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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'CO' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the AED location data from the Ambulance Services in Open Street Map. (Even if there was, many are located only by postcode, so the locations are not always precise.) So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list (orange for AEDs that may not be available 24/7, yellow for AEDs not generally available for public use, and red for everything else). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects . For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Postcode Location Ref
CO8 5HP The Village Hall
CO9 4BJ The Old Telephone Box
CO4 5RE The Community Hub Building
CO11 2XD The Methodist Church
CO7 0SF Wood & Mott
CO9 3DX Memories of Chinatown
CO9 3EJ The Old Telephone Box
CO9 3EA DeVere Primary School
CO6 2DF Post Office Stores
CO15 1NZ Imperial House
CO6 1UH The Village Hall
CO6 1NT Lumina Display Systems Ltd
CO1 1UN Ranger Station
CO3 4NQ Abbots Community Centre
CO4 3QE Greenstead Community Centre
CO2 7AX The New Inn Public House
CO1 1WF Culver Square Shopping Centre
CO4 0NE The friar Public House
CO3 8AB The Brick Bin Store
CO3 8RG McDonalds
CO3 9EF Straight Road Community Centre
CO2 0DS Layer-de-la-Haye Primary School
CO1 1TT Castle Methodist Church
CO1 2HE Go4 Café
CO3 4NW The Prettygate Public House
CO1 2DL Wimpole Road Methodist Church
CO1 1LX Red Lion Walk
CO4 9FF The ARK Methodist Church
CO1 2PH First Site
CO4 3DH The Oak Tree Centre
CO2 9EB Co-op Store
CO3 0QA The Stanway School Stanway
CO2 8BB Old Heath Community Centre
CO3 0QZ Yarra Farm
CO4 5EQ The Co-Op Store Nayland Road
CO4 5UQ The Community Rooms
CO4 5QN The Royal British Legion
CO4 7YZ McDonalds
CO3 4RU Walnut Tree House
CO1 2QS Castle Garden Doctors Surgery
CO4 5FS Mile End Recreation Ground
CO4 9SW Ivor Brown Court
CO1 1PX Age Concern
CO2 7GZ The Roman Circus Centre
CO4 5LB The Old Telephone Box
CO2 0AD Cherry Trees Retirement Housing
CO2 8RN The Charles Smith House
CO2 8BJ Heathfield House
CO2 7HT The Cannons
CO3 4AF Ark vets
CO3 0YT Grymes Dyke
CO3 4SA The Shrubend centre
CO2 8JB The Spinnaker Inn public House
CO3 0LX East of England Co-op Supermarket
CO6 2HY The Five Bells Public House
CO7 6AD Dedham Art and Craft Centre
CO12 3ST Stagecoach Amusement Arcade
CO6 2LT Colne Valley Golf Club
CO6 2RH Earls Colne Nursery School
CO6 2RN Earls Colne Village Hall
CO5 8TQ The Village Hall
CO6 3PU Esso Petrol Station
CO3 9TU Fiddlers Farm
CO6 3QA The Old Telephone Box
CO5 9QB The Community Centre
CO5 7BH The Village Hall
CO5 7AW Abberton Cricket Club
CO6 3NE The Village Hall
CO3 9TG The Cricketers Public House
CO9 3BB The Old Telephone Box
CO9 1TL Maurice Rowson Hall
CO9 2RE The Village Hall
CO6 1AE The Village Hall
CO9 4ER The Reading Room
CO9 1EW East of England Co-op Foodstore
CO9 2AP Saffron Building Society
CO9 2ET Courtauld Sports Ground
CO5 9AE East of England Co-op Store
CO4 5PA The Community Centre
CO5 9UH JF & CM Strathern
CO9 2SE Little India Restaurant
CO9 2SJ Saxbys
CO9 4LG The Village Hall
CO6 1EE The Railway Station
CO5 9TN The Village Hall
CO9 1TP The Old Telephone Box
CO9 4SG The White Horse Public House
CO9 4SL The Village Hall
CO9 3AH Rushley Green Farm
CO9 3HP East of England Co-op Foodstore
CO16 8SB Huntley Swimming Pool
CO3 0RH The Village Hall
CO16 0BL The Village Hall
CO16 0HH The Woman’s Institute Hall
CO5 0HA The Community Centre
CO9 4DJ The Old Telephone Box
CO16 9DH The Village Hall
CO6 3JB East of England Co op Foodstore
CO5 8QX East of England Co-op Supermarket
CO5 8BH The Public Toilets (Victoria Esplanade)
CO6 2PW The Old Telephone Box
CO9 2PT The Victory Inn
CO7 9PD Britannia Court
CO7 9SS Stuart Pawsey court
CO10 0AN The Village Shop
CO10 0US The Primary School
CO10 8JS The Memorial Village
CO10 5LW The Village Hall
CO10 7PE 9 Lime Grove
CO10 7BG The Old Telephone Box
CO10 7BX The Community House
CO10 7AE Fox Lodge Borley
CO10 5DX The Fleece Public House & Hotel
CO10 5PB The Pavilion
CO11 1RZ Brantham Leisure Centre
CO11 1TR Bakes and Blossoms Brantham
CO10 8AD Cavendish Memorial Hall
CO10 8NJ The Fire Station
CO7 6LS Hall Farm
CO7 6TP Constable Hall
CO7 6TB The Old Telephone Box
CO7 6UX The Grange Country Park
CO10 7JE The Village Hall
CO10 7RH The Village Hall
CO10 0EU East of England Co-op Foodstore
CO10 0NL Cornard Utd / Cornard Dynamos FC
CO7 6NW The Village Hall
CO10 8EE The Village Hall
CO8 5ET The Old Telephone Box
CO6 4NR The Village Hall
CO10 0SW The Parish Room
CO10 9JR East of England Co-Op Foodstore
CO6 4HY The Fire Station
CO6 4JF The Village Hall
CO10 0QS The Village Hall
CO10 0QN The Golf Club
CO10 7JS Goldings
CO6 5AL The Village Hall
CO6 5BB The Old Telephone Box
CO10 8LP The Village Hall
CO10 8JB The Barn Village Hall
CO10 1TL The Town Hall
CO10 2DZ The Community Health Centre
CO10 1ST Woodhall Primary School
CO10 7NA The Village Hall

