6 9HD Lamport Hall Preservation Society Ltd, Lamport Hall, Lamport 24/7 Public 11m
B58D391B-2962-4D62-90E9-B68D26045823 NN6 9JA Stags Head, Harborough Rd, Maidwell Northampton 24/7 Public 8m
D336EECD-9A05-4C25-B8E0-B18D00AA67B8 NN6 9JA Loder Hall, Harborough Road, Maidwell 24/7 Public 3w
0D6A2588-5429-431F-B01E-B0430100783D NN6 9JF Maidwell Primary School, Draughton Road, Maidwell Variable Restricted 9m
CCBD7763-F0C9-4F86-BD87-B16C00D88C98 NN6 9JQ Draughton Clubroom, (Next To The Church), Draughton 24/7 Public 6w
FF8C9D3E-C186-4599-9A5B-CF1D6F3E5EFD NN6 9LY Top Lodge Cottage Kelmarsh Hall, Main Rd, Kelmarsh Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
16BF5B66-7FA0-48D1-9950-B03600E1AD2C NN6 9PH Walgrave Primary School, Kettering Road, Walgrave Variable Restricted 9m
7AA0D882-A8A2-4B18-AA95-AEDA00F2A96D NN6 9PZ Walgrave Village Hall & Playing Fields Association, 1 Newland Road, Walgrave 24/7 Public 11m
E5EA720A-5412-4E81-A8ED-B14200B17067 NN6 9PZ Walgrave Village Hall, Newland Road, Walgrave 24/7 Public 3m
D7BDC38D-9AD5-4E0E-AB32-AECB01613832 NN6 9UZ Ashway Playing Field, The Ashway, Brixworth 24/7 Public 11m
D182DEFE-7267-45C4-916A-B027010664D1 NN6 9XE Home Location, 16 Portwey Close, Brixworth 24/7 Restricted 11m
E5134370-FA26-4C01-A195-B08500DF79F9 NN7 1AF West Northamptonshire Council, Little Houghton C Of E Primary School, Lodge Close Variable Restricted 9m
DA5A9BE2-3ED3-423C-9E4A-554D56ACA372 NN7 1BD Hollowells Funeral Directors, 6 Bedford Rd, Brafield On The Green Northamp 24/7 Public 9m
A4EC05C4-33CC-4A0D-A7EF-B033008CE277 NN7 1JW Xtremwake, Xtremewake, C/O Grendon Lakes 24/7 Public 11m
03D1B0E0-6DC0-48BA-8EE2-B0FB00DE832C NN7 1LF Rags Boutique, Unit 7 Rural Shopping Yard, Home Farm Lane 24/7 Public 5m
CEF58ABC-37BD-433D-93AE-B11200E6761D NN7 1LH Paradise Farm, Road To Chadstone, Castle Ashby 24/7 Public 4m
29A69669-D771-442A-8ED0-B134010C6D72 NN7 1LT Cogenhoe Sports & Social Club, 33 Station Road, Cogenhoe 24/7 Public 3m
9980246E-890A-483C-BD71-B101010D213E NN7 2AB West Northamptonshire Council, Hackleton Church Of England Aided Primary School, Main Road Variable Restricted 5m
BEB380F2-C30E-485A-A659-AF4000D32B1C NN7 2EA Quinton Parish Council, Quinton Village Hall, School Lane 24/7 Public 11m
9C4A88B8-7E4F-4ADF-84B6-B18700DF2904 NN7 2HL Hartwell Parish Hall Committee, Parish Hall Comittee Hartwell Village Hall, School Lane 24/7 Public 3w
980E8A2B-55EB-4FC1-A818-B09200CCBE92 NN7 2JH West Northamptonshire Council, Ashton C Of E Primary School, Roade Hill Variable Restricted 8m
E6A6ED10-0A0F-4044-B5B5-AE460110AE37 NN7 2LU Roade Football Club, Hoe Way Junction With Hyde Road, Roade 24/7 Public 11m
89B2E0C6-25F5-44BE-99C8-AE460107743C NN7 2LX 69 Hyde Road, Roade 24/7 Public 11m
CB577C5C-0B55-4DBB-AF87-AF0B00AA764F NN7 2NJ Roade Main Garage, 2-8 Stratford Rd, Roade 24/7 Public 11m
964156A3-7019-48E2-8819-AC2100E4CC6F NN7 2NR 14 The Leys, Roade Variable Restricted 11m
74E7B260-26A2-4429-9B8B-AF0D00CF775B NN7 3DD Blisworth Football Club, Blisworth Playing Fields, Courteenhall Road 24/7 Public 11m
05B54DA8-C4F7-49F7-9E34-ADF901097E37 NN7 3DG Stantec, 11 Prospect Court, Courteenhall Road Variable Public 11m
CD4574B7-31C5-47E5-B5F5-AEE7009492D7 NN7 3DR Olleco, Northampton Road, Blisworth Variable Public 11m
59FBBA8B-611C-42F9-BE65-B19400CD8441 NN7 3EE 81 Upper Glen Avenue, Blisworth 24/7 Public 3w
ED472653-1221-4942-A55E-AE4D011B5153 NN7 3EE 82 Upper Glen Avenue, Blisworth 24/7 Public 6w
F91ABA95-7D47-4091-8AFA-B08400E12BBD NN7 3EU Gayton C Of E Primary School, Gayton C Of E Primary School, Bugbrooke Road, Nn7 3eu 24/7 Public 9m
6217A87F-585E-4E75-AF4D-B15F00D138D8 NN7 3EY St Mary’s Church, Blisworth Road, Gayton 24/7 Public 2m
C18010D8-506C-4A81-A4ED-B0B5012AED27 NN7 3HD The Eykyn Arms, 20 High Street, Gayton 24/7 Public 7m
EBCF34A8-1938-4A04-A03D-AC700119B112 NN7 3HG Gayton Village Hall, Hillcrest Road, Gayton 24/7 Public 11m
2DAEDB00-63CC-4A71-9BD9-B12A00C3488A NN7 3HS Rothersthorpe Ce Primary And Village Hall, Rothersthorpe Ce Primary School, Church Street 24/7 Public 3m
25C549E5-A63A-4ADB-8FAD-B03500F9302E NN7 3LL The Bliss Charity School, Bliss Charity Primary School, Middle Street Variable Restricted 9m
1EDF79B1-F685-485F-BBAB-3018C1CBF5AA NN7 3LN Nether Heyford Playing Field, Watery Ln, Nether Heyford Northampton 24/7 Public 11m
26F3F8E6-4C05-4DDD-980B-B03F00BE7FB5 NN7 3PA Northants County Council, Bugbrooke Cp School, High Street Variable Restricted 9m
F4AD2587-A8B7-4376-885D-ADEB00C3EDE5 NN7 3PH Doc White Ground (Bugbrooke Cricket Club), Camp Hill Farm, Bugbrooke 24/7 Public 11m
14BD0011-7984-4737-9671-B02200A27677 NN7 3QB Unusual Rigging,, Unusual Rigging, The Wharf 24/7 Public 11m
5A7B92AB-7231-43A3-A6AE-B199009229EB NN7 3QN Bugbrooke Medical Practice, Levitts Road, Bugbrooke 24/7 Public 3w
A3D8570D-431B-4504-97A8-50FF7BE238BD NN7 3QN Outside Bugbrooke Medical Practice, Levitts Rd, Bugbrooke Northampton 24/7 Public 6w
BC99594A-B89F-4FE8-8822-B1240179953D NN7 3RW Bugbrooke Rufc, Bugbrooke Rugby Union Club, Camp Close Variable Restricted 4m
041D13C0-790D-45BE-B2C3-B13300F080CE NN7 4AG Pcp - Cromwell Cottage, 1 High Street, Kislingbury Variable Public 3m
360BEBB9-A5D3-4D88-982E-B0FF010C9091 NN7 4AL Kislingbury Bowls Club, Beech Lane, Kislingbury Variable Restricted 5m
C96BC743-A252-4170-9FB5-6E86297C26F4 NN7 4BB The Sun Inn, 6 Mill Rd, Kislingbury Northampton 24/7 Public 8m
8748 NN7 4BX Bugbrooke RUFC, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
3CC65FB6-24D4-4ED5-8555-ACB900ABBEB9 NN7 4EH Harlestone Parish Council, Village Institute (Hall), Upper Harlestone 24/7 Public 11m
0BF8829B-03B4-4867-889D-B13400C035DD NN7 4EW Pcp - Fox & Hounds, Lower Harlestone Variable Public 3m
5E84A07B-583D-429E-851B-ADE4008B9442 NN7 4HE Paradise Computing Ltd, Office 1 Pedigree Farm Barns, Rugby Road Variable Restricted 11m
C73D238F-DE48-4710-A6F3-AF0900AE106E NN7 4JE Kislingbury Village Hall Committee, Kislingbury Village Hall, Ashby Court Variable Restricted 11m
51EFBE61-0F3F-4E42-B3A4-ADDB00D3C9EC NN7 4QD Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Express Weedon, High Street Variable Public 11m
E72C7652-C38F-4ACB-8514-AF0A0113F3BB NN7 4SF Rugby Boats Main Office, Stowe Hill Workshop, Heyford Lane Variable Public 11m
BF5EF10D-0FE2-40B9-8FC9-AF2A00D4A9F5 NN8 1AQ Royal Mail Wellingborough Do, 212 Midland Road, Wellingborough, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 11m
E57B76FB-ACD4-4CD8-9553-AFB900917908 NN8 1BL Kilborn Consulting Ltd, 12 Sheep Street, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 11m
E076AA2B-2194-43D9-930F-DECB49B71C99 NN8 1DZ Waendel Leisure Centre, Thomas St, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 11m
68CDB896-4A46-4015-9926-B04D00C737CB NN8 1GN 4 Waverley Drive, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 11m
FC007AFD-A0B3-41E9-990D-AF6000EE7B18 NN8 1HR Victoria Centre, 46-50 Palk Road, Wellingborough 24/7 Public 11m
20EF60A7-BBD2-4834-8991-B18000EE46D2 NN8 1LT Abbey Medical Practice, Mannock Medical Centre, Irthlingborough Road 24/7 Restricted 6w
4C10CCA0-3A17-4B43-881E-B4B1CC87363D NN8 1LT The Mannock Medical Centre, Irthlingborough Rd, Wellingborough 24/7 Restricted 6w
CF5958B0-A292-4F4B-B426-B07500E7D089 NN8 1LU Northamptonshire Carers, 123 Midland Road, Wellingborough 24/7 Public 9m
92573A73-2443-4920-B029-AD7C00A7DFF0 NN8 1RT Laurence Leyland Complex Access Road, Wellingborough 24/7 Public 11m
7C8A93AB-8BAF-4BBE-A560-B0D000B7CDEF NN8 2BE Our Lady's Catholic Primary School, Our Ladys Catholic Primary School, Henshaw Road Variable Restricted 6m
94C6C319-64C3-4135-B4FD-AFD500C46402 NN8 2BT Swanspool Veterinary Clinic, 1 London Road, Wellingborough 24/7 Public 11m
E8DEB6A5-F3DE-4ACB-B193-B02B00902DCA NN8 2EF Tesco Stores Ltd, Victoria Park, Turnells Mill Ln Variable Public 11m
6AE97A24-1AF8-46E1-96B7-AFF7008D9C42 NN8 2LA Friars Academy, Friars Close, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 11m
251B74FE-A806-418D-A70C-AFE800CC4F14 NN8 2QH Screwfix, 22 - 24 Denington Road, Wellingborough Variable Public 11m
3C90D997-A1AE-410E-A746-B15A010C00F8 NN8 2UE Wilby Fc, Wilby Playing Fields, Main Road, Wilby 24/7 Public 2m
4199 NN8 2UF Northants Over 60s Cricket Club, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
A65E8276-EB09-4BAE-A740-AEE100D93751 NN8 3GZ Barratt, Dwh, Park Farm Rd, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 11m
EA5B7BD8-CB9B-45B2-813A-ADD4010B6843 NN8 3JH Weavers Academy, Brickhill Road, Wellingborough 24/7 Public 11m
64165900-08AF-497C-8367-D5173D011354 NN8 3QE Queensway Medical Centre, 20-22 Olympic Wy, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 6w
58550008-95DB-4368-8B44-AE3C00E3593F NN8 3RF Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Express, 51 Queensway Variable Public 11m
6FFC0E06-744B-4D50-9476-AC4500AC0671 NN8 3RP 117 Burns Road, Wellingborough 24/7 Restricted 11m
34D40BCE-F0D0-4553-A510-AE3900EE1CDD NN8 4DU Tesco Express, 62-64 Cannon St, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 11m
80D9CAD5-A5E0-4532-8BA6-B15700C37069 NN8 4ET Ivycrest, 26 The Avenue, Wellingborough 24/7 Public 2m
856F7E08-078E-4A52-91E4-B04B00EADB1D NN8 4ET The Avenue Infant School, The Avenue, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 9m
AC8020A0-12AA-46AA-87FB-AE74007B2345 NN8 4EX Linde Material Handling (Uk) Ltd, Unit 6-8 Patison Road, Finedon Road Ind Estate Variable Restricted 11m
62CB280B-C075-40BE-AD3C-AFAB00E3FCD3 NN8 4HB Hitec Lift Trucks Ltd, 12 Bradfield Road, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 11m
6EB2F48F-97C6-42BD-86B0-ADAD0132BDE2 NN8 4HB 33 Bradfield Road, Wellingborough Variable Public 11m
B7700592-C731-4A8F-947D-AEDD00B9BEB7 NN8 4HJ Bcal Consulting, Orient House, Church Way Variable Restricted 11m
4106A01E-3D6F-4804-B636-B065008AF5C7 NN8 4HN Balfour Beatty Street Lighting, 6 Stanton Close, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 9m
E0E26A6E-7AE2-47D0-BFC5-AD4F00EB5B09 NN8 4NL Turnell And Odell Ltd, 61-65 Sanders Road, Wellingborough Variable Public 11m
E9447ABD-9568-4D9A-AB6E-ADEC00DA65F2 NN8 4RN Infrastructure Gateway Ltd, 12-14 Bridle Close, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 11m
F7CA7DD2-2993-416B-8E87-AF5100F4679A NN8 4RN Industrial Control Distribution, 8-9 Bridle Close, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 11m
1D8C8A19-303C-44AB-81C1-E5F62B3A22B4 NN8 4RP Sir Christopher Hatton Academy, The Pyghtle, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 7m
5DC79FE4-3D87-42B5-9859-B16301114031 NN8 4RP Sir Christopher Hatton School, The Pyghtle, Wellingborough 24/7 Public 6w
6E662A4D-87CE-48FC-81F6-B163010E0FD9 NN8 4RP Sir Christopher Hatton Academy, Sir Christopher Hatton School, The Pyghtle Variable Restricted 6w
1DA29E4C-F6A5-4141-A3C3-AFF700D4133A NN8 4RQ Apollo Motor Group, 19 Bradfield Close, Wellingborough Variable Public 11m
CB139F08-C906-460C-98CF-B0B300B4C14D NN8 4RQ Mabey Hire Ltd, 15 Bradfield Close, Wellingborough Variable Public 7m
110803A7-AAEF-4A81-AB45-B02600A01AA1 NN8 4SD Oakway Academy, 102 Oakway, Wellingborough 24/7 Public 6m
B1E3AAC7-12F7-4B42-9187-90B158E1F62F NN8 5AS Wellingborough Bowling Club, Hatton St, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 11m
43507A02-FFED-4C12-AB19-9D96662F3057 NN8 5AZ Wellingborough Town Cricket Club, 16 Redwell Rd, Wellingborough 24/7 Public 11m
8CE1AF15-2704-4CE3-9824-AD3A00DEE941 NN8 5LP Redwell Leisure Centre, Barnwell Road, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 11m
F1366A62-7E2D-4A70-82CD-AF960146DB05 NN8 5LP Redwell Walking Football Club, Redwell Leisure Centre, Barnwell Road Variable Restricted 11m
07CB4F98-A9AE-4A13-B87C-AEC60105A1C0 NN8 6AB Clenaware Systems Ltd, 44 Huxley Close, Park Farm Industrial Estate Variable Public 11m
F173C4DB-0869-45E4-894F-B03700C3270B NN8 6AB Misco Technologies Limited, 3-5 Huxley Close, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 9m
C86EA1C0-69B2-45E5-A307-AFB800F14F13 NN8 6AN Cummins Diesel, 40-44 Rutherford Drive, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 11m
3B350ED3-BCD4-449F-8429-B18600B858FE NN8 6AQ Co-Operative Group Ltd, 20-32 Rutherford Drive, Wellingborough 24/7 Restricted 3w
E427AAA0-AAB3-407E-980F-B18600B72C19 NN8 6AQ Co-Operative Group Ltd, 20-32 Rutherford Drive, Wellingborough 24/7 Restricted 3w
F442D210-A5DD-4834-A53A-B02D00AF4FD7 NN8 6BA Formwise Washrooms Ltd, 3 Wendel Point, Ryle Drive Variable Public 11m
087C12EE-E93A-46CF-89B6-AF7000946769 NN8 6BS Wellingborough Old Grammarians Association, Memorial Sportsfield, Sywell Road 24/7 Public 11m
9C9AADE8-E18C-4219-9386-B0D60106CF96 NN8 6NL Nimlok Ltd, Nimlok House, 45 Booth Drive Variable Restricted 6m
A93E2300-084E-4592-A4D1-65C2358699C3 NN8 6QX Watson & Cox Construction Ltd, 11 Brunel Cl Park Farm Ind Est, Wellingborough 24/7 Public 11m
DB59B381-C1FB-460A-A674-B14800C1AC81 NN9 5AU 8 Meadowvale, Irthlingborough 24/7 Restricted 2m
3E02C8FF-683E-4FF8-BE1B-ACD200A630A2 NN9 5BB 40 Main Street, Little Harrowden 24/7 Public 11m
C6C2AB63-1080-48A7-BDEB-8896A3C3B535 NN9 5BN Little Harrowden Primary School, School Ln, Little Harrowden Wellingboroug Variable Restricted 8m
9E1A0759-E9C6-4AC2-9C6B-AE3900F5D85B NN9 5EH Tesco, 35e Irthlingborough Road, Finedon Variable Public 9m
6DE90F68-0981-4158-88E5-B13800B1BB7F NN9 5HX Asda Petrol Station, 35-45 Burton Road, Finedon 24/7 Public 3m
D9E02E3C-1D67-4C45-8F4F-B04200E8D7CA NN9 5JG School Office, Finedon Infant School, Orchard Road Variable Restricted 11m
F24A9B5C-A091-4B05-8B81-B00C00E0B110 NN9 5NY 10a Furnace Lane, Station Road, Finedon Variable Restricted 11m
8342E87A-55C5-4EBA-A099-AEE400E3F988 NN9 5QF Citrus Training, Citrus Group House, Diamond Way Variable Restricted 11m
A245D57B-C527-4728-8EEB-1498D85C5263 NN9 5TY Outside Wall Of Sixth Form College Next To Tennis Court, Finedon Rd, Irthlingborough Wellingborough 24/7 Public 11m
5E5461B3-6DC0-41E2-9831-B14700ACAAE9 NN9 5UQ Irthlingborough Conservative Club, 3c Station Road, Irthlingborough 24/7 Public 2m
8309 NN9 5XF Community Centre, Northamptonshire 24/7 Public
0DAD1BF1-FA70-42AF-8F03-B03C011F5957 NN9 5XF Irthlingborough Community Centre, Community Centre, 2 Fettledine Road, Irthlingborough 24/7 Public 9m
C46742F2-49BD-427B-B067-AF0B00A26266 NN9 6DL Red Lion, Red Lion., Wellington Rd 24/7 Public 11m
4E459E04-943F-462B-A7F9-B11C0103756A NN9 6EQ Howdens Joinery, Warth Park Way, Raunds 24/7 Public 4m
B29123D9-CD82-439D-A7FF-B11C01073F35 NN9 6EQ Howdens Joinery - Raunds 2, Raunds 2, Warth Park Way 24/7 Public 4m
CCFB565C-FDF1-45EF-9DC6-B11C0105EB2E NN9 6EQ Howdens Joinery - Raunds 2, Warth Park Way, Raunds 24/7 Public 4m
EAF70A66-B693-430D-A96D-B11C0108B9C6 NN9 6EQ Howdens Joinery - Raunds 3, Raunds 3 (Outbound), Warth Park Way 24/7 Public 4m
512C478A-55DD-4C81-9529-842C1D328B3A NN9 6GY Stanwick Lakes, General Area Of, Stanwick Wellingborough 24/7 Public 3w
7123AD98-7948-4516-9CD4-AF0B00AA8798 NN9 6HP The Square, Raunds 24/7 Public 11m
E451CC4A-BDAE-4977-B4DE-AE4700BD53BD NN9 6LT Saxon Hall, Brook Street, Raunds 24/7 Public 11m
98BB241B-2634-4A65-A9B3-B15700C19D15 NN9 6NH Kings Lodge, Hollington Road, Raunds 24/7 Public 2m
D99634A1-08CC-472E-BC91-AB6E00E86352 NN9 6NP 65 Hill Street, Raunds, Wellingborough Variable Restricted 11m
41EF1D5B-9E9C-47D0-941F-27AE092FD352 NN9 6PA Manor School Sports College, Mountbatten Wy, Raunds Wellingborough Variable Public 11m
901F163E-93EA-4831-B345-ADCF009CAE69 NN9 6PA Manor School Raunds, Manor School, Mountbatten Way 24/7 Public 11m
3D6BEC69-D038-448B-BEC4-B000009D840A NN9 6PP Partricks Lane, Stanwick 24/7 Public 11m
5445F0A9-7E8C-4E84-92F0-AFA800A85AFB NN9 6RJ Howdens Joinery Ltd, Raunds 2 The Yard, 100 Scalley Way Variable Public 11m

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

The OSM objects here are not close enough to an unmatched AED in one of the data sources to be matched. Matches to an AED in the Circuit that is further away can be forced by adding a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the corresponding Circuit UUID. It is not possible to force a match to the NDDB.