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

OSM Object Ref Location
n4223829601 Inside on the lefthand wall as you come into Asda
n5023278179 287D Tesco
n5142109627 CHT-10-179 in red phone box on Owls Hill, Terling

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM object within 300m of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn.

Ref Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location MR Offset
CO8 5BT The Telephone Box n473538222 14 m
CO12 4HJ Abbitat/Reedmans n2091956263 16 m
CO12 4XN Pyramids Hair Salon n2129943223 193 m
CO16 8HA Kings Arms Public House n3220379038 105 m
CO7 0BT East of England Co-op Store n3220380259 54 m
CO15 1HX Morrisons n3512345608 101 m
CO12 3JA Black Garages n3576640693 20 m
CO13 0AU East of England Co-op Supermarket & Triangle Centr n3802209257 45 m
CO12 5JH The Cherry Tree Public House n3803453217 41 m
CO15 3AY East of England Co-op Store n3803937576 20 m
CO15 5UH East of England Co-op Store n3803938953 42 m
CO11 1EJ Foundry Court Community Centre n3805105737 1 m
CO12 3HH The Lifeboat Station n3805436114 72 m
CO12 4PB Warnes Butchers n3811383440 36 m
CO16 8TB Huntley caravan park office n3811389257 6 m
CO7 7RS The Village Hall n3811391592 64 m
CO11 2TH The Village Hall n3811391892 64 m
CO11 2RY The Village Hall n3811393986 71 m
CO12 5HH The Castle Inn n3811395052 36 m
CO12 3EJ Harwich Town Sailing Club n3811403229 58 m
CO12 3NS The Community Centre n3811403266 18 m
CO12 3TA Harwich & Dovercourt Rugby Club n3811407285 278 m
CO12 3AG Harwich Tool Hire n3811408064 21 m
CO12 4US Long Meadows Community Centre n3811408093 79 m
CO12 4LZ Mobile Garage n3811408244 126 m
CO12 5EB Little Oakley Football Club n3811408248 119 m
CO14 8AF East of England Co op Foodstore n3811411607 20 m
CO7 0NL The Recreation Ground n3811412940 171 m
CO7 6UL Tourist Information Centre n3999899022 64 m
CO16 9RN Firs Caravan Park n4140324055 107 m
CO7 6XA The Royal Oak Public House n4324866210 66 m
CO1 1WF Culver Square n4967645760 9 m
CO2 7RB The Grapes Public House n4970422640 38 m
CO7 7JG The Court House n5144029669 77 m
CO15 1SE The Town hall n5257276588 16 m
CO16 8BW The Albert Edward Hall n5335018874 162 m
CO15 1BW The Lifeboat Station n5419659876 40 m
CO11 1HS The Village Hall n5535868523 208 m
CO7 9BX The Nottage Institute n5539751014 7 m
CO2 8RW Abbots Activity Centre n5598428434 23 m
CO11 2LH The Railway Station n5816163751 215 m
CO13 9HT Paveys Estate Agent n5832585638 481 m
CO7 6LS Hall Farm Shop n5838511419 93 m
CO7 6XN East End Butchers n5838516120 25 m
CO14 8EA The Lifeboat Station n6071895181 35 m
CO7 7AA Budgens Store n6116221166 98 m
CO13 0LN The Pharmacy n6264304463 23 m
CO1 2JQ The Foundry Arms n6264307987 35 m
CO16 9LG National Animal Welfare Trust n6303427680 99 m
CO7 0EZ Street Cars n6328441851 16 m
CO7 0AQ Brian House Newsagent n6328442548 28 m
CO10 9PX The Butchers Shop n6341834035 On exterior wall of Lavenham Butchers, on the High Street. 17 m
CO13 0DT The Ship Public House n6524181848 45 m
CO7 7TL The Cross Inn Public House n6558359250 97 m
CO14 8LE Naze Visitor Centre n6618787278 249 m
CO7 9HA Boots n6775265973 39 m
CO7 9AH East of England Co-op Foodstore n6775278628 128 m
CO15 1RH Tom Peppers Public House n6780606298 24 m
CO13 0JT The Village Hall n6811956198 56 m
CO4 3WP Colchester Borough homes sheltered accommodation n6868511484 21 m
CO4 0AL 20 Broadlands Way n6875006324 43 m
CO12 3PJ East of England Co-Op Foodstore n6992523245 95 m
CO4 9AJ 2 Francis Gunn close n7146602348 57 m
CO10 5PY The Old Telephone Box n7929484465 Inside red telephone box 116 m

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