Found 46 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n346394316 inside old red phone box in Lower Dean
MZ n1856287559 inside old red phone box, Holdenby Road, Church Brampton
MZ n2489335616
MZ n4210868122
MZ n5025317380 inside red phone box, High Street, Swineshead
MZ n5336829221 On internal wall between Community Noticeboard and security station Morrisons Foundation
MZ n5422980665 Front wall of Kings Cliffe Ex-Servicemens club
MZ n5825873127
MZ n5827798982
MZ n5827799490
MZ n5827799491
MZ n5832864278 Opposite left of bus station entrance, on grey wall. In yellow box
MZ n5901916561
MZ n6325267096 inside red telephone box outside Glapthorn Village Hall
MZ n6601888118
MZ n7016675920
MZ n7076092393
MZ n7438528189
MZ n7647543421
MZ n7918360102
MZ n7918565296
MZ n8615912323
MZ n8753520387 AL21 Inside the reception of the sports centre, opposite the "bar" area
MZ n8926354052
MZ n9036425393
MZ n9124444602
MZ n9138965862 CHT-13-674 inside red phone boxMain Street, Willoughby Waterleys
MZ n9393248614
MZ n9398016454 outside Welton Church of England Academy
MZ n9398016456
MZ n9422928207 Behind Reception Desk in Marshal VW
MZ n9453063011 Inside Reception at Stanbury Leisure Centre
MZ n9573492467
MZ n9852041745 outside Mears Ashby Sports Club building - facing road
MZ n9900788721
MZ n9955231473 Inside Stantonbury Theatre Upper Foyer
MZ n10799901700
MZ n11088955532 On the corner wall in the middle of the seating area
MZ n11475900532
MZ n11476104368
MZ n11609662183
MZ n11816112571 on side of Village Hall
MZ n11913727196 Behind the gateline on the subway level
MZ n12033913948 outside Ashby St Ledgers Village Hall
MZ n12038456743 outside East Farndon Village Hall
MZ n12046092504 Inside Tesco express, on the left as you enter

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Circuit AEDs matched to an OSM object by location

To confirm a match as correct, add a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the UUID from The Circuit. To remove an incorrect match, either add the correct UUID (if the AED is listed in The Circuit) or add a not:ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag with a semi-colon separated list of UUIDs not to match.

Found 17 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
1D434CB3-D031-475B-82B4-B04B00AC3312 NN1 2BN Aquila House, 14 St Giles Terrace, Northampton n11475900539 70 m
3A492FED-5485-4699-AB1A-ABBB00DE1FA0 NN1 5PA The University Of Northampton, Sports Pavilion / Muga (University Of Northampton), Electric Avenue n5844106485 49 m
8FD1C998-0DF1-4A3E-9111-ADF000EA0377 NN1 5PH The University Of Northampton, University Of Northampton (The Senate), The Senate n5844106486 9 m
9B3C2F02-A163-4150-8CB2-B1870100A1C9 NN1 5PH Waterside Healthcare Centre, Waterside Campus, Univversity Of Northampton n5844147358 18 m
D382BC74-29EA-49E4-8A26-B17E00C4C646 NN1 1TU Royal & Derngate, Royal & Derngate Stage Door, Derngate Road n11998624308 6 m
E9CF3CFD-4CDD-43F4-B44D-ADF000EB0499 NN1 5PH The University Of Northampton, University Of Northampton (Creative Hub), Creative Hub n5846405980 18 m
98F37E3C-5E43-4755-8725-B19E0144C390 NN12 8XA The Pavillion, Church Street, Silverstone n9398016442 60 m
0D864492-B90D-4C0F-98CE-AD4A016AE2E1 NN13 5YS Town Farm, 1 Main Street, Mixbury n9393248615 South wall of building, at junction of public footpath and Evenley Road 16 m
1E60D1D4-7EE2-4CF3-9BA3-8634259E3DC2 NN13 7FH Marston's Inns And Taverns, The Paisley Pear, Northampton Road n11832510385 Above bin next to emergency exit door 15 m
17E7363E-089B-4681-BE9E-1180131C726A NN14 6BQ Rothwell Nail & Spa Shop, 18 High St, Rothwell Kettering n9576525769 High Street Rothwell on the B576 16 m
C4153655-5304-440E-80BC-AFC600C6244A NN17 1QQ North Northamptonshire Council, Pat Fawcett Way, Boating Lake n11898143754 on outside wall of boathouse, on the corner of the building, next to the tree 37 m
339EF669-92AD-40E9-93E1-AE5A0122193D NN2 8RG Boughton Primary School, Moulton Lane, Boughton n11822869706 On wall of main building next to entrance 9 m
104D8B3A-4A45-4EA4-97B9-AF9600CC867A NN3 8AG Thorplands Community Hub, Community Room Unit 3, 37 Farmfield Court n7918565293 14 m
66AA7B89-3835-427A-A7B4-7E452A6C1D90 NN5 5DG J Sainsbury Plc, 20 Gambrel Rd, St James Northampton n11933109446 Next to the security stand by the internal doors 72 m
258F7387-10BC-4A38-A653-D481A928B6F8 NN7 3DD Blisworth Parish Council, Courteenhall Rd, Blisworth Northampton n11787515301 18 m
FF3891AD-41DC-4C7B-A6DB-AEC500749F53 NN7 2QE 10 Road To Courteenhall, Northampton, Courteenhall n1906863493 inside old phone box (now used as book swap) in Courteenhall 14 m
8D76040B-B9E8-46B1-BB99-AE3D0099EE39 NN8 5WA Tesco Express, 1-2 Grafton Close, Wellingborough n11504227103 33 m

Circuit AEDs matched to an OSM object by reference

The matches here are when an AED in OSM has a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag that matched a UUID from The Circuit.

Found 298 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
48EA9B38-3953-45C3-96F7-6FB4BD84D045 NN12 7NS Lower St, Pury End Towcester n26712682 inside old phone box in Pury End 37 m
7F226770-2255-4AE5-93E6-B0660095AC34 NN12 8AH Telephone Box, Public Telephone, Road To The Lodge n33989129 inside old red phone box in Duncote 2 m
970B6E20-E78F-4A28-9CD0-AB880177E28D NN11 6YB Boddington Parish Council, Honeysuckle House, Hill Road n122955947 inside old red phone box, Hill Road, Lower Boddington - near Carpenters Arms 25 m
8FA4C50D-425E-4160-AD50-ACAD00D04B1D NN7 2DE Hackleton Parish Council, Public Telephone 6m From 10 Church Road 5m From Church Road, Church Road n253794821 inside red phone box, Forest Road, Piddington 2 m
418BDE13-88AA-406B-8002-5FA3E4F00C55 NN6 6HU Telephone Box, West Street, Welford n705331416 inside phone box, West Street, Welford 1 m
597B2F54-400B-435E-81DD-AE6D00D2BC3F NN6 7PW Accommodation The New Inn, Watling Street, Long Buckby n1100605968 On stairs to accomodation 8 m
B3E79E1A-AD99-4BBC-B714-153892875180 NN13 6AJ Ambulance Station, Manor Rd, Brackley n1187781532 On wall next to garage doors (right hand side) 7 m
DD34052C-4EDB-4E36-B9E9-AB7400EED1F5 NN13 7DY Northamptonshire Fire And Rescue Station, Oxford Road, Brackley n1265124914 On left hand front wall of fire station next to Herrieffs Farm Road 189 m
22F093EA-1202-4382-9AA0-8D8F2139ADEE NN9 6BW Old Nags Head (In Phone Box On Nags Head Ln), Church St, Hargrave Wellingborough n1352781858 in old red phone box, Church Road, Hargrave 37 m
99094A57-DD0F-4F78-A261-21C4122E4704 NN7 4SH In Red Telephone Box, Main St, Upper Stowe Northampton n1581229919 Inside red phone box by Upper Stowe Church, Upper Stowe 17 m
49C363AF-9C0B-49C2-B5CB-D65C55C84FA8 NN12 8QP Telephone Box, The Grn, Abthorpe Towcester n1906916110 inside old red phone box on village green, Abthorpe 89 m
BCA2FD82-696D-40A3-B868-AFFC011C8A71 NN6 9RQ Old Cricket Club, Old Cricket Club, Old Village Hall, Charles Close n2320125623 On corner of village hall 48 m
4B946D15-BEE0-4610-877D-1E4EA704107F NN7 1AB Telephone Box Next To The Post Office, 52 Bedford Rd, Little Houghton Northampton n2598322270 inside red phone box, Bedford Road, Little Houghton 21 m
3173E7FD-762E-4340-BBF7-AED9011A0354 NN29 7QN Wollaston Community Library, Newton Road, Wollaston n2959188797 On dividing wall outside library and jade housr 87 m
DA365FB8-D68E-4BD7-B1BF-ADAD00ACF23E NN14 4PD Public Conveniences, Oundle Road, Thrapston n3602869105 6 m
A7427C1C-470C-4CDD-8CAF-ADE30119144B NN6 6DA Methodist Chapel, Church Street, Naseby n3682696529 10 m
00E8B08A-2D5B-48E9-8DA8-AF1200B3B67D NN11 3AS Badby Parish Council, Hillside Cottage, Church Green n4163487973 on raised path on churchyard wall 9 m
7FA7F213-3639-4C0D-B7EF-AF0B00858E04 NN8 1EY Near To The Costa Coffee Ground Floor Swansgate Centre, O/S Costa Coffee Ground Floor Swansgate Centre, 18-19 Spring Ln n4250152828 On side wall of Card Factory shop near cafe 47 m
4A96138B-F128-4778-8359-4AA74FD0502C NN14 3BX Francis Giffen Memorial Hall, Main Street, Sudborough n4511141635 corner of building near steps 157 m
7D9CB1D7-548B-4108-8BA1-D388DB478DDB NN17 1TR Ambulance Station Forest Gate Rd, Corby n4580483994 Right hand side of entry door 13 m
D09A44CA-3573-4123-AEAC-BCA5BFA64175 NN11 7HR Braunston Post Office, 50 High Street, Braunston n4582989751 Outside Shop Front Left 29 m
F32BB9BE-FF7A-4CFA-8286-AF0B00AA53DF NN1 3DN Mounts Fire Station, Upper Mounts, Northampton n4583024173 Right hand side of Garage doors 10 m
C6AED00F-FEC6-4947-92EC-AF0B00AA6468 NN10 6UL Rushden Fire Station, 4 Foskett Cl, Rushden n4583028744 Right hand side under canopy 126 m
43916A67-9046-4342-9220-AF1000B518EE NN11 4HN Daventry Fire Station, Marlow Cl, Daventry n4583038478 Right hand side of entry door 43 m
899135BE-DFC1-4AA4-851D-9307702527F8 NN12 6HD Emas Ambulance N H S Trust Ambulance Station, Swinneyford Rd, Towcester n4583084741 Side Wall of Ambulance station facing Swinneyford Road 10 m
5AF86180-2A66-47CC-901D-B7D962FA36DC NN9 6QA Stanwick Village Shop/Post Office, 2 High St, Stanwick Wellingborough n4583096662 On wall between bench and phone box 23 m
A1FE2EC6-7795-4F4F-90BB-9BFA497339F2 NN13 5QT Helmdon Cp School, 21 Station Rd, Helmdon Brackley n4583588029 Under School name sign on front of building 25 m
5642F39B-D5C5-4C85-A171-942124E26AAF NN14 2RD Fire Station King St Desborough, Desborough Kettering n4584501876 Rear of Building facing King Street 8 m
2DC92264-EB87-4EF1-98DF-AF0B0084CD6B NN14 4PS Northants Fire And Rescue Service, Thrapston Fire Station, High St n4584521489 Right hand side of entry door in Porch 45 m
E77C80E2-FC03-4AC4-8B16-AF0B00AA5CD1 NN15 6BH Kettering Fire Station, Headlands, Kettering n4584542168 Left Hand side of Garage Doors near main entrance 6 m
FAF618A2-5B2F-4398-A92D-AF0B00AA7DB2 NN2 8LR Northampton North Ambulance Station, Harborough Rd, Northampton n4584667140 On corner of main building near garage 93 m
8CEFB103-14B0-4AF7-A9E4-AF1000B4E0B1 NN5 6DT Duston Library, Pendle Rd, Northampton n4584695467 Next to emergency exit facing car park 13 m
F6B561BB-01AE-481D-982A-4B69C8CCF377 NN6 9DS Northamptonshire County Council Brixworth Library, Spratton Rd, Brixworth Northampton n4585458582 On right of main door and left of notice board 15 m
9290F585-4C14-4345-849C-B03C0128EBB3 NN6 7TS Co-Operative, Co-Operative Retail Services Ltd, 2 High Street n4585481156 On side of Supermarket facing Main Road 11 m
D31C1583-C7EC-4AD9-88A2-AC1400DEE63D NN16 0NT Co-Op - Grange Place, 1-5 Grange Place, Kettering n4713186884 On the Wall of the Co-Operative Food Store 152 m
EACD0221-A610-4ED7-B836-36324F28701C NN13 5SQ Evenley Village Hall Comittee, Evenley Village Hall, 1 The Green n4842525311 Near Door to Village Hall in Car Park 4 m
5C5412AD-3646-49AC-BF21-BB6B6B2C8FCD NN7 4QU Village Hall, West St, Weedon Northampton n4888486543 14 m
2089D175-5735-4D30-988E-4E6B76F776E0 NN6 0AQ Village Hall, 122 Sywell Rd, Overstone Northampton n4913779880 On Pole next to Village Halll fence, inside opening in wall alongside Sywell Road 421 m
A773987D-C899-472D-BF97-ACD700C3A00A NN4 6AS Shelter 25m From High View, The Cross 4m From The Cross, The Cross, Great Houghton n5020889634 On Side of Bus Shelter 3 m
3EAC4750-CCF0-4B84-90C2-AE90008DF4B3 NN14 1NF 19 High Street, Broughton n5034164010 outside Broughton Co-op 11 m
F9E62E8B-13F6-431A-8129-AF0B00AA6C14 NN29 7JR Sinclair Fabrics, 76 London Rd, Bozeat n5261806372 On front left wall of Sinclair Fabrics shop near telegraph pole 310 m
0F904C59-637F-4E50-A6E1-AF1000B4EE4E NN8 1HF Wellingborough Police Station, Midland Rd, Wellingborough n5350929272 On Wall of Court 24 m
7E3BD5FB-9EAD-4343-A001-116AE271A089 NN14 2QS Desborough Library And Community Hub, High St, Desborough Kettering n5584370876 Right hand side of entrance near Bus Stop 22 m
FDE01542-BC95-4047-9F4A-AF1000B50BE4 NN4 8BE Mereway Ambulance Station, Mereway, Northampton n5584370877 On office building wall next to Garage 950 m
E5AF77EF-14DC-4629-8DCB-F10E3374B6D6 NN13 5LT The Reading Room, High St, Croughton Brackley n5584459254 On wall at end of path near entrance door 11 m
C59F8FED-393A-4481-9349-B04500C641AB NN9 6HP The Square, Raunds n5584459263 On side of Bus Sheleter facing George and the Dragon Public House 13 m
9E850750-B4DE-440F-96DA-179478166053 NN17 1QG Swimming Pool George St, Corby n5584459268 On inside of second arch support to right hand side of the main entance to the swimming pool. 49 m
80F9687A-7C05-4278-8405-0ACF827AEA19 NN14 3JS Telephone Box Near The Junction Of Old Farm Lane &, High St, Islip Kettering n5651576546 in phone box, High Street, Islip 9 m
82DD437D-B5D5-46B0-8A49-40C46A621ACA NN8 1BN North Northants Council, Tithe Barn Rd, Wellingborough n6312365331 In porch of council offices, left hand side of doors. 25 m
C4E10C60-7B07-47BA-9149-16AC2F36EE18 NN8 2DY On The Outside Wall Of The Flats Junct Of London Rd &, Milton Rd, Little Irchester Wellingboroug n6312398118 On front of flats to right hand side of door. 19 m
3FD2709C-4AFA-4857-890A-AF1000B4F1F7 NN8 1NU Wellingborough Ambulance Station, 1b Irthlingborough Road, Wellingborough n6312398119 On front of Ambulance station near access road. 264 m
13A4CBBB-23B1-441B-A6C9-6D728E2D318F NN8 3SD St Marks Church, 142 Queensway, Wellingborough n6312398120 Next to door to church (the one near houses not near Queensway) 15 m
E8404154-0531-4E07-8381-C9E3E4734BD3 NN10 6BQ Rre Eletrical Services Unit 4, Sanders Lodge Industrial Estat, Rushden n6324376998 Site of building next to gate 20 m
3E21B703-B892-40B1-9015-AF1000B4F532 NN8 2JR Da Vinci Court Nusing Home, Croyland Rd, Wellingborough n6326136936 in entry to rear courtyard on left side 72 m
26EFC9C6-29D9-4742-878E-AF1000B5037A NN9 5TN Londis, 12 High St, Irthlingborough n6326136952 on front of building to the left of door near pillar box 40 m
11AB1D65-9257-4EB3-8E4C-9E7962072D4D NN15 7RH Co-Op - Lake Avenue, 3 Bignall Court, Kettering n6347828072 11 m
21A99EF6-63E2-49DB-85FC-6289CCB5A718 NN3 6WL Commsave Credit Union, 5-6 Duncan Cl, Moulton Park Industrial Estate n6359442014 Under Name 8 m
9E22E7D7-5116-4D34-83C7-AF0B009D42A6 NN3 6AA Busy Bees Nh, Busy Bees, Kettering Rd n6359442015 11 m
A6FBB712-0A86-4211-A4E4-AF0B00AA79EF NN3 2HT Park Avenue Methodist Church, Park Avenue North, Northampton n6359442024 Left hand side of schoolroomn entrance 240 m
EB3F771E-488A-4BBB-BBDE-AF0B00AA6816 NN3 8DW Weston Favell Primary Care Centre, Billing Brook Rd, Weston Favell n6359442031 Under Canopy 15 m
2D16BF33-2527-4785-A40C-AF0B00AA8B45 NN29 7QS Cricket Club Pavillion, London Rd, Wollaston n6374029015 On side of Pavilion 433 m
EBE332EA-8C6B-4337-AB1E-932549797F7E NN4 9UG St Benedicts Church, Hunsbury Hill Rd, West Hunsbury Northampton n6374280531 By entrance 19 m
A789ECD9-1FEC-48A4-8E9D-AF0B00945F2B NN5 6AA Templemore Old Peoples Home, 121 Harlestone Rd, Northampton n6374280532 On wall next to gate near main road 282 m
B4A78ED1-D4A0-4DE2-A68A-AE6900D08110 NN6 9AQ Pitsford Parish Council, Public Telephone 12m From Virginia Cottage, High Street On Grange Lane, Grange Lane n6424232629 Next to red phone box, Pitsford 3 m
4A8224AF-EF35-4A6C-B450-3CB5806C04E8 NN12 8XJ The Reading Room, High St, Whittlebury Towcester n6439821873 outside Whittlebury Village Hall and Reading Room - Front left near gate 9 m
500E6F69-52A8-4C27-BA88-68EA3328091C NN7 4LW Flore Millennium Hall, 56 High St, Flore Northampton n6444163731 5 m
2E1937EE-A3CA-4188-A7CD-552E749BAE43 NN7 4PW Jubilee Playing Fields, Bridge St, Weedon Northampton n6444163736 28 m
AEB985F5-F0FA-486F-933E-AF1000B62AF9 NN11 4BS Daventry Police Station, New St, Daventry n6444163737 19 m
43D35803-24B4-4A50-8757-AAC600C13709 NN11 2ND The Village Hall, Daventry Road, Norton n6444163738 outside Norton Village Hall 108 m
D140E900-C696-4AA7-A259-E83937681A61 NN15 7QD Co-Op Funeral - London Road, 92a London Rd, Kettering n6444195921 On the low brick wall to the left of the white COOP building 7 m
02A2B144-DEB2-46B4-B90D-AC1400B4256C NN15 6DT Co-Op - London Road, 196 London Road, Kettering n6444195922 On outside wall of shop, to the left of the entrance. 148 m
918A36E4-7AF3-4F0D-856C-AFF600F2272E NN16 9JT North Park Pavilion, North Park Drive, Kettering n6444590270 15 m
D31476D0-9A1B-43A2-91A6-7A1D283D5806 NN6 7AP The Old Post Office, 36 High St, West Haddon Northampton n6446681383 outside newsagents shop, West Haddon - next to pillar box 14 m
D1DBFBC7-E858-4920-B2A9-EA6A3875E46B NN18 8QT Busy Bees, 1 Charter Crt, Corby n6446681384 10 m
B7C0123A-194C-49AA-8024-0099E39C9E73 NN18 0AX Beanfield Community Centre, Beanfield Av, Corby n6446681985 23 m
FFC7BD8C-9367-4398-942C-89F538DEC255 NN17 2SG Lodge Park Sports Centre, Shetland Wy, Corby n6446681992 20 m
CB44344C-F800-45D3-BCD4-AC140077C9CE NN17 2AW Co-Op - Welland Vale Road, 121 Welland Vale Road, Corby n6446681993 27 m
B6BFE12C-A44B-46F6-8D34-9E184959EDF2 NN17 1ED Co-Op - Occupation Road, 57 Occupation Rd, Corby n6446681995 17 m
9BFD5A42-C7FF-4960-A733-B13800A7B0C3 NN17 3EJ Brudenell Estates, Village Hall, Deene n6446681996 236 m
BD1E36B3-CE1B-41E8-9412-737BB416A5E4 NN12 6AG The Peacock, 97 Watling Street West, Towcester n6567476964 8 m
BB094A2A-EA96-4F58-99B8-CFD95AD1157C NN12 6UW Towcester Centre For Leisure, Milton Wy, Towcester n6581310314 34 m
AAD6B5A8-FC10-43A7-BE89-AB8300EF3043 NN12 6LD Masonic, Masonic Hall, 3 Northampton Road n6684500372 14 m
3F1AFEDF-3EDF-4825-B633-CDFC8F683672 NN9 5LG Finedon Pharmacy, 95 Wellingborough Rd, Finedon Wellingborough n6762026913 outside Finedon Pharmacy, Wellingborough Road, Wellingborough 8 m
AB66EDE7-6ADA-4246-B634-B0510110C0D5 NN12 7SE Canal And River Trust Museum, The Canal Museum, Bridge Road n6857194943 9 m
DC5C13B2-FCE0-4574-A43F-ADB000784073 NN7 1HB Yardley Hastings Garage, Bedford Road West, Yardley Hastings n7076092385 13 m
87D3C488-2CD3-4424-A6F0-B0040118ED00 NN6 8PT Guilsborough Primary School, Guilsborough Church Of England Primary School, High Street n7076092386 outside Guilsborough Primary School 23 m
04B0AEE6-4232-4324-A90B-AC560141BA96 NN9 6SJ Windmill Primary School, Windmill Lane, Raunds n7076092387 48 m
40941C81-C9F5-4DA9-928D-AEF400DEFA81 NN6 6HP Welford Garage, Northampton Road, Welford n7076092388 25 m
55A15447-1E8B-4D51-A3A2-AF0B00AA60D7 NN9 5TU Irthlingborough Fire Station, Irthlingborough Fire Station., College St n7076092394 49 m
AA82970F-FC95-432F-A7DD-AF1000B50858 NN8 2DR Busy Bees, Enstone Crt, Wellingborough n7076092395 10 m
19FBB10E-5116-49BC-B86A-0881AA1753AB NN29 7HU Podington Cricket Club, Hinwick Road, Podington n7076092396 Left Hand side of front door 61 m
F389D1AD-A103-4C51-93AD-ABC100877E43 NN6 8HP Spratton Sport Field Recreation Ground, Smith Street, Spratton n7076300153 284 m
5883B868-A2FF-4AE9-8B18-B04500CCFD39 NN9 6DL The Red Lion Ph, The Red Lion, Wellington Road n7081976196 10 m
27FCE2B8-E58B-4568-8321-F55971B71074 NN14 4DA Ringstead Village Hall, The Village Hall, 9 High Street n7081976205 9 m
854ACF97-CA8D-441F-9961-D4997598E37F NN10 0HX Rushden & Higham United F C, Hayden Rd, Rushden n7081976210 36 m
1C0494E7-F1F3-43C4-BED6-42D71BA03080 NN9 6LL Co-Op Funeral - Brook Street, Co-Operative Funeral Service, 59 Brook St n7081976211 24 m
FA174D31-AF2D-4185-8F71-B042013E5EE8 NN14 1RL Thornhill Arms, The Thornhill Arms, Station Road n7549967032 65 m
5EC8A0F7-ABAC-4BE5-83E9-AD7F014FB4A2 NN14 1LA Telephone Kiosk Loddington, Main Street, Loddington n7613417270 Inside red phone box, Main Street, Loddington 8 m
50C05DDF-C66E-4207-96C1-AD7F013771E9 NN14 1JS Thorpe Malsor Social Club 30 Church Way, Thorpe Malsor n7613458806 outside Thorpe Malsor Social Club - round back 3 m
BB43AE29-1A60-4EBC-964D-ACF500BBEA12 NN9 6BE Mill View Farm, Kimbolton Road, Hargrave n7683157340 45 m
657A5C2B-CB41-4221-AAA4-430E16E94423 NN29 7DL Irchester Country Park, Gipsy Lane, Irchester Wellingborough n7702713881 327 m
A864B533-103F-4018-8A54-B15600F24C66 NN12 6HY Waitrose Towcester, Richmond Road, Towcester n7892360896 126 m
C8BB563F-E4A4-4043-B110-AF0B00AA80E0 NN3 9HW Busy Bees Nursery, Museum Wy,, Riverside Business n7918360101 18 m
F8AB5D3C-B51F-416F-B723-AF0B009D3A9D NN4 8LG Rec Community Centre, Rec Centre., Towcester Road n7918360105 42 m
6AD56BCD-991E-4998-8637-AC5200DE94CC NN13 6JR Marstons Plc, The Chequered Flag, Lark Rise n7918360107 10 m
B52A4E8D-945E-452E-A1DE-5E3C5C9156F9 NN14 3DE Titchmarsh Village Shop, 1 The Green, Titchmarsh Kettering n7918565294 outside Titchmarsh Village Shop 5 m
53B09DDA-DA4D-46E9-ADA6-BB8DB7DB6CA9 NN15 6XY Busy Bees, Lamport Cl, Kettering Venture Park Ketteri n7918565295 142 m
E35AA67F-5637-4509-9C5D-ADAD013395E9 NN8 4TU Hemmingwell Skills Centre, 119 Nest Farm Crescent, Wellingborough n7921189949 13 m
57AA9D7D-C71C-45BF-8B87-3B25E3EB6D84 NN14 4HF Telephone Box, 72 High St, Woodford Kettering n7921336308 inside old red phone box on village green, Woodford 25 m
4822A6B5-ECF0-4CA9-B8CD-AF1000B5108B NN1 4DR Police Sub Station, Wellingborough Rd, Northampton n7921336309 40 m
28832F19-4286-477B-BA30-65DA08BAF7DF NN17 3AD Gretton Rd, Harringworth Corby n7921336310 inside red phone box, Gretton Road, Harringworth 28 m
DA143029-98A8-41F7-8CB6-0B2795869A8E NN12 8AX Northamptonshire Highways Depot, Old Greens Norton Rd, Towcester n7921336311 On Fence next to gate 74 m
487A8D3B-3EA1-4046-A6E0-F05379E05744 NN14 3EL Trinity C Of E School, Main St, Aldwincle n7922106255 13 m
7A2A1565-A603-4A6F-A5D7-13E8106E9860 NN11 8AQ Middlemore Convenience Store, 1 Hardwick Hall Way, Daventry n7922106256 6 m
A05C5B6F-C92C-4639-99A0-9AF783C50961 NN14 4BD Telephone Kiosk, High St, Little Addington Kettering n7922106261 inside old red phone box, High Street, Little Addington 134 m
0FE22001-EB11-483F-BAB1-ACE900E2ABA5 NN14 4DU Willy Watt Marina, Woodford Mill, Ringstead n7922106263 38 m
06EEE747-03BE-4728-9C81-A62021FD9DCB NN14 3HA Co-Op - High Street, 1 High St, Brigstock Kettering n8171098829 11 m
6E57F821-F566-44A5-966D-B03B00D5C0AD NN6 6LF The Knightley Arms, 49 High Street, n8244909566 74 m
E0064E25-7DA6-42DD-AECB-3F56249263B0 NN3 7TB Co-Op - Stocks Hill, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Moulton, Stocks Hill n8460126807 outside Co-op, Moulton - to left of ATM 16 m
7A078CFA-97EE-46DF-8C8B-F0FC8FA3ED77 NN14 1GY Mawsley Village Hall, 9 The Grn, Mawsley Kettering n8564213884 On wall of Community Centre 20 m
6C13A998-94BC-4AC5-82B6-ABE90124839E NN10 8DJ The Carriage House, 13 Market Square, Higham Ferrers n8567460619 70 m
7A54627D-328C-4F70-95A9-AF0B00AA570C NN6 0JG Earls Barton Fire Station, 74a High St, Earls Barton n8588111663 Front of Building between office door and garage door 84 m
6DABCF93-DCDB-430E-BC73-AE7F00F50A2D NN6 0RB White Mills Marina, White Mills Marina Ltd, 344, Grendon Road, n8588138079 On fence next to right hand side of gate 134 m
4B717422-C59D-450E-B403-AD7F014662D1 NN17 3EP Red Telephone Box, Deenethorpe Lane, Deenethorpe n8600192124 inside red phone box (that is now book exchange)m Osier Bed Lane, Deenethorpe 7 m
E4296FA4-52F7-46AD-94AE-AD7F014DBCDF NN16 0BP Central Methodist Church, 8 British Lane Kettering, Kettering n8638005426 At top of ramp 31 m
A403038C-5070-48F2-8BAB-69A00CCE8BEB NN12 8BA Telephone Box, 34 High Street, Greens Norton n8663687661 inside old red phone box, High Street, Greens Norton 8 m
412ED93E-FBBB-4163-A0B5-E8DF8529D884 NN6 0QX Sywell Country Park, Washbrook Ln, Ecton Northampton n8701069306 On wall of soft play 7 m
8006A083-2F1E-4BA8-B8A9-783B943CBA98 NN10 9YT 16-20 Church St, Rushden n8755330040 Next to door to reception 15 m
331D6F03-5310-4A20-ADE9-53843217CF3D NN15 7HT Hawthorn Primary School, Hawthorn Rd, Kettering n9029994145 20 m
E8DEB311-B155-4CEF-8208-ACBF00A90DE3 NN14 2LJ Co-Op Hilltop, Hilltop Stores, 113 Braybrooke Road n9036425396 13 m
B073DA6E-8E22-4E0D-A75A-015082D486CA NN16 9FS Thorndale Scc, Malham Dr, Kettering n9036425401 22 m
D211016B-9F01-48A9-BC71-56413B5FCF8A NN15 5RF Northants Fire Station, Pigotts Ln, Burton Latimer Kettering n9036425402 10 m
49D149DB-55FC-484D-9E63-63EDBCC2E83C NN3 9DA Billing Aquadrome, Crow Ln, Little Billing Northampton n9275718290 on outside wall of shed next to red phone box at entrance to Billing Aquadrome 35 m
95F2FA00-2781-474B-BCB0-AECF0088050D NN15 5FJ Hayfield Cross Church Of England School, Hayfield Crescent, Kettering n9319465494 under canopy 56 m
60C4C731-0F8C-4C83-A0AA-AC8C0124BF3E NN11 3YU Charwelton Village Hall, Church Street, Charwelton n9319650307 outside Charwelton Village Hall - next to red phone box 68 m
1B1A7DB1-9555-481B-9330-142446DA9D26 NN7 4SG Main St, Church Stowe Northampton n9336082749 inside old red phone box, Church Stowe 14 m
BB1A9B09-F63A-4D12-B434-B10F01263690 NN14 1PT Bridle Way, 8 Bridle Way, Cransley n9349776556 inside old red phone box,Great Cransley 11 m
733A4A5E-11D2-46BF-94C4-AE2100C16F03 NN29 7PH Wollaston School, Irchester Rd, Wollaston, Wellingborough, Wollaston n9383318540 Left hand side of kitchen door 35 m
D359FCAE-2C1D-4973-B412-80293B2F28DE NN12 8PU Weston Chapel, High St, Weston Towcester n9383717201 outside Weston Baptist Chapel 13 m
6C6C4BCF-FCDD-467A-9FB7-E6E7E70B8201 NN13 5HL Syresham Sunday School, 5 High St, Syresham Brackley n9393248604 On outside wall of school building on High Street near junction with Bell Lane 113 m
936EC18E-F5F0-4DEA-BB54-6BD067661FC4 NN13 5PH The Fox Inn, Baker St, Farthinghoe Brackley n9393248613 outside building next to Fox pub in Farthinghoe 16 m
E6D39543-F1D7-4FA4-89D1-F20FD770CC8B NN6 7AN Village Hall, The Grn Off West End, West Haddon Northampton n9393248616 10 m
206D8AEE-6397-477B-A929-E89CD443C7AC NN12 8HE Village Hall, Maidford Rd, Farthingstone Towcester n9393286017 outside Farthingstone Village Hall 34 m
8E692B21-4A82-4A25-BFD2-AC9300CAFCD0 NN11 3SG Village Hall Committee, Moreton Pinkney Village Hall, Upper Green n9393286028 13 m
4908F4AD-F2F4-47E1-B01C-AC6B4867B399 NN11 2NH Whilton Parish Council, Whilton Locks, Main Road n9393286029 27 m
1F712318-A2EE-4F97-994E-4C48B73AEB84 NN12 8DU Old School Hall, School Ln, Adstone Towcester n9396153078 This is a private residence man. There is a flag pole outside and a notice board 9 m
C98E0E41-1E4C-40F8-A32B-AF0B009D36DA NN3 8QH One Stop, Blackthorn Local Centre, Northampton n9396153079 64 m
3ACB1FAD-2ADE-4AEC-98E0-D0EAB8B9FAB0 NN7 2NT Roade Primary School, Hartwell Rd, Roade Northampton n9396153080 23 m
A36799C1-5A19-4C36-B7C4-526B241565DA NN14 2QB Co-Op Funeralcare - Rushton Road, Coop Funeral Director 117 Rushton Rd, Desborough Kettering n9398016438 11 m
02D150F3-6B41-4F10-A424-AC620BBFFF31 NN7 4DH Magnus Shoes Ltd, 2a High Street, Harpole n9398016443 2 m
C3E1B8FB-34FE-45F9-BADF-A4729A381780 NN7 3AT Milton Parochial Primary School, Green St, Milton Malsor Northampton n9398016453 21 m
B4F3AE95-E2A1-4BEB-951D-E84DD1A3BB1B NN6 9RR O/S Wall Of The Community Centre, 5 Townson Cl, Old n9398016455 8 m
2A104750-95B7-48CE-8051-AC1A00C154B8 NN16 8LL Co-Op - Stamford Road, 60 Stamford Road, Kettering n9561491848 24 m
36F772D0-E98B-47D5-A591-AF5A00E3B4BD NN1 2DF Northampton Advertising Kiosk, Outside 25 Market Square, Northampton n9573074981 23 m
7F92136C-C466-49B0-A5E2-E686C8557F77 NN14 6EE Co-Op Bell Hill, 6 Bell Hill, Rothwell Kettering n9576525779 Co-op Bell Hill or Glendon Road Rothwell 13 m
F56A0D54-6653-4791-88B1-AC4500D78EDD NN11 3BL Everdon Parish Council, Everdon Village Hall, High Street n9721262249 on Everdon Village Hall wall between red phone box and post box 21 m
F139B67F-11A2-40FB-A467-AF0B009D4B2E NN29 7RJ Scott Bader Social Club, 122 High St, Wollaston n9759271595 Top of path near patio doors 135 m
5EDEBEBD-F570-477A-9ACF-AF0B00AA72D1 NN3 5DD Rectory Farm Local Centre Shop, Olden Rd, Northampton n9851995002 outside Rectory Farm Supermarket - next to post box 117 m
ECBA475F-B819-444D-86CF-AF0B00AA6FB4 NN10 9YP Spinneyfields Specialist Care Centre, H E Bates Wy, Rushden n10233616147 79 m
B9A1F52D-7BCB-47C5-8897-AB9300E16884 NN18 9EJ 3 Danesholme Centre, Corby n10625185492 15 m
2B36CA92-8081-4DA1-9B92-AFB900CF0504 NN16 0AL St Peter And St Paul Parish Hall, Market Place, Kettering n10709921312 22 m
29A1A30F-CFE8-48B9-BDFD-7D32A17E08CE NN7 2HE Hartwell & District Conservative Club, 10 Forest Rd, Hartwell Northampton n10747430652 outside Hartwell Club 18 m
E6669096-64C7-45EA-808D-AC5200EEC628 NN13 5TW Bloomfield Memorial Hall, Crowfield Road, Crowfield n10747571840 outside 5 m
36228B48-C656-4CCC-B29E-AD7401266C0D NN10 9HP Public Telephone 23m From 1 Haddon Close 9m From Haddon Close, Haddon Close, Rushden n10917188560 in old phone box Haddon Close, Rushden 7 m
73CD20A0-46E4-4359-9CC3-AD740129208B NN10 0BB Public Telephone 17m From 20 Upper Queen Street 6m From Upper Queen Street, Upper Queen Street, Rushden n10917398560 inside old phone box Upper Queen Street, Rushden 3 m
872E70E0-07B6-4E29-86AE-AC02009B4D15 NN14 6AR 71 Harrington Road, Rothwell n10926057905 In old Telephone Kiosk in Moorfield Road, Rothwell 4 m
3A6E2BB5-AF16-4F0C-9F44-AFC600C3104D NN14 3HS North Northamptonshire Council, Fermyn Woods Country Park, Lyveden Road n10926058005 123 m
2A4B32EE-F955-410A-9BF7-B01001788A9C NN14 1PR Cransley Sailing Club,, Cransley Reservoir, Eagle Lane n11030389705 97 m
1C09AAAD-B051-4CBE-A598-AEF70118AE46 NN6 9SU Hannington Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Main Street n11037920435 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Hannington 88 m
B6A474A3-FAF5-4692-B05A-ACAD00D16824 NN7 2AF Public Telephone 28m From 52 Main Road 9m From B526, Main Road, Hackleton n11037952554 inside the old phone box at junction of The Banks and Main Road in Hackleton 12 m
72CCDB40-6D50-412B-8EDE-F0BA2C19CE37 NN14 1BG Geddington Primary School, Wood St, Geddington Kettering n11079763112 outside Geddington Primary School 10 m
29487D26-F6EB-46D1-8B1D-6F4417DD30E7 NN13 7AB Outside Public Toilets, Market Pl, Brackley n11079765611 outside public toilets, Market Place, Brackley 81 m
9615E229-1B8D-490F-A9AC-ADFD011CD73B NN11 3PP Eydon Village Hall Committee, Village Hall, 24 High Street n11109096921 14 m
E8C6165F-27EF-480D-B3DE-AF0B0084CA59 NN6 9NU Harrington Village Hall, 49 High St, Arthingworth n11262481073 On outside wall of Harrington Village Hall, facing the road. 1750 m
C00F81FE-4BE7-4532-B817-AC18008C4FB9 NN16 9RF Co-Op - Hallwood Road, 81 Hallwood Road, Kettering n11371327969 Outside wall, near shop entrance 22 m
7D09B42E-617C-4515-9A4E-B07000BBAB47 NN16 8LX Kettering Ambulance Station, Kettering Ambulance Station,, Haweswater Road n11459369464 Outside wall to the left of blue shutter door 51 m
82B5CC30-3FB4-4FB2-8EB7-AFE300BE7BA9 NN1 3RS Leicester Street Community Hub, Leicester Street, Northampton n11475900533 12 m
DE2F5C1C-DDF8-4C86-909F-AFE300BFF6E7 NN1 2SH Spring Borough Housing Office St Peters House, Castle Street, Northampton n11475900538 41 m
B972E729-DB02-4200-A5BE-ADF200D848D8 NN10 8EF Higham Ferrers Town Council Sports Pavilion, Sports Pavilion, Vine Hill Drive n11476104365 24 m
4180A4AC-B84D-43C7-A8FF-AEC100AF5B5D NN10 8BB Higham Ferrers Working Mens Club, 6 Westfields Terrace, Higham Ferrers n11476104366 9 m
2AB01C8E-A1F4-466D-9FFE-AD7401279515 NN10 6UR Pavilion Spencer Park, Washbrook Road, Rushden n11476104367 7 m
D945DB73-5D28-4D91-82CA-AD740129FAB3 NN10 0NB Changing Rooms Jubilee Park, Bedford Road, Rushden n11476126169 8 m
67B4F742-2226-4808-B7C9-AFA401451F9C NN10 0HF Rushden Athletic Club & Institute, 61 Newton Road, Rushden n11476126174 13 m
E84E4E93-C16D-41F4-8E6D-F189AB8BC579 NN29 7AW Irchester Village Hall, 36 School Rd, Irchester Wellingborough n11483583918 13 m
11656587-D96E-4E84-8045-CD03424C6352 NN8 5WA O/S Vicarage Farm Community Centre, 36 Grafton Cl, Wellingborough n11483905271 9 m
4FE1B255-C476-457C-A340-ADE400D94A13 NN8 1LD The Old Pump House Cafe, Unit 6 Nene Court, 27 The Embankment n11483905272 8 m
BEE66D78-20BC-4C14-B182-AD4900B0F38C NN3 5EN Billing Parish Council, Ecton Brook Post Office, Ecton Brook Road n11609715593 13 m
73E2963B-E191-4726-9DC2-B0A900EF0AF4 NN15 6XB Tesco Extra, Carina Road, Kettering n11700822079 Between door and travel money booth 59 m
56F6F3C7-6C1D-4DCB-8A31-B03D01343666 NN29 7QP The Works Working Mens Club, The Works Wollaston Working Mens Club, 73 London Road n11736803933 Corner of residence above meter box 5 m
9908C271-342C-41F1-8862-AF5700A8BE9E NN15 5NJ The Olde Victoria Restaurant, 39 Bakehouse Lane, Burton Latimer n11767053425 Outside wall, to the right side of the front entrance when looking at the pub from the road. 8 m
7829BD7E-6B98-47C5-8023-AFC400A4077E NN9 6QQ Villa Lane, Stanwick n11778979891 Front of building under large window 70 m
A59A3B44-4642-43C0-991A-AF5A00E00B4F NN9 5BA Little Harrowden Parish Council, 85 Main Street, Little Harrowden n11779082959 7 m
489CFA96-2083-4378-B025-ADD700AEF582 NN9 5NY Brian Martin Pallets, 6a Furnace Lane, Finedon Sidings n11779082960 32 m
F8F77A6A-B018-4470-B4A3-AEB800F5F976 NN9 6AJ The Star And Garter Ph, The Star And Garter, The Green n11779082961 9 m
36975E2E-1824-4585-BFD2-AE8F0143CF6D NN9 6AR Poplars Farm, Caldecott, Chelveston n11779082962 8 m
275E2E24-3B92-439D-8A7B-ACC600EFF2C8 NN9 6GJ East Northants First Responders, Electricity Sub Station 7m From 2 Honeysuckle Way 12m From Honeysuckle Way, Honeysuckle Way n11779082963 on side of substation 5 m
07E2CF15-56CB-413B-88B1-AF1000B515A1 NN9 6NH Kingswood House Residential Care Home, Kingswood Care Home, Hollington Rd n11779082968 Front of Annex up step near fence 68 m
E173A914-D820-45C9-8314-A9E5D9A8D6F8 NN7 3LE 26 The Grn, Nether Heyford Northampton n11781437701 outside village shop by the Green in Nether Heyford 4 m
D1E33A18-63D9-4EA2-8B2A-AED300BA4A39 NN7 4HX Brington Primary School, Hall Lane, Little Brington n11781437702 6 m
0EA6A58A-D384-4638-B97C-B09D00D645EC NN7 4JE Kislingbury Village Hall Committee, Kislingbury Village Hall, Ashby Court n11781437703 Left hand side of door, near diabled spaces 5 m
4004DBCF-CA60-4F30-AE00-B99A7D8CF701 NN7 4LS The Pavilion Brodie Lodge Playing Field, Spring Lane, Flore Northampton n11781437704 9 m
D109C68D-4DFA-43C1-952F-F9E1ACF14240 NN7 1DQ Right Of The Steps At The Front Of The Mooche Wala, 1 Main St, Denton Northampton n11787515296 On Wall near garage 15 m
8505AF3A-661A-4E9F-B31E-1DCCECE9F553 NN7 1NB Cogenhoe & Whiston Village Hall, York Av, Cogenhoe Northampton n11787515297 On wall next to main entrance 4 m
DED463AF-32A5-4FCC-A66F-74C84B583897 NN7 2BL Corner Of Denton Road And, Brook Crt, Horton Northampton n11787515298 On pole next to lamp post 29 m
12AEE58D-8FD8-4F97-B6D1-AD2D00E708B4 NN7 2JN The Old Crown, 1 Stoke Road, Ashton n11787515299 10 m
CA11E370-BE15-413F-AAB6-1CEF8E188F12 NN7 2LS Roade Village Hall, Bailey Brooks Ln, Roade Northampton n11787515300 outside Roade Village Hall 9 m
1402D143-7429-401C-913B-AF1D00BFF857 NN6 8SJ Thornby Parish Meeting, Church Lane, Thornby n11796191631 next to telegraph pole, by Church Lane Thornby 12 m
C2F0B683-D424-4CFC-8353-5F864A56CD88 NN6 9BS Village Hall, Holcot Rd, Brixworth Northampton n11796191632 Between door and notice Board 15 m
5BD500A6-6356-469A-8A47-F7EF3CC9601D NN6 9JS Stabilised Pavements Ltd Ironstone House, High St, Scaldwell Northampton n11796191633 Left hand side of door 7 m
94F89503-D718-43BE-812F-AF9C0126EB9B NN6 9LH Public Telephone 36m From 10 Naseby Road 5m From Unnamed Road, Naseby Road, Haselbech n11796191654 5 m
9C7B6C45-783A-4A08-82FA-AF7000CAD52A NN6 9SL Holcot Village Hall, Back Lane, Holcot n11796191657 Next to steps 9 m
196B294B-9D8A-46A0-A64A-EE10EACB01F8 NN6 0EE Village Hall, 8 Vicarage Lane, Mears Ashby n11805767898 The Defibrillator is attached to end wall of the village hall accessed by gate with sign on it 11 m
2BF87390-C4C5-47C5-A25E-3C48D3E19A3B NN6 7QB Long Buckby Community Centre, 41 Station Rd, Long Buckby Northampton n11805767901 Between Door and notice board 20 m
D0837698-3850-4F05-A2B8-AE4A00D47E4E NN6 7RR Strongroots Training Ltd, 21 Market Place, Long Buckby n11805767902 on corner of building 4 m
BC599F83-A3FE-4F62-A603-F7C58614A448 NN6 7UY Main St, Watford Northampton n11805767903 outside Watford Village Hall, Next to exit doors outside on left hand 6 m
BD671221-7F28-45D6-B53A-ABEA00D0E0E6 NN5 6PR Co-Op - Main Road Duston, 237-245 Main Road, Duston n11810211892 Left hand side of main door 61 m
6B698410-76A6-4835-8473-AC3C00A2C86C NN5 7HW The Old School Rooms, Open Space, Dallington Green n11810211893 39 m
CDB820E9-29B2-46E9-8E21-AFEA00920764 NN5 7RG Montague Crescent Community Hub, Montague Crescent, Ryehill n11810211905 Left hand side of ramp 26 m
1F0523E7-CFAE-40E8-9D55-B02B012267E9 NN5 4XB Upton One Stop Shop, One Stop Shop, Kent Road, Upton n11813317150 On side wall of front part of building 7 m
C585275C-C6B1-44DD-A949-19F664BFD102 NN5 4XD St Crispin Social Club, St Crispin Estate, Duston Northampton n11813317151 front of side wall of left hand wing 26 m
D60882C9-5B57-413B-842E-AEFD00EAF25F NN5 5JA 3 Line Electrical Wholesale, Unit 2 Beckett Retail Park, Northampton n11813317152 On wall facing road 24 m
9B5B0CD9-3EB6-4218-8690-AE83013087AA NN5 5RA Cosworth Ltd, The Octagon 44 St. James Mill Road, 44 St James Mill Road n11813317153 Next to Security Window 6 m
E849AE87-A4E8-45EC-B002-AFE700E56DCF NN4 0NJ Collingtree Clubhouse, Recreation Ground, Watering Lane n11814394382 39 m
7236DA7A-54EE-4207-ABB0-78A2CE6E14E5 NN4 0RZ Abbey Centre Baptist Church, Overslade Close, Northampton n11814394388 on external wall on sside of entrance lobby 93 m
4D9455E8-550D-4F19-8FE6-AF6C013D45D7 NN4 0UE The Collingtree, Butts Road, Northampton n11814394389 Side of building on wall facing car park near outdoor seating 25 m
FCA62FB1-F676-4C2F-B492-AE0600FDB910 NN4 6DA Hardingstone Village Hall, High Street, Northampton n11814394390 front of building near gates to rear 15 m
56E90CB9-FB5D-4686-AAF7-AF0B009D3E50 NN4 6DY Busy Bees Wootton Fields Centre, Wootton Hope Dr, Northampton n11814394391 on right of main door 46 m
BF9D6B5A-487B-474F-9ABF-AE29010AF6FF NN4 9ET Pineham Village Co-Op, Local Neighbourhood Centre, Dragonfly Way n11814394392 On pole nect to notice board 20 m
67C51179-1933-417F-A2E5-AFC700C2D67F NN3 2TH Community Centre, James Lewis Court, Northampton n11816086347 to left of door 9 m
A929E42D-319C-474C-9C15-AF1C00B0B45B NN3 3JW The Bold Dragoon Public House, 48 High Street, Weston Favell n11816086348 On wall in outside seating 12 m
D1C2548C-3DE9-4301-BF28-B13A00C0D221 NN3 3JX St Peter's Church Hall And Office, 98 High Street, Weston Favell n11816086349 To front left of porch 10 m
6A9D354E-25A1-474A-9C07-AF1000B4F8DB NN3 3LN Lara Boot Hairdressing, Lara Boot Hair Dressing., 49-51 Landcross Dr n11816086360 On side wall where building steps back 6 m
5A4D8B1B-87A4-4D33-93C4-AFCF00CE7668 NN3 6JR Ryan Q C Homes Ltd, 4a Boothville Green, Northampton n11816086361 Bwteen Ryans and the Fsh bar 6 m
789EC266-0CE1-4858-94CE-AFC600F59268 NN3 6NS Eden Close Community Hub, Eden Close, Lakeview n11816086362 Left hand side of door 10 m
36C3DDD3-F6E0-4614-87AB-AFC700C2D024 NN3 8XJ Goldcrest Community Hub, Goldcrest Court, Goldings n11816086367 Right hand side of main door 34 m
A4EFEFCD-B885-4918-96AF-086D1AA0DBB8 NN3 9AQ Billing Parish Council, Bellinge Community House, Fieldmill Square n11816086368 On Wall at top of ramp 14 m
3F92711A-4092-421D-9BE3-AF8C00DCAD44 NN3 9DT Pumping Station, High Street, Great Billing n11816112569 In Phone Box 18 m
93C3B480-EC03-4384-8638-AEC100DAC4E0 NN3 9HW Kierwsp Northamptonshire Highways, Booth Meadow House, Museum Way n11816112570 On Fence next to main gate 21 m
5D20B543-E793-46CE-A1CA-B02A00FC7AB0 NN2 8QY Reynard Way Evangelical Church, 172 Reynard Way, Northampton n11822869705 On front wall near shop 20 m
E7590A3C-F8A8-4681-9731-2DB52737AEBF NN2 8SH Boughton Village Hall, Butchers Ln, Boughton Northampton n11822869707 left hand side of front of building 4 m
E1ACCC3A-896E-4808-98CD-AE8B01080355 NN17 5DT Marks & Spencer, The Peel Centre, 5 Phoenix Park Way n11823044936 Front of building near trolley bay 27 m
B3321D1B-EFFF-430E-A3B5-B0CC6452CA02 NN18 8FZ Little Stanion Welcome Centre, Roman Rd, Corby n11823044937 Next to door on veranda 6 m
20C831B4-2520-4712-8BAE-8481E93EB59D NN18 8LA Brooke Weston City Technology College, Coomb Road, Corby n11823044938 On wall right hand side of gates 130 m
343FE7C6-D01C-4B14-98FC-65C1B42C8FB0 NN18 9HU Kingswood Neighbourhood Centre, Alberta Cl, Corby n11823044939 On corner of building 19 m
745FA418-26AD-4214-8F7D-092A0391B4BA NN18 9NT The Grampian Club, Patrick Rd, Corby n11823044940 Near side entrance 77 m
9E267C9D-E1F8-44D8-9427-ACBF009721C9 NN17 1AY The Cardigan Arms, 9 The Jamb, Corby n11826260525 On side of Building near covered seating 13 m
27161E65-E520-48BD-A6FB-AD87C7EF44B6 NN17 2DE Co-Op Funeralcare - Darley Dale Road, 1 Darley Dale Road, Corby n11826260526 Next to window at front corner of Dale Street and Darley Dale Road 7 m
CD26F5E5-2C02-458B-B90C-AD0F00EF9271 NN17 2EB The Shire Horse, Willow Brook Road, Corby n11826260531 Under window on White bit to the left of notice blackboard 15 m
1AA9CA7B-B778-4978-B720-035F6A6D0141 NN17 2FB Corby Town Fc, Rockingham Rd, Corby n11826260532 On turnstile building 72 m
6EA0D82E-4F99-4C76-A81B-AE6A008CC220 NN17 3AT Laxton Village Hall Management Committee, Laxton Village Hall, Main Street n11826260533 Front of back part of building between doors and left window 10 m
628DBE48-3F48-43AF-9C56-9D7E50912293 NN17 3DB On The O/S Wall Of The Doctors Surgery, 16a Kirby Rd, Gretton Corby n11826260534 on set back wall to the right of door 4 m
DC43A585-7CA2-49F5-916B-AD7F0135D66C NN17 3DE Lydia’s Coffee Shop, 30 High Street, Gretton n11826260535 next to second door back from the road 8 m
ABC421B2-60D1-4D28-9B32-2B70343740F3 NN17 3HR Village Hall, Bridge St, Weldon Corby n11826260536 Front end of left side wall near botton or ramp 13 m
9DDB5A02-FE5D-48FB-9DCB-B12D00E4DBDD NN15 5LS Baptist Church, Burton Latimer Baptist Church, Meeting Lane n11829160194 near postbox 33 m
B8CFE403-765E-44D5-99A7-1E4E857B6DB3 NN15 5PA Burton Oaks Residential And Dementia Home, 119 Station Rd, Burton Latimer Kettering n11829160195 Under security sign 13 m
8E0A42C8-E047-428B-8A3D-54C1099BC60A NN15 6JB Highfield Barnes Community Centre, 1-2 Barnes Cl, Kettering n11829160196 Next to notice board 6 m
98338141-A9A5-4FD0-8ECC-C0A2607A876F NN15 6QR The Stirrup Cup, Woodland Av, Barton Seagrave Kettering n11829160205 Front end of side wall near tree 14 m
FE11DBB2-15FD-4FA1-8D6A-AD7400C4386F NN15 6WF Barton Seagrave Village Hall, 11 Bertone Road, Barton Seagrave n11829160216 Between main door and notice board 15 m
AE096D94-58D5-45E8-9049-81FCB7BB91D0 NN16 8NZ J R Norris Funeral - Edinburgh Road, J R Norris Funeral Directors, 59 Edinburgh Rd n11829160217 Next to Garage Door 8 m
E9A30DCF-B537-42B6-809E-BAD12983AF60 NN16 9RG The Midland Band Club, 2 Hallwood Rd, Kettering n11829160219 Near Lamp post 29 m
4E4DF192-B649-4234-945B-AFB0009CD2B2 NN16 9UN Montagu Club, 41 Stamford Road, Weekley n11829160220 Next to Double doors 7 m
C0ABCCCA-A430-47B2-ABFA-AC4700A9E2FB NN16 9XJ Warkton Village Hall, Pipe Lane, Warkton Village n11829160221 On corner of rear leg of building 84 m
0B0C7A87-4448-42FE-BF28-AD25017DAF27 NN14 1BU Lord Nelson, 4 Brigstock Road, Stanion n11829285599 between door and garden wall 13 m
C2334BD2-A54C-4DD0-BC27-7930F9C7C672 NN14 1HD The Village Hall, Church St, Isham Kettering n11829285600 behind wall on front of building 6 m
2C75257E-2934-4857-9FFA-816B54B70375 NN14 2NH Cheaney Court, Harrington Rd, Desborough Kettering n11829285601 on corner of building 14 m
B517D6D0-9565-477C-904C-AFC400A54DFA NN14 3JU The Woolpack Inn Ph, The Woolpack Inn, Kettering Road n11829285602 near door 24 m
05C568DF-30E0-48BE-AED4-AE70016374FE NN14 4BS Great Addington Memorial Hall, Memorial Hall, Woodford Road n11829285603 Next to notice board 9 m
A278BDF7-FAB7-4792-AFDE-AFC400A4ADFB NN14 4DW The Axe And Compass, 14 Carlow Road, Ringstead n11829285604 Next to window under sign 11 m
D919A90C-AB90-4DDF-AEA6-E93E68C0F190 NN14 4EG Denford Village Hall, Front St, Denford Kettering n11829285605 Side of building between door and road 18 m
A442924F-385D-45FE-84E6-AE2A0100B843 NN14 4JL Thrapston Sports Club, Sports Club, Chancery Lane n11829285606 under end of window 10 m
8E07EA06-461C-411A-BEDF-AC1400A178BF NN15 5AZ Co-Op - St Johns Road, 69 St. Johns Road, Kettering n11829285608 near downpipe and bin 188 m
58555F8B-E7F1-4452-82B5-AF9900F94103 NN15 5DS North Northants Cfr, Elite Hairdressers 7 St Stephens Road, Kettering n11829285625 Next to door of hairdresser 118 m
D1FB5A69-605A-4265-B627-F4221FE1F6CD NN13 5TE Whitfield Village Hall, The Av, Whitfield Brackley n11832428559 on side of main hall 80 m
6E5CCF49-0C17-424F-8B7F-B12700DF7585 NN13 6BH Croft Veterinary Centre, 122 Banbury Road, Brackley n11832510370 on side of building 18 m
EBC7D55A-44AE-42B1-B27E-AC5200E08133 NN13 6ER 1 Oak Road, Brackley n11832510379 On back of garage facing main road 16 m
1FAAF66D-0A0D-4D55-8534-C14510EADA0F NN13 6FB Magdalen College School, Waynflete Av, Brackley n11832510384 Near side door 58 m
ED5B4C0B-F05A-42D0-B2B3-1F0C610852D3 NN12 7NA Paulerspury Primary School, High St, Paulerspury Towcester n11833651254 next to window 12 m
9E600850-4BE7-419F-944C-8B07A58B6353 NN12 7PQ On The Wall Between 86 &, 88 High Street, Potterspury n11833651255 On garden wall between houses 12 m
5F969DD3-8DD9-449D-9BF9-AF1900D23CA4 NN12 7SJ Spencer Bruerne Cricket Club, Rookery Lane, Stoke Bruerne n11833651256 Under Left hand side of sign 164 m
9EBFC67E-F816-4B7E-89F4-ACD200F99D9F NN12 7TW Yardley Gobion Parish Council, Village Hall, Chestnut Road n11833651263 down from left hand side of window 28 m
A4F6F94E-85C3-47CD-9E84-AC9800F47D6A NN12 8AB Tiffield Parish Council, St John The Baptist Church Of England, High Street South n11833651264 In old phonebox in Tiffield 8 m
CEAB41D7-A517-487C-8255-7442201AC270 NN12 8NE Pattishall C Of E Primary School, School Rd, Pattishall Towcester n11833651265 on side of building around the corner from reception 21 m
41F52E1E-9FE9-43DE-ACC0-B08000C3B2FE NN12 8NN Pattishall Parish Hall, School Road, Astcote n11833651266 Next to entry lobby 71 m
BAABCF47-99D6-439A-A6C5-786A831D4443 NN12 8PP William Blake House, Milthorpe, Lois Weedon Towcester n11833651267 On outbuilding 83 m
9CBAB1C3-090E-4B30-8E05-1547BC45A5C9 NN12 8PP Village Hall, Milthorpe, Lois Weedon Towcester n11833651268 Corner of village hall as you enter site 21 m
BBC498AC-28F4-408B-BF6B-AD2200B3281E NN13 5JU Turweston Village Hall, Main Street, Turweston n11833666569 next to leanto 5 m
80AB297E-D422-4B2A-8E45-49CFF0FDC443 NN12 6JW Towcester Veterinary Centre, Burcote Rd, Towcester n11834474790 On side of Entry Lobby 9 m
4D9067CE-E527-4CD9-BE3A-B08900E38128 NN12 6YY Towcester Mill Brewery, Towcester Mill, Chantry Lane n11834474791 Next to door in car park 7 m
4482CEFA-2897-44C4-A179-B0EF010F9CBC NN11 3ET Newnham Village Hall, Church Street, Newnham n11842401011 8 m
71D3C9D7-9556-4E20-864B-AB6F00E3A608 NN11 3HB Romer Arms, The Green, Newnham n11842401017 on side of pub 94 m
AFBAA2DB-0D8B-47F9-918E-AF7F00EC7D29 NN11 3QE Eydon Cricket Club, Eydon Community Sports Field, Culworth Road n11842401018 On corner of Crickeet Pavilion 21 m
082FED7C-A6EE-4AE2-9D53-ACE7012BAFDD NN11 3TF Preston Capes Parish Council, Appletree Cottage, Little Preston n11842401026 Next to Notice Board 44 m
C7F552DB-83EB-45BA-9515-AD750093BDEE NN11 4HT Heart Of England Cooperative, 8 High Street, Daventry n11842401027 Next to window in front courtyard 10 m
48090B0C-A881-41C4-9346-AB8800FF4142 NN11 6DH Boddington Parish Council, The Plough Inn, 32 Warwick Road n11842401028 84 m
5BC3DC48-AF6B-42DD-B863-AB8801041B36 NN11 6DH Boddington Parish Council, Village Hall, Warwick Road n11842401029 on side of village hall inside gated area 19 m
6AF7CAF9-E093-4ED7-A890-AFB9009F5A94 NN11 7HW Braunston Pre-School The Village Centre, The Green, Braunston n11842401030 on front of entrance lobby 24 m
3E92E849-D4B3-4C12-AAB9-B0AC00BD8696 NN4 9QY Roadchef Northampton Northbound Msa, M1 Junction 15a, Northampton n11883407462 White cabinet. Near toilets. Opposite phone tech, behind Costa. 743 m
1389A4D8-AA18-40E2-96A4-AE7C011CA7FD NN6 7UZ Roadchef Watford Gap Southbound Msa, M1 Junction 16/17, Northampton n12040373026 Cabinet inside by McDonald’s. Southbound Services. 58 m

NDDB AEDs matched to an OSM object by location

Found 42 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
6276 NN1 2AP Outside Sports Direct, Northamptonshire n11079758411 underneath telephone on back of electronic bilboard 3 m
6277 NN1 2BP Outside Burger King, Northamptonshire n11475900539 3 m
7325 NN1 2DF Outside 25 Market Square, Northamptonshire n9573074981 10 m
1843 NN11 6XN Medical Centre, Northamptonshire n9398016452 6 m
2325 NN11 6XL Cross Trees Public House, Northamptonshire n9398016441 3 m
746 NN12 8RE Browns of Blakesley, Northamptonshire n9398016433 outside village shop in Blakesley 9 m
3205 NN12 8JA Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n358455032 inside red phone box near junction of Banbury Road and Towcester Road, Litchborough 5 m
3872 NN12 7RT Shutlanger Telephone Kiosk, Northamptonshire n11037827183 inside old phone box in Shutlanger 5 m
5765 NN12 7SE The Canal Museum, Northamptonshire n6857194943 8 m
7487 NN12 8AH Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n33989129 inside old red phone box in Duncote 1 m
7604 NN12 7SJ Spencer Bruerne Cricket Club, Northamptonshire n11833651256 Under Left hand side of sign 8 m
1213 NN14 1AZ Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n9347641130 inside old red phone box outside Geddington Post Office 99 m
3276 NN14 1LA Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n7613417270 Inside red phone box, Main Street, Loddington 3 m
3878 NN14 4AA Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n6761862179 In red phone box (now used as book exchange) High Street, Cranford 3 m
4246 NN14 3AA Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n7918360106 inside old red phone box, Grafton Underwood 2 m
4724 NN14 1RL On Post, Northamptonshire n7549967032 15 m
5367 NN14 3AH Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n8546656274 next to red phone box at the end of Church Lane, Twywell 7 m
5825 NN14 1PT Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n9349776556 inside old red phone box,Great Cransley 4 m
6021 NN14 3AS Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n9347660778 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Slipton 2 m
6120 NN14 3BH Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n9347602826 inside old red phone box, near pub, Main Road, Lowick 3 m
4361 NN17 3EP Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n8600192124 inside red phone box (that is now book exchange)m Osier Bed Lane, Deenethorpe 1 m
4362 NN17 3EW Village Hall, Northamptonshire n6446681996 5 m
6162 NN5 6AP Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n11037907298 inside old phone box, Chiltern Avenue, Duston 1 m
6163 NN5 6NY Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n737667737 inside phone box on Harlestone Road, New Duston 5 m
6164 NN5 6HD Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n11037800933 inside old phone box next to Tesco Express, Weggs Farm Road 2 m
6706 NN5 5PE Lyncrest Primary School, Northamptonshire n11664043778 On Fence leading to main gate of Lyncrest Primary School. 15 m
6984 NN5 4XB One Stop Shop, Northamptonshire n11813317150 On side wall of front part of building 7 m
245 NN6 7TS The Co Operative Store, Northamptonshire n4585481156 On side of Supermarket facing Main Road 11 m
1018 NN6 6DB Methodist Church, Northamptonshire n3682696529 57 m
1502 NN6 9SP Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n7922106262 on the outside of the red phone box (facing the church) on Main Street, in Holcot 2 m
2118 NN6 6LF The Knightley Arms Pub, Northamptonshire n8244909566 74 m
2667 NN6 9PN The Royal Oak, Northamptonshire n11796191655 On outbuilding next to community shop 19 m
3120 NN6 6ER Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n7918360103 inside old red phone box in Cold Ashby 2 m
4145 NN6 9ES Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n7918360104 inside red phone box, Hanging Houghton 1 m
5082 NN6 0NA The Saxon Tavern, Northamptonshire n11805767899 Front right of building near parking sign 4 m
5096 NN6 8NA United Reformed Church, Northamptonshire n11887675472 At united reform church. 7 m
6208 NN6 9JY Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n742380672 inside old red phone box, Scaldwell 10 m
7028 NN6 6EP Playing Fields Pavilion, Northamptonshire n11805767900 on rear of pavilion 4 m
7291 NN6 9RQ Old Cricket Club, Old Village Hall, Northamptonshire n2320125623 On corner of village hall 15 m
7663 NN6 9SU Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n11037920435 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Hannington 1 m
5567 NN7 1JW Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n9161212043 inside red phone box, Main Road, Grendon - by church 5 m
6435 NN9 5YD Old Bus Stop Post, Northamptonshire n11795791306 On Bus Stop Pole 1 m

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API. Includes data from The Circuit / Defib Finder. Includes data from the National Defibrillator Database.